The Spiritual Attainment of Minghe Chapter 161-170

Chapter 161: Second Visit to Zixiao Palace

Following the coronation of the Three Royals and Five Emperors, it was definitely necessary to appoint a Mentor of Human Sovereigns to guide them. Whoever it was, he would not only benefit his sect in its preaching but also share the merits of the Human Sovereign awarded by the Heaven.

Minghe had not only accumulated plenty of merits but also owned the Blood River Formation and the Nether World that provided him with an unending stream of merits. He naturally bore no ambition to be the Mentor of Human Sovereigns, but his disciples could be!

Minghe had a total of three disciples. Among them, Black Tortoise didn't need the position because he had the four Pillars of Heaven steadily gathering merits for him in addition to his existing ones from mending the sky. Liu Er and Kong Xuan, however, were different. They would have tribulations in their lives.

Liu Er would experience his tribulation during the journey to the west while Kong Xuan would experience his at the God Deification Ceremony. Though their fates should have changed after being accepted as Minghe's disciples, no one knew if these tribulations would also change. If they had the merits of the Human Sovereign, plus Minghe watching over them, they would definitely avoid the calamity.


The Human Tribe could be considered extremely powerful after occupying more than half of the territory in the Untainted Land. Yet consequently, problems also arose. Their population now exceeded a hundred billion, but most were ordinary humans without any cultivation.

The tribe now neither understood what the Five Grains nor cultivation was. In the past, they relied on hunting demonic and Wild Beasts for food. But with the expansion of their territory and the banishment of demonic beasts from the Untainted Land, they were forced to hunt Wild Beasts and pick wild fruits to relieve their hunger.

But there were simply too many humans. Even if the Wild Beasts in the Untainted Land were numerous and bred quickly, they wouldn't last if such hunting continued. Sooner or later, a day would come that these wild animals would go extinct and the wild fruits would disappear. When that time came, what would the humans eat?

Though the tribe was now very powerful, there was no longer any increase in their population. On the contrary, their numbers were showing signs of decrease. This situation made Suiren-shi, Youchao-shi, and Ziyi-shi extremely anxious but they had no solution at all. If this was to continue, the tribe would likely be in trouble.

The three Ancestors of the Human Tribe naturally went looking for Musen so they could come up with a solution. Musen, however, only smiled and said nothing. He stared at the sky and mysteriously said, "The secrets of heaven must not be revealed. The tribe's problems will naturally be solved when the time is right." The three of them were baffled by his words.

Though Musen knew the answer to these problems, he wouldn't and couldn't tell them. These problems had to be solved by the Three Royals and Five Emperors of Human Tribe. If he was to interfere and do something that exceeded his capacity, would the tribe still have it's Three Royals and Five Emperors?

Before the tribe became the protagonist of the universe of Honghuang, the Three Royals and Five Emperors would be born according to Heaven's mandate. With their coronation, the tribe's Luck would be suppressed and they would become the true protagonists of the Way of Heaven in the Untainted Land. Henceforth, the HumanTribe would enter their golden age.


On the Blood Sea, Minghe was calmly refining a body using the two great Divine Laws. Now that the Law of Blood and the Law of Spiritual Beings had reached the realm of The Origin, such refinement would naturally yield an even greater result.His human body was about to reach its limit and when it did, he wanted to try transforming into a Rakshasa body.

Suddenly, a jade tablet fell from the sky with the word 'Zixiao' etched on it. It was obviously Hongjun summoning him to Zixiao Palace. When he considered what time it was, the 10,000- year period Hongjun had mentioned had indeed arrived. The other Sages might have also received his summon.

Minghe didn't waste any time and went straight to the Chaos as Zixiao Palace was hidden inside it. Though he had now reached the realm of The Origin, it wasn't an easy task to locate the palace. Fortunately, he had the jade tablet as guidance and arrived at the palace with minimal effort.

Noticing the presence of the Three Pure Ones in the palace, he simply nodded at them before taking his seat. Before long, Goddess Nvywa, Jieyin, and Zhunti also arrived. As for Houtu, Hongjun probably didn't let her come this time. The only reason he made an exception and permitted her to leave the Nether World the last time was because he wanted to give her the Primal Bell of Chaos.

The seven people gathered waited quietly. Except for Ming He, none of them knew why Hongjun had summoned them. Last time, he said the Human Tribe would thrive and told them to preach to the tribe. Now the tribe had indeed thrived and the great religion had also been passed on. Why was Hongjun summoning them again?

Just as they were feeling bewildered, Hongjun appeared on the platform. When he saw their confusion, he said, "I clearly said the Human Tribe would thrive last time. However, since the tribe is fated to be the ruler of Heaven and Earth, just thriving isn't enough." Astonishment crossed the Sages' faces. Nowadays, the Human Tribe occupied more than half the territory in the Untainted Land and all were even fertile and bountiful lands. They had far better lands compared to the cold North and South as well as the infertile West. If Hongjun still didn't think the tribe wasn't thriving, then what should they be like when they were genuinely thriving?

Would they have to go to the West or perhaps the North or the South? If that was the case, the West would definitely benefit from this. Furthermore, it might trigger a war between the Human Tribe, the Wu Tribe, and the Demon Tribe. When that time comes, the Untainted Land would perhaps once again become chaotic. Since he couldn't understand Hongjun's intention, Laozi could only ask, "Master, your disciple naturally don't have any objection to the Human Tribe thriving. However, how would Master arrange this?"

Hongjun glanced at Laozi and answered, "The Three Royals and Five Emperors have to be created for the tribe to thrive. They're to achieve merit by enlightening the Human Tribe and thus suppress the tribe's Luck. When they return to their positions, the Human Tribe would naturally thrive. From then on, their Luck would never falter." The eyes of the Sages brightened. If any of their disciples could become the Mentor of Human Sovereigns, wouldn't that mean their religions could be spread better much more easily? With this idea in mind, they finally realized the importance of the Human Sovereigns and became determined to win the position. Even Goddess Nvywa, who had yet to establish any Sect, was looking thoughtful.

Laozi promptly said, "Master, shouldn't I, the eldest senior of all Sages and Master of the Clan of Humanity, be the one to arrange the matter of the Human Sovereigns?" His one sentence instantly exposed his greed. Who said he had no desire? That was an utter nonsense.

Zhunti immediately interrupted to protest, "Those words don't seem quite right. Though you're the founder of the Clan of Humanity, you didn't contribute much to the development of the Human Tribe. Moreover, ever since their Cultivation Tribulation, the humans no longer recognize the tribe of Humanity as their main teaching and it's now just one of the many they have. How could this matter be left to you alone, Eldest Senior?"

Laozi looked a bit embarrassed after hearing Zhunti bring up the past without the slightest care about his dignity. He could only stare awkwardly at the Honoured Lord of the Origin and Tongtian, hoping that they could help him solve this matter.

The Honoured Lord of the Origin sat motionless as if he didn't Laozi's gaze at all. Internally, he also strongly disagreed with Laozi's words. If Laozi was to have the final say about the Mentor of Human Sovereigns, what would be left for him? Would he have to beg Laozi to be charitable and give him several positions as the Mentor of Human Sovereigns? With his proud nature, it was impossible for him to do so.

Laozi was furious about the indifference of the Honoured Lord of the Origin. Fortunately, at this moment Tongtian spoke, "Zhunti, nowadays my brother's tribe of Humanity is quite popular among the Human Tribe. Besides, he's our eldest senior brother, why can't he manage the matter of Human Sovereign?" Although Tongtian wasn't really comfortable with the idea, from his perspective, the feeling between brothers was more important than the benefit of Luck.

Seeing that the Sages were about to quarrel, Hongjun said, "That's enough. There's no need to fight over it. We need the Treasure of Humanity to coronate the Three Royals and Five Emperors or the Human Sovereign wouldn't be able to return to its position." The position as Mentor of the Human Sovereign was incredibly tempting for the Sages. It would have been odd if they didn't fight for it.

The Treasure of Humanity? The Sages instantly became excited. Wouldn't they be at an advantage to decide who will be the Mentor of the Human Sovereign if they got hold of the treasure? Each of them began predicting. The sight made Minghe chuckle quietly to himself. That treasure was now in Musen's, his Selfcentric Separation, possession. Would they have the guts to fight Musen for it?

Before long, the Sages all had their results. Hongjun had explained, the secrets of heaven had to be visualized. It was naturally not a difficult task for them to figure out the whereabouts of the treasure, but their expressions shifted oddly after they were done predicting.

The Treasure of Humanity? Kongtong Seal? So it turned out Kongtong Seal was the Treasure of Humanity. However, this treasure had only appeared once in the Untainted Land during the Cultivation Tribulation of the Human Tribe. It was used during the fight between Musen, the Martial Ancestor of the Human tribe, and Donghuang Taiyi. Since it could block the Bell of Chaos, it naturally left a deep impression on them. However, they never thought it would actually be the Treasure of Humanity.

With the seal in Musen's hands, that information was useless to them now. Though they were stronger than him, they had no way to forcefully seize it from him. That would clearly mean becoming enemies of the Human Tribe. Thus, the Sages were left in a difficult position.

Chapter 162: An Unforeseen Event

It was because Minghe knew the current situation that he felt at ease having Musen keep the Kongtong Seal. Though Musen was no match for the Sages, his identity as the Ancestor of Martial Arts meant they couldn't snatch the seal from him. Further, few people beneath the Sages were capable of defeating him. Thus, the seal would always remain with him.

Having combined himself with the Way of Heaven, Hongjun naturally knew the seal was the Treasure of Humanity. When he saw that all the Sages understood this, he said, "If you want to establish the Human Sovereigns, you need the Treasure of Humanity. So you need to consult... Minghe about it."

Minghe's expression changed drastically when he heard his name. Hongjun actually dragged him into this. Though he was indeed scheming, the tribe would eventually be formidable. They would be the future ruler of Heaven and Earth. If they were to be powerful, so would the Way of Heaven.

He lifted his head and stared darkly at Hongjun. He saw that Hongjun had seemingly separated himself from the Way of Heaven and resumed as his own being, as he had done when gifting Houtu the Bell of Chaos. But that was only for a brief moment before he assimilated with the Way of Heaven again. Only this time, Minghe noticed something was different.

Resentment of the tribe. Yes, that was it. Minghe had always wondered why Hongjun removed the resentment of the tribe when he put away the Wu-killing Sword. From the looks of it, it seemed that he was using it to separate himself from the Way of Heaven. With the tribe being the future ruler of Heaven and Earth, their resentment would naturally cause disturbance to the Way of Heaven. That was why Hongjun temporarily returned to being himself.

However, Minghe couldn't understand why Hongjun would do so. First, Hongjun changed the minor trend of heaven and gave Houtu the Bell of Chaos which was supposed to be hidden from the world. Second, he directed the spearhead at Minghe. With his remarks, everyone likely found out about Musen's secret. This greatly messed up Minghe's plans.

His expression was unpleasant as he looked at Hongjun who had returned to being emotionless. He knew Hongjun was scheming something, but after putting two and two together, he realized Hongjun was scheming against him specifically. Though he had his own plans, it wouldn't only benefit himself. With the development of the tribe, the Way of Heaven would be benefitting as well.

But he no longer had so much time to worry about this. The Sages had directed all their gazes at him. Now that Hongjun said as such, the secrets of Heaven were revealed. With some prediction, they would be able to learn the relationship between Musen and Minghe.

"The matter of the Human Sovereigns is of utmost urgency. You all need to have a discussion." Having said that, Hongjun disappeared but none of the Sages paid his absence any mind. What they cared about was the fact that Musen was Minghe's Selfcentric Separation. What a fine plan! If Hongjun hadn't clued them in today, they would really still be dancing on Minghe's palm.

Minghe suddenly calmed down while facing the intense gazes of the Sages. In the past, he would still be worried about his losses and gains. But his horizons were broadened after learning about another world in the Chaos and those worries no longer weighed on his mind.

Laozi looked at Minghe, heart burning with hatred. Previously, he hated Musen for removing the superiority of the Tribe of Humanity in the tribe. Now that he knew Musen was Minghe's Selfcentric Separation, that ought to be the latter's idea. On this aspect, Laozi had placed undue blame on Minghe. It was entirely Musen's idea but perhaps no one would believe so.

Laozi said coldly, "Fellow Taoist Minghe, you're indeed good at scheming and laid down such a massive arrangement. If the Honorable Ancestor didn't give us a clue today, perhaps we'd still be kept in the dark. We didn't expect you'd long ago placed such an important person in the tribe. I have to say you're the one with the best arrangement."

Minghe gave a slight smile. "Fellow Taoist Laozi, I didn't scheme against the tribe. Musen, the Ancestor of Martial Arts, is indeed my Selfcentric Separation. However, he has been separated from me when Goddess Nvywa had first created humans. He bears all my obsession with his human body but none of my Original Spirit or supernatural power. He's a genuine human. Besides, the tribe back then was so weak they're not worthy scheming about."

The expressions of the Sages changed somewhat. If that was so, that really couldn't be considered a scheme against the Human Tribe. Besides, at that time, the Wu and Demon Tribes ruled the world. However, they still couldn't understand why Minghe would choose a human body to store his obsession. They wisely refrained from asking since that was Minghe's secret. He might not answer even if they asked.

Laozi frowned. "You indeed have good foresight. Since that's the case, we should settle the Karma between us. Back then, you used Musen to weaken the position of the Tribe of Humanity in the Human Tribe and took away our tribe's Luck. It's time to pay your debts."

Minghe sneered and said, "Fellow Taoist Laozi, are you kidding? There's no Karma between us. It's absolutely a groundless to say Musen snatched your Luck. Don't forget, you're the one who robbed Musen off his Luck when you first established your tribe. He's only taking back what belongs to him."

Laozi's expression immediately darkened. He had forgotten that during its establishment, the Tribe of Humanity snatched 10 percent of Musen's Luck and 10 percent of Goddess Nvywa's Luck. That meant that while Minghe didn't owe him Karma, he owed some to Goddess Nvywa. Goddess Nvywa cared neither about the grudges between Minghe and Laozi nor the position as the Mentor of Human Sovereigns. What she was concerned about was the position of the Human Sovereigns which could gain merit for teaching the Human Tribe. When Human Sovereigns fulfilled their duties, the Merit for Human Sovereigns would naturally fall.

Fuxi's shattered soul was still living inside Goddess Nvywa's Mountain and River Map. Though she had done the best she could to treat Fuxi, no one knew how long it would take for him to completely recover. Most importantly, his shattered soul had no physical body to reside in. Hence, even if his Original Spirit recovered, he would not be complete without a body.

The Three Royals and Five Emperors gave Goddess Nvywa new hope. If Fuxi could be incarnated as a Human Sovereign, he would completely recover his cultivation. Not only that, the Demon Tribe's Luck could also be recovered using the Human Tribe's Luck. When that happened, Fuxi could return to the Demon Tribe and ensure the prosperity of their tribe once again.

Considering this, Goddess Nvywa said, "Fellow Taoist Minghe, you may not owe Senior Brother Laozi anything but you owe me for using my Human Tribe to separate your Selfcentric Separation and gaining much Luck through it. Moreover, you weakened my power in the tribe. You should be repaying your Karma, no?"

Minghe nodded. "That's true but I don't know how can I repay such Karma. You can ask for anything and I'll never refuse if it's within my capabilities." It was true that he owed Karma to Goddess Nvywa and he also knew how to pay back it. Since Goddess Nvywa had made her request, she must be coveting the position of Human Sovereign for her brother, Fuxi.

Goddess Nvywa said happily, "I'm not interested in the position of the Mentor of Human Sovereigns. What I want is the position of the Heavenly Sovereign. My brother Fuxi suffered greatly from the last Cultivation Tribulation and he's left only as a shattered soul. Since we're establishing the Three Royals and Five Emperors, I want my brother to be the Heavenly Sovereign of the Human Tribe."

That was well within Minghe's expectations. The other Sages also understood what Goddess Nvywa wanted. She had a good relationship with her brother Fuxi. Since there was only Fuxi's shattered soul left, it was natural she wanted to rely on the Merit for the Human Sovereigns to help Fuxi to completely recover. Besides, she was the Sacred Lady of the Human Tribe and Minghe also owed her Karma. They had no reason to object.

However, Minghe needed to explain one thing in advance. "Fellow Taoist Goddess Nvywa, I'm fine with Fuxi being the Human Sovereign. But there's one thing that I need to stress in advance. Fuxi is the Royal Fuxi of the Demon Tribe. He must give up his existing identity to become the Heavenly Sovereign of the Three Royals and Five Emperors. The Human and the Demon Tribes had pledged that they wouldn't coexist. You can imagine what will happen if the Human Tribe finds out their Human Sovereign was once a tribesman of the Demon Tribe. Fuxi can only be a human."

Goddess Nvywa's expression changed. She had forgotten about this. Even if Fuxi becomes the Human Sovereign and recovers both his cultivation and memories, he wouldn't be able to return to the Demon Tribe. She couldn't accept this.

Inside the Mountain and River Map, Fuxi quietly listened to everything happening outside as he struggled with himself. He didn't want to make things difficult for Goddess Nvywa. Even if the Human Tribe accepted him as the Human Sovereign after knowing he once belonged to the Demon Tribe out of respect for Goddess Nvywa, she would probably lose the reputation she had among the humans. If that happened, it would be hard for her to protect the 10 percent of Luck she had in the tribe.

Chapter 163: The Mentor of Human Sovereigns

Fuxi's voice came out of the Mountain and River Map, saying, "There won't be Fuxi of the Demon Tribe after my reincarnation, only the human Fuxi." Goddess Nvywa's expression changed drastically. Though she understood what he meant, she still couldn't bring herself to accept it.

Minghe nodded. "Alright. Since that's the case, Fuxi will be the Heavenly Sovereign of the Three Sovereigns. Goddess Nvywa, the Karma I owed you is now repaid." He felt like a burden was lifted from him after repaying his Karma.

The rest of the Sages cared only about the position of the Mentor of Human Sovereigns. Since they couldn't send their disciples to be incarnated as the Human Sovereigns, they could only snatch the Mentor positions for their disciples and receive the Merit for the Human Sovereigns.

They looked at each other, obviously having reached an agreement. They couldn't possibly allow Minghe enjoy the Mentor positions alone. They needed to work together to suppress him and wrestle the position away. Otherwise, they really couldn't imagine how much more Luck he would receive from the Human Tribe after the era of the Three Royals and Five Emperors arrived.

Laozi calmed down himself and said gravely, "Minghe, your Religion of Asura isn't compatible with the Human Tribe and can only be preached to the Asura Tribe. The Three Royals and Five Emperors have the duty of teaching the Human Tribe. The Kongtong Seal is in your hands but you can't use it anyway. Why don't you hand it to us to guide the Human Sovereigns?"

Laozi was right. The Religion of Asura was truly incompatible with humans. The reason why the Human Tribe would be the future ruler of Heaven and Earth wasn't simply because they were the strongest tribe. It was also because they rarely killed. In the future, more and more common people would be born. Even if the humans go to war, the damage they cause wouldn't be too great. Who would be the ruler of the heaven and earth if not the Human Tribe?

Minghe sneered. "Laozi, are you kidding me? Why must I give you my things? Even if my Religion of Asura isn't suitable for the Human Tribe, but my disciples aren't from that religion. They can also be the Mentors of Human Sovereigns." The Honoured Lord of the Origin replied, "Minghe, you only have three disciples, including Black Tortoise of the Human Tribe. Don't tell me you're planning to take all eight positions for yourself. The positions aren't a small matter. If the Human Sovereigns couldn't return their position, I'll see how you'll explain yourself to the teacher."

Minghe replied placidly, "Lord of the Origin, don't try and use the Honourable Ancestor to pressure me. My Self-centric Separation have lived among humans for a long time and knows everything about the affairs of the tribe. Their drawbacks naturally wouldn't be a problem to him. I can say with ease that my disciples are capable of being the Mentors of Human Sovereign. Besides, we'll be receiving merit after the Human Sovereigns fulfill their duties. No one would turn down Merits, so why should I share it with you people?"

The Sages flew into a rage after hearing that. Minghe was so stubborn! They wanted nothing more than kill him right there and then, but didn't dare to do so because they were in Zixiao Palace. Besides, Minghe wouldn't die unless the Blood Sea runs dry. Even if they cooperate to kill him, he might not really die. When that time comes, what would be waiting for them would be his frenzied counterattack. For a moment, silence befell the palace. There was nothing the Sages could do if Minghe wouldn't relent. Instead, it was Goddess Nvywa who saw through everything. She didn't care if the Sages wanted the Mentor positions but if they somehow affected Fuxi becoming the Human Sovereign, then that would be her business.

She clearly knew it wasn't that Minghe didn't want to relent. He knew he was no match for the five Sages, but he simply refused to take the initiative to compromise. He alone had helped the tribe reach its current position. Naturally, he wouldn't be unwilling to give up the Mentor positions. He was still waiting. He waited for the other Sages to compromise and when that happened, he would likely get the biggest slice of the pie.

Since the other Sages weren't willing to open their mouths, Goddess Nvywa decided to be the peacemaker. She said quietly, "You're all aware how much effort Minghe put into the tribe since their birth. I don't think it's very appropriate for you all to force him to give that up for nothing." Having said this, Goddess Nvywa also felt ashamed. Indeed, since the birth of the tribe, she had done little for them. She, as their Sacred Lady, was truly incompetent. Realized immediately dawned on the Sages after hearing Goddess Nvywa's remarks. It wasn't that Minghe wasn't willing to give them several of the Mentor positions. He was simply waiting for them to open their mouths and ask. Everyone had their selfish desires and that included the Sages. Otherwise, based on Minghe's character, he wouldn't have spared any time talking to them and would have already left.

Laozi said, "Fellow Taoist Minghe, we wouldn't ask you to give up the Mentor positions for nothing. Just tell us what you want. If it's not too much, it's yours." His words carried a deeper sense of courtesy. He had no choice. After all, he was asking someone else for a favor.

Minghe replied, "Indeed, the eight Mentors positions are too many for me. Among my disciples, only Liu Er and Kong Xuan are suitable. Black Tortoise isn't competent due to his low cultivation and lazy character. So I only need the position of Heavenly Sovereign and the Earthly Sovereign. As for the last Humanity Sovereign and the Five Emperors, you can decide it among yourselves."

Minghe threw the problem back at them again. The positions of the Heavenly Sovereign and the Earthly Sovereign were already taken. How would they divide the remaining six positions among themselves? What would they use to exchange with Minghe?

Laozi considered carefully and said, "Xuandu is my only disciple. I'll use three Nine Cycles Golden Elixirs to exchange for the position of the first Emperor of the Five Emperors. What do you think, Fellow Taoist Minghe?"

The rest Sages wore confused expressions. By right, Laozi should be choosing the position of the final Mentor of the Human Sovereigns. Why the first Emperor? They came to understand his reason after a round of predictions.

The Three Sovereigns were conferred as the Heavenly Sovereign, the Earthly Sovereign, and the Humanity Sovereign. Though the last one would enjoy the most Merit among the three Sovereigns, he would bear the responsibility of uniting the whole tribe. Xuandu alone wasn't capable of assisting the Human Sovereigns to fulfill their duties. Thus, Laozi chose the position of the first Emperor of the Five Emperors for him. One would receive plenty of merit for assisting the Human Sovereigns, but likewise, there would also be plenty of karma if the Human Sovereigns were to fail to return to their positions. Minghe smiled and said, "Fellow Taoist Laozi, you're truly generous. If that's the case, I'll give you the position of the first Emperor." Three Nine Cycles Golden Elixirs meant three Zenith Heaven Golden Immortals. Minghe had wanted to refine a Da Luo Golden Elixir comparable with the Nine Cycles Zenith Heaven Golden Elixir in the past but failed.

Seeing another Mentor of Human Sovereign had been chosen, the rest four Sages became worried. Origin began to say before others, "I have a large number of disciples, so I want to use four Mid Grade Primordial Spiritual Treasures to exchange for the last Human Sovereign and the second Emperor with Fellow Taoist. Do you agree with that?"

Minghe was surprised to see the four treasures from the Honoured Lord of the Origin and couldn't help recalling a certain person. He smiled and said, "Then it's a deal." He then put away those treasures.

Tongtian immediately said, "I also have many disciples, so I also need two positions. I'd like to use one Top Grade Primordial Spiritual Treasure to exchange for the last two Emperor positions. Is that agreeable to you, Fellow Taoist Minghe?" Satisfied with Tongtian's treasure, Minghe also nodded. The last position was naturally left for Jieyin and Zhunti. If the Three Pristine Ones were the ones in control, they would naturally leave the West with nothing. But considering they had worked together to pressure Minghe earlier, Jieyin and Zhunti wouldn't be satisfied if they received nothing.

But they were feeling conflicted. The West was originally barren and whatever Spiritual Treasures they received on the Treasure Gifting Rock were given away to their disciples. It would be a problem for them to come up with valuable treasures to exchange the final position with Minghe.

Zhunti said with a conflicted expression, "Fellow Taoist, the West has become barren after Lord of Devils Luohou's self- explosion. We really don't have anything worth exchanging with you. Why don't you gift the final position to the West? You can consider it as accumulating Merit."

Minghe couldn't help laughing inwardly. Zhunti was such a stingy man. If he met something he liked, he would always say the thing was destined for him. But it would be difficult to get anything from him. But Minghe had a plan of his own and said, "Since the West is barren, why don't you offer your three Lotus Seeds of the Golden Lotus of Merit and one branch of the Bodhi Tree for the position?"

Chapter 164: The Incarnation of Fu Xi

Jieyin and Zhunti felt reluctant to give Minghe what he had asked for. Actually, Minghe's demand was reasonable and they also had the ability to meet the demand. Besides, for the sake of the Mentor of Human Sovereign, they had to accept the deal. Jieyin handed out three Golden Lotus Seeds, while Zhunti fetched Minghe a Bodhi Tree.

"So, that's a deal. Goddess Nvywa, my fellow Taoist, you can make Fuxi go through the incarnation process as early as possible. Now I need to take my leave if you'll excuse me." said Minghe. In a minute, he left the Zixiao Palace, even before the sages had time to react.

Soon after the departure of Minghe, those sages respectively took their leave one after another, each getting what they wanted with a little sacrifice. Minghe, however, was the ultimate winner. Apart from the elixir and the spiritual treasures, Minghe finally obtained what he had longed for, the Lotus Seed of the Golden Lotus of Merit and the Bodhi Tree, one of the Five Primordial Sacred Roots.

Minghe planted the Bodhi Tree when he returned to the Blood Sea. Watered with Three Light Holy Water, it began to take root and sprout. However, nothing different could be found in those Golden Lotus Seeds of Merit, which were immersed in the same Three Light Holy Water. Minghe even began to doubt whether or not the seeds were genuine.

Holding them in hands, Minghe carefully examined those seeds and did find some origin of the Golden Lotus of Merit in them. They seemed more real than fake. "Then why have they not grown even with the Three Light Holy Water?" Wondered Minghe.

Suddenly, a thought came to him and he summoned a flash of golden light which he instilled into one of those seeds. Subsequently, the seed showed signs of changing, which rendered Minghe speechless. "Oh, What kind of treasures are they? Merely gold-suckers." Minghe thought, shaking his head.

The summoned light was the Golden Light of Merit, yet Minghe never thought it to be the necessary and irreplaceable nutrient to grow the Golden Lotus of Merit. During the Battle of Gods Investiture, one-third of the Golden Lotus of Merit was once sucked by Mosquito Taoist, yet it never got a chance to regain the lost third. The truth was that it took nothing but Merit to recover. So however reluctant he felt to part with it, Minghe had to use the Golden Light of Merit to grow the Golden Lotus Seeds of Merit, as those seeds were crucial to the fulfillment of Red Lotus Taoist, the Evil Separation. Besides, over the past several years, the Blood River Formation and the Nether World had saved Minghe much Merit, so it was not a big deal for him to use some.

So, a great amount of Golden Light of Merit was inserted into that seed. With the endless and increasing flow of light, it soon bloomed into a golden lotus, growing in size and level at such a surprisingly fast speed.

After a long while, Minghe finally stopped, looking at the ninth-grade Golden Lotus of Merit in his hand contentedly. However, it had taken more than half of all the Merit he had collected, and the remaining merit was far from enough to create another one. Minghe, therefore, put away the other two as they might be of use in the future.

After he gave the Golden Lotus of Merit to Red Lotus Taoist, Ming He was going to recall Liu Er and Kong Xuan so as to inform them about the issue of the Mentor of Human Sovereign. However, it suddenly occurred to him that, considering the relationship between the Demon Tribe and the Wu Tribe, Houtu would never sit idle and allow the incarnation of Fuxi.


Goddess Nvywa, on her way back to Wahuang Heaven, also came to realize that Fuxi must go through Six Path of Reincarnation before he could be reincarnated as a human. However, the process of the Six Paths of Reincarnation was under the charge of the Ancestor of Sorcery, Houtu, who would definitely try all means to stop it, since the Wu and Demon Tribes had long been deadly enemies against each other.

Goddess Nvywa began to regret the rash deal she had made
with Minghe in Zixiao Palace. "I should have made Minghe promise to let my brother Fuxi go through the Six Paths of Reincarnation." She thought. As Good Separation throned the Nether World, it was easy for him to do that all by himself. Yet, now the deal was struck, so nothing more could be done about it.

Goddess Nvywa thought for a long time before she finally decided to head for Mount Shouyang, where she could ask Laozi for help, who was the first disciple of Hongjun and the most powerful one among all the sages. Laozi still owed Karma to Goddess Nvywa, so she could offer a deal for his help. Though it was not a bargain for Goddess Nvywa, it was the sole way out. Besides, the reincarnation of Fuxi was no difficult a thing for Laozi.

Laozi was just coming back to Mount Shouyang when he heard the greetings of Goddess Nvywa, "Brother Laozi, Goddess Nvywa begs for an audience." At such words, Laozi frowned, wondering the intentions of her visit, since they had just met in Zixiao Palace.

Laozi answered, "Come in please, sister." In a blink of an eye, Goddess Nvywa appeared in the palace. Bewildered, Laozi asked, "Why rush here instead of returning to your Wahuang Heaven, sister? To what do I owe the pleasure of this visit?"

"It's for my brother Fuxi. I need your help for his reincarnation. My brother, you know, the Six Paths of Reincarnation that Fuxi has to go through is controlled by the Ancestor of Sorcery, Houtu. I can only count on you to help him out now, and if you make it, all the Karma you owe to me would be written off. How is that for a deal?" Goddess Nvywa asked. Laozi was about to refuse it because he knew too well that if he helped Fuxi to reincarnate, Houtu would definitely bear grudges against him. However, since Goddess Nvywa promised to write off his debt, he decided to give it another thought.

Laozi couldn't think of a better way to pay back the Karma, so he accepted the deal and said, "That's a deal. Now leave me the left piece of his Purusa, and I will handle it."

Hearing that, with a wide smile on her face, Goddess Nvywa unfolded the Mountain and River Maplet and let out Fuxi's Purusa. Fuxi bowed to Laozi and said, "Deep appreciation for your help, Sage Grand Pure." Fuxi always bore in mind the due etiquette and politeness to a sage, because he knew that though Laozi addressed him as 'fellow Taoist', Laozi, as a sage, still had a far higher status than him.

With a nodding of his head, Laozi drew back Fuxi's Purusa. He then said, "Reincarnation Gate. Open!" The Human Gate of the Six Paths of Reincarnation was then forced to be open by a swelling Power of Infinity. In an instant, Fuxi was sent in by Laozi with a simple wave of his sleeve.

All of a sudden, Houtu's boisterous scream approached, "How dare you! Reincarnation, off!" Hou Tu, back in the Nether Land, sensed it soon after Laozi forced the Human Gate open. Since the Six Paths of Reincarnation was transferred from her flesh before, not even the slightest movement of it could ever escape her notice.

It was all clear to Houtu that Laozi wanted to help Fuxi go through the reincarnation process. However, for whatever reason that Laozi wanted to meddle in this affair, Houtu would never allow Fuxi, a Demon Tribesman, to go through reincarnation. So, she stopped it in time, hoping to crush Fuxi's last piece of Purusa.

Laozi had expected Houtu's interference, so he summoned out a Map of Taichi, which was turned into a golden bridge, instantly forming a strong protection spell for Fuxi. Houtu, however hard she tried, failed to break the spell and Fuxi was soon to enter into reincarnation.

Houtu snarled in anger, "You will not get away with that. I will make him suffer if it is the last thing I can do." In a minute, a gush of power surged and swelled, breaching the bridge. Soon enough, a trickle of water followed Fuxi into the Six Paths of Reincarnation through the crevice. The situation startled both Goddess Nvywa and Laozi because that trickle of water was by no means ordinary. It was Five Flavored Tea of Forgetfulness from the Nether World and was used to make people forget about the happenings in their past lives when they reincarnated. Now it was splattered on Fuxi's Purusa, so he might no longer remember who he was, right up until the day he fulfilled his Tao.

Laozi, however, was more surprised by Houtu's power. Houtu didn't use her Bell of Chaos, yet she did win in that fight, even if Laozi had resorted to the Map of Ta Chi. Houtu was still going through the Six Paths of Reincarnation, yet she had already demonstrated her strong power. Obviously, she would be far stronger after it, let alone the fact that she still had the Bell of Chaos in hand.

When it came to the next Cultivation Tribulation, Houtu would be free, and by then, she might be a threat to all the sages, including Laozi himself. He could not even imagine how much stronger Houtu would be by then.

But now, Laozi looked at Goddess Nvywa, who was laden with anxiety and said, "You don't have to worry so much about it. Fellow Taoist Fuxi has a life connected to the Human Sovereign, and Minghe would also send disciples to guide him. By the time that Fuxi fulfills his cultivation as Human Sovereign, he will have recalled his memory."

Chapter 165: Liu Er Joined the Human Tribe

Goddess Nvywa could do nothing but pray for her brother, so she parted with Laozi and headed directly for Wahuang Heaven, leaving Laozi, who was sitting alone, in rumination.


In the Pingxin City, Houtu was overwhelmed by mixed feelings, for she never thought that Laozi would dare to open the Six Paths of Reincarnation by force. During the fight in the Six Paths of Reincarnation, they just exerted a little power and the path was stirred, so Houtu reserved her power to prevent any damage, as in the Six Paths of Reincarnation, Houtu was the strongest, with a power even comparable to the Way of Heaven.

However, because of her scruple, Fuxi had gone through the reincarnation and become a Human Tribesman. Houtu was therefore drowned in a deep regret, for she could never stand it that Fuxi, who killed her brother, had survived and reincarnated as a Human Tribesman. After some careful calculation and thought, Houtu came to realize that Fuxi had already been destined to be the Human Sovereign. This was simply unbearable to Houtu, who looked at the Blood Sea, sombrely.


Back on the Sacred Island of Blood Sea, Minghe was looking at the Nether World. He could naturally sense the stir of the Six Paths of Reincarnation, yet it never occurred to him that Goddess Nvywa would be willing to give up all the Karma in exchange for Laozi's help. Since Fuxi had already reincarnated, it was time for him to send his disciples downhill.

Minghe gathered Liu Er and Kongxuan and said to them, "The Human Tribe will thrive and prosper one day, yet they still lack Three Royals and Five Emperors to fulfill their Merit. I would deal with the first royal, Mentor of Human Sovereign, and you shall be assigned to help the other two. Liu Er assists Heavenly Sovereign and Kongxuan assists Earthly Sovereign. Though the Human Sovereign hasn't been born yet, you two can concern yourselves about the sufferings and hardships of the Human Tribe, so that when the time matures, you are already ready to help the Human Sovereign." Liu Er grinned and said, "Master, you can rest assured. This was a piece of cake to me." That grinning face made Kongxuan speechless, for he knew that Liu Er was probably the one that made Minghe worry the most.

Minghe said seriously, "I worry about no one other than you, Liu Er, even though you are a Sage-to-be now. Assisting the Human Sovereign takes not only power and strength, but most importantly, wisdom and alertness. You must behave yourself this time, for whatever trouble you make, you will be punished when you come back. Additionally, do remember to transform yourself into a human body, or you might scare the humans."

That he must transform really dampened Liu Er. Since the start of his cultivation, Liu Er had been monkey-faced, yet now he was suddenly required to transform into a human body, he felt overwhelmed with a sense of awkwardness and reluctance. However, he knew too well that the Human and Demon Tribes were destined to be different. If he walked there directly, he would probably be refused at the gate before he even got a chance to see the Human Sovereign, let alone make him a disciple.

Minghe continued, "You both are my favorite disciples. Considering your cultivation, no one except a few secluded powers can match you. However, do remember that wisdom comes first this time, for not all problems can be solved merely with power. I hope you will live up to my expectations and do inform me when trouble occurs."

After hearing such words, Liu Er and Kongxuan bowed in reverence and said, "Yes, master, we will keep it in mind." After bidding farewell to Minghe, both Liu Er and Kongxuan rode the cloud heading for the Human Tribe. Halfway there, they separated and took different paths, for they thought it was better for them to cultivate their minds alone, which was, apart from assisting the Human Sovereign, also a crucial part of their task.


Back in the Human Tribe, a girl in Feng Yan Tribe was born at the foot of Mount Huaxu, and therefore got the name Huaxu. She was a kind-hearted girl with delicate features and won wide recognition among her fellow Tribesmen.

To the west of Feng Yan Tribe, there was a Thunder Blessing, governed by a God of Thunder, who had a human body and yet a dragon head. His stomach swelled like a beating drum with a loud sound deafening like thunderbolts. Thunder God occupied the Heaven, taking charge of all the bolts and thunders while inflicting punishments on humans. The Thunder Blessing, therefore, was deemed as a Forbidden Land. Anyone who entered it without authorization would be exiled.

Huaxu grew up listening to stories about Thunder God, which planted the seeds of curiosity in her, yet she was cautious enough not to violate the rule.

One day, a halo of light wreathed over the Thunder Marsh and was noticed by Huaxu.

That halo of light reminded her of the ancient legend in her tribe, which only intensified her desire to see the Thunder Marsh with her own eyes. Though she still had a desperate dread of the punishment, curiosity finally declared victory in her mental battle.

Huaxu then heading for the Thunder Marsh secretly.

Before long, she came near to the Thunder Marsh. Looking at it up close, she became hesitant, for she knew that there was no drawing back once she made the decision.

However, curiosity secured the victory again in her mind, "I have come here already, why not set foot in it, there won't be much difference." Soon enough, she entered the Thunder Marsh.

Within the Thunder Marsh, Huaxu hadn't met Thunder God yet, and all there was inside were tall reeds. She trod them down every step she took in case she should get lost.

About half an hour since she entered the Thunder  Marsh, ahead of her she saw a wide stretch of uncovered land, which was even more alluring to her. She rushed near and found a huge footprint measuring about 40 meters in length and 10 meters in width. Overwhelmed by surprise, she  began  to wonder how tiny she was before that giant who left such a huge footprint.

Huaxu set up her mind to measure the giant and started to walk toward to the giant footprint. However, at the time when she stepped into the mark, suddenly a colored light flashed directly towards her and disappeared near her stomach.

She could feel that something was different with her stomach, and that startled her so badly that she rushed back as fast as possible. After she came back to her tribe, her belly bulged larger with each passing day, and suspicion also grew amongst the people.

Later, after inquiry, she came to realize that she was pregnant.

That unmarried pregnancy caught the attention of the Elder, who demanded the reason from her. By then, she could no longer keep the secret but had to tell the truth. How she noticed the light, the giant footprints in the Thunder Marsh and how she reached it, all was told explained in detail.

Hearing the whole thing out, people all thought that she carried a monster inside. Yet, considering her good deeds before, they didn't exile or hang her, instead, they isolated her, building a small cottage near Yu River, where she had to live all on herself. Her belly was growing larger, to the extent that it hindered her free movement. It was not long before the day finally came when she could no longer labor and had nothing to feed on. Suddenly, in her dire desperation for food, a Forefather of Kylin flew over with a big lotus leaf in its mouth and some nuts wrapped in it.

For quite a long time, the Forefather of Kylin constantly carried food over, not just fruit, but also some meat.

At the first sight of the Kylin, Huaxu was afraid to come out of the room, so she waited for the Forefather of Kylin to leave and then took the food inside. After a few times, she got used to it and was not afraid anymore.


Liu Er left the Blood Sea and soon parted with Kongxuan to head to the Human Tribe alone. He obeyed Minghe's suggestion and transformed into a human, with the shawl on him turned into a Taoist Robe. He now looked more like a young man in his twenties, lacking a kind of prudence that could only be found in middle-aged Taoists. Though Liu Er was usually of naughty character, he did take things seriously for his trip into the Human Tribe. Before long, he found that the tribe was entirely different from before. Most of the Tribesmen were ordinary people who fed themselves through hunting and fruit-picking. However, people frequently died from hunger.

Liu Er felt deeply touched whenever he saw lovers or families being torn apart by death. Since Liu Er was accepted as Minghe's disciple, his way of cultivation had long been smooth, not to mention that he had become a Sage-to-be now, so death and sad partings were never part of his life. Liu Er found that although the Human Tribe was still weak, their love and bonds were strong and indestructible, which made him realize why Minghe thought so highly of the Human Tribe.

Chapter 166: Water Kylin

Chapter 34 Water Kylin

Although Liu Er could not save all starving humans, it was still impossible for him to watch them die without doing anything. So he delivered them some ferocious Wild Beasts. Killing a few ferocious wild beasts was completely easy for him, but for those starving Human Tribesmen, he had done them an enormous favor.

As Liu Er treated the Human Tribe benevolently, his understanding of the Human Tribe's sufferings deepened. These sufferings were nothing for Liu er. It could even be said that those sufferings would not disturb those immortals with even a bit of cultivation. However, for these ordinary Human Tribe's members, those sufferings might become crises that could cost them their lives.

Since he wanted to become the Mentor of Human Sovereign, Liu Er naturally had to make some preparations. The sufferings of the Human Tribe had to be overcome with the Human Tribe's strength, which was the reason why the Human Sovereigns would exist. Every time he found one kind of Human Tribe's suffering, Liu Er would memorize it in his heart. He would ponder over how that suffering could be overcome using the strength of an ordinary human.

Nowadays the numbers of the Human Tribesmen were too many. However, their innate talents were getting far worse than before. Whether it was their Martial Arts or their cultivations, the numbers of people who could genuinely enter the Primordial Martial Arts or attain the Great Way and become immortals were getting fewer and fewer. The most important thing was that the Human Tribe inside the Holy Land of the Human Tribe no longer interfered with the development of the Human Tribe outside, and thus it caused the deficiency of Human Tribe's transforming exercises. Even though the Sages' disciples were preaching, their preaching was limited only to several tribes of the Human Tribe.

Under the impossibility of attaining the Great Way and becoming immortals, the Human Tribe's Martial Arts started to show a slight sign of flourishing. The Human Tribe nowadays had widespread signs of strong Martial Arts bodies among them. Hunting those Bild Beasts, especially the strong ones, without any Martial Arts strength, would be the same as courting death.

The Human Tribe was so large that it was impossible for Liu Er to walk among all of them by himself. Fortunately, he found a way. Just by blowing one strand of his hair, countless Liu Er appeared in front of him. This time, quantity mattered. Although all the avatars converted from his hair had a low cultivation level, which was only the level of Veridical Immortal, it was already enough to visit the Human Tribe.

Within several months, Liu Er had walked through half of the Human Tribe. What he had heard and seen had overwhelmed him. When he withdrew his hair avatars, his mind was also no longer the same. Liu Er now had a kind of feeling that he was about to separate his Good Separation.

However, right now was not the right time to separate his Good Separation. Minghe had helped him to determine his Way of Three Separations, which was to use three Origins of Four Monkey of Destruction to separate his Three Separations. He had found neither the Long-Armed Ape Monkey nor the Red- Bottomed Horse Monkey. Thus, he could only suppress the breakthrough of his cultivation and concentrate on achieving enlightenment from the Divine Law and strengthen his human body.

Liu Er was a bit anxious. A Human Tribe's female ought to be pregnant for ten months, perhaps the Human Sovereign would be born in about two or three months. It had been about seven or eight months since he immersed among the Human Tribe, but he had not found the slightest trace of the Human Sovereign. His heart was naturally anxious.

"En?" Liu Er suddenly frowned. As he withdrew his hair avatars, one memory unexpectedly made him feel suspicious. Unmarried yet pregnant, and a Kylin was providing food to her. It really was suspicious. Thus, Liu er promptly changed his course and went towards Yu River.

It was not really strange for a woman to be pregnant before marrying. On the contrary, it was the fact that a Forefather of Kylin was giving her food that made Liu Er feel suspicious. After the Longhan Cultivation Tribulation, it was very rare for the Kylin Tribe to appear in front of any living beings. Every place a Forefather of Kylin appeared, definitely had auspicious signs. Presumably, the Forefather of Kylin was prompted to provide food because the baby that Huaxu conceived was extraordinary. Since Kylins were auspicious beasts, they could naturally sense the existence of the auspicious signs.

As soon as he arrived at the bank of Yu River, Liu Er saw an exotic beast delivering food to a pregnant woman. This beast's body was a combination of a lion's head, antlers, tiger's eyes, an elaphure's body, dragon's scales and an ox's tail. It was indeed a genuine Forefather of Kylin. Based on the fluctuation of its supernatural power, it was a Water Kylin.

However, its cultivation was not that good and only at Black Immortal level. Looking at its age, it was probably only born several hundred years ago. Moreover, based on its chaotic supernatural power, it was clear that it did not have a complete transforming exercise. Relying only on a very shallow transforming exercise to achieve this cultivation level was indeed not an easy thing to do. After delivering food, the Forefather of Kylin went following the Yu River into the forest on the mountain.

After the Forefather of Kylin left, Liu Er started to observe the pregnant woman living inside the straw cottage. There was a noble aura exuding from the woman's face, but it was not her own. The ancients used to say, "a mother's honor would increase, as the rise of her son's position". Although the fetus in her womb was not yet completely formed, he was already surrounded by a purple aura, which was noble beyond words.

This purple aura was not an ordinary purple aura. It was the Ziwei Emperor Aura of celestial Polaris. Since ancient times, Polaris was the symbol of a monarch status. It would already be noble beyond words if the monarch in the future could have nine Ziwei Emperor Auras. However, the fetus in Huaxu's womb already had the thick purple aura. It should be the Human Sovereign he was searching for.

As the Human Sovereign had not yet been born yet, guarding here was useless. There would be nothing wrong with coming again when the Human Sovereign was born. Following the direction the Water Kylin took when it left, Liu er went to chase after it as now he was even more interested in that Water Kylin. The Kylin Tribe had been hidden from the Untainted Land, how could there be a Kylin within the Human Tribe's region?

In the forest on the mountain, Water Kylin stepped onto the river's bank and laid on its stomach. It was about to rest when a Taoist appeared in front of it. The Water Kylin vigilantly got up at once and roared, "Who are you? Why are you here?"

The one who came was naturally Liu Er. Seeing that the Water Kylin seemed to be very nervous, Liu er could not help but laugh and say, "Little guy, don't be nervous. If I wanted to harm you, do you think that you could resist?" After traveling among the Human Tribe for several months, Liu er was a lot more mature now. At least, he no longer referred to himself with a dialectal 'I'. Feeling the monstrous coercion Liu er emitted, the Water Kylin respectfully asked, "Younger generation meets the Great Immortal. What brought the Great Immortal to this place? If there is a task Xuan Qing needs to do, Xuanqing will definitely carry it out." Since Liu Er's coercion had left him without the slightest strength to resist, the Water Kylin, Xuanqing, naturally would not dare to slight him.

Liu Er smiled and asked, "Don't be nervous. I just saw you delivering food to a pregnant woman from the Human Tribe back then, which is why I came to take a look. As far as I know, ever since the Longhan Cultivation Tribulation, the Kylin Tribe has lived in a hidden world. They rarely appeared in the Untainted Land. Since you're a Forefather of Kylin, why are you here?"

The Water Kylin answered, "The Great Immortal may not know, I was born in this Yu River about 400 years ago and don't know where the Kylin Tribe resides now. The memory of my Spiritual Inheritance is somewhat incomplete, and the transforming exercise is also flawed, which is why I'm only at Black Immortal level. The Untainted Land is vast, and perhaps I will get into an accident before finding my tribesmen with such poor cultivation, thus, I only stay in this Yu River." Liu Er nodded. The Untainted Land was indeed vast. It was not a place that a Black Immortal could run wild in. If it was seen by those great demons or perhaps by those individual cultivators, it would either be killed or caught. Staying here was indeed the safest. After all, nowadays, none of the clans or individual cultivators in the Untainted Land dared to stir up trouble in the Human Tribe's territory. Several thousand years ago, the Dragon Tribe had been set as an example. Even now, the dragon Cutting Platform at the Coast of the East Sea was still causing fear to everyone in the Untainted Land.

Liu Er eyed the Water Kylin up for a moment. An idea appeared in his mind and he said, "Little guy, I'm lacking a mount to ride on, are you willing to be one?" Liu Er had long been envious that Minghe had Chixuan as his mount. Although Minghe seldom rode Chixuan, Liu Er was still envious of Minghe. How impressive would it be if he could appear in front of others riding a Kylin?

Hearing Liu Er's words, the Water Kylin hesitated. He did not know anything about Liu Er but that Liu Er's cultivation was higher than his. If he was really to choose a Master, he would like to choose a very strong one or one that had an extremely strong background. Liu Er could naturally guess the Water Kylin's thoughts. He said, "I'm the first disciple of Ancestor Minghe of the Blood Sea, Taoist Liu er. I'm also a Sage-to-be, becoming my mount won't dishonor you. Furthermore, I can pass you the way of cultivation. What do you think?"

Hearing that, the Water Kylin swiftly worshipped and said, "I'm willing to be the Great Immortal's mount." Ancestor Minghe's name was known, even to him that was born not too long ago. Becoming Liu Er's mount would guarantee him a lifetime's safety. Moreover, as Liu Er would pass him the way of cultivation, he naturally would not refuse.

After all, the Kylin Tribe now was no longer the previous one. He, a little Black Immortal, did not count for a thing in the Untainted Land and might be killed by others one day. Besides, following a powerful person was not an embarrassing thing, let alone the master was Liu Er, who had the powerful strength and also had an expert as his support.

Liu Er laughed and said joyfully, "Good! From now on, I will live on this mountain for a while. You will continue to deliver food to that pregnant woman in the future. After you come back, I'll explain the way of cultivation to you. Do you understand?" Liu Er's mood was extremely good after he got this Water Kylin as his mount.

Water Kylin nodded its big head. If it could see that the fetus in that woman's womb was not ordinary, how could Liu Er miss it? Furthermore, from Liu Er's reaction, it was obvious that he came for that fetus. Since it could make Liu Er, a Sage-to-be, regard it as important, the fetus would absolutely be extremely important.

Chapter 167: Liu Er's Recruiting a Disciple

As days passed by, Huaxu's stomach was getting bigger and bigger. However, compared with an ordinary pregnant woman, Huaxu's stomach was getting bigger at a much slower speed. Although the Human Tribe's pregnancy usually lasted for 10 months, within the last 10 months, Huaxu's stomach only grew slightly bigger.

The head of the Feng Yan Tribe sent someone to Yu River's border to check. If Huaxu really gave birth to a monster, they would need to eliminate it as soon as possible so that it would not become a calamity to the tribe. As for Huaxu, they also did not know what they were going to do with her. They could only treat her according to the circumstance when the time came.

The Human Tribesman who came to check on Huaxu was instantly frightened when he found out that Huaxu's stomach was unexpectedly still big. Human Tribe's pregnancies ought to last for 10 months, but why did Huaxu still not give birth? Moreover, her stomach was clearly far smaller than an ordinary 10 months' pregnant one. Was it really a monster?

Just as that person wanted to leave, he found an exotic beast treading on Yu River, walking towards his direction. This beast had a lion's head, antlers, tiger's eyes, an elaphure's body, dragon's scales and an ox's tail. Wasn't this a Forefather of Kylin, the auspicious beast of legend!? That person was even more astonished to witness that the Forefather of Kylin was delivering food to Huaxu.

That person went back and reported everything to the head of Feng Yan Tribe. The head of Feng Yan Tribe was also very surprised and gathered the Tribe's elders to discuss the matter. An elder said, "I've long heard that a divine beast lives in Yu River. I never expected it to be a Forefather of Kylin. If a Kylin appears, this must definitely be an auspicious sign. Since the Forefather of Kylin delivers food to Huaxu, the fetus in Huaxu's womb definitely possesses an auspicious aura. It's definitely not a monster. The child Huaxu conceived must be the Great Sage of our Human Tribe."

Everyone was extremely shocked to hear 'the Great Sage of the Human Tribe'. It was not like there had never been a sage born among the Human Tribe. The birth of a sage would usually lead the tribes to become more prosperous. Now that there would be a Great Sage born among their Feng Yan Tribe, they were naturally happy. Thus, the head of Feng Yan Tribe led the tribesmen to the banks of Yu River to welcome Huaxu back to the tribe. Huaxu also understood that the tribesmen were only panicking before and had not made any serious mistakes. Thus, she forgave them and moved back into the tribe. After all, it would be more comfortable for her if she could have the tribesmen looking after her.

Huaxu's pregnancy lasted for 12 years. Instead of panicking, her tribesmen became even happier. There was a rumor among the Human Tribe that the longer it took for a Great Sage to be born, the more virtuous the Great Sage would be. From what they knew, the longest a Sage was in a term for, was one year six months. Huaxu however, had been pregnant for 12 years. After this child was born, he would probably be incredibly extraordinary.

One day, Huaxu suddenly felt a pain coming from her stomach. The tribesmen hastily helped her deliver the child. A purple aura fell from the Heaven when that child was born and Huaxu's room was suddenly filled with a burst of sunlight. A spiritual dragon was coiling around the roof beam and a resonant cry spread around the world.

This cry shocked the entire Untainted Land. It was only a newborn Human Tribe's baby, yet his cry could spread around the entire Untainted Land. Everyone had long heard that the Human Tribe would crown the Three Royals and Five Emperors. Since this baby was so extraordinary, it would most likely become the first of the Three Royals.

The Sages were naturally the first to know this. However, they did not make any move. After all, the Mentor of Human Sovereigns of the Three Royals and Five Emperors had been assigned. Not only would they bear Karmas if they were to scramble for that position again, they would also have even greater Karmas if they could not let the Human Sovereigns return to their positions. Goddess Nvywa however, was extremely happy.

When Fuxi was born, everyone heard a beast was roaring outside. They went out to take a look and saw that the Forefather of Kylin which had been delivering food to Huaxu actually came with a Taoist sitting on its back. Since that Taoist was able to have a Forefather of Kylin as his mount, he was definitely not an ordinary Immortal. Thus, everyone of the Feng Yan Tribe kowtowed. The head of the tribe asked, "What brings the Immortal here?"

The person who came was naturally Liu Er. He sat on the Forefather of Kylin's back, smiled and said, "I am the eldest disciple of Ancestor Minghe, Taoist Liu Er. I have come for the baby inside this house. This child will be the Great Sage of the Human Tribe in the future. My Master has commanded me to come and accept him as my disciple."

Feng Yan Tribe's people were extremely shocked. They might not know about other almighty names in the Untainted Land, but they had heard about the Sages in the Untainted Land. Ancestor Minghe was one of those Sages. Although they did not know who Taoist Liu er was, since he was accepted by Ancestor Minghe as a disciple, he must have powerful strength. In the eyes of the Human Tribe, Minghe was the same as the Sages, thus the Sages were used as comparisons.

Huaxu was naturally exhilarated when she heard that Sage's disciple had come to recruit a disciple. However, she was also reluctant to part with the child. Liu Er said, "Lady, please rest assured, I am now living on the mountain at the bank of Yu River. After this child grows up, you may send him to the mountain to find me."

Hearing that, Huaxu naturally nodded her head and agreed. Soon after, Liu Er left riding the Forefather of Kylin again. That child meanwhile was raised as the future tribe head by Feng Yan Tribe. The head of the Feng Yan Tribe named him Fuxi, which might be the will of the heaven.

Fuxi showed that he was exceptionally intelligent right after he was born. He could speak three days after he was born and walk five days after born. When he grew slightly older, he already had his own opinion towards things  and  helped  the head of the tribe in handling some matters in a very well- organized way. There was no one in the tribe who did  not admire him. When Fuxi finally grew to adulthood, the head of the tribe used his age as a pretext to give his position to Fuxi.

At this moment, Huaxu also told him that when he was born, he was taken as a disciple by an Immortal who lived on the deep mountain at the bank of Yu River. Now that Fuxi was already an adult, it was the time to formally become his disciple.

According to his mother's words, Fuxi came into the depth of the mountain at the bank of Yu River. When he saw a Forefather of Kylin resting on the riverside, he straightaway knew that this beast was the Forefather of Kylin that had delivered food to his mother. Thus, he bowed three times to the Forefather of Kylin to pay his respect and show his gratitude. The Water Kylin was frightened to see Fuxi bowed towards him. He swiftly moved away and thus accepted only half of Fuxi's ceremony. He had been following Liu Er for so many years, and Liu Er naturally told him the matter about Fuxi's identity, which was Goddess Nvywa's elder brother and the future Human Sovereign of the Human Tribe. Neither identity would allow him to accept Fuxi's bow. Accepting Fuxi's half ceremony was already its limit.

Seeing that Fuxi was about to bow again because he had avoided his first bow, The Water Kylin hastily said, "You must be Fuxi! Your Master has been waiting for a long time inside. You should quickly go inside!" He jumped straight into the river and vanished after he finished speaking.

Although Fuxi was bewildered, he stopped thinking over the matter and went directly inside after knowing that the Immortal had been waiting inside for a long time. After Fuxi walked away, the Water Kylin's head, covered with cold sweats, appeared from the river. He thought, "This Fuxi must have wanted to kill me with his bows! Since he is someone I couldn't afford to offend, then is he also someone I couldn't avoid!?"

When Fuxi arrived at the center of the mountain forest, he saw a huge peach orchard. Countless soft, watery peaches were hanging on the branches. The air was filled with the fragrance of peaches. Fuxi could not help but swallow his saliva. Although he was a Sage, he was, after all, a human. How could he resist the temptation of these peaches?

This peach orchard was not an ordinary one. Liu Er had planted the seeds of the Peaches of Immortality from the Peento Tree that Minghe cultivated. Even though now their level had dropped to a stage in which they could not even be categorized as Postcelestial Spiritual Roots, they still were not something an ordinary human could see. Besides, these fruits could be considered as Magic Fruits, they naturally had a strong temptation for an ordinary human.

But in the end, Fuxi was not an ordinary human. His mind became clear after just after a brief moment of being in a trance. When he saw that seated above a huge rock in the middle of the peach orchard there was a Taoist, he at once knew that the Taoist was the Master he had never met. Thus, he stepped forward and kowtowed, saying, "Disciple Fuxi meets Master."

Liu Er opened his eyes and stared at Fuxi. He said, "Fuxi… really is extraordinary, deserves to be called the human chosen by Heaven. Since today you've formally worshipped me as your Master, I will pass the method of cultivation to you. If in the future you come upon unsolvable matters amongst the Human Tribe, you may also come to ask me."

After passing the method of cultivation onto Fuxi, Liu er used Magic Fruits to quickly help Fuxi finish his Foundation Establishment. After a short three months, Fuxi had already stepped into the realm of Earthly Immortals. It was extremely fast. Fuxi possessed the fate of the Human Sovereign, so even though he had not yet become the Human Sovereign, the Luck of the Feng Yan Tribe already converged on his body. In addition, every day he also ate Magic Fruit. It was natural that his cultivation progressed rapidly.

After three months, Fuxi bade Liu Er farewell and returned to the Feng Yan Tribe. Fuxi's mind did not linger in cultivating and the matters of the tribe still filled his mind. Fuxi shouldered the mission of Human Sovereign, cultivation was indeed not the most important thing for him. Thus, Liu Er naturally would not stop him.

Once Fuxi became the head of the tribe, he often observed the situation inside the tribe. He saw that among the Human Tribe, a lot of the descendants born from the copulation of closely- related people were more stupid. Therefore, he drew up the human's moral relations. From now on, there would be no marriage between closely-related people, such as between siblings and paternal cousins, in the tribe.

One day when he came to the river bank, he saw that there were a lot of animals with scutes inside the river. Their bodies were like flowing lines and their scutes were glittering, extremely beautifully. The most important thing was that there were a lot of them. Nowadays, the Feng Yan Tribe lived by hunting wild animals and gathering wilds fruit. It could barely keep them from starving to death.

Fuxi thought, "If these animals can be eaten, then the tribe's shortage of food will be solved." Thus, Fuxi went into the mountain to consult Liu er. Liu Er thought about the matter and answered, "These things are Scute creatures under the control of the Dragon Tribe of the Four Seas. They are called Fish. Since the Human Tribe is under a shortage of food, you may eat these things."

Chapter 168: Fuxi's Deduction of the Eight Trigrams

Fuxi brought all the young ones to go fishing but the fish were slippery and also tricky little things. Once they noticed humans approaching, they would swim far away. Humans moved slowly in the water, so even if they fished for the entire day, they still failed to get enough to feed everyone.

So Fuxi went to Liu Er for a solution and the latter pointed at a peach tree. When Fuxi took a closer look, he found a spider web on the branch where an insect was stuck after trying to fly through the web. Realization dawned on him and he cried, "I see."

Just as he was about to leave, Liu Er said, "Fuxi, fish are good sources of food, but they'll be exhausted by humans one day. Your Human Tribe can use ponds to culture them instead. Since they multiply and grow quickly, your tribe will have endless fish to eat this way."

Fuxi nodded, so he continued, "As for wild beasts, they're enough to feed you well but they're nevertheless finite in number. Your tribesmen often get hurt hurting as well. You should get them to catch some docile Wild Beasts and domesticate them. This way, you can raise them the same way you raise fish."

Fuxi lowered his head and pondered over this seriously. He suddenly jumped up and slapped his thigh. He bowed at Liu Er and said, "I understand now, Master. I'll go see to it now." He turned around and ran out of the cave.

Liu Er felt somewhat dispirited after seeing how quickly Fuxi understood his advice. This was a method he had been thinking about for a long time, yet Fuxi had to comprehend it in such a short time. Fuxi was truly destined to be the Human Sovereign. If this continued, there would be nothing left for him to teach Fuxi. It really wasn't easy to be the Mentor of Human Sovereign. Had he known this earlier, he would rather endure Minghe's scolding than come out here.

After Fuxi left, he ran straight for his tribe. He collected many hemp ropes and tied them to form a large web. He then led several youngsters to the riverside and used the fishing net to catch ten times the number of fish as they did before. Now that they had caught numerous fish, they no longer had to hunt Wild Beasts every day. Fuxi also instructed his tribesmen to capture the docile Wild Beasts and raise them in the village.

After going through several failures, the humans finally managed to domesticate many wild beasts like cattle, sheep, chicken, ducks, and pigs. In the summer, they would go fishing. When they had additional fish, they would turn them into dry fish. In the winter, they would butcher their beasts. They no longer had to risk their lives hunting in the forest and their lives became better and better.

The rapid advancement of the tribe meant more and more surroundings tribe had come to them for shelter. Fuxi's fame was on the rise as well. In the following decades, he invented the xun (a traditional musical instrument made of pottery), harp, and cymbal. He also created folk songs, bringing music to the lives of his people. He also divided his territory into regions and assigned officers to govern each one, providing guidance for the future social governance.

By the time he was 40, the entire Human Tribe had recognized him to be the sovereign. He ordered for a city to be built on a fertile land to be made into the capital. The other tribes followed suit and built their own cities. Since then, the Human Tribe became even more prosperous. Liu Er, being Fuxi's mentor, was naturally well-known among the Human Tribe. The tribesmen even built temples to worship him and Minghe. Thanks to that, the 30 percent Luck of the Human Tribe belonging to Minghe was increased again. Even Liu Er received some Luck as well.

The changes in the Luck of the Human Tribe also piqued the attention of all the Sages. They were envious and even despised the fact that Minghe owned 30 percent of the Luck of the Human Tribe. But there wasn't anything they could do as their preaching was restricted to the humans outside of the Coast of the East Sea. The Luck of the tribe within the place had always been unwaveringly constant and they had no way of interfering with it.

With all these changes, the Sages placed even more importance on the position of the Mentor of Human Sovereign. But they had a large number of disciples under them and it was difficult for them to choose their candidates. The only one who didn't share this worry was Laozi. After all, he only had Xuandu under his tutelage.

··· As time went by, the Human Tribe developed rapidly under Fuxi's guidance but problems followed as well. One day, an elderly tribe leader came to him for help and said, "Human Sovereign, a flood hit our tribe and washed away all our fish. Our domesticated animals aren't mature yet. I implore you to send my tribe some food."

Fuxi instantly agreed and ordered someone to send lots of food to the elder's tribe. After the tribe leader left, he began thinking how he could protect the Human Tribe from natural disasters. He considered this for a long time before decided to turn to his mentor for help.

He arrived at his mentor's place and immediately knelt down when he met him. Liu Er stopped him and said, "Fuxi, you're now the sovereign of the Human Tribe. Don't bother with such courtesy. I'm not worthy of it."

Fuxi made a bow. "Mentor, you're incorrect. Without your guidance, I wouldn't enjoy the prestige I do today. You're definitely worthy of such respect."

Liu Er smiled and waved his hand, indicating for his disciple to take a seat. "Forget it then. What question do you have for me today?"

Fuxi stood up and made another bow. "Ever since I became the Human Sovereign, I have tried my best to educate  my tribesmen. Lately, I keep feeling that I'm close to completing my duties but lack a Fated Chance. That's why I came to you today, mentor. In addition, the Human Tribe is plagued by constant natural disasters and the people are going through hard times. I also came to seek a solution."

Liu Er narrowed his eyes and began to predict the secrets of heaven. After a while, he turned around and smiled. "You're right. There's something you still have to do and it's related to your question today. I'll go and inquire about it for you. Go back and wait for my news."

Though Liu Er knew Fuxi lacked one Fated Chance, he had no idea what it was. So he returned to the Blood Sea to seek Minghe's advice. Minghe smiled to see him, knowing his intention. "I'm well prepared for this. Here's Fuxi's  Fated Chance, take it. You may leave now."

Liu Er was stunned to see the things that Minghe handed him. It was the Eternal Spiritual Treasure belonging to Emperor Jun of the Demon Tribe, the River Chart and the Inscription of the Luo. During the war between the Wu and Demon Tribes, the treasure was taken away by the Demon Master, Kunpeng. How did Minghe get his hands on it?

Though he had many questions in his mind, he didn't ask any of them. He took the treasure silently and left for the Human Tribe. Minghe looked in the direction of the Northern Underworld, a mysterious smile growing on his face.

Liu Er returned to his Human Tribe after receiving the treasure and summoned the Dragon Scales cultivating in the mountains after some consideration. He put the River Chart and the Inscription of The Luo on its back. After giving it some instructions, he let it roam free.

There was a river called the Wei River that sat east of the newly-built capital that was connected to the Yellow River. When Fuxi was idle, he enjoyed sitting by the river quietly. He also liked going there whenever he had to solve some troublesome problems. He could gain inspiration there.

After Liu Er left, a large number of tribesmen died from natural disasters. That depressed Fuxi. Without knowing the changes in the rule of heaven and earth, his tribe wasn't able to predict disasters and avoid them. Seeing his tribesmen suffer, Fuxi became anxious and even impatient to wait for Liu Er's return.

Just then, the surface of the Wei River changed drastically and a deep vortex appeared as if something was coming out from it. An Exotic Beast slowly emerged from inside the vortex. The beast cried and trod the surface of water toward him.

Fuxi was unexpectedly unafraid. Instead, it crossed his mind that the Dragon Scales was the essence of the heaven and earth. It was horse-shaped but covered by dragon scales, giving it its name. It had red lines and a green skin, about 9-feet high. It also had wings so it could fly over waters. It was considered a Divine Beast.

The Dragon Scales came to Fuxi and looked back at its own back. Fuxi followed its line of sight and found two pictures. A name flashed in his mind: the River Chart and the Inscription of the Luo. He didn't know he knew this but he could tell this was his Fated Chance.

After Fuxi took the treasure off its back, the Dragon Scales went back to the water. He began to enlighten the charts and inscriptions. According to the inexplicable memory he just had, he knew this was the Magic Weapon that could predict the changes in the rule of the heaven and earth. It was exactly what he needed most now.

Taking the treasure, he walked quickly back to his tribe. He needed to figure out a way to avoid natural disasters as soon as possible.

The changes in the Rule of the Heaven and Earth in the treasure were endless. Not even Fuxi could understand them in a short time. But he didn't give up and studied them as he governed his Human Tribe.

Fuxi finally enlightened the changes thoroughly after three years. By tracking the astronomical and geographical phenomena, he invented trigrams like the Force, Open, Radiance, Shake, Ground, Gorge, Bound, and Field. Together, they were dubbed the Eight Diagrams. He used it to predict the changes in the rule of the heaven and earth and human moral order.

Fuxi used the natural phenomena like heaven, field, thunder, wind, water, fire, and mountain to represent the Eight Trigrams and explained everything through them. Once understanding these diagrams, one could predict the secrets of heaven, pursue good fortune, and avoid disasters. When he was done, Fuxi walked out and announced, "The Human Tribe will not have any trouble from now on."

He then saw the River Chart and the Inscription of the Luo turn into a streak of light that flew toward the Yu River.

Now understanding that his mentor had sent the treasure, he didn't care where they went. He was more concerned about the Eight Trigrams, so he summoned leaders from all the other tribes and showed them about his invention. He then ordered for the Eight Trigrams to be popularized in every tribe.

Chapter 169: The Heaven and Earth Taoist's Visit to the Northern Underworld

Thanks to the predictions by the Eight Trigrams, the Human Tribe survived one natural disaster after another. The weather was favorable and fewer tribesmen died in natural disasters, greatly relieving Fuxi. He had the feeling that once he found the next sovereign of the Human Tribe, he would have fulfilled his Merit.

Knowing this, Liu Er bade him farewell and left for Blood Sea riding on the Water Kylin. When the time came for Emperor Fuxi to receive the Rectification of Human Sovereign, he would come with Minghe and that would signal the end of their mentor-disciple relationship.

When he reached the Blood Sea, Liu Er sent the Water Kylin to look for Chixuan while he went to Minghe to return the River Chart and the Inscription of the Luo. "Master, Fuxi has almost fulfilled his merit, so I shall return the treasure to you." The treasure wasn't merely priceless and it wasn't suitable for him either. Minghe took the treasure and said, "Go back and organize all your learnings from your stay in the Human Tribe. When Fuxi gets the Rectification of Human Sovereign, we can attend the ceremony together." He then sent the treasure to the Heaven and Earth Taoist.

The treasures recorded the evolution of mountains and waters in the Untainted Land. Since the World of Heaven and Earth had just been converted to a Small Chiliocosm and required more improvement, the treasure would greatly help the Heaven and Earth Taoist. Moreover, the treasure was originally 'taken' by the Heaven and Earth Taoist from Kun Peng.


The time was soon after LiuEr and Kongxuan left Blood Sea for the Human Tribe. The place was the Demon Palace in the Northern Underworld Sea. The character involved was the Demon Master, Kunpeng. Since Kunpeng got the Emperor Jun's Eternal Spiritual Treasure, the River Chart and the Inscription of the Luo, he had been constantly trying to comprehend it. Unfortunately, he missed the point and gained little.

One day, he was comprehending the treasure as usual when he was hit by a strong sense of danger. However, he didn't move. It wasn't because he didn't want to, he simply couldn't. He had experienced this feeling once when Minghe froze the Individual Cultivators and the Sages-to-be with his Law of Heaven and Earth. Back then, he was hiding and planning on reaping the benefits from their fight, but Minghe froze him as well.

But his feeling was much worse this time. Even though he tried his best to move, he still wasn't able to escape. Fear. A deep sense of dread dawned on him. Sensing the silence inside the Demon Palace, for the first time he felt the quiet could be sometimes terrifying.

Feeling around, Kunpeng could only see but not make the slightest movement. Such a situation lasted for a few minutes before Kunpeng was forced to speak. "I wonder which esteemed guest has arrived at the Northern Underworld. Please show yourself."

An unexpected figure appeared in the hall of the Demon Palace, the sight of him making Kunpeng cry out in horror, "It's you, Heaven and Earth Taoist. What are you here for? Why did you freeze me? Did Ancestor Minghe sent you to kill me?" The guest was none other than Minghe's Good separation, the Heaven and Earth Taoist. He noticed the fear on Kunpeng's face and said lightly, "Kill you? It's not like that. Minghe's disciple went to assist the first Human Sovereign and there's something the Human Sovereign lacks for his Rectification, so he sent me here to collect it. By the way, the first Human Sovereign is an old friend of yours. It's the former Emperor Fuxi."

Kunpeng's face turned dark. "Fuxi? I didn't expect to be still alive, even reincarnated in the Human Tribe and became the Human Sovereign. It's probably Goddess Nvywa's arrangement. I wonder what treasure you're here for."

The Heaven and Earth Taoist smiled. "Naturally it's Emperor Jun's original Eternal Spiritual Treasure, the River Chart and the Inscription of the Luo. During the battle between the Wu Tribe and the Demon Tribe, you stole Emperor Jun's treasure without consideration of Fuxi's life. It's your great Fated Chance to comprehend the treasure for thousands of years. Now you have reached the end of your Fated Chance is over and you should hand it over."

Kunpeng's expression turned ghastly and he said coldly, "How can I give you my Spiritual Treasure? It's too much of Fellow Taoist Minghe to send you here." Never mind a supreme primordial treasure like the River Chart and the Inscription of the Luo, he didn't even have many primordial spiritual treasures to begin with.

The Heaven and Earth Taoist smiled more widely. "Kunpeng, did you think I'm here to discuss it with you?" His smile remained but his killing intent was obvious. Kunpeng had once seen such a smile on Minghe's face but still shivered to see it a second time.

He was naturally unhappy and gritted his teeth. "Don't force me. If push comes to shove, I'll just drag you to hell with me. I suppose Minghe will feel pain if you, the Great Deity of Feng Capital dies? And the Nether World will probably fall into chaos?"

The Heaven and Earth Taoist suddenly burst out laughing hearing Kunpeng's threat. "You're still the same! You've not grown an inch! Drag me to hell? Go ahead and try! No, you'd better try moving before making such a bold claim!"

Kunpeng watched him came close and took away his River Chart and the Inscription of the Luo from his hands without being able to resist. The most terrible thing was that he felt like he was in a separate space as he couldn't feel his Eternal Spiritual Treasure or the Demon Palace at all. Though he was still in the hall of his palace, he could only see it but not initiate it.

Kunpeng's face changed drastically. This was more than just the Law of Heaven and Earth, it was the Law of Space. He never thought that the Heaven and Earth Taoist would be capable of comprehending the Law of Space and with such mastery too. Kunpeng couldn't make any resistance against him. Was this truly the power a Sage-to-be was capable of owning?

Realization hit him suddenly and he looked at the Heaven and Earth Taoist in shock. He felt as if his whole body  was integrated into the heaven and earth, without any vital force of the Sages-to-be around him. That was the feeling of being in the Realm of Origin. "Y-You! You've actualized the Origin!" His voice was full of fear.

Since the birth of the Untainted Land, only seven  had ascended into Sagehood besides Hongjun. Among them, Minghe was the only one who had actualized the Realm of Origin and became a Da Luo Golden Immortal. And now, even his Good Separation had succeeded where so many almighty people in the Untainted Land had failed. It was unbelievable. Kunpeng knew he didn't have the slightest chance of escaping an expert of both the Law of Heaven and Earth and the Law of Space. Would he die here today? Holding onto the last glimmer of hope for survival, he asked, "Fellow Taoist Heaven and Earth, you can take the treasure. Please let me go for Goddess Nvywa's sake. I swear I'll never hold this against Fellow Taoist Minghe in the future."

The Heaven and Earth Taoist played with the treasure in his hands and smiled. "Goddess Nvywa? Kun Peng, back then you escaped before the battle without consideration for Fuxi's life. If not for your status as the Demon Master, she would've longed sorted you out. Do you think she'll be enemies with us if I kill you here today?"

Kunpeng's face turned deathly pale. The Heaven and Earth Taoist was right. His status as the Demon Master was the only thing holding Goddess Nvywa back from killing him. That was why he had lived in seclusion since the battle of the Wu Tribe and the Demon Tribe, afraid of Goddess Nvywa's retaliation against him without regard for his position.

The Heaven and Earth Taoist continued, "Now that you know my secret, do you think there's any chance we let you live?" He looked at Kunpeng with a smile, feeling the joy of being able to toy with the lives of others.

Kunpeng's face turned sheet white. If he was the Heaven and Earth Taoist, he wouldn't let someone who knew his secret live either. After all, only the dead would keep secrets. Was his death inevitable?

Suddenly, a thought came to him. If Minghe wanted to kill him, the Heaven and Earth Taoist wouldn't be entertaining him with all these talks. With his strength, it was a piece of cake for the Heaven and Earth Taoist to kill him. Since he was being told so many things, it was apparent the Heaven and Earth Taoist didn't want to kill him. Perhaps he was still useful to Minghe.

Thinking of this, he immediately said, "Fellow Taoist Heaven and Earth, I suppose you're not just here for the treasure but also because Minghe wants me to work for him." He wouldn't give up even the smallest chance of survival. After all, he was born cowardly. If he wasn't so, he wouldn't have become Emperor Jun's subordinate in the first place.

Chapter 170: Kong Xuan's Taking Lieshan as Disciple

Seeing that Kunpeng had finally realized what was going on, the Heaven and Earth Taoist smiled. If he had wanted to kill Kunpeng, he didn't even have to spare much effort with Kunpeng trapped by the Law of Heaven and Earth and the Law of Space. Besides self-explosion, there was little Kunpeng could do.

Taking note of Kunpeng's strong desire for survival, the Heaven and Earth Taoist said, "That's precisely Minghe's intention. But if you want us to trust you, hand over a streak of your Natal Original Spirit. If you perform your task this time well, we may consider returning your freedom."

Kunpeng hesitated for a while before making his choice. He chose to his life instead of his freedom. He split one streak of his Natal Original Spirit and presented it to the Heaven and Earth Taoist. That was equivalent to giving up the control of his life.

The Heaven and Earth Taoist took the Original Spirit and lifted the restrictions on Kunpeng. He flicked his sleeves and took out two primordial spiritual treasures. "These are two primordial spiritual treasures from Minghe. They can protect you on this dangerous mission."

One was a Sixth-Grade Red Lotus of Fire and the another was a Top Grade Primordial Spiritual Treasure, the Hammer of Origin that Minghe had recently obtained. Tongtian had exchanged the position of the Mentor of Human Sovereign with this hammer, whose attack force was top-level among primordial spiritual treasures.

Kunpeng was far from happy even though he was given two primordial spiritual treasures. His life was subject to others now. Worse still, he was worried about the dangerous task the Heaven and Earth Taoist had mentioned. He asked in a low voice, "What does Minghe want me to do?"

"I actualized the Realm of Origin in the Chaos not long ago, where I learned there were other creatures and worlds. But Minghe and I can't leave the Untainted Land now, so we'd like someone to explore the Chaos for us," the Heaven and Earth Taoist answered.

Kunpeng was aware that the person they chose was him. Upon hearing this breaking news, he was also quite surprised. It was only logical for there to be other creatures in the Chaos since 3000 Mazingers were mostly born there. Other worlds, however, were not a trivial matter.

The Heaven and Earth Taoist flicked his sleeves again, summoning one Crystal Ball and three talismans. "There are tens of thousands of Clones of Blood God in this Crystal Ball. Once you run across other worlds, just release them into the world. And for the three talismans, they are space transfer talismans refined by me. You can use them to escape at critical moments. We wish you a safe return and you may set out when you're ready. Goodbye."

He then left with the treasure, leaving Kunpeng helpless. This was something easier said than done. He was clear about the dangers involved but he had no other choice but to enter the Chaos.


When Minghe looked in the direction of the Northern Underworld, he noticed Kunpeng had left for the central region of the Chaos. Whether he could return safely depended on his own luck. To be fair, Kun Peng was pitifully unlucky! Had the Heaven and Earth Taoist not found out some secrets in the Chaos, Kun Peng's only loss would have been the River Chart and the Inscription of the Luo.

There were not many with strong human bodies in the Untainted Land. Though Kunpeng's human body was inferior to the Ancestor of Sorcery's, his was definitely stronger than the Great Sorcerer's. Moreover, his speed was one of the best. These two congenital advantages explained why he was chosen to complete this tough task.

It was apparent that Kunpeng was the most suitable choice of the few who could explore the Chaos and protect himself. Realizing this, Minghe forced Kunpeng to do so. Kunpeng now lived in the desolate area of the Northern Underworld to seclude himself from the outside world. No one would notice his disappearance. Considering all the factors, he was the best choice for the task.

As for whether he would be able to bring back good news for Minghe, that would be up to the heaven. Minghe had given him two primordial spiritual treasures so he could better protect himself. This was also a method called the carrot and stick.

With Kunpeng in the central area of the Chaos, news from him wouldn't be sent back so quickly so Minghe paid little attention to this. Currently, Fuxi was about to fulfill his duties and the next Human Sovereign was about to succeed him. Minghe had decided the next Human Sovereign would be Ancestor Hongyun.

Recently, he had Zhenyuanzi bring Ancestor Hongyun's remaining spirit to him before sending it to the Six Path of Reincarnation. To make sure Ancestror Hongyun would be the next Human Sovereign, Minghe especially took a streak of the Dragon Aura of the Human Sovereign from the Kongtong Seal to inject into his remaining spirit.


Ever since Kongxuan left the Blood Sea, he had been traveling around the Human Tribe to observe their lives and seek for the next Sovereign, the Earthly Sovereign of the Three Sovereigns in the Human Tribe. Since Fuxi was about to fulfill his merits, the birth of the Earthly Sovereign was around the corner.

Alongside the Jiang River was the Jiang Tribe. One day, a woman called Rensi met a spiritual dragon while visiting Mount Hua. The dragon offered her an Immaculate Conception and she gave birth to a baby several years later. That day, five-color spiritual dragons hovered around auspicious clouds and prompted Rensi to name her baby Lieshan.

Like Fuxi, Lieshan started talking three days after his birth and walking in five days. Everyone in his tribe was startled and saw him as a monster. Luckily, some elders were still familiar with Fuxi's story. They explained Lieshan's birth and told stories about Fuxi. People were relieved and became jubilant since someone important had appeared in their tribe.

In his journey, Kongxuan didn't even find a shred of a clue of the Human Sovereign so he could only continue looking. When he came upon the riverside of the Weihe River, he noticed a boy sitting on a stone, lost in thought. He was surprised because a boy at that age was supposed to be his mother's arms rather than acting so oddly.

This boy was none other than Lieshan, who was now over three years. Despite his young age, he was astonishingly smart. Seeing that tribesmen were finding less and less wild fruits and animals, he started thinking about it. Therefore, he came to this place alone to see whether he could figure out a way to solve the sustenance problems. Seeing this cute boy, Kongxuan stopped his pace and transformed into an elderly man. He moved forward and asked him, "Kid, can you help me scoop up a pot of fresh water?" Lieshan looked up and instantly obeyed the request.

Kongxuan received the pot and had a drink. Lieshan returned to the stone and stared the elderly man. "Sir, where did you come from?" Kongxuan answered, "There was a flood in my hometown that separated my family. I can only go to my relatives' place thousands of miles away for shelter."

Lieshan felt sympathy for him. He hesitated when he saw the bony elderly man before taking out a piece of jerky from his pocket and handing it to Kongxuan. "Sir, you must be very hungry after such a long journey. Please take it."

Kongxuan said doubtfully, "I have passed many tribes, but very few have extra food. Does your tribe have ample food?" Lieshan replied, "No, this is my food for today. I have been thinking, so I forget to eat it."

Kongxuan asked with curiosity, "How will you go through your day if you give it to me?" Lieshan said, "Don't worry. I'm fine even if I don't eat for a day. After all, I can get one piece of jerky tomorrow. But you can't continue on your journey on an empty stomach."

Instead of taking the jerky, Kongxuan continued to ask, "I noticed you sitting on the stone, lost in thought. Can you tell me what you're thinking about? Perhaps I can give you some advice."

Lieshan said, "Our tribe is hunting fewer animals, so I'm considering how we can solve problems of our sustenance. Though I can't think of any solutions yet, I know I'll be able to solve it one day as long as I keep working on it."

At this moment, Kongxuan was astonished to find that numerous Ziwei Emperor Aura emitting from Lieshan's body that coagulated into clouds. It was similar to Fuxi when he was determined to be the Human Sovereign. He had unexpectedly run into the next Human Sovereign here after looking for such a long time! What a coincidence!

Kongxuan burst into laughter and returned to his real entity in a flash. He was trying to test the kid's virtue, but the kid was precisely who he had been looking for. "I'm Kongxuan, Ancestor Minghe's second apprentice. Kid, are you willing to acknowledge me as your master?"

Lieshan was amazed. He knew a lot about the Human Tribe even at a young age. The current Human Sovereign Fuxi was the disciple of the chief disciple of Ancestor Minghe, Taoist Liu Er. He was lucky to meet the junior apprentice, but to even be offered to be his disciple! Surprised and delighted, he knelt down and said, "Master."
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