The Spiritual Attainment of Minghe Chapter 411-418 (End)

Chapter 411: Minghe Reappears

The Karma was formed and Minghe could do nothing about it. He could not have guessed the intention of a Supreme Realm expert. He could not decide whether it was a blessing or a curse. Apart from that Karma, Hongjun had another deadly one. Hongjun bore the reason, and Minghe had the result.

Hongjun snatched a branch from the Star Tree of the Origin and trapped Minghe. If Minghe died, there would be no more Karma. For the last 1,000 years, Hongjun had been calculating. He could foresee all Creatures dead, except for Minghe. Minghe's fate was vague, which made him unpredictable.

It was a headache for Hongjun that Minghe did not die. He knew clearly who Minghe was. In Untainted Land, whoever went against Minghe had suffered. Now, he had become Minghe's archenemy. Even if he had wanted to, Minghe would not reconcile. A peaceful settlement was impossible.

One thing Hongjun found relieving was that Minghe's fate was faintly discernible now. Minghe must have been badly injured, and it would take him several thousand years to recover. During this period of time, Hongjun would surpass him. Even when Minghe sought revenge in the future, Hongjun could crush him and eliminate him for good.

At the thought of this, Hongjun immediately began to heal himself. He lost some of his Origin in the action, and it affected his cultivation badly. After he had completely recovered, he had to find out Minghe's whereabouts. He had to find Minghe and kill him while he was vulnerable, even if it would consume more of his Origin.

"Boom!" The Zixiao Palace trembled suddenly as though it had been attacked. Hongjun's countenance changed, and he looked up through the Zixiao Palace. There in the sky stood one man watching him coldly. Hongjun was frightened as he blurted out, "Minghe..."


1,000 years ago beside the Star Tree of the Origin...

Hongjun's action surprised Minghe in that he originally thought Hongjun would have the entire tree. But actually, Hongjun had just picked one branch, which seemed kind of trifling.

But Hongjun's trifling action led to serious consequences. When the limit on the tree was set off, Minghe felt nothing but formidable and powerful strength. That kind of strength did not belong to someone in the Fate Realm, even not to the experts in the Half Step to the Supreme Realm.

The strength struck Minghe with the same feeling that he felt from the protective formations in the Mystery Territory of Earth. It was the strength of Supreme Realm masters. Such an attack in the Medium Layer of the Battlefield of Gods and Demons was formidable. It could eliminate everything from human bodies and Original Spirits to Magic Weapons. Nothing could compare unless it was a Supreme Realm tactical formation.

Hongjun should have died under such an attack. However, Minghe did not think so because he knew Hongjun clearly. Hongjun swallowed the Way of Heaven by combining his body with the Tao. He would not commit suicide. He must have had a plan. Minghe felt that Hongjun would do something that no one had done before. Though Hongjun was his opponent and had trapped him, Minghe had respect for Hongjun's sophistication. If you were not cruel and cunning, you might die on the way to the Tao. People talked about good and evil, but who were they to decide the boundary between good and evil?

Hongjun did not disappoint. He used the vital force people left on the tree to disperse the attack from the limit. Hongjun took only a little bit of the attack. Moreover, he exploded the chessboard to ward it off. Thus, he had only been slightly injured. It was the first time that someone had survived the attack of the Star Tree of the Origin's limit. If word was spread, it would shock the entire Central Region.

But Hongjun would never allow that. The Star Tree of the Origin was a valuable treasure. Even one of its branches could grow into a seedling Star Tree of the Origin. Once the word got out, he would be the target of all the forces around. Even the Sacred Sky Sect that he belonged to would hunt him down unless he handed the branch over to the sect.

Hongjun never planned to give away the seedling. No matter how big the reward was, it could not compete with the Star Tree of the Origin in the least. To stop any disclosure, Hongjun had to get rid of everyone there. Only dead men could keep a secret. After the limit's attack, Hongjun flew into the sky to search for survivors. The only survivor was an expert at the Peak of the Fate Realm. But he was badly injured and without any Magic Weapon. Surely, he could not compete with Hongjun and was killed easily. Once peace was restored, Hongjun left after making sure that no one else remained.

The only escapee was Minghe. Minghe had been shattered to pieces by the Restricting Power and lost all of his Original Spirit. However, Minghe had grown from an Immortal Demon Body to an Indestructible Demon Body during his tribulation passing in Untainted Land. If he only had an Immortal Demon Body, he would be dead. But now, he had an Indestructible Demon Body.

Moreover, Minghe had taken precautions against Hongjun. When the State of Mind had warned him, Minghe figured out that the danger came from the limit on the Star Tree of the Origin. At that time, he did not know the reason. Even still, he had equipped himself.

There were 49 Blood God Doppelgangers. Every Blood God Doppelganger carried one of Minghe's Original Spirits. It was small, but it came exactly from Minghe's Original Spirit. Thus, the Original Spirit vital force of the Blood God Doppelganger was the same as Minghe's. Additionally, Minghe had used the Law of Spiritual Beings to divide the Restricting Power into 50 portions.

The 49 Blood God Doppelgangers were eliminated in  a minute. But Minghe was able to ward off the shrunken Restricting Power. The power crushed his body and fell on his Original Spirit in the end. However, he had been collecting Merits during these years and gained a Golden Wheel of Merit. It was the wheel that parried the lingering Restricting Power.

When it became chaotic, Minghe fell into the Void, where his shattered Indestructible Demon Body had gathered again. The final seemingly fatal blow did not hurt Minghe much. His body and Original Spirit were only slightly damaged. But, the Karma between Minghe and Hongjun was formed. Since Hongjun had betrayed him, Minghe would trust him no more.

When he guessed Hongjun's intention for the tree, Minghe summoned his Three Separations, who were practicing beside the sun and moon. If Hongjun was scheming, Minghe would not let him. It was natural that Minghe also wanted a share since the Star Tree of the Origin was indeed valuable.

The Three Separations had been hiding in the Void, ready to attack. To go completely unnoticed, Good Separation Heaven and Earth Taoist even put Evil Separation Red Lotus Taoist and Selfcentric Separation Musen into the World of Heaven and Earth. Heaven and Earth Taoist hid in the Void alone and covered his vital force. After all, many experts were on the scene.

While Minghe was waiting for the Fruits of Stars to ripen, Heaven and Earth Taoist was not idle. Other than the mighty limit of the Star Tree of the Origin, the entire planet was under a giant complicated and compounded tactical formation limit, which interested him a lot.

When he was being enlightened on the alignment of the sun, moon, and stars, Minghe gave him the Magical Tao Mirror to help him learn the abstruse more quickly in order to improve the Cosmic Stars Formation. Now, the Magical Tao Mirror would be very helpful.

With the Magical Tao Mirror, Heaven and Earth Taoist could comprehend all tactical formation limits on the planet more quickly. Since Hongjun set his mind on the Star Tree of the Origin, Minghe would naturally catch up. With Enlightenment of all tactical formations and limits on the planet, he could manage to have the entire Star Tree of the Origin. Actually, Hongjun's action broke the limit on the Star Tree of the Origin, leaving a weakness in the limit on the tree and the planet. This offered a great opportunity to Minghe. Initially, the intact tactical formation limit was hard to break down. But now, it was different.

Even the slightest weakness in the limit would greatly benefit Minghe. Every time that all the Fruits of Stars of the Origin were picked, the planet would shift to another space with the tree without a trace. Hongjun simply wanted a branch to grow a seedling, but Minghe was more ruthless. He wanted to put the entire planet into the World of Heaven and Earth.

Because Hongjun had caused a weakness in the tactical formation limit, such a wild plan was possible. Heaven and Earth Taoist seized the opportunity to connect the World of Heaven and Earth with the space power of the planet when it was shifting. Finally, with a lot of world power, the Star Tree of the Origin along with the planet were swallowed into the World of Heaven and Earth.

When it was finished, Minghe felt a sharp Karma sweeping over him. The Star Tree of the Origin must have been set up in the Starry Sky Region by some almighty expert, thus Minghe's theft naturally drew the Karma. Fortunately, Red Lotus Taoist had mastered the Principle of Karma. He transferred the Karma to Hongjun with a lot of Red Lotus of Fire Origin. It was fortunate that Hongjun had plotted against Minghe, which formed Karma between them. Otherwise, Red Lotus Taoist could not have done the transferring.

That was why Hongjun felt the intense Karma afterward. Through Minghe's aura, Hongjun had shifted the Star Tree of the Origin's limit to Minghe. Thus, by their Karma, Minghe transferred the almighty expert's Karma to Hongjun—it was tit for tat. In Untainted Land or in the Battlefield of Gods and Demons, Minghe never lost.

Chapter 412: The Final Battle

Minghe found it a shame that all the Fruits of Stars of the Origin were blown to pieces. But compared with the Star Tree of the Origin, they did not matter. The Star Tree of the Origin could beat all of Minghe's Fated Chances in the Battlefield of Gods and Demons.

After the peace was restored, Minghe showed up again in the Void. The Three Separations had been assembled by Minghe. Selfcentric Separation Musen was fine since he had not helped much. But Good Separation and Evil Separation were different, one changed the planet's course and the other shifted the Karma. They were both worn out and needed time to recover.

Minghe went back beside the sun and moon, then he fetched the two Fruits of Stars that bore the Origin of the sun and moon. The Three Separations respectively received three fruits. They were at the Early Stage of the Fate Realm, and three fruits were enough for them.

Holding the sun and moon Fruits of Stars, Minghe felt the hot and cold power from the sun and moon gathering around. The two fruits also reacted to the Origin power, as if they were connected by an invisible thread. They might have flown into the stars without Minghe's supernatural power control.

Looking at the two fruits in his hand, Minghe did not hesitate to swallow them. Once the two fruits entered his body, the mighty hot and cold power filled Minghe's body with the solar and lunar Origins. Minghe had expected this, but the solar and lunar power was too overwhelming.

Additionally, after swallowing the two Fruits of Stars of the Origin, he felt that he belonged to the sun and moon. The Power of Stars quickly gathered around Minghe. When they entered Minghe's body and met with the fruits, they exploded as if Mars was falling into a bucket full of gasoline.

The mixed solar and lunar powers spread over Minghe's body. His body was burnt once and frozen once. And sometimes, it was even half-frozen and half-burnt. However, no matter what they did, it would not really hurt his body.

As Minghe converted the mighty solar and lunar powers and Origins, both Minghe's body and Original Spirit were growing by leaps and bounds. You could say that now every second of practice was equal to that of 100 years in the past. Moreover, the Power of Stars of the sun and moon poured into Minghe. He was really having the time of his life.

After 1,000 years, Minghe broke out in strength. His Indestructible Demon Body broke through again. Converting the Yin and Yang power and the sun and moon Origins, his body was already at the Late Stage of the Fate Realm, and his Original Spirit almost reached the Peak of the Middle Stage of the Fate Realm. With more cultivation, it was easy for him to break through to the Late Stage of the Fate Realm.

He checked his Three Separations and found that Heaven and Earth Taoist had recovered and Musen seemed to have reached the Middle Stage of the Fate Realm with the help of three Fruits of Stars of the Origin. As for Red Lotus Taoist, he still needed some time because of the large Origin consumption. He might need tens of thousands of years to fully recover himself.

It was high time that Minghe got revenge for himself. Though Red Lotus Taoist was not completely recovered, Hongjun was also injured now. In the end, Minghe had the upper hand and would not miss this opportunity. Minghe stroked in the air and said, "The thread of Karma."

A crimson thread appeared in front of Minghe out of the blue. The thread connected Minghe and Hongjun. It was their Karma and was the only thread left. Moreover, it was not some ordinary Karma thread, but rather an inseparable lethal thread.

Before, when Minghe transferred the almighty expert's Karma onto Hongjun, most of their Karma was destroyed, except for the life-and-death thread. To get rid of the thread, one of them had to die. Now, Minghe was going to end it with Hongjun.

Following the thread, Minghe soon found the familiar Zixiao Palace on a planet. He had guessed that Hongjun would not leave the Starry Sky Region in order to grow the Star Tree of the Origin seedling. Judging from the unceasing Power of  Stars flow, Hongjun must have succeeded.

Looking at the Zixiao Palace in front of him, Minghe waved his hands and a set of Flags of Formation disappeared into the Void. Immediately, the Three Separations emerged and then entered the Void as well. Minghe refined the Flags of Formation recently, which bore a tactical formation named the Forbidding Spell of Sealing the Sky Formation. His Three Separations commanded the formation to seal the nearby space to keep Hongjun from escaping. After setting up, Minghe patted his hands forward and a giant Blood Qi Palmprint also patted the Zixiao Palace. The whole planet shook but the Zixiao Palace remained intact. It turned out that Minghe's Blood Qi Palmprint had been warded off by the defense tactical formation limit.

Minghe stared into the Zixiao Palace coldly, as if he had seen through it and Hongjun was right in front of him. Minghe said in a cold voice, "Come out, Hongjun. You trapped me before and put me in a dangerous situation. Now, it's time to finish our Karma." His words were full of killing intent.

Inside the Zixiao Palace, Hongjun gasped upon seeing Minghe. First, he did not expect that Minghe would track him down so soon. Second, Minghe was not badly injured. Otherwise, Minghe could not recover in a short 1,000 years. Minghe's words showed his intentions clearly—he had come here to finish him.

Usually, Hongjun did not need to worry. But now, his Origin was badly injured and he could not perform at his best. Moreover, he did not know Minghe's hidden tricks. If Minghe had assistants other than the Separation Beast at the Peak of the Fate Realm, he would be in an unfavorable situation. When he first saw Minghe, Hongjun wanted to run, after all, he was still wounded. But seeing the overwhelming spatial barrier, he knew he could not escape. Apparently, Minghe would not let him do that and was going to finish him here. Hongjun could only fight.

Hongjun dashed forward and landed in the Starry Sky, then reached out to collect his Zixiao Palace. He gazed at Minghe in the distance and replied in a deep voice, "Minghe, are you sure you want this? We'll both suffer if we really fight to the death."

Minghe laughed at his words. "We'll both suffer? No, only one will suffer, and that is you. When you plotted against me, you were doomed. Moreover, you seem to have injured your Origin. You can't make me suffer, can you?" Minghe had discovered that Hongjun's vital force was weak.

Hongjun's face turned slightly pale. Minghe was right. When he was at his best, Hongjun would not hesitate to act. But now, he was unable to easily scare Minghe away. Thus, he could only fight, and Hongjun held his sword firmly.

Minghe noticed that the sword had been used to chop off the branch of the Star Tree of the Origin. It now bore several cracks on its blade from the injury. Still, Minghe would not take the sword lightly.

Minghe reached out to summon the Anti-evil Axe. The axe was a Highest Grade Spiritual Treasure of Chaos, only one grade lower than Hongjun's sword. Minghe had companion treasures, the Anti-evil Axe and Soul-freezing Gourd. In the aspect of attacking, only the Anti-evil Axe could compete with the sword.

Minghe wielded the axe and shouted, "Split the Heaven and Earth." The strike changed everything around like the Creation of Heaven and Earth. It had the aura like the Creation of Heaven and Earth by Great Divinity Pangu. The axe split the Starry Sky and went for Hongjun, shattering everything in its way. Ripples of power wavered in the sky.

Hongjun reacted and struck out with his long sword. The sword trembled with strong fate power, as though it had cut off fate. It was indeed a wild Divine Law. The Law of Fate was a top law among the 3,000 laws. It was superior to the Law of Blood and Law of Spiritual Beings.

When the axe and the sword clashed, a strong power spread around. Everything in its way was destroyed, and several planets broke in the aftermath. However, Minghe and Hongjun were still even. No one seemed to gain the upper hand. It looked like this overwhelming battle was going to last.

Since one strike did not succeed, Minghe launched another. He chopped at Hongjun incessantly, and Hongjun fought back hard. With his highly-graded sword, Hongjun  fought  closely and fiercely with Minghe. The clashes were so phenomenal that space was shattered several times.

Chapter 413: The Twelve Earthly Branches

After dozens of rounds, Minghe stopped pulling his punches. As a powerful momentum suddenly soared into the sky, the wind and clouds instantly changed their colors in the Starry Sky, and the universe was awash with endless Vital Force of Destruction. Minghe totally changed his temperament. At a quick glance, he could only see destruction and killing, as if he were born for this.

This was the Rakshasa. Even if he did not show the Real Body of the Rakshasa, the rampant vital force was enough to display his status. At the moment, he chopped again with a stronger power than before. Hongjun brandished his sword to resist Minghe, but he was repelled. Hongjun was a little surprised at the powerful strength, especially the violent vital force, which was comparable to that of experts at the Late Stage of the Fate Realm.

Hongjun concluded that Minghe had broken through again, thus he became more scared of Minghe, who had broken through so quickly. Normally, it was hard to practice the body, let alone that the body Minghe practiced was the Real Body of the Rakshasa. Logically, the practice of the Real Body of the Rakshasa should be slower. However, Minghe's body strengthened rapidly, which was beyond comprehension.

But now was not the time to consider this. In terms of strength, Hongjun was incomparable with Minghe now. Although his sword was a Half Supreme Treasure of Chaos, its full power could not be unleashed. Moreover, his strength was also limited due to the damage of his Origin. Confronting Minghe's sudden breakout, Hongjun was abruptly at a disadvantage.

Seeing that Minghe kept pressuring him, Hongjun knew that he could not continue like this. If so, it would only get worse, because his Origin had originally been injured. Moreover, Minghe was a Rakshasa, so it was not a good strategy to have close combat with him. Hongjun could only chop at him with his full strength to force Minghe to temporarily retreat.

After pushing Minghe back, Hongjun suddenly raised his hands and 12 flags appeared there. He lightly shook the flags and they swelled with the wind, eventually turning into 12 banners to cover up Minghe. Then, Hongjun weaved the Taoist Seals to form a formation to siege him thoroughly.

Looking at the formation and his familiar 12 banners, Minghe suddenly frowned and wondered if this was the Twelve Divine Beings Killing Formation. However, Hongjun should know that unless the Twelve Ancestors of Sorcery had set up the formation, no one else could display its powerful strength. If he wanted to deal with Minghe with this formation, he was undoubtedly daydreaming.

In the next moment, Minghe cast aside his ideas thoroughly. This formation was not the Twelve Divine Beings Killing Formation at all. Although they were alike, the formation was different from the Twelve Divine Beings Killing Formation. In this formation, there was not as much Killing Intent of Heaven and Earth, but the vital force of the 12 banners was exactly the same, which was that of the Law of Time.

The Law of Time? Having sensed the vital force of the Law of Time, Minghe suddenly changed his expression. Hongjun had worn down the limit of the Star Tree of the Origin with the Law of Time, but now he set up a Formation of Time. To his surprise, Hongjun really did have many cards.

The Formation of Time was one of the most profound formations. Even in the Mystery Territory of Earth, Minghe could obtain a lot of the Spiritual Inheritance of the formation, but he could not meet a time-related formation. He felt great regret and wondered if there was a Formation of Time in the Mystery Territory of Earth.

The Formation of Time was very precious, so even all the forces in the Central Region perhaps only had a few Formations of Time. Such a formation was generally arcane. It would be expected that even if Priest Earth could use such a formation, he would not leave it in the Mystery Territory of Earth. But now, when he saw such a Formation of Time in Hongjun's hands, Minghe really felt surprised.

As the formation was arranged, Hongjun said coldly, "Minghe, do you recognize the formation? Is it somewhat similar to the Wu Tribe's Twelve Divine Beings Killing Formation? Let me tell you. It is the Twelve Earthly Branches Formation, which was the unique formation owned by the Mazingers of the Twelve Earthly Branches among the 3,000 Mazingers of Chaos. The formation could mobilize Time Power to obliterate everything.

"When Pangu created Heaven and Earth, he killed the Mazingers of the Twelve Earthly Branches and found the formation. Later, he improved it into the Wu Tribe's Twelve Divine Beings Killing Formation, which was really powerful. Today, I'll let you see its power. You force me to do so. Even if my injuries get worse, I'm going to kill you here." With this, Hongjun started to stimulate the formation. "Power of Time, lock." Each banner ejected out a fluctuating silver chain in the flash of the Law of Time, which rushed over Minghe directly. 12 silver chains intertwined, as if they were weaving an intangible web to capture him.

At the sight of this, Minghe waved his axe at full speed to beat back the silver chains approaching him. No matter how hard he tried, those silver chains seemed to target Minghe and constantly struck him. More surprisingly, those silver chains remained unscathed no matter how the Anti-evil Axe chopped at them, which was so weird.

The longer he defended, the greater the odds of failure became. As he constantly guarded, the silver chains attacked him in ever-changing and unpredictable ways. In an unguarded moment, a chain had entangled Minghe's feet. Seeing this, Minghe chopped with the axe and sparks shot out. He was quite startled that he had not cut the chain off. Those silver chains changed from the Law of Time were really weird.

In just a moment, Minghe had been completely locked by the
12 silver chains. His hands, feet, body, and head all were entangled by two silver chains, so he could not move at all. Under  the  circumstances,  Minghe  frowned  and  pondered. Although he was locked, Minghe seemed to not be worried and did not struggle with them, which was somewhat strange.

When he saw that Minghe was locked, Hongjun instantly began to mobilize the formation and started another change of the formation. "Time flies. Obliterate!" As soon as he stopped speaking, the strong Power of Time suddenly appeared in the formation to corrode Minghe's body constantly, like the weathering of rock that would eventually be completely worn down.

Despite the Power of Time constantly corroding his body, Minghe did not struggle at all in the formation, and even closed his eyes in the end. However, the rate of corrosion was much slower than a snail's pace. Minghe's Indestructible Demon Body was so powerful that it was hard to corrode it even with the Power of Time, thus, it could only be worn down very slowly.

Seeing that Minghe was not resisting as if he had resigned himself to his destiny, Hongjun was not happy because he thought it was abnormal, but he could not figure out what had gone wrong. He could only maintain the operation of the formation because he would not abandon this favorable situation due to a little weirdness. Although the Power of Time was corroding his body slowly, Minghe would surely wither away one day.

In the formation, Minghe felt his body being constantly corroded by the Power of Time, but he was unmoved. On the contrary, he suddenly quieted down and focused on comprehending the Power of Time. At this moment, Minghe felt as if he was swimming in the River of Time and could not protect himself. He seemed to be seeing very many things.


"Enjoy wine and songs while we can, for life is short..." On top of a high building, a young man holding a bottle of beer drank facing the moon. A cold breeze was blowing away the summer heat. The scene was somewhat idyllic, but unfortunately, a streak of purple lightning suddenly dropped from the sky and split the man into flying ashes, leaving several empty bottles as the only indication that someone had been here.


In the center of a vast Blood Sea, a vague and illusory figure stood on a huge lotus of 12 petals, looking at the boundless Blood Sea. He suddenly exclaimed into the air, "Ah...!" The loud noise stirred up the Blood Sea to produce turbulent waves. The blood waves ran high and rolled away.


In the valley, a young man was chased by two women with swords. In the end, they turned hostility into friendship. They traveled through Untainted Land in a group and enjoyed a life of leisure. As hundreds of years passed quickly by, they were distressed at their parting. Before departure, the man gave two blood lotuses to the two women and agreed to see them later. However, he did not know they would never meet again after this separation.


Under the thunderclouds, the young man sat cross-legged. Despite the holy thunder striking his body, he did not resist it at all. Around him, powerful enemies were staring at him, hoping to take the opportunity to kill him. He was fearless and just wanted to withstand the Tribulation Thunder, so he was impregnable. When the Tribulation Thunder disappeared, he roared into the sky. The entire world was shocked because he had killed Sages to prove his fame for fighting.


These scenes constantly flashed across Minghe's eyes. He was very familiar with all those things, but he also felt a little strange. As if he was dreaming, he was uncertain if that man was himself. The strange feeling puzzled him and a myriad of thoughts crowded into his mind. In the end, the last words left in his mind were: "As time flies, the past events fade like a puff of smoke."

After many years in the formation, Minghe's body had earlier been worn away, leaving only a heart beating slowly. However, that sonorous heartbeat resounded throughout the entire Starry Sky. Despite it being corroded by the Power of Time, it seemed that nothing could touch the heart. No matter how many years passed by, it remained the same.

Chapter 414: A Striking Change

Outside of the tactical formation, Hongjun saw that the Power of Time could not erode the huge heart. He knitted his brows and felt more and more anxious. He had spent 100,000 years trying to destroy Minghe, but he could not destroy his heart, which was really weird. However, he had done so much already, so he certainly would not give up.

In desperation, he only could forcefully activate the tactical formation. For a moment, the Power of Time in the formation greatly increased. However, no matter how formidable the Power of Time was, the huge heart was still as bright as red blood and full of vitality. And on top of that, the heartbeat had been unexpectedly enhanced.

Suddenly, a powerful force surged from the huge heart. The surrounding Power of Time seemed to be called and it flooded into the heart. As the Power of Time constantly poured in, the heart was beating harder. "Thump... Thump... Thump... Thump!" The heartbeat resounded more and more.

Hearing the ever-increasing sonorous and forceful heartbeat, Hongjun suddenly changed his expression. Perhaps his greatest concern was the sudden rise of the violent fluctuation, which was followed by the change of the heart. He was very familiar with the violent fluctuation, as it was the fluctuation of the Law of Time. Unexpectedly, the Twelve Earthly Branches Formation had enlightened Minghe to understand the Law of Time, rather than killed him.

Far beyond his expectations, the Law of Time was among the top of the 3,000 Divine Laws, and also the most unintelligible. Amazingly, Minghe comprehended the Law of Time when he was between life and death. Now, Hongjun guessed that was what Minghe had come for because Minghe had not resisted much after entering the array.

"Lunatic." Hongjun could not help scolding him. In order to comprehend the Law of Time, Minghe dared to risk his life by staying in the formation. He was so insane that his body was nearly destroyed with only a heartbeat remaining. Actually, a few people might dare to try this crazy behavior, which was like gambling with their life. And if having bad luck, a man would suffer Disintegration of the Soul.

Even though Minghe comprehended the Law of Time, Hongjun did not care too much. Minghe had the Law of Time now, but he was mortally injured, with only 10% to 20% of his strength left, so he could pose no threat to Hongjun. Although the Twelve Earthly Branches Formation posed no threat to Minghe, Hongjun still retained 50% to 60% of his strength.

As he waved his hand, Hongjun withdrew the Twelve Earthly Branches Banner. He had manipulated the formation for 100,000 years, so he had consumed a lot of supernatural power. By comparison, Minghe was in a worse situation. Hongjun stretched out his hand and a Half Supreme Treasure of Chaos fairy sword appeared there again. The sword flashed the Power of Fate, but it was weaker than it was in the beginning.

But across from Hongjun, a huge heart suddenly shook slightly and turned into Minghe with an extremely strange vital force. At the moment, Minghe looked very calm, as if he was not worried about his situation at all. He raised his head and looked at Hongjun with passive eyes, as if he made light of him.

Seeing Minghe's passive eyes, Hongjun suddenly felt surprised. In an instant, his intense anxiety was magnified several times. After all, he was a battle-scarred man, so he was tough-minded and would not waver due to just a look. As he brandished his sword to cut up Minghe, the strong Power of Fate seemed to obliterate Minghe directly. However, Minghe's response really startled Hongjun. Minghe slowly stretched out two fingers and directly clamped onto Hongjun's sword. Minghe grabbed the sword without any weapons. Besides, the sword was a Half Supreme Treasure of Chaos, whose power and sharpness were marvelous, even if there was a little bit of damage.

Hongjun was startled as if he had seen a ghost. He never thought of such a situation in which Minghe could take his Half Supreme Treasure of Chaos fairy sword with merely two fingers, which was very incredible. Only a particularly strong man could do that. Hongjun knew someone else like that, and that was Pangu.

Minghe looked at the startled Hongjun with calmness and said coldly, "Hongjun, our Karma will be settled today. Goodbye!" As Minghe threw a punch, Hongjun hurriedly summoned a Top Grade Spiritual Treasure of Chaos shield to ward it off. Unfortunately, he could not withstand the fist. Then, he died with a shattered shield.

For 10,000 years, Hongjun moved about from Chaos to Untainted Land, and then from Untainted Land to Chaos. In the end, he went to the Battlefield of Gods and Demons, experienced many adventures, and made great progress in cultivation. However, there could not be two suns in the sky, so Minghe and he were destined to be enemies. As the proverb goes: "One careless move loses the whole game". Although he had cultivated for hundreds of millions of years, Hongjun suffered the Disintegration of the Soul in the end, which was deplorable.

After killing Hongjun with a punch, Minghe looked very pale. He waved his sleeves and put away all of Hongjun's remaining things. Then, he shook his body and turned back into the huge heart. But at this moment, Minghe's Three Separations also appeared and were not surprised when they saw Minghe. Evil Separation and Selfcentric Separation held up Minghe's heart with supernatural power and entered into the World of Heaven and Earth. Heaven and Earth Taoist left that place rapidly and flew toward the Central Region.

After a little while, Heaven and Earth Taoist returned to Yunling Mountain and changed into Minghe. He took objects and identity tokens, which were collected in the Starry Sky Region, and went to Mission Hall. After submitting the tasks, he became a rich man because he obtained about 6,000,000 contributions in total. However, in less than a moment, all the contributions had been used up.

With plenty of resources that he exchanged from Aura Hall, Heaven and Earth Taoist went back to the Immortal's Cave, and then he blocked the entire mountain and began Closed Door Meditation in the Tao-seeking Palace. At this time, although he killed Hongjun, his Indestructible Demon Body was almost destroyed. Compared with obtaining the newborn heart, it was not a pity that his Indestructible Demon Body was destroyed.

In the Tao-seeking Palace, Heaven and Earth Taoist waved his sleeves and a huge heart instantly appeared. He looked at the heart and said lightly, "Your Veneration, you've gone too far this time. Did you consider the outcome in which you would fail? If Hongjun had other cards in his hand and we could not rescue you timely?"

Facing such questions, Minghe's laughter came from the huge heart. "How could there be so many cases? Anyhow, I made it. I've obtained the key to the gate of the Supreme Realm. Moreover, I've comprehended the Law of Time. Therefore, I have free access to the Supreme Realm. Furthermore, based on my current situation, as long as I fully recover, nobody in the Land of the Central Region can pose a threat to me."

After hearing this, Heaven and Earth Taoist said in despair, "Alright. You succeeded this time due to good luck. I hope you can think carefully before you act in the future. Don't do something so risky." With this, he waved his sleeves and countless Treasures of Heaven and Earth appeared in the main hall. Heaven and Earth Taoist continued to say, "I've turned the contributions into things that you need. You'd better quickly recast your Indestructible Demon Body. I feel strange talking with you like this." After saying that, Heaven and Earth Taoist turned into a beam of glowing light and faded into the heart.

Minghe's Original Spirit hid inside the huge heart. This time, he risked a lot to confirm what path he should take in the future. Originally, when Minghe's Immortal Demon Body changed to the Indestructible Demon Body, Minghe had had a general idea about the promotion of the Indestructible Demon Body.

With an Immortal Demon Body, a man could have an undying body but might not have eternal Original Spirit. If one's Original Spirit was obliterated, it would be useless to a man who had an undying body. With the disappearance of his Original Spirit, a man would become a living-dead person or a new soul would be born. Although the soul might preserve some of Minghe's remaining memories, the man would not be Minghe, after all.

When realizing the Indestructible Demon Body, the Real Body of the Rakshasa could be immortal in the human body and Veridical Soul. Even if the Original Spirit were to vanish, Minghe could also depend on the indestructible Veridical Soul to get a rebirth. However, such a human body was not invincible. Both absolute power and powerful top-level laws could thoroughly obliterate the Indestructible Demon Body.

Then, Minghe had a new idea. Throughout all the ages, many experts moved about the entire world freely. However, with time, they all died in the end. Minghe wondered what would it be like if his body could not be corroded over time. When the idea came into being, Minghe was eager to give it a try. Unfortunately, he did not know the Law of Time, so he had to withdraw.

But this time, Minghe saw a glimmer of hope from Hongjun. Hongjun not only knew the Law of Time, but also could arrange the Formation of Time, which was a big opportunity for Minghe. However, the risks were too great. If Minghe could not comprehend the Law of Time before his body thoroughly died out, he would definitely die unless his Three Separations could rescue him from Hongjun.

This was an earthshaking gamble, which bet on Minghe's luck. It was a race against time, which, finally, Minghe won. He not only comprehended the Law of Time, but also completed his assumption with the Twelve Earthly Branches Formation, which he refined the Eternal Demon Body with the Indestructible Demon Body and the Power of Time. However, he could not refine the Eternal Demon Body because his Indestructible Demon Body had not reached perfection.

When Hongjun activated the formation to kill Minghe, Minghe also motivated his full strength to refine the heart to make it reach the peak of the Indestructible Demon Body ahead of the human body. Later on, he began to cast the Eternal Heart with the Power of Time. When Minghe comprehended the Law of Time to the Fate Realm, he finally completed the Eternal Heart.

The casting of the Eternal Heart was at the expense of the heart. Moreover, Minghe's Indestructible Demon Body was thoroughly corroded under the Power of Time. However, the effort would be rewarded. The power of the Eternal Heart was really amazing and gradually went beyond the limit of the Half Step to the Supreme Realm, which was just a step away from the Supreme Realm. With this power, Minghe easily killed Hongjun.

However, Minghe also found that although the Eternal Heart was powerful, it was very weak. A real Eternal Heart should have the power of the Supreme Realm, but Minghe's Eternal Heart only had the power between the Supreme Realm and the Half Step to the Supreme Realm. Moreover, there was not much of this power. Hence, when he killed Hongjun, the Eternal Heart became very weak after Minghe had used it once.

Chapter 415: Taking Stock of the Spoils

Minghe did not know much about the Eternal Heart. Although he cast it himself, Minghe only had a smattering of knowledge about its powerful strength and mystery. He only could study it slowly later on. But now, his most important work was to recast the Indestructible Demon Body. Without it, he could not cast a complete Eternal Demon Body.

However, it was not troublesome to recast the Indestructible Demon Body. Minghe's Origin of the Mazinger and Blood of Essence were both in the heart. As long as there was enough energy, it was not difficult to recast the Indestructible Demon Body. Therefore, Heaven and Earth Taoist bought so many Treasures of Heaven and Earth to meet Minge's demand for recasting. After all, the Indestructible Demon Body was not a common body and it required a huge amount of energy.

Minghe's heart suddenly shook slightly. Soon afterward, it changed into a normal-sized human heart. Subsequently, the Treasures of Heaven and Earth in the main hall, Spiritual Air of Heaven and Earth, and Air of the Divine Law flooded into the Eternal Heart recklessly. As the heart's arteries, veins, muscles, and bones regenerated slowly, a fresh new body was generating. 50,000 years later, the steady stream of Spiritual Air  of Heaven and Earth and Air of the Divine Law in the Tao-seeking Palace suddenly stopped. Then, everything calmed down. In the main hall, a new Minghe stood there, who was as valiant and aggressive as before but with a sense of  unspeakable vicissitudes.

Having felt the newborn Indestructible Demon Body, Minghe was not very satisfied and even surprised because he had spent a lot of resources to recast the body over the past 50,000 years. Although the body was as powerful as one at the Late Stage of the Fate Realm, it still had some features of the Eternal Demon Body.

Obviously, it was beyond his expectation. Due to the Eternal Heart, the Indestructible Demon Body had some features of the Eternal Demon Body. Although the bodily strength could not be greatly enhanced, his body had more potential. One day, when he had a breakthrough of the Eternal Demon Body, it would save him a lot of energy.

Over these 50,000 years, Minghe had cast the Indestructible Demon Body while studying the Eternal Heart, which he still could not control. Its birth was an accident, which should not have happened, but it had existed there, so he would naturally study it.

During the 50,000 years, the Eternal Heart had devoured abundant Spiritual Air of Heaven and Earth and Air of the Divine Law and was recovering slowly. If the power of killing Hongjun was regarded as one unit, the Eternal Heart had recovered two units, which is to say that Minghe could use such a trump card twice.

Although the newborn Indestructible Demon Body only reached the Late Stage of the Fate Realm, its power was matched with that of a Creature whose body had reached the Peak of the Fate Realm. It was the strong point of a Rakshasa, which could make him do a skip-level challenge. Although it was merely a small grade, it had been an insurmountable chasm for most people.

Since his body had fully recovered, Minghe finally had some free time. Over the past hundreds of thousands of years, his State of Mind was high-strung, so it was also time to relax a bit. Although he packed away the things that Hongjun had left behind after killing him, he had not had any time to check them carefully. Right now, he did have some time. After death, Hongjun only left two things. One was his Half Supreme Treasure of Chaos fairy sword, and the other was the Zixiao Palace. It was a huge palace, so Minghe predicted that all of Hongjun's collections had to be inside it. Minghe wondered how many treasures Hongjun had obtained since he entered the Battlefield of Gods and Demons.

He took out the miniature edition of the Zixiao Palace and put it on the ground. Minghe instantly became small and flew into it. After he flew to the main hall of the palace, he saw a sapling of the Star Tree of the Origin growing and absorbing the Power of Stars from the surrounding treasures. Minghe sensed that such a seedling was able to extradite the cosmic stars in the Void, so he planned to breed it.

The Star Tree of the Origin was not an ordinary Spiritual Root of Chaos. In terms of grade, it was a Highest Grade Spiritual Root of Chaos at least. If the sapling that Minghe acquired could be nurtured into the Star Tree of the Origin, Minghe would have two Highest Grade Spiritual Roots of Chaos. In other words, he would harvest double the original Fruits of Stars of the Origin.

They were only in the Medium Layer of the Battlefield of Gods and Demons. Even if the Star Tree of the Origin was able to extradite the Power of Stars of the sun and the moon in the High Layer of the Battlefield of Gods and Demons, the Power of Stars that it really could absorb was rare because they were two levels of world. Even so, it could yield treasures like the Fruits of Stars of the Origin. What if it was in the High Layer of the Battlefield of Gods and Demons which was full of the strong Power of Stars?

Minghe and Hongjun thought alike because neither of them focused too narrowly on the present. Despite needing a lot of resources and time to cultivate a sapling of the Star Tree of the Origin, once it succeeded, it would constantly yield the Highest Grade Treasures of Heaven and Earth. Through careful calculation, Minghe found that the investment was worthwhile.

After scanning the main hall, Minghe was very emotional. Originally, Hongjun imparted the Tao to 3,000 mortals of Untainted Land here. But now, Hongjun had been killed by him and the Zixiao Palace also belonged to him. Everything was fate. And since the Zixiao Palace was ownerless, Minghe would easily refine it.

After refinement, Minghe discovered that the Zixiao Palace was really amazing. Hongjun carved 3,000 Great Ways on it with the Way of Heaven, and then he integrated the Jade Butterfly of Fate into it after separating himself from the Way of Heaven. So to speak, although the Zixiao Palace was a Mid Grade Spiritual Treasure of Chaos, its power was on par with a Top Grade Spiritual Treasure of Chaos.

More surprisingly, each of the 3,000 Great Ways on the Zixiao Palace could lead one to the Fate Realm just as long as a man comprehended any one of them carefully. And that was why Minghe thought the Zixiao Palace was extraordinary.

Regrettably, although it was good, the Zixiao Palace was more suitable for Heaven and Earth Taoist than Minghe. If it was integrated into the World of Heaven and Earth, it would be very good for developing the Divine Laws of the World of Heaven and Earth. Most importantly, it could make the 3,000 Divine Laws develop into the Fate Realm, which was also a great trichiliocosm. In this way, the world would naturally become more balanced and stable.

Minghe was not interested in the Zixiao Palace, but he had considerable interest in the collections that were in the palace. After taking a step, he was inside Hongjun's treasure house, where all of Hongjun's belongings were stored, including seven Spiritual Treasures of Chaos, three sets of Flags of Formation, and countless other Treasures of Heaven and Earth. Compared with Hongjun's Fated Chance, Minghe felt dwarfed. Unfortunately, Hongjun was tragically killed by Minghe. Now, his collections belonged to Minghe. The Spiritual Treasures of Chaos were not very important, because he did not lack any after all. He was most interested in the three sets of Flags of Formation, or, more accurately, the Twelve Earthly Branches Banner.

Among the three sets, two were common tactical formations, so Minghe was not interested in them. However, he liked the Twelve Earthly Branches Banner very much because he had endured a lot of difficulties when confronting it before. If not for his good fortune, good Fated Chance, and knowledge of the Law of Time, Minghe probably would have died.

After getting the banner, Minghe looked it over carefully. It was refined very delicately with rare materials, including treasures of time-property, which fit for the arrangement of the Twelve Earthly Branches Formation. Unfortunately, Hongjun was destroyed in the end. Minghe did not know if Hongjun had left some detailed recordings about the tactical formation. Without such recordings, Minghe only could depend on his previous observations in the formation and the 12 banners to predict the Twelve Earthly Branches Formation. Having searched for half a day in the collection room, Minghe finally found the Jade Slip that recorded the Twelve Earthly Branches Formation. After reading the contents, Minghe felt lucky. If Hongjun could have exerted all the power of the Twelve Earthly Branches Formation, Minghe might have had no chance to leisurely check Hongjun's collections like he did now.

Hongjun did not cheat him in one aspect, which was that the Twelve Earthly Branches Formation was indeed the predecessor of the Twelve Divine Beings Killing Formation. However, the changes of the Twelve Earthly Branches Formation predicted by Hongjun were not all complete. There was one change that Hongjun could not predict. If he could have done so, Minghe might have already died.

Hongjun could not predict it but Minghe could. The most amazing change of the Twelve Earthly Branches Formation was to predict the Twelve Earthly Branches Mazinger, which required 12 drops of Blood of Essence of the Mazinger containing the Law of Time's integration into the Twelve Earthly Branches Banner. Now in the world, there were only a few Rakshasas. Up until this point, Minghe had never heard of other Rakshasas besides himself.

Not to mention the Blood of Essence of the Mazinger containing the Law of Time, which was such a harsh term, Hongjun naturally could not meet this requirement. However, Minghe was different. In the past, he could not do it. At present, since he had comprehended the Law of Time and he was a Rakshasa, it was a just a matter of time for him to cast the Twelve Earthly Branches Mazinger. After all, Blood of Essence was not ordinary stuff. If he consumed 12 drops at one time, Minghe would be unable to stand.

Such a thing he could only do slowly. He did not plan to go out during this period anyway. With so many resources, he could do everything that he wanted to do, including cultivation, refining weapons, and refining formations. Most importantly, Minghe needed to spend time studying his Eternal Heart and comprehending the Law of Time. After all, he had just comprehended the Law of Time to the Early Stage of the Fate Realm, which was a Small Realm away from the Law of Blood and Law of Spiritual Beings.

Chapter 416: Out of Closed Door Meditation

It was not easy to comprehend the Law of Time. Moreover, the Law of Time would be useful only when Minghe's Indestructible Demon Body achieved perfection, . Thus, he was not in a hurry. Now, his priority was to recover the power of the Real Body of Rakshasa. Although Indestructible Demon Body had been recast, its power was far away from that at the Peak.

But with the Law of Time, it would not take too much time for him to return to its Peak. Although it consumed a lot of supernatural powers when using the Law of Time, he still had the Twelve Earthly Branches Formation. Depending on the formation, even if he did not consume supernatural powers, it could speed up by 10 times, which would multiply his cultivation time by 10. After all, Minghe needed time more than anything else.

Looking at everything in Zixiao Palace, Minghe waved his sleeves and collected them all. Then, he took the sapling of Star Tree of Origin and Twelve Earthly Branches Formation out of the palace and put them in the main hall. As for Zixiao Palace, he gave it directly to Heaven and Earth Taoist. Compared with Minghe, Heaven and Earth Taoist would make better use of the treasure. Sitting cross-legged in the Twelve Earthly Branches Formation, Minghe began to practice. With Air of the Divine Law, endless Spiritual Air of Heaven and Earth surged into and flowed throughout his body, and finally transformed into his power. That was to say, Minghe's power recovered a little with each passing quarter. However, the Eternal Heart was an exception.

Now, Minghe's priority was to recover the power of the Indestructible Demon Body. As for the power of Eternal Heart, Minghe could not recover it to the Peak for the time being. He demanded plenty of Spiritual Air of Heaven and Earth and Air of the Divine Law. Moreover, Minghe's three Divine Laws were not effective enough to help it to recover the power. Therefore, its power only recovered a little over the past several tens of thousands of years.

Although the Eternal Heart was powerful enough and had recovered a little more strength, which was good news for Minghe, the powerful strength also meant a heavy burden. If a man of the Fate Realm used the strength beyond the Fate Realm, it might cause great damage to the body, Original Spirit, and Origin, even if the strength was from Minghe himself. Unless there was no other way, Minghe would not use the power of the Eternal Heart. Furthermore, the secrets of the Eternal Heart could not be discovered by others. Once found, Minghe might be noticed by people with ulterior motives. Although the power of the Eternal Heart was strong enough, it might be used up. Furthermore, in the Land of Central Region, no tactical formation or Magic Weapon could release the power beyond that of the Fate Realm. All the forces had profound backgrounds, so nobody knew their cards.

Since he was uncertain, Minghe naturally could not be overconfident. Although he had killed Hongjun now, he could not relax. After all, Hongjun was only one person in the Deva- loka, and there were a lot of people like him. Moreover, in the Central Region, there were innumerable experts, and Minghe was far from invincible.

On the trip to the Starry Sky Region, Minghe was fruitful, so he also needed some time to digest these things. Most importantly, he comprehended the Law of Time and knew something about the other two laws, when he stayed in the Twelve Earthly Branches Formation. It was believed that he might reach Late Stage of the Fate Realm before long.

... Minghe knew nothing about the outside world during Closed Door Meditation. At the moment, the situation changed again in the Central Region. Hongjun's deliberate plotting caused nearly 1,000 experts to die, which led to a big storm. Among them, there were many Inner Disciples or Core Disciples of heavenly forces. Naturally, it would attract the attention of all forces.

As a result, the Starry Sky Region suddenly enlivened. All forces sent their disciples to pry into information. Unfortunately, they were doomed to be futile. Nobody would have guessed that Minghe had already killed Hongjun, who was the chief culprit to cause so many experts of the Fate Realm to die. All traces had been obliterated as Minghe left, so they would never discover the truth.

Although this incident created a big impact, everything would be erased as time passed. Gradually, people would forget it. However, as a land of countless Fated Chances opened, the incident would be thoroughly forgotten. Compared with the message about a group of the dead, the limitless Fated Chance was more attractive.

... Millions of years had passed quickly, but the mountain where Minghe's Immortal's Cave located had not changed at  all. During the period, except Taoist Hongquan, who he met in the Yun Ling Academy of the Eastern Region, almost nobody went there. However, Minghe had been in a state of Closed Door Meditation, so he did not see any visitors and could not be contacted. Therefore, Taoist Hongquan could only  return without accomplishing anything.

During this time, Spiritual Air of Heaven and Earth and Air of the Divine Law of the Mountain Yunling flooded into Tao- seeking Palace like rivers into the sea, without any sound. Like a bottomless vortex, Tao-seeking Palace swallowed all the Air around without pausing. Naturally, the scene attracted some people's attention.

On a peaceful mountain, a manor stood on a hillside. Taoist Hongquan sat upright on a stone bench, and his old acquaintance Taoist Jiangwu sat opposite him. Although they were from two different sects, they had a great relationship. Even if they came to the Mountain Yunling, they maintained their stable relationship, and frequently contacted each other to discuss the Great Way.

At the moment, Hongquan and Jiangwu were playing chess. Jiangwu said, "Brother Hong, Minghe had been in the state of Closed Door Meditation for so long. What do you think he is doing? Is he practicing or comprehending the Law of Weapons? The Spiritual Air of Heaven and Earth arbitrarily flew into his residence for millions of years without a pause. It's really impossible to guess what he is doing."

Hongquan held a white chess and laid it down, and said, "Brother Jiang, Minghe is very mysterious. And he is an excellent talent, whether it is in refining weapons or practicing. Although he broke through to the Fate Realm not too long ago, it's easy for him to break through to Middle Stage of the Fate Realm. At that moment, he will be our equal."

Now, Hongquan and Jiangwu had reached the Middle Stage of the Fate Realm. Although they were ever at the Early Stage, they reached the Fate Realm tens of thousands of years earlier than Minghe. At present, they came to the Mountain Yunling, so it would not be a big problem for them to break through to the Middle Stage. However, they just did not know that Minghe had already reached the Middle Stage.

Jiangwu picked up a black chess piece. When he was going to place it down, he felt a strong flow rising into the sky. He immediately turned his head and sighed with emotion, "Enviably, some fellow Taoist has broken through to the Late Stage of the Fate Realm. Although I've reached the Middle Stage of the Fate Realm, I still need tens of millions of years' cultivation to realize this."

Upon hearing Jiangwu's words, Hongquan also nodded. When he saw the source of the strong flow, he was suddenly stunned. After a long time, he said flatly, "It seems that... Minghe's Immortal's Cave is in... that... direction." With this, Hongquan and Jiangwu both fell silent.

Obviously, Minghe's sudden breakthrough shocked them very much. Minghe just broke through to the Fate Realm not long ago, so they never expected that he would break through to the Late Stage of the Fate Realm so quickly. Ironically, the man who they never took seriously, was ahead of them.


In Tao-seeking Palace, Minghe appeased his strong vital force and opened his eyes slowly. After millions of years' Closed Door Meditation, he finally fully recovered and improved by leaps and bounds. Especially, when the Original Spirit reached the Late Stage of the Fate Realm, it was a happy surprise. After a short duration of enlightenment, he enhanced a lot in the Divine Law. At present, the man he used to be could not be compared with who he was now.

Originally, Law of Blood and Law of Spiritual Beings had been close to the Late Stage of the Fate Realm. It was reasonable that they broke through after long-term cultivation. To Minghe's surprise, he comprehended the Law of Time much easier than he had expected. His comprehension also greatly increased his strength. After all, one plus one plus another one would probably be greater than three.

Chapter 417: Planning

Certainly, Minghe would not be satisfied with his present situation. Although he had entered the Battlefield of Gods and Demons for only a short time, he made greater progress than most Creatures of the battlefield. So to speak, Minghe was getting stronger all the time. After comprehending the Law of Time, he progressed faster in strength.

Although millions of years had passed in the outside world, Minghe practiced in the Twelve Earthly Branches Formation, so it was tens of millions of years. His Original Spirit had reached the Late Stage of the Fate Realm. The Indestructible Demon Body did not only regain the strength of Late Stage; italso made still further progress. Perhaps, it would not be long before his body reached the Peak of the Fate Realm.

Compared with Minghe's rapid progress, his Three Separations progressed relatively slower. "Good Separation" Heaven and Earth Taoist reached the Middle Stage of the Fate Realm. After all, the World of Heaven and Earth had become great trichiliocosm now. Thus, it was difficult to make progress. Although Heaven and Earth Taoist only reached the Middle Stage of the Fate Realm, he was invincible among experts of the same realm. Confronting experts at the Late Stage of the Fate Realm, he would be able to fight.
 "Evil Separation" Red Lotus Taoist progressed faster than Heaven and Earth Taoist. He comprehended the Law of Karma and the Law of Killing at the same time. Moreover, he constantly refined the Original Body – Red Lotus of Fire. He reached the Middle Stage of the Fate Realm much earlier than Heaven and Earth Taoist, but his combat power was inferior to Heaven and Earth Taoist's. He could only defeat most experts at the Middle Stage of the Fate Realm, but was unable to fight experts at the Late Stage of the Fate Realm.

"Selfcentric Separation" Musen progressed fastest, because he only comprehended the Law of Martial Arts and practiced Hegemonic Body of Martial Arts. Now, Musen had become an expert at the Late Stage of the Fate Realm and was the strongest one among the Three Separations. Minghe comprehended three Divine Laws, so he naturally slowed down his pace of cultivation. Perhaps, Musen would reach the Peak of the Fate Realm earlier than Minghe did.

Minghe did not care about this. Anyhow, Musen was his Selfcentric Separation, who could never replace him. Moreover, Minghe thought that the realm did not represent strength. Even if both he and Musen reached the Late Stage of the Fate Realm, Minghe would be able to defeat Musen. Compared with Musen, Minghe had such profound foundation. Thus, they were not comparable. During the tens of millions of years, Minghe and his Three Separations not only practiced, but also refined Magic Weapons and comprehended tactical formation. Although these were external forces, Minghe still needed to resort to them. Even Pangu wield supreme treasures of Chaos, such as Pangu Ax, Jade Butterfly of Fate, and Green Lotus of Fate. Only the Great Way would not need these.

At this time, Minghe paid a heavy price to refine Magic Weapons. He input most refining materials in his collection. He even destroyed the Anti-evil Ax and let the God-killing Spear completely devour it. Except for the fairy sword of  Half Supreme Treasure of Chaos, he let the God-killing Spear devour all treasures he had acquired from Hongjun.

With these Magic Weapons, the God-killing Spear had no need for any other refining materials. Now, it had become a Highest Grade Spiritual Treasure of Chaos. Although it cost a lot, the God-killing Spear displayed its powerful strength , which also delighted Minghe. Despite it being merely a Highest Grade Spiritual Treasure of Chaos, its power was close to that of the fairy sword.

Except for Minghe's God-killing Spear, "Good Separation" Heaven and Earth Taoist's Cauldron of Heaven and Earth and Ruler of Heaven and Earth, "Evil Separation" Red Lotus Taoist's Yuantu Sword and Abi Sword, "Original Body" the 36-graded Red Lotus of Fire, and "Selfcentric Separation" Musen's Kongtong Seal were all promoted to Top Grade Spiritual Treasures of Chaos. However, Heaven and Earth Taoist's Wheels of Heaven and Earth was a little special, which just advanced to Mid-grade Spiritual Treasure of Chaos.

As for comprehension of tactical formation, although Musen comprehended Veridical Martial Origin Formation to a new Realm so that it could display the power of Half Step to the Supreme Realm, he felt awkward for displaying a formation. In addition to him, it still needed 12 martial experts at the Early Stage of the Fate Realm at least. Minghe's Blood God Doppelganger and Clone of Blood God was sufficient for the rest.

The trouble was in finding 12 martial experts at  the Early Stage of the Fate Realm. Minghe's strongest Blood God Doppelgangers were only A Half Step to the Fate Realm, so they did not reach the requirement. Although he knew how to refine Puppet of Blood God and could refine an expert at the Early Stage of the Fate Realm into Puppet of Blood God, Minghe did not know where he could find the 12 martial experts for refinement. Without the 12 martial experts of the Fate Realm, Musen's Veridical Martial Origin Formation only could display  the power of the Peak of the Fate Realm. Despite the fact that the formation was already powerful enough and such formations were few in the Medium Layer of the Battlefield of Gods and Demons, Musen still felt dissatisfied. However, as Minghe could not think of a good idea there and then, he had to put it aside for the time being.

Compared with Musen, "Evil Separation" Red Lotus Taoist's self-created Sword Formation was satisfactory. It was called the Karma Killing Sword Formation, which was a powerful formation arranged by him with Sword of Karma – Yuantu Sword, Sword of Killing – Abi Sword, and his Original Body – Red Lotus of Fire. Even if he only reached the Middle Stage of the Fate Realm, Red Lotus Taoist could almost display the great power of Half Step to the Supreme Realm. If he improved his strength further, or Yuantu Sword and Abi Sword and Red Lotus of Fire advanced by a level, the power of the Sword Formation would increase sharply.

This was an immense relief for Minghe. As for "Good Separation" Heaven and Earth Taoist, he advanced in comprehending Cosmic Stars Formation. The formation had already been able to display the power that could defeat experts at the Peak of the Fate Realm. If a few experts of A Half Step to the Supreme Realm were in the formation, there would be no return for them. However, it might take time to improve the formation so that it was powerful enough to utterly defeat experts of A Half Step to the Supreme Realm.

The problem was that only in the World of Heaven and Earth could the power of the Cosmic Stars Formation perform to the utmost. If in the Battlefield of Gods and Demons, Heaven and Earth Taoist arranged the formation with Cosmic Stars Banner, and its power was very limited. Because he did not find the right people, he had to arrange the formation with Blood God Doppelganger and Clone of Blood God. In this case, the power of the formation was naturally limited.

The formation had been improved, but no right people could arrange the formation. This agonized Minghe. Although only 12 experts of the Fate Realm were demanded in the Veridical Martial Origin Formation, all the people were martial cultivators. With such strict conditions, it would be difficult to find 12 people even in the Land of Central Region. After all, Minghe had never seen any martial experts until now.

The requirements for Cosmic Stars Formation were more ridiculous. 365 banners of primary stars in the formation needed to be controlled by 365 experts. Even if Minghe and his Three Separations entered the formation together, an extra 361 people would still be needed. How could Minghe find so many people? Moreover, he could not affirm that these people would completely obey orders.

However, compared with the Veridical Martial Origin Formation, the Cosmic Stars Formation was more profitable. The controllers of 365 Cosmic Star Banners only needed to reach the Fate Realm. Minghe could catch 365 experts of the Fate Realm and refine them into Puppets of Blood God. In doing so, there would be people to arrange the formation.

In the Land of Central Region, most experts of the Fate Realm had backups, and there were only a few Individual Cultivators. Thus, if Minghe wanted to gather enough people to arrange the formation, it would be apparently impossible to only find Individual Cultivators of the Fate Realm. If he wanted to take action against the powerful and influential experts of the Fate Realm, he could not even make even one mistake. He didn't want to ask for trouble.

Compared with his last trip, Minghe had a radical change in power. Although he still had spare resources, he was unwilling to live off his past gains. He had gone to the Starry Sky Region and plundered a lot of resources there. Meanwhile, he also completed many tasks about the Starry Sky Region. If he went there again, he would not gain much.

Moreover, due to Hongjun, many experts of the Fate Realm in the Starry Sky Region had died. Among them, some were involved with many forces of the Central Region. If he went there now, it would cause some unnecessary trouble. That's not good. Although he didn't mind the trouble, it was a waste of his time.

Since he could not go to the Starry Sky Region, Minghe focused on the remaining three Forbidden  Lands.  Although there were countless Fated Chance in the Starry Sky Region, only the four Forbidden Lands were known and ownerless Land of Fated Chance. As for the other lands, some were not discovered, and some were occupied by various forces. Hence, he only could target the remaining three Forbidden Lands.

After returning from the Starry Sky Region this time, Minghe went to the Library to check and study carefully. He kept all secrets of the Central Region in mind, to avoid the case as same as Star Tree of Origin. The four Forbidden Lands had been in the Battlefield of Gods and Demons for a long time. Hence, most parts of them had been figured out, but there still were some mysteries. Take the Burial Land for example. Legend had it that the land was changed from a debris of the battlefield of Gods and Demons in ancient times. What was more strange was that the land changed as the era changed, and most parts of the land became different. Until now, most secrets of the Burial Land were unknown.

Moreover, the Burial Land opened every hundred million years. There were at least nine million years before it would open again, but Minghe was very interested in it. According to records, valuable treasures like the supreme treasure of Chaos and Taoist characters like 'Wu' could be found there, which was tempting to Minghe.

Since he could not go to the Burial Land for the time being, Minghe only could target Underworld Blood Sea and Devil Region. Each of the two lands had their own merits. However, Minghe had a special closeness with Underworld Blood Sea. Logically thinking, he should go to Underworld Blood Sea first, but he gave up this plan after careful consideration.

Chapter 418: Infinite Tao

Although he had a special closeness with Blood Sea by instinct, Minghe was not interested in the various resources and unknown Fated Chances there.  Thanks  to  Hongjun's collections, he would not lack resources for a while. Now, he was in urgent need of the Sky Crystal with Air of the Divine Law. However, the Devil Region was rich in this treasure.

Although other places could produce the Sky Crystal, they were inferior to the Devil Region. Every year, innumerable Creatures went to the Devil Region to obtain countless Sky Crystals. After all, when a man reached the Fate Realm, he would progress slowly whether in the cultivation of Original Spirit or comprehension of the Divine Law. They could only make rapid success when they owned plentiful Sky Crystals.

Although the Devil Region was abundant with the Sky Crystal, it was also a Forbidden Land full of mortal dangers. Apart from endless Sky Crystals and the weird Devil Air, there were countless Devil Beasts, which could be well matched with strong Exotic Beasts like the Giant Beast of Starry Sky and the Ominous Beast of Chaos. In the Devil Region, the Devil Beasts were the most dangerous, as they had devoured so many Creatures going there to search for Sky Crystals. Being different from the Giant Beast of Starry Sky and the Ominous Beast of Chaos, the Devil Beasts were weird and various, with all kinds of abilities. They had powerful bodies and Original Spirits. Although their bodies were more inferior than those of Exotic Beasts like the Ominous Beast of Chaos, their Original Spirits were most powerful among many Exotic Beasts. However, they were terrifying mostly because of their Original Spirits.

In the Devil Region, even if the Devil Beasts' bodies were destroyed, a man should not drop his guard. For Devil Beasts, bodies were unnecessary. As long as there was enough Devil Air, they could reunite bodies. Moreover, when they lost their bodies, they would choose to revive in a new guise. Many Creatures had died this way.

Minghe was not afraid of the Devil Region and devil beasts. He was in urgent need of the Sky Crystal there, so he had to go. Only with the Sky Crystal could his strength grow faster. Although he had surpassed all Creatures born in the Ninth Period, he still lagged behind those of the Eighth Period, so he had to keep moving till the end.

Unfortunately, the plan was not able to keep up with the changes. Just when Minghe wanted to go out, Jiangwu and Hongquan arrived. Minghe was very surprised about their sudden appearance. Since he came to the Mountain Yunling, they had never met again. They also brought him an unexpected message that the Burial Land had opened in advance.

Ten thousand years ago, the Burial Land suddenly moved unusually. Many forces of the Central Region went to investigate and discovered that the Burial Land tended to open in advance. After hearing the news, Minghe naturally did not go to the Devil Region. Several hundreds years later, the Burial Land finally opened. With most Cultivators in the Central Region, Minghe went to the place of crises and Fated Chances.

The Burial Land was worthy of the name because Minghe saw remains of Creatures of Untainted Land in the preceding periods – Three Pure Ones, Goddess Nvywa and so on. In the land, Minghe plundered Three Treasures of Heaven and Earth Creation, including Taoist characters "Time", which represented the Law of Time; "Space", which represented the Law of Space; and Half supreme treasure of Chaos.

All of these were important to Minghe's rapid growth. Having experienced numerous difficulties and dangers, Minghe left the Burial Land safe and sound. Later, he found the three Taoist characters, 'Devil', 'Law', and 'Blood'. The character 'Law' provided him with countless Sky Crystals. In cooperation with the Law of Time and Magical Tao Mirror, Minghe's strength greatly increased periodically.

Within just 10 million years, Minghe succeeded in reaching the Supreme Realm, practiced Eternal Demon Body, and then entered the High Layer of the Battlefield of Gods and Demons. With many valuable treasures, Minghe made rapid progress there. Countless years later, he sensed a very special vital force, which was that of Immeasurable Cultivation Tribulation.

The Immeasurable Cultivation Tribulation of the Ninth Period was about to begin. Minghe had to leave the Battlefield of Gods and Demons, because he would have no chance to leave the battlefield after the Ninth Period, unless he could become stronger than the Great Way. This time, when he left the Battlefield of Gods and Demons, he still had his own plan – a very insane plan.

He planned to devour the Deva-loka. After Minghe reached the Supreme Realm, "Selfcentric Separation" Musen and "Evil Separation" Red Lotus Taoist also reached the Supreme Realm. However, only Heaven and Earth Taoist was still A Half Step to the Supreme Realm. The World of Heaven and Earth inside his body only could develop to the Peak of great trichiliocosm. Even if it infinitely approached the World of Chaos, it could not transgress the boundaries.

After breakthrough to the Supreme Realm, Minghe achieved an unprecedented powerful strength. He was powerful enough to sweep away the Four Chaos, with 49 Blood God Doppelgangers of the Fate Realm and countless Clone of Blood God of the Zenith Heaven Realm of Chaos. As the Immeasurable Cultivation Tribulation came down, Minghe sent out all Blood God Doppelgangers and Clones of Blood God to the Four Chaos to collect the Origin of Deva-loka.

A few Creatures of the Ninth Period could withstand Minghe and his Blood God Doppelgangers and Clones of Blood God. Even Untainted Land became a stepping stone for the growth of the World of Heaven and Earth. After devouring Deva-loka, Heaven and Earth Taoist finally made a breakthrough, where the World of Heaven and Earth turned into the World of Chaos. Although it could not compare with the Battlefield of Gods and Demons, the World of Heaven and Earth could develop to the extent one day.

When he returned to Untainted Land, Minghe saw the two figures who were deeply embedded in his heart. They were Chang Xi and WangShu. When he comprehended the Law of Time, he discovered that he never forgot them. After countless years, he finally realized his promise made when he was innocent, which was to reunite with them in the Lunar Star.

Having experienced countless years and crises, he finally stood at the Peak of the Battlefield of Gods and Demons. It was then that he discovered that he was still a person of a narrow view. Supreme Realm was not the end of cultivation, and the Great Way was not the most powerful existence. The boundless Chaos and Battlefield of Gods and Demons just trained new warriors for a stronger world.

With the arrival of Immeasurable Cultivation Tribulation, Creatures of each period had to make a choice, which was to enter the Battlefield of Gods and Demons or be destroyed. After entering the battlefield and stepping into the High Layer, one could really know the truth of the battlefield. Above the High Layer, there was another layer, which was the real Battlefield of Gods and Demons. The Burial Land of the Medium Layer was just a debris of the real battlefield.

Each period, countless experts in the High Layer of the Battlefield of Gods and Demons broke into the top layer of the battlefield to fight for a place of the top 100. With this position, they could enter a stronger world. In this world, they could become stronger, get rid of the Great Way and enjoy real freedom.

In the earth-shaking battle, Minghe fought his powerful rivals alone. He also discovered one of his fatal weaknesses – the imperfect Original Spirit. Then, the Original Spirits of his Three Separations integrated into Minghe's once again, to make him reach a realm, which was equal to the Great Way. Moreover, he practiced the Eternal Demon Body to perfection. When both came together, the general situation was determined by one combat.

After the fight, Magical Tao Mirror, Taoist characters like 'Wu'... would be useless after entering the Primordial World. Instead, they should be left in the world to wait for other pre- destined men.

When he completed the arrangement, Minghe resolutely stepped into the Primordial World. A broader stage was waiting for him there. Nobody knew what kind of legend he would leave there. Minghe himself also could not foresee it. Only time would tell... 
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