The Spiritual Attainment of Minghe Chapter 1-10

Chapter 1: Minghe in Untainted Land

When Pangu formed Untainted Land after separating the heaven and earth, he saw that a barren, dead land was not what he hoped for. Thus, he sacrificed himself to nourish the land and turned it into a utopia full of spiritual air. As time went by, spiritual creatures mushroomed all over the land, eventually becoming what was later known as the Hundred Tribes of Untainted Land.

Untainted Land became bustling with life but it was quiet in the Blood Sea that Pangu's own blood formed. Except for a slight breeze and rippling of water in the Blood Sea, the deathly stillness continued for more than a million years after the separation of heaven and earth. "Ah!..." A scream from the center of the Blood Sea pierced the silence, causing the still sea to be abruptly turbulent.

An enormous red lotus floated in the middle of the Blood Sea, its twelve petals coated in a curious sheen. A young man, just on the brink of his twenties, stood on the lotus altar. To be precise, it was not a human, but a soul. Looking out at the Blood Sea in front of him, he couldn't help with his fear. One must understand; he was no more than a technology otaku in his past life. The young man was named Musen. He lived in new era of China and enjoyed the wonders of the 21st century. Times were good, but even so, stress was everpresent. Slaves to their house and car mortgages were everywhere. Musen, however, was neither. He did not even have a girlfriend; what need did he have for a house or a car? As a great technology otaku, cars and houses were dispensable for him.

Musen led a repetitive life, working from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., and basically stayed home after work. He did not have much of a social life, but he had a hobby of studying unusual or high-tech things. He had researched the Eight Trigrams of Zhouyi and the Secret Arts of Fengshui. He even studied simple robotics and developed plug-ins for games. As long as it was something he was interested in, he would spend time to carefully study it.

But who could foresee unexpected events? One moment he was admiring the meteoric shower on the rooftop, and a lightning inexplicably struck him in the next. As the saying went, one who survived a great disaster was destined for good fortune. But what was going on right now? Where was his body? Everything was a mystery to him, especially this sea of blood. Even though Musen had seen blood, he had never seen this vast amount. The endless sea of blood made him scream out of fear. Musen frowned as unfamiliar memories emerged in his mind. The more he relived those memories in his head, the more fearful he felt. He was so stunned that his jaw slacked, his mouth opened so wide that even a light bulb could be fit inside. He was momentarily dazed, before he regained his composure. Musen then swore to the heaven, saying, "With the Great Way as my witness, Musen will no longer exist. There's only Minghe, Lord of Blood Sea."

Musen, no, it was Minghe now. He had just finished his oath to heaven when ripples flashed across the void above Blood Sea, but it disappeared as quickly as it came. Minghe breathed a sigh of relief when he saw this. His earlier memories were a spiritual inheritance from Ancestor Minghe, the owner of Blood Sea. He had been transported to a time before the birth of Ancestor Minghe, yet the Dao acknowledged him as the Lord of Blood Sea.

But still, he came from the future; an anomaly unacceptable by the Great Way. He had to give up his past and become a native of Untainted Land. Only then would he not be considered an anomaly. But when he was making his oath, a thought came to him. He swore to the Great Way instead of the Way of Heaven, for the Way of Heaven was newly born and had not awakened yet. Untainted Land was under the control of the Great Way. By swearing to it, the Way of Heaven had no way of knowing his past and Minghe would not have to worry about his origins being exposed.

Taking things as they came was one of the strong points of Minghe. Since he can't change the present, then he will accept it. It was akin to a phrase that went viral on the internet: "Life is like being raped. If you can't fight it, then you might as well enjoy it." What Minghe needed was to survive and live his life to the fullest.

Thinking about it, Ancestor Minghe, the Three Pristine Ones, Ancestor of Sorcery, Jieyin, Zhunti, Goddess Nvywa, Fuxi, Emperor Jun, and Taiyi were all Primordial Mazingers. They began far ahead of the other creatures in Untainted Land. The Three Pristine Ones, Jieyin, Zhunti, and Goddess Nvywa became Sages of the Heavenly Way, while Emperor Jun, Taiyi, and the Twelve Ancestors of Sorcery perished. However, as the leaders of the Sorcery and Demon tribes, they had at least reigned over one untainted cultivation tribulation of the land. Even Kunpeng and Zhen Yuanzi left behind legacies of their own.

Ancestor Minghe, on the other hand, was the Lord of Blood Sea. In the first place, he was far higher on the cultivation path than most creatures. But what he did turned him into a joke in Untainted Land. According to his knowledge of Untainted Land myths, Ancestor Minghe wanted to be a sage so he robbed Hong Yun trying to get his Hong Meng Immortal Qi that could pave the way to become a heavenly sage. This infuriated Emperor Jun, Taiyi, Kunpeng, and even Zhen Yuanzi. He got nothing and even lost what he already had.

Soon, Goddess Nvywa became a sage for creating humans. Ancestor Minghe followed suit by creating the Shura Tribe. He was awarded merit for his deeds, but it was very limited. When the Three Pristine Ones and the Two Saints of the West formed a tribe, he followed that too. But the merit he received was still not enough for him to become a heavenly sage. Thereafter, the Two Saints of the West snatched a few members of his Shura Tribe and created Demi-gods and Semi-devils. He even had to live with an evil neighbor like Kṣitigarbha. If Blood Sea had not remained full, or if he did not have a magical undying nature, or his status as one of the rulers of the Six Paths of Reincarnation, he would not have be able to live in peace.

But that was not the future the current Minghe wanted. Even though it would allow him to live forever, it was no different than him being dead. Minghe had his own ambitions. He had lived a mundane life for the past twenty odd years, but it was different now. There were hundreds of thousands of mythological characters and stories that he knew by heart from his past life, and thus he was not willing to sit idly... Er, wait a moment. It seemed like he did not even have a physical form yet.

After his thoughts had wandered too far, Minghe only came to remember that he did not have a body. After being transported here, he received the approval of Blood Sea and received the Eternal Spiritual Treasure that belonged to Ancestor Minghe.

It must be admitted that Ancestor Minghe had considerable wealth. When it came to Eternal Spiritual Treasures, he alone had four of them. The first was Red Lotus of  Fire,  the Primordial Spiritual Treasure of the highest grade. It was the lotus he sat on earlier. Next, the flag floating above his head was one of the Primordial Flags of the Five Regions, Xuanyuan Water Control Flag. Like Red Lotus of Fire, it was also a Primordial Spiritual Treasure of the highest grade.

After Red Lotus of Fire and Green Lotus of Chaos withered, their four lotus seeds became Green Lotus of Creation, Red Lotus of Fire, Golden Lotus of Merit, and Black Lotus of Destructions respectively. These were all Primordial Spiritual Treasures of the highest grade, dubbed the Twelve Grade Lotus. The Fire of Karma that came from Red Lotus of Fire could exterminate everything in its path and it was also at top class defensive item. One became indestructible simply by sitting on the lotus altar. Red Lotus of Fire would produce a seed every now and then. Stimulated by Three Light Holy Water, the seed could grow into a Nine Grade Lotus Altar, but the water was a rare find.

Xuanyuan Water Control Flag was another Primordial Spiritual Treasure of the highest grade. It was a creation of Green Lotus of Chaos. It was not only indestructible and omnipotent; It could also obscure the heaven and earth and keep evil at bay. More importantly, it was able to control water. Over a period of time, it can produce a drop of the extremely rare Three Light Holy Water. It can also form the Primordial Five Elements Formation when combined with Wuji Apricot Flag, Emerald Lotus Flag, Floating Flame Flag, and Natural Cloud Realm Flag.

With two onyx swords guarding both sides of the lotus altar, it was filled with murderous intent despite its mundane appearance. They were Top Grade Primordial Spiritual Treasures, named the Yuantu Sword and Abi Sword. The two swords were filled with a destructive force that surpassed any Primordial Spiritual Treasure of their grade. With their prowess combined, they were on par with even a Primordial Spiritual Treasure of the highest grade. Besides this, Minghe actually had a half-formed Merit of Creation. One must know that the Three Pristine Ones only had one percent of merit by the Great Way. Any merit they received thereafter would simply be merit by the Way of Heaven and was incomparable to the merit of the Great Way. As long as Minghe do not lose his Merit of Creation, it was akin to him having a protection amulet in Untainted Land that even Ancestor Hong Jun had to be cautious of.

Thinking about it, his Merit of Creation was not received in vain. After the separation of heaven and earth, Pangu's blood, the blood of the Mazinger, and the Primordial Killing Intent were all gathered in Blood Sea. It was safe to say Blood Sea was simply a garbage dump. The Great Way was just. The half- formed Merit of Creation was considered compensation to Minghe.

But when it came to the birth of his physical form, Minghe had to reconsider. The body of Ancestor Minghe was made from the essence of the Blood Sea. It allowed him to cultivate at a faster pace, but that restricted his future cultivation. That was because that essence was fused with the blood of Pangu and Mazingers, as well as the Primordial Killing Intent. It was impure, thus making the Sage-to-be realm the furthest he could go. The different cultivation realm stages in  Untainted  Land could be categorized into Convert Essence into Qi, Convert Qi into Spirit, Convert Spirit into Emptiness, and Convert Emptiness into Tao. Followed by Realm of Celestial Beings, Earthly Immortals, Heavenly Immortal, Veridical Immortal, Black Immortal, Primordial Unity Black Immortal, Golden Immortal, Primordial Unity Golden Immortal, Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal, Sage-to-be, the Sage (Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal of the Origin), Sage of the Heavenly Way (Fate Golden Immortal of the Origin, and the Sage of the Great Way (Wu Ji Golden Immortal of the Origin). Every single realm could be segregated into four smaller stages as Early Stage, Secondary Stage, Late Stage, and the Peak.

Even if there would only be seven sages, including Ancestor Hong Jun, in Untainted Land in the future, but would Minghe be satisfied? Of course not! Since he had the chance to be reborn again, he should live boldly. If he was to reside in a corner while being fearful of everything, then he would be better off dead.

It was necessary to lay a good foundation to reach a higher goal. The blood needed to create his physical form was too impure. To purify it, what Minghe had to do was to ensure to assimilate all elements of the blood into one. This might cost him the distinctiveness of Pangu and Mazingers, but Ming He knew that the best thing was what he made out of it. After all, every loss was a gain.

There were not many methods to purify the blood essence. The first method was using Cauldron of Heaven and Earth, a Primordial Supreme Treasure. The cauldron had the ability to Return to Genesis and convert any post-celestially to primordiality. While this fulfilled Minghe's needs, but who the hell knew where this cauldron was. So it was a pass for him.

Chapter 2: Minghe's Transformation

The only method left was Red Lotus of Fire that was at Ming He's feet. He burned the blood essence with Primordial Fire to remove the Primordial Killing Intent as well as the remnants of Pan Gu and Mazingers. The resulting unique pool of blood might not be as strong, but at least he will have no qualms using it. This made it a worthwhile exchange.

But Ming He was now simply a soul, no different than a mortal's soul. To prompt Red Lotus of Fire to refine the blood essence, he needed to have a strong Purusa or supernatural power.

Ming He did not have any cultivation currently. His top priority was to transform his soul into primordial Purusa. In the spiritual inheritance he received was a method for cultivation. The highest realm that he could cultivate to was Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal realm. As for the cultivation methods after this realm, he would have to develop himself or wait for Hong Jun to become a sage and listen to his teachings.

However, Ming He firmly believed that it was better to rely on himself than on others. Years passed like lightning while he was in cultivation. Untainted Land was still peaceful and Blood Sea was as isolated as it was before, allowing him the time to cultivate and research the methods and needs for his future cultivation. Ming He felt that the spiritual inheritance information was too haphazard. As a technology otaku, he preferred information to be organized.

The cultivation method he received from the spiritual inheritance was named Blood Sea Mystical Skill. This was a manual on refining one's Purusa and supernatural power. Other than that, the spiritual inheritance included a magic skill called Clone of Blood God as well as a formation befitting Blood Sea, named Blood River Formation.

Clone of Blood God was a special skill unique to mythical Ancestor Ming He. As long Blood Sea do not wither, Ming He would be immortal. He started drooling looking at that magic skill: 480,000,000. Ming He could create up to 480,000,000 Clones of Blood God. Just the thought alone was enough to make him tremble with excitement.

In his previous life, he watched an animation called Naruto . The character that he was most envious of Minato who had the ability to clone himself as and when he wanted to. Although that skill was nothing compared to Ming He's Clone of Blood God, his own did have its restrictions. The clones were considered Ming He's avatars, but their cultivation was lower than Ming He by two big realms.

The Blood River Formation was more special. If just anyone attempted to use the formation, its power was average and it was at most a first-class formation. When compared to the Top Grade Formation in the land such as Twelve Divine Beings Killing Formation, Cosmic Stars Formation, and God-Killing Sword Formation, there was a huge gap.

But if the formation was created by the 480,000,000 Clones of Blood God and within Blood Sea, its power was that of a top grade formation. There was also a unique use for the formation. Rather than calling it an ability, it was more accurate to say it was the mission of the formation.

Years later, Untainted Land would witness an endless massacre including the Hundred Clans of Untainted Land and Sorcerer and Demon Clan. There would be so many dead bodies that their blood was sure to contaminate Untainted Land, creating a land filled with a deadly aura. Blood River Formation could expel the evil aura in the blood from the Void to Blood Sea, which could be seen as a work of merit. With this, no one would try and cause Ming He trouble. But nothing was set in stone. Ming He still had to be cautious. All creatures beneath the sage was considered a nonentity; without sufficient strength, it was best to be careful. However, with this layer of protection, anyone that wanted to kill him had to be wary. Coupled with his half-formed Merit of Creation, even a sage may not be able to handle the consequences of killing him.

All these were stories for the future. Ming He embarked on the first ever cultivation journey in his life after researching Blood Sea Mystical Skill. The newly born Untainted Land was filled with spiritual air. The countless spiritual air was assimilated into his soul the moment Ming He practiced the techniques. The air kept nourishing and strengthening his soul.

Day after day, year after year, the passing of time had ceased to have meaning. Millions of years had passed in a flash. Sitting cross-legged atop the Red Lotus of Fire, Ming He observed Blood Sea. The once small, weak soul had become a Purusa, so strong that it was almost condensed into a physical form.

"Hu..." Ming He exhaled a huge sigh of relief after ending the first cultivation of his lifetime. He never thought that he would be cultivating millions of years in one sitting. It was simply too unbelievable. Cultivating made him felt like he was high on
 opium; while he was gaining enlightenment, he also realised his insignificance in the grand scheme of things. It made him want to cultivate more, to be even stronger. It was so much that it almost became an out-of-control addiction.

Ming He only cultivated his purusa. His cultivation went unimpeded, and his Purusa realm had reached the peak of Golden Immortal. With just a little more enlightenment, he would be elevated into the realm of Primordial Unity Golden Immortal. His force of Purusa was now to control Red Lotus of Fire to refine the Blood Placenta for his physical manifestation.

Nonetheless, Ming He was no longer anxious. The refinement of Blood Placenta was a long process. Even though no one would come to Blood Sea, it was better to be safe than sorry. Ming He decided to create some Clones of Blood Gods to lay down the Blood River Formation just in case.

Clones of Blood God needed the blood from Blood Sea and the Spiritual Thoughts from Ming He's purusa to be formed. This was no small feat as this would damage his Purusa. There was fortunately Xuanyuan Water Control Flag. The flag produced Three Light Holy Water, which had an incredible effect on nourishing the purusa. Otherwise Ming He would not have dared to do so. Another thousand years passed once again. The refinement of 480,000,000 Clones of Blood God was a daunting task and Ming He was naturally not silly enough to do so all at once. This time he only refined 36,000,000 Clones of Blood God. Each clone had the realm and supernatural power of a Black Immortal. If they were to lay down the Blood River Formation, they could resist even the attack of a Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal.

Ming He felt much safer having Blood River Formation as protection. Next came the refinement of Blood Placenta by using Purusa to control Red Lotus of Fire. Countless flames of Red Lotus Fire instantly emerged from Red Lotus of Fire, burning Evil Spirit from the placenta.

"Hiss….! Tzz..." Countless weird and harsh sounds came from the placenta, giving Ming He goosebumps. These were the obsession remnants of the fallen Mazingers. The placenta was formed by the essence of Pan Gu and the blood of Mazingers. While it was normal to have remnant thoughts and he would be able to use this for his physical transformation, this would limit his future cultivation.

While Ming He's Purusa was refining the placenta, his 36,000,000 Clones of Blood God did not remain idle either. Though they were not able to cultivate and breakthrough their current realm, this did not affect their ability to research the techniques and magic skills. This was influenced by the replication technique in Naruto .

The replication technique in Naruto was considered a BUG skill, such as the ability to gain everything that an avatar learned when they returned to their main entity. It was a good skill to have to enhance his research. Clone of Blood God was not as troublesome because their spiritual thoughts were linked. Any prediction of magic skills through spiritual thoughts was simply amazing.

Even though Blood Sea Mystical Skill was a cultivation technique passed down through the spiritual inheritance and was suitable for him to cultivate, it was definitely not perfect. The descendants of the Chaos, Pan Gu, and the 3,000 Mazingers all cultivated internally and externally. The powerful physical bodies of Mazingers, coupled with their immense supernatural power, made them all superb fighters in Untainted Land.

Ming He wanted to cultivate internally and externally. Though he did not have any techniques to refine his physical form, it did not prevent him from predicting and experimenting. The best experimental subject was his Clones of Blood God. Even if the prediction went wrong and Clones of Blood God were forced to cultivate that predicted technique, Ming He simply had to destroy the clones and create new ones. In Untainted Land, there was only one person that could predict a technique using this method; that was Ming He.

36,000,000 Clones of Blood God predicting the techniques and magic skills was much faster than Ming He doing it personally umpteen times. There was a huge flaw to this, however: the cultivation realm.

The Clones of Blood God were lower than Ming He by two realms, so their prediction capabilities had serious limitations. It was akin to a junior high student learning high school knowledge. They were able to understand half of it, but if one made them learn from university knowledge, they would not be able to do so.

The prediction his Clone of Blood God made could only reach the same cultivation realm as Ming He. He could only rely on himself for everything else. Yet, this was enough of an amazing feat. At least, his foundation would not be flawed.

Over tens of thousands of years later, the burning flame in the center of Blood Sea was extinguished. The once blood red placenta tinged with black was now purified into what seemed like a bloody, red ruby without impurities, filled with limitless temptation.

Ming He was satisfied with the current placenta even if it was nowhere near the size of the original placenta. But not only was it completely pure, it was also free from the remnant thoughts from Pan Gu and the mazingers. The blood had been united as a single entity, without indications of previous separations.

The next step was to use the refined placenta to manifest his physical form. Ming He's Purusa entered the placenta in a flash, followed by immense spiritual air, eventually creating a whirlpool of spiritual air. The placenta expanded more and more as time passed and its vital force also became stronger.

Convert Essence into Qi, Convert Qi into Spirit, Convert Spirit into Emptiness, Convert Emptiness into Tao, Earthly Immortals, Heavenly Immortal, Veridical Immortal, and the Black Immortal. After gradual elevations, the placenta began taking the form of a young lad resembling Ming He in his past life.

Rumble! A powerful surge of force came from Ming He's body, resulting in turbulent tidal waves forming in Blood Sea. At the same time, dark clouds gathered and thunder roared above. That was the Thunder Tribulation for Ming He's transformation.

Rumble! A stroke of lightning descended from the cloud of tribulation, hitting the placenta where Ming He was transforming in. Ming He did not use any spiritual treasure to defend himself. Instead he used his own flesh to go against the Thunder Tribulation of Transformation. The odd thing was the vital force of the placenta only grew stronger after Ming He suffered a blow from the Thunder Tribulation.

Thereafter, every time the cloud of tribulation struck down a stroke of lightning, the vital force of the placenta grew stronger. When all 81 strokes had been descended from the Thunder Tribulation, the placenta was completely transformed and Ming He's physical form took its place. It was no different from the way he looked in his past life, except for a purple lightning bolt imprint between his eyebrows and being dressed in a black robe. Even though he still seemed as ordinary as ever, his new look gave him an indescribable elegance.

Ming He looked at his hands and feet, overwhelmed with emotion. Though he had spent hundreds of thousands of years without a physical form, he still missed having a body. Now that he had one, he finally felt a sense of reality.

Chapter 3: Prediction of the Transforming Exercises

Clenching his fist, faint amazement appeared in Minghe's expression. It was inevitable. He was just an ordinary mortal in his preexistence, how could he accept having such a strong power out of the blue? Earlier, he had thought that his repaired Original Spirit was impressive enough, but now that he had his real body, he felt even stronger.

Before he shapeshifted, Minghe had planned on resisting Tribulation Thunder with his flesh, and that would help to shape his real body. When he reached the limit, he would use some of the magic weapons to protect himself. However, to his surprise, a flash of purple thunder emerged from his Original Spirit and absorbed a great deal of the energy from Tribulation Thunder.

Minghe was the Primordial Mazinger, and his Shapeshifting Tribulation was Primordial Eighty One Tribulation Thunder whose power was strong enough to kill Primordial Unity Golden Immortal. Even so, the purple thunder from his Original Spirit could still consume most of the power from Tribulation Thunder. That was really amazing. After Minghe's body manifested, a thunder mark was imprinted between his eyebrows. He also received a message of this thunder at the same time, which was called Zixiao Thunder. It was worth mentioning that Divine Thunder of Chaos ranked top among Holy Thunders of Untainted Land, followed by Purpleheaven Thunder.

Minghe's Purpleheaven Thunder was the first of its kind, born at the time when Pangu separated the heaven and the earth and disappearing at the appearance of the Way of Heaven. It somehow struck Minghe in his previous life and brought his soul back to the beginning of Untainted Land.

However, Purpleheaven Thunder was not that easy to use. Minghe's body was complete and he had even reached the early stage of Primordial Unity Golden Immortal. His supernatural power was robust, many times stronger than the ordinary early stage of Primordial Unity Golden Immortal. Even so, using Purpleheaven Thunder even once would deplete nearly all of his supernatural power. Considering the lethal power of Purpleheaven Thunder, Minghe thought he could use it as his last resort.

Minghe's initial plan after regaining his physical form was to travel throughout the Untainted Land and hunt for priceless treasures. However, with Purpleheaven Thunder, he realized his exercise methods still needed improvement. Besides, he only had 36 million Clones of Blood Gods at the moment. Before leaving, he needed to create at least 480 million of them to ensure that his stronghold would be firm enough.

The creation of 480 million Clones of Blood Gods was truly a grand project, taking Minghe almost 130 thousand years to complete. However, what made him feel a little pity was that in order to make up the consumption of his Original Spirit for nourishing Clone of Blood Gods, he had nearly used up all Three Light Holy Water, which had emerged from Xuanyuan Water Control Flag.

However, with the 480 million Clones of Blood Gods at the early stage of Primordial Unity Black Immortal guarding Blood Sea, and with Blood River Formation, Blood Sea would be peaceful. No one would probably dare encroach his Blood Sea as it was deadly to other creatures except Minghe. It wouldn't be a joke to get the blood on one's body.

Besides, with 480 million Clones of Blood Gods, Minghe's prediction skill could be greatly improved. It was as if Minghe was the CPU of a central computer, and each Clone of Blood God was a smaller one. A powerful CPU supported by 480 million smaller CPUs would greatly enhance his prediction skill.

The transforming exercises predicted by 36 million Clones of Blood Gods had its flaws. Ideally, he wanted the transforming exercises to work both internally and externally. But the transforming exercises by Clones of Blood God were still lacking. And now that Minghe had Purpleheaven Thunder, he could finetune his body with the Thunder, making it a far superior method.

Besides, Minghe still needed to deduce some other magic skills, such as swordsmanship, the technique of flying, tactical formations, the law of refining elixir, and the art of refining tools. With the help of his Clones of Blood God, Minghe could make his predictions and practical experiments at the same time. After all, as the old saying went, genuine knowledge came from practice.

However, there were no other things around except blood and the evil spirits, so Minghe tried to focus on places beyond the Blood Sea. Blood Sea was located in the southwest of Untainted Land. Due to the existence of Blood Sea, the surrounding regions were almost turned into uninhabited lands. This made things convenient for Minghe. He triggered thousands of his Clones of Blood God and made them carry as many types of soil, spiritual roots, minerals, and spiritual products to Blood Sea as possible. He then used his supernatural power to compress all these things into an island, suspended over the middle of Blood Sea.

However, the Evil Blood Aura from Blood Sea was too filthy, and this suspending island couldn't stand the erosion of it. A tactical formation was the only way to isolate the Evil Blood Aura. Minghe currently knew just one kind of tactical formation that could gather the Evil Blood Aura, named Blood River Formation. But the formation was not  suitable  for  the protection of the island.

But the same result could be achieved in different ways. Minghe had a thorough understanding of Blood River Formation. Coupled with the strong deductive ability of his Clones of Blood God, Minghe planned to deduce several useful formations as a precaution against unexpected circumstances.

For thousands of years, Blood Sea was rocked with all kinds of explosions and noises. All those time, Minghe had  never stopped his deduction. The suspending island over Blood Sea had also seen great changes, finally looking like a home worthy for immortals. Thus, Minghe named it Sacred Island.

With picturesque sceneries, this island was full of birds' twitter and fragrance of flowers, with fowls and beasts romping about. 64 flags were erected around the island, forming a formation to protect it. This formation was called Eight Trigrams Spirit Gathering Formation. With extremely powerful defense strength, this formation included Confusion Formation, Trapping Formation, and Killing Formation. The formation could also gather spirits, which was also one of its special traits.

Unlike Untainted Land, Blood Sea was too remote to gather the Spiritual Air. The modified exercise methods still needed the Spiritual Air. After deducing Eight Trigrams  Spirit Gathering Formation, Minghe also refined a Blood Spilling Trigram Furnace as the eye of his formation. This Trigram Furnace was Postcelestial Spiritual Treasure of the  highest grade. It formed the finest Postcelestial Merit Spiritual Treasure after getting the postcelestial Merit from Untainted Land's Evil Blood Aura attracted by Blood River Formation.

Blood Spilling Trigram Furnace was capable of refining Evil Blood Aura into Spiritual Air. As a result, Spiritual Air was found in abundance in Sacred Island, making it a rare blessed land in the savage region. A quaint, antique cottage sat in the middle of the island, its door bearing a plaque with the charming words, Knowledge Villa.

In the main yard, Minghe sat on a stone bench. He admired the jade slip in his hand, with a satisfied expression. This jade slip had cost him thousands of years of painstaking efforts, recording all his transforming exercises, magic skills, the technique of flying and submergence, the void swordsmanship, tactical formations, law of refining elixir, and law of refining tools, which were all deduced by him.

His exercise methods were formerly named Blood Sea Mystical Skill, but Minghe thought it was too old-fashioned, so he changed it into Arcane Blood Thunder Incantation. The content was divided into two parts: Manual of Original Spirit and Refining Body Manual. The former was based on Blood Sea Mystical Skill, further optimized by his prediction.

As for the Refining Body Manual, the evolution of his flesh would continue until he achieved the physical body of Rakshasa. This was a blasphemous and dangerous path. But  wasn't attaining his body a blasphemous act in itself? Then there was no longer any reason to hesitate. As for the magic skills Minghe created, he invented three more apart from Clones of Blood God in his primordial inheritance. The first could be called Deceiving Eyes, which he could direct attacks targeted at him towards his Clones of Blood God. When he received lethal attacks, he could even make them ward off those attacks. Naturally, this was all based on his experiments with his Clones of Blood. He had yet to experience any actual combat yet.

The second skill was Blood God Transformation, a divine beast transforming skill. Minghe thought it was not that useful for him, but he could still pass it on his disciples. Ordinary transformation skills were just specious, but Blood God Transformation was different.

The so-called Blood God Transformation was a transforming skill containing 108 kinds of Ploughs and Evils, which could transform the bearer into 108 kinds of divine beasts. But to truly command the power of the divine beasts, the bearer had to mix the blood essences of all the beasts. It so happened that those beasts were common throughout Blood Sea. This kind of transforming skill posed little use to Minghe, but it was good enough to pass onto to his disciples and followers.

For that, Minghe made a slight change in the Blood River Formation. He extradited the different races to the different regions in Blood Sea, so he could just remove the evil spirit from the blood if he needed any particular kind.

The third skill was Blood Burning Tactic. He could enhance his power by burning his blood, but it was a deathly tactic that would consume his life. It could not be utilized until truly necessary. Again, Minghe felt that it was useless for himself but he could teach it to his apprentices.

Other than those skills, Minghe had predicted out two kinds of techniques of flying and submergence. One was a flying technique, called Cloud Escaping Blood. He could travel 200 thousand miles in a second, and few in Untainted Land could catch up to him. The other one was a combat technique, dubbed Blood Shadow Movement. Using it in the combat, he could enhance his speed, forming a shadow of blood. When he refined to its highest level, he could turn into nine bloody shadows.

As for swordsmanship, Minghe had a deep comprehension of Yuantu Sword and Abi Sword, and thus created a new swordsmanship he called Boundless Sword Incantation. From its name, it was evident that the swordsmanship was made of myriads of changes. Although this swordsmanship only contained Rain of Blood and Evil Blood Destroyer, each one was full of danger.

As for tactical formations, Minghe was in fact gifted in it. Besides Eight Trigrams Spirit Gathering Formation, he had also invented two kinds of formations. One was Two Blood Rite Killing Formation. If Minghe made the formation with Yuantu Sword and Abi Sword, few in Primordial Unity  Golden Immortal realm could defeat him. That formation was doubtlessly among the best in Untainted Land.

Another one was Red Blood Lotus Killing Formation. This formation was based on Evil Blood Aura and Red Lotus Fire, meant to kill his enemies. Without special magic skills or the highest grade of Primordial Spiritual Treasure for defense, the person trapped in this formation would have little chance of survival.

Lastly, Minghe may not be particularly talented at the law of refining elixirs and tools, but with his cheating prediction skill, he did find out some important laws about refining elixir and tools. For example, Refining Blood Technique required the mixing of different kinds of blood essence with medicinal substances and minerals to refine elixir and tools. The effect was not bad, but it needed improvement. Now that everything was ready, Minghe started to prepare for his first travel around Untainted Land. Although his cultivation was at the level of Primordial Unity Golden Immortal, his mind didn't catch up with that. In the end, he still maintained some of his habits from his previous life. Thus he decided to go down to the mortal world to experience the different kinds of lives there.

Untainted Land at the moment was still peaceful and safe, but nobody knew what would happen in the future. Many cultivators would die each Cultivation Tribulation, some of which were the Primordial Mazingers like Minghe. To put it bluntly, in this world of power, only the strong had the right to set the rules and talk about mercy.

Chapter 4: Conscience in Untainted Land

Leaving Blood Sea, Minghe wandered around Untainted Land, riding on a piece of cloud. He had never really basked in the beautiful mountains and hills since he came here. He had only seen a corner of Untainted Land when the Clones of Blood God were searching for experimental materials.

Several days had passed since he left Blood Sea. The scenery that Minghe saw had only improved as he got further away from Blood Sea. In his previous life, Minghe had often heard the saying "Guilin's scenery is the best in the world." However, that was nothing compared to Untainted Land.

Mountains stretched tall into the clouds, with peculiar peaks and weird stones, clear water and white sand, making them look like a utopian land. Yet, this was only one corner of Untainted Land. Minghe couldn't imagine how beautiful the actual home of immortals would be. Never mind Mount Buzhou, which was formed by Pangu's backbone.

As he travelled further away from Blood Sea, Minghe saw more creatures living in Untainted Land. They bore strange appearances and belonged to different tribes, but they all lived as a form of their own state being and usually fought physically. This was no surprise as the ones with the ability to learn cultivation techniques from the Way of Heaven's spiritual inheritance in Untainted Land were people like Minghe, who were Primordial Mazingers. Other Postcelestial Creatures could only rely on their own ability to cultivate by taking in Spiritual Air, as they did not have any systematic techniques.

Throughout his journey, huge exotic beasts could be seen everywhere, fighting for Spiritual Roots, Spiritual Fruits, Spiritual Medicine, and lands concentrated with Spiritual Air. The strong preyed on the weak. That was the way of life and the most primitive law of survival.

Mortality refined one's heart, seeing what the world had to show and experiencing life processed through aging and death as well as emotional attachment of happiness, anger, sorrows and joy. These were all things that Minghe had not experienced in his previous life. While traveling, Minghe had seen enough killing and deaths to understand the vulnerability of life. This sowed a seed of strong being and will in him.

Throughout his journey, Minghe had seen all types of fights among the Hundred Tribes of Untainted Land. Death could be seen nearly everywhere. Why was it so? Being weak was a sin on its own. Minghe was now a native on Untainted Land. Thinking about the danger he would face in Cultivation Tribulation of his life, there were only two paths in Minghe's future.

The first path was to stand aloof from the rest of the world; to simply rely on his identity as the Lord of Blood Sea and his future identity as Lord of the Way of Shura Six Path of Reincarnation, to hide in a corner. While this might make him a Carefree Immortal, living to be as old as Heaven and Earth, but was that really being carefree? Minghe had no idea.

The other road was to rely on his own intuition, to defy the Heavens while cultivating to create a Great Way of Tongtian. Especially the few sages he might have a match with, so this would be a road of no return. Once he stepped on this road, there would be no turning back.

Still carrying some of his modern mentality, Minghe was at a loss when it came to choosing between the two roads in front of him. If he had been the otaku he used to be, he would have definitely chosen the first path and become a lofty immortal.

However, he was familiar with many mythical stories. As a child, he was particularly fond of Journey to the West and Monkey King. But now, these mythical stories would likely be real events happening near him. His heart was filled with an indescribable feeling.

Minghe instantly lost the mood to sightsee and  rode  the clouds aimlessly. A sudden noise startled him and he landed the cloud atop a tree, watching the place where the noise came from.

It was a fight between two tribes. Minghe thought for a while and understood the reason. They were fighting over territory. The weaker party occupied a part of the land that the stronger party disagreed with, inevitably leading to the current fight.

These were common scenes in Untainted Land. But Minghe never really cared for it. He stood atop of the tip of the tree and watched for several days until it ended. Then, he rode the clouds back to heaven with a heavy heart.

All in the world lived and fought for their own interests. To stand aloof from the world did not mean that one could live in peace. Think about the invasion of China in the 20th century. The answer was a brutal no. Only supreme strength could guarantee a good life. The most valuable things in Untainted Land were  mainly Luck, Merit, and Spiritual Treasure. Minghe had them all. Even if he wanted to stand aloof from the world, but was  that possible? When sages did not die, thieves shall rise. Considering the birth of sages in the future, Minghe would  be  targeted sooner or later.

Since he could not escape his destiny, he decided to face it. After all, he had already died once. Moreover, he had a better starting point than others, such as Eternal Spiritual Treasures he owned, which was more than what others could wish for in their lifetime. With that thought, Minghe became more relaxed.

With a clear mind, his cultivation improved rapidly till the late stage of Primordial Unity Golden Immortal. To his surprise, his realm of Original Spirit broke through to the pinnacle of Primordial Unity Golden Immortal. This came as a great surprise. Any slight enlightenment would be enough for him to breakthrough to Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal realm.

Once the troubles that bothered him dissipated, his mood returned and he began his carefree journey again while collecting Spiritual Roots, Spiritual Medicines, and Spiritual Treasures at the same time. As long as it was something that he liked, he would do whatever it took to get it. He had even refined a Spiritual Map of the Living, which was a top grade Postcelestial Spiritual Treasures, to contain Spiritual Roots and Spiritual Medicines.

He chose Mount Buzhou as his destination for two reasons. One was to enjoy the majesty of Pangu. The other was to search for treasures. The main characters in the novels he had read in his previous life always owned treasures. Minghe did not want to miss out.

Minghe had a good harvest of Spiritual Roots and Spiritual Medicine particularly. Though many were common plants, planting them on Sacred Island seemed like a good idea. There were also other good items useful for Minghe's cultivation.

Among all the Spiritual Roots Minghe collected, one of the best ones was the first tea plant of Untainted Land. The tree was a Mid Grade Primordial Spiritual Roots. It had the special function of calming one's mind, which was effective to Sage-to- be and below in all realms.

The other was a Top Grade Primordial Spiritual Root of an Enlightenment Fruit tree. This tree blossomed one millennium after planting, bore fruits after the second millennium, and ripened after the third. Only nine Enlightenment Fruits was produced, which would give those below the level of Sage-to-be the rare inspiration after eating them. It was a pity that one could only eat three during his lifetime.

Magic Weapons in Untainted Land were classified into five classes from the highest to the lowest: Spiritual Treasure of Chaos, Primordial Supreme Treasure, Primordial Spiritual Treasure, Postcelestial Supreme Treasure, and Postcelestial Spiritual Treasure. Every grade could be classified into four smaller grades, namely the highest grade, top grade, mid grade, and low grade. However, Spiritual Roots only had two classes: primordial and postcelestial. They were also categorized into four grades: highest grade, top grade, mid grade, and low grade.

Other than the two Primordial Spiritual Roots, Minghe found three more Primordial Spiritual Treasures, among which he felt a little strange about the two. The two Primordial Spiritual Treasures were a set and among the highest grade ones, which were popular in the place he came from. However, they did not seem to belong to him.

Book of Life and Death, Primordial Spiritual Treasure of the highest grade, and the legendary Book of Mortal among the Three Books of Heaven, Earth and Mortal; it records the birth, death, and lifespan of all living creatures on the earth. Even Zenith Heaven Golden Immortals were included and only Sage- to-be can be removed from it.

The Judge Pen, a Primordial Spiritual Treasure of the highest grade, had weak attacking power with the aura of death and a sharp end. But it had a special ability to revise Book of Life and Death. That alone was enough to attract the attention of others. Even the sage was no exception.

The Six Path of Reincarnation was not born yet, so Book of Life and Death and the Judge Pen were both useless. All one could do was to make use of the death aura of these two spiritual treasures. However, the effect of the death aura was no small issue. It was not easy to remove it.

Minghe had plenty of spiritual treasures with the ability to attack and defend. Though these two spiritual treasures were useless, it seemed that using them to attain enlightenment of the Way of Reincarnation was a good idea. Moreover, they were great tools to gain merit in the future.

The third Primordial Spiritual Treasure was named Zhenyue, a top grade item, which looked like a small mountain model. However, it had the power to move mountains. It was basically like a heavy brick, which could do great harm to those hit by it.

Of course, Minghe did not waste any time aside from collecting treasures. He was predicting all types of magic skills of different techniques. While they might not be top-notch techniques, as those could only be cultivated till the Veridical Immortal realm, a number of techniques that were predicted were vast.

As of now the Hundred Tribes of Untainted Land were ignorant of the way of cultivation. Only some leaders of the clan may receive the Spiritual Inheritance of The Way of Heaven. Even so, they might not announce it to the world. At most they would pass them down to their close ones. Hence, most creatures could only rely on their will and ability to cultivate.

This was a good chance for Minghe to gain merit to give the first sermon after the creation of heaven and earth. Even if it was not in depth, it still warranted plenty of merits. For this purpose, Minghe refined 3,600 Enlightenment Tablets.

The Enlightenment Tablets recorded simple exercise methods, such as magical skills and tactical formations predicted by Minghe. Though they were not in-depth, it could be said to be great fortunes for the creatures living in Untainted Land.

Even though Minghe did this out of good will to lead creatures onto the road of cultivation, he had unwittingly increased the number of fights among the Hundred Tribes of Untainted Land. It was hard to say whether this was a good or bad outcome.

Hundred years later, 3,600 Enlightenment Tablets were refined, with thousands of cultivating techniques as well as numerous simple magic skills and tactical formations written on it. Minghe was satisfied with his work. This made him feel like he had returned to the days where he was an otaku who could work on something tirelessly.

Arriving at his destination of Mount Buzhou, Minghe stared at the sight before him and felt overwhelmed by how insignificant he was. Yet at the same time, he felt his body trembling with energy. Though millions of years had passed, Mount Buzhou still emitted the mightiness of Pangu.

That was the reason there were no creatures living near Mount Buzhou. Creatures could not even cultivate under such mightiness, with the exception of Primordial Mazingers. Thus, Mount Buzhou remained a peaceful land.

Chapter 5: Glad to Obtain the Yellow Plum Tree

Even though Pangu had died for millions of years, the pressure Mount Buzhou asserted could not be ignored. Minghe might have reached the late stage of Primordial Unity Golden Immortal, he still felt like he was buried under a huge mountain. Here, he could only exert 60% to 70% of his power.

The remnants Pangu left was horrific enough that Minghe couldn't imagine the time when Pangu was alive. Looking at the skyscraping Mount Buzhou, Minghe thought about an ancient poem that read: "Alive, I should be a hero; Dead, I would be a ghost." That should be Pangu's life.

Minghe stepped off his clouds to walk towards Mount Buzhou. He had intended to ride the clouds, but it was simply unrealistic for him to do so under Pangu's great pressure. The pressure also became greater as he traveled forward. It was wiser to just go on foot.

His one step traveled hundreds of meters. This was a little magic skill Minghe created and dubbed coast to coast. If he took a bigger step, he could even travel ten thousand meters. But he was in no hurry at the moment, so the current speed was enough for him to tour Mount Buzhou while seeking for treasures.

It was uncomfortable to be pressed under the atmosphere left by Pangu. However, this pressure was beneficial in some ways and allowed Minghe to cultivate Refining Body Manual. Along with Purpleheaven Thunder, he was able to enhance his body refinement much more effectively.

While walking and cultivating, Minghe contemplated his plan to preach on Mount Buzhou. However, Pangu's pressure was too terrifying for weak ones to come, and the strong ones would not be willing to come. It would be a huge joke if only a few show up.

Since the plan to preach had to be put off, Minghe focused on seeking for treasures instead. As the top celestial mountain in Untainted Land, spiritual medicines and roots in Mount Buzhou were much more precious than those that grew outside. Minghe packed up everything he thought valuable and prepared to bring them back to Sacred Island in Blood Sea for plantation.

Acting as a porter, Minghe did this for hundreds of years. But in that time, he never did find even a single Spiritual Treasure. He was quite puzzled and annoyed that he believed in fictional stories that inspired him to preach and obtain treasures in Mount Buzhou.

Even so, Minghe tried to be optimistic. After all, he had built a strong body in these hundreds of years, and his cultivation was close to achieving the top stage of Primordial Unity Golden Immortal. After he returned to Blood Sea, he would retreat into his sanctuary to cultivate and not leave until he became a Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal.

One day, Minghe took a leisurely stroll deep into Mount Buzhou. He thought that he would need to find a new place to preach if he could not do it in Mount Buzhou. However, he could not do his preaching too openly to obtain merits. Even if he was a Primordial Mazinger, there were many Rakshasas in Untainted Land.

When Pangu split the heaven and killed three thousand Mazingers, but not all had their souls disintegrated. Some remnant souls survived, like the future Honorable Ancestor Hongjun and Lord of Devils Luohou. Neither of them was easy targets. It would be troublesome if they noticed him. Thus Minghe will have to sneak into the village quietly. He had to come up with a thoughtful plan to stay low profile and gain merits at the same time. It was a troublesome plan and took a considerable amount of Minghe's brain cells.

Ming He was immersed in his thoughts when a cloud of mist caught his eyes. "This is... tactical formation and even a natural one at that." Considering this, Ming He burst into joy.

Since this was a natural tactical formation, there ought to be some treasures in it. Minghe started to unravel the formation containing the Law of the Five Elements. There was no attack power, however. Seeing it was a Confusion Formation, the job became a piece of cake for Minghe.

Shortly after, Minghe broke the formation and entered it. Thanks to his Origin of tactical formations, it didn't take long for Minghe to unravel this one. Otherwise, he could only break it with violence. That would attract unnecessary attention.

A towering tree stood inside the formation. Upon closer look, Minghe frowned and predicted for a while. It seemed that he did find something valuable. The fictional stories did not lie to him. The tree was called the Yellow Plum Tree, a Primordial Spiritual Root of the highest grade and the best one in Untainted Land. It would blossom once every 10,000 years, bear fruit after another 10,000 years, and mature with only nine fruits after yet another 10,000 years. Its flowers were like lotus and its fruits like stamens. Both flowers and fruits were endowed with the words "Yellow Plum".

If an immortal breathed in its fragrance, he could obtain ten thousand years' worth of cultivation. If he was lucky enough to eat one, he could reach Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal stage instantly. That was based on that his body could bear it; if not, he would simply explode. If the fruit was refined into Medicinal Pills with other Spiritual Medicines, and then converted by a special person, it would be safe for human consumption.

Despite its magic effect, people in pursuit of immortality would not take it unless they had reached Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal stage or Primordial Unity Golden Immortal stage. Otherwise, they might suffer the unstable state of mind. A worst outcome was that they would not be able to cultivate anymore. However, it was a shortcut to reach Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal stage if one couldn't make it to the Way of Celestial Immortality. Due to its unbelievable properties, the Yellow Plum Tree was injured by the Primordial Killing Intent when the heaven was separated from the earth. The tree was now dying. Despite its large size, its leaves were withering. Wounded by Primordial Killing Intent, its core was oozing a deadly odor. With how things were going, the tree would disappear from  Untainted Land after ten or twenty thousand years.

Luckily, it was Minghe who found it instead of a person who would not know to deal with the Primordial Killing Intent and its deathly odor. Even if one may not die, he would still be horribly injured.

Minghe was a special case. His Eternal Spiritual Treasures was the natural bane of the Primordial Killing Intent. His Red Lotus of Fire could burn it easily. However, that would be a pity as the Primordial Killing Intent inside the tree was the first of its kind since the heaven was separated from earth. It would be a shame to destroy it.

Waving his hand, Minghe summoned two black swords from inside his body. They were his Eternal Spiritual Treasures: Yuantu Sword and Abi Sword. These two were Tools of Massacre endowed with Primordial Killing Intent. If they could absorb the Primordial Killing Intent inside the tree, their power would be greatly improved.

As Minghe exerted the slightest of his supernatural power, Yuantu Sword and Abi Sword emitted numerous Primordial Killing Intents. The Primordial Killing Intent inside the Yellow Plum Tree sensed something of its kind and got out of the tree immediately, like a cat chasing after a fishy smell.

The Primordial Killing Intent was dubbed the ancestor of Evil Spirit, and any Evil Spirit could be its nutrient. The Primordial Killing Intent emitted by Yuantu Sword and Abi Sword was appealing, but it also understood that there were no free lunches in life.

As the Primordial Killing Intent approached Yuantu Sword and Abi Sword, Minghe instantly exerted his supernatural power to change the place of two swords and formed a tactical formation, his original Two-Sword Killing Formation. The formation trapped the Primordial Killing Intent and absorbed it slowly.

The tree recovered a fair lot after the Primordial Killing Intent inside disappeared. This sped its breathing in and out of Spiritual Air. However, the troublesome deathly odor was still stuck on it. Although the tree could get rid of the death odor itself, its root was wounded. It would never recover if things were left as is.

Fortunately, the Book of Life and Death and the Judge Pen that Minghe owned came in handy. They were not fully converted yet, but they were more than sufficient to expel the deathly odor inside the tree.

The Book of Life and Death and the Judge Pen were two highest-grade treasures in the future Nether World. What was inside the tree meant nothing to them as they were full of deathly odor themselves. Minghe slightly exerted these two magic weapons and the odor was absorbed instantly.

But the tree was infested with Primordial Killing Intent and deathly odor for so long that its root was badly damaged. It had not borne fruit even once since the beginning of heaven and earth. Now the Primordial Killing Intent and the deathly odor were all gone, but it was still nearly impossible for the tree to recover by itself.

It was a good thing that Minghe had Xuanyuan Water Control Flag. The Three Light Holy Water it produced could repair the damaged root. Nourished by the holy water, the tree would be fully recovered soon. The bad news was Minghe had used almost all of the holy water to refine his 480 million Clones of Blood God. What was left was far from enough.

Minghe gave all that was left of Three Light Holy Water to the tree. There was nothing else he could do but wait for Xuanyuan Water Control Flag to produce more holy water. He would then feed them to the tree until it was fully recovered. Even though Minghe was already close to achieving Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal stage, he nevertheless had high expectations of the tree's delicious fruits. He could also increase his cultivation at the same time.

Minghe took in the Yellow Plum Tree with a flick of his sleeves. The tree did not resist at all. It was after all spiritual, despite being without intelligence. It was willing to follow Minghe after receiving so much help from him, although it was not aware that Minghe was doing this for his purpose.

The natural tactical formation for protection on the outside disappeared after the Yellow Plum Tree was taken. Although Minghe failed to preach or seek any treasures, he was delighted to get the tree whose fruits could make Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal. That meant he could produce the trees in batches in the future.

But that was just a fleeting thought. Zenith Heaven Golden Immortals produced by the tree was of little use. They could only rank bottom in the same level because they would fall behind in the use of realm, horizon, and supernatural power. However, it would act as a high-level gift since one fruit was equal to a Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal. Who else could be this generous?

Chapter 6: Pangu's Cultivation Will

After obtaining the Yellow Plum Tree, Minghe continued walking towards the deeper parts of Mount Buzhou. The pressure in the mountain intensified gradually. Minghe cultivated his body through the pressure. Each step he took contributed a little more towards the strengthening of his body.

The mountain became steeper as Minghe climbed upwards. He finally made it to the hillside. Besides the strong pressure, strong gale of Astral Wind swept from all directions. If a normal Primordial Unity Golden Immortal resisted the wind with his body the way Minghe did, he would already be suffering grave injuries.

On the contrary, the ferocious Astral Wind could be a tool for Minghe for cultivation. When he was first attacked by the wind, there were some scars and even cuts on his body. But after Minghe got used to the wind, there were not any cuts, let alone scars, on him.

Minghe didn't plan to continue walking towards the peak although he had gotten used to the wind. The Astral Wind above could be more dreadful, and he may also encounter the stronger Sanmei Spiritual Wind. More importantly, he had yet to finish touring the hillside where he could find other treasures. Minghe refused to believe that there was only one treasure, the Yellow Plum Tree, in the entire Mount Buzhou.

After a long journey, Minghe still came up empty. It puzzled him. Even if there were no other Spiritual Treasures, how could there not be any Primordial Spiritual Roots, like Cucurbit Vine and Musa growing in Mount Buzhou according to legend!

Minghe had already toured around most of Mount Buzhou, but there was still no sign of the two uncommon Spiritual Roots. The cucurbits growing on Cucurbit Vine were all powerful treasures. Take the Purple Golden Cucurbit that Highest Elder Lord owned, or the Demon Hunter Flying Knife of Luya, the Demon Summoning Banner of Goddess Nvywa, and 99 Soul-Splitting Cucurbit of Hongyun. Unfortunately, the rest of the cucurbits were missing.

Musa also had an amazing backstory. According to legend, three fans were grown on the Musa. One was the Fan of Fire and Wind that Highest Elder Lord owned. The other two were Musa Fans belonging to Princess Iron Fan in Journey to the West. One blew wind, another blew rain. These two fans caused a lot of troubles for Sun Wu Kong (Monkey King). Perhaps the right time for them to be born had not arrived. As Minghe was fretting over this, two waves of throbs were felt in his Original Spirit. Upon inspection, he found these two waves of throbs came from the Red Lotus of Fire and the half-formed Merit of Origin respectively.

Looking around, Minghe tried to find out the cause. Was it a warning or attraction from other things? No abnormalities were found nearby so it could not be a warning. Then it must be something that attracted the Red Lotus of Fire and the half- formed Merit of Origin.

Minghe gave up looking for it and followed the direction led by the Red Lotus of Fire and Merit of Origin. Minghe found himself in a valley inside of Mount Buzhou after circling around.

However, the valley was quite ordinary. It puzzled Minghe. He thought that the Red Lotus of Fire was his fully-converted inherent treasure and the Merit of Origin was gained from separating the heaven and earth. He had never felt such throbs like this, but they guided him here. He wanted to know why.

Was there something off about this valley? Ming He scanned the valley with his Spiritual Sight. "What?!" He was amazed. As soon as he tried to use his Spiritual Mind, it would be absorbed by the valley and he could detect nothing.

It seemed that this place was guarded by an extraordinary formation. Minghe felt the throbs of the Merit of Origin getting stronger and it seemed to lead him further into the valley. However, it would be quite troublesome if he was trapped in the formation.

Oddly enough, Minghe felt no danger despite existence of the strange formation. For a person with such cultivation realm like Minghe, he would instinctively detect danger. That was considered a kind of warning from the Way of Heaven.

Since there was no sense of danger, Minghe could only trust the Red Lotus of Fire and Merit of Origin. Even if he was trapped in the formation, his cultivation and various Magic Weapons was enough to ensure his survival. Minghe stepped into the formation and disappeared instantly. The valley was as silent as if no one had ever come.

Inside the formation, Minghe saw a beam of white light and he found himself in another realm built like a utopia. He was not trapped. Instead, he went past it and entered the inner part of the formation, which confused him greatly. Weird things happened everyday and now it was his turn to experience it.

Minghe's attention was attracted to the things in front of him: a green lotus, a pool of milky liquid, and a broken jade scroll. Each of them was no simple treasure. Their mere presence could trigger a large-scale war in Untainted Land. He never expected that the Red Lotus of Fire and Merit of Origin would lead him to such a place full of treasures.

"Fate. This must be fate!" Minghe repeated the words with such excitement and he almost drooled. It was reasonable since these three things were really precious. Minghe also found out why the Red Lotus of Fire and Merit of Origin reacted so strongly.

The green lotus, named Twelve-Grade Green Lotus of Fate, was the highest-grade Primordial Spiritual Treasure which had unrivaled defense function and shared origins with the Red Lotus of Fire, Black Lotus of Destructions, and Golden Lotus of Merit. It was conceived with the combination of the Green Lotus of Chaos and its four crushed lotus seeds. The Red Lotus of Fire guided Minghe here after detecting the presence of its brethren. The pool of milky liquid was the converted marrow of Pangu after his death, called Pangu's Jade Essence. It could snatch and absorb fate from heaven and earth. Minghe believed that if he took the Pangu's Jade Essence, his body would be greatly improved, and his strength could rival that of the Ancestor of Sorcery.

And though the little-broken jade scroll was not eye-catching, it was the famous Jade Butterfly of Fate. According to legends, it had the record of the three thousand Ways of Great Way. After the separation of heaven and earth, the Jade Butterfly of Fate was broken into pieces. The larger one fell into Hongjun's hand while the smaller pieces were scattered all over Untainted Land.

Nevertheless, confronted by these treasures, Minghe began to hesitate. He was led by the Red Lotus of Fire and Merit of Origin to this place. Outside the formation, the Red Lotus of Fire did not have much reaction while the Merit of Origin fluctuated abnormally. That showed that the Merit of Origin was the key to enter this place.

Moreover, these three treasures were all related to Pangu. Upon these thoughts, Minghe knew that this place was arranged by Pangu before he died, and these treasures were left for the people with the Merit of Origin from the same lineage of Pangu. Apart from Minghe who had half-formed Merit of Origin, the other who had the Merit of Origin in Untainted  Land  were Three Pure Ones and Twelve Ancestors of Sorcery who originated from the Pangu Clan. Minghe was distantly related to Pangu and possessed half-formed Merit of Origin, but he was far from being part of the Pangu Clan. Thus, these treasures were meant for Three Pure Ones or the Twelve Ancestors of Sorcery.

Minghe judged that these treasures shall be left for Three Pure Ones. It was recorded in the myth that the Twelve-Grade Green Lotus of Fate was broken into three parts. Three Pure Ones owned one respectively. The Red Flower, the White Lotus, and the Green Lotus Leaf belonged to the same religion in the past. Pangu predicted the heaven's will before he died and tried to remind Three Pure Ones. Unfortunately, they failed to understand him and all suffered a great loss during the Investiture War, giving advantages to the West.

Since the treasures were left for Three Pure Ones, Minghe dared not to take them imprudently in case he formed a bad karmic relationship with them. One must know that Three Pure Ones would be the destined sages, Three Preordained Sages. If one owed karma to them, it would not be easy to repay them.

However, Minghe could not bring himself to return empty- handed after seeing these treasures. Minghe believed that he had a predestined fate with this place since he finally came all the way here. In addition, he was somehow related to Pangu with the half-formed Merit of Origin. Thus he deserved to have a share of the treasures.

If he took all the treasures, he would owe karma to Three Pure Ones. What about taking a portion of these treasures? Having made this decision, Minghe exerted the Merit of Origin in his Original Spirit and prayed to Heaven, "Great Divinity Pangu, I'm Minghe guided by the Merit of Origin and came here by chance. If the treasures had a predestined connection with me, then I'll take them. If not, I'll leave immediately."

At the end of his speech, the three treasures began to react. First, Pangu's Jade Essence flew into Minghe's body. The Jade Butterfly of Fate then pointed a silver light between Minghe's brows. Lastly, three lotus seeds flew from the Green Lotus of Fate, stopping in front of him.

Minghe was pleased with the result. Although he didn't get all the treasures, these were a lot for him. Pangu's Jade Essence could help Minghe's Original Spirit cultivate and reach the Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal realm. The silver light from the Jade Butterfly of Fate had records of medicine, weapon, and formation which were skillsets of Three Pure Ones, but Minghe learned them all.

The three lotus seeds were part of the Green Lotus of Fate, which would allow Minghe to produce three Nine-Grade Green Lotus of Fate. Minghe's Red Lotus of Fire had produced several red lotus seeds, but only the first three seeds could be cultivated into Nine-Grade Red Lotus of Fire, followed by some of the seeds into Six-Grade or Three-Grade Red Lotus of Fire, and the last remaining seeds could only be used to refine pills and elixirs.

Minghe cultivated a total of three top grade Nine-Grade Red Lotus of Fire, five mid-grade Six-Grade Red Lotus of Fire, and seven low grade Three-Grade ones.

The Twelve-Grade Green Lotus of Fate was the best among the four kinds. Combined with the other three, it could be restored as the Green Lotus of Chaos. Even if it was not comparable to the original, it was still a Spiritual Treasure of Chaos. the Way of Heaven would never let such things happen, so it was destined that the Green Lotus of Fate would be broken into three parts for Three Pure Ones respectively.

Chapter 7: Attaining Zenith Heaven, and Preaching in Untainted Land

Minghe knew that the Green Lotus of Chaos could not be restored, so he changed his way of thinking. If the Red Lotus of Fire engulfed the origins of the other three lotuses, it could advance to the next grade. It might not break through to the Spiritual Treasure of Chaos, but it might be possible to break through to the primordial supreme treasure.

With this thought, Minghe could not wait to cultivate his three green lotus seeds into three Level Nine Green Lotuses of Fate. As for the Black Lotus of Destructions and the Golden Lotus of Merit, it was no easy task to get them or their seeds.

The owner of the Black Lotus of Destructions was Luohou, the Lord of Devils, but it was impossible to steal the lotus from him. And the Golden Lotus of Merit was in Hongjun's hands. This was later passed to Jieyin, when Hongjun was preaching in the Zixiao Palace, so there was a higher chance of getting the Golden Lotus of Merit from Jieyin.

Minghe was reminded of the Mosquito Taoist. He was the first mosquito born of Blood Sea, locked up by the Golden Lotus of Merit held by Jieyin. The Mosquito Taoist would eat his Level Three Golden Lotus of Merit. However, this event would only happen in the future, and Minghe could not wait that long.

This would all happen in the future so there was no hurry. At this moment, the most important thing for Minghe was to refine Pangu's Jade Essence. When it entered his body, he felt his composition changing, and with a formation in Blood Sea, it was the best place for him to cultivate.

For self-protection, he summoned his Red Lotus of Fire, sat on its altar and began to cultivate with all his strength. The Purpleheaven Thunder Mark between his eyebrows began to release heavy thunder and lightning, helping Minghe to complete his transformation.

When Minghe exerted his power, the Pangu's Jade Essence began to melt at an increasingly rapid rate. It became a strong force spreading throughout his veins. His body was becoming stronger while slowly absorbing the force. This was the effect of Pangu's Jade Essence.

Several days later, Minghe's body and his Original Spirit both reached the peak stage of Primordial Unity Golden Immortality. The three flowers of heaven, earth, and human on the Cloud of Blessings over his head were getting ready to bloom and release the blessings. Suddenly, his vigor rose sharply and these three flowers slowly blossomed. Auspicious signs appeared in the Cloud of Blessings.

Minghe opened his eyes and exhaled. His face shone with joy. Finally, after a thousand years of cultivation, he had reached Zenith Heaven Golden Immortality realm. It was completely different from his former realm. One could say that this was the realm where it all began.

It was believed that stepping into the Zenith Heaven Golden Immortality realm meant sharing life with heaven and earth. However, this was on the premise that one was not involved in the Cultivation Tribulation. If one entered the Cultivation Tribulation, he could die even attaining the Zenith Heaven Golden Immortality realm. During the Longhan Cultivation Tribulation, the Wu and Demon Clans' Cultivation Tribulation and the Investiture of the Gods, nobody knew how many Zenith Heaven Golden Immortals had died, including Sages-to-be.

The basic reason that cultivation really began upon entering the Zenith Heaven Golden Immortality realm was the Divine Law. After breaking through to the Zenith Heaven Golden Immortality realm, one could begin to understand the Divine Law and really feel the true power of the heaven and earth. Only then could enlightenment be achieved from the Way of Heaven.

The Power of Divine Law was the mighty force of heaven and earth. The reason a sage was so powerful was that they had entrusted their Original Spirits to the Way of Heaven for them to gain better insight into it. Even in combat, one could use the Power of Divine Law from the Way of Heaven to enhance one's attack. This was the reason that anyone below sage was considered a nonentity.

However, the Power of Divine Law was not that simple. The three thousand Great Ways were the three thousand Divine Laws, so some would not be able to gain enlightenment for as long as they lived. Fate, chance and the ability to comprehend were all very important. Even if someone managed to gain enlightenment on the Divine Law, to increase the depth of comprehension was no small feat.

When Minghe broke through to the Zenith Heaven Golden Immortality realm, he began to understand the existence of the Divine Laws, and to his surprise, he had perceived two kinds of laws. One was the Law of Killing, which was absolutely one of the most powerful Divine Laws with attack power. The other was the Law of Spiritual Beings, which was one of the most peculiar and difficult to comprehend Divine Laws.

Yet again, it was normal for Minghe to comprehend these two Divine Laws since the Shura Tribe that he would create years later was a clan meant for killing. He would not die unless Blood Sea were to dry up. This was also a reflection of the Law of Spiritual Beings. If his flesh body was destroyed, Minghe could be reborn through his Clones of Blood God from Blood Sea like a cat with nine lives.

Upon grasping the Divine Law, Minghe finally stepped into the ranks of the strong and powerful. If one gained enlightenment on the Divine Law, one would not only be the best among his realm but one could fight against someone of a higher realm. However, the Divine Law was not that easy to cultivate. Despite gaining the Law of Killing and the Law of Spiritual Beings, he was still just a beginner. All he could do was spend time cultivating to deepen his enlightenment.

Breaking through to the Zenith Heaven Golden Immortality realm, ensured that one's body was equal to that of a Mid Grade Primordial Spiritual Treasure. When compared to the body of the Ancestor of Sorcery it was known how it would fare. Minghe was very satisfied with his journey in Mount Buzhou and after ensuring there were no more treasures to be had, he decided to return to Blood Sea for a Closed Door Meditation.

But first, he had one more thing to do, the sermon. Of course, Minghe would not be the one preaching, and instead, he was to place the 3,600 refining Enlightenment Tablets at the foot of Mount Buzhou. Each Enlightenment Tablet had a simple formation that formed a mysterious sign, and any creature that was attracted to it would arrive at the foot of Mount Buzhou and receive enlightenment.

Although it could not be compared to the merit received from direct preaching, this was much safer. This was not the time for Minghe to be famous in Untainted Land, so it was best to be low-key. As for who would receive enlightenment from the tablets, this had nothing to do with Minghe.

A hundred years later, Minghe finally finished touring Mount Buzhou. Aside from the two previous gains, he did not find anything else that was satisfying and worth the trouble. Minghe was not a greedy person and he felt that if it was meant to be, it would be. Greediness was not a good quality.

All 3,600 pieces of Enlightenment Tablets had been placed at the foot of Mount Buzhou, and Minghe made a simple Seven Color Rays Formation before leaving. This formation was not meant to do anything other than to release a few flashes of colorful rays as if to indicate there was treasure buried here.

Having completed everything, he left Mount Buzhou. He did not stop until he reached Blood Sea. He had just broken through to Zenith Heaven Golden Immortality realm, and thus he needed some time to strengthen his cultivation. Besides, the strength from achieving comprehension of the Power of Divine Law made him yearn for it, so he needed time to do that. After all, the Power of Divine Law was the foundation of one's cultivation.


In Mount Buzhou, the seven color rays shone, attracting all sorts of creatures living around it. They were terrified of the extreme pressure from Mount Buzhou, but it was very dense at the foot, so the creatures came forward hurriedly to see what was happening.

When these creatures arrived at the foot of the mountain, the Enlightenment Tablets were naturally discovered. Although 3,600 pieces seemed like a lot, when placed at the foot of the mountain it was actually very little. Yet what Minghe wanted was just to gain some merit, so he could not be bothered to refine more tablets.

Once news of the Enlightenment Tablets spread, more and more creatures dared to visit, including some from stronger clans in Untainted Land. Although the cultivation techniques left by Minghe were not profound, they were very precious to these ordinary creatures.

Although some of the clans had the presence of the Primordial Spiritual Inheritance left by Primordial Mazingers, many of the techniques, especially the simpler ones would only be taught to their clans and not to others. The appearance of the Enlightenment Tablets broke that barrier.

With more and more Enlightenment Tablets being explored, Minghe's cultivation techniques gradually spread among Untainted Land. When the creatures obtained the cultivation techniques, they started their own cultivation, and Untainted Land suddenly calmed down. It was like the peace before a coming storm.

The benefits were the reason for war, and the strength and capability was the base to fight for benefits. The Enlightenment Tablet was a key to unleash one to live in a better environment and to achieve greater skills, especially when one had the capability. Previously the cage was simply broken and time was needed to unlock it. The Enlightenment Tablet helped to open it in advance and release the Wild Beasts inside. What would happen next?


When all the Enlightenment Tablets were found,  Minghe knew it immediately, for he obtained merit from heaven for his sermon, spread across Untainted Land.  After all, this was the first Sermon of Untainted Land, and he got as much as 1% of the Merit of Creation. This was considered a great harvest.

In addition to the merit he received, Minghe found something surprising—the Menace Intent from Heaven. This was not a good sign as it meant that the first Cultivation Tribulation had already begun, and someone like Minghe who had comprehended on the Law of Killing, would be really sensitive to the evil spirits as it increased.

Minghe had not expected that the first Cultivation Tribulation would begin ahead of time, because of what he had done for merits gaining. Regardless whether it was good or bad, Minghe did not want to join the Cultivation Tribulation this time, and what he needed to do first was to go back to Blood Sea to cultivate for a longer period of time. He still had time as the Cultivation Tribulation had just begun, and the main characters of this term were the Three Tribes of Dragon, Phoenix, and Kylin. They had not yet divided Untainted Land.


With the release of the Merit of Heaven, the Menace Intent from Heaven, and the Killing Intent of Heaven and Earth breeding, these mysterious signs could not escape the people with strong supernatural power. Somewhere in Untainted Land, an old Taoist sat cross-legged with a broken piece of Jade Scroll in his hands. He frowned and muttered to himself, "With Unforeseen Signs from Heaven, the Cultivation Tribulation is coming. And so is my Fated Chance."


In the western region of Untainted Land, which was unlike the barren land as compared to the east as mentioned in the myths, a gale of blood-curdling laughter was heard on a dark mountain cliff full of killing intent. "Mua-Ha-ha... the Menace Intent from Heaven appears and Heaven's Will has been broken. It's time for me to take action. Pangu, I must thank you for creating this Untainted World. Otherwise, I would have never realized my Tao... Mua-ha-ha..."

Chapter 8: Rising of the Three Tribes

Upon returning to Blood Sea, Minghe began his Closed Door Meditation, not caring what was going on outside. He needed to continue predicting the tactical methods and researching the medicines, weapons, and formations that he had just received. More importantly, he needed time to cultivate the Divine Law as he had just obtained enlightenment. Besides, spiritual roots and medicines were settled in Sacred Island and the whole Blood Sea Formation was activated. Therefore, this place was completely closed.

Minghe was immersed in his cultivation in Blood Sea. So were the Hundred Tribes of Untainted Land. Their strength had been improved remarkably after receiving the Enlightenment Tablet. They used to lack cultivation on tactical methods, but there were now a number of talents among them, even though the tactical methods predicated by Minghe were quite complicated.

The 3,600 Enlightenment Tablets acted as the key to pursuing Immortality. Once the path to Immortality was opened, the talent of the Hundred Tribes of Untainted Land was released, and those with great talents could predict and convert the original tactical methods, magic skills, and tactical formations into ones suitable for their own clans. Over the next ten thousand years, their strength improved remarkably. There were plenty of Golden Immortals and Black Immortals. Primordial Unity Golden Immortals could be labeled as superiors and Zenith Heaven Golden Immortals were the top figures in Untainted Land. It was possible that there were Sages- to-be like Hongjun and Luohou.

Among the Hundred Tribes of Untainted Land, the Dragon Tribe, the Phoenix Tribe, and the Kylin Tribe developed the most rapidly. They made use of their primordial advantages and ruled a specific region. The 3,600 Enlightenment Tablets put aside by Minghe were mostly gained or stolen by these three tribes. As a consequence, there were a great number of master- hands in these three tribes.

A powerful man sat on the dragon throne in the East Sea Dragon Palace. It was Zu Long, ancestor of the Dragon Clan with a Late-stage cultivation of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortally. The people beneath were nearly of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal realm, in either the early stage or secondary stage, and could definitely be rulers outside.

Zu Long looked at the people and asked, "Everybody, since our clan is quite powerful right now, I intend to go on an expedition towards Four Seas. What's your opinion?" Ao Tian, one of Zu Long's brothers, said, "Brother, among Four Seas, the Scute Clan has the largest population, but there aren't many master- hands. Instead, there are a great number of master-hands in our clan. Hence, it's only a matter of time to rule the whole Four Seas."

Hearing this, Zu Long was quite elated. "Well, on my orders, starting from today, our clan will prepare for a war and send troops to Four Seas in three days." Ao Tian showed consent. The Dragon Clan was bellicose and peace meant nothing to them.

The same situation occurred in the Phoenix Clan and the Kylin Clan only with different targets. The Phoenix Clan wanted to rule the Fowls Clan and the Kylin Clan wanted the Beast Clan. These three clans shared the same ambitions, but with different targets.

As the expedition continued, the strength of the three clans improved gradually and their territories expanded as well. Their main purpose was to seize fortunes in Untainted Land and gain merits thereupon. As the leaders of the three clans, Zu Long, the Lord of Phoenix, and the King of Kylin would obtain greater benefits, such as accelerating their cultivation. They all entered the peak of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortality realm. ???????????????????????????????

Tens of thousands of years had passed, and Minghe completed his Closed Door Meditation. As a result, he reached the late stage of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortality regarding cultivation and the peak of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortality regarding the realm of Original Spirit. With all the supernatural power and magic weapons he had obtained, he could even fight against one reaching the early stage of Sage-to-be.

Moreover, during these years, Minghe had obtained enlightenment on the Law of Killing and the Law of Spiritual Beings, and he also reviewed all his own tactical methods and Magic Skills. This improved his understanding of the path of cultivation. In addition, he gained enlightenment from the inheritance of the Jade Butterfly of Fate as well. However, he got the deepest enlightenment in tactical formations.

Regarding the cultivation of the Divine Law, Minghe was quite distraught since the Great Way of Divine Law was intricate and covered plenty of areas. He spent most of his time on the enlightenment of the Divine Law. If the results had been unsatisfactory, he would have been furious. Minghe received 10% enlightenment of the Law of Killing and 15% of the Law of Spiritual Beings which explained his confidence in fighting against a Sage-to-be. 10% of the Law of Killing would strengthen his attack, if combined with  the Yuantu Sword and Abi Sword, their power would be more than doubled.

Thanks to the Clone of Blood God, which was originally an application of the complex Law of Spiritual Beings, Minghe managed to get enlightenment after spending a significant amount of time on it. The enlightenment of the Law of Spiritual Beings would benefit him no less than that of the Law of Killing.

Receiving 15% enlightenment of the Law of Spiritual Beings was significant for him. The most direct advantage was taken for the magic skill, Clone of Blood God whose cultivation was generally two Ranks lower than his. For example, if Minghe was at the late stage of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortality, then the Clone of Blood God was at the late stage of Golden Immortality, a shortage of Eight Small Ranks (two full ranks).

Things were different now. Thanks to the Law of Spiritual Beings, the core of the Clone of Blood God was the Spiritual Thoughts of Minghe's Original Spirit which could be strengthened now. Minghe now was at the late stage of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal, and the Clone of Blood God could reach as far as the peak of Golden Immortality. There was still a shortage of two ranks, but it was not two full ranks.

When Minghe returned to Blood Sea, he was just at the early stage of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortality. After getting enlightenment from the Law of Spiritual Beings, the Clone of Blood God made a breakthrough at the early stage of Golden Immortality and reached the peak of Golden Immortality. Although there was still a shortage of two ranks, the difference had been shortened from Eight Small Ranks to five.

What surprised Minghe most was that the function of the Law of Spiritual Beings was much more than that. The forty-nine Blood God Doppelgangers were the greatest in the Way of Heaven. 15% enlightenment in the Law of Spiritual Beings could help Minghe refine Special Avatar, whose cultivation was one full rank below himself, like the Second Original Spirit. Therefore, Minghe named it the Blood God Doppelganger to distinguish it from the Clone of Blood God.

The 49 Blood God Doppelgangers owned separate feelings and were connected to the mind of Minghe. Currently, they had all reached the peak realm of Primordial  Unity  Golden Immortality, and they would improve to reach as far as the peak realm of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortality, when Minghe entered the realm of Sage-to-be. By then, they would secure the safety of Blood Sea even if Minghe was out.

After the Closed Door Meditation, Minghe sensed Blood Sea and found that Blood Sea had expanded again with stronger Evil Spirits, which was not a good sign. Through prediction, he knew that the war among the three clans had begun, so did the first Cultivation Tribulation of Untainted Land.

Of course, Minghe knew that his Enlightenment Tablets had accelerated the first Cultivation Tribulation in Untainted Land. He was a little guilty, for many creatures had died because of him. Nevertheless, he soon forgot about this because he believed everyone should fight for himself. He was not a loser anymore and Mix Nascent Core was his ultimate goal. Even if millions of creatures died because of him, he would not care since he was the master of Blood Sea, and he would kill anyone who was the obstacle in his way.

Chapter 9: Beginning of the Tribulation

Hundred Tribes of Untainted Land had been engaged in battles for thousand years, the battle ended with the Three Tribes of Dragon, Phoenix and Kylin reigning over Untainted Land and temporarily residing there. At the same time, the three Tribes divided Untainted Land into three portions. Except for Blood Sea and the faraway land on the west side, basically, all other lands had been completely occupied by the three tribes. This point in time, the Three Tribes of Dragon, Phoenix and Kylin of Untainted Land flourished, and highly skilled swordsmen grew at an increasingly fast rate in the three tribes internally. This moment Untainted Land had reached its pinnacle of growth.

The tyrant leaders had resulted in arrogance among everyone in their tribe, especially the descendants of the higher authorities in the tribes. They were haughty and pompous, constantly asserting superiority over everyone else. This resulted in continuous conflicts among the tribes and, as time passed, their misunderstandings became even worse.

Zu Long (Ancestor of Dragon Tribe), Lord of Phoenix Tribe, and Forefather of Kylin, naturally were aware of all these. They knew a war would soon break out among the tribes, but it was still too early. The thousand-year-long battle had dealt great losses to the tribes. While the prosperity of Untainted Land was with them, it was the best time to not only recuperate but also grow the strength of their tribes. Meanwhile, none of them had the confidence to win.

The three leaders of the tribes were already at the peak of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal. They had been trapped in this realm for thousands of years, and they could not move forward, not even an inch. Even though they felt that they were just a door away from being a Sage-to-be, the door was nonetheless closed to them.

At last, they all recalled the Merit from Heaven at the beginning, and remembered the one that made the 3,600 pieces of Enlightenment Tablets as a sermon for Untainted Land would get the reward from the Way of Heaven. The benefits of the merit were well known to them. If they were able to use the merit to make a breakthrough into the realm of Sage-to-be, that would be great.

With the thought, they did not hesitate to take action. The three tribes immediately set up an altar and prepared numerous offerings. Prayers to the heaven were a sacred matter that should not be taken lightly. Moreover, it concerned the future of the tribes. the Way of Heaven was merciless but fair, so they must complete the prayers well with sincerity. When everything was ready, the leaders began their prayers across the four seas and eight lands.

"the Way of Heaven above, l'm Zu Long, the Lord of Dragon Tribe. My tribe witnesses the chaos in the four seas. Grant us the power to unite the Scute Tribe that has been fighting each other. Here l pray, from today onwards, Dragon Tribe will be the Lord of Scute Tribe." The moment he finished, the merit rained down from heaven. After Zu Long received a big portion of the merit, he immediately broke through into the Sage-to-be realm. It was a pity that he did not have the power of the Way of Separation, or he might have been able to execute a merit or evil separation.

"the Way of Heaven above, l'm the Lord of the Phoenix Tribe. My tribe witnesses the chaos of Untainted Land and how the Fowls Tribe had been having internal conflict. Grant us power to unite the Fowls Tribe. Here l pray to thee, from today onwards, the Phoenix Tribe will be the Lord of Fowls Tribe." It was followed by Forefather of Kylin, who said, "the Way of Heaven above, l'm the Lord and Ancestor of Kylin Tribe. My tribe witnesses the chaos of Untainted Land and how the Beast Tribe battlescontinuously. Grant us power so we can unite the Beast Tribe. Here l pray to thee, from today onwards, the Kylin Tribe will be the Lord of the Beast Tribe." After the prayers, the Way of Heaven descended two strokes of merit. Once both Lord of Phoenix and Forefather of Kylin received the merit, they successfully broke through into the Sage-to-be realm. For a moment, the luck of the three tribes was better than ever before. However, the three leaders decided to meditate in solitude to stabilize their realms. Thus the three tribes were left in temporary peace.

These actions by the three tribes naturally caught the attention of those in Untainted Land. They felt hopeless because most of the prosperity in the land was taken by those three tribes. They could only wait and see. But there were also those among them wanting to borrow their luck and breaking into the Sage-to-be realm. Some went to seek refuge with Dragon tribe, some with Phoenix tribe, or some with Kylin tribe. This way, the power of the tribes only got bigger.

The three tribes were at the top of their game, and naturally no one dared to provoke them. But there were always exceptions. Deep in the mountains far away in the west, a pitch black palace surrounded by black spiritual mist stood. The mist was curious and strange as it was similar to the Killing Intent of Heaven and Earth, and yet it was different.

The mist surrounded the mountains as well. The thick fog was extremely creepy, and shadow could be vaguely seen moving in it. These shadows were oddly-shaped, however, they even made occasional roaring noises. Their evil intent was blatant.

Inside the palace situated in the center of the mountains, a black-robed man sat above a black lotus. If Minghe was there, he would know that this lotus was the Black Lotus of Destruction, of the same origin with his Red Lotus of Fire. And he would naturally know the identity of the black-robed man as well. He was the Lord of Devils, Luohou, and the ones outside were his minions from the Demon Tribe.

After Luohou heard the prayers of the three tribes, he sneered. "Ignorant fools. You all have been cultivating for years, and with the help of the Way of Heaven's Merit, you finally enter the Sage-to-be realm, but not know that you're in the midst of a tribulation. So what, as a Sage-to-be late stage cultivator, killing you all will be as easy as killing an ant. Given that the three tribes are big, I'll also need a well thought-out plan. But who was the one that released the sermon of Untainted Land the last time. Could it be Hongjun?"

Luohou and Hongjun were both created by the remnant soul of the Rakshasa, and the first to experience the Cultivation Tribulation of the creation of heaven and earth. Luohou, as the ancestor of the Demon Tribe, would definitely vie for the prosperity of Untainted Land to obtain the Mix Nascent Core. But the Demon Tribe's power paled in comparison to the three tribes. Even though Luohou was nearly peerless, it was not enough. For him to succeed, he had to incite the three tribes to war. He could only reap the benefits when they were at their weakest.

Meanwhile in the east of Untainted Land, among the holy mountain sat an old taoist with a broken Jade Scroll in his hand. As he looked in the direction where Heaven was descending merit, he sighed. "the Way of Heaven is merciless, Heaven's will is like a sword and the cultivation tribulation has begun. I should get ready for the Way of the Origin. To be or not to be, it depends on the cultivation tribulation. But who was the one that hastened the arrival of Cultivation Tribulation?"


Cultivation Tribulation had begun and Heaven's will had been messed up. Thus Luohou and the old taoist naturally  were unable to predict Minghe's existence. Minghe did not know that someone was watching him and was enjoying life on Sacred Island above Blood Sea. He had no other choice, as the three tribes were overwhelmingly powerful, and there were highly skilled remnant souls of the Rakshasa like Luohou and Hongjun. If he appeared now, he would be likely to be eyed upon. He might as well wait for the war began and then go out to pick any leftovers.

On his island, Minghe napped on an armchair. By his side were a plate of spiritual fruits and a pot of tea, giving him a sense of comfort and relaxation. Not far away was the forest formed by the spiritual roots, where the highest grade primordial spiritual roots, the Yellow Plum Tree, sat center. After tens of thousands of years of cultivation, the tree had fully recovered and flowers were budding on its branches. On its side were naturally the Primordial Spiritual Roots Tea Tree and the Enlightenment Fruit Tree.

The tea that Minghe was drinking was plucked from this Primordial Spiritual Roots Tea Tree. Its taste was indescribably wonderful. As for the enlightenment fruit, Minghe had eaten three pieces. Otherwise, his cultivation would not have gone so smoothly. Minghe put the remaining fruits away. It would a waste for him to eat anymore, for it wouldn't improve his cultivation. It would be better for him to leave them for his disciples. Moreover, he did not lack spiritual fruits to eat.

Chapter 10: Luo Hou Acts; The Battle of the Three Clans

Minghe was living a leisurely life on Blood Sea. He was in no hurry to participate in this Cultivation Tribulation. He knew someone would be anxious about it, and then all he had to do was to wait for his time. His goal was not to vie for the prosperity of Untainted Land; it had always been the treasures. And this time, his target was the treasure trove of the three tribes.

Minghe was not anxious but someone else was. Somewhere in the far west, Luohou saw the three tribes at their pinnacle having a little friction from time to time and having ongoing small fights. However, one thing made him feel depressed. After the leader of the three tribes broke through the realm of Sage- to-be, they actually toned down without intending to go to war at all. How can Luohou not be furious?

Luohou signaled to his henchman and asked, "Is everything ready?" A man covered in flames and sporting crimson horns walked up and replied, "My Lord, your orders have been carried out. As soon as you give a word, we can begin moving at any moment." The one who spoke was Luohou's righthand general, Balrog. He was created by the Primordial Refined Fire combined with the demonic aura. His cultivation had reached the late stage of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal.

Luohou was pleased with his words. "Good, Balrog. Indeed, you haven't disappointed me. This is my order: Start the operation but don't be hasty. You have to make sure the plan is carried out flawlessly. Once we succeed, I wonder if the three tribes will be able to live as they're now in peace." The demons answered, "Yes! We'll follow your decree, Sire." After receiving their orders, they left.

In the East Sea Dragon Palace, a boy of eleven or twelve human years was playing by riding on the back of a prawn soldier. This child was very noble as he was the grandson of Ancestor of Dragon, the Ancestor of Dragon Tribe, named Ao Kun. He was utterly pampered by his grandfather, which led to his wild and undisciplined nature. The boy hit and scolded the soldiers often. Even worse, he beat some of them to death.

"Boring! Don't you have any new toys to please me? Useless bunch! If you can't think of any fun stuff, I'll execute you all." Ao Kun pointed at the soldiers in front of him and scolded them whilst riding on the back of another prawn soldier.

The group of soldiers was scared half to death and kneeled down, begging for mercy. "Crown Prince, please have mercy!" At that time, a dragon flew in from outside and transformed into a human form. He kneeled and bowed down. "Jiao San is here. What made Your Highness angry?"

After seeing Jiao San, Ao Kun's temper subsided. Jiao San was his confidant and was often able to think of new ideas to entertain him. "Jiao San, it's all because of these useless bunch of idiots. The things they think of aren't fun at all. Oh right, did you see anything fun on your recent travels? Grandpa is doing meditating and father refuses to let me leave, so I'm bored to death."

Jiao San laughed. "So Your Highness is bored. Please allow me to accompany Your Highness to play in Untainted Land. On my travels this time, I have gain insight on many new things. Untainted Land is so vast that it's filled with unimaginable things, many of which the sea don't have. This would definitely allow Your Highness to have the utmost fun."

Hearing him speak, a fascinated look appeared on Ao Kun's face. But thinking about his father's orders, he frowned and said, "But Father doesn't allow me to leave the palace, especially to Untainted Land. He says that it's too dangerous. Besides, what if father finds out? I don't want to be punished." Jiao San smiled and said. "It's simple. We just need a soldier to pretend to be you. Your father is currently assisting your ancestor in his meditation. He won't realize you're away. As for any potential danger, don't worry about it. You have high cultivation and powerful magic weapons protecting you. And with the Dragon Tribe's prestige across the four seas and eight lands, who will dare lay a hand on you, Your Highness?"

Ao Kun listened and clapped his hands in agreement. He said, "Okay. We'll do as you say." Right after he finished, he pointed at a soldier and turned that soldier into a clone of himself. "Listen up. Stay here and don't talk to anyone. If you're found out, be careful of your head." The soldier heard it and hurriedly said yes.

With everything set, Ao Kun followed Jiao San and left the East Sea Dragon Palace, flying towards Untainted Land. The same scene was happening in the royal families of the other two tribes. More or less, they all left their land and headed towards the lands of the other two tribes for various reasons of playing, sightseeing, showing off their own tribe prowess, treasure hunt, and so on.

But soon after, news of deaths was relayed home one by one. The higher ups of the tribes were furious and found out the deaths were caused by the other two tribes. Even the leaders were disrupted in their meditation. The relationship of the three tribes was destroyed in the blink of an eye, and war could erupt at any given moment.

In the West Demon Lair, Luohou received reports of success from his subordinates and said, "Good! Good! Good! Good job. There are absolutely no loopholes. After the death of so many descendants, I'd like to see how they'll be able to stay out of it. Now the leaders are no longer meditating. It looks like an earthshaking war will be erupting soon."

Balrog saw Luohou rejoicing and reported, "My Lord, the three tribes have now deemed the deaths of their descendants are the work of the other two tribes. According to the latest news from our men placed in the Dragon Tribe, Ancestor of Dragon and Ao Tian are leading the troops targeting the Phoenix and Kylin tribes respectively. New changes in the situation will be reported within a few days."

After rejoicing, Luohou calmed down and said, "Alright, since the first step of our plan is a success, then we can start our next step. This is also the most important step for us to reign over Untainted Land, so we must work carefully. Don't be hasty, or all our hard work will be in vain." His minions replied, "We'll follow Your Highness Lord of Devils' decree. We'll do it carefully."

True enough, in just a few days, war erupted between the three tribes. They fought viciously, with the air in Untainted Land quickly becoming foul and the evil spirit of heaven and earth thickening. Minghe's Blood Sea expanded daily and quickly, which showed how fiercely the three tribes fought.

In Mount Yujing, the old taoist was still the same. It seemed like he did not budge even a little over tens of thousands of year. Looking at the thick evil spirit of the heaven and earth, he could not help sighing. "Pity, pity. The three tribes are already in the midst of a tribulation, and yet they still don't repent. Their luck has gone downwards, and there'll be no going back. Looks like Luohou had made his move. I, Hongjun, must get ready as well." This old taoist would later be known as the Ancestor Hongjun in the near future.

In this extreme tribulation, the Three Tribes of Dragon, Phoenix and Kylin appeared to be the main characters. In fact, Hongjun and Luohou were the ones to experience the tribulation. At the end of it, Hongjun and Luohou would battle it out. The battle would decide who would be the Way of the Origin. Minghe was of course aware of the battle of the three tribes, as well as the real reason for this battle. Luohou played a nice hand of sowing discord and infernality. He would definitely be a first- class actor in the modern world. The Three Tribes of Dragon, Phoenix, and Kylin were all played by him. He definitely lived up to his name—Luohou, the Lord of Devils, dignified in his generation.

In the war, Minghe did not just stand by and watch in Blood Sea. His Clones of Blood God and Blood God Doppelganger had started to make their move. The battle had only begun and their foundation was still firm. It was not yet a good time for Minghe to rob their treasure vault.

But Minghe did not give up on the bodies of the fallen members of the three tribes, and robbed their treasure vaults of the Scute, Beast, and Fowl Tribes as well. The main strengths of these tribes were sent to the war zone by the three tribes, leaving their strongholds empty, so it was a good chance for Minghe to act.

Though most of the good items had been plundered by the three tribes, the remaining items were things that would lessen as time passed in Untainted Land. It might be useful to save them for the future. Moreover the dead bodies of the Three Tribes of Dragon, Phoenix and Kylin were excellent materials for refining weapons. Though they were no use for Minghe, perhaps his future disciples and descendants might need them.
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