The Number One Swordsman Is Very Lonely Chapter 1-10

Chapter 1


The Number One Swordsman was very lonely.

He held a vast knowledge of martial arts, and he was obsessed with swordsmanship.

There wasn’t only the Number One Swordsman in this world, but also the Number Two Swordsman, the Number Three Swordsman, the Number Four Swordsman, and the Number Five, Six, Seven, Eight, and Nine Swordsmen.

But unlike the Number One in the World of all those other books who lived to seek enemies, the Number One Swordsman was very lonely.

It wasn’t a kind of loneliness from not being able to meet any opponents. On the contrary, he had as many opponents as there were fishes in the sea.

He was lonely from not being able to fight.

Ever since God knew who which person was so idle as to create the swordsmen ranking list, no one came to fight him for a long time.

Because, the Number Two Swordsman was a neurotic.

This Number Two Swordsman, ever since he was named on the list, he vowed to heaven that he must defeat the Number One Swordsman with his own hands.

The Number One Swordsman was very happy. He could fight, finally.

But the Number Two Swordsman, this neurotic, said that before he could defeat the Number One Swordsman, no one were allowed to compete with the Number One Swordsman.

The Number One Swordsman was still very excited when he heard this for the first time, and was looking forward to his eventual victory, but it didn’t take long for him to fall into despair.

On the third day of February, near Jinlai Peak.

A nameless swordsman requested for a fight with the Number One Swordsman. Yi Jian* started to gear up. The two sides had just established that it was a fight of life and death. Unexpectedly, they hadn’t had a chance to draw out their swords, then the Number Two Swordsman suddenly popped out and killed the opponent within ten moves.
*一剑, yī jiàn, 一 means one and 剑 means sword. It’s shortened from 第一剑客, Dì yī jiànkè = the Number One Swordsman. All the swordsmen on the list after will follow this naming too.

And then, he stared with a cold and proud look at Yi Jian.

The Number One Swordsman was eager to try, but he turned his head away with a cold snort.

Yi Jian: …

On the third day of March, at Xiaosui Summit.

A dozen masters surrounded Yi Jian, trying to get him to hand over his martial arts secrets.

The Number One Swordsman hadn’t had a single fight for more than a month. His heart was overjoyed.

His sword was just half-drawn when the Number Two Swordsman fell from the sky. With a burst of light and swords shadows, the masters all fell to the ground.

The Number Two Swordsman looked at him arrogantly, snorted coldly, then went away.

The Number One Swordsman: …

On the third day of April, the elder of the Longtan Sect had an appointment with Yi Jian to fight in the mountain.

The Number One Swordsman first carefully observed the surroundings, and didn’t find any trace of shadows of the Number Two Swordsman, so he was pleased and gave a salute to the old elder.

Just as he finished his polite remarks and was about to start a move, the Number Two Swordsman sprang out of the forest and went straight to the old elder. The two quickly exchanged blows.

Sand and rocks flew out everywhere.

The old man held up his hand, “I’m already old indeed. I’ll see you two later.”

Accompanied by the familiar cold snort, the Number One Swordsman was left standing alone holding his sword.

On August 15th, Qingyang City.

At night, the Number One Swordsman was strolling along the lantern-lit street when he suddenly heard someone yelling, “Catch the thief—”

The Number One Swordsman flew up instantly and chased after the fastest shuttling figure in the crowd. Although it was only a little thief, so he didn’t need to use his sword, having fun with his bare hands wasn’t bad either.

Seeing the little thief running into an alley, the Number One Swordsman was about to hit with his palm. But he suddenly heard the thief let out an “ouch” and fell to the ground.

Before Yi Jian walked over, he heard a familiar cold snort behind him.

The Number Two Swordsman threw the stone in his hand to the ground and turned to leave.

The Number One Swordsman: …

August 16th.

The Number One Swordsman spread news to the whole of Jianghu* offering a reward. He wanted to know—who the hell made this ranking list?!
*Jianghu is the martial arts community in wuxia stories

Chapter 2

As soon as the news was issued, it was like a stone sinking into the sea.
Si Jian* once had the thought of posing himself, thinking that the Number One Swordsman must’ve prepared a reward of a hundred taels of gold**.
*四剑, sì jiàn aka the Number Four Swordsman
**One tael = 37.5g, so 100 taels of gold weighs 3,75kg
That was when by Wu Jian* pressed him down and reminded him, “Pay attention to the word—reward. Surely it’s not just a reward. What exactly, who knows? Haven’t you heard what the elder of the Longtan Sect said, the Number One and the Number Two Swordsmen are very close. If you really leave, you’ll probably lose your life.”
*五, wǔ= five
Si Jian and Wu Jian were brothers, also known as the Chu Twin Swords.
Si Jian gave up his thoughts soon after, but he still didn’t understand, “Big Brother, what does the two of them being close has to do with me losing my life?”
Wu Jian patiently explained, “Think about it, besides us, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, who would be willing to be the Number Two?”
Finally it dawned on Si Jian, “That makes sense.”
Unlike Si Jian’s peculiar thinking, Liu Jian* was very shocked after hearing about the offer, and passed it to Ba Jian* with a flying pigeon overnight.
*六, liù= six; 八, bā= eight
Because Liu Jian and Ba Jian often had business dealings, after being on the swordsmen list, their business names grew even more widely-known.
So they’re not only six, but also eight, definitely prosperous all the way.*
*6 and 8 are both lucky numbers
After receiving the letter, Ba Jian rushed over as well overnight.
So Liu Jian went on for two nights.
He met Ba Jian with a slightly haggard face. Ba Jian saw that he was so worried about this matter, and deeply felt that he was too lazy, so he solemnly promised to Liu Jian that he would go into a closed retreat and practice swords as soon as he returned.
Absolute guarantee, below the seventh and above the ninth.
Be sure to keep them both, six and eight.
The Number One Swordsman was very lonely.
He didn’t know that when he offered the reward, he caused a massive wave.
He just wanted to have someone to fight with.
Even when he saw children playing with wooden swords, he wanted to go up and fight with them.
The Number One Swordsman had only raised his foot, and the Number Two Swordsman appeared with a cold face, squatted down and cut the double-sided wooden sword into two one-sided wooden swords.
The Number One Swordsman: …
He could only look at the back of the Number Two Swordsman and left with a sigh.
The Number Three Swordsman was the only normal person on the list.
He didn’t have sword spirit like the Number One Swordsman, nor he had sword nerve like the Number Two Swordsman.
No brotherhood like Si Jian and Wu Jian, nor wealth like Liu Jian and Ba Jian.
On the other hand, he built fame for himself as a hero fighting for righteousness, and he formed gangs to improve his status.
Only when the world was in turmoil, he could take the opportunity to unify all directions, win all the votes, sit on the seat of the leader, marry a beauty, and reach the pinnacle of life.
Now, he believed that the Number One Swordsman offering a reward for the person who wrote the list was a great opportunity to refresh the rankings.
There was just one problem, that was, he didn’t know how the other eight swordsmen looked.

Chapter 3


Mainly because the Number Three Swordsman had been relying on his legs to travel all over the world all the years, he never had the free time to gossip.

However, Jiu Jian* was a prestigious senior in Jianghu. With a clear goal and a clear destination in mind, the Number Three Swordsman decided to find him first.
*九, jiǔ= 9

At the same time in another place, the Number One Swordsman was really itchy. The Number Three Swordsman’s whereabouts was unknown, Wu Jian called in sick while Si Jian was helping taking care of him, and Liu Jian and Ba Jian retreated to train. There was the Number Two Swordsman by his side who fought men, women and children, but not him.

After thinking about it, the Number One Swordsman also decided to go to Jiu Jian, just go through a hundred of tricks or so with each other and be done with it.

So he set off and rushed from Qingyang City to Changke City where Jiu Jian lived.

The Number Two Swordsman also followed secretly, but lost him in the fog on the way and arrived to Changke City first.

Knowing that both the Number One Swordsman and the Number Three Swordsman were looking for him, Jiu Jian analyzed the recent event, and realized that this might be a bloody storm. He looked at his apprentice in the courtyard and had a foreboding. Once the matter was over, he might had to retire.

The Number Two Swordsman already stayed in Changke City for two days. The Number One Swordsman should’ve arrived as well, so he brought his sword to the door.

This was also the first time Jiu Jian saw him. He thought to himself, this man was handsome but his face was frosty, he must definitely not be the enthusiastic Number Three Swordsman. Was he the Number One Swordsman?

Unexpectedly, the man started to look around, “Where is the Number One Swordsman?”

Jiu Jian stroked his beard, “Dare I ask, who is this?”

The Number Two Swordsman snorted coldly, “I’m the Number Two Swordsman.”

The old man Jiu Jian finally withstood the pressure that his rank shouldn’t bear, and announced his retirement on the spot.


After Jiu Jian announced his retirement, he became the Old Jiu Jian.

The Number Two Swordsman frowned and asked, “The Number One Swordsman hasn’t arrived yet?”

Old Jiu Jian put his golden basin* aside, wondering if the two of them were as close as what the old senior of the Longtan Sect said, “Not yet.”
*“Wash one’s hands in a golden basin” (金盆洗手 jīnpén xǐshǒu), meaning, retiring from Jianghu

The Number Two Swordsman murmured, “It shouldn’t be. I’m already here… how come he hasn’t arrived yet?”

The Number Two Swordsman remembered something. He raised his head again and asked, “If you retreat, then who will be the Number Nine Swordsman?”

Old Jiu Jian decisively sold his apprentice. The Number Two Swordsman nodded, then left.

Old Jiu Jian thought about the reward offered by the Number One Swordsman, and then about the Number Two Swordsman also paying so much attention to him. So it seemed that the two men were very close indeed.

The apprentice was inexplicably pushed to the position of Jiu Jian, trembling, and at the same time a little excited, because although he was the apprentice of Old Jiu Jian, he was also a fan of the Number One Swordsman.

Old Jiu Jian guiltily mentioned to him, “The Number One Swordsman has a good relationship with the Number Two Swordsman. Be careful when you meet them in the future.”

The apprentice nodded repeatedly.

The reason why the Number One Swordsman hadn’t arrived to Changke City on time was because he met the Number Three Swordsman who was also on the way to the same place.

The two didn’t share their identities, but they were both masters of the sword, so they got along well and had a very happy conversation.

As a result, the Number Three Swordsman was over-excited by this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. In addition, he had been fighting for justice and traveling all over the world. He finally fell ill because of a wind chill.

The Number One Swordsman had to stay with him at the inn temporarily, and even put his sword fighting appointment on hold.

But the Number One Swordsman was obsessed with swordsmanship and couldn’t take care of people at all. The Number Three Swordsman had a wind chill, but he didn’t even remember to close the windows. He only felt that people who practiced martial arts must be in good state so he should definitely recover within a few days.

The only thing that he could help with was changing the clothes for the Number Three Swordsman, but unexpectedly, the Number One Swordsman had never taken care of anyone, so his force directly tore open the coat.

When the Number Two Swordsman found them, he saw this scene from the window and was very astonished.

He was shocked for a long time even after he’s inside his room. He thought that the Number One Swordsman was only fascinated on swordsmanship. Who would expect that he also had the habit of cutting sleeves.

The Number Three Swordsman had been living humble and simple for the sake of fame. He didn’t own many clothes, and now the Number One Swordsman tore one. His sickness worsened with anger.

Before going to sleep, he thought that when he could finally become the leader of the martial arts*, he would order ten large wardrobes of clothes.
*It’s 武林, Wulin, martial arts social circle

The Number One Swordsman who was kicked out of the room was very lonely.

The lonely Number One Swordsman went to relieve himself, and just happened to run into the Number Two Swordsman who also came to relieve himself.

The Number One Swordsman was really surprised, “Comparing this [sword] as well?!”

The Number Two Swordsman, remembering the scene of cut sleeve he saw just now, even forgot to snort and just said angrily, “Shameless! I’m here to go to the toilet!”

Chapter 4


After speaking, the Number Two Swordsman stormed off.

The left-alone Number One Swordsman froze in place, always feeling that something was missing.

Ah, no cold snort.

Every time he saw the Number Two Swordsman, he was used to hearing him snort coldly before simply turning away. He didn’t hear it this time, the Number One Swordsman felt a little uncomfortable.

After relieving his urgency, he wanted to find the Number Two Swordsman, and asked him to snort coldly just a little.

Unexpectedly, because the Number Two Swordsman had been accompanying him like a shadow, added with looking for the Number One Swordsman along the way for the past two days without rest, plus the anger, he also fell ill.

So the Number One Swordsman had to take care of both of them at the same time.

The innkeeper didn’t know who the three of them were, only thought that these three weren’t good at martial arts, and their bodies were so weak. They scared other guests out of staying, thinking that there were evils in the inn.

So the innkeeper persuaded the Number One Swordsman tactfully, “Why don’t I find a bigger room for the three of you, so that you don’t have to run up and down.”

The Number One Swordsman thought it was acceptable, so he moved the two patients together.

As soon as the Number Two Swordsman opened his eyes, he saw that the man with torn clothes was lying next to him, and he saw the Number One Swordsman sitting at one side of the table guarding him. He snorted coldly in his heart and closed his eyes hoping that it was just a dream.

When he opened them again, he saw that the Number One Swordsman was holding the person next to him “with affection”, and the Number Two Swordsman closed his eyes again, thinking that it must be a dream.

The doctor said that both of them were overworked, and the prescription was filled with a lot of soothing herbs. The Number One Swordsman fed them the medicine and suddenly thought of something after sitting down.

The Number Two Swordsman was ill.

No one would stop him from going to fight!

The Number One Swordsman stood up to his feet again. Such a good opportunity. He should hurry out to find someone to fight with. He closed the door and left the inn.

When the night fell, and the two were still not awake, a burglar who was also a grass-picking thief* sneaked into the inn and happened to enter their room. After the thief drugged them to sleep, he saw the Number Three Swordsman in torn clothes, and the Number Two Swordsman who was very beautiful. Moreover, they also slept in the same bed.
*Like flower-picking thief but with male victims

He guessed that the relationship between the two wasn’t so simple.

The grass thief thought the Number Two Swordsman was so beautiful. He couldn’t waste the trip, so he moved to put some spring medicine on him. Unfortunately, the Number One Swordsman came back soon after.

Mainly because the Number Three Swordsman was used to fighting for righteousness, he brainwashed the Number One Swordsman these few days, so now the also possessed a lot of chivalry and righteousness. He was worried about these two men so he ran back here in a hurry.


“Who!” The Number One Swordsman opened the door, thinking that he might have a chance to fight a big battle, but the grass thief was so light that he flew out the window and ran away.

He was worried about the Number Two Swordsman and “Brother Jian” (the Number Three Swordsman), so he had to withdraw his sword regretfully and step forward to see if they were injured.
*Brother Jian (剑兄, Jiàn xiōng), like ‘Jian bro’ but more respectful and formal

“Brother Jian” was safe, just sleeping like a dead pig.

He also looked at the Number Two Swordsman. No good, how could it seem that the Number Two Swordsman was having a high fever.

His brows were furrowed, his cheeks reddish, and a trace of tears hung on the corner of his eyes. Even his lips were burnt a little red, his long hair messy scattered on the pillow. One hand was pulling at his clothes carelessly, and his slender legs underneath constantly flexing.

Despite the author trying to write a few more words to describe, the Number One Swordsman remained unmoved.

Thanks to his previous experience of caring for “Brother Jian”, he knew that the patient must not be exposed to coldness.

So when the Number Two Swordsman ripped his own clothes apart, he quickly put them back in place, and as soon as the quilt was thrown away, he immediately helped pull it up again.

In the end, the movements were too loud, the Number One Swordsman was worried about waking up “Brother Jian”, so he picked the Number Two Swordsman up and directly carried him to the other bed and wrapped him in a quilt.

It was just that this bed was a single bed, the two people squeezed in there was too crowded. He had to hold the Number Two Swordsman in his arms.

Unexpectedly, the Number Two Swordsman still seemed very hot, and he was vaguely covered in a thin layer of sweat. The Number One Swordsman reached into the quilt to feel if his body was hot or not. Probably because the temperature in his hands felt good, the Number Two Swordsman couldn’t help but stick to it more closely.

The Number Three Swordsman opened his eyes in a daze, and found that the brother* on the other side was holding the “beauty” tightly in his arms, and the two clung very close to each other and touched intimately.
*兄台, xiōng tái

The Number Three Swordsman had traveled all over the world for many years, he’d seen a lot, so he quickly closed his eyes and pretended to sleep.

He thought: These two swordsmen knew how to play.

Before long, he heard the sound of getting up from the other side again, followed by the sound of the door closing.

The Number Three Swordsman: Not only knew how to play, but also very particular.

In case it’s not so obvious, “Brother Jian” kept being written like that, because they never disclose identity to each other and Yi Jian didn’t know that “Brother Jian” is actually the Number Three Swordsman, and the opposite also true

Chapter 5


The Number One Swordsman just remembered the words of the old doctor, saying that in case the fever didn’t go away, he could try using cold water.

So he picked up the Number Two Swordsman and went to the well, but while he was trying to get a bucket of water, the Number Two Swordsman almost fell into the well.

He quickly put down the bucket and hugged the Number Two Swordsman tightly. The feverish swordsman seemed to like the feeling of his colder body, he kept moving to cling even closer.

The Number One Swordsman felt that it couldn’t go on like this, and thought of an idea in a hurry. He picked up the Number Two Swordsman and went to the nearest river.

The Number Three Swordsman heard the backyard well became quiet again, and wondered if they’d ran elsewhere.

So he got up and lit a stick of incense.


The Number One Swordsman carried the man to the river. The Number Two Swordsman seemed to already burned to confusion, his hair was messy, his breathing was hot, and the moonlight looked particularly attractive on him.

However, the Number One Swordsman looked at him and thought he was very sick and dying.

He immediately jumped into the river with the person in his arms, soaking the both of them in an instant. The Number Two Swordsman woke up a little bit from the cold, but in confusion he stuck even more closely.

The Number One Swordsman was afraid that the current would wash him away so he didn’t let go.

The two of them got closer and closer, the Number One Swordsman could even feel the hot breath brushing against his chest. He picked him up, unexpectedly bumping into one place.

The Number One Swordsman thought it was an illusion, and then reached out to touch it again carefully.

Those who practiced martial arts, occasionally would relieve one or two, which was also helpful for internal strength cultivation.

He gave a full play to the chivalrous spirit taught by “Brother Jian” and simply started to move his hand to help the Number Two Swordsman.

The Number Two Swordsman clasped him on his shoulders, gasping in his ears, and later groaned.

The Number One Swordsman stiffened for a moment when he heard the sound, always feeling it wasn’t quite the same from the Number Two Swordsman’s usual cold snort*.

Then, he solved it for himself with another puzzled look on his face.
*哼, hēng, means to groan, to snort, to hum. All the same character. So earlier when it was said Er Jian groaned, it also uses 哼 which can also be read as snort as it is groan. Things lost in translation. Our Yi Jian is a dork still too pure and innocent

When the two returned, the Number Three Swordsman was ready to order a second stick of incense.

He saw the “beauty” with his long hair still wet, his clothes missing, and his brother’s coat wrapped around him.

His heart reached to a new evaluation: know how to play, particular, and long-lasting.


The Number Three Swordsman adjusted his position for better peeping.

Under the faint candlelight, his brother was pinching the beauty’s chin and rubbing his lips. The beauty’s handsome side face glowed in the little soft light, making him look even more beautiful.

The Number Three Swordsman could suddenly understand why some men would like another man. He added another item to his Future Martial Arts Leader’s Plan; try to find a male beauty and give it a try.

Qi Jian*, who was thousands of miles away, sneezed.
*七, qī= seven

In reality, the Number One Swordsman was only helping him wipe the water, but both of their clothes were wet, he could only help the Number Two Swordsman wipe randomly. After this, he would come back and see which place was still not dry.

After drying, he picked up the Number Two Swordsman and went to his bed. The Number Three Swordsman sighed in his heart. With such deep affection, the two of them had to have been in love with each other for a long time. It was such a good story, they were both good swordsmen, could learn from each other, truly in perfect harmony*.
*琴瑟和鸣, qínsèhémíng, lit. in harmony like qin and see. Wife and husband in love and like-minded, just like the qin and se together to play a wonderful music performance. See A video of the performance

The Number One Swordsman put the man on the bed, thinking that he would sleep with Brother Jian tonight.

Hearing him coming, the Number Three Swordsman thought to himself, his brother must’ve been afraid that he’d discover them, but he had been a chivalrous man for many years, how could he disturb other people’s happiness.

So he turned over hard, spread his hands and feet in the shape of “大” and took up the entire bed.
*大, dà, meaning “big”

His sudden rough sleeping posture startled the Number One Swordsman, and in the end he didn’t disturb the patient, and went to squeeze with the Number Two Swordsman.

Chapter 6


When the Number Two Swordsman opened his eyes, his whole body was held tightly in the Number One Swordsman’s arms. He tried to move but found that he felt weak, his head was dizzy, and his throat was hot.

As soon as he woke up, the Number One Swordsman also woke up, and as soon as they woke up, for the sake of gossip, the Number Three Swordsman also woke up.

The Number One Swordsman helped him up and asked, “How do you feel?”

The Number Three Swordsman clicked his tongue inside his heart. So pampering. It must be that the two of them were too enthusiastic last night, passionate like burning fire.

The Number Two Swordsman wanted to talk, but because of the spring medicine and river water last night, his throat was hoarse, he coughed with his face was flushed, “Not… cough cough… not great…”

The voice was low and hoarse, and the Number One Swordsman felt a little itchy in his heart inexplicably when he heard it.

The Number Three Swordsman closed his eyes and raised his eyebrows. Thinking that it must’ve been so intense, it was simply dry firewood catching fire.

The Number One Swordsman was worried that his treatment method was wrong, so he invited the old doctor to come again.

The Number Three Swordsman pretended that he was still very sick so the two could sleep together.

When the old doctor took his pulse, he was about to say that the hero was fine, only to see that the Number Three Swordsman was winking at him desperately.

The old doctor said nonsense with a blank face, “He’s been sick for a long time and has to take medicines. He needs to stay in bed for a few days to recuperate. If he moved too much and hurt his heart, I’m afraid that even the god won’t be able to save him.”

When the old doctor took the pulse for the Number Two Swordsman, he was puzzled, and said to himself, “Why is there some kidney deficiency?”

He wasn’t loud, but the three people inside the room were all martial arts masters. The Number Two Swordsman coughed a few times. The Number One Swordsman recalled last night, and the Number Three Swordsman looked at his brother with admiration.


This spring medicine blurred people’s memory after consumption, so it was a must-have for grass thieves.

The Number Two Swordsman forgot what happened last night, only remembered in a daze how he was soaked in cold water. So when he heard about having kidney problems, he really thought he was sick.

Could it be that he had been neglecting to practice internal strength recently?

After the old doctor finished the reading, the Number One Swordsman stepped up and wrapped the Number Two Swordsman in a hurry, which seemed like a move of courtesy in the old doctor’s eyes.

After sending the old doctor away, the Number One Swordsman remembered the Brother Jian who might die at first movement.

“Brother Jian, I…”

The Number Three Swordsman shook his head weakly and said, “Brother, don’t worry, I’m just a little sleepy, I just need to rest.”

Then he slept in the shape of “大” again.

The Number One Swordsman went to decoct the medicine and fed it to the Number Two Swordsman. After drinking, the sick man said in a weak voice, “Thank you.”

The Number One Swordsman suddenly felt that the opportunity had come. He wanted to ask the other man not to hinder him from fighting with others in the future, but the words that came to his lips was, “Then you snort to me.”

The Number Two Swordsman didn’t hold back his smile for a moment. The sickly beauty’s smile was like the smile of a abanished immortal entering the world. The Number One Swordsman looked at it stunned.

The Number Two Swordsman thought he was serious, so he could only try to snort reluctantly.

But he was still sick, his voice was low and hoarse. He snorted only to hear something else entirely.

The Number One Swordsman was even more dumbfounded.

The Number Three Swordsman’s eyebrows twitched: Oh, luckily, I didn’t fall asleep.

The Number Two Swordsman also felt that something was wrong, so he snorted again, which sounded more sultry than the last.

The Number Three Swordsman: Go on,you guys just pretend I don’t exist.


The Number One Swordsman felt that there could be something wrong if this went on, so he asked the other man to stop just in time, and the Number Two Swordsman stopped.

The Number Three Swordsman hated iron for not becoming steel*: Beauties are like this. Brother, you’re too hard-hearted.
*恨鐵不成鋼, meaning “to feel resentful towards somebody for failing to meet expectations”

After the Number One Swordsman told him to have a good rest, he left the room.

The Number Three Swordsman changed his sleeping position, and the Number Two Swordsman decided to practice how to snort like before in private.

After receiving his master’s name, the apprentice remembered one thing, then asked Old Jiu Jian, “Master, no one else in Jianghu knows that you have retired except the Number Two Swordsman…”

Old Jiu Jian waved his hand and said, “It doesn’t matter, it’s enough if you just call yourself Jiu Jian. When the new swordsmen list comes out, after a long time, they will naturally treat you as Jiu Jian.”

Old Jiu Jian finished his instructions, then gave some entanglements so that he could go and earn some experience, make a name for himself.

The apprentice bade farewell to his Master and set out on the road heading towards Jianghu. He was the apprentice that Old Jiu Jian had been raising by his side, but only few people knew him.

Leaving Changke City, he rescued a girl* from bandits on the road.
*It’s 千金, qiānjīn, literally means a thousand gold, is used to refer to someone else’s daughter

The bandit clutched his wound and shouted, “You stinky boy, tell us your name if you dare!”

The apprentice remembered the Old Jiu Jian’s instruction, and flicked his sword, “I am Jiu Jian.”*
*Here he uses 在下, zài xià, referring to himself in a humble way

The bandit refused to accept, “Nonsense! Jiu Jian is about the same age as me. Who are you trying to fool? Don’t be cheeky, brat!”

The apprentice’s vigor was unabated, and his voice stayed strong, saying, “I’m the real Jiu Jian.”

After a while, the bandits fled in a burst of flying sands and rocks.

Jiu Jian helped the girl, “Is the young lady alright?”

The girl said shyly, “Thank you, young hero, for saving my life.”

Jiu Jian kept in mind his master’s words, “Miss may call me Jiu Jian, and you don’t need to thank me.”

The girl’s eyes were slightly wet, and tears started to fall, “Thank you, Young Master* Jiu Jian. I pity my servants, no one survived… how do I continue on my way like this…”
*公子, Gōngzǐ

Jiu Jian had a chivalrous heart, so he said, “I don’t know where Young Miss is going.”

The girl said, “My father asked me to stay at my maternal uncle’s house for a few days, in the southern part of Shangnian City. I have to pass through two cities, five small towns, and three hills. I’m just a little girl…” She cried harder.

Jiu Jian said softly, “I happen to have something to go to in the south, so I will escort the young Miss all the way south.”

The girl wiped her tears and said, “Young Master Jiu Jian is great, this little girl will remember it in her heart.”

As the sky darkened, Jiu Jian took her to find an inn nearby, but encountered a problem.

There was only one room left.

Jiu Jian was embarrassed, “Boss, not the upstairs room is alright, I can also stay in the shop.”

The innkeeper grinned, “Young hero, we really don’t have enough room in the shop. You and the girl should have just settle together. We are all children of Jianghu, why so strict about small matters? Besides, I also still have three people living in one room. Yes, you, the young hero of Jianghu, must be a gentleman, and gentlemen do what gentlemen do. This girl is not afraid. What are you afraid of as a gentleman…”

The girl gave a thumbs up to the boss from behind.

Jiu Jian had to take her upstairs to the only available room upstairs.

Chapter 7


Taking advantage of the Number Three Swordsman being really asleep, the Number Two Swordsman quietly went to the window and snorted a few times.

Why did it still sound a little strange?

It just so happened that Jiu Jian was wandering around the inn for the sake of the girl’s reputation. He heard this noises when he passed by. He had been to the brothel several times, but he didn’t expect someone to be in such a good night right here, tonight.

He swept a glance, and suddenly dumbfounded.

Wasn’t that the Number Two Swordsman with long hair scattered sitting by the window?!

Before he recovered, another man with a sword came up in the room and put his coat on the Number Two Swordsman’s shoulders.

Jiu Jian was stunned, thinking of his master’s words, that the Number Two Swordsman had a very close relationship with the Number One Swordsman. Could it be that the man with the sword was the Number One Swordsman?

This! So the closeness is in such a way?!

Jiu Jian couldn’t believe it. After all, he was the Number One Swordsman’s fan. He still thought of excuses for them. Maybe they just happened to be sitting together.

He couldn’t help but watched for a while, he didn’t expect that the man with the sword would simply pick up the Number Two Swordsman, and the two of them walked into the room, looking very much like going to the direction where the bed was.

Jiu Jian’s footsteps were vacant, and his mood was complicated. He thought about it all night and decided to wait for them to leave and then followed to see what was going on.

The girl was distressed that Jiu Jian would not come in, but when she heard that they would stay a few more days, she became happy again.


The girl thought, how do I get Jiu Jian to spend a lot of time with me and have a good impression on me?

Jiu Jian slept on the beam, thinking about the Number One Swordsman and the Number Two Swordsman, and remembering his master’s instructions, but bringing the girl with him would be inconvenient.

In the past few days, the level of the Number One Swordsman’s caring was steadily increasing. The Number Two Swordsman’s condition gradually improved, and the Number Three Swordsman’s sleeping position became bolder and more unrestrained day by day.

This day, the Number Three Swordsman routinely listened in the corner, hearing them having a conversation.

The Number Two Swordsman’s voice still sounded hoarse. He lowered his voice and asked, “Where are you going next?”

When he asked this, the Number One Swordsman remembered the fact that he still couldn’t have any sword fight with anyone, “You still want to follow me?”

The Number Two Swordsman only pursed his thin lips, and the Number One Swordsman sighed, “Then can you let me make moves whenever I want it this time?”

The Number Three Swordsman: Oh~ exciting.

The Number Two Swordsman remembered again about the scene of two people cutting sleeves that he saw before. He pointed to Brother Jian in a low voice and asked, “What about him?”

The Number One Swordsman said, “I have quite a fate with this brother. I’d like to go to Changke City together.”

Actually, he thought that if the three of them went to Changke City together, then plus Jiu Jian, later the four of them could fight one-on-one. So at that time, the Number Two Swordsman wouldn’t be able stop him making his moves.

However, only the Number Two Swordsman knew about Old Jiu Jian’s retreat, and he was very principled. He felt that he couldn’t pass it on on his behalf and should wait for Old Jiu Jian himself to say it, so he nodded.

While the Number One Swordsman sighed, he felt a little grateful in his heart. But he couldn’t name what he was grateful for.

The Number Three Swordsman: This way, I can still listen from the corner again.


Qi Jian’s maternal grandmother was once the world’s number one beauty, gentle and graceful.

Qi Jian’s maternal grandfather used to be a promiscuous swordsman. He often spent time amidst the flowers under the moonlight* and had a lot of close female friends. Later, he fell in love with his grandmother and only had her in his heart.
*花前月下, huā miàn yuè xià, going to brothels

Qi Jian’s paternal grandfather was a talented businessman with a family of abundant wealth and businesses all over the world.

Qi Jian’s paternal grandmother was an official lady, and her family was also powerful and influential.

Qi Jian’s mother was a chivalrous woman of the Jianghu with ruthless skills, who ended up falling in love with a scholar.

Qi Jian’s father was a top scholar of the dynasty, the second best in the ranking for a court official place, but he had to go back to inherit family business after failing to pass the examination.

Qi Jian also had two older brothers and two older sisters. The eldest brother inherited the maternal grandfather’s promiscuous character, the second sister inherited the maternal grandmother’s beauty and talent, the third sister inherited the paternal grandfather’s business talents, and the fourth brother inherited the mother’s chivalrous spirit.

Only Qi Jian, he inherited everything.

Since childhood, he had been volatile, sometimes unruly, sometimes gentle. In addition, the several brothers and sisters in the family had their own personalities. From childhood, he had been dragged to accompany the eldest brother looking for flowers and asking willows*, then accompany the second sister to read poetry, the third sister to check accounts, and the fourth brother to go visit heroes. He also often visited his two sets of grandparents.
*寻花问柳, xún huā wèn liǔ= to enjoy the scenery of spring= going to brothels

Therefore, Qi Jian’s life was very divided.

During the day, as a gentleman, he was well-dressed, then at night he ran to the brothel to drink and sang poetry.

At night, he ran out to rob the rich and help the poor. Then woke up during the day to check accounts frantically.

Qi Jian’s life was painful.

He also had to practice swordsmanship hard and guard the title of Qi Jian, because this was the only thing he had that was his own.


-In case you forgot, Qi Jian is the Number Seven. There was only a cameo of him sneezing before
-I had to take a 5 minutes break for laughing + cursing + smh when I found out what “looking for flowers and asking willow” actually mean. Fascinating. But I also imagine Xiao Qi Jian still so little then his eldest brother taking him out to go to such a place…
-And I just remembered, ugh I’ve been using indiscriminate terms and expressions from the start. I don’t know if there’s any that sounds unsuitable for the setting *sigh* but kinda don’t know any other way? 😂😂 Yeah I’ll have to ask you to bear with it. Or if you see something that needs editing, you’re welcomed to tell me!

Chapter 8


The Number Two Swordsman’s illness was finally almost healed, and the Number Three Swordsman was suddenly alive and kicking from the line between life and death.

The three of them were about to leave for Changke City, and Jiu Jian who had been in guard for several days fell from the sky, followed by the girl who ran behind, panting.

The Number One Swordsman was excited. He wondered if he’d came to pick a fight, and quietly touched his sword with his right hand. This time, he told himself he had to make a move before the Number Two Swordsman could snatch it. But his face remained calm and asked, “Dare to ask, who are you?”

Jiu Jian was shocked by facing his aura, thinking that this man was worthy of being his role model. He made a salute and said, “This humble one is Jiu Jian.”

The Number Three Swordsman was a little surprised and wondered in his heart, didn’t the legend say that Jiu Jian was an old man?

The Number One Swordsman also felt strange, “I remember Jiu Jian is an old man…”

Jiu Jian remembered his master’s words firmly, and affirmed, “But the rumors of the Jianghu say that I am Jiu Jian.”

The Number Three Swordsman thought that Jiu Jian was a bit famous twenty years ago, and then he became Jiu Jian after the swordsmen list was created. How could he grow so young?

The Number One Swordsman: Could it be that Jiu Jian has learned the unique martial arts skills of eternal youthfulness?

The Number Three Swordsman: Is Jiu Jian an ageless old demon?

Seeing that everyone was so silent, Jiu Jian didn’t know what to say for a while.

Then the Number Two Swordsman broke the silence, “Is Jiu Jian going to travel far?”

Jiu Jian raised his hand and introduced the girl, “I am sending this Young Miss all the way south to Shangnian City.”

The Number One Swordsman wanted to practice swords with Jiu Jian, and upon hearing this he said, “Then I will also go south with you and escort the Young Miss together.”

The Number Three Swordsman also offered to go with him, after all, he wanted to know if Jiu Jian was an old demon.

The Number Two Swordsman must follow the Number One Swordsman even more. With him and the Number One Swordsman, and half a bottle of Jiu Jian*, the journey would find no harm.
*The number 9 (九 Jiǔ) and liquor (酒 Jiǔ) are homonyms.

The Number One Swordsman: It’ll be stable with the Number Two Swordsman and I hetr. I wish we’d run into trouble so I can have some fight.

The Number Three Swordsman: With me and Jiu Jian, we’d have no problem along the way.

The girl inadvertently reached the pinnacle of her life, escorted by the four swordsmen on the swordsmen list at the same time.

The girl: There were only so many swordsmen in the world, I never thought I’d run into four at once.


So, the group of five people embarked on the road to the south.

Although four of them were masters and could use lightness skill to hurry, but because there was no one convenient to hold the girl, they could only use their legs to hurry.

Originally, they could buy horses to ride, but the Number Three Swordsman was too poor, the Number Two Swordsman loved lightness skill, the Number One Swordsman didn’t want to ride, and Jiu Jian was wandering the Jianghu for the first time and wanted to take a good walk around. Besides, no one could hold the girl, so they didn’t ride horses.

In the end, the Number Two Swordsman really couldn’t stand it. He paid for a carriage, threw the poor girl into the carriage, and the four masters would take turns driving.

Among them, the Number Three Swordsman was very considerate. He signaled to his brother that his beauty was “not ill” so he himself didn’t need to drive the carriage.

The Number One Swordsman didn’t know what he was thinking at all, and was a little worried, “Brother Jian, the old doctor said you’re going to die if you move too much. Is it really okay to drive?”

The Number Three Swordsman waved his whip, “Brother, don’t worry, it’s not a problem anymore.”

After the Number Two Swordsman recovered from his illness, he changed back to his usual cold face, holding his sword in the carriage and sitting opposite to the girl.

Jiu Jian pondered what his master said that he shouldn’t disturb the Number One Swordsman and the Number Two Swordsman, so he had to sit next to the girl.

When the Number One Swordsman came in, he could only sit next to the Number Two Swordsman.

The Number Three Swordsman was outside driving the carriage, and the farther he drove, the more he felt that the atmosphere wasn’t right.

After a long while, the Number Three Swordsman sighed and said quietly, “I’m the only one alone…”

“Ugh… drive!”*
*(“驾!”, Jià!)


At night, there was no place to stay nearby. The group had to spend the night in the wilderness.

Five people surrounded the fire. The Number Three Swordsman hunted a few hares and roasted them.

Jiu Jian was roasting a few sweet potatoes by the side, the girl sat beside Jiu Jian obediently, and when Jiu Jian saw that a sweet potato was cooked, he picked it out and handed it to her.

“Thank you, Young Master Jiu Jian.” The girl was so touched that she was so shy as she peeled the sweet potato.

Jiu Jian picked up another sweet potato and wanted to pass it to the Number One Swordsman. His master’s instructions suddenly resounded. He instantly broke the sweet potato in half. He took a careful look at the unevenness, and gave the first half to the Number One Swordsman, then the second half to the Number Two Swordsman.

The Number Two Swordsman took it and said thank you, thinking that his one half of sweet potato wasn’t enough. Anyway, his martial arts were high, he didn’t need to eat much.

The Number One Swordsman said nothing, he thought he would eat more rabbit meat later.

After a while, Jiu Jian gave the cooked sweet potato to the Number Three Swordsman and then himself.

Everyone was eating rabbit meat, and the Number Three Swordsman couldn’t help but sigh, “If only we have some wine. Only if there is wine and meat can it be called Jianghu.”

Jiu Jian had been longing for taking a journey through Jianghu for a long time. After hearing it, he also agreed. The girl immediately said, “Actually, my maternal uncle’s family is doing some restaurant business. If the young masters don’t mind it, when we arrived in Shangnian City, young masters could go to the restaurant for a while.”

The Number One Swordsman had been obsessed with swordsmanship for many years, he couldn’t tell apart between restaurants and brothels. He asked casually, “Is there a girl who plays the qin and sings there?”

The Number Three Swordsman glanced at the beauty, and quickly cleared the siege for his brother, “Not in restaurants. But there are storytellers there.”

The Number Two Swordsman didn’t realize his good intentions at all. He just thought that somehow he was taken care of by the Number One Swordsman these days. It should be fine to be a little grateful, so he took his sword and stood up, saying, “There is meat but no wine, no one who plays the qin nor sings. Let me do a sword dance for you.”

The Number One Swordsman was enthusiastic. He wondered if the could take advantage of the Number Two Swordsman dancing to have some tricks with him.

Seeing that his expression changed, the Number Three Swordsman saw that the husband and wife wouldn’t be having an overnight feud, not to mention that both of them were men, so he decisively supported, “That would be great.”

The Number Two Swordsman retreated a few steps back and then drew out his long sword. When he was studying art, his master once taught him a set of flowery swordsmanship called the Butterfly Sword. The sword movements would also blew the clothes to fly and dance like a butterfly. It also happened that he liked to wear clothes with slightly wide hem, just right for this dance.

Under the firelight, the beautiful swordsman danced with his robes slightly open. The sword flamboyant in his hand, each stroke seemed to be powerful, the waves in the air was as soft as silk.

The Number One Swordsman’s attention had shifted from looking for a chance to test, to the Number Two Swordsman’s waist. How the sword flower reflected in the fire slid from his waist, making his waist thinner.

The more the Number Three Swordsman looked, the more he felt that in the future, he would become the leader of the martial arts, and he must find a male beauty who could do sword dance.

Thousands of miles away, Qi Jian, who accompanied his eldest brother out to drink, danced for a while, with a glass of wine standing on the tip of his sword, picked it up and drank all in one go.

The eldest brother applauded by the side, thinking that his younger brother really deserved to be a jade-faced killer.

Chapter 9


He’d rested in bed for days. The Number Two Swordsman felt a lot lighter after the sword dance, and he was even sweating a little. He carried his sword and said, “I’ll go to the river and take a bath. You go to rest first.”

As soon as the words fell, the Number One Swordsman and the Number Three Swordsman swished up to the trees. Jiu Jian was also about to fly up, but the girl pulled him by the sleeve. She said pitifully, “Would Young Master Jiu Jian accompany me on the ground? I sleep alone in the carriage, I’m afraid.”

Jiu Jian thought for a while. She was a girl, sleeping alone in a carriage in the wilderness for her was indeed a bit horrible. So he said, “Then I’ll stay outside the carriage. The young miss should sleep at ease.”

“Thank you, Young Master Jiu Jian.” The girl thanked him and got into the carriage.

The Number Two Swordsman arrived at the river, he took off his clothes and walked towards the shore. The water was a little cold, but it wasn’t cold for him who had recovered from his illness.

The Number Two Swordsman washed his body, smoothed out his long hair in the water, and then took a deep breath and sank into the river.

The river was quiet for a while, except for the sound of flowing water.

Suddenly, the Number Two Swordsman burst out of the water. In the darkness, his eyes widened.

Just now when he was underwater, a scene suddenly appeared in his mind.

He was in the water clinging to a man’s body, the two of them were very close, and the man’s hand was helping him…

The terrible thing was that in the whole process, he had his arms around the other man so tightly and wouldn’t let go.

Even worse, the man was the Number One Swordsman.

The Number Two Swordsman’s head buzzed, what was this? A dream?

It must be a dream.


He stood up and wiped off the water while telling himself to calm down.

This must’ve been a dream from that day.

But why did he have such a dream?!

His hand wiping his hair stopped, and his ears slowly flushed a little hot. How could it be that he was interested in the Number One Swordsman…


He shook his head again, trying to shake the terrible thought out. It must be the Number One Swordsman and Brother Jian’s scene of cut sleeve from that day, leaving him a psychological shadow.


The Number Two Swordsman stood by the river to calm down for a while before returning to the place where he’d stay the night.

Jiu Jian was leaning on the carriage door holding his sword, his eyes closed in a rest.

The Number Two Swordsman also jumped several times to a tree ready to rest, but he turned his head and saw the Number One Swordsman lying on the tree next to him.

The Number One Swordsman felt that they were already quite familiar, he even raised his hand to greet him.

The Number Two Swordsman suddenly flushed from face to ears. Obviously because he’d always been following the Number One Swordsman, he was used to find a tree nearest to him to rest, but he also had strange images that kept appearing inside his mind.

The Number Two Swordsman acted as if he had deliberately approached the other man and made a random “um” and quickly laid down with his back to him.

The Number One Swordsman had become accustomed to his uncertain temper for many days, he didn’t think much about it and went back to sleep.

In order to listen, the Number Three Swordsman took a rest not far from them in a corner. He said in his heart, brother, don’t you have any activities before going to bed? What about doing it right? 说好的动手动脚呢?

It didn’t take long for the sound of even breathing to be heard, but the Number Two Swordsman still had his eyes wide open in the dark. The scene of the Number One Swordsman and Brother Jian with their cut sleeves always appeared in his mind. His original intention of getting closer to the Number One Swordsman was just to compare strength, not to be a evil man who break up lovers.

Besides, it would be impossible for him to…

Impossible to like…


The Number Two Swordsman’s heart suddenly jumped a little faster. He stretched out his hand to cover his heart, but he felt that it kept jumping faster, like drumbeats in the silent night.

Would he really…

“Are you okay?” The Number One Swordsman suddenly shouted behind him, scaring the Number Two Swordsman to almost falling off the tree.

Third Swordsman: Oh~ here comes~

The Number Two Swordsman grasped the branch tightly, his heart pounding, “I’m fine.”

He recently had a high fever, the Number One Swordsman thought he was uncomfortable again, so he simply sat up and tried to stretch out his hand to see for him, “Are you sure? I heard your heart beating so fast.”

For the first time, the Number Two Swordsman wondered if he could put some medicine to ruin the man’s martial arts.


Before he could think of any excuses, two cool fingers suddenly touched the back of his neck. The Number Two Swordsman was so scared that his hairs stood up.

Seeing that he was silent, the Number One Swordsman reached out and touched the back of his neck, “You seem to be a little hot.”

The Number Two Swordsman didn’t even dare to move, as if scared that the other man would find something. He said in a cold voice, “I’m fine, take your hand back.”

The Number Three Swordsman turned in his position: Oh~ so exciting.

The Number One Swordsman heard him sounding as if trying to hold something, he retracted his hand and said, “How do you feel? If you’re uncomfortable, you can tell me.”

“I’m fine.” As soon as the hand left, the Number Two Swordsman got up and jumped onto another tree.

The Number One Swordsman sighed and laid down to continue resting, but couldn’t help rubbing his fingertips twice.

The Number Two Swordsman, very smooth.

The Number Three Swordsman listened to all of this and felt anxious, very much wanted to go to remind his brother, this is your beauty acting like a baby, don’t sigh so quickly.

Jiu Jian had closed his eyes to rest, then heard the voice of the girl coming from the carriage, “Young Master Jiu Jian—”

Jiu Jian suddenly opened his eyes, ready to draw his sword at any time, “Miss, what’s the matter?”

The girl said pitifully, “Young Master, do you think there will be any beast in this wilderness.”

Jiu Jian vowed, “Don’t worry, even if a black bear comes, I can deal with it.”

Jiu Jian: What’s more, there are also the Number One Swordsman and the Number Two Swordsman on the trees.

The girl asked again, “Will there be a snake suddenly getting into the carriage.”

Jiu Jiandao, “If the snake climbs up, I can hear the movement. My sword is fast enough. I will cut it off as soon as it appears. It won’t hurt you.”

The girl continued to ask, “Then will there be robbers again… they said last time that they were going to bring people to seek revenge.”

Jiu Jian raised his head and looked at the tree, “Miss, rest assured, they won’t be able to beat me, as many people as they come.”

The girl thought to herself, if no danger came, what other way could the hero Jiu Jian save the beauty and cultivate feelings.

I actually felt a little disappointment that Er Jian wasn’t actually having a crush on Yi Jian from the start… but it’s fine eh

Chapter 10


The girl could only roll over in the carriage, thinking about what else could be encountered along the way, and then fell asleep still with the thoughts in her mind.

The three people on the trees all had their own thoughts. The Number One Swordsman was originally obsessed with swordsmanship, but now he didn’t know why he always thought back to the things happened in the river before.

The Number Two Swordsman’s mind was full of the Number One Swordsman and Brother Jian’s cut sleeves. Although he wasn’t a man of great fame, he was a man of principle. He must quickly forget his foolish feelings.

The Number Three Swordsman turned over, thinking that when he had a male beauty of his own who could do sword dance, he must not be as insensitive as his brother, and he must be patient to coax the beauty. If the beauty was also proficient in the four arts and could recite poetry, he would be even more flattered if the beauty also had a narrow heart, so then he had to be spoiled even more.

“Alas—” The Number Three Swordsman looked at the sky with his head pillowed in his folded arms. The world is so big, when can I meet such a wonderful person, and when I do, what could I do if the person doesn’t like me.

He thought of his brother and the beauty again, secretly swore that he would be more active than his brother in the future.

Only Jiu Jian leaned on the carriage and slept contentedly. In his dream, he wandered around the Jianghu and ate all kinds of delicious foods. Everyone who saw him would respectfully call him Young Master Jiu Jian.

Jiu Jian in his sleep couldn’t help but curl up the corners of his mouth, “Hehe.”

Qi Jian held his forehead, feeling as if his temples were jumping. The powdery smell of the girl next to him was very choking.

His eldest brother holding a beauty in his arms saw his younger brother looking uncomfortable, “Are you drunk?”

Qi Jian rubbed his forehead, frowning. “Maybe I drank too much recently. I’m going to accompany Second Sister to write a poem tomorrow. Brother, I’m going back first.”

The eldest brother helped him up and said, “Go back, be careful on the road.”

But even if there was danger and something went wrong, Qi Jian’s martial arts skills were very high.

Qi Jian bade farewell to his eldest brother, rejected the offered carriage, and staggered home. The eldest brother seemed to be broken-hearted, he’d been drinking his head dizzy for the past few days.

Qi Jian walked slowly supported by the wall, raised his head to see the starry sky, and didn’t want to chant poems for the moon, but just wanted to watch it quietly for a while.


The Number Two Swordsman stayed sleepless all night. At dawn, he jumped out of the tree and patrolled around at dawn. He thought all night, regardless of whether he had feelings for the Number One Swordsman or not, he would try his best to avoid them in the future, just wait for the victory or defeat, then he and the Number One Swordsman would never see each other again.

After the Number One Swordsman woke up, he pondered for a while. Anyway, the Number Two Swordsman had been following him, so he could slowly test what was happening to him.

After waking up, the girl cleaned herself up and made sure she looked dignified and refreshed before pulling the curtain, and said softly to Jiu Jian, “Thank you, Young Master Jiu Jian, for your hard work last night.”

Jiu Jian stretched his muscles and said, “It’s just a small matter, the young miss is too polite.”

Seeing this, the girl got out of the carriage and wanted to help him with a massage. “Young Master didn’t sleep well last night, this little girl will help you with a massage.”

Jiu Jian hurriedly refused, “This can’t do. I’m fine, people in the Jianghu are used to eating and sleeping like this.”

Jiu Jian: It’s so cool, I will also be a member of the Jianghu in the future.

It happened that the Number Two Swordsman came back with two fish, “I went to the river and caught two fish. Let’s continue on our way after eating.”

Jiu Jian took the initiative to make a fire and deal with the fish, then the few people continued to go south after finishing their breakfast.

The Number Two Swordsman thought about it. He had been sitting in the carriage yesterday, which prevented the Number One Swordsman and Brother Jian from sitting together. They couldn’t do this today.

So he took the initiative to sit outside and drive the carriage today.

The Number Three Swordsman was happy to help others, “Or I’ll drive the carriage.”

The Number Two Swordsman clenched the reins tightly, “It’s fine, you go in and sit down, I’ll drive the carriage.”

The Number Three Swordsman looked at his brother, and wanted the man to see. Your beauty is angry, why don’t you go coax him.

The Number One Swordsman seemed to have received his hint, and said, “I’ll drive the carriage.”

The Number Two Swordsman couldn’t give it to him even more, “No, you all… go in and rest.”

Jiu Jian felt that it was not good to keep sitting next to the girl, so he hesitated, “Or I’ll drive the carriage.”

Then three people were thrown into the carriage together.
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