My Master Disconnected Yet Again Chapter 401-410

Chapter 401: Waking the Manager.

"Hmph! Don't think I would let you go because you are getting out now. I will deal with you sooner or later!" Shen Jing gave him a stare. Compared to Lonemoon, she hated this bastard who brought her little sister away even more. She struggled to contain the urge to open the plane by force, took a look at the person beside him, and then said with a deep voice, "The condition of Little Ying right now is due to over-consumption. That's why she's in a dormant period. We can only wait for her body to recover by itself."

"When would it recover, then?" asked Lonemoon, anxiously.

"I don't know…" Shen Jing frowned. "Since she's already a Manager, everything in your plane would reflect on her." Which meant that the plane was her, and she was that plane. Fortunately, the plane was stable, proving that nothing serious would happen to her for the time being. It would only take time for her to recover. "There are huge differences between planes. I'm not there and can't monitor your data, so I can't calculate the exact time."

"You mean… Shen Ying might stay like this?" "… Perhaps."

Yi Qing's hand clenched even tighter. His body  trembled. After a long while he looked and asked, "What exactly is the energy that she consumed?"

"This is hard to say." said Shen Jing. "To begin with, energy exists in different forms in each plane. Her getting hungry when she returned last time was a manifestation of energy loss as well. But in the past the energy consumed could be recovered through food. This time, the consumption was obviously more serious that she couldn't recover in time. That was why she went into sleep."

"What about God Power?" continued Yi Qing. "God Power, Immortal Qi, can't these work too? And… the assistant seal!"

"Chef!" Lonemoon was shocked. "Are you mad?" Shen Ying said that assistant seals could not be canceled. "Nobody knows what would happen after losing the assistant seal."

"It can work, theoretically…" Shen Jing's eyes narrowed, as she glanced at the two, then said ironically, "But did you think assistant seals are so easily returned? If it can be taken back so casually, why am I still keeping Kai Tian, this useless thing?"

Useless Kai Tian, "…"

"Besides, you two became assistants due to Little Ying in the first place. Even if you return this power, it would hardly have any effect!" Shen Ying looked at them from the corner of her eyes. "To put it bluntly, you yourselves relied on Little Ying's power to sustain you. So don't bother with unnecessary matters."

She thought about it, and her expression grew even more anxious. She walked to and fro a few times, before saying, "I'll think of a way to lift the seal on your plane and come over as soon as possible. You two look after Little Ying for me. Otherwise…"

She snorted and raised her hand to click something. The light screen flashed in front of them, and the call was ended directly. Yi Qing's eyes darkened. He turned to walk back to Shen Ying's side and got her up with extreme care. He felt for the assistant seal in his body and drew on his God Power once more.

"Chef!" Lonemoon was shocked, and he grabbed his hand immediately. "Didn't you hear Shen Jing just now? Even if you canceled the assistant seal, you still won't wake her up!"

"But, I've got to try!" Yi Qing looked back and his look was firm. "I'm here because of Master. If not for her, we might have disappeared together with this plane long ago. I can't look at her sleeping on like this and do nothing!"


"Father Niu, I'm not as thoroughly considerate as you are. I only know that should there be any bit of hope, I can't give up."


'No matter whether it works, even if it could only let Master wake up one second earlier, it's worth it!"

Lonemoon was stunned. But Yi Qing had already shook off his hand and started to make spells once more.

"Shit!" Lonemoon cursed quietly. He gritted his teeth and pressed his hand once more, "Wait!"


"If you try, we may as well try together!" Lonemoon interrupted him directly and sat down cross-legged beside him. He gave the unconscious person a stare. "Holy shit! Holy shit! I must have owed the two of you in my last life that I meet you two burdens!" He's never done any business with such bad prospects. "Death then, if it must be! Adding me, it'll be one more seal in any case."

"I say first!!" Lonemoon thought about it and told him once more. "It's okay to give it a try, but don't you be stubborn about it. Stop when I say so. Otherwise not only you yourself will get hurt, you may harm Shen Ying as well." Yi Qing nodded. "Hmm."

"Let's begin!"

Only then did the two start conjuring seals together. They sensed for the assistant seal within their bodies, and in the next moment, an enormous power immediately filled their whole bodies. Lonemoon breathed in deeply and carefully directed that special power and sent it towards the person in front of him.

He had a vague feeling that something was drawn out of his body and was going to enter Shen Ying's body. Yet suddenly, a stinging pain was felt in his Divine Perception. That power couldn't get through at all. Instead, it directly rebounded back at him.

Lonemoon felt a blow in his heart and tasted blood in his mouth. He subconsciously looked at the person beside him, yet found that his complexion was even paler than himself. It seemed that Shen Jing was right. It couldn't be returned indeed. Just as he was about to withdraw his hand, he suddenly realized that he couldn't. The assistant power bounced back, but the immortal qi in his body started draining very rapidly, which rushed wildly in Shen Ying's direction.

What was going on?

"Chef, stop it, quickly!" Lonemoon reminded him, but it was already too late. The immortal qi in his body drained even faster, and in but a short while, he felt an emptiness in his Dantian and a blackness in front of his eyes. He fainted directly.

"Niu…" Yi Qing was anxious, yet in the next instant,  he himself fell down with a blackness in front of him.

Both of them sank into darkness.

In the instant that they closed their eyes, they seemed to see something…


They didn't know how much time had passed before they woke again. But when they did, they sensed vaguely that something was so bright that it was difficult for them to open their eyes. Lonemoon subconsciously moved to cover his eyes, yet realized that he couldn't move at all. And a sharp pain went through his body. He opened his eyes directly, but a strong light went straight towards him, making him almost dizzy.

"You're awake?" An extremely cold but somewhat familiar voice was head. After that was several clanging sounds which seemed to be some clicking machines.

Lonemoon looked up, and only then saw the vague reflection not far in front of him. The figure was not tall, and it looked like someone young, sitting cross-legged on an armchair, staring coldly in their direction. He closed his eyes briefly to suppress that sense of dizziness which went over him. Only then did he see that face. Despite the coldness, it was pretty familiar. It seemed a few inches smaller than in his impression.

This was Shen… Jing?!

Before he could react, Chef beside already burst out in excitement. "Master! You're awake! That's so great!" What? This is Shen Ying?

Chef subconsciously tried to move over, yet once his body moved, a wave of pain went over both their bodies. There was also a vague burning scent. Lonemoon was stunned. He looked down.

Holy shit! Who tied both of them up? And they were tied together and hung upside down!

The person on the chair frowned, looking at the two even more coldly. "Who are you? Where is this? What purpose do you have?" As her voice fell, immediately, four or five balls shining with red lights appeared out of thin air all around them. Pitch back gun points on the balls pointed towards the two.

That voice was cold as ice…


Yi Qing: "…" Lonemoon, "…"


What was happening?

Chapter 402: Sinister Fifteen

"Shen Ying, what are you doing tying us up?" Lonemoon subconsciously wanted to struggle out of the light rays around him, yet in the next moment the white light brightened, and another sharp pain came. That light ray actually tied even tighter. More importantly, he actually couldn't activate his immortal qi at all, as though it was sealed.

"Good prep work you've done." The expression of the person underneath grew even colder, and she said with some irony, "You even know my name. Tell me… how long have  you invaded the plane?"

Yi Qing grew even more anxious, as he subconsciously wanted to move over. "Master, what on earth are you…"

"It hurts, it hurts…" Lonemoon explained, as the light rays tightened even more. "Chef, don't anyhow move, okay?"

"Master?" Shen Ying's eyes narrowed. "Is it a bit too late to claim kinship now?" "Are you serious, Shen Ying?" Disbelief was written all over Lonemoon's face. "Could you really have lost your memory?"


He looked at the person sitting on the chair very carefully, and his eyes went wide open. "How is it that I feel you've gotten shorter?" He glanced at her once more. It wasn't an illusion. The person opposite them was really shorter. Even the dharma clothing on her body became too long.

"Shen Ying, you-"

"It seems that you don't intend to speak the truth without some suffering!" Before he could finish, Shen Ying seemed to have lost her patience. She lifted her hand to click at something, and in the next moment, the balls that surrounded the two suddenly opened up into flower petals. From the two sides two red light rays appeared, which connected together, forming a loop. It slowly descended and stopped about their heads.

"Never mind. I can scan your brains directly. It's the same. In the next moment, the red loop became smaller and smaller.
The red light was about to cut into their heads.

Lonemoon was so shocked that he started sweating. "Holy shit! Can't it be. Shen Ying you're being serious!"

"You have the courage to invade a plane, so you must be prepared to pay the cost."

"Invade?" Only then did Lonemoon understand that she misunderstood something and he hurried to say loudly, "Wait! We aren't intruders. You're not in Shen Jing's plane at all. This is your Divine Realm!"

Shen Ying was stunned, and that red light loop paused as well.
She sat up straight on the chair. "What did you say?"

Lonemoon was relieved. He just confirmed that she didn't really lose her memory, not completely, but only about them.

"You're not  in  your  original  plane  any  more.  This  is  an immortal plane The starry sky behind you are the Three Realms of the plane." Lonemoon recollected briefly everything that happened since their transmigration in the fastest speed possible, including her going into dormancy.

The more Shen Ying listened, the deeper she frowned. Her whole body released an aura of defensiveness against strangers. She glanced at the two people to and fro several times. After a long while she said with a deep voice, "You mean, I am the Manager of this plane right now?"

"Exactly!" Lonemoon hurried to nod. "If you don't believe us, you can contact Shen Jing directly. Her words you've got to believe!"

Shen Ying's face stiffened. Something flashed across her eyes, but she didn't open up the communication. Instead, she walked over directly and reached out her hand. In the way one measures body temperature, she placed her hand on the foreheads each of the two and closed her eyes to sense for a while.

After a long time, she withdrew her hand and looked at the two with some surprise. Only then did she click at the light screen beside her. In the next moment, Lonemoon felt a relief all over his body. The light rays that tied them up suddenly disappeared. The two fell to the ground hard.

And that small light loop changed back to some balls, shrunk to the size of beads and flew back to Shen Ying's palm.

"Master…" Yi Qing stood up immediately and subconsciously wanted to take her hand for examination. Shen Ying frowned and stepped back directly. Her look towards him was completely cold and distant. His stretched hand stiffened, and a bit of pain flashed in his eyes. "Are you… fine?"

Shen Ying frowned, and like she was not very used to it, she didn't answer his question. Instead, she turned to say to them in all seriousness, "There are indeed assistant seals on you, so I'll believe what you said for now. Besides, this place can indeed change according to my wishes."

"This is your divine realm to begin with, of course it does whatever you want." Lonemoon rubbed his waist, which was painful from being tied up, and then got up. "How many things have you forgotten after all?" How did he feel that not only her height was shorter, even her character changed completely. There was not a hint of the lazy look from before. And she didn't talk so much as this before, because she was too lazy to talk.

Shen Ying's expression darkened and she waved. In the next moment, the original pitch-black starry sky changed into a totally different scene, like a veil lifted. In an instant, the three were in a house several dozen meter squares large. In front of them was a tea table, and at the side was a familiar couch. This was the look of Shen Ying's home in the past.

She turned to sit down directly on the sofa, and then asked, "How old is the me that you knew?"

Lonemoon exchanged a look with Yi Qing, and then answered, "This is a bit hard. The time after transmigration… was a bit hard to calculate. But I remember that the first time I met you, you said you were twenty-eight.

The corner of her mouth twitched, as though with some disdain. After a while she turned towards the two. "I remember that this year I am… fifteen!" "Fifteen!" Lonemoon glanced at her up and down. No wonder she was short. It appeared that not only her memory but also her body returned to fifteen years old.

"Was it because we arbitrarily used the assistant seal and failed?" Yi Qing's hands tightened beside his body and a bit of pain flashed in his heart. "That's why Master you'd…"

"Are you an idiot?!" Shen Ying suddenly interrupted him unmercifully, rolling her eyes at Chef for the first time. "If you didn't do that, I may not wake up forever."

The two were stunned. What did that mean?

"You don't understand?" Seeing their blank face, Shen Ying explained. "Didn't you say that my sister told you I went dormant because of over-consumption and lack of energy? You guessed right. Assistant seal was indeed the most suitable energy for my recovery."

"Then why…" Would their assistant seals be still on them. "I must have set up a protection mechanism on your seals beforehand." Shen Ying glanced at the two. "That's why you couldn't return it to me. Instead, you sent me another form of energy in the body."

"Immortal Qi?"

"God Power?"

The two asked together.

"I don't know what that's called as well." She flexed her hand. "But apparently, those two waves of energy wasn't enough to make up for my consumption, so though I woke up, I returned to fifteen years old, instead of turning back to the Manager as before."

"Then is Master going to continue being like this?" Yi Qing couldn't help but ask.

Her look deepened, as she shook her head. "I don't know." "How about… going to ask Shen Jing?" suggested Lonemoon. "She's also a Manager. Even if she can't resolve it, she must be able to help you. Besides, you've already woken up. You'd only have to lift the plane seal."

Yi Qing also nodded. "That's right. Right now Shen Jing is the only person who can possibly help Master."

Yet Shen Ying didn't move. Instead, she glanced at the two to and fro with a strange look. Her eyes opened wide, and she looked like the two like they were idiots.

After a long while, the corner of her mouth twitched, and she spit out several ice-cold words,

"Do you… want to die?"


"How about, you shake your heads and check if you hear sea waves?" Yi Qing: "…"

Lonemoon: "…"

They suddenly felt that Shen Ying at fifteen was… so sinister!

_( ཀ́`」∠)_

Chapter 403: Overpowering IQ

"Why did you think I closed the plane passages?" Shen Ying looked at the two.

Lonemoon answered without thinking, "To prevent… intruders?"

The corner of Shen Ying's mouth twitched. "Was your Chinese taught by your Math teacher?" Her eyes were full of disdain at his IQ.

"Uh…" Lonemoon fell silent. He suddenly missed that lazy girl from before.

"Only passing through not with normal methods makes an intrusion. Plane passage is the official passway for plane interactions. Have you seen such blatant intruders?"

"Then… sealing the passage… could it be to prevent Managers from coming?" Lonemoon stopped short, After a second he thought of something. "Shen Jing?" She did that with the purpose of preventing Shen Jing from coming?!

"Duh." Shen Ying frowned. "I don't know about other Manager, but if I go into dormancy, my sister…" Her face changed like she thought of something, "is sure to look for you for vengeance first."

Lonemoon suddenly thought about the murderous aura all over Shen Jing just now. If not because of the plane sealing, she would really come directly to kill them. From the beginning, she was the one who most opposed Shen Ying taking charge of this plane. It happened because Shen Ying insisted and she couldn't stop Shen Ying. Right now Shen Ying's powers  hadn't recovered, which meant that nobody could stop her.

"You can't even see such a simple logic. Did you get to become assistants by making jokes?"


"And you actually wanted to lift the seal. How much confidence do you have for stopping a Manager? Or…" Her eyes narrowed, and her look pinched at the two like knives. "Did you feel so done with life that you're rushing to die?"

Yi Qing: "…"

Lonemoon: "…"

How painful were their hearts! Though you have the right of it, can you stop hitting us with knives?


Shen Ying was back to fifteen years old, and her strength, memory and body were all reset. She turned back to an ordinary fifteen-year-old girl. Though her looks remained the same besides getting shorter, she was no longer a cheat.

Both Lonemoon and Yi Qing checked through and realized that her right now was only a bit stronger than an ordinary mortal. Her talent was not even as good as the cultivators of the lower realm. Her whole person was like… a cheat suddenly banned from cheating.

Which meant that she was… a mortal!

"Then how can Master recover?" Yi Qing looked right at Shen Ying and asked anxiously, "What should we do for it to work?"

Shen Ying turned back at the sight of his candid looks and leaned backward subconsciously. "I just checked the data of this plane. There is no possibility of letting me recover immediately right now."

"What do we do then?" Lonemoon's face paled. Isn't she gonna remain this way?

"Wait." Shen Ying replied in one word, while at the same time clicking open a light screen casually. A series of data went across it. She said while manipulating, "In the first  place,  the dormancy was for recovery, and with enough time I would naturally recover. Only that calculating with the speed now, it would probably… take hundreds or more than a thousand years." "What!" Both were shocked. Hundreds or more than a thousand years!

"What about God Power and Immortal Qi?" Yi Qing continued asking. "Master woke up because of this. If there is enough Immortal Qi, won't you recover?"

"Oh yeah!" Lonemoon got it as well. "We can return to the sky palace. There are still several immortal veins left. If we use that, maybe we can…"

"It won't work." Shen Ying shook her head directly. "I woke up more or less under the effect of the assistant seal, not because of what Immortal Qi or God Power." Those were energy forms that originally existed in this plane. How could it work on the Manager?

The two fell silent, and they couldn't think of another way for the time being.

"Never mind. Let's go back first." suggested Lonemoon. "It's good that you woke up. We will slowly think of a way." Yi Qing gave Shen Ying another worried look and had to nod.
They could only figure things out as they proceeded.

"Rest assured, Shen Ying." Shen Ying promised, patting his chest. "With the abilities of Chef and me, even without the assistant seal, we can definitely protect you properly. Besides, Invincible Sect is very safe. It's best that you go back first until you recover."

Shen Ying looked up at him and stood up from the couch. "Hmm. This is also what you should do as assistants."

"…" Can't you stop the viciousness and say something pleasant?

Lonemoon sighed. Habitually he moved to open the space transmission. Yet as he raised his hands to produce seals, he found out that his Dantian was completely empty. He stiffened immediately.

"What?" Seeing that he didn't move for a long time, Shen Ying turned to glance at him. Weren't they going? "I forgot… that my immortal qi hasn't recovered yet. I can't use space transmission." He turned to Yi Qing subconsciously.

"Me too." replied Yi Qing.

"Shen Ying…" Lonemoon's look was embarrassed. Just after he said he was going to protect her, he couldn't do it. "What about… you wait for us to adjust our breath for a while, and we leave after we recover some strength?"

The corner of Shen Ying's mouth twitched. She looked at the two who were so full of confidence a moment ago through narrowed eyes. After a long while she said coldly.

"I suddenly don't want to return to twenty-eight years old."

"Why not?"

"Because I'd be blind!" Such that I'd choose the two of you as assistants. Yi Qing: "…"

Lonemoon, "…"

It was like a knife in the heart!

"Which of you has objects connected to the destination on you?" asked Shen Ying, as she clicked open a light screen.

"Objects connected?"

Lonemoon thought about it and opened his storage bag immediately. "I do!" With that said, he directly produced a dandelion form Radish and handed it over. "What do you want this for?"

"Positioning coordinates!" She replied. She directly placed the dandelion on a table next to the light screen. In the next instant, a row of figures flashed through, the space in front of them distorted, and a black passage opened instantly. "Let's go!" Shen Ying turned and walked right inside, without caring about the stunned two people.

The two of them: "…"

I thought she was changed back to a mortal, and a non-cheat?

They felt the overwhelming oppression of IQ once more.


It took only the blink of an eye for the three to pass through that transmission channel and be back at Invincible Sect. Perhaps due to them coordinating using Radish, they weren't at the back palace, but at the back mountain.

The three looked up and saw the giant Radish who occupied half the land in a large piece of land growing immortal herbs. And the dandelion beside him which swayed with the wind. "Little Missy!" Radish saw the three who appeared at once. He leaped out of the pit and started hopping towards them. Because of his huge size, with every hop, the earth underneath trembled, and many immortal herbs fell down.

"Careful with those immortal herb!" Lonemoon felt a pain in his ass. Those were all spirit stones! He didn't realize it because Radish frequently being in human shape. But seeing as it was now, this thing needed to lose weight.

"Little Missy! Are you here to water me so early? Radish is so happy!" He did a big jump and his whole body, looking like a huge mountain, flew over, and was just about to press onto Shen Ying.

Holy shit! Shen Ying is not as she was last time.

"Radish!" Lonemoon was shocked. Luckily, Yi Qing reacted fast and kicked towards his bottom straightaway. Immediately Radish lost his balance and tilted to a side proceeding to drop down on the immortal herb land at the side. Many immortal herbs were smashed into the mud immediately.


Lonemoon, "…"


You wastrels!


Chapter 404: Perfect Disguise

"Little Big Sister, Little Big Sister…" Radish was obviously used to being kicked aside. He quickly shot back up rolled back over. Splitting apart the leaves on his head, he offered the dandelion within to Shen Ying, as he did daily. "For… you!"

Shen Ying hesitated uncharacteristically. Her eyes widened at the unexpected offering of a flower. "For… for me?"

"Yes, yes, yes." Radish waved his leaves back and forth, nodding. "My flowers are the most beautiful, and they are only meant for Little Big Sister."

Something flashed across Shen Ying's eyes. She clenched her fists and stared at the dandelion, not reacting for a long while.

"Alright, Radish." Lonemoon stepped forward. "Do you have to give one every day? Shen Ying will not-"

Before he could finish, the woman next to him reached out and took the flower. She held it close to her body and muttered, "Thank… thank you."

The two of them: "…"


Lonemoon paused. Even Radish was staring blankly at Shen Ying, not daring to believe that Shen Ying had received his gift. Radish glanced at his empty leaves, then at the flower in Shen Ying's arms. For a long while, he did not recover.

"She… she received it! Little Big Sister accepted my… flower? That's great!" Radish bounced around excitedly. Unable to get on his feet, he rolled back and forth around the floor shouting, "This is great! This is great! This is great!"

Radish rolled back into the pit from earlier, exclaiming in celebration even as he fell into it.

"I knew that Little Big Sister would accept my flower one day. No, I have to sprout another one for Little Big Sister." As he spoke, he reached out for a certain dandelion that had been sunbathing. "Son, let's sprout another flower!"

"Father, you're finally going to teach me to sprout flowers?
That's great!"

Thus, the dandelion bounced up, transformed into a human and rolled around like his father.

The three of them: "…"

She just took his flower, did he have to be so excited? Lonemoon pursed his lips. Then, his expression darkened. "Wait, where are you rolling?! My immortal herbs! Get back here!" Too bad - they were already far away from Lonemoon. Half of the immortal herbs on the rear mountain were squashed just like that!

"Radish!" You wastrel!

He heard the sound of immortal stones being crushed. How his heart hurt! Indeed, leaving Song Ren to Radish was a mistake.

"Master…" Yi Qing could not help but turn back and look at Shen Ying, who was still hugging the flower. In a strange tone, he said, "Master, why are you suddenly accepting his flower?" She never used to do so.

"Eh? Can't I?" Shen Ying's grip tightened around the dandelion. This was… the first time anyone gave her flowers. "It's not a Chrysanthemum."

Lonemoon instinctively rebutted, "What kind of Chrysanthemum are you referring to?"

Yi Qing: "…"

Shen Ying: "…"

—————— Lonemoon assessed Shen Ying's current situation worriedly. She seemed to have become an ordinary person. Naturally, he did not want word to get out. It was true that she had only been some sort of lucky symbol in the sect before. Now that she cannot do anything, he did not feel any palpable difference from before. The only thing was that her character seemed different as well. She was also significantly shorter. It was way too obvious. What's more, her cheat characteristics seemed to have been sealed up, along with her natural ability to hide herself. They were all stored up somewhere, ready to explode, Lonemoon was sure.

That was why Lonemoon had to be extremely cautious on the road back on the rear mountain. He had to think about how to sneak her back in. But immediately, he found out that… he was worried for no reason.

The first disciple.

"Sect… Sect Master! How fortunate I am to see you today!
Greetings, Sect Master!"

Shen Ying paused and nodded slowly. "… Hello." The second disciple.

"Sect… Sect Master, did you just water Radish? That was tough on you."

"… Yes."

The third disciple.

"Sect Master! My goodness, I'm actually meeting the sect master. Am I dreaming? Quick, punch me!"


The fourth disciple.

"Sect Master! Have you… eaten?" "…"

They met more than ten disciples along the way, and each of them looked more victorious than the previous one.  Yet, nobody seemed to notice that something was amiss. It was like… Shen Ying had always looked this way. Even Yu Hong did not notice.

The key was Shen Ying's sharp-tongue seemed to have been switched off. All she did was stiffened up as she walked back. Her expression did not even change. She spoke no more than ten words each time. Even when she saw Yu Hong, all she did was nod.

"Shen Ying, why are you-" Lonemoon was just about to ask, when they bumped into yet another person.

"Good Heart…" Lan Hua suddenly rushed over. "Can you return me that Fire Subduer Fan that I handed to you the last time? It's not easy to manage the deviant fire used for refining pills without a fan. This concerns my reputation as the master of tenth-grade heavenly pill refinement. Can you just take it as you're lending it to me?" He could not let himself go down in history as the one who caused the cauldron to explode. Shen Ying paused. Then, she took one step back. A moment later, she turned to look at the two people beside her.


"This is Boss Lan. We will explain to you later," Lonemoon quickly blurted. He retrieved a red fan from his storage back and faced Lan Hua. "Is this the one?"

"Yes, this is it!" Lan Hua's eyes brightened. He reached out for it. "Quick, give it to me. I'm in the middle of refining my pills."

"Oh." Lonemoon narrowed his eyes. His eyes twinkled for a second, but he ended up handing the fan to the person behind him. "Shen Ying, you hand it to him!"


Shen Ying, "…" Yi Qing: "…"

"Holy shit!" Lan Hua was so angry that he was about to explode. "You…" You're doing this on purpose! You must be!

Shen Ying, on the other hand, glanced down at the fan in her hand, then back at the man in front of her. Why did she have to hand it to him? She reached out to pass it to Lan Hua.

Lan Hua's expression twisted. He suddenly looked like he was about to burst into tears. Trembling, he reached out and took it, then shot a death glare at the shrewd businessman. "You bastard, just you wait!"

As he spoke, he opened his bag, gritted his teeth, and started to take things out of tit. "Here, I just refined these pills. Here's a tenth-grade one, and a ninth-grade one, and an eighth-grade, and those below eighth-grade. There are also these weapons I produced, as well as a Waterproof Bell, Ice Silk, a Mixed Yuan Clock…"

He retrieved more and more items, until he could no longer stuff anymore in Shen Ying's hands. It was then that he finally stopped. He trembled with the empty storage bag in his hands.

Shen Ying, who was almost drowning in weapons, equipment and pills: "…"

"I only have these for now," Lan Hua said announced helplessly. "Is that alright?"

This darned good-heartedness!

Shen Ying paused. A moment later, the corner of her mouth twitched. "Well…"

Before she could finish speaking, Lan Hua tossed the storage back at her. "Here, take it, take it, take it all! Is that alright!" He tightened his grip on his fan and stalked out of the door. If he stayed any longer, he might even leave his own pants behind.

"Mm, not bad! You're quite good at improvising!" Lonemoon patted Shen Ying on the shoulder. She had not completed her sentence: "… I don't need it."

Lonemoon, "…"

Yi Qing: "…"

Yi Qing stared at Shen Ying, whose expression remained cold.
Why did he feel like Master was…

Chapter 405: Socially Anxious Teen

"It's getting late." Yi Qing looked up at the darkening sky and faced Shen Ying. "Master, dinner is ready."


Shen Ying paused. Yi Qing pointed to the table beside him and said, "Master, please wait here for a moment. I am going to prepare your dinner now. If you're hungry, you can eat some pastries first."

Shen Ying frowned and shook her head. "My body is different from ordinary people. I don't need…" Before she could finish speaking, Yi Qing retrieved plates and plates of different pastries from his storage bag. The unique fragrances filled Shen Ying's nose.

He placed more than ten different plates on the table before he rushed into the kitchen.

Shen Ying stopped mid-sentence, staring at the full table. So…. So fragrant…


As she stared at the plates of pastries on the table, Shen Ying clenched her fists by her side and reached out. She was just about to take hold of one pastry when a hand intercepted hers and took the pastry closest to her. The man stuffed that piece of pastry into his mouth.

"Mm, these pastries are not bad this time." Lonemoon looked as Shen Ying as he chewed. "Right, what were you saying earlier?"

"… Nothing." Shen Ying's expression hardened. She sat down, still unable to tear her eyes away from the mouth-watering pastries. After hesitating for a few seconds, and watching Lonemoon wipe out the pastries at rapid speed, she finally reached out to stuff one piece of pastry into her mouth.

(⊙v⊙) So… So yummy…

She had one after another, as the pastries on the table disappeared quickly. The two of them seemed to be in a competition. They didn't even say a word - the only sounds came from their chewing. By the time Chef came back out with the dinner, the plates on the table were empty. The smell of explosives filled the air instead.

Yi Qing was obviously used to this. He kept the empty plates and replaced them with savory and fragrant dishes. Thus, the two of them began a new eating competition…

It was a full two hours later before the two of them finally rubbed their full bellies and stopped eating.

"Master." Yi Qing poured a cup of spirit tea for Shen Ying out of habit. "Have a drink - you will feel better."

Shen Ying paused and looked up at Yi Qing before glancing at the cup of tea. She clenched her fists by her side once again before reaching out with both hands to receive the cup. "Mm." She lowered her head to sip her tea. In a low voice, Shen Ying muttered, "The food you cooked was edible… thank you."

Yi Qing, who unexpectedly received an expression of gratitude, stared at her strangely. Master was…

"Chey!" Lonemoon rolled his eyes at her. As he always did, he exposed her. "That was just considered 'edible'? Then why were you fighting for the food so fiercely with me? You didn't even want to let me have that last piece of meat!" Drop the act - all of the Three Realms know how much of a foodie you are.

Lonemoon rubbed his belly and got to his feet. "Alright, if we're all full, let's go back to the main hall. You don't remember what happened in the past. I'll get the disciples over so that you can recognize them again. Otherwise, it'll be difficult to explain yourself if you address them wrongly."

Shen Ying shrank back. "I'm not going."

"Why not?" A strange expression crossed her face. "What kind of logic is that?" She threw him a cutting glare before recovering her hard expression. "Getting them out for me to re-recognize them would be akin to admitting that I've lost my memory."

Lonemoon pursed his lips. She had a point. "Then get Yu Hong, Chengyu, Shortie and the rest over. It wouldn't matter if you don't recognize the other people, but these are the few who always come to the rear hall. You'll have to meet them sooner or later."

Shen Ying sat upright. "I'm not seeing them!"

"Don't worry," Lonemoon continued to explain. "The few of them know the truth, and they're reliable. Nothing  will happen!"

"I'm not going!" Shen Ying continued to object.

"Why not?" "…" She did not respond. Instead, her expression remained hard. She was determined not to go, and her fists were clenched tightly by her sides.

She looked a bit… nervous?

Yi Qing paused and subconsciously glanced at the bunch of dharmic equipment that Lan Hua had left behind and had no time to keep. Then, he glanced at the dandelion on a chair next to him. There was a ding in his mind as everything finally clicked. He tested his theory. "Master, is it that… you're afraid to meet them because you haven't interacted with people in a long time?"

"Eh?" Lonemoon hesitated and widened his eyes to shoot a strange look at Shen Ying. "You're not for real… you're afraid of social interactions?" You must be kidding!

Shen Ying shivered. Her entire body suddenly turned call, as if something had sucked all of the warmth out of her body. Huge amounts of cold Qi floated out of her body as she began to freeze up. Her mind was filled with just a few words: I'm… exposed… exposed… exposed!


What should she do? What should she do?

How about… slaughter them!


"Hey, hey, hey… why are you looking at us like you want to silence us?" A chill ran down Lonemoon's spine. Yi Qing had hit the nail on the head, hadn't he? This devious and sharp- tongued, fifteen-year-old Shen Ying was afraid of social interactions!

"Shen Ying, you-"

"Master…" Before Lonemoon could finish speaking, Yi Qing interrupted him and stepped forward. "it's getting late. You just woke up and your body is still recovering. Why don't you get some rest?" Yi Qing pointed at the bedroom beside them and said, "If there's anything you need, we can talk about it tomorrow."

Shen Ying raised her head to look him in the eyes. Warmth filled her body once again. She responded with a soft "mm" and turned to enter the bedroom. She walked briskly, obviously happy to have an excuse to get away. THe next moment, they heard the door close softly.

The two of them: "…"

"Is she really…" Lonemoon still could not believe what he just heard. "She was talking to us rather smoothly back at the divine realm." She did not look in the least bit afraid of any social interaction.

"Thankfully, she was," Yi Qing muttered. "Don't you think Master reminds you of someone now?" Lonemoon paused. "Shen Jing?"

"Mm." Yi Qing nodded. He glanced at the shut door sadly. "In the past, Master probably did not like to interact much with others. Now, she's… just confused about how to respond when people treat her kindly." That was why she received Radish's flower while adopting the cool demeanor that Shen Jing normally had.


At that time, Shen Ying who was in the house was thinking:

What am I to do? I'm exposed! Even my older sister couldn't tell - how did they know? Were the two of them demons?

Indeed, interacting with people was much scarier than the plane storm outside…

(ಥ_ಥ) Teenage Ying, who was now fifteen and experiencing the same social anxieties she did before, was panicking.


Ever since she decided to become her older sister's assistant when she was three, Shen Ying had not interacted with strangers. It had been a long time since then. She had been terribly busy - the plane data that Shen Jing had handed to her alone could take up all of her time.

Ever since she began her physical training at age five, she seldom even went to earth. Each day, she studied, worked, and then slept. Apart from when she returned to her school two times a year to take her examinations, Shen Ying hardly came into contact with any strangers. What's more, the duration in which she could afford to transport within different spaces was limited. Each time, after she finished taking her exams, she would have to rush out of the examination hall and back home. There was no time for her to even build relationships with her friends. The only person whom she interacted with was her own strict, older sister.

Chapter 406: Strange Disciple

Sister said that the matter of the plane cannot go wrong, or there will be consequences they were unable to deal with. So they had to do things cleanly without any sloppiness, and their knowledge must be ready at hand, so that the whole picture could be clear with a single observation.

Shen Ying worked hard for more than a decade and she finally did it. She completed all the training of her sister, and she could deal with any plane crisis calmly. A long time of training on her own teaches her everything, except one… how to interact with others.

Sister said that one must be as cold and merciless as winter when dealing with intruders. But what if it wasn't an intruder?

What… what should she do?


No, don't panic, she was a plane assistant! Though she didn't know how to do it, she could learn! And the only model she had…

If she just be like Big Sister, everything should be fine. Hmm, that would definitely work!

So, Shen Jing only realized a long time later that her soft and cute sister seemed to have suddenly turned cold. The kind that couldn't be reversed.

"Master?" A few knocks suddenly came out of the door, waking a certain person who was drawing circles at the corner of the room.

Shen Ying stiffened, sat down back at the chair in the room like a flash of lightning, and her facial expression immediately dropped to the temperature of a fridge, as though all the panic, grievance and strangeness just now was just an illusion.

"Come in!" Only then did Yi Qing open the door and enter. He looked at a certain person who sat at the table with her back very straight. His expression softened like melted ice. "Master, this is Immortal Buds Brew, it helps with sleeping. In the past you always wanted one before sleep. I was worried that you won't be able to sleep so I sent it over."

Shen Ying looked at the cup in his hands and suddenly remembered the table-full of dishes. Her heart moved. He sent it over purposefully? Such a good disciple, but… what should she say?

Should she say 'thank you'? But she already said that earlier.

"Anything else?" She spoke coldly.

"Yeah. There is one matter…" Yi Qing didn't take note of her very cold expression. Just as he stepped forward and was about to speak, he immediately saw the black hands Shen Ying put on the table. "How is Master's hands dirty?" Shen Ying stiffened. Immediately the cold aura  started coming out of her again. She absolutely could not let him realize that it was dirty from drawing circles just now!

Yi Qing actually turned and sat down. He directly took her hands and started wiping it with a handkerchief he took out from somewhere on him. "Did Master forget that I put a dusting talisman in your storage bag? If you think it is inconvenient, how about I make a dusting jewel for you to wear?"

Shen Ying didn't answer. Her whole person was stunned. She looked at the person opposite her, wiping her hands and stunned. She immediately felt a burning hotness in her palms.

Disciples… are all of them like this?

"Done." Yi Qing wiped the little black claws back to  little white claws, before letting go of her hands and looking up.

Meeting his gaze by accident, Shen Ying panicked slightly. She tightened the burning palms slightly. What was she supposed to say? "It's okay. You can go now!" Uh it didn't seem right?

Yi Qing who got chased for several times felt a stuffiness in his heart. He looked at the person in front of him, sighed and said, "There's another matter that I've been wanting to mention to Master since earlier."


"Master, can you…" He suddenly leaned forward, looked her up and down and said with a serious look, "Take off your clothes?"




Take… take off clothes? Now… now! A series of mosaics flashed across her mind. Vaguely she felt a bang, as though something blasted up. On her face burned a strange temperature that had never been there before

A disciple or something… is so horrible!


"Now that Master's body shape is changed, this dharma clothing is too long." Yi Qing pulled at her sleeve which was indeed too long, and continued to explain, "I want to add an array on the dharma clothing, allowing it to stretch and shrink according to Master's body shape."


"Just mending clothes?" Shen Ying was stunned.

"Does Master there's something wrong with that?" Yi Qing asked her back. "No!" Shen Ying shook her head immediately, and she felt a great relief in her heart, though there wasn't much change shown on her face. She stood up rapidly and said while untying her belt. "I'll take it off for you now. Take it, take it.

"Master!" Yi Qing was shocked, only then realizing what she was about to do, his face flushed red immediately. He hurried to press her hand and say, "Not now! Tomorrow… You can give it to me tomorrow morning."

"Oh." Only then did Shen Ying stop.

Yi Qing turned away and took out a new set of dharma clothing and handed it over. His face was so red that they looked likely to drop blood. He didn't dare to drop a glance on her body, yet as he looked down, he saw the belt at her waist which was going to loosen really soon. Subconsciously, he caught it, and was about to tie it back for her.

Yet the door was pushed open violently, and Lonemoon suddenly rushed over. Yi Qing was shocked. He was nervous in the first place. Right now his hand trembled, and the hand which was about to go up went down instead. In an instant, the whole belt dropped down. Without the belt, the supreme-grade dharma clothing showed its supreme-grade soft quality, and slid down Shen Ying's body directly.

"Shen Ying, that dandelion that Radish gave you, you had better…" Lonemoon stopped mid-sentence, looked at Shen Ying, and then at Chef who was still holding the belt. He immediately understood something and covered his eyes. "I've seen nothing. You both continue… continue…"

Shen Ying, "…"

Yi Qing: "…"

Lonemoon backed out right away. Hey, his daughter grew up!

Wait… Shen Ying right now seemed… to be only fifteen?!

The hand which was about to shut the door paused and pushed it open once more. "Chef, you beast! She's only fifteen…"

Before he could finish, Chef looked like he finally regained his consciousness. He pressed the clothes in his other hand to Shen Ying directly and then started talking in a very rapid speed like he had never done before.

"Master, the night is deep and there will be strong winds. You should rest early."

"Master, there are new quilts in the cupboard. Your body has yet to recover and you've always been prone to cold. It's better to be careful."

"Master, you can't eat too many of the purple immortal fruits on the table. I've changed it to pastries for you, you can eat it in case you get hungry at night." "Master, I'll come tomorrow to get the dharma clothing…"

He talked about all the details at one go. With all that said, he turned and walked straight out, dragging Father Niu  beside him, who couldn't interrupt to say anything at all.

His footsteps were so fast, as though someone was chasing after him. He went all the way and only stopped after he had left the back palace.

"Chef what are you… Hmm? Why is your nose bleeding?"

Lonemoon turned back and saw two strings of redness flowing down Yi Qing's nose. Are you serious? Shen Ying only took off her outer clothes just now, right? There are still a few layers of clothes inside!

"Wait, what are you doing? Holy shit! Don't faint. I don't want to carry you okay!"

Before he could finish, the figure in front of him swayed, and fell right down. His hand still clenched tight to a pink belt.

Lonemoon: "…" Son of a b*tch!


Shen Ying frowned in the room. What a strange disciple…

She put down the new clothes in her hands and took off another two casually, before climbing on to the bed and into the quilt. Sleep!

Fifteen minutes later…

She lifted a corner of the quilt, looked at the cup of drink on the table. A bit of indecision flashed across her face. After a long while she got up, took the cup with both hands and took a sip. In the next moment, her eyes opened into two round circles.
 So… so tasty!

(⊙ o ⊙)

Chapter 407: A Letter to the Emperor

The back palace of Invincible Sect.

"A Bo Sea immortal gathering?" Lonemoon looked at Yu Hong who just came in with surprise. "What's that?"

"The country emperors of Bo Sea heard that you Elders have come back, so they presented a joint letter to the Immortal Monarch requesting the Bo Sea Immortal Gathering to be re- held after three days to congratulate the Monarch for returning to position." Yu Hong handed over the letter in her hand and explained.

Lonemoon took it, glanced at the content of the letter, and he frowned immediately. "How had I never known about such an immortal gathering? And what place is this Bo Sea Pool mentioned here?"

"That's an immortal pool west of the heaven palace, hundreds of kilometers away from the sect." Yu Hong pointed to the west and said, "Over there, an immortal spring would appear every hundred years from the immortal qi. It is said that the immortal qi inside is thicker than that of immortal veins, so in the past, Bo Sea emperors hold a Bo Sea Immortal Gathering every century. They invite the country emperors across Bo Sea to taste the spring as a kind of reward for them."

"Where the immortal spring appeared was an extremely beautiful field of flowers to begin with, and it had awesome scenery." Yu Hong continued to explained. "Immortals of other continents also often went there in admiration of its name. So Bo Sea Immortal Gathering slowly became a grand immortal gathering hosted by the Bo Sea Emperor himself every century."

"Then why is it called a re-holding?" Lonemoon continued to ask. "Was it never held in the thousands of years in which we left?"

"No indeed." She shook her head and said, "That immortal spring is at the edge of the Bo Sea Nine-Layered Palace. After the immortal and demon worlds merged, that immortal spring happened to be at the border of the two. In the past, the relation between the Immortals and Demons wasn't as good as it is now. So…"

"So no immortal dared to go there any more?" "Yes." nodded Yu Hong. "An immortal spring is useless to the demon clan, and the immortals didn't go there, so naturally nobody thought about it anymore. And we didn't bother about it. Besides, in these years, the relation between those country emperors and the sect was…"

She didn't continue, but her expression wasn't good, and the meaning was clear.

Lonemoon's face sank as well. What kind of people those fifteen Bo Sea emperors were, he of course remembered very clearly. On the surface, they were under the rule of Bo Sea. In reality, they weren't sincerely obedient. When Invincible Sect took charge of Bo Sea last time, they had plotted to replace them, and to take advantage of them with the former immortal guards. Only after being seen through by him and beaten by Chef were they slightly better-behaved.

But in the thousands of years in which they left, though there was Lan Hua, the former emperor in the sect, and they couldn't do anything blatant to betray Bo Sea, there must have been countless little tricks beneath the surface. On the day of Yu Hong's wedding, all Celestial Emperors came to congratulate them, yet none of the fifteen Bo Sea emperors came. This was evident enough. "In the years in which Sect Master was away, these so-called country emperors were obedient in their appearance, but behind our backs they let out rumors that Emperor Lan Hua was from the demon clan and his temporary charge of Invincible Heavenly Palace was a plot of the demon world to annex Bo Sea. They purposely provoked a conflict between the two sides!" said Yu Hong indignantly. "If not for the emperors of other continents who came themselves to clear the misunderstanding, and for that their cultivation was inferior to Lan Hua, those villains… must have invaded the Heavenly Palace and taken our place long ago."

Lonemoon looked down once more at the letter in his hand.
His frown deepened as he listened.

"Elder Lonemoon!" said Yu Hong with a face full of worry. "Their sudden mention of a re-holding of Bo Sea Immortal Gathering is absolutely not for anything like congratulating the emperor. They must have a different purpose."

"Nothing more than to invoke conflict so that they can take advantage of it." Lonemoon threw the letter casually on the table at his side. He recognized such little tricks with one look. He snorted and said, "It's best for them if they can get us to kill one another, so that they reap profit from it." Yu Hong was stunned, and a hint of confusion flashed in his eyes. "What does Elder mean?"

"Didn't you realize?" Lonemoon pointed at the letter. "That letter is full of congratulatory words for the return of Bo Sea Emperor. Nine sentences out of ten were to express happiness, longing, and how much they missed him. The extent of exaggeration, it was like Chef had an affair with them." [the Chinese expression of 'affair' used here means 'have a leg' literally.]

"No!" As he finished the sentence, the person who was peeling nuts next to him interrupted suddenly. He thought about it and then said seriously, "What do I want their leg for?" Not like they could be used for cooking.

Yu Hong: "…"

Lonemoon, "…"

Are you f*cking sure you are not here to make jokes? "There's a problem with these congratulatory words?" Yu Hong still didn't understand.

"Of course it has no problem when we read it." Lonemoon laughed and knocked at that letter with his flute. "But the key is, this letter is not just for us. More importantly, it is written specially for Lan Hua to read."

Yu Hong was stunned. "What's it got to do with Boss Lan?"

Lonemoon laughed even colder. "Lonemoon's been in the sect for so many years and has the highest cultivation level. Though a Fiendish Cultivator, he used to be the supremacy of the Emperor after all. The whole immortal world thought that he was the actual Bo Sea Emperor. Right now we come back and say that he was only a substitute, and that Chef is the real Emperor. What would you think if you were him?"

"But Lan Hua never took charge of Invincible Sect." explained Yu Hong. All matters of the sect were done by her and  her Junior Sisters after their discussion. Over these three thousand years, all Lan Hua did was researching on all kinds of spells and messing around with his friend Radish. She couldn't even count the number of trouble that she had helped him deal with. "But others don't know about it." Lonemoon looked at her. Who would have thought Lan Hua, whose cultivation was as high as a Demon King and who had guarded Bo Sea for thousands of years, had indeed no interest at all for the position of Emperor. And his own self was merely an idle person residing at Invincible Sect. The kind that needed to pay rent. Nobody would believe such things.

"So… they suggested re-holding Bo Sea Immortal Gathering to provoke Boss Lan's displeasure so that he would fight with Elder Yi Qing for the position of Bo Sea Emperor?" Yi Qing opened her eyes wide, her face full of disbelief.

Lan Hua… And Elder Yi Qing? These people have such amazing imaginative powers.

Not to mention how to get someone who was in practicing room studying new spells everyday and someone who was in kitchen studying new dishes together in the first place.

To make these two top-notch absentee leaders fight for the position of Emperor, they must be joking! They would only get together to throw it away as far as they could, okay? Not to mention Lan Hua's casualness with everything besides cultivation, Elder Yi Qing also never liked to bother  with people. It was hard for the two to even come into conflict.

Unless it was for…

She turned back subconsciously, and looked at the person who on a very rare occasion, wasn't nibbling at a fruit, but clicking at something on a light screen with a cold face.

A rush of excitement went across her heart. The sect master was the most capable indeed…


"All those country emperors have their minds full of politics and dark thoughts, and they thought everyone was like them." Lonemoon snorted, and his eyes were full of sarcasm. After a long while he turned to Yu Hong and said, "Go and reply to them that we will hold this Bo Sea Immortal Gathering  on time." "Oh? We're holding it?" Yu Hong stunned briefly.

"Of course we are!" smiled Lonemoon. "Don't they want to go? Then we are not only holding it, but holding it grandly. We are not only inviting the country emperors but also all the Exalted Immortals in the realm of Bo Sea."

"Huh?!" Yu Hong was stunned. "But in the Bo Sea, there are hundreds with the cultivation of Exalted Immortal…"

"It is better with more people." Lonemoon smiled in a way that his eyes narrowed into a line. "Don't they enjoy scheming? We are rather free, in any case. We will play with them."

"… Yes!" Yu Hong turned and went to send notices.

Though she didn't know what Elder Lonemoon wanted to do, she just felt that there was something big waiting for the country emperors.

Chapter 408: Make Some Troubles

"Oh yeah, Chef." Lonemoon remembered something and turned to Yi Qing who was still peeling. He took out a storage bag and said, "You send these immortal herbs to Lan Hua later, and help him make some Immortal Contest Pills."

"Immortal Contest Pills!" Yi Qing stopped short. Immortal Contest Pills can directly raise one's cultivation level. Supreme- grade ones can even result in a great leap in levels. However, the conditions for making them are extremely strict. Not  to mention rare immortal herbs, special immortal fire was required for them to be made. So though everyone in Immortal Realm knew about such a pill formulation, nobody could get them made.

Except Invincible Sect…

They had no lack of immortal herbs, and immortal  fire… What immortal fire could be compared to Yi Qing's True Phoenix Fire? So they could really make it.

"Disciples of the sect are all body cultivator, they don't need such elixirs." A body core cultivator cultivates their own physique, and even the best elixirs left impurities inside the body, and may even contain elixir poisons which were nothing to other immortals but a big hindrance to body cultivators. Therefore, besides emergency pills, the sect didn't let its disciples take these immortal power-improving pills.

"Not for the disciples of the sect." Lonemoon shook his head.

Before he could explain, Shen Ying who was checking data at the side suddenly spoke. "He's preparing those to set traps for those country emperors." Shen Ying said as she clicked on the light screen. "Raise the cultivation of the people around them to a level similar to themselves, therefore let them fight among themselves. To put it simply…" Shen Ying turned to give him a cold glance. "He's making trouble!"

"They thought of this method themselves!" Lonemoon's expression was innocent.

He was just dealing with them with their own plots.

Didn't they want to provoke a conflict between Chef and Lan Hua for the position of Emperor? What if someone starts fighting with them for the position of country emperors first? Would they still be so free then?

Lonemoon's look darkened. Their Invincible Sect was not so easily bullied. They didn't know about it in the past. But now that they sent trouble to their doorsteps, of course he had to send it back to them equally.

Shen Ying frowned, and turned to glance at Lonemoon, whose face was written full of evil ideas. Big Sister said that assistants shouldn't interfere with the development of living beings of the plane too much. She was a Manager now, should she give them a reminder?

Hmm. She's got to talk to them properly…


She took a deep breath, and said word by word, in a tone as mild as she could, "Are you an idiot?" Lonemoon who found it not the least mild but sharp like a knife, "…"


"It is absolutely meaningless for a plane assistant to interfere in the conflict among original living beings. Your existence is different from theirs to begin with. What's the pride in bullying a bunch of little kids?"

Hmm. Saying it this way should make him understand. She talked properly today!


Lonemoon wanted to spit blood onto her face. Why does such a normal thing sound like knives, coming from her?

"I'm working to prevent future troubles. If we don't deal with this now, these country emperors would only grow worse in the future. How can we stand by and let our disciples get bullied?" What did he care about interfering with such things? Wasn't he forced to do so by you lazy bitches? Who is the sect master? Hello?

Shen Ying was stunned. She thought about those girls who smiled at her very happily yesterday, and her heart softened. It seemed… to make sense as well. Big Sister didn't seem to have said about what was the effect of assistants interfering in such things. Never mind, whatever!

So she looked at Lonemoon once more and said seriously, "You may do whatever that pleases you."

.Lonemoon, "…"

Why was it even more provoking? This was sarcasm right?

Holy shit, don't stop me, I'll go report her right now!

"I'll go  look  for  Lan  Hua  then."  Chef  suddenly  stood  up, interrupting the conversation between the two. "Father Niu. Besides Immortal Contest Pills, do you need any other pills?"

Only then did Lonemoon suppress the anger inside him. "Maybe you let Lan Hua decide himself? Oh yeah!" He suddenly remembered something and looked at the provoking girl. "Where's the dandelion that Radish gave you yesterday? Let Chef give it to Lan Hua together. It helps to increase the quality of pills."

Shen Ying stiffened, and even the hand which was clicking on the light screen paused.

The flower… it had to be taken back?

That was her first time getting a flower! Are you a devil?


"Where did you keep it?" Seeing that she didn't speak for a long time, Lonemoon asked again. "That dandelion loses its power if it is not kept sealed with spells."

"…" I don't want to give it to you. I'm not happy!


"That won't be necessary." Yi Qing turned back subconsciously and looked at cold-faced Shen Ying. "I'll get some more from Radish on my way."

Oh? Shen Ying looked up in surprise, her eyes widened slightly.

A good guy…

"There are existing ones, why bother going." Lonemoon frowned. "Not like you don't know that Radish only listens to Shen Ying. Even if you go, he may not give it to you." Huh?

Wait, what are you doing taking that kitchen knife?

"He will!" said Yi Qing with a serious look.


Hehe. As you please!


Yi Qing turned once more to look at Master at the side, who still wore a cold look. He pushed over the nuts which he had spent a long while peeling, "Master… you wanna eat?"

Shen Ying was stunned. She looked down at a full dish of peeled nuts right in front of her. Her expression remained the same, but her eyes widened to a circle immediately. A while later…

"… Yes."

( 『̄̄)

She slowly raised a hand to pick one and stuffed it into her mouth very rapidly.

So chewy, so tasty…

(⊙ o ⊙)

Hmm. This was a good guy.

A slight curvature appeared at the corner of Yi Qing's mouth. Only then did he turn out of the door and go looking for Lan Hua. Shen Ying stuffed a few more in a flash. While she ate, she turned to look at his leaving figure, and the bottom of her heart warmed for no reason. But a bit of confusion flashed in her yes.

She always felt that there was something strange with this disciple? He seemed to be overly nice to her that it didn't feel like a master-disciple relation at all.

He turned to Father Niu beside her and wanted to ask about it. Subconsciously she reached out and pulled something. "Umm…"

"Ouch~~~~" Lonemoon felt a pain on his head and he jumped up immediately. "Holy shit! Why did you suddenly pull my hair so forcefully?" His scalp was going to peel off!

Shen Ying's hand stiffened. What now? She pulled the wrong thing. He'd get angry, right?


"I pulled  the  clothes."  Her  expression  remained  absolutely unchanged.

"Did you think I'm blind?" The corner of Lonemoon's mouth twitched. Don't hide your hand behind you, if you dare? He rubbed the painful scalp and turned to give her a hard stare, before asking, "What do you want?"

"I want to ask about a matter." Shen Ying looked at the peeled nuts on the table once more. "That Yi Qing… is he really my disciple?"

"Can he be my disciple, if not yours?" Lonemoon rolled his eyes, while continuing to rub his scalp.

"Just… a disciple?"

Only then did Lonemoon understand what she meant. He was momentarily stunned, and asked with some surprise, "Holy shit, can't it be? Didn't Yi Qing tell you about such a thing?" Then were you two PLAYING at taking off clothes yesterday? Shen Ying tilted her head. Tell her about what?

"Of course he's not just your disciple. He's also your boyfriend!" With that said, he added, "Hadn't both of you met the parents?" [Note: meeting parents is the sign of a stabilized relationship for the Chinese.]




In the next instant, Shen Ying's cold face which was very well maintained until now broke like a glass. Her face flushed into a little ripened tomato in a second…


Chapter 409: Got a Boyfriend

Yi Qing felt that Master was a bit weird these few days. Though there was no difference on the surface to that ice-cold look of hers, he somehow always felt that Master's glance from the corner of her eyes often fell on him. Whether he was chopping, washing, or cooking ingredients, she'd give him sudden looks. And her expression was very strange. It seemed to be inquiry, doubt, confusion, and some…. illusion-like shyness?

"Master, is something wrong?" Yi Qing couldn't help but ask.

The person who sat at the table working on data stiffened. Her hands paused, and after a long while she replied coldly, "Nope!" Pretending that she had done nothing suspicious, she started letting out cold aura…

With that said, she turned back, bowed down and continued clicking. Her whole head was almost buried inside the light screen in front of her. Only that a bit of redness showed at the side of her ears.

Yi Qing was stunned. He became even more confused. He thought about it, stepped forward and sat on the chair at the side, pushing the pastries in his hand in her direction, "The pastries this time is more troublesome to make. Is Master blaming me for being too slow such that you get hungry waiting?"



Shen Ying was briefly stunned, and only then moved her big round eyes away from the light screen and right towards the extra dish of pastries which appeared on the table.

Instantly, her eyes became even rounder and her nose moved slightly. It smelled… so nice!

( 『̄̄)

"This is a new invention?" "Yup. Would Master like to help me try out the taste?" Yi Qing moved the dish in her direction once more.

"Okay, I'll try it for you!" Shen Ying's expression remained unchanged, and a bit of something flashed across her eyes. After a long time she slowly reached out, took one piece, and stuffed it into her mouth rapidly. In the next moment, her  eyes narrowed.

So tasty… tastier than all the ones before!

(⊙ o ⊙)

"This is my first time making this kind of pastry. How does Master find it?" Yi Qing asked seriously.

Shen Ying opened up her eyes quickly and gave her a look. It was so delicious, shouldn't she praise him? So she replied with a cold "passable".

"…" With that said, she took another one, stuffed it into  her mouth. And then she reached for another, then another…

Seeing that a full plate of pastries was very soon finished up, Yi Qing couldn't help but raise the corner of his mouth to a curvature. "Good that Master likes it." His look was instantly as soft as water, as though the person in front of him was all there was in the whole world.

Even Shen Ying grew a bit awkward from his look. She tilted her head and gave him a look, suddenly remembering what Lonemoon said, and her heart moved. She couldn't help but feel a heat on her face.

Was he really her boyfriend? That was why he was so good to her, helping her mend clothes, change quilts, wipe hands, and guarding her closely every single minute. More importantly, he could make lots and lots of delicious foods that she had never tasted.

With another look, he looked really handsome as well. To have such a boyfriend, it seemed… not bad as well. ~(≧▽≦)/~

But didn't Big Sister say that she was not allowed to have a relationship before 18 years old? No! Didn't they  say  that  she only lost her memory from  the  dormancy,  when  she  was actually already 28 years old? Then… then it should be okay to have a relationship right?

And didn't that one called Lonemoon say that they had already met the parents? Then Big Sister approved?

A horrible face suddenly appeared in her face, and she shivered subconsciously. She turned back once more and glanced at Yi Qing. She really couldn't help but ask, "You… have really met my sister?"

"Why is Master asking this?" Yi Qing was briefly stunned, but nodded honestly. "I have met her indeed."

"Then… she didn't do anything to you?" Yi Qing shook his head, "She didn't." Only gave Father Niu a beating.

"Really not?"


"This doesn't make sense!" Shen Ying's face was full of disbelief, and she glanced at him once more and said in all seriousness, "You are actually still alive?!" He didn't even have a broken leg!


"Never mind." Shen Ying decided not to continue thinking anymore. She looked at the last two pieces of pastries on the table, and after a long moment of hesitation, she gritted her teeth, turned her hand and handed one over. "For you!"

"Huh?" Yi Qing was stunned. He didn't mean to eat. "Master, I didn't…" "Eat!" Shen Ying didn't wait for him to finish, but stuffed it right inside his mouth. This was the portion for the boyfriend!

Yi Qing didn't pay attention for a moment and subconsciously opened his mouth. He felt a soft hand rubbing against his lips, filling his mouth full of amazing tastes.

Master… Master fed…

Only then did he realize something. His whole person stiffened, and his complexion burst red instantly. His heart raced so fast it was like it could leap out of his mouth.

This was the first time Master was so… His look couldn't help but follow the other person's hand.

Yet Shen Ying had already taken up the last piece of pastry, stuffed it into her mouth, and as she ate, she licked the pastry flour on her fingertips. After a long while she realized something, looked down at her own hand, and her whole person stiffened. This hand of hers seemed to have just…

Turning back subconsciously, the eyes of the two met. They understood something instantly. In the next moment… a huge wave of redness climbed onto both faces. Even the air felt a bit hotter, as though pink bubbles had appeared.


That was the scene of deep, romantic exchange of looks Lonemoon saw when he entered.

The corner of his mouth twitched. He had to speak and break all the pink bubble in the surroundings. "Hey! Are you two done looking?" You've exchanged looks for one full minute!

The two stiffened, and as though they had been shocked, both looked away. One buried the head into a light screen, the other stood up.

"Father… Niu. What is it?" "It's time to go!"

"Go where?"

Lonemoon was speechless. He looked him up and down. "Did you two forget that today is the day of Bo Sea Immortal Gathering?"


"The time is late. Yu Hong and the girls have gone over early in the morning. I'm here specially to fetch both of you." He looked up at the sky. "We'll leave when Boss Lan's ready."

As he was talking, Lan Hua entered with a bottle of elixirs. "There, the elixirs you asked for. Two hundred in total."

"Thank you for your hard work!" Lonemoon took the elixirs from Lan Hua's hand. Then he took out a dharma artifact and threw it into the air. With the blink of an eye, it turned into a giant spirit bird in five colors. It waved its wings, and auspicious clouds layered up and immortal qi surrounded them. It was like a land of illusion.

Hmm. This was a bird very suitable for showing off.

Lonemoon raised his hand to produce a seal, and that Dharma-artifact-changed-into-spirit-bird flew down instantly, occupying more than half of the yard.

"Let's go!" He waved towards the rest. "Oh yeah, Boss Lan, you go as well."

"I?" Lan Hua was stunned. "What do I go for?" Not like he needed to have his cultivation improved. And that immortal spring didn't work for Fiendish Cultivators, in any case.

"You must go!" How could they beat back their expectations if you didn't go?" "But I've arranged with Brother Radish and Nephew Dandelion to go find new immortal herbs today!"

"…" Since when did Song Ren become your nephew? Do you have to accept that so readily?

"How about all of you go? I really don't…"

"Three years of rent exempted."

"Okay Father Niu, no problem Father Niu!" The reply changed instantly.

Lonemoon, "…"

Yi Qing: "…"

Shen Ying, "…"

Chapter 410: Heading to the Immortal Gathering

The three flew onto the back of the bird, before they realized that there was in fact a Lotus Stage on its back, which could contain a few dozens of people. The giant bird opened its wings and flew up. Along the way, colorful clouds and bright spiritual light covered the way in front of them like laid-out carpets.

The entrance had to be stunning. Fortunately, he found out this great tool for showing off just last night. Lonemoon nodded satisfactorily. The look was good enough, just that the surroundings were so bright that it was a bit hard to recognize the way.

"Chef, look…"

He was just about to ask the person beside him, yet as his head turned, he found Yi Qing standing still with a blank look, his look drifting towards a certain person beside him from time to time, as though he had yet to gather his thoughts. His look was completely romantic. Lonemoon: "…" F*cking retards.

He had to turn to Lan Hua instead. "Boss Lan, that Boss Lan immortal spring, have you been there before?"

"Yeah, several times." Lan Hua used his divine perception to glance over and then pointed to the left. "Just fly right in that direction. It is a few dozen kilometers away. It'll take only fifteen minutes."

The dharma spell in Lonemoon's hands changed, as they flew straight towards that direction.

Shen Ying at the side frowned. As though she remembered something, she opened a light screen and took a look. "The place that you talked about, is it here?"

She clicked at her wristband. Instantly, a light screen in front of the three all of a sudden. On it was a map which showed exactly the geography of Bo Sea. She raised a hand to point at a red dot on the left. "Is the place we're going near this marking spot?" Lan Hua was shocked by the sudden appearance of the map. Remembering Shen Ying's abilities, he gave the illusion-like map a close inspection, and then nodded. "That's right. This is the place where the immortal spring appears."

Shen Ying's frown deepened.

"What's up?" asked Lonemoon. "What's wrong with this place?"

Shen Ying closed the map on the light screen, turned to give him a look before saying, "Three days ago, I did a casual scan of the data of this area, and received a series of abnormal data. I've been locating its exact location."

"Can it be there?" Lonemoon was shocked. "Wait, so you've been staring at that light screen these few days searching for this?"

"Or what?" Shen Ying turned and gave him a cold glance. "Search for fun? And get as idle as you guys?" "…" Can't you talk properly? How was he idle? And how do you, a person who eats five meals a day, have the face to say something like this? "What are those abnormalities after all? An intrusion?"

"Did you think plane intrusions are cabbages in the north? Which you buy tens of kilos each time?" Shen Ying gave him a look of disdain and explained with a face full of indifference. "My primary guess is just space folding or fracturing. It won't have too great an impact on the plane. The specifics can only be obtained when we arrive there."

"What?" What the hell was that?

"You don't understand?"

Shen Ying's head tilted. She glanced at the two, whose looks were completely blank. This issue was rather difficult to understand indeed. Even she spent several months learning.

"Let me put it this way!" They were still newbies. Yup, as a Manager, she shouldn't hurt their confidence. So she stepped forward, and in a tone as mild as possible, she said word by word, "With your IQ which can be approximated to zero, it is very hard for me to explain to you!"

Lonemoon, "…"

Yi Qing: "…"

Both felt like they were stabbed in the stomach.

Hmm, I've been a Manager properly today!


"What are you talking about?" Lan Hua at the side listened with a face full of confusion. His look moved back and forth between ice-cold Shen Ying and Lonemoon who was on the edge of bursting out. Taking a deep breath, Lonemoon finally suppressed the angst in his heart. As an adult, he shouldn't bother with kids. He turned and gave Lan Hua a look, and then patted his shoulder. "You're happier not knowing!" Or you'd get extremely angry as well.

Lan Hua: "…"


Bo Sea Immortal Gathering.

Immortals gathered, filling the sea of flowers. Some of them were from the countries of Bo Sea, while others came from other continents upon hearing the news. After all, the Bo Sea Immortal Gathering was re-held after more than 3000 years. It was a rare opportunity.

With a glance, one could see that all the immortals present were of considerable levels of cultivation. The lowest were Stygian Immortals. The vast majority were Exalted Immortals. Yu Hong gave the immortals a close look, before turning to the disciple beside her and ask, "Are all country emperors here?"

"All except the emperor of East Tsui are here." answered the disciple.

Yu Hong frowned, and a gloominess came to her heart. In the next instant, she heard a bird cry, which was very loud. The crowd which was noisy at first quietened down and looked up together towards the sky. A giant spirit bird flew towards their direction. Where it passed through, auspicious clouds covered the sky, bringing about an amazing amount of suppression.

"Sect master is here." Yu Hong felt joyful and nodded towards the disciple beside her.

The disciple turned to announce loudly, "Sect- Bo Sea Emperor has arrived!"

The colorful spirit bird descended. The country emperors turned back and saw Lan Hua at the head of the group, and Yi Qing who followed close behind. A joy came to their faces instantly, with the expectation for watching a good fight. The four walked down from the bird. The crowd turned back and saluted them together, "Greetings, Emperor!"

The person opposite them didn't respond. Lonemoon waved a hand, and that giant bird turned into a white light, and then back into the dharma artifact which flew back into his palm. Only then did the four start walking towards the main seat.

The country emperors exchanged a look. They glanced back and forth between Lan Hua and Yi Qing, their eyes full of excitement. Especially when the two walked together towards the main seat, they couldn't conceal the excitement in their hearts at all.

Perhaps due to the ignorance of the immortal guards who came early to arrange the place, there was actually only one main seat. To begin with, the relation between Lan Hua and that Emperor Yi Qing was very subtle. One was the proper Bo Sea Emperor recommended by the country emperors of all continents, while another was the present Emperor who had taken charge of, and been controlling, Bo Sea for many years. The key was that the two actually appeared at the Immortal Gathering together. Though the matter of the main seat was a minor, it represented the seat of the real Emperor. So who was going to sit on it? The more the country emperors thought about it, the more excited they were. They would be glad to see the two start arguing right away. Indeed, the two walked side-by-side straight towards the main seat. As they approached, neither moved to turn. They walked all the way onto the main stage.

It's coming… It's coming… The country emperors held their breaths subconsciously, as they closely watched the two walking straight towards the main seat, and then…

They turned away together. Neither sat down. One went to the left and the other to the right, they walked to the two sides of the chair. And the young female immortal who followed the two inclined her body and sat right onto the seat. Perhaps because the chair was too high, she even had to stretch her legs twice before she could sit stably. She raised her head and gave the crowd a cold glance.

The country emperors, "…"

The Immortals: "…" What the hell?

I thought there was to be a great fight? I thought that the two Emperors couldn't stand each other? Where did this tigress come from?

Yet everyone from Invincible Sect looked like it was completely natural. Including Yi Qing and Lan Hua!

Yi Qing was already used to standing behind Shen Ying. Lan Hua had already turned back towards Yu Hong, and ventured, "Sister Little Hong, Little Black let me ask you, if he could…"

"Get lost!"

"Oh." Lan Hua shrunk back immediately. He silently pitied a certain person who was chased out of his home for months. I've tried, bro!
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