Coiling Dragon Book 21 – The Peak (End)

Book 21 – The Peak

Chapter 1, The Overgod of Life

In the skies above the South Sea, Beirut, Bluefire, and Bebe were standing off to one side as in the air, a blurry figure slowly solidified.

Green robes. Long, jade-green hair. Jade-green eyes. Her smile seemed to cause the entire universe to tremble.

“This is the Overgod of Life?”  Linley stared at the woman who had appeared. The woman who was wearing the Crown of Life on her head! His heart couldn’t help but clench with nervousness. In terms of appearance, Linley had never before seen anyone who was more perfect than the Overgod of Life. In terms of aura, the noble, exalted aura of the Overgod of Life was so prominent and pristine.

The Overgod of Life’s gaze fell upon Linley.

“Since  the  creation  of  the  universe,  this  is  the  seventh Overgod mission, and my second time issuing an Overgod mission. Congratulations, Linley Baruch, for completing it.” The Overgod of Life’s voice was very gentle. Not only could it be heard through the ears; it reverberated within his mind as well. “According to the rules of the mission, you can now make a request of me. If I am able to accomplish it, I will do so for you.”
As the sound echoed, Linley completely lost his bearings.

“What request do you have?” The Overgod of Life said.

Only now did Linley come to his senses.

Beirut and Bluefire came to their senses as well. They, too, were stunned. “Bluefire, with but a faint smile, the Overgod of Life caused us to lose our bearing. This is too terrifying.” Beirut sent mentally. “The Overgods truly are supreme. The power of an Overgod artifact is definitely far beyond that of a Sovereign artifact.” “Right. Unfortunately, Linley won’t choose an Overgod artifact.” Bluefire secretly sighed as well.

“Almighty Overgod of Life, my request is to have my Grandpa Doehring be brought back to life!”  Linley raised his head to look at the Overgod of Life as he spoke.

“Back to life…” The Overgod of Life was momentarily silent.

Linley’s heart grew nervous. “I have to succeed! Grandpa Doehring has to come back to life!” Based on what Linley knew, after someone’s soul was dispersed, Sovereigns became unable to rescue that person. Only Overgods might have that ability, especially the Overgod of Life. She herself was the personification of the Edicts of Life, and controlled the lives of the countless living creatures of the countless planes.

“Forgive  me.  I  am  unable  to  satisfy  your  request.”   The Overgod of Life’s voice was as calm as ever.

“Unable?” Bebe instantly stared. 
“Unable?” Beirut and Bluefire were startled as well.

Linley’s mind went blank. The only thing in it was the words of the Overgod of Life, which echoed repeatedly. “Forgive me. I am unable to satisfy your request.”
“Unable to satisfy? Unable to satisfy?”  Linley’s gaze grew sharp, and he stared straight at the Overgod of Life. He said frantically,  “Overgod  of  Life,  you  control  the  creation  and dissipation of the lives of all the creatures of the universe. Why can’t you bring someone back to life whose soul has dissipated?”
He had risked everything to lie to the Sovereigns and fight to acquire the Overgod talismans. He had done all these things to bring Grandpa Doehring back to life.

But the Overgod of Life was unable to do it? “Forgive me. I am unable to do this.”  The Overgod of Life shook her head.

“But you are an Overgod!”  Linley called out frantically, his heart filled with unwillingness to accept this.

The Overgod of Life said calmly, “Linley Baruch, according to the rules of the mission, I will satisfy a request of yours. However, this request must be something I can do. The dispersal of one’s soul symbolizes a true death. This is an unalienable part of the Edicts. I am the Edicts of Life. Naturally, I cannot act in a way that violates the Edicts.”
“My very existence is that which allows the Edicts to function in the countless planes of the universe. To bring back to life someone whose soul was dispersed is to break the Edicts. If I were to break the Edicts, then the countless planes of the universe would no longer be bound by the Edicts. By then, without the protection and binding of the Edicts, the countless planes would themselves collapse.”  The Overgod of Life said calmly.

Linley’s face turned white. His eyes were filled with despair. 
“Boss…”  Bebe  looked  towards  Linley,  his  eyes  filled  with nervousness.

“So that’s how it is.” Beirut and Bluefire exchanged a glance.
They couldn’t help but shake their heads and sigh.

Overgods were seemingly almighty, but in the end, they were the personifications of the Edicts.

Once a person’s soul was shattered and dissipated, they were truly dead. This was part of the Edicts.

How could the Edicts themselves do something which was against the Edicts? After all, the responsibility of the four Overgods was to allow the Edicts to function normally and without interruption.

“I expended countless efforts to seize these Overgod talismans, all for that tiny shred of hope. Who would have imagined…that  in  the  end,  it  was  all  for  nothing!”  Linley lowered his head. Silently, two streams of tears flowed out. “Grandpa Doehring…” The response of the Overgod of Life had settled it. Grandpa Doehring would never come back again.

At most, he would forever exist in Linley’s memories.

“Boss. Don’t be too heartbroken.” Bebe said hurriedly.

“The heavens gave me hope, which allowed me to fight, to work hard, to struggle. But in the end, after I accomplished what I needed to, the heavens smashed that hope that they had given me.” Linley laughed with bitterness.

Beirut and Bluefire walked over as well.

“Linley,  don’t  be  too  heartbroken.  Life,  death,  sickness, infirmity…these things are far too common. You can’t have perfection in all things, just because you desire it.” Beirut said consolingly. “Where there is life, there shall be death! Life and death are determined by the Edicts of the universe.” Bluefire consoled as well. “You and I have surpassed life and death and live indefinitely, but if we were to die, our souls would also be dissipated, and we wouldn’t be able to come back either. There are many, many people in the world who have lost loved ones.
Take a wiser view of things.”
“I  understand  this  principle.”  Linley  took  a  deep  breath, struggling to calm down.

If he had known all along that there was no hope, that would have been one thing. Linley would have kept his pain buried deep in his heart.

But after finding hope and struggling towards it, only to have that hope destroyed…this was like sprinkling salt onto a wound. It truly was painful.

“The existence of the universe requires that the restrictions of the Edicts be maintained.” The Overgod of Life said calmly. “Even though you have completed the Overgod mission, your request must be in accordance with the restrictions of the Edicts. I am unable to fulfill the request you made. Now, Linley Baruch, please change your request.”
“Change my request?” Linley was stunned.

“The  successful  completion  of  an  Overgod  mission  means that I must fulfill a request of yours.” The Overgod of Life said calmly.

The earlier request that Linley had made was ineffective, and so naturally he had to be given another one.

“Boss, hurry up and make a request.” Bebe said frantically.

“Linley, there is no way to bring your Grandpa Doehring back to life. For now, I think you had best choose an Overgod artifact.” Beirut’s eyes were shining, and he hurriedly urged Linley, “Perhaps, you might have other dreams, but in this universe, many things depend on one’s own power! Only with enough power will many things be solvable.” Bluefire said hurriedly as well, “It would be best if you chose an Overgod artifact that suited you. An Overgod artifact that will let you release your power to the greatest extent.”
“I understand.” Linley nodded.

After having experienced so much, Linley knew that only with enough strength would many things be easily accomplished.
“What  sort  of  Overgod  artifact  should  I  request?”  Many thoughts came to Linley’s mind. “A defensive Overgod artifact? No, that’s not that great an idea. My personal defense is already quite good. In addition, when I use my hands and feet to attack, I’m unable to unleash my full power.”  Linley was still the most proficient in swordplay.

Whether when he using the heavy adamantine sword, Bloodviolet, or Mirage…
Linley’s supreme attacks had all relied on the sword. 
“I will request a sword-shaped Overgod artifact.” Linley came to his decision.

Linley raised his head to look at the Overgod of Life, who stood there in midair. “Almighty Overgod of Life, I need a weapon-type Overgod artifact. A sword-shaped Overgod artifact!”
“I…shall satisfy your request.” The Overgod Life said calmly, while at the same time, she stretched out her slender right hand. A green sword shadow slowly began to materialize and solidify, and an astonishing, sharp energy began to condense, causing the surrounding space to crack and shatter.

“An Overgod artifact!” Beirut, Bluefire, and Bebe all stared.

According to the legends, only the Overgods were capable of creating an Overgod artifact. In the past, only the four Chief Sovereigns of the Edicts and the Chief Sovereign of Light were in possession of an Overgod artifact! “This Overgod sword…” Linley viewed it carefully.

It was a nearly 1.5 meter long green longsword. The guard of the sword was shaped like a flower petal, and the sword’s handle had runed etchings in the shape of coiling tendrils that perfectly matched the location where one would grip it. As for the blade of the sword, it was covered with diagrams of all sorts of plants and flowers. Both edges of the sword were extremely sharp. The longsword didn’t move, but just by hanging there, it brought the surrounding space to a point of near collapse.

“This is the Life Overgod Sword. Only after reaching the Sovereign level will you truly be able to withstand the terrifyingly powerful energy within this sword. Only then will you be able to truly bind it.” The Overgod of Life gently stroked the longsword with her left hand, and instantly, the luster of the longsword immediately retreated, making it seem plain and unadorned.

At first glance, it looked just like an ordinary sword. The surrounding space quickly returned to normalcy. “Linley Baruch, I have already satisfied your request.” As she spoke, the Life Overgod Sword flew out of her hands and floated towards Linley.

And then, the body of the Overgod of Life slowly dissipated. In the blink of an eye, the world returned to its normal calm, as though the Overgod of Life had never appeared.

“The Life Overgod Sword.”  Linley held the sword, and the coiling vines that were carved atop the handle were perfectly suited for his hand to grip onto.

“Why don’t I feel anything?” Linley wielded the Life Overgod Sword, but couldn’t feel any unusual energy to it. He couldn’t help but turn to look at the nearby Bluefire and Beirut. “Lord Beirut, tell me, what was the use of me requesting this Overgod sword?”
“Haha, of course there’s an important use for it.” Beirut laughed loudly. “An Overgod artifact. An Overgod artifact!”  Bluefire’s eyes were shining as well.

Right at this moment, Bebe sent to Linley, “Boss, my grandpa asked you to acquire an Overgod artifact, but you are unable to bind it. After all, only by using Sovereign power can that be done. Do you think that Grandpa did this because…he wants it for himself?”
Bebe was a bit worried for Linley.

Linley looked carefully at Beirut and Bluefire, then shook his head mentally and said, “I don’t think so. Given Beirut’s power, if he wanted it, he would’ve taken it long ago. Prior to this, when I wanted to ask to bring Grandpa Doehring back to life, Lord Beirut and Mr. Leylin didn’t try to stop me.”
“True.” Bebe nodded slightly.

“I have the Life Overgod Sword in hand now, but…” Linley didn’t feel much joy in his heart, because his goal had been to bring Grandpa Doehring back to life. That hadn’t happened. If Grandpa Doehring could now come to life and appear before Linley, and call out Linley’s name, Linley probably would have gone wild with joy.

Unfortunately, after this, Linley now truly understood that there was no hope at all for Grandpa Doehring to come back to life!

“Lord Beirut. Mr. Leylin. You wanted me to seize this opportunity to request an Overgod artifact from the Overgod of Life.”  Linley looked towards Beirut and Bluefire, puzzled. “Now, I have acquired this Overgod sword, but my lack of power makes it so that I cannot bind it. So what do you want me to do with this Overgod sword?”
For him, the Overgod sword probably wouldn’t even be as effective as Mirage.

“Linley, you don’t need to be impatient about this.” Bluefire said with a laugh. “Linley,  don’t  worry.  Since  I  wanted  you  to  acquire  this Overgod sword, then…I naturally have a way to make it so that you can use it.” Beirut smiled.

Linley was no fool. Upon hearing this, a sudden light flashed in his mind, and he called out in alarm. “Lord Beirut, are you saying…?”
“Do you really need to ask? Linley, tell me, how do you think I became a Sovereign?” Bluefire chortled merrily.

“Grandpa, can it be that you are intending to let my Boss become a Sovereign?” Bebe called out in shock.

Beirut chortled, but didn’t deny it.

Seeing the look on Beirut’s face, Bebe was now completely certain. He couldn’t help but say in disbelief, “Grandpa, to become a Sovereign, you need a Sovereign spark. You and Mr. Leylin are Sovereigns; can it be that you have other Sovereign sparks as well?” Linley just looked at Beirut, puzzled. Even if Beirut had Sovereign sparks, would he really let Linley use them?

“No need to ask so many questions. Just follow me.” Beirut smiled, then immediately turned to fly back.

Chapter 2, The Eighteenth Floor of the Necropolis of the Gods

The skies above the South Sea of the Yulan Plane. Beirut and the others were travelling through it at high speed.

“Become a Sovereign?” Linley stared at Beirut, up ahead.

The events which had occurred within this short day had all been too stunning. Linley felt a bit numb. At first, it had been Beirut displaying his power as a Sovereign. Then, Bluefire had also displayed the power of a Sovereign. Right afterwards, he had met the Overgod of Life. Linley truly felt as though he were in a dream.

And now, based on what Beirut was saying, it seemed as though he was going to make Linley become a Sovereign.

Linley struggled to calm himself down. Only then did he speak out. “Lord Beirut, why would you choose me for the precious opportunity to become a Sovereign? Harry, Bebe, and the  others…you  should  choose  them.”  Linley  spoke  bluntly. Truth be told, in terms of closeness of relationships, Harry and his brothers were Beirut’s own children.

“Them?” Beirut turned to glance at Linley, then laughed. “I gave them a chance, but they weren’t able to grasp it.”
“Grandpa, what do you mean, couldn’t handle it?”
The nearby Bluefire raised a crimson eyebrow, then laughed as he stared at the vast, endless seawater in front of them. “Alright, we’ll be arriving up ahead.”
“This is…” Linley spread his senses forward. “There should be an interdimensional portal below. A corridor to the Necropolis of the Gods!”  In the past, Linley had adventured through the Necropolis of the Gods. Back then, Linley had only been a Saint. After experiencing countless tribulations, he had acquired divine sparks. That time, however, Linley had come to a halt on the eleventh floor.

“Come  in.”   Beirut  said  with  a  smile,  then  directly  flew downwards. 
“Rumble…”  The formerly placid waters of the sea instantly rose up, then parted like a curtain on two sides, revealing an immeasurably deep tunnel.

Linley and Bebe hurriedly followed Beirut and Bluefire deep into the depths of the sea.

Deep within the sea, it was completely silent. There wasn’t any hint of light. Some enormous deep sea behemoths swam about slowly. Linley’s group of four instantly reached the bottom of the sea, moving so quickly that many of the deep sea magical beasts didn’t even notice them.

The bottom of the seabed was filled all sorts of random sea plants, as well as underwater mountain ranges.

The seabed coral reefs rose up atop each other, reaching heights as great as a thousand meters. Sometimes, they would also sink down into bottomless, unfathomably deep trenches. Linley’s group of four strode across the bottom of the sea. While striding forward up ahead, Beirut suddenly turned and went into one of the bottomless trenches next to the reefs. Linley’s group of three had no choice but to follow. This fathomlessly deep tunnel was like the bowels of a behemoth; dark, cold, and immeasurable.

“Grandpa, weren’t we going to the Necropolis of the Gods? The interdimensional portal that leads to the Necropolis of the Gods is still up ahead. Where are we going?” Bebe asked while following.

“I need to retrieve something.” Beirut said with a smile.

Linley was filled with questions, but he still maintained his silence, continuing to follow forward. After moving roughly ten thousand meters deeper, they finally reached the bottom. The bottom of this deep tunnel was an empty space that had a circumference of hundreds of meters, but the strange thing was, even the sea water was kept outside.

“Grandpa, what is this, exactly?” Bebe said, curious. 
The nearby Bluefire let out a sigh. “Beirut, you prepared this in the past, but it seems your preparations no longer need to be made use of.”
Beirut waved his hand, and a powerful surge of green aura shot out from Beirut’s palm. It instantly separated into ten million strands of fine green light, penetrating into the rocky walls of this deep cave. The walls greedily drank in the green light, and instantly, a large number of magical runes began to slowly appear atop the walls.

“This is a magical formation?” Linley frowned as he spoke.

“This is a very unique sealing magical formation.”  Bluefire laughed as he spoke. “In the past, Beirut had schemed to acquire it from the Infernal Realm. This sealing magical formation was altered by Beirut. If you want to activate this sealing magical formation, you must have the power of a Sovereign. Otherwise, there is no way you can open it.” “Lord  Beirut?”   Linley  didn’t  understand.  “This  sealing magical formation was constructed in the Yulan Plane. But other Sovereigns aren’t able to enter the Yulan Plane. Why be so cautious?”
“I was just preparing against all eventualities.”
Beirut let out a sigh. “I was worried that one day, I would be killed by the Chief Sovereign of Light, and also have my treasures be taken away. Thus, I never carried them on me. Rather, I kept them here in the Yulan Plane. I was worried that the Chief Sovereign of Light would send Highgods to come seize it, and so it requires that someone have the power of a Sovereign in order to be able to break this sealing magical formation.”
“If one day I were to die, this treasure would enter Bluefire’s safekeeping.”  Beirut  said.  The  deep  underwater  tunnel  had already slowly grown brighter, to the point of being eye- piercingly brilliant.

Suddenly… “Bang!”
The four walls of the cave and the floor all suddenly trembled, and then completely transformed into dust which flowed down.

“The  grand  sealing  formation?”   Linley  now  completely understood. Beirut had used this grand formation to completely seal off a meter-thick layer of rock at the bottom of this underwater cave. Given Beirut’s abilities in setting up this grand formation, if outsiders wished to break it, they would have to at least be as strong as him.

But setting up this formation was definitely no simple task.

“Lord Beirut, why did you come to break this grand sealing formation today?” Linley said, not understanding.

“It no longer has any purpose, so I might as well break it.” Beirut smiled, then waved his hand. A gust of wind swept downwards, blowing all of the sand to one side and revealing a black box that was just the size of a palm. Beirut’s eyes lit up, and he stretched his hand out to grab the black box.

Bluefire, seeing this, laughed as well.

“Grandpa, what is inside?” Bebe said, puzzled.

“Guess?” Beirut chortled.

“Can it be that it was because of this treasure, that the Chief Sovereign of Light wishes to kill you, Grandpa? Is this treasure the Sovereign spark? Or is it a treasure that is on the level of an Overgod talisman?” Bebe guessed.

“Haha, you are quite clever. Alright, it is time for us to go to the Necropolis of the Gods.” Beirut chortled.

Linley followed behind Beirut, flying once more out from that deep tunnel and towards the interdimensional portal. The portal was located atop an enormous, pitch-black stone that was in the center of a deep ocean valley. The strange spatial ripples could be seen and sensed clearly by Linley’s group from far away.

“In you go.” Beirut willed it, and the interdimensional portal opened.

The four immediately flew in.

They flew through and to the other side of the portal, where they arrived at a different plane.

“The Necropolis of the Gods.” Linley had come here before. He could sense the restrictive power of this plane, and he couldn’t help but look towards Beirut in confusion. “Lord Beirut, this plane should be on a much higher level than a material plane; how can it be so tightly connected with the Yulan Plane?” Linley had entered this place as a mere Saint.

Even one of the five Prime Saints of the Yulan continent, such as Fain, disciple of the War God, had been limited to a divine sense of just ten or so meters.

“This is a plane that was created by a Sovereign.”  Bluefire laughed calmly. “This is a so called ‘divine plane’. Naturally, its restrictive power will be far greater than a material plane’s.”
“However, compared to the Infernal Realm, the restrictive power is much smaller.” Linley evaluated.
The  nearby  Beirut  laughed,  “Linley,  upon  becoming  a Sovereign, one can create a plane. According to legend, however, the Infernal Realm, Netherworld, Celestial Realm, and Life Realm were created separately and individually by the four Overgods. Of course their restrictive power is great. As for the Seven Divine Planes, they were jointly created by the seven Sovereigns of each element. The Divine Light Plane, for example, was created by the Chief Sovereign of Light and the other six Sovereigns of Light working in concert. It is more stable and powerful than this plane of mine as well. After all, this is a plane that I, a Lesser Sovereign, made by myself.”
“Indeed.” Linley already had a vague suspicion that perhaps it was Beirut who had created this plane. 
“Create a divine plane? Wow, that’s incredible.”  Bebe called out in surprised joy. “But Grandpa, Sovereigns should be able to enter this divine plane, right? Aren’t you afraid that the Chief Sovereign of Light will come?”
“Don’t worry. This divine plane is connected to the Yulan Plane. If another Sovereign wishes to enter this plane of mine, as soon as they touch the borders of it, I, as the creator of the plane, will know. If the Chief Sovereign of Light comes, I will instantly enter the Yulan Plane.” Beirut smiled.

Linley secretly sighed in praise. “Beirut truly is cautious.”
“The Necropolis of the Gods is up ahead.” Beirut pointed into the distance.

The waters of the deep sea surged forward. Linley could clearly see that up ahead, there was an enormous, sharp-tipped necropolis that was nearly twenty thousand meters tall and which had a circumference of ten thousand meters. At the front of the necropolis was still that enormous carving of a wingless dragon, an enormous dragon that lay coiled. Its aura was truly astonishing.

The other three sides had carvings of the other three divine beasts.

Last time, Linley hadn’t understood, but this time, Linley completely understood. Linley hurriedly asked frantically, “Lord Beirut, of the four carving, this enormous dragon carving is absolutely identical to the Azure Dragon Phantom that appears when I execute my innate divine ability. As for the other three divine beast carvings, they are identical to the other three divine beast sculptures I saw within the Skyrite Mountains of the Infernal Realm. Is there something special about this place?”
“Yes. This four carvings are of the four divine beasts.” Beirut said with a sigh.

“Follow me.” Beirut immediately flew towards the top of the Necropolis of the Gods. Linley immediately followed. This Necropolis of the Gods had, in total, eighteen floors. Logically speaking, one should have to enter from the first floor, then constantly advance. But this time, Beirut actually led Linley and the others directly to the very tip of the Necropolis of the Gods, and at the top of the wall, a tunnel appeared out of nowhere.

Beirut and Bluefire stepped forward. Although Linley and Bebe felt puzzled, they still followed from behind.

This was a vast, empty space that they had moved into. The entire floor was formed from large pieces of bluestone that were ten meters long. This giant bluestone floor seemed to stretch off into infinity.

The ground was azure.

The sky was azure. Azure with no hint of other colors; it was so clear and bright.

Beirut, Linley, and the others appeared on the bluestone floor. 
“This   is…?”    Linley   stared   around,   puzzled.   Logically speaking, each floor of the Necropolis of the Gods should have guardians, but this floor actually had no one in it at all.

“This is the top of the Necropolis of the Gods. The eighteenth floor.” Beirut smiled.

Bebe said in surprise, “Grandpa, why is it that there is no one here at the legendary eighteenth floor? Isn’t it supposed to be the most terrifyingly dangerous?”
“Who  said  that  the  eighteen  floor  is  dangerous?”  Beirut laughed.

“Doesn’t it get more and more dangerous, the higher up you go?” Bebe mumbled, not understanding. “Hey, Boss, where are you going?” Bebe realized that Linley was actually moving forward. Beirut, seeing the situation, laughed. “Let’s go. Linley has already discovered it.”
Linley had indeed discovered it. In the past, the very first time he had come to the Necropolis of the Gods, he sensed that something within the upper reaches of the Necropolis of the Gods was calling to him. But, at that time, he didn’t have the power to advance farther up. Now, Linley discovered that it was this eighteenth floor that called to him, that drew him.

“Lord Beirut, this, this bluestone floor…beneath it…” Linley turned to look at Beirut.

“Wait a moment.”  Beirut laughed while walking over, his gaze landing on the bluestone floor.

“Creaaaaak.”  Countless bluestone floor tiles began to move about in an orderly fashion. Beneath the bluestone floor, an enormous object began to slowly rise. The bluestone tiles that had simply served as a floor, in the blink of an eye, actually formed into a giant platform, atop which lay an enormous Azure Dragon corpse that was more than ten thousand meters long. That close, familiar aura was calling to Linley. 
“The ancestor…the Azure Dragon?”  Stunned, Linley stared with wide eyes. He was immediately able to recognize it.

Beirut walked over, then sighed, “Right. There are, in total, three Necropolis of the Gods. The other two are only used to store the corpses of ordinary Deities, while this one is the great one. This Necropolis of the Gods, on its eighteenth floor, has the corpse of the Azure Dragon within it. As for the eighteenth floors of the other three directions, they store the corpses of the Vermillion Bird, the White Tiger, and the Black Tortoise.”

Chapter 3, Ten Thousand Years Ago –

The Truth
“The  corpses  of  the  Four  Divine  Beasts?”   Bebe  couldn’t refrain from calling out in shock.

Linley stared at the enormous Azure Dragon corpse in front of him. The draconic scales of the Azure Dragon were still so slick, so seemingly sharp. Even after ten thousand years had passed, the Azure Dragon’s aura was still so awe-inspiring. Linley turned to look at Beirut. Puzzled, he said, “Lord Beirut, for you and Bluefire to be able to become Sovereigns…was because of the Sovereign sparks of the four ancestors?”
Azure Dragon. Vermillion Bird. Black Tortoise. White Tiger. They were Lesser Sovereigns of the water, fire, earth, and wind elements.

Although they were only Lesser Sovereigns, the innate abilities of the Four Divine Beasts were simply too powerful, and when their four innate divine abilities were combined into one terrifying supreme technique, they were even able to fight against a Chief Sovereign. 
“Yes.” Beirut sighed, then nodded. “After all, there are only so many Sovereign sparks in the world. It truly was a tremendous stroke of luck for me to be able to acquire four at once.”
“Grandpa, how did you acquire the Sovereign sparks? When you acquired them, you were only a Highgod.” Bebe said hurriedly.

“Also. How did you acquire the corpses of the Four Divine Beasts?” Linley was completely puzzled as well.

Beirut gave Bluefire a glance, and then Beirut laughed as he looked towards Linley and Bebe, then said with a sigh, “After so many years, there is no longer a need to hide this from you. Regarding the corpses of the Four Divine Beasts…I must first tell you about the battle ten thousand years ago. The battle between the Four Divine Beasts and the Chief Sovereign of Light!” “The four ancestors truly were killed by the Chief Sovereign of Light?” Linley frowned.

“Right. It was the Chief Sovereign of Light who killed them.” Beirut nodded.

“That year, I was in my private room, training. Linley…that’s the  private  room  beneath  your  Dragonblood  Castle.”  Beirut laughed, and Linley nodded slightly. He had guessed long ago that it must have been used by a powerful expert for training, and indeed; it had been Beirut!

“While training, I looked through the translucent membrane of the room and saw that far away, in the middle of the chaotic space, a terrifying battle was going on. It was the Four Divine Beasts, who were fighting energetically against the Chief Sovereign of Light, Augusta.” Beirut said solemnly, and Linley listened attentively.

Beirut seemed to become immersed within his memories. “I was completely stupefied, back then. The Four Divine Beasts on one side, the Chief Sovereign of Light on the other. They were all too powerful. During this battle, the Four Divine Beasts were the weaker side, while the Chief Sovereign of Light held the advantage. The Four Divine Beasts had all completely transformed into their original, divine beast bodies. In addition, the four mighty divine beasts worked together to exert their innate divine abilities!”
Linley and Bebe listened breathlessly.

“It was very terrifying, and also very strange. The innate divine abilities of the Four Divine Beasts were actually able to fuse together perfectly, and they seemed to cause the world itself to change. A blurry, spherical light orb shot directly into the body of the Chief Sovereign of Light. At that time, I was certain that the fused innate divine ability of the Four Divine Beasts should be a soul-focused attack.” Beirut said.

Linley’s heart clenched.

“Augusta’s  body  just  trembled,  but  right  afterwards,  he actually drew out an enormous sword of light and wildly pursued after and attacked the Four Divine Beasts. Most likely due to the failure of their supreme attack, the Four Divine Beasts simply couldn’t believe it…leading to them losing their will to fight. In addition, they were only Lesser Sovereigns. In terms of speed, they were vastly inferior to the Chief Sovereign of Light.” Beirut let out a sigh. “In an instant, the Black Tortoise, Vermillion Bird, and White Tiger were all killed one after the other. Although the Azure Dragon was powerful, he wasn’t able to hold on either. But right at that moment…I was moved to action.”
Linley and Bebe were stunned.

“This  was  because  the  enormous  corpses  of  those  three divine beasts, the Black Tortoise, the Vermillion Bird, and the White Tiger were simply floating in chaotic space, being carried away by the streams of chaotic energy. They weren’t too far away from me.”  Beirut’s eyes were shining. “Such an opportunity was not to be missed. I would give it my best shot! I used the tail of my ‘Godeater Rat’ body to stretch into chaotic space. My body was refined by divine spark essences, and so was as strong as Sovereign artifacts. My tail swung over at high speed, then with a loop, curled around the legs of the corpses of those three enormous divine beast corpses. Right at that moment, the Azure Dragon was killed by Augusta as well, and my tail also gave the Azure Dragon a powerful tug, pulling the four of them all into the Yulan Plane.” Linley and Bebe were completely stunned.

Wealth that was acquired through great danger. Linley could imagine the resolve which Beirut had felt back then! He had risked his life to move at high speed to do this!

“I was frightened as well. Those were Sovereigns! Success meant I would also become a Sovereign! This was a rare chance. I risked everything!” Beirut began to grow very excited when discussing that scene. “I was also very lucky. Most likely, Augusta never imagined that someone would dare ‘steal from the mouth of the tiger’ like that. In addition, his focus was on the Azure Dragon. When he chased after and killed the Azure Dragon, he used a soul attack that sent the Azure Dragon flying. Before dying, the Azure Dragon was charging towards the Yulan Plane’s direction to begin with. I just so happened to be able to take advantage and collect the corpses of all four of the divine beasts!”
Linley was completely unable to breathe.

He could imagine that astonishing, dangerous scene! 
However, Beirut had a good chance of success; it must be understood that generally speaking, the tails of magical beasts all moved at astonishing fast speeds. As the ‘Godeater Rat’, a divine beast, the tail of Beirut’s original body, especially when he was going all out…a wrap, and a tug! That was definitely something that could occur within the blink of an eye.

If Augusta reacted just a bit too slowly, he probably wouldn’t be able to catch Beirut.

“So my ancestor, the Azure Dragon, truly was killed by a soul attack.” Linley understood now why the Coiling Dragon ring had been damaged. If the Azure Dragon had been damaged and killed by Augusta’s material attacks, the Coiling Dragon ring should have been perfect and undamaged.

Beirut  began  to  laugh  loudly.  “Augusta  was  completely stupefied. He didn’t even react at first…but then, he finally went berserk with fury! After all, he had risked his own life as well to kill the Four Divine Beasts, but I took everything away instead. I, a Highgod, had stolen things from him, the Chief Sovereign of Light. I would have been shocked if he didn’t go berserk!”
Linley could completely imagine that scene.

Most likely, even the Chief Sovereign of Light hadn’t been completely confident in his ability to deal with the combined forces of the four ancestors. Only, he was lucky enough to be successful in blocking the combined, full force blow of the four ancestors, and so was then able to kill the four ancestors one by one.

“Four Sovereign sparks. That represented four Sovereigns!” Beirut laughed coldly. “There was no way Augusta would be able to enter a material plane, and so, all he could do was to send his planar projection clone into the Yulan Plane, wanting to kill me.”

Linley secretly nodded. A foreign Sovereign was unable to enter a material plane.

As for the four ancestors, there were already dead. Their corpses and Sovereign sparks were mere items and no longer living things; naturally, they could enter a material plane.

“Planar projection clone? That’s fairly powerful as well, comparable to a Seven Star Fiend and even close to some Asuras.” Beirut snickered. “Unfortunately, even before I was a Sovereign, my power was far beyond that of an ordinary Lord Prefect’s. By relying on my godspark weapon, I smashed apart that planar projection clone!”
Linley laughed.

Given Beirut’s power and his insights in the profound mysteries of the Laws, it would indeed be quite easy for him to defeat a planar projection clone.

“Since using force had failed, the Chief Sovereign of Light formed yet another planar projection clone. He threatened me and told me what the consequences would be if I didn’t hand over the Sovereign sparks. But I couldn’t be bothered to listen; I immediately fused with the wind-type Sovereign spark on the spot!” Beirut said with a smile. “That Chief Sovereign of Light even invited Paragons to come act against me, but unfortunately, before the Paragons arrived, I had already become a Sovereign! Fusing a Sovereign spark happens in but an instant.”
“It is that fast?” Linley called out in surprise.

“Fusing  divine  sparks  takes  a  very  long  time.”  Bebe  was surprised as well.

Beirut said with a laugh, “Why does it take so long to fuse with a divine spark? Because you are learning and gaining insights into the various profound mysteries. Naturally, this takes time. But Sovereign sparks contain no insights and no profound mysteries. Thus, they can be fused with in a second.”
“After risking my life, I had become a Sovereign, and also acquired three more Sovereign sparks.” Beirut said with a sigh. “Grandpa…you really are formidable.” Bebe’s eyes were filled with admiration.

Linley sighed in amazement as well. If he himself had seen that scene, would he have dared to ‘steal food from the mouth of the tiger’, to steal from the Chief Sovereign of Light? This truly required courage. However, it also required enough power! After all, ordinary Highgods were completely incapable of pulling in the corpses of the divine beasts from chaotic space.

“But of course, this also caused…the Chief Sovereign of Light to hate me to the core. He wanted to force me to hand over the other  three  divine  sparks,  but  I  paid  him  no  heed.”  Beirut laughed calmly. “I could tell that the Chief Sovereign of Light had the sort of temper where he would definitely avenge any slight. Since I had already offended him, I might as well offend him to the end.”
Linley nodded slightly as well.

“Not long afterwards, I intentionally spread the word that a Necropolis of the Gods had been created, and that within it were the Sovereign artifacts the four divine beasts had left behind after dying! If one wanted to fight over them? They were to come to the Yulan Plane.”  Beirut laughed. “After a Sovereign dies, if someone was to take away the Sovereign artifacts that they left behind, there would be no other Sovereigns who would come to take them back.”
Linley nodded slightly.

There were multiple ways to acquiring Sovereign artifacts. One was to accumulate enough military merits in a Planar War. Another was to become a Sovereign’s Emissary and be gifted by the Sovereign. Still another was to acquire a relic Sovereign artifact of a deceased Sovereign. For example, this was where Linley’s Coiling Dragon ring had come from.

Only, the chances of a Sovereign dying were simply too low.

In addition, generally speaking, only Sovereigns were able to kill other Sovereigns. They would collect those Sovereign artifacts and not let them just be taken away. “Sovereign artifacts proved to be too enticing. After the news spread, quite a few people hastened to my Yulan Plane, such as some Seven Star Fiends of the Infernal Realm. Even a Twelve Wing Angel of the Divine Light Realm came, as well as powerful figures of the various planes. A major battle thus began here at the Yulan Plane.” Beirut laughed. “But of course, everything was under my control.”
Linley laughed.

Beirut had been a Sovereign by then. No matter how fiercely those Highgods had struggled, how could they escape Beirut’s control?

“During that battle, I showed just a bit of my power and let my fame and reputation spread out. Immediately, some Sovereigns paid attention to me.” Beirut laughed. “Originally, when I had seized the corpses of the Four Divine Beasts, Augusta didn’t announce it to everyone. Thus, many Sovereigns had no idea. After I became famous, some Sovereigns sent their planar projection clones to speak with me, and thus learned of this affair. And so…the Chief Sovereign of Destruction made a request of me.” “What was the Chief Sovereign of Destruction’s request? Did he want the Sovereign sparks?” Bebe said.

“No. He requested the ‘blood essence’ that could be refined from the blood of the Four Divine Beasts. The source of a divine beast’s power comes from their blood and lineage. The Chief Sovereign of Destruction probably wanted to develop something from the blood essence of the Four Divine Beasts.” Beirut sighed. “After all, in all of recorded history, only the Four Divine Beasts were able to fuse their innate divine abilities together.”
“I gave half of the blood essence of the Four Divine Beasts to the Chief Sovereign of Destruction. The Chief Sovereign of Destruction, in turn, promised me that so long as my divine clone didn’t go to the Divine Light Plane, he would guarantee that the Chief Sovereign of Light wouldn’t dare to kill my divine clone.” Beirut said.

Linley and the others now understood.

“So that’s how it is. No wonder the Chief Sovereign of Light didn’t dare to act against you in the Infernal Realm, Grandpa.” Bebe said.

“Although he is powerful, he isn’t a match for the Chief Sovereign of Destruction.” Beirut laughed. “After all, the Chief Sovereigns of the Four Edicts are simply too powerful. The Chief Sovereign of Life is a very friendly person, but his power is unfathomable. The Chief Sovereign of Death lives a life of leisure in the Abyssal Mountain, and has never fully revealed her power. The Chief Sovereign of Destruction’s hiding abilities are quite deep; I have no idea if he developed anything from the blood essence of the Four Divine Beasts or not. As for the Chief Sovereign of Fate, he never gets involved in worldly affairs and always remains within the Celestial Realm.”
Linley sighed to himself. This exchange with the Chief Sovereign of Destruction had been quite favorable for him.

All the Chief Sovereign of Destruction had to do was to go threaten the Chief Sovereign of Light, and thus he was able to acquire half of the blood essence of the Four Divine Beasts.

It must be understood…that just by using a single drop of blood essence from the Azure Dragon, Linley’s body was able to become incredibly powerful. One could imagine how much energy was contained within the blood essence of a divine beast.

“The blood essence of a divine beast is the essence of its power. I was quite curious regarding the blood essence of the Four Divine Beasts, and so I ran a few tests as well. I tested placing a drop of blood essence in the body of an ordinary human to see what would happen. The results of the first experiments were that the humans were unable to endure it, and their bodies collapsed. They died. Afterwards, however, I grew experienced. I finally succeeded!”
Beirut began to laugh. “And so, the very first generation of the Four Supreme Warriors was born.”
Linley was completely awestruck.

“The  Four  Supreme  Warriors?”   Linley  looked  at  Beirut, stunned. “They were the results of your experiments?”
“Grandpa, you…” Bebe was completely stunned as well. 
“What, is it very strange?” Beirut laughed calmly. “Actually, if I didn’t interfere in the lives of Baruch, Armand, Hyde, and Prey, they would have become cannon fodder on the battlefield, and wouldn’t have had any accomplishments. After my experiments, they became the Supreme Warriors and thus gained great fame in the continent.”
Linley now understand. As Beirut had seen it, for a Sovereign to choose mortals for experiments, and especially experiments involving the blood essence of the Four Divine Beasts…this was an honor for the mortals.

“No wonder the Four Supreme Warriors had suddenly appeared in the Yulan Plane. In addition, nobody was able to find out any reason behind this.” Linley sighed to himself.

“Strictly speaking, Baruch and the rest of the four should be considered of the same generation as ‘Gislason’ of the Four Divine Beasts clan.” Beirut laughed. “To be honest, I still felt grateful towards the Four Divine Beasts. After all, it was because of them that I was able to become a Sovereign.” “Thus, the divine clone that I sent to the Infernal Realm stayed at Indigo Prefecture! The Bloodridge Sovereign knew my true status, and so I asked to him to help me by announcing to everyone else that I was his Emissary. This made it easier for me to show up and protect the Four Divine Beasts clan.” Beirut laughed. “If I was merely a Sovereign’s Emissary, how could I have gotten the Bloodridge Sovereign to appear with but a few words, then have him make the eight great clans retreat?”
Linley was sighing.

When Beirut had summoned the Bloodridge Sovereign, the Bloodridge Sovereign had appeared and rebuked the eight great clans, making them retreat. Linley had sighed in amazement back then about how much face Beirut had, to be able to do this! So in reality…it wasn’t that the Bloodridge Sovereign was giving his Emissary face. Rather, it was because Beirut himself was a Sovereign. Naturally, Sovereigns would give other Sovereigns face!

“I also had three Sovereign sparks. Naturally, I would have to choose three people to inherit it. However, I couldn’t just randomly choose them. I had to test them and to select them carefully…Bluefire thus became my first choice.”  Beirut then sighed. “In reality, I wanted for Harry and my other two children to become Sovereigns. But the Sovereign sparks were only of earth, fire, and water, after all. Thus, they had to train to the Highgod level on their own in these three Laws in order to fuse the Sovereign sparks.”
“You have to become a Deity on your own in order to fuse with a Sovereign spark?” Linley said in surprise.

“Right. If you don’t rely on yourself and instead rely on fusing with a divine spark, then your foundation will be weak and unstable. Your divine spark and your soul will not be perfectly fused, and so it will be impossible for you to then fuse with  a  Sovereign  spark.”   Beirut  shook  his  head.  “Those children of mine were only talented in darkness and wind; I tried everything I could, but they still weren’t able to succeed in those three elements.”
Linley nodded slightly.

“Afterwards, because Bebe appeared, and especially because of your rapid advancements, Linley, and how astonishingly fast you rose in power, I choose you as one of my potential candidates…” Beirut turned to look towards Linley.

Chapter 4, Sovereign Linley

“One of the candidates…”
So Beirut had been keeping an eye on all of his adventures through the Infernal Realm, and had been constantly evaluating him.

“Although I became a Sovereign, I, like any ordinary mortal, wish to be able to give the Sovereign sparks to those people who are close to me. My three children and Bebe…they clearly wouldn’t possibly have any accomplishments in earth, fire, and water. Because of Bebe, it was natural for me to entrust you with my hopes as well. But I also understood that amongst Sovereigns of the same rank, if there was too great a difference in one’s insights into the profound mysteries, that wouldn’t work either. Linley, back then, your comprehension of the profound mysteries of the Laws was simply at too low a level.” Beirut sighed. “After all, even the weakest of Sovereigns has fused five types of profound mysteries! I’m that sort, myself. But of course, the vast majority has fused just five profound mysteries!”
“The weakest have fused five?” Linley was a bit startled. 
“Grandpa.” Bebe said, surprised, “You once said that many Sovereigns were amongst the very first batch of Highgods that rose shortly after the creation of the universe, who were lucky enough to seize a Sovereign spark. Their innate talent isn’t necessarily high; how could they have fused five profound
It must be understood that for many experts, fusing three or even four profound mysteries was their limit, and they wouldn’t be able to make any further breakthroughs.

“Haha…” Beirut began to laugh, then he looked mysteriously at Linley. “As for why even the less talented Sovereigns are able to fuse five profound mysteries…after you become a Sovereign, you will understand.”
“After I become a Sovereign?” Linley’s heart trembled.

“Although after you become a Sovereign, your future accomplishments will be significant…” Beirut shook his head. “The stronger you are as a Deity, the better. Back then, you had only fused three profound mysteries. You only relied on the ‘Soulstone’ and the powerful body given to you by your Azure Dragon lineage to defeat Seven Star Fiends.”
“The candidates that I considered generally had fused at least five profound mysteries.” Beirut shook his head and said, “For example, Bluefire. He was the most powerful of them. He had even reached a final bottleneck, and was just one step away from becoming a Paragon.”
Linley sighed in his heart.

Beirut had been keeping watch over a group of people. If he was being completely impartial, Linley wouldn’t even be qualified to become a potential candidate.

“But of course, because of Bebe, I still hoped that you would become a Sovereign.” Beirut laughed.

This was the nature of human relationships. Who wouldn’t hope for the possibility of giving nice things to their closest family and friends? 
“However, your improvement speed is indeed fast. Your trip through the Netherworld…made me evaluate you even more seriously.” Beirut smiled. “In fact, I even asked Bluefire to have his original body and his divine earth clone follow you in secret that entire time, protecting you if necessary.”
“Follow  in  secret?”  Linley  and  Bebe  looked  at  Bluefire  in shock.

Bluefire had been tracking him, but they hadn’t realized at all.

“Linley, I was quite surprised, because you actually were able to fuse a fourth profound mystery in the Planar Battlefield! You developed your new supreme technique, ‘Microcosm’.”  Beirut laughed. “That technique of yours, especially when combined with the special way of using the Redbud Sovereign’s ‘Amethyst Space’, had already surpassed the techniques of most experts who had fused five types of profound mysteries.” “In two thousand short years, you had fused four profound mysteries. This sort of speed, even across the entire universe, definitely qualified you as a genius.” Beirut laughed happily. “I was certain that if you continued to train like this, you would absolutely be able to fuse five profound mysteries.”
“And so, then and there, I decided that you would be the candidate to become the Sovereign of Earth.” Beirut said.

Linley let out a moved sigh.

“No wonder.”  Bebe mumbled. “No wonder back then, Mr.
Leylin appeared.”
“Right. My assignment, by that point, was essentially complete.” Bluefire laughed, and then he looked at Linley. “The Demigod who had received tutelage from me back at Mount Copper Gong had, in two thousand short years, had reached such heights, and was going to be, in the future, my comrade, the Sovereign of Earth. This truly was incredible. Who would have imagined…that shortly after I left, a major problem occurred. I was terrified as well. After all, my Sovereign clone couldn’t leave the Yulan Plane, while my original body wasn’t able to make it in time, even though I hurried back to save you. I was truly worried that you would be killed like Magnus, just like that.”
Beirut let out an emotional sigh as well. “Bluefire told me that you had suffered an attack from Magnus, and that you were a hair away from death. I was very worried as well. Worried that you would die.”
“But who would have imagined that this became your chance to transform!” Beirut’s eyes were shining. “You had four divine clones, yet were able to successfully mutate your soul. This let you become a supreme expert who surpassed the Paragons! Haha…Linley, you, as a Soul Mutate, are even more qualified than Bluefire and myself!”
The more powerful a person was, the more powerful they would naturally become upon becoming a Sovereign!

“Linley, look…” Beirut waved his hand, and a black stone box appeared. Linley immediately recognized that this black stone box was the box that had been removed from that giant sealing formation.

“You  should  have  already  guessed  what  is  inside.”  Beirut smiled as he opened the box. He tossed aside the lid, and instantly, two auras of light shot out in every direction, and a heart-shaking aura drifted out from the light. Linley and Bebe couldn’t help but stare raptly towards it.

Within the box was a pair of gems that appeared similar to divine sparks.

The gems seemed to be made of a semi-translucent gray glass. At first glance, it seemed like some sort of jewels. These two gems were emanating two different types of light; one was a deep, weighty, earthen yellow color. The other was a soft, slick azure-green color. In addition, the aura and majesty contained within them made even Linley and Bebe’s hearts tremble.

“These are Sovereign sparks!” Linley was absolutely certain. 
Beirut let out a very emotional sigh. “These two Sovereign sparks are the water-type Sovereign spark that came from the Azure Dragon’s corpse, and the earth-type Sovereign spark that came from the Black Tortoise’s corpse! I have already safeguarded these two Sovereign sparks for more than ten thousand years. I was worried that on one of my business trips outside of the Yulan Plane, I might be attacked and killed by the Chief Sovereign of Light. What, then, would happen to these Sovereign sparks? And so I decided that even if I died, I wouldn’t let Augusta acquire them. Thus, I created that seal.”
Linley secretly nodded.

A seal that only Sovereigns could break, and yet was kept in a material plane. The Chief Sovereign of Light truly did have no hope of opening it.

“Alas.  How  wonderful  would  it  have  been  if  we  had  a darkness-type Sovereign spark.” Bebe rubbed his jaw twice and mumbled. Beirut laughed as he glanced at Bebe. “Do you think Sovereign sparks are so easily acquired? Alright, Linley. Let me tell you this. If you want to become a Sovereign, there is only one way, and one way alone; fuse with a Sovereign spark! Regarding Sovereign sparks…ever since the creation of the universe countless years ago, 77 Sovereign sparks naturally descended. Only by training to the Highgod level through your own power can you fuse a Sovereign spark.”
Linley nodded slightly.

Training to become a Sovereign was indeed something which pure effort could accomplish.

“The reason why Sovereigns are so powerful is because of their Sovereign spark. Highgod Paragons, and you, a Soul Mutate, have fused the power of your Will into your souls, yes?” Beirut laughed.

“Right.” Linley nodded. “Sovereigns are different. Virtually all of the power of their Will is in the Sovereign spark.”  Beirut said. “When fusing a Sovereign spark, the boundless Will power held within the Sovereign spark will transform your soul. Because the souls of your other divine clones are part of you, they, too, will receive a partial transformation. But that’s secondary; compared to the Will within the Sovereign spark, the power of the Will of the souls of your clones will be less than ten thousandth!”
Linley nodded slightly.

“Lord  Beirut.”   Linley  asked,  puzzled.  “There  are  Lesser, Intermediate, and High ranks amongst Sovereigns. If I become a Lesser Sovereign, but in the future acquire an Intermediate Sovereign spark of the same element, will I be able to fuse it?”
“No.” Beirut didn’t hesitate at all.

“If you become a Lesser Sovereign, you will be a Lesser Sovereign for your entire life.”  Beirut said. “But of course…if you have two divine clones, you can separately fuse two different Sovereign sparks. This is possible. According to legend, the Chief Sovereign of Lightning has an additional Sovereign clone which is a Sovereign of Earth.

Linley was awestruck.

A single person, take two Sovereign positions?

“Haha, Linley, enough of the Chief Sovereign of Lightning. Even you will be in possession of two Sovereign bodies.” Beirut suddenly said.

“What!” Linley was completely shocked.

“Grandpa, what did you say?” Bebe cried out in shock. “You are going to let Boss…”
Beirut’s eyes were flashing, and he laughed as he spoke. “If Linley was just an ordinary Paragon, there is no way I would let him simultaneously fuse with two types of Sovereign sparks. However…he is a Soul Mutate. He can fuse divine power! I very much want to see how powerful Linley will be, once he is both a Sovereign of Earth and a Sovereign of Water!”
The nearby Bluefire seemed very excited as well. “Originally, Beirut was only planning to let you become a Sovereign of Earth. But then, your soul mutation was a success. Beirut’s plans were changed! He was prepared to let you have two Sovereign clones!”
“I never even dared imagine that one day, I would be able to openly walk out of the Yulan Plane. This was because I had no confidence in my ability to fight against Augusta.” Beirut’s eyes turned sharp. “However, Linley, your soul mutation gave me hope! Ever since the creation of the universe, there have only been so many Sovereigns. The conditions necessary for the creation of a Soul Mutate, however, are very harsh and strict. There has never been a Soul Mutate amongst the Sovereigns.”
“Although there are some who possess two Sovereign clones, because they are unable to fuse their powers, they naturally wouldn’t grow much stronger! But you, Linley, are different!” Beirut stared at Linley. “You are a Soul Mutate. I very much want to know what level of power you will have, after becoming a Sovereign of two different elements!”
“In fact, I even believe that there is hope for you to be able to lead me out of the Yulan Plane, and for me to no longer fear the Chief Sovereign of Light, Augusta.” Beirut’s eyes were sharp.

It was precisely because he saw, on Linley, his hope for departing the Yulan Plane! This was why Beirut had been so excited and had lost his composure.

A Fusion Sovereign?

This was definitely unheard of.

“The heavens have treated me with great kindness. I had originally worried about Augusta being in possession of an Overgod artifact, but now, haha, you have an Overgod weapon as well.”  Beirut was extremely excited. “Everything has gone perfectly. I can already sense, Linley, that you, a hitherto unseen Fusion Sovereign, definitely will not disappoint me!” Linley couldn’t help but feel hot blood pumping through him.

Other Sovereigns with two Sovereign clones who were not Soul Mutates wouldn’t be able to fuse their Sovereign power. Only Linley could. Only he was a true Fusion Sovereign.

“Linley,  fuse  them.”  Beirut  tossed  the  stone  box  towards Linley.

Linley looked at the two glass-like Sovereign sparks within the stone box, then at Beirut, Bluefire, and Bebe. The three of them all had looks of hope in their eyes.

“Fusing the Sovereign sparks…”  Although he felt his blood boiling in his veins, Linley forced himself to calm down. “I’ll first fuse with a single spark, then the other one.”  Linley felt that it would be safer to advance step-by-step. 

A single drop of blood leaked out from Linley’s finger, landing atop the surface of the earth-type Sovereign spark. Instantly, the earth-type Sovereign spark levitated into the air. A dense, earthen yellow aura shot out in every direction. Linley willed it, and instantly his body changed, with his divine earth clone emerging and the other three clones, along with his original body, remaining in his sea of consciousness.

His earthen yellow hair fluttered freely as he stared directly at the earth-type Sovereign spark.

The eighteenth floor of the Necropolis of the Gods originally had an azure sky and an azure ground. But in this instant…
The universe seemed to instantly change. A terrifyingly dense surge of earthen yellow elemental essences suddenly filled this entire universe. A flood of earthen yellow water suddenly manifested around Linley and swirled around him. This flood of earthen yellow water was liquefied earth-type Sovereign power, and that earth-type Sovereign spark was slowly sinking itself into Linley’s forehead.

“A new Sovereign has been born.” Beirut had a hint of a smile at the corner of his lips. Beirut felt very satisfied at having been able to bring about a new Sovereign. At the same time, he was a bit nervous. “A Fusion Sovereign which has never before appeared. What will this be like?”

Chapter 5, Magic Compilation, Fusion Sovereign!

The eighteenth floor of the Necropolis of the Gods. It seemed to have turned into a sea of earthen yellow elemental essences. As for Linley, he hovered there, eyes closed, an awesome presence emanating from his body. Beirut, Bluefire, and Bebe all watched unblinkingly from nearby.

Within Linley’s sea of consciousness.

His original body, wind clone, fire clone, and water clone were seated in the meditative position on the surface of his sea of consciousness. The four bodies just so happened to form a square, and right above them hovered a swiveling, glass-like gemstone. A surge of invisible, untouchable ‘Will’ was circulating towards Linley’s five souls.

The souls of his original body and his four clones were, in reality, one and the same. At this moment, the soul of his divine earth clone was rapidly improving, while the souls of his original body and his other three divine clones were improving somewhat slower.

“Indeed, it is as Lord Beirut had said. The Will of a Sovereign is virtually inexhaustible, but completely focused within the Sovereign spark. Their actual souls contain very little Will.” Linley could sense that although the amount of Will within his five souls had increased somewhat, there was a limit to it.

The soul of his divine earth clone, after having transformed into a Sovereign, had only gained an increase in Will that was comparable to the Will which a Highgod Paragon possessed.

As for his original body and his three other clones, they only gained roughly 80% of the Will which a Highgod Paragon was in possession of.

“No wonder. So this is why even if a Sovereign were to send his clone to enter a material plane, he still wouldn’t be able to kill a Highgod Paragon.” Linley sighed to himself, then mused, “However,  even  before  becoming  a  Sovereign,  my  Will  had already surpassed that of a Paragon! Now, I’ve only grown stronger!” Right at this moment…
An awe-inspiring flood of gold suddenly entered his mind. This formless golden flood merged into his sea of consciousness and sank into his soul.

Linley felt as though he suddenly became tens of times more clear-minded, and that his soul’s analytical abilities were increasing dramatically.

“This  is…the  energy  of  faith!”   Linley  was  completely stunned.

Actually, Linley had always been absorbing faith energy, but that bit of faith energy which he received from the Yulan Plane, to the current Linley, was nothing at all. Still, even that bit of faith energy had allowed Linley’s training speed to increase by quite a bit. 
Currently, however, it was as though a flood of faith energy had entered his sea of consciousness. The amount he received every instant was comparable to all the faith energy he had built up over the past few thousand years.

The eighteenth floor of the Necropolis of the Gods. The flood of earthen yellow elemental essences had disappeared. The world once again returned to an azure color.

Linley opened his eyes, staring at Beirut and Bluefire in shock. “Lord Beirut, this faith energy…”
“You are a Sovereign, now. You are no longer weaker than me. There is no need to address me as Lord Beirut. You can just address me as Beirut!” Beirut just laughed.

Linley felt gratitude towards Beirut. It was Beirut who had given him the Sovereign spark; in fact, had given him two! In addition, for thousands of years, he had constantly been taking care of Linley. Linley couldn’t forget any of this. “Lord Beirut, if we didn’t know each other, naturally we would use our comparative power to determine our comparative status. But Lord Beirut, even I myself have no idea as to how I should repay the kindness you have shown me…”
After his soul mutation, Linley had become as powerful as a Highgod Paragon.

If they were to determine status through comparing power levels, given that Linley didn’t know that Beirut was a Sovereign, logically speaking, Linley should’ve already started to address him as ‘Beirut’. Linley, however, had not.

In Linley’s heart…
Beirut was like a patient, helpful elder relative who had always taken care of him.

“Haha, since you say that, then I’ll thicken my face for once and ask both you and Bebe to address me as Grandpa Beirut. What say you?” Beirut chortled. When he had discovered Bebe’s existence, Beirut had begun to pay attention to Linley as well. Beirut had always been watching Linley, ever since he was a youth.

Unconsciously, the care he felt towards Bebe had naturally been partially transferred to Linley as well.

“Grandpa Beirut.” Linley said hurriedly.

“Haha…” Hearing this, Beirut was absolutely delighted. Right now, Beirut’s mindset had somewhat changed. Previously, Bebe’s existence made it so that between Linley and Beirut, there existed a relationship that was akin to that of an elder and a junior. This relationship was a bit of a vague one, however, and had never been formalized.

Although one of the reasons why Beirut had chosen Linley was because Linley’s power had qualitatively risen greatly, it was also because he wanted to borrow Linley’s strength to fight back against the Chief Sovereign of Light.

But in this instant… When Linley also began to address Beirut as ‘Grandpa’, Beirut naturally began to feel differently. He understood…that Linley’s power was going to vastly outstrip his. For him to have helped raise such a supreme expert, and one who was a junior in his own family…naturally, Beirut felt very gratified.

“Excellent, excellent.”  Beirut laughed. “Just now, you were speaking of faith energy…”
“Right. As soon as I became a Sovereign, I could sense a terrifyingly dense stream of faith energy flood into my sea of consciousness. What is this all about?” Linley was stunned.

The nearby Bluefire laughed. “Linley, prior to this, weren’t you asking about why all Sovereigns have fused at least five types of profound mysteries?”
“It’s true that not all Sovereigns are innately gifted. For them to all have fused five profound mysteries or more is indeed inconceivable.”  Linley suddenly came to his senses. “Are you saying…that this is because of faith energy?” Linley recollected the purpose of faith energy; it allows experts to be able to gain insights faster and train faster.

But of course, there was a limit to how much faith energy could help.

If there wasn’t, there wouldn’t be so few Sovereign Paragons.

“How could there be so much faith energy? Terrifyingly much…” Linley said hurriedly.

Beirut  explained,  “Linley,  there  are  countless  material planes. Some worship churches of light, others of darkness, others of earth, others of lightning, others of Destruction… there are all sorts of temples that have been built across the countless planes. The amount of faith energy they draw in is terrifyingly great.”
“Let  me  give  an  example.  In  the  countless  planes  of  the universe, how many living creatures worship light? The number is incalculable. All of that faith energy will build up, and 99% of it will be acquired by the seven Sovereigns of Light! The faith energy they receive every single instant is a terrifying amount.”  Beirut laughed. “Precisely because they are infused with so much faith energy, Sovereigns train much faster and gain insights much more easily. This is why every single Sovereign has fused at least five profound mysteries.”
“So that’s the situation.” Bebe mumbled. “That’s cheating.”
“If it weren’t for that, why would the Sovereigns have made it so that their churches would be founded throughout the planes of the universe? Why would they have to compile all sorts of types of magic?” Beirut laughed.

“Compile magic?” Linley was startled.

“What, is it very odd?” Beirut laughed calmly. “Linley, think about it. What are magical incantations comparable to?”
In executing a magic spell, one had to use spiritual energy to support the magical incantation needed to use one’s own mageforce to activate the elemental essence of the world and form a magic spell. Some powerful magi could even use their powerful souls to instacast spells without needing to rely on magical incantations! For example, a magus of the eighth rank could use incantations to cast spells of the eighth rank, but if he wanted to instacast, he would only be able to instacast lower rank spells.

“Magical incantations lower the requirements for casting magical spells! A magus who relies solely on his own power is only able to cast lower level spells. But by relying on magical incantations, he is able to unleash far more powerful magic!” Linley instantly understood. “By relying on magical incantations, one’s attack power will immediately increase greatly. This is much like how the profound mysteries of the Laws can increase one’s attack power!”
“Right.” Beirut smiled. “Magical incantations are the simplified versions of the profound mysteries of the Laws. Although they aren’t as powerful as the Laws, they are still very useful.”
“Right, right.” Linley suddenly understood it all. “Haha…for example, the wind-type forbidden level spell, ‘Dimensional Edge’. It’s simply a basic version of the ‘Dimensional Attack’ profound mystery of the Laws of the Wind. And the ninth rank spell of the wind, ‘Void Extermination’. This is a simplified way of applying the ‘Spatial Wind’ of the Laws of the Wind!”
The nearby Bebe, hearing this, nodded and said in delight, “Right. The ‘Supergravity Field’ of earth magic is just a simple version of ‘Gravitational Space’. And many ordinary earth-type magic spells are based on the Profound Mysteries of the Essence of the Earth.”
When they did a serious comparison, Linley and Bebe now completely realized that many magic spells were simplified, basic versions of the profound mysteries of the Laws!

Although magi didn’t know a single thing about the profound mysteries, by rote memory and repetition, they could memorize magic incantations and thus unleash powerful magic! As they understood more about the profound mysteries, they would constantly rise in power, to the point where magi would naturally give up the incantations and embark on the true, great path of analyzing the profound mysteries directly!

“Magical incantations actually are a simple, superficial way of applying the power of the profound mysteries of the Laws.” Linley sighed in praise. “One needs to have an extremely deep level of insight into the nature of elemental essences and the profound mysteries of the Laws in order to develop magical incantations. If I had to develop new spells, it would probably take me very long as well.”
The principle behind magical incantations was actually a type of auto-hypnosis; one would adjust one’s spiritual energy to better fuse with the elemental essences. But developing new incantations? That was extremely difficult.

Beirut laughed. “For the sake of making sure that their supply of faith energy would continue, it only makes sense that the Sovereigns would spend vast amounts of time developing magic spells.”
“However, the Sovereigns are now virtually all at their limit. And so, their control over the material planes has lessened.” Beirut laughed calmly. “Naturally, some of the material planes have produced a few churches that solely worship a single figure, who receives all of their faith energy for personal use. This is what is known as ‘heresy’, which absolutely must be exterminated. The Sovereigns would even go so far as to send their planar projection clones to go eradicate any traces of heresy. However, the Sovereigns are now paying less attention to heretics. It isn’t like before, where they would annihilate all heretical churches.”
Linley nodded slightly.

The population of the Yulan Plane was tiny; compared to the Okerlund Plane, which had a population of eight quadrillion, how much faith energy could it provide? The amount of planes the universe held, all added up, came to a terrifying figure.

“If…for example, the humans of the Okerlund Plane worship the ‘Radiant Goddess’. Where does the faith energy go to?” Linley asked.

“The Radiant Goddess?” Beirut laughed. “If there isn’t a clear figure of worship, and just a vague ‘Radiant Goddess’, more than 99% of the faith energy will be taken by the seven Sovereigns of Light. Only a very small amount will be acquired by the light-type Deities of the Okerlund Plane.”
Linley sighed to himself. Sovereigns truly were dominating. 
However, this wasn’t determined by the Sovereigns; it was part of the Edicts of the world.

“No wonder Sovereigns are so powerful. With so much faith energy, my own training speed will increase explosively as well.”  Linley mused to himself. And then, he looked towards the second Sovereign spark in the stone box…the water-type Sovereign spark!


A drop of fresh blood fell atop the water-type Sovereign spark and was absorbed by the ‘jewel’. A dazzling azure-green aura suddenly sprang up.

“Rumble…” The world once more became filled with a thick amount of elemental essences, this time of water. The liquefied water-type Sovereign power flooded towards and swirled around Linley, beginning to enter his body. Just like before, Linley’s five souls once more began to increase in power! Bluefire and Beirut exchanged glances.

“Beirut, what level will Linley reach?” Bluefire asked.

“Uncertain.”  Beirut said solemnly. “But I know that upon fusing two Sovereign sparks, the power of one’s Will in the soul will be quite a bit greater than the rest of us normal Sovereigns have. In addition, he himself is a four-way Soul Mutate to begin with, and already possesses the power of Will. Even if we don’t consider other things, the power of his Will should already be comparable to an Intermediate Sovereign’s.”
The nearby Bebe said hurriedly, “And his fused Sovereign power.”
“Right. There has never before been a fusion of two different types of Sovereign power. And his power has still more room to grow.”  Beirut smiled and nodded. “Fused Sovereign power should be even more powerful than a normal Intermediate Sovereign’s power. Paired with an Overgod artifact…” “Paired with an Overgod artifact, he should be comparable to those Chief Sovereigns who do not have an Overgod artifact.” Bluefire said, rather excited.

“Right. But of course…it’s hard to say if something special would happen for a Fusion Sovereign.” Beirut said.

And right at this moment, the levitating Linley opened his eyes.

Chapter 6, Entrusted

The eighteenth floor of the Necropolis of the Gods. It had grown calm again. Linley’s eyes were now open.

Seeing that Linley had fused with the Sovereign sparks, Beirut, Bluefire, and Bebe couldn’t help but have their faces covered by smiles.

“Linley, how do you feel?” Beirut asked, rather nervous.

Beirut had never felt so nervous, not once in all these years! But right now…he was truly nervous! What if Linley, after fusing two Sovereign sparks, wasn’t as powerful as he had imagined? This would affect whether or not he, Beirut, would be able to openly depart the Yulan Plane in the future. If he would be able to go roam about the Higher Planes and the Divine Planes!

“I feel…” A hint of a smile was on Linley’s face. “Not bad at all!” “Not bad at all?” Beirut, Bluefire, and Bebe all stared at Linley, puzzlement on their faces. What level of power did Linley’s ‘not bad at all’ represent?

“Boss, are you as powerful as a Chief Sovereign yet?”  Bebe suddenly asked.

“Uh…?” Linley hesitated slightly.

“Grnadpa Beirut, do you know how great a difference in power there is between Lesser Sovereigns, Intermediate Sovereigns,  and  High  Sovereigns?”  Linley  asked.  Without  a clear understanding as to how powerful each level was, Linley was unable to give an accurate accounting of his own power.

Beirut   hurriedly   explained,   “Linley,   there   is   a   great difference in power between Sovereigns of different levels! For example, a Lesser Sovereign Paragon, compared to an Intermediate Sovereign who had fused five profound mysteries, is slightly weaker. But they will be fairly close! A similar example; an Intermediate Sovereign Paragon will have power that is fairly close to a Chief Sovereign who has fused five profound mysteries. But of course, he would still be slightly weaker. This is without taking weapons and innate divine abilities into account.”
“I understand now!” Linley nodded slightly.

Lesser Sovereign Paragons were comparable to Intermediate Sovereigns with five profound mysteries.

In terms of profound mysteries, Lesser Sovereign Paragons were more than ten times as powerful as Intermediate Sovereigns. But despite that, they still weren’t superior to Intermediate Sovereigns. This represented that the increase in the power of Will was more than tenfold!

In addition, as far as Will went, Lesser Sovereign Paragons didn’t just possess the power of Sovereign’s Will; they also possessed the portion of Will which the universe had bestowed upon them when they had become Paragons. Despite that, however…the power of their Will was still more than ten times weaker than the Will of an Intermediate Sovereign!

Then… A normal Lesser Sovereign, compared to an Intermediate Sovereign, should only have a hundredth the amount of Will within his Sovereign spark.

“Logically  speaking,”   Beirut  laughed,  “Linley  since  you already had the power of Will from your four-way soul mutation, and have now fused two Sovereign sparks, the power of your Will should be on a higher level. You should now have a Will which is comparable to an Intermediate Sovereign’s.”
Bluefire looked at Linley, puzzled. “Linley, you are a Soul Mutate. After fusing the two Sovereign sparks, is the Will within them able to join together as well?”
“No.”  Linley shook his head. “The power of a Sovereign’s Will is almost all within the spark. How can they possibly fuse?”
“Grandpa Beirut’s guess is accurate.”  Linley nodded. “After fusing this water-type Sovereign spark, my five souls gained in Will yet again! According to my calculations, simply in terms of Will alone, I should be comparable to an Intermediate Sovereign.”
“But you also have fused Sovereign power.” Beirut laughed.

“Right. The two types of Sovereign power can indeed fuse.”
Linley sensed that greenish-gray Sovereign power flooding torrentially   through   his   body.   He   nodded.   “This   fused Sovereign power, in terms of strength, should be ten times more powerful than ordinary Sovereign power! Now, in terms of Will and Sovereign power, I should be comparable to Intermediate Sovereigns!”
If it had been someone else, even though he might have two Sovereign clones, that just meant he had an additional Sovereign body, and that each soul would have an additional, separate boost in Will.

But Linley didn’t just receive an additional boost in Will; more importantly, his Sovereign power could be fused! 
“And you have an Overgod artifact!”  Bluefire smiled. “With an Overgod artifact, you should be comparable to the six ordinary Chief Sovereigns!”
Linley knew which six individuals Bluefire was referring to; of the eleven Chief Sovereigns, only five had Overgod artifacts.

The eighteenth floor of the Necropolis of the Gods.

A gentle wind blew. Beirut, in an excellent mood, waved his sleeve. Instantly, with a ‘creaaaaak’, the many bluestone tiles began to move, and the platform which held the corpse of the Azure Dragon once more sank down. At the same time, a table and four stone seats appeared on the bluestone floor as well.

“Everyone, let’s sit down and chat.” Beirut chortled as he led everyone to be seated. At the same time, he withdrew some fine wine and food from his interspatial ring. “Ten thousand years. I’ve never been so happy as I am today. Haha, I never even imagined…that the one who would lead me to escape from my predicament would be that kid from the Fenlai Kingdom. In the blink of an eye, that magus institute student would become someone comparable to a Chief Sovereign.”
“I’m amazing, right?” Bebe said smugly. “I immediately recognized how great the Boss was and followed him.”
“Immediately recognized?”  Linley said with a smirk. “Back then, I baited you. I lured you in with roasted hare meat and roasted chickens…”
Bebe was astonished.

“Haha…” Bluefire, seeing the look on Bebe’s face, couldn’t help but laugh as he drank his wine.

“Come, Linley. Cheers. In the future, whether or not Bluefire and I will be able to fearlessly depart the Yulan Plane will all be up to you.” Beirut laughed. 
Linley hosted his cup as well. “Don’t worry, Grandpa Beirut. However, it is only proper for me to do these things. It was you who gave me these two Sovereign sparks. In the end, you are the one extricating yourself from your difficulties. I need to thank you.” Linley said with sincerity.

Beirut laughed, then shook his head. “Haha, you are too modest. I was going to have to find Sovereign candidates anyhow!”
“And where else could I possibly find a candidate like an expert who is a four-way Soul Mutate? This had nothing to do with me; it was all you. Originally, Bluefire and I continuously paid attention to you. When the Soulstone that was keeping you alive was used up, we originally thought that you wouldn’t be able to survive for much longer. Who would have that thought that you descended from the precipice of danger and managed to return? You survived your journey to the borders of death.” Beirut sighed in praise.

Linley didn’t quibble any further. He just happily laughed with the people around him. 
“However, my comprehension of the profound mysteries of the Laws is still too low.” Linley said with a frown.

In terms of the profound mysteries, Linley had still only fused four of them. The other Sovereigns had fused at least five.

“Don’t be impatient.”  The nearby Bluefire laughed calmly. “Linley, given your level of innate talent and the fact that you fused four profound mysteries in just a few thousand years, and with that boundless amount of faith energy, I imagine that in a short period of time, you will reach an extremely high level of insight. However, Linley, let me warn you of something; I recommend that you develop towards material attacks.”
“Why do you say that…?” Linley was somewhat surprised.

“Your body is very strong.” Bluefire sighed. “I’ve heard from Beirut that your body is now comparable to a Sovereign artifact! You must understand that even amongst Sovereigns, the number who are at this level can be counted on one hand.”
“Oh?”   Linley  was  rather  surprised.  “Is  it  very  hard  for Sovereigns to strengthen their bodies? Based on what I know, the ancestor of our Azure Dragon clan, the ‘Azure Dragon’, had a body that was as strong as a Sovereign artifact.”
Bluefire snickered. “The Azure Dragon? Do you think that ordinary Sovereigns can be compared to the Four Divine Beasts, those freaks of nature?”
Linley didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry.

The Four Divine Beasts…were ‘freaks of nature’?

But Bluefire’s words weren’t wrong either; not only did all four of the Four Divine Beasts possess excessively powerful innate divine abilities, they were even able to fuse their four innate divine abilities into one. This was simply too monstrous. 
“Linley, look at me. I’m a Sovereign as well. However, I’m only able to use my Sovereign power to manifest my body; I’m not able to further strengthen it.” Bluefire shook his head. “For my true body to be as strong as a Sovereign artifact? That’s something incredible that you have to be born with. For
example, the Four Divine Beasts, Beirut, the Chief Sovereign of Destruction, or the Chief Sovereign of Death. That is true for all of them.”
The   nearby   Bebe   called   out   in   surprise,   “The   Chief Sovereigns of Death and Destruction aren’t humans?”
“They aren’t humans.” Beirut nodded. “The Chief Sovereign of Death was supposedly the very first living creature which was created when the Netherworld was born. When the Netherworld was first created, the Netherworld continent didn’t have any living creatures within it. Deep within the vast, endless, boundless Nether Sea, the very first living creature was given life…a type of plant! That is the true form of the Chief Sovereign of Death.”
“Plant? What type of plant?” Linley was a bit curious. 
“That’s not very clear.” Beirut shook his head. “Nobody has ever been able to force the Chief Sovereign of Death to show her true form. Supposedly, the ‘Abyssal Fruit Tree’ that lives in the Abyssal Mountain was once the fruit tree partner of the Chief Sovereign of Death.

“Oh?” Linley suddenly understood.

Linley suddenly thought back to the diagrams that had appeared on the robes of the Chief Sovereign of Death. Those tendrils and vines, and that coiling silver serpent. “The Abyssal Fruit Tree and the Chief Sovereign of Death are both plants! As for that pair of giant gold and silver snakes, they should have been two creatures that lived atop those two plants.”
“There  is  a  limit  to  how  much  Sovereign  power  can strengthen one’s body.” Bluefire laughed calmly.

“My fused Sovereign power is unable to further strengthen my body either.” Linley said with a frown. When he had first fused four types of Highgod power and created his fused divine power, he was able to dramatically strengthen his body and also strength his divine artifacts and godspark weapons! But the power of his fused Sovereign power, in terms of strengthening effectiveness, was inferior to
his four-way fused divine power.

It must be understood that the power of his four-way fused divine power was more than ten times greater than ordinary Sovereign power.

As for Linley’s fused Sovereign power, it was also more than ten times greater than ordinary Sovereign power. Compared to his earlier four-way fusion of divine power, there wasn’t much of an increase! Although in terms of attack power, there was almost no different, in terms of having special effects, it was inferior to his fused divine power.

“It seems finding a balance is important. The energy of my four  bodies  is  now  unbalanced.”  Linley  could  guess  at  the reason why. “Linley, your body is as strong as Beirut’s and the Four Divine Beasts. You have to make use of it.” Bluefire said solemnly. “If you develop your material attacks, then even at your current level, you will be able to compete against ordinary Chief Sovereigns.”
“However…I’m still not a match for the Chief Sovereign of Light.” Linley shook his head.

The Chief Sovereign of Light had an Overgod artifact as well!

“Let’s not be impatient. Let’s take everything slowly.” Beirut laughed calmly. “You are a Soul Mutate. Once you successfully fuse four types of profound mysteries from different Laws, the power will be ten times greater than when you fuse six types of profound mysteries of the same Law. By then, you will definitely surpass the Chief Sovereign of Light, Augusta.

Linley’s potential, in terms of the Laws, was far higher than that of an ordinary Sovereign. The moonlight was like water, flowing across the boundless earth.

Within Dragonblood Castle.

Linley and Delia were lying against each other in bed. This was the third night after Linley had become a Sovereign. The previous day, Linley had returned to Dragonblood Castle and had described everything to Delia. Delia had been stunned. She had never imagined…that Linley could reach such a level.

Just by relying on his Overgod weapon, Linley was now already comparable to a Chief Sovereign.

If he was able to gain greater insights into the profound mysteries, he even had a chance at surpassing the Chief Sovereign of Light.

“Linley,  you’ve  become  a  Sovereign.  I  feel  like  I  am  in  a dream.” Delia rested against Linley’s chest and spoke softly, her gaze passing through the window and staring towards the outside. 
“Sovereign…unfortunately, I wasn’t able to bring Grandpa Doehring back to life.” Linley sighed to himself.

Delia turned her head to look towards Linley, smiling encouragingly. “If Grandpa Doehring was alive, he would be very happy for you. In addition…life, death, age, infirmity… Grandpa Doehring lived a very long life. Don’t be too sad.”
“Forget it. Enough of this subject.” Linley shook his head.

“Everything is wonderful now.” Delia smiled. “There will no longer be any more storms of blood. You won’t even leave the Yulan Plane. Let’s just live a peaceful life. We’ll watch the sun rise, then watch the sun set…for a thousand, for ten thousand years!”
Hearing this, Linley couldn’t help but gently pull Delia into his arms. Linley knew that his future life would indeed be very peaceful.

But of course, even during peaceful times, Linley still needed to train. As time flowed on, his power would continue to grow, to the point where he would catch up to the Chief Sovereign of Light!

“The Chief Sovereign of Light…I must defeat him and even kill him!” Linley said to himself silently.

After all, his mother’s freedom was still under the domination of the Chief Sovereign of Light.

Chapter 7, Dragonblood Continent

Within the Yulan Plane, there was no one whatsoever who could kill Linley. No longer under any pressure, his life naturally was quite carefree.

More than three hundred years quietly passed in this peaceful manner. Three hundred-plus years was an extremely long period of time for mortals. During this period of time, countless mortals had died, and countless more had been born.

Dragonblood Castle, however, stood virtually unchanged.

In the world of Deities, the passage of a thousand years was naught but a twinkling.

“Linley, your mood seems to be excellent today.”  Delia was taking a walk with Linley through their rear flower gardens.

“Today, I made a slight breakthrough in my training.” Linley smiled. 
“Oh? You fused three types of profound mysteries from different Laws?” Delia said in surprised delight.

“No, not that quickly.” Linley shook his head and laughed. “The  Throbbing  Pulse  of  the  World,  Circular  Softness, Dimensional Attack; although I’ve trained to the last part of fusing these three, I’ve reached a bottleneck. This final bottleneck will be very hard to break through.”
The more profound mysteries were involved in a bottleneck, the harder it would be to break through.

For example, the bottleneck for fusing six profound mysteries. How many experts had become stuck there, unable to become Paragons?

“Then what sort of breakthrough do you mean?” Delia said, puzzled. “It was in the Profound Mysteries of ‘Explosion’, of the Laws of Fire. ‘Explosion’ is very hard to fuse, but today, I managed to fuse it with the ‘Throbbing Pulse of the World’.” Linley said with a calm laugh. “However, I must say, I trained much more slowly during the past three hundred years than I had thought
I would.” After all, after becoming a Sovereign, he had an ocean of faith energy to support him.

His visualization and comprehension speed was definitely far faster than in the past.

These past three hundred years were probably comparable to nearly ten thousand years, pre-Sovereign.

“No rush. Your time is unlimited.”  Delia said with a calm laugh.

“You are in no rush, but what about Grandpa Beirut and Bluefire?” Linley suddenly stared into a gate of the rear flower garden. He saw a short haired youth laugh while walking over. This youth seemed 60%-70% similar to Linley in terms of looks; it was Linley’s son, Wade. 
“Father. Mother.” Wade laughed. “Today is a day of a grand celebration for our Dragonblood continent. Aren’t you going to go?”
“Dragonblood continent?”  Linley was startled, but then he laughed and said self-mockingly, “I forgot that today is the day of the Dragonblood Festival.”  Shortly after Linley became a Sovereign, he had a conversation with Beirut and Bluefire. When they just so happened to discuss the ‘Yulan continent’ and the ‘Bluefire continent’, Linley, in a fit of excitement, created a continent of his own; the Dragonblood continent.

These three large continents formed a perfect triangle.

Back then, Linley had even exerted his Sovereign power and made it so that the small islands around the Yulan continent and the Bluefire continent were all moved within the Dragonblood continent. The population of the denizens of the islands, all combined, was close to ten million. In addition, Linley also moved many magical beasts and other living creatures over. During these three hundred years, because of the vastness of the continent, and because the magical beasts had been released by Linley into the western part of the Dragonblood continent, the humans here faced no natural enemies.
In three hundred short years, the human population thus exploded from ten million to over a hundred million. But of course, during these three centuries of development, the Baruch Empire was provided a great amount of assistance, such as through the sea trade between the two continents. Although it was described as ‘trade’, in reality, they were providing assistance.

The people who had been moved over to the Dragonblood continent had decided upon September 24th as the day of the ‘Dragonblood Festival’
“Linley,  the  citizens  of  the  Dragonblood  continent  all worship you. They treat you as a true divinity. Can it be that you aren’t even going to go take a look at their Dragonblood Festival?”   Delia  laughed  with  pursed  lips.  “Although  the population is just over a hundred million, which isn’t that much, the size of the Dragonblood continent is somewhat larger than the other two continents. This sort of nonstop rate of growth will make it so that in a few thousand years, the population here will surpass that of the Bluefire continent.”
“Father, quite a few people in our clan are going over.” Wade laughed as well.

“Fine, we’ll take a look.”
The Yulan continent. The Bluefire continent. The Dragonblood continent. The distance between these three continents, to ordinary mortals, was fairly significant. But to Deities, or even to Saints, they were fairly close. There was only a distance of roughly five thousand kilometers of ocean between each of the three continents. Linley and Delia, in the blink of an eye, left the Yulan continent and arrived at the Dragonblood continent.

The number one city of the Dragonblood continent: Baruch City. This city shared the same name as the imperial capital of the Baruch Empire. This city was close to the eastern sealine of the Dragonblood continent, and was also the closest city to the Yulan continent. 
Because it bordered the sea, it developed very quickly.

This number one city had flourished, developing into an extremely large city with millions of citizens. Today was the Dragonblood Festival, and so Baruch City was extremely lively. Large numbers of countryside dwellers had also flocked to the cities, wanting to partake in the festivities. It wasn’t just the plazas in front of the temples; even the streets of the city were filled with oceans of people.

Linley, dressed in an azure robe, and Delia, dressed in a white robe. They were walking through the crowded streets. Although the streets were crowded, nobody touched Linley and Delia; in fact, nobody even noticed this odd occurrence.

“This  place  is  becoming  more  and  more  crowded.  There weren’t this many shops the last time I came.” Linley laughed calmly.

“Last time you came was more than two years ago.”  Delia said. 
“Two years? That was just a short while ago.” Linley’s current mentality had already begun to change.

“Right. When are you going to make your own divine plane?” Delia asked, puzzled. “Last time, Grandpa Beirut said that the process of creating a divine plane involves joining your soul with the plane that you are creating. You will gain a clear sense of the Laws, which will be beneficial to you increasing your power. Aren’t you at a bottleneck, right now? Why not try it?”
Every single Sovereign had the power to create their own divine planes.

Upon doing soon, they would also gain insight into a portion of the Laws.

For example, a water-type Sovereign who created a divine plane would end up creating a water-type divine plane! During the creation process, they would gain insights into some of the Laws of Water that were involved in the creation of this plane. Creating the plane once, or creating it a hundred times, would involve the exact same portion of the Laws; there would be no differences. In addition, creating a divine plane exhausted a great deal of spiritual energy, Sovereign power, and time.

Thus, generally speaking, Sovereigns would only create a single plane.

“The creation of a divine plane isn’t something which can be completed in just a year or two. Based on Grandpa Beirut’s experience, it will require nearly two thousand years.”  Linley said with a sigh.

A plane was simply too vast.

Even Sovereigns would need to spend significant amounts of time creating one.

Beirut had created one, but Bluefire had not. This was because Bluefire had already become a Paragon. He had a thorough understanding of the profound mysteries of the Laws of Fire; even if he created a divine plane, he wouldn’t benefit much. 
“A thousand years is, indeed, quite long.” Delia nodded. “When, then, do you plan to go create your divine plane?”
“Soon, after making some preparations.”  Linley said with a laugh. “Like Grandpa Beirut, I will create a plane next to the Yulan Plane.”
While chatting, Linley and Delia reached the wide plaza of the main temple of Baruch City. The plaza before the main temple had a circumference of tens of thousands of meters, and it was currently filled with a thronging horde of people who stood there. Right in front of the plaza was the Holy Emperor of the Dragonblood continent, who was preaching.

“In the name of the almighty true divinity, ‘Linley’…”
A sonorous voice echoed in the air above the temple, and instantly, everyone in the plaza before the tunnel fell silent. Countless worshipful eyes stared ardently towards the Holy Emperor. “The   charismatic   power   of   a   religious   sect   truly   is astonishing.”  Linley himself truly did not know whether to laugh or to cry.

Previously, he had created the Dragonblood continent and moved so many little islands over. Afterwards, he had allowed the descendants of his Baruch clan to take responsibility for everything else. This so-called church and what not? It had all been developed by the descendants of the Baruch clan. However…Linley was indeed qualified to be worshipped like this.

After all, Linley was already comparable to a Chief Sovereign.
In addition, it was extremely easy to spread his religion, because something like the creation of a continent, in the eyes of mortals, was completely inconceivable. It was an almighty miracle, in fact, and it was countless times more formidable than the ‘Angelic Descent’ miracles that the former Radiant Church had been capable of. “Linley, the Dragonblood Festival is about to reach its most fevered state.” Delia laughed.

“Just like before! During each Dragonblood Festival, here in the Dragonblood continent, we will select a hundred elites to be sent to the Yulan continent. These hundred elites will join the earlier elites and be trained, with some being weeded out. Those who fulfill the qualifications will be permitted to join the Divine Guard of the Holy Land, ‘Dragonblood Castle’!” An armored, bearded man who stood by the side of the Holy Emperor spoke out in a clear voice. “Now, let the selection tournament begin!”
Seeing this, Linley couldn’t help but laugh awkwardly.

“It was Taylor who came up with this thing.” Delia laughed as well.

Dragonblood Castle was where Linley lived. That place had many Highgods, Gods, and Demigods; it was definitely the place in the Yulan continent with the most Deities. Even the guards of Dragonblood Castle had become known as the Divine Guard. If you wanted to join the Divine Guard, you would have to participate in the frenzied competitions. After all, if one had the chance to interact with Deities, one might easily be greatly benefited or be given tutelage.

Occasionally, a divine artifact, a divine spark, or a Golden Soul-Pearl would be released from Dragonblood Castle.

Dragonblood Castle was definitely a place which was far more attractive than any institute.

“The selection process for the Divine Guard is far more strict than the student selection process of the former Ernst Institute.” Linley let out a sigh. “Back then, we were sent to the Institute in batches of a hundred. Although this selection process also results in a hundred candidates, it requires everyone to gather in the Yulan continent and spend tens of years in the training and elimination process…”
It must be understood that the members of the Divine Guard of Dragonblood Castle would only be changed once every century. Candidates, however, were selected every year. Countless people would go berserk for this chance. 
“Actually, there is no need to change the Divine Guard at all.” Delia said with a sigh. “All members of the Divine Guard are experts of the ninth rank, with lifespans of nearly five centuries. They can absolutely stay in the Guard for two or three centuries.”
“Joining the Divine Guard is, after all, the fastest way to become a Saint.” Linley said with a calm laugh. “That group of people living within Dragonblood Castle is completely made up of Deities. Although quite a few became Deities through using divine sparks, given the understanding they have regarding the profound mysteries, if they can provide just a bit of guidance, those members of the Divine Guard might become Saints.”
“Eh?” Linley lifted an eyebrow.

“What is it?” Delia asked, puzzled.

“Someone came to the Yulan Plane.” Linley laughed. “One of ours.” In the distant north of the Yulan Plane. The Arctic Icecap.
The teleportation array at the top of that mountain of ice.

A blurry light was glowing, and four figures slowly emerged.

“Greetings to the four of you, milords.”  The current Planar Overseer of the Yulan Plane, although still a God, had been changed to a beautiful golden-haired woman.

“Mm.” The leader of the four gave her a glance. “Let’s go.”
The four figures rose into the skies, flying towards the south.

“Elder  Brother,  do  you  think  the  words  of  the  Chief Sovereign of Destruction are true or false?”  The only woman amongst the four, a lady with long, fiery red hair spoke out. This person was the Matriarch of the Vermillion Bird clan of the Four Divine Beasts clan. “Consider the Chief Sovereign of Destruction’s status. How could  he  possibly  deceive  us?”   The  White  Tiger  Patriarch laughed as he spoke.

“That’s not it. Only…I still can’t believe it.”  The Vermillion Bird Matriarch said hurriedly.

“Not just you; even I find it hard to believe.” Gislason let out a sigh. “But the Chief Sovereign of Destruction can’t possibly be lying. But…Linley, a Sovereign? This is too…”
“Enough talk. Whether he is or isn’t a Sovereign, soon we shall know.” The deep voice of the Black Tortoise Patriarch rang out.

“Have you found Linley through your divine sense yet?” The Vermillion  Bird  Matriarch  said,  puzzled.  “I’ve  searched  all three continents, but have found no trace of Linley. I have, however, found quite a few of his family and friends.”
“I can’t find him either…can it be that Linley truly has become a Sovereign?”  Gislason and the other three looked at each other, all still feeling bewildered.

This news was simply too astonishing, after all. Otherwise, the four clan leaders wouldn’t have hastened all the way to the Yulan Plane.

The four clan leaders all moved extremely quickly, and they soon arrived within the borders of the Yulan continent.

“There are many experts in the castle up ahead, and quite a few are descendants of my clan. That should be Dragonblood Castle.” Gislason said, and then the four transformed into four blurs, streaking towards Dragonblood Castle.

Chapter 8, Entreaty

Dragonblood Castle was guarded very strictly. Multiple patrol squads roved about, the weakest of the guards at the ninth rank. Saints could be seen everywhere.

But these guards weren’t able to detect the arrival of Gislason and the other three at all.

Within the rear courtyard of Dragonblood Castle. A quiet field.

“Rustle…”   The  leaves  of  the  trees  swayed  in  the  wind. Beneath a thick, gnarled tree, a gray-robed Olivier was currently seated quietly in the meditative position, his eyes focused ahead of himself. Next to his body hovered an energy sword which constantly flashed about, displaying one type of attack after another.

Two swirls of black and white energy could be vaguely seen. Suddenly…
Olivier raised his head, discovering that four people were standing shoulder to shoulder nearby.

“Lord Patriarch.” Olivier was shocked. He hurriedly rose to his feet.

“Olivier, I just came to ask you a question.” Gislason smiled as he spoke. “Do you know where Linley is?”  Prior to this, before Gislason’s group of four had descended upon the estate, they had searched Dragonblood Castle with their divine sense. They had discovered quite a few people, but the first person they had come to see was Olivier.

“Linley? He should have gone to the Dragonblood continent.” Olivier guessed.

“Milords.” A voice suddenly rang out. Gislason’s group of four couldn’t help but turn to look, only to see a maid arrive from the doorway. The maid said respectfully, “The lord of the castle has ordered me to invite the four of you, milords, to the rear gardens.”
“Lord of the castle?” Gislason’s group of four was stunned.

“The  lord  of  the  castle  is  Linley.”   Olivier  immediately explained. Over the course of countless years, although managers had come and gone, the position of lord of the castle was forever Linley’s.

The Vermillion Bird Matriarch’s eyes lit up. She was rather stunned. “Linley is in Dragonblood Castle?”
“It seems the Chief Sovereign of Destruction’s information was accurate.”  The white-robed White Tiger Patriarch took a deep breath as he spoke.

Linley was in Dragonblood Castle, but they weren’t able to locate him with their divine sense. Linley had definitely surpassed the ‘Deity’ level. Then, he must be a Sovereign! 
The four clan leaders of the Four Divine Beasts clan followed the maid towards the rear gardens. The four felt very complicated feelings in their hearts. They also felt very nervous. After all, Linley’s status was now different. Sovereigns and Deities were on completely different levels.
Sovereigns were lofty individuals who stared down at the countless lifeforms who struggled and battled across the countless planes.

The Planar Wars could only be considered a game for Sovereigns.

Deities, even Paragons, felt powerless in the face of Sovereigns.

“Four clan leaders, come in.” A clear voice rang in from the rear gardens.

“It is Linley.” Gislason’s group of four looked at each other, then entered the rear gardens. The rear gardens took up a fairly wide amount of space. Gislason’s group entered, then glanced around themselves. Only now did they see that far away, in the center of the garden, stood Linley. Linley was currently drinking wine with Delia and laughing and chatting.

Noticing their arrival, Linley turned his head to glance at them, then laughed calmly, “Four clan leaders, please be seated.”
After his four-way soul mutation, Linley’s status had risen to far surpass that of the four clan leaders within the Four Divine Beasts clan. And now, Linley was a lofty, noble Sovereign.

“He is right in front of me, but I feel as though there is nothing there.”  Gislason sent to the other three. “It is like when I saw Father in the past. Rather than any of their awe- inspiring Sovereign’s presence, they would completely contract their auras.” Gislason no longer had any doubts by now.

“Sovereign. He really is a Sovereign!” The eyes of the other three clan leaders lit up.

Gislason looked at Linley, then immediately bowed. “Sovereign, we…”
As Gislason saw it, in terms of relationships, Linley wasn’t that close to them. First of all, Linley had only joined the Four Divine Beasts clan later in life, and secondly, there had been members of the Four Divine Beasts clan who had desired to seize Linley’s Coiling Dragon ring. Although afterwards, they had done better, that was because of Linley’s power and because of Beirut’s status.

But now that Linley was a Sovereign…
Deities and Sovereigns. The difference between them was like that between the earth and the heavens. There was an unbridgeable gap between them. Naturally, they had to be respectful. “Four clan leaders, no need to address me as ‘Sovereign.” Linley interrupted these words, then laughed calmly. “Just act as we previously did. You can just address me as Linley.”
“This…” The four exchanged glances.

“I am quite curious. How did you know that I became a Sovereign?”  Linley laughed calmly as he asked the question. How had news that he had become a Sovereign in the Yulan Plane spread to the Infernal Realm?

The nearby Vermillion Bird Matriarch laughed beautifully, bowing slightly in order to show her respect. “Linley, the news that you had become a Sovereign was actually given to us by the Chief Sovereign of Destruction. At first, we couldn’t believe it. After the four of us discussed the matter, we decided to go to the Yulan Plane to investigate. Now, it seems, this really is the case.”
Although Linley chatted and jested with them, the four clan leaders still unconsciously felt pressure. After all, no matter how much Linley contracted his aura, the four clan leaders still knew, subconsciously, that Linley was a Sovereign.

“The Chief Sovereign of Destruction?” Linley frowned.

“How did the Chief Sovereign of Destruction know?” The nearby Delia said, puzzled.

“Logically speaking, he shouldn’t. After all, this happened in the Yulan Plane.” Linley said with a frown. “There’s one other possibility. Grandpa Beirut chatted with the Chief Sovereign of Destruction.”  Beirut was on fairly good terms with the Chief Sovereign of Destruction, and Beirut also had a clone remaining in the Infernal Realm.

But Linley still felt puzzled. “What sort of status does the Chief Sovereign of Destruction have? Even if he knew, why would he tell the Four Divine Beasts clan?”
Linley turned to stare at Gislason, puzzled. “Patriarch, why did the Chief Sovereign of Destruction tell you these things?” “The   Chief   Sovereign   of   Destruction’s   energy   clone descended upon the Skyrite Mountains.”  Gislason explained. “In addition, he requested that our Four Divine Beasts clan loan him a hundred Highgods, who he would return to us some time later. Since he was borrowing our people, he explained that as compensation…he would bestow us with some Sovereign’s Might and give us some guidance. He said that if we wanted to know why the four ancestors died, to ask you, Linley.”
Linley was stunned.

The cause of the deaths of the four ancestors?

The big fellow nearby, the ‘Black Tortoise Patriarch’, said in a booming voice, “We immediately asked, why ask Linley? The Chief Sovereign of Destruction then said, you have reached the Sovereign level in power.”
“So that’s how it is.” Linley nodded slightly. “What did he borrow people for?”
“Unclear.” Gislason stared at Linley, then went straight to the heart of it. “Linley, we have come for two reasons. First, to investigate if you had truly become a Sovereign. Second…we wish to know why our four ancestors died! Linley. Given that you are a member of clan, please tell us.”
The four clan leaders all looked expectantly towards Linley.

The downfall of the Four Divine Beasts had caused the downfall of the Four Divine Beasts clan. Even in their dreams, the Four Divine Beasts clan dreamed of learning who had done it, and of the true cause of death of the four ancestors.

Linley frowned. He hesitated a moment, then nodded. “Very well. I will tell you. Because of certain reasons, the four ancestors had engaged in a battle against the Chief Sovereign of Light.”
“The Chief Sovereign of Light?” The eyes of Gislason and the other three lit up. 
“A battle between Sovereigns causes tremendous shockwaves in a wide area. They battled all the way into chaotic space. The four ancestors fled while fighting, and the Chief Sovereign of Light chased and attacked. Afterwards, the four ancestors executed their supreme technique…their fused innate divine abilities. The Chief Sovereign of Light, however, managed to survive it and not die. With their most powerful attack having failed, the four ancestors lost their will to battle. The Chief Sovereign of Light, however, seized the opportunity to rely on his Overgod artifact to kill them in succession. By relying on his greater speed, he was able to kill all of the four ancestors.” Linley spoke calmly, but the bodies of Gislason and the other three trembled as they listened.

“The Chief Sovereign of Light!!!” Gislason’s eyes were already filled with faint tears.

“How could the Chief Sovereign of Light have resisted the attack?” The Vermillion Bird Matriarch actually shook her head. “Impossible. When my mother was alive, she said that not even amongst Chief Sovereigns, the ones who could withstand their supreme attack could be counted on one hand. The Chief Sovereign of Light wasn’t one of them.” “But the reality is that the Chief Sovereign of Light managed to resist it.” Linley sighed.

Gislason and the other three couldn’t accept it. After all, the Four Divine Beasts were their parents.

“Linley…”  Gislason  hesitated  momentarily,  then  suddenly spoke out.

“Hrm?” Linley looked at him.

Gislason looked at the other three, then turned to look towards  Linley.  “Linley,  I,  I  want  to  ask…did  you  use  the Sovereign sparks of the four ancestors to become a Sovereign?” If one wished to become a Sovereign, there was only one way; to fuse with a Sovereign spark. However, there were only a total of 77 Sovereign sparks.

Only after one Sovereign died would another be born. 
Linley gave the four of them a glance.

“Yes.” Linley nodded.

“The   Sovereign   spark,   how…”    The   Vermillion   Bird Matriarch opened her mouth and said a few words, but then hesitated.

“Shouldn’t the Chief Sovereign of Light have acquired the four Sovereign sparks? How did you acquire it? In addition, there should have been four of the Sovereign sparks. You used one. There are still…” Gislason looked towards Linley.

Linley smiled slightly.

He could guess that most likely, the four clan leaders also wanted to acquire the Sovereign sparks. Perhaps in the eyes of the four clan leaders, the four Sovereign sparks were their inheritance from their parents; it was rightfully theirs. Only… they couldn’t say it, nor did they have the courage to say such things.

But Linley didn’t feel the same way.

The 77 Sovereign sparks had descended from the heavens when the universe had been created. The powerful would be able to fight over and acquire them. The Four Divine Beasts had relied on themselves to acquire these Sovereign sparks. Beirut had relied on his own courage and had risked his life to seize these four Sovereign sparks.

“If the Sovereign sparks had fallen into the hands of the Chief Sovereign of Light, how could he have given me one?” Linley said calmly. “I’ll tell you the truth. Beirut, in the past, risked his own life to acquire these four Sovereign sparks. And now, all of the four Sovereign sparks have been used up and fused.”
“Beirut?” The four were stunned. “He was able to take them away from the Chief Sovereign of Light?” The Vermillion Bird Matriarch said, stunned.

Despite their words, upon hearing Linley say that the four Sovereign sparks had all been used up, the four clan leaders still felt a bit disappointed. They didn’t dare to say anything else, however.

“You don’t need to harbor any suspicions regarding this.” Linley laughed calmly.

“Linley.”  Gislason said solemnly. “There is one more thing we must beg of you, Linley.”
“Speak.” Linley glanced at him.

Gislason took a deep breath, then said solemnly, “Linley, the four ancestors were the ancestors of our Four Divine Beasts clan. Our Four Divine Beasts clan can’t just be silent and pretend that we know nothing of their deaths. The four ancestors were killed by the Chief Sovereign of Light! We hope that you, Linley…if…I only say if! If in the future, you have the ability or the chance to do so, please avenge our four ancestors!”
“Linley.”  The  Vermillion  Bird  Matriarch  said  hurriedly  as well. “We know that this request is a bit excessive, but at this point, you are our only hope.”
“Please.” The big fellow, the Black Tortoise Patriarch, stared at Linley as well.

Linley looked at the four clan leaders. He could feel the sincerity of their entreaties.

“I promise you.” Linley nodded solemnly. “If I’m able to do it, I won’t show any mercy.”
“Thank you.” The four said gratefully.

“You must be tired after rushing all the way here. Rest at my place for some time first. Afterwards, we’ll have a banquet, then we’ll talk.” Linley laughed calmly.

“That’s fine as well.”  Gislason’s group of four didn’t try to stay any longer. They immediately allowed themselves to be led away by a distant maid, and they departed the flower garden.

Linley turned his head to look at the nearby Delia. “Delia, you step back for a time as well. I need to chat with Beirut about something.”
“Fine.” Delia laughed, nodded, and left the flower garden.

Moments later, two figures descended from the heavens and arrived next to Linley. It was Beirut and Bluefire. The three immediately sat down around the table.

“Haha, the four clan leaders of the Four Divine Beasts clan came?”  Beirut laughed as he spoke. “They’ve discovered that you are a Sovereign, eh?” “They have. It was the Chief Sovereign of Destruction who told them.” Linley said.

“The Chief Sovereign of Destruction?”  Bluefire was rather puzzled.

“Right. It’s actually quite odd. The Chief Sovereign of Destruction actually went to the Four Divine Beasts clan to borrow a hundred Highgods. I don’t know why.” Linley said.

Beirut, upon hearing this, couldn’t help but frown. He said in a  reflective  voice,  “Most  likely,  the  Chief  Sovereign  of Destruction’s experiments have reached the final stage.”

Chapter 9, The Next Five Thousand Years

“Experiments?”  Linley instantly recollected how the Chief Sovereign of Destruction had acquired more than half of the blood essence of the Four Divine Beasts from Beirut.

“The source of a divine beast’s power comes from his blood essence.” Beirut shook his head. “However, executing an innate divine ability requires not just the lineage, but also the soul!”
“The  uniqueness  of  a  soul,  however,  stems  from  the bloodline as well.” Linley frowned. “It is precisely because the members of my clan have the lineage of a divine beast, that they all have unique souls as well. In addition, I’ve absorbed a drop of blood essence as well; this allowed the strength of my innate divine ability to increase substantially.”
“That is because you are a descendant of the Four Divine Beasts clan.” Beirut laughed calmly. “Alright, enough discussion of the Chief Sovereign of Destruction and whether or not he has finished researching the supreme technique of the Four Divine Beasts. That doesn’t have much to do with the two of us. Our greatest target is the Chief Sovereign of Light, Augusta!”
“Our  enemy  isn’t  the  Chief  Sovereign  of  Destruction.” Bluefire laughed as well.

“The Chief Sovereign of Destruction? The power of any of the  four  Chief  Sovereigns  of  the  Edicts  is  unfathomable.” Beirut let out a sigh.

“Grandpa Beirut, which one is the most powerful, do you think?” Linley was very curious regarding the four Chief Sovereigns of the Edicts as well.

“That’s quite hard to say! In terms of Will, it should be the Chief Sovereign of Fate!” Beirut said with a frown. “However, the Overgod artifact which the Chief Sovereign of Fate wields is a soul-protecting Overgod artifact. It isn’t a weapon, and so in terms of attack power, he’s probably a bit weaker than the other three Chief Sovereigns of the Edicts.”
Linley was surprised. 
He hadn’t chosen a weapon-type Overgod artifact? The Chief Sovereign of Fate really was quite unique.

“The Chief Sovereign of Fate never gets involved in worldly matters, and is always focused on developing various supreme techniques. Most likely, he feels that he doesn’t need any Overgod weapons, that he is already strong enough.”  Beirut laughed calmly. “Now, the Chief Sovereign of Destruction is developing a supreme technique based on the blood essences of the Four Divine Beasts. Right, Linley…you are a member of the Azure Dragon clan as well. Perhaps you will be able to develop something from the blood essences of the Four Divine Beasts.”
As he spoke, Beirut waved his hand and produced four little azure flasks.

“These four flasks each contain 81 drops of blood essences from the Four Divine Beasts.”  Beirut said. “This is roughly a quarter of the total amount of blood essence the Four Divine Beasts had.” Blood essences was the distilled essence of blood; even creatures as enormous as divine beasts would have, at most, three hundred or so drops, which was already quite astonishing. Every single drop contained a terrifying amount of energy; if that hadn’t been the case, Linley wouldn’t have
been able to, after using a single drop, strengthen his body so
greatly that he would resist the attacks of an average Seven Star Fiend.

“Grandpa Beirut…” Linley was a bit surprised.

“I originally gave the Chief Sovereign of Destruction half, and I used up some in my own experiments. Only a hundred or so drops are remaining. You can take these four flasks of 81 drops each. I hope that you, too, can develop the supreme technique of the Four Divine Beasts. Given your spiritual energy, if you are able to develop it…you’d have a chance at challenging  even  the  Chief  Sovereigns  of  the  Four  Edicts.” Beirut laughed.

The Four Divine Beasts, when combining their power as Lesser Sovereigns, were able to unite their power into a fused innate divine ability that could threaten even Chief Sovereigns. Linley’s fundamentals were much superior, compared to that of the Four Divine Beasts.

“Alright. I’ll accept it. But I am not confident in being able to develop a supreme technique.”  Linley said, but in his heart, Linley still felt a bit of anticipation.

Perhaps he would be able to develop one.

“Linley, how is your training progressing?” Beirut asked.

“I…in fusing three different profound mysteries of different Laws, I’m only one step away. But this breakthrough truly is difficult.” Linley shook his head and laughed helplessly.

“How about this?”  Beirut laughed, then said encouragingly, “As I see it, you’d best hurry up and go establish your own divine plane. The process of establishing a divine plane will cause you to gain insights into many things.” “Establishing a divine plane will take a very long period of time. You might make some major breakthroughs.”  Bluefire laughed as well.

After all, Linley had only been training for three centuries after becoming a Sovereign.

It would take a tremendous amount of time to establish each divine plane.

“It definitely will take a very long period of time, because I plan  to  simultaneously  establish  two  divine  planes.”  Linley smiled.

“Two divine planes?” Beirut and Bluefire were both startled.

The four clan leaders of the Four Divine Beasts clan stayed at Dragonblood Castle for several months. And then, after once more entreating Linley to take revenge if he could, they left the Yulan Plane and went back to the Infernal Realm. As for Linley himself, he said a few things to Delia and Bebe, then went to establish a divine plane. 
He left behind his original body, which focused on analyzing the blood essences of the Four Divine Beasts!

Linley’s original body was the physically strongest body out of the five, and it also contained the lineage of the Azure Dragon. Thus, it was quite appropriate to rely on his original body to do the research.

As for Linley’s four powerful clones, they left the Yulan Plane and headed towards chaotic space.

Within the vast, endless void of chaotic space, the streams of chaotic energy swirled and exploded as beautifully as fireworks.

Linley himself stood there within the chaotic streams. A few thousand kilometers away from Linley was the Yulan Plane.

“Linley,  to  simultaneously  establish  two  different  divine planes is something which has never been done before.” Beirut chortled. “We are definitely going to have to watch and learn.”
“I’ve never even established a divine plane.” Bluefire laughed as well.

Although the three were quite relaxed, Beirut and Bluefire both sent out their Sovereign sense, so that if any enemies drew near, they would instantly know and be able to flee into the Yulan Plane.

“Alright. I’m preparing to begin.”
Linley’s body suddenly divided into two. An earthen yellow robed Linley and a blue robed Linley now stood shoulder to shoulder. These were two of his divine clones; his earth clone and his water clone.

Seeing this, both Beirut and Bluefire fell silent as they quietly watched this. “Rumble…” A stream of earthen yellow liquid began to swirl around Linley’s divine earth clone, while at the same time, a stream of blue liquid began to swirl around Linley’s divine water clone. As time moved forward, the two streams of ‘liquid’ grew thicker and thicker as the amount of Sovereign
power grew greater and greater.

The power to create a divine plane was something which the heavens had bestowed upon Sovereigns.
Everyone who had fused with a Sovereign spark and had become a Sovereign knew that as long as they activated a hint of the Laws contained within their Sovereign sparks, they would be able to create a divine plane. This sort of divine ability wasn’t something one could gain through training; it was inherent to a Sovereign spark. Which was to say, it was bestowed by the heavens.

The creation process didn’t require the Sovereign to ponder bitterly and tiresomely; the Sovereign only needed to have his soul be completely occupied by pondering the creation process. The creation of a single divine plane was the same as a session of meditating. It would result in insights!

Different attribute Sovereign sparks would naturally be different.

Linley possessed two Sovereign sparks; thus, he decided simultaneously establish two divine planes.

At this moment, Linley’s two Sovereign bodies were more than a thousand kilometers apart from each other.

“The  creation  of  a  divine  plane  truly  is  exhausting.  The process of collecting enough Sovereign power alone will take up centuries.” Linley sighed mentally. At present, the ‘streams’ of energy that were swirling around Linley’s divine clones had already turned into two vast, thick, rivers of water. It was as though two titanic pythons of water that were ten thousand meters long were swirling around them.

Linley finally stirred. 
After centuries had passed, he had finally collected enough Sovereign power from the Elemental Sea.

Simultaneously and suddenly, the two enormous pythons of earthen yellow liquid and green liquid suddenly contracted, instantly transforming into two giant spheres of liquid that completely surrounded each of Linley’s two divine clones. The two giant ‘globes’ of water trembled, the powerful energy contained within them causing the surrounding space to constantly shatter.

Fortunately, this was chaotic space; there wouldn’t be much damage caused.

After compressing to a certain limit, the two water globes suddenly   exploded!   “Whooooooosh.”    Instantly,   enormous special tears that were a million kilometers long were created. The power of this explosion was simply too great; it was absolutely stunning. But of course, this was because too much Sovereign power had been built up; the true power of this, if unleashed on a Lesser Sovereign, would at most injure them.

Explosions rang out unabated in the void, and spatial tears stretched off into the distance, with no end in sight.

The earthen yellow globe had exploded towards the right side, as it spewed forth its contents.

The green globe had exploded towards the left side, as it spewed forth its contents.

“Rumble…”  Earth elemental essences and water elemental essences suddenly began to gather.

The exploding surges of Sovereign power were like generals; each bit of Sovereign power was able to control trillions of elemental essence particles. In the blink of an eye, within a range of more than a hundred million kilometers of the explosion, a large amount of Sovereign power began to take over the vast amounts of elemental essences in this area, and a miraculous, profound change began to occur. The Sovereign power stretched to a hundred million kilometers in scope, and the elemental essences stretched to billions of kilometers.

“These  are…the  Profound  Mysteries  of  Vitality?  And  the Profound Mysteries of Gravitational Space are included as well? So Vitality and Gravitational Space can actually fuse in such a perfect manner.

“Ah, ‘Illusory Fog’ and ‘Ice Edge’ and ‘Waterbody’ are able to fuse together so perfectly, merging into space? Utterly inconceivable.”
While establishing these two divine planes, the process involved quite a few profound mysteries of the Laws of the Earth and the Laws of Water, as well as miraculous ways of using them. Linley gaped, stupefied. His soul was completely merged with the divine plane he was creating, and they thus contained the imprint of his soul. Naturally, he would sense everything which was happening with complete clarity.

One insight after another flowed towards him like the endless waters of a flood. Linley was completely shocked and speechless. He couldn’t help but be completely lost in them…

“Riiiiiiip…” A spatial tear from the Yulan Plane formed, and two figures charged out.

It was Beirut and Bluefire.

“Linley has already been creating these two divine planes for 1300 years. Why isn’t he done yet?” Beirut said, rather puzzled. “He  is  simultaneously  creating  these  two  divine  planes.  He should be more or less finished by now.” “Perhaps there is something special about the divine planes he is making.” Bluefire said.

The two of them looked carefully at the two large divine planes that were directly ahead of them. The divine planes had already begun to take rough shape.

“What!” Beirut was greatly shocked.

“This Linley…”  Bluefire was stunned as well. As they had looked at the two divine planes, they naturally discovered what was special about them…
These two divine planes…actually intersected!

“Has Linley gone insane?”  Beirut said frantically. “Within that ten thousand kilometer region of intersection between those two planes, he’s actually fused two types of Sovereign power, and two types of elemental essences…this…!” Indeed. After spending roughly a thousand years, Linley had already created the two divine planes, and only needed to do some finishing touches. But right at this moment, Linley’s soul was stirred, and he actually began to use his fused Sovereign power to form a small plane that was only ten thousand
kilometers in size, at the empty space between the two planes.

This plane was a plane of fused Sovereign power!

After having sensed and watched the two previous divine planes be born, this time, Linley wanted to rely on his own power to give it a try.

But who would have imagined…
Previously, he had completely depended on the methods imprinted into his Sovereign spark, making the creation process simple. Now, however, it was very hard, as he was relying completely on himself to create this plane that was merely ten thousand kilometers in size. In the past three hundred years, Linley had solved one complicated problem after another regarding how to more perfectly use his two types of Sovereign power to control two different types of elemental essences.

Acting according to a blueprint was easy, but creating from scratch was very hard.
The two Sovereign sparks only contained methods for creating a ‘divine plane of earth’ and a ‘divine plane of water’. They held no information on the creation of a fused divine plane. Linley thus had to borrow and test various methods and come up with his own ways based on his own insights in order to build this place.

But this meant that he made repeated mistakes that he would have to correct. Naturally, he would gain insights as well. Although Linley was technically creating a fused divine plane, in reality, Linley was training!


“It’s been three thousand years! Linley actually still has yet to complete that fused divine plane.” Beirut and Bluefire looked at each other, not knowing whether to laugh or to cry.

The current Linley was completely absorbed in his work.

He had no sense of the passage of time at all. His current goal was to come up with any measures necessary to perfect and complete this fused divine plane of merely ten thousand kilometers!


Within the fused divine plane.

One side was filled with water that reached the heavens, while the other side was filled with towering mountains. Linley hovered in the air above.

“Haha…” Linley laughed so hard, his eyes turned into slits.
He finally let out a breath of relief. “I finally succeeded!” Linley stretched his senses out slightly, and immediately knew how much time had passed. “I only spent a thousand years creating those two divine planes, but I spent four thousand years creating this fused divine plane.” Linley felt quite moved. This time…Linley had, amazingly,
spent five thousand years of time!

Given how fast Sovereigns trained, five thousand years was indeed enough to make astonishing improvements.

But Linley, absorbed in his high-difficulty work, had gained astonishing insights during the past five thousand years.

“I didn’t imagine that over the course of creating the divine planes, I would end up finishing my fifth fusion of the profound mysteries of the Laws of the Earth. I’ve even fused four profound mysteries of the Laws of Water.”  Linley didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry. All of his new insights had come because he wanted to create his own fused divine plane, and so it was normal that he had some accomplishments in the Laws of the Earth and the Laws of Water.

But of course… In the past five thousand years, Linley’s greatest gains were still in his insights into fusing the profound mysteries of different Laws!

Chapter 10, Sword Intent

Earth, fire, water, wind. Four Laws. The four profound mysteries that Linley had chosen from them were, respectively, the ‘Throbbing Pulse of the World’, the ‘Profound Mysteries of Explosion’, the ‘Profound Mysteries of Circular Softness’, ‘Dimensional Attack’. Of the four, the hardest to fuse was the ‘Profound Mysteries of Explosion’.

During the past five thousand years, Linley had gotten a deeper and deeper understanding of the Laws of Earth and Laws of Water.

This had made it so that Linley had, long ago, completely fused the ‘Throbbing Pulse of the World’, ‘Dimensional Attack’, and the ‘Profound Mysteries of Circular Softness’ into one. As for the Profound Mysteries of Explosion, it had reached a bottleneck in its fusion with the ‘Dimensional Attack’. Once the fusion was completed, then only the final step would remain; completely fusing all four of the profound mysteries into one.

“Rumble…”    Waves   struck   against   the   slopes   of   the mountains. 
Linley hovered there in midair. “Now, I have two steps to go. The first is to completely fuse the ‘Profound Mysteries of Explosion’ with ‘Dimensional Attack’. Then, I need to completely fuse the four together into a whole. By then, with four profound mysteries all fused together, the power of the attack will be so great that surpassing Augusta will be simple.”
And then, Linley took a breath to calm himself as he stared around himself. There was not, however, any sun in this world of ten thousand kilometers.

Linley raised his head, then said a single word. “Light!”
Instantly, with Sovereign power serving as the core, countless particles of elemental essences began to gather. They frantically compressed, and then formed a dazzling sphere that hung high in the sky; a sun! The sun hung high in the skies, wantonly releasing light which illuminated the entire plane.

With but a thought, Linley willed a membrane to form around this sun, protecting it. 
“Normally, it will constantly draw in elemental essence, and afterwards, it will release it in the form of sunlight in a perpetual  cycle.”   Linley  smiled  calmly,  and  then  used  the technique upon the other side of the plane, creating a moon. Within this plane, the sun and the moon swiveled around the plane in a constant rotation.

When the sun dropped beneath the edges of the plane and reached the back side of it, the moon would just so happen to rise.

“Everything  has  been  completed.”   Linley  looked  at  his surroundings. There was the earth, the mountains, the seas… but no life. However, Linley wasn’t capable of creating new life; at most, he would be able to bring some living creatures from other places to this place.

A giant spatial tear appeared in the distant skies, and two figures flew in. One was a black-robed Beirut, while the other was a white-robed Bluefire. The two were clearly rather surprised and curious.

“Haha, Linley, although this fused divine plane of yours is a bit small, in terms of its spatial stability, it has actually surpassed the Seven Divine Planes and is close to the Four Higher Planes.” Beirut waved his hand, chopping out a spatial tear, then evaluated, “And in this place, both earth and water are fairly dense in terms of elemental essences.”
Linley let out a resigned chuckle. “Don’t make fun of me. I spent more than four thousand years, but was only able to make such a tiny plane.”
“We  aren’t  making  fun  of  you.”   Bluefire  looked  at  the surrounding area, then laughed. “We can create planes, but alas, we cannot create new life.”
“The  creation  of  new  life  is  not  a  domain  which  we Sovereigns can interfere in.” Beirut laughed calmly, then looked  towards  Linley.  Rather  expectantly,  he  said,  “Linley, you have spent five thousand years here. Given your training speed, especially after becoming a Sovereign with two Sovereign bodies…I imagine that you now train at least a hundred times faster than before you were a Sovereign. In the past five thousand years, how has your training progressed?”
Bluefire’s eyes lit up as well as he looked eagerly towards Linley.

“I’ve fused five profound mysteries of the Laws of the Earth, and four of the Laws of Water.”  Linley sighed with a frown. “However, I’m still somewhat lacking when it comes to fusing four different Laws. The further I go in my training, the harder it becomes. I imagine that in order for me to truly master the fusion of these four Laws, it will take me anywhere from a few thousand years to…an indeterminate amount of time.”
Beirut and Bluefire exchanged a glance.

Linley’s progression was what they had expected it to be. After all, five thousand years of training as a Sovereign was definitely comparable to five hundred thousand years of training as a Highgod. The three Sovereigns just stood there in the newborn fused divine plane, laughing and chatting.

“Linley, when are you returning to the Yulan Plane?” Beirut suddenly asked.

“I’m in no rush. My original body is still in Dragonblood Castle, so I don’t need to hurry back. I’m preparing to develop what will be my most powerful attack to date.” Linley laughed calmly. “Now that my understanding in the profound mysteries of the Laws has increased, my previous supreme attack, ‘Microcosm’, is no longer suitable.”
“Makes sense.” Beirut and Bluefire both nodded.

“Then we will wait for you in the Yulan Plane. Haha, after you finish developing it, you have to show it off to us.” Beirut chortled, and then he and Bluefire both left as well.

To develop a technique that suited one’s self wouldn’t take too long. Generally speaking, ten days or so would be enough. 
Earth, fire, water, wind. These four Laws had a total of twenty seven profound mysteries. To select the four most appropriate profound mysteries out of them was extremely difficult. However, given Linley’s level of understanding regarding them, and the fact that he had decide to develop towards ‘material attacks’, he had chosen the ‘Throbbing Pulse of the World’, ‘Explosion’, ‘Circular Softness’, and ‘Dimensional Attack’.

Amongst them, ‘Throbbing Pulse of the World’, ‘Explosion’, and ‘Dimensional Attack’ were exceedingly, terrifyingly powerful attack-focused profound mysteries.

To fuse them together by force was virtually impossible. Thus, Linley had selected ‘Circular Softness’ to serve as the chain which allowed the other three profound mysteries to perfectly fuse together.

According to Linley’s plan… If he selected the most attack-focused aspects of the four Laws and bound them together, the power should definitely reach an inconceivable level.

Within the void. Chaotic energy streamed everywhere, forming countless ‘comets’ that streaked about in a bewildering, beautiful manner.

Linley stood there within the void, holding Mirage in his hands. He would occasionally shut his eyes and ponder, and then occasionally wave his hands to test out his attacks. Every single test caused space to crumble.
“Although I’ve already fused three profound mysteries, with the fourth profound mystery of ‘Explosion’ not yet being fused in, that’s fine. ‘Explosion’ will simply make it so that the power of my attack will gather together at one point, then instantly blast out.” If countless streams of energy could be focused onto one point, how powerful would that attack become?

Just as Linley continued to perfect his technique, a light suddenly flashed in his mind. 
“A sword?”  Linley’s eyes lit up. “My spiritual energy is far more powerful than that of an ordinary Sovereign’s. Why don’t I infuse a spiritual attack into the attack. When I strike out with my sword, I will simultaneously launch a material attack and a soul attack!”
Intrigued, he immediately began.

The sixteenth day of research in the void.

After countless setbacks and improvements and reconfigurations…he had continuously perfected his technique, to the point where Linley was now unable to perfect it any further. He had finally created his most powerful, supreme technique!

“I’ve finally perfected it. However, the material attack and soul attack both require me to use all my power to control it. It seems that I will need to use two souls to separately control each aspect.” Both the soul attack and the material attack were supreme techniques; using either of the attacks would force Linley to be completely focused and unable to be distracted.

Thus, his only choice was to have two of his souls separately control each technique.

“It is time to test my most powerful attack.”
With a smile, Linley waved his hand. Mirage vanished, and what appeared was the Life Overgod Sword!

Holding the Life Overgod Sword in his hand, he stared with a sharp gaze towards the void in the distance.

Fused Sovereign power filled the Life Overgod Sword, and instantly, a terrifying aura spread out. “Riiiiiiiiiip.” Countless streams of chaotic energy in the void shattered, as countless spatial tears appeared in the surrounding area. Even before the Life Overgod Sword had struck out, its power could already be felt. “Rumble…”
The sword moved!

It was like a jade-green bolt of lightning that slashed out.

The tip of the Life Overgod Sword emitted countless rays of sharp sword energy, tearing open countless spatial fractures that extended as far as the eye could see. It seemed as though countless giant dragons were coiling about; the countless spatial fractures affected and pulled at each other as well, instantly causing large regions of space in the void to collapse!

The collapsed region was roughly a hundred meters wide, but in length, it was more than a million kilometers. Apocalypse!

When this attack was unleashed, more than just countless rays of sword energy shot out; actually, a tiny, unremarkable, translucent sword shadow that was just the size of a palm shot out as well. 
“Sadly, I wasn’t able to add ‘Explosion’ into the fusion as well, and so strike zone of this sword is actually a hundred meters wide! If I could focus it into a single line, then that would be true perfection.”  Linley evaluated. But although he said this, a smile was evident on his face, showing that Linley was quite satisfied with himself.

This attack simultaneously contained a soul attack and a material attack.

“Since  it  simultaneously  contains  two  different  types  of attacks, then I’ll name it…‘Sword Intent’!”
Sword Intent. It truly was a ‘Sword Intent’; the ‘Sword’ was the material attack, while the ‘Intent’ was the soul attack.

“I really look forward to the day when I completely, perfectly fuse all four profound mysteries. What level of power will this ‘Sword Intent’ attack of mine reach?” Linley turned and took a simple step, passing through a thousand kilometers of space to enter the divine plane he had created. There was, after all, interdimensional portals that linked Linley’s ‘divine plane of earth’ and ‘divine plane of water’ to the Yulan plane.

He passed through the interdimensional portal and arrived at the Yulan Plane.

The Yulan Plane. Dragonblood Castle.

Dried leaves had been blown everywhere by the wind. It was late autumn. Five thousand years had passed, and the marks of history had been left upon each tree, each tile, and each stone within Dragonblood Castle.

Beneath an ancient tree with a trunk that was so large, ten men would be needed to link hands around it, Linley, Beirut, and Bluefire were gathered.

These three Sovereigns had, quite naturally, formed into a little team. “Grandpa  Beirut,  what  did  you  say?”  Linley  was  greatly shocked. “We should head out?”
“Right.” Beirut smiled, then nodded.

“But at my current level of power…I’m not confident in my ability to fight against the Chief Sovereign of Light.” Linley said hurriedly. Augusta had an Overgod artifact as well, after all.

“When you were creating your divine planes and training, Bluefire and I discussed this matter carefully.” Beirut laughed. “You are trying to fuse four different types of profound mysteries from different Laws. This will be even harder than becoming a Paragon in a single type of Law! Although you have made great improvements in the past five thousand years, I’m worried that even if you spend another five thousand years, you probably won’t make any more major improvements.”
Linley fell silent. Fusing four profound mysteries from different Laws. The power was tremendous, but so too was the difficulty level. The difficulty level was, in fact, greater than that of becoming a Paragon in one Law.

“Thus, we decided to do something else.” Bluefire joined in.

“To do what?” Linley frowned as he looked towards Bluefire and Beirut.

“You are a Fusion Sovereign.”  Beirut smiled. “In addition, you have four bodies. Currently, you have only fused two Sovereign sparks. In reality, your potential has yet to be truly unleashed. Our plan is to leave the Yulan Plane and hunt down a Sovereign! We will let you fuse with yet another Sovereign spark!”
Linley couldn’t help but feel shocked.

Bluefire nodded as well as he looked at Linley. “Given your power, after you fuse with another Sovereign spark, your strength will completely eclipse that of an ordinary Chief Sovereign. It will even surpass the Chief Sovereign of Light’s power.” Beirut’s gaze was scorching. “By then, the three Sovereigns of our Yulan Plane will naturally be able to live carefree lives amongst the world of Sovereigns.”
“Won’t killing Sovereigns attract the wrath of other Sovereigns, who might even stop us?” Linley frowned.

Chapter 11, Hunt and Kill, A Storm Brews!

To hunt and kill a Sovereign, then fuse with his divine spark.

To Linley, a four-way Soul Mutate, this was indeed a possible avenue for increasing his power.

“Attract the wrath of other Sovereigns who would stop us?” Beirut paused momentarily, then nodded and said, “Naturally, there is a pact between the Sovereigns. If a Chief Sovereign was to fight a Lesser Sovereign, that would be a slaughter. Thus, if anyone violate the pact, the four Chief Sovereigns of the Edicts will join forces to punish them!”
Linley’s heart clenched.

The Chief Sovereigns of the Four Edicts jointly punish them?

“It seems as though the Overgods don’t care about fratricide amongst Sovereigns.” Linley suddenly said. 
The nearby Bluefire laughed calmly. “The Overgods are only the Edicts. They are only responsible for making sure that the countless planes of the universe function normally. They won’t care about the deaths of the Sovereigns. If a Sovereign dies, there will definitely be another Sovereign born. The main issue is that the Sovereigns themselves worried that if this sort of internal slaughter was to occur, the universe would be too chaotic. Thus, they came together in agreement on a pact.”
“What does this pact entail?” Linley immediately asked.

Beirut laughed calmly, “The pact is simple. There are three ranks of Sovereigns. If a lower-ranked Sovereign did not antagonize a higher-ranked Sovereign, the higher-ranked Sovereign is not permitted to slaughter the lower-ranked Sovereign. Only Sovereigns at the same ranks are able to battle each other. This point was decided upon jointly by the Chief Sovereigns of the Four Edicts!”
“So only Sovereigns of the same level of power are permitted to fight each other?” Linley nodded to himself. “If that’s the case, then doesn’t that mean the Chief Sovereigns of the Four Edicts are permitted to easily slaughter the other Chief Sovereigns?”
“Haha…” Beirut couldn’t help but laugh. “Linley, are you an idiot? The Chief Sovereigns can fight against each other, yes, and the Chief Sovereigns of the Four Edicts have Overgod artifacts that suit their nature, true. But just because they have powerful weapons doesn’t mean that their speed is greater than that of the other Chief Sovereigns. If the other Chief Sovereigns aren’t able to overcome them, can’t they run?”
“Oh. Right. Right.” Linley said, embarrassed.

Sovereigns of the same rank generally wouldn’t be too different from each other in terms of speed, especially since they would be able to discover the enemy from far away through their Sovereign sense.

“But in the past, Augusta killed the Four Divine Beasts. This…doesn’t this count as violating the pact?” Linley couldn’t help but say, puzzled. 
“I told you that only Sovereigns of the same level of power were permitted to fight each other. This pointed towards people at the same level of power; what matters is actual power!”  Beirut  said.  “The  Four  Divine  Beasts,  although  all Lesser Sovereigns, were comparable to a Chief Sovereign when working together. How could they be treated as Lesser Sovereigns? Wouldn’t that allow them to massacre all of the Lesser Sovereigns?”
Linley understood now.

The Four Divine Beasts had been placed on the level of ‘Chief Sovereigns’ in power.

“Linley.  In  terms  of  power,  you,  too,  are  at  the  ‘Chief Sovereign’    level.”    Beirut   laughed   insidiously.   “However, nobody knows. We can go hunt and kill one Sovereign, and you can fuse the Sovereign spark. By then, even if the other Sovereigns find you, you can just find an excuse for what you did. That shouldn’t be too hard.” Linley was moved, and he laughed. “I understand!”
Others didn’t know the secret of him being a Soul Mutate, and thus it shouldn’t be too hard for him to make something up.

“In addition, the Chief Sovereign of Destruction is on fairly close terms with us. He will help speak on our behalf.” Beirut laughed calmly. “As I recall, the Chief Sovereign of Death is on fairly good terms with you as well, Linley.”
The pact was decided upon jointly by the four Chief Sovereigns of the Edicts. Given that the Chief Sovereigns of Destruction and Death were on good terms with Linley’s side, this matter naturally wouldn’t prove problematic.

“Hunt and kill a Sovereign. Who should we hunt and kill?” Linley suddenly asked.

“Linley. You should still require a wind-type Sovereign spark and a fire-type Sovereign spark, right? Is it better to have a Lesser Sovereign spark or an Intermediate Sovereign spark, or even a High Sovereign spark?”  Beirut asked instead. Clearly, Beirut understood the principles of balance, which was why he asked.

Linley nodded and said, “Lesser Sovereign spark!”
When he fused four types of divine power, although divine power was much weaker than Sovereign power, because of the balance of the fusion, the four-way fusion of divine power was actually ten times more powerful than Sovereign power. In addition, it also strengthened the body, strengthened artifacts, and had other miraculous effects.

It wasn’t necessarily true that the stronger the Sovereign spark, the better. What mattered more was…balance!

“Very well. We shall now go kill either a wind-element Lesser Sovereign or a fire-element Lesser Sovereign.”  Beirut paused momentarily,  then  said,  “Amongst  the  Sovereigns,  the  one whom we are on the worst terms with is the Sovereign of Wind, Teresia! Originally, when I acquired the four Sovereign sparks, after I went to the Infernal Realm, Teresia tried to threaten me.” “Teresia…”
Linley nodded.

In the Infernal Realm, if it hadn’t been for the Bloodridge Sovereign appearing, Teresia might nearly have killed Linley for the sake of the nine soul pearls.

In addition, in the void of chaotic space, if it hadn’t been for Beirut and Bluefire successively blocking Teresia, on that occasion as well, Linley probably wouldn’t have been able to bring the Overgod talisman back to the Yulan Plane.

“Teresia has acted against me multiple times and wanted to kill me. In addition, there lies an old grudge between Teresia and  yourself,  Grandpa  Beirut.”  Linley  nodded.  “Then…let’s make him the one!”
“Hmph. Teresia is a mere Lesser Sovereign, and yet he has quite a bit of ambition.” Bluefire nodded as well. “He deserves death.”
The three Sovereigns of the Yulan Plane, in just a few moments, had determined the fate of a different Sovereign.

Three days later.

Linley bid his family and friends farewell. As for the target of this mission, to hunt and kill a Sovereign? Linley only told Delia, Bebe, and a few others. Delia and the others had all been stunned at the decision of Linley and the other two, but Delia and Bebe were filled with sufficient confidence towards Linley, Beirut, and Bluefire.

“Boss, your actions will determine if I’ll be able to roam about and adventure in the various planes in the future.” Bebe pursed his lips and laughed.

“Just wait and watch.” Linley laughed loudly. “Linley, be careful.” Delia warned.

“Right.”  Linley gently squeezed Delia’s hands, then turned and left.

This mission, according to their plans, wouldn’t take too long. Linley said a few more words to his family and friends, then left alongside Beirut and Bluefire.

The Yulan Plane. The vast, endless North Sea region.

Linley, Beirut, and Bluefire were currently flying leisurely to the north. The three weren’t in the slightest rush at all.

“Linley, have you gained anything from your five thousand years of analyzing the blood essences of the Four Divine Beasts?” Beirut asked.

“Not much.”  Linley shook his head and laughed. “Because Gates and his four brothers at Dragonblood Castle are of the Black Tortoise lineage, through them, I’ve gained a bit of understanding as to how one should unleash the power of the blood essence of the Black Tortoise. I am also now able to hypothesize at the mechanism by which the ancestor of my Azure Dragon clan, the ‘Azure Dragon’, was able to strengthen his body.”
The Azure Dragon’s body strengthening mechanism was borrowed from the Black Tortoise’s transformation.

“However, my body is already sufficiently powerful. After absorbing part of the blood essences of the four ancestors, it would just rise slightly in power by one level.” Linley laughed calmly. At his level, further strengthening his body was simply too difficult.

“As for the supreme innate divine ability of the Four Divine Beasts, I was unable to develop any insights into it.” Linley sighed. “After all, I never saw the Four Divine Beasts unleash their innate divine abilities. In addition, my understanding and insights regarding the soul were shallow to begin with.” “Haha, don’t be discouraged. I’ve been researching for much longer than you, and I’ve even seen the Four Divine Beasts unleash their attacks. I also have a deep level of understanding regarding the soul. And yet, I’m still unable to understand it.” Beirut laughed calmly. “To be able to strengthen your body yet another time is something worth being happy over. Unfortunately, those blood essences aren’t able to strengthen me.”
The reason why they were useful for Linley was because Linley was a member of the Azure Dragon clan to begin with.

“Grandpa  Beirut,  Bluefire.”    Linley  suddenly  smiled  in mysterious manner.

“Eh?” The two looked at Linley, puzzled.

“Just now, I used my divine sense to scan both of you twelve times. Did you notice anything?” Linley laughed as he looked at them. Just then, Linley had intentionally scanned Beirut and Bluefire with his divine sense, but Beirut and Bluefire hadn’t noticed anything; they had continued to chat with him normally. 
“What?  You  scanned  us  with  divine  sense?”   Beirut  and Bluefire exchanged glances, shocked.

“Right.” Linley nodded.

“This…” Beirut and Bluefire were truly stunned.

It must be understood that Sovereigns were able to sense it when another Sovereign scanned them. Even if a Chief Sovereign were to scan a Lesser Sovereign, the Lesser Sovereign would still sense it. This was because all Sovereigns, regardless of their level, used Sovereign power as the source of their spiritual energy! Sovereign power was all at the same level.

Differences in the power of their Will would cause slight differences in power, which would result in different scopes and ranges for their senses. But speaking on a qualitative level, Sovereign senses were all the same.

“Perhaps it is becaused I used my fused Sovereign power to unleash my divine sense.” Linley laughed.

Fused Sovereign power was a full level stronger than ordinary Sovereign power.

For him to be able to scan other Sovereigns without them noticing was what he had expected.

It was much like how, in the Planar Battlefield, when Linley was merely a Deity, the post-mutation Linley could send out his divine sense without other Paragons being able to notice anything.

“Haha,  this,  this  is  wonderful.”   Beirut  was  overjoyed. “Linley, with this being the case, even if you discover other Sovereigns through your divine sense, other Sovereigns wouldn’t realize that they were being scanned! Now, even if we want to act against Teresia, Teresia will have no idea that we are scanning him.”
“Right.” Linley was very happy as well.

The strength of his divine sense; this was one of the superiorities of his fused Sovereign power!

Beirut said jubilantly, “Originally, I was worried that Teresia would flee upon seeing us, and so I was planning for us to travel separately and surround him. But now, it seems, there is no need for that at all.”
“Haha, let’s go.” Bluefire laughed clearly. “Let’s prepare to go to the Divine Wind Plane!”
“Let’s head out.”  Beirut and Linley both laughed as well as they flew towards the teleportation array. The three Sovereigns of the Yulan Plane; this was the first time that they had left the Yulan Plane as Sovereigns!

Given that they were going to act against Teresia, Beirut naturally had begun to track Teresia’s movements early on. Through the Bloodridge Sovereign, Beirut had learned that Teresia had, five thousand years ago, already returned to the Divine Wind Plane.

The Divine Wind Plane had been jointly created long ago by the seven Sovereigns of Wind. It was vast and endless.

In terms of how many Deities they possessed, the Seven Divine Planes weren’t too far off from the Four Higher Planes; the figures were similarly astonishing. Countless Deities filled the nine continents of the Divine Wind Plane, and each day, many Deities would die, and many new geniuses would suddenly gain insights and make breakthroughs.

For the sake of survival, fight!

For the sake of glory, fight! 
Countless Deities were struggling and battling across the nine continents of the Divine Wind Plane.

As for the Sovereigns? They were far above it all.

It was like watching countless ants struggle and battle. The Sovereigns laughed as they watched the various battles. As they saw it, this was just a game! Occasionally, they might choose an Emissary and intervene in the games.

The Divine Wind Plane. Qingya Island.

The silver-haired, hawk-nosed man, ‘Teresia’, was standing in front of a beach, staring into the endless sea.

Teresia was a very ambitious person. For the sake of growing more powerful, he was willing to do anything. He had originally been a surpassing talent of the Dylan Plane [Di’lun]. A true genius, he had easily become a Deity, and then had come to the Netherworld, one of the Higher Planes, and engaged in constant battles and struggles until he had become a powerful Highgod! Back then, the 77 Sovereign sparks had been scattered across the Four Higher Planes. For the sake of the Sovereign sparks, countless experts had perished in miserable ways over the course of the struggles.

He had seized a Sovereign spark and had become a Sovereign of Wind!

After becoming a Sovereign, by relying on the power of faith energy, he had broken through the final barrier and stepped into the realm of Paragon!

He had never before been defeated. He had always been very self-confident!

Even after becoming a Sovereign, Teresia had never given up increasing his strength still further. At his current level, there were only three ways by which he could increase his strength. The first was to acquire an Overgod artifact. The second was to fuse with yet another Sovereign spark, so as to have another Sovereign clone. The third was to make it so that the Divine Wind Plane would win ten consecutive victories in the Planar Wars.

“Eh? What’s going on today. I keep on having a restless feeling in my heart.” Teresia frowned, his narrow, slitted eyes looking about him, his gaze like daggers.

Unconsciously, Teresia decided to stretch out his divine sense, and in an instant, it covered the entire Divine Wind Plane.

And as it just so happened…
Less than a hundred million kilometers away from him, there were three figures that were flying over at high speed.

A black-robed Beirut, a white-robed, crimson-browed Bluefire, and a sky blue robed Linley! The three Sovereigns were flying shoulder-to-shoulder!

“Beirut, Linley, and that Sovereign of Fire!”  Teresia’s face completely changed.

Chapter 12, The First Display of Power

Although he was shocked, Teresia then only let out a cold laugh. He sent out through divine sense, “Haha, Beirut, Linley, and that crimson-browed fellow. What, the three of you actually dare to leave the Yulan Plane? Do you now have something up your sleeve that allows you to go dare battle the Chief Sovereign of Light?” Teresia wasn’t afraid at all.

He knew that Beirut had, in total, four Sovereign sparks!

The three in front of him were merely Lesser Sovereigns.

He, Teresia, was a Lesser Sovereign of Wind. Sovereigns of Wind were skilled in speed to begin with, and he was also a Paragon! Amongst Lesser Sovereigns, it could be said that there was no one who was faster than him.

“The only one amongst these three who is comparable to me in  speed  is  that  Sovereign  of  Fire.”  Teresia  was  absolutely confident. “If they join forces, they are indeed stronger than me. Unfortunately, if I want to escape, they won’t possibly be able  to  catch  me.” With  this  self-confidence,  Teresia  was naturally in no rush to flee right away.

“The  Chief  Sovereign  of  Light?  Naturally,  we  fear  him.” Beirut smirked, then sent back with a laugh. “However, you aren’t the Chief Sovereign of Light.”
“Hmph.” Teresia laughed coldly.

At the same time, Teresia sent his divine sense to the number one expert of the Divine Wind Plane, the ‘Chief Sovereign of Wind’.   “Chief   Sovereign,   Beirut   is   leading   two   Lesser Sovereigns and charging towards me. From the looks of it, they harbor ill intentions.”
Sovereigns flew at a speed that was hundreds of times faster than Paragons.

Even in a place as vast as in the Infernal Realm, Sovereigns could traverse the plane in half a day. From this, one could imagine how fast they were. A hundred million kilometers? To Linley’s group of three Sovereigns, less than five minutes would be necessary!

“Linley, Teresia seems quite confident.”  Bluefire chortled as he spoke mentally. “He actually isn’t fleeing.”
“There is no one amongst Lesser Sovereigns who exceeds him in speed.”  Linley sent back. “However…that was in the past!”
“Now that you, a Fusion Sovereign, have appeared, you have destroyed all the previous rules. If Teresia had immediately fled, there might be hope for him. But now, there won’t be enough time for him.” Beirut chortled as well. Clearly, they all felt as though they could already see Teresia’s end.

Right at this moment…
“Beirut, why have the three of you come here!”  A cold, icy voice rang out in the minds of Beirut and the other two. “Lord Diya.” Beirut immediately sent back.

Linley was intrigued. The speaker should have been the Chief Sovereign of Wind, Diya. According to legend, the Chief Sovereign of Wind, Diya, was a divine beast; a Jadewing Goldlight Hawk! Jadewing Goldlight Hawks were wind-type divine beasts that were born with tremendous innate speed. After becoming the Chief Sovereign of Wind, his speed had reached a truly monstrous level.

Those who had been able to acquire the eleven High Sovereign sparks in the past were all tremendously powerful. The likes of the Chief Sovereigns of Death and Destruction were born with tremendous, incomparable power. Others were comparable to Paragons as soon as they became Highgods. The eleven Chief Sovereigns all had their own unique strengths.

“Beirut, you are also one of my Sovereigns of Wind.”  That cold voice rang out. “I don’t wish for internal warfare to begin amongst my Sovereigns of Wind.”
“Mr. Diya.” Linley sent back. “Teresia tried to act against me on multiple occasions. Back then, if it hadn’t been for Grandpa Beirut and Bluefire, I probably would have died. This time, I have come for revenge. I am only a Lesser Sovereign as well. I trust that this doesn’t violate the pact between Sovereigns.”
The Chief Sovereign of Wind, Diya, hesitated momentarily, but then sent back with anger, “Linley! You have just recently become a Sovereign. You had best act more properly and in accordance with the rules! This is the Divine Wind Plane. I am the master here!”
Linley sent back with a smile, and then he stopped paying attention to the angered rebukes that the Chief Sovereign of Wind, Diya, was delivering.

Beirut sent to Linley, “We are still two million kilometers away from Teresia. We should arrive soon.”
“Teresia truly is bold!” Linley swept his gaze forward. Atop an island mountain. Teresia’s slitted gaze turned cold, and he cursed softly, “Beirut’s group of three is truly insane. Although they won’t be able to catch me, I can’t just wait here for them to attack. Hmph. I’ll first let them be smug for a period of time. Soon, the news that they have appeared in the
Divine Wind Plane will definitely make its way to the Chief Sovereign of Light. By then, it’d be strange if Augusta didn’t come!”
When the two were a million kilometers away from each other, Teresia finally fled!

A ray of light shot towards the southeast at high speed! The speed at which it moved vastly surpassed the pursuing speed of Linley’s group. Linley and Bluefire, after all, had to accommodate Beirut, who was the slowest of the three.

“Haha, Teresia, so you aren’t a fool after all.” Beirut sent with a smirk and a laugh. “Hmph, Beirut, you can be smug for now. In a short while, you won’t even have the chance to cry.” Teresia replied disdainfully.

Linley and the other two, in hot pursuit, exchanged a glance.
Beirut sent mentally, “It’s about time. Linley, time to move.”
“Linley, we’ll just watch from over here.”  Bluefire sent as well, laughing.

“Don’t worry.” Linley was completely confident, and his speed suddenly increased.

Right at this moment…
“How can this be?”  Teresia’s face changed. “Linley is even faster than me? But I’m a Paragon, he…right, he’s a Paragon as well.  But  how  could  he  be  so  fast?”   Teresia  pondered momentarily, but then he guessed at a possibility… “Can it be? Beirut, you madman…you let Linley fuse both of the  Sovereign  sparks  by  himself?”   Teresia  was  now  truly frantic.

Generally speaking, if a Sovereign was to fuse with two Sovereign sparks, even though the Sovereign wouldn’t be able to use fused Sovereign power, the Sovereign’s soul would gain another portion of Will.

“He was a Paragon to begin with; given that he has fused with an additional Sovereign spark, he definitely is a bit stronger than me.” Teresia was now panicked. He fled at high speed towards the southeast. There was a teleportation array in the continent to the southeast, and by traveling through it, he would be able to flee at high speed. However, they were still more than a billion kilometers away from the teleportation array.

Linley, however, was only a million kilometers away from him.

In addition, the distance of a million kilometers was rapidly shrinking. 
By the time Teresia had flown an additional ten million kilometers, Linley had already appeared within his line of sight.

“Chief Sovereign!” Teresia sent frantically.

“Linley,  you  want  to  kill  a  Sovereign  in  my  Divine  Wind Plane?” The Chief Sovereign of Wind, Diya, said angrily.

Linley just sent two words back. “I apologize!” And then, not slowing down at all, he continued the pursuit.

In reality, Linley was still hiding the majority of his true power. If he were to use his fused Sovereign power, his speed would be much faster.

“Beirut is insane, and this Linley is also insane!” Teresia could tell that he wasn’t going to make it. He let out a low curse, and then slashed one hand backwards…
“Crackle…” An enormous tear in space appeared, and Teresia immediately charged into the spatial rift.

“Hmph.” Linley immediately charged straight into the exact same spatial rift.

From this, one can imagine how close the two were to each other!

Beirut and Bluefire, seeing this through their divine senses, shared a laugh.

“Let’s go take a look as well.” Beirut chuckled as he slashed open a spatial rift, then entered chaotic space alongside Bluefire. Within the void of chaotic space, they were able to effortless find Linley and Teresia through divine sense. Within the void. Countless flows of energy of random colors fluctuated randomly.

At the moment, one Sovereign was in pursuit, while the other was fleeing!

“Linley, don’t go too far.”  Teresia bellowed angrily through divine sense.

“What,  you’ve  forgotten  how  far  you  went  in  the  past?” Linley snickered. If it hadn’t been for the Bloodridge Sovereign and the others, Linley probably would’ve died long ago. Even now, Linley was just toying with Teresia. He had only revealed part of his power, but despite that, he was still able to have Teresia right where he wanted him.

And yet, in the next instant, Linley instantly caught up to Teresia!

Feeling a figure draw close to him from behind, Teresia grew frantic! 
“So what if you fused with two Sovereign sparks? I refuse to believe that you are much stronger than me.” Teresia bellowed, and that enormous sickle appeared in his hands. He delivered a reverse-handed blow towards Linley. Silently, soundlessly, the sickle-blade tore through the surrounding space.

A Lesser Sovereign who was also a Paragon was indeed terrifying.

Faced with this heaven-shattering blade, Linley casually launched a chop backwards.

Linley had fused five of the profound mysteries of the Laws of the Earth, and had developed quite a few techniques. Since he normally wished to hide his power, he naturally would end up using these techniques now.

“Clang!” “Rumble…”  The  giant  sickle  in  Teresia’s  hands  trembled, then began to shatter, inch by inch. Teresia himself was knocked flying away by that while explosion of power.

A single blow from the sword had shattered a Sovereign artifact?

“Ugh!”  Teresia was shaken so badly that he vomited out a mouthful of blood.

“This is…impossible!” Teresia stared at Linley in disbelief… and then his gaze locked upon the jade longsword in Linley’s hand. That holy, sacred aura that emanated from the sword caused one’s heart to tremble. Teresia instantly identified this weapon for what it truly was, and Teresia all but screeched, “OVERGOD WEAPON!!!”
And then, he stared at Linley in terror. “Right.  This  is  an  Overgod  weapon.”  Linley  smiled  as  he looked at Teresia.

Teresia stared at Linley in terror. He immediately said, “I understand. It was you! You definitely acquired all three of the Overgod talismans. You accomplished the mission of the Overgod of Life, which is why you received an Overgod artifact.” Teresia had previously wanted to make a fight out of it, but upon seeing the Overgod artifact, he fell into despair.

Even if they were equal in strength, the side that had an Overgod artifact would hold an absolute advantage.

In his case, he was weaker than Linley to begin with.

“Linley, in the past, I was the one at fault. Now that you have acquired the Overgod artifact, I no longer pose a threat to you…” Teresia now, finally, wanted to beg for mercy and ask for forgiveness.

“Linley, no need to waste words with him. Hurry up and eliminate him.” Beirut’s voice echoed in Linley’s mind. 
Linley didn’t hesitate at all. His face sank slightly, and the Life Overgod Sword in his hands shot out like a blur, stabbing straight towards Teresia. “Bang!”  In the direction where the Life Overgod Sword was pointing towards, a spatial rift suddenly appeared that was only as thick as a fist, but which was infinitely long.

As for Teresia’s head, a small, fist-sized hole appeared within it.

Laws of the Earth – World Disintegrator!

Teresia’s eyes were still filled with disbelief, shock, and rage. And then, he powerlessly toppled over and his Sovereign artifacts fell out. Without the protection of his Will and his Sovereign armor, his corpse was instantly reduced to dust by the chaotic streams of energy. A semi-translucent jewel floated out, emanating a faint green light in every direction.

A Lesser Sovereign spark of wind! “I’d best fuse it right away. If I delay, other variables might come into play.” Linley’s expanded divine sense had already discovered that the Chief Sovereign of Wind, Diya, along with other Sovereigns of Wind, had entered chaotic space. However, those Sovereigns of Wind were still quite far away from Linley.

Those Sovereigns had clearly discovered that Linley had just killed Teresia as well.

“Linley!” The Chief Sovereign of Wind, Diya, was angry now.

Linley paid Diya no attention. He immediately made a drop of blood fly out from his finger, then drift towards the wind- type Sovereign spark.

“Linley, you…”  These Sovereigns of Wind were all rather angry now. He had killed a Sovereign and was now about to fuse with his Sovereign spark? This sort of behavior was simply going too far!

Right at this moment, the chaotic energy flows around Linley began to change.  A limitlessly  dense gathering  of wind elemental essences began to condense, and large amounts of ‘green liquid’ began to manifest and swirl about Linley. In this moment, Linley had already changed into his divine wind clone, and the wind-type Sovereign spark slowly sank into Linley’s forehead.

The fusing of a Sovereign spark was extremely fast.

Those Sovereigns weren’t able to stop it at all.

“Haha…” Beirut and Bluefire, who had already flown over, simply laughed.

“Previously,  Linley  was  already  comparable  to  a  Chief Sovereign, thanks to his Overgod weapon. But now, after having refined another Sovereign spark, Linley’s power should have surpassed that of the Chief Sovereign of Light.” Beirut and Bluefire were both incredibly happy. They now no longer feared even the Chief Sovereign of Light; what, then did they have to worry about? Finally, the three Sovereigns of Yulan would no longer have to hide within the Yulan Plane.

Within the void. Just moments later, Linley, who had already fused with the wind-type Sovereign spark, smiled and opened his eyes. “Success. My Will grew stronger yet again, and my fused Sovereign power…is now much more powerful!”
By now, Linley had already fused three types of Sovereign sparks!

Chapter 13, Punishment

Within the vast, empty void of chaotic space.

Two streaks of multicolored light shot through the void, towards a blue-robed figure!

“Grandpa Beirut. Bluefire.” Linley laughed as he looked at the two of them.

“How do you feel, after fusing the Sovereign spark?” Beirut sent while asking urgently. The nearby Bluefire also asked, rather worried, “How much did your power increase?”
This mission’s goal was to allow Linley to become strong enough to surpass the Chief Sovereign of Light!

“I feel…excellent!”  Linley had a hint of a smile on his face. “After fusing the third Sovereign spark, the power of my Will grew stronger yet again. After fusing three types of Sovereign power, my fused Sovereign power is a hundred times more powerful than normal Sovereign power. Just via my Will and my fused Sovereign power alone, I surpass an ordinary Chief Sovereign tenfold!”
Indeed. Linley’s four-way soul mutation had bestowed upon him one portion of Will. Compared to ordinary Lesser Sovereigns, Linley had fused two more Sovereign sparks, and so had gained two additional portions of Will. All combined, Linley had gained a total of three additional portions of Will.

Lesser Sovereign to Intermediate Sovereign, Intermediate Sovereign to High Sovereign. Generally speaking, the difference between each level was hundredfold in power, which was roughly equivalent to two portions of Will.

But for Linley, his fused Sovereign power also made him a hundred times stronger!

And thus…
Without even taking the profound mysteries in account, the strength of his Will and his body’s energy made it so that Linley was ten times stronger than an ordinary Chief Sovereign!
“The Chief Sovereign of the four Edicts have Paragons among them, and their Overgod artifacts are suited to their nature. I’m not completely confident in being able to defeat them, but I’m at least confident in being able to stay alive in front of them!”   Linley  sent  back.  “As  for  dealing  with  the  Chief Sovereign of Light, ‘Augusta’, hmph, his Overgod artifact isn’t suited to his element. I’m confident in being able to kill him.”
Overgods were only divided into four Edicts.

Overgod artifacts were thus only divided into four types as well. But of course, neither Linley nor Augusta were perfectly suited to the nature of their Overgod artifacts.

“Haha…” Beirut and Bluefire exchanged glances, then couldn’t help but laugh.

They laughed in a very happy, excited manner! 
“Nearly twenty thousand years!”  Beirut was so excited, he couldn’t control himself. “It has been nearly twenty thousand years since I became a Sovereign. This entire time, I’ve turtle in the Yulan Plane. Haha…finally, I finally will be able to freely depart.”
“There’s no need to fear Augusta any further.” Bluefire let out a long sigh as well.

“Augusta!” Linley had a hint of killing desire in his heart.

The Chief Sovereign of Light, Augusta, had to be killed at some point! Augusta’s death would make it so that nothing would stop Linley from saving his mother. He trusted that the other Sovereigns of Light wouldn’t dare bar Linley’s way.

As the three Sovereigns of Yulan were celebrating happily together, the distant Chief Sovereign of Wind, ‘Diya’, had an extremely ugly look on his face as he was flying over at high speed. Diya had long, blazing golden hair. His long hair flowed with a faint green light, and his eyes were as fierce as a hawk’s. 
His true form was, after all, the divine beast, ‘Jadewing Goldlight Hawk’.

“Utterly impudent!”  Diya was enraged. “I shouted at him repeatedly to stop, but this Linley actually dared to forcibly kill Teresia!”
“In addition, that weapon he used just now…”
A dark light flashed through Diya’s golden eyes.

Diya’s divine sense range was extremely vast. Naturally, he had already discovered Linley’s Life Overgod Sword. “That is an Overgod artifact! And it is Life-attribute. There are no other possibilities; the seventh Overgod mission that has been issued since the creation of the universe…was completed by him! The Overgod artifact is in his hands, but it is wasted there. If I had it, given my power…”
Diya couldn’t help but feel a desire to seize the treasure. 
This wasn’t his fault. At the Chief Sovereign level, very few things were capable of attracting their interest. Overgod weapons, however, were chief amongst those things!

“Chief Sovereign, Linley actually killed Teresia and fused his wind-type Sovereign spark! His behavior goes too far!”  The other Sovereigns of Wind sent towards Diya.

“Chief Sovereign, as I see it, we should take down Linley and have the Chief Sovereigns of the Four Edicts punish him.”
There were a total of seven Sovereigns of Wind. Diya was the Chief, and so naturally he was the leader of this element.

Generally speaking, when Chief Sovereigns spoke, the other Sovereigns would respectfully obey.

Even someone as unruly and untamable as Teresia was incomparably respectful to the Chief Sovereign of Wind, Diya. After countless years of this, Diya naturally had grown accustomed to being a high, lofty figure. Only the other ten Chief Sovereigns were his equals. Linley had ignored his command; this naturally caused Diya to feel rather embarrassed.

He had killed Teresia. Fused the Sovereign spark. Without question, Linley’s behavior was akin to slapping Diya in the face.

Given the additional lure of the Overgod artifact…Diya came to his decision.

“Such impudence, such domineering behavior! He slaughtered another Sovereign. His behavior goes too far. The rest of you, hurry and transmit this information to the other Sovereigns, especially the four Chief Sovereigns of the Edicts! You must deliver the message…this Linley has violated the Pact of Sovereigns. It should be the four Chief Sovereigns of the Edicts who punish him.” The Chief Sovereign of Wind, Diya, gave the order.

“Yes,  Chief  Sovereign.”  The  other  Sovereigns  all  slashed through the void, returning to the Divine Wind Plane. They began to quickly spread the word, informing the various Sovereigns of the other elements.

“Hmph, this Linley…”  The Chief Sovereign of Wind, Diya, stared with his golden eyes into the distance as he continued to slash through the void.

The multicolored flows of chaotic energy in chaotic space rushed about wildly at high speed, but Linley and the other two just stood there, laughing and chatting.

“The Chief Sovereign of Wind, Diya, has arrived.” Linley sent to Beirut and Bluefire.
Right at this moment, a green light leisurely shot over from far away. In virtually a single instant, roughly a hundred meters away from Linley, it halted and transformed into a tall human figure. Diya’s entire body was covered with a jade robe that was embroidered with golden threads. His jaw lifted slightly, and he swept his icy gaze towards them, a hint of arrogance in his eyes! “Linley, do you admit to your crimes?” Diya said icily.

“Admit to my crimes? What crimes have I committed? Even if I did commit crimes, what does that have to do with you, Diya?” Linley stared straight back at Diya, showing not a hint of subservience.

Diya was instantly infuriated.

“Linley, you have fused a wind-type Sovereign spark, and are now a wind-type Lesser Sovereign! As a Sovereign under my authority, what sort of an attitude are you now displaying towards me?” Diya rebuked angrily.

Diya’s words were correct.

Seven Elemental Laws, Four Edicts. Every trillion years, there would be Planar Wars. Each Planar War was arranged by the Chief Sovereigns, and the Sovereigns under their control would be quite obedient. After all, their difference in power was obvious. Any Chief Sovereign of any attribute could be considered the leader of their respective attribute. 
Soldiers would naturally need to be respectful to their leaders.

“Sorry. I, Linley, haven’t just fused a wind-type Sovereign spark. I’ve also fused an earth-type Sovereign spark, and also a water-type Sovereign spark! Doesn’t this mean that I’m simultaneously a Sovereign under the control of the Chief Sovereign of Earth and the Chief Sovereign of Water as well? Haha, I, Linley, am a single person, and yet I have to be divided up  amongst  three  Chief  Sovereigns?”  Linley  laughed  as  he spoke.

“Three Sovereign sparks?” Diya was surprised as well.

Fusing an additional Sovereign spark represented an increase in the power of Will. Linley’s strength could thus be imagined.

“After fusing three Sovereign sparks, his Will is comparable in strength to an Intermediate Sovereign. That Overgod artifact isn’t aligned to his nature; he won’t necessarily be a match for me.” Diya instantly came to this conclusion. 
“What, after killing a Sovereign, you still dare be so brash?” Diya rebuked angrily. “You had best surrender and give yourself up. Follow me to go see the Chief Sovereigns.”
“Surrender and give myself up? Forgive me for not being able to  do  this…”  Just  as  Linley  began  to  speak,  and  before  he finished…
“Hmph, you’ve already fused three Sovereign sparks. Given your unfeeling, ruthless personality, as I see it, you will continue to slaughter other Sovereigns. Since you won’t surrender, then…” The Chief Sovereign of Wind, Diya, gave a cold snort, then his body transformed into a ray of green light as he shot towards Linley.

Beirut and Bluefire hurriedly parted, moving far away towards two sides, for fear of being struck by any remnant power.

“I’ll let you be my first test.”  Linley mused to himself. He stared calmly as the enemy charged towards him. 
The Chief Sovereign of Wind, Diya, wielded a longspear in one hand and a shortspear in another. Moving at tremendous speed, Diya suddenly began to spin, then the golden shortspear in his hand shot out at high speed. The shortspear spun as well, causing a spinning series of spatial ripples to appear in the space around it.

The strange thing was, space didn’t shatter or tear apart.

“His  power  is  focused  and  not  yet  released?”  Linley  was secretly surprised. No Chief Sovereigns could be underestimated.

The Life Overgod Sword appeared in Linley’s hands. Not hesitating at all, he moved forward like a dragon leaving his cave. Although the tip of Linley’s Life Overgod Sword was very minute, it pressed down like a mountain. Quite precisely, Linley’s Life Overgod Sword’s tip struck straight against the tip of the shortspear!

“Bang!” In the instant they collided, the energy contained within the spear instantly exploded forth, but so too did the power of Linley’s Life Overgod Sword.

Laws of the Earth – World Imploder!

After five thousand years of training, with respect to the Laws of the Earth, Linley had fused five profound mysteries, then developed three techniques that were able to build off each other in power. Generally speaking, Linley wouldn’t use his fused Law attacks; these three techniques were meant for normal use. They covered up his true power! They were: World Breaker, World Imploder, and his most powerful, World Disintegrator!

“Whoosh!” The golden spear was struck and sent flying back, while Linley himself was knocked backwards as well.

“You actually blocked my attack.” The Chief Sovereign of Wind, Diya, grinned coldly, then shot forward at high speed. He swiped forward with one hand, seizing that golden shortspear.

A spear in each hand, Diya continued to draw close at lightning speed.

Linley focused his attention.

Very suddenly, when Diya was roughly a hundred meters away from Linley, he emitted a piercing screech. Behind him appeared the illusion of a terrifying divine hawk that was ten thousand meters in size. That golden, crested divine hawk seemed incredibly arrogant, and it stared icily with its golden eyes towards Linley.

Innate divine ability – Demon Song! “Ah!!!” Linley felt as though a heavy hammer was smashing viciously against his soul. This attack was so powerful that cracks appeared on even the scaly soul-membrane created by the Coiling Dragon ring.

Diya, after unleashing his innate divine ability attack, appeared in front of Linley, spinning like a tornado and striking towards Linley with both his longspear and his shortspear.

Diya unleashed his most powerful attack.

The two spears bit down towards Linley like a pair of venomous dragons, but right at this moment, Linley, whose gaze had grown dim, suddenly stared back, his gaze instantly becoming as sharp as a knife! “Ringringring…” The Life Overgod Sword began to shudder.

“What’s going on?” Diya was greatly shocked. He could sense a terrifying restrictive power bind him down.

The most powerful of the three attacks was ‘World Disintegrator’; it could be said to be the advanced version of ‘Microcosm’. This attack involved five fused profound mysteries; compared with Linley’s Sword Intent attack, it was almost on par.

A colliding sound rang out repeatedly.

Within ten meters, the space within a spherical region completely collapsed. Diya was knocked back flying, while Linley himself was also sent flying back.

“You, you actually…” Diya was truly stunned now. 
“Hmph.” Linley stared coldly at Diya. “You want to kill me?”
This Diya’s innate divine ability was a very unique, pure sound attack that struck directly against the soul! Especially when paired with a Chief Sovereign’s Will, the power of the attack was so great that even the defensive membrane of the Coiling Dragon ring was cracked. Fortunately, Linley’s spiritual energy came from his triple-fused Sovereign power, and was a hundred times mightier than ordinary Sovereign power.

And so, Linley had withstood it.

An ordinary Sovereign, even a Chief Sovereign, would be in mortal danger from Diya’s attack.

First the innate divine ability, and then his strongest material attack, ‘Annihilator’. The Chief Sovereign of Wind, Diya, clearly had used this double-attack with the intention of killing Linley. “Hmph. I didn’t imagine that after fusing three Sovereign sparks, by relying on your Overgod artifact, you would be able to block my attacks.” Diya let out a snicker, but in his heart, his thirst for the Overgod artifact grew only stronger.

“Two consecutive techniques. This really is an incredible killing technique.”  Linley stared at Diya, then let out a cold laugh. “Diya, you’ve unleashed your supreme attack, but I haven’t displayed mine yet.”
Diya’s face couldn’t help but change slightly. He couldn’t help but flash backwards, retreating a thousand kilometers away.

“Hmph.” Linley calmly watched Diya retreat.

Actually, if he wanted to kill Diya, Linley would have done so long ago. Just now, from start to finish, during his battle with Diya, Linley had only used earth-type Sovereign power, and not his fused Sovereign power. The power that Linley had just displayed was a mere hundredth of his true power.

Chapter 14, The Gathering of the Sovereigns

“This Diya is indeed cautious.” Linley mused to himself.

At this moment, Beirut and Bluefire flew over from far away. Beirut  sent  mentally,  “Linley,  were  you  holding  back  your power just now?” Based on what Beirut and Bluefire knew, given Linley’s power, killing Diya should be fairly easy. After all, of the Seven Elemental Chief Sovereigns, the Chief Sovereign of Light was the strongest.

If he couldn’t even kill Diya, how could he kill Augusta?

“Just now, I didn’t use my fused Sovereign power.”  Linley sent back.

“Indeed.” Bluefire and Beirut both let out relieved sighs.

“For now, it is best to hide your power. I imagine that after you killed Teresia, the four Chief Sovereigns of the Edicts will come shortly. Hide your power for now; that will make it easier to bluff your way through later.” Beirut sent.

Linley was planning to do precisely this.

“I don’t want to reveal my power and frighten Augusta into fleeing.”  Linley  stared  into  the  distance.  “Diya  has  already returned to the Divine Wind Plane. Let us go as well.”
“It is time to face the Chief Sovereigns.” Beirut and Bluefire agreed as well.

He had killed a Sovereign. He had to at least have a reason or an excuse for it. At the very least, he couldn’t violate the Pact of Sovereigns.

If you had an excuse, but fled after committing the killing, even if you did have a reason for what you did, most likely the Chief Sovereigns of the Four Edicts would be angry. Upon being pursued and attacked by the four mighty Chief Sovereigns of the Edicts, that would be disastrous. Even the current Linley wasn’t confident he could defeat the four of them.

Linley flew towards the borders of the Divine Wind Plane, then ripped an opening in it. Linley, Beirut, and Bluefire, these three Sovereigns, flew through.

The Divine Wind Plane was vast and boundless. Linley’s group of three withdrew a metallic lifeform and changed it into a ship that hovered above the sea. The three thus leisurely chatted aboard the ship, quietly awaiting the arrival of the Chief Sovereigns.

“Linley actually dares to stay here.”  Diya’s divine sense had located Linley, and in his heart, he felt a hint of rage. “Time- wise, the four Chief Sovereigns of the Edicts should have received the news by now. Given the speed at which they travel, in half a day or so, they should arrive in my Divine Wind Plane.” Diya currently had a belly full of fire.

Actually, this was understandable. First of all, he was the Chief Sovereign of Wind. Linley was a Sovereign of Wind, and yet was so unruly. The Chief Sovereign of Wind’s dignity had been violated; naturally, he was dissatisfied. Second, before his very eyes, and even as he shouted, Linley had killed Teresia. How could Diya not be unhappy? And third, he wanted the Overgod artifact, and yet hadn’t acquired it. Fourth, Linley’s power made him feel threatened.

This fourth point is what caused him to feel enmity towards Linley!

Although he felt enmity towards Linley, Linley didn’t care about Diya at all.

The Infernal Realm, of the Four Higher Planes. Deep in the Chaotic Sea. 
“Chief Sovereign of Destruction, that new Sovereign ‘Linley’, Beirut, and a Sovereign of Fire arrived at our Divine Wind Plane. Linley chased after and attacked Teresia, all the way into chaotic space. He killed Teresia, and then fused the wind-type Sovereign spark. Linley has completely violated the Pact we set down previously.”
A voice travelled across ten billion kilometers and directly entered the depths of the Chaotic Sea.

“Linley killed Teresia? Amusing, amusing!”  A figure clad in black light shot out, instantly emerging from the depths of the sea. “It has been so long since I’ve met those three. It’s time we had a good chat.”
The blurry figure flew directly towards the closest teleportation array.

The Divine Light Plane. The air above the Godsgaol Sea. “Swish!”  A ray of white light instantly pierced through the heavens, so fast that even Highgods couldn’t see it clearly.

Augusta’s dazzling golden hair fluttered, and a hint of mirth was  in  his  eyes.  “Haha,  I  truly  didn’t  expect  that  Beirut, Bluefire, and Linley would dare leave the Yulan Plane, and even dare to chase and attack Teresia! This truly is an opportunity bestowed to me by the heavens.”
Augusta, upon hearing the news, had instantly hurried towards the teleportation array!

“However,  according  to  this  news,  Teresia  actually  was killed.  This  Linley…was  strong  enough  to  kill  Teresia?” Augusta was rather puzzled.

The news that had come from the Divine Wind Plane hadn’t stated that Linley was in possession of an Overgod weapon.

“Swoosh!” Augusta shot towards the distant teleportation array.

“Linley became a Sovereign?”
“He actually killed a Sovereign and fused his spark?”
The Sovereigns who received this news were all stunned, one after the other. They all hurriedly moved at full speed towards the teleportation arrays, hastening towards the Divine Wind Plane.

Those who received the news the earliest and who moved the fastest were naturally the four Chief Sovereigns of the Edicts. Next came the other Chief Sovereigns. Lastly came the various Sovereigns.

Sovereigns were normally quite bored. Their long, leisurely lives had made it so that they had unlimited amounts of time to waste. For one Sovereign to kill another Sovereign and then fuse the Sovereign spark? The effect was similar to a murder occurring in a small town of mortals. One could imagine how much attention it drew. 
All the Sovereigns who received this information, without exception, hastened towards the Divine Wind Plane.

The Divine Wind Plane. One of the three teleportation array areas – the peak of Windflow Mountain.

“Rumble…” A blurry aura lit up.

A blurry figured emerged from the array, very naturally emanating a terrifying aura.

“Who is this?”
The surrounding soldiers held their breaths, feeling the pressure from this aura. All of them stared in surprise and terror towards the blurry figure within the teleportation array. As soon as the light of the teleportation array vanished, the blurry figure suddenly soared into the skies, and in a flash, departed, moving so fast that even the Highgod soldiers nearby couldn’t see what happened clearly. 
“This…was a Sovereign! Definitely a Sovereign!”
“Speed that even I couldn’t see clearly…it could only be a Sovereign!”
All of them cried out in surprise.

At this moment, far away, in midair, there was a beautiful young maiden with fiery red hair, whose entire body was covered by a violet robe. She was staring towards the northeast. She laughed, and two little cute dimples appeared on her face. “In a few thousand short years…I didn’t expect that Linley would not only become a Sovereign, he would even kill another Sovereign. This little fellow…amusing, amusing!”
“From the day he was born until now, most likely less than ten thousand years have passed. This little fellow’s rate of improvement truly is miraculous.”  The beautiful red-haired maiden smiled as she spoke to herself. Given the age of the Chief Sovereign of Death, for her to refer to Linley as a ‘little fellow’ was indeed quite reasonable.

“Eh?” The beautiful red-haired maiden turned to look. “What  a  coincidence!  She  actually  arrived  at  the  same teleportation array as I did.”
“Hurry up a bit.” The beautiful red-haired maiden sent mentally.

“Don’t be impatient. The other two haven’t arrived yet.”  A gentle voice rang out, and a jade green light instantly appeared by the side of the beautiful red-haired woman. This was a beautiful middle-aged woman dressed in a long green robe. Her eyebrows were shaped like crescents, while her eyes seemed to glitter like the stars. Her smile was more than enough to intoxicate anyone.

The strange thing was, she didn’t emit any spiritual aura at all. Her spiritual aura was completely contracted. One could imagine how profound her accomplishments were with regards to the soul. 
She was one of the four Chief Sovereigns of the Edicts, the Chief Sovereign of Life.

“Elder Sister.”  The Chief Sovereign of Life smiled and said, “Long time no see.”
“Right, it has indeed been a long time. The last time we met was during the previous Planar Wars, a trillion years ago. Right, Wawaya [Wei’wei’ya], let me warn you in advance. This matter involves Linley…I personally watched this little fellow grow up. Unless it is necessary, don’t kill him.” The beautiful red-haired maiden said.

“Don’t worry.” The smile of the Chief Sovereign of Life was always that graceful. “However, if Linley’s actions completely violated the Pact, then there’s nothing I can do either.”
“Right. I won’t put you in a bad position. Hey, those two have come as well, one after the other. However, they didn’t come through the same array as we did.” The beautiful red-haired maiden looked into the distance. “Come, let’s head out first.” Immediately, the two females of the four Chief Sovereigns of the Edicts flew at high speed towards Linley’s group of three.

Upon discovering that the four Chief Sovereigns of the Edicts had entered the Divine Wind Plane, the Chief Sovereign of Wind, Diya, naturally immediately went to receive them. In terms of power, the four Chief Sovereigns of the Edicts vastly surpassed the Seven Elemental Chief Sovereigns. In terms of status, the four Chief Sovereigns of the Edicts also were far above them. When the other seven Chief Sovereigns encountered the four of them, they would all salute.

From this, one could tell how high their status was.

Diya stared into the distance at the four rays of light flying over. He immediately went to salute them. “Greetings, your Excellencies!”
Of the four newcomers, two were women. The Chief Sovereign of Death, who looked like a beautiful maiden, was actually as old as the Netherworld itself. After all, she was the very first living creature of the Netherworld. This was why the Chief Sovereign of Life addressed her as ‘Elder Sister’. Most likely, amongst the four Chief Sovereigns of the Edicts, only the Chief Sovereign of Destruction was comparable to the Chief Sovereign of Death.

“Diya,  come  along  with  us.”  A  white-haired,  white-robed elder laughed calmly.

Of the four Chief Sovereigns of the Edicts, the Chief Sovereigns of Life and Fate were able to completely contract their auras. If one shut one’s eyes, one would be completely unable to sense these two as being present.

“Yes.”    Diya   humbly   followed   behind   the   four   Chief Sovereigns of the Edicts.

Above the sea. The metallic lifeform, in the shape of a vessel, was extremely stable.

“The  four  Chief  Sovereigns  of  the  Edicts  have  arrived.” Linley stood up and stared into the distance. Beirut and Bluefire raised their heads and looked over as well.

“The four Chief Sovereigns of the Edicts. Were they able to detect your divine sense, Linley?” Beirut sent and asked.

“They shouldn’t have been. Just now, I first used my fused Sovereign power to make a test; the four Chief Sovereigns of the Edicts didn’t react at all. And then, I used earth-type Sovereign power; only then did they notice me.”  Linley sent back. Although he had an advantage in divine sense, Linley was still very wary of the four Chief Sovereigns of the Edicts.

As far as power was concerned, not a single one of the four Chief Sovereigns of the Edicts was weak.

“They are coming!” Linley’s gaze was already focused on five figures in the distance.

A beautiful red-haired maiden, a gloomy, black-robed man, a beautiful middle-aged green-robed woman, and a white-haired, white-robed elder. 
These four…were the four Chief Sovereigns of the Edicts!

“The Chief Sovereign of Life and Chief Sovereign of Fate… their auras are completely retracted, and not a hint of them leak out. It seems as though they have both reached the Paragon level in the profound mysteries of the Laws.”  Linley felt very vigilant; the current him was most likely not yet a match for them. “The Chief Sovereign of Death was the first living creature to exist in the Netherworld; her innate divine ability probably is not any weaker than Beirut’s. The Chief Sovereign of Destruction…judging from the attitude the other three Chief Sovereigns have towards him, he most likely isn’t the weakest of the four Chief Sovereigns of the Edicts.”
Linley’s heart was filled with astonishment.

Every single one of these four Chief Sovereigns of the Edicts was unfathomable.

“Greetings  to  you,  Chief  Sovereigns.”  Beirut  immediately saluted. 
“Chief Sovereigns.” Linley and Bluefire saluted as well.

When faced with the four Chief Sovereigns of the Edicts, even the Chief Sovereigns of the Seven Elemental Laws would salute. At this point in time, Linley didn’t act with arrogance and try to put himself on the same level as the four Chief Sovereigns of the Edicts.

“Linley, we meet again.”  The beautiful, red-haired maiden laughed as she looked at Linley. “The first time we met at the Abyssal Mountain, you had just barely reached the commander level. The second time we met, you had already become a Paragon. This third time, you’ve actually become a Sovereign.”
“Linley should have trained for less than ten thousand years by now.” The white-robed, white-haired elder of the four smiled as his gaze fell upon Linley. It seemed so amiable. “You truly are excellent!”
Linley hadn’t expected that as soon as he encountered the four, two of the Chief Sovereigns of the Edicts show him favor. This caused the Chief Sovereign of Wind, Diya, to feel worry and anger in his heart.

“Chief  Sovereigns,  this  Linley  killed  Teresia…”  Diya  said hurriedly.

The beautiful red-haired maiden smiled slightly. “More and more Sovereigns are coming. Let’s wait for them to all arrive before we speak.”
Right at this moment…
The other Sovereigns arrived!

First came the Sovereigns of Wind, then the various Chief Sovereigns of the other elements such as Augusta. Then came some other Sovereigns as well. Less than an hour passed between the first and final arrivals, and during this period of time, more than sixty Sovereigns arrived. It must be understood that there were only 77 Sovereigns to begin with; or, to be precise, Sovereign clones. For example, Linley had three Sovereign clones by himself. 
Aside from a few Sovereigns who were on material planes or within their own divine planes, all the Sovereigns who had received the news had come.

“So many Sovereigns. In the past, I’ve never seen so many Sovereigns  gather  together.”  Beirut  sent  with  a  laugh,  and Linley looked around as well.

The Sovereigns were clustered together in groups of two or three, either floating in the air or standing atop boats.

Chapter 15, Covetous Intent

“Rumble…”  The waves of the sea continued to roll forward gently.

Linley raised his head, sweeping it past Augusta and Diya. The Chief Sovereign of Light, Augusta, and the Chief Sovereign of Wind, Diya, both looked back at Linley with gazes that held malice in them. In his heart, Linley just snickered. “Hmph. Augusta probably still has a desire to kill me. After that last battle, Diya probably feels enmity for me as well. Diya I can ignore, but as for Augusta…I’ll let him live happily for a bit longer. After the other Chief Sovereigns leave, I will kill Augusta!”
The other Chief Sovereigns wouldn’t just watch Linley kill Augusta and do nothing about it.

He had already waited for thousands of years. What was another moment?

“Linley. Beirut.” At this moment, the Redbud Sovereign and the Bloodridge Sovereign both flew over, laughing while waving to him.

“Linley,  you  really  know  how  to  make  trouble.”   The Bloodridge Sovereign laughed as he spoke mentally to him. “How short a period of time has it been? And yet, you’ve killed Teresia.”
“If you killed him, you killed him. However, Linley, you should have prepared an excuse for when the Chief Sovereigns question you, yes?” The Redbud Sovereign looked at Linley.

Linley laughed and nodded.

“We’ll have to trouble the two of you to help, soon.”  Beirut laughed while speaking mentally to them.

“We won’t be able to help out that much. Everything is up to the four Chief Sovereigns of the Edicts. The one right next to you, that’s the ‘Bluefire’ you mentioned to me last time, right?” The Bloodridge Sovereign looked towards Bluefire. “Bluefire, I am called Boson.” “Mr. Boson.” Bluefire said modestly.

How often did sixty-plus Sovereigns have the chance to all gather together? The conversation between the various Sovereigns right now was quite lively.

“Alright, it is time to discuss Linley’s affairs.”  A cold voice descended from on high. The speaker was the Chief Sovereign of Destruction.

The words of the Chief Sovereign of Destruction instantly caused all conversation to halt. It grew quiet.

“Everyone.” Beirut laughed. “Everyone, please, all of you, sit. After you sit, we can discuss the matter between Linley and Teresia.”
As he spoke, with a crackling sound, the metallic lifeform that had been in the shape of a giant boat began to transform again. The wide, spacious deck suddenly began to grow several chairs. There were sixty five in total, and the chairs were arranged into an enormous circle. Because it was in a circle, there were no differences in terms of status for seating arrangements.

“Everyone, let’s sit.”  The beautiful, violet-robed, red-haired maiden gave the order coldly.

The Chief Sovereign of Death’s words caused the sixty-plus Sovereigns to all descend from the skies or fly over from other parts of the boat and move towards the seats. Everyone casually chose their own seats and sat down. Linley, Beirut, and Bluefire were seated next to each other.

“The four Chief Sovereigns of the Edicts!”  Linley swept the four with his gaze.

The four Chief Sovereigns of the Edicts were all seated next to each other as well.

“The three of them are all here. What a coincidence. After the four Chief Sovereigns of the Edicts leave, I’ll kill all three of them.”  Augusta gave Linley’s group of three a glance as he murmured to himself.

Right at this moment, a gentle voice rang out. “Everyone, although the four Overgods have not forbidden us from killing each other, fusing an additional Sovereign spark means gaining an additional portion of Will. If we don’t limit battles amongst ourselves, most likely the Lesser Sovereigns and Intermediate Sovereigns will never have peace. Thus, in the past, the other three Chief Sovereigns of the Edicts and myself set up the Pact.”
If a lower ranked Sovereign has not offended a higher ranked Sovereign, the higher ranked Sovereign is not to wantonly slaughter the lower ranked one. Those who violate this will be jointly pursued and killed by the four of us!”
“Only Sovereigns as the same level of power are permitted to fight amongst each other.”
The speaker was the jade-robed Chief Sovereign of Life. The Chief Sovereign of Life’s voice was very gentle; even when discussing the Pact, her voice flowed like the waters of a spring, making the listeners feel peaceful.

The sea wind blew, but the ship atop the waves was extremely stable, and the Sovereigns seated atop it were all listening quietly.

“Today, however, Linley killed the Lesser Sovereign of Wind, ‘Teresia’.”  The Chief Sovereign of Life swept Linley with her gaze, her tone abruptly changing. “However, Linley is only a Lesser Sovereign as well…”
Linley, hearing this, couldn’t help but feel delighted. This Chief Sovereign of Life seemed to be helping him.

“Your Excellency.” Suddenly, a voice rang out.

“Hrm?” The Chief Sovereign of Life’s warm, gentle gaze fell upon the speaker. The speaker was the Chief Sovereign of Wind, Diya. Diya’s golden gaze was trained upon the Chief Sovereign of Life, but he said with respect, “According to that Pact, the evaluation of a person’s power rank isn’t just divided up into simply ‘Lesser’, ‘Intermediate’, and ‘High’ Sovereign sparks; rather, it is based on true power. For example, any of the Four
Divine Beasts of the past were just Lesser Sovereigns on their own, but as a whole, they became referred to as being at the ‘Chief Sovereign’ level. This was because they were powerful!”
When experts battled, joining forces wasn’t always of great use.

Four Lesser Sovereigns that joined forces still wouldn’t be able to overcome an Intermediate Sovereign.

But the Four Divine Beasts were clearly different. Thus, during that Pact, it was specially established that the Four Divine Beasts, as a unit, were at the Chief Sovereign level.

“As for this Linley, in terms of power…”  The Sovereign of Wind, Diya, let out a self-mocking chuckle. “I’m afraid that you’ll laugh at me, but not long ago, I intended to go capture this Linley, so as to allow the four of you, your Excellencies, to interrogate him. However, I didn’t expect that after Linley fused the wind-type Sovereign spark, I was unable to do anything to him, even when attacking him at my full strength.”
“How can this be!!!”
Instantly, a shocked uproar of noise.

The Sovereigns who had hurried here from the other planes all knew that Linley had killed Teresia, but they weren’t clear on Linley’s fight against the Chief Sovereign of Wind, Diya.

The main reason was, when Diya had ordered his Sovereigns of Wind to go spread the news, the battle between him and Linley hadn’t started yet!

“Even  if  Linley  fused  an  additional  wind-type  Sovereign spark, he would at most have an extra portion of Will. How could he be able to defeat you, Diya?” “The  difference  between  a  Lesser  Sovereign  and  a  High Sovereign is very great.”
A chorus of disbelieving voices rang out. These Sovereigns couldn’t believe Diya’s words.

An Intermediate Sovereign was nearly a hundred times stronger than a Lesser Sovereign, a difference of two portions of Will. As for High Sovereigns and Lesser Sovereigns, the difference was even greater.

“Linley didn’t just fuse a wind-type Sovereign spark. Prior to this, he had already fused two Sovereign sparks!” Diya said.

“A single person who fused three Sovereign sparks?”  Even the white-robed, white-haired elder, the Chief Sovereign of Fate, couldn’t help but look at Linley.

“Can it be that Linley has killed other Sovereigns prior to this?” Some people immediately said. “There are still a number of Sovereigns who didn’t come today. Perhaps…”
Linley just quietly watched this group of Sovereigns chatter, while from Linley’s side, Beirut suddenly laughed in a clear voice. “Everyone, I am Beirut. I trust that everyone has heard of the events of nearly twenty thousand years ago. Back then, I acquired four Sovereign sparks! I and this gentleman next to me, Bluefire, each used a spark. We let Linley fuse the other two sparks, and so Linley has only killed a single Sovereign, Teresia.”
Quite a few Sovereigns looked towards Beirut, and they all fell silent.

News of what Beirut had done nearly twenty thousand years ago had spread quite quickly amongst the Sovereigns.

“Diya, even if Linley fused three Sovereign sparks, he would just have two more portions of Will than an ordinary Lesser Sovereign, and would be comparable to an Intermediate Sovereign. How could he have been a match for you?” A man with long blue hair and fish scales on his forehead laughed while speaking.

“Everyone, don’t forget; Linley is a Paragon.” The Bloodridge Sovereign smiled as he reminded them all.

“Even  if  he  is  a  Paragon,  hmph,  would  an  Intermediate Sovereign Paragon be able to defeat Diya?” The other Sovereigns refuted.

“Everyone!”     The    Chief    Sovereign    of    Wind,    Diya, intentionally let out a sigh. “I unleashed my supreme attack, but still couldn’t injure him. In fact, I wasn’t even able to force Linley to use the innate divine ability of the Azure Dragon clan. The reason why Linley is so powerful is primarily because he has an Overgod artifact!”
An instant uproar!

“An Overgod artifact?!” The Sovereigns, including the many Sovereigns who had only been watching in amusement and had yet to say anything, were all stunned. The Chief Sovereigns, Augusta included, immediately turned lightning-fast to stare at Linley.

“It  is  true.”  Linley,  faced  with  the  gazes  of  these  people, nodded and admitted it.

A single stone which aroused a thousand meter wave!

“He actually has an Overgod artifact!”
The Sovereigns who had been treating this as an amusing diversion now completely changed their attitudes.

“By relying on an Overgod artifact, Linley was only able to have a slight advantage over Diya.” A golden-horned man with a seal of a lightning bolt on his forehead mused to himself. “For the Overgod artifact to fall into his hands is a complete waste! If I were to gain that Overgod artifact, given my power, I would have a chance at becoming comparable to the four Chief Sovereigns of the Edicts!” This person was the Chief Sovereign of Lightning.

The Chief Sovereign of Lightning had another Sovereign clone, making it so that the Chief Sovereign of Lightning naturally had an additional portion of Will. His power surpassed the other Chief Sovereigns, but the Chief Sovereign of Light had an Overgod artifact.

Thus, amongst the Seven Elemental Chief Sovereigns, the Chief Sovereign of Light was number one, while the Chief Sovereign of Lightning was number two. The difference between them, however, wasn’t that great. If the Chief Sovereign of Lightning acquired an Overgod artifact, he would instantly surpass the Chief Sovereign of Light and even be able to pose a threat to the four Chief Sovereigns of the Edicts!

“Overgod  artifact!”  The  Chief  Sovereign  of  Lightning  was already pondering how to take the Overgod artifact away. “This puny little Linley, even relying on the Overgod artifact, only has average power. He is no threat! The greatest problem right now is the other Chief Sovereigns. I want to take the Overgod artifact, but I imagine the other Chief Sovereigns wouldn’t be willing to accept this.” The Chief Sovereign of Lightning swept his gaze across the other Chief Sovereigns.

Indeed, the other Chief Sovereigns were intrigued as well.

An Overgod artifact!

If they acquired it, they would surpass the other Chief Sovereigns!
“Hmph, all of you want to fight over it?” The Chief Sovereign of Light, Augusta, laughed coldly in his heart. “With me here, the only thing the rest of you can do is dream about it. However…the four Chief Sovereigns of the Edicts will be trouble.”  Augusta was also worried; worried about the four Chief Sovereigns of the Edicts.

These simple words from Diya, exposing the fact that Linley possessed an Overgod artifact, caused all of the Chief Sovereigns who were qualified to fight over such a treasure to be intrigued!

“Linley,  I’m  not  able  to  kill  you,  but  the  other  Chief Sovereigns  are.”  Diya  was  very  pleased  with  what  he  had wrought.

Linley wasn’t worried at all. He swept the eleven Chief Sovereigns with his gaze. “I imagine that quite a few Chief Sovereigns harbor greedy intentions in their heart. However, after I kill Augusta, I imagine that these Chief Sovereigns will be  so  frightened,  they  won’t  dare  do  anything  afterwards.” Linley didn’t feel the slightest hint of worry.

He had only revealed a hundredth of his true power.

All of the Sovereigns present understood that the seventh Overgod mission that had been issued since the creation of the universe had been fulfilled by Linley. During the previous period of time, the various Sovereigns had all been fooled by him. However, nobody quibbled about this. If a Highgod had fooled the Sovereigns, the Sovereigns would naturally be furious and take revenge. 
But Linley’s power was now on the Chief Sovereign level.
Who would take revenge?

In addition, the situation was currently quite delicate.

Quite a few of the eleven Chief Sovereigns felt greedy intentions towards Linley’s Overgod artifact. But all of the Chief Sovereigns knew how the others felt as well! They were afraid that they would be the first to strike, but in the end, let the benefit go to the others. Thus, all of them were extremely cautious.

“Linley fused three Sovereign sparks, is a Paragon, and has an Overgod artifact. He does indeed have the power to fight Diya. However…” The Chief Sovereign of Life’s voice grew cold and fierce. “Just because you are powerful, you can murder a Lesser Sovereign of Wind? This is completely against our original Pact.”
Linley spoke out. “Chief Sovereign, before I fused the wind- type Sovereign spark, I wasn’t that powerful.” The Chief Sovereign of Destruction said calmly, “Even before you fused the wind-type Sovereign spark, you had already surpassed an ordinary Intermediate Sovereign. To kill Teresia was a violation of the Pact.”
“Everyone.”  The  nearby  Beirut  hurriedly  rose.  “There  are two things I must say. Originally, when Linley was still a Highgod, Teresia wanted to attack and kill Linley in the Infernal Realm. Fortunately, the Bloodridge Sovereign, Boson, stopped him. The second thing was that when Linley was passing through chaotic space to return from the Okerlund Plane to the Yulan Plane, he was assaulted by Teresia midway through. If it hadn’t been for myself and Bluefire going all out, Linley would have been killed long ago. Teresia had repeatedly acted against Linley; for Linley to take revenge shouldn’t be considered against the Pact.”
The black-robed Chief Sovereign of Destruction gave Beirut a glance. “He assaulted Linley in chaotic space? Who can testify to this.”
“Your  Excellency.”   At  this  moment,  a  voice  rang  out. “Although Linley and I have some enmity between us, I have to admit, back then, Teresia did in fact assault Linley’s group. I saw this through divine sense; there was definitely no mistake.”
Linley couldn’t help but turn to look.

The speaker was, amazingly enough, the Chief Sovereign of Light, Augusta!

Chapter 16, The Verdict

“Augusta is helping me?” No matter how calm Linley was, he was still startled.

But immediately afterwards, Linley understood the reason. He couldn’t help but laugh coldly to himself. “Help me? He probably is worried that I will be judged as being guilty and be killed by the four Chief Sovereigns of the Edicts. By then, the four Chief Sovereigns of the Edicts will decide on what to do with my Overgod artifact. He won’t have the chance!”
Just after Augusta spoke…
“Chief Sovereigns.”  Yet another person, a Sovereign of Fire with tousled, straw-like hair, spoke out. “In the Infernal Realm, it is true that Teresia had made trouble for Linley, trying to force Linley to hand over the nine soul pearls and the Overgod decree. Afterwards, it was the Bloodridge Sovereign, Boson, who appeared to protect Linley. I can attest to this as well.” Linley glanced at that Sovereign of Fire, puzzled. “He is a Lesser Sovereign of Fire. I have no relationship at all with him, and he isn’t qualified to try and seize the Overgod artifact. Why is he helping me as well?”
Two Sovereigns had spoken out in a row. The four Chief Sovereigns of the Edicts looked at each other, engaging in a private discussion through divine sense.

“I was the one to intervene. Naturally, I can bear witness as well.” The Bloodridge Sovereign, Boson, laughed.

“Since that’s the case…”  The Chief Sovereign of Life was about to pronounce the verdict.

But right at this moment…
“Your Excellency, back then, although Teresia might have gone a bit too far, he was a Sovereign, while Linley was merely a Highgod.” The Sovereign of Wind, Diya, said in an unhappy, icy  voice.  “Even  if  a  Sovereign  applies  a  bit  of  force  to  a Highgod, what’s the big deal? In addition, Linley didn’t even die. What, do we Sovereigns now have to be courteous to Deities? If we offend them a bit, they will be qualified to take revenge upon us?”
“No matter how wrongly a Sovereign treats a Deity, it is only natural and proper.” Diya spoke in a solemn voice.

The Sovereigns fell silent.

They had to admit that this was reasonable as well. In the eyes of Sovereigns, Deities were indeed nothing more than ants. Even if they lowered themselves to kill Deities, it was just a matter of the Sovereign losing face; there was no one who would say the Sovereign was wrong.

“After Linley became a Sovereign, Teresia didn’t offend him any  further.”  The  Chief  Sovereign  of  Wind,  Diya,  snorted coldly.  “Given  the  situation,  Linley  had  no  excuse  to  kill Teresia.”
Diya understood that his chances of acquiring the Overgod artifact were low. 
And so, he wanted Linley to die right away! Dying in the hands of the four Chief Sovereigns of the Edicts would be good!

“Haha…”  Linley  rose  to  his  feet,  staring  at  Diya.  With  a snicker, he said, “Diya, what sort of logic is this? A Sovereign killing a Deity is never wrong? This judgment of yours is only from the viewpoint of Sovereigns. But from the standpoint of Deities? If a lofty, exalted Sovereign were to come kill them, wouldn’t they feel hate, feel resentment? It isn’t that Deities refuse to avenge themselves; it is that they don’t have the power to avenge themselves!”
“Hmph. Even wild beasts with low intelligence, at the point of death, will bite back, much less Deities!”
Linley said solemnly, “Deities don’t have the power to take revenge, and so they will naturally die with a heart filled with resentment. But if they have the power to take revenge, they absolutely will!” “In addition, the Pact of the four Chief Sovereigns of the Edicts also mentioned the issue of whether or not there was enmity between the two sides. I ask you, was there enmity between myself and Teresia or not?” Linley asked.

Diya couldn’t help but fall silent.

“Enough.” An ancient, warm voice rang out. The speaker was the Chief Sovereign of Fate. “Diya’s logic is flawed. Enmity is enmity. How can enmity be divided up according to time or level? When one suffers humiliation when one is weak, can it be that after they grow powerful, they cannot take revenge? This matter comes to an end here. This situation is quite clear to me. I view Linley as not being in violation of the Pact. Not guilty!”
The words of the Chief Sovereign of Fate made it so that the other Sovereigns no longer dared to argue.

“I, too, view him as being not guilty. Everyone else?”  The Chief Sovereign of Life smiled as she looked around. “Not guilty!” The Chief Sovereign of Light, Augusta, laughed.

“Not guilty!” A black-haired, black-robed man spoke out.

“Not guilty!”

Of the eleven Chief Sovereigns, aside from Diya, the other ten all viewed Linley as being not guilty! Actually, generally speaking, as long as the four Chief Sovereigns of the Edicts had pronounced Linley as being without guilt, that was enough. However, face still had to be given. The four Chief Sovereigns of the Edicts would still give the other Chief Sovereigns a chance to speak.

A clear laughter rang out. It was the violet-robed Chief Sovereign of Death. She swept the area with her gaze, then chortled,  “Since  everyone  agrees,  then  we  have  come  to  a conclusion with regards to the matter of Linley killing Teresia. Linley has not violated the Pact of Sovereigns. Not guilty! This matter is ended. Everyone can leave now.” At this moment, Linley let out a sigh of relief.

“Linley. This was over even faster than I thought it would be. Today, the four Chief Sovereigns of the Edicts didn’t make any trouble for you, and aside from Diya, the other six Chief Sovereigns weren’t hard on you either. There were almost no voices of dissent.” Beirut sent mentally. “You have to thank the four Chief Sovereigns of the Edicts for how easily this matter was concluded.”
“I understand.” Linley nodded.

Actually, in a matter like this, whether one was found guilty or not guilty was completely up to the four Chief Sovereigns of the Edicts. Today, it was quite clear that although the four Chief Sovereigns of the Edicts occasionally spoke in severe tones, in reality, they were partial towards Linley.

This matter was at an end. The sixty-plus Sovereigns bade each other farewell, then left, either on their own or in small groups. However, there was something quite odd; not a single one of the eleven Chief Sovereigns were in a hurry to leave.

Diya was the Chief Sovereign of Wind. For him to remain in the Divine Wind Plane made sense.

But why weren’t the other Chief Sovereigns leaving?

“I wonder where Linley is going? I have to follow him and see which teleportation portal he goes through. That will make it easier to follow him.” Augusta had this plan, but in his heart, he  still  didn’t  feel  confident.  “However,  the  other  Chief Sovereigns, including the four Chief Sovereigns of the Edicts, are actually still here. None of them are in a rush to leave. Can it be that the four Chief Sovereigns of the Edicts are also interested in taking the Overgod artifact?”
Of the four Chief Sovereigns of the Edicts, the Chief Sovereign of Life, Death, and Destruction all had material weapons as their Overgod artifacts. Only the Chief Sovereign of Fate was in possession of a soul-protecting Overgod artifact. Atop the deck of the ship, the Redbud Sovereign flew over, then quietly said through divine sense, “Linley, Boson and I will leave now. We won’t be able to help much by remaining here. But, by the looks of it…the Chief Sovereigns have remained, most likely because the majority of them have covetous desires upon your Overgod artifact. Thus, you must be careful.”
“I understand. Thank you.” Linley sent.

“Thank me for what? I’m not able to help you. These Chief Sovereigns…given your power, you will be able to deal with most of them. The ones you need to beware of are the Chief Sovereign of Light, the Chief Sovereign of Lightning, and the Chief Sovereign of Fate! The other three Chief Sovereigns of the Edicts already have Overgod weapons, and don’t need to fight over another one. However, the Chief Sovereign of Fate rarely fights and rarely offends others. He might not engage. And thus, you need to worry more about the other two.”
“Understood.” Linley recognized this logic. “Beirut,  Bluefire,  Linley,  we’ll  leave  now.”   The  Redbud Sovereign and the Bloodridge Sovereign bade Linley’s group farewell, then left.

Linley and the other two exchanged glances.

“Linley, what will you choose to do?” Beirut sent.

“Can I possibly cower back at a time like this?” Linley sent. “Grandpa Beirut, Bluefire, let’s head towards the teleportation arrays now. You two will first return to the Yulan Plane, just to be safe. After I kill Augusta, I will notify you.”
Beirut and Bluefire exchanged a glance, then nodded and agreed. They understood that by remaining here, they would only impact Linley.

“It’s for the best. However, Linley, your true power truly has surpassed that of the Seven Elemental Chief Sovereigns. Still, you need to be careful; the four Chief Sovereigns of the Edicts are truly too powerful. They are staying here as well, and I am worried that something might happen. Thus, even if you want to attack and kill Augusta, you have to be cautious and alert. Once the four Chief Sovereigns of the Edicts appear to have a desire to kill you, immediately flee.” Beirut sent.

Beirut and Bluefire didn’t want to see Linley being killed by the four Chief Sovereigns of the Edicts.

After all, Linley was the pillar of the three Sovereigns of Yulan.

“Don’t  worry.”   Linley  laughed.  “Come,  let’s  go  to  the teleportation array.”
Linley’s group of three immediately headed out, flying towards one of the teleportation arrays.

“Linley  is  headed  out.”   The  Chief  Sovereigns  who  had remained here hesitated only slightly, and then two of them began to follow after Linley’s group of three. Augusta intentionally hesitated for a while longer, then flew towards the teleportation array as well. “Given the flying speed of Linley’s group of three…they move at less than a tenth of my speed.”     Augusta,   although   confident,   didn’t   dare   to underestimate the Chief Sovereigns of the other Laws. Those Chief Sovereigns all had their own supreme techniques.

“Of the Seven Elemental Chief Sovereigns, in terms of speed, I’m the fastest! I will have an advantage in seizing the Overgod artifact.” The Chief Sovereign of Lightning turned to glance at the four Chief Sovereigns of the Edicts. “Of those four, three have Overgod weapons already and shouldn’t intervene. As for the Chief Sovereign of Fate, given his personality, he probably won’t go fight over a treasure.”
The Chief Sovereign of Lightning also flew over, trailing after Linley’s group.

The Chief Sovereigns all began to fly away, and even the Chief Sovereign of Wind, Diya, began to fly back to his base.

Only the four Chief Sovereigns of the Edicts remained! 
The four of them still didn’t leave. At this moment, the four Chief Sovereigns of the Edicts were currently chatting privately through divine sense with each other.

“Wodred [Wu’te’lei’de], you are as confident as that?”  The Chief Sovereign of Death smiled charmingly towards the Chief Sovereign of Destruction.

“Orloff [Ao’fu], do you agree or not?” The Chief Sovereign of Destruction was looking at the white-haired, white-robed Chief Sovereign of Fate. And then, the Chief Sovereign of Destruction let out a cold laugh. “If you are afraid and won’t agree, then forget it.”
“Haha, if you are going to talk like this, and given how good the conditions we have agreed on are, how can I not accept?” The Chief Sovereign of Fate still had a smile on his face.

“Excellent.”   The  Chief  Sovereign  of  Destruction  nodded slightly. “Elder Sister, it seems we’ll have something fun to watch.” The Chief Sovereign of Life had a smile appear on her face as well.

While the four Chief Sovereigns of the Edicts were discussing this matter, Linley’s group of three had already flown very far away, and were close to the teleportation array at Windflow Mountain.

“Windflow Mountain is up ahead. Grandpa Beirut, Bluefire, we’ll part ways here.” Linley hovered in the air.

“Be careful.” Beirut and Bluefire both felt nervous for Linley.

And then, Beirut and Bluefire both flew towards Windflow Mountain, teleporting through it and returning to the Yulan Plane. Even if battle was to erupt, the two of them weren’t qualified to interfere. Because the only ones who were…were Chief Sovereign level figures.

“Hmph. All six of them are following me.” Linley easily saw through his divine sense that there were six Chief Sovereigns following him. “Fortunately, the four Chief Sovereigns of the Edicts haven’t come.”  Linley let out a sigh of relief. The only ones he feared were the four Chief Sovereigns of the Edicts.

Moments later…
The first to arrive was the Chief Sovereign of Lightning.

“Linley.” The Chief Sovereign of Lightning smiled as he flew over and greeted Linley warmly.

“Oh, you live up to being the Chief Sovereign of Lightning. Your speed is so fast. I’m busy, though, so I won’t disturb you for now.” Linley smiled as he moved away, flying past the Chief Sovereign of Lightning. The Chief Sovereign of Lightning’s face changed slightly.

Linley just drew away from him, flying directly towards the second figure that was flying over, the Chief Sovereign of Light. “Linley.”    Augusta   frowned.   For   Linley   to   voluntarily approach him aroused his suspicions, but then, he understood. “Hmph. Who cares what he wants. Linley’s power is just average. Even if he is a bit more powerful than I expected, he won’t be a threat to me.”
“Augusta.” Linley laughed as he went to welcome him.

“Is  there  something  you  need,  Linley?”  Augusta  was  still quite friendly.

“I want to thank you for your help just now, Augusta.” Linley smiled.

“I did what was proper.” Augusta laughed.

“Augusta, I have something important to do in the Divine Light Plane. By then, I’ll probably need your help. I wonder if you would be willing to help me, Augusta?” Linley said with a laugh. Augusta’s heart lurched.

“He  is  going  to  go  with  me  to  the  Divine  Light  Plane?” Augusta was now completely puzzled. “Can it be that Linley thinks that the little bit of power he has is enough to threaten me? Hmph, it makes sense. In his battle against Diya, he didn’t even use his innate divine ability. Since Linley seeks death, I can’t be blamed.”
Augusta immediately laughed. “Haha, of course I can.”
“Then let us go together.” Linley laughed calmly.

Chapter 17, Tenfold Victor’s Reward

Linley’s method was quite direct, but the effect was superb.

Actually, Linley wasn’t worried at all; the chances that Augusta would refuse him were less than ten percent. Even if Augusta was extremely cautious and refused to let Linley go with him, Linley himself could head by himself to the Divine Light Plane and search for Augusta, then kill him.

“Linley,  why  are  you  going  to  the  Divine  Light  Plane?” Augusta laughed and asked.

“When we arrive, you will know.” Linley didn’t respond.

The two flew at very high speed, arriving in the air atop Windflow Mountain in the blink of an eye.

Augusta also noticed the Chief Sovereign of Lightning, not too far away. He couldn’t help but laugh coldly, “Such a pity. Given your power, if Linley wasn’t travelling with me, you would have a chance. But now…you have no chance at all.” Augusta glanced sideways at Linley.

He was still rather suspicious of Linley voluntarily following him.

However, due to his absolute confidence in his power, Augusta had quite generously allowed Linley to accompany him in departing.

“Augusta  really  is  quite  lucky.  Linley  is  actually  going alongside him.” The other Chief Sovereigns, seeing this, were prepared to give up.

But just as Linley and Augusta flew towards the teleportation array, a voice echoed within Linley’s mind.

“Everyone, an extremely important matter is going on. All of you, hurry over.” Linley, hearing this, couldn’t help but turn and look towards the four Chief Sovereigns of the Edicts. The speaker was the Chief Sovereign of Death. Linley was puzzled. “The four Chief Sovereigns of the Edicts didn’t chase after me, but instead stood there, discussing something. What, now they want us all to go over?”
“What’s going on?”  The Chief Sovereign of Light, Augusta, frowned as he muttered something to himself.

“Then I’ll have to wait for a bit before I can go to the Divine Light Plane.” Linley laughed calmly.

“Haha, I’ll welcome you at any time. Come, the matters of the four Excellencies are quite important.” Augusta hurriedly laughed as well.

And just like that, Linley and the group of people all turned and flew back.

“Rumble…” The waves struck against the shoreline. The four Chief Sovereigns of the Edicts were currently in the air above an island.

“How queer.”  Linley saw the four Chief Sovereigns of the Edicts hovering above the island. His own divine sense clearly saw that aside from himself and the seven Chief Sovereigns who were flying over, no others were present. “The Divine Wind Plane has quite a few Sovereigns. But…why did the Chief Sovereign of Death only summon the eight of us?”
Linley then instantly understood.

Seven Chief Sovereigns. Linley, himself, was at the Chief Sovereign level of power.

“Everyone is here.” The beautiful, red-haired maiden laughed as she looked at the eight of them.

“Your Excellency.” The eight, Linley included, all saluted. 
The Seven Elemental Chief Sovereigns generally would refer to the four Chief Sovereigns of the Edicts as ‘Excellencies’, in order to show respect.

“I still remember how, a trillion years after the universe was created, the various Sovereigns were born as well. The eleven Chief Sovereigns were born, but of those eleven Chief Sovereigns, only eight have survived.” The beautiful red-haired maiden laughed calmly.

“Eh?” Linley was secretly surprised.

So, over the countless passage of years, even several Chief Sovereigns had fallen.

“Roughly a trillion years after the creation of the universe, there was once a battle between the Chief Sovereign of Destruction, Wodred, and the Chief Sovereign of Fate, Orloff. I trust quite a few people know the results; that time, Wodred was on a slightly lower level.” The beautiful, red-haired maiden laughed. 
“Back then, Lord Wodred and Lord Orloff had already reached the Paragon level. That battle was truly astonishing.” The Chief Sovereign of Lightning smiled.

The beautiful, red-haired maiden nodded slightly. “Although they have reached the Paragon level long ago, over the course of countless years, both of them have risen in power significantly. I trust all of you know very well that their power has risen! In addition, today, after countless years, they are going to once again engage in a duel!”
The Chief Sovereigns were all stunned.

“A duel?” Linley was shocked as well.

At the level of the four Chief Sovereigns of the Edicts, their duels were no longer just simple spars. If they weren’t careful, they might be killed. “This…your Excellencies…you…?” The only woman amongst the Seven Elemental Chief Sovereigns, the Chief Sovereign of Water, stammered in surprise.

“It isn’t a big deal to tell you.” The black-robed Chief Sovereign of Destruction said calmly. “Orloff and I, aside from that competition long ago, also competed another time, after I acquired my Overgod artifact and he acquired that reward of Will. This will be our third competition.”
“The reward of Will?” Linley was puzzled.

The Chief Sovereign of Fate, Orloff, smiled. “This is just a friendly competition. Let’s go. We’ll go to chaotic space.” As he spoke, Orloff slashed his hand down…
A wide, spacious spatial rift instantly appeared ahead of him.

The four Chief Sovereigns of the Edicts flew into it, and Linley and the rest of the eight immediately followed and flew in as well. And then, the spatial rift vanished, completely healed. 
As the four Chief Sovereigns of the Edicts, these four wouldn’t compete casually.
After all, everyone stood at the very peak. Once they fought, it was very possible that one side would fall and perish. They were all wary of each other, and so they didn’t want to fight amongst each other. From this, one could imagine how rare it was for two of the Chief Sovereigns of the Edicts to duel each other. The other Chief Sovereigns, including Augusta, all seemed quite eager to watch.

Within the void. Multicolored flows of chaotic energy streamed everywhere.

Twelve figures stood there within the void.

“Haha, Wodred, this time, you are the one who issued the challenge. You are so confident, eh? Don’t lose again.” The beautiful red-haired maiden laughed. “Hmph.”
The Chief Sovereign of Destruction, covered in a black-robe, immediately flew into the center of the void. The white-haired, white-robed elder, the Chief Sovereign of Fate, chortled as he too flew into the void. As for the other ten, they stood far away, watching.

“Your Excellency, after having been rewarded with Will that time, of the four Chief Sovereigns of the Edicts, Orloff should be the strongest, right? However, the Chief Sovereign of Destruction, Wodred, has an Overgod weapon. I wonder who won and who lost during their second duel?”  The long jade- haired Chief Sovereign of Water asked the Chief Sovereign of Death.

“Couldn’t you understand what I was saying earlier? Naturally, it was Wodred who lost.”  The Chief Sovereign of Death chortled.

The other Chief Sovereigns were somewhat in disbelief. If they didn’t compete using Overgod artifacts, the Chief Sovereign of Fate would be stronger. But if they did…the Chief Sovereign of Fate only had a soul-protecting Overgod artifact. There was no way for him to increase his attack power. Why, then, did the Chief Sovereign of Destruction lose the second round?”
“As  for  why  he  lost?  Hmph,  that  old  fellow,  Orloff…how much of his terrifying power have you truly witnessed?”  The Chief Sovereign of Death laughed calmly.

The group of Chief Sovereigns fell silent.

“A reward of Will?” Linley couldn’t help but say. “Your Excellency, what exactly is a ‘reward of Will’?”
“You don’t even know about this?”  The Chief Sovereign of Death looked at Linley, puzzled. The other Chief Sovereigns looked at him as well.

“I truly don’t know.” Linley laughed helplessly. 
A smile appeared on the small, pretty face of the Chief Sovereign of Death. “Haha, you’ve trained for less than ten thousand years. It makes sense that you don’t know. The ‘reward of Will’ that I spoke of, is the reward that the Overgods will bestow upon those who win ten consecutive victories in the Planar Wars!”
“Ten consecutive victories?” Linley frowned.

“Right. Every trillion years, there will be Planar Wars. Each Planar Wars will have five competitions. The eleven planes, aside from the Life Realm, will all compete. Every trillion years, the ten planes will only compete a single time. The results of the battle have three possibilities; victory, defeat, and draw!

Linley nodded slightly.

He had participated in a Planar War before; he knew that victory and defeat was determined by the results within the two corridors above the Stellar River. 
“According to the rules, if one’s plane wins ten consecutive Planar Wars, then the seven Sovereigns of that plane will all receive a reward from the Overgods. They will all be bestowed with an additional portion of Will, comparable to fusing with an additional Sovereign spark.” The Chief Sovereign of Death explained in detail.

Linley couldn’t help but feel startled.

“A portion of Will?” This reward was simply too extravagant.

“Linley.” The nearby Chief Sovereign of Life smiled and said, “Do you think it is easy to win ten victories in a row?”
“No.” Linley immediately understood.

He had undergone a Planar War. A Planar War required one side to dominate two Stellar Corridors simultaneously in order for that round to be considered a victory for that side. If only one corridor was conquered, then it would simply be a draw. Last time, if it hadn’t been for Linley and Magnus fighting, the Divine Darkness Plane probably wouldn’t have won.

“More than half of the Planar Wars end up in a draw!” The Chief Sovereign of Death snickered. “Occasionally, a plane will win a round. However, a trillion years later, the next battle might be a draw, making the earlier win pointless. After all, only by winning ten victories in a row would one be rewarded. Forget about ten consecutive wins; even five consecutive wins is inconceivable. But even if you won five times in a row, if you reached a draw in the next round, or lost the next round, then you would have to start from scratch again!”
Linley nodded slightly.

The various planes were all on par in power. Given the rules for ‘victory’ in the Planar Wars, to win ten rounds in a row… the chances of accomplishing it were so low as to be nearly zero!

“A trillion years each time. From the creation of the universe until now…there has been more than a million Planar Wars.” The Chief Sovereign of Death sighed. 
“More than a million…” Linley’s heart clenched.

A trillion years each time? How long ago, then, had the universe been created? Linley felt astonished. Most likely, the Chief Sovereigns who had unlimited lifespan couldn’t even be bothered to calculate it. It was simply too long. They would just say ‘countless years’.

“But Linley, do you know how many times, over the course of countless years, a side has won ten rounds in a row?” The Chief Sovereign of Death smirked.

“This…I don’t know.” Linley couldn’t be sure.

“Once!  Just  once!”  The  Chief  Sovereign  of  Death  sighed. “Over countless years, there have been six cases where a side won nine rounds in a row. But on the tenth round of those six cases, all of the other planes would join forces to prevent that other side from winning a tenth time.” Linley understood.

The Sovereigns didn’t wish for other Sovereigns to receive the reward of Will.

Thus, even if one side won nine battles in a row, for the tenth battle, the other planes would join forces.

“This  sole  success  was  achieved  by  the  Higher  Plane belonging to Fate, the Celestial Realm.” The Chief Sovereign of Death sighed as she spoke. “Precisely because of that, the seven Sovereigns of Fate were all bestowed with an additional portion of Will. Because of that, the Chief Sovereign of Fate, Orloff, is naturally more powerful than us!”
Linley sighed to himself.

The Chief Sovereign of Fate was a Paragon to begin with. Now, he had gained an additional portion of Will. No wonder he was so powerful! “In addition, Orloff never gets involved in mortal affairs. He is completely absorbed in training. He researches the fundamental principles behind innate divine abilities, and the reasons  why  a  body  can  become  powerful…”   The  Chief Sovereign of Death sighed. “For example…Orloff’s body is definitely ranked as one of the top three amongst the Sovereigns in terms of strength.”
Linley was secretly shocked.

This Chief Sovereign of Fate, Orloff, an old fellow who never cared about worldly matters, was such a terrifying figure.

“Watch. They are about to fight now.” The Chief Sovereign of Death suddenly said.

Linley hurriedly looked over, and the other Chief Sovereigns also focused their attention, watching rapidly.

Within the vast, chaotic void, the white-haired, white-robed Chief Sovereign of Fate was quietly standing there, staring at his opponent…the Chief Sovereign of Destruction. 
As for the Chief Sovereign of Destruction, a heart-shaking black aura surrounded him. This black aura was so pure and so black that it devoured everything around it. Even the chaotic streams of energy were devoured by the black aura. Slowly, the reach of the black aura expanded until, moments later, it reached a thousand kilometers.

“Orloff is very powerful. However, this time, Wodred has developed a supreme technique as well.”  The Chief Sovereign of Death sent towards Linley.

“What sort of supreme technique?” Linley was curious.

The Chief Sovereign of Death gave a meaningful glance at Linley, then sent, “In the past, the four ancestors of your Four Divine Beasts clan had a combined innate divine ability that was extremely powerful, so much so that it could threaten Chief Sovereigns! And now, Wodred has developed a supreme technique that is similar to that combined innate divine ability.”

Chapter 18, Divine Beast, Sable Leviathan

“What? The combined innate divine ability of the four ancestors?” Linley’s eyes turned round.
And then, Linley stared towards the Chief Sovereign of Destruction, who stood there in the void. He mused, “Twenty thousand years ago, the Chief Sovereign of Destruction has obtained half of the divine beast blood essence from Grandpa Beirut. Right. Five thousand years ago, Gislason’s group of four loaned to the Chief Sovereign of Destruction a hundred Highgods of the Four Divine Beasts clan. Most likely, that was also for the sake of analyzing the innate divine ability of the Four Divine Beasts. And now, he has actually succeeded! Inconceivable. This Chief Sovereign of Destruction is indeed a terrifying figure.”
An innate divine ability could never be perfectly learned, but there was hope for mimicking a similar divine ability.

For example, someone like the Chief Sovereign of Destruction, if he analyzed it enough and also utilized the blood essences of the Four Divine Beasts, he would still have a chance at mimicking it.

For example, Linley; the ‘Amethyst Space’ of the Amethyst Godbeasts was a very special supreme technique. Under the intentional guidance of the Redbud Sovereign, Linley finally understood the principles behind it. Although the power wasn’t as great as when the Amethyst Godbeasts themselves used the technique, the power was still tremendous.

The ten Chief Sovereign level experts fell silent, staring into the distance at the upcoming duel between the two mighty Chief Sovereigns of the Edicts.

A black light spread out to a thousand kilometers, and within the center of that black light, a blurry, sinister looking figure continued to hover there quietly.

“Orloff! I’ve borrowed from the innate power of a unique race that exists in the Infernal Realm, the ‘Tartarians’. After countless years, I’ve finally further perfected my supreme technique. This technique is now far more powerful than it was last time. This time, take another look at my most powerful attack.” The Chief Sovereign of Destruction’s voice echoed in the void.

“Oh? From the sound of it, it should be excellent. Make your move.”   The  white-robed,  white-haired  Orloff  continued  to simply smile.

His black robe fluttering, the Chief Sovereign of Destruction stared coldly at his opponent. His hand waved…and a pitch- black longspear emerged in his hand. The black longspear was nearly two meters long. Even though he hadn’t attacked with it yet, the fierce aura that it naturally emanated was causing the surrounding streams of chaotic energy to crumble.

Linley and the other distant spectators were all astonished.

Everyone understood that the longspear was a Destruction Overgod weapon! “Rumble…”    The   vast   amounts   of   black   light   in   the surrounding area suddenly contract, completely merging into the body of the Chief Sovereign of Destruction.

This caused a true void to appear within a thousand kilometers, without any energy being left behind at all.

A strange sound was emitted from the mouth of the Chief Sovereign of Destruction. At the same time, behind the Chief Sovereign of Destruction, an enormous illusion appeared. The illusion was actually an awe-inspiring ten thousand kilometers in length. This was an enormous, coiling creature that was similar to a serpent. Its soft, coiling body was covered with black scales. In addition, it had more than ten thousand sharp claws.

Ten thousand kilometers, with ten thousand sharp claws, and more than ten thousand sharp wings. At first glance, the countless scales, claws, and wings seemed to be made out of black steel.

This monster’s head was completely bald. It had only a pair of eyes, with one end having white pupils and one eye having red pupils.

Linley, watching from afar, was completely stupefied. The true form of the Chief Sovereign of Destruction was simply too frightening.

“What is this?” Linley whispered.

Linley’s divine sense was constantly active. Because of his fused Sovereign power, others weren’t able to sense Linley’s divine sense at all. However, Linley himself was able to clearly see that after the Chief Sovereign of Destruction unleashed this technique, countless strands of spiritual energy were bizarrely swirling towards the Chief Sovereign of Fate!

The Chief Sovereign of Fate was like prey that had been trapped. 
“You didn’t know?” The Chief Sovereign of Death glanced at Linley, then sent, “Wodred is the very first creature that was born in the Infernal Realm. He lives in the depths of the Chaotic Sea. He himself named himself the divine beast, ‘Sable Leviathan’. This innate divine ability is known as the ‘Soul
The Chief Sovereign of Death, being the first creature of the Netherworld, was of a similar age to the Chief Sovereign of Destruction, who was the first creature of the Infernal Realm. Of the four Chief Sovereigns of the Edicts, the two of them were the oldest.

“The divine beast, ‘Sable Leviathan’. Innate divine ability, ‘Soul Cage’?” Linley’s heart trembled.

Indeed, every single one of the four Chief Sovereigns of the Edicts were formidable.

“However, this sort of ability won’t have much of an impact on the Chief Sovereign of Fate. Watch…” The Chief Sovereign of Death laughed softly.

Linley had already seen it!

As the Chief Sovereign of Destruction has unleashed his innate divine ability, ‘Soul Cage’, he also swept over with his Destruction Overgod weapon at a speed so fast, it was akin to teleportation, as he charged at the Chief Sovereign of Fate.

The black spear shadow instantly transformed into countless spear shadows, covering an area of a thousand kilometers. They were like countless venomous vipers that spat outwards. Every single spear shadow spat out a ray of black light, and the countless spear shadows actually once more swirled around the Chief Sovereign of Fate. And then, the countless spear shadows seemed to flood towards and deluge the Chief Sovereign of Fate.

“Boom!” All of the spear shadows vanished.

A single sword shadow pierced straight towards the head of the white-robed elder, the Chief Sovereign of Fate!

His most powerful, supreme attack…

From start to finish, the white-robed elder, the Chief Sovereign of Fate, simply faced it all with a smile. He didn’t even fight back. His body was surrounded by countless rays of black light and was under extremely great compression.

“Heh heh.”  The Chief Sovereign of Fate chuckled slightly, then stretched out his right now.

Strangely, although his entire body was covered and compressed by rays of black light, when he lifted his right hand, he seemed to be moving in a very normal manner. With the flip of his hand, the surface of his entire palm became covered with a strange golden light. His palm rose from his side and simply slapped against the sides of the black longspear. With just a low, rumbling striking sound…
“Whoosh!” The Overgod weapon was knocked flying back.

“How  terrifying.”  Linley  had  been  stunned  by  the  Chief Sovereign of Destruction’s attack. Now, he was stunned by the Chief Sovereign of Fate’s simple yet strong deflection.

“Your Excellency, how is it that the Chief Sovereign of Fate can use his hand to strike against an Overgod weapon?” Linley couldn’t believe what he had just seen. He couldn’t help but speak mentally to the Chief Sovereign of Death.

The Chief Sovereign of Death laughed softly. “Orloff has an additional portion of Will compared to the rest of us to begin with. Naturally, his foundation is superb! But that isn’t the most terrifying thing; what’s truly terrifying is that Orloff is a madman.” “Madman?” Linley didn’t understand.

“Right. Him and I have known each other for countless years, and I understand him very well.” The Chief Sovereign of Death sighed. “He has no desire to fight or struggle against others, nor is he greedy, nor will he abuse the weak…in short, he can be described as a man with an extremely good temperament.”
“If he’s so good-natured, why is he a madman?” Linley didn’t understand.

The Chief Sovereign of Death sent with a laugh, “Linley, you tell me. He already stands at the peak, but instead of enjoying the fruits that being at the peak brought to him, he only enjoys a single hobby. That hobby is…increasing his strength!”
“Increasing his strength?” Linley didn’t understand. “How?”
“Research!” The Chief Sovereign of Death sighed. “This old fellow became the Chief Sovereign of Fate shortly after the universe was created, and became a Paragon as well. From then onwards, he began to research various unique races, research various innate divine abilities and innate powers. He analyzed where these abilities came from, and then…he used many of them on himself in order to increase his own power through
such methods!”
Linley, hearing this, was completely stupefied.

“He   can   research   innate   divine   abilities?”    Linley   felt speechless.

“Don’t think it strange. All races and creatures are formed from a soul and a body. Innate powers are generally linked to the blood and to the soul. This old fellow, over the course of countless years, has spent his time analyzing various souls in depth.” The Chief Sovereign of Death sighed. “He is a madman. Do you know? His body’s strength was originally quite ordinary, but through his research, he has made it so that his body’s strength isn’t any inferior to mine.”
Linley felt shock in his heart as he heard this. 
“A person who has, for countless years, absorbed himself in research. Who never relaxes or slackens, and who never enjoys any form of entertainment, and who never fights with anyone. You tell me, if he isn’t a madman, what is he?”  The Chief Sovereign of Death asked.

After listening to this, Linley couldn’t help but turn to look at the distant white-robed, white-haired elder.

“He has neither a wife nor any kids?” Linley asked.

“None!”  The Chief Sovereign of Death shook her head. “I told you. His only goal is to increase his strength.”
“He…really is a madman.”  Linley couldn’t help but say to himself.

Even Linley himself would, at most, make his clones train hard. He would at least have his original body accompany his wife, his family, his friends. Although he, too, dreamed of reaching the peak, in his heart, his family and friends were equally important. But this Chief Sovereign of Fate?

“He…probably views increasing his own power as a form of amusement.” Linley mused to himself.

This sort of stubborn, eccentric madman who had spent countless years doing nothing besides raising his own power… how terrifying must he now be?

“Thanks to Orloff’s influene, quite a few Sovereigns have begun to research and analyze some races with unique innate abilities. Only, how could doing this sort of research be easy? It requires both ability and patience. You might spend countless years, only for all of your efforts to result nothing.” The Chief Sovereign  of  Death  sent  mentally.  “The  Chief  Sovereign  of Destruction, Wodred, is excellently patient. He has spent countless years deep within the Chaotic Sea. This time, he has come up with a truly supreme technique, and he wishes to truly defeat Orloff for once.”
“A truly supreme technique.” Linley understood that this should be the attack that was similar to the supreme technique of the Four Divine Beasts.
“Not bad.” The white-robed, white-haired Chief Sovereign of Fate had the aura of a judge evaluating an entry. “Wodred, this ‘Exterminatus’ technique of yours, by borrowing from the power of the Tartarians…mm, this technique of yours is nearly three times more powerful in terms of attack power than it was last time. Very well done! Alright…unleash the supreme technique you’ve developed!”
The white-robed elder truly did seem to be an eccentric madman who had seen something he liked. His blazing gaze was focused on the Chief Sovereign of Destruction.

The sinister, black-robed Chief Sovereign of Destruction cracked  his  lips  in  a  grin.  “Indeed,  I  still  have  to  use  that technique in order to be able to threaten you.” With a flip of his hand, the longspear within the Chief Sovereign of Destruction’s hand vanished, and then a similar black longspear appeared. Only, this longspear was slightly longer. “Sovereign  weapon?”   Linley  said,  puzzled.  Why  had  the Chief Sovereign of Destruction put away his Overgod artifact and changed it to a Sovereign artifact?

Although he didn’t understand, the Chief Sovereign of Destruction and the Chief Sovereign of Fate were making their moves against each other once again.

The ten Chief Sovereign level experts all focused their attention as they watched. Everyone knew that a terrifying scene was about to appear.

“Orloff.” The Chief Sovereign of Destruction said in a slightly smug  voice,  “This  technique  of  mine  was  developed  after  I spent nearly twenty thousand years analyzing the blood essence of the Four Divine Beasts. In addition, I was extremely lucky to suddenly have a flash of insight. If it hadn’t been for that bit of luck, I probably would’ve spent countless years fruitlessly. But the power of this technique…”
The Chief Sovereign of Destruction laughed as he looked at the distant Chief Sovereign of Fate. “You must be careful.” “Just come.” The Chief Sovereign of Fate’s eyes were shining.

The black-robed Chief Sovereign of Destruction immediately raised his head and let out a thunderous roar…and around his body, four phantoms suddenly appeared. An Azure Dragon Phantom, a Black Tortoise Phantom that appeared akin to a Dragonturtle, a Vermillion Bird Phantom that appeared akin to a Phoenix, and a White Tiger Phantom!

The four phantoms were only roughly two or three meters long, but their bodies swirled around the Chief Sovereign.

The Vermillion Bird Phantom was above his head. The Black Tortoise Phantom was beneath his feet. The Azure Dragon Phantom was to his left. The White Tiger Phantom was to his right.

“Rumble…” The surrounding space within a thousand kilometers suddenly began to tremble!

In this moment…
Within a thousand kilometers, the flowing streams of energy in chaotic space suddenly, completely froze. The constantly fracturing and shattering spatial tears also froze.

“This…!” Linley was shocked.

“Impossible!” The faces of the Chief Sovereign of Death and the others all changed.

The ten Chief Sovereign level experts all sensed that the surrounding area had been completely locked. The ten of them were only affected by the remnant power, and yet all of them felt bound, making their movement speed lessen drastically. From this, one could imagine what sort of situation the Chief Sovereign of Fate, who had suffered 99% of the power from this, was in. 
A translucent ray of light shot out at terrifying speed, diving into the Chief Sovereign of Fate’s body.

The Four Divine Beasts, all Lesser Sovereigns, were able to threaten Chief Sovereigns with this innate divine ability.

How powerful, then, was the Chief Sovereign of Destruction when he used this technique? Although it wasn’t the complete, perfect Four Divine Beasts fused innate ability, the power of this technique wasn’t much weaker.

However, the Chief Sovereign of Destruction didn’t relax at all. After releasing this technique, immediately afterwards…
The Chief Sovereign of Destruction, wielding that black longspear, immediately charged towards the Chief Sovereign of Fate, stabbing directly towards the white-robed Chief Sovereign of Fate with his spear.

Chapter 19, Orloff ’s Invitation

Within the void, the white-robed Chief Sovereign of Fate continued to stand there calmly.

“Whoosh!” “Whoosh!”
Around the torso, the legs, and the shoulders of the Chief Sovereign of Fate, a hazy light swirled and constricted. It seemed like water that was boiling and bubbling around him. The hazy aura of light frothed atop the Chief Sovereign of Fate, but the Chief Sovereign of Fate’s gaze was locked upon the spear that was stabbing towards him.

The black spear came piercing over.

In this moment, the Chief Sovereign of Fate’s gaze suddenly grew sharp.

“Whoosh…”  His right hand suddenly swept out, seemingly sweeping the heavens before him. Even the locked space around him began to tremble.

The right hand of the Chief Sovereign of Fate actually trapped the long black spear’s spearhead.

The Chief Sovereign of Destruction was awestruck at this.
And then, he let out a resigned sigh. “I still lose.”
“Wodred.”  The Chief Sovereign of Fate’s eyes were flashing with a strange light, and he hurriedly asked, “What is the name of this technique you came up with?”
“This was borrowed from the supreme technique of the Four Divine Beasts. The name of it is ‘Spacetime Paradox.’”
“Spacetime Paradox? An extremely powerful attack. After all these years, I finally felt the aura of death stretch towards me.” The Chief Sovereign of Fate let out a sigh. 
The Chief Sovereign of Destruction let out a forlorn chuckle. “Enough, Orloff. I lost, I lost! This technique, Spacetime Paradox, is definitely the most powerful attack I have ever developed. It increased my power at least a thousandfold. And yet, this technique still is unable to overcome you. Haha…” The Chief Sovereign of Destruction’s laugh contained some grief and resignation within it.

“Wodred.” The Chief Sovereign of Fate said solemnly, “I can tell you clearly that this technique of yours was primarily focused on attacking the soul! But I, I have a soul-protecting Overgod artifact! Thus, this supreme attack of yours, Spacetime Paradox, is ineffective against me. Aside from a soul attack component, your Spacetime Paradox also impacts both space and time, but over the course of countless years, I have primarily focused my research on material aspects, such as body strengthening and material attacks. Despite that, I still had to use all my strength to be able to able to block your spear, despite that constrictive power.”
The Chief Sovereign of Destruction let out a sigh.

He understood as well. 
He immediately understood, as soon as he had developed Spacetime Paradox. The other two Chief Sovereigns definitely were no match for him now!

Given how Spacetime Paradox clashed against the soul, someone who did not possess a soul-protecting Overgod artifact would definitely not be able to resist it. But unfortunately, the Chief Sovereign of Fate just so happened to have one! The Chief Sovereign of Fate had completed the Overgod mission and selected a soul-protecting Overgod artifact. Many felt that he was foolish, that his choice was useless.

After all, how could other Chief Sovereigns possibly pose a threat to his soul?

But who would have imagined that at this point, it proved effective.

“You should remember our agreement.” The Chief Sovereign of Fate’s gaze was hot. 
The Chief Sovereign of Destruction looked at him, then let out a bitter laugh. “Naturally, I will honor it.”
The other ten Chief Sovereign level individuals who were watching this battle from far away, upon seeing the conclusion, were stupefied.
“How can that be? Lord Orloff…even under that sort of constriction, he was still able to block such a quick attack.” The Chief Sovereign of Water couldn’t believe it at all. Just now, the technique ‘Spacetime Paradox’ had exerted such a powerful constrictive force on the surrounding area that even the distant Chief Sovereigns felt it.

“Lord Orloff actually won.”
The Chief Sovereigns were truly stunned.

“Terrifying.” Linley only said this single word to himself. 
The Chief Sovereign of Life smiled. “The combined attack of the Four Divine Beasts had an impact on space and time, but it was still primarily a soul attack! Orloff has a soul-protecting Overgod artifact, and so when this technique was applied to him, all it was able to do was bind him. But despite being
bound, he was still able to block that spear.”
“How useless.”
The Chief Sovereign of Death couldn’t help but curse softly.

Linley couldn’t help but look towards the Chief Sovereign of Death. He had never seen this adorable, beautiful maiden be so irritated.

“Linley.”   The  Chief  Sovereign  of  Death  suddenly  sent mentally to Linley.

“What is it?” Linley looked at the Chief Sovereign of Death, puzzled. 
“There is something which I hope you can promise me.” The Chief Sovereign of Death sent solemnly.

“Please speak.” Linley said hurriedly, but in his heart, he still felt puzzled. The Chief Sovereign of Death, ask him for something?

The  Chief  Sovereign  of  Death  sent,  “Remember  this.  No matter what…the three of you from Yulan, no matter what, are not to give the blood essence of the Four Divine Beasts to Orloff!”
“Eh?” Linley was completely puzzled. “Chief Sovereign, can you tell me why?”
“Ugh.” The Chief Sovereign of Death let out a sigh. “Linley. Do you know why, just now, Wodred switched his Overgod weapon for a Sovereign weapon?” “I truly don’t.” Linley had been puzzled earlier as to why the Overgod weapon had been swapped for a Sovereign artifact. Didn’t that mean he was lowering his own attack power?

The Chief Sovereign of Death sent mentally, “Actually, this time, after we four Chief Sovereigns of the Edicts rendered our verdict upon you, all of you left. At that time, the Chief Sovereign of Destruction, Wodred, suggested a competition with the Chief Sovereign of Fate. However, the Chief Sovereign of Fate didn’t agree, because…the Chief Sovereign of Fate disdains competitions.”
“Afterwards, the Chief Sovereign of Destruction mentioned the supreme technique that he had developed, based on the innate divine abilities of the Four Divine Beasts.”  The Chief Sovereign of Death sighed. “At that time, we were all shocked. As for Orloff, that madman was intrigued. However, he could imagine the power of a supreme technique that was akin to the combined innate divine abilities of the Four Divine Beasts. And so that madman Orloff didn’t feel confident either. Thus, they made an agreement.”
“What agreement?” Linley asked hurriedly. “The   agreement   was,   once   the   Chief   Sovereign   of Destruction was prepared to release his supreme technique, he was only permitted to use his Sovereign weapon to attack. If the Chief Sovereign of Fate was unable to raise his hand to block the Sovereign weapon, that would be considered the
Chief Sovereign of Fate having lost! If the Chief Sovereign of Fate was hit by the attack but still was able to block, then he would be considered the victory.” The Chief Sovereign of Death said.

Linley understood as well.

The Chief Sovereign of Fate, by relying on his understanding of the Laws and his own power, was able to use his hand to block an Overgod weapon.

However, once he was struck by Spacetime Paradox, the Chief Sovereign of Fate’s speed would drastically lessen. If he wasn’t able to block the attack, then if the Chief Sovereign of Destruction was using his Overgod weapon, the Chief Sovereign of Fate would perish! “Thus, when using that technique, the Chief Sovereign of Destruction was not to use his Overgod weapon. The two were simply sparring, after all.” The Chief Sovereign of Death shook her head and sighed. “But they added a bet to their competition.”
“What bet?” Linley said, puzzled.

“If the Chief Sovereign of Destruction won, the Chief Sovereign of Fate would have to explain the principles of his supreme technique to him. But if the Chief Sovereign of Fate won, then the Chief Sovereign of Destruction would also have to explain the principles of his supreme technique.” The Chief Sovereign of Death let out a sigh.

“But…” Linley was rather stunned.

“At first, Wodred was unwilling to accept these stakes, but Orloff clearly wanted to know the principles of the supreme technique very much, and so he said that if Wodred didn’t accept these stakes, he wouldn’t agree to the duel.” The Chief Sovereign of Death sighed. “It was Wodred who wanted to challenge Orloff, after all. In addition, he was very confident in himself, and so he agreed to the bet.”
Linley nodded slightly.

“Linley, I know…even if one understands all the principles of an attack akin to an innate divine ability, actually executing it…without the blood essence, the power would be much, much lower, even if the attack could be executed.”  The Chief Sovereign of Death looked at Linley. “Thus, Linley, the three of you in the Yulan branch are not to give Orloff the blood essence of the Four Divine Beasts, no matter what.”
The Chief Sovereign of Death spoke quite bluntly.

“I understand. I won’t give him the blood essence of the Four Divine Beasts.” Linley nodded.

“Alas. Actually, by giving you these instructions…” The Chief Sovereign of Death stared far into the void, at the Chief Sovereigns of Destruction and Fate. “Ever since he came up with that technique, the Chief Sovereign of Destruction has surpassed me and Wawaya. The balance of power between us four Chief Sovereigns of the Edicts is gone.”
Linley nodded.

The Chief Sovereign of Fate had a protective Overgod artifact, but the Chief Sovereigns of Death and Life did not. Who could possibly resist the Chief Sovereign of Destruction’s ‘Spacetime Paradox’ attack?

“This…”  Linley  couldn’t  help  but  look  towards  the  Chief Sovereign of Death.

“Wodred  and  Orloff  are  able  to  counter  each  other;  they shouldn’t go so berserk as to act against me and Wawaya.” The Chief Sovereign of Death sent with a laugh. “It is much like how we four Chief Sovereigns of the Edicts wouldn’t go act against the Chief Sovereigns of the Laws. Since we are already at the peak, if we kill everyone else at our level, won’t we feel lonely?” The words of the Chief Sovereign of Death were actually meant to comfort herself.

“They can research. Why can’t you, Chief Sovereign?” Linley said consolingly.

“I don’t have the patience.” The Chief Sovereign of Death let out a soft laugh. “If we are to actually fight though, so long as Wawaya and I join forces, it’s hard to say who will be the one to perish!”
At this moment, the Chief Sovereign of Death and the Chief Sovereign of Life exchanged a glance, as though discussing something.

Within the void, the Chief Sovereign of Destruction and the Chief Sovereign of Fate were currently chatting through divine sense.

“Haha, how marvelous.”  The Chief Sovereign of Fate’s eyes were filled with strange colors. “This ‘Spacetime Paradox’  of yours truly is extremely miraculous. Although the power is inferior to the combined innate divine ability of the Four Divine Beasts, it just so happens to avoid the problem of the differences in the souls. Wodred, I truly admire you.”
“Hmph.” The Chief Sovereign of Destruction had an ugly look on his face.

“Unfortunately, this technique can only be unleashed when relying on the lineage of the Four Divine Beasts.”  The Chief Sovereign of Fate let out a sigh. After speaking, he couldn’t help but turn to look at ‘Linley’, amongst the other ten in the distance.

The battle was over. The twelve Chief Sovereign level experts all departed from chaotic space and returned to the nearby Divine Wind Plane.

The cool, clear sea wind blew. There, above the sea, those twelve figures separated as well.

“Swish!” Not far away, atop the sea, a metallic lifeform flew past. The Deities within the metallic lifeform glanced towards the twelve in the distance. They didn’t pay any attention. How could they have imagined that those twelve floating figures were twelve Chief Sovereign level experts?

“Orloff, last time, you said you were going all out. This time, you also said that you went all out.” The beautiful, red-haired maiden looked at Orloff and let out a snort. “Are you hiding part of your power?”
Orloff, that old fellow, let out a resigned chuckle. “This time, I really did go all out. You have no idea…when Wodred used that technique just now, I was badly frightened. That soul attack is so strong that if it wasn’t for my soul-protecting Overgod artifact, I would truly have been finished. Even the distortion on spacetime was enough to make it so that I could just barely deflect that spear.”
“Hmph.   Keep   acting   smug.”   The   beautiful,   red-haired maiden let out a snort.

Linley and the others could only watch quietly. After all, the four Chief Sovereigns of the Edicts were on good terms with each other. It wouldn’t be appropriate for others to interrupt.

“Linley.”   The  Chief  Sovereign  of  Fate,  Orloff,  suddenly turned to look towards Linley. Chuckling, he said, “Are you free? If you are, how about you come pay a visit to my ‘Orloff Gardens’ in the Celestial Realm? What do you say?”
The Orloff Gardens, in the Celestial Realm, was viewed as the most sacred of areas.

This was a massive garden that floated extremely high in the air, and it was also the residence of the Chief Sovereign of Fate. Even ordinary Sovereigns, without Orloff’s permission, wouldn’t dare to enter the Orloff Gardens at all. Normally, the Chief Sovereign of Fate, Orloff, spent all his time in the gardens in research.

“Linley,  remember  what  you  promised  me.”   The  Chief Sovereign of Death sent to him. Not just her; even the Chief Sovereigns of Destruction and Life hurriedly looked towards Linley. 
As these three saw it, Orloff’s defense could be described as unbreakable.

If Orloff was to then learn the ‘Spacetime Paradox’ technique, who could be a match for him? Although they all knew that, given Orloff’s nature, he wouldn’t kill them, but… they still didn’t want for Orloff’s power to rise too much.

Linley laughed awkwardly, then said helplessly, “Lord Orloff, I truly am sorry. I have something important to do first.”
“Haha, no rush, no rush. When you have time, you can come find me later.”  Orloff smiled. “Alright, everyone. I’ll go back now.”
The Chief Sovereign of Fate, Orloff, chortled, then left on his own.

“Linley.”  The Chief Sovereign of Light, Augusta, who had been silent this entire time, beamed as he looked towards Linley.  He  sent  mentally,  “Weren’t  you  going  to  go  to  my Divine Light Plane?”

Chapter 20, Fight, Kill!

“The  Divine  Light  Plane?  Right.”   Linley  sent  back  and laughed. “Just now, when we were watching those two Chief Sovereigns battle, we had to delay that slightly.”
“Let’s head out now, then.” Augusta smiled in such a friendly manner, as though he were about to invite his closest friend over.

But between Linley and Augusta, there clearly existed multiple enmities.

The first was that Linley’s ancestors had been killed by Augusta. The second was Beirut and Augusta had enmity between them as well. The third was that when Linley was a Highgod, Augusta had threatened Linley to force him to hand over the nine soul pearls, and had wanted to kill Linley. Fortunately, the Chief Sovereign of Destruction had appeared.

But right now, it seemed as though the two of them had forgotten all these things. 
“Haha, let’s leave together.”
Linley chortled, and thus accompanied Augusta to fly back towards the distant Windflow Mountain.

“Augusta.” A voice rang out, and a figure suddenly flew over, moving like a bolt of lightning.

Linley turned to look. This person had long, golden yellow hair, with the seal of a lightning bolt on his forehead. It was the Chief Sovereign of Lightning. The Chief Sovereign of Lightning  chortled,  “Augusta,  you  are  going  back?  What  a coincidence. I just so happen to have an important affair in your Divine Light Plane as well.”
“Oh?” Augusta had a sudden thought, then smiled. “Linley is coming as well. Let’s go together.”
Linley couldn’t help but feel surprised, and he gave Augusta a glance as he mused, “Augusta relies on his Overgod artifact for his power, but this Chief Sovereign of Lightning has a Sovereign clone. In terms of Will alone, he is on a level higher than Augusta. In addition, he is of the lightning-element, and so his speed is exceedingly quick. If he gets involved…can it be that Augusta feels confident in being able to deal with him?”
This Chief Sovereign of Lightning, all smiles, followed Linley and Augusta towards Windflow Mountain.

Halfway over, a voice suddenly rang out in Linley’s mind. “Linley, behind you, there are five other Chief Sovereigns who are following. There are two with you right now. It seems as though all seven of these Chief Sovereigns are rather envious of your Overgod artifact. How about you come to my Netherworld instead.”
The speaker was the Chief Sovereign of Death.

Linley couldn’t help but chuckle. His divine sense surpassed that of all of the Chief Sovereigns, and so he had discovered those five behind him long ago. What shocked Linley was that the Chief Sovereign of Wind, Diya, still dared to follow him as well. 
“Thank you, Chief Sovereign. I’m completely able to deal with this matter by myself.” Linley sent back.

“Oh? It seems you are quite confident in yourself. Since you say that, be careful that in the future, you won’t even have the chance to feel regret.” The Chief Sovereign of Death sent, and then no longer paid attention to Linley. She quickly used Windflow Mountain’s teleportation array and left the Divine Wind Plane, returning to the Netherworld.

Linley chuckled.

In terms of power, who did he fear?

Of the eleven Chief Sovereigns, the only one who caused Linley to feel dread was…the Chief Sovereign of Destruction!

“Once I use my fused Sovereign power, my strength will increase a hundredfold. The Chief Sovereigns of the Laws are not worthy of concern. Even the Chief Sovereigns of the Edicts…the Chief Sovereigns of Death and Life wouldn’t necessarily be able to catch up to me when I’m flying. As for the Chief Sovereign of Fate, the reason he can resist ‘Spacetime Paradox’ is because of his soul-protecting Overgod artifact. It isn’t that he himself is particularly powerful. In terms of power, he isn’t that much stronger than the other Chief Sovereigns. After all, he doesn’t have an Overgod weapon! Against him, I still feel confident in being able to stay alive. Only…the Chief Sovereign of Destruction!”
The supreme technique of the Chief Sovereign of Destruction, ‘Spacetime Paradox’, was simply too terrifying.

When that technique was unleashed, the power of his soul attack was a thousandfold greater! The other Chief Sovereigns, in the face of that attack, would definitely perish. Only the Chief Sovereign of Fate could resist it.

“However, no need to worry about him.”  Linley was very confident. “First of all, in the eyes of the Chief Sovereign of Destruction, he most likely only views the Chief Sovereign of Fate as being a match for him. Secondly, once I completely fuse the four types of profound mysteries from four Laws, my power…even the Chief Sovereign of Destruction won’t be able to do anything to me.”
Linley was very confident.

His soul was extremely powerful to begin with. If he then fused four profound mysteries from different Laws, why would he need to fear ‘Spacetime Paradox’?

Actually, Linley’s potential was greater than just this, because Linley didn’t want to go kill the other Sovereigns! Even if Linley didn’t make a breakthrough in the Laws, if Linley were to fuse with a fire-type Lesser Sovereign Spark…then his power would increase a hundredfold! Linley, at one leap, would rise to a level of power that was capable of threatening the four Chief Sovereigns of the Edicts.

Only, if others didn’t make trouble for him, Linley didn’t want to go kill the other Sovereigns for no reason either.

This was because, by relying on his own training, he would still have the ability to surpass all of the Chief Sovereigns. 
Windflow Mountain.

Linley, the Chief Sovereign of Light, the Chief Sovereign of Lightning, and three other Chief Sovereigns were standing besides the teleportation array.

“Divine Light Plane.” The Chief Sovereign of Light produced a Sovereign’s medallion.

Sovereigns generally wouldn’t reveal their true identities, even when using teleportation arrays.

A blurry light arose as the teleportation array was activated. In the moment of activation, a smile appeared on Linley’s face. Smiles also appeared on the faces of Augusta and the others.

“Whoosh!” Just a few moments after Linley’s group of three departed, five figures descended from the skies. It was the other five Chief Sovereigns.

“Hmph. That Augusta and Hurley [Hu’er’lei], they are stronger than the rest of us five. I imagine all of us have the same idea today. On this trip…if the five of us move separately, most likely, none of us will have a chance to acquire the Overgod artifact.” The Chief Sovereign of Wind, Diya, glanced towards the other four. “Thus, it’s best if we join forces. Once the opportunity comes, we will rely on our own power to acquire the Overgod artifact.”
The other Chief Sovereigns all nodded in agreement.

They all understood what the others were thinking.

If after acquiring the Overgod artifact, Linley was able to rise in power to the level of the Chief Sovereign of Light, most likely the other Chief Sovereigns wouldn’t dare to have these sorts of thoughts. But Linley, after possessing the Overgod artifact, was only comparable to the Chief Sovereign of Wind? Naturally, nobody would fear him. The Chief Sovereign of Wind was one of the weakest of the rest of the Seven Elemental Chief Sovereigns.

“The Divine Light Plane.”
The other five Chief Sovereigns also entered the teleportation array, and the Chief Sovereign of Wind spoke out calmly while revealing his Sovereign medallion.

“Yes, milord.” The soldiers hurriedly once more activated it.

In the blink of an eye, the five Chief Sovereigns were teleported away.

The soldiers at the peak of Windflow Mountain were puzzled.

“How bizarre. The two groups of people that came back to back all had Sovereign medallions. It seems that most of them are Sovereign’s Emissaries. Why have so many major figures gone to the Divine Light Plane?”
“For so many Sovereign’s Emissaries to go there…there must be a treasure of some sort.”
The bored soldiers began to casually chat about this matter.

How could they have known…that the eight people who had just passed were all at the Chief Sovereign level!

Linley’s group of three emerged from an island, then flew away from it.

“Linley, where are you going to go?”  Augusta laughed in a very friendly manner.

“Me? Haha…to be honest, this is my first time coming to this Divine Light Plane. However, my divine sense has already located  the  person  I  am  looking  for  in  the  south.”  Linley laughed as he pointed towards the south. “However, this friend of mine is an Angel.”
“Angel?” Augusta was startled.

“Right. Thus, I would like to ask you, Augusta, to help out. I hope that you can permit my friend to regain freedom and free will.” Linley laughed.

“Angels are all born from the ‘Angelic Resurrection Pool’. To have  them  regain  freedom?  Hard,  hard.  Hard!”   Augusta frowned, saying the ‘hard’ word three times in a row.

“Very hard?” Linley laughed and asked.

“What’s so hard about it? I know a simple method.”  The nearby Chief Sovereign of Lightning laughed clearly.

“What method?” Linley turned to look. The  Chief  Sovereign  of  Lightning  laughed  loudly.  “The Angelic Resurrection Pool is connected to the souls of the Sovereigns. As long as you kill the Sovereign, the Angels that are controlled by the Angelic Resurrection Pool will naturally regain their freedom.”
“Hurley.” Augusta frowned, looking at him. In an icy voice, he said, “Why have you come to my Divine Light Plane?” How could Augusta not understand what the Chief Sovereign of Lightning, Hurley, was thinking? Even if he was an idiot, he would know that it was for the Overgod artifact.

“I…” The Chief Sovereign of Lightning raised an eyebrow, then laughed. “I’m here to search for a friend as well. Although he isn’t an Angel, he just so happens to be in the south as well.” He even pointed while speaking.

Augusta laughed coldly in his heart.

Searching for a friend? Neither Linley nor Hurley were here to simply search for a friend.

“Hurley.”  Linley turned to look and said with intentional surprise, “Did you just say that if I want an Angel to regain freedom, all I have to do is kill the Angel’s Sovereign!”
“Right.” Hurley laughed intentionally as well. “But the Chief Sovereign of Light has seven Sovereigns. Given your power, Linley, it wouldn’t be hard to kill the other six. However…the toughest one will be the one in front of you, Augusta. He is very powerful, even more powerful than the Diya that you battled.”
Augusta began to feel that the atmosphere was turning dark.

“What’s going on today? Aside from the two of you who have come to search for friends, the other five Chief Sovereigns have come as well. Can it be that they are searching for friends as well?” Augusta said with a smirk.

Linley turned to glance backwards. 
The other five Chief Sovereigns? Linley didn’t care about them at all.

“Augusta.”   Linley  looked  towards  Augusta,  then  laughed helplessly. “For the sake of my friend, then…”
“You’ll have to die!”
Linley’s voice rang out, and as it did, a jade green longsword appeared in his hand. It was the Life Overgod Sword. Wielding the Life Overgod Sword in his hand, Linley, not hesitating at all, stabbed straight towards the Chief Sovereign of Light, Augusta, who was next to him. The blow was aimed for the head!

The inky green fused Sovereign power instantly activated!

“Rumble…” In the instant the fused Sovereign power filled the Life Overgod Sword, the world seemed to shatter.

“Hmph.” Augusta, who had been completely confident when the sword appeared, suddenly had a changed look on his face. He hurriedly pulled out a sword of light as well, and he slashed out in a mysterious arc as he blocked the sword attack.

It was as though countless mountains were crashing down upon him.

“Crack!” Augusta, who had been caught somewhat off-guard to begin with, actually had his sword of light be smashed backwards and land against his own body. His own body began to bleed from the impact, and he spat out a large mouthful of blood.

“Whooosh.” The surrounding space within a thousand kilometers had completely collapsed, as a terrifying large hole had appeared. Augusta himself was smashed straight into chaotic space.

“Rumble…” Because of that terrifying sword blow, the space within a thousand kilometers had completely collapsed, while within a hundred thousand kilometers, because of the spatial ripples that had been created, every single living creature died. Even some of the closer islands were completely reduced to dust, leaving behind nothing whatsoever.

Right as Linley had struck out against Augusta…
“This is the moment!”  The Chief Sovereign of Lightning, Hurley, was fairly close to Linley. He simultaneously struck against Linley.

He thrust out with a spear.

The spear was crackling with a large amount of lightning, and it shot directly out from the Chief Sovereign of Lightning’s hands. This shooting motion was all but perfect, and as the spear slashed through the skies, it pierced directly towards Linley’s forehead. “Crackle…” Just a hint of a ripple spread out through the surrounding area.

Clearly, the power of this attack was focused to an utmost degree.

Linley had heavily injured Augusta with one blow, and he immediately turned to stare at Hurley.

Seeing that the spear was shooting towards his forehead, and had almost arrived, Linley couldn’t help but frown. He let out a growl. “You are asking for death!”  Linley’s voice seemed to thunder outwards and fill the skies.

In the same instant, Linley launched a casual backhanded blow with his sword…
“Whap!” The Life Overgod Sword, infused with his fused Sovereign power, slammed directly against that spear. “Bang!” The spear was instantly shattered into countless shards which shot everywhere.

“Not  good!”   The  Chief  Sovereign  of  Lightning,  Hurley, instantly had a changed look on his face. “This isn’t right. Linley’s power isn’t right! If he is comparable to Diya when he uses his Overgod weapon, how could he shatter my Sovereign weapon? How could he have easily wounded Augusta? He…he was hiding his power!”
Hurley now knew that something was off.

But…it was too late!

How fast did the Overgod weapon move?

“Ahhh!”  The Chief Sovereign of Lightning let out a furious howl. His body suddenly separated into two and fled frantically towards two directions. 
Linley’s Life Overgod Sword chopped out, and a clearly visible inky jade sword light slashed through one of the bodies. That body instantly transformed into dust, leaving behind only a jewel that emanated an earthen yellow aura.

“Hmph. Count yourself lucky.” Linley glanced at the Chief Sovereign of Lightning, Hurley, who had already fled far away. With a wave of the hand, he retrieved the earth-type Lesser Sovereign spark.

Clearly, the one he had just killed was Hurley’s earth Sovereign clone.

The Chief Sovereign of Lightning, Hurley, fled extremely quickly. After having lost his earth Sovereign clone, he didn’t even dare to turn back and look!

Chapter 21, Outside of One’s Expectations

“Augusta,  you  still  want  to  flee?”   Linley  retrieved  the Sovereign spark, then swept the five oncoming Chief Sovereigns with an icy gaze before charging directly into that spatial hole, formed by the collapse of the surrounding space, chasing after Augusta.

That savage spatial hole devoured all the surrounding seawater while constantly shrinking.

Off in the distance, the Chief Sovereign of Wind, Diya, and the others all stared with terror in their eyes.

“That…that’s Linley?” A black-robed man said, stunned.

“He  shattered  a  Sovereign  artifact  with  one  blow?  Too terrifying. Hurley is the Chief Sovereign of Lightning, and he also has an earth Sovereign clone. But just now…if he was just slightly  slower…he  would  have  lost  his  life.”   The  Chief Sovereign of Water’s handsome face was now ashen as well. These Chief Sovereigns all felt fear. If they had truly gone to fight with Linley for his Overgod artifact, most likely…
It would be hard to say if any of the five would survive.

“Diya,  you  dared  to  lie  to  us?”   The  other  four  Chief Sovereigns couldn’t help but stare at the Chief Sovereign of Wind.

Diya’s eyes were filled with shock as well. He immediately said, “Everyone, have you gone muddle-headed from terror? When Linley fought with me, the power he revealed was comparable to mine. If he was this powerful back then, would I still be alive? Clearly, before this, Linley was hiding his true power!”
The other four Chief Sovereigns, upon hearing this, laughed bitterly.

That sword blow of Linley’s truly had scared them out of their wits. Even the Chief Sovereign of Lightning wasn’t able to block a single sword from Linley. How could the Chief Sovereign of Wind, Diya, have done so? This wasn’t Diya’s fault. If they had to blame anyone, they could only blame Linley for hiding his power.

The sea wind continued to howl drearily.

There were no living creatures within a hundred thousand kilometer. The short battle between those three Chief Sovereign level experts had reduced the area to a wasteland!

The Chief Sovereign of Lightning, Hurley, had fled the Divine Light Plane long ago. As for Diya and the rest of the five, upon seeing the barren lands left behind by this battle, they felt as though boulders were resting against their hearts. Linley had suddenly revealed such terrifying power…he was so powerful as to make them panic.

In this moment, they only had a single thought in their minds: 
“How could Linley be this powerful?”
Within the void of chaotic space. Multicolored streams of chaotic energy flew about randomly.

How could Linley be this powerful?

It wasn’t just the five Chief Sovereigns who were thinking this; it was also the Chief Sovereign of Light, Augusta!

“Just now, I was caught off-guard and wasn’t able to unleash all my power. But…he still shouldn’t be this strong.”  Augusta was completely terrified by Linley’s sword. It had been like mountains crashing against him, causing him to instantly suffer a heavy wound.

Augusta couldn’t help but glance at Linley, who was behind him. His long brown hair fluttering, Linley was currently staring coldly towards the distant Augusta, his gaze as sharp as a blade. He was wielding the Life Overgod Sword in his hand, and was currently charging towards Augusta at astonishing speed.

Linley was like one of the titans who had been born after the creation of the universe. At this moment, he seemed completely unstoppable!

“After victory in this battle, I won’t have any more regrets in my life.” Linley’s desire for battle was at an all-time high.
Since the days when he was a youth at Wushan Mountain, he had grown up, advancing step by step until today, he stood at the peak of Sovereigns. On this journey, his greatest regret was that he wasn’t able to bring Grandpa Doehring back to life. Clearly, bringing back Grandpa Doehring was a dream that could never be realized! Linley now had only one goal…
To kill Augusta and bring his mother her freedom. This was also for the sake of Grandpa Beirut and the Four Divine Beasts clan. 
“Augusta…must die!”
Linley’s battle-intent surged, and the inky jade Sovereign power within his body boiled.

“Boom!” Like a bolt of light, he instantly passed through the flows of chaotic energy and charged straight towards Augusta!

Augusta’s fleeing speed was also exceptionally fast. He turned to look and saw that Linley’s gaze was filled with a killing intent. He couldn’t help but feel shocked, and he hurriedly sent mentally, “Linley, your power is already greater than mine. If there are any problems, we can talk it out. Why must we fight to the death?”
Linley just remained silent, continuing to chase at full speed.

“Linley…” Augusta was going to say something, but Linley’s speed made it so that he had already arrived next to Augusta. 
Linley swept out with the Life Overgod Sword in his hand, and it shot out like a blazing, fiery comet towards Augusta, carrying that same world-annihilating aura that had terrified Augusta previously. Augusta no longer had a chance to speak; letting out a deep growl, the sword of light in his hands sliced out in a marvelous arc, slamming against Linley’s Life Overgod Sword.

A low, rumbling sound.

The chaotic space around them shattered, and countless spatial rifts appeared. Augusta was knocked flying backwards like a sandbag, and he spewed blood from his mouth.

Laws of the Earth – World Disintegrator! 
“Eh? He didn’t die?” Linley frowned.

World Disintegrator was Linley’s most powerful attack of the Laws of the Earth. In terms of power, it was already comparable to the ‘Sword Intent’ supreme fused technique which Linley had come up with.

“Logically speaking, after I used fused Sovereign power, my strength increased a hundredfold. He shouldn’t have been able to block.” Linley was a bit surprised by Augusta’s strength, and then he let out a calm laugh. “Hmph. He was able to suppress the other six Chief Sovereigns in strength. This Augusta really is quite formidable.”
As he thought this, Linley charged towards Augusta once again.

Within the empty void, only the two of them were present. “Hmph.” Augusta wiped away the blood from the corner of his lips, then turned to look at the charging Linley. Gritting his teeth, he sent, “Linley, speak. What will you need in order to end this battle between us? What do you need me to agree to? Speak!”
Linley gave Augusta a glance, then said calmly, “You want me to give you my conditions? My conditions are simple…you only need to permit me to kill your Chief Sovereign clone. As for your divine clones, I can spare them.” Linley stared at Augusta in a weighing manner, awaiting his response.

As he expected…
Augusta’s  face  sank.  “Linley,  I  sincerely  wish  to  negotiate you, but for you to speak in such a manner…”
As soon as his words fell, Augusta transformed into a ray of light, and the Fate Overgod Sword in his hands, the ‘Lightsaber’, pierced towards Linley’s head at an astonishing speed. “Crackle…” Where the sword of light passed, countless tiny fractures appeared in the surrounding area.

“How fast.” Linley was greatly shocked.

Linley delivered a backhanded blow with his sword; World Imploder!
Linley only sensed an extremely powerful force come through the Life Overgod Sword in his hands. That clashing power was so strong that Linley felt his hand go slightly numb. The clashing power was transmitted throughout his body, causing his entire body to tremble, and he couldn’t help but feel a mouthful of blood surge through his throat.

Linley was sent flying, and spat out a mouthful of blood. “How can that be? His attack power suddenly increased this much?” Linley was completely stupefied.

“Swoosh!”    The   cold-faced   Augusta   launched   another stabbing blow towards Linley.

Linley had no time to be stunned; the inky green Sovereign power in his body surged, and his body drifted towards the left, instantly moving a thousand kilometers away. Only then did Linley catch his bearings.

Linley stared at the distant Augusta. He said in a low voice, “Augusta, it seems…I feel as though I am just getting to know you!”
Augusta was wielding that Lightsaber in his hand, and his eyes were filled with a killing intent. He let out a low laugh. “Just getting to know me? Likewise. I’m just getting to know you as well. You, who only fought to a standstill with Diya, are actually almost a hundred times as strong as Diya. A Lesser Sovereign who is this powerful…” “Augusta, the other Chief Sovereigns all believe that your only advantage over them is that you have an Overgod weapon, and one which isn’t completely compatible with you. At most, your strength would increase tenfold. But, from the looks of it, you   are   far   more   powerful   than   them.”    Linley   stared appraisingly at Augusta.

Only now did Linley understand that, without question, Augusta was the number one figure amongst the Seven Elemental Chief Sovereigns.

In the past, Linley had thought that Augusta was on par with the Chief Sovereign of Lightning, but now, it seemed, the different was vast.

“So there really was a reason why he could behave so boldly for so many years.” Linley mused to himself.

Augusta…forget about Sovereigns. Even many commanders viewed him as a tyrannical, arrogant, barbarous Sovereign. Augusta cared deeply about his face, and he also had many women. One could imagine how many he had, just from looking at how many children he had. And then, one could consider how dominating and tyrannical his Radiant Churches were in the material planes.

After all, the teachings of the church were set by Augusta himself.

For such a person to have the position of Chief Sovereign of Light without being able to be budged at all over the course of countless years, and to even be able to complete an Overgod mission and acquire an Overgod artifact…naturally, Augusta had some true ability to rely on.

“Over the course of countless years, aside from that time I faced the Four Divine Beasts, when I was forced to reveal some of my true power, there has never been anyone who could force me to go all out.” The Chief Sovereign of Light, Augusta, wielded his Lightsaber as he laughed towards Linley. “Your power is excellent, and your potential is great. Compared to me, however, there is still a bit of a difference.”
Linley was now rather stunned. “Right. In the past, we were all puzzled as to how Augusta could have resisted the combined supreme attack of the four ancestors. So indeed, Augusta’s true power was even higher than I had expected.”
“Today, either you perish or I die.” Linley said coldly.

“Haha, it seems as though one of us must fall.” Augusta gripped his Lightsaber, his murderous intent skyrocketing.

Linley gripped his Life Overgod Sword, staring back at him coldly.

There, in the void, two mighty Sovereigns stood there opposite one another, within the middle of chaotic streams of energy.
“Crackle…” Extremely minute, dense, bone-crackling sounds emitted from Linley’s body. An astonishing, rapid transformation began to overtake Linley’s body as those inky jade draconic scales instantly covered him, and atop the draconic scales were those ‘muscles’ that were virtually undetectable by the naked eye. 
The savage inky jade spikes jutted out from Linley’s forehead, elbows, knees, and spine. A draconic tail quickly emerged from behind, and even oscillated a few times.

Augusta, seeing this, couldn’t help but frown slightly.

“I have a feeling!” Linley stared coldly with his dark, golden eyes at his opponent. “Augusta, today…it will be you who dies!”
As soon as his words fell, Linley, the Life Overgod Sword in his hand, seemed to teleport. He instantly passed through the tens of kilometers of distance between them, and the jade green Life Overgod Sword shot out like a divine emerald dragon, attempting to devour Augusta. Countless rays of inky jade sword light shot out like countless venomous vipers, swirling around and snapping towards Augusta.

A translucent sword shadow was mixed in as well as it shot towards Augusta. Linley’s supreme attack, with the fused Laws…Sword Intent!

The space of the void was completely shattered by the inky jade sword energy, shattered like glass into countless tiny pieces.

“He should die now.” Linley stared at his opponent.

Suddenly, within the inky jade sword energy, a ray of white light rose towards the heavens.

“He actually didn’t die?” Linley was secretly startled.

This technique of his was infused with both a material attack and a soul attack component. Still, it made sense. Since Augusta was able to withstand even the combined supreme technique of the Four Divine Beasts, his soul defense was clearly very powerful.

“Since you didn’t die…let me give you another one.” The inky jade light vanished, and Augusta’s body was revealed. Augusta’s body was currently covered with blood, and his clothes, formed from energy, were completely tattered. Clearly, in that earlier situation, he wasn’t even able to keep his clothes stable. Immediately afterwards, however, a white light swirled over his body, and his bloody wounds all vanished, with his clothes being restored as well.

“What a terrifying attack. It even contained a soul attack component.” Augusta was just about to pause to recover.

But when he spread out his divine sense, he suddenly discovered that terrifying, savage, fiend-like inky-jade figure had already arrived in front of him, and a jade green sword was piercing straight for his head.

Sword energy shot out dominatingly.

“Not good.” Augusta waved his hand, sending his Lightsaber forward to pierce directly against the tip of that Life Overgod Sword. 
But right at that moment…
“Swish!”  Striking like a hammer, the sharp tip of Linley’s draconic tail, flashing with that golden light, slashed out in an arc from behind, stabbing directly towards Augusta’s head.

Chapter 22, Trump Card

Linley had acquired the blood essences of the Four Divine Beasts. Although he hadn’t been able to develop the fused supreme innate divine ability of the four ancestors, he had used part of the blood essence of the Azure Dragon to further strengthen his body. Linley discovered…that his body was clearly too powerful. Even after he used a portion of the blood essence of the Azure Dragon, his body had reached a certain limit, beyond which it didn’t strengthen significantly more.

His body was no weaker than a Sovereign artifact, and the tip of his draconic tail was in fact superior.

And thus ‘stab’ with the tail that contained the Laws of the Earth was something which Sovereign artifacts definitely could not withstand.

“Terrible.”  Augusta’s  face  changed.  He  needed  to  use  his Overgod weapon to block Linley’s Overgod weapon, and so, in that instant, his only reaction was…
To cover up with his arm! 
Augusta’s arm swung up like a soft whip in a very simple, snapping motion.

“Whap!” His arm snapped out extremely fast, and in the last moment, Augusta actually managed to strike against the side of the tip of Linley’s draconic tail with the palm of his hands. But under Linley’s control, the draconic tail twisted and pierced towards Augusta’s palm!

A white, armor-like membrane layer covered Augusta’s palm; clearly, it was his defensive Sovereign artifact. But the stabbing pierce from Linley’s full-strength draconic tail attack caused blood to spew out as the sharp draconic tail pierced through Augusta’s palm.

“Whoosh!” Augusta’s body suddenly flashed backwards as he dodged aside, moving tens of kilometers away. “That  palm  of  his…?”   Linley  was  shocked.  “Augusta’s physical strength is actually this powerful as well?”
After his draconic tail had pierced through the defensive Sovereign artifact, Linley had been planning to pierce through the palm and continue to drill through Augusta’s head. But who could have imagined…that Augusta’s palm was also exceedingly tough. After boring through the defensive Sovereign artifact and the palm, the power of Linley’s draconic tail tip had already been spent.

“Augusta, I knew that your soul is powerful, but for your body to also be so powerful? Admirable.” Linley’s voice echoed in Augusta’s mind, and then, not hesitating at all, Linley charged straight towards Augusta again.

“Linley, the two of us should end it here.” Augusta fled away, flying at high speed.

Now that Augusta was going all out, he was clearly moving a good deal faster than before. Even Linley wasn’t able to catch up to him right away.

“I’m actually not able to catch up to him, even in Dragonform?” Linley was startled.

Augusta’s true power was more than ten times greater than Linley had anticipated.

This made it so that Linley and Augusta were roughly on par in power.

Even though Linley was in Dragonform, since Augusta trained in the Laws of Light, he specialized in speed. When going all out, even Linley wasn’t able to catch him for the time being.

“Wait.” Linley’s powerful divine sense could clearly sense exactly how fast Augusta was moving. At present, the distance between himself and Augusta was continuing to slowly shrink. “Although our speeds are comparable, they aren’t identical. Rather…I’m very slightly faster than him.” This difference in speed was quite minute. If one didn’t pay extremely close attention, one wouldn’t notice it at all.

But the distance between Linley and Augusta was steadily shrinking. Sooner or later, Linley would catch up.

“Linley,  why  must  you  insist  on  fighting  with  me  to  the death?”  Augusta  sent  hurriedly.  “I  did  kill  the  Four  Divine Beasts, but you came countless generations after them. I imagine that you’ve never even seen them, nor do you feel close to them; why must you do this? In addition, the reason that Beirut and I have enmity for each other is because Beirut stole my four Sovereign sparks. He was the one who acted against me! I can now promise to forget about the grudge between myself and Beirut. What do you say? If you have any additional requests, we can discuss them as well with sincerity.”
Linley just laughed coldly. “Just now, you wanted to kill me, but after I Dragonformed and you discovered that you cannot kill me, you want to negotiate?” Linley didn’t pay him any heed.

“Linley, do you insist on doing this?”  Augusta was growing angry. “If push comes to shove, I’ll charge into the Infernal Realm and annihilate your Four Divine Beasts clan! I imagine that I’ll have more than enough time to charge in and do just that.”
Although the two were only a few dozen kilometers apart, which was quite close for Sovereigns, the difference in speed between the two was simply too small. Linley still needed multiple minutes to catch up to Augusta.

“The Four Divine Beasts clan? Augusta, the Infernal Realm has the Chief Sovereign of Destruction. I imagine that you know that the Chief Sovereign of Destruction has a special relationship with Beirut and myself, and in the past, he’s borrowed blood essences of the Four Divine Beasts from us. In addition, he’s also borrowed members of my Four Divine Beasts clan. As long as I speak to him with divine sense, I trust that he will definitely stop you.” Linley sent back. Augusta had almost gone insane from Linley’s pursuit.

The distance between himself and Linley was continuing to shrink, but there was nothing he could do.

“Linley, your power isn’t that much stronger than mine. The only advantage you have is that your Dragonformed body is comparable to a Sovereign artifact and can be used as a Sovereign weapon. But if I go all out, it’s hard to say who will live  and  who  will  die.”  Augusta  sent  back.  “Are  you  truly willing to fight in such a manner?”
After their recent clash, Linley knew this as well.

He wasn’t that much stronger than his foe. In a life-and- death battle like this, it would indeed be hard to say who would win and who would lose. However, in terms of chances, Linley should have an 80% chance while Augusta only had a 20% chance.

“I’m willing!” Linley said calmly. 
“Fine, you madman!”  Augusta’s face turned savage. “Then don’t blame me for this.”
As he spoke, Augusta suddenly changed directions, flying towards another region at high speed.

“Eh?” Linley’s face changed.

Augusta was now fleeing towards the direction of the Celestial Realm. Although the two were only ten or so kilometers apart from each other now, the amount of time necessary for Linley to catch up was more than enough for Augusta to reach the Celestial Realm.

Linley couldn’t help but feel puzzled as to why Augusta was fleeing towards the Celestial Realm.

“According to the stories, the Divine Darkness Plane is aligned with the Infernal Realm, while the Divine Light Plane is aligned with the Celestial Realm. Can it be that Augusta is going  to  beg  the  Chief  Sovereign  of  Fate  for  help?”  Linley couldn’t help but guess at this possibility. It was normal for Chief Sovereigns to have relationships with other Chief Sovereigns.

“What, you are going to find the Chief Sovereign of Fate?” Linley sent.

While fleeing, Augusta said threateningly, “Right, I’m going to find Lord Orloff! Lord Orloff owes me a favor. Although he never gets involved in worldly affairs, if I call in that favor and have him kill you, that won’t be a problem at all. This trump card…I’ve never been willing to actually use it. Don’t force me to do so!”
Linley hesitated.

“Is  Augusta  telling  the  truth  or  not?” Linley  mused  to himself.

If it was true…given the power of the Chief Sovereign of Fate, for him to kill Linley definitely wouldn’t be a problem. Linley wouldn’t be able to fight back.

“A favor? Why would Lord Orloff owe you a favor?” Linley snickered.

“Linley, don’t doubt it. You can go ask the Chief Sovereign of Destruction or anyone else about this favor which Lord Orloff owes me. They all know about it! Go ahead and ask, and you’ll know if I’m lying or not.” Augusta wasn’t actually willing to use up his trump card in such a manner either.

The Chief Sovereign of Fate wouldn’t casually beg someone for help.

A favor from him, in exchanging for having helped him with something…that could be used to save one’s life.

If the favor was used up, it would be gone. Unless Augusta was truly at the verge of death, how could he be willing to use it? Linley pondered rapidly, then let out a cold laugh. “Oh, Lord Orloff owes you a favor? Fine. For Lord Orloff’s sake, I’ll let this matter come to an end. But I warn you; in the future, don’t make trouble for members of my Four Divine Beasts clan. Otherwise…even at the cost of my life, I will kill you.”
After speaking, Linley turned and flew towards the Infernal Realm.

“Whew.” Only now did Augusta let out a sigh of relief.

Augusta watched as Linley flew towards the distant Infernal Realm, and he couldn’t help but curse softly. “How did this Linley suddenly grow so powerful? Fortunately, his speed is roughly equal to mine. If I want to be able to get rid of Linley, I either have to train to the Paragon level, or use the second method.”
The second method was naturally to go ask Orloff to dispose of Linley. “However,  there’s  no  need  for  me  to  fear  Linley  either.” Augusta stared into the distance and let out a calm laugh. “Linley is a Paragon! He has already maximized his potential, whereas I have only fused five profound mysteries, and am just a step away from becoming a Paragon. When, one day, I too become a Paragon, I will be able to easily deal with him.”
“This time, when I go back, I need to calm my mind and focus on my training.”
And so, Augusta turned and flew towards the Divine Light Plane.

The Four Higher Planes were all neighbors, while the Seven Divine Planes were close by as well.

These eleven planes were located in the same area, and in their center was the ‘Planar Battlefield’.

“I didn’t expect that Augusta would actually be so powerful.” While flying through the void, Linley frowned pensively. If Augusta had been just slightly weaker, Linley would have killed him long ago. But Augusta’s power was almost on par with his own. Once Augusta fled to the Chief Sovereign of Fate, then there would be no hope.

Linley couldn’t afford to die. If he died, Beirut and Bluefire would be in trouble as well.

The Yulan branch would probably be forever suppressed by Augusta, never to rise again.

Thus, Linley chose to temporarily retreat.

“The Chief Sovereign of Fate owes him a favor? Hmph. I’ll let Augusta  live  a  bit  longer  for  now,  then.”  Linley  mused  to himself. “I will go back and focus on fusing the Laws. If I become a Paragon, then even Orloff will be no match for me, much less Augusta.” Linley had already reached the borders of the Infernal Realm.

With a wave of the hand, he tore open a spatial rift. And so, Linley re-entered the Infernal Realm!

In terms of fusing the different Laws, Linley had currently only fused three of them. It must be understood that with each increase in the number of different Laws, the power of the fusion would increase a hundredfold! In addition, based on what Linley believed, once he fused all four of the Laws, the heavens would probably bestow him with another portion of Will.

By then, who would Linley have to fear?

The Infernal Realm. The air above the Bloodridge Continent.

Linley’s figure was soaring through the skies. Compared to Linley, the nearby metallic lifeforms seemed to be slow, crawling ants. They were on completely different levels of speed.

“Whoosh!”  His divine sense covered the entire Bloodridge Continent. 
Linley instantly discovered Beirut, located within the Skyrite Mountains. This was Beirut’s divine clone.

“Grandpa Beirut.” Linley sent.

Beirut’s divine clone always remained within the Indigo Prefecture of the Bloodridge Continent.

Indigo Prefecture. The Skyrite Mountains. Beirut was temporarily living within the estate that had been built for Linley.

“Hm?” Beirut raised his head, only to a figure descending from the skies, moving towards him at a speed comparable to teleportation. It was Linley.

“Linley.” Beirut was overjoyed. “How did it go? Did you kill Augusta?” Beirut’s eyes were filled with hope. Upon seeing the look on Beirut’s face, Linley couldn’t help but laugh bitterly. 
“I failed.” Linley shook his head and sighed.

“How?!”  Beirut was shocked. “Given your true power, you should have been able to easily kill him.”
Linley shook his head. “Grandpa Beirut, everyone has been deceived by Augusta. His true power…isn’t even close to what we thought it was. His power is more than ten times greater than what I had expected! He isn’t much weaker than me at all. Even if I fought with him to the death, it’s uncertain as to who would be the one to perish. More importantly…the Chief Sovereign of Fate apparently owes him a favor. Have you heard of this matter?”
“The Chief Sovereign of Fate owes Augusta a favor?” Beirut shook his head. “I’m not too sure about that. I’ve only been a Sovereign for twenty thousand years, after all.”
“I have the feeling that Augusta wasn’t lying.” Linley laughed helplessly. “Alright. We’ve been waiting and enduring for so many years; we’ll just wait for a while longer. Now that I’ve fused with my wind-type Sovereign spark, I’m going to establish a divine plane of wind and increase my insights in the wind as well. Perhaps it will also help me improve my level of understanding with regards to fusing separate Laws as well.”
Beirut nodded.

It seemed as though this was the only option.

However, Beirut wasn’t worried. Given Linley’s potential, he had a chance to surpass even the four Chief Sovereigns of the Edicts, much less Augusta. Only…he needed time!

Chapter 23, Twelve-Winged Angel

“Hey, Grandpa Beirut, why are the four clan leaders here?” Linley looked towards Beirut, puzzled.

Linley’s divine sense had easily detected that Gislason and the rest of the four were within his estate. Only, there were in the east gardens of the estate.

“Oh, about that…” Beirut said awkwardly. “Linley, when you went to kill Augusta, I thought that this matter would be resolved without a hitch. And I also knew…that Gislason and the others had always wanted to take revenge for their four ancestors. Thus, I told them in advance, so as to let them be happy about this.”
Linley was stunned. He didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry.

“Are they…waiting for my good news?”  Linley truly didn’t know whether he should laugh or do…something. Beirut  tugged  at  his  beard,  coughing  twice.  “After  I  told them, they were extremely excited. They simply couldn’t wait, so they decided to stay in your estate, so that they could immediately come find you once you returned. I imagine…the guards and the maids of the estate, upon seeing you return, have already informed the four of them. They will be arriving soon.”
Without a quiet hall.

Gislason and the Vermillion Bird Matriarch were both seated. The White Tiger Patriarch was frowning and pacing back and forth, while the Black Tortoise Patriarch was standing at the doorway, anxiousness in his eyes.

“Elder Brother, when will Linley return?” The Black Tortoise Patriarch couldn’t help but turn and speak in a deep, booming voice.

“Sovereigns   move   extremely   quickly.   Based   on   my calculations, it should be soon. Stop standing there at the doorway  and  sit  down.  Calm  down  and  wait  patiently.” Gislason urged. 
“How can I possibly sit down at a time like this?” The Black Tortoise Patriarch had a hint of impatience on his face. Clearly, he was quite frustrated and uneasy.

The Vermillion Bird Matriarch, seated next to Gislason, let out a helpless chuckle. “Elder Brother, stop criticizing Third Brother. Even I, sitting here, don’t feel calm in the slightest. Sovereigns are extremely fast, and so today he will definitely return. I wonder if Linley was able to succeed or not.”
“Lord  Beirut  said  it  himself.”  Gislason  said.  “Given  Lord Beirut’s temperament…would he say something he wasn’t confident of?”
“Right.” The others all acknowledged this.

Despite that, however, the four clan leaders still felt nervousness in their hearts. “Patriarch, Patriarch.” Right at this moment, a figure flew over at high speed.

Gislason and the Vermillion Bird Matriarch all suddenly stood up, and the four clan leaders looked towards the maid who was flying over. The maid called out hurriedly from afar, “Lord Linley has returned! He is at Lord Beirut’s estate!”
Streaks of light flashed past, and the four figures disappeared from within the hall.

Beneath the large tree. Next to the stone table. Linley and Beirut were currently seated, facing each other.

“They are coming.” Linley took a sip of wine, then let out a resigned laugh. 
“This is all my fault.”  Beirut shook his head, letting out a resigned, awkward chuckle. “To be honest, I still don’t understand. The Chief Sovereign of Light is a Chief Sovereign, but not a Paragon. How could it be that his power was ten times greater than what we predicted it to be? The Divine Light Plane has never won ten consecutive rounds in the Planar Wars.”
“Unless…Augusta has a Sovereign clone.”  This was Beirut’s judgment.

Linley pondered for a long time, but could only come to this conclusion as well.

But this seemed to be impossible.

“The chances are quite low.” Linley shook his head. “I’ve met more than sixty Sovereigns by now. Not a single one of them shares the same aura as the Chief Sovereign of Light. If the Chief Sovereign of Light had a Sovereign clone, how could he possibly manage to hide it from the other Chief Sovereigns? The Chief Sovereigns of Death and Destruction were born with the creation of the planes themselves. Even if others might be fooled, those two would not.”
Beirut nodded as well.

What, exactly, was the reason for the Chief Sovereign of Light to be more than ten times as powerful as they had predicted?

“Linley!” A frantic voice rang out.

Linley turned to look. He saw four streaks of light surge forward, then solidify into four figures. It was Gislason and the other three clan leaders. The stable, reliable Gislason; the grim, callous White Tiger Patriarch; the wise, intelligent Vermillion Bird Matriarch; the taciturn, reserved Black Tortoise Patriarch. All of them were staring towards Linley with blazing, eager eyes.

“Has  the  Chief  Sovereign  of  Light  been  killed?”   The Vermillion Bird Matriarch couldn’t help but ask. 
Linley and Beirut shared a glance, and then Linley laughed bitterly. “Gislason, I’ve disappointed you. I wasn’t able to kill Augusta!”
Linley didn’t explain further.

Gislason and the other three were stunned. And then, they let out forlorn, awkward smiles.

“Linley.” Gislason bowed. “I know that for Lord Beirut to tell us about it meant that he had felt a certain degree of confidence. This time was a failure…we very much would like to know, Lord Linley, will you kill the Chief Sovereign of Light in  the  future?”   The  other  three  clan  leaders  immediately looked towards Linley.

Linley’s divine sense stretched across the entire Skyrite Mountains. Given the power of his divine sense, if there were any other Sovereigns watching, they wouldn’t be able to avoid drawing his attention. “I’m uncertain as to exactly when I will kill him. But once I have enough power, I will.” Linley said solemnly.

Gislason and the other three looked at each other, then smiled gratefully towards Linley.

“Thank you.” The four all bowed slightly.

“No need. I’m a member of the Four Divine Beasts clan as well, after all.” Linley let out a low sigh. Actually, the grateful look in the eyes of Gislason and the others only made him feel even guiltier. After all, he hadn’t killed Augusta yet.

“Alright.” Beirut laughed. “The four of you can go back and rest. The Four Divine Beasts clan has been able to wait twenty thousand years for vengeance; there’s no need to be impatient now.” Beirut could sense that things were a bit awkward right now between the four clan leaders, himself, and Linley. It was best to have them leave for now.

Gislason and the other three immediately left. 
“This  time…ugh.”   Beirut  laughed  self-mockingly.  “Their awkwardness just now…that was completely my doing.”
“It isn’t your fault. After all, I still have yet to understand how the Chief Sovereign of Light could have been more than ten times as powerful as we had anticipated. What caused this?”   Linley  suddenly  frowned.  “Grandpa  Beirut,  I  also discovered two particularly special things. The first is that Augusta’s physical strength is very powerful. Although it is inferior to mine, he’s still very powerful. Secondly, Augusta’s soul defense is also very powerful.”
Augusta had been struck by Linley’s ‘Sword Intent’, but his soul didn’t seem react to it at all.

Beirut, hearing this, felt puzzled as well.

“His  body  is  extremely  strong,  and  his  soul  is  extremely strong  as  well?  Augusta…what  is  his  secret?”  Beirut  mused softly. “If we can’t figure it out, we might as well stop thinking about it.” Linley changed the subject. “Grandpa Beirut. What I’m worried the most about is my mother! However, I have no memories of my mother at all, nor do I know the spiritual aura of my mother. Even if I stretched my divine sense across the Divine Light Plane, I wouldn’t know which Angel is my mother.”
Even if his mother was standing right in front of him, he probably wouldn’t recognize her.

“This is quite troublesome.”  Beirut let out a helpless laugh. “When your mother was alive, I swept her with my divine sense. Only, why would I pay any particular attention to an ordinary mortal? Thus, I have no memories of your mother’s soul aura.”
“Grandpa  Beirut.”  Linley  said,  worried.  “I  know  that  the Angels are divided into Two-Winged Angels, Four-Winged Angels, and even Twelve-Winged Angels. What sort of angel should my mother be?”
Linley was worried that his mother was already dead. 
It must be understood that most low-level Angels were sent to descend upon material planes. Those low-level Angels could die at any time.

“What sort of Angel is your mother? Let me ask you this, when your mother’s soul was offered to the Sovereign, did the Radiant Church receive any sort of reward?”  Beirut suddenly asked.

“They did.” Linley’s eyes lit up, and he hurriedly said, “Based on what I heard, the Radiant Church itself received an astronomical reward. Even King Clayde, the one who offered my mother to the Radiant Church, was rewarded by having his strength increased from the eighth rank to the ninth rank.”
“Oh.” Beirut’s eyes lit up, and he immediately laughed. “Linley,  Angels  are  divided  into  six  ranks.  The  lower  three ranks are all Saints, while the higher three ranks are Deities. Generally speaking, they are determined by the purity of the offered soul. Only when a church in a material plane offers a soul that can become a Deity will it be rewarded.” Linley couldn’t help but nod.

Right. Angels were numerous beyond measure. If the offered soul could only become a Saint, of course there wouldn’t be any reward.

“But the size of the rewards are also determined by the purity of the soul. Generally speaking, Eight-Winged Angels are equivalent to Demigods. Demigods, being the weakest type of Deities, naturally won’t result in significant rewards. At most, the rewards would simply be encouraging in nature. Souls that are able to be transformed into Ten-Winged Angels will result in slightly better rewards. After all, Gods aren’t anything either.”
Linley nodded. The number of Demigods and Gods the Infernal Realm had was simply countless.

“Actually, the most powerful of Angels are the Twelve- Winged Angels, and every single one of them is extremely powerful, generally at the Seven Star Fiend level!” Beirut said solemnly. 
“What?!” Linley couldn’t help but cry out in shock.

Highgods didn’t really matter, but Seven Star Fiends and ordinary Highgods were completely on different levels.

“How  is  it  that  Twelve-Winged  Angels  are  so  powerful?” Linley didn’t understand.

Beirut laughed. “I only learned this when chatting with the Bloodridge Sovereign, Boson. Do you know that Angels are born in the Angelic Resurrection Pools?”
“I’ve heard of it.” Linley said hurriedly. Just recently, when chatting with Augusta, Linley had heard of the Angelic Resurrection Pools.

“There are a total of 128 Angelic Resurrection Pools. They are controlled by and divided up amongst the seven Sovereigns of the Divine Light Plane. The Chief Sovereign holds 64 of them by himself. The two Intermediate Sovereigns control 16 each. The four Lesser Sovereigns control 8.” Beirut explained carefully. “Angels are actually a human-shaped weapon. Their souls, after being reborn through the ‘Angelic Resurrection Plane’, will not have any of their past memories. In addition, they will be absolutely loyal to the Sovereigns of Light! They
won’t feel any selfishness at all.”
Linley nodded slightly.

“After the transformation, they will no longer be able to gain any insights into the Laws, nor be able to increase their level of understanding.”  Beirut sighed. “If, after the transformation, they are Saint-level Angels, then they will forever be Saint- level Angels.”
“They are unable to gain any insights, and so naturally, the profound mysteries they use to attack do not come from their own insights.” Beirut said. “Every single Angelic Resurrection Pool is linked to the soul of its Sovereign. The Sovereigns will infuse the Angelic Resurrection Pool with some of their own powerful attacks. Only, there are different levels of power for each Angelic Resurrection Pool. Low level Angelic Resurrection Pools can only contain low-level techniques, and so the Angels they produce are weak Angels.” “The high-level Angelic Resurrection Pools, however, contain attacks that generally involve the fusion of four or five profound mysteries, because that is the sort of attack which Sovereigns  themselves  use!”   Beirut  explained,  “Thus,  the Angels birthed from the high level Angelic Resurrection Pools, the Twelve-Winged Angels, generally will have supreme attacks that involve the fusion of four or even five profound mysteries!”
Linley now understood.

No wonder every single Twelve-Winged Angel was so powerful! It was because they didn’t have to gain any insights; they were born understanding those powerful attacks.

“The Twelve-Winged Angels are very powerful. In the past, when I publicized the existence of the Necropolis of the Gods, I attracted quite a few people, amongst which included Seven Star Fiends of the Infernal Realm and even Twelve-Winged Angels. I imagine that the Twelve-Winged Angels also wanted to seize a Sovereign artifact. After all, the number of Sovereign artifacts which the Sovereign can bestow is limited.” Beirut sighed, “In that battle, the power which the Twelve- Winged Angels display was absolutely not inferior to that of the Seven Star Fiends!”
“The Angelic Resurrection Pool. How terrifying. It is actually able to directly produce Twelve-Winged Angels that are no weaker than Seven Star Fiends.” Linley sighed.

“It isn’t that simple. The conditions necessary for a soul to be able to support the energy of a Twelve-Winged Angel are extremely stringent! The creation of every single Twelve- Winged Angel is fairly difficult, and thus if a material plane is able to offer a soul that is capable of becoming a Twelve- Winged Angel, the offering church will naturally receive an enormous reward.”
Beirut sighed as he spoke. “The Radiant Church was so happy as to increase the King of Fenlai’s power! I imagine…your mother’s soul must have been truly pure. The type of Angel she was reborn as should be the most powerful type, a Twelve- Winged Angel!”

Chapter 24, Nine Rounds

“Twelve-Winged  Angel?”  Linley  let  out  a  slightly  relieved sigh.

The lower the level an Angel was, the faster they would die.

“It is very hard to birth a Twelve-Winged Angel. The Twelve- Winged Angels which exist have been slowly accumulated over the course of countless years. The Sovereigns of Light won’t casually dispatch Twelve-Winged Angels out to take on missions. Sometimes, a million years will pass without a single Twelve-Winged Angel being activated. Your mother became a Twelve-Winged Angel less than ten thousand years ago. The chances of her death are virtually negligible.” Beirut laughed.

Only now did Linley completely relax.

“Haha, Grandpa Beirut, your logical reasoning has calmed me down quite a bit.” Linley now felt more than enough self- confidence in his ability to rescue his mother. “Right.  Grandpa  Beirut.”  Linley  waved  his  hand,  and  an earth-type Sovereign spark, glowing with an earthen yellow light,   appeared.   “This   is   an   unexpected   reward   that   I acquired.”
“A Sovereign spark?” Beirut was startled.

Linley laughed and nodded. “Augusta and I went together to the Divine Light Plane. Who would have imagined that the Chief Sovereign of Lightning, Hurley, followed us in as well. Even the other five Chief Sovereigns of the Laws followed us from far away. When I attacked Augusta, Hurley suddenly sneak-attacked me, wanting to kill me and seize my Overgod artifact. I immediately hit him with a back-handed sword attack!”
Beirut instantly started to laugh. “So, you acquired his Sovereign spark?”
“Right. Hurley’s lightning-type Chief Sovereign clone fled quite quickly. I just wanted to teach him a small lesson anyhow, and so I destroyed his earth-type Sovereign clone.” Linley frowned. “Now, the question is, who should I give this earth-type Sovereign spark to? Grandpa Beirut, what do you think?”
“The earth-type Sovereign spark…”
Beirut frowned. “Bluefire can use it, but if we give it to him, his power will only rise slightly, to the Intermediate Sovereign level or so. It won’t change the overall strategic balance of power much. Ideally, we should find a Highgod. However, a Highgod who trains in the Laws of the Earth…it’s going to be quite hard to find such a person within your Baruch clan for now.”
Linley laughed in resignation.

The Baruch clan had quite a few Highgods, but they fused with divine sparks. A Highgod who had relied solely on himself to train to that level, and in the Laws of the Earth? There really wasn’t a single one yet. To fuse a Sovereign spark, there was just a single precondition. One had to trained independently to the Highgod level.

“What’s the rush?”  Beirut laughed. “Just keep it for now. When the time comes, if there is a suitable candidate, you can hand it over then.”
“Haha. Alright. I’ll just use this Sovereign spark to serve as a precious ancestral heirloom for the Baruch clan.” Linley laughed loudly. “Grandpa Beirut, make the notifications. Have the people of Dragonblood Castle who are willing to come to the Infernal Realm all come over.” Linley had now completely guaranteed the safety of his family and friends in the Infernal Realm.

The Chief Sovereigns who were more powerful than Linley had no grudges against him.

Even if they did, they wouldn’t be so shameless as the Chief Sovereign of Light, who had threatened him with the annihilation of his clan. 
“That might be for the best.”  Beirut laughed and nodded. “During these past five centuries, they’ve been quite bored in the Yulan Plane. After all, in terms of experts, the Infernal Realm has far more, and there are also many more places to go adventuring in the Infernal Realm.”
Linley was in no hurry to establish his divine plane of wind. He stayed in the Infernal Realm, bringing over his family and friends. During this period of time, Linley also focused on his training, and on merging and fusing the separate Laws. Occasionally, he would spend some time with his family and friends.

The year after Linley and Augusta’s battle was also the year when Linley’s reputation expanded the most extravagantly.

Linley had heavily injured the Chief Sovereign of Light, and with a single sword blow, killed the earth-type Sovereign clone of the Chief Sovereign of Lightning, Hurley, terrifying Hurley into instant, panicked flight. This battle prowess was naturally spread to everyone else by the five other Chief Sovereigns of the Laws.

This information was simply too astonishing. Soon, virtually all the Sovereigns became aware of it.

Linley’s status instantly eclipsed that of the other Seven Elemental Chief Sovereigns, and was only second to the four supreme experts, Chief Sovereigns of the Edicts.

And so, in the span of a single short year, more than ten Sovereigns had come to pay their respects to Linley. When Sovereigns met, they too would eat some fruit, drink some wine, and casually banter.

Roughly a year after the battle with Augusta.

The Infernal Realm. Bloodridge Province. Indigo Prefecture.
The Skyrite Mountains. Linley’s Sovereign estate. Within this quiet, secluded estate, soft grass covered the ground. Linley was dressed in a long, loose robe. He sat in the meditative position as the wind blew past him, brushing against the strands of his hair.

A figure slowly took form in front of Linley, as though it had teleported there.

Linley opened his eyes. He saw that this person was a man dressed in long, blood-red robes. It was the Bloodridge Sovereign, Boson. He laughed, “Boson, why have you come to my place?”  Not long ago, Boson had met with Linley, and at that time, Linley had wanted to address him as ‘Mr. Boson’, but no matter what he said, the Bloodridge Sovereign refused to be addressed like that.

He even wanted to address Linley as ‘Lord’. After all, Linley’s power, even amongst the Chief Sovereigns, was extremely great.

In the end, both took a step back. They viewed each other as friends, and so addressed each other by name. 
“Must  I  have  a  reason  for  coming?”   The  Bloodridge Sovereign smiled as he sat down next to him. “Actually, today, I really did have an important reason for coming.”
“Speak.” Linley listened attentively.

The Bloodridge Sovereign laughed. “You still have no Emissaries, right?”
“Uh…why are you thinking about this?” Linley didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry. “How is it your business, Boson, if I choose to accept Emissarise or not?”
“That’s not it.”  The Bloodridge Sovereign shook his head. “To tell you the truth, every trillion years, there is a session of the Planar Wars, and each of the Planar Wars have a total of five rounds! Three rounds have already passed, and roughly six hundred years in the future, the fourth Planar War is going to begin.” “Which two planes are doing battle?” Linley asked, curious.

“Our   Infernal   Realm   and   the   Celestial   Realm.”    The Bloodridge  Sovereign  said  solemnly.  “Linley,  the  upcoming fourth round of the Planar Wars is extremely important. Because…in the nine previous competitions, the Celestial Realm won nine rounds in a row.”
“What?” Linley was startled.

Linley understood that after becoming a Sovereign, there were three ways for gaining an additional portion of Will. The first was to fuse with another Sovereign spark. The second was to become a Paragon. The third was for one’s side, in the Planar Wars, to win ten times in a row.

But of course, another method was to become a Soul Mutate like Linley. Only, this sort of unique situation wasn’t applicable to all Sovereigns.

“If I remember correctly, long, long ago, the Celestial Realm won ten rounds in a row already.” Linley said with a frown. 
“Exactly.”  The  Bloodridge  Sovereign  said  hurriedly.  “The seven Sovereigns of Fate have already received a reward, and so the other Sovereigns don’t want them to see them receive a reward again! In particular, we don’t want to see the Chief Sovereign of Fate increase in strength yet again. He’s already
strong enough.”
Linley nodded slightly.

“Ever since the creation of the universe, every time one side wins nine times in a row, all of the other planes will join together to prevent them from winning a tenth time.”  The Bloodridge Sovereign said. “Generally speaking, when all the other planes join forces, the chances for success will be extremely high. Over the course of countless years, however, there was one failure. That time, the Celestial Realm won, and thus the seven Sovereigns of Fate received the reward.”
The  Bloodridge  Sovereign  said  solemnly,  “This  time,  no matter what, we can’t let them win again. This is the order that came from the Chief Sovereign of Destruction himself.” Linley couldn’t help but laugh.

Most likely, as far as the Chief Sovereign of Destruction was concerned, his only real opponent was the Chief Sovereign of Fate.

“What does not wanting him to win, have to do with finding Emissaries?” Linley laughed.

“If we don’t want him to win, then our side needs to find enough experts.”  The Bloodridge Sovereign shook his head. “But many experts already know how extremely savage this particular Planar War will be. It will be absolutely berserk! Thus, many commander-level experts are not willing to participate in it.”
Linley laughed and nodded.

All of the planes would be going all out, and the Celestial Realm would be going all out as well. One could completely imagine how savage this battle would be. Unless one was completely confident in one’s powers or unless one was tired of life, one probably wouldn’t participate.

“How is it that the commanders know how important this battle is?” Linley said, puzzled.

The reward for winning ten battles should be a secret amongst Sovereigns.

“Based on past precedence.” The Bloodridge Sovereign let out an awkward laugh. “In this sort of berserk battle, both sides will go all out. They will come up with any and all measures that can allow their side to grow more powerful, in a manner which does not violate the Pact of Sovereigns. Thus! Both sides will bestow every single participant in this Planar War with Sovereign’s Might! Every single person will receive two drops!”
Linley was stupefied.

Mad! They had all gone mad! If every single person who entered the Planar Battlefield was bestowed with two drops of Sovereign’s Might, then even a commander-level expert, upon suffering an attack from ten Highgods, would probably perish.

“Although these commanders don’t know about the secret behind the ten consecutive battles, they do know that all of the Highgods who are participating will be bestowed Sovereign’s Might. How many commanders would dare participate?” The Bloodridge Sovereign laughed bitterly. “Originally, we didn’t want to hand out that much Sovereign’s Might either. But if we don’t and the other side does…doesn’t that mean that we will lose for sure? There’s nothing that we can do!”
Linley understood the predicament they were in.

The Sovereigns all knew that giving each participant two drops of Sovereign’s Might was simply too insane, but they had no choice.

“In the battles in the Stellar Corridors, a group of commander-level experts, especially armed with Sovereign artifacts,   will   be   extremely   effective.”    The   Bloodridge Sovereign said solemnly. “Thus, what the Chief Sovereign of Destruction desires is for you to acquire six Emissaries. According to the rules, a Lesser Sovereign can take on two Emissaries, an Intermediate Sovereign can take on four, and a Chief Sovereign can take on eight. Since you have three Lesser
Sovereign clones, you can take on six.”
Linley nodded to acknowledge that he understood.

“But I haven’t even made any Sovereign artifacts yet.” Linley said helplessly.

“Sovereign artifacts, to us, are something that we can create every ten thousand years or so. They aren’t that important.” The   Bloodridge   Sovereign   laughed.   “Almost   all   of   the Sovereigns have lived for hundreds of millions of years. Only, the Pact of Sovereigns forbids Sovereigns from giving their Emissaries more than a single artifact, so as to maintain balance amongst the Deities.”
“Linley, if you don’t have any Sovereign artifacts, I can give ten or so to you as a gift.” The Bloodridge Sovereign said disdainfully. 
In the Infernal Realm, there were many Deities who made their living by forging divine artifacts.

It was the same principle. To Sovereigns, forging Sovereign artifacts was something that only required a bit of time and effort.

“Fine.  Since  you’ve  said  all  these  things,  fine.”   Linley laughed, then nodded. But then Linley said, puzzled, “Boson, I truly don’t understand. Given that all of these Sovereigns are joining forces, why are we worried about the Celestial Realm winning? How can they possibly win?”
The Bloodridge Sovereign nodded. “The Celestial Realm has always been the most powerful of the Four Higher Realms. In addition, the Edicts of Fate have strange, bizarre attacks. Thus, during the Planar Wars, the Celestial Realm often gains victory. Normally, we don’t care that much, but once there are nine victories in a row, then we cannot be careless.” “For the sake of this tenth battle, based on what we know, they have already prepared an extremely powerful tactic.” The Bloodridge Sovereign laughed bitterly. “In addition, the chances of success for this tactic are extremely high.”
“What sort of tactic?” Linley said, puzzled.

“The Chief Sovereign of Fate will go ask the Chief Sovereign of Light, Augusta, for assistance. He will borrow large numbers of  Twelve-Winged  Angels.”   The  Bloodridge  Sovereign  said solemnly. “Linley, you should know that in the battle above the Stellar River, the main reason one side loses is due to a lack of morale; one side is routed. Anyone with a consciousness is susceptible to fear, can be routed.”
Linley nodded. He knew that an army being routed was like a mountain toppling.

When two sides were fighting in the Stellar Corridor, given the width of the corridor, only so many soldiers could battle at once. Once one side was routed, even if the soldiers in the back had yet to even fight, they would still be affected. 
“But Twelve-Winged Angels are different. They are absolutely devoted to the Chief Sovereign of Light. When the Chief Sovereign of Light gives the order, even if the order is for them to throw their lives away, they won’t hesitate at all.” The Bloodridge Sovereign said helplessly. “In addition, these Twelve-Winged Angels all have at least the power of a Seven Star Fiend. Some are even close to commanders in strength!”
“Think about it. This is a group of powerful experts who have no fear of death at all. In addition, they are able to form into all sorts of battle formations and work together in extremely marvelous ways. They don’t harbor any trace of individual desires within them at all. How astonishingly powerful then would an army like this be in the Planar Wars?” The Bloodridge Sovereign sighed. “Fortunately, the birth of every single Twelve-Winged Angel is a laborious affair. To accumulate sufficient Twelve-Winged Angels requires an extremely long period of time. In the past, the Chief Sovereign of Fate asked the Chief Sovereign of Light twice to borrow these Angels. He didn’t want to borrow them too often, because it is simply too hard to create a Twelve-Winged Angel.”
Linley couldn’t help but nod in acknowledgment. 
Fearless. Selfless. Good teamwork. Powerful.

In the Stellar Corridor, due to their fearlessness, there was no way that they would be routed. If you wanted to win, you had to annihilate every single Twelve-Winged Angel.

This sort of army was indeed terrifying!

“Because of this, the Chief Sovereign of Fate has, in the past, owed the Chief Sovereign of Light two favors.” The Bloodridge Sovereign laughed calmly. “In the past, the Divine Light Plane, since it didn’t have many experts, won fairly rarely. Those Twelve-Winged Angels are simply too rare, and so they can only be used as trump cards, and can only be used once or twice. Thus, Augusta isn’t able to use them for himself. He chose to instead exchange them for favors from the Chief Sovereign of Fate.”
The Bloodridge Sovereign sighed, “All I know is that once, he called in one of the favors to ask the Chief Sovereign of Fate to help him. It was because of the Chief Sovereign of Fate’s help, along with his own luck, that he was able to acquire that Overgod weapon.”
Linley now understood.

“So the Chief Sovereign of Fate actually owed him two favors. One was used up, while the other remains.” Linley now completely understood.

It seemed as though the Chief Sovereign of Light hadn’t lied to him at all. Originally, if he truly had chased into the Celestial Realm, the enraged Chief Sovereign of Light probably truly would have asked the Chief Sovereign of Fate to kill him.

“However, this time, the Chief Sovereign of Fate is going to end up owing him yet another favor.” The Bloodridge Sovereign laughed calmly. “Over the course of countless years, Augusta has accumulated yet another batch of Twelve-Winged Angels. Most likely, he will go participate. Augusta truly is lucky; he took over both of the Angelic Resurrection Pools which are able to give birth to Twelve-Winged Angels. In addition, he accumulates pure souls from the material realms. By patiently waiting, he is able to slowly build up an army of Twelve-Winged Angels. Alas, this army of fearless, Deity-level Angels…they truly are troublesome.”
“Oh, yes, they are quite troub-…”  Linley was laughing, but suddenly…
Linley’s face froze, and then instantly turned ashen!

“Linley, what is it?” Boson saw that Linley’s face was looking strange.

“You, you said…he would accumulate a batch of Twelve- Winged Angels, and then, send them to the Planar Battlefield?” Linley stared at Boson.” “All of them?”
“Yes, essentially all of them.” The Bloodridge Sovereign said, puzzled. “What is it? That look on your face…?”
“I’m, I’m fine. Boson, I need to calm down. You can go back now.” Linley’s mind was currently in a state of complete chaos. 
“Oh.” Although puzzled, the Bloodridge Sovereign didn’t ask any more questions, instead leaving.

Within the vast, empty courtyard, Linley was the only person remaining.
“When  virtually  every  member  in  this  batch  of  Twelve- Winged Angels is sent to the Planar Battlefield…in the midst of that wild, savage battle, most likely nearly all of them will perish. It would be amazing if even 10% survived.”  Linley’s mind was in a state of chaos. “My mother, she…she should be amongst them. If she is sent to the Planar Battlefield…”
Linley was terrified.

“What should I do?” Linley was in a state of complete chaos.

Chapter 25, Revisiting the Divine Light Plane

Linley took two deep breaths in a row. His chest rose and fell like the bellows of a furnace…and afterwards, he regained his calm.

“Since Augusta made a promise to the Chief Sovereign of Fate, Orloff, he will definitely act with full force. No wonder he has always protected his Twelve-Winged Angels so well, and rarely allows them to go out on missions.”  Linley’s gaze was clear. “My mother should be a Twelve-Winged Angel. Six hundred or so years from now, if I don’t interfere, she will definitely be sent to the Planar Wars!”
Linley frowned slightly, then murmured, “Six hundred years…”
With regards to Augusta, Linley definitely wanted to kill him, whether for the sake of Beirut or for the Four Divine Beasts clan. Originally, Linley had been planning to wait until his power increased before he would go and kill Augusta. Not only would he fulfill the wishes of Beirut and the Four Divine Beasts clan, he would also be able to save his mother. 
Several birds with one stone!

“But now, I have to give something up!”
“One option. Give up my mother, focus on training, and after I succeed, kill Augusta.”
“The second option. Find a fire-type Lesser Sovereign that I don’t know, kill him, and fuse with his Sovereign spark. After my power increases, go kill Augusta.”
“The third option. Resist and endure for now, and lower my head! Go negotiate with Augusta!”
Linley almost instantly came to his decision.

Giving up his mother? Impossible. Murder a fire-type Sovereign for no reason? Linley wasn’t capable of this either. In addition, if he did, he would be violating the Pact which the Chief Sovereigns of the Edicts had set up.

“Fine, then.”  Linley took a deep breath, his gaze steely and resolved. “For now, I’ll resist and endure!”
Right at this moment, two figures walked over from the gardens. It was Beirut and Bluefire. Previously, although Linley had not been able to kill Augusta, the power that he had revealed was still slightly greater than Augusta’s. If the two had fought to the death, Augusta’s chance of death was higher.

Thus, Augusta no longer dared to offend Linley.

Naturally, Beirut and Bluefire were now able to casually wander about in the Infernal Realm with their Sovereign clones! After having spent so many years hiding in the Yulan Plane, they were naturally pleased at having their freedom again.

“Linley, just now, the Bloodridge Sovereign came. Was there something important?” Beirut chuckled while stroking his beard.

As they were both Sovereigns as well, the two of them had naturally noticed the arrival of the Bloodridge Sovereign. Only, the Bloodridge Sovereign, Boson, clearly wanted to meet with Linley privately, and so the two of them hadn’t shown themselves earlier. They waited for the Bloodridge Sovereign to depart before emerging.

“It is regarding the Planar Wars, and regarding me taking on Emissaries. Six hundred years from now, a Planar War will begin, and the battling sides will be the Infernal Realm and the Celestial Realm. This particular Planar War is extremely important.” Linley said, then repeated the information he had heard in detail.

Beirut and Bluefire listened carefully. Afterwards, they sighed in amazement. 
“So Augusta has been so incredibly fortunate. No wonder even the Chief Sovereign of Fate owes him a favor.” Beirut said with a sigh.

“The Twelve-Winged Angel army can indeed play a deciding role in a Planar War.” Bluefire breathed in surprise. “If they all charge forward together, it is all but guaranteed that they will achieve victory in a Planar War. The reward for winning ten consecutive rounds is breathtaking as well. No wonder the Chief Sovereign of Fate would go ask Augusta for help.”
In the previous Planar War which Linley had experienced, the combatants were the Divine Light Plane and the Divine Darkness Plane.

Victory or defeat in that battle didn’t matter much; naturally, there had been very few Sovereigns controlling matters from behind.

“Linley, what did you just say? The army of Twelve-Winged Angels is going to the Planar War? Doesn’t that mean…” Beirut suddenly realized what this portended. “Your mother, she…”
“Right.”  Linley gave Beirut a helpless glance. “Tell me, do I have any other choices?”
Beirut pondered for a moment.

Six hundred years…
Linly had spent five thousand years to reach his current level. To make another large breakthrough in six hundred years? Even Beirut himself didn’t feel much confidence in Linley.

“Then you…” Beirut looked towards Linley.

“I’ve decided that tomorrow, I will go to the Divine Light Plane!”  Linley said calmly as he stared into the distant skies. His gaze seemed to penetrate the walls of reality, seeing the Divine Light Plane from afar. Beirut was silent for a moment, then nodded. “Sometimes, to accomplish great things, one has to be able to submit and endure. As I see it, to Augusta, you are a Paragon who no longer has any untapped potential. I imagine that in his heart, he doesn’t feel too much fear towards you. If you negotiate with him, the chances of success will be quite high. In the future…you can get rid of him later.”
Beirut was a person who was capable of killing ruthlessly, but also able to endure and hide.

When he discovered the corpses of the Four Divine Beasts, although he knew that seizing them would be extremely dangerous, he also understand that after succeeding, he would go from being a Deity to a Sovereign. In addition, Beirut acted in accordance with the situation; first of all, the Chief Sovereign wasn’t paying him, a Highgod, any mind. Second, he was in a material plane and had the natural protection of a material plane from Sovereign intrusion. Third, he was a Godeater Rat who didn’t fear chaotic space.

He had enough power and enough confidence. He dared to take risks, but also knew how to pull back. All of those things combined to result in the current Beirut.

Otherwise, how could the Yulan branch produce three Sovereigns?

“I hope things will turn out as you said, Grandpa Beirut.” Linley nodded.

The vast, Divine Light Plane. A ray of light was streaking over from the teleportation array, instantly moving ten million kilometers away.

The wind slashed past like a knife. Below him was the boundless water of the seas. A blue-robed Linley advanced through the air at high speed, staring ahead with a somber, icy calm gaze.

“Eh?” Linley frowned slightly. “I didn’t expect that the Chief Sovereign of Fate, Orloff, was here as well!” After arriving in the Divine Light Plane, Linley had sent his fused divine sense to instantly cover the entire plane, allowing him to maintain a watch over the activities of the entire plane. Naturally, Linley was able to detect the location of the Chief Sovereign of Light, Augusta, but unexpectedly, Augusta was alongside Orloff.

“Him being here…is a good thing.” Linley mused.

Linley didn’t come here for battle, but for negotiation. With Orloff present…Augusta wouldn’t dare to speak too wildly.

Moments later…
Linley’s divine sense changed from being generated by fused Sovereign power to earth-type Sovereign power, much like how an ordinary earth-type Sovereign would use it.

This change to using earth-type Sovereign power for powering his divine sense was naturally detected by the two Chief Sovereigns. 
“Haha, Linley, why have you come to my place?”  Augusta sent with a laugh, seemingly having forgotten the previous battle with Linley.

“Naturally, I have something important to discuss.”  Linley smiled slightly. “I didn’t expect Lord Orloff to be here as well. What a coincidence.”
“Haha, I’m here to discuss some things with Augusta.”  The Chief Sovereign of Fate’s gentle voice echoed in Linley’s mind as well. “Not long ago, I invited you, Linley, to come visit me in my Orloff Gardens, but unfortunately, despite waiting for so long, I never managed to see you.”
A person could disguise his basic nature for hundreds or thousands of years, but it was impossible for a person to disguise his character forever.

The Chief Sovereign of Fate, Orloff, didn’t get involved in worldly affairs. He treated everyone he considered to be a friend in a very good manner. Linley felt much admiration for the Chief Sovereign of Fate, Orloff.

But of course, Linley couldn’t possibly be like the Chief Sovereign of Fate; never getting married, never relaxing, never enjoying himself, and instead spending all of his time in various forms of research and training.

“Lord Orloff, in the endless years to come, you and I will have plenty of time to meet each other. For example, aren’t we meeting today?” Linley laughed comfortably.

“Haha, right. We will have endless years to come.”  Orloff laughed as well.

While chatting through divine sense, Linley had already flown past countless islands.

He was like an arrow, streaking down from the skies. The island directly below Linley was the residence of the Chief Sovereign of Light!

This was an extremely lavishly built island. The island had a circumference of a few thousand kilometers, and its main structures were made of a white material. Naturally, it had all sorts of rare, unique magical beasts, flowers, and vegetation that had been collected here. The magical beasts had their own regions, while the flowers had their own regions as well. They all had their own private areas.

In the air above this island, there were a large number of Deity-level Angels.

Aside from the Angels, all the other Deities in this island were female. The only males present were Augusta and Orloff!
“Augusta really does know how to enjoy himself. Aside from his loyal Angels, everyone else here is female.” Linley couldn’t help but shake his head and laugh. And then, he stared into the distance, as from deep inside the island, two figures were flying towards him, shoulder-to-shoulder. These two figures were followed by a large number of female servants. 
It was really quite an impressive display.

“Haha, Linley!” Augusta called out from far away, as though they were old friends of many years.

“Augusta.” Linley smiled as he greeted him as well.

The white-robed, white-haired elder, the Chief Sovereign of Fate, laughed calmly. “Let’s go inside and sit down. Augusta, I don’t want to criticize you, but we’re inside your island, and yet you put on such a grand show when welcoming guests?” The Chief Sovereign of Fate glanced sideways; the female servants behind them were divided into two rows, with one row of maids dressed in violet and the other dressed in pink. All of them were exceptional in terms of appearance.

“Haha, I will naturally listen to any suggestions that you have,  your  Excellency.”   Augusta  laughed,  then  turned  and waved his hand, saying calmly, “You can all retire.” Those female servants all uniformly bowed with respect. “Yes.” And then, they flew away in an orderly fashion.

“Let’s go to the water garden to chat.” Augusta laughed while guiding the way.

“The person who designed this island and its buildings was definitely  at  the  grandmaster  level.”  Linley  walked  forward while viewing the island. He couldn’t help but let out a sigh of praise.

Augusta laughed delightedly, “Haha, Linley, I don’t want to brag, but this island of a few thousand kilometers circumference has 30162 different types of flowers alone, all of varying sizes, colors, etc. The Angels make the arrangements for them. From every single viewing location, they will seem very natural and give one a comfortable feeling. There are also various types of magical beasts…for the sake of building this island, I invited over a thousand exceptional grandmaster-level experts from across countless planes, each of whom specialized in various skills, so as to create a unified, cohesive whole.” Hearing this, Linley couldn’t help but shake his head internally.

The rumors were indeed true. Augusta pursued perfection in all of his leisurely enjoyments.
The water garden was a garden erected above a pool of water that had a circumference of a few thousand meters. The waters of the pool rippled with the wind, gleaming like precious sapphires. The entire garden was constructed from wooden materials, and the courtyards and pavilions all floated above the surface of the pool, and within the courtyard, small streams and ‘rivers’ of water flowed about.

“This water garden doesn’t use any magical formations at all; it is completely built from the extremely light ‘fragrant hydrox’ wood, which generates enough floating power as to make the entire garden hover above the pool.” Augusta pointed towards one direction. “Look. That wooden bridge…”
Augusta smugly pointed out one crafted item after another. Linley listened while enjoying the sights as well.

“Alright, let’s all sit down.” The Chief Sovereign of Fate, Orloff, frowned slightly and spoke out.

“Right, right.” Augusta sensed that he had been showing off just a bit too much, making Orloff rather unhappy.

The three sat down within an open-air veranda, which was surrounded by the azure waters of the pool.

The Chief Sovereign of Fate laughed as he glanced at Linley. “Linley,  I  imagine  you  came  today  on  important  business. Speak freely.”
“That  is  indeed  the  case!”  Linley  laughed  while  nodding towards the Chief Sovereign of Fate, and then looked at Augusta. “Augusta, today I have come to ask your help with something.” “Whatever it is, speak freely.” Augusta laughed as well.

Linley said solemnly, “I hope you can release a Twelve- Winged Angel and let her regain her free will.”
“Twelve-Winged Angel?” Augusta couldn’t help but glance at the nearby Orloff. The Chief Sovereign of Fate frowned, but then let out a calm laugh. “Just one?”
“Right. Just one.” Linley nodded.

“One  won’t  make  much  of  a  difference.”   Orloff  laughed calmly.

Linley couldn’t help but then look at Augusta, who frowned and said, “Linley, this…is a bit troublesome.”

Chapter 26, An Extremely High Price!


Hearing this, Linley couldn’t help but frown. Still, he didn’t say anything, instead just looking at Augusta, waiting to hear him speak.

“Linley, I will tell you the truth. Even if one of the Chief Sovereigns came and asked me to release a Twelve-Winged Angel, it would be difficult.” Augusta said solemnly. “You should know that I have loaned my Twelve-Winged Angel army to Lord Orloff before, but that was just a loan; the Twelve- Winged Angels still belong to me.”
Linley nodded slightly.

He had heard from the Chief Sovereign of Death that Augusta probably wouldn’t be willing to release a Twelve-Winged Angel, even if the Chief Sovereign of Death herself asked. From this, one could imagine how difficult it would be for a Twelve- Winged Angel to regain freedom. 
“It isn’t that I don’t want to help you, only…” Augusta laughed, then shook his head. “Apologies.”
Linley frowned slightly.

“Augusta, it is just a single Twelve-Winged Angel!”  Linley said heavily. “If you have any difficulties, just tell me.”
Augusta shook his head and laughed, “This involves some secrets that I don’t wish to make public. I can tell you this, though…the price of releasing a Twelve-Winged Angel is so free that….hmph, ever since the creation of the universe and ever since I became the Chief Sovereign of Light, I have never released a single Twelve-Winged Angel. From this, you should be able to imagine how complicated the secrets involved in this are.”
“Is there nothing at all that can be done?” Linley was rather frantic. “There is. Only, it is too difficult, and the price is too great. I don’t wish to do this.” Augusta shook his head and laughed.

Linley was no longer able to stay calm.

He understood that Augusta was perhaps telling the truth.

“Augusta.”   The  nearby  Chief  Sovereign  of  Fate  laughed calmly, “I can tell that for Linley to come here in person means that he cares deeply about that Twelve-Winged Angel. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have come personally. Come up with a way to help out Linley a bit. If the price is high, let Linley compensate you.”
“Right. I am willing to compensate you for your loss.” Linley gritted his teeth. There was nothing else he could say.

Perhaps Linley would be badly taken advantage of, but Linley had no other choices. Kill Augusta?

He wasn’t powerful enough, and the Chief Sovereign of Fate, Orloff, was right there.

“Haha.  Compensate?”   Augusta  sipped  some  wine,  then snickered, “Linley, you have no idea how high the price is for me to release a Twelve-Winged Angel! Let me put it to you like this. The price for restoring free will to a Twelve-Winged Angel is so high that to me, it would hurt as much as having the majority of my sons and daughters being killed!”
Linley felt shock in his heart.

Parents cared deeply about their sons and daughters. Although Augusta had many children, for him to say that the price was equivalent to losing the majority of this…one could imagine how terrifying the price was.

“Augusta.”   The  nearby  Chief  Sovereign  of  Fate,  Orloff, frowned. “Any loss and any price, no matter how great, has a limit. You should try and help Linley if you can. Tell him what you need, and I imagine he will compensate you.” Orloff spoke out on Linley’s behalf as well.

Linley could tell…
Ever since the Chief Sovereign of Destruction had executed that ‘Spacetime Paradox’ technique, the Chief Sovereign of Fate’s attitude towards Linley had markedly improved. This time, he was speaking out on Linley’s behalf as well.

“Speak. What do you need me to agree to, in order for you to be willing to do it?” Linley looked towards Augusta.

“Lord Orloff’s words are correct. No matter how high a price is, there is a limit. But this limit is beyond my ability to bear. If, Linley, you are willing to offer me your Overgod artifact, I am willing  to  accept.”  Augusta  snickered.  “But,  Linley,  are  you willing to give it to me?”
“Overgod artifact?” Linley was startled. All Sovereigns knew exactly how precious an Overgod artifact was.

“Overgod artifact…mother…”  Linley murmured silently to himself.

“Be  practical.”   The  Overgod  of  Fate,  Orloff,  frowned. “Augusta, the value of all of your Angels combined is still less than an Overgod artifact. You go too far by suggesting it. Suggest something that is reasonable.”
Augusta laughed calmly. “I can’t think of anything that Linley might have that is enough to make up for my loss…”
Linley felt frantic.

“Augusta!” Linley was just about to say something.

“Hm?”  Augusta suddenly looked towards Linley. “Linley, I suddenly thought of something. If you accept, then we can discuss this.”
“Speak.” Linley let out a secret sigh of relief.

The nearby Chief Sovereign of Fate, Orloff, couldn’t help but laugh and nod as he saw this.

“I  know  about  the  relationship  between  you  and  Beirut.” Augusta snorted coldly. “That Beirut. In the past, he seized my…”
“Just  go  straight  to  the  point.”   Linley  said.  Linley  was worried that Augusta wanted him to kill Grandpa Beirut.

Augusta gave him a glance, then snickered. “I can tell that the two of you are close. Don’t worry, I’m not asking you to go kill Beirut. My request is…to give me a hundred drops of blood essence from each of the Four Divine Beasts! If you do so, then I would be willing to release a Twelve-Winged Angel, despite what it would cost me.” “A hundred drops each?” Linley couldn’t help but cry out in shock. “Augusta, do you know how many blood essence drops the Four Divine Beasts had in total?”
Augusta, seeing this, just laughed to himself.

He had intentionally set a high target, so that they could bargain.

“Even if you killed me and Beirut, you wouldn’t be able to procure that much blood essence.” Linley shook his head. “In the past, the Chief Sovereign of Destruction took away more than half of the blood essence of the Four Divine Beasts from Beirut, so as to go and experiment. Only the remaining portion is in Beirut’s hands, and he used up a large amount of it in his own experiments as well. The remaining amount of blood essence is very small.”
Augusta, hearing this, frowned.

He knew that the Chief Sovereign of Destruction had acquired a large amount of blood essence, and he even knew a bit about Beirut’s experiments.

“If the amount is too small, I simply cannot accept.” Augusta snorted.

“Augusta, to tell you the truth, of the blood essences of the Four Divine Beasts, I myself have already used up some of the blood essence of the Azure Dragon to strengthen my own body. I have the least amount of the Azure Dragon’s blood essence. As for the other three types of blood essence, I’m able to procure a bit more.” Linley said. “Grandpa Beirut and I can give you, at most, eleven drops of the blood essence of the Azure Dragon. As for the other three blood essences, I will try to come up with a way to acquire twenty or thirty drops, but I can’t be certain as to the exact number. This is because I need to ask Beirut.”
Linley naturally wouldn’t report a precise figure.

Beirut had originally given Linley 81 drops of each blood essence. Linley now had less than forty drops of the Azure Dragon’s blood essence, but as for the other three, he had more than seventy. 
“Eleven drops of the Azure Dragon’s blood essence?” Augusta looked closely at Linley, then nodded slightly. “Fine. Eleven drops of the Azure Dragon’s blood essence, and thirty of each of the other three Divine Beasts! I can’t accept anything lower. If you give it to me, I will release that Twelve-Winged Angel
you are looking for.”
Linley let out a sigh of relief.

Finally, success.

“Thirty each? Augusta, because I don’t have the blood essence on me, I need to go ask Beirut. I cannot guarantee 100% the exact amount, but the difference shouldn’t be that great. Even if there is a difference, I will think of a way to compensate you for it.”
“Fine.  Bring  over  the  blood  essence  of  the  Four  Divine Beasts.” Augusta said. “Haha…” The nearby Chief Sovereign of Fate, Orloff, couldn’t help but laugh. “Augusta, isn’t cooperation excellent? However, Augusta, why do you want the blood essence of the Four Divine Beasts? Why don’t you give it to me, and I’ll hand over some supreme techniques that I’ve developed to you.”
Linley couldn’t help but look at Augusta.

Because the Chief Sovereign of Destruction had lost the battle between himself and the Chief Sovereign of Fate, he had told the Chief Sovereign of Fate the secrets of his technique, ‘Spacetime Paradox’. If the Chief Sovereign of Fate then acquired the blood essences of the Four Divine Beasts, he would truly become invincible.

“Lord Orloff. I deeply admire Lord Wodred, and also want to try my hand at research.” Augusta said with a laugh.

At this same moment in time, in the Indigo Prefecture of the Bloodridge Continent of the Infernal Realm. Within the Skyrite Mountains. Hogg was together with Wharton.

“Swoosh!” Linley’s form suddenly appeared.

“Big Brother.” Wharton couldn’t help but feel delighted, and the nearby Hogg look at Linley, startled. With a laugh, he said, “Linley, what is it?”
Linley had three Sovereign clones. On this trip to the Divine Light Plane, Linley had left his water-type Sovereign clone and his wind-type Sovereign clone in the Infernal Realm. Actually, Linley was different from the other Sovereigns, as he was a Soul Mutate, making it so that each of his Sovereign clones had access to fused Sovereign power!

In addition, the soul of each Sovereign clone was comparable in terms of Will.

It could be said that Linley, by himself, was comparable to three Chief Sovereign level experts. Only, he had just a single Life Overgod Sword, and so whichever Sovereign clone which wielded the sword was the strongest one. This was why Linley didn’t use all three of his Sovereign clones to jointly attack the Chief Sovereign of Light. After all, if he did so…most likely, the Chief Sovereign of Light would deliver a sword blow to each and easily kill the Sovereign clones that didn’t hold the Overgod weapon.

“Father, make a trip with me. Let’s go locate Mother.” Linley said.

“What did you say?” Hogg suddenly rose to his feet, his eyes filled with shock.

“Big Brother, did you say, ‘Mother’?” Wharton was stunned as well.

“Linley.”  Hogg  gripped  Linley’s  shoulders  with  his  hands, both of which were shaking. His eyes were red as he stared at Linley. “You, you found your mother?” Hogg’s love for his wife was so deep that it had sunken into his very soul. In the past, it was for the sake of searching for his wife that he had eventually lost his life.” “Yes, Father.”  Linley could feel his father’s excitement, and he couldn’t help but nod.

“Good.” Hogg was in a completely chaotic mental state, but then he came to his senses and said hurriedly, “Quick, take me there.”
“Let’s  go!  Wharton,  you  stay  here.  I’ll  bring  Mother  and Father back today.” Linley said, and then his wind-type Sovereign clone led his father, Hogg, away from the Skyrite Mountains.

With Linley’s Sovereign clone leading the way, the two naturally travelled very quickly.

Augusta was currently seated in the middle of the water garden, within that luxurious island.

“Ten thousand years ago? A soul originally from the Yulan Plane?”   Augusta,  hearing  Linley’s  words,  nodded.  “Don’t worry. Sometimes, a million years will pass without a single Twelve-Winged Angel being born. I imagine there has only been one or two in the past ten thousand years. And it was offered from the Yulan Plane? We will find her easily.”
As he spoke, Augusta stretched out his divine sense.

“Oh, you are bringing someone as well?” Augusta laughed as he looked at Linley. He saw that Linley’s Sovereign clone was bringing Hogg towards them.

“That is my father.” Linley laughed and acknowledged it.

“The  Twelve-Winged  Angels  are  located  in  the  nearby islands. They will arrive shortly.”  Augusta said calmly. “My subordinates have completed their investigations. Indeed, on January 1st, year 9987 of your Yulan calendar, there was a female soul that was offered to me. The soul was extremely pure, and after the Angelic Resurrection Pool’s transformation, it became a Twelve-Winged Angel.”
Linley’s heart trembled. 
“That’s her! That’s Mother!” Linley called out in his heart.

Linley was born on year 9982 of the Yulan calendar, while his younger brother, Wharton, was born on year 9986 of the Yulan calendar. His father, Hogg, had taken Linley’s pregnant mother, ‘Lina’, to the city of Fenlai, where medical services were superior. She had given birth there, and then gone to pray for blessings at the Radiant Temple. Afterwards, that next night in the hotel…
His mother had been seized and taken.

The Radiant Temple just so happened to be offering souls during the Yulan Festival anyhow.

“In a short while, you can give me the blood essence of the Four Divine Beasts. Only then will I let that Twelve-Winged Angel regain her freedom and leave with you.” Augusta said, then suddenly raised his head. “Alright. That Twelve-Winged Angel has already come.” Linley’s eyes began to grow heated as he raised his head to look…
White robes fluttering. Brown hair, same as Linley’s. A beautiful woman descended from the heavens, with six pairs of pristine, pure white wings outstretched.

“Mother?” Linley held his breath.

Chapter 27, Memories

Linley looked over carefully.

This beautiful, brown-haired Angel, in terms of appearance, did seem rather similar to him.

“Is this Mother?” Linley felt a surge of agitation in his heart.

But the first reaction of this Twelve-Winged Angel, after descending, was to kneel down.

“Hmph.” With but a thought, Linley immediately sent out a surge of Sovereign power to press against the brown-haired Angel, preventing her from kneeling.

Linley couldn’t help but feel a hint of vexation in his heart, and he looked sideways at Augusta, musing to himself, “Augusta must have known that the Angel would kneel upon seeing him, but he didn’t say anything about it at all.” For an ordinary Angel to kneel was one thing, but the woman in front of him was very possibly Linley’s mother!

Linley wouldn’t permit that scene to occur.

Next to him, the Chief Sovereign of Light, Augusta, let out a laugh. “Haha, alright, you can stand over there for now.”
“Yes.”  The  Twelve-Winged  Angel  was  very  obedient.  She stood to one side, not saying a single word. Only, every so often, she would turn to look towards Linley with curiosity.

“Is she my mother?” Linley couldn’t help but give her a few glances as well.

When his mother had died, Linley had only been four or five years old. He didn’t have any memories of her at all. However, as Linley looked at this beautiful, pale-skinned woman, he had a certain feeling…as though his soul was shaken slightly. “I’ll still have to rely on Father to make the true determination! Father and mother went through life and death together; he will definitely be able to make a clear determination.”  Linley mused.

In the skies of the Divine Light Realm. Linley’s wind-type Sovereign body was hastening this way, bringing his father, Hogg, with him.

“Father,  Augusta  has  already  brought  out  the  Angel  that seems to be Mother.” Linley said suddenly.

“Already?” A tinge of an excited red blush was on Hogg’s face.

“However, I can’t be completely certain yet.” Linley looked at his father. “Shortly, Father, you will have the chance to take a close look and see if it is Mother or not.”
“I will definitely be able to tell at one glance.”  Hogg was completely certain. At this point in time, a luxurious, dazzling island appeared within Linley and Hogg’s fields of vision. With green light flashing about them, Linley and Hogg entered the island.

Within the water garden.

“Swoosh.” Two figures descended from the skies; it was the green-haired Linley and Hogg. The green-haired Linley walked towards Linley’s original body, and then the two merged into one.

Upon landing…
Hogg seemed to be able to see only a single person; that brown-haired Angel, standing off to the side by herself.

Hogg’s mouth opened, but he didn’t say anything. His eyes instantly turned red.

“Li…Lina!” Hogg finally called out in a trembling voice. 
The Twelve-Winged Angel turned her gaze towards Hogg, looking at him with curiosity. Ever so slightly, she frowned.

“Lina, you don’t recognize me?”  Hogg immediately charged forward, grabbing the Twelve-Winged Angels hands. The Angel didn’t dare to act without permission, and so with a flash, she hurriedly dodged to one side.

“Father, don’t be impatient.” Linley hurriedly shouted.

“What is going on?” Hogg turned to look at Linley.

“Father, you tell me. Is she my mother?” Linley immediately asked.

“Yes! Absolutely, yes!”  Hogg was completely certain. “They look absolutely identical. And her smell…I would never be able to forget it!” Hogg could still remember the scent of his wife, Lina, as she lay against him. Upon seeing the brown-haired Angel, he instantly became certain… This was his wife!

“Haha,  Linley,  so  you  are  searching  for  your  mother.” Augusta began to laugh. “No wonder you care so much about this matter, Linley. I told you long ago that this was her; no need to be worried! In addition, according to the intelligence reports that my subordinates provided, in the past ten thousand years, there have only been three Deity-level Angel souls provided by the Yulan Plane; two men, one woman. Only one soul became a Twelve-Winged Angel; the woman’s! It’s actually quite odd. Ten thousand years, the Yulan Plane’s church offered that soul, but since then, they haven’t offered any at all.”
But Linley knew why.

It was because…the Radiant Church had been annihilated.
Naturally, it wouldn’t be able to sacrifice any more souls.

“For the two of you, mother and son, to be reunited is a joyous occasion.” Augusta chortled as he spoke. 
The Chief Sovereign of Fate, Orloff, chuckled and nodded slightly as well.

“Right. This is my mother.” Linley didn’t hide it at all, and he looked towards Augusta and said solemnly, “Augusta, as I see it, let’s do this quickly. Give my mother her free will back, and I will give you the blood essences of the Four Divine Beasts. Right. Of the blood essences, there are only twenty eight drops of Black Tortoise blood essence; two drops are missing. Thus, I added two drops of Vermillion Bird blood essence to make up for it. Is that alright?”
“That’s not too much of an issue.”
Augusta looked towards Linley, then said slowly, “Linley, I have to inform you of something. After you hear what I have to say, you can decide as to whether or not you wish to make this trade.”
Linley’s heart trembled. He sensed that new variables were coming into play. 
“Speak.” Linley said.

Augusta explained, “Angels are created from souls that were sacrificed in material planes. Through the Angelic Resurrection Pools, they are reborn as Angels! There is another often-heard expression; that Angels are human-shaped weapons, and that they can no longer be considered true living creatures at all. Do you know the true meaning within these words?”
Linley frowned.

Couldn’t be considered true living creatures? What did this mean?

Augusta continued, “For a mortal soul to be instantly transformed into a Twelve-Winged Angel…how could any living creature possibly instantly increase in power by that much?” “When  they  are  transformed  by  the  Angelic  Resurrection Pool, even their souls are slightly changed. Their souls are now no longer contained within their minds, but within their Angelcore; the Angelcore is the nucleus of their existence!” Augusta explained. “In addition, during the transformation, their soul will be changed as well, and all of their former memories will be wiped away. The only thing left to them will be their absolute loyalty to the Sovereigns of Light!”
Linley’s heart trembled.

“Augusta, are you saying…?” Linley had a rather foreboding feeling.

“Right. The Angelic Resurrection Pools, the places where Angels are created, aren’t something that we are capable of creating. The changes they unleash upon the soul are irreversible! Your mother is currently under my control, but even if I give her freedom, your mother would be nothing more than an emancipated Angel. She still won’t have any of the memories from before she became an Angel!” Augusta looked at Linley. Linley instantly felt somewhat lost.

He had thought that upon gaining her freedom, his mother would also regain her memories.

But now, it seemed, that was completely impossible.

Augusta’s words were quite reasonable. It was the Angelic Resurrection Pool which had transformed her. The only thing which Augusta could do was to give Linley’s mother free will; he wasn’t able to reverse the changes to her soul.

“Father.” Linley turned to look at Hogg.

The nearby Hogg had heard and understood. He knew that there was no way for his wife, Lina, to regain her memories. His face couldn’t help but turn pale as well, but upon seeing Linley turn to him, Hogg still squeezed out a smile. He sent mentally, “Linley, if there is no way to recover her memories, then there is no way. It will be as though your mother and I are meeting again for the first time.” “Alright.” Linley nodded slightly.

“Linley, if you aren’t able to accept this, then we can just go ahead and put aside our agreement.”  The Chief Sovereign of Light looked at Linley.

“No need. You can let my mother regain her freedom.” Linley looked at the Chief Sovereign of Light.

Augusta nodded, then gritted his teeth and closed his eyes.

“Eh?” Linley, through his fused divine sense, could tell that Augusta had sent out a tendril of his own divine sense into the mind of the Angel. Slowly, Augusta’s face began to turn rather pale.

“Hmph.” Augusta let out a low growl. Suddenly, Augusta’s face turned bone white, and his entire body swayed uncontrollably. The nearby Chief Sovereign of Fate, Orloff, waved his hand, sending out a surge of Sovereign power to press against Augusta, preventing him from falling.

“Wait a while. I need to rest a moment.” Augusta said, then immediately closed his eyes to focus internally.

“It seems as though Augusta’s soul has been damaged.” Linley watched this all happen. He had no idea at all as to the price which Augusta had paid to let Linley’s mother recover her free will. However, from what the Chief Sovereign of Death and others had said, Linley knew that there was definitely a very, very high price to be paid for allowing an Angel to regain free will.

Augusta didn’t even ask Linley for the blood essences of the Four Divine Beasts; he had first immediately begun to work to recover.

And now, Linley looked towards his mother, Lina. Lina had only been frowning pensively earlier, but now, a look of surprised delight appeared on her face. Lina looked at Hogg. Slightly puzzled, she said, “Based on the conversation you had, you…were my husband, prior to my transformation into an Angel?”  Angels were all capable of logic and rational thought.

They were Angels and had no potential for future advancement, but they were absolutely dedicated to the Sovereigns.

“Lina, I’m Hogg. Do you remember anything?” Hogg immediately walked before her, his eyes shining. “Do you still remember that torrential, pouring storm of rain we weathered together on Mt. Wushan? Do you still remember our home, Wushan township? Do you remember that night when you were taken away from me, at that hotel in the city of Fenlai?”
Lina was slightly startled. A lost look appeared in her eyes, and she shook her head slightly. “I, I don’t.”
Hogg’s eyes couldn’t help but darken, but he immediately said, “That’s fine. You’ll know in the future. I’ll take you back to the Yulan Plane.”
“I know that I became a Twelve-Winged Angel less than ten thousand years ago.” Lina then let out a beautiful smile. “And I also have the feeling…that your aura seems so familiar. Even though, in my memories, I can’t find a reason why.”
Despite having had her soul transformed, there was still a hint of blurry recognition in her subconscious, with regards to the person she had loved in her former life.

“Truly?” Hogg couldn’t help but feel wildly overjoyed.

“Yes.” Lina nodded slightly.

Linley, watching this to one side, couldn’t help but feel rather satisfied in his heart. Although his mother had already lost her previous memories after becoming an Angel, perhaps because of what had happened in her previous life, she still had special feelings towards Hogg. “How terrible.” The ashen-faced Augusta opened his eyes, the light in them slightly dimmer than before. He glanced sideways at Linley. “Although I understood that the price to be paid for allowing an Angel to regain free will would be very high…I have never actually done such a thing in the past. The price was even greater than what I had expected.”
The nearby Chief Sovereign of Fate, Orloff, chuckled. “Augusta,  since  you’ve  already  done  it,  what’s  the  point  of feeling regret?”
“Give  me  the  blood  essences  of  the  Four  Divine  Beasts.” Augusta looked towards Linley.

Linley didn’t play any tricks either. Waving his hand, he made four small bottles appear. “Eleven drops of Azure Dragon blood essence, twenty eight of the Black Tortoise, thirty of the White Tiger, and thirty two for the Vermillion Bird.”
Augusta swept the bottles with his divine sense, and a hint of a smile finally appeared on his face. “I hope this doesn’t disappoint me.” Augusta murmured, and he collected the four bottles. The nearby Chief Sovereign of Fate, Orloff, couldn’t help but look at the four bottles, his eyes flashing with light. He very much wanted to be in possession of those four bottles, and given his power, there was no way at all that Linley and Augusta would be able to resist him.

However, giving his pride, the Chief Sovereign of Fate, Orloff, just quietly watched as this all happened.

“Augusta, this matter is concluded. I will leave now.” Linley said.

Augusta didn’t try to keep him for any longer. Immediately afterwards, Linley took his father, ‘Hogg’, and his mother, ‘Lina’, and departed, transforming into a streak of green light which disappeared into the horizons.

In mid-flight.

Linley let out a secret sigh of relief as he watched his mother and his father chat. “It is fortunate that Mother seems to have a slight, faint impression of Father. Otherwise, she probably wouldn’t be willing to leave with us. Her memories…alas, the Angelic Resurrection Pool really is…ugh.”
There was nothing which Linley could do at all.

When ordinary mortals died, they would transform into departed souls. The weaker ones would transform into weak undead, while the strong ones would transform into powerful undead. The soul itself wouldn’t change at all, and upon becoming a Deity, the undead would regain their memories.

But Angels were completely different. His mother had been an ordinary mortal, but after her transformation, she had become a Twelve-Winged Angel, comparable to a Seven Star Fiend. For her to have increased in power by that much without her soul being impacted? Not even Linley would believe that.

“Now, the only option is to rely on time. To let Mother slowly grow accustomed to us and accept us.”  Although Linley was slightly disappointed, the smile on his father’s face brought him a hint of satisfaction as well.

Chapter 28, Beginning to Act

A month later. The Higher Plane of the Infernal Realm. Bloodridge Continent, Indigo Prefecture, the Skyrite Mountains.

“Haha…” A three year old toddler was happily running about on the grass. Hogg and Lina were seated to one side, accompanying the toddler in playing about.

Linley, Wharton, and Bebe sat together, watching this scene.

“Big Brother…look at Father. Ever since Mother returned, Father’s been much happier.”  Wharton laughed as he spoke. “In the past, although Father would occasionally be happy when seeing us, he would always be thinking of Mother, and he would then seem so dispirited. He’s fine now.”
“He is.” Linley smiled and let out an emotional sigh. His mother, Lina, had been back for a month now. During this period of time, the relationship between Linley’s father and mother had advanced considerably.

However, Lina clearly found it much harder to accept Linley and Wharton. Although she often smiled when meeting Linley and Wharton, and had grown a bit closer to them, the way she treated Linley and Wharton clearly could not be compared with the way she treated Hogg. Perhaps it was because, when Lina had died, Linley had only been a four year old child, while Wharton had been a mere newborn.

Lina’s subconscious didn’t have any memories of the adult Linley or Wharton.

“After a bit of time, Father will take Mother back to the Yulan Plane. At that point in time, when she sees Mt. Wushan and our  old  home,  perhaps  Mother  will  start  to  remember.” Wharton said.

Because of Linley’s unique stature within the Yulan Plane, their ancestral estate had been kept in very good condition. 
“When the time comes, I will return alongside Father and Mother.”  Linley  laughed  calmly.  “I  am  also  going  to  begin establishing my divine plane of wind.”
“Boss, I want to go as well.” Bebe said hurriedly. “I want to see you set up your divine wind of plane as well, Boss.”
“I’m only sending my wind-type Sovereign clone over, and not my other clones.” Linley said with a laugh.

Right at this moment, Linley suddenly raised his head as he thought to himself, “Eh? Boson came?”
Linley’s divine sense had discovered that the Bloodridge Sovereign was hastening towards him.

“Wait  here  for  now.  I  need  to  go  back  to  my  residence.” Linley said, and then with a flicker, he arrived within the residence he used for training. Linley’s residence was a place where not even maids could enter without permission. 
Liniley sat down next to a stone table for a few moments, and a blood-robed figure descended from the skies. It was the Bloodridge Sovereign, Boson.

“Boson, please sit.” Linley said with a laugh.

“Linley, this is my second time coming to your place in just one  or  two  months.”   The  Bloodridge  Sovereign  laughed. “Right, last time, I chatted with you a bit regarding the tenth Planar War. You seemed to have encountered some problems back then. Have those been resolved?” During their last chat, Linley’s face had suddenly turned so ugly, and he had completely lost his composure. Naturally, the Bloodridge Sovereign had noticed.

This was why he had stopped chatting with Linley and had instead immediately left.

“Apologies.   Last   time,   I   did   indeed   encounter   some problems.”  Linley laughed, then stretched his hand out and personally poured some wine for himself and the Bloodridge Sovereign. “However, everything has now been resolved.”
“It  is  good  that  it  has  been  resolved.”   The  Bloodridge Sovereign laughed. “Linley, when will you begin to search for Emissaries?”
“Boson, it appears you care about this matter quite a bit.” Linley tipped his cup slightly towards the Bloodridge Sovereign, who let out a resigned laugh and raised his own cup. The two immediately drowned their cups, and then the Bloodridge Sovereign said helplessly, “I’m not the one who cares. This is an assignment which the Chief Sovereign of Destruction has given me. He knows that we are on fairly close terms.”
Linley nodded slightly.

“In addition, virtually all the other Sovereigns already have Emissaries. Those Emissaries were carefully selected by their Sovereigns, who aren’t willing to just throw them away to their deaths. Even if the Sovereigns were willing, the Emissaries probably wouldn’t be.”  The Bloodridge Sovereign explained.

Emissaries wouldn’t necessarily follow every single order of a Sovereign.

If a Sovereign sent an Emissary out to die, could it be that the Emissary would actually accept?

“So what, I’m supposed to send MY Emissaries out to die?” Linley rebutted.

“Linley.”  The Bloodridge Sovereign said hurriedly. “That’s not what we mean. You should go casually pick out some Emissary candidates, then tell them that if they want to be your Emissary, they have to be tested; tested in the Planar Battlefield. You will first give them a Sovereign artifact! If they survive, they will become a true Emissary. If they die…then in the future, you can find other Emissaries.”
The Bloodridge Sovereign let out a laugh. “As I see it, there will be quite a few people who are willing to risk their lives for the chance to become a Sovereign’s Emissary.”
“You people…you really are sending them to their deaths, you know.” Linley truly wanted to curse.

“They  are  naturally  going  of  their  own  free  will.”   The Bloodridge Sovereign laughed smugly. “We aren’t forcing them to go.”
True, they weren’t being forced.

Those people who were already Emissaries naturally wouldn’t go risk their lives for the sake of a bit of Sovereign’s Might.

But it was much more likely for those who had not yet become Emissaries to be willing to risk themselves for the sake of becoming an Emissary and receiving a Sovereign artifact. The Deities who dared to roam about the Higher Planes and the Divine Planes were mostly an adventuresome lot to begin with. When it was necessary, they would be willing to give the dice a roll. Success meant they would have a Sovereign artifact and become an Emissary, gaining status that was even higher than an Asura’s. They would become one of the most elite
Deities in existence. Failure? Naturally, they would perish.

“The other Sovereigns already have Emissaries; they don’t have any spare spots on the roster. But you do, and you have six of them.” The Bloodridge Sovereign let out a sigh. “There will be very, very few commander-level experts who will enter this Planar War! Thus, six Emissaries will be akin to the edge of the blade, the vanguard for the armies! As long as they aren’t so stupid as to just fight head on, the six of them will be extremely useful.”
Linley nodded slightly as well.

Commander-level experts would naturally be of tremendous use in the Planar Wars. But the most useful of all would be Paragons! “Why don’t you go find a few Paragons? Paragons are even more effective.” Linley said.

“In the past, the Paragons were fearless, but this time… Linley, think about it. Every single person who enters will have Sovereign’s Might.” The Bloodridge Sovereign couldn’t help but laugh. “A group attack, with every single person using Sovereign’s Might at full power…even a Paragon would be in mortal danger. Tell me, what can Sovereigns use to persuade those Paragons to enter? Unless they are provided with something sufficiently alluring, they won’t possibly enter.”
Linley had to nod in acknowledgment.

It was true that Sovereigns didn’t have enough they could use to entice Paragons to enter. Sovereign artifacts? They were limited to bestowing a single Sovereign artifact to their Emissaries. Aside from Sovereign artifacts, what else could attract the interest of a Paragon?

“Paragons, when facing an entire army of Highgods who all use Sovereign’s Might, will probably have a 50% chance of death.”  The Bloodridge Sovereign said. “As for commanders, even if they are careful, the chance that they will die in such a terrible situation is probably greater than 90%. If they are so stupid as to try and fight head on, they will definitely perish.”
The Bloodridge Sovereign let out a resigned laugh. “Thus, please invite a few Emissaries to enter the Planar War. If this time, we are successful, I imagine that the Chief Sovereign of Destruction will be grateful to you.”
Linley understood that although the Bloodridge Sovereign had nominally come to chat with him, in reality, he was here carrying out the orders of the Chief Sovereign of Destruction.

“Alright. I agree.” Linley nodded.

For the Chief Sovereign of Destruction to owe him a debt was a good thing.

As for Emissaries? Although this was extremely dangerous for them, it was also an opportunity. The only question was, would they have the skill to survive it.

“Haha, that’s more like it.” The Bloodridge Sovereign was quite pleased. “Right. When will you head out?”
“Head  out?  No  rush.  I’m  still  thinking  about  it.  Where should I go to find Emissaries?” Linley said helplessly. “Even if I send my divine sense out to cover the entire Infernal Realm, I’m only able to tell the difference between Demigods, Gods, and Highgods. There’s no way for me to tell how many profound mysteries a person has fused.”
The bloodridge Sovereign let out a laugh. “I have two methods. I don’t know which one you will prefer.”
“Speak.” Linley’s eyes lit up.

“The first is to go to a Fiend Castle and acquire data on all Seven Star Fiends. Since it is the Chief Sovereign of Destruction who stands behind the Fiend Castle, it will be very easy for you to acquire all the information you want on the various  Seven  Star  Fiends.”  The  Bloodridge  Sovereign  said with a laugh.

Linley nodded slightly, but at the same time, he sighed in his heart. So it was the Chief Sovereign of Destruction who stood as the backer for the Fiend Castles? No wonder it was spread throughout the Infernal Realm.

“And the second method?” Linley asked with a laugh.

“Linley,  all  of  the  Sovereigns  have  their  own  domains  of authority.” The Bloodridge Sovereign laughed. “For example, my domain is the Bloodridge Continent! The Redbud Continent belongs to the Redbud Sovereign. The seven Sovereigns of Light, in the Divine Light Plane, each have seven areas which they have authority over.”
Linley suddenly began to understand.

“Per the same principles, the seven Sovereigns of Wind, the seven Sovereigns of Earth, and the seven Sovereigns of Water all  have  their  own  territories.”   The  Bloodridge  Sovereign laughed. “The domain you rule over in the Divine Wind Plane is the domain which that Teresia, who you killed, ruled over. The same goes for the Divine Earth Plane and the Divine Water Plane.”
“The Lord Prefects and other similarly ranked individuals in each domain, along with the soldiers of that domain, will all obey  your  commands.”   The  Bloodridge  Sovereign  laughed calmly. “You can simply go to one of your domains, then easily learn which experts reside within the bounds of your domains.”
“My domains? Three of them?”
Linley couldn’t help but laugh.

“Sovereigns might die, but the domains do not change, nor will the Lord Prefects. For example, even if someone killed me, Boson, once the next Sovereign of Destruction arose, that person would still be in charge of the Bloodridge continent. All of the Lord Prefects of the Bloodridge Continent, as well as the Bloodridge  Army,  would  obey  that  person’s  orders.” The Bloodridge Sovereign explained.

“Oh…” Linley began to laugh. “I choose the second method! I’ll simultaneously choose Emissaries as well as familiarize myself with my territory.”
This sort of system was very natural. The battles between Sovereigns thus wouldn’t affect the boundaries of each domain.

“Linley,  I  know  that  you  have  only  recently  become  a Sovereign, and so you don’t have many Sovereign artifacts. I have a few here; three weapon-type Sovereign artifacts, three defensive Sovereign artifacts, and three soul-protecting Sovereign artifacts.” The Bloodridge Sovereign casually waved his hand, and nine Sovereign artifacts appeared, hovering in midair.

The defensive Sovereign artifacts were all in the form of armor, while the Sovereign weapons were divided into axe, longsword, and warblade; these three commonly seen artifacts. 
As for the soul-protecting Sovereign artifacts, they were divided into a ring, an earring, and a necklace.

“You have quite a few.” Linley couldn’t help but chuckle.

The  Bloodridge  Sovereign  said  disdainfully,  “Sovereign artifacts, to Sovereigns, are in plentiful supply. They are to us what divine artifacts are to Deities; how many divine artifacts exist in the Infernal Realm, do you think?”
Linley had to nod in acknowledgment. In the Infernal Realm, divine artifacts were commonplace tools that could be seen everywhere. Even divine sparks were numerous beyond measure, to say nothing of divine artifacts.
“Our fear is that too many Sovereign artifacts would lead to a disaster, which is why the Sovereigns originally created the agreement that each Emissary would only be given a single Sovereign artifact. Similarly, you would only be able to, at most, give a son, a daughter, a wife, or a husband a single Sovereign artifact. Aside from Emissaries and close family, Sovereign artifacts cannot be handed out to anyone else.” The Bloodridge Sovereign said.

Linley memorized this as well.

Half a month later, Linley’s wind-type Sovereign clone returned to the Yulan Plane along with his father and mother. The two of them naturally went to Wushan Township, while Linley’s wind-type Sovereign clone tore through the walls of space and entered chaotic space, right outside the Yulan Plane, beginning to establish his own divine plane of wind.

Only by increasing his insights in the profound mysteries of the Laws of the Wind would Linley find it easier to learn how to travel on the path of fusing four types of Laws.

His wind-type Sovereign clone was establishing a divine plane, while his water Sovereign clone, and divine fire clone remained on guard in the Infernal Realm while accompanying his wife, Delia. As for Linley’s original body and his earth-type Sovereign clone, they left the Infernal Realm.

A blurry light flashed as Linley and Bebe activated the teleportation array.

“Boss, this time, as we go searching for Emissaries, you need to leave two slots to me and let me make the choice! Heh he, I want to try out the process of choosing Emissaries and see how it feels.” Bebe sent.

“No problem.” Linley laughed.

The blurry light which had shot into the heavens slowly vanished. Linley and Bebe had already arrived in another plane. “We are at the Divine Wind Plane.”  Bebe’s eyes lit up as he sent, “Come, Boss, let’s go check out your territory.”

Chapter 29, Windhunter

The Divine Wind Plane. The Qingya Continent. In the skies, a sword-shaped metallic lifeform was advancing at high speed, moving like a flash of light.

Linley and Bebe were seated opposite of each other.

Next to them, a two meter tall man with black hair that gleamed like iron needles was standing respectfully. The black- haired  man  said  courteously,  “Sovereign,  based  on  the intelligence reports of our Qingya Army, in the Qingya Continent, there are more than a thousand supreme experts worthy of your consideration, Sovereign. We can just select a location, then begin to choose from them. But right now, we…”
Linley glanced at the black-haired fellow, then chuckle, “Boo [A’bu], are you in a rush?”
“No, no.” The black-haired fellow instantly shook his head. The Divine Wind Plane had a total of nine major continents, which were divided up according to the various levels of power of the seven Sovereigns. The ocean was extremely large, but was completely controlled by the Chief Sovereign of Wind, who also had his own continent on top of that. The other Lesser Sovereigns were only in control of one continent each, while the Intermediate Sovereigns controlled two each.

The continent which Teresia had controlled was the ‘Qingya Continent’.

And so, Linley’s territory within the Divine Wind Plane was naturally the Qingya Continent as well.

The Qingya Continent had the Qingya Army, which was directly subordinate to the Qingya Sovereign. The Qingya Army’s commander was this ‘Boo’.

“This Sovereign has quite a strange temperament, but he’s not a bad fellow.” Boo mused to himself. “Still, how powerful is Sovereign Linley, exactly? Why is it that from the earlier conversation between Lord Linley and Chief Sovereign Diya, I seemed to feel as though…Lord Diya was somewhat afraid of Lord Linley? Why did he speak so pleasantly towards him?”
“One is a Chief Sovereign, while the other is a Sovereign. But it seems as though the positions are reversed.”  Boo was filled with confusion.

Upon arriving at the Divine Wind Plane, Linley had naturally gone to seek out the Chief Sovereign of Wind, Diya.

Diya, upon seeing that Linley had come to pay him a visit, was so frightened that the look on his face had changed.

Diya still remembered quite clearly the sight of Linley easily using a single sword blow to badly wound the Chief Sovereign of Lightning, eradicating his earth Sovereign clone and frightening him so badly that he had fled without even daring to look back. Given Linley’s power, it would be very easy for him to eradicate the Chief Sovereign of Wind, Diya.

What was worse was that Linley and Diya didn’t have a good relationship between them, only enmity. Upon seeing Linley arrive, naturally Diya had been frightened!

However, Linley hadn’t attacked, and instead discussed the matter of ‘territory’ with him.

Diya had immediately offered to gift Linley with the continent he controlled, but Linley had declined.

Afterwards, Diya had personally taken Linley to locate the commander of the Qingya Army, ‘Boo’, and had told Boo that Linley was now the controller of the Qingya Continent. Boo, however, had paid close attention to the attitudes and speaking mannerisms of the two as they had chatted, and he had instantly grown puzzled.

After all, while chatting with Linley, Diya would subconsciously act as though he were on a lower level.

“Boo,  don’t  be  impatient.  Let  us  now  go  to  the  Bluelion Domain.” Linley said with a calm laugh. “Sovereign,  are  you  planning  to…?”  A  thought  instantly arose in Boo’s mind.

The nearby Bebe snickered, “My Boss is naturally intending to go to the Bluelion Domain to see that challenge! You must understand that the challenge will take place a month from now. My Boss naturally is in no hurry, so we can just fly there slowly in this metallic lifeform. We should arrive in the Bluelion Domain just in time.”
Given how fast Sovereigns travelled at, they could arrive in the Bluefire Domain in an hour or so.

However, Linley instead chose to leisurely ride aboard his metallic lifeform and roam about slowly.

This so-called ‘leisurely speed’, however, was only leisurely for Sovereigns. To ordinary Highgods, their metallic lifeform was flying about at terrifying speeds.

“Sovereigns really have too much time on their hands.” Boo mused to himself. 
“Boss, how much time do you plan to spend on your search for your six Emissaries?”  Bebe sent. “It has been many years since we’ve gone out for a stroll. This time, we need to wander around a bit longer.”
Although they were nominally searching for Emissaries, in truth, they were also relaxing themselves.

“No rush. This Divine Plane is vast and endless…all we need to do is finish finding the Emissaries before the Planar War begins.” Linley said with a laugh.

“Actually, it is fine if we finish after the Planar War begins. After all, during the course of the Planar War, commander- level experts can still enter.” Bebe snickered.

The commander of the Qingya Army, Boo, blinked as he listened. The Divine Wind Plane. The Qingya Continent. The Bluelion Domain.

“Sovereign, today is the day of the challenge. The Seven Star Windhunter, ‘Russell’ [La’sai’er], will be challenging the Lord of the Bluelion Domain, ‘Ombarafael’ [Wu’mu’bu’la’fei’er]. This Seven Star Windhunter, Russell, is very famous in our Divine Wind Plane, and is legendary for his speed and guile. But of course, his power is tremendous as well.” Boo said respectfully through divine sense.

At this moment, Linley and Bebe were striding up a mountain, shoulder-to-shoulder, while the black-haired Boo followed from behind.

Linley still remembered the many scryer recordings which the intelligence networks had provided him via Boo. They had describe more than a thousand experts of the Qingya Continent, each of which was at least a Seven Star Windhunter in power, and who all had their own supreme techniques. 
‘Windhunter’ was a term of address in the Divine Wind Plane.

This was much like how ‘Fiend’ was a term of address in the Infernal Realm.

A Seven Star Windhunter was the same as a Seven Star Fiend.

“Today’s battle will occur deep within the mountain gorge.
Quite a few people have come to watch.” Boo sent mentally.

Linley nodded slightly.

Many figures flew past them in midair. Even this mountain road had quite a few figures on it. Only, the Deities all advanced in a graceful, fast manner, bounding forward a thousand kilometers with just a few steps. Although Linley’s group of three didn’t want to astonish the ordinary people present, they still travelled dozens of kilometers with each step.

“Eh? Boo, unless someone has intentionally transformed himself into the challenge, ‘Russell’, I think he is right behind us.” Linley said with a calm laugh.

“Oh?” Boo was rather surprised.

As a Sovereign, how tremendous was Linley’s divine sense? He could easily detect that a person was agilely flying forwards. Curious, Linley glanced towards this Russell.

Russell was a youth who was handsome enough to make any woman fall for him. He appeared rather weak and soft, and he had a smile that could mesmerize the gods themselves. It could be said that if Russell was a woman, he definitely would have caused countless Deities to go wild for him. But fortunately, he was a man.

Although his soft and feminine looks made many people dislike him, his innate charisma made it so that quite a few people would immediately fell kindly disposed towards him upon seeing him.

“It has been so many years. Given my current power, I should be able to act against Ombarafael by now.” Russell flew across the mountain forests while musing to himself. “It doesn’t matter. After having reached this level in my training, it is virtually impossible for me to advance any further. I’m not willing to wait any longer either.”
There were quite a few figures about this mountainous forest.

While flying over, Russell’s gaze suddenly focused, then tightened.

“Is  that…”  Russell  was  greatly  shocked.  “Bebe?  And  the Paragon, Linley?”
Russell swept the two of them with his gaze. He didn’t recognize Commander Boo of the Qingya Army, only Linley and Bebe. Boo, as the commander, rarely showed his face. There were quite a few legends regarding him in the Divine Wind Plane, but very, very few who had actually met him!

As for Linley and Bebe, prior to this, Linley’s defeat of Magnus during the Planar War had caused his name to become widespread. Quite a few people had recorded down scryer recordings of that battle, and even Bebe had been recorded down alongside Linley.

Naturally, the information regarding Linley and Bebe had quickly spread to the various planes.

Virtually all figures at the Seven Star Fiend level or higher would know about him, so long as they weren’t complete recluses.

“Swoosh!” Russell’s body flickered as he flew towards Linley’s group of three.

“Eh?” Linley couldn’t help but turn to look at Russell. This Russell revealed a laugh on his face, and he immediately set up a Godrealm, separating this region from the outside world. He said respectfully, “Greetings, Mr. Linley.”
“Uh…” Linley was stunned.

“You know my Boss?” Bebe was rather surprised as well.

Russell laughed, “In the past, when Mr. Linley battled Magnus and exiled Magnus into chaotic space, the battle was recorded down. Those scryer recordings have spread quite far, and some of my friends and I have watched them. Ever since that day, I memorized your appearance, Mr. Linley. Naturally, I also memorized Mr. Linley’s good friend, ‘Bebe’ as well.”
Linley and Bebe exchanged glances.

“I   overlooked   that.”    Linley   laughed   helplessly   as   his appearance changed. After becoming a Sovereign, Linley had become much less vigilant. In the entire universe, only the Chief Sovereigns of the Edicts were capable of causing him to feel concerned. He had come to the Divine Wind Plane to roam about with the intent of being a tourist, and so he hadn’t really thought things over. Only now did he realize that there was a problem here.

“Mr. Linley, your aura is completely retracted. After changing your appearance, others won’t be able to recognize you.” Russell immediately laughed.

“You  were  able  recognize  me  just  based  on  appearance?” Linley asked with some curiosity.

“Appearance was part of it. The second part was the fact that your aura was completely retracted. For even me to be unable to sense it…definitely means that this person’s power vastly surpasses my own.” Russell laughed. “Why would someone on this level of power be so bored as to impersonate someone else? That was why I was certain that the person in front of me was definitely you, Mr. Linley.” Linley couldn’t help but laugh. “You are quite meticulous, it seems.”
“Quite clever. However, today, you are going to go challenge that Lord of the Bluelion Domain, yes?” Bebe let out a chortle. “Kid, are you confident in being able to win?”
“I’m not. However, it won’t be easy for him to defeat me either.” Russell laughed calmly.

Linley and Bebe thus headed off towards the deep gorge alongside Russell. Boo, by their side, laughed secretly, “Russell only knows that Lord Linley is a Paragon, but he has no idea… that Lord Linley is now a Sovereign! If he knew, he most likely wouldn’t act so casually.”
Boo had changed his appearance long ago. Only someone extremely familiar with Boo would be able to recognize him.

In addition, as the commander of the Qingya Army, Boo rarely had to show himself, and so very few people knew him. 
Deep within the wide, spacious gorge within the mountains, there was a dense assemblage of more than a million people. All of them chatted quietly, while the many soldiers maintained military order.

Linley’s group of four arrived in the front of the crowd.

A black-robed elder spied Russell from afar. He couldn’t help but feel excited as he hurriedly went to greet him. “Mr. Russell, the Domain Lord has already arrived and is waiting for you.”
“Hmph, he came quite quickly. However, after today, the position of Lord of the Bluelion Domain will be mine.” Russell let out a cold laugh, then turned and glanced at Linley’s group of three. He sent mentally, “Mr. Linley, you’ll have to excuse me for now. I’m going to go fight Ombarafael.”
“We will watch here.” Bebe chortled. Russell immediately flew into the skies, towards the empty central area.

The handsome, delicate-looking Russell’s eyes were currently filled with a cold, steely, knife-like look. He swept the area with his gaze, then let out a cold laugh before falling silent.

“It is Russell!”
Instantly, the million-plus spectating Deities all grew excited.
A flood of discourse instantly began to erupt.

“Everyone!” A clear voice rang out, echoing throughout the valley. Instantly, all the spectators fell silent.

The speaker was the black-robed elder who had welcome Russell. The black-robed elder hovered there in midair, saying in  a  clear  voice,  “This  battle  involves  the  Seven  Star Windhunter, Russell, and our Domain Lord. Russell has already appeared. Immediately afterwards, let us welcome his Lordship, Lord Ombarafael!”
The distant group of soldiers suddenly split apart, creating a human corridor. A muscular man who was three meters tall, dressed completely in blue furs, walked over, step by step. This man’s face was covered with fur as well, and his eyes glowed dimly with a fear-inducing green light.

The Domain Lord of the Bluelion Domain…Ombarafael!

At this moment, the bestial-looking Lord of the Bluelion Domain was currently staring towards Russell.

The battle was about to begin! “Boss, who do you think will win?” Bebe, also watching the battle, sent mentally to Linley.

“Do you truly think me omniscient?”  Linley let out a calm laugh. “Let’s just watch. Aside from that challenge I personally issued, after going through those hundred Arena battles, I’ve never before seen anyone challenge a Lord Prefect or a Domain Lord.”

Chapter 30, Sovereign’s Emissaries

The million-plus Deities watching all held their breaths. The massive valley was completely silent.

“I didn’t expect, Russell, that a coward like you would dare to challenge  me.”  A  deep,  rumbling  voice  rang  out  from  the mouth of the Lord of the Bluelion Domain. The Lord stared with bestial eyes towards Russell. “In the past, during the Windhunter Trials, the only thing you were able to do was hide and quiver, you coward.”
Upon hearing this, Russell’s face turned as cold as ice water. A sharp looked flashed through his eyes as he said, “Don’t be smug. After today, the position of Lord of Bluelion Domain will no longer be yours.”
“You seem quite confident.” The Lord of the Bluelion Domain snickered.

The Lord of the Bluelion Domain stretched out his divine sense. It was only natural; when battle began, relying on one’s eyes alone wasn’t enough. Using divine sense to keep track of one’s surroundings was important. It must be understand that this empty space in midair had a circumference of multiple kilometers. Upon reaching out with his divine sense, the Lord of the Bluelion Domain naturally also encompassed the surrounding spectators with it…including Linley, Bebe, and Boo!

“Bouvier [Bu’wei’er]!” The Lord of the Bluelion Domain was shocked.

As Domain Lords under the command of the Sovereign, all Domain Lords naturally would occasionally gather to pay their respects to their Sovereign. At times like that, they would see the commander of the army, Bouvier. Although Bouvier had changed his appearance, there was no way he could change his soul aura. Thus, this Obarafael, the Lord of the Bluelion Domain, naturally was able to instantly recognize who Bouvier truly was.

‘Boo’ was nothing more than a nickname the Sovereigns had given Bouvier. The other Domain Lords all generally referred to him as Mr.

“Why is Bouvier here? In addition, he seems to be extremely respectful towards the two next to him. That youngster is a Highgod; I can tell. But as for that brown-haired man…hm. Also, given that Bouvier is the commander of the Qingya Army, he wouldn’t act so respectfully, even towards Paragons.”
The Lord of the Bluelion Domain came to a conclusion. “Can it be that this person is a Sovereign?”
This conclusion…badly shocked the Lord of the Bluelion Domain.

“Obarafel, fight as you normally would.” A voice rang out in the Lord of the Bluelion Domain’s voice. The speaker was Bouvier. Bouvier knew…that this old acquaintance had recognized him.

“Mr. Bouvier, the person next to you…” The Lord of the Bluelion Domain immediately sent back. 
“Pretend you didn’t find out.” Bouvier sent to him.

The Lord of the Bluelion Domain was now completely convinced as to who the brown-haired man was.

“I didn’t expect that the Sovereign would actually come to my place! Right…this victory has to be a clean one.” The Lord of the Bluelion Domain, upon learning that his Sovereign was watching, felt his intent for battle surge. He gave the distant Russell a cold glance, laughing in his heart.

“BANG!” It was as though the air exploded. The Lord of the Bluelion Domain seemed to instantly cross the distance of a hundred meters between them. His giant, boulder-like fist surged forth, flashing with black light as it slashed out in a strange arc. It was like a meteor flashing through the heavens, piercing through the skies and striking towards Russell. World Meteor!

This was one of the supreme techniques available to Ombarafael, the Lord of the Bluelion Domain.

“Hmph.” Russell’s face turned cold.

“Swish!”  A dazzling blade flashed, releasing a waterfall of power and tearing through the surrounding space.

The cyan saber flash clashed directly head-on against the dazzling, meteoric fist.

Russell, his cyan scimitar in hand, borrowed from the force of the collision to retreat backwards gracefully at high speed. With an cyan flash, he retreated tens of meters away into the skies, but immediately afterwards, Russell’s body actually moved away by another few dozen kilometers, moving so quickly as to astonish all the watchers. “What astonishing speed.” Bebe sighed in amazement.

“Even faster than most commanders.” Linley’s eyes lit up as well.

The nearby ‘Boo’ sent mentally, “Sovereign, both Russell and Ombarafael are divine beasts. Russell is a ‘Nine-Tailed Windripper Fox’, and is innately gifted with great speed. Given that he also trains in the Laws of the Wind, it is only natural that he is extremely fast. In addition, as a ‘Nine-Tailed Windripper Fox’, he is born with great mesmerizing abilities, and the mesmerizing power of his soul is also quite terrifying. He is very hard to deal with.”
“Not bad. The first candidate I encounter seems to be quite excellent.” Linley had a hint of a smile on his face.

The Lord of the Bluelion Domain stood there, like an unbreakable fortress. As for Russell, he moved about at high speed, constantly changing his location, launching attacks from various angles. “It has been so many years, but you, you coward, are still only able to run about and flee.”  The Lord of the Bluelion Domain let out a snicker, then his gaze slowly turned cold. “Russell, I have no time to waste with you.”
“Bang!”  The Lord of the Bluelion Domain’s body suddenly began to blaze with an earthen yellow aura.

Earth-type Sovereign’s Might!

“You have it; do you think I do not?” Russell let out a cold laugh as well, and his body also began to blaze with a faint green aura. Since he had dared to come issue this challenge, Russell naturally had also prepared in advance.

And then…
“Screeeeech!” An ear-piercing sound suddenly rang out from Russell’s throat. An enormous, cyan-furred fox phantom, hundreds of meters in size, suddenly appeared behind Russell. This cyan-furred fox had nine furry tails, all of which were swaying gently. Anyone who stared at them would actually, unknowingly, begin to grow dizzy. Quite a few of the spectating Deities actually fell to the ground.

Innate divine ability – Mesmerizing Fantasy Domain!

A translucent sword shadow flashed out from Russell’s mouth, shooting directly towards the distant Lord of the Bluelion Domain.

The Lord of the Bluelion Domain, upon receiving this strike, swayed slightly.

“Roaaaaar!”  The Lord of the Bluelion Domain suddenly let out an enraged howl.

An enormous, thousand-meter tall, snowy-furred bear suddenly appeared, its jade green eyes staring towards Russell. The bear smote itself on its chest with its two massive, clawed bear paws. “BANG!”  With an enormous collision sound, an earthen yellow ripple blasted out from the bear’s chest in every direction, instantly encompassing an area of many kilometers, with Russell naturally being within this field as well.

Innate divine ability – World Collapser!

In the same instant…
That translucent sword-shape surged into the Lord of Bluelion Domain’s body, but the Lord of Bluelion Domain’s body only trembled. It didn’t seem to have much of an impact on him.

“Bastard. How could this fellow’s soul defense be so strong? How could my full-power attack have had such a limited impact on him?” Russell cursed angrily to himself.

“Haha…”  The  Lord  of  Bluelion  Domain  charged  towards Russell. “Not  good.”  Russell’s  face  changed  dramatically.  He  could clearly sense that the surrounding area had changed. That constant surge of ripples seemed to have formed into layers of waves that surged around him, and even created a unique ‘Gravitational Space’ type of effect around him. This technique drastically impacted Russell’s speed.

Russell knew that the situation was bad, but…it was too late.

“Haha…” Laughing wildly, the Lord of Bluelion Domain now used his most powerful attack, in conjunction with his unleashed innate divine ability.

A pair of enormous fists pierced through the skies like a pair of horned dragons, causing spatial whirlpools to appear and space to collapse.

“Not  good.”   Russell  retreated  frantically,  but  within  the innate divine ability field, his speed was inferior to his opponent’s. All he could do was roar in anger and furiously smash out with his blade. “BURST!”  The Lord of Bluelion Domain let out a furious roar.

The twin fists that had tore through the skies suddenly exploded with power.

“Bang!” The scimitar actually broke apart, inch by inch, and Russell’s body began to shake.

“How could this be…I’m finished.” Russell only felt a sense of powerlessness.

The Lord of Bluelion Domain, Ombarafael suddenly stared towards the front, baffled. “Where…did he go?”
Russell, who had been in a violent battle against the Lord of Bluelion Domain just moments ago, had now disappeared into thin air.

“Where did he go? How could this be?” “Can it be that the Lord of Bluelion Domain blasted Russell into nothingness?”
The million-plus spectating Deities stared, stupefied. They had watched as Russell had actually disappeared into thin air.

“Domain  Lord?”  The  black-robed  elder  immediately  flew over, looking towards the Lord of Bluelion Domain.

Ombarafael, the Lord of Bluelion Domain, immediately turned to look towards Linley’s direction. Only, Linley and the other  two  had  already  disappeared.  “Indeed,  it  was  the Sovereign who intervened.”
Just now, the Lord of Bluelion Domain had only sensed a blur flash past. Before he was even able to react, Russell had disappeared.

“Why  did  the  Sovereign  rescue  Russell?”   The  Lord  of Bluelion Domain was puzzled, but then he gave the black-robed elder  a  glance.  “Alright.  This  battle  is  over.  Announce  the results.”
And thus, the Lord of Bluelion Domain led his forces to depart in a grand fashion.

The Lord of Bluelion Domain was the victor of this battle.

A million kilometers away, atop a grassland.

“Bang.”   With  a  casual  toss,  Linley  sent  Russell  landing heavily on the grass.

A million kilometers. Given a Sovereign’s speed, at full power, less than a second was needed to traverse this distance.

Russell had only felt his body tremble. The next thing he saw was that his surroundings had completely changed. There were no spectating Deities nearby, nor was there the Lord of Bluelion Domain, against who he had been battling. The surrounding area was completely empty. Before him was only Linley, Bebe, and ‘Boo’.

“Thank  you,  Sovereign!”  Russell  immediately  knelt  down towards Linley.

“Hey…how’d  you  know  my  Boss  is  a  Sovereign?”   Bebe laughed, puzzled.

Russell  said  respectfully,  “Just  now,  I  was  in  dire  straits. Everyone else was far away. Not even a Paragon would be able to block the strikes of a commander-level expert from so far away! Only Sovereigns are capable of this!” A Sovereign could kill a commander-level expert from even millions of kilometers away with but a thought, much less from just a few kilometers away.

Naturally, however, they wouldn’t be able to do that to Paragons.

Just now, Linley had simply sent out his Will and released a surge of Sovereign power to help Russell slightly, and then had used it to wrap up Russell, then bring him, Bebe, and Boo here instantly.

“Russell, have you realized what went wrong in that battle?” Linley laughed calmly.

Russell nodded immediately, a hint of puzzlement flashing through his eyes. “It really was quite odd. I had prepared very thoroughly for this battle; even if I lost, I wouldn’t possibly die. But…I discovered that my innate divine ability, when combined with my most powerful soul attack, actually didn’t have much of an impact on him. This is simply inconceivable.”
“This is because he has a soul-protecting Sovereign artifact.” Linley laughed calmly.

“Sovereign, he isn’t an Emissary.”  The nearby ‘Boo’  said, puzzled.

“Right. He isn’t an Emissary.” Russell said hurriedly as well. “I investigated this matter long ago. In addition, given Ombarafael’s arrogant nature, if he became a Sovereign’s Emissary, he would definitely announce it right away. He wouldn’t be able to hide it for long.”
“Do you think that my divine sense was mistaken?”  Linley said calmly.

Russell and Boo immediately no longer dared to argue.

“Doesn’t  that  mean  I  will  never  be  able  to  defeat  him?” Russell couldn’t help but laugh bitterly.

Linley said with a casual laugh, “Russell, I have a test for you. If you participate in it, the chances of death are close to 90%, but if you accept, you will become one of my Emissaries. If you are willing…then upon accepting, even before the trial, I will bestow you with a Sovereign artifact of your choice.”
Russell’s eyes lit up. To a Seven Star Fiend-level expert, a Sovereign artifact was extremely alluring.

“Dare  I  ask,  Sovereign,  what  is  the  test?”   Russell  said hurriedly.

“It is a Planar War.”  Linley immediately began to speak in detail regarding this event. Although he didn’t say anything about ‘ten successive victories’, he gave a full explanation regarding how dangerous this Planar War would be. “Every person will have Sovereign’s Might. Upon entering, you will be in great danger. You can give up this opportunity, if you choose.”
Russell hesitated momentarily, then laughed. “Sovereign, I accept! I specialize in speed. Given my innate divine ability, my soul is also extremely strong. If I were to acquire a defensive Sovereign artifact, I imagine that I will have at least a 30% chance of survival. I’m willing to take this gamble. If I fail, at most, I will lose my most powerful divine clone. But if I win…”
Linley nodded slightly. 
In choosing Emissaries, he had to choose those who particularly excelled in either soul attacks or material attacks. That way, by giving them a Sovereign artifact, he could make up for their deficiency and so increase their chances of survival.

“Then I will bestow you with a defensive Sovereign artifact.” Linley waved his hand, and a set of Sovereign armor appeared.

Russell’s eyes immediately began to blaze.

“Thank you, Sovereign!”  Russell immediately knelt down, accepting this Sovereign artifact.

“Alright. Let’s head out now, in search of the next Emissary.” Linley laughed calmly.

“The next one?” Russell was startled. “This time, we are preparing to find six Emissaries. You are only the first one.” Bebe snickered.

Linley’s group treated this as a form of tourism as well, touring while choosing acceptable candidates. Upon traveling through the Divine Wind Plane, they would go to the Divine Water Plane, and then would go to the Divine Earth Plane.

Time slowly passed by.

“I bestow upon you a soul-protecting Sovereign artifact. You will become the second Emissary under my control!”  Linley withdrew a Sovereign artifact in the shape of an earring as he spoke.

“Thank you, Sovereign!”
A bald man whose entire body seemed to be formed from azure rocks fell to his knees. “I bestow upon you a defensive Sovereign artifact. You will become   the   third   Emissary   under   my   control!”    Linley withdrew yet another set of Sovereign armor.

“Thank you, Sovereign!”
A jade-haired woman who had a patch of fish scales on her forehead fell to her knees as she spoke.

Every person Linley selected decided to accept his trial, and so, Linley’s little group was slowly beginning to grow…

Chapter 31, A Meeting

Linley had already spent more than five hundred years in establishing his divine plane of wind.

“Whooosh.” A savage wind blew about wantonly, causing the entire area to be in a state of chaos.

In this blurry, indistinct region, not even the skies or the land had yet to be fully formed. Deep within this blurry space, an indistinct figure could be seen, standing in the center, with rays of faint green light emanating towards every direction from his body, causing this blurry region to constantly expand and stabilize.

Linley, his eyes shut, just stood there, his long, light green hair billowing about loosely.

He had stood like this for five centuries now. “Wind. Invisible. Formless. It can condense to be as sharp as a blade, but dissipate into nothingness.”
Within Linley’s mind, multiple sword shadows were constantly flashing about, executing the various insights he had gained.

An endless torrent of faith power flooded into Linley’s consciousness like a river, causing his understanding of the wind to increase at a shocking rate. In particular, the process of establishing this divine plane of wind had caused Linley to gain many insights, and he had easily broken through many bottlenecks and resolved many difficult questions.

In the past five hundred years, Linley’s level of understanding regarding the Elemental Laws of the Wind had increased at an astonishing rate.

This was because Linley had a solid foundation to begin with.

In five hundred-plus years, Linley had reached the level of fusing five profound mysteries of the Elemental Laws of the Wind. But of course, the Elemental Laws of the Wind had nine profound mysteries. Linley could only be considered to have made some minor accomplishments.

Suddenly, loud laughter rang out, echoing within this blurry space, causing it to tremble.

“After more than five hundred years, I’ve finally, completely fused the ‘Dimensional Attack’ profound mystery, and the Profound Mysteries of Explosion. Now, the Profound Mysteries of Explosion have already completely fused with the other three profound mysteries.” Linley couldn’t help but let a smile appear on his face. In almost an instant, Linley had begun to completely fuse all four profound mysteries into a whole, within his body.

His understanding regarding the profundities of these four different mysteries began to slowly rise.

“So that’s how it is!” As he meditated, Linley’s development of his most powerful attack, ‘Sword Intent’, began to change as well.

‘Sword Intent’. Once the sword struck out, the invisible sword energy would strike out a bit too wantonly, unable to completely condense into a single point.

But now that he was beginning to fuse all four of the profound mysteries, Linley was able to begin to slowly condense his strike into a single point.

In the past, when Linley had yet to become a Deity, as his understanding of the profound mysteries grew, his power had risen as well. Now, as his understanding of this fusion of the four profound mysteries grew, Linley’s ‘Sword Intent’ was beginning to rise in power as well.

“Another four or five centuries will be needed for this plane to be created. This is enough to allow me to rise in power once more.” While establishing his divine plane of wind, Linley was training as well. Not just his wind-type Sovereign clone; even his divine fire clone, his water-type Sovereign clone, and his earth-type Sovereign clone were completely focused on training as well.

Linley was completely focusing on increasing his strength!

The Divine Earth Plane. Black Tortoise Continent.

The Black Tortoise Continent was the continent which one of the four ancestors, the Black Tortoise, had controlled. Although the Black Tortoise had perished nearly twenty thousand years ago, the Black Tortoise Continent hadn’t changed.

Green grass could be seen everywhere, and a group of people was agilely advancing through it.

The leader was a brown-haired youth, while behind him was four men and two women. This was Sovereign Linley’s party. “So that’s how it is.”
While walking forward, a smile suddenly appeared on Linley’s face. His right hand gestured twice slightly, and an blurred sword ripple shot out from his hands, causing space to instantly shatter.

“The Sovereign is…?”
Everyone, Russell and the rest of the six included, were all puzzled. Recently, over the course of their journey, Linley couldn’t help but test out some techniques from time to time. This naturally caused the other six to feel surprised. However, they didn’t dare disturb Linley.

“Boss, if you are going to train, just have your other clones train. Why must you…” Bebe couldn’t help but speak out.

Linley, absorbed in the hidden profundities of his new technique, was startled awake. He let out an awkward laugh. “Bebe, I couldn’t help myself!”  Now, aside from his original body, the other four clones were completely absorbed in the process of fusing the four types of profound mysteries into a completely whole. Every single day, Linley gained some insights into the fusing of these four Laws.

The power of his ‘Sword Intent’ technique was, day by day, beginning to slowly rise.

Power that was increasing perceptibly, every single day…how terrifying was this?

“Boss, you really are a training fanatic!” Bebe snorted. Then, however, he rubbed his nose and began to laugh. “Still. Boss, don’t be impatient. We’ve already acquired five Emissaries. Only one is missing! The Black Tortoise Continent has more than a thousand Seven Star Fiend-level experts. And didn’t you say, Boss, that two of them are fairly close to us, just up ahead?”
Linley nodded.

He turned to look at the six behind him. Of the six, one was the commander of the Black Tortoise Army, Wilhelm [Wei’lian], while the other five were his Emissaries. Of the five Emissaries, three were men while two were women, and they all had their own unique strengths.

One was a ruler amongst the race of mermaids, a Goldcrest Siren. One was a divine beast, Nine-Tailed Windripper Fox. Another was a female Viva Titan…
In short, these five were either extremely strong in physical defense or extremely strong in spiritual defense. When given a Sovereign artifact, their flaws were perfectly concealed.

This was Linley’s prerequisite for his selectees; that he would be able to give them enough power to have a chance to survive in the Planar War.

“Five hundred years passed in the blink of an eye.” Linley let out a sigh. “There are two more up ahead. According to our intelligence reports, they are both Seven Star Godhunters. One is named Bresle [Bu’lei’lei], a virtuous, broad-minded fellow. The other, Gansla [Gang’lei’sa], can be considered as being at the peak of power for Seven Star Godhunters.” This intelligence had been provided to Linley by the commander of the Black Tortoise Army, Wilhelm.

“Wilhelm, hand over that detailed report on them.”  Linley said calmly.

Earlier, Linley had only reviewed a simplified version of the report; he hadn’t read the detailed one.

“Bresle trains in the Laws of Light. He is very sincere and kind in his treatment of others, and he is willing to risk his life for his friends. Thus, he has quite a few good friends. Only, I find it strange; despite this sort of temperament, he was actually able to stay alive for so many years. This is inconceivable.” Commander Wilhelm laughed.

Linley couldn’t help but nod as well.

If the intelligence reports were correct, then this Bresle could be described as a ‘perfect’ person! 
Bebe mumbled, “For such a good-natured fellow to be able to stay alive in a place as murderous and violent as a Divine Plane, and even reach the Seven Star Fiend level of power…it really is inconceivable.”
“Let’s go. Those two are sparring yet again.” Linley laughed calmly.

Immediately, Linley’s group advanced at a faster pace. A blurred shadow flashed, and it was as though they had disappeared into thin air.

On the grassy earth, there was a building formed from elemental essence. Ahead of it, there was a gleaming, rippling lake.

Two figures were in the air above the lake, fighting and moving at high speed. “Swish!”    An   azure-robed   figure,   body   crackling   with lightning, was constantly moving about at a pace far greater than the other, white-robed figure.

Still, the white-robed figure moved very quickly as well; only, he wasn’t able to catch up to his foe. His defense, however, was extremely strong.

With a low growl, the white-robed figure’s body suddenly expanded. His skin instantly turned azure, and his arms and legs increased in size. White runes appeared atop his body as well, and the blue veins on his body bulged out, snaking and twisting across his form, while two sharp horns emerged from his forehead.

“Bang!” The azure-robed figure’s attacks landed consecutively atop the body of the white-robed figure, but the leather-like skin of the white-robed figure was protected by that white light, and he borrowed from the force of the collision to retreat.

“The  two  can  only  be  considered  as  being  near  the commander level.” Linley watched the two distant figures flash about above the lake, and he laughed calmly as he came to his conclusion.

“Sovereign.”  Commander Wilhelm said respectfully, “This Gansla is extremely fast, and his attacks can be considered extremely strong as well. He doesn’t have any real weaknesses. But at the same time, he doesn’t have any real, overwhelming strengths either! As for this Bresle, his uniqueness lies in his body and his defense! His defense is extremely strong, especially after transforming. Even experts at a higher level would generally find it hard to kill him. Look; although that Gansla, by relying on his speed, is able to land multiple blows on Bresle, and yet Bresle isn’t affected at all.”
Linley nodded slightly. Although the white-robed Bresle had exceedingly strong defense, in this battle, Gansla clearly held the upper hand.

“Haha, my friend Gansla, let’s stop here.”  The white-robed man laughed. “If you were to unleash your most vicious technique, my soul defense wouldn’t be able to withstand it.”
“Bresle,  your  physical  defense  is  simply  too  strong.”  The azure-robed man laughed as well.

The white-robed man’s figure began to slowly transform back to normal. His two horns on his forehead disappeared, and he changed back into a normal, human appearance.

“The power of my body is part of my innate gifts, but in terms of actual strength, I’m still weaker than you, my friend Gansla.”    The   white-robed   figure   laughed.   Suddenly,   he frowned and stared into the distance, while the azure-robed figure by his side did the same. Linley’s group was slowly strolling towards them from far away. Of Linley’s group, only the commander of the Black Tortoise Army, Wilhelm, was a native of the Divine Earth Plane.

Given his status, these two had never seen him before.

But of course…
Although these two had no idea as to who the members of Linley’s group were, they could sense that this group was not to be easily offended.

“Bresle,  be  careful.  As  I  see  it,  they  should  all  be  quite strong.” The azure-robed figure sent.

“It should be fine, Gansla. We didn’t offend them; they wouldn’t act against us for no reason.” The white-robed figure chortled.

“Don’t think that everyone is like you.” The azure-robed Gansla was clearly readying himself, as he stared fixedly at Linley’s advancing group.

And then, Gansla barked in a cold voice, “Everyone, might I ask why you have come to my place?”
“I want to have a chat with him in private.” The leader of the group, a brown-haired figure, pointed at the white-robed Bresle as he spoke.

“My name is Bresle. Who might you be?”  Bresle laughed as he walked forward.

“Bresle!”  The nearby azure-robed Gansla immediately grew frantic, and he sent mentally, wanting to stop him, “You don’t even know them. Don’t go near them!”
Linley glanced sideways at Gansla.

With but a thought… “Rumble…”    A   surge   of   earth-type   Sovereign   power immediately spread out, filled with powerful Sovereign’s Will. It instantly separated Gansla and Bresle, forming into a barrier that contained Bresle and Linley’s group, with Gansla kept outside.

The azure-robed Gansla was stunned by the earth-type Sovereign power. He couldn’t help but be knocked flying backwards, but with a backflip, he immediately rose to his feet again. He stared at the group within the translucent, earthen yellow  barrier,  and  his  face  changed  dramatically.  “Sov, Sovereign…”
The power of Linley’s simple technique was simply overwhelmingly terrifying.

The white-robed Bresle, seeing the situation, immediately came to his senses as well. He hurriedly knelt down. “Bresle pays his respects to the Sovereign. Dare I ask what you need from me, Sovereign? If there is anything you need, just instruct me.” “Bresle, I have a test for you. If you are willing to participate, you will become my Emissary, and I will bestow upon you a Sovereign artifact of your choosing.” Linley laughed calmly.

“Ah!” Bresle was stunned.

To become a Sovereign’s Emissary? To acquire a Sovereign artifact?

This was a stroke of fortune descending upon him from the heavens! Bresle felt dizzy for a moment. After training for countless years, who wouldn’t seek to reach the pinnacle? Only, even someone at the Domain Lord level or the Lord Prefect level wouldn’t necessarily be able to acquire a Sovereign artifact. After all, there were only so many Emissaries, while the number of commander-level experts was far more numerous.

“Me…a  Sovereign’s  Emissary?”   Bresle  couldn’t  help  but repeat the words. “Naturally.”  Linley nodded. “The prerequisite, however, is for you to attend this trial.”
“Dare I ask, Sovereign, what sort of a trial is this?”  Bresle was so excited that his face was starting to turn red.

Linley let out a calm laugh. “Don’t be in a hurry to agree; first, listen closely to the details of this trial! I need you to participate in a Planar War, but this Planar War is different…” Linley explained in detail exactly how dangerous this Planar War would be.

As he listened, the look in Bresle’s eyes only grew even firmer.

He felt that he had a chance at surviving, even within this terrifying Planar War!

“Sovereign,  I  wish  to  acquire  a  soul-protecting  Sovereign artifact.” Bresle said hurriedly. “All done. Six of them.” Linley felt a surge of delight.

“Lord Linley!”  Right at this moment, a voice rang out in Linley’s mind.

“Eh?” Linley turned to look, only to see two figures flash towards him from far away, descending upon the ground. “Two Sovereigns?”

Chapter 32, Gathering Point

Linley swept the two with his gaze, ascertaining their identities.

Of the two, one was dressed in a fiery long robe and had long, fiery red hair, with an amiable look on his face. This was a Lesser Sovereign of Fire, Borte [Bo’tie’er]. As for the other, this man appeared rather muscular, and was comparable to Linley in height. He was dressed in a long, gray robe, and had tousled, short hair. This was the Lesser Sovereign of Earth, Manlu.

“Borte, Manlu.” Linley laughed calmly. “What a coincidence it is, to run into the two of you here. Why have you two come here?”
The two Lesser Sovereigns, Borte and Manlu, exchanged a glance, and then Borte smiled very modestly and sent, “Lord Linley, to tell the truth, Manlu and I have come to search for an Emissary. This Bresle was one of the individuals we had decided on long ago. We came for the sake of letting him become our Emissary. Lord Linley, please assist us in this.” Not every Sovereign had filled up every slot for their Emissaries. For example, Bluefire only had a single Emissary; Phusro. His second Emissary had yet to be selected.

Because of this upcoming Planar War, the few Sovereigns who had open Emissary slots began to recruit and fill up their slot.

“Hmph.” Linley’s face couldn’t help but sink.

Borte and Manlu couldn’t help but tremble slightly in their hearts. Linley was, after all, someone who surpassed the Chief Sovereign of Lightning and Chief Sovereign of Light, a terrifying power. Only the four Chief Sovereigns of the Edicts surpassed Linley. The two of them, mere Lesser Sovereigns… how could they compare to Linley?

“Borte,  I  told  you  to  forget  it,  but  you?  You  insisted  on coming.” Manlu couldn’t help but send.

“Don’t worry. As long as we are respectful, Linley wouldn’t dare act against us. If he does, he would be violating the Pact.” The Lesser Sovereign of Fire, Borte, sent back. And then, he smiled towards Linley and said, “Lord Linley, in the Divine Earth Plane, there are many people aside from Bresle who have strong defense. You can easily choose another person.”
Linley swept a cold glance past Borte and Manlu.

Before Linley had said anything, the nearby Bebe grew angry and barked, “My Boss has chosen an Emissary. What makes you think you have the right to take him away?”
“Shut your mouth.” Manlu couldn’t help but bark angrily as he gaze Bebe a cold glance.

The two feared Linley, but they didn’t hold a mere Highgod like Bebe in any regard. In the eyes of a Sovereign…a Highgod like Bebe was but an ant. And now, this ant actually dared to angrily lecture them? How could this be permitted? If it weren’t for the fact that Linley was right there, the two probably would’ve killed Bebe right away.” “As  I  see  it,  it’s  the  two  of  you  who  need  to  shut  your mouths.” Linley growled.

Borte and Manlu’s faces changed slightly.

“Lord Linley, how about, we let Bresle choose for himself. What do you say?” Borte said shamelessly, and then, ignoring Linley’s reaction, he turned to look towards Bresle. Smiling, he said, “Bresle, if you are willing to become an Emissary under my command, I can gift you a Sovereign artifact.”
Bresle was completely puzzled.

“What is going on today? Why are Sovereigns fighting over the chance to make me their Emissary?” Bresle was confused.

Not just him; even Linley was puzzled.

“What is wrong with these two?” Linley didn’t understand. “He’s just an Emissary. There are quite a few Seven Star-level experts in the Divine Earth Plane. They can go find someone else. Why irritate me for the sake of this Bresle? What has caused them to act like this?”
Because of his puzzlement, Linley didn’t immediately shoo off these two Sovereigns. He wanted to figure out exactly what was going on with them.

“I…” Bresle hesitated slightly.

Becoming Linley’s Emissary involved an exceedingly dangerous trial.

But this Sovereign who had just appeared didn’t mention any trial. Naturally, Bresle hesitated.

“Borte. Can it be that you aren’t intending to send him into the Planar Battlefield?” Linley said coldly. The Sovereign of Fire, Borte, let out a casual laugh. “If one wishes to become an Emissary, one naturally must be tested.”
Bresle couldn’t help but glance at this Sovereign of Fire, Borte. He mused to himself, “This Sovereign of Fire didn’t mention this earlier. Most likely, he would only inform me about it after I agreed. His actions aren’t very honorable.” Not hesitating  at  all,  Bresle  said  respectfully,  “Apologies.  I’ve already accepted this Sovereign’s offer.”
Linley laughed.

Borte and Manlu exchanged a glance.

“I want to see what else these two have to say for themselves.”  Linley  was  now  truly  interested.  What  caused these two to insist on fight with Linley over Bresle, to the point of even offending him?

Just for an Emissary? Linley didn’t believe it. They shouldn’t be willing to offend a powerful Chief Sovereign-level expert, even if it meant losing out on an Emissary.

Were these Sovereigns fools? Was something wrong with their heads? That wasn’t likely either.

Then…what was the real reason?

“Lord Linley.” Borte bowed slightly, then sent, “It was Lord Orloff, the Chief Sovereign of Fate, who ordered us to make this Bresle our Emissary. The two of us are simply following orders. There was nothing we could do. Please help us out a bit, Lord Linley.”
Linley was stunned.

The Chief Sovereign of Fate, Orloff? Linley knew that each of the four Chief Sovereigns of the Edicts had a group of Sovereigns under their control. For example, the Chief Sovereign of Destruction had quite a few Sovereigns he protected, many of whom trained in the Elemental Laws, who had entered the Infernal Realm and stood on his side.

The Sovereigns all knew, after all, that the four Chief Sovereigns of the Edicts were the most powerful, and thus they naturally knew it was necessary to follow one of them.

The Chief Sovereign of Fate was unfathomably powerful, and so there were quite a few Sovereigns who obeyed his orders. The two Sovereigns before Linley were amongst them! In fact, even the Chief Sovereign of Light, Augusta, could be considered someone on the side of the Chief Sovereign of Fate, although he couldn’t be said to be completely subordinate to him.

“Haha, Lord Orloff already has his army of Twelve-Winged Angels. Why would he care about an Emissary or two?” Linley sent back with a calm laugh. “We aren’t able to comprehend Lord Orloff’s plans.”  Borte and Manlu were both very respectful. Borte sent back, “Lord Orloff gave us the order to come here and have someone called ‘Bresle’ become his Emissary. Although Lord Orloff didn’t tell us that we absolutely had to accomplish this mission, we can’t disappoint him, right? Thus…we would like to ask you, Lord Linley, to help out.”
Linley now began to understand. However, there was still one thing he was puzzled on. “Orloff is the Chief Sovereign of Fate! He is such a high, lofty figure that even the Chief Sovereign of Destruction isn’t able to do anything to him. Why, then, would he remember a mere Highgod, Bresle?”
“Lord Linley…” Borte said again.

“Apologies. I’ve already accepted this Bresle as my Emissary; this is akin to giving Bresle a promise. As a Sovereign, once I’ve given my word, how can I simply take it back?” Linley gave the two a calm glance. “The two of you had best leave and depart.”
Borte and Manlu couldn’t help but frown slightly. 
“Lord Linley, this is someone the Chief Sovereign of Fate, Lord Orloff, chose personally. If you do this, once Lord Orloff knows…” Borte said fearlessly.

Linley’s face sank.


His gaze turned icy cold. He looked at the two, and he only said two words: “F*ck off!”
Borte and Manlu’s faces changes dramatically. No longer daring to say a word, they bowed slightly, then immediately flew away, fleeing at high speed.

“To use the Chief Sovereign of Fate, Orloff, to threaten me?” Linley shook his head mentally. These two Sovereigns were trying to bluff him with threats. Linley knew what type of person Orloff was; he wasn’t the sort to avenge every enmity. Sometimes, a superior might a very good person, but because of the frivolous actions of his subordinates, have his own reputation tarnished.

There was indeed a great difference between Lesser Sovereigns and Chief Sovereigns.

Only, because of the Pact of Sovereigns, unless there was a grievance between them, the Chief Sovereigns were not to attack Lesser Sovereigns.

Borte and Manlu had already flown very far away.

“Linley is too wild and arrogant.”  Borte couldn’t help but send. “We even lowered ourselves to beg him for help, and even told him that this was for the Chief Sovereign of Fate. He actually still refuses to give any face at all.”
“Borte, today, you went a bit too far as well. Linley is at the Chief Sovereign-level, after all.” Manlu sent back. Borte snickered as he sent back, “Chief Sovereign-level? He’s just a punk who got tremendously lucky, and somehow in less than ten thousand years, reached that level. That’s only because he fused three Sovereign sparks and has an Overgod weapon. And, Manlu, you don’t need to be afraid of him. As long as we don’t make a huge mistake, would he dare act against us?”
Borte had a bad impression of Linley.

Linley had suddenly risen to prominence. First, as a Lesser Sovereign, he had fought the Chief Sovereign of Wind, Diya, to a standstill. And then, he had actually destroyed a Sovereign clone of the Chief Sovereign of Lightning, then heavily injured the Chief Sovereign of Light.

Linley’s rise to prominence was simply too fast. Naturally, this would arouse the jealousy of quite a few Sovereigns. Borte was one of them.

“Enough of that. You would only dare to imagine offending him, but would you dare to actually do it?” Manlu couldn’t help but laugh and ask him this question. 
Borte cringed.

Would he dare? Absolutely not!

“Let’s  go  back  to  the  Celestial  Realm.  Unfortunately,  we weren’t able to fulfill Lord Orloff’s commands.”  Manlu said helplessly.  “However,  Lord  Orloff  didn’t  make  it  a  forceful imperative. It isn’t a big deal for us to fail to accomplish the order.”
After the two Sovereigns left, Linley looked towards Bresle, then laughed calmly. “Since you asked it of me, I shall bestow upon you a soul-protecting Sovereign artifact. From today onwards, you will become the sixth Emissary under my control.” Linley waved his hand, and a soul-protecting Sovereign artifact, in the form of a ring, appeared.”
“Thank you, Sovereign!” Bresle fell to his knees, excited, as he accepted the Sovereign artifact. Linley glanced at Bresle, then at his other five Emissaries. Laughing, he said, “From today onwards, the six of you will remain together. Train well and learn to coordinate with each other! If the six of you join forces within the Planar Battlefield, as long as you are cautious, you still have a good chance of surviving.”
“Yes, Sovereign.”
The six bowed.

“Although some of you have one or two drops of Sovereign’s Might, that isn’t going to be nearly enough in the Planar War.” Linley waved his hand, and six small black jade flasks appeared. Within these six flasks were large amounts of Sovereign’s Might. Two were water-type Sovereign’s Might, one was earth-type Sovereign’s Might, one was wind-type Sovereign’s Might, one was light-type Sovereign’s Might, while the final one was darkness-type Sovereign’s Might.

As a Sovereign, it was naturally quite easy for Linley to collect this Sovereign’s Might. 
“These bottles each contain a hundred drops of Sovereign’s. More than enough for you to use within the Planar Wars.” Linley willed the six jade flasks to fly towards the six people.

The six accepted the bottles, utterly delighted.

“Thank you, Sovereign!” The six all knelt down in gratitude.

“Alright. Arise, all of you.” Linley swept the six with his gaze. He knew that after the six entered the Planar Battlefield, they wouldn’t be able to leave. How many would survive this upcoming Planar War? “Remember. In this Planar War, you absolutely must not try to push yourself too far. Learn to hide, to endure. Staying alive is the most important thing; killing the enemies is secondary!”
“Yes, Sovereign.” The six Emissaries couldn’t help but feel a hint of gratitude. “Prepare  to  head  out.”   Linley  turned  to  stare  into  the distance.

“Five centuries. In less than a hundred years, the Planar Wars  will  begin.”   Bebe  stretched  lazily.  “Ahhhhh.  Whew. Finally goin’ back.”
Linley smiled slightly.

Right at this moment…
“Sovereign, can we wait a moment?”  The sixth Emissary, Bresle, bowed rather awkwardly.

“What is it?” Linley looked at him.

Linley was rather curious about this Bresle. He was a seemingly ordinary Seven Star Fiend-level expert. What made it so that the Chief Sovereign of Fate, Orloff, would remember him? 
Bresle said hurriedly, “My divine darkness clone is somewhere else. You are of the Infernal Realm, Sovereign. If I can survive the Planar War, in the future, I naturally will want to remain in the Infernal Realm! Thus, my divine darkness clone is also preparing to head to the Infernal Relam.”
“Divine darkness clone?” Linley was rather puzzled.

It was quite rare for someone to simultaneously train in both the Laws of Light and the Laws of Darkness. Olivier was one such person, while Bresle was another.

Chapter 33, The Bula Race

“Bresle, you have a divine darkness clone as well?” The Black Tortoise Army’s commander, Wilhelm, said in surprise.

Linley laughed calmly as he glanced at Wilhelm, then said, “Wilhelm, as the commander of the Black Tortoise Army, you haven’t been collecting sufficiently accurate intelligence. You didn’t even know that Bresle had a divine darkness clone.”
“Sovereign,   your   subordinate   was   remiss.”     Wilhelm hurriedly bowed.

Bresle  bowed  as  well.  “Sovereign,  aside  from  everyone present, there are less than five people who know about my divine darkness clone, which is indeed a secret. Since I have become your Emissary, I naturally won’t hold this secret back from you.”
Linley nodded while smiling. “How far away is your divine clone? How long will he need to fly here?” “Not too far away. Ten days or so.” Bresle said.

“Hey, kid, that’s quite easy for you to say. ‘Just’  ten days? That means we have to wait ten days for you!” Bebe suddenly stared.

“But…” Bresle laughed awkwardly, then glanced at Linley. “I need ten days. But if the Sovereign is willing to assist, a moment is all that’s needed.”  Bresle didn’t know much about Sovereigns, but he knew that they travelled at astonishing speed.

Linley shook his head and laughed. “Let’s head out! Bresle, you guide the way towards your divine clone.”
“Yes, Sovereign! My divine clone is towards the northeast.” Bresle hurriedly pointed towards that direction, while turning to glance at the distant azure-robed man, his good friend, Gansla. He immediately sent through divine sense, “Gansla, my friend, I am going to accompany the Sovereign and depart now. In the future, we will have the chance to meet again.” “Bresle,  congratulations.”   The  distant  Gansla,  staring  at Linley’s group, felt delighted for his friend’s fortune.

“Let’s go!” Linley laughed and spoke out.

As he spoke, he sent out a surge of earth-type Sovereign power, which wrapped around everyone present.

“Whoosh!” They transformed into an earthen yellow flash of light which disappeared into the horizons.

Gansla raised his head, watching the light disappear, then sighed. “Before this, Bresle was in the middle of a duel with me. Who would have imagined that in the blink of an eye, he would  become  a  Sovereign’s  Emissary?”  He  glanced  at  the surrounding grasslands, then a smile appeared on his face. “Fortunately,  a  few  days  ago,  Bresle  managed  to  finish  this magic formation.”
In recent days, Bresle had been staying with Gansla, primarily to help Gansla set up a magic formation. 
The profound mysteries of formations differed from the Seven Elemental Laws and the Four Edicts.
They were extremely special. The analysis of formations required sufficient patience, as well as talent in that field. It had extremely high requirements, in terms of both innate talent as well as analytical ability. In the Four Higher Realms and the Seven Divine Planes, formation masters had exalted statuses.

For example, when Linley had entered the Infernal Realm and participated in a Fiend trial, he had entered a castle that was protected by a large, powerful formation.

Only, the Dao of formations was not the true Dao. There was no way in which one could increase one’s own strength through them.

“After today, there shouldn’t be many who will come make trouble for me.” Gansla smiled as he activated the formation. “Rumble…”
In a circumference of nearly ten kilometers, a blurry light suddenly lit up, then vanished. Instantly, the scenery within this region completely changed; the lake and the building both disappeared, transforming into ordinary grass.

Clearly, this was an extremely powerful illusory magical formation.

Linley had no idea that he had just accepted a formations master as his Emissary.

The world was vast and empty.

Linley’s group continued to fly through the air at high speed. Linley  frowned  as  he  glanced  at  Bresle,  then  said,  “Bresle, where exactly is your divine clone?”
“Up ahead. We are almost there.” Bresle said. 
“Right, right here, Sovereign. You can halt.” Bresle suddenly said.

Linley frowned as he halted. This place was nearly a hundred million kilometers away from the earlier grasslands, but a distance of a hundred million kilometers, to Linley, could be traversed in the time it took to say a few words.

“Are you certain? Right here?” Linley couldn’t help but look at him.

“Right. My divine clone is right here.”  Bresle laughed as he looked into the distance.

Linley looked towards that direction as well. In the distance, he saw a series of metallic lifeform flying about, as well as a few people moving about by their own. What surprised Linley was…he wasn’t able to locate a person in the surrounding area who had the same aura as Bresle did. “He’s here.” Bresle laughed.

A figure advanced towards them, flying at high speed. This person was dressed in a long, black robe, and was comparable to Bresle in height. Only, an occasional, fiendish light flashed through his eyes. After drawing close, this person immediately bowed respectfully. “The ‘Darkness’ Bresle pays his respects to you, Sovereign!”

The other Emissaries. Army commander Wilhelm. Bebe.
Even Linley! They were all stunned!

“They…are the same person?”  Linley stared at the two in disbelief. The white-robed Bresle smiled in a very friendly manner, making others feel friendly towards him.

This black-robed Bresle, however, gave off a vile, evil feeling.

More importantly…the soul auras of the two were completely different!

Logically speaking, upon becoming a Deity, a person’s soul would be split, but each soul would be the same. Memories, emotions, feelings…they would all be the same. In principle, different divine clones should have the same aura and thoughts, right?

“Sovereign, the two of us truly are the same person.”  The white-robed Bresle said respectfully.

“To be more precise, countless years ago, we were one person.” The black-robed Bresle gave the white-robed Bresle a glance. Bebe looked at the two Bresles, then turned to stare at Linley. He sent mentally, “Boss, what’s going on? The two of them are one person?”
“Bresle, the two of you…”  Linley swept the two with his glance. “Truly are the same person? How can you prove it?”
The white-robed Bresle looked at the black-robed Bresle, then said, “The two of us can merge into one.”
“I really don’t want to merge bodies with you.” The black- robed Bresle muttered.

And then, the white-robed Bresle and the black-robed Bresle moved towards each other…and their bodies merged into one, resulting in a single person. Bresle!

“They  really  are  a  single  person.”  Linley  was  completely stunned. Only a single person would be able to merge bodies like this.

The strange thing was, after the two merged into one, the soul of the ‘fused’ person had a different aura. Compared to the pureness and gentleness of the white-robed Bresle’s soul aura, as well as the savagery of the black-robed Bresle’s soul aura, it was completely different.

It was a mix, and yet, strangely, it was one.

“Can you tell me what this is all about?” Linley looked at this Bresle, puzzled.

Bresle looked at the surrounding people, then bowed and said, “Sovereign, I, Bresle…imagine that you can tell that I am not of an ordinary race.”
Linley nodded. His body was so powerful that he could receive blows from Seven Star Fiend-level experts head on; how could an ordinary person withstand such blows? In addition, after transforming, the flesh on Bresle’s body would dramatically swell, and be covered with azure skin and complicated white runes. It
actually looked rather like the skin of a serpent. And of course, two horns would emerge from his forehead.

All of this represented that Bresle was not a member of an ordinary race.

“I  am  a  member  of  the  ancient  Bula  race!”   Bresle  said respectfully.

“Bula race?” Linley frowned.

“Yes, Sovereign.” Bresle said respectfully. “The innate gifts of our Bula race are no weaker than a divine beast’s!”
Linley knew that the world contained many marvelous creatures, some of which had their own innate divine abilities. 
For example, the Amethyst Mountains had given birth to the Redbud Sovereign, and the Nether Sea had given birth to the very first plant-based lifeform, the Chief Sovereign of Death. The Infernal Realm’s very first creature, the Chief Sovereign of Destruction…they all were all unique creatures. There were many creatures such as them, and generally speaking, each material plane would also give birth to one or two divine beasts or unique creatures as well.

The Yulan Plane, for example, had given birth to the Godeater Rat.

The other planes had quite a few as well. Only, everyone was different; although some had incredible innate gifts, their accomplishments were still meager.

“Although our Bula race is powerful…we don’t have any innate divine abilities!” Bresle said.

“No  innate  divine  abilities?”  Bebe  couldn’t  help  but  ask, puzzled. 
The more powerful a race was, the more likely it should be that they would have an innate divine ability.
“The  heavens  are  fair.  We  don’t  have  any  innate  divine abilities, but we have an innate gift from birth.” Bresle laughed.  “Every  single  person  of  the  Bula  race,  from  their earliest memories, are aware of a very special technique…the technique to allow their souls to transform, and then for them to become two people.”
“Transform?” Linley frowned.

“Right, transform!” Bresle nodded. “Any intelligent lifeform will have personality flaws and weaknesses! For example, I like to research magic formations, and wanted to let myself be completely absorbed in analyzing them. But in my heart, I also hold desires and interests in other things, such as women, power, and more! These things will make it so that I am unable to calm myself down and focus on analyzing magic formations.” Linley nodded.

This was much like how he himself was unable to completely focus on training without pause. Generally speaking, of Linley’s five divine clones, only four would train at once, with one being in a state of rest.

“We Bulas are able to allow our personalities, bodies, and thoughts be completely separated into two. We put what we want in one, while we can discard the greed and vileness in our hearts into the other! Afterwards, we can allow our souls to transform and divide into two souls. And so, we will have divided into two people!”  Bresle laughed. “For example, me. One of my bodies is calm and kind; I can completely focus on analyzing magic formations. But my other soul is filled with all sorts of venal desires; it can go kill, fight, and plunder.”
“The  two  souls  don’t  want  to  disturb  each  other.”  Bresle laughed. “And because each go to the extreme in their respective ways, I naturally will make great progress.”
Linley, hearing this, was completely stunned. 
This was a single person who, in many ways, had become two persons.

There was a saying that in the heart of every single person, there was a ‘demon’. Even the most noble, exalted of individuals would have, deep in their hearts, a brutal streak; only, those people had extremely powerful self-control and wouldn’t let it escape.

But this Bula race, they were actually able to completely separate that brutality.

“A person’s soul is very complicated! When a creature is born, they will naturally gain a soul, and as they gain experiences, their thoughts and soul will naturally change as well. Thus, their soul aura will also change minutely.”  Bresle laughed calmly. “But of course, the change won’t be too extravagant. After all, when a person is born, their soul aura has essentially been set.”
Linley nodded. 
He understood this principle. When he was young, he was a bit different compared to how he was right now. Although others could still recognize Linley at one glance, they would also be able to tell that he had changed.

“After becoming a Deity, the soul is divided into two. That, however, is just a splitting of the soul; the mind and the aura doesn’t change. Or, more precisely speaking, it’s still exactly the same person, and so the thoughts are completely the same.” Bresle laughed. “But we of the Bula race are different. Our two bodies have different thoughts, different souls, different personalities! We go to two different extremes. Naturally, our soul auras will also change.”
As he spoke, ‘Bresle’ once more transformed, dividing into two individuals once more; the white-robed Bresle and the black-robed Bresle.

“When we are together, we will even get into fights because of our different attitudes and different methods of action.” The white-robed Bresle laughed as he looked at Linley. “Sovereign, can you imagine it?” “Bizarre. Inconceivable!” Linley sighed in amazement.

The natural world truly was a bizarre place. Even these sorts of races could be created by the natural world. Although they didn’t have innate divine abilities, they had been bestowed with this unique racial gift.

“How many members are there of your Bula race?”  Linley couldn’t help but ask.

“Very, very few.” The white-robed Bresle shook his head. “In all these years, I’ve only encountered three. When we Bulas meet each other, we can easily recognize each other.”
“So few?”  Bebe chortled. “Then if you want to find a Bula female and have a child, wouldn’t that be very difficult?”
The white-robed Bresle was startled, but then he laughed and shook his head. “In truth, our Bula race doesn’t have ‘men’ or ‘women’; we decide which appearance we wish to take. The process of giving birth, for our Bula race, is actually quite simple. We sacrifice ourselves and use up our life energy to vomit out an egg. Soon after vomiting the egg out, we will perish. The child, in turn, will break through the egg and emerge, descending upon the world.”
For one to be born, one must die.

Linley and Bebe exchanged glances. They couldn’t help but sigh. This race truly was unique.

Chapter 34, Samsara

“For one to be born, one must die. Then how was the first Bula born?” Bebe blinked.

Hearing this, Linley couldn’t help but laugh.

“Bebe, tell me, how was the first Godeater Rat born?” Linley said.

“Uh….” Bebe was speechless.

“We  Bulas,  along  with  many  other  unique  races,  are  all birthed by the heavens.”  Bresle laughed. “For example, I was born in the Nala material plane, but the three members of my race that I met were all born from other planes. Although I know that I can sacrifice myself to give birth to a child, for now, I don’t have that desire.”
Linley understood. This was the rule of the universe; more powerful a race was, the fewer in number they would be.
For example, the Azure Dragon, White Tiger, and the other two of the Four Divine Beasts. For example, the Abyssal Fruit Tree. The Chief Sovereign of Death, and the Chief Sovereign of Destruction. Those were most likely all unique. Although this Bula race had a very unique ability, they weren’t comparable to Godeater Rats or Abyssal Fruit Trees, and so there were quite a few of them by comparison. For example, over the course of the years, Linley alone had encountered, through using divine sense, more than a hundred members of the divine beast race, ‘Suanni Lion’.

Divine beasts were divided into classes as well, after all.

“Haha. I didn’t expect that this time, I had accepted a Bula as my Emissary.”  Linley laughed. “And a grandmaster in magic formations, at that. Excellent. Let’s head out.”
Linley released his Sovereign power, bringing the group alongside him as he transformed into a ray of earthen yellow light that flew at high speed towards the nearest teleportation array.

While Linley’s group hastened towards the Infernal Realm, Borte and Manlu, the two Lesser Sovereigns, returned to the Celestial Realm.

The one and only building that hovered in the air in the Celestial Realm…the Orloff Gardens.

This levitating garden was the residence to one of the two most powerful of the four Chief Sovereigns of the Edicts…the Chief Sovereign of Fate, Orloff!

Within the quiet gardens. Orloff was seated in the meditative position atop the grass, his long, white beard past his chest.

“Lord Orloff.” Borte and Manlu bowed as they arrived.

“Oh, you returned.” Orloff smiled. 
Borte and Manlu couldn’t help but feel comfortable. As they saw it, choosing to subordinate themselves to the Chief Sovereign of Fate, Orloff, had been a wise decision. The Chief Sovereign of Fate, Orloff, was extremely powerful. In addition, he treated others very well. Given how icy and cold the Chief
Sovereign of Destruction was, submitting to him would have been extremely unpleasant.

But the Chief Sovereign of Fate? He always greeted them with a smile.

Of course they would feel comfortable, and also feel all the more loyal to the Chief Sovereign of Fate.
“Lord Orloff, you asked us to take on that man, Bresle, as an Emissary. But by the time we located and identified Bresle, he was actually with Linley.” Borte said helplessly. “We asked him to give up Bresle to us, but Linley refused. We even mentioned your name, Lord Orloff, but he didn’t care at all. He even barked at us.” The Chief Sovereign of Fate, Orloff, upon hearing this, simply laughed. “Forget it. This Linley is a Chief Sovereign- level expert, after all. It isn’t strange that he has a bit of an attitude.”
Borte and Manlu both bowed.

“Alright. In roughly a century, the Planar War will begin.” The Chief Sovereign of Fate, Orloff, rose to his feet, then stared into the distance. “I have to pay a visit to the Divine Light Plane as well.”
The Infernal Realm. Bloodridge Continent. Within the borders of the Indigo Prefecture.

“Whoosh!” A ray of earthen yellow light flashed past the skies, descending into the Skyrite Mountains. The ray of light moved so quickly that even many of the Highgod clansmen weren’t able to notice it.

The Skyrite Mountains. Linley’s estate.

Linley’s group suddenly appeared out of nowhere within the empty, grassy field within the estate.

“Elder Linley!”
The maids and guards, upon seeing Linley, were badly startled. They all hurriedly saluted or curtsied.

“Haha, Linley, you were gone for quite long, this time.”  A voice rang out. Beirut and Bluefire emerged at the same time.

Beirut swept Linley and Bebe with his gaze, along with the seven behind them. The seven were the five Emissaries, and the black-robed and white-robed Bresles. As for the commander of the army, Wilhelm, upon Linley’s group arriving at the teleportation array, Wilhelm had elected to stay behind with the teleportation array guards instead of accompanying them.

“These are the Emissaries you found?” Beirut laughed.

“Right.” Linley laughed and nodded. “But of course, finding Emissaries didn’t take up too much time. The main thing was, Bebe and I took a nice tour of those three Divine Planes.”
The nearby Bluefire couldn’t resist saying, “You seem to be quite at-ease. Right. Those clones you left behind in the estate…why are they all absorbed in training? I wanted to speak with you, but didn’t find any chance to.”
Linley could only chuckle.

Indeed, of his five major clones, only his original body was relaxed and at-ease. The other three Sovereign clones, as well as his divine fire clone, were all training. 
“You can stay here for now.” Linley glanced at the Emissaries behind him, and then looked towards a distant maid. “Make the arrangements for them to have places to stay.”
“Yes, Elder.” The maid said respectfully.

The six Emissaries thus followed the maid away to settle down here.

Linley and the other two sat down around a table. The three began to drink and chat.

“Oh, from what you are saying, in the past five centuries, you’ve improved quite a bit?” Beirut said, surprised.

Linley nodded. “My power is roughly three times as great as it previously was.” “Three  times!”  Beirut  and  Bluefire  couldn’t  help  but  feel stunned.

In truth, ever since he had begun to completely merge the four Laws, Linley’s ‘Sword Intent’ had begun to increase in power as well.

The different between the fusion of three profound mysteries of different Laws and four profound mysteries of different Laws was nearly a hundredfold. For Linley to have only improved his power threefold wasn’t much.

But to a Chief Sovereign-level expert, a threefold increase in power was truly terrifying.

“Haha, excellent!” Beirut couldn’t help but slap his hands on the table and sigh, “It seems the days of the Chief Sovereign of Light are numbered.”
“Right.” Linley nodded. “The next Planar War is less than a hundred years from now. During this period of time, the forces that will send people in to do battle will begin to gather. Augusta most likely coordinate with the Chief Sovereign of Fate, Orloff, as he did before. This isn’t the time to attack yet. In addition, my power is still, slowly rising. I’ll wait for now. This is the right time to wait, and what’s more, I’m quite confident.”
Beirut and Bluefire couldn’t help but laugh.

Linley had never given up the goal of killing Augusta. The hatred between Augusta and Linley stemmed from multiple causes. Last time, Linley had compromised for the sake of his mother’s life. He had no other choice.

Augusta himself knew that Linley was just biding his time and tempering his rage for now.

But as Augusta saw it, since Linley was a Paragon already, he had no further potential for growth. Linley wasn’t someone for him to fear; in fact, Augusta seized the opportunity to give Linley a good fleecing during their negotiations.

Time flowed on, and in the blink of an eye, decades passed. 
The six Emissaries under Linley’s control were in no rush to head to the Planar Battlefield. They remained within the Skyrite Mountains!

The Skyrite Mountains. Linley’s estate.

In an empty area, the black-robed Bresle and the other five Emissaries were organized into a hexagonal star formation. A very unusual surge of divine power was constantly circulating through them. The black-robed Bresle and the rest of the six were constantly moving about at high speed, flashing hither and to, sometimes going into the air, sometimes going into the distance, and sometimes landing back down.

In addition, they often launched attacks towards the air, causing one spatial rift after another to appear.

“Everyone,  halt.”   The  white-robed  Bresle  barked  with  a frown. Instantly, all six landed onto the ground.

“What is it, Bresle?” The four men and two women looked at the white-robed Bresle.

“It’s  wrong.  The  way  the  formation  currently  works… consumes too much energy. More than half the energy is wasted.” Bresle couldn’t help but shake his head.

“It’s already quite excellent.”  The beautiful lady with fish scales on her forehead said with a laugh. “When the six of us join together, our attack power and defense power all increase dramatically. In addition, those of us with stronger defenses can help those with weaker defenses take on some more of the burden. When we attack together, we are comparable to eighteen Emissaries fighting separately.”
Sometimes, joining forces was a good thing. Sometimes, it was a bad thing. During Planar Wars, for six Emissaries to be gathered in one place was giving the enemy a chance to annihilate them all in one massive attack. However, if those six Emissaries were able to work within a magical formation that allowed their strengths and defenses to join together, then the situation would naturally be different.

“No. Too much energy is being wasted in the activation of this formation. This is completely different from the ‘Samsara Formation’  that I envisioned.”  The white-robed Bresle shook his head.

Right at this moment…
“Samsara Formation?”  A voice rang out. Linley and Delia were walking together towards their direction.

“Sovereign.” Everyone bowed.

Linley laughed as he looked at the white-robed Bresle. “Bresle, your accomplishments in the art of formations is quite impressive. In recent days, I’ve been watching you six constantly test out this formation. I have the feeling…that the six of you will becoming marvels to behold at the Planar Battlefield.” When  a  Sovereign’s  Emissaries  did  well,  the Sovereign would gain face as well.

“Sovereign,  this  is  still  quite  different  from  what  I  had envisioned.”  The  white-robed  Bresle  shook  his  head.  “Long ago, I spent nearly a hundred million years to develop this Samsara Formation for the sake of allowing myself and ‘Black Robes’ to join together and release even greater power. This six man formation is something which I devised based on an extrapolation and expansion of the original Samsara Formation. But this formation…six people joining together is much more difficult.”
Linley nodded.

To develop a powerful and perfect battle formation was extremely difficult! To develop one in just a few thousand years? It was impossible.

Bresle had spent nearly a hundred million years on the original Samsara Formation. Now, since this new one was based on the same principles, developing it was much faster. Despite that, however, hundreds of years would still be needed. 
Delia, by Linley’s side, said with a laugh, “As I see it, when the time comes, the six of you should use the same type of Sovereign’s Might. That way, when activating the formation, you will waste much less power.”
“That is what we were planning as well.”  The white-robed Bresle said respectfully. “But this battle formation clearly is not yet perfect. Still, Sovereign…we only have a few decades before the Planar War starts. We aren’t going to be able to make it in time, I think.”
“Don’t  be  impatient.”  Linley  laughed  calmly.  “The  Planar War will go on for a thousand years. The first part of the thousand years consists of people hunting and killing each other. Only the final few moments of those thousand years culminate with the final battle. You only need to enter before the final battle, and so, you still have a thousand years. When the time comes, I will personally send you all to the Planar Battlefield.”
Travelling from the Skyrite Mountains to the Infernal Realm’s dimensional gateway leading to the Planar Battlefield would take up a tremendous amount of time. But for a Sovereign, less than half a day would be needed.

“Thank you, Sovereign.” These people were all overjoyed.

The more they perfected this formation, the more powerful their defenses and attacks would be. Thus, the greater their chances for survival would be.

“You can continue. I won’t disturb you.” Linley laughed as he led Delia away.

Silently, soundless, another ten years passed.

The Infernal Realm. Deep within the Chaotic Sea.

“Rumble…” A long ‘dragon’ formed from a long, winding line of human bodies could be seen, as a steady stream of people flooded towards a distant black castle. Thousands and thousands of experts of the Infernal Realm poured into the black castle. The black castle wasn’t that large, but this torrent of visitors had already been going on for quite some time.

Two people were located before a window within this black castle. They stood shoulder to shoulder. It was Linley and Boson.

“There really are quite a few attendees this time.”  Linley couldn’t help but say in surprise.

“There are many participants this time. Although this is a battle between the Celestial Realm and the Infernal Realm, many experts from the other planes, such as the Netherworld and  the  Life  Realm,  have  come  to  join  our  side.”   The Bloodridge Sovereign, Boson, was by Linley’s side, and he sighed as he spoke. “In terms of quantity of soldiers, we far surpass the Celestial Realm. But in terms of quality, we are greatly inferior.” Linley laughed calmly. “The Chief Sovereign of Destruction and the others have gone all out. It will be hard for the Celestial Realm to win this battle.”
“Right,   Linley,   where   are   your   six   Emissaries?”    The Bloodridge Sovereign suddenly said. “What’s the rush? Isn’t it enough for them to join together with the army before the final battle?” Linley replied with a laugh.

“As  you  choose,  then.”  The  Bloodridge  Sovereign  looked below at the constant, never-ending flow of people. He couldn’t help but let out a sigh. “The Planar War has begun. A large number of people will die yet again.”
Linley nodded slightly as well.

The thousand-year Planar War had begun!

Chapter 35, Thousand Years

The Planar War had begun! But the Sovereigns didn’t pay much attention for now.

This was because the results of the war were determined solely by the final battle.

Sovereigns had unlimited lifespans. Thousands of years passed in but the blink of an eye. Quite a few Sovereigns had already begun discussing who was more likely to win or lose this Planar War. As for the youngest Sovereign, Linley? He was going through a period of explosive growth in strength.

At the borders of the Yulan Plane. There was an enormous divine plane being birthed.

Within this plane.

“Whoosh.”  A wild wind blew. Some mountain rocks were shattered into tiny pieces by this wild wind. 
This newly born plane was filled with dense amounts of divine power and elemental essences which solidified into unyielding rocks that couldn’t be shattered by the wind.

Tall, cloud-piercing mountains. Vast, endless planes.

The extremely dense elemental essences drifted about, and amongst them, a tall, muscular figure could be seen standing. With a gesture from a single finger, a dazzling green sun suddenly formed out of nowhere, hanging high in the sky.

“After  spending  1100  years,  this  divine  plane  of  wind  has finally been completed.”  The green-haired Linley revealed a hint of a smile on his face. The past 1100 years of training had caused Linley to advance to the level of fusing six of the profound mysteries of the Elemental Laws of the Wind. However, the Elemental Laws of the Wind had a total of nine profound mysteries.

Fusing six profound mysteries of the Elemental Laws of the Wind was comparable to fusing four profound mysteries of the Laws of the Earth.

“There are more than five hundred years before the final battle of this Planar War. No need for me to be in a rush!”
The light green-haired Linley once more shut his eyes, continuing to train.

He was currently advancing at a breakneck pace in merging the profound mysteries of the four different Laws. Linley naturally didn’t want to halt now.

765 years after the Planar War had started.

The Infernal Realm. The Skyrite Mountains.

A blurry light was flickering about in the air above the Skyrite Mountains. One spatial tear after another constantly appeared in the skies. Moments later, the blurry ray of light once more descended towards Linley’s estate in the Skyrite Mountains. The light vanished, revealing six figures; it was the black-robed Bresle and the other five Emissaries.

The white-robed Bresle, watching from below, finally smiled. “Haha, success!”
“Quite perfect. We waste less than 10% of the energy.”  The long, flaxen-haired female Viva Titan sighed in amazement.

The divine beast, ‘Nine-Tailed Windripper Fox’, Russell, nodded as well. “When the six of us join forces, hmph…even thirty commander-level experts probably wouldn’t be a match for us, if they weren’t unified.” Six experts who had Sovereign artifacts and were able to perfectly join forces…the power they could unleash was truly terrifying.

“Fortunately, we have two water-attribute and two darkness- attribute members.”  The white-robed Bresle chortled. “Water is extremely flexible and accommodating, while darkness…is something I understand quite well. This is why we were successful!” Right at this moment…
Linley appeared, as though by teleportation, in front of the seven.

“Sovereign.” Upon seeing him, they all hurriedly bowed and saluted.

Linley’s gaze swept past his Emissaries, a surge of joy in his heart. His greatest success in choosing Emissaries was his selection of this Bresle, a formations master.

“With this Samsara Formation operational, I now have a bit of confidence regarding your performance during this Planar War.”  Linley laughed calmly. “However, don’t be too smug. Even Paragons, in that sort of environment, would have a 50% chance of death. The six of you need to be careful!”
“Yes, Sovereign.” The Emissaries all bowed.

They all understood that this would be very dangerous. Even with the Samsara Formation, they would just have a somewhat higher chance for survival; they were far from being able to dominate the battlefield.

“Since you’ve already essentially completed your cooperative training, today, I will send you to the Planar Battlefield.” Linley said calmly. “Bresle…will your divine light clone remain here or go with them?”
“In terms of combat ability, I am a bit weaker than my divine darkness  clone.”  The  white-robed  Bresle  laughed.  “And  this battle formation is predicated on having two experts of darkness and two experts of water, along with one expert of earth and one of wind. It is this combination of six experts which makes it work.”
Linley nodded slightly. The white-robed Bresle and the black-robed Bresle had different thoughts and mentalities, but in the end, they were still the same person. The soul-protecting Sovereign artifact which Linley had bestowed the white-robed Bresle could also be used by the black-robed one.

Linley delivered the six Emissaries under his control to the Planar Battlefield, then returned to the Skyrite Mountains.

893 years after the Planar War had started.

“Whoosh!”    A   figure   moved   forward   at   an   extremely terrifying speed, instantly arcing out to a distance of ten million kilometers and landing within the Skyrite Mountains.

Linley, who was quietly seated by himself within his courtyard, suddenly raised his head.

The figure that descended from the heavens shot directly into Linley’s body, merging into it. “Finally, all my clones are in one place.”  Linley revealed a hint of a smile.

Beirut and Bluefire, at almost the same instant, arrived as well. Beirut said, delighted, “Your wind Sovereign clone returned? Does this mean that you have essentially completed your four-way fusion of the Laws?”  Previously, after Linley completed his establishment of his divine plane of wind, he had continued to train. If he hadn’t succeeded in his training, why would he have returned?”
“Essentially.”   Linley  laughed  calmly  and  nodded.  “I’ve already reached the final bottleneck in fusing the four Laws.”
“With one final step, I will have completely, perfectly fused the four profound mysteries of the four Laws into a whole. However, taking this step is even harder than reaching the level of Paragon.” Linley let out a sigh.

Beirut and Bluefire both understood. 
How hard was it to become a Paragon?

Because Linley had three Sovereign clones, his rate of advancement was astonishing, which was why he was able to constantly advance until reaching the final bottleneck. However…to break through the bottleneck had nothing to do with analytical ability. There were many Sovereigns who were at the final bottleneck before becoming a Paragon, but after trillions of years, they still had yet to make that breakthrough.

As for Linley?

Who knew if Linley would be able to break through this final bottleneck. This four-way Law fusion was, after all, ten times more powerful than becoming a Paragon in a Law. Naturally, the difficulty was greater as well.

“I’m at a bottleneck, but my power is still nearly ten times stronger  than  it  was  during  my  last  fight  against  Augusta.” Linley said with a smile. “Ten times!” Bluefire and Beirut were both overjoyed.

“Hmph. Augusta, that bastard.” Beirut couldn’t refrain from starting to laugh. “Last time, he was lucky enough to survive. But now, Linley, you have grown ten times more powerful. Haha…Augusta’s only chance is to reach the Paragon level. But the chances of that are far too slim.” Augusta hadn’t been able to break through despite countless years having passed.

Actually, this all but guaranteed that Augusta had no hope of becoming a Paragon.

“Killing Augusta isn’t just our dream. It is also the dream of the Four Divine Beasts clan.” Beirut laughed as he looked at Linley.

“Beirut,  don’t  be  impatient.”  The  nearby  Bluefire  smiled. “The Planar War is in its final century now. Augusta is most likely with the Chief Sovereign of Fate. After this period of time passes, Linley will be able to make his move.” “Perhaps,  within  the  next  century,  I’ll  make  another breakthrough.” Linley laughed loudly.

“Stop daydreaming!” Beirut couldn’t help but start to laugh. “Making the final breakthrough is very difficult. However, once you do make that breakthrough, your power in terms of the profound mysteries will instantly increase tenfold. And… perhaps you will be endowed with another portion of Will. Linley. Once that truly happens, you won’t even have to fear the four Chief Sovereigns of the Edicts.”
“Grandpa Beirut, breakthroughs are difficult, but that doesn’t necessarily mean I won’t be able to break through in the next hundred years or so.” Linley jested.

In truth, the fusion of four different Laws was simply too difficult. By the 999th year of the Planar War, Linley still had yet to make a breakthrough.

The sky was completely dark.

“Whoosh!” “Whoosh!” Seven figures shot out from the Bloodridge Continent, flying shoulder-to-shoulder in the air above the Infernal Realm. After flying for some time, the seven figures suddenly transformed into eleven figures. But once the squad flew deep into the air above the Chaotic Sea, they suddenly once more expanded into a group of seventeen figures!

“Chief Sovereign!” The many figures all bowed respectfully.

“Everyone, the final battle to this Planar War will come in two days. Let us go there together.”  The Chief Sovereign of Destruction, Wodred, covered by that black aura, swept the people with his gaze. His gaze paused momentarily on Linley. “Let’s go. We will head out right now!”
As he spoke, the Chief Sovereign of Destruction waved his hand, tearing a rift in space, then charged into it.

The sixteen Sovereigns behind him also charged inside. “Linley. This Planar War will be viewed by, most likely, even more Sovereigns than came to your earlier trial.” Beirut sent mentally to Linley. Every single Sovereign in the Infernal Realm, Bluefire and Beirut included, was g heading out to watch the Planar War.

Linley smiled calmly. “The Chief Sovereign of Fate, Orloff, won once before. The seven Sovereigns of Fate all were bestowed with an additional portion of Will. The vast majority of the other Sovereigns are unwilling to see them grow even more powerful.”
Since this involved their interests, they naturally came to watch.

“Linley.”   Suddenly,  the  voice  of  the  Chief  Sovereign  of Destruction rang out.

Linley’s flying speed increased slightly as he moved forward to stand next to the Chief Sovereign of Destruction’s shoulders.

“Lord Wodred.” Linley sent. 
The Chief Sovereign of Destruction, Wodred, swept Linley’s face with his deep, dark gray gaze. A hint of a smile was on his face. “You offered six Emissaries this time. Thank you.”
The Chief Sovereign of Destruction just said ‘thank you’ to him?

“Your Excellency, you once saved my life. In comparison, what is this?” Linley said with a laugh. In the past, the Chief Sovereign of Light, Augusta, had threatened Linley to force him to hand over the nine soul-pearls, and was even at the verge of attacking. Fortunately, the Chief Sovereign of Destruction had appeared.

The Chief Sovereign of Destruction, hearing this, smiled all the more broadly.

“Oh, we are about to arrive at the Planar Battlefield.”  The Chief Sovereign of Destruction looked forward. The Four Higher Planes and the Seven Divine Planes were all located quite close to each other. In the region of chaotic space at the center of these eleven divine planes was an extremely small plane; the Planar Battlefield. Thus, to tear open a spatial rift and fly through chaotic space from the eleven divine planes to the Planar Battlefield took very little time.

To go through the dimensional portals to the Planar Battlefield would actually take longer.

Going through chaotic space was the most straightforward, shortest route.

“Linley.” A familiar voice rang out.

Linley turned to look. From afar, a group of people were drawing close to them, with the Chief Sovereign of Death, that beautiful, red-haired maiden, at their head. This squad clearly consisted of the Sovereigns of the Netherworld. Fourteen Sovereigns had come from the Netherworld.

“Rumble…” The Sovereigns all directly charged into the Planar Battlefield.

Utter silence. Within the cold, forbidding Planar Battlefield, a desolate wind howled.

The Netherworld and the Infernal Realm had brought a total of thirty one Sovereigns, and they all landed atop a mountain. Moments later, nine other figures flew towards them from afar; these were the Sovereigns of the Life Realm. And then, afterwards, small, scattered groups of Sovereigns drew closer as well. Soon, a total of 49 Sovereigns had appeared.

“Now, we are only missing the Celestial Realm and the Divine Light Plane.”  The Chief Sovereign of Death revealed a secretive smile on her face as she glanced at the Chief Sovereign  of  Destruction.  “Wodred,  Orloff  seemed  quite confident.”
“Confident?  Who  isn’t  confident?  Victory  and  defeat  will only be truly determined once this battle concludes.” The Chief Sovereign of Destruction said calmly.

Linley, Beirut, and Bluefire stayed together in one corner at the peak of the mountain. As many Sovereigns saw it, Linley’s group of three, the three Sovereigns of Yulan, were like one unit. Their unit, because of Linley’s existence, was even more terrifying than the former unit of the Four Divine Beasts.

“They’ve come.” Linley said with a calm laugh.

Bluefire and Beirut immediately turned to look. The other Sovereigns all noticed the newcomers now as well. From far away, an imposing host was flying towards them, with a total of twenty two members.

The Chief Sovereign of Fate, Orloff, was the leader. The Chief Sovereign of Light, Augusta, was by his side. The other Sovereigns belonged to the various Laws and Edicts.

“Hmph.” The Chief Sovereign of Destruction, seeing this, turned his gaze towards Orloff. 
As for Orloff, he too was staring towards the Chief Sovereign of Destruction.

Clearly, these two Chief Sovereigns viewed each other as their most powerful foes.

“Linley,  the  two  of  them  view  each  other  as  their  only opponents. They look down on the other Sovereigns. If one day, Linley, you were to surpass them both, what sort of a look would they have on their faces?”  Beirut sent to Linley with a smirk.

Chapter 36, The Final Battle

Linley swept his gaze past the Chief Sovereign of Destruction and the Chief Sovereign of Fate.

“To surpass them…even if perfectly merge the four profound mysteries of those four Laws, I will only be on par with them. Unless…I fuse with a final fire-type Lesser Sovereign spark.” Linley sent back.

Beirut and Bluefire both nodded.

“The  final  battle  is  tomorrow.  Let’s  just  wait  patiently.” Beirut laughed.

Seventy one Sovereigns. They chatted there, casually, at the peak of the mountain. Meanwhile, the high level commanders of the Celestial Realm and Infernal Realm began to make their preparations for the final battle. This battle could be described as the battle with the least numbers of commanders in many trillions of years. In the past, the focal point for Planar Wars was the various commanders hunting and killing each other prior to the final battle. But this time, virtually none of those long-famous commanders and Paragons had come.

The entire Planar Battlefield had, in total, less than thirty commanders or Emissary-level experts. The vast majority of those individuals who did come were newly promoted Emissaries, such as the six under Linley’s command. There wasn’t a single Paragon present.

Paragons had a great chance for survival, true.

But if a Paragon had to fight alone against a large number of foes who would focus their fire upon him, he would rather not go risk his life, unless there was some treasure in store for him.

The Chief Sovereign of Death and the rest of the four Chief Sovereigns of the Edicts stood shoulder-to-shoulder at the top of the mountain, staring at the battlefield that was hundreds of thousands of kilometers away. “Rumble…”
Very suddenly, at the Stellar River, and endless amount of energy began to gather, which then shot out in every direction, disintegrating the military camps on each side of the Stellar River in but an instant. All of the soldiers in each camp were at least at the Highgod level, and so everyone was able to effortless deflect this energy ripple.

“Swish!” “Swish!”
A beautiful, illusory rainbow-colored light rose towards the heavens. Each of the two corridors of the Stellar River were emanating this dazzling, rainbow-colored light.

The warriors, many of whom had been training or resting, didn’t hesitate at all. They acted in accordance with their pre- arranged plans, and a stream of squads wildly charged towards the Stellar Corridors. 
“It has begun!”
The seventy one Sovereigns who stood hundreds of thousands of kilometers away couldn’t help but completely focus their attention on watching this battle.

“Orloff, Wodred, which side will win, do you think?” The Chief Sovereign of Death delighted in causing mischief, and so she asked them this question with a smirk.

The icy-faced black-robed Wodred said calmly, “Win? Our Infernal Realm side doesn’t need to ‘win’. We only need to fight to a draw; that is enough of a success. I’m not confident in our chances to achieve victory in both corridors, but to gain victory in a single corridor shouldn’t be too hard.”
“Victory or defeat is up to them.”  The Chief Sovereign of Fate, Orloff, still had a smile on his face, looking like an amiable old man. It was as though there was nothing that could surprise him. “How insane.”  Linley, through his divine sense, was able to see the battle go on hundreds of kilometers away, and he couldn’t help but let out a sigh.

“Bang!” “Bang!”
All of the countless warriors who entered the Stellar Corridor instantly began to blaze with the aura of Sovereign’s Might. A Six Star Fiend who used Sovereign’s Might might be able to threaten a commander who wasn’t using Sovereign’s Might. And now, thousands on thousands of experts were using it together?

What sort of a scene was this? It had never been seen before in the past, but it would be today!

“Madness.” Beirut, seeing this sight, couldn’t help but shake his head as well. “No wonder even Paragons and commanders aren’t willing to participate.”
“All this is happening due to the self-interest of the Sovereigns.” Bluefire let out a sigh. 
Linley continued to carefully watch the battle proceed. The two corridors atop the Stellar Sea had erupted into battle at virtually the same instant.

“Target, straight ahead. Launch a joint attack against the black-horned  man  standing  at  the  perimeter.”   A  hundred warriors, blazing with Sovereign power of various colors, struck out with their weapons or with kicks in the same instant. A hundred material attacks wildly blasted out towards the area in front of them, and everything within ten meters of that muscular, black-horned man was instantly reduced to nothingness.

“Target, twenty meters ahead of us. Joint soul attacks!”  A translucent wave of soul attacks blasted forth. Many of the warriors that had been battling up ahead trembled, then fell from the skies as their divine artifacts departed their bodies.

The Celestial Realm and the Infernal Realm’s experts were viciously, mercilessly slaughtering each other. This was especially true since in this battle, extremely few commanders or Emissaries were taking part. Thus, victory in this battle was determined through sheer slaughter. 
“The  Twelve-Winged  Angels  have  entered  the  battlefield.” The Chief Sovereign of Death said with a soft laugh.

“The Twelve-Winged Angel Army truly is formidable.” Beirut sighed in amazement, and Linley, by Beirut’s side, couldn’t help but look over with shining eyes.

At virtually the same instant, on the side of the Celestial Realm, Twelve-Winged Angel battle formations appeared at both of the Stellar Corridors. They were covered with a beautiful aura of white light, and had twelve white, fluttering wings on their backs.

“Straight  ahead,  material  attacks!”   Six  icy-faced  Twelve- Winged Angels, covered with white light, formed each Angel Battle Formation. They unleashed rays of thick white light that instantly shot towards their foes up ahead. Wherever this light passed, space splintered and shattered. The soldiers of the Infernal Realm were very densely packed, and upon encountering the rays of light, tens of soldiers of the Infernal Realm would instantly transform into nothingness. Each squad of Twelve-Winged Angels were formed from six individuals. Every ten squads formed into a platoon, while every ten platoons formed into a company.

Large numbers of Twelve-Winged Angels were advancing in an extremely orderly fashion. On each side, they were supported by many of the soldiers of the Celestial Realm. The Twelve-Winged Angels were the tip of the blade, while the many ordinary soldiers played a support role; they pressed down upon on the Infernal Realm’s side, constantly grinding them down.

Every attack of each squad of Twelve-Winged Angels would annihilate a large number of soldiers. These Twelve-Winged Angels were all, after all, no weaker than the Seven Star Fiend level. Most of the warriors of the Infernal Realm were only at the Six Star Fiend level; there was a difference in power to begin with. Given that these Twelve-Winged Angels were also skilled in combination attacks and formations, they naturally were able to constantly advance, as easily as drilling through rotting wood!
“Up ahead, that Angel squad in front of us. Joint material attacks.”  More than seven hundred warriors of the Infernal Realm jointly launched material attacks, and the skies were filled with rays of shooting light. The Twelve-Winged Angels weren’t able to dodge in time, and instantly, the squad was reduced into dust. But immediately afterwards…
Two successive rays of white light shot towards the Infernal Realm, instantly slaughtering nearly a hundred warriors and once more throwing the Infernal Realm’s side into chaos.

“They are on completely different levels.”  Beirut shook his head with a frown. “A single Twelve-Winged Angel, by himself, is comparable to ten Six Star Fiends. On the side of the Infernal Realm, even if a hundred men in a squad join forces and attack, their attacks are disordered and unable to kill the Twelve- Winged Angels who are in the Angel Battle Formation. The only chance is for hundreds of soldiers to join forces together.” Linley nodded slightly as well. He could tell that these Twelve-Winged Angels were like extremely sharp tip of a blade. They didn’t fear death, and they were extremely powerful! To kill six Twelve-Winged Angels, the Infernal Realm would have to lose nearly a thousand warriors. And that
was just the raw numbers; more important was the question of soldier morale!

With the Twelve-Winged Angels serving as the tip of the blade, the warriors of the Celestial Realm felt their morale surge towards the heavens, and they brimmed with confidence.

As for the soldiers of the Infernal Realm, although they didn’t fear death, given how vast the gap in power was, quite a few soldiers felt their hearts grow cold. If they continued to die like this…how were they supposed to win? Once morale began to drop, they would easily crumble.

“If this continues, in a short period of time, the Celestial Realm’s side will achieve victory in both corridors.” Linley said with a frown. “The Infernal Realm’s side shouldn’t collapse that quickly.” Beirut shook his head, while Linley nodded as well. “Right. The six Emissaries under my command are currently hidden amongst the soldiers of the Infernal Realm; they haven’t participated and unleashed their power yet. I imagine that the Infernal Realm’s side must have some sort of a plan.”
The two corridors each had nearly six hundred Twelve- Winged Angels. There were a total of 1200 Twelve-Winged Angels, which represented 1200 Seven Star Fiend-level experts, all of whom were fearless and able to coordinate with each other perfectly. They were simply too effective.

One of the two Stellar Corridors saw the Infernal Realm be steadily beat back. In the other, although the Infernal Realm was retreating as well, they were doing so much more slowly, and the number of Twelve-Winged Angels they were killing was slightly greater as well.

In the Stellar Corridor where the Infernal Realm was retreating more quickly.

“Swoosh!” “Swoosh!” One ray of white light after another. These were the combined attacks of the Twelve-Winged Angels, and many of the soldiers of the Infernal Realm died miserable deaths to them. Although occasionally, they would be able to launch an effective combination attack of their own and kill six of those Twelve-Winged Angels…the losses of the Infernal Realm were
simply too great, and too many of them had died.

White light flashed everywhere. It was a slaughter! Countless soldiers of the Infernal Realm were reduced into dust by that light.

“Kill!” The soldiers of the Celestial Realm bellowed with glee as they chased and killed.

The Infernal Realm constantly retreated, until finally, they broke down into a complete rout. Under that sort of wild, pressing assault, they had completely collapsed. And with their collapse, the battle’s outcome was no longer in any doubt. Soon, the Celestial Realm’s side reached the other side of the Stellar Corridor, and the rainbow-colored light disappeared. The Celestial Realm had gained victory in one of the corridors.

From afar, the many Sovereigns continued to watch.

“Wodred,  you’ve  lost  in  one  of  the  corridors.”  The  Chief Sovereign of Death chortled merrily. “There’s one more left.” Wodred said calmly.

“Oh, so the experts really were all focused on this corridor.” The Chief Sovereign of Fate, Orloff, chortled. Linley and the others had discovered as well that in the other corridor, the Infernal Realm’s side was launching wild attacks now.

“Indeed, the Infernal Realm’s side was able to scrounge up quite a few Seven Star Fiend-level experts. A hundred of them are in each company, and there are three in total.” Linley said with a laugh. The Infernal Realm and the other divine planes still had quite a few Seven Star Fiends present, and many of them were under some sort of domination or control, such as how Purgatory Commander Mosi was able to control quite a few Seven Star Fiends. 
Those Seven Star Fiends were under soul domination. Naturally, they were incomparably loyal and fearless. And so, the Infernal Realm, Netherworld, and other divine planes were able to come up with three companies of Seven Star Fiends.

However, although in terms of individual power they were equivalent to the Angels, the Seven Star Fiends of the Infernal Realm were unable to form a marvelous battle formation.

“A wild counterattack.”  Beirut began to laugh. “Under the command of these companies of Seven Star Fiends, the Infernal Realm’s soldiers have begun to rise in morale.”
Both the Infernal Realm and the Celestial Realm had gone berserk. Attacks filled the heavens and wildly struck out towards their foes. Many Seven Star Fiends and even many Twelve-Winged Angels began to fall.

Six Twelve-Winged Angels formed each battle formation, and they were unable to resist the combined attacks of so many Seven Star Fiends. But naturally, many Seven Star Fiends of the Infernal Realm died as well.

“Slash!” “Swish!” The strange thing was, one Twelve-Winged Angel after another began to fall as multiple figures stealthily, agilely moved about through the massed soldiers. They were extremely agile, and all of them were astonishingly, terrifyingly strong.

The Chief Sovereign of Fate, Orloff, frowned slightly, and then he turned to look at the Chief Sovereign of Destruction. “Oh? Commander-level experts?”
“I don’t have that many; just those.” The Chief Sovereign of Destruction said calmly.

Those Emissaries who had chosen to come here were mostly very close to the commander level to begin with. Given that they now possessed Sovereign artifacts, it wasn’t too hard for one of them to ambush and kill a Twelve-Winged Angel. Because in this battle, the various planes had joined forces to defeat Orloff, the many Emissaries present were virtually all on the side of the Infernal Realm. The Celestial Realm had very few. What’s more, every single Emissary was roughly as effective as six of the Twelve-Winged Angels.

“Linley, it seems the Infernal Realm doesn’t have much of an advantage.”  Beirut said with a frown. “Those Twelve-Winged Angels are completely fearless. If a few die, the others immediately reform into a new battle formation. Any six of the Twelve-Winged Angels are able to form into the Angel Battle Formation.”
Linley saw this as well. The Twelve-Winged Angels were too berserk; they would rather die than retreat. This made it so that even though the Infernal Realm had sent out three companies of Seven Star Fiends, and even though quite a few Emissaries were launching sneak attacks, there was no way for them to force the Celestial Realm into a retreat.

“What are the six of them planning? Why haven’t they acted yet?” Linley stared forward, puzzled.

Chapter 37 – Eye-Catching

At the peak of the mountain. A wild wind was howling. The Sovereigns were standing there, atop the peak, chatting amongst themselves. The savage battle going on hundreds of thousands of kilometers away was under their complete surveillance.

“Wodred!” The Chief Sovereign of Fate, Orloff, smiled as he glanced at the nearby Chief Sovereign of Destruction. “So this was what you were relying on. Three hundred Seven Star Fiends, and these Emissaries! I really am impressed that you were able to round up so many fearless Seven Star Fiends. Unfortunately, your Infernal Realm still doesn’t have much of an advantage.”
“Don’t  talk  until  it  is  all  over!”  The  Chief  Sovereign  of Destruction watched everything with a cold, emotionless gaze.

Hundreds of thousands of kilometers away, atop the Stellar Corridor. The soldiers of the Infernal Realm and the Celestial Realm were gripped by madness. Under the leadership of the three hundred Seven Star Fiends and the various Emissaries, the soldiers of the Infernal Realm felt their morale swell. The vast majority of them were at the Six Star Fiend level, but a very small number were at the Seven Star Fiend level. They all wildly launched one mass attack after another.

The Infernal Realm’s side thundered forward like a flood, blasting attacks outwards with abandon. As for the Emissaries who constantly flashed about, dodging and launching ambushes, they were like vipers hidden within the floodwaters.

There was no fear in the eyes of the Twelve-Winged Angels. They led the Celestial Realm’s armies in continuous resistance. One Twelve-Winged Angels after another fell, but with each death of a Twelve-Winged Angels, the Infernal Realm also paid a heavy price.

“These Angels really are hard to deal with.” Beirut said with a soft laugh. “They are completely fearless. Even though the Infernal Realm is fighting in such a berserk manner in the Stellar Corridor, they aren’t able to advance a single step forward.”
“The main thing is, the Stellar Corridor is only so wide and so high.”  Linley’s gaze swept past the many soldiers, and he shook his head. “The Infernal Realm, in terms of quantity, vastly surpasses the Celestial Realm in this battle. But the Stellar Corridor is only so large. At most, a thousand individuals are able to fight at once.”
“There are two or three hundred Twelve-Winged Angels, all of whom are in a battle formation. They are able to essentially plug up the corridor, and by their sides there are many soldiers of the Celestial Realm who are supporting them.”
Linley understood that if the situation was changed to a flat area or a grassland, then, with soldiers filling the skies and charging from every direction, even hundreds of elites wouldn’t be able to change the course of battle at all. But this was the final battle within the Stellar Corridors; the two corridors were surrounded by chaotic space! Any of these who fell into the regions of chaotic space would definitely die without question. “Eh? The six of them are finally moving.”  Linley couldn’t help but laugh.

Russell, the black-robed Bresle, and the rest of the six, hidden within the Infernal Realm’s army, were finally making their move. The six Emissaries, even when moving alone, had been able to kill tens of Twelve-Winged Angels. Now, however, the bodies of the six Emissaries suddenly began to blaze with Sovereign power.

These six Emissaries, who had been holding back and lying in wait for a long time, were like six bloodthirsty beasts, charging towards a flock of lambs.

Bresle’s voice transmitted to the other five. “Rumble…” Six surges of Sovereign power arose, and the six formed into the formation of a perfect hexagram star. Light flashed, and in an instant, a terrifying surge of energy arrived within the black-robed Bresle’s body. Bresle, carrying the combined power of the six, stared coldly at the enemies ahead of him as he slashed out with a blade…
A blade of darkness!

The surface of the blade that flashed out swirled with a dark light, but beneath it was a multicolored light.

“Bang!” Wherever the blade flashed past, space collapsed.

“Not  good!”  The  Chief  Sovereign  of  Light,  Augusta,  was watching this battle from hundreds of thousands of kilometers away. He couldn’t help but let out a low groan.

Indeed, the situation was grim. The blade light flashed past at an exceedingly high speed. An Angel Battle Formation of six Twelve-Winged Angels that it passed through instantly crumbled into dust, but the blade light continued to surge forward, transforming yet another Twelve-Winged Angel Battle Formation into dust. Only then did the blade light become powerless, dispersing into a rainbow of colors and collapsing.

A single attack had killed twelve Twelve-Winged Angels! This sight caused the situation on both sides, the Celestial Realm’s and the Infernal Realm’s, to change immediately.

Actually, this was par for the course. The Twelve-Winged Angel Battle Formation, with each attack, was able to annihilate tens of Infernal Realm soldiers, after all. This Samsara Battle Formation, formed from six Emissaries, was naturally also capable of killing twelve Angels. In addition, this was with the Angels being in a battle formation of their own; otherwise, they would’ve been able to kill tens of them as well.

“Haha, kill!” The Infernal Realm’s soldiers felt their morale swell.

“Kill  the  six  of  them!”  The  commanders  of  the  Celestial Realm army immediately gave the order. And at virtually the same instant, six Angel Battle Formations, as well as many soldiers of the Celestial Realm, immediately unleashed their most powerful attacks. Their target? Those six Emissaries!

However, even as the Celestial Realm’s warriors began to coordinate, Bresle’s group of six executed their second tactic. “Wind!” Bresle sent mentally with a furious roar. Instantly, six surges of Sovereign power once more began to flow amongst the six of them. Only, this time, it fused into a combination of Sovereign power; around them was now an additional layer of light green Sovereign power.

“Whoosh!” The six Emissaries, in virtually the same instant, began as formless as the wind, disappearing into the Infernal Realm’s army.

The many attacks of the Celestial Realm came to nothing, not able to harm the six of them at all.

“Haha, excellent!” A muscular, steely Emissary said. “Bresle, the idea you came up with really was excellent.” “Naturally.”  The black-robed Bresle said with a calm laugh, “After  each  attack,  regardless  of  what  the  enemy  does, immediately flee back and go deep into our main camp, then go forth and attack again, before once more retreating! Hmph, their attacks might kill some of the ordinary soldiers, but no matter what else we lack for, we don’t lack for ordinary soldiers.”
And then, Bresle gave the order once more…
The six Emissaries suddenly dispersed into the four directions, pulling apart from each other as they charged towards the front.

Bresle issue the order yet again. The six rays of Sovereign power once more coalesced, and a deep, ponderous aura of earth-type Sovereign power embraced the area around them. This extremely powerful energy centered around the body of the muscular Emissary. The big, tall man stared coldly into the distance, then punched out with his fist, sending it crashing down like a mountain towards the foes up ahead, causing the world itself to shatter.

The six Emissaries once more flew backwards and retreated.

The Angels once again suffered huge losses; twelve more Twelve-Winged Angels once more perished!

Although twelve Twelve-Winged Angels, compared to the total number of Twelve-Winged Angels in the army, wasn’t all that many, these Emissaries moved and attacked too quickly. If they were able to kill twelve Angels in each attack, that meant that in ten cycles, they would kill 120 Angels. There were only two companies of Angels to begin with, numbering 1200 in total. And within this corridor, there were only six hundred Twelve-Winged Angels. The ongoing slaughter and battles had resulted in more than half of the Angels being killed by now. There were less than 200 remaining.

As for the Infernal Realm’s side, of the three hundred Fiends, less than a hundred remained. As for the Emissaries, more than half of them had been killed by the counterattacks of the Angels.

It was a massacre!

“Quick,  hurry  over  and  reinforce  them.”   The  Celestial Realm’s officers were growing frantic. “Hurry. If we are late, we won’t make it in time.”
The Celestial Realm still had reserves; the victorious Twelve- Winged Angels in the other Stellar Corridor. There were six hundred Twelve-Winged Angels in that corridor, and few of them had fallen. More than five hundred Twelve-Winged Angels remained alive. However, battles between Deities could be decided in seconds; most likely, with each second, multiple blows would be exchanged. 
Bresle and the rest of the six Emissaries would probably be able to launch more than ten consecutive attacks in less than thirty seconds.

Those five-hundred plus Twelve-Winged Angels, even moving at full speed, would need at least one or two minutes in order to hurry over to this Stellar Corridor, and then pass through their own allies towards the front.

The various Sovereigns fell silent. Everyone could sense what a miserable, deadly encounter this had begun.

“If those five hundred supporting Twelve-Winged Angels are able to make it over before those hundred Twelve-Winged Angels are killed, then the Celestial Realm will win. If the Infernal Realm manages to charge and break through, then they will win.” Linley could tell exactly what was going on.

Bresle and the rest of the six Emissaries, as well as the other nine Emissaries on their side, were constantly hunting and killing Angels. They alone would be enough to annihilate a hundred-plus Twelve-Winged Angels.

“Not good. We have to move faster.” Bresle sent to the other five. “Victory has already been achieved by the enemy in the other Corridor, and in that place, the six hundred Twelve- Winged Angels suffered comparatively low casualties. Once those Twelve-Winged Angels make it over here, we won’t have any hope.”
Russell sent in a growl, “Move faster. Let’s charge into the Angel army formations.”  The other five Emissaries were all shocked. Previously, they had fought like turtles, ambushing then retreating, then ambushing against. Although this was much safer, it was extremely slow in terms of killing the enemies.

“We  don’t  have  any  choice.  If  this  continues,  we  will definitely  lose.”   The  black-robed  Bresle  gritted  his  teeth. “Execute the final plan.”
“Fine.” “Let’s begin.” The six Emissaries made their decisions almost simultaneously. Although they might very well die if they charged towards their foes and suffered countless assaults, they also might gain victory.

“Commander General Bell [Bei’er], we are executing the final plan.” The black-robed Bresle sent backwards into the crowd, towards the high command of the Infernal Realm’s side.

“Haha, excellent. Victory or defeat shall be determined by this final tactic!” That Commander General immediately gave the order to the various managers of the squads. Instantly, the Infernal Realm’s army began to move about in a different manner.

The black-robed Bresle and the other five Emissaries all had solemn  looks  on  their  faces.  “Water!”   Bresle  thundered. Instantly, six rays of Sovereign power surged forth, and the bodies of Bresle and the rest of the six became like water, flooding everywhere. Silently, soundlessly, the six charged towards the enemy like a flood, going straight towards the base of the Celestial Realm.

The Celestial Realm’s forces were instantly enraged. The enemy dared to charge straight for them? “Join forces. Kill them.”  Not  hesitating  at  all,  many  of  the  Celestial  Realm’s soldiers and Angels immediately cooperated in attacking those six.

Unfortunately, the six seeped through their defenses like water, and the group attacks actually ended up killing some of their own people. But more importantly, this ‘water’ tactic was the most defensively power technique available to Bresle’s group. In addition, everyone present either had a defensive Sovereign artifact or a soul-protecting Sovereign artifact.

The combined defensive power of the six was simply too powerful, especially after they used the ‘water’ tactic’.

“Haha…”  Bresle and the others had weathered the attacks without dying. They immediately began to launch their own berserk attacks. “Earth!”  “Darkness!”  The six of them, based on their own elements and attributes, had developed a total of four supreme tactics for the formation; Darkness, Water, Wind, and Earth. Earth and Darkness were for attack, Wind was for fleeing and moving about, while Water was the most defensively powerful. After having charged into the center of the Angel forces, they no longer had anything to fear. Everyone around them was an enemy; they could strike about as they pleased! As for Sovereign power…Linley had given each of them a hundred drops. They had more than enough.

“Kill!”  The soldiers of the Infernal Realm, along with some Seven Star Fiends, thundered forward like an unstoppable flood.

Because the Angels had been thrown into a state of complete chaos by those six Emissaries, they weren’t able to mount an effective defense at all to block the Infernal Realm. Instantly, the Celestial Realm finally began to slowly retreat.

The Infernal Realm’s soldiers all struck out towards the Celestial Realm’s side with relentless attacks, which lessened the pressure on Bresle and the other five as well. “Haha, wipe out all of these Angels.”  The Infernal Realm’s side was going berserk.

Originally, only a hundred Angels remained, but under the frenetic assault of Bresle’s group, another half of them were killed. Actually, given the combined defensive power of Bresle’s group, most likely nearly a hundred Twelve-Winged Angels would need to join forces to kill them. However, in the midst of this chaos, when there were only a hundred or so Twelve- Winged Angels to begin with, and with the other Emissaries and Seven Star Fiends causing trouble as well, the Angels were completely unable to join together into an effective group attack that could annihilate Bresle’s group of six.

In the blink of an eye…only fifty or sixty Angels remained. In the face of this flood-like surge of soldiers of the Infernal Realm, and against the hammerblows that fell down upon them from the skies, another half instantly died.


A frantic retreat!

The ordinary soldiers of the Celestial Realm were not Angels; they had egos and personal desires. They could make their own choices. “We won’t make it in time.”  The five hundred Angels from the other Corridor had finally arrived at the borders of this one.

However, it was the crumbling, retreating Celestial Realm army which welcomed them.

“Charge in.” The five hundred Twelve-Winged Angels, when faced with this wave of defeated soldiers, found it difficult to advance deeper, especially while the Infernal Realm’s side filled the skies with material attacks and soul attacks as they struck out with abandon.

In all but the blink of an eye, the Infernal Realm’s soldiers charged all the way to the end of the Stellar Corridor.

The rainbow light above the Stellar Corridor vanished. Both sides had each obtained victory in a Corridor. This Planar War was a draw!

Chapter 38 – Lies!

Loud, excited, jubilant laughter rang out from the Stellar Corridor.


“It’s over!”
Those surviving Emissaries, including Bresle’s group of six, and the soldiers of the Infernal Realm all revealed smiles on their faces. They were excited, not because they had fought to a draw, but because they were still alive! They had managed to survive this terrifying Planar War.

Of the three hundred Seven Star Fiends, only forty or so remained alive. Naturally, the survivors would rejoice! Hundreds of thousands of kilometers away, at the peak of the mountain. The Sovereigns were all chatting amongst themselves energetically as well. “Orloff, this time, you lose!” The Chief Sovereign of Destruction, Wodred, finally revealed a hint of a smile on his face.

The Chief Sovereign of Fate, Orloff, chuckled. “Haha… Wodred, since we fought to a draw, it can be said that I lost this round. However, Wodred, the main reason why your Infernal Realm’s side was able to win was because of those six Emissaries who set up a formation. Which Sovereign is in control of those six?”
Orloff didn’t seem dispirited or discouraged by the defeat at all. He smiled, as cheerful as ever.

“Those are the six Emissaries under Linley’s command!” The Chief Sovereign of Destruction said. “Oh?” The Chief Sovereign of Fate, Orloff, couldn’t help but turn and look at Linley.

The Sovereigns that were listening to the conversation between these two Chief Sovereigns also turned to look towards Linley. So those six individuals who had such a major impact on this Planar War were Emissaries under Linley’s command.

“Linley, you helped out Wodred tremendously, this time.” Orloff laughed as he looked at Linley. Linley said with a calm laugh, “All I provided was six Emissaries. If you, Lord Orloff, had been able to locate a Highgod Paragon, that person would have been able to kill one or two hundred Twelve-Winged Angels with ease, if going all out. A Paragon would’ve been able to change the results of the battle as well.”
When the six of them joined forces, in the battle, they were indeed roughly as effective as a Paragon would have been.

“Highgod Paragon? How many of those Highgod Paragons would be willing to risk their lives and participate in this Planar War?” The Chief Sovereign of Fate, Orloff, laughed softly. “If there was no danger involved, they might be willing to assist, but given how dangerous this event was, none of them were willing to enter.” To Paragons, not even Sovereign artifacts were that important. What else, then, could Sovereigns use to entice Highgod Paragons into participating? Nothing! And so, naturally, none of the Paragons were willing to take place in the battle.

“Linley, I’m quite curious. Which of the Emissaries under your control was able to develop that battle formation?” The Chief Sovereign of Fate, Orloff, suddenly asked.

“This  battle  formation  is  known  as  the  Samsara  Battle Formation. It was developed by one of my Emissaries, who spent countless years researching it.” Linley didn’t try to hide anything.

“Samsara Battle Formation…Samsara…Samsara!” The Chief Sovereign of Fate, Orloff, murmured these words a few times, then nodded slightly to himself. Then, he turned to look at Linley, smiling and nodding towards him as well. “That Emissary under your command is, without a doubt, a supreme master at developing magical formations. He was able to develop such a queer union that wastes so little energy. Even I have to admit feeling admiration for him!” “Hey,  Orloff,  how  is  it  that  you  are  so  happy,  even  after losing?”  The  Chief  Sovereign  of  Death  laughed  lightly.  The Chief Sovereign of Fate, Orloff, said with a calm smile, “Victory, defeat? To gain, to lose…these are only comparative concepts. You can’t judge victory or defeat just from the
surface of events, haha…” The Chief Sovereign of Fate laughed happily and without worry. “Everyone, I won’t remain here any longer. I’ll return to the Celestial Realm now. Right, Linley…”
Orloff suddenly turned to look towards Linley, then said with a laugh, “When you are free, you must come for a stroll in my Orloff Gardens. I’ve invited you over many times now.”
“Definitely, definitely.”  Linley immediately responded. And so, Orloff immediately led the Sovereigns of the Celestial Realm into a spatial tear that he created.

“Orloff…” Linley had to let out a praising sigh in his heart. In recent days, he had interacted with the Chief Sovereign of Fate, Orloff, on numerous occasions. Linley was beginning to rather admire this Orloff. “Regardless  of  victory  or  defeat,  he  appears  so  calm  and collected, as though there is nothing in the world which can enrage him.” Linley let out a sigh of praise. If Orloff had won this Planar War, he would have gained an additional portion of Will as reward. But Orloff didn’t seem to be moved at all by either victory or defeat; he didn’t seem even the slightest bit dispirited.

This sort of mental equanimity was something which none of the other Sovereigns could match.

The Infernal Realm. The Skyrite Mountains.

Half a year had passed since the conclusion of the Planar War. Linley’s residence was as peaceful as ever.

“Wade’s gone out for adventuring as well.”  Linley walked onto his spacious balcony, staring towards the distant Baruch clan descendants who were in a grassy area. “All of them have a love for battle. It seems as though they won’t be able to stay here for long. Soon, these descendants will all go out and test themselves in adventures.” Linley exited the walkway, turning and entering a quiet, secluded guarded. Bebe and Nisse were chatting about something in one corner of the garden, and the two were both laughing gaily.

“Eh?” Linley turned and saw his father, Hogg, and his mother, Lina. They walked out from the gates of the garden. “Linley.”   A  constant  smile  was  on  Hogg’s  face.  “Father. Mother.” Linley immediately bowed.

“There’s something I want to discuss with you.”  Hogg said with a laugh. “Recently, your mother and I are preparing to go travelling through some of the material planes for a tour. Would  you  and  Delia  like  to  accompany  us?”  There  were simply too many material planes, and many of them had their own unique attributes. Some had unique races, while others had different, unique cultures.

To go touring the countless material planes of the universe was far more interesting than simply remaining in the Infernal Realm. “No need.”  Linley laughed, refusing as he shook his head. “This  kid…”   Hogg  couldn’t  help  but  shake  his  head  and chuckle resignedly. His mother, Lina, said with a laugh, “Hogg, don’t force Linley. He can go whenever he feels like it.”
Linley had a divine fire clone, and was able to enter any material plane he desired.

Linley bade his parents farewell, then left by himself.

Within a secluded courtyard. This was the place where Linley normally trained. He stood there, atop the grass, spreading his fused divine sense across the entire Infernal Realm. “Ten thousand years…such a long journey…”  Within Linley’s mind, images of his history, starting from when he was a toddler, began to flash past. “Father. Grandpa Doehring. Bebe. Wharton. Delia. Boss Yale. George. Reynolds…”  All of their appearances floated through his mind. These people had imprinted themselves deep within Linley’s soul.

But suddenly, Linley thought of someone. “Mother!”  When Linley thought of his mother, Lina, Linley couldn’t help but sigh to himself. Although his mother, Lina, quickly grew close with his father, Hogg, after the passage of countless years, there was still a certain distance between Lina and Linley and Wharton. Lina didn’t truly hold any motherly love towards her two children, Linley and Wharton.

How  could  Linley  and  Wharton  not  tell?  “Alas.  That’s because Mother lost all of her memories from before she was an  Angel.”   Linley  sighed  in  his  heart.  But  right  at  this moment…
“Whoosh!”   A  figure  descended  from  the  skies.  “Lord Wodred.”   Linley  saw  that  the  newcomer  was  the  Chief Sovereign of Destruction, Wodred.

The black-robed Wodred had a smile on his face. “Linley, last time, during the Planar War, the six Emissaries you sent out were extremely effective. I know that you spent centuries in your search for the six of them. I’ve never come to thank you for what you did…”
“Lord Wodred, I had to find Emissaries for myself eventually.” Linley laughed. Linley was on excellent terms with the Chief Sovereign of Destruction. 
“Haha, enough of that, Linley. I definitely owe you a favor.” The Chief Sovereign of Destruction, Wodred, said with a laugh, “If there’s anything you need, as long as I can accomplish it… you can have me do it. In fact, even if you want to learn some supreme secrets, I can reveal them to you. But of course, you can forget about learning my ‘Spacetime Paradox’.”
Wodred was quite forthright about this. Although ‘Spacetime Paradox’ was inferior to the fused innate divine ability of the Four Divine Beasts, it still increased one’s power a thousandfold. Even someone like Linley, upon learning this technique, would be able to threaten the four Chief Sovereigns of the Edicts. Thus, Wodred couldn’t possibly teach it to him.
“Haha, Lord Wodred, even if you didn’t say that outright, I wouldn’t possibly have asked you to teach me your supreme technique, just because I helped out a bit. You, Lord Wodred, put far too much effort into devising it.” Linley laughed calmly. “Right. After the Planar War concluded and Lord Orloff lost, did he have any sort of special reaction?”
“Him? What sort of a reaction could he have? Same as always; he stays in his Orloff Gardens, absorbed in training and research.”
The Chief Sovereign of Destruction, Wodred, let out a sigh. “Orloff, that madman. He has no idea what being ‘tired’ even means. To be honest, of the Chief Sovereigns of the Edicts, Orloff is the only one who makes me feel uneasy. You can never know what sort of supreme technique Orloff might come up with, because that madman simply can’t be judged in accordance with normal logic.”
Linley couldn’t help but laugh. He could feel the Chief Sovereign of Destruction’s discontent. He had worked so hard to develop his supreme technique, ‘Spacetime Paradox’, and yet wasn’t able to defeat Orloff. But of course, that was only because Orloff had an Overgod artifact.

“Enough about him. Just now, when I came over, I saw that you were in a rather poor mood. You had a rather unhappy look on your face. Did something troublesome occur?” Wodred smiled.

Even Chief Sovereigns had emotions and personalities. Although the four Chief Sovereigns of the Edicts were rather arrogant and aloof, they, too, needed friends. After Linley had displayed his power, their attitude towards Linley had changed somewhat as well. In addition, because of the Planar War, Wodred had come to view Linley as the second most powerful figure on his side.

As for who the number one figure was, that was naturally Wodred himself. And so, because they were on somewhat closer terms now, they became more casual in their manner of speech as well.

“Oh? There is indeed something rather troublesome. Only, there’s no point in telling you.” Linley let out a sigh. His mother had become an Angel, but her former memories were lost. There was nothing that could be changed about that.”
“Why don’t you give it a try?” Wodred said with a laugh. Linley let out another sigh. “This has to do with my mother. When my mother was in her material plane, she was seized by the local Light-aligned religion, and her soul was sacrificed to the Sovereigns. My mother became an Angel, and a Twelve- Winged Angel at that! I once sought out Augusta and paid a very high price to have him restore my mother to her freedom. She does have her freedom now, but…my mother’s former memories are forever lost.”
“What did you say?”  The Chief Sovereign of Destruction, Wodred, actually frowned.

“What? Is there a way for Angels to regain their memories?” Linley couldn’t help but grow rather excited. “How could he have possibly chosen to let your mother regain her free will?!” The Chief Sovereign of Destruction stared solemnly at Linley. “Linley, let me tell you this. To release an Angel and let the Angel regain freedom, there are only two methods…and I daresay that Augusta wouldn’t choose either of them!”
Linley was stunned. “What…what are you saying? But that day, Augusta seemed to have been badly injured…his soul…”
The Chief Sovereign of Destruction began to laugh coldly. “An injury to his soul? That was nothing more than a pretense! Linley, I can tell you one thing; if an Angel truly regains free will, then that Angel will naturally regain its former memories as well!”
“What did you say?” Linley’s face changed. “This…how can this be?”
“Your mother doesn’t have her memories back, which signifies one thing; your mother is still under control, and hasn’t regained her freedom at all!”  The Chief Sovereign of Destruction laughed coldly. “As I see it, your mother is just obeying his orders. She’s intentionally putting on a pretense of being free; that way, without having to pay any price at all, Augusta was able to make you pay a heavy price. Why wouldn’t he want to carry out such an excellent bargain?”
Linley’s face changed dramatically as he listened. “And, given how poor the relationship is between you and him, why would he have to worry about keeping his word to you?” The Chief Sovereign of Destruction snickered.

“But, but Orloff was also…”  Linley said hurriedly. “Orloff? Orloff had something he wanted from Augusta, and in addition, Augusta has helped out Orloff multiple times. Orloff owed Augusta a favor. You tell me. Would Orloff help him, or help you?” The Chief Sovereign of Destruction laughed coldly. “Orloff doesn’t get involved in any worldly affairs or struggles, but that doesn’t mean he’s this wonderful, altruistic person.”
“Let me put it to you simply. You were completely and utterly deceived by Augusta!” The Chief Sovereign of Destruction said.

Chapter 39, Linley’s Fiery Rage

He had been completely and utterly deceived?

“It was fake? A lie?”
“AUGUSTA!” Linliey felt a surge of nameless fire instantly fill his chest. That BASTARD! Augusta had actually dared to deceive him in this matter!

The nearby Chief Sovereign of Destruction, Wodred, snickered. “Linley, can it be that you don’t know what sort of a person this Augusta is? Overbearing, greedy, sinister. For the sake of achieving his goals, there’s nothing he won’t do. You actually trusted him that easily?”
Linley’s forehead was deeply furrowed as he frowned. “I know all these things. Only, Orloff was present, and I rather trusted Orloff…however, it’s too late. Lord Wodred, why is it that you are so certain that Augusta deceived me? Why is it that Angels will definitely regain their memories upon regaining their freedom?” For now, Linley couldn’t fully believe all these things, as they were just words coming from a single person, the Chief Sovereign of Destruction.

The Chief Sovereign of Destruction, Wodred, said with absolute certainty, “Linley, I’ll tell you this. One of the seven Sovereigns of Light has allied himself with me, and so I have a great deal of knowledge regarding Angels.”
Linley listened quietly, and the Chief Sovereign of Destruction, Wodred, said with a solemn expression, “Angels are reborn from the Angelic Resurrection Pools! Every single Angelic Resurrection Pool is connected to the soul of its Sovereign of Light! Thus, every single Angel born from the Angelic Resurrection Pools are under the command of their Sovereign of Light.”
Linley nodded. The Chief Sovereign of Destruction continued, “There are different levels of Angelic Resurrection Pools; there are only two high level ones, and only these two are able to give birth to Twelve-Winged Angels. These two were both taken over by Augusta, who controls them personally.” “There are two ways to allow your mother, a Twelve-Winged Angels, to regain her freedom. One is to kill Augusta! Once Augusta dies, the Angelic Resurrection Pools will become items without masters, and so the Angels linked to it will have their souls released as well. Naturally, they will regain their
Linley  nodded.  He  knew  about  this  method.  “The  second method is to have Augusta remove his bond with the Angelic Resurrection Pool which is connected with your mother’s soul. Once his bond is released, the Angelic Resurrection Pool will become an ownerless item, and all of the Angels that were born through it will also lose their spiritual connection to Augusta, and thus regain freedom.”
The Chief Sovereign of Destruction laughed coldly. “Linley, once the bond with the Angelic Resurrection Pool is broken, every single Angel that pool has ever created, including your mother, will regain their freedom!”
“Your mother is a Twelve-Winged Angels, while there are only two pools that can give birth to Twelve-Winged Angels. You want Augusta, for the sake of your mother, to relinquish his bond with an Angelic Resurrection Pool for Twelve-Winged Angels? That means he would lose half of his Twelve-Winged Angels. They would regain their freedom and no longer be under  his  control!”   The  Chief  Sovereign  of  Destruction snickered. “If he really had let your mother regain her freedom, then during the Planar War, how could he have been willing to send out a total of 1200 Twelve-Winged Angels?”
Linley now completely understood. There was, in reality, only one way for his mother to regain her freedom; to make it so that the Angelic Resurrection Pool linked with her soul became an ownerless item. And there were only two ways to do that; the first, to kill Augusta. The second, for Augusta to relinquish the pool. But how could Augusta possibly give it up? Giving it up meant giving up all of the Angels that pool had ever created.

“Bastard!”  Linley  couldn’t  help  but  growl  and  curse.  “No point in being angry now.” Wodred laughed coldly. But Linley was frantically calculating certain things in his mind. One thought in particular constantly circulated through his thoughts. Kill Augusta! Kill him right away! “Lord Wodred.”  Linley said hurriedly. “The Angels that the Sovereign controls; can the Sovereign kill them just by willing it?”
“Not necessarily.”  Wodred shook his head and laughed. “It depends on where the Angel is. If the Angel and the Sovereign are on different planes, then the Sovereign won’t be able to kill that Angel.”
Linley suddenly understood. It was like the master-servant bond which was used to control magical beasts. Upon the bond being established, the master could easily cause the magical beast’s death. However…if the master and the servant were on different planes, they would at most be able to vaguely sense each other’s location. There was no way they would be able to communicate through the soul, nor would the master have a way to kill the servant.

Linley and Bebe, on different planes, weren’t able to speak through their soul connection either.

“Whew.”  Linley internally let out a sigh of relief. On the surface, though, Linley looked quite calm. Bowing, he said, “Lord Wodred, I truly must thank you. If it wasn’t for you, I might have been deceived by Augusta for an extremely long period of time.”
Linley and the Chief Sovereign of Destruction chatted for a while longer, and then Wodred left. Soon afterwards, Linley sent his wind-type Sovereign clone away from the Infernal Realm, to pay a visit to the Chief Sovereign of Death in the Netherworld. Half a day later, Linley immediately invited Beirut and Bluefire over to discuss something.

“What  did  you  say!?”   Beirut  and  Bluefire  were  both  so shocked, they rose to their feet. “Right. I was deceived.” Linley shook his head. “An Angel who truly regains her freedom and who is no longer under control will regain her former memories.”
“Are you certain?”  Beirut and Bluefire both said in unison. “I’m very certain. This news was brought to me by Wodred, and just now, my wind-type Sovereign clone went to the Netherworld to pay a visit to the Chief Sovereign of Death. I personally raised this issue with her, and the Chief Sovereign of Death personally told me that there were indeed only two ways to have an Angel regain her freedom. In addition, upon regaining freedom and upon breaking free from the bewildering soul control of the Angelic Resurrection Pool, they will naturally regain their former memories.” Linley said in a low voice.

Beirut and Bluefire exchanged a glance, a hint of shock in their eyes. “Since even the Chief Sovereign of Death says it is so, then it seems it is true.” Beirut said in a low voice. “I didn’t imagine  that  we’d  actually  be  deceived  like  this.”   Bluefire frowned.

It was one matter if someone else deceived them, but the deceiver was Augusta! Augusta, with whom they had an irreconcilable grudge to begin with! Beirut and Bluefire both felt this way, and Linley felt this way all the more! After all, he was the one who had handed over the blood essences of the Four Divine Beasts!

“Linley. What is your decision?” Beirut asked. Bluefire looked towards Linley as well. “Wait.” Linley growled. “Wait?” The two couldn’t help but be puzzled. “My father and my mother will go for a tour of the material planes. Once they leave, I will make my move.” Linley said calmly. “Right.  For  now,  your  mother  cannot  be  trusted.”  Beirut nodded as well. Now that they had a plan, they naturally would carry it out.

Half a month later.

Hogg and his wife, Lina, were personally escorted by Linley to the interplanar teleportation array. Holding the Sovereign medallion which Linley had given them, they were teleported to a material plane and began their touring journey. They had no idea…that upon departing, a terrifying storm would arise in the Higher Planes.

“Father  and  Mother  have  departed.”   Linley’s  gaze  was abyssally cold. Beirut and Bluefire, by his side, exchanged a glance. “Mother is not in the Infernal Realm; even if Augusta came here, he wouldn’t be able to kill Mother. As for the people of the Skyrite Mountains…I’d like to ask the two of you to help out. As long as Augusta attacks from trillions of kilometers away, I imagine you two should be able to protect the Skyrite Mountains.” Linley turned to look at them. Beirut couldn’t help but begin to laugh. “Haha, Linley, Sovereigns aren’t even able to kill a Paragon from trillions of kilometers away. There is a limit to their attack power. How could Bluefire and I be unable to protect the Skyrite Mountains?”
“Then  I’ll  stop  worrying.”  Linley  finished  speaking,  then immediately flew towards the teleportation array. “Linley, be careful!” Beirut and Bluefire both sent towards him.

“Stay in the Infernal Realm, and wait for me to contact you.” Linley’s form disappeared from within the distant teleportation array.

Bluefire turned to look at Beirut, then said with a frown, “Beirut, I don’t know why, but…I feel a sense of dread. I hope nothing amiss will occur on Linley’s journey.”
“Nothing will!” Beirut said with absolute certainty. “Augusta is nothing more than the Chief Sovereign of Light. His Overgod weapon isn’t suited to his nature; how strong can he possibly be? As long as he doesn’t run into Orloff, there won’t be any problems. In addition, Linley is a person who knows when to advance and when to retreat. And, most importantly of all…he has his fused divine sense, which vastly surpasses an ordinary Sovereign’s divine sense.”
“Right.” Bluefire relaxed slightly. With the fused divine sense, Linley would be able to easily locate his enemy, but his enemy wouldn’t notice Linley’s arrival.

The Divine Light Plane.

“Bang!”  A figure suddenly flashed past the skies, advancing forward at such speed that even the divine plane’s spatial fabric trembled. A sky-blue robed Linley, his face emotionless, his gaze cold, stared into the distance.

“The  Chief  Sovereign  of  Fate,  Orloff,  isn’t  here!”  Linley’s fused divine sense was able to easily discover that at the residence of Augusta, the Chief Sovereign of Light, Augusta was by himself within his lavishly adorned island, enjoying the ministrations of his maids. As for the Chief Sovereign of Fate, Orloff, the only one who Linley was concerned about? He wasn’t there. 
Linley’s gaze turned knife-sharp. “That island has a total of two Sovereigns of Light. The other is a mere Lesser Sovereign.”
Linley paid no attention to that Sovereign at all. “Augusta!” A killing intent surged within Linley’s breast, and his fury continued to blaze.

The hopes of the four clan leaders. The hatred his clan bore.
Linley never forgot about these things, not for a single day!

Beirut had been forced to hide in the Yulan Plane, not daring to emerge!

An attempt to kill Linley himself, only for the sake of his Overgod weapon!

And now lying to him, deceiving him to acquire the blood essences of the four ancestors! Augusta’s actions clearly indicated that he had no desire whatsoever to resolve the grudge between himself and Linley. Similarly, deep within Linley’s heart, he had never given up his plans for revenge!

A figure suddenly appeared in the air above the lavish island.

“He really knows how to enjoy himself.” Linley lowered his head, staring downwards. His right hand suddenly pressed down towards the island.

“Rumble…”  An extremely, terrifyingly powerful aura swept out as the illusion of a palm that was thousands of kilometers long suddenly appeared out of nowhere. This enormous illusory palm crushed downwards, instantly causing the world below to tremble. The lavishly decorated island instantly, silently, was reduced to smithereens.

Instantly, a large number of Angels and other women flew out, into the air. Two figures hung there in the sky; it was the Chief Sovereign of Light, Augusta, and the other Sovereign of Light. Augusta’s face was filled with rage, and when he saw the distant Linley, his eyes turned completely round. He roared in anger, “Linley, what are you doing?”
“I felt uncomfortable, looking at your island. So, I destroyed it.” Linley said calmly.

It wasn’t that Augusta was unable to block Linley’s attack; in reality, Linley hadn’t infused his attack with much power, as he had dispersed it over a very large area of thousands of kilometers. The main issue was…Linley had used his fused divine sense, and so Augusta had no idea that Linley had arrived.

Linley had suddenly struck out of nowhere with that giant palm, and by the time Augusta was able to react, his island had already been reduced to dust.

“You felt uncomfortable, looking at my island?”  Augusta’s pupils contracted. He now understood that Linley had come to make trouble for him, and he said in an icy voice, “Linley, you want to fight with me?” “Whoosh!”  Instantly,  the  many  Angels  and  maids  nearby scattered towards the four directions. Good heavens! Two Chief Sovereigns were able to do battle? If they remained here, they would definitely be courting death.

“Linley is about to battle the Chief Sovereign?”  The other Sovereign of Light also hurriedly retreated, a look of shock appearing on his handsome face.

“Fight with you?”
Linley’s abyssally cold gaze stared death at the Augusta, and then, quite bizarrely, Linley cracked his lips into a smile.

This smile made Augusta’s heart suddenly clench.

The Life Overgod Sword suddenly appeared in Linley’s hands. Not hesitating at all, he swept the Life Overgod Sword out,   tearing   through   space   with   it.   “Rumble…”    The surrounding area completely collapsed, and a fierce aura of energy, as sharp as an awl, created one massive spatial rift after another. An utterly irresistible, inky jade sword light suddenly stabbed towards Augusta.

“Augusta, today is the day you die!”
Linley’s cold voice rang out like thunder, reverberating within Augusta’s mind.

Chapter 40, A Battle of Chief Sovereigns

Augusta’s face was savage. Letting out a low growl, he slashed out with the Lightsaber in his hand in a circular arc. “CLANG!” The two Overgod weapons clashed.

The center of the collision created a terrifying series of ripples which spread out in every direction. Countless spatial rifts appeared as the nearby space cracked like the shell of a turtle. Augusta was knocked flying back by the collision. His body swayed in midair, then he once more found his bearings as he stared at Linley in some amazement.

“Linley, no wonder you dare claim you will kill me. So your power actually nearly doubled.” Augusta stared at Linley.

“I’ve grown more powerful, but you haven’t.”  Linley said emotionlessly.

“Haha…who knows which one of us will live, and which one will die.”  Augusta actually began to laugh. With a ‘crackling’ sound, Linley’s entire body became covered with those inky jade draconic scales. Those savage spikes jutted out as Linley instantly Dragonformed.

“Really?” Linley let out a cold laugh.

Linley’s entire body slowly transformed into a streak of light which shot at high speed towards Augusta, who was kilometers away in the sky. For Chief Sovereigns, traversing a distance of a few kilometers, in this sort of frantic battle, required less than a millionth of a second. From this, one could imagine how quickly the two were exchanging blows.

“Clang!” “Clang!” Two Overgod weapons clashed repeatedly against each other, and the surrounding space began to splinter and shatter. Each time, Augusta was knocked flying backwards. It appeared as though Augusta was at a disadvantage, but clearly, each time Augusta was able to hold on.

“You  want  to  kill  me?  It  won’t  be  that  easy.”   Augusta chortled. But there was no smile on Linley’s face. “It’s  about  time,”  Linley  murmured  to  himself.  From  the beginning of the battle till now, Linley had only revealed a small part of his true power, because Linley was worried that if he unleashed his most powerful sword blow, if he didn’t succeed on the very first strike, the enemy would be so frightened that he would immediately flee. That would make things troublesome. After all…Linley’s attack power might have increased, but his speed hadn’t.

The fusing of the different profound mysteries had implications for his ‘Sword Intent’ technique, but in terms of speed, Linley hadn’t improved significantly.

“Die!” Linley growled in his mind. After the two exchanged yet another series of blows, Linley’s Life Overgod Sword once more tore through the sky like before, striking towards Augusta. That inky jade sword energy billowed forth in a slightly chaotic manner. As for Augusta, he blocked Linley’s sword attack in the same manner he had previously, but as the two drew close to each other…
The Life Overgod Sword’s rather disorderly, chaotic inky jade sword energy seemed to suddenly organize, like soldiers entering a formation, forming a beam of inky jade sword energy that was as thick as a man’s waist.

His most powerful attack exploded forth!

“BANG!” The sword energy flashed, striking heavily against the Lightsaber. Augusta’s face instantly whitened; he could sense an irresistible force crush down against his Lightsaber, knocking it against his body…
A golden light suddenly flashed. The surrounding area was reduced to nothingness, and Augusta himself had disappeared.

Had Augusta been reduced into dust?

“Eh? He was only heavily wounded?”  Linley frowned. His fused divine sense allowed him to clearly see that Augusta, a large hole in his chest and his face ashen, had actually borrowed from the impact of their blows to flee at high speed into a rift in chaotic space. “I didn’t expect that Augusta would be able to take a blow from my most powerful sword attack without dying.” Not hesitating at all, Linley increased his speed to the limit as he too charged into chaotic space.

A battle between Sovereigns simply drew too much attention. Within the Divine Light Plane, four of the other Sovereigns sensed the battle; they naturally spread out their divine sense to encompass the entire Divine Plane, and thus they witnessed this battle.

“The Chief was nearly killed? Fortunately, that ray of sword light only blew a hole through his chest after expending some of its power on the defending Lightsaber. That’s the only reason why he was able to survive.”
“That sword attack is simply too powerful. Lord Linley, in the past, had been hiding his true strength. The power of that attack, just now…inconceivable.” The four Sovereigns of Light were completely stunned.

“Given the Chief’s ability in fleeing, I imagine it will take some time before they can determine who will live and who will die. I imagine that in this battle, one of the two will die. If the Chief dies, that will be a major event!” The four Sovereigns of Light, while chatting amongst each other through divine sense, all began to move as well.

Some of them tore holes through reality and entered chaotic space, so as to use their divine sense to watch Linley and Augusta battle. Others immediately used the teleportation arrays to go to the other planes, so as to inform the Chief Sovereigns they had allied themselves with. It was only natural that they would report such a major affair.

Deep within the Chaotic Sea, there was an underwater city at the bottom of the ocean which was ten thousand kilometers in circumference. This city, ‘Sable Leviathan City’, was one of the three homes for the Chief Sovereign of Destruction, Wodred.

“Chief, Linley and Augusta have begun to fight. The two have already battled their way into chaotic space. By the looks of it, Augusta is probably going to die.”  A Sovereign of Light had travelled to the Infernal Realm through the teleportation array, then immediately used his divine sense to notify the Chief Sovereign of Destruction regarding this matter. The death of one Chief Sovereign guaranteed that another one would be born. If Augusta truly were to die, then a free High Sovereign spark would be created.

Within a cold, gloomy estate in the northern area of Sable Leviathan City.

“Linley and Augusta?”  The Chief Sovereign of Destruction, Wodred, let out a sigh as his eyes lit up. “I didn’t expect that shortly after I informed Linley, he would immediately go kill Augusta. He really is quite mad.” At the same time, he waved his hand as though he were opening a curtain, tearing a rift in reality. His body flickered, and he entered chaotic space.

A black-robed Wodred stood there in the middle of chaotic space. He spread out his divine sense, easily discovering Linley and Augusta, who were currently battling each other. “By the looks of it, Linley holds an absolute advantage. Augusta seems to be in bad shape.” Wodred laughed. “Oh…Augusta has indeed decided to fly towards the Celestial Realm. However, Linley’s speed is slightly faster than his. Augusta probably won’t survive his attempt to reach the Celestial Realm.” Within the multicolored bursts of chaotic energy. Linley and Augusta; one fled up ahead, one chased from behind. Linley held his Life Overgod Sword in his hands, his dark golden eyes staring coldly towards the front.

“Augusta’s life-preserving skills are quite formidable. He was actually able to receive two sword blows from me without dying.” Linley couldn’t help but sigh in amazement, in his heart. His attack power was far greater than his opponent’s; logically speaking, he should’ve been able to kill Augusta with one blow. However, whenever his sword energy struck his foe, Augusta would use his Lightsaber and a special life-saving technique to sacrifice the other parts of his body, while protecting his critical parts and preserving his life.

“In addition, just now, when I executed my innate divine ability, ‘Dragon Shout’, the impact on him was quite small.” Linley, by now, truly had to admit that in terms of soul defense, Augusta was truly too powerful. His ‘Sword Intent’ technique contained both a material and a soul attack component, and yet the soul attack component didn’t appear to do anything at all.

Still, the current Augusta was in quite a sorry shape. 
“LINLEY!!!”   Augusta,  utterly  enraged,  bellowed  angrily, “Don’t go too far. The Chief Sovereign of Fate, Orloff, owes me a favor. You should know this. If you force me to use it…then when I arrive in the Celestial Realm, you will definitely die.”
“I’m unable to defeat the Chief Sovereign of Fate, Orloff, but that’s only if he is here to save you. You have to at least escape to the Celestial Realm first. But you, Augusta…you want to escape from me and make it to the Celestial Realm? In your dreams!” Linley snickered. The distance between himself and Augusta was measurably shrinking. Very soon, Linley would give him yet another sword blow.

Augusta bellowed furiously, “I withstood your first two blows, and I’ll be able to withstand your third and fourth ones as well! You won’t be able to kill me.”
“Is that so?”  Linley laughed coldly. “Augusta, I admit that your life-saving sword techniques are quite marvelous. You are actually able to guide away and dissipate much of my beam of sword energy. However, the difference in power is too great. No matter how marvelous your techniques are, it is useless. Enough. I already told you; you won’t be able to escape!” Linley was now extremely close to Augusta.

But the strange thing was, Linley didn’t attack!

“Eh?” Augusta felt puzzled and confused as well. But Linley just laughed coldly, continuing to draw close to Augusta. When the two were less than ten meters apart…
“Haha…” Suddenly, loud laughter rang out. To be precise, three loud laughs rang out. Linley’s body suddenly split into three. One was the Dragonformed Linley, the second was the blue-haired Linley, while the third was a green-haired Linley. Clearly, Linley was now completely unleashing the power of all three of his Sovereign clones.

“Swish!” “Swish!”
His wind-type Sovereign clone and his water-type Sovereign clone pincer-attacked Augusta from the side. They were no slower than Augusta himself. 
Suddenly, a ray of sword light flashed out from the Life Overgod Sword in the Dragonformed Linley’s hands. That thick pillar of sword light carried an extremely fierce power, and Augusta was forced to slow down, so as to focus his energy in dealing with the attack. The Lightsaber in his hand slashed out in a marvelous arc…
“Bang!”   The  beam  of  sword  energy  once  more  pierced through the right side of his chest, and even his shoulder blade was completely shattered.

“Not good.” Augusta looked around himself; indeed, Linley’s wind-type Sovereign clone and water-type Sovereign clone, along with his Dragonformed original body, had formed into a triangle, trapping him within.

Because he had slowed down slightly when blocking Linley’s sword attack, Linley had enough time to surround him.

“Augusta, where can you go, now?” Linley laughed coldly at him. Augusta looked around himself; very suddenly, he stabbed out with his sword towards Linley’s wind-type Sovereign clone, attacking so quickly that he was like a ray of light flashing through the darkness.

Within the hand of the wind-type Sovereign clone appeared a Sovereign weapon; the Bloodviolet sword. It clashed viciously against the blade of the Lightsaber.

Augusta’s body trembled, and his face couldn’t help but change.

“Still want to run?” Linley laughed coldly. Last time he had fought Augusta, Linley had been forced to rely on his Life Overgod Sword in order to fight Augusta to a standstill. Back then, Linley hadn’t dared to use his other Sovereign clones to block Augusta; those other clones didn’t have any Overgod artifacts, and so they definitely would’ve been killed by Augusta with one blow each.

But now… Even without Overgod artifacts, Linley’s Sovereign clones were still able to just barely withstand Augusta’s blows.

Augusta’s formerly savage, berserk, bedraggled appearance suddenly changed. He became icy calm.

“Linley.” Augusta swept Linley’s three Sovereign clones with his gaze. “Why must you go so far and force me to such a state? Last time, you came to ask me to grant your mother her freedom back, and I released her, even though my soul was badly damaged, and gave her will back to her. I truly didn’t imagine that less than a thousand years later, you would actually come kill me.”
Linley laughed. Laughed from utter rage. “Your soul was badly damaged? You gave my mother her freedom back? Augusta, at a time like this, you still are as shameless as to make this claim?” Linley snickered.

Augusta raised an eyebrow…then laughed as well. “Oh, so you actually already knew.”  Augusta’s laughter was so bright. “You are able to laugh, at a time like this?” Linley sent out his fused divine sense, stretching it out as far as he could. He saw that there were at least six Sovereigns within chaotic space, watching this battle through their own Sovereign sense.

“Linley, aren’t you curious as to why I’m able to withstand your most powerful sword blow?” Augusta laughed. At the same time, a golden aura of light appeared on his body, and his revealed skin slowly took on a golden huge.

“Golden?”   Linley’s  heart  trembled.  He  couldn’t  help  but think back to the battle between the Chief Sovereigns of Destruction and Fate. The Chief Sovereign of Fate had relied on his right hand, covered with golden light, to block the Overgod weapon attack from the Chief Sovereign of Fate. But of course…that was also because the Chief Sovereign of Fate had tremendously powerful Will and a deep understanding of the profound mysteries as well.

“Last time, when I collected the blood essences of the Four Divine Beasts from you, I knew that there would come a day when you would return for revenge.” Augusta laughed softly. “I also knew that it would be very hard for me to become a Paragon. Thus…I made a trade with the Chief Sovereign of Fate, Orloff. I used the favor he owed me and the blood essences, exchanging them for him teaching me his ‘Golden Samsara Body’ technique, his supreme defensive technique which he had spent countless years researching. Lord Orloff, who now already possesses the supreme technique, ‘Spacetime Paradox’, no longer cares as much about his ‘Golden Samsara Body’ technique as he once did.”
“Originally, I didn’t want to reveal this technique.” Augusta laughed as he looked at Linley. “But Linley, you increased in power by far too much.”
“Just  because  your  body  is  tough,  you  think  you  can withstand my Life Overgod Sword?” Linley let out a disdainful laugh. “Not even the Chief Sovereign of Fate wouldn’t dare to use any other part of his body to withstand a blow from an Overgod weapon.”

Chapter 41, Can He Actually Be…?

Within the multicolored reaches of chaotic space, illusory ‘meteors’ of light and energy flew everywhere, forming the flood of rainbow-colored chaotic energy that filled the region.

More than ten figures were standing there within chaotic space, astonishment on all of their faces.

“I didn’t imagine that Orloff actually taught his ‘Golden Samsara Body’ to Augusta! Hmph, the blood essences of the Four Divine Beasts…in the end, they ended up in Orloff’s hands.”  The Chief Sovereign of Destruction, Wodred, had a sunken, sinister look on his face. “It seems that Linley traded the blood essences of the Four Divine Beasts to Augusta, and Augusta then gave it to Orloff!”
The look on Wodred’s face grew increasingly ugly. “Linley, he…ugh!” Wodred felt frustration burning in his chest . Right at this moment, however, a hazy, illusory phantom began to emerge from Augusta’s body. 
“Eh?” Linley was startled. He grew cautious, instantly fusing his water-type Sovereign clone and wind-type Sovereign clone back into his main body. “Linley, if you want to stay alive, you’d best depart!” Augusta said coldly.

“If you have any techniques, put them on display. Otherwise, I’m going to strike again.” Linley seemed quite magnanimous, but in reality, he was extremely cautious right now. He no longer felt certain he knew everything there was to know about Augusta; if he continued to attack with abandon, he might be tricked. It was best to be careful and defend, and first investigate the situation.

“Hmph. Die, then.” Augusta let out a cold sneer. Linley grew all the more cautious.

Augusta’s eyes flashed like lightning as he stared coldly at Linley. The illusory images surrounding his body suddenly spread out, forming into an enormous illusion of a golden titan that was a hundred meters tall. The awe-inspiring aura of the titan caused even Linley to grow anxious. “An innate divine ability? What sort of divine beast is Augusta? But he can’t be; he has 182 children!” Linley had never heard anyone say that Augusta was a divine beast.

“BANG!”   A  golden  blur  shot  out  from  Augusta’s  moth, shooting at high speed towards Linley. Linley focused his concentration and used his Life Overgod Sword to block. But when that golden, illusory light struck against Linley’s Life Overgod Sword…

“Bang.” It disappeared.

“What?!”   Linley  was  shocked.  “That  weak?”   Just  now, judging from Augusta’s attitude, Linley had thought that Augusta was preparing some supreme technique against him. He never imagined that this was just a fake technique. The attack power of that golden illusion probably wouldn’t have been able to scratch Linley, even if it had hit him head on. Clearly, it was just meant to make him nervous.

“Haha, Linley, you really are easy to fool.” Augusta’s wild laughter resonated in Linley’s mind. 
“I was tricked again!” Linley’s face changed. By now, Augusta had already moved ten thousand kilometers away.

“Swoosh!”  Linley instantly increased his speed to the limit, once more chasing at high speed. But within a short period of time,  Linley  understood  something.  “The  Golden  Samsara Body only allows him to strengthen his body, and make his material attacks slightly stronger! This is much like how my Dragonform strengthens my own body. However, given that I am ten times stronger than him, that increase in physical power isn’t able to change the balance of power by much at all.”
“Bang!” The inky jade fused power within Linley’s body was wildly bursting forth. Linley, in Dragonform, was constantly, ceaselessly closing the gap between himself and Augusta, as he continued to chase at full speed.

“Linley actually managed to increase in power by this much! That bit of power gained from the ‘Golden Samsara Body’ technique is completely useless against him.” Although Augusta acted arrogant and brash, in his heart, he felt miserable. Glancing backwards, he saw Linley continue to chase after him, and he said to himself…“Orloff, come quickly! Otherwise…”
The Celestial Realm. The Orloff Gardens.

There were eight Sovereigns who lived within the Orloff Gardens. One of them was naturally the master of the Orloff Gardens, Orloff.

“Linley actually managed to increase in power by this much and drive Augusta to such a state?”  The white-haired, white- robed Orloff stood straight, his gaze cold and calm. “If he’s forced to his wits end, given Augusta’s temperament, he will definitely do ‘it’…and Wodred and the others will definitely be able to guess…”
“I  have  no  other  choice!”  The  white-robed  elder,  Orloff, waved his hand. Instantly, the entire Orloff Gardens began to rapidly shrink in size, then transformed into a blurry light that flew into Orloff’s body. “Lord Orloff!”  The servants in the garden, along with the other seven Sovereigns, all stared at him, puzzled. Why had Orloff taken away the Orloff Gardens?

“Slash…”  Orloff’s face was heavy but calm. With a wave of his hand, he tore a rift in space in front of him, then immediately stepped into chaotic space.

These seven Sovereigns were the seven Sovereigns who had chosen to serve Orloff. Manlu and Borte were amongst their number as well. “Lord Orloff seems to be in a bad mood.” Manlu said with a frown. “In the past, no matter what difficulties Lord Orloff encountered, he would face them with a smile. Nothing was able to affect his temperament. But just now…”
A blue-haired, three-eyed beauty said, also puzzled, “What’s more, Lord Orloff rarely takes the Orloff Gardens with him when he travels.”
“Let’s go. We’ll go take a look as well.” The Sovereign of Fire, Borte, waved his hand as well, also tearing a rift in space, then immediately took the lead in entering it. The other six puzzled Sovereigns didn’t hesitate; they immediately charged into chaotic space after him, all wanting to learn what had happened.

But when they spread out their divine sense…
“What!?” The faces of the seven Sovereigns changed. “Linley and Augusta, two Chief Sovereign-level experts…” By the time they entered chaotic space, there were already more than twenty Sovereigns watching this fight. “No wonder Lord Orloff went over there. So it is because Augusta is in trouble.” Those subordinate Sovereigns all knew about the relationship between Orloff and Augusta. “Let’s go. Let’s fly over there, but let’s stay some distance away. Otherwise, if we are hit by any ripples of power, we might die from them.”
The seven Sovereigns also drew closer. Actually, many of the spectating Sovereigns were drawing closer towards Linley and Augusta. Only, at the same time, they maintained a minimum distance of at least a few billion kilometers. At this distance, given a Sovereign’s reaction speed, they should be absolutely safe. Energy ripples couldn’t possibly travel so far and still have enough power to injure a Sovereign. Linley and Augusta were only a few hundred kilometers apart. To close from ten thousand kilometers to a few hundred; from this, one could tell the difference in speed between the two.

A thousand years ago, Linley’s speed was already slightly faster than Augusta’s. Because his power had increased tenfold when he fused the four profound mysteries together, although that was primarily in terms of attack power, and his speed hadn’t increased by much, it had still increased by a bit. The Profound Mysteries of Explosion did, after all, contain some aspects that would help one move more quickly. Augusta’s body was transforming and his speed was increasing, but even so, he was still somewhat slower than Linley.

“Oh, Orloff came?” Linley’s divine sense easily located Orloff. Augusta discovered Orloff’s arrival as well. Overjoyed, he hurriedly sent to Linley, “Linley, the news that you are chasing after and trying to kill me has already made its way to Lord Orloff. You should know…that after this Planar War, Lord Orloff owes me yet another favor. If you dare attack me, Lord Orloff will definitely kill you.” “Hmph. Augusta, save your strength. There’s no point to you threatening me.” Linley laughed coldly, and his speed increased once more as he pulled to within two hundred kilometers.

“Linley.” A warm, gentle voice rang out. “Lord Orloff.” Linley replied with great courtesy. Orloff was currently hurrying over from the Celestial Realm, while Linley and Augusta had just flown out from the Divine Light Plane not long ago. The distance between the two planes was simply too fast. Even if Orloff flew over at maximum speed, he would most likely still need several minutes to arrive. For Sovereigns…a single second was enough to exchange countless blows. Multiple minutes? That was enough for Linley and Orloff to finish their fight to the death.

“Linley, Augusta is my good friend. No matter what sort of hatred you and Augusta bear each other, I would like to urge you,   Linley,   to   temporarily   let   it   rest.”    Orloff   sent. “Impossible.” Linley refused. “Give me some face. What do you say?” Orloff was still very calm.

Although in the past, Linley felt good-will towards Orloff, the current Linley couldn’t help but feel a hint of anger towards him. In the past, when Augusta had deceived Linley and taken his Four Divine Beasts blood essences, the Chief Sovereign of Fate, Orloff, had been his accomplish. And now, Orloff was urging him to spare Augusta!

“My  apologies.  Today,  he  must  definitely  die!”   Linley’s attitude became even more unyielding. Linley and Augusta were now less than a hundred kilometers apart.

“Linley, can it be that you insist on killing him right in front of me?” The Chief Sovereign of Fate, Orloff, finally grew angry. His words became somewhat fierce as well. “I wanted to be friends with you, but you…if you insist on doing this, then in the future, I will have no choice but to kill you! I imagine that if I want to kill you, there’s no one who can stop me!”
Linley’s heart sank. Orloff was going to act? But in the next instant, he made his decision and planned out his retreat.

“Linley, if you give up now, you and I will remain friends.” Orloff  sent.  “Are  you  suggesting  that  we  previously  were friends?” Linley sneered. “If we were friends, why would you help Augusta deceive me? He said he would return free will to my mother, but that was a pure lie. I refuse to believe that you, the exalted Chief Sovereign of Fate, wouldn’t know about the secrets of restoring free will to an Angel.”
Orloff let out a sigh. “Linley, so that’s what you are so angry about. Originally, I was asking a favor from Augusta, so I had no choice.”
“Linley!”   Orloff’s  voice  suddenly  grew  sharp.  This  was because…Linley was now less than twenty meters away from Augusta.  “Kill!”   Linley  showed  no  mercy  at  all;  the  Life Overgod Sword in his hands once more shot out. “Crackle…” The irresistibly sharp sword energy formed into a beam. In the face of that being, the fabric of reality in chaotic space was as weak as tissue paper. It was easily pierced through as the beam of sword energy landed on Augusta’s body.

The sword energy beam was simply too thick; the Lightsaber was unable to completely block it. The beam of energy passed through Augusta’s waist, actually bisecting Augusta in half as his waist was transformed into dust.

Augusta’s speed slowed, and Linley instantly arrived. 
“Orloff, I have no other choice!”  Augusta suddenly laughed loudly, and madness appeared in his eyes as he stared at Linley. “Linley, in countless years…no one has ever been able to force me to this state. I have no choice but to violate the pact between Orloff and myself. You…shall die now!”  The deep, berserk voice echoed within Linley’s mind.

But Linley just laughed coldly in his heart. Augusta had tried this trick last time; to frighten him with a bluff. “What, you want to use the same tactic twice in a row?” Linley sent back. “I know exactly how strong you are now. Unless you truly have an innate divine ability or some other unique attacks, there is nothing you can do. Unfortunately, you do not.” As he spoke, Linley once again lifted up his Life Overgod Sword. The bisected Augusta was no longer able to dodge as easily as he had in the past.

Augusta’s face was just cold and emotionless…and then, he let out a savage howl as he raised his head. “Rumble…” Blurry, illusory images suddenly appeared.

The phantom of a Vermillion Bird appeared from Augusta’s head. His left side released the phantom of an Azure Dragon that was three meters long, while his right side released the phantom of the divine beast, White Tiger. Beneath his vanished waist lay the phantom of the divine beast, Black Tortoise.

Augusta stared coldly at Linley.

“Impossible!”   Linley  howled  wildly  in  his  heart.  This technique, amazingly enough, was the supreme technique which the Chief Sovereign of Destruction, Wodred, had developed after researching the fused innate divine ability of the Four Divine Beasts – Spacetime Paradox!

“Wodred said that he only told the Chief Sovereign of Fate, Orloff, about his supreme technique, and that he had Orloff swear an Overgod oath that he would not teach it to anyone else! The Chief Sovereign of Destruction couldn’t possibly have taught it to Augusta. Then…” A light went off in Linley’s head.

Linley stared in astonishment at Augusta, who was currently executing ‘Spacetime Paradox’. “Can it be him?” Right at this moment, the surrounding space in chaotic space was already beginning to twist, distort, and change, thanks to this ‘Spacetime Paradox’ technique…

Chapter 42, Earth Fire Water Wind

“Spacetime  Paradox!”  No  matter  how  calm  and  collected Chief Sovereign of Destruction Wodred was, upon seeing this, his face completely changed. “How can he know this technique? Orloff swore an oath by the Overgods. He couldn’t possibly violate it.”

“Wodred! What is going on!”  A clear voice rang out in his mind. It was the voice of the Chief Sovereign of Death. As time had passed, given how quickly Sovereigns were able to spread information to each other, more and more Sovereigns had come to chaotic space. There were already more than forty Sovereigns who were watching this battle!

“I don’t know either.”  The Chief Sovereign of Destruction was completely stunned. For the moment, he had no idea what was going on. “You said that Orloff couldn’t possibly teach it to anyone else. What about you? Did you teach it to anyone else?” The Chief Sovereign of Death said hurriedly. “How could I teach it to someone else?!” The Chief Sovereign of Destruction sent back frantically. “Then there are only two possibilities. The first is that Orloff developed  it  himself.”   The  Chief  Sovereign  of  Death  said. “Impossible! How long has he had his blood essences of the Four Divine Beasts for? In addition, I was able to develop it because I long ago became a Paragon in the Edicts of Destruction, and had a thorough understanding of the soul as well. Luck also played a major role. Augusta wasn’t even able to become a Paragon; even if you gave him a trillion years, it would be impossible for him to develop even a fragment of this technique!” The Chief Sovereign of Destruction was absolutely certainty of this.

“Then the only possibility is the second one…even though I don’t dare believe it.” The Chief Sovereign of Death’s voice contained a hint of dread. The face of the Chief Sovereign of Destruction changed as well. “Are you saying that Orloff is…”
“We’ll know soon. However, Linley’s in danger as well, now.” The Chief Sovereign of Death sent to him, rather worried.

“Even if we tried to save him, we wouldn’t make it in time.” The   Chief   Sovereign   of   Destruction   frowned.   “Augusta unleashed the technique already. Perhaps, because he has very few blood essences of the Four Divine Beasts, the strength is inferior to mine, but…it isn’t something which the likes of Linley can withstand. Linley doesn’t have a soul-protecting Overgod artifact, after all.”
Linley was indeed in dire straits right now. More than forty Sovereigns were spread throughout chaotic space, watching. Through their divine sense, the Sovereigns couldn’t help but come to the same conclusion…
Linley, this supreme expert who had, in ten thousand short years, suddenly risen to prominence and eclipsed the Chief Sovereigns of the Laws…could it be that this brilliant, shining star was about to fall, after having released its last burst of light?

When the phantoms of the Four Divine Beasts appeared, a unique, invisible energy spread out in every direction. Within ten million kilometers, all space came to a sudden halt. The constantly shattering and cracking space froze in mid-crack, while more than ninety percent of the invisible energy was fully unleashed on Linley. “Compressing  spacetime…distorting  it!  The  flow  of  time changes!”  Linley,  when  faced  with  this  technique,  suddenly had a familiar feeling. “This…”
Linley’s gaze began to blaze as he stared at the phantoms of the Four Divine Beasts surrounding Augusta. Every single phantom was releasing a unique type of energy, and when combined together, they unleashed this full technique. The four unique types of energy actually were able to manipulate the universe to the point of affecting space and time.

“This…isn’t this…”  Linley’s eyes instantly turned round. In this moment, time itself stood still! Even that ray of translucent light which shot out of Augusta’s mouth seemed to have suddenly become very, very slow.

“Right! That’s exactly it!” All these years, Linley had always been in pursuit of completely fusing those four profound mysteries from different Laws into a complete whole. However, although he was able to train to the bottleneck, the final step of completely, perfectly fusing the four Laws was something Linley was still yet to be able to do; he wasn’t able to overcome this threshold. But now, when sensing the unique, perfect fusion of those four types of energy, and how they manipulated the heavens…
It was as though a master sculptor who had bitterly toiled in pursuit of perfect suddenly saw the sculpture of a grandmaster sculptor, and instantly gained enlightenment. This was the current Linley!

The Azure Dragon was water-attribute. Water was soft and gentle, capable of encompassing and absorbing everything.

The Black Tortoise was earth-attribute. The earth was vast, heavy, and ponderous.

The White Tiger was wind-attribute. The wind was invisible and formless, appearing and disappearing without any pattern.

The Vermillion Bird was fire-attribute. Fire burned and blazed wildly, filled with violent fury which was unpredictable. This ‘Spacetime Paradox’ was actually the combination of earth, fire, water, and wind.

When one was stuck at a bottleneck, one might spend a trillion years without breaking through. But it was also possible that one would break through after a few days. This required luck; required a sudden flash of insight. Last time, Linley was just watching the battle, and so he hadn’t sensed too deeply into the technique. In addition, last time, he hadn’t reached this bottleneck in the fusion of the four Laws, and so naturally he hadn’t gained any insights.

But now, when facing this ‘Spacetime Paradox’, Linley, who had been at a bottleneck for so long, benefited from those accumulated experiences. Everything had been prepared for this moment, and now, when the insight came, Linley suddenly understood.

He understood!

Everything was now clear to him! Although all of this took time to describe, in reality, everything occurred in a flash. This sudden enlightenment required only a fraction of an instant.

“Hmph,   hmph,   die.”    Augusta   laughed   coldly   as   that translucent light reached Linley’s body.

The world suddenly changed as the natural Laws descended!

Linley smiled as he looked at that translucent ray of light. He let out a gentle breath, and a translucent sword shadow emerged from his mouth. When it clashed against the translucent ray of light, it instantly shattered it into pieces. The remnants of the translucent sword of light turned small and thin. After flying for a bit longer, it vanished from the universe.

Utter shock filled Augusta’s eyes. “Im…impossible!” “Swish.”   Linley’s  eyes  shot  out  two  translucent  sword shadows. Given how fast his soul attack was, Augusta was completely unable to dodge, and the two translucent sword shadows sank into his body.

However, Augusta was completely unharmed!

“His soul defense is actually this powerful?” Linley couldn’t help but exclaim in astonishment, while glancing at the surrounding area. Four types of elemental essences were surrounding him. The natural Laws had already descended, and were currently transforming his soul. “If I hadn’t personally experienced this ‘Spacetime Paradox’ technique, who knows how long it would have been before I would make this breakthrough.”
This breakthrough was even more difficult than becoming a Paragon. Earth, fire, water, and wind; these four Laws and their profound mysteries were completely different. To perfectly fuse them into a whole was simply too hard.

But Linley had succeeded. “Upon becoming a Paragon, one would be bestowed with Will as a reward. It was even more difficult for me to fuse these four Laws together, and the technical power of the attack is ten times greater than a Paragon’s. I imagine that the amount of Will I shall receive should be greater as well.” Linley could clearly sense that each of his souls was rising in power.

Because Linley was a Soul Mutate, upon making his breakthrough, every single soul would evolve.

“Eh?!”   Linley  couldn’t  help  but  feel  surprised.  “This…” Linley’s eyes were filled with wild joy. “I actually gained a portion of Will that was double what a Paragon would gain!”
Although he had expected that the amount of Will he would receive would be more than what Paragons received, he hadn’t expected that it would be double. This truly surprised Linley.

Originally, when he had successfully become a Soul Mutate, although he had been bestowed Will, it wasn’t double that of a Paragon’s. Each increase of a full portion of Will represented a tenfold increase in power. Linley was able to break through the bottleneck and reach complete mastery; his power had thus increased tenfold in terms of the profound mysteries. But upon receiving two portions of Will as well, that meant that his power had instantly increased a thousandfold! It must be understood that while at the bottleneck, Linley was already ten times as powerful as the Chief Sovereign of Light, Augusta.

They were on completely different levels. They were several levels apart from each other; the difference between them was like that of the heavens and the earth.

“Linley actually blocked it? Broke through it effortlessly?” The Chief Sovereigns of Death and Destruction, along with the various other Sovereigns, were all completely stunned.

“Just now, the natural Laws descended.” The Chief Sovereign of  Death  suddenly  said.  “Are  you  saying…?”   The  Chief Sovereign of Destruction was stunned.

“Linley definitely made a major breakthrough. Otherwise, the Laws couldn’t possibly have descended for him. In addition, there is no way he could’ve risen in power by so much so quickly. I have a feeling…that the current Linley is no weaker than us!”  The Chief Sovereign of Death sent in a low voice.

Indeed, in terms of power of Will, as a four-way Soul Mutate with three Sovereign sparks and two portions of will gained from the perfect fusion of four Laws, Linley was ten times stronger than ordinary Chief Sovereigns! He was already comparable to those Paragons amongst the Chief Sovereigns.

On a technical level, with his fused profound mysteries, he was ten times more powerful than a Paragon. In terms of energy, his fused Sovereign power was a hundred times that of an ordinary Sovereign’s. His only flaw…was that his Overgod weapon was not suited to him, and so he wasn’t able to unleash much of its power. But despite that, Linley’s power was already enough to make it so that he had no need to fear the four Chief Sovereigns of the Edicts at all.

“How…how can you…” Augusta stared towards Linley in disbelief. Linley had instantly increased in power a thousandfold. This increase in power gave Linley complete confidence in facing even the Chief Sovereign of Fate, Orloff. Linley felt no fear at all now. Laughing, he looked at Augusta. “I’m quite curious. Why is it that your ‘Spacetime Paradox’ so weak? It was far weaker than I expected!”
The fused innate divine abilities of the Four Divine Beasts would allow one’s power to increase more than ten thousand times; after all, for Lesser Sovereigns to be capable of exterminating Chief Sovereigns, one could imagine how mighty it was.

The Chief Sovereign of Destruction himself had said that when developing ‘Spacetime Paradox’, although the power was far from the power unleashed by the Four Divine Beasts, it was still a thousand times greater than his own raw power. But Augusta…
“Whoosh!” Augusta’s figure flashed away, attempting to flee.

“Swoosh!”  Linley’s figure flashed as well, and he instantly appeared in front of Augusta. With a casual swipe of his draconic tail, he lashed out with it, using it like a whip that struck viciously against Augusta’s body, sending him flying far away.

Blood splattered, but as a light shone over Augusta’s body, his flesh and skin were completely healed. “You…your speed?!” Augusta was completely stupefied. The current Linley was on a completely different level from the former Linley.

“I told you. You won’t be able to flee.” Linley laughed softly. “You haven’t answered me yet. Why is it that your Spacetime Paradox is so weak?”
Augusta, having seen Linley’s speed just now, no longer had any plans to flee. He let out a snicker. “Weak? The strength of this technique has to do with how much blood essences of the Four Divine Beasts one has. Orloff used far more blood essences than I did, so the power of it was naturally greater.”
Linley laughed and nodded. “Alright. It’s about time. If I don’t act now, Orloff will soon arrive.” Hearing this, Augusta’s face changed. 
“Linley.”   The  Chief  Sovereign  of  Fate,  Orloff,  who  was currently hurrying through chaotic space towards them at high direction, sent to Linley frantically, “Isn’t it just a matter of letting your mother regain her free will? Fine. I will make Augusta release his spiritual bond with that Angelic Resurrection Pool.”
“Orloff, you seem to be quite nervous.” Linley sent back. “As far as I can recall, and in fact, as far as any Sovereigns can recall, you, Orloff, as the Chief Sovereign of Fate, always spend your time toiling away with research in your Orloff Gardens in the Celestial Realm. You never get involved in worldly affairs. Nothing can disturb you. But now, you are nervous.”
“Naturally. He is my good friend.” Orloff sent back. “Linley, I hope you won’t act foolishly.”
“Just a good friend?” Linley laughed as he sent back…and the Chief Sovereign of Fate’s face changed slightly. “Upon seeing Augusta execute ‘Spacetime Paradox’, I realized the truth. You are bound by an Overgod oath; there is no way that you could’ve taught ‘Spacetime Paradox’ to someone else. But there is a loophole; if you and Augusta are the same person to begin with, then naturally any secrets you know, he knows.”
Linley let out a sigh. “Actually, if I hadn’t accepted that Emissary and learned of the existence of the Bula race, I wouldn’t have come to this realization so quickly. Actually, when I fought Augusta for the first time and realized that his power was ten times what I had expected, I began to suspect that he might have other Sovereign clones. Unfortunately, I never imagined, nor did I dare imagine, that you and him truly were the same person!”
The Chief Sovereign of Fate, Orloff, was silent for a moment, then said in a low voice, “Since you’ve already guessed it, you should know what to do. I do not wish…for you and I to become enemies!”
“Yes. I know what I should do.” Linley smiled as he waved his hand. The Life Overgod Sword in his hand lashed out in a beautiful, dream-like arc, and a finger-thick ray of inky jade light shot out. The only thing that appeared within the surrounding space was that finger-thick ray of inky jade light, and a finger-thick spatial tear. There weren’t even any spatial ripples created.

The energy was concentrated to an absolute peak.

Linley’s most powerful technique…Sword Intent!

“Slash.” A hole appeared in Augusta’s head. Augusta’s mouth opened…but he was no longer capable of making any sounds.

Chapter 43, A New Name (part 1)

Augusta’s body crumpled down, falling into the flows of chaotic space, being carried away like an inanimate object within the ‘rivers’.

The Chief Sovereign of Light, Augusta, was killed by one sword blow!

“Augusta died?”
“Linley killed Augusta?”
The Sovereigns couldn’t help but take a deep breath. It had been countless years since a Chief Sovereign had truly perished.

“Good  that  he  died!”  The  Chief  Sovereigns  of  Death  and Destruction, along with ten-plus other Sovereigns, had already guessed at the connection between Augusta and Orloff. They felt a surge of delight in their hearts! 
“Bang!”  “Bang!”  Two rays of light shot out from Augusta’s corpse, moving at extremely high speed. It was a ring and the Lightsaber.

“Stay here!” Linley wasn’t able to catch them in time, so he could only use his fused Sovereign power to create a distant ‘barrier’, wanting to trap these two Overgod artifacts within it.
“Do you think that the likes of you is capable of trapping my Overgod artifacts?” Orloff’s low voice rumbled within Linley’s mind. In midair, the Lightsaber suddenly expanded dramatically. With a ‘boom’, it pierced straight through that barrier. Linley only saw two bolts of light flash past, and then the two Overgod artifacts disappeared.

Linley, seeing this, couldn’t help but sigh to himself. The Overgod artifacts belonged to the Chief Sovereign of Fate, Orloff, to begin with. Under Orloff’s control, given how quickly Overgod artifacts could move, they vastly outstripped any Sovereign’s speed. Ten billion kilometers away from Linley, within the void. A white-robd Orloff stretched his hand out, snatching the Lightsaber that had flown towards him. This Lightsaber was the Fate Overgod weapon; his other clone, ‘Augusta’, naturally wasn’t able to unleash its full power. But in the hands of the Chief Sovereign of Fate, Orloff, its power increased dramatically.

The ring slid onto Orloff’s finger as well. Orloff was able to control his Overgod artifacts from a distance, and didn’t need to bind them with blood before using them. He stared into the distance at the many spectating Sovereigns, especially those who hadn’t realized that Orloff and Augusta weren’t the same person, and so were in a state of shock.

No matter how foolish they might be, however, upon seeing this, they understood! Orloff and Augusta had been the same person!

“Ah, Augusta and Lord Orloff are actually the same person! Then…since Lord Orloff became a Paragon long ago, he gained an additional portion of Will. He gained another portion of Will from winning ten Planar Wars in a row. Having an additional Sovereign clone would also transform the Chief Sovereign of Fate’s soul, granting him yet another portion of Will! Although his Sovereign clone has perished, the only thing Orloff lost was the portion of Will which was infused in his Sovereign spark; his already-strengthened soul wouldn’t lose the Will he had already gained. Then Lord Orloff, he…”
All the Sovereigns were completely stunned. Only now did everyone understand how terrifyingly strong Orloff was! A soul change was irreversible; once one’s souls were strengthened, one soul couldn’t possibly weaken in power, just because the other one was destroyed.

Thus, Augusta’s death didn’t actually have much of an impact on the Chief Sovereign of Fate, Orloff. It only represented that Orloff had lost a life.

“So in reality, he had two more portions of Will than I did! No wonder he was able to withstand my Overgod weapon with his bare hands.” The Chief Sovereign of Destruction, Wodred, had a look on his face that was as calm as still water. He quietly watched everything happen. All of the Sovereigns watched and waited to see…how the Chief Sovereign of Fate, Orloff, would take revenge upon Linley.

“Whoosh!” The Chief Sovereign of Fate’s speed increased to the limit, passing through a distance of countless kilometers. Less than a minute later, he had traversed the distance of a hundred billion kilometers and arrived within Linley’s field of vision.

Linley hefted his Life Overgod Sword in his hand, standing there in the void, surrounded by chaotic space. “You are really quite fast,” Linley actually was able to laugh while nodding in praise.

“And you are really quite audacious.” The Chief Sovereign of Fate, Orloff, smiled as he looked at Linley. “It seems that you are quite confident.”
“But I, too, feel as though you are quite confident.”  Linley laughed calmly. “Do you think that just by relying on that Overgod weapon, you will be able to kill me? Oh, I forgot; you are a Bula. You are able to divide your consciousness in two, and you have spent countless years researching like a madman. I imagine you have a supreme technique of your own.”
Hearing Linley’s words, a smile appeared on Orloff’s face. “I am very fortunate and should celebrate the fact that I am a Bula, because in terms of my physical defense alone, I am inferior to the Four Divine Beasts, the Sable Leviathan, and those other supreme divine beasts. My Bula race, however, has unlimited potential.” The Chief Sovereign of Fate, Orloff, had an indescribable look in his eyes. “Temperament determines one’s destiny! Due to many contradictory thoughts, many geniuses end up limiting themselves. But me? I’m able to give up all of the contradictory, complicated thoughts that hinder me. All my evilness, my avarice…I can shunt them all aside, leaving behind only what I need.”
Linley  laughed  calmly.  “Thus,  we  end  up  with  a  wild, overbearing, avaricious Augusta, as well as the supreme expert, Orloff, who focuses on his research and pays no mind to worldly affairs?”
“Right.” Orloff nodded and laughed. “To tell the truth, we Bulas aren’t that gifted, innately. Originally, as a Paragon, I did have a Sovereign clone, but in terms of power, I wasn’t confident in being able to defeat the other Chief Sovereigns of the Edicts. Thus, I had to hide my power and ensure that they wouldn’t fear me. If the three of them were to join forces against me, I would definitely lose. Thus, I couldn’t let them know that Augusta and I were one and the same.”
“And so, I naturally ended up having 182 children! In reality, those children were newborn infants with some excellent talents who I selected from the various material planes. After they grew up, they naturally would have no recollection of what happened when they were one or two years old. Augusta trained them, and so they naturally would believe that Augusta was their father. And thus, there was the Augusta clan. Who, then,  would  suspect  that  Augusta  and  I  were  one?”  Orloff laughed softly.

“In the past, you were extremely cautious. But now, it seems, you have no more concerns?” Linley laughed calmly. The Chief Sovereign of Fate, Orloff, smiled and nodded. “To tell the truth, I now hold the other three Chief Sovereigns of the Edicts in no regard whatsoever. This is because…all these years, I’ve never before revealed all of my power. You were able to destroy one of my clones; you are quite formidable. In order to show my respect for you, today, I will reveal my entire power. Although you will die, I will allow you to die satisfied.” Linley frowned slightly. For Orloff to laugh and speak in such a manner indicated that his self-confidence was extremely high. “Kill me? Augusta also said that he would kill me, but in the end, I killed him.” Linley smiled, but then, suddenly…
“Crackle…”   The  Life  Overgod  Sword  in  Linley’s  hand instantly transformed into a ray of green light. An extremely concentrated line of inky jade light, the size of a finger, shot out through the void, chopping through it like a knife and leaving behind only an extremely fine spatial tear which not even divine sense could see clearly. Linley’s Life Overgod Sword stabbed directly towards the body of Orloff, the Chief Sovereign of Fate.

His most powerful sword attack…Sword Intent! After completely fusing all four profound mysteries, Linley’s power had risen a thousandfold. He was now completely terrifying, and one could imagine how strong was the power which this sword attack contained.

“Clang!” A ringing sound. Orloff just smiled as he looked at Linley, not even using his own Fate Overgod Sword to block, allowing Linley to stab him with his sword. “What?!” Linley’s face changed dramatically.

“Impossible!”  The  distant  spectators,  including  the  Chief Sovereigns of Death and Destruction, all couldn’t refrain from crying out in shock. They could tell how terrifyingly strong Linley’s sword was. Logically speaking, no one should be able to rely on their body to defend against it. Not even Chief Sovereigns!

“Haha…”  Orloff couldn’t help but start to laugh. “After the creation of the universe, Linley, there have been a total of seven Overgod missions. The other three Chief Sovereigns of the Edicts and yourself, Linley, each acquired an Overgod artifact. But that just accounts for four completed missions! To the outside world, I have only admitted that I was in possession of a soul-protecting Overgod artifact, while Augusta acquired an Overgod weapon. But what about the last Overgod mission? Who completed it? Do you know, Linley?”  Orloff was quite smug.

Linley’s heart clenched. “Can it also have been…” “Also have been me.” The Chief Sovereign of Fate, Orloff, laughed. “This Overgod artifact is a defensive Overgod artifact!” As he spoke, a completely black armor appeared on Orloff’s body; this defensive Overgod artifact had already become one with Orloff’s skin.

Linley’s heart was now ice-cold. The distant, spectating Sovereigns were all completely silent as well. Good heavens! Orloff was a complete monster; he had a soul-protecting Overgod artifact, a defensive Overgod artifact, and an Overgod weapon. He had three Overgod artifacts. He could probably stand there and do nothing, and the others still wouldn’t be able to kill him!

“Orloff…” The Chief Sovereigns of Destruction, Death, and Life no longer had any desire to struggle against him. The three Overgod artifacts guaranteed that anyone, no matter how self-confident they were, would feel their morale plummet into the depths of the sea.

“Normally, I’ll just allow this defensive Overgod artifact to be transformed into the appearance of the Orloff Gardens. I’ve bound it long ago, and under my control, it doesn’t emanate any aura at all. Although many people are curious about my levitating gardens and can sense that it is extraordinary, no one knew…that it was actually my transformed defensive Overgod artifact.” Orloff laughed.

The Orloff Gardens was actually a defensive Overgod artifact! Orloff seemed to be in an exceptionally good mood; he even publicized such an important secret. “What, after hiding for so many years, have you decided to reveal everything today?” Linley was a million kilometers away from Orloff, but very cautious.

These two stood at the peak of power amongst Sovereigns. They stood there, within the flows of chaotic energy at a distance of a million kilometers, speaking to each other in voices that rang like thunder.

“Haha, I no longer need to conceal anything.” Orloff laughed. “As for why that’s the case, you will soon know.” Orloff didn’t seem to be griefstruck over the loss of his Sovereign clone at all; instead, he seemed to be in smug and proud.

“Oh?”    Linley   chuckled.   “Swoosh!”    Linley   immediately transformed into a stream of light, fleeing at high speed into the distance. 
“What horrible luck. Orloff actually has three Overgod artifacts! And he is no weaker than me to begin with. Even if he was weaker than me, with three Overgod artifacts in hand, there’s no way I can actually defeat him. I didn’t imagine that I would encounter this sort of a monster immediately after breaking through.” Linley’s heart was filled with utter resignation.

“Fleeing?”   Orloff  also  transformed  into  a  ray  of  light, pursuing at full strength. In terms of pure Will, the Chief Sovereign of Fate, Orloff, had three more portions than ordinary Chief Sovereigns did. As for Linley, he only had a single additional portion of Will more than a Chief Sovereign. However, Linley had his fused Sovereign power; it could be said that in pure, raw strength, the two were roughly on par.

However, speed was not Linley’s forte. As for Orloff, however, he had spent countless years analyzing and strengthening himself. It could be said that he had reached the limits in defense, attack, and speed. When chasing after Linley, Orloff clearly was somewhat faster than him. “So  fast!”   “This  speed  is  inconceivable!”   The  spectating Sovereigns in chaotic space were completely stupefied now. Linley and Orloff, in terms of speed, outstripped all of the other Sovereigns now.

“Linley is actually as powerful as this.” The Chief Sovereign of Destruction let out a sigh. As for the violet-robed Chief Sovereign of Death, who had flown to his side, she sighed as well. “Linley is strong, but this Orloff…he hid himself far too well. Now that he has revealed his strength, we are no longer qualified to challenge him for supremacy.”
The Chief Sovereign of Destruction nodded helplessly as well. Three Overgod artifacts. Who would dare fight against Orloff?

Some were feeling shocked, while others were feeling delighted. The Sovereigns who had chosen to serve Orloff were naturally feeling delighted. “Haha, so Lord Orloff was as powerful as this. Without question, Lord Orloff is undefeatable amongst Sovereigns.”  A man with two black horns and long hair couldn’t help but laugh. “Everyone, Lord Orloff is about to kill that kid Linley. Oh, Linley’s already fled into the Life Realm. Let’s chase after them and continue to watch.” The Sovereign of Fire, Borte, said with a laugh. Instantly, these words drew a reaction from quite a few of the surrounding Sovereigns. Everyone already considered Linley to be a dead man.

He was powerful, and most likely even more powerful than the other three Chief Sovereigns of the Edicts. But the one chasing after Linley was Orloff! The unfathomable Orloff, who had three Overgod artifacts!

“Swoosh!” “Swoosh!” Within chaotic space, many Sovereigns began to fly at high speed towards the Life Realm.

Within the Life Realm. Linley was fleeing at high speed, while the Chief Sovereign of Fate, Orloff, was pulling closer and closer to Linley. Although they had started at a distance of a million kilometers, Orloff had managed to catch up, thanks to his greater speed.

“Not  good.  That  technique  again!”  Linley’s  face  suddenly changed. The two were now only ten kilometers apart, and right at this moment, a powerful aura washed over him. Linley’s fused divine sense could easily sense…that phantoms of the Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Black Tortoise, and Vermillion Bird had appeared around Orloff’s head, feet, and sides.

Space within countless kilometers completely froze. On the ground below them, various experts who were either training or fighting were also completely paralyzed by this spacetime compression. All of them were completely shocked, but unable to move.

“Swish!”  A translucent light shot out from Orloff’s mouth towards Linley. Spacetime Paradox!

“Hmph.” Linley turned his head, opening his own mouth. Similarly, he shot out two rays of translucent sword shadows from his mouth. This was Linley’s most powerful soul attack.

The translucent ray of light and the translucent sword shadows collided. The first translucent sword shadow trembled, then immediately collapsed, but the translucent ray of light shrank in size as well. It then collided with the second sword shadow head on, and with a ‘bang’, the second sword shadow also vanished. The remaining, greatly weakened translucent ray of light was dissipated by Linley’s spiritual energy as soon as it entered his body.

“Admirable. You actually were able to block this technique.” Orloff’s voice rang out in Linley’s mind. “The power you put into this technique is much lower than when Wodred used it.” Linley sent back. In terms of raw power from the profound mysteries, Linley’s soul attacks and material attacks were ten times mightier than a Paragon’s!

As for this ‘Spacetime Paradox’ of Orloff’s, it was only a few dozen times stronger than a Paragon’s, and just a few times stronger than Linley’s attack. It wasn’t able to kill Linley.

“Haha. That’s because both Augusta and myself each only refined and fused with a single drop of the blood essences of the Four Divine Beasts.”  Orloff laughed. “One drop?”  Linley was puzzled. He had handed over eleven drops of the Azure Dragon blood essence, and somewhat more of the other three types of blood essence. Why, then, had Orloff and Augusta used only one drop of each? However, Linley didn’t have any time to consider this. “He’s catching up.” This time, Orloff didn’t use a soul attack; instead, he struck out with his Fate Overgod Sword, wanting to engage Linley in close combat.

“Hmph.” Linley gritted his teeth, then charged back at Orloff! The two were only a few hundred meters away from each other; given how fast Sovereigns moved, how little time would they need to cross such a distance? But Orloff was a supreme expert amongst Chief Sovereigns; his reaction speed was incredibly fast as well. Only, Linley had actively taken the initiative and had been preparing for it this entire time, and thus he immediately unleashed his ‘Sword Intent’ attack.

The Infernal Realm. Bloodridge Continent.

“Bluefire, how are things?” Beirut sent mentally. Far away in the Infernal Realm, a figure entered through a spatial rift. It was Bluefire who had arrived in the Infernal Realm.

Previously, when the Sovereigns had begun to spread word amongst themselves that Linley and Augusta were engaging in battle in chaotic space, Beirut had felt uneasy, and so he had arranged for Bluefire to go watch in chaotic space.

“Beirut,  Linley  killed  Augusta.”   Bluefire  said  hurriedly. “Truly?  That’s,  that’s  wonderful.”   Beirut  was  overjoyed. “What’s wrong with you? Why are you looking like that?”
“But…”  Bluefire’s  face  grew  ugly  to  behold.  “Augusta  and Orloff are actually the same person. Orloff…” Bluefire carefully began to describe everything, and as he did so, Beirut’s face turned ugly to behold as well. By the end, his entire body was beginning to quiver.

“It’s  me  who  has  harmed  Linley!”  Beirut  growled.  “What should we do now?” Bluefire hurriedly asked. “What can we do?” Beirut let out a sigh. “I have no idea how I’m supposed to let Bebe and the others know about this.”
Right at this moment, Beirut suddenly frowned. “Eh? Why are they back? Bluefire, Linley’s father, Hogg, and his mother, Lina, have already arrived at the Bloodridge Continent’s teleportation array. Immediately go and arrange for them to be escorted here. Linley…we aren’t able to help him, but we must protect his family and friends.”
“Right.” Bluefire noticed Linley’s father and mother through divine sense as well.

Hogg and his wife, Lina, were currently advancing towards the Skyrite Mountains at full speed.

“I  know  everything.  I  remember  everything.”  Lina’s  eyes were filled with worry. “My child…Linley, could it be that he went to go kill the Chief Sovereign of Light? Nothing will happen to Linley, will it?” In the very instant Linley killed Augusta, the Angels from the Angelic Resurrection Pool which Augusta controlled all instantly gained their freedom.

Lina remember everything, everything that happened back at the Yulan Plane, and also everything which had happened after she had been transformed into an Angel. She immediately remembered her son, Linley, whom she had carried for ten months, as well as Wharton. Only now did she truly begin to worry for Linley. 
“Whoosh.”     Bluefire   instantly   appeared   before   them. “Bluefire.”    Hogg   and   Lina   immediately   recognized   him. “Bluefire,   what’s   happened   to   my   child,   Linley?”    Lina immediately asked with worry. In the past, although she had met Linley, that that time, she was still under control. She felt no emotion for Linley whatsoever. Only now was she truly Linley’s mother.

Bluefire had an ugly look on his face. He let out a sigh. “Come with  me.”  Sovereign  power  swept  up  Hogg  and  Lina,  who immediately transformed into streaks of red light, disappearing into the horizon and soon arriving at the Skyrite Mountains.

Beirut, seeing them come, went to welcome them and Bluefire. “I’m not sure what’s going with Linley right now. Soon, I’ll discuss it with you two.” Beirut looked at Hogg and Lina as he spoke. For now…Beirut didn’t want to reveal that Linley was fighting for his life.

Hogg and Lina exchanged glances, concern in their eyes. “Bang!”
Suddenly, a surge of powerful ground ripple swept towards them. Bluefire and Beirut simultaneously turned their heads to stare towards the south, towards the Chaotic Sea.

“Linley!”  “Orloff!”  Beirut and Bluefire were both shocked. Linley and Orloff were currently wildly battling each other. They had battled all the way out of from the Life Realm, then passed into one of the other nearby Higher Realms, the Infernal Realm. They now appeared in the southern margins, in the skies of the endless, infinite Chaotic Sea.

Almost immediately afterwards, many Sovereigns tore holes through reality and arrived in the Infernal Realm. The Sovereigns were all watching this unprecedented, spectacular battle! Only, everyone maintained a great distance from Linley and Orloff, because as all the spectators knew…even the other three Chief Sovereigns of the Edicts, to say nothing of the ordinary Chief Sovereigns, might lose their lives in the face of this battle between Linley and Orloff.

“Bang!” “Bang!” The surrounding fabric of reality repeatedly collapsed. The countless experts of the Chaotic Sea had long ago hidden themselves deep into the bottom of the sea, but the vibrations that transmitted all the way to the bottom still stunned them. How terrifyingly powerful was this energy?

“Haha, Orloff, I thought you were very powerful, but now, it seems, your attack power is only average. To kill me? It’s far from being enough!” Linley’s voice echoed in the skies.

“Linley, your attack and your profound mysteries are indeed extremely powerful. Admirable, truly! If your Overgod artifact matched you, I probably truly would find it hard to kill you.” The Chief Sovereign of Fate’s voice rang out as well.

Linley and Orloff were deep within the Chaotic Sea, staring at each other from a distance of ten thousand kilometers. Although they were far apart, the terrifying aura each radiated was something they could sense, even without using divine sense. “Kill me? How are you going to kill me?”  Linley snickered. Linley’s body was covered with a flowing layer of inky jade light. His bloody wounds were repeatedly, ceaselessly healing. In terms of Will and Sovereign power, Linley and Orloff were evenly matched, but in terms of profound mysteries, Linley was on a higher level than Orloff, while Orloff’s Overgod weapon was utilized at a higher level than Linley.

This made it so that, in terms of raw material attack power, Linley and Orloff were actually on par with each other.

However…Orloff had a defensive Overgod artifact. He could ignore his own defense and focus on attacking. As for Linley, he had to carefully defend. Naturally, this made it so that Linley was at a disadvantage. Still, Linley wouldn’t lose his life as a result. After all, the difference in power between the two wasn’t that great.

The many Sovereigns all watched nervously. By now, they all realized…that amongst the Chief Sovereigns, Linley and Orloff were the two strongest. But Orloff had three Overgod artifacts…he could be said to be unbeatable, and so, in the eyes of the many Sovereigns, this duel of the two most powerful experts ever created would result in Linley’s fall. 
Quite  a  few  Sovereigns  felt  grief  for  Linley,  in  fact.  “Ten thousand years…for him to reach these heights means that Linley can be described as an absolute marvel. Someone like him…what a pity. He’s going to die.”
“Even though Linley is going to die, the countless planes of the universe will never, ever forget him. After all, he is the only person qualified to battle Orloff, a supreme Sovereign without   peer.”   The   various   Sovereigns   chatted   amongst themselves, many feeling grief for Linley.

And yet, at the same time, they also felt admiration for Linley in their hearts. Generally speaking, when facing a man who was about to die, others would forget about their flaws and feel no jealousy…and so, quite naturally, most of them felt sympathy for Linley. Still, they continued to watch as Linley was driven towards death, one step at a time.

“Haha…Linley!”  The voice of Orloff once more rang out in the skies above the Chaotic Sea. A confident smile was on his face. “It has been a long time since I’ve had such an enjoyable battle. Linley, just now, I was so happy when fighting you. I truly am not willing to let you just die…but I don’t want to let you live either.”
“Weren’t you puzzled as to why I am no longer hiding my secrets?”  The Chief Sovereign of Fate, Orloff, laughed. Linley turned to look at Orloff, nodding slightly. “Why?”
“That is because, not long ago, or to be precise, during the last Planar War, when I saw the ‘Samsara Battle Formation’ your six Emissaries activated, I had a flash of insight. Afterwards, I spent a few decades and finally completed my previously flaw, unperfected supreme technique.”  The Chief Sovereign of Fate, Orloff, smiled.

“Supreme technique?” Linley frowned. At this point in time, Orloff actually reached out to speak privately to him through divine sense. “Yes, supreme technique! Over the course of the countless eons, I didn’t actually spent much time developing my ‘Golden Samsara Body’ technique. My time was actually spent in developing this supreme attack, the greatest of all material attacks – Samsara Transcendence.” “Samsara  Transcendence?”   Linley  was  secretly  shocked. Orloff sighed through divine sense. “Linley, you will definitely die, so I wish to tell you some secrets that I discovered! Long, long ago, I discovered that the countless planes of the universe operated in far too orderly a manner. Who created the teleportation arrays? The Overgods? The Overgods are nothing more than the manifestations of the Edicts. Why, then, would they do such a thing?”
“In addition, why would there be Planar Wars? The goal of the Planar Wars clearly is to reduce the number of experts, so as to ensure that the number of experts within the planes would be balanced.”
“All these various established mechanisms…brought a sense to me. A sense that the countless planes of the universe were being guided by an invisible hand.” Orloff said.

Linley was stunned. Orloff’s words were very reasonable. It did indeed seem as though an invisible hand was governing the countless planes. “I want to break free from this regulation! Break free from this control!” Orloff’s gaze was sharp. “Countless years ago, my goal was to surpass the other Sovereigns. Now, I am invincible, and so my goal is to develop the most powerful material attack, to shatter the universe itself. I will make it so that neither the heavens nor the earth can stop me, can bind me! I will surpass and transcend the samsara, this cycle of the universe!”
Linley’s heart was quivering as he listened. “Countless years of research. I’ve analyzed countless races and discovered quite a few secrets.” Orloff’s smile was filled with delight. He didn’t want to tell the other Sovereigns about this matters. But as for Linley…as he saw it, Linley was going to die. And so, he would finally speak to Linley these words that he had hidden within his heart for so many years.”
“The universe is filled with ‘space’. Thus, I paid particular attention to some innate divine abilities that were linked with space. As I saw it, if I were able to develop an attack that could break through and shatter space itself, what would happen? Would the universe collapse? Or would I reach a different universe? I don’t know…but I am eager to find out.” “This    technique,    Samsara    Transcendence,    remained unperfected, despite countless years of research. Still, I absorbed much experience and constantly improved my own power. And yet, I still felt that something was off. Afterwards, when I learned ‘Spacetime Paradox’ from Wodred, I realized where the problem lay, and so when you gifted me with the blood essences of the Four Divine Beasts, I spent most of them in research.”
Linley finally realized why Augusta and Orloff had each used only a single drop of the many drops of Four Divine Beasts blood essences which Linley had provided.

“Despite   that,   however,   the   ‘Samsara   Transcendence’ technique remained rough and disharmonious. But when I saw the ‘Samsara Battle Formation’ the Emissary under your command had developed, I suddenly understood! A magical formation…this technique of mine could be merged with a magical formation and thus be set up even more perfectly.”
Orloff’s face was filled with a smile of self-delight. “I finally succeeded. I personally believe this ‘Samsara Transcendence’ attack of mine to be at the peak of what is possible. In terms of power, it is definitely superior to ‘Spacetime Paradox’.” “Linley, to show my respect for you, I will permit you to die under this technique. Experience for yourself…my Samsara Transcendence!”
Orloff’s face began to glow with an almost holy light. He appeared almost like one of those holy figures amongst mortals as he raised his Fate Overgod Sword.

Four sword illusions suddenly appeared around Orloff. One was jade-green, one was earthen yellow, one was fiery red, and one was light blue. The four sword illusions swirled around Orloff at high speed, and instantly…
The universe began to change. It darkened. All of the spectating Sovereigns were completely stupefied. What sort of terrifying power was this? This technique, ‘Samsara Transcendence’, was the most terrifying technique Orloff had developed, after spending countless years drawing from and analyzing the best parts of various other techniques and powers!

“I only have one chance.” Just as Orloff began to unleash his technique, Linley reacted. And what he did was…
“Swoosh!” Linley frantically fled in into the distance. And as he did, the four sword illusions swirling around the Fate Overgod Sword formed into a gigantic illusory sword that was more than a hundred meters long.

The sword chopped out…
“Crackle…” A terrifying spatial chasm appeared in front of it, stretching off into infinity. It created spatial vibrations for countless kilometers around, causing the deaths of countless living creatures within the Chaotic Sea. This illusory sword that contained four types of sword illusions almost instantly arrived in front of Linley. When his opponent had launched this attack, Linley actually separated his body into three; a Dragonformed Linley, the water-type Sovereign clone, and the wind-type Sovereign clone.

“Haaargh!”  The Dragonformed Linley let out a low growl. Wielding the Life Overgod Sword in his hands, he swung savagely against the sword illusion.

“BANG!”  Linley  felt  as  though  a  mountain  was  crushing down upon him. In almost an instant, the two hands which Linley was using to wield his Life Overgod Sword completely shattered. His bones split apart, and blood flowed everywhere. The Life Overgod Sword trembled, then slipped out of his hands, with the edge of it being knocked backwards and slicing through Linley’s chest, as easily as slicing tissue.

With a ‘slash’ sound, Linley’s chest was completely chopped open, from shoulder to waist. Linley’s bisected body flashed, and he instantly exchanged it with his earth-type Sovereign clone. The Life Overgod Sword, due to having been used to block that sword illusion, was actually knocked far into the distance, flying away like a meteor.

“How terrifying.”  Everyone was completely awestruck. The three Linley’s were currently fleeing into the distance, but the strange thing was…Linley wasn’t actually in pursuit of his Life Overgod Sword.

“The Life Overgod Sword is indeed quite resilient; by relying on it to block, he was actually able to save his life. However, there will not be a ‘next time’.”  Orloff chased after Linley at high speed, also preparing to unleash his supreme technique yet again.

The Chief Sovereigns and the ordinary Sovereigns were all filled with terror. This included Beirut and Bluefire, who were closest to him.

“Too powerful.” Linley, thinking back to that scene, thought to  himself.  “The  attack  power  was  so  strong,  it  actually shattered the draconic scales on my hand and broke my bones, knocking the Life Overgod Sword onto my body and then sending it flying far into the distance.” It must be understood that Linley’s body, especially when infused with his Will and when filled with his fused Sovereign power, was far more powerful than most Sovereign artifacts.

And yet, despite that, he had still suffered such a fate. That technique, Samsara Transcendence…it was simply too powerful.

“The  fruits  of  his  countless  years  of  research  is  indeed powerful.” Linley’s gaze was locked onto a distant figure…the Sovereign of Fire, Borte. Borte was currently alongside the other Sovereigns who served the Chief Sovereign of Fate, Orloff.

“Lord Orloff is too powerful. That technique…is absolutely invincible.” The man with two black horns said with a laugh.

“Haha, Linley was actually able to stay alive. However, his Life Overgod Sword was knocked flying. What is he going to use to block the next attack?” Borte laughed disdainfully. He was rather envious of Linley to begin with, and last time, Linley had barked at him. This made it so that Borte had a very negative impression of Linley. Naturally, he hoped that Orloff would kill Linley.

“Everyone,  Linley  is  flying  over  towards  us.  Quick,  step aside.”  The  Sovereigns  all  hurriedly  moved  away,  but  they weren’t in too much of a rush. After all, they believed that Linley was simply fleeing, and just so happened to flee towards their direction.

But the strange thing was…
“Swish.”   As  the  Sovereigns  flew  away,  Linley  suddenly changed directions as well. Linley’s speed was more than a hundred times greater than those Lesser Sovereigns, and he instantly appeared before them.

“What?!” Borte’s face changed dramatically. “Bang!” Linley’s fist smashed onto Borte’s head. A weak little Lesser Sovereign of Fire, in front of Linley, wasn’t able to fight back at all.

“Fire-type Sovereign spark.” In virtually the same instant as he struck out, Linley sent a drop of his blood into that Lesser Sovereign spark. His gaze was sharp. “By now, I have no other options. Only by fusing with his fire-type Sovereign spark will I be able to rise in power yet again!”
Linley had no other choices. He didn’t want to die. Once he died, Beirut, Bluefire, and even the Four Divine Beasts clan and Linley’s family members…who knew what would happen to them?

Thus, Linley had to act. There were quite a few Sovereigns of Fire present, but the only one Linley felt antipathy towards was Borte. Thus, without hesitating at all, he chose that poor bastard.

The world began to change yet again. Countless amounts of fire elemental essences swirled about in midair as the fire-type Sovereign spark entered the divine fire clone in Linley’s body. It only took an instant to refine a Sovereign spark, and so Linley’s souls once more began to transform, and Will once more flooded his soul. Aside from this… “Four types of Sovereign power…FUSE!”

Chapter 44, A New Name (part 2)

Within Linley’s body, four types of Sovereign power instantly began to bubble and froth.

“Linley, by fusing with a Lesser Sovereign spark of fire, you’ll just gain a bit more Will. Without an Overgod artifact, there is no way you are capable of withstanding my blow.” The Chief Sovereign of Fate’s body once more was surrounded by those four illusory swords, which began to rotate around him.

But Linley only closed his eyes, the muscles on his face twitching  slightly.  “These,  these  four  types  of  Sovereign power…”
In the past, the uniqueness of the fusion of four types of divine power made Linley feel certain…that upon fusing four types of Sovereign power, there would definitely be a unique product as well. But the uniqueness of it completely surpassed Linley’s imagination.

“Crackle…”  After the four types of Sovereign power fused, they instantly transformed into a unique, gray, foggy sort of energy. This gray energy wildly filled every inch of Linley’s body. His bones, his skin, his blood vessels, his organs…even his mind and his soul.

Linley’s flesh was trembling. His entire body was twitching. “Crackle…”  It transformed his muscles, his bones, and every tiny, minute part of him. Earth-shaking changes were occurring in his body, and in virtually every second, Linley’s body would be strengthened hundreds of times. He was constantly rising in power and gaining in strength. In front of the gray energy created by the four types of fused Sovereign power, Linley’s body seemed to respond by simply growing stronger, stronger, stronger…
“Careful, Linley.”  Beirut’s voice rang out in Linley’s mind. Linley opened his eyes. “Swish!”  That Fate Overgod Sword, flowing with four types of colors, had already arrived in front of Linley. “Slash!”  Linley’s clothes shattered…and on Linley’s chest, the Fate Overgod Sword left behind a single bloody scratch.

“What!”  The eyes of the Chief Sovereign of Fate and the others all widened. “How can this be?”  The Sovereigns who were spectating this battle were completely stupefied. The unsurpassed supreme technique of Orloff, ‘Samsara Transcendence’, in front of Linley was only…only able to just barely scrape open Linley’s skin?

“Crackle…”  That bloody scratch instantly healed, while at the same time, Linley’s body continued to strengthen. His bones, his muscles…every component of his insides was constantly shattering and reforming, rising in power time and time again. Each rise in power was terrifyingly great, and yet, they seemed to happen without end. Large amounts of gray energy were being used up by Linley’s body.

“I’ve researched for countless years to develop this, my most powerful sword attack. How…how can it be that I’m not even able to pierce into his skin? Impossible, impossible!!!”  Orloff couldn’t help but begin to bellow. He actually swept out with his Fate Overgod Sword to attack Linley yet again, and the quad-colored sword illusions once more manifested, resulting into that terrifying sword!

“Slash.”  The  Overgod  sword  once  more  slashed  out  onto Linley’s body. But this time…it didn’t even break his skin. Orloff and the others all stared at Linley, stunned. “Rumble…”   The  space  around  Linley  trembled  violently, unleashing a wave of energy that actually knocked Orloff flying away. As for Linley, he stood there silently in the center of that wave of energy, his eyes closed, like an invincible divinity of war.

“Inconceivable. Inconceivable.”  Linley, after receiving that blow from his enemy, completely focused on his self- transformation. His body was undergoing a heaven-shaking evolution. Linley had expected this, but he had never imagined…that his Sovereign sparks would actually melt!

Right. They melted, as though they were ice cubes. The Sovereign sparks were indestructibly tough, and none had ever been destroyed despite the passage of countless years. But they were actually beginning to melt!

Surrounded by that gray energy, Linley’s four fused Sovereign sparks actually began to melt. The four sword- shaped souls that were within the Sovereign sparks were revealed, and the four sword-shaped souls, as well as the sword-shaped soul of the main body, also began to transform after becoming submerged into that gray energy. It was as though they were breaking free from a cocoon and becoming a butterfly…
Slowly…the five hovering sword-shaped souls actually fused together, merging like flowing liquids, then finally transforming into a single sword-shaped soul. This sword- shaped soul began to change in color. First, it was azure; then it was earthen yellow; next, it became jade; afterwards, it became red; and in the end, it became completely translucent. A virtually invisible, translucent, sword-shaped soul.

“Bang.”   Linley’s  four  Sovereign  clones,  bereft  of  both Sovereign sparks and souls, completely collapsed. Only one body was now remaining, and a single, translucent sword- shaped soul. This transformation had used up a great deal of that gray energy.

“Completely inconceivable.”  Although his souls had merged together and he had even lost his Sovereign spark, Linley could clearly sense the existences of all four Elemental Seas. He could effortless pull four types of Sovereign power from them, and not just that; Linley could even sense the Elemental Sea of Light, the Elemental Sea of Darkness…and all the other planes that served as wellsprings for power. Linley, with but a thought, could summon every type of Sovereign power.

“My power of Will is gone?” Linley discovered that after his Sovereign sparks were consumed and his souls were transformed into one, his original Will had vanished. Only… Linley sensed a unique sort of control over the surrounding space. This feeling of control was like…this part of the world was his own domain. He didn’t need Will. He didn’t need anything else. He could simply use the power of the world to constrict any enemies and kill them all.

“Im…impossible!”  Orloff, who had always been invincible, seemed to have gone berserk. He was repeatedly using his Overgod weapon to strike towards Linley, but the energy wave emanating from Linley’s body forced him to stay far away, and he was unable to draw near.

All of the Sovereigns watching this were rendered completely speechless. What had happened just now had completely surpassed their expectations. The power which Linley had revealed surpassed the realm of Sovereigns. “Has he become an Overgod?” The Chief Sovereign of Death murmured. The nearby Chief Sovereign of Destruction’s chin rose, and he blinked repeatedly. “Can it be that living creatures can actually train to the Overgod level?”
“Haha. Wonderful.”  Bluefire and Beirut, within the Skyrite Mountains, watched as Orloff attacked like a madman, but wasn’t even able to get close to Linley. They couldn’t help but feel wildly overjoyed.

“Are you done?”
A calm, quiet voice rang out. Linley, surrounded by that energy wave, opened his eyes and looked at Orloff, who stood before him. In this moment, Linley seemed like a sword. After his soul had transformed, a sword intent seemed to burst out from him. Just looking at Linley made their hearts quiver.

“Uh?” The Chief Sovereign of Fate violently swung out his hand with his Fate Overgod Sword, only to realize…he couldn’t move. Because Linley’s right hand had clutched onto the Fate Overgod Sword. 
“This Overgod sword…”  Linley let out a sigh. He suddenly had a strange feeling, as though this Overgod sword wasn’t all that tough. Linley’s right hand applied just a bit of pressure. “CRACK!”
A clear, ringing sound. What it represented…was that the exalted, incomparable Overgod artifact had actually been snapped by Linley in half.

“How ordinary.” Linley tossed it aside casually, and the half of the Overgod sword in his hands fell from the skies, landing into the seas below. “Plonk.” It sank into the seas.

All of the spectating Sovereigns were once more rendered speechless. Even the Chief Sovereign of Fate stared, stunned, at the remaining half of the Overgod sword which he held. “This…how can this…” As soon as his words rang out…
“Swish!” Orloff’s body suddenly transformed into a streak of light, as he fled into the distance at high speed. Even now, Orloff still held a faint hope that he could stay alive…his homeland was a material plane, and he wanted to flee into it. Orloff was going to continue his research, until the day came when he surpassed Linley.

He felt that although Linley’s attack power had increased, his speed hadn’t necessarily increased. Unfortunately…
“You want to flee?”  Linley’s body flashed, and he actually traversed countless kilometers in a single instant, arriving before Orloff. His speed was countless times faster than Orloff.

The resolute, unyielding look in Orloff’s eyes turned dim. “I lost. Completely lost.” He understood that Linley, who was able to easily break apart the Fate Overgod Sword, definitely would also be able to easily breach his defensive Overgod armor. The eyes of the Chief Sovereign of Fate, Orloff, suddenly lit up again, and he stared at Linley. “Linley…I hope that you will use your most powerful attack to kill me.”
Although they were enemies, Linley still felt a hint of admiration for Orloff. Admiration for how insane he was. “Fine, then. I will use my most powerful attack to kill you.” Linley pressed two fingers together, forming a ‘sword’ with them. A blurry gray sword that was around 1.5 meters in length slowly emerged. As soon as this illusion of a blurry gray sword emerged, the surrounding space began to tremble and fracture into countless pieces.

Orloff stared intently at the illusory sword, his attention focused.  “Whoosh!”   The  sword  pierced  through  the  air. Linley’s most powerful sword attack was finally unleashed…his ‘Sword Intent’, fused with four types of power!

“BANG!” A terrifying explosion rang out. An unprecedented explosion! Linley’s sword seemed to have created a terrifying change in the world! An enormous, terrifying black hole that was nearly ten thousand kilometers in circumference appeared before Linley. Countless amounts of dense gray energy emerged from this hole, pouring into the Infernal Realm and spreading out towards every direction.

“Not good!”  This gray energy spread out so quickly that in virtually an instant, it traversed countless millions of kilometers. The eleven Sovereigns who were just slightly too slow in fleeing were touched by it, and anything the gray energy touched was instantly transformed into nothingness. Even their Sovereign sparks were melted away into nothingness and disappeared. This entire region was completely transformed into a region of death.

“Just now, just now…”  The Chief Sovereigns of Death and Destruction, and the various other survivors, were so terrified that their faces turned white. Just now, the terrifying black hole which Linley’s sword had created had spewed out limitless amounts of gray energy, which had represented annihilation. Anything touched by the gray energy, whether ordinary Deities or mighty Sovereigns, and even inanimate rocks and water, were transformed into nothingness.

“One  step  slower,  and  we  would’ve  all  died.”  The  Chief Sovereign  of  Destruction  remained  extremely  tense.  “Just now…what   was   that?”    The   surviving   Sovereigns   were completely terrified. Although they had seen how powerful Linley was, they had never been so terrified as they were now. The black hole that had suddenly vomited forth that gray energy was simply too terrifying. “The nearer Sovereigns all died.  Not  even  their  Sovereign  sparks  remain.”  The  Chief Sovereign of Death’s face was ashen. “And that Linley…he, he was surrounded by that gray energy and transformed into nothingness as well.” The gray energy created a region which Sovereigns couldn’t use their divine sense to scan. These Sovereigns didn’t know as to what had happened, exactly, when the gray energy had spread out within that region. But there was one thing they were certain of; everything within that region had been transformed into nothingness.

“Linley!”    Beirut’s  face  was  ashen.  Bluefire’s  face  was completely bloodless as well. They had never imagined…that such an awe-inspiring turn of events would occur. Linley, whose power had suddenly skyrocketed, actually then vanished within that terrifying gray energy and disappeared.

By now, the gray energy was flooding back towards the black hole. It completely vanished, and even the black hole was slowly shrinking, before finally disappearing as well. The terrifying energy wave caused astonishment in the entire Infernal Realm.

“…where is this place?” Linley stared at his surroundings. The surrounding space was filled with that strange, foggy gray energy. His own four types of Sovereign power had joined together and formed this exact same type of energy, which had then transformed his body and soul. Just now, his sword attack seemed to have shattered the skies, allowing this energy to cause the deaths of the many Sovereigns.

Linley turned to look, then saw a translucent membrane. At the opposite side of the translucent membrane was chaotic space. “I…where am I?”
Linley’s gaze suddenly turned sharp as he stared in front of himself. Because…someone had appeared in front of him. This person was dressed in unadorned hemp clothes. He had a head full of wild, tousled hair. This middle-aged man’s face had an extremely excited smile. “Haha…it has been a thousand Grand Kalpas, but my waiting is finally at an end.”
“A thousand Grand Kalpas?” Linley was completely confused. “Second  Brother,  come  with  me.”   The  middle-aged  man smiled, then extended a hand. He grabbed Linley by the arm, pulling him forward at high speed. What astonished Linley was, every single step this middle- aged man took covered a limitless amount of distance. His speed was incomprehensibly faster than Linley’s.

“Why do you address me as ‘Second Brother’?” Linley looked at him, puzzled. “And who are you?”
“Haha…because  you  are  the  very  first  person,  after  the passage of countless years, who was able to break through the bindings of the Cosmos and enter this place, this Hongmeng Grandmist.”  The  middle-aged  man  said  with  a  clear  laugh. “What is the ‘Cosmos’?”  Linley hurriedly asked. “You said I broke through the bindings of the cosmos. Are you saying… that the countless planes I live in comprise the Cosmos?”
“To be more precise, the countless material planes, the Seven Divine Planes, the Four Higher Planes, the various minor planes, and chaotic space; they combine to form a whole, which can be referred to as the Cosmos.” The middle-aged man smiled as he spoke. “As for this energy? I refer to it as the Grandmist spirit-energy.” Linley took a deep breath. Indeed…the Chief Sovereign of Fate had sensed that it seemed as though an invisible hand was controlling the countless planes, and had wanted to break free from this control. It now seemed as though the invisible hand was the mysterious middle-aged man in front of Linley.

“Grandmist  spirit-energy?”   Linley  stared  carefully  at  the primal gray energy. “My home is up ahead.” The middle-aged man pointed towards the front. In the center of that endless amount of primal energy, there was an island that was only a few dozen meters in circumference. This island had a thatched cottage built atop it, and by the side of the cottage, there was a thick, gnarled dwarf tree. Beneath the tree was a stone table and two stone benches.

“Let’s sit first, then chat.”  The middle-aged man laughed as he sat. Linley, filled with questions, sat down as well.

“Take a look.”  The middle-aged man waved his hand, and instantly, a watery mirror formed. A giant sphere emerged from the mirror, and this sphere was surrounded by four much smaller spheres. The middle-aged man laughed as he pointed towards the small sphere on the right. “This is the Cosmos you live in!” “What?!” Linley stared, slack-jawed. “There are three other Cosmos like mine? And an even larger one?” Linley was truly stunned.

“The Cosmos in the center is the main Cosmos, while the four Cosmos surrounding it are secondary Cosmos. They are only a tenth of the size of the main one.” The middle-aged man smiled. “The various Cosmos all exist within the Hongmeng Grandmist region! As for myself…my name is Hongmeng.”
“Grandmist?”  Linley looked at the middle-aged man. “As a matter of fact…” The middle-aged man sighed. “Linley, let me put it to you this way. Long, long ago, this Grandmist region gave birth to me. I was the only living creature within the Grandmist.” Linley nodded slightly.

“After a long, long period of time, I felt bored. I had a sudden flash of insight, and began to build the Cosmos! First, I built up the main Cosmos, but I felt that by itself, it wasn’t stable enough, and so I then built the four much smaller secondary Cosmos, forming a stable whole.” Linley nodded. “The energy I used to build the Cosmos was this Grandmist spirit-energy.”  Hongmeng laughed as he pointed towards the primal gray energy. “In the Cosmos, I created the various living creatures. In order to ensure that the various races would be able to develop in equilibrium, I had to set many rules and  edicts.”   Hongmeng  laughed.  “For  example,  in  your homeland, the four Overgods in that secondary Cosmos were actually created by myself, based on the four Edicts that I set up. All they are able to do is carry out my orders; they don’t have a shred of emotion at all.”
Linley’s heart trembled. So the four Overgods were nothing more than tools which this Hongmeng had randomly created.

“The larger a Cosmos is, the more stable it comes. I allowed part of the Grandmist to transform into the Five Elements of metal, wood, water, fire, and earth. These five types of energy served as the foundation for the primary Cosmos, and then gave birth to Ying and Yang, two opposing types of energy, as well  as  the  tribulation  power  of  lightning.”   Hongmeng laughed. “As for the four secondary Cosmos…they were small, and so they didn’t need the Five Elements. I thus controlled the Grandmist primal energy into four basic types of energy; earth, fire, water, and wind. They then gave birth to light and darkness, as well as the tribulation power of lightning.” “The Grandmist…was transformed into earth, fire, water, and wind?” Linley was stunned. He was beginning to understand. The main Cosmos was formed from a foundation of metal, wood, water, fire, and earth; the Five Elements. As for the secondary Cosmos, they were formed from a foundation of four types of energy; earth, fire, water, wind.

“Although I created the main Cosmos and the four secondary Cosmos, it is very, very difficult for the living creatures within the Cosmos to escape into the outside world.” Hongmeng sighed. “Very difficult?” Linley asked, puzzled.

“Right. The main Cosmos is infinitely vast. There are many, many living creatures which are far more powerful than the Sovereigns of your secondary universe! Amongst them are Godkings and even Exalted Celestials, who are capable of sensing the Laws of Space and the Laws of Time. If they were to go into your secondary Cosmos, they would be capable of shattering the binds of that Cosmos.”
Linley was stunned. The experts of that Cosmos were actually so numerous? “However, the stability of the secondary Cosmos is inferior to the main Cosmos, and thus I wouldn’t permit lifeforms capable of comprehending the Laws of Time and Space to exist within them. Thus, within the secondary Cosmos, it is impossible to train in space and time; at most, a few  innate  divine  abilities  would  be  able  to  impact  them.” Hongmeng laughed.

Linley nodded slightly. “However, Linley, your current level of power has surpassed even the most powerful of Exalted Celestials of the main Cosmos.” Hongmeng laughed.

“Oh?”  Linley  was  rather  surprised.  “Because  you  have  a Grandmist Body!” Hongmeng laughed. “There are two types of powerful bodies. The most powerful is the ‘Inextinguishable Xuanhuang Body’, while the slightly weaker one is the ‘Grandmist Body’. You must understand that the Grandmist energy is the most basic level of energy there is. Even the Exalted Celestials of the main Cosmos who enter this place will be dissolved into Grandmist energy.”
“Because  a  Grandmist  Body  is  formed  from  Grandmist energy to begin with, the Grandmist energy here won’t harm it.” Hongmeng explained. “Then  where  does  this  ‘Indestructible  Xuanhuang  Body’ come from?” Linley asked. “Afterwards, when you, too, set up a Cosmos and establish a universe, you will naturally begin to generate Xuanhuang energy, which will gather in your body, causing it to once more rise in power. You will then gain the most powerful Indestructible Xuanhuang Body’.” Hongmeng laughed.

“Me? Create a Cosmos?”  Linley was stunned. “Yes. Like I did.” Hongmeng laughed. “I care not one whit for the lives and deaths of the living creatures within the Cosmos. I can create countless living creatures at any time. I only care about those who are able to, on their own, break free of the bindings of their universe and surviving in this place. You are worthy of being the brother of myself, Hongmeng.”  Hongmeng laughed as he waved his hand, and a single leaf suddenly floated down from the nearby tree.

The leaf flashed with light. “I’ve imprinted the methods for creating a Cosmos within this leaf. Use your spiritual energy to look  into  it,  and  you’ll  understand  everything.”  Hongmeng handed the leaf to Linley. Linley  looked  at  Hongmeng,  then  accepted  it.  “This…” Countless amounts of knowledge instantly flooded into Linley’s mind. In an instant, Linley’s understanding of the Grandmist region reached an extremely deep level. He even fully understood the various ways by which the Grandmist could be used, such as how it could be divided into the Five Elements, or resolved into earth, fire, water, and wind.

“So…for me to break through the Cosmos required so many coincidences. It was so difficult.” Linley now completely understood.

“Right!”   Hongmeng  nodded  and  laughed.  “You  just  so happened to have four clones of earth, fire, water, and wind. If you had an extra one, it wouldn’t have worked; if you had one less, it also wouldn’t have worked. And then, you successfully underwent a Soul Mutation! This gave you a chance, but…the four types of energy in the universe are actually four different types of Sovereign energy. You had to be able to control those four types of Sovereign energy and fuse them, and so you had to fuse four Sovereign sparks.”
Linley laughed and nodded bitterly. He now understood…he had four clones of earth, fire, water, and wind, then underwent a soul mutation, and then became a Sovereign of all four elements. Only then had he been able to fuse the four types of Sovereign energy into Grandmist energy. The difficulty of every single step was exceedingly great.

“To break free from the main Cosmos is just as difficult.” Grandmist laughed calmly. “This is why, despite the passage of more than a thousand Grand Kalpas, you are the only one to emerge here.”
“Big Brother Hongmeng, you spoke of more than a thousand Grand Kalpas. How long is a Grand Kalpa, exactly?”  Linley could tell that ‘Grand Kalpas’ represented a unit of time, but how long?

“Each   Grand   Kalpa   represents   six   quadrillion   years!” Hongmeng laughed. Linley sucked in a deep breath. More than a thousand Grand Kalpas represented more than six quintillion years. In his own Cosmos, a Planar War was carried out every trillion years. It seemed as though there had been millions of Planar Wars. “How  incredible!”   Linley  sighed  in  praise.  “Big  Brother Hongmeng, your four secondary Cosmos all have different cultures. My home Cosmos is the Magic Cosmos. The other three Cosmos are the Machine Cosmos, the Bioform Cosmos, and the Immortal/Devil Cosmos. As for the main Cosmos, it includes everything. Incredible.”
Linley was now completely stunned. Only now did he realize…that aside from the Elemental Laws, there were many other ways of training that were completely different. There were machines, there were bioforms, and there were even Immortal and Devil cultivation paths.

“Haha, in the future, you’ll create your own Cosmos as well. When you have time, you can go to my Cosmos and take a look.” Hongmeng laughed. “Oh. Before this, you must take a look at something.”
“What?” Linley was puzzled. Hongmeng waved his hand, and instantly, a golden banner flew over from countless kilometers away, landing nearby Linley. This golden banner contained an awe-inspiring prestige which made Linley’s heart clench. It was roughly six meters long and half a meter wide. “Oh, there are words on the back?”  Linley saw them right away. Behind this golden banner there was a word that was roughly the same size as the banner. The word was very unique; Linley was certain that he had never seen this language before. But as he looked at it, he understood the meaning of this words.

Meng [Mist]!

“This is the Golden Grandmist Banner!” Hongmeng laughed. “It, too, was born from the Grandmist space. Look at the first line on the Golden Grandmist Banner.” Linley looked at it. The very first line on the Golden Grandmist Banner had a single word on it.

Hong [Grand]!

Or, to be precise, the upper left corner of the Golden Grandmist Banner had just this single word.

“Anyone whose name is on this Golden Grandmist Banner will become a controller of the Grandmist region. Upon being a controller of the Grandmist region, you will be able to freely use the energy of any Cosmos, and will be able to calculate the destinies of virtually all living creatures!” Hongmeng laughed. “But if you wish for your name to be on the Golden Grandmist Banner, you have to, at the very least, break through your Cosmos and come to the Grandmist region.”
“Linley, control a hint of your spiritual energy and send it into the banner.”  Hongmeng said. Linley nodded, extending out some of his spiritual energy.

The Golden Grandmist Banner instantly began to absorb that spiritual energy, and on the first line, next to the ‘Hong’ character, another character appeared: ‘Lin’.

Instantly, Linley’s mind was once more flooded with information, as well as quite a few divine abilities. “So…there are different levels of Grandmist controllers as well.”  Linley began to laugh. “I’m actually the same as you, Elder Brother; we are first rank Grandmist controllers.”
“Naturally.  The  Grandmist  space  is  vast  and  endless,  but because of stability reasons, the Golden Grandmist Banner will only, at most, permit us to create a total of four Cosmos like the main Cosmos I created. Naturally, there will only be four first rank Grandmist controllers. The fifth controller will naturally have a lower ranking, and the others will all be limited by us.”
Linley nodded. Only the highest ranking Grandmist controllers would understand everything. “From today onwards, I have a new name of my own, then…Linmeng.” Linley let out a sigh. “Right. Let the Cosmos that you create in the  future  be  known  as  the  Linmeng  Cosmos.”  Hongmeng laughed.

A  hint  of  solemnity  appeared  on  Linley’s  face.  “Alas,  my Grandpa Doehring…” After becoming a Grandmist controller, Linley understood that there was no way a person whose soul had dissipated could be brought to life. But of course, Linley was capable of creating new life. He could create a new, identical Grandpa Doehring, one who even had the same memories as Grandpa Doehring.

Only, that would only be a duplicate; it wouldn’t be the true Grandpa Doehring. “Grandpa  Doehring…”   Linley  silently  engraved  Grandpa Doehring into his heart.

After becoming a Grandmist controller, he had learned many things. Linley’s mindset had changed, and he had become far more at ease and natural than before. “Oh, Big Brother, it seems I have to make a trip back.”  Linley couldn’t help but laugh.

“Right. Your family members are going frantic.” Hongmeng laughed. “Right. Your home Cosmos…in the future, you can help me manage it. You are now a Grandmist controller; your divine abilities aren’t much weaker than mine.”
“But I have no experience. What if I wreck it?” Linley smirked. “Then you’ll have to help me create a new one, that’s all.” Hongmeng laughed casually.

As a Grandmist controller capable of creating a Cosmos, it was true that many of Linley’s abilities were no weaker than Hongmeng’s. Only, as he had yet to actually create a new Cosmos, Linley’s abilities were slightly deficient. 
“Then I’ll go back now.” Linley turned and took a single step. He crossed an unfathomably long distance with that step, then entered the plane of the Infernal Realm.

In the air above the Chaotic Sea. A sky-blue robed Linley laughed calmly as he stood there. “So many Sovereigns died. I have to replenish the Sovereign sparks.”  With a wave of his hand, Linley began to manifest one Sovereign spark after another. One Sovereign spark after another shot out from his hands, and then, Linley turned to look towards the Skyrite Mountains.

Taking but a single step, Linley vanished.

When Linley had originally departed from his home Cosmos, Linley’s family had grown frantic. All of them were now gathered within his estate, and it was so quiet as to cause one to shudder.

“Boss, Boss…” Bebe’s tears were flowing. “I…I can’t sense my Boss’s spiritual aura any longer. I can’t sense it!” Delia stood there, her eyes shut, her entire body shaking.

Beirut and Bluefire exchanged glances, bitter smiles on their faces.

“Father!” Wade, Taylor, and Sasha were all agonized as well.

“Third Bro.” George, Yale, and Reynolds were together as well. They didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry.

Everyone had held on to hope, but upon hearing Bebe say that he could no longer sense Linley’s spiritual aura, everyone grew despondent.

“Why did it have to be like this…” Linley’s mother, Lina, was already reduced to a puddle of tears. “It’s all, it’s all my fault, my fault.”  The nearby Hogg held her in his arms, sighing to himself, his face ashen. Just as everyone was gripped by grief. Suddenly…
“Eh?!” Bebe’s eyes suddenly lit up. He originally hadn’t been able to sense Linley’s aura at all, but now, he could. Actually, previously, Linley had left this Cosmos, so how could Bebe possibly sense Linley’s existence? But now that Linley had returned, Bebe naturally was able to sense him again.

Delia was still lost in her memories and her utter grief. However, within her blurred field of vision, a familiar figure suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

Delia hurriedly wiped her tears away, looking towards the figure carefully.

“Boss!” Bebe called out jubilantly. He was the first to speak.

The others stared, wide-eyed, at the person who had appeared out of nowhere. A sky-blue robed man, with that familiar face! “Third  Bro!!!” Yale,  George,  and  Reynolds  rushed  over simultaneously.

“Linley.” “Father!”
“Big Brother!”

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