My Master Disconnected Yet Again Chapter 461-470

Chapter 461: The Cheat's Lightning Tribulation

"What… what's wrong with me?" The fatty looked absolutely confused. He suddenly felt extremely powerful. He was a new man. He had never felt so comfortable and at ease, yet he had no idea where this feeling was coming from. He had no choice but to look to the three seniors in confusion.

"Fatty…" Lonemoon did not know what else to say. Upon closer inspection, Lonemoon found that his maimed spirit root had indeed fully recovered, and it had become even thicker than it was before. Unsurprisingly, it was a Five-Elemental Spirit Root, just like Yun Heng's. He had a body type that would allow him to ascend to immortality just by lying down and doing nothing. "You… you've formed a nascent soul."

"What?" Hui Ze paused, looking more confused. He opened his mouth to say something. Disbelief was written clearly all over his face. "Formed… formed a nascent soul?" He had spent so many years in a cultivation sect afterall. It was only natural that he understood what it meant to form a nascent soul. He had even seen many people form their own nascent souls with his own eyes. Each one of them had gone through many trials and tribulations. Even with his flesh, they had to go through the same thing. But why didn't he have to? Why was it that he had formed his own nascent soul just by taking a deep breath after the array in his consciousness was undone?

"Your situation…" Lonemoon began to explain, but saw that the sky had already darkened. Spirit Qi was gushing toward Hui Ze once again. Faintly, they could feel the presence of the lightning's spirit Qi coming toward them. "Shit, your lightning tribulation is coming." That was way too fast!

Lonemoon watched as the tribulation's clouds gathered in the sky. He grabbed the fatty by the collar and flew out, stopping at a plain piece of land. He conjured a seal and left some instructions. "Fatty, you've just flown through four major stages in just one breath. The lightning tribulation is going to feel beyond your powers. It's very possible that this tribulation is for both your Golden Core and Nascent Soul stages. Hang in there. Try your best to stay conscious."

"Huh? Oh… Alright… Alright!" The fatty had not gotten his thoughts together yet, but he was already being pressed down onto the ground by Lonemoon. The next thing he knew, the array around him was all lit up. There were layers and layers of arrays which kept him firmly where he was. It was only then that Lonemoon retreated. He looked worriedly at the fast darkening sky. The number of clouds gathering above their heads was frightening. Even from far away, they could feel the impending aura of lightning. The layers of clouds looked ominous and were so thick that they looked highly threatening. It was not the ordinary kind of lightning tribulation that Nascent Soul cultivators  went through. In fact, it looked not much different from the divine tribulation.

"An immortal array?" Yi Qing asked as he studied the arrays around the fatty. With one look, he could tell that the arrays did not belong in this lower realm. He looked suspiciously at Father Niu.

"Fatty has never trained before," Lonemoon explained. Although he formed a Nascent Soul out of nowhere, he was nothing but an empty shell. Lonemoon was willing to guess that this man did not even know how to regulate the spirit Qi in his own body. Any ordinary lightning could easily kill him, much less the lightning tribulation. He had no choice but to set up these arrays. "What's more, lightning tribulations that people who have skipped stages have to go through are often more threatening than ordinary lightning tribulations." Needless to say, the fatty was in for a ride - he skipped through four stages. Lonemoon turned and scanned Chef from head to toe with contempt in his eyes. "Aren't you very familiar with these things?" You would also skip stages from time to time, you pervert!

Lonemoon's contemptuous look shut Yi Qing up. He was right
- the lightning tribulation that people who skipped several stages would have to go through are often much worse than normal. He, of all people, understood. Therefore, he said nothing. Instead, he turned back to look worriedly at the fatty in the middle of all the arrays.

The fatty looked extremely nervous. He looked on the brink of panic, and his eyes were still clouded with confusion. He did not have enough time to process what was happening to him. He had no idea how he turned from a completely useless block of wood to a Nascent Soul cultivator undergoing the lightning tribulation in just a matter of minutes. Still,  he  understood what he was about to go through. Therefore, he tried to keep what Lonemoon said firmly in his own mind. He sat down where he was and curled himself up into a ball, not even daring to move.

The next moment, everything became pitch-black. Above the clouds, there was a white glow. It looked like something was brewing. Finally, they heard the sound of thunder. A thick bolt of lightning struck the ground.

"It's here!" Lonemoon's expression darkened. This lightning was even more frightening than he imagined. Even Yi Qing was stunned into silence. They did not move. The array around the fatty glowed even brighter.

The lightning was coming closer and closer, so that it looked like fatty was going to be struck head on. Suddenly, there was a swoosh - the sound of fire being put out. There was a lightning bolt as thick as a stream of water that flashed in the sky, but something seemed to weaken it. It became thinner and thinner, thinner and thinner… Finally, the soft sound of thunder was heard. The bolt of lightning disappeared, just short of the fatty's head.

Striking aside - the bolt of lightning did not  even  touch  the fatty. Instead, it disappeared mid-way through the sky.


(⊙_⊙) What was going on?

The two people who were keeping their eyes on the array looked absolutely confused. Wasn't this lightning tribulation supposed to be much worse than usual? The arrays were all in place - and this was what happened!

That was not the end. The exact same thing happened for the next ten bolts of lightning. When they first appeared in the sky, each one looked even more frightening than the previous one. However, each one also disappeared quicker than the last. It was almost like the skies were playing a trick on them.

Less than 20 bolts later, the lightning tribulation seemed to give up. It stopped sending bolts of lightning down toward them. The thick, gray clouds rolled away and the surroundings became brighter.

Lonemoon: "…"

Yi Qing: "…" Was this fatty the illegitimate son of the Heavenly Dao?

Shen Ying, who had been chewing on fruits the entire time, narrowed her eyes and tilted her head.


The next moment, the sun shone down brightly from the sky. The spirit Qi from the surroundings once again began to charge toward the fatty, gathering close to his body. His shaky Nascent Soul firmed up.

A phenomenon appeared in the skies once again. It looked slightly different from the one they saw in Imperial Sacred Sect earlier. At that moment, there was a figure of a dragon in the sky. Immediately, it was replaced with a phoenix. Then, it was replaced by a Qilin, then a black turtle, then Bai Ze, et cetera. It was like the sky was playing a montage of every divine being that ever walked the realms. The montage played on and on for several minutes.

Lonemoon pursed his lips and could not help but look up into the sky to scold whoever was playing that montage. "Hey, are you about done?" The skies did not seem that happy when he himself ascended to become a Young Emperor. Could they be clear about who exactly they were working for?

It was only then that the montage in the sky hesitantly faded away. Just before the images completely faded away, beams of light shone down onto the still-confused fatty, pushing him into the late stages of Nascent Soul.


Lonemoon's mind was filled with many curses - he had to spit them out!

Yi Qing beside him seemed to feel something as well. He stepped forward and looked up into the sky.

"What's the matter?" Lonemoon asked.

"The realm gate… was shaken." Lonemoon paused and looked up at the realm gate. Indeed, the tight lock on the realm gate seemed to have loosened. Although it was not yet completely undone, the nomological force formed from many rules around them seemed to have reduced significantly.

What was going on?

He turned to the fatty in the middle of the array who was still absorbing all the spirit Qi. Lonemoon studied his body closely and found the remnants of a fast-disappearing nomological force. It looked just like the kind that Lonemoon had seen in the divine realm - the force that had been surrounding the small realms.

The realm gate was coming unlocked because of fatty?! His increasing cultivation had lessened the nomological force's restraints?

"Shen Ying, what exactly-" Lonemoon was going to clarify this matter with the foodie, but found that she was no longer standing there. "Eh?" He looked around. Shen Ying was already beside the fatty. She was gnawing on her fruit and studying the man who was still seated obediently within the arrays, not daring to move. She raised her hand to greet him.

"Hey, it's been a long time since we met!"

"Lady… Lady Shen." The fatty still looked extremely confused, but he also looked like he had just struck a great bargain. Weakly, he asked "Is the lightning tribulation over?" Could he move now?

"You can come out now," Lonemoon walked over as well and glared at him, envious of his good luck. He undid the arrays around the man. Pui! These cheating dogs!

The fatty was overjoyed. He quickly got to his feet and started to thank them, but then he sensed a familiar aura getting closer and closer to them. The color drained from his face. He turned back quickly and said, "I think… someone is after us."

Chapter 462: Leave Me Some

"Hey, they're looking for you!" Lonemoon answered, as if he already knew what was going to happen. He pondered for a moment, then said, "There are 23 people in total. They're all either Soul Formation cultivators or traveling immortals.  I think that's more or less all of them!" The phenomenon that just occurred undoubtedly attracted attention.

Fatty turned pale at once. A shred of panic flashed across his face. "What should I do? Let's leave at once."

"Leave? What for?" Lonemoon glanced at him. "You have to settle this sooner or later. It's good that they are here. It saves us the time that would have been spent looking for them."

"Settle…. Settle this?" Fatty stuttered. Seeing that Lonemoon was serious about this, he became even more panicked. "They won't listen to reason."

"Who says we're going to reason with them?" "Eh? Aren't we?"

Lonemoon let out a short laugh and spread out the fan in his hands. Emphasizing each word, he said, "All we have to do is give them a good beating." The only way to deal with people who even thought about consuming others was by showing their fists.

Fatty:: "…"

This was what he meant by settling things? Wasn't this more likely to cause trouble?

"Didn't… didn't you say there are 23 of them - all either Soul Formation cultivators or traveling immortals?"

"Mm, and then?"

"There are only four of us!" Fatty looked on the brink of breaking down. He was extremely anxious. Although he knew that Fellow Daoist Niu and Fellow Daoist Chef had formidable hidden powers that were out of this world - otherwise they would not have been able to discover what was really wrong with Fatty - they were clearly outnumbered. "There are so many of them, and they all have immortal weapons-"

"You're right. .Four of us is too many." Lonemoon kept his fan and turned around, sighing. "Chef, I'm leaving them all to you."

As he spoke, he retreated and stood aside. Chef is the most professional at fighting! Lonemoon was definitely not doing this to take revenge on the master and disciple duo that cheated him back in the forest.

"…" Fatty stared blankly at Lonemoon. He did not think there were too many of them. He continued to try to persuade Lonemoon, "I didn't mean-"

Before he could finish speaking, Yi Qing raised his arm beside him. A long sword appeared in his hands, and sword Qi that felt much more intimidating and frightening than the aura of the lightning tribulation earlier began to fill the sky. It was threatening to engulf all of them. Fatty felt his legs turn to jelly. He caught himself just as he was about to fall to his knees. Even the people who were far away from them felt the aura. Some fell down from the sky.

Fatty turned around to study Yi Qing, who was now behind him. Before he developed his own cultivation, he did not sense this about Yi Qing. Now, he realized that his entire body emanated a frightening aura which caused fear to well up in one's chest. Nobody in the right mind would even think about fighting him.

Yi Qing took a few steps forward, toward the people who were still heading toward them. He had only casually  walked forward, but Fatty felt the sword Qi that flowed out of his body. It caused Fatty's chest to tighten. Was this their true power?

He looked even scarier than all the Soul Formation cultivators and immortal cultivators he had ever seen. Suddenly, he understood why Lonemoon said what he did. The four of them were really more than enough to take on the group heading toward them. In fact, Yi Qing alone was enough - more than enough.

Lonemoon was not joking. Yi Qing really could do it alone. A sudden realization dawned on Fatty. He was no longer anxious or worried. Instead, he became very quiet. Was this what it meant to be a cultivator? He did not know that a person could be this strong - so strong that he did not even have to worry about any threats or dangers around him. He clenched his fists by his side as desire and hope began to well up in his chest.

If he could…

Yi Qing turned back and looked at Lonemoon, saying, "Look after Master. Don't lose her!"

"Got it!" Lonemoon waved his hand out of habit.

Yi Qing tightened his grip on his sword as the sword Qi around his body thickened still. Then, he flew up into the air and headed for battle.

"Wait!" Fatty suddenly called out, as if he had just figured something out. His ball-like face had a somber expression on. He cupped his fists and bowed toward the two of them, saying, "Can I please ask the two of you cultivators not to take action?"

"You're kidding, Fatty." Lonemoon looked at the pure, innocent, white face in front of him in disbelief. "You want to let them off?"

"No!" Fatty shook his head adamantly. He clenched and relaxed his fists several times before saying, "I want to settle my own grievances with them!"

"…" Lonemoon exchanged a meaningful glance with Yi Qing and fell silent.

"Please, I would like the three of you to help me. I am already a cultivator now. Sooner or later, I want to seek my own justice." He turned to the two of them and said very seriously, "Please give me this chance. Can you hold back for now? Fellow Daoist Chef!"

"No!" Yi Qing put down his sword and pursed his lips. He's going to reject this fella! Who the hell was Fellow Daoist Chef? Huh?


"Why… why?" Fatty's serious expression crumbled and was replaced with helplessness. He turned to Lonemoon and said, "Please talk to him, Fellow Daoist Niu?"

Lonemoon cracked too.

"Chef, go ahead. Don't leave a single one for him." Lonemoon's expression was extremely dark and his attitude was cold toward Fatty. What the hell was Fellow Daoist Niu!

Eh eh, eh…


"No! Fellow Daoists!" Why couldn't they give him a chance to seek his own revenge? He watched as Chef flew toward them with his sword. Even Lonemoon, who was planning on slacking, drew his own sword. Fatty was left feeling desperate.

"Chef," Shen Ying suddenly called out while gnawing on a fruit. "I'm hungry!"

She took another bite…

The figure that was headed straight for the group stopped in mid-air and turned around.

"Yes Master, no problem Master!"

The sword Qi around Yi Qing rested at once and then disappeared. He flew back toward Shen Ying. Then, he retrieved all of his cooking equipment out of his storage bag and began cooking…

Lonemoon: "…" Fatty:: "…"


Five minutes later.

More than ten figures dropped down from the sky. Each of them was a highly skilled cultivator - the least skilled among them was a Soul Formation cultivator. They went to a cottage not far away from where the group was standing and looked around both inside and outside. One by one, they released their divine perceptions to scan the surroundings of the cottage. Yet, they could not find anything.

That's strange, why is the aura gone? Could we be too late?
Maybe he's escaped!"

"He's just a mortal. If he's still alive after being so severely injured, how could he escape from our sights? The phenomenon we just saw in the sky might not have been caused by him." "Impossible! It was definitely him. I sensed his aura. The array that has been sealing our sect off from the rest of the world has been destroyed as well. That means that the array we set up in his consciousness a long time ago has also been destroyed. Other than Hui Ze, nobody could have caused such a phenomenon in the sky."

"But he would only be able to cause it after forming his core. Even if he really can start cultivating, it can't be that he has formed his core already."

"I'm just afraid it would be like what happened before - somebody might have helped him to hide from us."

"Whatever it is, we have to find him first. You might have forgotten - the day of introduction is fast approaching. If we don't find him, who among us can appease them?"

As if just realizing something, all of the cultivators' expressions changed. A moment later, the person who spoke first chased them. "Look for him! Even if there's only a shred of him left. Even if he's buried six feet under!"

The group split up and began to search for him, again and again. One by one, they left the cottage and spread out to cover more ground.

The people who had been eating in an array just ten over metres away from them: "…"

The Fatty quickly felt at home. He did not have a single negative thought in his mind. Instead, all he did was ask for another bowl of rice.

Chapter 463: Fatty Begs for Teaching

All the cultivators who came looking for them had left. Fatty finally set down his empty bowl. It was then that it sank in - he no longer needed to fear the people of the Imperial Sacred Sect. He no longer had to worry about whether he could escape from the blood array alive. He no longer had to fear being swallowed whole by anyone ever again.

He looked up at the three people beside him and then lowered his gaze. A moment later, he seemed to have made up his mind about something. He suddenly stood up and stepped aside from the table, then got to his knees.

"Thank you, Elders, for saving my life." He kowtowed to them with too much strength that he created a pit in the ground with his head. "I know that you don't care for my repayments, but I will forever remember what you did for me. My  cultivation level is extremely low and I'm only this way now because of my special body type. If left to my own devices, I would have been swallowed by that group of people a long time ago. So…" He suddenly looked toward Lonemoon. "Can I please ask you to teach me how to cultivate?"

Lonemoon paused and scanned Fatty from head to toe. "You mean to say that you want to rely on us for a living?"

Fatty gritted his teeth and kowtowed three more times. His expression was much more serious this time. "I know it's quite a lot to ask, but I have no other choice. Please grant my wishes, Elders."

Lonemoon narrowed his eyes and put on his best business smile. "You want us to teach you how to cultivate. Aren't you afraid that you would only attract more trouble? You need to understand that we are also cultivators. We might be after your body as well. You also need to understand how beneficial your flesh and blood are for cultivation."

"I'm not afraid!" Fatty shook his head adamantly. He looked at Lonemoon trustingly, then turned to look at Shen Ying, who was slumped lazily over the table. For some reason, when he first met Lady Shen Ying, he had a strange feeling that this person could be completely trusted. That feeling was strange, but so real.

"If you were after my flesh and blood, that's even better for me!" Fatty laughed out loud, not in the least bit worried. He joyfully said, "It is a fact that you have saved me. If you need my flesh, it means I have the means of repaying you with my life. How about that?"

Lonemoon's smile was wiped off his face. This was a man who knew right from wrong. They had not saved him in vain. In fact, Lonemoon had not intended to leave him in the lurch as well. It was their own fault for getting involved with the nomological force. Before he clarified these matters, he would not allow this fatty to be eaten by the others.

With that, he spoke with a hint of genuineness, "Alright, you don't have to worry! Honestly, your body is really special, but we want to figure out the reason for that as well. Before that, we will make sure that we protect you well. As for cultivation…" He hesitated.

Fatty kowtowed anxiously once again. "Please, grant my wish, Elder. I… I will train hard. Before that, I will surely cooperate with you to find out what exactly is wrong with my body. I'll do that even if it means cutting off my flesh and drawing my blood for you!"

Lonemoon frowned. "I said, I don't want your blood and flesh!" "Then I'll give you anything else you want - I have it all! From today onward, my body is yours, Elder."

"No one wants your body. I already said- wait, why are you taking your clothes off!" Lonemoon grabbed Fatty's hands.

"Elder!" Fatty looked at Lonemoon in the eyes with a somber expression. He picked up a fruit knife and said, "Tell me which part of me you want. I'll cut it off for you."

"Holy shit! Who told you to do that? Wait… Why are the two of you wastrels looking at me like that?"

"… We're not!" The master and disciple immediately looked to the skies.

"Then why are you running so far away from me?" They were already more than three arms' lengths away from him!

The two of them retreated even further. Their expressions clearly said, "We didn't know Father Niu was this sort." "You wouldn't even let Fatty off - how scary!"

"No wonder he's still single. This is the reason."

"That's enough from the both of you!" He was straight. He was straight, alright?! Anyway, if they wanted to whisper, couldn't they do it more subtly? Lonemoon could still hear them!



"Shut your mouth!"


————— Lonemoon finally agreed to Fatty's request to learn dharmic techniques from them. Afterall, the locks on the realm  gate were loosened once his cultivation level increased. In other words, the higher his cultivation level became, the faster the nomological force would return to normal.

Now, all Fatty had was his high cultivation. He knew nothing about sorcery. He didn't even know the most basic of skills - sword-riding. He looked like a Nascent Soul cultivator, but Lonemoon guessed that even a Golden Core cultivator would be able to easily defeat him.

They had to teach him everything there was to learn, but the problem was who was going to be in charge of guiding him? Chef turned down this responsibility as soon as he could. He was already in charge of everybody's meals, as well as Shen Ying's afternoon tea, supper, snacks, fruits and pastries. Now that he also had to cook white rice for Fatty, he would be swamped with work. As for Shen Ying… forget it!

Therefore, this glorious task fell on Lonemoon's shoulders.

In the beginning, Lonemoon had nothing much to say about it. Afterall, given Fatty's natural attraction of spirit Qi, it would not be a difficult task to help him raise his cultivation levels, much less teach him how to use basic skills and sorcery. Lonemoon thought that teaching Fatty would be more relaxing than teaching any other disciple.

That was up until Fatty fell down from his sword for the 108th time…

Lonemoon: "…"

Shen Ying, "…"

Yi Qing: "…"

Flips table!


How was it that this man could cheat at his own cultivation and skip four major stages, yet not be able to even stay mounted on a flying sword?

He was really taking full advantage of Lonemoon!

Fatty climbed out of the pit that he had fallen into for the umpteenth time and looked meekly at Lonemoon, whose killing intent was overwhelming. "Mas… Master."

"Who's your master!" Lonemoon only agreed to teach Fatty, but he never agreed to taking him in as a disciple. Lonemoon glared at him and sucked in a deep breath. "Come. Explain this to me. How are you able to break the sword into two just by riding it for a short distance?" Did he think spirit swords fell from the sky!

Fatty lowered his head and shrunk back, so that he looked like a fat ostrich. "I'm in the wrong!"

Lonemoon glanced at the thousandth broken spirit sword and felt a sharp pain in his chest. "Forget it, Father Niu." Shen Ying could not help but reach out to comfort Lonemoon. "He's a newbie after all."

"Even if he is, he shouldn't be going through spirit swords this quickly." Was it just a sword breaking? It was more like spirit stones breaking!

"It's not easy for him to look this way already. Have some empathy." It's not right to fat-shame him. "The saying is good: Good-looking people are a dime a dozen, but interesting fatties… weight 200kg! Cherish him!"

Lonemoon: "…"

Hui Ze: "…"

Was Lady Shen helping him? Why did it feel like she was stabbing him in the back?

"It's noon time already, why not we…" Have lunch first? "Wastrel, shut up!"


"Why don't you let him use this one." Yi Qing stepped forward and drew a long sword which was emanating immortal Qi. He handed it over to Fatty.

"An immortal weapon?" Lonemoon frowned. "He can't even ride a spirit sword-"

"Let him try!" Yi Qing said seriously.

Lonemoon paused for a second, then nodded. The strange thing was that Fatty did manage to ride the immortal sword. Although he fell from the sky one or two times, and he was barely hanging on to the immortal sword, he did not break it into two!

On closer inspection, Lonemoon discovered that although Fatty was not used to controlling his own spirit Qi, it was not a big problem. His main problem was his control of sword Qi - it was so terrible that it frustrated Lonemoon to the core!

Chapter 464: Toward the Southern Land

Lonemoon thought that Fatty could not learn how to sword- ride because he had no foundation in sword techniques. Then again, which sword cultivator did not take years and years to establish their foundation in sword techniques? They  could only make use of their spirit Qi to improve their sword techniques after establishing that foundation. Since Fatty had never trained before, he was just beginning to interact with spirit Qi - much less sword Qi. That was why he could not even handle the little sword Qi that dharmic weapons contained. It was such a waste of his Nascent Soul cultivation.

Such circumstances normally were not that huge of a problem. After all, there were many cultivators, and a huge number of them could not become sword cultivators. Actually, all Fatty needed to learn was how to use the spirit Qi in his body to control the sword Qi in the weapon. Yet, he seemed to be having difficulty doing that. No matter how he tried to activate the spirit Qi in his body, he could not suppress the sword Qi. It was almost as if he was naturally averse to sword Qi. The moment his spirit Qi made contact with the sword, the sword Qi would begin to attack his spirit Qi. There was no hope of him even suppressing the sword Qi at all. As time went by, the reaction between the two types of Qi got stronger and stronger, so that the form of the sword weakened. That, in addition to the fact that Fatty was overweight, made it only natural that so many swords broke apart. "Fatty, were you an enemy of a sword cultivator in your previous life?" Lonemoon glanced at him. They had been trying to teach him sword-riding for three days now, but he was still barely hanging on to the swords. Based on Lonemoon's calculations, even an immortal sword would not be able to withstand this. If Fatty could not even subdue the sword Qi in a flying sword, Lonemoon was really beginning to doubt whether he really did jump four stages.

"I'm… I'm sorry." Fatty looked extremely guilty. His entire face was now blue and black. He looked meekly at Lonemoon. "I'll try my best, Master."

"Who's your master!" Lonemoon glared at him. "I don't have such a useless disciple!" Not one of the disciples in Invincible Sect was as stupid as Fatty.

"Perhaps he's not suited to be a sword cultivator," Yi Qing could not help but speak up. "He attracts loads of spirit Qi - perhaps he's more suited to become a spirit cultivator. What's more, he has a five-elemental spirit root. He can do anything, from creating talismans, to setting up arrays, refining pills and even refining weapons. Father Niu, how about you teach him another-" "No!" Lonemoon interrupted, without waiting for him to finish.


"Rubbish!" Lonemoon glared at him. "I can only teach sword cultivation. If you want him to learn other things, you can go ahead!"

"Sorry, I interrupted you." Yi Qing turned around and flew back to Shen Ying's side, acting like he had not said anything. "Master, have some fruit."

Shen Ying: "…"

"Father Niu, where are we going?" Shen Ying asked, taking the fruit and taking one bite. They've already been flying for three days.

"We're going to the southernmost part," Lonemoon replied. "Where?" Shen Ying hesitated.

"Master, we're going to the place where Fatty said there are lots of beasts and demons," Yi Qing explained.

"Oh." Shen Ying tilted her head. "What for?"

"All because you picked up this fatty." Lonemoon glared at him. The contempt and disgust he was feeling because of Fatty was now directed at the master and disciple duo. "His flesh is extremely valuable - everybody wants a piece of it. He's helpless in terms of fighting, yet he wants to seek justice for himself. That's why we need to go to a quiet place to teach him some skills. Anyway…"

Lonemoon frowned as he stared at Fatty, who was flying crookedly. A minute later, he landed headfirst into the ground. Lonemoon pursed his lips and felt even more contempt.

"Why is it so troublesome?" Shen Ying complained. So they were going to stay in hiding in order to train him up? That did not seem like Father Niu's style. Shouldn't he face the threat head on like Chef would? Or would he not at least sneak up on the enemy and steal from them until they had nothing left? Since when did a high-flyer like Father Niu learn to wait in hiding?

"Master," Yi Qing gently called out to her. "Father Niu means to say that those things the people did to Fatty have already become certain knots in his heart. That's why Fatty has to settle it on his own, otherwise it might affect his training. If we act on his behalf, we cannot get rid of those knots completely. They might later develop to become mental demons. In the future, he might even have trouble ascending to immortality."

"Oh." Shen Ying nodded. She did not understand a single word Yi Qing was saying, but she guessed that Yi Qing meant there were no psychologists in this realm. "Father Niu has already thought so far ahead… he's treating Fatty so well?"

"Master's right! He's treating Fatty better than he treats other people. Fatty has already destroyed more than ten spirit swords, yet he's still alive. Father Niu was not this nice to Boss Lan before."

"He's even allowing Fatty to eat our food? When Little Black wanted food before, he had to bring his own ingredients."

"That's not all - Master, don't forget he keeps asking us for allowance! When we went to the immortal city, I only got to bring about… ten bags of snacks for you."

"Ah, Fatty is indeed different. Father Niu's taste in men is so strong. We're going to have a step-father!"

"I never knew he's that kind of Father Niu."


Lonemoon drew a ten-metre long sword.

"Why don't you bastards  try  saying  one  more  sentence?" Could they learn not to "whisper" in front  of  him?  "You've already been talking the entire way here - are you about done?!" Would you believe I would cut you both into pieces? "…" The master and son duo retreated a few steps. They absolutely could not afford to enrage Father Niu.

"Mas… Master," Fatty called out weakly.

Lonemoon turned around and glared at him. "What do you want!" Was he seeking death?

Fatty jumped and shivered. He almost fell off his sword again. Weakly, he pointed in front of him. "We've… arrived at the Southern Land."

Lonemoon turned and saw a vast piece of snowy white land. A certain white mist was descending from the skies and hovering over the ground, gathering just above a river. The mist was extremely mysterious. It did not dissipate. Instead, they kept themselves within the land across the river, seeming to split the entire area into two. The side of the river they were on was a normal plain, but the other side was a patch of white. Faintly, through the mist, they could see mountains and streams.

"This is…"  Lonemoon  activated  his  spirit  Qi  and  gestured toward the mist, but he seemed to have met some obstacles along the way. It disappeared. The white mist began to part in the middle. "Indeed, the mist forms an array."

He looked back at his group of companions before flying over. Looking down, he saw the river that divided the entire area into two. The water was so clear that he could see the river bed. Thick five-elemental spirit Qi was floating up out of the water.

"This is a spirit river!" Yi Qing exclaimed in surprise.

"Mm." Lonemoon nodded. He could tell that there was a problem with this river as well.

"What do you mean spirit river?" Fatty could not help but ask, staring blankly at them.

"It is a river formed by the condensation of spirit Qi," Lonemoon explained. "A river has formed here because large amounts of five-elemental spirit Qi has gathered. That's why this is called a spirit river. It's very similar to spirit meridians. They can continue flowing and flowing, never disappearing. The entire river can move as well. But this spirit river in particular seems dead. It can only stay in this one place."

Lonemoon released his divine perception to explore the entire continent of the Southern Land. "It looks like the spirit river runs throughout the entire Southern Land, delivering five- elemental spirit Qi to all the different regions of the continent. The white mist is also a natural array that spreads across the continent, separating it from the rest of the world."

"An… array?" Fatty asked.

Lonemoon glared at him. "Did you not come to the Southern Land before? Have you never heard of its condition?"

"I… I've only heard that the Southern Land is filled with free- range beasts and demons," Fatty answered. "From time to time, formidable demonic beasts would appear. That's why the traveling immortals don't dare to enter this place."

"It's not that they don't dare to - they just cannot!" Lonemoon tutted. "Demonic beasts are at most only twelfth-level beasts, the equivalent of Soul Formation cultivators in their late stages. Traveling immortals would not fear them. It is this  natural array that is formed by the condensation of five-elemental spirit Qi that keeps the Southern Land separate from the rest of the world. All cultivators would experience a sort of disturbance in their own spirit Qi the moment they cross the river. When the spirit Qi in their body comes into contact with this five- elemental spirit Qi, they would cause an adverse reaction. Therefore, only cultivators who are strong enough to fight the force of all the spirit Qi in the river would be able to cross it. Otherwise, there is no way ordinary cultivators can cross that river."

Fatty turned pale. "Then… you mean to say that nobody can go in?"

"No," Lonemoon answered. "Mortals can go in!" They have no spirit Qi in their bodies - naturally, they would not experience an adverse reaction.

But he was no longer a mortal.

Fatty's expression fell. "What should I do? Is  there  no  other way we can cross that river?" "There's one!" Lonemoon narrowed his eyes and smiled warmly at Fatty. He gestured toward him. "Come here, cooperate with us."

"Huh?" Fatty paused.

"Stand in front." Lonemoon pointed to a plain patch of land in front of him.

Fatty looked confused, but followed Lonemoon's instructions and walked over. "Master, I'm supposed to stand- Ah!"

Before he could finish speaking, Lonemoon raised his leg to kick him on his behind, causing him to fly over.

There was a loud splash Fatty fell into the river like a huge sandbag, forming a human bridge across the river. The current was stopped by his huge body.

"Let's go - we can cross now!" Lonemoon shouted. Once he finished speaking, he walked across Fatty's body. Shen Ying: "…"

Yi Qing: "…"


Was Lonemoon taking his anger out on Fatty because of what the two of them said earlier? He must be!

Chapter 465: A Plan

Fatty had a five-elemental spirit body type, which was the same as the river. The fact that he attracted spirit Qi so well was also helpful. The spirit Qi would take him as a part of itself, so no adverse reaction would occur. In other words, he made a great bridge for them to cross the river. That was the reason that Lonemoon gave him such a huge kick in his behind. It was an honorable reason - there was no anger involved!


After the few of them made it across the river and through the mist, they saw a huge dense forest in front of them. There were tall trees that reached the skies everywhere they looked - they could not see the top of a singletree. Inside the forest, apart from the aura of beasts, they could also faintly feel yin Aura.

"demon Qi!" Lonemoon hesitated. He stopped to inspect it a bit closer. He was right - it really was demon Qi. Why were there both demon Qi and beast Qi in the same forest? This was strange. It looked like beasts and demons mixed around in this little realm. Normally, spirit beasts - although having no intelligence - were strong. They could not communicate. Demons were completely different. Demons were naturally sly. Only beasts that had a certain intelligence could become demons. Therefore, communication was naturally not a problem. Since there was demon Qi in the Southern Land, that means…

The corner of Lonemoon's mouth twitched. Suddenly, he had a good idea.



Just as the idea sprouted in his mind, they heard a loud roar coming from inside the forest. A huge gust of wind  blew  past them, and the trees in the forest began to split apart. There was another roar, and a huge demon beast appeared before them.

Hey, how coincidental!

The beast was a full three to four metres tall, and it had brown fur. Its body looked like that of a cow's, but it had two wings on its back. Blades were sticking out from every angle around its body. It When it roared again, they felt like they were caught in the middle of a huge typhoon.

"It's a Wind Beast!" Fatty, who finally crawled up from inside the river, stared at the beast, wide-eyed. He looked at them in a panic. "I've seen it in the classical texts - this wind-elemental demon beast is at level nine. It's equivalent to a Nascent Soul."

"Oh," Shen Ying replied. "Can we eat it?"

"Eh?" Fatty stared at her blankly, thinking that she did not realize what grave danger they were in. He quickly explained, "Lady Shen, this is a ninth-level beast. It moves extremely quickly that even Soul Formation cultivators have difficulty getting a hold of it. It's extremely hard to fight!"

"It looks like there's at least one among you with eyes." The moment Fatty finished speaking, they heard a male voice sound out from inside the forest. A man walked toward them. He was dressed in green robes and he looked extremely demon. There was a strange red icon between his eyebrows. The lower half of his body resembled that of a snake's. When he spoke, they saw that his tongue was also that of a snake's. His cultivation level was not high. He was only a sixth-grade snake demon.

"He could tell that this beast of mine is a Wind Beast. He does have good eyes. What a pity…" He scanned the group and broke into a sly grin. "You're obviously courting death, invading the Southern Land." The man raised his hand to pet his beast. His gaze hardened. "You're fated to become lunch for my Wind Beast!"

The moment he finished speaking, the Wind Beast moved. It was almost as if they missed an order that the man gave to the beast. The Beast opened its mouth and roared loudly once again, so that another huge gust of wind blew past the group. There was a flash of light.

Fatty was rooted to the ground. "It's… It's a wind blade! Quick, move! Ah!" Fatty was carried away by the wind. He landed headfirst into the ground and kept rolling away, even while the three of them remained where they were. Once again, Fatty found himself in the river, with huge currents of water flowing past him. All he could hear was the sound of water gushing by.

The three of them: "…" Were all fatties this dramatic? "You can dodge the wind blades of this Wind Beast. It looks like you all do have some skill after all." The man's expression darkened as he waved toward his Wind Beast. "Eat them up!"

The Wind Beast roared once more. It flapped its wings and disappeared from where it was. The next moment, they saw the beast charging at them with high speed and intense killing intent.

"Chef," Shen Ying called out, her eyes twinkling. "Let's have a barbeque for lunch."

"Yes, Master! No problem, Master!" Yi Qing responded out of habit. He flicked his wrist and a long sword appeared in his hands.

"Hmph! That's useless!" The snake man laughed mirthlessly. "It's too late to react now. Nobody can match up to my Wind Beasts's spe-"

Boom… Before he could finish speaking, there was a loud crash. A huge beast fell from the sky and landed in front of his eyes. The beast that had been roaring non-stop just seconds earlier now lay motionless on the ground with its mouth still open. It was no longer breathing.

The snake man: "…" What just happened?


He looked up and saw that the enemies before him were now standing atop the corpse of his Wind Beast. The man with the sword flicked his wrist one more time and cut off the beast's head. dark red blood spurted all over the snake man's body.

The group seemed to have sense him watching. They turned around and glared at the snake man all at once. The snake man shivered but stayed rooted to the ground. Only one word echoed in his mind.

Dead, dead, dead… (゚Д゚≡゚Д゚)

"Master, do you want snake meat?" Yi Qing asked seriously.

"Nah." Shen Ying shook her head. "There are too  many bones."

"Yes, Master." Yi Qing turned back to the snake man and summoned thousands of swords in the sky. He used them to dismember the beast's body.

The snake man's eyes grew bigger and bigger until they threatened to bulge right out of his skull. His breathing was becoming labored as he watched his own Wind Beast being chopped up into four, eight, ten, twenty pieces…

Finally, a fear like nothing he had ever felt before overcame him. He began to scream as he turned around and made a break for it.

"Demons!" .Lonemoon, "…"

Shen Ying: "…"

Yi Qing: "…"

Who was the real demon? That snake knew full well.

Lonemoon pursed his lips. He summoned his own swords that rained down in front of the snake man, blocking his path. Lonemoon conjured yet another seal that caused the snake man to be trapped right where he was. Then, he waved his hand to bring the snake man back in front of them.

"Exalted…. E-E-E-Exalted Immortal, don't… don't eat me!" The snake man was trembling non-stop. Mommy Snake, human cultivators and whatnot are so scary!

"Who wants to eat you!" Lonemoon glared at him. "Do you have any idea how bony you are?" The snake demon was even more terrified now. He kowtowed non-stop toward Lonemoon. "Exalted Immortal, please let me off! Let me off!"

"I have something to ask you!"

"Yes, yes, yes, your subordinate will tell you all he knows! He will hide nothing from you!"

"I want to ask you…" Lonemoon took a step forward. "Do you know where the demon king lives?"

"Eh?" The snake man paused. "The demon king? I… I do." Did he not live in the demon king palace?

"Alright, once we're done with lunch, lead the way.
Otherwise, we'll kill you!"

"…" That's it? Once he finished speaking, Lonemoon left him alone. He turned around and grabbed a few slabs of raw meat, then walked toward Chef. Chef was using his True Phoenix Fire to cook the meat, so he would be done in a blink of an eye. Lonemoon had to get the first piece!

Wait, he seemed to be missing something.

Lonemoon looked around…

"Where's Fatty?"

"Oh…" Shen Ying pointed toward the river. "I think he's been swept away by the river."

.Lonemoon, "…"

Yi Qing: "…" Fatty, as he was being swept away by the current: "…" I thought you would protect me at all costs?

Chapter 466: Army of Demon Monarch

Demon Palace.

The wolf king is one of the seven demon kings of the Southern Land, and he ruled the area north of the Southern Land. Within a mere 800 years, he had cultivated to turn from a little demon to the twelfth-level demon king he was now. His talents were rather extraordinary. So he took the area north of the Southern Land, closest to humans. Because of the spirit river, cultivators of the world was never able to cross into Southern Land. Besides, demon beasts had their own demonic aura, which could expel the Five Elements spirit qi of the spirit river, so the spirit river posed no threat to demon beasts, allowing them to come and go freely. Therefore, this became a natural safe shelter for them.

The closer an area was to the spirit river, the more the demon beasts liked to live there, as it allowed them to go out and hunt cultivators and mortals freely, and hide back behind the spirit river if higher-level cultivators pursued them.

But just because of this, there were no humans at all for several kilometers around the spirit river. Not even higher-level cultivators came near it unless they had to. To be able to eat more human meat full of spirit qi, and improve their cultivation faster, the demon clan made a beast tide every once a while, leading the crowd of demons to hunt in areas further away. The time in which they made the beast tide was inconsistent, such that they would hit humans unexpected. And today was the day of a beast tide.

This time, the Demon King's target is an immortal city several kilometers away. They had long known that the immortal city was populous, and most were cultivators. If they could catch a few Nascent Soul cultivators, it would be able to help him ascend to the thirteenth level.

At first, he didn't dare to attack an immortal city.  But recently, he got the news that two Soul Formation cultivators who used to be in charge of its defense suddenly left the city in a hurry, bringing with them more than half of the Nascent Soul cultivators. Without the Soul Formation cultivators, it would be more than easy for them to attack the city. It was a chance given by heaven.

The wolf king seemed to already see the day in which he rises to the thirteenth level and become the sole King of All Demons in the Southern Land. The wolf king had gathered tens of thousands of demons long ago. And he had agreed with three eleventh-level beast kings nearby to lead the beasts out of the Southern Land and into human habitat once the exact timing was confirmed.

But before they could agree on the exact time of attack, a small demon rushed into the audience hall in panic, interrupting their conversation.

"Your majesty, it's… it's no good! It's no good!" The small demon was running very hurriedly, his face full of horror. His footsteps were so unstable that he tripped and fell on the ground.

"Stop this crying!" The wolf king stared at the small demon, irritated. "Didn't I demand no disruption when I discuss affairs with fellow beast kings?"

"It's… it's not that, your majesty! Something… has happened!" The small demon was even more flurried. His whole demon body huddled on the ground, trembling slightly.

"It'd better be important, or I will eat you!" The demon king released suppression threateningly.

The small demon shook even more severely, and as though in memory of something horrible, his pointed to the outside and said, "Some… some cultivators… had broken in!"

"Human cultivators have broken in!" The wolf king was stunned for a second, and then he started laughing wildly. "Hahahaha… There are actually cultivators who are not afraid of death and dare to come into Southern Land. Good coming!" He looked joyful, not caring about what the small demon said at all. "Let me eat them as a sacrifice to our flag, before we attack the immortal city!" As he talked, he licked his sharp teeth, as though he had already tasted meat. He said to that small demon, "Tell me, where is the person now? Is he still near the spirit river?"

"No… no!" The small demon went all pale. "They… are already outside the palace."

"Hmph. They have some abilities then." The wolf king snorted coldly. "But they didn't come at a good time. It happens to be when I'm counting my troops. There are tens of thousands of my demon army outside. He won't be able to escape even if he has wings."

"Your… your majesty, the demon army is already… already gone!" The small demon trembled like candlelit in the wind.

"What do you mean gone?" The wolf king was stupefied, not understanding his meaning.

"The tens of thousands of demon army… not one… not one was left!"

"What! I just checked on them a quarter of an hour ago. How can they be all gone?"

"Really! They… they are all killed by those… those cultivators."

"Nonsense!" The demon king waved a hand, sending a wind blade which sent the small demon flying across the room.  He stood up angrily, not caring anymore about the demon kings beside them, and walked straight out of the audience hall. "I have to see what kind of human cultivator can scare you out of your mind to think that he can stop my demon army!"

With that said, he casually deactivated the soundproofing spell in the audience hall, and stepped out directly.  The demonic aura all over his body was released completely, as he shouted "WHO IS BOLD ENOUGH TO COME… OUCH!!!"

Before he finished the sentence, a gigantic demon beast suddenly fell from the sky, and it slammed his whole demon body underneath.

Before he could react, a flash of sword light fell right after. And with a flash, something pierced directly, like a nail through the body of the demon, as well as the demon king underneath…

After that… there was nothing more.

The three beast kings who followed the demon monarch out, "…" In a split second their faces turned completely pale. They looked up at the sky subconsciously, and only saw that amidst the sky full of sword aura, two strange white figures descended slowly, bringing with them a horrifying suppression, overwhelming them like a flood.

The three beast kings trembled together, and then they kneeled down together as fast as lightning.

"Spare our lives, Great Immortal! We are sorry!"

Lonemoon and Yi Qing were stunned for a second before they reached the ground, their feet stepping on the demon corpse before the audience hall by chance. Yi Qing paid no heed to those beast kings, as he drew out his spirit sword from the body casually.

Lonemoon smiled at the three, "You can transform into human shape. Eleventh-grade demon beasts, I suppose?"

"Yes indeed… Great Immortal!" The three trembled. "Then are you all the demon monarch ruling this place?"

"No, no… we aren't! We aren't!" The three shook their heads rapidly.

"Where is the demon monarch then?"

"…" The three faces paled, and their looks dropped together to the space underneath their feet. Their looks were immensely horrified!

Only then did the two realize that something was wrong. They exchanged a look and leaped from the back of the beast. Yi Qing directly grabbed its tail and flipped it over, and he was stunned immediately. "Hey, why is there another one underneath?" He didn't see it just now!

A wolf demon two meters long was pressed under the gigantic beast. Its breathing had already stopped, and his body was flattened. Seems that the meat can't be cooked. What a pity! "This… is the demon monarch?" Lonemoon was stunned.


The three beast kings nodded together like chicks pecking grains.


How incapable is this! That he died before entering the scene! They had previously planned a friendly bi-racial talk with it to solve their matters of food, housing and transportation in the Southern Land! Who were they supposed to talk with now?

"What now?" Yi Qing put away his sword and asked.

The corner of Lonemoon's mouth twitched. What else could they do? The leader had died. They came in vain. He looked down at the wolf demon dead on the ground. Though it had already died, there was still a strong blood smell and grievous energy around him, which didn't dissipate after a long time. One couldn't imagine how many people he had eaten, to have such thick grievous energy. As compared to the totally clean rabbit in the past, this demon king was far worse!

Chapter 467: Find a Rabbit

Demons, unlike human cultivators, kept the beastial nature they were born with, so there was no such thing as a mental demon for them. But if one ate the meat of someone who died in vain, there'd be bloody grievous energy on him, which prevented them from entering the immortal realm. The Lightning Tribulation of ascension would cleanse all the grievous energy from a demon beast. Therefore, however high the cultivation of a demon beast, so long as it ate people, eight or nine out of ten would die being hit by lightning. This was also why there were few demonic immortals.

Where they came earlier, they had long realized that there were tens of thousands of demons gathered here. They didn't actually intend to fight. After all, Chef was from the divine race, and even the greatest demon beast had to kneel at the release of divine suppression. But unfortunately, when they arrived, the group of demons were fighting for some food. Upon a closer look, they realized that it was actually a mortal child who looked less than ten years old, and whose breath had already ceased. With a burst of anger, he killed off all those big beasts who were full of bloody grievous energy.

Apparently, the natural geography of the Southern Land protected these demon beasts, but also led them to evil. The good impression of demon race that Rabbit gave them earlier was completely inapplicable in this small world. Both being demons, why is this group so bad?

But with more thought, Rabbit was able to become the Monarch of All Demons and set the demon world to order partly thanks to Shen Ying. Before him, there were actually many demons who ate people.

Lonemoon turned to the three trembling beast kings. Perhaps because these beasts preferred natural resources to human- eating, there was no bloody grievous energy on them.

"Let's go back to Shen Ying first!" Lonemoon looked at the sky and replied Chef. "It's late. If we don't get back someone will go missing again!"

"Yup." Yi Qing had no objections. He directly grabbed the demon beast beside him and stuffed it into his storage bag, before flying off on his sword.

Lonemoon looked at the demon corpses all around the Demon Palace, and then turned to the three on the ground, "You three."

"Yes… yes!" The three hurried to bow down even lower.

"It's too dirty here, clean it up. Come to the side of spirit river in four hours, I have something to say. Of course…" Lonemoon's eyes narrowed. "You can choose not to come."

The three hearts went cold, and they shook once more, before nodding rapidly, "Yes, Great Immortal! We are sure to come!"

Only then did Lonemoon turn and call out his spirit sword. Just after he went up in the air, he remembered something. He turned and demanded, "Oh yeah, bring a rabbit when you come!" And then he flew off.

The three, "…"

What do you mean? Why should we bring a rabbit, to eat?

Then do you want it alive or dead?

Great Immortal, can you please give clear instructions!


When Lonemoon and Yi Qing returned, Shen Ying was sitting on a rock, nibbling at a fruit, well-behaved. Fatty lay beside her, his whole body wet. Perhaps because he drank too much water, he didn't wake up this whole time. While eating, Shen Ying still had the mood to do first-aid for Fatty. With every bite she took, he gave Fatty's belly a pat. Fatty spat out water like a rhythmic fountain. There was already a puddle of water on the ground. They didn't know how long he had been spitting.

The corner of Lonemoon's mouth twitched. He finally went over and stopped Shen Ying. "Keep patting and Fatty's gonna spit out his bile." Shen Ying finally withdrew her hand, and her  eyes brightened. "You guys done with the business?"

"Yup." Lonemoon frowned. "The situation was beyond our expectations. It's a bit complicated." At first, he thought that with the eternal separation between the demon beasts of Southern Land and humans thanks to the spirit river, they should be much kinder than the demon world that Rabbit used to manage. He didn't expect it to be just the opposite. The bloody grievous energy among that demon army just now was so thick that it was blinding.

"Oh." Shen Ying nodded her head and asked, "Then can we start dinner?"

Lonemoon who was about to discuss the future of Demon Realm, "…"

So this was what you f*cking wanted to ask?

"Master, dinner will be ready soon." Yi Qing seemed long used to it. He took out his pots and pans once he touched the ground. Lonemoon was even more frustrated. Whose plane was this, after all? Hello?

Lonemoon took a deep breath, suppressing the feverish mood in his heart, and finally went forward to set tables and chairs, bowls and chopsticks…

After the three finished dinner, Fatty had yet to wake up. But the three demon beasts actually came over, trembling with fear. Behind them was a large herd of rabbits. There were Velveteen Rabbits, Lionhead rabbit, Loppy-Eared Rabbits, and many more. They were white, black, gray, yellow, all kinds of colors. And there were cultivation of second, third, fourth, and other different levels. In an instant, the whole patch of grass  was filled with rabbits.

Did you move all the rabbit holes here?

"Greetings, Great Immortals!" The three beast kings did a big salute towards them. Their bodies kept shaking, and their heads bowed down submissively, as if they wanted to shrink themselves into rabbits as well. The beast king in the middle spoke." According to Great Immortal's demand, we come with rabbits."

Lonemoon, "…"

Yi Qing: "…"

Shen Ying, "…"

Two looks of condemnation swept towards Father Niu immediately…

"What are you looking at me for!" Lonemoon stared back at hem. He only told them to bring ONE rabbit. He didn't expect they'd bring so many!

The corner of Lonemoon's mouth twitched. He glanced over all the rabbits on the ground, and indeed, he didn't see the slightest bit of bloody grievous energy. Rabbits were good, after all! Only that their cultivation was very low. Most were little bunnies of first or second grade, who had just gained consciousness. The higher were only at fifth or sixth grade, and there were extremely few of them. Hmm, this doesn't seem to be an ambitious herd of rabbits.

He looked over them several times, before confirming that the one with the highest cultivation was a seventh-grade white Loppy Eared Rabbit in the middle. So he pointed towards it and said, "That seventh-grade rabbit stays. Other rabbits can leave."

"Yes, Great Immortal!" The beast king cupped his fists and answered, before turning to give orders to the rabbits all over the ground.

The rabbits turned and hopped away into the woods. They went away very quickly, as though they were afraid he'd regret his words. That rabbit who stayed actually got even more afraid. He pressed his head to the ground and trembled non- stop.

"You three are the beast kings of this wood?" Lonemoon turned to the three. The three nodded together. "Yes… Great Immortal. Yes, we are!"

"Since you are beast kings, why would you be okay with listening to the demon monarch?" Although the wolf king just now was at the twelfth level, there were three beast kings. Besides, spirit beasts are born with physical advantages, and they should not be afraid of demonkind. But from the looks of these spirit beasts, their status seemed to be all below the demon race. For example, the Wind Beast just now was at ninth grade, but he was actually willing to serve a sixth-grade snake demon, and in a non-contracted way besides.

The three beast kings looked at one another, as though they felt strange that he asked so. After a long while, the beast king replied, "Great Immortal, that's because the demonkind protects our spirit herbs from being stolen by others on normal days. That's why we cooperate with them to… deal with human cultivators."

"So, it is for the spirit herbs?"

"Yes." The three nodded together, as though it was the natural way of things. The corners of Lonemoon's mouth twitched. Is this a group of idiots?

Chapter 468: The New Demon Monarch

It was normal, that spirit beasts ate all kinds of spirit herbs to raise their cultivation. Therefore, there were usually spirit beasts around rare spirit herbs. And frequent conflict with human cultivators were common. But this was the Southern Land, and no human cultivators came inside at all. Besides, there were no elixir cultivators in the demon clan, so they were not interested in most spirit herbs to begin with.

Under such a condition, it was perhaps possible to talk about cooperation outside Southern Land, but with the spirit river of Southern Land, cultivators couldn't come in at all.

Why would they believe such a blatant lie?

Wait a minute. It seemed that beast race could  only  change form and gain consciousness at eleventh grade and then become able to lead all beasts.  Before  that,  they  only  cultivated according to their instincts. Compared to the demon race who gained consciousness at first grade, they were  poor  indeed.  It was an extreme superiority in IQ.

Lonemoon sighed. He was too lazy to point out the facade of peace between the demons and beasts. "Never mind. The previous demon monarch is already dead. I called you all here just to tell you, that it is time to choose a new demon monarch."

The beast kings looked at one another, before they all cupped their fists. "Please instruct us, Great Immortal."

"I think…" Lonemoon pointed to their side with his fan. "This rabbit is not bad."



The rabbit who was just shaking like a leaf in the wind stiffened, and then finally lifted its rabbit head. Its red eyes blinked. "… Me?"

"That's right." Lonemoon stood up directly. "From now on, you are the new demon monarch. Behave properly!" "Burp~~" The rabbit was so shocked that it burped. And losing control of spirit qi for a moment, he changed into his original shape with a puffing sound. The palm-sized figure turned immediately into a giant rabbit as tall as a person. "I… burp~ I be… the demon monarch? Burp~"

The rabbit thought that his ears were too long that he heard it wrongly. When he was chased out of his rabbit hole, he thought that he was sure to die. And when he knew that he was going to meet the Great Immortal who killed tens of thousands of demon troops, his heart was filled with despair. As a rabbit demon at the bottom of the demon world, every single day was spent in fear of being devoured by other races. Though he had already cultivated to the seventh grade, a cultivation rare in rabbit demons, it was only medium cultivation for other races. It could only, at best, help him run faster for his life.

And what was he hearing now? Great Immortal actually told him to be a Demon… Demon Monarch! The kind that leads all demons? Can he be dreaming? But his best dreams were just about several carrots. When had he ever dreamed of such things?

"What? You don't want to be the demon monarch?" Lonemoon asked, seeing that he didn't reply for a long time. Both being rabbits, why is this one submissive in such a non- cool way?

"It's not… not that! Burp~" The rabbit shook his head. He wanted to, of course he did! That was the demon monarch! He took a deep breath, keeping down the fear in his heart, before he replied, "Great Immortal, I'm only at seventh… grade. I'm afraid I can't convince the public."

"Rest assured with that. You can if I say so!" Things like cultivation can be gained with practice.

"But… but…" The rabbit looked like it was about to cry. He sniffed, gritted his teeth and said, "Thank you, Great Immortal, for favoring me. But my quality is limited, and being unable to reach eighth grade in hundreds of years, I don't have much time left… I'm afraid of not being worthy of your trust."

Lonemoon was stunned for a second. He exchanged a look with Chef beside him. They didn't think about this matter, only considering raising someone vegetarian to deal with the casual human-eating among demons and set the warped demon minds right. That was why he had chosen a rabbit with the highest cultivation. "How much time do you have left?" Yi Qing stepped forward and asked.

"Fifty years, Great Immortal!" The rabbit bowed his big head.

"That's enough!" Yi Qing suddenly took out a big sack from his storage bag, brought it to Rabbit's side, opened it up and poured out its contents. With a series of clanging sounds, a pile of glass beads of various colors poured out. They filled up the ground, almost burying Rabbit. The bright light from the beads even brightened the area which was darkening with the setting sun, covering it with many colors.

These were… internal cores!


"These should be enough for you to get a breakthrough?" All of these were stored up when he hunted small animals in the past. Rabbit, "…"

Beast kings, "…"

Lonemoon, "…"

A while later…

"Okay, Great Immortal! No problem, Great Immortal! I will be sure to cultivate hard and be a proper demon monarch. From now on, I am Great Immortal's rabbit when alive, and Great Immortal's dead rabbit when I'm dead!"

Yi Qing: "…"

Lonemoon, "…"

Alright, he finally had a little bit of the style of another rabbit from the past. At least on the matter of flattering. ——————

With stern support of the three beast kings, Rabbit successfully became the demon monarch. Perhaps rabbit demons were born with the talent of sensibility. The first thing that he did was inviting them all back to the Demon Palace. At first he wanted to settle them in the largest palace, but Chef refused it, and chose a back palace with the largest kitchen instead.

Lonemoon didn't actually interfere with the reconstruction work of demon race. His only request was to not eat humans, and more importantly, not to attack mortal humans any more. As a good vegetarian bunny, Rabbit agreed without hesitation.

With those demon cores, the cultivation of Rabbit also started to grow very rapidly. Yi Qing gave him a pile of demon cores
,but he didn't directly accept all. Perhaps also aware that he himself, being a seventh-grade rabbit demon, wasn't able to keep so many internal cores, he only came to the back palace to ask for one or two every few days. With the reason of asking being cultivation, he kept in constant touch with them. It was very thoughtful, and very sensible of him indeed. After a day and a night unconscious, Fatty finally woke from hunger! He thought that he could at least get several bowls of white rice, but before he sat down beside the table, the white rice in front of him was taken away by Father Niu.

"Ma- Master?" Fatty couldn't actually believe his own eyes.

"From today onwards, you will formally start grain liberation."

"Huh? Grain liberation? Wh-Why?"

"Why?" Lonemoon's face went cold, as he glanced at him up and down. "Tell me why yourself! Touch and feel all those fat on your own body and then ask me why!"

Fatty, "…"

"Tell me, since you are a Nascent Soul cultivator now, at any rate, have you ever seen another cultivator who looks like this? You are not allowed to eat anymore!" Lonemoon made the final say, formally announcing Fatty's entrance into rice-saving mode.

"…" Fatty felt bitter! Weakly, he looked at the master-disciple pair opposite him, one eating, the other looking on. Both of them had not achieved grain liberation, why was there such a difference?

At once, he felt even hungrier, as his tummy made a loud request for food.

"Fatty, just bear with it and it'll be over." Shen Ying felt bad and comforted him. "How about… you eat a fruit first to fill the belly a little." As she talked, she handed over an unripe green fruit.

"Miss Shen…" Fatty looked at her, touched. "I also know that Master does this for my own good. Cultivators are supposed to do Grain Liberation. I have planned this as well."

"Uh…" No, he just thought that the five bowls of white rice you eat per meal is too much. "Just that…" Fatty rubbed his belly, and a hint of confusion flashed across his eyes. "I don't know why, but after waking this time, I often felt a vague pain in my abdomen, as though there was a heavy pressure against it. That's why I'm especially hungry!"

Shen Ying's face stiffened for a moment. She patted his shoulder and said, "Hahaha… have faith!" Hmm, it had nothing to do with me!"

"Rest assured, Miss Shen, I will try hard." Fatty nodded hard. He thought about it and still took the fruit from her hand. He bit into it, and immediately, his whole face wrinkled up from the sourness. So… so sour. It felt like his teeth were gonna fall off! Are these the fruits that Miss Shen always eat on ordinary days?


Chapter 469: Study Hard

Grain liberation is a big test to one's perseverance, especially a fat person. The key was to resist the temptation! Not to mention the ordinary three meals per days, Chef also made desserts and pastries in the kitchen, especially with Shen Ying, the 24-hour- non-stop eating machine. Occasionally, this was added to the sound of Rabbit gnawing at internal cores. It could be said that temptation was everywhere in the back palace!

But somehow, Fatty managed to do it. After the talk of Grain liberation, he had never really been by the table. He gritted his teeth and forcefully ignored all temptation of delicious foods. When he was really too hungry, he asked Father Niu for a Grain Liberation Elixir to sustain himself.

Soon, two months had passed. Fatty's face was already wan and sallow from hunger, and his footsteps were unstable. And then… he became one kilo heavier!

Lonemoon, "…"

Yi Qing: "…" Shen Ying, "…"

Father Niu was going a little crazy. He felt such despair: there were indeed people in this world who grew fat by drinking water… no, breathing!

"Father Niu, it seems that Fatty's physique is indeed different from ordinary people." Yi Qing looked at a certain person who was meditating in hunger, and said, "I've checked his spirit vein, and realized that there wasn't any remaining impurities in his body. It was a spirit body like ordinary cultivators."

"No impurities!?" Lonemoon was stunned. "It's not possible. He was mortal for more than twenty years. Even if he ate spirit rice, there can't possibly be no impurities at all?" He didn't have the body of an immortal, which could refine the impurities in it automatically."

"None indeed!" Yi Qing nodded. "Perhaps this is the Five Elements spirit body?"

"So his heaviness is not from fat, but spiritual power?" "You can put it that way!"

"…" What the hell! These disgusting cheats!

"Since that's the case," Lonemoon stepped forward directly, stopping by Fatty's side. He smiled in a very friendly manner. "Fatty, from tomorrow onwards, I will teach you to cultivate!"

Fatty shook a bit for no reason at all. But he still replied properly, "Thank you very much, Master!"

"Who is your Master!" Lonemoon gave him a stare. "Call me by my name."

"Then… Master Niu?"


Flips table! (╯°Д°)╯(┻━┻

Go to hell with your 'Master Niu!"


Lonemoon reflected on his failed teaching experiences in the past. Thinking carefully, he realized that the troubles those disciples of the sect got into perhaps had something to do with his teaching method as well beside the work of Shen Ying the cheat. Besides, in his entire teaching career, Chef was the only sword cultivator whom he successfully taught. And it was actually temporary teaching after he lost his memory.

And he was a sword cultivator to begin with, and he was born with a sword body. Even with the loss of memory, his body still had some muscle memory left. Yet, Chef, as a brainless follower, not going in the wrong way in the end proved that there was no problem with his teaching method back then.

So right now with Fatty, repeating those methods exactly would be perfect. Or so he thought.

Therefore, Lonemoon directly set ten sword arrays exactly like the ones from before. Then he stuffed a sword right into Fatty's hand and kicked him into it. He let him start slowly from the first level. Both being little cheats- while he didn't think Fatty would be able to create his own sword dharma and figure out sword intent like Chef- learning some basic sword methods at least shouldn't be a problem.


Yet, after a few days, Lonemoon finally fully realized how bad Fatty's quality with swords is. No, it was out-of-the-world bad! Lonemoon thought that however poor his talents were, with the cultivation of Nascent Soul, passing through at least five levels of sword arrays shouldn't prove a problem. Therefore, he purposefully made an exit at the fifth sword array before throwing the person inside, assured.

However, three weeks passed and there was no movement from the inside. Lonemoon thought at first that he broke into the upper-level sword arrays, and felt a little happy. But Chef mentioned inadvertently that he felt Fatty's aura weakening inside the sword array and it would probably disappear in a few days.

Only then did he enter the sword array to look for him. He searched through all ten arrays, before he found Fatty in the easiest array who had fainted for days. On his body were many small wounds from weak sword qi.

That's right, he fell down at the first level!

Lonemoon had an urge to kill him and destroy his corpse right then and there. How bad did one's sword technique be to go down at the first level? It was the sword array which Qi Refinement disciples with slightly better cultivation could pass through. Yet he, a Nascent Soul cultivator, was beaten down here - how did he do that?


Lonemoon felt a pain in his ass. He had seen many clever disciples, but this was the first time he saw one so stupid. Heavens, how he wanted to abandon this task and leave! He had to increase the frequency of training. In addition to entering the sword arrays he spoon-fed Fatty techniques himself. Things like talent with swords could be gained with enough practice!

"Are you an idiot? Don't you know to dodge? How many times have I taught you this one?"

"I'm sorry, Master!"

"Do you want to die or hand your opponent a gift? I've already told you that this is where you block. Can't you block?"

"Yes… Master!"

"Crawl back here! What did you grow such a big body for?
Continue practicing!"

"Yes Master, no problem Master!" "Down at the first sword array again. Go run fifty rounds around the Demon Palace, you're not allowed to use Spiritual Power!"

"… Okay, Master!"

So the whole back palace echoed with Father Niu's fierce roars every day. Even Rabbit who came to get his daily demon cores got so scared that he turned into his true form. And then… with enough scares he got used to it.


After shivering at the start, he learned to carefully watch on at the side, nibbling at demon cores.

Maybe because Fatty's predicament served as a warning by example, Rabbit started cultivating even harder. In just a few months, he was already an eight-grade rabbit demon. As a poor rabbit demon who also lived under the despotic power of Great Immortal Lonemoon, Rabbit felt pity for Fatty, and from time to time, smuggled him some carrots etc. in the dark of the night. After a few times, the two poor things developed some friendship.

Occasionally, Fatty could be seen crying, hugging a rabbit head.

"Brother Rabbit, I didn't expect that cultivation is so miserable! I'm so pitiful!"

"Brother Fat, hang on there! We must be able to succeed one day. Wanna eat a carrot to calm down?"

"Brother Rabbit, you know me so well! Can I have one more?"

"Brother Fat, I'll give you three!"

"You're my best friend indeed, Brother Rabbit…"

"Brother Fat…" Lonemoon who happen to pass by, "…"

"Hehe, you two are close! Go into the sword arrays to cultivate together tomorrow!"

Fatty, "…"

Rabbit, "…"


It was like a thunderbolt out of a clear sky! A great tragedy in the world of cultivators!

Are you a demon?

"Master, why wasn't Father Niu so strict when my data was reset last time?" asked onlooker Chef. "Well… Maybe you went up the levels too fast that he didn't have enough time to prepare for class." replied onlooker fruit- nibbler.

"… Oh."

"By the way, why doesn't Father Niu teach Fatty something else?" Looking at Fatty howling in a heaven-shaking loud voice and seeming all too miserable, she couldn't help but ask. "Besides sword cultivation and body cultivation, aren't there still elixir cultivation like Floaty, and all-rounded  cultivation like Boss Lan?" Father Niu didn't look like he didn't know those.

"Master," Yi Qing gave Fatty a look before explaining, "it's not that Father Niu doesn't want to teach those, it's because with Fatty's current situation, it's the most important to prioritize sword practice."


Chapter 470: Violation By Other Clans

"Fatty's constitution is special and he happens to be a Five Elemental Mixed Spirit Root, all sorts of pills, talismans, arrays and weapons would be simpler than sword techniques to him, but also because of the same reason, sword techniques have become his only weakness." Yi Qing said in a low voice, "If Father Niu can tell, then Fatty's enemies definitely can too. Besides, he is completely clueless with regards to sword techniques right now, he can't even ride a sword, this probably has to do with his constitution as well, so even if he masters other spells, don't mention sword cultivators, even if he meets cultivators well versed in sword techniques, he'd probably…"

"Be defeated in a second?" Shen Ying finished the sentence.

"Yes." Yi Qing nodded, then put several more plates of pastries on the table before continuing to say, "So, Father Niu's aim in urging Fatty to learn sword techniques isn't to improve his cultivation but to get him familiarized with sword movements as soon as possible, such that he would know how to cope when he encounters sword cultivators in the future."

"Oh…" I see! "Besides, the earlier he practices sword techniques the better, even if he isn't able to understand sword intent immediately, it's still a good thing to build his body's natural reaction. If he were to learn other forms of cultivation and becomes used to other methods of offense, it would be very difficult to change again." This was also why sword cultivators are always stronger than other cultivators.

"Oh." Shen Ying nodded. "Simply put, the difference is that sword cultivators are close-ranged burst mages while other cultivators are long-ranged mages? Mm, I understand!"

"…" No, now I'm the one who doesn't understand Master.

"But are you sure that it's not because Fatty is expending too many flying swords that Father Niu is intentionally making him learn this?"

"…" That seems to make sense too.

"Sigh, Father Niu indeed treats Fatty differently! Chef, we're about to become orphans, what do we do? Wa wa wa…" "Um…"

What to do? Father Niu wasn't around, was he still supposed to cooperate with Master and put on a show? It's so difficult being a boyfriend!


Under Father Niu's violent oppression, Fatty finally passed the first level's test of sword arrays and successfully made it to the second level. Lonemoon's expression that was growing colder by the day finally softened a little. Then he doubled the intensity of Fatty's daily training without hesitation, of course, there was also Rabbit.

Fatty was in utter despair and despondency. He suddenly felt that those days where he'd just started with grain abstinence were the truly wonderful times, pity it was fleeting. Despair was written all over Fatty's face but before he could plunge into a new cycle of hell, something big happened at the Demon Monarch Palace. "Demon Monarch of the Western Forest?" Lonemoon gave a glance to Rabbit who was smiling bitterly on the ground. "What demon of the Western Forest? Aren't you the Demon Monarch?" Was there someone who'd dared to usurp the throne?

"No, no…" Rabbit shook her head hard. "I'm only the Demon Monarch of the Northern Forest, here at the northern-most area, I manage the area by the ten of thousands of miles near the Spirit River, the land of the Southern Region is vast, it is not only ruled by me alone."

"This also means that the territories here have yet to be unified?" Lonemoon frowned.

"You c… can say that." Rabbit shrunk her eyes back weakly.

"How many Demon Monarchs are there in the entire Southern Region?" Back then he'd only thought of looking for a quiet place to settle and did not find out more about these matters. Rabbit was also rather sensible, she usually doesn't bother him with matters on the demons. On top  of that, there was  Fatty, the one with no fate with sword techniques, he wasn't able to give any attention for anything else at all. "There are a total of seven Demon Monarchs." Rabbit replied truthfully, "Tiger Monarch and Bear Monarch of the Southern Forest, Panther Monarch and Lion Monarch of the Western Forest, the mermen clan off the Eastern coasts and the Feather Tribe in the North, together with the Wolf Monarch from the past. The Demon Monarchs of the Western Forest this time, is referring to Panther Monarch and Lion Monarch."

"They're trying to snatch your territory?"

"Yes…" I want to cry.

"Then just fight!" Lonemoon replied, they were all Demon Monarchs, and it wasn't a solo battle, the capabilities of each side should be rather strong, at the most, he'll leave it to Chef to lead them.

"No… we can't, Great Immortal!"

"Why?" "Great Immortal, have you forgotten?" Rabbit bowed her head in grievance, her voice even weaker. "Our northern side used to be the strongest amongst the seven clans, but… but sometime ago, Great Immortal captured the high level demon beasts of the northern forests and… now there aren't many high level demons left in the northern side." So if they really were to battle, the north was the weakest, the west had also approached directly after hearing about this.

Lonemoon's mouth twitched, he'd almost forgot about that, seems like all the formidable demons on this side have been put into Chef's pot. Had he made Rabbit a lone, helpless ruler all this time?

"Cough, um…" He coughed. "What's the situation there now?"

"Panther Monarch and Lion Monarch have already arrived at the borders of the northern forest with the clans under them, I reckon that in less than a day, they would be able to push to the Demon Palace."

"Let's go, I'll go take a look!" Lonemoon stood up, intending to accompany Rabbit to go have a look, but spotted Fatty who was practicing his sword at a side and twisted his foot as he stopped too quickly. His expression darkened at once as anger shot through him and he changed his mind immediately.

"Fatty, come along too!"

"Huh?" Fatty was baffled, where to?

"What huh? After practicing for so long, you've got to test out your skills in a real battle." With that, he turned to glare at the idle duo by the table. "And the both of you wastrels, come along!"

Wastrel Ying: "…"

Wastrel Qing: "…"


Was Father Niu's teaching rage beginning to attack indiscriminately? The group of five then began to fly towards the Northern Forest and saw a sea of black from afar, on a rough count, there were at least a few thousand demons, everyone of them looked murderous, and their cultivation levels did not seem low, there were even several tenth-stage demons at the front.

Their leaders were indeed two twelfth level demons, a panther demon and a lion demon. They were about to combine forces and break the entrance array formation of the Northern Forest.

On the contrary, on the Northern Forest's side, there wasn't a single demon to go into battle, the few that appeared occasionally were busy running for their lives, making it seem especially barren. No wonder Rabbit said they won't be able to win, in such a situation, don't mention gathering  a  demon army, even finding a few demons who could fight was a tough task.

Just as the Northern Forest's array formation was about to be broken, Lonemoon flew downwards, a line of burdens in tow and landed right in front of the two demon monarchs. There was of course, no technical skill in the array formations of the demon realm, it was already wonderful that the array formation could hold up for five minutes." Seeing the few people that appeared suddenly, the two demon monarchs paused in their actions. Sweeping a glance across them, their vision stopped on the only rabbit demon at the side and cackled at once. "HAHAHA… you're the rabbit demon that ascended to the throne of the demon monarch? Merely an eight- level rabbit and you dare to call yourself a monarch!"

Rabbit wanted to retreat instinctively but forcefully held herself back. "Lion Monarch, Panther Monarch, why are you intruding into my Northern Forest for no reason?!"

"Why?" Panther Monarch chuckled. "I think you've become foolish from eating too much grass? Wolf Monarch, that fellow, occupied such a good location in the Northern Forest, just because he had many wolf pups, now that he's dead, this land is naturally mine! You're merely a small rabbit demon, you actually dare to take advantage of the situation and declare yourself a monarch. If you know your place, get out of the Demon Palace right now. Otherwise…" He suddenly revealed a mouthful of sharp teeth grinningly. "We'll eat you!"

"…" She eats carrots.
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