The Spiritual Attainment of Minghe Chapter 341-350

Chapter 341: The Mantis Stalks the Cicada

Among the Three Laws Of Elixirs, Weapons, and Arrays, Minghe was most familiar with the laws of weapons and arrays. In the tactical formation, he believed he wasn't in the least lesser than Sect Leader Tongtian. Although the vital force of this tactical formation was pretty thin, he still sensed it quickly. Moreover, he was familiar with this vital force. It was relative to the art of the five elements that his second disciple Kong Xuan had practiced.

Judging from the vital force, it should be the Primordial Five Elements Formation. In the attack and defense level, this formation could not stand out. But it was based on the primordial Five Elements, and it could both attack and defend. Moreover, the Five Elements were closely connected, mutually generating and restricting each other. In the tactical formation, with the Five Elements interchanging, it could even form a World of Five Elements. Thus, it was more or less a good tactical formation.

When Kong Xuan practiced the art of the five elements, Minghe also studied the Primordial Five Elements Formation. Thus he was familiar with it. But he was surprised that it would appear in this Out-of-Law Area. Still, he didn't take it seriously. What he cared for was whether it was a human-made or natural Formation.

If it was natural, then it must have been protecting something. That might be, a fairyland or valuable treasures, which Minghe was very interested in. If it was human-made, however, that could only mean he wasn't alone here, and the other person was worth looking into. That person either came from the Untainted Land, or from other worlds in the Chaos.

Either way, Minghe wanted to find out. Driving a Puppet of the Blood God, he went along the thin vital force. He only encountered some Rare Beast of Chaos alone or in groups of twos on the way. Moreover, he found out that this region was relatively peaceful, thanks to this tactical formation.

It was no wonder. The Power of Five Elements formed the world. They mutually generated and restricted to produce everything. It was also the same outside the Chaos land. In the Out-of-Law Area where the Divine Law was lost, it would certainly become peaceful under the Primordial Five Elements Formation. But judging from the density of the Power of Five Elements, it was a new Formation. That meant it was most likely human-made. Soon, he came near the Formation. Judging from what he knew, he believed it was artificial because a few amounts of Rare Beasts were seen on the way here. Obviously, they were lured away. Since the person was cautious like this, there must have been something good. Otherwise, why bother?

Minghe walked out of the Puppet of the Blood God and fixed it tightly. Seeing the Primordial Five Elements Formation, he was intrigued. Because judging from the Formation's power, it was either based on primordial spiritual roots or a spiritual treasure such as Primordial Flag of the Five Regions. Strong as it was, it couldn't stop Minghe. He walked straight in.

Within it stood a towering mountain, Minghe had seen one like this before, but he never entered. He even named this type of mountain metaphorically: beast nest. Ten thousand Rare Beasts occupied the mountain he had seen. Two or three dozens of The Origin vital force hid therein. He would certainly walk away from it.

He took his time to break in secretly. He was surprised to see a beast nest where few Rare Beasts of Chaos inhabited. Instead, he sensed an on-going fight within. One was the Rare Beasts; the other was the person that built the Formation. Moreover, it looked like more than one person. "Interesting." Minghe thought. He smiled and stepped into the Void. Inside the Formation, although the Divine Law was still running wild, the wildness was much lesser. Thus, Minghe could barely exert the Law of Space here.

Faced with the Void space turbulence, he smoothed it with a wave. But, it was still dangerous even with the Law of Space. He must take cautions in case the turbulence blew him out. That way his whereabouts would be revealed, which would be embarrassing.

There was a giant cave inside the beast nest. Minghe discovered that the whole nest was built out of the Original Stone of Chaos. That alone appealed to Minghe. Efforts were required if he carried them home. But if there were any chance, he wouldn't have missed it.

In the cave, Minghe hid in the Void. He covered his whole body with the supernatural power to be free from turbulence burn. Then, he finally saw the fight he sensed. One was a Rare Beast of Chaos at the Late Stage of Origin, who must have inhibited here.

The other was a group of five people. Every one of them had cultivated to the Middle Stage of Origin. It was the familiar art of the five elements Kong Xuan used to practice. The difference was, Kong Xuan practiced them alone, but these five people respectively practiced one of them, corresponding to metal, wood, water, fire, and earth.

Thus, they united to attack the bull-headed and human- bodied Rare Beast of Chaos, even though they were weak in cultivation. Then, they cooperated with a Five-element Battle Array to trap the beast. After a few rounds, the beast had lost its advantages.

The beast was indeed magnificent with a human body at the Late Stage of Origin. Even primordial spiritual treasure swords could not hurt it much. However, despite its strong body, the beast could not stand the consecutive attacks. It might die by their swords.

Minghe was actually interested in the Origin of Chaos of the beast at Late Stage of Origin, and he also admired those five people. To take such risks to hunt Rare Beasts of Chaos in a beast nest. If the Rare Beasts they previously lured away somehow returned, they would find themselves in serious trouble. They would even die here to serve the beasts. At the thought of this, Minghe couldn't help but find it strange. Being at Middle Stage of Origin, they still risked too much simply for the Origin of Chaos of a Rare Beast at Late Stage of Origin. He wouldn't do the same. No one would do the same unless they had a safety net.

"Was there any other valuable treasure?" Thought Minghe, but he did not search through Spiritual Thoughts. In the Realm of Origin, any action would be sensed; disturbing the five people involved in a fight was no good.

Thus, he searched the whole cave with his eyes, but nothing was strange. There were only Original Stones of Chaos left. He could not sense anything. You must know that a place where Spiritual Roots and Treasure were found must have something strange. An unowned treasure could be seen through human eyes.

"Have I missed something?" Minghe frowned. Unfortunately, he could not search for the strange things through Spiritual Thoughts. He did not worry too much, for those people would not return empty-handed. He would wait until the fight was over to see the treasure. As the Rare Beast of Chaos got badly hurt, their faces lit up. Still, they were fully aware that they could not relax at this very moment. You must know that a Rare Beast's counterattack could be astonishing. They would not relax until it was finished.

In the end, so weak was the Rare Beast's vital force that they eyed each other to prepare for the last strike. "Sword of Geng Metal !" "Sword of Jia Wood!" "Ren Water Sword!" "Sword of Bing Fire!" "Wu Earth Sword!" "The Sword of Five Elements united, Kill!" They turned five swords into one and pierced through the beast.

Though they had expected it, the beast still surprised them by emitting two divine lights from its eyes. The two people controlling the Ren Water Sword and Bing Fire Sword were hit head-on and got badly hurt. But their faces lit up a little as they thought about the treasure they were getting.

Seeing this, the rest came to ask, "Fellow Taoist Xun Yuan and Fellow Taoist Yan Yang, are you alright?" The Taoist Xun Yuan answered, "I'm fine, I didn't expect that! That bastard."

However, Taoist Yan Yang was angry and cursed. "Damn, I thought it was dead. Now I suffer so much. I have to tear it apart." The Taoist was bad-tempered like Zhurong.

A leader-like man said to him, "Well, do not get angry. You and Fellow Taoist Xun Yuan will have more of its body and Origin of chaos." The man speaking was Taoist Jun Tian, and the rest were Taoist Tong Hua and Taoist Yan Xuan. These five people had accompanied each other in hunting for beasts in this Out-of-Law Area for years. It was here that their cultivation grew fast. Otherwise, they would have stayed at the Early Stage of The Origin.

Chapter 342: The Siskin following behind

But these five Taoists were different from Minghe, who was now a Rakshasa. A Rakshasa's Origin was the Origin of chaos, thus he could directly absorb the Origin they had hunted. However, the five of them acquired Fruit of Origin through The Tao of Divine Law. Therefore, their Origins were  still primordial Origins. They could only consume the  Origin through other means.

There were two ways for a non-Rakshasa to absorb the Origin. One was through Body Tempering , that blended the Origin into your body and slowly turning it into the nutrition of your body. The other was through conversion which took a lot of time. You have to slowly turn it into primordial Origin, and then have it blend into your own Origin. Although both ways worked, you would still waste a lot of the Origin.

By Body Tempering, you could only consume about 80 percent of the Origin. By conversion, you could only obtain 60 percent of it. Either way, the Origin would still be wasted. Although before he turned into Rakshasa, Minghe did the same as well. Thus, he chose to do it through Body Tempering so he could consume more. Judging from their appearances, they did not seem to have absorbed it through Body Tempering. They must have chosen to convert it instead. They had cultivated to Middle Stage of Origin, thus their Origin should be strong, which meant it was not their first time hunting here.

What interested Minghe more was who were those five Taoists. If they were willing to work together, it meant that they knew each other long ago. Moreover, the rapport they have shown meant that they trusted each other very much. Without that kind of trust, they wouldn't have come to such a dangerous place.

" Where did they come from? " The two small chiliocosm Treasures Worlds that Minghe had destroyed there was  an expert of Origin in Treasures World, but he was only at Early Stage of The Origin. Yet there was none in Beasts World. The most capable one was just at Sage-to-be level. If these five Taoists came from the same world, then this world would be comparable to Untainted Land.

" A world like Untainted Land? " The thought appealed to Minghe a lot. If the World of Heaven and Earth could swallow a world like this, which Realm would Heaven and Earth Taoist reach? But to do so would be extremely difficult. After all, there was always the Way of Heaven in every world. Minghe must follow the Way to get what he wants.

Either way, Minghe would pay a visit to the world they came from. However, for now, he wanted to know why they came here. If they were purely for hunting Rare Beast of Chaos, it was too risky. They could have hunted beasts at Early or Middle Stage outside. Apparently, they had other motives.

Taoist Xun Yuan looked at the beast's carcass and the Origin of chaos in the hand of Taoist Jun Tian. His face lit up even though he was badly hurt. Then, he glanced over the cave and asked Taoist Jun Tian, "Fellow Taoist Jun Tian, where's the thing you mentioned?"

Hearing Taoist Xun Yuan question, Taoist Yan Yang, Tong Hua, and Yan Xuan turned to look at Taoist Jun Tian. Obviously, they bore the same question. They could not see anything valuable except the carcass in the cave. It was because of the treasure Taoist Jun Tian had mentioned that they took such a risk to hunt here.

Feeling the pressure, Taoist Jun Tian led the four of them to the deepest of the cave and there stood a pedestal. It was where the vital force of the Rare Beast of Chaos at Late Stage of Origin lay. It looked normal, except for the strange lines on the pedestal.

Minghe's eyes shone at the sight of this. It must be the thing Taoist Xun Yuan talked about. The lines did not resemble any tactical formation or Spiritual Treasure, but it looked weird. Moreover, it seemed to be carved on the Original Stone of Chaos. There was nothing extraordinary about it.

Taoist Jun Tian looked at the more bewildered four Taoists and explained. "Remember the last time we got separated by a herd of beasts when we came to hunt, I came here by chance and survived the attack. The Rare Beast of Chaos was here then."

At this point, Taoist Jun Tian got excited and said, "That was when I discovered this. These lines are like a weird Transmitting Formation picture. Last time I was here, the lines shone strangely and revealed something odd. However, the beast gobbled it up."

Taoist Tong Hua frowned and said, "Something odd? Was it the Origin of chaos? But you should have recognized it. Even the beast wanted that so it must be something good. However, we don't know when the lines will shine again. We can't be waiting here forever."

"We could carry this thing home!" Taoist Yan Yang said hurriedly. He couldn't hold back his excitement. If they could carry it home, they didn't have to come here time and time again. They nearly got killed here several times.

The rest also agreed. If a Rare Beast of Chaos coveted something here, it indicated that there must be something extraordinary. Moreover, if they own this place, they would own a shortcut to continuously obtain treasures. By doing so, not only would they save time to practice, but also they do not have to come to such a dangerous place anymore.

At this moment, the silent Taoist Yan Xuan spoke. "A good though that might be, but the problem is these lines are carved on the Original Stone of Chaos. By my judgment, the whole cave was made out of a compact Original Stone of Chaos. Before we cut out the pedestal, those Ominous Beasts of the Chaos will have returned."

Taoist Yan Yang exclaimed. "Then we'll remove the whole cave. Anyway, the stone is great for refining weapons. We could make it into Magic Weapons." He was enlightened on The Law of Fire. Thus, he knew that the most important step in refining weapons was melting the ingredient. If the ingredients were not completely melted or purified, even the best refining method would just be a waste of effort.

Removing the whole cave? The other four showed a reluctant face. One must know that an ordinary space Magic Weapon could not hold such a large cave. Moreover, the cave was embedded in the Chaos of this Out-of-Law Area. If they removed it, its disappearance may cause turbulence in the Chaos, the Divine Law and space. They could not afford to bear the consequence.

The most terrible part was, once it fell apart, nearby beasts would be drawn here. What would they do then? Faced with tens of thousands beasts at The Origin level, how would they escape? Even if someone did, it was nearly impossible that all five of them could make it.

In the middle of the dilemma, Taoist Jun Tian spotted something and cried. "Who is it?" The other four looked in the direction he looked at and Taoist cloth in black robe emerged. All of them were not aware of his presence. If this man were to sneak an attack behind their backs when they were battling with the Beasts, they would be in dire consequences.

Seeing him, the five Taoists' faces turned cold. The man must have been hiding since the beginning. He must have heard them their words and hence decided to show his face to understand their real intention. Thus, the group's Killing Intent soared, and they decided not to leave him alive.

That man was none other than Minghe who was hiding in the Void. Feeling their intent, Minghe grinned and said, "Well, since you guys can't remove it by yourself. I'll have to do it. The beasts will return soon, you'd better not stay here too long."

Hearing Minghe's words, Taoist Jun Tian became furious. Who would have thought that there would be a thief who coveted their treasures? He answered coldly . "Well, we discovered it first, and we killed the beast for it. You followed us here sneakily and you want to steal our treasures? There's no such thing. Walk away now and we'll go easy on you."

To be frank, Taoist Jun Tian feared him. Firstly, he secretly broke into their Primordial Five Elements Formation and hid in the den. Now he fearlessly showed up in front of them. Thus, he must be confident in his ability and was most probably stronger than all of them.

Secondly, it was difficult to either cut the Original Stone of Chaos or remove the whole den, especially to do it before those beasts returned. And yet, this man still said such words, his capability was obvious.

Chapter 343: The Divine Laws of Fire

Thirdly, he voluntarily appeared rather than launch sneak attack. Obviously, he was quite confident in dealing with them. On the other side, Taoist Xun Yuan and Taoist Yan Yang were seriously injured. It was obvious that they could not display their full strength. Moreover, they knew nothing of Minghe. However, Minghe had observed them for a period of time. He had a certain understanding of them. Thus, it was more disadvantageous to them.

Based on the three points, it made Taoist Jun Tian not want to have a long battle with Minghe. The Ominous Beasts of the Chaos led away might come back at any time. Once being ensued in a battle, they would find it hard to ensure safe get away. Hence, the best choice was to avoid fighting.

It was evident that his plan was going to fall through. Although the Origin of chaos was good, the place with something that made Rare Beast of Chaos impatient, was more attractive. Minghe would not miss it naturally. Looking at Taoist Juntian and other four taoists, Minghe stopped smiling. His killing intent was gradually exposed, aiming at the five people's bare killing intent. It was dangerous to battle with Rare Beast of Chaos, nevertheless, considering the tempting interests, Minghe was willing to take a risk. Looking at the vigilance of those five taoists, Minghe said coldly, "There are two choices for you. Runaway or die!" As he uttered the word 'die', the surrounding Air of Chaos was rampant, as if it were frozen.

Upon hearing this, five of them turned pale. Such strong killing intent was rare in the world. To make matter worst, the killing intent had already been condensed, impacting the Chaos. Such a person would not be lenient. Since he wanted to snatch, he might not give up, even in the crisis of Ominous Beasts' siege.

The five taoists were unwilling to give up the rewards which was in front of them. Having cultivated to a degree, they naturally had their own pride. If they withdrew without fighting, they would lose face, and their minds of Taoism would be overshadowed, which would be bad for their cultivation in the future.

Five of them glanced at each other, and a decision. They did not believe that they could not defeat Minghe if they teamed up. Taoist Jun Tian brandished his long sword and launched an attack. "Sharp Geng Metal, Matchless Sword Intent. Kill!" Taoist Jun Tian cultivated based on the Divine Law of Metal in the art of the five elements, so his swordsmanship was theatrical.

As Taoist Jun Tian started making a move, all Air of Geng Metal inside the Formation gathered together. They changed into countless Geng Metal Sword Aura and flew to Minghe. Minghe was impressed by this. Zhunti could also make such a move, but he was inferior to Taoist Jun Tian. Taoist Jun Tian specialized in the Divine Law of Metal and actualized Fruit of Origin with it. Therefore, the Sword Aura of Geng Metal condensed by Taoist Jun Tian was more powerful than Zhunti.

However, Minghe snorted lightly and punched fiercely. His fist was unusually powerful that all Air of Geng Metal dispersed. No matter how strong the Sword Aura was, he could dissolve it with a punch. After becoming Rakshasa, Minghe's laws of martial arts had been simplified and regained natural state. He met all attacks with constant force.

Confronted with Minghe's punch, Taoist Jun Tian looked solemn and waved his long sword to chop again. "Boom!" Taoist Jun Tian went backward a few steps, but Minghe's attack was held back. Although he warded off Minghe's attack, Taoist Jun Tian was not happy at all. "His punch was bewildering. This person must have terrifying strength." When Taoist Jun Tian lost just by one move, Perfected Person Yan Yang had already been unable to contain himself any longer. He immediately made a move. Endless purple flames turned into Fire Dragons, covering the sky and rushed to Minghe. This time, Minghe was not interested in fighting back at all. Instead, he let himself be surrounded by the heavenly fire. Only a pale shadow of Minghe could be seen in the raging flames.

Taoist Yan Yang saw this and could not help but laugh. "Hahaha ...I'll show you how amazing the Nine Concentration Flame is." He specialized in fire, and the Nine Concentration Flame was his best work. It was formed by the combination of Samadhi True Fire and Nanming Fire. Because it combined two characteristics of two different fire, the flame was more powerful.

Without waiting for Taoist Yan Yang to celebrate for a while, and Minghe's voice sounded in the flame. "Nine Concentration Flame? Oh, I see. You're awesome to combine Samadhi True Fire and Nanming Fire. But, you aren't good enough." With this, the Nine Concentration Flame disappeared quickly. Finally, it changed into a fist-sized fireball in Minghe's hand.

Minghe smiled at the sight of the fist-sized Nine Concentration Flame in his hand. He looked at Taoist Yan Yang and said, "I must admit that you're really good at fire. My second disciple probably can't surpass you before he actualizes. But your fire is still inferior to the heavenly fire of the Chaos. If it's the heavenly fire, I might have been injured."

Upon hearing  Minghe's  words,  Taoist  Yan  Yang  looked
unwell. "What are you talking about? The second disciple can't surpass me before he actualizes? Only the heavenly fire can injure you?" Taoist Yan Yang cursed in his heart. "The heavenly fire of the Chaos, it can't be mastered by the Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal of Origin."

Without noticing Taoist Yan Yang's expression, Minghe looked at the Nine Concentration Flame in his hand, saying faintly, "Actually, there's a room for improvement of your Nine Concentration Flame." Minghe was so casual that he still had a mind to predict Nine Concentration Flame when confronted with a formidable enemy. As a matter of fact, Minghe had not taken the five taoists to heart.

Although they were cultivators at Middle Stage of Origin, two of them were seriously injured. Among Minghe, Three Separations, and Puppet of Origin, there were two at Late Stage of Origin, three at Middle Stage of Origin, and one at Early Stage of Origin. They were strong enough to defeat the five people. Therefore, Minghe felt at ease in face of them. The more relaxed Minghe was, the more stressful the opponents were.

Their eyes were clouded with dread when they saw one more flame appeared in his hand. It was the Red Lotus Fire. The fire began to integrate with Nine Concentration Flame. The five people were surprising, especially Taoist Yan Yang. He was crazy about the divine laws of fire. The birth of Nine Concentration Flame had always been his pride. Now he saw his flame was not only controlled by another person but also integrated with a new flame. Undoubtedly, it was a great blow to him.

Seeing Red Lotus Fire blending with Nine Concentration Flame constantly, Taoist Jun Tian looked unwell and shouted loudly, "Let's launch attacks together. We can't let him succeed in blending." The flame had not yet taken shape, but the vital force it showed had made Taoist Jun Tian felt danger. The perfect blend would pose a huge threat to them.

When he saw the five taoists launching attacks together,
Minghe heaved a sigh. "Hey! Why not wait for a while? It's almost successful. Forget it. The perfect blend hasn't  yet finished, but it still can be used. What should I call you? Flame of Alienation. Hum, it's a good name. I'll use you guys to test the power of Flame of Alienation."

As Minghe waved his hands, the newly formed and unsteady Flame of Alienation suddenly changed into a claret-colored Fire Kylin. It jumped on Taoist Jun Tian. With an ear-splitting bellow, the Fire Kylin attacked Taoist Jun Tian and other four experts at Middle Stage of Origin, with the supreme might of Divine Beast, as if a real Fire Kylin came to earth.

Seeing the Fire Kylin rushing toward them, the five people were startled. The Laws of Martial Arts they displayed could not hurt the Fire Kylin formed by Flame of Alienation. Instead, they were burned. The Flame of Alienation was really unimaginably awesome. In such short time, Minghe could create a lethal weapon. The five people were suddenly enlightened that they underestimated Minghe's strength.

Minghe grinned when he saw the prevailing Fire Kylin. The Nine Concentration Flame was formed by Samadhi True Fire and Nanming Fire through Two Forms of Ying and Yang. As for Minghe's Flame of Alienation, Two Forms of Ying and Yang was replaced by Three Elements of Nature and Human Beings. Samadhi True Fire, Nanming Fire, and Red Lotus Fire were corresponding to Heaven, Earth, and Human Beings, thereby Flame of Alienation was created.

The power of the Flame of Alienation did not disappoint Minghe. However, he wondered if the Flame of Alienation would continue to develop, by adding a flame of the same grade with Red Lotus Fire, based on the process of Two forms, Three Elements, Four Signs, Five Elements, Six Directions, Seven Planets, Eight Trigrams, Nine Palaces, and Ten Directions. If it continued to develop in this manner, it would be terrifying.

Certainly, it was Minghe's sudden impulse. He did not specialized in the Divine Laws of Fire. He would prefer to practice by himself rather than make a study of fire. When he saw the Fire Kylin suppress the five people for a while, his face did not light up. Although Flame of Alienation was powerful, the five taoists were masters of the Origin level. If they could not deal with the unstable Flame of Alienation, they would be better off dead.

Minghe did not value or seek fame. With power, we must pursue the tottering foe, and not ape Xiang Yu the conqueror seeking idle fame. Since having gained the upper hand, it was advisable to follow up a victory with hot pursuit. Minghe took out Taoist Seal and shouted, "Three Elements come into being after Flame of Alienation goes out." As Minghe threw his palms, the Fire Kylin began to boom and then changed into three Fire Kylins, corresponding to Heaven, Earth, and Human Beings. They attacked the five taoists.

The Formation of Three Elements were three Fire Kylins, which were respectively made up of Samadhi True Fire, Nanming Fire, and Red Lotus Fire. Although Fire Kylin's fire died down, the five taoists were not happy. Seeing the formation was completed successfully, Minghe smiled and said, "Formation of Three Elements initiates and Flame of Alienation appears." The three Fire Kylins separately breathed out endless Samadhi True Fire, Nanming Fire, and Red Lotus Fire. In the Formation of Three Elements, fire started everywhere. In the end, all the fire integrated into Flame of Alienation. If things went on like this, the five people would probably be burned to death.

Chapter 344: Three Removed, Two Maintained

In the Formation of Three Elements, Taoist Jun Tian and the others looked very solemn in face of the approaching Flame of Alienation. At that moment, Taoist Xun Yuan said, "Although the Flame of Alienation is powerful, it's destructible. The key to breaking the formation is to make Three Elements unstable. Watch me." He had found the way to break formation in just a few seconds.

He stretched his hand and a crystal bead appeared in the hand. As he activated his supernatural power, multiple water dragons immediately came out from the bead to attack the Formation. According to the Five Elements, water restrained fire. When the fire was strong enough, it could also restrain water. Obviously, he knew it well. Originally, he had never expected to extinguish Flame of Alienation with water.

Taoist Xun Yuan named the bead as Water Bead, which contained endless Ruoshui River Water. Although Ruoshui River Water was powerful, it was a bit weaker than Nine Concentration Flame, not to mention Flame of Alienation. However, quantity sometimes win quality. Under his control, endless Ruoshui River Water constantly slapped the Fire Kylin. If one of the three elements was eliminated, the Formation would certainly be broken through.

As expected, the Formation only existed for more than ten breaths. Without Samadhi True Fire in Flame of Alienation, it would not come into being. With the destruction of the Formation, the other two flames also disappeared, and the five Taoists appeared. At this very moment, the five of them had already formed a Five-element Battle Array to deal with Minghe. They feared Minghe's hanky-panky tactics, so they would not show mercy. They had to achieve a quick victory before the return of the Ominous Beasts of the Chaos.

In order to increase their strength, the five Taoists teamed up to activate the outside Primordial Five Elements Formation to aid them. No matter how much effort they made, the formation was completely motionless. When they saw Minghe's smile, they immediately understood that he had tampered with the formation, since he could break through it silently.

Minghe definitely did something. Currently, Selfcentric Separation Musen was suppressing Primordial Five Elements Formation with Veridical Martial Origin Formation in the Primordial Five Elements Formation. This way, he would retain the Primordial Five Elements Formation and affect the formation control from the five Taoists. After all, due to the formation, it was relatively smooth here. Meanwhile, some vital forces were isolated, to avoid from attracting Rare Beasts of Chaos in the distance.

Since the formation was temporarily out of use, the five Taoists could only give it up. Instead, they united to kill Minghe directly. The formation was full of Power of Five Elements, so it was to their advantage. As long as they worked closely together to find Minghe's weak points, they would able to defeat him. The only problem was time.

Once the distracted Ominous Beasts of the Chaos returned, even if they defeated Minghe, they would have no time to move the whole cave. Their efforts would be in vain to take such a big risk. Moreover, it was hard to say if it would go smoothly next time. Compared with other creatures, the Ominous Beasts of the Chaos were not intelligent but it would also be difficult to fool them with the same trick twice.

The five Taoists launched their attacks together. As a result, the cave was full of sword intent. They took turns to take the helm, and the Chaos was turned upside down. When five people at Middle Stage of Origin worked together, it would probably be harder to suppress the disordered Chaos even with the most powerful Primordial Five Elements Formation. The Divine Law would probably lose control once again and Primordial Five Elements Formation would probably be destroyed.

Confronted with their attacks, Minghe went into battle without any thought. As for close combat, Minghe was never afraid of anyone. Although all of them had primordial spiritual treasures, and each of them respectively had mastered one item of the art of the five elements, Minghe was not an amateur with an indestructible body of Rakshasa, which was comparable to primordial spiritual treasure. If he confronted the strength with strength, Minghe would not suffer a loss.

Seeing this, Taoist Jun Tian was anxious and immediately displayed his unique skill. "Sword of Geng Metal!" "Sword of Jia Wood!" "Ren Water Sword!" "Sword of Bing Fire!" "Wu Earth Sword!" "Integrate! Sword of Five Elements, Kill!" The five Taoists started making a move together. The five legendary swords united as one again and dashed toward Minghe. Seemingly, they intended to nail it down with one stroke.

Noticing the approaching Sword of Five Elements, Minghe put a smile on his face. The sword power had reached the Late Stage of Origin, so it could kill Rare Beast of Chaos at the Late Stage of Origin. However, it was not powerful enough to kill Minghe. Whether physically or in cultivation, Minghe had reached the Late Stage of Origin. There was no need to fear the Sword of Five Elements.

Not to mention that the Sword of Five Elements was much weaker than the one used to kill the Rare Beast of Chaos. Both Taoist Xun Yuan and Taoist Yan Yang were injured, so they could not display their full strength. With the Five Elements being unstable, it was not difficult to make a breakthrough. Looking at the five Taoists, Minghe's furious vital force suddenly broke out, that the Chaos nearby was shocked. Right now, Minghe seem to have descended the Chaos as if he were an Emperor.

"Kill!" Minghe shouted loudly and threw a punch fiercely. In the Untainted Land, the punch was powerful enough to overshadow the universe. Even in the Chaos, wherever the fist went disorder ensued. The space was going to fracture. Evidently, the Divine Law could not be controlled under the Primordial Five Elements Formation.

Before the formidable punch, the Sword of Five Elements was vulnerable. Wherever the fist swung through, the Five Elements were damaged. Five legendary swords directly flew out, and the five Taoists spat out blood as they had sustained injuries. Right now, they still needed to bear the blow Minghe's fist, which was full of Menace Intent.

They made a prompt decision and chorused, "Reversal of Five Elements, Obliteration of Yin and Yang!" Primordial Five Elements Formation, which was originally suppressed by Musen, immediately went into a frenzy. The Chaos without restraint was also out of control. Seeing this, Musen in the formation gave up suppression and returned to Minghe.

"Explosion!" Power of Five Elements exploded. The Chaos in the cave was immediately ignited like it was a powder cask. This area of the Chaos became more furious, with raging Air of Chaos and disordered Divine Law. It seemed like a super chaotic storm. In its center, everyone were like little boats swaying in the sea, which could be overturn at any time.

Affected by the riot of the Chaos, Minghe's punch was naturally obliterated. The five Taoists immediately ran away. They could not defeat Minghe but they were also unwilling to leave this place to him. Thus, they exploded the Primordial Five Elements Formation. The situation of the place was exposed. Right now, nearby Ominous Beasts of the Chaos would have probably detected it. If someone wanted to stay here, he might be besieged by the beasts. Unfortunately, they underestimated Minghe. When the five Taoists thought they had successfully escaped, Minghe suddenly appeared in front of them and launched an attack again. This time, he spared no effort. His punch was formidable and destructive. Obviously, they could not escape unscathed.

Taoist Jun Tian, Taoist Yan Xuan, and Taoist Tong Hua were seriously injured and escaped. Minghe did not pursue them. But Taoist Yan Yang and Taoist Xun Yuan were not so lucky. Having been injured continuously, they were very close to death with Minghe's unique punch. However, Minghe did not kill them directly. Instead, he sealed them. He needed them to find the location of their worlds.

As for the three runaways, Minghe just did not want to chase after them. Compared with their life, he had something more important to do. Since the beast's nest had so amazing secrets, he would not give up such a good chance. At present, his only thought was to obtain it.

Here, the Chaos had been in a frenzy. Minghe had not much time. He could only choose a simple and crude way: Move the whole beast nest into the World of Heaven and Earth for later study. He always thought that the beast nest was somewhat weird. He suspected that the secrets hiding in it might be more than what Taoist Jun Tian saw.

Heaven and Earth Taoist and Red Lotus Taoist jumped out from Minghe's Three Flowers. Looking at the rampaging Chaos and unaffected beast nest, Heaven and Earth Taoist immediately launched an attack, saying, "With supreme Heaven and Earth, the world appears. Put away!" He changed into a huge vortex, in order to put the beast nest in it. No matter how powerful the World of Heaven and Earth suction was, the beast nest moved very slowly.

Seeing this, Minghe, Red Lotus Taoist, and Musen instantly start to assist Heaven and Earth Taoist in moving the beast nest forcibly. Since the beast nest was exceedingly heavy, it was difficult to move it. No matter how hard they worked, it was of no use. In the end, it obediently entered the World of Heaven and Earth. When it disappeared, the Chaos was thoroughly caught in a fray. As if a drop of water fell into an oil boiling pot, the place went into a frenzy.

Space cracks could be seen everywhere. Numerous space turbulence with Astral Wind of the Chaos raged across the place. Seeing this, Minghe instantly withdrew his Three Separations, intending to leave here quickly. Then, countless Rare Beasts of Chaos rushed towards him directly. In this situation, he only could confront them head-on. With the God- killing Spear in his hand, he directly rushed into the group of Rare Beasts of Chaos, tearing open a gap forcefully and exited.

As far as he could see, he was surrounded by enemies. Minghe dared not to stay but fought his way out. Besides Rare Beasts of Chaos behind him, there was a super chaotic storm inflicted by the loss of the beast's nest. Because they could not escape, a lot of Rare Beasts of Chaos got involved and torn into pieces by space turbulence. Even Rare Beasts of Chaos of the Origin could not hold on for a long time.

Minghe had lost his tracks after a period of time. Countless Rare Beast of Chaos chased after him and the place where the beast nest was located calmed down again. All of a sudden, one huge eye appeared. All the nearby Rare Beasts of Chaos were trembling. If Minghe was here, he would discover that the power released from the eye was same as the Great Way he confronted when he originally refined Magical Tao Mirror.

Chapter 345: World of Five Elements

Everything was same as usual at the Chaotic Storm Wall. Suddenly, the wall was forcibly split. An embarrassed figure came out from inside and immediately disappeared in the Chaos. It seemed as if nothing had happened. A moment later, countless Rare Beasts of Chaos broke out.

After losing track of the man, all Rare Beasts of Chaos yelled to the sky, as if they were venting their resentment. The noise triggered waves of frenzy in the Chaos. A while later, most of these beasts went inside the Storm Wall, with a few left to wander in the Chaos.

In the Void, Minghe breathed heavily. He looked pale and wore a broken robe tainted with blood. There was no scar on his body because all wounds had completely healed due to his strong body. Recalling the pursuit and interception of countless Rare Beasts of Chaos, Minghe did not want to experience that again.

Minghe recovered in a flash of light. Only his pale face showed that he had just experienced a breathtaking battle. Seeing all the Rare Beasts of Chaos leave, he left the Void and walked back to the Chaos, finding a relatively safe place to adjust his breath. Minghe had suffered some superficial injuries before. For him, they could not be regarded as injuries. However, he had consumed much supernatural power when he ran away. Since he still had something important to do, he had to adjust himself to his best. Moreover, he needed some time to study his achievements on the trip.

Minghe had achieved his goal of collecting the Origin of chaos. When Minghe fought his way out from the Out-of-Law Area, he also killed a lot of Rare Beasts of Chaos, some of which were at the Origin. In that case, he did not have enough time to collect the Origin of chaos. As a result, God-killing Spear benefited. As for all those Rare Beasts of Chaos killed by God-killing Spear, their bodies and the Origin of chaos became provisions of God- killing Spear.

In a flash of light, Minghe held the God-killing Spear. Minghe did not feel anything when he saw the vital force of the Origin of chaos surrounding the God-killing Spear. He thought that it was better than it being wasted. What's more, if the God-killing Spear became more powerful, it would also do Minghe good. Right now, the God-killing Spear was actively digesting the Chaos. After all, he had devoured plenty of Rare Beasts of Chaos when Minghe fought his way out. After putting away the God-killing Spear, Minghe took out something, a vessel which Taoist Yan Yang and Taoist Xun Yuan were sealed after being badly injured. Currently, the two people had no resistance. Their life and death were under Minghe's control. They would die but not now. Minghe still needed their help in finding the location of their worlds.

Looking at the tiny Taoist Xun Yuan and Taoist Yan Yang after being sealed, Minghe said coldly, "Soul-searching!" In Untainted Land, all immortals had mastered this kind of magic arts. However, if the targeted person had a profound cultivation or strong will, the Soulseeker would probably boomerang. Both of them had been unable to resist, so it was very easy for Minghe, who mastered the Way of Soul to search their souls.

A moment later, Minghe had obtained all the information he wanted from their memory. After that, they were useless to him. However, following the rules for recycling, Minghe decided to keep them alive for now they might be helpful after he arrested the other three Taoists who had run away.

Taoist Yan Yang, Taoist Xun Yuan, and the other three were all at Middle Stage of Origin. Because they had absorbed a lot of the Origin of chaos, they had extremely strong Origin. Moreover, they separately corresponded to Primordial Five Elements. If someone refined a magic weapon of primordial Five Elements with their Origin, the magic weapon would be a primordial supreme treasure.

With such a treasure, Minghe could arrange more powerful Primordial Five Elements Formation. In this way, he could go to the beast nest which he discovered before. Since he found such a big secret in the lair, he believed there had to be something special about that lair.

Certainly, it was another story. Right now, Minghe planned to take their worlds to his own use. While he was in the Out-of- Law Area, the World of Heaven and Earth had completely assimilated the previously sealed Origin of Untainted Land. The world had reached the limit of Primary Rank medium dichiliocosm. If the five taoists' worlds could be devoured, the World of Heaven and Earth would able to make progress.

Minghe finally knew where they came from. As expected, they respectively came from different worlds. There was a very special situation for their worlds, which were connected in a special way. The World of Five Regions corresponded to primordial Five Elements and was essentially a super Five Elements Formation formed. World of Five Elements consisted of World of Geng Metal, Jia Wood, Ren Water, Bing Fire, and Wu Earth. The five worlds seemed to be interdependent, and very close. Since it was a super Primordial Five Elements Formation formed by five worlds, the Chaos near the five worlds were relatively peaceful. Any creature with the cultivation of the Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal could commune among the five worlds.

The World of Five Regions was also different from Untainted Land. All regions of Untainted Land shared the same Divine Law. In World of Five Elements, each world was based on the law of its own nature. For example, in World of Geng Metal, even Spiritual Air of Heaven and Earth was more in favour of the power of Geng Metal. Thus, most creatures in the region of the world practiced transforming exercises of metal nature.

More particularly, a special space was derived from the Chaos in the center of World of Five Regions. Everyone in World of Five Elements called it Five Elements World. It was full of Spiritual Air of Five Elements. Relatively speaking, an individual practicing the Enlightenment of the Divine Law would be more successul. Therefore, almost all cultivators no less than the Realm of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal in World of Five Regions practiced here. In the World of Five Regions, there were ten cultivators at the Origin in total. Except for the five people at Middle Stage of Origin, who were met by Minghe, the other five people were at Early Stage of Origin. Moreover, they were uniformly distributed. However, only eight people among them remained now. For the three injured people at Middle Stage of Origin and the five people at Early Stage of Origin, he did not pay any attention to them.

Although they were all at the stage of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal of Origin, the differences in each realm were rather obvious. These differences were that the Sages at the Early Stage and those at the Secondary Stage could fight for a long time in Untainted Land. The cultivators at the Origin had to rely on themselves. What's more, Minghe was Rakshasa and he had reached the Late Stage of Origin. One plus one became more than two. According to Minghe's current situation, he could be well matched with those at Peak of the Origin.

What Minghe feared was not the eight Origin, but the Way of Heaven of World of Five Regions. He estimated that all the World of Five Regions were medium dichiliocosm. The corresponding rank should be decided on each specific case. If the Ways of Heaven of the World of Five Regions united together, he would be unable to withstand their powers. His Good Separation practiced the Law of World Promotion. Currently, the World of Heaven and Earth had already been the Primary Rank medium dichiliocosm, and it was going to be promoted to Middle Rank. He understood the power owned by the Way of Heaven of medium dichiliocosm clearly. Even the medium dichiliocosm at Primary Rank had at least the strength of Late Stage of Origin. Combination of World of Five Regions would not be inferior to Peak of the Origin.

Moreover, the World of Five Regions was still a primordial and super Five Elements Formation. In that case, the Way of Heaven of World of Five Regions would gain more strength. Once it went beyond Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal of Origin, Minghe did not have the confidence to win. Although he wanted to let Heaven and Earth Taoist devour all the World of Five Regions, if he was uncertain, he would not do it.

At present, the only strategy was for Minghe to check it out first before making any plans. Based on the memories he obtained, he moved toward World of Five Elements. Several months later, he finally came near the World of Five Elements. Looking at the World of Five Elements in front of him, Minghe frowned and stopped in a distance without going closer.

He underestimated the power of Primordial Five Elements Formation formed by World of Five Regions. With the help of the power of the formation, the power of the Way of Heaven of World of Five Regions had already radiated to the distant places in the Chaos. If Minghe went closer hastily, he would probably be discovered by the Way of Heaven of the World of Five Regions. He stopped outside the Chaos covered by the power of the Way of Heaven to avoid being discovered right now.

Having observed the World of Five Elements for a long while, Minghe's frowns did not smoothen. According to his observation, the World of Five Regions should be medium dichiliocosm at middle rank or high rank. Combination of World of Five Regions would not be inferior to medium dichiliocosm at the Fulfilment Realm. For such a World of Five Regions, it was obvious that Minghe could not handle it alone.

Join hands with someone else? In the Chaos, he was only familiar with Hongjun. Not to mention if Hongjun would agree or not, and how would they share the benefit, Minghe did not know where he was and how to find him. Moreover, he was a little afraid of Hongjun. Unless he had no alternative, Minghe would not team up with Hongjun.

If he did not do that, it would be unrealistic for him to break the World of Five Regions. " Should I give them up temporarily? The worlds are there, and they won't run away. Should I come here again when I and Three Separations improved our strengths and I'm confident that I can occupy the World of Five Regions? " Although it was the most sound method, Minghe was
still unwilling.

Chapter 346: The Exploration

Minghe was not that kind of person who gave up easily. The World of Five Elements was really powerful, but not invincible. In the World of Five Elements, the only thing that Minghe feared of was the Way of Heaven in the World of Five Regions. Once he figured out a way to restrain a part of the Way of Heaven, the rest would be much easier to deal with. However, except other than cooperating with Hongjun, Minghe could not think of a better solution.

Since he could not come up with a good way to cope with the Way of Heaven, Minghe had decided to put it aside. When it came to such thing, any wrong move might result in death. Minghe did not want to suffer any loss. If he had used force, he might allow the Heaven and Earth Taoist to swallow the World of Five Regions, but the cost was unacceptable to Minghe.

At this moment, the World of Five Elements was in a state of extreme nervousness. It was obvious that the escape of Jun Tian and two of his fellows had caught the attention of the Way of Heaven. To break into this world would only cause Minghe to suffer great losses. He left quietly since he knew that his plan could not be carried out. Minghe settled down in a relatively peaceful area in the Chaos, far away from the World of Five Elements. The purpose of Minghe's journey to the Out-of-Law Area was to collect enough Origin of Chaos. It was rather a big surprise that he could find the World of Five Elements and a beast nest. Though the World of Five Elements was within reach, Minghe could only put it aside for now. The beast nest was in the World of Heaven and Earth, which belonged to Minghe's Good Separation. Now is the best time to study it since he have the spare time.

Minghe reached out, five banners floated above Minghe's hand. These were right the Magic Weapons that the Taoist Jun Tian had used to arrange the Primordial Five Elements Formation. What was more surprising to Minghe was that these five Magic Weapons were merely the highest grade postcelestial spiritual treasures. When Minghe first saw the Primordial Five Elements Formation, he had thought that it must be arranged by the Magic Weapon, just like the Primordial Flag of the Five Regions.

But when the Taoist Jun Tian and other cultivators reversed the Five Elements Formation, they aroused the Power of Five Elements inside and damaged these five banners. Minghe kept them due to curiosity. He then found that they were just Postcelestial Spiritual Treasures. They were Flags of Formation, the Magic Weapons using to arrange formation to be precise. Now that these banners were in his hands, it was natural for Minghe to study these five banners. They were badly damaged but the damage did not hinder Minghe. After careful observation, Minghe had finally found the reason why the Primordial Five Elements Formation had been so powerful. These five banners had their respective Five Elements of the Origin, which were powerful and not less than the Primordial Flag of the Five Regions.

These five banners were refined by the Spiritual Roots of the Five Elements, with the nourishment of the endless Power of Five Elements. The power of the Origin was better than the Primordial Flag of the Five Regions. However, it was a great shame that these five banners were mere Flags of Formation, without much offensive and defensive power. It was also the reason why Minghe could survive from the Primordial Five Elements Formation so easily. It would be much more lethal if the Primordial Five Elements Formation had been arranged by Primordial Flags of the Five Regions.

Though these five banners had been seriously damaged, they could still work after being newly refined. But it needed the help of the Heaven and Earth Taoist. Minghe had not been enlightened by the Law of Five Elements yet, neither had the Heaven and Earth Taoist. But the World of Heaven and Earth inside his body existed the Law of Five Elements. With the power of the Way of Heaven, he could refine these five banners.

The five banners had revived after a while. They could be called as the fake Primordial Flag of the Five Regions after being refined. Minghe had a deeper understanding of the Primordial Flag of the Five Regions. After all, he once had two sides of them and knew the limit of the flags like the palm of his own hand. After the refining of the Cauldron of Heaven and Earth, the fake Primordial Flag of the Five Regions was apparently a Mid Grade Primordial Spiritual Treasure, the power was nearly the same as before.

Looking at the newborn fake Primordial Flag of the Five Regions, Minghe suddenly got an idea. He was not the master of the Law of Five Elements, but the Taoist Jun Tian, Taoist Tong Hua, Taoist Yan Xuan, and the taoists who were sealed by Minghe, Taoist Yan Yang and Taoist Xun Yuan were. If they refined it, the fake flag would be not less than the real one in the Untainted Land, and even better.

But it was just a thought. No matter how good Minghe's idea was, it would be useless without breaking through the World of Five Elements and catching the Taoist Jun Tian, Taoist Tong Hua and Taoists Yanxuan. For now, the fake one was enough. While Minghe Stretched out his hand, a Primordial Five Elements Formation raised in the Chaos, with the Primordial flag of the Five Regions flying towards five directions.

Controlling the Primordial Five Elements Formation to cover the Chaos, Minghe could handle matters with ease. In the Formation, with Minghe's reach, a tiny "Mountain" had appeared on his palm. It was the beast nest from the Out-of-Law Area, which took Minghe so much effort to get it. Since time permits, Minghe could study it carefully.

Previuosly in the Out-of-Law Area, Minghe had observed it for a long time. At that time, in order not to wake a sleeping lion, Minghe had not used the Spiritual Thoughts. Now since the beast nest was in his hand, Minghe naturally would like to check it with Spiritual Thoughts carefully, to find out deep in the beast nest, what the weird lines engraved on the Original Stone of Chaos were.

Using his powerful Spiritual Thoughts, Minghe could clearly observe the whole beast nest. Originally, five people of the Taoist Jun Tian had held the view that these lines were integrated parts of the whole beast nest, but if they had reviewed it carefully, they would find that it was not the truth. But for some reasons, they had become a whole unit. Since it became like this, Minghe would have to separate them. One of his hands pulled up the beast nest, and the other cut it with the Power of Infinity. To make it faster, Minghe had also used the Law of Space. But the solidation of Original Stone was beyond his imagination. No wonder the five taoist decided to separate it.

After spending a long amount of time, Minghe finally separated the Original Stone of Chaos with weird lines from the whole Original Stone of Chaos in the beast nest. He was kind of surprise when he saw the complete picture of these weird lines. It was really strange that the separated part was just like a rather primitive altar.

Altar? Of course it was just Minghe's first impression on it. Since something would appear when these weird lines shined, it was obvious that this Altar thing could work like a Transmitting Formation. But the problem was that: since it had the power of a Transmitting Formation, with one end here, where was the other end?

Deeper in the Out-of-Law Area? Or maybe some other mysterious areas in the Chaos? Minghe tended to the former answer. It seemed that inside the Chaotic Storm Wall, there was more than a weird place like the Out-of-Law Area. What was in the deeper end ogf the nest? Minghe could not figure out now. But he have gotten more curious. He would find out thoroughly someday.

Of course, except the Altar (just call it this way temporarily), the beast nest was also a big harvest for Minghe this time. Minghe not only found the whole beast nest was made of the Original Stone of Chaos, but also found some materials of the Chaos recorded in the Hongjun Jade Slip in the huge Original Stone of Chaos. It seemed that they were all from the Altar.

By Minghe's estimate, in the original place, the Altar should have existed independently from the Out-of-Law Area. As time passed, the beast nest had came into being, with something going out from the Altar. It was the reason why the extinct Chaos material before the Creation of Heaven existed inside the Original Stone of Chaos. But it was really confusing that what had melted the solid Original Stone of Chaos together.

Putting away the beast nest, Minghe continued to study the Altar at the root of the beast nest. Minghe had never seen such weird lines, which might be some Talisman Symbol limit before the Creation of Heaven in the Chaos or something else. But now it looked rather common, and it did not even work when Minghe activated his supernatural power. Did he used it wrongly? Minghe comtemplated over and over. He seemed to find out some secrets but had no way to explore it. He could only wait until next time when there was something came out from the Altar again. Waving his arm, Minghe sent it to the World of Heaven and Earth, and asked the Heaven and Earth Taoist to pay more attention to it.

The most important thing after the study of the beast nest was the reason why Minghe had taken risks to head to Out-of-Law Area. He wanted to collect enough Origin of chaos to sacrificed it to the Magical Tao Mirror, and then use it to pry into the secret of Hongjun Zixiao Palace. Now the Origin of chaos had been gathered, and it was the time for Minghe to begin his Prediction.

Magical Tao Mirror, the vital force of Zixiao Palace and the Origin of chaos were all ready. Minghe sat cross-legged in the Chaos, with three streaks of light flashing across his body. Then the Heaven and Earth Taoist, Red Lotus Taoist and Musen appeared around the Magical Tao Mirror. There was only one chance to see the secret of the Zixiao Palace. And in the whole process, Hongjun could feel it at any time. Once Hongjun found someone was spying upon his Zixiao Palace, he would suppress it with the Power of Infinity. Then, Minghe's Prediction would come to an end. Minghe waved his arm and the vital force of the Zixiao Palace had sunk into the Magical Tao Mirror. At the same time, the Origin of chaos Minghe had collected before beginning to pour into the Magical Tao Mirror. Minghe and his Three Separations took action simultaneously, driving the Magical Tao Mirror whole-heartedly. A vague and illusory image of a palace suddenly appeared in the Magical Tao Mirror. It was the Zixiao Palace: the vital force, Divine Law and limit...all began to slowly appear in front of Minghe.

Chapter 347: The Secret of Zixiao Palace

With more secrets of Zixiao Palace being exposed, Minghe was no longer hesitant. He began to inject the Origin of Chaos into the Magical Tao Mirror. The injection increased 20-fold, 30-fold and eventually, 100-fold. In very short time, the power of the Magical Tao Mirror was played to its fullest. Although the Origin of Chaos was very precious, it was far less important than the secrets of Spiritual Treasure of Chaos.


In the Chaos, Hongjun killed any Rare Beast of Chaos that came into his way of accumulating the Origin of Chaos. However, he only came across a few of them and didn't get much of the Origin of Chaos. No wonder he smelt a rat about Minghe.

Minghe took the body of the Rare Beast of Chaos and his Origin, yet he was not pleased. "Minghe was more powerful than I thought. He must have found more secrets than those recorded on the Jade Slip. He hid his power and cultivation just as I did. No wonder why he can achieve such a cultivation now," Hongjun mumbled to himself. Minghe had transformed into Rakshasa and his human body also gained great strength rapidly. He had collected much of the Origin of Chaos, and even used it to strike a deal with Tongtian Sect Leader. Hongjun had also killed some Rare Beasts of Chaos. However, all the Origin of Chaos that Hongjun had got only amounted to the portion that Minghe used in the deal with Tongtian Sect Leader.

Hongjun waved his hand and Zixiao Palace appeared in his palm, with all the Origin of Chaos merging into it. Apparently, Hongjun was nurturing Zixiao Palace with the Origin of Chaos. Now, Zixiao Palace registered a stronger vital force of the Chaos than before. It seemed that Zixiao Palace had absorbed all the Origin of Chaos he had.

Looking at Zixiao Palace, Hongjun frowned. He was worried that it might take a long time for him to turn Zixiao Palace into Spiritual Treasure of Chaos. Though he had some advantage over Minghe now, it was very possible that those hidden secrets would bring Minghe Fated Chance. In this way, the situation would be turned against him.

Although Hongjun knew that there was nothing inextricable between he and Minghe, they didn't have to be enemies. If they shared similar interests and goals, it was very possible that they could stand on the same side. However, Minghe always held the initiative, whether it was in Untainted Land or in the Chaos. The world would always be ruled by powerful ones.

Hongjun was aware that not only did he become more powerful, Minghe's power was also growing at an amazing speed. Judging from the current situation, Hongjun knew that the key to overpower Minghe was Spiritual Treasure of Chaos. With that in hand, Hongjun could garner more strength over Minghe.

Soon after withdrawing from Zixiao Palace, Hongjun set off to seek Rare Beast of Chaos and the way to other worlds. Suddenly, Hongjun stopped as he sensed that someone was spying on him. Using his Spiritual Thoughts to scan all around, Hongjun found no living creatures nearby.

That made Hongjun more suspicious. Was be being followed by someone very powerful? With a cultivation  reaching  the peak of the Origin, no one could escape his notice. Right now, however, he sensed nothing. No wonder Minghe felt strange.

Right at that moment, Hongjun's expression changed, and he summoned Zixiao Palace. Feeling that it was engulfed by a kind of strange vital force, he instilled Power of Infinity into Zixiao Palace to stem it. When Xixiao Palace was back to normal, Hongjun was relieved.

Hong Hao did not expect that someone could actually spy on Zixiao Palace. No wonder he found nothing with his Spiritual Thoughts, as it was Zixiao Palace that was spied on, instead of himself. He was almost certain that Minghe did it, since he was also in the Chaos.

At the thought of Minghe, Hongjun was not only angry, but also worried. He was deeply concerned about the rapid growth of Minghe's cultivation and the secrets he held. Now, Minghe had become a bigger headache as he began to spy on Hongjun.

The more mysterious Minghe was, the more pressure Hongjun felt. The fact that Minghe was spying on Zixiao Palace proved that it was different from other ordinary primordial supreme treasures. Although he had stopped Minghe from carrying out his plans, Hongjun had no idea how many more secrets Minghe held. That was what worried Hongjun the most.

... Seeing Zixiao Palace disappearing suddenly, Minghe knew that he had been discovered by Hongjun. He used over half of all the Origin of Chaos to probe into the secrets of Zixiao Palace. It was worth it since over 70% of all the secrets had been disclosed. Minghe also partially discovered how Hongjun had refined his Zixiao Palace.

As Minghe had expected, Hongjun did plan to refine Zixiao Palace into a Spiritual Treasure of Chaos, and had  already started his plan. Minghe also found that Zixiao Palace had become stronger.

Minghe had some ideas about how Hongjun had refined Zixiao Palace. Hongjun aimed to turn it into a Spiritual Treasure of Chaos. Nevertheless, it changed at a very slow speed, by which, Minghe knew that it was not easy to refine a Spiritual Treasure of Chaos. That was good news to him since Minghe could gain more time to uncover secrets before they met again.

To refine a Spiritual Treasure of Chaos, the key was the Chaos' limit. Whether they were for primordial spiritual treasures or primordial supreme treasures, the limits for them were primordial ones. Only when primordial limits turned into those of the Chaos' could primordial supreme treasures be transformed into Spiritual Treasure of Chaos. However, that took an unimaginable amount of energy.

Apart from the Origin of Chaos, it took primordial limits to turn primordial supreme treasure into Spiritual Treasure of Chaos. That was the crucial and most difficult part. In contrast to the primordial limit which was made from Talisman Symbol of The Divine Law and limits, the Chaos' limit was totally made of the Power of Divine Law. It was an integral part, instead of a combination of several pieces.

Once the limit of the Chaos was materialized, it could not be changed. When Minghe was refining primordial spiritual treasure, he could add some Talisman Symbols of the Divine Law on it. Yet, this time, it was far more difficult to make a whole limit of the Chaos. The grasp of the Divine Law was the key to it.

All Minghe need to do now was to find a way to refine an integral Spiritual Treasure of Chaos, now that he knew that the key was the limit of the Chaos. Apart from Minghe's comprehension of the Divine Law, trials and practices were also very important, since practice leads to the truth.

Minghe recalled the limit of the Chaos he found on Xixiao Palace and found it quite familiar. Suddenly, an idea struck Minghe, and he realized that the limit looked like those lines on the Altar. Minghe decided that he need to spend more time studying the Altar.

At the thought of the Altar, Minghe recalled a beast nest that he came across in the Out-of-Law Area. There must be an Altar, mysterious enough to lure him back. Besides, Minghe had a way to cross the border of World of Five Elements. It was time Minghe went back.

Chapter 348: Revisit

To Minghe, there were never too many Fated Chances. If the Altar in his hand was bringing him Fated Chance, he could never think lightly of the nest he ran into previously in the Out- of-Law Area. If that nest also had a strange Altar like this, it would be a great Fated Chance for him.

He looked back on World of Five Elements, which appealed to him a lot. Indeed, it made the World of Heaven and Earth grow much more during these times. But, he also found it dangerous to overgrow. Without World of Five Regions, he wouldn't have grown the World of Heaven and Earth in recent times.

To grow a world, one needed not only to enrich his world's Origin, but also to abide by The Divine Law for balance. However, Minghe's World of Heaven and Earth rapidly reached medium dichiliocosm level despite swallowing Origin of Untainted Land, which could be an unstable growth. It was said every oak must be an acorn. Without a stable Foundation, a fast- growing World of Heaven and Earth could collapse at any time.

Minghe expected the World of Heaven and Earth to completely digest the Origin in thousands of years to get rid of any hidden troubles. Though that time was just a short span to Minghe, there came World of Five Elements to help him solve the problem.

They key was World of Five Elements Origin. If it absorbed the Origin of World of Five Elements, the World of Heaven and Earth's Law of Five Elements could become powerful in just a short time. That way, by the strong Law of Five Elements, the World of Heaven and Earth could grow in peace, and did not need to worry about an unstable Origin.

However, Minghe couldn't handle World of Five Elements yet. He had to give up for now. For the last time, he shot a glance at it and murmured to himself, "Next time, you'll be mine." Then, he walked off and into the Out-of-Law Area he just broke away from. This time, he would do something big.


In another Chaos, Hongjun looked at Zixiao Palace, pale-faced. He didn't expect Minghe to be capable of spying on his Magic Weapons. Moreover, he wasn't sure to what extent Minghe had spied, which disturbed him a lot. If Minghe should discover ways to refine Spiritual Treasure of Chaos, he would be a great threat to Hongjun. The last time he met Minghe, he could sense a trace of danger in him. To think twice, Minghe and his Three Separations were all profound in cultivation, at least at Middle Stage of Origin. Besides, the Good Separations had devoured so much Origin of Untainted Land, growing much in cultivation. They and Minghe would pose great threats to him.

Now, Minghe could spy on Zixiao Palace. Hongjun worried more and more that soon, Minghe could surpass him. When he had the thought, Hongjun himself was startled. But actually, he knew it wasn't impossible.

At the thought of this, Hongjun became serious. He must seize the time, thus he abruptly quickened his pace. He had spent much time hunting Rare Beast of Chaos and collecting the Origin of Chaos. It seemed that he should pause for a while. Originally, he did not come to The Chaos for the Origin.


Minghe and Hongjun successively left Untainted Land, which was supposed to be a bombshell. But now in Untainted Land, The Sages withdrew, and different powerhouses rose. All four religions suffered from the Battle of Gods Investiture. Indeed, Clan of Enlightenment had won, but the betrayal of Dipamkara, Manjusri and others badly affected them. Moreover, Western Religious Sect directly retreated to Aparagodaniya.

Thus, Heavenly Court, Earth Immortal's Residence, Demon Tribe, Wu Tribe, and Dragon Tribe dismembered Untainted Land. Of course, Blood Sea and Human Tribe were also involved. All parties were formidable; every Blood Sea disciple was hard to mess with. Even The Sage had withdrawn, and the Holy Land of Human Tribe had dozens of Sage-to-be experts to overwhelm every opponent.

After the Battle of Gods Investiture, Untainted Land was in temporary peace. Some were building up, and some were recovering. Besides, with Heavenly Court governing, there was no chaos at present. Actually, after God Deification Ceremony, Heavenly Court had gained strong power. With Haotian and Yaochi in power, nobody dared to challenge Heavenly Court.

After The Sage's withdrawal, Sages such as Laozi developed a small world in the Chaos, like Goddess Nvywa used to do. There were also Sages who didn't, like Liu Er and Sect Leader Tongtian. Liu Er had been devoted to cultivation in the Chaos. Moreover, he wasn't good at this. He would rather wreck than build. As for Sect Leader Tongtian, he had planned to go into Chaos, so building small worlds would be useless to him. Moreover, in God Deification war, Tribe of Severity disciples were badly hurt. They then retreated to East Sea islands for practice. Sect Leader Tongtian had passed tribe affairs to Abundant Treasures, Zhao Gongming and other disciples. He otherwise was trying to reach the cultivation peak again.

On Golden Turtle Island, Tribe of Severity disciples huddled together. Everbody was a little sentimental and reluctant, for today was the day Sect Leader Tongtian would leave. Tongtian looked at them, also feeling emotional, but he had made up his mind, it was time to leave. Thus, he said, "My fellow disciples, practice hard. I'll return to see a stronger Tribe of Severity."


Months after, in front of Chaotic Storm Wall, stood Minghe again. The first time he got in, he was dragged into it, and then he managed to escape. The second time, he got in for the Origin of Chaos and killed his way out. Now this time, he was here to cause trouble, big trouble.

Minghe directly punched a hole on Chaotic Storm Wall, and stepped and swirled into it. As he landed, he called out the Middle Stage Puppet of Origin and drove to the deeper land. On the way, he would kill a Rare Beast without hesitation if the opportunity arose.

The Origin of Chaos he collected was spent on deducing Zixiao Palace. Now, he went back for more. Even though he had some insight into Spiritual Treasure of Chaos, to predict the methods of refining one, he must rely on Magical Tao Mirror. That was when he would need a significant amount of Origin of Chaos.

After years of traveling, Minghe finally ran into  another beast's nest. After watching carefully, he found many Rare Beasts of Chaos inside. Number of the Beasts under The Origin level reached 10,000, beasts at The Origin level reached 11, beasts at Early Stage of The Origin reached six, and beasts at Middle Stage of Origin reached four. There was even one beast at Late Stage of Origin.

This bunch of Rare Beasts would be a tremendous force. If they went into Untainted Land, Untainted Land could barely win, even with great effort. From Taoist Yan Yang and Taoist Xun Yuan, he knew that last time, they had to use Five Elements Puppet to draw away all the beasts, until there was only one beast at Late Stage of Origin left. Otherwise, they wouldn't dare to step into the cave.

Should he lead them away or not? Minghe was not in the mood for it. Although there were 11 beasts at The Origin level, Minghe could handle them. As for the 10,000 beasts under the Origin level, he didn't take them seriously at all. Those were just animals which he could kill easily. He needed only to manage the 11 beasts.

Looking at the cave, Minghe smirked and waved his hand. Fake Primordial Flags of the Five Regions flew out, and a Primordial Five Elements Formation emerged to cover the nest. That way, from the outside, you could just see a cave. What happened inside was completely cut off.

Inside the cave, all beasts roared at the unexpected Formation; even the resting leader beast got up. It was the only one at Late Stage of Origin. You could imagine what it was like to have so many beasts snarling at the same time. The peaceful Chaos turned into disorder.

Just in a flash, there were only 11 beasts left snarling. Minghe and Three Separations had just eliminated all beasts under the Origin level. Beast corpses scattered inside the cave and a strong air of killing spread, even stronger than the accumulating Power of Five Elements.

"Aargh!" The remaining beasts snarled madly with crazed intention to kill. Whether they wanted revenge or they wanted to kill instinctively, they were doomed. Their deaths were only a matter of time.

Indeed, it would take some effort to kill 11 beasts. Minghe handled a beast at Late Stage of Origin and a beast at Middle Stage of Origin. Heaven and Earth Taoist handled three at Middle Stage of Origin. The other Early Staged beasts were left to Red Lotus Taoist and Musen. At first, both parties were even in force. However, when Primordial Five Elements Formation took effect and The Chaos became steady, the situation quickly changed.

Chapter 349: The Cave

Inside the cave, it was a match of strength. Minghe practiced True Body of Rakshasa, and his body was his weapon. Red Lotus Taoist was Incarnation of Primordial Supreme Treasure, and Musen had Hegemonic Body of Martial Arts. Every one of them was formidable. Though Heaven and Earth Taoist practiced Way of Evolution of world, he had strong Heaven and Earth power to confront the Rare Beasts of Chaos.

"Aargh!" Minghe shouted. He punched the Rare Beast of Chaos at Middle Stage of Origin he was fighting. However, the Beast was not in the least afraid, yet was excited because of the wound. It threw itself at Minghe like a wounded lion, which was more dangerous.

Minghe's eyes coldly flashed at the wounded beast, murmuring, "Animals are just animals, even if they have the Origin human body. It's just a matter of time. I don't have time for you." Even at The Origin level, Rare Beasts of Chaos had feeble wisdom. They were probably the Great Way's creation.

"Aargh!" A Middle Staged Beast desperately rushed to Minghe, but met with its death. A crack emerged beside it, and a pitch black long spear shot out from within. The Beast was impaled on the stone wall.

"Aargh!" the Beast growled before it died. Shortly after, it stopped breathing. On the stone wall, there was no trace of any animal, but only a pitch black long spear. That was Minghe's God-killing Spear; the Beast had been completely devoured by the Spear.

After that one, Minghe devoted himself to the human-bodied Beast at Late Stage of Origin. It kind of looked like the Divine Beast White Tiger. However, it grew a pair of giant wings on its back. According to Hongjun's Jade Slip, it was called Soul-eating Dog-like Beast.

Apart from a strong human body, it also could attack spiritually, which was hard to defend. If Taoist Jun Tian and the other four Taoists came here, casualties would be more than two. Fortunately, it was Minghe. He had been a Master in Way of Soul. In his eyes, the attack was easy to defend.

After the punch, Soul-eating Dog-like Beast rushed towards Minghe again. Its paws sliced through the Chaos to bring Astral Wind sweeping towards Minghe. The attack came with a weird vital force, that was how the animal released a spiritual attack. However, this kind of attack couldn't harm Minghe in the slightest.

Acutally, Minghe pitied the attacking animal. He kind of wanted to make this Soul-eating Dog-like Beast his riding beast. Though he had Blood Jade Kylin Chixuan, but Chixuan had feeble aptitude, and was unable to catch up with him. Before he left Untainted Land, he turned it to a listed disciple.

Traveling through the Chaos, it was nice to have a riding Beast. This Beast he had before was qualified. It was strong, fast, and capable of spirit attack. Unfortunately, its animal instinct controlled it. It could only kill in front of non-Beast Creatures.

Minghe also knew Law of Spiritual Beings, and he could easily civilize an Exotic Beast with feeble wisdom. However, this Beast was different. Its wisdom was like that of an ordinary Wild Beast. Even Minghe could not civilize it.

He had captured many Ominous Beasts of The Chaos and studied them. Their souls were petite, miserable, and were shrouded in Ruthless Air. To civilize, he had to eliminate the Ruthless Air. However, the Air was moulded into their souls; it would also destroy their souls. Minghe felt sorry for the murderous Soul-eating Dog-like Beast before, and shook his head. A species like this should have no wisdom. Only the Great Way would create something like this. To think twice, if they had both strong bodies and great wisdom, they would have ruled The Chaos. So many worlds would have fallen into their hands. Even Untainted Land would have crashed.

Minghe sighed and said, "Well. Forget about it. I'll show you a real spiritual attack." Then, he pointed his finger.  The  point flew through space and time. It looked like a normal point, yet was enough to shake the world. The point fell exactly between the eyebrows of the Soul-eating Dog-like Beast.

Under the point, Soul-eating Dog-like Beast was unable to move a bit. Its killing intent faded away, and its soul's vital force was also obliterated. What was left was the dead human body and the tempting Origin of Chaos. Minghe waved his hand to collect the corpse, the Origin of Chaos, and God-killing Spear that had been nailed on the wall.

He stroked the Spear, feeling its vital force. He smirked and cursed. "Greedy you, you haven't digested food from the last time, and now you swallowed a Middle-staged Beast. You must be more than full." Then, he used his supernatural powers to help it digest.

Last time, when Minghe escaped the Out-of-Law Area, the Spear had already swallowed many Ominous Beasts of The Chaos. Some of the Beasts were already at Early Stage of The Origin. This time, it swallowed a Middle-staged Beast. Those Beasts' power spread inside the Spear. Luckily, God-killing Spear was a Highest-Grade Primordial Supreme Treasure. Otherwise, it would have exploded.

Sensing Minghe's help, the God-killing Spear quivered a bit and let out a buzzing sound. It seemed to be reacting to him. Treasures also had souls. A Primordial Supreme Treasure like God-killing Spear would definitely become delighted upon feeling its owner's care.

After a while, he put away the Spear. Lately, it had swallowed too many corpses of Rare Beasts of Chaos, thus it couldn't digest in a short time. Some power spread inside it. However, Minghe had been suppressing the power for it. Soon, the Spear could completely digest to acquire more strong power.

The refined God-killing Spear was already a growth-type Primordial Supreme Treasure. It could grow by swallowing. Minghe expected the Spear to grow to be a Spiritual Treasure of Chaos. However, he took it for granted. Spiritual Treasures of Chaos were not made in that way.

Although it could swallow, its method was like that of Taoist Jun Tian. That method could build up strength, but it also brought about waste of energy. The Spear could continue to swallow. However, it would only become stronger, but would never turn into a Spiritual Treasure of Chaos.

To refine Spiritual Treasure of Chaos, he needed the Chaos limit and the Origin of Chaos. Although he had some knowledge about the Chaos limit, he did not know how to turn Magic Weapon's Origin into the Origin of Chaos. When he probed into Zixiao Palace, he failed to find out any Origin transformation. He wasn't sure if the primordial limit first needed to turn into the Chaos limit. Hongjun was probably the only one who was aware of it.

Of course, he had other ways to refine. He had three Highest Grade primordial supreme treasures with him: Cauldron of Heaven and Earth, God-killing Spear, and Red Lotus Taoist's Original Body Red Lotus of Fire. These Magic Weapons had been his for a long time. Undoubtedly, if he wanted to refine them to Spiritual Treasures of Chaos, he could do it anyway. Without means of Origin turning, he could only directly refine the Treasure. The Chaos materials, the Origin of Chaos, and the Chaos limit were supposed to work together. That said, he needed to grasp The Power of Divine Law to draw the Chaos limit. Without the Chaos limit, he couldn't refine at all.

One must know it wasn't easy to draw the Chaos limit. It required understanding and controlling of The Divine Law. A person must be highly controlling to draw the Chaos limit for just one time. With Minghe's present control, he needed more practice.

"Spiritual Treasure of Chaos..." He sighed and cleared his thoughts. He watched Heaven and Earth Taoist, Red Lotus Taoist, and Musen finish off their opponents. Then, he made his move. This time, he didn't come here merely for a Chaos beast nest. However, he had other fishes to fry.

When the last Beast was eliminated, Minghe acted. He did not let Heaven and Earth Taoist draw it into the World of Heaven and Earth as usual. Rather, he used Power of Infinity to collect it in his hand. Then, he also drew back Three Separations and fake Primordial Flags of the Five Regions. Thus, in the chaotic storm, Minghe was revealed to every nearby Ominous Beast of The Chaos. All Beasts roared, fixing their eyes on him.

Chapter 350: The Way of Heaven Warning Sign

In the center of World of Five Elements, eight Taoists gathered together. They were Taoist Jun Tian, Taoist Tong Hua and Taoist Yan Xuan. The other five were experts at Early Stage of The Origin from World of Five Elements. They gathered to face their enemy, Minghe.

In the Out-of-Law Area fight, Taoist Jun Tian, Taoist Tong Hua, and Taoist Yan Xuan were badly hurt by Minghe. Taoist Yan Yang and Taoist Xun Yuan were even captured by him. The three escaped and told the five Early Stage Taoists. Since then, they had been recovering.

Now, they had just recovered from most of their wounds. Originally, they hadn't been at Middle Stage of Origin for long. Now that they were wounded, they could barely perform their skills. Looking back on Minghe's tremendous force, they didn't want to experience that again.

Thus, the remaining eight Origin Taoists came together to defend Minghe. The Way of Heaven governed World of Five Elements, which Minghe had to abide by if he broke in. However, at the Realm of Origin, the Taoists had always been cautious.

The anxiety lingered amongst them so much. Even Taoist Jun Tian was deeply troubled. Thus, as soon as they finished their meditation, they invited five Fellow Taoists at Early Stage of The Origin to come up with a plan. Even they weren't sure if Minghe was coming, they decided to prepare early.

One Taoist at Early Stage of The Origin asked, "Fellow Taoist Jun Tian, is this person really that powerful? I can hardly imagine you five people together being defeated so easily. What Realm is he at? Late Stage of Origin, or Peak of The Origin?" Other people echoed his doubt.

Talking about Minghe, Taoist Jun Tian's countenance became serious. He was even a little frightened when he said, "No, you haven't met him. You have no idea about the extent of his power. Fellow Taoist Yan Yang's Nine Concentration Flame was like a toy in his hand. Moreover, he quickly blended another flame into it, making them the Flame of Alienation."

The five people all rose up at once. One of the Taoists who practiced The Law of Fire like Yan Yang was the most startled. As of now, he could barely light a Nine Concentration Flame. He also knew that blending Samadhi True Fire and Nanming Fire was not easy. To his surprise, someone should blend another flame into the Nine Concentration Flame, which would be phenomenal if that thing did exist.

Taoist Yan Xuan broke in. "Moreover, he has a formidable and strong body; even Flame of Alienation couldn't hurt him at all. He struck only one fist to defend our attack. Besides, he has a helper at Middle Stage of Origin (which was Musen in charge of Primordial Five Elements Formation). You don't want to overlook that helper."

Hearing Taoist Yan Xuan, the others became more serious. According to the information they had, Minghe alone was difficult to manage. Minghe and his helper together would be too much of a threat. Moreover, they wanted to know if they had other aids.

At this point, Taoist Tong Hua said, "Fellow Taoist Jun Tian and Tong Hua, have you ever thought that he may have more than a strong body? Judging from his Flame of Alienation, he must have a great cultivation too, at least at Middle Stage of Origin. You must have noticed that he didn't use one single Magic Weapon in our fight last time." Everyone couldn't help but gasp. Looking back, Minghe indeed was strong and formidable. Everyone thought." If he broke in, could the Way of Heaven suppress him? " On second thought, they should relax a little that World of Five Elements was special, that World of Five Regions had formed Primordial Five Elements Formation; Ways of Heaven of Five Regions would connect to bring out tremendous power.

If he dared to break in, he would be suppressed by the Way of Heaven in World of Five Regions. Even if he managed to escape, he wouldn't perform to the best of his abilities. Then, the eight of them could probably collaborate to kill him, to save Taoist Yan Yang and Xun Yuan.

At the moment, Power of Five Elements in World of Five Elements suddenly raged. The weather also changed, as if it was doomsday. All who practiced in World of Five Elements were startled, since they hadn't seen a Mysterious Sign like this ever. They all wondered why.

In the center of World of Five Elements, eight people including Taoist Jun Tian saw the change and became worried. They knew that was the Way of Heaven's warning sign. They had seen some signs before, but none of them were as strong as this. The World had been peaceful under Primordial Five Elements Formation. Since then, Origin had strengthened, and Creatures benefitted a lot. Every time there was a sign, it was mostly because some Ominous Beasts of The Chaos attacked World of Five Elements.

But this time, it was a storming sign that shook The Power of Divine Law. It was not an ordinary one. Thus, the attacking Beasts must have accumulated to fear Ways of Heaven of Five Regions. They found it hard to imagine how many Ominous Beasts there were.

Everyone who lived in the World had the responsibility to protect it, especially the expert Cultivators from World of Five Regions. They were pillars of World of Five Regions. In the face of such a strong warning sign, they wouldn't take it lightly. Thus, following the eight Taoists, a group of people walked to The Chaos region outside World of Five Elements.

"Argh!" One Beast snarled, its sound creating waves of the Chaos. Waves and waves of the Chaos lashed toward World of Five Elements, yet ceased halfway through. That was how Primordial Five Elements Formation protected World of Five Regions. A Sage-to-be wondered. " Indeed, the Ominous Beast has some kind of intimidating aura, just like that of Taoist Jun Tian. But, if it's only a strong Ominous Beast of The Chaos, will the Way of Heaven release such a strong warning? " Bearing the thought,
the puzzled Sage-to-be asked him, "Master Juntian, there's only one Beast. Has the Way of Heaven been mistaken?"

Taoist Jun Tian replied. "It isn't just some Beast. Although they have little wisdom, they have strong bodies. Look at this one, its body has reached Late Stage of Origin. It'll take some time to handle this one." Strong as the Beast was, they could collaborate to destroy it.

What puzzled the crowd was that the Way of Heaven should set off an alarm like that, facing just one Ominous Beast at Late Stage of Origin. " Did it make a mistake? " No, Taoist Jun Tian quickly changed his mind. The Way of Heaven was mysterious and powerful in a way he couldn't imagine; it couldn't have made such a mistake.

Indeed, it didn't. Following the Beast, the Chaos in the distance started to swell up, and waves and waves of Chaos rushed towards the World. Inside the wave, one by one, Beasts emerged. There were thousands of them. Everyone's countenance changed. They had never met a beast tide like this. As of now, there were thousands of Beasts in sight, let alone those that hid in the waves. One could assume the number of attacking Beasts reached 10 thousand.

In front of such a beast tide, Taoist Jun Tian was at a loss. He
had never seen a tide like this except in the Out-of-Law Area. "Why does a beast tide at such a scale form in the Chaos? Is it by chance or by design? " Now he didn't have the time to think, since the beast tide was approaching near. The war was about to commence.

It was no wonder that the Way of Heaven released such a warning sign, since the beast tide was truly phenomenal. Among the herd, Ominous Beasts at the Chaos level were more than a dozen. However, in present World of Five Elements, only eight The Origin experts resided. Even if Taoist Yan Yang and Xun Yuan could be here to fight, they were still out of their depth.

Fear started spreading amongst the people. Experts at The Origin level as they were; they still trembled at the beast tide. If those beasts should run into World of Five Elements, the consequences would be hard to bear. Thus, they could either abandon their world or fight to the death.
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