My Master Disconnected Yet Again Chapter 491-500

Chapter 491: Ferocious Beasts And Domestic Beasts

Fatty felt as if he was being introduced to Shen Ying for the first time, he scrutinized her from head to toe, staring in disbelief, turns out Miss Shen was this formidable?

As if having sensed his gaze, Shen Ying suddenly turned around and handed something out on her outstretched hand, asking with a serious expression, "Want some fruits?"

"Huh?" Fatty hesitated and peeped at the fruit on her hand that obviously had a bite taken out of it, why was she treating him to fruits again?

Hold on, was she mindful that this fruit had the saliva of the ferocious beast splattered on and that's why she was giving it to him?

No no no, Miss Shen definitely wasn't such a person, it must be because she noticed that he was shocked and wanted to give him some to calm his nerves. As for why there was only half, it must be because this was the only one left, absolutely so! "No need, thank you Miss Shen." Fatty shook his head.

"Oh." Shen Ying retracted her hand in disappointment, then… threw it out in the next moment, pulled out a new one and continued to nibble!

Fatty: "…"

Feels like he'd been stabbed somewhere, it hurts.

"Where is this?" Shen Ying asked.

"Should be underwater." Lonemoon replied, then took out a pearl, their surroundings lit up instantly. It wasn't just the surroundings of the few of them, as far as they could see, the entire area had lit up.

Fatty then realized that they were indeed underwater, there was a bubble-like ward around the few of them. It was probably an array formation that Lonemoon had set up the moment they fell in. It was complete deserted underwater, other than a ferocious beast that was trembling, there was nothing else. This space wasn't too big, about tens of feet long from one end to the other, they could see the ends of it at one look, it seemed like a body of water that someone had specially split the ground open to form.

Lonemoon controlled the ward and brought everyone down to the waterbed, even after looking around, they did not notice anything special.

"Master…" Fatty glanced at Lonemoon who seemed to be searching for something and could not help but ask, "When did you realize that Chan Ji was fooling us?" Seeing the calm manner of the few others earlier on, it was evident that they'd long known Chan Ji's motive and had intentionally gotten themselves in here.

Lonemoon darted a look at him before replying, "Since the time he told us that it was the Weeping Beast being sealed in here."

"…" Wasn't that right at the start. "Chan Ji acted in a benevolent manner, as if he did not want to drag us into the mess, but conferred everything regarding the sealing of Weeping Beast without holding back." Lonemoon sneered coldly. "Said he wanted to let us leave, but told us about the sealing in so much detail, isn't this obviously wanting to drag us down." Even to the disciple who claimed to be bringing them down the mountain, Lonemoon had only said a few words and he brought them here. It was evident that everything had been arranged from the start, such cheap tricks of baiting, did they think he couldn't tell?

"He repeatedly claimed that the seal had been unstable since a few months back, yet we only came to Hao Ran Court a month ago. If he really didn't want to implicate us, why did he suggest bringing us here back then."

Fatty's countenance fell, indeed, knowing that the seal was about to break but still dragging them all the way here from the Southern Land, then advised them to leave, this was very illogical.

"How could it be so coincidental that one of their Soul Formation cultivator happened to fall ill and needed us to fill up the spot." More importantly, this ferocious beast was a Weeping Beast. Ferocious beasts were indeed formidable, and because they naturally came with the aura of Chaos, only the divine race was able to counter them. Letting one out could possibly destroy a little world. But the Weeping Beast wasn't one of them, when they were on the top, Chef had done a voice transmission telling them the Weeping Beast was only an earthly beast.

A so-called earthly beast, means that it is linked to the pulse of the earth of its habitat, earthly beasts cannot leave their habitat for life, this only means that the Weeping Beast is merely a domestic beast, unless there is a life-threatening crisis, it will not wander out at all. Others might not be clear about this, but Chef who had his heritage in the divine race had a full understanding.

In this case, their motive in intentionally mentioning about the sealing of the array formation was very obvious, it was to lure them into it.

"But… there is no animosity between Hao Ran Court and me, why are they doing this?" Fatty still could not understand.

Lonemoon glanced at him from head to toe. "What else?" Fatty faltered and pointed to himself. "Me?"

"Is there any other Xuanzang meat here with us?"

What was Xuanzang meat?

"Bu… But they're Buddhist cultivators?" Fatty's eyes were wide in disbelief.

"Who knows if they really are Buddhist cultivators?" Lonemoon frowned. "They must have something else up their sleeve to trap us in there. Let's search and see if there's anything else other than the ferocious beast here?"

Hence the few of them did another search around, but still did not find anything special.

"Chef, did you find anything?" Yi Qing also shook his head. "This entire place can be seen in one glance, there is nowhere abnormal."

"That's odd that." Lonemoon frowned. "Why did they take great pains to trap us in here?"

"Maybe they didn't want to do anything?" Shen Ying suddenly spoke up.

Both of them faltered and instantly came to a realization. Yeah, those people have no idea about the capabilities that he and Chef had, at best, they would think that they were Soul Formation cultivators. In normal circumstances, if they'd entered and there was a ferocious beast inside, it was most likely…

All at once three pairs of eyes look towards the beast at the bottom together.

A certain beast whose head was still stuck in the crack was startled and trembled even more. Meow meow meow?

(; ́༎Д༎`)

Lonemoon's mouth twitched, a chain appeared with a raise of his hand, binding it around the ferocious beast and tugging forcefully, he intended to pull the Weeping Beast out. The ferocious beast who finally got out wore a look of panic as it looked up them weakly, accurately putting it, it looked up at Shen Ying and started trembling again.

"Meoow~~" With a whimper, it turned around and charged forward abruptly, stuffing its head back in again, this time it wasn't stuck, it's entire head had gone into the crack, leaving its body that was made up of a cloud of black Qi outside, shivering like it was able to fall apart.

Lonemoon: "…"

Yi Qing: "…" Fatty: "…"

How timid was it? It'd only been given a slap.

Lonemoon could only pull it out again and conjure an earth- elemental spell to flatten out that crack in the ground. Weeping Beast had nowhere to hide and frantically turned in circles before suddenly closing its eyes and rolling over, falling to the ground with a thud and remained unmoving. Pretending as if it was dead.

The three of them: "…"

This act of feigning death, 0 points! Did it think they were blind?

Lonemoon sighed and did not bother with it anymore.

"If the aim of Chan Ji and the others was Fatty's flesh and blood, then it doesn't make sense for them to send him here." Weeping Beast likes to feed on flesh and blood too, what good would it be for them if Fatty was to be eaten? Lonemoon glanced at the terrified beast. "Unless… there is something special about this Weeping Beast?"

Lonemoon suddenly thought of something and turned towards Yi Qing, saying, "Chef, try throwing a beast in your storage bag to the Weeping Beast?"

Both master and disciple instantly turned to him, sending waves of grievances to him…

Shen Ying: Those are to be eaten!

Yi Qing: Those belong to Master!

"Alright, at the worst I'll make up with your food allowance."

Chapter 492: The Secret Of Preserving Souls

Yi Qing glanced at Shen Ying before opening the storage bag with some hesitance, after picking and choosing for a long while, he finally pulled a fish about half a kg heavy and handed it over. "Here!" This was the smallest one.

Lonemoon turned and threw it to the ferocious beast below.

Perhaps it was too scared, Weeping Beast did not even move, and remained as a stiff being on the ground, working hard to feign death.

"Chef, bring Shen Ying further away." Lonemoon said.

Yi Qing then conjured another bubble and brought his Master slightly further away.

After sometime, Weeping Beast finally moved, its body that was made up of black Yin Qi suddenly had a tiny aura strand out and carefully moved towards the fish from the side. As if having confirmed that no one was stopping it, it then straightened up and swiftly pounced towards the fish. The black aura of its body separated then wrapped the fish into itself.

In less than a moment, an intact set of fish bones was spit out from its mouth.

Lonemoon was taken aback. "It doesn't eat bones!"

According to fact, such ferocious beasts whose body is made of Yin Qi should be able to digest anything, besides, no matter demon beasts or human cultivators, the Spiritual Power in their bones is greater than that in the flesh and blood, but Weeping Beast doesn't feed on bones, could it that Chan Ji's motive is…

Weeping Beast interrupted his thoughts as it flipped around, its belly skin facing up and it began to conscientiously feign death once more.

"Huh? There seems to be something on its belly." Fatty suddenly pointed below and said. Lonemoon took a careful look, sure enough, there seemed to be something drawn on Weeping Beast's belly skin. Earlier on, it'd been blocked by the thick Yin Qi and he hadn't noticed, now, there seemed to be a white ray there.

He called Chef back and flew down for a closer look.

"This is… an array formation!" There was indeed an array formation amongst the clouds of black Qi, it was glowing with white light, as if it'd just been activated. The harder the Weeping Beast trembled, the brighter the array formation became.

"Seems to be a transportation array!" Yi Qing said.

His words had just fell when the white light flashed before their eyes, something flew directly into the array formation. Lonemoon turned back and noticed that the fish bone that was on the ground earlier had disappeared.

The motive of Chan Ji and the rest was as expected, the bones of Fatty! Lonemoon's heart sank as he looked up at everyone. "Let's go, we'll enter the array!"

He conjured a spell, directly activating the transportation array on Weeping Beast from where they were, at once, the white light beamed brightly and wrapped all four of them into it. In the next moment, they'd arrived in another body of water.

In contrary to the dimness on Weeping Beast's side, gold light radiated from around here, it was even slightly blinding. Rays and rays of gold beams shone from the bottom, as if coloring the entire water body gold.

Looking down, they really saw something radiating gold light on the waterbed and this light was unique. It did not hold any bit of aggressiveness and instead, came with warmth, was this… the Light of Merit?!

Lonemoon was taken aback and instinctively dropped lower, the sight that came into their eyes was so shocking that everyone inhaled sharply. Skeletons!

Skeletons everywhere, they covered the entire waterbed so compactly that there wasn't a crevice. At first glance, there seemed to be a few hundred of them, some seemed so old that half of it was already buried in the mud. Some were completely exposed right in front of them, but weren't very complete, there were even obvious signs of breakage on some of them. But without exception, all these skeletons radiate a faint gold light, the light in the water all came from them.

All at once, the few of them were stunned and did not make a sound for a long time.

Until Fatty murmured, "These are… golden bodies… golden bodies…" His face suddenly turned pale and he began to paint, as if he'd been shocked, the look in his eyes was unfocused.

"Fatty?" Lonemoon was startled for a moment before coming back to his senses. "What's wrong? Why are you suddenly… hold on, why are you crying?" "Crying?" Fatty faltered and swiped a hand across his face before he realized that his face had unsure when, been covered in tears, he became dazed while his face continued to pale. "Yeah, why am I crying? What's with me… Master…"

"Hey hey hey, Fatty, what's with you? Don't scare us!" His behavior was really way too abnormal.

"I… I don't know…" Fatty sobbed harder, his tears raining down his cheeks, he squatted down as if he could not bear the weight. "I don't know… I just… Miss Shen, why am I…"

He subconsciously looked towards Shen Ying, feeling an odd emotion surge up in his heart, weighing him down that he almost could not breathe anymore. For some reason, he just wanted to cry out to Shen Ying. He did not know why  he wanted her either, but he just couldn't help it.

"Miss… Miss Shen, I… I…" He stuttered, seeming like he wanted to say something, but could not.

Shen Ying looked him in the eye, her eyes dimmed as she suddenly reached out and patted his head. "I got it."

Fatty was puzzled, he felt a trace of warmth coming from the top of his head, his muddled emotions then stabilized, that odd feeling in his heart also dispersed. In the next second, he gradually closed his eyes and passed out.

"What's going on?" Lonemoon instinctively held Fatty up. "What's with Fatty?"

Shen Ying did not speak, even Yi Qing's expression darkened as he stood beside her, vaguely coupled with some anger.

"Chef?" He could only turn towards Yi Qing.

Yi Qing tightened his fists by his side, before replying, "Father Niu, a few days ago, I found a lot of the same species of spirit herb on the island near Hao Ran Court."

"What spirit herb?" Lonemoon hesitated, not understanding why he was suddenly bringing this up. "Soul-Preserving Herb."

"Soul-Preserving…" Lonemoon's eyes widened abruptly. "You're saying that those pills that had Soul Extracting Pills added in them had leaked from Hao Ran Court."

"Mm." Yi Qing nodded. "Yin Qi covers the entire Uncrooked Sea, making it most suitable for the growth of the Soul- Preserving Herb and the islands around here are filled with such spirit herbs." That's why only they would bear to add some Soul-Preserving Herb into ordinary elixir pills, because they were the only ones who had them.

"But has this got anything to do with Fatty?"

Yi Qing's face darkened even more. "Father Niu, do you remember what happened subsequently to the cultivator that Master and I met back then?"

"Didn't that cultivator reincarnate…" Lonemoon paused midway, suddenly recalling something, his face paled as he turned to look at Fatty in disbelief. "The cultivator reincarnated immediately after swallowing that elixir pill." Yi Qing continued, "The pill naturally does not have such a function, it will only leave a mark on his primordial spirit, someone found him following this mark and directly reincarnated him to this little world."

"Cultivators of the Lower Realm naturally do not have this ability, but Hao Ran Court has an Earth Immortal." Yi Qing lowered his gaze. "As a person from the Immortal Realm, he naturally has a way to intervene in Samsara. Add a Soul- Preserving Herb to that, it wouldn't be difficult to guess who had reincarnated that cultivator to the same little world. That elixir pill with the Soul Extracting Pill mixed in it merely left behind a mark, making it easier for the people of Hao Ran Court to find his soul. Whereas Fatty…"

Chapter 493: Truths of Merit

Yi Qing looked down at Fatty who had passed out and conjured a spell, a stream of Spirit Qi immediately swept towards his primordial spirit, in less than a second, a red mark gradually appeared above Fatty's head.

"Hao Ran Court and Divine Imperial Sect were in cahoots in the first place, Fatty had been marked long ago." Yi Qing sighed deeply. "They went to great lengths to transport Fatty's bones here and didn't want to let Fatty's soul to be reincarnated to another little world, on top of them, rumour has it that every Sect Master of the Divine Imperial Sect was naturally weak and did not live pass 30 years of age, all these put together… it's very obvious."

Yi Qing looked down at the bones everywhere around them and spoke slowly, each word made very clear. "It isn't Fatty's first time being the Sect Master of the Divine Imperial Sect and these skeletons… are all Fatty!" It was Fatty who would have his flesh and blood depleted to increase cultivation by those cultivators, in every single lifetime, even his bones were squeezed dried for every bit of merit.

That was why he suddenly behaved unusually the moment he came here, he suddenly became so agitated because every piece of bone on this waterbed was him! Simply because his flesh and blood was unique, that he was a golden body of merit in every lifetime. For every lifetime reincarnated in this little world, he had died in the hands of those cultivators, for the so-called cultivation, they'd made use of him thoroughly.

They even made a mark on his primordial spirit, controlled all of his reincarnated bodies as they kept him in captivity in the Divine Imperial Sect like a pig waiting to be slaughtered.

He could not help but cry out to Shen Ying, was merely because he was… complaining, an injustice that even the Heavenly Dao could not take action against, he could only complain to Shen Ying.

"F*ck!" Lonemoon barked, a rage never felt before surged from the bottom of his heart. "This bunch of bastards!" At once, the Sword Qi in his body could not be suppressed and erupted, sweeping like sharp swords towards the waterbed, instantly, the floor of skeletons were reduced to ashes. Soaring Sword Qi broke out of the water surface, the water body that was originally tens of meters deep evaporated. Lonemoon's figure flashed, he was already up in the sky.

Yi Qing instinctively summoned his sword, wanting to follow along and help.

"Chef." Shen Ying suddenly tugged him back. "Let us kids, not interfere in the adults' matters." With that said, she even pointed at the person by their feet. "Bring Fatty along, we'll just watch from the side." If you leave, there'll be no one to carry Fatty.

"Yes, Master!" Yi Qing put his sword away without the least bit of doubt and lifted Fatty who weighed more than 150kg, directly flying out of the waterbed that had already dried up. They only realized after flying up that they'd been in the huge lotus pond at the back mountain of Hao Ran Court earlier on.

As expected, the thick scent of blood and baneful Qi that he'd smelled here back then hadn't been a mistake. It was rather ironic, a bunch of Buddhist cultivators who specialized in cultivating merit, yet the merit in their body all came from the skeletons of this person in the pond who'd died with injustice time and time again. The stir on their side had naturally alarmed the people of Hao Ran Court. Within moments, Chan Ji was already flying over with numerous cultivators, seeing Lonemoon in the air, he was taken aback, disbelief written all over his face.

"How… How did you?" Chan Ji's eyes widened abruptly. "This is impossible!"

"Hmph!" Lonemoon laughed coldly. "Very surprised that I wasn't eaten by the ferocious beast as you'd wished for? That's fine, you will be even more surprised."

With that, he flipped his hand and a sky full of spirit swords appeared, densely occupying the entire sky, a sword array as huge as the sky, alongside a suppression that completely could not be resisted against came falling from the sky.

Chan Ji stumbled, unable to balance himself, he fell out of the air. It was the same for the other cultivators by his side, they were suppressed to the point that they couldn't even lift their heads. "Who exactly are you?" Chan Ji looked towards the person in the air with a panic-stricken look, that fake mask of benevolence had been long replaced by a sinister and ruthless one. It was impossible for such capabilities to belong to an ordinary cultivator, something suddenly came to his mind as his eyes widened, could he be someone from the Upper Realm?

"Who am I? I am Fatty's Master!" Lonemoon's eyes turned cold. "My personality is nothing much, I am just very protective and biased of my loved ones! Though he is a fatty, it's not up to you to bully him!" As he spoke, an even greater suppression came pushing, the people below could not bear it and felt their blood and Qi surging as they began to spit out blood.

"Oh dear dear…" Shen Ying exclaimed very exaggeratedly as she lifted her head to peek at her Father Niu who was burning with raging flames of anger. "Father Niu indeed treats Fatty differently."

Yi Qing faltered and hurriedly commented, "Master is right!"

On the other side, Chan Ji was on the brink of collapse, just as he was about to be crushed by a sky full of suppression, a figure came flying over from the peak of the mountain. "Heretical cultivator, cease your savagery!" The Patriarch of Hao Ran Court, Earth Immortal Jing De charged  out,  the dharma artifact in his hand was thrown out at Lonemoon with a raise of his hand. Instantly, a huge green umbrella appeared in the air, growing to several tens of times of it size and attacked in Lonemoon's direction.

"Dharma artifact?" Lonemoon faltered and recognized that this was the same umbrella that Divine Imperial Sect had brought the past two times, they were indeed jackals of the same lair. The fury in Lonemoon's heart surged up once more. The sword in his hand swept, a wave of Sword Qi sliced towards the umbrella.

"Hmph, how dare you dream of breaking my…" Before Jing De could finish his words, that umbrella was sliced in half, it's Immortal Qi dispersed at once and it dropped out of the air as a ruined umbrella.

He'd long saw this umbrella as an eyesore, just a piece of garbage and it'd been brought on stage so many times, how dramatic.

Jing De's eyes widened in disbelief, his dharma artifact, following that an immense pain rose from his chest, the backlash of his dharma artifact being crippled came rushing up, the blood and Qi in his entire body counter-flowed, spitting out a mouthful of blood, he couldn't sustain his sword-riding anymore and joined the pile of Chan Ji and the rest below.

"Hmph, how dare a random piece of trash be called a dharma artifact?" Lonemoon's mocking mode was switched one. "I'll show all of you, what's a true dharma artifact." With that, his hand flipped over and a big gold clock instantly appeared in his hand and expanded."

Yi Qing who was watching from below froze and frowned. "Master, is the one that Father Niu has a divine artifact?"

This was obviously the Divine Refining Clock, one of the ten greatest divine artifacts. Though this one was evidently a counterfeit that Father Niu made Xun Shu model after the original, but it was still a divine artifact!

Shen Ying patted his shoulder. "Hey, if Father Niu says it is an immortal artifact, then it is an immortal artifact." We must care for single elderly living alone. "Master is right, that is an immortal artifact!"

Fatty who'd just came to: "…"

The Divine Refining Clock was already thrown out, Yi Qing hurriedly brought his Master alongside the 150 kg Fatty out of Hao Ran Court, staying far away.

The next moment, they heard a rumble, under immense suppression, a huge part of the originally majestic palace toppled, the entire mountain where Hao Ran Court was built upon began to collapse, falling piece by piece into the sea below like it had completely shattered.

Just as Chan Ji and the others were about to be pinned under the clock, a stream of gold light flashed, the Divine Refining Clock suddenly stopped in midair.


Chapter 494: Truths Of Ascension

Lonemoon frowned, the gold light had actually radiated from the bodies of the people from Hao Ran Court.

All the cultivators froze, following that, expressions of overjoy appeared on their faces. "It's the Light of Merit, we have merit on us! You heretical cultivator, don't you dare dream  of harming us."

"Merit?" The pond full of skeletons instantly came to Lonemoon's mind, the anger in his heart heightened.  "Can merit that was gained through stealing be considered merit?"

With a turn of his hand, he used his assistant abilities, in a second, the gold light on everyone's bodies became millions of lighted dots, all flew into Lonemoon's palm and formed a golden little ball.

Lonemoon gave it a glance, the golden ball flashed twice and disappeared. He them looked up towards a certain place in the sky, complaining, "Don't easily give such things to anyone." A dull rumble of thunder suddenly sounded from the sky, as if responding to him, oddly coupled with a sense of grievance.

Whereas everyone else beneath who had lost their merit, was as if their disguise had been ripped off, lines of ugly black stripes began to crawl out all over their skin, this was a sign of becoming a demon!

"How… is this possible?!" Chan Ji's eyes were wide open, that person looked to be a cultivator, why was he able to seize their merit away so casually? His face was covered in fear as he suddenly said loudly to Jing De after having thought of something, "Patriarch, he's from the Upper Realm, he is definitely from the Upper Realm! Quick, quickly call for Immortal Supremacy!"

Jing De faltered, his eyes lit up, as if he'd just come back to his senses. Hurriedly taking out a piece of purple talisman, forcefully streaming the last of his Spiritual Power into it, he called out loud, "We beg for Immortal Supremacy to come to us, protect us disciples of Hao Ran."

The other disciples also followed. "We beg for Immortal Supremacy to come to us, protect us disciples of Hao Ran." Lonemoon who was about to continue powering the Divine Refining Clock hesitated, seems like Fatty's incident even had links to the immortal world? After some thought, he instead retracted the Divine Refining Clock. Sure! He would wait to see, which rascal from the immortal world it was.

"Chef!" Shen Ying who was nibbling on a fruit suddenly instructed, "Open up the realm gate."

"Master?" Yi Qing was stunned and replied with some confusion. "But this realm gate was locked by the Heavenly Dao, if we forcefully open it…"

"It can be opened now."

Yi Qing faltered, then as if having recalled something, nodded and said, "Yes, Master!"

He glanced up at the sky, with just a thought,  the authoritative energy that had locked up the realm gate above instantly dissipated, the realm gate was open. Almost in the same moment that the realm gate returned to normal, a beam of light shone from the sky, as if a door had been opened in the sky, a sky full of Immortal Qi swarmed into this little world. At once, the spirit herbs on the collapsed mountain of Hao Ran Court began to grow like mad, covering the entire ruins.

"It's Immortal Supremacy, Immortal Supremacy has arrived!" A badly injured disciple exclaimed, looking excitedly at that beam of light, the fear from earlier was completely wiped away. Even Chan Ji and Jing De wore looks of excitement, as if they were about to make a comeback.

An ethereal voice sounded from the sky, "Who dares to bully my disciples?"

Lonemoon's eyes narrowed, suddenly feeling that he'd gone too easy on them earlier, he ought to show them, what was known as the fear from the lowest level of the immortal cultivator realm.

The beam of light grew increasingly bright, after a while, a figure teeming with Immortal Qi appeared in the beam of light, hidden between the layers of clouds, gradually descending alongside heavenly music that had suddenly sounded.

Lonemoon's mouth twitched, he was really growing impatient and could not help but shouted, "Why the hell are you taking so long! Get down here if you want to, what BGM[1] are you playing for yourself!" With that, he powered the sword array to swing onto the beam of light and instantly tangled with the half of a leg that had just appeared and pull downward.

"Oh dear!" The so-called "Immortal Supremacy" instantly fell down, like a broken kite, smashing to the ground.

"And the rest of you!" Lonemoon was still looking up at the sky. "If you want to come down, get down here all together." With that, the sword array surged into the entrance in the beam of light, in the next moment, the sky seemed to be raining dumplings, thud thud thud…

One after another, a row of people came crashing into the pile of old, weak, sickly and crippled people from Hao Ran Court, some couldn't dodge it time and was smacked right on. Chan Ji: "…"

Jing De: "…"

Everyone: "…"

What was going on? What had just happened?

"Impudent!" The one with the highest cultivation amongst the immortals who had been pulled down instantly reacted, the Immortal Qi in his body surged out. "Who dared to plot against me?!"

"Hey! It's a familiar face! I really didn't think…" Lonemoon flew down and looked towards the immortal who had just spoken. "Emperor Yu Cang, long time no see!" This person was the Emperor of East Tsui, Yu Cang who went to Invincible Sect and claimed that there were abnormalities in the Lower Realm. It was unexpected that he was involved in Fatty's matter too. He suddenly recalled the rebellion of the East Tsui's new troops in Bo Sea. Now it seems like they were the ones who had caused the rules of this little world to be messed up. A good part of East Tsui's cultivators all ascended from this little world, they probably had something to do with Fatty's multiple lifetimes.

"Lonemoon… Young Lord!" Yu Cang froze, his face paled as he also recognized the person before him, he instinctively searched his surroundings and immediately found Yi Qing who was watching on not too far away. "Em… Emperor Yi Qing! How is this possible… the realm gate had just…"

"Had just opened is it?" Lonemoon's eyes darkened. "Yu Cang, did you think we don't know why the realm gate closed?"

Yu Cang lowered his head, a trace of panic flashed across his eyes.

"The people of this little world did not hold  orthodox thoughts and sacrificed another's flesh and blood to increase their cultivation, deludedly thinking of deceiving heavenly secrets with this, leading to the closure of the realm gate." Lonemoon swept a glance at everyone from Hao Ran Court, then turned towards Yu Cang and the rest. "If I have guessed correctly, a considerable amount of immortal cultivators from your East Tsui have ascended through such a fraudulent method." Yu Cang's expression changed, but he forcefully kept his smile and said, "Young Lord Lonemoon what are you talking about? We came down today because the realm gate suddenly opened and we wanted to ascertain the situation. What sacrifice using flesh and blood, hiding heavenly secrets? I did not know  of this!"

"Do you really think we don't know anything at all? The heavenly gate earlier, didn't it open because these people called out to their Immortal Supremacy?"

"I do have immortals under my charge who are Buddhist cultivators from this sect, but this has nothing to do with me. I don't know what they do in the Lower Realm." Yu Cang still refused to admit and looked towards the faraway Yi Qing with some scruples. "Before the Celestial Emperor, Young Lord Lonemoon should take care not to wrong a good person."

"Is that so?" Lonemoon also did not want to don't waste his time talking to him. He waved his hand,  an  unfamiliar suppression that could not be resisted against swept towards them.

Yu Cang  instinctively  took  on  a  defensive  pose,  but  that suppression did not hold any aggressiveness. Only, in the next moment the Immortal Qi on  their  body  dissipated  and  the bodies of those immortals who'd just arrived, instantly radiated a circle of faint Light of Merit, just like the one that had radiated from Chan Ji and the rest earlier.

His heart sank as his face paled a little. How was this possible, he'd went to great lengths to cleanse himself of it, why could it still reappear?

"May I ask Country Emperor Yu, where did such concentrated Light of Merit in your body come from?"

"I… I… I was once a Buddhist cultivator when I was in the Lower Realm." Yu Cang's expression was completely flustered as he gritted his teeth and answered. "That's right, I changed my cultivation later on, is that not allowed?"

"Of course it is." Lonemoon laughed coldly. "But, did all your subordinates behind you also changed cultivation like you did? That's truly coincidental then!" [1] Stands for background music.

Chapter 495: Rules Of Heavenly Dao

Yu Cang was stumped and his expression darkened, his gaze looking towards Lonemoon was already coupled with a trace of hatred. As if expecting that there wouldn't be a good ending to today's matters, his flustered manner from earlier took on a change as he glared and said, "Is Young Lord Lonemoon intending on standing up for others then?"

"I just cannot bear the sight of you parasites disrupting the order of this little world!"

"Hmph, what order?" Yu Cang laughed coldly. "What's wrong with my Sacred Arrival Realm being lucky and finding a more effective method of ascension? It is still cultivation but is it wrong just because our method is faster and easier?"

"The method that you speak of, is to collude with cultivators of the Lower Realm to sacrifice a living man and even making use of a primordial spirit mark, intending to trap him for eternity?" How could such a person deserves to be an immortal.

"Why not!" Yu Cang retorted loudly. Not just him, the crowd behind him, including everyone from Hao Ran Court wore looks as if that was only natural. "Sacrificing him alone can help all of us succeed, why should we not accept such a deal?"

"If someone were to be blame, we can only blame him for having such a peculiar constitution in every lifetime. He was born to have a different body and spirit bones, even his skeletons radiate merit." His voice grew louder and louder as he became bolder in his speech. "Such unique constitution is due to the Heavenly Dao; then when we make use of his flesh and blood to ascend, that is also our luck. That we can ascend successfully is the best proof. This is Heaven's will, what right do you have to say that we were wrong!"

Once his words fell, the others also responded, increasingly finding themselves on the side of reason.

"That's right, he was born with such a constitution, then he deserves to be a prey for others."

"Unique flesh, spirit bones and such constitution that defies nature should not appear on a person's body in the first place." "That's right, he has a precious body, so he naturally deserves a different life."

"Spirit herbs and plants can be made into immortal herbs, why can't he!"

They went further and further as they spoke, completely not taking Fatty as a person, but an object, a stem of spirit herb.

Fatty who had just came to not long ago turned pale from listening to them, his whole body began to tremble and he was about to lose his balance. Shen Ying pinched him and suddenly said with her head tilted, after thinking for a moment. "You are human, don't be bothered by little animals."

Fatty was dazed for a moment, not understanding what she meant.

Chef then explained, "Master meant to say that those don't deserve to be called humans, they're just beasts." Fatty faltered, warmth flowed through his heart and dissolved the coldness that rose in his heart earlier. Actually, when he'd perceived the skeletons in the lotus pond earlier, he'd already sensed that they were him. Though he no longer had the memories of his past lives, he could still guess how he'd died from listening to what they had said.

These were immortals who stood high above the masses, they'd sliced him up so many times, why were they still able to act in such a justified manner, criticizing him for having such a body. Why don't they feel any burden in their heart, not even recognizing that this was wrong. But what had he done wrong then? Just because he had a unique body?

He could not help but think, if he hadn't met Master in this life, without Miss Shen, he would still become the cultivation ingredient that they spoke of, he was even unworthy of being known as a human right? He could not understand why such people existed in the world.

He instinctively shuffled a few steps towards Shen Ying's back, fortunately… fortunately there were still people who were different. Chef who was on the other side glanced at him, his brows knitted for a moment, but ultimately did not stop him.

"Young Lord Lonemoon, we've even passed the Heavenly Tribulation of ascension, that proves that there is nothing wrong with our method." Yu Cang seemed to have found his courage once again and even glanced at Yi Qing who was at a distance. "Something that even Heavenly Dao does not interfere with, it is…"

"Who said Heavenly Dao did not interfere?" Lonemoon's expression turned icy as he directly interrupted him. "All of you really thought that after all these disgusting and immoral things that you have done, Heavenly Dao would really be so blind to let you go?"

"What do you mean?" Yu Cang was taken aback, a trace of panic flashed through his eyes, but he also felt that Lonemoon was just bluffing. After all, Celestial Emperor Yi Qing on that side had not said anything at all, he probably did not want to intervene in the matters of the mortal realm. As long as he does not stand out, with just Young Lord Lonemoon alone, he was barely afraid. "Weren't you suspecting the Heavenly Dao?" Lonemoon smiled even more coldly, this bunch of people had completely disgusted him. "Then I shall show all of you, what is known as divine punishment!" Damn it, if he doesn't beat them up till they can't fend for themselves in their daily lives, he wouldn't be surnamed Niu.

Not wanting to waste his time talking to them, he waved his hand, a familiar force of suppression immediately went towards everyone. Yu Cang and the rest hadn't come back to their senses and felt their bodies getting lighter, as if something had been drawn out of them. At a closer look, the gold light that was originally wrapped around their bodies had all become gold dots and were floating towards Lonemoon before disappearing.

Yu Cang was shocked, those merits came from the flesh and blood of that special being. After they'd ascended, they tried all sorts of ways but was unable to remove it, it could only be hidden, they didn't expect Lonemoon to be able to seize it so easily. Though merit was useful, but in the Upper Realm, it would be too striking if so many of them possessed the Light of Merit. Now that it was gone, it was just what they wanted, though he did not know Lonemoon's intention, he could not help but feel a sense of wild delight grow in his heart yet it sank again in the next moment. Lonemoon had directly summoned a sword array as huge as the sky, only this time round, it wasn't an array formed from Spirit Qi but Immortal Qi. There was anger in his heart,  he didn't intend to have mercy, in a moment, the horizon was filled with a sharp Sword Qi.

"Is Young Lord Lonemoon forcing us to take action?" Yu Cang's face fell, completely having no regard for  Lonemoon. The crowd behind him exchanged looks with each other and summoned their artifacts before charging out.

Lonemoon sneered coldly, with a flip of his hand, the fan in hand instantly transformed into a long sword, just as he was about to strike, his hand suddenly went slack.

"What are you doing?!" He looked up at the sky, wrapped around his hand was an authoritative energy. At the same time, the surroundings darkened, thick thunder clouds suddenly appeared in the sky, layers and layers of clouds that not a trace of light passed through, lightning of various colors repeatedly flickered through the clouds, alongside a appalling suppression aura of Heaven and Earth.

Yu Cang and his followers were startled, frightened by the Lightning Tribulation that suddenly appeared, and did not dare to budge an inch in midair, it was really because the suppression aura of heaven and earth was too terrifying, as if it was about to destroy everything. Even for Yu Cang, under such suppression, he felt like the urge to fall to his knees and worship.

But this was another sight in Lonemoon's eyes, suppression aura of heaven and earth and whatnot was totally not existent. Instead, from the layers of thunderclouds, he felt a trace of… excitement?!

Even the authoritative energy that was wrapped around his hand became especially lively, as if there was a small voice continuously begging by his ear. "Let me do it, let me do it, let me do it… let me kill them!"


Chapter 496: Heavenly Dao Calculations

Lonemoon pursed his lips. Alright, the Heavenly Dao  had been tolerating all these matters for way too long anyway.

"It looks like I won't have to take action." He undid his sword array and scanned the group below. "Alright, I'll look at how the Heavenly Dao deals with you worms!" With that, he turned and flew toward Shen Ying retreating inside the boundaries that Chef had drawn out. He pulled out a chair and took a seat.

The moment Lonemoon sat down, the realm gate that just opened sealed shut again. The gray clouds in the air grew thicker.

"Is this… is this lightning tribulation?" They looked up in disbelief. Why was lightning tribulation appearing all of a sudden? Nobody was ascending to immortality. What's more, this was the mortal realm. They were from the immortal realm. What was the immortals' lightning tribulation doing in the mortal realm?

It was a pity that something like that was happening! The lightning clouds looked ten times more ominous than those belonging to any other lightning tribulation. Finally, they heard thunder. More than ten bolts of lightning shot down from the sky toward the group of people.

Yu Cang and the others fought hard to defend themselves but to no avail. Their best immortal weapons fell to pieces from the impact of the lightning, and even their cultivations were reduced from the blow. The next bolt of lightning struck, as if it could hold back no longer.

In that moment, they finally understood why Lonemoon took away all of their merits. But it was already too late.

The lightning tribulation went on and on, and it did not look like it was going to stop for ages…


The thunder stretched on for ages. The red lightning turned to purple, then white. There were many different colors of lightning - even lightning that did not belong to the lightning tribulations appeared. The suppression from the tribulation caused the people below to be unable to catch their breaths. As time went by, the bolts of lightning became thinner  and thinner. It was not that the Heavenly Dao was deciding to let this group of people go. It was more like the Heavenly Dao wanted to sharpen its bolts so that each bolt of lightning became more like a blade which cut through the group one by one.

Yu Cang and the others had already spent all their effort trying to fight off the first few bolts of lightning. They no longer could find it in them to fight any longer. All they could do was stand there as their immortal powers and strength drained out of their bodies bolt after bolt.

The corners of Lonemoon's mouth twitched. He did hate these people but he did not expect that the Heavenly Dao would treat them so harshly - it was coming up with such wicked techniques to deal with them. What's more, the lightning had been going on for a long time. Just like that, a couple of months passed. The audience's excitement slowly dissipated until it turned to irritation.

A whole three months later, the dark clouds began to part. The once glorious Hao Ran Court was now nothing but a flat piece of land. The entire mountain peak became one flat layer atop the sea, even smaller than the island next to it. Apart from a few disciples who were only at the Qi Refinement stage to begin with, the disciples from Hao Ran Court had all turned to piles of ashes.

Yi Qing looked around at the devastation. He said, "The nomological force in this small realm is half-restored."

"Why only half?" Lonemoon paused. Upon closer inspection, he realized that the nomological force that had disappeared earlier was now flowing toward the north. They were gathering to form more gray clouds. Lonemoon's eyes brightened. "The lightning tribulation clouds are heading for the Divine Imperial Sect!" Indeed, the Heavenly Dao was keeping track of all its debts. Now, it was going to collect what was owed to it once and for all. "Let's go and join in the fun at the Divine Imperial Sect!"

"But…" Fatty hesitated and pointed toward the sea in front of them. "What are we going to do with that ancient ferocious beast?" The Weeping Beast may be domesticated, but it was an ancient ferocious beast after all.

Lonemoon frowned. That indeed was a problem. They had to deal with that beast. "I think we can leave it alone," Chef suddenly said. "The Weeping Beast loves flesh and blood, but it has yin Qi as its soul, baleful Qi as its spirit, and grievous energy as its bones. Now that Hao Ran Court is gone, the corpses in the lotus river are gone as well. Before long, the yin winds above the Uncrooked Sea will dissipate as well. The Weeping Beast will naturally disappear."

Lonemoon hesitated. "You mean to say… the yin Qi above the sea was coming from the lotus river?"

Yi Qing nodded.

"Shit!" Lonemoon could not help but curse at the bunch of bastards from Hao Ran Court. They had indeed swallowed so many people whole, and thrown their remains at the bottom of their lotus river. It was no wonder that there was so much grievous energy all around. What's more, the bones had not been buried. As time went by, they would emanate more and more yin Qi. That was why the entire Uncrooked Sea was the way it was. The Weeping Beast did not appear out of nowhere - it was born out of this atmosphere.

The nomological  force  in  this  realm  was  in  such  a  mess because of this reason. Yu Cang and the others used all of the flesh and blood from Fatty's previous lives, so that the Heavenly Dao mistook them for Fatty, and allowed them to ascend to immortality. By the time the Heavenly Dao realized this, it was too late.

What's more, the Heavenly Dao had no sentience. It ran on a system of professional records of rewards and punishments. This repeated practice of Hao Ran Court's caused the calculation system to malfunction. Without any other method to settle this mess, it had no choice but to lock the realm gates so as to minimize such occurrences.

It was only when Lonemoon and the others got to the lower realm to remove the merits that did not belong to these people and resolve half of the mess did the Heavenly Dao slowly return to normal. Perhaps after dealing with the people of the Divine Imperial Sect, this little realm's nomological force would be fully restored.

At that thought, Lonemoon could no longer wait to head to Divine Imperial Sect to watch how they would be made to suffer. It was a pity that they did not manage to witness how they were dealt with in the end because Fatty was ascending to immortality. The moment the nomological force was restored, Fatty's spirit Qi exploded and gray clouds began to gather in the sky once again. This time, it was a normal lightning tribulation.

Lonemoon glanced at the tribulation's intensity. He was not in the least bit worried for Fatty this time. This lightning tribulation was incomparable to the kind of training Lonemoon put Fatty through.

"We'll head back to the upper realm first," he told Fatty, before pulling Shen Ying and Yi Qing through the realm gate, back to the upper realm.

Lonemoon had no issue with Fatty going through the lightning tribulation. HIs only worry was that there would be someone above who would mess with his lightning tribulation. More than half of the people in Yu Cang's East Tsui used such strange methods to lure people who ascended to immortality. Although Yu Cang was dead now, Lonemoon could not be sure that nobody else in the upper realm had used similar techniques. That was why they decided to head back first, to find where exactly Fatty would ascend to, so that they could protect his ascension.

When they got to the upper realm, however, they discovered that they had been overthinking. The moment they stepped through the realm gates, they heard familiar thunderous sounds. The immortal realm became pitch black, and the gray clouds covered East Tsui completely, causing the entire immortal city to fall into darkness. As the thunder roared, the bolts of lightning struck.

The three people who just made it to the immortal realm almost got dragged into the mess. Lonemoon pursed his lips. This time, the Heavenly Dao was obviously having fun dishing out punishments. It was present even in the immortal realm. It looked like it had no intention at all to let off the people who had cheated their way to immortality.

Lonemoon sighed. He was not too bothered by the fact that the Heavenly Dao was dishing out such harsh punishments. Lonemoon guessed where Fatty was going to ascend to and brought Shen Ying and Yi Qing to fly toward that direction. Indeed, they felt Fatty's aura in a random plain along the way. All around, immortal Qi began to surge and gather to form the Immortal Ascension Stage. Before long, a white beam of welcoming light shone onto the stage.

Chapter 497: Fatty Ascends

"That's right!" Lonemoon suddenly thought about something. He asked, "How did Fatty get all that merit around his body?" Yu Cang and the others made use of all that merit to cheat the Heavenly Dao, didn't they? "He even maintained all that merit in his body in every single lifetime." How much merit did he collect? How was it that it could endure through so many lifetimes?

The master and disciple duo hesitated. A moment later, they both broke into innocent grins.

"I don't know. Let's not bother about these details. Father Niu, do you want any fruit?"

"Master's right. Father Niu, do you want any pastries?"

Lonemoon's expression darkened as he looked at them suspiciously. "Do you… have something you're hiding  from me?" "No!" Both of them exclaimed at the same time. He had hit the nail on the head!

"Heh heh heh!" They were definitely hiding something from him!

Just as Lonemoon was about to drill them, the realm gates opened. Fatty's body appeared inside of it. His immortal bones had formed, and the spirit Qi in his body had all turned into immortal Qi. Perhaps it was because immortal Qi was much richer than spirit Qi, Fatty's body looked different now that his body contained the former instead of the latter. The most obvious change was that his body was no longer round. The 300kg Fatty had slimmed down in a blink of an eye.

He was fat not because he had a lot of meat, but because his body was filled with spirit Qi!

Lonemoon sighed and walked toward him. The welcoming beam of light disappeared. in front of Lonemoon stood a man who was half the size of Fatty, with an exceptionally familiar face… Lonemoon halted as his eyes widened. He looked at the face that made his hair stand and his blood pressure rise. Immediately, he spread out the fan in his hands and shouted, "Godfiend!"

Holy shit!

He turned around and found that the master and disciple duo were gone.

Shit, he was going to kill those bastards!

Fatty, however, stared blankly at Lonemoon. Immediately, he ran toward Lonemoon, overjoyed. "Master, I've successfully asce-"

"Get lost!"

"Eh?" "From now on, you're out of my sect!"

"…" No, Master!

(; ́༎Д༎`)


Father Niu's fuse had been quite short lately. He seemed to always be resisting the urge to beat others up, especially the two wastrels. It was obvious that the two of them had figured out much earlier on that Fatty was the reincarnated version of the Godfiend. Yet, they kept this from him until Fatty ascended. They had gone overboard!

"Ahya, Father Niu, let's not be caught up in these details, alright?" Shen Ying said as she gnawed on her fruit.

"That's right, Father Niu. I only found out about this when I went to the bottom of the lotus river," Yi Qing added. "What's more, Fatty is Fatty and the Godfiend is the Godfiend.
They're no longer the same person."

"Master is right! Let's leave the past in the past. Fatty can't even remember what happened before anyway."

Lonemoon looked at them with a cool, hard glare. "Get lost!" was all he said. Don't think I'm going to waste another cent on either of you.

It was no wonder that he had such a special body. It was no wonder that he had so much merit in his bones despite the number of times he reincarnated. He was one of the creator gods, and he had protected the plane for so long. It was no wonder that he had accumulated so much merit. What's more, he was the god who was in charge of the Heavenly Dao in the first place. There was nothing strange about the fact that the Heavenly Dao would find him shortcuts at every turn.

The logic was simple, but Lonemoon still felt angry!

Even though he knew Fatty was no longer one of the gods of creation, and even though he understood that Fatty was Fatty, Lonemoon still felt the urge to shove him back to the lower realm when he thought about the fact that this man whom he had spent years training was actually the same man who had cheated him countless times.

He was not going to care about this man any longer!

"Master…" Fatty, who did not have a clue what was happening, looked at him confused. Why was Master looking at him in such a scary manner all of a sudden? Although Master had always treated him rudely, it was never this bad. Now, it seemed that the anger was exaggerated. As long as Fatty spoke just a little too loudly, he would receive a death glare from Lonemoon.

Could it be that he had ascended wrongly? Did he leave something out along the way?

Fatty's heart ached as he hugged himself in a corner. He had no choice but to shrink back in the corner of the immortal boat that he was on, afraid that Lonemoon would kick him off the boat if he made him too angry. Maybe Fatty was under a lot of pressure. Apart from training in the corner he was in, he could not do much else. Just like that… he became fat again! In fact, he became even fatter than he used to be.

Shen Ying: "…"

Yi Qing: "…"

Without doing anything, he became fat again. Indeed, his horoscope was "ball".

Perhaps he looked too different from the scheming Godfiend before. Lonemoon's anger slowly dissipated, and he became less cold toward Fatty. At least, Fatty no longer felt like there was a possibility he would be kicked off the boat.

Fatty seemed to understand something as time went by. So Master was angry because he had lost so much weight? Did Master's heart ache for him? Suddenly, Fatty's heart melted. He resolved to always remain this round so that Lonemoon would no longer have to worry for him. Fatty became less afraid of Lonemoon as time went by. No matter how frightening Lonemoon's glare was, he would always look back with warmth and a twinkle in his eye.

It made Lonemoon so uncomfortable that each time Fatty looked at him, he would feel goosebumps raising all over his body. Could it be that he had beaten Fatty up until he suffered some sort of brain damage? Hmph! The Godfiend was indeed a pervert!

Fatty ascended to the East Tsui. Since he was not in a rush for time, the few of them sailed back to the Invincible Palace on the immortal boat for nine days. Although they had been in the lower realm for a couple of years, due to the difference in the way time worked on both realms, they had only been away from the immortal realm for about two days. The long journey was instead a result of delays they met along the way in the immortal realm.

Lonemoon wanted to hand Fatty over to Yu Hong. However, he discovered that Yu Hong had gone to another continent for business. Even Si Yu was nowhere to be found in the sect. When they retreated to the rear hall for some rest, they discovered that the yard was filled with so many different types of small animals that they could no longer see the front door. From time to time, they would hear the small animals wailing.

"What is this?!" Lonemoon's expression darkened. "Who was keeping all of these small animals here? Why, why were these animals emanating blue God Power?"

These were… divine beasts!


"Exalted Goddess, you're back." Little Black bounced out from nowhere. He seemed to have more confidence after marrying Yu Hong. He no longer trembled upon seeing Shen Ying. Now, he glanced at the animals in the yard. As if reading the question in their minds, he explained, "Oh, these are gifts from a certain person called Hong Meng. He said they're meant for you, Exalted Goddess."

"Hong Meng?" Lonemoon paused. It was then that he recalled what happened in the other plane. Shen Ying had helped to establish that plane, so it was expected that Hong Meng would send gifts over from time to time. But he did not have to send this many gifts, did he? These animals amounted to several years' worth of meals for Shen Ying.

"Ever since you left, he has been coming over to look for Exalted Goddess each morning," Little Black continued. "He also brought more and more gifts with him each time, so… we now have this many."

Chapter 498: Hong Meng's Troubles

Lonemoon looked on as the master and disciple duo rejoiced and tried to fit each one of the small animals running around into their storage bags. They were even trying their best to get Fatty to help them out. He turned around to Little Black and asked, "Did he leave us a message?" There must be a reason why Hong Meng was spending so much effort trying to please them.

Little Black pondered for a moment, then nodded. "Yes,  I think he said something like… he's going to be… outside some plane's realm waiting for the Exalted Goddess?"

"A realm outside the plane?" Lonemoon paused. Did he mean the divine realm? Shen Ying had left a gate to the plane over there at first. It looked like Hong Meng really was in trouble.

Lonemoon frowned, then instructed Little Black to  bring Fatty to look for a room he could stay in. He then helped Shen Ying and Yi Qing put away all the fresh meat before he explained the situation. After that, he opened a passage to the divine realm.

Hong Meng was indeed waiting in the divine realm, anxiously seated in the grass beside the plane tree. It looked like he has been waiting for a long time. He had plucked the grass around him so that there was a level patch of land just around him.

"Sirs, you've finally arrived" The moment he spotted them, Hong Meng broke into a grin and walked forward.

"Hey! Er… Mengmeng?" Shen Ying waved at him.

Hong Meng: "…"

Lonemoon: "…"

Yi Qing: "…"

Can you remember even one name?

"Exalted Goddess, my name is Hong Meng," Hong Meng said, frowning. "Oh." Shen Ying nodded. "I've kept all of your small animals, Mengmeng. They look good, Mengmeng. Thank you, Mengmeng!"

"…" Alright, so long as you're happy.

"Hong Meng, was there a reason you were looking for us so urgently?" Lonemoon stepped forward and asked.

"Yes, of course!" Hong Meng pushed the name-calling aside and cupped his fists at them, a somber expression on his face. "I've come today because something has happened in my plane. I had no other choice but to come and ask for the help of you, Boss, and your personal assistants."

"What's happened in your plane?" Didn't they just re-start the plane? Hadn't all their living creatures just been born? "Don't tell me there has been an invader?" Lonemoon's expression darkened.

"No, it's not that." Hong Meng shook his head. "We've just restarted our plane, and there has not been any invaders." Nobody would care to take over their plane.

"Then what's the matter?"

Hong Meng's expression fell. He looked at them awkwardly and said guiltily, "It's like this. Ever since we planted the original source in our plane, all the living creatures that belong to our plane have been returning through it. But… we've met with a small problem."

"What's the problem?" Lonemoon frowned.

"The living creatures in the original source have stayed there for far too long. They've mixed around with all sorts of Qi and have become contaminated with other auras. In order to only attract the living creatures back to our plane, we had no choice but to create a brand new procedure. But ancient gods of creation like us cannot interfere with the plane at will. That's why the other twelve people entered Samsara and reincarnated to become ordinary living creatures, so that they could lead the rest back."
 "And then?"

"And then… something happened." Hong Meng was beginning to look more and more fearful. "After they returned from Samsara, they lost all their memories. Although I'm controlling them from behind the scenes, I'm just one person and I cannot take care of every problem. What's more, I cannot keep interfering at will. That's why the new system has not been running well." He looked back up at the three of them, with hope in his eyes. "Kind sirs, the situation in your plane has stabilized. That's why I plucked up the courage to come here and ask you for a favor. Can you please come back with me to my plane and help me one last time?"

"You mean you want us to go with you to rebuild the Heavenly Dao?"

"Yes, yes, yes." Hong Meng nodded profusely.

"No way!" Lonemoon turned him down at once.

"Huh… Ah?" Hong Meng stared blankly at him, crestfallen. "That's your own plane's problem. Why can't you resolve it on your own?" Did he think they ran a charity?


"Let's go, Father Niu," Shen Ying suddenly spoke up.

"Shen Ying!" Lonemoon glared at her. They had already helped him once, and she freaking entered a coma because of that. Who knew what was going to happen this time?

"It'll be alright," she said, taking a bite out of a fruit. She tilted her head and said, "What's more… We've already accepted the small animals."

Lonemoon's expression darkened. "Then return them."

Instinctively, the master and disciple placed a protective hand on their storage bag and took a step back. "Shen Ying!" You two bastards - are you trying to drive me to my grave? Just before Lonemoon blew up, he heard Chef whisper in his ear.

"Father Niu, do you remember what Elder Shen Jing said to us when Master agreed to manage this plane?"

Lonemoon glared at him and said, "What does that have to do with this? Didn't Shen Jing strongly object to her taking over? She even said that if she really wanted her own plane, she could set one-" Lonemoon stopped mid-sentence, his eyes widening. "Holy shit! Are you serious?"

Yi Qing nodded seriously. "That plane did not come into existence naturally. Master was the one who created it. In other words, Master is also the manager of that other plane. Although we're not the assistants of that plane, if something is wrong there, it'll probably affect Master."

Shit, did Shen Ying really have to take control of two planes at once? Lonemoon let out a huge sigh, then tried to suppress the anger rising in his chest. In other words, he could not refuse any longer.

"Father Niu, have some fruit to calm yourself down." Shen Ying handed him a fruit.

Lonemoon glared at her. "Don't give me an unripe fruit if you really mean it." Do you think I'm Fatty?

"Er…" Shen Ying retracted her hand.

"Alright." Lonemoon turned to address Hong Meng. "We'll help you just this once."

Hong Meng looked overjoyed. Although he could not understand what made Lonemoon change his mind all of a sudden, he cupped his fists and bowed toward them nevertheless. "Thank you all." He quickly turned around and opened the plane gates, as if afraid that they would change their minds. "Chef!!" Shen Ying suddenly turned around and called out. "Call Fatty over."

"Yes, Master."

"Wait." Lonemoon hesitated. "What do you want to call Fatty over for?"

It was too late. Yi Qing had already disappeared. The next thing Lonemoon knew, Yi Qing was already dragging Fatty toward them.

"He has experience," Shen Ying answered.

Lonemoon did not agree. "He had experience before, but he's now already…" not the same Godfiend anymore.

Before he could finish speaking, Shen Ying raised her hand and tapped Fatty in the middle of the forehead with her fingers. The thick immortal Qi around Fatty's body disappeared at once. It was replaced with another frightening aura, like the one around Hong Meng.

Shen Ying had recovered the powers of creator gods in Fatty!

(⊙ o ⊙)

Lonemoon pursed his lips. Fine, as long as they were happy.

Fatty remained confused, unable to understand what was going on around him. He scanned the group. Where am I? What just happened?

"Let's go!"

Go? Go where? Can anyone explain to him what was going on?

The three people in front of him had already disappeared into the white light shining out of the gate in front of him. Fatty looked around, then decided to follow them through the gate.

There was a blinding white light, then the scene in front of his eyes changed. Before their vision cleared, they heard loud crashes all around. Something was falling right at them.

Chapter 499: Trouble in the Plane

The array around them was vibrating violently. They were wrapped within a transparent layer. On closer inspection, they discovered that it was a fireball that had fallen right at them. It was noisy in front, and it looked like there were a couple of figures floating in the air, in the midst of battle. Different spells and sorcery flew about in the sky. The ground was burned. From time to time, bolts of lightning would strike down from the sky. There were also all sorts of sorcery charging down. That was exactly what that fireball was.

The group: "…" What was going on?

Hong Meng turned pale. He had forgotten that this was where he had placed the exit. With panic and awkwardness in his voice, he said, "Sorry, my lord. I opened the exit in the wrong direction. Please come back this way." With that, he turned around and opened yet another passageway.

The few of them looked at him suspiciously and followed him through the passage, leaving the battlefield behind.

The scene in front of their eyes changed yet again. They were now in a place willed with purple Qi. A tall place stood in front of them, and three words were written in gold in front of the palace: Purple Night Palace.

They walked in and sat down in the main hall. Lonemoon was the first to speak. "Talk - what exactly is happening here? Why can't the Heavenly Dao function on its own?"

Hong Meng trembled. He gritted his teeth, then explained all the details regarding his plane's situation.

In summary, this plane was a coffee table. On it, were all sorts of cups and cutlery.

At first, thanks to Shen Ying's efforts, the plane had been re- created. They were also the gods of creation - they were experienced when it came to setting up  a  whole  new  plane. There was no need for them to interfere. All they had to do was wait for the purple original source to settle into the plane. Naturally, living creatures would be born out of it. In fact,  the plane was to grow like Shen Ying's other plane  -  little  realms were supposed to be born out of the same original source. But this entire process was a long one. It was supposed to take millions or even billions of years. Hong Meng and the rest had been waiting patiently, but they began to feel lonely as they continued to face the empty plane day in and day out. People were bound to cause problems once they began to feel lonely. That was why the few of them began to mess around.

At the start, they just tried to stimulate the original source filled with purple Qi. They wanted it to grow faster. Of course, they did not dare to do anything too stupid. After all, it was the source of all living things. Their methods worked and more and more living things began to appear in their plane. First, divine phoenixes and dragons appeared. However, the purple Qi was not strong enough. So while the forms of divine beings appeared, those divine beings had no spiritual awareness. Take what he sent over earlier for example - all it could do was hatch immortal stones. Oh, no, it was a phoenix. These were the types of animals that the original source produced.

Later, as the purple Qi became more and more substantial, it began to produce living creatures with intelligence. There were many different species of living creatures. However, the spirits in the original source were mixed with all other types of auras. They were bound to be contaminated with remnant waste auras. These auras could only be eradicated after going through Samsara in the original source purple Qi over the years, But since the creator gods were lonely, the living creatures were allowed to roam the plane first. Due to the waste auras that the living creatures carried, they all had innately explosive characteristics.What's more, each of them carried God Power. Each race became stronger than the last. Thus, weak humans were dragged to the boundaries of life and almost became extinct.

Of course, every plane's races were different. Some had more, some had less. Humans, however, were a different story! Perhaps because that plane was created by Shen Ying, this plane was more or less similar to Yi Qing's. The humans were weak, but humans were prosperous! What's more, humans did not live more than 100 years. As generations came and went, their ability to bring all the living creatures back to the plane increased. What's more, the purple Qi in this plane was very similar to the River of Forgetfulness. The more souls there were in it, the stronger it became.

The other races, on the other hand, were too strong. They would live for tens of thousands of years, and would only reproduce once or twice every thousand years. Some could only reproduce once or twice in their entire lifetime. If they were left to their own devices, they would not produce enough souls to allow the original source to prosper. Instead, they would increase the burden on the purple Qi. This was why although humans were weak, the Heavenly Dao favored them. Their prosperity was the foundation for all the living creatures' existence. It was a pity that there was no way humans could survive under the threat of other more powerful creatures.

It was only then that Hong Meng and the others realised the gravity of the situation. They quickly isolated the humans from all the other races, but this was still not enough to get the Heavenly Dao running on its own. Without humans, other races remained in a mess.

They became more and more fearful as they watched the mess grow out of control. They did not dare to interfere once again, for fear of extinguishing the human race by manipulating the purple Qi like they did before.

But hope for the new system to run on its own dwindled as time went by. For each day that the Heavenly Dao remained problematic, the plane remained in grave danger.

So they thought of a solution - they would enter Samsara themselves and become a part of the Heavenly Dao. Once they reincarnated, they would lead the other living creatures to purify themselves of all the waste auras, in order to rebuild the system. That was why all but Hong Meng - forming the 12 strongest races - entered Samsara all at once.

They had big dreams, but reality let them down. The 12 people, after having entered Samsara, were no longer the gods of creation that they were before. They lost their memories, so that not only did they forget their missions, they became some of the strongest races in the plane because of the innate amount of God Power they had in their bodies. At last… they fought among themselves.

No matter how Hong Meng led them or hinted to them, he could not remind them of their original mission. Not one of the 12 of them gave a hoot about him. Instead, they were completely absorbed in their new lives. Leading the others of their own kind, they started a full-blown civil war between the different races in the plane.

The battle… had obviously spread to where the humans were hidden.

Now that there were more and more living creatures entering the original source purple Qi from the battle, the original source was becoming richer and richer in terms of souls. Yet, there was no sign of it producing more souls for the plane. Their problem now was no longer trying to expand the purple Qi, but trying to keep the purple Qi from exploding.

Hong Meng was at a loss. He had no choice but to run to Shen Ying and ask for reinforcements!

"Are you retarded?" Lonemoon glared at him. Even for Chef, Shen Ying only dared to allow him to reload. Where did they get the confidence that they would return as the same people even after entering Samsara? "This was the little problem that you were talking about?" It was no wonder that they saw a battlefield when they first entered this plane. The entire plane was probably in ruins!

"Wait!" He suddenly thought about something. "Don't tell me you picked up those small animals while you walked through the battlefield before giving them to Shen Ying?"

Hong Meng stared blankly at Lonemoon and turned pale. Weakly, he said, "How can that be, Assistant Lonemoon? Ha ha ha…" It was obvious that he did!


"Forget it." Lonemoon  sighed.  "Since  you  discovered  that those 12 people were not doing what they were supposed to do, you should have realized how  serious  the  problem  is.  Why didn't you take action? Even if you forbade them from returning to this world, you could have forced them to enter the  Samsara and come back as humans instead. Wouldn't that have been better?" He was an ancient god. Surely he could  have  done  at least that. He did not have to stand by and watch the situation spiral out of control.


Chapter 500: Invincible School

Hong Meng's smile stiffened. He sat down on the chair and fidgeted. "Actually… I did try that, but…"

He trailed off mid-sentence and shrank back in his chair. He looked so guilty that his chin was nearly touching the ground.

Lonemoon hesitated. Something clicked in his  head.  He finally figured something out. "You didn't get beaten up by all of them, did you?"

"…" Hong Meng's head sank lower.

"Holy shit! And you really lost?" Wasn't he an ancient god? He was even more shameful than Fatty!

"B-B-Boss…" Hong Meng's face flushed red as his eyes darted around the room, as if looking for somewhere he could hide his face in. "When they entered Samsara, they had the intention of suppressing all the other races, so… So they brought their cultivations along with them." "So…" Lonemoon jumped to his feet. "Those 12 people still have the cultivations of ancient gods?"


"Heh heh, goodbye!" Lonemoon turned around and started to walk out of the room.

"No!" Hong Meng clung onto his leg and turned to Shen Ying. "You promised you would help me out."

"Go and beg her - what are you clinging onto me for?" Lonemoon tried to shake him off, but failed. "She was the one who promised you, so go to her instead. Ask her to help you locate all 12 of them. You were the one who created this mess. I'm washing my hands off this."


Shen Ying, who had been gnawing on her fruit, paused. She seemed to sense that she was in trouble. Thus, she stood up and said seriously, "Father Niu is right. We're washing our hands off this. Chef, let's go back and cook!"

"Yes Master, no problem Master!"

Hong Meng: "…" Didn't they say they would help him?

"This is more than just a slip in procedure - it's caused by the birth of spiritual awareness, isn't it?" Fatty suddenly spoke up.

Hong Meng paused and turned to face him.

"What do you mean?"

"Aren't they the first batch of living creatures to have spiritual awareness in this realm?" Fatty asked matter-of-factly. "Let's put that problem with the mixed auras aside. Be it demonic beasts or humans, without any guidance, they would not naturally know about the system. As much as the original source may be contaminated with waste auras, the most that would affect is the quality of their bodies," Fatty continued. "Because nobody would have been around to tell them right from wrong."

Even if the Heavenly Dao wanted to punish them from above, they would not even understand where they went wrong. So it was not a proper system that they were missing, but people who would teach them what the system was about.

Hong Meng stared blankly at him. That was indeed the case. The 12 ancient gods entered Samsara to try to lead the races to cultivate properly and end the mess. However, they too ended up on the wrong path.

"But I'm afraid that if I keep interfering…" He was  really afraid that he would end up causing more trouble instead. Things were messy enough as they were.

"Isn't your main aim just to get the system up and running?" Fatty was not as worried as Hong Meng was. "Things can't get any worse than they are now. Why don't you just tell them what they're meant to do?" "Huh?" Hong Meng was absolutely confused. What was this man talking about?

"Fatty means to say…" Lonemoon sighed. "You need to start a school!"

"…" What's that?


Perhaps it was because Hong Meng was in a pitiful state as things were. What's more, this plane was related to Shen Ying in some sense. At last, Lonemoon could not find it in him to just walk away. He agreed to help Hong Meng establish the rules of the Heavenly Dao. Fatty was right - everything was in a mess now not only because these living creatures were contaminated with waste auras that caused them to be innately ferocious. The more substantial reason was that nothing was controlling them. No one was there to teach them how to be humans - no, nobody was there to teach them how to be gods.

That's right  -  those  fighting  the  fiercest  battles  were  the divine beings.

Hong Meng and the others did have a fighting chance to begin with, because even the strongest divine beings were no match for more than ten ancient gods. Too bad, Hong Meng became too fearful of humans going extinct. He was too fearful that this newly formed plane would be destroyed.

In addition, the Heavenly Dao in this plane had not yet been established. There was no way that they could calculate the future. That pushed them to mess around with Samsara, in order to reduce the negative influence it was having on the living creatures. In the end, not only were they unable to solve the problem, they even paid with their own memories.

This was really a case of interfering when they should stand back and standing back when they should interfere.

Now, the best thing they could do was to build a foundation that would allow all the different races to exist in harmony. They also had to teach them how to treat one another, so that they could contribute to the development of the plane. In the next three days, they set up the "Invincible Civil and Military Academy, Purple Night Palace Branch". They changed the regulations for electing the new principal - whoever won at rock paper scissors would end up as the principal. Shen Ying obviously set out of the competition. Since chef had been holding on to a spatula in each of his hands, he chose rock. Lonemoon, unable to hold back, displayed paper. Thus, he officially became the principal of the school.

Hong Meng and Fatty were not in the running to become principal. One of them had a broken track record, and the other's image would ruin the school's reputation.

In order to formalize things, Lonemoon changed the signboard outside Purple Night Palace to read "Invincible Civil and Military Academy, Purple Night Palace Branch" instead. He personally supervised Hong Meng's renovation of the public square into one that could house tens of thousands of students as well. They thought of putting a few chairs in the public square, but on realizing that the divine beings had thick and coarse skin, they decided that the students would remain on their feet instead.

Once the renovations were completed, they thought about how to recruit students. "Would they… come?" Hong Meng asked worriedly.

"Nonsense! Of course not!"

"Huh? Ah!" Hong Meng stared blankly at Lonemoon. "Then did we do all of this for…" Nothing?

"You haven't even put up a single advertisement - who would even know that you've set up a school?" Lonemoon rolled his eyes. You're aging but your brain isn't developing along with your body. "Naturally, people will only start coming after you put up advertisements."

What are advertisements? Were they meant to spread messages far and wide?

"How should we… put up advertisements?"

"Fighting is the best advertisement!" "…" What?

Lonemoon ignored him. Instead, he said, "Talk - what are the names of those 12 ancient gods reincarnated? Call them over and let Chef beat them up. Once that happens, they won't dare to do anything stupid anymore. Then, we'll teach them properly! We'll teach them until they learn." After all, they were not currently facing as much competition as they did when they first set up Invincible Sect. There was no need at all to think about their reputation. "Didn't you say that they became the leaders of the 12 different races? Once we get them to stay, the rest will naturally follow suit."

Hong Meng pondered for awhile. That sounded about right. "How should we call them over, then?"

"We'll just send out the notice of battle!" Didn't all leaders love showing off? Lonemoon pulled out a piece of paper and used his power to write on it. He made his words as cutting and rude as possible, and even slipped in a curse or two in each of his notes. His aim was to make anyone who reads it feel angry. Then, he made 11 more copies of the same letter and shoved them to Hong Meng, instructing him to send them out.
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