My Master Disconnected Yet Again Chapter 701-704 (End)

Chapter 701: Passing Over the Plane

Shen Ying became a true boss,. The kind that couldn't even be controlled by the Chaos Void itself. For Lonemoon, this was nothing out of the ordinary.


"Actually, Little Ying this time…" Shen Jing scanned a certain someone who was still munching on potato chips opposite from her. Shen Jing cleared her mind and pulled out all the information she had regarding the Chaos Void. after sighing, she said, "This judge…" Shen Jing was being put in quite a spot given her new job as the judge.

"Is it very troublesome?" Shen Ying asked instinctively. She just had to clear up the messes between all the planes. This made her not that much different from monitors.

"Nonsense!" Shen Jing rolled her eyes. "Although  planes rarely come into contact with one another, we can't rule out managers who stir trouble on purpose. Or  even… monitors." She seemed to realise something as she frowned. "There are countless planes within the Chaos Void. I don't know how many problems there are waiting for me to solve." At the end of the day, all these things just spelled trouble.

From the looks of it, Shen Ying was not the biggest problem Shen Jing had. There were way too many things happening within the Chaos Void. Little Ying was special, but Shen Jing knew her character best. She would definitely not do anything that would harm her plane.

"Elder Shen, can't you sense where the dangers in the void are?" Yi Qing could not help ut ask. Even managers could sense when there was danger in their plane. Surely judges would be able to do the same.

Shen Jing glanced at him. "By the time I sense it, it would not be considered a mere danger." She indeed could sense everything that was happening in all the planes within the Chaos Void. But what bad person would inform everybody just before he does something bad? Such things would only be uncovered when they reach a certain horrible state. By then, Shen Jing imagined that they would be difficult to resolve.

It was just like when she first became a manager and met her first invader. By the time Mi Le, the monitor, realised that someone from another plane had invaded theirs, Shen Jing was already almost done solving the problem. Now that she was a judge, things would definitely be much harder for her. Of course she would not want something like that to happen again.

But the Chaos Void really was too big, and there was only one of her. No matter how many eyes she had on her, she would surely not be able to keep a watch on every single plane.

"Older Sister! Why don't you use this eye?" Shen Ying suddenly handed the parenting system over.

[Ding! S-System greets… Big Boss Older Sister!] The parenting system's cartoon eye blinked twice before it greeted Shen Jing obediently.

"Eh?" Shen Jing took the parenting system. At once, she got to work. Shen Jing instinctively pulled out her screen and studied the system's data. There was a series of swooshes as complex numbers appeared on the screen and flashed past. She took one glance at it before her eyes widened. "This is… Wait" She lowered her gaze and said, "It has a consciousness!" "Mm." Shen Ying nodded. "It is just made up of a bunch of numbers, but it already has a special soul."

"A living soul? What living  soul?"  Lonemoon  interjected.  He did not understand what Shen Ying had just said. Suddenly, his eyes widened as he recalled  something.  The  parenting  system did not just become a living creature did it?" These things about suddenly gaining a soul… It was  important  to  understand  that the system 001, and the entire hive of  supplementary  systems that they saw earlier had only one goal - that was to gain their own consciousness by having their own primary soul.  If  what Shen Jing was saying was true,  then  the  parenting  system already had one! "It developed its own consciousness?"

"It wasn't me!" Shen Ying put the last of the potato chips in her mouth, then turned to take Chef's storage bag from him. As she did that, she said, "It was your Chef."

"Me?" Chef, who was just passing Shen Ying some pastries, stared blankly at her.

"Mm." She nodded and continued, "The two of you are the managers. From the beginning, you acknowledged the parenting system's existence. It was a matter of time before it developed its own consciousness and possessed its own soul."

Lonemoon and Yi Qing exchanged a quizzical look, then turned back to her. Indeed, they had realised the parenting system existed from very early on. Yet, they never saw it as a problem to be dealt with - even though it kept taking over Feng Ying's body. They just kept listening to its intermittent announcements through Shen Ying.

Especially when it became a block later on, it was even harder for them to join Feng Ying together with it again. Since then, the system followed Shen Ying around like a dog. This human- like behaviour caused Lonemoon and Yi Qing to stop seeing the system as a bunch of numbers. Instead, it saw it as an individual… person?

Both Lonemoon and Chef were managers - they represented two whole planes. If they had both acknowledged the parenting system as an individual, it was only natural that it would develop its own consciousness.

Suddenly, they wanted to pay tribute to the whole colony of invader systems. They planned for so long and went to such great lengths to go to all the different planes, yet did not manage to accomplish a single thing. Yet, the parenting system did nothing at all to achieve what they wanted the entire time. All their planning was not worth even the parenting system's boot-licking!

So… was it much more useful to boot-lick?

(o )ノ

"Older Sister, can I use this?" Shen Ying paid no mind to the two confused men.

Shen Jing kept the screen and nodded. "Not bad! With this system, things will really be much less troublesome." The parenting system was connected to the thousands of other systems from earlier. What's more, it could control all of them by itself. This meant that it had countless eyes, that could help Shen Jing with controlling all the planes in the  Chaos  Void. "The only thing is… Its programme needs adjusting." There were many problems with the programme that the supplementary systems were using, mostly because they were from all sorts of different planes. Since they were invaders, they would undoubtedly affect the current plane they were in. But Shen Jing was a judge. She had the freedom to enter the other planes.

As if realising what Shen Jing was thinking, the parenting system immediately turned two rounds around her. As it flew around her, it made excited electronic noises.

[System will always be at Big Boss Older Sister's service from now on! Big Boss Older Sister will reign the Chaos Void for
thousands of years! (๑•ᄇ•́)و✧]

Lonemoon: "…"

Yi Qing: "…"

This was not a professional system - it was just a professional boot-licker!

"Alright, come here!" Shen Jing reached out and the parenting system immediately landed on her palm obediently. Changing the data of the countless supplementary systems would not be an easy task. Shen Jing would have to take the parenting system back and do it slowly.

She turned around to look at Shen Ying. As if thinking of something, she frowned. "When I was still a monitor, I thought of letting you take over my job as the manager."

Shen Ying hesitated and instinctively took a step back, but Shen Jing continued, "But given your current situation, I don't think that's possible." The Chaos Void was too afraid of Shen Ying's powers. It probably would not acknowledge her.

"…" Phew… That's good, that's good. It's troublesome to manage a plane! It took her so much effort just to get rid of two planes earlier.

"I'm now a judge. I don't think I can keep staying in this plane in the future. Naturally, I can't be the manager of this plane anymore. Before the next manger is chosen, there has to be someone here to watch over things."

Shen Ying and Chef exchanged a meaningful look. With total chemistry, they stepped back and left  Lonemoon in front  of them.

"Holy shit! What are all of you looking at me for!" Lonemoon pursed his lips and glared at them.

The two of you have countless tricks up your sleeve. They had already thrown two planes at him - were they going to throw third one at him now?

Flips table!


Chapter 702: Going Home Together

At last, Lonemoon did not accept Shen Jing's plane. After all, Shen Jing still had a plane assistant. Although she looked down on Kaitian, he did work under her for all those years. Apart from Shen Ying, he was the most familiar with that  plane. Before the new manager appeared, all he had to do was look after the plane. That was within his means. At most, his workload would increase by… just three times!

Shen Jing accepted her job as the judge pretty quickly and without much conflict. Lonemoon thought that this had to do with Shen Ying on the one hand, and the amount of experience she had on the other.

Shen Ying once mentioned in passing that when she was younger, she would often be attacked by invaders. They had all experienced Shen Jing's prowess. Those invaders could not beat Shen Jing - they had no choice but to go after Shen Ying. Invaders like that were at the very most just managers. At the time, in order to protect Shen Ying and protect the plane, the pain that Shen Jing had to go through was unimaginable. That was why she had such a strong urge to destroy all the other planes before - it was all because of her painful past. Shen Jing was very different from the judge before. In the past, even monitors did not know that the judge existed. All he did was do some work from the background. Shen Jing, on the other hand, got in touch with the monitors immediately to announce her presence.

The message was clear: Do not cause trouble or I will cause trouble for you!

Although this was a little dangerous - there would always be blind people who think that they are unbeatable and who would want to come and challenge Shen Jing - nobody would really be Shen Jing's match given that she's so powerful. What's more, her only weak point, Shen Ying, was now much more powerful than she was.

Thus, there was no need for her to remain in hiding.

As for the parenting system, its name had been changed to the Chaos Void Monitoring System. Its main job was to assist Shen Jing in crossing the various planes and collecting information. This allowed Shen Jing to solve problems more quickly. It had the same job of entering various planes. While it did so illegally before, it was now doing so proudly. With the judge's assurance, so many planes issued permit passes to the system that it collected an entire stack of it. The best thing was the system no longer needed to possess anyone's body in order to get its work done.

Of course, Cheff's and Lonemoon's planes were the first to issue the permits to the system. The parenting system carefully crafted a supplementary system for Feng Ying to take back with him. After all, he has been the system's living place for so many years. It was its duty to come up with a replacement now that they were going to part ways for good.

Shen Ying and her two other companions did not remain long in the plane. After looking around at the place and watching Kaitian get busier, they took the chance while Shen Jing was editing the system's data to go back to their plane's Divine Realm. If they did not leave then, they guessed that they would not have gotten another chance.

As to the master and disciple's reaction to sell their father out earlier, Lonemoon expressed great annoyance. He deducted three months' allowance and told them to reflect on their own behaviour. "I'm so hungry!" Shen Ying rubbed her ear, which Father Niu had pulled on earlier. Then, she patted her stomach. "Why don't we eat before reflecting?"

"Alright, Mas-"

"Dream on!" Before Chef could finish speaking, Lonemoon roared at him. He was so close to exploding that he immediately turned down Shen Ying's ridiculous request. Do you think you freaking would reflect? He turned to glare at the two of them, saying, "Eat, eat, eat… Eat until you're dead! Let's get back to Invincible Sect before talking." She just had three bags of potato chips and six fruits - was she really a bottomless pit?


"No buts!" Lonemoon opened a realm gate.

He was just about to step in when Chef reached out to stop him. "Father Niu." "What's the matter?" Lonemoon turned and scanned him from head to toe. He was still mad. Are you trying to cheat me again?

Chef retrieved a fruit for Shen Ying and said, "The assistant's seal!"

Lonemoon stared blankly at him for several seconds before he finally understood what Yi Qing was saying. He turned back around to look at the two plane trees For some reason, he felt like the purple tree was lacking in nutrition. It looked slightly… limp.

"The plane tree is not going to hang on for very long," Chef reminded him.

"Shit!" It was then that he recalled something and said, "I know." He turned to glare at Shen Ying. "You caused this?"

Shen Ying was speechless. Meow meow meow? (⊙o⊙?)

But Lonemoon kept walking toward her. He reached out and grabbed Chef's collar, giving him a hard tug. There was a loud rip as Chef's shirt tore where Lonemoon was pulling on it. His strong chest was exposed.


Chef was unprepared. His body swayed from the impact.

"What are you causing all of this trouble for!" Lonemoon shouted at them. Chef immediately stood where he was, not daring to speak. Instead, he stepped forward again.

Shen Ying: "…"

What the hell is going on? Was he going to violate her right there and then? (⊙_⊙)

Was she not going to stop him, or should she not stop him, or was she not going to stop him?

Lonemoon reached out to touch Chef's chest. He pressed down where his hand was, and then quickly retracted his hand. There was a white glow, and a black seal that floated out of Chef's chest. It gathered in Lonemoon's palm, forming half a circle. It looked especially familiar and had a familiar aura about it as well. The seal stayed on Lonemoon's plm for a second before it entered his body.

Chef looked like he just felt some kind of attack. His expression looked funny and his body began to sway. He stepped back a couple of steps.

Shen Ying frowned and held on to him. "What is that?"

"What else? It's the assistant's seal you gave us in the beginning!" Lonemoon set up a recovery array next to Chef as he replied Shen Ying. "An assistant's seal?" Shen Ying hesitated. "Yours?" Why was Lonemoon's seal in Chef's body?

"This is all because you cheated your father!" Lonemoon rolled his eyes as he activated the array. "You did not say anything before pushing both Chef and I back here before. Then, you locked the plane. I was worried that something would happen to you, so I had no choice but to put both halves of the seal in one person's body. That would make it easier to help you!" Who knew that she would return the moment they finished transferring the seal. Cheats would be cheats.

"Oh." So they were not doing anything funny when she got back - they were just transferring the seal.

"We are managers. Our powers are connected." Lonemoon pointed to the plane tree beside him that seemed to be perking up already. "Managers' powers cannot be transferred for too long or it would affect the plane." That was why he accepted his half of the seal back.

He turned to glance at Chef, and realised that he was already recovering. It was then that Lonemoon retracted the array around him. He turned around and opened another passage. "Alright, enough of this nonsense. Let's go back!"

Shen Ying's expression fell. Was she really not allowed to eat?

Chef kept digging in his storage back as he whispered, "Master, I took a lot of ingredients from Elder Shen's refrigerator. I can get to cooking once we get back."

Shen Ying's eyes brightened. She patted Yi Qing hard on the shoulder and said, "Good chef!"

The two of them finally entered the passage.

Lonemoon turned to glance at the master and disciple. He wanted to say something, but then decided against it. Forget it! If what he said was effective, he would no longer be a father. Sigh, he was getting used to it by now!

Ever since he met Shen Ying, his proper business ways had turned into openings for Shen Ying to keep cheating him. But what was more important was that he was still her father! With a daughter like that, what more could he do? He had lost all hope!

But Shen Jing was a judge now. At least there would no longer be anymore blind monitors and managers who  would  invade their planes. In the future, they would finally be  able  to  enjoy days of peace. What's more, with an "accident" like Shen Ying, they had nothing to fear anyway!

Come to think of it, it had been a long time since the three of them returned to Invincible Sect. At first, they thought that dealing with invaders would not take them too long. Who knew that so many things would have happened since then. Now that they had entered the Chaos Void, time seemed to be working differently too. They had no idea how long had passed in the plane. The good thing was that everything was over now - it was finally time to return!

Tian Yi must have arrived at Invincible Sect by  now. Invincible Sect's medicinal business can reap in more profits again. Lonemoon's mind turned to wonder whether Zuo Shuming - that silly man - had ascended to immortality yet.

Mm, he  seemed  to  be  forgetting  something.  Forget  it!  It probably wasn't important anyway.

The unimportant Little Biao: "…"

Didn't they say they would return with my scale?


<The End>

Chapter 703: Prologue 1: Long Way to Marriage

Ever since Shen Jing sent out that message to the entire plane, for some reason, both Chef and Lonemoon saw fewer invasions in their respective planes. The few of them became much more free. Thus, they returned to the Divine Realm after staying at Invincible Sect for awhile.

Lonemoon had handed over nearly all the matters in the sect to Yu Hong and the others. Although they did not really want to take over the title of Sect Master, they were in fact doing all the things expected of the Sect Master. But something was wrong with their brains, so that they thought only Shen Ying would ever be fit to be called the Sect Master.

Lonemoon initially intended on dragging the two cheaters to his own plane to help out. Although there were no more invaders, his plane was still a new plane after all. Even the Heavenly Dao had just formed not long ago. There was always room for the rules to be improved. There were problems all around just waiting to be resolved. Hong Meng, Fatty, Rabbit and Mushroom were not bad, but some things had to be done by the manager. Lonemoon thought that since Chef was also a manager, he could offer up some help. If all else failed, Chef could always copy and paste the Heavenly Dao from his own plane into Lonemoon's. As for Shen Ying…. Forget it!

But when they finally got to it, he realised that although the two planes were largely the same, there were still critical differences between them. One such difference was the techniques and body elements. Some techniques from Chef's plane were not suitable to be used in Lonemoon's. Be it the effectiveness, the incantation or the style, something would always vary.

Suddenly, he remembered Shen Jing saying that every single plane was unique. From the looks of it, this was true. His initial hope of copying Chef's plane was now useless. All he could do was to edit it on his own as time went by. What's more, he had to do it all by himself. Thus, his long-awaited break ended just like that. He began to get busy once again. Chef and a certain foodie, however, just ate and slept all day every day. They were essentially "eating" 1 Lonemoon up.

Even Chef had the luxury of cooping himself up in the kitchen all day. If he was not cooking, he was getting ready to start cooking. The entire Divine Realm smelt of his dishes. The smell was… amazing! Even Fatty, who dropped by occasionally to get some work done, would not be able to stop himself from sitting down and having a bowl of rice. He would then squat at the corner and enjoy it.

Just like that, even Hong Meng - an ancient god who had been around for the longest time - would come down and enjoy a bowl of rice next to Fatty. Then, Rabbit and Mushroom followed suit. In a line, they ate their rice. At the beginning, they only dropped by once in awhile. Then, they came by much more often. It was an odd scene - Lonemoon, Shen Ying and Chef would be seated around a table filled with all sorts of delicacies, while four others would be squatting in a line behind them, drooling over the bowls of white rice in their hands, their eyes red and teary.

Perhaps Shen Ying became scared by their looks of misery and hunger. On a certain day, she asked them, "Do you… want to join us?"

"Alright!" The four of them called out in unison.

Thus, they set up another table beside them and shared all the vegetarian dishes. Originally, Lonemoon did not think much of this. But later on, he realised something was amiss. Chef always cooked as if he was feeding a pig. And Shen Ying was a foodie. She was a bottomless pit. Meal times lasted at least two hours when it was just the three of them. That was six hours each day. Now that they had more people with them, this meant that they needed more time to finish their meals. If this added two hours to meal times each day, that meant they now spent eight hours a day just eating.

As a good businessman, Lonemoon had always stuck to an eight-hour workday. Based on his calculations, he was the only one working until he was dead beat every single day! The other four of them from his plane were just spending their work hours eating and not doing anything!

This made Lonemoon feel terribly uncomfortable. He could not let this go on! Thus, he cancelled meals during  their working hours and dragged the four of them out of the Divine Realm. Then, he took away their authority to enter it  ever again. They were to go back to squatting down and having white rice only! He turned to glare at the two wastrels. It was bad enough that they were not helping. They were freaking taking away his employees too! Did they forget who was giving them the allowance to buy all these food? Yet, the two of them did not seem like they knew they were in the wrong. Instead, Chef began to explore new recipes now that he had fewer people to cook for. He completely forgot that he was a sword cultivator. From time to time, he would even bring over new dishes for Lonemoon to taste.

"Father Niu, I saw pastries like that in Elder Shen's plane, but Master doesn't have a sweet tooth. I'm going to change them to spicy pastries - why don't you give it a taste?"

Lonemoon glanced at the plate in his hands and pursed his lips. He really wanted to stab Yi Qing in that moment. "Get lost! Do you think I can't tell? Who eats spicy cakes!"

"Eh? Does this flavour not work?" He had only seen it once.

"No, why don't you try it on your own!"

"Oh." Disappointed, Yi Qing retracted the cake. He summoned a flame in his hands and burned the plate clean. Lonemoon: "…"

F*cking hell! You did not even dare to try the cake, so you made me try it, didn't you!


But Chef had already turned to walk off. He was again gathering brand new ingredients. He looked so relaxed and peaceful, Lonemoon thought that it was weird he was not humming. What's more, compared to before, Chef looked a lot less cautious. Perhaps now that there were fewer invaders in his plane and things were stable, he felt much more relaxed. There was no sense of danger at all.

Lonemoon looked down at himself, working like a dead dog. Then, he turned to glance at a certain someone, who was slumped in her chair. He could not help but stir trouble.

"Chef, is it right for you to be this relaxed?" Chef picked up a pot and paused. He looked confused as he said, "But there aren't any invaders, and Shortie is looking after the plane. There isn't anything worth worrying about. Elder Shen is a judge as well. I don't think we will ever face any trouble in future." I don't think anybody blind would come and look for trouble on their own, would they?

"Oh." Lonemoon picked up a pastry from the counter and put the entire thing in his mouth. "How about you and Shen Ying? Don't you have any plans?"

"Master?" He turned to look at Shen Ying, still slumped down in her chair. His gaze softened and his entire body seemed to emit love. "As long as Master is by my side, I have nothing else to ask for."

"…" Lonemoon suddenly felt like he was choking on the pastry. He looked down immediately. I'm going blind, I'm going blind. I want to burn them so badly! He scanned Chef from head to toe and couldn't help but say, "Let me ask you - when are you planning to settle down with Shen Ying? Given your situation, do you think you'll obtain Elder Jing's approval?"

Chef's face drained of all colour at once. His hands began to tremble. The pot fell out of his hands and landed with a loud clunk. Even the True Phoenix Fire on the stove went out.

"Holy shit! Are you just thinking about it now?"


"You could not beat Shen Jing when she was just a monitor.
Do you think you can beat her now?"


"What are you looking at me for? I can't do anything about it. Shen Jing loves controlling her younger sister - you know that. She'll kill you for sure!"


"Don't do this… There's no point squatting down and drawing circles on the floor!"

"…" Autistic!

"Wait… What are you holding your sword for?"


"Holy shit, let me go! I don't want to join in your perverted training!"

Shit, he would not have stirred trouble if he had known earlier that this would happen!


Ch 703 Footnote 1
Mandarin slang for cheating

Chapter 704: Epilogue 2: The Difference Between a Sword Cultivator and a Pill Cultivator

Compared to Lonemoon's new plane, the Invincible  Sect really had nothing much to worry about. At the Sect's early stages, there was only Yu Hong and the other eight sisters. Now, all of them were immortal cultivators. Si Yu in particular was the quietest, but she was the most aware of them all. Naturally, her cultivation level was also the highest among them all. Now, she was already a Young Emperor, and was well on her way to becoming an Immortal Emperor. In addition to the fact that she was a body cultivator, she was much stronger than the other Celestial Emperors in the various continents.

As for Tian Yi, who had just ascended awhile ago, his luck seemed to get him to ascend straight to the Bo Sea continent. He took the token that Lonemoon had given him and found his way all the way to the Invincible Heavenly Palace. Yu Hong arranged for him to train under Boss Lan and Floaty, so that he could continue learning how to refine pills under them. After all, he had only just ascended. Everything he knew about pills in the lower realm was now obsolete. He had to relearn everything.

The good thing was that the Invincible Sect was extremely efficient. They had a constant supply of immortal herbs. What's more, Tian Yi was a natural pill cultivator - he picked things up very quickly. Boss Lan was extremely heartened that his progress was so good. After organising two lessons for him, he gave Tian Yi a few recipes and orders, then told him to train on his own.

Tian Yi was quite afraid of this process at first. All the lower- grade immortal pills required immortal herbs to refine them. He was only an Earth Immortal - it would not be nice for him to waste too much herbs. Yet, when he tried refining his first cauldron of first-grade pills, he caused ten explosions in a row. At first, he thought that he would be punished. However, all Master Lan did was hand him the key to the store room and say, "Here! Go and get your own immortal herbs. I'm too lazy to deliver any more of them to you." Then, he turned and called out to an immortal named Radish. Together, they went to water the immortal herbs.

Tian Yi was so guilty for being a burden. After pondering over this for awhile, he went to turn himself in to Master Floaty.

For some reason, he could not rest knowing that he was wasting so many immortal herbs. What's more, he had heard that the Invincible Heavenly Palace was the Heavenly Palace of the emperor of the Bo Sea. Ever since the emperor of the Bo Sea took his place, he never took in another disciple. Tian Yi himself had only been allowed to join the Invincible Sect because Brother Lonemoon had handed him that token. Although he had no idea where Lonemoon was now, he knew that he could not let Lonemoon down.

But the moment Floaty heard his report, he gave Tian Yi an immortal herb that resembled a dandelion. In a mysterious way, he said, "Why don't you put this in the concoction and see what happens? it will increase the pill's grade and protect the cauldron from exploding!" After awhile, he added, "It'll be alright as long as you don't let Radish catch you."

Tian Yi: "…"


No, he came to ask for forgiveness, not to cheat on his assignments! The immortal herb in his hands was without a doubt a top-grade immortal herb. It looked much more precious than the herbs in the rear mountain. Why was Floaty giving him this for no good reason! Were they used to being as wasteful as he was being? Tian Yi had no other choice. He could only go back and tell the Managing Elder, Elder Yu Hong. She was the most senior in the sect, and she controlled everything that happened within it. Tian Yi was sure that he would not go wrong by reporting this matter to her.

Indeed, when Elder Yu Hong heard what he had to say, she frowned and tapped her fingers on the table for a long while. She looked to be in deep thought as she took one look at Tian Yi. After awhile, she retrieved a key and handed it to him, saying, "The sect is indeed lacking in lower-level immortal herbs. Why don't you use the fourth- and fifth-grade herbs first. You could even use the sixth- or seventh- grade ones if you want." With that, she dropped the key in his palm.

Tian Yi: "…"

Huh? Huh?


No,  he  was not  complaining  that there  was  not enough immortal herbs! Much less was he trying to get better-grade immortal herbs! Why was everyone taking his message wrongly!

"Junior Brother Tian Yi, keep working hard!" Before TIan Yi could respond, Yu Hong patted him on the shoulder and encouraged him. "Keep at your training. If there is anything you're not sure about, ask Boss Lan. He has a lot of time on his hands."

"…" No, Elder, please hear me out.

"Don't worry. Our Sect may be poor, but we also know you need low-grade immortal herbs to train. I'll get the disciples to ask Celestial Emperor Little Biao to give us more. There'll surely be more than enough!"

"…" No, I really didn't come here to ask for more immortal herbs!

(; ́༎Д༎`) "Come to think of it, it doesn't seem like we have enough immortal stones left… Our storage is only 200% full… Why not we expand our market to the demonic realm too?"

"…" Stop it - aren't immortals and demons not supposed to get along?

Wait a moment!

Why did he feel like… Elder Yu Hong's habit of trying to make profits was so familiar? Yet, he could not recall whom she resembled.

A long while later, Tian Yi finally understood. Immortal herbs that were valuable to the various immortals in the continent were counted as trash in the Invincible Sect.

As a wasteful pill cultivator, he was used to being short on ingredients. Now, he had become wealthy overnight. Tian Yi guessed that he would need much more time to get used to this lifestyle. But before Tian Yi could get used to it, the Invincible Sect began to welcome new people in the sect. Zuo Two Bucks had finally ascended to immortality. The way time worked in the immortal realm was different from the lower realm. Although less than one month had passed in the immortal realm, thousands of years had already gone by in the lower.

What's more, Zuo Two Bucks did not ascend to immortality alone. Instead, when he ascended to immortality, he brought with him a good demon who stayed in Gui Yi Sect for thousands of years, refusing to leave - the demon, Little Three.

Ever since Shen Ying left them, Little Three had not dared to get off his knees. At first, the people of Gui Yi Sect were a little afraid. After all, it was a demon- a Skyfiend at that. But after awhile, they realised that he seemed to be rooted there. He did not even move from his position a single inch. Slowly, the people of Gui Yi Sect let their guards down.

But the demonic Qi around him still caused a disturbance in the sect, even if he was not actively trying to attack them. In the beginning, the plants around him began to wilt. Slowly, all the herbs on the mountain died. Within a certain radius of where Little Three was kneeling, they could not grow any more immortal herbs. The Gui Yi Sect's Patriarch was so anxious that he cried out. After all, they were a sect of pill cultivators. What good was the land if they could not plant any spirit herbs on it! Yet, no matter who said what, Little Three refused to get up. He looked at them as if to say, "Don't even dream of bluffing me, a demon with multiple brains!"

Just like that, Little Three knelt there for a  few  hundred years. All the spirit herbs in the sect were nearly wiped clean. Zuo Two Bucks, who was a Nascent Soul cultivator at the time could not help but say, "Little Three, kneeling here is not a solution either. A person as kind as Lady Shen would hope to see you go out and help others for sure. Do more good things. For all you know, she would be happier and forgive you!"

"Is that true?" Little Three stared blankly at him. He was beginning to look convinced.

Zuo Two Bucks kept trying to persuade him to get up. Finally, Little Three bought his story and stood up hesitantly.  From then on, he followed Zuo Two Bucks around and helped to do more good in the place. Perhaps because he was a demon, this had a huge impact on the people around him. Because of his actions, the fiendish cultivator sects around all began to turn over a new leaf. After all, it was the goal of all fiendish cultivators  to ultimately become a demon. If demons were doing good things, it showed that their old way of training was flawed.

Thus, under Little Three's guidance, the demonic cultivators began to get along well with the rest of the cultivators. They made friends and co-operated. This harmony continued all the way until Zuo Two Bucks ascended to immortality.

To prevent Little Three from going back and kneeling after Zuo Two Bucks ascended to immortality, Zuo Two Bucks dragged Little Three up to the upper realm with him. Thus, Little Three followed Zuo Two Bucks all the way back to the Invincible Sect as well. As the saying went: He needed to seek forgiveness from Exalted Goddess.

In his thousands of years training in the lower realm, Zuo Shuming did not once get distracted from his path. He focused on becoming a good sword cultivator. The moment Yu Hong saw him, she knew that Elder Lonemoon was the one who trained him. She accepted him into the sect immediately, and instructed the other disciples to train him up. He was only an Earth Immortal. The other disciples needed someone like him to train with. Soon, he would make progress! Mm… Sword cultivators have good endurance right? Zuo Two Bucks: "…"

"Wait, Senior Sister! I haven't gotten an immortal sword! Can you give me a sword before you hit me?"

"Shut up! HIt him!"


"Senior Brother, I am only an Earth Immortal. Even sword cultivators of this level would not be able to withstand a blow from Mystic Immortals. Please, stop treating me like a punching bag!"

"It'll be alright, Junior Brother. You won't die!"


"Eh? Senior  Sister,  what  do  you  want?  You  don't  have  to transform - I wouldn't be able to beat you either way!"

"I'm respecting my opponent!"

"Wait, no, help!"

Zuo Two Bucks seriously doubted his life choices, especially after seeing Tian Yi. The latter squatted peacefully in the pill refinement room each day, holding a fifth-grade immortal herb in his left hand and an eighth-grade immortal lotus in his right. In fact, this image made Zuo Two Bucks seriously consider running back to the lower realm.

Speaking of which… Was it too late to become a pill cultivator now?
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