The Spiritual Attainment of Minghe Chapter 71-80

Chapter 71: Three Ancestors of the Human Tribe (Part 1)

The wisdom Demon Tribe had all left Untainted Land due to the majesty of The Sage. Those who stayed were just some Wild Beasts without wisdom. Since the environment here was not suitable for those beasts to live, their number was already declining. In other words, this meant the Human Tribe had a great chance to develop as their living environment had become much safer.


In The Chaos, Goddess Nvywa was standing among airstreams inside. Those Air of Chaos could not even get close to her without her moving a finger to stop them. After entering into the Sage realm, Goddess Nvywa had become more holy and her every action revealed a sense of the Way of Heaven. Even those blustering airstreams in The Chaos tended to be silent when they neared her. This was what people called the realm of The Sage.

Meanwhile, hundreds of people were gathering around Goddess Nvywa. Most of them were from the Demon Tribe. This time Emperor Jun had led all elites in the tribe here to congratulate Goddess Nvywa on successfully ascending as The Sage, as well as to listen to her teachings. The opportunity to listen to Goddess Nvywa's sermon was precious after all. As for those 3,000 figures who once listened to the Teachings in Zixiao Palace, how many were still alive?

Three Pure Ones, Jieyin, and Zhunti all looked at Goddess Nvywa with different expressions. They all had the common goal to become a Sage like Goddess Nvywa as soon as possible. Though Goddess Nvywa did not show any arrogance, all of them experienced great pressure from her. Just as the  saying 'Everyone is a nonentity under The Sage', naturally  none  of them wanted to be that nonentity.

The others dared not to disturb Goddess Nvywa when they saw she had closed her eyes and did not move. They just stared at her, standing by the side silently. Goddess Nvywa suddenly opened her eyes and announced peacefully, "It's the time for me to set up an Ashram."

She took out her Red Woven Ball and used her Sage-level capacity to change it into a light, splitting the sky of The Chaos and creating the Void. Though she was now The Sage, she was still not Pangu's match. Therefore, it was already the limit of her power to create the Void. Goddess Nvywa's vital force became much more terrifying and profound by the power of the Way of Heaven. The Earth, water, wind, and fire were madly swirling in that small world. Goddess Nvywa was still calm as she manipulated the Red Woven Ball, destroying the Earth, water, wind and fire as they were formed time and time again.

Goddess Nvywa's small world finally turned into peaceful land, for she had created mountains, water, and forests with raging-like Earth, water, wind, and fire using the Mountain and River Map that Ancestor Hongjun gave her.

What Goddess Nvywa had done added Merit to herself since her small world belonged to entire Untainted World and would better stabilize the Untainted Land. Though the Merit was not that high, no one would turn away free Merit.

After taking in the Merit, she observed the newly  created small world. Satisfied with it, she then said peacefully, "The name of this small world is Wahuang Heaven from now on." Royal Nu Wa was her title when she was in the Demon Tribe before becoming The Sage. Giving such a name was a message to all living beings of Untainted Land that she was still part of the tribe despite her new status. In Wahuang Heaven, a simple palace was built at the peak of an extremely tall mountain. A plaque with the Taoist characters 'Royal Nu Wa Temple' hung above the gate. This place was for Goddess Nvywa to teach Taosim to others. She landed in front of the gate of the palace. "I'm talking about Fate this time. My Fellow Taoists, please enter the Royal Nu Wa Temple."

The Fellow Taoists she referred to were naturally Three Pure Ones, Zhunti, and Jieyin. They all listened to the Taoism sermon in Zixiao Palace and they all had The Foundation of the Great Way in the Dao. She did not want to be arrogant to avoid their jealousy. Further, she knew clearly they would become The Sage one day, so she did not want them to hate her later because of her arrogance now.

Goddess Nvywa led everyone into Royal Nu Wa Temple. Emperor Jun proactively walked towards her to congratulate her. Seeing his behavior, the others including Three Pure Ones also did the same. Since they were Sages-to-be, they needed to show their respect to The Sage on a superficial level despite their unwillingness.

After everyone was seated, Goddess Nvywa began her teaching. "The God of Fate separated the Yin and Yang. Yang was born from the Earth and Yin was born from Yang. Humans are the Heaven... " A Sage's teaching was naturally extravagant and full of colorful descriptions, though hers was inferior to Ancestor Hongjun's.

As Goddess Nvywa was teaching Taoism in Wahuang Heaven, she spared little attention for her creation, the Human Tribe. Though nearly nothing threatened the tribe, they did not develop very well. The newborns in the tribe knew nothing about the world and had no idea how to survive.

The Human Tribe could be regarded as being in a rather weak condition. When they encountered strong Wild Beasts, they could hardly win. To make things worse, those beasts often attacked them at night. As time went by, many Wild Beasts had been accustomed to the pressure of The Sage. In other words, that coercion at this place was gradually declining.

This situation worried Suiren-Shi, Youchao-Shi, and Ziyi-Shi very much. The three of them were the first creations of Goddess Nvywa, so they enjoyed great respect in the Human Tribe. Furthermore, they indeed had great leadership talent. Otherwise, the others in the tribe would not call them Three Ancestors of Human Tribe. Witnessing the troubles of Human Tribe, Suiren-Shi hurriedly began coming up with solutions. However, he found it was very difficult to overcome their problems, for many humans were dying from both illness and Wild Beast attacks, while the number of newborns was pretty limited. This was to say, the Human Tribe might go extinct soon if this continued.

One day, a lightning split the sky, cleaving above an old tree. The tree began burning and the Wild Beast that stayed close to the tree all run away. Luckily, Suiren-Shi saw the whole thing and he soon got a good idea.

Suiren-Shi was excited and happy when he thought that they could light torches during the night to scare those Wild Beasts away. This way, their tribe would never be troubled by those Wild Beasts again.

Later, he walked close to the burning tree. A dark object fell down from the top of the tree, giving him a good fright. However, the delicious smell that came with that dark object soon attracted Suiren-Shi. He discovered the dark thing was in fact a roasted snake.

He was deeply attracted by this roasted snake due to its delicious smell. He hurriedly peeled the skin off the snake. Suiren-Shi could not resist taking a bite off the fresh meat and placed it into his mouth.

"Well... " Suiren-Shi happily enjoyed the roasted snake. Though the Human Tribe fed themselves with the raw meat and blood of beasts in the past, they had never tasted roasted meat. Therefore, after Suiren-Shi noticed the importance and function of fire, he hurriedly brought the still burning stick to the Human Tribe.

However, the stick he was holding soon burned into ashes and the fire also disappeared. Seeing this, Suiren-Shi returned to get another burning stick with great patience. But he failed again and again. Luckily, he realized the principle behind those burning sticks. The thicker the stick was, the longer it would burn. Therefore, he decided to find a thick burning stick to bring the fire back to the tribe.

With such a situation, Suiren-Shi began thinking again. He thought the fire was of great importance to the Human Tribe since it could give warmth, roast food, and keep the beasts away. But if they could not find an easy way to make fire, the tribe would be stuck and could not grow stronger. As the fire burned in where the Human Tribe lived, Suiren- Shi began explaining the benefits of fire. Everyone admired him more than ever after tasting roasted meat. They had never eaten such delicious food. Since then, those in the Human Tribe learned the way to deal with Wild Beast: fire.

However, problems began to crop up as time passed. Though it was a good thing to have a fire, they found it was too hard to keep it lit as the rain would easily put it out. Someone had to put it in a cave and keep an eye on it. What was more, people in Human Tribe lived pretty close to each other to enjoy the fire. No one wanted to live far away from the fire.

With such a situation, Suiren-Shi began thinking again. He thought the fire was of great importance to the Human Tribe since it could give warmth, roast food, and keep the Wild Beast away. But if they could not find an easy way to make fire, the Human Tribe would be stuck and could not grow stronger.

Chapter 72: The Three Ancestors of the Human Clan (Part Ⅱ)

One day when Suiren-Shi was deep in thought, he heard a sudden burst of sound overhead. He looked up and saw a bird pecking a tree to find insects inside the bark. It led him to a sudden thought when he noticed a burst of spark when the bird pecked the bark.

He immediately found some trunk branches from that tree species and began his experimentation. He hit the branches, rubbed them... After several tests, Suiren-Shi finally found the most effective way, also the oldest way, to ignite fire. It was Fire by Rubbing Sticks.

He first looked for a sunken part on the wood or created a hole himself. He then took a sharp branch, placed it inside the hole, and rotated it back and forth by hand to create friction. Over time, this motion naturally created sparks. He then placed flammable materials like hay onto the sparks and blow gently. A fire was thus created.

Suiren-Shi held up his ignited Torch and happily shouted, "Now I've successfully made fire and got the first fire for the Human Tribe. The Human Tribe will now bid farewell to the life of eating raw meat and drinking animal blood. We will enter a new era under the witness of the fire, Heaven and Earth."

With these words, thunder rumbled to the highest Heaven. Thereafter, numerous Merits fell upon Suiren-Shi. 10 percent went to the fire while the rest was absorbed by Suiren-Shi. Suiren-Shi immediately felt the change of the Way of Heaven was coming and his cultivation improved constantly until he was at the peak of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal.

Suiren-Shi absorbed the Merit that greatly improved his cultivation. Though he did not know any transforming exercises, he could clearly feel the tremendous power in his body. He found the Wild Beast he had previously encountered were no longer worthy opponents. Even for those horrifying beasts, he was confident enough to defeat them.

Suiren-Shi taught the Human Tribe how to Fire by Rubbing Sticks and the tree used to easily Fire by Rubbing Sticks was called the Suiren Wood. It represented the Suiren-Shi's Merit for creating fire for the Human Tribe. The Human Tribe learned to create fire manually, they used fire to roast and bake food, light up the night, get warmth, and smelt. The Human Tribe had entered a new era. However, Suiren-Shi had to keep away from his tribe due to the sudden increase in his strength. Though there was no hidden danger for his cultivation because of the Merit, he could not control his power. So it was a good choice for him to leave. On one hand, he could learn how to control his power. On the other, he could study how to let the rest of his tribesmen to enjoy the same power.

The Human Tribe had yet to have any contact with the outside world. They were not aware of such a thing as cultivation, so Suiren-Shi could only rely on himself to explore and hopefully find a method for cultivation. After all, he was a Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal, who could feel the existence of the Way of Heaven and discover a simple cultivation method.

With the existence of fire, the Human Tribe began expanding quickly the outside world. Though the tribe no longer feared the invasion of Wild Beast, they had another issue. The fire would be extinguished, especially on rainy days. The Human Tribe lived in the wild and many would inadvertently be attacked by Wild Beast without notice.

Seeing the situation, Youchao-Shi began to think about solutions. One day, when he was walking, he heard birds twittering on the tree. An idea struck him. Wild Beast rarely attacked birds because they lived on trees. Perhaps Human Tribe could live on trees as well. Youchao-Shi began to get his tribesmen to try live on trees, but gradually he discovered some problems.

Though living on trees would protect them from the attack of Wild Beast, it caused great inconvenience to them. Not only were there not enough trees for them to live on, they also had problems climbing up and down. Most importantly, anyone could fall and die. So Youchao-Shi desperately wanted a better mode of living for tribesmen.

One day, it rained heavily and those who  were  hunting outside began hiding everywhere. Some of them  hid  under trees, some in crevices and caves. A new idea formed in Youchao-Shi's mind when he saw this. If he could get some wood and stones to build a shelter, he could build a house for the Human Tribe.

When the rain stopped, Youchao-Shi immediately asked the tribesmen to find stones and wood. After a while, a simple house stood in front of the people, with a thatch on top. Tribesmen could now rest easy when heavy rain poured. They no longer had to be afraid when it rained. An extremely satisfied Youchao-Shi exclaimed, "Today, I built the first house for the Human Tribe to shelter them from rain and wind. The Human Tribe will bid farewell to a life of living in the wild. From now on, each of them will have their own houses. Heaven and Earth can witness this."

With those words, Youchao-Shi felt the Way of Heaven and endless Merits fell. 10% went to the houses and the rest was for Youchao-Shi. His cultivation constantly increased until he reached the peak of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal. He laughed and stretched out his hand, only to see the house that had absorbed Merits became palm-sized and fell onto his hand.

Youchao-Shi's house was like Suiren-Shi's Torch. They had transformed into Postcelestial Merit Spiritual Treasures after absorbing merits of heaven. With the addition of the Human Tribe's belief, the treasures commanded infinite power and were only slightly below primordial spiritual treasures.

Youchao-Shi immediately instructed his tribesmen to begin building houses and gradually optimized the houses in the construction process. The Human Tribe had completely discarded their life in the wild and began living in fixed residence. This was a precursor for the Human Tribe to build tribes. Like Suiren-Shi, he left the tribesmen after becoming a Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal. He went to look for Suiren-Shi on the mountains and they began Prediction the ways of cultivation. And the only one left was the only woman of Three Ancestors of the Human Tribe. She was Ziyi-Shi.

Ziyi-Shi was no doubt an ancestor of the Human Tribe. Her important discovery was the villus that covered the entire Human Tribe. Further, there were venomous insects in Untainted Land caused deaths.

Ziyi-Shi had no solution since the Human Tribe had learned to Fire by Rubbing Sticks and began to using Torch to repel the insects. This had produced good results, greatly decreasing the mortality rate. But there were still some people who died because of this, distressing Ziyi-Shi a lot.

Since houses were built, the threat of insects was not as great. But they must still leave their houses to find food. Once they were out of the houses, there was no longer any shelter. So many still died. Moreover, Ziyi-Shi gradually discovered the Human Tribe were no longer afraid of the cold after the clan had fire and houses. But once they went out, they would faint because of the cold weather. One day, Ziyi-Shi accidentally found that a Wild Beast that had been bitten by a poisonous insect but was still alive. Her eyes lit up and she wondered if the Wild Beasts were not afraid of highly toxic insects. Furthermore, the Wild Beasts were apparently used to the cold weather. It made her feel like she had found a way out.

Ziyi-Shi went back to the clan and immediately found some Wild Beasts killed by her tribesmen. She asked them to peel the fur off the Wild Beasts and dry them with fire. Thereafter, Ziyi- Shi wrapped herself in the dry fur and felt very warm. She no longer needed to fear the cold.

Ziyi-Shi was very satisfied and exclaimed, "Today, I made the first piece of clothing for the Human Tribe to protect them from venomous insects and the cold weather. The Human Tribe will now bid farewell to a scantily-clothed life. From now on, they will have a way to protect themselves. Heaven and Earth can witness this."

The sky changed dramatically after these words. Countless Merits descended from the highest heaven, all falling upon Ziyi- Shi and the hide she wore. Her cultivation reached the Realm of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal after absorbing the Merits and the fur became a Postcelestial Merit Spiritual Treasure which was invincible in defense.

Suiren-Shi's Torch was an offensive Magic Weapon that could release endless Samadhi True Fire. Ordinary people could not fight against it. One saw how powerful the weapon was in Journey to the West, when Red Child almost burnt Sun Wukong to death.

Though the attacking power of Youchao-Shi's house was not as strong as Suiren-Shi's Torch and its defense was not as good as Ziyi-Shi's hide. Fortunately, it had a dual capability. If the three ancestors worked together in a fight, they could release an infinite power.

Chapter 73: The Fourth Ancestor of the Human Tribe

With fire, houses, and clothes, the Human Tribe entered a period of rapid advancement and their population rose to a million humans in 100 years. But right at this time, another trouble awaited the Human Tribe.

The Human Tribe was too weak to fight against the Demon Tribe. Though Suiren-Shi, Youchao-Shi, and Ziyi-Shi were at the peak level of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal, and they could be regarded as experts in today's Untainted Land, but they did not have transforming exercises or Magic Skills. So they could not display all their strength. They could handle ordinary Demon Tribe, but not the Sacred Demons at Reclam Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal.

In the 100 years, the Human Tribe summed up some transforming exercises which were shallow. The talented ones was simply at the Veridical Immortal Realm and their power was shabby compared with the Wu tribe.

Fortunately, none of the Demon Tribe thought much of the Human Tribe, as the Wu Tribe was their main enemy. On the contrary, it was the Wu Tribe that got along with the Human Tribe. The Human Tribe helped the Wu Tribe build houses, make clothes, and roast food in the way the Wu Tribe was not capable of. On their end, the Wu Tribe provided them protection and food.

Seeing this situation, Suiren-Shi, Youchao-Shi, and Ziyi-Shi was momentarily calm. While they had never given up on finding cultivation ways for the tribesmen, they knew it was unwise to put their lives in other people's hands, never mind the safety of all the tribe.

However, the cultivation ways of the Sorcerer and Demon tribes were unsuitable for the Human Tribe. Though Three Ancestors of Human Tribe had the cultivation of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal and enjoyed great prestige among Human Tribe, their horizons and Realms in Untainted Land were low. It would be impossible for their tribe to find Spiritual Inheritance transforming exercises without the guidance of a proper teacher.

On the mountain, Suiren-Shi, Youchao-Shi, and Ziyi-Shi sat on the ground with dejected expressions. Youchao-Shi said, "Brother, we've been predicting for hundred years, but only resulted in some shallow transforming exercises. And these exercises wouldn't really strengthen the Human Tribe." Suiren-Shi sighed. "Well, what can we do if this is destiny? Unfortunately, Sacred Lady did not leave any transforming exercises for us, otherwise we wouldn't be so worried about this." The Sacred Lady was none other than Goddess Nvywa. Though Goddess Nvywa had left then, Human Tribe had always worshiped her and regarded her as Sacred Lady.

Ziyi-Shi was a bit depressed to hear that, but she did not have any good way to comfort him. "Brothers, don't worry. Human Tribe is safe for now and we still have time to come up with some ideas." Though she said this, not even she herself had the confidence they could do this. The Human Tribe's power was simply too weak.

Just as they were in distress, they heard a loud voice coming from Heaven and Earth. "I, Musen, had enlightened Martial Arts for the Human Tribe. Endless the Martial Arts will be, and immortal will Human tribe be. Heaven and Earth can witness this." Something fell from the Way of Heaven. It was boundless Merits descending from the highest heaven, including a character Wu.

Seeing that, Suiren-Shi, Youchao-Shi and Ziyi-Shi were greatly surprised. The Martial Arts must have been strong enough to prompt such Merits. The three of them were also somewhat familiar with this name, though they could not remember who the person was.

Ziyi-Shi cried, "Brothers, I remember who he is. He's among the first Human Tribe like us and received the Punisher Whip. However, he has lived in seclusion since creation. He's eccentric and rarely communicates with others. Today, he created the Spiritual Inheritance transforming exercises for the Human Tribe."

Suiren-Shi and Youchao-Shi immediately recalled Musen. He was an odd person and owned the Punisher Whip, the rattan that created humans. The Human Tribe truly feared him, as did the three ancestors. The Punisher Whip had no effects on other tribes, but had great deterrent power to the Human Tribe.

They also realized they had to combine all their Merits to surpass Musen's Merit for creating Martial Arts. He also received the Taoist character Wu, which was even more incredible. No one had actually seen received a Taoist character in Untainted Land.

Seeing that, the three of them flew towards where Musen lived and received a shock. They found that Musen was actually in the Early Stage of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal Realm and the Taoist character Wu was bathed in a golden light, where they could feel a strong Merit from it.

Instead of absorbing the Merit himself, Musen allowed the Taoist character Wu to absorb everything. This shocked the three a lot. The Merit from creating Martial Arts could promote Musen to Sage-to-be level. In these years, they understood something about Untainted Land. Except those in the Sorcerer and Demon tribes there were few Sages-to-be. If there was a Sage-to-be in the Human Tribe, the deterrence of the tribe would be increased.

Seeing the Three Ancestors of Human Tribe had come, Musen put away the character. He said with a smile, "The three ancestors has arrived, but I didn't manage to welcome you all. Please forgive me. Please, come on in." Suiren-Shi, Youchao-Shi, and Ziyi-Shi followed him into a chalet.

After they were seated, Suiren-Shi said, "You're called Musen, aren't you? You've laid down Martial Arts for the Human Tribe and deserved to be called Ancestor of Martial Arts. We three were only born a little earlier than you. If you don't mind, you can call us brothers and sister." To be called Ancestor of Martial Arts was unsurprising for Musen. Lying down Martial Arts Spiritual Inheritance would gradually strengthen the Human Tribe. When that time came, he would naturally be Martial Ancestors of the Human Tribe. Thus he said, "I'll accept your offer if that's the case. Musen, your younger brother, greets older brothers and sister."

The three of them nodded with a satisfied smile. Suiren-Shi asked, "Brother, I have a question. You have far more Merit than us, but why don't you improve your cultivation with the Merit? If so, our Human Tribe will have a Sage-to-be among us."

Musen laughed. "Brother, you know little about my martial arts. The one I created is different from the Way of Celestial Immortality. The cultivation of Martial Arts demands a person's perseverance. Compared to the Way of Celestial Immortality, it takes a longer time and depends on one's perception and talent. There are no shortcuts. If I improve my cultivation with the Merit, my Martial Arts will be ruined."

What! The three were shocked, since they thought that Musen absorbed part of the Merit to reach the Early Stage of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal. But based on Musen's words, he did not absorb any Merit at all and improved his cultivation himself. The Human Tribe had only been around for hundred years and, in that short time, a Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal was actually born. Just how powerful would his Martial Arts be?

Musen looked at the surprised Three Ancestors and explained, "The cultivation of Martial Arts required one to suffer physically and it's a gradual and orderly process, similar to the cultivation methods of the Wu Tribe. But Martial Arts practitioners need to be enlightened in essence. If one's enlightened, the rapid progress of their cultivation isn't impossible. There will no worries as well. I had received the enlightenment myself to get to my level of cultivation today."

Musen began explaining about Martial Arts based on his own understanding. Its cultivation was different from the Way of Celestial Immortality, emphasizing on physical and martial into Dao. It was regarded as a kind of physical training, but there was a difference from ordinary body building. Though the Martial Artist did not refine his Original Spirit, it would become strong thanks to his Martial Arts cultivation. With enlightenment, the Original Spirit would become particularly powerful. As for Musen, his Original Spirit cultivation was already at the peak of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal, though he was only at the Early Stage. Even if the three ancestors worked together, they would not be able to defeat him. Martial Arts Cultivation Realms were not the same as the Way of Celestial Immortality. The realms included Martial Student (Refine Qi into Body), Martial Disciple (Turing Qi into a Spirit), Martial Artist (Turing a Spirit back into Emptiness), and Martial Soldier (Turing Emptiness into Tao). These four Realms were the basic stages for the martial artists and Musen regarded them as Postcelestial stages.

Then it was the primordial stage, for Realms of Celestial Beings of the Way of Celestial Immortality were respectively Martial Mentor (Earthly Immortals), Martial General (Heavenly Immortal), Martial Duke (Veridical Immortal), Martial Supreme (Black Immortal), Earth Changing Level (Primordial Unity Black Immortal), Heaven Changing Leve l(Golden Immortal), Heavenly Signs Changing Level (Primordial Unity Golden Immortal), Heaven Clashing Level (Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal), Fate Reading Level (Sage-to-be), and Martial Saint (Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal of Origin). Each Realm was divided into four small stages, which was the Early Stage, Secondary Stage, Late Stage, and Peak Stage.

Chapter 74: Minghe's Obsession

During the cultivation of Martial Arts, a cultivator needed to experience four Postcelestial stages, including Martial Student, Martial Disciple, Martial Artist, and Martial Soldier. In the four stages, the cultivator could achieve the best condition of his body through refining his human body, blood, bones, organs, and so on. These would form the foundation of his Martial Arts cultivation later on. Musen referred to these as the Foundation Establishment of Martial Arts.

In fact, the primordial stage was the real beginning of the Martial Arts cultivation. When a martial cultivator reached the primordial stage, he would be able to choose his own Martial Arts. Though Martial Arts were just one of the 3,000 Ways of Great Way, it contained thousands of changes. This meant everyone's comprehension of the Martial Arts would be unique.

The initiation primordial stages of Martial Arts was from Martial Mentor to Martial Supreme, while the power explosion stage was Earth Changing Level. A Martial Artist would already be one of the top Martial Artist before, but would be unmatched when he reached Earth Changing Level.

From Earth Changing Level, the Martial Artist would begin breaking through the acupoints in his body one by one. The more one broke through, the more powerful he would be. In fact, there were 365 acupoints in the human body, representing the 365 cosmic stars in the sky respectively. If one could break through all of them, he would be on par with the Martial Artist of a higher stage.

When a Martial Artist broke through 36 acupoints, he could start breakthrough into Heaven Changing Level, which was the lowest standard to breakthrough Earth Changing Level. The more acupoints he broke Earth Changing Level, the more powerful he would be when he reached Heaven Changing Level.

When this Martial Artist reached Heaven Changing Level, he needed to combine his comprehension of The Way of Martial Arts. When his Way of Martial Arts formed into real shape, he would be a real Martial Artist at Heaven Changing Level. This meant he needed to be constantly refining his Way of Martial Arts.

Everybody's Way of Martial Arts was totally different. It could be a weapon, a part of one's body, or even a kind of creature. It depended on the Martial Artist's enlightment of the Martial Arts. The power of one's Way of Martial Arts was directly proportional to the level of his enlightment. When one Martial Artist completely made his Way of Martial Arts into solidity, he would breakthrough into the Heavenly Signs Changing Level. From then on, the Martial Artist could start refining his human body on the base of The Way of Martial Arts. When his human body has merged with The Way of Martial Arts, he would ascend to Heaven Clashing Level.

At this stage, the Martial Artist would begin to enlighten the Divine Law of the Way of Heaven, combining his Martial Arts with The Power of Divine Law and forming his unique Magic Skills of Martial Arts. The more in-depth his enlightenment of the Divine Law, the stronger his Magic Skills of Martial Arts would be.

Fate Reading Level, which was the most pivotal stage of the cultivation of Martial Arts, was related to whether a Martial Artist could become a Martial Saint. Fate Reading was a star for a Martial Artist to rely his life on. When a Martial Artist ascended Fate Reading Level, he needed to integrate his Original Spirit, The Way of Martial Arts, and The Power of Divine Law together into Fate Reading in Sea of Consciousness.

As The Way of Martial Arts and The Power of Divine Law progressed, the Martial Artist's Fate Reading would become more and more powerful. While his Fate Reading still lived, this Martial Artist would not really die. If a Martial Artist could comprehend 70% of The Divine Law, he could accomplish Fruit of Origin, but might not become a Martial Sage.

A Martial Saint was based on the Martial Skills, not The Dao of Divine Law. If a Martial Artist wanted to become a Martial Saint, he needed a full comprehension of both The Way of Martial Arts and The Power of Divine Law.

Though The Way of Martial Arts was a branch of The Law of Martial Arts, they were different from each other. The latter belonged to the Way of Heaven, while the former belonged to the Martial Artist himself. Theoretically, The Way of Martial Arts could be strengthened unlimitedly, but still needed to be proved through practice.

The Three Ancestors of the Human Tribe were delighted after listening to Musen's understanding of Martial Arts. They believed their tribe would be as strong as the Sorcerer and Demon tribes with a person like Musen, who had a deep understanding of the Spiritual Inheritance of Martial Arts. However, although the Spiritual Inheritance of Martial Arts sounded amazing, it was also a tough journey towards the cultivation of Martial Arts. With Musen succeeding his Martial Arts breakthrough, it was the right time for him to begin Sermon to the Human Tribe. The Three Ancestors of Human Tribe called over all the humans to listen to Musen's sermon. Looking at the nearly ten millions Human Tribes gathering at the birthplace of the Human Tribe, Musen felt gratified.


At Sacred Island of Blood Sea, Minghe constantly kept an eye on the Human Tribe all the time. He did not realize what his obsession was until Goddess Nyuwa created humans. Right! His obsession was humans because he had never forgotten he was also a human before coming to Untainted Land. Even now, he had kept his emotions of being a human.

Since he had realized his obsession, it was the right time for him to separate it from him. But he had not decided on the treasure he needed to use. Though Minghe had many Spiritual Treasures, he also worried that the Separation would not turn out to be human if he used his treasure to separate it. Since it was so, Minghe decided to directly put his obsession into Goddess Nyuwa's first-made human. If Minghe tried to separate his Selfcentric Separation using a powerful Spiritual Treasure, his Selfcentric Separation needed to be at the stage of Sage-to-be. However, a human body could not bear the power of Sage-to-be, so Minghe chose to put his obsession into a new-born human. His Selfcentric Separation was actually the same as others in the Human Tribe, a mere mortal.

This way, Goddess Nyuwa would not take notice since the Separation was only an ordinary Human Tribe. To Minghe's surprise, the Sacred Tools of the tribe, the Punisher Whip that was formed from the whip Goddess Nyuwa used to create humans, unexpectedly chose Minghe's Selfcentric Separation as its master.

Fortunately, Goddess Nyuwa did not pay much attention to the Human Tribe so she never noticed anything different about Minghe's Selfcentric Separation. Though the Separation was normal without any supernatural power or Original Spirit, he still carried Minghe's obsession and had a mental force stronger than any other humans. If Goddess Nyuwa was a little more careful, she would have sensed something was different.

Since Minghe's Selfcentric Separation was a Human Tribe, Minghe named him Musen. That was his name when he was a Human Tribe. Though Musen currently did not have any cultivation, with the Realm of Sage-to-be as Minghe did, he could make great progress at a very fast speed. The only things he lacked were supernatural power and Original Spirit

To Minghe's surprise, Musen did not want to cultivate the Way of Celestial Immortality even though he could directly reach the Realm of Sage-to-be without any obstacle. Minghe had never thought about what would happen to his Selfcentric Separation. What he really cared was just to make the separation, so he could become the real Primordial Mazinger and completely focus on his cultivation.

As for the old memories that could disrupt his mind, Minghe wanted Musen to deal with. He did not actually plan on realizing his Tao through the Way of the Three Separations. It was just a way to enhance his force. Even if he met The Sage one day, he would not be passive.

What Minghe tried to realize was the Tao of Rakshasa. Among his three Separations, the Evil Separation Red Lotus Taoist had already found the gate to become the Realm of Origin. He would progress further when he got the Origin of Golden Lotus of Merit. Minghe could not anticipate how far Red Lotus Taoist would get. Besides, the Good Separation, Taoist of Heaven and Earth, chose to realize his promotion of Tao in the Way of Universe. Though the Way of Universe was still in its experimental stage, Taoist of Heaven and Earth could rival Red Lotus Taoist if he truly realized his Tao. However, the Way of Universe was too difficult to comprehend and Taoist of Heaven and Earth needed to accumulate a wealth of power. Therefore, it took time for him to finally realize his goal.

As for Musen, the Selfcentric Separation, he had succeeded all human qualities from Minghe. Minghe thought Musen was the worst one, though he was created from the power of creation on the base of [rimordial earth and Three Light Holy Water. Compared with primordial spiritual treasures, the human was much worse.

Therefore, Minghe did not have many expectations of Musen. Instead, he hoped that Musen would live an easy life as a human on his behalf. However, Minghe had forgotten one thing. When he was still a human, he was a homely person with unlimited creativity.

Musen naturally knew Minghe's perception of him. Compared with the other tribes in Untainted Land, the Human Tribe was too weak. Even though the humans had chosen to cultivate, they had no advantage against other tribes. The Human Tribe had less than 100 years of history. Even if Minghe had the heart to help the tribe, he would still have a lot of doubts.

Chapter 75: The Human Tribe's Spiritual Inheritance

Nobody cared if Minghe helped the Human Tribe. However, when the Cultivation Tribulation ended, and the Human Tribe became the major tribe in Untainted Land, every Sage would consider Minghe as an eyesore.

Every Sage would want to fight for the Luck of the Human Tribe once it became the major tribe. When Goddess Nvywa created human beings, she had primordially occupied 30% of the Human Tribe's Luck, while Suiren-Shi, Youchao-Shi, and Ziyi-Shi would get 5% respectively for finding kindling, building houses, and making clothes for the Human Tribe.

The remaining 50% of Luck would be the target of every Sage. If Goddess Nyuwa didn't make any effort for the Human Tribe, she would get less and less Luck and there would be more left to the other Sages. As for the three Ancestors of the Human Tribe: the Suiren-Shi, the Youchao-Shi, and the Ziyin-Shi, their Luck would remain only if they didn't do any harm to the Human Tribe.

However, Minghe was different. If he helped the Human Tribe when they were at the most difficult time, he could naturally get their Luck. The problem was that he needed to create the Ashura Tribe and the Religion of Asura soon, which was not suitable for the Human Tribe. Therefore, even if he could get the Luck from the Human Tribe at this time, he would lose them all later. There was no need to do useless work.

Although Musen was Minghe's Selfcentric Separation, he was a real Human Tribe. Minghe had only separated his obsession and hadn't attached any Original Spirit on Musen, so their relationship was very little and even The Sage would find it difficult to find something wrong. Who would consider Minghe's Selfcentric Separation a Human Tribe?

Besides, Minghe was a master of the Law of Spiritual Beings so he could easily cover up their relation. Unless Minghe exposed the connection himself later on, or someone had better comprehension than him, nobody would find out about their relationship. Minghe's comprehension of the Law of Spiritual Beings had reached The Original Realm.

Minghe wouldn't interfere with Musen's decision. Musen wanted to do something for the Human Tribe, and Minghe wouldn't stop him. What's more, if he could do something good for the Human Tribe, it would be beneficial for his later plans. In order to protect Musen, Minghe gave him his Primordial Spiritual Treasure, the Wuji Apricot Flag and his Mid Grade Primordial Spiritual Treasure, Mount Suppress. Nobody in Untainted Land knew how many Magic Weapons Minghe had, so even if someone found these two treasures on Musen, they wouldn't find any relation between him and Minghe.

Musen considered the development of the Human Tribe since it had been created. There would be no The Way of Celestial Immortality on Earth and human beings would go down the road of technology.

Musen didn't know the relationship between Earth and the Untainted Land, why The Way of Celestial Immortality would disappear, or why there were so many mythologies about the Untainted Land on Earth. All these mythplogies needed time to explain and Musen would be the witness.

These were all stories for later. Currently, the Human Tribe was too weak to match with the Sorcerer and Demon tribes. Even a small tribe could eliminate the Human Tribe easily. Although the three Ancestors of the Human Tribe could partly enhance their force, they were just drops in the bucket in Untainted Land. Therefore, the Human Tribe could only be a major force in the Untainted Land if their entire force was enhanced. However, which way should they choose? The Way of Celestial Immortality? Musen ruled this out it after rethinking about it. If the Human Tribe chose The Way of Celestial Immortality, Minghe could provide them with a lot of tactics. Although many of his tactics weren't suitable for the Human Tribe, Minghe could easily Prediction some transforming exercises for them by the time he reached his Peak Level of Sage-to-be.

However, Musen still worried about whether The Way of Celestial Immortality was suitable for the Human Tribe. The Way of Celestial Immortality would disappear from the Earth later. What's more, the cultivation of The Way of Celestial Immortality needed plenty of Spiritual Treasures and weapons, but they didn't have that many. How could they compare with the other tribes who had collected these treasures for such a long time?

Besides, although the Human Tribe would become the rule of Heaven and Earth in the Untainted Land at the end of the Cultivation Tribulation, at this time, they were still under control of The Sage. The religions of The Sage had already cultivated in The Way of Celestial Immortality for such a long time. Therefore, there would be no possibility for the Human Tribe to become stronger than the other tribes if they chose to cultivate The Way of Celestial Immortality.

In the long-term, even if the Three Royals and Five Emperors
[1] got enormous Merits, they were enough for them to reach the stage of Sage-to-be, but where would they be in the end? And they would be pressed in the Fire Clouds Cave years later. If there were eight Martial Artists at a similar stage of Sage-to-be and they were the Human Sovereigns, even The Sage couldn't bother them directly. After all, eight Martial Artists at the stage of Sage-to-be would have incredible power.

Besides, the Three Ancestors of the Human Tribe had disappeared since the age of Three Royals and Five Emperors began. Nobody knew where they were. Maybe they were also in a serious situation. Therefore, if the Human Tribe chose to cultivate the Way of Celestial Immortality, would they really become the ruler of Heaven and Earth in Untainted Land?

These days, the Sorcerer Demon tribes were fighting against each other. Owing to the strong force of the two tribes, The Sage Hongjun wouldn't directly interfere with the war between them. If the Human Tribe could have that kind of force, they wouldn't be afraid of The Sage anymore. If The Sage did anything harmful to the Human Tribe, the humans wouldn't follow any of the religions that The Sage had built. Because of their weakness, the Human Tribe was under the control of The Sage. Musen hoped his tribe could get rid of any control from others, including The Sage. He believed he wouldn't yield to his fate since he had been reborn. He knew that the Human Tribe must follow their own way of Tao, not The Way of Celestial Immortality otherwise they would become the Puppets of The Sages later.

Therefore, Musen chose Martial Arts as their Tao. Not only would it be affected by some novels about Martial Arts in the later world, but also, he realized that there would still be some Martial Artists after thousands of years. Martial Arts would be more suitable for the Human Tribe than The Way of Celestial Immortality.

Thinking of this, Musen immediately got in contact with Minghe who was staying in the Blood Sea. Understanding Musen's idea, Minghe agreed with him completely. Martial Arts was nice indeed. He started to Prediction cultivation methods of Martial Arts through his Magical Tao Mirror and then delivered all he had predicted to Musen.

While Minghe predicted the methods, Musen was cultivating. By the time Minghe finished his Prediction Musen had ascended the Realm of Daluo Golden Immortal. Then, they prayed for the Way of Heaven and set the Spiritual Inheritance of Martial Arts for the Human Tribe. Naturally, Merits fell down from the Heaven because they had done something beneficial for the Human Tribe. To their surprise, a Taoist characters "Wu" also showed up in the sky.

Taoist characters, which the Hundred Tribes of Untainted Land knew clearly, were not rare in Untainted Land. However, this Taoist characters "Wu" awarded by the Way of Heaven had never shown up in the Untainted Land. Besides, the "Wu" character was not simply a Taoist characters. It contained The Law of Martial Arts and The Way of Martial Arts. If someone could enlighten it long-term, his cultivation of Martial Arts would be really powerful.

As for the Merits, Musen hadn't decided where to use them, so he stored them temporarily in the "Wu" character. Musen had planned to integrate these Merits into the "Wu", but this Taoist character was different from Spiritual Treasure which could absorb the Merits to enhance their power. Therefore, Musen could only store the Merits in it for a while.

After that, Musen started his 49-year teaching of Martial Arts to the Human Tribe, from the basic Martial Student to Heaven Clashing Level (the stage similar to Daluo Golden Immortality). As for the higher Fate Reading Level and the Martial Saint, he didn't plan to mention these in this teaching. As a Martial Artist at Daluo Golden Immortality, Musen shouldn't have had the ability to predict out the complete Law and Way of Martial Arts by himself. He didn't want others to know his secret.

After finishing his teaching, Musen started his Closed Door Meditation and tried his best to enlighten the "Wu" character. Meanwhile, the three Ancestors of the Human Tribe knew that The Way of Celestial Immortality would have both benefits and disadvantages for the Human Tribe, and they hoped their tribe would not be controlled by the others. Therefore, they chose to trust Musen and started to cultivate the Martial Arts. They needed to enhance their force at once with the Spiritual Inheritance of the Martial Arts to protect their tribe.

After a very short hundred years, the Human Tribe became much stronger than before. With the Law and Way of Martial Arts, plenty of Martial Arts talents were showing up in the Human Tribe. Most of them had already reached the stages of Martial Mentor or Martial General, and some outstanding talents had even broken through the stage of Martial Supreme (also known as the Black Immortal). The abundance of Spiritual Air and Treasures of Heaven and Earth played an important role. In years to come, it wouldn't be as important as it was now. The three Ancestors of the Human Tribe cultivated the Martial Arts more easily since they were actually at the stage of Daluo Golden Immortality and could constantly absorb the Luck of the Human Tribe. During these years, they ascended the Heaven Clashing Level, which was equal to the Daluo Golden Immortality. Although they were just at the early Heaven Clashing Level, they were far more powerful than before.

Chapter 76: Relocation (part 1)

Upon seeing the situation, the three Suiren Clan members deepened their beliefs that martial arts could truly strengthen the Human Clan. Martial arts prodigies were appearing everywhere as every human began to practice martial arts. The three of them were pleased to see such a vibrant and flourishing scene.

With just a few hundred years, Mu Sen's cultivation managed to reach the Heaven Clashing peak level. He managed to reach the highest level among his peers. Even against an early stage Sage-to-be, he might win.

Upon entering the Heaven Clashing Level, Mu Sen began to try comprehending the Law of Martial Arts. His way of martial arts was through enlightening the Human Clan's Jin Long Luck. He could lend it to the Human Clan in times of emergency, however, it could be quite dangerous if he did so. Once someone knew his way of martial arts, the Human Clan's luck would suffer. Even Mu Sen would not have the ability to deal with it. It could only be used as a desperate measure for desperate times.

Mu Sen spent hundreds of years enlightening on the Wu character, realizing how mysterious it was. Relying on it, Mu Sen managed to have a hegemonic martial arts body. It was the strongest body of Martial Arts training, with potential power even stronger than the Ancestor of Sorcery.

However, his newly formed martial arts body was unstable. Mu Sen trained his body consistently by following the law of martial arts and the character Wu, resulting in the continuous gain of strength. In no time, Mu Sen's body would surpass that of the Ancestor of Sorcery.

As the Human Clan gradually developed, Mu Sen started to think about moving them to another land, which was an important thing. Mu Sen needed to discuss it with the three ancestors of the Human Clan: the Suiren Clan, the Youchao Clan and the Ziyi Clan. He sent a message to gather them together for discussion.

When the three ancestors had gathered, Suiren-Shi spoke. "Fourth brother, today, you sent for us, is it due to gaining a new enlightenment about the body of martial arts? Your martial arts creation was really impressive. Though I'm only at the early stage of Heaven Clashing Level, it is as good as being at the Zenith Heaven Golden Immortality peak level. Since the Human Clan began martial arts cultivation, our power has steadily increased. This is all thanks to you, Fourth Brother." Listening to Suiren-Shi, Mu Sen understood. Although the three clans had merits because of the Human Clan, they only gained half of the luck of Human Clan. But Mu Sen was different. Passing on the martial arts on to the Human Clan could spread for generations to come. As for the Luck of the Human Clan, Mu Sen held triple what the three added together had, the same as the Human Clan's Sacred Lady, Nv Wa. It could be said that Mu Sen was the Ancestor of Wu and was almost on par with Goddess Nv Wa.

Indeed, Goddess Nv Wa left the Human Clan to fend for themselves after creating them. Only the first humans remembered her. Those who were created thereafter had never met her, and when the Human Clan was facing difficulties, she never fulfilled any of their prayers. All the problems were solved by the four Ancestors of the Human Clan. As time went by, her name and fame didn't hold as much importance in the minds of the entire clan.

Mu Sen received triple the luck from the Human Clan and his martial arts cultivation improved immensely. No wonder the past Three Clans of Dragon, Phoenix and Kylin, the current Wu and Demon clan and the Sages of the future desired luck so much. With luck, the way of cultivation was much smoother, especially when one reached the origin realm. Without luck, the way of cultivation would only be arduous. Mu Sen looked at their elated expressions, yet he worried and said, "Older brother, second brother and third sister. I'm afraid you are happy too soon. You have only seen the improvements of the people. Haven't you seen the dangers hidden around the clan?"

The three of them were stunned. Youchao-Shi questioned, "Fourth brother, why do you say this? The clan is now improving steadily. With our power growing day by day and the four of us guarding the clan, plus with your cultivation level, even a Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal would have difficulty attacking us. Now that there are few Sages-to-be in the Untainted Land, why would our clan be in danger?"

Mu Sen sighed deeply and continued, "You guys know one part but not the other. Do you know why the Wu clan and the Demon clan became nemeses?" They shook their heads, though they had heard about the war between the two clans, the reason remained unknown.

"It was because of luck. The Wu and Demon clan, when one side lost, then naturally the other side would become the master of heaven and earth, and their clan's luck would be heavily boosted. When that time came, even the Sages would have trouble facing them," Mu Sen explained. Ziyi-Shi asked Mu Sen, "What do their fights have to do with our clan? Though the Human Clan was created by Goddess Nv Wa, we have nothing to do with the Demon Clan. Instead, we are always fighting with the Demon Clan and our relationship with the Wu Clan can be considered alright. I don't think their fights will affect us."

Mu Sen continued, "Have you ever considered that once the Human Clan grows particularly strong, it might threaten the Wu and Demon clan. Will they still be as they are now? When the Human Clan was newly created, the luck was weak, but in just a few hundred years, the Human Clan has become so strong and our luck is still growing stronger. I'm sure you have felt it during your cultivation."

As Mu Sen preached about luck, the facial expressions of the three ancestors of the Human Clan changed immediately, as they had definitely felt it. Compared to when the clan was newly created, its luck had improved and increased tremendously. They had enjoyed the fact that the luck of the human clan became stronger, yet they had failed to think of the horrible consequences it would bring. If what Mu Sen said was true, then the consequences would be unimaginable.

Suiren-shi hurriedly asked Mu Sen, "Then do you, Fourth Brother, have any ideas to solve this problem?" Since Mu Sen had called them together, it meant he had come up with a plan. Even though the three of them had become the ancestors of the Human Clan earlier than Mu Sen, it seemed that among the four of them, Mu Sen had slowly and surely become their leader. The Untainted Land was a world where people had prowess and ability and so did the Human Clan.

Mu Sen added, "You guys don't have to be so worried. It has not reached that stage yet, but it is true that we can no longer stay here. For now, it would be best for us to move somewhere else. Although this current land is good, it's too easy to get involved in the war of the Wu and Demon Clan. Only when we've reached the far grounds of the Untainted Lands will our clan be able to grow steadily and gain strength."

Youchao-Shi asked Mu Sen, "Then based on what you've pointed out, where should our clans move to?" The Untainted Land may be a huge place, but most of the land was already occupied by the Wu and Demon Clan. It wouldn't be easy to find a place that could hold such huge population.

"At the shore of the East Sea. The land is vast and both the Wu and Demon clans are weak there. It is the perfect place to relocate our clansmen. After we've moved there, I intend to build a sacred place of spiritual inheritance for the Human Clan," Mu Sen continued.

Ziyi-Shi asked Mu Sen doubtfully, "A sacred place of spiritual inheritance? Why?" Although what Mu Sen had said was rather literal, she did not understand why Mu Sen wanted to build a sacred place of spiritual inheritance. The spiritual inheritance of the clan was martial arts. And since every clansman was already practicing martial arts, there was no purpose in building a place simply for spiritual inheritance.

Mu Sen questioned her back. "Third Sister, when you cultivated martial arts, did you realize a flaw in martial arts?" Ziyi-Shi frowned. "Flaw? There was no flaw. To practice martial arts, you need a strong foundation. Only then will you be stronger. What flaw could there be?"

Mu Sen said, "Indeed. It is as you have said. But you have forgotten that you, older brother and second brother have the luck of the Human Clan, and with merit from the Way of Heaven, there is not much impeding your cultivation. However, what about the normal people in the Human Clan? Their speed of martial arts cultivation cannot be compared to us. "Martial arts cultivation is a continuous thing. You cannot stop or take a break halfway. When normal humans practice martial arts cultivation, it will cost them a lot of time. If one day, a Sage starts to do a sermon in the clan, the martial arts spiritual inheritance of the human clan will face destruction. Compared to martial arts, the Way of Celestial Immortality would seem much easier."

With a few words, Mu Sen clarified the weakness of martial arts and the expressions on the faces of the three ancestors changed once again. If what Mu Sen said was true, then one day, a Sage would come for a sermon here. Countless humans would abandon martial arts for the Way of Celestial Immortality, thus the spiritual inheritance of martial arts of the human race would be weakened and the Human Clan would fall right into the hands of the Sage.

Compared to the other clans in the Untainted Land the Human Clan was too weak to go through the Way of Celestial Immortality. Once the Way of Celestial Immortality became highly sought after in the Human Clan, it could temporarily increase the strength of the Human Clan. In reality, the possibility of any skilled cultivators in the Human Clan cultivating the Way of Celestial Immortality would be very minimal. And even if there were skilled cultivators, they couldn't be compared to the ones that had cultivated for thousands of years.

Chapter 77: Relocation (part 2)

Since it was concerning the Spiritual Inheritance of the Human Tribe, Suiren-Shi asked, "You mentioned the establishment of the Sacred Land of Spiritual Inheritance. Was it meant to tackle the hidden threat? " Though he was an Ancestor of the Human Tribe, Suiren-Shi was not keen to power and influence, but was concerned about the Spiritual Inheritance of his Human Tribe. The Human Tribe would not be a Tribe as strong as the Sorcerer and Demon tribes if The Way of Celestial Immortality was prevalent in this tribe.

Musen nodded and said, "Sure, ever since the Origin of the Human Tribe several hundreds of years ago, we have not engaged in any wars. Hence, our migration will not be troubled by the Wu Tribe. The Demon Tribe, however, will inevitably get in our way, which also serves as an opportunity to steel ourselves and show our strength.

"After arriving at the Coast of the East Sea, we will commence on building our own Sacred Land of Spiritual Inheritance exclusive for the cultivation of Martial Arts. And The Way of Celestial Immortality could be cultivated outside the Holly Land. Tens of millions of humans are now living in the tribe. After arriving there, we will select high-level aptitude tribesmen from each tribe and teach them Martial Arts by ourselves."

Suiren-Shi and the other two were satisfied with this advice. Considering that elites of Martial Arts in the Human Tribe could be gathered in the Holly Land of Human Tribe, the Spiritual Inheritance of Martial Arts could remain strong even if The Way of Celestial Immortality was prevailing in the tribe. Martial Arts could be strengthened inside the Holly Land, while the combination of The Way of Celestial Immortality and Martial Arts would further promote the strength of the Human Tribe outside.

Seeing this, Musen continued, "I will arrange a mind- cultivation Formation of Martial Arts inside the Sacred Land of Spiritual Inheritance so as to select candidates. Once they enter the Holly Land successfully, they will be qualified to learn my Taoist characters: "Wu."(the Chinese character for Martial Arts)

The three guys became even more pleasantly surprised hearing the Taoist characters "Wu". Without the help of this Taoist characters, they would not be able to achieve the Heaven Clashing Level in such a short period. When all Martial Arts cultivators in the tribe had the chance to learn this Taoist characters, the process of Martial Arts Cultivation would certainly be accelerated. Musen continued, "After the establishment of the Holy Land, I will spend a year in demonstrating my 'Wu' to all Martial Arts cultivators every 100 years. Besides, the Holly Land of Human Tribe will be open to the outside world every 10 years for the selection of kids with aptitudes in Martial Arts from diverse tribes. In this way, Martial Arts in our Human Tribe will flourish."

Suiren-Shi and the others highly praised that advice. According to Musen's methods, nearly all people with aptitudes in Martial Arts among the Human Tribe would be taken to the Holy Land. Those remaining, ungifted in Martial Arts, could possibly gain some achievements in The Way of Celestial Immortality.

Although Musen was the ancestor of martial arts, he would not despise The Way of Celestial Immortality. Ignoring the importance of The Way of Celestial Immortality would lead to a terrible situation: some gifted people in the Way of Celestial Immortality would go for The Sage. More and more people would run away from the Human Tribe and no doubt it would bring riots and lead to separation.

Musen added, "Of course, our Human Tribe will not abandon The Way of Celestial Immortality. Martial Arts and The Way of Celestial Immortality will coexist in the Holy Land. And Human Tribe gifted in The Way of Celestial Immortality will be admitted into the Sacred Land of Spiritual Inheritance every 10 years and receive special cultivation. By doing this, both Martial Arts and The Way of Celestial Immortality will keep thriving."

Suiren-Shi asked, "My brother, we are all Martial Arts cultivators. It far exceeds our abilities to understand The Way of Celestial Immortality. Even if we manage to select gifted tribesmen in The Way of Celestial Land, what are we supposed to teach them? " The fact was that Martial Arts were prevalent among the Human Tribe, but there were no masters in The Way of Celestial Immortality, not to mention the transforming exercises of it. What he worried about was indeed reasonable.

Musen had taken this worry into consideration before, but it was not the best time to illustrate it now. He was in need of the proper chance to show That Thing. Otherwise, it would vainly stir up suspicions. In addition, That Thing was involved with too many other things and would not be easily exhibited to others. Maybe another time would be fine.

Musen said, "I understand your worries. After the migration, I will travel around Untainted Land and visit many Individual Cultivators so as to seek some Fated Chances and transforming exercises of The Way of Celestial Immortality. I believe that our problems will be solved in this way. "

Suiren-Shi agreed and said, "Well, in that case, we should instantly order all tribesmen to prepare for the migration. The trip will be dangerous. We have to make joint efforts to secure our Human Tribe. "

Over the past years, these three guys had constantly compared notes of Martial Arts with each other. They worked together and still were beaten by Musen. Moreover, Musen did not exert all his power at all. Up to now, Musen's Martial Arts had reached the peak of the Heaven Clashing Level, and no Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal could match his strength. Consequently, the migration of the Human Tribe would be much safer with his protection.

Upon the orders by the Four Ancestors of Humanity, the tribesmen all began to prepare. The four enjoyed high prestige in the tribe. No one dared to object to them. Now that the Four Ancestors of Humanity had reached an agreement over the migration, it would not be easily changed.

The Sorcerer and Demon tribes in Untainted Land naturally noticed their action. But the Wu Tribe took it easy. They thought that migration of a small tribe could not violate their interests. Instead, they gave a hand to them at times.

The Demon Tribe, however, acted differently. The Human Tribe would pass their territory. To give way or not to give way was questioned. If they did, others would scorn them for fearing the Human Tribe; if not, a war would be inevitable. They had heard about the Four Ancestors of Humanity, who all achieved the cultivation of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortals. Normal tribes of the Demon Tribe were totally uncompetitive compared to them.

One more thing to consider was the Goddess Nvywa, who was both the creator of the Human Tribe and The Sage of the Demon Tribe. Once they waged a war against the Human Tribe, they would defame Goddess Nvywa's reputation. Besides, they would not know how to explain to Goddess Nvywa if the Human Tribe suffered losses.

Others, conversely, believed that the Human Tribe was nothing but a created tool for Goddess Nvywa to reach The Sage. Moreover, Goddess Nvywa had not cared about them since their Origin, which proved that they had little value. So, Goddess Nvywa would  not blame them  for damaging  the Human Tribe.

Therefore, the Human Tribe struggled all the way, fighting against the Demon Tribe constantly. The strong ones in the Human Tribe were not stronger than Black Immortals. So, Musen, Suiren-Shi, Youchao-Shi, and Ziyi-Shi only took care of Demon Tribes stronger than the Black Immortal level and the rest were battled by tribesmen themselves. Without being baptized by hardships, the Human Tribe could only be flowers in the greenhouse, far away from the master of the Heaven and Earth.

It took the Human Tribe nearly 100 years to reach the Coast of the East Sea through bloody fights. As a result, the number of the Human Tribe did not increase, but their overall strength was lifted to a higher realm. The Human Tribe were mature now like soaring eyas. Untainted Land was their real arena.

After arriving, the Human Tribe began to expel the Demon Tribe nearby and settled on the Coast of the East Sea as its Stronghold. Musen and others commenced on building the Sacred Land of Spiritual Inheritance of the Human Tribe, which would be done as soon as possible. They would not feel relieved before the completion of the Holy Land. The establishment of the Sacred Land of Spiritual Inheritance was big news in the Human Tribe. Numerous Martial Arts cultivators signed up in hope of becoming members of the Holy Land. Meanwhile, The Way of Celestial Immortality was abandoned temporally due to the lack of transforming exercises. Martial Arts became the dominant cultivation method among the Human Tribe.

Nevertheless, the mind-cultivation Formation arranged by Musen was not easy to break. Tens of millions of people came for tests and no more than 200,000 people passed the trial cultivation after several rounds of selections. The people remaining had to return to their tribe in disappointment.

Luckily, the Holly Land of Human Tribe was open to the outside world every 10 years, so the Human Tribe that failed this time still had another chance. They would work harder on the cultivation of Martial Arts so as to enter the Holy Land and receive instruction from the ancestor of martial arts in person.

Suiren-Shi, Youchao-Shi, and Ziyi-Shi were all delighted to see this flourishing scene. If things continued this way, the strength of the Human Tribe would develop at an extremely high rate. Musen, however, knew that this was impossible because Goddess Nvywa had been teaching for 1000 years and now it was over.

Chapter 78: The Reaction of All Parties

Wuhuang Heaven, Inside the Royal NvyWa Temple, 1,000 years had passed and Goddess Nvywa finally finished her explanation on the Way of Fate. Nowadays, her merit fulfilled could be regarded as having reached their successful conclusion. Three Pure Ones and the others left soon after Goddess Nvywa's teaching was over, leaving only the Demon Tribe remaining in the temple. Emperor Jun still had another purpose he hadn't yet achieved.

Once Three Pure Ones and the others left, Emperor Jun asked, "Since Goddess has become The Sage, has Goddess considered the future of my Demon Tribe?" Since she had become The Sage, even Emperor Jun had to respectfully address her as 'Goddess'. There was nothing he could do. Even if Emperor Jun was the Demon Emperor, the gap between a Sage-to-be and The Sage was indeed too huge. If he offended Goddess Nvywa, the Demon Tribe would lose a major patron.

Goddess Nvywa stared at Emperor Jun, a complicated feeling was exposed on her face. Finally, Goddess Nvywa closed her eyes and said, "The matters of the Demon Tribe are preordained, I am unable to do anything of help. " Now that Goddess Nvywa was The Sage, she had naturally calculated some matters regarding the Luck of the Demon Tribe. Although at this moment the Luck of the Demon Tribe was flourishing, everything that had reached its peak would certainly decline. Goddess Nvywa faintly perceived that the power of the Demon Tribe would weaken.

Emperor Jun, Taiyi and a group of Demon Tribe naturally felt dissatisfied to receive such kind of answer from Goddess Nvywa. But, now that Goddess Nvywa was The Sage, they didn't dare to be presumptuous. Even Taiyi, with his impulsive temperament, restrained himself. With no other choice, Emperor Jun could only turn to Fuxi for help. Who else to say something but her older brother? If Fuxi said something, Goddess Nvywa wouldn't blame him.

Fuxi received Emperor Jun's hint and asked, "Sister, you see, the matter of the Demon Tribe… " Goddess Nvywa could only sigh when she heard Fuxi speak. She replied, "What my brother is thinking, I'm already aware. If in the future something happens to the Demon Tribe, I won't go as far as to watch without doing anything. All of you should go! "

It was clear that Goddess Nvywa didn't want to say more for she disappeared without a trace after finishing her speech. Even though Emperor Jun and the rest felt quite dissatisfied, in any case, they had received a promise from Goddess Nvywa so it could be considered quite good. If something were to happen in the future the Demon Tribe would have Goddess Nvywa to come to their help. Perhaps they could be out of harm's way.

Goddess Nvywa had an extremely complex expression on her face as she watched the Demon Tribe leave. Not only because she had perceived that the Demon Tribe would weaken, but also because she was worried about her brother, Fuxi. Fuxi was already at the center of the current Cultivation Tribulation. Even if right now Goddess Nvywa persuaded him to leave the Heavenly Court, as she wanted to, it wouldn't make any difference. Fuxi wholeheartedly wanted to strengthen the Demon Tribe, how could he possibly leave at a time like this?

She could only sigh. Goddess Nvywa really didn't know what else she ought to say. It was fortunate that right now she was The Sage. As long as she watched over Fuxi, she could surely keep him safe. Unfortunately, Man proposes, Heaven disposes. Sometimes, even The Sage had a time where they couldn't do anything. The phrase 'Magic Skills are inferior to Heaven's Calculation' described it best.

For Goddess Nvywa, teaching for 1,000 years was equivalent to letting the Fate be thoroughly understood. She had also gained quite a lot from it. It was at this moment that Goddess Nvywa suddenly remembered the Human Tribe she had created, she didn't know how they were faring at the moment. At that time, she'd been in a hurry to leave and hadn't considered them at all. After all, they were her creation; she felt that it would be quite a pity if they were to be destroyed so easily.

Once The Sage wanted to know, hundreds of things would be clear. Since Goddess Nvywa already had the intention, what the Human Tribe had gone through for 1,000 years naturally would be imprinted in her mind. Astonishment suddenly appeared on her face. It wasn't surprising. The Human Tribe's experiences for the past millennium were indeed too astonishing, especially the breathtaking appearance of the Four Ancestors of Humanity. They had really caused all living things of Untainted Land to look upon the Human Tribe in a different light.

Seeing the greatness of the Human Tribe's development, guilt began to grow in Goddess Nvywa's heart. The Human Tribe honored her as their Sacred Lady, and she even enjoyed the worship of the Human Tribe as well as 30% of their Luck. Nevertheless, she felt quite ashamed to receive them for she had never done anything for the Human Tribe.

But Goddess Nvywa was also bewildered in regards to the appearance of the Four Ancestors of Humanity. She really couldn't understand what was so special about the Human Tribe that she could actually get such Merit and become The Sage for creating them. The Four Ancestors of Humanity also obtained a great amount of Merit from their contribution to the growth of the Human Tribe. There was no other tribe that had received this treatment among the Hundred Tribes of Untainted Land.

Goddess Nvywa counted on her fingers. She wanted to know what was so special about the Human Tribe. But she still didn't gain anything after she'd finished counting. The matters of the Human Tribe seemed to be veiled like they were the secrets of heaven. Goddess Nvywa became even more suspicious. In the Untainted Land, aside from Goddess Nvywa The Sage, only Ancestor Hongjun could conceal the secrets of heaven. Another possibility was… the Way of Heaven.

Goddess Nvywa was scared by this notion. Originally, she had only created the Human Tribe as a tool to become The Sage; but from what she saw now, the Human Tribe didn't seem to be that ordinary. Regardless of whether it was Ancestor Hongjun or the Way of Heaven that had concealed the secrets of heaven, either one was already sufficient to prove that the Human Tribe wasn't as simple as she had thought. In the end, what was so special about the Human Tribe? Goddess Nvywa was not the only one pondering this. Emperor Jun's and Taiyi's group, who had just returned to the Heavenly court, Three Pure Ones, as well as Jieyin's and Zhunti's group who had each respectively returned to their Ashram — all of them had been listening to the teaching for a millennium inside Wahuang Heaven. They naturally wanted to know about what had happened in the Untainted Land during the past 1,000 years. Everyone was shocked to learn about the Human Tribe.

It had only been 1,000 years since the Human Tribe was created, yet not only had their numbers grown astonishingly from the original 120,000 into more than ten million tribesmen, a practice law that was different from The Way of Celestial Immortality had also appeared inside the tribe, the Martial Arts. Furthermore, it was also a member of the Human Tribe who had created the practice. It was impossible for them not to be shocked by these!

What shocked them even more, was that Goddess Nvywa had received huge Merit from creating humans, thus becoming The Sage, while the Four Ancestors of Humanity also received merits of heaven for their tremendous contribution in the growth of the Human Tribe. When had merits of heaven become so little in value? What was Merit? It was essentially a multi-purpose thing with a lot of function, such as increasing one's cultivation, dissipating one's Karma, refining Magical Weapons, dispersing one's heart's obsession and so on. In the Untainted Land, who wouldn't want to get more Merit? Yet there were only a few who were genuinely able to obtain it, and no one had ever expected that four of those people would appear at once among the Human Tribe. How could they not to be jealous?

Inside Mount Kunlun, Three Pure Ones who had just returned from Goddess Nvywa's teaching were gazing at the Coast of the East Sea, each bearing a different expression on his face. Honoured Lord of the Origin asked in confusion, "Older brother, what exactly is so special about the Human Tribe? Junior Sister Goddess Nvywa became The Sage because of them and the Four Ancestors of Humanity also obtained Merit and achieved the Friut of Zenith Heaven because of them. But compared with the Sorcerer and Demon tribes, they are small and weak, there's no redeeming quality about them!"

Laozi counted on his fingers silently for a long time and gained nothing. He said, "There must be something special about the Human Tribe Junior Sister Goddess Nvywa created. Otherwise, the Way of Heaven wouldn't send out Merit so frequently. All Four Ancestors of Humanity also achieved Zenith Heaven Fruit; one can see their extraordinariness, especially that Martial Ancestor of the Human Tribe. He could actually create a new path, really admirable. "

Tongtian laughed and said, "Haha, that is correct. The three other ancestors of the Human Tribe don't count for anything; but this ancestor of martial arts, Musen, is indeed extraordinary. If he were to be born several thousand years earlier, perhaps now he would be fighting against us. It's a pity he was born at the wrong time! "

Honoured Lord of the Origin frowned. "Third brother's words are wrong, " He said. "A tiny Human Tribe, how could they fight against us, the Pangu tribe? In the future don't say these kinds of words in front of others, you would cause our reputation to fall for no reason. " Honoured Lord of the Origin loved his reputation. Seeing Tongtian mention Musen on equal terms with them, he would naturally be unhappy.


Holy Mountain of The West. After they returned, Jieyin and Zhunti were naturally attracted by the matters of the Human Tribe; an idea appeared in the two men's hearts after they saw how extraordinary the Human Tribe was. Although the west was vast, it was sparsely populated. If they could bring back some of the Human Tribe, the west could slowly grow stronger.

Zhunti knew that the Four Ancestors of Humanity had received merit of heaven, so he was envious of them. "Senior brother, the luck of these Four Ancestors of Humanity was really good, they could actually obtain merit of heaven just by contributing in the growth of Human Tribe." His speech was somewhat suffused with jealousy as he said this. "But it wasn't bad for them to obtain Merit, especially that ancestor of martial arts, his aptitude is unique. If we could bring them to the west, our west would definitely be able to become strong. "

Jieyin sighed. Zhunti's wholehearted schemes for the west had gradually been affecting his practice, Jieyin could only advise him, "Junior brother, I know that you wholeheartedly want the best for the west, but the Human Tribe already has Martial Arts, and the ancestor of martial arts was the person who started it. How would he be willing to place himself under the two of us? It will be better for you and me to achieve enlightenment in The Foundation of the Great Way as quickly as possible so that we can quickly become The Sage. Regarding this matter, we'll discuss it again in the future. "

··· As for Heavenly Court, when Emperor Jun returned, he blazed with wrath when he found out about the Human Tribe. But it wasn't surprising. In his eyes, the Human Tribe was the creation of Goddess Nvywa, the Sage of the Demon Tribe. For him it meant they were a subsidiary tribe of the Demon Tribe. Yet against all reason, not only was the Human Tribe quite close with the Wu Tribe, but they also frequently beheaded the Demon Tribe in the Untainted Land. This was simply a rebellion!

Unfortunately, Ancestor of Hongjun had decreed: demons govern the Heaven, sorcerers rule the Earth. To avoid giving a pretext to the Wu Tribe, Emperor Jun couldn't brazenly go to the Untainted Land. As for the matter about the Human Tribe, he could only tolerate them for the time being. Once he put an end to the Wu Tribe, he would find the Human Tribe and settle this account.

Chapter 79: The Birth of the Ashura Tribe

The Human Tribe was developing prosperously regardless of what happened outside. The Sacred Land of Spiritual Inheritance of the Human Tribe had greatly inspired the entire Human Tribe to cultivate. Moreover, catching a chance to cultivate under the Four Ancestors of Humanity who were worshiped by the whole Human Tribe had further strengthened their desire to enter the Holly Land of Huma Tribe.

Seeing that the Human Tribe was developing very  well, Musen was ready to travel around Untainted Land. However, what he wanted was more than a tour, he needed a chance to go out to take out some "Fated Chances", arranged by himself.


On the Sacred Island of Blood Sea, Minghe was a little surprised at the letter from Musen. He did not expect that what he had accidentally done before could benefit Musen's plan for the Human Tribe's development. It was indeed an unintentional positive outcome.

Minghe naturally agreed upon Musen's plan, and so he used the power of Heaven and Earth to fly numerous stone tablets into Musen's hands in Untainted Land. These stone tablets meant nothing to him, but being beneficial to Musen's plan meant to have made the best use of them.

Minghe started to think about himself after helping Musen. Goddess Nvywa becoming The Sage meant Untainted Land would enter into an era of The Sage. As for Goddess Nvywa's teaching, Minghe had no interest because his Dao for cultivation was different from Goddess Nvywa's Dao of Fate.

However, Heaven and Earth Taoist, Minghe's Good Separation had gone for the teaching. Although Heaven and Earth Taoist did not understand the Fate, the world in his body needed merits of Fate to improve itself, and this teaching might help to develop Creatures in that world.

Minghe was busy refining himself into the body of Rakshasa through The Divine Law as well as gaining an Enlightenment from the Law of Blood and the Law of Spiritual Beings, so he could not spare time to be concerned about his disciples.

Minghe's second disciple Kong Xuan was 300 years old and born with a cultivation base at Golden Immortality level. Moreover, with Divine Five Colored Light Heaven Endowed Magic Skills as his natural gift, Kong Xuan was unmatched among Golden Immortals.

Minghe did not let Kong Xuan cultivate his transforming exercises because Kong Xuan had found his own Dao for cultivation, and when achieving the fulfillment of Zenith Heaven, Kong Xuan could gain an Enlightenment from the Divine Law of Five Elements with the help of the Divine Five Colored Light. If Kong Xuan could gain insight successfully and receive help from the Magic Skills, Liu Er could barely defeat him, provided that Liu Er made no progress.

Since Liu Er had reached Zenith Heaven level, he had gained an insight into the Law of War, which was very suitable to him. It had significantly enhanced his strength to fight and helped him reach the Late Stage of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortality.

As for Minghe's mount Chixuan, he could not catch up with Liu Er in cultivation even though he had been making progress. Chixuan was an ordinary Kylin from the Kylin Tribe. He had no extraordinary aptitude and had not been able to gain an insight into The Divine Law after reaching the Zenith Heaven Realm. Fortunately, Chixuan's current cultivation as a mount was good enough, and Minghe did not ask too much of him. Compared with Chixuan, Kong Xuan was more talented, and Minghe had as high expectations for him as Liu Er. Minghe also gave Kong Xuan a Ninth-Grade Red Lotus of Fire that had been returned by Chang Xi and WangShu as a gift for being his disciple. Minghe felt a little uncomfortable giving the Ninth- Grade Red Lotus of Fire away even though it was useless to him.

As for the five Five Elements primordial spiritual roots, Kong Xuan removed them into the Five Elements space converted from the Divine Five Colored Light for the purpose of enhancing the power of the Divine Five Colored Light and strengthening the space.

Minghe had no spare time to be concerned about his disciples' cultivation, but their achievement gratified him. The Human Tribe had existed for a thousand years, but because not all humans could cultivate for eternal life and many humans were killed during the fight with the Demon Tribe, the deceased number was also large. Thus, it was a critical time for him.

Since the Six Paths of Reincarnation had not yet appeared in Untainted Land, the souls of the deceased had nowhere to go but to haunt between the Heaven and Earth. The Blood Sea, which had the thickest killing intent of the whole Untainted Land, naturally became the destination for these souls. Thus, millions of souls from the Human Tribe had gathered there over a thousand years.

Although the killing intent in the Blood Sea benefited the souls a lot, once the souls arrived, the Evil Blood Aura naturally dragged them into the Blood Sea, where crying emitted from the souls could always be heard.

Upon seeing the suffering and struggling souls in the Blood Sea, Minghe sighed. It was time for the Ashura tribe to be born. He stood up and flew into the Blood Sea. Minghe said to himself, "I shall save you, though from now on you will no longer be humans. "

The souls of the Human Tribe were dragged out of the roaring Blood Sea one after another following a sweep of his sleeve. In the meantime, numerous blood columns, each of which wrapped a spirit, arose out of the Blood Sea, and soon millions of such blood columns appeared above the Blood Sea.

Minghe was a little excited about seeing the blood cocoons. The feeling of creating a new species was beyond words. Only Goddess Nvywa could perhaps understand Minghe's excitement. Several days later, all the blood cocoons had turned to be like amber and calmed down. The figures inside them could be seen vaguely. Although the figures were similar to the Human Tribe, they were born with higher cultivation than the Human Tribe. This was the main difference. The worst cultivation of the figures was at Earthly Immortals Realm and four leaders even had the vital force of Golden Immortality.

Minghe sent power to them with one finger, "Ashura Tribe, out!" With these words, millions of blood cocoons exploded, and the Ashura tribesmen came out. The Ashura tribesmen were like humans except for their ferocious appearance.

The Way of Heaven immediately sensed the birth of the Ashura Tribe, and a Golden Light of Merit appeared out of the Void and fell directly into the Blood Sea. This Merit was as large as one-fifth of what Goddess Nvywa had received for the creation of humans. Although the Ashura Tribe was not the ruler of Heaven and Earth in the future, it constituted one of the Six Paths of Reincarnation, ensuring large Merit would fall.

Minghe was naturally very happy to receive the Merit and put it directly into the Golden Wheel of Merit to fill the loss consumed before. It also enlarged the Golden Wheel of Merit in case he needed to sacrifice to the Magical Tao Mirror in the future.

The newly born Ashura Tribe bowed to Minghe, "Your Ancestor! Your Ancestor! Your Ancestor! " Since the Ashura Tribe had been created for killing tribe, the killing intent contained in those words spread in the air. However, Minghe had never wanted to change their nature.

In the Ashura Tribe, the male was fierce and ugly looking whereas the female was extremely beautiful. However, both men and women had an Ashura heart because killing was their nature.

Minghe addressed the four leaders in front, all of whom were at the cultivation of Golden Immortality, "You four will be the kings of the Ashura Tribe and named the Demon King of the Sixth Sky, Brahma, Yu Setian and Shiva. Starting today, you will lead the whole Ashura Tribe. "

The four immediately bowed to thank Minghe, and four silver lights were sent into their eyebrows by Minghe. "This is the Shura Blood Book, created by me. You can spread it to all Ashura tribesmen. Now you can go!" Receiving the order, the four kings led millions of Ashura tribesmen to inhabit the Blood Sea.

The Shura Blood Books, a transforming exercises for Body Tempering, was specially created for the Ashura tribesmen by Minghe. Cultivators could refine themselves into a Shura body using Evil Blood Aura. The Shura body could not be a match to the body of an Ancestor of sorcerer but was as powerful as a Great Sorcerer. Although this transformation exercise could only be predicated to the level of Sage-to-be, Minghe would be very satisfied if the Ashura Tribe could have such a cultivation base.

Chapter 80: Minghe Became a Sage?

Minghe would also establish the Religion of Asura in the future. However, this religion was not suitable for the Human Tribe because it honored killing Heaven, killing Earth, and killing all living beings. Besides, since this religion was established specifically for the Ashura Tribe created by Minghe, the Luck would also totally fall to him.

"Oh! " Minghe nearly forgot that after Zhunti changed the Western Religious Sect into Buddhism, Zhunti established the Eight Creatures, including Ashuras. There was no doubt that Zhunti would snatch some Luck of the Ashura Tribe from Minghe. It was definitely not what Minghe wanted to see.

As for why not to establish the Religion of Asura now, there were two reasons. First, Minghe did not want to destroy Musen's plan for the Human Tribe. If the Three Pure Ones, Jieyin, and Zhunti gained Enlightenment on the Fated Chance for becoming The Sage after Minghe's creation of the Religion of Asura, they would teach The Way of Celestial Immortality in the Human Tribe, which definitely influenced Musen's plan.

Martial Arts had been popular in the Human Tribe for only several hundred years, and the Sacred Land of Spiritual Inheritance was just established. If The Way of Celestial Immortality was taught in the Human Tribe now, the purpose of establishing the Sacred Land of Spiritual Inheritance would not be accomplished. Thus, delaying the establishment time of the Religion of Asura could strengthen the Sacred Land of Spiritual Inheritance, and also benefit Musen's plan.

Second, Minghe's Evil Separation, Red Lotus Taoist, would reach the Realm of The Origin soon, so Minghe himself also needed some time to prepare for converting into the body of Rakshasa, which he must be very cautious about, because one careless step might cause him to lose the whole game. Moreover, Minghe also needed more time to gain Enlightenment from the Law of Blood and the Law of Spiritual Beings.


The Merits falling to the Blood Sea was as large as one-fifth of that for Goddess Nvywa's creation of the Human Tribe, and all living beings of Untainted Land had naturally found the big event. Since both Goddess Nvywa's creation of the Human Tribe and Minghe's creation of the Ashura Tribe had granted them Merits, all living beings were wondering if it was a better choice to receive Merits by creating a new species? The Merits were the one that all the cultivators desired. Some reclusive Almighty cultivators in Untainted Land also expected to receive the Merits by creating a new tribe just as what Goddess Nvywa and Minghe had done. What they might not know was that the reason for receiving the Merit for creating the Human and Ashura Tribes was that both of them were paths of the Six Paths of Reincarnation, and the Human Tribe would even be the dominator of the Heaven and Earth. Thus, if they wanted to receive the Merit like Goddess Nvywa and Minghe, they were daydreaming.

Some envied, and some were jealous, and of course, some worried. Minghe, who enjoyed the extraordinary strength and had snatched the Hong Meng Immortal Qi from Hongyun, would be likely to become The Sage after receiving the Merits. Thus, the Demon Tribe was the one who was worried about this.

Emperor Jun wore a grave expression when looking at the immense Blood Sea. At first, Goddess Nvywa becoming The Sage meant one more powerful supporter of the Demon Tribe, and even though she did not help the Demon Tribe excessively, Goddess Nvywa, as The Sage of the Demon Tribe, would not stand by or do nothing. But if Minghe became The Sage, two Sages would exist in Untainted Land. If Goddess Nvywa helped the Demon Tribe defeat the Wu Tribe and become the dominator of the universe of Untainted Land, she would naturally enjoy more Luck of the Demon Tribe and her cultivation might also be further enhanced.

Moreover, with the Demon Tribe being the dominator of the Heaven and Earth, its Luck would greatly increase and Emperor Jun could reach the Daluo Golden Immortal of Origin by relying on the Luck. However, if Minghe became The Sage, would he allow all of these to happen?

Of course not. The amount of the Luck of Untainted Land was fixed. If the Demon Tribe had occupied most of the Luck, what about Minghe? Although the Luck could not be realized by all, The Sage also could not ignore it. In order to prevent the Demon Tribe from becoming more powerful and to balance the Wu and Demon Tribes, Minghe definitely chose to support the Wu Tribe.

The Wu Tribe had the Real Entity of Pangu, and if they were supported by Minghe, the Demon Tribe would have little chance to win even with the help of Goddess Nvywa The Sage and the Cosmic Stars Formation. All these were the reasons why Emperor Jun wore a grave expression. In addition, Emperor Jun worried more about the Three Pure Ones, Jieyin, and Zhunti. If they also had gained insight into the Fated Chance for becoming The Sage, Untainted Land might enter into another era.

The Sorcererand Demon tribes were still weaker compared to The Sage. There was little possibility that the Demon Tribe could defeat The Sage with the Cosmic Stars Formation. As for the Wu Tribe, even if its Real Entity of Pangu could be a match against The Sage, the Twelve Ancestors of Sorcery could not last long facing the strong Boomerang from that tactical formation.

Emperor Jun could not imagine what would happen when all The Sage came into being. It was an unprecedented pressure that Emperor Jun had felt. However, Emperor Jun had no ability to, and could not stop them from becoming The Sage because it not only violated the Way of Heaven but also offended the Three Pure Ones and and others. It would cause a great deal of Karma to the one preventing others from being The Sage.

The only solution for the Demon Tribe was to defeat the Wu Tribe to become the dominator of the Heaven and Earth. 2,000 years had passed since Honourable Ancestor set the 10,000-year- agreement. 8,000 years later, the Sorcerer and Demon tribes would have a final fight determining which would be the dominator of the Heaven and Earth.

Emperor Jun could not help thinking of  the  figure  that showed in the fight between the Sorcerer and Demon tribes. That figure had buried ten billions of Demon Tribe with one shot. The Wu Tribe's Real Entity of Pangu was so dreadful that even Goddess Nvywa The Sage might not stand its one shot. Thus, Emperor Jun naturally had a grave expression on his face when he was reminded of that.


In Mount Kunlun, the Three Pure Ones also had a change on their faces upon seeing the Merits falling to the Blood Sea. Goddess Nvywa became The Sage by relying on the Merits for the creation of the Human Tribe, and now Minghe also received the merits of heaven by creating the Ashura Tribe. Minghe now was at the Sage-to-be Peak Level which was only one step from the Realm of Origin. Even though Minghe had received only one-fifth of the Merits of Goddess Nvywa, he still had a chance to become The Sage with the Merits.

The Three Pure Ones were Pangu tribe and disciples of Ancestor Hongjun. That Goddess Nvywa became The Sage prior to them made them lose face. If Minghe, who was even not a disciple of Honourable Ancestor, also became The Sage prior to them, those three would lose face completely.

But fortunately, it seemed that Minghe had no breakthrough after receiving the merits of heaven. When Goddess Nvywa received the Merits, she immediately became The Sage and the Auspicious Signs spread all over Untainted Land. But now in Untainted Land, everything was so calm and no signs had appeared showing that Minghe had become The Sage.

It was just fine. The Three Pure Ones felt relieved at the situation that, fortunately, was not bad now. If someone also became The Sage prior to them, they, the Three Pure Ones, would lose face completely. Although Minghe did not become The Sage yet, the Three Pure Ones were still under pressure and desired to successfully gain Enlightenment of the Foundation of the Great Way as soon as possible.


Just then, a strong Menace Intent flew from the Blood Sea into Heaven, a dense blood cloud covered the Heaven and Earth, and black snow fell onto the Blood Sea. Meanwhile, the Cultivation Tribulation in Untainted Land was stirred up greatly, and the Menace Intent of Heaven forced all the stars to change their positions. When all the Evil Spirit gathered in the Blood Sea, numerous bloody Red Lotuses appeared above the Blood Sea.

All living beings in Untainted Land had naturally noticed the strange scene in the Blood Sea. Its Menace Intent was so strong that could even change the Heaven and Earth. Although the scene of the Blood Sea covered less than the Auspicious Signs showed when Goddess Nvywa became The Sage, it still made the whole Untainted Land shocked.

All the Creatures in Untainted Land came up with an idea that maybe Minghe had become another Sage after Goddess Nvywa. This thought greatly shocked them. However, the scene appeared when Minghe became The Sage was so scary, and the lotuses formed by the Menace Intent could change anyone, including a Daluo Golden Immortal, into a killing Puppet forever.

"Minghe has become a Sage? " The Three Pure Ones had thought the reason that Minghe did not immediately become The Sage after receiving the Merit was that the Merit was not enough, or he had not found his Fated Chance. But before they accepted it, Minghe had unexpectly become The Sage.

Minghe was scarier than Goddess Nvywa even though his commanding power was on a par with Goddess Nvywa's. Minghe was The Sage who had gained insight into the Law of Killing, which could be told from his strong Menace Intent, whereas Goddess Nvywa was good at the Divine Law of Fate. Thus, it was very easy to tell which one had the more powerful strength.

Before, the Demon Tribe felt very happy that Goddess Nvywa The Sage could be their support. However, 1,000 years later, another Sage had come into being. Maybe the Three Pure Ones, Jieyin, and Zhunti would also become The Sages soon. And then what would happen in Untainted Land when seven Sages all had come into being?
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