The Number One Swordsman Is Very Lonely Chapter 11-20

Chapter 11


The Number Three Swordsman knew at a glance that the girl had a fondness for Jiu Jian, that silly boy, so he directly sat beside his brother.

After the carriage moved, the Number Three Swordsman hit his brother shoulder to shoulder, and then touched his chin, “You don’t coax him?”

The first swordsman didn’t understand, “Coax who?”

“Tsk.” The Number Three Swordsman felt his brother was too baffling, so he decided to enlighten him, “Brother, let me tell you this, love is like planting flowers, water it when it’s dry, prune the branches when it’s crooked. Someone has to take care of it patiently so that the flower can bloom beautifully.”

The Number One Swordsman still didn’t understand, “What do you mean?”

The Number Three Swordsman thought that he wouldn’t be as stupid as his brother in the future, so he said it straight, “You should go out and drive the carriage too. The place outside is so big, two people can sit there.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the carriage stopped.

The Number One Swordsman opened the curtain, “What happened?”

The Number Two Swordsman said coldly, “I went the wrong way.”

The Number Three Swordsman decided to give himself up again. He stood up and said, “I’d better hurry.”

The Number Two Swordsman had to return to the carriage. He didn’t want to sit with the Number One Swordsman, but it was inconvenient for anyone except Jiu Jian to sit with the girl, so he had to sit next to the Number One Swordsman.

He sat there with no expression, holding a sword in his hand. No one dared to ask him why he went the wrong way.

The Number One Swordsman thought the Number Two Swordsman was embarrassed after going the wrong way. Thinking of the coaxing that Brother Jian had just talked to him about, he tried to comfort him, “It’s all fine, you’ll be familiar if you walk a little more. I’ve also gone to the wrong road before.”

The Number Two Swordsman glanced at him, and was originally angry when he heard this. But when he thought that he would never see him again after the victory or defeat, he just hummed.

Jiu Jian always felt something strange between the two of them, so he didn’t dare interrupt, so the carriage fell silent for a while.

The Number Three Swordsman was driving outside the carriage and planned to be a good man to the utmost. The carriage walked steadily for a while, then suddenly made a big turn.

The girl was thinking about how to get closer to Jiu Jian, but the carriage moved too suddenly. She didn’t have martial arts, she couldn’t control her direction well and fell directly to the Number Two Swordsman.

The Number Two Swordsman subconsciously caught the person, waited for the carriage to stabilize and asked her, “Are you alright?”

“Yes, thank you, Young Master.” The girl went back and sat down again. From the corner of her eyes, she saw that Jiu Jian didn’t even react to these things. She felt a little discouraged.

The Number Two Swordsman sat expressionlessly again, and the Number One Swordsman was feeling a little upset for a reason he didn’t know.


There was no accident along the way. The Number Two Swordsman thought that he must not sink even deeper than this, so he kept his eyes closed and calmly not talking to the Number One Swordsman.

The Number One Swordsman didn’t know what to say, so he had to follow being silent.

The pressure they brought was too great, the girl and Jiu Jian didn’t dare speak.

The Number Three Swordsman concentrated on driving and knew nothing about the situations inside. Until he found a village not far away and stopped. He knocked on the door of the carriage and said, “There’s a village ahead. How about going there to rest?”

Jiu Jian found out that everyone was looking at him, so he had to pull back the curtain and said, “Then let’s go there to rest, and see if we can buy some dry food as well.”

The Number Three Swordsman drove leisurely to the entrance of the village, and found two strong villagers standing at the entrance, looking warily at their carriage with hoes in their hands.

The Number Three Swordsman looked around and saw a young villager running inside, as if trying to give news to others.

Could it be a den of thieves?

But even if it was a den of thieves, they were a group of swordsmen, their lives were in no danger whatsoever. The Number Three Swordsman had been a hero for many years, showing a standard “hero smile”, he said, “Two big brothers, we are going south and want to rest in your village. Could it be convenient?”

The two villagers were red from the heat of the day and their necks were thick, and the hands holding the hoes were straight and in good shape. Just as the Number Three Swordsman thought they were going to give him a hoe, a yellow figure shot out of the village and landed in front of him after several flips.

It was a woman with a dao* in her hands.
*There are 2 kinds of weapon both called swords. (1) 剑,jiàn, doubled-edged sword, what our dear swordsmen use. And (2) 刀,dāo, single-edged sword. Hers, that I’ll call dao instead of another sword for easier differentiating.

The woman sized him up for a monent, “Are you the ones who want to enter the village?”

Although it sounded strange, the Number Three Swordsman repeated the polite words again.

The people in the carriage heard the commotion and all followed to get down from the carriage.

The woman saw that there was a girl in it, she didn’t look like she’d been forced to be with them, and she looked a little familiar.

The girl felt that it was time to give a full play to her advantage of looking weak. She saluted the woman, “This little girl’s surname is Su, her family lives in the east city of Yu City. She met bandits when she took her servant to the south. Fortunately, these heroes saved her. Passing by this village, we intended to rest…”

“Your last name is Su?” The woman asked her, “Where are you going south?”

The girl replied, “To Shangnian City.”

The woman asked again, “Are you going to your maternal uncle’s house?”

The girl was stunned for a moment, “How does this heroine know?”

The woman put away her dao, stepped forward and took her hand and asked with smiled, “Your maternal uncle’s family name is Lin, isn’t it?”

“You are…”

The woman pulled the hair that had fallen to her temples, winked and said, “Speaking of which, you should call me Third Cousin.”

The girl opened her eyes wide, “Are you… Cousin Bitang?”

Chapter 12


Bitang pulled the girl over and took a closer look. From the corner of her eyes she glanced at the several swordsmen, “Fortunately, you’re not injured. You must’ve suffered a lot along the way.”

“It’s not hard at all, there are these masters…” The girl’s face was a little red, “Especially Young Master Jiu Jian, he took care of me all the way. So cousin, why are you here…”

Bitang immediately knew from her look that she had a good impression on the Young Master Jiu Jian. “I was going to the villagers to collect accounts. Father calculated that you are about to reach Shangnian in a few days. So he let your fourth cousin, that is, your cousin Zhongchou, to come with me and see if I can meet you on the road.”

Bitang saluted to the Number Two Swordsman again, “Thank you, Master Jiu Jian, for taking care of her all the way.”

The Number Two Swordsman drew Jiu Jian with a blank face, “Young Miss, you’re welcome. He is Jiu Jian.”

Bitang hurriedly arched her hand, “Excuse me, I thought this young man looks a little like my little brother. Young Master Jiu Jian, thank you.”

Jiu Jian had a real sense of being a chivalrous man. “It doesn’t matter. We all walk in the Jianghu, it should be the right thing to do to help each other.”

Bitang saw that he wasn’t very old, but he was old-fashioned when speaking*. He looked very interesting, “I haven’t asked Young Master Jiu Jian for his surname?”
*Well, this translation butchered this aspect. I hope only knowing about it is enough (╥﹏╥)

The girl also found out that all the way she had only been calling him Young Master Jiu Jian and hadn’t asked for a name. Jiu Jian cheerfully said, “My last name is Yang, and my given name is Shaoyou. Young Miss can call me Shaoyou, or simply call me Jiu Jian. “

Bitang guessed something vaguely, “Jiu Jian means…”

The Number Three Swordsman came over and patted Jiu Jian on the shoulder, “I wonder if the young miss has ever heard of the swordsmen list, our young hero Yang is ranked ninth in the swordsmen list.”

Bitang was instantly amazed, but on the contrary, the girl didn’t understand even after a long time. So Bitang explained to her, “I heard that an expert had traveled the world and saw many heroes in the world with extraordinary skills, so he ranked them by their respective weapons. Among them, the most famous are the two swordsmen lists*.”
*One for jian and another for dao

“I never expected this young hero Yang on the swordsmen list to be really young and talented.” Bitang wondered if it was really a rumor that Jiu Jian was an old man?

The girl felt her heart fluttering even more, “I never imagined that Young Master Jiu Jian is so powerful.”

The Number Three Swordsman thought it was time to reveal his true identity and let everyone marvel at it.

He was just about to speak, “Actually, I…”

“I’m also far behind the other swordsman masters on the list.” Jiu Jian waved his hand, pointed at the Number One Swordsman and the Number Two Swordsman, and introduced them respectfully, “This chivalrous hero is the Number Two Swordsman in the swordsmen list. This is the Number One Swordsman.”

He then remembered that the the Number Three Swordsman seemed to be interrupted by his introduction just now, “Brother Jian, what were you going to say?”

The Number Three Swordsman swallowed the words back, and followed with kindness, “Actually I feel like old friends with these heroes, we couldn’t help but go on the road together. You can go ahead and continue talking about yourselves, don’t mind me.”


Bitang couldn’t say why, she didn’t like this Brother Jian the instant she saw him.

She thought in her heart, this is my cousin’s life saver, I can’t be prejudiced.

So she passed the Brother Jian directly to the Number One Swordsman and the Number Two Swordsman, “I’ve been looking forward to it for a long time. I didn’t expect the top two swordsmen to be so young.”

The Number Two Swordsman stopped talking when there were too many people, but the Number One Swordsman just saw that this Miss Bitang had good skills. His fighting fire was ignited, “I suppose, the young miss is also a martial artist?”

Bitang smiled and said, “My grandfather was a famous swordsman when he was young, so my mother who taught me also loves to use the dao. Our generation all learned more or less, but my eldest brother learned some more of the essence and can stand in the top of the swordsmen* list.”

As soon as the Number One Swordsman heard it, he wanted to practice his hand even more. “Then I hope there would be an opportunity to ask for a lesson or two.”

“Speaking of fate, the youngest brother in my family is also on the swordsmen list.”

The Number One Swordsman couldn’t help but touch the hilt of his sword, and said with some excitement, “Dare I ask, he is…?”

Bitang talked about his younger brother with a smug expression, “My youngest brother is ranked seventh on the swordsmen list, and he also has a good knowledge of swordsmanship. I’d like to express my gratitude to you chivalrous gentlemen, so please come to visit the Lin family in Shangnian City for a few day. We also hope to learn a little of your swordsmanship.”

The Number One Swordsman wanted to fight like crazy, “Then we depart now?”

“There is no hurry. My fourth brother and I were passing by here and just happened to encounter a group of bandits coming to this village to rob, so we drove them away. We fear that this band of bandits would hold a grudge and plan to send someone to the family later to fight.” Bitang said while looking at them suggestively.

The Number One Swordsman was very happy as long as he could fight, “It’s just right we’re also here. We will help you.”

Bitang was “surprised” and said, “You really deserve to be one of the top swordsmen in the swordsmen list.”

She hurriedly took the few people into the village to find a place to stay, and the Number One Swordsman thought of Brother Jian, “I have to trouble Brother Jian to join us to fight the bandits.”

The Number Three Swordsman smiled brightly, “No trouble, no trouble. To be chivalrous is our duty. To be honest, actually I’m…”

It just so happened that the Number Two Swordsman had caught up, and he said, “Since Miss Su is already safe, when the bandits are finished, I’ll go first.”

The Number One Swordsman didn’t respond for a moment, “Where are you going?”

The Number Two Swordsman clenched the sword in his hand, “Sword practice.”

The Number One Swordsman was even more excited, “Are you ready to fight me?”

The Number Two Swordsman’s eyes were a little dimmer, “Hmm.”

The Number One Swordsman thought to himself, what good day was it, so many fights scheduled.

The Number Three Swordsman: I think this book can be renamed. The Number Three Swordsman is very lonely.

Chapter 13


The villagers knew from Bitang that the men were also here to fight the bandits, so they were quite friendly to the Number One Swordsman.

The Number Two Swordsman was very handsome. As soon as he entered the village, many girls secretly looked at him and warmly invited him to live in their houses.

Even they were very fond of Jiu Jian. And the Number Three Swordsman, who had no identity and didn’t look amazing*, could only walk in the back silently.
*Author’s note: San Jian is not ugly, but Er Jian is just so much more good-looking. Too beautiful to compete with…

After catching a glimpse, the Number One Swordsman subconsciously walked to the Number Two Swordsman’s side, blocking the girls’ fiery eyes.

The Number Two Swordsman was unaware, thinking that he had something to say to him, “What’s the matter?”

“Nothing.” The Number One Swordsman pointed at an old lady’s house, “Let’s stay there.”

Knowing that they had a good relationship, Jiu Jian consciously asked for a room from another person’s house to stay at. The Number Two Swordsman hesitated and looked at the Number Three Swordsman.

The Number Three Swordsman understood that this was his brother and the beauty wishing to stay together. He’d only cause trouble if he followed to stay with them, and immediately raised his hand and said, “I’ll live with Jiu Jian.”

The Number Two Swordsman also thought that he was disturbing other people’s happiness. But before he could speak, the Number One Swordsman directly reached out and touched his shoulders and took the person to the old lady’s house. “Let’s go and rest early, we need to fight tomorrow.”

The Number Two Swordsman thought for a while then moved to follow, said in his heart that he should ensure this was the last time he had to disturb the Number One Swordsman and Brother Jian.

The Number One Swordsman couldn’t help but squeezed his hands. Why didn’t he notice before, it felt so comfortable touching the Number Two Swordsman.

So it’s at this stage now.

The Number Three Swordsman: I think I’m a third wheel

The Number Two Swordsman: I think I’m a third wheel

The Number One Swordsman: the Number Two Swordsman feels good to touch.


The old lady closed the courtyard door under the girls’ enviable eyes and took the two to a room, which unfortunately only had a single wooden bed.

The old lady was a little embarrassed, but the two swordsmen didn’t care. They’d lived in the open air. They could sleep anywhere.

After the old lady left, a strange feeling somehow came out of nowhere. The Number One Swordsman always wanted to take care of the Number Two Swordsman, “You sleep on the bed. I’ll sleep on the beam.”

The Number Two Swordsman raised his head and glanced. The beam had been in disrepair for a long time. It looked about to collapse as soon as it was stepped on, “You can sleep on the bed, I’ll sleep on the ground.”

The Number One Swordsman refused directly, “How could that work. How about we squeeze and sleep on the bed together.”

The Number Two Swordsman thought about it. The old lady’s bedclothes would get dirty on the ground, “Then let’s sleep together on the bed.”

The Number Two Swordsman regretted it only when he was about to go to bed after taking a shower in the evening.

The Number One Swordsman sat on the edge of the bed and said, “I’m slightly wider. I’ll sleep on the outside. I have to trouble you to sleep on the inside.”

If they slept together, they’d have to stay close. The Number Two Swordsman stepped back and said, “Or I’ll…”

The Number One Swordsman interrupted, “It’s late, we should rest as soon as possible. We’re going to fight the bandits tomorrow.”

It was indeed inconvenient to disturb others. The Number Two Swordsman had to bite the bullet and climbed onto the bed, hoping that the Number One Swordsman wouldn’t find anything wrong.

The bed was old, and the Number Two Swordsman made a creaking sound as soon as he got on it. He laid on his side, with his back facing the Number One Swordsman, motionless.

Naturally, he couldn’t see the other man’s subtle expression. The Number One Swordsman even tidied up his hair before going to bed carefully.

A warm body stuck against the Number Two Swordsman’s back. His entire body froze, and he only felt that his soft hair was standing up.

Only a small window was opened in the whole room, which happened to be on the Number Two Swordsman’s side. The moonlight came in and shone in his ears. The Number One Swordsman’s gaze fell on his neck.

The Number One Swordsman: It’s really white.

The Number Two Swordsman felt that the body behind him was getting hotter and hotter, and he wondered if the Number One Swordsman was practicing his internal strength.

The more the Number One Swordsman looked at it, the more he felt his blood surging up. He thought he hadn’t been doing anything crazy recently, what was this?

This invisible feeling was too strange, the Number Two Swordsman wanted to turn around to see if the other man was asleep.

The bed board creaked, and the Number Two Swordsman turned around to meet another pair of eyes.

After a moment of silence, the Number Two Swordsman realized that his current appearance could easily cause misunderstandings. He violently tried to back away, “I’m not…”

“Watch out!” The bed was too narrow. The Number One Swordsman saw him moved and wanted to stop him but it was too late, he could only reach out and tugged his wrist. But all this commotion caused the entire bed to overturn.

With a muffled grunt, the loud noises in the room calmed down.

The lady next door knocked on the door, “Are you two alright?”

The Number One Swordsman put one hand on the floor, “We’re fine, lady, don’t worry and go back to rest.”

The Number Two Swordsman laid on the ground, frowning, holding the Number One Swordsman’s clothes with one hand, and rubbing his waist with the other.

The Number One Swordsman put his other arm around the Number Two Swordsman’s waist. He wanted to help him up, but he didn’t know where he touched, the Number Two Swordsman groaned again, “It hurts…”

The Number Three Swordsman who wanted to come and see hurriedly turned around and ran away.

The Number One Swordsman didn’t dare to move, he could only stay still in this position and let the other man slow down a little. It looked as if he was holding the Number Two Swordsman in his arms.

After a while, the Number Two Swordsman tried to stand up.

The Number One Swordsman carefully lifted him up, let him lean his entire body on him, and secretly circled the other man’s waist with his arm.

The Number One Swordsman: It’s really thin.

When they woke up the next day, neither of them was in good spirits.

After getting up, the Number Two Swordsman kept rubbing his waist, and the Number One Swordsman thoughtfully held him for support, asking from time to time if he was okay.

The Number Three Swordsman sighed twice: Brother and his beauty are really affectionate. Under such circumstances, they could still… Um…

Chapter 14


Bitang got up early in the morning and saw them. She said with concern, “What’s wrong with you two?”

Before the Number One Swordsman could explain, the Number Three Swordsman pulled her aside and whispered, “These two are very close. All the way we only had a good night’s sleep in the open. They finally have a place to live just by themselves. I’m sure they must want to be affectionate with each other.”

“Affectionate…?” Bitang covered her mouth in surprise, fearing that her voice would be too loud, “The two of them are…”

The Number Three Swordsman nodded and also urged her to keep it a secret. “Miss Bitang knows that in the Jianghu, one spreads ten, ten spreads a hundred. When it’s spread too many times, it might not necessarily be just a gossip.”

The Number One Swordsman was trying to explain to them that the Number Two Swordsman had back pain because he fell to the ground last night. Then as a result, he saw Bitang’s turning red. She gave them a deep look and didn’t ask.

The Number One Swordsman: Did something happen?

Lin Zhongchou rushed back to the village early in the morning and found out that there were a few additional people. Bitang introduced him these heroes who came to help. And didn’t forget to remind him a few words about the unusual relationship between the Number One Swordsman and the Number Two Swordsman. This incident gave Lin Zhongchou more excitement than there being swordsmen from the swordsmen list in front of him. He peeked back and whispered, “Third Sister, is this true?”

“It’s true, it was Brother Jian who told me, you must remember not to say anything about it to anyone.” The Number Three Swordsman noticed his gaze and said hello. Lin Zhongchou turned his head and said, “Third sister, I don’t know why, I see this Brother Jian and I feel something uncomfortable…”

Bitang was also puzzled, “I feel so too, is it possible that we are prejudiced against him?”

The Lin family taught them from childhood that they must not have prejudices about people and treat everyone equally.

So when fighting with the bandits, the Number Three Swordsman inexplicably became the person who was cared for.

As he and the Number Two Swordsman looked confused, the bandit was beaten away.

The Number One Swordsman finally could have a good fight and felt wholly refreshed. He tied up the last bandit and threw them to the arriving catcher*. He put away his sword and asked about the Number Two Swordsman’s waist.
*捕快, bǔ kuài, in ancient times responsible for arresting criminals

In order to commend them, the government sent a special catcher to escort them to Shangnian City, but Bitang felt that these catchers weren’t as good as them anyway, so she declined, leaving only the carriage and horses.

The group set foot on the road to Shangnian again. The two ladies naturally had to sit in the carriage. The Number Three Swordsman had been busy driving the carriage from the beginning, so this time they let him rest and let Jiu Jian and Lin Zhongchou took turns driving. But the Number Two Swordsman had a back pain and didn’t want to sit in the carriage, but wanted to ride a horse.

When he jumped onto his horse, the Number One Swordsman also leaped to squeeze on the same horse.

The Number Two Swordsman was a little puzzled, “Why don’t you go to the carriage?”

The Number One Swordsman was sitting behind him, with his right hand around his waist directly holding the rein, “The carriage is uncomfortable, I want to ride a horse.”

The Number Two Swordsman glanced at the horses tied by the village head, “Then why don’t you take another horse?”

The Number One Swordsman’s tone sounded very serious, “I’m afraid that your back would hurt and make your riding unstable.”

As soon as he pulled on the reins, his body pressed forward, and the Number Two Swordsman instantly felt uncomfortable, “This little injury is nothing to me, I can…”

The Number One Swordsman put a force on his leg, “Drive!”

The Number Two Swordsman: …

Lin Zhongchou, who was sitting in front of the carriage, driving, sighed in sadness, “It’s really hard to think that the two masters on the swordsmen list are actually in such a relationship. This is the Jianghu.”


In the carriage, Bitang looked a Jiu Jian and felt that he was a good match for her cousin. She couldn’t help but inquire, “Young hero Yang, which master do you learn from?”

Jiu Jian remembered his master’s teachings, “My master has retreated and no longer mind the worldly affairs.”

Still the disciple of a worldly expert, Bitang asked again, “Is the young hero going south this time to visit relatives and friends?”

Jiu Jian was transparent, and he rubbed his head when he heard the words and said, “In fact, it was to escort Miss Su. I am an orphan, there is no family at home.”

When the girl heard this, she felt sweetness in her heart, and also felt that the lonely and miserable Jiu Jian was really pitiful. She couldn’t help the motherly love overflowing, “Then, in Shangnian City, I hope the Young Master would let me do the honor of thanking you properly for his kindness and life-saving grace.”

The Number Three Swordsman’s chivalrous heart regained its life, and assisted, “I remember that there is a classic saying throughout the ages: life-saving grace cannot be repaid. But when you’re asked for anything, what could you promise?”

The girl grabbed her silk handkerchief and blushed. Bitang snickered on the side. Only the upright child Jiu Jian answered the question, “My master once told this story when I was a child. He saved a girl when he was young. The girl said to my master that there was nothing she could use to repay him for saving her life. So the little girl could only promise him her own self and follow him along the way…”

The Number Three Swordsman nodded, and Jiu Jian continued, “My master was frightened away. Later he found out that the girl was doing it on purpose. She was not satisfied with the marriage arranged for her at home and found my master as a shield.”

The Number Three Swordsman: This child is helpless.

The girl wrung the handkerchief in her hands and whispered, “This little girl hasn’t had a marriage match.”

The Number Three Swordsman couldn’t help but sigh in his heart. He said, I must definitely not be as stupid as Jiu Jian nor as perplexing as my brother.

Outside, the two ears of the Number Two Swordsman were all red. He didn’t dare to move as he was riding the horse. Two big men riding on the same horse, and all he could think of was how close they were.

He was going to die from exhaustion, and the horse was also going to die from exhaustion.

Especially since the road was rugged and uneven, the two bodies would have to rub together from time to time.

The Number Two Swordsman squeezed the saddle tightly, “I’ll just follow with lightness skill. You’ll be more comfortable alone.”

The Number One Swordsman said solemnly, “That can’t be. You have an injury on your waist.”

The Number Two Swordsman moved his body forward again, “Then I’ll go to the carriage…”

The Number One Swordsman’s mind was suddenly enlightened, “I think that girl has a feeling for Jiu Jian. At this moment, they might be discussing marriage inside. I’m afraid we’ll only be disturbing.”

The Number Two swordsman tried to reason, “Your Brother Jian is also there. He…”

“Brother Jian is an enthusiastic person. He must be helping them. It’s enough for you and me to escort them from the outside.”

The Number Two Swordsman had nothing more to say. Why hadn’t he noticed before that the Number One Swordsman was so eloquent.

The Number One Swordsman moved his left hand around to the front, spread his five fingers open and leaned them back against his belly as if unintentionally, and his mouth said, “Your waist is still not well. You’ll be more comfortable if you get closer.”

The Number Two Swordsman: …


Unlike the Number One Swordsman who loved to use heavy swords, the Number Two Swordsman’s swordsmanship was more on the feminine side. His waist and abdomen were flat and a little smaller compared to his own. Even his shoulders were narrower, and his arms were just wide enough to be held in his arms.

Thinking of this, he tightened his arms again, and the Number Two Swordsman almost jumped off the horse in fright, “What are you doing?!”

“I’m afraid you’ll fall. I’ll help you a little bit.” The Number One Swordsman said as a matter of course with a damned ease. While getting closer, he felt that the other man always made him feel comfortable, even his scent.

Lin Zhongchou who was driving the carriage: Carry on, I didn’t see anything.

The Number Two Swordsman held up with great difficulty, until they stopped to get some rest, he jumped off the horse hurriedly. Fearing that someone would witness his cheeks slightly red, he rushed to the stream and washed his face a few times.

The Number One Swordsman was still looking at his hand. This hand had been touching the Number Two Swordsman’s lower abdomen for a long time. Although separated by clothes, he could still very much feel the softness. He couldn’t say what the reason was, but he wanted to get close to him.

Seeing that he was in a daze, the Number Three Swordsman walked over and patted him on the shoulder, winking his eyes and said, “I saw the Number Two Swordsman going to the stream. Brother, don’t you want to go too?”

The Number One Swordsman always did whatever came to mind. At this moment, he wanted to see the Number Two Swordsman. After Brother Jian finished speaking, he also followed to the stream.

Chapter 15


When the Number Two Swordsman was washing his face, he saw several fat fish in the stream, so he simply took off his shoes, socks, and coat and wanted to catch a few and roast them.

When the Number One Swordsman arrived, he saw him standing in the stream catching fish. The sunlight hit the water, and made the Number Two Swordsman appeared even better.

So he quietly leaned against the tree and watched for a long time, remembering in his mind that day in the river, the Number Two Swordsman was also soaked close to his body, and there was that snorting noises he made.

But what exactly was that illness?

The Number One Swordsman thought unkindly whether he could get it again.

After a while, the Number Two Swordsman returned to the carriage with the cleaned fish. After everyone divided the dry food and water, they consciously gave him and the Number One Swordsman a small space.

The Number Two Swordsman deliberately wanted to avoid it, but the Number Three Swordsman was sitting boldly, one person occupying the space of two people that he couldn’t get in even a little bit. He could only sit carefully next to the Number One Swordsman.

He sat down and soon, before he could find anything to say, the Number One Swordsman came up and broke open the fish and said, “Look, it’s also cooked inside.”

The Number Two Swordsman: …

He also wanted to sneak a glance at “Brother Jian”, for fear that Brother Jian would misunderstand what he had with the Number One Swordsman, but Brother Jian was eating a fish with pleasure, not even raising his head.

After finishing the meal, everyone rested for a moment. The Number One Swordsman didn’t expect that he would fall asleep and also had a dream.

Returning to the cold river in his dream, he was sitting in the shallows, and the Number Two Swordsman climbed out of the river, his soaked clothes clinging to his body, reflecting the narrow waist that was particularly attractive, and his long wet messy hair was dripping with water. He raised his wet hand and pressed it to the Number One Swordsman’s face. His pale pink lips were so close, asking, “Do you like me?”

The Number One Swordsman wrapped his arms around his waist openly, and it felt very soft. “No, I only like swords.”

The Number Two Swordsman raised his lips and smiled, just as seductive as he was in the inn, “I’m your sword.”

After he finished speaking, he lowered his head, and the drops of water fell along his hair onto the Number One Swordsman’s face, one drop after another. Before the two kissed, the Number One Swordsman was dripped awake.

When be opened his eyes, he heard Lin Zhongchou’s voice, “It’s raining, there’s an inn not far ahead. Why don’t we rest there tonight.”

The Number One Swordsman was still immersed in his dream when the Number Two Swordsman came and asked him to go on the road with him. When he got up, he looked at his sword. Many swordsmen loved to engrave names on their swords, and some people gave names to their swords. But his sword never had a name, because for many years he’d been obsessed with swordsmanship  and believed that those who were good at swords didn’t choose swords.

Now he suddenly wanted to give this sword a name.

He took the Number Two Swordsman by the hand and asked, “You only said that your surname is Qin, but you haven’t said yet what your first name is.”

The Number Two Swordsman didn’t understand what he was suddenly asking this for “My name is Qin, and a single character name Ci.”

After saying that, he saw the Number One Swordsman laughed, and this laughing creeped him out.

The Number One Swordsman finished laughing and carefully touched the sword in his hand. Qin Ci was inexplicably frigtened. He got on the horse first and hope that he wouldn’t come to his senses. If he rode on the same horse with him, his heart would burst out from fright.


Fortunately, everyone was anxious to avoid the rain. But the Number One Swordsman was afraid that the horse carrying two people would be too heavy to run fast, so he took steps with lightness skill and opened the way in front.

Only after arriving at the inn, there were only three rooms left, and Qin Ci didn’t intend to delay the Number One Swordsman from spending time with Brother Jian this time.

But before he could say anything, the Number Three Swordsman opened his hand in a familiar way, holding Lin Zhongchou while also holding Jiu Jian, “Oh, everyone is in the Jianghu. Let the two ladies stay in one room. Us three big men can squeeze.”

Both Jiu Jian and Lin Zhongchou also knew the relationship between the Number One Swordsman and the Number Two Swordsman along the way. They nodded in agreement, “That’s natural. the three of us to staying in one room is enough.”

Qin Ci always felt that the atmosphere was strange, so he stepped forward, “The journey has been hard enough for Brother Jian. Let me…”

The Number One Swordsman took the opportunity to put his arms around his waist and take the person upstairs, “Didn’t you say that your back hurts? Go up and rest, do you want me to massage it for you?”

Lin Zhongchou looked at their backs and sighed, “Such a match made in heaven, I really envy them.”

The Number Three Swordsman nudged him with his elbow, “Brother Lin’s family is very big. Wouldn’t your family arrange a marriage contract for you or something?”

“Haha, Brother Jian is joking.” Lin Zhongchou waited for his sister and cousin to leave before continuing, “I still have a big brother and two sisters above me, it’s not my turn yet to tie the knot. Moreover, the elders in the family advocate relationships born out of love. They don’t like those outdated rules and practices.”

The Number Three Swordsman was surprised, “Unexpectedly, Brother Lin’s family is so open-minded, no wonder Miss Bitang also has a good swordsmanship.”

“My maternal grandfater and my mother both uphold chivalry and righteousness. They taught us swordsmanship since childhood, only my second sister who has been reading poems and books doesn’t love those, plus the youngest brother in the family——” Speaking about his little brother, Lin Zhongchou was very happy. Obviously, Qi Jian was well-liked in the family. “He was a martial arts talent since childhood. Not only learning the Lin family’s single-edged sword swordsmanship, but also double-edged sword swordsmanship. He could be said to be double mastering the both swords. It’s just that my youngest brother is a low-key person. If he’s known in the Jianghu, I don’t know how many girls would be clamoring outside the house breaking the threshold.”

The more he listened, the more he felt that he must make friends with the Lin family. Maybe it would help him reach his dream to be the leader of the martial arts alliance in the future. While walking towards the room, he said, “Brother Lin is too modest. I think Brother Lin is also a talent, born with a chivalrous heart. This is not the first day I wandered in the Jianghu, but there must be something new you can tell me.”

Lin Zhongchou had also traveled north and south, and so he could chat well with this wanderer Brother Jian. The two went to the room and talked eloquently. And Jiu Jian who had been yearning for life in the Jianghu listened, very fascinated.

At night, the three of them chatted fondly, and if there was a peach orchard, they would probably swore to each other on the spot.*
*Referring to Oath of the Peach Garden from the novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms

When the waiter sent hot water, they also rubbed each other’s backs enthusiastically.

The atmosphere on the other side was not so fiery. Qin Ci was fidgeting in the room, always feeling that there was a gaze on him, but when he looked back, he saw that the other man was only concentrating on wiping his sword.

The Number One Swordsman polished his sword until it shone brightly, thinking that he should find a skilled craftsman to engrave the word “Qin Ci” on the sword, “Brother Qin—”*
*秦兄, Qín xiōng

He spoke suddenly, and Qin Ci was taken aback, “Wha- what’s wrong?”

The Number One Swordsman took the sword back into its sheath, “Does Brother Qin’s sword have a name?”

“Yes… my sword is called Hanshuang*.”
*寒霜, Hánshuāng, meaning cold frost

The Number One Swordsman thought to himself that his name also had a “Han”* in it. It seemed that the two of them were very fateful.
*寒, Hán. His name will be introduced later

It happened that the waiter brought hot water in. He thought he could relax behind the screen, Qin Ci hurriedly got up and said, “I’ll go take a bath first.”

The Number One Swordsman looked like he was thinking about something and just nodded when he heard the words.

Behind the screen, Qin Ci said in his heart, both of them were men, sharing a room was fine, as long as he hid himself well and didn’t let the Number One Swordsman find out what he was thinking.

He took off his clothes and soaked into the tub. His eyes just closed, and he hadn’t even taken a breath of enjoyment, but then he heard the Number One Swordsman say, “By the way, Brother Qin, it happened that you’re soaking in hot water to refresh your blood circulation. I’ll massage your waist for you.”

Qin Ci opened his eyes in fright, “Wh- what!?”

Chapter 16


The Number One Swordsman didn’t even give him a chance to refuse. He untied his belt and walked towards the screen. Qin Ci’s hands and feet in the water froze, he didn’t know where to put them.

The Number One Swordsman walked around the screen and only saw only a charming figure from the back, with long hair dampened with water attached to his back, two shapely shoulder blades stretched out, all immersed in the water.

Qin Ci still wanted to struggle a little, “My waist is already much better, so I won’t bother you, I’m going to wash… you!”

The Number One Swordsman rolled up his sleeves and stretched his hand directly into the water along his back, sliding his slightly callused hands. Only hearing a “splash”, Qin Ci held the side of the bucket with both hands, and his waistline was sunken trying to avoid the hand, “Wait! I really don’t need it!”

The Number One Swordsman felt his mouth a bit dry inexplicably, and his submerged hand fumbled to capture the narrow waist. His voice became a little low when he spoke, “Don’t move, I’ll help you…”

Qin Ci’s movements splashed the water and wet his clothes. The Number One Swordsman didn’t care, and looked for the places to press according to his memory, until he heard the voice of the other man sucking in cold air.

The long and slender fingers clenched the barrel. Qin Ci only dared to hang his head, his ears under his wet hair were red, feeling the hand pressing on his waist under the water. Several times he would touch the unbearable places again, and then stopped. The Number One Swordsman was really helping him carefully resolve the bruises.

The Number One Swordsman rubbed and rubbed and found that Qin Ci was almost sticking to the wall of the barrel, “What is it? Does it hurt when I pressed it?”

“No…” Qin Ci’s eyes were red. It was really difficult to start. The Number One Swordsman pressed and pressed, and he himself surprisingly…

He surprisingly was also a cut sleeve.

The Number One Swordsman waited for a long time without hearing a word, and so he turned to look at him in doubt, only to see that the famous Number Two Swordsman seemed like he was bullied. Even redness had spread at the corners of his eyes, and tears were hanging as if going to fall in the next moment.

“Where are you still uncomfortable…” The Number One Swordsman asked, and he was going to reach out and lift him up from the tub.

“No!” Of course, Qin Ci couldn’t let him see. He hastily raised his hand to block, but the bathtub wasn’t small, and the Number One Swordsman was also high enough in martial arts. The Number One Swordsman stretched his hands forward again, and the two of them pushed and shoved, until he felt that he touched something familiar.

Qin Ci clutched his hand tightly, and the Number One Swordsman was stunned. The scene in the river that day seemed to return to his eyes, “You…”

Qin Ci haphazardly find excuses, “It’s been a long time since I’ve been relieved. We’re all men here, you must also be clear about…”

The Number One Swordsman recovered and solemnly said, “Then I will help you out like last time.”

Hearing this, Qin Ci already couldn’t care about what was going to happen next, he fiercely opened his eyes, “Last time?!”

The Number One Swordsman was very frank and nodded, “Yes, last time at the inn, you caught a wind chill. I saw that you needed to relieve it, so I helped you.”

Qin Ci had been frozen, with only one thought in his head, wasn’t it just a dream?!


The Number One Swordsman wasn’t so dull, was he? The tub water splashed as he moved his hand across his taut abdomen under the water. Qin Ci didn’t dare to let go. “I’ll do it myself. You can move away, we’re both men.”

The Number One Swordsman was puzzled, “What’s wrong with me being a man? It would only be inconvenient if I were a woman.”


“You!” Qin Ci almost ran out of words, when it suddenly occurred to him that the Number One Swordsman wasn’t aware that he’d already seen his relationship with Brother Jian. He felt a bit bitter and said, “You don’t need to pretend, I’ve seen it all.”

The Number One Swordsman stopped, “What? What did you see?”

Qin Ci moved back and sank his body underwater, “You and that Brother Jian, you two…”

The Number One Swordsman was confused, “What happened to Brother Jian and I?”

Qin Ci confided, “At the inn that day, I saw you… In short, I already know that the two of you are cut sleeves. I blame myself for getting in between the two of you in the past few days. Wait until we reach Shangnian City, then I’ll leave. I’ll go back and practice my swordsmanship and then come to you for a fight.”

The Number One Swordsman, whose state of mind was already very different, noticed one thing, “Are you leaving so soon?”

Qin Ci didn’t expect him to focus on this, “Y- yes…”

The Number One Swordsman drew his hand out of the water and grabbed his shoulder along the way, “Why don’t you just don’t go? Just stay with me, can’t you also practice your sword if you don’t go back? We can also try one or two fights every day.”

Qin Ci couldn’t keep up with his thoughts, “What do you mean? I will only bother you and Brother Jian if I stay.”

The Number One Swordsman finally realized what the problem was, “Brother Jian and I are just friends. What is it about cut sleeves?”

Qin Ci’s face blushed red for a while, then turned white for a while. And he sighed after a while, “Go out, I’ll do it myself. If you’re not cut sleeve, that’s even worse.”

The Number One Swordsman didn’t understand what was going on with him, but saw that he had a serious expression on his face, so he just shook the water off his hand and leave.

At night in the same bed, Qin Ci no longer felt the blushing feeling and fluttering heartbeat. He just turned sideways to the wall and turned his back at him. He sighed. He had misunderstood him. It only occurred to him that the Number One Swordsman liked women, but he had such nasty thoughts.

He wasn’t even a gentleman, how could he be a swordsman.

Chapter 17


Qin Ci tossed and turned. He hadn’t slept firmly all night, and opened his eyes as soon as the the light came out. The Number One Swordsman beside him still had his eyesclosed, breathing evenly, obviously still asleep.

He turned carefully around and looked at the Number One Swordsman’s face, with sharp and black eyebrows, high brow bones, and a face much tougher than his own. If he wasn’t devoted to studying swordsmanship, he would be many girls’ dream lover.

As he watched on, the “dream lover” suddenly said, “I remember what a cut sleeve is.”

Qin Ci was scared to death, and the Number One Swordsman opened his eyes, “A cut sleeve means a man who likes men, right?”

“Yes…” Qin Ci was a little dazed seeing him tentatively sitting up, lowered his head and said to him, “Then I’m a cut sleeve.”

“What!?” Qin Ci’s heart had been in turbulence for the past two days. The Number One Swordsman reached out and touched his face. His fingertips felt warm and soft, he couldn’t help but rub a few times, “I thought about it all night. I probably like you, you’re a man, then I’m a cut sleeve.”

This sudden confession made Qin Ci stunned, unable to believe his ears, “What did you say?”

The Number One Swordsman patiently explained, “I don’t understand love either, but these days I always want to touch you.”

The more he listened, the more confused he became, so he simply followed to sit up, “What do you mean?”

The Number One Swordsman’s hand lifted along with him and he touched the side of his face to his neck and shoulder, “Like this, it makes me feel happy when I touch you.”

Qin Ci raised his hand to the back of his hand in a daze, “You mean…”

The Number One Swordsman held that hand back. The two of them holding hands was actually more exciting than touching, “I mean, I like you.”

He saw Qin Ci seemed to be stunned, and stretched out his other hand to straighten out the slightly messy long hair, “Brother Qin, are you also a cut sleeve?”


Qin Ci’s voice was a little hoarse, and he was quiet for a while before speaking, “Yes…”

“Are you… who is it?” The Number One Swordsman remembered that Qin Ci had followed him for so long, and couldn’t help but guess, “Have you… had any feelings for me?”

Qin Ci closed his eyes and admitted it even if it was a dream, “Yes, it’s for you.”

The Number One Swordsman clenched his hand tightly, and an inexplicable feeling surged in his heart, “Is it just a little good feeling? Where do you think I’m too dissatisfacting for you? I can change it.”

He had outstanding martial arts, superb swordsmanship, and a good character. Where could he be dissatisfied.

Besides, everyone was in the Jianghu, there was no need for mothers-in-laws.

Qin Ci thought of this and no longer hesitated, “No, no.”

This was also the first time the eldest girl got on the sedan chair, and the Number One Swordsman solemnly asked, “Then we’ll be together for a lifetime?”

Not so fast. Qin Ci still had some concerns, “You and I are both men. If the world doesn’t accept us, you may be removed from the swordsmen list, or even pursued and killed.”

There were so many hypocrites in the Jianghu who yelled at the devil and defended the way, and those who didn’t agree with them became villains.

The Number One Swordsman didn’t care about this, “This is a matter between you and I. What does it have to do with them? If it’s that much of a big deal, we can retreat together.”

His appearance at this time was worthy of the name of the world’s Number One Swordsman. Qin Ci looked at him with shining eyes full of sincerity. He really didn’t care about other people’s opinions.

After a long while, he lowered his head in acquiescence, but added in a low voice, “Let’s don’t tell them first…”

Qin Ci didn’t want Brother Jian to know yet, even if there would be people gossiping in the future, he didn’t want to lose these few friends.

The Number One Swordsman thought for a while. Brother Jian had been traveling north and south for many years. Unlike such a respectable person, the others might not be able to do so, so he agreed.

So when they came down to eat early in the morning, Qin Ci deliberately sat the farthest from him. The Number One Swordsman originally wanted to chase after him and sit together. But after thinking about it, he restrained himself.

The Number Three Swordsman took a glance and saw that Qin Ci was deliberately not looking at his dear brother, while his brother had been quietly watching Qin Ci from behind.

The Number Three Swordsman: Tsk tsk, was it too intense again last night, the beauty is angry again.

He was gossiping while picking up vegetables. Qin Ci looked at him, and suddenly remembered that he had previously misunderstood that he and the Number One Swordsman had cut sleeves, and felt a little sad, so he moved to sit closer with him.

When Qin Ci moved, the Number One Swordsman’s gaze followed.

The Number Three Swordsman’s body shook and he straightened his back immediately.

The Number Three Swordsman: Don’t look at me, brother, your beauty and I are innocent!

The Number Three Swordsman: Innocent

Chapter 18


When the Number One Swordsman was eating, his eyes never left Qin Ci, and he only felt that the meal was incomparably long.

After the meal, everyone was ready to go back to their rooms to pack up, and take a short rest before continuing on their road. As soon as Qin Ci put down his chopsticks, the Number One Swordsman stood up and went back to his room right after him.

Even Lin Zhongchou found out that there was something wrong, and whispered to the Number Three Swordsman, “Brother Jian, what happened between Brother Dou Han and Brother Qin? Did they quarrel?”

The Number Three Swordsman lamented that the Number One Swordsman even had a name. They were really too intense last night. He poured himself a glass of wine, put it up and said, “Brother Lin, you haven’t got married yet, so you wouldn’t understand. Between husband and wife, including husbands like them, it’s a little fun to have a little quarrel occasionally.”

After returning to the room, Qin Ci was a little worried, “Will we be too obvious and they’d see it?”

It turned out that Dou Han was not listening at all. Instead, he sat on the side of the bed with a thoughtful look. Qin Ci sat beside him, raised his hand and shook it in front of his eyes, “What are you thinking?”

Dou Han reached out and grabbed his hand, and slowly turned his head around, “I have a question.”

Qin Ci was completely clueless, “What is it?”

Dou Han looked serious, “Can I help you out in the future?”

Qin Ci: …

Dou Han even turned his body towards him to come closer. Qin Ci felt inexplicably guilty and couldn’t help but moved back until he couldn’t retreat and could only lean against the wall. There was a hand placed behind his waist somehow, the two of them so close that their breaths mingled together.

“You can’t refuse me this time.”

Thanks to the Number Three Swordsman’s blessing, when Dou Han and Qin Ci arrived late, everyone looked very understanding.

The Number Three Swordsman whispered to Lin Zhongchou behind, “Look, Brother Qin’s ears are red, I told you, it was all about having fun.”

Lin Zhongchou also replied in a low voice, “Brother Jian knows a lot. I will learn more from you in the future.”


The group of people traveled for another two days, and the sparse farmhouses gradually increased along the way.

Lin Zhongchou explained to everyone that it was almost time to reach Shangnian City. Most of the outskirts of the city here were rented out farms, and their Lin family also had many properties here.

The Number Three Swordsman listened with envy in his heart. Even with his master’s martial arts training, he had always lived in poverty. After all these years, he didn’t even dare to make more clothes. The life of the rich was good.

The carriage walked on until the sun was setting before arriving at Shangnian City. Such evidence that this city was really big.

The city gate was much taller than other places, and there was a massive number of soldiers guarding on top of it. Bitang said that it was close to the imperial city, and the Lin family also had court officials in the city, so the guard was slightly more strict.

She joked, “It’s naturally of little use to masters like you.”

The Number Three Swordsman looked around and said, “We dare not. We are powerful, but we are no match for a thousand armies.”

After he finished speaking, he remembered that he hadn’t revealed his identity yet, “Of course, Brother Dou Han and Brother Qin can still stand up to them.”

After passing through a few sections of the downtown, Lin Zhongshou drove everyone to the Lin Family’s Xianfeng Villa.

It was the first time Qin Ci heard of it. “This name is really special.”*
*仙峰, Xiān means immortal and fēng means peak

Lin Zhongshou smiled, “Actually, there is no special meaning, the two characters are my grandparents’ names combined.”

Dou Han had been thinking about his feelings for Qin Ci these few days, and was more sensitive to hearing such things, “That must be very romantic.”

Bitang glanced at Jiu Jian, “My Lin family is a long line of romantic people. And the same is true for my cousin’s parents.”

The guard at the door saw them, and someone immediately went in to pass the word, and soon the old butler hurried to greet them. Dou Han saw his brisk pace but his breathing was controlled. He was obviously also a martial artist.

“Third Young Lady and Fourth Young Master are back.”

Bitang raised her hand and said, “These are all distinguished guests, I will have to trouble Mr. Liu to send them to Yuxue Pavilion and treat them well.”

Bitang took the girl and said to them, “I have to take my cousin to see my parents first, so I will let Zhongchou to keep you company. The Lin family will cover all your expenses in the city for these days. I hope you’ll give the Lin family a chance to repay kindness. Please make yourself at home.”

The Number Three Swordsman had already started thinking where he could go to play, “Miss Bitang, don’t worry, we won’t be polite.”

Bitang had a smile on her face, “I like Brother Jian’s straightforward temperament the most. Then, I’ll go ahead with my cousin.”

After speaking, she left with her cousin.

Mr. Liu respectfully took the remaining few people to Yuxue Pavilion. On the way, Lin Zhongchou introduced the place. Last winter in the city was short. When the Lin family first built a house in the city, they discovered that the area of the house would snow. But the climate in Shangnian City last year was warm, and the snow melted when it hit the ground. If it fell, then it would melt the next day. It clinged to the ground like white jade, so the pavilion built in it was called Yuxue Pavilion*.
*玉雪, yù means jade and xuě means snow

The Number Three Swordsman thought, it was indeed quite poetic.

When they distributed the rooms, Dou Han wanted to share a room with Qin Ci. However, Qin Ci didn’t want to be discovered, so they had to stay in a single room each. Fortunately, they were upstairs and downstairs, very convenient just by turning over the windows.

Chapter 19


Yuxue Pavilion had a total of three floors. In order to avoid suspicion and guilt towards Brother Jian, Qin Ci chose to live in a second floor room, next to the Number Three Swordsman.

Dou Han had no choice but to live on the first floor full of regret, but Jiu Jian, as his fan, slept next door.

At night, Dou Han walked around in the room, and he had no intention of practicing swordsmanship at all. His mind was full of Qin Ci.

He looked up at the beams of the room for a while, then looked up the window.

Qin Ci’s room on the second floor had its windows open, but it was very quiet, and he didn’t know what the other was doing and whether he already slept.

Dou Han was anxiously pacing back and forth in the room. Jiu Jian thought, Dou Han wasn’t with Qin Ci this time. He finally had the opportunity to ask the Number One Swordsman for some advice, so he plastered his ears to the wall and wanted to hear if he had fallen asleep.

Jiu Jian: Brother Dou Han sounds like he is practicing swordsmanship. I’ll ask for advice later.

In the room, Dou Han finally couldn’t resist. He grabbed his sword, stepped on the table and flipped up to the second floor.

Jiu Jian listened for a while, and when he heard that it finally quieted down, he tidied up his clothes, took his sword, and went to ask for some guidance.

Qin Ci had just finished bathing and hadn’t had the chance to use internal energy to dry his wet hair. But he saw a figure rolling in quickly through the window and almost drew his sword.

Dou Han stretched out his finger and gestured over his mouth, “It’s me.”

Qin Ci: …

Qin Ci felt a little helpless, “I know it.”

Seeing that his hair was still wet, Dou Han took the initiative to pick up a cloth towel and wipe it for him. “I couldn’t sleep in my room, so I came up to look for you.”

The first time someone was so attentive to him, Qin Ci was still a little uncomfortable, “Why?”

The white and tender ears flickered from the hair. Dou Han’s eyes followed all the way down, and his mouth said, “If I can’t see you, I can’t sleep. It’s really odd.”

Such a direct blow, Qin Ci’s heart missed a beat, and the corners of his mouth slightly raised where Dou Han couldn’t see, “Then you can sleep now?”

“No, now I feel more energetic.”

Qin Ci was a little puzzled, “Why?”

Dou Han felt a bit dry in his throat, as if there was a fiery energy waiting to be released. The cloth towel fell to the ground, and he touched Qin Ci’s shoulder with one hand, “Can I, tonight, help you again?”

Jiu Jian knocked on the door for a long time, but he didn’t hear the Number One Swordsman coming to open. He wondered if Brother Dou Han slept so heavily, and finally had to return back to his room regretfully.

Halfway through his sleep, the Number Three Swordsman suddenly heard a “boom” sound. He got up and listened vigilantly, then laid back calmly.

The Number Three Swordsman: Brother and his beauty are in such a good spirit.

As soon as Dou Han helped him get it off, the blushing Qin Ci pushed him out of the window, almost smashing the window panels of Yuxue Pavilion.

Dou Han returned to the room alone, always feeling that this situation was not quite right.

Dou Han: That’s a little bit like throwing away the mess after using it up.


This time it was his turn to toss and turn for the night, and finally stayed up till dawn, but Lin Zhongchou wanted to express his gratitude and wanted to take them around the city. The point was that Miss Su would also go with them.

Dou Han had something in his mind, so he pulled him aside and asked a few things secretly, before taking the Number Three Swordsman away.

Lin Zhongchou took Qin Ci and the others away from Xianfeng Mountain Villa. Jiu Jian was still thinking about asking the Number One Swordsman for advice, but he couldn’t find the person. Even Brother Jian had disappeared. “Where is Brother Dou Han?”*
*He called him 大哥, eldest brother

Seeing that Qin Ci also looked full of question, Lin Zhongchou anxiously pulled the Number Three Swordsman out to take the blame. “Sounds like Brother Jian had something to do and asked Brother Dou Han for help.”

Qin Ci had a guilty conscience towards the Number Tree Swordsman, so he said with concern, “What kind of help? Would they need me to go as well?”

“You don’t have to, it’s enough to have Brother Dou Han.” Lin Zhong thought worriedly to himself, Brother Dou Han just asked me where the brothel is. How dare I tell you.

He turned off the subject and forcibly led them to another direction.

Lin Zhongshou: Brother Dou Han, you must not do anything to wrong Brother Qin!

The Number Three Swordsman was also very worried and kept asking Dou Han on the way, “Brother, is there any misunderstanding between you and Brother Qin? I don’t have the talent to counsel couples, but I’m willing to listen to you if you want to talk about it.”

Dou Han frowned, “We have no misunderstanding, I just want to visit the brothel to see.”

The Number Three Swordsman tried to stop him from going astray, “Brother, listen to me. I’ve been to brothels several times in my early years. Except for singing and drinking, it’s really nothing special, just the look of the women inside, they’re not as beautiful as Brother Qin. Brother Qin is a man of outstanding talent.”

Dou Han felt inexplicably strange, “I’m not looking for a girl, I heard that there are also that other kind in the brothel, the men kind…”

The Number Three Swordsman: That’s even worse!

The Number Three Swordsman felt that he had the responsibility to help Brother Qin to watch over Dou Han, “They are all smeared and powdered, their smells are choking and vulgar! Extraordinarily vulgar! How can they be worth ten thousandth of Brother Qin!”

Dou Han wanted to make it clear to him, but remembered that Qin Ci was still unwilling to let people know about their relationship. So he walked a little faster and said, “Don’t worry, I’m just going to ask some questions.”

“What question are you asking!” The Number Three Swordsman hurried to catch up. “What do you want to ask, this brother might know it! I’ve traveled far and wide, maybe I’d understand! That brothel is not good at all! Brother, believe me!”

Dou Han didn’t look back, “You definitely don’t understand, just go with me for a while.”

Chapter 20


The Number Three Swordsman had worked hard, but still couldn’t persuade Dou Han. The two went all the way to the largest brothel in Shangnian City, but the place didn’t open the door at all during the day.

The proprietress yawned and wasn’t surprised that they were only journeymen, “You two should come back later, my girls aren’t up yet~”

The Number Three Swordsman wanted to persuade Dou Han, “Brother, how about we…”

“Then we’ll come back later tonight.” Dou Han said politely, “Brother Jian, what were you going to say?”

The Number Three Swordsman had to swallow the second half of the sentence and followed him out of the brothel, sighing as he walked.

Dou Han still didn’t understand the sad look on his face, “What’s wrong with you?”

The Number Three Swordsman euphemistically explained, “Brother, if Brother Qin come to this kind of place, how would you feel?”

Dou Han thought it through, but he had never heard of the Number Two Swordsman having a hobby of drinking flower wine before, “He would never, he’s not interested in these kinds of things.”

The Number Three Swordsman tried to guide, “Look at you. You’re here when you clearly know that Brother Qin doesn’t like this kind of place. What would he think?”

Dou Han still didn’t quite understand, “Heaven and earth know, you know, I know. If Brother Jian doesn’t say anything, how would he know?”

The Number Three Swordsman thought to himself he couldn’t get involved with this, this was ruining people’s marriage. But he couldn’t just watch his brother making a big mistake. “Ordinary couples should pay attention to being honest with each other. Although you and Brother Qin are in the Jianghu, this unruly place, but if there’s something on your mind, you need to know how to be honest.”

He made it so obvious that it didn’t matter if Dou Han was the Number One Swordsman. But the man himself was a little surprised. He didn’t expect Brother Jian to know his relationship with Qin Ci since a long time ago, but he still thought about them in the same way. It showed that Brother Jian was not that kind of old-fashioned person.

Dou Han also didn’t want to lie to him, “Brother Jian had misunderstood. I’m not here to drink flower wine, I only want to ask them for advice.”

“What can you ask… huh?!” The Number Three Swordsman was about to say that he was telling lies and excuses, but when he saw Dou Han’s righteous gaze, he suddenly realized that his brother wasn’t thinking that Brother Qin lacked some tricks in the room, but he just wanted to find some more fancy tricks?

He immediately said in awe, “So it’s like that… I was wrong about you. Then we’ll come again at night, I will definitely help you take a good cover.”

Dou Han didn’t understand how he knew about the relationship so fast, as long as he was willing to keep it secret.


At night, the two of them went to the brothel together. The proprietress, who was still sleepy during the day, was now enthusiastic, fluttering her silk handkerchief and greeted, “Oh—these two gentlemen, first time to our intoxicating building, right? Our girls here are ones of the best in Shangnian City, and they even know a little about poetry and books. What kind of girls does the two gentlemen like?”

Dou Han looked around, surrounded by drunk guests, and the girls who accompanied them were really of all kinds, “I heard that you have male ones here.”

The proprietress covered her lips with the silk handkerchief and looked them up and down, thinking that she couldn’t see that these two gentlemen were good at this, “Yes, yes, you two, which kind do you want? Do you want the smart and enthusiastic, or do you want the one who could recite poems, we have all of them, and we guarantee that they are well-behaved on the bed.”

The Number Three Swordsman didn’t want anyone for himself, “You’re welcome, just call someone with more experience.”

“You two gentlemen are going to…” The proprietress looked back and forth, and secretly thought that these two were here to taste something new. She didn’t expect them to be veterans, “Rest assured, rest assured. If you may come with me—”

The proprietress took them all the way up to the third floor. Most of the doors on this floor were closed, and the corridors looked much cleaner. She said proudly, “We have extra good sound insulation on this floor. You can just let go and let them out. You don’t have to worry about anyone disturbing—”

Dou Han thought it was best this way, so he could also study quietly.

The Number Three Swordsman looked around curiously. Even though he understood these things, it was the first time he came to the brothel to find one.

The proprietress led them to a room around the corner, and after a while, she came in with a glamorous young man. “Little Yan, serve these gentlemen well. Don’t neglect them.”

The young man named Yan was wearing several layers of gauze that created a hazy feeling under the candlelight. As soon as he entered the room, he brought in the smell of fragrant powder. “Young Masters, good evening.”

The Number Three Swordsman couldn’t help but wrinkle his nose. The smell was really choking.

But he was willing to gave himself up for others and bravely sat between the two for the sake of sexual blessing for his brother and his beauty.

Seeing that the two of them were upright, handsome, much better than those greasy customers with big bellies, he threw winks one after another, “Young Masters, do you want to drink some wine first—”

“No need.” Dou Han’s eyelids jumped as he spoke, “I won’t take up too much of your time.”

“The Young Master is joking. This servant is both Young Masters’ person tonight.”

“I’ll just make it short and direct—” Dou Han was also choking hard and so badly missed Qin Ci’s scent in particular. “How do you do all those bedtime stuff work out?”

The young man giggled when he heard it, “Young Master, you are much more tactful than other guests.”

He stood up and made a gesture to take off his outer veil, “This servant will show you. The two Young Masters, perhaps wanted to have a front and a back, or at the same time—”

At the same time.

He also hinted and glanced under the two of them.

The Number Three Swordsman was again, righteous, he couldn’t stand it at this moment, “This… You ask first, brother, I’ll go out to use the toilet.”

With the thought that they were going to come one by one, as soon as the Number Three Swordsman went out, the young man tried to sit on Dou Han’s lap.

Dou Han stood up quickly, “You don’t have to do it in person, just tell me what to do.”

“How can I explain this with words, Young Master will know it when he tries it.” He replied, thinking that the guest was pretending to be serious.

After speaking, he still wanted to move up. Dou Han really couldn’t help it, he could only draw out his sword, scaring the young man so much that he shrunk back holding his head. “If I don’t do it, I wont do it. Young Master, no need to silence me…”

Dou Han opened the window a slit to put the scent of powder in the room out. It was really choking. “I don’t want to harm you. Sit down. Just answer whatever I ask. I will give you the money.”

The young man had to sit aggrievedly and explained with words to the guest how to do those tricks.
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