Stellar Transformation Book 08 – The Return Of Qin Yu

Book 08 – The Return Of Qin Yu

B8C1: Going Home

The Qian Long continent has a huge population.

Qin Yu and his group of several tens Xiuzhenists are flying through the clouds.

Far below them, the air is filled with cooking smoke and there are countless silhouettes of people. Compared to the boundless oceans, the Qian Long continent really has too many people. Here, there are tens of thousands of people in a town, and a big city even has hundreds of thousands of people.

“This is the Ming dynasty of the 3 big dynasties on the Qian Long continent.”
Qin Yu takes a deep breath. Even though he is flying through the clouds, given the keenness of his six senses, he can still feel that so familiar earthy smell. In the ocean, he simply cannot breathe in this kind of earthy smell. This is the smell of home. “Big brother.” Hei Yu looks at Qin Yu with brilliant eyes. Qin Yu cannot help but smile at him.

In the past, Qin Yu and Hei Yu, a kid and a young eagle, walked the same path and stuck together through thick and thin. Afterwards, they left the Qian Long continent and made waves in the underwater Xiuyao world. It has been nearly 10 years and today Qin Yu and Hei Yu have returned.

“What’s the matter, Qin Yu?” Li’er asks softly.

Qin Yu says with a smile: “This is my home. My home is the Qian Long continent. Now below us is the Ming dynasty of the 3 big dynasties. My family is in the Qin dynasty.” He does not hide anything and is not afraid of the Xiuzhenists around him hearing either.

The members of the Azure Dragon Palace, the Blue Water Mansion, the Penglai Immortal Region and the other powers all give him a look. These Xiuzhenists all have exceptionally good hearing so naturally they have heard those words. In their eyes, Qin Yu is the master of the Stellar Tower, an overlord in the underwater Xiuyao world, but … Qin Yu is from the Qian Long continent?

“What? Everybody is very curious, right? Oh, I forgot to tell you that I’m not a demonic beast. I’m a human.”
Qin Yu looks at the Xiuzhenists present and says in an indifferent and leisurely manner.

They are all startled. They already suspected this when they heard Qin Yu say he was from the Qian Long continent a moment ago. Now that Qin Yu has openly revealed it, they are totally sure that he is a human.

“Why is everybody looking at me? Could it be a human can’t stay in the underwater Xiuyao world? Besides, my 2nd brother Hou Fei is a divine beast. Could you be thinking that I’m not qualified to be the master of the Stellar Tower?” Qin Yu casts a somewhat cold glance at them. Azure Dragon laughs out loud and says: “Ha-ha …  I really admire you, brother Qin Yu. You’re a human but you dared to come into the underwater Xiuyao world. However, there’s actually little difference between Xiuyaoists, Xiuxianists and Xiumoists. It doesn’t matter what kind of Xiuzhenist you are,
as long as you’re powerful, who would dare to doubt your eligibility to be the tower master?”
“Three-Eyed, you got any doubts?”
With his green hair fluttering, Grand Founder Three-Eyed says smilingly: “Doubt what? Brother Qin Yu alone is strong enough. Also, his brother Hou Fei is a divine beast. They undoubtedly deserve to be the Stellar Tower’s masters.”
When the Azure Dragon Palace and the Blue Water Mansion of the other 3 underwater major powers have said so, could the Nine Demons Hall still dare to call this into question?

“You’re indeed brave, tower master Qin Yu. I admire you. I really do.” Di Long says ambiguously, but Di Jian and the others say nothing. 
Seeming not to notice Di Long’s mocking tone, Qin Yu says with a nod: “This Qian Long continent is my territory. I can be considered the boss here so I certainly got to do my best to welcome you. First, let me introduce the Qian Long continent to everybody a bit.”
“Then I have to thank you, tower master Qin Yu.” Reverend Yan Xu says with a smile.

Yi Da also looks at Qin Yu with curiosity.

Qin Yu says smilingly: “This Qian Long continent is divided into 3 big dynasties, the Qin dynasty, the Ming dynasty and the Han dynasty. Each of them has several billion people, and when put together, they have a shocking population of 10 billion.”
“10  billion!”   Azure  Dragon  exclaims.  “Mortals  are  really numerous. Though the overseas Xiuzhen world is much larger than this Qian Long continent, it’s got fewer than 10 million Xiuzhenists. But the number of mortals here is near 10 billion.” Reverend Yan Xu says with a smile: “Mortals are numerous but they’re too weak. They’re simply not in the same league as us Xiuzhenists.”
“You’re right, Reverend Yan Xu. 10 billion? Humph, if we really want to massacre them all, just 100 Xiuzhenists will be enough. We can definitely annihilate this continent’s population.” A large man from the Purple Flame Devilish Dungeon says. This man has long, completely blood-red hair.

Yi Da says with a cold humph: “Jiao Jiu, you can massacre them if you want your Yanmo school to be destroyed.”
This time Yi Da brings Jiao Jiu and Situ Xue with him. These 2 people have both reached the early Kongming stage and they are the ones locked up in prison by Yi Da for 3 whole years in the past.

“I’m just saying.” Jiao Jiu grumbles. Qin  Yu  continues:  “The  Qian  Long  continent  has  many mortals, but it also has many demonic beasts. In the east of this continent, there’s a massive wilderness with a great number of demonic beasts. The deeper you go into it, the tougher the demonic beasts you’ll see are. The deep parts of this wilderness may even have Dujie stage and Dacheng stage demonic beasts.”
He is not bullshitting with these words at all.

According to a book talking about this wilderness left behind by Lei Wei, even Lei Wei did not dare to venture into the deep parts of the wilderness. It can be seen from this that those parts have formidable demonic beasts because, after all, Lei Wei was an expert capable of killing Dacheng stage Xiuxianists.

“Dujie stage? Dacheng stage?”
The faces of Azure Dragon, Grand Founder Three-Eyed, Reverend Yan Xu, Yi Da and the others change color greatly. If there are Dujie stage and Dacheng stage demonic beasts, this group of Xiuzhenists will have absolutely no way to deal with them.

“Are  you  sure  about  this,  brother  Qin  Yu?  This  isn’t something you can joke about.” Azure Dragon says solemnly to Qin Yu. He has heard that the Qian Long continent’s wilderness has demonic beasts, but because the overseas Xiuzhen world has always looked down on a continent of mortals like the Qian Long continent so he has thought that they are merely some normal demonic beasts.

However, today Qin Yu has unexpectedly said that there are Dujie stage and Dacheng stage demonic beasts in the wilderness.

“Of  course  I  am.”  Qin  Yu  says  seriously:  “This  matter  is recorded in the books of my school.”
This is indeed recorded in the books of Qin Yu’s school, but Azure Dragon and the others immediately link his school with Uncle Lan. 
“If so, this is most probably true.” They immediately become serious.

Azure Dragon is the most powerful in the overseas Xiuzhen world. As a divine beast of the early Kongming stage, he is comparable to an early Dujie stage Xiuxianist. However, the Wilderness has Dujie stage and Dacheng stage demonic beasts and, moreover, the top demonic beasts are generally divine beasts.

“If there are Dujie stage and Dacheng stage divine beasts, then …” When Azure Dragon thinks to this point, his heart trembles with fear.

Immediately, this group of Xiuzhenists from the overseas Xiuzhen world is frightened.

“Ha-ha, don’t worry too much, everybody. In this wilderness, we’ll see stronger demonic beasts as we go deeper. As long as we don’t go deep and provoke those formidable demonic beasts, we’ll be okay, right? So, why worry like that?” Qin Yu advises.

“Bunch of cowards.” Yi Da says with a cold humph.

Azure Dragon gives him a cold look: “Yi Da, only a fool is mindlessly brave.”
Even though Azure Dragon is the no. 1 expert of the overseas Xiuzhen world, Yi Da is still a late Kongming stage Xiumoist so the difference in power between them is not big at all. Moreover, Yi Da has very strange offense so he does not fear Azure Dragon in the least.

“Let’s not argue, gentlemen. We’ve come here to search for the 9th jade sword and definitely not to fight the wilderness’s demonic beasts.” Reverend Yan Xu says smilingly.

After these words were said, everybody relaxes immediately. “Ha-ha,  that’s  right.  Why  worry,  everybody?  We’ve  come here only to find the 9th jade sword. What does the formidability of the demonic beasts deep in the wilderness have to do with us?”  Lou Ke on one side of Grand Founder Three-Eyed laughs out loud and says.

Everybody keeps discussing while flying extremely fast.

“The Qin dynasty, we’ve arrived in the Qin dynasty.”
Qin Yu’s eyes glisten.

“Qin Yu, you said your home is in the Qin dynasty. Do you want to go home?” Li’er says with a smile: “If you’ve reached your homeland, you should go home to take a look first. Perhaps your family will be very excited to see you.”
Qin Yu looks at one city after another and one town after another then says with a shake of his head: “My father and family should be in the Qin dynasty but I don’t know exactly where they are now. Perhaps I only know where my 2nd brother is.” Qin Zheng is the reigning emperor of the Qin dynasty so he should be in the Imperial Palace unless some serious incident has happened.
“Don’t be anxious, brother Qin Yu. Let’s go find the 9th sword first. We’ll see the result very soon, in just a couple of days. After that, it won’t be late for you to go back and meet your family again.” Azure Dragon laughs out loud and says. Suddenly he says frowningly: “Qin Yu, how long has it been since you joined your school and started to practice? Are your mortal parents still living?”
Qin Yu is startled.

“You’re wrong, Overlord Azure Dragon. My father is also a Xiuzhenist.” He explains.

Azure Dragon understands right away.

The group keeps heading east directly. 
“We’re in the 3 Eastern region counties but still going east. Could it be the 9th jade sword is in the Wilderness?”  Qin Yu says frowningly.

Hearing this, the other several tens Xiuzhenists all frown. Everybody looks at the 8 swords and sees them continue flying east straight without any hesitation. After some time, the 3 Eastern region counties have been left behind.

As soon as the group crosses the boundary of the Wilderness, they feel a sharp rise in holy energy density.

“This wilderness seems to be a good place too.” Azure Dragon exclaims.

Qin Yu immediately says loudly: “Everybody, the power of the demonic beasts in this wilderness isn’t something to look down upon. Last time I encountered 2 divine beasts near its edge so all of you must be careful.” “2 divine beasts?”  Azure Dragon frowns. Divine beasts are highly gifted and progress extremely fast in practice. “There are 2 divine beasts near the edge, then how many divine beasts are there in this entire wilderness? Since when have divine beasts become so easy to find?”
Hou Fei says: “Kaka, are you afraid, Azure Dragon? But the density of demonic beasts in this wilderness is really much higher than in the overseas Xiuzhen world so we’d better be careful and fly a bit slower.”
Everybody cannot help slowing down. After all, this is the Wilderness.

Qin Yu has noticed that prairie where he met a Dragon Rocky lion in the past. Not far from the Dragon Rocky lion, there was a divine beast Hong Luan. However, at the moment he cannot detect the existence of those divine beasts. That prairie is also no longer devoid of demonic beasts as before. Now that prairie is full of demonic beasts and wild beasts.

“Where has the Dragon Rocky lion gone?”  Qin Yu is very doubtful. It has been only 10 years, but both the Dragon Rocky lion and the Hong Luan have unexpectedly disappeared.

All of a sudden —
“What’s happening to the jade swords?”  Everybody notices that the 8 flying swords are starting to shake, seeming to be affected by something. They then look as if they want to fly in different directions. At the same time, the whirr of the shaking becomes louder.

Reverend Yan Xu shouts at once: “Everybody, this wilderness is very mysterious. My secret method is no longer effective here. Let’s take back our own swords quickly.”
The 6 bosses take back their own jade swords right away. “What happened, Yan Xu?” Azure Dragon shouts.

Reverend Yan Xu also says doubtfully with a shake of his head: “Actually I’m not sure what happened either. In theory, these 8 swords should fly in the same direction until they reach the location of the 9th jade sword. But … just now they unexpectedly wanted to fly in different directions. This is absurd. There is only one 9th jade sword and it must be at one place, so why did these 8 swords want to fly in different directions?”
Hearing this, everybody knows what went wrong.

The 9th jade sword must be in one direction, but why did the other 8 swords want to fly in different directions?

“Now the only way to find it is … to quickly gather a large number of Xiuzhenists to this place then tell them to search every piece of land with their holy senses.”  Grand Founder Three-Eyed says coldly. At the moment, both he and Azure Dragon are very frustrated.

Because the Stellar Tower is nearest the Qian Long continent, in the past they gave Qin Yu 2 caves each. These caves are next to the Stellar Tower and also next to the Qian Long continent.

The Wilderness is immense and is covered with countless large forests, mountain ranges and ravines so if these several tens Xiuzhenists search by themselves, who knows when they will find the 9th sword? Now they can only rely on their subordinates.

Azure Dragon, Grand Founder Three-Eyed, Di Long, Yi Da and Reverend Yan Xu take out their transmitters almost simultaneously and begin to order their respective subordinates to hurry to the Qian Long continent.

From now on, large forces from the overseas Xiuzhen world are going to gather on the Qian Long continent so naturally there is bound to be a storm here. “Everybody, I got to go home first. This Qin dynasty is my homeland. If any of you wants to look around, I can arrange for someone to help you.”
Qin Yu says smilingly to the other Xiuzhenists.

All of these top figures of the overseas Xiuzhen world immediately bid farewell to him and say that they will come to visit him and sightsee the Qian Long continent when they have time. After that, Qin Yu flies towards the Qin dynasty with Li’er, Hou Fei and Hei Yu.

“Father, I’m back.”  Qin Yu cannot suppress the excitement on his face.

Li’er says smilingly: “Look at you, Qin Yu. You’re smiling so big that you look like a clown. Right, when you meet your father, how are you going to introduce us?”
“Fei Fei and Xiao Hei will naturally be my brothers. As for you, big younger sister? It’s no good. I’d better … My father is very wise so he should be able to associate you with me. There should be no need for me to introduce you. I’m a little shy, you know.” Qin Yu says deliberately. Right afterwards, he speeds up, flying through the air extremely fast like a beam of light.

Li’er becomes both shy and angry. She immediately chases after him with a movement of her feet.

“Let go of me! It really hurts!” Qin Yu’s painful cries resound

B8C2: 3 Brothers’ Reunion

Qin Yu, Li’er, Hou Fei and Hei Yu fly without stopping. First they pass Yan City then they pass Misty Villa. However, on the way Qin Yu does not see any of his close relatives. Therefore Qin Yu is now heading straight for the Imperial Palace.

“Junior sister, junior sister, okay?”
Under Li’er’s ‘oppression’, he finally yields.

“This is about right.”  Li’er’s face relaxes into a smile. “All right, why haven’t you called your subordinates in? The other 5 powers have all already told their forces to come and search for the 9th sword.”
Qin Yu says smilingly: “I’m not worried that I’m taking time either as my Stellar Tower is nearest the Qian Long continent. Forget it. I better send 10,000 guards to this place.”  He takes out a transmitter and immediately messages the manager of the Stellar Tower — Zhuang Zhong. ……

In the Stellar Tower,

Zhuang Zhong is being served by ladies-in-waiting and leisurely eating the fruits presented by various caves, feeling extremely comfortable.

Suddenly —
He frowningly takes out a transmitter and makes a sweep with his holy sense.

“Zhuang Zhong, tell 4 guardians, Yan Rui, Liang Tan, Wu Yan and Xu Dong, to take 10 companies, 10,000 guards in total, to hurry to the Qian Long continent as fast as possible.” Seeing this order sent by Qin Yu, Zhuang Zhong makes a roll and gets up. He first sends a reply to Qin Yu then hurriedly shouts an order.

“This is a call-up. All of the guardians and company leaders quickly go to the Sun Moon Hall without delay!” After saying so loudly, he hurriedly changes into a different set of clothes and rushes to the Sun Moon Hall extremely fast.

In the Sun Moon Hall,

The 8 guardians and 30 company leaders have gathered.

With a solemn expression, Zhuang Zhong says loudly: “Tower master has given an order.”
The 8 guardians and 30 company leaders immediately bow, waiting for the order.

“Guardians Yan Rui, Liang Tan, Wu Yan and Xu Dong take 10,000 guards, including the 1st to the 10th companies, to quickly head for the Qian Long continent and then wait for tower master’s orders. No delay is allowed. Set off immediately!”
Zhuang Zhong shouts solemnly.

“Yes sir!”
Yan Rui and the other 3 guardians and the leaders of those 10 companies bow and shout obediently. Afterwards they turn around and prepare to start out.
Zhuang Zhong and the others also go out of the Stellar Tower and stand near the main gate. At the moment, various groups of guards are flying out from the guard quarters. In just a while, a large area at the bottom of the ocean has become thickly dotted with guards. They are none other than the members of those 10 companies.

They immediately stand firmly in midair in 10 long lines. The 10 leaders of the companies stand at the front of the lines and the 4 guardians are in front of them all. 
Yan Rui is the leader among the 8 guardians so she is naturally the leader of this operation. After that order was shouted, the 10,000 guards of the 10 companies break out of the water directly under the command of the 4 guardians and fly north straight on their flying swords.

10,000 guards!

A large area in the sky is thickly dotted with them. On the Qian Long continent, just a few Jindan stage Xiuzhenists are already called Shangxian, but today the Stellar Tower is sending out a group of 10,000 Xiuzhenists, led by 4 guardians who have all reached the Dongxu stage.


In Shang Qin County of the Qin dynasty on the Qian Long continent, 
This Shang Qin County was originally Ba Chu County. Because there was a change of dynasties, the name of Ba Chu County naturally had to be changed. The Imperial Palace is vast so Qin De did not want to spend a huge amount of materials rebuilding it. Therefore, he made the capital city of this county the capital of the new dynasty.

The center of Shang Qin County’s vast territory is none other than the capital.

While flying along the old river Wu, Hei Yu suddenly makes sounds. He has also mastered this Ventriloquism technique recently. This is not a formidable secret technique so Hei Yu’s hereditary memories do not have it and he had to talk with guardian Yan Rui of the Stellar Tower and learn it from her.

“Big brother, do you still remember this place?” Hei Yu says using Ventriloquism.

They have been flying along the river Wu for a long time but this place is where Qin Yu and Xiao Hei fought Xiang Yang before.

“Of course I do.” Qin Yu says with a sigh. “In a full-moon night on the river Wu, you and I fought Xiang Yang together. It was only because of this battle that my Qin clan was able to completely destroy the Xiang clan and take control of this country to establish a new dynasty.”
Hou Fei blinks a couple of times and says curiously: “What? Established a new dynasty? Fought Xiang Yang? Tell me about them, big brother. They sound very much like legends.”
Hei Yu says coldly: “A sky-piercing meteor and two high- hanging moons in a full-moon night on the river Wu, humph, humph, monkey, my and big brother’s great achievement isn’t something you can imagine.”
Hou Fei becomes so angry that his eyes blaze: “What are you arrogant for, mixed hairy bird? What else have you done besides following big brother since you were little? If I were you, I would’ve been able to turn that Xiang Yang fella or something into minced meat with a blow of my stick.” Hei Yu turns his head with a ‘humph’ and does not even give Hou Fei a look. Hou Fei cannot help getting furious.

Qin Yu says smilingly: “Don’t argue, Fei Fei, Xiao Hei. Actually not much happened at that time either. It’s just that Xiang Yang stopped the army of my Qin clan at the most crucial moment and even threatened to eliminate the Qin clan so Xiao Hei and I had to get into action and remove this obstacle.”
While talking about this, Qin Yu and the others quickly cover several thousand li. Now they have arrived at the outside of the capital.

It is in the early morning at the moment so the capital gates are wide open and all the vendors are already putting their stalls on display.

Qin Yu and the other 3 stand in midair above the Imperial Palace. With a sweep of his holy sense, he notices his 2nd brother and big brother. 
He says hesitantly: “There’s a morning court going on at the moment. Big brother and 2nd brother are both in the audience hall so we better wait for a while.”
“Why should we? Let’s use a concealing spell and go for a stroll in the audience hall first. I don’t think those mortals will see  us.”   Hou  Fei  says  in  an  unconcerned  manner.  This concealing spell can deceive the eye but is ineffective against a Xiuzhenist’s holy sense.

Li’er also says with a little excitement: “A morning court?
Good, Qin Yu, I’ve never seen one. Let’s go.”
Qin Yu has no choice but to agree: “All right, but let me tell you something first. Those officials and generals are all mortals so all of you shouldn’t play tricks on them. And when you’ve arrived in the audience hall, be well-behaved a bit.”
“Kaka, don’t worry.” Hou Fei is the first to dive down quickly. His body disappears in broad daylight immediately like a flash. However, using their holy sense a Xiuzhenist would easily notice that he is diving down extremely fast.

Afterwards, Qin Yu, Li’er and Hei Yu also dive down.


In the audience hall,

Qin Zheng is sitting high in the throne. There is a natural, kingly air of majesty about him. The civil officials and generals are standing in 2 lines in the hall. Qin Yu’s big brother, Qin Feng, is at the top of one line. He is a marshal and also a prince so naturally he occupies the top position.

“Your Majesty, Zhen Yang County has reported that the dikes along the river Wu have burst recently due to continual heavy rain. Xu Ling City, Lan City and several other cities of Zhen Yang County have suffered a serious flood which has left more than a million people destitute and homeless …” After listening to this official’s report, Qin Zheng frowns deeply.

“Do you have the details of the situation?”  Qin Zheng says coldly. At the moment he is very unhappy.

The   official   immediately   says:   “This   is   the   detailed information on the cities and regions hit by the disaster.”  He takes out from his long sleeve an envelope. A eunuch then receives it and hands it to Qin Zheng directly.


Standing in a corner of the audience hall watching his 2nd brother handle national affairs, Qin Yu cannot help giving a faint smile. Even though there are considerable distances between the matters of mortals and those of Xiuzhenists, Qin Yu left home just about 10 years ago so he still has the heart of a mortal. “The important things to do now are, firstly, provide housing for the disaster victims, and secondly, control the flood and prevent further disasters by draining the water and filling the gaps in the dikes …”
Qin Zheng gives his orders very quickly.

He dispatches an imperial envoy and orders the 200,000 regular troops and the 300,000 strong reserves of Zhen Yang County to work together to control the flood and prevent further disasters. The orders regarding the food and clothing to relieve the disaster victims are also given very quickly.

“Court ends!”
The high-pitched voice of a eunuch rises. Afterwards, the officials leave the audience hall in order.

“Big brother, 2nd brother.” Qin Yu says to Qin Feng and Qin Zheng directly through holy sense communication.

The body of Qin Zheng, who is still pondering disaster- related matters, gets a shock. He then goes into ecstasy. Qin Feng, who has already walked out of the hall, turns around and returns. A light flashes on Qin Yu’s body as he removes his concealing spell and appears in the audience hall.

“Xiao Yu!”
Seeing Qin Yu appear in the hall suddenly, Qin Zheng and Qin Feng both look at him in disbelief.

Compared to when he left the Qian Long continent, Qin Yu looks almost the same. Only he has become even more mature, his eyes are even more profound and his body automatically gives off an oppressive air, which is what someone in a high position of power naturally possesses.

The head eunuch is about to shout ‘assassin’, but he immediately swallows this word back into his stomach when he notices the expressions and tones of the emperor and the prince.

“Big  brother!  2nd  brother!”  Qin  Yu  cannot  suppress  the rapture on his face.

Qin Zheng immediately rushes down the hall. The 3 brothers then hug each other passionately all of a sudden.

“Ha-ha, Xiao Yu, I never thought you’d leave for 10 whole years. We’ve been terribly worried for the past 10 years because there’s been no news about you. Ha-ha …” Qin Zheng laughs out loud. He is obviously very excited at the moment.

Qin Feng also hugs Qin Yu tightly: “Who could’ve thought?
Who could’ve thought? It’s been 10 years, oh my, 10 years.”
“Haven’t  I  just  returned?”   Qin  Yu  also  laughs  out  loud happily. At this moment, Li’er, Hei Yu and Hou Fei also remove their concealing spells and appear in front of Qin Feng and Qin Zheng, which startles them. They certainly know Xiao Hei but do not know Hou Fei and Li’er.

“Xiao Yu, they are …” Qin Zheng asks doubtfully.

Qin Yu introduces smilingly: “You must already know Xiao Hei. This is …”
“Kaka, I’m Hou Fei. Qin Yu is my big brother. You two brats are my big brother’s 2nd and big brothers, but you’re really too weak. Forget it. I can manage to consider you my brothers.” Hou Fei says while shaking his head conceitedly.

Qin Feng says with a smile: “Xiao Yu, this brother of yours is really straightforward.”
As a marshal, he has met many straightforward men in the army. Those men only respect power. It does not matter how high your rank is, they will only trust you if you are stronger than them. 
“Is this …  my sister-in-law?”  Qin Zheng looks at Li’er and says.

Qin Yu however intentionally remains silent. Only when Li’er seems  to  be  about  to  get  mad  does  he  say  smilingly:  “2nd brother, this is my junior sister Li’er. She’s my junior sister, not your sister-in-law yet.”
“Not our sister-in-law yet? I already know what you mean, Xiao Yu.” Qin Feng says with an enlightened expression. “Now she isn’t, but in the future she’ll be, right? Am I wrong … Miss Li’er?”
Li’er is staring at Qin Yu.

“You’ll pay for this, Qin Yu.”
Those ‘cruel’ words rise in his mind, but he smiles contentedly. He knows that Li’er is shy and she will only become somewhat lively in front of those she is on familiar terms with, and she will not ‘turn violent’ in front of strangers.

“Big brother, 2nd brother, don’t make fun of my junior sister. Right, where’s father? And where’s Uncle Feng?”  Qin Yu says smilingly.

Qin Zheng says without delay: “Father and Uncle Feng are doing closed-door training. You’re unlucky to come here at this time. But they should come out within a half year. Last time father did closed-door training for a year and this time he’s been doing it for almost a half year.”
Qin Yu is a little sad because he cannot see his father right away.

“No problem. Now I’ve already got my own territory in the overseas Xiuzhen world so I’m in no hurry to leave either. There’ll be no problem even if I stay here for 100 or 200 years.” He says with a smile. With his current top speed, he can reach the Stellar Tower from the Qian Long continent in just a few days. And after going through the 6-in-9 Heavenly Tribulation, perhaps he will even be able to cover the distance between the Stellar Tower and the Qian Long continent in a day.

“Ha-ha, this is good. We brothers won’t have to live apart anymore.”   Qin  Zheng  says  with  loud  laughter.  Then  he suddenly remembers one thing and says: “Xiao Yu, do you know that big brother is going to take on the 4-in-9 Heavenly Tribulation soon?”
Qin Yu is delighted. He immediately makes a sweep with holy sense and sees that Qin Feng is already at the peak of the Xiantian level and indeed will undergo the Minor Tribulation anytime soon.

“The 4-in-9 Heavenly Tribulation? Using a middle-grade holy weapon, big brother can definitely overcome it with ease. Ha- ha … 2nd brother, you got to practice hard too, so that we brothers will never have to be apart. But why haven’t you reached the Xiantian level?” With that sweep of his holy sense, Qin Yu has naturally discovered Qin Zheng’s power level.

Qin Zheng says with frustration: “I’m no good at practicing.
There’s nothing I can do as I’m not gifted.”
“Not gifted what?” Qin Yu is now one of the 6 big leaders of the overseas Xiuzhen world at any rate, so if he could not even help his relatives reach the Xiantian level then he would be too useless.

“Don’t worry. I’ll make a batch of pills for you sometime, helping  you  reach  the  Xiantian  level  directly.”  Qin  Yu  has obtained Treasure Storing Palace and it has very many materials. “If you don’t want to wait, I’ll ask Reverend Yan Xu and the others for several Base Building Pills.”
He says in a totally unconcerned manner. In the Xiuzhen world, the important disciples of schools generally take Base Building Pills in the beginning to quickly establish their foundations and reach the Xiantian level. To mortal internal practitioners, the Xiantian level is very hard to reach, but to Xiuzhenists, it is only the starting step. Given Qin Yu’s current status, he can obtain Base Building Pills at will.

B8C3: Escalation

“Base Building Pills?” Qin Zheng has never heard of this kind of pill.

Qin Yu says smilingly: “2nd brother, Xiuzhenists use these Base Building Pills to set their foundations. If ordinary people take and completely absorb these pills, they can consolidate their foundations well and reach the Xiantian level. You basically don’t have to do something so complex like internal practicing.”
“I never thought there were such holy pills. With a large number of these pills, won’t it be possible to obtain a large number of Xiantian experts?”  Qin Zheng is the monarch of a country so he still thinks about national benefits. On the Qian Long continent, a Xiantian expert is already considered extraordinary.

If he can obtain a large batch of Xiantian experts, his country’s military power will indeed be improved by one level. Qin  Yu  says  smilingly  with  a  shake  of  his  head:  “You’re wrong, 2nd brother. Xiantian experts don’t mean anything. Without forming the jindans, they simply aren’t considered Xiuzhenists. A Base Building Pill is much more valuable than a Xiantian expert. Even though it is a relatively basic pill, it requires 7 medicinal materials to make, and the method of making it is also a secret. Small Xiuzhen schools generally can’t obtain this kind of pill.”
Qin Zheng is extremely smart so he understands immediately: “Ha-ha, Xiao Yu, I’m just a mortal so I consider from a different point of view to yours. According to what you said, Base Building Pills are precious, but you can still get them, looks like you’ve been doing pretty well in the overseas Xiuzhen world.”
Qin Yu is his own brother so Qin Zheng is talking a bit more casually and freely.

“Nothing special, nothing special.” Qin Yu has rarely been in such a good mood as he currently is. Qin Feng however says laughingly: “2nd brother, Xiao Yu, ha- ha, we shouldn’t keep chatting in this audience hall. Let’s find a place to sit down first then talk. We’ve been apart for 10 years so we must have a real nice talk this time.”
“That’s right, that’s right.”  Qin Zheng hurriedly says. “See, I’m so busy that I’m like this. All right, let’s go to Hundred Official Pavilion in the Imperial Garden first then talk.”
Suddenly Qin Zheng orders the eunuch standing near him: “Manager Wang, you quickly dispatch people to summon the empress, the ladies and my princes and princesses to Hundred Official Pavilion to meet our family’s 3rd Uncle. Moreover, also quickly invite my sister-in-law and Princess Fei Ya.”
“Yes, Your Majesty.”
The head eunuch immediately goes to transmit the order.

Qin Zheng talks to other people ceremoniously but talks to his brothers informally because, firstly, there is a deep brotherhood between them, and secondly, he knows that Qin Yu is a Xiuzhenist. Even though he is an emperor, he is only a mortal emperor. And Qin Feng is also someone about to undergo the 4-in-9 Heavenly Tribulation.

Hou Fei is chatting with Li’er and Hei Yu on one side. Hearing Qin Zheng say so, he suddenly bursts into laughter while holding his stomach.

“Kaka, did you hear what your 2nd brother said, big brother? He’s got an empress, various ladies, and many princes and princesses. Wow, that’s a whole bunch of people. But look at you. You don’t even have a wife. Sis Li’er, you should help my big brother find a wife sometime.” Hou Fei unexpectedly turns to Li’er and says.

Li’er hits Hou Fei’s head with a swing of her sleeve and reprimands: “Don’t make fun of me, Fei Fei.”
But right afterwards, she smiles again and looks at Qin Yu: “Qin Yu, both your big and 2nd brothers are married and have children but you have nothing. When are you going to find a wife? If you really want me to help you, I won’t mind helping you find one either.” Facing her seemingly smiling expression, Qin Yu responds by keeping his mouth shut.

Seeing the way Qin Yu and Li’er are interacting with each other, Qin Feng and Qin Zheng cannot help exchanging a smile.

“All right, Xiao Yu, let’s go to Hundred Official Pavilion in the Imperial  Garden  first.”  Qin  Feng  laughs  out  loud  and  says. Afterwards, the 3 brothers, Li’er, Hou Fei and Hei Yu head for that pavilion in the Imperial Garden together. Every royal guard on the way looks at Qin Yu in amazement.

Qin Feng, Qin Zheng and Qin Yu are blood brothers so they certainly look very similar to each other.

Seeing that their emperor and prince are going together with a strange man so excitedly and closely, naturally those guards are greatly shocked. In the Imperial Palace, legend has it that Qin Feng and Qin Zheng once had a 3rd brother. However, nobody has seen this person for the last 10 years so most of the royal guards think that this is just a rumor. Today, as soon as they see Qin Yu, they can all draw a conclusion and believe that tomorrow some news will come out from the Imperial Palace.


In Hundred Official Pavilion in the Imperial Garden,

This pavilion is rectangular with a width of about 6 m and a length of 20 to 30 m. Qin Zheng has asked some officials to remain here to enjoy sumptuous feasts with the royal family many times. At the moment, Qin Zheng is sitting in the master seat. Qin Yu and Qin Feng are sitting on either side of him.

“2nd brother, somehow I feel that there’s a little sadness on your forehead. Could there be a difficult problem? Just tell me about it.” Qin Yu immediately says.

Even though Qin Zheng and Qin Feng are currently very enthusiastic, Qin Yu still notices a marked note of sadness on Qin Zheng’s forehead. To his knowledge, his 2nd brother is exceptionally tough-minded. It must be a serious matter to be able to make his 2nd brother like this.

Qin Zheng is startled, but he dissembles instantly and says with a smile: “It’s nothing. I’m just worried by the news about the disastrous flood just now. After all, a million people have become destitute and homeless.”
Qin Yu responds, but he does not believe this at all because moments ago in the audience hall he saw his 2nd brother handle this flood matter very easily. Given Qin Zheng’s disposition, the flood definitely cannot make him like this. However, because his 2nd brother does not want to tell him, Qin Yu cannot ask many times either.

“It’s delicious! Wow, to tell the truth, though mortals are a little weak, these foods are much tastier than what we got in the Stellar Tower.” Hou Fei is eating with great relish. Xiuzhenists spend most of their time training hard so what Xiuyaoists would immerse themselves in the culinary art?

In terms of cooking, how can Xiuyaoists compare to mortal royalty? In the Stellar Tower, some fruits proffered by various regions are a bit new and unique, but its dishes are absolutely far inferior to these royal dishes.

At the moment, there are nearly 100 dishes on the long table in Hundred Official Pavilion.

“Brother Hou Fei, Xiuzhenists can do anything, like flying into the sky or going into the ground, but I don’t think those Xiuzhenists and Shangxian have enough time to master such a trivial art as cooking.” Qin Zheng says smilingly. Saying that Xiuzhenists have no time to master the art of cooking is just the same as saying that royal dishes are superior to those prepared by Xiuzhenists.

Hou Fei says in agreement: “Um, you’re right. Many of those Xiuzhenists don’t even eat anything at all. Well … by not eating delicious foods, they’ve lost a great way of having fun. Tut-tut, so tasty!”  He grabs a roast gigot and begins to eat with large bites.

“Fei Fei, mind your image a bit.”
Qin Yu reprimands. Hou Fei eating this way makes him feel embarrassed.

In the Stellar Tower, because most members are Xiuyaoists, naturally he did not care about how Hou Fei ate. But this is the Imperial Palace. Qin Yu was born in a prince’s family so he knows social etiquette, which must be paid even more attention to in the Imperial Palace.

The way Hou Fei is eating and drinking even makes the eyes of the attending eunuchs and ladies-in-waiting pop out of their heads.

…… In the Ming dynasty on the Qian Long continent,

The reigning Ming emperor Zhu Yan is following 5 Shangxian. The leading Shangxian is a handsome young man, who is dressed in a jade-green robe, looking very attractive.

“You always want to meet the VIPs from the overseas Xiuzhen world, don’t you, Zhu Yan?” The leading jade-green- robed young man looks back and says smilingly.

An idea springs to Zhu Yan’s mind. He immediately says with a smile: “Shangxian Dongfang, could it be you want to introduce me to a VIP of the overseas Xiuzhen world this time? Your Chaoyang school is already an outstanding big school. Could it be an even more important figure will come here?”
This jade-green robed young man is none other than Dongfang Yu, the junior master of the Chaoyang school. He has reached the early Yuanying stage so naturally he can be considered a super expert in this mortal world. The Chaoyang school is the largest Xiuxian school within a million li south of the Qian Long continent. It is much larger than Fengyuzi’s Pure Sword school with between 2000 and 3000 disciples. It should be known that generally only the islands in the center for Xiuxianists — the Penglai Immortal Region — have schools with several thousand disciples each. In the border area, with so many disciples, the Chaoyang school can indeed be regarded as a super school.

This time Dongfang Yu has taken 2 disciples to the Qian Long continent to go on a trip out of boredom. The 2 Shangxian of the Ming dynasty are none other than the Chaoyang school’s disciples so naturally they have welcomed him with respect. And Dongfang Yu has been staying in the imperial palace of the Ming dynasty since then.

“My Chaoyang school is undoubtedly the no. 1 school within a million li of this place, but … there are very many Xiuxian schools. The center for Xiuxianists is the Penglai Immortal Region, which is hundreds of millions of li away. There are more   than   a   million   Xiuxianists   over   there.”    Although Dongfang Yu is naturally arrogant, he is very respectful when mentioning the Penglai Immortal Region. As a dynasty’s emperor, Zhu Yan certainly knows quite a lot about the Xiuzhen world, but he is still scared stiff by the facts that the Penglai Immortal Region has over a million Xiuxianists and that it is hundreds of millions of li away.

“More  than  a  million?!  What  a  great  number!”  Zhu  Yan exclaims.

Dongfang Yu says with a cold laugh: “You’re pretty lucky to know this secret. Let me tell you something. The people coming here today are the top-ranking figures of the Penglai Immortal Region. Now listen carefully, if you treat them improperly, not even my father will be able to save your Ming dynasty, let alone myself.” He warns solemnly.

“Top-ranking figures of the Penglai Immortal Region?” Zhu Yan’s heart begins to beat like a drum and he can feel its continual thumping in his ears.

Taking a deep breath, he says: “Shangxian Dongfang, I’ll definitely welcome these top figures to the best of my ability. May I ask what I must prepare?” Dongfang Yu says with an indifferent smile: “You don’t have to prepare too much because these kinds of experts don’t pursue materialistic enjoyment. Remember not to let those mortals disturb them. Besides, their staying place must be clean and quiet. You’ll also have to behave respectfully. Don’t annoy those seniors.”
Dongfang Yu actually has just received a message from his father.

His father tells him that the people coming this time are all extraordinary and far superior to his father in power and status and the leader is even the no. 1 figure of the Penglai Immortal Region. It can be said that these several people represent the top echelons of the Penglai Immortal Region.

The Penglai Immortal Region’s top echelons are definitely the top echelons of Xiuxianists in the overseas Xiuzhen world.

“Everybody stands firm. Don’t move in disorder. We only need to wait here. Those seniors are very powerful so they can certainly know we’re here with a holy sense sweep.” Dongfang Yu shouts to the fidgeting Chaoyang school’s disciples on one side of him.

Immediately, nobody dares to move anymore.

After a long time —
3 silhouettes shoot towards them extremely fast from the horizon. They arrive in the airspace of the imperial palace instantly then walk down from the clouds like strolling in an empty courtyard. Their leisurely godlike manner awes the several people on the ground greatly.

The comers are none other than Reverend Yan Xu, Reverend Huo Tian and Reverend Di Feng.

“It is an honor to meet you, seniors. I am Dongfang Yu. The Chaoyang school’s headmaster is my father.” Dongfang Yu says very respectfully. The people behind him are not even eligible to talk.

Reverend Yan Xu responds with an indifferent sound while Reverend Huo Tian and Reverend Di Feng pay no attention to him.

The Chaoyang school is the no. 1 school within a million li of the Qian Long continent but it does not mean anything in the eyes of the Penglai Immortal Region. The top expert of this school has only reached the early Dongxu stage whereas these 3 reverends are all at the Kongming stage.

Reverend Huo Ting’s eyes suddenly brighten. He arrives at the side Zhu Yan like a flash and looks at Zhu Yan interestedly, saying: “Brat, you don’t have any elemental energy. Could you be the Ming dynasty’s emperor?”
Zhu Yan says respectfully at once: “I am exactly the Ming dynasty’s emperor Zhu Yan. It is an honor to meet you, senior.”
Reverend Huo Tian nods his head with satisfaction. 
This time Reverend Yan Xu comes here to ask that Chaoyang school for help so naturally he cannot be too arrogant.

“Dongfang, this time your father and I have an agreement. He is going to quickly send 2000 disciples, 1000 from his school and 1000 from nearby schools, to the Qian Long continent for me  to  command.  I  believe  you  already  know  about  this.” Reverend Yan Xu says with an indifferent smile.

Dongfang Yu says respectfully: “I know about this, senior. My Chaoyang school feels honored to be able to work for you.”
Reverend Yan Xu nods with satisfaction.

This is no surprise. If time was not tight, given the power of the Penglai Immortal Region, even mobilizing 100,000 Xiuxianists would be no problem. However, now he needs a large number of Xiuxianists as soon as possible. Therefore, he had to message the headmaster of the Chaoyang school. “Very good, Dongfang, you only have to prepare a staying place for the 3 of us and don’t need to care about the other matters.” Reverend Yan Xu orders.

Reverend Huo Tian says smilingly: “Reverend Yan Xu, you go to our staying place first. Now I’m pretty interested in this mortal world so I’ll go look around with this emperor Zhu Yan.” He then says laughingly to Zhu Yan: “Let’s go, Zhu Yan.”
“Please follow me, senior.”
Zhu Yan immediately leads Reverend Huo Tian to go enjoy various interesting things of the mortal world.


In Hundred Official Pavilion in the Imperial Garden of the Qin dynasty,

“It’s nice to meet you, 3rd Uncle.” “It’s nice to meet you, 3rd brother-in-law.”
The empress of the Qin dynasty leads several tens imperial concubines and 10-odd princes and princesses saluting Qin Yu. Naturally this empress and these imperial concubines are all young and breathtakingly beautiful. The oldest among those princes and princesses are only 8 to 9 years old and the youngest ones have not even been weaned.


Chaoyang school = Sun Facing school Dongfang = East

B8C4: Deceiving

These 10-odd princes and princesses all open their black eyes wide and look at the 3rd uncle they have never met before. The empress and concubines however heard the legend of this 3rd brother-in-law long ago. The word about that battle on the river Wu in the past has definitely spread throughout the Qian Long continent.

One side of the battle on the river Wu was none other than their 3rd brother-in-law so naturally at the moment the empress and the concubines all observe this brother-in-law carefully to see how extraordinary he actually is.

“Ha-ha, Xiao Yu, the empress, the ladies and the little ones are all looking at you. Could it be you haven’t prepared some meeting gifts?” Qin Feng on one side says jokingly. Qin Zheng also looks playfully at Qin Yu with brightening eyes.

Li’er immediately says smilingly: “Qin Yu, everybody is looking at you.”
Qin Yu is startled. 
He has not prepared any gifts at all. But these nephews, nieces and sisters-in-law are all looking at him, and even worse, there are so many of them. Although he can take out a couple of precious objects, there are too many people here.

Suddenly an idea pops into his mind. He has remembered one thing.

With a wave of his hand, 16 flying swords immediately fly out. This scene makes Qin Zheng and Qin Feng dumbfounded. To be able to fly, these must be holy weapons. Could it be their brother’s meeting gifts are these precious holy weapons?

“Little ones, I give you these 16 flying swords as toys.” Qin Yu says smilingly.

Qin Zheng, Qin Feng, the empress and those concubines are dumbstruck. The eyes of the 16 princes and princesses however brighten. Holy weapons are given as toys? On this Qian Long continent, they are frighteningly precious and a country has only one holy weapon or two. 
“Hah, big brother, you can even take these things out?” Hou Fei mumbles. Hei Yu also flaps his wings disdainfully.

Qin Yu is surprised.

The Stellar Tower established a large army of guards so naturally it had to hand out weapons. Therefore, it gathered all kinds of treasures and ores within a radius of several tens million li and ordered the experts such as the squad leaders and the guardians to forge flying swords and weapons together to arm their subordinates.

Because Qin Yu is a forging expert, he also forged weapons when he was bored, and several thousand low-grade holy weapons were made in total. In his spatial ring, there is still a large pile of this kind of low-grade flying sword. Now, these flying swords are indeed no different from toys to him.

“Xiao Yu, you absolutely can’t do this. Your gifts are too precious.” Only at this moment does Qin Zheng totally wake up from his fright. 
When a holy weapon is already very valuable to a mortal country, how wasteful is it to give some children 16 flying swords as toys?

“This is nothing, but blood personalization … um, they’re all still very young so I’ll help them.” If these children have to bite their fingers, they will be in a lot of pain, so Qin Yu makes a pointing movement and 16 golden shafts of light are shot at all the princes and princesses.

Afterwards, 16 drops of blood fly out from their bodies and fuse with a flying sword each.

“Um, in this way, the flying swords definitely won’t hurt you.” Qin Yu nods with satisfaction. “All of you have to remember not to use the swords to hurt people.” He advises.

The flying swords fly in front of each prince and princess. When these little children hold the 3-cun long small swords, they easily fuse them with their bodies directly. Because the blood personalization has been done, the swords and the children are telepathically linked and therefore they naturally know how to handle the swords without being given much instruction.

The princes and princesses then play with the swords, sometimes fusing them with their bodies, sometimes taking them out. They are so excited that they laugh out loud.

“Why haven’t you thanked your 3rd Uncle?”
Qin Zheng shouts.

The relatively old princes and princesses immediately kneel down, saying clearly: “Thank you, 3rd Uncle.” As for the babies who are not weaned yet, their mothers thank Qin Yu on their behalf.

Qin Yu makes another wave of his hand. 35 pearls that are even larger than table tennis balls fly out. Such huge pearls have probably been unheard of on the Qian Long continent. Generally, a pearl about the size of a table tennis ball is no longer called a ‘pearl’, but a ‘dragon ball’. 
The empress and concubines all look at them with glittering eyes in stupefaction.

“Even the Imperial Palace doesn’t have anything comparable to such huge dragon balls.” Qin Zheng is astonished.

Qin Yu however gives a smile.

He certainly knows that such huge pearls are precious on the Qian Long continent. But in the underwater Xiuyao world, even though they are rare, with his current status, pearls as large as them have basically piled up in the Stellar Tower’s warehouse.

“2nd brother, there are many pearls like them in my Stellar Tower. They don’t mean anything at all. Please accept them, sisters-in-law.” Qin Yu says smilingly. The 35 pearls fly in front of the empress and concubines in an instant. Immediately, they say clearly: “Thank you, 3rd brother-in- law.”
Afterwards, the empress and concubines all begin to discuss quietly with each other. They are obviously very excited. Women love jewels and such huge pearls are priceless treasures on the Qian Long continent so naturally they extremely love the pearls. Perhaps later they will even want to hold the pearls while sleeping.

“Fei Ya has come.”  Qin Zheng suddenly says. “Fei Ya, come here, come to my place.”
Everybody sees a young married woman and a little girl coming in the distance. Hearing what Qin Zheng just said, Qin Yu knows that this woman is his big sister-in-law and that Princess Fei Ya is his big brother’s daughter.

“Your Majesty.”
Fei Ya says in a lovely voice then runs to the side of Qin Zheng and sits directly on his thighs. Judging by appearances, she is still very young, only 6 or 7 years old.

“Yanyun, come here and meet your 3rd brother-in-law.” Qin Feng says with a smile.

That natural and graceful young woman looks at Qin Yu. Her eyes brighten. She says immediately: “It’s nice to meet you, 3rd brother-in-law. I am Yanyun.”
“Please stand up, big sister-in-law.” Qin Yu hurriedly says. He notices at a glance that this big sister-in-law is a martial art practitioner. Even though her clothes are luxurious, there is an air of heroism about her that cannot be hidden.

Qin Feng says smilingly: “Xiao Yu, your big sister-in-law Yanyun likes martial arts the most. But … her talent is just so- so.”  Liu Yanyun gives Qin Feng an angry stare. Because there are many people around, she does not get mad on the spot, but Qin Yu is sure that this big sister-in-law is a straightforward person. Qin Feng gives a smile: “Ha-ha, she hasn’t been able to reach the Xiantian level for so long, how could that mean she’s highly talented? But Yanyun is really a martial art freak. She has been admiring you since she first knew about that battle on the river Wu and has wanted to meet you once for a long time.”
Liu Yanyun looks at Qin Yu and says with a little disbelief: “3rd  brother-in-law,  you  …   are  the  one  who  killed  Xiang Yang?”
Seeing that Qin Yu currently looks like a young man in his early twenties, she cannot imagine that he is the legendary super expert who killed Xiang Yang.

At that time, Qin Yu had many difficulties in killing Xiang Yang. But now, perhaps he could kill Xiang Yang in only one move.

“Could I not look the part?” Qin Yu says smilingly.

Li’er says on one side: “Don’t listen to his bragging, sister-in- law Yanyun. Those are trivialities but he always likes to be smug about them.”
Seeing Li’er, Liu Yanyun cannot help secretly praising her natural bearing. She says with a smile at once: “Young lady, are you …  my 3rd brother-in-law’s wife?”  As soon as Li’er hears this, her face reddens. She immediately gives Qin Yu an angry stare. Knowing what she means, Qin Yu hurriedly explains: “Big sister-in-law, this is my junior sister Li’er.”
“Please excuse me, Miss Li’er.” Liu Yanyun apologizes.

At the moment, Princess Fei Ya is playing with those little princes and princesses.

“3rd Uncle … I also want that thing …”
She runs up to Qin Yu and stares at him.

Qin Yu cannot help shaking his head with a smile then waves his hand, making another sword fly out: “Little Fei Ya, you have to remember not to hurt people at will.” He helps her personalize the sword with blood too.

Qin Zheng suddenly says: “Xiao Yu, you gave the kids these flying swords but they still know very little. It will be bad if they hurt people.”
“You’re  right.”   Qin  Yu  agrees  with  Qin  Zheng.  He  says immediately: “This way is better. They can still play with the swords, but I’ll put a restrictive spell on the swords. It’s going to cover the swords completely and make the swords unable to attack. When the kids undergo the ceremony of adulthood, you can ask any Xiuzhenist to remove the spell.”
Qin Yu waves his hands, which look like illusions as a result. In an instant, 17 restrictive spells are cast and totally cover the 17 flying swords.

All of these children do not have elemental energy so naturally they cannot remove Qin Yu’s spells. These spells are not powerful at all. They only form a layer of energy on the blades of the swords, making it impossible for the swords to harm people, and any Xiuzhenist can remove them easily with elemental energy. However, these spells do not affect the children sucking the flying swords into their

Not feeling any changes in the swords at all, the princes and princesses keep playing very excitedly.

Liu Yanyun’s face suddenly changes color. It seems she has remembered a certain thing. She immediately opens her mouth, wanting to say something. But Qin Feng pulls her hand and stops her with his eyes. She takes a deep breath and swallows what she is about to say into her stomach.

However, Qin Yu has noticed this scene.

“What’s the matter, big brother? Big sister-in-law, if you have any problems, feel free to tell me.” Qin Yu says smilingly. Qin Feng says with a smile: “Xiao Yu, your big sister-in-law sees that the empress and ladies were given such huge pearls so she wants one as well. I’m just afraid of losing face. There are so many people here, how can she ask for something like a kid?”
“This is nothing.”  Qin Yu takes out a huge cat’s eye gem without delay. “I forgot to give you a present. This cat’s eye gem is as good as those pearls. Please accept it, big sister-in- law.”
Liu Yanyun immediately says with an embarrassed smile: “Thank you, 3rd brother-in-law.”
After saying so, she receives the cat’s eye gem.

Qin Yu then begins to chat laughingly with Qin Zheng and play noisily with the princes, princesses and Princess Fei Ya. Even Li’er also begins to play with the children. As Qin Yu is in a very good mood, he simply does not notice that there is a tinge of worry in Liu Yanyun’s eyes after she accepted the cat’s eye gem. 

In the evening of the same day, in a bedroom of Prince Rui’s mansion,

“Feng, 3rd brother could take out so many flying swords in one breath. Obviously his status has improved a lot for the past 10 years in the overseas Xiuzhen world. He definitely won’t care about a middle-grade holy weapon. Why don’t you ask him for one?” Liu Yanyun says very angrily.

Qin Feng says with frustration: “Yanyun, what do you want me to say?”
Liu Yanyun says: “At that time in Hundred Official Pavilion, I was about to ask him for a middle-grade holy weapon for you. How could he have refused? It would have gone all right, wouldn’t it?” Qin Feng says with a shake of his head: “Yanyun, there are many things you don’t know. Judging by what happened today, Xiao Yu has indeed somewhat established himself in the overseas Xiuzhen world. But … do you know my 3rd brother’s character?” He suddenly asks rhetorically.

Liu Yanyun says with a nod: “I already heard from you long ago.”
Qin Feng says with a sigh: “Yes, he’s resolute and unyielding. Even though his dantian didn’t let him practice internal techniques, he still trained hard using external techniques and became the first Xiantian external expert of the Qian Long continent. Afterwards, he joined the ranks of Xiuzhenists.”
“My 3rd brother is one who never admits defeat. Given his character, I believe he has been able to occupy a territory for himself in the dangerous overseas Xiuzhen world. But I believe even more that … he can even give up his life for the sake of his brothers and close relatives.”
Now Qin Feng is somewhat agitated: “Yanyun, if you ask for a middle-grade holy weapon, 3rd brother will ask where my middle-grade holy weapon is. How should I answer him? Could I say that … I was useless so the weapon was snatched away from me?”
“Could I possibly say that? Yanyun, do you think I could tell 3rd brother about this?” Qin Feng’s eyes even redden a little.

Liu Yanyun opens her mouth, wanting to say something, but in the end she says nothing.
“Yanyun, this event can’t be mentioned. Once it’s revealed, given my 3rd brother’s character, he’ll surely want to find out who snatched my middle-grade holy weapon. Once he knows the truth about this, he’ll definitely discover a series of events and then he’ll fight the enemies to the death! Facing those people, how can he have any chance of surviving?”
Qin Feng shakes his head and says with a sigh: “3rd brother is formidable, but … he has been wandering the overseas Xiuzhen world for only 10 years. Though he’s got some foundation, how deep can it possibly be? I won’t let him get hurt no matter what.” Liu Yanyun’s face is full of worry. She wants to say something but does not know what to say.

“But, but … how can you overcome the 4-in-9 Heavenly Tribulation without a middle-grade holy weapon? Are you certain that you can? It’s much more difficult to go through a 4-in-9 Heavenly Tribulation without a middle-grade holy weapon. I don’t want you to die. Feng, I really don’t want you to die.” Liu Yanyun embraces Qin Feng tightly.

Qin Feng hugs his wife and says with an indifferent smile: “Life and death are written in the stars. Yanyun, I won’t drag 3rd brother into this no matter what. He has … suffered too much in his life. We can’t let him suffer hardship and risk his life again even if I have to … die.”
In Qin Feng’s bosom, Liu Yanyun cries her eyes out.

After a long time — “Feng,  what  if  3rd  brother  meets  father?”   Liu  Yanyun suddenly says. “Once he sees father, given his intelligence, he’ll definitely figure out everything.”
Qin Feng says with a sigh: “Father already knew about Xiao Yu’s return, but he and Fengyuzi have been doing closed-door training for the sake of Xiao Yu. They don’t want to let Xiao Yu know about that incident. Even though we said father would come out within a half year, nobody can tell exactly how long a closed-door training session will last, right?”
Liu Yanyun raises her head to look at Qin Feng and says in disbelief: “So, to hide this incident, father and Uncle Feng will do closed-door training all the time without coming out?”
There is a hint of distress on Qin Feng’s face: “There’s no other way… You know father’s and Uncle Feng’s character, don’t you? Also, father always thinks he owes 3rd brother. So, whatever happens, he’d rather do closed-door training all the time than do 3rd brother harm by coming out.”
Liu Yanyun’s heart is in anguish, but she does not say anything. Qin Feng is also upset. His upright body now cuts a somewhat desolate figure.


Prince Rui is Qin Feng’s title, meaning Prince of Vigor.

B8C5: Towering Killing Intent

More than a month has passed like a flash.

Soon after Reverend Yan Xu had arrived, the Ming dynasty began to carry out a large-scale construction project outside its capital. Not only did it mobilize the capital’s army of 400,000 central guards, it also engaged the help of a great number of civilians. In less than a month, a living compound was built extremely fast.

Most of these houses are made of wood, bamboo or stone. Their surroundings are clean and quiet and have delicate bridges and running streams. Even Reverend Yan Xu expresses his satisfaction when he sees this compound.

In the evening of the same day,

Reverend Yan Xu, Reverend Huo Tian, Reverend Di Feng, Dongfang Yu and the other 4 disciples of the Chaoyang school, and the Ming emperor Zhu Yan and his several tens subordinates are quietly waiting outside the capital. They all know that tonight 2000 Xiuxianists from the Chaoyang school and its nearby schools are going to arrive.

Given their original speed, they should have arrived during the day. However, Reverend Yan Xu thought that if they came during the day, they would be seen by the common people and therefore he told this group to wait at the seaside first and resume going in the late evening.

“2000 Shangxian? Your Majesty, are there really so many?” A beautiful woman beside Zhu Yan asks in a lovely voice. She is none other than the imperial concubine he dotes on the most. Although the matter at hand this time is a secret, he still told this concubine about it and even took her to this place with him.

Zhu Yan gives a grunt and says in a low voice: “I only heard so. Don’t talk. Just wait quietly. You’ll know when the time comes.”
Zhu Yan and his entourage are all nervous. On the Qian Long continent, Shangxian are supreme beings in the eyes of every mortal. If emperors are the summit of positional power then Shangxian are the summit of personal power and are out of reach to mortals. However, tonight, 2000 Shangxian are unexpectedly coming.

2000, no less!

“They’re arriving!”
Reverend Yan Xu says indifferently. There is also a faint smile on his face.

Given the status of Reverend Yan Xu, Reverend Huo Tian and Reverend Di Feng, it will even be normal for them to casually mobilize over 10,000 Xiuzhenists on the Qian Long continent, so naturally 2000 Xiuzhenists cannot surprise them.

After a while, countless vague silhouettes appear in the pitch-black sky. They then dive down extremely fast. In just a moment, 2000 Xiuzhenists land directly on the ground. The leading man takes a look and immediately bows, saying: “Greetings, Reverends. I am Dongfang Nian of the Chaoyang school.”
Soon afterwards, only the other several school leaders among the 2000 Xiuzhenists bow to salute. The other Xiuzhenists get down on one knee directly and says resoundingly: “Greetings, Reverends!”
Those sounds are very loud but no citizens dare to come out to take a look because by now the night curfew has already started.

“Headmaster  Dongfang  and  the  other  headmasters  please rest for a day or two first. After that we’ll talk about the matter of searching for a black jade case. Please do not worry. Forces of every school within 10 million li of this place are already coming quickly. It’s just that they are a bit too far from here so they will only arrive in a few days.” Reverend Yan Xu says with an indifferent smile.

Dongfang Nian says smilingly: “We’ll certainly listen to your orders, Reverend. Ah, my son didn’t bother you during this period of time, did he?” At the moment Dongfang Yu is very respectful.

Reverend Yan Xu strokes his beard and says with a smile: “Headmaster Dongfang is really good at educating your son. This kid Dongfang is very well-behaved.”
However, the hearts of the Ming emperor Zhu Yan, his beloved concubine and his subordinates are thumping inside their chests. Hearing about 2000 Shangxian is one thing, but seeing 2000 Shangxian fly down from the sky is another thing.

Flying on swords,

In the eyes of mortals, it is a symbol of Shangxian. Normally, seeing a Shangxian fly across the horizon is already a great shock to these people. But today various Shangxian have come down from all over the sky so they have all been scared stiff by this. Zhu Yan is an emperor at any rate so his composure is still relatively high. He takes a step forwards and says respectfully: “Headmaster  Dongfang,  that  living  compound  has  been prepared well. It is specially built for all of you to stay in.”
Dongfang Nian takes a look at that nearby living compound and nods in satisfaction.


Qin Yu has been very happy for the last several months. When he had nothing to do, he chatted with his brothers or let chess ace Li’er thrash his big and 2nd brothers. Li’er’s terrifying chess skill immediately became famous. Even the so- called God of Go of the capital had no choice but to yield to her.

Qin Yu also cared about Xiao Lu’s and Tie Shan’s current situations.

Only later did he know that a few years ago Xiao Lu had married a scholar who is called Tang Yuan and styles himself Qing Lan. He is a well-known scholar of the Qin dynasty and is extremely good at calligraphy. It is said that one word written by him is worth 1000 gold sycees. Their love for each other is very deep. And Tie Shan is the military leader of Su Yan City, where Tang Yuan resides. He is in charge of the city’s army.

Knowing that Xiao Lu is living so happily, Qin Yu is in no hurry to meet her. He wants to meet his father first then go see Xiao Lu and Tie Shan. After all, they are his childhood close friends.


In Prince Yu’s Mansion in the Qin dynasty’s capital,

At the moment, Qin Yu is leaning on the railings of a pavilion while Li’er and a white-haired old man are quietly playing the game of Go. They have been playing for so long that it is already dark.

“Hey, old man Su, why are you still playing this game with my family’s Li’er? Well, is this any different from seeking defeat?” Qin Yu says smilingly. 
Li’er does not react to him. Perhaps because Qin Yu has been in a very good mood since he returned home, he has exercised less and less restraint in talking and often joked about Li’er. At first she was furious and pinched his ears to punish him, but now she only gives him a stare at most.

That old man Su is no ordinary. He is called the no. 1 Go player of the Qin dynasty.

After the capital’s God of Go undoubtedly lost to Li’er, this Shang Que County-based old gentleman has come to the capital to specially play against her. In fact, his Go skill is frighteningly strong.

However, that is only true in the eyes of Qin Yu.

In Qin Yu’s opinion, Li’er’s Go skill is ‘humanly impossible.’
A hint of joy suddenly appears on the face of old man Su. He takes a look at Qin Yu and says smilingly: “Miss Li’er’s Go skill is high, but … Prince Yu, I’ve been playing this game in my whole life. They say ginger gets hotter with age, don’t they.”
Li’er keeps playing the game while smiling calmly.

After a while, old man Su’s face changes color when she puts a piece down.

He looks for a short time then says with a shake of his head: “Miss Li’er, you, you’ve even aimed at my entire big dragon. No wonder you didn’t attack me just now. I see. Your trick was to gain through abandoning your ground. It was really a brilliant idea. I admit defeat.”
Old man Su has been defeated convincingly.

He fell into the opponent’s trap but he was even excited and contented. Despite his strong skill, he was unexpectedly unable to discover Li’er’s trap early on, and when he saw the truth, it was already too late. “Miss Li’er, every day I have played with you, I have learned something.”  This old man Su is also a strange person. After losing, he is very excited instead of getting angry.

Qin Yu says smilingly: “Old man Su, why do you change your clothes every day? I know that … professional Go players like you are a bit superstitious. But you’ve always lost despite changing clothes every day, right? I think you shouldn’t change your clothes tomorrow.”
Old man Su however says stubbornly: “Tomorrow I’m still going to change my clothes.”
Qin Yu says nothing.

Quite a few Go experts unexpectedly think that some clothes bring them good luck and greatly improve their chances of victory if worn. No wonder old man Su has changed his clothes again and again. However, despite this, he has never won against Li’er. “Alas, looks like …  I’ve run out of clothes to change.”  Old man Su suddenly says frowningly. “Forget it, let’s save some money by not changing.”
Having played against Li’er for so many days, even though his family is fairly wealthy, now he has used all of his various clothes.

“I take my leave now, Miss Li’er. Tomorrow I’m going to come and play a game with you again.” Old man Su says smilingly. Li’er also says with a smile: “Old man Su, your Go skill is profound. Your middlegame and endgame are both very formidable. Only your opening arrangement is a bit flawed.”
Old man Su smacks his lips a couple of times and says: “Little Miss Li’er, it’s not that my opening is a bit flawed, but you’re too strong. Your arrangement is too clever. You can make a move that seems wild, but several tens or even 100 moves later, its subtleties are shown. I’m sincerely convinced of my defeat.”
After old man Su has left, there are only Qin Yu and Miss Li’er in the pavilion. 
“Li’er, my father and Uncle Feng have been doing closed-door training all the time. Though in theory they’ll only come out in a month or two, it’s very hard to be exact about closed-door training. So, I’m about to go see my master General Zhao Yunxing first. Anyway, my speed is fast.”
At the moment, Qin Yu suddenly wants to meet his first master General Zhao Yunxing very much.

Li’er says with a nod: “All right. Since you want to go then just go. If other people ask, I’ll help you answer them. And if your father comes out, I’ll tell you about this right away through your transmitter.”
“Good. I’ll have to trouble you, cute Miss Li’er.”
Qin Yu says smilingly. Right afterwards, he soars into the sky like a meteor.

…… When Qin Yu was still assassin Liu Xing, he visited Zhao Yunxing’s residence. As Zhao Yunxing was an important general, his residence was naturally very easy to find.

Qin Yu rides his flying sword without too much worry.

Thinking that he is about to see his master, Qin Yu cannot help recalling what happened in the past. He remembers clearly how he chose Zhao Yunxing as his master and how severe the training Zhao Yunxing put him through later was.

Qin Yu frowns then takes out a transmitter. It is none other than the leading guardian Yan Rui who has just sent him a message. Under the command of 4 guardians, 10,000 guards of the Stellar Tower have arrived in the Qian Long continent.

“Very  well,  if  you  keep  flying  north,  you’ll  see  a  huge primeval forest. Wait there for the moment. When I have arranged staying places for you all, you’ll fly to the Qin dynasty!” Qin Yu immediately gives his subordinates an order.

That primeval forest is none other than the forest in which Qin Yu made a simple wooden ship when he was leaving the Qian Long continent at that time.

In just a while, he arrives at General Zhao Yunxing’s mansion. With a sweep of his holy sense, he cannot help frowning because he does not detect Master Zhao Yunxing and only detects Zhao Yunxing’s son, Zhao Yanyun.


Zhao Yanyun was already promoted to general and was originally going to command a large army in place of his father. But the emperor ordered him to stay home and calmly think about what had happened. Zhao Yanyun did not oppose that either. So, he has been staying together with his wife and son and, at the same time, earnestly studying some books on military tactics. Zhao Yanyun, who is meditating in a pavilion, suddenly hears a familiar voice —
“Big brother Yanyun.”
He turns his head to take a look and cannot help getting astonished: “3rd Prince!”
In the past, after Qin Yu had killed Xiang Yang, the Qin clan’s various armies gathered in the capital. Zhao Yunxing and his son then met Qin Yu. During those several months, Qin Yu and Zhao Yanyun got to know each other and came to like each other very much.

“So you’ve come back, 3rd Prince. This is very good. When did you come back?” Zhao Yanyun says with excitement.

Qin Yu says smilingly: “It’s already been some time. Right, where  is  master?  Why  isn’t  he  in  the  mansion?”  He  asks doubtfully. Zhao Yanyun, who just now was still excited, is startled. He then says with a sigh: “3rd Prince, my father …  he’s already dead. He died on the battlefield!”

His master already died?

Qin Yu’s face goes pale instantly. He only hears a series of explosions in his head, as if it has been hit by lightning. He takes several deep breaths. Only when the Meteoric Tear sends its clear streams to his head does he calm down.

“Big brother Yanyun, you said master had died on the battlefield? How was that possible? At that time he had already reached the peak of external practice. Who could have killed him on the battlefield? That was definitely impossible!” Qin Yu says in disbelief. He just cannot believe this outcome.

Zhao Yanyun’s eyes blaze: “Of course he wasn’t killed by ordinary soldiers. It was Shangxian, the Ming dynasty’s Shangxian. If not for those Shangxian, the Ming dynasty’s Jia Ling Pass would hav6e been broken through by my father. But they were so despicable that they even asked Shangxian to kill my father.”
“Shangxian? The Ming dynasty’s Shangxian? I get it.”
Qin Yu’s eyes shine very brightly with a terrifying hint of killing intent for a moment.


A light flashes. Qin Yu has disappeared completely. Seeing this scene, Zhao Yanyun cannot help getting startled. But he is immediately horrified as he realizes what Qin Yu wants to do.


“Yan Rui, take the 10,000 guards to the Qin dynasty’s capital.
Here’s the map.” With ice-cold eyes, Qin Yu instantly sends some rough information using his holy sense.

Now he wants to go the Imperial Palace instead of the Ming dynasty. He can feel a tinge of anomaly in the palace. Why did his big brother and 2nd brother not tell him about his master’s death at the hands of the Ming dynasty’s Shangxian? Given the character of the Qin clan’s members, they definitely cannot tolerate this. What happened actually?

A war that involved Shangxian must have been related to his father. But why is his father doing closed-door training again? Could this really be coincidental?


At night, outside the Imperial Palace,

Qin Feng, Qin Zheng and Qin De and Fengyuzi, who both have been doing closed-door training, are standing quietly. They are expanding their holy senses to the utmost waiting for Qin Yu attentively. After learning from Li’er that Qin Yu had gone to the home of General Zhao Yunxing, they knew that they definitely would not able to hide the truth from him. Now they are all here only because they want to stop Qin Yu.


A beam of light shoots towards them extremely fast.

“Yu’er.”   Noticing  Qin  Yu’s  aura,  Qin  De  and  Fengyuzi immediately say via holy sense communication. In an instant, Qin Yu lands on the ground.

“Father, Uncle Feng.”  As soon as Qin Yu sees his father’s appearance, he figures out some things. Because his father came out right after he had gone to Zhao Yunxing’s mansion, not much earlier, nor much later, it seems his conjecture is correct.

When Qin Yu is about to ask a question, his face suddenly changes color greatly — Both his father and Uncle Feng have unexpectedly, unexpectedly lost an arm!!!

“What happened? What happened, father? Was it the Ming dynasty’s Shangxian? They killed Master Zhao Yunxing and even cut off your arms? Aren’t there only 2 of them? And don’t you both have middle-grade holy weapons? How could they do this to you? What actually happened?”
Qin Yu asks continuously. At the moment he is about to go totally crazy.

Qin De looks smilingly at Qin Yu: “Calm down a bit, Yu’er. I lost only an arm and not my life. I know your character so I won’t hide the truth from you anymore. You’re right. The Ming dynasty originally had only 2 Shangxian, but now it has 5, one of whom is even the junior master of the Chaoyang school.”
Fengyuzi says: “Xiao Yu, the Chaoyang school is the no. 1 Xiuxian school within a million li of this place. It has several thousand disciples. My Pure Sword school is simply no match for them. That junior master is even an early Yuanying-stage expert. He only cut off an arm of each of us because … he disdained us.”
Fury keeps surging in Qin Yu.


Cutting off an arm of his father’s and Uncle Feng’s and sparing them out of disdain? Indeed, 2 Jindan stage Xiuzhenists of the Qian Long continent really do not mean diddlysquat in the eyes of someone like the junior master of the Chaoyang school. Killing them would only dirty his hands.

“Arrogant.” Qin Yu’s eyes are filled with killing intent. In his mind, he can already picture what happened.

That arrogant junior master cut off an arm of his father’s and Uncle Feng’s directly, causing blood to spurt profusely … Qin De looks at Qin Yu and says solemnly: “Yu’er, remember to restrain yourself when you still lack power. My severed arm isn’t important. But you must not be rash. Only when you’re strong enough can you seek revenge. Otherwise … you’ll die worthlessly for this cut-off arm of mine. Do you understand?”
Qin Yu clenches his fists so tight that the knuckles turn white.

Qin De knows his son’s character.

He believes that once his son recognizes the insurmountable gap between him and the Chaoyang school’s junior master, he definitely will not rashly go just to get killed. His son will only go all out for vengeance if he has at least a fifty-fifty chance of success.

“Don’t act on impulse, Xiao Yu.” Qin Feng and Qin Zheng also look at Qin Yu.

The Qin clan’s only hope rests upon Qin Yu. 
Even though they want revenge, they would rather not have it than see Qin Yu go to get killed.

“Chaoyang school! Ming dynasty’s Shangxian! Die!!!”
Qin Yu says in a deep voice, which sounds as if it comes from Hell. “Father, you and everybody else just wait here. I’ll be back very soon.” After saying so, he suddenly turns around.

“Xiao Yu, don’t do that.” Seeing Qin Yu acting this way, Qin De says hurriedly. He never expected Qin Yu to be so rash.

All of a sudden —
Sounds which are similar to the whistles of an incoming rain of countless arrows on the battlefield are heard. They cause the faces of Qin De, Fengyuzi, Qin Zheng and Qin Feng to change color. “Those  are  the  sounds  of  people  flying  their  swords extremely fast. There are so many of them!”  Fengyuzi’s face changes color like crazy.

They are flying on their swords so they are Xiuzhenists. And judging from the fact that their swords are even sounding like an endless rain of arrows, it is easy to imagine how terrifying they are. However, before Qin De and the others have time to think much, countless silhouettes shoot down from the sky like arrows.

This group lands densely outside the city wall.

Most of these Xiuzhenists then get down on one knee with a thud in unison. By contrast, the 4 people in the front bow very respectfully.

“Tower master!”
Their voices resound through the sky!

B8C6: Kill

Qin De, Qin Feng, Qin Zheng and Fengyuzi are dumbfounded as they hear those words.

Tower master?

Who is tower master?

Both Fengyuzi and Qin De can see how distinctive this large group of Xiuzhenists in front of them is because these Xiuzhenists are wearing very similar clothes, just like an army of mortals.

An army of Xiuzhenists?

At least Fengyuzi never saw such a group of Xiuzhenists when he was still in his Pure Sword school. “Xiuyaoists,  they  are  Xiuyaoists!”  Fengyuzi’s  face  changes color madly. He says to Qin De, Qin Feng, Qin Zheng and Qin Yu  via  holy  sense  communication  without  delay:  “As  far  as armies of Xiuzhenists are concerned, I’ve only heard that the Penglai Immortal Region has a guard army made up entirely of Xiuzhenists. Maybe the Purple Flame Devilish Dungeon also has one. But this group of Xiuyaoists comes from the greatest power, the underwater Xiuyao world. This tower master must be the leader of a big underwater power that can match the Penglai Immortal Region!”
Qin De, Qin Feng and Qin Zheng are astonished.

They have heard Fengyuzi talk about the Penglai Immortal Region. It is the center for Xiuxianists in the boundless overseas Xiuzhen world. But now, this so-called tower master is even the leader of a big underwater Xiuyaoist power on par with the Penglai Immortal Region. What kind of figure is this?

“Don’t just stand here in a daze, Yu’er. That tower master must be around. This large army of Xiuyaoists just knelt down in this direction of us so we should step aside quickly. If that tower master gets angry, that will be a huge disaster.” Qin De holds Qin Yu with a grab, wanting to pull him to one side. 
Qin Feng, Qin Zheng and Fengyuzi even look up and around but they simply cannot find that so-called ‘tower master.’
Fengyuzi suddenly says via holy sense communication: “Let’s go quickly. Don’t look. What kind of figure do you think that tower master is? They must be 10 or even 100 times stronger than the headmaster of my Pure Sword school. How can we possibly detect this kind of expert with our power? Let’s go quickly before that tower master gets angry. Quickly step aside.”
“Yu’er, there’s no need to take revenge hurriedly. Now the most important thing you have to do is leave with me.” Qin De says while paying attention to his surroundings.


Qin De, Fengyuzi, a mortal emperor like Qin Zheng and a mortal general like Qin Feng are all very terrified at the moment. On the Qian Long continent, where a Jindan stage Xiuzhenist is already considered Shangxian, such a large army of Xiuyaoists is really extremely fearsome. Not only are they numerous, totaling 10,000 in number, their clothes and flying swords are so standardized! They are obviously an army.

Deploying Xiuzhenists as troops, how can ordinary Xiuzhen schools possibly do something so impressive?
When it comes to Xiuxianists, only the legendary Penglai Immortal Region is capable of such a thing. This large army of Xiuyaoists obviously belongs to a superpower in the underwater Xiuyao world, which according to legend is the greatest force. What kind of figure is the leader of such an army?

With just a word, they can drown the world in blood! With just a lift of their hand, they can cause storms!

How can Qin De, Qin Zheng, Qin Feng and Fengyuzi possibly not be frightened and terrified by such a VIP and such a tower master? 
“Let’s go quickly. Quit thinking about revenge. Now it’s time to leave here quickly.” Qin De is so anxious that he attempts to drag Qin Yu to run away directly. However, no matter how hard he tries, Qin Yu remains motionless.

“Xiao Yu.”
Qin Zheng, Qin Feng, and Fengyuzi also pull Qin Yu hurriedly. At the moment they are all very frightened.

“Father, all of you just wait here. I’ll definitely destroy the thug who cut off your arms and killed my master to get revenge. Very soon, I’ll be back very soon.” Qin Yu looks at his father. The look in his eyes is firm like a huge rock.

“Xiao Yu!”
Qin De is extremely worried, as are Qin Zheng, Qin Feng and Fengyuzi. 
Qin Yu suddenly turns around and looks at the army.

“Attention, guardians Yan Rui, Liang Tan, Wu Yan and Xu Dong!”
Qin Yu’s grim, ice-cold voice rises.

“Take the 10,000 guards to the Ming dynasty’s capital, but you can’t go forwards alone ahead of the guards. As for the location of the Ming dynasty’s capital …” Qin Yu casts an ice- cold glance at the 4 guardians, “You only need to follow my aura as you go!”
Now the 4 guardians can also feel Qin Yu’s towering killing intent. They say very respectfully: “Yes, tower master!”
Qin Yu gives an order. 
Afterwards, he alone soars into the sky like a golden beam of light and rushes towards the Ming dynasty extremely fast. His speed has reached a frightening level. However, at this moment, 2 black silhouettes which are unexpectedly not much slower than Qin Yu shoot out from inside the capital and rush towards the Ming dynasty after him.

The 4 guardians immediately fly up, as do the 10 company leaders and 100 squad leaders. They lead the 10,000 guards heading straight for the Ming dynasty extremely fast, blotting out the sky in the process. Every Xiuyaoist is riding a flying sword.

The sounds similar to those caused by a rain of arrows are heard again as this large army of Xiuyaoists charges towards the Ming dynasty at a very high speed through the sky!

However, Qin De, Qin Feng, Qin Zheng and Fengyuzi seem to have been petrified.

They are dumbfounded. 
Or to be exact, their minds are blanks. For the moment, it is simply impossible for them to regain composure.

After a long time, Qin De is the first to wake up. He looks at Qin Zheng, Qin Feng and Fengyuzi. He finds what just happened hard to believe and is somewhat afraid of accepting it, just like when a beggar suddenly obtains a massive fortune: “Zheng’er, Feng’er, brother Feng, just now …  they, they said that …”
As the Qin emperor, Qin Zheng can be considered tough- minded, but at the moment his head is still spinning.

“It seems, it seems Xiao Yu is …  is that …  tower master.” When saying these words, he still finds them somewhat unbelievable and feels as if he is dreaming.

The same thing is happening to Qin De, Fengyuzi and Qin Feng. The leader of an underwater Xiuyaoist superpower comparable to the headquarters of Xiuxianists, the Penglai Immortal Region, is not someone Jindan stage Xiuzhenists like Qin De and Fengyuzi and a mortal emperor like Qin Zheng can compare with in status.

The gap is too great.

One is an emperor of mortals and the other is like an emperor of Xiuyaoists, but the Xiuyao emperor can annihilate the mortal world just by casually dispatching between a dozen and 20 Xiuyaoists. They are so far from each other like the sky and the ground.

“It seems Xiao Yu is that tower master.”
Fengyuzi feels his heart beating at the fastest rate it ever has since he became a Xiuzhenist. The pounding of his heart resounds in his ears unceasingly like thunder.

…… Killing intent!

Towering killing intent!

Just by closing his eyes, Qin Yu can recall the images of his father and Uncle Feng lacking an arm just now. At the same time, he can clearly recall strict Master Zhao Yunxing, who taught him how to train externally in the past and was the first to lead him into the path of practice.

He cannot believe that strict, meticulous Master Zhao Yunxing is dead! He also cannot believe both his father and amiable Uncle Feng got an arm cut off.

“Chaoyang school’s junior master! Ming dynasty’s Shangxian!”
The look in Qin Yu’s eyes is fierce and sharp like the flash of a sword that is unsheathed. It is terrifying. 
The 2 black silhouettes flying after Qin Yu are none other than Xiao Hei and Hou Fei. They immediately flew out of the capital when they heard the voices of that army from the Stellar Tower. Seeing Qin Yu’s unprecedented killing intent, they have said nothing.

All they have been doing is go behind him.

If Qin Yu wants to kill gods, they will kill gods with him. If Qin Yu wants to destroy devils, they will destroy devils with him.

Brotherhood means not abandoning your friends at the most crucial moments.

One golden beam of light in the front and 2 black beams of light in the back are shooting extremely fast towards the Ming dynasty. Their towering killing intent is sent out in all directions from the sky wherever they go. Even some Xiantian experts on the ground are horrified by it. In just a while,

The sounds similar to those of an endless rain of arrows terrify the guards of quite a few cities. As they look up, they only see countless indistinct blurs flash across the sky in an instant.

During this one night,

The Xiantian experts, the few Xiuzhenists and the guards of those cities on the straight line connecting the Qin dynasty’s capital with the Ming dynasty’s capital are all so frightened that their hearts tremble.

They can feel that —
Something big is going to get real!

…… Azure Dragon, Teng Shan and 2 guardians under them are wantonly enjoying fine wine in a courtyard.

All of a sudden —
“What strong killing intent.” Azure Dragon stops the flagon in his hand and slightly shuts his eyes. In an instant, he tells Teng Shan and the other 2 laughingly: “A good play is about to start. Want to go with me to take a look?”
“How could we dare to disobey your order, Overlord?” Teng Shan says smilingly.

Immediately, there is no one left in the manor.


The capital of the Ming dynasty, Qin Yu is flying across it directly in the sky. He turns his head around to take a look at that living compound in the distance outside the capital. He can feel clearly that there are quite a lot of Xiuxianists in there, but he comes here this time to find the Ming dynasty’s Shangxian and that Chaoyang school’s junior master who severed his father’s arm and killed his master!

The imperial palace!

Qin Yu stands in midair above it. His holy sense covers the entire palace in an instant. Given the current range of his holy sense, he can certainly do this with ease. However, there are only 2 weak Xiuxianists in the palace.

Like a speeding arrow!

Qin Yu shoots straight towards the imperial resting house then stands outside it. In the dark of the night, his flapping black robe and towering killing intent scare the guards of this house stiff. They do not even dare to make a sound.

He reaches out his right hand — “Ah, ah ~~”
A middle-aged man dressed in golden pajamas slowly flies out from the resting house while sounding like he is being choked at the throat by someone. That man’s face is swelling, red and full of terror. His feet are stepping about nonstop. It looks like he is being strangled.

Qin Yu pulls back his right hand. The middle-aged man immediately falls on the ground.

“You, who are you?” Zhu Yan points at Qin Yu and says in a terrified manner.

Now Qin Yu basically has no time, and he is in no mood to waste time on this Zhu Yan either: “Listen up. Where are the Shangxian of your Ming dynasty? Where’s that Chaoyang school’s junior master? What’s his name? If you talk rubbish, you’ll die!” Zhu Yan’s whole body cannot help trembling.

He has absolutely no doubt that the man in front of him can kill him. Even though he has seen so many Xiuxianists, he has never seen someone with such terrifying killing intent.

“There are only, only 2 Shangxian remaining in the imperial palace. The other 3 Shangxian have gone to that Realm of Immortals.” Cold sweat keeps oozing out on Zhu Yan’s forehead but he still says: “Realm of Immortals, Realm of Immortals is that living compound outside the city. There are several thousand Xiuxianists in there. Chaoyang school’s junior master, Chaoyang school’s junior master is also in there. He’s called Dongfang Yu, Dongfang Yu!”
Terrified, Zhu Yan finally tells Qin Yu everything.

“Very good!”
Qin Yu’s body soars into the sky. He is so fast that he immediately causes a sonic boom and a shock wave. Zhu Yan and the guards around him are sent flying in an instant. The roof of the building nearest him is even flipped over.

Xiao Hei and Hou Fei are standing in midair, looking at that imperial resting house.

“I’ve never seen big brother so furious.”  Xiao Hei says in a low and deep voice.

Hou Fei’s eyes flash with fierceness: “When someone so good- natured like big brother gets so angry, something serious must have happened. Let’s go, mixed hairy bird. I want to see who are so bold. I’ll turn them into minced meat with a blow of my stick.”
Hou Fei holds his black stick in his hand. He is boiling with killing intent.

Among the 3 brothers, he is the most violent. “Go.”
Hei Yu seems to have no killing intent at all, but Hou Fei knows that frosty Hei Yu is even more ruthless than he is when it comes to killing. Moreover, Hei Yu’s killing techniques are even stranger and crueler than his.

Outside the so-called Realm of Immortals outside the capital,

Qin Yu stands in midair. His eyes flash with coldness.

“Chaoyang school, Dongfang Yu, come out to die!”
His powerful voice resounds through the entire living compound. Even the people in the Ming dynasty’s capital can hear it clearly. All of the powerful families and high-ranking officials in the capital are terrified. Even everybody the Ming dynasty’s imperial palace is extremely frightened too.

“Who’s so arrogant?” “You just dug your own grave!”
“Dare to mess with my Chaoyang school? Who are you?”

A clamor of voices is heard. Various silhouettes then fly up on their swords. In an instant, there are already several hundred silhouettes in the sky, but many other Xiuxianists keep flying out from their respective dwelling places. Obviously these Xiuxianists are enraged by the fact that the enemy has come to their front door so arrogantly.

Qin Yu’s eyes flash with killing intent.

Because he is furious, he will not mind killing all of the Xiuxianists! “Dongfang Yu of the Chaoyang school comes out to die!” His voice rises again.

All of those Xiuxianists rage. In their eyes, this fellow in midair before them is too arrogant. They immediately curse him, causing a clamor of voices.

“Dongfang Yu dies, or all of you … die!”
Qin Yu’s last word contains his stellar energy. As soon as it is said, there seems to be an explosion. A terrifying force then blasts straight towards the Xiuxianists in front of him in the shape of a fan. It unexpectedly silences more than 1000 Xiuxianists in an instant.

There is only killing intent in Qin Yu’s eyes. His master was killed and his father and Uncle Feng both got an arm cut off so naturally he has become crazily furious.

If the Xiuxianists before him do not know how to behave, what will be waiting for them is … death!

B8C7: Yan Rui, Give My Order!

Various silhouettes keep flying out of the buildings on their swords. The number of Xiuxianists on the sky becomes larger and larger. However, the junior master of the Chaoyang school Dongfang Yu is still staying in the courtyard house of his father Dongfang Nian, the headmaster of the Chaoyang school. At this moment, after hearing Qin Yu’s voice, Dongfang Yu can no longer suppress his anger. He wants to charge out.

Dongfang Nian runs out of his room and shouts coldly.

Dongfang Yu does not dare to take another step. He immediately turns around and says in an irritated manner: “Father, I don’t know who that fella is, but he called me out directly in front of so many Xiuxianists and wants to kill me. He’s so arrogant and insolent. If I don’t come out to kill him, will I still have the face to meet other Xiuxianists?”
Dongfang Nian however has a very calm expression: “You disobedient son, what do you know? That man dares to call you out in front of so many Xiuxianists. To be able to do so, how can he possibly a weakling? Just stay here. You definitely can’t come out.”
“Father!” Dongfang Yu says hastily.

“Dongfang Yu dies, or all of you … die!”
Qin Yu’s last word is like a great crash of thunder, causing Dongfang Yu’s face to change color. He, who originally still had enough confidence to go fight the enemy, immediately cowers merely because of Qin Yu’s last word, which is charged with stellar energy.

“You stay here and must not go to any other places. There are so many fellow Xiuxianists outside so even though the enemy is strong, he won’t be able to break in.” Dongfang Nian dictates. Afterwards, he walks out calmly and gives an order: “School nephew Yan Yang, quickly go invite Reverend Yan Xu to preside over the situation.”
“Yes, headmaster.” Outside the room, Yan Yang immediately rushes towards Reverend Yan Xu’s dwelling place.

There is a faint cold smirk on Dongfang Nian’s face. With Reverend Yan Xu and several thousand Xiuxianists behind him, what is there for him to be afraid of? Without delay, he stands on his sword with his arms folded and calmly soars into the sky. He indeed has the distinctive demeanor of a grandmaster.

“I am Dongfang Nian of the Chaoyang school. My fellow Xiuxianist, may I ask why you have come to our place in such a big way? You should know that this is the staying place for the Xiuxianists summoned by Reverend Yan Xu of the Penglai Immortal Region. Regardless of what the feud between my son and you is, just by causing a clamor at this place, a territory of Reverend Yan Xu, you have been a bit too disrespectful to all fellow Xiuxianists here and to Reverend Yan Xu.”
Dongfang Nian says in a loud and clear voice.

Qin Yu sweeps his eyes on him. 
He is standing with arms folded on his sword. His long beard is flowing and his Xiuxian robe is fluttering, giving him an air of magnificence typical of immortals. In contrast, Qin Yu is overflowing with killing intent and his black robe is wide open and flapping, making him look like an evil god.

“Dongfang Nian …” Qin Yu stares at him, “You must be Dongfang Yu’s father. You’re pretty eloquent. I never expected you to force this matter on Reverend Yan Xu. But today I must kill Dongfang Yu. Are you going to hand him over or not?”
Qin Yu simply does not know who Dongfang Yu is. He has never seen him and does not know his aura either.

Even though now he wants to kill Dongfang Nian in front of him, he must at least find out who Dongfang Yu is first. Otherwise, Dongfang Yu may escape in the end, which will render his killing worthless.

“Ha-ha …” Dongfang Nian turns his face upwards and laughs out loud: “My fellow Xiuxianist, I’ve told you so much, but you’re still so arrogant. This place is the living compound for me and the other fellow Xiuxianists. We’ve come here under an order by Reverend Yan Xu, but you’ve caused a commotion at our front door and even asked me to hand over my son …”
A yellow-clad old man scolds loudly: “You’re alone but you’re so arrogant. You’ve thought too little of us.”
Qin Yu slightly frowns.

“Cut the crap.”
His eyes flash with coldness: “I only ask you one question, hand over or not? If you do, I’ll only kill Dongfang Yu. If you don’t … I’ll kill whoever tries to stop me!” He is simply in no mood to waste time on these people so he has given his ultimatum without delay.

“Don’t be so arrogant when you’re on your own. How can my Chaoyang school’s 1000 disciples and the other fellow Xiuxianists  here  possibly  let  you  cause  trouble?”  Dongfang Nian says with a cold laugh. But he secretly feels doubtful: “Oh, why hasn’t school nephew Yan Yang returned after leaving to invite Reverend Yan Xu? Also, even if he doesn’t invite him, why hasn’t Reverend Yan Xu come to take a look when there’s such a big commotion?”
Dongfang Nian does not know why Reverend Yan Xu has not appeared, but at the moment he is not worried in the least.

Although the enemy is powerful, he is all by himself.

“Kaka, big brother, don’t waste time talking to them. Just kill them all directly … It’s been a very long time since I last tasted blood.” A resounding voice suddenly rises. Hou Fei’s black silhouette then appears beside Qin Yu seemingly out of thin air.

Meanwhile, Hei Yu appears on the other side of Qin Yu.

Just now Hou Fei and Hei Yu were watching in the dark. Only when they saw that Qin Yu wanted to get into action did they come out.

“Xiuyaoists …” The demonic auras on Hei Yu’s and Hou Fei’s bodies are quickly detected.

Dongfang Nian’s anger instantly surges. He shouts: “My fellow Xiuxianists, the 3 people in front of us are unexpectedly Xiuyaoists. Several thousand of us have gathered here but these 3 Xiuyaoists look at us like we’re nothing and have threatened to kill those who try to stop them. Their insults have gone too far.”
“Little Xiuyaoists like them also dare to cause a commotion? My fellow Xiuxianists, I, Xunyangzi, vow to be the first to kill these 3 people.” A sharp-tongued Xiuxianist says loudly.

This sharp-tongued Xiuxianist then takes the lead in getting into action. The other Xiuxianists are also ready to act. Seeing this scene, Dongfang Nian cannot help giving a faint smirk.

A stick silhouette descends from the sky!

The sharp-tongued Xiuxianist, who has reached the late Yuanying stage, is smashed by that black stick without being able to put up any resistance. His blood and flesh are scattered in all directions. His soul is shattered by the energy of the stick and Hou Fei catches hold of his yuanying with a grab.

“Kaka, don’t you dare to be arrogant in front of me, late Yuanying midget.”
Hou Fei laughs out loud strangely then tightens his grip all of a sudden, which unexpectedly causes the yuanying in his palm to explode right away. The explosion of this late Yuanying- stage yuanying cannot harm his body at all.


All of the Xiuxianists, who just now were ready for action, is dumbfounded. Hou Fei is too strong. 
Late Yuanying-stage Xiuxianists are already the no. 1 experts of some small schools. Even in such a large school as the Chaoyang school, the no. 1 expert is only at the early Dongxu stage. On the whole, only the center for Xiuxianists, the Penglai Immortal Region, has more powerful experts.

However, the Penglai Immortal Region is too far from here. All of the Xiuxianists who have come by now live within several million li of this place so the strongest among them only belong to the same tier as Dongfang Nian.

Hu hu ~~~~~

Countless sounds come through the air from the horizon like a violent storm. Is that an incoming rain of arrows? Perhaps only mortals would think so. The Xiuxianists at the scene all realize that those are the sounds caused by Xiuzhenists flying their swords at extreme speeds.

Those Xiuzhenists densely occupy a large area and blot out the sky. 
Dongfang Nian and the other Xiuxianists all look at that group of Xiuyaoists who are flying towards them in the distance. They cannot decide the enemies’ number, but after a simple observation, they can tell that the enemies outnumber them, and even worse, to a considerable extent!

“Xiuyaoists, it’s Xiuyaoists!”  Some Xiuxianists immediately begin to yell.

The faces of all the Xiuxianists change color greatly. 3 Xiuyaoists appeared moments ago and now a large group of other Xiuyaoists has appeared. Anybody with some brain can establish a connection between these 2 events.

The Xiuyaoists land on the ground in an orderly manner like countless black flashes according to a square formation, which is a combination of the individual formations of the 10 companies. In front of them are the 4 guardians, with Yan Rui being the leader.

“Tower master.” The 10,000 guards get down on one knee while Yan Rui and the other guardians bow.

“Tower master? An army of guards? Xiuyaoists? Ah, it’s the Stellar Tower!” The high-status Xiuxianists quickly realize who they are.

These Xiuxianists live within several millions li of this place and Qin Yu controls an area of water that is several tens million li in radius so it can be said that the waters under these Xiuxianists are all controlled by Qin Yu. Therefore, these school leaders certainly know about this Stellar Tower.

After all, in the underwater Xiuyao world, only the Stellar Tower has a guard army and uses the title ‘tower master.’
The Xiuxianists, who just now were bursting with morale, are all terrified. Good Heavens! What kind of power is the Stellar Tower? It is comparable to the Penglai Immortal Region, no less! If they oppose it, perhaps the tower master will only need to give an order and its large army of guards will fly out from the bottom of the ocean to destroy their schools and dens.

Dongfang Nian now knows that the situation is bad too. “Stellar Tower, I never expected it to be the Stellar Tower. Then not only are the waters around the island of my Chaoyang school under the control of the Stellar Tower, just by giving an order, perhaps he can destroy my Chaoyang school’s foundation immediately too.” He has panicked so he says hurriedly: “Tower master …”
However Qin Yu has no patience to give him a chance.

“Kill all of the Chaoyang school’s 1000 men, sparing no one, to  comfort  my  master’s  soul  in  Heaven.”  Qin  Yu  gives  the massacring order.

“Yes, tower master!”
The 10,000 Xiuyaoists charge at the group of Xiuxianists. Discipline is the very obvious difference between an army and disbanded soldiers. Facing the attack of so many Xiuyaoists, those Xiuxianists all lose their heads. They either evade or use escaping techniques. Even those who counterattack are in disarray, some using spells, some using flying swords, and one even swinging a long piece of red silk …
The whole thing is just a mess!

“5  companies  in  the  front,  shoot  your  flying  swords together!” The leader of the 1st company shouts.

Immediately, 5000 flying swords pierce through the air to come at the enemies. Because there are Xiuxianists in the front and there are Xiuxianists at the back, the ones in the front immediately have to face so many flying swords. On average, each of them has to face even several tens flying swords. The outcome of this situation is —
Those who react fast run away through the ground while the slow ones have so many holes pierced in them like bee nests.

However, after piercing through a person, the swords keep shooting forwards — When the 5000 flying swords have gone through the rearmost Xiuxianists, they thrust down at the ground. The few fleeing Xiuxianists are also stabbed to death. Various anguished cries are heard again.

In just one wave of flying sword attack, more than half of the Chaoyang school’s 1000 disciples have been killed. This scene stuns the other Xiuxianists. Even if they want to do the same thing, they will not be able to because they can see that, not only do the swords of a company look coordinated, even the
100 flying swords of a squad followed very ingenious trajectories and were in concert with each other when shooting out. Only several years of training can produce this result. Moreover, this also has something to do with the fact that the flying swords are exactly alike.

“5 companies at the back, Palms of Thunder!” Another order is given.

The other 5000 Xiuyaoists, who spent a long time preparing themselves and have become ready, immediately strike down using Palms of Thunder. This is not a very formidable technique at all. It only absorbs the power of lightning through the use of restrictive spells. One Palm of Thunder is negligible, but how about 5000 Palms of Thunder?

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! ……
Explosions are heard continuously —
Why has Reverend Yan Xu not appeared yet?

At the moment, in Reverend Yan Xu’s dwelling place,

Reverend Yan Xu, Reverend Huo Tian and Reverend Di Feng are drinking tea and chatting with Azure Dragon.
“Overlord Azure Dragon, you set up a restrictive spell around us so that nobody would hear our voices but you’ve only been chatting with us. What’s the secret matter that you actually want to talk about?” Reverend Huo Tian has become somewhat impatient. Not long ago, Azure Dragon came and said he wanted to discuss a ‘secret’ matter. 
However, even though it has been some time since he sealed their vicinity with a restrictive spell, all he has been doing is chat with them.

Sometimes he chatted about the Ziyang school, sometimes he chatted about the Lanyang school, and sometimes he chatted about the Teng Long continent …
Azure Dragon came to their place so late at night and even set up a restrictive spell around them only to chat? But because he is in an extremely high position of power, the 3 reverends do not dare to treat him coldly either.

This restrictive spell was set up by Azure Dragon so other people’s holy senses cannot penetrate it, but his own holy sense can.

“Ha-ha, the fight has started. Good, excellent, awesome, oh my, Xiuxianists are really too weak. We Xiuyaoists are much stronger.”  Azure Dragon is laughing in his mind but he still says smilingly: “Yan Xu, do you still remember the fight between us several hundred years ago? Recalling that fight really …”
Reverend Yan Xu slightly frowns too.

He came here so late at night and set up a restrictive spell only to talk about these silly things?

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! ……
Suddenly, there are sounds of violent shocks and the whole ground begins to shake. The teacups of the 4 of them all tumble down. The restrictive spell can prevent noise but the shaking caused by 5000 Palms of Thunder is really too strong, just like an earthquake.

“No good.”
Reverend Yan Xu stands up abruptly. The faces of both Reverend Huo Tian and Reverend Di Feng change color greatly. The 3 of them immediately glare at Azure Dragon. They know that something serious must have happened outside and that Azure Dragon is here only to distract them.

“Ha-ha …”  Azure Dragon laughs out loud while holding his stomach. “This is so funny. Let me tell you something, Yan Xu. The fighting outside is intense. Oh my, that pitiful child’s yuanying  is  pierced  through  by  a  sword!”  At  the  moment, Azure Dragon is watching the big fight outside using his holy sense.

The 3 reverends are now in no mood to talk with Azure Dragon. They rush out without delay. 3 flying swords are then shot out simultaneously.


The swords immediately cut open the restrictive spell.

Although this is a restrictive spell set up by Azure Dragon, the 3 reverends joined forces and went all out so naturally they succeeded in one move. They then pierce through the air to rush towards the battlefield. Azure Dragon, however, leisurely goes forwards, murmuring: “Have Teng Shan and the others muddied the waters a bit more? This is very amusing, too amusing already.”

3 blurs are flashing about. One is like a golden beam of light, one looks like a black stick and one is a black light. Among them, the ‘black light’ Hei Yu transformed into is strange because when it passes through a man, that man immediately dies. Thus, various Xiuxianists fall down one after another. In just a short while, these 3 blurs have already killed over 100 Xiuxianists. Afterwards, they stop and turn into Qin Yu, Hou Fei and Hei Yu.

“That’s enough, brother Teng Shan.”
Qin Yu looks at Teng Shan and says indifferently.

Teng Shan and the 2 guardians under him laugh out loud. Teng Shan says: “Who in the world are these Xiuxianists, tower master Qin Yu? I can’t stand them. I was merely helping you teach them a lesson.”
At first Qin Yu was only prepared to kill the Chaoyang school’s disciples but Teng Shan and his 2 subordinate guardians unexpectedly pretended to be the Stellar Tower’s Xiuyaoists and killed the other schools’ Xiuxianists. The whole thing immediately became a mess so Qin Yu and his 2 brothers had no choice but to get into action to cut the knot.

In just a while, more than half of the Xiuxianists have died, amounting to more than 2000.
Even though only 2000 Xiuxianists came here several months ago in the beginning, more Xiuxianists have come here successively since then, and therefore the number of Xiuxianists here has nearly reached 4000. Now that more than half of them are dead, the Xiuxianists’ power has suffered a great loss. In contrast, the Xiuyaoists under Qin Yu have utilized formations to take care of each other so they have lost only 10-odd individuals. This is the difference between an army and disbanded troops. “Brother Teng Shan, after such a long time, Reverend Yan Xu still hasn’t shown up. He should have been obstructed by Overlord Azure Dragon, right?” Qin Yu says with an indifferent smile.

Seeing Teng Shan and his 2 guardians without seeing Azure Dragon, Qin Yu has already figured out what is going on.

Teng Shan gives a ha-ha laugh.

Qin Yu turns his head to look at Dongfang Nian, whose power has been sealed up. However, at the moment Dongfang Nian looks like he would rather die than submit. Seeing Qin Yu looking at him, he asks: “Why, why don’t you give me a glimmer of hope?”
“It’s because …  I don’t need you to tell me.”  Qin Yu walks towards him.

Dongfang Nian says: “Don’t you want to kill my son? Why do you have to destroy my Chaoyang school? If you agree not to destroy my Chaoyang school, I’ll tell you where my son is immediately. Please, please agree to this.”
“No, I won’t.”
Qin Yu walks up to Dongfang Nian.

Suddenly his face becomes ferocious: “Agree? You want me to agree? Why did your son kill my master instead of going easy on him? Also, your son even dared to cut off an arm of my father’s and Uncle Feng’s out of disdain. Right, your Chaoyang school is big so that Dongfang Yu or something has high status while my father has low status … my master’s life is worthless

Qin Yu’s killing intent suddenly surges forth.

“Screw you, Dongfang Nian. Quit dreaming. Your son killed my master and cut off my father’s and uncle’s arm. Even the extermination of your entire Chaoyang school won’t be able to relieve the hatred in my heart!!!” All of a sudden, he executes a claw strike and grabs Dongfang Nian’s head.

“Ah ~~~”  Dongfang Nian cries miserably. His face changes color to the point where his head looks like that of a corpse.

Xiumo secret technique — Soul Examination!

Qin Yu pulls back his right hand and says indifferently: “Reverend Yan Xu, why don’t you show yourself when you’ve already arrived?” He has guessed earlier that Reverend Yan Xu should have already escaped from Azure Dragon’s containment.

“Tower master Qin Yu, Dongfang Yu killed your master and severed an arm of your father’s and uncle’s so he must die. But people should be spared whenever possible. So, can I suggest that you let the Chaoyang school go this time?” Reverend Yan Xu walks out. Reverend Huo Tian and Reverend Di Feng behind him also look at Qin Yu. Qin Yu smiles brilliantly at Reverend Yan Xu.

“Yan Rui, give Zhuang Zhong my order. Immediately dispatch an army of guards from the Stellar Tower to destroy the Chaoyang school. Any obstructers are to be killed on the spot.” He can give the order by himself but he lets Yan Rui help him because he wants to show Reverend Yan Xu his action.

Yan Rui immediately takes out a transmitter.

“Tower master Qin Yu, you …” The face of Reverend Yan Xu changes color.

“Ha-ha, brother Qin Yu is really straightforward. I admire you, ha-ha. I’m on your side in this. Since you say you want to kill these Xiuxianists, I’ll help you, ha-ha …” Azure Dragon, who has been watching from one side for a long time, also pops up and walks to the side of Qin Yu while laughing out loud.

B8C8: Brave And Shrewd

“Azure Dragon.”  Reverend Yan Xu looks at Azure Dragon, slightly annoyed.

This time, the matter becoming such a mess must have something to do with Azure Dragon secretly adding fuel to the fire. However, still thinking that this is not chaotic enough, Azure Dragon has even come to offer Qin Yu his support. Reverend Yan Xu can also tell that at the moment Qin Yu is like a gunpowder barrel that can explode anytime.

Azure Dragon wags his head smilingly and says: “What’s up, Yan Xu? Qin Yu is my good brother. The Stellar Tower is also a power of underwater Xiuyaoists. At any rate, my Azure Dragon Palace is acknowledged as the leader under water. If I didn’t support my brother, would I have to support you old geezer instead?”
More than 10 Xiuxianists run up to Reverend Yan Xu. The leader bows and says: “Reverend Yan Xu, this Stellar Tower master relied on superior power to massacre us and the other fellow Xiuxianists at will. We hope you can redress the balance for us.” “We hope you can redress the balance for us.”  The 10-odd Xiuxianist leaders say in unison.

Hearing this, Qin Yu frowns and casts an ice-cold glance at them. The Xiuxianists’ hearts cannot help trembling. They unconsciously look at Reverend Yan Xu. The Chaoyang school’s disciples have been annihilated and Qin Yu has even killed Dongfang Nian with his own hands so even though he is still furious, he can already calmly consider the situation.

In fact Qin Yu is not the bloodthirsty type at all. Only he has not had many real friends and relatives since his childhood so he values every friend and relative very much. The killing of his master and the severing of his father’s and Fengyuzi’s arm have given rise to an extremely great enmity in him.

One should know that he was even willing to perish together with an enemy for the sake of his father. It is easy to imagine how important his relatives are to him. Cutting off an arm of Qin De’s and Fengyuzi’s is also the biggest mistake Dongfang Yu has ever made in his life. Luckily, he only severed an arm of each of them. If he had killed Qin De, perhaps by now Qin Yu would have already lost that tinge of calmness and would kill all of the Xiuxianists here, and even
the Ming dynasty would get mixed up in this.

“Shut up. Do you think Reverend doesn’t know how to deal with  this  matter?”   Reverend  Huo  Tian  however  rebukes angrily.

In an instant, those 10-odd Xiuxianists no longer dare to say anything. As mere Xiuxianists who came from within a radius of several million li, naturally they are inferior to the 3 big leaders of the Penglai Immortal Region in status and therefore they do not dare to say one word when reprimanded.

“Bunch of idiots with no sense of propriety.”  Azure Dragon says laughingly. It is very obvious that he looks down on those 10-odd Xiuxianist leaders.

Do those Xiuxianists not understand the situation? 
In terms of individual power, Azure Dragon is the no. 1 expert of the overseas Xiuzhen world. In terms of forces, the 10,000 strong army of the Stellar Tower is enough to sweep away the 2000 remaining Xiuxianists. But these Xiuxianists still absurdly hope Reverend Yan Xu will redress the balance. Is Reverend Yan Xu a fool?

“Gentlemen,  I’ll  certainly  handle  this  matter.  Everybody better go back to have a rest first.” Reverend Yan Xu tells the 10- odd Xiuxianist leaders smilingly.

The hearts of those Xiuxianists warm up. They immediately bow and retreat then lead the surviving Xiuxianists back to their own dwelling places. Although some Xiuxianists are still fairly angry, they do not dare to say anything when they see the large army of the Stellar Tower.

“Oh, where’s tower master Qin Yu?” Right after his talk with the Xiuxianists, Reverend Yan Xu notices that Qin Yu has already disappeared. Azure Dragon says laughingly: “Yan Xu, Qin Yu has gone over there. Just turn around and take a look. Oh my, brother Qin Yu’s killing intent is so strong. I think there’ll definitely be a good show.” After saying this, Azure Dragon goes after Qin Yu.

Reverend Yan Xu turns around to take a look. He also sees Qin Yu walking step by step towards Dongfang Nian’s dwelling place.

Thanks to using the Xiumo secret technique Soul Examination, Qin Yu already knows that Dongfang Yu is hiding in none other than that dwelling place. With a sweep of his holy sense, Qin Yu discovers that there is only one man in Dongfang Nian’s dwelling place at the moment. That man is at the early Yuanying stage and the elemental energy inside his body is typical of the Chaoyang school. Furthermore, he looks very similar to Dongfang Nian.

“Dongfang Yu.” A faint cold smirk appears on the corners of Qin Yu’s mouth. “He’s still very obedient to his father.”
In his mind, Qin Yu has no doubt that this man is exactly Dongfang Yu. 
Step by step, Qin Yu does not use any flying techniques at all and just slowly takes one step forwards after another. Under the coverage of his holy sense, it is simply impossible for Dongfang Yu to escape his notice. The killing intent on Qin Yu’s body also intensifies gradually.

“Dongfang Yu!”
Qin Yu’s voice suddenly rises —
At the moment, a minute feels like a year to Dongfang Yu because he was able to hear those loud noises of the fighting outside, the anguished dying cries of various Xiuxianists and the terrifying explosions caused by the 5000 Palms of Thunder. Only now does he know how powerful the enemies are.

“Who is it actually? Who is it that wants to kill me?”
Dongfang Yu simply does not know who he actually offended. He believes that he has been living his life very cleverly because he has never dared to be disrespectful to any formidable personages. With such a style of behavior, how could he have offended someone? Dongfang Yu just cannot understand.

The sounds of fighting have stopped.

But Dongfang Yu is even more terrified.

“Is it over? What’s the outcome? Why hasn’t father come back to tell me about the outcome? Could it be my Chaoyang school has lost and father has lost? No way, that’s absolutely impossible.” Cold sweat oozes out on his forehead as he keeps shaking his head talking to himself.

He simply does not dare to take half a step out of this courtyard house. He can only stay here.

“Dongfang Yu!” Soon after this voice rises, Dongfang Yu quickly decides that it is the very same voice which said “Dongfang Yu dies, or all of you … die!” in the beginning. Now, as he hears this voice, his heart trembles.


“Dongfang Yu, come out to die.”
Qin Yu says coldly while gradually going forwards step by step.

Using his holy sense, Qin Yu can see clearly that Dongfang Yu is in fear at the moment. He wants to torment him, torment his nerves and terrifies him so that he goes mad. Qin Yu keeps advancing slowly towards his target.

Reverend Yan Xu and Azure Dragon totally understand the meaning of Qin Yu’s current actions. “Poor little brat Dongfang, damn, who told him to offend people?” Azure Dragon gives a sarcastic remark on one side.

“Dongfang Yu killed tower master Qin Yu’s master and cut off an arm of his father’s and uncle’s. He has only himself to blame for tower master Qin Yu acting this way.” Reverend Yan Xu lets out a sigh and says. He seems to be somewhat sorry for Dongfang Yu.

Azure Dragon however curls his lips, saying: “Hypocrite.”
As the leaders of 2 major powers, both Azure Dragon and Reverend Yan Xu are not the soft-hearted type. Actually, at the moment they have no sympathy for Dongfang Yu at all. Reverend Yan Xu’s pity is merely a pose.

Xiuzhenists go against Heaven and frequently fight each other for treasures. To them, power is the most important thing! If Azure Dragon and Reverend Yan Xu were soft-hearted, perhaps they would have been dead for nobody knows how many years now. To be soft-hearted, you must have enough power first. When you are as powerful as a 9th tribulation loose immortal, a 10th tribulation loose immortal, or even a 12th tribulation loose immortal, if you are soft-hearted, people will praise you for being merciful and lofty.

But when you are only an ordinary Dongxu stage Xiuzhenist, if you are benign, people will think that you are stupid. If you are benign while the other people are cruel, it will be a strange thing if you can survive in this Xiuzhen world, where dangers lurk around you.

In going against Heaven, one wrong step will destroy 1000 years of hard work, therefore most Xiuzhenists are tough- minded. Even those who look kind-hearted on the outside are actually resolute and ruthless. At a crucial moment, they will not show any mercy.

Azure Dragon, Reverend Yan Xu, Teng Shan, Reverend Huo Tian, Reverend Di Feng and the 2 Azure Dragon Palace guardians all follow Qin Yu. Through their holy senses, they can see clearly Dongfang Yu’s terrified appearance. He is terrified by Qin Yu’s words. Death is not terrifying at all. But having to knowingly wait for death’s arrival without being able to avoid it is very terrifying.

Qin Yu has already reached the outside of that courtyard house’s front door. Now his killing intent is so strong that even Dongfang Yu inside the house can totally feel it.

Dongfang Yu’s face suddenly becomes frighteningly ferocious. He cannot take it anymore. With a scream, he activates the energy in his entire body and immediately rides his flying sword to soar straight into the sky, reaching his top speed in an instant.

Qin Yu turns into a golden beam of light in the blink of an eye.

Bang! The golden light beam starts off later but quickly gets above Dongfang Yu. Afterwards, a huge golden palm appears and hits Dongfang Yu on the back squarely with a bang. Dongfang Yu is immediately smacked down like a nail.

The ground shakes for a while after Dongfang Yu’s body smashes violently onto some bluestone slabs of the courtyard house. The bluestone slabs are immediately shattered while Dongfang Yu’s whole body is bloodied. He props himself up on his arms with difficulty. He wants to get up but his internal organs hurt so much that he spouts another mouthful of blood.

Qin Yu suddenly appears before Dongfang Yu.

Lying prone on the ground, Dongfang Yu sees Qin Yu’s feet and raises his head to look at Qin Yu’s ice-cold face. Afterwards, he  looks  around  and  says  in  terror:  “Where’s  my  father? Where’s my father? Where are the men of my Chaoyang School?”
“From now on, the Chaoyang School no longer exists.”  Qin Yu says coldly. 
Dongfang Yu does not react immediately. After a moment, he understands Qin Yu’s meaning. His Chaoyang School has been destroyed!

“Why? Why do you want to do this? Where did I offend you? Why are you so ruthless?”  Even now Dongfang Yu does not collapse mentally because he does not value the members of his school. What he values is his own little life.

There is still the last glimmer of hope at the bottom of his heart!

“You want to kill me? Then can you tell me where I offended you? If you don’t tell me clearly, I won’t be resigned to my death.” Dongfang Yu says while staring at Qin Yu.

He believes that, whatever happens, he has never offended powerful people. The people he has killed were all small fries that he totally looked down upon. He simply has never dared to kill big fishes. “You killed General Zhao Yunxing of the Qin dynasty in that battle at Jia Ling Pass, didn’t you? General Zhao Yunxing was my first master.” Qin Yu says in an ice-cold, flat voice.

Dongfang Yu’s face immediately goes pale.

He remembers that general had a natural air of fierceness. Even when facing Dongfang Yu, the general still attacked him fiercely with no regard for his own life. In the beginning, Dongfang Yu did not protect his body with elemental energy because of his carelessness so he suffered a surface wound. In the end, he killed that general out of anger. However, even after his death, the general was still glaring furiously at Dongfang Yu.

“Of the 2 current Shangxian of the Qin dynasty, one is my father and the other is my uncle.” Qin Yu continues.

Dongfang Yu’s entire body freezes. His eyes dull.

“How can, how can …” Dongfang Yu mumbles. His eyes become lifeless. Now he no longer has any hopes of surviving. 
A golden light flickers in Qin Yu’s hand. Several shafts of light shoot into Dongfang Yu’s body and seal up his yuanying completely. Given Qin Yu’s current power, Dongfang Yu has no chance of breaking the seal at all.

“Guardian Liang Tan, you take a 100 strong squad and escort this Dongfang Yu back to the capital so that my father and brothers can deal with him and address the issue of lodging for all of you.” Qin Yu gives an order directly. Guardian Liang Tan among the 4 guardians outside the courtyard house takes the order without delay.


“Your Majesty, heavy fighting broke out in the Realm of Immortals outside the city. Very many of the Shangxian who were staying in the Realm of Immortals have already died.” An old eunuch beside Zhu Yan says respectfully.

At the moment, Zhu Yan’s demeanor is totally different from the disgraceful demeanor he had when captured by Qin Yu. 
“Very  many  have  died?  Could  that  black-robed  man  have done this single-handedly?” He says frowningly.

The old eunuch says: “No, he couldn’t. According to the experts who were watching from the city gate towers, in the beginning that black-robed man issued a battle challenge alone, but later … a large number of Shangxian came. They even blotted out the entire sky. That group of Shangxian greatly outnumbered the Shangxian we welcomed in the past. But those Shangxian were on the side of the black-robed man.”
Zhu Yan understands.

The old eunuch continues: “The black-robed man then gave an order, which caused the deaths of so many Shangxian in the Realm of Immortals. Your Majesty, do you know at that time countless lightning bolts struck down? That scene scared all the officers and soldiers on the city gate towers stiff.”
“Where  is  that  black-robed  Shangxian  now?”   Zhu  Yan slightly frowns then asks. 
The old eunuch says: “That black-robed Shangxian is still in the Realm of Immortals. According to the experts who were watching from the city gate towers, the leaders of the Realm of Immortals, who are those reverends or something, later appeared and talked a bit with the black-robed man. By now,
the black-robed man has already entered the Realm of Immortals.”
“Oh …”
Zhu Yan ponders. The old eunuch does not dare to say a word.

The Ming dynasty had been falling into decadence but its imperial power has increased greatly during Zhu Yan’s reign. Although Zhu Yan lusts for beautiful women and has even used corrupted, insincere officials, the power of his empire has been improving nonstop and his army has also become increasingly stronger. “Prepare for a visit to the Realm of Immortals. I want to meet this black-robed Shangxian again.” Zhu Yan orders all of a sudden.

“Your Majesty.”  The old eunuch is greatly shocked. “Your Majesty, this black-robed man is the thief who damaged the imperial resting house. His power is so terrifying …”
“Huh?” Zhu Yan gives a cold humph and casts an ice-cold glance at the old eunuch.

The eunuch’s heart skips a beat. Immediately, he does not dare to say anything else and takes the order. This old eunuch is the leader of the secret army under Zhu Yan. He is an expert who has reached the peak of the Xiantian level but he still has to tread carefully in front of Zhu Yan.

B8C9: Li’er’s Magic Power

“Tower master Qin Yu, there’s one thing I have to warn you about.” Reverend Yan Xu suddenly says to Qin Yu solemnly.

Hearing Reverend Yan Xu’s current tone, Qin Yu feels that it seems to be some important matter so he restrains his temper, saying: “What is the matter that you want to warn me about, Reverend Yan Xu? Please feel free to tell me.”
Reverend Yan Xu says with a nod: “According to what you said, your father is a man of the Qin dynasty, so let me ask you something. Who is your father? And what is the relationship between you and the Qin emperor?”  Instead of talking about that matter, Reverend Yan Xu begins to ask Qin Yu.

“The reigning Qin emperor is my 2nd brother. Who do you think my father is?” Qin Yu says.

Reverend Yan Xu says smilingly: “Indeed.” Azure Dragon unexpectedly also says: “Yan Xu, I already know what you want to say. Brother Qin Yu, I really have to warn you a bit about this matter but somehow I forgot to tell you about it.”
Qin Yu frowns. When both Reverend Yan Xu and Azure Dragon have said so, what is this important matter actually?

“Don’t beat around the bush, Overlord Azure Dragon, Reverend Yan Xu. If you have something to tell me, quickly go ahead and tell me. What is this matter that can make you act so cautiously? It seems to be an exceptionally important matter.” Qin Yu has become doubtful.

Reverend Yan Xu asks: “Qin Yu, if war breaks out between your Qin dynasty and the other dynasties, you will send the Stellar Tower’s army to help it, won’t you?”
Qin Yu says smilingly: “Of course I will. If difficult problems arise, it’ll be perfectly normal for me to help. I can’t stand watching my relatives be unhappy without batting an eyelid.” If he lacked power then there would be nothing he could do, but now that he has the Stellar Tower, naturally he wants to help his relatives.

Reverend Yan Xu laughs: “Then you’ll be courting death.”
“You’ll be courting death.” Azure Dragon also says.

Qin Yu is startled and looks doubtfully at the 2 of them.

Azure  Dragon  explains:  “Brother  Qin  Yu,  let  me  tell  you something. Perhaps you’ve also heard about the Chaotic Astral Ocean. Those loose immortals in the Chaotic Astral Ocean once gave an order that the Qian Long continent is a continent of mortals and Xiuzhenists definitely can’t interfere in the fighting for power between the mortal countries.”
“If Xiuzhenists control a mortal country and then … get found out, they will inevitably be killed.” Reverend Yan Xu says solemnly. Azure Dragon says with a nod: “Qin Yu, that uncle of yours is powerful, but this order came from the Chaotic Astral Ocean countless years ago and is jointly approved by all loose immortals. It’s an order of the loose immortal community so even your Uncle Lan has to accept it.”
Qin Yu is startled.

“Then   how   do   you   explain   the   current   countries’ Shangxian?” He asks doubtfully.

Reverend   Yan   Xu   says   laughingly:   “Those   so-called Shangxian are merely some Jindan-stage Xiuzhenists. How can they possibly know about this? Besides, a couple of Xiuzhenists don’t have great influence on the general situation of the mortal world.”
Azure Dragon also says: “Qin Yu, listen carefully. Those loose immortals’ order was that they didn’t wish to see the mortal countries controlled by Xiuzhenists. Their meaning is very clear, that is, the Qian Long continent is a continent of mortals and controlled by mortals. You’ll be okay as long as you don’t violate this idea.” Qin Yu immediately understands.

“I see. Will I break the rule if I send some subordinates to protect my relatives? They’ll only serve as bodyguards.”  He quickly figures out a possible way to exploit this order.

Azure Dragon says laughingly: “Of course you won’t. Remember, if you don’t kill an emperor openly or lead an army of Xiuyaoists to go kill mortal armies or control a mortal monarch, there won’t be a problem.”
Qin Yu totally understands the intention of those unfathomable loose immortals in the Chaotic Astral Ocean.

These loose immortals want the Qian Long continent to remain as a continent of mortals, nothing more. Whoever violates this rule will be punished by them!

“Reverend, that emperor of the Ming dynasty requests for an audience with you.” A disciple runs in and says. 
“Zhu Yan? Let him come in.” Reverend Yan Xu says smilingly.

Qin  Yu  stands  up  and  says:  “Reverend  Yan  Xu,  Overlord Azure Dragon, I’m leaving here now.” When there is nothing left to deal with, why should he stay here instead of returning?

“Greetings, Reverend Yan Xu.” Zhu Yan, however, has walked in. When he suddenly sees Qin Yu, his face is full of terror and disbelief. “You, you are … the black-robed …”
Qin Yu looks at Zhu Yan and says indifferently: “Yes, I’m that black-robed man who caught you to ask about the location of Dongfang Yu.”
Zhu Yan seems to be extremely terrified by seeing Qin Yu. He then breathes deeply to suppress his fear and says respectfully: “I am Zhu Yan, emperor of the Ming dynasty. May I ask who you are, senior?”
“Me?” Qin Yu suddenly gives a faint smile. 
“Qin Zheng is my 2nd brother!”
When his voice is still resounding, his body has already vanished.

“Qin Zheng … 2nd brother …” Zhu Yan’s eyes pop out of his head. His face is full of shock. His shock is half pretended and half genuine, but he really never expected the black-robed man to be a brother of the Qin emperor’s.

He wakes up in a moment and looks around: “Where are they?”
“Don’t look. They are already gone.” Azure Dragon says with a ha-ha laugh.

…… A grand army of Xiuyaoists is flying extremely fast in the sky, heading for the Qin dynasty’s capital. Yan Rui and 2 other guardians are leading this army. Qin Yu and his 2 sworn brothers started to move ahead of them long ago.

On a city gate tower of the Qin dynasty’s capital,

Qin De, Qin Zheng, Qin Feng and Fengyuzi are standing, looking in the direction of the Ming dynasty’s capital. The 4 of them have been waiting for Qin Yu on this tower since Qin Yu left, taking the large army of Xiuyaoists with him.

Guardian Liang Tan already escorted Dongfang Yu back. Qin De only gave an order to lock him up for later punishment. Now what Qin De wants the most is a nice discussion with his 3rd son!

What actually happened?

His 3rd son left the Qian Long continent just 10 years ago, how was he able to become the Stellar Tower’s master? 
Pleasant surprise? Doubt? Disbelief? Nervousness?

There are all kinds of feelings in the hearts of Qin De and the other 3 at the moment.

A golden light beam shoots extremely fast towards them in the distance. Their eyes brighten at once. Following a perfect curved path, that golden light beam dives down and lands directly on the city gate tower. It then turns into a man, who is none other than Qin Yu.

“Father.” Qin Yu looks at his father Qin De.

Qin De, Qin Zheng, Qin Feng and Fengyuzi all look at him.

“Stellar   Tower?   Tower   master?”    Qin   De   starts   the conversation. “There are so many Xiuzhenists, perhaps more than 10,000.” Qin Feng continues.

Qin Zheng also says: “So you’re the Stellar Tower’s master.
No wonder you care so little about Base Building Pills.”
“According to guardian Liang Tan, the Stellar Tower is unexpectedly a superpower in the same league as the Penglai Immortal Region. You’re really formidable. You’ve become so strong  in  just  10  years.”  Although  Fengyuzi  praises  highly, there is not a big smile on his face.

The 4 of them all stare at Qin Yu and say in unison: “Say, what really happened?”
Qin Yu forces a smile: “I, I had no time to tell you, didn’t I?”
Seeing Qin Yu’s forced smile, Qin De, who is acting, can no longer restrain himself. He, who is normally solemn and dignified, now gives Qin Yu a pat on the head and says with happy  laughter:  “You’re  quite  something,  brat.  I  never expected you to work so hard to establish yourself.” Qin Feng hugs Qin Yu’s shoulders excitedly and says: “Xiao Yu, I’ve had to restrain myself so much during this period. I didn’t dare to seek revenge or mention the loss of my middle- grade holy weapon … But now I’ve finally got it off my chest. This is awesome, so awesome!”
Qin Zheng also embraces Qin Yu’s shoulders and says: “Xiao Yu, I’m a monarch of mortals, but you’re a lord of Xiuzhenists. The unification of the Qian Long continent by our ancestor Qin Shi Huang has been regarded as the no. 1 glory in the history of the Qin clan, but your Stellar Tower must even be a higher achievement than the great Qin dynasty of the past.”
Fengyuzi says in a disappointed manner: “At that time I couldn’t stand being wronged by the Pure Sword School so I left it. But I never thought my nephew would become the leader of a superpower comparable to the Penglai Immortal Region. The times they really are a-changing.”
During this period of time, the high echelons of the Qin dynasty have felt deeply wronged. General Zhao Yunxing was killed but they could not avenge him.

The 2 Shangxian both had an arm cut off and all of the middle-grade holy weapons were even taken away. The Qin dynasty, however, could only endure such a humiliation. But then Qin Yu returned and personally led a large army to rush the enemies in a majestic manner, turning the table in just one night. As a result, everybody’s frustration is relieved.


On the city gate tower,

After a table has been arranged in the indistinct light of the crescent moon, Qin Yu, his father, his big brother, his 2nd brother and Fengyuzi sit down around it. They drink wine and talk with each other about their experiences in the past 10 years by the moonlight. They even tense up when talking about dangerous experiences. The night then passes and a white glow appears in the east. It is already starting to get light.

After such a long talk, Qin De and the others finally know about Qin Yu’s experiences and understand how dangerous the Xiuzhen world is.

“Compared to the Xiuzhen world, the Qian Long continent is much more stable. At least it’s controlled by laws and armies. The only bad thing here is the fighting between the countries. But in the Xiuzhen world, power is everything. Yu’er, your last 10 years has been rough. You should also rest for a while.”
At the moment, Qin De also feels pity surging inside him. Who knows how many times Qin Yu has brushed past death in the overseas Xiuzhen world?

Qin De does not know the answer at all. In fact, Qin Yu’s experiences were even more dangerous than they are in Qin Yu’s narration. He did not talk about the many times he had to rely on the Meteoric Tear to get out of danger because he does not want to worry his father too much. 

In Prince Yu’s Mansion,

Li’er is carefully watering flowers in the early morning with a faint charming smile on the corners of her mouth.

“Li’er, you got up so early in the morning to water flowers. Why don’t you rest a bit more?”  Qin Yu goes straight to a nearby net hammock and lies down in a satisfied manner. The hammock then begins to swing.

Li’er  gives  a  smile  and  says  emotionally:  “The  Qian  Long continent has many unusual flowers that other places don’t. Besides, the morning air is very good. Actually, dwelling places of mortals are not bad at all.”
“Then just stay here with me all the time. I won’t chase you away.” Qin Yu says jokingly. 
“All right, quit joking. Why didn’t you return the entire yesterday night? Where did you go?” Li’er says solemnly.

Qin Yu is startled then says seriously: “This, do you still have to ask why a man goes out during the night? The other places of mortals are no good, but brothels are still very flourishing. Also, the mortal scholars usually shout ‘the modest, retiring, virtuous, young lady, for the gentleman a good mate is she’ then run to brothels. This is called fashion. Yesterday I also went to a brothel to check it out.”
Li’er covers her mouth and gives a laugh: “You think you’re a gentleman?”
“Why not? I don’t look the part?”
“All right, quit blabbering. Yesterday many Xiuyaoists appeared outside. Do you think I’m a mortal who couldn’t feel it? Tell me, what did you do after leaving?” Li’er asks carefully. Qin Yu stops lying in the hammock. He sits up, stands up and says: “I won’t hide it from you anymore. Yesterday I told you I was going to see my master. But … my master had already been killed. Both my father and Uncle Feng had got an arm cut off too. So, yesterday I left to take revenge.” His voice has become slightly serious.

“Take revenge? What was the result?” Li’er asks.

“School terminated.” Qin Yu’s eyes flash with fierceness.

Li’er frowns, seemingly a little unhappy with this. But in a short while she lets out a sigh: “All right, since you already terminated their school, you have got your revenge, right? Then why do you still look like you want a piece of people after returning to the mansion?”
Qin Yu sobers up and says hurriedly: “I’m sorry.”
Just now he was remembering his animosities again so naturally he could not control his emotions well. 
Li’er says with a smile: “Never mind. Qin Yu, where are your father and Uncle Feng? Take me to see them sometime.”
“What are you going to do?” Qin Yu asks doubtfully.

“I’m going to treat their injuries. What else do you think I’m going to do?” Li’er answers as if this goes without saying.

“Treat  their  injuries?  My  father  and  Uncle  Feng  are Xiuzhenists. They are very healthy. What injuries are you going to treat?”
Li’er says in an annoyed manner: “Idiot. Aren’t severed arms injuries? It’s been some time since your father and Uncle Feng got their arms cut off so other people can’t heal them. But if I get into action, I can still succeed with some certainty.”
Qin Yu is stupefied. “You, you mean …  severed arms can be regenerated?”  His face is full of disbelief.

Li’er gives a brilliant smile: “Of course they can. You saw me treat Yan Zi’s serious wounds in the past, right? This is my special magic power. Oh, Qin Yu, could it be you don’t want to see your father and Uncle Feng recover? If so, let’s forget it then.”
“No, no.” Qin Yu hurriedly says. When Li’er sees his expression, her eyes flash with a hint of craftiness.

Suddenly Qin Yu holds Li’er’s hand directly with a grab then flies straight towards the Imperial Palace: “Let’s go. Follow me to the Imperial Palace. Li’er, please heal my father’s and Uncle Feng’s severed arms.” Although he says so using his mouth, his flying speed is still extremely fast.

However, Li’er is startled. She watches Qin Yu pulling her hand.

This is … the 1st time Qin Yu has ever pulled her hand!

B8C10: Xiao Lu

Pure Forest Garden is one of the forbidden places in the Qin dynasty’s Imperial Palace because Qin De and Fengyuzi usually stay here.

Not long ago, Qin De, Qin Yu, Qin Zheng, Qin Feng and Fengyuzi parted on the city gate tower. Qin Yu returned to Prince Yu’s Mansion, Qin Feng returned to Prince Rui’s Mansion while Qin De, Fengyuzi and Qin Zheng went back to the Imperial Palace together.

Outside the gate of Pure Forest Garden,

“Father, I’m leaving now.”  Qin Zheng bows and says very respectfully. However, when he is about to go back to his dwelling place, a gust of wind blasts at him. Shocked, Qin Zheng shouts without delay: “Who?”
2 people then appear. It turns out they are Qin Yu and Miss Li’er. Fengyuzi and Qin De are not surprised at all. Because Qin Yu is not suppressing his aura, their holy senses have already discovered that he was coming. But Qin Zheng has not even reached the Xiantian level so naturally he could not tell who the arriver was.

“Father, good news, there’s very good news.” Holding Li’er’s hand in his hand, Qin Yu says to Qin De excitedly.

Qin De looks at Qin Yu and Li’er carefully. Seeing Qin Yu still pulling Li’er’s hand, he suspects they were even flying hand in hand. Then when he sees Li’er’s slightly blushing face, he naturally draws a conclusion and says laughingly: “Good news? Yu’er, can you let me make a guess?”
“You already know?” Qin Yu is astonished.

Qin De says smilingly: “It is related to this young lady?”
Qin Yu nods. There is even more amazement in his eyes now. Only after Li’er told him did he know that she can regenerate severed arms, so how was his father able to know about this? 
Qin De feels even surer. He looks at Li’er carefully. Only when he gives her a careful look can he feel her air of elegance. That air of elegance and simplicity is very soothing, just like the fresh and clean air of the early morning.

“Not bad, not bad …”
Qin De looks at Li’er carefully as if looking at his daughter-in- law while praising her.

Qin Yu is not a fool. Seeing his father behaving this way, with a little consideration, he totally understands what his father is thinking. He cannot help forcing a smile: “Father, this is Li’er. I already told you about her when we were drinking wine on the city gate tower just now. I’ve taken her here because she can heal your severed arm.”
“Oh, Miss Li’er. What? You can heal severed arms?” Qin De frowns. Li’er says with an indifferent smile: “Uncle Qin, it’s pretty difficult to regenerate this severed arm of yours, but my innate magic power can still do it with some certainty. Uncle Feng’s severed arm can also be healed back to normal similarly.”
Qin De and Fengyuzi exchange a look. Their eyes are filled with astonishment and disbelief.

“Miss Li’er, my school can be considered a Xiuzhen school but I’ve never heard that severed arms can be regrown. This is really hard to believe. Could you tell me about your method of treatment?” Even Fengyuzi cannot believe this.

But Qin Yu has seen Li’er give treatment and her skill was really marvelous.

“This is a magic power that I’m born with. Can you let me use it on you a bit, Uncle Qin, Uncle Feng?” Li’er says smilingly.

Qin Yu also says: “Don’t worry, father, Uncle Feng. Li’er is exceptionally good at healing. I’ve seen her treat other people’s injuries several times and the results were very good. It’ll only take you a while.”
Qin De and Fengyuzi ponder for a short time then begin to take off their coats.

Li’er says with a smile: “Uncle Qin, Uncle Feng, you don’t have to take off your coats. You only need to stand still at this place so that I can use my power on you.”
“Oh, then we’ll have to trouble you, Miss Li’er.”  Qin De is even more amazed. He and Fengyuzi then just stand still on their current places.

Li’er slightly closes her eyes. Various green light beams start to move around her body. Enfolded in them, she looks like a goddess of life. The green light beams then begin to expand towards Qin De and Fengyuzi.

“Xiao Yu, are you sure of success?” Standing on one side, Qin Zheng also watches this scene with some expectation. 
Qin Yu nods his head: “Don’t worry.”
When various green beams of light have covered the severed areas of Qin De and Fengyuzi’s arms, their empty sleeves start to be propped up gradually. It seems the cut-off arms are beginning to lengthen towards the cuffs inside. It is just that the lengthening speed is fairly slow.

One minute, 2 minutes …
One hour, 2 hours …
As time goes by, the propped-up parts of the originally empty sleeves become increasingly longer. Qin Yu’s holy sense notices clearly that as the green light fuses with the severed areas of the arms, the arms are gradually regrown. Their flesh and bones keep regenerating.

After 6 hours, 
6 entire hours has passed and Qin Yu and Qin Zheng have also been fixing their eyes on the treatment for 6 hours. Feeling that their arms are regenerating nonstop, Qin De and Fengyuzi are both uncontrollably excited and happy. But because Li’er is healing them at the moment, they do not dare to say anything for fear of distracting her.

Beads of sweat are oozing out on her forehead. Sweat has also appeared on the tip of her nose …
Li’er has been keeping her eyes closed all along. And Qin Yu has been observing the progress carefully using his holy sense. Now Qin De’s and Fengyuzi’s fingers have been formed completely. The treatment has successfully accomplished its goal. Li’er eventually opens her eyes, gently exhales a breath and wipes the sweat off her face.

“Uncle  Qin,  Uncle  Feng,  how  are  you  feeling?”  She  asks smilingly. Qin De and Fengyuzi swing their arms a couple of times and even perform hand signs using both arms. After a while, they are both pleasantly surprised.

“Miss Li’er, I’m really so grateful to you. I feel as if my arm has never been cut off. It’s exactly the same as it was in the past.” Qin De is very excited. It is the same with Fengyuzi. Now that his severed arm has been regenerated, he feels more excited than ever.

Qin Zheng is delighted. He says with loud laughter: “This is great news! This is great news! We must arrange a big celebration for it. People! Quickly go invite Prince Rui’s family to the palace. Also, take the empress, the ladies, the princes and princesses to Hundred Official Pavilion.”

In Hundred Official Pavilion,

Supreme Emperor Qin De takes the master seat. Qin Zheng and Fengyuzi take the seats on either side of him. Qin Yu and Qin Feng take the seats right next to them. Everybody sits down along the 2 sides of the long table. This banquet is even much more sumptuous than the previous one. Dishes are brought out one after another unceasingly.

“365 delicacies in the world have been gathered. Let’s enjoy them  to  our  heart’s  content,  everybody.”   Qin  Zheng  says laughingly.

In this banquet, Li’er is forced to drink quite a lot of wine. After knowing that Qin De’s and Fengyuzi’s severed arms have been regenerated, Qin Feng is delighted and keeps thanking her. This time, the leading character of the banquet is none other than Li’er. Everyone enjoys the festivities as much as they like.

Only when the night falls is the banquet finished.


In Prince Yu’s Mansion, 
“Stop arguing with each other. The leaders of the 2nd, 5th and 6th companies will become the 3 honorary retainers of the Qin clan.” Qin Yu gives his judgment directly. Of the 3 he has chosen, 2 are late Yuanying-stage experts and the other is a middle Yuanying-stage expert who can match a late Yuanying- stage expert in power.

The other 7 company leaders present cannot help feeling somewhat disappointed.
Soon after coming back from the Imperial Palace, Qin Yu gathered the 4 guardians and 10 company leaders. The weakest among these 10 company leaders is already at the middle Yuanying stage. To help the Qin clan’s members, Qin Yu pondered and decided to choose 3 experts to become honorary protective retainers of the Qin clan.

He had already learned about the order of the Chaotic Astral Ocean so he knew that he had better ask 3 powerful Xiuyaoists to protect the Qin clan and that it would be useless to use more Xiuyaoists than this. Therefore he decided to first select 3 from these 10 company leaders. 
The ones chosen by Qin Yu can all ask him to forge a high- grade holy weapon for them each. And they can pick any type of holy weapon they like.

High-grade holy weapons are still attractive to Yuanying- stage experts and Qin Yu has said they only have to serve as honorary retainers for 100 years before getting replaced with another batch. To Xiuyaoists, 100 years is not a long time at all.

“Yes, tower master.”
The 3 chosen experts cannot help getting delighted. Is it not just 100 years? They will only need to practice quietly during this period. As for the task of protecting the Qin clan’s members, given the Qin clan’s power, who would dare to provoke it? Therefore, this is a very easy job for them.

After 100 easy years, they can even obtain a high-grade holy weapon each. Who would not want such a good errand? “Guardian Yan Rui, immediately dispatch an army of 8000 guards to the Wilderness to search for a black jade case. Remember one thing. The search area is within 100,000 li across the border of the Wilderness. You must not go deeper than that.” Qin Yu orders solemnly.

Yan Rui is a female, but she is the leader of the Stellar Tower’s 8 guardians and is extremely capable and experienced.

“Tower  master,  if  the  location  of  that  black  jade  case  is deeper, shall we go for it?” She asks.

“No.” A faint cunning smile appears on the corners of Qin Yu’s mouth. “If you can get that black jade case, that’ll be a good thing, but if I you can’t, there won’t be a problem. Remember, safety first. Right … I already told the manager of the mansion to go buy some cases made of inky jade. You take and immediately bury them deep in the ground of the Wilderness.”
Qin Yu laughs in his mind: “The 9th jade sword, perhaps no leaders will tell the searching Xiuzhenists about this secret. They will only know that they’ll have to find a black jade case, but they won’t know what kind of jade case it is. And these mortal-made inky jade cases can also be considered black jade cases.”
There is also a tinge of excitement on Yan Rui’s face. She certainly understands Qin Yu’s meaning. Since she does not have to go deeper than 100,000 li into the Wilderness, the mission of searching in the Wilderness is not very dangerous, so naturally she is happy and relaxed.


Qin Yu is lying on a white cloud among the other clouds in the sky, holding a flagon of wine in his hand taking one sip after another. Li’er is sitting with legs crossed on the cloud beside him. A zither has been placed on her legs. She is enjoying playing the zither with eyes closed.

Drinking wine while listening to the music makes Qin Yu feel happy as if he is an immortal. 
As the white cloud floats, the zither music comes down from the 9th level of the sky as if it is the sounds of nature.

When the zither music stops, Qin Yu puts the flagon away in an instant and sits up. He says smilingly to Li’er: “Li’er, this time I have to trouble you again, but Xiao Lu is just like my younger sister. I can’t bear seeing her live the rest of her life with a severed arm like that. I …”
“All right, don’t be so sad.” Li’er says with a smile. “How long do we still need to reach Su Yan City?”
“We’ll be there soon.”  Qin Yu immediately accelerates the cloud.


At a gate of Su Yan City, Qin Yu is wearing a blue robe outside, which is something he rarely does. This blue robe is extremely valuable and was personally given to Qin Yu by Qin Zheng. Li’er is also dressed entirely in blue and has a silk belt tied around her slender waist.

The 2 of them enter the city.

With a sweep of his holy sense, Qin Yu finds out Tie Shan’s and Xiao Lu’s locations, but what his holy sense has discovered stupefies him. Afterwards, he laughs out loud.

“Why are you laughing, Qin Yu?” Li’er asks doubtfully.

Qin Yu says mysteriously: “Follow me.” He quickens his pace in an instant. With just 2 or 3 steps, he travels 100 m, but the ordinary people around him simply do not notice anything unusual. This is because he is too fast.

Li’er is still waking slowly. With 2 steps that make her look as if she is floating, she easily follows Qin Yu. It seems her steps can greatly shorten space. 

In Tang Mansion in Su Yan City,

A white-clad handsome young man is kneeling in the main hall. This young man has red lips and white teeth and is so handsome that he can make women mad about him and men envious of him. This man is none other than the so-called no. 1 calligrapher of the Qin dynasty Tang Yuan, who can casually draw paintings worth thousands of gold sycees.

“You let father-in-law down, didn’t you? Kneel before his altar for 2 entire hours.”
Tang Yuan’s wife, Xiao Lu, says strictly. Now Xiao Lu is already more than 20 years old and is in the prime of her youth. There is an air of delicacy about her but there is also an amount of heroism on her forehead. Delicacy and heroism are conflicting qualities but they coexist in harmony in Xiao Lu.

In the past, this air of delicacy and heroism attracted Tang Yuan. To court Xiao Lu, he was beaten by Tie Shan 3 times and suffered countless hardships. In the end he was able to win the belle’s heart. However, Xiao Lu adores another brother the most — Qin Yu. After Qin Yu left the Qian Long continent and that battle on the river Wu received widespread attention, she started to put a lot of effort into training, aiming to follow Qin Yu’s example. She reached the Xiantian level 5 years later and now she is already at the middle Xiantian level.

As a gentle, weak scholar who is married to a Xiantian-level heroine, Tang Yuan naturally … has suffered.

“Xiao Lu, you’re too merciful to Qinglan. Yesterday this disobedient son even went to a brothel with some scoundrels to drink wine. He must kneel at least 6 hours.” A 50 to 60 year old luxurious-looking married woman stares angrily at Tang Yuan. “Mother …”  Tang Yuan secretly takes a look at his mother but does not see a glimmer of hope.

“Darling…” He then looks at Xiao Lu.

Seeing the pitiful look in his eyes, she cannot help softening a little.

“Tang Qinglan!” A loud shout comes in from outside. A man dressed in military uniform rushes in. There are even 2 guards behind him.

“Ah, brother-in-law.” As soon as Tang Yan sees Tie Shan, he acts like a mouse seeing a cat. He is so frightened that he immediately gets up and runs to Xiao Lu’s back, saying hurriedly: “Save me, darling. Save me, darling. Brother-in-law will kill me.”
Tie Shan’s face is full of anger: “Tang Qinglan, you even dared to go into a brothel again. You let my sister down, didn’t you? This time I won’t let you go before giving you 20 military lashes.” Lady Tang, who had harsh words for Tang Yuan just moments ago, also says hurriedly: “Commander Tie, you can’t use your whip. I’ll make him kneel for 6 hours, no, 10 hours. But if you give him 20 military lashes, he will be bedridden for a half month.”
“Lying on bed is also good. He’ll become better-behaved.” Tie Shan is boiling with anger.

The Tang clan is influential and is a large clan in Su Yan City, but Tie Shan is the commander of the city’s army and a sworn brother of the reigning emperor’s younger brother, the Qin clan’s 3rd Prince, who took part in that legendary battle on the river Wu.

Therefore, even though the Tang clan is powerful, it will not dare to offend Tie Shan.

“Big brother, kneeling 2 hours is enough for him. He won’t dare to make the same mistake.” Xiao Lu hastily gets in front of Tang Yuan. She does not like her husband to be hit with a military whip.

“Step aside, Xiao Lu.”
“No.” Xiao Lu keeps blocking her big brother’s way.

Tie Shan is furious, but he cannot use force because, firstly, he hates to hurt his sister, and secondly, he … is no match for Xiao Lu. Although he has been training assiduously, he is not highly gifted like her at all. There is nothing he can do about this.

“Darling,  you’re  the  best.”  Tang  Yuan  says  while  hiding behind Xiao Lu.

“Oh, is a play going on here?” A jocular voice rises.

Everybody is startled and looks outside the hall. They see Qin Yu coming in, with Li’er going behind him. 
“Xiao Yu.” Tie Shan opens his eyes so wide that they look like small copper bells.

“Brother Yu.” Xiao Lu’s face is also full of disbelief.

B8C11: Xun Feng, Situ Xue

Qin Yu and Li’er go into the main hall successively.

“Xiao Lu, Tie Shan, what’s going on here? Is the gentleman behind you your husband, Xiao Lu?” Qin Yu says with an indifferent smile.

Xiao Lu looks at Qin Yu. In just a while, she becomes misty- eyed.

After Qin Yu left the Qian Long continent to enter the boundless ocean, nobody knew when he would be able to return or even whether he would return. Xiao Lu was also grieved by Qin Yu’s departure and therefore she has been putting her effort into training since then.

“Brother Yu.”  Xiao Lu suddenly walks up 2 steps and hugs Qin Yu. She can no longer hold back her tears. Tie Shan’s eyes also slightly redden. At the moment this iron man is also extremely excited.

“All right, don’t act like a child. Now you’re already a wife so you  got  to  be  virtuous  a  bit.  Do  you  understand?”  Qin  Yu strokes Xiao Lu’s shoulders and wipes her tears off. Afterwards he looks at Tang Yuan, asking: “You’re Tang Yuan, right? Are you my younger sister’s husband?”
Tang Yuan is basically someone who fears nothing, but now he becomes somewhat cautious.

This is because the man before him is Prince Yu of the Qin dynasty, the unprecedented Xiantian external expert of the Qian Long continent, who even became a Xiuzhenist at the age of 20 and who was the winner of that legendary battle on the river Wu.

“Brother-in-law, I am Tang Yuan, courtesy name Qinglan. I am exactly Xiao Lu’s husband.”  Tang Yuan calms down in a short while and says courteously. However, he calls Qin Yu ‘brother-in-law’ so the distance between them is immediately shortened. 
Qin Yu secretly approves of his behavior.

“Xiao Yu, there wasn’t even a tiny piece of news about you in 10 years. Today we must drink until we’re drunk. Qinglan, I’ll suspend these military lashes for the time being today. You quickly go prepare a nice feast with fine wine. This time I and my brother got to drink to our hearts’  content.”  Tie Shan is now very high-spirited.

Qin Yu says with a smile: “Da Shan, today I’ll drink with you until you can’t take it anymore, okay?”
At Qin Yu’s current level, he can drink as much wine as he likes so how can he possibly flinch from drinking?

“Awesome. Tang Qinglan, what are you standing there for? Why  don’t  you  go  make  preparations?”  Tie  Shan  suddenly stares at Tang Yuan. Tang Yuan’s facial expression stiffens. He forces a smile: “This, brother-in-law, just now you said you would suspend the military lashes for the time being, didn’t you? But today is such a day of great happiness because of Prince Yu’s arrival, so could you exempt me from these lashes?”
“Nonsense,  quickly  go  prepare  the  feast.”  Tie  Shan  says angrily.

Qin Yu says with a smile: “Da Shan, did you become a fool? He doesn’t necessarily have to go prepare the feast himself. Just now that housekeeper went out right after hearing what you had said. Perhaps he went to prepare the feast. Qinglan is playing a trick on you.”
Tang Yuan looks at Qin Yu with a little shock: “Brother-in- law, just now the housekeeper was at the door and your back was facing him, how could you know what he was doing?”
He does not know martial arts and does not even know about the existence of the holy sense. “Hubby, how can you possibly imagine my brother Yu’s magic power?” Xiao Lu helps Qin Yu answer.

“Magic power?” Qin Yu says with a smile. “When it comes to magic powers, I’m far inferior to my junior sister. Let me introduce a bit, this lady is my junior sister Li’er.”  He pulls Li’er’s hand then introduces her to everybody. She gives him a look but does not pull her hand back.

After Qin Yu pulled Li’er’s hand for the first time, she has not resisted too much when he has pulled her hand again. There is a hint of satisfaction at the bottom of Qin Yu’s eyes because his ‘plot has succeeded’ but too bad … she does not see it.

Li’er nods to everybody with an indifferent smile.

“Sister Li’er, are you really my brother Yu’s junior sister?” Xiao Lu looks doubtfully at Qin Yu and Li’er.

“Yan’er.” She suddenly says. A little head sticks out from a corner of the main hall. Those shiny black eyes are extremely cute.

“Yan’er, come here. Quickly greet your uncle.” Xiao Lu calls that little boy. This boy is none other than her son Tang Yan, looking just about 3 years old. His hair is combed into an upright bunch and his cheeks are ruddy.

Tang Yan walks towards Qin Yu then looks at Li’er. He turns his little face upwards and asks doubtfully: “Uncle, you just said she had some magic power, didn’t you? What is it?”
“Right,  what  is  sister  Li’er’s  magic  power?”  Xiao  Lu  also becomes doubtful.

“She can heal your severed arm.” Qin Yu looks Xiao Lu in the eye and says slowly.

Xiao Lu, Tang Yuan, lady Tang and Tie Shan are all dumbfounded. ……

3 days later, Qin Yu, Li’er, Xiao Lu, Tang Yuan and Tie Shan are walking on the streets of Su Yan City.

“Da Shan, how do you feel about being the commander of this Su Yan City?” Qin Yu asks smilingly.

Tie Shan thinks for a while and says: “I feel so-so. It’s just that dealing with the children of some officials is a little troublesome. But it feels pretty good when I eat and drink with those brothers of mine. Xiao Yu, you’ve seen my robust, good- natured son, he’s very strong, right?”
“Yeah,  he’s  unusually  strong.  He’s  so  young  but  he  can already drink wine.” Qin Yu cannot help giving a smile.

Suddenly his face changes color. Then he gives a faint smile. “Tie Shan, this Su Yan City has a young man who is fond of holding a folding fan, about 25 or 26 years old and quite cute and handsome, right? There’s a small plait at the back of his head.” Qin Yu asks Tie Shan.

The latter says with a ‘humph’: “Yeah, it certainly does. This is our Su Yan City’s governor’s son, who belongs to the same gang as this Tang Qinglan fella.”
“Brother Ziyou?” Tang Yuan looks doubtfully at Qin Yu.

Qin Yu says with a nod: “Tang Yuan, this friend of yours will most likely lose his little life because … he’s annoyed someone he shouldn’t annoy.”

Xun Feng, son of Su Yan City’s governor, likes to have many romantic relationships with women so he and Tang Yuan are compatible. He occasionally dallies with women of good families, but he does this for harmless fun only and has never really exploited them. 
Today, Xun Feng and several male servants are taking a stroll on the main streets.

“Wow, what a beauty, what a beauty. I’ve fallen in love with her.” He looks at a nearby woman, feeling his heart pounding in his chest.

The woman ahead of him is dressed entirely in purple with no traces of a smile on her face. There is an extremely grim air about her, but because her facial features can be considered perfect, people will think that she is an ice queen. Her purple lips even add to her lordly, frosty air.

“Young lady, I am Xun Feng, Xun Ziyou.” Xun Feng goes forwards and says with a smiling expression he considers the friendliest.

“Get lost.” The purple-clad woman says with an expressionless face. Her eyes flash with coldness.

Xun Feng is startled. He cannot help feeling somewhat embarrassed. But he has an unusually thick skin so he continues to say with a smile: “Young lady, I am very familiar with Su Yan City and its every corner. If you want to go somewhere for a stroll, I will definitely be the best tour guide.”
The purple-clad woman’s eyes suddenly turn eerily grim.

“Oh my, brother Ziyou, since when have you become so polite in chasing a beauty? Beautiful lady … I am Wang Shan of Su Yan City’s Wang clan. Why don’t you follow me to the Wang clan to look around a bit?” A slightly sharp voice rises.

At the same time, 2 henchmen go towards this purple-clad woman to grab her.

Wang Shan is different from Xun Feng. Xun Feng play jokes on women at the most, but Wang Shan even abducts them. 
“All of you … die!”
The purple-clad woman’s eyes radiate coldness. All of a sudden, her body shoots various rays of light into her vicinity. The 2 henchmen of the Wang clan closest to her are broken into pieces in the blink of an eye. Xun Feng cannot help secretly getting shocked by this. Given his puny power, he simply cannot dodge at all.

“Miss Situ, if you want to kill someone in my Qin dynasty, at least you have to tell me about it first.”
Qin Yu appears in front of Xun Feng immediately as if using teleportation. The rays of light the purple-clad woman shoots towards the place where Qin Yu is standing are easily blocked by him.

“Ah!”  As for Wang Shan in another direction, just like his servants, he is reduced to pieces. His blood is all over the ground. Xun Feng’s face turns very white and is full of disbelief. He never thought that this frosty beauty was such a deadly god.

The purple-clad beautiful woman gives Qin Yu a look. The corners of her mouth slightly curve upwards, which is a rare sight. It is possible that she considers this action smiling.

“Tower master Qin Yu.” The woman’s manner is fairly polite.

Qin Yu says with a smile: “Miss Situ, why are you taking a stroll on the streets of Su Yan City alone instead of staying with brother Yi Da? This brat has some connections with my younger sister’s husband so I certainly can’t watch him die.”
This purple-clad beautiful woman is none other than Situ Xue, one of the 3 leaders of the Purple Flame Devilish Dungeon.

“Since tower master Qin Yu has got into action, I’ll spare this brat this time.” Situ Xue casts a glance at Xun Feng then looks at Qin Yu, saying: “Tower master Qin Yu, both Yi Da and Jiao Jiu are in Su Yan City. Perhaps they are in a certain place of the city now.”
Qin Yu nods his head.

“Brother Ziyou.” Tang Yuan has finally run to the scene from the distance.

Just now, Qin Yu, Tang Yuan and the others were 1 km away from Xun Feng. However, to Qin Yu, this distance can be covered in one step and in an instant, so naturally he was able to save Xun Feng’s life in the nick of time.

“Qinglan, they, they and Wang Shan have all been reduced to pieces.” At the moment, Xun Feng’s heart is still pounding.

Seeing this scene and noticing the acquaintanceship between Qin Yu and that purple-clad beautiful woman, Tang Yuan concludes that she is probably also a Xiuzhenist. He immediately tells Xun Feng: “Brother Ziyou, you must have a death wish. Why did you provoke her?” Xun Feng takes a deep breath then looks at Situ Xue and says in a low voice: “Qinglan, I think …  I’m in love with her.”  He thinks that nobody can hear him when he talks in such a low voice, but right after he said so —
Qin Yu suddenly turns around and looks at Xun Feng with amazement. Situ Xue also looks at Xun Feng. At the same time, her expression becomes very strange.

“This brat …”  Qin Yu does not know what to say for the moment.

Situ Xue is the no. 1 she-devil in the Purple Flame Devilish Dungeon and an early Kongming-stage Xiumoist, no less! Even Qin Yu is only about as powerful as she is, yet now an ordinary brat has fallen for such a top expert of the Xiumo path …
“What a madcap.” A faint smile appears on the corners of Qin Yu’s mouth. Seeing Qin Yu and Situ Xue looking at him in such a manner, Xun Feng thinks about their magic powers just now and figures out that his words have most likely been heard by them. His thinking is already known to them, but he unexpectedly raises his head and looks straight at Situ Xue.

“Are  you  Miss  Situ?”   Xun  Feng  says  smilingly.  He  still remembers what Qin Yu and Situ Xue just said to each other.

Situ Xue, however, says nothing, her eyes still ice-cold.

“I am Xun Feng, Xun Ziyou. Miss Situ, I sincerely like you. But … love must come from both sides. I definitely will not bother you. As long as you remember that Su Yan City has a man called Xun Ziyou who likes you, it is enough for me.”
There is a calm, amiable smile on Xun Feng’s face.

“Ha-ha … Situ Xue, someone even likes you? Good Heavens! Did the sun rise in the west today?” A muscular man comes rushing then looks at Xun Feng and says: “Brat, do you want me to tell you how old this Miss Situ is? Ha-ha …” “Jiao Jiu.” Situ Xue makes a wave of her hand. A purple electric spark shoots out.

Jiao Jiu makes a wave of his hand. A crescent-moon-shaped light shoots out and collides with that purple electric spark. They then both dissipate.

“Situ, we’ve been friends for so many years, today someone openly said he loved you so I’m also happy for you.” Jiao Jiu then says laughingly to Xun Feng: “Brat, let me tell you something. This year, your Miss Situ is already — ah, Situ Xue, can you let me finish what I’m saying?”
Jiao Jiu and Situ Xue exchange a blow.

Situ Xue looks at Jiao Jiu with grim eyes: “Shut your mouth a bit, or … today I’ll fight you to the death.”
Jiao Jiu is startled. He immediately stops talking. 
“Situ, you and Jiao Jiu have fought each other for so many years, but you’ve never said you would fight him to the death before. Now … you say so because of a mortal. Could it be …” A purple-haired man appears with a hint of mockery.

He looks handsomely evil and strange!

Situ Xue frowns but says nothing. After all, this man is Dungeon King Yi Da, a late Kongming stage expert for whom she is definitely no match.

“Tower master Qin Yu.”  Yi Da looks at Qin Yu and slightly nods.

“Brother Yi Da.” Qin Yu also nods. At this moment, various groups of city guards rush to the scene. Qin Yu immediately tells Tie Shan on one side: “Da Shan, casually handle these dead people a bit. You don’t have to care much about this matter.” Tie Shan also knows that the people in front of him are no ordinary. He nods without delay then orders the guards to deal with the shattered corpses in the surroundings.

“Brother Yi Da, let’s go to that restaurant for a nice chat.” Qin Yu says enthusiastically.

“After you.” Yi Da nods.

Immediately, Qin Yu, Yi Da, Situ Xue, Jiao Jiu and Li’er all head for that restaurant.

“Get a grip, Ziyou. That Situ Xue is no ordinary person. Quit dreaming, will you?” Tang Yuan says solemnly at once. Because of her relationship with Qin Yu, Xiao Lu knows about Xiuzhenist-related matters, and naturally Tang Yuan has learned about some of them from her. As a result, he can guess Situ Xue’s identity.

Xun Feng, however, says resolutely with a shake of his head: “No, Qinglan, at that time Xiao Lu was a Xiantian expert, but you chased her in the same way, didn’t you?” “I was different, definitely different.”  When Tang Yuan has just said these words, suddenly —
A fierce wind appears on the calm street. This strange fierce wind stops in an instant. In the end, Xun Feng, Tang Yuan and the others see a scene that stupefies them. Not far ahead of them, more than 10 have appeared out of thin air during the short period between the appearance and disappearance of the wind.

“All of you stay here. I’ll go meet with Dungeon King.” One of these people tells the others.

B8C12: 10 years

On the 2nd floor of the restaurant, there are only the people like Qin Yu and Yi Da because the other customers here have been driven away.

“Brother Yi Da, your method was a little too fierce. Could it be you don’t know how to use money?” Qin Yu looks at what previously was a huge colorful painted rock used as a decoration for the restaurant. The huge rock has been transformed into a mass of frozen liquid. Just now Yi Da put his hand on the rock. It melted instantly, but in just a while, that liquefied rock unexpectedly solidified completely.

Afterwards, Yi Da cast a glance at everybody in the surroundings, and all of those customers went downstairs very quickly.

“Money?” Yi Da gives an indifferent smile then chooses a seat directly and sits down. He points at the opposite seat and says to Qin Yu: “Take a seat.” Qin Yu sits down in front of Yi Da as he was told while Li’er sits down at another table on one side. “Brother  Yi  Da,  you’ve  been  staying  on  the  Qian  Long continent for some time, have you achieved any results?” Qin Yu holds a goblet up, pours wine and drinks by himself. He simply does not care about Yi Da.

Yi Da makes a wave of his hand. A flagon flies over from one side. He also pours wine and drinks by himself, saying: “Results?  The  forces  your  Stellar  Tower  sent  over  here  are second only to the Penglai Immortal Region’s men in number. If you haven’t got any results, how could I have?”
“Who says I haven’t got any results?” Qin Yu says smilingly.

“Oh?”  Yi Da looks at Qin Yu. “You’ve found the 9th jade sword?”
Qin Yu says with a shake of his head: “I haven’t. It was just a black jade case.” Yi Da immediately focuses his attention. Qin Yu however says with a sigh: “Too bad, that black jade case wasn’t the one containing the 9th jade sword.” “There are very many black jade cases in the Wilderness?” Yi Da slightly frowns.

In his opinion, the immense Wilderness possibly has quite a few natural forging materials, but black jade cases are not something that can be created by nature. The only explanation for these kinds of things appearing in the Wilderness is that someone made them out of boredom and then put them in the Wilderness.

Yi Da does not know who could have done such a nonsensical thing.

“Of course not many.” Qin Yu says with certainty. But he thinks in his mind: “There are only 7 or 8 of them.”
Yi Da gives a rare faint smile: “You were just unlucky. If my men find a black jade case, it’ll definitely have the 9th jade sword. Do you believe me or not?”
“I don’t.” Qin Yu looks him in the eye. 
“Just wait for a while, my men are coming here.” Yi Da says smilingly. He has already received a message from his subordinates that says they have obtained a black jade case with even a restrictive spell on it, so naturally he is delighted inwardly. He is not afraid of Qin Yu snatching it either because
Qin Yu is less powerful than he is.

“Oh, you’re so confident, brother Yi Da.” Qin Yu slowly drinks wine while waiting.

“Dungeon King.”
A silhouette rushes up the 2nd floor then immediately gets down on one knee. But he slightly hesitates when he sees Qin Yu.

“Tower   master   Qin   Yu   is   no   outsider.   Just   tell   me everything.” Yi Da says indifferently. That subordinate reaches out a hand without delay and a black jade case flies straight out from his storage bracelet. With a sweep of his holy sense, Qin Yu knows that this is none other than … one of his fake black jade cases.

As for the restrictive spell on the black jade case, he himself told Yan Rui to cast it.

Yi Da shoots a beam of light from his hand straight at that black jade case. However, that restrictive spell is broken surprisingly easily. Yi Da’s face changes color at once. He has obtained black jade cases before so naturally he knows how difficult it is to get rid of a case’s Dust Removing Spell.

“Brother Yi Da, didn’t you say if your men got a black jade case, it’d definitely contain the 9th jade sword? Let’s open it to take a look.” Qin Yu says smilingly on one side.

With a cold humph, Yi Da immediately throws that black jade case on the floor. A bang is heard and the black jade case is broken into a good number of pieces.

Inky jade is an ordinary kind of jade and Yan Rui’s restrictive spell has been removed by Yi Da so the black jade case is shattered instantly when Yi Da throws it on the floor in anger. A piece of paper then floats out from inside the shattered black jade case. It says ‘Inky jade case, made of high-grade inky jade, worth 100 silver sycees’.

“Brother  Yi  Da,  this  is  …”  Qin  Yu  fakes  a  very  shocked expression.

Yi Da says with several cold laughs: “I wonder who the fella that played this stupid trick on us is. Judging from everybody’s character, perhaps it’s that damned Azure Dragon. He likes to fool around the most.”
“Overlord Azure Dragon? This is impossible, right?” Qin Yu says in justification of Azure Dragon.

“Impossible?”   In  his  mind,  Yi  Da  is  furious  with  the individual who fooled him using that fake black jade case. “You’ve only known Azure Dragon for a short time. He likes to butt in other people’s business the most and also likes to make fools of people. He usually plays tricks on people and messes up their  situations.”  Yi  Da  has  suffered  at  the  hands  of  Azure Dragon not only once. 
Qin Yu recalls for a while and finds that Azure Dragon indeed likes to have fun and stir things up. Too bad for Azure Dragon, he has been made a scapegoat for Qin Yu.


The Wilderness’s surface area is too massive while the target of the search is a small black jade case so naturally everybody has to search carefully and slowly. Therefore, even though holy senses are used, an extremely great amount of time will still be needed.

However, Qin Yu is very satisfied with how he passes the days. When he does not meditate or practice, he often plays chess with Li’er, or to be exact, gets thrashed by Li’er in chess, or chats with his relatives. He spends even more time visiting various big cities and scenic places on the Qian Long continent with Li’er.

Month after month, year after year … The relationship between Qin Yu and Li’er also becomes better and better, but they never talk about who they love and are somewhat ignorant of each other’s feelings. They also do not really care when their relatives joke about them. However
… their juniors, that is, some princes, eventually begin to chase girls.


It has been 10 years.

10 whole years has passed. During this period of time, the 6 powers have mobilized over 10,000 troops each to search the Wilderness carefully and slowly. The progress has naturally been slow because they all want to carry out a thorough search. However, after 10 years of hard work, the search area has still expanded to the 1 million li mark in the Wilderness.

Because of the order Qin Yu gave in the past, the Stellar Tower’s forces have never gone more than 100,000 li into the Wilderness to reach deeper places. The demonic beasts of the Wilderness are very formidable, exceptionally formidable.

In the process of going deep into the Wilderness, the other 5 powers’ forces have all suffered some losses, but the Stellar Tower’s forces have never gone deep so nothing bad has happened to them. However, the strangest thing is that, 3 years ago, all of the demonic beasts with some achievements in practice suddenly disappeared. Every power’s forces have failed to find a single Jindan stage demonic beast in the Wilderness ever since.


This is very strange. There are still quite a lot of demonic beasts in the Wilderness but why did so many Jindan stage ones all disappear? Where did they actually go?

This has been a major headache to the other 5 powers, but Qin Yu simply has not cared. Instead, he has been learning to play the flute and has occasionally performed it together with Li’er playing the zither. Somehow, even though Qin Yu has been learning the flute for several years, his skill is still far inferior to Li’er’s zither skill.

His chess skill is not as good as Li’er’s, as is his flute skill compared to her zither skill, but he does not mind at all. He keeps playing chess with her and playing the flute in concert with her zither.


In Prince Yu’s Mansion, Qin Yu and a young man are sitting face-to-face.

“Let me tell you something, 3rd Uncle. It’s been 10 years but you and Aunt Li’er are still the same whereas this nephew of yours will marry the crown princess soon.” The crown prince of the Qin dynasty Qin Guan says.

Qin Yu is astounded. Then he immediately says with a smile: “You little brat, you’re not big enough. Your 3rd Uncle’s business is none of your concern.” In fact Qin Guan is not little as he is already 18 years old. On the Qian Long continent, where one can undergo the ceremony of adulthood at age 16, an 18-year-old getting married is nothing special.

“3rd Uncle, it’s not that I’m little, but that you’re too big. You’re   so   big   but   you’re   still   single.”    Qin   Guan   says discontentedly.

All of a sudden, Li’er comes over from the distance, holding a small salver with some bunches of grapes on it. She puts the salver down on the table: “Eat the grapes, Qin Yu. It took me some time to choose them. I already washed them carefully.”
Qin Yu begins to eat the grapes very happily without delay.

“Big brother.” Hei Yu also flies over.

“What’s  the  matter,  Xiao  Hei?  Don’t  steal.  These  are  the grapes Li’er gave me.” Hei Yu opens his mouth and swallows 7 or 8 grapes at a gulp, which makes Qin Yu very worried.

Hei Yu gives a smile: “Big brother, I’m going to tell you a delightful thing.”
“Oh, a delightful thing? What is it?” Qin Yu looks at Hei Yu very curiously. The latter says proudly: “I’m … going to face the 6-in-9 Heavenly Tribulation a half year later!”
“Really?” Qin Yu is astonished.

“Of course it is. But, big brother, Hou Fei already went through the 6-in-9 Heavenly Tribulation several years ago, and my power is even weaker than yours, why do I now have to undergo the tribulation earlier than you?” Hei Yu says doubtfully.

In the Stellar Tower, Hou Fei is now the most powerful. By contrast, Qin Yu has yet to sense when his 6-in-9 Heavenly Tribulation comes. Qin Yu says with an indifferent smile: “Who knows? In theory I should have already reached the peak of the late Meteor stage 10 years ago, but I’ve always been unable to sense the arrival of my 6-in-9 Heavenly Tribulation ever since. However … this is not something that can be forced.”
During the past 10 years of Qin Yu’s stay on the Qian Long continent, Uncle Lan once came to his place. Qin Yu asked why he had been unable to feel the arrival of the 6-in-9 Heavenly Tribulation, because, after all, even Hou Fei had passed this tribulation. However, Uncle Lan only told him not to worry and not to care about it either.

Although Qin Yu has not gone through the tribulation, his soul level has been improving rapidly.

Thanks to staying together with Li’er for 10 years, his soul has now almost reached the early Kongming stage. It should be known that as the soul improves, the difficulty of improving it also increases a lot. Qin Yu has been able to reach his current soul level not only because of the Meteoric Tear, but also because of Li’er’s zither music. Li’er  says  smilingly:  “This  is  not  something  that  can  be forced. There must be reason for the 6-in-9 Heavenly Tribulation to come so slowly. Your power was already enough long ago, and your soul is even at a far superior level than your power, so in theory it’ll come soon.”
“All right, it’s useless to worry.” Qin Yu says in an unconcerned manner.

Suddenly he notices something. With a turn of his hand, a transmitter appears. Right after Qin Yu makes a holy sense sweep, his faces changes color greatly.

“What happened, big brother?” Xiao Hei asks immediately.

Qin Yu says slowly with a deep frown: “Azure Dragon’s forces of more than 10,000 in total have been annihilated.” Recalling that message Azure Dragon sent him, he has a feeling that perhaps his quiet life can no longer continue.

B8C13: Black city

At a place more than 2 million li deep into the Wilderness on the Qian Long continent,

There is a Dragon Rocky lion that is dark red from head to toe, over 100 m long, several tens meters tall and covered entirely in red-rock-like armor. His neck even has 6 thick, sharp spines and his head has a golden horn.

At the moment, the Dragon Rocky lion Qin Yu once met is rushing about in all directions extremely fast with peerless ferocity, causing loud rumblings in the process —
Even high-grade flying sword cannot penetrate his rocky armor, which is several meters thick. “Roar ~~~” The Dragon Rocky lion roars. His golden single horn is flashing nonstop with a frightening light. Flying swords are shattered, miserable cries are heard continuously, heads are sent flying, limbs are severed, flesh fragments are scattered and blood flies up in the air wherever that dark red blur goes.

“Divine beast, it’s a divine beast. Quickly run!” A Dongxu stage guardian of the Azure Dragon Palace shouts loudly. Now his expression is ferocious, but there is terror in his eyes.


In terms of volume, there is a beast even more terrifying than the Dragon Rocky lion — a Nine-Headed snake, or to be exact, it should be called a Nine-Headed dragon. This Nine- Headed snake is more than 100 m long and the most important thing is that each of his 9 heads is 10-odd m long.

When the 9 heads attack in all directions together, they are even more frighteningly destructive than the Dragon Rocky lion.

Hissing ~~~

The Nine-Headed snake glances coldly at the leader of this over 10,000 strong army of the Azure Dragon Palace, a middle Dongxu stage guardian, with his grim eyes. One of his 10-odd m long necks then turns into a blur and swings at that guardian.

Clack ~~

The middle Dongxu stage guardian dies miserably on the spot without being able to resist at all.

The 9 long snake heads then attack in all directions. The tail of the snake is swung horizontally, smashing Xiuyaoists’ bodies wherever it goes. Even a Dongxu stage expert’s flying sword can only leave a white mark on the body of this Nine-Headed snake at most.


Meanwhile, several tens thousand other demonic beasts have formed a complete blockade. The over 10,000 Xiuyaoists from the Azure Dragon Palace have been encircled. None of them can escape now because inside they are being massacred by divine beasts while outside they are being surrounded and exterminated by countless demonic beasts.

In only less than one hour, the forces Azure Dragon mustered have been annihilated.


With a movement of his body, the Nine-Headed snake turns into a 3 m tall lanky man. Only this man has 9 snake heads, looking very frightening.

After going through the 6-in-9 Heavenly Tribulation, divine beasts can transform to look like humans, except for their heads, which remain unchanged. This is called ‘half humanization’. Only after overcoming the 9-from-9th Heaven Tribulation can they take complete human forms. This Nine- Headed snake is an extremely formidable divine beast and his power has surpassed the Dongxu stage.

“Lord Xue, the Azure Dragon Palace’s forces have been destroyed.” Nine-Headed snake stands still and says respectfully.

Ahead of him, there is unexpectedly … a snow-white cat, a cute snow-white kitten. However this kitten’s eyes are golden. At  this  moment,  the  snowy  kitten  nods  and  says:  “Nine- Headed, remember that whoever dares to intrude even half a centimeter must be killed.”
“Yes,  Lord  Xue.”  Nine-Headed  snake  answers  respectfully, not daring to hesitate in the least.

The snowy kitten nods its head: “Nine-Headed, I have to go report this matter to Overlord. You arrange someone to deal with the corpses a bit.” After saying so, the kitten makes a movement with its body. In an instant, a white, icy gust of wind rises within several tens meters of it and the cat also disappears.

Only after Nine-Headed snake sees the snowy cat disappear does he let out a long breath. The snowy cat’s power is simply not something he can imagine. And just thinking about the ‘Overlord’ mentioned by the cat terrifies him.


Several tens thousand li away from the place where 10,000 subordinates of Azure Dragon were killed, there is a quiet deep cave which goes into the ground vertically. Nobody knows how deep this cave is.

“Ah ~~~”
Anguished cries keep echoing in the cave until they come out.

The faces of all the members of the 2 groups outside the cave change color greatly. The 2 leaders take out a transmitter each and message the members in charge in the cave. However, they get no replies regardless of how many messages they send. One message is sent after another, but none of the members who entered the cave answers.

“Men from the Penglai Immortal Region listen. This quiet deep cave was found by our Purple Flame Devilish Dungeon first. If you hadn’t vied with us by sending several thousand men down, why would our Purple Flame Devilish Dungeon have suffered such huge losses? I’m going to report this to Dungeon King.”
The leader of the group from the Purple Flame Devilish Dungeon, a black-robed old man, shouts to the leader of the group from the Penglai Immortal Region, a blue-gowned juvenile.
That blue-gowned juvenile says with a cold laugh: “You found it first? It should be my man who discovered this secret place first but your men killed him to silence him. Luckily he had already sent a message, or else we still didn’t know. This time you are to blame for my Penglai Immortal Region losing several thousand men.” In just a while, these groups have lost more than a third of their power.

The black-robed old man and the blue-gowned juvenile both feel that they cannot account for this so they put the blame on each other.

The black-robed old man says with a cold laugh: “Men from your Penglai Immortal Region are pretty good at lying. All of you are very hypocritical. I won’t waste time talking to you anymore. I’m going to report this to Dungeon King.” He immediately begins to send another message through the transmitter in his hand.

The blue-gowned juvenile also sends another message.


In a residence in a small town of the Qin dynasty near the Wilderness, The leaders of the 6 powers from the overseas Xiuzhen world are gathering here. Searching for that black jade case in the Wilderness is the job of their subordinates. All along, these high-ranking leaders have been strolling about the Qian Long continent to relieve boredom or practicing quietly.

However, now all of them are here.

In just a few days, Azure Dragon’s forces of more than 10,000 have been exterminated while the Penglai Immortal Region and the Purple Flame Devilish Dungeon have both lost a third of their men. Such heavy losses never occurred during the 10 previous years, so the 6 big leaders have been shocked by them.

There are 6 thrones.

Qin Yu is sitting in one of them. Hou Fei and Hei Yu are standing behind him. The other 5 seats have been taken by Azure Dragon, Old Freak Three-Eyed, Di Long, Reverend Yan Xu and Dungeon King Yi Da. At the moment, the atmosphere in the house is a bit oppressive. “What happened, Azure Dragon? How did all of your subordinates  die  with  not  even  one  escaping?”   Old  Freak Three-Eyed is still in disbelief.

Azure Dragon lets out a sigh. There is, however, very little sadness in his eyes. After all, the forces sent to carry out the search this time all lived near the Qian Long continent and the core forces of his Azure Dragon Palace have not been used yet so he does not really mind after these forces were wiped out. However, from now on, he cannot have anybody on the Qian Long continent search for the black jade case for him.

“Now my forces are all gone so I’ll tell you this piece of info. After going more than 2 million li into the Wilderness, you’ll see a huge black city with at least several hundred thousand Xiuyaoists inside.” Azure Dragon says positively.

The face of everybody present changes color.

Several hundred thousand Xiuyaoists? Even though any of the 6 powers has more subordinates than this, the Wilderness is not their headquarters. They only have a little more than 10,000 subordinates here. 
“The forces inside the black city are just a portion. The area outside the city is several tens times larger than the city. This area is full of Xiuyaoists and all of them have at least reached the Jindan stage. Their number even surpasses a million.” Azure Dragon says very solemnly.

Qin Yu and the others all draw a cold breath.

Over a million?

This is perhaps an imaginary number but all of them can see very clearly that the area around that black city must be part of the city’s real power. Such a power with probably 2 to 3 million subordinates is definitely not weaker than the Azure Dragon Palace.

“Then how did your subordinates die?”  Old Freak Three- Eyed asks. However, in their mind, everybody has figured out that they were most likely annihilated by that enormous power.

“That day, a guardian of my Azure Dragon Palace was leading his subordinates searching carefully for traces of that black jade case. They then arrived in that area. A local little Jindan stage Xiuyaoist unexpectedly told my subordinates that whoever entered this area should be killed.” There is a tinge of annoyance on Azure Dragon’s face.

Who is Azure Dragon? Since when have other people been able to treat him this way?

Moreover, there is even the dragon clan behind him so naturally he was not frightened.

“I told my subordinates to only search for the black jade case and  not  to  hurt  anybody  for  no  reason.”   Azure  Dragon suddenly says with fury: “Who could have thought that soon after they advanced, they would be completely surrounded by countless Xiuyaoists and even divine beasts would appear at the same time. So, in just a while, my forces were all gone.” Everybody remains silent for a long time.

“Everybody, do you still remember a strange thing about the Wilderness?” Qin Yu suddenly says.

Reverend Yan Xu and the others all look at him. Qin Yu says smilingly: “Originally, we could see demonic beasts when going
100 li into the Wilderness. But after we started the search,
though we encountered demonic beasts in the beginning and lost quite a few troops because of this, later we didn’t see a single demonic beast. Everybody, do you still remember?”
“Indeed.” Di Long says solemnly with a nod. “We went in 2 million li but we didn’t see a single demonic beast. Now looks like … that black city is a certain power. Perhaps it ordered all demonic beasts directly to gather around the city and not to clash with us.”
“Humph.” Standing behind Reverend Yan Xu, Reverend Huo Tian gives a cold humph. “That city is very powerful. Its Xiuyaoists can already match the Azure Dragon Palace in number. We didn’t send many troops to this place at all, so why would the power in that city have feared us? Why would it have wanted every demonic beast under it to gather around that city?”
“Fear? Does reluctance to clash with us definitely mean fear? You Xiuxianists’ intelligence is so low.” Yi Da says with a cold smile.

“Yi Da!”  Reverend Huo Tian is furious. “Don’t go over the line. This time the Penglai Immortal Region’s men discovered that quiet deep cave first, but your men killed them to hide it from us and monopolize it. Humph, you’ve gone overboard.”
Yi Da says nothing. But Jiao Jiu beside him laughs out loud: “Huo Tian, you’re still such an arsehole.”
“Where’s Miss Situ?” Qin Yu suddenly asks with a smile. He is amused thinking about her. That Xun Feng of Su Yan City has unexpectedly been chasing her with sincerity and perseverance. Situ Xue has naturally been annoyed by this, but Qin Yu helped him so she promised not to take his life.

Because of Situ Xue, Xun Feng has been bustling about for the past 10 years, but …
If he is like a deliberate fallen flower, then she is like a passionless running stream. She feels weird and uncomfortable because a man pursues her, but she is an early Kongming stage Xiumoist after all, how can she possibly accept a mortal’s feeling for her?

“Situ? She’s in the Wilderness.” Yi Da suddenly bites his lip, causing his blood to ooze out.

Azure Dragon frowns. Those who are familiar with Yi Da all know that, when bites his lip, he has made an important decision. Azure Dragon says smilingly at once: “That quiet deep cave is just a dangerous place, Yi Da, Reverend Yan Xu. Do you think you should fight over it like this?” Yi Da suddenly says: “I’ve got something to tell everybody. The 9th jade sword is most likely in that cave. However, this cave is even much more dangerous than the places where the other 8 swords were kept.”
The 9 jade swords were originally kept in 9 different places. Every place is more dangerous than the previous one, and the 9th place is the most dangerous.

“How   can   you   be   sure?”    Old   Freak   Three-Eyed   says doubtfully. “Impossible … you’re plotting something, right?”
Yi Da says with a cold laugh: “Three-Eyed, I’ve given you some face by telling you this info, but you even doubt me. Then you should just stay home. Situ Xue personally sent me this info. She discovered that this quiet deep cave had that familiar aura.”
Familiar aura? Everybody knows what that familiar aura is.

Of course it is the aura of the immortal that left behind the Nine Swords Immortal Mansion, a place with a lot of treasures. Given Situ Xue’s status, naturally she has seen the Purple Flame Devilish Dungeon’s black jade cases. In the past, Yi Da, Situ Xue and Jiao Jiu even joined forces to get rid of the Dust Removing Spells of those cases.

Immediately, everybody no longer has any doubts.

“Tomorrow my Purple Flame Devilish Dungeon’s men are going to set off for that quiet deep cave. As for whether any of you will go or not, I just don’t care.”  The corners of Yi Da’s mouth curve up. A faint smile that is both grim and evil appears on his face.

“Go, of course I’ll go. If I don’t go take a look, I’ll be very disappointed. After all, I’ve put so much effort into this.” Azure Dragon is the first to say. On one side, Old Freak Three-Eyed also says: “Azure Dragon will go so I’ll certainly go. I must obtain this 9th jade sword.” Reverend Yan Xu says smilingly: “My Penglai Immortal Region’s men found this cave first so I’ll surely go.”
“Since you will all go, my Nine Demons Hall will go as well. But … you must not forget that this cave has already killed several thousand men of the Purple Flame Devilish Dungeon and the Penglai Immortal Region each. It’s definitely not a nice place.” Di Long folds his arms before his chest and says with a smile.

Qin Yu stands up, turns around and starts to leave.

“Everybody, tomorrow my Stellar Tower will go with you. But … don’t forget that mysterious city. Why did it want all Xiuyaoists to gather around the city?” When he finishes talking, he has already left.

Hou Fei, carrying his black stick on his shoulder, and Hei Yu follow Qin Yu to also leave.

B8C14: Danger zone

In a pitch-black space, a pair of blood-red eyes are the only things visible.

Suddenly, a small white area appears in this space. It is none other than that snowy cat.

In an instant, the snowy cat transforms into a cat-headed woman, looking like a catwoman. She is now wearing snow- white tight-fitting clothes, revealing the extremely sexy curves of her body. This snowy cat is also a divine beast, a top-class being among demonic beasts. The snowy cat says very respectfully: “Overlord.”
That pair of blood-red eyes looks at her: “Xiao Xue, Dragon Rocky’s and Hong Luan’s 6-in-9 Heavenly Tribulations will come soon, won’t they?”
“Overlord, Hong Luan’s 6-in-9 Heavenly Tribulation will come 3 months later, but Dragon Rocky is still unable to sense his tribulation.” The snowy cat says respectfully. 
“Have you dealt with the Azure Dragon Palace’s forces completely?”
The snowy cat gives a smile. Her golden pupils flash with a tinge of blood-red: “Overlord, all of them have been dealt with. No one was spared.”
“Very well …”
The blood-red eyes suddenly shut, thus disappearing in this pitch-black space.


The Immense Wilderness is vast.

The high echelons of the 6 powers are going forwards into the Wilderness extremely fast together. At the same time, the leaders order the forces near that quiet deep cave to gather at the entrance of the cave. These several tens individuals are the top figures of the 6 powers so naturally their speeds are extremely fast.

Hou Fei’s black stick has been resized and now it is as thick as a tree. Sitting on the black stick, Hou Fei says laughingly to Qin Yu: “Big brother, you’re really formidable. This time sis Li’er also wanted to go to broaden her horizons but you were even able to persuade her to stay in the mansion.”
A faint smile appears on Qin Yu’s face.

This time everybody wants to go deep into the Wilderness to explore that quiet deep cave. When Li’er knew about this, she also wanted to follow Qin Yu to make an exploration of the cave. Qin Yu knows that she has magic powers, but her personal power is too weak and, moreover, this quiet deep cave is too dangerous so he tried every means to eventually succeed in dissuading her.

Therefore, the 3 masters are the only members of the Stellar Tower who left for that quiet deep cave this time. 
“Monkey, big brother did so for sis Li’er’s benefit.” Hei Yu’s voice rises.

Hou Fei says while shaking his head: “How could I not know? But … there’s absolutely no need for big brother to worry about sis Li’er’s safety. Uncle Lan cares about her the most so how can she possibly not have life-saving treasures?” Hou Fei is totally confident.

Qin Yu gives a smile.

He does not want to let Li’er take a risk under any circumstances.

In the Wilderness, mountain ranges and ravines are everywhere. And huge trees which are hundreds or thousands of zhang tall can also be seen. Various demonic beasts that are yet to reach the Jindan stage keep roaring wantonly. Everybody is piercing through the sky extremely fast, heading east straight. After going for several days, Azure Dragon, Reverend Yan Xu, Qin Yu and the others finally arrive at the location of the quiet deep cave.

By now, the forces of the powers have already gathered here, except for the Stellar Tower’s and the Azure Dragon Palace’s forces. The Azure Dragon Palace’s forces are not here because they were already wiped out and the Stellar Tower’s forces are not here because they are staying in the outermost 100,000 li area. Given those common guards’ power, they simply cannot come here in time even if they want.

The forces from the Penglai Immortal Region, the Purple Flame Devilish Dungeon, the Blue Water Mansion and the Nine Demons Hall all salute their respective leaders.

That quiet deep cave is in a valley in a continuous mountain range. It has an opening of 10-odd m in diameter and is fathomless. At the moment, that valley is full of standing people. The experts like Azure Dragon are standing beside the cave. “This quiet deep cave really has the aura left by that immortal. Holy senses are totally useless here so we can only rely on our eyes.” Azure Dragon now no longer has any doubts. Before talking, he had already set up a restrictive spell around them to prevent the subordinates in the surroundings from hearing what they were going to say.

The others also nod.

They have certainly discovered the mysterious thing about this quiet deep cave and that familiar aura.

Reverend Yan Xu says loudly: “Everybody, this quiet deep cave seems very likely to be the place where the 9th jade sword is kept. Now we have to explore the cave to see how deep it is. Let’s discuss carefully whether we should explore it individually or explore it together.”
“Ha-ha, I don’t have an opinion. Now, except for Teng Shan, I’ve got no subordinates.” Azure Dragon laughs out loud and says. Qin Yu also nods his head: “The 4 of you just discuss with each other. My Stellar Tower’s forces are still on the border of the Wilderness and simply can’t come here. I’m the same as Overlord Azure Dragon. You can decide how to carry out the
exploration by yourselves.”
Reverend Yan Xu, Old Freak Three-Eyed, Di Long and Yi Da remain silent for a while.

“Let’s go down with 1000 men each and use them as a tool to learn more about the way as we go.” Yi Da says coldly.

The other 3 ponder a little bit then nod their heads.

They also know that those ordinary subordinates of theirs, who are mostly at the Jindan stage in power, will have very little hope of surviving in this keeping place of the 9th jade sword.

“All right, as this is the case, let’s gather your forces, everybody. We’ll start entering this quiet deep cave one hour later.” Azure Dragon says immediately. The others also agree with him. Qin Yu, however, gives that cave a look.

It is pitch-black and bottomless.

Nobody knows what there are inside.

An hour later, the other 4 powers fly into the cave successively bringing along 1000 ordinary Xiuzhenists apiece. But Qin Yu and Azure Dragon go into the cave with just a few experts. The cores of the 6 superpowers go in the center of the group, led and followed by ordinary Xiuzhenists.

“This quiet deep cave is unusually dark.” Azure Dragon says with a cold humph. “Even with my vision, I can only see as far as several tens meters down.”
Qin Yu says with a smile: “You’re already really formidable, Overlord Azure Dragon. I can only see as far as 10 something meters. Perhaps those ordinary Xiuzhenists can only see a couple of meters ahead of them. Their hearts must pound with fear as they fly.” “Big brother, I can see as far as 1000 m.” Hou Fei’s voice rises in Qin Yu’s mind through holy sense communication.

Qin Yu is surprised then happy inwardly at once. It is certainly great that Hou Fei is capable of such a thing in this pitch-black place.

Hu hu ~~~

Suddenly, everybody falls silent because they can hear those strange noises, which sound like wind noises and come from the depths of the cave. Their vigilance is increased to the max in the blink of an eye.

There is wind deep under the ground?

“It’s dangerous, big brother. Frighteningly cold air is rushing up from deep under the ground.” Hou Fei’s voice rises in Qin Yu’s mind. 
“Be careful, there is cold air deep under the ground.” Old Freak Three-Eyed’s voice also rises urgently. His 3rd eye has been open all along, shooting various indistinct green beams of light towards the depths of the ground.

Qin Yu can feel the expansion of the cold air clearly. Even though it has not reached his body, he already feels a tingling sensation on his skin. Wherever the cold air passes, any Xiuzhenists coming into contact with it are frozen to death without even being able to utter an anguished cry.

In the 10-odd m range that Qin Yu can see, various Xiuzhenists are turned into ice sculptures and die. When the cold air is getting close to Qin Yu and the other experts, Azure Dragon reaches out a hand.

A green light then forms a barrier in front of everybody. Even though the cold air is strong, it cannot break through Azure Dragon’s blockade. “What the hell is this cold air? It’s so strong.” Reverend Huo Tian’s face has even become a little pale.

Azure Dragon says with a solemn expression: “Everybody, I think we’re in serious trouble.”
Qin Yu and the others look at him. The cold air has been blocked, has it not? Why did he say they were in serious trouble?

Azure Dragon thinks for a while then says with a sigh: “Let me tell you something, everybody. This quiet deep cave is different from what we thought it was. Compared to the other sword keeping places, which only had some slight trials, this cave can have trials much more difficult than you imagined.”
“What do you mean, Azure Dragon?” Old Freak Three-Eyed is somewhat impatient.

Azure Dragon glances at the others: “I’ll give all of you a warning. In the past, those slight dangers couldn’t harm us, but now it looks like some of us will probably die in here. You don’t have to ask me why.”
Qin Yu takes a look at Azure Dragon.

But he also knows that Azure Dragon is different from the others. As a member of the dragon clan, Azure Dragon knows many things ordinary people do not.

“Azure Dragon, when you’re not scared, why should I be scared? I’ll certainly keep going.” Old Freak Three-Eyed says smilingly.

Yi Da, however, says with a cold laugh: “Azure Dragon, you’re intentionally intimidating us, right? Humph, you want us to retreat so that you can get the 9th jade sword, don’t you?” His words are sharp like a knife, showing no respect for Azure Dragon.

Azure Dragon’s face turns cold: “Humph, then each to his own from now on. I won’t care even if all of you die.” With a wave of his large sleeve, Azure Dragon surrounds himself and Teng Shan with that green light. Afterwards, the 2 of them keep rushing down. Obviously he has become extremely furious. Just now he really warned everybody with good intentions but the situation has somehow turned out this way.

“Let’s go, Fei Fei, Xiao Hei.” Qin Yu says with a smile. The 3 brothers then rush down closely after Azure Dragon.

They either use their protective energies to directly smash the bodies that have been turned into masses of ice by the cold air or just follow the passages Azure Dragon and Teng Shan have created through collision.

“Yi Da, what you said was a little excessive.” Reverend Yan Xu reproves Yi Da.

“Shut up, Yan Xu. Have you gone gaga? We all know Azure Dragon’s power. He’s just a bit stronger than us. I can tell that he knows something. But because he even dares to take Teng Shan to rush down, given our power, how could we still be afraid of rushing down?” Yi Da is not a fool.

In his opinion, Azure Dragon daring to go down means the danger level is still not life-threatening to him.

Reverend Yan Xu also understands after thinking about what he said a bit.

“Why are you still bullshitting here? Quickly go.” Old Freak Three-Eyed is the first to rush down, quickly chasing after Qin Yu and Azure Dragon. Reverend Yan Xu, Yi Da, Di Long and the others also rush down immediately. On the way, they collide with and shatter those masses of ice unceasingly.


“The bottom is 1000 m down. There’s a black pond at the bottom. By the side of the pond, there’s a horizontal opening. I’ve got a feeling that we can’t go into that pond.” Hou Fei tells Qin Yu through holy sense communication. His fiery eyes are really formidable. 
Ahead of Qin Yu, enfolded in that green light, Azure Dragon and Teng Shan are flying extremely fast.
Their speed is too fast while Azure Dragon’s vision only has a range of several tens meters. When he discovers that black pond, he hurriedly turns and takes Teng Shan into that opening by its side, causing its surface to heave up and down for a short time in the process.

Although the surface of the pond heaves for such a short time, the green light, which moments ago was able to block the cold air, is depleted by more than 50%.

Qin Yu’s group of 3 turns and enters that opening very smoothly. Old Freak Three-Eyed naturally has noticed this scene.

“Ah.” Several painful cries are heard continuously. Di Long is always on alert, but because he flies fairly fast and his vision’s range is too short, he still touches that black pond. The duration of contact was very short but his protective demonic elemental energy has been worn away and even his protective armor has been corroded partly.

Among the several experts, the one suffering the heaviest damage is unexpectedly Reverend Huo Tian. Because he was too rash, his left arm has been decayed, leaving him badly injured.

“Be careful a bit, everybody. Fly slowly. Don’t touch the black pond below in any case.” Reverend Yan Xu says loudly. Those ordinary Xiuzhenists behind him of course hear what he says clearly. Reverend Yan Xu and his group then also enter that opening.

Thanks to his warning and their slow flying speeds, the 2000 to 3000 Xiuzhenists at the rear do not suffer any injuries.

Azure Dragon and Teng Shan’s flying speed is not fast at all because their vision is insufficient. However, Qin Yu’s group can fly much faster than them because of Hou Fei’s vision. Before long, Qin Yu and his 2 sworn brothers have already caught up with Azure Dragon and Teng Shan.

“Brother Qin Yu, you’d best go beside me.” Azure Dragon says with a solemn expression.

Qin Yu says doubtfully: “What happened, Overlord Azure Dragon? Or in other words … what have you discovered? Can you tell me a bit?” In fact, he also feels that Azure Dragon is not telling a lie.

Azure Dragon says with a shake of his head: “I don’t know either. Now it’s just a guess. But if you follow me, you’ll be in much less danger.”
“All right, then I’ll leave my little life in your protection, Overlord Azure Dragon. Please don’t let me down.” Qin Yu says jokingly. Hou Fei however grunts while Hei Yu says nothing and just stays beside Qin Yu quietly.

The 5 of them then fly side by side. 
Behind them, the experts such as Old Freak Three-Eyed, Reverend Yan Xu, Di Long and Yi Da and the normal Xiuzhenists at the rear are also flying extremely fast.

“No good. Watch out above you!” Azure Dragon suddenly shouts.

Everybody looks up and is surprised to see a carving, a huge carving that is several thousand meters long, on the ceiling of this deep underground stone passage. Qin Yu’s face changes color greatly at once: “It’s a huge talisman!”
A black beam of light then goes through that several thousand meter long huge talisman.

The ceiling of this section of the stone passage is formed from continuous huge blocks of rock, each of which is 100 m long and extremely frighteningly heavy. Affected by that huge talisman, all of the seals and markings on every huge rock keep flashing with a black light. Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! ……
The 100 m long huge rocks unexpectedly fall down at the same time. Each of them smashes down with a weight of over a million jin, but weight is not the only weapon of the rocks. There is also the energy of those mysterious black seals. At the rear, there are several tens Xiuzhenists every 100 m. If they go all out, in theory, they should be able to support the weight of a huge rock for a while, however —
“Ah!” “Ah!” “Ah!” ……
Anguished cries are heard continuously at once. Various Xiuzhenists at the rear cannot resist and are immediately smashed to pieces. Their blood covers a large area of the ground. Qin Yu, Azure Dragon and the other experts also raise their hands to stop those falling huge rocks. However, as soon as Qin Yu touches a rock, his face changes color greatly.

B8C15: Life-Or-Death Passages

Each of these falling huge rocks is 100 m long and 6 to 7 m wide, but nobody knows how thick they are. Qin Yu estimates that they weight only several million jin, but the ordinary Xiuzhenists at the rear cannot put up any resistance even when several tens of them join forces.

Qin Yu slightly bends his legs and tries to prop the 100 m long huge rock above him up with his hands. An extremely large pressure immediately comes down through his arms from the rock. Qin Yu cannot help bending his legs somewhat more again.

Zi ~~

A deep noise rises at his feet as they sink into the flagstone under him on the ground.

Because the huge rocks forming the ceiling of this section of the stone passage fell down simultaneously, the weight of each of them threatens a different number of individuals under it. Qin Yu, Hou Fei, Hei Yu, Azure Dragon and Teng Shan are the 5 in the front so naturally they have to support a huge rock together.

The flagstones under them quickly give off sounds of their inability to withstand the rock’s weight. Their feet either shatter or sink into these flagstones.

“So heavy.” Hou Fei shouts in a strange voice. At the moment he is also trying to support the weight with his hands. Not saying a word, Xiao Hei tries to prop the huge rock up directly with his large wings. After joining forces, the 3 brothers eventually manage to support the weight of that huge rock.

Qin Yu cannot help feeling astonished. In the past, when he was still practicing external techniques and had not reached the Xiantian level yet, he already had more than 1000 jin of strength in one arm. At the peak of the Xiantian level, he could even lift a 10,000 jin huge rock. As for during the Nebula stage and the Meteor stage, not only did his physical power improve so much, the stellar energy inside his body was also extremely formidable. Now Qin Yu alone can already lift several million jin. And Hou Fei’s strong point is strength. In terms of strength, he is even superior to Qin Yu. Xiao Hei’s strength is about the same as Qin Yu’s too. Even so, they have to join forces to support this huge rock. This just goes to show how heavy the rock is.

“Azure Dragon, why are you doing nothing?” Qin Yu rebukes angrily.

Now he and his 2 brothers have got into action but Azure Dragon is still doing nothing on one side other than staring attentively at the seals on the huge rock.

“There’s something odd about these seals!”
Azure Dragon talks to himself. Afterwards, he tells Qin Yu smilingly: “Not bad. All right, the 3 of you can take a rest.”
He then utters a cold shout. In an instant, his hands unexpectedly transform into 2 huge dragon claws while his arms thicken and dragon scales emerge from them. An extremely powerful force bursts forth from inside Azure Dragon’s body. It is so strong that it even causes the air to vibrate for a while.

As soon as Azure Dragon supports the rock with his arms, Qin Yu, Hou Fei and Hei Yu do not feel any pressure at all.

Surprisingly, he has single-handedly outdone the combined force of Qin Yu and the others 2.

Hou Fei’s eyes flash with a red light. He looks at Azure Dragon for a long time then says to Qin Yu via holy sense communication: “Big brother, just now, when the rock was falling down, Azure Dragon didn’t do anything in the beginning, could it be he wanted to let the rock smash us to death or injure us?”
Qin Yu falls silent for a while then says via his holy sense: “Don’t think too much.” He also takes a look at Azure Dragon.

However, blood has already formed a small stream on the flagged ground of this stone passage. It is the blood of various Xiuzhenists. When even Qin Yu and his 2 brothers had difficulty withstanding the huge pressure of a rock, how can several tens ordinary Jindan stage Xiuzhenists possibly take it?

By now, the anguished cries have already started to gradually stop.

Because every huge rock is 100 m long, the individuals under a rock naturally form a group.

Qin Yu and the 4 near him are a group. Behind them, Di Long, Di Jian, Di Xu, Old Freak Three-Eyed and Lou Ke happen to be under the same rock. Yi Da, Situ Xue and Jiao Jiu are being pressed on by another huge rock. Reverend Yan Xu, Reverend Huo Tian, Reverend Di Feng and the 10-odd Xiuzhenists closely behind them are supporting another huge rock together.

Except for these individuals, everyone has already died.

“Damn it, until when do we have to keep holding this rock up?  Break  for  me!”   The  black  stick  in  Hou  Fei’s  hand  is suddenly swung at the huge rock. Of course, the stick is unquestionably powerful. How can normal huge rocks possibly withstand its might? In theory, it should shatter this huge rock where it hits.

However, when Hou Fei’s black stick smashes into the rock, those seals and markings flash again with a black light, which seems to be moving on the entire surface of the rock and withstands Hou Fei’s black stick attack easily, leaving the huge rock intact.

“Oh.” Hou Fei is astonished.

A shout is heard as Azure Dragon’s claws begin to shine dazzlingly. The claws then tear the black light of the seals apart. Afterwards, the huge rock is naturally smashed to countless chunks. Immediately, there is no longer a rock above the heads of Qin Yu and his group.

Qin Yu, Hou Fei and Hei Yu all look at Azure Dragon. 
The attack of Hou Fei’s black stick failed to damage those black seals but Azure Dragon was able to mangle them. It is easy to see the gap between them. However … Hou Fei has not transformed yet so his real power has not been used to the full.


The area right between Old Freak Three-Eyed’s eyebrows splits. His 3rd eye shoots out a green shaft of light, which hits some of those black seals squarely. Following this, everybody in his group easily shatters the huge rock above them.

A frightening energy sword suddenly rises from the surface of Reverend Yan Xu’s body. At the moment, it looks like he is enfolded in a huge sword. After a shout, the energy sword shoots straight at some black seals, which are shattered similarly.

Yi Da’s waist-length purple hair suddenly shoots straight up like needles. Pouf!

The black light of the seals is pierced through by the long purple hair like a sheet of paper just like that.

After those huge blocks of rock have been destroyed, the whole passage brightens. The original pitch-black space unexpectedly disappears.

“The pitch-black just now should have been caused by those mysterious seals.”  Azure Dragon says firmly. Now there are a great number of broken rocks on the ground of the passage, but this does not affect anybody in the slightest.

Qin Yu casts a look at 4 experts — Early Kongming stage divine beast Azure Dragon, late Dongxu stage divine beast Old Freak Three-Eyed, who has a third eye, late Kongming stage Xiumoist Yi Da and late Kongming stage Xiuxianist Reverend Yan Xu.

Although Azure Dragon is the most powerful among them, the gaps between him and the other 3 are very small. 
“So strong!”
Qin Yu says in his mind.

He knows very well that among the 6 major powers, the Stellar Tower is only a little bit superior to the Nine Demons Hall, because the other 4 powers are under the command of those 4 super experts. However … if Uncle Lan is regarded as a member of the Stellar Tower, then it will become the supreme power.


The Stellar Tower has Qin Yu, Hou Fei and Hei Yu. The Azure Dragon Palace has Azure Dragon and Teng Shan. The Blue Water Mansion has Old Freak Three-Eyed and Lou Ke. The Nine Demons Hall has Di Long, Di Jian and Di Xu. The Purple Flame Devilish Dungeon has Yi Da, Situ Xue and Jiao Jiu. The Penglai Immortal Region has Reverend Yan Xu, Reverend Huo Tian and Reverend Di Feng. There are also the 10-odd Xiuzhenists who were lucky to survive behind the 3 reverends.

“I think we should cooperate. If we keep acting individually like this, who knows how many of us will die before seeing the 9th jade sword?” Reverend Yan Xu says smilingly.

Yi Da fiddles with his long hair and says with an evil smile: “Cooperate?  Not  bad  if  you’re  sincere,  but  if  you’re  just pretending and going to use a sneak attack at a crucial moment
…  ha-ha.”  After several cold laughs, he says positively: “I’m used to protecting myself and not in the habit of putting my life in the hands of someone else.”
“I’m the same.” Old Freak Three-Eyed gives Reverend Yan Xu a disdainful look.

By contrast, Di Long says: “I don’t agree or disagree. If everybody agrees then I’ll also agree.” He is just beating around the bush. 2 experts have already voiced their objections so his words imply that he will not agree to cooperate. Qin Yu says nothing about Reverend Yan Xu’s suggestion.

“Azure Dragon, let’s keep going forwards.”  He tells Azure Dragon.

Taking a look at everyone behind, Azure Dragon says indifferently: “Be careful, everybody. I won’t care if any of you die. Just go back if you fear for your life.” After saying so, he keeps going forwards with Teng Shan.

Nobody retreats, not even those 10-odd ordinary Xiuzhenists.

It is not that they do not want to retreat, but that they do not dare to. The leaders of the 6 superpowers can retreat, but they cannot, because they are subordinates. If they retreated, it would be no different from abandoning their leaders in the face of danger and they would be given severe punishments.

This time, everybody is obviously very careful. They keep going forwards while observing their surroundings attentively.

After going about several hundred li along this passage, everybody enters a special place — a cave that can accommodate tens of thousands of people. In addition to the entrance, the cave has 9 exits, each of which is connected to a quiet, long passage whose the other end is nowhere in sight.

“9 passages, one is life, the others are death. You must choose, ha-ha … if you want to obtain my treasures, you must have enough luck!”
There are words of the Qian Long continent on a wall of the cave. Each of them is giving off a terrifying aura. Those auras are so strong that they are far superior to the auras of divine beasts like Azure Dragon and Old Freak Three-Eyed. It can be said that … they belong to a whole different level.

Everybody looks at that wall.

Azure Dragon, Old Freak Three-Eyed, Yi Da and Reverend Yan Xu all go miserably pale in their faces and spit out a mouthful of blood.

However, Qin Yu and the other experts of his caliber only feel oppressed mentally. And the 10-odd common Xiuzhenists do not even feel anything. Azure Dragon and the other 3 immediately sit down with legs crossed to quietly get their breaths back. They no longer dare to look at that wall.

“Only one of the 9 passages is the way out.” Qin Yu frowns deeply.

In just a while, Azure Dragon and the other 3 stand up. Only they do not look at that wall again.

There is unexpectedly a hint of excitement in Yi Da’s eyes. Drops of blood are even oozing out from his lips. He says: “Ha- ha, I believe nobody doubts that the words on that wall were left behind by that immortal.” “There’s certainly no doubt. The auras of those words alone can injure us. Judging from this, we can only say that these words were written by an immortal. However, if you look at those Jindan stage Xiuzhenists …” Azure Dragon points at those Jindan stage Xiuzhenists.

Everybody looks at them and sees that they are not affected by looking at the words on the wall in the least.

If the words simply contained oppressive auras, those who are weak would naturally not be able to endure them.

“These words’ pressure injures those who are powerful. The weaker you are, the less you’re affected. Even I have never heard of this kind of wondrous technique. This immortal is at least a golden immortal. He can even be a legendary …” Azure Dragon, however, does not finish his last sentence.

Obviously, that is a secret.

“What’s  the  point  of  talking  so  much  nonsense,  Azure Dragon? Now there are 9 passages, which one must we go into? The immortal already said that the other ways are death. Given our power, we’ll definitely die if we choose wrong.” Old Freak Three-Eyed says with an ice-cold expression.

Everybody’s heart sinks a little.

When someone who is at least a golden immortal said so, with their power, they certainly cannot miraculously defy him.

Therefore … they must choose the passage of life to come out.

“There’s only 1 passage of life among the 9 passages. It’s too difficult to pick the right one. Compared to the 9th jade sword, life is even more important. I don’t want to waste my time here. 6th brother, don’t forget to follow us.” After saying so, Di Long and Di Xu turn around. Di Jian also follows Di Long, wanting to go back through the incoming passage.

“Coward.” Yi Da says with a cold laugh. “Ah!”
Di Long suddenly cries in fear. His face changes color greatly.
Di Jian and Di Xu also cry in fear.

The others immediately look at them. At the moment, the 3 Di brothers are looking at the incoming passage. Following the looks in their eyes, everybody looks at that passage. If they did not look, they would not become nervous. But as soon as they take a look, their faces change color greatly too.

At the moment, that passage’s opening is rotating nonstop like a black hole. A black light keeps spreading out from it and moving along that wall of the huge cave in all directions.

“No good.”
The experts like Azure Dragon, Reverend Yan Xu and Qin Yu all realize that the situation is bad. In just a moment, the black light unexpectedly spreads all over every wall of the cave, turning the entire cave into a black cave. The only things completely unaffected are those 9 passages. 
When they look up, they see a line of words floating high up in the air — “Either live or die!”
“Ha-ha …” Yi Da suddenly turns his face upwards and bursts out laughing. “This immortal is really formidable. The words he left behind say we got to choose the only passage of life from 9 passages. Now we really got to choose. The incoming passage is already gone. There are only those 9 passages to choose from.”
“Weirdo.” Di Long gives Yi Da a cold look.

Most people will not react like Yi Da in this situation because they do not want to die. However, now the remaining Xiuzhenists must choose a passage because even the stone walls of the cave have been covered in that black light, a terrifying type of energy which frightens them.

They must choose! Either live or die!

“You choose, big brother. I’ll go with you no matter which way it is. Kaka, I’m very confident of your luck.” Hou Fei says laughingly to Qin Yu. Hei Yu also looks at him. Qin Yu understands the meaning of that sharp look.

Both of his sworn brothers agree that he chooses!

Of the 9 passages, only one is the passage of life. The probability of picking it is too low.

But he must choose, because there is already no way to go back.

Qin Yu clenches his teeth and looks at those 9 passages.

B8C16: Holder Of The 9th Jade Sword

“Which passage should I choose?”  Qin Yu looks at each of those 9 passages carefully.

However, after looking at them, he discovers that these 9 passages are similarly bottomless. Only they bend in slightly different manners. In this situation, how can he possibly choose the right way? If Qin Yu were one man, alone, he would still feel pressured, but not too much.

However, now he is responsible for Hou Fei’s and Xiao Hei’s lives.

“There  are  basically  no  big  differences  between  the  9 passages. That immortal told us to choose, but without even a hint, how are we supposed to choose? Choosing 1 from 9, the chance of death is too high.” Qin Yu’s calm heart gradually becomes agitated.

The more he looks, the angrier he gets: “What a shitty immortal. If he wants to give people the jade swords then just give. Why the hell did he create these 9 passages for them to choose? Also, there’s only 1 passage of life!” Beads of sweat ooze out on his forehead. His eyes also gradually redden a little.

Azure Dragon’s expression is solemn. Di Long is obviously very anxious. Old Freak Three-Eyed however has sat down with legs crossed. Reverend Yan Xu, Reverend Huo Tian and Reverend Di Feng are discussing something.

“Oh my, why look so serious, Azure Dragon? Di Long, you’re so afraid of death that you’ve become this way. You’re really too weak. Reverend Yan Xu, could you already have an idea? Ha-ha … quit thinking, Qin Yu, why don’t you just choose and go into a passage at random?” Yi Da says with evil laughter.

Qin Yu takes a cold look at him: “Why don’t you choose yourself?”
“Me?”  Yi Da says while fiddling with his long purple hair. “Does this question still need asking? I’m going to wait until you’ve all chosen. After you’ve died one by one, I’ll know which way is the passage of life, won’t I?” “Idiot.” Hou Fei says with strange laughter. “You’re an idiot, Yi Da. Don’t you see that these 9 passages are all winding and bottomless? How can you know if someone who has gone into one of them is dead or alive? Also, you don’t have everybody’s soul jade slip.”
“Yi Da, there aren’t many of us here, why do you think all 9 passages will be chosen?” Old Freak Three-Eyed opens his eyes and asks.

Yi Da, however, does not care about his question: “Three- Eyed, why are you sitting in meditation here at this moment?”
Old Freak Three-Eyed bursts into strange laughter: “There’s only 1 passage of life among the 9 passages. If I can’t ascertain which one it is, I definitely won’t choose. I’d rather practice quietly in this cave until my tribulation comes!”
Practice until his tribulation!

Qin Yu, Azure Dragon, Yi Da and the others all look at him in disbelief. Even Reverend Yan Xu, who is discussing, also stops talking and looks at him in disbelief.

He says with a cold laugh: “I don’t believe that the 9-from-9th Heaven Tribulation can’t destroy this place when it strikes down. If it can’t, that’ll be a good thing too, because I’ll be able to go through it easily.” His words leave everybody speechless.

What Old Freak Three-Eyed said is indeed a solution.

The thing is … it requires the user to endure loneliness.

“Even if the 9-from-9th Heaven Tribulation can’t destroy this place, when I achieve ascension, I’ll ascend straight to another world from this world. This place surely won’t be able to stop me again.” A hint of haughtiness appears in the eyes of Old Freak Three-Eyed.

When one achieves ascension, they will go straight to another world no matter where they are in this world. Almost everybody says nothing.

“You’re  something,  Three-Eyed.”  Finding  him  both  funny and annoying, Azure Dragon merely says these words.

Practicing alone in this cave all the time until the arrival of the 9-from-9th Heaven Tribulation, not many Xiuzhenists can endure this kind of loneliness.

“Throw stones to learn about the way.” Di Long says coldly, but his eyes glance at those 10-odd common Xiuzhenists who were lucky to survive.

Hearing what he says, everybody’s eyes brighten at once. Right, throw stones to learn about the way. The experts such as Teng Shan and Hou Fei will not agree to go check out the passages so now only those Jindan stage Xiuzhenists are usable.

“Please save me, Reverend.”  Knowing that the situation is bad for them, those 10-odd Xiuzhenists immediately kneel down. These Xiuzhenists are all men of the Penglai Immortal Region.

However, Reverend Yan Xu frowns then makes a cut with a hand, separating them into 2 groups. He tells the newly- formed group of 9 with a sigh: “The 9 of you need to sacrifice yourself. First, create your own soul jade slips.”
“Reverend, please spare us, Reverend!”
These 9 Xiuzhenists are extremely terrified but the look in Reverend Yan Xu’s eyes turns grim.

Old Freak Three-Eyed gives them an ice-cold look and says: “The 9 of you listen up. On behalf of the Blue Water Mansion, I order you to quickly make your own soul jade slips and go into different passages. Otherwise … not only will you all die, your schools will also be destroyed.”
The 9 people’s faces change color greatly. The Xiuxianists mobilized by the Penglai Immortal Region all live near the Qian Long continent and are not the Penglai Immortal Region’s core forces. These men all belong to small schools so Old Freak Three-Eyed really can destroy their schools.

“If we listen to the order, one of us can live. Otherwise, all of us will die. Good luck, my fellow Xiuxianists.”
A middle-aged man among the 9 kneeling people suddenly stands up and looks at Reverend Yan Xu, Old Freak Three-Eyed and the others. His eyes are full of hatred. Afterwards, a chunk of jade appears in his hand. He creates a soul jade slip for himself very quickly.

The other 8 people also stand up in a while. Having resigned themselves to death too, they make their own soul jade slips.

The leading middle-aged man collects the 9 people’s soul jade slips then hands them over to Reverend Yan Xu. He stares at Reverend  Yan  Xu,  saying  seriously:  “Reverend,  please  take them.” Reverend Yan Xu receives them with an expressionless face. 
“Good luck, everybody. I’ll be the first to go.” The leading middle-aged man walks straight into an outermost passage.

“Good luck, everybody.”  Another man walks into the 2nd passage.

One after another, those men step into the passages. Reverend Yan Xu then puts the 9 soul jade slips on the ground in correct order with each jade slip corresponding to the direction in which its owner has entered a passage. Now those 9 people have already gone into the passages while these 9 jade slips are lying steadily on the ground.

Azure Dragon, Reverend Yan Xu, Qin Yu and the others all look at those 9 jade slips. Those 9 people have already disappeared in those deep passages so everybody can only observe their soul jade slips to conclude whether they are dead or alive. Bang!

The 2nd soul jade slip shatters …
Soon afterwards, the 3rd soul jade slip also shatters, then the 4th one, the 5th one …
In just a while, the 2nd to the 9th soul jade slips have shattered. Everybody looks at the 1st jade slip with glittering eyes.

“It seems the 1st passage is the passage of life.” Di Long says smilingly. “Why haven’t you started yet, everybody? Could it be you want to let that Jindan stage Xiuzhenist go off with the 9th jade sword?” After saying so, he goes straight towards the 1st passage. Di Jian and Di Xu immediately follow him.

Bang! At the moment, the only undamaged jade slip, the 1st jade slip, also … shatters!

The 3 Di brothers stop completely in the blink of an eye as if their acupoints have been hit. They then look back in disbelief. That 1st soul jade slip has already shattered too. At this very moment, they are baffled. Azure Dragon, Old Freak Three- Eyed, Qin Yu and the others are also baffled.

“9 soul jade slips have all shattered. This means those 9 people have all died. What actually happened?”  Di Long just cannot understand.

The immortal’s message says that there is one passage of life among the 9 passages so there should be a passage of life. But why have all 9 people died? After the 9 soul jade slips have shattered, everybody does not know what to do as before. Do they have to check the passages out again using other Xiuzhenists?

Silence. The entire cave is frighteningly silent. Every expert is frowning.

“Kaka,  all  of  you  are  idiots.”  Hou  Fei  says  with  strange laughter. “Only 1 of the 9 passages is the passage of life so naturally that passage leads to the 9th jade sword. If we find out the location of the 9th jade sword, we’ll know which one it is, won’t we?”
Di Xu reproves him loudly: “If we knew the 9th jade sword’s location, why would we have to go to such trouble?”
“Idiot.” Hou Fei says disdainfully.

Qin Yu’s eyes brighten and look at Hou Fei in disbelief: “Fei Fei, you’re really smart.”
Now Azure Dragon, Yi Da and some others have also figured out the solution almost simultaneously. Azure Dragon laughs out loud and says: “Hou Fei is really smart, ha-ha … that’s right, we only need to find out the 9th jade sword’s location. Reverend Yan Xu, last time you failed to find the 9th jade word with that secret method of yours, but let’s try it again this time.”
Qin Yu, Yi Da, Situ Xue and the others all look at Reverend Yan Xu.

Reverend Yan Xu is startled then bursts out laughing: “I’m really old already. This method is not bad. Last time the 8 jade swords unexpectedly split up for no reason after entering the Wilderness. Some problem must have occurred. This time I’ll try it again, maybe it’ll succeed.”
After saying so, he sits in midair with legs crossed.

The holders of the jade swords present throw their respective swords to him one after another. Now nobody hesitates because Reverend Yan Xu’s method is not only related to the 9th jade sword, it is even related to everyone’s life. Who would dare to fool around at this moment?

Reverend Yan Xu begins to execute that secret method again. 
The 8 jade swords shoot out various beams of light, which connect them with his body. With a solemn expression, he makes many hand signs … Second after second, minute after minute. When a long time has passed, sweat even appears on his eyebrows.

“Everybody,  it’s  successful.”   Reverend  Yan  Xu  suddenly breathes out and says.

The 8 jade swords then fly side by side straight towards … the 1st passage!

“The 1st passage?” Qin Yu is shocked.

The 3 Di brothers are also shocked, as is everyone else at the scene. Some time ago the soul jade slip corresponding to the 1st passage shattered, causing everybody to lose hope. But now these jade swords are automatically flying in that passage’s direction. “If the 1st passage is the way out, why did the man entering it die?” Di Long asks instantly.

“There’s only 1 passage of life among the 9 passages. If you don’t choose this one, which one will you choose?” Yi Da says with a cold laugh then takes the lead in flying into the 1st passage. At the same time, the flying jade swords are taken back by their owners.

Qin Yu, his 2 sworn brothers, Azure Dragon and Teng Shan quickly enter the 1st passage after Yi Da.

Reverend Yan Xu, Old Freak Three-Eyed and some others follow them closely. Di Long and his 2 brothers eventually also have no choice but to go into this passage.

Nobody dares to relax. Even though the 8 jade swords pointed to this passage, everybody is still very careful. After all, that Xiuzhenist who entered this passage before them died so it is still dangerous.

But nobody knows how dangerous it is. 
“Be careful, big brother.” Hou Fei is looking around with his fiery eyes, appearing very vigilant. Qin Yu nods. He is very vigilant at the moment too. Xiao Hei is going alongside Qin Yu, his eagle eyes sweeping the surroundings.

Holy senses are useless in this passage. A place constructed by an immortal is not something they can check out at will.

Yi Da is in the front. Azure Dragon, Teng Shan, Qin Yu and his 2 brothers are just a little behind. Reverend Yan Xu, Di Long, Old Freak Three-Eyed and the others are at the rear. These top figures of the overseas Xiuzhen world now are all very careful.

After some time, it seems everyone guessed wrong because by now they have yet to see any traces.

“Why haven’t we seen the corpse of that Xiuzhenist?” Qin Yu frowns deeply. That man died, but there should be a corpse here. Why, after going forwards for such a long time, has nobody seen his corpse? This is really strange. 
However, at this moment —
Hu hu ~~~

From the other end of the passage, a current of a dark red liquid rushes towards them extremely fast like tidewater, filling the entire passage. To be exact, it is a liquid akin to lava. There are even flames on the surface of this current of the liquid.

“Deep-ground lava, be careful!”
Old Freak Three-Eyed’s voice resounds through the passage. In an instant, the current enfolds everybody like tidewater. The few Jindan stage Xiuzhenists who were lucky not to be used as guinea pigs are burnt to ashes even before coming into contact with the lava.

Among the remaining experts, Xiao Hei has the easiest time. 
In the lava, he does not even have to use his protective demonic elemental energy and only relies on his black feathers, which can rival high-grade holy weapons. Under the protection of the feathers, Xiao Hei is not harmed by the deep- ground lava at all. Among the others, Di Xu and the 4 human experts consisting of Situ Xue, Jiao Jiu, Reverend Huo Tian and Reverend Di Feng have a little difficulty dealing with the

Qin Yu and the rest protect their bodies with their energies and withstand the lava easily. Qin Yu and the Xiuyaoists such as Azure Dragon, Teng Shan and Old Freak Three-Eyed have extremely strong bodies so even though their protective energies only neutralize more than half of the lava’s power, they do not mind its residual power.

The Xiuxianists and Xiumoists have weak bodies but in the end all of them survive.

“A bit faster, everybody.” Azure Dragon shouts then becomes the first to rush extremely fast towards the other end of the passage. Qin Yu, his brothers and everyone else quickly follow him. In just a while, they go through the other end of the passage.

There are unexpectedly no other attacks following the deep- ground lava.

After getting out of the passage, everybody sees a luxurious hall which is even much more luxurious and lager than the audience hall of an imperial palace. The shocking thing is that
— at the moment, there are 2 huge divine beasts on the lower part of this hall.

The one on the left has a dark red, 100 m long body. Its neck has 6 thick sharp spines and its head has a golden single horn. The surface of its entire body looks like various rocks and has a stronger defense than even a divine dragon’s. This is a Dragon Rocky lion.

The one on the right is a huge, several tens meter tall, two- winged bird. Flames are moving around every place on its body. It has a distinct air of grandeur. This is none other than a Hong Luan. 
A black-robed man is sitting on the higher part of the hall. A snowy kitten is lying on his thighs. At the moment, this man is playing with a jade sword with his head lowered. Suddenly he raises his head and looks smilingly at everybody who has just rushed out from the passage to come into the hall.

Now the 10 something experts such as Azure Dragon, Qin Yu and Old Freak Three-Eyed are watching the scene before their eyes with shock — 2 divine beasts, the snowy kitten, the black- robed man and that jade sword.

The black-robed man tells the shocked comers with a smile: “Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce myself a bit. I am the holder of the 9th jade sword and also the ruler of the outermost 3 million li of the Wilderness — Yan Mo!”
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