The Number One Swordsman Is Very Lonely Chapter 31-34 (End)

Chapter 31


“Does Master Gu remembered something?”

Gu Jian shook his head, “It’s just a few trivial things, and most of them are uneven.”

When he said this, Lin Yuegui also remembered that when he followed Lin Zhongchou out to fight for justice, he faintly heard that the Number Three Swordsman was a person who walked through Jianghu to punish evil and spread goodness.

After working for a long time and finally stopped, Lin Yuegui poured a bowl of water and handed it to him, “Speaking of which, I also have heard the name of the Number Three Swordsman from a few poor people. Although Master Gu doesn’t remember it, there are many people who still remember your goodness.”

Hearing these things made Lin Yuegui took a high look at him. Gu Jian felt a little unspeakably joyful. The good things he did before he lost his memory were not in vain.

At sunset, the two men departed for home. The carriage that was full when they came was now empty. Gu Jian only ate some dry food for a day, Lin Yuegui felt a little guilty. He tried to invite him to live in Xianfeng Mountain Villa for a few days on the way.

Gu Jian didn’t know what was going on either. When he thought of the Number One and Number Two swordsmen in the villa, he subconsciously didn’t want to go.

Lin Yuegui was sorry, so he asked the servant to take the carriage back first, while he took Gu Jian to the restaurant from last time

After having a good meal, the two of them walked on the road to admire the night view of Shangnian City. By coincidence, they arrived to the brothel again.

Lin Yuegui remembered that when he met Gu Jian here for the first time, he didn’t know what the other man was doing, so he asked, “Master Gu, do you have any impression of this place?”

Gu Jian also remembered Lin Yuegui had mentioned that this was the place where the two of them met, and for a while, he didn’t know how to answer. They met for the first time, and it was in the brothel. He was afraid Lin Yuegui would think he was some kind of a lustful man.

“No… No impression.” Gu Jian tried to restore his image. “I don’t like this kind of place. I probably came to accompany a friend.”

Lin Yuegui seemed to guess what he was thinking, “Master Gu, don’t be nervous. The food and beverages in this brothel are also good. Many people like to come here only for a drink. My eldest brother often comes to get drunk here. Of course, beauty is also one aspect.”

Gu Jian was eager to clean himself up, “No, no, no, in terms of beauty, they are not as good as Yuegui.” He felt that this sounded like an insult to the other man, “I mean, the beauty and fine wines in there are far less interesting than taking a stroll with you. And even when it comes to looks, Yuegui is still more beautiful… No, I mean, more handsome.”

The more he described, it seemed the worse it sounded.

Lin Yuegui couldn’t help but laugh out lod, “Young Master Gu can say anything with ease, I don’t mind.”

Gu Jian secretly regretted that he lost his memory and couldn’t even speak. He couldn’t help but sigh, “I feel like I must be serious when I talk with you.”

Lin Yuegui shook his head and said that he really didn’t care. On the road, he also talked about an anecdote to him about being treated as a daughter at home in his childhood. “Looking good is nothing but a skin bag. I care more about the inner martial arts than the outside appearance. I think that sword master Gu is much more “beautiful”.”

“What you said is true,” Gu Jian also laughed, “but there are so many people in the world who are beautiful but empty and meaningless. It’s rare to meet people like Yuegui who are beautiful inside and outside.”

When Chu Yue saw his benefactor coming back, he saw that he would occasionally get absorbed in a daydream by himself, with a smile hung on his face.

“Benefactor?” Chu Yue called him several times before getting a response, “What’s the happy occasion? Could it be that you remembered something?”

Gu Jian put away his silly smile and calmly said, “No, I just met a special person.”

Chu Yue recalled his smirk just now, and couldn’t help but gossip, “Do you have a girl you like?”

Gu Jian wondered, “Why a girl? No—where could you tell it was a person I like?”

Chu Yue was just sure that there was someone in his heart, “Just now you look like you’re longing for someone…”

Gu Jian touched his face, “Do I?”


The people Lin Zhongchou sent out in the past few days had already asked the whole medical clinics in Shangnian City, and there was still no news about Brother Jian. On the contrary, Lin Yuegui had been going out more and more frequently.

Seeing that he was going out early in the morning, Lin Zhongchou asked, “Go to see the Number Three Swordsman again?”

Lin Yuegui nodded, and Lin Zhongchou watched him carefully organized his appearance, and then joked, “If I hadn’t heard you say that you are meeting the Number Three Swordsman, I would’ve thought that you’re so eager every day going to a date with your sweetheart. “

Lin Yuegui was silent for a while, ignoring the fact that he really was going to take Gu Jian around the city today, and argued, “I just want to discuss with him about swordsmanship.”

After speaking, he went out with a sword, leaving Lin Zhongchou standing there, touching his chin and muttering, “I just asked casually. Why is Yuegui answering so seriously? Why do I have a strange feeling about this?”

Qin Ci couldn’t stand Dou Han being a constant rascal in the Lin family villa. Walking down in the villa, he felt like the servants had a wrong impression about him, so he offered to go out to relax.

Dou Han quickly changed his outfit and followed with his sword, “Where to? I’ll follow you anywhere.”

Lin Zhongchou carefully provided a few good places to relax. The Lin family also had a lot of businesses in Shangnian City, and they had contacts with many merchants, so that when they went in they just needed to report his name.

Qin Ci thanked him and took Dou Han, the large drag oil bottle* out of Xianfeng Villa.
*拖油瓶, in other words, a useless baggage

The two ate a few famous local dishes and then went around in the city. Lin Zhongchou said that there was a restaurant in the city called Ten Miles of Harmony, and downstairs was the Lianshu River that passed through Shangnian City. On the river at night, there were a few lanterns and some juggling performances, so taking a boat on the river brought the best experience.

Dou Han asked for a pot of wine in the restaurant, and a few plates of snacks and fruits. Then rented a boat by the river, bringing the foods and drinks

The boat was covered with a rain-proof wooden canopy. Inside were small and exquisite tables and stools. There were bamboo curtains at both ends they could be put down, and a lantern was hung on the bow of the boat.

The boatman also always worked here. Looking at their attire, he knew they were literati heroes, so he stayed in the stern of the boat quietly, rowing the boat without talking.

The boat sailed on the water, very refreshing and pleasant with the night breeze. The two of them were drinking and watching the night scene on the river. It didn’t take long before they saw many lanterns drifting over the river one after another. Qin Ci was holding a wine glass and saw many girls on the shore with their sleeves rolled up, carefully putting the lights in the water, “It’s not Qixi Festival* today, right?”
*Chinese Valentine’s day

“No,” Dou Han replied from the side, “but you can talk about love any day.”

Qin Ci swept him a glance, always feeling that there was something in the words.

As they rowed forward, the river became wider and wider, and there were more and more boats. Many people rode small boats in twos and threes, and some people got to know each other halfway through, and got closer together to recite poetry and have a talk.

“It’s really lively…” Qin Ci was about to raise a cup to drink, but suddenly saw a familiar figure in a boat, “That… Is that Brother Jian?”

Dou Han was thinking about someday when he could charter a larger cruise ship, the two of them could try it on the water. Hearing his words, he looked up, “Where?”

Qin Temple raised his hand and pointed, “Look there—”

There was a boat not far away, slightly larger than the other, but there were only two people on the boat, one with his back to them, and the other facing them.

Dou Han looked at them, and the man facing them was really Brother Jian who had been missing for many days, “Indeed.”

He saw that Brother Jian was chatting with another person very cheerfully. It seemed that these days, he really went to find a friend, “Brother Jian is not going to disappear for no reason. Since we’ve seen that he’s all right, we don’t have to worry anymore. Let’s wait until we go back and tell Brother Lin to stop looking.”

Qin Ci nodded, but still felt that the back figure was also somewhat familiar, “Why do I think I’ve seen Brother Jian’s friend…”

Dou Han said, “I also feel a little familiar…”

It was only until the person stood up slightly and helped Brother Jian pour a glass of wine. When he sat down, the two could see clearly. Qin Ci called out in surprise, “Lin Yuegui?”

A random note from Tofu:
Why, thinking about Gu Jian/Qi Jian brings me a good feeling? I don’t know, their flirting style? They’re like the type that fills me with slow softness, as opposed to our main pairing who likes it rough <.<

Oh, no no no I get it. Yi Jian/Er Jian is too much of a meme. It’s the side pairing who gets a serious talk and proper relationship growth instead… or not? They’re less of a side pairing than like co-pairings with equal screentime XD oh well it doesn’t maatter

Chapter 32


As the hull swayed gently, Brother Jian also thoughtfully helped Lin Yuegui, even though obviously both were powerful martial arts experts.

After Lin Yuegui sat down, Brother Jian seemed to serve him in every possible way. Let me help you pour a glass of wine… and let me add some food for you… sometimes didn’t know what to talk about, but he smiled without breaking.

Qin Ci asked: “Should we say hello?”

Dou Han shook his head, “It’s not necessary. I suppose Lin Yuegui has found Brother Jian a long time ago, but he hasn’t told us. Perhaps they have something important…”

As he said that, he remembered that when he went to the brothel before, Brother Jian already knew about his relationship with Qin Ci. Dou Han suddenly tsked, and Qin Ci looked at him and asked, “What’s wrong with you?”

“I assume, I’m afraid Brother Jian is also a cut sleeve.”

“No way… how could you tell?”

Dou Han told him about going to the brothel before, and Qin Ci looked disgusted after hearing it, “You went to the brothel behind my back?!”

Dou Han: “…”

“I was just studying, I was afraid I would you… Anyway, I think Brother Jian has long known about our relationship.” Dou Han digressed, “See that, he’s so close to Lin Yuegui, and Lin Yuegui obviously had found the missing person but didn’t tell us, maybe the two of them…”

Without speaking out the rest, Qin Ci also understood. He just understood, didn’t mean he could believe it yet. “So according to you, Brother Jian is. But Lin Yuegui may not necessarily so, right?”

Dou Han naturally said, “When I haven’t meet you, I wasn’t either.”

Qin Ci: “…”

Dou Han crossed the table and took his hand, “So people will change. If you don’t believe it, let’s follow and find out if they are real or not.”

Although spying on friends wasn’t what gentlemen would do, Qin Ci was really curious in his heart. If this was true, the swordsmen list should be called the cut sleeve list instead.

The boat on the river drifted slowly. Dou Han and Qin Ci asked the boatman to follow their boat all the way, until Brother Jian and Lin Yuegui stopped on the bank and walked into the alley, and the two also disembarked and followed.

Walking out of the alley, it was a busy downtown. Lin Yuegui took Brother Jian to walk around the street. The two also bought a lot of small things, talking and laughing along the way.

Dou Han had never seen Brother Jian so happy during this journey, and he became more and more certain that there was something between them.

Qin Ci noticed that the place they were going was getting more and more remote, and said in a low voice, “Where are they going?”

However, Gu Jian was deliberately walking to a secluded place, and he whispered to Lin Yuegui, “We’re being followed.”

Lin Yuegui hadn’t reacted yet, “What?”

Gu Jian: “I hear from their breaths, it’s two people, their martial arts aren’t below me, maybe they’re here to seek revenge.”

Lin Yuegui had also heard that he lost his memory was because he was being chased, but he’d been walking for a long time without feeling any aura of a master. He concluded that the man beside him had much higher martial arts than his. Young Master Gu was powerful, worthy of being the Number Three Swordsman.

Gu Jian couldn’t help squeezing his hand, “Be careful. I’ll hold them off while you get help.”

As soon as Dou Han and Qin Ci turned in, they heard the sound of a sword, and a cold light struck them. Before Dou Han could feel happy about having a fight, Qin Ci drew his sword to greet the opponent, and the two swords collided with a clear sound. They tangled together quickly, and it was difficult to see their figures after a while.

Dou Han hadn’t yet understood what was going on when Lin Yuegui’s voice came, “Brother Dou Han?”

Dou Han greeted him, and Lin Yuegui walked over a few steps, “Why are you here?”

Dou Han looked at the two who were fighting together, “This… Qin Ci and I also came to stroll around. What a coincidence, we run into each other.”

Coincidentally ran into each other in such a secluded place. How more fake could that be.

But Lin Yuegui didn’t care about this, and said with a smile, “Brother Dou Han didn’t know yet, right? This is Young Master Gu Jian, the Number Three Swordsman.”

“Brother Jian is the Number Three Swordsman?” Dou Han looked surprised. Seeing that Lin Yuegui didn’t look like he was joking, he muttered: “I didn’t expect that, why should Brother Jian hide it from us this whole way?”

Lin Yuegui was even more surprised than him, “What did you call him?”

Dou Han said puzzled: “Brother Jian. I’ve always called him that way.”

Lin Yuegui’s eyes widened, “Young Master Gu is Brother Jian!?”

Dou Han nodded, “Exactly.”

Lin Yuegui stepped forward and wanted to stop them from fighting, and then thought that this was a fight between the Number Two and Number Three Swordsmen, he might not be able to stop them, so he looked at Dou Han, “I have to ask Brother Dou Han to stop them, quickly. Young Master Gu lost his memory, he thought you’re here to seek revenge.”

“Lost his memory?” Seeing Lin Yuegui nodding, Dou Han also drew his sword to join the battle and put the sword between Qin Ci and Gu Jian.

Qin Ci withdrew his sword and rolled over, “What’s the matter?”

Dou Han said, “I’ll fight it for you.”


Lin Yuegui rushed forward to stop them, after all, Gu Jian still had his memory lost, so obviously he was at a big disadvantage having to with the Number One Swordsman after fighting with the Number Two Swordsman.

Although Gu jian lost his memory, he didn’t lose his brain. He could see that they knew each other, “Yuegui, do you know them?”

“Yuegui?” Qin Ci glanced at him and then at Lin Yuegui. “Brother Jian, you…”

Dou Han put away his sword regrettably, “Brother Jian has lost his memory.”

Gu Jian was like a lonely child who’d been wandering outside for many years. Everyone picked him up and took him back to Xianfeng Villa.

Lin Zhongchou saw him as if he hadn’t seen his ally for many years, and shook his hand in excitement, “Brother Jian, you’re finally back. I really missed when you’re not here you these days.” Missing the days when you and I were gossiping together.

Unfortunately, he saw Gu Jian looking confused, and even after pulling his hand back, he quietly rubbed his hands against his clothes while sneaking a look at his youngest brother.

Lin Zhongchou asked his little brother with his eyes, as if asking if Brother Jian’s gossip ally had changed.

Lin Yuegui had no choice but to explain how he and Gu Jian met, and vaguely passed over what happened in the brothel.

However, everyone was interested in this section about the brothel and strongly requested him to elaborate on what happened.

Lin Yueji said without changing his face, “Anyway, Master Gu’s amnesia should be cured sooner. I have asked a few medical clinics, but they all say they can’t cure it.”

Jiu Jian asked excitedly, “So what happened to Brother Yuegui and Brother Jian in the brothel?”

Lin Yuegui had to cast a look for help to Gu Jian, and Gu Jian said with a serious face: “I’ve lost my memory, I don’t remember. Yuegui, you can say it.”

Lin Yuegui: “…”

He was a little helpless, his fingertips also subconsciously touched his lips as if thinking. Gu Jian stared at his movements, but in his mind he suddenly remembered that Lin Yuegui’s lips were very soft.

Gu Jian: Why would I remember such a thing?!

Although he didn’t remember why, but there was a feeling that he shouldn’t say anything about it, so he forced himself to look at Dou Han and said, “How did you and I meet?”

Jiu Jian turned his head to look at Dou Han. Another gossip. Dou Han seemed to suddenly remember his actual purpose, “I was going to Changke City to find Jiu Jian to fight with, then I met you on the way. You said you also wanted to go to Changke City. Qin Ci followed me all the way, also looking for Jiu Jian.”

Poor boy Jiu Jian finally remembered his “acceptance of order in times of crisis”. He took a step back tremblingly. Fighting the first three swordsmen, even Old Jiu Jian was scared into retreating.

Gu Jian turned his gaze to him, “It seems that I was also going to find Jiu Jian.”

But there was one more thing he didn’t quite understand, Gu Jian thought, looking back at Dou Han, “Did I ever say why I was looking for Jiu Jian?” His intuition told him that he’d forgotten something very important.

Lin Yuegui guessed, “Could it be that because Brother Dou Han proposed to rewrite the swordsmen list? So you want to compete for the next ranking?”

Dou Han looked confused, “When did I say I wanted to rewrite the swordsmen list?”

Qin Ci saw his appearance, and remembered what happened in the past. He clutched his sword and gave a cold snort, obviously understood why Dou Han was looking for the person who wrote the swordsmen list.

His cold snort finally helped Dou Han remember, “I’m simply offering a reward.”

Chapter 33


After a long period of trouble, the rewriting of the swordsmen list turned out to be just a misunderstanding, and Jiu Jian felt that he’d come alive. “It’s just a misunderstanding. You see, Brother Dou Han, there are so many masters, you can fight with anyone. You don’t have to test and fight with me.”

Lin Zhongshou still didn’t understand, with his elbow resting on his shoulder, “No matter how you say you are Jiu Jian, why are you so afraid like this?”

Jiu Jian tried to reduce his sense of existence, “I know I’m not good enough. I’m content to just be Jiu Jian.”

Dou Han wondered why Brother Jian didn’t admit his identity before, but now he had lost his memory and couldn’t answer, so he could only assume that Brother Jian was a low-key person.

Qin Ci asked Gu Jian: “Brother Jian, where have you been these days, Brother Lin asked all over the city, but he couldn’t even find you.”

Speaking of this, Gu Jian remembered that Chu Yue still didn’t know that he’d found his friends, “I’ve been staying at an inn, and I haven’t told Chu Yue that I have found you yet.”

Lin Zhong said, “That’s simple, I’ll send someone to help you tell that Master Chu Yue.”

Gu Jian thought he still had to thank that person for taking him in for so many days, “No, I’ll just go and tell him in person.”

Lin Yuegui was afraid he would lose him again, “Should I go with you?”

Dou Han motioned to Qin Ci with his eyes: See, I told you so.

Gu Jian readily agreed. After all, he still had amnesia. Among these people, he was only familiar with Lin Yuegui.

However, he stayed in the villa all night before going to the inn.

When Gu Jian saw Chu Yue, he realized that there was a man beside him, who was a lot taller than Chu Yue, and didn’t talk much.

Chu Yue heard that his benefactor had found his friends and also felt happy for him. When he caught sight of the man, he showed a face full of guilt. He took out a porcelain bottle and handed it to Gu Jian, “Because my business has dragged in my benefactor and caused you memory loss, I’m really guilty. This is the antidote sent by the Tian Er Sect.”

Gu Jian took the medicine and asked, “So what kind of poison is it?”

Chu Yue glanced at the man, “It’s not poison, but it’s Gu. The Tian’e Sect used them to control people. This medicine can help you remove the Gu from your body sooner.”

The man suddenly spoke, “But with your martial arts, even without medicine, you can recover in a few days.”

Chu Yue gave him a glance, and the man immediately shut up, “Benefactor should take the medicine earlier. You should ask me if you have any discomfort. Tian Er Sect will be responsible.”

Gu Jian knew that the relationship between the two of them was not ordinary. He put the porcelain bottle into his arms and said, “Thank you so much. There are friends waiting for me outside, so I have to bid farewell.”

Chu Yue politely sent him out, and gave him a jade medal when he parted. “If you have any difficulties in the future, you can come to the Chu family with this jade medal.”

Gu Jian couldn’t help feeling that these two were from both big family and big businesses. He accepted the jade medal and returned with Lin Yuegui.

On the way, Lin Yuegui couldn’t help but ask him, “Young Master Gu, what plans do you have in the future?”

Gu Jian thought for a while, “I’ll probably still wander around, fight for justice. What about you?”

Lin Yuegui was silent for a while, “I don’t know.”

“You don’t know?”

“I used to be mostly dragged around to do things. In my spare time, I think about what other people on the swordsmen list are doing.” Lin Yuegui remembered that he saw four of them this time, but he didn’t expect everyone to get together so harmoniously and it was quite lively. “Now I met you, and I met Brother Dou Han, Brother Qin, and Shaoyou. I suddenly feel, being as free as you must’ve felt nice.”


Gu Jian’s heart moved, “Say, I was looking for Jiu Jian before I lost my memory. I must also had a plan to look for Ba Jian and Liu Jian, as well as the other two on the list. Why don’t you go with me?”

“Huh?” Lin Yuegui never thought of this, “With you?”

“Yes, I don’t know where they live. I’ll ask around and look for them everywhere. Everywhere is new.”

Lin Yuegui was a little moved, not knowing whether it was because he was going to see a new world, or because he would be going with Gu Jian.

“Young Master Gu, let me think about it.”

Gu Jian guessed that he was reluctant to part with his brothers and sisters, “Take your time to think about it, anyway, I haven’t recovered my memory. I’m afraid I’ll have to stay in your villa for a few more days.”

Back at the villa, they didn’t expect to receive the news that Dou Han and Qin Ci would leave the next day.

Lin Zhongchou tried to persuade them to stay, “Won’t you stay for a few more days?”

Dou Han led the two horses, “No, we still have some things to do.”

When Lin Zhongchou saw the two of them getting on the horses one after another, perhaps from then on, these two men would always go hand in hand together.

That sounded quite romantic.

Dou Han looked at Gu Jian and Lin Yuegui, “We’ll see you again.”

Lin Yuegui had an epiphany. The two of them probably also wanted to find the other swordsmen.

Gu Jian smiled, “Maybe next time we meet, the ranking of the swordsmen list will change.”

Dou Han looked at Qin Ci instead, “Maybe.”

Qin Ci raised the reins, “Everyone, I’ll see you again as fate would have it.”

Lin Yuegui replied, “Take care on your way.”

On the way to leave Shangnian City, Qin Ci asked Dou Han, “You decided to leave so quickly.”

“Of course, I used to be the very lonely Number One Swordsman. Now I’m not lonely anymore.” Dou Han brought up Gu Jian and Lin Yuegui, “If we stay any longer, the Number One Swordsman might have to be replaced.”

Qin Ci: “You’re so sure I’ll keep following you?”

Dou Han: “Of course, we haven’t decided on the winner yet.”

After a pause, he added: “The bed doesn’t count.”

Qin Ci’s face reddened instantly: “Can’t you look the part of a Number One Swordsman!?”

Dou Han led his horse over, “I can’t help it. You’ll have to take responsibility for keeping the Number One Swordsman behind you.”

Qin Temple: “Shameless!”

Dou Han: “Speaking of which, you still owe me one cold snort.”

Qin Temple: “…”

Dou Han: “You go ahead and snort.”

Qin Temple: “…”

Dou Han: “Just one snort, I want the kind that’s cold with arrogance and the kind that lingers in my heart.”

Qin Ci refused to pay attention to him, shouted at the horse to run faster. Dou Han hurried to catch up, accompanied by intermittent chattering.

“If you don’t snort now, can you snort more in the future?”

“Do you remember, I took you to the river when you got wind chill before—— hey, wait for me!”


*Goddamn, now I remember why I stayed away from non-modern stories before

*Well, my frenzy for wuxia/xianxia novels had faded a lot since the beginning of 2021, I wouldn’t stand reading 100+ chapters of this genre again. But this story is just the right bite-size, and nothing really involving the wuxia universe

*Well it’s finished here~

*Up next is a small Actor AU extra for our silly Yi Jian and Er Jian~

Chapter 34 Extra

The first time to act in a male-male romance film. the newcomer Qin Ci was very nervous. The director requested that he shouldn’t show his straight male character but couldn’t look too basic either.

Even more nerve wracking was that he’d be playing with a movie emperor with rich filming experience strong flexibility.

This scene was the drama of the Gong, played by the movie emperor Dou Han, having a breakup scene with the Shou Qin Ci.

In the script, the two obviously liked each other, but they were forced to separate under external pressure. Dou Han had to act out his love but had to let go. And Qin Ci had to act out his desperation and reluctance to give up.

A movie emperor was a movie emperor, whether it was the palm of his hand on the back of his waist, or his focused and affectionate eyes, even the blue veins in his arms that burst up as he tried to restrain himself. All had acting skills.

Qin Ci had been doing his best to keep up with each other’s rhythm. The two of them were going to say a desperate line after a silent stare-off.

It was just that every time after looking at each other, before Qin Ci spoke, the director called a cut.

Director: “Qin Ci, your feelings are not enough.”

Qin Ci looked at the movie emperor with shame. They had to start all over again all because of him, “I’m sorry, but I’m sure I’ll make it this time.”

When Dou Han left the scene, his face became expressionless, which famously known to made people feel he was difficult to approach. His voice was firm and steady, “It’s alright.”

This cold tone made Qin Ci even more guilty. He raised up the courage to ask the other man for advice, “Senior must have some experience… may I ask for advice, where am I still not quite right…”

Dou Han’s eyebrows twitched invisibly, “It’s because you haven’t brought it in enough. Did you never act in roles similar to this one before?”

When he saw that Dou Han was willing to speak, Qin Ci hurriedly seized the opportunity to humbly say, “It’s my first time. Maybe it’s because I haven’t been in love yet, I don’t have a deep understanding of feelings between lovers.”

“In that case, then I’ll assist you a little more physically later.” Dou Han glanced at him, “I’ll go to the bathroom first.”

Qin Temple thanked him profusely for his kindness and promised not to be a drag after this.

Dou Han did what he said, and made some adjustments when he came back. The hand that was originally politely attached to the back of the waist changed to tightly pressing on the waist. A strong feeling and the temperature of the palm made Qin Ci froze for a moment.

Director: “Cut—”

Qin Ci regretted it after he froze, “Sorry, it’s my problem.”

Dou Han explained in a low voice, “This will make you more aware of the relationship between them.”

The director shouted action. It didn’t take long for him to call cut again.

Qin Ci’s ears were red with shame, and he pursed his lips. It was too shameful to let so many people accompany him repeating so many times.

Dou Han suggested blankly, “How about I help you a little more.”

Qin Ci clenched his fists, “Please, thank you, senior.”

This time, Dou Han’s hand slid directly down the waistline, pressed Qin Ci closer against himself, and the two of them were almost pressing up on each other on their lower bodies, even they could feel each other’s body heat through the clothing materials.

Qin Ci was slightly stunned, thinking that the other man was taking advantage of him, but later thought that with Dou Han’s usual cold appearance, it was simply impossible. Besides, there was no response from that place when they almost rubbed together.

On the contrary, when Dou Han’s frantic eyes watched him, his heart trembled slightly.

But soon he adjusted it again, and in a few seconds, with Dou Han’s help, he found the feeling of being forced to the edge and having to harden his heart.

Director: “Cut—take a break first, Dou Han, come here.”

Qin Ci breathed a sigh of relief and secretly looked in the direction of the director, worried that there would be something wrong again.

On the other side, the director asked Dou Han in a low voice, “Have you touched enough?! His performance was very good this time and I can’t pick out the fault anymore.”

Dou Han still remained expressionless, “Have you finished making changes to the script?”

The director looked disgusted, “I have. The kissing scene is about to come.”

Dou Han turned and walked back, “Shoot the next one.”
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