The Spiritual Attainment of Minghe Chapter 131-140

Chapter 131: Hongjun's Unusual Action

Everyone was silent. They obviously didn't want to give up the Bell of Chaos, but they would perhaps end up in another melee if they were to act. At this moment, the Bell of Chaos suddenly began to move, flying out towards the 33rd Heaven. Everyone was shocked and about to stop it when they heard a voice in the air.

"Don't go into another war, because I've taken the Bell of Chaos. All of you should come quickly to Zixiao Palace. I have something to say." It was Hongjun's voice. As it turned out, the Bell of Chaos hadn't left voluntarily, it had actually been taken by Hongjun. Everyone flew simultaneously towards the Chaos after they heard Hongjun's words.

Nowadays, everyone's supernatural powers were different from how they'd been in previous years. After just a few seconds, they had already arrived at Zixiao Palace. They found that eight cushions had been placed in the hall and one person already sat on one of them. Wasn't she the Ancestor of sorcerer, Houtu, who had been trapped inside the Nether World?

Although they felt suspicious, none of them dared to say anything. The Ancestor of sorcerer, Houtu, had definitely been called out by Hongjun. They only wondered why Hongjun wanted to call Houtu to this place. Thus, everyone sat and waited for Ancestor Hongjun to appear.

All of them were astonished when a silhouette suddenly appeared on the platform. Even though nowadays they were already honorable Sages, surprisingly, they still felt a bit of pressure and mystery when they faced Hongjun. By contrast, a ray of light flashed in Minghe's eyes when he saw Hongjun appear.

Compared with last time when he had made his Teachings, Hongjun seemed to have become stronger. But according to Minghe's perception, Hongjun hadn't yet become unimaginably strong. Although he still couldn't see through Hongjun's cultivation, he vaguely felt that even if Hongjun had merged with the Great Way, his cultivation seemed to have not reached the Way of Heaven. He appeared to still be at the stage of Sage. Or perhaps Minghe was unable to pry into the secret of his appearance.

When Minghe had still been a Sage-to-be, Hongjun was already a Sage. He could come and leave without a trace and Minghe couldn't obtain even the slightest sign. Now that Minghe had already reached Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal of Origin and understood the Law of Space, he noticed a faint fluctuation of supernatural power before Hongjun appeared. It was clearly produced by Hongjun. Since Minghe could perceive it, it was obvious that Hongjun hadn't reached the Way of Heaven.

Minghe thought about this point and calmed down. The Way of Heaven was impartial. As long as he didn't change  the General Trend of Heaven, the Way of  Heaven  naturally wouldn't trouble him. However, Hongjun was a variable. Although he had merged with the Way of Heaven, no one really knew whether he was completely subjected to the Way of Heaven's restriction or not. It definitely wouldn't be  a  good thing for Minghe if Hongjun was to meddle in Untainted Land.

Noticing Hongjun's appearance, everyone saluted him and said, "Greetings Master Hongjun. May Master's sacredness last to eternity." However, Minghe and Houtu weren't disciples of Hongjun, so they only performed a courtesy greeting, saying, "Greetings Honorable Ancestor." They weren't Hongjun's disciples and naturally didn't have to kowtow to him.

"No need to be too polite, all of you can get up." In his eternally indifferent voice, Hongjun said, "The decline of the Sorcerer and Demon Tribes was decided by the Way of Heaven so that the Human Tribe would rise. After all of you return, you are to assign your disciples to go down from the mountain and give sermons to cultivate the Human Tribe!"

Everyone nodded. As long as one had slightly good eyes, one would be able to see the extraordinariness of the Human Tribe. However, there was a hint of unwillingness in Goddess Nvywa's and Houtu's eyes. They were thinking about when the Sorcerer and Demon Tribes had lost priority to the Human Tribe. Now, both the Sorcerer and Demon Tribes had suffered from their fight and thus the Human Tribe was profiting at their expense. How could they be willing? But they were also helpless since that was the General Trend of Heaven.

As for Minghe, he naturally had no objection. His Religion of Ashura was only suitable for the Ashura Tribe, so it was impossible to preach to the Human Tribe. Moreover, since Minghe's Selfcentric Separation was the Martial Ancestor of the Human Tribe, he could gain the Luck of the Human Tribe directly instead of preaching to them.

Finding that all the Sages and Minghe weren't objecting, Hongjun waved his hand. Two things appeared in front of everyone. They were the Bell of Chaos which had been taken by Hongjun and the Wu-killing Sword which had disappeared after the war between the Sorcerer and Demon Tribes. However, there was a slight change in the current Wu-killing Sword that had probably been made by Hongjun. All of the Human Tribe's resentments on its surface had disappeared.

All the Sages were riled because the treasures were right in front of them. But they were in the Zixiao Palace and Hongjun was there, so they could only suppress the ideas in their mind and wait for Hongjun's arrangement. Minghe was the only one who felt suspicious when he saw the change in the Wu-killing Sword. Why did Hongjun want to clear the resentment on the Wu-killing Sword when it appeared to have nothing to do with him?

Hongjun said faintly, "This time I call for all of you here because of these two Magic Weapons. The Wu-killing Sword was refined by the human beings' souls and blood of essence. I have removed the Human Tribe's resentments on its surface. Laozi, you are my eldest senior disciple and bear the name of the Tribe of Humanity's Sect Leader. You must take the sword."

Laozi's expression became a bit weird when his title, the Tribe of Humanity's Sect Leader, was mentioned. After he had permitted the Demon Tribe to kill the human beings, he became unworthy of the title indeed. However, the Wu-killing Sword was an outstanding weapon, so he naturally stepped forward and accepted it.

Now that the Wu-killing Sword had been taken, everyone's gaze naturally fell on the Bell of Chaos. Their yearnings for the Bell of Chaos were actually far more intense than their yearnings for the Wu-killing Sword. Noticing their eager gazes, Hongjun said faintly, "The Bell of Chaos is the conversion of Pangu's Axe, it ought to belong to Pangu's descendant. Houtu has transformed herself into Reincarnation, so it is necessary for her to have a treasure to suppress the Six Paths of Reincarnation's Luck."

Everyone was extremely shocked to hear Hongjun's words. They had never expected that Hongjun had called for Houtu to actually bestow the Primal Bell of Chaos to her. Houtu was stunned for a moment before finally accepting the Primal Bell of Chaos, feeling happy from the bottom of her heart. The Wu Tribe had collected a lot of Spiritual Treasures, but none of them could compare with the Primal Bell of Chaos. Houtu's strength would definitely increase substantially now that she had the Primal Bell of Chaos.

Minghe frowned to see Houtu getting the Bell of Chaos. According to reason, it wasn't time yet for the Bell of Chaos to be born. The reason he hadn't snatched the Bell of Chaos before was because it wasn't yet the time for the Bell of Chaos to appear. Even if he had snatched it, perhaps it would have only resulted in the Bell of Chaos being hidden from the world.

However, things had gone too far from Minghe's expectation. He really hadn't expected that Hongjun would actually take the Bell of Chaos and bestow it to Houtu. Seeing Hongjun's tranquil, indifferent expression, Minghe really couldn't understand why he would do this. Although this was only a Minor Trend of Heaven, why was Hongjun changing it?

All the Sages were startled at the new ownership of the Bell of Chaos. They didn't notice that a faint vital force fluctuation had suddenly appeared on Hongjun's body at all. However, Minghe felt it very clearly. He felt it very clearly even though it only happened for an instant.

"Vital force...Vital force..." Minghe kept repeating the words in his mind. Suddenly, he figured it out. Right! It's a matter of vital force. Although the vital force fluctuation seemed to be the same as the vital force fluctuation that occurred when Hongjun appeared a moment ago, Minghe, who was proficient in the Law of Spiritual Beings, could naturally tell the difference between them. Every creature most definitely had seven emotions and six desires, the Sages were no exception. When Hongjun appeared a moment ago, there was an unexpected hint of another vital force within his vital force. And now, after the vital force stirred, Hongjun's vital force started to become pure. It was actually the vital force of the Way of Heaven.

Since Hongjun had merged with the Great Way, his vital force would coincide with the Way of Heaven. But the vital force fluctuation a moment ago clearly showed that Hongjun had had a period of time where he had separated himself from the Way of Heaven. Minghe was aghast to come up with this conjecture. Why had Hongjun done that? Thinking about it over and over, Minghe suddenly cast a glance at the Bell of Chaos in Houtu's hand. Was it because of that?

Previously, Hongjun had only allocated ownership to those whom the treasures should belong. Minghe wasn't surprised that he would give the Wu-killing Sword to Laozi. After all, Laozi was his eldest senior disciple and had the name of the Tribe of Humanity's Sect Leader. Although now his prestige among the Human Tribe had plummeted, he was the only one who preached to the Human Tribe at the moment. The Tribe of Enlightenment, the Tribe of Severity, and the Western Religious Sect hadn't yet preached to the Human Tribe. Thus, giving the Wu-killing Sword to Laozi was reasonable. The only one that remained was the Bell of Chaos. At first, Minghe was suspicious because Hongjun had changed the Minor Trend of Heaven by forcibly giving the Bell of Chaos to Houtu. However, it now appeared that there had obviously been a very profound meaning behind Hongjun's act. Separating himself from the Way of Heaven and changing the Minor Trend of Heaven weren't trifle schemes at all. This caused vigilance to appear in Minghe's heart.

Minghe had always been on his guard wherever Hongjun was concerned. From the time he first calculated Hongyun, it could be seen that Hongjun wasn't really as kind as he appeared to be. He had used his body to merge with the Great Way. But now, just to change the Minor Trend of Heaven, he had forcibly separated himself from the Way of Heaven. Minghe really couldn't understand why he had done this. Was it only to balance the strength among the Sages? Houtu didn't have any Magic Weapons to fight. She would indeed be at a minor disadvantage against all the Sages.

But this didn't seem to have anything to do with Hongjun. Besides, nowadays Houtu was trapped in the Nether World. It was unlikely that any of the Sages would go to trouble her for nothing. Was it really just to suppress the Six Paths of Reincarnation's Luck? Minghe obviously didn't believe that. But he couldn't make out Hongjun's thoughts and could only put aside his idea. However, Minghe's vigilance against Hongjun was even stronger than before.

Chapter 132: The Reestablishment of the Heavenly Court

Meanwhile, Ancestor Hongjun said again, "Today we have another thing to discuss; the Heavenly Court has totally become a mess after the death of Emperor Jun in the Demon Tribe and those stars shattered everywhere without arrangement. Therefore, we need to choose a new Heavenly Emperor to govern the Heavenly Court and arrange those stars in order. If you have suitable choices, please recommend them to us."

After hearing Ancestor Hongjun's words, everyone present began to think carefully since everyone knew how important the Heavenly Court was. If one could become the master of the Heavenly Court, he would not only own the powerful Luck of Untainted Land, but also be a representative of Heaven. Furthermore, one's Sage Luck would also increase if he could operate the Heavenly Court well. Therefore, everyone there was pretty excited.

Seeing the jubilant crowds, Minghe sneered internally since he knew that the master of the Heavenly Court had long been decided. No matter how hard they tried, nothing could be changed. Besides, it was obvious to Musen that those two Child Attendants, especially Haotian, who stood beside Hongjun, were of extraordinary character. Though Haotian looked like a child, he had already obtained the vital force of an emperor. Unless Hongjun could reverse his fate, the position of the Heavenly Emperor would certainly belong to Haotian.

As all the Sages intended to get the position, Goddess Nvywa felt pretty anxious, so she hurriedly said, "Master, we Demon Tribe still have Prince Luya, who can inherit his father, Emperor Jun's, Heavenly Emperor honor, leading the Demon Tribe and governing the Heavenly Court." The reason why Goddess Nvywa did so was that she sincerely did not want others to own the Wu-killing Sword or the Primal Bell of Chaos. So important was the position of the Heavenly Emperor that she knew she must try to get it.

However, the Honoured Lord of the Origin immediately contradicted Goddess Nvywa, "Nonsense! Both Sorcerer and Demon Tribes were seriously damaged after that bloody battle, and the Wu Tribe has already retreated back to their original place. How can you Demon Tribe continue governing the Heavenly Court?"

Zhunti then also helped him. "What Fellow Taoist Honoured Lord of the Origin said does make sense. You Demon Tribe are not as powerful as before and would not be capable of governing the Heavenly Court. What's more, the Human Tribe, who is the enemy of the Demon Tribe, develops prosperously nowadays. So you, Goddess Nvywa, want the Human Tribe to turn the Heavenly Court into a bloody slaughterhouse?"

It suddenly occurred to Goddess Nvywa that the Human Tribe and the Demon Tribe were enemies after hearing Zhunti's words. Furthermore, the Demon Tribe now could certainly not compete with the Human Tribe, who now even owned Musen, an awesome master, who could match Donghuang Taiyi. Besides, the Human Tribe also had the Veridical Martial Origin Formation. If the Demon Tribe still governed the Heavenly Court, the Human Tribe would surely attack the Heavenly Court at the first opportunity and destroy the Demon Tribe.

Seeing Goddess Nvywa fall into silence, Laozi said, "The prince of the Demon Tribe is still too weak to become the Heavenly Emperor. You, Goddess Nvywa, better let the Demon Tribe rest for some time!" What Laozi said definitely hit the nail on the head. With Luya's current capacity, even Demon Tribesmen themselves could not respect his leadership, let alone the others in Untainted Land. Considering this, Goddess Nvywa had to keep quiet.

Since Goddess Nvywa became silent, Laozi continued, "I just have one disciple, Xuandu, who is certainly not the perfect choice for governing the Heavenly Court, so maybe the others may have a more suitable one to recommend." What Laozi said was true and Xuandu was his only disciple. Although there were still others in the Human Tribe, none of them were capable enough to become the Heavenly Emperor.

After thinking for a while, the others present thought his words were reasonable. Laozi just had one disciple, Xuandu, and the Taoism lineage would be broken if Xuandu went to the Heavenly Court. How could Laozi bear it!

Seeing Laozi's attitude, the Honoured Lord of the Origin immediately said, "My disciple, Guang Chengzi, is a Golden Immortal and he is also capable of being the  Heavenly Emperor."

After the Honoured Lord of the Origin finished his words, Tongtian hurriedly followed. "My eldest disciple, Abundant Treasures, is highly cultivated and he can also be the Heavenly Emperor." His words definitely infuriated the Honoured Lord of the Origin, for Tongtian was obviously competing with him for the position, a disrespectful act in his mind. However, considering the significance of being the Heavenly Emperor, nobody would simply give up out of respect. Zhunti also said, "Disciples in my school all have a good knowledge of Taoism. I once calculated and found that my disciple, Medicine Buddha, is destined to be the Heavenly Emperor, and all of you should respect the fate." His seriousness while speaking only made Minghe burst into laughter.

Hearing Zhunti's words, the Honured Lord of the Origin said immediately, "Our affairs in the east have nothing to do with you, westerner. I hope you are not going to be involved in this." Zhunti's intention on the Heavenly Emperor was naturally not allowed by the Honoured Lord of the Origin, while it was a pity that he now thought about the division of east and west. If he had remembered it at the God Deification Ceremony, his relationship with Tongtian would not be that bad now.

As many Sages wanted to recommend their own disciples, Hongjun said again, "Our Untainted Land has six directions, which includes upper and lower side, east, south, west, as well as north. Therefore, we divide the Heaven into six parts which are called Six Regions. The Heavenly Emperor, also the Great Jade Emperor, is the leader of Six Regions, governing the Heaven and the Earth as well as the whole Untainted Land. What's more, the Heavenly Emperor is the representative of Heaven and leaders of the other five regions should assist him together." The leader crowned in the east was the Great Emperor Qing Hua of the East, who governed all creatures in the three worlds[1], assisting the Supreme Celestial Emperor to manage their growth; In the south, its leader was called Emperor Chang Sheng of the South, who was responsible for governing all creatures' souls, helping the Supreme Celestial Emperor count creatures' life length, weals as well as woes; The Great Emperor Gou Chen was the leader in the west, who assisted the Supreme Celestial Emperor to govern Heaven, Earth, and humans, in addition, he also managed the troops and arms in the three worlds;

The Great Emperor of Middle Heaven North Star set in the north was to govern the operations of all the stars, providing help for the Supreme Celestial Emperor to manage longitude, latitude, sun, moon, stars, time and seasons; The leader who governed the lower side was the Imperial God of Earth who ran the Nether World and was in charge of the Six Paths of Reincarnation as well as births. Those six leaders in Six Regions were the main force of the Heavenly Court and they would own the Luck as well as master the Way of Heaven, which was totally indispensable.

After hearing Hongjun's words, all Sages at present fell into silence. Although the Great Jade Emperor was still the most honorable, dividing the Heavenly Court into Six Regions would certainly weaken the power of the Heavenly Emperor, and at the same time, the allure of being the Heavenly Emperor would also be reduced. Apart from that, what those Sages wanted was only to let their disciples become the Heavenly Emperor, so all of them did not care so much about the leadership in the other five regions.

However, both Minghe and Houtu were pretty anxious about Hongjun's words, since it would surely harm their interests if Hongjun sent another figure to govern reincarnation in the Nether World. Therefore, in order to stop others from replacing them as the leader in the Nether World, Minghe directly said, "My Good Separation, Heaven and Earth Taoist, is the Great Deity of Feng Capital in the Nether World and he is qualified to be the Imperial God of Earth."

Minghe's words did not arouse too much attention among other Sages, for they all knew that the Nether World was set up by Minghe and it was natural that Minghe would not allow anyone to govern it aside from himself. Furthermore, as his Good Separation was also one leader among Six Regions, no one would be qualified to take a hand in the affairs in the Nether World, no matter who the Jade Emperor was then.

As Minghe had always been the leader of the Nether World, the other Sages did not to scramble for this role with him, so all of them just replied, "Well". However, Houtu did not say anything but kept her eyes on the Primal Bell of Chaos with her eyebrows frowning slightly. No one knew what was in her mind at that time.

As those Sages all wanted that Heavenly Emperor, Laozi had to say, "Master, the suitable choice for the Heavenly Emperor is of great importance and we can not make our final decision after such a long time, so you'd better decide it." Compared to an endless debate, it was better for Hongjun to make the final decision directly since no one would dare to challenge him even if they were not satisfied with the result.

Looking at all Sages present, Hongjun said, "That being the case, I recommend Haotian to be the leader of the Heavenly Court and take charge of the stars and Heaven. And Yaochi is going to be the Heavenly Empress, who assists Haotian to manage the Heavenly Court. As they two have served me for centuries, this is the Fated Chance I repay them."

Suddenly, Hongjun pointed his finger toward Haotian and Yaochi, and the two of them then became blurred. After a while, both of them turned into a human-like appearance with a mirror and a flag in front of them. As these two treasures were enchantingly shining and valuable, all Sages at present were quite eager to touch them.

Hongjun then said to Haotian, "This is the Haotian Mirror, which visual range is from the Trayastrimsa Heaven to 18 layers of hell. Except for this function, it also has many other magic powers. From now on, you are its owner and you can use it to control Luck in the Heavenly Court!" Hao Tian hurriedly bowed to Hongjun to show his thanks and took the Haotian Mirror under the envious eyesight of Zhunti.

After that, Hongjun took out a golden hairpin and a Peento Tree, which was one of the Primordial Five Sacred Roots, and gave them to Yaochi. Just like Haotian, Yaochi also bowed to show her gratitude to Hongjun and took those two Spiritual Treasures. However, even though all of those Sages had their own treasures, they were all attracted by that Peento Tree, including Minghe. He had collected three Primordial Sacred Roots among the five—only the Peento Tree and the Bodhi Tree were still not in his collection.

After taking those treasures from Hongjun, both Haotian and Yaochi were pretty happy. However, after thinking for a while, Haotian said to Hongjun, "My master, what is the arrangements of other positions in the Heavenly Court?" Since Haotian and Yaochi both lived alone, they were in need of more hands to help with the affairs of the Heavenly Court.

Hongjun then said in a peaceful way, "You can discuss it with your brothers and sisters here. Since everything is done, all of you can leave now and remember to come to the Zixiao Palace in tens of thousands of years. I have something to tell you then." After Hongjun had finished his speaking, he soon disappeared and returned back to the Way of Heaven.

After Hongjun had left, Haotian then asked, "So you brothers and sisters have some opinions about how to arrange the Heavenly Court?" Haotian had to do so in an inferior way since he and Yaochi could definitely not govern the big Heavenly Court only by themselves.

However, it turned out that no Sages there wanted to help him and just let him deal with the staff in the Heavenly Court alone. Those Sages had reasons to act like this, for Haotian and Yaochi were still not qualified to have equal status as the Sages, even though they were appointed by Hongjun. How could those Sages be willing to let their disciples be ordered by Haotian? Seeing this, Minghe lightly shook his head and then left. As the Human Tribe developed prosperously and the Heavenly Court was newly reestablished, a new era was about to come.

Chapter 133: Tne New Era

In Heavenly Court, Haotian and Yaochi were frustrated by the mess. There remained only debris and ruins left in Heavenly Court. The magnificent buildings erected no more and a wasteland remained. One could tell from the ruins the damage Heavenly Court had suffered.

Fortunately, a golden light suddenly cast from the sky, spilling all over the Heavenly Court. Under this light, the debris and ruins vanished into thin air. Then a splendid palace descended from the sky and landed on the exact location where the palace used to be. Another golden light radiated from the palace and spread to every corner of the Heavenly Court. Everything was rebuilt wherever the light travelled.

The whole World of the Immortals was surrounded by pleasant music, like a wonderland.

The cloud floated with the breezes blowing, just like water flowing. Seen from afar, the largest continent in this world, the central continent was where the main palace was seated. Other levitating islands were full of various palaces. Holy cranes and fowls flew between the islands. The cranes sang when the wind blew, and the Jade Turtles dove in and out among the clouds. What a beautiful wonderland it was!

Haotian and Yaochi were elated at the view, and they immediately bowed to the outside of the Trayastrimsa Heaven to express their gratitude. Only because Hongjun was there, could the Honourable Ancestor have such power. Since Hongjun had rebuilt the Heavenly Court, Haotian and Yaochi could spend their time recruiting.

Yaochi's Peento Tree suddenly flew out, and landed in the orchard of Heavenly Court, making it an orchard of peaches. The Spiritual Air was concentrated in the Peach Garden. As a result, the Peento Tree's primordial spiritual roots, became 3600 Peento Trees. What a miracle! The orchard would one day become the well-known Garden of Peaches of Immortality in Untainted Land.

The flowers and fruits of the 1200 trees in the front were quite small. It would take 3000 years to reach the maturity, and then any human who ate one would become wise and strong. As to the 1200 trees in the middle, their flowers and fruits were plump. It would take 6000 years to reach the maturity, and any human who ate one would live long with a youthful body. And last but not the least, the 1200 trees in the behind had extraordinary fruits. It would take 9000 years to reach the maturity, and any human who ate one would become immortal.

The 3600 Trees of Peaches of Immortality matured in no time, and the fruits hung succulently on the branches. The air was heavy with the aroma of the Peaches of Immortality. One could smell the scent from every corner of the Heavenly Court. Haotian and Yaochi were happy about the ripe Peaches of Immortality. In spite of the dense Spiritual Air, now there was something else to attract people in Untainted Land, which was good news for recruiting.

Upon seeing Haotian's excitement, Yaochi said, "Haotian, how could we manage such a big palace on our own? We should have asked for help from our brothers and sisters, to accelerate our expansion."

Haotian shook his head when he heard this. "Yaochi, you're too naive. Although we're the masters of Heavenly Court designated by the Honorable Ancestor, the Sages never take us seriously. How can they dispatch their apprentices to Heavenly Court and put them under our command? The only one of the Six Regions on duty, the Imperial God of Earth, is the Good Separation of Ancestor Minghe. Besides, his power is much stronger than ours. With his background, we can't dispatch him at all." Hearing his words, Yaochi sighed. To put it bluntly, it was a matter of power. Their cultivation had just reached the Early Stage of Sage-to-be since they had often served the Honourable Ancestor. Compared to the Sage-to-be Peak Level of the Heaven and Earth Taoist, they were far behind. The good news was that there were only a few who reached the realm of Sage-to-be. Otherwise, they could hardly bear the crown of the Heavenly Emperor or Heavenly Empress at all with their power.

Realizing Yaochi was frustrated a little bit, Haotian said cheerfully, "It's not that bad. If the Sages stay out of our business, we can expand at will and develop our own power. With the righteous cause and advantages of Heavenly Court, and Spiritual Products like the Peaches of Immortality, the time is now ripe. Once we make a statement to Untainted Land, they will come for sure."

Yaochi nodded. Promptly, using supernatural power Haotian declared to Untainted Land, "I am the Great Jade Emperor, the master of Heavenly Court designated by the Honourable Ancestor. Now I will rebuild Heavenly Court, rule Heaven and Earth and dominate the universe. I am the Law of the Heaven. I invite any immortal in Untainted Land who wants to bring justice and peace to the world to join us, to become one of our officers. " The voice of Haotian resounded throughout Untainted Land, and everyone was stunned by his statement. Here came a new master of the Heavenly Court, right after the end of the final battle between the Sorcerer and Demon Tribes. In addition, the master had been directly designated by Ancestor Hongjun himself. Having the Honourable Ancestor as their patron, they were almost beyond everyone's reach, even for the Sages.

The upside of Heavenly Court was well known for everyone in Untainted Land. Otherwise Emperor Jun would not have taken it as the stronghold of the Demon Tribe. The Spiritual Air and the Power of Stars in Heavenly Court were denser there than any other place in Untainted Land, which was irresistible for those whose cultivation was not so good.

Haotian proposed to those immortals to join the Heavenly Court, and what he did stirred the peace in Untainted Land. Some of them did not care what he said, but others were highly interested in his appeal, so that they chose to take a look at the Heavenly Court, hoping this was their Fated Chance.

However, those who chose to join the Heavenly Court were not strong. The strongest of them was an old man, who had been converted from a spiritual stone from one of the cosmic stars, the Taibai Jinxing. His name was Taibai Jinxing due to his origin of the Taibai Jinxing. With his cultivation of Primordial Unity Golden Immortal, he was put in an important position by Haotian, because there were only a few that could reach his cultivation in Untainted Land nowadays.

As for the Sages, they all disdained what Haotian did extremely. In their eyes, it was useless to recruit so many minions. It was impossible to achieve what Emperor Jun had done with that little power. Therefore, they just left him alone and did not care about the development of Heavenly Court.


After the final battle of the Sorcerer and Demon Tribes, the Wu Tribe retreated to where they'd come from, the endless mountains. The place was of unmeasured vastness and had plenty room for billions of the Wu Tribe. Since there were only billions of the Wu Tribe left, it was large enough for the rest of them to live.

As for the Demon Tribe, it was a different case. Except for the Demons from Heavenly Court who had survived the final battle, there were countless Demons living in Untainted Land as well. They were all over the place. Although they were weak, they were overwhelming in number. Now, with the Wu Tribe's retreat, their living space was extremely enlarged, thus naturally, they would develop and grow rapidly.

The unmeasured vastness of Untainted Land could be divided into five parts. The west was the territory of Zhunti and Jieyin; it was the poorest place. And the endless mountains where the Wu Tribe dwelled was in the north of Untainted Land. As for the Coast of the East Sea where the Holy Land of the Human Tribe was located, it was only one part of the east. After thousands of years' growth, the footprints of the Human Tribe could be found everywhere in the east. Now they were heading toward the center of Untainted Land.

After the Cultivation Tribulation, the Demons who followed Goddess Nvywa were settled in the south of Untainted Land under the charge of the Sacred Demon, Bai Ze. Now was the time for the Human Tribe to thrive. Once they started the expansion, surely, the Demon Tribe would suffer the brunt of it for their hatred. The good news was that the Human Tribe rarely set foot in the south of Untainted Land, where the rough mountain veiled in mist and smoke. Therefore, the Demon Tribe would have enough room to restore.

Besides, after Emperor Jun's death, the Demon Tribe was nothing but a sheep without a shepherd. Though Bai Ze set a lot of rules, some Demons were leaving the Tribe. Some of them could not bear this difficult time, so they went to other places in Untainted Land, or the Four Seas, even to join the Demon Master, Kunpeng. But Bai Ze could not do anything about it.

And Goddess Nvywa did not intervene on their choices. Despite the Demons who fled, the Demon Tribe had reserved some power under the lead of Bai Ze. The environment might be harsh, but the Demon Tribe could adapt. Additionally, it was the perfect place for them to restore since they had no enemy there.

With regard to other Demon Clans living elsewhere in Untainted Land, they might be overwhelming in number, but they only fought for themselves, not as a unity. Sometimes they even fought against each other, seeming to degenerate to one of the Hundred Tribes of Untainted Land. The irony was that they actually fought for the territory the Wu Tribe had left behind.

The situation frustrated Goddess Nvywa. The Demons had been abandoned by Emperor Jun and his Heavenly Court. She had no position to intervene on their business. Seeing how they fought each other for the territory, she felt sorry for them deep down. Because they had all forgotten that the Human Tribe was sitting, waiting for the right time to seek revenge.

Ancestor Hongjun had declared that the Human Tribe would thrive, and he'd ordered the disciples of the Sages to preach to the Human Tribe. Obviously, the current thriving of the Human Tribe was just the beginning. They might one day become the rulers of Heaven and Earth. They would take over the fertile land in Untainted Land when they expanded. Needless to say, the Demon Tribe members who owned the places now would be made an example of. Inevitably, another bloodbath was on its way in the Untainted Land.

Chapter 134: The Plan of the Human Tribe

Inside the Holy Land of the Human Tribe, the Four Ancestors of Humanity gathered up. Suiren-Shi, Youchao-Shi, and Ziyi- Shi looked exhilarated since both the Sorcerer and Demon Tribes had suffered a great loss. They might be weaker than the Human Tribe, for now. After all, the Human Tribe had been restored about four thousand years after the Cultivation Tribulation, so they had just recovered to their scale from before the Tribulation.

Suiren-Shi said excitedly, "Now the Wu Tribe has retired from the world, and the rest of the Demon Tribe from Heavenly Court has retreated to the cold southern land. As for the Demon Tribe lingering in the Untainted Land, though there might be many of them, their quantity won't bring them any favor in confrontation with us. Wherever our army of immortals and warriors go, the Demon Tribe will be wiped out. We, the Human Tribe will be the masters of Untainted Land soon."

Looking at the excited Suiren-Shi, Musen shook his head. Suiren-Shi's idea was too optimistic. Indeed, the Demon Tribe in Untainted Land was not powerful. The Immortals' Army and the Army of Martial Arts of the Holy Land could easily wipe them out. But then what? The Untainted Land was not a small village. Even though the Human Tribe had taken over the Untainted Land, could they protect themselves from the Demon Tribe? How could they protect the whole Human Tribe with such a small force in the Holy Land? There might be another wholesale slaughter coming for them.

Seeing that Suiren-Shi and other two were on cloud nine, Musen understood that they had been waiting for this moment for too long. It was normal for them to react in this way since the opportunity was presented now. However, as he needed to cool them off, he said, "Brother, you are right about that. But do we really have the power to seek hegemony in the Untainted Land?"

Hearing what Musen had said, Suiren-Shi and the other two Ancestors turned around. Youchao-Shi asked, "My brother, what do you mean by that? We don't have any rivals at all for the power of the Holy Land. Besides, we have you and your Veridical Martial Origin Formation."

Musen sighed, and replied, "You are perfectly right, but how can we defend ourselves when we occupy such a vast territory? Shall we send out all of our tribesmen from the Holy Land? If so, the Holy Land of the Human Tribe will be nothing but a sham.

The three ancestors were enlightened by what Musen said. They had assessed the power of the Human Tribe as that of the Holy Land of the Human Tribe. Obviously, they were totally wrong. Those who stayed in the Holy Land of the Human Tribe were elites, accounting for ninety percent of the power of the Human Tribe. Dispatching ninety percent of their power to conquer the world, while leaving the rest to defend, was not the best way to protect the Human Tribe.

Considering this, the three Ancestors abated. They were grateful for Musen's warning, for perhaps there would  be another tribulation for the Human Tribe. Maybe it would not be that bad, but there would be damage for sure. Suiren-Shi then said, "Thanks for your warning. Any suggestions?"

Musen waved his hands, then a map of the Untainted Land appeared in front of them, in which the distributions of different forces were marked on the map. "Minghe sent me this map of power distribution in Untainted Land. It records the power of all sides in detail." Although Minghe was good at deduction, he could not deduct everything. So he had transferred a segment of his Clones of the Blood God to various places in Untainted Land to gather intelligence and Treasures of Heaven and Earth that had not been possessed.

Suiren-Shi and the other two Ancestors examined this detailed distribution map of powers in the Untainted Land, and were deeply astonished. They had never even heard of some of these tribes and powers. If they had followed their previous plan, they would have met a lot of enemies in Untainted Land.

Suiren-Shi and the other two ancestors were grateful for Minghe's support. Though Musen, who was his Selfcentric Separation, and occupied thirty percent of the Luck of the Human Tribe, he deserved it for what he had done for the Human Tribe. And now Minghe had done them another huge favor, by sending them the map. Given their weak foundation, it was hard for the Human Tribe to explore the whole Untainted Land. Now with the help of the map sent by Minghe, they could do it more easily.

Suiren-Shi said to Musen gratefully, "Brother, please express the Human Tribe's gratitude to Minghe. With this map, we can keep away from those Almighties in the Untainted Land. Most of all, we will know where our enemies are, and can avoid a lot of unnecessary losses." Musen smiled and said, "As he shares my thirty percent Luck of the Human Tribe, he can provide the Human Tribe some support, though he needs to stay in the shadow. I have carefully studied this map, and there are very few spots that we can't lay our hands on."

Pointing to the map, Musen said, "The Four Seas are not suitable for us to live, so we don't need to look at them. As for the west, this territory belongs to Jieyin and Zhunti. Besides, it's kind of infertile there. It is not the place for us either. As for the north, there's the Wu Tribe as well as Minghe's Ominous Beasts, which makes it another unlivable place."

"So let's see what's left for us. The south, in which the Demon Tribe from Heavenly Court dwells in, with the Sempiternal Volcano guarded by the Phoenix Tribe, is not the place we are looking for either. The east and the central part of the Untainted Land that cover most of the ground in Untainted Land, are vast enough for the Human Tribe to live and multiply. We only need to avoid the mountains where the Kylin Tribe settles in the center."

Suiren-Shi pointed to the east and the center of the Untainted Land and asked, "How about the Demon Tribe in these two places? What should we do to expand?" Compared to the other three Ancestors, Musen had the vision that no human had ever had. He was Minghe's Selfcentric One after all. Since it was regarding the future of the Human Tribe, they had to be thorough.

Musen said, "If we want to really rise up and become the key player in Untainted Land, self-reliance is the only option. We may have huge power inside the Holy Land, but our tribesmen will completely rely on the Holy Land. Once we send our troops out, they could run into trouble. How can they grow their self- reliance in that way?"

"The only choice we have is to let our tribesmen expand slowly, step by step. Meanwhile, the tribes outside the Holy Land must build their own armies. We can dispatch some of our elites to help them strengthen their power, but we can't intervene on their expansions at all. Only through blood and fire can the Human Tribe truly exceed others and become the strongest in Untainted Land."

Suiren-Shi and other the two ancestors nodded, as it was the safest way. But they still had some doubts. Youchao-Shi asked, "Brother, how should we deal with the Individual Cultivators who live in seclusion in Untainted Land? Truth be told, not all of them are decent people. And if we allow them to do whatever they want, they might harm our tribesmen."

After the competition for the Hong Meng Immortal Qi, most of the Individual Cultivators in Untainted Land were wiped out. However, many of them still survived. Maybe they were not as strong as those Individual Cultivators who'd died, but still, they were masters compared to normal humans. The ordinary tribes of the Human Tribe could not defeat them in conflict.

A cold light flashed in Musen's eyes, and he said relentlessly, "Life or death is totally up to them. If they keep their distance from our tribe, we will leave them alone. But if they pose a threat, we will teach them a bloody lesson."

On hearing that, Ziyi-Shi said, "You mean we would need to send out our guardians or Elders to eliminate them? Is it too overbearing? Attracting others' hostility in Untainted Land doesn't seem to be an advantage for our development."

Musen answered the question like it was nothing, "So what? Our prosperity and thriving is the General Trend of Heaven. Nobody can stop it, let alone us. With the Veridical Martial Origin Formation in our hands, no tribe dares to stand against us. Though we will not accelerate our expansion with it, we will destroy anyone who stands in our way."

Suiren-Shi and the other two nodded on hearing that. The power of the Sacred Land of Spiritual Inheritance was the whole card of the Human Tribe. If the interests of the Human Tribe were violated by anyone, they would not let the violator get away. With such a card, and Musen's developing plan, it was just a matter of time before the Human Tribe became the key player in Untainted Land.

Musen added, "There's one more thing to consider, the preaching of a Sage. It might be a chance for Sages to meddle in the Human Tribe's business, however, we can improve our power by their hands. I suggest we maintain neutrality. What do you think?"

Speaking of the preaching of the Sage, Suiren-Shi and the other two ancestors felt uncomfortable. Nonetheless, the preaching was beneficial for the Human Tribe. In addition, they would not offend Sages this way, so they just nodded.

After the discussion, the Four Ancestors put their plan into practice right away. Everyone in the Untainted Land was concerned about every move the Human Tribe made. Seeing what the Human Tribe was doing now, others thought they wanted to expand rapidly in every direction. But the truth was that they did it slowly. Others could not help but think, that if it were the Wu Tribe or Demon Tribe, they would expand recklessly. It seemed that the Human Tribe was truly different from other tribes. They were not a warlike tribe, and that put other powers' minds at rest.

Chapter 135: Zhenyuanzi's Construction of the Residence

In Mount Shouyang, the Three Pure Ones gathered together. It was their first time to get together again for discussion since the division. Going back to such a familiar scene, these three people were full of emotional thoughts. They had divided for recruiting disciples. It had been really hurried in retrospect.

However, they knew that it was destiny. Though Mount Kunlun was great, it could not bear the Luck of three Sages. Moreover, the doctrines of these three sects were different, and something terrible would happen sooner or later if they came together. So it was better to divide, to avoid potentially hurting their brotherhood.

Laozi looked at the Honoured Lord of the Origin and Tongtian, and said, "My second and third brothers, what do you think about preaching to the Human Tribe?" The purpose of this gathering was to discuss the preaching Ancestor Hongjun had mentioned before. The Human Tribe was developing rapidly, and it was possible that many tribes in Untainted Land could not stop this tendency. Considering the step-by-step development pattern of the Human Tribe, perhaps 10 thousand years later, the Human Tribe would have the ruler position of Heaven and Earth in the bag. Nowadays, the other tribes in the Human Tribe were still weak with the exception of those on the Coast of the East Sea. It was the most suitable time to preach, like sending a present of firewood in cold weather. But when it came to this topic, Laozi felt a lump in his throat. How great the Tribe of Humanity was! But currently it was just a phrase, it lacked substance. Though Laozi followed the Way of Non-action, he could not forget it completely.

Upon hearing that, the Honoured Lord of the Origin said, "The Human Tribe is certainly outstanding. Compared with the Sorcerer and Demon Tribes, they are definitely more suitable for becoming the ruler of the universe of Honghuang. Once they achieve it, their Luck will boom. If we wait until then to preach, it will be too late."

Tongtian agreed with the Honoured Lord. But he was still worried, and said, "It is exactly as you said. However, the Human Tribe has the Spiritual Inheritance of Martial Arts. Besides, after the last Cultivation Tribulation, Martial Arts arose again and surpassed the Way of Celestial. I'm afraid that even if we want to preach at present, it will be not easy."

Laozi kept silent for a while, then said, "Regardless, preaching is imperative. All we need to do is send our disciples to preach in the Human Tribe. As for whether or not we succeed, it depends on fortune."

After the Three Pure Ones came to a conclusion, they sent disciples to preach in the Human Tribe one after the other. However, it did not go well. After all, it had not been not long since the Cultivation Tribulation, so the Human Tribe did not have a favorable impression of Sages, not to mention their disciples.

But with the passage of time, many people in the Human Tribe gradually forgot about it. In order to be stronger, they accepted the preaching of the three religions. After several hundred years, the three religions established a firm foothold in the Human Tribe. It was a great beginning. Given sufficient time, it would be possible for the three religions to flourish in the Human Tribe.

Compared with the Three Pure Ones, Jieyin and Zhunti's preaching did not go well. The west was too poor to attract more people in Human Tribe to live here. Those who had decided to live here had no choice actually. Even more exasperating was that they followed the Way of Earth Immortal preached by Zhenyuanzi. Zhunti and Jieyin could hardly preach to them. During the Cultivation Tribulation of the Human Tribe, Zhenyuanzi had saved billions of people. He had earned a great reputation with them. It could be said that he had the second highest status with only Goddess Nvywa and the Four Ancestors of Humanity ahead of him. In addition, Zhenyanzi usually preached the Great Way, and the Way of Earth Immortal he'd established was very suitable for the Human Tribe. Though he had not established a sect, the Human Tribe regarded him as the Ancestor of Earthly Immortals.

Zhenyuanzi's Ashram was located at the junction of the east and the west. The most Human Tribe now living in the west had been protected by Zhenyuanzi originally. Afterwards, for some reason, several people in Human Tribe had moved to the west. Since then, the formerly poor west had been livelier.

Zhunti was quite annoyed about his unsmooth preaching. But he could not find faults with Zhenyuanzi for it, otherwise, it would be mocked by the other Sages. He still had a way. Most humans moving to the west were at a low stage of cultivation. Zhunti usually showed them Magic Skills, combined with some plausible words, so many people in Human Tribe gradually chose to join the Western Religious Sect.

Zhenyuanzi couldn't do anything about it because Zhunti was the Sage who he could not contend with. He had no choice but to turn a blind eye. Fortunately, Zhunti did not go too far. He always did his job in the west without venturing to the east.

In the backyard of Wuzhuang Taoist Temple, under the Ginseng Tree, Zhenyuanzi and a shadow sat on a stone bench. The shadow sometimes appeared to be real while sometimes it appeared apparitional. It was Hongyun's Original Spirit. After almost 10 thousand years' training, Hongyun could now appear in the shape of a Original Spirit. He seemed to have recovered well.

Hongyun glanced at the Ginseng berries overhead, with his mouth watering. It was a pity that now he was merely a Original Spirit. Without a real flesh body, he wasn't fortunate enough to enjoy Spiritual Fruits. Watching Hongyun's behavior, Zhenyuanzi could do nothing. After the Cultivation Tribulation, Hongyun had become freer and more at ease.

Hongyun looked at Zhenyuanzi, and asked, "Zhenyuanzi, can you tell me what Fated Chance is going to be sent to me according to Fellow Taoist Minghe? It cannot not keep me in the shape of a Original Spirit forever. How terrible it is to see Ginseng berries every day and not get to eat them." Zhenyuanzi sighed, "Hongyun, I really don't know what to do with you. How many Ginseng berries have you eaten? You're still so fond of them. As for the Fated Chance Fellow Taoist Minghe talked about, I have asked for you. It still needs 10 thousand more years."

Hongyun became depressed, "Oh! 10 thousand years!"10 thousand years was long. For Cultivators, it was a short span, but Hongyun was just a Original Spirit. The most he could do was just strengthen the Original Spirit and comprehend the Divine Laws. 10 thousand years would certainly cast a somewhat gloomy shadow over his outgoing character.

After a while, Hongyun suddenly cheered up, and asked seriously, "Zhenyuanzi, how is that issue going?" That issue? What could make Hongyun become so serious? It would not be a trifle. Therefore, Zhenyuanzi also turned solemn.

Zhenyuanzi showed a book in his hand. It was his Eternal Spiritual Treasure, a Primordial Spiritual Treasure, the Book of the Nether World. Staring at it for a brief period, Zhenyuanzi said, "It's almost ready. I'll start to take action fully in a few days." Slightly worried, Hongyun said, "Zhenyuanzi, have you really thought this over? Once you take this step, there is no chance of turning back. At that time, the pressure you are going to face won't be small. You may even need to face up to the Sages."

With the Book in his hand, Zhenyuanzi clenched his fist. Firmly, he said, "I know. But I won't quit. Now I have my own specific Tao. I won't reconcile without fighting for it. Even though I might die on the way, I have no regrets."

Hongyun had no words when he heard this, "All right. Be careful. It's a shame that I can't help you now. You will have only yourself oh, and the Ancestor Minghe, to rely on. We don't know what he wants either. I only hope that he can help you, and you will be less stressed."

Zhenyuanzi shook his head, and said, "Hongyun, your thoughts are naive. What Minghe needs is partners at the stage of the Origin. If I can't bear such small pressure, I'm afraid he won't have any expectations of me. What's more, I, Zhenyuanzi, don't need anyone's mercy."

After a few days, a heaven worship altar was built in Wuzhuang Taoist Temple. In robes, Zhenyuanzi went up to the sacrificial altar where his disciples were standing under the altar. Outside Wuzhuang Taoist Temple, innumerable Cultivators gathered together. They were here to witness the ceremony. It was in relation to the future of Earthly Immortals. How could they miss it?

Zhenyuanzi, holding the Book of the Nether World, prayed to Heaven, "With the Way of Heaven as witness, I, Zhenyuanzi, have comprehended the Book of the Nether World and the Great Way of Earthly Immortals. Nowadays, lands, mountains, lakes, and waters in Untainted Land are in a mess without rules. I will build the Earth Immortal's Residence, and crown the Gods of Mountains, Gods of Lands and Gods of the Rivers all over the world to manage Untainted Land. With my primordial spiritual treasure, the Book of the Nether World compacting the Luck, Earth Immortal's Residence, construct!"

Above the Ninth Heaven, thunder rumbled. A Golden Light of Merit came from Heaven. Zhenyuanzi got 70%, the Book of the Nether World got 10%, and Zhenyuanzi's disciples and many Earthly Immortals coming to witness the rite got the remaining 20%.

Upon receiving the Merit, Zhenyuanzi's cultivation began to increase. With a powerful flow from the inside, he reached the Peak Level of Sage-to-be, becoming the next master at Peak Level after Emperor Jun. Furthermore, the Earth Immortal's Residence was not a trivial matter. The Nether World had been built on the foundation of the Book of Humans, while Now Earth Immortal's Residence was built by the Book of the Nether World. It was enough to say the Earth Immortal's Residence had a high position in Untainted Land.

All Cultivators in Untainted Land were astonished at the construction of Earth Immortal's Residence. It had not been long since the Cultivation Tribulation. All living beings of Untainted Land thought that the Human Tribe would take action, but they did not. As for the Sages, they did nothing except send disciples to preach in the Human Tribe. They had thought that Untainted Land would be quiet for a period of time, but unexpectedly, a great event had still taken place.

Zhenyuanzi had always had a good reputation in Untainted Land. But after Hongyun's suffering, he seemed to turn into a different person. At first, he recruited disciples widely. Then he was openly against the Demon Tribe for saving the Human Tribe. And it was more severe now: he'd built the Earth Immortal's Residence, comparable with Heavenly Court and the Nether World. What did he really want to do?

Chapter 136: Everyone's Reaction (The fourth update)

In the Blood Sea, Minghe smiled when he noticed what had happened in Wuzhuang Taoist Temple. Finally, Zhenyuanzi had taken that step. Minghe was happy that he'd been right about him. Zhenyuanzi was not willing to remain as a carefree Immortal. He had been hanged for realizing the  Origin. Whoever became a Sage-to-be was not a normal person.

There would be no leeway for Zhenyuanzi since he had started on this path. Obtaining the Merit, he had gotten the permission of the Way of Heaven to be the real Ancestor of Earthly Immortals. Compared with the Zhenyuanzi in mythology he had read, this real one was more qualified to hold the title of Ancestor of Earthly Immortals.

Minghe called for Liu Er, and said to him, "Our Fellow Taoist Zhenyuanzi has built the Earth Immortal's Residence, which is a great Merit for Untainted Land. Liu Er, go visit Wuzhuang Taoist Temple in my name. Here is the gift I have prepared. Make sure it's sent to Zhenyuanzi and remember to be polite. Understand?" With a wave of his hand, a trencher appeared in front of Liu Er. Liu Er noticed three spheres of fruit on the trencher, causing his mouth to water immediately. They were yellow plums. Liu Er had once received one from Minghe when he was a Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal, but now after separating his Evil Separation, he had reached the Secondary Stage of Sage-to-be. Facing the yellow plums, he was still greedy.

Seeing this, Minghe tapped Liu Er's forehead heavily and said angrily, "You're such a naughty monkey. Haven't you eaten anything? You have reached the Sage-to-be, the yellow plums can't enhance your cultivation anymore. They will mostly pamper your stomach. The yellow plum tree bears only nine plums every 30 thousand years. You need to be grateful that you have already eaten one."

Liu Er giggled and put away the three yellow plums. Although Liu Er coveted these plums, he would never disobey Minghe's orders. He kowtowed to Minghe and then left Sacred Island for Wuzhuang Taoist Temple riding the cloud.

Minghe shook his head. Actually, it was not that he was unwilling to give Liu Er yellow plums, but the yellow plums were too precious. Since he had planted the yellow plum tree, it had only born once with just nine plums. It would be  10 thousand years before the tree bore again, which would be the time of Three Royals and Five Emperors.

The first nine yellow plums had been distributed. Liu  Er, Kong Xuan and Minghe's mount Chixuan each got one. Another one was given to Musen. When his third disciple  reached Heaven Clashing Level, Musen would give it to him. Later on, Minghe had used two of them to refine elixir. The last three would be sent to Zhenyuanzi. Therefore, it would be another 10 thousand years before he could get nine new yellow plums.

Actually, the last three yellow plums were useless to Minghe, so he was choosing to send them to Zhenyuanzi as a gift. While the Earth Immortal's Residence had just been built, Zhenyuanzi could use the three yellow plums to cultivate three cultivators to Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal. Although one couldn't step into a higher stage before the realm of his Purusa could match with his cultivation, plenty of cultivators didn't even have a chance to reach the surname state. Therefore, it seemed that the defect of yellow plums could be ignored.

As for the two yellow plums he had used to refine elixir, Minghe was a little bit embarrassed to mention them. In order to refine his so-called Daluo Golden Elixir, he had spent plenty of precious herbs and even some Enlightenment Fruit. As he had planned before, this kind of Zenith Heaven Golden Elixir could promote someone to be a Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal, Realm of Enlightenment and Realm Purusa. With luck, he might directly step into the stage of Zenith Heaven Immortal.

However, Minghe had no talent in the Way of Refining Elixir. He tried twice and then decisively gave up. Though he had refined Golden Elixirs, they had only been Primordial Unity Golden Elixir, and some Three Flowers Golden Elixirs. Although the number of elixirs was considerable, these were a far cry from the Zenith Heaven Golden Elixir which he had been expecting.

Primordial Unity Golden Elixir could enhance one's cultivation to the stage of Primordial Unity Golden Immortal while Three Flowers Golden Elixir could improve one to become a Golden Immortal. Minghe named this elixir as Three Flowers Golden Elixir because when one stepped into the stage of Golden Immortal, his three Flowers of Golden Immortal would bloom. However, if one wanted to step into the stage of Zenith Heaven Immortal, this elixir couldn't help much.

However, Primordial Unity Golden Elixir and Three Flowers Golden Elixir had fewer shortcomings than Zenith Heaven Golden Elixir. According to the prediction of the Magical Tao Mirror, one would have a 50% chance of becoming a Primordial Unity Golden Immortal when his Original Spirit and supernatural power both stepped into Primordial Unity Golden Immortal. As for Primordial Unity Golden Elixir, it would provide a 70% chance. Compared with a less than 10% chance after consuming Zenith Heaven Golden Elixir, it was pretty good.

The stage of Zenith Heaven Immortal was really mysterious. In order to be a Zenith Heaven Immortal, if one only enhanced cultivation without promoting his Purusa, his way to Tao was likely to be blocked. It was different for Primordial Unity Golden Immortal and Golden Immortal: Even if one's Original Spirit could not catch up with his cultivation, he could still make it up with effort.

The last time Minghe had refined elixirs, he had produced five Primordial Unity Golden Elixirs and 11 Three Flowers Golden Elixirs. Although these were of no use for his disciples, he could send them to his offspring. Actually, after two Cultivation Tribulations, even Cultivators at Zenith Heaven Immortal had decreased. One at Primordial Unity Golden Immortal or Golden Immortal could be called a powerful Cultivator.

Even as  a  Sage's  disciple,  one  would  face  great  difficulty stepping into Golden Immortal. Compared with these Cultivators, Minghe's disciples were much better. Liu Er had just recently separated his Evil Separation. To Minghe's surprise, Liu Er's Evil Separation was the Wise Monkey. When he was separated, aside from a strong flesh body, he was just a little monkey without any cultivation, causing Minghe and Kong Xuan to laugh at him a lot.

Fortunately, Liu Er's Evil Separation had similar cultivation talent to Liu Er. With a fast cultivation speed, he was worthy to be called Wise Monkey. Compared with Liu Er, Kong Xuan's process of cultivation was much slower. After a thousand years of cultivation, he had only reached the Late Stage of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal. However, he was really good at the Law of Five Elements, which also troubled Liu Er a lot.

As for Black Tortoise, his cultivation had improved stably with the guidance of Musen. He had currently reached the stage of Martial Artist of the Heaven Changing (the same as Golden Immortal). Besides, with his Merit of mending the Sky in his preexistence leading out step by step, his Golden Body of Martial Arts had almost formed into a shape. When he stepped into the stage of Heaven Clashing (the same as Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal), his Golden Body of Martial Arts must be fully successful. ·························

In Mount Shouyang, the Three Pure Ones had been together to discuss the Way of Tao since their disciples had left for preaching. It seemed that they were back to the old days and the barriers between them suddenly disappeared. The Honoured Lord of the Origin never even mentioned Tongtian's recruiting disciples.

Zhenyuanzi had built the Earth Immortal's Residence, shocking the whole Untainted Land and interrupting the Three Pure Ones' discussion as well. Originally, Heavenly Court and the Nether World had occupied two major parts in Untainted Land, and even a Sage could do nothing to them. However, to their surprise, the erection of the Earth Immortal's Residence meant that there would be another strong force in Untainted Land.

All the Earthly Immortals gathered in the Earth Immortal's Residence to receive titles all over Untainted Land such as Gods of Mountains, Gods of Lands, and Gods of the Yellow River. Although it only occupied a part of Untainted Land, it had gathered a great deal of the Luck of Untainted Land. In fact, the Luck of Untainted Land was like a big cake. The more people there were to share this cake, the less each would get. Therefore, no one wanted to see the construction of the Earth Immortal's Residence.

Looking at Laozi standing aloof from this issue, the Honoured Lord of the Origin asked, "Big brother, do you know why Zhenyuanzi suddenly built the Earth  Immortal's  Residence? He's not the kind of person to do such a thing on a whim. Did the death of Hongyun irritate him so much that he changed this drastically?"

Laozi opened his eyes, and said slightly, "In Untainted Land, there are Three Books of Heaven, Earth, and Mortal. Mortal Book is the Book of Life and Death which Minghe once used to set up the Nether World. Earth Book is Zhenyuanzi's Eternal Spiritual Treasure, which is said to be formed by the caul of the earth. As for the Heaven book, it hasn't shown up in Untainted Land. Now, since Zhenyuanzi has built the Earth Immortal's Residence using his Earth Book, he has the right to enfeoff all the Gods of Mountains, Lands, and the Yellow River. What he really wants is only to gather the Luck of Earthly Immortals."

Hearing this, Tongtian was in high spirits. He asked, "Gather the Luck of Earthly Immortals? Is it possible that Zhenyuanzi has comprehended his own way of Tao, and wants to realize the Stage of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal with the help of Earthly Immortals' Luck?" All the Sages naturally knew the benefits of Luck. With the Luck gathered from all the Earthly Immortals, there was a large possibility that Zhenyuanzi would be able to actualize the Realm of Origin. At the peak stage of Sage-to-be, he had only one more step to go to become a Sage.

Laozi nodded, "It's possible. But even so, it will take a long time for Zhenyuanzi to actualize the Realm of Origin. Even if he does, it won't matter much." Hearing that, the Honoured Lord of the Origin and Tongtian felt reassured. Zhenyuanzi at the Early Stage of the Origin did not pose a threat to them. Besides, nobody knew when Zhenyuanzi would actualize the Realm of Origin.

Laozi continued to say, "Zhenyuanzi was one of the participants in the Teachings in Zixiao Palace. Originally, there used to be 3,000 Cultivators, but not many of them are still here. The Earth Immortal's Residence is definitely beneficial to Untainted Land, so we should send disciples to congratulate him. Otherwise, the others will make fun of us." The Honoured Lord of the Origin and Tongtian thought Laozi's words were reasonable, so they immediately ordered their disciples to congratulate him. The leaders were naturally the eldest disciples of their three Religions, Xuandu, Guang Chengzi, and Abundant Treasures.

Chapter 137: Conflict (Part Five)

Inside the Wahuang Heaven, Goddess Nvywa learned about Zhenyuanzi and thought about the person who had listened to the teachings inside the Zixiao Palace at the same time as her.

She had originally wanted to send someone to congratulate him. However, thinking about how the Demon Tribe, had had something to do with what happened to Hongyun, she could only give up.

At any rate, Zhenyuanzi establishing the Earth Immortal's Residence didn't have anything to do with the Demon Tribe. It wouldn't matter if she didn't go.

As for Two Sages of the West, their preaching was hindered by Zhenyuanzi's Way of Earth Immortal. Even Zhunti, as someone who really loved to exploit everything to his advantage,

didn't have any interest in going, even if the situation ought to be very lively. Besides, none of the other Sages had gone. If he went by himself, it would indeed be a bit embarrassing. Thus, he simply sent his disciple to go and congratulate him as a formality.

Compared with the Sages, Haotian's mood certainly wasn't that good. He had just assumed the position as the Lord of Heavenly Court recently. At first, he was extremely enthusiastic, wanting to fulfill his ambition. However, after a round of recruiting, the majority of those who came had all been small fish and shrimps. This should be a good sign…. right?

There should have been even more Cultivators who were still waiting and observing the situation. Haotian didn't have a reputation in Untainted Land. Wanting the Individual Cultivators in Untainted Land to come and approve of him just because he was someone the Honorable Ancestor had chosen was impossible. Fortunately, there were the Peaches of Immortality, which were attractive enough to the Cultivators in the Untainted Land.

But now, Zhenyuanzi had unexpectedly established the Earth Immortal's Residence. This had completely ruined Haotian's plan. Some of the Individual Cultivators who were still observing went one after the other to the Wuzhuang Taoist Temple, wanting to pry into Zhenyuanzi's Way of Earth Immortal.

People would seek someone with a great reputation the way they seek the shadow of a tree to protect themselves. Haotian had been staying in Zixiao Palace waiting upon Ancestor Hongjun. It could be said that his reputation in the Untainted Land wasn't noticeable. However, Zhenyuanzi wasn't the same. He was originally the Untainted Land's well-known skilled Sage- to-be. Neither his reputation nor his strength could be matched by that of Haotian.

Seeing that Haotian seemed to be upset, Yaochi said consolingly, "Haotian, everything takes time. After all, it is only recently that we became the Lords of Heavenly Court. How about we hold a Feast of Peaches and invite the Sages and Individual Cultivators in the Untainted Land to participate?"

Haotian calmed down slightly and answered, "Forget it, now isn't the right time. It would be better for us to slowly accumulate strength for now. To avoid displeasing the Sages, we should avoid drama. Besides, there is no conflict between Zhenyuanzi's Earth Immortal's Residence and my Heavenly Court. It isn't worth having a dispute and offending Zhenyuanzi just because of our momentary emotions. It's enough to let Taibai Jinxing go and bring nine nine-thousand year old Peaches of Immortality to congratulate him."


The place, where the Wuzhuang Taoist Temple used to be, seemed very different now. An even more majestic palace now sat on the mountain with three huge words, EARTH IMMORTAL'S RESIDENCE written on the board attached above the main hall. Behind it was Zhenyuanzi's ashram, the Wuzhuang Taoist Temple.

Nowadays, the Earth Immortal's Residence was always filled with guests. Everyone came to congratulate Zhenyuanzi for establishing the Earth Immortal's Residence. Of course, there were also some guests who came to see if their Fated Chance might be in this place. Obviously, they would rather trust Zhenyuanzi than Haotian, who was from Heavenly Court.

Although the guests inside the hall kept piling up, several seats in the front were actually empty. They were reserved for the Sages. Even though the Sages weren't coming, nobody would dare to take those seats. Offending the Sages was really not a laughing matter. At this moment, three people suddenly walked into the hall. The three of them, Xuandu, Guang Chengzi, and Abundant Treasures were the messengers sent by the Tribe of Humanity, the Tribe of Enlightenment and the Tribe of Severity. They gave their congratulatory gift and said, "Xuandu (Guang Chengzi, Abundant Treasures) greets the Immortal Zhenyuan. Having heard that the Great Immortal has established the Earth Immortal's Residence, our Master has specially ordered us to come and congratulate the Great Immortal."

Zhenyuanzi smiled and said, "Do thank your Masters on my behalf. Please be seated!" That Three Pure Ones had sent their disciples here to congratulate him showed that they already accepted the existence of the Earth Immortal's Residence. As for whether or not they personally came, Zhenyuanzi didn't really care.

Soon after, Medicine Buddha of Western Religious Sect and Taibai Jinxing of Heavenly Court arrived. By then, only the Sorcerer and Demon Tribes and Minghe hadn't shown up yet. But considering the Sorcerer and Demon Tribes' present situation, they probably wouldn't come. In that case, Minghe was the only one left.

A silhouette suddenly appeared in the Hall. The person laughed happily and said, "Liu Er greets the Immortal Zhenyuan. My Master, Ancestor Minghe, sent me to congratulate you. These are the gifts from my Master." As soon as he finished speaking, he took out three fruits from the yellow plum tree.

"Tch! Just three rotten pieces of fruit and you have the nerve to hand them out? Your Master is really quite destitute." A disdainful voice was heard in the hall and shocked everyone. Minghe had been the first Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal of Origin in the Untainted Land. Back then, when he'd actualized the Realm of Origin, he was already a very ruthless man. However today, there was actually a fearless ignorant who dared to humiliate him.

Hearing this voice, Liu Er was instantly furious. He shouted loudly, "Who? Come out and show yourself!" All of a sudden, the momentum of a Secondary Stage Sage-to-be erupted, pressuring many of the guests until they were forced to take several steps back. Everyone was even more shocked now. They knew that Liu Er was Minghe's senior disciple, but they never knew that Liu Er had actually reached the cultivation of Sage-to- be.

Staring at someone who sat among the front-most seats, Liu Er said coldly, "Were you the one who said it?" His words were filled with menace intent. It had been tens of thousands of years since he'd become Minghe's disciple and during these tens of thousands of years, Minghe had always done his utmost in teaching him. Although Liu Er was a bit mischievous, he had always been extremely respectful towards Minghe. How could Liu Er not to be furious when someone was insulting him?

The person was the Tribe of Enlightenment's senior disciple, Guang Chengzi. At this moment, his face was a bit pale. Although a moment ago Liu Er's momentum had burst in every direction, most of it was still targeted at him. Guang Chengzi's cultivation was only at the peak stage of Golden Immortal, how could he withstand the coercion of a Sage-to-be? Thus, his expression naturally didn't look very good.

Seeing that Liu Er was staring at him, Guang Chengzi suppressed the dread in his heart and said unyieldingly, "So what if it was me? They are three rotten pieces of fruit and you actually still have the nerve to present them, have I said something wrong?" Once his words were out, Xuandu and Abundant Treasures who had come together with him also frowned. This Guang Chengzi was a trouble-maker.

Liu Er humphed coldly and said, "Ignorant little child! These are the fruits of the yellow plum tree. One plum is enough to let a person enter the Surname State directly! I forgot, you're nothing but a tiny little Golden Immortal and wouldn't be able to recognize a treasure such as this. You'd better go back home and learn for another ten thousand years or more before you go out disgracing yourself again!"

Hearing Liu Er call him an 'ignorant little child', Guang Chengzi was instantly furious. During the several millenniums in which he'd become Honoured Lord of the Origin's disciple, no one had ever dared to talk to him like that. Thus, he said angrily, "Then what do you think you are? Furry face, protruding mouth, a vulgar who acts like a decent man. You're nothing but a monkey."

Liu Er's expression became even colder. He said, "It seems the Honoured Lord of the Origin has forgotten to teach you something. In front of the strong, you should at least maintain a bit of modesty. You're nothing but a tiny little Golden Immortal, what makes you have such courage? Is it just because you're a disciple of a Sage?" After finishing his speech, he suddenly brandished his hand.

BANG! With a ringing crack, Guang Chengzi was instantly blasted away. All the guests were dumbfounded by this scene. Zhenyuanzi had not expected that Liu Er would act so directly and beat Guang Chengzi without even the slightest qualm. This was no joking matter. What he had done was tantamount to hitting the Honoured Lord of the Origin in the face.

Guang Chengzi rose from the ground, stroking his beaten face incredulously. He went berserk, shouting, "You actually dared to hit me! I'll kill you!" How could someone as proud as Guang Chengzi accept such a huge insult? He forgot about the enormous cultivation gap between himself and Liu Er.

Seeing this, both Xuandu and Abundant Treasures hastily stepped forward and pulled back Guang Chengzi to stop him. Although they didn't specifically know how strong Liu Er was, when they heard the word 'Sage-to-be' from the guests' discussion, they already knew that even if the three of them were to fight together, it would still be an uneven match. It was likely that Guang Chengzi would only bring disgrace upon himself if he was to fight him now.

At this moment, Zhenyuanzi also stepped in and acted as the mediator. He said, "Martial nephews, don't be angry anymore. The feast will soon begin, please be seated." Unfortunately, Guang Chengzi, in his current state would obviously not listen to him. Even with both Xuandu and Abundant Treasures blocking him, it was to no avail.

Guan Chengzi suddenly released his strength, freeing himself from Xuandu's and Abundant Treasures' holds. A seal, known as the Smashing Seal, appeared in his hand. It was Houtu's highest grade Spiritual Treasure, refined from fragments of Mount Buzhou that the Honoured Lord of the Origin had collected when he mended the Sky. Its power was extraordinary.

Everyone present only saw Guang Chengzi throw the seal before it became instantly enormous, pressing towards Liu Er. Liu Er watched the oncoming attack of the Smashing Seal with disdain. With just a punch, the Smashing Seal was repelled and driven back straight towards Guang Chengzi. If Guang Chengzi was to be hit by it, he would definitely suffer serious injuries.

Seeing this, a flag appeared in Xuandu's hand. It was the Floating Flame Flag, one of the Primordial Flags of the Five Regions, something that Laozi had obtained from the Treasure Gifting Rocks. When Xuandu became his disciple, Laozi had bestowed this flag to him so that he could protect himself. Now it could be put to use. The Floating Flame Flag was unfolded, dropping a mysterious red-colored ray. Although the ray swayed when the Smashing Seal crashed into it, it didn't break at all.

Chapter 138: Confronting the Honoured Lord of the Origin

Liu Er did not feel strange about it, as the three were senior disciples of the Humanity, Enlightenment and Severity Tribes respectively. It would be strange if they did not have Magic Weapons for protection. For example, though the Guang Chengz's Smashing Seal was only a Postcelestial Spiritual Treasure, its force was no less than that of a Primordial Spiritual Treasure. Given that it could be refined with the Cauldron of Heaven and Earth, it would equal a high ranking Primordial Spiritual Treasure exactly.

Moreover, Liu Er had not retaliated with all his strength. Otherwise, Xuandu may not have been able to resist the power from his punch even with cultivation at Primordial Unity Golden Immortality and the Floating Flame Flag. Like Minghe, Liu er paid great attention to refining his body, his strength was the strongest it could be.

Turning back the Smashing Seal, Xuandu said, "Fellow Taoist Liu Er, please calm down. Junior fellow Guang Chengzi doesn't have any hostility against you, he was only acting on impulse." Though he had withstood the light punch from Liu Er, he had a clear estimation of himself and certainly did not want to counter against Liu Er. Zhenyuanzi said, "Martial nephew Liu Er, please do not flare up. It was not intentional for Guang Chengzi to do that. For the sake of his Master, Honoured Lord of the Origin, there is no need for you to make a fuss about it." Recalling the scene where Minghe had defeated Kunpeng heavily in one stroke, Zhenyuanzi was overwhelmed by a great emotion. Minghe had really accepted an excellent disciple. Just as the proverb said, "As is the teacher, so is the pupil."

Since Zhenyuanzi was trying to dissuade him, Liu Er naturally changed his countenance into a broad smile in order to show due respect for Zhenyuanzi. He said, "Now that the great immortal has said good words of Guang Chengzi, I will let it pass. Here are three yellow plums for you. Please accept them." Then he delivered the pallet in his hands to Zhenyuanzi.

Looking at the three yellow plums, Zhenyuanzi said, "Please extend my sincere gratitude to your Master." These three fruits were equal to three Zenith Heaven Golden Immortals. The present was so precious that other guests stared at them with envy. Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal, how attractive it was!

Looking at Guang Chengzi who still glared at Liu Er, Liu Er said calmly, "Guang Chengzi, I have just spared you for the sake of the Immortal Zhenyuan. You'd best remember that who is respectable in Untainted Land depends on his strength and that not everyone would be so kind to you. Hence, be careful in the future, one slight mistake may bring you to death. The disciple of a Sage doesn't represent the Sage after all, and could only intimidate a coward."

"Oh, really? Let me see who dares to kill my disciple?" A cold voice suddenly emerged in the palace, with a great might. It pressed down all the guests to kneel on the ground except for Zhenyuanzi, Liu Er and Xuandu who was spared from the might.

A figure walked out from the Void. Guang Chengzi could not help calling, "Master!" It was the Honoured Lord of the Origin. He had been talking about Tao with Laozi and Tongtian. He had not expected that his disciple could be beaten by others, and he was extremely irritated.

When the Honoured Lord of the Origin stared at Liu Er coldly, the enormous force of the Sage, like a huge mountain, weighed on Liu Er, as if to have Liu Er kneel down. For all that, Liu Er would not yield so easily, pulling out all his strength to hold up his body tightly. Seeing this, the Honoured Lord of the Origin felt an increasing irritation. How could he not be annoyed when a Sage-to-be did not surrender under his might? He said coldly, "You are Liu Er, the disciple of Minghe? Are you the one that wants to kill my disciple?" In spite of the calm remarks, all the guests felt a tremble in their hearts. It was obvious that the Honoured Lord of the Origin had the intent to kill.

Liu Er was familiar with the killing intent as he had followed with Minghe for cultivation for a long time, thus it did not frighten him at all. Minghe had once told him that one should rather die on one's feet than live on one's knees. Hence, he said with all his might, "Yes, so what?"

So what? Everybody freaked out. Faced with a Sage, Liu Er dared to say such words. He was obviously causing trouble for himself. Zhenyuanzi was startled to see this as well. If Liu Er died here, who knew what Minghe would do. When Minghe had killed Individual Cultivators and Sages-to-be, he did not show them the slightest mercy. Supposing the Honoured Lord of the Origin killed Liu Er, Ming He could absolutely ruin the entire Tribe of Enlightenment. Then, an intense war concerning the Origin rank would be unavoidable.

Hearing Liu Er's words, the Honoured Lord of the Origin's killing intent reached a climax. He said coldly, "Do you think that I don't dare to kill you because you're Minghe's disciple?" Despite bland words, Liu Er seemed to feel a sense of death near at hand.

"But the question is, can you kill him successfully?" Suddenly a figure appeared in front of Liu Er. Liu Er felt his anxiety melt instantly. He said with delight, "Master, you've come!" The figure was Minghe.

Earlier, when the Honoured Lord of the Origin emerged, Minghe had known about it. While Minghe had not appeared in time, he'd wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to test the extent of Liu Er's determination in Tao Seeking. Liu Er did not let him down. He had not surrendered to the Sage. This was exactly the kind of demeanor Minghe's disciples should possess.

At the sight of Minghe, the Honoured Lord of the Origin snorted coldly and said, "Humph! Minghe, your disciple hurt my disciple. You, as his Master, would not give me any account?" The Honoured Lord of the Origin thought himself to be able to overpower Minghe, so his tone was overbearing.

Minghe replied to him calmly, "Any account? Oh, well, Liu Er, you should remember that if you are confronted with such a person or such a thing again, you should kill them directly without considering too much. Understand?" As everyone heard this, they broke out in a cold sweat. What Ancestor Minghe was doing was confronting the Honoured Lord of the Origin directly! Do not hurt innocent people!

The Honoured Lord of the Origin howled, "Minghe, what do you mean?" He had been expecting for Minghe to reduce the trouble to a minimum. On the contrary, Minghe was reacting like this, completely showing contempt for him.

The smile on Minghe's face disappeared. The whole palace was filled with a cold and gruesome killing intent. As masses of shadows of bloody Red Lotuses appeared in the Heaven, killing intent pulled the Lotuses together. Minghe was really annoyed. The guests were nearly scared to death. They had never expected to be in such a situation when attending a feast. If a war broke out between Minghe and the Honoured Lord of the Origin, they would absolutely be the first to die.

Minghe said indifferently, "What do I mean? I have lived in Untainted Land freely for thousands of years. Now I'm being mocked by an ignorant young man, what do you think I should do? Yes, you are a Sage. But you just got it from the Great Divinity, Pangu. How great do you think you are? But for the identity of the Three Pure Ones and ten percent of Merit of Creation, you are even not qualified to lift my shoes."

Hearing that, the Honoured Lord of the Origin shouted furiously, "Minghe, how dare you humiliate me in such a way! I will teach you a lesson today and show you the gap between the strength of Sage Secondary Stage and that of a Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal Early Stage!"

Minghe sneered at him and said, "So what? You've merely relied on merits and Hong Meng Immortal Qi to reach the Sage Secondary Stage. How many of them are acquired by your own enlightenment? I arrived at the Realm of Origin relying only on myself. With your strength, you actually want to teach me a lesson? Perhaps, you don't even have the ability."

The Honoured Lord of the Origin roared, "Well! Well! Well! Minghe, there is no need for us to haggle over this. We test it by a real fight. I just want to see how awesome you are, the first Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal in Untainted Land, who dares to hold such language!"

Minghe also had abundant fighting spirit. Looking around, he said, "The Honoured Lord of the Origin, do you want to fight with me here? If we did, everything here would be ruined. How about having a fight in the Chaos?"

The Honoured Lord of the Origin nodded. Looking at the injured Guang Chengzi, his heart ached. Guang Chengzi was his favorite disciple, and he had been humiliated by Liu Er. What's more, he could not take revenge on Liu Er yet. This thought made him more annoyed. He could only get it back from Minghe.

The Honoured Lord of the Origin said to his disciples, "Guang Chengzi, Xuandu and Abundant Treasures, come back!" Then he stepped out and disappeared from the palace, leaving only an echo. "Minghe, I'll wait for you in the Chaos."

Minghe apologized to Zhenyuanzi, "I am very sorry, Fellow Taoist Zhenyuanzi, that I have messed up your opening feast. After the match with the Honoured Lord of the Origin, I will visit you again. Bye!" Then he went towards the Chaos with Liu Er.

A match at the rank of the Origin was rarely seen. Liu Er had reached Sage-to-be Secondary Stage. Provided that he could learn something from the match, it would be beneficial. If not, the match could also broaden Liu Er's horizons, giving him the opportunity to see the immensity of the Heaven.

Chapter 139: An Anticlimactic Fight

A large gash appeared in the Chaos, from which Minghe walked out of with Liu Er. His vital force helped him repel the airstreams. Liu Er could only depend on the Ninth-Grade Red Lotus of Fire under his feet to protect himself.

Just then, several figures appeared one after another in the Chaos. Laozi, Tongtian, Goddess Nvywa, Jieyin, and Zhunti had all arrived. Even Houtu's Evil Separation Pingxin was here. The one who came last happened to be the main character of the fight, the Honoured Lord of the Origin.

The Honoured Lord was on alert when he saw Minghe had already arrived with Liu Er. Minghe's Law of Space was incredibly troublesome, but fortunately, it did not seem like he had comprehended it to a high realm yet. Otherwise, he would truly be invincible.

Minghe's face was full of smiles, clearly mocking the Honoured Lord of the Origin's late arrival. Yet the Honoured Lord of the Origin was not angry. He had been flustered earlier due to his concern but had since calmed down on his way to the Chaos. He knew the most dangerous thing to do in a fight was to lose composure. Minghe was unsurprised by the Honoured Lord of the Origin's calmness. Even if a Sage was angered, it was easy for him to calm himself again. The mind of a Sage was incomparable to any ordinary person. If he had come here wearing an angry look, that would have shocked Minghe instead.

Minghe looked at the Honoured Lord of the Origin and shouted, "Come on, the Honoured Lord. Show me how powerful a Sage on the Secondary Stage can be!" Since he actualized the Realm of Origin, Minghe had only experienced friendly fights with his Evil Separation, Taoist Green Lotus. Neither used their full strength against each other. Now that Minghe was fighting the Honoured Lord of the Origin, he could go all out and gauge his strength as well.

The Honoured Lord of the Origin scoffed. "Fine. Then let me show you the difference between us." He wielded the Three Treasure Jade in his hand, cut through the airstreams, and headed straight for Minghe. He did not have a grasp of Minghe's strength so this attack was him testing the waters.

Minghe could tell it was just his opponent testing his strength and threw a punch, sending the Three Treasure Jade back. "The Honoured Lord of the Origin, let's not do any of this testing nonsense. Show me what you can really do!" Minghe's punch had seemed effortless but it was telling for the Honoured Lord of the Origin and the other Sages. Compared to when he snatched the Hong Meng Immortal Qi, Minghe's human body had greatly strengthened. Facing an attack imbued with a Sage's supernatural power, he had deflected it effortlessly. Perhaps his human body was now even stronger than that of Ancestor of sorcerer.

The Honoured Lord of the Origin put away his Three Treasure Jade and materialized a banner in his hands. It was Pangu Banner, a primordial supreme treasure gifted by Hongjun. Everyone realized the Honoured Lord of the Origin was now prepared to go all out. Minghe dropped his smile. A flicker of a dark light later, he was grasping the God-killing Spear in his hand.

The Honoured Lord of the Origin shook his Pangu Banner, where a Sword Aura of Chaos came shooting out. Wherever the Sword Aura touched, the space of Chaos was split. But even more Air of Chaos mended those gaps, returning the space to Chaos. As a Top Grade of Primordial Supreme Treasure made to be an offensive weapon, the banner was capable of creating a new universe.

Minghe dared not to be careless when facing the attack of Sword Aura of Chaos. He abruptly gave his God-killing Spear a thrust with countless killing intent gathering at the tip. Soaring like a dragon, the gun flew directly to the Sword Aura of Chaos. The Chaos rocked when the two collided, stirring the airstreams inside. The first round ended in a draw.

Holding the God-killing Spear in his hand, Minghe mused over the attack earlier. The Pangu Banner was truly Top Grade of Primordial Supreme Treasure made for offense. If he did not have the God-killing Spear, a treasure made for killing, he would definitely be at a disadvantage.

Seeing as Minghe was untouched by the attack, The Honoured Lord of the Origin once again gave his Pangu Banner a shake. Several currents of Sword Aura of Chaos shot out to simultaneously attack Minghe. He said, "Minghe, your God- killing Spear is not bad but still inferior to my Pangu Banner. Let's see how you take on so many Sword Aura of Chaos currents!"

Holding his spear, Minghe shouted in a deep voice, "Fly out like a dragon and kill the universe!" He gave his spear a second thrust with the countless killing intent merging into a black dragon and colliding with the Sword Aura of Chaos. The collision sent the nearby space of Chaos into turbulence. If there were ordinary Zenith Heaven Golden Immortals in the audience, they would probably be reduced to dust and ashes.

A Sword Aura of Chaos current abruptly shot out from the collision, shocking Minghe. He did not realize the rest was just a camouflage and this was the Honoured Lord of the Origin's trump card. He narrowly dodged the Sword Aura, but it still slashed his clothes.

Minghe was not the sort of passive person who would not fight back. After avoiding the Sword Aura of Chaos, he flew close to the Honoured Lord of the Origin and fired his God- killing Spear. Though the Pangu Banner was best for offense, its defense strength was weak. Besides, the Wuji Apricot Flag which once belonged to the Honoured Lord of the Origin was now in his hands. He wanted to see what kind of Magic Weapon the Honoured Lord of the Origin kept for his protection.

A flag suddenly floated above the Honoured Lord of the Origin, spreading all over his body and completely warded off Minghe's spear. This was... Natural Cloud Realm Flag. Hang on. How did this flag fall into the Honoured Lord of the Origin's hands? No wonder Hongjun did not give Yaochi the flag when handing her Magic Weapons. It was under the Honured Lord of the Origin's possession. After deflecting Minghe's attack with the flag, the Honured Lord of the Origin shook the Pangu Banner again. Several Sword Aura of Chaos currents immediately charged at Minghe. If he was hit at such close distance, he would definitely suffer serious injuries.Minghe was unlike other Sages who were immortal. If he was badly injured, there would be those who will be more than happy to leave him in the Chaos.

Minghe quickly retreated and disappeared without a trace just as the Sword Aura of Chaos was about to hit him. He had moved to the other side when he reappeared. It was all thanks to the Law of Space. Otherwise, he could only resist the attack with the Cauldron of Heaven and Earth.

The Honoured Lord of the Origin was frustrated to see Minghe use the Law of Space to dodge his attack. He was going to wait for Minghe to come close to him and hit him with the Sword Aura of Chaos. Who knew his attack would fail. He really had no idea how to deal with the Law of Space.

Though their fight only went on for a short time, their audience was well aware a clear victory would be difficult to come by. If they continued, it would just be a long and bitter fight without a certain outcome. Laozi stepped forward when he saw this. "That's enough. Please stop. Second Brother and Fellow Taoist Minghe, you two know a victory is hard to determine at the moment. If you continue, who knows how long will this go on? The Human Tribe are now prosperous and we still need to preach to them. If we fight just because of such trivial matters, we will lose face."

With Laozi playing the peacemaker, the Honoured Lord of the Origin saw his opportunity and took it. "Then I will listen to you, Brother. Minghe, this is not over. I will come for you again in the future." He was, in fact, stressed over the Law of Space. If they continued, he did not have the confidence to win Minghe. If he could not win, then what was the point of engaging in a long fight? He would only lose his face.

The Three Pristine Ones were the first to leave, followed by Goddess Nvywa, Jieyin, Zhunti, and Pingxin. Seeing this, Minghe put away his God-killing Spear and returned to the Blood Sea through the space channel with Liu Er. Though the fight had been rather anticlimactic, it was still rewarding for Minghe.

A Sage was not great for his supernatural power or realm superiority, but rather for the fact that they could use the power of the Way of Heaven. Though they did not know how long the power would last or its possible side effects, the power would greatly enhance the strength of a Sage. It worked the same for a Magic Weapon powered by it. That would really spell trouble for Minghe.

In his first few attacks, the Honured Lord of the Origin did not use the power of the Way of Heaven until Minghe attacked him. Otherwise, he could not defend against the attack of God-killing Spear with his Natural Cloud Realm Flag. He then initiated the Pangu Banner to shoot out even more powerful Sword Aura of Chaos, intending to deal Minghe severe wounds. Fortunately, Minghe split the attack with the Law of Space.

This way, the Sages might start figuring out how to deal with his Law of Space. It was actually not that complicated. All they had to do was to disrupt the surrounding space, but this was easier said than done. Without comprehending the Law of Space, even Sages could not disrupt or control the space. The exception was if they used a Magic Weapon.

With his current cultivation of the Law of Space, Minghe knew he was unlikely to maintain his invincible position in his future fights against the Sages. He decided to have his Good Separation comprehend it further. With further enlightenment, the Sages would not be able to suppress his stronger Law of Space even after coming up with solutions.

Chapter 140: The Misgivings of the Three Pure Oness

However, the Law of Space was not merely a method to move within a particular space, but it was also a supreme attack power. Minghe was unable to use that power until his Good Separation further comprehended the Law of Space.

Besides the Law of Space, he used only his human body and God-killing Spear to fight the Honoured Lord of the Origin. Not knowing how much strength his opponent was holding back, he kept his trump cards secret too. Those included the Law of Killing, the Law of Blood, the Cauldron of Heaven and Earth, and his Evil Separation, Red Lotus Taoist. Those were all strong enough to turn the tables.

Minghe wanted his Good Separation to comprehend the Law of Space, but the Good Separation had no time or energy at the moment. He was currently focused on deciphering the Law of Reincarnation in the Nether World. Since he had made some achievements and was in a crucial stage, Minghe would not disturb him now.

The World of Heaven and Earth was about to transform into a small chiliocosm, but Heaven and Earth Taoist needed two other things. One of them was the Six Paths of Reincarnation. It would not take him long before reaching his desired Enlightenment level in his current state. When that happened, he would separate the Law of Reincarnation and inject it into the Blood God Doppelganger. The latter would then transform into reincarnation in his world.

The other was the Origin of Stars. In the World of Heaven and Earth, only the sun and the moon had the source of the Origin while the other stars merely looked nice on the surface. Minghe had planned on snatching the Cosmic Stars Banner, but it had disappeared. He had no choice but go to the Primeval Starry Sky to collect the Origin of Stars.

As for the Karma, some had been offset by Merit. He could only repay the rest in the future. Now that he had reached the realm of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal of Origin, the Karma could hardly affect him. Perhaps his disciples, at most.

Minghe did not have to worry about Black Tortoise. His disciple earned Merit for mending the Sky. Liu Er, on the other hand, had become a Sage-to-be and had few rivals in Untainted Land. Unless a Sage stepped in, he could still protect himself from Zhenyuanzi with his cultivation and Magic Weapons. The only one left was Kong Xuan. It looked like he had to collect some Merit for both Kong Xuan and Liu Er in the future.

Minghe left Blood Sea and headed straight to Primeval Starry Sky, another place of great maleficence in Untainted Land. Though Heavenly Court was in charge of the cosmic stars, those were only ordinary ones. Except for the sun and the moon, the other 363 primary stars were in the area of Primeval Starry Sky that few creatures set foot in. The only reason the sun and the moon were under the control of Heavenly Court was their duties.

Minghe could not help gasping in shock when he  arrived there. It was far more dangerous than his Blood Sea, with Astral Wind of Nine Heavens everywhere and countless wandering Giant Beasts of Starry Sky. The human bodies of these beasts were exceptionally strong. Even the weakest among them were in the realm of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal. The strongest might even be on the Peak Level of Sage-to-be. If they could survive here, surely that meant  their  human  bodies  were strong. Minghe sighed, thinking that this would not be a joyful, relaxed trip.

······························· The Three Pure Ones gathered together on Mount Shouyang not to discuss the Way of Tao but about Minghe instead. The latter was the only one in Untainted Land who reached the realm of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal of Origin on his own. Though he was still in the Early Stage, his strength should not be underestimated. That much was clear from his fight against the Honoured Lord of the Origin despite neither using their full strength.

The Honoured Lord of the Origin was depressed on his way back to Mount Shouyang. He had planned on teaching Minghe a lesson and enhance the prestige of the Three Pure Ones, but Laozi made him end the fight in haste. When he saw the thoughtful expression on Laozi's face, the Honoured Lord of the Origin unwillingly asked, "Brother, why did you let Minghe off when I had the chance to beat him? Don't you believe in my strength?"

Laozi replied, "I do but Minghe is also strong and can't be underestimated. With him possessing the Law of Space and the God-killing Spear, it will only be a waste of time for you to continue the fight. A clear victory is difficult to determine, too."

The Honoured Lord of the Origin said, "Though his Law of Space is powerful and hard to handle with, his comprehension of the law is shallow. Since my Pangu Banner can cut through space and disrupt the surrounding space as well, I'm afraid his Law of Space won't work so well."

Tongtian agreed with him. Though Minghe had actualized the Realm of Origin before them and was even stronger than Zhunti and Goddess Nvywa, it was possible to defeat him since a Sage could make use of the power of the Way of Heaven.

Seeing that the Honoured Lord of the Origin and Tongtian shared the same opinion, Laozi said, "My brothers, you have underestimated Minghe. You didn't use all your strength and neither did he. Don't forget the primordial supreme treasure, the Cauldron of Heaven and Earth, is also in his hands."

The expressions of the Honoured Lord of the Origin and Tongtian shifted. They had forgotten how Minghe had used the cauldron to suppress the Luck of Religion of Asura when establishing the sect. Later on, they saw it again when he mended the Sky. Though they had no idea how powerful its defense strength was, it would not be weak as it was a primordial supreme treasure.

Besides, Minghe had two primordial supreme treasures in his possession. That only illustrated the strength of his Luck. Only the Three Pure Ones and Houtu had one primordial supreme treasure each and those were given to them by Honourable Ancestor. With two treasures in his hands, Minghe would be invincible in attack and defense. The cumulative effect of two treasures was not as simple as one plus one.

Laozi continued, "Besides, Liu Er was close by during the fight. He was stepping on the Ninth-Grade Red Lotus of Fire, which I suspect Minghe had cultivated with the twelve-grade Red Lotuses of Fire Origin. Its defensive quality was similar to that of the Green Lotus of Fate and the Golden Lotus of Merit belonging to Jieyin that we had seen before. But throughout the fight, Minghe had never once used it."

"Minghe also actualized the Realm of Origin with the Law of Killing, but he only used the Law of Space alone in the fight. If he controls the God-killing Spear with the law, his spear would be even more powerful. Evidently, he had kept hidden many of his trump cards. If you continue the fight, I'm afraid it will be difficult to decide a victor. That's why I told you to stop."

The Honoured Lord of the Origin looked gloomy, having realized it would be difficult to defeat Minghe in a short time with Laozi's analysis. If the fight continued, it would not end until Minghe's supernatural power ran out. A Sage, with the Purusa left in the Way of Heaven, had endless supernatural power. But Minghe with his Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal of Origin was different. However, it would still take hundreds of years before his supernatural power would run out.

Hearing Laozi talked about the Law of Killing, Tongtian suddenly recalled a scene. "I remember something. When he did that, the killing intent gathered into a lotus and scattered above Blood Sea. That seems to suggest he had actualized the Realm of Origin with the Law of Killing. However, bloody clouds were gathered above Blood Sea later. Now that I think about it, it looks like Minghe had actualized the Realm of Origin with the Law of Blood instead."

The Law of Blood? Laozi and the Honoured Lord of the Origin were both stunned. Blood Sea was full of blood. Since Minghe was Lord of Blood Sea, it was reasonable for him to comprehend the Law of Blood. They all thought the Mysterious Sign appeared because of his refinement of Magic Weapons. But looking back, the sign was the exact same sign that when someone actualized with the Divine Law.

The Three Pure Ones could not help sucking in a breath when they came to this conclusion. How powerful Minghe was! The Tao of Divine Law was so difficult that few people in Untainted Land could actualize the Realm of Origin with it. At the moment, only Zhenyuanzi seemed likely to achieve it. However, Minghe had actualized the Realm of Origin with two Divine Laws! That was so unfair.

It was not unusual if someone actualized the Realm of Origin with one Divine Law, the way Zhunti and Goddess Nvywa did. But if Minghe had done so with two laws, then they might have underestimated his strength. The Divine Law was the power of the Way of Heaven. If a Sage made use of the power of the Way of Heaven, it equaled to making use the power of the Divine Law, though the law did not belong to them.

Minghe was different. Since he actualized the Realm of Origin with the Divine Law, all that extraordinary power belonged to him alone. One was the owner of the power, while the other merely made use of it. The Three Pure Ones were well aware of the difference between the two situations.

A shocked Honoured Lord of the Origin asked, "Brother, is this possible? The Mysterious Sign appeared when Minghe actualized the Realm of Origin with the Law of Killing, but why did it appear again when he entered the Realm of Origin with the Law of Blood? Is it a specific phenomenon of actualizing with the Divine Law?"

Laozi was also shocked and worried. Though he was the strongest Sage among all of them, Minghe was likely to surpass him due to his actualization of the Realm of Origin with the two Divine Laws. Minghe's achievements showed his great talent for Enlightenment of the Divine Law. It was only a matter of time before Minghe surpassed him.

He had no answer for the Honoured Lord of the Origin's worries as well. He could only reply with uncertainty. "Maybe." The Three Pure Ones would feel relieved if they were certain but they were not. That only worried them further. In the Realm of the Origin, any uncertainty could be the key that determined the outcome. Thus Minghe's mystery was a true concern for them.
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