My Master Disconnected Yet Again Chapter 601-610

Chapter 601: What Was Known As Monitoring

"Sister Jing, are there many monitors like you guys?" Lonemoon could not help but ask.

"How's that possible!" Shen Jing glanced at him and said, "Up to now, other than myself, Mi Le is the only other monitor I've met."

Hold on! Never mind about Shen Jing.

"Mi Le really is a monitor?" That didn't make sense, with his weakling manner, earlier on when he was being thrashed by Shen Ying, he was totally powerless. And the aura on him was even less than that of an average assistant.

"Fools! Do you all really think that Mi Le is very weak?" Shen Jing darted a look at them before explaining, "Monitors have their fortes of the capabilities in different aspects and while Mi Le isn't skilled in individual combat, his nature of belonging with every plane is stronger than any other." She sipped some tea before continuing to ask, "Why do you think he doesn't need a plane permit or any invitation but could easily come to your plane?" She looked over them. "That is because your plane has acknowledged the existence of monitors from the very beginning, even if you guys are the managers, as long it is within the boundaries of the plane, if you really fight, you won't be able to touch him at all."

So was this why she specially dragged Mi Le to Chaos to beat him up? They'd thought it was because she was afraid of destroying the divine realm, turns out it's to make sure her beating hurt more?

"That's not right." An incident suddenly came to Lonemoon's mind. "How about Shen Ying?" Didn't she have a merry time beating him up earlier? The powers of managers came from the plane itself, that was why they couldn't hurt monitors that are acknowledged by the plane, then how did Shen Ying manage to do that just now?

Shen Jing's eyes dimmed before she looked towards Shen Ying, saying, "Little Ying you… are more special!" She frowned, looking like a difficult problem had come to mind. "After you came to this plane, your body underwent some changes, so you possess capability beyond that of a manager." "Am I a monitor too?" Shen Ying cocked her head to a side.

"I thought so too in the past…" Shen Jing frowned, then as if she was reminded of something, she continued to question. "Let's not talk about this now, all of you come clean first, what exactly has happened during this time? Why did Mi Le suddenly want to send you for the qualifications test, where did you all know about the existence of monitors!"

All three people froze at once, after sharing a glance, they started to admire the sky, the ground and their surroundings.

"Sit up straight and tell me honestly!" Shen Jing's voice turned cold.

All three of them shivered, before sitting ramrod straight, even the child beside them had unconsciously straightened his back. Then everyone looked to the spokesperson Father Niu who sat right in the middle.

F*ck! Why was it me again?! The corner of Lonemoon's mouth twitched, inhaling deeply, he had no choice but to bite the bullet and speak up. He related everything from their encounter with the Big Dao Organization in detail. Only hiding the fact that Shen Ying had already transferred the plane to them. Whatever! They'll hide it for as long as they can! There was a beating to come anyway, it was always better to get it later than earlier.

"Big Dao Organization?" Shen Jing frowned. "Their allies all come from immortal spirit planes?"

"Yes." Lonemoon thought back carefully before nodding. "The planes of those people are like ours, considered immortal spirit planes." That's why they dared to unscrupulously act on those managers and planes who could not join the organization, because the energy was similar, makes it easier to be absorbed."

"There's actually such an organization." Shen Jing's frown grew deeper, though it was very normal for to not be aware of it since she still had a plane to manage, but why did Mi Le miss out on it too. Could it be because of… Little Ying?

At the thought of something, she turned to look at Shen Ying. "No wonder Mi Le would trick you into entering Void Land." "…" What did that mean? All three people were dumbfounded.

"In usual situations, monitors do not get to meet each other." She sighed as her brows knitted tighter together. "The planes that we can sense are limited, if a certain area already has a monitor, even if another person wants to join in the examination, we will subconsciously ignore that area, so it's impossible for two monitors to appear in a region."

"You mean…" Lonemoon paused for a moment and instantly figured something out. "Those planes in the Big Dao Organization, a monitor might have been there before, so you and Mi Le were totally oblivious to them."

"Mm." Shen Ying nodded.

"But there were none there!" Back then they'd seen quite a lot of monitors, but none was as terrifyingly strong as Shen Jing.

Shen Jing did not speak, only turning around to look at Shen Ying. "Shen Ying?" Lonemoon faltered. "Mi Le thought that Shen Ying was a monitor too?"

"Mm." She nodded.

"That doesn't make sense!" He thought of something and became even more doubtful. "Didn't you say managers don't get to meet one another? Let's not talk about whether Shen Ying was one, what's going on between you and Mi Le?"

"I met him before I became a monitor."

"Then Shen Ying…"

"Accurately speaking, Mi Le thought Little Ying was in preparation to become a monitor." Her voice instantly became colder as she continued. "Little Ying's strength is special, different from other managers. I think Mi Le found out about the incident with the Big Dao Organization and thought that she had the possibility of becoming a monitor too, that was why he tricked her into entering Void Land to go through the qualifications test. Only people who pass it, become true monitors. Just like… me back then!"

Three of them were stunned, even Shen Ying fell in a momentary daze, staring right at her, as if recalling something, she even stopped chewing on her fruit.

"Then what exactly is a qualifications test?" Chef was the one to question.

"This differs with each person." Shen Jing's hand around the cup tightened, her eyes dimming before she continued to speak. "Every monitor's test is different, but even if you were a manager to begin with, it is also extremely difficult to pass. Back then my test was also in Void Land, I was at death's door when I found what was lost and returned. Mi Le that bastard probably thought that your test would be there too and hence led you towards that place."

Lonemoon and Yi Qing exchanged a look, Void Land was indeed very disorderly, but it was merely finding something, with Shen Jing's strength, it was impossible that she had a close shave with death. "What exactly were you looking for?" He asked subconsciously.

Shen Jing looked up, and was about to reply but Shen Ying beside her, beat her to it. "It's me."


Two of them were stupefied but Shen Ying continued to speak, "What she was finding was me." Accurately speaking, it was awakening her consciousness, she had woken up now and then was born in that plane. "Sister… I was your test?"

Shen Jing looked at her with some surprise. "That was all before you were born, how did you know?"

"I guessed!"

"Right, you finally have some  self-awareness  of  a  burden." Shen Jing glanced at her and went on, "At  the  beginning,  our plane was often attacked by other planes, a part of the reason was also because I was about to become a monitor. At the start, it was average invaders, subsequently invading managers appeared. And Mi Le also appeared because of this."

"He helped you handle the invasion?"

"No!" Shen Jing's face fell, looking like she had eaten sh*t as she gritted out, "He brought even more invaders!"

Yi Qing: "…"

Lonemoon: "…"

Shen Ying: "…"

What the hell? What happened to monitors being peacekeepers! Was Mi Le a bane?

○ | ̄|_

Chapter 602: Reversal in Asking For Her Hand

"Mi Le was severely injured then! There were a ton of things hunting him behind his ass." Shen Jing seemed to be reminded of the damn past and looked like she wanted to return to Chaos to give a certain person another beating. "After realizing that I was qualified to become a monitor, he stayed behind, wanting to train me to help him regain his territory. Thought there wasn't any use!"

"…" Um, you were still praising him for being strong earlier, what's with the putting down now?

"Hmph! If it wasn't on the account that he could help me train Little Ying, how could I have allowed him to stay!" In the end, he even f*cking ruined the upbringing, what hell training plan, none of it worked!

She turned to look at Shen Ying, her eyes filled with sorrow at once, back then her Little Ying was so adorable. But now… this must be Mi Le's fault, absolutely! Shen Ying felt some goosebumps raise from her gaze and uncomfortably shifted to the side, almost habitually shouting out loud, I was wrong!

"Sigh!" She sighed deeply and shifted her gaze away in disappointment. "No matter what, you did not trigger the test, so I don't think you're a monitor. But your strength is indeed odd."

"Sister Jing, didn't you say that everyone's test was different?" Lonemoon could not help but ask, "Perhaps Shen Ying's test isn't in Void Land, even if she didn't trigger the test, we can't deem it that she isn't one right? And did you mention that her existence was beyond that of a manager?"

"Monitors indeed surpass managers, but their strengths are also limited." Shen Jing said slowly, making each word clear, "Who do think I used as a basis of comparison when I tested her data back then?"

His eyes widened abruptly, could it be… "Of course it was me!" Shen Jing said, looking like it was only natural and right. "I said that she's not a monitor, not because she's not qualified enough but because her data cannot be estimated even by a monitor. So it's absolutely impossible for her to be a monitor!"

"Then… what is she?" Lonemoon was stunned.

Shen Jing turned her head, in moments, all the gazes were locked onto a certain person who'd already started nibbling on her pastry. "About that… I would like to know too."

Shen Ying: "…"

She was just eating a piece of green bean cake, was there a need to stare at her like this?

She only felt goosebumps rise all over, then she silently stuffed the cake into the hand of the spirit seed beside her, pretending like she'd never eaten it. The child faltered, staring dazedly at the cake in his hands, then instantly gave her a bright smile.

"Alright, I've got to go." Shen Jing stood up, glanced at Shen Ying then reached out to poke her head. "Can you be a bit more promising in the future, come to me directly if there's anything, did you have to go find Mi Le that sissy?" She was already an odd child, what was to become of her if she continues growing wary.

"…" Sure, blame it all on me!

She continued to nag more before turning around, preparing to open the plane gate.

"Take care Sister Jing." Lonemoon involuntarily sighed in relief, about to rejoice that the demon king was finally leaving.
They'd dodged another bullet, in any case they did not…

"Senior, please hold on!" But Chef suddenly spoke out. Lonemoon's breath wasn't even completely exhaled and he almost tripped over his own food. "Chef what are you doing?" Was he seeking his doom! It is easier to call up a devil than to allay it, do you know?

Yet Chef ignored him and took a step forward, cupped his fists and said loudly, in all seriousness, "Senior… No, Sister Jing! I am Yi Qing, the disciple of Master Senior. Although I don't have much, it is fortunate that I am skilled in cooking, that could ensure that she does not have to worry about food or clothing. I have liked Master for a long time, the world is bustling and magnificent but she has always been the only one in my heart. In this life, I am only willing to hold her hand and grow old with her…" As he spoke, he kneeled down and said even more solemn in a loud voice, "I would like to make Shen Ying my wife, I ask for sister's blessing!"

Lonemoon: "…"

Shen Ying: "…"

Damn it, asking for her hand at this time, doesn't it not seem like the best time! Was he asking for a beating? Asking for a beating? (╯_╰)

Lonemoon silently lit a candle for Chef and the divine realm, that was about to receive its third violent demolition!

Sure enough in the next second, Shen Jing's face fell with a flash, a faint icy cold aura surrounded her as she reached out and lifted the person before her. "What did you just say? Repeat yourself, which leg do you want broken?"

Heh… just with your pathetic manner (even a scapegoat monster has more fans than you), you still dream of marrying my sister?!

Yet Chef ignored her cold aura and still spoke word by word, "I am true to Master, I ask that sister gives us your blessing!"

"Very well…" Shen Jing inhaled deeply and turned around, opening the door to Chaos with a draw of her hand. "Then let's break all three legs!" With that said, she turned back and was about to drag him in. "Sister!" Shen Ying panicked and was about to grab onto him.

Instead a small figure leapt out from the side, the spirit seed who'd been obediently following beside them suddenly tugged Shen Jing's sleeves and said, "Sister, don't bully my second brother! Why don't I give you some pastry?" With that, he broke the cake that he had taken from Shen Ying earlier into half and handed a piece over. "Mummy gave it to me!"


Shen Jing faltered and subconsciously took it.

But the child turned and ran back to Lonemoon, then handed the remaining half to him. "Daddy eat cake, Mummy gave it!" He smiled joyfully after and pointed in Shen Ying's direction.

Shen Jing: "…"

Hold on, what did the child call them?! Mummy? Daddy?

Shen Jing glanced at the child, then looked at Shen Ying and Lonemoon. She really saw between the child and the two of them, a faintly discernible relation.

Could it be that this child was really her… nephew?!!!


Then this fellow called Yi Qing was…

Didn't Little Ying say he was her boyfriend the previous time?!

She turned her back and looked at the person she was holding, dozens of 8 PM soap operas with absurd plots flashed through her mind, as quickly as lightning. She suddenly felt that the person in her hand was radiating green light through his white robes[1], she instantly felt the weight in her hands become heavier. Seeing her keep silent for a long time, Yi Qing begged again, "I ask that Sister gives…"

"Say no more!" Shen Jing suddenly cut off his words, her hand loosening. "I'm giving consent to the two of you!"

"I am true… ah? Ah!" Yi Qing was dazed, did he hear things just now?

"I understand, you are a good child!" As she spoke, she patted his shoulder.

Yi Qing who was accepted out of the blue: "…"

What did that mean? Was she not beating him up anymore?

Yet she turned her head and gave Shen Ying a complicated expression. "I'll settle scores with you later!" After giving Shen Ying a glare, an icy cold aura emanated from her body in the second, the glare then fell onto Lonemoon standing right at the back like the autumn wind sweeping away the fallen leaves. Lonemoon fell his entire body go cold and heard Shen Jing spit out the next words.

"As for you…" She suddenly closed her palms, in the next moment, Lonemoon flew towards her, his neck landing in her grip. "Tell me, you jerk, how do you want to die?!"

Lonemoon: "…"



Damn it! What does this mean! Why did the person suddenly change? What has it got to do with me? Hello?!


[1] Cuckolded  in  Chinese  terms  is  referred  to  as  wearing  a green hat, hence the relation to the color green.

Chapter 603: Calm Down Sister Jing

"Hold on! Why is it me?" Just as he was about to be dragged into the chaos, Lonemoon finally reacted, turning back and shouting out loud, "Shen Ying, quickly come save me!"


Shen Ying faltered, the condemnation of her conscience made her take a step forward and grab onto her own sister. "Sister, actually…"

"You shut up!" Shen Jing's anger was instantly diverted over.

"Um…" Shen Ying's hands trembled as she became timid at once. "Al… alright!" What is conscience? I don't know!

Lonemoon's eyes widened abruptly. "Shen Ying, f*ck your uncle!"

"What did you say?" Before Shen Ying could reply, Shen Jing's cold voice sounded, "Whose uncle do you want to f*ck?"

Lonemoon froze instantly, f*ck! Forgot these two people were sisters!

"No, Boss Jing! I wasn't referring to your uncle, it's  her uncle… ah pui, though both of you have the same uncle, but I definitely wasn't referring to the same uncle."

Shen Jing's expression became  even  darker,  her  response being two words. "Heh heh!" The icy aura around her surged as she put one foot inside the door of chaos. "I'll let you meet my uncle right now!"

"…" Listen to my explanation!

Just as Father Niu was about to be dragged in, the spirit seed child charged over at the critical moment, his eyes brimming with tears as he said, "No! Big sister you… you are so pretty, can you please don't hurt my daddy?" In the moment that Shen Jing was about to lift her other foot, she turned back to glance at the child beside her, her expression changed several times, her brows alternating a few times between knitting and relaxing. On the account that this was her nephew, she forcefully suppressed her anger.

"Dear, you should call me aunt and not sister."

The child paused, anxiously glancing towards Lonemoon who was still in her hold, he immediately changed his form of address. "Then… pretty aunt, can you please don't hurt my daddy?"

"No way!" Hmph, such jerks who only care about sex and not responsibility, it wouldn't be considered too much to even beat them to death.

"Then… then…" The child grew even more anxious, his little face flushing. Squeezing himself in front of Lonemoon, he spread his arms to shield him while saying tearfully, "Then you can bully me, don't bully daddy alright?" Shen Jing faltered, her gaze softening at once, she seemed to have faintly caught a glance of the shadows of baby Ying in him, her heart skipped a beat for no reason. "What a wonderful child!" She sighed, then her dagger-like eyes sliced towards Lonemoon again. "You jerk, how dare you still not want to take responsibility! You deserve to die a hundred times over!"

"I was wrong, Boss Jing!" Lonemoon instinctively apologized, "I shouldn't have not taken… hold on, take responsibility? Be responsible for what?"

"You still have the cheek to ask!" Shen Jing pointed to the child. "Your child is already so big? Have you got any shame?"

"Child?" Lonemoon then belatedly glanced at the spirit seed child, his rationality that had been frightened away earlier sneaked out once more and he was enlightened in a flash. "Damn, did you think… he is the child of Shen Ying and me?"

"Why, do you not want to acknowledge even your child anymore?" Shen Jing's hands tightened. "You actually got a brother to be the sacrificing nut. Hmph! Who did you think my Little Ying is that you can be picky?!" "What sacrificing nut? No, who said I'm not acknowledging… f*ck! He's not my child… no!" Lonemoon confused more things the more he spoke, seeing that Shen Jing was already starting to form a sword, he then cried out, "This child is a spirit seed! We brought him back from Void Land."

"Spirit seed?" Shen Jing paused and took a good look at the child, she indeed saw the Qi of the original source around him, just that it was extremely weak. She then lifted her head to look at Shen Ying, appearing even more shocked. "The two of you gave birth to a spirit seed?"

Lonemoon: "…"

Yi Qing: "…"

Shen Ying: "…"

The corner of Lonemoon's mouth twitched, what kind of out- of-the-world comprehension skill was this, damn sis-con, don't be so full of imagination when it comes to things involving Shen Ying! —————

Ultimately, Shen Jing did not carry Father Niu to chaos for a beating, Lonemoon related everything that happened in Void Land in time, including the fact that Mi Le got them to find the spirit seed.

"You're saying that this child is a spirit seed from Mi Le's plane?" Shen Jing glanced suspiciously at the child, her eyes narrowing.

"Yes!" Lonemoon nodded fervently. "Mi Le used him as an excuse to get us to go to Void Land!"

"Impossible!" Shen Jing frowned as she exclaimed.

"It's true, Boss Jing!" Had he been set as her target and was set on beating him up?

Shen Jing gave him a despising look before continuing on, "I mean to say, Mi Le isn't even a plane assistant at all. He is different from me, he wasn't a manager from the start, so he totally does not have a plane that he belongs to, naturally, it's impossible for him to create a spirit seed."

"What?" This time, it wasn't only Lonemoon, even Shen Ying and Chef was stunned.

"Back then, in order to allow him to help me train Little Ying, he pretended to be an assistant who had lost his plane and manager." Shen Jing sighed and continued to talk, "Due to his identity as a monitor, no one suspected that. In reality, he is not directly managing any plane."

"But… why did he send us to go find the spirit seed?" And he insisted on taking the spirit seed away previously, Shen Ying only grew suspicious of him because of that.

"This child could be a spirit seed that another plane lost." Shen Jing darted a look at the child and went on, "Spirit seeds can summon a complete original source of the plane. As a monitor, Mi Le wanted to prevent conflict between planes, that was why he wanted to take him away." Were spirit seeds so formidable? But why did this sound so familiar?

"Then which plane's spirit seed is he?" Lonemoon asked.

"How would I know!" Shen Jing rolled her eyes. "For things that are lost to Void Land, it is very difficult to find  their original plane. But…" Something came to her mind as she swept a glance at Lonemoon and Shen Ying with an odd expression, giving both of them goosebumps. Her eyes narrowed before she said with a shadow of a smile, "The odd thing is, there is a joint aura of both of yours on this child?" That was why she misunderstood earlier.

"Huh?!" Both of them were shocked at the same time, exchanging a look, they instantly took three steps back, revealing looks of contempt simultaneously and spoke at the same time. "Me and him(her)?"

"Are you kidding me!" Lonemoon's mouth twitched. "Aren't spirit seeds born from a plane's original source? They will only be related to people of the plane, we merely found him, we didn't do anything to him?" "That is why… I find it odd." Shen Jing's gaze dimmed. "If I remember correctly, Little Ying, your plane already has a spirit seed right> I remember Kai Tian called her what was it? Oh… Meng Po! Then where did this spirit seed come from?"

Turns out spirit seed and Little Shortie was the same kind of existence? Lonemoon faltered, Chef's plane already had a spirit seed, could it be that this child was… his plane's?

But hadn't his plane been opened not too long ago? How was it possible to have a spirit seed this fast?

Hold on! Their plane was reopened, which means it was very possible that it had a spirit seed in the past. On top of that, the plane was reopened by Shen Ying and he was the manager. That was why… the spirit seed called them mummy and daddy.

What the f*ck!

All three of them came to this point at the same time and their eyes widened together. "Seems like all of you now know who he is?"

"…" They did know, but hearing Sister Jing's tone, why do they suddenly have an ill feeling!

"Also…" Shen Jing went on, a hint of a smile appeared on her lips as she pointed to the plane trees not too far away. "I've been wanting to ask since just now, why is there another plane tree here and both of them have nothing to do with Shen Ying!"

"…" Oh my god, there goes their pretense!


"Sister Jing, listen to my explanation!"

"Sure." Shen Jing grinned so widely that her eyes became a thin line. "I'll listen to your explanations, all three of you can come with me to chaos to explain!" Not one can dream of getting away!

Lonemoon: "…"

Shen Ying: "…"

Yi Qing: "…"

They initially wanted to rescue one, how did two others get dragged in now…

Chapter 604: A Beating For Three

Lonemoon confirmed it, the child was indeed the spirit seed of the plane that he'd just taken over. Hong Meng's plane had been destroyed once, it was possible that a spirit seed had been created then but due to the subsequent collapse of the plane, he was accidentally drained to Void Land.

Originally, when a plane is destroyed, the spirit seed will also disappear following the original source. However, at that time, in order to save Hong Meng and the others, Godfiend sealed up the original source purple gas. Hence the spirit seed in Void Land did not disappear. Later on, Shen Ying reopened the plane and Lonemoon built Heavenly Dao, becoming the new manager, that was when the spirit seed awoke and took on a form.

He was a spirit form from the original source, so he would instinctively be especially close to Lonemoon, the manager, and in theory, he was his superior, there was nothing wrong with calling him daddy. On the other hand, Shen Ying was the one who opened the plane, that was equivalent to giving him a new life, it was totally reasonable for him to call her mummy.

Yet it was such a perfectly logical and reasonable matter that accidentally exposed what the trio had taken pains to hide, their feigned identities were pulled apart by Shen Jing in an instant. The anger that was initially directed to Father Niu instantly spread to all three, everyone had a share.

An hour later.

Three people with swollen and bruised faces crawled out of the chaos, each holding their faces that were as swollen as a pig's head, hissing in pain.

Lonemoon turned his head to give Shen Ying a despising and resentful look: What happened to you being stronger than Shen Jing? Why didn't I see you resist at all, you submitted faster than anyone else?

Shen Ying immediately glared back, giving him the same expression: You talk as if you dared to fight back? I was just used to being timid.

(╯_╰) On the contrary, only Yi Qing was a whole different look. He was the one who looked the worst amongst all three, yet his first reaction was to support his own Master with a pained look. "Master, are you okay?" As he spoke, he used the bit of spiritual power that he had just recovered to conjure a healing spell. While treating the bruises on her face, he asked nervously, "Does it hurt?"

"Mm." Shen Ying replied. "I'm fine."

Yet he looked even more pained. "You're already injured so badly, how could it not hurt. Don't move, I'll treat  your injuries." He said, as he pulled her into his arms, nervously conjuring more spells.

The corner of Lonemoon's mouth twitched and he scoffed directly. "Heh heh, you ought to! Quickly treat her, an hour or half later, everything might have healed already!"

Shen Ying: "…"

Yi Qing: "…" Hmph! Flaunting your display of affection even at such a time!

Although Shen Ying took the most beating, she was the one with the least severe injuries. Due to varying constitutions, when Shen Ying gets a punch from Shen Jing, it ends up as a patch of bruise. Whereas the two others become half dead with one of Shen Jing's punch. Hence 95% of the damage earlier had been tanked by Shen Ying.

It wasn't because she was really loyal, but that Shen Jing seemed to be used to beat her up, once she started, it was as if she couldn't stop. With the exception of giving him and Lonemoon several light hits at the start, the rest of the time, she was throwing her punches on Shen Ying her swings and hooks so smooth. Lonemoon and Chef felt the pain even by just watching from the side, they couldn't even go close at all, the wind from her punches was enough to choke.

The few of them were intending to chat when the door to chaos opened once again, Shen Jing who was a step  behind them had also returned, dragging an unknown creature whose original appearance could not be made out clearly. Judging by the tattered clothes that could be vaguely pieced together to form a suit, that's right, it was Mi Le. It was very obvious that the additional short while she'd spent in chaos was to go pick up a body.

Shen Jing lifted her hand and threw it forward, with a thud, an unknown lump stopped at their feet after a roll. Mi Le's precious face was now swollen like a pig… no, it was even more indiscernible than that, it was swollen like a ball.

No one knew what Shen Jing did, his other wounds were all healing, just his face remained an unbearable sight. He sprawled out, unmoving on the ground but they faintly saw his eyelids move slightly. It was evident that he was cowardly feigning death, not daring to wake up.

All three of them trembled, their waists tightened as their bodies straightened… then all fell to their knees!

"Sister Jing! We were wrong!"

Timidity was a wonderful quality to have as a manager, all three of them understood this special tradition very well. "Hmph!"

Shen Jing swept her gaze across all three people before her with a shadow of a smile. Her expression turning cold again, with a wave of her hand, she conjured a comfortable sofa before them and sat down, then brought out a tea table and coffee. Sipping elegantly, her gaze fixed onto Shen Ying as she started to settle scores!

"Shen, Little, Ying… you've become more capable, huh! You dare to lie even to me is it?"

Shen Ying shuddered, her head bowed like a quail.

"Speak!" Her eyes narrowed. "When did you transfer the planes to these two rascals? Did you feel that your wings are strong now and I don't have a say over you anymore?"

"No no no… Sister." Shen Ying immediately shook her head fervently. "You do, you do!" But Shen Jing's gaze became even colder, her voice dropping. "Since you're no longer a manager, why won't you go home! How long more are you intending to wander out here?"

"Sisteeerrrr…." Shen Ying dragged out.

"Who's your sister!" The coffee in her hands was placed onto the tea table with a clatter. The anger that had just dissipated flared up once more. "I don't have such a sister who doesn't stay home! If I hadn't come here this time, when were you three rascals intending to hide it from me till?"

"I was wrong!" All three of them responded again together.

"If you know your mistakes then get the hell back!" She glared at her. "Don't think I couldn't tell, that you could sense the existence of monitors proves that your body has undergone new changes again! Since you are no longer a manager, there is no need for you to stay here. Only when you come back with me, will I be reassured."

"No way!" Shen Ying lifted her head and looked right at her. "Why? Were you all joking when you said you were wrong earlier?" Her expression was icy, vaguely looking like snowflakes was about to appear.

Yet Shen Ying still shook her head. "Sister, not now."

"Why not…" Shen Jing paused midway, recalling something, she glanced at Lonemoon and Chef. "You're doing this for these two rascals?"

Shen Ying sighed, her voice softening instantly. "Sister, nothing will happen to me. There is no difference as to which plane I am!"

"Who said there isn't!" You're about to be seduced away by a wild rascal out here.

"Big sister!" Seeing that she was about to fly into a rage, Chef held Shen Ying's hand tightly and spoke up in time. "You've consented to Master and my marriage, a couple should stay together, so… I ask that you don't break us up, please let Master stay here." Lonemoon instantly understood and immediately added. "That's right Sister Jing, as a monitor, you're the most impartial person. I believe you won't go back on your words?"

Shen Jing's expression darkened completely, in moments, it was as if the temperatures of the divine realm fell by tens of degrees, even Mi Le who was feigning death on the ground was so cold that he shivered. Dagger-like eyes swept towards Chef like it was about to hack him to pieces.

A while later…

The cold air around her was drawn back, she suddenly lifted the corners of her lips at them, revealing a smile as warm as spring. All three of them shuddered at once, instantly feeling the urge to find somewhere to hide themselves, doesn't it feel even scarier now?

Jelly legs made them want to kneel!

Oh, they were already on their knees. (ಥ_ಥ)

Chapter 605: Invincible skill: Acting Cute

Shen Jing's narrowed eyes stared right at Chef before she replied, "Both of you are right, I did consent to it. But…" She suddenly stood up. "I only have one sister, I can't bear for her to marry far away. You can if you want to marry her, marry yourself over!" With that said, she directly opened the plane gate.

Lonemoon: "…"

Shen Ying: "…"

Seems like not only had they failed to keep her, they were even losing another.


"Hold on, Chef what are you doing?" Lonemoon grabbed the person who was restless and eager, are you really going to marry yourself over? Hello? Yi Qing looked at Father Niu, then glanced at Shen Ying by his side, his face blushing red. "If it's Master, a… anything works for me!"

"Works your ass!" Have you forgotten that our aim to is keep Shen Ying, not the problem of you marrying over or her marrying over! Shen Ying evidently doesn't want to go back.

An idiot teammate who hinders his team!


Due to Chef's last-minute betrayal, things became a downward spiral, Shen Jing was stubborn. Seeing that  Shen Ying was about to bring brought, and two burdens were going along, they were left with no other way. With Father Niu's frantic hinting, Shen Ying could only throw away her principles and return to her old profession, bringing out —the shameless great method of acting cute! For the best effect, Lonemoon even helped to conjure a spell, letting Shen Ying temporarily resuming her appearance when she was three years old. The next moment…

Shen Jing compromised directly.


"It's fine if you don't return with me." After fervently hugging, rubbing and pinching the dumpling version of Shen Ying, Shen Jing then found her rationality again. Sighing, she said, "But no matter what happens in the future, all of you better tell me honestly, if I find that you're hiding things from me again, don't dream of being let off easily."

Lonemoon and Yi Qing: "Alright King, no problem King!"

Mini version of cutie Shen: "Sister is the best."

"Mm." Shen Ying glared at the remaining two and habitually reached out, wanting to poke Shen Ying's forehead, only stopping when her hand was above her head. Really unable to hold back, she switched to hugging her and rubbing her small face, only letting go moments after. Looking down at her for a while, she then sighed and said, "Never mind, both of them are still your assistants, you were afraid that your strength growing will affect them and wanted to stay here instead of leaving, that I can understand. You're grown up now, I really shouldn't interfere with everything you're doing now."

"… Sister?" Shen Ying faltered and lifted her head to look at her.

"But Little Ying…" She rubbed her little head and continued, "Don't forget that I am your biological sister, no matter what happens, this will never change." So make me worry imp!

"Mm." She nodded gravely.

Shen Jing's eyes dimmed, she sighed once again and gave instructions about a pile of trivial matters, until the plane warning sounded, was she forced to open the door and drag Mi Le who didn't dare to wake up this whole time along with her.

Almost in the same moment when she disappeared through the door, the tensed nerves of all three of them relaxed. Shen Ying also returned to her original form at once, then all three of them collapse, sprawling out on the ground like corpses.

That was way too scary, even more terrifying than dealing with 10 invaders.

Shen Ying wiped the sheen of perspiration on her forehead, habitually raising her hand to open another passage, it came with a faint aura of the other plane.

"Damn! What are you doing?" Lonemoon's heart trembled and he grabbed her hand immediately. "Why are you opening the gate to that plane again?" Didn't Sister Jing just leave?

Shen Ying subconsciously replied, "To go to Insect World…" She paused midway, then said regretfully after breaking out of her daze. "Oh, I was too used to being beaten up by my sister, I forgot, there's no more Buggy for me to relieve my stress in this plane!"

Lonemoon: "…" Yi Qing: "…"

Have you always been going to beat up the insect race to vent your anger after being beaten up by Shen Jing? What grievances do you have with them! No wonder the insect queen wanted to escape to Void Land.

"Master, what do we do next?" Chef sat and looked towards Shen Ying.

Before Shen Ying replied, Lonemoon spoke up first. "What else can we do? Repair the divine realm first!" He pointed to the divine realm around him that was in shreds and patches, missing some parts of land here, the sky caving in on the other side.

Although Shen Jing had dragged them into chaos before she struck, it wasn't very far from here. Even with just the remaining tremors, after several continuous beatings,  the divine realm had also come to the brink of collapsing.

Lonemoon sighed, then stood up and said to the two. "Chef, repair the divine realm. I'll send the spirit seed back to the other plane to Hong Meng." As he spoke, he lifted the child who had fallen asleep on the sofa since they were dragged into chaos to be beaten.

The spirit seed had left its plane for too long, it had just taken its form and the original source in its body had been consumed by demons, it was already especially weak. To be able to hold out till now before falling into a deep sleep wasn't easy, they had to send him back into his original source purple gas as soon as possible. He trusted that Hong Meng would be very happy to take care of him.

"As for Shen Ying… just stay right here."

"Alright…" Shen Ying nodded, then fell back and laid onto the ground again, continuing to laze around with an easy conscience.

Lonemoon gave her a despising look before opening the passage to Purple Night Palace with the spirit seed in his arms, heading to hand him over to Hong Meng. Chef also started to repair the damaged divine realm like a diligent little bee. Not forgetting to place a few plates of pastries, a pot of tea and several comfy cushions where Shen Ying was laying down.

Though the divine realm was huge, it was also a special space that Shen Ying had built on the foundations of Godfiend. Although it had been more or less destroyed, it wasn't too difficult a task for Chef to repair it.

So in less than a plate of pastries and half a fruit's time, the divine realm had already resumed its previous look of vast green plains, the two plane trees were still standing strong and tall in the middle, leaning close to each other.

Chef looked at the plane trees then frowned as if being reminded of something and immediately turned away, heading towards Shen Ying.

"Master…" A hint of a conflicting look flashed across his face while a trace of red appeared on his face as if he couldn't suppress it. "Do you think Senior Shen… no, Big Sister is considered having given her consent for our marriage?"

Shen Ying's  hand  that  was  holding  the  fruit  paused,  she looked up at the solemn-looking Chef. "Mm… half and half?"

What was half and half?

She thought for a moment before explaining in a low voice. "Which means that consenting is one thing, if we really want to get married, you still have let her give another beating, this time, it's the kind where she beats you to death!"

Yi Qing: "…" Why did he suddenly feel that he was pretty subpar?

He was about to continue asking a few more questions, Lonemoon had already returned but he wasn't alone. Pear Girl who hadn't been on good terms with him all the while was beside him. Anxiousness was all over her face and another person leaned on her shoulder. That person was covered in blood, barely breathing, the aura of a manager of another plane could be sensed on him.

Both of them were shocked. "Who is this?"

Chapter 606: Crossing Planes To Seek Help

Before Lonemoon could reply, Pear's eyes brightened as she supported the man from beside Lonemoon. "Shen Ying!"

As she spoke, her hands loosened, she scampered over and held Shen Ying. "You're finally back, I came several times but never got to see you. How have you been? Are you hungry? Want a pear?" Then she brought out a familiar-looking pear and shoved it over.

Shen Ying: "…"

Fortunately Chef reached out and intercepted from beside her. "Thank you for your kindness but Master only likes pears that are edible." She doesn't like the kind that can trap people.

Besides isn't your plane ravaged? Where do you find so much power of the original source to make 'pears' to gift to others?

"Who said this isn't edible?" Pear frowned. "I modified it, Shen Ying do you want to give it a try?"

"…" Such a manager, do the people of your plane know?

Yi Qing frowned before reminding here. "Instead of gifting pears, it'll be better if you take care of that friend of yours, he has already fallen to the ground." He pointed behind her.

Pear fell into a momentary daze and realized that she had let go too suddenly earlier, the victim that she was supporting had fallen to the ground and passed out. He looked to be in pain, his breathing even weaker than before.

"Aiya!" She was shocked, then sighed a moment later. "Never mind, anyway he's just someone I picked up!"

Yi Qing: "…"

Lonemoon: "…" The one who was picked up: "…"

You weren't the one who fell, of course you don't mind!

The corner of Lonemoon's mouth twitched before he squatted down and lifted the man up, throwing him onto the sofa before them. After several spells, the man looked much better, his breathing also recovering.

Hmph! Evil overly obsessed fan!

"Who exactly is this person?" Yi Qing turned his head to look towards Father Niu.

"Don't ask me!" Father Niu glanced at Pear. "Ask her."

All three gazes locked on Pear at once.

"I don't know either, I found him on the edge of the void when I was repairing my plane." Pear shook her head, her eyes dimmed a moment later when she recalled something. "But on him, I sensed the aura of those bastards from the Big Dao Organization previously, so I brought him over."

"…" Did you take our place as an asylum?

"Shen Ying." She took a step closer and requested in all seriousness. "Help me take a look, is he one of those from the Big Dao Organization who escaped unpunished, is there the energy of other planes on him." If there was, he must be one of those who had struck and destroyed the other planes.

"There isn't." Shen Ying took a bite of her fruit and shook her head.

"… Oh." She then sighed in slight disappointment, she had initially thought that she could avenge her plane or whatnot, turns out he's not? If she'd known earlier she wouldn't have carried him here, he was oddly heavy.

"Let's wake him up first." Lonemoon interrupted and glanced at Yi Qing. "Chef, give me a hand."

"Mm." Yi Qing nodded and walked over. This person was a manager after all, the usual spells probably won't be able to wake him, they needed to use the power of a manager, it would be safer with Chef around.

Both of them summoned a white array formation simultaneously. For a moment, the white light was blinding, the energy that was dispersing out of the person then gradually stopped. His initially pale face slowly regained some blood.

They did not wait for long before that person slowly blinked his eyes open. Looking around with some blankness, his eyes then fixed onto Shen Ying who was nibbling on her fruit at a side. His eyes lit up and he rolled himself off the sofa, struggling to throw himself over.

"Madam…" He reached out wanting to hug her.

Yi Qing was about to step forward with a dark look when Pear acted faster. She pushed himself in a flash. "What are you trying to do!" Even she had yet to hug!

Yi Qing who was a step slower: "…" Little b*tch!

Chef was extremely displeased!

With her push, the man fell back onto the sofa again, yet he still frantically got up and dropped to his knees. "Madam… I finally found you! I beg you! Please save my plane, if it's you, it can certainly be done… I beg you!" With that said, without any care for his injured self, he kowtowed to her.

Lonemoon frowned, the bit of essence qi that he had just recovered was about to be spent again. He turned to look at Shen Ying. "You know him?"

"Ah?" Shen Ying cocked her head to a side, looking lost.

"Alright! I got it." Seems like she doesn't know him, that's odd then. Lonemoon then stepped forward and pulled him up. "Stand up and talk. What exactly do you have for Shen Ying? Why are you looking for her, what happened to your plane?"

The man glanced at Lonemoon, then looked at Shen Ying, hesitating for a moment before slowly standing up. He sat down onto the sofa, but the anxiety on his face increased instead of lessening, he then hastily spoke. "I don't know if you still remember me, my name is Chao Kun. That day at the Big Dao Organization, you helped me to break free from the plane lock?"

The few of them faltered, don't mention Shen Ying who never remembers names, even Lonemoon and Yi Qing had no impression. At that time there were hundreds managers on scene, they naturally couldn't remember everyone.

"You are one of the hundreds of managers on that day?" Lonemoon asked.

"Yes yes yes!" He nodded fervently. "Thanks to your help, my plane was able to break free from the locks of the starry sky."

"Since you're already free, you're here now for…" His face paled, seeming to be remembering some things, grief and indignation was all over his face. "I had no alternative but to forcefully cross the plane gates to come find Mdm. The reason being that my plane really cannot hang on anymore…" he inhaled deeply and lifted a hand to conjure a spell, but at the thought that this was someone else's plane, he turned over to look towards Lonemoon, seeking permission. "May I…"

"Mm." Lonemoon nodded, agreeing to him using spells in their divine realm.

He then pulled together his severely injured body and summoned a crystal, the reflection in it shook before displaying the image of a tree. It was a plane tree originally green and healthy but right now, the entire tree seemed to be withered, clouds of black crawling all over it, like rotten black spots. And these spots were growing bigger, slowly spreading around the whole tree. It seemed like not long after, the entire tree will turn black.

"This is… your plane?" Lonemoon was shocked, he'd never seen such a wretched plane tree, it looked even more pathetic than his own bald one. "Yes!" He looked even more bitter. "Initially after breaking away from the lock, I had thought that the plane would get better. But a while back, an extremely special invader suddenly appeared. He went around destroying the balance of the plane and his powers were extremely terrifying, even I wasn't his match. In a few months' time, the entire plane started to fall apart, I'm afraid it wouldn't take long for it to completely collapse."

Lonemoon and Yi Qing exchanged a look, there actually existed such a formidable invader.

He became increasingly anxious as he spoke, some tears were starting to form in his eyes. Turning his head, he looked to Shen Ying with a hopeful expression. "Madam! You are the most impartial person I have met. And you are someone who could defeat the Big Dao Organization, if it's you, you can definitely help me to deal with him. I beg you, help me, please?"

"We're not going!" x4

Not only Shen Ying, even Lonemoon, Chef and Pear all spoke up in unison, rejecting him instantly! Chao Kun: "…"


This was different from what was agreed on?

Chapter 607: Expanding The Business

"Wh… Why?" Chao Kun was dumbfounded.

The few others then took turns to give their replies.

"If you can't even deal with an invader, why are you still being a manager?"

"I still got a pile of things to handle for my own plane, where do I find the time to meddle in other business, time is money, do you know that?"

"It's almost time, I need to cook for Master, who will be responsible if she eats past her mealtime and end up starving?"

"Sigh! It's so troublesome to start again!"

Chao Kun: "…" This was different from he had imagined, were the people who saved hundreds of plane back then the same people before him now? Had they been possessed?

"Instead of wasting time here, it'd be better to quickly go back and think about how to deal with the invader?" Pear darted a look at him and hurriedly chased. "As a manager, we should not interfere in the business of other planes at all, don't make things hard for Shen Ying here." Is my idol such an easy backer? Even she hadn't managed to get to rely on her completely!

Chao Kun panicked and said, still refusing to give up. "But… but Madam helped us to deal with the Big Dao Organization organization the previous time, why now…"

"Oh, that time was purely accidental." Lonemoon replied smoothly, originally they were just curious about the official organization amongst managers, but ever since they went to the administrative committee, they had already become completely disappointed in the so-called manager's union. "Just take it that we merely… went on a tour."

"T… tour?!" Going to the Big Dao Organization was a tour, then what was destroying it? Leaving behind some souvenirs before leaving? Chao Kun felt miserable all over, looking panicky yet not know how to speak up. Glancing at Shen Ying opposite him who was lazily sprawled out on the sofa eating her fruit, not even giving him a glance and the two others beside her who seemed to be looking at him like he was a thief. He ultimately had no choice but to fix his begging gaze on the relatively more normal Lonemoon, who was fiddling with an abacus at a side. "Fellow Daoist…"

"If you've understood us, then go!" He was about to speak up but Lonemoon looked up and beat him to it with an amiable smile. "I calculated it for you, the total cost of your treatment earlier is three million five thousand six hundred and seven two top grade immortal stones, rounded to the nearest whole, it'll be three million and six thousand. You know! Chef and I are managers after all, it'll naturally be more expensive when we work."

"Ah? Ah!" He was stunned for a while, there were even charges for that?


"Why, are you finding it expensive?" Lonemoon's eyes narrowed as he shook his head. "This is already a very cheap price, if you pay everything in one go, I can disregard your illegal entry, I won't need you to make up for the visa fees, plane permit fees, casualty transportation fees and Shen Ying's consultation fees. Oh, by the way… we charge by the minute!"

"…" Are you a devil?

Which manager would carry immortal stones and whatnot on them?

Chao Kun stared at him blankly for a while, seeing that he wasn't in the least bit joking, it then occurred to him that he was being serious. "Fellow Immortal, I really do not have immortal stones on me, why don't…"

"No credit allowed!" Lonemoon put his abacus away and stood up, looking like he was intending to see the visitor out.

"Fellow Daoist! It's not that I want to insist on against your wills." He looked even more anxious. "But this invader is indeed very special, his strength is also really odd, even I am unable to make clear of what he is till now, he's even more terrifying than Yu Heng from the Big Dao Organization. Though it is only happening to my plane now, but no one can guarantee that he wouldn't strike any other planes."

"…" Lonemoon frowned.

He looked even more worried, now seeming to have more thoughts coming to mind, he frantically said, "If you don't believe this, you can follow me to my plane, you'd see at one glance. Right now my plane is a mess, all the living creatures are affected. As long as you guys are willing to help me save the plane, double… No! Even ten times the amount of immortal stones, I'll be willing to pay. Immortal stones, spirit veins, even Qi of the original source, as long as you don't mind them, I'll give anything."


"As long as the plane can resume nor… huh! Huh?" It then occurred to him what the other party had replied as he wore a dumbfounded look. "You… you agreed!" Lonemoon instantly brought out his expression specially reserved for business, smiling kindly. "According to what you said, that person is indeed very dangerous, we ought to go take a look." You've said earlier that there was money to be made!

"Ser… seriously!" Chao Kun's eyes widened, disbelief written all over his face. Wasn't he very obstinate earlier, he'd changed his mind so quickly?

"We're all managers, it's only right to help one another. Of course we can go take a look, but we can't guarantee that we will be of any help."

"Sure! I understand." He nodded fervently, looking overjoyed.

Lonemoon's smile became even kinder, he even went forward and patted his shoulder, saying, "Come come, tell us in detail about the situation of your plane. This way we have a better idea of what to do, especially the most valuable part…"

"Alright fellow Daoist, thank you fellow Daoist!" Yi Qing: "…"

Shen Ying: "…"

Pear: "…"

A while later…

The corner of Yi Qing's mouth twitched. "Master, Father Niu is…"

"Mm." Shen Ying nodded. "I reckon he's intending on expanding his business towards planes."

"Then we're really going over…"

Before he could finish, Lonemoon who had already gotten to the bottom of all of Chao Kun's resources was already turning back and waving to them. "Shen Ying, Chef, prepare to set off!" Shen Ying turned back and glanced at Chef before replying, "That's right, we're really going!"



The few of them set off after a meal, only after asking did they know that the plane gate on Chao Kun's side had been locked, there was no way to directly enter that plane.

"I left a back door on the border of my plane." Chao Kun quickly explained. "That side is linked to the void, we can pass through there."

"Void?" Pear paused for a moment then turned to Chao Kun, asking, "That's why you suddenly collapsed on the border of my plane?" Her plane had once been swallowed by the void, leaving only one city. Though the void had disappeared, there were still some remnants of its aura at the borders. "Yes!" Chao Kun nodded and continued, "It was also a coincidence, the exit happened to be there. So to enter my plane, we'll still need fellow Daoist Fang Fang to give the green light."

"Sure!" Pear's eyes lit up, saying excitedly, "Shen Ying do you want to go to my plane? Why don't you stay there for a few more days?" As she spoke, she reached out to hold her but was blocked by Chef once again.

"Fellow Daoist, you've thought too much, we're just passing by." Go away, little b*tch!

"…" Pear instantly sent a glare back. Hmph, a big deal being her disciple! Let go of my idol!

Watching as the two of them were about to get into a fight, Shen Ying still continued to nibble her fruit like it had nothing to do with her. Instead, Lonemoon interrupted, saying "Alright, let's set off." Only then did he break apart the two overly obsessed fans! Pear opened her plane gate slightly indignantly and sent the group to the border of the void, but knowing that her own capabilities were limited, she did not insist on following along.

Chef was instantly in a good mood!

Chapter 608: Dyeing The Plane Black

Chao Kun brought out an oval-shaped compass, tossing it forward, the compass immediately flew up, a red light in its center flashed, drawing out a long line of light as if it was showing the way, pointing forward in a direction on their right.

"The door is there!" Chao Kun pointed in that direction and brought the few of them over.

The others exchanged a look  before  following,  stepping  into the void. They did not walk too far out, just about 15 minutes later, the space before them suddenly started to warp, moments later, a passage resembling a plane gate opened up in the gate. However, it was pitch black inside.

"We're here!" Chao Kun was delighted as he took a few quick steps, just as he was about to something, his expression changed with some thought and he turned back to glance at the others, saying, "This plane passage is unstable, so I don't know where in the plane we will end up at, please be careful."

Lonemoon nodded, setting up layers of arrays around them, Chao Kun then inhaled deeply and stepped in. In the next second, a chill passed by them, they could evidently sense that they were already in another world. But it was pitch dark all around, bouts of odd hissing sounded faintly from afar, as if something was approaching.

"Oh no!" Chao Kun's expression changed instantly as panic flashed through his eyes, he warned frantically. "We've arrived in the little world that has already fallen, we can't stay here!" With that said, he hurried conjured a seal, intending to do a space transfer. But before the spell could be formed, he suddenly swayed, spitting out blood, his face becoming even paler. The essence Qi that he had recovered in the divine realm earlier dissipated out like a hole had been made, even his breathing weaken.

Lonemoon nimbly grabbed him quickly that he did not fall to the ground, a release of his divine perception showed that there was a dense sea of unknown creatures not far out that was quickly approaching them.

"Direction?" He asked in a low voice.

"That side!" Chao Kun understood what he meant, suppressing the pain in his body, he pointed to their right and answered urgently. "The area behind the two realm gates in the north is safe!"

Lonemoon directly conjured a seal and instantly opened the space passage. "Let's go!" As he instructed, he lifted Chao Kun and walked over.

Chef also followed immediately but realized that the person beside him hadn't move just as he was about to step him. He turned back at once and shouted, "Master?

Shen Ying did not reply, only remained rooted to the same spot, her head turned towards the depths of the darkness, looking to be in deep thought.


"What are you two waiting for?" Seeing that the both of them had yet to follow, Lonemoon suddenly retreated out of the passage. "Quickly come along!" "Alright." Shen Ying then turned and followed Chef into the passage.

The transfer entrance disappeared instantly, in a flash, they'd arrived at another place. Lots of white light appeared before their eyes, their surroundings was finally lit up as they subconsciously squinted.

A closer look showed that they were standing before a tall house, Immortal Qi lingered around it with flowers everywhere. This seemed to be the peak of a divine mountain, a blue divine power could vaguely be seen in the air. Only the surrounding was extremely quiet, not a sound could be heard.

"Don't worry everywhere, this place is very sa… fe…" Before he could finish his words, his body swayed and he collapsed directly.

"Hey! Chao Kun!" Lonemoon squatted down and nudged the person on the ground. No reaction at all, his breathing was also become fainter. "I reckon it's because the situation of his plane has become worse." Chef spoke up. A manager's powers comes from his plane, if his plane becomes problematic, he will naturally become weaker.

Lonemoon frowned, seeing that he couldn't wake up the person on the ground, he simply set up a large-scale spell, temporarily locking in the energy in his body that was about to break up completely.

"Seems like he won't be waking up anytime soon." He lifted the person on the ground then glanced at the house before them. "Let's go in first."

With that said, they walked right in. Perhaps because Chao Kun was unconscious, the array formations before the house had all become ineffective, there was no reaction at all. They walked in without any obstruction.

Passing through the gate, it was a huge yard with nothing but a plane tree standing in the middle. This should be the overall view of Chao Kun's plane. Lonemoon placed Chao Kun under the tree before carefully examining this plane. The appearance of this tree was even worse than what Chao Kun had shown them in the crystal. Two-thirds of the entire tree was already black, with only small patches of green showing here and there. Especially the leaves on it, almost everyone was black, only a few pieces that were no longer a pure screen were scattered around.

Seems like the problem of this plane was worse than they had expected. Lonemoon was forced to start considering the issue of it's recovery.

"What do we do now?" Yi Qing looked at the person by the tree who was still unconscious. "Chao Kun has yet to wake up, we still don't know the exact situation of the plane."

"What else can we do?" Lonemoon frowned. "We can only rely on ourselves to go investigate." Glancing at the plane tree that was about to be totally dyed black, he suddenly had a foreboding that this was going to be a losing deal. "The place that we just came from should be these black areas. If we want to know what happened, we can only go into those relatively normal areas for a look."

He surveyed  the  entire  plane  tree  back  and  forth  before pointing to a little world at the top that was already half black. "Let's first go to this little world for a look."

Yi Qing and Shen Ying exchanged glances, no objections. After some thought he set up several array formations around Chao Kun before trying to open a plane passage to that little world. Perhaps because it wasn't his own plane, he only managed to do so after a few tries.

Chef turned back and glanced at the person on the ground, something flashed through his eyes as his mouth opened but he ultimately did not say anything. He then held Shen Ying and followed behind Father Niu.

Three people instantly disappeared in the house and arrived in a barren area in the next second. The skies were gray and overcast, there was nothing around.

Chef then spoke up. "Father Niu, you suspect Chao Kun." It wasn't a question, but a statement.

Lonemoon glanced at him before nodding and saying, "It's mainly because the timing in which he appeared was too much of a coincidence, prevention is better than cure." This plane was locked and he could only leave through the void to seek help. Then he said that the location of the entrance to the void wasn't fixed, there are so many places in a plane that is connected to the void, why did he just happen to appear near Pear's plane. And it also happened that Pear knew them and they happened to be the people who defeated the Big Dao Organization, how could there be anything so coincidental in the world.

Chef also found it too much of a coincidence. "Then why did you agree to come here?"

"Didn't he claim that there was a formidable invader here?" An invader who could counter a manager would at the very least be manager level or above. Lonemoon turned back and glanced at Shen Ying. "Don't we have one too?" Who knows, they might be able to figure out Shen Ying's exact identity!

"Ah?!" A certain who was munching on her fruit lifted her head, very evidently wasn't listening at all.

The corner of Lonemoon's mouth twitched, who exactly did this concern, could the person involved pay more attention?! "None of your business, eat your fruit!"

"Oh." Obediently continues eating.

"…" Lonemoon inhaled deeply and sighed, never mind! He was long used to this. "Let's see what has happ…"

Before he finished, an overjoyed voice sounded from the side.

"Hey, look, there are a few living ones here!"

Chapter 609: Disaster Response Cultivators

Turning around, he saw a figure fly out from the darkness. It was a very tall girl dressed in green. A closer look showed that he didn't seem to be a human, though she had a form resembling a human, her skin was a dark blue, almost black color, blending in well with the darkness behind her.

Demon? But there was no demonic aura on her. All three of them were stunned, unable to make clear of the identities of the newcomers.

That person flew over, took a look at them and abruptly widened her eyes in surprise. After dazing for two seconds, she suddenly became slightly bewildered then turned back and shouted out, "Senior… Senior… Senior Sister. Come quickly! Come over fast. I found two living ones!"

"Why are making such a fuss?" A berating voice snapped from behind her, following that, three to four more figures flew over, still saying, "How many people have we found already, is there a need… huh?" That person paused, seeming to be shocked after glancing in their direction and continued to stare. "Senior Sister this…" The person who was the first to appear looked back at the lady in the middle who seemed to be their leader.

That person then came back to her senses and promptly rushed. "Why are you still standing there? Quickly bring them over!"

The few people behind her then snapped into action, quickly stepping forward while conjuring spells, instantly a spell they'd never seen before appeared under their feet.

Yi Qing frowned, just as he was about to conjure a seal, Lonemoon held him back from beside him and sent a voice transmission, "Wait! These people are a little odd, let's wait and see first!"

Chef then lowered his hand, the array formation under their feet flashed, both of them felt their weight disappear as they instantly flew to the opposite side, turns out it was only a soaring spell. They were instantly relieved. Yi Qing habitually turned back to look at Shen Ying behind. "Master!" Sure enough, as expected, there was no array formation under her feet, she was still in the same spot…

"Huh? There's another one!" The blue-skinned people seemed to only have discovered Shen Ying then and used another spell to pull her over too.

The spot that they were in happened to be the border of light and darkness, with these spells, all three of them had been completely pulled into the area swallowed up by the darkness.

"Senior Sister, what do we do now?" A disciple asked.

The lady leading in the middle surveyed the surroundings, then glanced at the trio before saying. "We'll take them back to base before anything else."

With that said, she directly lifted Shen Ying who was the closest to her, bringing her up on her sword and flew into the darkness. Upon seeing that, the few others also summoned their spirit swords. Seeming like they did not notice that they had cultivation too, two of them walked to Lonemoon and Young Master and very politely cupped their fists, saying, "I'm sorry, young master!"

They reached out and scooped them onto  their  swords  and flew up.

Lonemoon glanced at the arm wrapped around him, seeming to preventing him from falling off. For some reason, all sorts of weird feelings rose in his heart.

Something feels off somewhere…

The further in they flew,  the  darker  it  became,  but  this  did not have much impact on high leveled cultivators. These odd looking people also seemed to have night vision, completely unimpeded. They did not fly for long, in less than 15 minutes, they landed on an empty space.

With one look, Lonemoon saw that there were several dozens of people scattered and standing around. A closer look showed that there were all the old, weak, women and children, all their expressions didn't look good, vaguely coupled with some bleakness.

These female cultivators landed and joined the crowd with them. The group of people looked up, their eyes lighting up immediately. Without any bit of fear, they even gathered over excitedly.

"The immortal masters are back!" They looked at the few people who had brought them back in joy and asked anxiously. "Immortal masters, when can we leave?"

"Yeah, immortal masters, it's too dangerous here, please bring us away quickly."

"If we continue to wait on, who knows the fallen night might return again!"

"Yes yes, time is tight." These people all looked panicked, as if they were very afraid of something.

The leader lady who had brought Shen Ying with her earlier than took a step forward and said, "No need to worry, the Dawning Pill Sect came here with the intention of saving everyone, once the people sent by the sect to receive us arrives, we will bring everyone to a safe place. Besides Fallen Night does not turn back, it has already passed, so nothing will happen again." The lady looked across the crowd and went on, "This time, the affected range is very wide, we need to search the nearby areas a few more times, so as to avoid leaving anyone out! I ask that everyone stay calm."

The crowd's expressions then eased up and they quietened down too. Those odd-looking female cultivators then dispersed, some continued to turn back, looking for something, others started setting up array formations in the surroundings.

Lonemoon frowned and had a discussion with Yi Qing using voice transmission, before they managed to guess the current situation. It was evident that those people who brought them here had no ill intention, accurately speaking, it was out of good will. Some disaster might have just occurred here and these female cultivators were cultivators from a sect, here to help with the emergency. That was why they took them for refugees and brought them here!

However, no one knew why their appearance was so odd? Earlier on, while they were on their way, he had also examined, these cultivators weren't human cultivators but neither were they demons, they seemed to be cultivating species never seen before. But judging by the reactions of these mortals, they didn't seem to find anything wrong with these blue-skinned people? Instead, they were very trusting.

As he was in his thoughts, a female cultivator suddenly walked over with a chair in each hand. Smiling kindly at him, she placed the chairs before them. "Young Masters must have been frightened earlier, why don't you take a seat first?" With that said, she even turned and glanced at Yi Qing, it was very obvious that the chairs were meant for both of them.

Lonemoon faltered, bowing down to glance at the chairs, feeling instantly stupefied, why were they so courteous only to Chef and him?

He subconsciously turned to look at the big group of elderly, sickly, women and children but found that everyone merely took a curious glance and turned back as if it was natural and right. As if that was nothing wrong with these cultivators' acts of giving chairs to only them.

He paused and could only reply politely. "Thank you, Miss."

"No… no problem!" The girl blushed instantly and laughed naively. "Quickly sit down Young Master, we still don't know when the spirit boat will arrive, please rest for a while." With that said, she smiled again then turned and left.

Lonemoon used his divine perception to examine the chair, finding nothing abnormal, he then sat into it. Whereas Chef beside him, habitually took a step to the side and turned behind. "Master, sit!" And he even brought out a plate of pastries, handing it over.

"Okay." Shen Ying subconsciously took it, picked up a piece of cake and stuffed it into her mouth then turned and sat down.

In the next moment, the crowd that was still bustling earlier suddenly went silent. Several dozen disapproving gaze fell onto her at once. As if she had done something that incurred the wrath of both gods and humans, everyone who was still amiable earlier instantly looked at her with unhappiness and… despise? It was the same for the few cultivators.


Shen Ying: "…"

Was she not allowed to eat cake?

Shen Ying faltered, suddenly the Spirit Qi in the air shifted, someone exclaimed.

"It's here! The receiving spirit boat is here!"

Chapter 610: Disaster Response Spirit Boat

Everyone looked up, a white spirit boat was approaching in the distance, it was huge with a total of three levels, the mixed aura on it could be faintly sensed, seems like there were already many people on board.

Perhaps because the empty space was too small, the spirit boat did not land but remained floating above everyone.  In moments, two people dressed in the same clothes as the female cultivators from earlier flew down from above.

They conversed with the leader lady on this side before announcing loudly, "Everyone, this is the spirit boat sent by Dawning Pill Sect, it will bring everyone to a safe place."

Everyone was instantly overjoyed, the lady conjured seals with both hands and set up a simple transportation array before instructing,

"Please board through this transportation array." As she spoke, she looked around then walked towards them and said with cupped fists, "Two young masters, please board first."

Both Lonemoon and Yi Qing were stunned, why were they boarding first? But seeing that everyone else wasn't moving, it didn't seem suitable to ask anymore questions. Nodding and giving their thanks, they walked to the transportation array, Shen Ying in tow.

There was no problem with the array, once they stepped in, a white light flashed and they were instantly transported to the spirit boat. As expected, the spirit boat was already crowded with hordes of people. Just like the people below, they seemed to be refugees, most wore looks like they'd just escaped a disaster and there were also many female cultivators dressed in the same green robes on board.

Seeing the few of them board, everyone looked over in curiosity. Unsure whether it was an illusion, Lonemoon somehow felt that the scene went quiet for a moment, even those two people receiving them beside the array formation fell in a momentary daze.

"Huh? How did…." The girl on the right froze for a moment, as if coming back to her senses a second after, she turned to a disciple at the side and asked, "Are there anymore empty rooms on the top deck?"

The disciple paused and thought for a while before nodding. "Yes, yes yes! It was initially prepared for Uncle-Master Zheng but she went to examine Fallen Night so she's not with us."

"Then let these two young masters stay there first!" With that said,, she turned towards Lonemoon and Chef, her gaze became gentler as she spoke, "Young Masters, we still need another three days to arrive at the nearest town, we will have to stay on the spirit boat for some time, I apologize for the simple and plain conditions on the boat, please follow me." Then  she turned and walked towards the staircase.

"Thank you!" Lonemoon felt even odder deep down but still followed.

Chef and Shen Ying naturally followed behind him.

Unfortunately, in less than a couple of steps, the female cultivator at the side was shocked and nimbly dragged Shen Ying back, glaring at her with anger in her eyes. "What are you following us for?"

"Ah?!" Shen Ying stared blankly and took a step back, was she not supposed to follow?

"Run along." That female cultivator was even more enraged and very rudely pointed at the deck below. "You can't go up, you can only stay below."

"…" Why?

"Master!" Yi Qing's gaze turned cold as he directly reached out and pulled Shen Ying back to him, his icy look shifting towards the girl.

The girl instantly felt a chill in her heart as she was stunned, she indistinctly felt a scary aura surging towards her.

"Chef!" Lonemoon quickly called out, managing to stop the person who was about to blow up. The girl leading the way in front was also stunned, sweeping a glance at Shen Ying, she said in slightly surprise. "She's your Master? Then are you all… cultivators?"

Lonemoon then turned around with cupped fists and smiled. "Immortal Elder, the three of us are indeed cultivators." As he spoke, he released the spirit pressure of the Foundation Establishment phase.

The girl's eyes widened, becoming even more surprised. She quickly returned the bow, saying, "Please don't call me Immortal, Elder! Turns out its three fellow Daoists, we have been ignorant."

"You're too polite." Lonemoon continued. "It's just my friend here doesn't really know the way well, it's really inconvenient for her to be separated from us… can you…" He couldn't imagine letting Shen Ying out of their sight, 100% she would get lost!

The girl was at a loss for a moment, don't know the way? Would get lost on the spirit boat? But after glancing at the two males, something came to mind and she compromised in the end. "Since everyone are cultivators, we'll arrange for her to stay next door?"

"Many thanks fellow Daoist." Lonemoon smiled politely and gave his thanks again.

The girl blushed instantly, quickly waving her hand with a smile. "You're welcome, it's our duty, it's our duty!" Then she led all of them upstairs.

Only after arriving on the top deck, did they realize that while this spirit boat seemed big, its interior wasn't any luxurious at all. It seemed like it was specially used to transport people. Other than Lonemoon and Chef's room which had a relatively more complete set of furniture, the others were really just rooms, not even a chair could be seen.

Especially, after being shoved next door, she only realized that there were a dozen of female cultivators dressed in long robes inside already. Some were resting with their eyes closed, others were meditating, everyone had some injuries on them.

Seeing her walk in, they all looked up, multiple gazes swept across her, unsure whether it was an illusion, she somehow felt that gazes were a little odd. The female cultivator who showed her in left a word of explanation and left, the people then retracted their gazes and went on with their own business, not paying any more extra attention to her.

Shen Ying did not too much either, after  confirming  that there were indeed no chairs, she pulled out a thick cushion, found a corner and settled down, calmly munching on her own fruits.

So boring, when would her meal be ready?

She did not sit for too long, after about two fruits' time a familiar aroma came wafting. In the next second, the door opened with a creak and Chef walked over carrying a table full of food, he stopped without looking neither left nor right before Shen Ying, placed the small table down and handed a pair of chopsticks over. "Master, time for your meal."

"Okay." Shen Ying quickly finished the fruit she was holding then took the chopsticks. Right in front of a dozen people in the whole room, she started eating alone. Before the female cultivators recovered from the shock from the male suddenly walking in, the aroma of delicacies wafted to them. Despite the fact that these people had abstained from eating for a long time, their stomachs still rumbled from the smell.

Hence the sounds of swallowing instantly echoed in the room, so… so fragrant…

( 『̄̄)

Didn't Senior Sister say earlier that this lady was a cultivator too? Why did she still need to eat? And enjoying her food so much?

Yet the two people had no self-awareness that they were tempting people at all, one munched on happily while the other occasionally served a glass of water, handed a napkin, even introduced the dishes from the side.

"Master, Father Niu isn't here, you can eat slower, no hurry." Master, try this stew meat? I kept it cooking using spirit qi, the timing is just right, it melts in the mouth."

"Master, this spirit soup is thick and aromatic, I have more here, would you like another bowl?"


With every sentence he said, everyone swallowed a mouthful of saliva, feeling like the aroma became even more fragrant. Finally, someone could not take it anymore and stood up, saying as she walked out, "I'll go switch shifts with Junior Sister."

"I also feel much better now, I'll go too."

"And me! I'll go catch a breather!"

"Wait for me…" In moments, more than half of the entire room left. Yet the two without self-awareness continued to eat like there was nobody around.

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