Stellar Transformation Book 07 – Guests From All Sides

Book 07 – Guests From All Sides

B7C1: Quarrel

Qin Yu cuts through the water on his flying sword like a golden beam of light, heading straight southwest.

“Azure Dragon Palace, Blue Water Mansion, your calculations are really good, but …” his eyes flash with smartness, “I’m not so eager to seek protection for myself like you think. Since it has turned out this way, I’ll escalate the situation even more.”
If Qin Yu rides his flying sword at his top speed using the Body-Weapon Unification technique, even Di Long, the fastest among the remaining 7 majesties, will be much slower than him. He will be faster than Di Long by at least 30 to 40 percent.

However, at the moment he is unexpectedly just a bit faster than Di Long.

Of course, Qin Yu is intentionally acting this way. The 7 furious Purple Demon aquatic dragons are rushing through the water frighteningly fast too. Now Di Long and Di Jian, the 2 most powerful of the Di brothers, can no longer wait for their brothers. They chase after Qin Yu closely ahead of the others.

Directly behind them are Di Yang, Di Xu and Di Nai. These 3 majesties have all reached the middle Dongxu stage so their speeds are about the same as each other. The last 2 Purple Demon aquatic dragons are Di Luan and Di Feng. Being at the early Dongxu stage, these 2 majesties are the weakest.

“These 7 little worms don’t give up indeed. I wonder what expressions Teng Shan and Lou Ke will have when they see the 7 little worms behind me upon my arrival in that black rock island.” With a faint smile on the corners of his mouth, Qin Yu keeps piercing extremely fast through the water.

Behind him, furious roars are heard continuously.

Both Di Tong’s death and the 8th jade sword are related to Qin Yu so how can these 7 brothers possibly let him go? What that has enraged them the most is that Qin Yu has even dared to flee with the entire Treasure Storing Palace, the most important palace of their Nine Demons Hall.

Their dragon eyes are radiating frightening lights. Their ice- cold dragon scales do not experience any water resistance and their sharp claws make undercurrents at the bottom of the ocean roar even more fiercely.

“Ha-ha, catch me if you can, you 7 little worms.”
Qin Yu’s shouts resounds through an area of several hundred li in radius. Hearing them, the Nine Demons Hall’s 7 brothers become even more furious. However, at this moment, Qin Yu’s loud laughter unexpectedly goes straight upwards. In just an instant, he breaks out of the water surface and flies into the sky above the ocean.

When Qin Yu sees the blue sky and white clouds, a pleasant feeling rises in his heart. It has been a long time since he last surfaced.

“Don’t even think about escaping, Qin Yu!” A rumbling voice is heard.

“Oh, these Purple Demon aquatic dragons can even talk human after switching to their true forms?”  Qin Yu is very surprised by this because, to his knowledge, animals’ throats are not suitable for speaking human languages. How can these Purple Demon aquatic dragons still talk human?

Qin Yu does not know at all that the underwater Xiuyao world has a special technique called ventriloquism, which is performed using demonic elemental energy. This technique has no relation to a user’s power level but it is a highly skilled technique, and very few Xiuyaoists have been able to master it.

Splash ~~

In the blink of an eye, waves rise several tens meters and 2 huge Purple Demon aquatic dragons which are as thick as large water tanks and over 100 m long each break out of the water almost simultaneously. The dragons glare at Qin Yu, their wide opened eyes full of rage and killing intent. 
Covered in drops of water, the purple dragon scales glitter under the sunlight.

Aquatic dragons coming out of the ocean is really a spectacular sight.

Qin Yu flies straight southwest like a golden meteor. The 7 Purple Demon aquatic dragons chase closely after him nonstop while letting out series after series of furious roars.

After coming out of the ocean, the aquatic dragons have slowed down a little whereas flying in the air is even more suitable for Qin Yu. However, he wants to lead them to that black rock island so he does not try to pull away from them at all.


The Jinshan Island is an ordinary island of the overseas Xiuzhen world. This island is not very large, being only 1000 li in both length and width. There is only one school on the island, Jinshan school. It is also because of the Jinshan school that the island is called Jinshan Island.

At the moment, several tens disciples of the Jinshan school are flying over the islands on their flying swords.

“Martial younger brother, you’re riding your flying sword for the 1st time so you must be a bit careful not to fly too high.” A powerful-built man tells a green-clad young man with fine delicate features like those of a girl.

“Yes, martial brother.” The green-clad young man suppresses the excitement in his heart with effort then controls his flying sword to rise.

He staggers from side to side, not daring to fly fast at all, nor daring to fly high. That martial brother watches him on one side and constantly reminds him about the knacks of flying. In just a while, the green-clad young man can already move somewhat more smoothly. All of a sudden —

A golden meteor shoots past the Jinshan Island through the sky directly above it, causing strong winds that bend the trees on the island.

Blasted by the strong winds, the green-clad young man immediately utters a frightened cry. His body bends towards one side and is about to fall down. But he reacts very fast and controls his flying sword again right away. He finally manages to restore balance. However, at this moment …
“Roar roar ~~~”
Dragon roars continuously resound through the sky of the Jinshan Island, making the faces of all of the island’s Xiuzhenists change color greatly. Two over 100 m long Purple Demon aquatic dragons then fly past the island through its airspace, chasing after that golden meteor directly. After a while, 3 other Purple Demon aquatic dragons and then 2 others also flash by the island.
Seeing 7 Purple Demon aquatic dragons fly through their sky in quick succession, all of the Xiuxianists on the Jinshan Island are so scared that they go pale. By now the headmaster of the Jinshan school has come out. He looks at that golden meteor and those 7 Purple Demon aquatic dragons in the distance with his eyes full of horror.

“Headmaster brother, aren’t they …?”  An old man beside him is also shocked.

The headmaster says with a solemn expression: “Yes, they are Purple Demon aquatic dragons. In the underwater Xiuyao world, only the 9 experts of the Nine Demons Hall are Purple Demon aquatic dragons. All of them have reached the Dongxu stage and are very powerful. Perhaps not even Kongming stage experts could do anything to them.” “7 experts of the Nine Demons Hall have come out to chase that golden meteor together. Who is that fellow Xiuxianist?” The headmaster talks to himself.

The Nine Demons Hall is a powerhouse comparable to the Penglai Immortal Region whereas his Jinshan school’s no. 1 expert has only reached the late Yuanying stage so the Nine Demons Hall is on a totally different level from that of his school. Late Dongxu stage Di Jian and Di Long can definitely match early Kongming stage Xiuxianists in power.

“Stop watching, everybody. Those super experts’ power is already beyond your imagination. All of you should calm down and train hard.”
The Jinshan school’s headmaster shouts to his disciples.

Compared to those kinds of experts, common schools like this Jinshan school basically mean nothing.

…… While flying, Qin Yu has to endure the acute pains in the shoulder whose flesh and most bones were destroyed by Di Nai’s punch. The pains are really piercing but he still has a faint indifferent smile on his face even though the corners of his eyes are slightly trembling.

After flying for more than a half day, Qin Yu eventually sees a black rock island in the distance. Now there are only a few vague scars left on his injured shoulder.

Grim Teng Shan is standing on a submerged rock, his blood- red robe flapping in the wind. As soon as he sees Qin Yu flying towards him like a golden meteor, he gives a faint smile. Standing beside him, Lou Ke also watches Qin Yu coming in the distance.

“Brother Qin Yu.”
Teng Shan says loudly. “Lord Teng, Lord Lou, I was injured by these 7 little worms. I hope the 2 of you save me.”  Qin Yu shouts while holding his injured shoulder. At the same time, he flies in the black rock island and stands behind Teng Shan and Lou Ke.

He then immediately takes out a transmitter: “Fei Fei, I’m on a surface island over 200,000 li to the southwest of the Nine Demons Hall. The island is full of black rocks. Quickly come here.”
“Kaka, I’ll be there very soon!”
After sending a message to Hou Fei, Qin Yu casually waits to see how Teng Shan and Lou Ke are going to handle the 7 furious majesties of the Nine Demons Hall.

Seeing the 7 Purple Demon aquatic dragons arrive in quick succession, Teng Shan and Lou Ke cannot help giving a faint forced smile.

“Stop.” Both of them say at the same time. 
Teng Shan represents the Azure Dragon Palace and Lou Ke represents the Blue Water Mansion so after they said that, not even Di Long dares to act as if he did not hear them. After all, in terms of overall power, the Nine Demons Hall is still slightly inferior to the Azure Dragon Palace and the Blue Water Mansion.

With a flash of light, the 7 aquatic dragons instantly transform into 7 purple-robed men. The man in the front is none other than Di Long.

“Teng Shan, Lou Ke, what do you mean?”  Di Long shouts furiously at Teng Shan and Lou Ke without delay. The faces of his 6 brothers behind him are also full of anger. Now they want to capture Qin Yu at any cost, but Teng Shan and Lou Ke are unexpectedly obstructing them.

Teng Shan gives a cough and says: “There’s no need to be angry, Di Long. There seems to be no bitter feud between Qin Yu and your Nine Demons Hall, right? Di Tong’s death doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with Qin Yu either. So, why don’t you make a little concession to my Azure Dragon Palace by letting Qin Yu go this time, majesty Di Long?” Lou Ke also says: “Di Long, my Blue Water Mansion …”
“Shut up!”
Di Long suddenly shouts with fury. His facial muscles are trembling and his eyes are radiating coldness. It is obvious that he is extremely furious: “No feud? What do you know? He already stole even my Nine Demons Hall’s Treasure Storing Palace!”
“Treasure Storing Palace?! What did you say?! It can’t be Treasure Storing Palace!!!” Even Lou Ke’s face changes color.

Regarding the Nine Demons Hall, the only thing it has that the other 4 superpowers of the overseas Xiuzhen world are envious of is this Treasure Storing Palace.

“You must be joking, majesty Di Long. Everybody knows how big that Treasure Storing Palace is. If you say he took it with a spatial ring, as far as I know, the overseas Xiuzhen world seems to have never seen a spatial ring with enough space to contain it. If you say he took it with his hands, you can see he came here empty-handed, let alone the fact that he doesn’t have the required terrifying strength to have done so,” says Teng Shan.

Di Jian says in an ice-cold voice: “If you don’t believe us, you can ask Qin Yu himself if he stole our Nine Demons Hall’s Treasure Storing Palace.”
Lou Ke says that this is impossible but he still looks back at Qin Yu. “Just tell me everything, brother Qin Yu. There’s no need to fear the Nine Demons Hall’s slanders. My Blue Water Mansion and the Azure Dragon Palace will support you,” says Lou Ke very heroically.

A faint embarrassed smile appears on Qin Yu’s face.

Teng Shan says in disbelief: “Impossible …  Have you really got a spatial ring that can contain Treasure Storing Palace?” Di Long, Di Jian and the other 5 Di brothers all look coldly at Qin Yu.

“It’s …  true. I took their Treasure Storing Palace.”  Qin Yu eventually admits.

Both Teng Shan and Lou Ke look at him with popping eyes. Some guardians of the Azure Dragon Palace behind Teng Shan and some guardians of the Blue Water Mansion behind Lou Ke all look at him with fright as well.

Snatching the Nine Demons Hall’s Treasure Storing Palace!

This act alone can be called a miracle and is enough to spread Qin Yu’s name throughout the entire overseas Xiuzhen world.

“Di Long!” Qin Yu suddenly looks at Di Long with a totally furious expression, shouting: “You said I had stolen your Treasure Storing Palace. I admit this. But let me ask you something. You were preparing to have that guardian Terror Jellyfish absorb me and take my memories, right? Do you dare to speak the truth?!”
Di Long frowns but still says firmly: “Yes, I admit this.”
Qin Yu’s facial expression is ice-cold and filled with killing intent: “Humph, you wanted to kill me and even to take my memories. If not for my excellent escaping skill, I would’ve probably been dead by now. I spent almost a year following 3 majesties from the Blood-red Cave to the Nine Demons Hall and on the way I never tried to run away. I was so loyal to you but how did you treat me? You wanted to kill me! Compared to that intention of yours, my stealing Treasure Storing Palace doesn’t mean anything.”
Qin  Yu  is  extremely  furious:  “Treasure  Storing  Palace  is valuable, but it’s just an external thing. It can’t compare to a life. Since you wanted to kill me, it’s justifiable I took your Treasure Storing Palace, right?” “Who do you think you are?”  Di Long looks disdainfully at Qin  Yu.  “You’re  merely  the  Blood-red  Cave’s  master.  You should’ve felt greatly honored that I wanted to kill you. But not only weren’t you grateful, you even stole my Treasure Storing Palace. You dug your own grave by doing this.”
Qin Yu looks at Di Long and shakes his head: “Majesty Di Long, at first I thought you could also be considered a hero, but now it looks like you’re just a schmo. Since you’ve got no respect for me at all like that, why should I keep respecting you?”
With eyes that look like stars in a winter night, he gives Di Long a stare, saying: “Di Long, in fact, given my master’s status, it’s a great honor to you that I took your Treasure Storing Palace. But not only didn’t you thank me, you even tried to hunt me down. You also dug your own grave.”
A moment ago Di Long said that Qin Yu should feel honored to be killed by him so now Qin Yu hits back by saying almost the same thing, showing no signs of concession. This makes the 7 majesties so angry that their bodies tremble and their faces turn purple. “All of you listen. From now on, the Blood-red Cave won’t take orders from the Nine Demons Hall anymore. The Nine Demons Hall is yours and the Blood-red Cave is mine. We no longer have anything to do with each other. If you still try to order me around, I’ll make you pay!”
Qin Yu says with a cold laugh.

Then he looks at Teng Shan and Lou Ke, saying: “Lord Teng Shan, Lord Lou Ke, if the 2 of you fight off these 7 little worms, I’ll not only be grateful to you, I’ll also tell you everything I know about the 8th jade sword and even give you Treasure Storing Palace!”
Teng Shan’s and Lou Ke’s eyes glitter. To them, Treasure Storing Palace is even more attractive than the 8th jade sword.

Qin Yu immediately looks at the 7 aquatic dragons and says indignantly:  “Anyone  needs  respect.  I  can  give  up  Treasure Storing Palace, but I won’t tolerate this disrespect. You 7 little worms listen, from here on in, I, Qin Yu, shall really oppose you!” After hearing Qin Yu’s torrent of words, Di Long is boiling with killing intent. The 7 majesties all want to tear Qin Yu to pieces right away.

“Qin Yu, prepare to die!”  Di Long wants to get into action first.

Teng Shan and Lou Ke exchange a look. They both have made their decisions. Teng Shan says immediately: “Stop, majesty Di Long!” Hearing his voice, Qin Yu gives a faint smile.

B7C2: Great Six Harmonies Heavenly Gates Formation

With his eyes blazing with killing intent, Di Long looks angrily at Teng Shan and Lou Ke.

“Teng Shan, Lou Ke, could it be you 2 want to stop us 7 brothers  from  killing  this  little  thief?”  Behind  him,  his  6 brothers are also looking at Teng Shan and Lou Ke angrily. It appears they will spring into action as soon as they hear a provocative word.

Lou Ke, however, reaches out his hand and says: “Majesty Di Long, last time my Grand Founder competed with Overlord Azure Dragon for the 7th jade sword. Eventually he lost and the sword was taken by Overlord Azure Dragon. Now the Azure Dragon Palace got 2 jade swords while my Blue Water Mansion got only one.”
“One is still not enough?” Of course Di Long only said so to himself in his mind. After all, he and his brothers are not confident that they can face someone so powerful like Old Freak Three-Eyed head on.

“My Grand Founder has always been upset about this. This time, after receiving some information about the 8th jade sword, he gave me a strict order to gather all of the available information about it at any cost. And Qin Yu knows the information about the 8th jade sword …”
When Lou Ke talks to this point, the 7 Di brothers certainly understand his meaning.

Di Long says with a cold laugh: “You want the information about the 8th jade sword? Then let’s make Qin Yu reveal it right now, okay?”
“Di Long,” Qin Yu looks at Di Long, “why would I reveal it now as you want me to? Just who do you think you are? Humph.” He utters a cold humph and continues: “I already said, if you 7 little worms are fought off, I’m going to reveal the information about the 8th jade sword. Otherwise, I’d rather die than say anything.” “You should’ve heard that, shouldn’t you, majesty Di Long. This Qin Yu fella is very stubborn. And my Grand Founder already gave a strict order …” Lou Ke looks at Di Long.

The latter’s eyes glitter with coldness but he says nothing.

“What are you going to do if I really kill Qin Yu?” Di Long looks at Lou Ke. It seems he does not care about what Lou Ke said at all.

“What am I going to do?”
Lou Ke bursts out laughing: “I’m no match for you, majesty Di Long, so I won’t be able to do anything. But my Grand Founder won’t be happy about this. Once he is unhappy, then

Di Long and his brothers can notice the intimidation in Lou Ke’s words. The 6 Di brothers behind Di Long all glare angrily at Lou Ke, but Lou Ke just smiles calmly. 
“You’re threatening me?!” Di Long looks at Lou Ke.

The latter folds his arms before his chest and says to the guardians behind him: “My guardians, 7 majesties have come here today so we’re no match for them. We basically can’t prevent them from doing whatever they want either.”
Those guardians nod their heads.

“Majesties, if the 7 of you kill Qin Yu, my Grand Founder will get angry. At that time, not even I will be able to help you even if I want.”
After saying so, Lou Ke shouts to his subordinates: “Let’s step aside so that we won’t block the 7 majesties’ way.”
“Yes sir!” Lou Ke then leads the guardians under him flying to a height of several hundred meters above the black rock island.

“Majesty  Di  Long,  my  overlord  also  gave  me  an  order  to obtain the 8th jade sword at any cost. But if you want to kill Qin Yu, I certainly won’t be able to stop you.” Teng Shan appears to be very polite as well. “You have to be sure of yourself to have made this decision, don’t you, majesty Di Long? However, you must already know, once my overlord gets angry, an azure dragon like him can turn the world upside down.”
“Let’s  step  aside,  guardians.  We  won’t  obstruct  the  7 majesties either.”
His guardians all take the order respectfully. Afterwards, Teng Shan leads the guardians flying up to one side of Lou Ke. The 2 of them and the guardians behind them then stand in midair watching the 7 majesties. ……

In just a while, there are only the Nine Demons Hall’s 7 majesties and Qin Yu remaining on the black rock island.

Di Long’s facial muscles are twitching and his eyes are flashing with coldness. Obviously he is being faced with an agonizing choice in his mind.

Teng Shan and Lou Ke hold very high positions in the Azure Dragon Palace and the Blue Water Mansion. They can even be considered representatives of Overlord Azure Dragon and Old Freak Three-Eyed. After being threatened by both of them, Di Long has become hesitant!

“Big brother, it’s useless to think much. Let’s kill Qin Yu immediately.” Di Jian’s ice-cold voice rises.

Di Long’s eyes brighten. He then says angrily: “Qin Yu stole my Nine Demons Hall’s Treasure Storing Palace. I can’t ignore such a serious offense even if Overlord Azure Dragon and Grand Founder Three-Eyed personally come here. Brothers, let’s stop worrying about the other things and kill Qin Yu right now.”
His 6 brothers, Di Xu, Di Yang, Di Jian, Di Feng, Di Luan and Di Nai, all say in agreement with him. Their voices resound through the sky.

At first Di Long still wanted to get information about the 8th jade sword and the cause of Di Tong’s death from Qin Yu, but now he has become so furious that he has given the order to kill Qin Yu on the spot immediately.


Both Teng Shan and Lou Ke frown and take out their transmitters. “Overlord,  that  Qin  Yu  fella  unexpectedly  stole  the  Nine Demons Hall’s Treasure Storing Palace so now the Nine Demons Hall is determined to kill him.” Teng Shan only gives Overlord Azure Dragon a rough report of the situation. As for how his overlord will react, this is none of his business.

Lou Ke also does the same by sending a message through his transmitter to Old Freak Three-Eyed.

“Let’s enjoy this play, Lou Ke. That Qin Yu fella unexpectedly used a spatial ring that can contain Treasure Storing Palace. I think he’s no ordinary.” Standing in midair, Teng Shan watches the 7 majesties and Qin Yu in the distance on the black rock island.

Lou Ke also looks on calmly.

“Teng Shan, I think even if the 7 majesties get into action at the same time, they won’t necessarily catch Qin Yu with ease.” Lou Ke still remembers that the 7 majesties were never able to catch up with Qin Yu while chasing him to this place. It is clear that Qin Yu is extremely fast. 
“It’s started.”
Teng Shan’s eyes brighten. He focuses his entire attention on the battlefield.


Di Long lets out a shout. The 7 Di brothers immediately turn into 7 blurs and charge at Qin Yu.

“You’re really slow!”
Now Qin Yu no longer pretends to be injured. Facing the Di brothers’ powerful attacks, with a movement of his feet, he goes forwards instead of retreating. Like a ghost, he rushes towards Di Long, the most powerful on the battlefield. 
The initial distance between Di Long and Qin Yu is very short so they are already facing each other within their reach in just a moment.


Di Long quickly throws a punch, which pierces straight into Qin Yu’s chest. Di Long cannot help feeling delighted, but he discovers in an instant that this ‘Qin Yu’ in front of him unexpectedly does not bleed at all and is gradually vanishing away.

It is Qin Yu’s afterimage.

“3rd brother, don’t meet his fists with yours.” Di Nai tells Di Yang through holy sense communication.

But at just about the same time — Bang!

Qin Yu’s and Di Yang’s fists clash head-on with each other. Qin Yu’s body is as strong as that of a divine beast and he is wearing the Flaming Gloves so Di Yang naturally cannot withstand his punch. A crisp clack noise is heard and Di Yang immediately flies backwards with an injured right hand.

“Why didn’t you tell me earlier?”  Di Yang says to Di Nai through his holy sense.

“I can’t be blamed for this.” Di Nai is also very frustrated.

Qin Yu’s body turns into a golden beam of light. Even though he is using only 80 percent of his maximum speed, he is already somewhat faster than Di Long. After all, the 7 Di brothers are not using their true forms.

“Ganging up on me? This is what I’m unafraid of the most.” Qin Yu is not worried at all, and rightly so. Someone so good at using speed like him basically does not mind getting attacked by multiple opponents. Even if the enemies greatly outnumber him, they will not be able to surround him and practically he will only have to fight one enemy at a time.

“2 early Dongxu stage fellas, I’m going to make them regret this.”
Qin Yu keeps dodging between the 7 Di brothers like a ghost. The Di brothers simply cannot stop him. After quite a while, they still have not been able to cause him even a scratch.

“Ha-ha, if I want to run away, you’ll never catch me with these slow speeds of yours.” Qin Yu laughs out loud.

The 7 Di brothers’ expressions look somewhat unpleasant. But they cannot help but admit that Qin Yu’s speed is indeed too fast. If he really wants to flee, they simply will not be able to stop him. “Big brother, this bloke is too fast. It’s pretty bad for us.” Di Yang says via his holy sense.

Di Xu also uses holy sense communication: “Big brother, his fast speed is still a small matter. But if he runs away and we can’t stop him, word will spread that … this time our Nine Demons Hall failed to capture the enemy despite coming out in full force and even had Treasure Storing Palace taken away.”
“Big brother, it’s time we decided what to do.” Di Nai says through his holy sense as well.

At the moment, as the big brother, Di Long should be the decision maker.

“Prepare to surround Qin Yu with the Great Six Harmonies Heavenly Gates Formation. We’ll then catch him like a turtle in a jar. Now 2nd brother is already dead so, Di Luan, Di Feng, the 2 of you will join forces to prepare the Water gate, the one with the most simple formation base.” Di Long immediately tells his brothers through holy sense communication. “I’ll hold the Life gate. Di Jian, you’ll hold the Death gate.”
“All right,” says Di Jian in agreement.

The Life and Death gates are the most powerful gates so they must be assigned to someone extremely powerful. Therefore, Di Long and Di Jian are going to be in charge of these 2 gates.

“Di Xu, you’ll hold the Sky gate. Di Yang, you’ll hold the Ground gate. Di Nai, you’ll hold the Fire gate.”
Di Yang, Di Xu and Di Nai all take the order using their holy senses.

“Di Luan, Di Feng, you 2 should have already known the method for setting up the Water gate, right? Pity 2nd brother is dead, so I can only rely on you.” Now Di Long has no other choices either. Originally, among the Nine Demons Hall’s 9 brothers, Di Long and Di Jian were at the late Dongxu stage, 5 were at the middle Dongxu stage and only two were at the early Dongxu stage. But now, because Di Tong and Di Qing are already dead, they can only let Di Luan and Di Feng take part in setting up
the formation.

“Don’t worry, big brother, we won’t disappoint you … Ah!”
When Di Luan has just taken the order via his holy sense, a golden light beam shoots at him. It is none other than Qin Yu.

“An early Dongxu fella like you dares to hunt me down?” Qin Yu’s voice rises in Di Luan’s mind through holy sense communication. At the same time, he throws a punch at Di Luan. This punch is so fast that Di Luan simply cannot dodge it and has no choice but to raise his arms to take it head-on.

A sound of bones getting shattered is heard. Di Luan then makes use of the impact force to retreat.

“Die.” Qin Yu closes in on him again and smashes another punch towards his head. Obviously he wants to kill him right away.


A flying sword thrusts at him.

A flying sword’s direction can be changed at will so even Qin Yu does not dare to let this sword pierce into his body. He immediately forms a claw with his hand and stops the sword with a grab. But an extremely powerful amount of energy unexpectedly bursts out from the flying sword, shaking his hand off.

Paying absolutely no attention to this, Qin Yu looks at Di Long, who has just sneakily attacked him, saying: “Di Long, these 2 early Dongxu little worms must have a death wish to be trying to catch me.” At the moment, Di Long is also frowning. He has obviously noticed that, facing Qin Yu, Di Luan and Di Feng seem to be unable to put up any resistance. If they stay here, they will be almost useless, and because Qin Yu is so fast, they may get killed by Qin Yu.

“7th brother, you and 5th brother leave here first.”
Di Long shouts. However, concurrently with this, he says via holy sense communication: “7th brother, 5th brother, you go more than 100 li to the north of this black rock island and prepare to begin setting up the formation.”
“Di Yang, you get ready to …”
After Di Long gives his orders, all the other majesties are ready.

“The Nine Demons Hall is called one of the 3 underwater superpowers, but I don’t see anything special about you.” Qin Yu says with loud laughter. At the same time, he unexpectedly accelerates a little. His body keeps flashing back and forth between various places like a golden beam of light and his 2 hands are his weapons.

Because he is wearing the Flaming Gloves, his hands can collide with top-grade holy weapons squarely.

Qin Yu can perform various kinds of attacks with his hands such as finger swords, knife hands, punches, and so on.

Qin Yu suddenly appears in front of Di Xu and throws a fierce palm strike down towards Di Xu’s head using his right hand. When Qin Yu smashes a palm strike down with his right hand, he can even break a high-grade holy weapon into pieces, not to mention Di Xu’s head.

A cudgel appears in Di Xu’s hands.

Qin Yu’s palm strike, which carries an enormous force because he is descending from the sky, hits the cudgel. Nothing happens to the cudgel, but Qin Yu’s terrifying force passes through it to reach Di Xu’s hands.

Di Xu basically cannot resist such a frighteningly powerful force and his body is sent smashing down onto the ground by Qin Yu’s palm strike like a meteorite.

“Ha-ha, next please!”
Qin Yu’s loud laughs resound through the battlefield. In the blink of an eye, he has already arrived at another place. He basically does not confront Di Jian or Di Long and is only willing to fight Di Yang, Di Xu and Di Nai one at a time.


When Di Nai is approached extremely fast from behind by Qin Yu, he unexpectedly ignores Qin Yu and focuses his entire attention on his own hands. Even his eyes are focused on his hands. In an instant, his essence, his energy and his mind are focused completely on his hands.

When essence, energy and mind are combined, they become the 3 internal harmonies.

When the hands, the eyes, and the body are coordinated, they become the 3 external harmonies.

The 3 internal harmonies and the 3 external ones are called the 6 harmonies.

Di Nai sudden lets out a shout. Immediately, his essence, energy and mind rise to their peaks while his stance and movements reach perfection. At the same time, a dragon- shaped flame flies out from his body. Almost concurrently with this — “Life!”
5 other shouts are heard and 5 other streams of energy soar into the sky nearly simultaneously. The 6 dragon-shaped streams of energy have different colors. When Qin Yu hits Di Nai’s body with a punch, he is immediately repelled by that stream of energy.

The 6 gates, Qian, Kun, Life, Death, Water, and Fire, have been set up. The Great Six Harmonies Heavenly Gates Formation has been completed! In an instant, the several hundred li radius area within the formation is totally isolated from the outside.

B7C3: Hou Fei’s Entrance

Various energy streams of different colors intertwine with each other and surround an area of several hundred li in radius. This formation’s area of effect is huge to mortals but it is just like a small training ground to experts of Qin Yu’s and Di Long’s caliber.

When Qin Yu sees the Great Six Harmonies Heavenly Gates Formation before him, a chapter on formations in a Xiuzhen book he read previously springs to his mind.

“It’s  the  Great  Six  Harmonies  Heavenly  Gates  Formation. This is a bit troublesome.” Qin Yu talks to himself. At the same time, he flies straight up into the sky. The Flaming Sword suddenly appears in his hand and he thrusts it directly at that barrier of light.

As if Qin Yu has hit a very slippery and tough cloth, his sword unexpectedly just slides along the surface of that energy barrier. 
“It’s  indeed  the  Great  Six  Harmonies  Heavenly  Gates Formation.” Now he is totally sure.
The Great Six Harmonies Heavenly Gates Formation belongs to the besieging type of formation and not to the others such as the illusive type and so on. But this formation blocks off every direction. In the formation, it is not possible to fly out through the sky, nor is it possible to go out through the ground. Qin Yu, therefore, can only move within its area of effect.

“Qin Yu, isn’t your speed very fast?” Di Long’s voice resounds through the whole formation. At the moment Di Long is standing in midair within the formation looking at Qin Yu like a cat playing with a rat. The other majesties are standing behind him.

The 7 Di brothers look down at Qin Yu as if they have got everything in the palms of their hands.

“Ha-ha ~~~” Di Long suddenly bursts into loud laughter with a savage facial expression. He then looks at Qin Yu angrily: “Qin Yu, now you can’t fly into the sky or go into the ground. I want to see how you are going to escape.”
“Let’s roll, brothers!”
Di Long shouts loudly. The majesties all dive down at once and charge at Qin Yu, except for Di Luan, who comes out of the Great Six Harmonies Heavenly Gates Formation because his arms are badly injured.

“I’ll leave everything to you, brothers.”
Di Luan’s heart is full of hatred. He wants an opportunity to torment Qin Yu very much too, but after the bones in his arms were broken by Qin Yu’s heavy punch, his offense has been greatly reduced. He knows his own power and therefore he has exited the Great Six Harmonies Heavenly Gates Formation without delay.

This formation is really fantastic because the ones who set it up can easily come into and get out of it whereas anybody else cannot. 
“Don’t worry, 7th brother. Just leave everything to us.”
The other 6 majesties promise him almost simultaneously. All of them are charging at Qin Yu while boiling with killing intent. This formation’s area of effect is only several hundred li in radius. The 6 majesties keep moving back and forth extremely fast attacking Qin Yu nonstop.

Now Qin Yu uses his body-maneuvering skill to the fullest. He does not dare to face Di Jian or Di Long head-on and can only sneakily attack them a little, but he dares to fight the other majesties directly.

“Ha-ha …”
Qin Yu suddenly appears right in front of Di Feng, which terrifies Di Feng.

He throws a punch, immediately causing a sonic boom. The Flaming Gloves fit his fingers perfectly. Qin Yu’s fist pierces through the air, coming at Di Feng’s face with a frightening force.

A world-shaking punch!

Even though Di Feng is terrified, he still understands that, at this moment, if he tries to dodge, he will have absolutely no chance of surviving.

He has to go all out!

With reddening eyes, Di Feng immediately makes a block using his 2 arms. At the same time, his purple armor totally appears on the surface of his body. His powerful protective demonic elemental energy is also moving continuously around his body. That world-shaking punch by Qin Yu then smashes into Di Feng’s arms.

A series of noises of bones getting shattered is heard. Di Feng’s arms are unexpectedly broken into pieces and their bones are smashed. Flesh fragments and blood are scattered around. 
“5th brother!”
Di Long shouts loudly. However, because Qin Yu is too fast, it is simply impossible for the other Di brothers to save Di Feng, whose eyes suddenly flash with a hint of madness. When his arms are smashed, he makes use of the force of Qin Yu’s punch to back away very quickly.

His retreating speed is fast but Qin Yu’s fist is even faster.


After destroying Di Feng’s arms, Qin Yu’s punch proceeds to smash into Di Feng’s chest with a bang.

Di Feng now retreats even faster than he did just now. In only a moment, the other 5 majesties, Di Jian, Di Long, Di Yang, Di Xu and Di Nai, charge at Qin Yu almost simultaneously. Facing these 5 furious brothers, Qin Yu has no choice but to fly backwards.
“5th brother.”
Di Long helps Di Feng get up, his face full of nervousness.

Di Feng clenches his teeth, saying: “I’m okay, big brother. It’s just that my arms have been destroyed. Later I can only rely on my legs and holy weapon to attack. This Qin Yu bloke’s punch was formidable but my arms neutralized part of its offensive force and I was backing away and wearing the purple armor so my body wasn’t seriously injured.”
His arms have been destroyed but at the moment Di Feng does not care about this in the least.

“Big brother, you have to avenge 8th brother’s death, and take revenge for my destroyed arms as well. You must kill Qin Yu. I’m getting out of the formation first.” After saying so, Di Feng immediately flies out of the Great Six Harmonies Heavenly Gates Formation, not dejected at all. However, because of the destruction of his arms, his heart is filled with hatred for Qin Yu.

Now Di Long detests Qin Yu even more.

The 5 Di brothers in the formation surround and attack Qin Yu but Qin Yu does not mind this and keeps evading them.

“Di Long.”
While dodging, Qin Yu says: “You already knew those 2 early Dongxu little worms are basically no match for me. That Di Luan fella is smart so he left right from the beginning. But Di Feng didn’t. He must’ve had a death wish! As their big brother, you’re also a silly worm.”
Di Long’s rage rises to the sky.

Right after successfully setting up the Great Six Harmonies Heavenly Gates Formation, the Di brothers all considered Qin Yu a turtle in a jar and wanted to kill him quickly. Di Luan had to exit the formation only because he had been seriously injured by Qin Yu before.

Boiling with rage, the majesties simply did not remember that even though Qin Yu had been confined in the formation, he was not so easy for them to kill either.

Di Long, who is so furious that his eyes have reddened, growls through his teeth then charges at Qin Yu. The other 4 majesties also execute their techniques to attack Qin Yu. Their holy weapons, long-distance attacks and close-quarters attacks can be seen everywhere within the formation.

Outside the black rock island, Teng Shan and Lou Ke are standing side by side. Their guardians are standing in midair silently behind them.

All of them are watching Qin Yu single-handedly taking on 5 majesties in the Great Six Harmonies Heavenly Gates Formation. Qin Yu is moving very fast like a golden beam of light, but the 5 majesties have wised up and the 3 middle Dongxu stage majesties are now working together as a team.

Di Long is one prong of the attack, Di Jian is another prong and the other 3, Di Xu, Di Yang and Di Nai, form yet another prong. Qin Yu cannot resist any of the 3 prongs of their attack.

“Lou Ke, you’re very smart, aren’t you? How long do you think Qin Yu can hang on for?” Teng Shan asks smilingly. At the moment he basically does not think that Qin Yu will be able to escape alive.

Even though Qin Yu is extremely fast, to move so fast nonstop, he has to consume quite a lot of stellar energy.

“How long? If those 5 majesties of the Nine Demons Hall keep chasing him so foolishly, I think perhaps they won’t be able to catch or kill Qin Yu.” Lou Ke looks very confident.

Teng Shan, however, does not agree with him. 
“Lou Ke, could it be you don’t know this Great Six Harmonies Heavenly Gates Formation? It completely isolates everything inside it from the outside. Not even the holy energy in nature can go into this formation. That Qin Yu fella is fast but he must be using a lot of energy to be fighting so fiercely. After some time, when all of the holy energy within the formation has been absorbed, they’ll have no choice but to use the energy inside their bodies.”
Teng Shan says very confidently: “If they use their internal energy, Qin Yu will probably run out of energy within 3 days, but how about the 5 majesties? Firstly, they got pills so they can take pills to replenish their demonic elemental energy. And secondly, they set up the formation so they can come out to recover whereas Qin Yu can’t. Though they have always been unable to catch Qin Yu, in the end Qin Yu will be captured when his energy is used up.”
Lou Ke says smilingly. Teng Shan says with a frown: “Why? I can’t see how Qin Yu can escape alive.”
Lou Ke laughs out loud: “Has your mind become rigid, Teng Shan? Yes, in a normal situation, Qin Yu would be dead. But don’t forget that both my Grand Founder and your overlord are rushing to this place. 3 days? My Grand Founder already made preparations long ago. Perhaps he’ll arrive in less than a day

“Ha-ha, I got it.”
Teng Shan suddenly understands: “Once my Overlord Azure Dragon and your Grand Founder Three-Eyed come here, if Qin Yu is still living, his life will no longer be decided by those Nine Demons Hall’s majesties. This Great Six Harmonies Heavenly Gates Formation’s defense is formidable and to break it your offense must be stronger than the combined defense of the 6 who set it up. But if my overlord wants to break the formation, this’ll be a piece of cake.”
Qin Yu is the key to the 8th jade sword and Treasure Storing Palace. 
Once Overlord Azure Dragon and Old Freak Three-Eyed have rushed to this place, how can they possibly let him get killed by those 5 majesties? They will definitely break the formation and seize Qin Yu directly.

Qin Yu is faster than Di Long and Di Jian, but he is still fairly slower than a divine beast azure dragon at the early Kongming stage and a divine beast Three-Blue-Eyed toad at the late Dongxu stage.
Even though that Three-Blue-Eyed toad has only reached the late Dongxu stage, he is a divine beast. If he really goes mad and is willing to risk serious injuries, he can single-handedly defeat the Nine Demons Hall’s brothers. Yes, he will defeat them rather than be merely a match for them. Three-Blue- Eyed toads are really no ordinary divine beasts.

That 3rd eye has terrifyingly strong offense. Azure Dragon has reached the early Kongming stage but he still does not dare to block the attack of the toad’s 3rd eye head-on. It is because of this that Overlord Azure Dragon and Old Freak Three-Eyed are considered experts of the same tier by everybody. 
Azure Dragon is a divine beast and has reached the early Kongming stage so he can absolutely rival Dujie stage Xiuxianists in power.

The overseas Xiuzhen world has no Dujie stage Xiuxianists so it is normal that Azure Dragon is called the no. 1 expert here.
“That Qin Yu fella is pretty strong, but … he’s still ineligible to compete with the 3 superpowers. He lacks power but he has obtained Treasure Storing Palace and even knows information about the 8th jade sword. Oh, he also got a spatial ring that can contain Treasure Storing Palace. These are enough to cost him his life.” Teng Shan says with a sigh.

Lou Ke nods his head.

The owner of a treasure should also have enough power to deter potential robbers. Otherwise, the treasure will only cause the owner to be robbed by strong individuals. Given his power, Qin Yu can be regarded as an expert in the overseas Xiuzhen world, but he is not even a match for Di Jian or Di Long of the Nine Demons Hall and is only a bit stronger than Di Yang, Di Xu and Di Nai, let alone Overlord Azure Dragon and Old Freak Three-Eyed. Therefore, naturally he has been and will be bullied by the superpowers.

For example, when he demanded to know why Di Long had wanted to kill him, Di Long answered that he should feel grateful to be killed by Di Long!

The Xiuzhen world is a survival-of-the-fittest world. Di Long’s reply was provocative and arrogant, but it also reflects some rules of the Xiuzhen world.

Take, for example, Teng Shan. Even though he is not a super expert and the Nine Demons Hall’s brothers think that he killed Di Qing, they have only reproached the Azure Dragon Palace and do not dare to kill him before getting permission from the Azure Dragon Palace’s overlord.

The reason for this is that Teng Shan is backed by the overseas Xiuzhen world’s no. 1 expert, Overlord Azure Dragon! 
If they were to kill Teng Shan, Overlord Azure Dragon would probably be enraged and destroy the Nine Demons Hall directly.

When Lou Ke and Teng Shan are chatting with each other, suddenly —
“Illusion Spreading Sword Art — Dawn Breaking!”
Qin Yu’s loud shouts echo nonstop. At this moment, a sword shape dazzling like the sun is already piercing through the air, shooting at Di Yang.

Di Yang hurriedly controls his sword to defend. Di Xu and Di Nai beside him also help him defend.

However, after this Dawn Breaking move is executed, the 3 of them can only feel as if there is a dazzling sun before their eyes. At the same time, that sword shape is also vague and impossible for them to lock onto. They basically cannot find out exactly where the sword shape is aiming for.

Di Yang, Di Xu and Di Nai cannot help getting nervous.

“Protect your vital points!”
Di Long immediately tells these 3 brothers of his through holy sense communication.

Di Yang, Di Xu and Di Nai come to their senses at once. No matter how evasive Qin Yu’s sword art is, its purpose is to injure his opponents, which requires it to hit the opponents’ bodies. Therefore, the 3 of them will be all right as long as they protect their vital points.

Under the dazzling sunlight, it seems that extremely fast incoming sword shape sometimes moves up 20 to 30 cm, sometimes moves down 20 to 30 cm, sometimes moves left 20 to 30 cm and sometimes moves right 20 to 30 cm. There is only one sword but it looks as if there are several swords.


Qin Yu’s sword strike hits Di Xu’s long stick. Di Yang, Di Xu and Di Nai are frightened when they think about what has just happened.

“Be careful, everybody. Don’t be reckless. This Qin Yu fella is good at using Xiuxianists’ flying sword arts.” Di Long hurriedly warns his brothers.

However Qin Yu starts dodging nonstop again. He will not easily attack once more. That sword strike just now is a formidable move of the Illusion Spreading Sword Art and it also uses a great amount of energy. Qin Yu, therefore, immediately absorbs natural holy energy to replenish his own energy.

“Fei  Fei,  when  will  you  arrive?”   He  asks,  holding  a transmitter in his hand. 
“Soon, big brother, just wait for a while.”  Hou Fei is also rushing to this island.

When Qin Yu is absorbing the holy energy in nature, he suddenly notices that … its density is shockingly low.

“What’s going on?”  Qin Yu expands his holy sense and is amazed to discover that the holy energy outside the Great Six Harmonies Heavenly Gates Formation cannot go inside because it is blocked by the formation. Moreover, the 5 majesties are also absorbing holy energy as fast as they can. Obviously they want to quickly exhaust the holy energy within the formation’s barrier.

Qin Yu immediately has a bad feeling.

Judging by the fact that Di Feng and Di Luan came out easily, he knows that those who set up the formation can leave with no difficulties, which also means that the enemies can come out to recharge their energy whereas he cannot. There are still the yuanyings of some Blood-red Cave guardians left in his spatial ring, but refining a yuanying is not as simple as absorbing natural holy energy.

“I’ve come, big brother!”
Hou Fei suddenly sends a message to Qin Yu. In just a short time —
A rumbling is heard. A monkey then appears in front of Di Feng. At the same time, he swings a black stick at Di Feng with a tremendous force. Because the stick cuts through the air so fast, there is not even a sonic boom.

Di Feng looks at that black stick, which arrives at his face in an instant, with popping eyes. He simply has no time to react.


It smashes down on his head. Di Feng’s head is immediately shattered. The black stick’s terrifying force even breaks Di Feng’s body and bones into pieces. His blood and flesh fragments are scattered all over the air. Not far from Di Feng, Di Luan has been scared stiff.

The 5 majesties in the Great Six Harmonies Heavenly Gates Formation also watch this scene in stupefaction.

Teng Shan, Lou Ke and the guardians behind them are all startled. For the moment, their minds still have not reacted to this. Even Qin Yu in the Great Six Harmonies Heavenly Gates Formation is scared stiff by the performance Hou Fei put in upon making his entrance.

B7C4: Overlord Azure Dragon

Everybody at the scene, including the Nine Demons Hall’s majesties, Teng Shan and Lou Ke, never thought that someone would suddenly appear and mercilessly kill one of the majesties with a stick strike.

“Still want to run?!”
Hou Fei forms a claw with his hand and immediately catches a yuanying, which shouts miserably right away: “Quickly save me, brothers.”
This yuanying is none other than Di Feng’s yuanying. Di Feng’s head was smashed by Hou Fei’s stick from the beginning, but the moment this happened, he immediately combined his soul with his yuanying and wanted to run away. Once he had flown to the side of his brothers, his life would be saved.

After all, even though he would have to practice as a loose demon, this would still be better than losing his life. Di Feng does not want to die yet. 
“Stop.” Di Long shouts loudly and gets ready to rush out of the formation at the same time.

Holding Di Feng’s yuanying firmly in his hand, Hou Fei shouts at once: “Stop. Stop there for me. If you take one more step, I’m going to destroy his soul immediately. The other guys also stop for me. If you move, humph, humph …” Hou Fei’s hand begins to brighten with various streams of demonic elemental energy.

Seeing the demonic elemental energy on his hand and the small yuanying being wrapped in the energy, Di Long and the other 4 majesties in the formation no longer dare to move even a step despite being very anxious. After all, Di Feng’s life is currently in Hou Fei’s hands.

Di Luan, who is not far from Hou Fei, is even more afraid of making a move. Given how easily Hou Fei demolished Di Feng and that his power is about the same as Di Feng’s, it will definitely not difficult for Hou Fei to kill him. “Don’t be impulsive. You should know that you have just attacked one of the Nine Demons Hall’s majesties. If you let my 5th brother go, I’ll ignore what happened just now. What do you think, monkey brother?” Di Long hurriedly says.

Now is not the time for him and his brothers to avenge Di Feng. It will already be not bad if they can save Di Feng’s yuanying.

“Hou Fei. He’s the Blood-red Cave’s 2nd master Hou Fei!”
Di Luan says at once. When he, Di Jian and Di Qing came to the Blood-red Cave before, he already saw Hou Fei, but at that time Qin Yu lied about Hou Fei’s true power to make him overlook Hou Fei. Who could have thought Hou Fei would be so formidable?

“The Blood-red Cave’s 2nd master?”
Di Long, Di Jian and the other majesties are astonished. At the same time, they secretly have a bad feeling. Moments ago they were trying to kill Qin Yu, but now their brother’s life has fallen into the hands of the enemy’s brother. This is really terrible.

“I never thought this Qin Yu fella was so tough. Not only is he pretty strong, even his brother is so formidable.”
Lou Ke praises smilingly.

Teng Shan, who is also looking on, nods with a smile.

“At first I thought it would be a one-sided game, but now looks like it’s getting more and more interesting. However, once my overlord and your boss come, this play won’t be suspenseful anymore.”  Teng Shan says smilingly. “Now let’s enjoy the excellent show of brother Qin Yu and the Nine Demons Hall’s brothers.”
Whatever is going on does not affect them so Lou Ke, Teng Shan and their subordinates will simply keep looking on. Qin Yu gives Hou Fei a thumb up from inside the formation.

“Fei Fei, you did pretty well.” He says laughingly at once.

Hou Fei is very pleased with himself. Still holding Di Feng’s yuanying in his furry large hand, he casts a glance at Di Long and the other Di brothers: “All of you listen up. Remove that formation right now and let my big brother come out, or else don’t blame me …”
After saying so, he intensifies the demonic elemental energy on his hand. However, he knows exactly when to stop so his energy only surrounds the yuanying and does not harm Di Feng’s soul at all.

“Stop, you have to chill first.”
Di Long shouts. Now he wants to calm Hou Fei down first as what he worries about the most is that Hou Fei will kill his brother out of anger. “Big brother, could you really want to release Qin Yu?” Di Yang and the others look at Di Long with unwillingness.

Di Long’s mind is also very tense. Even though nobody knows clearly who killed his 8th brother Di Tong yet, they can be sure of one thing — Di Tong’s death is linked to Qin Yu. Moreover, Qin Yu stole their Treasure Storing Palace.

“Not release? Then what’s going to happen to 5th brother?”
Di Long says with a cold humph. His words are filled with frustration.

“Someone living is more important than someone dead. 8th brother is already dead. We can’t let any accidents happen to 5th brother.”  Di Long sighs. Di Jian and the other 3 brothers also sigh in frustration. After all, they cannot just watch Di Feng die.

Di Long gives Qin Yu a look. Qin Yu, however, looks at Di Long with an indifferent smile, appearing very relaxed. 
“Hou Fei, we can release your big brother, but there’s still a condition. Your big brother Qin Yu stole our Nine Demons Hall’s Treasure Storing Palace. As long as your big brother returns it to us, we’ll let him go immediately!”
Di Long is trying as hard as he can to make the best out of this hopeless situation.

He is not willing to release Qin Yu just like that. At least he wants to get Treasure Storing Palace back first.

Before Qin Yu can say anything, Hou Fei roars: “Damn you. Still try to set some bullshit condition to me? Big brother, I really admire you for stealing even that Treasure Storing Palace. Ha-ha, since it’s called Treasure Storing Palace, there must be lots of treasures inside, right?”
Seeing Hou Fei behaving this way, Qin Yu cannot help giving a smile. Hou Fei looks at Di Long and his brothers again and shouts: “Answer in one sentence, release or not release? If you don’t release him, I’m going to kill this brat right away. And don’t mention any conditions to me. If you do, I’m going to — kill!”
The faces of the Di brothers freeze but there is nothing else they can do.

Under this situation, they have no choice but to release Qin Yu first. However, at this moment —
“Take care, brothers!”
A voice rises in the other Di brothers’ minds through holy sense communication. It is none other than Di Feng’s. Their faces immediately change color. Hearing Di Feng’s words, they know the choice Di Feng has made.

“You want to die?!” Hou Fei’s eyes flash with a red light. A stream of demonic elemental energy instantly pierces into the yuanying and destroys the soul.

Other people may not know, but Qin Yu knows that Hou Fei is in fact very careful despite his seemingly careless behavior. He has been watching out for Di Feng’s self-destruction since catching the yuanying and has always been ready to have his demonic elemental energy penetrate the yuanying and destroy the soul.

It should be known that to self-destruct, the yuanying’s energy must be excited, which takes some time.

When Hou Fei felt that the yuanying was starting to get excited, he destroyed Di Feng’s soul without delay. Once the soul was destroyed, the yuanying became no more than an energy crystal. The yuanying then disappears like a flash. Obviously Hou Fei has put it away.

“5th brother!” Di Long and the other Di brothers all cry in agony. At the same time, extremely furious, they immediately rush out of the Great Six Harmonies Heavenly Gates Formation, wanting to kill Hou Fei on the spot to avenge their 5th brother’s death.

“Don’t mess with me!”
After destroying Di Feng’s soul, Hou Fei roars like crazy. With a movement of his body, he arrives at Di Luan’s face instantly as if using teleportation. A furious shout is heard and a black stick suddenly smashes down violently as if coming out of thin air.

Too fast!

Di Luan finally understands Di Feng’s feeling at that time. Facing this kind of speed, he can only think a bit in his mind and simply has no time to make a block with his limbs.

“Stop!” The 5 who have just rushed out from the Great Six Harmonies Heavenly Gates Formation, Di Long, Di Jian, Di Yang, Di Xu and Di Nai, are all terrified. However, Hou Fei has been enraged by Di Feng’s intention of self-destructing. Qin Yu also knows that Hou Fei is ill-tempered, very ill-tempered.

An irate Hou Fei is simply terrifying.

Hou Fei lets out a sharp cry. His expression is ferocious and full of obstinacy and unruliness. Afterwards, Di Luan’s entire body is smashed with a boom. Blood and flesh are scattered around. However, this time —
A furious Hou Fei does not give Di Luan any chance at all.

His black stick immediately smashes on Di Luan’s yuanying, which is about to flee. The black stick’s offense is really so powerful that the yuanying is completely shattered in the blink of an eye. There is a boom as the smash of Hou Fei’s black stick unexpectedly blows up the yuanying. 
The other Di brothers, who originally thought that there was still a chance to negotiate, can see that black stick hit the yuanying clearly.

That explosion stupefies them all.

7th brother is already dead!

In just a short time after their 5th brother’s death, their 7th brother has also died.

“Messing with me means death.” Hou Fei’s eyes are blazing. All of his hair is standing on end. An extremely ferocious aura comes out from his body and expands in all directions. This absolutely lordly aura is really frightening.

He caused the yuanying to explode with a smash of his stick but his body unexpectedly did not suffer any injuries. “You, you …”
Di Long and the other 4 brothers look at Hou Fei. They are so angry that they cannot even finish one sentence. Their eyes have reddened. Afterwards, they all growl furiously and charge at Hou Fei like mad. The fact that 2 of their brothers have died successively in such a short space of time has driven them crazy.

Among the 9 brothers, Di Luan and Di Feng were the only 2 at the early Dongxu stage and were also the 2 weakest. Di Long and the others have rarely let them take part in dangerous affairs and have cared about them very much. However, now both of them are already dead.

Holding his sword, Di Long slashes furiously!

A green light is flashing in Di Jian’s hands!

Di Xu swings the long stick in his hands ruthlessly! …

Disregarding their own safety, the 5 remaining Di brothers attack Hou Fei fiercely with the intention of killing him in one hit.

“Don’t just rely on strength, Fei Fei. Your speed should be comparable to Di Long’s and you’re more nimble than him so try your best to evade them.” Qin Yu immediately says via his holy sense. Hou Fei is certainly slower than him but is not slower than Di Long in the least.

A divine beast is after all not an ordinary beast.

How can the only Fiery-eyed Aquatic monkey in the entire Xiuzhen world possibly be simple?

“Don’t worry, big brother. Kaka, ha-ha, awesome, awesome, brat, you also use a stick then have a taste of my stick.”  Hou Fei’s voice resounds through the airspace of the black rock island. He himself starts to dodge continuously. 
He is a monkey and, moreover, a divine monkey so he is extremely agile. His dodging is elegant and follows no regular patterns. Even though he is about as fast as Di Long, it is fairly difficult for Di Long and Di Jian to attack him.


Hou Fei’s black stick and Di Xu’s long stick collide with each other. Di Xu is sent flying several tens meters but Hou Fei also retreats several meters. However, at this moment Di Long approaches Hou Fei from behind and thrusts his sword at Hou Fei’s back.

Hou Fei reaches out his hand backwards and swings his stick nimbly. The stick and the flying sword clash. He cannot help leaning forwards.

“Kaka, awesome, let’s try again!”
He suddenly charges at Di Long. 
“You want to die?”  Di Long immediately gets excited and concentrates his entire energy. He wants to seize this opportunity to one-shot Hou Fei. However, he suddenly notices that, at this moment, the light in Hou Fei’s eyes unexpectedly intensifies and Hou Fei’s aura becomes even stronger.

Hou Fei has been hiding his power!

Di Long is secretly shocked. But he still holds his sword and swings it at Hou Fei’s black stick as hard as he can.

One slashes through the air at an extreme speed like lightning!

One smashes down with a world-shattering force like a huge pillar!

Bang! The air shakes and the 2 of them fly backwards simultaneously.

They are equally matched!

“Without using your true form, don’t even think about beating me.” Hou Fei thinks disdainfully. When he told Qin Yu before that he could fight Di Long evenly in berserk mode, he meant Di Long’s true form. If Di Long does not switch to his true form, Hou Fei certainly will not need to go berserk.

However, while the 2 of them are flying backwards after clashing fiercely —
“Be careful!” When Qin Yu’s voice has just risen in Hou Fei’s mind through holy sense communication,

Pu! Hou Fei promptly dodges but he is still hit in the back by a sword and suffers a very large wound which is about 30 to 40 cm long. His flesh is exposed and blood flows out from that large wound nonstop.

“Hou Fei, prepare to die.”
Di Jian shouts furiously and charges at him. Hou Fei’s recovery ability is pretty good, but it cannot compare to Qin Yu’s Meteoric Tear. Because that wound is so large, even though it has been covered with demonic elemental energy, blood keeps flowing out from it.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! ……
Noises of bombardment rise continuously inside the Great Six Harmonies Heavenly Gates Formation. They are caused by none other than a very anxious Qin Yu, who is attacking the formation nonstop.

Every attack of his is executed with full force. 
However, 7 majesties of the Nine Demons Hall set up this formation together and Qin Yu is even one tier weaker than Di Long so it is simply impossible for him to break the formation.

“What can I do? What should I do?” Qin Yu has become somewhat impatient. Hou Fei is fairly powerful but facing Di Long, Di Jian and the other 3 Di brothers bodes ill rather than well for him. Qin Yu clenches his teeth. A transmitter appears in his hand.

It is the transmitter Uncle Lan gave him before. However, when Qin Yu is yet to send a message,

“Ha-ha, this is so interesting. Nine Demons Hall brats, you got some status at any rate, who could’ve thought you’d gang up on an opponent? Tut-tut, you’re a bit much.” A powerful voice resounds through the whole black rock island. At the same time, the water around the island begins to roar.

Suddenly, a silhouette appears in the sky. Seeing this man, Qin Yu cannot help getting shocked because he has the body of a man and the head of a dragon, looking exceptionally bizarre. This man is wearing an azure imperial robe. The aura he is giving off is as oppressive as the weight of a great mountain. Everybody at the scene can feel a terrifying, irresistible force!

“My lord!”
Teng Shan and the guardians from the Azure Dragon Palace immediately bow and say with extreme respect.

On one side, Lou Ke and his subordinates also bow and say in salute: “It is a great honor to meet you, Overlord Azure Dragon. We are the Blue Water Mansion’s Lou Ke and guardians.” They are also very respectful.

“Overlord Azure Dragon?” Qin Yu is astonished. The dragon- headed man in front of him is unexpectedly Overlord Azure Dragon, who is called the no. 1 expert of the overseas Xiuzhen world. “Isn’t Overlord Azure Dragon a divine beast? Isn’t it impossible for him to take a human form before going through the 9-From-9th Heaven Tribulation?” Now Qin Yu has become doubtful.

B7C5: Breaking The Formation

Di Long and his 4 brothers have been attacking Hou Fei like crazy but they cannot help stopping temporarily when Overlord Azure Dragon arrives.

“Greetings, Overlord Azure Dragon.”
The 5 Di brothers only slightly fold their hands in salute. After all, they are the Nine Demons Hall’s majesties and the Nine Demons Hall is also known as one of the three underwater superpowers like the Azure Dragon Palace. It is just that Overlord Azure Dragon is too powerful.

The Nine Demons Hall’s 90 million li radius territory has over a million Xiuyaoists in total. Both the Azure Dragon Palace and the Blue Water Mansion, however, are more powerful than the Nine Demons Hall. Their respective territories are over 100 million li in radius and they have a lot more Xiuyaoists under them too.

“Di Long, Teng Shan told me that you were trying to kill a bloke called Qin Yu. Why are you trying to kill a monkey now? Besides, why are the 5 of you even joining forces?”  Overlord Azure Dragon asks frankly with a faint smile on his face.

Di Long knows clearly that Overlord Azure Dragon generally treats others fairly well but when he gets angry, he will go wild and become merciless.

“Overlord, this monkey is Qin Yu’s brother and called Hou Fei. Just now, when the 5 of us were trying to kill Qin Yu in the Great Six Harmonies Heavenly Gates Formation, he unexpectedly took advantage of the situation and killed our 5th and 7th brothers. If we don’t avenge their deaths, we won’t be able to die with eyes closed.”
Di Long’s face is filled with killing intent, as are his words. Behind him, his 4 brothers are also boiling with killing intent. 2 of their brothers were killed in quick succession not long ago so all of them want to kill Hou Fei as soon as possible.

“Hou Fei.” Overlord Azure Dragon gives Hou Fei a look and is suddenly astounded: “Oh, he’s merely at the late Yuanying stage but you haven’t been able to kill him for so long despite joining forces. Looks like Hou Fei is also a divine beast. How extraordinary, extraordinary!”
A late Yuanying stage Xiuyaoist that can survive the onslaught of a late Dongxu stage Di Long and his brothers for so long is almost certainly a divine beast.

Di  Long  frowns.  But  Di  Jian  beside  him  says:  “Overlord Azure Dragon, this Hou Fei bloke killed my 5th and 7th brothers so either we or he must die. You’ve come here to obstruct us, haven’t you?” Di Jian’s eyes are ice-cold.

In the Great Six Harmonies Heavenly Gates Formation, a glimmer of hope appears in Qin Yu’s heart when he hears this.

“Ha-ha …  if you want to kill him then you kill him. What does this have to do with me?” With a wave of his large sleeve, Overlord Azure Dragon immediately flies into the sky of the black rock island. A cloud then appears under his feet. Standing on the cloud, he looks down as if watching a play. Teng Shan and his subordinates hurriedly fly to his back and stand there respectfully.

“Kaka ~~~ little worms, don’t even dream about killing me!”
Hou Fei laughs strangely. His face is full of fierceness. He then brandishes his black stick, smashing it at Di Yang’s head.

The Nine Demons Hall’s 5 brothers now spring into action violently and charge at Hou Fei right away. Since Overlord Azure Dragon has said that he will not hinder them in their efforts to kill Hou Fei, he definitely will not hinder them. No longer having to worry about him, the 5 Di brothers naturally resume their attack.

In the Great Six Harmonies Heavenly Gates Formation,

Qin Yu can see that members of the Azure Dragon Palace and the Blue Water Mansion are all looking on while Hou Fei is being surrounded and attacked by the 5 Di brothers. Moreover, he can see that Hou Fei is obviously losing ground so he becomes anxious.

“Screech  ~~”  A  sharp  noise  that  sounds  like  an  owl’s  cry suddenly resounds through an area of several thousand li in radius around the black rock island. Lou Ke and his subordinates are immediately delighted.

The Nine Demons Hall’s 5 brothers have no choice but to pause again.

A green-clad boy then appears out of thin air. This boy is bizarrely handsome and has very long green hair, so long that it touches his hips. When his hair flutters, it gives a strange feeling. The strangest thing about this green-clad boy is that there is a vertical line between his eyebrows.

“Grand Founder.”
Lou Ke and the Xiuyaoists from the Blue Water Mansion hurriedly bow and say. 
“Overlord Azure Dragon came and now Old Freak Three- Eyed has also come.” Qin Yu is slightly shocked.

All of a sudden —
“Ha-ha … Three-Eyed, you’re a divine toad at any rate, only after going through the 9-From-9th Heavenly Tribulation can you totally transform into a human. Since you’ve only gone through the 6-in-9 Heavenly Tribulation, you can take a half- human form at best. But you care too much about appearance so you’re even using an illusion to fool yourself and others.”
Overlord Azure Dragon laughs out loud and reveals the truth about Old Freak Three-Eyed directly.

Qin Yu, however, is astonished.

“This Old Freak Three-Eyed is really formidable. I can’t tell if he’s using an illusion at all.” He thinks that Overlord Azure Dragon is the only one at the scene who can see through Old Freak Three-Eyed’s illusion technique.

Old Freak Three-Eyed’s true form is a Three-Blue-Eyed toad.

A toad is ugly but Three-Eyed loves beauty very much so he is unhappy with his ugly appearance. Therefore, he learned an illusion technique and started to make himself look like a handsome boy.

“Azure Dragon!”
Old Freak Three-Eyed becomes furious. His long green hair flies straight up at once. “You ugly beast, you always go around with your dragon head. Do you think it’s very impressive and handsome?” He scolds immediately.

Overlord Azure Dragon bursts into laughter, paying no attention to what he said, and says with a complacent look. “At least it’s more handsome than your toad head.”
Old Freak Three-Eyed is so angry that his body trembles. He is fond of beauty but toads are very ugly so he exceptionally hates being called a toad. However, it is Overlord Azure Dragon, an early Kongming stage divine beast, who called him so this time!

“Azure Dragon, last time you snatched my jade sword and I haven’t settled this score. This time you’ve even insulted me. Good, let’s have another fight.”
He is so furious that he starts a fight!

With his green hair flapping, Old Freak Three-Eyed arrives at the face of Overlord Azure Dragon in an instant and takes a claw swipe. His speed is faster than Qin Yu’s quite a lot.

“I snatched your jade sword? Bullshit! Last time that sword was owner-free at first. You had a fight with me and in the end I obtained the jade sword. How can you say I snatched yours?” Overlord Azure Dragon roars angrily and begins to fight as well.

Everybody present is dumbstruck.

This Old Freak Three-Eyed and Overlord Azure Dragon met each other not long ago but they have already started to fight.


Various streams of energy hit different places, causing explosions. Many places on the whole black rock island are blown up. This fight between Old Freak Three-Eyed and Overlord Azure Dragon is simply devastating. Everyone else carefully shuns them for fear of suffering accidental damage.

The 5 Di brothers are no longer able to attack Hou Fei as freely as they were just now either because Old Freak Three- Eyed and Overlord Azure Dragon are too fast. These 2 super experts are much faster than even Qin Yu. They can be several hundred li away at one moment, but in just a while, they can have already come to the side of Di Long or anybody else. In this situation, how can the Di brothers focus their entire attention on fighting Hou Fei? If they are careless,
they will probably be hit and seriously injured by Overlord
Azure Dragon and Old Freak Three-Eyed.

As the 2 of them fight each other, their energy bombards every place.

The Great Six Harmonies Heavenly Gates Formation is certainly hit by their energy as well. However, those energy streams are only the residual energy of the exchanges between Overlord Azure Dragon and Old Freak Three-Eyed whereas this large formation was set up by 7 majesties so it is not possible for those energy streams to breach the formation.

“Don’t flaunt your power, Fei Fei. You quickly leave here first.”
Qin Yu immediately tells Hou Fei through holy sense communication. 
At the moment, Hou Fei and the 5 Di brothers have no intention of fighting as fiercely as they did moments ago either so Hou Fei is naturally very relaxed. Moreover, he can run away anytime. Given his speed, the Di brothers will have difficulty chasing him.

“Don’t worry, big brother! Just now I was injured only because I was careless. Besides, I still haven’t used my true power. I haven’t entered berserk mode.” Hou Fei is not worried at all.

Qin Yu’s heart is immediately eased.

If one cares too much about something, their mind will be clouded. Seeing Hou Fei wounded, Qin Yu unexpectedly forgot that Hou Fei could still go into berserk mode, which would greatly improve his power right away.

But at this moment — “Three-Eyed, you freak, so you want to fight for real?”
Overlord Azure Dragon roars angrily. Just now Old Freak Three-Eyed’s hands scratched his clothes, which has naturally angered him. A dazzling golden long spear then appears in his right hand out of thin air.

Holding this golden long spear, Overlord Azure Dragon immediately gains the upper hand over Old Freak Three-Eyed.

Qin Yu’s heart trembles with shock as he watches. Unlike experts on the Qian Long continent, Overlord Azure Dragon uses purely speed and power instead of finesse. Various spear silhouettes shoot out from his hands and each of them is more powerful than even Qin Yu’s strongest attack.

“Take this, Azure Dragon!”
The sharp voice of Old Freak Three-Eyed, who is at a total disadvantage, suddenly rises. At the same time, that vertical line between his eyebrows opens, revealing an eye. A dark green light then shoots out from it in a straight line. 
“You want to go all out!?”
Overlord Azure Dragon shouts in shock and hurriedly dodges. But that dark green light is too fast so it still pierces through his imperial robe.

“Three-Eyed, if you use that eye of yours, don’t blame me for getting serious.”  Overlord Azure Dragon’s hands brighten. In the blink of an eye, they turn into black dragon claws, emitting an ice-cold metallic glow. But the rest of his arms are covered in azure dragon scales.

The attacks of Old Freak Three-Eyed’s 3rd eye are extremely swift and fierce so Overlord Azure Dragon only dares to ward them off with his most powerful weapons, the dragon claws. Not even his protective scaly armor can withstand this dark green shaft of light.

Old Freak Three-Eyed has become ruthless. Another dark green shaft of light shoots out. Overlord Azure Dragon takes a look at the position of everybody at the scene. A faint cunning smile suddenly appears on his face. Without using his dragon claws to block the attack, he immediately dodges to one side. Because of his evasion, this dark green light unexpectedly shoots at Di Long.

Di Long’s face changes color. Simply having no time to curse, he tries his best to dodge.

But how can it possibly be easy to evade this attack by Old Freak Three-Eyed?

“Growl ~~~”
Di Long lets out a mad growl and transforms into an over 100 m long Purple Demon aquatic dragon instantly. That dark green shaft of light pierces through Di Long’s body like shooting through a sheet of paper to enter the ocean then vanishes.

Di Long switches back to his human form right away. 
“Why did you hurt me, Grand Founder Three-Eyed?”  He is furious. Now a very small wound has appeared on his stomach. Despite its size, he cannot stop it from bleeding.

“Di Long, if I had really wanted to hurt you, how could you still be alive?”
Old Freak Three-Eyed’s voice rises. But he is still fighting Overlord Azure Dragon extremely fast. One dark green shaft of light shoots out after another. Everybody at the scene dodges in terror because nobody dares to block such attacks.

Di Long understands.

If Old Freak Three-Eyed had really wanted to kill him, that dark green light shaft would have exploded after going into his body and he would have definitely died. However, Old Freak Three-Eyed did not detonate that dark green light in his body. Convinced by this point, Di Long immediately stops talking. Whizz!

Another dark green light shaft shoots out. But it unexpectedly hits the Great Six Harmonies Heavenly Gates Formation squarely.


Even though the shaft of light is hindered a bit, it still destroys the formation. Afterwards, having lost most of its energy, the light shaft pierces into the surface of the black rock island and disappears.

The formation has been destroyed!

The Great Six Harmonies Heavenly Gates Formation has been destroyed!

Qin Yu is dumbfounded. The Nine Demons Hall’s 5 brothers are dumbfounded. And Hou Fei is also dumbfounded. 
The 3rd eye’s attacks are Old Freak Three-Eyed’s most powerful attacks. Not even Overlord Azure Dragon dares to block them lightly. Therefore, despite its extremely powerful defense, the Great Six Harmonies Heavenly Gates Formation was still broken by that shaft of light.

“Grand Founder Three-Eyed, you …”
Di Long points at Old Freak Three-Eyed. He is so angry that his body trembles and he cannot even finish that sentence.

He and his brothers had to join forces and take advantage of Qin Yu’s inattention to set up the Great Six Harmonies Heavenly Gates Formation. Now Di Luan and Di Feng are already dead so they can no longer set it up even if they want. Given Qin Yu’s speed, how can they still confine Qin Yu?

“Three-Eyed, you’re really outrageous. It took Di Long and his brothers a lot of effort to set up this large formation but you destroyed it just like that.” Overlord Azure Dragon also points at Old Freak Three-Eyed. 
Old Freak Three-Eyed glares at Di Long angrily with his three eyes.

“Di Long, why didn’t you set it up elsewhere instead of at the place where I and Azure Dragon fight each other?”  He says with a cold humph. The fierceness in his eyes makes the Di brothers’ hearts skip a beat. They no longer dare to say anything else despite being extremely furious inwardly.

“Let’s stop fighting, Three-Eyed. If you want to fight, let’s wait until Di Long and his brothers have handled their business.” Azure Dragon says as if he is someone nice.

Old Freak Three-Eyed utters a cold humph then flies in front of Lou Ke and his subordinates and stops talking. Obviously he has accepted Azure Dragon’s suggestion. Thus, Azure Dragon and Old Freak Three-Eyed stop fighting after the destruction of the Great Six Harmonies Heavenly Gates Formation!

The 5 Di brothers are so angry that they do not know what to say. However, they do not notice that there is a hint of amusement deep in the eyes of Overlord Azure Dragon and Old Freak Three-Eyed.

“Your acting was pretty good, Three-Eyed.”
“Yours wasn’t bad either. But later don’t ever call me toad this toad that or I’m going to fight you for real.”
Overlord Azure Dragon and Old Freak Three-Eyed talk to each other via holy sense communication. Nobody can hear what they say.

B7C6: Berserk Mode

Qin Yu rushes over to the side of Hou Fei like a golden beam of light.

“Let’s join forces, Fei Fei.”
He clenches his fists. The Flaming Gloves are sticking to the surfaces of his fists just like a layer of skin.

When he was being confined in the Great Six Harmonies Heavenly Gates Formation, he could only watch Hou Fei fight alone, so naturally he wanted to come out to help long ago. He was unable to break that large formation, but luckily Old Freak Three-Eyed and Overlord Azure Dragon fought each other and unwittingly destroyed the formation for him.

“Kaka, big brother, if we join forces we’ll be invincible.” Hou Fei wriggles his waist and says complacently. The faces of the 5 Di brothers, Di Long, Di Jian, Di Yang, Di Xu and Di Nai, all seem to be covered in a layer of killing intent. They glare at Qin Yu and Hou Fei, who also glare at them with absolutely no fear or evasion.

Di Long and co. versus Qin Yu and Hou Fei, 5 brothers versus 2 brothers,

Members of the Azure Dragon Palace and the Blue Water Mansion are just looking on, helping neither side.

“Once the 5 Di brothers fight Qin Yu and Hou Fei, who do you think will have the upper hand, Three-Eyed?” Overlord Azure Dragon is watching Di Long, Qin Yu and the others but he keeps chatting with Old Freak Three-Eyed through holy sense communication.

“The upper hand? Of course it’s going to be the Nine Demons Hall’s brats. Though some of them are dead, the strongest ones like Di Long and Di Jian are still there. You should know that these Purple Demon aquatic dragons are barely inferior to divine beasts. They can only transform into humans after going through the 6-in-9 Heavenly Tribulation. When a late Dongxu aquatic dragon switches back to his true form, his power will increase several times.”
Old Freak Three-Eyed obviously thinks that the 5 Di brothers will have the upper hand.

In the past, Di Jian was able to single-handedly take on Teng Shan and Lou Ke, who both have reached the late Dongxu stage, at the same time and was even able to fight them off. It should be known that Teng Shan is a horned dragon and Lou Ke is a crimson toad, which is also very extraordinary. These facts show how formidable Purple Demon aquatic dragons are.

“Qin Yu! Hou Fei!”
Di Long shouts loudly. Afterwards, the 5 Di brothers charge at Qin Yu and Hou Fei extremely fast together.

Qin Yu and Hou Fei exchange a look then dodge to 2 different sides simultaneously. Qin Yu uses 80 percent of his top speed as before. Despite this, he is still fairly faster than even Di Long. By contrast, Hou Fei executes several strikes with his stick from time to time while dodging nimbly.

In the blink of an eye, Qin Yu gets away several hundred li.

Standing in midair, he slightly closes his eyes and takes a deep breath.

“What a wonderful feeling.”
There is an earnest faint smile on Qin Yu’s face. He can feel clearly every muscle in his body, every bone in his body and even every part of any muscle. This feeling of having total control over his body is very wonderful.

Qin Yu does body training so he attaches great importance to toughness and flexibility.

“Qin Yu, die!” Di Long shouts loudly. His flying sword unexpectedly turns into a broadsword. Holding the broadsword, Di Long slashes it at Qin Yu’s head. However, facing this strike, Qin Yu moves forwards 2 to 3 m in parallel with the sword with a very easy shake of his waist’s muscles.

Chi —
Qin Yu’s body is fast like lightning. At the same time, he forms a finger sword with his index and middle fingers and thrusts it at Di Long. His pure and condensed golden stellar energy is totally focused on the finger sword, making it radiate a dazzling golden light.

Because Qin Yu is too fast, Di Long does not have enough time to make a block with the broadsword in his right hand. Therefore, he can only throw a punch at Qin Yu’s finger sword with his left hand. When Di Long’s fist is coming at the finger sword, a glove appears around it. This glove has 2 colors, silvery and purple, and is none other than a top-grade holy weapon.

Qin Yu’s finger sword and Di Long’s fist collide head-on.

The sharp golden stellar energy bursts forth. Di Long’s powerful demonic elemental energy also bursts forth. Qin Yu’s energy is more concentrated and penetrative whereas Di Long’s energy is more powerful and substantial. This clash unexpectedly ends in a draw.

“Triple Strike!”
A hint of ruthlessness appears in Qin Yu’s eyes. He has started to use the move with which he killed Di Tong in the past. His fingers are straightened up. In an instant, the finger sword becomes a spear hand strike. Then, basically not pausing for a moment, he curls his fingers up and throws a punch!

He has attacked 3 times continuously. Di Long is very powerful but his left hand’s bones and joints still hurt as if they are about to crack. Luckily his gloves were forged by fusing dragon scales with top-grade crystals so their defense is extremely powerful. Even so, Qin Yu’s 3 continuous strikes still almost made his left hand lose the ability to attack.

“What move is this?” Di Long is in disbelief. He is obviously stronger than Qin Yu but just now his left hand was injured by Qin Yu.

There is a tinge of fierceness in Qin Yu’s eyes: “When I was travelling the Qian Long continent before, I learned an attack technique called Short Force (*). This move is a variant of Short Force.” The move Qin Yu just used was indeed created based on Short Force.

This move is not simply 3 continuous attacks at all.

If it was really so simple, Short Force Continuous Striking would not be so difficult to learn. After all, following the 1st strike, when you perform the 2nd strike, the opponent can also perform their 2nd strike. The secret of this Short Force Continuous Striking move is the word ‘continuous.’ When anybody performs a punch, their fist must at least move a certain distance to generate enough offensive force.

For example, to hit something with a punch, one must smash their fist into it from an adequate distance. If they rely on their internal energy alone without moving their fist, the attack will be very weak.

By attacking nonstop, Short Force Continuous Striking does not give the enemy enough moving distance. After the finger sword strike, the hand will be pulled back a little, creating a short space, but the enemy will not be able to take advantage of this space to counterattack. All of this depends on the user’s skill and experience. The user must learn through experience and also enlightenment to achieve ‘continuousness.’ Even if one knows the principle of the technique, this does not necessarily mean they can execute it.

“Mortals, humph, so you even learned mortals’ stuff?” Di Long’s words are filled with disdain. “Show me what you’ve got. This time I’m not going to give you any chance.” After saying so, he disregards everything else to launch an onslaught on Qin Yu using his raging demonic elemental energy.


Di Long is absolutely a bully. Relying on the fact that his demonic elemental energy is powerful, he immediately makes his energy roll out under his control to restrain Qin Yu and assaults Qin Yu like crazy.


Qin Yu has no choice but to dodge again using his speed and to occasionally launch a sneak attack or two. An attack that depends on finesse can only be used a couple of times at best. If it is overused, the enemy will naturally figure out a method of dealing with it. At that time, the user will probably be finished.

…… On the battlefield, Qin Yu keeps moving back and forth between the 5 Di brothers like a golden beam of light, attacking Di Yang, Di Xu and Di Nai from time to time. Hou Fei is also dodging nimbly. His black stick is being swung at random like a black blur.

For the moment, there is a stalemate on the battlefield.

“Three-Eyed, didn’t you say the Nine Demons Hall would win? Why does it now look like they are neck and neck?” Azure Dragon taunts via holy sense communication.

“Neck and neck? You can’t say so. It’s just that this Qin Yu fella is really too fast. Though he can’t beat the Di brothers, the Di brothers have no way to hurt him either. But you just wait and see. The situation will change very soon.” Old Freak Three- Eyed says very confidently through his holy sense.

…… “3rd brother, 4th brother, 6th brother, 9th brother, let’s use our true forms right away to kill them.” Di Long gives an order after fighting for a long time without being able to kill Qin Yu and Hou Fei.

Di Jian, Di Yang, Di Xu and Di Nai all agree with him.

Afterwards, 5 dragon roars are heard and the 5 Di brothers transform into 5 Purple Demon aquatic dragons, which are sinuously floating in the sky. Their 100 m long bodies alone give off a hugely oppressive feeling. Those black single horns are flashing with an ice-cold light.

Qin Yu’s face immediately changes color.

He personally saw the fight between Di Tong and Cha Hong, especially Di Tong’s formidability after transforming into a Purple Demon aquatic dragon, so he knows that when the Di brothers switch to their true forms, their power will greatly improve. 
“Fei Fei, when they switch to their true forms, they become much stronger.” He immediately says via his holy sense.

“Don’t worry.” Hou Fei is not worried at all. His eyes are blazing with even more fighting spirit.

With a sweep of their tails, the 5 Purple Demon aquatic dragons instantly turn into 5 purple blurs, charging at Qin Yu and Hou Fei. They are so fast that even Hou Fei, who was full of fighting spirit a moment ago, is astonished and has to hurriedly perform a stick smash.


Hou Fei’s black stick and Di Long’s single horn collide with each other violently. Di Long is not affected at all but Hou Fei is sent flying away.

“Damn, they’ve really become much stronger. I basically can’t resist this Di Long fella anymore.” Now Hou Fei also has a rather bad feeling.


Qin Yu’s fists and Di Yang’s dragon tail clash. Di Yang is knocked back a bit but Qin Yu’s fists have gone numb. Originally Qin Yu could defeat Di Yang with ease, but now, after Di Yang has changed into his true form, Qin Yu can only fight Di Yang evenly at most.

“When I killed Di Tong that day, if he hadn’t lost one arm before and hadn’t been in his human form, if I hadn’t used a sneak attack and risked losing a hand …” At the moment Qin Yu is secretly shocked.

He knew that he had been lucky at that time, but only now, when he is fighting Di Yang’s true form, does he discover how formidable a middle Dongxu stage Purple Demon aquatic dragon is in its true form.

Di Tong was really very unlucky to die. 
Beset on all sides by dangers, Qin Yu finally makes a decision: “Speed, 100 percent!”
Now he does not hide his speed anymore and immediately increases it from 80 percent to 100 percent of his ability. By doing this, his speed is improved by one level, no less. And so, the attacks that at first could threaten him can no longer even touch his body.


On the battlefield, after the 5 Di brothers changed into the true forms, they have become much more powerful. Now Qin Yu is of the same tier as Di Yang, Di Xu and Di Nai at best. Facing Di Long and Di Jian, he basically cannot ward off the enemies’ attacks. The gap between him and these two is really huge.

Qin Yu has raised his speed to its maximum. His body keeps moving back and forth nonstop like a golden beam of light. Even though the 5 Purple Demon aquatic dragons are formidable, they cannot harm him.

Now Hou Fei is only slightly stronger than Di Yang, Di Xu and Di Nai. He is no longer a match for Di Long and Di Jian, and even worse, for the moment he is even slower than them. As a result, he has already clashed head-on with Di Long and Di Jian several times. His current situation is even more dangerous than Qin Yu’s.


“Azure Dragon, what I said is right, isn’t it? As soon as the 5 Di brothers switched to their true forms, their power was greatly increased and they gained the upper hand over Qin Yu and Hou Fei. But … this Qin Yu fella is really fast, somewhat faster than usual.” Old Freak Three-Eyed says in astonishment.

Azure  Dragon  also  praises:  “Just  now  I  was  amazed  by  Qin Yu’s speed. Who could’ve thought he was still holding back? Tut-tut, with his current speed, perhaps only you and I in the underwater Xiuyao world can subdue him with absolute certainty.” When Qin Yu was using 80% of his capacity, he was already extremely fast. Now he is using 100% of his capacity so he is basically abnormally fast.

Di Long in his true form is also fast.

However, using his top speed, Qin Yu is still faster than Di Long’s true form by about 30 to 40 percent. The 5 Purple Demon aquatic dragons on the battlefield can do nothing to him at all. Too bad he cannot do anything to them either.

“Three-Eyed, now when do you think Di Long and his brothers will win?” Azure Dragon asks. To him and Old Freak Three-Eyed, this fight is just like an amusing show. They are not worried by it at all.

Old  Freak  Three-Eyed  thinks  for  a  while  then  says:  “It’s difficult for the Di brothers to kill Qin Yu, but perhaps that Hou Fei fella won’t be able to hang on for long. Though he’s a divine beast and got huge potential, he’s only reached the late Yuanying stage. You see, now he’s already badly injured.” Azure Dragon nods his head in agreement. Both of them can see the situation on the battlefield clearly.


“Be careful, Fei Fei.”
Like lightning, Qin Yu takes hold of Hou Fei with a grab while flashing past a swing of Di Long’s tail.

However, right after evading this attack, a huge dragon claw comes down from the sky, aiming directly for Qin Yu’s and Hou Fei’s heads. Qin Yu pushes Hou Fei away without delay. He himself flies backwards, once again avoiding another attack.

“When these 5 Purple Demon aquatic dragons hadn’t used their true form, Fei Fei still had some advantages, but now he has no advantage at all.” Qin Yu is very anxious. “At this point, why hasn’t he entered berserk mode yet?” He has urged Hou Fei to enter berserk mode once but Hou Fei did not reply.

“Fei Fei, why are you still hiding your power?” Qin Yu angrily rebukes via holy sense communication.

Hou Fei grimaces at him: “Big brother, after getting out of this berserk mode, my whole body will hurt like hell. Alright, these 5 little worms have got too cocky already.” Hou Fei promptly evades an attack.

“Roar ~~”
He turns his face upwards and lets out a furious roar, sounding like an ancient ferocious beast. Immediately, the water in a large area around the island screams. Hou Fei is then completely covered in the ocean’s water. The muscles in his entire body begin to expand and his bones begin to lengthen and thicken. His height also increases extremely fast. From being as tall as a normal man at first, he becomes 5 m tall, then 8 m tall, then 10 m tall, then 20 m tall, then 30 m tall …
Everybody is stupefied.

Not only Qin Yu, even the 5 Purple Demon aquatic dragons stop fighting out of fright. In just a while, Hou Fei’s transformation stops. Now his ferocious aura is shockingly powerful and he is nearly 50 m tall.

His entire body has been enlarged by 26 or 27 times. His black stick has also become longer and thicker. At the moment the hair on his head has the color of the ocean’s water, and various streams of water are moving around his body, but his eyes are flaming red, as if they are blazing.

This is a legendary divine beast — a Fiery-eyed Aquatic Monkey!

Finally, Hou Fei has entered berserk mode! 

(*) Short Force (aka One-inch punch) is cun jing in Chinese (⼨劲). This is a type of attack in Chinese internal martial arts (Taiji, Bagua, Xingyi) and Wing Chun, said to be able to generate a considerable force from a short distance.

B7C7: Meteor Strike

Hou Fei has transformed into a terrifying huge monkey that is almost 50 m tall. Various water streams as thick as the Purple Demon aquatic dragons’ bodies are moving around his body and arms nonstop. His flaming red eyes are blazing. Everybody at the scene is temporarily shocked by him.

“This, this …”
The eyes of Teng Shan, Lou Ke and their subordinates pop out of their heads. They never thought that a monkey which seemed mediocre at first could become so frightening. Now, even Teng Shan and Lou Ke do not have the nerve to fight Hou Fei.

Even Overlord Azure Dragon’s and Old Freak Three-Eyed’s faces change color. They exchange a look.

“Fei Fei, this, this is your berserk mode?” Qin Yu’s expression is also full of surprise. Hou Fei told Qin Yu before that he would become much more powerful when entering berserk mode, but Qin Yu never expected Hou Fei to look like this in berserk mode.

The huge monkey turns his face upwards and gives a long roar.

“Big brother, watch me tear them apart.” Hou Fei’s voice rises in Qin Yu’s mind through holy sense communication.

Qin Yu smiles, thinking he had better get away to let Hou Fei fight at will because if he stays here now, he will hinder Hou Fei’s actions. He can see that moments ago Hou Fei was only somewhat weaker than Di Long and Di Jian, and now that Hou Fei has powered up a lot, dealing with these 5 aquatic dragons is definitely no longer difficult.

“Fei Fei, I’ll leave it to you.”
With a movement of his body, Qin Yu goes away in a curved path like a golden beam of light. In an instant, he has already travelled several tens li. From being a participant, now Qin Yu has become an outsider. However, at the moment the Di brothers do not block him at all.

Their entire attention is being focused on Hou Fei.

Qin Yu is unusually fast but his offense is not a big threat to them. It is very difficult for them to kill Qin Yu but it is also very difficult for him to kill them. Therefore, they temporarily ignore him. Moreover, the pressure that the huge monkey in front of them gives them is really too great.

“Growl growl ~~~”
The 5 Purple Demon aquatic dragon roll into the sky and keep growling at Hou Fei.

The huge monkey suddenly turns his face upwards and hits his own chest with his fists as if he has gone crazy. His howls resound in all directions. At the same time, the water within several thousand li of the island becomes totally chaotic with the waves increasing to 100 m in height. There are countless waterspouts, which are all under the control of this huge monkey.

All of a sudden, the monkey stops howling and glares at the 5 Purple Demon aquatic dragons before him with his blazing eyes, which are full of hostility.


Turning into a blur, Hou Fei unexpectedly goes several li away in an instant and makes a grab at the aquatic dragon Di Long transformed into. Unwilling to be put at a disadvantage, Di Long lets out a furious roar and thrusts the black single horn on his head at Hou Fei.

Hou Fei swings his hand —
Pa! That huge palm hits the aquatic dragon’s body fiercely. However, Di Long unexpectedly is able to neutralize Hou Fei’s enormous force by vibrating his over 100 m long body for a short time. Concurrently with this, his black single horn is thrust at Hou Fei’s left hand.

The huge monkey suddenly shouts. His voice is powerful and deep. The huge black stick in his right hand is immediately swung down at Di Long. With a shake of that huge body, Di Long rises into the sky at once. When Di Long holds his own body up, he is even much taller than Hou Fei.

Facing Hou Fei’s black stick, the black single horn on Di Long’s head unexpectedly lengthens and moves towards the stick.


The black stick and the black single horn collide with each other. 
Di Long’s body gets a shock and is sent flying several tens li. Afterwards, he flies into the sky again with a twist of his body. Hou Fei also takes a few steps backwards continuously. Though he treads on waves, he does not sink one bit.

“Ha-ha, you’re really too weak, little worm, too weak!”  He has turned into a huge monkey but his mind has stayed the same. It is just that his voice has become much more powerful.

After the 2 of them clashed head-on a moment ago, Hou Fei only had to take a few steps backwards to neutralize the opponent’s offensive force and was not harmed at all while Di Long was sent flying several tens li and obviously suffered some injuries. The stronger and the weaker of the two of them have been decided instantly.

“Charge together, brothers.”
Di Long uses the secret technique Ventriloquism. His voice resounds through the sky. Without delay, the 5 Purple Demon aquatic dragons charge at Hou Fei from different directions while growling. Hou Fei’s expression becomes serious immediately. He is ready to swing the black stick in his hands out anytime.

He is not afraid of fighting Di Long one-on-one and even if Di Long and Di Jian join forces he can still manage to fight them evenly, but the 5 Purple Demon aquatic dragons are attacking him together whereas he does not have 3 heads and 6 arms. Moreover, after entering berserk mode, despite the great improvements in offense and defense, his agility has decreased quite a lot.

Hou Fei’s blazing eyes suddenly radiate a light.

“I can’t win one on five. Let’s focus on killing one of them first.”
Facing the joint attack of the 5 aquatic dragons, Hou Fei remains motionless. Everybody else is watching without blinking. Suddenly, a monkey roar is heard. The water within several li of Hou Fei becomes totally chaotic, looking like a tornado. Waves rise to several hundred meters high and Hou Fei’s body disappears in the waves. 
Noticing that their vision has been blocked by the waves, the
5 Purple Demon aquatic dragons are extremely furious and immediately expand their holy senses. Everybody is immediately thrilled seeing this.
Hou Fei then holds high his black stick and attacks the 3rd brother Di Yang, who is definitely no match for berserk-mode Hou Fei despite having transformed into a Purple Demon aquatic dragon because he has only reached the middle Dongxu stage. He can use sneak attacks, but if he has to face someone so powerful like the current Hou Fei head-on, he will surely die.

Di Yang is both frightened and angry.

He opens his mouth right away and shoots out a green light beam, which immediately lengthens. His originally normal- sized flying sword quickly becomes 10 zhang long. As for Hou Fei’s black stick, its length is the same as his height. The 2 weapons clash with each other, causing a metallic noise. “Hah!”
Hou Fei utters a furious shout. That flying sword is smashed to one side and the black stick keeps coming down. The other Di brothers simply have no time to help. Di Yang has reacted very fast. When he shot that flying sword out, his single horn immediately started to lengthen.


The black stick and the horn, which has become over 10 m long, collide with each other. Afterwards, a very short black blur is seen falling into the ocean clearly.

“3rd brother!”
“3rd brother!”
Di Long, Di Xu, Di Jian and Di Nai are both anxious and angry. That black blur was none other than a piece of Di Yang’s single horn. Just now, Hou Fei’s strike unexpectedly broke off a piece of the horn. However, what terrifies the other 4 brothers the most is that Hou Fei brandishes his stick too fast.

Right after the first strike, the 2nd strike with the stick is already about to arrive.


The stick smashes heavily into Di Yang’s body. Di Yang spits out a large mouthful of blood. His entire body is sent flying west extremely fast. While flying, Di Yang switches to his human form. At the moment, he keeps coughing up blood and his face is very pale.

Seeing this, the other 4 Di brothers all go mad.

They know clearly that Di Yang has been injured very badly to the point where he can no longer maintain his true form and had to transform back into his human form. After all, the human form consumes the least energy whereas the large dragon body consumes a lot of energy. 
Extremely furious, the other 4 brothers charge at Hou Fei together. Suddenly —


An anguished cry is heard. Di Long, Di Xu, Di Jian and Di Nai all tremble and unexpectedly stop. They then fly towards Di Yang simultaneously. They only see that Di Yang’s body is lifeless and Qin Yu is clutching a yuanying in his hand.

It is none other than Di Yang’s yuanying.

Noticing that the other 4 Di brothers are focusing their attention on him, Qin Yu makes the golden light in his palm heat up. A sharp, miserable cry rises as Di Yang’s soul is immediately destroyed. “Don’t …”
Di Long and the other 3 brothers are completely dumbstruck upon seeing this.

Originally Qin Yu was looking on, but then he discovered that Di Yang had been seriously injured and was even flying towards him so, of course, he would not let this chance slip. Relying on his speed, he captured badly injured Di Yang’s yuanying in just a move and shattered Di Yang’s soul without hesitation.

“Di Long, I spent almost a year following 3 majesties from the Blood-red Cave to the Nine Demons Hall. On the way, I never tried to escape or complained. After arriving in the Nine Demons Hall, I answered your every question, but how did you treat me? You just wanted to let that Terror Jellyfish eat me and even bullshitted that I should feel honored to be killed by you. Now I give that sentence back to you, your 3rd brother should feel honored to be killed by me.”
…… “Three-Eyed.” Azure Dragon’s face becomes solemn when he sees Hou Fei starting to transform into a giant monkey.

“Azure Dragon, you’re worried or … scared, aren’t you?” Old Freak Three-Eyed’s green hair is fluttering nonstop. Anyone familiar with Old Freak Three-Eyed knows that when his hair flutters, this is a sign that he wants to kill someone.

Azure Dragon gives a smile: “Well, aren’t you?”
Old  Freak  Three-Eyed  says  with  a  nod:  “Yes,  I  am.  I  can tolerate the appearance of one divine beast other than us in the underwater Xiuyao world at most. If Hou Fei was just an ordinary divine beast, I wouldn’t really mind, but … he unexpectedly can transform and become so much more powerful that he can rival my 3rd eye.”
Azure Dragon nods and says: “Yeah, there are differences between divine beasts. Three-Eyed, you’re only at the late Dongxu stage while I’m already at the early Kongming stage. I’m an entire level above you but if we really fight each other, I’ll only narrowly defeat you. And if we fight to the death, perhaps both of us will die.”
“It’s good you know this.”
Old Freak Three-Eyed appears somewhat arrogant: “As far as I know, I’m the only Three-Blue-Eyed toad in history. What divine beast of the same power level can compare with me? However, if this Hou Fei fella was of the same level as me, he definitely wouldn’t be weaker than me.”
“So, why haven’t you got into action, Three-Eyed?”  Azure Dragon says smilingly.

Old Freak Three-Eyed gives Azure Dragon a look and says via holy sense communication: “Getting into action? Why should I? Aren’t you the overseas Xiuzhen world’s no. 1 expert? You’re already very unhappy with my existence. Can you possibly tolerate Hou Fei’s appearance?”
Both Azure Dragon and Old Freak Three-Eyed are unwilling to be surpassed by someone else. 
If Hou Fei was an ordinary divine beast, they would not care about him at all. After all, they are also divine beasts and they are much more powerful than Hou Fei. However, Hou Fei belongs to an extremely rare, unusual species of divine beast so it is a different story.

Azure Dragon says in frustration: “There’ll be no end if you keep telling me to act alone and vice versa. How about this? Both of us will tie Hou Fei up so that he can’t move then let those Purple Demon little worms kill him?”
Old Freak Three-Eyed frowns: “Let those little worms kill a divine beast, and even an unusual divine beast?”
A Three-Blue-Eyed toad is no ordinary divine beast. In his eyes, Purple Demon aquatic dragons are not worth mentioning. Even Azure Dragon, who is one power level above him, is only a little bit more powerful than him. Compared to an azure dragon, a Three-Blue-Eyed toad is naturally somewhat more splendid. “You don’t want Hou Fei to be killed by those Purple Demon aquatic dragons? So you’re willing to get into action?” Azure Dragon has been annoyed.

When Old Freak Three-Eyed has been pondering for just a while, an anguished cry is heard. The 2 of them are still talking to each other, but Qin Yu has already killed Di Yang. Old Freak Three-Eyed finally says with a nod: “All right, I’ll tie his hands and you’ll tie his feet.”
Azure Dragon immediately smiles.


“Qin Yu!”
The 4 remaining Di brothers roar furiously at the same time then charge at Qin Yu. He killed Di Yang so naturally they want to kill him to avenge Di Yang’s death. Qin Yu immediately flies northwest like a golden beam of light. When Qin Yu has just got closer to Hou Fei a bit, Hou Fei sees the Di brothers surrounding and attacking Qin Yu and explodes with anger at once. He then brandishes his black stick, wanting to charge at them.

All of a sudden —
“Azure Dragon.”
Old Freak Three-Eyed calls aloud and reaches out his hands. 2 green beams of light shoot out extremely fast. Giving Hou Fei basically no time to dodge, they tie Hou Fei’s hands together. Afterwards, Old Freak Three-Eyed pulls his hands back.

Meanwhile, Azure Dragon also sends out 2 azure beams of light, which tie Hou Fei’s feet together in an instant.

With his hands and feet tied together as if they are chained, Hou Fei cannot move anymore. “Roar roar ~~”
Hou Fei roars furiously. At the same time, his arms’ muscles bulge up, but he basically cannot do anything to the demonic elemental energy that is tying his hands. He cannot make any big movements with his feet at all either.

Seeing this scene, Qin Yu cannot help getting startled.

The 4 Di brothers are also dumbfounded.

“Why are the 4 of you still standing there? Why haven’t you killed  Hou  Fei?”  Azure  Dragon  says  in  an  indifferent  voice which contains compulsion and ruthlessness.

The Di brothers are immediately delighted. Now that Hou Fei’s hands and feet are tied, if they still fail to kill Hou Fei, they should kill themselves instead. Di Long reacts fastest. With a sweep of his tail, he is the first to charge at Hou Fei. Right after this, his 3 brothers, Di Jian, Di Xu and Di Nai, wake up. They also charge at Hou Fei with a sweep of their tails.

Hou Fei is so worried that he roars continuously, making the water around the island to heave up and down and causing billows. However, all of this cannot make the Di brothers less willing to kill him. Qin Yu, who is not far away, sees everything and the transmitter Uncle Lan gave him appears in his hand.

“Uncle  Lan,  quickly  come  to  the  black  rock  island  over 20,000 li to the southwest of the Nine Demons Hall and save us.”
He immediately sends this message using his holy sense. Then, he fills his entire body with the golden stellar energy without hesitation. Like a burning meteor, he disregards everything to rush at Di Long, who is charging at Hou Fei at the front.

Qin Yu is being enfolded in a golden light. There are no signs of timidity in his eyes. Ahead of him is a huge, over 100 m long Purple Demon aquatic dragon.

B7C8: Uncle Lan’s Eventual Appearance

Hou Fei cannot move but this does not affect him knowing whatever happens around him through his holy sense at all. Now he can see clearly that Qin Yu is recklessly rushing at Di Long, who is the first to be charging at him. Hou Fei knows Qin Yu’s and Di Long’s real power.

“Don’t do that, big brother!”
He is so worried that he is about to cry. His demonic elemental energy in his whole body keeps shaking but the streams of demonic elemental energy that Old Freak Three- Eyed and Azure Dragon sent out are really too powerful. In fact, both of them had estimated Hou Fei’s power before tying him up with their demonic elemental energy.

When Qin Yu hears Hou Fei’s voice in his mind through holy sense communication, the corners of his mouth slightly curve upwards and his eyes radiate even more resolution.

This radiant, startling look in his eyes was also seen in the past when he was sacrificing himself to kill Wu Xing for his father. Qin Yu does not have many friends but once he considers someone a friend or brother, he can risk his life for them.

“Hou Fei, die!”
Di Long’s huge body is rushing at Hou Fei extremely fast. But he suddenly notices that not far from him, a dazzling golden light is coming at him at an extreme speed. At first sight, that golden light looks like a burning meteor. Di Long is astonished.

“Qin Yu.”
With a sweep of his holy sense, he discovers that it is Qin Yu and is immediately delighted. In an instant, there is a hint of mercilessness on Di Long’s face.

Clashing head-on with Di Long? Qin Yu knows very well that he is simply no match for Di Long’s true form, but he cannot cower now because if he does, Di Long’s single horn will pierces into the body of a completely defenseless Hou Fei.

While Qin Yu is flying extremely fast, his eyes suddenly blaze with madness. He makes a sign with his hands and shouts loudly: “Start!”  His voice resounds through the entire black rock island.

The Stellar Field — Nine Meteors Blazing!

The golden light around Qin Yu’s body becomes even more dazzling. His indistinct silvery stellar energy unexpectedly surges forth. At the moment, in Qin Yu’s dantian, 9 meteors are revolving nonstop in the center of countless silvery grains. These 9 meteors look as if they are burning, sending out 9 frighteningly concentrated streams of golden stellar energy.

One stream fuses with his body and the other 8 streams becomes 8 golden silhouettes. Seeing the original golden beam of light quickly turns into 9 golden beams of light, Di Long cannot help getting startled.

Qin Yu makes a hand sign again and suddenly shouts: “Break!”
During the fight against Xiang Yang in the past, he used most of his silvery stellar energy in a move that appeared to be 9 meteors unifying. However, only now, when he has reached the late Meteor stage and got exactly 9 meteors, can he bring out the best in this move.

The 9 silhouettes begin to rotate in the same pattern as the 9 revolving meteors in Qin Yu’s dantian. Suddenly, the 9 golden silhouettes merge into one in the blink of an eye, becoming an extremely dazzling meteor. Its light can even be seen clearly from 1000 li away.

Nine Meteors Unification, Meteor Strike!

Di Long’s eyes also glitter with fierceness. He accelerates again and his internal demonic elemental energy totally bursts forth. Di Long has gone all out.


The violent collision sends a shock wave through the air in all directions. The other 3 Purple Demon aquatic dragons are dumbstruck right away. They only see that, in an instant, Di Long switches back to his human form and his whole body is dyed red by the blood coming out of his mouth.

Qin Yu also falls down powerlessly from the sky. His face is miserably pale and his whole body has been reddened by blood too.

Mutual destruction!

“It was unexpectedly mutual destruction. To be brothers with Hou Fei, looks like this Qin Yu fella also got some special skills.” Old Freak Three-Eyed exclaims. Azure Dragon also praises Qin Yu.

However, was it really mutual destruction?

Di Long’s body has been severely injured so he indeed cannot fight anymore, but his yuanying is still at the late Dongxu stage. In contrast, Qin Yu’s bodily injuries are not very bad, but the most important energy nuclei in his body, the 9 meteors, have been burnt off so he has suffered a huge loss of power.

Because of the violent collision, his muscles have torn and even his internal organs have been damaged. Various clear streams from the Meteoric Tear are covering the injured places in his body like trickles of clear water, giving him a very comfortable feeling. With effort, Qin Yu controls his body and rides his flying sword into the sky.

Di Xu immediately changes into his human form and holds badly injured Di Long up. Di Long, however, takes a look at Qin Yu and Hou Fei with a grim expression and orders: “Kill Hou Fei first then kill Qin Yu!” Now Hou Fei is defenseless while Qin Yu is seriously injured. 
“Yes, big brother.”
Di Nai and Di Jian are still in the Purple Demon aquatic dragon form. Deep, heavy noises rise from their stomachs. Afterwards, the 2 of them rush at Hou Fei extremely fast. Qin Yu, who has been badly injured, immediately becomes very worried. He recklessly controls the Flaming Sword to fly towards them.

However, he is now seriously injured so his flying speed is too slow.

“Why haven’t you come yet, Uncle Lan?”
Seeing that he cannot stop them, Qin Yu becomes impatient.

When the 2 Purple Demon aquatic dragons are about to stick their black single horns into Hou Fei’s body — “Roar ~~~~”
A sky-shaking roar is heard. Hou Fei, who is in the form of a giant monkey, unexpectedly transforms again. His body shrinks extremely fast. In just a moment, it reverts to its original height, which is the same as that of a normal man.

The 2 Purple Demon aquatic dragons therefore miss him, but they turn around instantly.

“No need to struggle, Hou Fei. It doesn’t matter if you transform or not, you won’t be able to escape the restraints I and Three-Eyed put on you.” There is a hint of disdain in Azure Dragon’s eyes. However, his face changes color greatly all of a sudden, as does Old Freak Three-Eyed’s face.

After turning around, the 2 Purple Demon aquatic dragons charge at Hou Fei again.

Pa! With a shake of his hands and legs, Hou Fei unexpectedly breaks loose from Azure Dragon’s and Old Freak Three-Eyed’s shackles. He then moves his body like lightning and suddenly throws punches with his hands. Di Nai is immediately sent flying then reverts to his human form. His blood is scattered all over the air.

Hou Fei’s small fist smashes into Di Jian’s body. Di Jian is also sent flying backwards several hundred meters. However, because he is more powerful than Di Nai, he is still in his true form.

“Fei Fei.”
Qin Yu’s eyes pop out of his head.

“How is this possible?”
The eyes of Di Long, Di Jian, Di Xu and Di Nai bulge out with astonishment. Azure Dragon and Old Freak Three-Eyed, who noticed there was something wrong first, are also looking at Hou Fei like looking at a monster. Teng Shan, Lou Ke and the others are looking at him in stupefaction as well.

Although at the moment Hou Fei is only as tall as a normal man, he looks totally different from before.

His hair is silvery, his eyes are golden and his mouth is purple.

Compared to when he just entered berserk mode, Hou Fei is giving off an even more terrifying feeling.

“Transformed again?!”
Azure Dragon is in disbelief. Divine beasts are already very formidable in their original forms, but those capable of transformation can even raise their formidability by one level. For example, Old Freak Three-Eyed’s 3rd eye is enough to improve his offense by one level. However, Hou Fei unexpectedly can even transform again after entering berserk mode.

“Whoever hurts my big brother — dies.”
He looks coldly at Di Long. With a movement of his body, he arrives at Di Long’s face. His speed is so fast that it even surpasses Qin Yu’s top speed. Even though Hou Fei’s body has become small, he is extremely dangerous at the moment.

Compared to when he was in the huge monkey form, he is currently stronger and even one level faster as well.

Di Xu beside Di Long only has enough time to immediately change into his true form. At the same time, he swings his long stick at Hou Fei. Hou Fei makes a wave of his hand. The black stick suddenly appears and smashes straight down on Di Xu’s long stick.

Bang! With a strike of the stick, the Purple Demon aquatic dragon Di Xu transformed into is sent flying and forced to switch back to his human form. In just a while, 3 of the 4 Di brothers, Di Long, Di Xu and Di Nai, have lost all of their fighting capacity. Only Di Jian still has some power left to fight.

Hou Fei casts a look at Di Long, who is secretly frightened at once. But Hou Fei mercilessly swings his stick down. He transformed again in berserk mode because he saw Qin Yu risk his life fighting Di Long.

“Die, Hou Fei!”
However, Hou Fei’s black stick cannot go down because a stream of demonic elemental energy holds it back completely. Afterwards, a claw silhouette pierces through the air to come at him. Hou Fei fuses the black stick with his body and immediately gets away several tens li by doing a somersault.

“Azure Dragon!” Seeing Azure Dragon, he slightly frowns. Just now, it was none other than Azure Dragon who stopped him. Despite having become quite a lot more powerful, he is still no match for Azure Dragon. After all, Azure Dragon is an early Kongming stage divine beast.

Hou Fei is merely a late Yuanying stage divine beast. Even though he has transformed twice, there is still a big gap in power between them. If he were at the late Dongxu stage, he would definitely be able to defeat Azure Dragon, but he has only reached the late Yuanying stage.

“Three-Eyed, perhaps not even you can imagine what kind of divine beast this Hou Fei fella is, right? Are you going to ignore such a threat?” Azure Dragon says smilingly to Three-Eyed.

“Of course not.”
Because Old Freak Three-Eyed is using an illusion technique, he looks like a green-clad boy. At this moment, the midpoint between his eyebrows suddenly splits, revealing a vertical eye. A dark green shaft of light shoots straight at Hou Fei from this eye in an instant. 
Old Freak Three-Eyed has used a ruthless move right from the beginning.


Hou Fei executes a strike by waving his stick. The dark green shaft of light hits the black stick. Hou Fei is sent flying backwards but the stick remains intact.

“What kind of holy weapon is that black stick?”  Old Freak Three-Eyed is shocked.

The power of a top-grade holy weapon varies according to the power of the user whereas this critical attack of Old Freak Three-Eyed is extremely powerful. In his opinion, given Hou Fei’s power, even if the black stick was a top-grade holy weapon, it would have at least suffered some damage, but it was not damaged at all. “What kind of holy weapon? It’s your grandpa’s stove poker, specially used to smash toads like you.”
Hou Fei roars wildly.

At this point, he no longer cares about tact and diplomacy. When someone wants to kill him, does he have to stand still to get killed? Moving like a flash, he arrives at the side of Old Freak Three-Eyed instantly and swings his stick down.


The black stick and Old Freak Three-Eyed’s lustrous right hand clash, but a metallic noise is heard.

“Are you still holding back, Three-Eyed?”
Azure Dragon roars furiously. In the blink of an eye, an extremely terrifying amount of demonic elemental energy surges forth from the surface of his body and covers an area of space that is several tens li in radius. Unable to dodge in time, Hou Fei is restrained by this seemingly limitless amount of energy and his speed drops sharply as a result.

He struggles but the restraining force becomes more and more powerful.

“Hou Fei, your true form is extremely rare and capable. Too bad you’re only at the late Yuanying stage. If you had reached the late Dongxu stage, today both Three-Eyed and I would be no match for you. With a divine beast like you around, perhaps even my dragon clan won’t be able to rest easy. So, how can I let you live?”
At  this  moment,  badly  injured  Di  Long  frowns:  “Dragon clan?”
To his knowledge, Azure Dragon is the only azure dragon in the Azure Dragon Palace, so where is the dragon clan from? Suddenly an idea pops into his mind. He has come up with a possibility, but he hides it at the bottom of his heart because killing Hou Fei and Qin Yu is the most important thing right now. 
When Azure Dragon is executing the killing blow —
“Ah ~~”
Hou Fei suddenly trembles in pain. Afterwards, his body gradually changes. From having silvery hair and golden eyes, he reverts to his original form, which looks like a normal monkey. Now he is totally powerless, as if suffering a serious illness.

“Ha-ha, looks like your transformation isn’t free of negative effects.”
Azure Dragon laughs out loud.

Hou Fei is both anxious and angry. According to his hereditary memories, berserk mode will make his body’s bones and muscles hurt after using it, but it does not have any side effects or time limits. However, in theory, its 2nd transformation is not something Hou Fei can do at his current level.

It was only because he was too worried and extremely furious that he successfully transformed twice. But he was unable to stay in that form for long and, worse still, now he does not even have enough strength to raise his hand.

“This monkey was very arrogant moments ago, but now he got no power and is easy meat.”  Old Freak Three-Eyed says laughingly. At the moment he is not worried in the least. Without power, a divine beast is no different from a bedbug.

He casts a glance at Azure Dragon: “Why haven’t you killed him, Azure Dragon?”
“I give you this chance, Three-Eyed. This monkey is an extremely rare divine beast, so why don’t you kill him?” Azure Dragon appears very magnanimous. Now he and Old Freak Three-Eyed are totally carefree. However, he suddenly looks doubtfully at Qin Yu. Not long ago he saw Qin Yu go all out for Hou Fei.

So logically, now Qin Yu should be extremely anxious because they are about to kill Hou Fei, but Qin Yu does not look anxious at all and there is even a faint smile on his face. Why?

“Uncle Lan!”
Qin Yu immediately salutes and says. Seeing Uncle Lan suddenly appear with a big smile on his face, looking completely unworried, Qin Yu knows that nothing bad will happen to Hou Fei and naturally becomes relaxed.

Hearing Qin Yu’s voice, Hou Fei opens his eyes wide in disbelief and looks in the distance with joy and surprise: “Master!”
Azure Dragon and Old Freak Three-Eyed are shocked. If they cannot detect someone behind them, obviously this individual is much more powerful than they are. They turn around to see at once — Uncle Lan’s blue clothes are fluttering. There is a faint, indifferent smile on his face.

“You were too rash, Fei Fei.”
He makes a wave of his sleeve. A beam of light is shot into Hou Fei’s body. In just a moment, Hou Fei’s injuries are unexpectedly healed, as if they never existed.

B7C9: Whose Fault?

Uncle Lan frowns when he sees that powerful demonic elemental energy restraining Hou Fei, his eyes radiating a tinge of coldness.

That cold light makes the hearts of Azure Dragon and Old Freak Three-Eyed skip a beat like a thunderbolt from the 9th Heaven.

“Get lost!”
With a wave of his sleeve, Uncle Lan sends out a soft yet extremely enormous force. Even though Azure Dragon and Old Freak Three-Eyed are acknowledged as the 2 top experts of this overseas Xiuzhen world, this force sends them flying several hundred li without giving them any chances to resist at all. They can do absolutely nothing!

Everybody’s eyes pop out of their head! The 4 Di brothers look at this middle-aged man, who just appeared all of a sudden, in stupefaction. This man is too strong, simply too strong. With just a wave of his sleeve, he has sent the absolute no. 1 and no. 2 super experts of the overseas Xiuzhen world flying several hundred li.

Teng Shan, Lou Ke and everybody else are so frightened that they do not dare to say anything. The fact that their bosses were sent flying has terrified them horribly.

“Master.” Hou Fei says laughingly.

Qin Yu cannot suppress the astonishment on his face. Even though he knew that Uncle Lan was very powerful, he did not expect Uncle Lan to be super-powerful like this! Who is Overlord Azure Dragon? He is an early Kongming stage divine beast, which is comparable to Dujie stage Xiuxianists, no less!

Someone as strong as Dujie stage Xiuxianists was sent flying several hundred li helplessly with a wave of Uncle Lan’s sleeve. What level of power is this? Perhaps even immortals are only this powerful. 
“What’s the matter, Xiao Yu?”  Uncle Lan looks smilingly at Qin Yu.

Hou Fei says laughingly: “Big brother must be amazed by your power, master. Humph, humph, those 2 fellas are pretty strong but I was still able to exchange a couple moves with them. They can bully me, but do they dare to be cocky in front of you?”
At the moment Hou Fei is holding his head high and looking around like a complacent rooster.

On one side, the 4 Di brothers do not dare to utter a word. In fact, they are talking to each other urgently via holy sense communication.

“Big brother, didn’t you say what Qin Yu had said about his school was false? But now Hou Fei calls that expert master and Qin Yu also calls him uncle. It seems they belong to some school.” Di Xu is about to cry. Di Long is also feeling a bitter taste in his mouth.

“Well,  don’t  blame  me.  How  could  I  have  known?  Who could’ve thought that what Qin Yu said was true? If he really got such strong backing, why did he still follow 6th brother obediently to the Nine Demons Hall?” Now his anger is all gone.

The no. 1 and no. 2 experts of the overseas Xiuzhen world were sent flying several hundred li with just a wave of a sleeve. What power level is this?

They are totally powerless against someone so strong and can only accept whatever will be done to them.

Originally they wanted to seek revenge but now they are in no mood for that. After all, the difference in power is too great, so great that it is insurmountable. If the enemy wants to kill the 4 of them, just a wave of his hand will suffice.

“Now we can only hope that this super expert spares our lives.”  Even haughty Di Jian does not have any arrogance for the moment.

To be haughty, one must be powerful.

A kid who behaves arrogantly in front of a big man is a stupid kid.

The Di brothers have no choice but to hope that the opponent spares their lives this time. But just now they were very determined to kill Qin Yu and Hou Fei, so will he really do so? At least they cannot be sure if they will be spared or not, because this is totally up to the opponent.


The moment Azure Dragon and Old Freak Three-Eyed are sent flying, they both know that they have run into an iron panel. They are sent flying several hundred li without being able to put up any resistance. Afterwards, that enormous force disappears instantly. Azure Dragon and Old Freak Three-Eyed regain balance at once, but they do not run away hurriedly at all.

Run away?

How could they dare to? Judging from that move alone, they can already know that the opponent is an extremely powerful expert. Given his power, it is completely useless for them to run away. Only by facing the opponent and having him spare their lives will they be able to live in safety later.

“Azure Dragon, you know a lot so what power level do you think  he  has  reached?”   Old  Freak  Three-Eyed  swallows nervously and says with fright. Now there is not one bit of arrogance left in him. The fact that the opponent is too strong has scared the life out of him.

Azure Dragon ponders frowningly for a while then says: “Dacheng stage experts can send us flying but they can’t send us flying several hundred li. This man did this to us with such an easy wave of his sleeve, giving us absolutely no chance to resist and not harming us in the least, so he can only be …”
“An immortal?”
Old Freak Three-Eyed says uncertainly.

Azure Dragon says with a nod: “Yes, he’s got an immortal’s power.”
“Don’t immortals all ascend to a higher world? How can he
…?” Even though Old Freak Three-Eyed is fairly powerful, he is far less knowledgeable than Azure Dragon. After all, Azure Dragon is a member of the legendary dragon clan so he was taught by his seniors.

Azure Dragon says: “Today I’m going to tell you something. Immortals ascend to a higher world but there are still loose immortals. A loose immortal has to go through 12 tribulations. They become much stronger every time they overcome a tribulation. Those who have overcome the 4th tribulation are comparable to level-1 immortals in power.” “Level-1 immortals?” Old Freak Three-Eyed frowns.

Azure Dragon says disdainfully: “Of course you don’t know this. Let me tell you something. There are 9 levels for immortals while loose immortals have to undergo 12 tribulations. A 12th tribulation loose immortal is as powerful as a level-9 immortal. A 4th tribulation loose immortal is as powerful as a level-1 immortal. This world’s got no immortals, but it’s got loose immortals. According to legend, the power of 12th tribulation loose immortals is basically …”
Azure Dragon only continues after thinking for a long time: “Well, they can kill you like squashing an ant. They can also kill Dacheng experts like squashing ants.”
Only now does Old Freak Three-Eyed understands that no matter how good he is, there is always someone better than him.

He and Azure Dragon are considered super experts in this overseas Xiuzhen world, but they are simply not in the same league as those loose immortals.

“How many loose immortal tribulations do you think that mysterious expert has gone through?” Old Freak Three-Eyed asks doubtfully.

Azure Dragon thinks for a while, recalling the occasions on which he saw the true power of some seniors in his clan, and says slowly: “This mysterious expert is too powerful for me to give an exact estimation. But … I feel that he must at least be a 6th tribulation loose immortal!”
“At least a 6th tribulation loose immortal? Then that means he’s at least comparable to a level-3 immortal?” Old Freak Three-Eyed swallows his saliva. Now he finally understands how powerful the opponent is.

Azure Dragon says with a nod: “Let’s go. Even if I went back to my clan, the experts in my clan wouldn’t allow me to offend such an expert. Also … 6th tribulation loose immortal is only my lowest estimation. It’s simply impossible for me to tell exactly how powerful he is.” Old Freak Three-Eyed also understands this. When someone is far too stronger than you, you really cannot judge their power.

Azure Dragon had to base his estimation on the manner of his senior experts in the dragon clan and so on. He himself is too weak. With his status and position, the strongest experts he has met in the dragon clan were merely 6th tribulation loose demons. And he feels that in terms of manner, those seniors are inferior to the mysterious man just now.

However, to those like Azure Dragon, there are basically no differences between 6th tribulation loose immortals and 12th tribulation ones because they stand absolutely no chance against any of these loose immortals.

“Let’s  go  back  and  wait  for  his  decisions.”  Azure  Dragon hurriedly urges.

He knows that if he shows an expert like that his respect and willingness to be punished, given their superior status, they will probably do nothing to him, but if he acts arrogantly to them, it is easy to imagine how he will end up.

“All right.”
Not daring to say much, Old Freak Three-Eyed immediately flies back together with Azure Dragon.


“I always feel that you are very powerful, Uncle Lan, but I never expected you to be …” Qin Yu says smilingly. However, before he can finish his sentence, he is interrupted by Hou Fei.
“Ha-ha,  you  didn’t  expect  my  master  to  be  so  powerful, right? That’s easy to understand. How can Hou Fei’s master be ordinary?” Hou Fei says proudly with loud laughs, as if just now it was he who sent Azure Dragon and Old Freak Three- Eyed flying several hundred li. Hearing his loud laughter, Qin Yu can only smile. Uncle Lan says in an unconcerned manner: “That little azure dragon and little toad are pretty strong in the overseas Xiuzhen world, but the real Xiuzhen world is limitless. You simply can’t imagine its magnitude.”
“Besides,  there  is  also  what  is  called  the  immortal  world above the Xiuzhen world. Xiao Yu, you must look far ahead a bit. Your technique is very unique. I think … it’s got huge potential. If you keep practicing it, even I can’t predict your future accomplishments.”
Uncle Lan’s words make Qin Yu’s heart excited for a while.

He certainly knows that these are words of encouragement but he is extremely confident in the Stellar Transformations technique that he has been practicing. The Xiuyao way, the Xiumo way and the Xiuxian way all require a practitioner to form a jindan then a yuanying whereas he imitates the boundless cosmos.

“I’ll try my best.” Qin Yu says with a nod. Uncle Lan nods then says smilingly: “That little azure dragon and little toad are coming.” Qin Yu and Hou Fei immediately look back. They see Azure Dragon and Old Freak Three-Eyed flying extremely fast towards them with very respectful expressions, just like the expression of child when meeting his teacher.

“It is an honor to meet you, senior. I am Yan Lang of the dragon clan.” Azure Dragon bows and says.

The eyes of Teng Shan, Lou Ke, their subordinates, and even the Di brothers all brighten. They have never known Azure Dragon’s real name and have always called him Overlord Azure Dragon. Now they have heard his real name.

“It is an honor to meet you, senior. I am Three-Eyed.”  Old Freak Three-Eyed says respectfully. He does not have an impressive background because he is the only Three-Blue-Eyed toad. He gave himself the name Three-Eyed to show his uniqueness.

Uncle Lan nods his head. 
“Dragon clan? The Yan family is a fairly powerful family in the dragon clan.” Uncle Lan is totally unconcerned. Hearing what he said, Yan Lang is even more respectful because experts who know well about the situation inside the dragon clan are exceptionally rare, and they do not include ordinary loose immortals.

Uncle Lan gives Old Freak Three-Eyed a look and says smilingly: “Three-Blue-Eyed toad, perhaps you’re one of a kind in this Xiuzhen world.”
Hearing this, Old Freak Three-Eyed is immediately delighted and beams proudly.

Uncle  Lan  suddenly  says  with  a  frown:  “This  time,  my disciple and nephew are going on a journey in the overseas Xiuzhen world north of the Chaotic Astral Ocean, why did you want to kill my disciple and why did you injure Xiao Yu badly? Give me a clear explanation.” Even though these words are said very indifferently and do not contain even a hint of anger, Azure Dragon and Old Freak Three-Eyed are both terrified.

They know well that the answers they give now can even determine their little lives.

“Senior, this, this was because those Nine Demons Hall little worms were too excessive. They even wanted to let a terror jellyfish absorb Qin Yu …”
“Let  a  terror  jellyfish  absorb  him?”  Uncle  Lan  raises  his eyebrows, showing his killing intent. The Di brothers, who are observing him constantly in the distance, are terrified at once. Ignoring serious injuries, Di Long hurriedly comes over, bows and says: “Senior, I am Di Long of the Nine Demons Hall. What Overlord Azure Dragon said is not the truth …”
“Shut up.” Uncle Lan says gently.

Immediately, Di Long dares to say no more. Uncle Lan looks at Azure Dragon, saying: “You can continue.”  He then casts a glance at Di Long and brothers: “Later do not interrupt when someone is talking. Take turns to tell me. There’ll be a chance for you to talk so there’s no need to be anxious.”  The 4 Di brothers are even more terrified but they do not dare to say anything and can only listen.

Azure Dragon says with a nod: “The Nine Demons Hall’s 8th majesty was killed so they sent 3 brothers to capture Qin Yu and bring him in for interrogation.”
Now Uncle Lan gives Qin Yu a look and smiles. Qin Yu can only pretend that he is focusing on something else. Uncle Lan knew that he killed 8th majesty long ago, but Uncle Lan is not a moralist.

“Brother Qin Yu is very nice so he followed the 3 majesties to the Nine Demons Hall and never tried to escape on the way. But when he arrived in the Nine Demons Hall, he was met with the prospect of getting absorbed by a terror jellyfish. Three- Eyed and I couldn’t stand watching this so we secretly sent subordinates to rescue him.” When Azure Dragon talks to this point, Old Freak Three- Eyed nods in agreement.

“Xiao Yu, is this what happened?” Uncle Lan looks at Qin Yu.

Qin Yu immediately nods and says smilingly: “Uncle Lan, at that time I was being locked up in a prison and couldn’t escape. Senior Overlord Azure Dragon’s and senior Three-Eyed’s subordinates really helped me get out of it.”
“Brother Qin Yu, don’t call us seniors or something. When your uncle is such an expert, how can we be qualified to be your seniors? Just calling us by our names is enough.”  Old Freak Three-Eyed tells Qin Yu in a friendly manner.

Uncle Lan nods and says: “All right, you can continue.”
Azure Dragon says with a nod: “Knowing that he had nearly got eaten, brother Qin Yu was furious and took the Nine Demons Hall’s Treasure Storing Palace away directly to vent his anger. The Nine Demons Hall was ruthless to him so his retaliation is perfectly normal. However, the Nine Demons Hall’s brothers then got into action, determined to kill him, which led to this fight on this black rock island.”
Old Freak Three-Eyed says without delay: “Senior, on this black rock island, brother Qin Yu was confined in the Great Six Harmonies Heavenly Gates Formation of the Nine Demons Hall’s brothers. It is I who destroyed that formation with my 3rd eye, releasing him.”
Azure Dragon and Old Freak Three-Eyed talk in concert with each other, claiming only credit for what they did and trying to put all the blame on the ‘heinously guilty’ Nine Demons Hall.

The 4 Di brothers feel miserable but they are not allowed to cut in and can only get worried on the side.

Qin Yu stands quietly beside Uncle Lan and does not interrupt either. However, Hou Fei is very complacent. After listening for a long time, Uncle Lan is still very calm and not angry with the Nine Demons Hall’s brothers, but the 4 Di brothers’ thoughts are in turmoil.

B7C10: Stellar Tower

Azure Dragon and Old Freak Three-Eyed do their utmost to talk about their good deeds because they know that … they simply cannot deny wanting to kill Hou Fei. Now they are talking so much only because they hope that Uncle Lan spares their lives this time.

“You 2 rescued Xiao Yu from the prison and destroyed the Great Six Harmonies Heavenly Gates Formation to save him.” Uncle Lan nods. Suddenly he says with a frown: “But just now I saw with my own eyes that you wanted to kill my disciple. Can you explain a bit what was going on?”
Azure Dragon’s and Old Freak Three-Eyed’s hearts become totally tense and they feel bitter in their mouths.

“Oh?  Three-Eyed,  you  talk  first.”  Uncle  Lan  looks  at  Old Freak Three-Eyed and tells him.

At the moment Old Freak Three-Eyed does not look like an old freak at all. Instead, he looks like a green-clad lovely boy. If mortals were to see him, they would think that he is a lovely boy from a certain family.

“Senior, this, this …” He is thinking like lightning. He is now worried like an ant on a hot pan, but he has to answer why he wanted to kill the opponent’s disciple. His answer to this question can become evidence and give the opponent a reason to kill him.

Suddenly, an idea pops into his mind.

Old Freak Three-Eyed says: “Senior, we got into action this time because of the Nine Demons Hall’s majesties.”  He gives the 4 Di brothers a look while smiling. The Di brothers however look at him angrily.

“The Nine Demons Hall, the Blue Water Mansion and the Azure Dragon Palace are the 3 major powers in the underwater Xiuzhen world. There is some friendship between us at any rate. Hou Fei killed 2 majesties of the Nine Demons Hall, Di Luan and Di Feng, so Di Long and the others were enraged and wanted to kill Hou Fei. However, brother Hou Fei was too strong so they could not do anything. As their allies, naturally we had to get into action to help them.”
By giving this excuse, Old Freak Three-Eyed claims little responsibility for what happened.

Azure Dragon also says hurriedly: “It was exactly so, senior. Whatever happens, there is more than 1000 years of friendship between the Nine Demons Hall and us so it was impossible for us not to help them.”
In fact, it was only because Azure Dragon and Old Freak Three-Eyed saw that Hou Fei is an overly formidable divine beast and poses a threat too big to them that they decided to kill him. But of course this truth must not be told, or else they would most probably lose their little lives.

Uncle Lan’s expression turns cold as before.

Old Freak Three-Eyed and Azure Dragon immediately feel their blood freeze, as if they have fallen into a bottomless abyss. 
Uncle Lan says indifferently: “If I hadn’t rushed to this place today, my disciple would have been murdered by you. Though you say that you were only helping someone else, the fact that you wanted to kill my disciple is indisputable and undeniable.”
Old Freak Three-Eyed and Azure Dragon exchange a look then bow at once and say in unison: “We were foolish at that time, senior. We hope you could have mercy on us.”
Uncle Lan ponders, not saying a word.

Azure Dragon’s and Old Freak Three-Eyed’s hearts are trembling in fear. They know that this mysterious expert is considering. Uncle Lan ponders for just a short time, but to them, every second of it feels like a year.

“Um, you wanted to kill my disciple so you should be killed, but considering that you saved Xiao Yu, I spare your lives this time. If you commit this kind of offense again later, then don’t blame me for being merciless.” Uncle Lan says indifferently. Old Freak Three-Eyed and Azure Dragon feel the whole world come alive, as if they have returned from Hell.

“Thank you for your mercy, senior.”
They hurriedly bow and say.

“Remember my master’s words. If you recommit this offense later, humph …” Hou Fei says with a cold humph. Hearing this, Azure Dragon immediately curses in his mind: “Only an idiot would try to kill you again after knowing you’re backed by an expert at least as strong as a 6th tribulation loose immortal. Do I look like I have a death wish?”
As both Azure Dragon and Old Freak Three-Eyed are smart, they give him their word.

“Nine Demons Hall’s 4 brats, you have something to tell me, right? Feel free to tell me now.” Uncle Lan looks at the 4 Di brothers. Di Long takes a deep breath. Now he is under a very great pressure because what he says will determine his and his brothers’ lives.

“Tell him everything, big brother. Even if we have to die, we’ll die together.” Di Jian looks at him and says. Di Nai and Di Xu also nod at him. When there is a glimmer of hope, Xiuyaoists will stoop to compromise, for example, Azure Dragon and Old Freak Three-Eyed. But when there is no hope of surviving, they will try to die with some integrity.

The 4 Di brothers basically think that there is no hope left for them. In their opinion, if someone did to them what they did to Qin Yu, they would kill the offender quickly.

“Things were very simple, senior. My 8th brother was killed so I wanted to investigate who the killer was and Qin Yu was the one who had information. So, I captured him and prepared to have a terror jellyfish absorb him and get his memories, thus finding out the killer’s identity. Afterwards, Qin Yu escaped and took our Nine Demons Hall’s Treasure Storing Palace away. We chased him all the way to this palace. What happened later has been told by Overlord Azure Dragon and Grand Founder Three-Eyed so I’m not going to talk about it again.” Di Long gives his account straightforwardly using just several sentences.

Di Jian also says: “We had to avenge our brothers’  deaths, senior. If you want to kill us then feel free to kill us.”  Di Nai and Di Xu look at Uncle Lan too.

“Ha-ha …”
Uncle Lan suddenly laughs out loud: “Juniors, I don’t like to argue with you so at first I was ready to give you a way out, but you’re unexpectedly seeking death, then I’ll fulfill your wish, sending you off to the Underworld.”
After saying so, he is about to wave his sleeve.

“Hold it.” Di Long immediately shouts. Uncle Lan stops and looks at him with a seemingly smiling expression. He kneels down at once, saying respectfully: “Senior, it was stupid of the 4 of us to behave disrespectfully. Our dream is to one day overcome the 9-From-9th Heaven Tribulation and achieve ascension. Since
you are magnanimous, I hope you could give us a chance to fulfill it. If you want to kill someone, please kill me alone. What my brother said just now, he did not really mean it.”
Uncle Lan gives a smile.

“Di Long,” says he.

Di Long immediately shows that he is ready to listen with respect.

“Di Long, the affection you and your brothers in the Nine Demons Hall have for each other is pretty good, but you treat outsiders like trash and kill them at will. Take Xiao Yu for example. You hadn’t found out if there were any feuds between him and you, but you already prepared to kill him right away. Such an act is fairly cruel,” Uncle Lan reprimands. 
The 4 Di brothers bow and listen to him. They simply do not dare to disagree.

Uncle Lan continues: “Even though the path of Xiuzhen goes against Heaven and most Xiuzhenists are selfish, when you first knew about your 8th brother’s death, you immediately prepared to massacre all possible killers. You would rather kill 1000 wrongly than release a suspect. An action like that has gone beyond the boundary of selfishness.”
He says smilingly: “Today I can tell you something. Xiao Yu is the one who killed your 8th brother. What are you going to do now?” When the Di brothers hear this, their faces change color.

Qin Yu says with a nod: “It’s true. That day Di Tong killed Cha Hong and wanted to seize the 8th jade sword. I then took an opportunity to get into action, killed him and obtained the jade sword.” Qin Yu turns his hand over. A jade sword appears on it. Azure Dragon’s and Old Freak Three-Eyed’s eyes brighten for a while.

The Di brothers take a look at the sword. Di Long says respectfully without delay: “You are really formidable, brother Qin Yu. We brothers are not fools either. Fighting for treasures is a matter of life and death. My 8th brother died because he was not as good as you. There is nothing we can do about it, and we have to keep on living.”
Now Di Long has lost the will to seek revenge.

Revenge? If he kept seeking it, perhaps he would lose his life without being able to touch a hair of the enemy.


After talking for some time, eventually Uncle Lan does not kill anyone. “I have a suggestion, senior.” Azure Dragon suddenly says.

Old Freak Three-Eyed immediately tells him via holy sense communication:  “Have  you  become  stupid,  Azure  Dragon? This senior hasn’t killed us, so we better go as soon as possible. If he changes his mind, we’ll be in big trouble.” He is selfish so naturally he cares about his little life the most.

“Speak.” Uncle Lan looks at Azure Dragon and says.

Azure Dragon says smilingly: “Now 5 of the Nine Demons Hall’s brothers are gone and there are only 4 of them left. The Nine Demons Hall basically cannot rank alongside the Azure Dragon Palace and the Blue Water Mansion anymore. Today they do not have enough power to occupy that 90 million radius area of water.”
“What do you mean, Overlord Azure Dragon?” Di Long’s face changes color.

In the past, when all of his brothers were still alive, they could deal with Azure Dragon or Old Freak Three-Eyed by setting up formations together, but now 5 of them are dead. Despite the living being the strongest among them, there are only 4 of them remaining so they simply cannot set up formidable formations and are indeed no longer comparable to the Blue Water Mansion and the Azure Dragon Palace.

“What do I mean?” Azure Dragon gives a smile. “Majesty Di Long, could it be you still think that you are powerful enough to occupy that 90 million li radius area? Now I suggest that you cede the half of the Nine Demons Hall’s territory next to the Qian Long continent to the Blood-red Cave. Given brother Qin Yu’s and brother Hou Fei’s power, they should have no difficulties managing it.”
“That’s a good idea!”
Old Freak Three-Eyed agrees instantly. But he curses Azure Dragon for being a bootlicker in his mind.

Hou Fei’s eyes brighten: “Good, there are 8 caves under the Nine Demons Hall. Well, there’s no need to take exact measurements and we don’t want much either, so just give us the 2 caves next to the Blood-red Cave. All in all, we’ll have 3 caves.” When this matter is brought up, Hou Fei is excited the most.

“What’s your opinion, majesty Di Long?” Azure Dragon looks at Di Long.

Hou Fei also looks frowningly at Di Long.

He has no choice but to say: “Everybody already knows how powerful brother Hou Fei is. He and brother Qin Yu are surely good enough to control the territories of 3 caves, so we’ll give the Blood-red Cave a 30 million li radius area of water.”
Azure Dragon suddenly says again: “Brother Qin Yu, brother Hou Fei, my Azure Dragon Palace’s territory is next to the western boundary of the Blood-red Cave. I’ll also give the Blood-red Cave 2 caves of my subordinates, what do you think?”
“Ha-ha, you’re really generous, Overlord Azure Dragon. Di Long gives us 2 caves and you also give us 2 caves’ territories.” Hou Fei deliberately emphasizes the word ‘generous.’ Azure Dragon gives a few hollow laughs.

The Azure Dragon Palace and the Blue Water Mansion control extremely large territories, much larger than the Nine Demons Hall’s, so they do not suffer a big loss when giving Qin Yu the territories of 2 caves.

Hou Fei immediately casts his glittering eyes on Old Freak Three-Eyed, who forces a smile and says at once: “My Blue Water Mansion will also give you the 2 caves next to the eastern boundary of the Blood-red Cave.”
Thus, Qin Yu and Hou Fei have obtained 6 caves in a short while. With the addition of their original cave, they now control 7 caves, outnumbering the 5 caves under the Nine Demons Hall.

Hou Fei says with a frown: “Hmm, at any rate we’ve become the no. 3 underwater power.” When the Di brothers hear this, there is even more bitterness on their faces. Hou Fei continues: “But are we still going to be called Blood-red Cave? This is just the name given by Cha Hong in the beginning. It must be changed, completely changed.”
Qin Yu also nods.

The name has to be changed indeed. When the other powers are called Nine Demons Hall, Blue Water Mansion and Azure Dragon Palace, how could he possibly use ‘Blood-red Cave’?
Azure Dragon immediately laughs out loud and proposes: “Ha-ha,  I  think  not  only  must  the  name  be  changed,  the original cave must also undergo a big redesigning and reconstruction process. Its size must be expanded at least 10 times. When you have 7 caves, you should at least have a mansion that matches their scale, right?”
“Uncle Lan, could you help us think of a name?”
Qin Yu thought for a long time but was unable to come up with a good name. Hearing that, Uncle Lan gives him a look and says: “Xiao Yu, there are close affinities between you and stars so let’s use the name Stellar Tower. As for the new design, it doesn’t have to be too luxurious and too big. Being small and delicate will do.”
“All right, then the new name is Stellar Tower.”
Qin Yu makes up his mind. In fact, he does not want to build a big, luxurious palace either because he dislikes showiness.

“Stellar Tower, this name is nothing special.” Hou Fei winks a couple of times and grimaces. “We can only sound impressive if we use the name Lord Hou’s Mansion. My mansion, Lord Hou’s Mansion, kaka, not bad, not bad …”

Uncle Lan gives him a tap in the head. Hou Fei immediately stops talking.

“Overlord Azure Dragon, please help me spread a message that this day 3 years later will be the official opening ceremony of my Stellar Tower.” Qin Yu salutes Azure Dragon and says.

Overlord Azure Dragon says smilingly with a nod: “Don’t worry, brother Qin Yu. I’ll definitely help you spread the message.”
“Let’s go. This place is pretty far from the Blood-red Cave so I’m taking you back.” Uncle Lan holds Qin Yu’s and Hou Fei’s arms then the 3 of them disappear into thin air.

The heart of everybody present trembles. According to legend, this is a technique that only immortals can use. Moreover, Uncle Lan has teleported 2 other individuals with him. What level of power is this?

“Azure Dragon, how powerful is he to be able to teleport 2 others with him?” Old Freak Three-Eyed looks at Azure Dragon. Azure Dragon secretly lets out a sigh. After calming down, he says: “I don’t know. To my knowledge, you have to be a 4th tribulation loose immortal at least to teleport. This senior can teleport 2 others with him, this power level … I can only know what it is after asking the seniors in my clan. Right, I’ll have to tell the Penglai Immortal Region and the Purple Flame Devilish Dungeon about the Stellar Tower too.”
Old Freak Three-Eyed nods his head.

Qin Yu and Hou Fei are fairly powerful and they are supported by that mysterious Uncle Lan so, in reality, there are 6 major powers in the overseas Xiuzhen world from now on instead of 5.

B7C11: Spatial Collapse

Most inhabitants of the Qian Long continents are mortals. Next to the southern boundary of the Qian Long continent, there is a seemingly boundless area of water, which has a number of immortal islands. Several hundred proximate islands hundreds of millions of li to the south of the Qian Long continent form a region — the Penglai Immortal Region. This is the center for overseas Xiuxianists.

The Penglai Immortal Region has a great number of schools and its several hundred islands are all extremely large. In general, each island has millions of mortal humans and over 1000 Xiuxianists. Therefore, Xiuxianists in the Penglai Immortal Region are counted by the hundred thousand.

Even though there are very many schools in the Penglai Immortal Region, the Qingxu Temple is the leading one.

This Qingxu Temple does not have many students. Compared to the other schools in the Penglai Immortal Region, it has an average number of members. However, it has a grand elder called Reverend Yan Xu, who has reached the late Kongming stage and is only one step away from the Dujie stage. This person is none other than the top figure of the Penglai Immortal Region.

On the Qingxu Island in the Penglai Immortal Region,

Thanks to the several tens holy-energy-gathering formations that have been set up on the island, the density of holy energy on the island is 10 times higher than that of a normal area of water. The closer it is to the center of the Qingxu Island, the thicker holy energy is. Beyond certain points, holy energy is even so thick that it looks like mists. Various Xiuxianists are flying on their swords, or on air currents, or on clouds, or using photic escaping arts.

In an ancient pavilion, there is a silver-haired old man whose face is ruddy like a child’s. Sitting beside this silver-haired old man is the abbot of the Qingxu Temple, Reverend Yan Lan. And that silver-haired old man is none other than the grand elder of the Qingxu Temple, Reverend Yan Xu.

“Senior brother, only the Ziyang school has this Hundred Dewdrops Tea and they often give it to you only. If not for you, I wouldn’t be able to enjoy this kind of tea every day.” Reverend Yan Lan savors a sip of tea with great enjoyment.

Reverend Yan Xu, however, gives an indifferent smile: “That Ziyang school is very ambitious. They want to become the no. 1 in all respects. Our Qingxu Temple isn’t ambitious but we’ve got real power so it’s no wonder they’ve been toadying to me like that.”
Reverend Yan Xu is the most powerful and the no. 1 figure in the Penglai Immortal Region.

“Senior brother, the Ziyang school has several tens thousand disciples in this Penglai Immortal Region while we only have several thousand. In fact, if not for the instructions given by our school’s founder in the past, the Qingxu Temple’s disciples would have greatly outnumbered theirs long ago. Though we have a small number of disciples, our experts are stronger than theirs both at this place and on the Teng Long continent.” Reverend Yan Lan appears somewhat haughty when talking to this point. “Junior brother, our Qingxu Temple’s practice techniques attach great importance to states of mind. To achieve great success, you have to be calm and stay away from fame and wealth. If we took in a lot of disciples and participated in
factional conflicts, there’d be a foul atmosphere in the entire Qingxu Temple and our disciples wouldn’t be able to achieve great things.” Reverend Yan Xu says smilingly.

Reverend Yan Lan nods his head.

“If not for my dislike of the fact that the Teng Long continent is much more chaotic than this place because its schools have too many experts and its Xiuzhenists fight each other all the time for treasures, why would I have stayed here instead of going there?”
After saying so, Reverend Yan Lan lets out a sigh.

Suddenly, Reverend Yan Xu turns his hand over, taking out a transmitter. After making a sweep with his holy sense, he says smilingly: “Junior brother, I never thought that azure dragon of the Azure Dragon Palace would send me a message.” “Azure Dragon? The one who also hasn’t returned to the dragon clan?” Reverend Yan Lan asks smilingly.

Reverend Yan Xu says with a nod: “Why would he want to return to the dragon clan? He’s only a junior so it’s better for him to stay here, where he can do what he wants without being controlled. Oh, the Stellar Tower …” He stops abruptly and focuses on talking with Azure Dragon through his transmitter.

In a short while —
Reverend Yan Xu puts away the transmitter with a somewhat serious expression. He is frowning deeply. It is obvious he is pondering.

“What makes you ponder so deeply, senior brother? Could it be the 8th jade sword has appeared, or the 9th jade sword has appeared?” Reverend Yan Lan says with a smile. In the overseas Xiuzhen world, the only thing worthy of the 5 superpowers’ close attention is the 9 Swords Immortal Mansion. 
Reverend Yan Xu says with a nod: “Yes, the 8th jade sword has appeared.”
“Oh, where?” Reverend Yan Lan’s eyes brighten. “Senior brother, the Purple Flame Devilish Dungeon has 2 jade swords, the Azure Dragon Palace has 2 as well, but our Penglai Immortal Region has only 1 … so either this 8th jade sword or the 9th sword should go to us, right?”
Reverend Yan Xu shakes his head and says: “You can forget it. This 8th jade sword has already been taken. Besides, its owner even has a very notable background. Now the overseas Xiuzhen world’s 5 superpowers should be changed to 6 superpowers.”
“6 superpowers? Another superpower other than the Azure Dragon Palace, the Blue Water Mansion and the Nine Demons Hall has appeared in the underwater Xiuyao world?” Reverend Yan Lan quickly makes a judgment. This 6th superpower must have appeared in the underwater Xiuyao world. The reason for this is that Xiuxianists and Xiumoists totally concentrate in the Penglai Immortal Region and the Purple Flame Devilish Dungeon respectively, making it absolutely impossible for another major power to emerge on the surface of the ocean.

Reverend Yan Xu says with a nod: “Yes, it’s called Stellar Tower.”
“Stellar Tower? Who’s the tower master?” Reverend Yan Lan asks immediately. Unlike Reverend Yan Xu, who does not care about fame and wealth, he is the abbot of the Qingxu Temple so there are many things he must know.

“His name is Qin Yu. But his background is no ordinary. His brother is a divine beast, and an extremely formidable divine beast at that. His uncle is that divine beast’s master and a loose immortal!” When Reverend Yan Xu talks to this point, his tone becomes somewhat solemn.

Reverend Yan Lan’s heart skips a beat. “A loose immortal?” He thinks extremely fast for a while. “Why would a loose immortal run north of the Chaotic Astral Ocean? Is this place even worth visiting to him?”
“Senior brother, did Azure Dragon mention the power level of that loose immortal?” Reverend Yan Lan asks without delay. Although this Qingxu Temple does not have many experts in the Penglai Immortal Region, it has a great number of experts on the Teng Long continent.

If this is a 3rd tribulation loose immortal or lower, he can still rely on his school’s reputation to deal with him.

“He’s at least a 6th tribulation loose immortal. The thing is, Azure Dragon can’t be sure. This is his most conservative estimate.” When Reverend Yan Xu said the words ‘6th tribulation loose immortal’, even he felt oppressed.

“6th tribulation loose immortal?”
Reverend Yan Lan’s face changes color greatly. 
He understands the implications of a 6th tribulation loose immortal. A figure like that will be influential even on the Teng Long continent. The Qingxu Temple has been in existence for a million years, but it still has no intention of
offending such an expert.

Moreover, a 6th tribulation loose immortal is just a guess, a most conservative guess. It is impossible to judge this loose immortal’s real power.

“This matter must be reported to our school on the Teng Long continent. Senior brother, generally not many loose immortals who have overcome the 4th tribulation stay on the Teng Long continent so we must treat such an expert with prudence and must not offend him.” Reverend Yan Lan hurriedly says.

Reverend Yan Xu says with a smile: “Don’t worry, junior brother. How can’t I know the implications of such an expert? The official opening ceremony of the Stellar Tower will take place this day 3 years later. I have to pass this information to the other schools in the Penglai Immortal Region. Our region must send a delegation to attend it with a big gift.” “That’s right, a big gift.”
Reverend Yan Lan says with a nod then advises: “Senior brother, for the moment let’s not tell the other schools that the Stellar Tower is at least backed by a 6th tribulation loose immortal. Just tell them that it’s got a loose immortal and don’t mention the other things.”
Even though the Qingxu Temple is a school which ‘seeks tranquility and stays away from fame and wealth’, facing a super expert who is a 6th tribulation loose immortal at a minimum, they still have to do some thinking.

Reverend Yan Xu nods his head.


In the Penglai Immortal Region, the Qingxu Temple is the leader and the Ziyang school and the Lanyang school are the assistants. Below them there are 12 sects and a great number of small schools and the like.

The Purple Flame Devilish Dungeon is also hundreds of millions of li away from the Qian Long continent in the ocean. It is formed from over 100 proximate islands. However, the top figure of the Purple Flame Devilish Dungeon is an expert who does not belong to a school or faction. He is called Purple- haired Dungeon King Yi Da and is extremely powerful, having reached the late phase of the Kongming stage.

There are very few people on the Dungeon King Island, Yi Da’s dwelling place, only several hundred. This island is obviously very much smaller than the other islands, each of which has several million mortals and several thousand Xiumoists.

There is a lone mountain peak in the center of the Dungeon King Island. One side of this mountain peak is completely vertical, looking like the edge of a sword.

A handsome man is sitting quietly with legs crossed and eyes closed on the lone mountain peak. Far from him on one side, 2 servants are respectfully awaiting for his orders. This man has long purple hair, which has flowed down on the ground. The strange thing is that there is not a speck of dust on it. This man is none other than Purple-haired Dungeon King Yi Da.

Yi Da suddenly opens his eyes, which flash with a seemingly invisible purple light. A transmitter then appears in his hand.

“Azure Dragon?”
He immediately begins to communicate carefully with Azure Dragon. After a while, he puts away the transmitter and says towards his back expressionlessly: “Send for the chiefs of the Yanmo school and the Yinyue Palace. I’ve got something important to discuss with them.”
The 2 servants behind him bow and say. Right afterwards, they disappear on the mountain peak. “At least a 6th tribulation loose immortal.” Yi Da bites his lip, causing drops of blood to ooze out. With an act of sticking out his tongue, he licks all of them off. Then he sits with legs crossed and eyes closed again, as if nothing ever happened.


Qin Yu and Hou Fei take a look ahead.

It is none other than the Blood-red Cave in front of them. They both feel their heart palpitate for a while. Goodness, there is a distance of 80 million li from the black rock island to the Blood-red Cave. It is such a long distance yet they have returned in an instant.

“Teleportation, a legendary technique they say only immortals can use.”
Qin Yu still remembers what is recorded in those Xiuzhen books. But Uncle Lan is really a bit too abnormal already because he has teleported back here directly carrying 2 others with him. At least now Qin Yu simply cannot imagine how he did that.

“Why are you stupefied, brats? It’s time to go back.” Uncle Lan says smilingly.

Hou Fei immediately wakes up from astonishment and says: “Master, I’ve never experienced teleportation before. It’s too awesome. Do you know how long it took me to follow big brother to that black rock island? One year, no less! But now I’ve come back in an instant. Have you still got any unused magic powers, master? Please let me have a taste of them.”
Hou Fei’s eyes glitter.

“I still have many magic powers, but I’m afraid you don’t have the nerve to experience them.” Uncle Lan strokes his beard and says smilingly.

Hou Fei says in a totally unconcerned manner: “I don’t have the nerve? Master, could it be you don’t know how formidable your disciple is? There’s nothing that I’m afraid of doing. If you’ve got any unused magic powers, just let me have a taste of them.”
“Fine, then I’ll let you have a taste of my … Wind-controlling Art.” Uncle Lan says smilingly to Hou Fei.

Qin Yu’s eyes brighten. He immediately watches carefully from one side. Since he met Uncle Lan, he has only seen Uncle Lan in action once. In general, chances to see this kind of great expert in action are extremely hard to come by.

“Come at me. Feel free to come at me. Let me have a taste of that Wind-controlling Art or something.” Hou Fei is so excited that his eyes keep flashing with a red light.

“Make yourself ready.”
Uncle Lan warns him. At the same time, he sets up a restrictive spell with a range of several hundred meters around them. He does not want anybody else to see his techniques. Hou Fei clenches his fists. The power in his entire body is activated. Now he has become fully prepared.

Uncle Lan makes a move with his hands.

“So fast!” Qin Yu’s heart gets a huge shock. Just now, he felt that it seemed Uncle Lan made several hundred or several thousand hand signs in an instant. But because this speed is too fast, he simply cannot tell exactly how many hand signs Uncle Lan made.

Uncle Lan gives a smile then points at Hou Fei in an indifferent manner: “Spin!”
A blue whirlwind enfolds Hou Fei in the blink of an eye. That blue whirlwind is about 5 to 6 m high and its diameter is small so it does not have a very large range at all, just enough to completely cover Hou Fei. It does not even affect Qin Yu, who is not far from it on one side.

Spin, spin extremely fast. 
The whirlwind turns into a blue blur. Its spinning speed immediately reaches a frightening level. Concurrently with this, Hou Fei also begins to spin extremely fast and utter strange quacking noises.

Chi chi ~~~

Because the whirlwind spins too fast, the space in the immediately vicinity of it unexpectedly cannot endure the pressure caused by it and starts to collapse. After a moment, Qin Yu can see the spatial collapse clearly. The range of the collapse is a bit greater than the range of the whirlwind.

“No good.” His face changes color.

He has heard about spatial rifts like this one. Even loose immortals will probably die once falling into spatial rifts. Therefore, he cannot help worrying about Hou Fei. However, Uncle Lan is still smiling indifferently without worries and this calms Qin Yu down a little. Now Hou Fei is being enfolded in the whirlwind and spinning nonstop extremely fast. The body of a normal man would have been twisted into pieces by such an extreme speed long ago.

The blue whirlwind is surrounded by the spatial rift but it unexpectedly is not affected by the rift’s strong consuming power at all. Qin Yu can see clearly that various streams of energy are moving chaotically in all directions inside the rift. Each of those energy streams is so powerful that it terrifies him. But when those energy streams come into contact with the blue whirlwind, they disappear immediately and therefore they do not harm Hou Fei in the least.

Uncle Lan points again. The spinning speed of that blue whirlwind then gradually decreases and that spatial rift also automatically vanishes away. The ocean water fills that area of space again, as if the spatial collapse never happened. When the blue whirlwind totally disappears, Hou Fei falls down powerlessly, his vision blurred. He murmurs: “So … dizzy …”

Teng Long continent = Rising Dragon continent Qingxu Temple = Temple of Pure Emptiness Ziyang school = Purple Sun school
Lanyang school = Blue Center school Yanmo school = Flaming Devil school Yinyue Palace = Negative Moon Palace

B7C12: The Teng Long Continent

Now Qin Yu secretly lets out a sigh of relief, but when he sees Hou Fei look like that, he cannot help bursting into laughter.

“Fei Fei, aren’t you very brave? Just now I only showed one of my magic powers, you still want to experience the others, don’t you? That technique is just an appetizer. The ones coming after it are absolutely more formidable.” Uncle Lan says with a serious expression but his eyes are full of amusement.

Hou Fei, who is feeling dizzy in his head and weak in his limbs, immediately stands up firmly, shakes his head hard and looks at Uncle Lan, saying: “Master, I already know that you’ve got tremendous magic powers. There’s nothing but admiration for you in my heart. Your magic powers are really too excellent so please spare me.”
Hou Fei looks pitiably at Uncle Lan with his fiery eyes.

“All right.” Uncle Lan says smilingly. “Let’s stop this for the moment. You have to practice properly for me. Later you certainly can also perform this kind of skill.” Now Qin Yu is still thinking about what happened a moment ago. When Uncle Lan was executing that Wind-controlling Art, the terrifying power of that whirlwind did not affect him, who was just 10-odd m away from it. This kind of energy- controlling technique is really outstanding.

Moreover, that whirlwind was so powerful that it tore space apart, but it did not cause Hou Fei, who was being surrounded by it, any injuries at all.

Also, after the spatial collapse, still enfolding Hou Fei, that whirlwind went into the spatial rift completely, but nothing happened to it and in the end it came out safely. This kind of magic power is really superior to that so-called spatial rift.

“Why are you stupefied, Xiao Yu? It’s time you two went back to the cave.” Uncle Lan smilingly removes the restrictive spell around them.

Qin Yu immediately says: “Uncle Lan, why don’t you go into the Blood-red Cave with me to have a rest? There are still many things I want to ask you about.” Hou Fei hurriedly says: “That’s right, master. You have never visited the Blood-red Cave before. I’ll take you on a sightseeing tour.”
Unable to dissuade Qin Yu and Hou Fei, Uncle Lan has no choice but to say: “All right, let’s go have a rest first.”
Right afterwards, the 3 of them enter the Blood-red Cave. As soon as Qin Yu and Hou Fei return, the entire Blood-red Cave becomes effervescent. Since he was taken away by 3 majesties of the Nine Demons Hall, those guardians have all been worried about whether he would be killed or not.

Seeing Qin Yu and Hou Fei return, Hei Yu is very excited. For the past year, he has been worrying about Qin Yu and been itching to immediately go to the Nine Demons Hall. However, because of Qin Yu’s strict order, he has had to be in charge in the Blood-red Cave.

Upon Qin Yu’s return this time, the Blood-red Cave holds a great feast for everybody and celebrates fervently. The 3 brothers, Qin Yu, Hou Fei and Hei Yu, also drink for a day and night. Uncle Lan, however, stays in his own place and does not go to the party.

After several days, the former tranquility is restored in the Blood-red Cave.

In the hall of a storied building in the northern part of the Blood-red Cave, Qin Yu and Uncle Lan are talking to each other while enjoying tea.

“Uncle  Lan,  last  time  that  Azure  Dragon  mentioned  the dragon clan and I also heard you mention the Chaotic Astral Ocean or something. Could you tell me about them a bit? I really feel very doubtful.” Qin Yu puts his cup down and looks at Uncle Lan, waiting for an answer.

Hearing his question, Uncle Lan immediately laughs.

“I knew you would definitely ask about this. All right, I’ll explain it to you carefully.”  He also puts his cup down then arranges his thoughts a bit and slowly says: “Xiao Yu, do you know how large this ocean is?” Qin Yu frowns then says: “The ocean south of the Qian Long continent is almost limitless. Hundreds of millions of li off the coast, there are the Penglai Immortal Region and the Purple Flame Devilish Dungeon.”
“How about going south farther?” Uncle Lan asks again.

Qin Yu is startled. Afterwards, he shakes his head to show that he does not know the answer.

In fact, he has only heard about the Penglai Immortal Region and the Purple Flame Devilish Dungeon from others and has never been there. Nobody knows how far they actually are. The so-called hundreds of millions of li is merely an imaginary figure. But Qin Yu knows that they must be more than 100 million li away.

Uncle Lan says with a nod: “The Qian Long continent and the area within several hundred million li of it in the south are a world where mortals and Xiuzhenists coexist. However, if you go southwards to reach the furthest boundary of this ocean, you’ll see the Chaotic Astral Ocean.”
“Chaotic Astral Ocean?” Qin Yu’s eyes brighten.

Uncle Lan says with a nod: “Yes, the Chaotic Astral Ocean. It’s different from normal oceans. There’s an invisible barrier separating the Chaotic Astral Ocean from normal oceans. This is not a barrier in its narrow sense, but a rule of nature!”
“A rule of nature?” Qin Yu is startled.

Uncle Lan nods and says: “Yes, if a Xiuzhenist goes south from the Qian Long continent, after flying several hundred million li, he’ll reach the boundary of the Chaotic Astral Ocean. He’ll see that this ocean has sky-high waves and its holy energy is extremely chaotic.”
“The Chaotic Astral Ocean is exceptionally vast. Based on what I know, with your current speed, it will take you a hundred years to go through it.” Uncle Lan says smilingly. 
However, Qin Yu is astonished.

His current speed allows him to cover a million li in a day so he can go 300 million li in a year. But Uncle Lan said it would take him 100 years, so does that not mean the distance across the Chaotic Astral Ocean is several tens billion li?

“It’s very rare to see such a large planet.” Uncle Lan exclaims.

Qin Yu is startled.

“Uncle Lan, what did you say just now?”  Qin Yu hurriedly asks. Ordinary Xiuzhenists may not know the concept of planets but Qin Yu knows from what he read in Lei Mountain House that there are countless planets in the universe. And the planet where he lives is a rare, extremely large one.

Uncle Lan says with a smile: “Let’s continue with the subject just now. If you spend 100 years, you can travel such a long distance, but after going into the Chaotic Astral Ocean, perhaps you’ll lose your little life within a day.”
“Why is that?”
Qin Yu asks with amazement.

“It’s because the Chaotic Astral Ocean is highly dangerous, frighteningly dangerous. Even Dujie stage experts don’t dare to go through it. Only Dacheng stage experts and some formidable loose immortals dare to go through this ocean at will.” Uncle Lan says positively.

In Qin Yu’s opinion, no matter how large an ocean is, he can cross it as long as he has enough time.

After all, tsunamis and hurricanes are not a big threat to Xiuzhenists of his caliber. However, according to what Uncle Lan said, this Chaotic Astral Ocean is not as simple as normal oceans at all. Uncle Lan says smilingly: “Let’s not talk about the things in the Chaotic Astral Ocean for the moment. You don’t need to know about them now either. After going through this ocean, you’ll see a calm ocean, very similar to our ocean here.”
Qin Yu listens attentively.

“That ocean is quite a lot larger than ours. Going through that ocean, you’ll see a huge continent which is hundreds or thousands of times larger than the Qian Long continent. It’s called the Teng Long continent.”  Uncle Lan finally mentions the Teng Long continent after talking for a long time.

Qin Yu’s eyes brighten.

So, the Teng Long continent and the Qian Long continent are separated by 2 calms oceans and the highly dangerous Chaotic Astral Ocean. The distance between the 2 continents is really too long.

“The  Qian  Long  continent  is  a  continent  of  mortals. Everything here is controlled by mortals. But the Teng Long continent is the opposite. It’s a continent of Xiuzhenists. There are so many Xiuzhenists there that they are counted by the hundred million.” Uncle Lan praises.

Qin Yu is not surprised.

After all, this overseas Xiuzhen world already has several million underwater Xiuyaoists in addition to Xiuxianists and Xiumoists. Even though it has fewer than 10 million Xiuzhenists, it must have from 7 million to 8 million Xiuzhenists.

That Teng Long continent is obviously a center for Xiuzhenists so it is normal that there are even more Xiuzhenists over there.

Uncle  Lan  takes  a  sip  of  tea  and  says:  “The  Qian  Long continent and this ocean are called the Northern Territory. The Teng Long continent and that calm ocean north of it are called the Southern Territory. The Chaotic Astral Ocean is in the middle.” Qin Yu nods. Now he has gained a rough understanding of the situation.

“Right, Uncle Lan, according to what you said, the Teng Long continent is very far from here, then how can those experts like Azure Dragon establish connections with that continent?” He asks doubtfully.

Uncle Lan says: “In the south, there’s an island south of the Penglai Immortal Region and the Purple Flame Devilish Dungeon and near the Chaotic Astral Ocean. There’s an ancient teleport formation on it. This teleport formation can send Xiuzhenists from this side to the Teng Long continent directly without going through the Chaotic Astral Ocean.”
“Ancient teleport formation?” Qin Yu slightly ponders.

Uncle Lan continues: “Nobody knows when this ancient teleport formation came into existence, but its teleporting process is very dangerous. Only those with the power of the Kongming stage or above can go through it safely. Those who are weaker than a Kongming stage Xiuxianist will most likely die in the process.” “Kongming stage?”
Qin Yu suddenly understands. No wonder there are so few experts who have surpassed the Kongming stage in this overseas Xiuzhen world. According to his understanding, even though it does not have many Xiuzhenists, it should have Dujie stage experts now thanks to its long-time accumulation.

However, at present, a mere early Kongming stage divine beast azure dragon is acknowledged as the no. 1 expert of the overseas Xiuzhen world. It turns out the few top experts have already gone to the Teng Long continent through that teleport formation. No wonder this situation has arisen.

“Xiao Yu.”
Uncle Lan’s expression suddenly becomes serious. Qin Yu listens to him carefully at once. “You must remember one thing. Never go into the Chaotic Astral Ocean out of curiosity before you’re at least as powerful as a Dujie stage Xiuxianist.” Knowing the terrors of the Chaotic Astral Ocean very well, Uncle Lan naturally has to warn Qin Yu.

Qin Yu nods, but asks doubtfully: “Uncle Lan, what are the dangers of the Chaotic Astral Ocean actually?”
Uncle Lan says with a smile: “I’m going to tell you, Xiao Yu. In terms of numbers of experts, danger levels and so on, the Northern Territory is at level 1, the Southern Territory, including the Teng Long continent, is at level 3 and the Chaotic Astral Ocean is at level 10!”
Level 1, level 3 and level 10.

They enable Qin Yu to understand very clearly how dangerous the Chaotic Astral Ocean is.

“Why is the Chaotic Astral Ocean so dangerous?” He is really curious to know why this ocean is so dangerous. 
Uncle Lan finally answers him.

“The  Chaotic  Astral  Ocean  has  a  lot  of  hurricanes  and billows, but they aren’t a threat to Xiuzhenists. The real danger comes from 2 sources. Firstly, there are countless terrifying ferobeasts  in  the  Chaotic  Astral  Ocean!”   Uncle  Lan’s  face becomes very serious.

“Ferobeasts?” Qin Yu is startled.

Uncle Lan says with a nod: “Yes, ferobeasts! Xiao Yu, these ferobeasts are different from demonic beasts. Demonic beasts can transform into humans and become intelligent, which makes them not much different from humans. But ferobeasts are the opposite. Their intelligence is extremely low. They basically don’t take human forms and are terrifyingly bloodthirsty. Ordinary ferobeasts are as strong as Purple Demon aquatic dragons and the formidable ones can even match divine beasts.”
Qin Yu is frightened. 
They are ferocious and bloodthirsty. Moreover, the ordinary ones among them are comparable to Purple Demon aquatic dragons and the formidable ones can rival divine beasts.

Do these ferobeasts not exist just to kill?

“The rules of nature are profound and mysterious so there are all kinds of strange things and nothing is impossible. The 1st main danger in the Chaotic Astral Ocean is none other than these ferobeasts. Generally, a Xiuzhenist who tries to go across this ocean will be attacked by them.”  Uncle Lan says with a sigh.

Qin Yu asks without delay: “Uncle Lan, you said there are 2 main dangers, then what is the 2nd one?”
Uncle  Lan  takes  a  sip  of  tea  then  says  smilingly:  “The Xiuzhen worlds in both the Northern Territory and the Southern Territory have existed for more than a million years. This is such a long period of time so naturally very many experts have taken on tribulations. Those who have failed have either got their souls destroyed or become loose immortals. There are loose immortals on the Teng Long continent, but most loose immortals stay in the Chaotic Astral Ocean!”
Qin Yu is astonished.

“The Chaotic Astral Ocean is very dangerous but the neidans of those ferobeasts are also treasures to loose immortals. I forgot to tell you that, unlike demonic beasts, ferobeasts cultivate neidans. Even after reaching the Dacheng stage, they still cultivate neidans.” Uncle Lan explains.

At first Qin Yu thought that ferobeasts were demonic beasts which had gone crazy, but now it looks like they are simply 2 different kinds.

Demonic beasts cultivate jindans and yuanyings and are intelligent so they are close to humans. But ferobeasts have low mental capacity, are ferocious and bloodthirsty, only cultivate neidans and cannot take human forms. 
“Generally  loose  immortals  that  haven’t  passed  the  4th tribulation remain on the Teng Long continent because some ferobeasts that have passed the 9-From-9th Heaven Tribulation are as powerful as immortals. 4th tribulation loose immortals and the more formidable ones mostly go into the Chaotic Astral Ocean because 4th tribulation loose immortals can rival immortals.”
Uncle Lan’s eyes shine brilliantly: “The Chaotic Astral Ocean is much larger than the Northern Territory and Southern Territory. Nobody knows how many treasures it has. Also, ferobeasts are top-class medicinal materials to some formidable loose immortals. Some loose immortals are weird- tempered. If you annoy them, you’ll probably lose your life even if you are a Dacheng stage Xiuxianist, not to mention a Dujie stage one.”
Qin Yu understands this.

4th tribulation loose immortals can rival immortals while Xiuxianists at the Dacheng stage are inferior to immortals. Moreover, in the Chaotic Astral Ocean, 4th tribulation loose immortals perhaps belong to the lowest tier. There are also some super experts who stay deep underwater. Who knows whether they are 6th tribulation loose immortals or 8th tribulation ones? But they are all devastating monsters for sure.

Compared to ferobeasts, those mercurial-tempered loose immortals are even more dangerous!

However, at the moment both those fearsome ferobeasts and those terrifying loose immortals deep in the Chaotic Astral Ocean are invincible beings to Qin Yu.

“Uncle Lan, may I ask you a question?” Qin Yu looks at Uncle Lan. He suddenly desires to know how many loose immortal tribulations Uncle Lan has overcome.

B7C13: Great Heavenly Stellar Formation

“Oh?” Uncle Lan takes a sip of tea then says with a smile: “If you want to ask something then just ask.”
Qin Yu always feels that Uncle Lan’s eyes seem able to see through people’s minds. What he wants to ask, what he wants to do, Uncle Lan seems to know everything. Qin Yu even suspects that Uncle Lan has a mind-reading magic power.

After getting those wild thoughts out of his mind, he says smilingly:  “Before  asking  that  question,  I  want  to  ask  you something else first. You said 4th tribulation loose immortals are equal to immortals. Could you explain the power of immortals and loose immortals in detail to me?”
Uncle Lan nods his head: “Xiao Yu, loose immortals have 12 tribulations, each of which represents a different power level. Immortals have 9 levels. 4th tribulations loose immortals are equal to level-1 immortals. 7th tribulation loose immortals are equal to level-4 immortals. And 12th tribulation loose immortals are equal to level-9 immortals.” Qin Yu understands, but he continues to ask: “Then how about the power levels of 1st, 2nd and 3rd tribulation loose immortals?”
4th tribulation loose immortals are equal to level-1 immortals, but how powerful are the 3 preceding levels?

Uncle Lan shakes his head and says: “It’s very difficult to define them because anybody who has their physical body destroyed at the Dongxu stage can already practice as a loose immortal. Let me ask you something, Xiao Yu. Do a practitioner who abandons the body at the Dongxu stage, a loose immortal that loses the body at the Kongming stage, and a loose immortal that fails the major tribulation have the same power level?”
“Of course they don’t.”
Qin Yu answers firmly. This is a no-brainer. A Dongxu stage fellow, for example, Di Long, can practice as a loose immortal all the same if his physical body is destroyed, but how can he possibly compare with a Dujie stage loose demon?

“This is correct. In the beginning, loose immortals’ power is uneven. There’s not a definite power level for 1st tribulation loose immortals. 2nd tribulation loose immortals are roughly comparable to middle or late Dujie stage Xiuzhenists in power. This is not totally definite either. It’s very difficult to tell. 3rd tribulation loose immortals generally have the power of Dacheng stage Xiuzhenists.” Uncle Lan gives a vague answer.

Qin Yu however has a very strong belief in it.

A loose immortal that starts from the Dujie stage is certainly more powerful than a loose immortal that starts from the Dongxu stage in the beginning. Only as time passes and as they progress to later stages, the gap between them becomes increasingly smaller. In fact, the power of 4th tribulation loose immortals and above has no strong connection with their starting power levels.

“However, loose immortals who start at the Dongxu stage generally can’t overcome the 1st tribulation. The more powerful they are, the more likely they will pass this tribulation. The power of this tribulation varies from loose immortal to loose immortal, but in general, the more powerful loose immortals have bigger chances of success.”  Uncle Lan says very positively.

Even though heavenly tribulations’ power changes according to attempters’ power, a strong practitioner will not more likely die than a weak one.

Qin Yu gives a smile: “All right, Uncle Lan, now I’ve already got a rough understanding of loose immortals and immortals, so … I want to ask you what level of loose immortals you have reached.” After saying so, he looks at Uncle Lan with a face full of expectation.

Uncle Lan is very mysterious.

Azure Dragon and Grand Founder Three-Eyed were just like ants in front of him. Qin Yu thinks that only a loose immortal can have such a level of power. Moreover, Uncle Lan was able to teleport both Qin Yu and Hou Fei back to the Blood-red Cave directly with ease. 
What is Uncle Lan’s exact loose immortal level?

6th tribulation? 8th tribulation? 10th tribulation? Or a 12th tribulation loose immortal, who according to legend is just one step away from becoming a golden immortal?

“You asked me what level of loose immortals I have reached?”    Uncle   Lan   looks   at   Qin   Yu   with   a   little astonishment.

Qin Yu nods very seriously: “Yes.” Then he hurriedly says: “If you don’t want to tell me, I won’t force you either, but … I’m really very curious about this. I really want to know your loose immortal level very much.”
“Ha-ha …”
Uncle Lan laughs out loud: “Loose immortal, ha-ha, loose immortal, Xiao Yu, so you think that someone who can teleport in the mortal plane is definitely a loose immortal?” Qin Yu says firmly: “Of course I do. It has been recorded in many Xiuzhen books that teleportation is a magic power only immortals can use. This also means 4th tribulation loose immortals can use it. Immortals can’t remain in the mortal plain but you could teleport me and Hou Fei with you. So, if you’re not a loose immortal then what are you?”
In Qin Yu’s opinion, Uncle Lan is undoubtedly a loose immortal.

The problem is he wants to know how many loose immortal tribulations Uncle Lan has passed.

Uncle Lan smilingly says with a shake of his head: “Let me tell you something, Xiao Yu. Loose immortals aren’t the only ones who can teleport in the mortal plain at all.”
Qin Yu cannot help getting astounded. When he sees Uncle Lan’s current expression, an idea springs to his mind. He immediately presses: “Could it be … you’re not a loose immortal?” Uncle Lan nods his head: “Yes, I’m definitely not a loose immortal. Xiao Yu, it’s hard to understand the way of Heaven. The universe and nature have all kinds of strange things so is there anything really impossible? There are many things you can’t even imagine. Teleportation isn’t exclusive to loose immortals and immortals at all!”
Uncle Lan is not a loose immortal.

This is what Uncle Lan personally said. Judging from Uncle Lan’s expression and tone, Qin Yu knows that Uncle Lan did not lie.

“Uncle Lan, you said there are all kinds of strange things in the universe and nature but don’t many Xiuzhen books all say that teleportation is a magic power only immortals possess? Could you tell me why …?” Qin Yu keeps asking. He cannot believe that so many Xiuzhen books are all wrong about this.

Uncle Lan ponders for a while then looks at Qin Yu and says: “Xiao Yu, the boundless universe has many secrets but the countless Xiuzhenists and also mortals all live in a normal world and within the boundary of normal rules. You … should just think of me as a loose immortal expert.”
Qin Yu is startled.

In the end Uncle Lan does not reveal his background.
Instead, he wants Qin Yu to think of him as a loose immortal.

Qin Yu is sure that Uncle Lan is not a loose immortal.

“Uncle Lan, could you be an immortal, one that descended to the mortal world?” Qin Yu presses again.

Uncle Lan says with a shake of his head: “Don’t keep asking me. This is something you shouldn’t know now. It’s already okay for you think of me as a pretty strong loose immortal, right?” “All right, then I won’t ask again. Uncle Lan, when will Li’er come to this place for a visit? I haven’t seen her for a very long time.”  Qin Yu says smilingly to Uncle Lan, who says with a smile: “Perhaps she’ll be here in a while. You’d better race against time to build the Stellar Tower.”
Putting his cup down, Uncle Lan stands up and walks out of the room immediately.

Looking at Uncle Lan’s elegant figure from behind, Qin Yu has a feeling that Uncle Lan seems to have become one with nature. He also puts his cup down and thinks to himself with a sigh: “Uncle Lan, what’s your real identity and power? You’re not a loose immortal but why do you want me to consider you one?”

Regarding Uncle Lan’s mystery, because Uncle Lan is unwilling to tell Qin Yu, what else can he do? He can only bury his doubts at the bottom of his heart. Maybe someday Uncle Lan will voluntarily tell him. 

The construction of the Stellar Tower is immediately started according to schedule.
The Stellar Tower occupies the same area as the former Blood-red Cave did. There is no expansion. It is just that its architectural style is totally different from the Blood-red Cave’s. Under Uncle Lan’s personal direction, the Blood-red Cave is torn apart completely and then various new pavilions, terraces and towers are erected.

Uncle Lan personally works out the designs and positions for the components of the Stellar Tower.

According to Uncle Lan, the layout of this Stellar Tower is based on the long lost, legendary Great Heavenly Stellar Formation. Its main theme is to be close to nature so it does not have those huge, pompous palaces, but its structures and decorations are still made from valuable materials such as pearl, agate, black iron, refined gold and so on. 
Clouds and mists float under the Great Heavenly Stellar Formation, making the place look like fairyland. Moonlight and the morning glow also appear in the Stellar Tower, which is really marvelous.

In the entire Stellar Tower, there is a storied building every 10 steps and a pavilion every 5 steps. Thanks to those floating clouds and mists in the Stellar Tower, those structures look as if they are built in the sky. Qin Yu, Hou Fei and the guardians all marvel at this nonstop.

In building the Stellar Tower, several tens thousand Xiuyaoists and even millions of demonic beasts were deployed. Most of them were assigned the task of extracting some materials such as purple copper, black iron, refined gold and so on. After 6 months and 3 days, the Stellar Tower was finally completed.

…… Thanks to the Great Heavenly Stellar Formation, there is an astonishing abundance of holy energy in the Stellar Tower. The density of holy energy in it is 100 times higher than usual. Holy energy even spreads into the vicinity of the Stellar Tower, giving this area a holy energy density 10 times higher than that of a normal place.

Immediately, all kinds of structures are built around the Stellar Tower. They occupy an area 10 times as large as the area of the Stellar Tower and surround the Stellar Tower in the very center like stars surrounding the moon. The holy energy that disperses from the Stellar Tower in all directions fills those structures.

The Stellar Tower has been built, as have the structures in which the guards live around it. Because those structures used normal materials, naturally their construction was easy and fast. The Stellar Tower used valuable materials and required the planting of various kinds of rare grasses and trees everywhere in it so it took more time to complete.

Outside the Stellar Tower, Qin Yu, Hou Fei, Hei Yu, Uncle Lan and a large number of guardians and guards are all looking at it in admiration. Going for a stroll in such a wonderful place is even a kind of luxury. Only the guard leaders, the guardians, the 3 tower masters and some specialized ladies-in-waiting live in the Stellar Tower.

Hou Fei opens his fiery eyes wide, looking at the Stellar Tower in front of him.

“Boohoo! Boohoo!”
He exclaims a few times then looks at Uncle Lan on one side with tearful eyes: “Master, you treat me and big brother so differently, too differently. This makes my heart hurt so much. When I was still in the ravine, you told me to casually find a cave to live, but now you’ve built for big brother … such a great place.”
Uncle Lan gives him a tap on the head: “Little monkey, you want to be hit?” “Doesn’t this Stellar Tower belonging to Xiao Yu mean it’s yours  as  well?”  Uncle  Lan  deliberately  says  with  a  solemn expression.

Hou  Fei  immediately  says  joyfully:  “Ha-ha,  I  was  joking, master. But this Great Heavenly Stellar Formation is really formidable. As soon as it’s activated, the enemies from the outside can’t even go inside while the enemies inside are plunged into illusions. Not only does it have confining effects, it also has illusive effects. It can even gather natural holy energy and starlight.”
Qin Yu’s heart is also filled with satisfaction.

He thinks that the Nine Demons Hall’s Twelve Capital Gates Formation he saw before is very good, but it is pale in comparison with his own Great Heavenly Stellar Formation. Not only can this formation attack, it can also gather holy energy, sunlight, moonlight and starlight from nature. Once its attack is activated, it will become a matchless confining, killing great formation.

Moreover, this great formation was set up by Uncle Lan personally. Qin Yu believes that at least nobody in this overseas Xiuzhen world can have a glimmer of hope of breaking it.

Afterwards, everybody happily comes into the Stellar Tower.

That day, after Uncle Lan left with Qin Yu and Hou Fei, Azure Dragon, Grand Founder Three-Eyed and Di Long immediately told 2 caves under them each to obey Qin Yu’s Stellar Tower completely. Those caves are not far from the Blood-red Cave and they all came to pay their respects to Qin Yu 3 months before the completion of the Stellar Tower.

Originally, the 2 caves under the Nine Demons Hall nearest Qin Yu were the Great Shell Cave and the Roaming Wind Cave. However, when Di Jian, Di Qing and Di Luan were taking Qin Yu back to the Nine Demons Hall, because Di Qing died in the Great Shell Cave, Di Jian and Di Luan massacred this entire cave. Therefore, the Great Shell Cave was destroyed and the new cave built to replace it is called the Sharp Horn Cave. 
The Sharp Horn Cave and the Roaming Wind Cave under the Nine Demons Hall,

The Black Aquatic Dragon Cave and the Six Suns Cave under the Azure Dragon Palace,

The Orange Wing Cave and the Snowy Feather Cave under the Blue Water Mansion,
These 6 caves were turned over completely to the Stellar Tower. The central territory of the Stellar Tower is the former territory of the Blood-red Cave. The Stellar Tower has declared that the 6 caves under it are — Sharp Horn, Roaming Wind, Black Aquatic Dragon, Six Suns, Orange Wing and Snowy Feather.

Now the Stellar Tower has such a large territory and is so powerful that it has even surpassed the Nine Demons Hall to become the no. 3 superpower in the underwater Xiuyao world, lower than the Azure Dragon Palace and the Blue Water Mansion only. It has also become one of the 6 major powers in the overseas Xiuzhen world.

The new jade identity cards already started to be made very quickly a half year ago.

There are 7 types of jade identity cards, which are Stellar; Stellar – Sharp Horn; Stellar – Roaming Wind; Stellar – Black Aquatic Dragon; Stellar – Six Suns; Stellar – Orange Wing; and Stellar – Snowy Feather. The guards raced against time to make them and finally succeeded.

Moreover, after the appearance of the Stellar Tower, many experts who had been hiding deep in secret places began to emerge and recommend themselves, wanting to become its guardians.

Qin Yu had never expected that there were so many experts so he announced directly that the minimum requirement for being a guardian was to have the offense of the early Dongxu stage. Thus, Teng Bi is the only original guardian who was able to keep his position. 
There are now 8 guardians in the Stellar Tower. Teng Bi is unexpectedly the weakest among them.

Qin Yu still left the other original guardians like Zhuang Zhong a way by only demoting them to company leaders.

Because the Stellar Tower is now a major power, the number of guards has increased from around 5000 in the past to 30,000. 100 guards form a squad and 10 squads form a company. There are 30 company leaders in total.

The Stellar Tower’s area is about the same as that of the former Blood-red Cave.

The Blood-red Cave was able to accommodate 5000 guards and many other Xiuyaoists, so naturally the 8 guardians, the 30 company leaders, the 300 squad leaders and some necessary ladies-in-waiting and guards all come to live in the Stellar Tower. Thus, it can be said that the Stellar Tower has lived up to its reputation as a major power comparable to the Azure Dragon Palace and the Blue Water Mansion.

B7C14: Guests From All Sides

The Stellar Tower has its layout based entirely on the Great Heavenly Stellar Formation. Not only is it filled with a lot of natural holy energy, it even gathers sunlight, moonlight and starlight. The most dazzling place in the Stellar Tower is its center — the Sun Moon Hall.

This is the place where the guardians, company leaders and squad leaders have audiences with the 3 tower masters.

The Sun Moon Hall does not have a roof. By looking up, one can see countless stars hanging high. The area behind the seats of the 3 tower masters on the raised platform in the hall even shines with sunlight and moonlight all the time. When someone steps into the Sun Moon Hall, they will feel as if they have entered a different world. It is exceptionally fantastic.

It has been almost 2 years since the completion of the Stellar Tower. During the past 2 years, the Stellar Tower has come into routine operation completely. Uncle Lan, Miss Li’er, Yan Zi and the others from the ravine have often come over here for a stroll and Qin Yu has welcomed them happily. 
At the moment, in the Sun Moon Hall of the Stellar Tower,

On the raised platform in the hall, Qin Yu is sitting in the center while Hou Fei and Hei Yu are sitting on either side of him. Behind the 3 of them are the sunlight and moonlight gathered by the Great Heavenly Stellar Formation. These lights shine high into the air, giving the 3 tower masters an aura of dominance.

The 8 guardians, 30 company leaders and 300 squad leaders are standing in 2 rows on the left and right sides of the hall in order.
Qin Yu always thinks that this Sun Moon Hall is even more luxurious and also more imposing than the imperial audience halls on the Qian Long continent. In this hall, with starlight taking the place of the sky, sunlight and moonlight being the background and holy energy floating like clouds and mists, his subordinates all look like immortals.

“1st master! 2nd master! 3rd master!” More than 300 Xiuyaoists all bow and shout respectfully.
Their voices resound through the hall.

After saying so, they look at Qin Yu with respect, waiting for his orders. The looks in the eyes of the 8 guardians and 30 company leaders are very hot because today is the day the manager of the Stellar Tower is chosen.

The manager will be in charge of nearly everything so their status will be very high, inferior only to the 3 tower masters and superior to the 8 guardians.

Theoretically, a manager should have been appointed long ago, but Hou Fei likes to supervise subordinates so he has been the acting manager for the last 2 years. Qin Yu also knew Hou Fei’s temperament. Indeed, after his managerial craving was satisfied, he has lost interest in handling those trivialities.

Therefore, a manager has to be appointed. The manager must be capable and at least decently powerful as they will only rank lower than the tower masters after all. So, the candidates are the 8 guardians and the 30 company leaders.

“1st  master,  last  time  you  said  you  wanted  to  choose  a manager. May I ask if you have made your decision?”
A guardian on the left stands in the middle of the hall then bows and says. This is none other than Yan Rui, the leader of the Stellar Tower’s current 8 guardians. After gaining the ability to take the human form, she transformed into a woman. And she is powerful, having even reached the late Dongxu stage.

Hearing Yan Rui’s words, the other guardians and the 30 company leaders all look at Qin Yu with blazing eyes.

Qin Yu is sitting in the middle, dressed in a black robe. Actually, his subordinates in the Stellar Tower have prepared very luxurious clothes for him, but he likes some clothes his master Lei Wei made in the past. 
Even though the robes made by Lei Wei look very simple, they are much more comfortable to wear than the luxurious clothes proffered by the Stellar Tower’s subordinates. They may not look good from the outside but very useful inside.

“Please  don’t  be  anxious,  guardian  Yan  Rui.  The  3  of  us brothers have already made the decision and now 2nd master is going to reveal it.” Qin Yu looks smilingly at Hou Fei. Immediately, the over 300 pairs of eyes present are focused on Hou Fei.

Hou  Fei  gives  a  smile,  baring  his  teeth:  “This  manager position of the Stellar Tower is of course extremely important. Therefore, the 3 of us had to choose very carefully. Ahem, and now I’m going to announce the chosen one.”
Qin Yu gives a smile.

This Hou Fei fellow is unexpectedly even raising the tension. The 8 guardians and 30 company leaders all look at him. One of them can become the manager, who is second only to the 3 tower masters. The manager will be in charge of all ordinary matters so this is a very lucrative, advantageous post.

“Kaka, this manager is … Zhuang Zhong.”
Hou Fei finally announces the decision.

Zhuang Zhong cannot help getting excited. He goes to the center of the hall right away and gets down on one knee, saying: “Thank you for your kindness, tower masters. I shall definitely manage the affairs of the Stellar Tower well and absolutely shall not disappoint you.” His voice is very loud because he simply cannot contain his excitement.

As a company leader, he already had quite a lot of authority, but now he has leapfrogged the 8 guardians to become the manager, who is only lower ranked than the 3 tower masters, so how can he possibly not be delighted? This is not an ordinary manager position, but the manager position of the Stellar Tower, which is in the same league as the Azure Dragon Palace, the Blue Water Mansion and the Nine Demons Hall. It has a lot more authority than a company leader position does. Today Zhuang Zhong has really become an important and influential figure.

“All right, from now on, Zhuang Zhong will start to serve as manager.” Qin Yu says directly. “The opening ceremony of the Stellar Tower is coming up in a half year. At that time, members of the Penglai Immortal Region, the Purple Flame Devilish Dungeon, the Azure Dragon Palace, the Blue Water Mansion, and the Nine Demons Hall will come to congratulate us, therefore …”
As soon as Qin Yu says this, everyone on the lower part of the hall focuses their entire attention on this matter.
The opening ceremony will be a big event because the Stellar Tower is in a high position of power. It will cause quite a stir in the entire overseas Xiuzhen world. When the time comes, the other major powers will all send representatives to attend it. This event will definitely be a big gathering of the overseas Xiuzhen world’s experts. 
“Zhuang Zhong, you immediately make arrangements. The Stellar Tower still has quite a lot of dwelling places. You must make the other 5 powers experience our generosity, and the feast for the opening day must also be prepared in advance. This is your first task as manager.”
Qin Yu says while staring at Zhuang Zhong. He does not doubt Zhuang Zhong’s abilities at all and Zhuang Zhong has been following him for a long time, therefore, he has given Zhuang Zhong the manager position.

“Yes, 1st master. I definitely shall not let you down.”
Zhuang Zhong answers in a sonorous and powerful voice. The look in his eyes is sharp and resolute. Seeing this, Qin Yu gives a satisfied smile.

“Kaka, Zhuang Zhong, I’ll come to check frequently. If I discover that you have done some excessive things then don’t blame me.” Hou Fei tells Zhuang Zhong with strange laughter. Zhuang Zhong gives a guarantee smilingly, not minding Hou Fei’s words at all.

Even though Hou Fei now allows the manager to handle the Stellar Tower’s affairs because his craving has been satisfied, who knows when he will get itchy and come to carry out a check?

Therefore, Zhuang Zhong had better be careful.

“All right, that’s it. Everybody can leave now.”
With his robe fluttering, Qin Yu immediately leaves the hall. Hei Yu, who has been sitting in repose with eyes closed, suddenly open his eyes. The look in his eyes is frighteningly sharp. Seeing that look, even late Dongxu stage Yan Rui feels that it is frightening.

This is not because the look in Hei Yu’s eyes is sharp, but because it makes her feel as if her soul is being devoured. Since Hei Yu started to practice quietly in the Great Heavenly Stellar Formation, he has eventually made another improvement by reaching the late Yuanying stage. Even Hou Fei has had to admit that he is not certain of defeating late Yuanying stage Hei Yu.

If Hou Fei represents frenzy and violence then Hei Yu represents iciness and darkness!

With a movement of his body, Hei Yu disappears in the hall. When he reached the late Yuanying stage, his speed was unexpectedly not inferior to Qin Yu’s anymore.

Both Hei Yu and Hou Fei have reached the peak of the late Yuanying stage so it has become impossible for them to make a breakthrough by absorbing energy. Now they have to wait for the 6-in-9 Heavenly Tribulation. There is no telling when they can sense the times of its arrivals.

After leaving the hall, Qin Yu goes through various bridges, buildings and corridors to eventually arrive at a storied building surrounded by clouds and mists. This is none other than Miss Li’er’s dwelling place here. 
Yan Zi and Xiao Jin are playing in the lake close to the side of the building.

“Hello, big brother Qin Yu. You must come to find sis Li’er, right? She’s fishing over there.” Yan Zi says smilingly. Xiao Jin on one side also winks at him a couple of times. Afterwards, she motions towards Li’er with her eyes.

“You 2 little brats.”
Qin Yu gives a smile then immediately treads on the blue water to go to the pavilion in the center of the lake.

After the Stellar Tower was completed, it does not need any restrictive spells because that Great Heavenly Stellar Formation automatically keeps water away. The interior of the Stellar Tower is totally like a new dimension.

Li’er’s long hair is slightly tied up with a hairband. She is dressed in white and a white belt is fastened tightly around her waist, revealing her body’s attractive curves. Qin Yu just stands in the pavilion watching her focusing on fishing while sitting on the edge of the pavilion.

“What are you looking at, Qin Yu?” She looks back and says smilingly. That smile makes Qin Yu’s eyes brighten.

“I’m  watching  you  fishing.”   Qin  Yu  smilingly  sits  down beside Li’er.

He always feels that she seems to isolate herself from the world. She is passionately friendly to Yan Zi and the others but that is only a façade. Only when she is in one place with him can that barrier be removed.

“Li’er, you have never mentioned your parents to me. Can you tell me about them a bit now?” Qin Yu says smilingly.

Li’er is startled. She ponders for a while, which is a very rare sight, then says with a nod: “My father has a very high position. He and others always fight for status and power so he doesn’t spend a lot of time with me at all.” There is a tinge of grief in her eyes.

Qin Yu’s heart trembles. He immediately feels emotions and thoughts surging in him.

Was he not in the same situation?

He suppresses his mental agitation with effort and says: “Looks like your father is an important figure.”
Li’er says with a nod: “Yes, he’s an important figure. I’ve seen many people since I was little and they all have so much respect and awe for him. Nobody dares to disobey him. But there are also other important figures. They compete with each other all the time and even fight each other. I was tired of it so I and Uncle Lan left home to wander outside.”
“Perhaps that was because you’re a girl. My experiences were very similar to yours, but I’m a guy. My father was a prince of the Chu dynasty on the Qian Long continent. He wholeheartedly wanted to seek revenge and realize our ancestors’ several-hundred-year-old hopes. He focused on teaching my big and 2nd brothers and didn’t pay close attention to me, the useless 3rd son. But I was different from you. I wasn’t tired of those things. Instead, I trained very hard, desirous to do some useful things for my father.”
Qin Yu says dispiritedly. Even though it has been many years since then, he still feels unhappy when thinking about what happened.

He seems to be seeing himself, as a kid, in a harsh winter night, keep running while carrying weights and thrusting the fingers into sand to practice the Iron Sand Palm …
“Because I’m a girl?” Li’er’s eyes flash with a hint of tenacity. “No, at first I also wanted to help father like you, but … later an incident happened. It grieved me and grieved Uncle Lan.” Her eyes are full of pain.

Seeing Li’er like that, even though Qin Yu does not know what she actually encountered, he knows it must have been something very serious. 
“Oh, a fish took the bait.”
Li’er’s eyes suddenly brighten. She pulls back the fishing rod and a 5 to 6 jin big fish is caught.

Just now she was immersed in her memories and pain but at the moment, because she has caught a fish, she is so excited that she smiles broadly. It seems she has simply forgotten what happened a moment ago.

“Qin Yu, has your chess skill improved? You want to play the game of Go or chess? If it is chess, I’ll give you one rook, one horse and one cannon. If it is the game of Go, I’ll give you 4 pieces.” Li’er looks jokingly at Qin Yu. With a wave of her hand, 2 chessboards appear.

“Well, chess and the game of Go? This, this …”
A moment ago Qin Yu was still feeling comfortable but now he has become nervous. 
Playing those games with Li’er is no different from getting massacred. She has been giving him a rook, a horse and a cannon in chess and giving him 4 pieces in the game of Go. Even so, he has always lost, and lost miserably at that. His skills are not bad, but Li’er is just an extraordinarily strong player.

Qin Yu dares to guarantee that even his father Qin De and Adviser Xu Yuan cannot defeat Li’er despite having a 4-piece advantage in the game of Go.


Various beautiful clouds are flying above the vast ocean. Riding the clouds are several tens Xiuxianists. The leader of them is none other than the top man of the Penglai Immortal Region — Reverend Yan Xu. These people are the delegation the Penglai Immortal Region has sent to the Stellar Tower.

The opening day of the Stellar Tower is coming. Because the Penglai Immortal Region, the Purple Flame Devilish Dungeon and the other places are all extremely far from the Stellar Tower, it will take them almost a half year to arrive even if they fly all the time. Therefore, they have had to set off even earlier than that. This is also the reason why at that time Qin Yu said that the opening ceremony would take place 3 years

Reverend Yan Xu is the leader. On either side of him, there is a young man with long, flaming red hair and a handsome young man with flowing, white hair.

“Reverend Yan Xu, that Stellar Tower is merely a power of underwater Xiuyaoists. Though it’s backed by a loose immortal
… to make us go all the way to his mansion is really …” The young man with long flaming red hair says with a hint of disdain.

Most Xiuxianists are very disdainful of Xiuyaoists’ mansions and consider them low-class.

“Reverend Huo Tian, it goes without saying that Xiuyaoists have a bad taste in architecture and can only build things like palaces. How can their mansions compare to our wondrous lands? But they are undoubtedly powerful. Architecture is only an external thing. Nothing is as important as real power.” The white-haired young man says.

The long-flaming-red-haired young man says frowningly: “Reverend Di Feng, I only said that Xiuyaoist architecture is bad. I didn’t say they are weak. I find staying in that kind of place really offensive.”
“Reverend Huo Tian, Reverend Di Feng, you haven’t seen the Stellar Tower so please don’t comment at will.” Reverend Yan Xu says indifferently.

However, despite saying so, even he actually looks down on Xiuyaoists’ dwelling places.

To Xiuxianists and Xiumoists, they totally have the right to look down on Xiuyaoists when it comes to highly-skilled activities such as weapon forging, pill making and mansion building. The other Xiuxianists all begin to discuss with each other about how bad Xiuyaoists’ dwelling places are. “We’ve arrived at the Stellar Tower.”  Reverend Yan Xu says all of a sudden.

Every Xiuxianist immediately stops talking. This Reverend Huo Tian and Reverend Di Feng look like young men but in fact they are just a little younger than Reverend Yan Xu. They are the grand elders of the Ziyang school and the Lanyang school respectively.

Reverend Yan Xu, Reverend Huo Tian and Reverend Di Feng can be considered the real controllers of the Penglai Immortal Region.

The several tens Xiuxianists then dive into the ocean. The water at the places they go to is pushed back and therefore does not touch their bodies in the least. As a result, a passage through the water appears. In this way, these Xiuxianists fly extremely fast towards the Stellar Tower.

NOTE: Reverend Di Feng and the Nine Demons Hall’s Di Feng have different surnames.

B7C15: 6 Big Bosses

Reverend Yan Xu, Reverend Huo Tian and Reverend Di Feng lead several tens Xiuxianists rushing to the bottom of the ocean. As they go down, their elemental energy automatically pushes water away, creating a passage. In just a while, the Xiuxianists reach the bottom of the ocean and come into the Stellar Ridge, formerly called the Blood-red Ridge.

Reverend Yan Xu says indifferently: “Everybody, this place is the Stellar Ridge, a territory of the Stellar Tower. I hope all of you follow some rules. Otherwise, you’ll provoke the Stellar Tower, which will be real bad.”
“Don’t worry, Reverend. Of course we’ll remember this carefully.” Most of the other Xiuxianists say in agreement.

Reverend Huo Tian takes a look around then says smilingly: “Reverend Di Feng, you see, what I said is right, isn’t it? This Stellar Ridge has at least several hundred thousand Xiuyaoists but its architecture is very vulgar. Do they even know formations?” In the Penglai Immortal Region, the Qingxu Temple is the leader while the Ziyang school and the Lanyang school are second only to it. Because Reverend Yan Xu is extremely powerful, the status of the Qingxu Temple is naturally unshakeable. However, the 2 grand elders of the Ziyang and Lanyang schools hate each other like fire and water.
Reverend Di Feng says with an indifferent smile: “Humph, you also know there are several hundred thousand Xiuyaoists here, right? The school with the most disciples in the Penglai Immortal Region got only several tens thousand Xiuxianists and we got barely more than 100,000 in total. None of the current underwater superpowers of Xiuyaoists is much weaker than us, and the Azure Dragon Palace and the Blue Water Mansion are even a bit more powerful than us. Reverend Huo Tian, taste is not important. Real power is. Besides … I think your taste is not so good.”
“Di   Feng,   what   did   you   say?!”    Reverend   Huo   Tian immediately becomes furious.

The precious gown he is wearing was bestowed on him by the headquarters of the Ziyang school on the Teng Long continent. It looks very impressive and is definitely a treasure. He generally wears it on important occasions. However, Reverend Di Feng always says that this gown is too vulgar and low-class.

“What else could I say? Do you really think that gown of yours is a treasure …?” Reverend Di Feng gives a disdainful smirk.

“Gentlemen, if you want to fight then you should wait until we’ve  returned.”  Reverend  Yan  Xu’s  voice  turns  cold.  Both Reverend Huo Tian and Reverend Di Feng give a cold humph immediately and stop talking to each other. The other Xiuxianists do not dare to chime in either. Before long, the Xiuxianists finally see the Stellar Tower in the distance.

The moment they see it, they are all dumbfounded. Their faces are full of disbelief.

In the distance, that Stellar Tower is radiating sunlight and moonlight. It is very dazzling at the bottom of the ocean, looking so attractive like a bright pearl. Its surging holy energy astonishes all of the Xiuxianists even more. 
“This is the Stellar Tower?”
The Xiuxianists present cannot believe this. In their eyes, Xiuyaoists are barbarians because despite being powerful, they cannot compare with humans in architecture, weapon forging and pill making. However, the Stellar Tower up ahead …
The structures around the Stellar Tower are the living quarters for the guards, 30,000 guards. The Penglai Immortal Region has nothing comparable to this.

“Who are you, comers?!”
A company of 1000 Xiuyaoists in total is watching the outermost area. Its leader is none other than Wu Tong, a former guardian of the Blood-red Cave.

“We are guests from the Penglai Immortal Region who come here to congratulate the Stellar Tower in the opening ceremony. Please inform your superiors about us a bit, my fellow Xiuzhenist.” A disciple of the Qingxu Temple immediately takes out an identity card and says.

Wu Tong has already noticed that this group does not have a demonic aura. Moreover, he was told long ago that guests from the other 5 major powers would arrive soon so he has been able to guess who they are. As soon as he hears the answer, he says: “Please wait, my fellow Xiuzhenists. I’ll quickly go inform my superiors.”
Despite saying so, he curses inwardly: “Xiuxianists are just weird. Isn’t calling each other brothers instead of fellow Xiuzhenists neater?”  Afterwards, Wu Tong rushes extremely fast towards the Stellar Tower. In just a while, Qin Yu and Hou Fei bring the 8 guardians out to personally welcome the guests. Hei Yu is the only one in the upper echelons of the Stellar Tower unwilling to come here.

“Ha-ha … my fellow Xiuzhenists.”
Qin Yu, dressed in a robe and smiling, leads the 8 guardians under him to greet the men from the Penglai Immortal Region. 
“I am Qin Yu, the 1st master of the Stellar Tower. This is my brother Hou Fei, the 2nd master. And these are the 8 guardians of the Stellar Tower.”  He looks at the Xiuxianists in front of him and briefly introduces his side to them.
Reverend Yan Xu immediately says with a smile: “So you are tower master Qin Yu. I am Reverend Yan Xu, the grand elder of the Qingxu Temple. This is Reverend Huo Tian of the Ziyang school. This is Reverend Di Feng of the Lanyang school. The others are our fellow Xiuzhenists who have come here with us. There is no need to introduce them one by one.”
“Reverend Yan Xu, Reverend Huo Tian, Reverend Di Feng.” Qin Yu salutes each of them then says smilingly: “Please follow me.”
He and Reverend Yan Xu go side by side. Hou Fei, Reverend Huo Tian and Reverend Di Feng follow them closely. The 8 guardians and the other Xiuxianists go at the back. All of them thus fly straight towards the Stellar Tower in an imposing manner. The nearer they come to the Stellar Tower, the more amazed Reverend Yan Xu and his men are.

Is this still a mansion of Xiuyaoists?

Perhaps even the best Xiuxianist mansions and lands are far inferior to it.

Qin Yu secretly observes the expression of every Xiuxianist and laughs in his mind: “It’s true that Xiuxianists look down on Xiuyaoist dwelling places.”

Inside the Stellar Tower, thanks to the Great Heavenly Stellar Formation, clouds and mists are everywhere, and there are various magnificent buildings, walkways and corridors. The whole place looks like a construction of immortals, which stuns all the Xiuxianists. The holy energy here is so dense that it has turned into clouds and mists. This phenomenon also occurs in Xiuxian schools, but the thing is, the holy energy in the entire Stellar Tower is like that. This area is really too large. Moreover, there are also the morning glow, afterglow, starlight, moonlight, sunlight … here.

The sunlight, moonlight and starlight produced by the Great Heavenly Stellar Formation astonish the Xiuxianists present even more.

“My fellow Xiuzhenists, this place is called the Penglai Park. It is specially built to entertain you. Please come in and stay here. Should you need something, feel free to order those ladies-in-waiting as you please.” Qin Yu says smilingly.

However, the Xiuxianists have been shocked too much by the things they saw on the way, so they have not wakened up yet when he suddenly says this.

“My fellow Xiuzhenists, could it be … you are not satisfied with this place?” Qin Yu asks again. 
“Ah, that’s not it.” Reverend Yan Xu’s eyes are filled with joy. “I have never seen such a wondrous place as this. Why would I be dissatisfied when it is a real delight to be able to enjoy such a magnificent place as the Stellar Tower?”
Reverend Di Feng also says smilingly: “Mr. Qin Yu, the wonderfulness of the Stellar Tower’s architecture has gone beyond our imaginations.” He suddenly looks at Reverend Huo Ting and says teasingly: “Reverend Huo Tian, didn’t you say this Stellar Tower …”

“Di Feng.”
Reverend Huo Tian says hurriedly. If Reverend Di Feng really says it out, he will lose a lot of face. Even though he is a haughty man, he cannot help admitting that this Stellar Tower has really exceeded his expectations. If compared to the Stellar Tower, the architecture of his own school will be low-class instead.

Reverend Di Feng gives a smile and stops talking. 

The guests from the Azure Dragon Palace had already arrived long before the delegation of the Penglai Immortal Region came to this place. As time goes by, the representatives of the Blue Water Mansion, the Nine Demons Hall and the Purple Flame Devilish Dungeon also arrive within a half month. Now the representatives of the other 5 major powers are all here.

Normal caves are not eligible to attend the opening ceremony of the Stellar Tower. Only the other 5 major powers can come and congratulate the Stellar Tower on this.

A few days later, on the opening day,

In the Sun Moon Hall of the Stellar Tower,

The area of this hall is extremely large. Several tens banqueting tables have been arranged in the hall. The guests from the other 5 major powers are all astonished because there are countless brilliant stars above their heads. Many beautiful ladies-in-waiting then bring out one delicacy after another. The experts of the overseas Xiuzhen world are all very happy.

There are some distances between the innermost table and the others.
This table has only 6 individuals, Azure Dragon, Old Freak Three-Eyed, Reverend Yan Xu, Yi Da, Qin Yu and Di Long. These are absolutely the no. 1 figures of the 6 powers. Hou Fei, Hei Yu, Di Jian, Teng Shan, Lou Ke, Reverend Di Feng, Reverend Huo Ting, Situ Xue and the like all sit at another table.

“Today is the opening of brother Qin Yu’s tower. Let’s drink a toast to tower master Qin Yu, everybody.” Azure Dragon is the first to raise a goblet.

Immediately, Old Freak Three-Eyed, Reverend Yan Xu, Yi Da and Di Long also raise their goblets to congratulate Qin Yu, who raises his goblet and responds modestly. Afterwards, the 6 of them drink up the goblets in one gulp and begin to discuss enthusiastically with each other. They mostly talk about some unimportant matters.

These 6 can be considered the 6 big bosses of the overseas Xiuzhen world and can totally represent the overseas Xiuzhen world. Perhaps an ordinary man would not be able to imagine that such 6 important figures are only talking about some scandals and funny stories together.

“Brother Qin Yu, let me ask you a question. If you can answer correctly, I’ll give you 3 holy weapons. What do you think?” Azure Dragon, slightly drunk, says smilingly to Qin Yu.

Now Qin Yu is no longer as ceremonious as he was in the beginning: “3 pieces? Alright, at that time don’t go back on your words. Now feel free to ask me.”
Azure Dragon gives a ha-ha laugh then says: “You should already know Yi Da’s nickname, right? Purple-haired Dungeon King! Do you know why he got it?” Qin Yu takes a look at this Purple-haired Dungeon King Yi Da then immediately says: “Brother Yi Da is the no. 1 man of the Purple Flame Devilish Dungeon so naturally he’s called Dungeon King. And he’s got purple hair so he’s called Purple- haired Dungeon King. Am I wrong?”
Azure Dragon shouts at once. Afterwards, he laughs out loud complacently: “I knew you would guess wrong.”
Yi Da slowly puts his goblet down and raises his droopy pupils, looking at Azure Dragon. The purple light in his pupils makes him look very strange: “Azure Dragon, I’ve noticed that you always talk about me. In the opening of the Nine Demons Hall that day, you also talked about me, right?”
Reverend Yan Xu says with a warm smile on his face: “Don’t argue with Azure Dragon, Yi Da. It’s not like you don’t know his character either.” “Overlord Azure Dragon, you haven’t told me why brother Yi Da got the nickname Purple-haired Dungeon King.” Qin Yu immediately presses.

However, Old Freak Three-Eyed says: “I’ll tell you. In the past, Jiao Jiu and Situ Xue fought each other to become the no. 1 Xiumoist in the Purple Flame Devilish Dungeon. Yi Da got no school, no faction and no backing but he captured Jiao Jiu and Situ Xue then put them in jail for 3 whole years. He didn’t talk to them either. Only after 3 years did he ask them if they accepted him as the top man of the Purple Flame Devilish Dungeon.”
Qin Yu is startled.

Azure Dragon laughs out loud and says: “This Yi Da fella’s got a strange habit. After capturing someone, he’ll seal up the opponent’s power and put them in jail for a several years before talking to them. It’s only because he likes to lock people up that some experts called him Dungeon King.”
Yi Da drinks a goblet then says grimly: “I hate talking nonsense with other people the most so I sealed up their power and locked them up for 3 years. Loneliness alone could make them go mad. After 3 years, if they hadn’t agreed to do what I told them, I would’ve locked them up for 10 or 20 more years.”
Qin Yu is astounded.

After their power is sealed up, the opponent will not even be able to do closed-door training. To be locked up all the time with nobody to talk to is really a painful experience.

“Before Yi Da, the no. 1 experts of the Purple Flame Devilish Dungeon were called Devil King. He’s the only one who is called Dungeon King.” Old Freak Three-Eyed says smilingly. There is a note of praise in his words. It is very clear that he approves of Yi Da’s actions a lot.

Di Long, however, is drinking in low sprits on one side.

Originally there were 9 brothers in the Nine Demons Hall but 5 are already dead. The Nine Demons Hall has suffered a huge loss of power so naturally its status has declined in the eyes of the other powers. 
These bosses keep discussing each other’s affairs at will. After a long time, Reverend Yan Xu suddenly waves his hands. His elemental energy surges forth and forms a restrictive spell around them. The other 5 look at him doubtfully right away.

Reverend Yan Xu says smilingly: “Everybody, I cast this spell because I have something important to discuss with you a bit.”
“Say, what’s the matter that you want to keep it secret like this?” Azure Dragon says with a smile.

Yi Da gives Reverend Yan Xu a cold look. The others say nothing and quietly wait for Reverend Yan Xu to talk.

He says smilingly: “Everybody here represents all the powers of the overseas Xiuzhen world. Now I want to discuss a matter related to the Nine Swords Immortal Mansion with you.”
Azure Dragon, Old Freak Three-Eyed, Yi Da, Qin Yu and Di Long immediately put their cups down and begin to listen to him attentively.

Reverend Yan Xu looks at Qin Yu: “Tower master Qin Yu, the 8th jade sword is in your hands, isn’t it?”
Qin Yu feels doubtful. What does Reverend Yan Xu want to talk about? He suddenly remembers what Azure Dragon told him when the delegation of the Azure Dragon Palace first arrived in the Stellar Tower: “Brother Qin Yu, the legendary 9 Swords have 9 swords altogether. And the Penglai Immortal Region is the power that wants to have another sword the most. The Penglai Immortal Region has many schools and 3 major schools but they’ve got only 1 sword so it’s a little hard for them to allocate it.”
“Yes, it is. I wonder why you asked me about this.”  Qin Yu has put his mind on alert.

Reverend Yan Xu says with a nod: “As far as I know, my Penglai Immortal Region has the 1st jade sword, the Purple Flame Devilish Dungeon has the 3rd and 5th swords, the Azure Dragon Palace has the 4th and 7th swords, the Blue Water Mansion has the 2nd sword, the Nine Demons Hall has the 6th sword and the Stellar Tower has the 8th sword. Am I right, everybody?”
The leaders of the other 5 powers nod.

“Therefore I hope all of you let me borrow your jade swords to use a bit!” Reverend Yan Xu says smilingly.

B7C16: Location Of The 9th Jade Sword

Reverend Yan Xu looks like a nice old man but when he says this, he immediately makes the other 5 jump. He has unexpectedly asked to borrow the others’ jade swords, but can these jade swords be lent easily?

“Have you gone gaga, Yan Xu? Who among us didn’t have to try every means and risk his life to get a jade sword? But now you absurdly want to borrow our swords all at once. Have you gone bonkers?” Azure Dragon says frowningly.

Di Long says in an ice-cold voice: “Reverend Yan Xu, this is a very serious matter. I can’t agree.” Without asking for a reason, he has declined immediately.

Yi Da twirls the end of his hair with his fingers and says with a cold laugh: “Reverend Yan Xu, you’d best explain the matter clearly. The jade swords aren’t like the other holy weapons. You secretly obtained the 9th sword, didn’t you? And so you want to borrow our swords then go find the Nine Swords Immortal Mansion alone?” “No, of course that’s not it.”
Seeing that everybody’s manner has changed greatly, Reverend Yan Xu immediately says with a smile: “My Penglai Immortal Region hasn’t obtained the 9th sword either. Therefore I want to borrow your swords to find its location.”
“Oh?” Qin Yu says frowningly: “Reverend Yan Xu, you mean
… you want to gather the other 8 swords to find the location of the 9th sword?” He has heard that if holy weapons are forged together, they are telepathically linked to each other in general. Using some secret technique, it is possible to make a jade sword go find others.

“Yes, that’s what I mean.”
Reverend Yan Xu hurriedly says: “Nobody knows where this 9th sword is. Because 8 swords have appeared, I think we’d better save time by using these 8 swords to find the location of the last sword.” Qin Yu, Azure Dragon, Old Freak Three-Eyed, Yi Da and Di Long, who just now did not agree, all become silent.

After a while, Qin Yu says smilingly with a nod: “Reverend Yan Xu, since you’ve got this secret searching method, I’ll help you with my limited power. When the time comes, I’m going to lend you my sword once. However … you’d best execute your searching method in my Stellar Tower and don’t run away with the sword.”
Right after Qin Yu said so, Azure Dragon also says loudly: “Lending you my jade swords is no problem, but this’ll only be possible when you execute your searching method. Besides, you must do it in the Stellar Tower and in front of everybody. If you attempt to run away with the swords then don’t blame us for joining forces to deal with you.”
Reverend Yan Xu does not mind at all and says smilingly: “Please don’t worry, Overlord Azure Dragon. I don’t have a death wish. I’m not even a match for just you, let alone the 5 of you.” “I can guarantee all of you that I’ll execute this method in the Stellar Tower, in the Penglai Park where I’m staying. You can wait until that time to let me use your jade swords a bit.” Reverend Yan Xu tells the other 5.

Hearing this, even Di Long, who a moment ago did not agree, ponders for a while then nods his head.

“All right, since you’ve all agreed, I’ll tell you in general terms about the process of finding the 9th sword.”  Reverend Yan Xu explains.

“This secret method of mine can make our 8 swords sense the location of the 9th sword and then fly towards it. We’ll only need to fly after our 8 swords to find the location of the 9th sword.”
Azure Dragon, Qin Yu, Old Freak Three-Eyed, Di Long and Yi Da all frown.

At first they thought that Reverend Yan Xu would only use their swords for a while but now they know that they will also have to let the swords fly in the direction of the 9th sword. Does this not mean they will have to fly after the swords?

“Who knows where the 9th sword is? If it is hidden at the bottom of a certain sea, who knows how many years we’ll need to find it? Only by relying on our 8 swords can we find the 9th sword much more easily.” Reverend Yan Xu persuades.

The other 5 are all considering. Qin Yu laughs in his mind: “The 9th jade sword? The most important thing is still the Nine Swords Immortal Mansion. With just one jade sword, I already have the right to go into the Nine Swords Immortal Mansion. I’m not greedy either, going in for a stroll will do me, so what’s the point of having another sword?”
He immediately says loudly in agreement: “Reverend Yan Xu has thought it over for the benefit of everybody. I agree with him in this matter. Otherwise, who knows when we’ll find the 9th sword?”
Hearing Qin Yu’s words of approval, Reverend Yan Xu is delighted at once. 
Now he likes Qin Yu even more because Qin Yu has been the first to agree with his suggestions twice.

Yi Da says coldly: “I’ve got no objection to this.”
After considering for a long time, Azure Dragon, Old Freak Three-Eyed and Di Long also agree.

“Good, I have to return and make preparations. Tomorrow everybody should just go to the Penglai Park directly. When the time comes, I’m going to execute my secret method and we’re going to go find the 9th sword’s location together.”  Reverend Yan Xu says with a smile.


The next day, several tens individuals gather in the Penglai Park of the Stellar Tower. The 6 powers have from 2 to 5 members here each. All of them are the cores of the 6 powers. Today’s matter is really too important so they cannot afford to let any mishaps happen.

“Hey, Reverend Yan Xu, can you start now? We’re feeling very bored here.” Beside Qin Yu, Hou Fei says impatiently.

At the moment, Reverend Yan Xu is sitting with legs crossed motionlessly in midair. He is not setting up formations or doing anything and just keeps sitting this way quietly. Hou Fei really cannot stand watching this anymore so he has spoken out.

Reverend Yan Xu opens his eyes, shooting out a brilliant blue light.

“Gentlemen, everything is now ready. Please lend me your jade  swords  first  so  that  I  can  execute  my  secret  method.” Nobody knows why Reverend Yan Xu was sitting with legs crossed and eyes closed just now, but everybody focus their attention upon hearing these words. A jade sword appears in Reverend Yan Xu’s hand. It is the jade sword of the Penglai Immortal Region.

“Everybody, please lend me your jade swords. What’s up? You’re regretting it?” Reverend Yan Xu says smilingly. Even though they have reached an agreement, now nobody is willing to be the first to lend him a jade sword.

Azure Dragon says solemnly: “Yan Xu, you should know how important these jade swords are to me. Don’t ever try to pull any tricks. If anything unexpected happens then don’t blame me for being merciless. All right, take them.” He reaches out a hand and 2 jade swords shoot out.

Reverend Yan Xu reaches out his hand. Those 2 jade swords immediately come into his hand. “Please don’t worry, Azure Dragon. At this time, how could I dare to try any funny stuff?”
“I hope you remember your words.”  Azure Dragon focuses his entire attention on Reverend Yan Xu. Qin Yu says smilingly: “Reverend Yan Xu, the formation of my Stellar Tower was set up by my uncle personally. It’s the long lost, legendary Great Heavenly Stellar Formation. Once it’s really activated, you’ll have absolutely no way to get out.”
After saying so, he throws Reverend Yan Xu his jade sword.

Even though he has only briefly introduced the Great Heavenly Stellar Formation, he has frightened Reverend Yan Xu.

He does not worry in the least that he has offended the others. Reverend Yan Xu, Yi Da and the like are all old hands and very cunning. Knowing that he is backed by that super expert, they naturally will not dare to cheat him at will.

“Great Heavenly Stellar Formation?” Di Long frowns. “Tower master Qin Yu, to put it nicely, your Stellar Tower is a wonderland, but frankly, it’s also a dead trap. If you want do something to us then …” Di Jian and Di Xu, who have come here with him, also look coldly at Qin Yu. Although they do not dare to take revenge on Qin Yu anymore, they are still hostile to Qin Yu.

Old Freak Three-Eyed says with a cold laugh: “Shut your mouth, Di Long. If Qin Yu really wanted to kill you, perhaps you and your remaining brothers would’ve lost your lives on the black rock island that day. Why should he be troubling himself like this?”

Old Freak Three-Eyed and Azure Dragon both know that Uncle Lan is formidable so they treat Qin Yu very well.

“Don’t waste time. We better find the 9th sword quickly.” Yi Da shouts.

Everybody immediately stops talking and gives Reverend Yan Xu their jade swords one by one.

“Qin Yu, what are you doing?” Miss Li’er voice suddenly rises. She smilingly walks up and watches what is going on in front of her. Seeing the 8 jade swords, she slightly closes her eyes for a moment then opens them again. Now her eyes radiate wisdom.

“On the Qian Long continent?”
Li’er murmurs softly to herself.

Hearing her voice, Qin Yu no longer cares about how Reverend Yan Xu executes that secret method. He immediately turns around and walks towards her, saying: “Li’er, what did you just murmur?”
“Nothing.” She says with a shake of her head.

Qin Yu leads her walking into a pavilion. The 2 of them then sit down. He is simply not worried that Reverend Yan Xu will dare to do something dishonest. After all, when so many experts like Azure Dragon are watching, why should he be worried that Reverend Yan Xu will dare to pull some trick? “What is that Xiuxianist doing, Qin Yu?” Li’er points at Reverend Yan Xu, who is floating in midair.

Qin Yu turns his head around to take a look. At the moment, Reverend Yan Xu is being surrounded by the 8 swords, which are shooting out 8 beams of light. They are totally connected to Reverend Yan Xu’s body by these beams of light. Reverend Yan Xu is making various mystical hand signs unceasingly.

“He is finding the location of the 9th jade sword.”  Qin Yu does not hide this from her.

“The 9th jade sword?” Li’er slightly frowns.

Qin  Yu  says  smilingly:  “There  was  once  an  extremely formidable immortal, not a loose immortal, but a real immortal descending to the mortal world from the immortal one. Judging from this, you can tell that this immortal was so powerful.”
“If this immortal could descend to the mortal world from the immortal world on their own, they should have been an extremely formidable figure in the immortal world.” Li’er says with a nod.

Qin Yu says in agreement: “This immortal left behind a Nine Swords Immortal Mansion. The keys are 9 jade swords. Now we’ve obtained 8 swords and only the last one is still missing. Today this Reverend Yan Xu is using a secret method to sense the location of the 9th sword through these 8 swords.”
Li’er says with brightening eyes: “This seems interesting. Qin Yu, when you go search for the 9th sword, can I go with you to have a look?”
Qin Yu says frowningly: “You can, but when we go find it, those jade swords will fly very fast. You’re only at the Jindan stage so your flying speed …” He has never seen Miss Li’er real flying speed.

“Don’t worry. I’ve got a special magic power and it’s related to speed.” There is a hint of proud on Li’er’s face. “All right, then I want to see how fast a little girl at the Jindan stage like you can be.” Qin Yu says jokingly.

Li’er says very confidently: “Fine, you’ll see my speed at that time.”
When Qin Yu and Li’er are chatting to each other, large beads of sweat have appeared all over Reverend Yan Xu’s head. Finally, his secret method has been successfully executed. 8 streams of sword energy shoot into the sky. At the same time, Reverend Yan Xu says loudly: “Everybody, my secret method has succeeded. These 8 swords will immediately fly towards the 9th sword. All you have to do is follow them.”
“Let’s go, Qin Yu.” Li’er stands up right away.

Qin Yu follows her going towards Hou Fei and the crowd.

Indeed, after a while, those 8 swords unexpectedly begin fly up. Everybody flies after them on their flying sword without delay. 
“No need to worry, everyone, I can control the flying speed of these swords. But if you’re too weak and too slow then you should just quit because I’m going to make them fly at the speed of a middle Dongxu stage Xiuxianist.” Reverend Yan Xu says in a loud and clear voice.

The speed of a middle Dongxu stage Xiuxianist is not a problem to the 6 major powers. “Zhuang Zhong, you take care everything in the Stellar Tower well, I and 2nd and 3rd masters are going on a trip now.” Qin Yu gives Zhuang Zhong on one side an order.

“Yes, tower master.”
Zhuang Zhong, however, is secretly happy. When the 3 tower masters have left, he will be the one with the most authority in the Stellar Tower. But he will not dare to revolt either because word has spread that Qin Yu and Hou Fei are so powerful that they have even killed several majesties of the Nine Demons Hall. Moreover, Qin Yu is even supported by that unfathomable Uncle Lan. 4 members of the Stellar Tower set out this time, including Qin Yu, Miss Li’er, fun-loving Hou Fei and Hei Yu, who just wants to go with Qin Yu.

The Azure Dragon Palace, Blue Water Mansion, Penglai Immortal Region, Nine Demons Hall and Purple Flame Devilish Dungeon all set out with 4 – 5 members each. All of them fly after the 8 swords extremely fast. After getting out of the Stellar Tower, the 8 swords unexpectedly fly north directly.

“I never thought it was to the north of the Stellar Tower.
This is really a shock.” Azure Dragon laughs out loud.

At the moment, the 8 swords are flying side by side, followed by several tens individuals. Except for Li’er, all of them have at least reached the middle Dongxu stage.

Qin Yu is flying on his sword. Li’er is flying on the air on one side of him. Even so, she is easily keeping up with the others’ flying speed.

“Li’er, your speed …” Qin Yu is dumbfounded. 
Flying on air is much slower than flying on a sword. However, Jindan stage Li’er is unexpectedly going as fast as Qin Yu and the others with ease flying on the air. No wonder she is so confident.

“Didn’t I say earlier that I was very confident in my speed?” Li’er gives a brilliant smile.

Hou Fei, who is sitting on his thick black stick on one side, swings his tail and blinks a couple of times, muttering: “Monster, sis Li’er is really a monster. How can you be so fast at the Jindan stage?”
Qin Yu cannot help smiling.

Everybody keeps flying in a relaxed manner northwards. After a long time, the huge Qian Long continent appears in the distance. Qin Yu’s entire mind becomes slightly excited: “Impossible! It can’t be on the Qian Long continent!” At this very moment, various images flash through his mind.

They include the images of him watching the stars at the top of Mount Donglan late at night as a kid, the images of him training hard while being scolded by Master Zhao Yunxing, the images of him practicing external techniques alone, the images of him killing for the first time as assassin Liu Xing, the images of him risking his life against Wu Xing next to a 4-in-9 Heavenly Tribulation, the images of him fighting Xiang Yang to the death …
“It’s time I returned and saw father.”
When Qin Yu sees this familiar continent, those feelings hidden at the bottom of his hearts begin to surge.

The several tens top experts of the overseas Xiuzhen world thus have arrived in the Qian Long continent …
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