My Master Disconnected Yet Again Chapter 421-430

Chapter 421: The Intrusion

"What on earth are you talking about?" 'Lonemoon' who was already prodded into a bloody mess struggled, while staring angrily at the approaching two. "Why did you do this?"

"It doesn't matter if you don't speak." Shen Ying's look darkened. "All unsanctioned intrusions are to be eliminated, anyway. Or did you think I'd be so stupid as to not recognize my own assistant?"

That person stunned, and the previous painful look changed instantly. His mouth suddenly widened, showing blood- dripping teeth, and a very creepy smile. His whole face started twisting. He spoke in a sharp voice that was completely different from Father Niu, "Found it, Manager…"

In the next instant, his whole body started shining, and his person swelled like a balloon. Flashes of blinding white light leaked out of his body. Shen Ying's heart sank. "Chef!"

Yi Qing didn't hesitate. The sword spell in his hand went right at the man immediately. A wave of sword rain fell upon his call, stifling his aura completely before a self-explosion. The white light finally stopped. The figure identical to Father Niu inside the sword array disappeared, leaving only a ball of white, translucent ice crystals, blown apart and disappearing with a gust of wind.

"It's gone…" Yi Qing frowned, and checked with his Divine Perception. There was no more aura inside. He turned his hand to release the sword array. Only a pool of red blood was left on the ground. His heart sank. "Master, could this person be…"

"Hmm." nodded Shen Ying. "Not something from this plane."

Shen Ying took two steps forward. Looking at the red blood on the ground, she was just about to call out the light screen for examination, when white light suddenly shone from  the ground, and from the scarlet bloodstains, as though coming alive, thousands of ice crystals emerged, stabbing in the direction of Shen Ying.

"Master!" Yi Qing was shocked. It was already too late to pull her back. The blade-like ice thorns was about to pierce through the person in front of him at any moment. Suddenly, a ringing sound came from Shen Ying's wristband, and a protective cover appeared over her body, wrapping her directly inside, blocking out the ice thorns outside. With a sharp sound, the ice thorns were broken directly, and in the next moment they were gone with the wind once again, as though they had never appeared. Even the blood on the ground disappeared as well. The protective cover around Shen Ying dimmed down.

"Master…" Yi Qing pulled her right into his arms, his complexion pale. A wave of panic fear swept over him, and his whole body trembled somewhat. He should have been cautious all the time. Master was different from before, just now should it… He didn't dare to think any further, but only held her even tighter.

Shen Ying got a bit uncomfortable from the hug.  She struggled a bit, but failed to get out. Was he that worried? She thought about it and decided to comfort him. She patted his back and said, "You worry blindly!" She raised her wristband, "My sister set ten layers of protection on my wristband, how could it be broken by such a suicide bomber? Please don't doubt my professionalism." Seeing that he still didn't let go, she lowered her voice and added, "… I'm fine."

Yi Qing's palms tightened, only then letting go. He looked at the person in front of him up and down, and as though finally confirming that there was nothing wrong was her, his face finally relaxed a bit. He turned to look at the position in which the person disappeared just now.

"Those ice crystals, could it be his original shape?" His face was dark.

"Hmm." Shen Ying nodded. "That was his original form from a different plane, so its existence was completely different from that in this plane. With that said, she turned to look at the bag of spirit stones on the floor, which he just threw over.

Yi Qing looked over as well. His look darkened, and in the next instant, a sky-full of sword rain fell upon that bag of spirit stones once more. Indeed, that kind of ice thorns appeared again in the bag which was broken by Yi Qing's sword qi and disappeared. Only that the direction of those ice thorns were towards Shen Ying as well.

"Master, his target…"

"Was me." continued Shen Ying. "More precisely, the Manager." Yi Qing's face paled once more. "Manager…"

"All voluntary intruders have the eventual aim of replacing the Manager as the new ruler of the plane. It was normal that he'd attack me." Shen Ying looked like she had long been used to it.

Yet Yi Qing's expression turned even worse. He had to take a deep breath to suppress the angry emotions in him. "His camouflage was so alike, that the aura, cultivation and even character was pretty much similar. I think Father Niu must be already in his hands. We have to go find him as soon as possible."

"He should be fine for the moment, I can sense him. Only that… I'm afraid the matter is not resolved yet." Shen Ying frowned and a heaviness was on her face, which had never been there before. She pulled out the light screen, while saying, "This was apparently just a scout, what was behind is the real trouble."

"Behind…" His heart tightened somehow, and his eyes widened abruptly. "Master means that mushroom world…" "100% already fallen and taken by intruders."


She pulled out the plane tree directly and located that mushroom. The originally colorful mushroom had already turned completely red. And there was a flashing yellow exclamation mark upon it.

This was a plane warning!

Yi Qing was stunned, Just as he was about to speak, the ground suddenly started shaking. Some special ability was transmitted over from a distance, and the whole Heavenly Palace started shaking. He felt a panic, and vaguely it was as though the assistant seal in his body started stirring as well. He didn't activate Divine Perception at all, but he somehow felt that west of the palace, something peculiar appeared.

A scene flashed in his mind immediately. "Sect master!" Yu Hong ran over and said very anxiously, "Disciples of western palace sent us a transmission just now, saying that west of Bo Sea there was a strange occurrence. On the border of immortal and demon worlds there was… there was…" She looked like she didn't know how to put it.

"A blue realm gate!" Yi Qing continued directly.

"Yes!" Yu Hong stunned for a second and then nodded hard. "How did Elder Yi Qing know?"

"Master, it was right at the position on which the immortal spring appeared previously. It was the gate towards that small world." Yi Qing said certainly. "I don't know why but the scene over there suddenly flashed in my head just now."

"The plane was warning you." Shen Ying's face dropped cold, as though a layer of ice formed around it. It seemed that the matter this time wasn't simple. "Hmph, I haven't even gone them, yet they dared to come to me." With that said, she drew a line beside her, opening up the plane passage directly. "Let's go and see!" Yi Qing looked at the person in front of him, and a hint of hesitation flashed across his face. But Master…

After a long while, he turned towards the person beside him and said, "Yu Hong, activate the Protective Mountain Array immediately. Notify all areas of Bo Sea and Little Black not to let anyone near the immortal-demon border."

Yu Hong was stunned, realizing the seriousness of the matter.
She cupped her fists and said, "Yes!"

Only then did Yi Qing follow Shen Ying towards the passage, setting layers of protective array around the two on the way.

In a moment, the scene around them changed, and the two were already at that sea of flowers in which Bo Sea Immortal Gathering was previously held. Only that the scene in front of them was completely different. Wild winds raged, and around them was all chaos. Immortal Qi and Demonic Qi  mixed together and went all about the area. It was as though even the air became feverish. Flowers and plants are pulled out by the root and flew into the air. The ground was breaking bit by bit. And in the very center of the chaos was a huge crack which went all the way from the sky to the earth. Inside it was a wave of bright blue light. It was as if it tore up the whole heaven and earth. And it was even growing larger. In the center of the blue light, something shiny, crystal-like and as large as a mountain was about to break out.

Yi Qing's eyes widened, and a strong sense of repulsion rose from the bottom of his heart. For the first time, he understood so clearly, what was a plane intrusion!

Chapter 422: Plane Encapsulation Seal

"They want to infect this world." A heaviness was on Shen Ying's face. "Chef, seal this passage. We can't let them through."

"Yes, Master!" Yi Qing nodded and flew right out. His hands conjured a seal and immediately a golden sealing array appeared in the sky, and it grew larger and larger, right towards  the realm gate in the sky. The realm gate which was opening paused, and the expansion stopped as though it met some obstacles. However, that realm gate was so huge that just one sealing array was not enough to close it entirely. Yi Qing had to conjure seals again, calling out three similar arrays which surrounded the realm gate, in an attempt to close it by force.

Shen Ying pulled out the light screen and started working. Countless data flashed across the light screen. The realm gate in the sky shook slightly and started showing signs of closing. However, the center of the red light suddenly started stirring, as though something was about to break out of the gate. In just a short while, crystals as high as a mountain penetrated the door. Even the arrays which blocked the door crashed and broke apart.

Yi Qing  retreated  subconsciously.  The  consumption  of  the array, coupled with that strange, invisible energy from the inside of the gate attacked towards him, but was blocked out by the protective arrays around him. He was about to make another seal.

"Chef!" Shen Ying's voice came from the wristband. "Set seal 50 meters right below you. That is the breaking point."

Yi Qing flew down directly without hesitation. At the same time, a seal was already conjured. In the next instant, a golden array appeared on the ground and started spreading in all directions. In an instant, it filled the whole range of the flower sea. There were golden lights everywhere.

And the torn realm gate in the air started closing slowly. Only that the mountain-like ice crystals started penetrating even faster. In less than the time it takes to burn a joss stick, the realm gate had closed completely, and the chaos in the surroundings stopped. Only that an iceberg, as high as the clouds, was left in the middle.

They still let them in. Yi Qing's heart sank. His hand turned, and he was just about to call out his sword spell, when he heard a strange sound coming from behind. He turned back, and his eyes widened abruptly.


He cried out. The space behind Shen Ying twisted, and a blue realm gate as tall as a person suddenly cracked into appearance, followed by a series of crackling noises, and countless ice crystals stabbed towards her back. The protection over Shen Ying's body activated instantly, stopping those ice thorns.

Yi Qing flew over, hurried to pick up the person on the ground and retreated quickly. Yet the ice crystals didn't stop. Instead, they went straight towards the front. It was as if a thick layer of ice covered the earth.

Yi Qing retreated fast while making sealing spells at the same time. In a short while, that realm gate was sealed as well, and the crystals on the ground stopped moving. Before they had time to let out a relieved breath, Shen Ying suddenly pointed towards the front.

"Careful with that side!" Yi Qing was stunned. Looking down, he saw that the ice crystals which appeared just now actually spread all the way towards the west and connected to that giant iceberg formed earlier. His heart sank immediately. These ice crystals were not for attacking Master, but for connecting that iceberg over there! Looking carefully, he realized that the ice layer on the ground had formed a circle, into which they had retreated, unknowingly.

In the next moment, there was suddenly a very bright white light, coming from both the ice layer on the ground and that gigantic iceberg at the same time. It was so strong that it was hard to open their eyes. Once more, windstorms rose around them. Wind blades attacked towards the two like knives. Beside that, there was something invisible attacking as well. Yi Qing let out his Divine Perception, but he couldn't sense anything. Only that the protective arrays over them were getting weaker and weaker.

"Master, this is…"

"Give me your hand!" Shen Ying directly pulled over his hand and clicked open his wristband. She manipulated it and said at the same time, "They are not the products of this plane so you can't see them. I'll adjust." Shen Ying was extremely fast. In a short while, with a ringing sound, Yi Qing felt a small light screen appearing in his top right corner. It was like a small map, and on it, a great many small red dots were surrounding them on all sides.

He saw it!

Yi Qing clutched his sword tighter and activated the God Power all over his body. Instantly, his sword burnt like flames. His hand waved, and bright fire swept right over. A wall of fire rushed towards the red dots around them.

Instantly, several sharp and jarring screams came to his ears. The sound was like ghosts and demons wailing, he couldn't discern what it was. Yi Qing looked at that small map carefully. Indeed, half of the small red dots which surrounded them has disappeared.

And the attack around them stopped. Red dots started drifting a few dozens of meters from them, as though they dared not close in anymore. Yi Qing changed his dharma spell, and called out a rain of thousands of swords, all of which attacked in the direction of those red dots. Immediately, countless screams rose once more. The red dots on the small map dimmed one by one, until none remained.

Only that one or two red dots still emerged from the edge of the small map, but before he attacked, they disappeared once more. Yi Qing frowned. It seemed that the detection range of his wristband was limited. These intruders seemed to realize this as well, so they deliberately kept at a safe distance.

He looked down at the person who was still calculating something with a serious look, and he gritted his teeth. He couldn't leave Master here alone and go out chasing.

The hands besides his body tightened, but Shen Ying suddenly spoke, "Hey, the data around us changed."


Before Yi Qing could react, the faraway iceberg as tall as to reach the clouds started growing wildly, as though it came alive. It turned into a curve and dropped down towards the sky. Those ice layers around them started growing upward as well "It's no good. It wants to trap us inside!" Yi Qing's heart sank. He held the person before him tight and prepared to fly out on his sword.

But the white light around them grew even brighter, and immediately, nothing was visible in front of them but a complete whiteness. Suddenly, an immense pressure came, and Yi Qing felt a thickness about his heart. His qi and blood stirred, he opened his mouth and spat blood. His primordial spirit was immensely painful, as though it was torn.

"Plane Encapsulation Seal!" Shen Ying was shocked. Her eyes widened, and she hurried to support the person beside her. "Chef!" A wave of anger came to her heart. She pulled out a protective overspread, covering both of them. Only then did Yi Qing's expression softened a bit.

"Master…" His one hand pressed against his chest. He could barely stand supported by the person beside him. That pressure just now was a bit familiar, just like… like the one from Shen Jing's body back when they were in her plane. Only that Shen Jing's was obviously restrained, but the one just now was not.

"We're already isolated out of the original plane." Shen Ying's face darkened. She looked at the whiteness around them and said, "The Plane Encapsulation Seal severed all our connections with the plane, isolating us in a temporary, different space.

Chapter 423: A Group of Fathers

Chef was the assistant of the plane. Naturally, his powers were limited. The attacks from the other planes became more and more intense.

Yi Qing tightened his grip around his sword and walked forward. Then, his body swayed. The pain in his chest was getting more unbearable as the blood continued to flow out of his body.

"Chef!" Shen Ying exclaimed. "Don't move around. This space is sealing your powers. The more you try to fight it, the greater the impact will be."

Shen Ying instructed him while she tapped away even more quickly at her screen. She was trying to find the gap in the plane. Attacks banged constantly on the layer of protection above her head. With each sound, more and more cracks began to appear on the protective layer. The white light that they were shaded from was seeping in through the cracks.

"Master!" Yi Qing screamed. He pulled the woman in front of him into his arms, so that the white beams hit him instead of her.

There was a loud crash from afar, as if something had exploded. The white light suddenly disappeared. A hole suddenly appeared in the snow white space. It looked like someone had opened a window.Yi Qing's cultivation was no longer suppressed. Instead, he felt his powers flow back through his body.

"Chef, get out!" Shen Ying said.

It was then that Yi Qing regained his composure. He mounted his sword and flew out of the hole. In a flash, he was back at the boundary between the immortal and demonic realms.

"Sect Master, Elder!" Yu Hong exclaimed, overjoyed to see them again. There was a large group of people beside her. On closer inspection, they realized that it was the ten Celestial Emperors and Skyfiends, as well as Little Black.

"Exalted Goddess, Celestial Emperor Yi Qing. What happened over here?" Celestial Emperor Chen Ge stepped forward and asked anxiously. He pointed behind them. "This glacier is.."

The strange movements that occurred earlier were felt across all the different continents. What they had just witnessed was even more frightening than when they saw the immortal realm and demonic realm merge together. What's more, the movement seemed to be radiating from the Bo Sea. Their first reaction was to come and look for the Exalted Goddess, yet they found themselves trapped in a glacier instead.

Yi Qing turned back and saw that everything underneath him had turned to ice. In the middle of it was a ball. That was where they were trapped. There was a hole on the top of the ball. Faintly, they could still see the cracks caused by the immortal power that had been attacking them. It was obvious that Yu Hong and the others were responsible for it.

"Exalted Goddess, are you alright?" The other people in the group all focused their attention on Shen Ying. "What exactly is that?"

Shen Ying paused. Who… are these people? "It's something from the deviant realm," Yi Qing explained, stepping forward. "We cannot let this carry on, otherwise the immortal realm and the demonic realm will both be in trouble." He turned to face Yu Hong and Little Black and continued to explain himself. "Look after Master."

The moment he finished speaking, he flew out once again. Suddenly, flames and swords rained down from the sky, toward the huge glacier beneath him..

Everybody exchanged looks with one another. They were beginning to understand that the problem was extremely serious. One by one, they followed Yi Qing and flew out. "Celestial Emperor Yi Qing, let us help you!"

The source of the layer of ice was strange. What's more, they had sensed the realm gate for themselves earlier. Since this problem concerned both the immortal and demonic realms, they could not possibly just stand by and watch.

Afterall, all of them were Celestial Emperors. Suddenly, the sky lit up with different types of light from the different types of sorcery that each person in the group employed. The layer of ice reduced in size bit by bit before their eyes. The strange white beam they saw earlier lit up the entire place once again, turning everything snow white.

A painful cry echoed through the air. Celestial Emperor Little Biao held his arm and fell over. If Little Birdie had not caught him in time, he would have fallen to the ground. Fresh blood flowed steadily from Little Biao's arm. The wound on his arm was so deep that they could see right through to his bones. The scary thing was that nobody saw what had hit him.

"Be careful, everyone! There could be invisible things flying around in the air. They might be undetectable, even to our divine perceptions," Yi Qing called out as he tried to defend the person beside him from several waves of attacks.

Everyone's expressions darkened. One by  one,  they  set  up their own defensive arrays. Despite that, however, a couple of them still got injured. A few  minutes  later,  they  realized  they had no choice but to stop and gather together  in  order  to continue fighting.

Even Little Black quickly activated his demonic Qi and set up a gray layer of protection around himself, Yu Hong and  Shen Ying. He took the chance to grab Yu Hong's hand and shout, "Honey, be careful!" Once he finished, he turned to Shen Ying and weakly said, "You too, Exalted Goddess."

Yu Hong frowned, but she did not shake his hand off.

Shen Ying, on the other hand, did not seem to have heard him. She continued to stare at her screen, oblivious to the romance taking place just beside her. She was frowning, obviously deep in thought.

"Exalted Goddess, what is that?" Little Black could not help but ask. "Why are there invisible items that even our divine perceptions cannot detect? Aren't we just dealing with the true form of that layer of ice?" How come they are now being attacked?"

Shen Ying flicked her wrist. The true form…

Suddenly, she thought of something. She tapped the screen once again and a flurry of images appeared. Shen Ying narrowed her eyes. Indeed, the true form of that thing was not ice - it was light! She raised her head to look at the group of people. She had not noticed before, but now she discovered that the only people who were getting injured were the Celestial Emperors. The demons and Skyfiends, on the other hand, were perfectly fine. It was almost as if the thing was avoiding them. Shen Ying's eyes brightened as she turned back to face Little Black.

"Hey, Little Green?"

"…" Who is Little Green?

"Little Dog? Little Elephant? Little Whatever? You know I'm talking to you!"

"… I'm Little Black." Oh, how his heart hurt! Why were the nicknames that the Exalted Goddess was coming up with getting more and more unusual?

○ | ̄|_

"Use demonic  Qi  to  cover  up  this  entire  area."  Shen  Ying gesture toward their surroundings. "Don't leave even a bit of light. You can do that, right?"

Little Black paused. Although he did not quite understand what she was talking about, he nodded. "I'll try my best."

He shot a look at Yu Hong, and tightened his hold on her hand. Then, he let go and flew off. A moment later, loads of demonic Qi flowed out of his body. They covered the sky like dark clouds on a stormy day. It was noontime, yet the afternoon light seemed to have disappeared. Instead, a chilling aura filled the air.

"Demonic Qi!" The Celestial Emperors exclaimed. "Why is Demon King Little Black suddenly-"

"Wait! Everyone, look!" Someone shouted.

Everyone looked and saw the originally "invisible" figures begin to take shape. Now that everything was dark, they could faintly see blur human figures flying around. Although their features were unclear, they were pretty sure they looked like humans.

All the Celestial Emperors immediately reacted.

"Quick, use your demonic Qi to force them to show themselves."

The ten Skyfiends activated their own demonic Qi, which they earlier held back for fear of harming the Celestial Emperors. Now that they knew their demonic Qi could force the formless creatures to show themselves, they did not bother holding back any longer.

A wealth of demonic Qi filled the area. Coupled with the fact that they were already closer to the demonic realm in the first place, it took them less than a minute to cause everything to darken and for the demonic Qi to thicken.

The blurred figures in the air were getting clearer and clearer. They could slowly make out their silhouettes, their  figures, their features… When they could finally make out the human figures around them, every single person in the group widened his eyes in disbelief. Together, they shouted.


It was Father Niu! Many, many Father Nius!

(⊙ o ⊙)

Chapter 424: The Man Behind the Curtain

Hundreds of figures gathered around them, each of them carrying the same face - a face that looked exactly like Lonemoon's.

"Why is Elder Lonemoon…?" Yu Hong was confused as well. All of those figures looked the same. They couldn't all have been Lonemoon's siblings, could they?

"They've duplicated Father Niu's data," Shen Ying said. Her expression darkened as she scanned the figures around her, one by one. In a low voice, she said, "Not one of these people are real."

Once the group got over their shock, they managed to respond. Once again, they attacked the figures around them. Now that they could see these figures, they could retaliate properly. The different colored lights from their different techniques filled the sky once again.

The hundreds of Father Nius charged toward them, battling intensely with the group. Very quickly, the group discovered that the figures did not just look like Lonemoon on the outside - even their cultivation level and skills were exactly the same as Lonemoon's.

In other words, the hundreds of figures they were up against were sword cultivators of the Young Emperor cultivation level. Once they realized this, they broke out in a cold sweat. Although each of them were at the level of Celestial Emperor, fighting this many Young Emperors meant that each Celestial Emperor had to match up against tens of Young Emperors. Naturally, this took a toll on their strength. What's more, the Young Emperors were sword cultivators. While the group felt empowered at the start, they quickly began to feel defeated.

Their enemies seemed to have caught on. They attacked the group with more vigor and aggression. They even went so far as to abandon all forms of protection, putting their lives on the line to get rid of the group. The situation seemed hopeless, until they suddenly heard a dragon's roar.

Yi Qing had no intention to give up. He transformed into his true form - a huge golden dragon - that charged toward the sky. His God Power was overwhelming. As he flew higher and higher, lightning began to flash throughout the sky, so that it looked like a huge net was cast around the entire world. The net flew toward the clones.

The deafening sound of thunder filled the air. The figures looked like they were wheat during harvest - one by one, they fell to the ground.

"Dra… Dragon!" All the Celestial Emperors stared in disbelief at the golden dragon in the sky. It took them a long while before they could react.

"Don't get distracted! Fight!" Yi Qing could not help but remind them. His thick God Power swept past the group.

It was then that all of them regained their composure. With renewed strength, they faced the battle before them. It was almost as if someone had given each of them a boost - especially the Celestial Emperors. Each of them became much more aggressive. On the other hand, the Skyfiends seemed to grow weaker. After such a long time, a divine race had finally appeared in the immortal realm once again. Although they were similarly encouraged, they could not help their bodies' natural reaction. The divine race was their arch-nemesis after all. The presence of God Power caused even their legs to grow weak. The situation in the air had changed. Father Niu's clones were falling to the ground one by one, like broken shards of a crystal. Before they hit the ground, they would disappear. Just like that, there were only a few of them left.

The battle had gone on for a few hours already. Everyone, including the Skyfiends were gravely injured. They could not even find it in them to speak another word. Once the last clone disappeared, all of them heaved a huge sigh of relief and retreated back to where Shen Ying was.

"It's finally over," Yu Hong sighed. She undid the defensive array around her and started to walk out to meet the others.

"Wait!" Shen Ying pulled her back all of a sudden and pointed in front of them. "It's not over!" That glacier had not yet disappeared.

"What… " Yu Hong hesitated, but she did not know what to say.

The glacier  emanated  white  light  once  again,  causing  the demonic Qi in the air to dissipate. A strange aura began to spread rapidly across the entire area, and figures appeared all around them once again.

"Everyone, watch out!" Yu Hong exclaimed. She started to fly up to warn the rest.

But the group did not seem to hear her. Instead, they were flying toward her at top speed. The white light was catching up to them. Suddenly, their victorious expressions turned icy..

Yu Hong's heart sank. Something was not right. They were… being controlled! She quickly summoned her flying sword and flew back to Shen Ying. "Sect…" Before she could call out for Shen Ying, her expression changed. The light before her eyes seemed to have disappeared. She turned around and summoned her immortal sword, flying toward Shen Ying expressionlessly.

"Master!" Yi Qing screamed. But he was too late. The attacks from the various people rained down on Shen Ying. Daggers began to rain down upon her. The defensive system in Shen Ying activated itself, causing a transparent defensive layer to form around her body. It wrapped her up safely in a protective ball which absorbed all the different attacks raining down on her and rebounded them outward.

The crowd that had been fast advancing toward her fell down toward the ground. Even Yu Hong flew back from the impact. A moment later, however, they got back to their feet. Their expressions now looked exactly like all those clones of Father Niu's - calm and unmoving, like wooden dolls.

"Their consciousness has been captured!" Shen Ying exclaimed, her face hardening.

"Master." Yi Qing finally made it to Shen Ying and landed beside her.

Shen Ying jumped. She shouted, "Don't come here!"

It was too late. The moment the words came out of  her mouth, something jumped out of the soil beneath her feet. What looked like thorns from the ground headed toward her, threatening to stab her. Yi Qing wanted to move out of the way of the thorns, but ended up being pierced through his left shoulder. He fell to the ground. Fresh blood flowed out of his wound.

All around, the glacier was expanding. Shen Ying was now trapped inside the ice.

"Master!" Yi Qing crawled to his feet, attacking the ice with all his might, but to no avail. All he could do was stand by and watch the ice pillars around Shen Ying grow into a huge ice mountain. He could no longer spot Shen Ying inside. What's more, the suppressive force had appeared once again. Yi Qing felt the God Power leave his body as he began to vomit blood.

Shen Ying was now completely trapped inside the ice. Everything around her was white as snow. The space she was in now was much bigger than the one they were trapped in before, and she was now separated from the world she was in.

Now she realized why the glacier did not seem to expand while they were fighting Father Niu's clones. The glacier had in fact been expanding downward, wrapping itself around the world beneath it so that it covered everything within a few hundred miles' radius. The main aim seemed to be to trap her in this space that was separated from the world. The assistant's powers came from the manager. As long as she was not in the plane, Yi Qing would be easily subdued.

"Manager." Indeed, a familiar voice echoed throughout the space. A white figure walked toward her from among the layers of ice. The man's face was exactly the same as the many ones she saw awhile ago. The only difference was that this man carried with him a familiar aura as well.

Shen Ying narrowed her eyes and heaved a sigh of relief. He's finally here. The real… body of Father Niu.

She confirmed her guess after scanning the man from head to toe. As she reached out and touched her wristband, she called out in an icy voice, "Invader!"

"I've finally caught you." The man stared straight at Shen Ying and broke out in an evil grin. "As long as you disappear, we can completely replace this world."

"Oh…" Shen Ying's expression remained icy. She tilted her head and asked, "Are you sure?"

Chapter 425: Don't Touch Chef

The person opposite her laughed mirthlessly. His eyes brightened, as if he had just found a treasure. "This plane's defense is indeed very strong. We had to do so much preparation, but every time we got here, our efforts would be wasted. It's impressive enough that a naturally low-quality plane like this can hold itself so well. If we were new to invading planes, all of you might have escaped this outcome."

"…" In other words, this was not their first time invading a plane?

"Your assistant is particularly shocking! His powers far surpass that of other planes' managers. It took us so long to control his consciousness. It's a pity that he has not fully grasped his power. That was our greatest tool!

"…" Tool?

"That's right - you have another assistant as well." The man's eyes twinkled as if he just thought about something useful. "He looks even more powerful. I'm sure he will make a great tool as well" The moment he finished speaking, the entire layer of ice vibrated. Images of what was happening outside of the glacier appeared.

There was a man standing in the middle of a vast patch of ice. There were countless wounds on his body. In one hand, he held a long sword. The man was standing unsteadily - he looked like he would fall over at any moment. All around him were many figures who looked exactly like Father Niu, as well as the Celestial Emperors and Skyfiends, whose consciousness were being controlled. It was almost as if the man in the center could not see their attacks on him. He stubbornly stabbed the ice beneath his feet with the sword, no doubt trying to rescue Shen Ying out of there.

His powers had evidently been sealed. There was no way he could use any sorcery to break the ice. More and more wounds accumulated on his body, so that he was becoming almost unrecognizable.


When Shen Ying saw that image, her expression darkened. An anger like she had never felt before seemed to explode out of her body. She threw all the plans she had in her head aside - f*ck logic!

"Heh.." She suddenly let out an icy laugh. She turned around to glance at the familiar face in the sky. A chilling aura blasted forth from her body. In a very dangerous voice, she said, "You… are good!" So good that she was finding it hard to control her temper!

"He will become ours very soon," laughed the man in the air. "Just like this plane… Eh? Why is your body's  power becoming… No, that's impossible. I've sealed.."

The screens around Shen Ying turned black. Even the defensive layer that had been surrounding her body was kept away. The layers of ice could no longer come any closer to her. Something scary was emanating from her body, threatening to explode with a formidable force. The layers of ice suddenly cracked in half, like cabbage that had been sliced open. Step by step, she walked forward. With each step, cracks appeared on the ice layer beneath her feet. The heavens and the earth threatened to break apart as she advanced.

"I'm pretty sure we did everything we could to minimize the manager's powers.. How is it that you're still so powerful?" The man's face turned pale as he looked on in disbelief at the fast advancing woman. In a panic, he summoned more crystals, trying to form a wall between himself and the woman. Yet, they proved to be useless. They just broke into pieces, like the rest of the ice layers around them. Subconsciously, he retreated. "That's… that's impossible. Don't come any closer.

Shen Ying's expression was ice cold by now. She emphasized each word as she said, "Don't you like playing  with  light?  I'll grant your wish!"



Outside the ice mountain.

Yi Qing could not hang on any longer. HIs vision was blurring, and so was his mind. Unbearable pain seared throughout his body. His assistant's powers and God Power were sealed up, and there were countless enemies forming a wall all around him. It was impossible to fight his way out using pure sword technique. But… Master! Master was still stuck inside there. That encapsulator could isolate the space inside from the plane, so that her manager powers would be limited. What's more, Master had not yet fully recovered. She was in grave danger!

With the numerous attacks raining down on his body, Yi Qing could hardly keep himself standing. All he could do was crawl toward the ice which was trapping his master. He had to save her… He had to…

Suddenly, he heard a loud crash. The attacks on his body stopped. Before his eyes, hundreds of thousands of red beams shot out of the stubborn ice mountain. In a blink of an eye, the layers of ice broke into pieces, as if they had been cut up by a giant sword.

The ice mountain that stood so tall that it reached the clouds began to collapse. They quickly turned to flashes of light and disappeared. All that remained were the red beams of light. The source of the red beams walked out.

"Mas… Master…" Yi Qing stared blankly at the familiar figure walking slowly out of the mess. Suddenly, his eyes burned. Hot tears flowed down his cheeks. She was fine… That's good. Shen Ying's expression remained icy. It was almost as if all the ice that disappeared had gathered on her face instead. Her body radiated a frightening aura. She walked toward Chef, raising her finger and touching it on Yi Qing's forehead.

Yi Qing felt the suppressive force that had been weighing down on him disappear. His powers flowed back into his body and the wounds covering his body began to close up. After a few moments, he was half-recovered. Soon, all that reminded him of the wounds he suffered earlier was the dried up blood left behind on his body.

He was almost fully recovered by now. Another  familiar figure flew out from within the red beams of light. He looked exactly like Father Niu, but he was covered in blood for some reason. He looked even more miserable than Yi Qing. He stole a glance at Shen Ying, eyes full of fear. Before she could meet his gaze, he looked away, and gestured toward the group of people surrounding Yi Qing "Move!"

The air twisted, and they saw a blue light flash. A realm gate opened.

"Master…" Yi Qing said anxiously. He wanted to say something, but Shen Ying held his chin and planted a kiss on his lips. With affection, she touched his head and said, "Wait for me
- I'm going to clean up this mess!"

Yi Qing stiffened.

The next moment, Shen Ying appeared just behind the man in the sky. She turned and pulled hard on the realm gate. The crack in the air sealed up at once, with such force that the impact could be felt even from the ground, where Yi Qing was.

She stared at Father Niu's true body. Emphasizing each word, she said, "I'm sorry. The immortal realm is closed today!"

Father Niu: "…"

Yi Qing: "…"

Everyone: "…" ——————

Three hours later.

The rear hall of the Invincible Heavenly Palace.

Shen Ying sat upright at the table, clearing the food on the table in a dignified and rapid manner. Three metres from the table sat several rows of high-level and well-dressed… buns!

The kind that only looked that way because they had been beaten up!

The Celestial Emperors and Skyfiends had regained their own consciousness by then. They tried to make themselves look as small as possible as they looked on at the woman who was still wolfing down huge scoops of rice. They did not even dare to breathe too loudly. The only sound that could be heard in the entire hall was the sound of Shen Ying's spoon hitting her bowl.

Chapter 426: A Plane's Declaration of War

Shen Ying was eating at a rapid speed. Perhaps it was because she had already missed two meals. Within 20 minutes, a table full of food had disappeared. All that was left was the sauces on the various plates. Yi Qing cleared the empty plates from the table and replaced them with freshly cooked dishes. Then, he returned to the kitchen to continue cooking.

Shen Ying was making the food look too delicious. Lonemoon, who had been sitting across from her for a long time, could not help but reach out for some with his chopsticks. Just before the food entered his mouth, he felt a sharp pain in his cheek. For the umpteenth time, he screamed, "Ow! It hurts, it hurts, it hurts…"

Lonemoon tossed his chopsticks aside and rubbed his swollen face. He emanated a cold aura as he turned to glare at Shen Ying indignantly. "You freaking knew that I would not be able to heal these wounds using immortal sorcery. Why couldn't you control your strength?" He wondered if he would be disfigured for life.

Shen Ying swallowed her mouthful of food, looked  at  him icily and tutted. "If I had not done that, the invaders would not have left your body. Given your skills, you would not have been able to get rid of them for the next 500 years. What's more, what right do you have - as a weak chicken who could not even fend off invaders - to ask me to control my strength?"

Lonemoon, the weak chicken: "…"

The Celestial Emperors, weak chickens: "…"

The Skyfiend, weak chickens: "…"

She made absolute sense. They were struggling to find something to say in retort.

"Exalted… Exalted Goddess!" Seeing that Lonemoon's swollen face was flushing even more from being embarrassed, Little Black could not help but step in. "What exactly were those things? How did they take control of our bodies so easily?" What they went through did not feel like a possession - it felt more like something else had entered their body so that even their primordial spirits were affected. The longer those things stayed in their bodies, the weaker their primordial spirit felt. Although they were alright now, each of them could feel that their cultivation levels had deteriorated slightly.

"Given your intellect, I find it hard to explain." Shen Ying finally looked up at the rows of people staring at her. Her expression was hard. "That's why there is no need for you to know."

The crowd: "…" That was piercing.

Lonemoon tried to adjust the swells on his face so that he could talk. Facing Shen Ying, he said, "What's going to happen next, then?" She had already dealt with those invaders who suddenly entered their world, but the mushroom world still existed.

The hand that Shen Ying had been using to scoop her rice paused in midair as her expression fell. A moment later, she thought about something and said in a low voice, "For now, they do not have the strength to do another invasion. Seal that little world and break off any connections it might have to any other world." Lonemoon nodded. "Although those people had come from a whole other plane, for a long time nobody had realized that they were here. They had probably already taken full control of that world. Now, the only thing they could do was seal up that world so that the rest of the small worlds did not get affected."

Everybody else looked confused for a long while before they finally began to understand.

"Exalted Goddess, you mean to say that those things came from the lower realm?!"

"Such things actually exist in the lower realm. Even we were almost defeated by their technique. Then other realms…"

One by one, their faces turned pale as they thought about how serious the problem was.

"Exalted Goddess is right. We should seal up that small world," they agreed after awhile. "If Exalted Goddess  do  not  mind,  we can offer some help." "That's right. If we combine our powers, we can give it a shot and seal up that small realm for good. We'll make sure that it will never again see the light of day!"

"We cannot let that thing invade the Three Realms again."

"If we could not fend for ourselves against them, the living creatures in other mortal realms would be wiped out by them for sure!"

"We cannot delay dealing with this matter anymore. Let's take the chance now while we're slightly better to act!"

They got to their feet one by one, their expressions somber. Yet, Lonemoon could not take them seriously. If their faces had not been so swollen, perhaps they would have sounded more persuasive.

Lonemoon scanned the group of people whose faces and noses looked just as swollen and bluish as his. He was shocked that the Celestial Emperors and Skyfiends, who normally minded their own business, would band together like this. What's more, they were offering to help even before Shen Ying made any requests.

Wait! An unbelievable thought slipped into his mind. He took a closer look at the group. Shen Ying was right - she had used a special technique when she beat them up earlier. That was why the invaders of their consciousness left their bodies. It took them a full hour before they regained their consciousness, and that was because Yi Qing had tried his best to drag them back to reality. At the same time, however, their wounds could not be healed using sorcery. Instead, all they could do was wait as they recovered naturally.

Could it be that they were so excited because… they did not want to go back to their respective territories with their faces looking this swollen? Was that the reason they were offering to help?

They were afraid of being embarrassed - that must be it!

"…" Lonemoon pursed his lips, causing a sharp pain to spread across his face once again. He rubbed his face. Why did he suddenly empathize with them? Why did Shen Ying specifically target all of their faces? He turned to glance at Shen Ying. "What do you think?"

Shen Ying lowered her gaze as something flashed across her eyes. A moment later, she nodded. "Alright, go ahead!"

"Thank you all." Lonemoon nodded at the group.

One by one, the people in the group cupped their fists and moved to conjure seals.

"Wait," Lonemoon suddenly called out. He turned to face Yu Hong. Perhaps it was because she was a body cultivator. Her wounds looked the lightest out of them all. There were only a few patches of blue-green on her face, which did not even look swollen. "Yu Hong, bring everyone to Lan Hua to retrieve a few pills. We cannot help with their superficial wounds, but we can at least help with their internal injuries."

"Yes, Elder!" Yu Hong turned and led the group out.

They did  not  stand  on  ceremony.  Afterall,  the  battle  had caused them to deplete most of the pills they had on hand. It was true that they did not have many left. Therefore, they followed behind Yu Hong. One by one, they set up isolation arrays around themselves, so that the cultivators they met on the way would not be able to recognize them for who they were. However, their sorcery could only work on those lower-level cultivators. As for whether Lan Hua would poke fun at them upon seeing their faces, Lonemoon could not be sure. He guessed that Lan Hua would be laughing for at least a year.

Only after the group left did Lonemoon turn to face  Shen Ying. As if something was weighing down on his mind, he said worriedly, "Shen Ying, I think the invader that controlled me was different from the others."

Shen Ying turned to look at him.

Lonemoon frowned, unsure if he was mistaken.  He  was different from ordinary people after  all  -  invaders  would  not take control of his consciousness as  easily  as  they  would ordinary people. However, the one who did take control of his body was different. "I felt like he  had  a  strength  that  could match mine." Their powers  felt  very  similar,  yet  very  different at the same time." "Did he have the assistant's seal?" Shen Ying suddenly asked.

"Eh?" Lonemoon paused. "That power was from the assistant's seal!"

"Your sensing is right. He was indeed no ordinary invader."

"Then… he is…"

"The assistant of that foreign realm!"

"… What? Why did an assistant of another plane have to do this?!"

"Plane invaders are not as simple as you imagine them to be," Shen Ying explained matter-of-factly. "Invaders are not just ordinary people from foreign realms."

"…" In other words, it was probable that they had just been invaded by a whole other plane.

Holy shit, that was practically a declaration of war!

Chapter 427: Becoming Younger Again

"That light can't seal that realm gate, can it?" Lonemoon asked. Even the plane's assistant had come, and he brought with him an entire team as well. Who knew what else he would be capable of?

"Mm." Shen Ying nodded. She looked at the dishes on the table in front of her and a look flashed across her eyes. She set her chopsticks down and got to her feet. "We have to completely separate that small world from the rest of our plane. They cannot do this - only you can."

"Me?" Lonemoon paused.

Chef walked out of the kitchen at that exact moment. He looked at the half-filled plates on the table and frowned.

"How should we go about it?"

"We can't do it here," Shen Ying Continued. "We have to go to the central control area. There, we can separate each of the small worlds from one another. The catch is that the both of you have to learn to take full control of your assistants' authorities first."

"Central control?" What did that mean?

Yi Qing paused, as if realizing something. "Master, you mean to say that we have to go back to the divine realm?"

She nodded her head.

"Then what are we waiting for?" Lonemoon turned around and opened a portal in mid-air. "We can't afford to wait any longer. We have to go as soon as we can." He just started to enter the portal when he realized that Shen Ying stood rooted to the ground. He paused and said, "Shen Ying, let's go!"

"Are you deaf? I said, this thing must be settled by… the both of you."

"What do you mean?" Lonemoon hesitated. Shen Ying suddenly grinned at him. Her icy demeanor had completely disappeared. Instead, she cast an uncharacteristically warm look at the both of them. "All the best, Boyfriend and Father Niu!"

The moment she finished speaking, she collapsed without any warning.


"Shen Ying!"

Their expressions changed. Both of them reached out to catch the lady who had just collapsed. Both of their faces displayed pure panic.


"What just happened?" Lonemoon did a closer inspection of the lady on the bed. He realized that this was just like the previous time - there was nothing wrong with Shen Ying's body. Instead, she was in a coma without any other symptoms. "She was just fine before."

"Master activated her powers by force in order to save us," Yi Qing explained, fists clenched tight by his sides. Blood began to flow out of his palms, yet he did not seem to notice. "I thought that we had time…" That was why he returned to the rear hall to pack all the dishes when he found the time to do so. It was a pity that he was still too late.

Lonemoon recalled the dishes that Shen Ying had not managed to finish earlier, and his expression darkened. Shen Ying seemed to have noticed that no matter how much she ate, she would not be able to recover the amount of energy she consumed that second time. That was probably why she chose to enter into a coma instead.


"What did she say before?" Lonemoon sucked in a deep breath and asked. Given Shen Ying's personality, she would not enter a coma without giving proper explanations as to how exactly to deal with the invaders. "Master said that if she suddenly becomes stuck, we should not worry." Yi Qing's fists tightened even more by his sides. In a low voice, he continued, "She also said we should not even try to wake her. She would come to soon enough."

"What does soon enough mean?"

"… I don't know either."

Lonemoon fell silent and sucked in another deep breath before he finally managed to calm himself down. "Chef,  the most important thing now is to figure out how to solve that mushroom problem. We have to go to the divine realm quickly."

"But Master-"

"I know that you want to use the same method as before to get her to wake up," Lonemoon interrupted him. "But this matter is serious. We cannot afford to do that now! We have to go to the small world and seal it up as soon as we can. You need to know that their target is Shen Ying. If we're just a second too late, they might…" Lonemoon did not need to carry on any further before Yi Qing understood his point. He turned back and glanced at Shen Ying, gritted his teeth and sucked in a deep breath. "I understand. Let's go to the divine territory now!"

The moment he finished speaking, he conjured a seal and opened an entrance that led straight to the divine territory.

"Let's go, Father Niu."

Father Niu sighed and turned to go through the entrance together with Chef. He had just taken one step in when he felt something tug at his sleeve very lightly.

Lonemoon turned around instinctively and saw two eyes, as round as grapes. They looked like they carried the skies within them. The eyes, set on a small face, blinked with curiosity. The kid's head tilted as her chubby hands clung on to Lonemoon's sleeves.

Suddenly, Lonemoon felt as though someone had shot an arrow straight through his chest. Something inside him seemed to break down and roll into a ball.

This kid? Where did she come from?

The girl behind him seemed to realize something. She reached out both of her arms and broke into a grin. It was as if flowers were raining down from the sky.


Dong dong dong! Lonemoon felt multiple shots straight through his heart. There was a faint explosion inside him.

So, so, so… adorable!

"Master?" Yi Qing jumped. He wanted to step forward, but a black figure flew right past him.

A certain someone rushed over like a flash of lightning. The figure carried the little girl into his arms as a mysterious fatherly love overwhelmed him. He replied, "Ai, I am your father! I am your father! Kiss your father!" Nobody is to steal her from me. "Good girl…"

Yi Qing: "…"

What was going on?

Baby Ying was buried in Lonemoon's beard. She uncomfortably pushed him away and turned to face Yi Qing, who was then in a daze. She looked at him helplessly and raised her arms toward him, calling out in a sweet voice.


Yi Qing: "…"

Lonemoon, "…" ——————

Shen Ying had become younger once again. This time, even her bones had reduced in size. Yi Qing discovered Father Niu had gone crazy.

In the past, whenever he looked at Shen Ying, he would feel annoyed. It was almost as if he would die if he did not manage to get rid of her bad habits. However, he had become almost like a demon king now, who had just gained a precious daughter. Like a nanny, he sat down on the floor and tried to gain the little girl's attention. He seemed to have no more time for official business. Instead, nobody could chase him away from her.

The way he spoke had also become a hundred times more animated.

"Little Ying, tell Daddy how old you are?"

The little girl on the bed stared blankly back at him and showed both of her palms to him. She began to count very seriously with both of her hands. A moment later, she reached out just five fingers. Slightly later, only three fingers were left on display. Shen Ying then turned to her left, then to her right. She reached out with both hands again, showing Lonemoon three fingers. "Three years old! Little Ying is three years old!"

Lonemoon's chest tightened. It was like his heart was going to explode.

So… so cute!

( 『̄̄)

He finally understood why Shen Jing was so easily controlled by her little sister. With such an adorable younger sister, even Lonemoon would want to kill whichever bastard who tried to get close to her.

"Come, let Daddy hug you!" He could not stop himself from reaching out with both hands.

Just as he wanted to hug her, Shen Ying Disappeared before his eyes. Yi Qing carried the adorable little girl from the bed and glared at him. "Get lost!" Stay far away from my master, you perverted bastard!

Shen Ying, however, did not seem to realize the tension in the room. She reached out with both of her hands to hold on to the person who just carried her off the bed. Weakly, she called, "Mother!"

Yi Qing stiffened.

"Master…" How his heart hurt - he wanted to cry!

Chapter 428: Plucking the Mushroom in the Divine Territory

This man was being hopelessly controlled by his daughter, to the point that he no longer remembered the important task at hand. Yi Qing sighed and sat down on a chair in front of him. He let the little toddler in his arms rest on his thighs as he said in a low voice, "Master, you… do you remember anything?"

Baby Ying stared blankly back at him, as if whatever he just said flew right past her head. The big, watery eyes blinked back at him.

Yi Qing studied her very closely for half a minute, and found nothing in those big, round eyes of hers. There was not even a hint of familiarity. Shen Ying, on the other hand, sensed that he was getting upset. She picked up the toy boat made out of immortal pills that Lonemoon had handed to her earlier and held it out to Yi Qing.

Her thoughts were clearly written on her face: If you like it, we can play with it together! "Forget it, forget it." Lonemoon's heart was beginning to ache. He interrupted Yi Qing. "Little Ying has already said that she's only three years old. How much could she know?" He retrieved a dharmic bell from inside his robe and looked at her mischievously. "Do you want to play with this? Come over to Daddy!" He could not help but reach out to carry her, but Yi Qing shunned away, glaring at him icily. Get lost - stop trying to tempt my master.

Lonemoon's expression fell as he caught air. How could you!
That's my daughter.

"We cannot delay the problem with that mushroom world. Let's go to the divine territory first," Yi Qing changed the topic to distract Lonemoon from trying to steal Little Ying once again. "We cannot leave Master alone while she's like that. I'll take her with us."

With that, Yi Qing turned to open a portal and walked right into it.

"Wait! I can carry her in too!" Stupid Chef - if Lonemoon had known this would happen earlier, he would not have put in a good word for him. My daughter… In a blink of an eye, the three of them found themselves in a familiar place. The only difference was where they saw a space full of planets in the past, all they saw now was a golden tree that almost reached the sky.

Yi Qing glanced at the plane tree, then glanced at the little person in his arms. He was put in a spot. Lonemoon had already found his way around the area and picked a spot to conjure a thick mat. There, he set the area surrounding the mat aside and then waved to Yi Qing. "Come, put Baby Ying here so that she won't knock into anything."

Yi Qing walked over and placed the three-year-old Shen Ying on the thick mat. "Master, we have to go and seal that small world as soon as we can, or those baddies might try their hand at taking over our plane again. Please wait for us here."

Shen Ying stared back at him with that little face and big round eyes of hers. She was clearly confused.

"I already told you - she won't understand these things," Lonemoon reminded Yi Qing in a firm tone as he rolled his eyes. Then, he rushed toward Shen Ying with another  tempting smile. With an unashamed voice, he said, "Be good, Little Ying. Daddy has something important to attend to. Wait over here for Daddy, alright?"

Baby Ying understood this time. She nodded profusely. "Alright, Little Ying will be good!"

She turned and hugged the little immortal boat that Lonemoon handed him earlier, her behind planted firmly on the mat. She looked back at Lonemoon with an obedient smile.

Dong dong! Lonemoon felt two more arrows pierce right through his heart. He could not stop himself from pulling that precious treasure into his arms.

"Or, Daddy could carry you even as he conjures- Oh!"

Before he could finish speaking, Yi Qing pursed his lips and picked up the retarded man stiffly. Then, he turned to walk away.

"Wait, Chef! Little Ying… Daddy will be right back. Wait for me, wait for me…"

Yi Qing walked squarely toward the plane tree, refusing to let go of Lonemoon until they arrived right below it. He pointed to the freshly grown red mushroom underneath the bunch of golden leaves. "Important business."

"I get it." Lonemoon rubbed his neck, which suffered from a bit of a whiplash when Yi Qing picked him up. Now that Baby Ying was out of his reach, Lonemoon could finally focus on the urgent matter at hand. From time to time, however, he would turn back to glance at the little figure playing with the immortal toy boat. He would even wave and try to get the attention of the toddler, overwhelmed with fatherly emotions. He did not even care that Little Ying did not reciprocate.

He had decided! Once he settled this problem with the small world, he would rush Lan Hua to refine 180 new dharmic artifacts so that Little Ying would have more toys to play with. He was Niu Huayun - how could his daughter only have one toy to play with?

A while later… "This mushroom is different from all the other small worlds. How should we seal it off completely?" Lonemoon asked in a low voice.

"Master said before that our powers are sufficient," Yi Qing answered as he furrowed his brow. He guessed, "I think she means that we would have to make use of our assistants' authorities."

"Let's use our authorities to try conjuring an array!" Lonemoon suggested.

Yi Qing nodded. The two of them tried to activate an array together, making use of the assistants' seals in their bodies. A moment later, they felt a huge burst of energy rush forward. They gathered together this energy to form a strange shape and pushed that energy toward the mushroom.

The next moment, two golden light balls appeared on either side of the mushroom. They began to form the shape of talismans, then multiplied so that the air around the mushroom soon became filled with talismans. Finally, the original two talismans turned into two half-spheres, which traveled toward each other to form a ball around the mushroom. Suddenly, they shook wildly. Lonemoon and Yi Qing lost control of the two half-spheres. The golden array began to flicker and break apart. Even the talismans around the mushroom lost their glow. Lonemoon and Yi Qing took several steps back.

"It's not working!" Lonemoon pressed his hand against his chest to try to calm his pounding heart down. He shook his head and said, "Even when the two of us join forces, we can't control that small world."

Yi Qing furrowed his brows. They had intended to seal off the small world, like the Godfiend did to the realm beyond realms. They hadn't imagined that it would be so difficult. Even after activating their assistants' authorities, they could not do anything to disturb that small world's position in the plane.

"Chef, I thought that method would work, but it isn't working at all!" Lonemoon thought for awhile, then said worriedly, "The realm beyond realms was sealed off this way as well, but that's because it did belong to the plane originally. Otherwise, Shen Ying and I would not have entered it so easily. Let's think of other methods to deal with this foreign small world." Yi Qing frowned even more deeply and replied in a low voice, "But did that small world belong to the plane in the beginning. Apart from isolating it using an encapsulation seal, what other methods do we have that would separate it from this plane?"

Lonemoon fell silent. Out of all the sorceries known to them, the encapsulation seal seemed like the most appropriate. How could they pluck this mushroom from the tree for good?

"Mommy…" Before they could think of any solution, a soft voice sounded from beside them. Something was gently tugging at Yi Qing's sleeve.

"Master!" They had not noticed when Baby Ying suddenly walked off the mat and toward where they were. She was now raising her head and looking at both of them with her  big, round eyes and calling out to Yi Qing in a slightly indignant tone. Yi Qing's heart softened. He felt the sudden urge to give her everything in the world. "What… what's the matter?"

Chapter 429: Complete Assistants

"Water… Water!" She waved her little hands and made a gesture of hugging a water bottle. "Little Ying wants to drink, wants water."

Yi Qing finally realized that she was thirsty, and he immediately felt a bit guilty that he actually forgot to prepare tea and water for Master. Just as he was about to take down his storage bag, Lonemoon beside him got crazy again.

"Little Ying wants to drink water? Come, come to Daddy! I have Spiritual Fruit Juice, Immortal Fruit Juice, Sweet Fruit Juice, Spiritual Purple Juice… Which do you want?"

When he talked, he produced bottles of many different colors filled with all types of fruit juice. He laid them all over the ground. And all of them actually looked familiar!

The corner of Yi Qing's mouth twitched. How much food for Master have you hidden behind my back? Shen Ying glanced at the ground and looked like she didn't find the one that she wanted. She showed no intention of taking up any of them, but continued grabbing Chef. Seeing that he opened his storage bag, she couldn't wait anymore, and reached out with her little hand into it.

Yi Qing helped her take out a bottle of Clear Immortal Water and opened the bottle cap. Only then did she raise it up with both her hands to drink. But perhaps because the bottle was so heavy and she was so young, she didn't manage to raise the bottle, but lost balance herself and fell backwards.

Yi Qing hurried to support her. His one hand surrounded her little body, while his other supported the bottle for her.

She drank a few mouthfuls. After a while she pulled at his sleeve, showing that she'd had enough. Only then did Yi Qing put away the bottle, taking back the private collection Father Niu kept at the same time.

A certain person obviously didn't notice it, as he looked at Shen Ying with the look of a trafficker. My daughter indeed, even drinking water was so cute. ( 『̄̄)

"Thanks, mum! Thanks, dad!" Shen Ying wiped her mouth, and then ran back to play with her little boat.

Yi Qing, "…" I've said that it's not mum.

Lonemoon couldn't help but turn together with her. "Little Ying, Dad will…"

He only walked two steps when Yi Qing dragged him back rapidly. "Work!" Are you a pervert?

"We can't think of a way by just standing here!" Lonemoon sighed. Even the Encapsulation Array didn't work. He might just as well go back to stay with his daughter.

Yi Qing's expression turned heavier. "Master said that all spells are made out by people. So long as we know the rules, perhaps…" He paused for a second, then as though remembering something, he looked down at the storage bag in his hand. He turned to Lonemoon and said, "Father Niu, do you remember the method for making this storage bag?"

"Isn't just a small spell of space shrinking?" answered Lonemoon casually. "Use immortal qi or spiritual qi and place a space of suitable size inside the bag."

"What if that space is so big as to contain heaven and earth?"

"That'd not be a storage bag, it'd be a mystic realm!" said Lonemoon. "Opening up mystic realms and creating one's own world. Immortals with cultivation of Exalted Immortal can already do it. But the so-called mystic realm is after all, a product attached to the plane. Still a space inside the plane, actually."

He stretched out a hand to point at the new buds on the plane tree in front of them. "If there are living things in a mystic realm, and it is connected to Samsara via the River of Forgetfulness, it would slowly grow into a complete small world." That was the case with Three Azure Realms that they were in before. He looked back at Yi Qing. "You mean to open up a mystic realm and put that mushroom inside? No, that would be putting it into the plane completely." "No!" Yi Qing shook his head. He took a step forward and said with a deep voice, word by word, "If creating a mystic realm is opening up a new space in the plane with a spell, what if… we revert this spell?"

Lonemoon was stunned, his eyes widened abruptly.

"Holy shit!" There was a wave of excitement in his heart. Yes! If creating mystic realms are opening, then reversing it, wouldn't it mean kicking out? "You're awesome!" He couldn't help but gave Chef a thumbs-up. He was a man who created his own sword techniques, indeed. "Hurry up, let's combine forces and give it a try!"

Yi Qing nodded. The two breathed in deeply and  went through the spells for opening up mystic realms in their minds. Then they activated God Power from their bodies and made a series of reversal spells at the same time. In a short while, two series of very strange and twisted Dharmic talismans appeared above that mushroom.

"Move the array's center to the place it connects to the plane tree!" Lonemoon pointed at the root of that mushroom and reminded him. "Yup." Yi Qing adjusted his spell immediately, directing it towards the root of the mushroom. Instantly, circles of dharma spells appeared. They surrounded the connecting place to the plane tree tightly like a swirl. And it went all the way up in circles like a rope.

This reverse dharma spell seemed to be consume a lot of immortal power. Lonemoon hang on for a while. In less than an hour, he felt the immortal power in his body emptied, and it became difficult for him to continue. He struggled on for  a while, but that feeling of immortal power being drawn out continuously didn't stop. It was as though even the assistant seal couldn't match the speed in which the dharma spells were formed. Suddenly, a wave of white light appeared over that mushroom. As if resisting them, a wave of impact force rebounded instantly.

Lonemoon felt a sweetness in his chest. The spell connection from his hand broke with a bang.

He suppressed the stirring of blood about his heart. He turned with concern towards the person who held his own beside him, "Chef…" He saw that his expression was just as bad. Large beads of sweat beaded on his forehead. It looked like he was also having a hard time sustaining. Lonemoon was a bit anxious. Obviously, their method was correct, or the mushroom wouldn't have hurried to resist as such. Only that his injuries from invasion of his consciousness and Shen Ying's beating had yet to recover, and only less than half of his immortal power remained. That was why he was so easily repelled. While Chef's injuries already recovered, using this totally strange spell on his own was really difficult.

Yet he couldn't stop. He had apparently sensed that once he paused, some accident might happen.

Lonemoon breathed in deeply, and spent some time adjusting, and then felt some immortal qi return in his body. He hurried to set a spirit-drawing array around Chef, hoping to reduce his consumption.

But this reserve spell had too huge a consumption, that Yi Qing's complexion grew worse and worse. He even felt that meridians all over his body was torn by something. His dantian was already empty.

"Chef, never mind!" Lonemoon grew anxious and wanted to make him stop. "We'll think of another way." This way, he would also get injured. Yi Qing didn't stop, but looked at the dharma spell in front of him. Only a little bit more. He must be able to do it. Master said that their ability was sufficient to manage it, then it must be. They just… just…

Assistant seal!

He suddenly remembered that Master had said, before she reverted to three years old, that so long as they completely mastered the abilities of assistants…

What was the complete abilities of assistants? They could already activate the assistant seals according to their wishes, was that not considered completely mastering yet?

He closed his eyes subconsciously, and sank into the sea of consciousness. In front of him was a complete whiteness. There were only two beads, one golden and one red, floating up high like sun and moon. Those were his dragon and phoenix cores. Besides that, there was nothing.

Chapter 430: With a Daughter, Everything is Good

Yi Qing's thoughts moved, and he tried to call out  the assistant seal in the sea of consciousness. Almost instantly, a line of crooked and twisted black fonts appeared in the air, and the three words, "letter of appointment", hung high up on the top. Even his cores were immediately pushed away, and fell down.

Yi Qing gritted his teeth, activated his Divine Perception and started to touch that line of black fonts. Familiar assistant energy came out from the letter of appointment, filling his body instantly, His meridians which were already drying up felt a significant relief, not unlike the previous times.

But no!

There were some differences. He looked over carefully, and saw that in the last line of the letter of appointment, the final punctuation mark seemed much fainter than others in color.

Could it be that the assistant energy that he used to use were only this little bit?

His heart sank, and he hesitated no more. His divine perception swept right towards those fonts in the air. Immediately, an energy surprisingly huge burst out. The black fonts in the air melted and smashed over his whole sea of consciousness instantly, the way thick ink was splashed. The sea of consciousness which was originally totally white dimmed down immediately, with only the two cores at the bottom shining.

That huge wave of energy swept across his body. His whole body looked as though it was going to burst.

"Chef! What's up with you? Holy shit! Don't scare me!" Seeing that the man suddenly started spitting blood, Lonemoon was shocked. "I already said that you should just stop. What on earth is up with you?"

Yi Qing couldn't hear Father Niu's voice at all. His whole sea of consciousness was almost going to burst from the energy that kept increasing. He breathed in deeply, gritted his teeth and struggled to activate his cores in the sea of consciousness. He moved them in the way he usually cultivated on ordinary days. Master said that every plane is different. Theirs was an immortal-spiritual plane, so every existence of the plane is supposed to appear in the form of immortal spells. It should also be the same for that assistant seal.

The cores started spinning faster and faster, as though they directly moved all the aura around them. In a short while, the energy which was at first increasing rapidly started gathering towards the cores in the middle. And the speed of gathering became faster and faster. That bursting sensation on his body died down as well.

The two cores worked together and spun in the same direction. One gathered the black gas from the assistant seal, and another gathered the whiteness which originally existed in the sea of consciousness.

In a short while, the assistant seal which had "letter of appointment" written on it disappeared as well, leaving only two constantly spinning cores. And the blackness and whiteness about them were clearly segregated, but complementary, forming a Yin-Yang symbol.

At the same time, he felt the originally dried-up meridians recover fully in an instant. There was a relaxed feeling over his body as he had never felt before. In a moment, it was as though everything in the whole world was in front  of  his  eyes.  There was a change to the empty sea of consciousness as well. A golden plane tree identical to that in the Divine Realm appeared in the middle of it.

He finally opened his eyes.

"Che-Chef?" Lonemoon was stunned. He looked at the person who was in pain a moment ago but seemed to recover suddenly. He somehow felt that he was a bit different from before. Even the aura on his body had an inexplicable suppression about it, making him step back subconsciously.

Yi Qing felt lost as well. So this was what a real assistant was.
He turned back at the person behind him, "Father Niu…"


Lonemoon couldn't yet react, when Yi Qing suddenly raised a finger and pressed it to the area between his eyebrows. A strange energy was directed into him, and he felt a lightness in his body. Those injuries from Shen Ying's beating recovered instantly. The injured Divine Perception was immediately fixed as well. Even the dried-up immortal power started filling up.

"Holy shit! You've gone beyond a god?" Lonemoon looked at his hands with disbelief, and subconsciousness touched his face. Even the swollen baozi face was gone. He became a handsome dad once more. Hmm, he was going to show his daughter his original look.

He turned back subconsciously, but got dragged back by Yi Qing who saw through him.

"Get back!" The corner of Yi Qing's mouth twitched. "Observe your sea of consciousness internally and integrate the assistant seal completely. That's the real power of assistants!"

"Integrate!" Lonemoon was shocked. That thing is supposed to need integrating? He'd never thought that way before. He looked at him, awed. Thinking about the terrifying abilities that he suddenly gained, he understood it immediately. He closed his eyes and went into the sea of consciousness right away. With Chef's prior reminder, Father Niu worked ever quicker. Within less than two minutes, he opened his eyes. The aura on him was changed instantly as well. It was exactly the same as Chef's.

"Wow! This is too awesome!" Lonemoon looked down at himself in disbelief. So a plane assistant is actually so great? He suddenly remembered all those shocking special abilities of Shen Ying in the past: Tearing up realm gates with bare hands, cutting up an ocean with a sword, etc. He suddenly felt that he could also do it right now!

His look fell, and he turned towards that small world in front of him which was still trapped by spells. His eyes grew cold. He turned towards Chef beside him and said deeply, "Get rid of that little mushroom!"

With that said, the two moved together. They grabbed at the void and then pulled. The mushroom which couldn't be broken off just now was pulled out immediately like a carrot being pulled from the earth. It flew away from the plane tree.

Seeing that it was about to fly further and further away Yi Qing suddenly produced a spell. Instantly, blue lights shone around the floating mushroom. Four rays of translucent blue light connected to form the shape of a box, locking the whole small world inside. The mushroom was fixed to a position three or four meters from the plane.

"What are you doing?" Lonemoon didn't understand. "Why don't you just let it drift out into the void and disappear?" At any rate, it was evicted from their plane.

"Master only told us to get it out of the plane, not to destroy it directly." Yi Qing said in a deep voice. "She must have other plans for it."

Lonemoon nodded and looked once more at that faraway mushroom. Never mind. Those intruders couldn't invade other small worlds for the time being, anyway. The matter was finally resolved and he could also be relieved. What was more important now was…

"Little Ying…" He suddenly turned back, and the serious face instantly changed, as he wore on a milk dad-like smile. "Daddy is back…" "Get lost!"

Little bitch! Don't you think of touching my Master.



The people of Invincible Sect felt deeply that Elder Lonemoon was sick. Within a night, he seemed to have gotten a sickness which propelled him to show off his daughter non stop. And it couldn't be cured.

Ever since he came back from the immortal-demon border, he brought back a little girl from nobody knew where, and declared that she was his daughter. After that, his whole character changed. He no longer nagged at the disciples to cultivate, earn money, and work. Every day, all he did was going around the sect idly, showing off his daughter to every single person that he met. "Little Hong, come and see, come and see! This is Little Ying of my family! How do you find her? Cute, right? My daughter!"

"Little Bai, this is my daughter, Little Ying. The cutest thing in the whole universe. My daughter! Cute, right?"

"Little Black, come here, come here. I'll let you take one look at my Little Ying. Only one look, okay! My daughter is cute, right? You are Little Hong have to work hard! Hahahaha…."

"Hey, there! Let me introduce you to Little Ying here. Cute, right? My daughter!"


Within a day, almost every disciple was stopped by him once. Yet before anyone could see the look of the child he was holding, he turned away once more, as though it would hurt him to give others one extra look.

The whole Invincible Sect was immensely confused. Not to mention that they didn't see what the child looked like at all, Elder Lonemoon was single until now, and he didn't even have one female cultivator which he was close to. The only one, Little Hong, was already married to Little Black. Where did this daughter of his come from?

So here was the question: Who was the mother of the child?
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