My Master Disconnected Yet Again Chapter 411-420

Chapter 411: Red and White Duet

All the country emperors were shocked at this sudden, extraordinary move by Invincible Heavenly Palace. They looked blankly at the person who sat on the main seat, and for a moment, none of them could react. They didn't even hear Lonemoon telling everyone not to be overly courteous, for politeness's sake, nor the large chunks of official announcements that were made. They remained in the saluting posture for a long time.

They looked at Lan Hua and Yi Qing on the left and the right, and the person sitting on the main seat. They exchanged looks and was just about to ask about it, when the immortal qi in their surroundings suddenly started thickening.

"The immortal spring is going to appear!" Somebody gasped. Instantly, everyone forgot to ask about the woman on the main seat, as they all turned to look at the center of the place, their eyes full of expectations. Even those immortals who originally stood in the middle hurried to back away.

An unoccupied space immediately appeared in the middle of the crowd. Immortal qi in the surroundings grew thicker and thicker, and as though attracted by something, it started gathering wildly towards the middle. Immediately, the middle of the square was covered with white, misty Immortal Qi, which showed a tendency to change into physical objects. More and more immortal qi gathered. Suddenly a flash of white light shone in the middle, which cut across the thick Immortal Qi like lightning.


Shen Ying who sat on the main seat with a completely cold expression suddenly turned her head towards the middle and frowned thoughtfully. That was…

The white light shone for but a second, before dying down again. Like a flash of lightning. In the next instant, the sounds of flowing water came through. The thick immortal qi finally condensed into waterdrops, which started gathering in the middle in the shape of a swirl. The mist-like immortal qi in the surroundings slowly dissipated as well.

Within the time for burning half an incense, a clear spring appeared in the previously empty space. The clean spring water shone under the sunshine and looked like it was covered in gold. Besides, the whole spring pool floated about one meter high in the air. One could even see the plants on the ground when overlooking from its top.

The immortals looked totally excited. Many even took out their cups and only waited for Bo Sea Emperor to give the order for them to start drinking the spring water. One had to remember that this immortal spring appeared only once every century and appeared for only one hour each time. Later, the spring would disappear once more and they won't be able to drink from it even if they wanted to.

Lonemoon didn't mean to make things difficult for everyone. The immortal spring could indeed increase immortal power and was highly beneficial to cultivation. However, it could not directly raise cultivation. Its effect was actually not much different from that of supreme-grade Spirit Mending Pills. Only that the latter was harder to obtain.

So he directly stepped forward and announced loudly, "All who come are guests. Since Fellow Immortals have arrived here, please be at home." With that said, he directly made a water- driving spell. In the next instant, the water from the spring changed into hundreds of water streams which flew into the cups of the immortals. "Fellow Immortals, please enjoy yourselves!" Only then did everyone stand up and salute the people on the higher seatings. "Thank you very much, Emperor!"

"I don't know this immortal guard invites everyone to drink the spring in the name of which Emperor?" Suddenly, a somewhat ironic voice sounded, and a man in green flew down from the sky on his sword. After him were a few dozens of Exalted Immortals. Yet when they touched the ground, they looked towards not the stage, but the crowd of country emperors, and said, "Fellow country emperors have arrived early. I didn't expect the returning emperor that everyone talked about was so impatient that he actually started drinking the spring before all guests arrived. Please forgive me for being late."

Shen Ying frowned, turned to Chef beside her and said, "Who is this stupid idiot who apparently came to make trouble?"

Yi Qing was stunned briefly at the long series of description and replied in a low voice, "Master, this should be Yu Cang, emperor of East Tsui. I heard that he only achieved the cultivation of Junior Emperor a few thousands of years ago."

"Oh." Shen Ying gave him a look, not interested. Lonemoon's eyes actually narrowed slightly. Finally, they started the trouble-making.

"Junior Emperor Yu, please speak carefully!" Another country emperor beside him shouted at him though there wasn't actually much angst in his expression. "With this Bo Sea Immortal Gathering, we meant it to be for congratulating Emperor Yi Qing in returning to his position in the first place. It is already wrong for you to be late, how do you still dare to talk so blatantly?"

"What Emperor Yi Qing?" He snorted directly and stared at everyone with his face full of disdain. "I only know that there is Emperor Lan Hua in our Bo Sea. Since when had there been another Emperor Yi Qing?"

The country emperor being snapped at looked irritated, as he said even more loudly, "You forget yourself! Emperor Yi Qing has taken charge of Bo Sea more than 3000 years ago. He was the rightful Emperor to Bo Sea."

"Since you have already said that it happened more than 3000 years ago, I have only taken charge of East Tsui more than 1000 years, that's why I know only of Emperor Lan Hua but not Emperor Yi Qing!"


"Don't you forget, in these 1000 years, who kept out the demon clan, guarded both immortal and demon worlds and kept the peace of the realm? About that Emperor Yi Qing, I have no idea what he did! I will never recognize someone like this!"

The country emperors fell silent, wearing an expression as though they were angered by him but couldn't argue back.

Lonemoon looked at the two groups to and fro, and didn't say anything. One acted as the bad guy while others acted as the good. Clear work allocation they had.

"Emperor Lan Hua!" The one named Yu Cang had already walked right towards Lan Hua. Cupping his fists he said firmly and loyally, "Please rest assured, even if I lose my life, I will not recognize the so-called returning emperor." "Huh?" Lan Hua who was still hesitating about how to talk to Yu Hong a bit more, and wasn't listening at all, was stunned briefly. "What did you say?"

"Emperor!" Yu Cang said even more seriously. "Bo Sea is yours in the first place. The position of Emperor is what you deserve. He turned to the main seat as he talked, and his hand pointed in the same direction. "This person who came out of nowhere was not at all deserving…"

He suddenly stopped mid-sentence. He looked at the woman who sat high up the main seat and looked cold and indifferent. He couldn't react for a long time.

Who… was this?


I thought Emperor Yi Qing was a man? This was different from the Shadow Preserving Stone. He turned subconsciously to look at the other country emperors: what was this about? It was different from what they had agreed. How was he supposed to continue?

All the other country emperors looked confused themselves.
They didn't have time to ask about it yet!

Lan Hua beside him actually finally understood a bit of what he meant. He wanted him to fight with Good Heart for a seat? He jumped up immediately. "Hey! Don't you talk nonsense. I've never wanted that seat, okay? I've never thought about sitting. I like standing, I was born liking to stand. Who are you to interfere with that?"

Making Good Heart give up a seat for him. How could that be? Do you f*cking want me to go bankrupt? I'll murder you for that!


In the next moment, he felt murderous aura coming from Lan Hua's body. Yu Cang was shocked, and he stood not knowing what his words meant. But he had to continue acting according to the script. So he said in a deep voice, "Emperor, you've managed Bo Sea for so many years. Are you really okay with your thousands of years of hard work benefiting another?"

"Wait. Who said that I was the one who managed Bo Sea before?" Lan Hua looked like he was looking at an idiot, as he glanced at the person in front of him up and down. "I've never managed it." He was just a resident.

Yu Cang, "…"

The country emperors: "…"


What was happening? Had they been seeing illusions for thousands of years?

Chapter 412: Giving Out Immortal Contest Pills

The country emperors looked completely confused. The person in charge was not Emperor Lan Hua, then could it be…

Immediately, all the looks were turned together towards Yi Qing on the right side.

Yi Qing frowned and replied, "I wasn't in charge."

Everyone became even more confused. Somebody asked subconsciously, "The two Emperors were not in charge, then who was?"

Lan Hua and Yi Qing exchanged a look, and in the next instant replied in one voice with all the Invincible Sect disciples, "Father Niu!"

Huh? Everyone: "…"

What the heck? Who was Father Niu?

"I am!" Lonemoon directly took a step forward and looked towards the crowd with a smile as bright as sunshine.

The immortals were stunned. The country emperors actually recognized that this person seemed to be the Elder of Invincible Sect, Junior Emperor Lonemoon. On the day that Yi  Qing became Emperor, he was the one managing affairs the whole time.

But Yu Cang didn't know him. His eyeballs turned, and then he cried out directly, "Ridiculous! What are you? Our Bo Sea is after all one of the ten big continents. How can the charge of it be given to somebody with the mere cultivation of Young Emperor!"

"Is that so?" Lonemoon was too lazy to watch them acting on.
He adjusted his cultivation and directly released suppression. In the next instant, everyone felt a heaviness upon their bodies. A horrible, overwhelming suppression rushed towards them. Not to mention the other immortals, even the country emperors felt a rush of blood and a destabilizing of consciousness. An impulse to kneel and bow came over them instantly, and no thought of resistance could be held.

Especially for Yu Cang who was the nearest to him. The suppression drove him to directly kneel down, and his whole person was almost going to be rubbed against the floor. Cold sweat went all over him in a second, and an immense terror overwhelmed him.

This horrible suppression… was beyond the level of even Celestial Emperor! Who on earth was him?

"It seems that country emperor has some issues with me?" Lonemoon smiled even deeper.

Yu Cang's face turned even paler. He only felt the qi and blood rushing in him, as though he was gonna be crushed by this terrible suppression in the next moment. He hurried to reply, in panic, "No… I don't! I don't dare to." The country emperors also paled. They suddenly remembered that sky wedge which almost severed the whole immortal realm. The one that appeared on the day, more than 3000 years ago, when the country emperors for ten continents surrounded Invincible Sect to attack it. Until the day, nobody knew exactly whose doing that was. And in all those years, some speculations appeared around the continents, about Invincible Sect hiding a person whom even the Celestial Emperors dared not offend. It was also why after Invincible Sect took charge of Bo Sea, even though the Emperor had gone missing for thousands of years, the other continents never dared to act on it.

Seeing the situation now, could that person who forced the immortals to back down and made the sky wedge be this person in front of them, who only had the cultivation of  Young Emperor by appearance?

And that was why Emperor Lan Hua denied it so fast when Yu Cang provoked him just now? Because him and Emperor  Yi Qing were never the ones in charge, and the one actually controlling the Bo Sea Continent was in fact this Lonemoon?

The more the country emperors thought about it, the more scared they were. Their faces were very  pale,  and  cold  sweat kept coming out. They didn't know if it was because of the suppression, or their own imagination.

Of course, Lonemoon didn't know that these country emperors' imaginations already went as far as the edge of the world. He swept through the whole place with suppression, before letting it go. Ever since becoming an  assistant, cultivation to him was like nothing at all. He could become gods or immortals any time he wanted. There was no more pressure of ascension at all!

"Forget it. Fellow Immortals, don't forget that we are here to attend the Immortal Gathering and drink the immortal spring together. The spring disappears in one hour. Everyone, don't forget about the business." Lonemoon turned the flute in his hand and said to Yu Cang who was closest to him. "Country emperor Yu, is that right?"

How would Yu Cang dare to oppose him any more? He  was really scared by the suppression just now, and the bold look had long gone from him. Though the suppression  was  no  longer there, he still felt his legs weak. He hurried to cup his fists and say, "Yes… yes. Fellow Immortal is right."

"I know just as well that all of you are so concerned about the position of the Emperor because of your care for Bo Sea." Lonemoon glanced at the crowd and said with a patient and concerned expression. "But it is, after all, only a title. We have never taken it to heart. Us immortal cultivators should work hard to improve our cultivation. That is the way."

Everyone started agreeing, cold sweat over their foreheads.

"Rest assured that both Lan Hua and Yi Qing care in their hearts for the immortals of Bo Sea." Lonemoon's eyes narrowed, as he continued. "That's why we invite the immortals here to re- hold Bo Sea Immortal Gathering and drink the spring together to improve cultivation. Furthermore, the Emperors considered that the Immortal Gatherings have stopped for several years and a good opportunity was lost, and found a way of amendment for everyone early on."

With that said, he directly produced a bottle and opened it. In an instant, a few waves of light flashed and several dozens of elixirs flew out, went one round in the air like they had gone alive, and then floated in front of them. Faint golden color showed over that elixir, and the clear fragrance of elixirs swept over them. The immortals present felt their spirits lifted, and the immortal qi surrounding them also became unbelievably thick. Even the water from the immortal spring started moving. "These are… Immortal Contest Pills!"

Some gasped, and the whole place fell into gossip immediately.

"It's really Immortal Contest Pills. Only that can produce such thick immortal qi!"

"I thought that elixir cannot be made without God-level immortal fire?"

"I didn't expect there to be still Immortal Contest Pills in this world! A few dozens besides."

Lonemoon glanced at the crowd, satisfied. "In the thousands of years in which Emperor Yi Qing was away, he had some special experiences and got some Immortal Contest Pills on occasion. This Immortal Gathering is the perfect opportunity for him to gift these pills to immortals."

As he finished speaking, light started to shine from the eyes of everyone present. They no longer remember their ideas of provoking conflict, and looked straight at those elixirs, unable to move their eyes away.

"Only that…" The tone of Lonemoon's voice changed. "These pills are of ordinary quality, and a great leap of cultivation level could only be achieved if it is taken by those below the cultivation of Young Emperor."

A great leap! The immortals gasped together, and their eyes brightened even more. However, the expression  of  the  15 country emperors changed slightly. They had a premonition immediately. Indeed, they heard him continue,

"The number of this elixir is  limited.  We  only  have  15.  And just by coincidence, there are 15 countries in Bo Sea. To be fair, let's trouble the country emperors to choose  someone  to  take this pill." Lonemoon smiled with his eyes narrowed. Suddenly, remembering something, he added, "Oh yeah, this elixir should be taken right here with this immortal spring for even better effect."

As he finished speaking, the looks of envy naturally appeared on the faces of immortals from other continents. They were only upset that they were not from Bo Sea. And the Exalted Immortals brought here by the country emperors were excited. Just now he said that it only worked on cultivation  below Young Emperor, which meant that these elixirs would end up among them eventually. This was the elixirs which allowed one to have a great improvement in cultivation level, and one would reach the level of Emperor straightaway eating it. Who wouldn't be moved?

And the expression of the country emperors actually darkened, as they understood him immediately and started spitting blood in their minds.

Immortal Contest Pills could indeed improve cultivation straight away, but it could not only be used for Exalted Immortals. The effect was merely less obvious when used by someone above Junior Emperor. He specified it to be taken by Exalted Immortals because he didn't want to give it to THEM straight away. Yet they couldn't openly reply that country emperors could take it as well, or they would appear greedy.

Besides, their purpose for being here was to provoke the two emperors, so to prevent accidents, each of them brought at least a dozen Exalted Immortals. Yet each country emperor had only one of those Immortal Contest Pills. And whoever they gave it to, it would become a problem. This was no ordinary pills, but ones which could raise the cultivation directly. Who wouldn't want it? Besides, those who could reach the level of Exalted Immortal had more or less some power behind them. Whoever they gave it to, it would provoke dissatisfaction among others.

And yet the other party specified that it was to be taken with the immortal spring, which meant telling them right out to eat it then and there. He didn't give them any chance to bring it back and then manipulate the matter internally.

Chapter 413: Unknown Realm Gate

"Country Emperors, have you decided?" Lonemoon smiled sly as a fox. He hurried them, saying, "This immortal spring  is going to disappear very soon. If you've decided, please send your sect's disciples to claim the elixirs. Why not… we start from Country Emperor Yu?" He turned to face the man closest to him.

Yu Cang was caught off guard. Yet, he did not dare to decline Lonemoon. Holding back the urge to vomit blood, he turned back to glance at the man behind him. Clenching his fists, he gestured to the person on his right. "You… go!" Indeed, everyone else immediately lowered their gaze.

Once Yu Cang took the  lead,  the  other  country  emperors began to select their own Exalted Immortals. Within seconds, 15 people were standing apart from the rest. The atmosphere was different now.  Apart  from  the  fifteen  excited  immortals standing apart from the crowd, the other exalted  immortals looked disappointed, or confused or indignant.

Lonemoon flicked his wrist and immediately cast a water- elemental seal. 15 different streams of water flowed out from the immortal spring, culminating into 15 different elixirs. The elixirs flew toward the crowd.

Everyone's eyes twinkled. The 15 immortals reached out to catch the elixirs and swallowed them.

"The elixir will need three days to fully take effect. When you go back, please remember to isolate yourselves first."

The group nodded. The audience on the viewing stage all had clearly different expressions on their faces by now. One of the more polite exalted immortals stepped forward toward Yi Qing and Lonemoon, bowed and said, "Thank you, Celestial Emperor. Thank you Fellow Immortal Father Niu!"

With that, the others seemed to be triggered to follow suit.
One by one, they bowed toward Yi Qing and Lonemoon.

"Thank you, Celestial Emperor! Thank you, Fellow Immortal Father Niu!" exclaimed 14 other voices.

Lonemoon, "…" Yi Qing: "…"

Shen Ying, "…"

The disciples of Invincible Sect: "…"

Lonemoon pursed his lips and gritted his teeth, saying, "My name is Lonemoon!" Dumbos - how dare you call me Father Niu as well!


All of them changed the way they addressed Lonemoon and thanked him once again.

Now that the elixirs had been consumed, the various country emperors had no intention to stay any longer. Yu Cang, in particular, hurriedly took his leave the moment the immortal spring disappeared. The other country emperors followed suit. One by one, they rushed back to their homes. It was probably because they wanted to go back and appease the exalted immortals who had not been selected, lest they made a scene on the spot.

Lonemoon did not attempt to keep them any longer as well. He allowed them to take their leave. Very quickly, they would discover that the people to be truly wary of were those who consumed the elixirs, and not those who did not.

The various countries of the Bo Sea would likely be in a mess for a long while. Perhaps they would be fighting among themselves to become the emperor?


An hour later, the immortal spring was completely gone. The only people left behind were the hosts - people from Invincible Sect. Lonemoon turned and instructed everyone to pack up and go home. "Shen Ying, we're going back!"

"We haven't even done what we wanted to, and we're going home?" Shen Ying suddenly jumped down from the viewing stage and faced him. She walked toward the field and circled the place where the immortal spring had been just moments ago. In a low voice, she said, "This is just the beginning."

"What do you mean?" Lonemoon hesitated.

"Master, have you discovered something?" Yi Qing could not help but ask.

Shen Ying looked at them strangely. A moment later, she hesitantly answered, "Have your five senses failed you? Don't you feel that something is amiss?"

The two of them stiffened. Trying their best to ignore the hidden attacks in her words, they asked, "Are you saying there's something wrong with the immortal spring?"

"Half-half." Shen Ying frowned. "There's nothing wrong with the back, but the path it took seemed to be a little messed up. I'm not sure of the exact reason for that. I don't have enough strength, so I would need two of you to quickly bring us back to that time when it was being formed. I need to confirm this again." "What?" Lonemoon asked. "Bring us back?"

"Yes, in time-" Shen Ying suddenly paused. She turned to scan them from head to toe. "You don't know how?"

They exchanged a look and shook their heads.

"Then how about spatial reproduction?"

"…" What's that?

"Position restoration?"

"…" What restoration?"

"You at least know about local reset, don't you?"

"…" Huh? Shen Ying's expression turned to ice. Suddenly, she felt like her two assistants were severely lacking in some basic knowledge.Indeed, they were newbies! Afterall, she had trained for a long time before she discovered all of these for herself as well. Mm, I should inspire some initiative on their part to learn these things for themselves. Thus, she stepped forward and emphasized each word as she said, "What do you know how to use?"

Lonemoon, "…"

Yi Qing: "…"

She was beginning to get exasperated.

"Master, apart from those… techniques that you mentioned, are there other ways we can figure out the reason?" Yi Qing asked seriously.

Shen Ying stared at him. As if she recalled something, she cast her eyes to the side and said, "I just felt like something was amiss earlier. I can't be sure if I don't look closer into it. The only way is for me to look at it once more."

"Look at it once more…" Yi Qing thought of an idea and his eyes widened. He exchanged a look with Lonemoon beside him. Together, they said, "The Phantom technique!"

Lonemoon immediately regulated his immortal Qi, getting ready to perform the technique. A moment later, ripples appeared in their surroundings, as if they were in water. Phantoms began to appear all around them. They were now back to how things looked like an hour ago.

The Phantom technique was a kind of sorcery that was often used for investigation purposes. It would use the remnant auras in the surroundings to create an unreal image, so that people would be allowed to view everything that happened in the past. As long as no one was deliberately hiding facts, people would be able to see everything that happened within the past three days.

The image of the immortal spring appeared before the three of them once again. In order for them to get a closer look, Lonemoon conjured an array to to turn the space into an illusory realm. Everything suddenly became much clearer. It was almost like this was happening in the present moment. A huge amount of immortal Qi gathered toward the center in the illusory realm, creating a white fog. Shen Ying quickly opened her screen and began operating on it. Suddenly, a bunch of data appeared before her.

The immortal Qi was becoming thicker and richer. Since they were standing in the middle, everything around them began to look foggy. The immortal Qi seemed to be condensing into something. A familiar white light flashed across them, causing the immortal Qi to become part of the spring.

"I found it! That's it!" Shen Ying suddenly exclaimed.

Lonemoon broke the array and caused the phantoms to disappear. "What's the matter?"

Shen Ying tapped on her screen. An image appeared in front of the two assistants. It was a picture of the white light. It resembled lightning. In the middle of the white light, upon closer inspection, they saw a faint blue.

What was that? "It's a crack in the layers of the plane!" Shen Ying explained. "In that split second, an internal transmission passage appeared."

"Internal?" Lonemoon paused. Internal transmission passage.
Didn't that mean…

It was a realm gate!

He started and turned to look at Chef beside him. Both of them were thinking of the exact same thing.

"Chef, try to detect the immortal spring's aura from earlier on.
Re-open the realm gate that led to this place!"

"Yes." Yi Qing nodded. He closed his eyes and conjured a seal with both of his hands. Soon, an array appeared underneath their feet. Within seconds, the surroundings began to twist and turn once again. A crack appeared in the air. It slowly expanded, causing a mix of other auras to flow in. There was immortal Qi and… spirit Qi!

The three of them stared blankly at the realm gate. It was different from the other realm gates they saw that linked the mortal and divine realms. It was neither glowing black nor white. Instead, this realm gate was glowing blue!

Where exactly… did this realm gate lead to?


Chapter 414: Leave the Flag

"What's the matter? Why are there two both immortal and spirit Qis coming out of this realm gate?" Lonemoon was evidently confused. Suddenly, he thought about something and his eyes widened. "Could it be that realm beyond realms the last time?" When they were stuck with Meng Hong and the others earlier in that little realm, there were also both of these Qis present.

"I don't think so," Yi Qing responded. He studied the spirit Qi coming from the realm gate closer and said in a low voice, "This immortal Qi seems weak. I think it was the remnant immortal Qi from the immortal spring that formed earlier. I don't think that the small world behind this realm gate contains any immortal Qi."

Lonemoon heaved a sigh of relief and frowned. "Whatever it is, I'm sure that it's a trap left behind by that brat, the Godfiend. For all we know, something behind that gate is awaiting us." He activated his assistant seal and used his investigation technique, only to find that his immortal Qi disappeared the moment it slipped behind the realm gate. There was no way of finding out where this gate led. to "Eh! How can this be?" He looked shocked. "There's no way I can find out where this realm gate leads to? Chef, when you opened the realm gate, did you find anything weird?"

Yi Qing shook his head. "No, the circumstances are the same as when other realm gates are opened."

"Then where exactly does this gate lead to?"

"It seems like we would not know where it leads to until we enter it!" Lonemoon looked at the exceptional realm gate once again and his expression darkened. He glanced worriedly at Shen Ying. "Shen Ying, do you want to come along with us? Although this isn't as serious as having an invader in our plane, you have not completely recovered your strength…"

Shen Ying looked at him. Was he worried about her? He was quite a good assistant - this was worth some praise.

"You're all so confident despite having such low intellect. Do you think I would be as reckless as the two of you and have no means of self protection?" Don't worry, I will protect you!

〈( ̄) ̄)〈

Lonemoon, "…"

Yi Qing: "…"

She could just say she wanted to go with them - why did she have to make a personal attack?

The both of them frowned. If she did this to them daily, they were bound to get used to it one day.


Yu Hong and the other disciples had finished packing up by then. "Sect Master, Elders, we're ready." Eh? What's that? Yu Hong looked at the realm gate, which suddenly appeared in the middle of the space, with a little shock in her expression. Yet, she did not ask any questions. In any case, Sect Master always had a reason for doing what she did. "Are we… setting off for the heavenly palace now?"

"No, Yu Hong, you and Lan Hua should go ahead and lead the other disciples back first." Lonemoon handed the high-key rainbow bird from earlier on to her and instructed, "We have some matters to attend to. We will join you as soon as we can."

"Alright." Yu Hong nodded. She received the dharmic artifact without any hesitation. Then, she turned to help the disciples up the bird's back before going on their way.

"Come back soon!" Boss Lan waved to them. He continued trying to get close to Yu Hong, pestering her and saying sweet- nothing to her. Mm, afterall, they took a significant amount of resources for weapon refinement from Little Black. "Little Red, why don't you see Little Black for awhile? Just awhile?"

"Get lost! If you say one more sentence, I will kick you off this bird's back!" Lan Hua, the lowest ranking guest of Invincible Sect: "…"

"Let's go!" Lonemoon waved his hand at the master and disciple, who were standing closer to the realm gate than he was. He instructed them, "Chef, keep a close watch on  her! Don't let her get lost inside."

Yi Qing immediately remembered Shen Ying's record of getting lost and nodded. Thus, he turned around and grabbed Shen Ying's hand out of habit. "Master, be careful."

Shen Ying stiffened. She felt a warmth around her  hand, which traveled up her arm and straight to the innermost portion of her heart. Even her face began to feel warm. Was this… this… considered hand holding?

"Hmph! How unnecessary!" It was common for people in relation to hold… hold hands! Mm, she was not bothered at all!

o(*つ////_////⊂*)o "Alright, let's go, let's go," Lonemoon rushed them. He set up a defensive array around the group of three. "If it's really as Shen Ying said, and this immortal spring really has strange data, then there must be something wrong with that small world," he said as he set up the array. Then, he added, "But Let's hope that this small world will not be like that realm beyond realms, which caused Shen Ying to go into that deep sleep."

The moment he said that, Shen Ying halted. She was  just about to enter the realm gate, but she stopped just a step away from it, pulling Yi Qing back as a result.

Lonemoon stopped himself just before he bumped into her. "Holy shit, why did the both of you stop here?"

Shen Ying's expression was still cold and hard as she turned to face him. "I'm not going anymore!"

"Huh? Ah!" Not only Lonemoon, but even Yi Qing stared blankly at her. "Why?" Why was she pulling this trick at the last minute? "Master, have you sensed something out of the ordinary?"

Lonemoon's chest tighten as he began to feel more nervous. "What did you notice?"

Shen Ying frowned even more deeply. She looked like she was having difficulty figuring out how to say what she wanted to say next. Mm, her assistants were very inquisitive! She had to make the effort to persuade them.

"Because…" She took a deep breath and looked at Father Niu, saying in an uncharacteristically strict fashion, "You just jinxed me, saying that I would definitely run into some kind of trouble if I step through this door. So I've decided not to go!"

Lonemoon, "…"

Yi Qing: "…"

What kind of rubbish was that? Did she have to be so childish! Shen Ying, on the other hand, had already pulled out her screen. She was furiously tapping on it. Just like that, the realm gate closed. Hmph! Be it in movies or dramas, this was always how the main character died! She cherished her life - she was going to steer clear of such jinxes!

"Wait, did you not say that there were problems with the data?" Lonemoon was beginning to get extremely frustrated. He was wrong. This venomous Shen Ying was more unreliable than the lazy Shen Ying from before. "If we don't go inside, how would we know what the problem is?"

Shen Ying raised her head and looked at him. Mm, this was a good question. As the manager, it was time for her to teach the newbies the many methods of solving a problem.

"Who says we cannot still investigate?" She said icily. "If you don't have knowledge, at least use your common sense. If you don't have common sense, at least depend on your memories! Use your small brain to think hard - What's the correct process of dealing with and controlling small worlds?"

What freaking correct process? The two of them stared blankly back at her. Finally, they thought of the answer. Could it be…

"The divine realm!"

"You're not that hopeless after all!" Shen Ying nodded. Daily compliments - check!

That's right - if they wanted to find out where this extraordinary realm gate led to, all they had to do was go to skies of the divine realm and take a look.

"Let's go right now!" Lonemoon immediately cracked open the space next to him, opening a passage that led to the divine realm.

In a blink of an eye, the three of them had arrived at the expansive skies in the divine realm.

Lonemoon scanned his surroundings, taking in the dense stars. "Shen Ying, quick, look and see exactly which small world it is!"

Shen Ying was just about to pull out her screen when she paused. Thinking of something, she addressed the two of them and said, "Can't you find it?"

"Wouldn't this save much more time?" Lonemoon raised his hand and said, "I'm not very familiar with the way this wristband works. What's more, this is your divine realm."

"Who says you need to use the wristband to look for it?" Shen Ying looked at them strangely. "This is technology of a totally different plane. It has nothing to do with this realm. I use it only because I'm used to it. You're basically…" She trailed off, finally understanding something. Looking at each of them, she said, "Don't tell me… You have no idea about an assistant's authorities?"



Chapter 415: True Assistants

"What do you mean?" Lonemoon paused. Weren't assistants just cheats? They could adjust their cultivations and whatnot whenever they wanted. They were not restricted by the rules of the realm.

Shen Ying's expression looked even stranger as she scanned each of them from head to toe. A long while later, she said, "Let's put it this way." She straightened her back and pointed to the 3000 different planets in front of them. "What do you see?"

Lonemoon and Yi Qing exchanged a look. A moment later, they said, "Outerspace?"

Shen Ying's eyes widened and her expression hardened. She looked like she was this close to firing them. She sighed, shook her head and said, "I thought you weren't hopeless. You really are blind!" What should she do? Her assistants were so poor in their foundation. In fact, they didn't even have a foundation!

o()〈))o Ah, how tiring! The two of them: "…"

"Didn't you say that this plane contained 3000 planets in space?" Lonemoon could not help but ask.

"Indeed, you can see the entire plane from here." Shen Ying frowned. A moment later, she said in a low voice, "But who says that this is what the plane actually looks like?"

"Is it not?" The more the two of them listened, the more confused they got. Lonemoon quickly stepped forward and asked, "Weren't you the one who caused the divine realm to look like this in the first place?"

"I changed the plane to look like outer space because I'm used to it." Shen Ying pulled out a map of what the plane used to look like and said, "If the manager is familiar with the appearance, it'll be easier for him or her to do his or her job But this plane is different from the place we came from. In principle, it isn't that different, but there will be some major differences here and there. It's not exactly the same. What's more, you're assistants. You have your own authorities over this place. You don't have to use your authorities in the exact same way as I do." "You mean to say…" Lonemoon hesitated, raising his hand. "This wristband isn't all that useful? It has nothing to do with our assistants' powers?"

Shen Ying nodded. "That's an irregular item in this plane. It is limited in the way it works here."

Lonemoon, "…"

Flips table!


Why didn't you freaking tell me that earlier? I've been reading its instruction manual for months!

"Wait!" He suddenly thought about another issue. "Then why is it that it could detect invaders in the past? And haven't you been using it all along? The band aid that you used to seal the planes in the past also successfully closed up the crack in the plane!" What band aid?

"That's just a tool." Shen Ying waved the wristband in front of him and said, "This can only do simple calculation and manipulation of data. There's limited effect on the plane itself. The real tools that can be used to change the plane are the bodies of the manager and assistants themselves."

"Master, you're saying…" Yi Qing seemed to have figured something out. He stepped forward and said, "What we used to heal the plane in the past was actually powers from our own bodies?"

"Yes." Shen Ying nodded. "Every plane is different. Managers control the existence of each plane and the assistants control the planes' stability. In other words, you have the power to control this plane. It's just the way we exercise our powers that's different. My older sister's plane can rely on science and technology, and this plane…"

"Sorcery!" Yi Qing finished her sentence." Master, you mean to say that actually all of our problems can be solved using sorcery." Lonemoon paused. He thought about the immortal  spring, and the terms she used that he did not understand. In the end, he was able to find out what she wanted by using his own spells and techniques. In other words, they had the same function, but different methods of operating!"

Shen Ying looked at Chef appreciatively. He was indeed worthy of being her boyfriend. He understood everything she was saying - how exceptional! She had to praise him!


"Mm, the water in your brain seemed to have all dried up now!"

Yi Qing: "…"

Lonemoon, "…"

The two of them pursed their lips. They tried to ignore her daily criticisms as they exchanged a meaningful look and looked back again at the space around them. Indeed, the wristband was too complicated for them to figure out. Sorcery was much simpler and more familiar.

"But this plane is so huge. Even if we can use our investigation techniques, there's no way we can point out that specific small world we are looking for." Lonemoon frowned. "There are so many different spells and techniques in the three realms, yet none of the spells I know can do that so quickly. We can't go and learn-"

He stopped himself mid-sentence. Wait! All these spells and sorcery he was referring to were created by Meng Hong and the Godfiend in this plane! Since assistants were no longer subject to the rules of the plane, they only needed a rough understanding of the rules. In other words, it was possible for them to come up with a technique or spell that never before existed within the plane itself, as part of the Heavenly Dao in this plane.

His heart jumped as he turned back to look at Chef. Both of their eyes twinkled. It was obvious they had figured this out at the same time. "Let's try it out?"

"Alright." Yi Qing nodded.

The two of them stepped forward, closed their eyes and released their divine perception toward outer space. They felt like they were swimming in a vast sea. Their divine perception could go extremely far - it was almost like they could not find the boundaries of the space. Finally, they hit the limit - their divine perceptions went as far as they possibly could go, yet they could not reach some of the planets still. Those planets were far beyond their reach. A moment later, they came back to their bodies and found that their foreheads were dripping with perspiration and their expressions were pained.

"Is your surname Lu?" Shen Ying suddenly asked. "Have you forgotten who you are?"

The two of them paused, then remembered they had the assistant's seal in their bodies. They got in touch with it and immediately it felt much easier for them to release their divine perception. It was almost as easy as casting a net. The wide and boundless 3000 worlds seemed to have shrunk. Everything was within sight. Even the small worlds were clear as day, even as they flashed across their eyes.

The amazing thing was that these small worlds were not like the transparent planets that they saw when Shen Ying was controlling the space. Instead, each one of them looked unique. On closer inspection the space between each world was not independent. Instead, they could see something faintly connecting each world with the next. As they followed the connections between each world, they began to get a clearer picture of the entire plane.

The next moment, the entire divine realm changed.  There was a bright golden glow that emanated from the darkness. The separate planets began to gather together, and a golden thread linked to each one of them up with the next, pulling all the planets downward.

Lonemoon and Yi Qing opened their eyes. They were overwhelmed by the sight that met them.

"This… This is…" "This is what the plane truly looks like," Shen Ying explained.

The two of them exchanged a meaningful look and once again savored the scene before them.

It was a huge tree - a huge, golden tree. The body of the tree was glowing with a blinding golden light, which stretched out infinitely. The tree's leaves were dense, and each one of the leaves was a small world.

This was… their plane?

"As for how to find that small world, now…" Shen  Ying studied the two of them and said icily, "You don't need me to teach you again, do you?"

Mm, was she really suited to become a teacher? She seemed to be a little better than her older sister!

Y(^o^)Y "I'll look for it!" Lonemoon was still stunned by the way the plane looked. What's more, in that moment, thousands of rules were floating in his head. He felt like he memorized an entire encyclopedia. He understood everything about the way the plane worked. But that was not all - he could also adjust the way it worked. He had full control over it. To find the small realm that was connected to the immortal spring felt as easy as turning his hand. Therefore, he stepped forward, underneath the tree.

Yi Qing, on the other hand, turned around and walked next to Shen Ying when the initial shock cleared. He retrieved a plate of pastries and offered it to her. "Master, you've been working all day. Do you want some pastries? I've just made them, so they're fresh. I wonder if Master would like them?"



Shen Ying's eyes twinkled. Her expression remained icy as she glanced at the pastries in his hand. A moment later, she said, "Alright. I'll… help you try it!" It was definitely not that she wanted to eat them! ╭(╯^╰)╮

Yi Qing's gazed at her warmly as a hint of a smile tugged at his lips. "Your disciple understands. Thank you, Master!"

It was then that she took the plate of pastries. With a strict expression, she ate one pastry after another, like a mouse in bliss…

"I found it!" Lonemoon suddenly called out before Shen Ying could finish the plate of pastries. Then, he lowered his voice. "Eh, why does it look like that?"

What kind of small world is this?

Chapter 416: Mushroom World

The small world was located at the bottom left-hand side of the entire plane's tree. Its shape was different from all the other leaves on the tree. This small world looked like a…

"Mushroom?" Lonemoon paused. He took a closer look and noticed that there really was a mushroom growing out of one of the branches of the tree. It was an oddly bright color as well, so that it stood out from the otherwise golden tree.

Was this… a small world as well?

Why was there a mushroom growing on such a beautiful tree?!

Lonemoon was absolutely confused. He activated his divine perception to study the small world. Suddenly, the millions of living spirits in the small world flashed across his eyes. The spirit Qi inside it was extremely rich. This small world was evidently different from the others. "What's the matter?" Lonemoon turned around to face the other two people.

Shen Ying quickly stuffed the last pastry into her mouth and stepped forward stiffly. She pulled up a screen to check the small world's data. A moment later, she shook her head and said, "According to the data, this small world is not  any different from the others."

Could it be that the Godfiend had created yet another deviant world? Lonemoon frowned. "A mushroom has grown on an otherwise healthy tree - there must be a problem somewhere." What's more, the mushroom was hidden in an obscure location. One would not notice it if they had not been looking closely.

Shen Ying frowned. She was just about to begin explaining, when Yi Qing seemed to have figured something out. In a low voice, he said, "if there isn't any problem now, that means that something extraordinary only happened in the split second that the immortal spring appeared."

"What do you mean?" "Father Niu…" Yi Qing continued in a low voice. "Do you still remember that image we saw when the immortal spring appeared?"

"Image? Wasn't that caused by the explosion of immortal Qi, condensing to form the spring?" Lonemoon asked, exasperated. "There are many such occasions when immortal Qi condenses in the immortal realm, right? It's not really considered as anything out of the ordinary. It's just like when people use a wide-range immortal Qi gathering techniques, or when the Heavenly Tribulation of ascension occurs, or…"

He stopped himself mid-sentence, his eyes widening.

"Or someone ascending from the lower realm!" Yi Qing finished Lonemoon's sentence.

Lonemoon frowned deeply. "You mean to say that the immortal spring only appeared because someone in the lower realm was going through Tribulation Transcendence!" Lonemoon tried to recall the scene of the immortal spring appearing. Indeed, the way the immortal Qi had condensed resembled what it normally looked like when someone from the lower realm was ascending to immortality. "That can't be right!" He suddenly exclaimed, recalling something. "If someone was ascending, then an Immortal Ascension Stage should have formed. Why did an immortal spring form instead?" What's more, the welcoming beam  of light did not appear.

"Maybe that person failed!" Yi Qing guessed.

"Then why is it that the immortal spring coincidentally appears once every hundred years?" It was not like ascension was scheduled - people did not clock in an ascension at stipulated times.

Yi Qing frowned deeply as well. This was something he could not figure out for himself either. "Perhaps this is where that small world differs from the rest."

Lonemoon's expression darkened. "It seems like we do have to go into the small world to take a look."

"I'm not going!" Shen Ying immediately exclaimed upon hearing Lonemoon's suggestion. Lonemoon pursed his lips and glanced sideways at her. "If you want to figure out the mystery behind this mushroom, we have to go in and take a look. If you don't want to come along, Chef and I can go ahead without you!"

"No!" Shen Ying stepped in front of him, uncharacteristically stubborn. "You're not allowed to go!"


Shen Ying paused. Her expression stiffened once again. A moment later, she said, "As my assistants, you have not met the basic standards. You don't have the right to manage the plane on your own yet." You have to be obedient!

"…" It was almost as if they had not been managing the plane on their own the entire time.

Yi Qing glanced at Shen Ying. He seemed to have noticed something as he stepped forward and asked, "Master, did you notice something amiss?" She hesitated. Her expression remained cold and hard, but she cast her gaze downward.

"You figured something out?" Lonemoon's heart fell.

"…. No!" Shen Ying retorted. She scanned the duo and firmly said, "Hmph! Both of you can stop questioning me. I'm not as stupid as you two. Don't jump to conclusions so quickly. You would never catch me saying something like, 'There's something strange about that world, so stay away from it just in case.' Everything is about the data. If your theories are not backed by statistics and facts, you cannot treat your theories as true. As opposed to trusting something as malleable as your sixth sense, why not do some additional research? So both of you should refrain from doing anything before you do proper research. I'm not disallowing either of you from going in just based on my gut feeling alone. All of this is happening because you raised that flag earlier. Yes! That is indeed the reason!"

o( ヘ̄ ̄o#)

She said all of these in one breath. Then, she started nodding furiously, with a determined expression. Lonemoon, "…"

Yi Qing: "…"

Was she… stopping them because she was worried for their safety?

She could just say that properly - where did she learn to beat around the bush?

Lonemoon and Yi Qing exchanged a meaningful look, not knowing what else to say. A moment later, they both sighed. We'll give in to you on account of your young age!

"Then we won't go!" Yi Qing nodded.

"Mm, I'll think of other ways!" Lonemoon shook his head. He had no choice but to trust the cheat's gut feeling. "…" They took her word for it?

Shen Ying's eyes twinkled. She heaved a sigh of relief and said, "That's up to you!" She tutted and turned around so they could not see her expression, which read: This is your own choice - it has nothing to do with me!

The two of them: "…"


Shen Ying said that the mushroom-like small world was not normal, and that they should not enter it. But they could not even figure out why the small world looked like that.

"What do you think we should do?" Lonemoon asked Chef, who was beside him. "It's true that the mushroom doesn't look like it's that big of a problem… and that small world has been around for such a long time as well. I've told Yu Hong to ask around - that immortal spring has been appearing since the ancient times." Now that the Godfiend had fallen, even Lonemoon could not tell whether this was a trap set up for them on purpose.

"Although we can't enter it, it wouldn't be difficult for us to go and find out more about this small world," Yi Qing said.

"You mean… send a part of us down there?"

"A part of us, or a puppet, or a form of our consciousness - anything works," Yi Qing answered in a low voice. "it'll only be a part of our sentience. We can retrieve it at any time."

Lonemoon nodded. "That's true. I'll go and ask Boss Lan to refine a dharmic artifact that can carry our divine perceptions. Perhaps that would be safer." As he spoke, Lonemoon frowned more deeply. He studied the stove that was almost overflowing with different cooking equipment and ingredients. "Anyway… the next time you want to talk to me, can we not talk in the kitchen?" Chef was freaking cooking chillies; Lonemoon was about to choke to death.

"No!" Yi Qing objected seriously. "Master has not yet recovered. I want to cook more food so that she can recover speedily."

Lonemoon glanced outside of the kitchen, at a certain someone who was sitting upright at the dining table with chopsticks in her hand. She looked ready to dig in. Are you sure you're not trying to fill a bottomless pit?

Yi Qing followed Lonemoon's line of vision. As if thinking of something, his gaze softened, and his face flushed red. As long as Master enjoyed his cooking, Yi Qing did not mind cooking more for her.

Lonemoon pursed his lips. "Hey, hey, hey, that's enough from you! Can you at least mind your image?" Lonemoon scanned Chef from head to toe and continued, "Can you stop making eyes in front of me? Try to have some empathy for y single self - I'm sick of looking at the two of you act this way, alright? How long have the two of you been together already? Do you really have to keep acting this way?"

Yi Qing paused. He loosened his grip on the green chilli he was holding, dropping it onto the ground. Then, he lowered his gaze and said, "Master and I… are not like what you think we are." "Like what?" Lonemoon stared blankly at him. Suddenly, he widened his eyes. "You're not saying that you weren't together in the past, are you?"

Yi Qing picked up the green pepper and responded, "Hey."

Chapter 417: Overwhelming Sweetness

"Holy shit!" Had he been blind before? "Wait! When we were in that plane before, weren't you… Shen Ying admitted it herself!"

"That was just an act so that her older sister would agree to her coming over.

"You mean to say…" Lonemoon's eyes widened. "You didn't manage to get her?!"

"…" Yi Qing's entire body stiffened. He looked down at the green chilli that he just picked up. It was going to become chilli sauce in his hands.

"Er…" No wonder Lonemoon didn't find them that romantic. He glanced at Yi Qing, who was almost burying his head in the wok of chillies. Lonemoon patted his shoulder and said, "You try harder then. Take your chance while Shen Ying still hasn't recovered to try to win her over." Yi Qing paused. He pulled his head out of the wok and asked, "Why?"

"Are you serious?" Lonemoon sighed and said in a very grave tone, "Once girls get older, they become harder to bluff!" If Yi Qing did not take advantage of the situation while Shen Ying was still young and naive when was he planning to win her over?


"I'm telling you - you have to chase girls while they're young. What's more, she's now only 15 years old. For  all  you  know, you'll be her first love!" Lonemoon talked as if he had a wealth of experience. "Don't say I didn't warn you first as your brother - if you don't make your move now, she probably will get cheated by other strange men."

Yi Qing anxiously retorted, "No!" Master promised him that she would consider him first.

"Alright, even if there isn't anyone else," Lonemoon continued, "By the time she recovers fully and restores her natural personality, the problem wouldn't be that she doesn't like you. It'll probably be that she'll be too lazy to develop feelings for you!"

"…" That… sounds about right. "I… understand."

"That's the way!" Lonemoon nodded. Finally, he felt the familiar feeling of being a father again.

Wait! He seemed to be missing something out.

When Chef said that Shen Ying acted as his girlfriend just to come back… Doesn't that mean that Lonemoon endured the beating for no reason?!

Flips table!

(╯°Д°)╯(┻━┻ "Shen! Ying!!!"


Late into the night.

Invincible Heavenly Palace, in the back palace.

Shen Ying was gulping down the fruit juice that Chef brought over to her. Her eyes were wide open. A moment later, she returned the empty glass to him. "I've finished testing it. Mm… it's not bad!" She commented with a serious expression. A moment later, she bit her lip and added, "If there's anything new that you want me to try, please bring it over. I won't be able to test it once I go to sleep."

I really want another cup, but I can't say that!

(⊙x⊙;) Yi Qing stared blankly back at her bright eyes. A hint of a smile tugged at the corner of his lips as a warmth spread throughout his chest. He turned and poured her another glass. "Can I trouble Master to please try this for me again?"

"Mm." She nodded firmly. Then, she gulped down the second glass of fruit juice. She licked her lips, eyes twinkling.

Yi Qing did not pour her another glass. Instead, he received the empty glass from Shen Ying and kept it away. "This juice is too sweet - you cannot drink too much of it. Otherwise, it might affect your sleep." He used his sleeve to wipe the remnants of the fruit juice from her mouth.

Shen Ying trembled. The hand that had been holding the empty glass lingered in mid-air, in the same posture. She felt the heat rush to her face as her cheeks flushed red. Her heart was threatening to thud out of her chest as well.

Calm down, calm down. He's just a boyfriend. This is very normal. I'm not shy at all… Mm, not at all! (*/ω\*)

Anyway, Yi Qing seemed to be staying behind for exceptionally long today. Could it be…

Father Niu's advice was echoing in Yi Qing's mind. He kept imagining Shen Ying being stolen away by somebody else. Therefore, he did not notice her expression as he wiped her mouth clean. After a moment's hesitation, he finally decided to ask for confirmation.

"Master, do you remember-"

"Are you not going back today?"

Before he could finish his question, Shen Ying interrupted him. Yi Qing paused. Out of habit, he answered her question first. "Master, did you want to go to sleep now?"

Sleep… sleep! (⊙_⊙)

He's staying behind so that he can sleep here!

Shen Ying was completely mistaken. Her face became even more flushed than before. Suddenly, she had no idea what to do. What should she do? He had already made his intentions clear!

But they were boyfriend and girlfriend afterall. They've even met each other's parents. It would be normal to live together, wouldn't it? For all she knew, they slept together in the past as well. What's more… She did fancy this man, who could cook so many different delicacies, and who treated her more nicely than her older sister did. As the manager, she did not mind! She was only… not sure how.

"Are you… sure?"

Yi Qing stared blankly back at her. "Sure?" Sure about what?

"Alright!" Shen Ying gritted her teeth and took a deep breath. She seemed determined. She began to speak in codes, "Well… I forgot how. You have to teach me!"


Before Yi Qing could react, Shen Ying leaned forward so quickly that Yi Qing did not have time to think. She planted a kiss on his lips.



Yi Qing's mind went completely blank. He thought he could faintly hear the sound of angels singing by his ear.


Shen Ying did not wait for him to finish speaking before she pulled him along and pinned him down on the bed by sitting on top of him. She kept pulling at his collar. A moment later, she pulled his robe open. Her eyes widened, as if she was looking at food to be eaten.

He looked delicious without his clothes on!

( 『̄̄)

The chill on his chest caused Yi Qing to snap out of his trance immediately. His entire body flushed red - even his exposed chest. "Master… Master! You're-"

"Sleeping!" Shen Ying answered in a serious tone, her expression still icy. Yet, she could not hide the fact that her hands were trembling. "I'm doing my duty as your girlfriend." What solid muscles. Hey, he belonged to her! She could touch them!

The next moment, her two cold hands traveled up his body. Yi Qing stiffened. With each move she made, his body felt hotter and hotter. It was burning up even more than when he gathered the True Phoenix Fire. It was almost as if someone had put him on a grill. Everything around disappeared. All that he could see was that little red face in front of him that still had on a serious expression. Her face was unbelievably clear - so clear that it made him want to… swallow it!

"I'll be gentle." Shen Ying planted another kiss on Yi Qing's lips. She was getting more excited. Hearing Yi Qing's heart beating faster and louder than her own, she could not help but comfort him. "Although I don't remember how to, Father Niu says you are my boyfriend. Don't be afraid. I'll be good to you." Mm, that's what people always said in dramas. She was sure she did not get the lines wrong.

Shen Ying's hands traveled downward. She was fast approaching the unspeakable area.

Yi Qing suddenly turned around and pinned Shen Ying down underneath him. He held onto both of her wandering hands and buried his face in her hair.

Shen Ying paused. She struggled to get out from his grip, but failed when Yi Qing tightened his hold on her. Did she miss a step? Did she get something wrong? She was just about to speak when she heard a controlled whisper in her ear.

"Master… Don't… bully me like that." I won't be able to control myself.


Chapter 418: Wild Imaginations

Shen Ying couldn't move, being pressed down by him. Beside her ears was only his heavy breathing. After a long time she finally remembered a problem. She asked subconsciously, "You are… not willing?" That would be hard!

The hand that clutched her tightened slightly in an instant, and a chuckle sounded beside her ears. She faintly felt that his breathing became a little quicker. His tone was low, as though suppressing something. "Whatever that Master does, I… am always willing." He would even ask for it.

"Then why did you…" She stunned, her hand tried to move, but it was pressed down tightly once again.

"Don't move." There was suddenly some eagerness in his voice. His whole body was so hot that it was scary. Though there were layers of clothing in between, Shen Ying felt that all the places pressed by him turning a bit hot. Soon he spoke with a pleading tone, "Master, let's just stay like this… for a while. Is that okay?"

Somehow a softness filled Shen Ying's heart, and obediently, she no longer moved. She didn't know how long it took, before the quick breathing beside her ears started to slow down, and his low voice sounded once more, with a bit of grievance, "Does Master… like me?"


Shen Ying was stunned. But before she could react, he spoke first, "I like Master, I have always… always liked Master. In the past Master used to say that you only liked me a little, but you don't remember. And right now this… does it mean that it became a bit more?"

Shen Ying who surprisingly received a confession stiffened, and her face which was originally red turned even redder. Her heartbeat sped up audibly.

Her heart was filled with anxiousness. What was he to do? Receiving a confession for the first time, she didn't know how to answer!

After being stunned for a long time, she could finally squeeze out some voice. "My… my sister said that us women have to own up to what we do! It's the same for feelings. Besides, nobody in this world can force me, uh… except my sister. Since I already admitted to you being my boyfriend, of course I genuinely like you. Rest assured, I will be responsible for you."

The person in front of her stiffened, and in the next instant, his whole body trembled slightly. As though he just heard some great good news, joy showed all over his body, despite his face not being visible. Yi Qing didn't reply, but only called out to the person in his arms, with a thick undertone, "Master… Master… Master…"

Each call was heavier than the previous. As though it hit right at the heart, even her heart started trembling with it.

Shen Ying suddenly felt even hungrier. She replied subconsciously, "Can we continue?" Hmm, it was a bit heavy. She prefers to be on top.

The person in front of her was stunned. After a long while he finally moved. In the next instant, something pressed briefly on her forehead. "Not now."

"Huh?" Shen Ying was stunned. Even her pants were off but he wouldn't do it?!

Only then did Yi Qing sit up and look down at the person under him. In his eyes was some moisture which had yet to fade. Faintly, it seemed to conceal something.

"Right now, Master is… still young." His look darkened, as he looked right at her eyes, as though she was all that was left in his heart and his eyes. "I'm so happy that you finally responded to me, yet I… I can't take advantage of someone vulnerable like this." Just as Father Niu said, she was only fifteen. Perhaps not even herself knew if this feeling was real. He couldn't be so mean. There'll finally be a day when she recovers. If then… Master still admits it, he will never let go again!

"I will wait… till the day you recover."

Huh? Shen Ying was confused, as her head was written full of question marks. Didn't Big Sister say that once men are in bed they become beasts who can't stop themselves? So

Could it be that…

Her heart sank, and her look went downwards subconsciously. Could it be that when they met the parents, Big Sister really broke a leg of him, just not that kind of leg!


That was why he wasn't willing?

So… so pitiful!

Immediately she had an urge to unzip a certain person's pants to check. Yi Qing had absolutely no idea that someone's thought had already gone as far as another plane. He struggled to suppress the feelings inside him. Just as he was about to stand up, a familiar voice suddenly sounded beside the ears of the two.

"Hey! Umm… Shen Ying, Chef, you two come over to side palace later when you're free." Lonemoon couldn't find Chef at the side palace, and to avoid seeing some blinding scene, he chose voice transmission without hesitating. "That bit of divine perception that we sent to little mushroom world days ago has returned."



Lonemoon waited for a full twenty minutes in the room before Chef and Shen Ying entered.

"Why so slow?" He looked up at them. From back palace to side palace, one only needed to make a turn. "Two of you… Hmm? Chef, what's up with your clothes?" He glanced at Chef up and down. The person who always used to dress neatly and tidily had, at that moment, not only a tilted collar, but even a tear on the side of his body. Yet he looked as though he didn't notice it at all.

Yi Qing's body stiffened. Subconsciously he was about to look at the person beside him, but suppressed that urge, and replied hurriedly, "Nothing, just tore it when practicing sword techniques."

"Practicing swords in the middle of the night?" Lonemoon frowned.

Yi Qing stiffened even more, and he had to nod hard and say, "Yeah."

Shen Ying beside him actually sad down by the table silently. Her face as cold and indifferent as it always was, she pretended to not know anything about it.

Lonemoon didn't ask any further questions, but pointed to the chair beside him and said, "Alright, come in quickly. We've already gotten information about that mushroom."

Only then did the two realize that there was another figure behind him, one that looked perfectly identical to Lonemoon, except his slightly sluggish look and unmoving manner. That was the exact avatar that he sent into the small world days ago.

Lonemoon waved a hand to cast a spell on that avatar. Instantly, a string of white gas flew out of his body and into Lonemoon's palm. And that person who looked exactly like Father Niu flashed and turned back to an octagonal bronze mirror.

Lonemoon's hand waved again, and white lights shone from the bronze mirror. Immediately, scenes of the lower realm appeared in front of the three like images from a projector.

"I used divine perception to control this avatar, who flew all over that small world." explained Lonemoon. "What shows in this mirror is all that it saw in the lower realm."

Lonemoon went forward and looked carefully at the scenes in the mirror. There were Mortal Realms with thin Spirit Qi, and there are also spirit mountains in which cultivators gathered. There were even scenes of cultivators in the lower realm battling each other. It was a thorough investigation indeed.

"Seeing only the scenes themselves, there isn't anything wrong." Yi Qing frowned, turned back and looked at Lonemoon.

"When I first watched it, I didn't find any problems with it at all." nodded Lonemoon. "But after finishing, I felt that something was missing."

"What was…" Yi Qing was stunned. Just as he was about to ask, Shen Ying at the side spoke first.

"The River of Forgetfulness is missing!"

Chapter 419: Leaving Samsara

"Exactly, it's the River of Forgetfulness!" Lonemoon nodded hard, then pointed to those pictures and said, "This small actually has no sub section of the River of Forgetfulness at all, as if it was completely isolated."

Yi Qing was shocked. He opened up assistant authority and looked carefully at the scene, but saw that there was no change to the scene at all. Though the earth was covered with greenery, underneath it there was not a bit of the aura of the River of Forgetfulness.

"Why would it be so?" When apparently there were so many people living in the small world?

"That's not all." Lonemoon waved a hand over that octagonal bronze mirror, and the scene in front of him enlarged instantly. The human figures who were at first only the sizes of ants appeared in front of his eyes clearly. Sounds of a conversation came out.

This was a mortal city. Father Niu's avatar seemed to be sitting at a wine house. The waiter was recommending good vintage beside him.

"Sir, would you like some of the Yuanqing Liquor, our best? Our shopkeeper made it himself, and it has already been sealed for more than 200 years. Or you may also try some Burning Red Wine. It is a hundred-year vintage, also made by our shopkeeper." With that said, he pointed to the shopkeeper by the door who had a thick mustache.

"Two hundred years!" Yi Qing was shocked. "This person is…"

"A mortal!" Lonemoon said certainly. He was a mortal with neither Spirit Qi nor Spirit Root.

"But the life expectancy of mortals is less than 100 years, how did he…" He stopped mid-sentence, and as though remembering something, he eyes widened abruptly. "Because of the River of Forgetfulness!"

"That's right." nodded Lonemoon. "In this small world, both mortals and cultivators seemed to have escaped Samsara." Yi Qing's face darkened. Without the River of Forgetfulness, after death, ghosts could not enter Samsara, "Could this be the same as that world of Song Ren…"

"No, it's not the same." Lonemoon shook his head. "On Song Ren's side, it was a disturbance to the River of Forgetfulness caused by plane mending, and in this world there was no River of Forgetfulness passing through it at all. As though it was deliberately circumvented, it was completely isolated. All the people in this world… know not the concept of death. And there are no newborns."

"So… they don't die!"

"Yes." Lonemoon made another seal, pulling out the scene in which two cultivators fought. Neither were low in cultivation. Both were Soul Formation cultivators. Those attacks were apparently very violent, some simply causing fatal wounds. But neither of the two showed any signs of dying. There wasn't even any sign of soul detachment.

Yi Qing frowned deeper as he watched. "As this goes on, I'm afraid all the people of this small world…" "Will disappear." Lonemoon sighed, taking back the bronze mirror.

Little Shortie once said that every soul only had limited time in the world. The longer they stayed, the more consumption it caused on their soul body. So-called cultivation methods were in fact just strengthening of soul bodies, so that the time of stay could be longer. Only the River of Forgetfulness could repair souls, that's why it was the eventual destination of millions of living beings in the world.

And in this mushroom world, everybody appeared to live eternally, yet they were slowly consuming their souls. There would eventually be a day when they disappear completely.

"Why only this small world is separated?" Could it be that Little Shortie forgot about it? Yi Qing turned towards  Shen Ying. "Master, what do you think?"

Shen Ying frowned, raised a hand to click on her wristband, pulling out a light screen instantly. In the next moment that giant plane tree appeared in front of the two. She directly located that mushroom world and then enlarged the place of connection. A very bright golden light started to shine, making it hard for them to even open their eyes. Shen Ying did some adjustments, before that golden light dimmed down. It became thousands of silk threads, which interlaced and extended in all directions.

"This was… the River of Forgetfulness!" On those golden rivers was a thick soul power. It should be the River of Forgetfulness which gathered souls.

"Look there!" Shen Ying pointed to the surroundings of that mushroom world. Indeed, among those dense, thin lines, not even one connected to that mushroom, as though it deliberately avoided it.

"What was Little Shortie doing?" It was really because of the River of Forgetfulness. Lonemoon was a bit angry. Why was this world alone missed?

"It probably has nothing to do with her." Yi Qing said with a deep voice. "Though she is the River of Forgetfulness itself, she can't know about all small worlds completely." Besides, this small world had no River of Forgetfulness. In the past, these matters were probably all taken care of by Godfiend. Otherwise, Godfiend wouldn't have to ask them to look for Meng Po all over the world when the matter at Divine World happened.

"It can't continue like this. We can't watch this world disappear completely, although it won't affect the other small worlds." Lonemoon said seriously.

"Who said it won't affect other small world?" Shen Ying gave him a cold look from the corner of her eyes.

"What do you mean?" Lonemoon hesitated.

Only then did she remind him in a serious manner, "Did you forget that there was still that gate?"

"The realm gate!" Yi Qing was shocked, as he suddenly remembered about that.  Indeed,  although  this  world  appeared to be isolated and totally free from Samsara, which meant that no more souls entered there, so long as the realm gate could be opened, people from other small worlds could  definitely  break the void and enter this world. "Didn't you say that cultivation above Soul Formation would be able to open up the mortal realm gate? If the gate that they opened was that towards this small world…" Shen Ying tuned and gave the two a glance. "What would happen?"

The two were both shocked. Above Soul Formation, those were the levels of Immortal Ascension. Should they suddenly enter a world without death…

"They'd think that it was the Celestial World!" And they won't think about leaving at all.

"Hmm." nodded Shen Ying. These were two assistants  with quick responses, they were worth a praise. "What's to be done next? Do you need any more reminders from me for your pig brains?"

Yi Qing: "…"

Lonemoon, "…" This girl could still be communicated with when she didn't do verbal attacks.

"Alright. I'll go to back mountain, Chengyu's place, and tell Little Shortie to reconnect the small world with the River of Forgetfulness tomorrow." Lonemoon breathed deeply and stood up. He won't be serious with a fifteen-year-old brat.

With that said, he turned directly and went out of the door. The room quieted down instantly, with only the master and disciple left once more.

Yi Qing's heart trembled slightly for some unknown reason. That heated sensation which he suppressed just now showed a vague tendency to reappear. He turned towards Shen Ying who was still sitting at the table. "Master…"

Shen Ying didn't reply. Her eyes stared right at the enlarged plane map on the light screen, thoughtfully.

"Master?" He had to call out again. "Huh?"

"We can go back." He tried his best to stabilize his voice. "The night is deep. I'll escort Master back to the bedroom."

Shen Ying's body stiffened. After a long while she stood up slowly and walked to Yi Qing's side. "Oh."

Yi Qing's hands tightened. He breathed in deeply. After a long while of hesitation, as though gathering all the courage he had, he rapidly grabbed someone's right hand into his palm, and then, holding it tight, led her to the door. "Let's… let's go."

Shen Ying was stunned briefly, remembering the unfinished act just now, and her face couldn't help but reddened slightly. As she walked, she subconsciously looked towards a certain person's lower body.

Couldn't it be real?

A while later… "Chef!"

"… Yes."

"What about… you take off your pants and let me take a look?" Maybe it had already healed?

Yi Qing's foot tilted. He lost his balance and fell down right to the front.


Chapter 420: Calm Down, Master

Father Niu left with Little Shortie to fix the River of Forgetfulness at mushroom world. They were away for days, and Shen Ying and Yi Qing were super free. However, Shen Ying felt clearly that Chef was avoiding her.

Though on the outside, it was the same as usual. None of the five meals per day were amiss. Yet Shen Ying just couldn't see him. Everyday when she woke up, breakfast was already on the table. When she left to water the plants, lunch would be ready. It was the same for dinner, night snacks and afternoon tea. All of them appeared on time, but she just didn't see Chef appear before him. Everyday, he was either hiding in the kitchen, or on the way to the kitchen.

Shen Ying seriously reflected on her own words and actions and became even more sure that Big Sister did something unspeakable to him. Or he wouldn't be so abnormal. She must have accidentally touched his emotional wounds that day. Though she was already very euphemistic. But with the sorcery of this world, he was supposed to have fixed it. Could there be some special condition? She heard that men who suffered this kind of injury are usually left with some trauma. Suddenly getting pointed out, it was normal that he couldn't accept it for a while, that was why he kept avoiding her. She turned and looked at a certain figure who had been busy in the kitchen for days. She took up the last piece of pastry and stuffed it into her mouth, before getting up and  walking towards the kitchen. Whether as Master, Girlfriend,  or Manager, she felt that she should take a look at it, and ascertain the truth.

"Chef!" She stopped right at the kitchen door and called out.

The busying figure stiffened, and his hand trembled, almost throwing away the spatula. After a long while his head turned back awkwardly. "Ma- Master. Is it that you finished the pastries?"

"Yeah…" And no.

Shen Ying's eyes fixed on the pastries on the kitchen table.
This one looked very tasty as well…

( 『̄̄) "I'll send it right over." With that said, as though hiding something, he hurried to take those long-prepared pastries, and walked out rapidly like escaping. A wave of redness rose on his face uncontrollably.

He put down the pastries right on the table in the yard and taking the empty dish on there at the same time.

Shen Ying followed him over. Seeing the delicacies on the table, and seeing that a certain person was about to retreat back into the kitchen, she finally remembered something, and grabbed him. "Wait a moment, don't go."

Chef stopped, and his whole body stiffened even more. He looked down at his hand which was grabbed subconsciously. His heartbeat was like drum beats. "Ma-Master?"

Shen Ying actually turned her head and pulled, pressing him down at the chair at the side. Her two hands holding the arms of the chair, she pressed him down on the chair abruptly, and said in all seriousness, "As a professional Manager, I feel that I should have a proper chat with you." Yi Qing looked at the person who suddenly came close and heard a bang in his head. His whole body felt like a boiled shrimp. His eyes opened wide, and even his speaking voice trembled. "Wh- What?"

"Don't be afraid. I'm different from my big sister. I'm very gentle." Shen Ying said in the mildest tone she could manage. "I have to know that such things are nothing so long as you are mentally prepared. But you've got to face it properly. It's no good to avoid treatment. Maybe you still take off your pants and let me take a look? I will be soft?" In any case, she learned treatment theories for a period of time. As she said, she directly started pulling at his belt. "Just one look."

"Master!" Only then did Yi Qing return to himself, and he stopped her hands right away. "Don't!" This was still daytime.

"Oh?" Shen Ying was stunned. Looking at his severely blushing complexion, she suddenly got something. "Is it that I can't look?"

"No, Master, I…" What to do if Master kept wanting to take off my pants? "I get it." She nodded, and finally drew back her hands. Yi Qing felt an emptiness in his heart for no reason at all. Yet in the next instant he heard her say, "Then I'll get Father Niu here to see, okay? You'd be willing for him to see."

"Huh?" Wait, what's this got to do with Father Niu?

Can't Master think that he and Father Niu…


"Hmm, I don't remember the things from before, but you and him seem quite close… closer than with me. If you're only willing for him to see, I have nothing against it. Rest assured, I will get him here right away.

Yi Qing's face turned green instantly. He stood up directly from the chair and said resolutely and decisively, "Him and I are not that are not in that kind of relationship!"

Huh? "What relationship?"

"Anyway, in my heart there is only Master. Though it is not time yet.." He grabbed Shen Ying's hand, and as if he was cornered, he said loudly, "I will never anyone else besides you take off my pants, including Father Niu!"

Shen Ying, "…"

Lonemoon, who just entered: "…"

Did he come into the wrong place?

( ̄△̄;)


"What are you doing?" Lonemoon couldn't help but ask, as he looked at the two in front of him speechlessly. The two were stunned, and only then turned back. Shen Ying hurried to change from the understanding older sister mode back to that cold look, though in the eyes of others there wasn't any difference at all.

"You're back?" She looked down at the timing on her wristband. So fast. "128 hours 45 minutes 6 seconds. Such efficiency is barely passable for an assistant."

Lonemoon walked right over, sat down at the side, before continuing, "We only ran over that small world and re-arranged the River of Forgetfulness. Of course it was fast."

"Where's Little Shortie?" Yi Qing looked towards the door, not seeing Meng Po back with him.

"Oh, she's back to the Underworld." Lonemoon answered casually. "It's reconnecting a world, after all. There are some follow-ups for her to deal with."

Yi Qing nodded not asking any further. "I'm here to tell you to be assured, that the matter over there has been resolved. In case you two trouble yourselves unnecessarily." Lonemoon gave the two a look and said, "These days, matters of the sect have been piling up, you two'd better not make trouble for me. I'll go to work for now." With that said, he didn't stay any more, but got up and went right out.

Shen Ying looked at the pastries on the table which were not touched at all, and suddenly said, "Father Niu…"

"What?" Lonemoon's feet paused, and he turned back.

Shen Ying took up a pastry, held it between her fingers, and turned towards Yi Qing beside her. "It seems that the end of the month is coming."

Yi Qing was stunned. After a long while, something went across his eyes. His eyes widened, and he turned to Lonemoon at the door and said cooperatively, "Master is right, Father Niu, the living allowance for next month should be paid."

The corner of Lonemoon's mouth twitched, and then he took out a bag of spirit stones from the storage bag beside his body. "Alright. When have I missed giving it to you?" With that said, he waved and threw the bag out.

Seeing that the bag flew across the air in a curve, Shen Ying's face actually fell, and as though she had ascertained something, she called out loudly, "Chef!"

In the next instant, Yi Qing beside her had already rushed out with his sword. The sharp edge of the sword went straight towards Lonemoon in front of him, and a trapping array lit up at the same time. Sword Qi filled the whole back palace instantly.

Lonemoon was taken aback, and when he moved to retreat, it was already too late. The sword in Yi Qing's hand hit right at him. He hurried to dodge, but still didn't manage to. His whole chest was opened up by one movement of Yi Qing's sword. Immediately, blood flowed out like a river. Should he not be an immortal to begin with, he'd be killed by now.

Lonemoon's face was full of disbelief, as he turned to look at the person who made the attack. "Holy shit! Yi Qing what are you…" Before he could finish, about a dozen swords made from God Power fell from the sky, each went right at his bones, nailing him down on the ground, making him unable to move in the array.

"You've called wrongly!" Yi Qing replied word by word, "Father Niu never called my Dao name except when necessary."

His pretense was good indeed, but while Father Niu never forgot to give them living allowances, he never gave it so readily. Was there even one time when he didn't nag for a whole hour?

"Who are you?" Shen Ying also walked over and looked at the person on the ground up and down. "Or rather… what are you?"

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