My Master Disconnected Yet Again Chapter 391-400

Chapter 391: Stubborn Yin Qi

Five minutes later.

"What are you doing here?" Lonemoon tried his hardest to suppress the urge to beat her up as he scanned her from head to toe. She was completely uninjured. Si Yu had only called him ten minutes ago, yet Shen Ying's body had traveled tens of thousands of miles.

"Oh. Someone pulled me here." Shen Ying tilted her head.

"Who is he?"

She paused and glanced at Yun Heng beside him. She gnawed on the fruit that Chef just passed to her and said, "Perhaps… the Rich Ghost?"

"Rich… Song Ren?" Lonemoon exclaimed. Was he not called Mischievous Ghost? "What did he bring you here for?" Song Ren was a ghost with grievous energy. Chef had said before that grievous energy has great impact on remnant souls. The last time the remnant souls attacked the city, his grievous energy exploded.

"I don't know." Shen Ying shook her head.

"What about the others?"

"I don't know." Shen Ying continued shaking her head.

"Holy shit, you don't know anything and you came here obediently?" Where are your brains? Have you eaten them all up?

Shen Ying shook her hand out and answered after awhile, "Isn't he molding now? It'll be horrible for me not to bother about him." Did I not just lose him for a second?

"…" Molding? What did she mean?

Lonemoon looked confused. Yi Qing, on the other hand, thought of something and asked, "Master is saying… Song Ren's grievous energy is acting up again?"


Chef frowned. He thought about the grievous energy that suddenly grabbed Yun Heng and disappeared. Master was saying that she came here because of the grievous energy. Given the distance, Yi Qing was guessing that Song Ren's outburst of grievous energy this time was much bigger than the last.

But why was it that Song Ren's grievous energy did not do that before? How did it carry someone through tens of thousands of miles?

Unless.. it was because of this place!

Yi Qing looked around at the Yin Qi that was still filling the surroundings. Then, he faced the person beside him.  "Yun Heng, what kind of place is this northern region? Why is that even though the remnant souls have entered Samsara, the Yin Qi remains?"

Yun Heng stared blankly back at him. Honestly, he replied, "Well… I don't understand the exact reason as well. It's said that this place has been like that since the ancient times. The story is that this place has always been extremely cold, so it attracted many evil spirits. As time went by, so much Yin Qi accumulated that nobody could get rid of it anymore. The northern region did not use to be this big. It only got bigger because more and more Yin Qi accumulated here over time, and the number of evil spirits increased as well."

"That's right…" He suddenly recalled something else and continued, "It is also said that the evil spirits over here used to consume human beings. A few hundred years ago, deviant ghosts that consumed people appeared. All our Mystic cultivator ancestors gathered them over here."

He sighed as a pained expression crossed his face. "Ever since that day, more and more deviant ghosts appeared. The entire northern region grew in size until it became this big." "Why are you suddenly asking about this?" Lonemoon could not help but ask. "What are you thinking?"

Yi Qing frowned and explained what was in his head. "If those deviant ghosts could affect Song Ren, then the grievous energy in his body-"

"Could be related to this northern region!" Lonemoon finally understood. He turned to Yun Heng. "Where was the place to which evil spirits first became attracted?"

"It's the north-most region!" Yun Heng pointed in front of them.

Lonemoon and Yi Qing exchanged a meaningful look and nodded curtly. "Let's go and take a look!" They were going to do it, whether to find out the truth or just to look for that Mischievous Ghost.

The direction that Yun Heng pointed out was where the Yin Qi seemed the thickest. Yi Qing brought Shen Ying and Lonemoon pulled onto Yun Heng. Four of them mounted swords and headed straight in. The closer they got, the darker their surroundings became. The Yin Qi was frighteningly thick. They could faintly see several remnant souls fly past them.

This was the mortal world, yet they felt like they were in the Underworld. In fact, the Yin Qi here was even thicker than Yin Qi in the Underworld.

Lonemoon's heart fell. Why was there such a place in the mortal world? What was going on?

Before he could figure things out, he felt the load on his sword lighten.

"Aiya!" He did not know whether it was because he was not used to it - Yun Heng, who had been standing on the sword, suddenly let out a loud cry and fell off headfirst. Before Lonemoon could react, Yun Heng reached the ground. Thankfully, Lonemoon had not been flying that high.

Lonemoon pursed his lips. How could he fall down from the sword? This was one embarrassing Soul Formation cultivator. He must have been one of a kind!

"Hey, are you alright?"

"I'm… alright!" Yun Heng rubbed his face and got to his feet.
He looked confused.

"If you weren't balanced, you should have told me first. I would have set up an array!"

"Exalted Master, that's not true," Yun Heng shook his head. "Someone… pushed me."

"What?" Lonemoon paused. Lonemoon was just about to reach out to help Yun Heng back up on the sword when something seemed to move beneath his feet. "Be careful!"

The next moment, he shot a burst of spirit Qi which trapped the person on the floor and pulled him up. There were a series of swooshes as thorns appeared on the ground where Yun Heng had been standing. Each one of them emanated chilling Yin Qi that was capable of getting rid of any kind of spirit Qi.

Yun Heng jumped, frightened. His entire body stiffened. If Exalted Master Lonemoon had been a second slower, he would have been pierced by a thousand thorns by now.

"There are no arrays here." Yi Qing activated his divine perception to scan the surroundings and shook his head. "There are also no strange auras."

Lonemoon frowned. Was this really purely coincidental? Did Yun Heng happen to stumble upon these thorns by chance?

He decided to put this aside. Later on, however, as they flew deeper in, Yun Heng seemed become possessed by an ill-fortune ghost. Everywhere he went, something bad happened.

He dropped into mud here, then walked into stone walls there. First, he got burned by deviant fire that fell from the sky, then even remnant souls who were just floating by and which had no intention of doing any harm would suddenly turn around and scare him, so that his legs felt like jelly.

If Lonemoon had not been watching over him, Yun Heng would have slipped and died a couple of times.

The more important thing was, these unfortunate events seemed to only be happening to him. The other three were unaffected. Not even a single hair on their heads was missing.

After Yun Heng nearly fell off the sword for the 101st time, Lonemoon conjured a seal to catch him in mid-air. These things were coming instinctively to Lonemoon now. He started to pull Yun Heng up.

Beside him, Chef's expression suddenly changed. "Father Niu!" Suddenly, a burst of sword Qi brushed past them. There was a ring and a crash. Something was rebounded by the sword Qi.

Lonemoon took a closer look and saw that there were many black bodies around him. They were all charging toward the group, looking mildly explosive.

Grievous energy again!

The Yin Qi was too thick, so he had not realized the grievous energy earlier. His heart jumped, and he quickly set up an array to protect the entire group of people. Compared to the earlier attacks which were only directed at Yun Heng, these bodies of grievous energy were unbiased.

More and more bodies of grievous energy appeared. Faintly, they could hear chilling ghostly cries.

"Quick, look down!" Yun Heng, who was yanked over by Lonemoon, exclaimed as he pointed downward. His face was drained of all color.

They all looked down. The pitch-black wasteland was now filled with countless illusory figures. Each of them looked terribly frightening. "Remnant souls!" Yi Qing shouted.

Chapter 392: Shards of Memories

Why were there so many remnant souls all of a sudden? All the way here, they had only seen about one or two remnant souls. The situation looked like… the remnant souls were being summoned by the grievous energy?!

More and more remnant souls began to appear below them - the number just about doubled. What's more, the newer ones looked more and more frightening. The ghostly cries were so high-pitched that all of their eardrums felt like they were going to burst at any moment.

Yun Heng's body swayed. He could not handle the sights and sounds before him. Lonemoon immediately conjured a seal to block out the noise.

"Many thanks Exalted Master." Yun Heng looked slightly better. He watched as the number of remnant souls kept increasing. Taking a deep breath, he said, "I'm going to set up the array and send them to Samsara."

"Wait!" Lonemoon stopped him just as he was about to conjure the seal. "There are too many of them, you won't be able to deal with them on your own." Moreover, Lonemoon no longer needed him as an advertisement.

Lonemoon pushed Yun Heng to the back of the sword. With two hands, he formed a huge Rebirth Seal beneath their feet, which at once covered the ground where a significant number of remnant souls were standing. All around, the Yin Qi began to dissipate. All the hideous ghosts began to recover their original looks. However, they did not disappear. Instead, a fresh flow of Yin Qi caused all of them to look hideous again.

"Eh?" Lonemoon paused. "What's going on?" The array was working fine!

Yi Qing, on the other hand, was thinking deeply. Could it be…

He activated his assistant authority to scan their surroundings. His eyes widened. "The River of Forgetfulness… is gone."

"What!" Lonemoon exclaimed. He instinctively activated his own assistant authority, but the scene before him remained the same. Everything remained pitch black. Indeed, there was no sign of the River of Forgetfulness.

"Could it be that the River of Forgetfulness has a blind spot?" How could it not be present here?!

"I think so…" Shen Ying suddenly raised her hand. "Perhaps you should activate your wide-angle lens."


The two of them stared blankly back at her. A moment later, they understood. Activating their divine perception, they scanned the surroundings. Their expressions immediately changed.

Holy shit shit shit shit shit!

(⊙_⊙) What the hell?!

They saw that within a radius of 500 kilometers, there were golden rivers flowing everywhere. However, it was not one main river that flowed through this region. Instead, the river seemed to have been cut up into little pieces of unequal lengths, and then dispersed all over the place. Some ran through the ground, some were floating in mid-air, some were standing up tall like pillars and some were so twisted that they looked like vines.

How was that the River of Forgetfulness? It was in little pieces like a puzzle. A puzzle that was missing many pieces, at that.

"What… What exactly happened here?" Lonemoon's face was a mask of confusion. He had never seen such a messy River of Forgetfulness. Was Shortie on strike?

With the River of Forgetfulness in such a messy state, nobody knew how to even begin trying to clean it up.

"Maybe there'll be an answer over there!" Yi Qing pointed to the front where there seemed to be a blinking golden light..

Lonemoon tried to look closely and found that it was the source of all the little golden pieces. it was probably the place from which the River of Forgetfulness flowed into this little world. In other words, it was what Yun Heng had referred to as the north-most region.

"Chef, lead the way. We'll take a look!" Lonemoon instructed.

Yi Qing nodded and summoned his sword intent. They heard a cry of a dragon. The sword Qi immediately turned into a white dragon before their eyes, which broke through the array, flew through the thick grievous energy and the crowd of remnant souls, and created a clear path for the group to walk.

The few of them flew after the dragon, toward the north-most region. They flew extremely fast, so that they arrived at the place where the River of Forgetfulness looked the richest within seconds.

The moment they landed, they scanned their surroundings. Apart from the fact that the Yin Qi felt much thicker here, there seemed to be nothing unusual.

"Shen Ying." Lonemoon nudged the person beside him. "Do you feel like anything's amiss?" For some reason, Lonemoon felt weird.

"Oh, I think this place is…." She stopped mid-sentence. There was a strange expression in her eyes. A moment later, he tilted her head and said, "I don't know."

"…" What the hell was "is I don't know" supposed to mean?
You freaking know!

"Father Niu, I believe you!" She judged him.

"Get lost!" Lonemoon glared at her. After thinking for a second, he pulled up a screen. He recalled the few-hundred- page-thick instruction manual, then began to slowly operate the screen. A few minutes later, rows of data appeared on the screen. He retrieved his notebook and compared the numbers to the ones already in his notebook before. Suddenly, his expression darkened and he frowned.

"Why is this place's data in a mess?"

"What's the matter?" Yi Qing asked.

"This place is different from everywhere else. Its data seems… flipped around!" That was if he had not noted down the wrong numbers earlier.

Yi Qing stared blankly at him, as if not understanding what Lonemoon meant by "flipped around". He closed his eyes and released his divine perception to sense the auras around. A few seconds later, he widened his eyes in shock. "There are all kinds of auras mixed around here, including spirit Qi!" By right, spirit Qi could not be mixed with other Qis like Yin Qi and ghost Qi. In a place with such rich Yin Qi, one would expect there to be no spirit Qi present at all. Yet, there was also immortal Qi mixed in the air around here! "Exalted Masters, what are you talking about?" Yun Heng stepped forward and asked, looking positively confused.The entire way here, he had been unlucky, Now as he took that step forward, he tripped and fell.

He was just about to land face first into the ground. Shen Ying had been far away. Suddenly, she appeared by his side and reached out to keep him steady.

"Lightbulb, stop touching things." They'll break.

"Huh?" Before Yun Heng could react, they heard several cracks underneath his feet, as if something has just broken.

There was a white beam of light which lit up beside him where he would have fallen. It broke through the darkness and caused the surroundings to become brighter and brighter. The light embraced all four of them.

Shen Ying sighed softly. Aiya… The gray fog cleared up into light. Faintly, they saw a figure that resembled a blessed and holy ground.

"An Illusory realm!" Lonemoon immediately recognized that sorcery. He conjured a seal to try to get rid of the illusion.

"Wait!" Yi Qing called out. He looked around and said, "There are no killing machines in this illusion. It doesn't look like it's trying to trap us. Instead…" It looked like it was trying to tell them something.

Lonemoon relaxed his hand and pondered for a moment. Activating several bursts of his own spirit Qi, he walked around the group, gesturing for each of them to reach out and hold on to the spirit Qi. He did not want anyone to get lost - especially not that directionless dimwit. He made two more rounds, just for safety.

A few seconds later, the bright light began to clear up. The few of them paused to take a look at the surroundings. Everything was much clearer now. But before they could see what was in front of them, their eyes narrowed all at once. Holy shit!

(⊙ o ⊙)

This was a place with extremely rich spirit Qi. There were spirit herbs and spirit plants everywhere. There were even spirit peaks floating in mid-air. However, in the middle of the entire scene, there was one huge black hole. It looked like someone had torn a hole in the sky. Everything around them began to turn in circles around the hole, finally being sucked into it.

Lonemoon and Yi Qing's hearts sank. At the same time, they called out.

"A crack in the plane!"

"It's also a typhoon," Shen Ying added lazily.


Chapter 393: The Story of the Illusory Realm

"What!" Lonemoon's chest tightened. So this was a plane storm. He had heard people talking about it before - plane storms were much scarier than cracks in the plane. If one did not handle it in time, they would get bigger and bigger, until the entire plane became affected by it. "What are we waiting for then? Fix it up!"

"Father Niu, this is an illusory realm," Yi Qing reminded him.

Lonemoon stopped himself. Shit, he nearly forgot.

Wait a moment!

If all of this was an illusion…

"How can people create illusions of plane storms?" Things that happened in the illusory realm were pre-set by the people who set up the array with the intention of attracting others. However, only the three of them and Meng Po knew about planes. How could this person set up illusions that contained such realistic plane storms?

Unless that person had seen one before!


"This plane storm isn't real - it's something that has happened here before!"

Yi Qing thought of this too. His heart sank as he turned to look at the black hole with a somber expression. A plane storm appeared in such a small world like this - how did they settle it?

Before he could give it further thought, an anxious voice came from behind them. "Uncle-Master!"

Two figures appeared, one in front of the other, and flew over toward them. They did not seem to be able to see the group of four standing there. In fact, they brushed right past them. Their cultivation levels did not look low. The duo stopped in front of the group, just a couple metres away.

"Uncle-Master, it's too dangerous here. We should go back and inform Sect Master and the rest first," said the man on the left as he kept his eyes on the black hole. He sounded very anxious as he spoke.

"There's no more time!" The other man shook his head. "If we don't block this hole it will get bigger and bigger. The entire world will be sucked into it."


"Disciple-Nephew Cui, quick send a transmission to the sect. Tell them to get the people living within a hundred mile radius of this place away! I'm going to try and block it!" Once he finished speaking, he turned toward the storm and flew over.

"Uncle-Master!" The man clenched his fists by his sides. Yet, he had no other solution. All he could do was grit his teeth and follow his Uncle-Master's instructions.

The other man stopped a few metres away from the storm and tried to stabilize himself. Raising both hands, he began to conjure a seal. In a flash, a huge array appeared, flying toward the plane storm. The array was obviously meant to seal up the hole, which was swallowing everything around it.

But it was a plane storm afterall. How could this one man be able to deal with it? In just a second, the array collapsed in front of the black hole. The man tried several other arrays, but to no avail. The hole in the sky got bigger and bigger.

Although he knew that this was just a replay of something that happened in the past, Lonemoon could not help but feel curious. How exactly did this man deal with the plane storm?

Indeed, after the man tried and failed ten other different techniques, he clenched his fists by his side and stood upright for a couple of seconds. Suddenly, he made up his mind. He gritted his teeth, drew his spirit sword and stabbed himself right through the chest. Holy shit!

Lonemoon nearly fell backward with shock. This was not the time to give up on himself, was it?

The next thing they knew, blood was spurting out from the man's chest like a broken tap. As if they had been activated, the blood gathered and condensed to form an array, which grew bigger and bigger until the last drop of blood dropped from the man's chest and he fell over. A translucent figure drifted out of the man's body, poised in the same array-conjuring manner as the man was just a few seconds ago.

This was… Double-Cultivator Soul Technique!

(⊙ o ⊙)

How awesome!

The array had been activated. The sky became entirely red. The white figure looked phenomenal against the red backdrop. Even the pitch-black hole in the plane became red.

Lonemoon's eyes were bulging out of his skull. He looked on in disbelief at the man who had just stabbed himself in the chest.

He was trying to…

"Offer his spirit!"

This was a bit overboard, wasn't it? He was offering up his own soul as a sacrifice just to close up that hole in the sky. Still, that was a plane storm. Even if he did this, it would not necessarily…

"Look at the River of Forgetfulness!" Yi Qing exclaimed.

Lonemoon turned to look at the ground. The River of Forgetfulness in the illusory realm had been normal, but now, under the activation of the array, the calm waters began to stir. Layers and layers of golden flowers began to form on the water surface. At last, as if they were being pulled by strings, countless golden droplets of light gathered toward the array.

A minute later, the red of the Soul-Sacrificing Array became golden. The array flew straight toward the hole.

"He's using the River of Forgetfulness to seal that hole up!" Lonemoon finally understood what the man was doing. However, only Meng Po had the power to control the River of Forgetfulness. It was no wonder he felt the need to sacrifice his own soul. But even so, it might not…

The blood array that turned golden had already fully covered the hole, but it did not completely block it. The force that was sucking everything into the hole was becoming even stronger, so that the array began to look warped.

The man's soul was getting more and more translucent. He did not look like he could hold on for much longer. Gritting his teeth, he flicked his wrists, and the ground trembled. The River of Forgetfulness below him broke into different segments and rose into the sky, toward the array. Finally, the blackhole of the plane storm reduced in size. The pitch-black hole minimized toward its center.

But the man had already reached the limits of his body. His figure was fast disappearing. If this carried on, the array would be gone before the hole was completely dealt with

At this crucial moment, a panicked cry came from below. "Help!"

Perhaps it was because the entire ground shook earlier. A man in green robes suddenly entered the area where the plane storm was. He was hugging a tree, trying to pull himself back out of the dangerous region.

A look of pain flashed across the face of the man who was barely holding it together. As if having made up his mind, he shot a burst of spirit Qi out of his body and pulled the other man over.

"Eh?" The man who got pulled up paused and looked at him. "Thank you, you've saved-" "I'm sorry!" Before he could finish his sentence, the first man closed his eyes, not daring to look. A burst of spirit Qi shot straight through the other man's heart

He did not even have time to defend himself. His soul was pushed right out of his body.

The first man flicked his wrist so that the other man's soul glowed. The glowing soul entered the first man's translucent body. The two souls became one. The first man's soul looked less translucent.

He conjured another seal and the array once again glowed strongly golden. The hole was now reducing in size even more quickly. Within half a minute, the plane storm that threatened to swallow the entire earth earlier had disappeared.

The soul of the man who set the array up was now almost gone. With a soft clink, his own soul took on the same glow as the earlier man's did. Then, his soul split into two halves, each of which floated into the River of Forgetfulness. Yi Qing: "…"

.Lonemoon, "…"

Yun Heng: "…"

They watched a brutal… rescue of the world?

The few people who had been watching the entire scene kept silent for a long while. All kinds of different emotions filled their hearts. Then, the scene before their eyes changed once again.

Chapter 394: Doomed Fate across Four Lives

As compared to the immortal mountains and blessed earth previously, the image now was apparently the mortal world. All who walked past in the surroundings were mortals with no Spirit Qi. This seemed to be the house of a not prominent, but well-to-do family.

A half-grown child ran past him laughing. Though his looks were strange, the people had somehow recognized at first sight that this person in front of them was that man in green, who was almost blown into plane storm and dragged by the world- saving cultivator to do soul salvation.

So this… was his afterlife after his soul was repaired by Samsara? They were slightly stunned and became even more confused. They couldn't understand the meaning of this illusion and had to look on. Yet what happened next inside the illusion filled them with mixed emotions.

That man in green was named Wen Tianyou in this life, and he was the son of a merchant. His biggest wish in his whole life was to make enough money and marry the most beautiful girl in the city. Since ten, he saved every bit of money in a jar and buried it carefully like it was a treasure. And he was indeed talented in money-making. Before he turned twenty, he already owned a whole street of shops in the city, and became the richest man in the city. Everything was perfect. Yet on the day that he was about to marry his beloved girl, all of this suddenly stopped.

Someone came from the city. Immortals who came from the sky besides. They said that Wen Tianyou was a person with great prospects, and that he was meant to achieve the great success of Heavenly Ascension one day. Tianyou didn't want to go, neither did he want to do immortal cultivation. Yet his parents said that this was his fate. His friends said that he was in great luck. Even the girl that he liked said that he was an extraordinary person indeed. Everyone thought that he should go on the immortal way.

And Tianyou had to go. The top genius of immortal sect, Supremacy Wen Ding, wanted to take him in as a disciple. He even promised that he would be his only disciple, and that he would teach him all he knew. All cultivators envied his good luck, yet he himself was not in the least willing. For some unknown reason, he didn't like that person. He even wanted to go away every time he saw him, with a premonition that something bad was about to happen. He didn't imagine that such a premonition became reality a few months later.

A huge black hole suddenly appeared in the sky, and only the array of Supremacy Wen Ding could fill that gap, otherwise the whole world would be destroyed. Yet this array required soul sacrifice. Unfortunately, his soul on its own was not sufficient to activate the array, and another soul similar to his was needed.

And Wen Tianyou was that person!

He suddenly understood why everyone forced him to cultivate despite him having a Maimed Spirit Root.

Yet he didn't want to die. He was afraid. He wanted to run. He didn't want his soul to be destroyed.

Yet he had no chance. The escape plan was discovered.

Within one night, all those fellow cultivators of the sect who used to be amiable and caring to him changed their faces and started calling him selfish, insensitive, and ungrateful.

The sect master said, "We immortal cultivators are meant to protect justice in this world to begin with. How can you abandon the living beings of the whole world for your single self?

His fellow cultivators said, "We thought that although inferior in quality, since Supremacy favored you, you must have strong character. I didn't imagine that… I have seen you wrong.

Cultivators of other sects said, "You are one of the living beings of this world as well. How can you bear watching living beings die? Once you leave, you destroy the whole world."

His parents said, "My son, the immortal elders are right! How can you be so selfish? Since you are already an immortal cultivator, you should just be like Supremacy Wen Ding and put life and death aside."

The girl he liked said, "How can you be like this? You are not the Big Brother Tianyou I knew anymore!"

Everyone told him that he shouldn't escape. Everyone told him that he should be sacrificed for the array. Everyone told him that… he must die!

But… he didn't want to!

He was named Tianyou, yet heaven didn't seem to protect him any more! ["Tianyou" means "protected by heaven" in Chinese]

Finally he was still pushed onto the altar. He saw his best friend in the past push the spiritual sword into his chest, saw his own blood drain bit by bit, gathering together into an array. He saw his own soul slowly dissipate. Yet he was completely unable to resist.

Until the moment when he was about to disappear. Into his ears came the familiar voice of Supremacy Wen Ding, whose soul was about to dissipate just like him. "I'm sorry!"

From his remnant soul which was already changed into light spots, grievous energy suddenly emerged. Yet both of them went right into the River of Forgetfulness.

And then it was the third life…

Due to his being reborn with grievous energy in his remnant soul, Wen Tianyou surprisingly had the memory of his past life. His great hatred made him fall into the demonic way since young. He vowed to kill all the cultivators in the world to avenge himself.

He practiced the most dangerous forbidden techniques and the most vicious mental cultivations. He went through all the suffering in the world and finally became a Skyfiend. He gathered tens of thousands of demons to attack the immortal sect. Yet in the last minute his efforts failed, because he met a person who brought blessings with him since birth, and had a golden light of merit all around him. While the  man's cultivation was inferior to his own, he still died under his immense karma, his soul sacrificed once more. What was ridiculous, was that he only recognized the man in his last moment. He recognized where the merit on him came from, and it was actually… the merit of world-saving!

Both being souls being sacrificed alive, himself was cast aside by the whole world and damned by the cultivators, while he got a good name passed down for generations, genuine gratitude by everyone, and the merit of world-saving!

So he was not only fighting those decent cultivators and his fate but also heaven!

Eventually, he fell into complete despair, only hoping that the heaven would let him go so that he could have a life of safety and security.

And then… his fourth life came.

This time, there was no great trouble at first. He had no memory of his past life, and there was no more black hole in the world. He was only an ordinary scholarly student, who for the benefit of preparing for exams, purposely moved to a quiet small house in the woods miles away from the county city.

One day, about a dozen Mystic cultivators in yellow robes ran hurriedly along a lane outside the woods. Behind them was a very strong wave of Yin Qi, as though something was chasing behind them. The group hurriedly took out a voice transmission talisman to seek help.

After a while, from the talisman paper came a male voice soft as water. "In front of you is the county. You can't let the deviant ghosts inside the city to harm the civilians. Use the sealing talisman to seal them temporarily into the woods back there."

"Yes, Heaven Master!"

As such, all the deviant ghosts filled the woods, and devoured the only living person inside there alive. Not even his bones were left.

The scholarly student became a ghost, and his soul was about to be divided into tens of thousands of pieces. An immense wave of grievous energy that even himself couldn't understand erupted, and it was non-stop. After being devoured by the grievous energy, only one thought left in his heart.

He wanted an answer, wanted a justice, and wanted to ask why.

But…. even himself forgot why he had to ask that, and who he should ask.

So he rushed out of the surrounding remnant souls, out of the orders of heaven and earth, and then…

Appeared in front of the Manager!

Shen Ying, "…"

.Lonemoon, "…"

Yi Qing: "…" They finally understood why these illusions appeared.

The three remained silent for a while, and then turned back together, to look at Yun Heng, who swayed as though he just suffered a major blow.

Coincidentally, that scholarly student was called Song Ren, and the Heaven Master in that voice transmission talisman had the surname of Yun.


Chapter 395: Yun Heng's Amendment

The truth came so suddenly that all of them were stunned. Especially Yun Heng. He seemed as if he had lost his consciousness and stood in his original position without moving for a long time.

The illusion surrounding them shifted back to that scene of Song Ren's first life, like a replayed movie.

Lonemoon and Yi Qing's expression were complex as well. They finally understood where Song Ren's inexplicable hatred towards Yun Heng came from. And the endless grievous energy on him that even Little Shortie couldn't eliminate. And why it could only be eliminated when Shen Ying was around. Subconsciously, he must have still wanted justice. The justice that even the Heavenly Dao couldn't give him only Shen Ying can be the only one to give it to him.

Yet this was a matter in which there was no saying who was right and who was wrong. His miserable four lives were pitiful indeed. Yet in whichever life, what Yun Heng did were truly great world-saving deeds. Should he not stop the plane storm, perhaps not only Song Ren, but all the people in the small world would die. Even souls would disappear in the crack of the plane, unable to be reborn ever again.

Yun Heng chose the best method. He had to save the people of the world for so many times, even  risking  his  own  soul.  That was why he received genuine gratitude from the world, and heaven-blessed good karma for every life.

From the angle of righteousness, nobody could say that his choices were wrong.

Maybe Yun Heng had not let the whole world down, but he did let Song Ren down.

"Why doesn't Moldy Ghost's body light up?" Shen Ying's head tilted, and she suddenly asked.

Yi Qing was confused for a moment and then understood that she was talking about merit. He explained in a low voice, "Master, although doing good deeds could accumulate merit, there was no specific boundary for so-called good and evil in the first place. So only when one gets genuine gratitude from another, do they receive merit." "Oh." Shen Ying frowned. "So… nobody was grateful to Moldy Ghost?"


Yi Qing didn't answer, and his expression darkened. Not only was nobody grateful, in the first life, nobody even knew about his share in saving the world. In the second life, he was forced onto the altar. In the third life, it was not even worth mentioning. He was a head of demons to begin with, not to mention gratitude, it could not be imagined how many hated him. That was why each of his lives was more unlucky than the previously. Yet due to their souls being blended in the first life, a connection was made between him and Yun Heng, such that they got involved with each other in every life.

"Hey, what do you mean to do about this matter?" Lonemoon gave Shen Ying a push, pointed towards Yun Heng whose thoughts still hadn't returned and said.

"Huh?" Shen Ying's look was totally blank. What's that got to do with me? "What 'huh'?" Lonemoon gave her a stare. "This illusion has put it clearly enough. Song Ren is here to seek justice from you!"

"Sigh. What a bother…"

"What a bother, it's got to be resolved after all. What should we do?"

Shen Ying tilted her head and gave it thought, "Maybe make a salad?"


Such a world conundrum is so difficult!

"Talking about salads… I just remembered that I haven't eaten dinner yet. Chef, do you have stock with you? So hungry!"

"Yes, Master. It will be ready soon, Master!" Yi Qing nodded hard, and with a dedication to his job, he produced from his storage bag, four, five, six… ten dishes, and put a table, chairs and cutlery in place.

He invited Shen Ying to sit down first. With a turn  of  his hand, he called out a True Phoenix Fire. With some sizzling noises, the dishes which were slightly cold were heated, producing inviting smells.

"Master, you can eat now."

"Bake that pork leg a bit more. I like it crispy."

"Yes Master, no problem Master!"

Lonemoon: "…" Son of a b*tch!

Hey, can't you look at the place we are in? We are still inside the illusion and you set up a table and eat so openly, do you think we're watching a movie? He had an urge to knock down the table. Yet looking at a certain person who was already busy eating, the corner of his mouth twitched, and after a long while, he still sat down by the table to wait for her to finish eating first.

The style of the illusion which was originally dangerous and unpredictable suddenly changed. Three sat by the table, eating wildly, and one stood in a daze, unmoving, not far away.

"Hey, I mean… are you eating more and more recently?"

"One more bowl of rice, Chef!"

"Yes Master, no problem Master!"


*** Two hours later.

Shen Ying finally finished eating and looked at  Yun  Heng, who finally gathered his thoughts, yet kneeled in front of them with a firm look on his face.

"You've decided?"

"Yes!" He cupped his fist and replied. The previous looks of shock and confusion were all gone. "I've remembered the previous lives. I ask three masters… no, three Exalted Immortals, to fulfill my wish."

"You've got to consider it clearly!" Lonemoon stepped forward and reminded him in a deep voice, "You originally had the quality for confirmed Immortal Ascension. Should you give up now, you may not be able to reach ascension in your next life… no, forever."

"I didn't do those things for Immortal Ascension to begin with." He smiled. Not the kind smile from earlier, but a very relieved smile. "In any case, I'm the one who wronged him, and the justice that he asked for naturally should be paid by me."

Lonemoon frowned. Yet seeing his insistence, he could only sigh. After a long while, he couldn't help but ask, "Those lives… do you regret them?"

"No!" He shook his head without hesitation. "If I'm to repeat them, I would still choose to do as such. In the face of great righteousness, sacrifice is inevitable, even if it means more resentment to be born. Just that… I hope I'd be able to compensate him."

For a time, Lonemoon didn't actually known how to evaluate this matter. He was apparently a good guy who made saving the world his own mission for four lives, not even refraining from sacrificing himself. Yet he was just the one who made Song Ren's soul dissipate so many times that he ended up with immense hatred.

"This is already the best way that I can think of." Yun Heng's hands tightened beside his body. "Though it might be completely meaningless, at least give him a fair chance." "Okay!" Shen Ying nodded and gave Chef beside her a look.

Only then did Yi Qing make a seal with one hand. A flash of white light went out from his hand. With a clanging sound, the whole illusion changed into thousands of pieces like a mirror broken, and then disappeared.

They returned once more to that Northern land full of Yin Qi. Only that in the air in front, several meters away, there was a new black figure. He suspended in mid-air, and grievous energy as dark as ink surrounded his  whole  body,  with  some  violent and wild aura. His body shape could not be seen clearly, yet a blade-like look could be felt to direct right towards Yun Heng, as though to pierce him.

Yun Heng stepped forward and looked up at the black shadow in the air. He could not discern the emotions in his head. Guilt, regret, relief, and many other things. He looked firmly at that black shadow for a long while, before he spoke in a low voice. "I know it is too late now to do anything. But… I hope for you to have another chance to begin again."

Once his voice fell, the black shadow in the air looked as though he couldn't control himself anymore, and he suddenly changed into a wave of black mist, rushing over violently. Like sharp blades, they directly penetrated several holes in Yun Heng's body.

Glaring blood suddenly appeared all over him. Yet Yun Heng used his last strength to produce a seal with both hands! In the next instant, red lights flashed, and blood rushed out wildly, directly changed into many chains, trapping the whole block of grievous energy.

In the air, a gigantic golden array appeared and shrouded the two people underneath. Yun Heng's hand did not stop. He finished up the seal very rapidly, before he said word by word, "May my blood form your chance of life. May my soul cast your soul! I sacrifice all of me in exchange for your rebirth."

Chapter 396: Repairing the Northern Land

At once, a very bright golden light shone. The grievous energy in the surroundings started rushing into Yun Heng's body wildly as if they were pulled by some unknown force. And an almost transparent soul floated directly out of the grievous energy, rising slowly into the golden array on top.

From Yun Heng's body, dots of light of soul also started floating out. They converged upon the soul in on the top. Song Ren's soul which were almost transparent due to the effect of grievous energy, started materializing in visible speed. Bits of red blood Qi also started condensing towards the other body. That materialized soul body immediately had some livelihood, finally changing back from ghost soul to live soul.

Only then did Yun Heng's hand stop. Apparently his whole body was almost surrounded by grievous energy, yet a hint of a smile showed at the corner of his mouth. "And… I'm sorry!"

The grievous energy upon his body was immediately purified, and his whole figure started disappearing. In the next moment, he completely disappeared. Only bits of fire-like light floated out. Lonemoon produced a seal to keep the only bit of remnant soul Yun Heng had left. He sighed. This time, he didn't know how long he'd have to stay in the River of Forgetfulness, before he could have a chance of reincarnation.

Yi Qing also produced a seal, towards Song Ren, who already changed back into a live soul in the air. In the next instant, the materialize soul changed into a light ball and flew into his palm.

"This live soul, what do you intend to do with it?" asked Lonemoon. Though Song Ren had changed back to a live soul, his body was already devoured by deviant ghosts and his soul couldn't return to the body. Before long, he would turn back to a ghost soul.

"Father Niu, do you still have Radish's dandelions with you?" Yi Qing suddenly asked.

"You're still using dandelions!" Lonemoon's eyes opened wide. Isn't this taste a bit heavy? Is it not enough to have one back at home? "He was attached to Radish's flower previously and his soul already had his immortal qi. So it is best to use that as his formed body. Besides, the situation at the moment did not allow them to think for new methods, or Yun Heng's efforts would be wasted.

The corner of Lonemoon's mouth twitched, but he still dug out one from the storage bag beside his body and handed it over.

Yi Qing produced an array-setting seal immediately. Soon, a human shape slowly materialized in the array. He placed the live soul in his hand into the array, and within a short while, the light from the array died down, and a person appeared on the ground. As compared to the previous look which was similar to Radish, the human figure this time was completely identical to him. Only that as he was just reborn, he still couldn't wake up in a moment.

"Done!" Shen Ying clapped her hands. "We can go home and eat now."

"Get back!" Lonemoon reached out and caught a certain person who was just about to escape. He pointed towards the misplaced River of Forgetfulness in the air and the sky full of Yin Qi. "You call this 'done'?"

"Father Niu…"

"Shut up." Lonemoon gave her a stare. "Before this River of Forgetfulness recovers, don't any of you want to run."

"Oh my! That's so troublesome…"

"What troublesome! Nobody asked you to do it. You just stay here and don't f*cking go running around." With that said, he glanced at Yi Qing beside him. "Chef, you get Little Shortie to come and help."

"Hmm." Yi Qing nodded, directly taking out the transmission amulet.

Lonemoon made another glance at the River of Forgetfulness which went messily in all directions around them like hanged noodles. Immediately he felt his headache worsened. Plane cracks was something that even Godfiend back then could only seal temporarily relying on help from Hong Meng's group from another plane. Yun Heng was, after all, just a mortal. If the matter could be solved by only his soul-sacrificing, they wouldn't have looked for a Manager everywhere so anxiously. Yun Heng merely used the force of the River of Forgetfulness to cover it up temporarily, but the crack had always been there. This cover was very fragile besides, and the crack would reappear before long.

And due to him forcefully using the River of Forgetfulness, he caused chaos of the River of Forgetfulness in this world, and disturbed Samsara in this world. Therefore, a chasm allowing entering but not exit was formed here.

Besides, this River of Forgetfulness was a small portion stemmed from the mainstream of the small world, which meant that half of the souls which went past here may be forcefully stuck here. What's more, because of the distortion of the River of Forgetfulness, they soul may collapse and become remnant souls. And their numbers kept increasing. The Northern Land was probably formed like this.

Though remnant souls had no consciousness, they would instinctively want to return to the River of Forgetfulness. That was why the remnant souls would attack the mortal realm wildly. Because only the River of Forgetfulness there could allow them to re-enter Samsara. Yet they were actually intercepted by unknowing Mystic cultivators and prevented from entering. Not being able to reincarnate, nor to return to the River of Forgetfulness, no wonder they would produce grievous energy and become so violent as to eat humans.

The only solution was to return the River of Forgetfulness to its original state, send all remnant souls back into Samsara, and most importantly, fix that plane crack.

But there were really too many faults with the River of Forgetfulness here, and they were messily scattered everywhere. Even with Little Shortie here, him and  Yi  Qing took a long time to slowly pull back those messed-up rivers.

Yes, two people. Not including a certain troublesome person who watched like in a movie while eating snacks the whole time.

"Oh. Don't I have to keep an eye on Rotten Ghost? He's not awake yet. What if he gets rotten again?" said Shen Ying in all seriousness. The corner of Lonemoon's mouth twitched. Aren't you just f*cking lazy! Song Ren is already reborn and not a ghost anymore. How on earth can he still get rotten?

"It's already done." Before Lonemoon could bust out, Yi Qing dragged the last section of the River of Forgetfulness back to its original position, and the whole river was finally restored, and it started flowing once more.

Little Shortie at the side waved a hand towards a sky full of Yin Qi. Her being Meng Po after all, countless light dots appeared instantly. Thousands of stuck remnant souls all returned to the River. The Yin Qi dissipated completely. As if thick clouds were cleared, very bright sunlight suddenly covered them. The Northern Land which was originally so dark that even the sun and the sky could not be seen lit up completely in a moment. Though it was still a barren land, the dark aura of earlier was gone.

And bits of Spirit Qi appeared in the air. Upon thinking carefully, it was in fact normal. Looking at Yun Heng's first life in the illusion, one could realize that the Spirit Qi of this small world wasn't much lesser than that of other small worlds. Yet with the plane crack that appeared later, combined with the messing up of the River of Forgetfulness, this world was affected. That was why its Spirit Qi grew ever thinner and eventually severing the heritage of cultivators.

Right now, with the restoration of the River of Forgetfulness, Spirit Qi would naturally return. Just that…

He looked up. In the next instant, there was indeed a distortion in the air, and a pitch-black hole suddenly appeared, as thought the sky was torn apart.

He subconsciously turned to look at a certain foodie beside him. Yet he saw her making an encouraging gesture with cupped fists. "Go on, Father Niu!" You can do it!

"Get lost!" You just don't want to do it yourself.

Upon careful recollection of that assistant guide book which he spent months to look through, he indeed wanted to give it a try. "Chef, you take the left, I take the right. Let's try Sky- Repairing Array." Yi Qing nodded and turned to fly towards the left. Lonemoon flew towards the right. The two activated the array at the same time, while directly turning on assistant authority. Indeed, in the next moment, a wave of unknown power went through his body, and then flowed into the array.

He saw that pitch-black hole in the middle starting to shrink smaller and smaller. Within the time of eating half a fruit, that black hole had completely disappeared, together with its violent sucking force.

Chapter 397: Remaking a Flower

Lonemoon transferred out the plane data to take a look and then took out the small book to compare. When he found that the data matched and no more crack would appear, he finally let out a sigh of relief. It seemed that what the assistant guide book said was right. A plane assistant had the ability of plane repairing to begin with. Props like the band-aids that Shen Ying gave him earlier were merely supplementary.


Yi Qing was also slightly stunned, as he didn't expect that an array itself would really resolve the plane crack. Yet upon careful recollection, when Master used Radish to fix those hundreds of plane cracks, she didn't seem to use any special prop either.

He suddenly remembered something and looked up at Lonemoon, "Father Niu, I think recently Master…"

"I know." Lonemoon nodded directly without waiting for him to finish. He looked back at Shen Ying, who was trying to wake Rotten Ghost on the ground by poking him. A bit of concern flashed in his eyes. "When she wants to tell, she naturally will."


Lonemoon flew out and picked up the corpse on the ground on the way.

"Matter resolved. We're going back!"

"Back to the immortal realm?" Little Shortie at the side stunned. "But aren't Uncle-Master Si Yu and others still here?"

"We'll bring back Rotten… Song Ren back to the immortal realm first." Song Ren's projection was made from a dandelion by Radish, and he was a living soul. Once he entered the body, this projected body became his real body. In a certain sense, he was already of an immortal body. Only that he never cultivated, so he couldn't be left in this small world. They could only bring him back.

Lonemoon sent  a  voice  transmission  to  Si  Yu  and  others, while opening up the realm gate on top at the same time. Neither did others hesitate. Yi Qing brought Shen Ying and they flew over directly on his sword. Lonemoon dragged Song Ren who still hadn't woken up, and with only a moment of hesitation, flew inside as well.

He somehow felt that they had forgotten something. But he couldn't remember what in a moment.

Forget it, that probably was not important.

Not far away…

The red and black couple who had finally gotten out from the trap of grievous energy, "…"


How their hearts hurt! ——————

Song Ren woke up. Perhaps due to his prior experience, the projected body that Yi Qing made integrated perfectly with his soul, without any rejection at all. Only that because of  him being unfamiliar with using immortal qi, he had to rely on immortal qi transfer from others to maintain a human shape.
Besides that, there was no other problem. However…

"Who are you?" He looked at the people in front of him blankly. After a while, he looked at himself. "I… Who am I?"

Yi Qing: "…"

Lonemoon, "…"

Shen Ying, "…"

Lonemoon's expression changed slightly. He looked him up and down. Yi Qing even directly pulled over his hand, let out a bit of God Power to explore his primordial spirit. After a long while he shook his head. "He's okay!" There was no sign of grievous energy being formed by his soul.

Only then was everyone relieved. They thought that he had lost his memory because of grievous energy like last time. Looking at him now, he must have let it go. The rebirth gotten from Yun Heng's risking soul dissipation finally made him forgive him and also let himself go. It was just as well that he forgot everything now.

"You really remember nothing?"

His expression was even more blank. After thinking hard for a long while, he still shook his head. "I don't remember anything. Who am I? Where is this?"

"This is Invincible Heavenly Palace. You…" Lonemoon hesitated, and after a long while he said, "You are a new disciple taken in by our Invincible Sect. Something went wrong when you've first started cultivation, so you got injured… seriously! That your body can't be used anymore. So we attached you to a dandelion. Now it's all okay. Just cultivate properly from now onwards. "I am… a dandelion?" He looked very surprised, but didn't doubt his words. "Then… then you are?"

"We are your master and seniors, naturally. I am Lonemoon, the Elder-in-charge of the sect." He pointed to the other two and said, "There, the one nibbling at a fruit is sect master! The one handing over fruit is Che- Elder Yi Qing. I will send someone to bring you to familiarize with others in the sect a bit later."

Only then did he nod. Yet he still looked confused. Just as he was about to ask something, the door was suddenly pushed open, making a loud noise.

"Little Missy!" A certain vegetable rushed in like a bombshell. After glancing across the room, his look fixed upon Shen Ying instantly, and he rushed directly towards her. "You're finally back!"

Seeing that he was about to reach them, Yi Qing at the side silently extended one foot, very calmly and casually…

In the next moment, Radish's feet lost balance, and he dropped to the ground with a bang. The many dandelions held in his hands immediately flew out all over the room.

Radish obviously seemed used to it. He threw away the flower stems in his hand, and being too lazy to stand up, he sat down directly on the ground, grabbed  the  corner  of  Shen  Ying's clothes and said, "Little Missy, Radish misses you so  much. Without you here, there was nobody to water me. Look, look…" He pulled his hair, a pitiful expression on his face. "My leaves already have split ends."

Shen Ying finished up the fruit inside her hand slowly, before answering, "Oh."

"Little Missy, how can you leave so easily, and not taking Radish with you to play?" He grew even more grievous. "Mushrooms are gonna grow on Radish… Hey, how is this ugly thing back again?" He saw Song Ren at the side and looked him up and down, a look of disgust all over his face. He remembered the person who ruined Sister Little Hong's dual cultivation ceremony.

Confirmed with a look that this was someone he hated! "You come at a good time!" Lonemoon stepped forward and said, "He's also a disciple of our sect from now on. You bring him to familiarize with things around the sect. By the way, let Lan Hua do the arrangements for him!"

"I'm not going!" Radish refused it right away. Not a Little Missy, he didn't like it at all!

"…" The corner of Lonemoon's mouth twitched, as he almost wanted to cook it. "His real body was plants too, so both of you are in a way the same kind. Who will take care of him if you don't?

"Eh? Really!" Radish stunned for a moment and then stood up and gave the other person a proper look. Indeed, he felt vegetation spirit on him, and it was actually familiar. Suddenly he felt that he was not so ugly, so he started sizing him up even more seriously.

"This… this is?" Song Ren actually felt a bit awkward being stared at by him. Subconsciously, he looked at Lonemoon beside him. "You don't remember. He's Radish, the…" He thought about it before coming up with a word, "pet in-residence!"

"…" What is a pet- in-residence?

"You came from the same origin as him. About cultivation, you may ask… Never mind, you may just ask Lan Hua!" Don't Radish's trouble-making character make another bad. "Oh yeah, Radish gave you your body."

"My… body!" Song Ren was shocked, and he looked towards Radish, full of disbelief. His eyes opened wide, and many complicated emotions flashed in his eyes like fire or electricity. After a long while, he nodded hard and answered, "I get it."

Then he stepped forward and gritted his teeth. As though he had made up some resolution, he cupped his fist towards the direction of Radish and called out,

"Father!" Lonemoon, "…"

Yi Qing: "…"

Shen Ying, "…"

Radish: "…"


What the heck?!!!!!

Chapter 398: The Red and Black Couple<segment 23068>

Radish didn't expect that his daily routine of sending flowers to Little Missy could end up with getting a son. As a senior, gender-discriminatory beauty worshiper, Radish suddenly felt some dislike of this sudden son. Mainly because it was not a Little Missy.

When Lonemoon told him that he was the first to have a son among the hundreds of disciples in Invincible Sect, the precious singularity in the whole Heavenly Palace, he finally let go of his little temper. He happily received that dandelion and looked like he intended to teach all he had to him.

Yet because of Song Ren's loss of memory, he accepted very readily the matter of himself being a vegetation  spirit. Everyday, he followed Radish and wandered around. Not only did they go around bullying cranes everywhere, he even followed Radish everyday to sit in the pit in back mountain punctually, waiting for people to water them.

Soon, disciples of the sect realized that a new dandelion joined Radish in the activity of jumping around the sect everyday to create mischief in one manner or another. Every day, they either plucked the hair of some spirit beast or plucked the newly bloomed flower of some immortal herb.

Lonemoon couldn't help but doubt whether the decision to accept the two's relationship for the convenience of Song Ren's cultivation was too rash. Yet there were just so many matters in the sect that he could spare no thought at all. Besides, he still had to go down to check on that small world and the state of learning of those cultivators from time to time. So he had even less spare time.

With the matter of the River of Forgetfulness resolved and the Spirit Qi of that world starting to restore, the matters of Dao teaching and cultivation of course had to continue. Otherwise, should they go troubling the River of Forgetfulness and make another Northern Land full of remnant souls, they would be really busy for him.

In the sect, Si Yu was the disciple of highest cultivation beside Little Shortie and Lan Hua. Right now, she was already halfway to the cultivation of an Exalted Immortal. With her around, Lonemoon could rest assured. However, once they went to the lower realm, there would naturally be a manpower shortage. Besides, with the time for a once-in-a-century immortal plant exchange across continents, he was so busy that his feet hardly touched the ground. Only then did he realize that something seemed to be missing.

Holy shit!

Yu Hong was still in the lower realm! No wonder he felt a manpower shortage. Only then, were the red and black couple, who had been trapped in the lower realm for months, fetched back.

"You mean, you were trapped inside Northern Land by the grievous energy?" Lonemoon looked at the couple who looked tired after being just picked up.

"Elder…" Yu Hong's expression was completely ashamed. "It was because of my insufficiency in learning that we'd be trapped by mere grievous energy, unable to come back to send the message. Sect master and Elder may punish me."

"My dear, how can it be blamed on you?" Before Lonemoon could speak, Little Black said immediately, distressed, "Who'd expect the grievous energy to be so severe? We were pulled to the lower realm before we could react and were trapped in that bloody place."

"But if my cultivation was enough, the two of us wouldn't be completely powerless, that we even troubled Sect master to go down herself to look for us." Yu Hong still looked full of shame.

"The way you said, this matter should be blamed on me, the husband!" Little Black took her hand and said apologetically, "I didn't protect you properly, that we ended trapped by the grievous energy. If someone has to be punished, let it be me!"

"Little Black!" Yu Hong gave him a stare. "This is a matter within our sect. Don't you mess around!"

"I don't care!" Little Black held to her even more tightly and said with deep affection, "Once I am married to you, I am one of Invincible Sect. When I live I am your demon, and when I'm dead, I'm your dead demon. If we are punished, we are punished together…"

"Ok, ok… That's quite enough!" Lonemoon couldn't help but interrupt the romantic couple. If you want to show off your affection, can you do it back in the house? We don't want to watch it. "Yu Hong, you mean that in these months in the lower realm, you were trapped in Northern Land without leaving the whole time?"

"Yes." nodded Yu Hong. "There was Yin Qi everywhere and not even the sky and the sun could be seen. Neither Little Black nor me could dispel those grievous energy, and we didn't dare to rush out abruptly."

"Did you get hurt, then?" Lonemoon's heart sank. What dragged them down to the lower realm was Song Ren's grievous energy. For that grievous energy to be able to rush onto Immortal Realm, it was apparently different. Not to mention Little Black first, with Yu Hong's cultivation, to resist it would still be a bit hard. The key was that she was trapped there for as long as months.

"That… I didn't." She seemed to remember something and her face reddened. She gave Little Black beside her a look before continuing, "Luckily, Little Black had a Dharma treasure and it could open up a small mystic realm temporarily, so… In these few months, we have stayed in that mystic realm without getting hurt by the grievous energy. Later, we sensed that the Yin Qi in the surroundings disappeared, and only then did we get out of that mystic realm."

Good that they weren't hurt. Lonemoon felt relieved.

"Rest assured, darling." Little Black smiled immediately as bright as a flower. "With me here, I wouldn't let you get hurt under any circumstances." With that said, he even grabbed her hand and gave it a kiss.

Yu Hong's face blushed even more. She looked up back at him. In the moment that their eyes connected, it was as if pink bubbles appeared around them.

Everyone could smell a sweetness in the air…

The corner of Lonemoon's mouth twitched, as he hurried to wave a hand and chase away the crowd. "Okay, okay. The two of you can go to rest. Yu Hong, remember to go and check on those immortal herbs in the afternoon." "Yes, Elder!"

The two exchanged another look, before walking out of the hall holding hands. Immediately, pink atmosphere filled the whole audience hall.

Shen Ying who sat on top narrowed her eyes, and then turned towards Boss Lan, who was at one side criticizing her fashion sense and forcefully giving her dharma clothings, and said suddenly, "Boss Lan."


"Isn't grievous energy more powerful than your demonic Qi?"

"You must be joking!" His expression was proud. "Among all the Yin Qi of the world, which can be compared to demonic Qi? All those Yin Qi and grievous energy are like playthings in the eyes of the demonic clan. Using demonic Qi, they can be dispelled in no time. "Oh~~~~" Shen Ying replied, dragging her voice, before she continued to nibble at a fruit casually.

Yet the two who had just reached the door paused their footsteps.

The pink bubbles surroundings them burst in a moment. Some cold aura was emerging from Yu Hong's body continuously and rushing right towards Little Black beside her.

"My… my dear…" Little Black's little heart trembled, and his legs felt a bit weak immediately. "Let me explain…"

"Little Black!" A roar sounded immediately, and even the hall trembled. Yu Hong's originally delicate figure instantly turned into a steel Barbie. "How dare you lie to me!" With that said, he grabbed a certain Demon King shivering beside her and threw him out directly.

"My dear…" Before he could finish, he turned into a tiny black dot above the horizon in the next moment. Yu Hong's figure flashed and then also disappeared at the door. Obviously she was chasing after him for a beating.

The hall suddenly went quiet…

Three pairs of eyes turned together to look at a certain foodie on top.

"What's up?" Shen Ying's looked all innocent, pure, kind and ignorant. "Is it time for dinner?"

Yi Qing: "…"

Lonemoon, "…"

Lan Hua: "…"

The corner of Lonemoon's mouth twitched. "Life is already hard, so don't expose the truth, okay?" "Huh?" Shen Ying's head tilted.

"Never mind. Go on eating." Though Little Black was very pitiful, he felt an inexplicable feeling of exhilaration. What was up?


"Oh." Then she continued to nibble at her fruit, feeling that it became even tastier.

Chapter 399: Going into Hibernation

After this beating, Little Black didn't appear in the sect for a whole month. Yu Hong seemed very angry indeed, such that every time Little Black wanted to creep back secretly, she'd find out and throw him out without mercy. She didn't even have a good face for other members of the demonic clan with whom she was usually in contact.

Lonemoon finally became a bit more free. He had originally thought that he'd have to give this newly wed couple a wedding leave. From the look of it now, he needn't worry about that anymore. Yet though the matters of the sect was solved, something else came up.

"What's this?" Shen Ying poked the huge colorful bird on the table.

"Hong Meng sent it. He said that this was the first phoenix that appeared in their plane." Lonemoon explained casually.

"Phoenix?" Shen Ying turned instantly towards Chef. "It's just a similarity in appearance." Yi Qing glanced at the bird on the table. "This is a beast without spirit." A large bird at most.

"Oh." Shen Ying's eyes narrowed. "What's it for?"

"He heard that he had some special abilities. Hong Meng specially sent it to you to thank you for the last time."

"For me?" Is it a meal?

( 『̄̄)

"Hmm." nodded Lonemoon. Ever since sending Hong Meng's group to their plane, they would send over gifts from time to time. Just that their plane was only recently opened and there was really nothing special. This was the first time that they saw a living thing. "But he also didn't elaborate on what this bird was exactly good for."

When they  were  thinking,  the  bird  on  the  table  suddenly fluttered her wings and flew up, making a crisp cockle. She flew one round in the audience hall, and white light started shining all over her body. In the next moment, her long tail waved and a white light flashed. Something dropped from the sky and fell right on the table with a bang. Instantly, a crack appeared on the table surface.

They looked down, and an object, crystal clear, the size of a fist, appeared on the table. Bright light shone in it and Immortal Qi overflowed from it.

This was…

"A spirit stone!" Lonemoon was shocked. Taking up the stone for a look, he realized that it was supreme-grade spirit stone besides. "This bird can actually produce spirit stones!"

Even Yi Qing looked at the bird which already flew down with some shock. This was simply a moving spirit stone library. With it in the sect, they would never need to worry about the lack of spirit stone. Though of course, they had no lack of it now. "Hong Meng is generous indeed!" Satisfactorily, Lonemoon touched the bird which laid back on the table. He smiled like a bank-owner. "Even for such a precious bird, he sent it straight over." Hmm, he was a sensible god.

"Wow." Shen Ying pulled the bird's hair curiously. "So… can it be eaten?"

Lonemoon, "…"

Yi Qing: "…"

"Is there anything in your brain besides eating?" Lonemoon rolled his eyes at her, and then he hugged that bird and said, "This is a spirit stone-producing bird! How can it be eaten casually?"

"Can't a stone-producing one be eaten?" The meat smelled sweet indeed.

"You are wasting! Of course we have to keep it to get spirit stones first. What a pity it is to eat it like this! In any case, you've already eaten six meals today!"

"Six…" Was there so many? Shen Ying stunned briefly, and she looked at the bird in his hands. But it looked really delicious indeed!

"Is it so important to have spirit stones?"

"Nonsense. Without spirit stones, what are you gonna eat and drink?" Lonemoon was seriously dispelling her desire to eat. "These are supreme-grade spirit stones, and the immortal qi in it was the purest. It will be very beneficial if disciples of the sect directly absorb the  immortal  qi  from  it  during  cultivation.  In the worst case, they could be exchanged for something else."

"Like that…" Shen Ying's eyes narrowed and something flashed in her eyes. She said slowly, "But isn't this stone produced from that bird's… butt? To take what it produced from there and absorb it again… isn't it a bit unsanitary?

"…" "And also, you're using what it produced to exchange for food and drinks, then…"

"Shut up!" Lonemoon's face was almost turning green. If she continued further, he was going to puke. Why a proper thing changes its taste completely when spoken from her mouth. "There, there!" He stuffed the bird into her hands directly. "For your additional dish. Happy?" Is it worth being like this for a mouthful of food?

"Chef!" Shen Ying was overjoyed, and she turned to stuff the bird to into Yi Qing's hand, "Chili chicken, the  super  spicy kind!"

"Yes Master, no problem Master!"

Lonemoon: "…" F*cking retards.

A while later…

"Eh? Father Niu, where are you going?" "To, wash, my, hands!" He suddenly felt that his hands smelled like bird shit!


Only then did Shen Ying straighten up her body, and on a rare occasion, took the initiative to set up the plates. One hand holding a pair of chopsticks, she waited for her meal, looking like a hungry ghost.

The corner of Lonemoon's mouth twitched. He was too lazy to bother with this foodie. He threw away the spirit stones in her hand and turned to the kitchen to wash his hands. At that time, a dead bird was already lying on the chopping board. He felt a stuffiness in his chest. His heart was so painful. My cash- printing machine!

He withdrew his look in silence, sped up the washing of hands, and then walked out. What somebody doesn't see can't hurt them.

When he went out, Shen Ying still maintained the previous posture. Only that her eyes narrowed, and she no longer had the energetic look from just now.

"Foodie Shen." Lonemoon waved, and seeing that she didn't respond, he couldn't help but gave her a push. "The sun's not down yet, how are you already sleepy? Not eating the bird anymore?"

Shen Ying turned to give her a look, and her eyes were misty. She looked as though she only heard his words after a long while. "Ah… Not eating any more."

"Holy shit! Why didn't you say earlier?" Even its feathers were all plucked. "You purposely… Hey, are you okay?" Lonemoon only just realized something was wrong with her. "What's up? Why are you like this? What happened?"

"Father Niu… Let me discuss something with you!"

"What matter?" Her look became even more blur, as if she was going to drift into sleep the next moment. "I might… need to hibernate for a while."

"What hibernate? There's no winter in the sky palace! What… is really wrong with you?" Lonemoon panicked. Suddenly thinking of something, his heart tightened. "Was it because of opening the plane last time? Did you…"

"Only a bit sleepy and want to sleep." Shen Ying tilted her head, not giving a direct answer. "Just that… it will be a rather long sleep."

His heart sank suddenly. "How long?!"

"Hmm… pretty long!"

Lonemoon's hands tightened beside his body. He took a deep breath, before he could suppress the emotions in the bottom of his heart. He said word by word, "I'll just ask you one thing. Tell me honestly, nothing will happen to you, right?" Shen Ying was stunned for a moment. After a long while, she nodded hard. "Of course!"

"Okay… That's good."

She suddenly clicked on her wristband, drew out a light screen and did some manipulation lazily. "During this period, I will seal all the plane passages. Don't open them under any circumstances. And…" She stopped halfway and her tone changed. "Save that bird for me. I'll eat it after I wake up!"

"How does the bird still matter now?" Lonemoon grew even more anxious. "Tell me first, what can we do to help…" He struggled to calm down, and then turned towards the kitchen and called out, "Chef… Chef!"

Yi Qing happened to be walking out of the kitchen. "It'll be ready in a minute. Master, I…" Yet Shen Ying looked that she finally couldn't keep up anymore. She directly fell over to the side.

With a bang, the dish which she held in her hand fell over the floor.

The color on her face faded completely, and it became pale as snow…


Chapter 400: Sealing the Plane

"Master! Master…" Yi Qing called out a few times. Yet he saw that the person in his arms had no reaction at all. His face turned even whiter, and even his hands started trembling. Subconsciously, he started making seals to transfer immortal power through spells. At once, blue light rushed out of him and a large amount of immortal power went right towards her.

"Chef, this won't work. She's no cultivator, even if you… Holy shit! Don't you want to live anymore!" Seeing that he was going to sacrifice even his inner core, Lonemoon hurried to pull him back, shocked.

"Get away!" Yi Qing waved his hand away. His eyes were red with mania.

"Chef, calm down!" Lonemoon said with a deep voice. "Shen Ying said just now that she was only sleeping temporarily. She'll wake up."

Yi Qing stunned. The mad aura over him halted. He turned back and asked with a hoarse voice, "… How long?" Lonemoon bowed his head, and his hands tightened beside his body. "She didn't say. But… since she said it's okay, it must be okay."

His expression finally calmed down, and  the  redness  in  his eyes disappeared gradually. Only that she hugged the person in his arms even more tightly, as if she would disappear with any carelessness by him.

"These days, she's not in the right condition. You must have seen it long ago too." Lonemoon continued. "She didn't talk about it. It may be because we can't help and will only worry even more, so that talking about it is useless. She's a manager, and many things may be well beyond our understanding. You should trust your own master. She…"

"Manager!" He suddenly interrupted Lonemoon. As though he remembered something, his eyes opened wide, and as though grabbing the last hope, he lifted her up suddenly. "Yes, we can look for a manager!"

"What are you doing?" Lonemoon was stunned. What did he mean? "We'll go to the other world." He said anxiously. "Shen Jing… She's also a manager. She must know a way!"

Oh yeah. Lonemoon also got it. He almost forgot about that great one! He immediately made a seal to open up the passage towards the Divine Realm. "Go through the Divine Realm. It's faster that way."

The two walked back to the space underneath that starry sky, their footsteps brisk. Just as Lonemoon was about to open up the plane passage, his face paled. "Hey, how come it doesn't work?" He tried a few more times, but it still didn't work. Even the edge of the plane couldn't be felt now.

"The plane passage… can't be opened!"

Yi Qing's expression darkened. With a turn of hand, he directly called out a sword and said, "We'll break in there then!" It wouldn't be the first time, anyway.

"Don't you mess it up!" Lonemoon grew anxious and caught him immediately. He almost got killed the last time, and he wanted to do it once more. "Oh yeah. Just now Shen Ying said that she sealed all plane passages. She must have her reason for doing so. Opening it up forcefully may actually harm her."

Only then did Yi Qing put away the sword in his hand. His hands clenched tight. "What should we do, then?"

"…" Lonemoon fell silent. He clenched the flute in his hand tight and thought about it for a long while before saying, "Since we can't go there, maybe them from the other side can come. Shen Jing is also a Manager. She should know a way."

He suddenly remembered something. He clicked on the wristband, and a light screen appeared in front of his eyes immediately. He worked on it while saying, "I remember that the guidebook of the wristband mentions it can directly contact the plane there."

A joy crested his face as he clicked open that icon immediately. In the next instant, a call interface popped up, accompanied by the sound of calling. The other party connected very quickly, almost right after the ringing started. A familiar figure appeared in sight. "Little Ying, how are you free…" Shen Ying's voice paused, and the smiling expression that she originally wore chilled. "Why is it you little bastard!" He frowned slightly. "Why did you suddenly contact me? Where's my Little Ying?"

"Sister Jing, Shen Ying, she…" Only then did Lonemoon take a step aside, revealing Yi Qing behind him, holding the person.

Shen Jing's face darkened. It was as if a cold wind raged over them. Her look pierced the two like knives. "What happened? Why would she suddenly go into a dormant period!"

"We're also not sure." Lonemoon shook his head. "She didn't tell us the reason, only said that she'd hibernate for a while."

"I knew… that something would happen! I've long told her not to take that plane. She just wouldn't listen. Been so stubborn since young." Shen Ying stood up and started to walk back and forth anxiously. After a long while, it was as though she remembered something, she looked towards the two with an even colder look. "No. She has the power of two planes on her. Unless there was some huge consumption, she won't go into dormancy. What did she do previously?" Lonemoon was stunned, and then answered, "She repaired hundreds of plane cracks, and… opened up a new plane."

"What?!" The person's face stiffened, and her figure trembled slightly. The aura in the surroundings suddenly became horrible, as though something was going to burst out.  Her hands clenched tight bit by bit. Even with the screen between them, they felt a strong pressure overwhelming them. Even the whole Divine Realm started shaking.

Several clashing sounds were vaguely heard. On the starry sky which was originally pitch-black, cracks started appearing from around the light screen, as though it was going to tear the Divine Realm apart, it extended towards the surroundings.

"Open, up, a new plane!!!" In the next moment, an immense rage burst out of her, as if there was a fire all over her. "I'll kill you two bastards!"

"Big boss!" Kai Tian suddenly appeared in the picture and grabbed the raging Manager. "Calm down… Calm down. Releasing your power so casually like this will cause a lot of plane cracks. Really, please calm down." "Get lost!" He kicked at the person beside her. Murderous aura covered the whole sky, as the person who was always calm burst out. "Little Ying already has a plane attached to her, and you actually dare to allow her to open a new plane! Are you idiots? Why don't you stop her from doing something like this! I've got to kill them. I must kill them!" Without them taking her Little Ying away like this, how would it end up like this?

"Big boss…" Kai Tian got onto his feet and hugged her leg tightly. "The passage over there is already sealed. You can't go there!"

"You two bastards. Open up the passage for me quickly! Don't you think that closing it solves all problems. If  anything happens to Little Ying, there will be no need for your plane to exist!"

"Big boss, breaking through with force would affect Shen Ying as well."

Shen Jing paused. Only then did she calm down. Those few cracks in the Divine Realm stopped extending as well. After a long while, she took a deep breath. The look towards Lonemoon and Yi Qing became even colder, as though she was looking at two dead people.

Even Lonemoon felt a coldness rushing up his body.

She really… wanted to kill them!

Yi Qing looked down at the person in his arms and put her down carefully. He turned to kneel down in the direction of Shen Jing. "Senior Shen, it is indeed our fault in not protecting Master. Yi Qing is up for Senior to deal with. But now that Master's condition is unclear, I hope that Senior can, with the love of sisters- tell us how to wake Master?"
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