The Spiritual Attainment of Minghe Chapter 61-70

Chapter 61: Taoist Heaven and Earth's Visit to Wuzhuang Taoist Temple (Part I)

When Zhenyuanzi took Hong Yun's Nine Nine Spirit-killing Gourd from Minghe, he appeared astonished with just one glance and returned to his Ashram immediately. He closed down the entire Ashram upon his arrival. What had made Zhenyuanzi so cautious?

He walked into the closed door meditation room and sealed it with his limit. Then, he took out the Nine Nine Spirit-killing Gourd and said, in a vigilant tone, "Fellow Taoist Minghe, come out please." Was Minghe hiding in Hong Yun's red gourd? What for?

A green light flashed and it was Minghe's Good Separation, Heaven and Earth Taoist. He smiled and said, "I'm Heaven and Earth Taoist, Good Separation of Ancestor Minghe. Nice to meet you, I do not want you to be nervous. If I wanted to kill someone, there would be no one able to prevent me." Following his voice was a vigor, quickly gone.

Yet, it shocked Zhenyuanzi. He never thought that Minghe's Good Separation also got high cultivation, the Peak Level of Sage-to-be. No one would believe it. In Untainted Land, separation was to add to Your veneration's cultivation. Yet, normally, separation wouldn't get higher cultivation than Your veneration does. What's more, once three separations were destroyed, it would take great effort and cost to repair. Thus, it would influence Your veneration's cultivation. If their separations were not be repaired, it would damage Your veneration's Foundation. Therefore, no one would use their three separations to fight with same-rank rivals.

Unlike them, Minghe's Good Separation, Heaven and Earth Taoist, got the same cultivation as Minghe himself did. What's more, Zhenyuanzi sensed the power of divine law in the flashed vigor. [Since he was named Heaven and Earth Taoist, he likely
mastered the Law of Heaven and Earth, which was used by
Minghe to eye on Hong Meng Immortal Qi and sage-to -be Individual Cultivators just now.]

So how powerful will his Evil Separation be? Minghe has hidden his strength well. If he wanted to kill me, he wouldn't hide in the red gourd or make himself discoverable. What do his words mean?

After thinking it through, Zhenyuanzi began to relax and asked, "Fellow Taoist of Heaven and Earth, what did you mean by 'Hongyun is not dead, go back quickly'? Could it be ..." So, that was why Zhenyuanzi had hurried to return to the Wuzhuang Taoist Temple.

Heaven and Earth Taoist smiled and waved his sleeves. Then, a figure appeared and was lying on the seat. Zhenyuanzi was astonished and shouted, "Hongyun. I thought you were dead. Fellow Taoist, thank you for saving Hongyun. "

Heaven and Earth Taoist waved his hands and said, "You're welcome. Though Hongyun committed self exploding, a piece of his soul was left in the Nine Nine Spirit-killing Gourd. I was just doing you a favor that costs me nothing. But, Fellow Taoist Hongyun's remaining soul is very weak. Though I  am nourishing it with the Three Light Holy Water, to get him out of danger, it will take a long time for him to recover."

Hongyun's remaining soul would probably disappear if there was any attack. Zhenyuanzi had an excited look on his face when he said, "Thank you for your help. Otherwise, Hongyun would have definitely died if Nine Nine Spirit-killing Gourd had been stolen by Kunpeng."

Heaven and Earth Taoist replied, "I hear that your Fellow Taoists have a Highest Grade primordial spirit root, called Ginseng Tree, which is one of the primordial Five Sacred Roots, of the East Wood. You can put the remaining pieces of Hongyun into the root to get nourishment, so he will recover soon."

On hearing that, Zhenyuanzi said, "Thank you very much for reminding me. I will go and get it now. Just a moment." He then took Hongyun and disappeared. A few minutes later, Zhenyuanzi came back with a plate full of baby-shaped fruit. There were about nine Ginsengs.

Zhenyuanzi sent the Ginsengs to Minghe and said, "Here is some fruit from the Ginseng Tree. A present to you, for saving Hongyun." Though Minghe had gotten the Hong Meng Immortal Qi, after all, he had taken it from Kunpeng, not by robbing Hongyun. And, most importantly, he saved Hongyun. Therefore, Zhenyuanzi felt very grateful.

"I accept it. I've heard about the Ginseng fruit. They are really unusual," said Heaven and Earth Taoist. Again he waved his sleeves and the fruit vanished. He didn't take the time to taste them since he had pressing things to do.

Since Heaven and Earth Taoist did not taste them, Zhenyuanzi knew Minghe must have sent him here for some other reason. Or, he would not be hiding in the Nine Nine Spirit-killing Gourd, to avoid being recognized by others.

Zhenyuanzi said, "You are not here just for Hongyun. Since Fellow Taoist Minghe saved Hongyun, be free to tell me what it is you need. I'll do as much as I can."

Heaven and Earth Taoist smiled and thought Zhenyuanzi was so smart. Of course, Minghe would not waste time just for sending Hongyun's remaining soul back. Then he said, "You are really intelligent, indeed my veneration has something to consult with you."

"What is it?" Zhenyuanzi asked. He thought that Minghe must have something important to share, or he would not be so cautious. Heaven and Earth Taoist said, "The first thing --- Can I borrow your Book of the Nether World? "

Zhenyuanzi was skeptical. He wasn't afraid of being robbed, but this was his Eternal Spiritual Treasure. Why was Minghe so interested in it? Yet, without giving it another thought, Zhenyuanzi took out his Book of the Nether World and gave it over to Heaven and Earth Taoist. Taking the Book of the Nether World, Heaven and Earth Taoist started to enlighten it all at once. Meanwhile, Minghe, in the blood sea, received Heaven and Earth Taoist's Spiritual thoughts and was enlightening the book's contents at the same time, by the Law of Spiritual Beings.

Minghe was curious about it. Among the Three Books of Heaven, Earth, and Mortal, The Heaven Book was Investiture of the Gods, which was to entitle the Gods of the Heavenly Court and it was the supreme treasure of the Heavenly Court. The Book of Life and Death was the supreme treasure of The Nether World, which was in charge of the Creatures' lives and deaths----
all of those under the Sages-to-be level would be recorded in it.

What about the Book of the Nether World? Together, with the Investiture of the Gods and the Book of Life and Death, they made up the Three Books of Heaven, Earth, and Mortal, which had surprising magical power. Therefore, Minghe sent Heaven and Earth Taoist to find out its secret. Perhaps Zhenyuanzi could be his ally, if all was as he presumed.

Zhenyuanzi didn't stop them. After a short while, Heaven and Earth Taoist opened his eyes with a smile on his face. He gave back the book to Zhenyuanzi and said, "Fellow Taoist Zhenyuanzi, you should enlighten this book carefully. It is really an extraordinary resource. Perhaps you'll find your way of actualizing in it."

Zhenyuanzi was amazed, he had had this book for a very long time, and it was his Eternal Spiritual Treasure, yet he still hadn't found out his way of actualizing. Even though he knew about its great defense strength, by calling up the power of leyline, he had still not found his way. Heaven and Earth Taoist just read the book once and was able to completely enlighten it, revealing some secrets, based on his look.

Just as Zhenyuanzi was about to ask, the Heaven and Earth Taoist said, "I know what you want to ask me, but the secrets of heaven cannot be released. You need to figure out your own way. I cannot help." Hearing that, Zhenyuanzi calmed down. That was right! He needed to figure out the best path for himself. Others' opinions might not be the truth.

Minghe himself, far away from here in the Blood Sea, was smiling. Just as he had presumed, the Book of the Nether World held a shocking secret, the same as the Investiture of the Gods and the Book of Life and Death. When properly used, a competitive force would rise, which would be able to rival the Heavenly Court and the Nether World. However, you win some, you lose some. So, Zhenyuanzi would not be a Carefree Immortal anymore.

Chapter 62: Taoist Heaven and Earth's Visit to Wuzhuang Taoist Temple (Part II)

According to the mythology, the Nether World was in charge of the Reincarnation of creatures, while the Heavenly Court entitled Gods of the Heavenly Court. There were also some low- class Gods, which included Gods of Land, Gods of Mountains, Gods of the Yellow River and so on. Though they all belonged to the Heavenly Court, their status was considered very low and usually, they were those Mountain Spirits and Ghosts. In Journey to the West, they were so weak that they could be bullied by almost anyone. The Heavenly Court never cared about their lives.

In a strict way, these Gods of the Land and Mountains all belonged to the Earthly Immortals. Therefore, instead of being designed by the Heavenly Court, they should have been governed by Zhen Yuanzi, later well-known as the Ancestor of Earthly Immortals. In the Investiture of the Gods, there were 365 Heavenly Court Gods who were in charge of the cosmic stars and yet, the Gods of Land and Mountains were not included. Actually, they were named Gods by Heavenly Court just for management.

It would be different with Zhenyuanzi's Book of the Nether World, which could entitle the Earthly Immortals in the Untainted Land, thus forming a force well-matched to the Heavenly Court and the Nether World. And, many Individual Cultivators would probably join in. Being Earthly Immortals in charge of managing land, mountains and rivers would be a good deed, which in turn gained Merit for the long run.

In this case, Zhenyuanzi could be counted as the real Ancestor of the Earthly Immortals, sharing the Luck of Earthly Immortals and enlightening the Tao of the Divine Law in this way, thus he had the chance to actualize the Realm of the Origin. That was why Minghe had sent Heaven and Earth Taoist to talk with him.

Minghe was weak on his own. Even if he got three separations and all of them got the Origin, they could only have four forces. And, it would take a long time to make it. At present, the first war between the Sorcerer and Demon tribes was over and peace had been kept for 10,000 years, during which, the Six could become Sages.

At the moment, among Minghe himself and his two separations, only the Evil Separation, Red Lotus Taoist had the chance to actualize the Realm of the Origin, so he needed a reliable ally. Zhenyuanzi would be a good ally, who was chosen by him for the first. He had a good Foundation, Fated Chance, and wisdom, which definitely was the best choice.

Minghe didn't want to choose Hongyun. He would have respected him if Hongyun would have given up the Hong Meng Immortal Qi, and yet he hadn't. Though he then did some brave action, he was not good enough. If he didn't have the Tongtian Fated Chance, he probably could only reach the Peak Level of Sage-to-be, at best.

Hearing the Heaven and Earth Taoist's words, Zhenyuanzi was lost in deep thought. The Heaven and Earth Taoist continued to say, "Fellow Taoist Zhenyuanzi, what's your opinion on the war between the Sorcerer and Demon tribes?" Zhenyuanzi said, "The Sorcerer and Demon tribes are both aggressive and eager to fight for the position of the Master of Heaven and Earth. The Wu tribe overwhelmes the Demon tribe in this war. Had not Honourable Ancestor prevented their fighting, I'm afraid the Demon tribe would be doomed."

Zhenyuanzi continued to say, "The Demon tribe has no way to fight against the Real Entity of Pangu, I'm afraid they will be doomed in about 10,000 years. Of course, if Goddess Nvywa becomes a Sage, the situation will be different. The two tribes will find balance." The Heaven and Earth Taoist nodded and thought that Zhenyuanzi had a good view towards the current affairs and then said, "Our fellow Taoist is quite right. But, you may have forgotten that not only the Demon tribe's Goddess Nvywa can become a Sage, Three Pure Ones, Jieyin and Zhunti can also become Sages because they have the Foundation of the Great Way. By that time, they will allow neither the Sorcerer tribe nor Demon tribe to become the master of Heaven and Earth."

The Heaven and Earth Taoist's words shocked Zhenyuanzi. If that were to happen, the Demon tribe wouldn't be able to resist those Five Sages, just dependent on Goddess Nvywa. And, the Wu tribe got the Real Entity of Pangu, but they probably could not combat with those Sages, either. Therefore, the Sorcerer and Demon tribes were likely doomed after this Cultivation Tribulation, just like the Three tribes; the Dragon, Phoenix, and Kylin before.

How could Zhenyuanzi not be shocked by such a conclusion? He thought to himself, [So, Minghe probably sent his Merit body, the Heaven and Earth Taoist, here to see whether I would unite with him. He must have made this decision after he had read the Book of the Nether World and was sure that I stood a chance at actualizing the Realm of the Origin.] If Minghe decided to unite with Zhenyuanzi after learning that he could get the Origin, he chose an ally based on standards of the Mix Nascent Core. And, Minghe had probably found his own way of actualizing the Realm of the Origin. Yet, was it before he had gotten the Hong Meng Immortal Qi, or after?

[It makes a great difference depending if it was before or after. The former is based upon one's own strength, while the latter is dependent on the Hong Meng Immortal Qi. Though the results appeared the same, they were quite different. If Minghe was the former case, he must have great ambition; otherwise, he will not draw me over to his side.] Zhenyuanzi thought.

Seeing that Zhenyuanzi was lost in thought, the Heaven and Earth Taoist said nothing. Zhenyuanzi was not a common person. Indeed, Minghe needed an ally for when the Six Sages came out together in the future. Now, he just needed to wait for Zhenyuanzi's decision. Even if he turned him down, he would not be his enemy in the future, for the sake of today's good karma.

Zhenyuanzi thought for a long while before saying,"My fellow Taoist, I know your intention for this visit. If I can get the Mix Nascent Core, as you predict, I'd like to work together with you." Zhenyuanzi was frank and spoke the truth. Though he hadn't made a promise yet because it was contingent on the condition of his getting the Mix Nascent Core. Otherwise, he would definitely die at the Sage-to-be level.

The Heaven and Earth Taoist understood quite well what Zhenyuanzi was saying. It was human nature. He would agree, of course, so he said, "All right. Fellow Taoist you are frank. I congratulate you on your Mix Nascent Core in advance." A promise was made, which could be considered a good ending.

The Heaven and Earth Taoist continued to say, "I have also prepared a good present for our Fellow Taoist Hongyun. His foundation is badly hurt and he can hardly recover by the Three Light Holy Water and the Mu Yi essence of Ginseng Tree alone."

This was just what Zhenyuanzi had been concerned about. He had checked on Hongyun's remaining soul and found him barely recovering, just as the Heaven and Earth Taoist said. Seemingly, Minghe knew the way to save Hongyun. Therefore, Zhenyuanzi asked in an anxious voice, " What's your idea to save him?" He couldn't help but feel anxious, for this was about Hongyun's life.

The Heaven  and  Earth  Taoist  smiled  before  saying,  "My veneration says now is not the time. Fellow Taoist, you just need to take care of Hongyun's Original Spirit and wait for the right time. I'll come by to inform you then." Zhenyuanzi nodded and agreed. It was clear that Minghe wouldn't tell him until he had accepted his invitation to become his ally.

Fulfilling his task, the Heaven and Earth Taoist was about to leave when a sudden idea came to his mind. So, instead, he said, "Fellow Taoist Zhenyuanzi, I have another request. I'd like to exchange a little branch of the Ginseng Tree with you for some of the Three Light Holy Water, may I?"

Hearing this, Zhenyuanzi said, "Now that Fellow Taoist likes it, I'm pleased to give it to you as a present." Then, he turned around and went into the backyard to take a little branch off the tree. Normally this could hurt the Origin of the Spiritual Roots, but he had the Three Light Holy Water to nourish it, that was why he agreed.

After getting a little branch of the tree, the Heaven and Earth Taoist bid farewell to Zhenyuanzi and set off to the Blood Sea. With this little branch, Minghe could cultivate another tree, which would not be better than Zhenyuanzi's, yet it wouldn't be too bad. Not because Minghe was greedy for the Ginseng, which happened to be good, and yet it was helpless for Minghe's cultivation. In his Realm, Ginseng was only for tasting, and it had not been Minghe's idea to ask for it, but rather the Heaven and Earth Taoist's sudden idea, for which he had his reason.

Minghe and the Evil Separation, Red Lotus Taoist, had found their way to actualize the Realm of the Origin. Compared to them, the Heaven and Earth Taoist was far behind. Though, he was surely going to find his own way. At present, he had converted the Sea-protection Pearl, the Five Elements Spiritual Bead, and the Four Signs Spiritual Bead, but hadn't melted them in the World of Heaven and Earth.

He would start to cultivate for the actualizing when he came back to the Blood Sea. The Ginseng Tree's branch was among one of those he had needed. Besides, he needed to get the Bodhi Tree belonging to the Metal in the West, the Peento Tree belonging to Water in the North, and the Mulberry wood belonging to the Fire in the South, together, with his central Earth-natured yellow plum tree, the Five Elements would all be collected.

The Peento Tree was in Hongjun's possession; The Bodhi Tree was in the two people's in the West, and the Mulberry wood should also be in the Emperor Jun's care. However, he could not get them at the moment. He had to wait for the right chance to arise. Fortunately, Minghe had collected many Spiritual Roots over the years, which would replace them for the moment.

Chapter 63: Unlucky Kunpeng

In fact, Minghe both gained the Hong Meng Immortal Qi and deepened his understanding of the Law of Killing by participating the competition for the Hong Meng Immortal Qi. Moreover, Taoist of Heaven and Earth also benefited a lot, because the 68 Sages-to-be killed by Minghe were all Primordial Mazingers. They were either shapeshifted from Spiritual Roots, or Spiritual Treasures, or Divine Beasts.

Thus after they were beheaded, their blood and the Origin became the best nutrients for the World of Heaven and Earth inside the Taoist of Heaven and Earth. The World of Heaven and Earth's Origin could be strengthened by plundering others' Origin. Thus, only in this war,the World of Heaven and Earth's Origin had been more than doubled.

The Origin of these 68 Sages-to-be was extremely abundant. Though some of them were lost, the World of Heaven and Earth also benefited from them a lot. The Divine Law  within  the world had been increasingly improved. But to advance into a small chiliocosm, the World of Heaven and Earth still needed to plunder more Origin power, such as the sun, the moon, and the stars, as well as the leyline of Untainted Land—which were all the Origin power that was badly needed by the World of Heaven and Earth. …

Kunpeng was curing himself by Closed Door Meditation in a remote mountain cave, not far from the place where Minghe killed the 68 Sages-to-be. Now his condition was even worse than last time when he was badly injured by Minghe. Obviously, he had serious injuries, with unsteady and irregular vital force.

Kunpeng was severely injured by Minghe's punch. Knowing that he could be killed by Minghe's second punch, Kunpeng immediately decided to sneak away, because he paid more attention to his life than his honor. If he had truly escaped at that time, he might have been in recuperation at his base in the Northern Underworld now. However, he made a decision that might have taken his life.

In Kunpeng's view, although Minghe's power had reached an unparalleled level, it still would have been hard for him to withstand the siege from the 68 Sages-to-be at the same time. If Minghe had died, all Individual Cultivators of Sages-to-be might have seized the Hong Meng Immortal Qi, which would have caused a mess. Thus, Kunpeng intended to seize the Hong Meng Immortal Qi during the chaos. That was a dangerous decision, but he could not refuse the great seduction to gain Sage status. Therefore, it was difficult for him to give up, even if the opportunity was slim.

Whereas, what happened next was completely out of Kunpeng's expectations. Minghe's power absolutely outweighed the total Individual Cultivators of the 68 Sages-to-be, and he slaughtered them all. And most importantly, Minghe's one-shot kill also attacked Kunpeng, who was hiding not far away at that time. Obviously, Minghe discovered him.

Kunpeng was injured again by the shot, much more seriously than before. When Minghe finally left, he seemed to cast a glance at the hiding place of Kunpeng, either intentionally or unconsciously. Kunpeng was scared to death. Fortunately, Minghe finally left without another attack on him, then Kunpeng was relieved.

Now Kunpeng was seriously wounded, so any Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal could defeat him without much effort. Thus, he had no choice but to find a place to heal himself by Closed Door Meditation first and recover his power to at least 60% or 70% of the previous level. Otherwise, if he was killed by others at this time, it would be extremely unjust.

… Sacred Demons, including Emperor Jun, Taiyi, Fuxi, Goddess Nyuwa, and Ji Meng, got together in the Divine Wind Palace of the Heavenly Court. All of them were clouded with worry. Apparently, they were anxious about the Wu Tribe's Twelve Divine Beings Killing Formation. The Real Entity of Pangu summoned by the Wu Tribe in the last round was so unimaginably powerful that even the Cosmic Stars Formation could not resist it.

Seeing the discouraged Sacred Demons, Emperor Jun said, "Gentlemen, we suffered heavy casualties in this battle with the Demon Tribe. The Real Entity of Pangu called by the Twelve Ancestors of Sorcery was fairly horrific. Do you have any strategy to deal with it?"

Hearing "Real Entity of Pangu", some Sacred Demons couldn't help shivering. No wonder they were so scared, the Real Entity of Pangu was virtually horrific. Only one shot laid billions of armies of Demon Tribe into ashes. Even quite a few Sacred Demons at the level of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal lost their lives, while the fortunate survivors were all injured to various degrees.

After thoughtful consideration for a little while, Ji Meng said, "Your Majesty Demon Emperor, we Demon Tribe suffered heavy losses this time, but it is not without remedy. As long as we can invite one person to join the Heavenly Court now, we can revive our heyday."

Hearing that, Emperor Jun hurriedly asked, "Who?" Ji Meng replied, "Kunpeng Taoist." On hearing that name, Emperor Jun was immediately silent. They had discussed about inviting Kunpeng before, but no solution was found. If they invited him at present, even if Kunpeng agreed, he would ask for exorbitant requirements.

Ji Meng knew what Emperor Jun was worried about, saying, "Kunpeng stole up Hongyun in order to seize the Hong Meng Immortal Qi. However, Hongyun exploded himself, which inflicted damage on Kunpeng. Then he was seriously injured by Ancestor Minghe. Maybe he's healing himself somewhere on the Untainted Land at this moment. We just need to find him and temper threats with mercy on him. I believe Kunpeng is a smart guy, so he would receive Your Majesty's invitation."

To put it nicely, it was "tempering threats with mercy", while in fact, they just took advantage of Kunpeng's perilous state. However, they all knew this was indeed a good idea because it was a good opportunity to subdue Kunpeng when he was seriously injured. If this chance was missed and he returned to the Northern Underworld successfully, it would be impossible to manage this in the future.

However, Emperor Jun had his misgivings. He said, "Ji Meng, it's really a good solution, but if so, I'm afraid Kunpeng may not submit from the bottom of his heart. Then he won't help our Heavenly Court sincerely." If they forced Kunpeng to join them right now, he still could leave any time at his will when he had recovered. Then what they had done would have been all in vain.

Ji Meng answered, "It doesn't matter. We just need to borrow Royal Nvywa's Demon Summoning Banner and absorb a wisp of Kunpeng's Original Spirit into it. As a result, he will definitely do his best to help us. We can also take this chance to bring the Demon Tribe in the Northern Underworld under our control to totally make up for our losses. In this way, we can kill two birds with one stone."

Everyone said nothing hearing the Demon Summoning Banner. Ji Meng's idea was really vicious. Even if a wisp of Original Spirit was absorbed into the Demon Summoning Banner, Kunpeng had to assist Emperor Jun meekly, though he was unwilling. Otherwise, if the Original Spirit in the Banner exploded, Kunpeng was probably dead, or at least injured seriously, and it was nearly impossible to recover it.

Overjoyed, Emperor Jun said, "Great! Ji Meng, you quickly assign people to closely inspect Untainted Land, especially the way to the Northern Underworld. Once finding Kunpeng, report to me immediately. We must make it in one stroke. We can't waste this great chance and let him go."

Accepting the order, Ji Meng instantly arranged manpower to supervise Untainted Land carefully. Ancestor Hongjun had ordered that the Sorcerer and Demon tribes should not fight against each other for 10,000 years, so the Demon Tribe didn't need to worry about the Wu Tribe's sneak attacks. However, for caution's sake, their actions were conducted in secrecy, not only for fear of annoying the Wu Tribe, but also for fear that Kunpeng would be informed in advance. "Beating the grass may frighten the snake away", they knew this truth.

A hundred years later, Kunpeng finally completed his treatment by Closed Door Meditation. Almost half of his wounds were recovered and his combat power could reach the level of Sage-to-be in the early stage. After Minghe's slaughter, there were few people at the level of Sage-to-be in Untainted Land. Thus, Kunpeng could return back to the Northern Underworld without too much worry eventually.

Reaching the North Sea, Kunpeng finally could discard all his worries. He was not far from the Northern Underland now, but someone was in the way ahead. Seeing the two people, Kunpeng's face took a ghastly expression. He said in a cold voice, "Fellow Taoists Emperor Jun and Taiyi, why do you block my way?"

Emperor Jun smiled and answered, "Fellow Taoist Kunpeng is really a good joker. Taiyi and I come here to invite you to join us in the Heavenly Court. Creating the Demon character, you are greatly honored among the Demon Tribe. Thus, we sincerely invite you to join us and contribute to the battle for the ownership of Untainted Land. As a reward, we would give you the position of Demon Master and a top-grade Primordial Spiritual Treasure. Do you agree?"

Hearing that, Kunpeng's expression became even colder. "Fellow Taoist Emperor Jun, I'm just an Individual Cultivator. How could I deserve to be called Demon Master? Please find someone better qualified. I still have something to do. I'm going now." Then, he tried to leave. But Taiyi instantly stopped Kunpeng, saying coldly, "Kunpeng, you'd better not refuse a toast only to drink as a forfeit. You'd better realize the situation and accept our invitation right now, or I won't treat you in such a polite way as my big brother. I'm afraid you haven't recovered totally, have you?"

Taiyi and Emperor Jun cooperated well. One played the role of the kind inviter, another as the one who gives pressure. Kunpeng definitely realized Taiyi was threatening him, but these two people were much more powerful than him. What's worse, his injury hadn't recovered. Thus, it was impossible to run away successfully.

Facing these threats to his life, Kunpeng had no choice but to compromise. He said between his teeth, "Now that Fellow Taoist Emperor Jun invited me sincerely, I'd like to join the Heavenly Court." However, this was just his stalling tactic. When he was completely recovered, he would flee back to the Northern Underworld. He believed Emperor Jun could do nothing at that time.

Chapter 64: Reluctant Emperor Jun

Despite an affirmative answer from Kunpeng, Taiyi replied coldly, "I know what you are brewing, Kunpeng. Now leave a split of your Original Spirit and put it in the Demon Summoning Banner, cause that's the only way we can trust you." In the blink of an eye, a yellow gourd, the Demon Summoning Banner of Goddess Nv Wa, showed itself in his hand.

Such words threw Kunpeng into a fury. He exclaimed in anger, "Don't push me so far. You just want to have me completely at your mercy!" Kunpeng valued his Original Spirit over everything else, and allowing others to control his destiny was the last thing that he would do.

"Are you sure about that? You'd better think twice and figure out everything before the final decision," said Taiyi in a cold tone, playing with the transformed Bell of Chaos and intensely releasing his supernatural power. Emperor Jun standing beside still wore a smile on his face, but his menace intent was rather obvious though.

Feeling the adverse situation on his own, Kunpeng handed out a split of his Original Spirit reluctantly, which was sucked into the Demon Summoning Banner in an instant. His half-healed injury became even worse now. Anger was sowed and rooted in his mind. He now bore grudges against Taiyi, Emperor Jun, and even Goddess Nvywa, who had pushed him into dire desperation by lending out her Demon Summoning Banner.

Kunpeng's obedience made Emperor Jun much happier. "Our Fellow Taoist Kunpeng knows exactly what's the right thing to do. Since it's not far from your place, I will escort you back with Taiyi." Emperor Jun smiled, handing out a Top Grade Primordial Spiritual Treasure and said, "Here is what I've promised you before, and I hope you Fellow Taoist will kindly accept it."

That Top Grade Primordial Spiritual Treasure from Emperor Jun made Kunpeng feel better. After all that had happened, Kun Peng refused to stand on ceremony, and took the Primordial Spiritual Treasure instantly, which, however, did not in the slightest degree quench his anger.

As soon as they reached the Northern Underworld, Emperor Jun announced in public the admission of Kunpeng to the Heavenly Court, after which, Kunpeng joined the Heavenly Court. Presently, the majority of the Demon Tribe in the Northern Underworld was taken to the Heavenly Court, with a few left to guard the Northern Underworld. Though overwhelmed by sullenness, Kunpeng couldn't, or rather dared not, contradict Emperor Jun, since Emperor Jun still had his Original Spirit in hand. "Fortunately, Foundation remains there in the Northern Underworld. Besides, nobody would be courageous enough to go to the Northern Underworld, regardless of how little cultivation these remaining members in the Demon Tribe had," Kunpeng told himself.

Hundreds of millions of Demon Tribe members in the Northern Underworld joined the Heavenly court, thus leading to a roar in its strength. As damages caused during the war against the Wu Tribe and the Demon Tribe were more than made up, all the Demon Tribe members, except Kunpeng, were in extremely high spirits.

Kunpeng saw himself more dead than alive now that his Original Spirit was still in others' control, which eclipsed his earlier failure to secure the Hong Meng Immortal Qi. The thought of all his hard-earned power and previous efforts going to waste threw him again in the fiery pits of agitation. Now, the only thing haunting his mind was to get back his Original Spirit. After all, he was not a man of long-term subjection.

Anyway, Emperor Jun was well satisfied. The last thing that worried him was the Hong Meng Immortal Qi. Last time, he tried in vain to get that from Hongyun, only to get involved in the war against the Wu Tribe, which led to a sacrifice of over 10 billion casualties.

Strength being restored on the part of the Demon Tribe, Emperor Jun began to reset his eyes on the Hong Meng Immortal Qi. Within the Divine Wind Palace was a crowd gathering of Sacred Demons, Emperor Jun, Taiyi, and Kunpeng, the new face invited. Goddess NvyWa, however, failed to present herself this time, as she was engaged in enlightenment for the Hong Meng Immortal Qi

"To all of you present, I want to make clear that there is one thing urgent—we have to secure the Hong Meng Immortal Qi in whatever way possible. It is now in the hands of Ancestor Minghe and I want it back. Any advice from your side?"

Kunpeng broke the silence. "What Emperor Jun said is more than truth. If we managed to get the Hong Meng Immortal Qi from Minghe, we would have two Sages, and we would fear nothing. Speaking of the last Sage, who else is more competent to have the honor, if not Emperor Jun, the King of Demons?" he said enthusiastically and passionately. His sudden support for Emperor Jun, however, cast doubts among the Sacred Demons. Ever since he was forced to join the Heavenly Court and handed out a split of his Original Spirit, Kunpeng had been cold to Emperor Jun and Taiyi, yet what he said was quite the opposite. All else present found it odd.

What Kunpeng had said did make sense. If Emperor Jun was titled Sage, there would be two Sages in the Demon Tribe. In that case, ideally, the Demon Tribe would never be in fear, even if the Wu Tribe called the Real Entity of Pangu.

As an Advisor of the Demon Tribe, Ji Meng saw more than the possible backfire, and therefore recommended, "I don't think it's adaptable, Your Majesty." Such words, as soon as they were said, drew all else's attention over. Emperor Jun's face also changed color, apparently resentful.

Regardless of all the skeptical looks around, he continued, "Your Majesty, Ancestor Minghe has the power next to only a Sage. To defeat him might take something special, and that should be the Cosmic Stars Formation. Yet Honourable Ancestor had warned that there couldn't be another war in at least 10,000 years, and Demons shall rule the Heaven, while the Wu Tribe shall govern the Earth. "If we gather the forces and headed for the Blood Sea now, the Wu Tribe is very likely to take it as an excuse and declare another war, which is the last thing we want. Besides, it is against the will of Honourable Ancestor." After his words, the crowd became silent again.

Ji Meng continued, "Though Ancestor Minghe has only a disciple and a mount with him in the Blood Sea, you should never forget the saying: 'Minghe will never die until the last drop of the Blood Sea is dry'. And don't forget that he owns 480 million Clones of Blood God Avatars. So narrow is our chance of victory, we shall evade conflicts with Ancestor Minghe, spare our efforts and try instead to figure out a way against the Wu Tribe. By the time Your Majesty becomes the governor of Heaven and Earth, you can easily make use of Untainted Land's Luck and get the Fruit of Origin."

Emperor Jun knew more than what Ji Meng meant. Minghe seldom showed his power in Untainted Land, yet with more and more people pouring to the Blood Sea for Spiritual Products or Blood of Essence from Divine Beasts, rumors about his great power began to spread. Some of these are made intentionally as a deterrence against outsiders. After all, Minghe didn't want unexpected visits of all kinds. Though reluctant to give up, he had no better way out. Minghe had power beyond his imagination. He wouldn't give up if he could make the Cosmic Stars Formation by the Demon Tribe, but now he could do nothing but face the reality.

"What Ji Meng has said did make sense. The Demon Tribe is weaker than the Wu Tribe, not to mention the great weapon, the Real Entity of Pangu, that the Wu Tribe has  secured recently. If we are to make Minghe our enemy now, the Demon Tribe might be completely crushed." Emperor Jun, as the head of the Demon Tribe, weighed all things clearly in mind.

That Emperor Jun tended to back out dampened Kunpeng. Of course, he understood Ji Meng's points well and that was the reason why he made that proposal. Now his scheme was seen through, there seemed no hope left. Kunpeng actually wanted to see Emperor Jun suffer a crushing defeat.

Kunpeng never had faith in Emperor Jun. Without the Cosmic Stars Formation and the Demon Tribe, Emperor Jun was far weaker than Minghe, even counting in Taiyi and senior members of the Demon Tribe. If flared up, it was not impossible that he destroyed them all. By that time, the Demon Tribe would be scattered headless sheep, which Kunpeng could naturally take advantage of. Unfortunately, Kunpeng's plan to "kill with a borrowed knife" failed. He had to drop it for a while. After all, there would be more opportunities in the future. All he had to do now was to wait in the Heavenly Court, biding his time for the opportunity of revenge.

Emperor Jun had a headache from the thought of dealing with the Wu Tribe. The Real Entity of Pangu was so powerful that the Cosmic Stars Formation could not resist. Now he could only hope Goddess Nvywa became a Sage sooner, so that the Demon Tribe could have its corresponding rise as well.

However, on the other hand, he was afraid that once Nvywa became a Sage, the present situation would turn against him. Now, as the leader of the Demon Tribe, and with Taiyi as his blood brother, he was highly respected by all the members. Besides, Royal Fuxi, Royal Nv Wa, and Demon Master all governed nominally without real power, so Emperor Jun alone seized all the powers of the Demon Tribe.

It was universally known about the great power of a Sage. Once she became the first Sage in the Demon Tribe, Goddess Nvywa would imaginably be highly positioned. What Emperor Jun and Taiyi had gotten was by no means comparable with that of a Sage. What worried Emperor Jun most was whether Goddess Nvywa would overthrow his reign.

Goddess Nvywa was fully engaged in cultivation at present, showing the least interest in the Wu Tribe affairs. Yet things could change, and the more powerful one was, the more ambitious one would become. As a royal, Emperor Jun would have never wanted his authority challenged, and yet Goddess Nvywa becoming a Sage was the only way to deal with the Real Entity of Pangu, so he could not stop her, for the sake of the Demon Tribe. And that was exactly what Emperor Jun was obsessed with.

Chapter 65: Chapter 43 The Wu Tribe's Plot

On the Sacred Island, Minghe, Red Lotus Taoist, and the Heaven and Earth Taoist sat on the ground forming a San Cai formation. The Hong Meng Immortal Qi was fixed within the formation, with Minghe's favorite magic weapon floating above
—the Magical Tao Mirror. The three of them used the Magical Tao Mirror to enhance their comprehension of the Hong Meng Immortal Qi.

The Hong Meng Immortal Qi was naturally formed by Heaven and Earth and filled with mystery. Without the right approach, one could try to enlighten for thousands of years, and yet these efforts will be for naught. Nonetheless, once the fate had arrived, one would be able to gain enlightenment and received the Fruit of Mix Nascent Core.

Exactly 300 years went by, Minghe together with his Good and Evil Separation kept trying to enlighten the Hong Meng Immortal Qi. Minghe and his Good Separation - the Heaven and Earth Taoist did not get any results, while on the other hand, the Evil Separation had a rewarding result with his Law of Killing almost completed. With a little more effort, it would receive the Fruit of Origin. After enlightening the Hong Meng Immortal Qi for a few hundred years, Minghe naturally gained some insight into the secrets of it. The Hong Meng Immortal Qi was filled with the source of the Way of Heaven, it was created in accordance with the circumstances. This was the reason why the foundation of would not be weakened even if Merit was used.

The person becoming a Sage by Merits had to exert the source of the Way of Heaven in the Hong Meng Immortal Qi. After absorbing the source of the Way of Heaven, it could naturally increase one's supernatural powers and realm to that of a Sage without any side effects. It could be said that as long as there were enough Merits, this was the best shortcut to become a Sage.

Minghe had more than enough Merits and there would be more Merits in time to come, yet becoming a Sage by Merits was not what he had desired. The actualizing belonging to the Red Lotus Taoist was imminent and the White Lotus of Purity had also grown to its maximum capacity. Although the 11-grade lotus was only one step away from its fulfillment, it had no chance to become 12-grade.

Red Lotus Taoist combined his 21-grade Red Lotus of Fire with the White Lotus of Purity, while his Original Spirit enlightens the Law of Killing. If both could gain the Fruit of Origin, Minghe could face the Sage with confidence and it would be good for his future plans as well.

However, the Hong Meng Immortal Qi became useless now. Though Minghe had his sights set on the Origin of the Way of Heaven, in every gain, there would be a loss. He did not want to help the Sages of the Way of Heaven to achieve their aims with the Origin. If such a thing happened, it would be hard for him to be detached from it later on.

Both Red Lotus Taoist and the Heaven and Earth Taoist began their Closed Door Meditation upon ending their comprehension. MInghe looked at the Hong Meng Immortal Qi in his hand not knowing what to do with it, as he had no use for it. He could leave it for his disciple, Liu Er, but it would only bring Liu Er harm instead of good. Liu Er was only a Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal and can't secure the Hong Meng Immortal Qi, moreover, MInghe would not always be around to protect him all the time.

After giving it some thought, Minghe's eyes lit up. He thought of a perfect place for the Hong Meng Immortal Qi. Minghe did not announce his trip but cloaked himself in invisibility instead. Then he secretly left the Blood Sea and headed towards Untainted Land.


The Twelve Ancestors of Sorcery gathered in the hall of Pangu. From the looks of their situation, it was obvious that they had not fully recovered from the injuries after summoning the Real Entity of Pangu, which was cast back on them.

Even then, Zhurong was still vigorous and peppy. "Big Brother, what does Hongjun mean? Why did he stop us from destroying the Demon Tribe? This Untainted World was created by our God the Father, Pangu, so it's our right to be its leader."

Hearing what Zhurong said, Emperor Jiang sighed heavily. "Alright. Stop it. Hongjun is too powerful. I'm afraid that we can't defeat him even with the Real Entity of Pangu. But then again, we're not fully familiar with the Twelve Divine Beings Killing Formation yet. If we're able to fully grasp and understand the formation, especially when summoning the Real Entity of Pangu, the Demon Tribe won't be able to hold a candle to us. Even if it'll take thousands of years, so what?" The facial expressions of the Ancestors of Sorcery became better, but Zhu Jiuyin asked worriedly, "Big Brother, it may be so, but if Nvywa of the Demon Tribe became a Sage within these thousands of years, I'm afraid the ending would be hard to predict." The rest of the Ancestors of sorcerer became crestfallen again as the worries of Torch Dragon had the possibility of happening. If so, then the Wu Tribe would not be able to gain anything.

Then GongGong said, "Big brother, don't forget that there is still one more Hong Meng Immortal Qi aside from the ones taken by Three Pure Ones, Goddess Nvywa, Zhunti, and Jieyin." At the mention of this, all the Ancestors' eyes glinted. If there was someone who became a Sage in the Wu Tribe, even if Nvywa became a Sage, there would be nothing to be afraid of.

Zhurong said, laughing, "That's right. It's rare for you to say something useful, Gonggong. Our battle with the Demon Tribe has benefitted Minghe. We can get the Hong Meng Immortal Qi from him. If he dares not give it to us, I'll beat him up." Minghe looked like he was in his teens, which made him look younger than Zhurong.

Emperor Jiang started to waver after hearing what Zhurong said, however, Torch Dragon disagreed. "With that being said, it'll be quite impossible to get the Hong Meng Immortal Qi from Minghe." This instantly dashed the hopes of the Ancestors of sorcerer

Emperor Jiang asked, "Why not?" Torch Dragon replied, "Don't forget, Minghe is already at the Peak LevelSage-to-be and is capable of killing 68 Sages-to-be by himself. All of us together might not be able to defeat him."

Zhurong yelled out, "Brother Torch Dragon, we also have the Twelve Divine Beings Killing Formation. How can Minghe defeat us? The Twelve Divine Beings Killing Formation is the trump card of the Wu Tribe, and it is so formidable that even the Demon Tribe's Cosmic Stars Formation couldn't be pitted against it."

"Though we have the Twelve Divine Beings Killing Formation, in our current state, we will not be able to fully utilize the formation. The Blood Sea is Minghe's nest, there will definitely be a tactical formation surrounding it. Moreover, we don't really know much about Minghe, except for hearsay and the skills he showed when snatching the Hong Meng Immortal Qi," said Torch Dragon. "We don't know the capabilities of Minghe's Three Separations and if the Blood Sea is being protected by tactical formations. If it is, how powerful is that formation? Not only that, we also don't know what type of magical weapons Minghe uses. If we were to strike out at him thoughtlessly, we might end up on the losing end. Besides, making an enemy out of Minghe is not a good idea, as he might attack us from the back during the battle with the Demon Tribe. If that happens, we will be caught in between."

Hearing Torch Dragon's words, Emperor Jiang understood the pros and cons. Zhurong and the other Ancestors were in a dismal state as they knew of a way to subdue Goddess Nvywa, yet they were not able to use it.

"Ha ha ha! I've long heard that Torch Dragon is the Advisor of Wu Tribe. You are as extraordinary as the rumors say. It's my honor to cause such uneasiness in you. I'm Ancestor Minghe, and I specifically come to visit fellow Ancestors of sorcerer. Please forgive me for being impolite."

A hearty laughter rang throughout the hall, giving a shock to the Twelve Ancestors of Sorcerer. They walked out of the hall just in time to see a Taoist, cloaked in black, standing outside. Who could it have been other than Minghe? The Ancestors did not expect that Minghe would actually come to them of his own accord.

Emperor Jiang saw Minghe smiling brightly, and indignation filled him. Emperor Jiang remarked with seething rage, "So, it is fellow Taoist, Minghe, that has come for a visit. What a surprise. Just that fellow Taoist, coming here alone and armed with the Hong Meng Immortal Qi, are you not afraid that we will take it from you?"

Minghe strutted straight to the Hall of Pangu. It was obvious that he was challenging their authority. In the past, only the Twelve Ancestors of Sorcerer could enter the Hall of Pangu. Even the guardians, like Xing Tian, could only stand outside the hall until any one of the Ancestors summoned him.

In the eyes of the Ancestors, Minghe's actions were to show them his prowess and to challenge them. They were enraged, so Emperor Jiang spoke in such demeanor as he was trying to get the better of Minghe. Even though they had no thought of snatching the Hong Meng Immortal Qi from Minghe any longer, Minghe was giving them a chance now. After what Emperor Jiang had said, numerous Ancestors were tempted. But there were wise people among them, such as Torch Dragon, who gave it serious thought. Minghe was no fool, so there must have been a reason as to why he came here. It must have been more than to just show off. Being able to reach a cultivation like his, he wouldn't do anything meaningless.

But Torch Dragon simply couldn't guess as to why Minghe was here. Logically speaking, after getting the Hong Meng Immortal Qi, Minghe should focus on his enlightenment like Three Pure Ones, Goddess Nvywa, Jieyin, and Zhunti, who immediately did a Closed Door Meditation after getting the Hong Meng Immortal Qi. But Minghe came to their turf openly, even after knowing that he had what they were after.

Chapter 66: Trade

In the face of the spiteful eyes of Emperor Jiang and the Ancestors of Sorcerer Minghe laughed and said, "Fellow Taoist Emperor Jiang, I don't fear to come here because I am sure I will never lose. What's more, the Ancestors of Sorcerer are still injured, so the Twelve Divine Beings Killing Formation can't exert its full power."

Minghe pointed out the weakness of the Ancestors of Sorcerer, but there was nothing that they could do. The Hong Meng Immortal Qi was in front of their eyes, while they were frightened to fight for it. Although there were twelve people in their group, the full power of the Twelve Divine Beings Killing Formation could still not be reached. In the face of Minghe, they were not sure if they could win. Even if they won, the Twelve Ancestors of Sorcerer would get badly injured. After all, the fightback of a Sage-to-be who was at the Peak Level was not a joke.

Torch Dragon came forward and asked, "Minghe, Fellow Taoist, I am Ancestor of Sorcerer Torch Dragon. I wonder the reason why you Fellow Taoist come to our holy land of the Wu Tribe. Since you have the Hong Meng Immortal Qi, you should work hard to enlighten it in the Blood Sea. Why should you come here at this time?" Minghe took a glimpse at Torch Dragon and said, "Sure, I am here for business. You want me to finish my words outside?" Minghe tried to keep his journey low-key, so it would be troublesome once his presence was spotted by the Demon Tribe or others.

Seeing this, Emperor Jiang said, "Well, please get in." The Twelve Ancestors of Sorcerer guided Minghe into the Hall of Pangu, which looked plain but full of spiritual atmosphere. It really deserved to be the holy land of the Wu Tribe. The reason why they cherished this holy palace might be that this palace was inherited from Pangu.

Upon entering, Minghe felt a special pressure, not detrimental to him, but not the same as others. The pressure here was much stronger than that of Mount Buzhou, which indicated that there was something left by Pangu for the Wu Tribe. Considering that this was a secret of the Wu Tribe, Minghe was not going to dig into it.

Inside the palace stood twelve stone benches, the seats for the Twelve Ancestors of Sorcerer. Minghe waved his hands, calling a seat. Seated on the bench, Minghe said to the Twelve Ancestors of Sorcerer with diverse facial expressions, "Please do not worry too much. I am here to make a trade with you guys." The Twelve Ancestors of Sorcerer were astonished by his words since they had no relationship with Minghe before, to say nothing of friendship. What would Minghe want to gain from them and what would he exchange for? The Wu Tribe was dominant in Untainted Land, so they would not desire anything common.

Emperor Jiang first asked, "May I know what you intend to take from us?" Minghe's strength was well-known in Untainted Land. Emperor Jiang had no idea what he would desire. Spiritual Treasures, Spiritual Roots, or something else?

Minghe replied, "All I want is a Blood of Essence from each of you and the Twelve Divine Beings Killing Formation from your tribe." The Twelve Ancestors of Sorcerer got irritated by this, even the Ancestor of Sorcery Houtu, who was meek in daily life.

Blood of Essence was the most precious element of a Tao- cultivator and a vital part of body cultivation. Even a single drop of Blood of Essence would cause much damage to one's body. Minghe wanted a Blood of Essence from each of them, as well as the most significant tactical formation,  which  was nearly wishful thinking. Noticing their irritation, Minghe waved his hands again and a streak of purple air appeared in his hands. The Twelve Ancestors of Sorcerer resorted to silence instantly. "Is that the
...?" Minghe said, "This is exactly what I would trade for. How about your opinion?"

The Hall of Pangu suddenly turned quiet and the Twelve Ancestors of Sorcerer were all stunned. What Minghe asked for was insane, but it was nothing compared with the Hong Meng Immortal Qi. Blood of Essence could be healed slowly, but the Hong Meng Immortal Qi may not appear every day since there were a total of seven streaks in Untainted Land.

What the Twelve Ancestors of Sorcerer did not expect was that Minghe would exchange a Blood of Essence from each of them and the Twelve Divine Beings Killing Formation for the Hong Meng Immortal Qi, representing a Sage status, which was completely crazy. Others would scorn Minghe for making such a foolish trade. It was the Hong Meng Immortal Qi!

Moreover, they would think that since Minghe did not desire for the Hong Meng Immortal Qi, why would he have made the effort to seize it? They also felt sympathy for the dead 68 Sages- to-be, who struggled with their lives to obtain it, with which Minghe merely exchanged for stuff. Torch Dragon hesitated for a while and asked uncertainly, "Fellow Taoist, are you kidding? Are you sure about exchanging our Blood of Essence and the Twelve Divine Beings Killing Formation for the Hong Meng Immortal Qi?"

Minghe nodded and said, "I am serious. If not, I would not be here now." Minghe himself knew that this trade was unimaginably strange, but he was sincere about this trade since the Hong Meng Immortal Qi was something insignificant for him. It would be more useful to exchange it for something that was cherished rather than let it be.

In addition, Minghe intended to repay some Karma he owed Pangu. Back at Mount Buzhou, Minghe obtained Pangu's Jade Essence, Green Lotus of Fate, some elixir, weapons, and tactical formations with his Merit of Creatipn, but he still owed some Karma to Pangu.

Judging by the trade itself, this was a fortune for the Wu Tribe. Blood of Essence from an Ancestor of Sorcerer was precious, but not a one-time distibution, which could be recovered form healing.

The Twelve Divine Beings Killing Formation was not something special. If arranged by others, this tactical formation would be impaired. The full power could be exerted and the Real Entity of Pangu could be called only by the joint arrangement of the Twelve Ancestors of Sorcerer. Even if this formation was arranged by Minghe with the Blood of Essence from the Twelve Ancestors of Sorcerer, it would not be that powerful. Furthermore, that formation could be destroyed with Minghe's strength.

Seemingly, Minghe would suffer losses from this trade, but he was planning something else. This unfair trade could settle the Karma he owed Pangu and help him get what he cherished. After all, different people had different views.

The Karma due would be repaid, which was also helpful for the cultivation course. Minghe could only repay it to the Pangu tribe, which were Three Pure Ones and the Twelve Ancestors of Sorcerer in Untainted Land.

Three Pure Ones already had the Hong Meng Immortal Qi and Primordial Supreme Treasures. Although nobody would dislike more Magic Weapons, Minghe was not willing to send them Primordial Spiritual Treasures or Primordial Supreme Treasures. The only method was going to the Wu Tribe, who happened to need the Hong Meng Immortal Qi, which Minghe possessed.

Despite Minghe's sincerity, the Twelve Ancestors of Sorcerer still showed doubt. Indeed, even Minghe himself believed that pie would not fall from Heaven, and what fell was more likely to be a trap.

Emperor Jiang asked with caution, "Fellow Taoist, I admit that we need the Hong Meng Immortal Qi, but don't you want it? You have reached the Peak Level of Sage-to-be, so with the help of the Hong Meng Immortal Qi, you are able to reach the Sage ahead of us all."

Minghe took a look at the Hong Meng Immortal Qi and said, "You are right, but I have found my own Tao. The Hong Meng Immortal Qi means nothing to me. I use it to exchange for something I want, and by the way, repay the Karma I owe to Pangu."

The Twelve Ancestors of Sorcerer were astonished by his words. The Hong Meng Immortal Qi was quite precious for everyone, but nothing useful for Minghe. It could be inferred that Minghe had found his own way to actualize the Realm of the Origion, which indicated that he was close to a Sage. Hongjun once remarked that 3000 methods could be used to mix Nascent Core. There was a gap between Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal of Origin and the Sage: the Sage, whose Original Spirit was refined in the Way of Heaven, could remain imperishable as long as the Way of Heaven kept sound; Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal of Origin, having the similar power as the Sage, however, was unable to refine his Original Spirit in the Way of Heaven or remain imperishable thereby.

By contrast, it was of more benefit to be a Sage. With the help of the Hong Meng Immortal Qi, the whole process would be faster than that of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal of Origin. In addition, the 3000 methods mentioned by Honourable Ancestor was merely for Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal of Origin, namely the Tao of Divine Law, which was a suffering path. Consequently, people in Untainted Land spared no efforts to seize Hongyun's Hong Meng Immortal Qi so as to reach the Sage faster.

Chapter 67: Accepting Disciple Kong Xuan

Torch Dragon asked, "My fellow Taoist, I don't know what Karma is owed to God the Father, but you want to pay it back with the Hong Meng Immortal Qi?" The Twelve Ancestors of Sorcerer were worried about being set up by Minghe, so they wanted to find out, or else they would be restless.

Minghe obviously understood what Torch Dragon thought, and said, "I received Cultivation Will left by Pangu in the secret area of Mount Buzhou which benefited me very much. You Twelve Ancestors of Sorcerer and the Three Pure Ones are the only descendants of Pangu, and they have the Hong Meng Immortal Qi already, so you are the only ones I can find to pay Pangu back."

The Twelve Ancestors of Sorcerer put down their guard once they heard Minghe's explanation. The Cultivation Will left by Pangu was quite important since it greatly benefited Minghe. Emperor Jiang finally made his mind up and said after he figured out what happened, "Alright, then it's deal."

After that, Blood of Essence was bled out by the Twelve Ancestors of Sorcerer together and placed before Minghe along with the tactical formation of the Twelve Divine Beings Killing Formation. Upon seeing that, Minghe lifted his hands and delivered the Hong Meng Immortal Qi in front of the Ancestors of Sorcerer as well.

Minghe stood up and bade farewell after he packed up the tactical formation and Blood of Essence from the Twelve Ancestors of Sorcerer. He then turned back and said to the Twelve Ancestors of Sorcerer before he left, "Although the Twelve Divine Beings Killing Formation is powerful, so is its boomerang. You can't hold it for long even with your strong bodies, but if you can forge the Twelve Sticks Divine Beings Banner and nourish it with Blood of Essence, it will carry some of your burdens when you arrange the formation."

Minghe left the Hall of Pangu after that. That was all he could say, he did not want to intervene in the fate of the Twelve Ancestors of Sorcerer and the Wu Tribe. Now he was so happy about the end of his Karma to Pangu. What a relief! Even his realm was also influenced positively by this.

The Ancestors of Sorcerer looked at the Hong Meng Immortal Qi in the hands of Emperor Jiang after Minghe left. Even their pale faces for their loss of Blood of Essence could not conceal their excitement. But who deserved this Hong Meng Immortal Qi? After all, there were twelve of them, but only one could own the Hong Meng Immortal Qi.

Emperor Jiang looked around at his brothers and sisters, and finally he said, "It goes to sister Houtu since there is only one Hong Meng Immortal Qi!" The other Ancestors of Sorcery loved Houtu so dearly since she was the youngest one, so there would be no problem giving it to her.

The Twelve Ancestors of Sorcerer were gestated by Pangu's Blood of Essence and Primordial Killing Intent. Houtu was the last one who came to birth, so she did not get much of Primordial Killing Intent since she was last. Maybe that was why she had the most moderate temper among them.

Houtu was beautiful, but not like the others. Her beauty was of gentleness, sense, and kindness, so no one got jealous at all, but happy as she received the Hong Meng Immortal Qi from Emperor Jiang.

And after discussion, they found Minghe's last advice was feasable, so they began the preparation for it. They rested and rehabilitated to recover from the boomerang of the previous formation and the damage made by their loss of Blood of Essence. Luckily, they would recuperate since there were thousands of years left.

Anyway, with the loss of the useless Hong Meng Immortal Qi and the gain of Blood of Essence from the Ancestors of Sorcerer along with the Twelve Divine Beings Killing Formation, in addition to the end of his Karma with Pangu, Minghe left the Wu Tribe delightfully. After all, killing two birds with one stone was always a good deal.

After leaving, Minghe harnessed a cloud and flew toward the Blood Sea. But it was not very long before he sensed some formation waves beneath him as he passed over a valley, and he also felt the waves of Spiritual Roots of the Five Elements from that.

Spiritual Roots of the Five Elements were exactly what his Good Separation, the Heaven and Earth Taoist, needed for his World of Heaven and Earth to grow its power of the Five Elements, so how could he miss it? He landed in the valley, and there was a formation as he expected, but it seemed unsteady and it might have expired at any moment.

Minghe scanned it with his Spiritual Thoughts, and he found out it was formed with five Mid Grade Spiritual Roots as its Eye of Formation. Besides, it was not formed by nature but man- made. It was so lavish that they made it this way, only a few people or powers could have managed to do it.

Unlike the common Postcelestial Spiritual Roots, the Primordial Spiritual Roots were rare in Untainted Land. He only found a few after years of searching, and the five Primordial Spiritual Roots used here were the perfect match for the Five Elements, which were so precious.

It did not cost Minghe so much to break the formation since it was unsteady essentially. He found a soft spot and easily hacked into the formation where the abundant powers of the Five Elements flowed. A giant pentachromic egg was sitting at the center, which constantly received the powers of the Five Elements, and some giggling could be heard from the egg.

But the five Primordial Spiritual Roots which arranged the formation were not in good condition and they were withering, which was the main reason for the fluctuation. Minghe took a close look and found out that the speed that the egg was absorbing power was quicker than the growth of Spiritual Roots, which might have been foreseen by its creator. So there were some details changed in the tactical formation which turned the Origins of Primordial Spiritual Roots into the nutrition for the egg.

The result was obvious, the Origins of the Primordial Spiritual Roots were sucked up by the egg and, eventually, they would be withered and turned to ashes. If the creature in the egg could not come into birth before that, its cultivation would be effected for the primordial shortage.

Looking at the condition and the absorbing speed of the egg, Minghe knew that it would not last that long based on the cracking of the egg, but it actually told that the egg was special, which aroused his interests. So he began to predict the history of the egg.

It was not so long before Minghe knew the past of the egg. Surprisingly, it turned out to be the offspring of the Lord of Phoenix, the descendant of the Phoenix Tribe. It was during the battle with the Devil Tribe, so the Lord of Phoenix put it here for future retrieval. However, only God knew that there was no coming back.

Now Minghe knew basically who was the creature in the egg. As he stepped forward, the creature must have sensed his coming so it began shaking, and a childish voice came from it. "Who are you?"

Minghe answered, "I am Ancestor Minghe, little fellow, do you have a name?" The creature said, "My name is Kong Xuan, my mother gave me that name. I had a great mother but she is dead." As Minghe expected, Kong Xuan, the incredible commander-in-chief in Golden Chicken Mountain of the Shang dynasty during the Battle of Gods Investiture, was in that egg.

Obviously, Kong Xuan was feeling a little low when he mentioned his mother's death. Minghe consoled him and said, "Don't be sad, Kong Xuan, your mother sacrificed herself for the whole Phoenix Tribe, you should be proud of her."

What Minghe said cheered up Kong Xuan instantly—so mentally tough, not bad. Minghe said, "Kong Xuan, I can tell you are a talented kid. Do you want to be my disciple?" Now that they had met, how could Minghe let such a gifted disciple go, who had no less talent than Liu Er?

Kong Xuan said doubtfully, "You want me to be your disciple? Are you a strong one?" Minghe smiled and said, "Of course, even stronger than your mother." The best the Lord of Phoenix reached was just the Secondary Stage of Sage-to-be, which was totally below Minghe's cultivation.

Kong Xuan shouted excitedly, "Is that true? OK, I will be your disciple if you can heal those five Primordial Spiritual Roots for me." The Spiritual Roots were the source of Spiritual Air of the Five Elements for his cultivation, so naturally, he would not let them wither gradually.

Minghe smiled again and said, "Easy-peasy." He lifted his arm and sprayed five streams of the Three-Light Holy Water on those Primordial Spiritual Roots, and the roots became vivid immediately after absorbing the water, with no sign of withering at all.

Kong Xuan was extremely surprised on seeing that. The egg shook again and he said, "Master, your disciple, Kong Xuan, at your service." He acknowledged Minghe as his master so delightfully. Although he was still in the egg, he knew his mother's vital force was completely no match for Minghe's even if he controlled his at a low level, so he must be a superpower. In addition, he had such treasures like the Three-Light Holy Water. Being his apprentice was definitely not a bad deal. Minghe nodded with a smile on his face and said, "That's good. Kong Xuan, your master is Ancestor Minghe, who stands above the Blood Sea, keep that in mind. From this day forward, you are my second disciple. I will introduce you to Liu Er, your senior fellow, when we get back to the Blood Sea. There is only one rule in our tribe, which is being loyal and honest to your master and never kill one of your own. The one who breaks this rule will be ruined, tortured, and exiled to the Land of Tranquility till the end of his souls."

Chapter 68: Forgetting Love

From Minghe's perspective, Untainted Land was originally a cruel world. Strength was the only thing that mattered in this world. Therefore, he did not impose any restrictions on his disciples. They could do anything. Minghe would not care as long as they did not betray him or harm their fellow disciples.

As long as his disciples remembered these rules, Minghe did not mind even if some of his disciples become a good man like Hongyun, or a carefree immortal like Zhenyuanzi, or even a peerless devil king like Luohou.

In Untainted Land, there was no law to decide whether one was good or bad, kind or evil. Minghe himself did not know if he was kind or evil. For Hong Meng Immortal Qi, he had slaughtered 68 Sages-to-be. Was he evil or kind? Good or bad? He did not know.

Among those Sages-to-be, some of them had committed many evil deeds. Killing those was enforcing justice on the behalf of the heaven. But there were also those who had protected others, making it a brutal act to kill them. So it was really hard to determine the boundary between good and evil. Minghe could only follow his Core of Thoughts. As long as his Core of Thoughts was intact, so what if he slaughtered the entire world?

Since Kong Xuan had become his disciple, Minghe would definitely not allow him to stay here anymore. Never mind someone kidnapping him, he might even get assassinated if they were careless even for a moment. Using much of his supernatural power, Minghe brought Kong Xuan back to Blood Sea along with the entire formation.

When they were about to reach Blood Sea, Minghe suddenly had a feeling that something was going to happen today. With his current cultivation realm, the feeling would definitely come true since his heart had vaguely felt it. However, Minghe could not guess if it would be good or bad.

The moment Minghe arrived at Sacred Island, Liu Er and Chixuan welcomed him. Liu Er bowed and said, "Master, you're back!" Minghe nodded and said, "Did anything happen in Blood Sea in my absence?" The feeling he got came from Blood Sea, but he did not know what had happened in the end.

Liu Er said, "Master, two Nine-grade Red Lotuses of Fire fell into Blood Sea today. They were exactly the same as the one that you gave me. Does someone else also have the Red Lotus of Fire except you?"

Nine-grade Red Lotus of Fire? There were two of them at that. Minghe was stunned as there were only three Nine-grade Red Lotuses of Fire. One he gave to Liu Er, the other two he had given to Chang Xi and Wangshu. Today, two of them suddenly returned to Blood Sea. Did something happen?

Ignoring the curious looks Liu Er and Chixuan gave him, Minghe stepped forward and arrived above Blood Sea. He saw the two lotuses floating on the Blood Sea, slowly converting the Evil Blood Aura surrounding them into nutrition for Converting.

Looking at the lotuses, two figures emerged in Minghe's mind. Chang Xi was mature and sexy, carrying a hint of adorableness. Wangshu was gentle and carried a slight air of a pretty daughter from humble family.

He recalled the time he met, got acquainted, travelled, and then parted with the two sisters. In an instant, 100 years have passed. Minghe's mind back then was not as firm as it was now. The time he spent with them felt like he was back in his old life, full of sweet words and promises.

But Minghe had not communicated with them for more than 10,000 years since their parting. He had no clue what happened to them during their separation. The fatal part was he had never thought about them in that time.

Love and affection seemed to have disappeared from his life. During the days without them, Minghe was not lonely in the slightest. Or perhaps it was more accurate to say he was used to loneliness. The path he was trying to walk on was a path to stand above the world. Who could accompany him on such a road?

Minghe did not know it would be so lonely at the top. Perhaps no one knew. How many people could understand the loneliness at the peak? He still remembered the first time they met and how the love inside his heart moved as he thought they could be his life Taoist partners.

As time passed, Minghe became stronger and stronger. The more he walked, the more distant he became. Now they completely could not keep up with his steps. They could not even see his shadow. Meanwhile, Minghe also realized his seven emotions and six desires were gradually fading. The only thing remained for him to seek was the Great Way.

Did he forget about love? Minghe reached to touch the rim of his eye. There was nothing at all. It turned out that the love he had believed to be real during their separation was nothing more than a part of worldly affairs refined in his heart. When he once again saw the two lotuses he gave away back then, Minghe realized he was only slightly regretful and rueful.

Sadness, despair, pain. All those weak emotions did not exist in his heart in the slightest. In the end, did this mean he was losing his humanity? Or did it mean his mind had transcended worldliness? Minghe did not know, but he was sure about what he wanted.

Looking at the direction of the Lunar Star, Minghe did not know what to feel. But since Chang Xi and Wangshu had made their decisions, he did not have worries anymore. It was just a pity they were not people from the same world, otherwise...

After Minghe retrieved the lotuses, he returned to Sacred Island. He settled Kong Xuan in and put away the five elements Spiritual Roots. After telling Liu Er to take care of his junior, he began his Closed Door Meditation. As he cleared his emotion and understood his State of Mind, he had a feeling his obsession had become clearer. His Fated Chance to separate Selfcentric Seperation could come at any time.


On the Lunar Star, in front of Guang Han Palace, three women were watching everything unfolding in Blood Sea. They were Xihe, Chang Xi, and Wangshu. They saw Minghe's every move, including when he looked in the direction of the Lunar Star.

Chang Xi and Wangshu watched as Minghe quietly retrieved the Red Lotuses of Fire, unsure about how they felt. That year, they sneakily left for Untainted Land without their older sister Xihe's knowledge and met Minghe at the valley. Minghe had treated them meticulously then. His every action and word were unlike how they were now.

And the current Minghe was not the former Minghe they knew. Chang Xi and Wangshu had always been watching from a distance, including the battle in which he slaughtered 68 Sages- to-be individual cultivators. Though they had not met for more than 10,000 years, some fantasy still existed in their hearts.

But after that battle, they realized the current Minghe was already a complete stranger. The old Minghe would only appear in their memories now. The one they had been missing was the old Minghe.

Chang Xi and Wangshu felt as if they were staring eye-to-eye in the last glance from Minghe to the Lunar Star. They still understood Minghe's thoughts. Seeing Minghe disappearing into the tactical formation, they closed their eyes. A teardrop fell down their faces.

Seeing her sisters' reaction, Xihe gave a word of advice. "Sisters, don't be so persistent. Your meeting was simply the first love tribulation in your life. Just forget about it! You still have so many days to live. You'd definitely meet someone who can be your genuine Taoist partner for life."

Chang Xi opened her eyes. She held the teardrop that had just fallen from her eyes in her hand and said indifferently, "Don't worry, Sister. I'm fine. My love tribulation has passed. I will never fall in love again." Cold. The vital force of Chang Xi, who had always been rather lively, turned cold. Wangshu's change was the same. The two sisters actually underwent change in their vital forces. Like an ice mountain, they gave off an unapproachable feeling. It was different from their sister Xihe, whose coldness was only her temperament. Chang Xi's and Wangshu's coldness were an ice-coldness that came from forgetting love. Perhaps they would never fall in love again in the future.

Xihe did not know if she should feel happy or sad about the changes in her two sisters. She simply did not want Chang Xi and Wangshu to be associated with Minghe. But she did not expect it would actually put them on the path of forgetting love. She also did not know if she made the right decision stopping them back then. But it had already happened. It was useless to worry about it.

Chang Xi and Wangshu both held their teardrops in their hands, seemingly considering something. After a while, they put away their teardrops and simultaneously decided to enter Closed Door Meditation. This greatly surprised Xihe. Though they were all born at the same time, the gap between them was too big. Her cultivation realm was at Secondary Stage of Sage- to-be, while Chang Xi and Wangshu were only at the peak level of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal. And now, they actually took the initiative to enter Closed Door Meditation themselves. It rather surprised Xihe. After forgetting love, Chang Xi and Wangshu started to dedicate themselves to cultivation. Xihe also did not know what she should say. She could only hope things would now head towards a better direction.

Chapter 69: The Enlightenment of Goddess Nvywa

Inside of the Royal Nv Wa Temple, in the Heavenly Court, the Cloud of Blessings appeared above Goddess Nvywa's head and her Three Flowers which gathered on the top were a critical moment for Enlightenment. Since the Goddess Nvywa had gotten the Hong Meng Immortal Qi, she hadn't stopped attaining Enlightenment from it. Although her cultivation had improved, she still didn't have any idea how to obtain the Fated Chance to be a Sage.

Besides, after years of Closed Door Meditation, Goddess Nvywa's cultivation had already ascended to the peak level of the Secondary Stage of the Sage-to-be. Even her Good Separation also stepped up to the Secondary Stage of Sage-to-be, but still, she hadn't been able to seperate her Evil Separation, so her cultivation had stopped at the Secondary Stage of Sage-to- be.

But, that didn't mean that there wasn't any good news. Although unable to seperate the Evil Separation, Goddess Nvywa had attained a new understanding of the Divine Law of Fate, and she successfully understood 40 percent of the Divine Law of Fate in just merely thousands of years. Even though she didn't have the Good Separation, her cultivation was already at the Secondary Stage of Sage-to-be.

As for how to improve her Divine Law of Fate, Goddess Nvywa didn't have any ideas at all. In the beginning, GoddessNvywa had tried very hard to enighten it once she attained an enlightenment of the Divine Law of Fate, but her progress was sluggish. And, she hadn't expected that, after she had gotten the Hong Meng Immortal Qi, her Enlightenment toward the Divine Law of Fate would improve so fast, which had been really surprising.

[Fate, Fate...] Goddess Nvywa kept repeating those words to herself. She felt that the Fated Chance for her to be a Sage was based on the Divine Law of Fate. Otherwise, her Enlightenment toward the Divine Law of Fate wouldn't be improving so fast after she had gotten the Hong Meng Immortal Qi.

At this time, Fuxi entered the palace, looked at the Goddess Nvywa, who showed her worry on her face, and said, "Sister, what's wrong? Have you still not been able to obtain enlightenment from the Hong Meng Immortal Qi? Be patient. Since the Honourable Ancestor had said that you would be a Sage, it must be that you would become a Sage." Goddess Nvywa frowned, and said, "Brother, I knew that but I have already had the Hong Meng Immortal Qi for thousands of years, and I was still unable to become a Sage, so how could I be patient? Besides, in all of those years, I haven't been able to seperate my Evil Separation. If my Enlightenment towards the Divine Law of Fate doesn't move on smoothly, all of those past years would definitely be wasted."

Fuxi sighed, about the Enlightenment of the Hong Meng Immortal Qi, He couldn't help her at all, but he had some understanding of the Way of the Three Separations. During the war with the Wu Tribe, he had felt that he could seperate his Evil Separation soon, but the situation was different for his sister.

Goddess Nvywa had a kind-hearted personality, and she didn't like to fight, which was quite the same as Houtu from the Wu Tribe. In the Way of the Three Separations, the Good Separation and Evil Separation were easier to be separated. With a kind-hearted personality, the Goddess Nvywa could easily separate her Good Separation. As for her Evil Separation, that was different, as it could only be separated after she developed an understanding of evil thoughts within oneself or through the act of seperating. The separation would have little chance to break through with only the Closed Door Meditation. Fuxi said comfortably, "Sister, don't be so down. You still needed the Fated Chance to complete your separation. However, since your Enlightenment toward the Divine Law of Fate went smoothly, maybe the Fated Chance for you to become a Sage was in the Divine Law of Fate. Therefore, you just need to attain more Enlightenment towards the Divine Law of Fate."

Hearing Fuxi words, Goddess Nvywa cheered up, and said, "I also think so, but I have a feeling that I couldn't find my Fated Chance if I only stay in the Heavenly Court, so I want to go to the Untainted Land to find my Fated chance."

After hearing that, Fuxi frowned as the Untainted Land was the Wu Tribe's territory. He was worried about Goddess Nvywa going by herself, "Since it was so, I would go with you, so that we could take care of each other. After all, the Untainted land is the territory of the Wu Tribe."

Goddess Nvywa shook her head, refusing Fuxi's offer while saying, "No need for that. My brother, you were still injured, and your Separation was coming soon so you'd better start on your Closed Door Meditation. This time, I will go to the Untainted Land just to find my Fated Chance, and I won't provoke the Wu Tribe. I will be more careful, and if I encountered danger, I would immediately return to the Heavenly Court, so you can just focus on your Closed Door Meditation."

After hearing Goddess Nvywa's words, Fuxi didn't reply. Although the Untainted land was the territory of the Wu Tribe, only the Twelve Ancestors of the Wu Tribe had the strength to fight with his sister. Besides, in the last battle, the Twelve Ancestors of the Wu Tribe received the boomerang from tactical formation so they might still be in a Closed Door Meditation to recover themselves. What's more, the Great Sorcerer from the Wu Tribe was not a match for Goddess Nvywa, so Fuxi agreed with the Goddess Nvywa's view.

After saying goodbye to Fuxi, Goddess Nvywa went to the Untainted land by herself and hid her tracks to avoid garnering the Wu Tribe's attention. At this time, she only wanted to find her Fated chance, so she didn't want to make any trouble. If she was found out by the Wu Tribe, she would only return to Heavenly Court.

During her tour of the Untainted Land, what Goddess Nvywa saw was only seperateing. Although more than a billion Demons lived in the Heavenly Court, there were still many Demons that lived in the Untainted land. Most of which were left behind when Emperor Jun had migrated the Demon Tribe to the Heavenly Court, or it could be said that they had been abandoned by Emperor Jun and they could now only live in the Untainted land.

Actually, the Wu Tribe didn't try to eliminate the Demon Tribe but, rather, left them to grow on their own. Even so, there was always going to be a conflict between them. The Wu Tribe would use members of the demon clan, turning them into polished stones for their young warriors and harvesting them for food.

Although the cultivator didn't need to eat again, the Wu Tribe was the clan that used the way of refining the body. Through the use of the flesh of the Demon Tribe, they would be able to strengthen their bodies more quickly, and the Demon Tribe in the Untainted land could only fight with the Wu Tribe to survive.

The endless battle and endless seperateing made Goddess Nvywa frowned. Although she had already obtained the cultivation of the Sage-to-be, she didn't have any battle experience, and because she didn't like to fight, she kept cultivating and didn't interfere with the battle between the Wu Tribe and the Demons. But, Goddess Nvywa's State of Mind had been touched by what she had seen during her journey. Unfortunately, the situation involving the Sorcerer and Demon Tribe had already passed the time in which it could be stopped. The seperateing between them would not end until one side had been defeated. Until then, they were to remain in this perpetual battle.

Looking at all the seperateing that had happened in the Untainted land, Goddess Nvywa could only sigh in her heart. Since the Untainted land was so vast, was it difficult to live in peace? Hundreds of tribes were like this, The Three Tribes of the Dragon, Phoenix, and Kylin were like this, and the Sorcerer and Demon Tribes were also like this, was there not a tribe that existed in this land that could live peacefully?

Tribe? The Goddess Nvywa suddenly had an idea, and the Hong Meng Immortal Qi inside her Original Spirit began to tremble. She knew that this was the sign of her Fated Chance to become a Sage. Goddess Nvywa calmed herself down and concentrated on her Enlightenment.

Tribe? There were many tribes in the Untainted land, but there weren't any tribes that could live peacefully. In fact, the war also happened inside itself. The Wu Tribe was the example. Although they were united when they fought enemies from the outside, there were still wars within the clan itself, especially the tribes that were led by Zhurong and Gonggong. Although the distances between those two clans were vast, when they would meet, they would inevitably fight.

[What if I created a peaceful tribe?] As Goddess Nvywa's thought emerged, the Hong Meng Immortal Qi became active and showed the sign to fuse with her Original Spirit. The Goddess Nvywa understood that her fated chance had come and that creating a new clan was her Fated Chance to become a Sage.

Then Goddess Nvywa rose her hand and pointed at a thousand-year-old parasol tree. Suddenly, the tree became a lady wearing blue cloth. The lady kowtowed and said, "My Goddess."

Goddess Nvywa looked carefully at the parasol tree lady, from left to right. Sometimes, she frowned and sometimes she didn't, which made the lady really nervous.

"My Goddess, is there something wrong with me?" The lady asked in a soft voice. "Nothing's wrong, you may go now." Goddess Nvywa sent the girl away and sighed. It would seem that it was difficult to become a Sage. Although she had transformed a plant spirit, it was still a demon, so she hadn't created a new tribr yet.

Goddess Nvywa walked over to the riverside and looked at her Fellow Taoist reflection on the water, and then she suddenly had a thought. What if I created a new tribe using my own image? In the Untainted land, there were many tribes, but after they cultivated, their appearance would change into many different kinds, while remaining in their primordial form.

After having that thought, Goddess Nvywa grabbed a bunch of mud and sprinkled some water on it. After the mud became pliable, the Goddess Nvywa started to pinch the mud into a clay man who bared her own appearance, after a while, the clay man was finished, and he started to move, then it suddenly fell apart.

Goddess Nvywa frowned. It seemed that she couldn't use mud, so what should she use? Suddenly, she remembered the treasures that she had gotten from the Treasure Gifting Rock and immediately took it out. If Minghe was here, he definitely would recognize them, they were the primordial earth and Three Light Holy Water. Goddess Nvywa fused the primordial earth with the Three Light Holy Water. Then she repinched the mud man while using her Divine Law of Fate. At this moment, the Hong Meng Immortal Qi inside her Purusa finally fused. Her Original Spirit and Realm started to increase, and her Divine Law of Fate became stronger and stronger.

Chapter 70: Goddess Nvywa the Sage

Something with facial features, hands, and feet soon appeared in Goddess Nvywa's hands. It rapidly grew to about three meters tall when placed on the ground. Upon seeing that, Goddess Nvywa's creation was accelerated. So was the integration of the Hong Meng Immortal Qi into her Original Spirit.

As Goddess Nvywa felt tired after creating several hundreds of humans, she wove a rattan stained with the magical earth. When the magical earth fell onto the ground, they converted into human form. After a little while, the number of humans amounted to 129,600.

Goddess Nvywa looked at the new species and told them, "You're created based on the features of the primordial body of Tao, showing your extraordinary nature. 'Human' will be your name." As soon as the word 'human' came out, the Hong Meng Immortal Qi finished its integration with Goddess Nvywa's Original Spirit. Something happened between the Heaven and Earth.

A huge Golden Light of Merit suddenly descended from Heaven and fell directly upon Goddess Nvywa. She received 95% of the Merit, while the rest fell upon the human-creating rattan which immediately became a Postcelestial Merit Spiritual Treasure. Goddess Nvywa's cultivation rapidly rose to enter the Early Stage of the Sage after absorbing Merits and a huge coercion blanketed Untainted Land.

Music flowed in the air, flowers blossomed, and thousands of beasts gathered and roared. Auspicious Signs were spread throughout Untainted Land, evolving into the Great Way. Countless rare spiritual treasures, ordinary plants and beasts, as well as Spiritual Products gained wisdom. Some were even directly shapeshifted and immortalized.

It was the second time for all living beings of Untainted Land to feel the power and see the Auspicious Signs. Last time they experienced this was due to the first Sage, Ancestor Hongjun. But they did not expect to see a second Sage being not the Three Pure Ones or even Minghe who was second only to Sage in strength. Instead it was Goddess Nvywa of the Demon Tribe.

The entire Untainted Land was shocked, but the Demon Tribe was happy to see Goddess Nvywa become the Sage of Untainted Land and they all kneeled. "Congratulations to Goddess Nvywa!" Of course, someone in the Demon Tribe did not seem as happy. That person was naturally Emperor Jun, the Demon Emperor. Though he was smiling, he was resentful upon seeing everyone in his tribe knelt for Goddess Nvywa. As Royal Nv Wa, at most she had some level of influence in the tribe. Now that she had become the second Sage after Ancestor Hongjun, her influence and stature in the tribe would eclipse his.

In Mount Kunlun, the Three Pure Ones were also resentful after defeating the coercion of the Sage, Goddess Nvywa. They had always called themselves Pangu tribe and felt superior to others, but now they had lost faces as their junior Goddess Nvywa had become the Sage first.

Laozi looked disdainfully in Goddess Nvywa's direction, feeling restless. He could accept it when Minghe exceeded him at the level of Sage-to-be Realm. But as the first disciple of Ancestor Hongjun, he felt like he lost face when Goddess Nvywa became a Sage before him. It was said that Laozi was the one without desire, but could anyone be truly without desire?

Since Honoured Lord of the Origin was prideful, his expression was even worse and resembled a fired explosive. He expected the Three Pure Ones to be the first to become Sages, but now Goddess Nvywa had succeeded before them, making him feel terrible. Tongtian was not at all jealous, though he felt some unsatisfaction inside. Instead, it fired the competitive streak in him. Though Godness Nvywa was the first among them to ascend as a Sage, she was only at the Early Stage. When he became one himself, they would be able to know who was superior.

After a while, Goddess Nvywa seemed completely different after experiencing the mystery of the Sage realm. Her vital force was so mysterious that others could not decipher it. She was very satisfied with her current strength and understood why all were nonentities under the Sage.

Just then, a golden phoenix flew to her from afar with a bird song and rolling auspicious cloud. The phoenix lowered its head and wings with utmost sincerity to congratulate Goddess Nvywa, delighting her.

"You will be named Jin Ning and serve as my mount." The golden phoenix immediately transformed into a 16-year-old girl after being enlightened by Goddess Nvywa. Jin Ning bowed and said delightfully, "Congratulations on your new immortality and eternal life! Jin Ning would like to be your mount." She then turned into a golden phoenix again. After receving the Fated Chance, Goddess Nvywa was ready to leave. She wanted to bring the human-creating rattan along, but just then, it became a Postcelestial Merit Spiritual Treasure. It flew away and fell into the hand of a human. After seeing that, she had to give it up. She mounted Jin Ning and left Untainted Land.

At that time, Goddess Nvywa did not think highly of the Human Tribe since she only treated them as her Fated Chance to become a Sage. She did not realize the sudden appearance of Human Tribe's Luck between the Heaven and Earth when she was gaining insight into the Sage Realm. Though the Luck disappeared immediately, it contained the sign of the hidden dragon.

Sitting on the golden phoenix in the sky, she looked at the Heavenly Court and became lost in her contemplation. Since she was now a Sage, it was not suitable for her to live there anymore in case of she caused discontentment in Emperor Jun.

Therefore, it would be better for her to open up a small world in the Chaos. That world could be her Ashram. She said, "I'll open up the Wahuang Heaven where I'll teach the Tao of Fate. Fated ones are welcome to listen." Though she was only at the Early Stage of the Sage, she was entitled to open up a small world. It would not be difficult with the aid of the power of the Way of Heaven. Since it was not easy to see the Tao of Opening up a World, let alone listening to the sermon of a Sage, the Almighty of Untainted Land would definitely go to the new world.

Upon hearing Goddess Nvywa's words, many cultivators in Untainted Land left their Immortal's Cave for the edge of the Chaos, waiting for Goddess Nvywa to open up a Ashram. Jieyin and Zhunti had not found their Fated Chance, so they came to the new world from their western world with the intention of gaining insight from Goddess Nvywa.

In Mount Kunlun, the reactions of the Three Pure Ones to Goddess Nvywa's words were different. Laozi had recovered his usual expression as if Goddess Nvywa's becoming a Sage had nothing to do with him. Honoured Lord of the Origin was more resentful and thought Goddess Nvywa was humiliating them by teaching in public. As for Tongtian, he was interested in her newly opened world and her teaching.

Honoured Lord of the Origin and Tongtian had different opinions on whether they would go for Goddess Nvywa's sermon. Laozi had to make a final decision by himself. "Goddess Nvywa has become the Sage. We should go and congratulate her and listen to her teaching since we are already there." Though Honoured Lord of the Origin disagreed, he did not say anything and flew with the two towards the Chaos.

As for Emperor Jun, his mood improved after hearing that Goddess Nvywa would open up a new world as her cultivation space. He immediately took the Taiyi, Fuxi, and many Sacred Demons to the Chaos. He also prepared some valuable gifts to congratulate her. Since she was the Sage of the Demon Tribe, she would be their biggest ally in the future.

The Human Tribe left behind by Goddess Nvywa in Untainted Land were confused. Though they would soon be the main characters in Untainted Land, they were now just like blank papers. They knew nothing about this land and had no cultivation. Any demon or beast could completely destroy their whole tribe.

However, they were in the place where Goddess Nvywa became the Sage and her coercion had dispersed all the demons and beasts nearby. This ensured their tribe would not be disturbed by any Demon Tribe. Moreover, since the Human Tribe was created by Goddess Nvywa, the Sage, anyone with wisdom would give her face and not harm them.
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