My Master Disconnected Yet Again Chapter 501-510

Chapter 501: Forceful Recruitment

Hong Meng secretly took a peek, then immediately closed it again, fortunately it wasn't meant for him, one would be infuriated after reading it. Then he produced a hand seal, made a spell, a dozen of invitation to a duel transformed in dashes of bright light and flew out.

The date for the duel was set on the next day, as the divine race, they would definitely be able to make it. Even if these 12 people joined forces, with Chef's capabilities, he wouldn't lose. He wasn't being boastful, but it wouldn't even be a problem for him to crush them. Even if there really happened to be any accidents, there was still Shen Ying. So Lonemoon wasn't worried at all.

Then the next day, not one person came…

Lonemoon stared at the empty field, slightly not knowing how to react. Could it be that it was too far and they couldn't make it in time? It's alright, let's wait another day.

On the third day, still no one came… Was there no basic abilities such as cutting through the void amongst the divine race?

The fourth day, they still weren't here…

Could it be that the invitation to the duel was delayed, something went wrong with Hong Meng's spell?

The 10th day, they just wouldn't come…

Had they been scared out of their wits by his invitation to the duel?

The 15th day, they still weren't here…

Lonemoon: "…"

Yi Qing: "…" Hong Meng: "…"

Fatty: "…"

The field that could hold tens of thousands of people was empty, a cold wind that was penetratingly icy blew past.

"Damn, they dared to stand me up!!!" Lonemoon's face went black as he pulled out his sword. "Hong Meng tell me the location of those people." I'll go destroy them.

"Father Niu…" Shen Ying who was nibbling on a fruit at the side suddenly spoke up.


"Those people are the first batch of natives of this plane right?" "What about that?" Could he not beat them up?

"No, this world did not even have rules in place, nothing at all, that should include a written language right?"


"You used the language of the other plane to write that invitation to a duel, would they be able to understand it?"

Lonemoon: "…"

Yi Qing: "…"

Hong Meng: "…"

Fatty: "…" Four swooshes, four top tier powerhouses were given a stab each, a spot known as intelligence immediately began to hurt.

Though they didn't want to admit it, but in this moment, they were all idiots!


Base of the 12 divine races.

Half a month ago, something strange happened to each of the divine races, divine artifacts fell from the sky to before the head of every race. The divine artifact was square and crimson red, faintly radiating a golden light. It was as if it had a mind of its own, as long as any other member of the race approached it, it would fly away, then voluntarily fall into the head's hands.

The head of the races observed it for ten days but still did not know what it was. Later on, they accidentally opened it and saw that there was a white scroll covered in tiny gold marks on it. They looked extremely weird and would even float out of the divine artifact one by one, and remain in the air, shining brightly for a long time. Like fireflies, they emitted light in the night all the way until morning when they disappeared.

Every race was surprised, indeed, an item that fell from the sky was simply different. Such a divine item definitely has its extraordinary use. Hence after some inquiry, they realized that all 12 races had received one of the exact same items each. As the

12 divine races that did not get along well with each other, having small fights once every three days and big battles once every five days, fighting whether there was a reason or not, they thought that they certainly had to vie for such a good thing.

Hence, without any questions or hesitation, a battle began between the 12 divine races again.

Chef who was sent by Father Niu, who'd changed his strategy after finally coming to his senses- to personally visit and challenge them: "…"

Um, is it better if he charged in and beat them up now? Or wait for them to finish their fight before charging in  and beating them up? In the end, Chef looked at the time of the day and calculated when dinner was going to be and decided not to wait. Hence, he went forth directly and gave the leaders of those 12 divine races a good beating each and while at it, even settled several beasts who knew no fear and voluntarily dashed forward, bringing them back to be grilled.

Then he looked towards the members of the divine races who laid all over the floor, shivering in fear and pulled out a stack of paper, shoving one piece each to every one of them. While doing so, he said with a solemn face, "Invincible Civil and Military Academy, Purple Night Palace Branch, gain some understanding about it?"

All the gods: "…"

After he finished giving out that thick stack of papers, he then turned back and tied up the 12 leaders as if he was wrapping rice dumplings and said, emphasizing each word, "The few of you must learn!" With that said, he flew away with a chain of people in tow.

The originally noisy venue fell into an odd silence… Only after a good while later, did the people of the various races dared to stand up. Looking down at the item that had been shoved into their hands, they instantly heard a voice by their ear. It was evident that a certain person had learned his lesson from the previous time, this poster could also transmit voices on top being read.

A low and deep voice inside it shouted loudly.

"Invincible Civil and Military Academy, Purple Night Palace Branch is a multi-aspect, modern all-rounded civil and military academy that strives to nurture high end talents of the divine race and create a perfect new era. The academy now has five mentors. Four of them graduated from the Manager Academy in another plane and one has done his advance studies in this academy. Everyone has an almost perfect teaching experience, perfect personal capabilities and teaching methods that are close to perfect…

That voice continued on and on, carrying a drive that could not be ignored, while it left everyone dumbfounded, it also stirred an urge out of nowhere in their hearts, especially the last paragraph. "Want to become a stronger divine race? Want to become the elite amongst the divine race? Want to become the most outstanding, the strongest divine race? Want to become as good as the person who'd beat up your leaders? Come to Invincible Civil and Military Academy, Purple Night Palace Branch! Invincible Civil and Military Academy, Purple Night Palace Branch is your wisest choice, as long you train with us, you will become the strongest, what are you waiting for! Quickly pick up the phone beside… ah pui, come directly to Invincible Civil and Military Academy, Purple Night Palace Branch. Address: Right above the Purple Night Mountain, Purple Night Palace outside the Nine-Layered Palace! Limited spots, first comers learn first!"

The gods stared at each other, the passionate marketing message ringing in their ears, someone spoke up softly after a long while.

"Is… this for real?"

"The one that lives in Purple Night Palace, isn't he the old man who often comes to the battlefield to steal bodies, then was beaten by the leaders together?"

"But that person earlier was really formidable!" "Our leader isn't here anymore, why not we go take a look?"

Hence, Invincible Civil and Military Academy, Purple Night Palace Branch finally successfully recruited its first batch of students.


The marketing effect of the voice poster that Lonemoon made Chef shove to them was not too bad. After Yi Qing brought the 12 heads of the races backs, a huge batch of divine races came continuously across a few days.

At a rough estimate, there are several tens of thousands of people, probably because when Chef was beating people up, he happened to do it on the battlefield. There were lots of people there and maximized the effect of the poster. These people did not even retreat back to their bases and had came directly to Purple Night Palace.

Chapter 502: Best Mentor

Though many of the students were truly here to learn, but more were there to check out the situation, including some who wanted to rescue the 12 leaders. Of course, majority was there to watch the fun.

Lonemoon did not care so much, since they were here, then don't dream of leaving.

Lonemoon got Hong Meng to expand the field by another 10 times, then set up multiple array formations outside it, trapping all the people of the divine races who came inside. Giving it the fine-sounding name of confined-style education.

They had the students and the venue, the next thing was to officially begin teaching. Lonemoon then thought of a major problem, these people… have no foundation. Not that they had no foundation in cultivation, but not even having  the foundation of a basic language. And due to the influence of the aura of Chaos, even their ability to comprehend might prove problematic.

For this matter, the few of them had an education committee meeting.

These people very obviously had to be taught from the basics of learning to read, but the key was, who would teach them?

"I feel that the level and method of teaching in our previous world is still more superb." Lonemoon glanced at Shen Ying and said, "Shen Ying, I've forgotten most of the stuff after having learned it a few hundred years back, why don't you teach it?"

"Huh?" Shen Ying who was suddenly called out was taken aback. "We did not learn the same system, you sure you want me to teach?"


F*ck! He'd almost forgotten that she'd merely stayed for a short while on Earth and had even retained a year in primary school.

"Then what do we do? Chef, you do it?" "I don't remember much about the things of initiation either." Chef shook his head.

Lonemoon could only look towards Hong Meng.

"It's been an even longer time for me." He hurriedly waved his hand.

While Fatty raised his hand weakly at a side. "Master…"

"Why, you want to teach?"

"No no no." Fatty shook his head and said, "I just wanted to say, what about… Brother Rabbit?"

Lonemoon: "…"

Yi Qing: "…" Shen Ying: "…"

Lonemoon stood up and dropped a pat onto Fatty's shoulder, saying, "Fatty, after so long, you've finally said something that sounds humane!"

"…" Was Master praising him, or scolding him?

Lonemoon did not delay things and went directly to the other plane, entered the little world that they were in previously and went to the Southern Land, appearing before the Rabbit who was happily chewing on a carrot in the Demon Monarch Palace.

Rabbit's paw trembled as it almost fell off the throne. "G… Gre… Great Great Great Immortal, why are you…"

Before it could finish, Lonemoon took a grab of its ears at the top of its head and said in all seriousness, "Rabbit, I'm now giving you a chance to ascend to immortality… oh no, a chance to become a God, do you want it?" "Huh… Huh!"

Thud! This time, Rabbit really fell.

Was he hearing things just now?


It was dazed for a long time before nodding stiffly. "Yes… I do, but…" It was only a rabbit, immortal ascension was already an extravagant wish, not to mention becoming a god.

"As long as you want it, let's go!" Lonemoon did not waste anymore time speaking to it and left after picking up Rabbit.

Rabbit was wholly confused, by the time it came back to his senses, he was already thrown before a bunch of unfamiliar animals, there were so many of them that Rabbit couldn't see the end of them. They were even radiating divine suppression that made it tremble with fear. Rabbit's legs turned to jelly, if it wasn't for  Lonemoon's  hold  on it,  he  would  have  become  a puddle on the ground.

All of them were of di… divine… divine race! Has it arrived in the Divine World?


Rabbit wanted to pass out for a moment.

But obviously Lonemoon did not give it the chance to, as he shoved a book into its hands. "Here, this is your teaching material. For now, you just need to teach them to read."

"Huh?" Rabbit was still dumbfounded. Read? The divine race? Him? "Great… Great Immortal, no no, Great God! I'm merely a rabbit?"

"Why? You can't read?" "I can!" But this isn't just the problem of being able to read or not? Besides, why can't the divine race read?

"That works then, I'll leave them to you, Rabbit." Lonemoon patted his shoulder and directly flew with Rabbit up to a teaching podium high in the air. He even set up a few layers of array formations for it, Rabbit felt the divine suppression weighing heavily on it disappear at once.

When he came back to his senses, Lonemoon was already gone, leaving it, a little Rabbit, high up on the podium, with a sea of black beneath, an endless army of the divine race.

Rabbit's legs began to tremble again, was this some final test that Great Immortal had set for it? But since it was already here, it could only grit its teeth and do it. Flipping open that book with his trembling hands for a look, sure enough, it was a book on enlightenment, simple to understand and even came with illustrations.

He wiped the sweat on his forehead and with a grit of his teeth, turned and sat onto the futon. Almost instantly, an array formation beneath its feet was activated. A faint shadow of it appeared in the sky immediately, that shadow was very wide and almost covered the entire field, appearing clearly before the students of the various races.

The various races who had never seen such modern technology were taken aback and quietened down at once as they looked up at the shadow in the sky, astonishment shown all over their faces.

At the same time, Rabbit's voice also clearly sounded by their ears.

Rabbit flipped open the book in its hand, instantly, the contents of the book also appeared in the sky, like a PPT[1].

"Cough! Now, let us begin the lesson." Rabbit officially started his career in enlightenment teaching.

Hence, since then, Purple Night Palace would often hear 'Goose, goose, goose, Neck bent, it sings towards the  sky'… 'Lush grass on the plain' and similar sounds occasionally. Rabbit was slightly afraid at first, after all, it was a crowd of divine race before him, while he was merely an ordinary Rabbit that just rose to the twelfth level and got in by the back door. It was natural to be afraid under the suppression of the various races. But slowly… he got used to it.


And it not only teaching, sometimes it would even motivate everyone to read along.

The divine races beneath, with curiosity and interest in this novelty, paid attention and learned from Rabbit for a few days. But after some time and realizing that it was just dull lessons of learning to read everyday, they became slightly annoyed and impatient, even tempted to rush out of the array formation. They were originally used to being wild and had never been subjected to restraints. Add that to their tough nature, naturally their tempers wouldn't be too good. Otherwise they wouldn't be fighting at the drop of every hat and causing chaos in the world.

After failing to rush out of the array formation, these divine races began to direct their anger at Rabbit on the podium. They wanted to capture him as a hostage, but were sadly injured by the array formations at the top.

Since Lonemoon could put Rabbit here with no worries, he'd naturally thought of methods to cope. Seeing the field in chaos after a mere few days, Lonemoon released the Discipline Master
- Chef. With regards to this bunch of thorny students, there was only one effective method -give them a good beating up.

Hence, after everyone was beaten up once, the entire educating field resumed its order.

Chef would also patrol the field with a sword at odd timings daily, if he found anyone misbehaving, he'd strike directly with his sword. Anyway the divine race had rough skin and flesh, even if it was Chef that struck and injured them, they would recover after a few… years.

[1] Powerpoint.

Chapter 503: Discipline Master

Chef had also went from preventing them from harming Rabbit at the beginning, to prevent them from escaping and then to prevent them from fighting amongst themselves, at last, he only needed to prevent them from dozing off.

In addition, Rabbit's teaching was beginning to have some effect, whether it was Rabbit or the divine race below, they actually didn't need to sleep at all. This also means, there was no need for a break between lessons, they could continue lecturing past day and night. As a nagger, Rabbit was especially stubborn with regards to teaching. If they couldn't get it after explaining once, it would repeat, if twice wouldn't work, it could repeat 10 times, up till the student understood it.

Especially after Rabbit realized that they totally couldn't harm it at all, he completely let himself loose. Besides bringing out its top tier talking skills, it would stop to chew on a carrot midway to regulate his emotions. On top of that, when it came to disobedient students, he could even stop and specially advise and guide them gently…

"Hey, what's the point of you doing that? You know you wouldn't be able to break this array formation and would even suffer a backlash. Why do such foolish things where you lose more than you gain? Isn't it good for us to be a little more harmonious? I'm here to teach you to read, as long as you learn conscientiously, you can easily pick it all up in a few years. As the saying goes, no pain no gain… blah blah blah."

"Hm, that Supreme Divinity, what are you doing? How could you bite your friend next to you? As we say, grain liberation before cultivation, at any rate, he is a classmate who listens to class with you, how could you eat him? No matter how great the grievances between you both, with such a relationship present now, it's time to let it go too. You should know… blah blah blah."

"Oh, also that student who is scratching his food, please put your foot down. Can't you see that the student beside you has already fainted? Everyone is a God, to have the affinity to be gathered here together, you ought to understand and respect each other, can't you wait till lesson ends to scratch it? Also… blah blah blah!"

If it was said that Rabbit's teaching standards was level one, then his skills in talking and spouting nonsense was level ten. It would definitely nag till you doubt your human… no,  doubt your godly existence. The students from the various races did not know how to deal with it and could only grit their teeth while listening to everything, until they felt that their entire world was filled with the buzzing of his nagging. What was worse was that, to allow them to learn as fast as possible, one of the array formations that Lonemoon had set on the podium was directly linked to their consciousness. No matter what he said, in the minds of the students below, that word will appear like subtitles. Hence, once it speaks, gold characters will make their way into the brains of the students one after another, the kind that cannot even be stopped. No one could bear such continuous attacks.

Hence subsequently, once Rabbit opened his mouth, saying, "Um, that…"

All the students would wail out loud, "We were wrong! We won't do it again, Master, please… can we go on with normal lessons?"

"Mm, promising and worthy of being taught!" Rabbit nodded in satisfaction, while chewing on a carrot.

The Discipline Master Yi Qing who was completely jobless: "…" He'd better return to the back palace to help Master make dinner.

Lonemoon had also expressed his approval towards Rabbit's quality of teaching, even his attitude towards Fatty improved. He even began to consider letting Rabbit continue to teach a few other courses after he was done with this one. Of course, as a reward for his outstanding employee, he readily approved of Rabbit's request to dig up a piece of land in the back mountain to grow some carrots.

Hong Meng: "…" The land seemed to belong to him

Rabbit's lesson went on for an entire three years, due to his round the clock, spoon-feeding teaching methods, he finally gave these tens of thousands of illiterate people, a fairly strong foundation in language. Especially in the later stage when Rabbit would reason with them at every turn, it led to them being extremely nervous, most of the time, Rabbit only needed to explain it once and each of them would be able to repeat it fluently, otherwise Rabbit would repeat itself a hundred times…

Lonemoon also felt that it was time to begin teaching other courses. Hence he ordered a day of break to rest in the same spot and it would be his turn to teach tomorrow.

Almost at the same moment when Rabbit walked off the podium, the members of the divine races in the entire venue sighed in relief together. Their backs that had been kept straight for several consecutive years slouched at once. Some even couldn't bear the pressure of suddenly relaxing and passed out.

Way too scary! It was scarier than the one holding a sword! Turns out the so-called rabbit race, was such a scary race? All the gods trembled in fear!

Meanwhile, Rabbit who'd finally ended class was already happily pulling his comrade Fatty to go plant carrots, after all, he'd been eating for three years, whatever stocks he had was emptied.

Lonemoon had originally planned to begin lesson the next day, but after finding that there were gods who had fainted and that some had yet to awaken, he could only postpone it by another day. They only began the second course of lessons on the third day. This time, he was personally teaching, the first lesson was morphing. Though everyone here was from the divine race and was naturally equipped with the transformation technique, that was only limited to transforming something bigger or smaller or into a different color. For example, in the venue right now, everyone had compressed themselves into figures several times smaller, otherwise, they wouldn't even fit.

Yet not one of them could morph. Morphing referred to morphing into human form, it wasn't simply making a temporary form like sorcery, but changing the physique and meridians of the entire body. The reason why they had to morph into human form was because human form was the best form to practice cultivation. People usually say 'Dao body', transforming into a 'Dao body' was the first step in entering Dao.

Lonemoon was much more straightforward than Rabbit, he conjured a spell and sent the technique of morphing into the consciousness of everyone and left behind an instruction, "All of you are to practice on your own, based on this method, I will come and check after five days."

Everyone was rather happy at first. They did not expect that this new Master was so much more straightforward than Master Rabbit, they finally need not bear the pain of chunks  and chunks of words streaming into their consciousness. They felt that they were finally seeing the light of hope, until they fell back into hell five days later…

It never occurred to them, that the check that Lonemoon spoke of, was an individual check. If they failed their morphing, they had to do it again, until they mastered it. Not only that, his demands towards morphing was also extremely strict, it wasn't enough to simply create four limbs and hide their original looks. They couldn't be too tall, too skinny, too fat, too ugly or too short. Even having too little hair was a fail! Even wearing ugly clothes was a fail!

Everyone: "…"

What were they to do, when they realized that this Master was crazier than the previous one? They urgently began begging for help! The kind that involves life and death!

It wasn't that no one resisted, but it was because… they really couldn't beat him! ○ | ̄|_

Being forced to morph a few hundred times a day, of course there were many students who were so frustrated that they wanted to fight, but before they'd gotten to even two meters before him, they'd already been beaten to heaps on the ground. He indeed does not nag like Master Rabbit, but he would use poison!

"Morphing into such an ugly form and you still have the face to show it to me, want me to help you reconstruct yourself too? Redo!"

"Is your original form a pig? Are you trying to change your race in making yourself so fat? Do you need to send you back to Samsara to satisfy you? Redo!"

"This face was what the green bird earlier had morphed into right? What's a deer like you randomly trying to call yourself cousins with others? Redo!"

"And you two, why are you so alike? Morphing into some couples face before me? I've yet to be taken off the market, what right to you have to pretend to be a couple in front of me, redo!"

Chapter 504: You Get Eaten If You Don't Learn

Towards the end, Lonemoon, whether he had an opinion about their low efficiency in morphing, or tired of beating them up, said coldly, "You can't even morph properly, at the most, all of you can only be people like little animals that are eaten."

At first, the races still did not know what he meant. Up till the next day, he got Chef to move the kitchen to the open space in the audience hall. Before the races, he pulled out bodies of their fellow members from the races, then skillfully began to boil water, pluck hair, clean the guts, slice them up and stir-fry…

At a table not far out, there was a figure dressed in red who was using her chopsticks to knock on a bowl, even asking occasionally, "Chef, is it done? I'm so hungry!" Sigh, what moving of the kitchen, her mealtime had been delayed by a minute already.

"Yes Master, right away Master!" Yi Qing replied and hastened his stir-frying. All the races trembled together, feeling a chill go right into their hearts. What Master had mentioned, 'little animals that are eaten' was for real, they would really be eaten!!

(; ́༎Д༎`)

How terrifying! Mama, I want to go home! No no no, Master I want to listen to class!

All of a sudden, all the races started to miss their previous Master, Master Rabbit.

Being nagged at was better than being eaten, the scarier thing was that they even… found the aroma slightly mouth-watering!

Under the pressure of the possibility of being eaten up anytime, the races began a new wave of learning at the cost of their life. The effort they put in outdid that the time they had compared to when they were learning from Rabbit.

Even during the three mealtime breaks that Lonemoon had set daily, they did not forget to make use of the time to practice.

Only when Rabbit occasionally came by, they would all have gazes of yearning towards hi.

Rabbit looked very confused: "…"

Mm, perhaps this is a batch of good students who are nostalgic.

As the saying goes, with pressure comes  motivation,  in  less than two year's time, all students of the divine  races  had mastered morphing. The originally disorderly field, instantly became filled with handsome  men  and  beautiful  women. Looking like a star-studded field when  one  looked  across,  it could be said that they'd boosted the standards of good looks of the divine races from the roots.

From that moment on, Lonemoon officially taught them the orthodox way of practicing cultivation. Actually, the natural physiques of the divine races were already powerful, naturally, there wasn't much room for advancement. The difference was only in how to reasonably and flexibly, make use of their own abilities more. And most of these would depend on their own understanding. What Lonemoon wanted to teach, was the breathing technique in the cultivation of divine power.

As these divine races were the first batch of living creatures in the world, the aura of Chaos in their body had to be removed and practicing breathing to purify their divine power could achieve the effect of removing the aura of Chaos from their bodies. The reason why every one of them were so irritable, madly lusting for blood, was because there was an aura of Chaos in their body. Amongst the divine races on the other plane, such emotions were almost unseen.

To the divine races who were now able to morph into the Dao body, all these weren't difficult. After Lonemoon taught them once, then listed all the key points to take note of, they could already understand and the aura of Chaos in their body was indeed lessening.

Yet this was a very long process, needing great amounts of patience and willpower to quieten down. Of course, to the teaching team, he wouldn't know if the races had the patience and willpower, but he could definitely make them quieten down. Compared to the previous two courses of either sounds of people reading out loud or wailing, this time, the entire educating field was dead silent.

Lonemoon was idle and used his divine perception to take a good look at the tens of thousands of students in the field. He realized that these divine races were still different amongst the races. Except for the twelve leaders of the races who were forced to learn and were often beaten up most badly, the cultivation levels of the other divine races weren't the highest.

Just like how golden dragons were revered in the Dragon clan while black dragons were the lowest and all Marines had the chance to cultivate into a dragon. Whereas phoenixes with nine quills were the strongest and held in highest regard  in  the Phoenix clan, the other  phoenixes  with  one  or  two  quills, though they were also considered to be of the Phoenix clan, they just weren't of the same level.

It was the same for these divine races, only the differences that were seen now, only showed in their brute strength, it didn't hold much technical skills. So even if they were to attack all at once, they would be easily defeated by Chef. The only ones who knew some cultivation were the 12 who had reincarnated. Though they'd lost their memory, as they'd reincarnated while retaining their cultivation, they knew some techniques that the others didn't. This was also why they were able to join hands and defeat Hong Meng.

So, as compared to directly teaching them how to practice cultivation and improving their physical power, it would be better to teach them to sense and understand Heavenly Dao. Actually, whether it was the Heavenly Dao or laws, they both upheld the lowest criterion for the entire world to operate and go in a continuous life cycle. This was akin to the bottom line for this plane, within this threshold, all living creatures were protected, they would live and reproduce and return through Samsara. You could pick amongst the thousands of path to the Great Dao to set upon, but you must not touch this bottom line.

For example, like intruders or cheating in ascension like the Divine Imperial Sect, all these were not allowed. The former would lead to the instability of the plane, while the latter disrupted Samsara. The reason why Heavenly Dao locked that little world up, was not only because such an ascension method was evil and disgraceful, much less because Fatty used to be Godfiend, but because they disrupted the order in Samsara, allowing souls to directly be reborn without going to the Divine Underworld. And it definitely wasn't Fatty alone who had been treated like this by them. That Hao Ran Court was making elixir pills that was mixed with Soul Extracting Pills was the best proof. They'd even distributed these pills to various sects. This way, even if they died, they could all use the same method to be reborn back in the same little world, then they would just have to repeat their cultivation journey. They probably had a ranking list amongst themselves to decide who could first enjoy Fatty's flesh and blood.

This way, they'd severely violated Heavenly Dao's bottom line, so Heavenly Dao directly sealed the realm gate. Didn't you want to ascend? Then not one of you will get to do it. Since people who hadn't gone through the Divine Underworld would exhaust their own souls, even if they hadn't noticed the anomalies in this little world, as time passes, Heavenly Dao would naturally be able to let these people who violated its bottom line, disappear forever.

At the thought of this, Lonemoon sighed in relief deep down, he now knew what to teach these divine races who were born at the top of the food chain. of course, he could not  directly explain what Heavenly Dao was. He recalled all the concepts about the rules of Heavenly Dao in the previous plane, then thought back to some information about Dao that Shen Ying had found previously and organized his words before starting to lecture about Dao.

He explained everything one by one, from Heavenly Dao to Living Creatures Dao, Human Dao, End Dao. Then he found a few books of Tao Te Ching, Scripture On Great Peace, Da Dao Lun and more classics to keep up appearances. He read through them once, then explained them in detail with layman terms as he was worried that they could not understand.

Chapter 505: Heading Towards The Human Race

Although Lonemoon was already doing his best to teach, principles were principles, it was still dependent on the understanding of the races themselves. Yet he did not expect that after explaining once, there were people who were able to grasp something and directly began to meditate on the field. And there were four to five races whose surrounding divine power instantly became several times richer as a gentle blue light appeared on their body, faintly carrying some heavenly suppression that it scared the others beside them. Fear grew in their heart for no reason, but it differed from the fear felt when they were being beaten up in the past, instead it held a trace of awe and veneration.

Lonemoon got the divine races beside them to quieten down and not disturb others from meditating before continuing to preach. Once he did, more and more of them began to meditate. They were the divine races, naturally their quality wasn't bad. Especially after Rabbit's spoon-feeding teaching a few years ago, it was even easier for them to understand what was being explained. Previously, they'd been affected by the remnants of the aura of Chaos, after learning to regulate their breathing, such influence were gradually minimized. Divine power above the field becoming increasingly abundant, it was even showing a trend of transforming into something tangible, these few days, they'd seen several downpours of spirit rain. Even the carrots that Rabbit had grown on the back mountain were ready to be harvested every four hours. Rabbit's hands were sore from all that harvesting! Not to mention the other spirit herbs that were growing madly.

Yi Qing could not watch anymore and went down the mountain to set up arrays to guide all these extra divine power to flow into the ground or grow into an immortal meridian, or to be dispersed into the world. He also called up the previous owner of Purple Night Palace, Hong Meng to help.

Yet Hong Meng did not move and instead looked up at the sky dazedly, his eyes widened in shock as he pointed with a trembling finger to the sky, revealing an expression that was unsure to be shock or joy. "S… Sir! Heavenly… the Heavenly Dao has begin to form!" This was way too fast!

The passing of time on this side was different, on top of that, in order to stabilize the plane, Hong Meng and the rest had specially sped up the time in this world. Actually, since Sir helped to open up this plane, millions of years had past. Even so, they'd worked hard for so many years but was unable to bring Heavenly Dao into this world. Yet, just how long has it been and the Heavenly Dao was already showing signs of emerging.

Yi Qing looked up and realized after carefully sensing that this world had indeed gained a trace of authoritative energy. The look in his eyes darkened as he turned to look towards Father Niu who was still focused on preaching on the podium and instantly understood something and turned to the person who was sprawled in a chair beside him, nibbling on a fruit.

"Master, could it be that Father Niu is…"

Shen Ying's hands paused as she cocked her head to a side before replying, "Mm, I guess I'm a good leader."

"…" The corner of his mouth twitched, but he still did not say anything in the end.

He glanced up once more at the podium, at a certain person who was rattling on and sighed. What could he do, whose fault was it that this was his own Master, he could only continue to indulge her.

Mm, it's absolutely not because Master is lazy!


Lonemoon's preaching went on for more than ten years. At first, he very conscientiously explained the content of the textbooks in detail, interacting with the students occasionally. Seeing the number of people who were grasping it and entering meditation become more and more, he even felt a little happy deep down. But no matter how interesting the content, after explaining it four to five times, he became frustrated.

Hence subsequently, he changed the array formation on the podium, then paste a few pieces of video saving talismans to be played at each timing, anyway, the content were all the same. But what was amazing was that, such a shoddy method really worked. More and more people began to meditate, hence Lonemoon continued to play the videos with a peaceful mind.

And as they were continuing to absorb divine power from their surroundings while listening to class, the influence of the aura of Chaos within them gradually lessened. They'd long lost the ferocious looks they had when they first arrived, looking much gentler and more like a true divine race.

His vision swept across the various races who were seated in good order, even if they were watching the videos, they did so in all seriousness. There was still a portion of them who'd had yet to enter meditation, perhaps they really did not have enough aptitude. He thought for a moment, then opened the array formation that was trapping them.

The aura of Chaos in their bodies were dispelled, their thoughts were clear and their consciousness were no longer under the influence, they would naturally understand the benefits of this cultivation. Though their aptitude wasn't good, but to go out and develop more was a rather good choice too, so it was time to let them out.

No one dared to move at first, thinking that it was some semester assignment that was a game of cat and mouse again. But after some walked out daringly, and realized that nothing happened, more of them began to leave subsequently. The amount of people sitting in meditation in the field lessened by a good half, the ones remaining were just the people who had yet to awaken from meditation. The duration that they would meditate for was dependent on each of their aptitude, it might be as short as a few hours to as long as a few thousand years.

The remaining ones also included the 12 reincarnated ancient Gods, some of them were still in meditation while some were sober but did not want to leave. Perhaps they'd understood something from listening to his preaching that they now did not want to leave.

Lonemoon did not interfere, what was more worrying was still the human race below, this was the problem that this plane first needed to fix. The matters of the divine race were basically on the right track and does not need too much worrying, it was time to go take a look over at the human race's side.

He brought the cheat master and disciple, leaving the three others behind. Right now, he was at ease, though there were many of the divine race in the field, but Hong Meng and Fatty were both ancient Gods, even if something does happen, they would be able to get away. As for Rabbit… the more he need not worry. Once those divine races see him now, they started trembling, afraid of him opening his mouth to speak. The psychological trauma was even scarier. According to the direction that Hong Meng pointed them in, they came to the isolated territory of the human race. It was only after they arrived that they realized, that place was indeed far away from the battlefield of the Gods, there was still a huge individual island that was a large sea area away between them. The entire island had been sealed by Hong Meng using a special spell, just like the outer realm that Godfiend had specially drawn out back then. The entire island was surrounded by a huge barrier, blocking all the overly powerful living creatures outside, including the divine race.

Lonemoon used his divine perception to sweep the area once and realized that the situation was better than he'd expected. Perhaps due to Hong Meng's timely isolation, the human population was rather big, not lesser than the total population of a little world in their plane. He'd originally thought that it would be a primitive society but did not expect that it wasn't much different from the previous little world. They even had a national language and more formed, with the exception of being on a smaller scale, it was no different from the other plane.

"Let's go down and take a look!" He pointed at the forest outside the nearest town and flew down. The few of them were intending on walking out of the forest when four to five people suddenly jumped out, looking at the three of them with a guarded look. "Who are you?" They held weapons like swords and axes in their hands and pointed everything at them.

Lonemoon: "…" Were they being robbed on the road?

Chapter 506: Building Another School Branch

Seeing that they didn't reply, a tall, strong man leading the group waved his knife and said loudly, "Where do you come from? Do you have the pass?"

"Pass?" Lonemoon was stunned. So it wasn't a robbery. He hurried to change into a professional, business-like smile. "Big Brother, we…"

"Who is your big brother!" That man interrupted him directly, and his look grew even more cautious. "Don't talk nonsense, produce your pass immediately, or don't blame us for not being merciful!"

"…" Lonemoon fell silent. This was his first failure ever in negotiation. Just as he was thinking what that pass looked like and whether he should directly make one with a spell for them to see…

"Hurry up!" Another younger man at the side urged them. He gave Shen Ying, who was closest to them, a look. "Pass!" "I have none." Shen Ying's head tilted, but she turned a hand and handed over a fruit. "You want fruit?"

The corner of Lonemoon's mouth twitched. "Shen  Ying!" Don't make more trouble. Who'd want your fruit? And wasn't that one in your hand the unripened one that you failed to give me last time? Can you please be more sincere when you invite people to eat?

Just when he was about to do some explanation, the man in front of them gave the fruit a look, then turned back to say to others, "This one has no problem." With that said, he took the fruit, and pulled Shen Ying into his own group. And then, he took up his weapon once again and pointed it towards him and Chef.

Lonemoon: "…"

Yi Qing: "…"

How the f*ck is this possible? (⊙ o ⊙)

"What about the two of you?" That person continued to look at the two fiercely. He clasped the weapon in his hands tightly, and said loudly, "No pass. They are turned from those human- eating monsters! Catch them!"

Once he finished speaking, others all took up their weapons and made the movement of poking them over.


Lonemoon thought about something within a split second. The corner of his mouth twitched, then he produced a pack of pastries and handed it over. Chef also got it and produced half a braised pork shoulder.

Those people took them with some suspicion and even took a few bites before they put away their weapons.

"If you have passes, you should have said so earlier. It won't be good if it comes to a misunderstanding." That man in lead gave the two a disapproving look, as though blaming them for being too slow. He thought about it and then added, "But your passes are quite tasty. How did you make them?"

Lonemoon: "…"

Yi Qing: "…"

Are you sure you are checking passes and not robbing?

"Sigh. Recently, it is not peaceful in town, so the checks on those coming and going are a bit stricter." That man sighed and continued, "You come from other places, right? Don't take offense. We do this for the security of the town."

Lonemoon understood and took one step forward immediately. Recovering his business-like smile, he asked, "No, no. This is just right. We can understand. May Big Brother tell me what exactly happened in town?" "Nothing other than those monsters, they reappeared." The man sighed and said, "There has been more than ten missing in town recently, that's why we put strict checks on passes. Alright, don't you stay too long here, hurry up and go into town. You'll more likely bump into them after dark." After he finished, he waved a hand, urging.

Lonemoon couldn't keep asking, so he dragged Shen Ying and Chef and went on in the direction of the town. Vaguely he guessed that the monsters they talked about should be in reference to demons, spirit beast, or something of that sort. And they could change into human shape. But as to why food were passes, he had no idea.

After reaching the town, he looked up, and realized that there were indeed remnant demonic aura in the town, but the demons had probably already gone off. He turned to a small shop showing the sign of "Selling Passes" to ask, and only then did he realize the reason. The food of demons were humans, so they usually didn't bring any other food on them. Besides, most demons still had beast nature, they were selfish and protective of their own food, so they wouldn't give their food to others. Therefore, they used this method to identify whether one was a real human. Hearing this method, the corner of Lonemoon's mouth twitched. With this method, some small demons unsure of the ways of the world could be identified at best. If one really meant to harm people, there was no way they could be recognized.

But thinking further, since there weren't any cultivators in this plane yet, it was already pretty impressive that they could think of such a way. Should he feel lucky that they had Chef in their party? Or they would probably be thought of as colluding with the monsters.

The three spent a whole day walking around the town and got to roughly understand the situation of the human race over here. Back when Hong Meng separated the human race, he only considered the chaos with the divine race, but forgot that in this world there were still demon beasts, fiends, etc. Therefore, the human race lived quite dangerously. Their biggest advantage was probably their numbers. If they encountered a different race, they had close to no power to resist.

Just like that demon who had already eaten more than ten people in this town. If the humans really encountered it, they may not be able to overcome it in a fight. The eventual solution would be simply to move away from here. So the best solution to solve this problem was to teach the humans to cultivate, so that they had the power of self- protection when they faced demons and monsters. Which meant that they had to continue running the school. Maybe they'll have to open a second branch.

"Father Niu, are we putting up an advertisement again?" Yi Qing asked subconsciously.

"Of course we have to put up… Wait, what are you pulling out the sword for?" Seeing that Chef called out his sword habitually, Lonemoon hurried to stop him.

"I thought we are putting up advertisement?" Yi Qing's head tilted. [1. the Chinese character for "put up" in "put up an advertisement" is the same as the character for "beat"] "Come and tell me, who are we beating this time?" I'm in charge of beating, you are in charge of advertisement!

"Who said anything about beating? No, the "putting up an advertisement" I talked about doesn't mean fighting! Hello?" What are you so excited for? Yi Qing was stunned. Didn't they beat up the divine race last time?

"Such things as fighting is only suitable for the divine race." Lonemoon gave him a stare. "How can cultured people like us pull out swords so easily? Not even if you change it to a cooking knife!"

"What should we do then?"

"Let's follow the old rules and set up a sect first!" Humans are supposed to be much easier to teach than divine race. After all, people who lived under the shadows of demons and monsters all year long should be more easily cheated… no, recruited.

"Okay." Yi Qing nodded. He thought about it, and then took out a map and said, "This is a map of the human race I asked from Hong Meng when we left. If we need to set up a sect here, we can choose the location based on this map."

Lonemoon took it over and looked. Indeed, it was the whole look of this separated continent. It was surrounded by the sea on all sides, isolated in the whole plane. He didn't choose anywhere inside the continent, but an immortal  mountain along the coast.

Seeing that he had chosen it, Yi Qing continued, "I took a newly born immortal vein from under the mountain when I came out. If we are to set up a sect, we can plant the immortal vein here."

"Hmm. This place has long been isolated, its spirit qi is too thin as compared to other places indeed." Not to mention the land of divine race which had God Power everywhere. "That's not bad of you to think of getting an immortal vein… Wait!"

Chapter 507: Squirrel with Mushrooms

Lonemoon's eyes narrowed. He glanced at Chef up and down. "Why do I feel that there's something weird with you recently? It's okay that you don't follow Shen Ying and make trouble, but you can actually take the initiative to help?" It was a bit overly obedient. "Tell me, what have you two done this time?"

Yi Qing froze, but remained in his expressionless look. His eyes turned towards the direction of Shen Ying, and then he shook his head hard and said, "No, no. We didn't do anything guilty. You are mistaken!"

"…" You've already said it! Don't turn away, if you dare! He directly reached out his hand and said, "Hand over your storage bag!"

Yi Qing hesitated for a second, but eventually handed it over.

He opened it and looked. Inside, besides, a pile of groceries and cooking equipment, there was only a lonely sword in the corner.It was so tidy that there wasn't even a spirit stone. Lonemoon was still not assured. He turned and reached out his hand towards Shen Ying. "And yours!"

"I won't need to be checked, will I?" Shen Ying hugged her bag tightly.

"You must be checked!"

"Alright… You've got to return it to me!" She hurried to take out a few fruits, before handing it over.

Lonemoon opened it and looked, then the corner of his mouth twitched immediately. He thought it was just an ordinary storage bag, but pulling it open, he realized that there was actually a huge storage space inside. It could almost reach the size of a small mystic realm. Not only that, there was actually a plant-able space inside and a whole wood of spirit fruit trees. No wonder Shen Ying nibbled at fruits non-stop everyday but never went to pick them. So this was where they were grown.

It didn't take much thinking to know that this little mystic realm that looked like a storage bag must be secretly made for her by Chef, not to mention other snacks, pastries etc. that piled up like a mountain. Was she preparing for winter? How much food had she stored? Hello?

More importantly, he had never even seen some of them before. This little bitch who ate alone! And she actually dared to fight for food with him on ordinary days. That was too much.

"Half of them confiscated!" He waved a hand, and half of the food inside was taken away, together with the fully ripened fruits on the tree.


"That's it, let's go!" Lonemoon stuffed the half-empty bag back, and turned to start walking towards the opposite side of the street.

"…" Motherf*cker!

"Don't be  anxious,  Master."  Seeing  that  he  walked  further away, Yi Qing produced another identical storage bag and said through voice transmission, "Here's your bag. The one Father Niu searched just now was just a spare."

"Good Chef!" Shen Ying took it over immediately. Hmm, luckily there was a bigger one.

"Master…" Yi Qing gave Lonemoon who had already walked further away, and started with some hesitation, "Father Niu, did he discover something? Are we going to continue…" He was shocked just now.

Shen Ying looked up at him, gave him a pat on the shoulder and said, "Everything is perfectly fine till now!"

"But afterwards if…"

"Rest assured. He's Father Niu!"

"…" Why did he become even more worried? He'd go crazy, absolutely!

"What are you two doing?" Lonemoon turned back and called out towards the two. "We'll stay here for the night. I've already booked the room. Hurry and come here!"

"Okay, Father Niu! No problem, Father Niu!"

He decided that he had to store up some more food for Master at the moment. Maybe they'd really go out of food provisions later!


The night was deep as water, a round moon hung high in the sky.

Perhaps because of the monsters outside of town, the town was already completely silent once night fell. Under the moonlight, thin demonic aura started rising in the woods out of town.

Lonemoon dragged Shen Ying and Yi Qing out of the town. Searching for that bit of demonic aura that they sensed during the day, they went right towards the woods. There had yet to be any immortal cultivator in this plane, so the best way of publicity was to kill this demon, and let the people in town know what a cultivator was.

He had noticed during the day that the one making trouble in this town was a small demon, whose demonic aura was weak and hid inside these woods. Lonemoon thought at first that they'd spend quite a long time before finding it. Yet within less than two minutes after they entered the woods, a figure came out on its own, and fell on the ground in front of them very deliberately. It bumped onto a stone when it fell, and made a movement toward the side, before letting out a cry of pain.


Lonemoon: "…" Shen Ying: "…"

Yi Qing: "…"

Perhaps seeing that the three was indifferent, showing no intention of going forward to help her, that fallen figure laid on the ground without getting up, and then made a louder,

"Ouch, ouch!"


"Ah, so painful!"


The three still didn't move. The figure finally couldn't help it, turned its head, looked over and reminded them with surprise and a little anger, "Aren't you… helping me up?" The three exchanged a look, and then replied at the same time, "No!"

"…" This was different from what I expected!

"What on earth do you want?" Lonemoon gave it a look. Did it think they were blind? Not to mention such affected acting, this was apparently a demon, right? It was okay that it didn't know how to change to human shape, but couldn't it at least cover that huge squirrel tail at its back? It was a blatant insult on their IQ, okay?

The squirrel demon froze for a moment, completely unaware that its identity was already exposed. Seeing that they showed no intention of helping, it had to get up on its own. It patted the dirt on its clothes and picked up the bamboo basket on the ground. As though it was scared of exposing its identity, it even pulled the hat on its head, as though scared of exposing its identity. It covered itself in its big coat… except the tail!

"Cough! Thank you, kind people." It coughed, and continued to speak with a voice innocent and somewhat fluttered, "Since you all helped me, I just happened to have gotten some rare good mushrooms, maybe…" "We didn't help you!" Before it could finish, Lonemoon interrupted it directly.

"Eh?" The squirrel demon who was interrupted froze momentarily, and a bit of panic flashed across its face.  It ignored his point with a blank face, and summoned up courage to continue acting, "No, you all did help me. Let me sell you my mushrooms. Look, I just picked these!"

With that said, it reached over with the basket in its hands. There was really a basket-full of mushrooms. There was a red type and a white type. The red type showed little bits of demonic aura, while the other one was a spirit herb with spirit qi.

Lonemoon glanced at the squirrel demon, "Which kind of mushroom are you selling?"

The squirrel demon became overjoyed. Its face was written full of the happiness of a plot being successfully carried out. It hurried to produce those red ones and said, "This kind, this kind!" Then it thought about it, took out another white one and added, "This kind needs to be bought too. But you have to eat the red ones first. After waking up in the day, you then eat the white ones. You can't just buy one kind."

Lonemoon's eyes narrowed. "You mean after eating these red ones, one has to spend one night unconscious before waking up?"

"Yeah. But you still have to eat white ones, or you will feel very bad." The squirrel demon nodded honestly.

"It is so!" Lonemoon nodded. "Is this your first time coming out to cheat people?"

Chapter 508: Heading to the Tiger Den

"How did you know?" The squirrel demon answered subconsciously. Immediately, it understood what he just did and looked at him, wide-eyed and in panic, "You… You…" It couldn't finish the sentence after a long while, but its eyes became full of water vapor, as though it was going to cry out. After a long while, it asked very carefully, with a crying sound, "Do you… want to buy mushrooms?"

The three, "…" Such poor acting skills. Which school on earth did it graduate from?

It persisted in handing two mushrooms, one red and one white, towards Lonemoon. "Just buy one pair, is that okay? If not, I can give them to you as gifts!" Seeing that they didn't take it, it immediately grew anxious, and then took over the whole basket. "I'll give you all the white ones, it took me a long time to pick them. Just buy one red one… is that okay?"

"No!" He directly pointed out his identity. "You are a demon!"

"Hey, how did you know…" The squirrel stiffened for a moment, and a bit of panic flashed across its eyes, but it stubbornly held on to its basket. "Do you want to buy mushrooms then?"

"No!" Was this an idiot? It didn't forget to sell mushrooms even now.

Yet the squirrel became even more anxious. It turned around and handed the basket towards Shen Ying. "Would you like to buy one?"

Shen Ying looked down at it. "I don't eat vegetables."

It had to hand it towards Chef.

"Would you-"

"I don't cook vegetables!"

The squirrel's face went completely pale all at once, as though the sky had fallen upon it. Its grip on the basket loosened, and immediately, the mushrooms fell all over the ground. The demon had lost itself. It sat down directly upon the ground and collapsed into a cry. "Ah… There's no more time. Why does nobody buy my mushrooms? Little Flower will be eaten… I am so useless that I can't save her. Ah…"

It cried so sadly that its tears fell constantly like beans. Its small figure shrunk into a ball, and the big tail behind  her patted the ground. It didn't even care to hide its identity any more, but let its hat drop, revealing two droopy triangular ears.

Shen Ying: "…"

Yi Qing: "…"

Lonemoon: "…"

So this was the quality of demons in this plane?

Umm, why did they feel the guilt of bullying small children? "Stop crying!" Lonemoon felt a bit of headache, and he couldn't help but speak out.

"I have to cry!" It actually cried even more loudly. "Little Flower will be eaten, and it's all my fault… I harmed her! Ah…"

"What Little Flower? Hey, hey, if you keep crying I'll capture you!" This was a kid, right?

"Capture me, then. Little Flower is gone, I also don't want to live anymore. Ah…"

"…" Holy shit, this little demon was obsessed with crying somehow?

Just as he was about to make a spell, Shen Ying beside him stepped forward first. She reached out and stuffed a fruit into its mouth. The sound of crying stopped, and the world fell silent instantly.

"Mushroom, who is going to eat your Little Flower?" Shen Ying squatted down and asked.

The squirrel demon froze and gave a tearful look. Its two hands took the fruit in its mouth, and replied grievously, "I'm Squirrel, not Mushroom." After that, she held the fruit and bit it, while sniffing and saying, "It's… it's Tiger King. He caught Little Flower."

There are still other demons around here!

"Who is Little Flower?" Shen Ying continued to ask.

"Little Flower is my best, best friend." The squirrel nodded as though to emphasize. "Just like you, she would give me tasty food. Since I was just a little squirrel, I lived on a tree beside her home. Every day, she gave me a huge, huge pine. She looks very pretty, look… I look just like her now!"

Lonemoon was stunned. He looked at its incomplete human transformation. That Little Flower was a human? "But later… she was caught by Tiger King." It looked all sad once again. "Tiger King said, if I can bring other humans back to him, he will return me Little Flower. Every day, I wait here, but all those people are afraid of me, and won't go back with me. That's why… that's why… I thought about using mushrooms. Yesterday, Tiger King said, if I still don't bring humans back, he will eat Little Flower…"

The more it said, the softer it became. Its head also bowed lower and lower. In the end, it gave them another unrelenting look. "Are you really not going to buy a mushroom?"

"…" You've already f*cking said your purpose, who would buy it? Hello?

"Enough. Take us to that tiger demon!" Lonemoon said directly. "We'll help you save Little Flower!" If his guess was correct, that tiger demon was the one which was doing harm in town recently, and this squirrel had no bloody grievous energy on it, so it seemed to have not harmed humans. The Little Flower that it talked about should be probably also a human.

"Really?" Its eyes brightened in a flash and then dimmed once more. "But… Tiger King is very powerful!" Lonemoon was too lazy to explain. He directly lifted it up with one hand and went up on his sword. "Where is it?"

The squirrel was shocked, and it hurried to hug its own tail, before pointing to the right weakly.

They flew in the direction that the squirrel pointed. The lair of the tiger demon wasn't far, and they reached it within two minutes. before they came near it, they already smelled a very thick smell of blood. It even covered the demonic aura which was not very strong.

Lonemoon looked at the entrance of a cave which was giving out stinking smells, frowned and walked in. But the squirrel had already lost all its courage, and it squirreled to the back. It thought about it, then turned and hid behind Shen Ying. Whoever that gave it fruit was a good person.

Once inside the cave, the smell of blood was even thicker, such that it was somewhat suffocating. Vague clanking sounds came from underneath their feet. Yi Qing's hand turned, calling out a fireball which lit up the cave instantly. The inside of the cave wasn't huge, and all of it could be seen at a glance. The tiger demon wasn't in the cave. The whole cave was full of bones. there were bones of all kinds of beasts, but more were human bones. Some had already turned white. Some still had blood and flesh clinging to it, giving out a disgusting stench.

"It's so good, Tiger King is not here!" The squirrel looked joyful, as it rushed out instantly and started looking around the cave. "Little Flower… Where is Little Flower? I'm here to save you. Little Flower… It called for a long time but got no response, and it started searching in panic, even starting to dig in the bones on the ground.

Lonemoon frowned, grabbed the squirrel demon and dragged it out. "Get out first."

"No, I have to save Little Flower…" The squirrel struggled to get up, but was still dragged outside. "Let me go!"

"There's no living person inside!" Lonemoon gave it a stare, then sighed and said, "How long has your Little Flower been caught?" The squirrel was stunned, and then started calculating using its fingers. "Four, five, six…. I… I don't know. But Tiger King promised to let me exchange for her, she must…"

"She has died long ago!" Looking at the situation in the cave, there was no way the tiger demon would keep a human alive. It was simply lying to this squirrel.

Chapter 509: A High-End Advertisement

"No, she can't be…" The color of blood completely disappeared from the squirrel's face. "The tiger demon said clearly that she could be exchanged for before the sun came out… clearly… Wah…."

Seeing that it was about to start crying again, Lonemoon rapidly filled its mouth with a fruit. It was a good demon, it was just too noisy!

"Little Mushroom, you…" He was just about to comfort it a little, when he suddenly felt a wave of demonic aura coming from the left side of the woods.

"It's the direction of the town!" reminded Yi Qing.

"Go back!" Lonemoon casually picked up the squirrel demon, turned and started flying towards that direction on his sword.

Before they came near, they heard a loud rumble, and some terrified cries. Outside the wall of the town, a huge tiger suddenly appeared. It looked to have already reached the fifth level. Its original body stood up to about the same height as the walls. At that time, it was attacking those thick walls with its front claws. Immediately, many bricks and stones fell to the ground, and the wall of defense was about to collapse upon its attack.

"Tiger… Tiger… Tiger King!" The squirrel recognized it with just one look. Its body shivered.

Lonemoon's eyes darkened. This saved them the time of looking for it. "Chef, it's time to put up an advertisement."

"Yes." Yi Qing nodded and was about to call out his sword.

"Never mind, I will go!" Lonemoon suddenly changed his mind and threw the squirrel to him casually. "If you go, it will be done within one wave of the sword." Advertising had to be magnificent, of course. The more high-end, the more astonishing, the better.

At that time, the tiger demon below had already made the city wall collapse. The people of the town fled in panic. The tiger demon roared loudly, leaped up, opened its big red mouth and was about to bite into the crowd. Suddenly, a golden light flashed.

A translucent barrier suddenly appeared in front of the crowd. Countless arrays appeared in the sky, shining with bright golden light which covered the whole town instantly. That barrier grew larger and larger, directly wrapping the whole town inside.

"Tiger demon, don't you do evil!" A low male voice seemed to come from the edge of the sky, filling everyone's ears instantly.

Seeing that the tiger demon couldn't surpass that barrier however hard it banged, the crowd which was at first in panic quietened instantly. Everyone looked up to the sky in shock. Only then did they see a man in flowing white clothes, standing upon the clouds, white light covering his body, making people unable to see him clearly, but naturally feel a sense of distance, the kind towards something too high to be reachable.

Yi Qing and Shen Ying sneaked into the crowd in silence and watched the large-scale show-off scene of Father Niu together. Lonemoon's hands turned to make another seal. Immediately, another array appeared and fell down right towards the tiger demon underneath. A huge pressure crushed towards the demon down below. Its standing was destabilized instantly, and it was about to be suppressed down on the ground.

As though understanding that it couldn't overcome its opponent, the tiger demon turned in an attempt to escape. The person in the sky waved a hand, and a row of swords fell from the sky immediately, directly cutting off its way. One of them actually fell on its front claws. The tiger demon let out a cry of pain immediately.

That ethereal voice came once again. "Tiger demon, you are full of bloody grievous energy, breaking prohibitions, eating humans harms and threatens the region. Today, I will help the people of this town get rid of you scourge!"

With that said, he made a single-handed seal. Instantly,  a huge sword appeared in the sky. It shone with golden light so bright that it was blinding. The tiger demon was terrified, and tried to run, but it couldn't move under the suppression of sword qi. It could only look at the giant sword falling down directly. The tiger demon's breathing stopped instantly. All the townspeople froze in astonishment. After a long while, they were finally able to react. Their faces were full of excitement.

"That monster… is dead! That monster really is dead!"

"It's so good, we don't need to run anymore. He saved us, he killed that monster!"

"That person can actually fly. And he can kill such a big monster."

"Yeah! And those things just now… What is he after all?"

"Could he be… be… uh… be…"

The crowd couldn't figure out anything after a long while. Shen Ying who was looking on at the side smoothly finished the sentence for them. "He's a god!"

The crowd was stunned, and then came to a sudden realization. They started shouting even more excitedly.

"Yes, yes. He's a god, definitely a god. A god has come to save us!"

"Only gods can do such godly deeds. He's definitely a god."

"A god has come down to to help us subdue the monster!"

The more they talked, the more excited they became. Some had already bowed towards Lonemoon's direction.

Shen Ying finally continued to nibble at her fruit. Hmm, how important was a supporter!

Seeing that the effect of advertising was pretty much achieved, Lonemoon finally dispersed the arrays all around, only keeping a few spells to illuminate the area, creating the atmosphere and showing off. After that, he finally looked down at the townspeople on their knees on the ground, while keeping his deep and incomprehensible business expression. He said with the same ethereal voice,

"You don't have to bow to me. I came across this place on my way and did it without difficulty. Perhaps I am fated with this place, I shall give you some advice." He sighed and continued, "Right now, demons run free in the human world. Those predestined by fate can go to the immortal mountain in the East to ask for Dao from immortals, learn about the ways of overcoming demons, and solve this problem."

After that, he said no more, but turned and started flying towards the East on his sword. Soon, his figure had disappeared Even that dream-like light in the sky slowly dissipated, only leaving a huge tiger corpse outside the town gate.

The crowd looked at one another, and they started recalling the god's words before he left. To look for immortals, ask for Dao and learn about the ways to overcome demons. Did God mean that ordinary humans can also learn about immortal magic? Everyone's eyes brightened, and their face lit up with expectation.


A hundred yards away.

"Can we go home and cook?" Shen Ying leaned on the rock at one side, not wanting to move any more.

"Of course not!" refused Lonemoon.

"Hmm?" Shen Ying was stunned. I thought the advertising was done?

"How can advertising only once work? There's no Twitter here, the information transmission is slow. We have to go to more places and let everyone know about the matter of cultivation." He turned to look at the two people who only worked once as supporter throughout the whole time. "I alone will be enough for this matter, you both can't help anyway." As he talked, he tore a person from the rock and threw her to Chef. "You both go to the place chosen last time, plant the immortal vein and build up the sect first."

"There's no problem with planting the immortal vein."  Yi Qing frowned and answered. "But the houses…" Who's building it?

Lonemoon was stunned, only just realizing this problem.

Yi Qing frowned and said casually, "The places we lived in the past had already been there. The only one built was built by Rabbit. But we don't have Rabbit now…"

As he finished, three pairs of eyes turned together towards a certain little squirrel who sold mushrooms.

The squirrel shivered and immediately shook its head violently. "I… I can only plant mushrooms."

What do we want you for? This  was  the  most  useless  small animal they had ever picked up.

Chapter 510: Choosing the School's Address

Perhaps it was obvious that the few of them were being contemptuous. The squirrel said weakly, "Why not… I make a nest for you?" He knew how to make a nest. "It'll be a big one!"

The three of them: "…" Who wants a nest of yours!

"Forget it." Lonemoon pulled out a white box from his robes and handed it to Yi Qing. "This is a cave abode that Fatty created when he was trying his hand at refining things. It's not huge, but it'll do for now."

He pulled out a transmission amulet and called Fatty over quickly. "In a few days, I will go over and meet you all. Also…" He pointed to the demonic squirrel. "Find a place to let this mushroom go."

After leaving his instructions, he turned to study Shen Ying. Then, he summoned his flying sword. Just as he was about to fly away, he gritted his teeth and turned back. He took out the snacks that he confiscated from Shen Ying before and shoved it back at her. "Eat your fruits. Don't get lost again!"

Shen Ying's eyes brightened. "Yes, Father Niu. No problem, Father Niu!"

Lonemoon tried to keep his face from showing the fatherly worries he felt in his heart. He turned around and left to fight for the sake of his wastrel children.


People who had not yet come into contact with immortal cultivators were pretty easy to deceive… No, they were pretty easy to publicize to. Lonemoon performed different types of simple sorcery at various places. Along the way, he also captured several trouble-making demons. Slowly, news that there was an immortal mountain in the east which people could ascend to pray to immortals spread throughout the mortal continent. Many people began to set out to search for this immortal mountain.

Lonemoon leaked several maps at appropriate times, and then spread rumors that the younger the people were, the higher the chances were of their prayers being answered. He guessed that there would be a significant number of people who would come forward. It was easy to advertise in this continent, but Lonemoon's heart ached the moment he thought about the two wastrel children of his. For some reason, it seemed like they could not sit still without causing trouble for him.

Thus, the moment he finished what he had to do, he hurried back. When he saw the mighty building sitting atop a high mountain floating in mid-air, with immortal Qi engulfing it, he did not know how to react.

Was this… what Chef and Shen Ying built?


Subconsciously, he released his divine perception to scan the building and mountain. He discovered that this was not made out of dharmic equipment. It was a real  building, and a huge one at that. He could faintly feel the immortal Qi flowing through the immortal meridian in the ground. Yet, what filled the building was spirit Qi. They had even set up the system to transform immortal Qi to spirit Qi! The wastrels in his house had suddenly become so capable and obedient. Lonemoon felt heartened!

He turned around and headed for the rear hall.

"Father Niu, you're back!" Shen Ying waved in greeting. Then, she quickly swept all the food on the table onto her own plate.

Lonemoon pursed his lips and sat down at the table. Looking around, he asked, "Chef, what's up with this building? Who did you capture to build this for you?"

"No one," Yi Qing answered seriously. "It was built by Master!"

"Shen Ying?" Lonemoon narrowed his eyes. "I'd believe you if you said she tore a building down. But you're saying she built one? Ha ha ha… Wait!" Lonemoon jumped to his feet and took a closer look at his surroundings. He was so shocked earlier that he was not thinking straight. "Why does this entire building look so familiar? Why does it look like Hong Meng's…" "You've guessed rightly. This is the Purple Night Palace," Yi Qing answered him.

"You dragged Hong Meng here and told him to replicate his own palace?"

"No!" Yi Qing shook his head. "Master said it's too troublesome to build a building from scratch. She said it would be much easier to move Hong Meng's building over here to be used."

"So…" Lonemoon pursed his lips. "You moved the entire Purple Night Palace here?"

"That was the fastest way."

"Can I ask… What exactly is left there?"

Yi Qing thought for a moment and said, "There's the public square in the front." After all, there were still many people there meditating who have not yet returned to the present. Lonemoon fell silent and sighed a long sigh. "Chef!" He clenched his fists by his side, then patted Yi Qing on the shoulder. WIth a somber expression… he gave him a thumbs up. "Good job!"

Yi Qing: "…"

Shen Ying: "…"

He'd taught these two for so many years, and they've finally learned something from their father. He was indeed heartened!


At the seaside.

There was nothing but an empty mountain left at where the Purple Night Palace once stood. Hong-bankrupt-Meng stood on the public square, feeling as empty as the mountain.

"Brother Hong, do you want a carrot to calm yourself down?" Rabbit felt bad looking at him and offered him one of his carrots.

Hong Meng: "One might not be enough…"

"That's alright, I'll give you a bunch."



The housing problem had been resolved. Lonemoon was eating in peace and was just about to ask about the spirit Qi around. After all, the Purple Night Palace was originally Hong Meng's palace - it should be filled with God Power. Cultivators would not be able to withstand God Power right away. In fact, they might not even be able to withstand immortal Qi if they were just starting out with their cultivation. Spirit meridians were the best for them under such circumstances. Yet, this plane had just started a while ago. There were immortal meridians and God Power everywhere, but spirit Qi and spirit meridians were few and far between.

Lonemoon was just wondering what kind of array he would have to set up after planting the immortal meridian, in order to change the immortal Qi to spirit Qi. He had not expected Chef to solve the problem before he could think of a solution.

Just when he was about to ask, Fatty entered the room and rejoiced upon spotting Lonemoon. "Master, you're back!" He walked briskly to Lonemoon's side. A little figure followed closely behind him, carrying a basket.

"Mm." Lonemoon nodded and glanced at the figure beside Fatty. He turned to Chef, "Why is this mushroom still here? You haven't let it go?" The thing beside Fatty was the squirrel demon.

"I… I'm very useful!" Mushroom took a step forward and gestured. "I know how to plant mushrooms!" Who wants your mushrooms!

Lonemoon frowned.

"Master, the mushrooms that he plants can transform immortal Qi into spirit Qi," Fatty explained. "The spirit Qi here was produced from his mushrooms."

"He can transform immortal Qi!" Lonemoon exclaimed. He turned and studied the mushrooms growing around the yard. It was obvious that they were grown from some kind of dharmic spell. They were emanating spirit Qi. "How could this be?" How could demons have such a power? Unless…

"He might not be an ordinary demon," Yi Qing said in a low voice.

Yi Qing scanned the squirrel demon from head to toe, then raised his hand to conjure a seal. The squirrel's body swayed, and he transformed into his true form. The basket in his hands dropped down onto the ground, covering his body and pressing down on his tail. The squirrel began to panic and struggle to get out.

Fatty picked up the overturned basket to release the squirrel. The squirrel, however, was scared half to death. Within two moves, he climbed up onto Fatty's shoulder and hid behind his head. Two big, tear-filled eyes peeked out at Lonemoon.

Big or small, he was truly a squirrel. But why was it able to grow mushrooms that could change immortal Qi into spirit Qi?

"Fatty, bring him over." He wasn't Shen Ying - there was nothing to be afraid of.

"Don't be afraid!" Fatty comforted the squirrel demon. Then, he picked up the squirrel and handed him over to Lonemoon.
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