The Number One Swordsman Is Very Lonely Chapter 21-30

Chapter 21


The Number Three Swordsman wouldn’t hesitate to bear the greatest sacrifice for his brother, the Number One Swordsman. But he really couldn’t do it. The smell of the young man inside was too choking.

He was clearing his breath in the corridor, when he suddenly saw a figure, sneakily rolling over and jumping up to the fourth floor.

A thief?!

The chivalrous heart inside the Number Three Swordsman went ignited, so he also turned and followed after, carrying his sword.

The place where the thief went was cleaner than the third floor, and the more he walked, the more hesitant he was. The Number Three Swordsman was also very hesitant. He felt that this thief looked quite familiar.

The man looked left and right and saw no one around, stood in front of a door, and inserted a stick of incense along the crack of the door.

The Number Three Swordsman finally saw that it was a flower-picking thief. This kind of thief had reached the point where he went to a brothel to collect flowers. The city’s security was quite good indeed.

He decided to kill the thief. He was ready to catch him in action, but then he saw the flower-picking thief looked along the crack of the door and seemed very disappointed. He turned to change room.

In fact, this flower-picking thief had stayed here for several days for a new beauty in the brothel. But he didn’t know that the Lin family closed this floor yesterday. The main reason was that Qi Jian was afraid his eldest brother would be too drunk and do something he would regret for a lifetime, so the rooms on this floor were mostly empty.

The flower-picking thief was about to move on, but the Number Three Swordsman couldn’t stand it anymore. With a cry, he flew straight at him.

The flower-picking thief had been hunted for many years, he wasn’t ruffled at all. He raised his hand and threw a package of powdered medicine.

The Number Three Swordsman’s sleeves wrapped in internal strength swept it away, directly dispelling the powder, and then he moved to grab him.

However, this flower-picking thief was ruthless. He dodged and threw the medicine crazily with both hands, just like a leaky bottom of a bag.

The Number Three Swordsman was afraid that there was any poison in it, so he didn’t dare to rashly rush over. He could only use wind from his palm to disperse it. He waited until the powder was all gone, but the flower-picking thief was also gone.

He was about to chase, but suddenly his feet swayed. The Number Three Swordsman was shocked, would he really be hit?

He didn’t know what medicine the flower thief brought, it didn’t take long before he felt a little feverish in his lower abdomen.

The Number Three Swordsman’s heart bled with curses to the thief. He specialized in this kind of dirty work didn’t care about money for the medicine at all.

Now he didn’t even have to guess what kind of medicine he was hit with. Sweat was dripping from his forehead. The Number Three Swordsman stabilized his body, closed his eyes and temporarily suppressed some of the medicine’s properties with internal strength. Fortunately, this was a brothel. If it didn’t work, he would reluctantly call a girl…

Drinking flower wine… was too expensive.

Qi Jian sent the eldest brother back to the room, and he came out only after making sure that the he was asleep. But when he went to the corridor, he saw a man motionless with a sword in his hand.

He closed-off this fourth floor, so there shouldn’t be any guests coming up.

Qi Jian wanted to ask politely, but when he approached, he found that this person’s complexion was a little red, and there were blue veins raised on his forehead.

The Number Three Swordsman couldn’t wait to stab the flower thief a few times. What brand of spring medicine was this? It was too good. The more he tried to use his internal force, the hotter it got. And it wasn’t some weak heat, but the heat was so intense he felt like his body was about to explode.

The Number Three Swordsman: Could it be that the thief had impotence?!

When he was struggling, a hand supported his arm, and a gentle voice came, “Young Master, are you uncomfortable?”

The Number Three Swordsman opened his eyes and saw a man wearing a wide green robe, his brows were quaint and slightly familiar, and his whole body looked very soft under the lights on the corridor.

Especially because the Number Three Swordsman was drugged, he instinctively felt a faint soft light radiating all over the other man’s body, and he was like one of the fairies from this brothel.

The Number Three Swordsman: I think men can do now.

He squeezed the other’s hand and said strenuously, “Are you… I want to…”

Chapter 22


Taking care of his eldest brother’s relationship over the past few days, when Qi Jian saw that the man was breathing heavily, his eyes were red, and his veins were violent, he knew at a glance that he was either drunk or had been given spring medicine.

The Number Three Swordsman only felt the cool fingertips were touching his wrists, and then the gentle voice said, “This Young Master’s pulse is somewhat chaotic…”

Qi Jian had also been following Lin Zhongchou for a long time, so he extended a helping hand to this hero with chaotic breath and led him straight to his room.

The Number Three Swordsman also regarded him as a little boy from the brothel. He remembered that the proprietress said that there was someone who could chant poems and write He didn’t expect that there was a gentle type who could diagnose the pulse. He couldn’t help but grab that slightly cool hand.

He thought that if he had a tryst with this little boy tonight, he would take him out of the brothel the next day.

In order to take care of his eldest brother, Qi Jian had prepared a lot of pills for refreshment and sleeping. He helped the man sit on the bed and turned around to get the medicine.

He dared to bring the man in, mainly because Qi Jian himself was also a strong martial artist and he wasn’t afraid. And the man looked upright, didn’t seem like a rapist.

The Number Three Swordsman was confused and unwilling to let go of the coldness, he grabbed his wrist. The blue veins on the back of his hand was rippling, and he was so strong that he left a few red marks on the white wrist.

Qi Jian felt the pain in his hand, but knew that the other man was mostly delirious. He just bent down slightly and patted one shoulder with the other hand, “Young Master, please let go, I’m just going to help you get some medicine. The medicine will be good.”

The Number Three Swordsman didn’t understand at all, all his will was used to suppress the drug, just when he came close to the other side of the waist in passing, his nose sniffed the faint fragrance

Qi Jian also saw that something was wrong with this person. To be precise, the drug wasn’t quite right, but watching him resisting the medicine for a long time, his martial arts must not be low.

Qi Jian had to tilt his body and try to touch the box on the bedside cabinet. Unexpectedly, the man thought he was going to leave, so he abruptly got up and lunged. The two fell on the side of the bed together, and the box was also knocked to the ground. The bottles of medicine inside also rolled around on the floor.

When the Number Three Swordsman fell, he also subconsciously protected him. He opened his crimson eyes to look at the person beneath him closely. The other man was like a handful of fragrant plum blossoms, faintly smelling of ice and snow. It solved the fire in his body.

Qi Jian tried hard to touch the porcelain bottle with one hand, but as it touched his hand, a shadow fell on his head, with heavy breathing, two pieces of rolling wet heat pressed against his lips.

Qi Jian, who had never been in close contact with anyone in his life, lost his first kiss in a daze. The other person was also a man.

When the hot and humid tongue squeezed in, Qi Jian realized that he had to give the medicine to the man quickly, otherwise something ridiculous might happen.

He opened the medicine bottle in his hand, poured out a pill between his fingers, and pushed the person’s shoulder with his other hand.

That slight rejection seemed to bring a taste to the unconscious Number Three Swordsman. Not only did he not let go, but he pressed the other’s head and kissed deeper, as if looking for a sweet spring to quench his thirst inside.

Qi Jian’s face was a little red. It was the first time he had been like this with someone, even though the other person was also a man.

He wanted to force this gentleman to take medicine obediently. He had no choice but to use other methods.

After kissing passively for a long time, Qi Jian finally took advantage of the other party’s bowing down. He put the pill in his mouth, held up the hot chin, and kissed.

It had been half an hour since the Number Three Swordsman lost his consciousness, there was a stabbing pain in his head. He opened his eyes with a fronw, only to feel weakness in his body.

“This medicine can detoxify. You’ll feel a little weak, but it will be fine after a night.” A voice next to him said, wiping his face with a damp cloth.

The Number Three Swordsman intermittently recalled what had happened, instinctively felt that this “savior” was not a little boy, and said with a little anger remaining in his heart, “Thank you…”

Number Three Swordsman: Emptying his medicine bag when he ran out. Don’t you think this flower-picking thief is useless?!

He saw the green figure turned to the bed, “I also just happened to pass by. The Young Master will need to be more careful in the future.”

The Number Three Swordsman tried his best to finally raise one hand and grab the other man’s hand, “I hope… the benefactor will leave his name, and then… I must come to thank you…”

After speaking, he felt that his eyelids seemed to be heavy, and felt that he would fall asleep again.

In a haze, he heard the green figure said, “My last name is… first name Yue…”*
*月, Yuè, moon. And San Jian didn’t hear the entire name

Before sinking into the darkness, the Number Three Swordsman tried his best to squeeze out a few words, “My name… Gu Jian…”

Qi Jian waited for him to fall asleep. He left the room after seeing that his pulse condition had stabilized.

Chapter 23


When Gu Jian woke up, he was alive and well. It was just that the gentleman who gave him a gentle pulse reading last night was gone, leaving only a mess on the floor, apparently the other person getting him into bed yesterday also took some effort.

Gu Jian tried his best to remember for a long time, only remembering the word “moon”, and tentatively called him “moon fairy”.

Gu Jian swore by the name of the Number Three Swordsman that he would pay back this moon fairy.

The young man Yan talked for a whole night, talking so much that he wanted to go back and be a good man.

When the sunlight came in, Dou Han realized that it was dawn, so he got up with his sword and put a silver coin on the table, “Thank you.”

After speaking, he left the room and happened to meet Gu Jian who was coming downstairs.

Dou Han watched him rubbing his head all the time, “Brother Jian, I haven’t seen you all night, where have you been staying?”

Gu Jian waved his hand, “Don’t mention it, I followed a flower picking thief… Brother, have you asked what you want?”

Dou Han nodded, “I have asked, I know a lot, it shouldn’t be a problem.”

“That’s good.” Gu Jian went downstairs with him, “I’m afraid I will have to come again tonight.”

Dou Han hesitated for a moment. He still wanted to find Qin Ci to experience it firsthand tonight. Gu Jian looked at him and knew instantly, and lamented that he was really too considerate, “No matter, brother, you’re busy, I come by myself is enough.”

Dou Han’s heart was still a little bit sorry, “Otherwise, let me be responsible for the night’s expenses.”

Gu Jian remembered his own poverty, “Don’t worry about it… but I’m afraid I’ll need brother’s help in the future.”

“Brother Jian, when the time comes, go ahead and ask. I’ll make no exception.”

As soon as the two arrived at the villa, Dou Han locked himself in the room and washed himself inside and out several times, making sure that he didn’t have the choking powdery smell lingering on his body before he went to Qin Ci.

Qin Ci just came back after practicing the sword, and when he saw him, he asked, “Is Brother Jian in trouble? You didn’t return all night. Have you solved it?”

Dou Han said half-truth, “It’s almost solved.”

“That’s good.” Qin Ci wiped his sword, “Brother Zhongchou said that the Lin family just built a new courtyard with a hot spring, and invited us to go together today.”

This matter was different from Dou Han’s plan. He thought about it and said, “When are we leaving? I will prepare.”

“Just after lunch. What do you need to prepare, can I help you?”

“No, I can do it by myself.” Dou Han was thinking of the shop that sold the oil that he was told about last night, and planned to leave to buy some for this trip.


Qin Ci didn’t know anything about what was going to happen, thinking that Dou Han had always taken the initiative, so he should take the initiative tonight and when they go to the other courtyard, he would help Dou Han relieve himself.

But when Lin Zhongchou found Gu Jian and asked him to go to the other courtyard with him at night, Gu Jian refused, saying that he had some important matters tonight.

Lin Zhongchou regretted that he couldn’t introduce his little brother to this Brother Jian. He felt that he had a good chat with Brother Jian, so he only said that the Lin family could help if needed.

After lunch, the group set off to the other courtyard.

On the way, Lin Zhongchou introduced the eldest brother and youngest brother of the Lin family. They went to the other courtyard first. The eldest brother’s name was Lin Congxiao. He was a swordsman who had walked through Jianghu. He ranked second on the list of swordsmen*. He was an unrestrained man who took no offense.
*The other list

The youngest brother was called Lin Yuegui, who was ranked seventh on the swordsmen list.

Jiu Jian could see another expert in the swordsmen list so soon. He couldn’t help feeling a little excited.

Qin Ci was also a little curious, but he felt strange when he saw Dou Han’s expressionless face. According to his usual behavior, the Number One Swordsman should be full of thoughts and desire to fight with others.

However, what Dou Han thought over and over in his mind was the “position” that the young man Yan talked about. Would it be good to use this? Was it better to use that one?

This was the first time he and Qin Ci would do it. At any rate, it would take the both of them to be comfortable.

Dou Han frowned slightly. He always felt that there was something wrong with what the young man Yan said.

When the brothel was about to open in the evening, all the fellows were envious of Little Yan, who stayed up all night serving two guests last night.

The person himself thought, what envy. The tricks in bed all night was just talk. His voice was truly hoarse. Real swords and guns were better.

Gu Jian came to the door again. The proprietress recognized him as soon as she saw him, and twisted her hips to welcome, “Oh—is this not the Young Master from yesterday. It seems our services last night were to your satisfaction~”

The proprietress tossed a wink, “Gentleman, do you want to change to someone else, today? We have still have others you can choose from. To your satisfaction~”

Gu Jian asked, “Do you have a little boy with moon in his name.”

The proprietress thought that this business was not too difficult to do. But the tastes of the guests were becoming more and more unique, now even names had a required.

But the proprietress’s mouth split, “Oh—yes! Master, come with me.”

The proprietress: Just change the name temporarily.

(Dou Han: Aren’t you telling me how to kiss and say love words?

Little Yan: Just this position, that position, and then this position, finished)

Chapter 24


He searched from the few young men inside and out, none of them was the moon fairy.

The more he looked, the more anxious he became… Could it be that he was too late and the fairy was taken away?!

In the other courtyard.

Lin Yuegui was also a little excited when he saw them, and couldn’t help but want to give it a try.

Because Qin Ci always robbed Dou Han’s fights before, as compensation, this time he took a step back and let him go.

Unexpectedly, Dou Han also took a step back and didn’t mean to draw his sword at all. Instead, Jiu Jian was eager to try, and couldn’t help but ask Qi Jian for advice.

When the two were fighting, Qin Ci quietly asked Dou Han, “Didn’t you always want to fight? Why don’t you go?”

Dou Han looked a little absent-minded, “Well, I don’t want to fight now.”

“Do you have something on your mind?” Qin Ci realized that he still didn’t know the other man well enough, so he moved closer, “We’re already… you can find me if you want to talk about anything.”

Dou Han looked at him, his gaze always got attracted to the pale pink lips, and he remembered in his mind what he was told last night, about the young man using his mouth to relieve and soothe the guests.

“Hmm…” Dou Han imagined the scene for a moment, and the desire to touch roamed his heart again.

Qin Ci guessed that Dou Han thought it was inconvenient with so many people here, “Why don’t you wait for when we’re alone?”

Dou Han had already fantasized in his mind how the two of them would look like on the bed, Qin Ci would also blush, leaning on his shoulder and groaned.


So far, Lin Yuegui had a draw with Jiu Jian, and it was quite rewarding. The onlookers had their eyes full, so Lin Zhongchou took everyone to the hot spring to relax.

Lin Yuegui had admired the Number One Swordsman and the Number Two Swordsman for a long time. He wanted to keep up with them, but Lin Zhongchou held him back, “Ah, Yuegui, I forgot to tell you, it’s better to let them be alone together.”

Lin Yuegui didn’t understand, “Why? Do the two swordsmen have something important?”

Lin Zhongchou pulled his brother and whispered, “These two are in that relationship…”

He told the general story of what happened along the way, and Lin Yuegui couldn’t stop listening in awe, and somehow remembered the kiss last night, “Ahem, if that’s the case, I won’t bother.”

Qin Ci didn’t know that the relationship between the two of them had been spread all over long ago, and was still wondering why there were only two of them in this hot spring, separated by a small bamboo forest. “Why don’t we go over there too?”

Dou Han’s mind was full of spring scenery, the less people there were, the happier, “No, we’ll just stay here.”


Gu Jian called the proprietress, “Was anyone taken away by the guests?”

The proprietress valued this distinguished guest, and said ambiguously, “Oh—most of the little boys are selling art but not selling themselves. Young Master, which art do you value?”

Gu Jian thought that something was at play here, “I want to find a pulse doctor.”

The proprietress thought he was another person with special hobbies and wanted to play some tricks involving doctors and patients. “Young Master, you’re too good at it, what kind of pulse do you want to consult, our little boys are smart and can learn anything~”

Gu Jian understood as soon as he heard it, and guessed in his heart that this moon fairy might not be someone from the brothel.

The real moon fairy was soaking in the hot spring, listening to Lin Zhongchou’s introduction of these swordsmen. He vaguely remembered that the man seemed to have a sword in his hand last night.


[Apparently 54 is supposed to be the smut I can’t find ~~ I rejoice not having to translate it but you may cry XD]

Chapter 25


After Gu Jian left the brothel, he didn’t know where he should go. Dou Han and the others went to the other courtyard. At this moment, asking people to take him there would be too bothering.

He simply bought a pot of wine and asked for some small side dishes, sat down on a roof and had a drink to the moon, drinking and worrying about where to find this benefactor with moon in his name.

“Alas—” Gu Jian took a bite and was about to drink more, when suddenly he heard the sound of fighting not far away.

Gu Jian put down his flask and felt that he might have encountered injustice in this Shangnian City. He lifted his sword and flew over to the edge of the eaves. He chased after the sound of fighting, and saw a young man in brocade dress clutching his arm and leaning against the wall in the alley, gurgling blood flowed from the gap between his fingers, probably because the injury was not light. The injured hand was holding a sword, but just hanging down weakly, obviously unable to fight again.

There were three strangely dressed people in front of him. They seemed to feel that the other party was powerless to resist, so they didn’t rush, only surrounding him slowly. The young master in brocade dress felt powerless, and was about to close his eyes and wait for death when he suddenly heard one of them shouted, “Who!”

The young master in brocade dress opened his eyes, and a figure swept past him. With a flash of sword light, one of the strange people stepped back, clutching his arm, “Who are you!”

The young man in brocade dress only saw a tall back, but his long hair was loose, a few strands of long hair fell down. At first glance, he looked like a person who was too lazy to take care of his own hair, and his clothes were normal, but his sword was extraordinary. The young master opened his eyes wide, and saw half of the jade on the hilt of the sword through the moonlight. Even if he couldn’t see clearly, he could guess that there must be a lot of cracks on the jade.

Gu Jian waved the sword in his hand. The body of the sword was like ice in the moonlight, and blood drops along the tip of the sword without leaving even a trace. “I saw injustice on the road.”

The three strange people looked at each other. Just now this person hurt one person with a single flick of sword. His martial arts must not be low. The person standing in the middle took a step forward. It seemed that he was the leader of the three. He was wearing a black scarf, the voice was dull as well, “Your martial arts are so profound, I have to admire, but this is our private matter. I hope you won’t be meddlesome.”

Gu Jian looked at their clothes. There were messy decorations on their bodies. Even the outer robe was dark, and some tattoos were faintly exposed on the edges of the masks. He looked back at the wounded young man in brocade dress and raised his hands. Pointing, “Private matter?”

Black Scarf pointed to the young man in brocade dress and said, “This person stole the holy artifacts from my sect.”

Before Gu Jian could speak, the young master in brocade dress denied, “I’ve never stolen any holy artifact from you. I don’t even know what the holy artifacts are, why would I steal them?”

Gu Jian wasn’t very eager to make a move, “Hear that, this young man said that he didn’t steal your holy artifacts. See if there is any misunderstanding, you might as well find a restaurant to sit down and talk slowly. Let’s take a look at where this holy things has gone.”

Black Scarf had never heard such a peculiar idea, “I don’t think Your Excellency is just passing by, but more like his accomplice.”

“Wrong.” Gu Jian raised his finger, “I really only passed by. I was drinking there, right there, can you see it?”

Black Scarf didn’t care, “Since Your Excellency insists on opposing us, don’t blame us for being impolite.”

Gu Jian: Fuck, can’t you listen?

He sighed and staggered a step slightly, “Since that’s the case, I won’t explain it anymore, let’s go ahead and fight.”


Gu Jian was originally ready for a fight, but their martial arts didn’t seem to be very good. The young master in brocade dress saw one man stretched out his arms as if trying to pull out something, “Be careful, Hero! He’s good at using poison!”

Poison again!?

Gu Jian was speechless. Everyone came out and wandered in the Jianghu, isn’t it good to practice martial arts? What kind of poison powder always came to play, and even a flower picking thief and members of the Tian Er sect could use poison?!

He stood with his left palm held out and wanted to sweep away the poison powder with the wind from his palm. Unfortunately, what the strange man threw was not a poison at all, but a few black dots. These black dots seemed to fly directly towards him, bypassing Gu Jian’s palm.

The strange man then took out a short flute. The strange flute sounded, and the black spots disappeared into the air.

It wasn’t easy to see in the dark night. And it was even more strange that these things were disappearing. Gu Jian retreated a few steps, beware if these black spots suddenly came out, “What the hell?”

The young master in brocade dress wanted to go up and help, but his arm injury really didn’t help, he’d only drag him down instead. He could only explain verbally, “Tian Er Sect is a sect that specializes in developing poisons and breeding poisonous insects. Those black dots are poisonous worms, be careful!”

Gu Jian watched his surroundings with alert, and said back to him, “You guys really know each other.”

The young master gritted his teeth and said, “The hero is just passing by. You and I don’t know each other. If you can’t handle it, you can leave. I only need the hero to live a little longer.”

At this moment, he would like to leave the three strange people, but he was afraid that they wouldn’t let him go. The black scarf-headed man took out a kind of strange weapon and rushed up again. Gu Jian flicked his sword to fend it off, but also paid attention to the movement of the bugs. “What are you trying to do?! I’ll take care of it, how can I leave you behind.”

Black Scarf deliberately distracted him, and the other two sprinkled some poisonous powder from time to time. The young master in brocade dress couldn’t help and only assisted Gu Jian from the side. One of the strange men drew his dagger and went straight to the young master in brocade dress.

Gu Jian saw the opportunity and kicked the Black Scarf’s abdomen, flew away to avoid the poisonous powder, fend off the dagger for the young master, and raised his belt, “This is too difficult, I better take you away.”

“Don’t let him run!” Black Scared stabilized his figure and led his people to catch up. They moved and Gu Jian ran, but also paid attention to insect attacks. As expected, there was a buzzing sound above his head.

As soon as he looked up, he saw the sky full of black dots flying towards them. Gu Jian couldn’t help cursing, “If you fight, just fight! This godforsaken people are using so fucking many helpers! What the hell kind of evil is this!”

He took the young man in brocade dress, stepped on the roof and fled all the way. He didn’t know which big family’s house was over the wall. There was a big pond in the yard with lotus leaves floating on the water. These strange people didn’t have much lightness skill. They didn’t fly as fast as this bunch of bugs. Going fast, Gu Jian didn’t care about the young master being injured, he grabbed the person and jumped into the pond with a swoop.

The pair of black bugs hovered for a long time, as if they couldn’t find the target, and continued to fly forward buzzingly.

A few bubbles turned up on the surface of the water, and Gu Jian grabbed the person and got out of the water. The young master was injured and water-soaked. His face was very pale with pain.

Gu Jian helped him out of the water pond, “Are you okay?”

The young master in brocade dress shivered, “No… no problem, thank you hero…”

Seeing that the three strange men didn’t catch up again, he paused and said, “The Number Three Swordsman’s swordsmanship is still so exquisite.”

Gu Jian hadn’t revealed his identity in the past few days because of the Number One Swordsman and the Number Two Swordsman. Unexpectedly, this young master in brocade dress who he only met by chance would know, “You know me?”

The young master explained with his bloodless lips, “Three…three years ago, you saved me once…under…remember…”

Gu Jian had been fighting for many years, and he had saved too many people. He didn’t remember him. He just looked at him and hurriedly helped the person find a place to sit down for a rest. Fortunately, this yard was probably unoccupied. “That’s a coincidence, Young Master. What is your surname?”

Chapter 26


“M… My… surname is… Chu…” the young master in brocade dress couldn’t hold up anymore, he closed his eyes fainted.

“Young Master Chu…” Gu Jian was startled. He didn’t expect that Young Master Chu’s martial arts was so bad. He hurriedly picked up the person and thought of finding an inn to settle down. From the corner of his eye he saw the black bug lying on his belt for some time. Gu Jian stretched out his hand to brush it off, but the worm disappeared as soon as his fingertips started to itch.

Gu Jian was shocked and shook his hand. He was proficient in swordsmanship. Poisonous insects, snakes, and ants, he was completely resistant, and the numbness quickly disappeared, but his heart was overwhelmed. He quickly covered the young man’s wounds, so he could find an antidote.

Gu Jian had no choice but to tap his arm a few times, not knowing if he could stop it, and at the same time concentrate his internal strength to protect his heart, as long as he could still breathe in, it would be fine.

He raised up and took Young Master Chu to find an inn nearby. Without changing his clothes, he went to the pharmacy and hurriedly bought a medicine to help him bandage the wound. Gu Jian changed his soaked clothes, and was going to go find a doctor when he suddenly doubled over in severe pain. He felt really bad, his eyes went dark and he fell to the ground.

When Young Master Chu woke up, the room was already dark. He sat up and his arm was in pain for a while, but he was bandaged. He thought it was the Number Three Swordsman who did it. When he turned his head, he saw the Number Three Swordsman lying on the ground, “Benefactor!?”

Young Master Chu’s body was still a little weak. He swayed to support Gu Jian and patted his face, “Benefactor, wake up!”

With this force, he felt blood oozing from the wound, and Young Master Chu gasped in pain, but he still wanted to wake up the Number Three Swordsman. Just as he wanted to call the waiter for help and call a doctor, his benefactor finally woke up.

The Number Three Swordsman opened his eyes, was confused for a moment, and then looked at him with vigilant eyes, and sat up suddenly. Because he moved too much his neck hurts, “Hiss—who are you?”

Young Master Chu patiently introduced himself again, “My surname is Chu…”

The Number Three Swordsman looked around and found his sword, then got up and picked it up, “Where is this?”

Master Chu didn’t know if he wanted to laugh or cry, “Benefactor, this is an inn. You brought me here.”

The Number Three Swordsman stretched out his hand and rubbed his head, “No, I was looking for someone…”

Young Master Chu finally realized that something wasn’t right with his benefactor, and said guiltily, “My benefactor, are you unwell? Could it be that you were poisoned last night?”

The Number Three Swordsman ignored him, just murmured, “Yue… Yue… what’s your name?”

Young Master Chu could only answer obediently, “My name is Chu Yue.”

“Hiss…” The Number Three Swordsman wrinkled his brows together, and his mind felt like a mess, but only vaguely remembered that he was looking for a person with moon in his name. As for why he was looking for the person, and what to do when he found the one, he totally couldn’t remember.

To make matters worse, apart from recognizing his sword, he even forgot his own name.

Chu Yue smiled bitterly, and motioned to his bloody arm, “Benefactor, or let’s find a doctor first? By the way, we can let the doctor help you see what kind of poison you’ve been hit with.”

The Number Three Swordsman wondered if he was looking for the man named Chu Yue in front of him?

He sat down holding the table, as if tacitly approving, “Why do you call me your benefactor?”

Chu Yue called the waiter and give him some money, sent him to find a doctor, and then smiled slightly, “Because you have saved me twice, it’s not an exaggeration for me to call you my benefactor.”

“Twice?” The Number Three Swordsman looked at him, remembering the last night he just mentioned, “I saved you last night?”

Chu Yue nodded, “The blessing of the Lord.”

The Number Three Swordsman asked again, “When is the other time?”

Chu Yue replied, “Three years ago, near the snow state.”

The Number Three Swordsman took a close look at him, as if he had seen him somewhere, and there was always a vague image of a gentle figure in his mind, that this Chu Yue was somewhat alike to.

He thought, could it be him that I was looking for?

Chapter 27


When Dou Han woke up, he only felt that the body in his arms was a little hot, and Qin Ci’s body was full of marks, and his brows were tightly furrowed in his sleep, which showed that he was obviously uncomfortable.

“Qin Ci?” Dou Han hugged the person and wrapped him up in a quilt, guessing that he caught a cold outside last night.

Qin Ci opened his eyes in a daze, only to feel that he had a headache, his waist was sore and weak, and there was a faint pain in some places. He didn’t know where he was for a while, and tried to fight with one hand. When Dou Han saw him struggled, he hurriedly hugged his waist and hugged him tightly, “Don’t move, you seem to have a fever.”

Qin Ci frowned and wanted to use his martial arts. How could he only stay outside for one night but then he would suffer the wind chill. Although the tingling on his body made him want to ask Dou Han to find some medicine for bruises, when he opened his mouth, he found that his voice was very hoarse, even his throat was a little dry.


Dou Han helped him lean against the bed carefully, and stuffed two soft pillows under his waist, “Wait here, I’ll get you some water.”

He went naked to pour a glass of water. Qin Ci saw that there were a few reddish prints crisscrossing his back, and some shameful scenes from last night came back to his mind. He couldn’t help but pull up the quilt only to find that he himself was without an inch of clothing and shrank back immediately.

Dou Han took the water and helped him drank, and then lowered his head to touch Qin Ci’s forehead, “You’re very hot, I’ll ask Brother Lin to call a doctor.”

Qin Ci didn’t want people to know that they made themselves ill all night, and shrank more into the quilt, “No, I’ll be fine after a day’s rest.”

When he moved, his body suddenly froze. Dou Han thought he was uncomfortable, and said with concern, “What’s the matter? Or I’ll call the doctor over.”

He felt cold liquid slowly flowing out, and when he remembered what it was, Qin Ci’s face instantly blushed, and he clenched the quilt and said, “You… you…”

Dou Han wanted to lift the quilt to see if he was seriously injured, “Or I will take a look for you first…”

Qin Ci pressed his hand and firmly refused to let him open the quilt, “I want to take a bath…”

Although Dou Han didn’t know why he had to wash again after last night, he still missed him a little when he remembered the way he was in the river, “Okay, I’ll go get you hot water.”

There were many servants in the courtyard. Lin Zhongchou had specially ordered them to serve these distinguished guests. Dou Han went out and informed Qing Ci that it wouldn’t take long for someone to prepare hot water.

He received it by the door, went to the bed and hugged Qin Ci to the tub. When his slender body was submerged in the water, Dou Han eagerly picked up the cloth towel to wipe him, but Qin Ci stopped him, “Go out first. I will do it myself…”

After last night, Dou Han became obsessed with helping him take a bath and said, “It’s okay, I’ll help you.”

Don’t mention the embarrassment of cleaning up, Qin Ci never wanted him to see at all, “No, you go out, I can do it myself.”

Dou Han stood by the tub and refused to go, and squeezed his slippery shoulders with a serious face. “We were already intimate last night. What’s the difference? Besides, I did this to you, I’m responsible for taking care of you.”

This included all the things from last night, which made Qin Ci even more suspicious that Dou Han wasn’t as decent as what his mouth spouted. He raised his wet hand and attached it to Dou Han’s back for a second and took it off, “It’s okay, I’ll do it yourself.”

The two stood in a stalemate for a long time, and finally Dou Han was afraid that he would be uncomfortable after soaking for a long time, so he had to withdraw from the screen. Qin Ci breathed a sigh of relief. Hearing the sound of his footsteps, he stood up carefully while holding the edge of the tub. He almost fell into the water because of his waist feeling too weak. He bit his thin lip and reached his hand over…

Just stepping in, Dou Han came back with a plate, “By the way, do you want to drink some porridge first, I’m afraid you’ll feel weak…”

Then he froze in place, entirely forgetting what he was going to say, so tempted witnessing the sight in front of him.

Qin Ci’s face blushed so red, he didn’t take it out, he didn’t push it in, and he wanted to stab Dou Han to death with a sword then stab himself to death with a sword.

With a clear sound, the whole bowl of porridge fell to the ground, broken to pieces.

Dou Han understood something in a trance, raised his foot a few steps forward and said, “It’s my fault, I’ll help you.”


The Number Three Swordsman thought for a long time, but couldn’t remember anything from near the snow state, and there was a voice in his heart saying that he should be kinder to this “Yue”.

Chu Yue was simply flattered. His benefactor not only saved him, but also took good care of him.

The Number Three Swordsman helped him change his medicine, and thoughtfully bought food and brought it to his bedside, and even wanted to feed him personally. Chu Yue really felt sorry for him, and repeatedly refused, “It’s already a great kindness for you to save me twice. I never dare to bother you.”

“It’s alright, although I don’t remember the past, but I still remember to treat you better.” After the Number Three Swordsman finished speaking, Chu Yue faintly felt that something was wrong.

How should he say it?

No matter how polite, he didn’t dare to take it. He quickly got up from the bed, went to the table to eat on his own, and turned off the topic, “Benefactor, what are your plans next? I’m waiting for my family to arrive in a few days. And I’ll take you to find a famous doctor?”

As long as the Number Three Swordsman thought about the past, he felt a tingling pain in his head, and he had no impression of what he was planning to do next. Anyway, he had found someone with “Yue” in their name, “Just follow you first, and protect you by the way. You seem to be chased all the time.” After all, he had been saved twice.

Chu Yue sighed at the thought of this incident. Although it was a bit extraordinary, it was indeed much safer to have the Number Three Swordsman by his side. “It was caused by some of my family affairs. If you’re interested in recovering your memory in the future, I will tell you about it again. “

He didn’t want to say that he didn’t want to force the Number Three Swordsman, so he bowed his head to eat.

In the morning, Dou Han said that Qin Ci was unwell. He had to take care of Qin Ci, so it would be difficult for him to travel with everyone.

Under the Gu Jian’s influence, Lin Zhongchou understood that the two husbands might had a fierce night last night, and asked in concern, “Do you need me to call the doctor over and prescribe some tonic medicine?”

Dou Han thought for a while and thought about Qin Ci still buried in the quilt and refused to come out. If he brought a doctor and a bunch of people over, Qin Ci would stab him a few holes on the spot, “No need, I’m enough to take care of him.”

Lin Zhongchou understood in an instant, but unfortunately now that Brother Jian wasn’t there, he had no one to gossip with, “If there’s something you need help with, Brother Dou Han must tell me.”

Dou Han nodded. After they left, he use his lightness skill to go to the apothecary and bought the medicine to reduce fever, and brought it for Qin Ci.

With three less of the four benefactors, only Jiu Jian remained. The Lin family brothers deliberately facilitated the relationship growth between him and their cousin, so they left them a space to be alone.

In the end, there were only two of the Lin family brothers left. Lin Zhongchou said helplessly, “I never thought it ended up being us brothers travelling alone in the end.”

Lin Yuegui had no intention of inquiring about gossips, so he had to ask about the swordsman who didn’t come.

Lin Zhongchou spoke highly of Brother Jian, “Brother Jian’s martial arts is good, and he’s funny. I have learned a lot from him in this journey. I must introduce you two when we go back. By the way, I wonder what happened to First Brother? Is he still drinking??”

Lin Yuegui smiled, “First Brother finally figured it out, and after leaving the brothel with me, he said he was going to find that person, so he left early in the morning.”

Lin Zhongshou asked about the eldest brother more, “Oh? Will I see a sister-in-law soon?”

Lin Yuegui recalled Lin Congxiao’s appearance, who seemed to have a lot of determination, “Let’s not be happy too soon…”

Chapter 28


After staying at the inn for a few days, finally the “Chu family” in Chu Yue’s mouth came, and all of them looked extraordinary. The Number Three Swordsman looked at them and was not curious to ask what their identities were.

He had other troubles. He had always been dreaming these days. The things in his dreams gave him a particularly familiar feeling. The Number Three Swordsman wondered if it was his memory. Especially one of the dreams was very strange. He was panting in the dream. Walking down a corridor, the corridor seemed to be endless, but in his dream he kept walking until a hand pulled him.

The owner’s voice was gentle and pleasant. In a blink of an eye, they arrived in a room again. He held a person tightly and didn’t want him to leave. Although he couldn’t see the face in his dream, the Number Three Swordsman was sure this must be the same person as the one who pulled him.

The Number Three Swordsman was holding the sword and thinking hard, who was it?

Chu Yue’s injury was no longer serious, so he was thinking of helping his benefactor retrieving his memory, and sent his men to look for a doctor.

When Dou Han and the others returned to Xianfeng Mountain Villa, they heard the steward say that Brother Jian had not returned. Lin Zhongshou asked, “Brother Jian didn’t send anyone to send back words? Have you asked where Brother Jian went?”

The housekeeper shook his head. Brother Jian was a distinguished guest invited by the Lin family, so they didn’t dare to inquire too much.

Only Dou Han knew that Brother Jian was going to the brothel that night, but obviously it didn’t seem good to say so, so he said, “Brother Jian told me where he was going, I’ll try to find him first.”

Jiu Jian was not worried. This Brother Jian was very knowledgeable and cool, he taught him a lot of things, and his martial arts wasn’t low, so he wouldn’t be in danger if he wanted to.

Dou Han found the brothel all the way, and found the proprietress in broad daylight. The proprietress wanted to know this guest who always loved to visit the brothel during the day, “Young Master, you are here now, our little girls really haven’t gotten up to dress yet.”

Dou Han also didn’t want to talk nonsense with her, and directly asked whether the man who was with him that day had came here afterwards.

The proprietress recalled it. Fortunately, the fact that the two of them visited the brothel during the day left a deep impression. She shook her silk handkerchief and said, “Oh, I remember—the young master came here the other night, and he came to find several little boys in our place.”

That day, she tried desperately to change the names of a few young men in an effort to satisfy the young master. For this reason, she also figured out whether to develop a few more young men’s talents in the future.

Dou Han asked hurriedly, “Then how long did he stay here?”

The proprietress curled his lips, “I don’t know what he was aiming at. He had been looking for a young man who can read pulse. I let him meet some but no one satisfied him, so he left. I have to ask the young master, do you both look down on our boys and girls here?”

“Thank you.” Dou Han turned around and left, leaving the proprietress complaining a few words behind him, suspecting that the two of them weren’t as good as they seemed.

Dou Han returned to Xianfeng Villa and said to Lin Zhongchou, “Brother Jian had been to that place, but he left after a short while.”

Lin Yuegui asked from the side, “Does this Brother Jian have any friends in Shangnian City? Perhaps he came for them to relive the past?”

Dou Han was unclear about this, but if Brother Jian had friends in Shangnian City, there was no reason to hide from them, “It’s impossible, but I just heard the news that Brother Jian seems to be looking for someone proficient in medical arts.”

“Proficient in medical arts?” Lin Yuegui thought about how many doctors there were in the city. “Then, I will send someone to the city’s medical clinics to ask. If Brother Jian has been looking for a doctor, he could’ve been sick or injured, we need to find him sooner. “

There was only this way right now. Dou Han nodded, and the Lin family brothers immediately sent people out to ask around, and even Lin Yuegui went out to look for him in person.


“This Young Master… The pulse is steady and the complexion is fresh… Doesn’t seem like having been poisoned at all…” The old doctor diagnosed the pulse for the Number Three Swordsman, and Chu Yue explained patiently, “He has memory loss.”

The old doctor was surprised, “The memory loss patients I have seen are like children. I think the Young Master acts as usual, doesn’t look like it…”

Chu Yue sighed. As soon as he heard it, he knew that he didn’t understand again. He could only wave his hand to let his subordinates send the person away.

He still didn’t forget to comfort his benefactor, “Don’t worry, benefactor, I will have someone invite a few more doctors to come.”

The Number Three Swordsman put down his sleeves, not very concerned. “No need, it would be a waste of time to invite people in this way. It’s better for me to go for a walk out, then when I see a medical clinic, I’ll go in and try. Maybe if I walk around this city more, I can recall something.”

Chu Yue hesitated, “Should I send someone to follow you?”

The Number Three Swordsman raised his hand and gestured to the sword in his hand, “I just don’t remember things, my martial arts are still intact. Besides, I think your men are not as good as me.”

Chu Yue had a little embarrassed on his face. The Number Three Swordsman was indeed powerful. “I have some money, I hope that benefactor can accept it. It can be regarded as my indirect harm that my benefactor lost your memory.”

The Number Three Swordsman wanted to refuse, but the desire for money in his bones overcame his chivalrous heart. He accepted it, and then left the inn with his sword.

The city was very lively, but it was a pity that the Number Three Swordsman felt a bit strange everywhere. He also asked several pharmacies and medical clinics. They all said that he was strong and physically fit, definitely not ill. After walking for a long time he found a familiar road. He walked along this road until he saw a brothel, but the door was closed in daylight.

The Number Three Swordsman took a quick glance and continued walking. There were many vendors on the side of the road. After he left, he saw a medical hall again. There were cracks on the plaque at the entrance. It looked a bit old, and he wasn’t sure if the doctor inside was not reliable. He was about to turn around and leave, but saw a young master with handsome face and body posture walked in.

Could it be possible that the doctor here had very good medical skills?

The Number Three Swordsman thought for a while and followed behind. He thought this kind of place that rich people seek might not be ordinary.

He pretended to look around, peeking at the young master and the old doctor. The young master’s demeanor was elegant, but not a scholar, because he obviously carried a sword in his hand, and the hilt was inlaid with a few pieces of well-carved jade stones. They looked very valuable at first glance. After the young master finished asking, the Number Three Swordsman stepped forward to see the doctor.

As a result, the young master was stunned when he saw him. He opened his mouth and said, “Gu… Jian?”

The Number Three Swordsman was also taken aback for a moment. Did he know him?

Lin Yuegui didn’t expect that he would encounter the hero who was struck with spring medicine from the brothel at the clinic, but the other person didn’t seem to remember him at all. Maybe the medicine made him forgot. He could only smile politely and said, “Sorry, I thought you were someone else.”

After saying that he wanted to leave, Gu Jian stopped him. Lin Yuegui was a little puzzled.

Gu Jian looked at him very seriously, “Do you know me?”

The scene where they met was a bit embarrassing, and Lin Yuegui was too embarrassed to say it. He couldn’t say that not only they knew each other, but they also had some intimate moments. Eventually, he hesitated and nodded.

Unexpectedly, there was some joy on Gu Jian’s face, “My name is Gu Jian, right? When did we meet?”

“Yes, you told me at the time that your name was Gu Jian.” Lin Yuegui recalled, “We met about eight or nine days ago.”

Gu Jian calculated in his heart that he lost his memory shortly after that. He wanted to figure out where he came from, “Where did we meet?”

Lin Yuegui replied: “The brothel.”

Gu Jian: “…”

Chapter 29


It didn’t sound like a serious meeting. Gu Jian cleared his throat to find words, “I didn’t expect that the Young Master likes to go to the brothel…”

Lin Yuegui smiled slightly, “I accompanying someone else to go.”

Gu Jian: “…” It seemed more immodest of him.

Lin Yuegui thought he had simply forgotten about that night and besides, he was busy looking for “Brother Jian”, so he politely said, “I have something else to do. I’d go first.”

Gu Jian didn’t want to miss this clue, “Where are you going? I’ll go with you.”

Seeing the other person’s confusion, Gu Jian explained, “I didn’t tell you, I’ve lost my memory… It’s hard work to finally found someone who has met me. I want to walk with you and see if I can remember anything.”

Lin Yuegui didn’t expect that he looked this smooth, but he had amnesia. Could it be the sequelae of the spring medicine from that night?

Gu Jian saw that he didn’t refuse, he quickly turned around and prepared to leave with the other man, then remembered something so he turned his head and asked, “May I ask, what’s your name?”

Lin Yuegui returned to his sense, smiled and said, “My surname is Lin, my name is Yuegui, the Yue of full moon, and the Gui in return. You should just call me Yuegui.”

Gu Jian recited it several times in his mouth, thinking that it was another name with moon in their name.

Lin Yuegui didn’t stop him from following, but went from clinic to clinic to ask if they had ever seen a tall hero, with a sword in his hand, who might be a little wounded, very bold and witty in his words.

The old doctor looked back and forth between them, pointed to Gu Jian and asked, “Like this one?”

Lin Yuegui looked at Gu Jian, and it was indeed somewhat similar to Lin Zhongchou’s description, “Yes, almost the same as this young man.”

The old doctor shook his head, “I haven’t seen him.”

Lin Yuegui: “…”

Gu Jian stayed with him for a whole day, and took a break at a teahouse halfway through, talking about the person he was envious of that Lin Yuegui was looking for. How so many friends were worried about him.

Lin Yuegui drank tea to moisten his throat, “Master Gu, don’t worry, wait until I go back and send someone to find out if there is a famous doctor who can cure memory loss.”

It was getting late, and after searching for a day with no result, Lin Yuegui thought about going back to Xianfeng Mountain Villa to discuss with everyone, and then remembered about this Young Master Gu Jian, he suggested the other man to go back with him.

Gu Jian refused, thinking that Chu Yue was still waiting for him at the inn. If he rushed out overnight without telling him, Chu Yue would be worried, after all, that young master seemed to care about him as his benefactor.

“All right.” Lin Yuegui didn’t force the matter, but just pointed him in a direction, “If Master Gu is ever in need, you can come to Xianfeng Villa to find me.”

Gu Jian nodded, “Of course.”


Lin Yuegui returned to the villa, and the subordinates who were sent out also came back to report that they also couldn’t find Brother Jian’s whereabouts.

Jiu Jian guessed, “Maybe Brother Jian saw some interesting scenery, or made some new friends he couldn’t leave.”

When Gu Jian returned to the inn, Chu Yue asked in concern as soon as he saw him, “Benefactor, can you remember anything?”

“No, but…” Gu Jian thought of Lin Yuegui who gave him a good feeling inexplicably, “I met a friend, and I will find him again tomorrow. I hope he’ll help me remember several things.”

It was good to have some progress. Chu Yue felt less guilty in his heart, after all, he was the one who dragged him into this trouble.

Early the next morning, Gu Jian ran to Xianfeng Mountain Villa and waited, and he waited until Lin Yuegui came out.

Lin Yuegui thought, although everyone said that no one needed to worry too much, but the person went missing in Shangnian City, how could the Lin family also fulfill the duty as host? Lin Zhongchou was busy taking care of several benefactors and also leaving the task of looking for Brother Jian to himself.

Just as he turned a corner, he saw a figure falling from the sky, it was the Gu Jian he met yesterday.

Gu Jian said, “Are you going to continue searching? I’ll go with you.”

Lin Yuegui nodded, and the two of them set foot on the path of riding a donkey to find a donkey*.
*骑驴找驴, loosely means looking everywhere for something that’s right there in front of you

Turning around all over the place for another morning, to no avail.

Lin Yuegui sighed. It seemed that he really couldn’t find this Brother Jian. Since he couldn’t find him, it was better to help Young Master Gu. The two went to a restaurant and asked for a private room.

The waiter brought the wine and food, Lin Yuegui asked Gu Jian, “Have Master Gu remembered anything?”

Gu Jian shook his head honestly, “No.”

This was a bit difficult. Lin Yuegui looked at his sword and asked, “Is there any teacher’s tokens on Master Gu? Such as jade pendants or any pendant…”

Gu Jian looked down at himself, then looked at the many cracks inside the emeralds on the sword, instinctively felt he was a poor man, “No… but someone who knew me before said that I am the Number Three Swordsman.”

“Really?” Lin Yuegui’s eyes lit up. He never expected that he would see the top three swordsmen in a row.

He carefully recalled that Gu Jian walked with a calm and agile but silent pace. After walking for a day yesterday, he didn’t see his breathing getting disordered. At first glance, he knew that his internal strength was good. Although he hadn’t seen his sword, his swordsmanship must not be bad.

Gu Jian felt that Chu Yue didn’t lie, and again saying this kind of lie was of no value, so he nodded.

Lin Yuegui touched his sword and said with a smile, “It seems that Young Master Gu and I are also destined. To tell you the truth, I am seventh in the swordsmen list.”

Gu Jian was silent for a moment and asked, “How many swordsmen are in this list…” Was there also seventy-two or eighty-nine.

Lin Yuegui remembered that he lost his memory, and didn’t remember this at all. “A total of nine. It’s a coincidence that the Number One Swordsman, the Number Two Swordsman and Jiu Jian are all guest at Xianfeng Villa.”

Gu Jian didn’t know why, as soon as he heard the Number One Swordsman and the Number Two Swordsman, he subconsciously wanted to stay away from them. He attributed these to his third position and so he felt unrest in his heart.

“Speaking of which, there is also Brother Jian who came with these three. Although he is not as good as Master Gu, but he seems to be an expert with swords…” Lin Yuegui had some thoughts in his mind, but it seemed not good to take advantage of others who were in danger. He hesitated and said, “I don’t know if I can ask Young Master Gu for some advice after dinner… of course Young Master Gu can refuse.”

Gu Jian didn’t care, not to mention when he looked at this Qi Jian, he felt comfortable for some reason, “No problem, I also want to loosen my muscles. Where’s the place?”

Lin Yuegui’s face turned with joy. There were obviously several masters at home at this time, but unfortunately he only had a few tricks with Jiu Jian, and not the Number One and Number Two swordsmen. Now he could fight with the Number Three Swordsman. It was really a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity

After eating, the two of them went to the outskirts with few people and tried a few moves with their swords.

Lin Yuegui’s sword was not like a simple sword move, but it had a bit of the dāo moves in it. Gu Jian thought it was interesting, so he began to take it seriously, and stopped after a few while.

Some leaves for stuck to Lin Yuegui’s clothes. He brushed them with his hands and said, “The Number Three Swordsman is really amazing.”

Gu Jian put away the sword and walked forward to shook the dead leaves off his clothes. “Young Master Lin is humble. Young Master Lin’s sword has a sword intent, and there’s a sense of combining a dāo in it. I wonder if you are also good at using the dāo.”

Lin Yue said, “Master Gu can call me Yuegui. I am ashamed to say that the sword technique passed down in my family is the dāo technique. I also learned it since I was a child, but later I saw other people’s sword techniques are so exquisite, so I tried to learn and practice the double-edged sword a little. I’ll let Young Master Gu laugh about it.”

*internal screaming intensified*

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Chapter 30


When Lin Zhongchou saw his brother came back with a smile on his face, he thought he had found Brother Jian, and pulled him to ask, “Yuegui, is there any news?”

Lin Yuegui was a little embarrassed. He had been discussing swordsmanship with Gu Jian this afternoon, “Sorry, there is no news yet… It’s just that I met the Number Three Swordsman.”

As soon as Jiu Jian heard it, he was eager to discuss, “The Number Three Swordsman is also in Shangnian City?”

“Yes, I even had a discussion with him.” Lin Yuegui couldn’t help sharing with Jiu Jian, “The Number Three Swordsman is really powerful, and his sword skills are far superior than me.”

Jiu Jian couldn’t help looking towards Yuxue Pavilion, and his fan’s heart rose again. How powerful was the Number One Swordsman then.

However, the powerful Number One Swordsman had no sword in his mind. He practiced the sword perfunctorily in the morning and went to pester the Number Two Swordsman.

Qin Ci originally saw him practicing swordsmanship, and thought about seeing how his sword skills were now, but before he left the room, Dou Han blocked him.

Because the two of them indulged for too long that night, and again the embarrassing scene appeared the next morning, Qin Ci said that he wasn’t allowed to touch him because he was unwell these few days. Dou Han could only see and not touch him for days, he was itching.

Seeing Qin Ci holding the sword, he knew his body was fine. Dou Han, who had been thinking about it for several days, rushed forward and trapped the person by the wall.

As soon as he approached, it reminded Qin Ci of the scene in the tub, his ears were red, and he hurriedly pressed his hand against Dou Han’s shoulder, “What are you doing?!”

Dou Han rubbed a hand behind Qin Ci’s waist, traced the thin waist through the material, and leaned over to kiss him, “I just miss you.”

A fire was about to break out when a voice came from the door, “Brother Dou Han!”

Listening to Lin Yuegui’s description, Jiu Jian couldn’t help but imagine how spectacular the scene would be if the top three of the swordsmen list were to fight together. The imagined scene was so spectacular that he had a bold idea and rushed towards Yuxue Pavilion excitedly, and without thinking of it, he went to Qin Ci’s room. When he saw the door open, he went straight in.

“I’m telling you, the Number Three…” Jiu Jian didn’t finish speaking. As soon as he looked up, he saw Dou Han with his back facing the door, as if he was holding something in his hands—seemed like another person. The pure Jiu Jian didn’t dare look for a long time. Thinking of what they were doing, “You guys…”

Lin Zhongchou, who was catching up, understood at a glance. His hand moved to cover Jiu Jian’s eyes and quickly dragged him away, “You prodigal kid, I told you, my cousin is gentle and generous, quiet and virtuous, as beautiful as a flower in a fancy house. You’d better hurry up and get along with her more.”

There was a buzzing in Qin Ci’s head, and in shame, pushed his hand on Dou Han’s shoulder. He seemed to want to stab Jiu Jian to death as well.

Unexpectedly, Dou Han, who had been waiting for a long time, didn’t care at all, his arms squeezed the person tightly. When they were separated, Qin Ci’s lips were wet, and even his eyes were full of tears, “You!”

Dou Han kissed him on the neck, “I’m going to close the door.”

Wouldn’t it be more obvious what they were doing!

Qin Ci was so angry that he went to touch his sword, but Dou Han took his hand and put it on his heart, “Touch it. It misses you so much.”

The heartbeat under his palm was like a drum. Qin Ci slowly tightened his fist on the clothes over the heart, and said in a low voice, “Close the door…”


The next day, Gu Jian still came to Lin Yuegui, but this time he saw the other man not only came with a few carriages, but also with dozens of people following.

When he jumped off the wall, the subordinates thought it was a robbery, but Lin Yuegui raised his hand to stop them, smiled and said, “Master Gu.”

Gu Jian looked at these carriages, with many wooden barrels in the back, “Yuegui, where are you going? Aren’t you looking for someone?”

“Let’s not look for him for now. Brother Jian isn’t weak, so he should be fine.” Lin Yuegui said helplessly, and gestured to the pile of wooden barrels. “The Lin family has some customs, and we have to go to help some poor people around every month. Disperse wealth and do good.”

Gu Jian thought that he could just follow along today as well, then he unceremoniously got into the car when he heard this, “Then I’ll go with you.”

Although it felt strange, but after all, it was to do good deeds together, Lin Yuegui joked, “It’s just that the carriage is slow, I’m afraid it will make you more hungry.”

When the two of them sat chatting together on the road, Lin Yuegui realized that Gu Jian’s memory loss was not due to spring medicine, “Odd poison?”

Gu Jian also learned from Chu Yue, “I don’t know what kind of sect this Tian Er is, and the young man I saved doesn’t know what poison this is. Fortunately, it only caused me memory loss.”

“Actually, I also know some medical skills…” Lin Yuegui said as he raised his hand to read his pulse. Gu Jian was stunned when he felt the touch of the cool fingertips. He always felt that the touch was a little familiar. Only for a moment, and then he couldn’t remember again.

“Young Master Gu’s pulse is normal, maybe this poison didn’t hurt the meridians…” Lin Yuegui didn’t notice him getting distracted, took out a porcelain bottle from his pocket and poured out a pill, “This is my Lin family’s secret recipe. It’s good for strengthening your body and refreshing your mind. My elder brother often uses it when he’s drunk. Last time when you and I were… Master Gu?”

“Huh?” Gu Jian regained his senses, and saw him handing out a pill, “For me?”

Lin Yuegui was holding a red pill on his fingertips and explained, “I can’t guarantee a successful detoxification, but it’s absolutely harmless.”

Gu Jian thought this medicine shouldn’t be taken this way, “Have I ever taken this medicine?”

“It seems that, Master Gu, your memory is still there, but you just can’t recall it. At that time, you fell into an accident in the brothel, it was me…” Lin Yuegui suddenly couldn’t speak anymore. He remembered that last time he himself fed the medicine mouth-to-mouth to Gu Jian, with that somewhat rude kiss.

“Yes?” Gu Jian was still waiting.

Lin Yuegui skipped over it naturally, “In short, I can promise you with my life that this medicine is harmless.”

Just as Gu Jian was about to take it, it happened that the carriage was traveling through a rugged road. Their bodies shook. He was afraid of wasting the family medicine that was generously passed for him, so he opened his mouth and ate the pills straight from Lin Yuegui’s fingertips.

The damp heat he felt on his fingertips made Lin Yuegui stunned, and Gu Jian’s hand that was about to take the pill changed to clutching his wrist. This familiar scene brought him back to the night in that brothel in an instant.

After the carriage stabilized, Gu Jian still held his hand and didn’t let go. Probably feeling impolite, Gu Jian explained, “I was afraid the medicine would fall…”

“En…” Lin Yuegui moved his wrist, Gu Jian panicked and let go, and the two went silent for a while.

Until after walking for a while, they saw two or three ragged old people and children on the side of the road. Lin Yuegui told everyone to stop and got off the carriage personally to give those people some clothes and food.

Gu Jian just woke up from a dream, and then jumped out of the carriage to help him distribute the goods.

The more such people go forward, the more Gu Jian felt strange, “Why are there so many refugees here? Does the government not care?”

Lin Yuegui wrapped the clothes and stuffed them into the arms of an old man. “There are already far more poor people in the world than people in the government. If you encounter some local inactive officials, it’s inevitable that there will be some oversight. The Lin family is big and deserves to contribute our part.”

Gu Jian frowned, “If they run out of these things, wouldn’t they continue to starve and freeze? This is simply relieving the problem and not solving the problem.”

Lin Yuegui had a good heart but not the heart of Virgin Mary, “That’s the government’s errand. All I can do is to make them live one more day. Live one more day closer to food, housing and warmth. The rest is only on their own good fortune.”

He didn’t know if it was the effect of the medicine, Gu Jian vaguely remembered something. “That’s right, I’ve been a hero and righteous all the way, and the purpose is just to save people.”

“thought this medicine shouldn’t be taken this way” lmao
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