My Master Disconnected Yet Again Chapter 681-690

Chapter 681: Seeking Vengeance

Zuo Shuming hesitated. He instinctively picked up his sword, but was rendered motionless by a Soul Formation suppressive force.

The next thing they knew, there was a loud crash. The wind blades had landed on the floor, leaving a huge pit from the impact. The entire Nameless Mountain vibrated. Even the stage that had been built just a few days ago for the disciples to train their sword technique collapsed.

Lonemoon's expression darkened. Chef's voice can be heard from the peak. They looked at the angered Tian Ji and asked, "Supremacy Tian Ji, why did you suddenly come forth to hurt a disciple of my Nameless Mountain?"

Tian Ji was getting angrier by the second. He glared at Zuo Shuming and said, "Hmph! Injure him? A despicable man like him - even if I kill him today, the hatred I feel for him would not dissipate!" HIs suppressive force overwhelmed them once more.

Lonemoon and Zuo Shuming were alright, but the disciples who had been training their sword techniques had just joined them. A lot of them were still in the initial stages of Qi Refinement. There was no way they could withstand the Soul Formation suppressive force. Immediately, they began to vomit blood.

Shti! Lonemoon was getting angry now too, yet he could not do anything. He watched as the disciples collapsed one by one. A huge suppressive force suddenly overcame them  from  above. Tian Ji's force visibly retreated.

Chef had arrived just in time. He raised his hand and caused a spirit sword to fly toward Tian Ji.

Tian Ji started. He tried to get out of the way of the sword, but did not make it in time. The sword sliced his sleeves into two.

"You-" Tian Ji was really angry now. He looked up and glared at Yi Qing, smoke coming out of his temples. "Yi Qing, are you trying to protect this bastard?"

Yi Qing looked at him blankly and turned to give Lonemoon a questioning look. What's going on? Is this man crazy? Lonemoon shook his head, showing that he was not so sure himself.

Yi Qing was just about to ask when Yu Luan, who was at the main peak, rushed over. He had sensed that something was wrong. He brought a few peak elders with him, and Tian Yi was among them.

"What… What is going on?" Yu Luan was shocked. He scanned the group of injured disciples and immediately called a few of his own disciples over to check on their vitals.

It was obvious that he was both anxious and angry. These people had been selected from a mass - they were among those who were most suitable for sword cultivation.. Their Gui Yi Sect only had pill cultivators. They were not good at battle. Thus, when they went out on expeditions, they would inevitably be bullied by other sects. Now that they obtained this sword cultivator supremacy out of nowhere, Yu Luan was adamant on changing the situation around. He did not think that this first batch of disciples would be so seriously injured within just days of arriving at Gui Yi Sect.

"Junior Brother Tian Ji, why are you doing this?" Tian Yi always had the bigger picture in mind. Of course he would understand what Yu Luan was thinking. He looked up at Tian Ji. It was obvious that he had been the trouble-maker.

"Today, I am going to kill this evil, conniving beast!" He reached out and pointed to Zuo Shuming. Coldly, he continued, "All of you had better not stop me - otherwise, don't blame me for not showing you mercy!"

"Zuo Shuming?" Yu Luan stared blankly at him. Why did Uncle-Master Tian Ji have so much hatred toward a mere Golden Core disciple? "Uncle-Master, what did this disciple do? Why are you doing this?"

"What did he do?" Tian Ji tutted. He shot daggers at Zuo Shuming with his eyes and spoke slowly, emphasising on each word, "I want to ask him too. What exactly did you do to Little Yi on the day of the competition? Why has she become like this?"

"Shu Yi!" The crowd gasped. On further thought, they realised that none of them had seen her for a long time. "Senior Sister Shu?" Zuo Shuming paused. Full of concern, he asked, "What has happened to her?"

"You dare to ask me this question?!" Tian Ji's killing intent grew more intense. "From the day of the competition, her situation has been deteriorating. Now, her meridians are all broken. Even her golden core has fallen apart."

"What! Little Yi is injured?!" Shu Yuan exclaimed. This was his own daughter after all. It was natural that he would get anxious. "No, I have to go and see her!" Immediately, he abandoned the group and turned to fly in the direction of Shu Yi's peak.

"Uncle-Master Tian Ji, has there been some kind of misunderstanding?" Yu Luan asked. The competition had passed a long time ago. There was no problem with her before this?

"There's no misunderstanding!" Tian Ji pointed his sword at Zuo Shuming and sai, "Little Yi was fine before. But after she went on stage, she came back and fell into a coma. If he hadn't done anything, who did?" Everybody stared on, their expressions changing. Everybody had seen what happened on the day of the competition. Zuo Shuming did not even do anything before the lightning tribulation occurred and he formed his core. What's more, Zuo Shuming was a whole cultivation level lower than Shu Yi at that time. Even if he really wanted to cause any harm to her, he would not have been able to.

"Uncle-Master Tian Ji, we all saw what happened that day. He really didn't do anything," Yu Luan explained. "Maybe Uncle- Master is overwhelmed with concern.'

"Hmph, he hasn't gotten along with my disciple ever since he entered this sect. What's more, Little Yi has been calling out his name ever since she fell into a coma. Apart from him, I can't think of anyone who could have done this to her." Tian Ji was obviously not willing to let it rest. He continued glaring at Zuo Shuming, as if determined to kill him. "I have to kill him today no matter what!"

As he spoke, he activated his spirit Qi and conjured a hundred thousand ice shards which shot straight toward Zuo Shuming. He did not care anymore who was standing around Zuo Shuming. "Uncle-Master!" Yu Luan exclaimed. He wanted to do something, but was rendered motionless by Tian Ji's suppressive energy.

Yi Qing frowned. He turned around and activated his sword Qi. There was the sound of bells ringing. The ice shards were crushed and an overwhelming amount of sword Qi, which covered the sky, shot toward Tian Ji.

With a flick of a wrist, a spirit sword appeared in Yi Qing's hand. He sounded impatient when he said, "If you want to fight, come at me!" Hurry up if you want to fight - I still have to cook! I was only halfway done earlier!

"You…" Tian Ji's expression twisted.  He  was  still  overcome with anger. He gripped his sword tighter and shouted, "I'm not afraid of you!"

The two of them were about to engage in battle. Yu Luan's heart jumped. He rushed forward and said, "Uncle-Masters, please calm down!" They would be in deep trouble if the two of them fought. He quickly tried to persuade them, "This is not the time to fight. Uncle-Master Tian Ji, Shu Yi's situation is more urgent. Why not we go and figure out what exactly is wrong with her first? We can figure out who's to blame after she regains consciousness."

Tian Ji lowered his gaze. He pondered over this suggestion. After all, he had tried various different methods to wake her up, but to no avail. He did not think that anyone else would be able to do better.

"Uncle-Master Tian Yi has always had very good medicinal skills. Let's let him take a look?" Yu Luan suggested. Tian Yi, who was standing right beside him, nodded.

It was then that Tian Ji shot Zuo Shuming one final glare and kept his sword. He turned around and led the group toward Dan Xia Mountain.

Everyone exchanged glances with one another before following his lead.

Chapter 682: Sudden Demonisation

Dan Xia Mountain was different from all the other mountains. It was in fact made up of two peaks, and both Tian Ji and Tian Ji were on the peaks. Tian Yi was of course the owner of the mountain. Together with all the disciples under him, he stayed on the left peak. Tian Ji, on the other hand, stayed on the right peak. Apart from Shu Yi, he had never taken in any other disciple. Thus, the right peak looked relatively empty.

A temple sat above the peak. The crowd followed Tian Ji into the temple, and went straight through to the rear hall. Lonemoon and the others walked in last. The moment they entered, they stopped right where they were.

"Chef! This aura…" Lonemoon instinctively transmitted a message to the person beside him.

"Mm." Yi Qing nodded. "I saw it too."

Lonemoon frowned. "Let's go in and assess the situation first." He followed the crowd in. The deeper they got into the temple, the thicker the aura because. It was not until they arrived at a room in the rear hall that they realised the entire yard was filled with this aura. It was so thick that they were finding it difficult to breathe.

The crowd was just about to push open the door of the room.

"Wait!" Lonemoon shouted. He stepped forward and pulled Yu Luan back.

Yi Qing conjured a seal at the exact same moment. There was a flash of white light and a huge array formed underneath their feet. A translucent shield rose up all around them, keeping all the elders safe within its radius.

"This is…" Yu Luan stared blankly at the array. Why did they conjure this defensive array all of a sudden?

Tian Ji, who was right in front, turned to address the group. His expression hardened and he glared at Yi Qing. "What do you mean by this?"

Yi Qing did not bother to respond to him. Instead, he addressed the group and explained in a low voice, "There's something else inside the room!"

The entire crowd stared blankly back at Yi Qing Before they could open their mouths to ask any questions, Tian Ji became anxious. Angrily, he shouted, "Yi Qing, what do you mean by this? This is Little Yi's room. Are you suspecting me of being up to no good?"

Yi Qing still did not reply to him. Instead, he summoned his spirit sword. "We'll know once we take a look." With that, he raised his hand and waved the sword.

"What are you doing!" Tian Ji shouted, but it was too late. The sword aura charged forward ahead of them. The next thing they knew, there was a loud crash. The room to the door was cut into half, and even the ceiling of the room collapsed.

"Yi Qing, you…" Tian Ji was becoming even angrier now. He moved to retaliate, but there was a loud whoosh beside him.

A figure rushed out from inside the room, landing loudly in the yard. The person was covered in blood and had a weak aura. His dharmic clothing looked quite familiar.

"This is.. Elder Shu!" One of the elders recognised the person on the floor. Was that not the body of Shu Yuan, the man who had rushed away from the group to check on his daughter? What happened to him?

They did not have time to react to the situation. Out of the collapsed room emerged a gust of black Qi. The black Qi came charging at top speed toward the group. It looked like it would engulf the entire group. Yet, the white light underneath their feet - the defensive array - flashed. The black Qi retreated.

The black Qi outside was fast filling the entire yard. What's more, whatever the black Qi touched seemed to die. The fresh flowers and grass in the yard were now all wilted. Even the cement remains of the broken temple were breaking into smaller pieces. Suddenly, they turned into piles of sand.

"This is demonic Qi!" Someone exclaimed. Finally, someone recognised what the black Qi was. Their hearts skipped a beat. It was a good thing that Supremacy Yi Qing had set up this defensive array, otherwise they would have collapsed from the surrounding demonic Qi. But why was there demonic Qi here?

"That's… Senior Sister Shu Yi?!" Zuo Shuming's eyes widened in disbelief.

The entire group starred on in confusion. They looked up to see that amidst the thick demonic Qi was one person floating in the air. She was wearing the same dharmic robes as the rest of the disciples. It was Shu Yi, whom Tian Ji just said was in a coma. However, she was surrounded by demonic Qi. Her beautiful face was now covered in black veins which resembled a spider web. Both of her eyes were now completely red. She seemed to have lost her sanity. Black Qi flowed out of her body continuously.

"This demonic Qi… is coming from inside her body!" Yu Luan exclaimed, not daring to believe his eyes. The amount of demonic Qi in the surroundings was increasing by the second. It was threatening to cover the entire Gui Yi Sect.

"Little Yi!" Tian Ji jumped in shock, as if having just realised something. His face was a mask of worry. Immediately, he charged forward, trying to stop the person in the air. "Uncle-Master, don't!" Yu Luan tried to stop him, but it was too late. Tian Ji was already charging forward. The moment he left the confines of the defensie array, his dharmic robes melted upon coming into contact with the demonic Qi in the surroundings. Then, wounds began to appear on his skin. His facial expression flickered, but he kept running toward Shu Yi, trying to stop her.

Shu Yi raised her hand and waved it. A gust of demonic Qi flew toward Tian Ji, causing him to fly backward. It  was obvious that she was still unconscious.

Lonemoon turned to look at Chef. He was just about to get Chef to do something when the system in Shu Yi's body sounded.

[Host! Wake up! Don't allow the demonic Qi to swallow your logic! Host! Host!]

There was a zap and they caught a flicker  of  light.  Shu  Yi's body jumped. Her expressionless face was now twisted.  She looked to be in immense pain. Her red eyes darkened again. Slowly, she regained her sanity. "System? This is…" A look of confusion flashed across her face. Before she could fully understand what was going on, she saw Zuo Shuming, who was standing inside the defensive array. Immediately, images of what happened during the competition filled her mind. Rage like she had never felt before filled her body and her eyes turned a bright red once again. With a strong killing intent, she shouted, "Zuo Shuming!"

She spat each word through gritted teeth. She looked like she would eat him alive if she could. The demonic Qi all around her suddenly expanded once more. Shu Yi raised her hands and waved them, causing the demonic Qi in the surroundings to fly toward Zuo Shuming. As if following orders, the black Qi condensed to form several black blades that also continued toward Zuo Shuming.

The defensive array beneath everyone's feet broke into pieces. A chill ran down their spines as they saw the black Qi charging toward them. With a flick of his wrist, Yi Qing caused a ball of red flames to emerge from his body and defend them against the black Qi.

There was a series of crashes. The demonic Qi, on meeting its natural enemy, retreated and dissipated. The red from Yi Qing's fireball covered the yard. In two seconds, the demonic Qi was completely cleared. All that was left behind was its source, which the fireball was now heading toward.

"Ah!!" Shu Yi screamed. But there was no way for her to dodge the flames. She felt an unbearable pain shoot through her entire body. Not caring if anyone could hear her, she  shouted, "System, quick, save me!"

[Ding! Error! It is impossible to defend against these flames!]

Lonemoon lowered his gaze. Yi Qing was the manager. Of course this system would not be able to do anything to his flames. He quickly nudged the man beside him and muttered, "Chef!" The system had not yet left this body - it was not time to act yet.

It was then that Chef clenched his fists and retracted the flames.

Chapter 683: Traitor in the Sect

"Little Yi!" Tian Ji took the chance to fly up toward catch Shu Yi. Yet, he did not stop there. Instead, he carried her onto his sword and flew out together.

"Eh! Uncle-Master Tian Ji, you-" Yu Luan wanted to stop them, but Tian Ji suddenly turned back. He threw a dharmic weapon over. It was not to attack Yu Luan. Instead, Tian Ji was throwing it to Zuo Shuming.

Tian Ji moved too quickly. The dharmic weapon was just about to hit Zuo Shuming, but Chef thrust his sword and broke its trajectory. Tian Ji, who was still in the air, conjured a seal and disappeared into thin air.

"This…" Everyone in the yard was stunned. It was a long time before anyone regained their composure.

Moments later, Yu Luan asked, "Uncle-Master Yi Qing, Shu Yi was…" "She became a demon!" Yi Qing answered.

Everyone: "…"


Yu Luan and the other elders could not come to terms with the fact that Shu Yi had become a demon. But the facts were right in front of their eyes. There was no faking the demonic Qi that they saw in the yard earlier. The only thing they did not quite understand was why a perfectly good person would become a demon just like this. What's more, she injured Elder Shu Yuan. No matter what, Shu Yuan was Shu Yi's father. Now, not only were his meridians broken, his cultivation level had fallen all the way back to the initial stages of Nascent Soul cultivation. To this day, he was still unconscious.

There was Supremacy Tian Ji as well. He was a Soul Formation Supremacy in the sect. It was normal for him to protect his own disciples, but he did not even offer an explanation before he escaped together with Shu Yi. This confused them as well. No matter how much he wanted to pamper his disciple, there was no need for them to escape the sect together. It was then that Lonemon told them about the fiendish cultivator Zhong Yi, and how he had not come looking for them on purpose, but had actually been trying to escape the sect. At the same time, the group found a secret storage space on Dan Xia Mountain. There were indeed signs that a  fiendish cultivator had sayed inside there. Everybody seemed to realise something.

"It seems that Tian Ji had become a demon a long time ago," Yu Luan sighed. "It's no wonder that Junior Brother Yin would…" He trailed off mid-sentence, but everybody seemed to know what he was going to say.

Tian Ji was a cold man, and he did not have very good relations with the other people in the sect. But Perfected One Yin was one of the few people who were actually close to him From time to time, Perfected One Yin would make trips to Dan Xia Mountain. Lonemoon guessed that he probably knew things that he wasn't supposed to know of - that was probably why he was killed by Tian Ji. It was no wonder that they did not find the murderer even after so long. It was no wonder that Perfected One Yin did not even have the chance to seek help. All he could do was explode his own Nascent Soul.

The more  everyone  thought  about  these  things,  the  more shocked they felt. Was it also Tian Ji's doing, that Shu Yi suddenly turned into a demon? Then did he have an ulterior motive in bringing the entire group of them to look for Shu Yi? Their thoughts shifted to Shu Yuan, who was still unconscious and who nearly lost his Nascent Soul. If Shu Yi could do this to even her own father, what more could she do to them?

If they had entered the house that day…

Upon thinking of this, the entire group fell silent. It was a good thing that Uncle-Master Yi Qing realised something was wrong. Otherwise, they would have lost everything.

Lonemoon remained silent beside them as well.  He  couldn't help but think - it was true that the entire group was not wrong but they were thinking a bit too much.  Tian  Ji had  not  turned into a demon yet. The only one who did was Shu Yi. Tian Ji only ran away because he was afraid that everyone would find out about the fact that he harboured a fiendish cultivator and killed an elder in the sect. He just did not  want  to  face  the consequences of his actions.

Shen Ying had connected the seal that was containing the demonic Qi in Zuo Shuming's body with the one in Shu Yi's body, which was containing the demonic seed. In order to harm Zuo Shuming, Shu Yi had no qualms about breaking her seal. Therefore, the demonic seed was awakened. It began attacking her, until she became a demon. She was probably in a coma for a couple of days because the demonic Qi in her body was consuming her soul bit by bit. In other words, she was unconscious because she was undergoing to demonising process.

Lonemoon became slightly confused upon thinking  about this. When Shen Ying said that she connected the two seals earlier, they did not think it was a big deal. After all, Shu Yi had the system in her body. The demonic seed was sealed up by the system. If it could seal it once, it would be able to seal it again.

They did not expect that the system would be this lousy.It did not even realise that the demonic seed had escaped. Now, Shu Yi had even become a demon.

The so-called demonic seed was different from demonic Qi. The demonic seed contained the pure evil that was used to create demons. What's more, the demonic seed contained a portion of the soul of the demon who created it. Once the seed entered one's body, it would merge with one's soul until the latter became a demon through and through. When Celestial Emperor Chen Ge wanted to get rid of the demonic seed in his own body, he had no choice but to cut off one entire portion of his own soul. He even had to use the force of Samsara to cleanse that portion of his soul. If a celestial emperor had to go to that extent, just imagine what a Golden Core cultivator like Shu Yi would have to do.

Thus, the consequences of the system's  negligence  was  that Shu Yi had turned into a demon. It was no wonder that the parenting system despised 001, and said  that  the  latter  was going to be out of date soon.

"Sect Master, what do you think about-" The elders were beginning to get scared, so they turned to question Yu Luan.

"This is a huge matter. That demonic Qi is too… dangerous," Yu Luan replied. His face was looking quite green. In a low voice, he continued, "Although Gui Yi Sect's matters hardly spread, we have to be on the defense. We have to inform the various immortal sects and tell them of the real reason this happened."

There had been a fiendish cultivator with demonic Qi, and a Soul Formation cultivator who turned into a demon. To other immortal sects, Gui Yi Sect would look like a huge threat.

Everybody nodded in agreement. Immediately, they spread out toward the various immortal sects and spread the news of Shu Yi and Tian Ji - the Soul Formation cultivator and his talented disciple - had turned into demons. They had betrayed the immortal sect and joined the path of darkness.

Shu Yi's original intention was to harm Zuo Shuming. She wanted to make him a fiendish cultivator that everybody would want to kill. Who knew that the tables would turn?  Zuo Shuming remained the talented and famous disciple in Gui Yi Sect, and she instead became the one whom everybody wanted to kill. Who knew how she would react once she regained consciousness? Her grievous energy would probably rise by multiple times.

Lonemoon used his fingers to aid his counting. If the enemy continued to give herself up time and time again, this battle might come to an end sooner than they thought.

Mm, he has never seen an invader who went down as easily as Shu Yi. Apart from having to teach a particularly stupid sword cultivator, Lonemoon practically sat back and watched this battle win itself!


After Shu Yi and Tian Ji left Gui Yi Sect,  nobody  heard  of them again. Now that they were missing announcements from the system each day, the three of them were beginning to feel a bit bored. In fact, Lonemoon was so bored that he began to play Tenant Tycoon together with Shen Ying and the parenting system.

Zuo Shuming, on the other hand, sighed for several days. It was almost as if he was having difficulty accepting that his Senior Sister Shu Yi, who had given him so much guidance earlier, had turned into a demon for real. With regard to this, all Lonemoon had to say was, "Two Bucks! In order to live as humans, you have to have a bit of… IQ, do you understand?"

Zuo Shuming thought about this for a long time, but still did not understand what Lonemoon was getting at. "Brother Lonemoon, you are so profound!" What should he do if he had no idea what Lonemoon was talking about? Lonemoon sighed. He was too lazy to explain anything more to Zuo Shuming. He turned around and kicked him into the sword array, then increased the intensity of his training. If he had been a devil to Zuo Shuming before, he was practically throwing him into hell this time.

Shu Yi's goal from the very beginning had been Zuo Shuming. She was bound to come looking for him one day. Now, she was already becoming a demon. Though she still had her mortal body, she would definitely be much better in battle than he was. And yet, Zuo Shuming was still a puny Golden Core cultivator. If she came looking for him, he would lose for sure.

If he didn't take the chance to train now, when would he?

Chapter 684: Tian Yi Ascends

Lonemoon felt like an invader - and an invader with a mission at that - Shu Yi was not at all low-key. They did not have any news of her so far, but that was probably just because she was trying to control the demonic Qi inside her body. Before long, Lonemoon knew that she would show herself once again.

But before she could do anything, a few years passed and Tian Yi had surprising achievements. Tian Yi had been in the late stages of Soul Formation, unable to make anymore progress. However, Lonemoon offered some suggestions out of convenience, and seemed to show Tian Yi a whole new direction. Tian Yi thus went head-in into changing pill recipes. Perhaps he was gifted in this area. Not only did he really manage to change the recipe for the Demon-Breaking Pill, he also began to look into other celestial-grade recipes.

Just like that, he reaped the benefits in terms of cultivation level. The entire Dan Xia Mountain welcomed batches of new pills from time to time. Otherwise, they heard multiple explosions on several occasions as well. This got Tian Yi more and more excited - his pill refining skills progressed at a cray speed. He was a pill cultivator after all. Apart from training, pill cultivators could also advance in cultivation level by refining pills. Given the pace at which Tian Yi was refining pills, it was no wonder that his The increase was big, too.

Thus, he ascended to immortality.

One morning, when Tian Yi was refining a cauldron of celestial-grade pills, the sky suddenly darkened. A huge lightning bolt like the disciples of Gui Yi Sect had never seen before suddenly struck the ground. Then… the bolt of lightning avoided Nameless Mountain and went straight to Dan Xiao Mountain. A large crash was heard. The temples all around Tian Yi were reduced to smithereens.

Before anyone could react, a huge Protective Mountain Array came up around the sect. Still, it could not fend against the formidable power of the heavens. The Sect Master Yu Luan anxiously flew over from the main peak just in time to see another frighteningly thick bolt of lightning. Then, he noticed that the skies were dark.

"This.. Could this be…" Yu Luan did not dare believe his own eyes. "It's the Immortal Ascension Lightning Tribulation," Yi Qing and Lonemoon confirmed. They, too, arrived just in time with spirit herbs to see the lightning bolts.

"Immortal Ascension!" Yu Luan exclaimed. He looked a bit confused. "Could the person ascending to immortality be… Uncle-Master Tian Yi!" Yu Luan was all the more shocked now, but his body could no longer withstand the pressure filling the air. His legs were turning to jelly. It was almost as if he could not bear to stand for one more minute in the presence of this force from the heavens.

Tian Yi's lightning tribulation was happening so soon. What's more, this was the morning. The sun had not completely risen - that was why nobody realised that it was coming. Lonemoon instinctively conjured a seal to prevent the audience from becoming overwhelmed. After all, this was the Immortal Ascension Lightning Tribulation. He turned to face Chef, "You should do it!"

Yi Qing stared blankly at him. Why?

"It's safer if you set it up!" He added. Yi Qing was the lightning tribulation's boss after all.  Did he not see the lightning bolt avoid Nameless Mountain?

Yi Qing's expression darkened, but he turned around and set up the array anyway. A moment later, a white array appeared all around Dan Xia Mountain, on the outside of the Protective Mountain Array. There were two holes on the top of the array, which allowed the lightning bolts to descend through.

Yu Luan reacted at the same time. He quickly arranged for the disciples of Dan Xia Mountain to escape from the mountain. While he did this, he got the other disciples to move further away. This was an Immortal Ascension Lightning Tribulation. it was not like the ones the other disciples went through. Perhaps just looking at one bolt of lightning strike the mountain would cause the disciples' cultivation levels to stagnate from the impact. What's more, the lightning bolt that just descended was the Mental Demon Tribulation. The lightning bolts that were to follow would be much more terrifying.

The two of them moved very quickly. Once Yi Qing was done with setting up the array, Yu Luan was almost done with sending all the disciples off. Tian Yi had already passed the first stage by then. The following lightning bolts came down in loud crashes, causing Gui Yi Sect to look snow white. The entire Dan Xia Mountain was turning to ash right before their eyes because of this Lightning Tribulation. Twenty bolts later, the mountain was just half its original height.

The amazing thing was that no matter how strong these lightning bolts were, they did not do any damage even a centimetre outside of Dan Xia Mountain. It was almost as if a marksman was responsible for it. Each bolt of lightning struck accurately right in the center of Tian Yi's head.

Tian Yi, who had been sitting on the center of the peak, used all his energy to defend against the impact. Although he did have a hunch that this lightning tribulation was coming, and he did train intensely to gather spirit Qi into his body, he did not think about when exactly the lightning tribulation will begin. The Immortal Ascension Lightning Tribulation was indeed nothing like he expected.

Each bolt of lightning in the lightning tribulation threatened to tear his body apart. He was enduring bone-breaking, soul- splitting pain, yet all he could do was try his best to gather the spirit Qi from all around him to heal his wounds in between the bolts of lightning. It was like he was changing his bones on the spot. But that was indeed what he was doing. The so-called Immortal Ascension Lightning Tribulation was meant to help mortals get rid of their mortal bodies and form immortal ones while they ascended to immortality. The only thing mortals would be able to do was endure through the lightning tribulation. Tian Yi was covered in blood by now, yet he gritted his teeth and hung on to his life. Faintly, Lonemoon and Yi Qing could sense the immortal bones forming in his body.

The last bolt of lightning struck down. Tian Yi used all the remaining spirit Qi in his body to absorb the impact from this bolt of lightning. The suppressive spiritual force that was causing everyone to have difficulty breathing immediately condensed into immortal Qi, which flowed into Tian Yi's body and helped with the formation of his immortal bones. His wounds began to heal.

The man who had been drowning in blood was recovering his original looks right before their eyes. Even the suppressive force that his body emanated seemed different. It was then that Tian Yi finally heaved a sigh of relief. It began to sink in that he had successfully endured through the lightning tribulation.

At the same time, a golden beam of light shone through the dark clouds and down onto his body. The world that had been so familiar to him before was beginning to feel foreign to him. It was like the former was rejecting his presence. His body felt lighter - it begged to float up into the clouds.

"It's a success! Uncle-Master Tian Yi has ascended to immortality!" Yu Luan screamed in joy. He was overwhelmed with emotion. "This place hasn't had people ascending to immortality in hundreds of thousands of ears. I did not think that the first person who would be able to do so would be Uncle- Master Tian Yi! That's great!"

The other disciples realised that the danger had passed. One by one, they came out to see the golden beam of light and began to celebrate.

Tian Yi's body began to float upward toward the source of the golden beam of light. His entire body looked different. There was a white glow about him - immortal Qi. Just as he was about to enter the upper realm, he seemed to recall something. His body paused and he turned around, trying to get back down. But he was not familiar with how to control his immortal Qi, thus he could not descend smoothly. Instead, he started to flap his arms like a duck in order to get a bit closer to the ground. Still, he could not seem to get out of the golden beam of light. All he could do was wave his arms around as he shouted, "Brother Lonemoon! Brother Lonemoon, are you there?!"

All the disciples standing around suddenly stopped moving and turned to look at Lonemoon.

Tian Yi continued shouting, waving at him with all his might. "Brother Lonemoon, quick, come over here! I have something to tell you!"

Lonemoon: "…"

Sh*t! What are you telling me things for? I'm not even your disciple.

( ̄△̄;)

Chapter 685: The Demonic Sect Attacks

Lonemoon pursed his lips. He had no choice but to glare back at the people who were staring at him with "concern".

"Is there a problem?"

"Brother Lonemoon." Tian Yi stared at him. Suddenly, he reached into the storage bag hanging by his side and pulled out a ring. He pulled off the defensive dharmic hair clasp from his head, along with every other accessory he had been wearing. Then… He handed them all over to Lonemoon. Very seriously, he said, "Once I ascend to the upper realm, I might not have a use for this anymore. I'm going to leave them all to you now. Brother Lonemoon, the quality of your body is much better than mine. I'm very sure that you'll ascend to immortality very soon. Your friend will be rooting for you from above."

Lonemoon: "…" Why did he feel like he was being kept by this man?

But he was handing him all these spirit stones for no reason - Lonemoon just could not turn it down! ↖(^ω^)↗

"Thank you, Brother Tian Yi."

"We're all brothers - there's no need to stand on ceremony!" Tian Yi waved his hands and continued sincerely, "I can ascend o immortality only because of your reminder that day. These things are nothing compared to that." He was about to say more, but the suction from above was getting stronger and stronger. Anxiously, he shouted, "I have to go. Take care, Brother Lonemoon!"

With that, his body ascended upward.

Lonemoon looked down at the bunch of things in his hands. He sighed and retrieved a white jade token, then threw it over to Tian Yi. "Hold on to this!"

Tian Yi caught it instinctively. It looked like an ordinary jade token to him. It was not a dharmic weapon, nor was it a spirit talisman. There were just two different phrases carved into each side of the jade token. One side said "Bo Sea" and the other side said "Invincible".

"This is…" Tian Yi hesitated.

"You'll understand once you arrive above." Lonemoon waved his hand, offering no further explanation.

The next moment, Tian Yi disappeared into the golden beam within the clouds, and into the upper realm. The golden light dissipated. It turned into spiritual raindrops.

All the disciples looked instantly elated. One by one, they sat down to absorb the spirit Qi falling from above - the remnants of the Heavenly Dao's greatness. Even the various Nascent Soul elders sat down. There had not been a single cultivator who managed to ascend to immortality in hundreds of thousands of years. This was a rare opportunity.

Lonemoon flew back and looked straight into Yi Qing's quizzical gaze. Eh…

"What are you looking at!" Lonemoon glared at him.

Chef narrowed his eyes. "Did you just give him the Invincible Sect's disciple token?"

"So what?" Lonemoon stuffed the things in his hands into his storage bag. He did hand in the school fees after all.

"Oh~" Chef continued staring at Lonemoon through his narrowed eyes. I thought you said that it costs too much to maintain the Invincible Sect and you're not accepting any more disciples?

"Oh, your ass!" Lonemoon pursed his lips. "Get your freaking disgusting gaze off me!" Stop following Shen Ying's annoying ways!

"Yu Hong said that the sect's medicinal business is prospering. We can no longer depend on Boss Lan and Floaty alone to manage the business. What's more, Boss Lan still needs to refine weapons, create talismans, water Radish, take care of Radish's unlucky and cheap son, and even offer guidance to the sect's disciples from time to time…" Lonemoon counted off the things that Boss Lan had to do with his fingers. It was difficult doing business in this day and age, alright?

"So…" Chef stared blankly at him. He seemed to realise something. "You sent him over there to refine pills?" What happened to the friendship?

"What else?" He rolled his eyes. "Do you want to go and help him out?"

"Er…" Chef hesitated. Very seriously, he changed the topic. "Oh that's right - I cooked too little porridge this morning. Master must still be quite hungry. Father Niu, I'm going back to cook more food now." Since Master isn't around, I can't afford to offend him - I can't afford to!

"…" Hmph, lousy! Yi Qing felt like he could still take control of the situation. He turned around and started to fly back to Nameless Mountain when suddenly a huge crash was heard. It was coming from the base of the mountain. The entire Gui Yi Sect vibrated from the impact. The Protective Mountain Array turned dark. The spirit swords that had been surrounding the sect's boundaries all broke into pieces.

"Someone broke the eye of the array!" Yi Qing's expression fell. He turned to face the right side of the sect. Someone must have gotten in while Tian Yi was going through the lightning tribulation!

Yu Luan snapped out of his meditation at the same time. "Uncle-Master Yi Qing, this…" He was just about to ask when another huge crash was heard coming from the base of the mountain. A huge amount of evil Qi floated entered Gui Yi Sect, causing the disciples to rush up the mountain.

"Sect Master!" The disciples shouted anxiously. "Reporting to Sect Mater - there are many fiendish cultivators at the base of the mountain. They're breaking the sect gate and forcing their way in." "Now?" Yu Luan's expression changed immediately. He finally understood what was happening. Uncle-Master had just ascended. This was a thing worth celebrating, but Gui Yi Sect was now short of one Soul Formation cultivator. In addition to the fact that Tian Ji had run away, Yi Qing was the only Soul Formation left. These fiendish cultivators must have thought that there was no way Gui Yi Sect would be able to fend itself against them. That's why they're taking this chance to attack it.

"Can you tell where these fiendish cultivators are from?" He asked in a low voice. If they dared to invade Gui Yi Sect, they must be here in huge numbers. In other words, they must be coming from a demonic sect.

"It's the Skyfiend Sect," a disciple confirmed.

"The Skyfiend Sect!" Yu Luan stared blankly at him. "We have never had anything to do with them. Why are they coming to attack us!" The more he spoke, the more anxious he became. He pondered over a solution while instructing the disciple, "Quick, go and inform the Mountain Masters of the other three peaks! Tell all of the Nascent Soul Perfected Ones to come with me and face the enemies.The other Mountain Masters are to guard the sect. No one is to slack in the defence! Tell them to focus on protecting the eye of the Protective Mountain Array!" "Yes!" The disciple turned around and began to carry out Yu Luan's instructions.

It was then that Yu Luan finally turned to Yi Qing. "Uncle- Master…"

"Let's go." Yi Qing understood what Yu Luan was going to say. He turned and flew toward the entrance of the mountain. Yu Luan's chest tightened and he followed suit. Since Lonemoon had been feeling quite bored, he followed them as well.

Before the few of them arrived at the entrance, they saw the huge amounts of evil Qi filling the forest in front of the sect. It was obvious that the group had already done something to the forest. The disciples at the entrance were gravely injured. Still, they were trying their best to hang on and defend the entrance to the sect.

The array had been left behind by the ancestors of Gui Yi Sect. It would be extremely difficult for cultivators at the Soul Formation level and below to break through it. Before Yu Luan could heave a sigh of relief, they heard yet another loud crash. The array stone at the entrance of the sect broke apart and a huge crack appeared on the array at the entrance as well. A suppressive force akin to that belong to a Soul Formation cultivator in his late stages floated over to them.

"This suppressive force is… Tian Ji!" Yu Luan jumped. He looked up in disbelief, all the colour drained from his face. "Skyfiend Sect! It's him?"

"Sect Master, what do you mean by this?" Lonemoon lowered his gaze. Actually, when he followed Yi Qing to the entrance of the sect, he already guessed that it was Tian Ji who was leading this invasion. But judging from Yu Luan's expression, it seemed that he understood something more.

Yu Luan was looking worse by the second. He frowned deeply as he began to explain, "I heard some time ago that the sect master of Skyfiend Sect was assassinated. From then, the Skyfiend Sect adopted a new master. This new sect master ruled over the Skyfiend Sect and took over many other demonic sects at the same time. It sounded like he was trying to unite all the demonic sects. I just did not think that this person would be… Tian Ji."

Yu Luan admitted that Gui Yi Sect had not treated this Soul Formation Supremacy well. Thus, he did not take it too personally that Tian Ji betrayed the sect and left. Yet, after he managed to unite all the demonic sects, the first thing Tian JI did was to come back and attack Gui Yi Sect. This chilled Yu Luan to the core.

The array at the entrance was completely broken by now. The person who appeared right in front of them was indeed Tian Ji.

Chapter 686: Battle Between Good and Evil

"Tian Ji, my Gui Yi Sect has never mistreated you. Why must you gather all of these fiendish cultivators to attack my sect!" Yu Luan could not help but ask in a pained voice. He really wanted to know the reason.

"Hmph!" Tian Ji tutted, as if he did not think there was anything inappropriate about what he was doing. Instead, he responded hatefully, "Yu Luan, now that things have come to this state, are you still trying to act like you're innocent in front of me? Do you think I really don't know that you've all developed negative feelings toward me right from the beginning? You've been calculating your every move each day, just to get rid of me. Didn't you invite all of these sword cultivators into the sect to force me out?" He shot Yi Qing a death glare.

"What are you talking about?!" Yu Luan looked at him with disbelief. He never thought about doing something like that. Why would Tian Ji think this way?

Tian Ji continued indignantly, "You forced me to do all of these things. Today, I'm here to seek justice. It's about time Gui Yi Sect faced what it deserves."

"You… You…" Yu Luan was so angered that he could not even speak. He did not think that Tian Ji would twist the facts to this point.

Lonemoon frowned. Indeed, people who had already gone off the path would find all sorts of reasons to support their own decisions. Even if the sect really was unhappy with Tian Ji like he said, nobody forced him to turn into a demon.

"Why should we continue with this nonsense?" Chef, who had been standing beside Lonemoon, immediately summoned his spirit sword upon noticing that it was time to cook. In a low voice, he shouted, "Let's go!" He was hurrying to cook. Why were they waiting around and not doing anything?

Tian Ji frowned. There was a moment of trepidation. He did not take Yi Qing on, but turned to wave at the people behind him instead. "Go! Take Gui Yi Sect down!"

"Yes, Sect Master!" The eyes of the fiendish cultivators behind him brightened as they responded in unison. They seemed to have been waiting for a long time for this moment. Immediately, they rushed forward and puled out all sorts of dharmic weapons. There were so many of them that they seemed to cover the sky. Some fiendish cultivators flew ahead of the group, as if eager to be the first to claim credit.

The evil Qi belonging to these fiendish cultivators filled the entire Gui Yi Sect, causing the spirit Qi in the surroundings to dissipate. There looked to be hundreds of thousands of them, and there were quite a number of Nascent Soul cultivtors as well. In this regard, they definitely did not lose to Gui Yi Sect.

Yu Luan's chest tightened and he expereinced a moment of panic. He anxiously summoned his own dharmic weapon and rushed in front of the already gravely injured disciples. He shouted at the other disciples who were flying over, "Don't let the fiendish cultivators enter the sect! Follow me in conjuring the array!" He turned to look at Lonemoon. Perhaps he suddenly recalled that Tian Yi had just ascended to immortality. Yu Luan said, "Brother Lonemoon, follow me in conjuring the array as well."

"That's alright." Lonemoon tightened his grip around his fan and replied nonchalantly.

"Eh?" Yu Luan hesitated. He began to persuade Lonemoon again.

Suddenly, a huge burst of sord Qi appeared and overwhelmed them. It brought with it an irresistable power as it swept through the entire mountain. The impact caused even Yu Luan's legs to turn to jelly. It was only because he instinctively stabilised himself that he was not forced down to the ground

The fiendish cultivators in front, however, were a completely different matter. At first, they were charging toward Gui Yi Sect with full force. But now, they were falling to the ground like dumplings, fried in the air. The overwhelming sword Qi caused them to be pinned to the ground, unable to move. The ones who rushed ahead of the group were especially badly injured. With their heads buried several inches beneath the ground, they screamed out in pain.

Tian Ji himself was finding it difficult to stand straight. He spat out a mouthful of blood and looked at Yi Qing in disbelief. "This… This is impossible!" They were all Soul Formation cultivators - why was Yi Qing's sword Qi so much more terrifying? In fact, it was so bad… so bad that even Tian Ji couldn't do anything about it

Yi Qing could not be bothered to respond to him. Instead, he flicked the sword in his hand and caused many more spirit swords to fill the sky. Soon, they dropped down toward the ground like rain. Each sword brought with it a strong sword wind, which itself acted like a thousand invisible swords. It was a full frontal attack on the fiendish cultivators.

The sound of pained cries filled the entire place. Those with slightly higher cultivation levels were doing slightly better. They managed to dodge some of the swords that came at them. The ones with lower cultivation levels, however, were not so lucky. They lay motionless on the ground, with at least one spirit sword through their bodies. The strong  fiendish cultivator army was now reduced to half its size.

The fiendish cultivators aside, even Yu Luan had not fully taken in what just happened. He stared on, mouth agape, at the fiendish cultivators on the floor.

The various Mountain Masters arrived with more disciples in tow. They called out anxiously, "Sect Master, these fiendish cultivators are attacking…"

Before they could finish their sentence, they took in the terrifying scene in front of them.

Everyone: "…"


The battle against the fiendish cultivators had begun!


The battle against the fiendish cultivators had ended…

This was the quickest battle they had ever witnessed.

Yi Qing was already walking toward Tian Ji. With each step he took, the surrounding sword Qi seemed to intensify. The number of dumplings on the ground was increasing steadily. Even the fiendish cultivators who were standing outside the entrance of the sect took the chance to run away. The people in demonic sects loved their own lives the most. Since they were the worst of mankind, they naturally were not too concerned with things like loyalty. What's more, the demonic sects had only been combined for a short period of time. Not many of them were truly loyal to Tian Ji.

Lonemoon followed Yi Qing and walked toward Tian Ji. He lifted up his hand and caused a ball of sword Qi to shoot straight into his dantian. Immediately, the spirit Qi in his body dissipated. All his meridians were locked. Then, Lonemoon picked Tian Ji up and dragged him back to where the rest of the disciples were standing. He threw Tian Ji at Yu Luan's feet and said, "It's up to you how you want to deal with him!" So troublesome!

Yu Luan stared blankly at Lonemoon, then hurriedly grabbed Tian Ji. As he looked down at the Supremacy that their sect's disciples were supposed to look up to, he felt conflicted. He recalled what Tian Ji had said and lowered his gaze.

Tian Ji, on the other hand, did not look at all regretful. As if having recalled something, he laughed out loud. "Hahaha, do you really think that Gui Yi Sect will be free from troubles just because of one Soul Formation sword cultivator?"

"What do you mean?" Yu Luan stiffened, hearing the underlying meaning in Tian Ji's words.

"A sword culivator like him, whose source is uncertain, would only be accpted by a bunch of losers like you." The more he spoke, the louder his laughs became. "Do you really believe he will always be loya to Gui Yi Sect?"

"Tian Ji!" Before Yu Luan could say anyything, the Nascent Soul elders beside him spoke up. "You betrayed the sect f your own accord. Stop thinking that everybody else will be just like you!"

"Hmph!" Tian Ji tutted. He turned to Yi Qing with hate in his eyes. "If you had not invited this wolf in our midst to suppress my growth, I would not have become like this. All of these is your own doing! He's just like every last one of you!" The group was getting angrier at the fact that he was not recognising his own wrongs. Yu Luan frowned and stepped forward. "Apart from coming to attack the sect, what else have you done?"

Tian Ji suddenly broke into an evil grin and gloated, "Since I dared to come and attack the sect, it shows that I have done all my preparations. Do you really think you have won? No! The battle has just begun."

Lonemoon's expression darkened and he immediately scanned the surroundings. "Shu Yi isn't here!"

The rest of the group stiffened as well. They had not noticed before, but now they realised. Tian Ji had been so good to his disciple - it was impossible that she wouldn't stay by his side. That was unless she was up to something else.

"You've finally realised?" Tian Ji grinned even wider. He was beginning to look a little crazed. "You won't be able to run away! All of you will die!" Lonemoon's heart jumped. "Zuo Shuming!"

He exchanged eye contact with Yi Qing. In a flash, both of them flew back toward Nameless Mountain.

Chapter 687: High Level Cooperation

Yi Qing and Lonemoon flew quickly. In a flash, they arrived at Nameless Mountain. Before they landed, they heard a  loud crash and saw the entire mountain vibrate. A sliver of white light shone forth from the ground. They detected faint sword Qi in the light, like there had just been an explosion..

"It's the sword array!" Lonemoon shouted. It was then that they remembered that when they left the mountain, Zuo Two Bucks was still inside the sword array.

The two of them looked on. Indeed, the ten-level sword array that Lonemoon had set up was destroyed. In fact, the huge force caused half the peak to be destroyed. All the sword Qi in the array was a mess. At the base of the mountain sat a ball of demonic Qi. Inside stood a figure with wounds all over his body. He was hanging on for his life, refusing to allow the demonic Qi all around him to swallow him.

It was Zuo Two Bucks!

Lonemoon started. He no longer cared about hiding his own cultivation level. He immediately waved his fan, causing it to turn into a spirit sword. With one wave of the sword, he caused all the demonic Qi around them to dissipate. He summoned spirit Qi to gather around Zuo Shuming, and used it to  carry him out of the grips of the demonic Qi.

Yi Qing moved fast as well. The moment Lonemoon acted, Yi Qing activated his True Phoenix Fire and mixed together with his own sword Qi, before shooting the mixture toward the demonic Qi. The demonic Qi was forced to retreat into a small ball. Slowly, Shu Yi's body appeared

"Hey, you're still alive?" Lonemoon patted Zuo Two Bucks, who was covered in blood. Then, he sent a thread of immortal Qi into his body to activate Little Biao's scale within. A moment later, immortal Qi surrounded Zuo Shuming's body. His wounds began to heal before their very eyes.

His vision focused slowly. Recognising the person in front of him, he muttered, "Brother… Lonemoon?"

Lonemoon heaved a sigh of relief. It's a good thing they arrived in time. "Uncle-Master Yi Qing!" Yu Luan and the other elders finally arrived. They saw the scene of destruction in front of them, then looked toward Shu Yi above. Immediately, they halted. Some of them were obviously in disbelief. "Shu… Yi?!"

She no longer looked like the obedient disciple she was before. Perhaps the demonic Qi had finally gotten to her. There were demonic scars on her face. From time to time, her body even released demonic Qi. She no longer looked like a cultivator. Instead, she looked like half a demon. It was terrifying. Even looking from afar caused chills to run down their spines.

"It's you again!" Shu Yi glared at Yi Qing in front of her. She seemed enraged that she had failed again to kill Zuo Shuming. Yet, thinking about the fire that she had almost been hit with caused her to tremble.

[Ding! Warning, murder mission failed. Original owner's grievous energy has reached 95! If it rises to 100, the mission will be an utter failure.]

The familiar sound of the system was heard once again. "Shut up! I know!" Shu Yi was getting anxious. Angered, she growled, "If Zuo Shuming had not been hiding in that sword array, I would not have to spend such a long time trying to kill him. He would have been dead by now."

[What should we do now, Host?] 001 was beginning to sound quite panicked. [Why not we just give up the mission? The original owner's grievous energy levels are too high. They wouldn't be reduced even if we manage to kill Zuo Shuming.]

"No!" Shu Yi answered immediately. "The mission aside - I've already wasted so many years n this plane. I wouldn't rest if I don't kill him!"

[But, Host…]

"Say no more. We  can't  do  anything  about  the  original owner's grievous energy values anymore, but it might still be possible to kill this man." Shu Yi lowered her gaze as she tried to suppress the anger she was  feeling  within.  Her  expression turned calm. Yu Luan stepped forward. "Shu Yi! You betrayed the sect and became so unfilial that you did not even spare your own father! You colluded with a bunch of fiendish cultivators to come and attack our Gui Yi Sect too! What you've done is unforgivable. Uncle-Master Yi Qing has already taken Tian Ji down. You're all alone now with no support. Why are you not surrendering!"

"You want to catch me?" Shu Yi laughed mirthlessly, completely unafraid. The demonic Qi around her began to stir. "Let's just wait and see if you have what it takes." With that, she struck a blow to the ground.

Demonic Qi began to flow out of the ground and spread all around. The entire Nameless Mountain was shaking  again. Huge cracks appeared all over the ground and black demonic Qi flowed out of those cracks, toward the group.

"Quick, mount your swords!" Lonemoon shouted. He grabbed Zuo Two Bucks and flew off the ground. These were mere mortals after all. They could not be allowed to come  into contact with demonic Qi.

All the elders hesitated for a moment before they understood what was going on. One by onoe, they summoned their dharmic weapons and began to fly off the ground. Suddenly, black Qi appeared beneath their feet and a black array formed around them. They felt all the spirit Qi leave their bodies. It was almost as if someone was wringing them dry. Not only were they unable to fly off the ground, they were pinned to the spot. It was obvious that Shu Yi had already set up a Binding Array where they were.

Everybody in the group was about to run out of spirit Qi. Even their cultivation levels were beginning to look unstable. Yi Qing frowned and flicked the sword in his hand. Immediately, a huge amount of sword Qi struck the ground. It landed on top of the array with a loud crash. The array that was made of demonic Qi was broken apart. Everybody relaxed slightly.

"Hmph! Stupid!" Shu Yi suddenly laughed mirthlessly. She no longer cared whether Yi Qing broke her array. Instead, she took the chance to turn around and fly toward the peak of the mountain.

It was then that everyone realised she had only set up the array to distract them. Immediately, they followed her.

But she was not trying to escape Gui Yi Sect. Instead, she charged into a yard on the peak of the mountain and grabbed a certain someone from the table. She strangled her and said loudly, "Don't come nearer, or I'm going to kill her!"

"Shu Yi!" Zuo Shuming shouted. He no longer cared about the wounds he had on his body. Instead, he shouted angrily and anxiously, "What are you doing?! Let Lady Shen go!"

"Let her go?" Shu Yi responded in a chilling tone. "Do you think I'm stupid? Do you think I'm going to let this bargaining chip go so easily?"

"Shu Yi.." Zuo Shuming took another two steps forward and said anxiously. "I don't know why you want to kill me, but Lady Shen is only an ordinary person. The feud between us has nothing to do with her!"

"Shu Yi." Yu Luan lowered his voice. "Don't carry on with our mistakes. Why are you getting an innocent life involved?"

"An innocent life?" Shu Yi lowered her gaze and laughed once again. "If she really is just an ordinary person, why would you all be so nervous? Don't think I don't know about her identity. She's the master of that sword cultivator. You want to save her? Sure!" She narrowed her eyes and glared at Zuo Shuming, her gaze full of evil intent. "Kill him immediately, and I'll consider!"

Everybody turned to look at Zuo Shuming. Zuo Shuming stiffened.

Shu Yi laughed even louder and turned to look at Chef, gloating. "Supremacy Yi Qing, think clearly about  this.  You have the true fire and you're not afraid of demonic Qi, but you can't say the same for her. If you help me to kill Zuo Shuming, and destroy all of Gui Yi Sect, I promise nothing will happen to your master!"

Yi Qing: "…"

Lonemoon: "…"

F*cking retard! Shen Ying, who was still being held by the neck, looked around at everyone. She scanned the anxious crowd, then took another bite of her fruit nonchalantly.

Speaking of which… Was she supposed to act along? After all, this girl did look like she was having the time of her life.

Chapter 688: Changing the Demonic Source

"Uncle-Master Yi Qing!" Yu Luan called out anxiously, seeing through Shu Yi's ploy to turn them against one another. "Don't listen to her. She's doing this on purpose to cause inner conflict among us. Don't fall for her tricks."

"So what if I'm doing this on purpose?" Shu Yi smiled, as if unafraid of them. She flicked her wrist and caused a black blade to appear in her hand. She held it up to Shen Ying's throat and asked, "Do you really want her to die before your eyes?" She started to press the blade into Shen Ying's neck.

"Stop that!" Zuo Shuming's face was drained of all colour. He rushed to speak, "Don't hurt Lady Shen. Isn't it me that you're after? Just come after me. Why are you harming  innocent lives?"

Yu Luan looked at him, confused. But Zuo Two Bucks took a step forward and continued, "Let me exchange places with Lady Shen. I won't be able to resist you!" "Disciple-Nephew Zuo!" Yu Luan and a few other Nascent Soul Perfected Ones shouted out, clearly conflicted.

"Hmph, I don't just want your life." Shu Yi did not even consider Zuo Shuming's suggestion. Instead, she scanned the group coolly. Her expression turned aggressive suddenly. "I want the lives of everyone in Gui Yi Sect!"

"You…" Yu Luan's expression changed as well. Yet, he could not think of any way to save them all. He had no choice but to turn to the person beside him. "Uncle-Master Yi Qing?" He was his uncle-master after all.

He turned and saw that Yi Qing and Lonemoon were not as anxious and panicky as the rest of them were. Instead, they were almost… too calm. Perhaps they were hiding it well? There was not a hint of nervousness on their faces.

Yu Luan was just about to say something more, when Shu Yi became impatient. She threatened again, "If you don't act now, I'm going to kill her immediately." "Heh heh." Lonemoon muttered under his breath. "Don't wait any longer. Go ahead and kill her!" Just try and see if you really can achieve that?


Zuo Shuming: "…"

Yu Luan: "…"

Everyone: "…"

Weren't they supposed to be very close? Why doesn't it look that way at all?

Even Shu Yi was stunned. A second later, she became even angrier. She glared at the two seemingly disloyal people and said, "Do you really think I won't dare to?" She tightened her grip on the blade in her hands, pressing it deeper into Shen Ying's neck. It was so close to drawing blood. Zuo Shuming: No!"

The group: "You can't do that!"

Everybody's faces drained of all colour. They screamed out in unison.

Shen Ying finally stopped chewing her fruit. She looked down at the blade and rolled her eyes. Mm, the atmosphere is so tense. She has to play along. Thus, she opened her mouth and said unemotively, "Ah, so scary! Help me!" It was almost as if she had memorised these lines off a textbook.

Lonemoon pursed his lips. He had almost summoned spirit Qi to end everything off.

"Ahyaya, Father Niu, I'm so afraid. Quick, get ready a billion dollars to ransom me!"

Lonemoon: "…" F*cking retard. Yi Qing: "…" Er, should he do something or not? This is so difficult - Master, help me!

"Father Niu…"

"Shut up!" Do you think I'm blind? The blade has already bent around your neck, alright? Can you sound more sincere when you're calling out for help? Can you at least act a little nervous? Do you think you're chanting a mantra? And… Don't even think about getting more pocket money!


"This…" Yu Luan looked around at the three of them. For some reason, he felt like something was amiss. "Brother Lonemoon, Yi Qing…"

"Sect Master." Lonemoon frowned and took a step forward. "I think you'd better return to your mountain and keep an eye on Tian Ji. There are many fiendish cultivators there still. Let's try to prevent any sudden attacks." "Huh? Ah!" Yu Luan hesitated and glanced at Shu Yi, who was still standing there. Then, he turned to Yi Qing, who had not spoken all these while. "But this situation…" Did they really not require assistance?

"Don't worry, it'll be alright. After all…" He looked up at the sky and said a little louder, "It's almost lunch time?"



Shen Ying, who had been very into the acting, suddenly stiffened. Her expression darkened as she shouted, "Chef!" This time, she sounded more emotional than she did before.

"Yes, Master!" Yi Qing nodded. He did not even hesitate for a second. Clearly unworried about the situation, he ran in the kitchen. Soon, the sound of pots and pans clanging together sounded. He was cooking. Even now, Shen Ying did not forget to add one line. "Cook a fish at noon - I want it barbequed!"

"Yes, Master! No problem, Master!"

Zuo Shuming: "…"

Shu Yi: "…"

Everyone: "…"


What's going on! Shouldn't they worry about saving her first!
Why was Yi Qing cooking at this moment!


"Are you playing me?" Shu Yi asked. Her expression began to twist. The demonic Qi around her body was surging by now. She turned to grab at Zuo Shuming. A burst of demonic Qi shot toward him. Zuo Shuming was just about to be hit by it.

Lonemoon's expression darkened as he activated his God Power and raised his sword. Suddenly, a burst of sword Qi rushed forward to meet the demonic Qi. There was a loud crash. The black demonic Qi dissipated at once. The sword Qi continued to head toward Shu Yi.

Shu Yi was completely unprepared for the strength of the sword Qi. When it hit her, she was pushed back several steps with Shen Ying in tow. When she finally stabilised herself, she looked up at Lonemoon in disbelief. "You… You're a Soul Formation cultivator as well!"

Lonemoon frowned. He was too lazy to carry on acting anyway. He quickly adjusted his cultivation level to that of a Soul Formation cultivator's, and then caused a huge suppressive force to press down on Shu Yi.

Zuo Shuming and Yu Luan were shocked stiff. Both of them turned to Lonemoon at the same time. "Brother… Brother Lonemoon!" Zuo Shuming stared blankly at him. It was a long time before he finally composed himself. It was no wonder that even after he passed Qi Refinement, Foundation Establishment and even Core Formation, he was still no match for Lonemoon. Each time he trained, he would fall at Lonemoon's feet. So it was because Brother Lonemoon was a Soul Formation cultivator!

It was then that Yu Luan finally began to understand as well. It was no wonder that Uncle-Master Tian Yi favoured this Foundation Establishment disciple so much. Could it be that Uncle-Master Tian Yi already knew about this a long time ago?

"You've been hiding your cultivation level! You're really despicable!" Shu Yi glared at Lonemoon, her gaze full of hatred. He had been hiding by Zuo Shuming's side. That explained why all her plans fell through in the end. The more she thought about it, the more the hatred welled up inside her. As  if recalling something, her eyes immediately turned red and the demonic Qi in her body intensified. She looked at Shen Ying, who by now had resumed chewing her fruits. She laughed sarcastically and said, "You're really a mortal at the end of the day. That's why you don't belong to any sect. But even without Yi Qing, I'm going to destroy Gui Yi Sect." Yu Luan heard the hidden meaning in Shu Yi's words. His chest tightened as he asked, "What do you mean?"

Shu Yi grinned and responded, "Do you really think that I've been doing nothing but combining the various demonic sects while I have been in Skyfiend Sect all these years?"

Zuo Shuming paled. "What else do you have up your sleeve?"

The demonic Qi around Shu Yi suddenly exploded. She became engulfed in demonic Qi, so that none of them could make out her figure any more. The sky instantly became darker. Grey clouds blew toward Nameless Mountain as the ground began to shake. The spirit herbs which filled the ground were now wilting before their very eyes. In fact, the entire mountain was turning a dead brown.

Something huge seemed to be trying to break out of the ground. Its presence caused all of their hearts to turn cold. It was like she had just awakened something frightening.

"This is.. the spirit meridian?" Yu Luan looked down at the black thing popping out of the ground. But it was demonic Qi. "Could it be…"

"The demonic source!" Lonemoon exclaimed. Immortal cultivators had the spirit meridian, but demonic cultivators had the demonic source.

Everybody sucked in a sharp breath collectively. Suddenly, they recalled the array that Shu Yi had set up at the base of the mountain. It looked like a Binding Array, but the demonic Qi was obviously charging toward the ground. So she had not just set up the array for fun - she was taking the chance to turn the spirit meridian in the mountain into a demonic source. She came here to capture Lady Shen just to buy time for the demonic source to form!

Shu Yi's expression hardened. Emphasising each word, she shouted, "I'm going to kill all of you!"

Chapter 689: The Skyfiend Arrives

The moment Shu Yi finished her sentence, the demonic Qi in the surroundings surged. It thickened by several times, causing everything to become pitch-black.

"This is no good - the demonic Qi is entering the other sects!" One of the Nascent Soul elders exclaimed upon seeing the demonic Qi spread. He was getting increasingly anxious.

Everybody's expression changed. Indeed, there seemed to be more and more demonic Qi around them, threatening to flow out of Nameless Mountain and into the other mountains. The fact that they could remain where they were was all thanks to Lonemoon's array. But if the demonic Qi were to spread to the other mountains, the sect's disciples might just…

"Supremacy… Lonemoon?" Yu Luan turned to gaze at Lonemoon pleadingly.

"Don't set up any arrays!" Lonemoon instructed. He flew up into the air and used both his hands to conjure a seal. A white array appeared all around Nameless Mountain, trapping the demonic Qi within it. . It was then that everyone heaved a sigh of relief. Shu Yi, however, laughed mirthlessly. "Hmph, unnecessary effort!" She clearly did not think anything of the barrier Lonemoon set up. Instead, she spoke to the system in her head.

"001, quick, recover the Skyfiend immediately!"

[Host, do you really want to complete that array?"

"Nonsense!" Shu Yi tutted. "If you don't summon the demons, how are we going to kill Zuo Shuming and everyone else in Gui Yi Sect? Didn't I join the Skyfiend Sect just to obtain this weapon?"

[But… It's against the rules to access the demonic realm. We are going to be discovered by the Heavenly Dao in this plane!]

"Don't you have a way to avoid the Heavenly Dao's detection temporarily?" She stubbornly asked. "Let's hide from it for now. By the time we are detected, we'll be out of this plane." [Host, this function will only last for a period of time, and it will clear out all of your points.]

"Then so be it!" Shu Yi said through gritted teeth. She rushed the system, "No matter what, I have to kill all of them today!"

[Ding! Recovery complete.]

Finally, Shu Yi retrieved something from in her robe and threw i into the sky. A huge array appeared all of a sudden. It glowed a suspicious red, as if something was trying to break out of the array from within.

"What… What is that!" Yu Luan's eyes widened in shock. That was one array that he had never seen before. It carried with it a certain evil aura that made them extremely uncomfortable. His blood turned cold in his veins.

Lonemoon took a closer look at the array and shock flickered across his face. Was this not the Skyfiend Array?! Why would someone in the lower realm have an array like that? Wasn't it true that only Skyfiends were able to set up this type of array? No! On further inspection, he realised that there seemed to be something more inside of the array. It was no ordinary Skyfiend Array.

"Do you really think you can lock up my demonic Qi? It's of no use!" Shu Yi addressed the crowd with murderous intent in her eyes. She let out a chilling laugh and said, "It's not just me that you'll have to deal with!"

"What do you mean by that?" Yu Luan stiffened. He was obviously extremely fearful of the array in the sky.

Shu Yi laughed once again. "Do you know where the Skyfiend Sect got its name? It nurtured a demon that really ascended to become a Skyfiend. This array is the treasure that the Skyfiend Sect lost a long time ago. It allows one to access the demonic realm directly to summon the ancient demons."

"What!" Everybody's faces drained of all colour. Was Shu Yi crazy? She wanted to summon ancient demons? This  would ruin the entire mortal realm! But Shu Yi laughed even louder.  She  emphasised  each  word she said, "Not one of you will be able to get away this time!"

The moment she finished speaking, the array in the sky turned an eye-piercing red. Countless talismans floated up into the sky. They threatened to come alive at any moment. Indeed, a moment later, there was a loud crash. Above the red array, a huge black stone gate appeared. The darkness within it was so deep that it seemed to swallow all the red light.

"This… This is…" Zuo Shuming looked on, eyes widened in disbelief. He saw the huge gate in the air and felt a chill run down his spine. All his meridians turned to ice and even his cultivation level threatened to deteriorate. His Golden Core showed signs of falling apart.

"What are you standing there for!" Lonemoon reached out and pulled Zuo Shuming, throwing him into the array. With the other hand, he created a few more layers of protective arrays to prevent the suppressive force from getting to the people within.

"Supremacy Lonemoon, what exactly is…" Yu Luan was in shock. Lonemoon lowered his gaze and answered, "The demonic gate." But what was it doing here?

There was no time for the group to even react before they heard a loud creak as the demonic gates opened. At the same time, the demonic Qi around Shu Yi seemed to multiply. The suppressive force that filled the air became more formidable. It seemed to be crushing the mountain.

"So many years have passed - people are still able to summon Wu Lin?" A chilling male voice was heard. A human figure appeared in the demonic gates. He was wearing a long black robe and was engulfed in demonic Qi. He smelled faintly of blood.

All of their hearts were in their throats. Suddenly, they understood that this man in front of them was a real demon.

Even Lonemoon fornwed. She could really summon a Skyfiend.

The Skyfiend raised his hand. The weapon that Shu Yi had thrown up flew into his hand at once. He looked down as if to check something and said, "This really is the Skyfiend seal that I left behind all those years ago. I never thought that a mere lower realm cultivator would be able to summon the person who left this seal."

He looked comforted, but his gaze remained icy. He looked further down and asked, "Who is the one who recovered this Skyfiend seal? I would like to grant her one thing."

"It was me!" Shu Yi looked elated. Indeed, the Skyfiend Sect was just like the ancient texts said. This array really could summon the Skyfiend back to the lower realm. The fact that he agreed to grant her one request was an added surprise. Without thinking further, she said, "Supremacy, I am the one who recovered this array. Please help me to wipe out Gui Yi Sect."

"Oh?" The Skyfiend turned to face Shu Yi. In a flash, he stepped out of the gates and walked toward her. With each step he took, the demonic Qi around him seemed to intensify. Shu Yi's demonic Qi was forced to retreat. It was like her demonic Qi was feeling threatened. The Skyfiend looked at her more and more intently as he asked, "You want me to kill off these mortals?" "That's right!" Shu Yi nodded. Slowly, the figure that had been engulfed in demonic Qi revealed itself.

The Skyfiend smiled, his eyes suddenly filled with murderous intent. "Alright then! I will do  as  you-"  He  stopped  mid- sentence. All the evil disappeared from his eyes. In its place was shock and a bit of fear. He looked in the direction of Shu Yi, but he began to stutter. "As you… y-y-you… y-y-you…" For  a  long time, he did not manage to complete his sentence. Instead, his body began to tremble.

"Supremacy?" Shu Yi paused.

The next moment, the Skyfiend's entire body jumped, like he had just been jolted awake. Both his legs could not hold his weight any longer. Without any hesitation, he got to his knees and kowtowed toward Shen Ying, who was still being held by Shu Yi. He let out several whines as he plastered himself to the ground. It was an amazing display of prostrating oneself in admiration.

"Little Demon greets the Exalted… E-E-Exalted Goddess!" Shu Yi: "…"

Shen Ying: "…"

Everyone: "…"

What the hell? !


Chapter 690: Mission Failure

"Who are you?" Shen Ying took a bite of her fruit and asked.

"Exalted Goddess, I'm Little Three[1, Slang for "mistress" in Mandarin[!" The Skyfiend raised his head and pointed at his own face. "I'm the Little Three in Exalted King Little Black's house, remember?"

"…" What Little Three? Did Yu Hong know about this?

The skyfiend quickly added, "The third of the skyfiends - I'm Little Three. Exalted Goddess, you're the one who gave me that name, remember?"

Lonemoon: "…"

Shen Ying: "…"

You should have told us earlier that you're one of the ten skyfiends! Lonemoon turned to glare at a certain someone. It's all your fault for coming up with random nicknames for people!

"Supremacy?" Shu Yi was beginning to feel a little uneasy. She turned to the skyfiend in a panic and asked meekly, "Didn't you… Didn't you promise to destroy Gui Yi Sect for me?"

"Don't spout nonsense!" The skyfiend straightened up on his knees. Was she courting death? How dare she say things like that in front of the Exalted Goddess? "What sect? Who was going to destroy the entire sect? Don't get me into trouble. I'm a good demon. I have been at the Exalted Goddess' beck and call ever since the lower and upper realm merged. I've always been harmonious, friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. I've never done a single bad thing. Yesterday, I even went to the Invincible Heavenly Palace to help King Wu give out immortal pills to the various continents. Each month, I would even add to the merits of the sect. I'm not slacking at all!"

"But…" Shu Yi began to look a little confused. She said, "I'm the one who restored the skyfiend's seal!"

"So what if you did? Who told you to do that anyway?" The skyfiend refused to  admit that he  was the one  who left  the instructions. Instead, he quickly clarified his position. "We didn't give you the immortal stone. You created it of your own accord just because you had nothing better to do!" I'm not that familiar with you anyway! Stop trying to act like you were in cahoots with me all this time!

"You…" Shu Yi continued to stare blankly at the skyfiend. Was this really a skyfiend?

Little Three kowtowed toward Shen Ying once again. He emphasised each word as he said, "Exalted Goddess… Exalted Goddess, please believe me! Although I look black, I'm innocent!" After pondering for a moment, he added, "It's all the other skyfiends' faults. When the demonic gate opened, we played rock paper scissors. They cheated at the game, and I ended up losing. I had no choice but to come down here. I really did not want to!"

The more he explained himself, the louder his voice became. He sounded indignant. Tears began to fill his eyes. "Exalted Goddess, it really has nothing to do with me. When the immortal realm and demonic realm joined together earlier, I checked the entire place for remnants of demonic gates. I thought I had kept them all. This skyfiend seal had been broken. it could not summon any demonic gates at the time, and people from the lower realm should not know how to fix it. It's Demonic King Little Black who said that we didn't have to bother about this seal anymore. That was why we did not take it back from the lower realm. Now… Exalted Goddess, it's all Demon King Little Black's fault! He made me do this!"

Shen Ying: "…"

Lonemoon: "…"

Everyone: "…"

Was this skyfiend really so scared that he was betraying his own supervisor?


An electronic voice sounded in Shu Yi's ear. It sounded like a judge. [Ding! Original Owner's grievous energy 5!]

[Ding! Grievous energy value has reached 100! Mission failed!]

[Ding! The Heavenly Dao on this plane has detected us. Prepare to leave this plane by force. Host, please be prepared. 10, 9, 8…]

A wave of indignance came over Shu Yi. She had no time to process the scene before her eyes before her angry gaze landed on Zuo Shuming. Her eyes were filled with strong murderous intent. The next thing she knew, everything in front of her eyes turned black and she lost all sense of logic.

Lonemoon and the others saw a green talisman filled with codes flash on top of Shu Yi's soul. The black primary soul from an alternate world, which had been stuck inside the invader's heart, seemed like it was being forcefully pulled out of her body. It immediately flew toward the demonic gate. Shu Yi fell to the ground, unconscious. But the original primary soul in the body did not re-appear. The system was getting away. Lonemoon quickly called out, "Chef!"

Yi Qing, who had been in the kitchen, appeared in a flash in front of the demonic gate. He raised his hand and waved it, causing the demonic gate to close immediately. The passageway that led to the demonic realm was now closed. Then, he summoned his sword array to trap the entity that was made up of codes.

The system seemed to have noticed that it could no longer enter the demonic realm. Thus, it burst into green light. They had no idea what it was trying to do, but it charged through Chef's sword array, and toward the ground.

Lonemoon stiffened and reacted immediately. "It's heading for the River of Forgetfulness!"

He turned around and tried to stop it. Shen Ying, who had been opposite him just a second ago, suddenly appeared by his side. She reached out and grabbed him. "What are you doing?" Lonemoon asked anxiously.

"Wait for awhile!" Shen Ying responded nonchalantly. She took another bite out of her fruit.

"What are you waiting for? He's going to escape through the River of Forgetfulness!" The system wanted to enter the demonic gates to go back to the immortal realm, but it did not know that the hole had been closed. That was why it wanted to escape through the pathway outside Invincible Heavenly Palace. Since Chef locked the demonic gate, the system was now attempting to enter the River of Forgetfulness in the lower realm and drill a hole in it directly. "Shit! It's gone in!"

Lonemoon paused. The system was already underground and in the River of Forgetfulness. His chest tightened. "It wants to run… Eh?" He trailed off mid-sentence when he realised that the system, which had been glowing green, had lost all of its light upon entering the golden source. The green light separated from the system and seemed to form another body. From the centre of that green light floated a white soul. It faintly looked like Shu Yi.

This was… the real Shu Yi that had been taken over by the system. In other words, this was the primary soul of the body. It was finally separated! The invader had not managed to accomplish her mission. Therefore, she would be unwilling to follow the system back. What's more, under the current of the River of Forgetfulness, the system would not be able to keep a hold on the primary soul.

Everything was happening so quickly. In a blink of an eye, the original owner's primary soul returned to the River of Forgetfulness. Yet, the system did not stop moving. After separating from the original owner, it continued to bring the invader's black soul through the River of Forgetfulness forcefully. With pure brute force, it opened a hole in the plane.

"It's done!" Shen Ying threw the core of the fruit aside and jumped into the River of Forgetfulness.

Lonemoon looked up at Chef, who was still in mid-air. They quickly followed Shen Ying. In a flash, the three of them disappeared into the ground.

The people and skyfiend, who could not see the system nor the River of Forgetfulness: "…" Σ(°△°|||)

What was going on? What just happened? Why did Shu Yi fall to the ground unconscious all of a sudden? And how did the three of them disappear?

They turned around to look at Zuo Shuming - the only one who had been close to the three of them…

"I… I don't know either," Zuo Shuming said, confused.

"…" Were all the Soul Formation Supremacies so mysterious?

They turned to face one another, then looked down at the skyfiend, who was still on his knees. The skyfiend really did look pure and kind.

Speaking of which - was this a real Skyfiend? For some reason, the fear that Yu Luan felt in his heart completely dissipated. He squared his shoulders and said, "Well… Fellow Daoist, we don't know when the three Supremacies will be back. Why not you… Come back to  the main hall with us and have a cup of tea?" After all, he did not seem to want to pick a fight with them. It was in all of their interests to remain harmonious!

"No!" Little Three quickly shook his head vigorously. Determined, he responded, "Exalted Goddess has not permitted me to get up. I cannot get up on my own. I'm a skyfiend that knows better - don't even think about lying to me!"

Yu Luan pursed his lips and changed his approach. "Why not we send a cup of tea over here?" You can drink while you kneel?

"Sure!" Little Three nodded. "Remember to add  more  tea leaves! It perks me up!" For all he knew, he could be kneeling for another 500 years!

Yu Luan: "…" Zuo Shuming: "…"

Everyone: "…"

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