The Spiritual Attainment of Minghe Chapter 211-220

Chapter 211: Liu Er's Helplessness

Yaoji smiled. "Of course I used Haotian Mirror to find you. Oh, crap! My brother will definitely use the mirror to find me too! What should I do? He'll definitely bring me home. Liu Er, what do you think I should do?" She finally reacted midway through her speech. She was truly a silly and naive girl.

Liu Er couldn't help cursing internally. Nonsense! That was Haotian spying on him earlier. Considering how he hadn't made any move yet, he evidently wouldn't bring Yaoji home. When Liu Er pondered over this, he became speechless once again. What was Haotian playing at? Was he planning to make him his sister's bodyguard?

Naturally, Haotian watched Yaoji even more carefully after the last occurrence. Sure enough, his sister sneaked away to the human world the minute he retreated into his Closed Door Meditation. Thus he used his mirror to track his sister all the way to the bank of the Yu River.

He was puzzled when he saw Yaoji running off to see Liu Er and was rendered speechless when he heard her asking him why he liked peaches. But the minute Liu Er looked at the Heavenly Court, he knew Liu Er had discovered him spying on them. He then put away his mirror.

Beside him, Yaochi looked worried. "Haotian, Yaoji is meeting Liu Er after sneaking into the human world again. He's a disciple of Minghe. Aren't you worried that the other Sages would think we're trying to draw Liu Er to our side so we can befriend Minghe?"

Haotian sighed. "I naturally understand that. But my sister is interested in Liu Er now. Even if I try to stop her, I'm afraid it's pointless. Once she's done playing around, she'll come back. Besides, her safety is guaranteed if she sticks with him. We'll just let her play happily for a while!"

Yaochi suddenly laughed, "I'm not too worried that the Sages would misunderstand nor am I worried that Yaoji will be in danger. What I worry is that what if Yaoji returns with a brother-in-law for you. I'll see what you'll do then."

Her words stunned Haotian and he immediately asked, "A brother-in-law? Are you saying my sister has fallen for Liu Er? That's impossible… Liu Er is a monkey and his body is covered with hair. There's no way my sister will like him, right?" Haotian suddenly found it strange to think that his brother-in- law might be a monkey.

Yaochi laughed, "You don't know your sister at all. Yaoji was born in the Heavenly Court and has always enjoyed an honorable status. Everyone here treats her with courtesy and she's naive. If she isn't, the Western Religious Sect' follower wouldn't have been able to lure her with just a flute song. Liu Er is fearless and reckless. If they spend time together, she might just really fall for him."

Haotian was stunned to hear this. Yaochi's words seemed reasonable. After all, his sister didn't go anywhere when she visited the human world this time, only visiting Liu Er. She even gifted him with a plate of Peaches of Immortality. She was evidently developing feelings for him. If he didn't bring her home immediately, perhaps Yaoji would really sink deeper and deeper.

He was about to stand up when Yaochi said, "I know you want to bring Yaoji back immediately, but do you think it'll work? You don't allow her to go down to the human world, but she still went secretly. Even if you bring her home this time, can you watch over her each time? Or are you going to lock her up at the Jasper Lake?" Her words dismayed Haotian because she was right. Yaoji had been yearning to visit the human world but he never allowed her to. In the end, she did so secretly and was nearly entrapped by the two Sages of the West. Now she was beginning to develop feelings for Liu Er. What should he do?

Yaochi could sense Haotian's conflicted feelings, so she said, "To be honest, there's nothing wrong with Liu Er besides him being a monkey. If you ask for cultivation, he has it. If you want a strong backer, he has that too. He lacks nothing, whether it's Spiritual Treasures or Spiritual Fruits. There's actually nothing wrong if he and Yaoji get together. We'll just let nature takes its course."

That was right. Although Liu Er is a monkey, he could assume a human appearance. He simply wasn't willing to do so because of his wild temperament. Besides, his strength was extraordinary. There really isn't anything to criticize about if he and Yaoji became partners. At least he wouldn't have to worry about his sister ever again. When he considered this point, Liu Er truly seemed like a good choice for his brother-in-law.

On a deeper analysis, if Liu Er really became his brother-in- law, it would be tantamount to the Heavenly Court gaining another Sage-to-be expert. Moreover, Liu Er also had another expert backing him. With this kind of relationship, Minghe would more or less show some consideration towards the Heavenly Court, and thereupon he could be a bit more relaxed if he was to be pressured by the Sages.

Minghe could be considered a unique existence in the Untainted Land. His strength was one of the best among the Sages and his power was also comparable. But Haotian noticed something about Minghe's character. Minghe didn't quite like interfering in another person's matters.

Only the Nether World and the Blood Sea were under the total control of Minghe. The Earth Immortal's Residence and the Holy Land of Human Tribe were related to him, but they were under the respective control of Zhenyuanzi and the Human Tribe. Though Minghe's Selfcentric Separation was in the Holy Land of Human Tribe, he placed the well-being of the Human Tribe above all else.

From this aspect, gaining Minghe's support meant gaining the Earth Immortal's Residence. But this all depended on Yaoji and Liu Er. Though Haotian wanted Minghe's support, he refused to do so if it meant scheming against his sister. He would follow Yaochi's words and let nature take its course. Liu Er was naturally clueless about Haotian and Yaochi's thoughts but he was now facing a severe headache. Yaoji had millions of questions about everything. A monkey was inherently energetic, and with her around, his heart began to feel restless again after calming it down with much difficulty.

But he couldn't really become mad when he saw how happily Yaoji giggled. "Yaoji, you've been out for some time now. I'm sure your brother has already found out that you're missing. You should hurry up and go home or you'll get scolded again."

Yaoji laughed. "Really? I don't think so. If he knows, he'd already summoned me back with his Haotian Mirror. He's definitely still in his Closed Door Meditation, so I can continue to play for a bit longer."

Liu Er was stumped for words. At this moment, he really wanted to fly to the Heavenly Court and demand that Haotian bring his sister home. He ruthlessly cursed Haotian out in his head. Haotian wanted to meditate; did he think Liu Er also want to so?

Yaoji's eyes brimmed with tears when she saw Liu Er's expression. She sobbed and said, "D-Do you hate me? Do you hate that I'm here? You jerk! And here I am, still bringing you peaches. Humph!" As the saying goes, women are all made of water. This was also applicable to immortals. Crying would always be the thing that women are good at.

Liu Er instantly panicked when he saw that she was about to cry. If anyone saw them, they would think he was bullying her! If this was to be spread, he would lose his face. He instantly explained, "It's not like that… this… well, oh right, it's because I'm going to leave soon. It's not convenient to take you with me. That's why I ask you to return to the Heavenly Court, lest any danger befall you."

Yaoji's mood cleared up instantly and asked curiously, "Really? So that's how it is. Then I won't blame you. Are you leaving? Where are you going? Can you take me with you? The last time I came here, I only wandered around the Human Tribe and never ventured too far out in the Untainted Land. Can you bring me out to play?"

Liu Er's headache was getting more severe. He wanted to look for someone to fight. Why would he bring her along? So he said, "I'm going to find some experts to learn from each other. I think it'll be very inconvenient to take you along right? You… Fine, fine, fine! I'll take you, but you mustn't make any trouble." Seeing that Yaoji was about to cry again, Liu Er had no choice but to comply.

Yaoji became very excited as soon as she heard Liu Er agreeing to take her. "Learn from each other? It must be very interesting. I definitely have to watch. Quick, quick, quick! Let's go quickly!" After she said those, she directly pulled Liu Er and flew to the Heaven. Liu Er was completely helpless. He could only wave his hand to seal the mountain so humans wouldn't stumble in by mistake. More importantly, he was worried they would secretly eat his peaches.

But after several years, he finally realized that he had made a very wrong decision. It would typically take him only several days to get to the Hall of Pangu of the Wu Tribe. But he would be lucky if he even made it there now. After several years, he had, in fact, strayed increasingly further away from his destination. His original plan had now transformed into accompanying Yaoji on a scenic tour. He was completely helpless.

With the passage of time, he found that he didn't dislike this kind of life. Yaoji was lively, naive, and kindhearted. He never felt bored when he was with her. As the days passed, he found that his natural instinct was slowly set free and even his state of mind was slowly changing. These were indeed unexpected happiness.

Chapter 212: Thousand Years of Leisure

Liu Er and Yaoji toured over the Untainted Land together, but Liu Er didn't forget his original intention which was to have a battle with Xing Tian from Wu Tribe, Kunpeng and Bai Ze from Demon Tribe, Four Ancestors of Human Tribe excluding Musen, the Three Royals and Five Emperors, and Zhenyuanzi from Wuzhuang Taoist Temple. Though he was defeated by Zhenyuanzi, Fuxi, and Cangjie, he had either won or ended up in a draw against the others thus earning himself a great reputation in the Untainted Land.

Especially during the battle with Xing Tian, they fought so fiercely that even the moon and sun were blocked by their movements. Both of them gained Enlightenment of the Law of War at the same time; Liu Er's Cudgel Techniques were agile and powerful while Xing Tian's Shield and Broadax complimented each other for defense and attack. This spectacular battle had caught the attention of the entire Untainted Land.

Yaoji was greatly impressed by this battle and her affection for Liu Er burst out instantly, like the classic plot in the movie "A Chinese Odyssey Part Two: Cinderella": My Mr. Right is a hero. One day he will be wearing a golden armor and come to marry me on seven-color clouds. From that moment on, Yaoji was even more reluctant to be with Liu Er. Since Liu Er had returned to his natural state of mind, he had a crush on Yaoji as well. There was nothing to be fearful of. Even if Haotian disapproves of this relationship, Liu Er would fight his way to the Heavenly Court and snatched Yaoji down to the human world. Moreover, up till now Haotian still had not said anything, which indicated that he had tacitly approved of them.

Compared with Liu Er's reputation from his battles, the relationship between Liu Er and Yaoji was more of a concern for everyone in the Untainted Land. Liu Er was the eldest disciple of Minghe and Yaoji, the sister of the Jade Emperor of Heavenly Court, was a royal princess. These two noble figures touring the Untainted Land together had aroused several speculations.

All Sages in the Untainted Land, in particular, were quite apprehensive. Minghe was already the most powerful force in the Untainted Land. If Liu Er marries Yaoji, Minghe would have the excuse to interfere the affairs of the Heavenly Court. If not so, he would give some supports to Haotian. With the support from Minghe, Hao Tian's title as the Jade Emperor would be secured therefore garnering more authority.

Nevertheless, all Sages could do nothing about this. Liu Er and Yaoji were a match made in heaven and they had affection for each other with no objection from Haotian. Simply having Liu Er, who was in the Late Stage of Sage-to-be realm, to join them would be of much benefit to the prestige of the Heavenly Court.

Compared with Liu Er's colorful life, Kong Xuan led a significantly insipid life. He toured the human world with Jingbae, experiencing joy, anger, sorrow, and happiness while looking at the vicissitudes of life as humans. If Minghe was here, he would laugh at Kong Xuan because he now seemed to have a scholarly air around him.

As Kong Xuan gained more enlightenment, he didn't leave his cultivation behind. He had separated one of the Five Phases Separation, the Golden Corpse, using the merits from assisting Human Sovereign.Now he was traveling around the human world. He had also separated his Wooden Corpse, reaching the Secondary Stage of Sage-to-be realm.

Although Kong Xuan had created his own cultivation method, his Heaven Endowed Magic Skill, Divine Five Colored Light, was abolished. It was only after he had separated all Five Phases Separations and fused them with himself then can he regained the Divine Five Colored Light. By then, however, he would have fulfilled the Law of Five Elements and could attaine the Realm of Origin as well.

This cultivation method was comprehended by Kong Xuan and predicted by Minghe using his Magical Tao Mirror, so it was theoretically possible. When Kong Xuan separated Five Phases Separations, he could comprehend the Law of Five Elements individually. It was like the time when Minghe received the Divine Law when he separated his Three Separations. Kong Xuan couldn't exert the Divine Law if he didn't remove his Law of Spiritual Beings, and that's why Divine Five Colored Light was abolished.

Kong Xuan would be able to fuse with Five Phases Separation and strived for the Realm of Origin after both had achieved the Fulfilment of the Sage-to-be realm. Since this was a brand-new cultivation method, no one knew how it would develop and it depended on Kong Xuan's Fate. What's more, it would take more than tens of thousands of years and even several Cultivation Tribulations to actualize the Realm of Origin by using this method.

Divine Five Colored Light was his most powerful Magic Skills, Kong Xuan would not abolish it without any preparations. Long before he used it, he had asked Minghe to refine a fan for him, Five Colored Glaze Fan, which had all five elements. He then nurtured the fan with his natal Magic Skills of Divine Five Colored Light for several millenniums. After his separation, his Magic Skills were broken, but Divine Five Colored Light in the fan was usable, but it was weakened to one-fifth of its original power.

Black Tortoise's life was much simpler, he either ate or slept. Sometimes he even slept until several years had passed. What astonished the people in the Holy Land was that despite this, Black Tortoise's cultivation had improved remarkably and entered Peak of Realm, the equivalent of Peak of Realm of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal, which was extremely puzzling.

At present Black Tortoise had refined Golden Body of Martial Arts. Together with the conversion of his tortoise shell and Blood of Essence from his preexistence, the Defense Strength of the Golden Body of Martial Arts was incredibly terrifying. Only Sage-to-be or Top Grade Primordial Spiritual Treasure could break his body. It was truly a terrifying abnormality.

In addition, Black Tortoise had another special Spiritual Treasure given by Minghe. It was one of the three Golden Lotus Seed Minghe had gotten from Jieyin. Golden Lotus of Merit could only be cultivated by Merits, thus it would be most suitable for Black Tortoise who enjoyed ever-lasting Merits. Although Black Tortoise already had Ninth-Grade Red Lotus of Fire, the Golden Lotus of Merit was the best among the Defense Original Spirit.

Cultivating the Golden Lotus of Merit required a continuous flow of Merits which also served as the foundation for cultivating Black Tortoise's Golden Body of Martial Arts. If he were to keep improving his Golden Body of Martial Arts, his cultivation would improve tremendously as well, but this could sow seeds of future troubles. It was never a good thing to hold uncontrollable power, and that's why Minghe gave Black Tortoise one Golden Lotus of Merit to slow down his cultivation speed. By doing this, he prevented himself from having an unstable Foundation and a useful primordial spiritual treasure could be nurtured therefore killing two birds with one stone.

Disciples of all Sages were also making progress rapidly. Among them were Taoist Xuan Du from Tribe of Humanity, Guang Chengzi and Dipankara Taoist from Clan of Enlightenment, Abundant Treasures Buddha from Tribe of Severity, and Medicine Buddha from Western Religious Sect. They all had made a Breakthrough into Sage-to-be Realm successfully, shocking the whole Untainted Land. Clan of Enlightenment, in particular, had two Sages-to-be now, so Honoured Lord of the Origin was filled with pride. All tribes of the Untainted Land had undergone tremendous changes, so had the nine provinces of Human Tribe. There was never an ever-prosperous dynasty or an eternal warring state. Dynasties were interchangeable through the passage of time, this was an unchangeable law.

Although this Xia Dynasty in some aspects resembled the Xia Dynasty in Chinese history, this place after all was the Untainted Land. Every emperor of Xia Dynasty was a mortal, but they knew cultivation methods. Even though it couldn't make them immortal, but it did prolong their lifetime thus lengthening the regime of Xia Dynasty.

Where there was prosperity, there would be a decline. The power of Xia Dynasty had been declining after more than 3,000 years of a regime and crowning of emperors. Xia dynasty was afflicted by weak internal governance and external foreign aggression and vassals rarely paid their tributes. Conflicts were rising in all areas and by the time of Jie, Xia Dynasty was experiencing their worst time.

When Jie ruled the country, he blindly suppressed neighboring countries, which needed lots of financial resources. What's worse, Jie was an incompetent emperor who only cared about his personal enjoyment, while letting his people suffer and using crafty and fawning ministers to run the country. In the 33rd year of Jie's governance, he sent an expedition to suppress Youshi-Shi. Youshi-Shi failed to ward him off and offered Jie a beauty called Mei Xi as a tribute.

Jie adored Mei Xi and built her a grand palace, galleries, and towers. All these burdens fell on his subjects who suffered, they felt indignant but dare not to speak out. Jie only listened to sweet-mouthed ministers and rejected the loyal ones. One villain called Zhao Liang catered to Jie's pleasure and taught him how to enjoy himself, how to extort and ill-treat his subjects thus gaining Jie's favor and trust.

In the 37th year of Jie's governance, a man named Tang of Shang tribe in the east introduced Yi Yin, a talented man with both ability and political integrity, to Jie. Yi Yin was a dowry slave of Tang's wife, who worked in the kitchen. Yi Yin was a gifted man. To arouse Tang's notice, sometimes he purposefully cooked very delicious meals, sometimes he would cook meals that were either too salty or too bland.

Tang once asked him about the meal, and he took the chance to express his views on the country governance. Tang was surprised by this man's talent and noticed this man's virtue and talents. As a result, he exempted Yi Yin's slave identity and appointed him as the right prime minister. Yi Yin persuaded Jie with the benevolent governance adopted by Tang Yao and Yu Shun in hopes that Jie could show understanding and sympathy for his people and govern the country with care. Jie, however, turned a deaf ear and Yi Yin had to leave.

In Jie's late years, he became more decadent, ordering people to build a pool called Night Palace. He and a group of men and women were having fun in the pool without going to court for a whole month. Imperial astronomer, Zhonggu, admonish Jie with tearfully but Jie impatiently scorned Zhonggu for being officious. Knowing this emperor was incorrigible, Zhonggu sought refuge with Shang Tang.

Chapter 213: Minghe's Return

Having noticed the angry voices of the subjects, an officer called Guan Longpang chastised Xia Jie. "An emperor should be modest, faithful and loyal. He should be frugal and value talents to secure a peaceful and stable dynasty. However, Your Majesty is wasteful and sanguinary. Your subjects are hoping for you to die earlier. Your Majesty, you have the heart of your people! Only by rectifying your mistakes than can you gain it back."

Jie cursed him with anger and sentenced him to death. Jie thought his governance would never perish, saying, "The sun in the sky is like my people. Will the sun disappear? Never!" He also convened leaders from his tribe to plan a crusade against the other tribes.

Gradually, Jie lost the support of his subjects and was left fending for himself, alone. During this time, Shang Tribe in Human Tribe began to prosper under Tang's leadership. Jie was worried that Shang Tang would imperil his governance, so he imprisoned Shang Tang in Xiatai. Upon knowing so, Tang's tribesmen hurriedly send a large sum of money to Jie and bribed his followers to get Tang released.

Shang Tang's generosity and compassion won people's trust after his returned to the tribe.

He once went out for a leisure trip and spotted a man hanging nets on trees, he mumbled to himself, "Wherever the birds fly from, the sky, the ground or in all directions, they will fly into this net." Tang told him, "You have gone too far. How could you kill them all without mercy?" You can release one side of the next and leave three others instead.

The farmer did as he was told. Tang then prayed, "Dear birds, you can go wherever you choose. Only those that do not listen to me will enter this net." Tang's compassion towards animals spread and people praised him for his kindness and generosity which supported his governance, further expanding his influence.

At that moment, disciples of Tribe of Severity had completely abandoned Xia Dynasty. After seeing Shang Tang's virtues, Tongtian Sect Leader ordered his disciples to come out again and assist Shang Tang. Shang Tang's reputation grew tremendously and finally began to officially fight against Xia Dynasty under their support.

Tang revealed how ruthless and tyrannical Xia Jie was and advised Jie's tributaries to betray him and pledged their allegiance to Shang. Those who didn't take Tang's advice were wipe out to imperil Jie's governance like Ge, Wei, and Gu dynasty. Shang Tang became stronger after every battle. He was invincible after his 11 battles with other tribes, landing Xia Jie in a desolated position.

Tang relocated its capital to Hao as a stronghold to conquer Xia Dynasty. Tang also took Yi Yin's advice to stop paying tributes to Xia Dynasty to test Xia Jie's power. Seeing this, Jie ordered troops from nine Yi tribes to suppress Shang, which indicated that Jie was still capable of mobilizing troops.

Noticing that not everyone were upset about Jie's governance, Tang and Yi Yin immediately confessed his mistakes and restored paying tributes to Xia Jie. Jie did forgive Shang Tang. Several years later, nine Yi tribes couldn't stand Jie's brutal governance and betrayed him in succession, weakening Jie's power greatly. Seeing that the opportunity had come, Tang and Yi Yin summoned troops to fight against Xia Dynasty. Jie led troops to Mingtiao after hearing this news.

The fight ended quickly because Xia's troops were not willing to fight for Jie and escaped successively. Xia Jie failed to stop the attack and escaped to the inner city with Shang's troops closing behind him. Jie escaped to Nanchao with Mei Xi and his treasures in a hurry. Later, he was captured by Cheng Tang and exiled there.

In the following vassals' meetings, Tang wanted to abdicate as a vassal while other vassals voted him to be the emperor. As a result, he took the position, established the so-called Shang Dynasty and chose Hao as the capital. Since then, the Xia Dynasty from Qi to Jie ended. It lasted for 3500 years with 13 generations and 16 emperors.

Meanwhile, Tribe of Severity enjoyed  an  increasing reputation in Human Tribe. People gradually forgot the Holy Land of Human Tribe and some even considered it a legend since its people hadn't come out for several thousand  years. After all, 3000 years was an attainable period of time for ordinary people and it was natural to forget the Holy Land of Human Tribe.

Since Shang Tang established Shang Dynasty with the help of Tribe of Severity, he valued Tribe of Severity greatly and set it as the national tribe. The following emperors were assisted by disciples from Tribe of Severity or were accepted as disciples of Tribe of Severity. Consequently, Tribe of Severity's reputation in Human Tribe surged, far surpassing its former existence. Tongtian was not narrow-minded. Although Tribe of Severity enjoyed its pinnacle in Human Tribe, he didn't suppress other clans on purpose, especially Tribe of Humanity and Clan of Enlightenment because their Sect Leaders were his seniors. He even left some tributaries for other tribes to preach, which upset Honoured Lord of the Origin.

Laozi didn't care about Tongtian Sect Leader's benevolent concession, but Honoured Lord of the Origin was prideful. Internally, he was the second eldest brother of Sect Leader and publicly, he was the second senior disciple of sect leader. Consequently, Honoured Lord of the Origin was not resigned to let Tongtian have his way.

Luckily, his disciples didn't let him down. Guang Chengzi and Dipankara Taoist both reached the Sage-to-be Realm, which made Honoured Lord of the Origin the center of attention before all Sages. Except for Minghe, he was the only Sage with two Sage-to-be disciples. How could he not be proud?

Compared with the competition in the Untainted Land, the Blood Sea was much more peaceful. For the past several thousand years, there had been no turmoil in Blood Sea. Protected by Cosmic Stars Formation, Minghe's Clone of Blood God was cultivating silently, and Ashura tribe hid in Blood Sea absorbing Evil Blood Aura while cultivating their flesh with cosmic stars.

But one day, a crack appeared on Sacred Island and a shadowy figure walked out. Red Lotus Taoist in Closed Door Meditation woken up when he saw the figure and said, "Your Veneration, you are back so soon. I expected you to return when the God Deification Ceremony begins."

The shadowy figure was Minghe. He asked, "Hasn't the Battle of Gods Investiture begun? I have been away for over 5000 years. I thought it would have ended, but who knew that it hasn't even started yet."

Red Lotus Taoist replied with a smile, "This is the Untainted World, so you can't judge it based on human history. Although emperors in Human Tribe can't be immortals, they can cultivate the Way of Celestial Immortality or Martial Arts to prolong their lives, thus lasting a longer time. At present, Xia has ended and Shang Dynasty is in its prime with less than 10 emperors. It will take around 1000 years before the Battle of Gods Investiture."

Minghe laughed, saying, "Well, I forgot. This is the Untainted Land with a different way of how dynasties will change. But it's better this way. I can catch up with God Deification Ceremony and I will need to make a thorough arrangement."

Red Lotus Taoist smiled as a reply, feeling Minghe's vital force and Heaven and Earth Taoist hidden within the Humanly Flower. He said, "Your Veneration, it seems you have got a lot from this trip to The Chaos."

Minghe nodded with a satisfying smile, saying, "Of course, or it's not worth my spending over 3000 years there. And your Red Lotus of Fire has attained Fulfillment and become a Highest Grade primordial supreme treasure. Although you haven't made a Breakthrough in cultivation, it's around the corner."

Ever since Minghe left, he had begun to absorb Golden Lotus of Merit with his natal Red Lotus of Fire. After he succeeded, Red Lotus of Fire got its Fulfillment and advanced to the realm of Highest Grade primordial supreme treasure. Since Red Lotus of Fire was Red Lotus Taoist's human body, the advancement of Red Lotus of Fire would lift his cultivation as well. Unfortunately, the Principle of Karma and the Law of Killing were still at Early Stage of the Origin, but they would be making Breakthroughs very soon. Minghe then asked Red Lotus Taoist, "I have left the Untainted Land for over 5000 years. Are there any great events? How are Liu Er, Kong Xuan, and Black Tortoise? Have there been any changes to any Sages and their tribes?"

Red Lotus Taoist laughed, "Other than the Sages fighting to seize Luck in Human Tribe, their disciples, Xuandu, Guang Chengzi, Dipankara, Abundant Treasures, and Medicine Buddha made a Breakthrough to the Sage-to-be Realm successively. Other than that there's nothing else. As for Liu Er, Kong Xuan, Black Tortoise, they have all made Breakthroughs in their cultivation, they're living quite well."

Minghe nodded. There were not many changes. Although some disciples from the four religions reached the Sage-to-be Realm, Liu Er and Kong Xuan were far better than them. Minghe didn't care about these, but he noticed that Red Lotus Taoist looked strange when he mentioned Liu Er. Minghe asked curiously, "Has anything happened to Liu Er?"

Red Lotus Taoist laughed, saying, "Yeah, but it's a good thing. He has fallen in love with Haotian's sister, Yaoji. They are touring the Heaven and Earth now like an immortal couple from heaven. How envious!"

Chapter 214: Adventure in the Chaos

Minghe was astonished. Yaoji, Haotian's sister, isn't she the mother of Yang Jian and the Third Holy Mother? How could she fall in love with Liu Er? Hearing Red Lotus Taoist's words, Minghe was stunned and muttered, "There will no longer be Yang Jian and Third Holy Mother?"

Red Lotus Taoist heard what Minghe muttered and said, "That's not necessarily the case. There are still Yang Jian and Yang Chan, who are borne by Yang Tianyou from Western Religious Sect and Heavenly Court Queen Mother's sworn sister, Peach Blossom Fairy. Peach Blossom Fairy was incarnated from a peach blossom in Garden of Peaches of Immortality and then adopted by Queen Mother as a sworn sister. Unfortunately, she was set up by Zhunti and kept captive under Mount Peach. Yang Jian is cultivating under Immortal Yu Ding's guidance, Honoured Lord of the Origin's disciple, and Yang Chan was recruited as Liu Er's disciple."

Minghe was surprised at Red Lotus Taoist's words. The birth mother had changed, but Yang Jian and Yang Chan still existed. Was this a providence? It also astonished him that Liu Er would recruit a disciple and Yang Chan would be the disciple. Could this be a link of fate between Yang Chan and the Blood Sea since Minghe had the Lotus Lamp? Seeing Minghe's expression, Red Lotus Taoist said with a smile, "Peach Blossom Fairy sneaked to the human world like Yaoji did. Zhunti did the same thing again by sending Yang Tianyou to seduce Peach Blossom Fairy and this time he succeeded. Yang Tianyou and Peach Blossom Fairy gave birth to three sons, Yang Jiao, Yang Jian, and Yang Chan.

Later Haotian found out about their relationship and killed Yang Tianyou and Yang Jiao. Their souls were sent to reincarnation by Zhunti and had returned to Western Religious Sect, while Yang Jian was saved by Immortal Yu Ding. Yang Chan was caught by the heavenly troops originally, but Yaoji appealed to Haotian and let Liu Er take Yang Chan as a disciple. As a result, Haotian had to forego the matter and keep Peach Blossom Fairy under Mount Peach."

Minghe laughed after understanding what went on. History still took its own course, but the interference of Liu Er replaced the main characters. Thinking of Liu Er and Yaoji, Minghe looked up to the moon in the sky; tonight was a full moon.

After a while, Minghe calmed down. Red Lotus Taoist then asked him, "Your Veneration, how was your trip to the Chaos? Did you gain anything? Based on calculations, you should be back after at most 1000 years, but you have been there for 5000 years. What happened?"

Minghe replied in a low voice, "Alas, the Chaos!" He looked up to the Ninth Heaven and his sight seemed to have penetrated the Untainted Land, showing the scene of the Chaos before him. The journey to the Chaos was beyond his expectation and was not as easy as he originally thought.


Back to several thousand years earlier, Minghe was striding in the Chaos. The airflow in the Chaos was turbulent, but it couldn't do any harm to Minghe since he had a strong human body. He had only been to the Chaos several times and usually it was just on the outskirts near the Untainted Land, so he could only travel the deep Chaos by relying on Spiritual Thoughts brought back by Kunpeng.

As Minghe walked further into the Chaos, the airflow became more turbulent. He clearly felt that the Power of Divine Law was quite chaotic here, different from the Chaos near the Untainted Land which was orderly and mild. The reason might be that the Chaos near the Untainted Land was covered by The power of the Way of Heaven, thus being docile, while it was another situation deep within The Chaos.

The deep Chaos was a vast land of nothingness, neither day nor night, or heaven and earth could be seen. Not a single glimpse of light but only pure darkness in The Chaos. One might lose his direction walking in such darkness and could only rely on one's intuition to move forward. Once one's intuition, he would be lost in the boundless Chaos.

As time elapsed, the airflow became increasingly violent and stuck towards Minghe like a torrent of blades. However, they were smashed even before they went near Minghe.

Minghe randomly grabbed at several airflows, feeling the sharp airflow in hand. Minghe sighed, "These airflows are like lines of blades. If a Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal met them, he can barely escape unless they're protected by Spiritual Treasures. Kunpeng was able to return to the Untainted Land safely even with limited Spiritual Treasures. He must have had it rough."

As Minghe walked further, he couldn't feel  the  Untainted Land behind him. He could only sense his Evil Separation and Selfcentric Separation because they were both converted by Minghe and Minghe was skilled in Law of Spiritual Beings. Even so, he could only sense them slightly.

Suddenly, Minghe's expression changed at the scene before him, as a flow of chaotic storm swept past him. Everywhere the storm passed, space and The Divine Law were twisted. The Power of Divine Law became turbulent, and even the Way of Prediction was severely affected, so Minghe had to be extremely cautious.

Although Kunpeng was able to cross The Chaos, Minghe dared not say that he would be as lucky as Kunpeng. Moreover, Kunpeng hid from everything he met and took many detours. Minghe was not willing to do so, so he summoned Cauldron of Heaven and Earth. With a Green Light above his head, the Cauldron of Heaven and Earth emitted streaks of green light hang down, which was quite dazzling in the darkness. The Cauldron of Heaven and Earth shaped like a brilliant star in the dark sky, rendering people serenity.

Upon the appearance of Cauldron of Heaven and Earth, Minghe began to control it to absorb the Air of Chaos then convert it into primordial Spiritual Air. To maintain his optimum condition, Minghe needed the supply of Spiritual Air. What's more, Heaven and Earth Taoist's small chiliocosm also required primordial Spiritual Air, hence he could kill two birds with one stone.

Since the airflow was more and more violent, Minghe tried to refine his flesh with the turbulent Air of Chaos and the Power of Divine Law. Currently, his flesh would make minimal progress if he simply refined it with the Power of Divine Law.

As countless Air of Chaos and the Power of Divine Law were gradually absorbed by Minghe, the blood-air around Minghe began to surge fiercely. The Air of Chaos, the Power of Divine Law and the blood-air around Minghe became turbulent, crashing into each other frantically and then returned to tranquility. Minghe was astonished to find that Body Tempering in this method worked well. No wonder Rakshasa possessed a mighty human body, it might be a result of this as well.

The deeper Minghe walked, the more furious the Power of Divine Law would be and the more dangerous everything became. At times, the sweeping of a powerful chaotic storm would even threaten Minghe slightly, which was equivalent to an attack by the Origin in the Early Stage. Unsurprisingly, Kunpeng only chose milder places to walked in the Chaos. If Kunpeng did it like Minghe, he would have been dead already. Foraging ahead according to the map formed by Spiritual Thoughts, Minghe finally found the first "landmark" in the Chaos. The landmark, however, was quite dangerous. On an Original Stone of Chaos as large as a mountain peak rested several hundred Rare Beast of Chaos, each of them had the power as a Sage-to-be. Kunpeng instantly turned around and ran upon seeing them. If he was caught by them, he would be in an extremely dangerous state.

These Rare Beasts of Chaos were shaped like flying bears, reflecting their power with their bulky bodies. Since they could resist the Air of Chaos at ease, they must have powerful bodies as strong as Ancestors of Sorcery. According to the record of Spiritual Thoughts, Rare Beast of Chaos had low-level wisdom and some acted on pure instincts.

Since Minghe had met them, he would not let them go. Not to mention the Original Stone of Chaos was a perfect material for refining weapons. These Rare Beasts of Chaos were treasures by themselves, especially the Origin in their bodies which was the Origin of chaos.

By the time Minghe refined a Rakshasa body, his power of the Origin would all be converted into the Origin of chaos, so every streak of the Origin of chaos was precious even if there were not much. For Body Tempering Cultivators like Minghe, the Origin of chaos was definitely good stuff.

Kunpeng also killed some Rare Beast of Chaos when he explored the Chaos, thus strengthening his human body greatly after absorbing their Origin of chaos. Minghe's body was making slow progress now, but he could advance by leaps and bounds by absorbing a large amount of the Origin of chaos. He could save numerous years of accumulation this way, so how could he not be tempted?

Each of these Rare Beasts of Chaos had a human body at the level of Sage-to-be at least, so there would be lots of Origin of chaos in their bodies. Through Minghe's perception, he knew there was one beast who was half a step away from Origin, whose most likely the leader of the pack.

As Minghe approached, the Green Light emitted by the Cauldron of Heaven and Earth became even more dazzling like a lited candle in the darkness, all Rare Beasts of Chaos turned towards the Green Light. The leader growled at Minghe and his pack echoed after him, which formed a stream of the Air of Chaos striking at Minghe.

Chapter 215: Body Tempering in the Chaos

The mighty roar with Air of Chaos became like knives breaking the peace in the Chaos. Most importantly, the roaring of all Rare Beasts of Chaos together formed greater impetus and power. No one under Sage-to-be could survive this attack.

Minghe stared at the attack of these Rare Beast of Chaos surprisingly, thinking, "It seems that they have some wisdom, otherwise they couldn't know the way of joint attack." But Minghe was unconcerned about the attack which couldn't even break the Cauldron of Heaven and Earth's defense.

"Boom!" With a blast, the attack of Rare Beasts of Chaos dwindled into nothing. The defense power of the Cauldron of Heaven and Earth was the strongest among all primordial supreme treasures. What's more, it was exerted by Minghe, a Middle Stage of Origin. As a result, the joint attack of Rare Beasts of Chaos at Sage-to-be Realm failed to do any harm to the Cauldron of Heaven and Earth.

Seeing it was useless, Rare Beasts of Chaos all soared and launched a second attack on Minghe under the leader's roar. They all raised their huge claws and struck at Minghe fiercely. The colossal Astral Wind Blade cut fiercely towards Minghe, and even the Air of Chaos couldn't conceal its edge.

More than that, all Rare Beasts of Chaos rushed towards Minghe under their leader's guidance after that attack. These Astral Wind Blades were just a distraction, their physical bodies were the strongest power they had. Under the cover of the Astral Wind Blade, Rare Beasts of Chaos could approach Minghe easily and exert their full combat power.

Minghe smiled. He moved and the Astral Wind Blade all slide past him, failing to reach Minghe and even the defense of Cauldron of Heaven and Earth. Minghe waved his hands and the God-killing Spear appeared in his hand. Looking at the Rare Beasts of Chaos charging towards him, Minghe didn't hesitate and went forth to strike back.

As the spear glow in coldness, Minghe waved his God-killing Spear and each strike stabbed at the eyebrow of Rare Beasts of Chaos. A seemingly normal attack but each strike was lethal because the most powerful attack of God-killing Spear was to damage Original Spirit. Although these Rare Beasts of Chaos had strong physical bodies, they were nothing for God-killing Spear. Eventually, their Original Spirits were vanished thoroughly. All Rare Beasts of Chaos died as quickly as taking a few breaths but their bodies remained well-preserved. After they died, streaks of gray lights emitted from their bodies, attempting to enter into the Chaos. Luckily, Minghe acted swiftly. Upon waving his sleeves, he captured these gray lights.

These gray lights were the Origin of chaos in the bodies of Rare Beasts of Chaos. After Rare Beasts of Chaos died, these origins of chaos would exit their bodies and regress in the Chaos. Minghe didn't know this at first, so he wasted dozens of streaks of Origins of chaos.

Minghe was satisfied with the Origin of chaos in his hands. Over 500 Rare Beasts of Chaos offered him as many as 1300 streaks of the Origin of chaos. Minghe had just gotten about 400 streaks of the Origin of chaos over the previous years in the Chaos, and this time marked he reaped a huge harvest.

Minghe was excited seeing the Origin of chaos in his hands. He waved his sleeves, collecting the dead bodies of Rare Beasts of Chaos and sat on the huge Original Stone of Chaos, absorbing these Origins of chaos.

Once the Origin of chaos was infused into Minghe's body, he felt the strength of the Origin of chaos, which was nearly twice more turbulent than the Air of Chaos and the Power of Divine Law. However, when Minghe began to absorb the Origin of chaos, its effect on Body Tempering was obvious and also several times stronger than before.

Minghe absorbed all the Origin of chaos in about 15 minutes and the progress of his human body was incomparable to what he gained in the last 1000 years. Minghe was delighted to see the effect, knowing he was right to go to the Chaos.

Minghe continued his journey after collecting the Original Stone of Chaos at his feet. He was in no hurry this time since he was not willing to miss any Rare Beasts of Chaos. Any Rare Beasts of Chaos sense by Minghe was killed immediately, becoming the perfect materials which could enhance his physical body.

For nearly 100 years, Minghe went on his journey slowly by constantly hunting Rare Beasts of Chaos. Till date he had thousands of streaks of Origin of chaos, saving him tens of thousands of years on Body Tempering. Since the physical body was going to be fully tempered soon, Minghe was exalted. At this rate, his physical body was going to reach its peak at any time. Minghe had been expecting the day of reaching the peak for had finally arrived. By the time his physical body reached its peak, he would be able to strive for the body of Rakshasa. The danger behind it was also difficult to imagine. To ensure his freedom in Untainted Land, the transformation process must be carried out in Untainted Land. Otherwise, he would transform into a Rakshasa, which would not be permitted by the Way of Heaven in Untainted Land.

At present, Minghe base was still centered in Untainted Land, so he was not likely to give up all he had in Untainted Land. Transforming into Rakshasa in Untainted Land was quite risky as well because the Way of Heaven would resist Minghe by landing Divine Punishment. If Minghe could survive it, he would be able to transform into Rakshasa and get the approval from the Way of Heaven. If not, he would end up in having his soul disintegrated.

To increase his odds of success, Minghe had to upgrade his physical body to the greatest extent, and that's why he needed more Origin of chaos. Nevertheless, the Chaos was boundless and Rare Beasts of Chaos were scattered, so it would be hard to encounter hundreds of beasts like last time. In the past 100 years, he had only met the similar scale of beasts four times. With any luck, Minghe could come across about 50 beasts together in one go. At times, he would meet only one beast, but each one counted. Therefore, he would end its lonely life and let his Origin of chaos unite with others in his body in light of humanitarianism.

Sometimes Minghe was also joyful even seeing one single beast. The one in front of him now, for example, was thousands of meters tall with black long fur like a gorilla. The most unique was that this Rare beast of Chaos had three heads and six arms, like the combination of a gorilla and Asura. What Minghe cared for was that the physical body of this Rare Beast of Chaos had reached The Way of Origin.

Looking at this Rare beast of Chaos, Minghe's eyes were shining with delight because it was like putting a huge vault of treasures in front of him. He could even feel the strong Origin of chaos in its body. Killing it and getting its Origin of chaos were Minghe's strongest heartfelt wish at this time.

The abundant Origin of chaos in this Rare beast of Chaos's body was exactly what Minghe needed. The Origin of chaos in its body was more than that of all Rare Beasts of Chaos he had collected before. Once getting its Origin of chaos, Minghe's body could be improved to its peak, and he could return to Untainted Land, began the transformation into Rakshasa, which was exactly what Minghe had been wishing for.

Nevertheless, this was not an easy feat. Although Minghe had reached the Realm of Middle Stage of Origin, this Rare Beast of Chaos actualized with its physical body, which was far harder than actualization by Original Spirit. Minghe had never met such an opponent, so he had to be cautious in case the beast was stronger than he thought, which was the last thing Minghe wanted.

This Rare beast of Chaos, however, was the same as Minghe thought. He could sense the strong vital force of Origin of chaos in Minghe's body, killing Minghe and absorbing his Origin of chaos would lift this beast's cultivation as well. Moreover, Minghe had the strongest body ever since this beast's actualization, so it would not let Minghe go.

Human and beast stared at each other and nobody dares to make the first move. Minghe was looking this beast over in order to find its weakness and so was the beast. Although the beast was much larger in size, it knew clearly that Minghe was definitely a huge threat.

Chapter 216: The Critical Strike

Looking at the massive body of the Rare Beast of Chaos, Minghe shivered and shouted out. "The Dharma Laksana of Heaven and Earth, rise!" As soon as he stopped, his body rapidly became larger and larger and soon equaled the size of the Rare Beast of Chaos.

Minghe now was thousands of feet tall and burst out intense energy, which even forced back the airflow of the Chaos. The tremendous God-killing Spear in his hand was overwhelmingly mighty. It revealed great Evil Spirit and the airflow of the Choas could not get any closer. The Cauldron of Heaven and Earth transformed into a ray of light and merged into Minghe's body. A robe entirely made of Green Light covered Minghe from head to toes. This was the defense of the Cauldron of Heaven and Earth.

Seeing what Minghe had done, the Demon Ape (another name of the Rare Beast of Chaos) roared at once, and six weapons appeared in his hands. There were two bone blades, two bone swords, and two bone sticks. It seemed that the weaponry came from the skeletons of the Rare Beasts of Chaos, which were killed by the Demon Ape before. The Refining methods were obviously rough. Minghe looked at the weapons carefully and realized a fact: Although they seemed to be roughly refined, they were natural and straightforward works. They were not primordial spiritual treasures or primordial supreme treasures, but the power was comparable with them.

The Demon Ape roared three times and began to move. Two bone swords shrouded by the Sword Aura directly attacked Minghe. The swords fiercely cut through the Choas as horrible as the Origin of Heaven and Earth. Along with the attack, there appeared a space hole, which was indulged in Earth, Wind, Water, Fire elements and so on. After the Sword Aura disappeared, all of these vanished too.

Minghe shook his long spear and made an attack. The simple action contained strong power. His Spear Aura burst out and destroyed everything. The space hole, of course, disappeared right away. The Spear Aura went straight forward to the Demon Ape with undiminished power.

The Demon Ape roared again and used his bone sticks to block Minghe's attack. "Boom!" A massive crash, with the airflow of The Chaos smashing into infinite pieces. A big vacuum in space was created in The Choas. The big vacuum in space was just like the small world when Goddess Nvywa created the Wahuang Heaven. After the Air of Chaos vanished, elements like Earth, Wind, Water, and Fire all ran wild in the small world. Perhaps Minghe could create a small world here with some efforts. However, the airflow of the Choas was a total mess; it was not a good choice to create a world here. Even if he had built one, it would have been worn away quickly.

After the clash, the Demon Ape came into sight once more, there were only a few minor scratches and bruises, which recovered rapidly. Minghe gasped with admiration at the body of the Demon Ape. The Demon Ape had metamorphosed his body, thus created an unbelievable strong physical body. Even if the Spear hurt Minghe himself, he could not easily escape from damages.

Minghe's attack didn't hurt the Demon Ape, but it gave rise to the Ape's killing intent instead. The Ape was burnt with anger and roared. The vacuum space, which was eroding by the Choas, stopped. The elements of Earth, Wind, Water, and Fire stirred up along with the roar and then began to transform.

After the roar, the Demon Ape suddenly moved and jumped toward Minghe. With six powerful weapons flying towards Minghe, the Demon Ape advanced step by step, like the Creation of Heaven and Earth. Even the Choas was forced back by the power. As if a shooting star flew across the sky, however, the beautiful and bright star showed infinite killing intent.

Minghe waved his Spear and drew a beautiful circle. Looking at the advancing Demon Ape, Minghe was not afraid at all. He was indeed in high spirit and jumped up to fight the Demon Ape. Minghe shouted. "Kill the Gods and Separation of Tao! Go!" The God-killing Spear launched an attack all of a sudden.

The Spear made the whole Chaos trembled. Wherever the Spear swept away, space broke into pieces. Just like shattered glass dancing in the air, glittering with silver light. But, remember to be careful with these pieces, which would kill you in a second.

The Demon Ape waved his weapons and attacked Minghe. When they were close to each other, an earthshaking clash was about to happen. However, Minghe suddenly stopped. He hung like a puppet and kept still in the middle of the sky, no one knew what he would do next, which is the most horrible thing in a battle. As if the spear point of the God-killing Spear was penetrating a glass, it lashed forward, and the glass began to break. With the sound of glass breaking, wherever the Spear pointed, space was utterly shattered. On the other side of the glass, the Demon Ape was thoroughly locked.

"Boom!" With a high clicking noise, the tremendous space storm burst out. The Spear accurately pointed to the Demon Ape. It was too late for the Demon Ape to react. As a result, the space storm swallowed the Demon Ape. A miserable screech resounded through The Choas. Innumerable blood droplets sprinkled down and got wiped away by The Chaos in a flash.

After a while, a huge body was thrown out millions of miles away by the storm. The Demon Ape was severely damaged. A large wound was even cut into the bone. The criminal was Minghe, of course.

The Demon Ape was extremely angry while he was thrown away by the space storm. Killing intent raged in his three heads, he opened his six pairs of crimson blood eyes and searched for the criminal, however, he saw nothing. He could never see the offender again. "Puff!" The Spear penetrated the body of the Demon Ape, which made the Ape still in the middle of the sky. The Demon Ape turned his three huge heads and saw Minghe, who was standing right behind him. The long spear straightly penetrated his heart, his blood and flesh, his bones, and then pierced out from his chest. His Original Spirit was exterminated. The Demon Ape roared and died.

As soon as the Demon Ape died, the Origin of chaos slowly appeared from the Ape's corpse. Minghe put out one of his hands and grasped the Origin of the Chaos. The other hand grabbed a ray of silvery light. It was the disappearing Original Spirit of the Demon Ape, which was spiritually reserved by Minghe.

Holding the Origin of chaos and the remaining Original Spirit of the Demon Ape, Minghe happily smiled. This battle was a real bumper harvest! The Origin of Chaos merely doubled the sum he had gathered before, not to mention other benefits. As expected, achieving the Origin or not would have made a significant difference.

After taking back the God-killing Spear, Minghe sealed up the corpse and the remaining soul of the Demon Ape for safekeeping. These might be useful in the future. Unfortunately, Minghe could not keep his mind on refining the corpse of the Demon Ape here in the Choas. Otherwise, he would have taken action at once. The carcass and remaining soul of the Demon Ape were best materials to refine an evil weapon.

Minghe also sealed up the Origin of Chaos. His body needed not to consume the whole Origin of Chaos to reach its peak level. Thus the rest would be wasted. If dividing the Origin of Chaos into different parts, he was afraid that the Origin of Chaos would be harmed. After all, the Origin of Chaos was produced by the Rare Beast of Chaos at the level of the Origin, which was incredibly precious.

Anyway, it was a long time before he returned to the Untainted Land. Minghe was confident about gathering enough Origin of Chaos to cultivate his physical body. If failed, he would divide the Origin of Chaos at the level of the Origin. It was not late.

During the battle with the Demon Ape, Minghe relied not only on the God-killing Spear but also on the Law of Space and Law of Spiritual Beings. The space storm rose by the Law of Space, which was called the Space Breaking. Minghe then used the Law of Space to move to the back of the Demon Ape and gave him the deadly attack before he got a steady foothold.

The final attack was also rather complicated. Minghe used one of his greatest Divine Laws, the Law of Spiritual Beings. He aimed to destroy the soul of the Demon Ape. If the Demon Ape had some soul defense, he would not have died so easily. Supposing that exchanged the Demon Ape to another expert of Origin, Minghe would take more efforts to win the battle. After all, the master would equip with more Magic Weapons than merely the martial weapons.

Chapter 217: The Arrival

After killing the Rare Beast of Chaos, Minghe went forth on his journey once again. This time he didn't make any effort to search for the Rare Beast of Chaos. He just followed accordingly to the marks on the map. But once he came across a Rare Beast of Chaos on the way, he would not let it escape.

Years later, Minghe got to his first destination, which was the world nearest to the Untainted Land. Minghe hid in the Void, looking at the world before him. The last world found by Kunpeng during his returned and the world where the experts of Origin live.

Suddenly a green light flash by Minghe and Heaven and Earth Taoist appeared beside him. Heaven and Earth Taoist stared at the world, his eyes shining with passionate flames. Noticing his expression, Minghe asked, "How is it? Can you assert the level of this world?"

Heaven and Earth Taoist observed the world for a long time. Then, he answered, " It should be a small chiliocosm, however, it had developed well and is completed with the divine law. As for the size, my World of Heaven and Earth is nearly twice as big as it is. If it can be swallowed by my world, I would definitely make more progress."

Yes. Swallowing. It was the decision that Minghe and Heaven and Earth Taoist made together when they found out that other worlds existed in the Chaos. Otherwise, they would not have force Kunpeng to leave for the Chaos to locate the world. All of these were prepared for the promotion of Heaven and Earth Taoist and the world inside him.

Theoretically, a world cannot get promotion on its own. From the moment a world was born, it would remain at a stage of depletion. Although the world would keep perfecting with the birth of creatures, the depletion would be aggravated. Thus, as the world would become stronger due to it being whole, it would have lost any hopes of promotion.

Similar to Untainted World where Minghe lived, during the birth of Heaven and Earth, Spiritual Air filled the world. Even in Mount Kunlun or Heavenly Court, places thought to be with an abundance of Spiritual Air was incomparable to it. The Spiritual Air of the world became lesser as days pass, even though the dead Creatures would be transformed into Spiritual Air after going through Cultivation Tribulation of Heaven and Earth. It was not as pure as the original Spiritual Air. Minghe didn't know much about the levels of Untainted World, but one could be sure that the Untainted Land was at the level of great trichiliocosm, or even greater. Although Untainted Land had become very powerful after Hongjun united the Taoism and the Eight Sages came into being, its depletion was huge as well. And had lost all hope for a promotion.

Worlds would not promote automatically as human touch were necessary. It was almost impossible to promote Untainted World, even with the cooperation of all Sages and Minghe. But the World of Heaven and Earth was just a small chiliocosm. If all existing worlds were graded into four levels: primary rank, secondary rank, advanced rank and fulfillment rank, the World of Heaven and Earth would just be a primary rank chiliocosm.

Even though Minghe owned the Cauldron of Heaven and Earth, which could transform Air of Chaos into primordial Spiritual Air, and continually supplement the small chiliocosm with it, it would be impossible to promote the small chiliocosm immediately to medium dichiliocosm till millions of years later. Moreover, becoming a medium dichiliocosm was not the key to a world's promotion, it was what comes after. A stronger great trichiliocosm. Minghe could not wait forever. In other to promote the World of Heaven and Earth as soon as possible, swallowing other worlds to complete itself would be the best shortcut. And there are worlds in the Chaos, which granted Minghe a great opportunity. As long as the World of Heaven and Earth swallowed these worlds, it could enhance its accumulation in the twinkle of an eye. Becoming medium dichiliocosm would no longer be impossible so long as there were enough of this worlds to be swallowed.

The world before Minghe was the first to be swallowed. It was about double the size of the World of Heaven and Earth and could be a small chiliocosm at the secondary rank or even at the level of advanced rank level. If the World of Heaven and Earth could swallow it, it could become a secondary-rank small chiliocosm at least, and the cultivation progress of Heaven and Earth Taoist would be greatly improved.

But the problem lies in the Da Luo Golden Immortal of Origin of this world. Minghe could not move rashly because if this person could become Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal of Origin, he must have some special capability. From how he had traced Kunpeng so easily meant that his ability couldn't be looked down on. More importantly, he hadn't shown any of it in front of Kunpeng, so Minghe didn't know anything about him. It would be unwise to take action without caution. And mainly it's also Minghe's lack of knowledge of the world, too, that he could not certify whether there was only one Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal of Origin or more. Moreover, Minghe didn't know how his cultivation and tactics were, which might lead to an unexpected consequence if he act headfirst. Who knows if this guy had any secret weapons or not.

With the help of Heaven and Earth Taoist, Minghe was confident about his success, but he didn't want to fight while being unprepared. Because if he pushed this guy into a dead end and caused damages to himself or Heaven and Earth Taoist, it would be terrible. The final struggles of a Da Luo Golden Immortal of Origin at death door would not be able to be endured so easily

To ensure that there are no loopholes in his plan, Minghe decided to secretly sneak into the world to understand the cultivation system and the background of the Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal of Origin. Once he thought of a flawless plan, it would be the time to take action.

But sneaking into the world wasn't easy. The existence of individual Way of Heaven in every world is the same as the World of Heaven and Earth inside the body of Heaven and Earth Taoist. But the Way of Heaven in the World of Heaven and Earth was at its birth stage, so its awareness was extremely weak. But with the development of the world, the Way of Heaven would get stronger ultimately

If someone with Middle Stage of Origin as powerful as Minghe, sneaked into the world, the Way of Heaven definitely would sound a warning and all the powerful men in this world would know that there was someone sneaking in. Then Minghe would be exposed to Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal of Origin and at that time Minghe would have to fight against him face to face. But this wasn't what Minghe wanted.

Professional skills are needed for sneaking in secretly. So Minghe waved his sleeve to summon a Rare Beast of Chaos, Double-headed Silver Wolf. This Double-headed Silver Wolf was not dead, but alive. Minghe purposely captured it alive and sealed it for future use.

Minghe summoned a Blood God Doppelganger at the same time. The cultivation of this Blood God Doppelganger had been at the Secondary Stage of Sage-to-be. It would be the key to Minghe's plan.

Blood God Doppelganger fused with the Double-headed Silver Wolf immediately after being summoned out. And suddenly the face of Double-headed Silver Wolf had twisted and its four pupils dilated as if it had lost focus. But because it was a sealed creature, even though Double-headed Silver Wolf was in pain, it could not move an inch nor even make a sound.

When Double-headed Silver Wolf recovered, the soul  had been changed. Minghe waved his hand to remove the seal on Double-headed Silver Wolf. Blood God Doppelganger shook its body to adapt itself to its new body. Minghe didn't  hurry because he knew that physical possession took time. Only when the Blood God Doppelganger was totally fused with its new body without any flaws, he would begin to take action.

This Double-headed Silver Wolf was approximately 2000 feet high, and more than 4000 feet long, with two heads and silver fur covering its whole body. It had the body of a Sage-to-be at Secondary Stage, and there were dozens of the Origin of Chaos in its body, so it would be the perfect bait. Minghe had captured stronger Rare Beast of Chaos, however, he was afraid that a stronger beast would catch the attention of the Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal of Origin. If he found out, it would be troublesome.

In Kunpeng's exploration, Minghe had seen some Cultivators hunt these Rare Beasts of Chaos, and collects the Origin of Chaos which left the dead beasts' bodies. Then the Cultivators would take in the collected the Origin of Chaos for cultivation, so Kunpeng started to hunt Rare Beast of Chaos as well, instead of staying somewhere to save time and energy. To give up such a good thing without danger and also benefits his cultivation, was not what a real gambler like Kunpeng would do.

Chapter 218: Sneaking into the World

Several days later, the Blood God Doppelganger had completely gotten used to the body of the Double-headed Silver Wolf. Minghe waved his hand and send him out of the Void where he hid. Together with the Blood God Doppelganger, was a pack of Double-headed Silver Wolves. There were about 35 of them and including the Blood God Doppelganger makes 36 of them.

Minghe met this group of Double-headed Silver Wolves in the Chaos, however, their power was not as great as their number. The strongest was just equivalent to a Cultivator at the Secondary Stage of Sage-to-be, and nine of them were at this stage. Minghe could not allow his Blood God Doppelganger to enter this world alone as that it would be too obvious and raised suspicions easily.

Double-headed Silver Wolves liked living in a pack so traveling alone was prone to suspicion. If not, how could the Blood God Doppelganger get what he want amidst the chaos? The Blood God Doppelganger would have a better chance to accomplish Minghe's plan during the confusion. By hiding within a group of Double-headed Silver Wolves, he could play it by ear. As soon as they were released, the group of Double-headed Silver Wolves started to roar in anger. There was  only  one world in front of them, thus they found it to be the best target for their anger. From the remaining Spiritual Thoughts of the Clone of Blood God, who used to follow Kunpeng around the chaos, usually, the Rare Beast of Chaos always lived in the Chaos.

Once in a while, these beasts would meet the chaotic storm. It would not be lethal to them but sometimes it would blow them away to another world nearby. When that happens, these Rare Beasts of Chaos would try to attack that world uncontrollably. This phenomenon seems to be definite.

After a loud roar, these 36 Double-headed Silver Wolves ran towards the world with thundering motion, seemingly unstoppable. In the Void, Minghe could feel the tangible anger and killing intent of these Rare Beasts of Chaos. Their eyes were thirsting for blood, and they would unmercifully tear at anything that tried to stop them.

However, the moment they arrived at the crystal wall of this world, tens of thousands of Cultivators rushed out from it. They lined up fearlessly like a well-regulated army, defending against the group of Rare Beasts of Chaos. Looking at how accustomed they reacted, Minghe thought they must have met this kind of issue from time to time. The first nine of them were even at Sage-to-be Stage, except for a handful who were at Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal, the rest was just at Primordial Unity Golden Immortal or Golden Immortal cultivation.

Compared with this group of Rare Beasts of Chaos, they seemed to be much weaker. The leading nine Sages-to-be held up nearly 20 beasts, while the rest formed a tactical formation to separate the beasts and kill them at one shot.

Their methods of attack peaked Minghe's interest. The Magic Weapons in their hands were all very unique, even the Primordial Spiritual Treasures in the nine Sages-to-be's hands seemed to look strange. Some of these treasures seemed to be primordial, but some showed signs of refining by humans. It was also strange that even the Primordial Spiritual Treasures also seemed to have been refined by someone.

Among the Three Laws Of Elixirs, Weapons, and Arrays, Minghe was an expert in the Law of Weapon, so he could easily tell the differences among these Magic Weapons. Minghe was especially curious about the several Primordial Spiritual Treasures which were refined by Houtu. "Could this world contain treasures like the Cauldron of Heaven and Earth, which could refine Primordial Spiritual Treasures? Maybe I can gain something in this travel after all." Minghe thought.

The battle lasted for several days and ended with the defeat of the wolves. However, the other side also suffered a great loss. The nine Sages-to-be were badly hurt, 20 Da Luo Golden Immortals and nearly 3,000 Taiyi Golden Immortals and Golden Immortals lost their lives. But instead of showing any form of sadness, only greed could be seen on in their eyes as they stared at the dead bodies of the Rare Beasts of Chaos.

When they were allotting spoils of this war, a weird flash of red light immersed in the body of a badly hurt Golden Immortal. There was no any other movement later, and that Golden Immortal didn't feel any different. It as if nothing had happened.

When everything was done, all the Cultivators went back to their world happily including that Golden Immortal who went home with glee after obtaining some materials from the bodies of the Rare Beasts of Chaos. He didn't even notice that something has entered into his body. In the Void, Minghe and the Taoist of Heaven and Earth sat face to face and placed between them was the Magical Tao Mirror, reflecting the figure of the Golden Immortal who was possessed by Minghe's Blood God Doppelganger. When the Doppelganger followed this Cultivator back to his world, both Minghe and the Taoist of Heaven and Earth injected their supernatural power into the Magical Tao Mirror. They found that there were plenty of strange textures surrounding the Cultivator, which were not easy to understand.

Actually, these surreal textures were formed by Minghe and the Taoist of Heaven and Earth as they began to analyze the Divine Laws and Origin of this world. Every world has its unique Divine Laws and Origin, such as the World of Heaven and Earth inside Taoist of Heaven and Earth's body, which uses different Laws and Origin from the Untainted Land. Therefore, if an outsider invaded a world, its Way of Heaven would easily notice it.

Minghe was born in Untainted Land, and his body had gotten used to the Divine Laws of that world and had been bathed in the original vital force of the Untainted World. To wanted to sneak into it secretly he needed to be familiar with the Laws and Origin of this new world. As each world had its own unique system of Laws, such as the World of Heaven and Earth. Though it didn't accumulate the total of 3,000 Divine Laws, it had owned enough Laws to build a world, and the remnants would emerge gradually during the evolution of this world. Among all the Divine Laws inside the World of Heaven and Earth, the Law of Heaven and Earth and the Law of Space were the strongest. As for which Law was the strongest or were they all equal in the Untainted Land, Minghe had no idea.

Since the Double-headed Silver Wolf possessed by the Blood God Doppelganger was killed, the Doppelganger was only left with a small piece of Original Spirit without any supernatural power. Although it was just a small piece of Original Spirit, it was of Realm of Sage-to-be since it was Minghe's Doppelganger. Therefore, it went unnoticeable by the Golden Immortal

If it was in Untainted Land, Minghe could read the memory of that Cultivator directly, or completely possessed his body. However, in another world, the Golden  Immortal  would undergo change more or less if Minghe were to read his memory or possessed his body. What more, Blood God Doppelganger's vital force was different from the Cultivators in this  world, which could be noticed by the Way of Heaven which would alert the other Cultivators. The only thing that the piece of Original Spirit of Blood God Doppelganger could do was to hide in the body of that Golden Immortal, using the vital force of that Golden Immortal to disguise himself. Therefore, Minghe and the Taoist of Heaven and Earth had enough time and resources to predict the Divine Laws and the Origin of this world.

With the help of Magical Tao Mirror, Minghe and the Taoist of Heaven and Earth's prediction were accomplished with half the effort. Gradually, the construction of the Divine Laws and the vital force of the Origin of this world take its form in front of them. The process of prediction was long and tedious, it would be for naught if they were to hasten the process.

Several years later, Minghe and the Taoist of Heaven and Earth withdrew their supernatural power on the Magical Tao Mirror, and the Mirror was put away by Minghe. With a smile on his face, Minghe changed his physical appearance, flesh, bones, and even his vital force. In the end, Minghe shape- shifted into a 20-year-old teenager, which was totally different and unrecognizable from himself.

Looking at Minghe's perfect shape-shift, the Heaven and Earth Taoist smiled and said, "Your Veneration, your Law of Blood and Law of Spiritual Beings become more and more profound. Your shape-shift is perfect. Now, you really look like a Cultivator from this world, making it easier to get into this world secretly. I'll be waiting for your good news."

Minghe nodded his head. Heaven and Earth Taoist would not follow him to get into this world as he needed to remain outside to collaborate with Minghe when its necessary. Minghe turned around, moving quickly and simultaneously in the Void and entered that world without anyone noticing.

Chapter 219: Entering the City

A group of Golden Immortal Cultivators was riding on clouds slowly in the sky; they were the ones who just fought against the Rare Beasts of Chaos beyond the wall of the world. Though they all had various degrees of injuries on their bodies, instead of being upset, they were very excited about obtaining the spoils that they deserved.

After going their separate way, a Golden Immortal looked at the sternum in his bag of treasures with an involuntary look of satisfaction on his face. He was merely a Golden Immortal, he was lucky to be able to join in this war. He was satisfied with getting a sternum of Rare Beast of Chaos and had no other expectations, for the most valuable items were in the back pocket of other more powerful Cultivators.

At this moment, suddenly a shadow flashed by him bringing about a blast of wind. This Golden Immortal looked up with amazement in his eyes at the speed of that shadow figure. But he didn't thought much about it and rode the clouds back home. He wanted to make good use of this sternum to refine a Magic Weapon for defense.

After that Golden Immortal's left, a figure appeared in the woods beneath him. It was Minghe after he shape-shifted. Minghe came for no other reason but to get the Original Spirit sojourned in that Golden Immortal back. Minghe wouldn't leave the Original Spirit in that Cultivator's body forever.

Minghe wouldn't care if it was the Spiritual Thoughts of Clone of Blood God. However, Blood God Doppelganger was different. From the earliest times, Minghe gained enlightenment on the Law of Spiritual Beings and improved Clone of Blood God with his Magic Skills that lead to the birth of Blood God Doppelganger. These 49 Blood God Doppelgangers differs from Clone of Blood God, but they all had a streak of Original Spirit from Minghe.

Even if Blood God Doppelganger died, Minghe could take its Original Spirit back to rebuild Blood God Doppelganger as long as that Original Spirit hasn't dissipated. And this streak of Original Spirit would become strong with the cultivation of Blood God Doppelganger. Now that this Original Spirit was in a Realm of Sage-to-be, it wasn't possible for Minghe to give up. What's more, it wasn't safe to let his own Original Spirit stray outside.

There were many witchcrafts in Untainted Land. One of them was a forbidden craft called the Pinhead Arrows Book, which was vicious as it could kill people invisibly. Zhao Gongming, from Tribe of Severity, was killed because of it in the Battle of Gods Investiture. Although Minghe wasn't afraid of it, he would be severely wounded if a Sage used his Original Spirit as a guide. Moreover, nobody knew whether the witchcraft existed in the Chaos or not, still, it was better to be careful.

Minghe walked towards the direction that Golden Immortal left after retrieving his Original Spirit. It looked like a small step, but he had traveled hundreds of miles. It was a Magic Skill called Narrowing Earth into Inches. It meant that one step of Minghe was just like an inch. It was fast and convenient for him while being on his way.

Finally, Minghe managed to a see populated region after walking half a day. It was a huge city with caesious walls and towering gate towers. And there were soldiers making their rounds on the city walls and at the gate. It made Minghe felt as if he had traveled back to ancient times. Only the numerous tactical formations and Talisman Symbols carved on walls made Minghe gave up on that notion.

Minghe was embarrassed when he saw the entrance of the city. Everyone entered the city by walking instead of flying into the city directly. What's more, everyone who entered the city had to pay an entrance tax. Even that Golden Immortal who was possessed by Blood God Doppelganger stood in line.

Thus it could be seen that it wasn't a normal city. Minghe didn't know how many miles he had walked and to be surrounded by greenery and the woods the entire time, only this huge city showed signs o human traffic. The tactical formation carved on the wall might be the City-protecting Formation, from which he could know it wasn't peaceful here as if it was attacked at often.

Although there was a City-protecting Formation here, it couldn't stop Minghe from spying on the conditions of the city. There were many races, but the main race was Human Tribe. Therefore, there was not only Human Tribe in this world, but also human had a high position. Both Untainted World and this city had Human Tribe. They were not the same but they were similar. Was it a coincidence?

Next, there were shops all over the city like the ones in Human Tribe's city in Untainted Land. They also used a unique currency which was called Spiritual Stone base on the locals' words. This Spiritual Stone was retrieved from Spiritual Mines and was used as the circulation currency in this world. Minghe recognized what the Spiritual Stone was when he looked at it. Spiritual Mine was Spiritual Pulse that lost the soul. Spiritual Pulse was born because of heaven, it could gather the Spiritual Air in Heaven and Earth. However, if the Spiritual Pulse was destroyed and lost its soul, it would turn into Spiritual Mine which could never gather Spiritual Air in Heaven and Earth. Thus, it is used as currency upon extraction.

What made Minghe embarrassed was that he didn't have any Spiritual Stone. He couldn't use teleportation to enter the city or it would alarm the Way of Heaven in this world, and all his efforts would be wasted. Reluctantly, he returned to the mountains behind him. He didn't believe that there weren't Spiritual Stones in the mountains.

Minghe was back at the entrance of the city during sunset. He went to the deep mountains and forests with great results. He not only gained a small Spiritual Pulse but also found some Treasures of Heaven and Earth and possessions of some dead Cultivators. That strip of Spiritual Pulse was sadly broken into Spiritual Stones by Minghe and became his possession.

Minghe got an identity card from the guard after paying taxes for entering the city. According to the guard, Minghe could move freely in the city with this card. Once he lost it, he had to pay tax to reapply. If it was lost with no reapplication, the guards who were in charge of protecting the city would regard him as an invader, and he would be executed if he resisted.

Minghe realized the difference of this city when he entered, depicting how resourceful the person who built this city was. This city not only had Spirit-gathering Formation but also had Sky-forbidden Formation. What's more, there was a huge Spiritual Pulse underground. Spirit-gathering Formation added Spiritual Pulse to make Spiritual Air of Heaven and Earth in the city to be at least three or four times stronger than outside the city.

In addition to this, this world had a unique feature which Minghe found out as he analyzed the Divine Law and the Origin of this world, Minghe found there was a special Spiritual Air besides the Spiritual Air of Heaven and Earth. He once felt this kind of special Spiritual Air in a Magic Weapon in the hands of those Cultivators who had fought against the Rare Beasts of Chaos.

Minghe began to stroll when he entered the city with a purpose in mind. He searched all the shops to find things that were of use for him as well as to get as much information about this world as possible. Finally, his hard work paid off. Minghe lived in a tavern and tasted dishes which he hadn't for a long time after buying the things he wanted. Minghe hadn't eaten real and proper food since he came to Untainted Land. Eating was merely a desire fo him, now that he tried it again and it had a different flavor.

In his room, Minghe was reading the pieces of those Jade Slips he bought in the daytime with his Spiritual Thoughts as night fell. These Jade Slips recorded the territory, history, and anecdotes in this world. It was the quickest way for Minghe to know about this world. Although he couldn't grasp everything at least he could form a simple understanding.

Chapter 220: The Treasures World

Though the Jade Slip was complicated, it wasn't a big deal for Minghe and he learned almost everything about the world within half an hour. According to the Jade Slip, this place was called the Treasures World.

The world gained its name not because there were many treasures here, but rather due to the many Cultivators here who were skilled in refining weapons. Magic Skills, tactical formations, and elixirs were nothing compared with weapon refinery here.

In this world, besides the Spiritual Air of Earth and Heaven, there was also a unique Spiritual Air dubbed the Treasures Aura. Before all the Magic Weapons materialized, they had to absorb the aura. The more of the aura the weapons took in, the more powerful they would be.

This roused Minghe's interest in the world. What a wonderful world of Weapon-refining Masters! The weapons here were all ranked from the first to the ninth level, the so-called Holy Rank. The masters were ranked accordingly as well. Yet, there was no record about those above the Holy Rank. However, Minghe spotted something interesting on the Jade Slip. It was a Weapon-refining Master at the Holy Rank, named Lord of Numerous Treasures. He was the very originator of weapon-refining tactics and the only one who had reached his rank. Thinking it over, Minghe thought that he might be the Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal of Origin who was hunting down Kunpeng.

Wearing a wide smile, Minghe thought it was interesting indeed. The Holy-ranked treasures might as well be those Primordial Spiritual Treasures. Lord of Numerous Treasures, capable of preaching and refining Primordial Spiritual Treasures, must pretty powerful. Since he claimed to be Lord of Numerous Treasures, he must have many such treasures at hand. Minghe thought he must be cautious about his Magic Weapons when confronting Lord of Numerous Treasures.

But he had no plans to provoke the person yet. He was more curious about the Law of Refining Tools and the unique Treasures Aura in this world. He wondered if the aura could be used to refine Primordial Spiritual Treasures without the need for the Cauldron of Heaven and Earth. That would be the key to converting Postcelestial Treasures into Primordial Treasures in the Untainted Land. Early the next morning, Minghe found himself a weapon- refining shop and bought the place. He then shut the door to visitors and fully immersed himself in studying the Law of Refining Tools in Treasures World. As recorded in the Jade Slip, the Hundred-refining Earthly Fire was a book detailing the way to refine weapons. That was why he bought the shop that boasted a furnace that was connected to the earthly fire.

Having spent much time pouring over the book, he was soon aware that the Law of Refining Tools here was inferior to that in the Untainted Land. Sometimes, those Postcelestial Spiritual Treasures refined in Untainted Land could well match the Primordial ones, but that would never happen here.

Nevertheless, the Treasures World was special. The Magic Weapons in this world would absorb different amounts of the Treasures Aura, according to how well the spells cast on them conformed to the Law of Heaven and Earth. The more they conformed to the law, the more Treasures Aura they would suck in. These weapons, as a result, grew in power.

He cared more about the aura instead of the Law of Refining Tools. If the aura could really enhance the power of weapons, then the weapons he created through the Cauldron of Heaven and Earth would even stronger. Or perhaps he could uncover the secret tactics of so-called Holy Ranked Weapon-refining Master. That way, he wouldn't even need the cauldron to refine his weapons.

Following the instructions for Law of Refining Tools recorded in the Hundred-refining Earthly Fire, Minghe placed the materials inside the furnace. The materials burned in the searing earthly fire and blended beautifully. The first step in the instructions was exactly the same as that of the Law of Refining Tools in Untainted Land.

Once the materials were perfectly meshed, Minghe used his fingers in place of a brush to draw Talisman Symbols one after another in the air. He cast those symbols on the treasure that had yet taken its form. The symbols then integrated into limitations, making the treasure stronger as they increased in number. Treasures refined by limitations were more powerful.

This was another unique feature of the Law of Refining Tools in this world. In the Untainted Land, they cast a complete limitation on refined weapons. Here, they would cast Talisman Symbols that would connect and integrate into a single limitation. That way, if they wanted to refine their weapons further, they could just cast more Talisman Symbols to the existing ones. This wasn't possible with weapons made in Untainted Land. To refine a weapon for the second time meant ruining its core. But Minghe could see where the advantage was. Even though a weapon in the Treasures World could be refined repeatedly, its incomplete limitation meant it would be inherently less powerful than its counterpart in the Untainted Land even if their quality was the same. Further, the frequent refinement would also leave a defect in the weapon. This was precisely why Minghe had found those weapons so strange the first time he saw them.

Once the limitations were cast, Minghe began molding the treasure. He could sense an endless flow of Treasures Aura of Heaven and Earth entering it. It took a long while before the treasure started glowing with a soft light. That was when he knew he had successfully refined the treasure.

The treasure was a bronze hammer that glowed with a green light. He could faintly hear the sound of thunder coming from the hammer. When he looked at it, surprised crossed his expression. He had a created a fifth-ranked Spiritual Treasure. What a joke it was for him to spend half a month just to refine a treasure of this quality.

Having considered  himself  a  master  of  refining  weapons, Minghe never thought the first treasure he would create in this world would be a fifth-ranked one. It was sardonic but it also ignited his determination. Since Lord of Numerous Treasures could create a Holy-ranked Spiritual Treasure, there wasn't any reason that he couldn't.

He tossed the treasure aside and began refining another one. He was more cautious this time around, carefully observing each and every transformation of the treasure. He even began investigating why the treasure would take in a different amount of the aura. All these factors were crucial factors in determining the rank of a treasure.

As time passed, he began spending more and more time refining every new treasure. But each new treasure that he produced were also of better quality than the previous one. From the initial fifth-ranked treasure, the ones that he could produce now were ninth-ranked. As his skill at refining weapon improved, the treasures that he refined also became increasingly powerful.

"Ah?" Minghe noticed that all the refinery materials that he had prepared had run out. When he turned around, he saw that the treasures he created had piled up into a hill inside the room. He soon realized 3,000 years had passed. How time flew! There were thousands of Spiritual Treasures in the room. About 34 of them were ninth-ranked, 123 eighth-ranked, 321 seventh-ranked, and over 1000 fifth or sixth-ranked ones. These were all his creations over the past 3,000 years.

Now, he had basically grasped everything there was to know about the Law of Refining Tools in this world. Though he only learned the Hundred-refining Earthly Fire, every method here would ultimately yield the same result. He could now produce a ninth-ranked treasure.

Minghe also studied the different rankings of the Spiritual Treasures. The first through third-ranked ones were equivalent to the Low-Grade Postcelestial Spiritual Treasures, while the fourth through sixth-ranked ones were similar to the Mid-Grade Primordial Spiritual Treasures. The seventh or eighth-ranked ones were like the Top-Grade Postcelestial Spiritual Treasures. Though they were slightly weaker in power, the ninth-ranked treasures were no inferior to the Highest-Grade Postcelestial Spiritual Treasures.

Now that he had fully grasped the way to create Postcelestial Spiritual Treasures, it was time for him to try refining Holy- Ranked ones. But first, he needed to collect the necessary refinery materials. Though it would save him much effort if he simply melted down all his earlier creations, they were nevertheless his own handiwork. He could give the treasures away as gifts in the future.

He spent all the Spiritual Stones that he owned and returned to the weapon-refining shop with a bunch of refinery materials. With a wave of his hand, he cast an enclosed tactical formation on the entire shop. When a primordial spiritual treasure was created, it would emit Mysterious Signs. With the formation, he could prevent others from finding out what he was doing inside the shop.

When he had everything he needed, he soon immersed himself in weapon refining once again, with the goal this time being a Holy-ranked Spiritual Treasure. If he could fully grasp the Law of Refining Tools, then his trip here wouldn't be in vain. By then, his refinery skills would see great improvement and he would be able to refine even better treasures with his cauldron.
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