My Master Disconnected Yet Again Chapter 451-460

Chapter 451: The Search for Fatty

Because of a certain lost personnel, Lonemoon wasted a whole day. Therefore, he and Chef had to use the time at night to sense the condition of this small world, but there was no outcome. They still couldn't see what was the problem here. It seemed to be just the closure of the realm gate, like Yu Cang said. Lonemoon kept feeling that the matter wasn't so simple, and they may have neglected something. So early the next morning, he started asking around about the condition of this small world.

Only then did he know that this small world was called Divine Arrival World, and its Spirit Qi was very rich, thicker even than the earlier Three Azure Realms which had Immortal veins. Therefore, most of the people of this small world had spirit roots, and there were very few mortals. It could be considered a place of popularized cultivation. There were countless sects and clans. Among them, Divine Imperial Sect was the most prominent.

Lonemoon also understood that this Divine Imperial Sect was more like a cultivation clique, than a sect. In their sect were many sub branches, and beside the woods in which they picked up Shen Ying just now was the largest of the six sub branches. Its master was also the head of Qi Clan, a top-tier cultivation clan.

He was at first curious as to why the head of a cultivation clan would become a sub branch of Divine Imperial Sect. Later, he understood that Divine Imperial Sect was initially formed with a combined effort of the Six Great Clans, and the so-called sub branches were in fact the locations of those clans themselves. It was said that these six clans were top-tier cultivation clans of Divine Arrival World to begin with, and as they joined their powers, it naturally became the strongest clan of all.

Lonemoon was actually somewhat surprised that the clans would have such sense. As compared to sects, clans were generally more conservative and self-contained. To begin with, the resources in a small world was limited, however thick their spirit qi. Wherever there was society, there were conflicts. And the existence of clans was a manifestation of self-interest in itself. The cooperation of people with the same bloodline and family name were naturally better than fighting on  alone. Which means, they were initially family businesses with a long heritage. It was hard for such businesses to reform in the first place, but this small world actually did it, and not for one, but six clans.

He also knew that while Divine Imperial Sect was formed by the clans, they treated their disciples equally, and took in new disciples every year. The taking in of new disciples depended solely on merit and not background. Such long-term planning made Lonemoon rather respectful.

Besides, perhaps due to the small number of mortals, the relationship between Daoist and Fiendish cultivators were rather harmonic. There were no immensely sinister fiendish cultivators who used live people for cultivation, and they naturally didn't oppose each other.

Lonemoon spent a whole day gathering information in the immortal city, but got nothing that was useful, and nothing that was strange. By right, with any small world that had a problem, they should have realized its abnormality immediately upon arrival, like the previous mushroom world, in which his body was robbed the moment he came down. And the deviant ghosts of Song Ren's world. And even the invasion alerts of the earlier Three Azure Realms.

"Chef, how is it on your side?" He sat down at the teahouse at which they agreed to meet, and gave Yi Qing, who was pouring tea for a certain person, a look. "Nothing." Yi Qing shook his head. "Master and I went around but found nothing unusual."

That was strange. What on earth was the reason that Heavenly Dao locked the realm gate at this side?

"This place is no different from the other small world, but…" Yi Qing seemed to think of something. Just when she was about to speak, some noise came from downstairs, like something had happened. Vaguely, a few cries could be heard.

The two exchanged a look. In the next instant, they saw the shopkeeper walk in with a few cultivators. All the cultivators wore the same uniform, and flame patterns were sewn on the cuffs of their sleeves. Lonemoon took a look and realized all of them were of considerable cultivation, with the lowest being Golden Core. The middle-aged man in the middle was even a cultivator halfway at Soul Formation. He was somewhat surprised. Was the teaching of this world of such a high standard?

They seemed to be looking for something. They looked around the second floor. In the next instant, he felt a strand of Divine Perception glancing over. He subconsciously wanted to block it, but held back that urge, gave Chef beside him a look, and let that Divine Perception sweep away. Indeed, it didn't stay and turned straight towards the guests of other tables.

That person searched through the whole inn, seemingly finding no abnormalities, his face became darker.

"Uncle-Master?" A Golden Core disciple ventured to call.

That person shook his head and turned to leave. His look glanced at Lonemoon and Yi Qing. Seemingly remembering something, he frowned and walked over. With his Divine Perception which glanced over just now, there were naturally some suppression. All the cultivators at the place showed expressions of horror or excitement, but merely remained silent because they recognized them as from the Divine Imperial Sect. Therefore, Lonemoon's group which looked casual stood out somewhat.

"These two Fellow Daoists look unfamiliar." He stopped by the table of the three. "May I know what clan and what sect you are from?" He glanced at the two once more, but realized that there were not a bit of spirit qi on their bodies. Immediately, he was shocked. "You are mortals?" "Fellow Daoist must be joking." Lonemoon's face darkened, as he pretended to be offended. "Though we are itinerant cultivators with no clans or sects, we have spent many years working hard on cultivation. How can we be mortals?"

"Itinerant cultivators?" He was stunned briefly. He let go of his Divine Perception to check their cultivation once more, and indeed they were just two Foundation Establishment cultivators. He looked down at the empty plates whose contents were all finished and frowned slightly with dislike. He must have made a mistake just now. Already at Foundation Establishment but yet to achieve Grain Liberation, their spirit root and understanding must be really inferior. No wonder they could only be itinerant cultivators. They must have ignored his Divine Perception just now because they didn't realize it at all.

With that, he stayed no more. He directly turned, went downstairs and left, leading his group of disciples. Lonemoon turned to take a look out of the window, seeing that they walked right into a shop opposite them, and continued looking for something.

"There are many more high-level cultivators in the city today." Yi Qing finally spoke, continuing what he said just now. "There are not only Nascent Soul cultivators, but even three Soul Formation cultivators."

Lonemoon was stunned momentarily. Remembering something, he turned to Shen Ying at the side who was rubbing her stomach while drinking tea. He sighed and said, "Shen Ying, it seems that the Fatty you picked up yesterday is in big trouble!"

"Huh?" Shen Ying gave him a look, her head tilted. "What Fatty?"

The corner of Lonemoon's mouth twitched. You were treating him yesterday and today you've already forgotten it. "Nothing. Go on drinking!"


He looked once more at the shop across the street and couldn't help but say, casually, "I don't know how a mortal with no cultivation nor anything special can create such great troubles." Even Nascent Soul and Soul Formation cultivators were involved. Yi Qing was stunned momentarily. he frowned and said, "Talking of special… I'm thinking about one thing." His hand turned and a stack of familiar-looking yellow paper appeared in his hand immediately. It was the Aura-Concealing Talismans that Fatty forcefully stuffed into his hands yesterday.

Chapter 452: Together with Fatty

"What are you keeping these useless yellow papers for?" Lonemoon glanced at him. Thinking of something, his eyes widened. "Can these talismans really work?"

"Not entirely!" Yi Qing directly sent over a bit of spirit qi. In a short while, that pile of talisman papers moved, and a yellow talisman pattern floated up to the area right above his hand, indistinctly visible.

"Holy shit, this fatty's handmade talismans can really work." Lonemoon took a piece of the talisman paper, which was extremely unstable and incomplete, but nevertheless halfway to success. Wait… his hand stiffened, and as though remembering something, his eyes widened abruptly.

Only then did Yi Qing say, word by word, "He's mortal!"


Lonemoon finally thought of this matter. A mortal who couldn't even use spirit qi could actually draw messy talismans that worked. He must either have extraordinary quality, or special treasures. Seeing the way it was now, it must be the latter. Not a simple Fatty indeed. No wonder Divine Imperial Sect was so anxious to find him.

"Never mind, it has nothing to do with us." Lonemoon was not really interested in these matters. He had seen too much of cultivators fighting for good quality. Such things happened every moment in the Three Realms. Besides, all karmas are registered by Heavenly Dao, and all good and evil were to be repaid. It was not good for them to interfere. "Let's go back to the inn. We'll go to other immortal cities for information tomorrow."

Lonemoon thought that he'd never see that Fatty again. After all, he was just a mortal. However deep he hid, he probably couldn't escape the search of several Soul Formation cultivators. That's if… he didn't suddenly climb to the rooftop their house and trembled in a way which made the whole house crack.

And when he was shaking, he actually repeated self- comfortingly, "They can't find me, can't find me, can't  find me…" Lonemoon, who just entered: "…"

Yi Qing, who just entered, "…"

"Hey, Fatty!" Shen Ying actually looked up and greeted the person above her, "You ate?"

A certain huge thing leaning on the roof shivered. In the next moment, with a crack, the roof beam which had long been unable to support a certain person's weight broke and slammed down with a bang. Even half of the roof above them collapsed.

Yi Qing acted fast, dragging Shen Ying into his arms directly and stepping back to hide in the safe area. Lonemoon turned and stepped to the side as well. For a time, dust flew all over the room.


Lonemoon produced a wind spell, disbursing the dust in the room, uncovering the mess all over the floor, and Fatty who was covered in it. He seemed to be a bit dizzy from the bang. Seemingly dizzy from the hit, he shook his head before looking at the person in front of him.

"Miss… Shen?" He was stunned momentarily, and then struggled to get up. "Why are you…"

Before he could finish, loud sounds of footsteps came from not far away. It seemed like the disturbances over here attracted attention. Vaguely, some exploring suppression could be felt.

"What happened?"

Lonemoon looked out of the room, and saw that the innkeeper, followed by a group of cultivators in white looking exactly like those in the tea house just now, was walking towards their direction rapidly.

The man who just got up went pale as snow. His huge body trembled even more severely, and the eyes which were small to start with widened into a circle, full of horror. Shen Ying took a bite of her fruit, and immediately took a step forward to the side of Lonemoon, looking out with him. She happened to be just in front of the fat man.

"What happened?" Those cultivators in white were in front of them in no time. He looked at Lonemoon suspiciously,  and then, skipping Shen Ying and Fatty, he looked towards Yi Qing. His Divine Perception swept across the room mercilessly for more than a dozen times. After a long while, he drew back his glance with no result. "Why did this room suddenly collapse?"

Lonemoon gave a certain person who was nibbling at a fruit a look, and something went across his eyes. "Why? I want to ask why!" He turned towards the innkeeper who came behind and questioned with an angry face. "Innkeeper! This is your premium room? Lucky we didn't stay inside during the day, or who knows what would happen! Can you be an inn run by brigands?"

"No, no. Fellow Daoist has misunderstood." The innkeeper walked forward, his face full of alarm as he hurried to apologize, "So sorry! I never thought that this room would  collapse. Should I arrange another premium room for you?" "Just arrange another room?" Lonemoon snorted, his look unrelenting. "Who dares to live in this house of yours any more? What if it collapses again?"

"Then how about… I exempt you from the inn fees for all these days?"

Lonemoon raised her brows, and his face calmed a little. "We have three people."

"All three exempted, all." The innkeeper hurried to add.

"That's better."

Those cultivators in white frowned, seemingly in disapproval of Lonemoon's behavior. The cultivator who asked questions just now spoke directly, "Okay, good that nobody was hurt. Oh yeah, did you see any other person just now?"

"What person?" asked Lonemoon. The cultivator looked like he wanted to say something, but after a while, refrained from saying it. "Never mind."  He glanced through the room once more and still didn't discover anything. He turned, leading those cultivators in  white,  and left.

The innkeeper stayed and led the group into another perfectly intact room very politely.

The fat man followed behind Shen Ying with a look of total confusion the whole time. Apparently, his body was almost twice as large as Shen Ying's, but the innkeeper in front did not seem to notice that there was one more person at all. Throughout the whole time, he didn't give him a single look.

No, he didn't give him or Miss Shen a single look.

"Two sirs, please rest well. I will disturb no more." The innkeeper smiled towards them and then turned to walk away.

Two? The fat man was stunned. He looked between the group several times, and then he suddenly understood something, he turned towards Shen Ying. "Miss… Miss Shen, did you use invisibility talismans on me?" Only invisibility talismans could make one's figure totally invisible.

"No I didn't!" Shen Ying answered honestly.

"Then…" Were those people just now blind?

"Invisibility talisman?" Lonemoon actually laughed and said, "Her whole body was an invisibility talisman, and the kind with its own radiation."

Shen Ying, "…"

Hui Ze, "…"

Though he couldn't understand, it sounded very awesome. Hui Ze gave Shen Ying another look, and then hurried to cup his fists at the group, "Thank you guys for helping me. Hui Ze will remember it forever and be sure to repay you one day." "That won't be necessary." Lonemoon waved a hand, uncaring. "But when did you suddenly go hiding on the rooftop?" And his roof besides.

"It wasn't purposeful." He hurried to explain. "I was chased and hid into this inn unknowingly. I really couldn't find a place to hide so…" He gave him a guilty look. "I didn't know before that you all are staying at this inn."

"Is that so?" Lonemoon glanced at him. "Those Divine Imperial Sect cultivators are looking for you, right? Letting so many people be involved, it must be more than just simply offending a person in charge."

Hui Ze was stunned momentarily, his face paled, and his hands tightened beside his body, but he didn't speak for a long time.

"Never mind. I'm not interested in your business!" Lonemoon waved a hand. "But we'll be leaving this immortal city on the morrow. You better take care of yourself." Hui Ze was shocked, and his eyes were full of panic. He turned to give Shen Ying a look. After a long while of hesitation, he asked very carefully, "Miss Shen, may I… may I go along with your group?"

"Do you know where we're going, before you talk of going along?" said Lonemoon.

"It doesn't matter." He shook his hand. "I have nowhere to go, anyway. Anywhere is fine."

So he wanted to be a burden of theirs. Just as Lonemoon was about to refuse, Shen Ying suddenly spoke, "Okay."

"Shen Ying!"


Lonemoon and Yi Qing spoke together in disapproval. This man was obviously a huge trouble. "Thanks so much, Miss Shen!" Hui Ze's look was full of joy. He thought about it, and reached to produce a pile of spirit stones, and placed them on the table. "I have nothing to thank you guys with, I only some spirit stones. I hope they could be of use?"


The next moment…

Lonemoon stood up rapidly, patted Hui Ze's shoulder and said, "Don't you worry, Brother Fat. Isn't it just protecting you on your way? No problem at all!"

Shen Ying, "…"

Yi Qing: "…"

"…" Where was his shame?

Chapter 453: Fatty to the South

Hui Ze didn't imagine that he could actually get out of the city safely and walked out casually in front of two Soul Formation cultivators besides. The group of Divine Imperial Sect disciples at the city gate ignored him completely as if they all went blind together. Just like that, he followed behind Shen Ying and went all the way out of the city gates.

At first, he thought that they didn't recognize him because he was busy running these few days and never took care of his grooming. But after leaving the city, he couldn't help but go and look in the river, and then realized that his look, albeit dirty, remained quite recognizable. Besides, cultivators recognized people not solely by looks, but more importantly, by aura. But just so amazingly, nobody recognized him.

He couldn't help but look towards Shen Ying beside him, who was nibbling at a fruit. Remembering the happenings at the inn yesterday, he finally understood that Miss Shen must have done something, such that he could leave the city safely. He didn't expect that she, being just a mortal, could be so capable, so kind, and so quiet with her help without asking for repayments. So different from those beautiful sluts he had seen before. Hui Ze's heart was all moved. The look that he gave Shen Ying was shining like a light.

A certain chef who was peeling a fruit at the side couldn't help but add force to his hand. With a crack, the cast iron fruit knife was directly broken into two. Coldness all over him was released directly towards the Fatty. Temperature around them plummeted immediately.

He knew that this was another little bitch who came to fight with him for Master!


He directly stepped forward, placing himself between the two, cutting off a certain person's heated look forcefully. At the same time, he handed the peeled fruit in his hand to Shen Ying.

Shen Ying was stunned briefly. She looked at  Chef  who suddenly squeezed over, took the fruit  casually, and then  looked at the fat man behind him who was not blocked because of his size. Something flashed in her eyes, and she suddenly asked in a light tone, "Fatty, you hungry?"


Hui Ze was a bit stunned. He wasn't.

Just as he was about to answer, Shen Ying had already turned with a serious look towards Lonemoon beside her, "Father Niu, Fatty is hungry. How about stopping for a bit and eat lunch first!"

To hell with eating!

Lonemoon gave her a stare. You sure it was because he was hungry, not because you wanted to eat?

"F*cking enough, we just had breakfast an hour ago! Now…"

"Father Niu," Before he could finish, Shen Ying added, "He is the boss."


He wanted so much to kick this one out! Did you come to work or to travel? Hello?

The corner of Lonemoon's mouth twitched. He looked at the sky, and made a seal- controlling the Dharma artifact to land down, stopping by a river.

"We'll have a rest and go on later." With that said, he gave Chef a warning stare. "Just resting, no cooking!"

Yi Qing who was just about to take out kitchenware was stunned momentarily. Seeing Master beside him whose face fell instantly, he hurried to take out a few bags of snacks when Father Niu was not looking, and stuffed it into the storage bag beside Shen Ying quietly.

Hmm. These  were  all  the  snacks  that  he  accumulated  for Master behind a certain parent's back over  these  few  days. Before Father Niu could discover it, he had to hurry and sneak it away.

The beneficiary's eyes lit up. She gave him a quiet thumbs up.

Hui Ze who watched the whole thing, "…"

How did he suddenly feel that Miss Shen's life was rather difficult?

( ̄△̄;)

Lonemoon went to the riverside and took some water. He thought about it and made a fire-elemental spell to boil the water and then cool it into warm water. His hand turned to hand the warm water to Shen Ying. "There!" Cold water may give one stomachache.

Another bottle was handed over to Chef to keep for cooking. After all, water called out by a spell couldn't be as good as natural ones.

With all these done, Lonemoon was finally free to look at the fat man at the side, who still looked slightly confused.

"Brother," He gave him a bright smile. Obviously, mild aura was released from his whole body. Yet Hui Ze shivered for no reason at all. He felt a faint illusion as if his spirit stones were flowing into the other person's pocket.

"Now that we are out of the immortal city, what plans do you have for the future?" asked Lonemoon. "Any place that you want to go? We can escort you."

"I…" Hui Ze was stunned. The confusion on his face was even thicker. He wanted to say that he had nowhere to go and would just go anywhere that he came by. But he also understood that he couldn't possibly always follow them, as they had no relation at all and even Miss Shen and him were mere acquaintances. They had taken risks twice in a row to get him out of danger, and with all those behind him… he can't trouble them forever. He thought about it. After a long while, he gritted his teeth and said, "I… heard that in the extreme south there is a thick forest rarely visited by cultivators. The scenery inside… must be spectacular." His face changed, but then managed to make out a naive smile. "I've always wanted… to go and see. Would you be willing to send me?"

"The extreme south…"

"Yes." He nodded hard. His eyes flickered, but he remained smiling while saying, "Only that it was quite a distance from here, and with no transportation array, it would have taken a few days on swords."

"You sure you want to go somewhere like that?" Lonemoon frowned and looked at him in surprise. "Do you know what kind of places are dense forests seldom visited by people and avoided by cultivators?"

"…" His face stiffened, but he didn't answer.

Lonemoon continued, "Places like this were full of high-level demonic beasts or rampant with demonic aura, places which few who entered could make it out alive. Are you sure you want us to send you to some place like this to look for your own death?"

Hui Ze's face was instantly pale as paper.

"Do you believe that all the flesh and fat you have on you would have nothing leftover once you're in those woods?"

His body stiffened even more. He took a few deep breaths. After a long while he forced himself to laugh, and said, "Hahaha… Fellow Daoist, don't scare me, I will be careful! Besides… besides, I have the Aura-Concealing Talismans!" With that said, he started taking out those messy talisman papers again and said with a forced ease, "It will be fine!" Worried that he'd not believe him, he thought about it and then added rapidly, "Don't worry about being affected by me. You'll only need to send me near the southern area, don't need to go deep inside. Really!"

Lonemoon fell silent. He looked at the man in front of him who smiled in an almost fawning way. His heart was immediately full of agitation. He kneaded the fan in his hand. After a long while, he cursed to himself,


Obviously, he didn't intend to take care of the troublesome affairs of this man at all. He looked him up and down. "So… what did you take from Divine Imperial Sect after all?" Such that he had to hide in such a place.

The fat man was stunned. "Wha- What?"

"We took you out of the city to save you." Lonemoon sighed. "Never mind, it was just wasting a bit more time. Now that we did, it makes no sense to send you to die. You may as well tell us the whole matter. For the sake of those spirit stones from last time, we may be able to help you."

Chapter 454: Trace Exposed

Fatty was stunned for a moment. He subconsciously looked back at Shen Ying at the side, who was still nibbling at snacks. Many complicated, unidentifiable emotions flashed across his face. For an instant, it was as though something was going to rush out from his eyes, which still died down after a while. His mouth opened and closed several times. He slowly returned to himself.

"Fellow Daoist, you are mistaken!" He scratched his head and smiled. "I was only a bit curious about that place so I wanted to look at it from nearby. I don't necessarily have to go in. About Divine Imperial Sect and me…" He thought about it, and suddenly took out a white pearl from underneath his belly. It was the one that he used to light up the caves back then. "I did take one of their treasures, which is this vein pearl."

"Vein pearl!" Lonemoon was shocked. Holy shit, this man was rather bold.

"What?" Shen Ying turned to Chef."

"A Dharma artifact which seals a whole spirit vein." Yi Qing explained softly. "If this pearl is buried underground, it takes only a few years for a spirit vein to be grown."


So he took away their spirit vein? This way, it was normal that Divine Imperial Sect chased after him like this.

"It doesn't just make a spirit vein." Fatty continued. "This pearl has another use." With that said, he started shaking that pearl hard. The pearl became brighter and brighter. In a short while, balls of white light was shaken off it, making clanging sounds as they dropped onto the ground.

Upon closer look, several clear, bright stones were on the ground.

Holy shit!

"Spirit stones!" (⊙ o ⊙)

This was not only a spirit vein, but actually a mine of spirit stones!

Hui Ze kept the spirit stones on the ground and handed them over together with the pearl in his hand. "If you send me to the South, I will give this vein pearl to you as payment. How about that?"

Lonemoon, "…" he suddenly felt as if he was stabbed due to someone having a complete lack of greed towards money.

In the next instant, two pairs of familiar eyes turned together and fixed on Father Niu.

"Why do you look at me?" Lonemoon stared back at them. "Am I such a money-lover?"

"Yeah!" Both replied together immediately. "…" What the heck! Which side are you two on?

The corner of Lonemoon's mouth twitched. He suppressed the urge to beat the two up. Did these two little bastards forget who gave them their living allowances? He breathed deeply, but didn't take the vein pearl in Fatty's hand. He made a soft "hmph".

"That's not necessary. I don't need this thing." He just liked to earn money, not print money. What did he want a money printer for? Besides, there are so many spirit veins in the world. With his ability, it was very easy to collect a few and make a vein pearl from them. How would he be greedy about this? Things like spirit stones are only fun when you take it from someone else's hands. Only those that circulate are currencies. And there was this thing called inflation.

"But…" Fatty grew a bit anxious. He felt for his belly, as though thinking what else he had. "I don't have anything else."

Could he only… "I said it's not necessary. If you insist on going South, we won't stop you." His face darkened, guessing that those Divine Imperial Sect disciples were chasing after him not only for this vein pearl. Or he wouldn't agree to escort him so easily. But since he didn't want to tell, it was unnecessary to keep asking. He directly threw out the fan in his hand, turning it into a dharma artifact, then grabbed the man and flew up. "We've rested enough. Let's go!"

Only then did they adjust their direction and fly all the way towards the south.


Fatty said that in the south, the geography was complicated and the spirit qi was thin. Few immortal sects were set up here, so there were much fewer cultivators in comparison. Lonemoon thought at first that there'd be fewer and fewer people chasing after Fatty, but strangely, there were no lesser but even more Divine Imperial Sect disciples along their way. There were checkpoints every few kilometers, and there were shadow stones with Fatty's figure at every checkpoint. They checked every person who passed by, with the obvious objective of catching Fatty. Lonemoon could even clearly feel that there was an aura of high-level cultivators. Not only Nascent Soul cultivators  but also Soul Formation cultivators, and even traveling immortals. The number was great, and there were searches by Divine Perception nearby every now and then. The look that Lonemoon gave Fatty was even more confused. Did he,  a mortal, bomb their house, or steal their Dao partner? That so many capable people were involved to stop him?

"Array formations in front has stopped." Yi Qing stopped his sword in the air, pointed to the front and said.

Lonemoon frowned and had to stop. "Are there that many Divine Imperial Sect disciples?" They didn't fly all the way towards the south, but instead went around in several circles because of Shen Ying who had no sense of direction and Chef who was stupid from love.

But for some reason, wherever they went there were Divine Imperial Sect disciples. Though even with Shen Ying's lack of a presence, they didn't discover Fatty. However, it appeared as if they could always guess their direction as if they knew divination. Wait a moment!

Lonemoon suddenly thought of something. He turned and gave the Fatty beside him a look. "Fatty, that vein pearl from last time, is it on you all the time?"

"Yeah!" Hui Ze nodded. He kept it since they didn't want it.

"Let me see it!"

"Oh." Fatty produced the pearl directly and handed it over without hesitation.

Lonemoon took it and explored its inside with Divine Perception. Subconsciously, he sent a bit of Spirit Qi inside. A circular dharma pattern suddenly rose from the vein pearl.

"Tracking Seal!" Yi Qing was shocked. "Wait, Father Niu…" Before he finished, a flash of white light suddenly emerged from the vein pearl and went up towards the sky. It burst out in the sky like fireworks, forming a pattern of flames. It hung in the air like clouds.

Only then did Lonemoon understand how those people chased after this pearl. No wonder they were everywhere they went.

"Someone is coming!" Almost instantly, he felt seven or eight waves of strange aura flying fast towards their direction. Their cultivation were not low. All were Soul Formation cultivators, or traveling immortals. It seemed like they couldn't escape. "Shen Ying, you and Fatty…"

He turned to give orders, but with a swirl of wind, Chef had already taken Shen Ying and retreated behind a tree more than 100 meters away, taking the totally confused Fatty with him. Only he himself was left in the original place, with the vein pearl which just sent a marking in his hand.

Lonemoon, "…" F*ck. These crappy teammates!


He didn't even have the time to curse. In the next instant, several figures descended and surrounded him tightly. ALl who came were in white clothes with flame patterns on the sleeves. They looked towards him angrily.

Lonemoon's face was smiling, but his mind was cursing.

"Why are Fellow Daoists suddenly stopping my humble way?"

Chapter 455: Go on, Father Niu!

All the cultivators' faces froze. A Traveling Immortal smiled and said, "Fellow Daoist, our Divine Imperial Sect lost something a while ago. The object is very important to us. We hope Fellow Daoist will please return it to us."

"Oh, you mean this?" Lonemoon waved the vein pearl in his hand. "I just happened to pass by and pick this up. If it belongs to Fellow Daoist, I will return it to you so long as you produce the proof.

"Fellow Daoist means that you picked this vein pearl up?" The person obviously didn't believe it.

"That's right."

"Then did you see anything else?"

"No, I didn't." The person frowned even deeper. He exchanged a look with the other cultivators, and his face fell immediately. Instantly, the combined suppression of seven or eight Soul Formation cultivators and Traveling Immortals swept towards Lonemoon with an amazing amount of killing aura.

But Lonemoon didn't move at all. The suppression showed no effect at all, like fists punching on cotton.

"Fellow Daoists, what is this?" He laughed softly.

As he finished speaking, the people felt that the suppression they released just now was blocked directly. The huge impact forced them to take a step back together.

"Who… are you?" They looked at him in disbelief. Apparently, he looked to be just a Foundation Establishment disciple, but he could actually block the suppression from all of them at the same time. Could he be hiding his cultivation? Their  hearts sank. Being able to hide one's cultivation from them, he must be a Traveling Immortal. But somehow none of them knew this person. "I've already said, I'm just a passerby."

"Are you kidding us?" After that, another Soul Formation cultivators couldn't help but snort and say, "Where have you hidden the person?"

"Who is the person that you are talking about?"

"You…" The person seemed even angrier. He turned to the others and said, "No need to quibble with him in vain. He must have hidden the person. The matter is urgent, only seven days are left. Get him first."

With that said, all of them called out their dharma artifacts. A big fight seemed inevitable.

Yet the main characters were not anxious at all. A certain master and her disciple actually sat down directly and looked at Father Niu calmly.

But Hui Ze was immensely anxious. His whole body was stiff as he looked at the people in front.

"Aren't we going to help?"

"No hurry!" Shen Ying shook her head directly. Don't look down on Father Niu. He can fight until they are bankrupt till they are left with their underpants.

"But…" Fatty was still unsure, hating himself for not having the slightest bit of cultivation. "Those are all Elders of Divine Imperial Sect of Soul Formation or Traveling Immortals. What about… I go out after all. I'm the one they have to catch."

Shen Ying turned, gave him a look, and then directly stuffed something into his hand. "Wanna eat melon seeds?"

Fatty, "…"

Was this the time to eat snacks? ( ̄△̄;)

The opponents had already started to attack. The dharma artifacts in their hands attacked towards Lonemoon in the middle with amazing suppression. After all, all of them were Soul Formation and Traveling Immortal cultivators who had long established their names. Each could be considered the master of an area. Though the person in front of them was a bit weird, they never thought of losing at all. They watched as the person was about to die from their spells.

A wave of golden light suddenly lit up from underneath Lonemoon's feet. The group felt their body stagger, and an astounding energy swept wildly towards them. The dharma artifacts which were attacking at first seemed to be stopped instantly by something that was hanging at the edge of the array.

They felt a slight coldness in their heart. Having no time for surprise, they produced new spells and started another round of attack. At once, fire, spirit swords, ice blades, wind blades… all kinds of attack filled the air and fell down like rain. Yet the person in the middle still didn't move. Just as he was about to be swallowed, he suddenly frowned, and waved the fan in his hand. Immediately, the array underneath his feet changed, countless different types of spells were made, and the golden array expanded to become larger. It also started shining with golden light.

At once, the spells across the sky dissipated upon touching the golden light from the array as though they were swallowed. It was as if they had never existed. Not even Lonemoon's clothes were moved, let alone getting hurt.

"Multiple array formations!" The Traveling Immortal who spoke just now was shocked, his face full of disbelief. He didn't expect that this person's ability with arrays was so deep. Not only did he set such a weird array in an instant, he was even able to set multiple arrays. More importantly, they had never heard of an array which could absorb spells. The fear for this person in their hearts increased even more.

Lonemoon in the middle of it all made a laugh. He suddenly raised a hand, and those top-tier dharma artifacts suddenly got out of control and fell into his hands.

He calmly took out his storage bag and directly stuffed them inside in front of the cultivators. Hmm, he will charge them first. Everyone: "…"

Though cultivators killing to rob others of their treasures was a frequent occurrence, this was the first time they saw someone do it so directly!

Before they could react, in the next instant, they felt their whole body loosen, and their connection towards the Dharma artifact was directly severed. Not the ordinary kind of severing the control of spells, but even their sensing was directly severed.

As they had tested with their suppression just now, they knew that this person had significant cultivation, so they put in 100% effort in the attack. They used their most handy instruments. Some even used their intrinsic dharmic artifacts.

Now that the connection was suddenly severed, all of them suffered from various degrees of backlash.Their mood was moved and their meridians were broken. Those who used their intrinsic dharmic artifacts suffered the most. Intrinsic dharmic artifacts were always connected to one's Divine Perception. Once they were disconnected, it felt like their Divine Perception was cut off them while alive. It was so painful that they fell onto the ground directly.

"Supremacy Yu! Supremacy Qi!" The group of cultivators instantly panicked a little, and there was even more caution in the looks that they gave Lonemoon. Supporting the people on the ground, they drew back a few steps. "Who are you?"

"A passer-by." Lonemoon still answered the same. He glanced at them. "I don't know who's the person you are looking for and I don't care. But if you insist on giving me trouble, I don't mind practicing with you."

Their faces changed, and they all turned towards theTraveling Immortal, and hesitated somewhat. Could it really not be him?

"Everyone, don't be misled by him." An injured Soul Formation cultivator snorted, and the look that he gave Lonemoon was even angrier. "We might not be sure just now. But with cultivation like his, I can now be certain that he was definitely the one who took the person away. Or why are we unable to find the person after so many days? And why would the vein pearl be with him?" With that said, he gave the others a meaningful look. Others were stunned for a moment before reacting together. They stared towards Lonemoon. The face of  Traveling Immortal in the middle went cold. He directly stepped forward and said with a disapproving look, "Fellow Daoist is deep in cultivation, already halfway an immortal. But there is always someone better, and this Divine Arrival World is not somewhere you can act as you wish." His face darkened. "We are only searching for the person. Since you are not willing to give him to us, don't blame as for not being merciful."

With that said, he directly made a seal. Immediately, a large amount of spirit qi emerged from his body, as well as a flash of white light. Instantly, a dharma artifact stopped above Lonemoon's head. The people behind him started making spells at the same time. A large amount of spirit qi went towards that Dharma artifact. It opened slowly, and it was actually a huge green umbrella, and white light surrounded it. Immediately, a suppression even stronger than previously swept across an area several hundred meters wide.

Lonemoon frowned, looking up at that umbrella.

This was…

Chapter 456: The Main Cause of the Closed Gate

"Immortal artifact!" Yi Qing who was holding the melon seeds was stunned briefly. He didn't expect that there'd be an immortal artifact in the lower realm, though it was a lower-tier one.

"It's the Soul Capturing Umbrella!" At the side, Fatty paled as he seemed to remember some horrific scenes as despair rushed into his eyes. The umbrella appeared as if it was about to activate as it sprang open.

One's soul would die completely under the Soul Capturing Umbrella. Fellow Daoist Niu would die!

"Fatty, you…"

"Stop!" Before Shen Ying could finish speaking, Hui Ze stood up abruptly and rushed in directly. As he was rushing too fast, he tumbled and fell towards the front. He rolled along the road and pressed all the weeds and bushes to the ground. Maybe because his entrance was so spectacular, everyone present at the scene stopped short to watch a meatball rolling over.

"Stop… stop!" Fatty didn't even manage to get back to his feet when he cried out hurriedly towards the group of people with a face full of scratches and horror lingering in his eyes.

He panted as he got up rapidly and placed himself in front of Lonemoon. "Elders, you are mistaken. He didn't do anything to me. I… I ran out myself."

The group was stunned. They looked at one another for a long time, exchanging several looks, before they cupped their fists and saluted together in Fatty's direction. "Greetings, Sect master!"

Lonemoon, "…"

Yi Qing: "…" Shen Ying, "…"


Didn't they hear it wrong just now? Sect master? Fatty!

Fatty paid no heed to all these, but instead looked at the half- open umbrella above his head worriedly. He hurriedly said to the leading traveling immortal, "Elder Jin, this Fellow Daoist is just an itinerant cultivator whom I just met a few days ago and happened to become my travel partner to go and see the Southern Realm. He didn't capture me and he's not an evil person. You… may keep the Soul Capturing Umbrella first!"

Elder Jin frowned. A hint of hesitation flashed in his eyes. After a long while he still cupped his fists and replied, "Since Sect master says that it's a misunderstanding, of course we will obey." With that said, he raised a hand to make a seal and took back the immortal artifact.

Only the did Fatty let out a relieved sigh. He turned back to look at Lonemoon. He smiled naively once more, and said, "Sorry, Fellow Daoist, I have troubled you guys! They are here to fetch me back. These are all misunderstandings."

"You are a sect master?" Lonemoon glanced at him up and down. He was actually a sect master. Was it "Blindness Sect"?

"Hahaha…" He laughed in an even more embarrassed manner. Scratching his head, he said, "Sorry for keeping it from you. I just… wanted to get out to walk around and take a look, without being restrained by them. That's why I lied to you saying I offended Divine Imperial Sect and hid from them the whole way. I hope Fellow Daoist will not be offended."

"We are very worried that Sect master is out alone." That traveling immortal whose surname was Jin stepped forward directly and said disapprovingly, "This world is dangerous and people are unpredictable. Sect master has a special identity, please don't risk leaving alone next time." With that said, he gave Lonemoon a look meaningfully.

"I just wanted to relieve my boredom for a bit." Fatty's face fell, and he looked very unwilling. "I've stayed in the sect for more than ten years, it's so boring." "If sect master wants to relieve boredom, you can send for us to accompany you. It's really too dangerous for you to be alone."

"I get it, I get it!" Fatty waved impatiently. "I won't do it next time."

Traveling immortal Jin frowned and continued, "Right now, the time is urgent. In seven days it will be the Grand Ceremony of the sect. Hope sect master will return with us back to the sect and manage the affairs."

Fatty's body stiffened, and perhaps it was an illusion, but his face seemed even paler. After a long while, he finally nodded and said, "Alright…"

With that said, he turned to Lonemoon behind him and said with somewhat guiltily, "Umm… Fellow Daoist Niu,  I've troubled you these days, we'll part ways now."

"…" Who's your Fellow Daoist Niu?" Lonemoon looked at the people at the scene and his eyes darkened. "You are going back with them?"

"Yeah." He smiled even more brightly. "There's business back in the sect or they won't look for be so anxiously. Of course I have to get back. We'll meet again if we are fated."

"Yup." Lonemoon nodded. He tossed the vein pearl and then stuffed it back into his hand. "See you."

Fatty wanted to give him the pearl, but remembering his earlier disgusted look, he took it back. Subconsciously he looked towards the woods at the side, but he stopped himself halfway. He turned and silently walked towards the cultivators.

Those cultivators still looked at Lonemoon with doubt. Perhaps there were really urgent businesses, or perhaps they didn't want their displeasure with him known by Fatty, they said nothing more before flying off with Fatty directly.

"Not stopping him?" Shen Ying who just walked over said casually. "He himself wanted to go, why should I stop him?" And his staying was a waste of good rice. "Besides, isn't he the sect master of Divine Imperial Sect? Nothing will happen to him."

Shen Ying looked at the group who flew further and further away. Her eyes darkened. Only after a long while did she reply, "Oh…"

"You finished with the lemon seeds?" Lonemoon gave the two heartless ones a stare.

"Nope." Shen Ying opened her palm honestly, showing the remaining lemon seeds. "There's a handful left. Wanna eat?"

"Get lost!" What the f*ck! Go to hell with your eating!

Lonemoon took a deep breath, suppressing the fire of anger in the bottom of his heart. Then, he flew up on his sword, "We're off!"

"To where?" "To bargain at the biggest immortal city!"

"Huh?" Why?

"Just got a pile of dharma artifacts from those people, go and sell them first!"

Shen Ying, "…"

Yi Qing: "…"

Alright, this was exactly Father Niu-style.


Lonemoon spent six days, dragging a certain lazy person and running over more than ten immortal cities. They almost finished visiting all the well-known immortal cities in this world, but strangely, they still had no result. Let alone discovering abnormalities, even conflicts between sects were few because of Divine Imperial Sect's singular superiority.

"Shit. Why on earth did the Heavenly Dao close the realm gate?" Lonemoon was a bit irritated. It does no good to keep looking blindly like this. He turned and gave Chef a look, "Chef, did you get anything from asking?"

"No." Yi Qing shook his head.

"Could the Heavenly Dao have made a mistake?" Lonemoon frowned. "Program disorder or something? Closing the realm gate like this, who knows what's wrong?

"I do," Shen Ying suddenly said.


(⊙_⊙) Shocked, the two looked back at Shen Ying together.

Shen Ying explained with a deep voice, "Though nomological force isn't conscious, it has the tendency to send warnings, which means that it would tell us the main cause of the problem on its own."

"When did it tell us? How did it tell us?" Lonemoon looked totally confused.

"Eh?" Shen Ying tilted her head. "Didn't I tell you all? Immediately after we arrived in this world, it had already sent the main cause of order disruption to the person with the highest authority."

Highest authority? Shen Ying! So the main cause was…

"Fatty!" The two said together.

"That's why I told you all to bring him!" Shen Ying bit her fruit. Lonemoon, "…"

Yi Qing: "…"

They were suddenly worried about the future of their plane.

Can it hurt you to tell us earlier, for something so important!


Chapter 457: The Grand Ceremony

Lonemoon didn't understand how a mortal like Fatty could have something to do with nomological force.He could even force the Heavenly Dao to close the realm gate. But right now, they had to get the person back and do some good studying. It was good that they at least knew his location.

Lonemoon complained about the unreliable Shen Ying while rushing towards the direction of Divine Imperial Sect where they first met Fatty. Finally, on the second morning  they arrived at the vicinity of the immortal city from before.

To their surprise, the inside and outside of the city were both very lively today. There were many times the cultivators compared to a few days ago. Lonemoon felt confused as he rushed towards the sub branch of Divine Imperial Sect. But the closer they got in its direction, the more people there were. Especially at the foot of the mountain where Divine Imperial Sect was at, the road was pretty much blocked by the many cultivators. Most of them were Foundation Establishment and Golden Core cultivators, but none were beyond Nascent Soul. These people gathered in groups of three to five, or sat meditating alone, but all of them faced the same direction. They seemed to be waiting for something. Lonemoon who intended to get on the mountain secretly hesitated. Smiling, he asked a cultivator near him, "Fellow Daoist, I chanced by this place, may I know what day it is today, and why is it so lively? Is there something big happening at Divine Imperial Sect?"

"You didn't know?" That cultivator looked at him with some surprise. "Then you are pretty lucky! Today, Perfected One Yu Su from Divine Imperial Sect ascends to Soul Formation, so it is the day of his Ascension Ceremony. All sects and clans have sent people to congratulate him. We disciples from small sects will not receive an invitation, so we can only garner what remaining little bit of glory from outside."

"Ascension Ceremony?" Is this the grand affair that the cultivators were talking about? Lonemoon frowned. Suddenly, he felt that something was wrong with those words, and subconsciously he asked, "I know little, but does this Supremacy Su have so many friends and such high reputation? Such that even disciples who didn't receive the invitation have gathered under the mountain to congratulate him?" And there were so many people who come!

That cultivator was stunned momentarily. He turned  and gave him a strange look, then suddenly laughed, "How can that be!" He gave him a are-you-stupid-or-what look, looked around, and then said in a hushed voice, "What are you thinking? How can we low-level disciples possibly have the chance of knowing Nascent Soul Perfected Ones? These people here probably don't even know what that Yu Su looks like, how can they possibly be here to congratulate him? They are waiting here anticipating the instant at which he successfully reaches Soul Formation to witness the secret of heaven and try to perhaps gain some understanding by chance to improve their own cultivation."

Lonemoon was stunned. "You mean he has yet to successfully pass the tribulation? Then why did he hold an Ascension Ceremony for? What if he was struck to death? The higher one's level of cultivation, the more likely it is to die from ascension! Besides, should he fail, nearby cultivators often get negatively affected. It was fine for those with high cultivation, but those with low cultivation might be struck to ashes. How did they have the courage to come and look on?

"Which mountain cave on earth did you come from? You know nothing at all!" That cultivator grew a bit irritated with the questions, and he looked at Lonemoon like he was an ignorant country dweller who just came to the city. "Didn't you hear that person's surname is Yu? One of the Six Great Clans. And people say he's from the main family. With talents like theirs, how can one who had reached Nascent Soul fail in tribulation? Rest assured and wait, it's starting soon."

With that said he paid him no  more  heed,  but  directly  sat down cross-legged and stared at the mountain seriously like the others.

The more Lonemoon listened, the stranger he felt. How could it be that ascending from Nascent Soul to Soul Formation was such an easy deal in these people's eyes? Such that the Ascension Ceremony was prepared before the Lightning Tribulation has even passed.

Lonemoon and Chef exchanged a look. Both felt the abnormality of this affair. Therefore they retreated right out of the crowd, put on Aura-Concealing Talismans, grabbed Shen Ying and flew up to Divine Imperial Sect.

The three followed directly behind the crowd of disciples and reached the square easily. Because of a certain invisibility cheat, none doubted their identity.

From far away, they saw a person sitting in the square, a cultivator of late stage Nascent Soul. There was not a single person within several hundred meters from him, but there was a giant protective array drawn under his feet, and about a dozen Dharma artifacts around him. He was that cultivator who was going to go through tribulation.

Lonemoon turned to look towards the right. Several dozens sat on a high platform over there. Most of them were Soul Formation cultivators and there were three traveling immortals whose positions were high by the looks of it. They must be the team of leaders of Divine Imperial Sect. There were also cultivators from other sects who came in congratulation. Upon a closer look, there were seven or eight who looked familiar. They were exactly the people who took Fatty away the other day.

But strangely, Fatty wasn't among that group of people. He frowned subconsciously. Wasn't Fatty the sect master? And the big event that those people talked about before must be this Ascension Ceremony. Why is he not seen at the important moment?

Over these few days, Lonemoon actually gathered some information about Fatty's becoming sect master out of curiosity. The matter of Divine Imperial Sect having a mortal sect master was no secret at all, so it was very easy to get information on that. It had something to do with the establishment of Divine Imperial Sect. It was said that the ancestors of the Six Great Clans owed the ancestor of Fatty as he saved them from danger. Therefore, the six clans instructed their offspring to treat the offspring of the man kindly.

After that, the six clans jointly formed Divine Imperial Sect. To show their respect to the man who saved their lives, every sect master of Divine Imperial Sect from then on were his offspring. However, for some unknown reason, the family branch of Hui Ze had never had many children. There was always only one child in each generation. In addition, their cultivation quality was very bad. Not to mention Nascent Soul or Soul Formation, even with the power of the whole sect pouring out, they couldn't get a Golden Core cultivator out of their family. All of them died young.

At first, Lonemoon didn't pay much attention to it. But since Shen Ying's mentioning of Fatty being the main cause of abnormality for the nomological force, he found the matter a bit weird. It might really have something to do with the bad quality and single-child bloodline. They had to find Fatty as soon as possible. After examining the surroundings once more to confirm that Fatty wasn't there, he directly let out his divine perception, hoping to directly locate Fatty.

But the sky actually darkened suddenly. Large waves of lightning clouds gathered in the sky. Vaguely, sounds  of thunder could be heard. White flashes of light moved within layers of clouds.

"The Lightning Tribulation has started." Yi Qing reminded him.

Lonemoon had to draw back his hands. The spirit qi of Lightning Tribulation would affect his detection spell, so he had to wait until it finishes.

It didn't take long for the lightning clouds above to get prepared. In a short while, a white flash of lightning  cut through the sky, hitting right on the body of the person in the middle. Instantly, the whole Divine Imperial Sect was lit with white light. Before that light died down, tribulation lightning fell one after another- each being more violent than the previous one. The rapidly increasing spirit pressure in the surroundings forced some low-level disciples to set up protection and retreat.

Fewer and fewer people gathered in the surroundings. In the end, the dozen or so Soul Formation and traveling immortal cultivators to their right were the only ones left.

Relying on Aura-Concealing Talisman and Shen Ying the cheat, Lonemoon directly stood behind a rock and hid just for the sake of it. Nobody could see him anyway. At the same time, he carefully searched for Fatty, while glancing at the person in the middle who was passing through his tribulation.

Chapter 458: Blood Array and Sacrifice of Fatty

That person who was going through tribulation seemed to be in great pain. Within less than twenty lightning strikes, his skin had already opened up and flesh was showing. The dharma artifacts around him were all consumed. He couldn't even sustain enough spirit qi to resist the thunder from the sky.

Lonemoon felt a bit disgusted. I thought he was supposed to pass it smoothly? Looking at the way he was, if he didn't have any other way, he probably won't manage ten tribulation lightnings, before he was smashed to dust.

Indeed, within less than five lightning strikes, he was already unable to sustain himself. He collapsed on the ground, the spirit qi in his body started to dissipate, and even the Nascent Soul in his body showed signs of disappearing. Another tribulation lightning cut through the sky, and it was about to completely destroy his Nascent Soul.

Suddenly, red light shone from the ground, and the array underneath his feet was instantly activated. Blinding red light shot up towards the sky, directly blocking the lightning which was going to take his life. "Eh?" Lonemoon was stunned. "Chef, what's this array?"

"An ordinary protective array." Chef nodded and responded.
He started frowning as well.

Was it an illusion? Why did the lightning from the array just now seem to reduce the power of the tribulation lightning?

Before they could think carefully, one lightning followed by another came down, but all of them were blocked by the protective array, and did great harm to the person within. The cultivator undergoing tribulation had a chance to rest, and the injuries on his body started recovering with visible speed. He was using the spirit qi from the tribulation lightning to mend his body. In a short while, those horrible wounds on him had pretty much disappeared.

After a total of 81 tribulation lightnings were completed, tribulation clouds started scattering, and many bright, colorful light rays shone from above. Thick spirit qi filled the entire Divine Imperial Sect, and the cultivation of the cultivator in the middle rose right to Soul Formation. "Look at the sky!" Someone suddenly cried out in surprise. "It's a vision! A vision of heaven and earth!"

Lonemoon and Yi Qing also looked up subconsciously. Indeed, they saw that the sky which was originally filled with colorful clouds suddenly showed a faint shadow in the shape of a dragon. It stayed in the sky above the sect, emitting a faint golden light.

Yi Qing's mouth twitched. He frowned somewhat awkwardly.

It was a vision of heaven and earth indeed. Such visions would only appear when people with deep karma pass through tribulation. It is the affirmation of Heavenly Dao to the person passing through tribulation. When the spirit qi in  the tribulation lightning was thick enough, such that it surpassed the level of spirit qi and even immortal qi, with signs of turning into God Power, only then would faint shadows of the divine race be seen.

But the person who was just experiencing tribulation had no amazingly great karma on him, and even his successful passing of the tribulation was partly by luck. Yet he still triggered the vision of heaven and earth? There is really something wrong with the nomological force of this small world after all! That vision of dragon appeared very briefly, disappearing within less than five seconds. At the same time, a wave of special spirit qi that was light and fresh swept over. Immediately, large patches of flowers bloomed all over Divine Imperial Sect, as though spring had come. There was a big bush of flowers sprouting beside Lonemoon's feet.

Those top-tier cultivators on the high platform to the right had already walked together into the square and started congratulating the cultivator who just successfully ascended. In a moment, many people started gathering around them again.

Just as Lonemoon was about to say 'hurry and find Fatty', Shen Ying who was eating melon seeds while watching suddenly stopped.

She stopped for a moment, looked at the seeds in her hand and said, "Do you… smell something?"

Lonemoon took a breath subconsciously, but breathed in a nose-full of pollen. "Cough cough… what smell?" He only smelled pollen of mixed flavors. But Yi Qing's face suddenly darkened. He spoke in a cold voice, "Blood!"


Lonemoon was shocked. He let his Divine Perception out to search and found the problem in an instant. His eyes widened abruptly. "It's that array on the ground!" Mixed with the spirit qi which was used to make the array, there was also a thick smell of blood. That was actually a blood array. "The blood smell comes from the array!"

"No…" The two was going over for a closer look, but Shen Ying suddenly pulled them, threw her fruit seed on the ground and said, "It comes from underground."


In a brief moment, the two understood. Lonemoon directly made an earth-opening spell, and the three figures disappeared from where they stood. And in the next instant, they appeared directly in rays of red light.

This was the place directly underneath the square. It looked like an enclosed space, but it was as wide as the area above, and there was a giant red array shining on the ground. The light from it made the whole space blood-red. And in the middle of the array laid a round figure upon which were capturing spells. His aura was so weak that it almost couldn't be sensed!

"Fatty!" The three cried out together.

The three figures flashed, and they were already in the middle of the array. Lonemoon directly waved a hand, releasing the spell which captured him. He looked carefully, and only then did he realize that there were several wounds on his limbs that were so deep that the bones were exposed. Fresh blood was flowing constantly out of the wounds and into the array under his body. The fresh blood gathered to a place in the middle and then started flowing upwards like it was weightless.

And up above, was exactly the protective array with which that person just went through his lightning tribulation! Only then did they understand whose blood was used for the blood array above. Inexplicable fires of anger rushed in their hearts. Yi Qing waved to produce several sword qi which cut right through the blood-consuming array around them. The array dimmed immediately. They made a few spells which stopped Fatty's bleeding.

But he was still unconscious, and the aura on him became weaker and weaker. His whole body was ice cold, as though he'd die any moment. Yi Qing used spells to contain the livelihood on him which was almost dissipating completely. Lonemoon also took out an elixir and forced it into his mouth hurriedly. Then he drew upon a bit of spirit qi to help get the medicine in it through his body. His complexion finally started to get better.

"Hey! Fatty!" Shen Ying called out several times.

After a long while, Hui Ze finally, slowly, opened his eyes. He gave Shen Ying a blank look. "Miss Shen? Am I… dreaming?" His eyes fluttered, as though he wasn't completely conscious yet,. "Am I already… dead? Or how can I see… or…"

He was suddenly shocked, and his particularly small eyes widened into two circles in an instant. In the next moment, drops of tears started emerging from his eyes like peas dropping out of a bag. "You… How are you dead too!" With that said, strength came to him from nobody knows where. He took Shen Ying into his arms and started crying loudly.

"Ah… Miss Shen, why are you also dead? Did I cause you troubles? Don't you die, ah… Even I didn't want to die, how can you be dead! Ah, ah… Can you get back to life?"

Lonemoon, "…"

Yi Qing, "…"

Shen Ying, "…"

Yi Qing's hands tightened, making a series of clanging sounds. He couldn't help it anymore. He directly grabbed a certain person's collar and tore him away from Shen Ying like tearing off a band-aid. Casually, he threw him towards Father Niu, then he turned and hugged his own Master like she was a treasure. "Get away!" Little bitch. "Do you wanna die again?" I don't mind sending you on your way.

Fatty was frozen by his icy look. He looked somewhat blankly at Lonemoon, who moved to support him, then at Yi Qing, and finally, at Shen Ying.

"Fellow Daoist Niu?!"

Lonemoon, "…"

"Fellow Daoist Chef?!"

Yi Qing: "…"

How the hell did you figure out these two ways of address?

Chapter 459: Fat to be Slaughtered

"You all… How can you all be here?" Fatty finally got it.  "I… am not dead?!"

"You almost are." replied Lonemoon. His eyes fell. He looked at Fatty and said, "What really happened? Who trapped you here? And this array… is it using you for blood sacrifice?"

Fatty was stunned for a moment, then as though he remembered something, his face turned pale immediately. He said hurriedly, "You all should go quickly, leave here. They will… will come back soon."

"Who are you talking about? Divine Imperial Sect?"

"No time to explain." He looked at a passage on the right side with horror, then pushed the three forcefully. "If you  don't leave now, you won't be able to. Quickly go! They are many, you can't beat them."

"Someone's here!" Yi Qing suddenly spoke. "Three traveling immortals."

Fatty's paled even more. He looked like the sky had fallen down.

"What should we do?"

"Leave here first!" spoke Lonemoon.

"We can't!" Fatty shook his head with a look of despair. "There's only that passage on the right, we can't…"

"Who said anything about using the passage on the right?" Lonemoon gave Yi Qing a look.


Fatty was stunned, and before he could react, the four figures flashed and they disappeared right where they were. In the next moment, they appeared in the sky above Divine Imperial Sect. Lonemoon's invisibility array was activated instantly, and not a single person was disturbed. Underneath, the congratulating crowd had yet to leave. They surrounded that cultivator in the middle who just reached Soul Formation in many layers. The looks of joy were on every single face. Their smiles were extremely… annoying!

Shen Ying's eyes narrowed. "Chef…"

"Yes, Master!" Yi Qing nodded. His figure flashed and he flew out directly.

He changed into his original body instantly. A gigantic golden dragon appeared in the sky immediately. A dragon's roar sounded in the clouds, making even the whole heaven and earth tremble.

The noisy crowd went silent. They looked up in disbelief, at that giant golden dragon hidden amongst the clouds.

"Dragon… Dragon. Is the vision from just now… finished yet?" Before anyone could react, light shone all over that giant dragon's body. With a rumbling sound, a purple  divine lightning cut across the sky, and went right at the person who went through Lightning Tribulation just now.


The surrounding crowd didn't yet have time to react, when the cultivator in the middle screamed from being hit. The spirit qi on his body which just gathered were all dissipated. His cultivation dropped visibly, all the way from early stage Soul Formation. In a moment he was at Nascent Soul, and then Golden Core… Seeing that he was about to drop to Foundation Establishment, the cultivators nearby finally reacted and moved to stabilize his cultivation.

These occurrences happened too suddenly that before anyone could understand what was going on, the original Soul Formation cultivator dropped to a Golden Core  cultivator. When everyone looked up again, the giant dragon in the air actually disappeared, as though it had never been there.

Visions of heaven and earth, buy one get one free! ——————

In the eyes of cultivators, Fatty's injuries were actually external injuries of the most insignificant sort. Even for cultivators at the lowest level of Qi Refinement, a few dozen injuries on the body would be no big deal at all. But Fatty just happened to be a mortal, and the kind with not the least bit of Spirit Qi, who could die from a slightly more severe cold. Those bone-deep cuts on him caused a lot of blood loss, which in the absence of Spirit Qi, caused his livelihood to dissipate as well.

If they had been there a little later, or if they weren't the ones who went, they might really have to go find him in the Underworld. Lonemoon looked Fatty in front of him who was finally fully awake and felt some regret in his heart. Earlier on, he did realize some strangeness on Fatty. Being acquaintances, he shouldn't have let him be taken back.

The elixir that he stuffed into him was an immortal elixir made by Boss Lan, because he really had no elixirs of the lower realm on him. Fatty's injuries were healed, but a mortal couldn't stand the effects of those medicines, so on the way that they brought him away, he fainted once more. In the end, Shen Ying discovered it in time and gave him a pat, such that he spit out the half-consumed elixir, before he became conscious again. Realizing that he had already left Divine Imperial Sect, Fatty was a bit happy at first, but in less than two seconds, his face collapsed once more. His expression was very complicated and the look that he gave them was full of concern. He couldn't help but say, hurriedly,

"Miss Shen, maybe you should still send me back? Then stay far away and pretend that you know nothing. And don't mention a word about seeing me to anyone."

"You want to go back?" Lonemoon looked him up and down, a bit angry at him for his submissiveness. "And get used for blood sacrifice again?"

Hui Ze paled, as though his vulnerable point was poked. His became totally upset. His hands clutched at the corners of his clothes, his head bowed down, and the aura of despair radiated all over him. After a long while he replied softly, "I… will be fine."

"Enough. Don't you create more trouble. We're already in the same boat, it's too late even if you don't want to involve us." Lonemoon let out a sigh. "Besides, did you think that Divine Imperial Sect really can't find any trace if we let you go back?" Actually, they really couldn't. With their cultivation, the whole lower realm together wouldn't be able to trace them, not to mention that Shen Ying was here.

But Fatty's face was already all gray, his eyes full of guilt.

"Tell us, what is the matter with you being sect master after all?" asked Lonemoon directly. "Why can your blood help people resist lightning?"

Fatty's eyes deepened. He lowered his head, stayed silent for a long while, before starting slowly, "About this, I'm not sure as well…" Habitually, he wanted to make out a smile, but it looked like crying. Perhaps he knew that his pretenses were all gone, Fatty told them everything honestly.

He had been the sect master of Divine Imperial Sect since he could remember. He had lived on the main peak since young. What was called the main peak was actually a lone peak above the divine woods, far from the sect. As the place was surrounded on all sides by thick woods full of demon beasts, transport could only be managed by sword flying. Yet he just happened to be a Maimed Spirit Root, and couldn't cultivate by birth. Therefore, he had never left the main peak. Immortal sects always place great focus on the quality of immortal cultivators, but they treated him who couldn't cultivate with very good manners. Though they didn't need him to do any real managing of Divine Imperial Sect, all his daily needs were uniquely taken care of. He could mostly have anything that he wanted. Even the traveling  immortals  and Soul Formation elders of the sect came to meet him on the peak from time to time. They told him about affairs big and small. Even the disciples who were in charge of guarding the main peak on ordinary days were at least Golden Core disciples. By the looks of it, they respected him well enough. Of course, it was just by the looks of it…

"When did you start to find out something was wrong?" Lonemoon asked directly.

Fatty's eyes dimmed, and his hands tightened beside him, before he said in a deep voice, "Since I was five, every person from the sect who came to see me would… take away something. At first, it was just stuff like hair and fingernails, but slowly it became blood, flesh, or…" His body trembled, and he touched his left hand subconsciously.

The three fell silent. Lonemoon's face went dark directly. He just did Fatty's healing a moment ago, and naturally he knew what was wrong with his left hand. There were traces of broken limb regeneration on it.


He couldn't help but curse out loud. He suddenly felt that the lightning Chef made just now was too mild.

Those cultivators were simply raising Fatty as a pig, and the kind who could be used repeatedly. They were good to Fatty on the surface just to make him willing to stay in the sect and be exploited by them. From time to time they'd get some blood from him, or cut out some flesh from him, before giving him spiritual medicine to allow it to grow back. Such a good plan it was!

Chapter 460: New Little Cheat

The fatty glanced at them, as if sensing that the atmosphere had just gotten much more tense. He quickly smiled and said, "Actually… Actually, I'm pretty smart. I've been preparing to escape for many years. Although I can't cultivate, I've memorized all of Imperial Sacred Sect's cultivation techniques, so that I now know how to do many things. I managed to escape the main peak in the past because I set up my own transportation array and concealment talismans." He seemed to be eager to prove himself. Visibly relaxing, he said, "Don't worry. Even without you, those people would not have caught me. Hahaha… Ha… Ha… Ha…"

His forced laugh became less and less convincing under Lonemoon's glare. He shrunk into a ball as if he was being threatened. Fellow Daoist Niu was pretty scary. He looked even scarier than those people who had threatened to eat him..

Up till now, he still felt like he had dragged them down with him. He kept trying to persuade them to leave. Why were there so many white lotus flowers in this world? They looked like they were prospering.

"Those cultivators needed your flesh and blood so desperately. It must be something similar to that blood array - they were trying to make use of you for their own cultivation." Lonemoon sucked in a deep breath and tried to quieten his own thoughts. A moment later, he said, "In other words, your body might be different from others'. Do you know what's the reason?" That reason must have something to do with the nomological disturbance.

The fatty shook his head, looking confused.

"Then did you eat anything strange, or did you see anyone special?" Like an invader or something.

The fatty pondered for a moment, then shook his head once again. "I've always been in this sect, ever since I was young."

That was strange. How did his flesh become so highly coveted? They did not discover anything strange about his body, even when they checked it through.

"Chef, what do you think?" he turned to look at the man beside him. Yi Qing frowned. "There are special meridians in this world, that can be used to refine pills so that one's cultivation can improve." Radish, for example, was a vegetation spirit. When he transformed into a human, his flesh could be cut up and used to refine pills. "But… I've never heard of meridians that can fend against divine lightning!"

Divine lightning was meant as a test for cultivators. Nobody could sneak past it. Er… except perhaps Shen Ying.

"Even someone who has accumulated huge merits can only use their own bodies to lessen the pressure on their bodies." Rules were rules - the divine lightning was fair. Yun Heng, who had earned merits for saving the world, also had to use his own merits to save Song Ren, the unfortunate ghost. "I've never heard of someone who could use their flesh and blood to influence the divine lightning's judgment." The fatty's flesh was a cheating mechanism.

The last ten bolts of lightning for that cultivator in the Imperial Sacred Sect had really been fended off. What's more, they were right in the first place. The strength of that last bolt of lightning had been greatly reduced. When Yi Qing transformed into a dragon, he went to check the blood array. It was indeed just a normal defensive array. Divine lightning aside - any ordinary Soul Formation cultivator would be able to break that array into pieces if he tried hard enough. In other words, the lightning had really been fended off by fatty's blood.

The gap in the rules seemed to be linked to this fatty. Yet, the more they studied him, the more he looked like an ordinary person. Apart from the fact that he had a lot more meat than average, there was really nothing special about him. He could not even cultivate.

Wait! He could not cultivate?

Lonemoon paused. Suddenly, he reached out and placed two fingers in the middle of the fatty's forehead. He released a shred of his divine perception into the fatty's consciousness.The next moment, he cursed aloud.

"Holy shit!"

"What… What's the matter?" The fatty felt a chill in his head.
He looked absolutely confused. Yi Qing and Shen Ying turned to look as well.

"The Spirit-Repelling Array!" Lonemoon's expression darkened. "it's in his consciousness."

"The Spirit-Repelling Array!" Yi Qing exclaimed in shock as well.

"What's that?" Shen Ying asked.

"Master, that's an array that can completely isolate one's spirit Qi," Yi Qing explained. "The consciousness is the medium which the cultivator uses to control his spirit Qi. If this array is set up in his consciousness, that means…"

"He will never be able to absorb even a bit of spirit Qi," Lonemoon said slowly, emphasizing each and every word.

If he really had a rubbish spirit root, it would make no difference to him even if his body could not absorb even a bit of spirit Qi. Yet, although this fatty could not cultivate, he could create a concealment talisman and set up his own arrays. This meant that the spirit Qi in his body far exceeded other people's. Even without the spirit Qi in the air, he could create dharmic talismans.

As for why he seemed to have a rubbish spirit root - it could be that his true spirit root had been maimed by someone from the beginning.

It was obvious who had done this to him.

After the fatty heard this, he paled. It was as if he had just realized something extremely frightening. His entire body began to tremble. He looked like his spirit had just left his body. He continued to stare blankly at them.

He thought… he thought that even though these people needed his flesh and blood, they had after all raised him for so many years. When he was younger, he called them "Uncle". He saw it as a form of repayment to them that he did not hate them for wanting to consume him. At least… At least they might be a little… a little sorry to consume him. But it seemed like they had never felt that way.

Lonemoon watched as fatty curled up smaller and smaller into a ball. He frowned and could not help but reach out to pat him on the shoulder. "You've been wanting to cultivate,  haven't you? Let me get rid of this array for you."

The fatty paused and looked up.

"That… that's possible? Fellow Daoist Niu?"

"…." Yes, if you stop calling me that!

Lonemoon reached out and again placed two fingers in the center of his forehead. He sent his divine perception to the array in the man's consciousness once again. As he broke the array, he said, "Let me make myself clear. The array in your consciousness is easy to get rid of, but your spirit root has already been maimed. If you want to cultivate, you have to use the surrounding spirit Qi to fix your maimed spirit root first. Thus, your cultivation level will grow very slowly. Given the quality of the spirit Qi in this realm, in tens of years, you might possibly not even…"

Before he could finish speaking, he felt a burst of spirit Qi around him. The still spirit Qi around them suddenly stirred aggressively, charging toward the fatty. It was like watching lovers being reunited after a long time.

The house could not contain the force of the spirit Qi rushing toward the fatty. The walls began to shake and crumble a few seconds later. With the extra space, the spirit Qi in the air seemed to be moving with even more force than before. It looked almost like a typhoon.

Lonemoon paused. It was a full minute later when he realized that this reaction was caused by Fatty absorbing the spirit Qi from the air. He was just about to remind him that he could not absorb spirit Qi this way, otherwise his soul might split, or worse his body might explode.

He turned and witness the spirit Qi splitting itself into five different portions around the fatty's body. The waste spirit Qi was separated. Five different colors of spirit Qi could clearly be seen. Each of them was absorbed into the fatty's body in turn. The fatty remained still, seated on his bed in confusion, not being able to do anything. His cultivation was rising before their eyes.

First, he was in the middle of the Qi Refinement stage… then the late stages… then the early stages of Foundation Establishment… the late stages… early stage Golden Core…. Nascent Soul…

He kept growing, until he was in the late stages of Nascent Soul cultivation. Then, the spirit Qi involuntarily stopped flowing into his body. This was caused by fatty suddenly standing up in a panic from the bed, so that the spirit Qi could no longer flow into his body freely.

Shen Ying, "…"

Lonemoon: "…"

Yi Qing: "…" They were willing to bet that if he had not stood up at that moment, the spirit Qi would have sent him into the heavens immediately!

"Chef…" Lonemoon turned to pat the shoulder of the person beside him. "I was wrong. You're not the little cheat. He is!"

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