My Master Disconnected Yet Again Chapter 551-560

Chapter 551: Pear Girl

"How… How did you?" She was dumbfounded, completely dazed like she had yet to come back to her senses. It was a seal set up by the joint effort of a dozen managers. Not to mention how she had absolutely no way of breaking out after such a long time, she also could not sense where the thing that was locking her up was.

Why was it so easy for her to…

"A cheat and such, you just have to get used to it." The experienced Father Niu, suddenly said.

Huh? What cheat? Fang Fang was confused.

But Shen Ying had already turned and was walking to the side. "There's two more!" With that she squatted down again, then grabbed onto something and pulled upwards like she was pulling out weeds. The void hurriedly retreated backwards again. It was done with incredible ease, even Fang Fang could not help but started to doubt her own eyes. Those seals were so easily… removed?

Though she had faintly sensed that she was the one with the strongest capabilities amongst the three right at the beginning, that she mistakenly took her for the manager, but this was… way too strong, no?

This was virtually… virtually a completely different existence from managers.

Then… what exactly was she?

By the time she broke the very last lock, the entire world had seen a huge change. Although it was still barren land all around and could not compare to the vastness of a plane, it was already a complete big world. And the void that was initially a boundless darkness had instantly shrunk into a passageway as tall as a person, hanging midair, like a plane gate. It was evident that this was the door that led to the Big Dao Organization.

"Done." Shen Ying dusted off her hands and stood up. "You… This…" Fang Fang stared fixedly at Shen Ying, the energy that had been trapping the plane and her had totally vanished. All at once, excitement, agitation, disbelief and various emotions rose up at once, stunning her. Moments later, she then belatedly understood that it seems like she was… finally free!

Her eyes reddened instantly as all the water rushed out immediately, even her vision started to blur. Her mouth opened and closed several times, like she wanted to say something but it was all ultimately reduced to two words. "Thank you!" Other than expressing her thanks, she really could not think of any other words.

Shen Ying cocked her head to a side and replied, "You're welcome."


"We'll take our leave if  there's  nothing  else!"  Shen  Ying glanced at the two people at the side then turned and walked towards that passageway in the void, seeming like it was just a little incident that happened. Lonemoon and Yi Qing also followed behind, wearing expressions that showed that they were long used to it. Just as the trio was about to leave.

Fang Fang then reacted as she shouted out anxiously, "Wait!"

"Is there anything else?" The trio turned their heads back.

"Are… you going to the Big Dao Organization?"

"We ought to go take a look!" Lonemoon replied.

Her expression turned serious immediately as she took two steps forward and said, "Though you might think I am giving overdue advice, I'll still ask that you to be wary of the people in the Big Dao Organization. They're definitely not as they seem on the surface, even if they'd sent you an invitation, they might not be sincerely welcoming you to join them."

Lonemoon frowned and asked after glancing at her. "Why do you say that?" She gritted her teeth, a hint of hesitation flashed across her face but she still continued in a low voice after a moment, "I don't know whether I'm overthinking, but for such a long time, the Big Dao Organization has been profusely recruiting managers, who knows what's the scale they've grown into now? I have always felt that they built such an organization, not only to group together for self-preservation, they probably… have other motives.

Lonemoon's expression darkened, this was also something that he had thought about, he reckoned it wasn't any good place there.

"Also…" Some guilt suddenly appeared on her face. "About you all helping me to break free from the seal, don't ever tell them, it's best to pretend that you've never been here."

"I understand that." Lonemoon nodded, Fang Fang was someone that the Big Dao Organization wanted to lock up and they'd released her, this was creating trouble even before they'd gone there, they naturally could not admit to it easily. "But… about having been to this world, I don't think we can hide it even if we wanted to." Those people in the Big Dao Organization were all managers, they ought to be able to get a sense of where they'd crossed over from. Fang Fang's face paled, suddenly reminded of something, she immediately voiced out urgently, "Did you bring the invitation that the Big Dao Organization sent to you?"

Lonemoon paused in a moment and a turn of his hand, that white ribbon had instantly appeared on his hand.

She quickly took it, she did something and the ribbon that was initially like moonlight suddenly began to turn red and became a complete red ribbon in a matter of seconds. "I erased all the aura related to my plane in this ribbon, only leaving the Big Dao Organization's, this way they would think that they'd made a mistake that led to you directly arriving at the Big Dao Organization."

"Thank you." Lonemoon then took it.

Yet the guilt in her eyes deepened. "I implicated you all." She turned and glanced at Shen Ying, then added, unable to help herself, "I think you three have just become managers, while those in the Big Dao Organization, their planes might have been in existence for a long time. Their capabilities aren't something that regular managers can go against. Besides, they have the advantage in numbers. So… please be very careful, it's best not to have any direct confrontations with them.

"Mm." Lonemoon nodded, he naturally understood that too. Though they had the Cheat Ying, but to go up against so many managers, they would be the ones at a disadvantage too. At most, they would just go there and complete the formalities. "Then what plans do you have from now?" He asked.

Fang Fang faltered before revealing a wholehearted smile. "I've broken away from their seals, of course I must hide far away, then rebuilt my plane." Her eyes were completely filled with anticipation for the future and none of the despair that would surface occasionally in the past.

"Then we'll see you again someday." Lonemoon said and was about to turn around.

Yet Fang Fang suddenly came forward to Shen Ying and held her hand with agitation and gratitude. "Miss Shen, I don't have anything much to give you, so please take this." With that said, she shoved a pear into her hands. "This is a little trapping array that I made with the Qi of the original source of my plane. Though it might be useless to you, it can still trap one of two ordinary managers, you might have a use for it if you carry it with you."

Shen Ying glanced at the pear in her hand. "Is it edible?"

"…" Fang Fang was stunned. "N… No."

"Oh." Shen Ying lifted her head with, not very interested but anyhow, since it was a gift, she did not push it back. "Thanks!" Then turned and stuffed it to Father Niu.

"No, I should be the one thanking you." She was not bothered and then repeatedly advised them to be careful.

"Pear Girl, goodbye!"

"…" Her surname wasn't Li[1]!

The trio then turned and entered the passage and disappeared. Whereas Fang Fang remained standing in the same spot, looking in the direction where they have left with a solemn expression, let's hope they would be fine!

[1] Pinyin of Chinese character for pear.

Chapter 552: Toward the Big Dao Organization

The few of them walked through the dark passage. Suddenly, everything lit up. Their entire surroundings changed. They found themselves in a completely different world.

They saw a water surface that resembled a mirror. There was not even a ripple on the surface of the water, which reflected the blue skies perfectly. It made them feel like they were walking on the sky. Up in the sky, there were not just white clouds. There were also hundreds of thousands of planets that were not apart, but gathered together. They were each glowing blue. It looked like a plane tree.

The water surface seemed to stretch on for eons. In front of them, on the water surface, stood a huge palace that looked extremely strange. It looked formidable - it emanated a strong white light so that one would think that the entire palace was made of light rays alone. The world they were in was filled with some sort of power. It was not God Power, nor was it immortal or spirit Qi. Still, it felt familiar. It felt like power belonging to a manager.

The three of them exchanged looks, then walked toward the huge temple. Each step they took caused circular ripples in the water body. The moment they lifted their feet, pure white flowers would sprout from the place that their feet had just been. They could not tell what was causing it, but they knew that it was extremely beautiful.

Lonemoon was appalled by this place. There were flowers sprouting with each step he took. Indeed, this was a place created by a manager. It also looked huge…

"Eh, is that caused by the aura of our legs?" Shen Ying suddenly asked.

Lonemoon halted. He nearly tripped and fell. Suddenly, the wonder he felt at the place was shattered into pieces.

Two speechless faces turned to look at a certain someone.

"What's the matter?" Shen Ying asked as she gnawed on her fruit, confused. Lonemoon: "!!!"

Yi Qing: "!!!"

Every show seemed to be torn apart in front of Shen Ying.

"Father Niu, yours is the biggest!" Shen Ying pointed at the flowers beside Lonemoon's feet.

"Shut up!" Your leg aura is the biggest. Your entire family's leg aura is the biggest.

Eh? Wait!

"Why don't you have any?" He turned back and asked. He realised that there were only two rows of flowers on the water surface - they were formed along the path that Yi Qing and Lonemoon took. However, where Shen Ying walked, there were no flowers. Shen Ying turned back and answered seriously, "I wash my feet every day."

"Shut up!" It's time to let this joke about leg auras go, alright?

"Maybe this is the reason," Chef said. He lifted his finger and pointed at a figure on the water surface.


Lonemoon hesitated. He had not realised earlier, but on closer inspection, he found that his and Chef's figures on the water body were not their own. Instead, there were two different trees below their feet. Under Chef's was a huge golden tree that was filled with leaves. Under his was a much smaller purple tree that was extremely bare, as if it was entering winter slightly earlier

These were… their plane trees!

There was  nothing  under  Shen  Ying's  feet  -  not  even  a reflection.

Lonemoon's expression darkened. Suddenly, he felt appalled at the manager who was head of this Big Dao Organisation. This simple-looking water body could actually reflect the condition of their places. It was no wonder that it could put its own fruit on the plane trees without anyone realising earlier. The manager inside indeed had strong powers.

Lonemoon and Yi QIng were both deep in thought. They exchanged a meaningful look, then continued on their way to the huge palace. The palace was tall and wide. It was surrounded by a stone wall about ten feet high. Just as they reached the entrance, the entrance gates opened for them.

The inside did not look like any ordinary hall. Instead, it looked like a limitless galaxy. From the entrance, a path made of stars led them inward. As they walked, the stars beneath their feet swayed about like fireflies. This really was a path of stars.

Lonemoon hesitated for a moment before he continued walking. The path of stars led them toward a stage that was floating in mid-air. The moment the few of them stopped in front of the stage, a male voice sounded. "Are you the managers who are taking part this time?"

Lonemoon instinctively turned to look slightly to the right and found that a strange aura had appeared out of nowhere. A moment later, the galaxy seemed to split apart to allow a human figure to appear before them. Then, the space beside them changed as well. More than ten figures appeared around the stage, each of them with about the same aura as Lonemoon and Chef. There was no question about it - these were the managers who were here to take part in the Big Dao Organization.

Lonemoon counted the number of people there. Here alone, there were about 16 people. At the same time, all 16 people turned to study everyone else around them.

"Look at their aura. I think they're managers whose planes have just been formed. Are our standards now so low?" The man who spoke first laughed mirthlessly. It was obvious that he had his opinions about Lonemoon and Yi Qing.

The woman beside him said, "We just sent out the invites not long ago. Although their planes have just formed, they managed to pass the test. It shows that they do have what it takes." The man on the right added, "People who are here have proved themselves worthy to become one of us."

"That's right, Tu Zhi, for all we know, we might all become members of the same organization in the future. Why must you put them in such a spot?" Someone else said

"Hmph!" The man named Tu Zhi tutted and sniggered again, still unsatisfied. "We don't know for sure whether they'll make it. We don't let just any manager join our Big Dao Organization."

Lonemoon frowned. It was enough that they had sent them invites to join this organization out of nowhere and even put them through some kind of stupid test. Now that they made it here, they even had to put up with people mocking them and looking down on them? More and more, he was feeling disgusted at this Big Dao Organization.

The woman beside Tu Zhi smiled at them and said, "Managers, please do not be nervous. We are all comrades from the same organization. As long as Boss Yu Heng gives the nod, you will be one of us. This is just a small matter - we just need some confirmation." Apart from Tu Zhi, the rest of the 16 people looked to the person in the middle.

"May I ask, when the few of you were walking here, what colour were the flowers that sprouted?" The woman asked seriously.

Lonemoon hesitated, unsure why she was asking this. However, figuring that it was not worth hiding things like this, he answered, "The flowers beneath our feet were white."

"White!" The woman exclaimed. Apart from her, the other people around looked at them with suspicion. "Are you sure they were white?"



Everybody present fell silent. Tu Zhi was the first to speak up. "How could that be! I don't believe that these two new managers would have that much power." With that, he raised his hand and conjured the image of the water body outside. They watched the image of Lonemoon and Yi Qing walking across the water surface and saw the white flowers sprouting behind them. Tu Zhi's face drained of colour. He was eating his own words.

The other managers were equally shocked. They turned to one another and began whispering. This seemed to be exceptional to everyone.

Chapter 553: Enter or Die

"May I ask the few of you what these flowers represent?" Lonemoon could not help himself.

The woman replied, "The two of you are new here, so you might not know. The water on this plane is known as the New Water Mirror. It has the ability to reflect a manager's true form. The flowers that it sprouts show the manager's powers. The lighter the colour of the flowers, the higher the cultivation of the manager walking atop the water surface. It is the first time we're seeing the water body sprout white flowers like yours." Among the 16 people they have received so far, not one of them had white flowers.

Were their leg auras really that useful?

Lonemoon turned to face Chef, a strange expression on his face. Were their skills as managers considered so high? He did not think so at all! What's more, if it was true that the higher the manager's skills, the lighter the colour of the flowers, why was it that there were no flowers behind Shen Ying as she walked? Perhaps their leg aura… Ah pui! Because of the flowers, the 16 people seemed to be looking at them much more kindly. Even Tu Zhi, who was treating them with contempt earlier, shut up.

"It looks like we should congratulate both of you in advance for becoming one of us," the woman was becoming warmer and warmer toward them.

Lonemoon held himself back from turning her down immediately. Of course he had no intentions of joining this so- called Big Dao Organization. It was obvious that this was not an upright organization.

But the Fang lady they met earlier was right. There was no need to conflict with them, even if they were not afraid of them. What's more, these people had their own planes backing them. If they joined forces to deal with Lonemoon, Yi QIng and Shen Ying, who knew what could happen? This was also why Lonemoon and the others had decided to make a trip down here instead of turning back to go home. Since they were already here, Lonemoon decided to just act interested in joining the organization.

"With your powers and skills, it's no wonder that you so easily passed the test," the woman continued. She raised her hand and conjured a seal. "As long as Boss Yu Heng… Eh?" She suddenly paused.

"What's the matter?" Seeing that her expression had gone awry, the person beside her asked.

"The small testing world is gone!"

Everybody stiffened and their expressions changed as well. They all looked once again to the people in the middle. Their warm expressions became icy.

The woman scanned the two of them from head to toe and said in a low voice, "Managers, I sensed that the small world we normally use for testing has left our radius of control and disappeared without a trace. Can you please tell me what happened after you passed the test?"

It's coming! Lonemoon stared blankly back at her with a confused expression. "Test? May I know what you mean when you say "test"?" He was careful to look like he did not understand a word she was saying. "Must we still pass a test in order to join this organization?"

"You didn't go through the test?" The woman scanned him from head to toe suspiciously. "Then how did you get here?"

"Of course we followed the aura in your invitation!" Lonemoon retrieved the red ribbon that he had prepared earlier. He regulated his immortal Qi, then sent it floating toward the woman.

The woman took it. Immediately, her expression darkened.

The manager Tu Zhi who was beside her caught on to something. He burst into laughter, "Ha ha ha… I really thought that the two of you managed to pass the test so quickly. So you didn't even take the test!" Once he finished speaking, he turned to the woman and said, "Xiao Yun, how could you mess even something as small as this up? I'm going to watch how you'll explain yourself when Boss comes." "You-" The woman was enraged. She shot a glare at Tu Zhi, then turned back to Lonemoon and Yi Qing with resentment. There was not a shred of warmth left in her eyes. "How does everyone think we should deal with this? Should we accept them or not?"

The others exchanged looked. They too had not expected that she would make a mistake like that. Before they could say something, Tu Zhi answered her.

"Of course not! If they haven't passed the test, they cannot join the organization. Those are the rules!" Tu Zhi looked at them and said, "We have to stick with them no matter how strong these people are."

"Then what do you say we do?" Xiao Yun glared at him, annoyed. "Must we create a new test? The small testing world is already gone!"

"In any case, we cannot let them join us so easily. What's more, they were spotted by you." "Would you-"

Seeing that the two of them were arguing heatedly, the person beside them spoke up. "Stop it, Boss is here!"

Both of their expressions changed as they fell silent at once. The next thing they knew, they felt a unique suppressive force that was stronger than ordinary managers. Even Lonemoon and Yi Qing paused and instinctively turned to their right.

The space on their right began to twist and turn. A man in black robes appeared. His robes stretched to the ground, and on it were embroidered flowers of du colours. His long hair floated along behind him. Both of his eyebrows were sharp and he looked exceptionally eye-catching. He was much more attractive than Radish was in human form. However, there was a clear iciness about him. There was no doubt that the suppression they felt earlier was coming from him.

This must be the Boss Yu Heng that they were referring to. Lonemoon and Yi QIng straightened their backs and kept on guard. This was no ordinary manager. "Greetings, Boss!" The 16 people present bowed toward him one by one. They treated this colleague of theirs not just with respect but with… fear?

"What are you arguing about?" Yu Heng asked.

Xiao Yun's expression changed. She took a step forward and explained, "Boss, there has been a problem with  the  two managers that we just invited. They came here without going through the test. At the same time, the small testing world is missing so we can't send them back there to take the test, so-"

"What went wrong?" Yu Heng interrupted her.

Xiao Yun's face drained of colour. She handed the red ribbon over to him and said, "Boss, it's my mistake. I tied the wrong transmission coordinates into the ribbon. I accept whatever punishment you might give to me."

Yu Heng took one look at the ribbon and his expression hardened slightly. He asked, "What do you plan to do?" Xiao Yun hesitated before answering, "Their skills are quite satisfactory…" She explained the story about the white flowers.

"Rules are rules!" Tu Zhi suddenly charged forward and interrupted. "Boss, people who have not passed the test cannot join the Big Dao Organization. We cannot rewrite these rules, otherwise we'll start accepting just any person!"

"We can't send them back, can we?"

"Back?" Tu Zhi laughed icily. He looked at the people in the middle with pure evil. "What would we send them back for? Have we ever sent managers who have failed to join our organization back?"

Xiao Yun paused, as if realising what he was saying. "You mean-"

"They messed up our rules. Of course they have to pay the price." Tu Zhi's eyes twinkled as he looked at Lonemoon and Yi Qing. "In any case, their planes are not that important - they're newly formed. These two peoples powers can be used to nurture the water body outside, so that our members can become stronger. Wouldn't that be a better use of them?"

Chapter 554: The Big Battle

The moment Tu Zhi finished speaking, everyone's eyes brightened. They looked at Lonemoon and Yi Qing like they were price lambs just waiting to be slaughtered.

Lonemoon frowned. He suddenly understood what the purpose of this Big Dao Organization was. "So this is how you recruit members?" A wave of disgust overwhelmed him as he scanned the group of them. He laughed icily and said, "What kind of Big Dao Organization is this? You're just a gang of plane invaders, that's all."

"What did you say!" Tu Zhi's expression darkened.

"I said you're a bunch of bastards!" Lonemoon exclaimed as anger rose up in his chest. He suddenly  felt  stupid  for suppressing the urge he felt earlier to rush over and beat them all up. "On the one hand, you claim that you want to recruit new members, but on the other, you are just focused on  sending others' planes to perish. I daresay that more than one or two managers have died here, right?"

They took the initiative to send out invites, but sent those invited "guests" to take some sort of test. What's more, from what Tu Zhi just said, it seemed like they fed the souls of the managers who did not pass the test to the water body. Planes of people like Fang Fang who rejected them from the beginning would be destroyed. In other words, whether they accept the invitation or not, they would die.

What kind of organization was this? To think that Lonemoon held himself back earlier to avoid conflicting with them. He hadn't imagined that this group of people did not even think about giving them a chance from the beginning. How would what they choose to do next make any difference, then?

"How different are all of you from invaders?" Lonemoon tutted. "No! You're worse than invaders. At least the invaders are open about their motives. You use the name of the Big Dao Organization to cover your motives. Big Dao? What kind of Dao is the Big Dao? Do you specialise in destruction?"

"Why, you…" Tu Zhi was enraged. He shot daggers at Lonemoon with his eyes. Yet, he did not dare to make a move without Yu Heng saying anything. All he could do was turn to Yu Heng. "Boss." It was then that Yu Heng turned to look at the people in the middle of the circle. "Not bad; rules are rules." He clenched his fists and the ribbon in his hands turned to dust instantly. Yu Heng lowered his gaze. "Not only did they go to the small testing world - they also set it free."

"What?" The rest of them turned to face Yu Heng in disbelief.
They were the ones who let the small testing world go!

"Do you think I wouldn't be able to tell after you destroyed the aura?" Yu Heng frowned and continued, "Since you set the testing world free, then not only will I feed you to the water body, I will take your planes and turn them into the testing worlds!"

"Yes!" The 16 people agreed in unison.

Lonemoon could not be bothered to argue any further with him. Both he and Chef summoned their swords. "Then let's see if you have what it takes to do so!" So what if there are so many of you! The next thing they knew, everyone was charging toward them. The circle closed in on the two of them.

"You take the eight on the left and I'll take the eight on the right!" Chef exclaimed as he used his sword array to defend against the first wave of attacks. Then, with a flash, he attacked them.

"No!" Lonemoon suddenly objected. He retrieved something from his robes and threw it over to the group. There was a bright white beam of light, which split into four colours and formed a wall. It caused the two managers trapped inside. "It's seven each!" The pears that the pear girl gave him were indeed useful!

Suddenly, the entire sky covered with lasers and beams shooting out in all directions. After all, all of them were managers - they all were of a certain standard. It was obvious from the lights in the sky that the battle was fierce, yet they could not see one another's figures because each of them was moving too quickly

There were several huge bursts of auras in the galaxy. Then, all who were left standing on the stage were three people: Yu Heng, with a solemn expression, and the other two managers who were trapped in the light wall.

Lonemoon and Yi Qing had just gotten promoted, but it was not their first time fighting managers. What's more, compared to the invader manager that they dealt with the last time, these managers were considered of a lower standard. Although they were one against seven, both of them did not seem fazed at all. In fact, they managed to seriously injure two of the managers they fought with.

All of their expressions were now different. The competition was fierce and the skies all around were twisting and turning. Among the people Chef was fighting with, Tu Zhi was one of the most aggressive. Perhaps it was because he had spoken too much earlier on. Each attack that he dealt was more powerful than everyone else's. In a short time, his entire body was covered in multiple colours. The more he fought, the smoother his powers flowed.

He gritted his teeth and took the chance while Yi Qing was fighting the other six managers, to sneak behind Yi Qing. Then, he mustered all the strength he had in his body to deal a huge blow to Yi Qing. Just before it hit Yi Qing, he turned around and flicked his sword in the direction of Tu Zhi's attack, deflecting it. Then, he returned an attack of his own before dodging out of the way. Then… Tu Zhi's attack felt squarely on another manager in the way.

After all, Tu Zhi had used all the strength in his body to deal that blow. Half of the manager's body was cut off with a loud crash. The pieces fell toward the ground. She was not yet dead, but she was almost there.

Tu Zhi had not expected to hit one of his own. He stared blankly at the scene in front of him, yet he found more strength in him to grab hold of Yi Qing's sword Qi and deal another attack back at him.

There was a loud crack, like somebody had activated some sort of machinery. Huge cracks began to appear in the pitch black galaxy. It was almost as if the entire galaxy was falling apart. Lonemoon was prepared for this. He shot a ball of sword Qi toward the cracks and waved his sword, then everything crumbled into pieces.

The entire starry sky looked like broken black glass. One by one, the pieces fell to the floor, faster and faster. With another loud crash, the night sky disappeared. The beautiful palace fell to the ground.

Everybody suddenly found themselves back at the water body. The force that had been pressing down on Lonemoon and Yi Qing was now gone. All the other managers' expressions changed.

Lonemoon felt his entire chest relax. Hmph! Did the managers really think that he and Chef stood by and did nothing while they were discussing? They had already figured out the entire galaxy. They were in a realm within a realm. What's more, that realm belonged completely to those 16 managers. That was why both of them felt their powers being constrained. While they were chatting, he and Chef discussed how to break out of that realm.

Without the suppressive force weighing down on them, the two of them fought even harder and more aggressively. After all, however, there were more people on the other side. Although one was paralysed, two were locked up, Tu Zhi was giving up and one was seriously injured, there were still 11 others who were going strong. It was tough for the two of them to hold up. The enemies were also beginning to figure out that they were stronger when they worked together, and weaker when they split up. Therefore, they were starting to coordinate their attacks.

The battle was at a standstill. Suddenly, a pear flew out of nowhere and hit the two managers that Lonemoon was fighting. there was a bright flash of white light, which again split into four colours and formed a wall. The two managers were locked within. Lonemoon halted.

He turned around and saw Fang Fang standing behind him, panting. She looked like she had rushed over.

"Pear!" Lonemoon exclaimed.

"My name is Fang Fang!" She glared at him.

Chapter 555: Manager's Powers

"What did you come back for?" Didn't she say she will leave to nurture a new plane?

As she walked over, she helped them fend off the attacks and said, "You all have helped me before! I can't bring myself to do something as disloyal as walking away and letting you fend for yourselves!" She gritted her teeth and her expression turned aggressive. "Shit, it's just one life. If I lose it, then so be it!"

"…" Lonemoon stared blankly at her. Faintly, he felt like he was looking at the disciples of the Invincible Sect once again.

"That's right, where's that lady Shen Ying? Is she alright?" Fang Fang looked around and asked anxiously.

Alright, this was not just Lonemoon hallucinating! This freaking Shen Ying - did she steal the role of the male lead in some novel by accident? Why were all the girls so obsessed with her? "She's alright!" Lonemoon pursed his lips. "I've already left the big boss to her - we're just in charge of dealing with these people.

The pear girl heaved a sigh of relief and focused on the people charging toward them. Now that she was here to help them out, Lonemoon and Yi Qing had a much easier time. What's more, she had already gotten rid of two more enemies as well. It was now three against nine. Given Fang Fang's powers, she could only deal with one other manager at a time. However, Lonemoon and Yi Qing were more than powerful enough to deal with four each.

Suddenly, there was a power shift in the battle.  The remaining managers were getting more and more injured by the minute. Within two minutes, another two became severely injured. Yu Heng, who had been standing on the stage observing the battle, suddenly looked somber. He frowned and tutted, "Hmph, you little ants!"

He stepped forward and stopped in front of the light wall that Lonemoon had set up to trap two managers earlier. He started to reach out to break the light wall and let the two people out. Just as he clenched his fists, a hand reached out from beside to stop him. He turned and saw a relaxed face with a smile on it. "I'm sorry, you're my task!"


Yu Heng paused. Who was this person? Where did she come from? He instinctively twisted his hand to escape her grip, but found that… he could not move at all!

Shen Ying narrowed her eyes. "So… can we start?"

Start… what?

Before he could react, he felt a huge force overcoming him. He felt his heart drop. With his other hand, he mustered all of his strength and reached out to strike Shen Ying.

Shen Ying immediately loosened her grip and blocked off his attack. Yu Heng's palm came into contact with her arm. This blow contained all of Yu Heng's strength. Ordinary managers would become paralysed if not dead. Yet… Shen Ying did not flinch even one bit. Instead, Yu Heng flew backward!

The impact from his blow rebounded and sent him flying at least ten feet backward.

On the other side… Shen Ying felt a slap on her arm like somebody had just been trying to kill an ant.

Yu Heng: "…"

Shen Ying: "…"

Yu Heng jumped in shock. He stared in disbelief at the woman in front of him. She could actually fend off his attack. "What kind of person are you?"

"Er…" That was a good question. The key was she had no idea how she did it as well. So she shot back, "Why are you bad guys always asking the same questions?" Did they have some kind of internal meeting to decide these things? Yu Heng's expression darkened. His confusion suddenly turned to rage. "I don't care who you are! Don't even think about leaving this place alive today." He lowered his gaze and the aura around his body shifted. Suddenly, it grew at a frightening rate, with several times the power that he seemed to have earlier. It was almost as if he had guessed that Shen Ying was no easy target. He was determined to give this fight his all. The fact that she could escape from the blow he dealt her at such close proximity proved to him that she was good at close- proximity battles. As long as he kept his distance, she might not be his mat-

"Is that so?" He heard her voice by her ear. The woman who had been more than ten feet away from him was now standing right behind him, so that he could not even see her.

The next thing he knew, a bone-shattering blow hit his back and a sharp pain shot through his entire body. Faintly, he felt something inside him crack. It was like his body had been shot out of a cannon. He flew over the water body and fell into it, sliding right through the water surface and causing a huge wave. As he cut through the water body, he dragged down three other managers who had been fighting Lonemoon.

Lonemoon: "…" Yi Qing: "…"

Fang Fang: "…"

Were they redundant?

"Master." Yi Qing kept his sword and retreated. Lonemoon and Fang Fang also flew back toward Shen Ying.

"Shen Ying, are you alright?" Fang Fang asked worriedly.

Shen Ying paused, having just realised Fang Fang was here.
She raised her hand and greeted, "Hey, Pear Girl!"

"…" Fang Fang stared blankly back at Shen Ying. Was the pear all she remembered about her?

The huge wave finally settled. Yu Heng swayed as he tried to get back on his feet. He was the only one who could still stand up. The other three managers who had been knocked over by him were sprawled on the floor, unconscious.

Yu Heng was quite gravely injured. The superficial wound he suffered from the punch Shen Ying dealt to his back was only secondary. The key thing was all the power in his body seemed to be drained right out. There was no way he could muster up anymore strength. He barely had enough power in him to remain standing. Suddenly, he stiffened. With hatred and extreme caution, he looked up at the woman standing opposite from him. He never imagined that she would have such a frightening amount of power in her little body. It was just one blow, yet he was nearly keeling over from it. Who exactly was this person? This was not the powers of an ordinary manager! Unless…

As if suddenly thinking of something, his face drained of colour and his eyes widened. He stared at Shen Ying in disbelief. "You're a… monitor?"


All four of them stared blankly back at him. What the hell was that? Yu Heng, however, took their silence as confirmation.  His gaze turned ruthless and his beautiful face became increasingly twisted. "Hmph, I didn't think that monitors still existed." The fear in his eyes deepened. Suddenly, he gritted his teeth, as if having made up his mind about something. "If that's the case, all I can do is give it my all. I'll see if monitors are really as powerful as the stories say you are."

His expression changed and the aura around his body became richer still. The water body around him seemed to be activated and started to stir.

Lonemoon paused. He had a really bad feeling.

"What's going on?" Fang Fang was shocked too. The  next thing she knew, her body was sinking. She felt like an overwhelming force was pushing her downward. Her legs trembled and her blood pressure began to surge. She felt like she was going to break into pieces at any moment. Shen Ying reached out and grabbed on to her. A warm feeling suddenly filled Fang Fang, and her entire body relaxed. She could stand upright again.

She turned back and saw that both Lonemoon and Yi Qing had somber expressions on their faces as well. Something opened up beneath Yu Heng's feet. The patch of black under his feet spread outward rapidly, covering the entire water body. It was like someone was dying the entire place black with ink, and the black ink was fast approaching where the four of them were standing.

Lonemoon's heart fell. He turned around instinctively and started. "The managers we locked up are missing! Shen Ying!"

Chapter 556: The Struggle before Death

Shen Ying was charging forward, but she was a little too late. Yu Heng was already prepared. In a flash, he disappeared. Shen Ying grasped onto air and watched Yu Heng appear in the sky.

Lonemoon and the two others rushed over and looked around to find that all the managers who had been lying on the ground a couple of minutes ago all disappeared. All that was left was the pitch-black water body. What was happening? What was Yu Heng up to?

"Those managers…"

"Are you looking for them?" As if reading their minds, Yu Heng's face split into a dark grin. Beside him, the 16 managers arose, including the four who had been trapped in the light wall earlier. Some of them were still in a coma. However, every single one of them had a black rope wrapped on their bodies so that they could not move.

"Boss!" Tu Zhi began to panic. He looked down and saw the solid rope around his body. "What are you…" Yu Heng did not bother to respond to Tu Zhi. Instead, he kept his gaze locked on Shen Ying as his excitement grew. "Originally, I wanted to find a way to increase my own powers slowly. I never thought that I would attract the legendary monitor. But this is good as well…"

Once he finished speaking, he waved his hand at Tu Zhi, who was closest to him. Tu Zhi combusted into red smoke and entered into Yu Heng's body. The unshakable black aura around Yu Heng slowly became mixed with red.

Tu Zhi did not even have time to scream. With one move from Yu Heng, his body turned into ash - not a single bone was left behind. The aura around Yu Heng got thicker and thicker, and the suppressive force emanating from his body became stronger.

Lonemoon's heart jumped. He finally understood why Yu Heng kept these 16 managers around him - he had no intention to save them at all. "Shit, he's sucking in these 16 managers' powers. We have to stop him!"

But there was no time! "Hahaha…" Tu Zhi laughed maniacally. The fear was completely gone from his face. All that was left was deranged greed. "Once I absorb all of them, it'll be your turn! Once I absorb all of your powers, nobody will be able to stop me!"

He became increasingly excited. The black aura around him spread out toward the other managers, whose bodies similarly combusted into fumes that entered Yu Heng's body. There were red fumes, blue fume, yellow fumes… each of the managers' powers mixed into the black aura around Yu Heng's body so that it was now multi-colored.

At the same time, the suppressive force became stronger and stronger. Lonemoon and the others could even feel the defensive force that Shen Ying set up around them losing its powers. It was almost as if they were in danger of being smashed into pieces at any time. They could not even fly out to stop this from happening.

"Shit!" Lonemoon cursed under his breath. Those managers had been Tu Zhi's subordinates, yet he was willing to consume their powers without any hesitation. It looked like this so-called Big Dao Organization was just a cover-up for their combined plots to invade other planes and absorb other managers' powers for themselves. They were watching as he absorbed 16 managers' powers, but they were certain that there were even more before them. Although Lonemoon and Chef had not been afraid  when  they were fighting the 16 managers at once,  they  knew  they  were now no match for Yu Heng alone. Only Shen Ying had a chance to stop him.

But no matter how powerful Shen Ying was, she was only a bit stronger than ordinary managers. Could she really defeat Yu Heng?

Worriedly, Lonemoon turned around. "Shen… Eh?"

Shen Ying looked as lazy as usual - no, in fact, she looked even lazier. One would think that she had not even noticed what was happening in front of her in the sky. She picked up a fruit and began to chew on it lazily.

Hearing Lonemoon, she tilted her head and asked, "Huh?"

Lonemoon pursed his lips. Was this the time for her to eat fruits? "Hahaha…" Yu Heng was almost done absorbing all the managers' powers. He looked down at the four of them as if he were looking at their corpses. "It's your turn."

Lonemoon panicked. "Quick, think! What should we  do?" Both he and Yi Qing instinctively moved in front of Shen Ying to defend her.

"I'm thinking!" Shen Ying said as she took another bite out of her fruit. "I just have one thing I can't figure out."

"What is it?"

"Tell me…" She pointed at the person in the air laughing maniacally to himself. "Will he have a tummy ache after consuming so much waste?"


What kind of stupid question was that? Grumble…

A strange noise came from the sky, where Yu Heng was. Yu Heng paused mid-attack and turned pale immediately. Then, he bent over and wrapped his arms around his stomach. From his expression, it was obvious that he was in immense pain.

Lonemoon: "…"

Yi Qing: "…"

Fang Fang: "…"

The situation was extremely awkward.

"See, didn't I tell you that he'll have a stomachache?" Shen Ying asked.

How can this freaking be?! "What's happening?" Yu Heng's stomach was aching extremely badly. With a loud crash, his body dropped down from the sky. With his arms still wrapped around his body, Yu Heng rolled around the ground, writing in pain. His arrogant expression was completely wiped from his face and replaced by a pained one.

The few of them took a closer look and  found  that  slash wounds were beginning to appear like  cracks  on  his  body. Where his skin split open, they saw different colours, much like the ones they saw earlier when the 16 managers' bodies combusted into fumes. The coloured  fumes  seemed  to  be wanting to escape Yu Heng's control through these wounds.

Yu Heng looked at his own body in disbelief. Crazed, he screamed, "This is impossible! I've already absorbed their powers into my own body! How can they be fighting back! Impossible!" As if suddenly realising something, his head darted back to face Shen Ying. "You! What did you do?"

Shen Ying paused. You're having a stomach ache and you're blaming me for it?

"I didn't do anything!" She took several steps forward and scanned his body from head to toe. "I think you're… bloating from eating too much!"

Lonemoon: "…"

Yi Qing: "…"

Fang Fang: "…"

Why did the three of them suddenly feel like this logic was making sense to them? Yu Heng had absorbed the powers of 16 managers all at once. Now, his body was having an adverse reaction because it was unable to handle this overconsumption. This was really his own doing.

"No… no! I clearly… Ah~" More and more splashes appeared on Yu Heng's body, each of a different colour. His body now resembled a rainbow. It looked like he was going to explode from this pressure at any moment. Still, he did not take his eyes off of Shen Ying. His gaze turning more hateful, he said, "Do you think you can escape this place after defeating me? Dream on!" He laughed maniacally. "Do you really think that this is all there is to my Big Dao Organization?" He reached out and grabbed at the sky, as if tearing something down.

The next moment, a white beam shot out of the plane tree that carried the entire galaxy. A huge force could be felt throughout the plane. One by one, many figures appeared in the middle of the sky. Each of them carried the aura of a manager, just like Lonemoon's.

Chapter 557: Dispersion

Lonemoon's chest tightened. Holy shit, he's called so many managers here. More and more plane gates began to appear in the sky. In just a couple of minutes, the sky was filled with a crowd of people. There were more than a hundred people.

"Hahaha…" Yu Heng laughed even harder now. "Don't even think about getting away! All of you must die-"

"Are you sure?" Shen Ying interrupted him, her expression darkening.

Suddenly, a power that did not seem to belong to any manager swept across the sky, covering the entire water body. The crowd of managers who just joined them felt a weight on their bodies. One by one, they fell down into the water body and were pressed down so that they could not get up again. They felt their own powers leave their bodies. Seeing that they were unable to activate their own powers, an unexplainable fear began to rise up in them.

This power came so suddenly, yet it was more powerful than anything they had ever experienced before. Not one of them had time to react, or even think about what to do before they fell down to the ground. Even Lonemoon, Yi Qing and Fang Fang swayed and felt the urge to fall to their knees.

"You-" Yu Heng's eyes widened as he looked at Shen Ying in disbelief. "What… exactly are you?!" Then, he could hold on no longer. His entire body exploded into several different colours, leaving nothing behind.

A silence fell over the entire water body. All that was left was the bunch of people who fell to the floor like dumplings earlier.

The dumplings: "…"

Who were they? Where were they? What just happened?


Lonemoon counted the number of people present and  found that there were a total of 106 dumplings - no, managers - in the Big Dao Organization. In addition to the 16 managers that Yu Heng had absorbed, there were 123 people. 123 was quite a neat number as well.

They had no difficulties deciding how to deal with these managers. According to them, they had been threatened by Yu Heng into joining the Big Dao Organization. Their reasons were similar to what Lonemoon and Yi Qing had figured out earlier. As opposed to being destroyed, it was simply easier for them to pretend to submit to Yu Heng's authority. They only discovered after agreeing to join the organization that their own planes had been targeted and pulled into this water body's galaxy. Every single move they made was under Yu Heng's supervision.

This was also why Yu Heng could summon all of them here even seconds before his own death. It was obvious as well that the 16 people whose powers Yu Heng absorbed were those closest to him. All the executive work that it took to manage these different planes were conducted by them.

They kept taking in new planes, but for some reason, these managers kept disappearing one by one. In their hearts, they knew that there was a problem with the organization, yet they did not have the guts to speak up about it. After all, Yu Heng was much stronger than all of them. The 16 people who were closest to him were not to be messed with either. Coupled with the fact that their planes were forever trapped in this territory, the managers knew that even if they were to join forces, they would be no match for Yu Heng and the others. It was in their best interests, therefore, to just remain where they were.

This explained why after Yu Heng's death, these people did not even think about taking revenge on his behalf. Instead, they jumped and danced around in celebration, welcoming Yu Heng's defeat more than anyone else.

Of course, among these people, there were a few who did not look too gleeful. However, this was understandable. They were managers after all, and representatives of this plane. If something happened to them, their planes would not do well either. Lonemoon and Chef discussed and decided that they would not do anything to harm these managers.

While the remaining managers had no clue what happened to the other managers who had disappeared before, Lonemoon and Chef had a fairly good idea. There was no need to think too much about it - Yu Heng and the other 16 must have absorbed their powers into their own bodies. This Big Dao Organization was created by Yu Heng and 16 others to help them increase their own powers. If Lonemoon and the rest had not come here, the remaining managers would all probably have met the same ending sooner or later.

"Excuse me, Boss…" A man in white robes looked to Shen Ying and raised his hand weakly. "Well… we really don't want to stay in this Big Dao Organization any longer, but our planes have been locked in and around this galaxy. Seeing as you're so powerful, can you please… please help us to break out of here?"

Once he finished speaking, the eyes of the other hundred managers, who were kneeling obediently around Shen Ying, seemed to brighten. They looked up to see her response.

Lonemoon pondered for a moment. That was true! So many plane trees were being trapped here, unable to leave. That could not be a good thing. For one, the plane trees would have difficulty growing. As each plane tree grew, they were bound to collide into one another. This would undoubtedly cause explosions and gaps to appear in the surroundings. What's more, having this many managers gathered together in a small space might lead to another scary organization being formed. Thus, Lonemoon turned to the person beside him and said, "Shen Ying, do you know any method to split them apart?" He suddenly recalled when Shen Ying helped out Pear Girl earlier. "You should be able to see what's holding them here, right?"

"Yes, I can!" Shen Ying nodded.

"Then help them out, won't you? Split them apart." Bring them back where they came from - don't let them remain here together.

The dumplings' eyes brightened even more as they exchanged looks with one another. They looked at Shen Ying expectantly.

Shen Ying looked up and sat down, slumping over lazily. "Ah, how troublesome!"

"I'll add more dishes to your dinner today!"

"Alright, Father Niu! No problem, Father Niu!" Shen Ying stood up immediately and looked up with a serious expression. "But it will definitely be more troublesome to split them apart one by one."

Lonemoon's expression darkened, but Shen Ying quickly added before he scolded her, "Why not we do them all at once?"

At once? What at once?

All of them hesitated. Before they could react, Shen Ying took several steps back. She threw the core of the fruit in her hand aside and clenched her hands into fists. Then, she punched the water body beneath her feet.

There was a low sound. The group felt waves sweep beneath their feet. Then, they heard a series of cracks that became louder and clearer.

Huge, white cracks began to appear on the surface of the water body, spreading out throughout the surface like a spiderweb until the entire water body began to split apart. The cracks spread all the way to the sky above. The dumplings were shocked stiff. This water body and galaxy were formed using the combined powers of Yu Heng and the other managers. That was why the managers could not escape no matter how hard they tried. Compared to splitting individual planes from the territory, it was considerably much harder to destroy the entire territory. Yet, Shen Ying was able to do this… with just one punch?

Were they seeing things?

But the dumplings did not dwell on this problem for too long.
Now, they were overwhelmed by a sense of freedom.

"My… my plane's lock is gone!"

"Mine too! We're finally free from this place! This is great!"

"Is this a miracle? My plane's really… really able to leave this galaxy!"

"We're free! We're finally free!" Each dumpling was more excited than the last. Some were even beginning to jump around with glee, as if they had just been reborn.

Chapter 558: Packing Up

The multi-colored plane trees in the sky disappeared one by one. Once the cracks seem to reach the ends of the galaxy, all the plane trees were gone. All that was left was a pitch-black, broken night sky.

There were another series of crashes and the entire sky fell down to the ground in pieces, just like a broken ceiling. Huge amounts of primordial Qi flowed into the space.

Lonemoon could not help but shout at the group of dumplings who were still celebrating, "Alright, alright! Stop bouncing around! Your planes are free to go now, so go and do whatever you have to do. This place is going to return to dust once more."

The group fell silent. After exchanging several looks, they faced the group of four and said together, "Thank you for your kindness!" The crowd bowed, each one in slightly different postures, but carrying the same solemn expression on their face.

"Mm." Shen Ying nodded. "You should thank us!" The dumplings: "…"

"Alright, go back to your own planes!"

The crowd began to disperse through their own plane gates. One by one, they disappeared. Lonemoon looked up at the almost-gone sky and quickly opened his own plane gate. Waving at the group, he called, "We should go back too!"

Finally, they stepped through the gate and returned.


The Divine Realm.

This time, they only decided to go to the so-called Big Dao Organization to gain exposure and learn from other managers with skills like their own. They had not expected to meet with such a mess. Saying that they were tired and disappointed was an understatement. "That's right!" Lonemoon suddenly recalled something. "Yu Heng and the others are dead - what's going to happen to the planes they were in charge of?" Planes without managers definitely did terribly. Their planes would be in the same situation as Hong Meng's and the Godfiend's earlier.

Shen Ying stuffed a pastry into her mouth and only replied a couple of minutes later. "Their planes' consciousness will select other managers for themselves." Although it was a long process, at least the planes would resolve their own problems.

Lonemoon sighed. Yu Heng and the others deserved to die, but the millions of living creatures in their planes were innocent. Yet, since when did Yu Heng and his group spare a thought for the living creatures in other planes when they killed the other managers? Their planes had to suffer the consequences of picking people like them as managers in the first place.

Lonemoon thought of something and turned to face  Shen Ying. "As managers, will we keep facing such huge risks in future?" They kept meeting with invasions and whatnot. By now, Lonemoon was starting to regret accepting the position. Shen Ying hesitated and smiled. "How could that be? Father Niu! There are still many good people out there, alright?"

"Good people?" Lonemoon's expression darkened. He gestured at Pear beside her and asked, "Good people like her?" The kind that would take you for a ride and try to stab you?

"Er…" Fang Fang tightened her grip on the cup in her hands.
Wasn't she a part of their team now?

"Speaking of - why exactly are you still following us?" Lonemoon scanned her from head to toe and spat. "Aren't you supposed to take care of your own little plane? Are you here to live off us?" Did she think she could be a freeloader!

"Actually…" Fang Fang laughed nervously and set down the cup of tea. She said, "I have a favor to ask and I'm not sure if I should talk-"

"You should not!" Lonemoon interrupted her. "…" Was he always this mean? Still, Fang Fang straightened her back and said, "I know I'm nothing to all of you, but I've already changed my ways! From now on, the three of you are my friends!"

"Heh heh!" Who wants to be your friend?

"Really, I am especially grateful toward the three of you. You've completely freed me from the clutches of the Big Dao Organization." Fang Fang sighed and said in a serious tone, "If not for your help, my plane and I would have been completely destroyed."

"So…" Lonemoon narrowed his eyes. "You're returning our kindness with evil and refusing to leave?"

"…" Could he be nice?

"Fellow Daoist Lonemoon, you love to joke indeed! There's no way I can repay the kindness you've shown me…" Fang Fang turned to face Shen Ying and her eyes brightened. "I've thought about it. I plan to move my plane next to yours. What do you think?" Once she finished speaking, she pulled out a white seedling in her hands that looked much like a bean sprout. "Where do you think I should plant this? How about  right beside those two plane trees?"

"Get lost!"

Hmph! I've seen enough of cheats like you!

Fang Fang: "…"

Shen Ying: "…"

Father Niu, do you know that you'll remain single for life if you continue to act this way?


Fang Fang did not stay long in the divine realm. After all, even though her plane was now free, it was still very weak. It was not even comparable to Hong Meng's plane. Naturally, she did not have much time to spend outside of her own plane. After Lonemoon turned her suggestion down, she moved her plane somewhere not far off from their two planes, anyway.

She finished her cup of tea and took off. Of course, she did not stay to eat.

Lonemoon returned to where Hong Meng was to take a look. Mysteriously, Rabbit had made progress with its brain-washing once more. Lonemoon had no idea what Lonemoon was teaching them, but the divine races respected Rabbit much more than they respected Lonemoon. They were so obedient that they were now unrecognizable from before. There was no more screaming and killing. Instead, all of them acted like they belonged to respectable aristocratic families.

Lonemoon praised Rabbit highly for the work it had done in the plane. This Rabbit was much better than the one they had before. Fatty's situation was not bad either. The three disciples had almost formed their nascent souls and Mushroom had regained consciousness as well. It was not going to be easy for her to re-grow the parts of her soul that she lost, so the best solution was for her to enter Samsara. But once she did, she would forget everything that has happened. Then, Mushroom will not be the same anymore. This was why she herself was putting this off.

The good thing was that Fatty had been using countless immortal herbs and spirit elixirs to nurture her, so she was feeling much better by now. What's more, Fatty learned several demon techniques to help Mushroom. Under Fatty's guidance, Mushroom had progressed two cultivation levels. Now, it was a seventh-grade mushroom!

Lonemoon realized a problem from Mushroom's situation. He had been so focused on the mortals that he had completely neglected the beasts and the demons. When the plane was first set up, these races were there. Since mortals were much weaker, they needed more effort in training and cultivation. That did not mean, however, that the other races were not important. Both mortals and demons lived in the mortal world. Although they were separated in different realms, it was not like they could not cross into each other's realms. The probability of conflict arising, therefore, was high.

Now that the mortals were making so much progress while the demons were still stuck the way they were in the beginning, there was a chance that the demons would be totally wiped out in the future. That would be too much of a pity. After all, there were good demons just like Rabbit. And more variety was always a good thing.

Thus, Lonemoon left some instructions to Fatty, asking him to add training the demonic races onto the to-do list as well.

Chapter 559: Administrative Association

"Mushroom happens to be the first demon to start practicing cultivation, when it reaches the tenth-level, let it leave the mountain to spread the Dao like the other disciples!"

Fatty faltered for a moment, seeming slightly hesitant, but still nodded in the end. "Yes, Master!" His entire being became slightly deflated and listless.

"Mm." Lonemoon nodded and turned around, intending to return to the divine realm when two despising gaze landed on him together.

"Why are you two looking at me like that?" Lonemoon glared at a certain pair of master and disciple.

The two kept silent for a moment, then turned towards Fatty at the same time, leaving him their back views for him to figure it out himself!

"Fatty, Mushroom  has  yet  to  recover  from  its  injury,  you should follow along if it's going down the mountain."

"Master is right, come back together after you are done spreading the Dao."

"Yes! I got it." Fatty's eyes lit up instantly, his entire body became rounded.

"Why does he have to go with Mushroom?" Lonemoon faltered and questioned instinctively. "It's not like he's… umph umph umph!"

Before he could finish, Shen Ying and Yi Qing covered up his mouth. "We're going, we're going, bye Fatty!" With that said, they directly dragged a certain person all the way back to the divine realm.

"F*ck! What are you two doing?" Rebelling huh, little rascals!

"Father Niu." Shen Ying said in a rare, serious manner. "You will be forever alone if you're like this, do you know that?" "Scram!" Lonemoon rolled his eyes at him. "Why are you cursing me out of the blue, besides, what has this got to do with Fatty…" He paused midway, seeming as if he'd been enlightened about something as his eyes widened abruptly. "Damn, Fatty and… Mushroom! No way?"

"If not, why would Fatty be so kind and earnest to teach Mushroom about cultivation?" Yi Qing added.

Lonemoon was stunned, then belatedly realized that… seemed to be the case. He then commented with an appalled look, "Mushroom… has such a strong taste?" It actually took a fancy to Fatty!


Was there something wrong with this logic? Just how much do you despise Fatty?

"Wait!" Lonemoon was shocked. "Then what will happen to Rabbit?" Yi Qing: "…"

Shen Ying: "…"

Why did they feel like there was the sound of a train going past, those single trip ones.

"Anyway…" Lonemoon had completely no self-awareness that he had shipped two males together and scanned the master and disciple. "How did you two manage to tell?" Forget about Shen Ying, since she often has a screw loose. But Chef, this million- year dense man could actually figure it out too?

Both of them exchanged a look,  then  replied  in  unison,  "We are experienced!"

Lonemoon: "…"

Go to hell with your romantic show-off! What's wrong with being single? Did the single man provoke you, offend you two.

The three of them were chatting when a beep suddenly sounded from Shen Ying's direction, a red light suddenly lit up on the wristband around her hand. She reached out and drew across, a lighted screen immediately leaped up, with the symbol of an envelope flashing on it.

"What's this?" asked Lonemoon.

"A friend." She replied.

Both Lonemoon and Yi Qing were stunned, Shen Ying still has friends whom they did not know?

She tapped on that symbol, it popped and an unfamiliar male voice sounded in the next second.

[Little Ying, regarding the matter that you mentioned, I've never heard of it too. I asked a few friends for you, they're not too sure either. If nothing else works, go to the committee to check their materials, otherwise…] Some traces of a smile could be heard in the voice, [you can only ask your sister, don't worry, I will intercede on your behalf.]

The voice broke off in the next second, but the familiarity in it was apparent, seems like it was really a friend she hadn't seen in a long time.

"Master, this is…" Yi Qing could not help but speak up, for some reason, some panic had rose in his heart.

"The person who was speaking is from another plane right?" Lonemoon also questioned, "What did you get him to investigate?"

"Nothing much." Shen Ying closed the lighted screen and sprawled back in the chair, before answering. "Didn't that someone… mention some monitor previously? I was curious, so I asked my friend about it."

The two then recalled Yu Heng from the Big Dao Organization previously had indeed said that Shen Ying was some monitor. They were too occupied with fighting and did not care much about it but now that they thought back, he seemed to be extremely fearful of that then.

Lonemoon suddenly remembered that Shen Ying had mentioned a while back that she felt some changes that even she herself did not know after she woke up from her dormancy. Could it be related to this. His heart sank and he instantly felt a little nervous.

"Pity, no one has heard of it." Shen Ying felt for and took out a fruit, habitually nibbling on it.

"Are no other ways?" Lonemoon asked, he kept having this feeling that after making clear of this, they would be able to find the reason for the change in Shen Ying's body. "What about the checking of information that the person mentioned?"

"It's the materials of the administrative committee!"

"Administrative committee?!" Lonemoon and Yi Qing exchanged a look, this was the second time they were hearing Shen Ying mention this. "Didn't you say that was some unreliable, unrestricted organization? Why would they still have materials to check?"

"The administrative committee has a materials room." Shen Ying explained with her head cocked to one side. "It was built when everyone was too bored from idling, a record of any big happenings in the respective planes will be handed to the materials room for a copy to be saved, so as to make it convenient for other managers who encountered the same situation to refer to."

Summarize their experience, this was a good idea, seems like this administrative committee wasn't that unreliable.

"Oh yes!" She recalled something and added, "Father Niu, when I hacked your network in the past, it was to upload these documents."

"…" Son of a b*tch! Shameless wi-fi squatter! "Then Master, are we setting off to anywhere now?" Yi Qing asked.

"Not now, we'll see about it later!"

"What are we waiting for?" Lonemoon glanced at her. Shouldn't such an investigation be done fast, the faster the better?

"Wait for my sister to leave!" Shen Ying said in all seriousness, "I've already notified an assistant classmate from my batch and found out where my sister happens to be. After she leaves, they will give me a signal and we'll go then."

Lonemoon: "…"

Yi Qing: "…"

Though it was very cowardly, but… why do they oddly want to give her a thumbs-up for her rare act of having forethought? It's been so many years, this Cheater Ying is finally reliable for once.

Hence, the trio very obediently remained in the divine realm for a good half of the day. Midway through they even had lunch, drank some afternoon tea and had some pastries.

Shen Ying's wristband beeped again and this time on the lighted screen was lots of exploding fireworks, coupled with music as festive as the new year celebrations.

"Alright the signal is here!" Shen Ying then stood up and drew open a plane gate with an outstretched hand. "Let's go!'

"…" What's with this sudden illusion that they were heading to a rendezvous with another underground gang?

Lonemoon and Yi Qing wore looked like they couldn't express themselves in a few words as they followed Shen Ying through the plane gate.

They felt  the  scenery  in  front  of  them  switch  and  they'd arrived in a pure white space in the next second. Nothing in the surroundings, just a sea of white.

Chapter 560: A Proper Association

"This is the administrative committee?" Lonemoon faltered for a moment.

"This is the transfer terminal." Shen Ying reached out and pointed to her right. "It is through that door."

Both of them turned to look and realized there was a huge door just standing there. They couldn't tell what material it was made of but it's snowy white body almost blended into this pure white space. If it wasn't for Shen Ying's reminder, they wouldn't have taken notice of it. And there were many odd patterns carved on the door, upon closer look, they were actually living and were continuously swimming about.

"Let's go, push open the door and we'll be there." Shen Ying walked forward quickly, familiar with the place.

Lonemoon and Yi Qing also followed, looking up at the odd door. They couldn't help but have some praises deep down at heart, just by standing before the door, they could already sense a solemness, the administrative committee presumably won't be far off. They couldn't help but reject Shen Ying's words back then, no matter what it was still a proper organization where managers gathered, it shouldn't be any worse.

Shen Ying reached out and pushed lightly but the huge door which appeared to be very broad and heavy swung open. Unsure if it is perhaps because the Big Dao Organization previously left him deeply negative impression, Lonemoon could not help but feel slightly stirred, coming to a proper organization. He involuntarily held his breath as he stepped in.

In the second, the scenery before their eyes changed again and they instantly appeared in the middle of a hall, at the same time, an unfamiliar voice boomed in his ear.

"Two bamboos! Game! Self-drawn, all the same suit, quick, pay up pay up pay up! Hahaha…"

A square table was placed in the middle of the hall, with more than ten people sitting around it, four of them were touching the many rectangular blocks on the table here and there. Everyone was sitting very freely and easily, in various manners. There were some scratching their feet, some simply watching the game and a few others chewing on melon seeds, the ground had already been covered with a thick layer of shells. Yi Qing: "…"

Lonemoon: "…"

Sorry for disturbing! They've went the wrong way!

What the hell? Don't tell me all these beings were managers, it was such a letdown!

"Hey! Little Ying what are you doing here?" A certain person who was spectating the game turned back, slightly surprised. The others also turned around in succession, greeting her with surprised looks.

"Hey, Little Ying, long time no see! It's been so long since you came back to visit us after graduating. Oh by the way, your sister just left!"

"I know." The corner of Shen Ying's lips twitched, that was why she was only here now. The man scratching his foot was enlightened. "Why are you still so scared of your sister?" A thought crossed his mind and he pointed to the table, asking, "Want to play a few rounds  with us? You can have my seat!"

Before Shen Ying replied, a girl munching on melon seeds beside him lifted a hand and gave him a slap across the back of his head. "Are you asking for death! Getting Little Ying to play mahjong, beware that Little Jing will whip you to death after she finds out!"

"Are you serious…" The man scratched his head, "Little Ying is already so grown up now, why is she still so strict with her?"

The man instantly felt a shiver ran through his body, he absolutely couldn't afford to offend her.

"I shall not play!" Shen Ying shook her head and stretched her hand out, saying, "Give me some melon seeds."

"Sure!" The girl who had hit the man earlier snapped her fingers and an unopened packet of roasted melon seeds with spices appeared in her hand at once. She handed it over on a raised hand, Shen Ying naturally took it and thanked her.

The girl turned and glanced at the two people beside her, as if she had just noticed them. "Who are these two unfamiliar faces? Your little lovers?"

"You are half right." Shen Ying pulled opened the bag  of melon seeds while turning back and introducing, "Chef, Father Niu!"

The girl was shocked. "You sisters still have a father!" She had never heard Shen Jing mention it previously?

"Just acknowledged him not too long ago."

"Acknowledged?! Um… Shen Jing didn't break your legs, you're amazing!" Even daring to casually take someone as a father.

Yi Qing: "…" Lonemoon: "…"

"Oh yes, I heard from your sister that you're now a manager too. Is something the matter that you suddenly came back this time?" The girl continued to ask.

"Encountered some problems, I came to read up on some materials."

"Oh, then go on to the materials room!" The girl nodded and pointed to the room on the right, suddenly recalling something, her eyes narrowed as she glanced at her with some ambiguity, saying, "By the way, Mi Le happens to be in there too?" With that said, she even intentionally nudged her.

"I know that!" Shen Ying cocked her head to a side. "I told him to come."

"I see…" She gave her an even more meaningful gaze. "Alright, I shall not hold up you youngsters. Go on quickly!" And she stood up, directly pushing Shen Ying towards the room on the right. Lonemoon and Yi Qing were about to follow but was held back by the girl with one hand on each. "Why are you two following her, come back come back! I'm guessing you both are newbies, the traditional rules of our administrative committee, newbies have to go on and play three rounds. Isn't that so?" She turned towards the circle of people gathered and winked.

Everyone paused, glancing at the room, they instantly came to a realization and nodded in agreement. "Yes yes yes! Play three rounds first!"

With that said, they all gathered together to hold the two down on the game table.

Lonemoon was indifferent to it, only Yi Qing wore a look of worry, as he occasionally turned back to look at the room on the right, somehow having some sort of an ill feeling.

Perhaps because newbies were here, the dozen of these wily old foxes of the administrative committee were especially moved. Each of them looking like they it was imperative for them to achieve their objectives and did not bother if there were players who totally did not know the rules. At the start, everyone wore expressions looking like they were determined to wipe them both out, but they slowly realized that things didn't seem to go as they had imagined. These were two newbies, one even totally unaware of the rules but after two rounds, they seemed to have their conception and governor vessels opened up, winning and prospering like no others.

Lonemoon was already skilled in mahjong, no matter what, he was someone who'd been a CEO for a couple of years, it is said that business deals are all closed either while drinking or on the game table. He was an expert in mahjong, so he naturally excelled.

As for Chef, with the exception of the few rounds he'd lost due to not knowing the rules at first, he had never lost again. The entire table seemed to be contracted by them, it was either Chef drawing a winning tile or Lonemoon getting a self-drawn game. The remaining two players instantly transformed into professional boasters, only occupied with bragging! Sometimes their remarks even repeatedly backfired!

"Step aside, let me do it! I don't believe this!" The people watching by the side could not stand for that and switched players, after all, this affected the solemnity of the wily old foxes! But even after swapping players, there was still no effect, the two were still winning away while the others bragged! It was the same with three rounds of swapping.

Everyone: "…"

At once, more than half of their chips were already piled before the two, the others so close to being wiped out. Ultimately, it was still Lonemoon who took the initiative to withdraw from the game, expressing courteously that they shall not continue to disturb the seniors from their leisure game since they'd already played a few rounds, it was enough.
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