My Master Disconnected Yet Again Chapter 341-350

Chapter 341: Quality Pool Water

The three were also stunned, confused looks over their faces.

What's the matter? The pool water expired?

Jing Qi's expression went ever more crazy. He stared at them with reddened eyes, "What did you do to the wa-" He stopped mid-sentence, and a painful look went across his face. His hand pressed to his stomach subconsciously.

In the next moment, his originally slightly fat belly inflated rapidly like a balloon. Within three breaths, it already became so large that he inclined towards the back, and seemed to lose his balance.

"How can this… what's this!" Jing Qi's one hand supported his waist, and he leaned against the trunk of a nearby tree. His face was full of fear, as his belly continued to grow larger. Vaguely, they could see something moving below his belly.

The three felt like something clicked in their mind, and they understood it instantly.

Lonemoon looked amazed. "Spring of life… it was real and genuine indeed!"

Yi Qing also nodded knowingly, "Good quality with instant effects!"

Jing Qi's expression was flurried and fearful at the same time, like he was on the verge of losing his mind. He roared, "What are you saying? What on earth is the matter with me?"

The three looked at one another.

Shen Ying stepped forward, patted his shoulder and said, "Man, congratulations, you are pregnant!" Isn't this the spring of life? Of course it's for bearing life. Indeed.

"…" Jing Qi's face went pale immediately. In the next moment, he looked like he could not bear with such news. His eyes rolled, and he fainted.

Shen Ying poked the person on the ground with a tree branch, "Fainted in joy?"

Lonemoon's mouth twitched. It was obviously fainting in shock, okay? "What do we do now? Send him back to that plane?" Or simply kill him?

"We probably can't!" Yi Qing shook his head directly. "Though the original soul has already come out, he has another in his belly now." What if there is a new soul in his belly? Which side would he belong to later?

"How, then?" Lonemoon was speechless. Are they gonna have to deliver his baby?

"Let's bring him back to Invincible Sect first." Shen Ying suggested. "Go back to Celestial World now?" Lonemoon was shocked. "But Chef…"

Before he finished, he turned to look at Yi Qing beside him, and realized that the aura all over him was no longer Spirit Qi, but faint God Power.

"Holy shit! When did you recover?" This is obviously recovered. And it's too fast!

"Just now." Yi Qing gave him a confused look. Didn't he let him try changing into a dragon?

"How about that assistant seal?"

As he finished asking, a flash of light appeared between Yi Qing's brows. In the next moment, a familiar infinity symbol appeared. The things that Shen Ying once wrote surrounded the symbol as black fonts, and they tightened. Just like when he did last time, the symbol looked as though it was being squeezed to break, and it disappeared together with those words. The God Power that surrounded him suddenly disappeared, too. "…" What the f*ck!

"Let's go home!" Shen Ying turned back and called. She directly opened up the plane and stepped inside first.

Just as Yi Qing was going to follow, he was pulled back by Lonemoon. "Come back!"

"What is it?"

"To carry him, of course! You want me to carry this pregnant woman… uh no, man, on my own!?" What if the child gets hurt? Lonemoon pointed to the person on the ground. "You lift the head, I lift the feet."


So the two lifted up the person on the ground and walked towards the plane gate. ——————

The gate that Shen Ying opened was directly in the back palace of Invincible Heavenly Palace. Lonemoon and Yi Qing casually threw a certain pregnant man who remained unconscious all the way onto the ground at the side.

Due to the time difference, the three of them had not returned to Invincible Sect for more than 3000 years. Lonemoon looked around and realized that there was no significant change to the place since they left. Even the table outside that Shen Ying used to eat at was so clean that there was no dust at all. It seemed that someone had been cleaning the place frequently.

Lonemoon directly made hand seals to set a few layers of array formations. Chef had already gone into the kitchen for cooking in a familiar manner. And Shen Ying leaned onto the table habitually, looking lazy like she had no bones.

When Lonemoon finished with the arrays, Chef had already come out with two finished dishes. The surroundings were still completely silent. It didn't occur to them just now, but now they felt that the place seemed too silent. After so long, not to mention anyone entering, there was no hint of anyone being around nearby at all.

Lonemoon frowned, stood up and said, "Let me go and look for Yu Hong and Boss Lan."

With that said, he flew out on his sword. Yet he found not a single disciple in the black palace nor in the several palaces nearby. His heart sank, and he directly used Divine Perception to sweep through the whole Heavenly Palace. But he found that the whole Invincible Heavenly Palace was empty, without a single person.

How could this be?

He remembered that when they left, Lan Hua had already become a Godfiend. With his protection, there wasn't supposed to be troubles. In any case, even if something happened, there couldn't be not even a single soul left. The palace showed no traces of war as well. Where did all the people go?

He frowned and suddenly remembered something. He turned to fly towards the immortal herb field at the back end. Indeed, he felt a familiar Immortal Qi from far away. There was the vibration from spells as well.

In the center of the herb field, an array formation shone. It seemed like a trapping array. In the middle of it, a familiar big carrot was trying hard to crawl out, but kept getting pressed back by the array. Perhaps due to the energy consumption, the originally green leaves on its head was partly yellow now. It draped down like it was going to fall off.

"Radish?!" Lonemoon was shocked. It had grown to become so big. He waved a hand and released that array, as he flew down.

The struggling figure stiffened. Its head turned somewhat slowly, and the Radish was completely stunned.

"What happened to you?" Lonemoon went up and asked, "What on earth happened…"

"Ah…" Before he could finish, Radish had already rushed over and broke into violent crying. Water emerged from all over it that it became a wet Radish . "Elder Annoying, you are finally back! Ah…"

Lonemoon, "…"

To hell with your 'Elder Annoying'! Lonemoon's mouth twitched. Seeing that his clothes were made wet by the carrot, he hurried to pluck a certain vegetable down from his body.

"Don't cry any more. What happened? We've just come back.
Why is there not a person in the Heavenly Palace?"

"WE!" Carrot looked up suddenly, and water instantly stopped flowing from its body, and even the leaves on his head stood up. "Little Missy is back!"

"Yes, we all…"

"Little Missy!" Before he could finish, Carrot had already turned, leaped out, and went bouncing in the direction of the back palace. It was apparently much larger than before, yet when it bounced it moved so fast that it looked like a shadow. Lonemoon almost failed to catch up with him.

Chapter 342: The Return to Immortal Pavilion

Radish didn't stop until it had come all the way to the back palace. Seeing the familiar figure sitting at the table, the whole Radish started trembling slightly in disbelief. "Little… Missy?"

Shen Ying who was eating turned back and waved a hand while still holding her chopsticks. "Hey! Radish?"

"Little Missy… Little… Missy!" Radish rushed forward rapidly, but when it reached Shen Ying's side it stopped once more, sniffed her nose, and in the next moment the whole Radish started flooding with water once more. "Wah… Little Missy you're back. You are finally… finally back. Radish… Radish is so scared, so, so scared… Ahhhh!"

The more it cried, the sadder it became, and it didn't seem able to control it. It cried until the whole Radish seemed a bit dried. It looked like a child who had been wronged and ran to his parents to complain.

Shen Ying exchanged a look with Chef beside her, sighed, put down the bowl inside her hand, touched the tried leaves on top of Radish's head. "What's the matter with this?"

"Little Missy… Little Missy…" Radish seemed to have gotten a chest pain from crying. It said hurriedly while burping, "Quickly… quickly save… everyone! Little Missy is… caught."

The three was stunned. Lonemoon who just came after him stepped forward and said, "You mean Yu Hong? Who was she caught by? Where did the others go? Tell us clearly."

"It's… it's the Demon King!" Radish said hurriedly, "He caught Big Sister Little Hong. Brother… Brother Lan went to  chase after him and never came back. So Little Yu and the others… went as well. They said it was too dangerous and wouldn't let Radish come along."

"You mean Little Black caught Yu Hong?!" Lonemoon was shocked. After not seeing him for a couple thousand years, he had grown bolder. He even dared to come to catch people at Invincible Sect. "No. It's the Demon King." Radish shook its head hard and then nodded. It grew even more anxious and grabbed Shen Ying's sleeve. "Little Missy, please hurry up and go to save them. They've already been away for a whole night and still haven't returned!"

"Shen Ying, let's leave quickly!" Lonemoon was anxious, he turned back and called out his flying sword. Chef also started to use spells to keep the unfinished dishes on the table.

"Wait," Shen Ying suddenly spoke.

"Wait for what?" Lonemoon grew even more anxious. "Right now they…"

"Are back."


Lonemoon was stunned. He turned to look and saw that a great amount of demonic Qi suddenly emerged from their surroundings and gathered together. The space in front of him distorted, and in the next moment, a one-person tall tear appeared in the air, and seven or eight figures fell out of it. All of them were covered with blood and looked terrible. Especially the person in the front, his body riven with blood, what's more, half of a broken sword was stuck in his chest.

"Lan Hua!" Lonemoon was shocked. Seeing that he was almost falling down, he hurried to reach out and support him.

"Big Sister Little Hong!" Radish was also shocked. With  a flash, it changed into human form, turned and hugged the similarly blooded figure behind Lan Hua.

"Lonemoon?" Lan Hua's eyes opened wide as he looked in disbelief towards the person in front of him. The originally gray and dark eyes brightened immediately, "You're here, then Kindness…"

He hurried to look behind him, and the others also turned to look towards Shen Ying. For a time, seven or eight gazes were fixed upon her. "Hey!" Shen Ying waved in greeting.

In the next instant, the people present looked like they were figures in a freeze-frame. They looked straight at the person in front of them, their eyes opened wide. The looks in their eyes that were that of despair a moment ago seemed brightened instantly, and a faint watery glow appeared in there.

A while later…

"Disciples of Invincible Sect greet the sect master!"


Lan Hua and the party were badly hurt. Besides Yu Hong, whose injury was slightly less, the others either had all the meridians broken or had their immortal bones injured. Lonemoon and Yi Qing put in a great amount of effort, before they could manage to stabilize their condition.

"So what happened?" asked Lonemoon. Before Lan Hua replied, Yu Hong at his side took a step forward and knelt down directly, her face full of self-blame. "It's my fault! I made everyone suffer. Elder, please punish me."

"No! This has nothing to do with Big Sister Little Hong!" Radish grew anxious, came straight forward and attempted to pull her up, but Yu Hong was unwilling to stand up.

"How can this be blamed on  you?"  Lan  Hua  also  persuaded her.

"How is this related to Yu Hong?" Lonemoon became even more confused as he listened. "Your injury… Did Little Black indeed do this?"

"Not Little Black. It was the new Demon King," Lan Hua shook his head and said, "Little Black is gone."

"What?" There's actually a new Demon King. Lonemoon was stunned. Lan Hua started describing the recent series of events. "We only got to know about the change of Demon King recently. A few years ago, Little Black suddenly came over and passed a low- level Dharma artifact to Yu Hong. Soon afterwards, the Demon King caught Yu Hong and brought her away, forcing her to give up that Dharma artifact. Only when I chased after her did I understand that the Demon King had already changed, and I ended up trapped as well. The other disciples broke into Demon World and used their greatest effort to bring us back."

"What Dharma artifact?" Lonemoon frowned. "Why did Little Black pass it to Yu Hong?" For something so important, he should have handed it to Lan Hua, if he had to hand it to someone. What's the matter with passing to Yu Hong?

Lan Hua was stunned and looked at Yu Hong beside him who suddenly looked down. He coughed and said, "That's… the love token between the two of them."


Love? With this said, even Shen Ying who was still eating stopped short. "Little Black… and Yu Hong?" What kind of strange development is this? These two are actually together! It seemed that they had missed more than a little in these three thousand years.

"Disciples of the sect were often unable to find a practicing partner," Lan Hua scratched his head and explained, "Little Black often came to visit, and he was a demon… so, uh, could bear much hitting. Yu Hong was the big Junior Sister so she asked him to help with the training, so…

So as the hitting went their love came about? Okay, not problematic at all! In any case, Little Black paid for this girlfriend with blood.

"At first they were about to wait for Kindness to come back before they officially became Dao partners, "Lan Hua gave Shen Ying a look, "But we didn't imagine… that Little Black would go missing just like this."

"It was all my fault, believing that person's lies that there was knowledge as to where Little Black went, and leaving the sect without notice…" Yu Hong's face was full of guilt. "That made everyone end up trapped in the Demon World. I…" Before she could finish, she suddenly spat blood, and her figure seemed unstable.

"You're hurt too badly. Focus on your breath and don't move." Lonemoon frowned and stopped her from standing up. "I've gotten the gist of the matter. This was indeed not your fault."

"No! It was me…" The regret on her face deepened, and her face actually whitened. Blood flowed out from the corner of her mouth uncontrollably, and even the Immortal Qi over her body started dissipating.

"What happened?" Lonemoon was shocked, as he realized that there was something wrong with her body. He reached out and discovered that the meridians all over her body were broken, and even the primordial spirit started collapsing. How can this be? Her injuries were apparently the lightest. By right, she should be okay after the readjustment. Why did she get even worse than the others?

Chapter 343: Forces from the Demon World

Just as Lonemoon going to produce a hand seal, Shen Ying suddenly stood up and dragged the person on the ground up directly. Her one hand suddenly went through Yu Hong's chest, as though she grabbed something and dragged it out by force. Yu Hong felt relieved immediately and breathed out deeply. The suffocating feeling that had been around her heart suddenly disappeared.

"Sect master?" She looked up with some confusion and realized that something purple in Shen Ying's hand. It concentrated in the middle of her palm like a smog.

"Shen Ying, what's this?" Lonemoon's eyes widened immediately. He looked at the thing in her palm. He didn't realize that there was anything else inside their bodies during his examination just now. He turned to look at others, and even Yu Hong looked completely confused.

"This looks… like very thick Immortal Qi." Yi Qing also frowned and looked towards that purple aura, which was surprisingly even thicker than Immortal Qi. "Can't it be another intruder?" Lonemoon remembered the pregnancy… uh no, the Spring of Life. He hurried to look with his assistant authority, but nothing could be seen.

"I don't know!" Shen Ying shook her head and was just about to say something.

Suddenly, the ground shook, and as though something was activated, white light surrounded them. A giant protective screen appeared, and surrounded the whole palace.

"It's the Protective Mountain Array!" Lan Hua's face paled. He looked at the three and said, "Those from Demon World has chased us here."

"Good that they come!" Lonemoon snorted. "We haven't gone to look for them, but they came to our doorsteps themselves!"


Outside the palace. The sky was dim, and large waves of demonic Qi covered the sky above the palace. Rows of demon military surrounded the palace tightly.

In front were the ten Skyfiends. An amazing amount of demonic Qi rose from their bodies. Behind them was a row of captured Invincible Sect disciples. Their looks were wretched and seemed to be badly hurt. Some even half-knelt on the clouds, as though they no longer had the strength to stand. But their back remained straight.

The demons looked at one another, then at the palace in front of them. As though remembering something, they felt a bit afraid. Invincible Sect had probably the best relation with the demon world, and the interaction between cultivators and demons on ordinary days were quite frequent. Yet this was the order of the new demon king, and they had to carry it out. Besides, with all disciples of Invincible Sect caught, so long as they took this opportunity to take over the palace, it won't be long before they dominated the whole Three Realms.

Thinking of that, the demons calmed down and cried right towards the palace, "Emperor Lan Hua, we have come to fetch our queen back to the palace. Please deliver the person. Once we get her, we will definitely not trouble all of you." No response came from the palace, and the demons were hesitating about whether to take it by force. Among the ten, there was one Skyfiend, who grew impatient waiting and suggested, "Fiend Supremacies, why bother talking with them? Their people are in our hands. Just kill a few, and they are sure to come out."

With that said, he directly grabbed a dying disciple at his side. One hand holding his neck, he threatened loudly, "Lan Hua, you coward, don't you think that everything is okay once you run back here. If you understand the situation, you should quickly hand over that Yu Hong. Otherwise, with every moment that passes, we will kill one of your disciples, until your whole sect had died."

"How dare you!" As he finished talking, two white figures suddenly appeared in front of the palace. Their looks were unfamiliar and there was an amazing amount of sword qi about them.

The Skyfiends were stunned, not knowing the identity of the two for a moment. But those Invincible Sect disciples who were caught suddenly gasped, with brightened eyes, "Elder!". It was as though they had just witnessed a miracle. "Who are you?" The Skyfiends glanced at the two cautiously. These two were Invincible Sect disciples too, then. But isn't Invincible Sect formed of body cultivators? Why would these two have so much Sword Qi about them.

"You are the ten Skyfiend? Right! It's been thousands of years, it's only normal that you don't remember us." Lonemoon glanced at the disciples in the air, and his look grew heavier. "But there's someone that you are sure to remember. Shen…" He turned to call a certain person, before realizing that there was nobody behind him. Immediately, his mouth twitched, and he called towards the figure on the right side who was walking even further away, "Wait! Where're you going? Here we are!" She got lost so easily indeed.

"Oh," Everyone heard a lazy reply, and then some footsteps. After a while, the figure of a woman came over strolling, a half- eaten fruit in her hand.

When they recognized her look, the Skyfiends stiffened, and a sudden lightning seemed to strike in their minds. Their legs grew soft. Were… were their eyes tricking them? Were they blind? "Sect master!" The disciples cried out in surprise. An immense brightness shone in their eyes.

"Sect master? Isn't your sect master Lan Hua? Since when did you change a sect master?" Only the who had just been raised to Skyfiend snorted. "Never mind that. You had better give over the person, and I may spare your life. Else after we butchered… Oh!"

Before he could finish, a Skyfiend who stood beside him suddenly gave him a strong kick, almost knocking him down from the clouds.

"Fiend Kun, what are you doing!?" The new Skyfiend was angry immediately. Just as he was about to asking for his reason, like some switch had been turned on, the other Skyfiends also rushed on and started to hit him. "Wait, what are you doing? Stop… it…"

Shit, even if you don't understand the situation, don't look for your own death! Even if you do, don't make us suffer with you! Remembering that injury which couldn't properly heal after more than 500 years, they felt a pain in their bodies. "Shut up! How can you be so impolite!"

Yes, yes. Speaking to great God like this, you are such a scum of the demon kind!"

"So annoying. The newbie is just lawless. Without giving him a lesson, I can't stand it!"

"And he has the guts to say it's painful? Hit him,  hit  him hard."

"You're making us demons lose face. Hit him to death, we must hit him to death!"

The Skyfiends beat that one without any hesitation, and that one cried horribly. In a while, the whole palace echoed with those demon cries.

Shen Ying, "…" Lonemoon, "…"

Yi Qing: "…"

Other confused demons, "…"

By the way, what did they actually come for?

This nine-versus-one beating continued for more than ten minutes, until a certain new Skyfiend was no longer able to make a sound, the nine finally stopped and…

… they knelt down together in front of Shen Ying and cried loudly, "Great God, we are sorry!"

Those who were energetically beating someone a moment ago suddenly started crying bitterly, and shouting heartily.

"Great God the Demon King made me do all of this." "Yes, Great God, we were all forced by the Demon King. We are all good demons and had never thought about attacking the immortal realm."

"The Demon King is too unseemly, and we had no choice."

"Yes, yes. He was still thinking of marrying lady Little Hong of the former Demon King. That's too shameless!"

The demons cried even harder, and their bodies shook like leaves in the wind.

Chapter 344: Little Black Missing

"Alright, alright!" Does your Demon King know that all of you concede defeat so easily? He expected a fight in any case, and didn't expect that once Shen Ying came out, they gave themselves up immediately. How big was the trauma from last time?

"Release the disciples first!"

"Yes, yes!" The Skyfiends nodded hard like chickens eating grains. They hurried to wave towards the demons behind them, "Hurry up and send… oh, invite, them down!"

Only then did the demon army escort down that row of disciples who were originally meant as hostages.

Lonemoon counted and realized the disciples caught by them were only a few dozen. His heart sank, "What about the others?"

"Elder, they are still at the Demon Palace." a disciple answered. His face darkened, and turned to glance at the nine still kneeling, and saw that they shook even more severely.

"That… I… We don't know about it too. They were  all captured by the Demon King with arrays."

Lonemoon frowned, glanced at the disciples in front of him and gave Yi Qing a look. "Chef, I'll bring them in first, you and Shen Ying trap those outside."

"Hmm." Yi Qing nodded and went right up to set an array, trapping the whole demon army in their original position. The arrays he made were of the dragon clan, and naturally the demons could not break out of them. He turned around, took the nine Skyfiends and went back.

When they reached the back palace, those disciples were already tended to. Most of them were badly hurt, and some had even injured their immortal bones. Fortunately, there was no shortage of elixirs in the sect, and they only needed more time to rest. Lonemoon was more worried about those who had not returned. "Say it, what is that happened in the Demon World?" Lonemoon, Shen Ying and Chef sat at the dining table and looked towards the nine Skyfiends, who knelt down obediently once more in front of them.

The nine looked at one another, and all of them shook their heads. "We are also not sure. We haven't seen Li Yin since several months ago."

"Who's Li Yin?" The three were stunned for a moment.

"Demon King Little Black, it is," The nine hurried to explain.

"…" Uh, they had been so used to calling Little Black that they forgot that he had a name. "What happened to him?"

"The last time we saw former Demon King Li Yin was when he commanded the whole Demon Palace to get the dowry prepared within three months.

So Little Little Black was actually quite sincere towards Yu Hong.

"Wait, dowry?" Lonemoon was stunned. Isn't it supposed to be bride price?

Healing the disciples at one side, Lan Hua's mouth twitched, and he suddenly said, "Because Yu Hong told him, Kindness and both of you were not around, she would not marry over, so…"

"So he planned to come here?" Lonemoon was speechless. Little Black was quite serious about getting married indeed. It seemed that the previous Demon King also ran away with his wife? Are all Demon Kings so irresponsible? How could he have suddenly felt a little worried about the future of demons?

"And after that?"

"When we finish preparing and went to notify him, we couldn't find him in the whole demon palace, as if… he had suddenly vanished." "What about the new Demon King now, then?"

"The new Demon King also suddenly appeared in the Demon World. We have no idea of his past. His cultivation level is high, and the combined force of us ten Skyfiends was not enough to defeat him." The nine continued to explain. "According  to  the rules of demons, he was indeed qualified to become the Demon King. At first we wanted to notify Invincible Sect regarding the disappearance of Demon King Li… Little Black, but  the  new Demon King said there was no need for such troubles, and we could just go ahead with the marriage. He also said he was  going to come personally to explain to lady Little Hong.  We  didn't expect that…"

That he directly kidnapped Yu Hong, and severely injured Lan Hua who went after them, drawing the whole sect to the Demon Palace.

The nine looked up at Shen Ying meekly and continued, "We thought at first… that this new Demon King only took a liking to lady Yu Hong, too. We didn't expect that he would actually directly attack Bo Sea Shen Ying."

Others also nodded, and they started complaining. "Actually, we didn't want to come… But the Demon King said those severely injured disciples were to be killed. We… had to persuade him to keep them for hostage, and then we brought the demon army here."

"Yes, yes. We haven't fought for many years. We don't want to fight since long ago!"

"Exactly. I only got the directory to Feng Cang Continent last month and was at first planning to go on a vacation during the Demon King's wedding."

"Hmm-hmm. I've tried hard and relied on relations to get some immortal brews, I won't be able to taste them after the fight begins."

"What is this? I am supposed to participate in the Immortal Peaches Festival of Ten Continents tomorrow."

As the nine demons talked, they grew even sadder, and their faces were full of grievances. Lonemoon was completely speechless. Seeing these demons who had not a hint of fighting spirit, he silently pitied the Demon World ancestors. He suddenly felt that in the recent thousands of years, the integration of immortal and demon worlds seems a bit fast. But thinking of Little Black, it seemed less strange after all.

He could actually see that these few indeed didn't have the intention of forcefully attacking Invincible  Sect.  Otherwise, they wouldn't have brought a large group and stood outside shouting instead of starting to fight. While the Protective Mountain Array outside Invincible Heavenly Palace was strong, it wouldn't have been able to stand the combined attack of ten Skyfiends. Except a certain confused Skyfiend who got beaten up by his own kind, of course.

Besides, at that moment, they didn't know yet that Shen Ying had already returned. Yet they didn't enter, and a big possibility was that they didn't want to fight this battle after all. But for the face of the Demon King, they had to come and shout a bit.

"Where are the rest of our disciples kept?" asked Lonemoon.

"In the Demon Palace dungeons!" A Skyfiend raised his hand and answered immediately. "Exalted Goddess, are you going to Demon World to save them? Now? I can lead the way!"

"Me too, me too!" Others nodded immediately, and they started discussing, excitement all over their eyes. It was as if they weren't going over to dismantle their base, but to help them. "I'm most familiar with the dungeons. I even know the hidden passages."

"I know them too. They are kept on the third floor of the dungeons, furthest inside."

"Yes, yes. The new Demon King must be in the Demon Palace right now. I can bring Exalted Goddess inside."

"Or we can simply go back fighting. I've disliked him since long ago."

"Indeed. Although Exalted Immortal doesn't need our help, we can cheer for you!" "And…"

Shen Ying, "…"

Lonemoon, "…"

Yi Qing: "…"

Is it only okay that you are selling your Demon King so thoroughly? He suddenly pitied that new Demon King.

"Chef, go with me to save them." Lonemoon randomly chose a Skyfiend to lead the way, then turned to Lan Hua beside him and said, "Boss Lan, these disciples are in your charge."

"Okay." Lan Hua nodded.

"Eh? Is Exalted… Goddess not going?" The chosen Skyfiend looked at Shen Ying, who was already leaning on the table, and then looked at Lonemoon, his face full of concern.

Lonemoon's mouth twitched. What the hell is this doubting look? Can't they do without Shen Ying? They had practice in the Divine World at any rate, okay? It's merely taking care of a small Demon King. Besides, the sect was full of injured disciples. It was more appropriate for Shen Ying to stay here.

Lonemoon told others about some precautions, and without further delay, called towards Yi Qing, "Chef, let's go!"

Chef turned, took out a storage bag full of food, handed over to Shen Ying, before he flew up on his sword. They went towards the Demon World together.

Chapter 345: The New Demon King

Late into the night.

Invincible Sect, palace wing.

Yu Hong was meditating and managing her breath. Probably due to the strange purple gas that was her body, even after its removal, her body suffered severe injuries. Especially the primordial spirit. Lonemoon only barely managed to suppress it for her before. To recover, she needed to rely on herself.

She let go of her Divine Perception and used her full strength to mobilize her primordial spirit. In a short while, sweat started to appear on her forehead, and her complexion started to pale. The warming of primordial spirit required complete focus, and that was what she did. That's why she didn't notice the black gas which suddenly appeared in the room.

The black gas slowly gathered. The air suddenly distorted and silently a tear appeared. A figure came out from the inside. Demonic Qi overflowed from his body and instantly filled the whole room. Yu Hong finally felt the impact of the demonic Qi and stopped her breath adjustment. Subconsciously, she thought that Lan Hua was there. "Lan…" She looked up, but a wave of demonic Qi went right towards her face. She was shocked, and instantly the protective Dharma artifact on her lightened and stopped the demonic Qi.

Only then did she recognize the person opposite her. That was a man in blue with a black aura all over him. His hair was messy and his eyes were red and crazed. He stared right at her, and hatred filled his eyes.

"It's you!" Yu Hong was shocked, and immediately she wanted to use the transmission amulet on the side of her body, yet the other person was one step faster. A wave of demonic Qi hit right on her arm. With another wave of his hand, the demonic Qi in the surroundings gathered and formed black ropes, which tied Yu Hong up tightly. Yu Hong felt the immortal powers within her stagnate, and she was unable to mobilize it no matter what she tried. She stared up at the person in front of her. "What on earth do you want?"

That person was the new Demon King. Elders Lonemoon and Yi Qing had already rushed to the Demon World. She didn't expect him to actually appear here. "Give me the thing!" The figure turned and went to Yu Hong's side, dragging her up directly, he started glancing all over hurried. His eyes opened wide, blood-like color inside it. His expression also grew crazier. "Where's the thing? Why isn't it here? Where is it?"

"Where is… what?" Yu Hong suffered severe injuries to begin with, and coupled with the erosion of demonic Qi, she had no power to resist.

"The thing that you took! Hurry up and return it to me." That person asked again.

"I… I didn't…" Yu Hong was about to rebut before she suddenly remembered something. "You mean the jade hairpin Dharma artifact that Little Black gave to me?" He came to Invincible Sect for that?

"That's not what you should have taken. Quickly give it to me!" He grabbed her even tighter.

Yu Hong's look darkened. "So you've seen Little Black indeed. Where is he?"

"Hmph! He wants something that does not belong to him. He deserves to die!" The other person grew even angrier. "Give me back the thing!"

"What did you do to him?" Yu Hong grew anxious and started struggling, but she couldn't get rid of the demonic Qi all over her. "Let me go! That Dharma artifact belonged to the treasure house of Demon Palace. Since when was it yours?"

"That was what you robbed from me. Your whole world are thieves!" As he talked, he grew ever madder, and the demonic Qi over him became even thicker. He looked like he wanted to destroy the heavens and the earth. "Give it back to me!"

"I didn't! You destroyed that hairpin yourself last time!"

"What happened to the thing inside it?" He asked loudly.

"What?" Yu Hong was stunned. There was something inside the jade hairpin. What was it?

"Where on earth did it go? Where did you hide it?" He asked even more loudly.

"I don't know what you are talking about! What thing? What are you looking for?"

"It was apparently on you just now. Return it to me!" His hand withdrew, and layers of demonic Qi surrounded Yu Hong even tighter. "Or I will massacre your whole sect right now!"

"I mean…" suddenly a lazy voice sounded beside his ears. "Is it not so good for you to make such promises in front of me?"

"Who?" The man was shocked. Only then did he see Shen Ying beside him. She was sitting beside the bed, only three steps away from him. A half-grown Radish leaned on her back, fast asleep.

For a time, the whole room was filled with the snoring of a certain Radish.

"Who are you… why are you here?"

"I've always been here!" Shen Ying inclined her head. She's been listening for a long time.

The man's heart sank. He actually didn't notice it at all. More importantly, he could not figure out her cultivation, besides vaguely feeling a wave of irresistible pressure.

With a turn of thought, he sent a wave of demonic Qi right over. At the same time, his hand turned to draw a line in the air, attempting to tear up the void. Yet he realized that there was no reaction at all. The space that he could, in ordinary days, open up easily, suddenly lost contact with him.

He was seized with fear. Understanding that he might not be able to deal with the person in front of him, he grabbed Yu Hong and rushed out, preparing to escape. Yet he felt an emptiness at his side, turning, he saw that Yu Hong whom he grabbed but a moment ago had already disappeared, and re- appeared at the side of that woman just now. His footsteps stopped.

With a casual wave of hand, Shen Ying drew Yu Hong out from the cocoon of demonic Qi. The demonic Qi in the surroundings all dissipated.

"Sect master?" Yu Hong was stunned, and her eyes brightened immediately. "Why are you here?"

"Oh, Radish snored." Shen Ying casually plucked the Radish on her back down and threw it onto the bed. "I couldn't sleep, so I sent him here on my way."

Radish rolled over on the bed, snoring, still not woken. Subconsciously he rolled back again and started climbing onto Shen Ying's back once more.

Alright! This vegetable had upgraded from a leg accessory to a back accessory. "Return me the thing!" The person who rushed out just now came back again, looked at the two with an angry face and demonic Qi overflowed from his body. "Otherwise both of you will die here!"

"Sect master! He is the new Demon King." Yu Hong was shocked and reminded her loudly. She turned to look at him and said, "I have no idea what you're talking about!"

"You still want to lie. Last time, the thing was apparently on you." That person grew even more anxious, staring hard at Yu Hong. "This world is indeed full of disgusting creatures."

"That hairpin was already destroyed by you. Even if there was something, it should be with you."

"Who else could have stolen it if not you? You must have hidden…"

"Are you talking about…" Shen Ying suddenly interrupted, "This?" Her one hand suddenly reached out, and they saw a purple gas shining in her palm. The one that she dug out from Little Hong's body during the day indeed.

The man's eyes widened instantly, and that red color in them darkened. He stared directly at the purple gas in Shen Ying's palm and his expression grew even crazier, like his last trace of rationality was gone. "Purple gas… mine! Give it back to me!"

With that said, he rushed over without any cares. Demonic Qi over him increased, and a thick wave of blackness went right towards the two. Seeing that it was almost going to shroud the two, it suddenly stopped, and stopped a meter from Shen Ying as if blocked by some obstacle. Regardless of how the other party mobilized it, it couldn't go an inch further. The man's brows tightened, and with a turn of his hand, a black sword immediately appeared in his hands and stabbed right at the other side.

Chapter 346: Half an Invader

HIs sword was just about to cut right through the two  of them.

Shen Ying raised her hand, blocking the sword's path. Cracks echoed throughout the array. The sharp demonic sword suddenly broke into two. The other party stared at her in shock. Shen Ying reached forward and grabbed his hand.

The next moment, he felt like everything around him was spinning. There was a loud crash. The new Demon King was thrown onto the floor. All the demonic Qi had dissipated from his body.

"Speak nicely!"

As if he could not feel any pain, the Demon King began to struggle and scream, "Return it to me, return it to me, liar! You're all liars! Destroy, I'm going to destroy all of you…" Suddenly, there was an explosion of demonic Qi. The man's body became surrounded by a massive amount of black Qi so that he became one with the darkness around him. He looked just like… he was being swallowed alive. "Eh?"

He was about to disappear into the  demonic  Qi  when  Shen Ying frowned and kneeled down to pull him out of it.  She narrowed her eyes, causing the demonic Qi to retreat, as if light had shone onto it. The demonic Qi around the  man  dissipated once more.

Yu Hong felt her legs turn to jelly. She leaned against the wall, resisting the urge to fall to her knees. Was she mistaken? Why did she suddenly feel like Sect Master's aura had expanded by so much in the blink of an eye?

Before she could figure out the answer to her own question, she realised that the Demon King lying on the ground was completely cleansed of all demonic Qi. Yet, there was still a familiar…

"Immortal Qi!" Yu Hong exclaimed. How could this be? Was there a cultivator in this world who could have both types of auras?

The man got to his knees, as if using every ounce of willpower he had in his body to stand up. Yet, he simply did not have enough strength. After all the demonic Qi disappeared, they could hardly sense any Qi left in his body. The amount of immortal Qi he had left was not even comparable to the amount an Earth Immortal had. It felt almost like he was about to pass away any time soon. The craziness in his eyes was gone. HIs pupils were black again. His gaze, however remained locked on the purple item in Shen Ying's hand.

"Little Hong, do you have a pill that allows one to recover Immortal Qi?" Shen Ying glanced at Yu Hong beside her.

Yu Hong paused, then reacted after awhile. She quickly nodded. "Yes!" Turning around, she retrieved a bottle from the cupboard and offered one of the pills inside of it to the man kneeling on the ground.

The man did not receive it. Instead, he glared at Yu Hong.

Yu Hong did not waste anytime speaking to him. Instead, she stuffed it into his mouth. The weak immortal Qi in the man's body became stronger and stronger as the colour returned to his face. "Sect Master, is he… is he not a demon?!" Yu Hong asked as she watched him recover before her very eyes. That pill was meant to replenish immortal Qi, which was detrimental to demons. Yet, this man was getting better!

"Yes." Shen Ying nodded.

"But there was demonic Qi all around him earlier on. Isn't it true that only demons can gather demonic Qi?" Yu Hong was pretty sure that it was demonic Qi that was surrounding the man's body earlier. What's more, even Lan Hua could not subdue him.

"He did not gather it."

"Huh?" Yu Hong paused, not understanding Shen Ying.

"He was not the one who gathered the demonic Qi!" Shen Ying pondered for a moment and added, "The demonic Qi was attacking him!" "What…"

But Shen Ying did not continue explaining matters to  Yu Hong. Instead, she dragged a stool from beside her and sat down lazily. Addressing the man, she said, "Alright, tell me your story."

The man looked confused for a brief second, not understanding what she wanted from him. Then, suddenly, he smiled coolly. It was clear that he had no intention to speak.

Shen Ying waved the purple gaseous mass in front of him. "If you talk to me properly, I will give this to you."

"You…" He fixed his gaze on the gaseous mass in her hand, looking like he was going to break down. Suddenly, he looked down. Shen Ying caught rage, sadness and rebellion in his eyes for a moment. Then, there was remained pure helplessness. "What do you want to know?"

"What is this?" Shen Ying raised the purple gaseous mass and looked at him. "And what are you?" His eyes widened. An undecipherable emotion flashed across his face as he replied, "This purple gaseous mass is my Dharma treasure. I can only cultivate as both an immortal and a demon if I have it. I just want what belongs to me."

"Oh, I see!" Shen Ying kept the purple gaseous mass and placed her fist under her chin. She narrowed her eyes as she studied him closely. After a few seconds, she asked, "Let me ask you something else. What plane are you from?"



Lonemoon and Yi Qing only took one day to rescue the remaining people from the sect. They did not meet with much resistance. In all honesty, they thought that the new Demon King was not doing a very good job. It was possible that he had not even considered repairing the demonic realm. Yet, Lonemoon and Yi Qing could not figure out exactly what he was aiming to do. "Has he spoken yet?" Yi Qing turned to Lonemoon.

"He's refusing to say anything." Lonemoon shook his head and nudged the person next to him. "Shen Ying, are you sure the new Demon King is an invader?"

"I'm not." Shen Ying shook her head.

Lonemoon's expression darkened. "Then why did you send me to interrogate him?"

"His data is weird." Shen Ying tilted her head. After  a moment, she said, "Half and a half."

"What do you mean?" What half-and-half?

"Half of his data is the same as the immortals on this world.
The other half… is different." Was there such a thing? Lonemoon pursed his lips. "He's not mixed, is he?" Maybe he's the descendant of an invader.

"There isn't such a thing in planes," Shen Ying answered, breaking Lonemoon's train of thought. "Each person can only belong to one plane." Even Father Niu, who was now an assistant manager of this plane had changed the plane to which he belonged. One person could not belong to two planes at once.

"Then what kind of situation is he in?"

"I don't know." Shen Ying shook her head. This was the first time she was seeing something like this. She flicked her wrist and retrieved the purple gaseous mass once more. Somehow, she knew she had to analyse this closely.

"Is this what the new Demon King is looking for?" Lonemoon glanced at the gaseous mass in her hands..

"I wonder what it is?" Yi Qing asked. "I don't have an answer yet." Shen Ying shook her head slowly. Suddenly, she faced Lonemoon. "Father Niu, have you found Little Black?"

Lonemoon paused and exchanged a meaningful glance with Shen Ying. His expression darkened as he replied, "No! We are sure we can sense his aura, but…" He trailed off mid-sentence. The crowning of a new Demon King indicated that the old one has passed. Perhaps the Skyfiend had known this all along. It was more likely than not that something horrible had happened to Little Black.

"No," Shen Ying retorted. "That man cannot kill Little Black."

"Why not?" Lonemoon stared blankly at her.

Shen Ying did not answer his question. Instead, she asked, "Have you found the treasury?"

"What?" Lonemoon paused. "We went to rescue people, not to raid their homes and look into their treasuries…" He stopped himself mid-sentence when he finally understood what Shen Ying was asking. That purple gaseous mass was found in Yu Hong's body. When that new Demon King first got ahold of her, he was only looking for that hairpin. In other words,  that purple gaseous mass entered Yu Hong's body through the hairpin. And that hairpin was taken from the treasury. Little Black's disappearance could have had something to do with that treasury!

Chapter 347: The Demon King's Treasury

"But… Only the Demon King knows where his treasury is. We would not be able to find it even if we tried."

"Someone else knows where it is too!" Shen Ying replied.

Lonemoon stared blankly back at her. Suddenly, his eyes widened. "Yu Hong!" That's right - others might not know but Yu Hong definitely would. Little Black was already thinking about marrying Yu Hong. There was no reason why he would have handed in the dowry as well. "I'm going to call her over here."

With that, Lonemoon stood up and went to the side hall. A moment later, he dragged a sorrowful Yu Hong back into the room. Her eyes were red, as if she had just been crying.

"Sect Master." Yu Hong bowed respectfully. "Little Black has indeed told me where the treasury is." She retrieved her own intrinsic dharmic artifact and pointed to a seal atop it. "He made this mark on my sword and told me that it could be used to open the treasury." As if recalling something, the grief in her eyes intensified. "I have never tried to use it." "Yu Hong, there might be a clue as to where Little Black is in that treasury. Do you mind opening it for us?" Lonemoon asked.

"Little Black?" Yu Hong paused. No wonder… He really was still alive! Her expression suddenly became filled with excitement. "Yes! Of course! I will open it right now!"

She nodded profusely and conjured a seal. An array shot out from her sword, emanating a white glow. Yu Hong waved her sword in front of her, causing a white entrance to appear. It looked like the entrance to a mystic realm.

The few of them exchanged meaningful looks before they walked into the entrance. In a blink of an eye, they found themselves in a completely different realm. It was called a treasury, but it was a mini mystic realm. The only thing was…

Inside the mystic realm, there were only fresh flowers. More flowers were falling from the sky like rain, landing upon their heads and faces. They saw rows and rows of blooming immortal plants around them. Each flower was of a different colour and bloomed beautifully. The view was enough to fill any girl's heart up. The few of them were stunned by what they saw in front of them. They did not think that the Demon King was this kind of demon… up until they saw the little tower amidst the garden. A plaque was set up in front of the tower. On it was written big golden words - Little Hong and Little Black will be together forever. On either side of the plaque, Little Black had also stuck rows of golden words. On the left, it read "For eternity." On the right, it read "Blessed with many descendants."

Shen Ying, "…"

Lonemoon, "…"

Yi Qing: "…"

( ̄△̄;)

This was so straightforward. Little Black was about as cultured as the other demon kings throughout history. Suddenly, the group understood why while demons were obviously stronger than immortals, they never managed to takeover the immortal realm. Their lack of culture was the bane of their existence!

Yu Hong pursed her lips. Unable to hold it in any longer, she used the sword in her hand to slice the plaque into two. She cut through the golden words stuck on either side as well and stomped on the pieces with her feet. Then, she opened the door and walked into the tower.

It was an ordinary tower. The inside was decorated very warmly. It looked like Little Black had put in a significant amount of effort in decorating the place, but… Everything was blindingly pink. The walls were filled with images of Yu Hong holding a sword, reading a book writing, resting, and doing every other thing under the sun.

What's more, these were not ordinary images. They were created using the Shadow Preserving technique. These images looked extremely real. In each of them, Yu Hong was moving.

All three of them pursed their lips. How many times must Little Black have stolen peeks at Yu Hong in order to collect this many images of her? Why did they suddenly feel so much pity for Yu Hong? Yu Hong's expression was as dark as the bottom of a wok. She clenched her fists by her side and used  every  last  bit  of willpower to restrain herself from cutting up the images.

"Heh… Well, the real treasury should be in the rear mountain," Lonemoon said, pointing toward the outside of the tower. He was obviously trying to distract everyone.

The few of them exited the tower and walked through the sea of flowers to arrive at the rear mountain.

A huge stone door which was situated within a brick wall stood in front of them. On top of it many different types of defensive arrays were set up. Lonemoon observed those arrays for awhile and immediately undid all of them.

There was a loud crash. The stone door opened up toward them. Immediately, they felt a cold aura floating out toward them from inside. It brought with it remnants of demonic Qi. Afterall, this was a treasury of a demon. They guessed that there must have been many demonic artifacts lying inside of it. Lonemoon instructed Yu Hong to set up the defensive arrays once again before walking into the treasury. It was huge. There were all sorts of strange treasures stored up inside of it. Some looked extremely old and did not even look valuable.

The strange thing was that there were not only demonic weapons inside the treasury. There were also weapons that would have been useful to immortals. Granted, there were only a very few of the latter type of treasures and they were all set apart on the right side of the treasury. The strange thing was that these immortal weapons were placed very neatly on the right side, while the other weapons were scattered all around the treasury. There was also a protective array set up around the immortal weapons. Inside the array were things like ribbons, fans, hairpins, and accessories that only women used. It was obvious who Little Black was setting these aside for.

Yu Hong's heart jumped as she lowered her gaze. She walked toward the weapons and moved to pick one of them up. She read the little words written beside the items: Kiss Madam Little Hong.

She tightened her grip on her sword and felt a sudden urge to destroy all of these items. "I did not think you would have chased me all the way here." They heard a familiar voice from out of nowhere. With a certain determination, the voice said, "Give it up. Those are the things I have prepared for Little Hong. I will never give you the dowry!"

Shen Ying, "…"

Lonemoon, "…"

Yi Qing: "…"

Yu Hong: "…"

Immediately, a sword flew toward the group of them.

"Little Black?" Yu Hong could not help but call out.

A black figure rushed out with a much faster speed than the sword did. There was a thud as the sword flew back toward the black figure. Yet, he looked like he did not even feel the impact of it. He turned around and hugged the person in front of him.

"Little Hong? It really is you!" The black figure clung  on tightly to Yu Hong. "This is great. You're finally here.  I've missed you so much. I knew you would remember that I'm here."

"You're… alright?" Yu Hong asked dazedly, unable to believe that he was standing right before her.

"I'm alright, I'm alright. I've just been stuck in this mystic realm." Little Black tightened his hold on Yu Hong. "I'm so glad that you're here. This way, I can finally marry you. Little Hong, I really missed you…" He immediately kissed her lips.

The audience beside them: "…"

"Heh!" Lonemoon cleared his throat, interrupting the display of their romance. Little Black started and finally noticed the three of them. "Eh, Little Hong, you've brought people into-"

Before he could finish, Shen Ying raised her hand out of habit and greeted, "Hey! Little Black!"

He trembled.

The next moment…

Both of his legs turned to jelly, and he fell to his knees.

Chapter 348: A Soldier's Joy

Invincible Heavenly Palace, in the back palace.

A certain Demon King was kneeling on the ground, tears streaming down his cheeks and howling for his life.

"Exalted… Exalted Goddess, I really like Little Hong. I beg you not to tear us apart."

"Exalted… Exalted Goddess, I'm the one who seduced Little Hong. She's not to be blamed for any of this. If you must, punish me!"

"Exalted… Exalted Goddess, even if you beat me to death, I will insist on being together with Little Hong."

"Exalted… Exalted Goddess, if I stop being a demon, would you let me join Invincible Sect?"

"Exalted… Exalted Goddess, please let me marry into your sect?"


"Enough, enough, enough! Quit howling!" Lonemoon could not listen to him any longer. The Demon King's face was covered in mucus and tears. Had he forgotten that he was the supposed king of one entire realm? "Since when did we say we would not allow the both of you to be together?"

"Eh?" Little Black paused and raised his head. "You're… agreeing?" He glanced at Shen Ying, who was already eating and ignoring him altogether. Then, he faced Yu Hong, who was by then so embarrassed that she was acting like she did not even know him. As if finally understanding something, his face brightened up with a silly grin.

"Heh, heh heh, heh heh heh… I knew that Exalted Goddess is a very reasonable person. I knew you would let us be together." Little Black was overcome with emotion. He started to reach out to Yu Hong with both of his arms. "Little Hong, we can finally be together." "Get lost!" Yu Hong kicked him away with one foot. She began to suspect if she had been blind to fall for him.

"Alright, talk. How did your cultivation get sealed? And why were you hiding in your own treasury?" Lonemoon interrogated him.

"I don't know who it was either," the Demon King began to explain. "A few months ago, I was planning to present some dowry to Little Hong. Just as I was exiting the demon realm, that man charged at me out of nowhere. He insisted that I stole something of his. We began to fight. I was not losing out to him initially, but he began to employ some strange technique that I did not even recognise. My demonic Qi became frozen. I escaped to my treasury to hide. Later on… I found out that the entrance to my treasury's mystic realm could no longer be opened. Then, you appeared."

"Was it the new Demon King that you met?"

"What new Demon King?" Little Black stared blankly back at them, as if he had no idea that he had been replaced by a new king. Lonemoon pondered for a moment. He raised his hand and conjured an image of the man who was sitting in the jail cell. "Was it this person?"

"It was him!" Little Black jumped to his feet and pointed to the image. "he was the one who attacked me."

"He's the current Demon King of the demonic realm," Lonemoon explained.

"What!" Little Black started. It was clear from his expression that he could not wait to beat that man up. Awhile later, he thought of something and suppressed his anger, saying, "Forget it. In any case, I have no intention of being the Demon King any longer. I don't mind whoever takes my place." Afterall, he had Little Hong now. Heh heh heh, he glanced at Little Hong and blushed. The silly grin re-appeared on his face.

The group: "…" F*cking retard!

"Wait! That's not right!" Little Black exclaimed, just when everybody thought he had become retarded. "He's not a demon. How can he be the new Demon King?"

"Indeed, he isn't a demon," Lonemoon answered, looking at Little Black who had regained his sanity. "Think carefully - when he attacked you, did he say anything? Did he say what his motive was?"

Little Black thought hard, then shook his head. "No, he only said he wanted me to return something to him. I… I don't even know who he is. How would I know what he was looking for?"

"What kind of dowry did you prepare?" Shen Ying suddenly asked.

Little Black paused, subconsciously placing his hand on the storage back hanging by his side. "Exalted… Exalted Goddess, I intended to give this to Little Hong." He meekly leaned against Yu Hong.

Yu Hong pursed her lips and looked at him with contempt.
Kicking him, she said, "Take it out!" "Alright!" Little Black pitifully opened his storage bag, taking the dowry out piece by piece. There were many valuable items like pills, talismans, arrays and weapons. There were also less important items like tables, chairs, stools and pots. Little Black retrieved all types of items from his little storage book. Soon, the entire room was filled with items.

Everyone: "…"

This freaking man had emptied the entire Demon Palace, hadn't he? Did he even consider how the next Demon King would feel?

"Alright, alright!" Lonemoon frowned. He quickly stopped the Demon King from taking more items out of his storage bag. "What we meant was, were there any special weapons - specifically, jewellery - that you intended to give to Yu Hong as the dowry? An example would be the hairpin that you gave to Yu Hong earlier."

Little Black stared blankly back at him. As if recalling something, his eyes brightened, and he nodded profusely. "Yes, yes, yes!" Once he finished speaking, he retrieved an antique- looking box from his storage back. It looked like a box from ages ago. On top of it were written words in a language that none of them understood. Little Black opened the box, presenting to them different types of hair accessories for ladies. Inside, there were also different earrings, necklaces, rings and the like. There were more than ten different accessories in the box.

"This is one set. I was planning to give this box to Little Hong after we got married. In the future, we would then be able to pass them down to our children," Little Black said proudly. Pointing to each accessory in turn, he said, "This one can be for our eldest daughter. This, our second. This, our third-"

"Shut up!" Lonemoon was in no mood to listen to a silly and lovesick Blackie. He turned to address Shen Ying. "Is it these?"

Shen Ying walked over and glanced at the accessories in the box. With a flick of her wrist, she retrieved the purple gas that they had found in Yu Hong's body.

With the appearance of the purple gaseous mass, something seemed to be activated. There was a bright purple glow. What initially looked like ordinary gas began to stir. The items in Little Black's box shone with a similar glow as well. Then, they emitted purple smoke that mixed with the gaseous mass in Shen Ying's hand.. The gaseous mass got thicker and richer. A few seconds later, it grew to become as big as a basketball.

All around, they felt the immortal Qi expand. It became even richer than God Power, threatening to take their breaths away. Shen Ying, Yi Qing and Lonemoon were fine, but Yu Hong and Little Black were having difficulty withstanding the burst of immortal Qi. Immediately, they fell to their knees.

Shen Ying retrieved a transparent box and slapped the ball with it. The rich purple gaseous mass flew inside the box, taking the immortal pressure from the room with it.

"What… just happened?" Lonemoon looked around, confused. If not for the assistant seal which broke their connection with this realm, he and Chef would likely have not been able to withstand the immortal pressure as well. "That immortal power… How come it felt even stronger than God Power?" It was clearly just immortal Qi.

Shen Ying frowned. This was the first time she was seeing such a rich body of gas as well. "Master, it seems like this was what that man was after." Yi Qing looked at the jewellery, which seemed much less colorful now without the purple gas. The person who caught Little Black and tried to catch Yu Hong multiple times must have been after these.

"Little Black, where did you get these accessories?" Lonemoon asked.

Little Black paused. He was just regaining his composure after being overwhelmed by the immortal pressure. Matter-of-factly, he answered, "I stole them from the previous Demon King!"

"You mean the previous Demon King, Zhan Ting?" The one enslaved his wife, Cuihua, with whom he eloped?

"Yes!" Little Black nodded. After awhile, he shook his head again. "No, no, no, that's not right."

"What do you mean?" Who exactly was he referring to? Was it a yes or a no? "We have generations of Demon Kings. Each one of them only came to power because they managed to defeat the one before," Little Black explained. "This was what I found in the treasury after I… defeated Zhan Ting. They had been there for a long time. I only found them in a corner when I was clearing up the treasury. I guess he did not even know of their existence himself."

"So they could belong to the Demon King before him?"

"Yes, yes, yes." Little Black nodded.

In other words, they had no way of finding out what exactly these items were. He looked closely at the words on the box and turned to address Yi Qing. "Chef, do you understand these words?"

Yi Qing took a look and then shook his head. "I have never seen these words." After awhile, he added, "But it looks like there are a lot of arrays surrounding this box. They look like concealment arrays set up by divine beings." Concealment arrays? Was this the reason why the man could suddenly locate Yu Hong and Little Black? Was it because they took the hairpin out of the box? But who else would understand the words written on the box, if even the descendant of the ancient dragon race could not understand them? Could it be that these items really belonged to an invader?

At that moment, Lonemoon's eyes brightened as he thought about one person. "I'm going to look for the Godfiend. He'll surely know about this. Just as he started to open a passage to the Godfiend's divine territory, a disciple rushed in.

"Sect Master, Elders." The disciple bowed respectfully to the group and said anxiously, "The lady… in the side hall has regained consciousness!"

"Who?" Lonemoon momentarily could not understand what the disciple was saying "What lady?"

"The lady who returned with Elders a few days ago," the disciple explained. He added, "The lady who is pregnant." Pregnant…

"Jing Qi!" Shit, they had forgotten that the crazy boy was sick. "Just keep an eye on her." They had no time to deal with him right now.

"No… No…"  The  disciple  was  getting  more  anxious  now.
Worriedly, he said, "There's something wrong with her."

"What!" Lonemoon exclaimed. "Did he escape?"

"No, no, no!" The disciple shook his head. Struggling, he said, "He… He's about to give birth!"



Everybody present fell silent. The three of them immediately looked constipated. Only Little Black looked confused by what was going on. He silently raised his hand. "May I ask, whose baby?"

Shen Ying, "…"

Lonemoon, "…"

Yi Qing: "…"

Things were awkward.

"Let's take a look!"

Lonemoon had not expected Jing Qi to give birth this soon. It had only been a few days - one to three days, to be exact. Were they supposed to praise the Spring of Life for being so effective? With this level of effectiveness…

The few of them made their way to the side hall immediately. Before they even arrived, they heard terrifying screams coming from within.

"So painful, it's killing me! I want to die, I want to die…"

The few of them paused outside. Two female disciples were standing outside of the door, not knowing what to do. The door was shut tight.

"What's going on?" Lonemoon paused. "Why aren't you going in?"

"Elder… Elder!" One of the disciples replied. "She… She chased us out. We're not allowed in."

The other disciple nodded and said, "She also said… said that if we dared to remove her pants, she would kill us. We were not allowed to help her deliver the baby as well."

Everyone: "…" The image of the two female disciples removing Jing Qi's pants popped into Lonemoon's mind. He pursed his lips and felt a surge of pity for a certain someone. Suddenly, he was not sure if he should enter or remain outside the hall.

"Well…" He frowned and asked, "Which one of you knows how to deliver-"

Before he could finish, the four people behind him covered their ears and retreated to the yard.

"All the best, Father Niu!"

"You can do it, Father Niu!"

"Elder Lonemoon, you're the best in the sect!"

"Elder Lonemoon, you can do anything!" "…" Lonemoon felt a blood vessel in his brain burst.

A while later…

"You all freaking get over here!" If he was to be blinded, all of them had to suffer with him. None of them could get away!

Chapter 349: Invading Manager

The few of them stood outside of the door, aghast. The screams inside were getting louder and louder. Faintly, they heard something rolling around on the floor. Finally, they gritted their teeth and decided to walk in.

The inside of the palace was in a mess. The tables and chairs were scattered across the floor. Jing Qi had already rolled off the bed. He no longer looked like a ridiculously silly kid as he did before. Instead, he was perspiring all over. His huge belly looked ten times bigger than it did a few days ago. He also looked terribly miserable - his eyes were bloodshot, like he was losing his mind from the pain. Again and again, he knocked his body against the wall.

Lonemoon quickly conjured a seal to keep Jing Qi still and stop him from hurting himself any further. Then, he cast a wind-elemental spell to carry him back onto the bed. Lonemoon attempted to seal his five senses so that Jing Qi would not be in so much pain. Gradually though, he realised that this was not very effective. If anything, Jing Qi's screams were only getting louder and more painful to hear. After thinking hard for a moment, Lonemoon realised that the disciples watching the door would have done this earlier if they knew it would work. It seemed like the spring changed the dynamics of Jing Qi's body. "Save me… save me!" Jing Qi looked at the group of four who had just entered the room. He no longer cared who they were - all he wanted was for the pain to stop.

After pondering for a moment, Lonemoon turned to face Yu Hong. "Yu Hong, go and get a dagger and a pail of hot water!"

Yu Hong paused. For some reason, she could not react. It was Shen Ying who said, "Father Niu, are you going to perform the Caesarean section?"

"Nonsense!" Lonemoon rolled his eyes. "If I don't do that, how would he deliver the baby?"


That's true - none of them could think of anything to say in reply.

They understood why a dagger was needed, but hot water… "What's the hot water for?"

"How would I know?" Lonemoon answered. "Don't they always use that in movies?"

Shen Ying, "…"

Yi Qing: "…"

Suddenly, they felt like Jing Qi's life was in danger.  They began to imagine offering him incense.

"Do any of you know of a better solution?" Lonemoon challenged.

They paused and exchanged meaningful glances. Then, they nodded profusely, like chickens pecking at rice grains on the floor. "Father Niu, you are right!"

"Father Niu, you are fabulous!"

"Elder Lonemoon, you are really knowledgeable."

"Elder Lonemoon, you know everything."

"Get out!" Lonemoon glared at them. "Go and get what I need."

"Yes, I will do so immediately." Yu Hong turned around and scurried out of the room. A few seconds later, she returned with the hot water and a dagger. She placed them atop the counter next to the bed.

"Watch him! Don't let him move about!" Lonemoon gestured for Little Black and Yi Qing to hold Jing Qi down on the bed. He picked up the dagger and walked toward Jing Qi, hyping himself up on the inside. Everything's alright, everything's alright. You're just using a dagger to deliver a baby. Use some water- elemental techniques to treat him and he will be alright. It's very simple.

Hand! Stop trembling.

Lonemoon took a deep breath and kept his eye on the dagger which was headed straight for Jing Qi's huge belly.

Suddenly, Jing Qi's belly glowed with a blinding white light. His belly vibrated, as if something was trying to break out from inside.

Shen Ying narrowed her eyes and turned to face Yi Qing. "Chef, take Red and Black away from here!"

Chef reacted extremely quickly. Before Yu Hong and Little Black realised who Shen Ying was referring to, Yi Qing grabbed them and flew out of the room.

Lonemoon's collar tightened around his neck as Shen Ying grabbed him from behind and pulled him back. The next moment, Jing Qi's stomach burst open, causing the white light to intensify. There was a series of explosions as the entire side palace shattered to pieces. Just like that, the side palace was gone.

An unfamiliar aura emerged. Before Lonemoon could react, he felt his chest tighten. A formidable pressure seemed to be pressing down upon him. Shen Ying pulled him back  once again, and the pressure eased immediately. Both of them retreated to the yard.

There, the white light was also getting brighter and brighter. It was expanding to cover more and more of the yard. Everything that the light touched disappeared. A black hole seemed to be forming right there in the Heavenly Palace.

"What is this?" Lonemoon asked, his eyes widening.

At some point, Shen Ying had retrieved the transparent box. She threw it toward the white light. Suddenly, the  box expanded and covered the whole side palace. The white light finally stopped expanding. The palace that had been standing there before disappeared. They could faintly see Jing Qi's figure floating inside of  the white light. He was no longer screaming like a pig being slaughtered. Instead, he was completely still.

"Someone is coming!" Shen Ying suddenly shouted.

"What?" Lonemoon paused.

Before they could gather their thoughts, they saw the air begin to twist. The white light seemed to be condensing on top of Jing Qi's belly, where the air was twisting. A hole was beginning to form, which slowly swallowed Jing Qi's body.

Another figure stepped out of the hole. It was a man, wearing a strange white robe. On the robe were many strange patterns as well. He had a head of golden hair which reached all the way to the ground. His face also resembled the Western mythological characters. With eyes the colour of sapphire, he scanned the group contemptuously. Behind him, he had a pair of pure white wings. He looked just like a Western skygod. He's a new invader!

Lonemoon's chest tightened. Before he could react, the other party flew up into the air. Another blinding flash of white light appeared. A heavenly voice echoed throughout the Heavenly Palace.

"Living creatures of this alternate world, I am the exalted god
- Light. I have come to bring you out of suffering. Offer up your humble hearts and become my slaves! Light will always shine down on you."

Lonemoon, "…"

Shen Ying, "…"

So here was another… absolute retard?

-_-||| The man who called himself Light did not seem to notice Shen Ying and Lonemoon's reactions. With the arrogant expression stuck on his face, he continued speaking in his heavenly voice.

"Oh, dirty living creatures of this alternate world! You have sinned from the beginning. Sin has contaminated your souls. Only Light can lead you in the right direction. Kneel down and repent of your sins!"


"I am the most magnanimous god. Become my followers. This world will become like the world I protect. It will be lit up with Light."

Lonemoon pursed his lips. Which Western mythology was this man getting his script from? "I say, who the-"

"Stupid sinner," the man interrupted him and continued, "Your sins will only be cleansed if light shines upon you. Otherwise, you will be trapped in hell forever. Come, be faithful all the way through to your soul. From this day on, I will become the only god… Ahya!"

Before he could finish speaking, a huge sword dropped down from the sky and cut right through his body, causing him to fall down to the ground headfirst into a pile of mud. Immediately, a bunch of swords rained down from the sky, landing all around the pretentious god.

Chef had appeared out of nowhere and landed on the ground. He raised his leg and stomped down on the man's back, just as he was trying to get up. Again, he landed headfirst into a pile of mud.

Shen Ying, "…"

Lonemoon, "…"


What… what a weak Light God! So was that white light just for special effects? Wait a moment!

"Chef, what are you doing? Why are you holding that knife?" Lonemoon ran up to him. "You can't cut off his wings!" He's an invader afterall. Could you please control your urge to turn everything into food?

The hand with which Chef held his chopper paused in mid- air. He frowned and kept his chopper. Silently, he conjured a deviant fire.

"You can't barbeque him either!"

"…" Yi Qing reluctantly put his hand back down.

Shen Ying sighed. "What a pity."

"Pity my ass!" Lonemoon glared at her. You were the one who taught him all of this nonsense. Ever since Yi Qing came to the lower realm, he had a bad habit of making everything into a meal for Shen Ying. This was getting more and more serious. "Explain yourself. What's going on?" Lonemoon glared at the weak god who had his face buried in the mud. "What kind of imitation is this?"

Shen Ying glanced at the man who was unconscious on the ground. She replied, "I think.. he's the manager of the world of stupid people."

Lonemoon, "…"

Yi Qing: "…"



Chapter 350: Expulsion of the Invader

Invincible Heavenly Palace, in the main hall.

Lonemoon sized up the person opposite from him. His beautiful body was glowing with white light. For a few seconds, Lonemoon could not bring himself to react. He had seen so many managers like Shen Ying and her older sister, but he never expected to meet one so weak.

"You useless creatures!" The idiot who had just regained consciousness sat there in his rage, with mud all over hi face. "You've been disrespectful to me. You will be despised by Light from now on. You will continue to live in the darkness and be tortured by all the other creatures, you will be-"


Before he could finish speaking, Yi Qing drew his sword and waved it in front of his face. The man paled and stopped mid- sentence, retreating backward. "You… you want to… murder a god?"

"I did not want to," Lonemoon replied as he glared at him. "If you don't shut up, we wouldn't mind giving it a shot." Finally, they understood where Jing Qi's narcissism came from. With a manager like that, it was no wonder that he was so idiotic.

"Speak - what are you doing in this plane?"

"Plane?" The man looked confused. "What plane?"

"Stop acting dumb!" Lonemoon pointed to Shen Ying. "She is the manager of this plane. We are her assistants."

"Manager?" The idiot looked even more confused than before. He stared blankly at Shen Ying. "What kind of god is a manager?"

Huh? Lonemoon paused. This wasn't right. He turned around and tugged at Shen Ying, who was seated on a chair next to him. "What's going on? Didn't you say he's a manager?" Why couldn't Lonemoon tell that he was a manager?

Shen Ying pondered for a moment, then replied, "He's not only a manager, he's probably also the consciousness of that yet unconscious plane." Perhaps he had not even realised the purpose of his existence. "Every manager exists in different forms."

In other words, apart from experienced people like Shen Jing, there were also managers like this illiterate weakling, who did not even know what a plane was?

Lonemoon frowned and looked pitifully at the man on the ground. "How exactly did you get here? What's your motive?"

"I have been called here by believers." He raised his head, the white glow around his body intensifying. He no longer looked like an illiterate man. Instead, he looked so pure that Lonemoon was afraid to contaminate him. "I sense that your faith is very weak over here. That was why I came to spread the good news. Stupid living creatures, you should feel honoured." Lonemoon pursed his lips. "Drop your act! Do you know you are invading in this plane?"

"Invading? I'm gracing you with my presence," the god replied righteously.

"I don't care what you want. We don't welcome you in this plane!" Lonemoon frowned. "Since you're a manager, bring your believers back with you." Lonemoon conjured a seal and caused an image of a close-eyed fatty to appear. It was Jing Qi. His soul separated from his body just when this stupid god appeared.

The stupid god looked at the fatty's soul contemptuously. "Who is this?"

"Your father!" Lonemoon rolled his eyes. This god appeared from Jing Qi's belly afterall.

"I am the most high god - born of light." The god retreated, clearly wanting to distinguish himself from Jing QI. "What's more, I have come here only to spread the good news. Living creatures, before you come into my loving arms, I will not leave this place."

"So you want to stay here long term?" Lonemoon laughed mirthlessly.

Light glanced at him with a magnanimous expression. "I'm going to allow you the privilege of serving me."

Lonemoon burst into laughter. This was the first time he was seeing such a thick-skinned man. How could he say these things in such a relaxed manner? "Chef!" He really needed to teach this man how to behave.

With a swoosh, Yi Qing appeared, chopper in tow. With a serious look on his face, he said, "I only want his wings." Then, he walked over.

The stupid god turned pale immediately. His arrogant expression disappeared at once as he retreated a couple of steps. "Wait, what are you trying to do? You will be punished by heaven if you're rude to a god! Wait…" Yi Qing acted like he could not hear a word. His sword Qi pressed down on the man as he picked up one of his wings with his hand. Hey there are two: One for roasting and one for grilling. That's just nice!

Just as his sword was about to cut through his wing, the stupid god screamed, "I'll talk! I'll talk… I'll talk, alright?"


"…" Yi Qing dropped his hands and let his wing go with a saddened expression.

The stupid god crawled forward, stricken with fear. He stroked his wing gently and curled himself into a ball. "I indeed received a calling, and… and I also sensed the aura of the Spring of Life. That was why I came over here," he explained. "The Spring of Life gives birth to many living creatures, but the Spring of Life in my plane has disappeared. If this carries on, we will not be able to reproduce. So…"

"So you came for the Spring of Life?" Lonemoon remembered the spring that resulted in pregnancies.

"That's right." He nodded weakly. "The Spring of Life is the source of every world. Unless we find it… Even if you eat me up, I am not leaving."

Lonemoon and Shen Ying exchanged meaningful glances.

It was then that Shen Ying retrieved the cube that contained the golden spring. "Are you talking about this?"

"The Spring of Life!" The stupid god's eyes brightened. He started to charge over, but when he made eye contact with Yi Qing, he stopped and retreated immediately. Yet, he kept his eyes on the cube the entire time.

Shen Ying raised her hand and waved it in the air, causing the air around her to twist. A white passage appeared and they could faintly see golden buildings through it. Their surroundings became filled with an idiotic aura. "Here!" She tossed the cube containing the spring's water over to him. "You can have this. Go back! Never come here again!" I'm doing this on account of the fact that both of you are retarded.

The stupid god paused, staring at the Spring of Life in his hands. He looked back up at Shen Ying. "You're really… giving it to me?"

"Yes." Shen Ying nodded.

The stupid god continued to stare at her in disbelief.

"Alright! You've got what you wanted, now go back!" Lonemoon tugged on his sleeves and pushed him into the passage. At the same time, he conjured a seal to transform Jing Qi's soul into a ball of light. He shoved the ball of light into the God's hands. "Bring your believer."

"I…" The stupid god who had obtained the Spring of Life so easily looked extremely confused. It was almost as if he had not expected them to give in so easily. Heck, they had been threatening to eat up his wings. Suddenly, he felt a warmth in his chest. As he looked at the group of three, and glanced at the spring in his hands, his heart became overwhelmed with gratitude. He opened his mouth and started to say something. After awhile, he sighed and said, "I have decided to bless all of you. Keep this gratefulness in your hearts, stupid… ahya!"

"Get lost!" Before he could finish speaking, Lonemoon pursed his lips and kicked him through the passage.

F*cking retard!
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