The Spiritual Attainment of Minghe Chapter 221-230

Chapter 221: Lord of Numerous Treasures

On a grand mountain in the Treasures World, a plump middle-aged man was concentrating on refining a Spiritual Treasure. When it finally came out, an endless flow of Treasures Aura brightened the world with the light emitted by the treasure. The man held the treasure in his hand and sighed. "Another Top Grade Primordial Spiritual Treasure again? I've spent so much time on this but the result is still the same! I wonder how long more do I need to wait before I can create that thing."

If a powerful figure of the Treasures World was there at the moment, he would definitely recognize this man. This man was none other than Lord of Numerous Treasures, the only one who had reached the Origin in this world. He always wanted a breakthrough in his refinery. With some time and effort, in addition to all kinds of valuable materials, he could produce Top Grade Primordial Spiritual Treasures now.

However, that was not his ultimate goal. He wanted to create Primordial Supreme Treasures, whether or not they were top ones. This way, he would be able to own the most precious thing in this world, something that he had always coveted. However, he knew the dream was still far away from him at the moment and this disappointed him. There was also the fact that there were no other Holy-Ranked masters in refining weapons except him. If only he found a peer, he would improve by learning from another master's experience.

Suddenly, he turned toward the south in surprise. His expression soon gave way to a smile. He muttered in excitement, "We'll finally have another Holy-ranked Weapon- refining Master. That comes from the Green Stone City. I hope the master there can offer me inspiration."

He set aside all his Primordial Spiritual Treasures before riding on the clouds and heading for the Green Stone City. Soon enough, he arrived right above the city and looked down at a cottage in it. Seeing as there was an unending pour of Treasures Aura into the cottage, he speculated that some Primordial Spiritual Treasure was about to materialize.

Inside his weapon-refining shop, Minghe was very much delighted to see that a Primordial Spiritual Treasure was about to be formed. However, the treasure was still taking in the Treasures Aura. This was the first time he had created a Primordial Spiritual Treasure without his cauldron. It was such a memorable breakthrough for him. After a careful inspection, he sensed something different in this unborn Primordial spiritual treasure. The aura it absorbed was quite distinct. It seemed that the aura also had primordial and Postcelestial ranks, similar to the Spiritual Air in Untainted Land.

Out of the blue, Minghe turned and looked up. Peeping through the houses and City-protecting Formations, he saw a man hovering over the city and looking down at him. The man wore a robe and was surrounded by a halo of the Treasures Aura. More importantly, his cultivation had reached the Early Stage of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal of Origin. Minghe's eyes gleamed. It was Lord of Numerous Treasures!

In the sky, Lord of Numerous Treasures noticed Minghe looking at him, perhaps having sensed him. He furrowed his brows and wondered how could a Golden Immortal feel his presence, let alone he who had reached the Early Stage of the Origin. Could it be that...

Lord of Numerous Treasures wore a solemn expression. He reached out and a bronze mirror appeared in his hand. Then, a simple touch of the mirror threw him into a deeper anger. Black snow soon permeated the sky as he looked at Minghe, overwhelmed with Killing Intent. Sensing the killing intent, Minghe became aware that he might be in danger. He set aside the treasure that had just materialized and stepped out, where he found Lord of Numerous Treasures right in front of him. He realized what was going on when he saw the bronze mirror.

Though the mirror was plain-looking, Minghe could clearly sense its vital force of reincarnation. It seemed to be something similar to the Stone of Three Lifetimes in the Nether World of Untainted Land, used to look into the other life and reincarnations of living creatures. It seemed that Lord of Numerous Treasures had found out about him being an outsider in this world.

Lord of Numerous Treasures said coldly, "I thought a Weapon- refining Master in this world has reached the Holy Rank, but I find only an intruder here. How dare you sneak into my world and steal my way of refining weapons! I'll never let you leave!"

Minghe smiled. "Indeed, I came here out of curiosity. The way to refine weapons in this world is quite special. I was hoping to study it further but looks like it's impossible now. Do you really want to fight here right now? It won't do this world any good. A big fight will definitely lead to damages and suffering." Lord of Numerous Treasures wore a graver and colder look now. Since he had sensed Minghe's vital force of the Origin, he gave up the plan to murder him on spot. The battle between two experts of Origin would force the Treasures World to the brink of destruction, which will do him no good. Naturally, he was reluctant to fight Minghe at this place.

He snorted. "So you're an Origin master. But you sneaking into this world and stealing the unique way of refining weapons really bring shame to the title. This isn't the place for a battle. Why don't you follow me to the Chaos?"

Minghe smiled. "Then let's fight inside the Chaos. I'm still curious about the Treasures Aura in this world. I don't feel like ruining it." When Minghe mentioned the aura, Lord of Numerous Treasures showed a very faint uneasiness but Minghe still caught it. It seemed that he was right about there being a secret to the unique aura.

In the Chaos outside of the Treasures World, Minghe and Lord of Numerous Treasures stood opposite each other in the sky. No air of Chaos could come close to them. Lord of Numerous Treasures said, "We're not away from the Treasures World. You can show your true self now." Minghe glowed with light from head to toe and soon returned to his true form. Though he looked no different from an ordinary young man, he had a very distinctive manner and disposition. Once a young man, he was now touched by a kind of maturity and sophistication. That face of an innocent young man hid his true talent and power well.

Seeing Minghe's true form, Lord of Numerous Treasures asked, "From what mysterious land and for what reason did you come all the way here for?" He didn't rush into a fight. He wanted to know more about Minghe and his world. Maybe he could even go there and make some breakthrough in that world.

Knowing exactly what Lord of Numerous Treasures was plotting, Minghe smiled. "You want go to my world? Forget it. You're still at the Early Stage of the Origin. Those who outpower you are far from rare in my world. You'll only be seeking death. However, you won't even get the chance to go for today is your last day."

The instant Minghe finished his words, a sense of combativeness burst with strong Middle Stage of the Origin power. Lord of Numerous Treasures was startled. He never expected Minghe to have cultivation higher than his. He now knew he had been inviting trouble all along. Lord of Numerous Treasures chose to fight far outside of the Treasures World to protect it from damage but that seemed to be a bad idea now. If they were still there, he could make use of the Way of Heaven to counter Minghe and bridge the gap in their powers. Right now, he was better off retreating now that he was being overpowered.

He said, "We're not enemies. It does us no good to fight against each other. Though you have a higher cultivation, I bet none of us can escape this battle unscathed." It was apparent that he wanted to retreat. It wasn't wise to fight with a stranger stronger than oneself. He, therefore, tried every way to escape.

Minghe looked even more serious now and said coldly, "Do you think I'm joking? I want you dead for one simple reason. I want the Treasures World. Since you're the only Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal of Origin in that world, I only have to kill you to dominate it."

His words infuriated Lord of Numerous Treasures. He never thought that Minghe would covet more than just the Law of Refining Tools. His ambition was so terrifying enough to include making the entire Treasures World his. However, Lord of Numerous Treasures was no coward. He would rather fight to the death than submit to Minghe's will.

Chapter 222: Return

Minghe still felt depressed as he thought about the battle against Lord of Numerous Treasures. It was the most frightening one he had ever experienced. Though his opponent had a lower cultivation, the many treasures he had presented a real headache for Minghe. Lord of Numerous Treasures truly deserved his name.

Their battle lasted several months. Minghe might be much stronger in terms of power, the Divine Law, Magic Skills, and Spiritual Treasures, but his opponent wasn't easy either. The latter would even destroy his treasures so he could injure Minghe. He destroyed more than 30 treasures throughout their fight.

That, however, wasn't the tensest aspect of the fight. Lord of Numerous Treasures had used his numerous treasures to form an Endless River of Treasures. Though the treasures were mostly of Postcelestial rank, there was a surprisingly large amount of them. The river was his last resort to severely injure or even kill Minghe.

This forced Minghe to use all the tricks up his sleeves to counter his opponent. Heaven and Earth Taoist who had been hiding inside the Void of the Chaos took the opportunity to suppress the river using his power from the World of Heaven and Earth. Minghe also found the chance to kill his opponent. But before Lord of Numerous Treasures died, he managed to use his last attack to deal serious injuries to both Minghe and Heaven and Earth Taoist.

With his opponent's death, Minghe not only gained the river but also managed to grab onto fragments of his Origin and memories. It was a great harvest indeed. Since Lord of Numerous Treasures cultivated the Law of Refining Tools, that would mean the Magic Weapons Minghe was to refine in the future would be rather extraordinary now that he had his opponent's Origin. After all, this was the Origin of a Sage. Minghe was lucky to manage to grab onto some of the fragments before Lord of Numerous Treasures died.

After collecting his opponent's fragmented memories, Minghe noticed something interesting in them. Lord of Numerous Treasures had been coveting the origin of the Treasures Aura while he was alive. But it wasn't easy to achieve. Unless one could produce Primordial Supreme Treasures, otherwise there was no way for one to gain its recognition.

Over the next century, Minghe stayed in the Treasures World to heal and study the Law of Refining Tools. He combined it with the Law of Refining Tools of Untainted Land and his Law of Blood Refining, merging all three into one. The result was a new Law of Refining Tools whose first creation was a primordial supreme treasure.

For the sake of perfection, Minghe made use of the Cauldron of Heaven and Earth. After all, it wasn't easy to refine a primordial supreme treasure since it required all the necessary conditions to appear together. Of course, the use of certain precious materials was crucial. For this, Minghe used many precious materials that he had collected, including a rare Original Stone of Chaos. He had only ever encountered one in his many years of traveling across the Chaos. Including the small one he received at the Zixiao Palace, he only had two of them.

The stone truly deserved its name. Though the stone he used was the smaller one, it still took him a century to dissolve the stone even with the help of his cauldron. Never mind having to add the other materials and merging them together. Just the first step of the weapon refinery process had taken him 300 years.

In the following steps of the process, Minghe continued to strive for perfection and tried his best at every stage. He even used his own Blood of Essence to initiate the consciousness in the treasure. When the treasure finally took its shape, the Treasures Aura was like a long river pouring into it. Its birth carried with it a burst of light so bright and wonderful that it illuminated the heaven.

Seated on a stone chair, Minghe reached out his hand and something that burst with light appeared on his palm. The thing was enveloped by a golden airflow and, at the center of it, had a faint character 'Bao' (precious). Yes, it was the character 'Bao' and none other than the precious thing hidden inside the Treasures World that Lord of Numerous Treasures had been longing for.

The character had descended from the heaven and fell into Minghe's hand when the treasure was formed. He was more interested in it compared to the new treasure. He sent the treasure to Heaven and Earth Taoist as it was refined for him originally. Though it was already a primordial supreme treasure at Mid Grade, this was not its end.

Seeing the character 'Bao' in his hand, Minghe immediately thought of the character 'Wu' that his Selfcentric Separation, Musen, had gained. Though they were two different characters, he could clearly sense that they share a common ground: both contained a complete set of Divine Law.

When Musen first acquired the character 'Wu', Minghe had thought it was a gift from the Way of Heaven. However, Musen still couldn't completely understand the character even after actualizing the Realm of Origin. That made Minghe doubt. Now the character 'Bao' in the Treasures World further confirmed his suspicions that the two worlds possessed different Way of Heaven. They only had one common ground, but he really couldn't begin guessing what it was for.

In his travel across the Chaos this time, he developed many doubts. But he didn't have time to think about them deeply as he was rushing back to the Untainted Land. Besides, he wasn't strong enough to examine the mysteries of the Chaos. Now that there were other worlds in the Chaos, it was possible that a much stronger world and even more powerful opponents existed. In addition, his human body was going to make a breakthrough so he had to return.

In his trip this time, he only gained numerous Origin of Chaos, an Endless River of Treasures, and the character 'Bao'. However, he did help out Heaven and Earth Taoist twice, acting as his accomplice in destroying the Treasures World and another small chiliocosm called the Beasts World.

It was Kunpeng who discovered the two small chiliocosms while exploring the Chaos. Compared with to Treasures World, the Beasts World was more chaotic and housed numerous Beasts, including Demon Beasts, Ominous Beasts, Sacred Beasts, and even some Rare Beasts of Chaos. These two chiliocosms ended up becoming the supplement for the World of Heaven and Earth to be upgraded into a high-ranked small chiliocosm.

It wasn't difficult to destroy two small chiliocosms as they weren't as powerful as Untainted Land. In order to help the World of Heaven and Earth devour them as perfectly as possible, Minghe was responsible for attracting the Way of Heaven while Heaven and Earth Taoist seized the chance to devour the Origin of both worlds. When the Way of Heaven fell and the two worlds were devastated, the latter took the chance to devour everything.

Things like the Divine Laws of the Way of Heaven, the Spiritual Aura of Heaven and Earth, mountains, rivers, oceans, creatures as well as the Heaven and Earth were all the objects for Heaven and Earth Taoist to devour so he could nourish the World of Heaven and Earth. Meanwhile, it was Minghe who silently bore the Karma caused by destroying the worlds. However, Karma was nothing for Minghe. The original body of his Evil Separation, Red Lotus Taoist, was the Red Lotus of Fire and all Karma was just nutrient to him. When they returned to Untainted Land, Minghe and Heaven and Earth Taoist had all their Karma devoured by the Red Lotus of Fire. They immediately felt refreshed as it was uncomfortable to be burdened with Karma.

After the two worlds were devoured, everything inside the World of Heaven and Earth became much stronger. The world then became a high-ranked small chiliocosm. At the same time, Heaven and Earth Taoist also made a Breakthrough and reached the Middle Stage of Origin. However, he had to retreat into a Closed Door Meditation immediately because his breakthrough was too rapid and his world needed time to be stabilized. It was unlikely he would come out in another several hundred of years.

After devouring the Karma of Minghe and Heaven and Earth Taoist, Red Lotus Taoist gained enlightenment of the two Laws of Karma and Killing. Thus, he also started his Closed Door Meditation. This left Minghe alone in the Blood Sea. His only companion was the Blood Jade Kylin, Chixuan, which he rarely mounted. In his boredom, he began studying the character 'Bao'. This character was truly extraordinary as it could absorb the Spiritual Air in Heaven and Earth and transform them into primordial Treasures Aura. Diluted by the Spiritual Air in Heaven and Earth, the aura was further transformed into postcelestial Treasures Aura. That was the origin of all Treasures Aura in the Treasures World. For a person who liked refining weapons, this was a really wonderful treasure.

Minghe was skilled at refining weapons, but it was a pity that he had yet to comprehend the Divine Law of Tools. Though he could try to comprehend the Law with the help of the character 'Bao', he was already studying the Law of Blood and Law of Spiritual Beings simultaneously. It wasn't a good idea to study another. It might even encumber his cultivation and that wasn't worth it.

Yet if he just used it to provide an endless supply of Treasures Aura, he would be wasting its precious value. It wasn't practical to send it to others either as the Three Separations weren't skilled at refining weapons and he would just welcome fatal disaster if he gave such precious treasures to his disciples. An innocent man would always be harmed by his precious treasures.

Chapter 223: The Cauldron of Heaven and Earth

What should he do with the character 'Bao'? Minghe was having second thoughts about it. Like him, Heaven and Earth Taoist, and Red Lotus Taoist had also enlightened two divine laws. If he passed this law to either of them, it would slow down their cultivation. But his Selfcentric Separation, Musen, was a great candidate as he had only enlightened the Law of Martial Arts.

Minghe contacted Musen using Spiritual Thoughts to ask about his opinion, but the latter evidently showed no interest in the character. Watching the character in his hand, he really didn't know how to deal with it.

Just then, an idea struck him. When the character fell from the heaven in the Treasures World, his Cauldron of Heaven and Earth had stirred a little. He didn't take notice of it then but it seemed that the cauldron had been yearning for the character.

With a wave of his hand, he summoned the cauldron. The cauldron was his Spiritual Treasure and he knew it like the back of his hand. Upon closer examination, he discovered the cauldron's great yearning for the character. This urge to take the character as its own was something it had never shown before.

When he put the Origin that Lord of Numerous Treasures had left and some Origin of Chaos into his cauldron while refining the primordial supreme treasure, the cauldron didn't react much. Yet it had such an extreme reaction to the character 'Bao'. It was indeed peculiar.

Looking at the cauldron and then looking at the character in his hands, Minghe suddenly laughed. Since the character wasn't useful to him, it wouldn't be such a bad idea to feed it to the cauldron to find out what it wanted. Perhaps a surprise would be waiting for him.

He released the limits on the character and sent it in front of the cauldron, looking hopeful about the outcome. The cauldron emitted a great force, sucking in the character in the blink of an eye. Minghe felt the cauldron absorbing the character directly into its core Origin.

That wasn't the most important part. What was surprising was the character merging with the Origin of the cauldron and changing the latter a great deal. With a smile on his face, Minghe gazed at the cauldron as it transformed. "Good. This is good. This way, the character won't be wasted. Since you like it, I'll give you a hand."

Minghe lifted his hand and drew Talisman Symbols in the air using his index finger and middle finger together as a brush. These were no ordinary symbols. Each was formed from the Law of Heaven and Earth. When one Divine Law Talisman Symbol was immersed in the cauldron, the light of the cauldron would become brighter. When all 129,600 symbols were immersed in the cauldron, Minghe stopped.

With the help of the Divine Law Talisman Symbol and the character 'Bao', the cauldron transformed into a glamorous new treasure that bathed in green light. Seeing this Mysterious Sign, Minghe waved his hands to block the Blood Sea with the Cosmic Stars Formation above this area. The formation would prevent the Mysterious Sign from being revealed. It was better to keep the transformation a secret. After all, the cauldron was a primordial supreme treasure. It wasn't a trivial matter to enhance it.

With a loud boom, the cauldron exploded with intense light and the primordial Treasures Aura scattered all around the Blood Sea. The Cosmic Stars Banner seemed to sense the benefits of the aura and began absorbing it. When the aura was entirely absorbed, the whole set of Cosmic Stars Banner leveled up.

The Cosmic Stars Banner that Minghe had refined was a Mid Grade Primordial Spiritual Treasure. One banner didn't even count as a Primordial Spiritual Treasure and was  ranked between primordial spiritual treasure and Postcelestial Spiritual Treasure. After taking a long time refining with the Origin of the Stars, the whole set of banners was finally upgraded into a Top Grade Primordial Spiritual Treasure.

After absorbing so much aura, the set of banners finally became a Primordial Spiritual Treasure and the individual banners became Low-Grade Primordial Spiritual Treasures. This was an unexpected outcome. If it laid down Cosmic Stars Formation now, it would take even the Sages some trouble to break it.

However, the Cosmic Stars Banner wasn't all that important. It was nothing more than something that Minghe created to absorb the power of cosmic stars so that the Blood God Doppelganger and the Clone of Blood God could be created. What he really cared about was the cauldron that had become more powerful after its transformation. Minghe could feel it finally becoming complete.

With the upgrade, the cauldron was now a Highest Grade Primordial Supreme Treasure. When Minghe moved his fingers, the cauldron shrank instantly until it was only about three inches. He held it in his hand and took a closer look at it. He found the Talisman Symbol around the cauldron to be more mysterious in appearance. The 129,600 Divine Law Talisman Symbols he had drawn was taken by the cauldron as nutrition for its enhancement.

When he checked the inner side of the cauldron, the original chaotic space was now split into heaven and earth. There was a small world inside of the cauldron, full of the aura of the Heaven and Earth as well as the Primordial Aura. The two unique aura were produced from the Origin of the Cauldron of Heaven and Earth. They continued to merge into the cauldron, constantly strengthening it. From the looks of it, the last stop of the cauldron's journey wouldn't just be a Primordial Supreme Treasure.

A chaotic level of the Spiritual Treasure? The thought alone was enough to excite Minghe, though  he didn't know the ranks of the chaotic-level Spiritual Treasure ranks. The Pangu Axe, the Jade Butterfly of Fate, and the Green Lotus of Fate were all chaotic-level Supreme Treasures that a Primordial Supreme Treasure could never rival. If his cauldron transformed into something like that, how awesome would that be?

This trip to the Chaos had broadened Minghe's horizons. Though Untainted Land was a world full of powers, it might not be Minghe's stage for long. It wasn't a place that could compare to the size of the Chaos. The density of the Chaos was something worth pondering. Just wait for it! When he became strong enough, he would travel to all corners of the Chaos.

Holding the cauldron in his hand, Minghe couldn't help feeling warm inside. The cauldron had been quite handy and helpful but he couldn't wait to try it now that it was strengthened with the character 'Bao'. He wanted to refine weapons instantly to see if there would be any changes in his creations.

The minute Minghe held out his right hand, the cauldron left his palm and returned to its normal size. He shook his left hand and summoned a Spiritual Treasure, a Top Grade Ruler of Heaven and Earth. Of course, it wouldn't look as mighty as the cauldron by comparison now. Minghe planned to refine it now that the cauldron had leveled up. Before this, he would need to break the structure of the ruler to refine it. But now that Minghe had learned the Tao of refining, he didn't have to do something so troublesome. However, without materials of Heaven and Earth properties, he could only upgrade it a little. If he had the materials, he could easily refine it into a Primordial Supreme Treasure.

The refinement of the ruler was simple. As it transformed, the limits of the ruler transcended. Minghe split the Divine Law Talisman Symbol in the cauldron so that its power could be improved. When the ruler came out of the cauldron, it was already a Highest Grade Spiritual Treasure.

It was just as he had expected. Once the cauldron was improved, the refinery process became much easier. He also found out that the ruler was well nourished with the Treasures Aura and became much powerful than before. More importantly, the character 'Bao' trembled with the Divine Law and the latter merged with the ruler. Thus, even if the ruler was still a primordial spiritual treasure, its real power had transcended that.

Minghe looked at the ruler of Heaven and Earth with satisfaction and waved his hands, sending it off to the Humanly Flower. Heaven and Earth Taoist was meditating there, while Red Lotus Taoist was meditating in the Earthly Flower. Minghe could clearly sense them getting stronger and stronger. This simple fact relieved him as they could be facing a severe battle shortly. He wasn't certain if they could make it.

After packing up the cauldron, Minghe's attention was suddenly drawn to the sky. He had left for his trip to Chaos this time for several thousands of years. The Sages surprisingly didn't even make a move. Evidently, they hadn't found out about this. But one person knew for sure and that was Hongjun. But he didn't make a move either and that was the strangest thing of all.

SInce Hongjun gave the Bell of Chaos to Houtu and exposed the identity of Minghe's Selfcentric Separation, they had been on bad terms. Hongjun didn't seem like the good kind. He might be the incarnation of the Rakshasa who knew the secrets of the Chaos. Nevertheless, he chose to be a subject of the Way of Heaven. Minghe wondered just why would he do that.

Chapter 224: The Preparations

In Untainted Land, Minghe only feared Hongjun. If Minghe had known that things would turn out this way, he would definitely not let Luohou's remaining soul go. Instead, he would have read Luohou's memories and gotten something useful out of it. Now he had to start exploring from the beginning.

After organizing his thoughts, Minghe stopped investigating. The most important thing at the moment was to make preparations for the interception. After the adventure in the Choas, Minghe's physical body had been in the perfect condition and would soon transfer into the Rakshasa's body. Of course, Minghe knew about the dangers it brought.

Pangu separated Heaven and Earth, thus created the Untainted Land, and caused the 3,000 Mazingers to die. The Rakshasas were undoubtedly powerful. Having the strongest bodies, their cultivations of the Divine Law nearly reached a level of the Great Way. They had ruled the Chaos for a very long time. Because of this, the Great Way would not allow them to appear in a new world. As a result, the great calamity fell. Pangu created the new world and killed all 3,000 Mazingers.

Now that Minghe decided to disobey the Heaven and transfer into the Rakshasa, which was not tolerated by the Way of the Heaven in Untainted Land. When the Divine Punishment would come, the power would be overwhelmingly strong and destroy both Heaven and Earth. Therefore, Minghe should be best prepared to avoid being killed by the Divine Punishment.

Besides the Divine Punishment, Minghe was more concerned about the human-made misfortunes. In Untainted Land, Minghe was one of the top masters. Only Laozi, Origin, Tongtian, Houtu, and Jieyin could match with him in strength. As for the influence, Minghe was also the strongest. When it came to the Nether World and Ashura tribe, all Sages felt ashamed of their inferiority. To speak of the Luck, Minghe probably had the best one in Untainted Land.

The wind would damage the flourishing trees in the forest. Minghe was becoming stronger which caused that more Sages wanted to kill him. However, there was no proper opportunity. Although Minghe was the Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal of Origin and not wasn't immortality like a Sage, it was not easy to kill him. Only if they could kill him with one shot would they be able to, or it would spell endless trouble in the future.

By the time Minghe transferred into the Rakshasa, the Divine Punishment would fall. When he was hanging by a thread, all Sages in Untainted Land would take action. Being trapped by both the Divine Punishment and the Sages, Minghe would be reduced to a submissive position and would hardly be able to escape from death.

For this reason, Minghe had to be well prepared. With a flick of his hand, four talismans flew out. Shortly after a person came to the Sacred Island, it was precisely Musen, Minghe's Self- centric Separation. Musen's cultivation reached the level of the Early Stage of the Origin. The power of his Hegemonic Body of Martial Arts became stronger. The way he behaved all tallied with the Way of Martial Arts.

Musen saw Minghe and said laughingly, "Your Veneration, it seems that you've got many rewards from the adventure to the Choas. You've even obtained the character "Bao," which was equally valued with the character 'Wu.' What a gratifying news! What can I do for you now?"

Minghe showed a severe look and said, "After this tour to the Choas, my Body Tempering is completed, and soon it will be transferred into the body of Rakshasa. It'll be extremely dangerous. When the Divine Punishment falls, I have to focus on the transformation and pay no attention to anything else. You, the Good Separation and the Evil Separation should protect me well."

Listening to Minghe's words, Musen's smile disappeared. He slightly frowned and said, "Your Veneration, you're afraid that other Sages will take advantage of your difficulties, aren't you? This was indeed the case. Since we've got a lot of Luck in the Human Tribe, we've already made an enemy of most of the Sages. This time while you endure the Divine Punishment, some of them will certainly take action."

Minghe nodded and said, "You're right. But I'm not sure who will fight against me at that time, so we'd better make preparations for the worst situation. I need your help, and the Veridical Martial Origin Formation will also help me a lot."

Musen hesitated for a while and frowned. He said, "Your Veneration, I'm afraid there are some difficult matters. Although the Martial Arts of the Human Tribe is becoming stronger. They're humans and won't interfere between the Sages and us. Even if they have arranged the Veridical Martial Origin Formation, there probably will be no effect."

Minghe smiled and softly spoke a name, which made Musen excited instantly. Musen clapped his hands and shouted, "Great! I shouldn't have forgotten about him! He'll be a great surprise. Your Veneration, will you invite someone else?"

Minghe shook his head and said emotionlessly, "I'm not quite a good man. However, I'm absolutely clear about love and enmity. I'll treat others the way they treat me. A friend is never known till one is the need. All in all, God helps those who help themselves."

Musen nodded and laughed. He said, "Right. You've done a lot of things before, now let's see whether you'll be rewarded. In this case, I'll do as you've planed. Farewell." Musen then left the Sacred Island.

Minghe knew precisely what Musen would do. As for Musen, it would take some time to have the job finished. On the other hand, Minghe could have some more time to make arrangements. It was a matter of life and death; he could never be too careful to cope with.

Minghe flicked with his hand and a monster, which was doll- sized, had three heads and six arms, appeared in the center of the palm. It was the Rare Beast of Chaos which was killed by him in the Choas, and its body had reached the level of the Origin. Although it had died, his power remained. And now, it came in handy at last.

Minghe took his hands back, and the corpse of the Rare Beast of Chaos disappeared. Three figures came in and bowed to Minghe together, they said, "Liu Er, Kong Xuan, Black Tortoise come back now. We hope everything is going well." Liu er and Kong Xuan had traveled in Untainted Land for many years, and the Black Tortoise now met Minghe for the first time.

Looking at Liu Er and Kong Xuan, Minghe was satisfied. Thousands of years' tour helped them grow. Their cultivation and vital forces were more mature than before. As their teacher, Minghe was delighted. His efforts had been rewarded now.

Liu Er's cultivation was still in the Late Stage of Sage-to-be, but his cultivation of the Divine Law had  significantly improved. Minghe felt delighted that Liu Er had liberated his nature. Liu Er was such a carefree man that he had even dared to eavesdrop Minghe's teaching when he was only a Veridical Immortal. If not for Minghe, Liu Er probably dared to wiretap Honourable Ancestor's teachings.

Since Liu Er became Minghe's direct disciple, he had begun to follow Minghe's behavior and repressed his nature. As the chief disciple, Liu Er should be solemn before Kong Xuan. Minghe perceived his constraint, but he said nothing. Liu Er should find out the fact all by himself. Now that Liu Er had been himself entirely, Minghe felt happy. When he finally comprehend the obsession, he could eliminate the fixation by the Origin of the last Four Monkeys of Destruction. Under such circumstances, Liu Er would soon reach the level of the Origin.

Chapter 225: Marriage Proposal

On the other hand, Minghe was surprised at Kong Xuan. Kong Xuan's cultivation was only at the Secondary Stage of Sage-to- be, however, his vital force appeared quite elegant as if he was a renowned scholar. Minghe smilingly thought, "Unlike Liu Er, Kong Xuan was strong-minded and full of perseverance." He dared to walk on a road that had never been walked before him, with his tenacity and courage he might be a master of his own way in the future.

As for Black Tortoise, it was the first meeting between them. Minghe didn't know what he should say. Black Tortoise's cultivation was at the peak level of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal, he also attained the invulnerable Golden Body of Martial Arts from his turtle shell mixed with the Blood of Essence together. Based on Musen's teachings and his extraordinary aptitude, and considering that he was a Primordial Mazinger at the level of Sage-to-be in his past life, if he was willing to make some effort he would have been a Sage- to-be. However, he was just too lazy to do so.

Each disciple had their own characteristics and strengths in cultivation, which was not bad. Gazing at them, Minghe said, "I'm proud of you, my dear disciples. I gather you here today, firstly, to check up your cultivation during these days. Black Tortoise, although I'm seeing you for the first time, I've been keeping tabs on you for a long time. Your Golden Body of Martial Arts is very good indeed, but you're too lazy. Otherwise, you would have been in the Sage-to-be Realm."

Black Tortoise replied and said, "Master, you've misunderstood me. It seems that I'm just sleeping the day away, however, I'm cultivating at the same time. That's how I've reached my current cultivation." Black Tortoise hastened to explain for fear that Minghe asked him to do Closed Door Meditation. He would have no time to sleep if that happened.

Minghe laughed and said nothing. Black Tortoise had always cultivated in a particular way, he would make a breakthrough to the Sage-to-be sooner or later. At that time, he would remember his past life, which would help promote his cultivation at lightning speed. There was definitely nothing for him to worry about.

Minghe then looked to Liu Er and said, "Liu Er, you seem to have led a carefree life during the last thousands of years. You've traveled in Untainted Land together with Haotian's younger sister Yaoji, and have also taken in a disciple. Why haven't you brought her here today? She is the third generation of our sect, I should give some welcome gifts to her." Listening to Minghe's words, Liu Er blushes furiously and said shyly, "She is still a little girl and always follows Yaoji around. Yaoji returned to the Heavenly Court last time and brought the little girl with her. I hurried back thus I had no time to bring her here."

Looking at Liu Er being bashful, Kong Xuan and Black Tortoise couldn't help and giggled. Minghe also laughed and said, "Liu Er, don't be shy. Since you've fallen in love with Yaoji, you should marry her then. As my eldest disciple, you are still well matched with Haotian's sister. I've prepared betrothal gifts for you. Now you three go to the Heavenly Court together and propose the marriage to Haotian, all right?"

Liu Er's face was burning like mad. He said excitedly, "Thanks a lot, master." Liu Er instantly received the red gift box given by Minghe and left for the Heavenly Court together with Kong Xuan and Black Tortoise.

Minghe percieved Liu Er's haste and laughed. From Minghe's previous world, traditionally as the elder, the marriage should have been proposed by Minghe but it was a critical moment for Minghe physical transformation. If the Sages had discovered something unusual and made preparations earlier, it would do great harm to Minghe. Although Haotian was the Jade Emperor, he was simply Yaoji's older brother. Kong Xuan and Black Tortoise could express the sincerity on the behalf of Minghe. Besides, the betrothal gifts were quite precious, even the Sages would be envious, not to mention Haotian.

Arriving at the Heavenly Court, Liu Er, Kong Xuan, and Black Tortoise went straight to the Jasper Lake, led by the fairy maiden. The Jasper Lake was the place where Haotian and Yaochi lived, no one could enter without permission. As they were disciples of Minghe, and the relationship between Liu Er and Yaoji, Haotian naturally entertained them in the Jasper Lake.

As soon as they entered the Jasper Lake, Yaoji led a little girl to them. Yaoji and Liu Er greeted each other with a gentle smile, while the little girl rushed into Liu Er's arms and said happily, "Master, did you come here to see me? I miss you so much." She was Liu Er's disciple, the daughter of Peach Blossom Fairy and Yang Tianyou, Yang Chan.

Liu Er patted her little head and laughingly said, "I miss you too." At the very beginning when Yaoji found baby Yang Chan and asked Liu Er to save the girl, Liu Er took her in as a disciple and taught her cultivation. Therefore, Yang Chan depended greatly on Liu er.

Haotian and Yaochi came in together. Seeing Liu Er, Kong Xuan, and Black Tortoise, Haotian laughed and said, "My my. It's Fellow Taoist Minghe's disciples, what can I do for you?" Although Haotian had not reached the Origin yet, he had a good relation with Hongjun, so he had always called the Sages and Minghe as Fellow Taoist. Of course, all Sages had no comment about it.

The three of them bowed to Haotian and Liu Er said, "Your Majesty, an honest man do not hide his words. I come here today to seek Yaoji's hand in marriage. These are betrothal gifts my teacher prepared. I beseech your majesty to take the gifts and approve of our marriage."

Hearing Liu Er's bold words, Yaoji's face flushed furiously. She shyly ran away with Yang Chan who knew nothing about the situation. Haotian and Yaochi were also shocked. They had never thought that Liu Er came here today to make a proposal. Besides, the betrothal gifts were given by Minghe. Obviously, Minghe had agreed for Liu er to do so.

Haotian felt a little unhappy that Minghe was absent on such an important occasion. If he could not come in person, he should send one of his Three Separations on behalf of him. However, only Kong Xuan and Black Tortoise accompanied Liu Er. It seemed that Minghe showed no respect to the Jade Emperor.

Yaochi was aware of Haotian's sulkiness, she pulled at Haotian's sleeves and silently imploring him to calm down. As the Jade Emperor, Haotian was used to masking his temper and could control himself. After all, Yaoji had fallen in love with Liu er, so he would not lose his temper.

Haotian took the box and see within with his Spiritual Thoughts and was greatly shocked. Haotian's expression gave rise to Yaochi's curiosity. She also used her Spiritual Thoughts to see the box and showed a similar expression.

It seemed like an ordinary gift box, but there was something unusual in it. It was a small space containing 81 Spiritual Treasures which were all at the primordial level. No wonder Haotian and Yaochi were shocked. As betrothal gifts, 81 primordial spiritual treasures were overtly precious.

Although most of these 81 primordial spiritual treasures were Low Grade, the gifts were still too extravagant. Haotian's sulkiness disappeared at once. Even if Minghe had come in person, there was nothing to be gained from it. Instead, the betrothal gifts were more useful, with the primordial spiritual treasures the strength of the Heavenly Court would definitely proceed to the next level.

Haotian satisfactorily received the betrothal gifts and happily said, "Liu Er, I approve of your marriage with Yaoji. I only have one sister, so I hope you can protect her with everything you have. I am speaking to you as a brother instead of the Jade Emperor. Can you understand me?"

Liu Er patted his chest and said determinedly, "I understand. I may not be a perfect man but no one can hurt Yaoji, even the Sages, so long as I'm alive." Liu Er had fought against Honoured Lord of the Origin in the past, he did not fear the Sages at all.

Yaochi also smiled and said, "All right, come in and talk. Now that the marriage has been settled, we should choose an auspicious day to hold the wedding. It's related to the reputation of the Heavenly Court and the Blood Sea, so we must be careful." They discussed in the Jasper Lake for a long time and finally fixed the marriage on an auspicious day 300 years later. At that time, the whole world would join in the jubilation. They would invite all sects and tribes to the Sacred Island of Blood Sea. After all the details had been finally decided, Liu Er, Kong Xuan and Black Tortoise went back to the Blood Sea and reported the news to Minghe.

Chapter 226: Reactions

After they went back to Blood Sea, they informed Minghe about it. Minghe didn't say anything except telling them to begin preparations. If Minghe was still alive after the three hundred years, this wedding would definitely be the most magnificent in Untainted Land.

Minghe originally thought that Liu Er's wedding would be held before his tribulation, however, it was arranged for three hundred years later. Now that the physical body of Minghe had achieved its full cultivation, if it hadn't been suppressed intentionally, Minghe would be facing Divine Punishment for his transition into Rakshasa. However, despite the fact that Minghe had suppressed it intentionally, the Divine Punishment would befall 240 years later. This was called the induction between Heaven and humans and the warnings from one's mind of Taoism.

For mankind 240 years seems to be a lifetime, but to Minghe it was just a snap of his fingers. Fortunately, he had started making preparations before he came back to Untainted Land. Besides, with the help of his three Separations, he might be able to get through this calamity safely. And there was still an alternative for Minghe. It was a fact that as long as the Blood Sea was not totally arid, Minghe wouldn't be dead. But in that way, Minghe would have to abandon his physical body and the law of Rakshasa that he had always insisted, which was not an easy choice for Minghe.

Looking up towards Heaven, Minghe calmed down without the slightest sign of nervousness. It was the truth the great way asked for and he would never retreat. Now that Minghe was already on this path, he would not leave a way out for himself. Once he retreated, it would mean the destruction of his mind of Taoism, then he would be not destined for the Great Way. If he was going to do it, he would go all out with no hesitation.

While Minghe was making the final preparations, Liu Er was arranging his own wedding happily. Nevertheless, it was impossible for a monkey to prepare for a wedding, so Kong Xuan helped with most of it. As for Black Tortoise, he had already fallen asleep somewhere. There was no way that he would care for such stuff. To him, there was nothing more important than sleeping.

Kong Xuan was quite prudent and handled the wedding arrangements and ceremony details logically. In Untainted Land, an oath would suffice for two immortals to become Taoist partners. But this was different, in this wedding, one was the disciple of Lord of Blood Sea and the other was the younger sister of the Jade Emperor of Heavenly Court. So it couldn't be held perfunctorily, at least it should be as grand as the marriage of Emperor Jun and Xihe in accordance with their status.

The Sacred Island in Blood Sea was founded by Minghe, after Minghe's actualization he refined it again and laid out a large number of forbidden formations and tactical formations. The island was very rich in Spiritual Air of Heaven and Earth, treasures and Exotic Beasts could be seen everywhere. It was quite easy to find Spiritual Roots of Heaven and Earth too. With a few decorations, it could be used as a wedding venue.

These arrangements were not the most complicated in comparison to delivering invitation cards. Kong Xuan was in charge of delivering the invitation cards to all Sages and Almighty in Untainted Land. As to the others, Water Kylin, the mount of Liu Er, had to complete the task. However it was not an easy feat, taking the massive area of Untainted Land into consideration, it would at least take hundreds of years to deliver all of them.

Blood Sea had started preparations and so had the Heavenly Court set about preparing for it too. Haotian announced to everyone in Untainted Land on a grand scale. So it didn't take long before the news that Liu Er, the first disciple of Ancestor Minghe, was going to marry Haotian's younger sister spread all over Untainted Land. Untainted Land was filled with astonishment.

For thousands of years, Liu Er and Yaoji had journeyed together through Untainted Land, which was no secret. Still, it was shocking that Liu Er married Yaoji in such a high profile. One of them represented Blood Sea, and the other was from Heavenly Court. Their becoming of Taoist partners meant the alliance of Blood Sea and Heavenly Court.

Heavenly Court was not that significant. Although Haotian was the owner of Heavenly Court authorized by Honourable Ancestor to be in charge of the management of Untainted Land, Heavenly Court couldn't completely take charge of Untainted Land. Ashram of the Sages, Blood Sea, The Nether World, Coast of the East Sea, the millions of mountains in Wu Tribe, the land of miasma in Demon Tribe, the sea in The Northern Underworld and so on. So many places were out of his jurisdiction, Haotian couldn't do anything about it either.

However, Blood Sea was quite different. After all, Haotian hadn't even actualized while Minghe had profound cultivation. He took charge of Blood Sea, The Nether World, Shura tribe, and numerous ghost soldiers. Musen, his Selfcentric Separation, was even Martial Ancestors of the Human Tribe and a mighty of The Origin. The Holy Land of Human Tribe was basically in the charge of Musen. At the same time, it seemed that Zhenyuanzi in Earth Immortal's Residence followed his lead. With such power, he was completely qualified to be called the first in Untainted Land.

Therefore, once Liu Er and Yaoji became Taoist partners, Heavenly Court's status would definitely go up. If Minghe supported him, Haotian would certainly be more confident when confronted with the Sages. On the other hand, their marriage meant that Minghe had already interfered with the affairs of Heavenly Court. No matter what Minghe had in mind, that was the thought of others.

Under such circumstances, all were shocked by the fact that somehow Minghe had connections with the three strongest forces in Untainted Land, which were Heavenly Court, Earth Immortal's Residence and the Holy Land of Human Tribe. What's more, the Nether World was under his control. Compared with Minghe, the other Sages were obviously much weaker. Having heard about the marriage between Liu Er and Yaoji, all Sages in Untainted Land had different reactions. There were Laozi, Tongtian, Goddess Nvywa and Houtu who seemed calm and composed towards it. To do nothing was Laozi's actions while hiding everything in his mind so that no one would know his real intention. Tongtian had originated the Clan of Severity, so his focus was on Shang Dynasty then. Even if Minghe interfered with affairs of Heavenly Court, it would do no harm to him. As for Goddess Nvywa and Houtu, this marriage had nothing to do with them, since it would not implicate both Sorcerer and Demon tribes.

On the other hand, there was someone who was not composed like the Honored Lord of the Origin who was quite resentful. As one of the Three Pure Ones and a direct descendant of Pangu, he had already lost to Tongtian when fighting for Taoism lineage in Human Tribe. Now he had to watch Minghe interfering with Heavenly Court while he could do nothing about it, it's a given that he was not happy. Thinking about Minghe and comparing his Clan of Enlightenment against him, there was a vast difference.

As for the Two Sages of the West, Jieyin was filled with bitterness. It had been the Three Pure Ones that they had been worried about previously. If they make a move, the Three Pure Ones would be their biggest opponent. But now, it turned out that Minghe was the one they had to be cautious about. Without making any commotion, Minghe had his power all over Untainted Land. If things continue being the way it is, the prosperity of Western Religious Sect would be unforeseeable.

Zhunti, however, was very jealous and envious. After much plotting, someone else got the benefits instead. He had schemed to get Yaoji in the first place but Liu Er got in the way and eventually married Yaoji. Even though he did succeed in scheming Yaochi's adopted sister, but Peach Blossom Fairy could not be compared to Yaoji.

With so many invitations sent out, it became more and more bustling in Untainted Land. All those who had received the invitations started preparing for it. This was a marriage between Blood Sea and Heavenly Court, which they couldn't handle casually. If they offended the two because of a lack of courtesy, it would mean the end of their peaceful life.

In the hall of the Royal Nu Wa Temple stood Kong Xuan, who handed over the invitation card reverently. Goddess Nvywa extended her hand and took it. With a slight glimpse, she said calmly, "I have known about it. If I have time, I will surely attend the ceremony in person." The words from Goddess Nvywa was quite ambiguous, and it was all up to her whether to come or not. By the time of the big day, if none of the Sages came, she definitely wouldn't go either. Then she would ask Ling Zhuzi to attend on behalf of her. However, if all the other Sages went, she would attend for sure. If not, she would thwart Minghe's expectation. As a result, she didn't give a definite answer.

Kong Xuan knew what Goddess Nvywa meant, but this time he had other work to do other than inviting Goddess Nvywa to the wedding. So he said, "Goddess, my master told me that you are in control of the Red Woven Ball, so you're able to certify the marriages among Heaven, Earth, and humans. Years ago, Emperor Jun married Xihe through a Heavenly Marriage. Today my elder brother and Yaoji are going to be Taoist partners through an earth marriage, and I hope that you can help them."

Having heard Kong Xuan's words, Goddess Nvywa's eyes suddenly brightened. Minghe was right, the red woven ball could certify the marriages of Heaven, Earth, and humans. However, after the Heavenly Marriage, Goddess Nvywa never had the chance to confirm the other two marriages. It was not because of the lack of candidates so much as her status. As a Sage, she wouldn't condescend herself to casually choose humans to certify the two marriages, which would be too disgraceful for her. So after the Heavenly Marriage, Earthly Marriage and Humanly Marriage hadn't been confirmed until now.

Now Liu Er and Yaoji's marriage could fulfill the Earthly Marriage and they held high status. So it was quite a good choice to confirm their marriage as Earthly Marriage. Moreover, it was obviously the idea of Minghe and Goddess Nvywa could also obtain Merit through confirming an Earthly Marriage. If she missed this chance, it would be really difficult to find other appropriate candidates.

This would kill two birds with one stone for Goddess Nvywa. Red Woven Ball was in control of Heavenly Marriage, Earthly Marriage, and Human Marriage. When the three were not confirmed, consequently, it couldn't get its Merit fulfilled. After confirming the Heavenly Marriage, Goddess Nvywa found the power of the Red Woven Ball became stronger. So this time, if Earthly Marriage was confirmed too, the power would be even stronger than it is now. By the time when all of the three marriages were confirmed, Red Woven Ball would fulfill its Merit, and its power would reach its extreme.

Chapter 227: Divine Punishment Descend

In addition, the Merit of Earthly Marriage was also what Goddess Nvywa needed. Goddess Nvywa actualized with merit, although she was the first to become a Sage, now she was only a little stronger than Zhunti but weaker than the other Sages. Thanks to the luck of the Human Tribe, her cultivation might be slightly quicker. However, with the Merit, she could further improve her cultivation which also benefitted her.

Thinking of this, Goddess Nvywa replied. "Well, in this case, I'll preside over Liu Er and Yaoji's wedding and complete the Earthly Marriage." Since Kong Xuan had said so, Goddess Nvywa naturally would not refuse. Even if the other Sages would not attend the wedding, she would go and take the Merit of Earthly Marriage. After all, Merit was still Merit, no matter how small the amount and not to mention it wasn't a small amount at all.

Kong Xuan left Wahuang Heaven and headed for the West. Although the West once schemed against Yaoji, he should still do what he had to and be courteous. Seeing Zhunti take the invitation card, Kong Xuan leisurely left disregarding Zhunti's expression. Anyway, it was none of his concern. Then Kong Xuan went to Wuzhuang Taoist Temple and the Holy Land of Human Tribe in succession. Zhenyuanzi's cultivation had reached perfection and he was most likely to actualize the Realm of Origin in Untainted Land. What's more, he was in good relationship with Minghe, so Kong Xuan dared not be arrogant. The Human Tribe and Three Royals and Five Emperors in the Holy Land of Human Tribe were distinguished as well, so it's imperative that Kong Xuan went in person. As for the others, Water Kylin would send invitations to them instead.

Liu Er's wedding was being prepared in an orderly way, but Minghe did not have the heart to pay attention to it. He was at the most crucial moment, with everything being ready and countless years of constant practice, it all boils down to whether he could go through this calamity.

In the silence room on Sacred Island, Minghe sat cross-legged on his seat with Essential Qi swirling around him. However, the amount and the speed it was going at were a little scary. Under the scope of an attentive perception, Minghe's vital force was like a huge active volcano, which would break out at any moment and make the world tremble.

Minghe took a long breath and opened his eyes. His eyes dazzled like the eternal Starry Sky, shiny but peaceful. Minghe stood up and looked at the Heaven, Silence Room and tactical formation, all those would not block his sight. With dark clouds gathering in the sky, the Divine Punishment was being formed.

With one step forward, Minghe had been in a desert in Untainted Land which was close to Blood Sea and exhibit no signs of life, thus Minghe decided to pass his tribulation here. With Minghe's every move, the dark clouds, which originally gathered above Blood Sea came along with him and grew stronger on the way.

As the dark clouds gathered, the vital force of Minghe could no longer be suppressed and a powerful vital force suddenly broke out from his body. It was not the vital force of blood nor of killing or that of any Divine Laws Minghe cultivated, instead it was filled with violence, chaos, and destruction. That was the vital force of Rakshasa.

When the vital force of Minghe completely broke out, the entire Untainted Land was shocked including the Sages. They were shaken by Liu Er and Yaoji's marriage and now Minghe had made such a big move, thus they could no longer turn a blind eye. Minghe was different from Liu Er and his  every action was worth their attention. When the vital force mingled with violence, chaos, and destruction spread all over The Chaos, all living beings of Untainted Land were shocked. "Is the Cultivation Tribulation of Heaven and Earth coming again? " , they wondered. But with careful perception, it was completely different from the vital force of Cultivation Tribulation of Heaven and Earth. There was no Menace Intent but the just endless vital force of destruction.


In Mount Shouyang, Laozi was shocked to see Minghe standing under dark clouds and his peaceful look disappeared. He was familiar with Minghe's vital force. Since he shared Pangu's Spiritual Inheritance with Origin and Tongtian respectively, he naturally knew that this unique vital force belonged to Rakshasa.

Minghe wants to refine the body of Rakshasa and transforms from Primordial Mazinger of Untainted Land into Rakshasa of The Chaos. Laozi was shocked to come to this conclusion. He roughly knew how powerful Rakshasa was. But if someone wanted to transform into Rakshasa, he would have to first face the Divine Punishment, which was so powerful that even The Sage could not survive it. Minghe surely knew about it. However, Minghe still went ahead with it which was insanity. At this moment, even Laozi had to feel admiration for me. It might be said for Minghe to be perseverant as Minghe gave up his Hong Meng Immortal Qi and chose to actualize the Realm of Origin by The Tao of Divine Law. Besides, he unconsciously occupied so much luck in Untainted Land and made Sages feel lost at where to start, which showed he had great wisdom.

Now Minghe intended to go against The Way of Heaven and transform into Rakshasa. Was he too arrogant or confident to be so crazy? Laozi did not know. What he knew was that Minghe would not face the Divine Punishment without preparation. He should know that he would meet with more threats than Divine Punishment before he transformed into Rakshasa.


In Mount Kunlun, Honoured Lord of the Origin was also shocked. He also recognized that Minghe's vital force was similar to that of Rakshasa, as Laozi did. Looking at the black clouds in the sky, he knew those were not ordinary Clouds of Tribulation. The Clouds of Tribulation had not fully formed, but their power made the earth tremble, which was clearly a prelude to the Divine Punishment. Honored Lord of the Origin could guess at Minghe's intention, but he thought it was extremely crazy to transform into the Rakshasa in Untainted Land. Although all living beings of Untainted Land knew about Divine Punishment, they never saw it before. The unformed Clouds of Tribulation had already shocked Honored Lord of the Origin, and it was hard to imagine how powerful the fully formed Divine Punishment would be.

Looking at Minghe's calmness under those dark clouds, Honored Lord of the Origin wore a weird smile, seeming to laugh at his overconfidence or with some other meaning which was elusive. In his opinion, Minghe was courting death. Though Minghe was strong, the Divine Punishment was a serious matter and its usage on Minghe would be the best publicity for it.


In Jadeite Palace, Tongtian Sect Leader was scared to see Minghe standing under those Clouds of Tribulation. He always regarded Minghe as a strong opponent. Before his actualization, Minghe had dominated the Untainted Land and killed dozens of Sages-to-be all by himself. After his actualization, he quickly improved his cultivation and caught up with those Sages in the Secondary Stage in just ten thousands of years. Tongtian admired his talent, perseverance, and wisdom. Now Minghe intended to go against The Way of Heaven and transform into a Rakshasa. It seemed crazy but Tongtian could clearly understand Minghe's persistence. Feeling Minghe's strong and violent vital force, he realized that Minghe had planned and prepared for a long time. Minghe knew that his human body had reached its peak, thus his vital force burst out suddenly.

Under the Clouds of Tribulation, Minghe was quite calm as if the Divine Punishment overhead had nothing to do with him, which made Tongtian admire him so much. Tongtian murmured. "Minghe, I hope you can safely go through this calamity, or it'll be a pity if I lose an opponent like you. The Divine Punishment is powerful but it's not the only threat. I hope you're prepared, otherwise···"


In Royal Nu Wa Temple, Goddess Nvywa stared at the Clouds of Tribulation of Divine Punishment and Minghe with astonishment, not knowing what to say. Minghe was strong and now he even ventured to go through Divine Punishment and refine the true body of Rakshasa. It was too crazy for Goddess Nvywa to understand. She looked at Minghe, who closed his eyes and was resting under the Clouds of Tribulation and nobody knew what's in her mind.


In The Nether World, Houtu looked at Minghe with surprise. It was horribly scary just by thinking of the true body of Rakshasa. Though the Real Entity of Pangu summoned by Twelve Ancestors of Sorcery was strong, it was incomplete. After all, Twelve Ancestors of Sorcery were converted from Pangu's Blood of Essence, so they did not inherit everything of his.

Even so, the Real Entity of Pangu summoned by Twelve Ancestors of Sorcery was strong enough to shock The Sage. However, this Real Entity of Pangu was only an incomplete true body of Rakshasa, thus it could be seen how powerful the true body of Rakshasa was. Now Minghe wanted to refine the True Body of Rakshasa, which utterly shocked Houtu.

Chapter 228: Undergoing Tribulation I

In Minghe's body, Houtu even felt something related to Real Entity of Pangu. She suddenly recalled that Minghe once exchanged his Hong Meng Immortal Qi for twelve drops of Ancestor of Sorcery's Blood of Essence and Twelve Divine Beings Killing Formation with Twelve Ancestors of Sorcery, presumably in order to study the mystery of  the  Rakshasa's body and improve himself. He was quite the manipulator.

There was one thing Houtu could not understand. Minghe was arrogant but rigorous. Since he dared to choose to pass tribulation in Untainted Land, he should know it was dangerous, which meant that he exposed his back to those who feared him. As long as these people got a chance, they would definitely attack him without hesitation.

Looking at the peaceful Minghe under the Clouds of Tribulation, Houtu was puzzled. Maybe he had prepared all necessary? But except Musen, she could not think of any other preparations. In her view, this time Minghe was in danger. However, she was also in a dilemma over helping him or standing aside, or...

··· In Holy Mountain of the West, Zhunti and Jieyin reactions were dramatically different when seeing Minghe bear the Divine Punishment. Jieyin was sad while Zhunti looked happy. Zhunti even laughed and said, "Ha ha ha··· Minghe wants to go against the Way of Heaven and become the Rakshasa. He is courting death. How can he go through the Divine Punishment?"

Hearing that, Jieyin said sadly, "Junior brother, you're thinking too simply. The Divine Punishment is strong but Minghe isn't weak, so the Divine Punishment may not destroy him. Once he comes through the Divine Punishment and becomes the Rakshasa, I'm afraid he'll be the strongest in Untainted Land and even Three Pure Ones can no longer inhibit him. I'm worried it'll be more difficult for us to advance to the East when that time comes."

Zhunti laughed hearing Jieyin's words. "Senior brother, it's you who's too simple. Now Minghe is too busy with the Divine Punishment to care about other things. If someone gives him a fatal blow at this crucial moment, do you think he'll safely pass the tribulation?"

Hearing that, Jieyin became deadly serious. "Junior brother, do you want to interfere in his tribulation endurance? Don't forget, Minghe still has a Selfcentric Separation. Besides, since we can think of this, surely will Minghe to.o He must have been prepared before deciding to pass tribulation in Untainted Land. Once we take action, we have to fight with him to the last breath. If we can't kill him with one blow, I'm afraid we, the west will never live in peace again."

After hearing Jieyin's words, Zhunti's smile vanished. He struggled for a long time before finally saying between his teeth, "Senior brother, I understand what you've said but this is a great chance for us. If we missed it this time, I'm afraid there will be no chance in the future. What's more, even if Minghe is prepared and without us, I don't think others will stand aloof."

Jieyin closed his eyes speechlessly as if he was lost in meditation. Seeing this, Zhunti did not say anything more. He got along with Jieyin for a long time and knew him well. Zhunti turned around to look at Minghe who was bearing the Divine Punishment with a vicious look, and Menace Intent was around his body. Obviously, he would not miss such a good opportunity.

··· The Divine Punishment shocked the whole Untainted Land. All forces including Heavenly Court, Wuzhuang Taoist Temple and the Holy Land of Human Tribe were attracted by it. The Divine Punishment was still forming, but its power had made all living beings of Untainted Land scared. They immersed in their own respective thoughts. Some were delighted, some were worried and others even wanted to have a hand in it.

Minghe was in no mood to care about what went on around him, he was focusing his entire mind on the Divine Punishment. Looking at the slowly forming Divine Punishment, Minghe did not move. No matter how hard it was, he would overcome it with all he had. It was the most important step to transform into the Rakshasa, and he must go through it. Fear, tension, and timidity, Minghe had abandoned all such fragile emotions. Now he had nothing but the mind of Taoism to pursue the extreme of Taoism.

With thunders roaring among the Clouds of Tribulation, the Divine Punishment finally gathered. The sky seemed to be a sea of black and in this sea, thunders rolled over like dragons like a purple thunder sea. In addition, there was something seemingly more horrible and dangerous in the thundering sea. Just one look, anyone would be shocked to the core. It was the first time that all living beings of Untainted Land had seen the Divine Punishment. However, the scene was so scary that they did not want to see it ever again. It looked like doomsday had arrived. The power of Divine Punishment was stronger than that of the Sages they felt before, which seemed to be a prison and nothing could be safe and survive in it.

The rolling purple thunder in the Divine Punishment was not only beautiful but also amazingly powerful. It was called Purpleheaven Thunder and was the strongest tribulation thunder they had ever seen. Moreover, the Purpleheaven Thunder rarely appeared in Tribulation Thunder, and there was no comparison between the Purpleheaven Thunder of the Divine Punishment and other thunders they had ever seen.

Looking at the countless Purpleheaven Thunders, even the audience might feel scared. It was hard to imagine what it would be like when the sea of thunder fell. However, when they saw Minghe bearing the Divine Punishment, they all freaked out. Minghe hunkered and suspended in the air as if he was lost in meditation. No matter how the Divine Punishment evolved, he was motionless.

The most surprising thing was that Minghe eyes were closed and he looked calm, showing no sign of nervousness or fear as if the Divine Punishment was not caused by him. People could not help but wonder whether the Divine Punishment was fake. However, when they looked up at the powerful thunder sea, they knew it anything but an illusion.

"Boom···" With a loud noise in the sky, a Purpleheaven Thunder suddenly fell from the thundering sea and transformed into a Thunder Dragon, flying straight at Minghe. The Purpleheaven Thunder rolled over with wind and thunder, shocking all the bystanders. The first Tribulation Thunder was so powerful that it was hard to imagine how powerful the following ones would be.

When the Purpleheaven Thunder fell, Minghe did not evade or tried resisting instead, he let it fall upon his body as if he had resigned himself to fate. However, when the first Tribulation Thunder completely disappeared, people unexpectedly found that Minghe was all right. It could be said that his vital force was even stronger, which was really confusing.

Minghe peacefully sat under the Tribulation Thunder. Facing the Purpleheaven Thunder, he did not prepare to resist and let it strike on his body. The Purpleheaven Thunder was the Tribulation Thunder with great power, but even stronger Purpleheaven Thunders of the Divine Punishment could not hurt Minghe, as he owned the origin of Purpleheaven Thunder.

The initial purple Purpleheaven Thunder was to blame for Minghe's traveling to this world. This thunder was strong but was of no use to Minghe, as it did not coincide with Minghe's way of Tao. Minghe always hid it between his eyebrows and nourished it. Though it was useless, as the reason for his existence in this world, it was a pity to discard it.

However, as Minghe decided to embark on the road of becoming the Rakshasa, the thunder began to play a role. During Minghe's spare time of tempering his body, he often used it to temper his physical body. As a result, the thunder now could not hurt him but instead, it tempered his body. So the powerful Purpleheaven Thunder which fell just now was only helping to strengthen Minghe's physical body.

However, Minghe was surprised at the Purpleheaven Thunder between his eyebrows. As the Purpleheaven Thunder struck, some of its power was used for tempering Minghe's body, while the rest was all devoured by his Purpleheaven Thunder. What's more, it even grew a little bigger after devouring the Tribulation Thunder, which was an unexpected benefit. Minghe nourished the initial purple Purpleheaven directly but it did not improve much, which made him realized that he had done it wrongly.

Looking at the Purpleheaven Thunders forming a sea of thunder above his head, Minghe smiled uncontrollably, which shocked the entire audience. They were puzzled to see that Minghe could smile even when faced with the Tribulation Thunder. Was Minghe so sure that he would come through the Divine Punishment? After all, it was the first Divine Punishment in Untainted Land! If Minghe safely passed it, the Divine Punishment would lose its prestige.

Faced with Minghe's provocative smile, the Divine Punishment responded by striking down three Purple heaven Thunders. However, Minghe was still motionless and let them fall on his body. He felt that when the Purpleheaven Thunders entered his body, the Primordial Purpleheaven Thunder between his eyebrows began to wander through his flesh and blood, heartily devouring the power of thunder and tempering his body in the process.

Chapter 229: Passing Tribulation II

When the sparkling light of the thunder faded, Minghe was still intact, and his vital force strengthened. All the spectators were so stunned that they suspected that the Purpleheaven Thunder was fake, three strokes of it at a time surprisingly didn't do any harm to Minghe but enhanced his vital force. That's absurd!

In the third round, there were five strokes of the Purpleheaven Thunder; in the fourth one, there were seven... In the twenty-third, there were forty-five; in the twenty-fourth, there were forty-seven... As the tribulation thunder struck round by round, there was more Purpleheaven Thunder with enhancing power. Although the barren ground under Minghe was only affected by the remaining power of the Purpleheaven Thunder, it was charred. And with the strength of the thunder above it, the burnt ground seemed to become a thunder domain.

After the forty-ninth round of Purpleheaven Thunder, Minghe looked as good as before, sitting cross-legged in the air without any injuries, but the vital force around him was much stronger than before. It seemed that he was not passing the tribulation but receiving a baptism. The more Purpleheaven Thunder there was, the stronger Minghe became. Such spectacle shocked the people who waited for drama. It was far beyond their expectation that although the Divine Punishment was mighty, Minghe seemed stronger. Could Minghe pass the Divine Punishment safe and sound like this? Would the Divine Punishment disappoint the spectators like this?

The Divine Punishment in the air seemed aware of their thoughts, Clouds of Tribulation rolling and all the Purpleheaven Thunder having disappeared. Instead, limitless gray thunder spread and formed a new sea which was smaller but much more potent than the ones made by the Purpleheaven Thunder.

All the people were shocked. What was it? It seemed ordinary, but its power scared them as if it made them feel the end of life and boundless death. With the limitless vital force of destruction drifting between Heaven and Earth, all the objects and Creatures felt it and withdrew or fled.

Many people didn't know the gray thunder, but the Sages and some primeval Almighities who had listened to the teachings in the Zixiao Palace knew. During his lesson at that time, Ancestor Hongjun said that the Purpleheaven Thunder was the head of the thunder of Untainted Land. Above it was the Holy Thunder of Chaos, one of which was the Divine Beings Thunder used by the Real Entity of Pangu who was called by the Twelve Ancestors of Sorcery.

And now the gray thunder in the Divine Punishment also belonged to the Holy Thunder of Chaos, was called the Holy Thunder of Destruction and as the name implies, was the divine thunder to destroy everything. No wonder that after the strike of it, the vital force of destruction was everywhere. Watching such changes of Clouds of Tribulation in the Divine Punishment, all the spectators gasped, and indeed, there were also some people taking pleasure in the disaster.

Under the Clouds of Tribulation, Minghe noticed the changes and put on a grim look on his face for the first time. He had to pay attention, the Holy Thunder of Destruction was different from the Purpleheaven Thunder, from which Minghe could feel a significant risk. His blood and vital breath were surging. It was his last preparation to face the Purpleheaven Thunder.

Upon the Heavenly Court, Haotian and Yaochi stood on the Golden Bridge of the Jasper Lake. They were watching Minghe's passing tribulation, wearing the grim expression on their faces. Yaochi looked sad, saying, "Haotian, what on earth are the odds on Minghe succeeding in passing the tribulation?" Haotian looked severe, saying, "If it's only for the Divine Punishment, the odds will be great. But these Sages probably will never sit and watch idly. Thus, the odds of Minghe passing the Divine Punishment are almost zero."

As soon as Yaochi heard those words, she got worried, turned to look at Haotian and said, "Then how about the marriage between Yaoji and Liu Er? If Minghe's dead, probably the Blood Sea stock won't be protected, these Sages will never leave any threat to the world, and Liu Er must bear the brunt. If Yaoji marries him, I'm afraid she won't escape death, either."

Haotian certainly knew that, looked more serious and said, "I know. If Minghe cannot pass the tribulation, I'll not hesitate to stop the marriage no matter what, even if I were laughed at by the whole world or hated by Yaoji. Look, somebody's acting." Yaoji looked following the sound. Indeed, someone appeared outside the Divine Punishment.

Beyond the Divine Punishment, suddenly a figure showed up, which drew all the everyone's attention. After figuring out whom he was, they couldn't help sighing several times silently for Minghe who had excellent capabilities in the Untainted Land but had no good relationship with any Sages among which even Houtu fell out with him. And this time the person who came was one of the seven Sages of Untainted Land, Zhunti.

The purpose of Sage Zhunti's showing up was not merely for a watch, because he could sit in the Holy Mountain of the West to watch. Why did he come here? He looked delighted, which harbored his evil designs. Since Zhunti came, how could there be good to Minghe?

Zhunti looked at Minghe bearing the Divine Punishment and smiled saying, "Fellow Taoist Minghe, why don't you invite me to attend your Divine Punishment? You're not generous, but I still came. Please don't blame me for that. Fellow Taoist, for the power of the Holy Thunder of Destruction, is extraordinary, you'd better be careful, and if you feel tired, you can speak out, and I'm sure I will try my best to help you."

Watching Zhunti's fantastic performance, all everyone who heard him couldn't help admiring him who disguised his evil purposes by his beautiful words. It was known to all that any Tribulation Thunder could only be taken by one person and would only be enhanced with others' interference. As a Sage, how couldn't Zhunti know about that?

When Zhunti spoke, perspicacious people could understand him who meant that Minghe had better be careful. Minghe would face not only the Holy Thunder of Destruction but also Zhunti. If there's a sign of Minghe's exhaustion, Zhunti would be ready and would move in on him. He's so evil that even if he didn't attack Minghe, his standing there would distract his attention.

On the Sacred Island of Blood Sea, Liu Er, Kong Xuan, and Black Tortoise looked concerned. They worried about Minghe, especially after Zhunti appeared. Liu Er shouted and said, "Damn it! What kind of Sage Zhunti is to interfere with my master's passing tribulation. If it wasn't because I cannot get out of here, I would fight with him three hundred times."

Kong Xuan also looked grim. But compared with Liu Er, he was much calmer saying, "Brother, now, the Blood Sea is closed by our master, we cannot go out. Besides, it's our master's intention, for he worries about us going out to stop the Sage for him. Moreover, even if we went there, we would not help him, but distract him instead. Besides, our master's Self-centric Separation hasn't shown up. There is no problem for him to stop Zhunti."

Kong Xuan said so, but he was not confident. It was clear to all that after the arrival of Zhunti Jieyin wouldn't be far behind. Furthermore, it was doubted that except the Two Sages of the West, the other Sages would not attack Minghe. But they had no idea, and just hoped that their master had other arrangements. Otherwise, the consequences were unimaginable.

During the Divine Punishment, Minghe was only looking at the Holy Thunder of Destruction in the Clouds of Tribulation without the State of Mind separated from him. Even though Zhunti stood outside the Divine Punishment staring at him and talking to him with beautiful words but evil purposes, Minghe seemed deaf and blind to that and only cared about the Holy Thunder of Destruction scattering in the sky.

"Boom..." As a loud sound came from the Clouds of Tribulation, a stroke of the Holy Thunder of Destruction escaped from the thundering sea, turned into a thunder beast of The Chaos, and came straight to Minghe. It was powerful and must have the profound mystery of The Origin. If it's necessary to describe it, it was the equivalent of any blow of someone who had just got the promotion to The Origin. But even so, it could not be underestimated.

The power of the Holy Thunder of Destruction was not the most frightening, the mysterious meaning of destruction carried by it was. Although the Holy Thunder of Destruction was for tribulation, it had the power of The Divine Law. If it struck an ordinary person, who was in the Early Stage of The Origin, even if he were not dead, he would be severely wounded.

After being struck by the Holy Thunder of Destruction, Minghe sat still as usual, but just like the silkworm in spring cocooning itself, his blood and vital breath were flowing wholly and around protected him. Also, they increased, forming a blood shield in front of Minghe they would stop the Holy Thunder of Destruction.

But, the mighty Holy Thunder of Destruction could not be stopped by them, which were destroyed by the divine thunder only after their resistance several times. But Minghe sat still without any reaction letting the divine thunder strike him.

This time Minghe was not at ease as he was when he had faced the Purpleheaven Thunder. When the Holy Thunder of Destruction struck him, Minghe was burnt black with his body bursting into limitless Blood fog, and his face wearing a twisted look as if he was severely hurt. But nobody could notice that he was charred.

Chapter 230: Passing Tribulation Ⅲ

Destruction, endless destruction: Once the Holy Thunder of Destruction entered the body, there was nothing else but endless destruction. Flesh and blood, meridians, skeletons, five viscera... Everything on the way of the Holy Thunder of Destruction would be destroyed. It was the horror of the Holy Thunder of Destruction.

In Minghe's eyes, every coin has two sides. The Holy Thunder of Destruction caused endless destruction, but new flesh and blood, meridians, skeletons, five viscera and other things would revive, and when everything was rebuilt they would be stronger than the original. The most important part was that the Holy Thunder of Destruction could bring Minghe the final transformation.

When that Holy Thunder of Destruction disappeared, Minghe was still safe and sound. Apart from some awkwardness, it could not be observed that he was hurt. On the contrary, the new physical body was more powerful than before. At first, Minghe just had a little vital force of the Rakshasa, but now his physical body and vital force both began to transform into the real Rakshasa. Feeling the new physical body, Minghe was satisfied. Though the Holy Thunder of Destruction had harmed his human body, it also brought rebirth to it. When the Holy Thunder disappeared, the remaining vital force of destruction in Minghe's body mingled and became the new impulse for his human body transformation.

There was one more thing that surprised Musen. He always cultivated his human body by the Divine Law of Blood and Law of Spiritual Beings, which could help him to achieve the Rebirth with Blood Drops. But even so, such two kinds of the Power of Divine Law always existed in his human body independently, without any signal of mingling.

However, when the Holy Thunder of Destruction fell, such long-standing balance had been broken. After the destruction, with the interference of the vital force of the destruction, the two kinds of Power of Divine Law became to mingle. In his human body, a new power was born, combined with the vital force of destruction. This power was strange, not like the blood linkages nor the Power of Divine Law. Minghe was confused about it.

But it was sure that this new power was strong and unique. Though there was not much in the human body, Minghe could feel the differences that they had brought to his body. It seemed that he had benefited from the Holy Thunder of Destruction.

Besides the change of the human body, there were also some slight changes about the Primordial Purpleheaven Thunder. Devouring so much Purpleheaven Thunder, it had been several times stronger than before. With the Holy Thunder of Destruction going into the body, it swallowed some Holy Thunder of Destruction, became stronger again, and changed slightly. It was as if evolving with a closer check.

Feeling the benefit of the Holy Thunder of Destruction, Minghe became crazier. He removed layer-by-layer shields made by the spirit of blood. Such buffers had no prominent use, anyway. It was better to use the Holy Thunder of Destruction to accelerate his transformation. It was without a doubt that Minghe was crazy.

Onlookers were all astonished at Minghe's behavior. Minghe did not stand against Purpleheaven Thunder just now. After all, Purpleheaven Thunder did not harm him. Instead, his Body Tempering benefited from it. It certainly hurt the dignity of Purpleheaven Thunder. But it was different from the Holy Thunder of Destruction. Minghe seemed to be okay. However, everyone knew that Minghe's human body suffered a lot. Because his human body recovered quickly, it was hardly noticed. But Minghe completely dropped his defense. Would he temper the body by Holy Thunder of Destruction, and accomplish the transformation from the human body to the True Body of Rakshasa?

None of the living beings of Untainted Land could come up with another word than "madman" to describe Minghe. It was the Holy Thunder of Destruction, which was full of the power of Origin. Would it be all right for Minghe to use it for cultivation like that?

Zhunti watched Minghe's crazy behavior from the side, with the glare in his eyes. He underestimated Minghe and his powerful human body. The hard punch of the Holy Thunder of Destruction did not materially injure Minghe. It was no other accident that Minghe would successfully bear Divine Punishment and become the first Rakshasa in Untainted Land. If so, then...

While Zhunti was thinking, the second round of the Holy Thunder of Destruction fell. This time was like the second round of Purpleheaven Thunder, which with three flashes of lightning felling together. Every witness was startled by the power. But even so, Minghe did not stand against it, but let the three flashes of lightning fell on his body.

"Fizzing..." The thunder fell, and Minghe immediately turned into a scorched body. The light of thunder went around him, and grey threads of smoke came from it. But as the light of thunder faded away, Minghe's body began to recover immediately. The necrosis human body shed, and the new human body was born. All happened in just a few moments.

Before long, the third round of the Holy Thunder of Destruction had fallen. This time, in the same situation, five flashes of lighting with more power went toward Minghe who did not want to fight against them. When the Holy Thunder fell, Minghe turned into a scorched body and soon recovered again. It was just like everything was repeating itself.

Zhunti peeked on this occasion. Under the Holy Thunder of Destruction, Minghe unexpectedly became stronger and stronger. If it continued, maybe when the Divine Punishment was over, Minghe would become the Rakshasa. In this way, his strength would rise sharply. Perhaps no Sage could stop him at by then. Another thing Zhunti noticed was that though more powerful Holy Thunders of Destruction fell in each round, Minghe's human body became stronger steadily. What astonished Zhunti most was that strangely, there was less Minghe's shed burnt skin as the more and more severe destruction of Minghe's human body.

Zhunti could feel the vital force of Rakshasa in Minghe's new human body. Minghe's human body had begun to transform, with the change of vital force. If things went on like this, maybe the Holy Thunder of Destruction would affect less and less Minghe. It was time for him to take action.

When the sixth round of the Holy Thunder of Destruction fell, Zhunti took action. All living beings of Untainted Land were amazed at Zhunti's action. Finally, the Sage decided to do something to Minghe. Zhunti was one of the weakest Sages. In any case, he was a Sage, with the power of the Way of Heaven, and his attack could not be underestimated. It should be interesting. They were curious about how Minghe, who was suffering from the Divine Punishment, could withstand Zhunti's attack.

With his hands stretched out, Zhunti held the Magical Tree of Seven Treasures. It was his Eternal Spiritual Treasure and the actualized treasure. Though it was only Top Grade Primordial Spiritual Treasure, its power was a serious matter. Moreover, a Sage used the Treasure. Last time Liu er withstood its attack, but it was the situation that the Sage Zhunti only attacked him with the Spiritual Treasure, not using his supernatural power.

But now facing Minghe, Zhunti would not be merciful. The power of the Sage could be seen through this attack. There was the power of the Way of Heaven in the light of the treasures, shooting straight toward Minghe who was going through the Divine Punishment. If he was shot by this light, he would not be at ease, not to mention that now he needed to face the Holy Thunder of Destruction.

It seemed that Minghe was okay, but in fact, with every round of the Holy Thunder of Destruction that fell, Minghe's human body recovered while losing lots of energy. If Zhunti hit him, it would be one disaster after another. At that time, it was hard to say that if he could survive the Divine Punishment.

When Zhunti's light of the treasures was just out, a huge seal shot aside. Above the huge seal, the Way of Martial Arts appeared. It seemed nothing special. But the insider knew the ropes, while the outsider just came along for the ride. The Way of Martial Arts looked ordinary, but it was back to basics. This colossal seal was no less than Zhunti's light of the treasures.

The light of the treasures turned into a little bit of starlight, then disappeared in the Heaven and Earth. The huge seal also snapped because of the reaction force. The shock power caused by them was earthshaking. On the way of the shock, whatever the white cloud on the sky or the scorched soil on the Earth, the Realm divided into two pieces and there was another long scar on the Earth.

The huge seal snapped, describing a beautiful arc in the air. Finally, it fell on a young man's hand. Everyone was excited about seeing this person. He was Minghe's Self-centric Separation, the ancestor of martial arts in the Human Tribe, and the master of the Original Martial Arts. Eventually, Musen showed up. Minghe was passing tribulation, and as his Self- centric Separation, how could Musen not come? Two masters encountered, and there must be a shattering battle. The battle at the Original degree was rare.

When the Kongtong Seal flew to Musen's hand, he held it, looking at Zhunti, and said, "Zhunti, it's said in Untainted Land that you are the most shameless one of the Sages. Now it seems to be true. If you want to compete with Your Veneration, you can pick another time. But you do it at this time, it's dishonorable and shame on you."
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