My Master Disconnected Yet Again Chapter 651-660

Chapter 651: Recollections

"I say, Zuo Two Bucks" Lonemoon pursed his lips, took a deep breath in and patted Zuo Shuming on the shoulder. "Let me tell you - you should see less of Shu Yi from now on."

"Do you think-" Zuo Shuming looked excited.

"No!" Lonemoon interrupted him. "I think that you'll get beaten to death by her the moment you speak!"

Eh? What did he mean?


"Then… Am I infected?"

"Don't worry!" Lonemon sighed. Given your IQ, do you think you'll even be affected by something as high-level as a brain infection?" None of you are retarded - I am the retarded one for actually thinking that you had guessed about the time reversal earlier.


Zuo Shuming did not understand what Lonemoon was saying, but for some reason he felt like he had just been stabbed in the chest.

"Alright, just focus on your training. Why are you thinking so much about everything else?" Lonemoon rolled his eyes.

"Am I really alright?" He looked confused.

"You're fine! You're healthy enough to irritate others so much
- how can there be anything wrong with you!" Lonemoon pursed his lips once again, then decided to add, "You had an epiphany while seeing others endure the lightning tribulation. For all we know, this is an opportunity granted to you by the heavens above. That's probably why you felt like you had formed a core before. This is just luck!" "An opportunity from heaven!" Zuo Shuming exclaimed. He looked at the sky worriedly. As if thinking of something, he said, "Why not I-"

"Enough. You can get lost now. You have to train your sword techniques early tomorrow morning!" Lonemoon did not want to listen to him any longer. He pulled Zuo Shuming out of his seat and pushed him out the door, kicking him out. "Don't come and look for me at this time again." It's fine that Lonemoon didn't get to eat because of him - what if he woke Shen Ying up and caused her to be angry?

"But…" Zuo Shuming tried to say something else.

"Get lost!" Lonemoon slammed the door shut.

Zuo Shuming: "…" He wanted to talk to Lonemoon in more detail about that opportunity from heaven, just in case he would be able to get another epiphany!

Was Lonemoon so angry because he didn't get to finish his food? Zuo Shuming touched his nose, then turned around to return to his own house.

It was not until Lonemoon was sure that Zuo Shuming was gone that he conjured several isolation arrays and returned to the house. He looked toward the two people who had seen the entire thing. Snatching a pastry from Shen Ying, he said, "Why do you think Zuo Shuming had an epiphany?"

"Perhaps it was because he sensed his past," Yi Qing guessed.

"But time has already been reversed. How come he still can recall what happened?" Lonemoon did not quite understand this. When Chef reset earlier, he did not show signs like these. It was only when he gained his assistant powers that he regained all his memories. "Is there a difference when that system turns time back and when the manager adjusts time? What's the difference? Are there some kind of withdrawal symptoms?"

"I don't think that's possible." Yi Qing shook his head. "The system could pull Zuo Shuming back down into the  lower realm. It proves that time really did turn back." There wouldn't still be loopholes present. "Then why does he still remember the past?"

The two of them frowned.

"Maybe that isn't his memory?" Shen Ying guessed.

"Didn't he say that he felt like a Golden Core cultivator?" Lonemoon asked. "How can it not be his own experience forming cores… Holy shit!" Lonemoon suddenly recalled something and instinctively turned to Chef. "Could it be that stupid Heavenly Dao?"

Yi Qing: "…" What stupid?

On closer thought, this made sense. The Heavenly Dao did not have a sentience, but it would automatically correct anomalies in the plane. "The three of us came down to the lower realm, so the Heavenly Dao sensed that there was some sort of error. That's expected." Yi Qing nodded.

That's it! So the lame explanation that Lonemoon had given to Zuo Two Bucks was true. In some way, this really was a heavenly opportunity.

Mm, this Heavenly Dao was finally doing something right. No matter what, an epiphany like this was good for someone like Zuo Shuming, who had been advancing so slowly.


After skipping straight to the late stages of Foundation Establishment, Zuo Shuming became much more enthusiastic about learning the Mist Sword Technique. Under Lonemoon's guidance, he successfully mastered the second type of sword technique. This sword technique had ten stages to it. Although Zuo Shuming did not know what type of standard, this sword technique belonged to, he faintly understood that he would only fully grasp this sword technique after he became a Nascent Soul cultivator.

The only thing he was unsure of was why Lonemoon, who was supposed to be a lot less advanced than he was in terms of cultivation level, still looked down on his sword skills. What's more, Lonemoon seemed even more hostile to him than he was before Zuo Shuming grasped the second type of sword technique. As the saying went, trials would only make one grow stronger. A true sword cultivator had to be beaten into shape.

He suddenly doubted that Lonemoon was really just a Foundation Establishment cultivator. He heard that sword cultivators could challenge people who were of higher cultivation levels than themselves, yet it seemed like Lonemoon was only picking on him! The worst part was that there seemed to be no way Zuo Shuming could fend himself against Lonemoon.

He must have been too weak - he wasn't good at his sword techniques yet. There was really so much depth to sword techniques! Zuo Shuming had no choice but to grit his teeth and keep fighting. He became much more serious about his training and trained 12 hours a day.

Lonemoon, the old father, seemed to be pleased with everything about Zuo Shuming apart from his slow advance. He began thinking about methods to help Zuo Shuming advance more quickly. Suddenly, someone came looking for him from the main peak. He was dressed in a uniform completely different from the other disciples in the sect, There were also unique floral patterns on his sleeves. "The Sect Master wants to see us?" Zuo Shuming hesitated. HIs grip tightened around his sword as he turned to Lonemoon in confusion. "I wonder what's the matter?"

"I don't know either." The visitor shook his head, smiling kindly at them. "Maybe it's a good thing? Junior Brothers, you'd better come quickly with me to the main hall?"

Zuo Shuming kept his eyes on Lonemoon. Seeing Lonemoon nod, he responded, "Thank you, Senior Brother."

The visitor turned and led the two of them to the main hall. The moment they entered, Lonemoon felt a cold gaze sweep past the both of them, and resting on Zuo Shuming.

Lonemoon looked over and saw that it was indeed the invader, Shu Yi. She seemed to be thinking deeply about something. One could almost see the daggers shooting out of her eyes at Zuo Shuming. Shu Yi looked quite different from the way she did before she formed a core. The spirit Qi around her body seemed to have thickened considerably. There was something else too. Lonemoon just could not quite put  his finger to it. "It's demonic Qi!" Yi Qing suddenly said. "A few days ago, she interacted with demonic cultivators or demons themselves. That's why she has demonic Qi on her."

Lonemoon lowered his gae and raised one eyebrow. Demonic cultivators? This invader had quite a huge job scope. Lonemoon thought that she used this half a month to go through with that last lightning bolt. So she went to look for demonic cultivators instead?

He had no idea what she was trying to do, but he knew that they had to keep a closer eye on Zuo Shuming now.

Chapter 652: Decisions of The Sect

The hall was filled with people, the peak masters of each mountain and the Elders were all present, they even had their disciples behind them.

Gui Yi's Sect Master sat in the main seat, smiling as he looked at the two people that walked in. With the exception of Shu Yi who didn't look friendly, the other Nascent Soul Elders all wore the same expressions, vaguely coupled with some hints of admiration, of course all of that was at Zuo Shuming.

Both of them respectfully bowed, Yu Luan then explained to everyone. "I summoned all Junior Brothers here today, mainly to inform everyone that I think these two disciples are not bad and I intend to officially make them my disciples. What does everyone think?"

Once his words fell, all the Elders looked like they'd expected it, as if they'd long guessed Yu Luan's intentions. On the contrary, Shu Yi's expression darkened.

"I said so!" An elder said, smiling, "Our Gui Yi Sect hasn't seen a disciple having an epiphany in so long. I also wanted to make him my disciple, who knew Senior Brother acted so quickly."

"If Junior Brothers have no objections, then I will accept these two disciples." Yu Luan's smile grew wider, then looked towards the two people in the middle. "I think you're called Lonemoon? From today onwards, you shall be the 13th disciple under me."

"…" Lonemoon stiffened, he really didn't expect that they were summoned here to be taken as disciples. Honestly speaking, he really didn't want to acknowledge a master, the inconvenience in moving about was one thing, his master didn't know as much as he did too. He was about to come up with an excuse to reject him.

"As for Zuo Shuming…" Yu Luan turned to look towards Zuo Shuming, the satisfaction in his eyes deepening. "From today onwards, you shall be my personal disciple!"

The moment he finished his sentence, everyone was shocked. They didn't expect that he would take him in as his personal disciple! They didn't expect that Senior Brother Sect Master had so much faith in this person. "How can that be!" Shu Yi was stunned and blurted out.

How could he be a personal disciple, one must know that there was a difference between average disciples and personal disciples. There are usually only one personal disciple and a handing down mark will be left on his or her consciousness, that is something that cannot be casually removed. Masters also give everything to their personal disciples and wouldn't hide anything from them.

Shu Yi was instantly flustered, Yu Luan was the Sect Master of Gui Yi Sect, if Zuo Shuming were to become his personal disciple, then wouldn't he get everything he desires? Then wouldn't he received an even better treatment then he had in his last life at Dan Xia Mountain. Although he received pointers from Supremacy Tian Yi in his previous life, he was only accepted as a disciple under him only after his core formation and he was merely one of his many disciples.

"Sect Master, how could you accept him as your personal disciple!" She stepped out directly.

"Oh, why?" Yu Luan faltered and asked subconsciously. "Little Yi!" Shu Yuan frowned and chided Shu Yi with slightly anger. "Do not be rude!" As he did, he was about to reach out to pull her back.

Shu Yi came back to her senses, her eyes darted around before she continued to say, "How can we be so casual with Sect Master's personal disciple? I don't see anything special with this disciple and he's merely a triple spirit root in the Foundation Establishment." She inhaled deeply and said worriedly, "Moreover, you are the Sect Master. Your personal disciple concerns the future of our sect. Many Golden Core senior brothers haven't even had the chance to be accepted as your disciple? Sect Master must be prudent!"

Upon hearing that, everyone thought that she made sense too. Sure enough, the personal disciple of the Sect Master, without any accidents, would probably become the next Sect Master. He must choose prudently indeed.

"But I think this disciple is very suitable." Yu Luan's smile grew wider, yet he had no intention of changing his mind at all. "There are things that all of you do not know, I've been paying attention to this child for a long time, though he is a triple spirit root and seems to be of average qualifications, it is not actually so. He has joined my Gui Yi Sect for less than a year, yet he has cultivated from level seven of Qi Refinement to late stage Foundation Establishment now. I think even celestial spirit roots do not have this speed!"

A hint of surprise flash through everyone's eyes, with such a speed, he was really a prodigy that heaven indulged.

"Just by watching a lightning tribulation, he had an epiphany, this proves that his aptitude isn't attainable by the ordinary. And he had once, while he was still in the outer sect, grew a spirit field full of variant spirit herbs in a barren spirit field."

"He was the one who grew that variant spirit herb!" The crowd was shocked, an Elder was even brought to his feet.

"It was!" Yu Luan nodded. "Although those spirit herbs appeared because of the living spirit vein, without this luck, how could it just happen to be him. Everything that us, as immortal cultivators do, goes against the heavens. But  this child, doesn't lack any of the qualifications, aptitude and luck. After taking the initiative to hand in all the variant spirit herbs, he never had any demands. After his epiphany, he was neither conceited nor rash and has been diligently practicing cultivation these days. It is evident that his disposition is excellent." Everyone was surprised even further, the gazes they gave to Zuo Shuming were filled with admiration.

"A disciple like that is indeed not bad."

"That's right, there are lesser and lesser outstanding people like him now, no wonder Sect Master was in a hurry to take him in as your personal disciple."

"Everything else is secondary!" Even Shu Yuan could not help but praise. "His disposition alone is something that others cannot achieve. Senior Brother Sect Master has a good eye!"

Watching as Zuo Shuming becoming a personal disciple was about to settled upon, Shu Yi became even more anxious. "But Sect Master…"

"Little Yi…" Shu Yuan cut off his daughter's words  and glanced at her, saying, "Do not stir trouble! Sect Master knows what he's doing. Just based on dispositions, even you cannot compare to him!" "What!" Shu Yi's eyes widened in disbelief, but a voice that made her even more indignant sounded by her ears.

[Ding! Original owner's resentment level +10! Warning! When resentment level hits 100, the mission is automatically failed.]

F*ck! Why was the resentment level increasing again!

Shu Yi's anger was burning from inside, she even started to let her tongue loose. "Who said I cannot compare to him!" She had completed her Core Formation and her cultivation had always been above his!

Shu Yuan's brows knitted together, slightly displeased with his daughter's unreasonable tantrum, he was about to reprimand her when a cold male voice rang in the hall.

"Who said my Little Yi cannot compare to others!"

The next second, everyone felt a strong gust of wing sweep into the hall, coupled with an overpowering suppression, a figure in black appeared in the hall, radiating an icy aura as he swept his discontented glare across everyone.

Everyone was shocked and instantly recognized this person, all including the Sect Master stood up and bowed to him with cupped fists. "Greetings Uncle-Master Tian Ji!" This person was the other Soul Formation Supremacy of Gui Yi Sect.

Lonemoon lifted a brow, hey, the person who turned demonic was here. But for some reason, the demonic Qi in his body was all suppressed in his dantian, as if it'd been locked in by something.

"Chef? What's going on?" Lonemoon turned and glanced at Yi Qing.

"There's an energy in his dantian that does not belong to this plane that is suppressing the demonic Qi and keeping him from completely turning demonic." Yi Qing said.

I see, judging by his imposing manner that was here to stand up for Shu Yi, seems like it's the work of that system again.

Chapter 653: Sword Cultivators Are Incompetent

Sure enough, once he appeared, Shu Yi was  instantly delighted and skipped over joyfully like a little girl, then called out as if she was acting coy, "Master!"

Everyone was shocked and turned to look inquiringly at Shu Yuan but saw that his expression was already as black as the bottom of a pot. It was evident that he was completely unaware that his daughter had acknowledged someone else as her master.

"Mm." Tian Ji's gaze became warmer as he responded. In the next moment, it turned icy as he looked around. "Who said earlier that my personal disciple cannot compare to another!"

Personal disciple! Supremacy Tian Ji had accepted Shu Yi as his personal disciple!

It was another shock for the crowd, the looks they were giving Shu Yuan already held pity. Never mind that his own daughter acknowledged someone else as her Master, it was even being a personal disciple. Wasn't this shaming him, finding that his teachings weren't good enough?

"Well, I would like to see who can surpass my disciple!" Tian Ji ignored all that, his eyes scanned every person alongside the suppression of the Soul Formation phase, finally, they landed on Zuo Shuming, "Is it you?"

Zuo Shuming only felt an immense suppression land on his body, his chest stirred as his figure stepped back unstably, he spat out a mouthful of blood.

Lonemoon's expression darkened, reaching out to support him and covertly used spiritual power to protect his heart meridians.

"Uncle-Master Tian Ji!" The Sect Master was startled too, as if he hadn't expected him to strike out at a mere Foundation Establishment disciple and quickly stopped him.

"Hmph!" Tian Ji only retracted the suppression then, turning his head, he glanced at Yu Luan and said, "You intend to accept such a disciple as your personal disciple?"

"Uncle-Master, he…" Yu Luan wanted to explain.

"Can't even handle 5% of my suppression and you had your eye on him! Yu Luan you are really becoming increasingly muddled!" Tian Ji interrupted directly, then turned to the crowd. "I came here today to inform all of you, I think Shu Yi is not bad and I have already accepted her as my personal disciple yesterday. I don't wish to meddle in the affairs of the  sect, but…" He darted a look at Zuo Shuming and went on, "The future of Gui Yi Sect cannot be so rashly placed into the hands of such a person."

Everyone was instantly embarrassed, they'd just praised Zuo Shuming earlier but was humiliated by Tian Ji in the next moment, yet his seniority was higher and was also a Soul Formation cultivator that they could not refute him. Seems like Yu Luan won't be able to take in this personal disciple today.

Yu Luan was flushed with anger as he looked towards Zuo Shuming with some guilt and regret. "You…" Zuo Shuming naturally figured that this Supremacy called Tian Ji was intentionally targeting him to stand up for Shu Yi. However, he didn't feel any disappointment or regret, he hadn't planned on acknowledging a master anyway, hence he took the initiative to speak up first. "Thank you Sect Master for your good intention, but… I am without talent, during my practice of cultivation in the past, I did not choose core cultivation, instead I chose the sword. I'm afraid I cannot be Sect Master's disciple, please forgive me!"

"You're a sword cultivator!" Yu Luan was shocked, this was something he hadn't expected.

"Yes!" Zuo Shuming replied, feeling Lonemoon's nudge, he was enlightened and added, "Both myself and Junior Brother Lonemoon here are sword cultivators."

Yu Luan took a closer look and sure enough, saw a hint of Sword Qi on the both of them, he could not help but felt slightly regretful. However, this had saved him from his difficult spot and he was instantly relieved. "The people of my Dan Lin Mountain are all core cultivators, you are indeed not suited to be taken in. How about…" He had thought of letting him choose which mountain he wanted to join and he'd do him a favor, then grant him a few technique books to end things. Yet Supremacy Tian Ji who stood at a side suddenly sneered coldly. "Hmph! Turns out you're a sword cultivator! Practicing the sword in my Gui Yi Sect, as expected, extreme stupidity!" His eyes were filled with scorn. "Never mind, with your qualifications as a triple spirit root, I reckon you can only become a rather useless sword cultivator."

Zuo Shuming's expression changed.

Beside him, Lonemoon's eyes dimmed, feeling rage surge instantly from his chest!

His entire being was about to explode—

Damn it! What the f*ck! What's wrong with us sword cultivators? Have sword cultivators offended you? You trash of a Soul Formation core cultivator, what right do you have to look down on us sword cultivators!

(╯‵□′)╯(┻━┻ "Calm down, Father Niu!" Shen Ying quickly held onto the person who was about to charge out.

"Let me go, I, this sword cultivator is going to beat him to death!" Lonemoon's entire being was upset! Where did this garbage core cultivator come from, with the exception of body cultivators, us sword cultivators have never taken a beating in any aspects, come fight me one on one if you dare!

"You can't fight now!" The invader is still here, you will expose yourself!

Lonemoon turned back and glared at her, then inhaled deeply, barely managing to suppress the anger at heart. He sent a voice transmission, "Alright, I shall not strike! Chef, you go! Get out there and blind his dog eyes!"

"Ah?" Yi Qing faltered, how?

"Go out and be a showoff! Show this bastard core cultivator, what a true sword cultivator is." He could despise Two-Bucks Zuo, but sword cultivators were an absolute no!

Yi Qing was speechless, just how deep was Father Niu's obsession with sword cultivators. He could only look towards his Master at the side, Shen Ying nodded, let's go, we cannot afford to provoke a raging Father Niu.

The two then flew out.

On the other side, Tian Ji seemed to have had enough of being cocky, thinking that Shu Yi had won in appearances,  then looked to her, saying, "Alright, that's it for today. Little  Yi, return with Master!"

Shu Yi smiled, looking again at Zuo Shuming who  was wearing a long face, instantly feeling a hearty satisfaction. Fortunately, she'd listened to the system yesterday to end her isolation earlier and saved this Supremacy who was about to turn demonic and found a Master who was a good aid. As expected, another voice that made her even happier sounded next. [Ding! Original owner's resentment level -10!]

Hence she quickly replied, "Yes, Master!"

"Hold on! Little Yi!" Shu Yuan who was dazed for a long time then snapped back to his senses, looking complicatedly at his own daughter. Although he knew his daughter was a little willful, he didn't expect that she would seek another master and was planning to talk it out with her after they returned to their quarters.

Yet Tian Ji said coldly, "Shu Yuan, Little Yi has already acknowledged me as her Master, it is only natural that she stays with me at Qi Tian Court in the future."

"But…" Shu Yuan still had more to say.

However, Tian Ji had no more patience to explain and directly walked out with the girl in tow.

"Uncle-Master Tian Ji!" Shu Yuan panicked and gave chase. He'd just stepped out of the door when an immense Sword Qi suddenly fell from the sky. Shu Yuan did not withstand it properly and fell to the ground. Even Tian Ji in the Soul Formation phase was forced to kneel on the ground in front of him, not falling only because he had both hands propping himself up."

Not to mention Shu Yi beside him, she was already spitting blood, if it wasn't for the existence of the system, her golden core would've been crushed. Gui Yi Sect's Protective Mountain Array was activated, a layer of invisible shield appeared in the air, but followed with a crashing sound, that Protective Mountain Array was smashed like a bubble that was popped.

"This is Sword Qi!" The expressions of the Elders who also came out changed, they immediately conjured spells to set up an array formation. "Hurry, hold up a defensive array formation!"

Chapter 654: Dignity of Sword Cultivators

All of them acted at the same time, at once, a layer of gold shield protected everyone inside it, they then dragged the three that had collapsed into the defense array, only then did they look more relieved from the pain.

Everyone lifted their heads and looked up at the sky in the terror. They then realized that it was full of spirit swords, densely lining the entire sky. Every one carried sword qi that made one's blood run cold and could drop down anytime. Right in the middle, a man could vaguely be seen riding on a sword.

Yu Luan paled instantly, exceptionally nervous at heart. This was a sword cultivator! And it was a sword cultivator that could subdue a Soul Formation cultivator, that means he was also in the Soul Formation stage. But he did not know why he was suddenly striking at them, hence he could only bite the bullet and shouted, "May I know which expert  has arrived at my Gui Yi Sect?"

Lonemoon also glanced at Chef in the air who had summoned a sword array, the corner of his mouth twitched instantly and he scolded through a voice transmission, "What are the two of you doing? I said to show off, not wipe out the sect!" Could they bring out some acting skills like they do when they fool him?

Chef stiffened. "Um, habit!" He was familiar with fighting, but showing off was evidently in Father Niu's line of business, it was another profession!

Hence, the spells in his hand changed, at once all the spirit swords in the sky started to gather and formed an eight huge white sword spirits. They flew in eight different  directions, then with several rumbles, landed around Gui Yi Sect, forming an enormous array formation. In moments a layer of white light flashed and covered the entire Gui Yi Sect, in the next second, it gradually lightened and disappeared with the eight huge swords.

Since he accidentally ruined a Protective Mountain  Array, he'll just compensate them.

Below, everyone who was on guard as if they were facing a formidable enemy suddenly faltered, what was going on? Earlier on, he acted like he was here to wreck the place, now, not only had he retracted the sword qi, he even set up an even more powerful Protective Mountain Array for them. Everyone was dumbfounded, but seeing that the other party seemed like he had no intention of attacking, they involuntarily sighed in relief deep down and curiously looked up into the sky.

A while later, they saw a man descending on a sword, dressed in blue, his body radiating a faint Sword Qi, the spirit qi surrounding him was already that of late stage Soul Formation. His handsome and aloof face looked like—he was here to give out money.

"Why did you transform into Boss Lan's appearance?" The corner of Lonemoon's mouth twitched. It gave him a scare, he thought that Boss Lan had come to the lower realm with Radish.

"Master told me to change my appearance, I couldn't think of any others so I changed in someone familiar." Chef sent through voice transmission, I was afraid of being recognized by the invader.

"Someone familiar, why didn't you pick Fatty but Boss Lan?"

"Fatty is too short, he doesn't look like one!" Yi Qing was bold and justified.

"…" Only a fool would believe you, you just mind that he's fat, don't you?

"Greetings Supremacy!" Yu Luan went forward, nervous and fidgety and bowed with cupped fists. "Pardon my ignorance, may I ask which sect Supremacy is from?"

"Itinerant cultivator!"

"Itinerant cultivator!" Yu Luan was even more surprised, when was there such an ace sword cultivator amongst the itinerant cultivator. "Then why did Supremacy come to our Sect?"

"No reason!" Yi Qing answered subconsciously.

"…" Yu Luan was stumped, then why did you scare people for nothing? "Chef, find a reason to stay!" Lonemoon sent through a voice transmission, this was a ready-made chance, don't dream of slacking anymore.

"Well, there is a trivial matter!" Yi Qing's tuned changed as he turned and looked towards Zuo Shuming at the side.

Zuo Shuming had yet to return to his senses from that shocking Sword Qi earlier, he gazed at Chef with shock, agitation, yearning and disbelief. Turns out that this is a sword cultivator! He had chosen correctly, turns sword cultivators can be this powerful, able to subdue cultivators of the same phase simply using Sword Qi.

"May I know what's the matter? Is there anywhere that my Gui Yi Sect can be of help?" Yu Luan said with great respect, a Soul Formation sword cultivator was equivalent to a Traveling immortal, no sect would easily offend such a cultivator, instead, they ought to do their best to be on friendly terms with him, what's more, he was in the late stage of Soul Formation!

Chef stiffened for a moment, it was so difficult to make up excuses and whatnot, he wasn't Father Niu, what to do what to do? He hated making up stories and all. He thought for a moment and still decided to use a ready-made one.

"Oh dear!" With a stiff face, he suddenly let out an exceedingly exaggerated and fake exclamation as he pointed to Zuo Shuming who was still in a daze, "Isn't this the fellow Daoist Zuo who borrowed two pieces of spirit stones from me? Long time no see! Do you have money to pay me back now?"

Yu Luan: "…"

Everyone: "…"

What the hell? Chasing all the way here for two pieces of spirit stones, you must be kidding me!

( ̄△̄;)

Lonemoon: "…" This definitely isn't the son that he taught! Was it too late to cut off all ties now?

"Ah! Is that so?" Yet Zuo Shuming really subconsciously brought out four pieces of spirit stones and handed them over. "Thank you fellow Daoist!"

"You're welcome!"

Wait! Why does this scene feel so familiar?

Zuo Shuming's hand froze, he could not help but shoot his mouth off and asked, "May I know what is Supremacy's Dao name?"

"Yi Qing!"

"…" Again!

Zuo Shuming only felt the corner of his mouth twitched, his eyes instinctively searched around before he found a familiar figure crunching on a fruit behind Yi Qing.

"Hey! Two bucks!" Shen Ying greeted with a wave.

"…" And… and it really was for real!

He could not help but turn and looked towards the person beside him, Brother Lonemoon, are such methods of asking for travel expenses once you appear a tradition of your people?

Lonemoon silently looked away, don't ask me, I don't know them.

"Eh, this fellow Daoist…" Yi Qing turned towards Lonemoon and continued making up his excuse in all seriousness. "Aren't you the one who loaned…" "I dare you to try saying that I owe you money?" Before he could finish, Lonemoon directly retorted through a voice transmission.

Yi Qing froze, subconsciously grabbing his ingredients storage bag, the words that came out next took a forceful turn. "Loaned… to, me, a lot of spirit stones, Fellow Daoist Lonemoon?" Alright, he really didn't remember how much food allowance Father Niu had given him.

"Supremacy Yi Qing, long time no see!" Lonemoon suppressed the restlessness at the bottom of his heart before smiling and continuing the conversation that the other party had messily made up. He turned towards Gui Yi Sect's Sect Master Yu Luan. "Reporting to Sect Master, before I joined Gui Yi Sect, I was lucky enough to run into Supremacy Yi Qing. He did not have spirit stones with him them so I did him a small favor, I didn't think I would have another chance to meet him again."

He then turned to Zuo Shuming. "Turns out Brother Zuo was also acquainted with Supremacy before you joined the sect?"

"Ah?!" Zuo Shuming faltered and nodded subconsciously. "Yes!" "Then we're really fated!" He smiled. "Supremacy is really a considerate good person, turns out you had ten thousand spirit stones that I lend you on your mind all this time and specially came all the way to Gui Yi Sect to return them." He specially emphasized on the words 'ten thousand' and stretched out his hand. Don't even know how to be a show off, what use do I have raising you two, pay up your living expenses!

Yi Qing: "…"

Shen Ying: "…"

Beast! Not even sparing living expenses!

Chapter 655: All Together In Gui Yi

"I see!" Yu Luan then realized that this Supremacy was here to return here a favor. He instantly heaved a sigh of relief, his eyes darted and he immediately put on an amiable smile, saying, "Supremacy, you're really too polite! It's merely ten thousand spirit stones, why don't the sect make the decision and disburse ten thousand spirit stones to this disciple. Take it as our thanks to Supremacy for resetting the Protective Mountain Array!"

Yi Qing: "…"

Shen Ying: "…"

Lonemoon: "…"

There still existed such an alternative!


Three people's  eyes  lit  up,  no  need  to  deduct  their  living expenses now, Chef instantly felt that his excuse had been made so well and replied, "It's no problem at all Sect Master, I set up the array because I found the scenery of your sect rather beautiful, it's a good place, so I just made some preparations in advance."

"Supremacy means to say…" Yu Luan faltered, slightly baffled about his intentions.

"Does your sect lack sword cultivators? My kind!"

Yu Luan: "…"

The peak masters: "…"

The Elders: "…"

Were they hearing things just now! Oh my god! A Soul Formation cultivator fell from the sky! The type that drops right at your doorstep!

Yu Luan suddenly had the urge to pinch himself to see if he was dreaming. One ought to know that Soul Formation Supremacies were people in the highest state in cultivation, the next step for them was ascension. There was no sect that didn't treasure and worship them like ancestors, besides the number of Soul Formation cultivators directly affected the strength of the sect.

Their Gui Yi Sect lost out here, with only two Soul Formation Supremacies. Although because of the fact that their sect was mostly made up of core cultivators that other sects did not dare to easily offend them, based on capabilities, they were indeed inferior to the other top-class immortal sects. On the surface, all was good, but they suffered lots of hidden losses. Moreover, the fiendish cultivators had covetous eyes on them. If there was really a battle, Gui Yi Sect might not be able to resist at all.

Even for their defense array, they had to spend spirit stones every ten years to invite sects specialized in array formations to reinforce it. This was Gui Yi Sect's greatest weakness- having too little capable cultivators, especially Soul Formation cultivators. This was also the reason why they couldn't match up to Tai Yan Sect all this time, after all, Tai Yan Sect had a dozen of Soul Formation Supremacies.

However, today, a late stage Soul Formation cultivator came right to their doorstep, he was even a sword cultivator! What does a Soul Formation sword cultivator mean? Unless a real immortal descended to earth, otherwise, he would be an existence that could dominate the entire cultivator world and no one would be able to afford to provoke him! How could he not be agitated! It was far more than agitation, he was so tempted to run three rounds around the entire sect to calm down.

"Su… Supremacy, re… really wants to stay behind in my Gui Yi Sect?"

"Can't I?" Yi Qing frowned, that's troublesome then.

"You can! You can! Of course you can!" Yu Luan immediately nodded fervently, who cares why he suddenly came to their door. This was such a strong aid, he had to be kept behind, any other problem was not a problem. "It's Gui Yi Sect's honor that Supremacy chose us. If Supremacy were to stay, my… my… my entire sect is willing to serve Supremacy as the Grand Elder and honor you as the eldest!"

"No need for that!" Yi Qing shook his head for that. "I am not from your Gui Yi Sect, I'm afraid it's not proper."

"It is, it is!" Yu Luan said even more happily, as long you stay, anything can be settled. "Supremacy's cultivation is powerful, it's only right."

"Absurd!" Before Yi Qing could respond, Supremacy Tian Ji finally came back to his senses and turned to the crowd with a glare. "How can we let such a person of dubious background join my Gui Yi Sect. Have you forgotten that he'd ruined the Protective Mountain Array earlier. Who knows what motives he has for suddenly appearing here?"

Everyone else's expression changed as they tensed. Though they knew that Uncle-Master Tian Ji's has always been extremely arrogant and he did have the capability to be arrogant, but this person before him was a sword cultivator whose cultivation was above his. Even if he had such reservations, he shouldn't have voiced it out in his face, wasn't this obviously wanting to offend him? Yu Luan panicked, sure enough, the sword cultivator's expression turned cold, just as he was about to say something to ease the situation, he was beaten to it.

"Speaking about motives… I do have one!" Yi Qing's gaze fixed on Tian Ji, at once, suppression swept towards him. Tian Ji was startled and took an involuntary step back but heard the other party state word by word, "Earlier on, who said— that sword cultivators were useless!!"

Tian Ji: "…"

Yu Luan: "…"

Everyone: "…"

A guess surfaced in everyone's heart in moments, could… he has come to Gui Yi Sect over this statement!

(⊙_⊙) But Yi Qing ignored them, with a turn of his hand, he summoned a sword spirit. The next second, an overspreading Sword Qi surged towards Tian Ji as he said slowly, "The unconvinced, come fight!"

Everyone felt their legs begin to  turn  into  jelly  instantly, almost falling to their knees  in  the  midst  of  this  terrifying Sword Qi, not to mention Tian Ji who was facing this aura. His expression darkened at once, a sense of crisis that he had never felt before rose in his heart but  he  still  responded  coldly,  "Do you think I'm afraid of you?" He was suppressed by the Sword Qi earlier only because he was caught off guard, did they really think he would lose?

"Hold on! Supremacies…" Yu Luan panicked, the battle between Soul Formation Supremacies weren't like the usual, even if they wanted to fight, it shouldn't be done here! He was about to urge them.

"You're courting death!" Tian Ji had already summoned his artifact and charged over while the other party was unprepared.

Yet before he was anywhere close, an immense aura blasted towards him, he did not even have the time to react before he was thrown outwards. And landed on the white wall at the back with a thud. He felt his blood and Qi surging, the meridians in his whole body were snapped at every inch, a mouthful of blood spurt out.

Everyone was stunned by this sudden scene, before they could even react, this battle had already ended. They did not even see how he struck and Tian Ji was already set in the wall.

The next moment, a creak sounded and a series of rumbles echoed. The entire great hall seemed to have been diagonally slashed into half as a good half collapsed, leaving the lower half and that white wall with Tian Ji in it.

It was evident that this strike was intentionally slanted, if it really landed on Tian Ji…

What terrifying combat power was this?

Σ(°△°|||) In moments, Yu Luan and his little companions were stupefied, especially Shu Yi who was the closest to Tian Ji. Her face was deathly pale without a hint of blood. Others might be too far away to sense it but she knew that in that moment earlier, that Sword Qi swept right beside her face, if it was just slightly tilted, her head would be like the big hall behind them right now.

Although she'd transmigrated too many worlds, this was the first time she brushed past death so clearly. An unprecedented fear rose in her heart, she used all her energy before she barely managed to control herself from screaming out.

[Ding! Original owner's resentment level +10!]

[Ding! Original owner's resentment level +10!]

Chapter 656: Sword Cultivators Are The Strongest

Shu Yi turned even paler, but deep down she was madly calling out to the system.

"001! What exactly is going on? Why did a Soul Formation cultivator suddenly appear out of nowhere? He never existed in the memory you gave me! Why is Zuo Shuming suddenly acquainted with such a person? Do you know that I almost died earlier? Make it clear ahhh!"

[001 isn't sure too. It might be because the appearance of host upset the original series of events so  it  resulted  in  another effect.]

"You're saying that my appearance resulted in a butterfly effect?"

[You can say that, previously host stopped him from joining Dan Xia Mountain but he ended up in the outer sect, didn't this accidentally allow him to be acquainted with Lonemoon. Isn't this person also non-existent in the original owner's memories?] "How is that the same!" Shu Yi cried out,  increasingly agitated. "This is a Soul Formation sword cultivator, Soul Formation! That Lonemoon is merely a blockhead in the Foundation Establishment phase, they cannot be compared at all."

Yi Qing: "…"

Shen Ying: "…"

Blockhead Lonemoon: "…"

Both master and disciple took a step back and looked up at the sky.

"We didn't hear anything!"

"The signal was bad just now, we didn't hear the broadcast." The corner of Lonemoon's mouth twitched, he turned to glare at the two. "Do your work quickly! One more word and you can bid goodbye to your meals for the next month!"

Alright, Father Niu! No problem, Father Niu!

"Can I stay now?" Yu Luan quickly looked towards Yu Luan who was shocked silly.

Yu Luan shivered, after looking from Yi Qing to Supremacy Tian Ji who was set in the wall several times, he then responded. He knew sword cultivators were strong, but didn't expect one to be this powerful. Both were Soul Formation but against each other, one instantly dominated!

"S… sure! Of… of course you can!" He nodded multiple times, then immediately shot a look to the peak masters and Nascent Soul elders behind him who were still dumbfounded, stop staring, hurry and keep him!

Everyone faltered and snapped to their senses, understanding him instantly! Then hurriedly bowed in Chef's directly. "Greetings Uncle-Master!" No matter what, the priority was to keep him. Though this person seemed like he had some misunderstandings with Uncle-Master Tian Ji, they did  not have a differing opinion of him just because of that. That he was too strong was the main reason, secondly, it was also because Tian Ji's relations with people was only so-so and those words he said in the hall earlier had made everyone comfortable. Besides, it was indeed because Supremacy Tian Ji shot off his mouth and insulted sword cultivators first, and he just happened to be caught! And for that "battle" earlier, Tian Ji had obviously acted first.

Especially Yu Luan, he felt more satisfied the more he looked at his Supremacy who sent himself to their door. To be honest, he initially had some worries about keeping, also thinking that he probably had some other motives, so he had the intention of taking a gamble in doing so. Now… the other party was so terrifyingly strong, if he really had any motives, he could have just wiped out the whole Gui Yi Sect, why the need to go a long way, motives my ass!

Yi Qing nodded and said, "Then we shall stay in Gui Yi Sect from now on!"

"Welcome Uncle-Master to our sect!" Wait a moment!


Yu Luan caught the meaning in his words and faltered, only realizing that there was a little lady behind him after looking everywhere. She looked young, compared to Yi Qing who was evidently strong, there wasn't even a hint of Spirit Qi on her, seeming like she hadn't started cultivating. He subconsciously thought that she might be his friend or a disciple he had just taken in, hence he asked politely, "This fellow Daoist is?"

Yi Qing stepped aside and answered in all seriousness, "This is my master!" Then added again after some thought. "Your Great Uncle-Master!"

Yu Luan: "…"

Everyone: "…"

(⊙_⊙) Why did they suddenly feel like they'd been taken advantage of?

Yet they were the ones who suggested calling him Uncle- Master. Yu Luan stared at the lady for a while, he worked hard for a long time but the three words "Great Uncle-Master" just wouldn't leave his mouth.

At last, he could only change the topic, looking towards Tian Ji who was still in the wall. "Uncle-Master  Yi  Qing,  about that…"

"Mm." Yi Qing nodded, he was about to let it go but upon hearing a certain person's voice transmission, he could only reply with, "Core cultivators are nothing more than this!"

Core cultivator Yu Luan: "…"

The crowd of core cultivators: "…"

It felt they were shot in the knee with an arrow that came out of nowhere. Yu Luan directed the Elders to get the person in the wall out, while he cleaned his hands and looked towards Yi Qing. "Uncle-Master, my sect has a total of  six  mountains, which one would you like to stay on? So that I can send some disciples to prep the place?"

In theory, the two Soul Formation Supremacies of their sect stayed on Dan Xian Peak, but it was evident that this new Uncle- Master was at loggerheads with Tian Ji, he must be unwilling to be in the same place so he was giving him the choice.

"No need!" Yi Qing rejected his kind intentions.

"Huh?" Yu Luan was confused.

However he saw him suddenly turn and walked to the left, stopping by the edge of the floating peak, with a wave of his hand, a white light instantly descended down. In a short while, he heard a loud rumble, like the earth was splitting, even the ground he stood on shook.

A huge peak suddenly rose gradually from below and went higher and higher, even past the main peak. At last it stopped above the tallest Dan Xia Mountain.

Yu Luan: "…"

He'd actually shifted another mountain over!


The core cultivators leaders of Gui Yi Sect suddenly felt that they had a great misunderstanding about sword cultivators in the past!

"I will stay here from now on!" Yi Qing glanced at the freshly formed floating peak. "As for disciples… just them two!" He pointed at Lonemoon and Zuo Shuming.

Then he left with his master on a sword, flying towards his peak. Finally an end, showing off and what not was much more tiring than cooking, they'd even almost delayed Master's mealtime!


The news that Gui Yi Sect had gained another Soul Formation sword cultivator spread through the entire sect. Though very few had seen him, but the fact that the great hall on the main peak collapsed and a new floating peak grew still shocked many disciples.

Although the threshold for sword cultivators were low, unlike other specializations, with almost no restrictions to spirit roots, its combat capabilities was the strongest amongst cultivators. Yet it was also the most difficult and bitter forms of cultivation. Completely dependent on one's own understanding of the sword dao and a great part of such understanding came from actual combat. In other words, sword cultivators were beaten throughout their growth. That is why people rarely choose sword cultivation, even if they do, only a handful persevere till Core Formation and above. This was the reason why sword cultivators were scarce, especially in such a sect of core cultivators, it was almost impossible for sword cultivators to make a mark. However, a Soul Formation sword cultivator came to their sect, a living one! Those that could breathe.

All the disciples were excited, especially the outer sect disciples and other disciples who weren't core cultivators.

Chapter 657: The Tallest Floating Peak

There were only two Soul Formation Supremacies in the entire Gui Yi Sect, between them, Supremacy Tian Ji  never takes in disciples whereas Supremacy Tian Yi's wing is already full of disciples. This sword cultivator supremacy was new, and it seems like he does not have any disciples and only selected two disciples to tidy the place. Then he would be selecting disciples sooner or later, if they could be chosen, just a pointer would be enough for them.

For a while, the entire sect was immersed in the anticipation of that Supremacy recruiting disciples, even the news of Shu Yi becoming Supremacy Tian Ji's personal disciple did not gain much attention.

This anticipation lasted three whole months but that floating peak that had yet to be named did not stir at all. Don't mention selecting disciples, not even a figure left that mountain. There were only rumors that a delectable fragrance could be smelled occasionally from the Dan Xia Mountain beneath, not sure why the reason?

At the mention of Dan Xia Mountain, its peak master Tian Yi was slightly irritated. He knew that there was another Soul Formation Supremacy that came to their doorstep and also learned about what happened at the main peak that day. After all something as big as the Protective Mountain Array being broken in a second, it was impossible that he wouldn't. However, at that time, he was in a hurry to refine pills and seeing that Yu Luan did not activate the communication talisman, he did not rush over.

Later on, when he learned that it was trouble that Tian Ji's careless mouth caused, the more he didn't want to interfere. Though both of them were the only two Soul Formation cultivators of the sect, their relationship wasn't the best. Mainly because Tian Ji was too arrogant and lofty, and always did things his own way because his cultivation was higher, never taking others' thoughts into consideration. When he said he wouldn't take in disciples, he really did not for several thousands of years, when he said he did not want to be a pill refining tool for the sect, he really never made a single pill for the sect all these years.

But Gui Yi Sect needed to operate, there were two of them high level cultivators in the sect, when he refused, the responsibility naturally fell to him. So if he must say he didn't have any grudges at all, it was impossible. Hence, when someone helped to teach this conceited Junior Brother of his a lesson this time, he was rather glad to see it happen and even specially made time to go visit the injured Tian Ji.

There was more or less some joy at the bottom of his heart but extreme joy begets sorrow. Because he realized there was suddenly another floating peak above Dan Xia Mountain, that sword cultivator had brought it here and it floated right above them. At the beginning, he didn't mind, later on, he  then realized that he had chosen to stay on Dan Xia Mountain back then because he had taken a fancy to its location.

This Dan Xia Mountain was the tallest, sunlight was abundant and Spirit Qi was rich, most suitable for planting spirit herbs, especially high level spirit herbs. But ever since there was another floating peak above them, though the Spirit Qi wasn't affected, more than half the sunlight was blocked, for days on end, all those precious spirit herbs of his were all droopy, the sight of it made him pained and anxious.

Anger instantly stirred within, no longer able to hold back, he turned and flew towards the floating peak above. So what if he was a sword cultivator, does a high level cultivation mean one can be unreasonable? He arrived above the floating peak filled with rage, then was stunned once he landed. His eyes widened abruptly at the scene before him and he subconsciously rubbed his eyes, could anyone come tell him if he had gone blind?

What did he see, everywhere in sight, all over the entire floating peak, was densely grown spirit herbs! And they were high level spirit herbs, a rich Spirit Qi mixed with the fragrance of herbs wafted to him. There was even a number of high-level variant herbs that even he couldn't totally differentiate. Everything before his eyes was the ultimate ideal of core cultivators.

What Dan Xia Mountain, what abundant sunlight, what reason, he wished he could throw all of that off this mountain right now. With such a field of spirit herbs, anything else had to give way.

Tian Yi swallowed with difficulty and gave himself several hard pinches before he confirmed that this wasn't a dream. There were really high level spirit herbs grown everywhere here, every stem was something that a core cultivator dreamed of. Also, he wasn't sure if it was an illusion, though there were many varieties, these spirit herbs were totally disorderly, a stem of level six one on the left, a level seven one on the left, they grew very randomly. Instead of being specially planted, they looked like they'd casually sprouted on their own.

However, he immediately rejected his own guess in the next second, the habits of every spirit herb was different, if they weren't carefully planted, how could so many high level spirit herbs appear all of a sudden.

Could it be that they new Soul Formation cultivator, though was a sword cultivator but also had knowledge of spirit herbs or pill refinement? He felt a burning in his heart at once, feeling even more pressed to meet that fellow Daoist named Yi Qing, no! Junior Brother Yi Qing! After his detailed reasoning, he completely forgot that he was here to stir trouble.

Looking left and right, he was about to go seek out the person but realized that the spirit herbs were grown way too densely, there was no space for him to retreat at all. If he directly mounted his sword, he was afraid he would damage the spirit herbs beside him and stir up the resentment of the sword cultivator he had never met and was stuck in a dilemma. Searching around, he was intending to see if there were anybody else around that could give him a hand, but this was the foot of the mountain, it was empty all around. Besides, he had heard that ever since appearing a few months ago, there were only two other disciples on it besides that Soul Formation sword cultivator.

He panicked, while considering if he should send a voice transmission to his disciples at Dan Xia Mountain below, he suddenly heard a crunch, as if someone was nibbling on something. He paused for a moment and searched for the source of the sound.

He then realized that unsure when, on a rock not too far away, sat a lady, she was holding a red spirit fruit in a hand and taking bites out of it. There was even a water bottle beside her, she stared at him with a slightly bored look, like she had been doing so for a long time.

Tian Yi was delighted, not even having the time to figure out when she appeared, he hurriedly gestured to her. "Lady, that young lady…"

"Me?" Shen Ying faltered and cocked her head to a side.

"Yes yes yes, it's you!" Tian Yi nodded continuously. "Could you come over and pull me out." If she could ride over on a sword and pull him out, they wouldn't damage the spirit herbs around him.

"You're stuck?" Shen Ying asked.

Tian Yi hesitated for a moment but still nodded. "Yes, I'd have to trouble… you young lady."


How troublesome!

Shen Ying exhaled deeply, but still continued crunching on the fruit in her hand, until she finished the fruit and dumped the core. She then shifted her feet and slowly dragged herself up from the rock.

Tian Yi let out a sigh of relief, thinking that it was just because she did not know his identity and did not lay it bare either, only saying softly, "Miss you just need…" Yet before he could finish, he saw a scene that broke his heart in the next moment.
 That lady bounced off the rock with a leap and left two big holes in the field of spirit herbs, then trudged over patches and patches of spirit herbs. Trampling across a vast area of high level spirit herbs were trampled, then stopped in a spot two steps away from him and graciously reached out a hand still covered with fruit juice to him.

Tian Yi: "…"


He instantly felt a mouthful of blood shoot out, a sky dotted with stars filled his vision.

Chapter 658: Floating Peak Full of Spirit Herbs

Top of the peak.

"Hmm?" Yi Qing glanced at the empty table, putting down the vegetable in his hand, he turned towards Lonemoon at the side and asked, "Where's Master?"

"Just said she was going to water the plants." He replied while controlling the flying sword to bash up Two-Bucks Zuo. "All those newly sprouted spirit herbs on cannot go to waste." With that said, he subconsciously lifted his head to look at the sky and silently cursed a word of bootlicker.

"How long has Master been gone?" Yi Qing frowned!

"About… an hour?" Lonemoon briefly calculated, the corner of his mouth twitched at once and he said, "Knowing her, she has probably lost her way again! It's time for you to go down and pick her up." Yi Qing expression darkened, his figure darting out and tracing Shen Ying's aura, in moments, he found her at the foot of the mountain. She had a watering can on one hand, her other dragging a ball of something, tugging with each step as she climbed up, every step she took crush a big row of spirit herbs.

At a closer look, he then realized that that was actually a person. Why did one person come down but two returned?

"Master!" Yi Qing immediately went forward.

"Chef." Shen Ying lifted her head for a glance then threw the person she was dragging. "Here!" It was oddly exhausting dragging him.

"This is…" He instinctively took the person, then realized that it was someone familiar, wasn't this the peak master of the Dan Xia Mountain below, Tian Yi?

"I don't know!" Shen Ying handed the watering can over too. "He said he was stuck and asked me to help, he fainted once I went over, I guess the elderly have weak constitutions!" "Um…" This is a Soul Formation cultivator.

Chef did not question further and directly lifted up Tian Yi whose hair was messy and clothes in a shabby state from being dragged around. He summoned his flying sword while reminding, "Master, lunch is ready, it's time to eat."

"Lunch!" Shen Ying's eyes lit up, instantly enlivened, she climbed onto the sword. "Quick, go go go!"

The two flew up to the peak, once they landed, Yi Qing conveniently dumped the person in his hands and he happened to land beside Zuo Shuming who was crippled on the ground in a daze, questioning life from all the beatings he had received from Lonemoon.

"What's this?" Lonemoon who took the chance to start eating earlier turned back holding his rice bowl and instantly recognized the person on the ground. "Tian Yi? What happened to him?"

"I'm not sure either." Yi Qing explained, "Seems like it was an agitation that caused a backflow of his Spirit Qi, resulting in him passing out! Nothing serious, he'll wake up once he slowly calms down."

"Agitation can lead to passing out too?" Lonemoon shook his head, indeed core cultivators were just weak. Struck by a sudden thought, he turned towards Shen Ying, "What have you done again?"

"Huh?" Meow meow meow?

"Forget it…" Lonemoon could not be bothered to ask, snatching dishes was more important, he finally got the upper hand today. "F*ck! Chef, why are there more dishes in the kitchen, you manipulative b*tch!"


Tian Yi was merely too pent up at the moment and had some chest pains, he woke soon after. Once he opened his eyes, he saw a disciple lying beside him. Four limbs sprawled out, panting hard, huge droplets of perspiration fell like it was raining. He stared blankly into the air, as if his body was emptied. Several spirit swords still faintly radiating Sword Qi were stuck around him.

Tian Yi was startled and subconsciously sat up. The pupils of the person beside moved, seeming to have darted a look at him but no reaction followed, he continued to pant hard. Before he could figure out what was going on a male voice sounded from behind him, "Hey, finally awake!"

Tian Yi jumped and instinctively searched for the source, only realizing then that there were three people seated behind him. The one on the left was a Foundation Establishment cultivator dressed in the robes of Gui Yi's disciple uniform, together with the one on the ground beside him, they were probably the two disciples brought to this floating peak. The one in the middle, was the girl he saw earlier who trampled on the fields of high- level spirit herbs earlier. He instantly felt a stabbing pain in his heart and immediately turned to look at the man on the right.

Dressed in blue, pouring tea, he radiated Sword Qi and a faint Soul Formation aura. He instantly understood that this was the Soul Formation sword cultivator who came to them. The agitation in his heart pulled him to his feet as he said, "May I ask if fellow Daoist is Supremacy Yi Qing?" Yi Qing handed the cup of tea to Shen Ying, then turned back and responded with a "mm".

Tian Yi was even more agitated and went on nervously, "Then may I ask if all those spirit herbs at the foot of the mountain… were… were planted by Supremacy?"

Yi Qing's expression darkened as if he was reminded of something. A while later, he replied with two words. "Sort of!" Accurately speaking, that meddlesome Heavenly Dao had grown them itself.

But the other party's widened, as if he could not suppress his joy. He took a step forward, "Fellow Daoist Yi Qing… no! I should call you Junior Brother Yi Qing now, those spirit…"

"Who's your Junior Brother?!" His expression turned cold as he stood up. Little b*tch don't act chummy, my Master only has one disciple, me.

"Huh?" Tian Yi was stunned, why did he suddenly blow up. But he had to bite the bullet and continue. "Then… Fellow Daoist! Could you sell those spirit herbs at the foot of the mountain? I can pay…"

"Not for sale!" Yi Qing rejected instantly, who would sell it to the little b*tch!

"Um…" Tian Yi's face fell at once, he had the great urge to burst into tears. As a core cultivator, he would be lying if he said he wasn't moved upon seeing so many spirit herbs. Besides, many of them were varieties that he had always wanted but never had the opportunity to get his hands on. Initially, he wanted to ask if he would sell him some on the account that they were in the same sect, but he did not expect this new Supremacy to have such an odd temper and directly rejected him.

Yet there were no other ways, they belonged to him after all. It would be fine if he was a Nascent Soul cultivator, at the most he'd just have to pay a bigger price, but he was also a Soul Formation, which Soul Formation Supremacy wasn't worshiped by their sect, unless he was willing, no one could get anything from him.

Tian Yi was miserable all over, growing increasingly anxious as he thought on. "Supremacy Yi Qing, to be honest, some of those spirit herbs are ones that I have been searching for years but never had the chance to see. On the account that we're in the same sect, please just sell me ten, no, five stems! Three would do too! Just give me a price, regardless of how many spirit stones I am willing to pay."

"Not selling!" Yi Qing remained stubborn and looked even more furious.

Instead, Lonemoon's eyes lit up as he watched from the side, spirit stones!

"Ch… Supremacy Yi Qing, on the account  that  Supremacy Tian Yi is so sincere, just sell him a few stems?" He stood up, though wearing an amiable and mediating expression, he sent a voice transmission in the next second, "Chef, sell it to him!"

"Not selling!" Yi Qing still replied with the two words.

"Damn you." You think it's easy raising a family, what temper are you throwing before such a valuable deal. "Don't make trouble, quickly sell them."

"Not, selling!"

"Your wings are all grown now is it?" Lonemoon pulled a long face, you think I can't make you submit, he turned and glared at the person beside. "Shen Ying, tell him."


"I've approved the funds for supper!"

Shen Ying was still and turned around in all seriousness. "Chef, sell!"

"Yes Master, no problem Master!"

Lonemoon: "…" Son of a b*tch! "I'll sell!"

Chapter 659: Business at the Doorstep

"Supremacy Yi Qing, I really need these few stems of spirit herbs, could you… ah? Ah!" Tian Yi who was begging like he was making his last desperate struggles widened his eyes abruptly, a look of disbelief. "You… you've agreed?!"

"Settle the details with Fa… with him!" He pointed to Lonemoon, then picked up the already empty pastry plate on the table and turned to return to the kitchen to wash dishes.

"Sure sure sure!" Tian Yi looked like he had won a big prize and nodded continuously, his mind filled with joy that he was able to receive rare high level spirit herbs, even his gaze when he looked at Lonemoon was shining.

"Supremacy Tian Yi, why don't we head directly to the fields at the foot of the mountain, we can talk as we go?" He took two steps forward and pointed forward.

"That would be great!" Tian Yi naturally wanted to return to the foot of the mountain more than anyone else, he even became more courteous to Lonemoon. "Thank you, Brother!" He did not forget that it was thanks to his interceding that the sword cultivator named Yi Qing agreed to the sale. This showed that he was rather important to that person, though he was only a Foundation Establishment cultivator, it was still important to be on good terms.

"You're too polite Supremacy!" Lonemoon returned the bow immediately, then stepped to the side to show the way. "Supremacy, this way, please!"

Hence the two headed down the mountain. In moments, the entire place only had Shen Ying who was sprawled out on the table like mud eating her fruit and half dead Two-Bucks Zuo who had yet to catch his breath.

Zuo Shuming silently peeped in the direction where Lonemoon disappeared in, his mind that was blank for a long time finally came back to its senses. Did Brother Lonemoon have something to attend to that brought him out?

That's wonderful!

He could  finally  rest  for  a  while,  finally  no  more  endless beatings for the entire day, he instantly had the urge to cry, it was great to be alive! His body relaxed at once as he exhaled deeply, but before he finished, a figure appeared before him and an even larger sword appeared.

Supremacy Yi Qing suddenly appeared by his side, glanced at him, then pulled out the spirit sword beside him. "Fa… Lonemoon instructed that I will practice with you this afternoon! Get up, strike!"

Zuo Shuming: "…" Are all of you devils?

Once his words fell, an astonishing aura blasted and threw him into the air. In moments, his entire body was like a fallen leaf blown by the wind, rolling and rolling and rolling on the ground…


"Little Brother, may I know what the Supremacy likes?" Taking the chance of going down the mountain, Tian Yi could not help but ask for information about Yi Qing from Lonemoon. Who knows, if he manages to build a good relationship, he might be able to continue buying spirit herbs here in the future.

Lonemoon's eyes circled as he thought for awhile before replying, "Replying to Supremacy, actually… for  someone whose cultivation is already at such a level like my Supremacy and is even a sword cultivator, rarely anything in the world can make him interested now."

"Oh." Tian Yi frowned, that makes things a little troublesome then.

"But… he does have an interest!" Lonemoon's tuned changed, seeing the delight on the other party's face, he then said, "My Supremacy is more special, he doesn't like anything else, only have a sole fondness for spirit stones."

"…" What a unique interest! Who doesn't like spirit stones!

But it was good that he liked spirit stones too, as a level nine alchemist, the one thing he wasn't lacking in was spirit stones. This probably also meant that, as long as he could afford the price, he could continue to purchase spirit herbs.

He instantly felt assured, even his gaze as he looked towards Lonemoon became friendlier, at the thought of something, he directly pulled out a level three top grade artifact and handed it over. "Many thanks for your direction, this spirit sword here is just right for you, please accept it."

Lonemoon took a glance at that level three artifact but did not take it, instead, he asked directly, "Can this be exchanged into spirit stones?"

Tian Yi: "…" Was everyone taught by the sword cultivator all like this? His mouth twitched and he could only bring out a small bag of spirit stones.

"Thank you Supremacy!" Lonemoon took it very straightforwardly, then seeming to be reminded of something a moment later, he lowered his voice and said mysteriously, "Supremacy, to be honest, my Supremacy actually does not know any pill refining techniques, these fields of spirit herbs are also a waste just left like this. You were just unlucky and happened to meet my Supremacy when he was in a bad mood, that was why he kept refusing to sell it to you. If you are sincere in buying, when he's in a better mood a few days later, I can put in a word for you. In time, if you need spirit herbs from this mountain, as long as you have spirit stones, anything can be negotiated.

Tian Yi was instantly overjoyed and grabbed his hand. "Are your words for real!"

"Of course it is!"

"That's great!" He was so agitated that his entire being was shaking, he'd initially thought that getting three stems  was good enough, he didn't expect to have the chance to buy more. His gaze shone brightly when he looked at Lonemoon, looking as if he wanted to become sworn brothers with him immediately. "If you really succeed, for anything that you need help with in the future, I will not hesitate to lend a hand!"

"No worries no worries." Lonemoon's smile became even friendlier, his eyes were almost turning into a slit. "Come, let us first talk about the price." "I'd have to trouble you for everything then."

Two hours later.

Tian Yi carefully held three stems of high-level spirit herbs, an empty storage bag hanging from his pouch as he returned to Dan Xia Mountain with a grin so wide as if he had won the top prize. Once he stepped in, he ordered his personal disciple, "Quick, prepare the alchemy room, I want to begin refining neonate formation pills immediately!"

"Neonate formation pill!" That disciple was shocked too. "Master, you found the Splendor Lingzhi!"

"Not only the Splendor Lingzhi!" Tian Yi grinned so widely. "Get moving, this Lingzhi has just been dug out, don't delay the hour!"

"Yes!" The disciple nodded hurriedly and was about to go prepare. Tian Yi was then reminded of another matter. "Hold on, also go notify Tian Yan Sect to come collect the three Neonate formation pills they asked me three years ago in two weeks time with spirit stones?" One pot could make at least ten pills, he could still afford to give three away.

The disciple nodded.

"Also!" Tian Yi thought for a moment then instructed solemnly, "The deposit that Tian Yan Sect gave the previous time, take it all and send it to the floating peak above, hand to it a young friend named Lonemoon. Bear in mind that the amount cannot be wrong, got it?"

"Yes, Master." The disciple then walked out.

He had come to an agreement with Lonemoon, he would help him to mediate with that Supremacy Yi Qing to get him to sell his spirit herbs. He was so kind to help him, as a Soul Formation cultivator, he naturally couldn't take his favor for nothing. He was initially still thinking for ways to repay him but Lonemoon unexpectedly suggested for him to give him 3% of his earnings made from selling the pills refined using the spirit herbs. At this point, Tian Yi could not help but sigh, a mere Foundation Establishment disciple, did not ask for technique books or artifacts, only asked for a bit of spirit stones. It must be because he did not want to put him in a difficult spot. Such a great person, his judgment was right indeed.

Supremacy Tian Yi who sees spirit stones as muck and only had his heart on refining pills expresses that, even if the other party's cultivation level is low, he is set on being friends with him. Whoever bullies him in the future would be going against Tian Yi himself!


On top of the tallest floating peak.

Ah choo!

Lonemoon who easily made another big sum rubbed his nose, vaguely feeling a chill on his back, hmm, who was talking about him? "Father Niu, funds for supper!" Shen Ying boldly stretched out her neet 1 claw!

"I got it! When have I not given you your share!" Lonemoon then pulled out a bag of spirit stones and handed it over. Looking around, he asked, "Where's Chef?"

"Went grocery shopping." Shen Ying stuffed the spirit stones into her bag.

"Oh." Lonemoon nodded, he was about to enter the room when he suddenly that something was missing. Giving the courtyard another glance, it then came to his mind. "How about Two-Bucks Zuo?"

"Hanging there!" Shen Ying pointed.


Lonemoon subconsciously looked over, following the direction of her finger and saw that on the huge tree opposite, a piece of human shape cured meat hung from the branches high above, swaying lightly in the wind. Only the whites of his eyes could be seen as he completely passed out. And from the roots of the tree, lots and lots of spirit swords were stuck into it, the one right at the top was snug beside Two-Bucks Zuo's buttocks, as if it was an inch askew, he wouldn't be hanging on the tree but nailed to it.

Lonemoon: "…"

What happened to the training with him? How was this accompanied training, this was obviously a one-sided beating up?


Ch 659 Footnote 1
An acronym for you young adults who are 'not currently engaged in employment, education or training'.

Chapter 660: Yuan Yang's Fiendish Cultivator

Ever since Chef joined Gui Yi Sect, the three of them lived on top of the tallest floating peak. Their task everyday was to beat up… teach and train Two-Bucks Zuo's sword techniques. Initially, Lonemoon had wanted to set up a sword array like he had in the past and leave him to figure it out himself. But Two- Bucks Zuo's foundation was really too weak, on top of that, he only started his sword cultivation after he went into the Foundation Establishment phase and subsequently happened to have an epiphany into late stage Foundation Establishment. If he was thrown into a sword array just like that, he would probably die at the first level, so Lonemoon had no choice but to teach him personally.

Though Two Bucks Zuo's qualifications were poor, he excelled in the sense that he was diligent. Even if he was half dead from the beatings everyday, the next day, he would still come forth miserably with a sword. A few years passed, although his sword techniques still weren't "very touching", at least his resistance to beatings improved quite a bit, he was beginning to have sword cultivators' constitution of tenacity. Lonemoon despite the disdain he showed, still felt a little gratified.

And in recent years, though Two Bucks Zuo's cultivation did not grow much, yet the spirit qi in his body became much firmer, he only lacked an opportunity for his core formation.

Gui Yi Sect's sect master Yu Luan also seemed to have figured out that Yi Qing did not like to be disturbed. Except for his occasional visits at the start, asking Yi Qing if he needed to recruit more disciples, he never mentioned it again after being rejected. Of course, it could also be because they really could not find any other sword cultivating disciples in the sect. Only Tian Yi from Dan Xia Mountain stuck to coming up to visit Lonemoon.

The two became more agreeable the more they chatted, especially Tian Yi, each time, he would look like he wished he could become sworn brothers with Lonemoon immediately as he kept addressing him as Brother Lonemoon. Though he would be cheated of a sum of spirit stones every time, he still took delight in it.

On the contrary, it had gone all quiet on Shu Yi's side, it was said that she went into seclusion after being accepted by Tian Ji. And for Tian Ji, perhaps because he was greatly embarrassed then, he'd also surprising became very low profile. The two never left Dan Xia Mountain again, even the system's little broadcast station rarely broadcast anything. Just as they thought that a life of eating, sleeping, beating up Two Bucks Zuo, occasionally cheating Tian Yi and eating more was coming, Yu Luan suddenly came to them with a grave expression.

"Fiendish Cultivator Zhong Yi?" Yi Qing frowned.

"That's right!" Yu Luan nodded slightly anxiously. "Five hundred years ago, his Icy Deep Fire once wiped out the entire Sovereign Universe Sect, none of their three thousand disciples escaped. Now that he has appeared once again, I'm afraid he would be wreaking havoc again."

"Sect Master, how can we be sure that it was this person who appeared in Yuan Yang City?" Lonemoon could not help but ask.

"Of course we're sure." Yu Luan glanced at him and sighed. "The Deviant Fire that appeared in the forest outside of Yuan Yang City was exactly the same as the one seen back when Sovereign Universe Sect was wiped out. And three days ago, the peak master of Dan Zhen Mountain, Perfected Yu Zi happened to pass by the area, so he sent a message that he was heading over to do some investigation, but… he never returned." His frown grew deeper, looking very worried. "How about his life token?"

"His life token did not break." Yu Luan answered, "But his soul lamp is extremely dim, he's probably…" He did not continue on, but it was evident that the other party had gotten into big trouble and probably wouldn't last.

"So you hope Ch… Supremacy Yi Qing can go take a look?" Lonemoon clarified.

Yu Luan nodded and said with some urgency and worry, "Uncle-Master Yi Qing, that Fiendish Cultivator's whereabouts is unpredictable, five hundred years ago, a joint effort of all the sects led to nothing in the search for him. Back then, he'd just become a Nascent Soul, today, we have no idea about the level of his cultivation. Right now in our sect, Uncle-Master Tian Ji is in seclusion, Uncle-Master Tian Yi is in the critical period of pill refinement and cannot call a halt. I could only be so bold as to request for you to go forth."

He stood up and bowed respectfully, then added, "That Zhong Yi must have some motives in suddenly appearing in the boundaries of my Gui Yi Sect. Right now, Perfected Yu Zi's whereabouts is unknown, I also have no choice but…" Chef turned back and glanced at Lonemoon before replying, "It's not difficult for me to make a trip, but how am I to find that Perfected Yu Zi?" He did not know the person!

Yu Luan was delighted. "This is Junior Brother Yu Zi's life token, a drop of his blood and essence is on it, when you arrive at Yuan Yang City, within a hundred miles' radius, you would be able to sense his location." He said while bringing out a jade token. "With this life token Uncle-Master Yi Qing will definitely be able…"

Before he could finish, a crack suddenly sounded, the life token in his hands was in two pieces, a shred of death Qi floated out of it. Yu Luan instantly became deathly pale, swaying before falling back into his seat. He sighed with a sorrowful look. "Seems like… we were still too late."

The life token was broken, proof that the other party had died.

Lonemoon and Yi Qing also fell into silence, they didn't expect things to become like this! "I will go take a look at that Yuan Yang City!" Yi Qing replied. The person they were searching for had died, but the matters regarding the Fiendish Cultivator remained unsettled. They were a part of Gui Yi Sect after all, it was only right that they go take a look.

"Thank you Uncle-Master." Yu Luan nodded with a bitter smile, he continued to speak after being struck with a sudden thought. "But there's no hurry, wait for me to select some disciples to go forth together with Uncle-Master."

Yi Qing frowned. "Me alone is enough, no need for anyone else." If there was really a fiendish cultivator, they would be a burden too.

"Uncle-Master you've misunderstood." Yu Luan hurriedly explained. "Many of the people of Yuan Yang City were injured by that Deviant Fire and have become infected with heretic aura. Yuan Yang City is an immortal city under the charge of Gui Yi Sect, we cannot sit by and watch, so I intend on sending a batch of disciples over to help them in eradicating the heretic aura. The journey would be dangerous so I would like to ask Uncle-Master to escort them too." So that was it.

Yi Qing nodded. "Sure."

"Thank you Uncle-Master!" Yu Luan cupped his fists again, seeming like he hadn't him to be so easygoing. "I shall inform each mountain to select people, all of you will set off tomorrow morning."

With that said, he did not stay longer and flew away, grim- faced.


Yu Luan worked very quickly, perhaps it's because this matter was indeed of great urgency. Once the day broke the next morning, a disciple came forth to inform that they were leaving. Thinking that this was a good training opportunity, Lonemoon brought Two-Bucks Zuo along too.

Once they came close to the gathering point at the main peak, they saw a big group of disciples gathered outside the hall from far, approximately 40 to 50 of them. Most were Golden Core and Foundation Establishment disciples, and one Nascent Soul cultivator leading them. He looked slightly familiar and it turned out to be the peak master of Dan Chen Mountain, Shu Yuan. Lonemoon turned for a look, sure enough, Shu Yi was there too.

"Greetings Uncle-Master Yi Qing!" Shu Yuan respectfully bowed with cupped fists.

The other disciples also greeted him. "Greetings Great Uncle- Master!"

Yuan Yang City nodded, without boarded the spirit boat with everyone else without any dawdling, heading towards Yuan Yang City.

Yuan Yang City wasn't far from Gui Yi Sect, but with so many people traveling by the spirit boat, it would still take around two hours. Lonemoon subconsciously peeked at that invader, as expected, her gaze would still shift to Zuo Shuming from time to time, her expression extremely complicated, seeming to be disdain, but also coupled with some resentment. No one knew what she was thinking, she didn't turn on her broadcast so they couldn't guess what motives she had too.

"Is this fellow Daoist… Lonemoon?" A disciple suddenly walked over and bowed very politely to Lonemoon. He was dressed in the blue disciple's uniform, a special pattern embroidered on his sleeves, seems like he was a recognized disciple.

"I am!" Lonemoon nodded. "Senior Brother is…"

The other party was delighted and immediately introduced, "I am a disciple of Dan Xia Mountain, Chen Lin! I am here on my Master's orders to hand some items to fellow Daoist Lonemoon."

Lonemoon faltered, Dan Xia Mountain? Tian Yi?
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