The Spiritual Attainment of Minghe Chapter 151-160

Chapter 151: Conflicts between the Human Tribe and Dragon Tribe

Thinking for a while, Minghe curled his lips slightly and muttered, "Well, I'll let you live a little longer. Unfortunately, your ending has already been doomed since you swallowed my Clones of Blood God. It's not a big deal for me, but it bears Karma after all. You'll have to pay it back with your life!"

According to the record in Investiture of the Gods, the Mosquito Taoist not only bit the immediate disciple of Tongtian, Sacred Lady Gui Ling to death, but also grabbed three of Jieyin's Magic Weapon Twelve Grade Golden Lotuses of Merit, which was really audacious. Since he offended two Sages, his fate might be imaginable. After becoming immortal, the Mosquito Taoist disappeared.

Minghe got in touch with Heaven and Earth Taoist in the Chaos and felt relieved knowing that everything had gone well. The Chaos was so dangerous that even Minghe had a lingering fear, not to mention Heaven and Earth Taoist, who had not become a Sage yet.

Minghe felt a little relieved realizing that he had comprehended 40% of the Law of Space, which was really powerful and helpful. After all, Minghe had only comprehended 30% of the Law of Space during his fight against the Honoured Lord of the Origin. Though he had only comprehended 10% more, the strength of the Divine Law could not be mentioned in the same breath.

Minghe was increasingly expecting that his Good Separation could actualize the Realm of Origin. When the World of Heaven and Earth expanded to its full extent, Heaven and Earth Taoist's Law of Space improved as well. Thus, the Law of Space would also develop when the World of Heaven and Earth converted to small chiliocosm. As to how much progress it would make, it would depend on Heaven and Earth Taoist's understanding and fate.

Once Heaven and Earth Taoist actualized the Realm of Origin, he might be the most robust in supernatural power among Minghe and his Three Separations. He could supplement his supernatural power whenever necessary with the support of small chiliocosm. However, it would consume the power of the World of Heaven and Earth as well, and excessive consumption could damage the world, although the power was restorable.

But it was not easy to exhaust the supernatural power of a Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal of Origin. It would take at least a hundred years even if fighting against a Sage. What's more, there wasn't much hatred or resentment worth fighting for so long.

Heaven and Earth Taoist was safe. Then, Minghe decided to check in on his Selfcentric Separation. He said he had almost comprehended Martial Arts of the Origin, so Minghe was wondering how he was getting on with his cultivation. The time limit of ten thousand years set by the Honorable Ancestor was more than half passed. During the past several thousand years, the Human Tribe had basically occupied the east and center of Untainted Land, and would soon become the ruler of Heaven and Earth.

The reason the Honorable Ancestor had asked them not to go to Zixiao Palace for ten thousand years might have been that the Three Royals and Five Emperors would be appointed at that time, and the Human Tribe would become the ruler of Heaven and Earth. So there was not much time left for Selfcentric Separation . Minghe looked and found that disturbances had taken place in the Human Tribe and the Dragon Tribe was to blame.

······························· The Dragon Tribe had once again taken charge of the Four Seas with the support of Haotian after surrendering to Heavenly Court. Though they were under the control of Haotian at present, the Dragon Tribe's situation was much better than before. They collected many merits by making clouds and bringing rain to Untainted Land. Although the process was intangible, their Karma was decreasing rapidly.

It was a good sight for the Dragon Clan. Besides, since they once again became the Lords of the Four Seas in name and in fact, many of them were arrogant and puffed up with pride.

The Dragon Tribe was originally a proud race. When they came under the threat of being entirely destroyed, they had to make many compromises. Now the threat was gone, and they were the Lords of the Four Seas again. Besides, Heavenly Court supported them. It was to be expected that they would become arrogant and domineering as they had been in the past.

The Dragon Tribe was licentious in nature while the Human Tribe was rich in beauty. The Dragon Tribe often molested the beauties although they could not bring them back to the Four Seas. But Human Tribe would never be trampled upon at will, so they rose up against the Dragon Tribe. However, since the Dragon Tribe was primordially superior to the Human Tribe, even though the Human Tribe had developed for many generations. So they lost the fight and end up with being killed.

It was really a big problem. The Three Ancestors of the Human Tribe were incredibly angry when the news came to the Holy Land of Human . Since the Human Tribe had defeated the Demon Tribe, no one had dared to bully them for many years. But now the Dragon Tribe was so audacious that they not only captured beautiful humans but also killed them.

However, the Three Ancestors of the Human Tribe hesitated when realizing the Dragon Tribe was in the charge of Heavenly Court and Haotian was behind them. Different from Emperor Jun, Haotian was the Lord of Heavenly Court appointed by Ancestor Hongjun. So if they took revenge on the Dragon Tribe, it would embarrass Haotian. Moreover, strictly speaking, the Human Tribe was also under the control of Heavenly Court, therefore it was no good for the Human Tribe to offend Heavenly Court.

The three could not make a decision so they went to discuss it with Musen who was in a Closed Door Meditation. However, after calling him for a long time, they did not receive any response. Then they remembered that Musen had said that he had made some comprehension and would have a Closed Door Meditation. Musen's cultivation was in the Late Stage of Fate Reading, which meant he would have entered the Fate Reading Peak Stage with the new comprehension.

Just when they were about to leave, a powerful momentum came out from the hidden room. Despite being kept out by the forbidden formation, they still felt it. Musen must have made a breakthrough and entered the Fate Reading Peak Stage. Three Ancestors of Human Tribe were happy about it since the Fate Reading Peak Stage was unreachable for them. They had only entered the Fate Reading Intermediate Stage after being in Fate Reading Level for a fairly long time.

The door to the hidden room opened and Musen walked out. Seeing the Suiren-Shi , Musen asked, "Brother, what happened? Why are you so anxious to see me?" Musen was grateful for his breakthrough. He might have had to give up this opportunity to breakthrough by forcibly terminating his Closed Door Meditation. After all, Suiren-Shi knew he was in Closed Door Meditation, but they still bothered him, so it would not be a trivial thing.

Hearing his words, Suiren-Shi's joyful look immediately disappeared. He told him the matter about the Dragon Tribe. He said, "The Dragon Tribe were the Kings of the Four Seas before the two Cultivation Tribulations and now work for the Heavenly Court. We don't know what to do. We had to disturb you."

Upon hearing his words, Musen changed his face and scoffed, "Dragon Tribe, humph! How dare you! Do you think it's several thousand years ago when you dominated the Untainted Land?" Then he asked, "What are our tribesmen's reactions?"

Suiren-Shi answered, "They were all in a militant mood. Many tribesmen organized to fight against the evil dragons, but they didn't defeat them, so they came to our Holy Land for help. The Dragon Tribe is supported by Jade Emperor Haotian. Haotian is Lord of Heavenly Court appointed by the Honorable Ancestor. We don't know what to do."

Musen's face became slightly relieved after hearing this. Fortunately, the Human Tribe was not cold-blooded and had risen up against the Dragon Tribe. It was remembered in the mythology that one of Three Sovereigns of the Human Tribe, God Farmer, his daughter had been drowned to death by the Dragon Tribe and turned into a Jingbae. But since the Human Tribe was so weak, the Dragon Tribe had not taken any penalties. But it was different now. The Human Tribe was strong, and even could be called the strongest tribe in Untainted Land. How could the declined Dragon Tribe be a match? As for Suiren-Shi's concern, Musen understood it. If they asked the Dragon Tribe to give an account, it was bound to clash with Haotian, which would be really tricky.

But was Musen afraid? The Martial Arts advocated being tough and one should rather break than bend. Even if they collided with Haotian, Musen would not care. The Human Tribe was in the right and Musen was strong enough compared with Haotian. Moreover, Musen was in the Fate Reading Peak Stage and his Law of Martial Arts was almost complete, making him invincible among Sages-to-be. Hao Tian would not be his match even if he had made improvements at a rapid pace. Not to mention that the Human Tribe owned Veridical Martial Origin Formation, a superior Killing Formation.

Musen burst into a laugh and said, "Haha, brother, your cultivation is higher but you are increasingly cautious. We weren't afraid when faced with Emperor Jun and the Demon Tribe, so why do we fear Haotian? Though he has Ancestor Hong Jun behind him, we don't openly oppose the Heavenly Court. Ancestor Hongjun can say nothing even if he  knows that." Suiren-Shi immediately laughed at Musen's words. With the development of the Human Tribe, they had indeed become more cautious since they had to. With the Human Tribe's development, they had to face The Sage, so they should be more cautious.

With Musen's words, Suiren-Shi was full of high spirits and immediately said, "Well then, we'll send troops to the East Sea to seek an explanation from Ao Guang. We'll let all living beings of Untainted Land know that we, the Human Tribe aren't aggressive, but not vulnerable either."

Chapter 152: The Charge against the Dragon Tribe

With a single order from Suiren-Shi, there were actions in the Holy Land of Human Tribe. It was as Musen had said. The Dragon Tribe was such a small tribe that they did not have to do such drastic preparations. Even so, they still gathered an army of millions of immortals and warriors and headed toward the East Sea.

Their actions shocked everyone in the Untainted Land. Compared to their numbers, the army was not large in size but their lineup was grand and terrifying. Headed by Four Ancestors of Humanity, the majority of the army were made up of Golden Immortals and Martial Artists. The generals were all at Primordial Unity Golden Immortal Level and the commanders in the Realm of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal.

Perhaps only the Human Tribe was capable of amassing such a large army on the Untainted Land. Furthermore, the army was only one part of the strength in the Holy Land of Human tribe. When Musen forced Emperor Jun to retreat, the Army of Martial Arts alone had hundreds of millions of soldiers. Even if the Human Tribe only moved their most elite force this time, it was enough to send shockwaves across the entire Untainted Land. For a moment, everyone on the Untainted Land could not help sympathizing the Dragon Tribe. The tribe had just barely restored their strength after going through hard times. Why did they have to provoke the Human Tribe? The Human Tribe did not care whether they had joined the Heavenly Court. This time, they would likely meet a terrible fate. This was also a signal to the rest in the Untainted Land not to offend the Human Tribe.

When Human Tribe's army of millions of immortals and warriors made moves, , Haotian, who were in the Heavenly Court, naturally knew it at once but he could not think of any countermeasures. Though the Human Tribe were under the jurisdiction of the Heavenly Court, their Holy Land was a restricted area. Not even the Sages could interfere, much less he who had just been Great Jade Emperor for a mere several millennials.

Haotian despised the Dragon Tribe for causing trouble after barely recovering their strength. Of all the things they could do, they had to offend the Human Tribe. Though the Human Tribe was small and ordinary, they had their Sacred Land of Spiritual Inheritance. That was a place that made the Sorcerer and Demon Tribe nervous even in their heydays. But now that it had happened, it was useless to scold the Dragon Tribe. What Haotian should do was to quash the affair. He naturally could not stay out of it with the Dragon Tribe under his jurisdiction. It would only dismay those who wanted to work for him and damage the prestige of the Heavenly Court.


The Human Tribe's army suspended mid-air above the East Sea. Suiren-Shi shouted, "Dragon King of the East Sea, come out quickly." Since they were here to get revenge, there was no need for courtesy.

Suiren-Shi's growl sent turbulence through the calm sea, with tens of thousands of dragons emerging from the ocean in their real bodies and assembling into a formation in the air. Though they were smaller in number, they appeared more powerful.

The Four-Headed Dragon leading the army transformed into their human forms. They were the Dragon King of the Four Seas. Ao Guang bowed and said, "Please forgive me for failing to welcome you, Your Excellencies. I wonder what brings you and all your men here?" Suiren-Shi sneered, "You dare ask why? Your tribe plundered and killed my tribesmen. I'm naturally here to demand an explanation for my dead tribesmen." Ao Guang was obviously faking his ignorance, otherwise, he would not have laid down the formation.

Ao Guang replied, "I see. I have punished the tribesmen who committed the crimes. Such a thing will never happen again. Please forgive us." These were such lofty words. He would certainly not punish his tribesmen.

Suiren-Shi became outraged by his words, and said, "Don't make everything so nice and pleasant. We're not here to talk. Hand over those dragons or we'll have to sort it out over a fight." Instead of wasting time talking to Ao Guang, Suiren-Shi delivered an ultimatum.

Seeing Suiren-Shi not giving the Dragon Tribe any face at all, Ao Guang replied, "Please calm down. Since the Dragon Tribe now belongs to the Heavenly Court, any punishments we deserve to bear should be decided by them." His words implied that the Heavenly Court was their backer. Even if the Human Tribe did not care for the Dragon Tribe, they still ought to look at Heavenly Court in the face. Suiren-Shi's eyebrows knitted when he heard Ao Guang bring up the Heavenly Court. He said coldly, "This is between the Human Tribe and the Dragon Tribe, which has nothing to do with Heavenly Court. Ao Guang, I don't want to talk nonsense with you. Give me a straight answer. Are you handing them over or not?"

Ao Guang was stunned. He did not expect the Human Tribe to disregard the Heavenly Court as well, leaving him no other options. Even for the Four Ancestors of Humanity, who were only Sages-to-be, no one in the Dragon Tribe could match up to them. Not to mention the army of immortals and warriors behind them.

Just then, chariots driven by dragons and phoenixes descended from the Heaven. Elated, Dragon Kings of the Four Seas immediately bowed and addressed the newcomer, "Your Royal Highness Jade Emperor." It was Haotian. No wonder Dragon Kings of the Four Seas was so happy. Now that the rescuer had arrived, things should be fine.

Haotian's arrival triggered no change in the Human  Tribe. Only Suiren-Shi stepped forward and said, "So it's your arrival, the Jade Emperor. I wonder why are you here." Suiren-Shi was shocked that Haotian would come in person. His presence complicated matters.

Haotian was irritated to see the indifference of the Human Tribe, but could only suck it up after considering the purpose of his trip here. He said in a peaceful manner, "I came here for the dispute between the Dragon Tribe and the Human Tribe. Since the Dragon Tribe had committed an error, naturally it'll be Heavenly Court that will punish them. There's no need to trouble Human Tribe."

That much was true. Since the Heavenly Court was responsible for the Dragon Tribe, it was reasonable for the former to punish the latter when they make mistakes. Human Tribe's action this time would earn the suspicion of overstepping their authority , but Suiren-Shi knew if it was up to the Heavenly Court, the incident would be quashed. He could not accept it.

Suiren-Shi said, "The Dragon Tribe plundered and killed our tribesmen. Based on the laws of your Heavenly Court, how will you decide on their punishment?" Though he did not hold any hope for the Heavenly Court to mete proper punishment for the Dragon Tribe, what ought to be asked should still be asked. It was not the time for hostility. Haotian was enraged and said, "Suiren-Shi, are you questioning me? It's not up to Human Tribe to question the laws of the Heavenly Court. I lead the Heavenly Court under the orders of Honourable Ancestor. Is there anything not going?"

Suiren-Shi did not know what to reply now that Haotian brought up Ancestor Hongjun. After all, Ancestor Hongjun was the one who lived the Way of Heaven. Not knowing what to say, he looked at Musen for help.

Musen stepped forward when he noticed Suiren-Shi's gaze. He said coldly, "Haotian, don't think highly of yourself. You're a mere Child Attendant for Honourable Ancestor. You should be content being Lord of the Heavenly Court. You don't deserve to speak for Honourable Ancestor. So your coming does not matter. If the Dragon Tribe don't hand over those evil dragons, we won't mind exterminating the Dragon Tribe of the Four Seas."

His words stunned all living beings of Untainted Land. Suiren- Shi's strength was enough to impress them, but even he was nothing compared with Musen. Musen was so overbearing that he directly showed contempt for Haotian and the Dragon Tribe, even threatening to destroy their tribe. Hearing these words, Haotian flew into a rage. He could still take in Musen's disrespect toward the Dragon Tribe, but not toward himself. Musen even addressed him by name and called him a mere Child Attendant. For him, that was a terrible humiliation. No one had ever dared to speak to him like that in his many years of being the Heavenly Emperor.

Haotian shouted,"How dare you!" Countless Divine Lights emerged from the Haotian Mirror, shooting at Musen. The Haotian mirror was not only capable of monitoring  the Untainted Land, but it was also a supreme offensive Magic Weapon. Equipped with both offensive and defensive measures, it could freeze the body and kill the spirit.

Facing the attack, Musen shouted,"The Way of Martial Arts, break the Heaven! Go!" The Way of Martial Arts gathered into the shape of a fist and charged straight at the Divine Lights, causing a great gust of Astral Wind. In the face of such strong pressure, Dragon King of the Four Seas could not help gasping in shock. At the peak level of Sage-to-be, Musen was truly formidable.

"Boom!" An explosion shattered the Divine Lights from Haotian Mirror, while Musen's punch remained as powerful as ever. It charged straight at Haotian's chariots, shocking him. He never thought that his mirror would be inferior to Musen's punch. Seeing the fist, he immediately protected his chariots. If his chariots were broken, he would be greatly ashamed.

Clang! The sound of Musen's punch hitting the chariots was akin to knocking on a bell. Other than the chariots retreating slightly, nothing else happened. Even so, Haotian's expression was dark. Musen's power was beyond his imagination. It seemed like it would be impossible for him to protect the Dragon Tribe. He suffered a great humiliation this time. The Human Tribe was stepping all over him to declare their strength to the Untainted Land.

Chapter 153: The Dragon Beheading that Shocked the Untainted Land

Of course, Musen realized he had greatly offended Haotian this time, but he did not care. As the Human Tribe grew stronger, all living beings of Untainted Land would estimate their strength using the humans outside the Coast of the East Sea as their yardstick. Some tribes had long itched for taking action against them. If this went on any further, the Human Tribe would suffer turbulences and history would repeat itself.

To send shockwaves throughout the Untainted Land, Musen must first set an example to deter the rest. This time, he had selected the Dragon Tribe as that example. He did not expect Haotian to show up to protect this example. If Musen agreed to this, the prestige of Human Tribe would be tarnished. That would invite many troubles.

Since he could not agree with Haotian, he might as well offend him. Since he was going to offend him, he might as well go all out. His initial plan was to kill the dragons to deter those who wanted to cause trouble for the Human Tribe. Now he had changed his mind. He wanted to fight both Haotian and the Dragon Tribe. This was to teach all living beings of Untainted Land that Human Tribe was no weaker than any other tribe, they simply preferred to stay low profile. If someone offended them, they would not be afraid to fight regardless of what backing the enemy had.

Inside his chariots, Haotian's face was dark with rage. Musen noticed this and said coldly, "Haotian, it seems like you're really obsessed with power. This is a strength-oriented world. It's true you deserve praise for reaching the late stage of Sage-to-be only after governing the Heavenly Court for thousands of years, but you're still too weak. If you want to fight me, I accept your invitation."

Musen's vital force changed at once after uttering the word 'fight'. That display of strength earlier was just a glimpse of his vital force of Fate Reading Peak Stage (Peak Level of Sage-to-be) in the last stroke. His vital force burst completely, turning the Heaven and Earth dark and violent and causing all nearby animals to flee.

Musen's aura was endlessly domineering. Unlike that the domineering air of a king, his was one that carried the fearless spirit of Martial Arts. The vital force gathering above his head formed a shadow in the shape of the character Wu. It was the first time all living beings of Untainted Land and even all Sages had ever seen the character Musen acquired when he laid down Martial Arts. The word may be simple but it contained profound vital force. Once a person looked at it, he would endlessly think about it.

Haotian's expression became graver after seeing Musen's powerful vital force. He was now caught between a rock and a hard place. If he was defeated today, he and his Heavenly Court would be greatly shamed. But if he was to retreat, they would be looked down by all living beings of Untainted Land. Haotian could not bring himself to decide and began regretting his decision to meddle in this affair.

Just then, a Thunder Tribulation appeared in the Heavenly Court and shocked the Untainted Land. Why did it occur in the Heavenly Court? Did something serious happen there? "Jade Emperor, please return soon," said Yaochi. His voice from the Heaven further verified the suspicion of all living beings of Untainted Land.

Haotian's mind became calm when he heard Yaochi's voice. A smile appeared on his face but soon disappeared. He told Musen coldly, "Something is going on in the Heavenly Court today. I will return to fight you another day. Please excuse me." When he was done talking, his chariots transformed into a light that flew to the Heavenly Court. Haotian knew the Thunder Tribulation was the transformation of his younger sister, Yaoji. Now that Yaochi had created an opportunity for him to leave, he would naturally grasp it. Although his dignity was dishonored, there was no better way for him to retreat. There were numerous forbidden formations in the Heavenly Court, especially the Yaochi, which outsiders could not explore. Except the Sages, all living beings of Untainted Land would simply think something serious had happened in the Heavenly Court.

Haotian's departure placed Dragon King of the Four Seas at a loss. Musen turned to the Dragon King of the Four Seas and said emotionlessly, "Ao Guang, I'll ask you for the last time. Will you hand them over?" Musen's words were full of malice. If Dragon King of the Four Seas said no, it seemed as if he would order his army to slaughter their entire tribe.

Through gritted teeth, Ao Guang replied, "We'll hand them over." The situation was far more important than the lives of the dragons that offended the Human Tribe. Aoguang knew they could not amend the desperate situation as even Haotian could not protect them. They could not sacrifice their entire tribe to fight Musen.

Thousands of dragons sobbed bitterly as they were handed over to the Human Tribe army. Four Ancestors of Humanity did not bother staying any longer. They immediately returned with their army, marching the prisoners toward the Coast of the East Sea. There they would call a meeting of all heads of each tribe in the Human Tribe. They would execute the evil dragons in public to demonstrate their strength to all living beings of Untainted Land.

Musen knew his actions this time were too high-profile, but this was the only way for him to hold Untainted Land in awe. If such things continued to happen, the Human Tribe would not live in peace and their prestige would suffer. They would publicly behead the dragons and build a Dragon Cutting Platform using their bodies. That way, it could deter lawless creatures and remind them it could be their head on the platform if they dare seek trouble with the Human Tribe.

Since Musen had made such a step, he decided to be more thorough. Over the next few months, he ordered the tens of thousands of Cultivators and Demons who caused trouble for their tribe to be captured and executed publicly. He used their spilled blood to deliver a warning to the treacherous creatures of the Untainted Land. Ever since then, no one dared to bully the humans any longer. The Holy Land of Human Tribe was like a sharp sword hanging above their heads, ready to fall at any time. Even the disciples of the Sages restrained themselves. Musen's actions this time had highlighted a truism to them: only the strong would be respected. Musen even paid no attention to Haotian. Considering the resoluteness of Martial Ancestors of the Human Tribe, not even the Sages could protect them if they cause trouble.

The only reason the three religions were spreading their doctrines was to gain the Luck of the Human Tribe. If the tribe wanted to kill them for their mistakes, what should the Sages do? This was troubling not only for Haotian but for the Sages as well.


Laozi, atop Mount Shouyang, appeared gloomy. It was Musen who had weakened the position of the Tribe of Humanity among the Human Tribe and forced his disciples to preach down the mountain to seize Luck. Though Musen had only embarrassed the Heavenly Court, Laozi realized Musen held no fear of the Sages as well. If any of the Sages' disciples dare harass the Human Tribe, their ending would be the same. Such a strong-minded governor of the Human Tribe would no doubt spell disaster for the Sages. However, with Musen's identity as the Martial Ancestor of the Human Tribe, great Merits, as well as his Peak Level of Sage-to- be cultivation, no one could rival Musen but the Sages. But none of the Sages were willing to bear the consequences of removing Musen. That was the trickiest problem.


On Mount Kunlun, Honoured Lord of the Origin was gloating over Haotian's failure. He was far happier than he was nervous about Musen. It had not been easy for Haotian to conquer the Dragon Tribe and rejuvenate the fame of the Heavenly Court. With this little show, he was forced back to square one. No, it was even worse than square one. He truly dug his own grave this time.


Over in the Jadeite Palace, Tongtian was uninterested in Haotian. Rather he was intrigued when he saw Musen's force and said, "I really didn't underestimate you back then, Ancestor of Martial Arts. When you step on the path of the Origin, I must meet you properly." Underlying his words was a sharp fighting desire. ···

On the Holy Mountain of the West, Zhunti worriedly asked, "Brother, the Human Tribe has their Holy Land. I fear they will obstruct our future plans. I worry particularly about the fearless Martial Ancestors of the Human Tribe, Musen. It was him who weakened the rights of the Sages among the Human Tribe. Now his cultivation has reached the Peak Level of Sage-to-be. What's worse, it seems he achieved this by comprehending the Law of Martial Arts rather than through beheading Three Separations. Further, it won't be long before he reaches the Origin with his 30 percent of the Human Tribe's Luck. When that time comes, he'll be the second Minghe. What should we do?"

Jieyin answered calmly, "The Four Ancestors of Humanity established the Sacred Land of Spiritual Inheritance to maintain the sustainable inheritance of the Human Tribe. They won't take action unless there's anything serious. Moreover, it has nothing to do with us as they're in the East. We just need to manage the West well and wait for the opportunity to act."


Haotian sat in the Jasper Lake with a grave look and deep hatred in his heart. He deeply regretted that the hard-earned prestige of the Heavenly Court would greatly fall due to this incident. Thousands of years of efforts were all in vain, owing to the Holy Land of Human Tribe and the Four Ancestors of Humanity.

Seeing this, Yaochi said, "Haotian, the Ancestor of Martial Arts of the Human Tribe is right. Only the strongest can be respected in the Untainted Land. Since we begin governing the Heavenly Court, we have really been developing smoothly. I'm afraid the lack of interference of the Sages isn't because that they fear the Honourable Ancestor. They have simply disregarded us, and that's why they never cause trouble for us."

Haotian's expression darkened even further. It was strength. The root cause of everything was his lack of strength. If he was a Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal of Origin like Minghe, both the Sages and the Human Tribe would not humiliate him in such way. If he could not achieve the Origin, he was nothing but a nonentity.

Chapter 154: The Feast of Peaches

Haotian looked up at the girl who was playing not far away, and he felt much better at the sight of her. That cheerful girl, at the age of seventeen or so, was Yaoji. As a fresh reborn, she knew nothing yet about Untainted Land. Somehow, he felt that he had returned to the old days when he was a Child Attendant at the Zixiao Palace and didn't have to worry anything, yet time could never go back.

Haotian said sorrowly, "The reputation of the Heavenly Court was severely ruined this time, and I need a plan to restore it. Besides, I still need to appease the Dragon Tribe. Even though it was their fault at first, they were still the first tribe that offered services to my Heavenly Court. It was not the right time yet to estrange them."

At such words, an idea occurred to Yaochi. She said, "Haotian, I have an idea, how about we set up a Feast of Peaches and invite all the Cultivators over? With these Peaches of Immortality, we can not only restore our prestige but also recruit Individual Cultivators in Untainted Land. What do you think ?"

Haotian also agreed with that. There used to be quite a lot primordial spiritual roots in Untainted Land. Yet, after the two Cultivation Tribulations, only a few were left, not to mention the Highest Grade primordial spiritual roots, the Peento Tree. Those peaches were once used to foster Cultivators that joined the Heavenly Court. Now, it seemed that they were also useful in gathering Individual Cultivators in Untainted Land. Peaches of Immortality could improve cultivation once consumed. Besides, even the Sages-to-be could strengthen their power through drinking them, let alone those below.

Soon after the news about holding the Feast of Peaches was spread, the entire Untainted Land was stirred up. They had never thought that, in such a short time since the last calamity, the Heavenly Court would engage themselves in holding the Feast of Peaches. Therefore, it was quite obvious that the Heavenly Court was eager to rebuild its fame, instead of caring about all living beings of Untainted Land.

Still, the Peaches of Immortality were attractive and alluring to them. They had long heard of them without seeing a real one. Now the Heavenly Court had widely sent invitation cards and those who had been invited would never give up the chance. They were now all busy preparing for it.

Minghe in the Blood Sea also received the invitation card. However, he had never expected that the Heavenly Court would actually hold the Feast of Peaches because of what Musen had done. Although he wouldn't attend in person, he would send Liu Er and Kong Xuan there and ask them to bring back the pits of those Peaches of Immortality. In that way, he could grow his own Peento tree. By the time when he got the Bodhi Tree, he would have a complete collection of the primordial Five Sacred Roots.

Soon, Heaven and Earth Taoist would actualize. If he could plant the primordial Five Sacred Roots after the World of Heaven and Earth advanced to the small chiliocosm, it would help to stabilize the world. Yet, the Bodhi Tree was in Zhunti's hand. However, Zhunti's attainment treasure, the Magical Tree of Seven Treasures, was refined with a mixture of the Bodhi Tree's branch, gold, silver, colored glaze, and other treasures. Therefore, It was very difficult to get the Bodhi-seeds from Zhunti and he could only give it a try.

Minghe gathered Liu Er and Kong Xuan over and said, " The Heavenly Court will hold the Feast of Peaches, so you will go there on behalf of me and bring three Primordial Unity Golden Elixirs as a gift. The Peaches of Immortality were Spiritual Products. Though not very useful to you, they can increase your supernatural power. Do remember to bring back the pits back. Got it ?" Liu Er grappling his head and asked, "Teacher, why do you need the pits? We can bring you some Peaches of Immortality." Kong Xuan beside was startled and speechless on hearing that. It was obvious that Minghe wanted to grow his own Peento Tree, same as the Ginseng Tree planted on the island.

Minghe knocked Liu Er's head and said, " Do you think I was that foodie like you? It is because I want to grow my own Peento tree so I can use it in the future." Minghe was also struck speechless by Liu Er. Although Liu Er was already a Sage-to-be, he still couldn't change his personality of a monkey. Yet, it was quite precious that he could maintain such an innocent heart like that.

"Oh! " Suddenly Minghe remembered something and said, " If you see your junior there, pretend not to see him as this matter can't be exposed now." Minghe would not keep from Liu Er and Kong Xuan that he had accepted another disciple. He also told them about the Selfcentric Separation.

Liu Er and Kong Xuan nodded their heads. They were surprised when told that the Martial Ancestors of the Human Tribe was actually the Selfcentric Separation of Minghe before. Now they were quite happy to know that they got a junior. Kong Xuan was extremely happy as he wouldn't be the smallest one from then on. Although they couldn't be acquainted with him yet, they wanted to see what was so special in their junior to qualify him as Minghe's disciple.

Among the Sages, expect Goddess Nvywa and Houtu, the others were accepting disciples in large numbers. Laozi, who only had Xuandu as the inner disciple, still had thousands of listed disciples. However, Minghe had only accepted three disciples so far. Yet, in term of power, they were far superior to those of other Sages.


In the Holy Land of Human Tribe, Suiren-Shi looked at the invitation card in his hand and asked with a puzzled expression, " Any idea what was Haotian brewing? We have just embarrassed the Heavenly Court, and now they are going to hold the Feast of Peaches and they even invite us to come over."

Musen laughed and said, " It is not so hard to understand. The Heavenly Court lost their face so they want to regain it and we, the Human tribe, was the strongest tribe in Untainted Land. If they are to hold the Feast of Peaches, they will invite us if they still want peace with us." Youchao-Shi asked, "The Feast of Peaches will be held in forty- nine days, so are we going or not ?" If they refused to attend it, it meant that they turned on Haotian. Yet, if they go, wouldn't it mean that they are apologizing? They were caught in a dilemma.

Musen laughed and said, " Go, why not going? We are not afraid of Haotian, but our tribesmen were still in his charge, so we don't want a worse relationship with him. We four don't need to go there in person in case of any awkwardness. Yet we can send Wuchen and some others, together with Black Tortoise there. The Peaches of Immortality in the Heavenly Court will do them good."


Inside the Mount Shouyang, Laozi received the invitation card from Haotian. Soon Laozi sank into a deep thinking. Hao Tian was really unquiet. He was just defeated by the Human Tribe, and then stood up again and created an event like this. Haotian was ambitious indeed. With the geographical advantage of the Heavenly Court, he might bring some trouble in the future, if it was done at the right time when the Honourable Ancestors were being entitled. As the invitation card had been delivered, Laozi couldn't ignore it. He asked the Child Attendant to come over and said, "Child Attendant, I need you to find Xuandu and tell him to come back soon." Laozi had no interest in attending it, so he sent Xuandu there on behalf of him as to show his respect to Haotian.


Inside the Mount Kunlun, the Honoured Lord of the Origin received the invitation card. He spurned at it. Yet, he had to show his respect. Therefore, he sent the Immortal Crane Child Attendant to ask the Twelve Golden Immortals back, so they could attend the ceremony on behalf him. The Peaches of Immortality benefited them a lot, so it did them no harm to go there. This time, he did not forget Dipamkara.


Inside the Jadeite Palace, Tongtian who also received the invitation card immediately let the Child Attendant tell Abundant Treasures and the others to come back. He did not care what Haotian wanted to do. All he cared about was that the Peaches of Immortality were real treasures and beneficial to Abundant Treasures and the others, so he could never miss them. During thousands of years, he told them to preach outside, who indeed learned a lot. Now they could rest a while.


And in the Holy Mountain of the West, Zhunti wished he could send out all of his disciples. When the Honourable Ancestor bestowed the Peento Tree to Yaochi, he was very envious. Though he already had a Highest Grade primordial spiritual root, the Bodhi Tree, the Bodhi-seeds could only use for refining elixir or weapons and only bore twelve seeds every ten thousand years. Therefore, It was far from enough for them to be distributed among his disciples.


Inside the Wahuang Heaven, Goddess Nvywa also received Haotian's invitation card. She hadn't accepted any disciple, so she asked Ling Zhuzi to represent her. Looking at the excited Ling Zhuzi, Goddess Nvywa did not know if her decision was right and could only hope that she would not cause any trouble. ...

Inside the Pingxin City, Houtu also received Haotian's invitation card. Although she could not leave the Nether World, they still invited her. Therefore, she told Xuan Ming who was in the Hall of Pangu to send someone in her name to attend the Feast of Peaches .

Although the Wu Tribe was not as powerful as before, their foundation still remained. Same as Goddess Nvywa, Houtu also wanted the Wu Tribe to thrive again. Especially after she got the Bell of Chaos, this idea remained in her head. The power of the Bell of Chaos even surpassed Houtu's expectation. Taiyi once had it before, and it was like a pearl before swan.

Still, the Wu Tribe didn't get any chance. Yet, compared with the Demon Tribe that was still being hunted by the Human Tribe, the Wu Tribe was far better. Besides, in the Human Tribe, there were still Human-Wu Mixed-Blood, so they still had some connection. With that connection, it was very likely the Wu Tribe could thrive again.

Chapter 155: The Great Gathering of the Immortals

With the invitations to the Feast of Peaches delivered, everyone in the Heavenly Court became boisterous. To make sure the feast would be a success, Haotian and Yaochi were meticulous in their preparations. This was a great opportunity to rebuild the reputation of the Heavenly Court and recruit great talents. Nothing must go wrong.

Those who were invited became busy preparing gifts. This was the first time there was such a grand feast in the Untainted Land. Though the main character was the Heavenly Court, they did not want to be ill-mannered. Or perhaps more accurately, they did not want to be outcompeted.

49 days later, the Heavenly Court was covered in a wreath of halo. Numerous immortals flew toward the Southern Gate, where Taibai Jinxing was long awaiting. As the general manager of the Heavenly Court, the task of welcoming guests ought to be beneath him. But there were many esteemed guests who were invited and it was inappropriate for Haotian to welcome them personally, it was left to Taibai Jinxing.

The Jasper Lake was now partially veiled by a pervading smoke of fragrance, with auspicious clouds floating freely in the skies. In front of the Heavenly Court, flowers and trees grew vibrantly. Various delicacies and bottles of magic fruits wine were piled atop the guest tables, the scent of which would simply carry them away.

There was a growing flow of guests into the now overcrowded and bustling Jasper Lake. Guests sat together in small groups discussing Taoism. The seats in the front, however, were still vacant. The most esteemed guests had apparently not shown up yet.

Several immortals were whispering among themselves. One of them said, "What do you think this feast is for?" This immortal had evidently spent too much time on his Closed Door Meditation that he knew little about the outside world.

Another answered, "When the Human Tribe tried to wage war against the Dragon Tribe, the Jade Emperor intervened and asked for mercy for the Dragon Tribe. However, none of the Four Ancestors of Humanity showed any respect for him. The Martial Ancestors of the Human Tribe even fought him and rumored to have won. Thus, the reputation of the Heavenly Court was severely ruined. This feast is held to recover their fame." Another one whispered, "Watch your words. It's inappropriate to talk about this right here. We'll all be in trouble if someone hears and it's beyond us to pay the price for offending the Heavenly Court or the Human Tribe."

The second immortal said, "That's true. The Human Tribe is too powerful. I heard they're invited as well. Do you think they'll come? If they do send someone, how will the Heavenly Court and the Dragon Tribe react?"

"The Jade Emperor and the Queen Mother are here!" With a ringing voice, Haotian and Yaochi descended slowly, with all the guests kneeling and bowing toward them. Though they were not members of the Heavenly Court, Haotian deserved their respect for taking charge of the entire Untainted Land.

Haotian and Yaochi took their seats and noticed there were still some vacant ones in the front. They had to be patient as there was still some time before the feast began. They were sure that the Sages would either come in person or send their disciples.

"The Dragon King of the Four Seas is here," Taibai Jinxing cried as the Dragon Tribe and several of their descendants headed toward the Jasper Lake. They knelt before Haotian and Yaochi and said, "Your Highness, these are our gifts, four Primordial Spiritual Treasures. We hope you'll kindly accept them."

The four treasures stunned the guests. Though the treasures were of inferior quality, they were still rare and precious enough to show the profound heritage of the Dragon Tribe. No wonder the tribe was once called the overlord of the Untainted Land.

The reactions of the guests greatly pleased the Dragon King of the Four Seas. Ever since the Human Tribe waged a war against their tribe, their reputation had been on the decline. Now that this Feast of Peaches offered them a chance to rebuild their reputation, they would definitely grasp it to show off their strength to the Untainted Land.

Haotian was also surprised by those treasures. Though he was the Lord of the Heavenly Court, he only owned a few primordial spiritual treasures himself. He never thought the Dragon Tribe would be so generous to offer four Low Grade primordial spiritual treasures as gifts. He accepted them with a wide smile and said, "Do accept my gratitude. Please take your seats!" "Next comes Immortal Zhenyuan... " Immediately after the cry, Zhenyuanzi approached from afar with several of his disciples. Haotian and Yaochi both rose from their seats, extending their warmest welcome and greetings and said, "Fellow Taoist Zhenyuanzi is here, but I do not manage to welcome you all. Please forgive me." Zhengyuanzi's status was above others. As the host of the Earth Immortal's Residence and a special guest of the Zixiao Palace, he enjoyed the same standing in the Untainted Land as that of Haotian.

Zhengyuanzi said, "Your Highness, congratulations! Here are our gifts, nine Ginsengs. I hope you'll kindly accept them." Those nine Ginsengs were wreathed in fairy dust. Each of them was infant-shaped and looked alluring.

Haotian received them with a smile and said, "I deeply appreciate your gifts. Now, please take your seats over there." When Zhengyuanzi held the opening ceremony for the Nether World, he sent only Taibai Jinxing to offer his congratulations. Yet Zhenyuanzi had come in person this time. Ths was truly flattering.

"Ling Zhuzi, s-stop! Don't pull my beard!" Taibai Jinxing's scream rang out, startling the guests. They began wondering who Ling Zhuzi was to have the nerve to act so impolitely in the feast. This was akin to slapping Haotian on the face.

Haotian's expression darkened. He never thought such a thing would happen before the feast had even started. Right before he lost his temper, a child that seemed about eight years old came scampering and bouncing into sight. He seemed to be fascinated by everything around him.

Ling Zhuzi ran toward Haotian and grinned at him. He said, "Your Majesty, my queen sent me here. This is… " He fumbled around his clothes for a moment before finally finding what he was looking for. With a grin, he continued, "This is what my queen told me to bring you." His words appeared very sincere, but it would have been better if he was not looking around curiously.

Haotian's eyebrow jumped as he looked at Ling Zhuzi , evidently speechless. Just as he was wondering who would send this Child Attendant over, Taibai Jinxing rushed in to explain, "Your Majesty, he's a Child Attendant of Goddess Nvywa."

Haotian was about to reprimand Ling Zhuzi and was forced to hold back all his scolding. If he reproached Ling Zhuzi, won't he be offending Goddess Nvywa? He could only force a smile on his face and said, "Ling Zhuzi, please convey my gratitude to Goddess Nvywa. Now, hurry up and get seated!"

Haotian rejoiced to find Ling Zhuzi's gift to be a Mid Grade Primordial Spiritual Treasure. This Sage was truly rich. She must have received many primordial spiritual treasures at the Treasure Gifting Rock where Honourable Ancestor distributed all his treasures. If only he had the chance to get one then.

After Haotian took the gift, Ling Zhuzi scampered to find a seat. Seeing that, Taibai Jinxing hastened to lead him to the seat reserved for Goddess Nvywa. Since each seat conveyed a different status, they couldn't be taken at random. No one wanted to incur the displeasure of anyone else.

Taibai Jinxing returned back to the gate after settling down Ling Zhuzi. "The Ancestor of Sorcery of the Wu Tribe, Xuan Ming is here." To the ears of the guests came the sounds of the usher. Instantly, Xuan Ming came to view and startled them. The Wu Tribe had not shown up for over thousand years since the battle. Xuan Ming's sudden arrival reminded them there were still Ancestor of Sorcerer left in the Wu Tribe.

Xuan Ming said coldly, "My sister won't be coming for she's occupied with the Nether World. I'm here to represent her to extend our congratulations. This is a gift from Wu Tribe. I hope you'll kindly accept it." With a wave of his hand, another Mid Grade Primordial Spiritual Treasure appeared in Haotian's hand.

Haotian wasn't concerned about Xuan Ming's cold tone for he knew Xuan Ming well. He simply invited Xuan Ming to his seat with extended hands and a moderate bow. Getting six primordial spiritual treasures in such a short time really threw Haotian into high spirits. He thought to himself there ought to be more such feasts in the future. Yet, that could only happen in his mind. Few people would bring such precious gifts a second time.

"Medicine Buddha and Maitreya of the Western Religious Sect is here!" Over ten disciples, led by Medicine Buddha and Maitreya, strutted in. They were shocked speechless. No one thought such a great number of men would come from the Western Religious Sect.

Medicine Buddha and Maitreya both bowed before Haotian and said, "Your Majesty, here is a gift from our master." Though it was merely a Low Grade primordial spiritual treasure, it still caused Zhunti some pain to give it away. Haotian was rendered speechless by Zhunti's stinginess. He sent so many disciples to attend the feast yet only presented a Low Grade primordial spiritual treasure! How petty. But there was nothing he could say. He could only order for more seats to be added in order to accommodate them all.

Chapter 156: The Great Gathering of the Immortals Continues

"Wuchen and the Black Tortoise of the Human Tribe are here!" Taibai Jinxing's loud report made the Jasper Lake quiet down. The guests didn't expect the Human Tribe to send their people here. The smile on Haotian's face confused them even further. Was there a prior agreement? However, the hateful expressions on those from the Dragon Tribe proved this was impossible.

Wuchen and the Black Tortoise led several humans into the hall. Except for the Black Tortoise, who was still at the level of Golden Immortal, Wuchen and the other Martial Artists were all in the Realm of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal. This was a powerful group, famous for their bravery and mighty cultivation during the Great Cultivation Tribulation of the Human Tribe. Most guests had heard of their fame, especially Wuchen's.

"Is that Wuchen? I heard he alone had killed dozens of the Sacred Demons back then. His Void Swordsmanship was enigmatic and whoever he wants to kill is destined to die. The other Martial Artists are all well-known for their valor of killing many Sacred Demons during the Cultivation Tribulation. Why were they sent here? To display their strength?" One asked, "What's the background of the Black Tortoise? He must enjoy an extraordinary status to be ranked with the Martial Artists like Wuchen with mere Golden Immortal level of cultivation." Another replied, "I heard he's the only disciple of the Ancestor of Martial Arts, that's why his status is so high in the Human Tribe."

Wuchen saluted Haotian and said, "I'm Wuchen from the Human Tribe. I'm here to greet Your Majesty. Our Ancestor sent us here to congratulate you on the Feast of Peaches in the Heavenly Court. Here are the gifts from him. We hope Your Majesty will accept them." They presented a Low Grade Primordial Spiritual Treasure. This somewhat surprised the guests as they never thought the Human Tribe would be strong enough to send a primordial spiritual treasure of their own.

Haotian said, "Thank you for your kindness. Please take your seats!" He thought how extremely astute the Human Tribe was. They first sent Martial Artists at the Realm of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal like Wuchen to display their strength and then presented the primordial spiritual treasure as a gift to ease their tense relationship.

"Abundant Treasures Buddha, Sacred Lady Jin Ling, Sacred Lady Wu Dang, and Sacred Lady Gui Ling from the Tribe of Severity are here!" The Tribe of Severity sent over 10 people,and all of them were Tongtian's disciples widely known in the Investiture of the Gods. Besides these four great disciples in the Tribe of Severity, Zhao Gongming and Sanxiao were also here.

Haotian wasn't surprised the Tribe of Severity had sent over 10 people for their tribesmen were in the tens of thousands. To send only dozens of people was a relatively a small number. Compared to them, the Western Religious Sect had sent too many people. It seemed almost all of their disciples were here.

Abundant Treasures saluted Haotian and said, "On behalf of fellow disciples, I'm here to greet Your Majesty. Our Master sent us here to congratulate the opening of the Feast of Peaches in the Heavenly Court. Here's his gift. We hope the Jade Emperor will accept it." It was yet another Mid Grade Primordial Spiritual Treasure! The guests were greatly astonished for the number of primordial spiritual treasures they had seen today were more than what they had ever seen in their lives.

Accepting primordial spiritual treasure, Haotian smiled and said, "That's very kind of Brother Tongtian. Abundant Treasures, please extend my gratitude to your Master and take your seats!" It appeared to be a fruitful feast. Now the only ones who had not arrived yet were the Tribe of Humanity, the Tribe of Enlightenment, and the Blood Sea.

"Dipamkara Taoist and Twelve Golden Immortals from the Tribe of Enlightenment are here!" Leading the Twelve Golden Immortals, Dipamkara entered the Jasper Lake and saluted Haotian, "Dipamkara is here to congratulate Your Majesty. Our Master sent us here to congratulate you on the opening of the Feast of Peaches. Here's a Primordial Spiritual Treasure as his gift to you."

The guests were so stunned to see another Mid Grade Primordial Spiritual Treasure that they were almost numb. How rich must the Sages be that they possessed so many Primordial Spiritual Treasures, even more than what all the Individual Cultivators had. They were extremely envious and jealous.

After Dipamkara and Twelve Golden Immortals took their seats, Xuandu from the Tribe of Humanity, Liu Er from the Blood Sea and Taoist Kong Xuan arrived! It greatly excited the guests as the Tribe of Humanity and the Blood Sea happened to arrive together. Would they also send Primordial Spiritual Treasures?

The guests were stunned when they saw Liu Er, Kong Xuan, and Xuandu enter. Liu Er became famous throughout the Untainted Land after he daringly confronted Honoured Lord of the Origin with his Secondary Stage of Sage-to-be cultivation the last time. People were also familiar with Xuandu, the eldest disciple of the Tribe of Humanity and the eldest disciple of the third generation of Taoism established by Hongjun.

However, they could not say the same for Kong Xuan. Though Minghe was known to have two disciples, Kong Xuan had cultivated in the Blood Sea and never traveled in the Untainted Land. Thus people knew little about him. However, today they discovered he was at the Late Stage of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal. How well he had kept it hidden!

Minghe's disciples were awfully strong: one was at the Secondary Stage of Sage-to-be and another was at the Late Stage of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal. They were far more powerful than the disciples of the Sages. It seemed that even if all disciples of the Three Religions and the Western Religious Sect united, they were no match for Liu Er and Kong Xuan due to the large gap in the Realm between them.

Xuandu told Haotian, "I'm here to deliver my master's greetings to Your Majesty. Our Master sent me here to congratulate the Feast of Peaches in the Heavenly Court. We present you a gourd of Seven Cycles Golden Elixir as our gift." The guests were startled to see the gourd full of Golden Elixir. Though it was not a Primordial Spiritual Treasure, it was as precious as one.

Among the Three Pure Ones, Tongtian was good at tactical formation, Honoured Lord of the Origin was good at refining weapons, while Laozi's strength was refining elixir. It was said that Laozi had refined a kind of magic elixir named the Nine Cycles Golden Elixir. When one consumed it, one could instantly become a Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal. However, it was a pity no one had truly seen it.

However, there were witnesses of the Seven Cycles Golden Elixir in the Untainted Land. It was said that a disciple of the Tribe of Humanity achieved the Stage of Golden Immortal Fruit at once after consuming one elixir. How awesome it was that it had such function of gaining the Fate of Heaven and Earth. It was generous of Laozi to send a gourd of Seven Cycles Golden Elixir, which contained at least 100 pills. It was equivalent to sending about 100 Golden Immortals to the Heavenly Court.

Haotian gladly received the gourd. Smiling, he said, "Many thanks for Brother Laozi's kindness. Xuandu, my martial nephew, please take your seat!" He was delighted when he saw how envious and jealous his guests looked. With this gourd of elixir, his Heavenly Court could cultivate another group of masters.

When Liu Er saw Xuandu was done, he waved his hand and a white porcelain bottle appeared. He grinned and said, "Liu Er greets Your Majesty. Here are three pills of Primordial Unity Golden Elixir from my master. One pill alone can instantly help one achieve the Fruit at Taiyi level. That's Primordial UnityGolden Immortal."

The guests showed no reaction when they heard the elixir could only achieve the Fruit at Taiyi level, It was only Primordial Unity Black Immortal, which was much less powerful than the Seven Cycles Golden Elixir from Xuandu. Besides, Ancestor Minghe was so petty that he gave only three pills. But when Liu Er brought up that the elixir could help one achieve the Primordial Unity Golden Immortal, surprise was evident on their faces.

Haotian was also stunned and rejoiced with excitement. First, it was Laozi who gave him about 100 Golden Immortals. Next, it was Minghe who sent another three Primordial Unity Golden Immortals. There were actually very few Primordial Unity Golden Immortals in the Heavenly Court. Even among the Tribes of Human, Enlightenment, and Severity, only their eldest disciplines had cultivation above the level of the Primordial Unity Golden Immortal. Minghe's generosity was out of his expectations.

During Zhenyuanzi's opening ceremony, Minghe had sent Liu Er with three yellow plum trees as presents. Though yellow plum tree could help one achieve the realm of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal, such a method would prevent one from making further progress. That meant they would have no prospect.

However, the elixir was not the same. Its side effects were much smaller. This was also the reason why it was so popular in the Untainted Land. Three pills of Primordial Unity Golden Elixir and a gourd of Seven Cycles Golden Elixir were powerful enough to take the Heavenly Court to another level.

Quite a few Cultivators were tempted because many would not be able to achieve the level of Golden Immortal or Primordial Unity Golden Immortal in their lives. Now they saw signs of hopes as Haotian possessed these two amazingly powerful elixirs. If they joined the Heavenly Court, they would have the opportunity to get their hands on the elixirs. Thus, many guests decided to join the Heavenly Court. With his high cultivation, Haotian saw clearly the changes in his guests. It seemed the Feast of Peaches was extremely worthwhile and many more people would be tempted when the Peaches of Immortality appeared. Many Individual Cultivators would choose to join them after this feast. This would not only greatly enhance the reputation of the Heavenly Court but also further improve its strength.

Haotian did not wait anymore as the ones he was expecting had arrived. It was time for the opening. The only one of the invited esteemed guests who didn't show up was Kunpeng, the Demon Master in the Northern Underworld. Haotian was so happy about the Feast of Peaches that he didn't mind his absence.

When he saw that all the guests were seated, Haotian waved his hands. Taibai Jinxing cried, "Time for the opening of the Feast of Peaches! Present the Peaches of Immortality!" Everyone became full of expectations. They had never seen such Spiritual Fruits and many Cultivators had come just for them.

Chapter 157: Dragon Tribe's Unwillingness

Pairs of fairies stepped into the one by one with plates of waterful Peaches of Immortality in their hands. Everybody here felt relaxed and happy before the Peaches of Immortality arrived. The whole Jasper Lake was pervaded with the fragrance of these Peaches of Immortality. With a breath of such fragrance, some Individual Cultivators at a low stage could feel the slight improvement of their supernatural powers. Therefore, they expected more on these Peaches of Immortality.

The Peaches of Immortality had three varieties, which bear fruits every 3,000 years, every 6,000 years, and 9,000 years, respectively. Those ones who sat near the front would get more and better Peaches of Immortality. The Sages' disciples and Almighty of Untainted Land were sitting in the first row, and they would have a chance to taste the 9,000-year Peaches of Immortality.

Liu Er was drooling when he saw the plate of Peaches of Immortality in front of him. He was always in favor of Spiritual Fruits, and peaches were his favorite. What was more, these were not the normal peaches. He started to gobble down these Peaches one by one, and totally forgot Minghe's instruction. Kong Xuan shook his head speechlessly at Liu Er's behaviors. He could only taste the Peaches of Immortality and put away the pits in his sleeves secretly at the same time. Minghe had ordered them to collect the pits so that he could plant them on his land. When these pits bore fruits, they could have enough Peaches of Immortality to eat.

Meanwhile, Kong Xuan cast glances at Black Tortoise, thinking that his junior fellow disciple was really outstanding. Although only at the stage of Golden Immortality, he could match with or even win the Primordial Unity Golden Immortals. Kong Xuan could feel that some kind of enormous power existed in his body, especially his flesh body. What shocked Kong Xuan more was that Black Tortoise seemed to have gained the vital force of three Ancestors of Human Tribe Golden Body of Martial Arts, even if he had not formed his shape completely.

Golden Body of Martial Arts was so special that only the three Ancestors of Human Tribe had owned that. This kind of body seemed to be very simple, which was just formed by enormous Merits. Actually, Black Tortoise was the incarnation of the mutant black tortoise who used to hold the heaven of Untainted Land, which meant that he had gained enough Merits. If things went on like this, his Golden Body of Martial Arts might totally surpass the three Ancestors of Human Tribe's, becoming the strongest one.

However, Kong Xuan was speechless when finding Black Tortoise fell into sleep. How sleepy and lazy he would be when he was eating Peaches of Immortality, the high-level Spiritual Fruits. Kongxuan thought he might be the only normal person among the three. Liu Er was naughty, while Black Tortoise liked to sleep. It seemed that they were entirely different, so it was a destiny that all three had become Minghe's disciples.

Black Tortoise, however, fell asleep while eating Peaches of Immortality, which startled all else. They began wondering why the 9,000-year peaches weren't attractive to him at all. How could the Martial Ancestors of the Human Tribe have such a strange disciple like him? How could his Martial Artist's cultivation reach the stage of Golden Immortality? Just by sleeping?

Unexpectedly, these guests hit the right answer that Black Tortoise could enhance his cultivation by sleeping. Wuchen and his other friends had already got used to this. Four to six hours per day would be a long time for Black Tortoise to be awake. Sometimes, he even slept for one or two months. However, his cultivation improved at a fast speed instead of falling behind. It seemed that Black Tortoise was sleeping, but from the speed of his breath of Spiritual Air, he was cultivating indeed. Sleep and cultivate at the same time. Everybody was really curious about what kind of transforming exercises he cultivated, which could realize such a good effect. He didn't afraid of being possessed by the Devil during his sleeping.

Somebody was curious, while some would naturally be envious. They had tried their best to cultivate, but their speeds even couldn't match with someone who cultivated when he was sleeping. What was the most ridiculous was that Black Tortoise even didn't care about the 9,000-year Peaches of Immortality, which they even didn't have a chance to taste. They only had the 3,000-year or 6,000-year Peaches. Therefore, they naturally felt unfair.

However, there were some cultivators who were angry about that. The Dragon Tribe of the Four Seas, looking at the Human Tribe's direction, were envious and full of hatred. However, the Human Tribe just ignored them, some laughing and some sleeping. But for this, they could not say anything but be angry in their minds.

They had nothing to do with this situation since the Holy Land of Human Tribe was really powerful to any tribe in the Untainted Land. Before the Longhan Cultivation Tribulation, Dragon Tribe might be much stronger than it, but now, with only a dozen of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortals left, their Dragon Tribe was far weaker, and even didn't have a Sage-to-be. Last time, thousands of their tribesmen were killed since they offended the Human Tribe. What a shame. But they could do nothing but accept it.

A tribesman of Dragon Tribe stepped forward and whispered something to Ao Guang. The latter one first raised his eyebrows and secretly chatted with his other three brothers. It seemed that they were discussing something. Plenty of guests there had noticed their abnormal behaviors and wondered what they were brewing.

Liu Er stopped eating the Peaches. Looking at the direction of Dragon Tribe, he changed color slightly. Kong Xuan found his change and asked in a low voice, "Brother, what happened? Is there anything wrong with the Dragon Tribe?" Kong Xuan naturally knew Liu Er's Magic Skills. He used to eavesdrop their teacher Minghe's preachings to Chixuan and then was also recruited as a disciple. Therefore, Dragon Tribe's discussion couldn't escape from Liu Er's ears.

Liu Er suddenly laughed and sent his words to Kong Xuan by his Spiritual Thoughts, "Haha, it's so funny! The Dragon Tribe wants to give our little brother a lesson to suppress the Human Tribe. But they don't know how merciless our brother is. Even the Primordial Unity Golden Immortal won't defeat him so easily. They? The Dragon Tribe? They are eating crow! Haha... don't you think it is so funny?"

Kong Xuan smiled at such words. They naturally knew Black Tortoise's background, who was an incarnated Primordial Mazinger at the Late Stage of Sage-to-be. He had not only refined the Golden Body of Martial Arts but also converted the preexistence, leaving turtle shell and Blood of Essence. It would not be easy for the cultivators at the same level to break the defense of his human body unless they had some extraordinary Primordial Spiritual Treasures.

After a while, the Dragon Tribe stopped their discussion. Ao Guang stood up and said to Haotian, "Your Majesty, it's a Feast of Peaches. It will be boring if we only taste the magic fruits. Why not host a meeting of Daoism discussion, so every fellow cultivator here can be more involved?"

Everyone here turned their eyes to Ao Guang and Haotian understood his purpose immediately. Since they wanted to make some trouble for the Human Tribe, they had to seize this chance. They could not deliberately provoke these prestigious ones, like Wuchen, so they could only choose Martial Ancestors of the Human Tribe's disciple---Black Tortoise.

Looking at Black Tortoise, Haotian started to think deeply in his mind. To be honest, he hated the Holy Land of Human Tribe indeed, especially the Ancestor of Martial Arts-- Musen. But now Human Tribe tried to show goodness to his Heavenly Court. As an old saying went, do not hit a smiling face. As the Jade Emperor, he could not be selfish and emotional.

However, since the Dragon Tribe had made such a proposal, he saw no reason to refuse. If the Dragon Tribe really won Black Tortoise, Musen had nothing to say even if he lost his face, while if Dragon Tribe lost, it would be a great shame. But actually, it was none of his Heavenly Court's business, but only Dragon Tribe's. He didn't have to worry about it.

Haotian nodded his head after careful consideration. He said, "Well, every cultivator here can discuss the Daoism casually. As for the place," Suddenly, the Haotian Mirror reflected in the sky. Haotian continued to say, "The Haotian Mirror can be a good place." Everyone here was surprised to see this Haotian Mirror, and they didn't expect that it was a Primordial Spiritual Treasure in space nature. It was really awesome. Seeing Haotian nod his head, a teenager of Dragon Tribe walked out and said, "I am Ao Lie of Dragon Tribe, and admire Human Tribe's Martial Arts for quite a long time. My Fellow Taoist Black Tortoise is the first disciple of Martial Ancestors of the Human Tribe, who must have obtained the real comprehension from the Ancestor of Martial Arts. Today, I really want to learn something from you, and I hope you would not begrudge us."

Wuchen had already expected Dragon Tribe's purpose. When the Dragon Tribe was secretly discussing, he had noticed something. He didn't expect that the Dragon Tribe hadn't given up setting them up. But they had chosen the wrong opponent. Although Ao Lie's cultivation was at the Peak Stage of Golden Immortal, he could not match Black Tortoise.

Wuchen gave Black Tortoise a slight push. The latter one straightened up slowly and felt confused. He asked, "Brother Wuchen, what happened? Is it over? OK, I can go home to sleep." And then, he stood up and started to walk out, which made everyone here stunned.

Wuchen took a hold of him immediately and said, "It hasn't been over yet. You see, the one of Dragon Tribe over there is Ao Lie. He wants to take a competition with you." Later, he whispered to Black Tortoise for a few seconds, and then sat back with a smile on his face.

Black Tortoise looked at Ao Lie with a flash of light across his eyes. He kept his lazy gestures and said, "You are Ao Lie? Wanna you have a competition with me? OK, fine. I just wake up from my dream, and it's the time to exercise. Don't let me down!"

Ao Lie snorted after hearing this and stepped into the Haotian Mirror immediately. Black Tortoise followed. Later, a Black Light Mirror shotted out of the Haotian Mirror, and everyone could see clearly the scenes inside. They were more curious about who would win.

Dragon Tribe was born with strong flesh body, who took the primordial advantage among the Hundred Tribes of the Untainted Land. Compared with it, Human Tribe was far worse. Besides, Ao Lie's cultivation was at the Peak Stage of Golden Immortal and took out his Primordial Spiritual Treasure after getting into the Haotian Mirror, while Black Tortoise's cultivation of Martial Arts was only at the Late Stage of Golden Immortal, without any treasure. It seemed that Black Tortoise was weaker.

Chapter 158: The End of the Feast of Peaches

In the Haotian Mirror, space formed automatically, in which Ao Lie shook his hands and then a long spear appeared in his hands. Then Black Tortoise entered. Looking at the sluggish Black Tortoise, he felt annoyed. He waved his sleeves and then innumerous water columns appeared and then changed into several water dragons directed towards Black Tortoise. Controlling water was the Dragon Tribe's strong suit.

Black Tortoise neither avoided the rushing water dragons nor did he counterattack against them. Instead, he stood there silently with the Way of Martial Arts over his head, exactly in the form of his previous body. He roared. Several water dragons immediately scattered and converged into a flow passing him quietly.

Others outside the space cheered for Black Tortoise inwardly. How fabulous his Magic Skills in controlling water was! It rivaled that of the Dragon Tribe. Martial Arts of the Human Tribe were extensive and profound while the Way of Martial Arts was full of myriads of changes as well. It was surprising that the Human Tribe could even understand their Heaven Endowed Magic Skill by observing the Hundred Tribes of the Untainted Land. "Splash!" The water flow suddenly broke open. Holding a spear, Ao Lie sliced out instantly towards Black Tortoise. Nobody knew he could react so fast. Maybe his previous action had been just to conceal his real strength.

"Hiss..." Others outside the space were startled when Black Tortoise did not dodge it at all and was pricked. Haotian, in particular, almost stopped the battle. However, the scene in the Haotian Mirror was indeed more astounding.

Staring at Black Tortoise with astonishment, Ao Lie could not believe that even though his spear had pierced right through Black Tortoise, Black Tortoise's human body actually rubbed with the edge of the spear and produced sparks. His body was like a metal that could not be destroyed.

Looking at the startled Ao Lie, Black Tortoise gave a devilish smile and said, "It's my turn." He punched out slowly towards Ao Lie who immediately prepared to dodge it. But Ao Lie failed. Black Tortoise's fist seemed to be so slow, however, this actually startled Ao Lie and distracted him so that he could not dodge it.

The fist decided who was to win. It hit Ao Lie in the head, causing him to faint. Then, carrying Ao Lie, Black Tortoise walked out of the Haotian Mirror. Soon afterward, Black Tortoise threw him on the ground. Clapping his hands, he said, "This is boring, Ao Lie is too weak to fight with me."

The Dragon King of the Four Seas were very depressed to see such a consequence. They had never expected this. Although the Martial Artist of Human Tribe had strong bodies, they couldn't believe that the Black Tortoise was so strong that he wasn't hurt when pierced by the Low-Grade Primordial Spiritual Treasure. It was extremely ridiculous.

Haotian remained silent. Black Tortoise's human body was indeed too peculiar. Perhaps, soon there would be a top master in the Human Tribe. How aboundant in gifts of nature the Human Tribe was! So many awesome talents had come out from the Human Tribe. It would be great to have these talents in the Heavenly Court.

Completely ignoring the Dragon Tribe's angry eyes, Black Tortoise went back into his seat at ease, ate a Peach of Immortality and then left to visit some places outside the Heaven. All the guests were amazed. Where was the fierce combat between these two evenly-matched opponents? The Dragon Tribe had only been looking for trouble. No one chose to talk about Daoism with their fists afterward. They would lose face after all if they lost. Noticing that no one wanted to talk about Tao, Haotian put away the Haotian Mirror and watched the Dragon Tribe for a while. He sighed, " This time, the Dragon Tribe had disgraced themselves greatly."

The Feast of Peaches lasted for several days and then finally ended. Guests left one after another with only a few guests choosing to stay at the Heavenly Court. Here the Spiritual Air of the Heaven and Earth and the Power of Stars were richer, and Spiritual Fruits, such as Peaches of Immortality, were abundant. Certainly, the Gourd Seven Cycles Golden Elixir and three pills of Primordial Unity Golden Elixir were very attractive to them as well.

Haotian naturally would not refuse these Individual Cultivators who chose to take part in the Heavenly Court. There was no lack of talent among these Individual Cultivators who had cultivated their skills despite their lack of resources and cultivation environment. With Haotian's help, they would become the backbone of the Heavenly Court.

When they returned to the Blood Sea. Liu Er and Kong Xuan told Minghe what they had seen and heard in the Heavenly Court. Minghe just smiled. Although he had not seen it, he was very clear about the little disciple's ability. When the Dragon Tribe went looking for trouble blindly, they were virtually asking for humiliation.

Minghe instantly began to cultivate the twenty pits of Peaches of Immortality Kong Xuan had brought back. Pitifully, the Origin of Primordial Peach Tree in the pits was too scarce. No wonder 3,600 Peento Trees in the Heavenly Court had been incarnated from Primordial Peach Trees. Thus, the Origin in every tree was extremely scarce, let alone the Peaches of Immortality. The Origin in the pits of Peaches of Immortality was naturally much scarcer.

In this way, even if primordial Five Sacred Roots were collected, it would be useless to use them to lay the Primordial Five Elements Formation in the World of Heaven and Earth without the balance of the Five Elements. The Formation might collapse automatically without giving any function to the World of Heaven and Earth.

Minghe was frustrated. It was impossible for him to pull several Peento Trees out from the Heavenly Court! The Peento Trees were not just things of Luck in the Heavenly Court, they had been bestowed by Ancestor Hongjun. Minghe did not currently have the strength to challenge Hongjun who had converged his body into Tao. Therefore, the only thing Minghe could do was wait and see, cultivating them first. Though it may not satisfy his ambition, they would produce some Peaches of Immortality for satisfying appetites.

With the end of the Feast of Peaches, there was a stir in the Untainted Land. The Dragon Tribe, the leading party in the Feast of Peaches, had been greatly humiliated in battle. Their reputation had been destroyed once again. Meanwhile, there were some fluctuations occurring in the Four Seas as well.

Because of Haotian's support, there was nothing wrong with the Four Seas. However, some began to doubt the role of the Dragon Tribe, the Lords of the Four Seas. It was undisputable that the Dragon Tribe were on the decline. If the Dragon Tribe had the strength that they had had in the Longhan Cultivation Tribulation, the Human Tribe may not handle it the way they had before.

The Dragon Kings of the Four Seas could not help but accept the fact. If they had known this before, they would not have acted rashly and blindly. On account of their Merits from making clouds and bringing rain, the Dragon Tribe had gradually reduced their Karma. The Dragon Tribe would be able to enter into a phase of recovery once the Karma was completely eliminated.

As a whole, the strength of the Dragon Tribe was not neglectable, but the problem was that they lacked masters at the realm of Sage-to-be. Once the problem was solved, the Dragon Tribe's reputation would rise accordingly. By then, they would have a louder voice in the decision making in the Heavenly Court.

After the Feast of Peaches, everything went smoothly in Untainted Land. The Human Tribe had occupied the east and the center of the Untainted Land, as much as half of the whole Untainted Land. At the moment, the Human Tribe's expansion had stopped. If they continued, a war could break out between the Human Tribe and the Sorcerer and Demon tribes.

Chapter 159: Heaven and Earth Taoist'sActualization

Heaven and Earth Taoist had been staying quietly in the Chaos for thousands of years. The Endless Air of Chaos had been turned into primordial Spiritual Air by the Cauldron of Heaven and Earth, replenishing the World of Heaven and Earth continuously. The World of Heaven and Earth was now filled with Spiritual Air, much like the beginning scene of the Untainted Land.

Fowls and Beasts could be seen everywhere in the World of Heaven and Earth. The growth of the previously planted Spiritual Roots was exuberant. And Creatures gradually began to learn how to cultivate themselves by swallowing and spitting Spiritual Air from Heaven and Earth as well as absorbing the Power of Stars. This was the results of evolution.

Heaven and Earth Taoist had the transforming exercises of cultivation, however, he did not apply it to the World of Heaven and Earth. He wanted the world to develop in its own way. Creatures were of great importance in the World of Heaven and Earth he had created, but he did not care too much about their power. To apply transforming exercises would only quicken the consumption of resources within the World of Heaven and Earth, especially the Spiritual Air from Heaven and Earth. Moreover, he would not be able to stay in the Chaos forever to convert Air of Chaos.

After thousands of years, the Heaven and Earth Taoist eventually finished all the accumulation for the update of the World of Heaven and Earth. With nourishment from primordial Spiritual Air, the Cosmic Stars, the Six Paths of Reincarnation, Buzhou Mountain and the Power of Divine Law, the World of Heaven and Earth were perfect and balanced. It was time to take the next step.

The World of Heaven and Earth began to advance." Crack! Crack! Crack!" Both Heaven and Earth began to shake badly, and the breaking sound of a Divided Realm soon resounded through the whole world. It was much like the sound of breaking eggs. The World of Heaven and Earth began to grow again.

Suddenly, both Heaven and Earth were about to split. Soil, wind, water, and fire spun like mad. All the Creatures were fleeing in terror. Seeing that the World of Heaven and Earth was about to return back to the Chaos, the Heaven and Earth Taoist was shocked. This amount of danger from evolving the world had been completely beyond his imagination. If he did not do anything to control it, the World of Heaven and Earth might eventually be destroyed. The Heaven and Earth Taoist threw the Cauldron of Heaven and Earth into the air and shouted, "Cauldron of Heaven and Earth, help me absorb the soil, wind, water, and fire." The Cauldron of Heaven and Earth then absorbed all the crazy soil, wind, water and fire with its powerful energy, temporarily stabilizing the whole world. Then it turned them into the Pure Air of Heaven and Foul Air of Earth to feed the World of Heaven and Earth.

As the Pure Air rose, the Heaven became much higher and broader. In a similar way, the earth became much thicker and more spacious as the Foul Air was descending. Even Mount Buzhou began to rise under the influence of the Foul Air of Earth, supporting the Heaven and Earth, keeping them apart.

During this repetition, newborn soil, wind, water, and fire were continuously turned into the air for heaven and earth by the Cauldron of Heaven and Earth. Heaven and Earth in the World of Heaven and Earth became much more vast and the Origin was also increasing. Gradually, the Heaven and Earth Taoist repeated this process unconsciously, becoming completely immersed in it.

As the World of Heaven and Earth kept expanding, the Divine Laws in it were also strengthened. Since the Heaven and Earth Taoist and the World of Heaven and Earth were integrated, the Heaven and Earth Taoist was soon deeply attracted by the changes in the Divine Laws, while at this moment the Law of Heaven and Earth and the Law of Space had on him were also improved.

At the same time, Minghe who lived in Untainted Land, far away from the Heaven and Earth Taoist suddenly opened his eyes. He had felt the changes Heaven and Earth Taoist made just now. Minghe guessed the World of Heaven and Earth might begin its advancement and felt a slight pity. If the Heaven and Earth Taoist had stayed closer to Untainted Land, Minghe might have felt the changes more clearly. In this way, his cultivation could also be improved followed by Enlightenment.

However, one thing remained uncertain. Minghe did not know how long it would take to promote the World of Heaven and Earth. Furthermore, he was looking forward to seeing the Heaven and Earth Taoist coming back. The meeting Honorable Ancestor had made would occur centuries later. At that time, all the Sages would gather together in Zixiao Palace. Minghe assumed the topic for that meeting would be to set the Three Royals and Five Emperors for the Human Tribe.

The Treasure of Humanity Kongtong Seal was necessary to set the Three Royals and Five Emperors. Since the owner of the Kongtong Seal was Musen, Minghe's Selfcentric Separation, he would surely become the focus of the Sages. Although Minghe's Law of Spiritual Beings had currently reached the Realm of Origin, he was not sure whether he could hold this secret back from all the Sages.

The most important thing was that an anxious feeling had accompanied Minghe ever since he noticed Ancestor Hongjun's odd behavior last time in Zixiao Palace. He felt that something crazy was sure to happen and his Realm of Origin cultivation also strongly proved it for him. Minghe needed the Heaven and Earth Taoist to come back soon after he finished the promotion of The Origin.

If the Heaven and Earth Taoist became a Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal of Origin, Minghe's mind would be more at rest. He would be capable of dealing with any accidents with the help of the Heaven and Earth Taoist, including any challenges from the Sages. Except for the power of the three Zenith Heaven Golden Immortals of Origin, the three were totally integrated into a whole. Even the Three Pure Ones could not trust each other as they did.

Thankfully, the Sages were also not that united. Jieyin and Zhunti, from the western world, were obviously rejected by the oriental Sages. As for Goddess Nvywa and Houtu, no hatred existed between them though, however, they separately represented the Sorcerer and Demon tribes. They could not be friends, at least not now.

As for the Three Pure Ones, although their relationships were better now, who the Three Royals and Five Emperors would be was related to Luck. They would surely not be modest at that time. During the past ten thousand years, Three Religions had tried their best to spread Taoism in Human Tribe, but the result was not that optimistic.

That was because the Human Tribe was too large and the disciples Three Religions had sent out to spread Taoism were far too few. As for the development of the Human Tribe, although its tribesmen were still living in groups, they also formed countless small tribs. To spread Taoism among those small tribes one by one just like disciples from Three Religions would naturally fail.

The Tribe of Humanity spread Taoism for ten thousand years, and it had kept part of its former Luck without changes. However, fortunately the Human Tribe's Luck was much stronger than before, so part of it was already pretty much determined. Compared with the Tribe of Humanity, the Tribes of Enlightenment and Severity did much worse in spreading Taoism. The Tribe of Enlightenment gained less than half the Luck compared to that of the Human Tribe. The Tribe of Severity had kept more, better than the Tribe of Enlightenment.

However, the Three Royals and Five Emperors were different. If someone could be the Mentor of Human Sovereign, spreading Taoism would become much easier. Minghe did not believe that the Three Pure Ones would reach an agreement at that time. That was to say, the challenge Minghe would face than that from the Three Pure Ones would be much weaker.


At the same time, the Heaven and Earth Taoist was still repeating the same action. The world he created had already expanded ten times. Suddenly, the Heaven and Earth Taoist stopped and came to himself as a roar resounded between Heaven and Earth.

The World of Heaven and Earth had finally changed into a Small Chiliocosm successfully. It was not only ten times larger than the former one, but the Origin of every Divine Law in the new Small Chiliocosm had also became stronger, especially the Law of Heaven and Earth and The Law of Space, which were the foundations of the world.

When the Heaven and Earth Taoist returned to the Chaos, a powerful blow of force suddenly burst out, showing that he had eventually actualized. The Heaven and Earth Taoist had finally become a Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal of Origin. The Chaos began to go crazy with a chaotic storm taking shape.

Seeing this, the Heaven and Earth Taoist got a bad feeling. The chaotic storm was forming because of his Origin and it would be the strongest chaotic storm he had ever met. As he was at the center of this storm, it was already impossible to escape.

Since he had no other alternatives, the Heaven and Earth Taoist had to go with the stream within the chaotic storm with the Cauldron of Heaven and Earth on his head. If he had not actualized the Realm of Origin, he would not be so relaxed like this in such a chaotic storm even with the Cauldron of Heaven and Earth.

After drifting in the Chaos for months, the chaotic storm eventually stopped. He found he was deeper within the Chaos, a place where he could not even feel the existence of the Untainted Land. Even though he had magic connections with Minghe, it would cost him plenty of time to find the way back.

After carefully feeling out Minghe's location, the Heaven and Earth Taoist immediately flew above and submerged. During this process, the Cauldron of Heaven and Earth was still converting the Air of Chaos. Since the evolution of the world had already cost a large amount of Spiritual Air, the Spiritual Air would naturally decrease as the world had expanded ten times now.

Since it would be a long journey to return back to Untainted Land, the Heaven and Earth Taoist decided to make use of the time now to convert more primordial Spiritual Air into the World of Heaven and Earth. This time he used all of his energy operating the Cauldron of Heaven and Earth to absorb Air of Chaos to convert as much as possible. The result was that the Chaos would surely become a mess wherever he passed through. Chaotic storms even showed up in many places.

As the Heaven and Earth Taoist was already at The Origin Realm, the Cauldron of Heaven and Earth he operated to convert Air of Chaos would be one hundred times quicker than before. In the meantime, The World of Heaven and Earth had become quite active after being injected by countless Primordial Spiritual Air. Although the World of Heaven and Earth was already a Small Chiliocosm, it could still grow until it  reached its limit. At that time, the world would advance to a Medium Dichiliocosm.

Chapter 160: The Mystery of the Chaos

The growth from Small Chiliocosm to Medium Dichiliocosm wouldn't be finished in one day. It needed the world to gradually grow. The Origin of the world must be powerful enough, or it wouldn't support its advancement to Medium Dichiliocosm. Forced evolution would cause doom.

The Heaven and Earth Taoist suddenly stopped with a serious face and murmured, "What!". In the near distance, he saw some huge masses. It was very strange to see these things in the Chaos. Besides the Air of Chaos, the Heaven and Earth Taoist had only seen two or three Original Stones of Chaos. They couldn't compare to those in Zixiao Palace.

Yet, the huge masses in front of him were not Original Stones of Chaos. They were creatures. They were actually dead bodies. Where did they come from? Why did they die in the Chaos? He did not understand.

The Heaven and Earth Taoist went to check them cautiously. It was dangerous in the Chaos. Although the dead bodies had no vital life force, it was better to be cautious. He knew little about the Chaos, for his Veneration, Minghe, had always lived in the Untainted Land since his birth. The Heaven and Earth Taoist carefully observed the six dead bodies. It seemed that they had been dead for a few days. They were eroded by Air of Chaos, yet not seriously. Their wounds were unlikely to have been caused by fighting but by edge tools.

The Heaven and Earth Taoist frowned. He was learning much about the Chaos from these dead bodies. First, creatures did exist in the Chaos, because the dead bodies were not badly eroded. Those from Untainted Land would have eroded to nothing within a few seconds.

The six dead bodies were eroded, yet it seemed it wasn't caused by the common Air of Chaos. The Heaven and Earth Taoist could feel that they were fine in the calm Air of Chaos. Thus, they had probably eroded from furious Air of Chaos, like chaotic storms.

The reason that he considered the dead bodies to be creatures living in the Chaos when they were alive was that those who could bear the Air of Chaos without pain must be natives. Thus, they must have had strong flesh bodies cultivated by the Air of Chaos. However, of those in the Untainted Land, it was unlikely that anyone could go through the Chaos with his flesh body, except for the Twelve Ancestors of Sorcery, Minghe, and Musen. Since these creatures lived in the Chaos and had not been noticed by all living beings of Untainted World, they must have lived deep in the Chaos, never coming close to the Untainted World. Why hadn't they got close to the Untainted World? It would have been much easier for them to survive near the Untainted World, which was more stable than deep in the Chaos.

Secondly, the six dead bodies had obviously been killed by sharp weapons, rather than natural causes. Magic Weapons that could have killed such strong bodies must have been at least Primordial Spiritual Treasure level, or the killer must have had high cultivation. But why hadn't he taken the bodies away? Such strong bodies were precious.

Judging from the similar wounds on all six bodies, this was obviously done by one person. Where did he come from? Was he from the Untainted Land or a native in the Chaos? Or from another unknown world?

As he thought more and more, the Heaven and Earth Taoist got a heavy look. This was important. He must go back quickly and discuss it with Minghe. Waving his sleeve, the Heaven and Earth Taoist moved the six bodies into the World of Heaven and Earth and then went straight to Untainted Land at high speed. ...

In the Blood Sea, Minghe had a joyful look. He had felt the Heaven and Earth Taoist actualize the Realm of Origin. It seemed that the Heaven and Earth Taoist had harvested a lot during this trip. With 70% Law of Heaven and Earth and 55% Law of Space, Minghe's strength would improve to a higher level.

"Oh?" Minghe sighed and his smile disappeared. Not only dead bodies but also signs of living Creatures had been found in the Chaos, and the Heaven and Earth Taoist speculated some possibilities. Minghe was lost in thought. He couldn't draw any conclusion until he saw the six dead bodies.

In a short while, the Heaven and Earth Taoist appeared on Sacred Island. He waved his hand, and six huge bodies appeared. He said, "Here are the six bodies I found in the Chaos. Your Veneration, what do you think?"

Minghe smiled and said, "Let them tell us the truth. Souls come back, release!" He pointed to the six bodies. A silver light shot into them, and they shook slightly. Then dark air came out, forming some incomplete scenes. Minghe smiled with satisfaction. The six dead bodies had unfulfilled wishes or malicious thoughts from their past life, so he could use the Law of Spiritual Beings to arouse them and seek for secrets of deep Chaos from those scenes.

The dark air then rose above, forming three clear pictures. The first showed Rare Beasts of Chaos wandering in Untainted Land in groups. From the vital force remaining on the dead bodies, it could be presumed that the six bodies were masters equal to the Sage-to-be stage when they were alive.

Rare Beasts of Chaos might have different strengths. Some of them were weak and some of them were strong, but those who could survive in the Chaos wouldn't be that weak. If they came to the Untainted Land, creatures here would surely face a disaster, if the Sages didn't lend a hand.

The second scene shocked Minghe and the Heaven and Earth Taoist most, for it showed a world. A world that existed, though they were not clear of its direction or grade.

Minghe had heard that there had been three thousand Mazingers in Untainted Land. Pangu had broken up the Heaven and killed all the Rakshasas except himself, thus forming Untainted World. If all the Mazingers had been killed,  how could this world exist? Could there be another world besides the Untainted Land?

The third scene showed a group of Cultivators killing the Rare Beasts of Chaos. Apparently, these Cultivators were Creatures belonging to this world. Both sides suffered heavy casualties. That meant Creatures of this world didn't have great strength. Yet, there was one man who fought against tens of Rare Beasts of Chaos easily. Certainly, he had excellent strength.

They learned a lot from these scenes, though lacking in quantity. They were astonished that there could be any other world besides the Untainted World. This was the most important information, broadening Minghe's view.

Looking at Minghe lost in thought, the Heaven and Earth Taoist asked, "Your Veneration, I've never considered that Untainted Land is not the only world in the Chaos. And there are Exotic Beasts in the Chaos. They can't compare with Rakshasa, but since they have mighty flesh bodies, we can't ignore them. What should we do now? Shall we go to the Chaos to find the answer?" Minghe shook his head and answered, "No, we aren't going to the Chaos. It's useless now. You, I and the Evil Separation are all at the Early Stage of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal of Origin, while my Selfcentric Separation has not gotten Rectification. If we go to the Chaos with our current cultivation, we will probably be in danger. After all, we know little about the Chaos. It's not wise."

"Secondly, our Foundation is in the Untainted Land. We can't give it up. We have been here for such a long time, planning for our future and taking up so much Luck in order to improve our cultivation. We must wait until our strength increases. By then, it will be safer for us to go to the Chaos."

The Heaven and Earth Taoist nodded and thought he was too anxious. In the Untainted Land, Minghe and his Good Separation still had a way to go to improve. It would be better to not go to the Chaos until their strength increased and they had arranged everything well in Untainted Land.

They must make proper preparations before they set off to the Chaos. It would be impossible to do in a short time. Minghe had some things he was concerned about in the Untainted Land. If he could not handle them properly, he could not explore the Chaos confidently. The time when the Human Tribe became ruler of Heaven and Earth was coming. Then, the Human Tribe would select the Three Royals and Five Emperors. Both open strife and veiled struggle would be inevitable among all the Sages. Minghe was sure to be involved. He did not strive for Luck of the Human Tribe since he had 30% Luck from Musen. Instead, he was thinking of planning for his apprentices.
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