Coiling Dragon Book 19 – Metamorphosis

Book 19 – Metamorphosis

Chapter 1, Desire

The Planar Wars. Just by listening to the Chief Sovereign of Death describe it, Linley knew how dangerous it had to be. However, Linley still chose to go! After all, aside from the Chief Sovereign of Death, the other Sovereigns wouldn’t be able to help him!

“Whether or not you accept has nothing to do with me.” The Chief Sovereign of Death stared down at Linley. “Everyone who represents the Netherworld who has accomplishments in the Planar Wars will be rewarded by me. No matter who! I’m just acting according to the rules, not just for your sake. I’m simply telling you about this.”
Linley took a deep breath.

“Sovereign, what must I do in order to go participate in the Planar Wars?” Linley raised his head and asked.

The Chief Sovereign of Death said calmly, “The ‘Purgatory’ of the Infernal Realm or the ‘Tartarus’ of the Netherworld all have interspatial doors that lead directly to the Planar Battlefield. The Planar Battlefield is connected to all seven of the Divine Planes and all four of the Higher Realms. Hurry up and come up with a way of going to my Netherworld’s Tartarus. By travelling through the interspatial gate, you’ll arrive at the Planar Battlefield!”
Linley frowned.


The book which Beirut had given him regarding the Netherworld hadn’t mentioned a ‘Tartarus’ region. Actually, it was the same for the Infernal Realm’s books; there had been no mention of a ‘Purgatory’.

“Sovereign, might I ask where Tartarus…” Linley was about to speak out.

“Hmph.” The Chief Sovereign of Death waved her hand. Immediately, a very thin book covered in black light flew down, landing in front of Linley. The Chief Sovereign of Death stared down at Linley and said, “Since you have the courage to go to the Planar Battlefield, then I too am interested in seeing… if you, Linley, will survive to kill some commanders, or if you will be killed by other commanders who will then be rewarded for it!”
Linley wasn’t angry at all. Accepting the book, he bowed slightly. “Thank you, Sovereign.”
And then, Linley immediately began to flip through the book. The book was very thin, just ten pages long. Given Linley’s memory, all he needed to do was sweep through it with a few glances. A few seconds later, the contents of these ten pages were imprinted deep within his mind.

“So  this  Tartarus  is  deep  within  the  Nether  Sea?”  Linley couldn’t help but raise his head to look towards the Chief Sovereign of Death.

It was too far away! 
If he wished to go to Tartarus, he would first have to completely leave the Netherworld’s continent and enter the Nether Sea, then venture deep into the Nether Sea before reaching Tartarus. If he rode on a metallic lifeform and hurried forward, he would probably need three centuries or so. This took up far too much time, and…even if he hurried there, the Planar Wars might have concluded already. He couldn’t accept this.

“Sovereign, how long will the Planar Wars go on for.” Linley asked hurriedly.

The Chief Sovereign of Death said calmly, “Each Planar Wars goes on for a thousand years! This time, the battle between the Divine Light Realm and the Divine Darkness Realm has already gone on for nearly a hundred years. More than nine centuries remain. You have plenty of time to go!”
Plenty? There was more than enough time to take part in the war, but Linley didn’t wish to waste any time. The more time he wasted, the greater the danger his father and brothers were in of dying a final death. In addition, the more time he took, the more of the weaker commanders would die in the Planar Wars. By the time he arrived, most likely the surviving commanders would be the exceedingly powerful ones.

Such as Beirut…Dunnington…Reisgem…Mosi….

The images of these figures appeared in Linley’s mind!

“Sovereign,  then  Bebe  and  I  will  head  out  immediately.” Linley said, bowing.

Bebe had to swallow his discontent and bow before leaving as well.

“Go then.” The Chief Sovereign of Death said calmly. “But I advise you that before heading to Tartarus, you should first become a Lord of Tartarus. That will also be very helpful to you in actually entering the Planar Wars. Arthurs, you lead the way for Linley. Send them out of the Abyssal Mountain!”
“Yes, Sovereign!” Arthurs bowed.

“First become a Lord of Tartarus, and then enter the Planar Wars?” Linley was rather puzzled.

But Linley didn’t ask any more questions. Linley and Bebe looked meaningfully at Bailey in an expression of goodwill, and then strode out of the Sovereign’s palace, following Arthurs and flying away.

“Mistress, that Linley seems to be quite confident. It seems he knows almost nothing about the Planar Wars.” By now, the silver serpent Yennaway was all smiles, quite delighted. Yennaway knew a great deal regarding the savagery of the Planar Wars, and the struggles between the commanders. In addition, this was a war! Not a one-on-one duel!

Sometimes, multiple commanders of one side would join forces to attack another! 
“Thank  you,  Sovereign.”   The  silver  serpent,  Yennaway, laughed while bowing. She believed that the Sovereign had done this for the sake of letting Linley go and lose his life there as a way of helping Yennaway get revenge.

“Thank you, Sovereign.” The colossal gold snake and his nine children all bowed in gratitude as well.

The Chief Sovereign of Death glanced calmly at them. “Enough. You can all leave now. Bailey!”
Bailey’s eyes lit up, and he hurriedly walked forward to the center of the palace. The Chief Sovereign of Death finally was going to allow him to become an Emissary.

At the base of the Abyssal Mountain.

Linley and Bebe parted with Arthurs. “Linley, before leaving, I must tell you something.”  Arthurs said  solemnly.  “Perhaps  you  aren’t  aware  of  this,  but  the Sovereigns all have an agreement. At most, they will give their Emissaries or their children a single Sovereign artifact! Regardless of which Sovereign’s Emissary it is, they will at most receive a single Sovereign artifact.”
“A single one?” Bebe frowned.

Linley was stunned. “Just one?”
But yes, that was indeed true!

For example, the Azure Dragon clan’s Patriarch, Gislason, only had a soul-protecting Sovereign artifact. The Grand Elder, Gaia, only had that armor-type Sovereign artifact that merged with her scales. Given how much the Sovereign Azure Dragon cared about his children, why would he give them just a single one each? Linley finally began to understand.

“The Sovereigns don’t wish for too great of an imbalance to appear  amongst  Highgods  either.”   Arthurs  explained.  “If, hypothetically, a Highgod not only had an armor-type Sovereign artifact that merged into his body, but also a soul- protecting Sovereign artifact and an attack-type Sovereign artifact, then tell me…even if this sort of Highgod was weak in terms of understanding the Laws, wouldn’t he be terrifying?”
Linley was stunned.

If one’s material defense, soul defense, and attack power was all powered by Sovereign artifacts! This sort of person would indeed be monstrous.

“That’d…be invincible.” Bebe muttered.

“Supreme experts who acquire one Sovereign artifact will naturally desire a second one! But Sovereigns can’t just give them one. But if they want to kill an Emissary and seize the Sovereign artifact…even if you kill the Emissary and the Sovereign doesn’t deign to lower himself to killing you in retaliation,  the  Sovereign  will  still  take  back  his  artifact!” Arthurs said. “What? Take it back?” Bebe stared, wide-eyed.

Linley felt surprised as well.

Still, it made sense.

Each Sovereign artifact was the product of countless labors of a Sovereign, who then gave it to an Emissary. Not avenging the death of an Emissary was one thing, but how could they not take back their artifact?

“Thus, if you want to acquire a Sovereign artifact without being obstructed by a Sovereign, there’s only one method; to participate in the Planar Wars, and to have accomplishments in battle! If you kill ten commanders, you’ll be able to trade for a Sovereign artifact you want. If you kill twenty, you can trade for two!” Arthurs said.

“Arthurs, are you saying…” Linley frowned. Arthurs said seriously, “The more powerful a person is, the more one seeks perfection! The Planar Wars only happen once every trillion years! Some supreme experts who, because of their prowess in battle, have obtained a second Sovereign artifact will then wish to acquire a third one. These experts are
extremely powerful! Thus, you must be extremely careful. You cannot be the slightest bit incautious. There might even be Highgod Paragons amongst them! After all, although they have perfected their mastery of the Laws, they might not have a perfect set of Sovereign artifacts!”
Linley had a sour taste in his mouth.

This was completely understandable. If he were to have become a Highgod Paragon, he too would then desire to simultaneously wield three Sovereign artifacts! If he went to participate in the Planar Wars and encountered this sort of freakishly powerful individual, he wouldn’t be able to fight back at all.

“These people are too greedy.” Bebe felt frightened as well. “It isn’t greed, it is desire!” Arthurs laughed calmly. “Only by having a desire will one have the motivation to move towards that goal! For those who have reached the peak…which one of them didn’t have a firm goal in mind? Which one of them didn’t have a desire? Everyone who can roam about in the
Planar Wars is a supreme expert, the true kings of battle! Although I am a Sovereign’s Emissary, I haven’t participated in the Planar Wars a single time. That place…is a slaughter field! The place where experts fall! But also the place where experts are born!”
Linley shook his head and laughed.

“Haha…Arthurs, thank you for telling me these things. I’m mentally prepared now.” Linley laughed.

“Don’t worry.” Bebe said. “If someone wishes to kill my brother, we’ll first have to see if he’s qualified to do so! When my Boss and I simultaneously use our innate divine abilities… hmph!”
Arthurs glanced at Linley and Bebe. 
“Just remember! It’s not just the two of you who have innate divine abilities. In the vast, myriad planes, there are quite a few other unique divine beasts who also possess extremely terrifying divine abilities. The others who have reached the pinnacle without a divine ability also have their own powers to
rely on.” Arthurs chuckled. “Alright, I’ll say no more. I wish the two of you good luck.”
“Thank you.”
Linley and Bebe immediately bade Arthurs farewell, then transformed into two rays of light, flying away into the distance.

From the Abyssal Mountain to Tartarus, the distance truly was too great. After flying for some time, Linley said apologetically,  “Bebe,  if  we  ride  the  metallic  lifeform  to Tartarus, we’ll probably need two or three centuries. I don’t have any time to waste, so…I’ve decided to fly forward at full speed on my own power. I’m going to have to ask you to fly with me.” “Haha, I love flying anyhow.” Bebe understood what Linley was thinking.

It would be rather tiring and taxing on his spiritual energy to whole-heartedly fly forward at high speed, especially on such a long journey. Very few people would rely on their own bodies to fly. It was indeed much faster to fly on one’s own, and one would travel far faster than a metallic lifeform, true, but it was too tiring. Still…what Linley needed right now was time. This was his only choice.

“Crackle…” Linley instantly Dragonformed.

And then, activating the Laws of the Wind, Linley flew towards the northern skies like an azure streak of light. If he were to fly at full speed, Linley would outstrip even Bebe, but Linley also used his divine wind power to help Bebe slightly.

“Boss, have you told this to my grandpa yet?”  Bebe asked while flying. “My divine fire clone has already gone to the Forest of Darkness to ask your grandpa. We will have some results soon. I  don’t  know  what  your  grandpa  will  say.”   Linley  wasn’t confident about this journey either. Fortunately, his divine fire clone remained in the Yulan continent, and so he could go ask Beirut about this.

Moments later…
“Your grandpa has a reply for us.” Linley said.

“What  did  he  say?”  Bebe  immediately  asked.  “He  should allow us to participate in the Planar Wars, right? Actually, it doesn’t matter even if he refuses. He isn’t in the Netherworld.”
“Your  grandpa  agreed.”  Linley  chuckled.  “Based  on  what your grandpa said…we need to be careful and not be greedy. He also said that you, Bebe, should go experience some real danger and so hopefully gain some insights. This would be of assistance to you in improving your understandings of the profound mysteries of the Laws.” Linley still remembered the tone in which Beirut spoke. 
According to what Beirut had said…
Men were supposed to adventure. If they were always hiding and afraid of danger, it would be very hard for them to be successful.

“Right. Grandpa has already done enough for me. It’s time for me to work hard.” Bebe pursed his lips.

An azure streak of light flashed through the skies of the Netherworld, travelling at such speed that no bandits who saw them would dare to stop them. Even if they were hotheaded, they still wouldn’t dare to stop them, nor would they be able to catch them.

“Rumble…”  A  vast,  endless  sea  of  water  was  undulating slightly. Staring into this deep, fathomless sea was like staring at a titanic, man-eating beast. This was the Nether Sea! The Nether Sea which was even greater than the Infernal Realm’s ‘Chaotic Sea’!

A streak of azure light flashed past the skies above the sea, then in the blink of an eye disappeared from sight.

“Boss, we’re almost at the Tartarus region.” Bebe said.

“Based on the islands we saw earlier, we’ll need just a bit more time before arriving at Tartarus.”  Linley couldn’t help but feel much better as well. After having flown at full speed for more than thirty years, Linley’s original body hadn’t rested at all for those thirty years. Fortunately, he was able to withstand this sort of exhaustion.

And in the past thirty years, Linley’s divine clones were all focused on training. However, in thirty short years, his power didn’t improve that much. Fortunately, the soul-protecting Sovereign artifact, which had the ‘bandage’ over the flaw be broken through by the colossal golden snake, had been re-repaired quite a bit, after thirty years of effort.

“Boss, look! An island!” Bebe called out jubilantly.

Linley looked over, and saw that extremely far in the distance, land could be seen. “We’ve finally reached Tartarus!”

Chapter 2, Flamebone Mountain

Tartarus was divided up into a total of eighty one territories.

Although they were called territories, in actuality, they represented eighty one enormous islands. In the past, when the Overgod of Death had created the Netherworld, he had left behind this unusual region deep in the Nether Sea; Tartarus. These eighty one islands were all comparable in size and very close to each other. If one looked at a map of them, one would see that they were arranged into a round shape.

“Tartarus,  the  gathering  place  for  the  experts  of  the Netherworld!”   Linley  stood  there  in  midair,  stared  at  the distant islands.

Tartarus was just like the Infernal Realm’s ‘Purgatory’; many experts who loved to do battle gathered there. They were arrogant and unyielding, and they loved to fight. After the passage of countless years, the eighty one territories of Tartarus had given birth to eighty one Lords! The Lords of Tartarus were thus supreme experts! Upon becoming a Lord of Tartarus, one would then have to face the challenges of other experts. Upon being defeated, the new, stronger expert would take the position!

An azure streak of light flashed past the skies, quickly descending on the nearest island. Although it was described as an ‘island’, that was just in comparison to the vast Netherworld continent. If the Yulan continent were to be compared to it, the entire Yulan continent would be but a speck! Every single one of these eighty one ‘islands’ had a circumference of millions of kilometers.

As soon as they landed, Linley and Bebe stared at their surroundings.

This was a desolate, dreary land with almost no people.

“After having flown for so long, I still have no idea which of the eighty one islands this island is!” Linley frowned slightly. The Nether Sea was too vast. Linley had relied on some unique waypoints to sketch out a rough journey. But the vastness of the Nether Sea meant that even the slightest deviation in direction would result in one ending up in a different island.

Their only choice was to first figure out which of the eighty one islands they were currently on.

That way, Linley would be able to be certain of the locations of the other islands and so go find that interspatial gate.

“Boss, that’s simple. Find someone and ask. However, there really are so few people here, completely different from the Netherworld  continent.”   Bebe  said  with  a  frown.  Linley laughed, “Everyone who dares to come to Tartarus is an expert. Even if ten million or a hundred million people were present, given how large the island is, that still would be a small figure. I imagine everyone would be clustered towards the center. Oh, hey, someone’s over there!”
Linley’s eyes lit up. From afar, a golden-haired male was flying forward at high speed.

“Let’s  go  ask!”   Linley  and  Bebe  flashed  forward  like lightning, piercing through the skies in pursuit.

The golden-haired man turned back to look and was shocked. “What fast speed! Not easy to deal with!” Killings occurred in Tartarus at every moment. This golden-haired man didn’t dare to flee, for fear of angering them. He came to a halt, waiting for Linley and Bebe to arrive and halt in front of him, then forced out a smile. “What do the two of you need?”
However, he looked with especial surprise towards Linley, who was currently in Dragonform.

“Don’t worry.” Bebe said soothingly. “We aren’t here to cause you trouble, just to ask you a question. Which of the eighty one islands of Tartarus is this island?”
The golden-haired man let out an inwards sigh of relief, then replied, “This island is the Lotuscliff Island of Tartarus.” “Lotuscliff Island? It seems in our haste to get here, we did indeed go slightly off our mark. We were originally planning to head to Willowshu Island.” A map of the eighty one islands of Tartarus appeared in Linley’s mind, and he immediately knew where he was located, and where they should head next.

“Thank you.” Linley said to the golden-haired man, then said, “Bebe, let’s go.”
Linley and Bebe, without resting, immediately flew into the air once more, flying directly eastwards at high speed.

“Whew.” The golden-haired man, watching Linley and Bebe leave, finally let out a sigh of relief. The aura from the Dragonformed Linley was enough to cause him to be nervous.

The centermost island of Tartarus…Flamebone Island!

Flamebone Island’s most famous location was ‘Flamebone Mountain’. Flamebone Mountain didn’t have any supreme experts living there, but it was the place which held the interspatial gate leading to the Planar Wars. Each time a Planar War was about to begin, large numbers of people would pass through from here to the Planar Battlefield.

Flamebone Island. The vast land of this island had a few occasional ancient stone buildings scattered throughout it.

“Second  Brother,  today,  the  bald  man  at  the  ‘Bloodbath Arena’ really was powerful. He has at least fused three profound mysteries in lightning.” Two black-robed youths were flying in midair while chatting amongst themselves about what the battles they had just seen in the Bloodbath Arena.

“He  was  indeed  fairly  strong.  He  has  already  won  sixty battles, including today’s. I wonder if he’ll be able to win a hundred.”  The other, slightly skinner black-robed said with a sigh.

“So what if he does win a hundred battles? Do you think he’ll have the courage to go challenge the Flamebone Lord?” The slightly  fatter  black-robed  youth  snickered.  “The  two  of  us have been here in the Flamebone region for a hundred million years, and have seen quite a few victors of a hundred battles, yes? But there have been only three who dared to challenge the Flamebone Lord, and on those three occasions, you saw the Flamebone Lord’s power as well. Those who challenged him definitely had the power of Seven Star Specters or even higher. They were far more powerful than that bald man, but…they all died within one exchange! They didn’t even have the chance to fight back.”
“However,  no  one  will  have  the  chance  to  challenge  the Flamebone Lord for now, even if they want to. I hear the Flamebone Lord entered the Planar Battlefield.”
“Right, right. The Planar Battlefield! That’s a place where even Seven Star Specters will end up being slaughtered. However, if they manage to make it out alive with some accomplishments, then it’ll be incredible. I hear that one can acquire Sovereign’s Might, or at the higher levels, even a Sovereign artifact!” The two black-robed men chatted amongst each other, rather jealous.

The greater the danger, the greater the rewards. However…
The vast majority of people would turn green with fear when discussing the Planar Battlefield and not dare to enter.

“Eh?” The black-robed brothers suddenly turned to stare into the distance.

Two blurs streaked across the sky in a flash, advancing forward at high speed. They were so fast that the two black- robed brothers immediately grew alert. They came to a halt, and saw that it was a youth dressed in a long, sky-blue robe and a youngster wearing a straw hat. The youth said with a smile, “Apologies. There’s something I would like to ask. Do either of you know where Flamebone Mountain is?”
Linley knew that the Flamebone Island had a Flamebone Mountain, but had never been there before.

“Flamebone Mountain?” The two black-robed brothers felt their hearts tremble, and they forced smiles onto their faces.

“Flamebone Mountain. Just head in that direction for a few hundred thousand kilometers, and you’ll see an enormous mountain blazing with fire from afar. That is Flamebone Mountain.” The slightly fatter black-robed youth said with a laugh.

“Thanks, you two.”
Linley chuckled, and then he and Bebe immediately flew towards the direction the black-robed youth had pointed towards at high speed.

“Whew.”  The  black-robed  brothers  glanced  at  each  other, shock in their eyes.

“Heading  to  Flamebone  Mountain  at  a  time  like  this?  It seems they are headed for the Planar Wars. However, it won’t be so easy for them to get in.” The slightly fatter black-robed youth’s eyes lit up. “Second Brother, tell me, which of those two is someone on the level of a Tartarus Lord?”
Linley and Bebe flew in the designated direction for a short while. They soon saw, in the distance, an enormous mountain which was covered by swirling, dim, dark red flames. This mountain was tens of thousands of meters tall. Although it wasn’t as tall as the Abyssal Mountain, it was quite high for an island.

“Flamebone Mountain!” Linley’s eyes narrowed.

“We’ve hurried all the way over here. At least we finally have reached Flamebone Mountain.” Bebe revealed a smile as well.
Linley immediately returned to human form. For now, there was no need for them to hurry. After staring at Flamebone Mountain for a short period of time, Linley and Bebe immediately flew straight to the base of the mountain! Flamebone Mountain was pitch-black, and there was no hint of any vegetation about it. It seemed as though it was completely made from black stones. 
The surface of the mountain was covered with swirling, dark red flames.

These dark red flames had never been extinguished, despite the passage of countless years. Even at the base of the mountain, Linley could sense the strange, bizarre aura emanating from those dark red flames.

Linley raised his head, staring towards the tip of the Flamebone Mountain.

At the tip of this Flamebone Mountain, which was perpetually covered in flames, an extremely large black castle was constructed. This black castle was also surrounded by swirling, dark red flames.

“Swoosh!” “Swoosh!”
Linley and Bebe rose into the sky. Within a few moments, they arrived at the gates to the black castle. The castle was completely black, but the main gates were a dazzling bloody red color. Just looking at the door, Linley sensed a killing aura flooding towards him.

There were more than ten people standing at the entrance to the castle, all dressed in black armor.

“Newcomers, halt!” One of the guards barked.

“We are entering the Planar Battlefield.” Linley said directly.

“Hurry up and get out of the way.” Bebe barked coldly.

The ten-plus guards looked at each other, rather stunned. The look on the face of the first guard who had shouted immediately turned friendly. He immediately laughed, “So milords are entering the Planar Battlefield. Might I ask which of you two lords is a Lord of Tartarus?”
“Lord of Tartarus?” Linley and Bebe were stunned. 
Seeing the look on their faces, the guard frowned slightly, but he immediately said, “Then…of the two of you, milords, which is a Lord Prefect of the Netherworld?”
Linley and Bebe were both lost.

“Hey, we’re going into the Planar Battlefield! Why mention the Tartarus Lords or the Lord Prefects of the Netherworld?” Bebe barked impatiently. “Hurry up and lead us to the interspatial gate and let us enter the Planar Battlefield. We’re in a hurry and have no time to waste with you!”
The ten-plus guards, who had been all smiles earlier, suddenly had cold looks on their faces.

“F*ck off!”  One of the guards barked coldly. “Don’t cause trouble here! If you keep causing trouble, don’t blame us for being merciless!” Linley and Bebe, hearing this, were both stunned. Bebe couldn’t help but grow enraged. “What did you say?! If you let us in immediately, I won’t quibble about what you just said, but otherwise…”
“I told you to F*CK OFF!”  The guard roared coldly. A long black spear suddenly appeared in his hands, and he casually pierced towards Bebe with it. The long black spear, when stabbing out, flew forward like a black dragon, causing ripples in space to appear. But Bebe just stretched out with his hand, easily clamping onto the tip of the spear.

The guard was stunned. Enraged, he wanted to pull free, but he wasn’t able to.

The other guards were stunned as well.

“Bebe, don’t get in over your head. They are the soldiers of a Sovereign, after all.” Linley sent mentally.

Bebe stared angrily at this guard. “Speak! If it wasn’t for the sake of the Sovereign, I would’ve killed you long ago. Speak! Why won’t you let us in?”
The guard finally realized how powerful the person in front of him was. Although he was a Sovereign’s soldier, if he really did end up infuriating this person and being killed by him, that would be a terrible death. He hurriedly said, “Milords, it isn’t that we won’t let you in, it is that you truly cannot enter! This is the rule which the Sovereigns set. There has always been this rule, over countless years.”
“What rule?” Linley barked.

“To activate the interspatial gate and enter the Planar Battlefield, one person in the group must be a Lord of Tartarus or a Lord Prefect of the Netherworld; they are allowed to bring people in. But ordinary Highgods are not qualified to enter on their own.” The guard hurriedly explained.

Linley frowned. He suddenly understood.

The highest ranked individuals in the Planar Wars were the ‘commanders’, figures on the Lord Prefect and Tartarus Lord levels. Only commanders were allowed to bring people in. Ordinary Highgods were not granted entry.

“No wonder the Sovereign said that you were to first become a  Lord  of  Tartarus  before  entering.”   Bebe  looked  towards Linley.

Linley thought back to what the Chief Sovereign of Death had said to him as well.

“Are you saying that I must find a Lord of Tartarus to bring me in, and that’s it?” Linley asked again.

“Right, right.” The guard said hurriedly.

“Are there any other rules?” Linley asked.

The guard added, “The Planar Battlefield is occupied by two warring planes. There are only ‘commanders’ and ordinary soldiers. Thus, ordinary Highgods who entered are just soldiers who must obey the commands of the commanders. They aren’t permitted to run about wildly in the Planar Battlefield! Milords, when you enter, you must obey as well. Only commanders are allowed to independently lead their forces to rove about and do battle within the Planar Battlefield as they chose.”

Chapter 3, Target

Linley now understood.

“No wonder the Sovereign advised me to first become a Lord of Tartarus before entering. If I entered with the status of a common soldier, I would have to follow orders. There’d be no way I would have the chance to go kill enemy commanders.” Linley understood that only by travelling on his own would he be able to quickly kill enemy commanders.

To be controlled by others…how could that be acceptable?

“Aside from these, are there any other rules?” Linley asked.

“None.” The guard said hurriedly. “The rules are very simple. Commanders are qualified to take others into the Planar Battlefield. In the Planar Battlefield, the various commanders are allowed to move about as they please, while the soldiers follow orders. That’s it! As for how many war merits need to be accumulated for how many rewards, it is written on the stone stele by the side of the interspatial gate!” Linley nodded slightly.

Military merits and rewards, Linley didn’t care too much about for now. After all, he wasn’t even qualified to enter; it was too early to bother about the other things.

“Bebe, let’s go.” Linley sent mentally.

Linley and Bebe immediately flew away from this Flamebone Mountain. In midair, Bebe said frantically, “Boss, what should we do now? If we want to go in, we have to rely on either a Tartarus Lord or a Lord Prefect of the Netherworld. We only have these two options; either to find one of them to lead us in, or we ourselves become one of the two!”
“The  first  route  is  unacceptable.”  Linley  shook  his  head. “First of all, in Tartarus, the Lords who are not already inside the Planar Battlefield are the ones who did not wish to go inside and risk their lives. Why would they lead us in? In addition, if we go in as ordinary soldiers, we have to follow orders. My goal in entering is to kill enemy commanders.” Bebe looked at Linley, then began to laugh. “Boss, are you saying…?”
“We  have  to  come  up  with  a  way  to  become  a  Lord  of Tartarus!” Linley said slowly.

“Haha,  I  approve.”  Bebe’s  eyes  were  shining,  but  then  he frowned. “But it won’t be that easy.”
“No, it won’t. There are no weaklings amongst the Lords of Tartarus.”   Linley  also  knew  that  every  single  one  of  the Tartarus Lords, when defeated, would be replaced by another expert. This process, over the course of countless years, had resulted in the eighty one Tartarus Lords being individuals of terrifyingly great power.

He himself knew Reisgem and Mosi, two Purgatory Commanders of the Infernal Realm. Beirut, in turn, was the Lord Prefect of Indigo Prefecture. “There should still be strong members and weak members amongst the eighty one Tartarus Lords. The strong would be like Beirut and Dunnington, but even the weaker ones shouldn’t  be  weaker  than  me.”   Linley  said.  “If  I  were  to challenge an individual on the same level as your grandpa, Beirut, that would be throwing my life away!”
Bebe nodded as well. “If we find a weak one, we’ll still have a chance.”
“But who is strong and who is weak?” Linley frowned as he spoke. “The other tricky thing right now is that we don’t even know what the rules are for challenging the Tartarus Lords. Also, which Tartarus Lords are already in the Planar Battlefield, and which are still in Tartarus? I have to learn this as well.”
“Even if we have decided already to do battle, we still need to find a target first. Not a single one of the eighty one Tartarus Lords will be easy to deal with.” Linley didn’t know anything about these Lords of Tartarus.

Bebe had a sour look on his face as well. 
He, too, had no idea, but he then said, “Boss, in the eighty one regions, there are cities in each region, right? There must be many people in the cities. It will be easy for us to investigate there.” Bebe said.

“That’s our only option.” Linley nodded.

In the central region of Flamebone Island, there was a city.
Things clearly were much more lively within the city.

In a restaurant.

Linley and Bebe were seated facing each other. Linley glanced at his surroundings, discovering that just as expected, there were many Highgods present here in Flamebone City. But there were Gods and Demigods present as well! “It seems as though they are the children left behind by those Highgods of Tartarus.” Linley guessed. “The two of you, this is our restaurant’s menu.”  A smiling God delivered the menu.

Linley looked at him while setting up his Godrealm. The look on the waiter’s face changed, and he looked warily at Linley, who just laughed. “Don’t worry. I just want to ask you a few things.”
“Please  speak.”  The  waiter  was  still  able  to  maintain  his calm.

“Are there any rules in Tartarus to challenging the Lords of Tartarus?” Linley asked.
The waiter gave Linley a puzzled look, but then said, “That’s easy. In the eighty one regions, every single regional capital will have a ‘Bloodbath Arena’. As long as one consecutively wins a hundred battles within the Bloodbath Arena, then…the victor of the hundred battles will be qualified to issue the local Lord of Tartarus a challenge!”
“Oh?” Linley’s eyes lit up. 
“Isn’t that the same as Miluo Island?” Bebe began to laugh as well.

Perhaps Miluo Island was copying the way things were done here in Tartarus.

“I wish to know if there are any peculiarities about the eighty one Tartarus Lords? Who is strong? Who is weak? And also, which of them are here in Tartarus, and which of them have gone to the Planar Battlefield?” Linley asked in succession.

The  waiter  said  resignedly,  “Milords,  this…how  should  I know?”
Linley chuckled. Waiters generally knew a great deal of information. Linley thus asked again, “Then tell me, who does know? Who knows the most?”
The waiter said hurriedly, “In our city, there are intelligence reports regarding the various Tartarus Lords for sale.” “Intelligence reports for sale?” Linley’s eyes lit up.

It made sense. Wherever there was a demand, there would be a market. Most likely, many people had the desire to challenge one of the eighty one Tartarus Lords. Naturally, many people would want to know some details regarding the eighty one Tartarus Lords.

“Where are they sold? Take me there, and I’ll give you ten thousand  inkstones.”   Linley  said  calmly.  “Here  are  five thousand inkstones. Afterwards, I’ll give you five thousand more.” Linley immediately gave him the money.

Inkstones could also be used here within the Netherworld.

“Ten thousand inkstones?” The waiter’s eyes instantly lit up. He wasn’t worried that Linley would attack him within the city limits  either.  He  immediately  said,  “Fine,  but  might  I  ask, when do you wish to go, milords? After eating, or…?” “Right now.”
Linley and Bebe both stood up.

“Alright. Please wait a moment. I’ll go speak with the boss.” The waiter was very friendly.

“Boss, it really was simple.”  Bebe laughed as he looked at Linley.

“In a place like this restaurant, where the dragons mingle with the fish, these waiters will hear many things and learn many things. It is convenient to ask them.” Linley let out a sigh of relief in his heart as well. So this city actually had intelligence reports devoted to the eighty one Lords. This made things much simpler.

“Milords, follow me.” After having taken their five thousand inkstones, this waiter became very friendly, immediately leading the way. While walking on the streets, Bebe said, puzzled, “Could it be that the eighty one Lords of Tartarus are not opposed to this sort of intelligence report sales?”
“The Lords of Tartarus are experts who are far above us. What  could  they  possibly  fear?”  The  waiter  said  hurriedly. “They don’t care about this at all. Actually, even in our city’s official castle, there are also reports regarding the eighty one Lords of Tartarus for sale. However, the price is too high! You need a million netherstones for a copy. The place I am taking you two will be much cheaper; you only need ten thousand netherstones for a copy.”
Linley laughed.

For this sort of intelligence report, once a single person bought a copy, that person could reproduce tens of millions of copies and sell them. This was a good line of work to get into.

“Most people don’t know about these secretive places, but I’ve been in this business since I was a kid.” The waiter said. “Since you were a kid?” Bebe said in surprise.

The waiter nodded. “Tartarus has no transportation arrays. Virtually everyone who originally came to Tartarus was a Highgod. We Demigods and Gods were all born here in Tartarus. I am weak, and am only capable of surviving in the city. It’s not bad. There aren’t too many people in Tartarus, so the prices of the houses are quite low.”
Linley laughed as well.

In the continents of the Netherworld and Infernal Realm, the prices of the city houses were extremely high. However, here in Tartarus, there were many remote areas which were completely unpopulated. Clearly, each island had a fairly low population, and so naturally, the housing prices were much better.

But although there weren’t many people here, there were many experts. “This fellow really is familiar with this city.” Linley sighed to himself. The waiter led Linley and Bebe forward in a very practiced manner, passing through various small alleyways and remote paths in a constant advance. In but a few moments, they arrived in front of an ordinary little courtyard. “Here we are. Right here.”
Linley glanced at the courtyard. He couldn’t see anything special about it.

“Open the door!”  The waiter immediately knocked on the door.

Soon, the courtyard door opened. A muscular, silver-haired man walked out, giving them a glance. After seeing the waiter, he laughed. “So it’s you, kid. What is it? Did you help me bring a customer?”
“We need a set of reports regarding the eighty one Lords of Tartarus.” Linley said. “Please   enter,   you   two.”    The   silver-haired   man   said hurriedly.

The waiter immediately looked towards Linley and Bebe. Linley laughed, then very casually pulled out five pieces of azurite, handing them to the waiter. The waiter immediately accepted them. “Thank you, milords. I’ll leave now.”
“You just made quite a bit, kid.” The silver-haired man chortled. “The two of you, please come in.”
Linley and Bebe followed him into the courtyard. There were actually more than ten people seated there, three of whom were Highgods, the others all Gods or Demigods. One of them, a red-haired youth, rose to his feet, smiling as he came to welcome them. The silver-haired man said, “Second Bro, they want a copy of the intelligence reports on the eighty one Lords of Tartarus.”
“Right.” Linley nodded. “Oh, do you want the concise version, the detailed version, or…the secret version?” The red-haired youth said.

Linley was startled.

The intelligence reports were divided into three levels?

“I imagine there must be a difference in price as well.” Bebe laughed.

The red-haired youth nodded. “Naturally. The concise versions are ten thousand netherstones. The detailed versions are a hundred thousand netherstones. As for the one with all the  secrets,  that  costs  a  million  netherstones.”  The  nearby silver-haired man said hurriedly, “But of course, you can also use inkstones to trade.”
“Describe the differences.” Linley said with curiosity. “The ordinary version introduces the eighty one Tartarus Lords, what Laws they specialize in, and how many battles they have been in and won, as well as their living locations.” The red-haired youth said.

“The detailed version has the Laws they specialize in, their ultimate techniques, and whether or not they have gone to the Planar Battlefield. It also has detailed descriptions of each and every public battle they have been in. Every single one of them!” The red-haired youth smiled.

Bebe’s eyes lit up, and Linley laughed as well.

This was good!

It even had the ultimate techniques and Laws which the Lords specialized in, as well as descriptions of each battle. This was indeed excellent.

“And the secret one?” Linley said, curious. “The  secret  one  includes  information  on  the  family  and friends of the eighty one Tartarus Lords, what they often do, what sort of temper they have, and whatnot. But of course… because this information is too closely held, I can’t guarantee its accuracy. Aside from these written materials, many scryer recordings are also provided, all of them of the public battles of the eighty one Tartarus Lords!” The red-haired youth said.

Linley and Bebe glanced at each other.

Good heavens, this was too detailed.

Written information, paired with large amounts of scyer recordings. This would definitely allow for one to gain a clear understanding of those Tartarus Lords.

Bebe laughed, “Then we want the secret version.”
The red-haired youth and the silver-haired man all began to laugh. “Excellent. We’ll arrange for a copy to be brought over.” A million inkstones, to Linley, was nothing. And for this red- haired youth, these intelligence reports could be duplicated, and so their own costs were quite low as well. They, too, knew…that many experts would choose the secret level version. And, to experts, a million was nothing.

“Here  they  are!”  The  silver-haired  man  walked  out  of  a room, carrying a large chest. Within the chest, there was a large amount of written material, as well as quite a few crystal balls.

“Excellent.”  Linley  walked  over,  sweeping  them  with  his gaze.

“Lotuscliff Region. The Lord here is ‘Crimsonmight’, and he lives within Lotuscliff Region’s…” Seeing a line of words atop one of the written documents, Linley nodded slightly.

“Fine. Here are a million inkstones.”  Linley handed over a large piece of azurite. “If the two of you need to know other information regarding the Tartarus region, just come find us. We give a 10% discount to repeat customers.” The red-haired youth chortled.

Linley just laughed and, with a wave of his hand, drew the entire chest into his interspatial ring.

With such detailed information, he could now determine exactly who he should select!

Chapter 4, Redcliff Lord

Flamebone Region. Within an upstairs, private room in a restaurant.

“Enough. Unless we call for you, no need to enter.”  Linley instructed.

“Yes, sir.”
The waiter carried the platter out of the room, shutting the door on the way out.

“Boss, hurry up and bring out those documents and those scryer recordings.”  Bebe immediately urged. After acquiring the materials, Linley and Bebe had yet to carefully inspect them, as there had been no suitable place to read them. After all, they couldn’t just start flipping through them on the streets, right? “Don’t be impatient.”  Linley laughed. With a thought, he made the large chest materialize, and it hovered above the table. Linley moved the three dishes and the wine on the table to one side, then placed the thick stack of materials onto the table.

“So many.” Bebe stretched his hand out, grabbing the documents.

“Let’s not waste time. Bebe, you and I will each take half. Let’s all do a quick read-through of these documents and see which Tartarus Lord is suitable to be our target.” Linley said. While speaking, Linley began to flip through a large pile of documents, first reviewing the ones related to the rules of challenging the Lords of Tartarus.

If he was going to challenge a Lord, it would be very important for him to know the rules.

While reading, Bebe suddenly looked towards Linley and asked, “Boss, should you go challenge, or should I?”
Linley lifted his head to look at Bebe, then laughed. “Bebe, not just anyone can go challenge a Lord of Tartarus. The prerequisite is that you have to be a victor of a hundred battles in the arena, winning ten consecutive battles each day for ten days. Bebe…do you think you will find it easy to win ten battles in a row?”
“Of course. With my innate divine ability, ‘Godeater’, I refuse to  believe  anyone  will  be  a  match  for  me.”   Bebe  said confidently.

“What if you didn’t have access to the innate divine ability?” Linley laughed while asking.

Bebe was speechless.

If he didn’t have the innate divine ability ‘Godeater’, he, Bebe, simply had tough defense, but in terms of offense, the only thing he had to rely on was a godspark weapon. He would be able to use it to defeat ordinary Highgods, but not a single person who dared to participate in the Bloodbath Arena would be a weakling; weaklings would simply be going to their deaths. It would indeed be hard for Bebe to win. “I…but I DO have my innate divine ability. Boss, your hypothetical is meaningless.” Bebe argued.

Linley wiped the smile from his face, then said solemnly, “Bebe, if you want to rely on your innate divine ability to win a hundred battles in a row, then first of all, your soul is only able to use it twice in succession; for the remaining battles, you’d have to rely on using amethysts and Golden Soul-Pearls to replenish your spiritual energy. It will be very taxing. And secondly!”
Bebe raised an eyebrow.

Linley continued, “Secondly, we are going to go challenge a Lord of Tartarus. Thus, it’s best if we don’t reveal our trump cards right away. Bebe, think about it. When you are at the Bloodbath Arena, if you reveal your innate divine ability, then…the Lord of Tartarus would definitely learn of it as well. By then, he would definitely come up with a way to deal with your ability!”
“Deal with my ability?”  Bebe was stunned. “What sort of method could he come up with?” “Preemptively kill you.” Linley said with a calm laugh.

“I’m not afraid.” Bebe said.

“If he isn’t confident in being able to kill you, perhaps that Lord of Tartarus would secretly leave the island, and then publicly say that he has gone out on an important matter. He would let you wait for a thousand years or ten thousand years. Are you able to wait that long?” Linley asked him. “My understanding is that challenges…can be deferred by up to ten thousand years.” Linley just saw this in the rules.

Bebe was speechless.

Indeed, issuing a challenge to a Lord of Tartarus wasn’t something which could be carried out immediately.

If the Lord of Tartarus wasn’t even in the Netherworld, even if you challenged him…you’d have to wait for him to return and receive word of the challenge before you could fight. 
“Bebe, we can’t waste any time!” Linley said solemnly.

“Oh.” Bebe said helplessly.

If Bebe were to fight, what Linley feared was…the Lord of Tartarus, upon seeing Bebe use his innate divine ability, ‘Godeater’, would be so terrified that he wouldn’t even dare to fight, and would secretly slip away. This was actually quite normal. If a person knew that he had no chance of winning but still went to fight, that would be tantamount to suicide.

But just admitting defeat was very humiliating.

Thus, quite a few Lords of Tartarus would choose…to secretly slip away and delay by ten thousand years.

If he didn’t accept the challenge within ten thousand years, then the position of Tartarus Lord would immediately be transferred to the challenger. 
This was a method by which the challenger would receive the position of Tartarus Lord, and the former incumbent would also be able to save a bit of face. Logically speaking, this was a win-win proposal, but to Linley, it was not, because he had to seize every minute of time so that he could enter the Planar Wars. The Planar Wars, however, only had eight hundred years remaining. He wasn’t able to wait that long!

“Right.” Bebe nodded slightly.

“Bebe, when I attack, I am capable of completely hiding my power. For example, if I don’t Dragonform and don’t use my innate divine ability! But of course, I still have to show one thing off slightly; my Blackstone Space! But I’ll weaken even the gravitational power of my Blackstone Space. It will be more than enough against those Five Star Fiends, Six Star Fiends, and Seven Star Fiends.” Linley said with a calm laugh.

He would lower the power of the Blackstone Space to the level at which it was at when he was just a God. Linley’s full-force Blackstone Space was something which ordinary Seven Star Fiends might just barely be able to resist, even if they went all out, resulting in them being slaughtered at will.

If he only exerted a tenth of the power of the Blackstone Space, that was already enough as far as Linley was concerned.

“Just by showing a bit of my power, I’ll be strong enough to win a hundred consecutive battles. I trust the Lord of Tartarus wouldn’t be afraid to fight me just because I revealed a little bit of power. By then, when the time comes, I’ll use all my strength. Bebe, what you need to do is carefully look through the materials and see who amongst them has a supreme technique that is perfectly countered by me.” Linley said.

Bebe laughed and said, “Heh heh, Boss, you want to win in a back-handed way, eh? Fine, I’ll take a look and see whose strengths are countered by you.”
Linley began to carefully flip through the materials as well. In total, there were eighty one Tartarus Lords, and of course, they couldn’t all be perfect, invincible experts with no weaknesses. Perhaps some of them would just so happen to be countered by Linley’s strengths.
“So powerful.” While flipping through the materials, Linley couldn’t help but suck in a cold breath. “The Lotuscliff Lord, the lord of the first island I arrived at, has actually not been challenged in countless years for his position. His supreme technique creates a translucent flame which kills anyone it touches, without exception?” Linley felt his heart turn cold as he read through the materials.

Each of the experts who dared to challenge a Tartarus Lord possessed confidence as well as their own supreme techniques.

But without exception, each of them touched by that translucent flame was killed.

“Boss,  this  Flamebone  Lord  is  so  powerful.  In  the  past hundred million years, three people came to challenge him, all of whom were killed in a single blow.” Bebe called out in surprise as well. 
“Bebe,  these  people  have  held  their  positions  unshakably firm for countless years, and the challengers were all easily killed. For now, let’s put these especially strong Tartarus Lords off to one side.”  Linley said immediately. Linley didn’t have confidence in being able to defeat those Tartarus Lords who had never had their positions threatened and who had never
been forced to reveal too much of their power.

While reading through the many documents, Linley felt his blood beginning to stir.

So many experts. One challenge after another, one death after another. However, the Netherworld had countless experts in pursuit of perfect. In their hearts, becoming a Lord Prefect or a Tartarus Lord was their dream. For the sake of their dreams, they wouldn’t be afraid to sacrifice their lives.

Occasionally, some would succeed and become a new Lord of Tartarus! “So indeed, amongst the Lords of Tartarus, there are a few who are monstrously powerful, but some who aren’t too terrifying.”   Linley,   when   reading   through   the   materials introducing some of the other Lords of Tartarus, felt slightly more relaxed. The eighty one Tartarus Lords did indeed have invincible figures akin to Beirut or Dunnington.

No one dared to challenge these people!

“Hm, this one isn’t bad.” Linley’s eyes lit up as he carefully read through some more documents. “Oh, an expert in the Laws of Water. Extremely strong spiritual defense. When he uses his divine power, his material defense can also reach a virtually undefeatable level. And his material attacks are extremely powerful as well!” Linley carefully read through this person’s description, and he began to feel a bit of confidence in his heart.

He was choosing an opponent!

Linley completely ignored the Tartarus Lords who were legendary for their soul attacks. Linley had some degree of confidence in his ability to deal with material attacks, and in addition, this Lord of Tartarus he had taken an interest in had developed a monstrously powerful defense through using ‘divine power’ in forming a constant, unbreakable layer of armor.

“If I were to use my innate divine ability, ‘Dragon Roar’, to change his flow of time…with time changed, the defense he controls with his divine power will definitely no longer be perfect, especially given that I’ll also be using powerful gravitational powers on him through my Blackstone Space.” Linley couldn’t help but begin to laugh, and he hurriedly began to review the documents regarding other details of this individual.

But then, his face froze, because he saw a line of words on the second page.

“What? He went to the Planar Battlefield?”
“Next one.” Linley had no choice but to do this.

There was nothing he could do… The eighty one Tartarus Lords were almost all proficient in soul attacks. Even if they weren’t proficient, their soul defenses were generally quite strong. Linley’s soul defense was actually quite strong as well. Given his spiritual energy was at the Highgod level, that he had fused three profound mysteries, and that he had that innate azure glow surrounding his soul as well as the damaged soul-protecting Sovereign artifact, he was already beyond the level of most Seven Star Fiends.

But his opponents were the Lords of Tartarus, after all. Truly supreme experts.

“Boss, I have one here.” Bebe suddenly called out.

Linley raised his head and looked over. “Where is he? Not in the Planar Battlefield, I hope.”
“Nope. The intelligence report says that he is still within his realm.” Bebe said hurriedly. “Tell me about him.” Linley’s eyes lit up.

“He’s  the  same  as  you,  Boss.  An  expert  of  Earth.”  Bebe laughed.

“Oh?” Linley’s eyes lit up. Linley actually preferred to deal with earth-type experts, because he had thoroughly analyzed the Laws of the Earth, and so it would be easier for him to deal with it.

Bebe  continued,  “This  person’s  soul  defense  is  extremely strong. The recorded battles state that he didn’t seem to be impacted at all by any soul attacks. His soul defense is absolutely monstrous! But he isn’t specialized in soul attacks, nor has anyone ever seen him use any powerful soul attacks. The intelligence report hypothesizes that he probably has a soul-protecting Sovereign artifact.”
Linley nodded slightly.

Although the ‘Throbbing Pulse of the World’ was related to the soul, the Laws of the Earth still weren’t that strong in soul- related matters.

It was the Edicts of Life, the Edicts of Death, the Edicts of Fate, and the Elemental Laws of Fire which were strongest in the soul.

“His strength is material attacks. He is able to easily break apart Highgod artifacts with one blow! His fists and his warblade are exceedingly, terrifyingly powerful. Also…he specializes in speed. He is monstrously fast! On quite a few occasions, those who challenged him were sent smashing backwards by his fist before even touching him. They admitted defeat.” Bebe explained.

Linley began to laugh.

Speed? Material attacks?

No matter how fast a person was, within Linley’s full-force Blackstone Space, how fast could he be? Material attacks?

In Dragonform, when using the godspark weapon Mirage in executing the ‘Firmament Splitter’, Linley wagered that the power of his sword blows shouldn’t be much weaker.

“And I also have my innate divine ability, ‘Dragon Roar’.” Linley laughed.

“Boss, I’ve gone through this entire pile of documents. I feel that this particular Lord of Tartarus just so happens to be countered by your strengths. You should have a better than 80% chance of victory. Only, I’m not sure…if this Lord of Tartarus was hiding anything in reserve.” Bebe said resignedly.

Hiding something in reserve?

Someone who trained in the Laws of the Earth, even one who understood spiritual attacks well, wouldn’t possibly be as powerful in that aspect as someone who trained in the Edicts of Death or Laws of Fire. After all, much of the Edicts of Death pertained to the soul, and the Edicts of Fate were almost completely linked to the soul.

“Anybody is capable of holding something in reserve. However, since he is of the Laws of the Earth, I have some confidence in dealing with him.”
“Let me look.”  Linley immediately received the materials, taking it over from Bebe.

He began to carefully review these materials. While reviewing the battles undergone by this Tartarus Lord, Linley began to feel more confident. The specialty of this Lord of Tartarus was his ‘speed’ and his material attacks. The two synergized well, making him almost invincible. Unfortunately…he just so happened to be countered by Linley.

Perhaps this Lord of Tartarus would be able to easily defeat supreme experts who specialized in soul attacks, but upon encountering Linley…
“Redcliff Region, eh?” Linley nodded slightly. “Him it is!”

Chapter 5, Sudden Emergence

Linley and Bebe walked forward, shoulder to shoulder. Linley had a rare hint of a smile on his face. There, in the restaurant within Flamebone City, Linley and Bebe decided that their target would be the Redcliff Lord, and also carefully reviewed the detailed reports regarding this Redcliff Lord, and also viewed his scryer recordings.

Seeing the scryer recordings, Linley sighed in amazement…
The speed of this Redcliff Lord was indeed monstrous. Linley had never seen anyone as fast as this individual. However, Linley was still completely confident. Those who specialized in speed, upon encountering the Blackstone Space…even if they were originally as fast as a hare, they would become as slow as a tortoise!

“Battles  are  forbidden  within  the  cities.  Only  in  the Bloodbath  Arenas  are  battles  permitted.”   Linley  and  Bebe quickly arrived outside the Bloodbath Arena. The Bloodbath Arena, in size and scope, was comparable to the arenas which Linley had originally encountered at Miluo Island. However, this Bloodbath Arena was round; even standing outside of it, Linley could sense powerful energy ripples emanating from within this Bloodbath Arena.

“Whaaaaaaaaaa!” A wave of excited roars rang out.

“It’s quite lively here.” Linley laughed. “Bebe, let us go take a look.”
“Right.”    Bebe’s   eyes   were   shining.   “I   can   sense   the atmosphere from all the way out here. It’s even livelier than Miluo Island’s arena.”
Similarly, to view the battles in the arena, one had to pay a fee, but the cost was lower than Miluo Island’s. Each person only needed to pay ten netherstones. Linley and Bebe paid the fee, then followed the corridor and quickly arrived within the Bloodbath Arena. But just as they drew near, they felt a surge of heated calls ring out. “Hm, there should be nearly a million people here.”  Linley stared at the viewing platforms.

The viewing platforms were occupied by a large number of spectators. Because the platforms took up a very large amount of space, from Linley’s current position, what he saw was a tight cluster of people, like countless ants. There was an extremely high number of people here. The viewers included muscular men, callous and skinny youths, as well as some ancient-looking old people, along with icy ladies or energetic lasses.

They were either calling out in excitement or just watching calmly and appraisingly.

There were humans, as well as quite a few other races with strange appearances. There were three-eyed figures, four-eared individuals, six-armed people…etcetera.

“It really is lively! The battles in the Bloodbath Arena should be  the  most  exciting  things  in  the  entire  Tartarus.”  Linley understood that virtually everyone who came to Tartarus loved to do battle and wanted to pursue perfection. In addition, the Bloodbath Arena just so happened to be a necessary route for challenging a Tartarus Lord.

This caused the Bloodbath Arena to have a very special status within Tartarus and thus have many spectators.

Only now did Linley look towards the center of the Bloodbath Arena.

Two figures were battle in the air above the Bloodbath Arena. A streak of red flame slashed through the air as a blurry saber flashed through the skies, slamming against the body of the black-robed man in front. The black-robed man was knocked backwards by the blade chop. Blood splattered everywhere, and then his head exploded into tiny fragments.

The black-robed man landed heavily on the ground, not moving at all.

“Dead.” Linley frowned. “Raaaaaaawr!” The red-haired figure landed on the ground, revealing his form. This was a youth with a head of unbound black hair. His fists waved in the air as he howled excitedly, then shouted with confidence, “Next, next!”
The entire Bloodbath Arena was filled with joyful calls as well, although there were also many spectators who howled, “Kill him, friend! Go kill him!” Linley, watching this, smirked slightly. The atmosphere in this Bloodbath Arena really was explosive. And indeed…the Bloodbath Arena was perhaps one of the few entertainment areas in the entire Tartarus region.”
“That person’s power isn’t bad.”
Bebe turned to glance at Linley. Laughing, he said, “Boss, you preparing to make him your first?”
“Bebe, wait here. I’ll go register.” Linley rose.

“Right.”    Bebe   nodded   repeatedly.   He   was   completely confident in Linley. 
“Oh?” The two spectators seated next to Linley and Bebe, hearing these words, turned to stare at Linley in surprise. Clearly, they knew that Linley was going to fight in the Bloodbath Arena.

“Hey,  you  are  bold.”  Immediately,  a  nearby  woman  with black hair and red eyes stared at Linley, her eyes flashing. “Fight a few extra battles. I, your Big Sis, will support you!” Linley glanced at the surrounding figures, and instantly, quite a few people began to call out towards Linley, most of them supporting and encouraging him.

Just because Linley had chosen to sit around them, they all supported Linley.

But of course…
In the end, what mattered in the Bloodbath Arena was how strong a person was. Registering for the Bloodbath Arena was free, but the manager still looked at Linley in surprise. “Mr. Ley, what did you say? Ten battles in a row?”
“Right.” Linley nodded with a smile.

“You can’t do this in a rush. You can’t just arrange for ten battles in a row. After you win one battle, you can choose whether or not to continue with the next.” The manager said. This was a rule as well. If the challenger died during the first challenge, how could the other nine challenges be carried out?

Linley glanced at the manager. “Then just watch and wait.”
However…quite a few people would go participate in the arena.

Linley had to wait for his turn. By the time Linley’s turn came, seven or eight more battles had already occurred. That red-haired youth had left long ago. He had already won ten consecutive battles. As he walked out from the corridor, he even swept Linley’s group with an arrogant look. 
Linley just laughed calmly.

An ocean of jubilant roars swept out from within the Bloodbath Arena, while a thunderous voice echoed out: “Our expert, ‘Wood’ [Wu’te], has already won three battles in a row. Now, please allow the challenger, ‘Ley’, to step forward!”
Linley’s eyes lit up.

‘Ley’ was the name he had used to register himself.

“Mr.  Ley,  faster.”   The  managerial  staff  hurriedly  called towards Linley, who just laughed. With a flicker, he appeared within the challenger’s corridor, passing through and arriving at the Bloodbath Arena, still reeking of fresh blood. The many people in the spectator platforms at the Bloodbath Arena all called out in celebration. They saw a person dressed in a long, sky-blue robe, who looked like an ordinary neighborhood youth, emerge from the tunnel and arrive at the Bloodbath Arena. He slowly rose into the air, and his opponent…was a man with two scarlet eyes, dressed in a black uniform and wielding a long whip. They stared at each other.

The entire Bloodbath Arena was filled with an explosive atmosphere.

But Linley maintained his calm, as though he didn’t feel anything at all.

“Boss,  kill  that  kid!”   Suddenly,  a  clear  sound  rang  out, echoing throughout the entire Bloodbath Arena.

Linley couldn’t help but grin as he turned to look. It was Bebe.

Just as Linley turned his head, a hint of disdain flashed through the crimson eyes of the black-robed man. “He dares to be distracted during a life-and-death battle!” At the same time, he moved. “Swish!” He arced out through the skies like a ray of black light, instantly appearing in front of Linley. Linley had yet to react, and the black-robed man attacked without showing any mercy…
A ray of dark light sprang out from the black-robed man.

Suddenly, an earthen yellow light instantly sprang out. “Ah!” The black-robed man, caught off-guard, uncontrollably descended.  “BANG!”  He  slammed  hard  into  the  Bloodbath Arena, sending shattered rocks flying everywhere.

“Swoosh!” Linley descended lightning-fast.

The black-robed man, trapped within the Blackstone Space, wasn’t even able to stand stably. Linley kicked out at his chest, sending him flying into the air. “I admit defeat!” His voice rang out, echoing throughout the entire Bloodbath Arena. Only now did the black-robed man stare towards Linley in amazement. Having felt the Blackstone Space, he was terrified.

“I am almost at the Six Star Fiend level of power, but I’m not even  able  to  control  my  speed.”  The  black-robed  man  was nervous. “So this fellow wasn’t being overconfident; he was prepared early on…that kick of his, if it was aimed at my head, I’m afraid I’d be dead already! This person is too strong, too strong!”
But he had no idea…
Linley had only exerted a tenth of the power of the Blackstone Space. If he had used it full force, even Seven Star Fiends wouldn’t be able to take it, much less him, a kid who wasn’t even at the Six Star Fiend level yet.

“Thank you.”  The black-robed man bowed gratefully, then immediately chose to depart through the tunnel.

Linley continued to hover there in the air above the Bloodbath Arena. He had no grudge for that person. As Linley saw it, for him to be here in the Bloodbath Arena…was already a case of him bullying his lesser. If he were to kill them, that would be going too far. Fighting to kill…should be done against those who were at roughly the same level of strength, as there would be no way to hold back.”
Immediately, the entire viewing platform exploded with cheers, especially those Demigods and Gods who had grown up in Tartarus. Their cheers were the loudest. For Linley to be able to so easily trample that opponent…his power was easy to behold.

“Out expert, Ley, said earlier that he wants to fight ten in a row. I didn’t believe it at first, but from the looks of it…he really is going to fight ten in a row. The next battle begins. Reed  [Lei’te],  step  forward!”  That  ringing  voice  once  more echoed throughout the entire Bloodbath Arena. Upon hearing that Linley wished to fight ten battles in a row, the spectators who had managed to maintain their calm and silence also called out in excitement now.

Only this sort of expert would cause people to be truly excited.

The second battle!

One exchange. The Blackstone Space was spread out, and Linley kicked the person down, embedding him into the Bloodbath Arena’s ground. Linley won!

The third battle! Still just one exchange. Linley won!

The fourth battle…
The Blackstone Space, even at 10% power, was still very powerful. And these challengers weren’t even at the Seven Star Fiend level. All of them were easily defeated by Linley. 
The adamantine heavy sword struck heavily against a silver- haired man’s chest. Instantly, with a ‘boom’ sound, cracks in space appeared and the silver-haired man was knocked backwards, a large hole in his chest. In midair, before he even landed, he hurriedly called out, “I admit defeat!”
The difference between them was too great!

“You aren’t bad.”
Linley laughed calmly, looking at him. “You forced me to use my sword.”
Linley had decided long ago that in the Bloodbath Arena, even if he had to use a weapon, he would just use his adamantine heavy sword or Bloodviolet. As for his godspark weapon, ‘Mirage’, that would only be used against the Lord of Tartarus. 
“A victor of ten battles!!!”  The officiator for the Bloodbath Arena called out in a high, clear voice. “Ley said he would fight ten in a row, and he has indeed won ten! Ley’s power is indeed very great. As I see it, perhaps he will win a hundred battles!” It was much harder to win a hundred battles in a row. After all, many experts normally couldn’t even be bothered to fight.

Only after meeting other experts would they fight.

Quite a few people throughout the massive viewing platforms howled jubilantly and excitedly.

Their jubilant cries rose up and crashed down like waves, but Linley just chuckled. “Tomorrow,  we  continue.”  Linley  said  calmly  to  himself, then turned and left through the challenger’s tunnel.

The Bloodbath Arena was a place which the experts of the Redcliff Region paid very close attention to. Within the Redcliff Region, generally speaking, it was rare for even a single expert to win a hundred battles despite the passage of many years. This was because, each time, after a challenger won a few dozen battles in a row, some true experts would feel their hands get itchy and they would come to participate in the battles. These experts wouldn’t just come singly; often, they would come out in succession, causing the end result to be that very few would win a hundred successive battles.

As time moved on…
The name ‘Ley’ began to be known to quite a few truly powerful experts of the Redcliff Region.

One day after yet another day of consecutive victories.

On the fifth day, he still won ten victories. 
On the sixth day, he still won ten victories!

Linley’s successes clearly didn’t require too much effort. This caused quite a few people to understand that ‘Ley’ definitely had to have more power than just this! Thus, the past few days, a very large number of people came to watch at the Bloodbath Arena. Many of them had come to watch Linley! Many of them waited eagerly…hoping that Linley would to be able to continue and cause some truly powerful experts to come and battle him.

And finally…an expert whom Linley would take seriously appeared.

Chapter 6, Unstoppable

Redcliff Region. The Lord’s estate.

Currently, the Redcliff Lord was reclining on his chair, his eyes shut.

The Redcliff Lord was only 1.7 meters tall, and in the Netherworld, he would indeed be considered a very small fellow. He looked very thin, and he was currently dressed in a sleeveless shirt, revealing his wiry arms. Although the shirt was over his body, it wasn’t able to cover up the heroic, mighty aura that emanated from him.

This was the Redcliff Lord, one of the eighty one Lords of Tartarus.

“Your Lordship.”  A black-robed, silver-haired youth walked to his side and bowed. “Mm?” The Redcliff Lord opened his eyes. His pupils were vertical, and they were violet! They gave off a disturbing feeling.

“Your Lordship, an expert has appeared within the Bloodbath  Arena  of  our  Redcliff  region.”  The  black-robed, silver-haired  youth  said  respectfully.  “This  person  is  called ‘Ley’, and he has already won sixty battles. From his performance in these sixty battles, I expect that this person already has the power of a Seven Star Specter. He specializes in the Laws of the Earth. Your Lordship, will you go watch him battle?”
“Laws  of  the  Earth?”   The  Redcliff  Lord  raised  a  black eyebrow, but then with a calm laugh shut his eyes again. “Since he is an expert in the Laws of the Earth, there’s no need for me to go in person. You, Ganmoly [Gan’mo’lei], can go handle this matter. At the same time, record it all down with scryer recordings. If anything appears that causes you to feel surprised, bring it for me to watch.”
“Yes, your Lordship.” Ganmoly bowed. Ganmoly knew very well that although the Redcliff Lord had yet to reach the stage of being a Paragon in the Laws of the Earth, the Redcliff Lord already knew all the various types of attacks of the Laws of the Earth.

However, what the Redcliff Lord didn’t realize was…
Linley’s ‘Blackstone Space’ had already exceeded the bounds of the profound mysteries. This was the innate divine ability of Reisgem, and Linley had to rely on the ‘black stone’ in order to use it.

The seventh day Linley was at the Bloodbath Arena.

On this day, the Bloodbath Arena had an unusually high number of people watching. It had been a long time since someone in the Redcliff Region had consecutively defeated so many people. Many people wanted to watch…and see how far this man named ‘Ley’ would be able to go, and if he really had the power of a Seven Star Specter or not. “This battle is over now. Haha, everyone has been waiting for a long time, I’m sure. Next will be our victor of sixty consecutive battles; ‘Ley’!” The voice echoed brightly.

The entire watching platform began to ring out with jubilant cries. The previous battles were fairly low level, and some people were too bored to watch. But upon hearing that ‘Ley’ was about to appear, all of their eyes lit up and they called out nonstop. And at this time, in an unremarkable corner of the watching platform, a black-robed, silver-haired youth and a middle-aged black-haired man were sitting, shoulder to shoulder.

“Ganmoly.”   The  middle-aged  black-haired  man  laughed calmly. “Are you here at the orders of his Lordship?”
“I’m just watching.”  Ganmoly laughed. “This person trains in the Laws of the Earth. He’s not yet shown himself to be worth his Lordship’s attention. Right, Sheppard [Xi’ao’bo’er’de], are you interested in this Ley?” “I just came today to watch. However, my old friend, ‘Pam’ [Bo’mu] has already gone to register. If he is able to defeat Pam, then I will go test to see how strong this kid is!”  The black- haired Sheppard said with a calm laugh. Ganmoly, hearing this, said with gleaming eyes, “Pam is going to participate?”
As the two chatted…
“Bang!”  The  adamantine  heavy  sword  slammed  into  the opponent, sending the person flying back.

“I admit defeat!” The man called out hurriedly.

Linley retracted his sword, still standing there in midair. He shook his head mentally. “I have to win a hundred battles to challenge a Lord of Tartarus. This does indeed waste a good bit of time.” Linley had already undergone seventy one battles, but he had yet to feel even a hint of danger. The strongest of these opponents were at most at the Six Star Fiend level. When Linley was a God, he was already capable of killing ordinary Seven Star Fiends.

Now that he was a Highgod, he already had the power of an ordinary Asura. Against these people, of course he found it very easy.

“Everyone! Let me announce some news that will shock and please all of you! Ley’s next opponent is a former victor of a hundred battles here at the Redcliff Region; our very own Mr. Pam!”  Excited cheers swept the entire Bloodbath Arena, but then, the entire arena went silent.

Even the chatting Ganmoly and Sheppard turned to look.

“Pam  is  entering  the  field  of  battle.”   The  black-haired Sheppard began to laugh.

The momentarily quiet Bloodbath Arena suddenly once more turned raucous. The cheers rang out unabated, and many of the viewers bellowed, “Ley, defeat that Pam!!!” “PAM!!!”
The entire Bloodbath Arena was at a boiling point of activity. Even many formerly calm individuals were now shouting to the point of hoarseness, each screaming their support for one of the two. Clearly, the shouts for ‘Ley’, who had recently won everyone’s admiration, were somewhat louder. But Pam was also a former victor of a hundred battles.

A battle against two experts?

Who would win?

Such a large battle…the level of activity in the Bloodbath Arena reached a fevered level. “Oh, a former victor of a hundred battles?” Linley raised an eyebrow, turning to look. At this moment, Bebe’s voice rang out in Linley’s mind as well. “Boss, this is a former victor of a hundred battles. Don’t be reckless. If you were to lose…then it’s my turn. I’ll go challenge the Tartarus Lord.”
Linley, hearing this, couldn’t help but laugh.

“Swoosh!”  A gray blur suddenly shot out from the tunnel, then hung there in midair. Linley looked carefully…
This Pam was dressed in a long green robe. He had a pair of downwards drooping white eyebrows. Although his hair and eyebrows were white, his face was like that of a youth’s. Pam had a perpetual smile on his face, and he was currently staring at Linley with narrowed eyes. “Ley? It’s so hard to find a good opponent, here at the Redcliff Region. Don’t disappoint me.”
Linley laughed calmly.

“Make your move.” Linley said. 
“Oh, quite arrogant, eh?” Pam laughed calmly. He suddenly swept out with his hand, and a green light sprang up.

Linley and Pam’s battle caused quite a few people on the watching platform to focus their attention. Even Bebe stared fixedly at the arena. Only Sheppard and Ganmoly continued to chat silently through divine sense while watching as the great battle was about to begin.

“Ganmoly, who do you say will be the victor?” Sheppard sent mentally.

“It should be Ley.” Ganmoly sent back. “This Ley…I have the feeling that his power is at least on your level. As for Pam, although he has reached the Seven Star Specter level, he is just barely at that level. Although both his physical attacks and his spiritual attacks can be considered strong, they aren’t monstrously strong. However, he trains in the Laws of Water. It won’t be easy to defeat him. Pam should be able to hold on for a period of time.” “I was thinking the same.”
Sheppard laughed as well. “Originally, when I beat Pam, I had to spend quite a bit of effort. An expert who trains in the Laws of Water is very hard to deal with.”
But as the two were discussing this matter, their facial expressions suddenly froze.

The entire Bloodbath Arena had turned silent. And then, an explosion of raucous noise. Many people began to chat amongst themselves, and the entire Bloodbath Arena turned cacophonous. Nobody could understand what they had just seen. It wasn’t just them who didn’t understand it…
Even Ganmoly and Sheppard didn’t understand it.

“How could that have happened?” Ganmoly said in disbelief. “Pam…did he lose on purpose?” Sheppard didn’t understand either.

Just now, what happened during the battle was this. First, Linley had used his Blackstone Space to entrap his opponent. Pam was indeed strong; he was able to force himself to stay up and not crash downwards. But his speed was now incomparable to Linley’s. Linley, relying on superior speed and Bloodviolet, began to attack.

But clearly, Pam’s defense was extremely strong. Without being able to Dragonform, he was unable to breach Pam’s defense with his attacks.

Linley’s Dragonform was one of his trump cards. Linley wasn’t willing to use his Dragonform, and so he used his ‘Spiritual Chaos’ instead. After reaching the Highgod level, Linley’s Spiritual Chaos technique, once used, would cause even the likes of Pam, a Seven Star Fiend level expert, to have his soul enter a bewildered state.

In that brief instant, Linley used a single blow of the sword to sever Pam’s head. 
Pam’s head flew upwards into the air, hurriedly reconnecting with the body.

“Thank you!”  Pam said gratefully. If Linley had struck his head instead of his neck, Pam would have died.

He didn’t lose unfairly. The Spiritual Chaos of the Blackstone Field was the supreme technique of Purgatory Commander Reisgem. It was natural for him to lose to this technique.

In the viewing platform.

“Whooosh!”  Sheppard  suddenly  stood  up,  but  one  of  his clones sat down. He stared at the distant Linley, standing there in the air above the Bloodbath Arena. “Ganmoly, I’ll go test him.” He left behind his divine spark, as he was worried that Linley might use a killing technique. Although prior to this, Linley had shown mercy, that didn’t mean he would always show mercy. “Be careful!” Ganmoly said hurriedly.

“Don’t worry. It won’t be so simple for him to beat me.” Sheppard said, and he walked forward.

In the Bloodbath Arena, many people began to call out in joy.

Many of them were now treating Linley as a model for themselves! A target for them to surpass!

“Everyone, today, Ley has already consecutively won nine times in a row, and one of his opponents was Pam! However, even Pam lost to Ley. And now, the tenth challenger for today is standing right beside me. To be honest, I am already excited over the battle that is about to begin. The person by my side, is an expert even more powerful than Pam! Everyone, can you guess who he is?”
Immediately, everyone in the Bloodbath Arena turned to look, and many of them began to call out excitedly. It was already very rare for them be able to watch a single battle between Seven Star Specter level experts. But today, there would be a second? It seemed as though this one would be even more powerful!

“He…is Sheppard!” The host’s voice rang out.

In the air above the Bloodbath Arena.

Linley still stood there calmly in midair, looking at the many spectators and how they were excitedly shouting. Linley was rather curious. “Sheppard? How powerful could he be?” Linley looked towards the entry passage, and saw a black-haired, middle-aged man drift over. As soon as he flew into the Bloodbath Arena, he looked towards Linley.

“I didn’t expect that you were capable of soul attacks, and such unusual ones at that.” The black-haired, middle-aged man said. Just now, outside the challenger’s tunnel, he had already met Pam and chatted with him. However, Pam only thought that Linley had used some sort of strange soul attack to cause him to enter a dazed state. 
Linley smiled slightly. “Enough chitchat. Let’s fight.”
Sheppard frowned.

“Hmph.” Angered, he narrowed his eyes slightly.

“Swish!” “Swish!”
Two rays of black light suddenly shot out from Sheppard’s eyes, striking directly towards Linley. Linley couldn’t help but retreat,  flying  at  high  speed.  “What  an  unusual  spiritual attack.”  The speed of the spiritual attack was too fast. Linley wasn’t even able to dodge before the two black rays of light entered his body.

“Crackle…”   Linley’s  spiritual  energy  struck  out  like  the Voidwave Sword, blocking in the area of the flaw. As for the black light, the majority of it exhausted itself against the soul-protecting Sovereign artifact, while the remaining bit of power wasn’t able to threaten Linley at all.

The Blackstone Space and the Spiritual Chaos almost instantly encompassed the enemy.

Sheppard’s spiritual prowess wasn’t particularly impressive. He, too, fell into a dazed state, and just stood there, letting Linley slice off his head with one blow.

“You lose!” Linley said calmly.

The entire Bloodbath Arena once more fell silent.

“What happened?” Ganmoly asked repeatedly.

“What a powerful soul attack.” Sheppard shook his head. “I was instantly bewildered as well and defeated.” “Soul attack?” Ganmoly felt relaxed now. “This Ley is indeed strong, but if he encounters his Lordship, he will definitely lose.”
His Lordship, the Redcliff Lord, feared no spiritual attacks. Actually, this was one of the reasons why Linley displayed his ‘Spiritual Chaos’ attack. When seeing Linley use this technique…the Redcliff Lord wouldn’t feel the slightest bit of fear towards Linley.

After the two major battles of the seventh day, no one further was able to hold Linley back from winning. Linley consecutively passed through the eighth, ninth, and tenth days. A complete success! He became the only victor of a hundred battles which the Redcliff Region had seen in recent years.

Chapter 7, A Blaze

Above the Bloodbath Arena.

Many people were chatting amongst themselves, and the topic was virtually all related to Linley, currently standing above the Bloodbath Arena. Because just now, Linley had successfully gained his hundredth victory. But his success caused them to all understand…that most likely in the future, it would be hard for them to see Linley fight again.

“Hey, just now, you were shouting so excitedly, ‘Boss’, ‘Boss’. Do you know Lord Ley?”  A silver-haired young lady glanced sideways at Bebe.

“Of course I know him. He’s my Boss.” Bebe rubbed his nose and said confidently.

“Yeah, sure. And he’s my elder brother.”  The silver-haired woman snorted, and then continued to look at Linley with a rather worshipful gaze. The silver-haired woman grew up in Tartarus and was affected by the local environment. The admiration the people here felt towards experts was even stronger than in the other parts of the Netherworld.

“She doesn’t believe me.” Bebe was speechless in the face of the silver-haired woman’s disbelief.

Right at this moment…
A deep voice echoed in the Bloodbath Arena. “Everyone!” The voice continued to ring out as the person’s figure flew to the air above the Bloodbath Arena, standing next to Linley. This person was dressed in a long golden robe, and had a head full of long, dazzling gold hair. He was laughing while saying clearly, “Today, yet another victor of a hundred battles has emerged from our Bloodbath Arena. He is…Ley!”
Linley smiled and made a nodding gesture towards the golden-haired man.

Linley was waiting to be given his proof of having won a hundred battles…the ‘Bloodbath Emblem’. With the Bloodbath Emblem, he would truly have the qualifications to go challenge a Lord of Tartarus.

“Everyone,  quiet!”  The  golden-haired  man  said  in  a  clear voice.

Instantly, the spectators of the Bloodbath Arena all halted their conversations and looked over.

“Right now, I will give this medal of honor, the ‘Bloodbath Emblem’, to our victor of a hundred battles, Ley!” As he spoke, the gold-haired man withdrew a six-pointed star-shaped red emblem and, with a smile, gave it to Linley. “Ley, from today onwards, your name and your victories will be displayed within our Bloodbath Arena.”
Linley laughed and accepted it.

“So this is it?” Linley lowered his head to give it a glance. The reason he had fought these hundred battles was for the sake of becoming qualified to challenge a Lord of Tartarus. 
“But of course, this Bloodbath Medallion also represents that you now are qualified to go challenge our mighty Lord of the Redcliff  Region!”  The  golden-haired  man  said  with  a  loud, clearly laugh. “Mr. Ley, I ask you this. Are you going to go challenge our Lord of Redcliff Region?”  These words caused the entire Bloodbath Arena to once more turn rowdy.”
“Challenge his Lordship!”
“Challenge him!”
“Ley, challenge his Lordship!”
Many of the spectators in the Bloodbath Arena began to cry out. However, everyone understood that this was a question that would be asked each time the Bloodbath Medallion was handed out. As for the spectators, they were just shouting to be rowdy. Everyone hoped to see a battle over the position of Lord of Tartarus. But they all understood… This was just a formality.

It was extremely rare for someone to actually challenge a Lord of Tartarus. Generally speaking, it would happen only a few times every hundred million years. Each time someone dared to challenge a Lord of Tartarus, that person generally had a certain degree of confidence as well as some special skills to rely on. Although Linley seemed quite good, as the spectators saw it, he was still quite a ways off from the level of a Lord of Tartarus.

After all, whether it was Pam or Sheppard, compared to a Lord of Tartarus, they were like infants compared to an adult.

“You said Ley is your Boss. Then tell me, will Ley challenge the Tartarus Lord?” The silver-haired lady laughed while looking at Bebe, and Bebe nodded with absolute certainty. “Without question, my Boss will definitely challenge the Tartarus Lord!”
“Haha…” The silver-haired lady immediately began to laugh softly. “You don’t even know how to lie properly.” “If you don’t believe it, just watch.” Bebe said.

“To tell the truth, the reason I have come to the Bloodbath Arena to fight…!” Linley’s voice suddenly rang out.

The conversations around the Bloodbath Arena suddenly lowered in volume.

Linley had a smile on his face. “…was precisely for the sake of becoming qualified to challenge the Redcliff Lord!”
Instantly, everyone fell silent.

Everyone looked towards Linley. The golden-haired man by Linley’s side looked at him in disbelief. “No way. This Mr. Ley…can it be that today, he really is going to challenge the Redcliff  Lord?  Too  crazy,  too  crazy!”  Although  victors  of  a hundred battles were powerful, there would be one every so often. 
But someone who would challenge a Lord of Tartarus? This was something which would happen a few times every hundred million years.

“No way.” The silver-haired lady grew nervous. She couldn’t help but glance sideways at Bebe, who just laughed confidently towards her.

Everyone listened carefully and eagerly.

“Now, I have finally acquired the necessary qualifications.” Linley stared at them. “Today, in front of everyone, I publicly proclaim! That I…am formally issuing the Redcliff Lord…a challenge!”
His voice echoed throughout the Bloodbath Arena. Everyone was silent for a long time. 
This was the first time in the past ten million years that someone within the Redcliff Region had issued a challenge to the mighty Redcliff Lord!

The Redcliff Lord was exalted and powerful!

Everyone who challenged him had perished.

But the many experts amongst the spectators wouldn’t give up. For the sake of their dreams, their goals! Even if they had to die, they would constantly challenge themselves, constantly clash…there would eventually come the day when they would defeat the Redcliff Lord and become the next Redcliff Lord. However, on this road…many, many would die!

More than a million spectators were present, and they were staring at Linley, in the center.

In their eyes, Linley was a fearless warrior, a new challenger for the position of Lord of Tartarus! 
“Ley!”   The  silver-haired  elder  was  the  first  to  call  out solemnly.

“Ley!”   Immediately,  a  large  number  of  people  in  the surrounding area called out as well.

“LEY!”  The entire Bloodbath Arena reverberated with this unified chorus.

It was like a thunderclap splitting the world. These people used whatever methods were available to them to express encouragement to Linley! In their eyes, everyone who dared to challenge a Lord of Tartarus was a hero! A fearless hero!

Everyone in the Redcliff Region wished to challenge a Lord of Tartarus and become the next one, but they all knew that their own level of strength was insufficient, and so they didn’t have the courage to do so. But deep in their hearts…they still had this desire. For Linley to now go make the challenge…this group of people very naturally came to feel that Linley was their representative. 
They hoped to see Linley win!

Even though deep in their hearts, they believed that Linley would die, just like the previous challengers to the Redcliff Lord.

Within the Bloodbath Arena, in front of more than a million people, the winner of a hundred consecutive battles, ‘Ley’, thus publicly issued his challenge to the Redcliff Lord! This news quickly swept through the entire Redcliff Region, like a blazing wildfire burning through a desolate, dry prairie. The hundred million people populating the Redcliff Region all were discussing this.

They were all eager to watch it!

Eager for Linley to duel the Redcliff Lord!

Redcliff City. Within a hotel’s courtyard. 
Linley and Bebe were casually sipping wine.

“Bebe, tell me, the Redcliff Lord should have heard of my public challenge by now, right? There’s no need for me to go in person to his door to challenge him again.” Linley said with a hint of uncertainty.

“Enough, Boss. Just wait.” Bebe said casually. “The Lords of Tartarus…what sort of status do they have? They are like the Lord Prefects or Purgatory Commanders of the Infernal Realm. They are exalted figures. In terms of status alone, they are beneath only the Sovereigns themselves. How could someone with that sort of status possibly ignore your open provocations?”
Linley laughed as he looked at Bebe. “The way you put it is really…”
Linley suddenly turned, looking towards the courtyard door.
Bebe looked as well. “Knock!” “Knock!” The sound of the door being knocked.

“I imagine his Lordship’s men have arrived.” Bebe hurriedly ran over and opened the door. A black-robed, silver-haired youth was standing outside, looking towards the courtyard. When his gaze fell upon Linley, he revealed a smile on his face. “Mr. Ley, I am Ganmoly, the steward for the Redcliff Lord.”
“Please come in.” Linley said with a calm laugh.

Bebe laughed while winking towards Linley and sending mentally, “Boss, I was right, eh? His people have come.”
Ganmoly laughed while walking in, then said, “Mr. Ley, I have come to represent the Redcliff Lord in issuing you an invitation to make a trip to the his estate and discuss your challenge to him.”
“Discuss?”  Linley raised an eyebrow. “Discuss the time and place?” “That’s part of it.” Ganmoly laughed.

“No need to discuss it. You can just proclaim a time and a place. That will suffice.” Linley said with a calm smile.

“Mr. Ley, there are other matters as well. It’s best to make a trip.” Ganmoly said.

Linley and Bebe exchanged glances, and then Linley rose to his feet, smiling. “Since Steward Ganmoly and the Tartarus Lord invite us, then we two brothers will follow you, Steward Ganmoly, to make this trip.” Bebe revealed a smile on his face as well while sending to Linley, “Boss, the Redcliff Lord isn’t going to try and assassinate us secretly, is he?”
“He shouldn’t. If he wants to kill us, it is better to kill us publicly. To secretly assassinate us would not be keeping with his stature.” Linley sent back.

“Right.”  Bebe sent in reply. “Boss, your words make sense. Forget it. If he does try anything funny, I’ll immediately use my ‘Godeater’ against him.” Under Ganmoly’s guidance, Linley and Bebe quickly arrived at the residence of the Redcliff Lord. The Redcliff Lord’s estate was surrounded by a large number of Highgod patrols. Linley swept  them  with  his  gaze.  “Quite  a  few  people.  The  outer perimeter has nearly ten thousand people, all Highgods!”
The population of Tartarus wasn’t very high.

The vast majority of the people here, however, were Highgods. The patrolling warriors at the Redcliff Lord’s estate naturally were all Highgods as well.

The Redcliff Lord’s estate was extremely large. Linley and Bebe followed for quite some time before they arrived at an empty martial training field. Here, a muscular youth dressed in a short-sleeved shirt and long trousers was standing, ramrod straight. Although he was a ‘youth’ whose height and body shape seemed similar to Bebe’s…
However… This person seemed o emanate a vigorous, mighty aura.

“Your Lordship, they have come.” Ganmoly said respectfully.

Linley couldn’t help but narrow his eyes as he looked carefully at this short-sleeved, muscular youth. “So he really does look just like he did in the scryer recordings.”
“Whoosh.” The Redcliff Lord turned to look at them. His two vertically oriented, violet pupils caused Linley and Bebe to feel startled. Although they had seen scryer recordings, there was a limit to the clarity of the recordings. Linley was only able to see two figures fight, and wasn’t able to see the pupils clearly.

“Your Lordship.” Linley said.

The Redcliff Lord, just by looking at Linley and Bebe, had the feeling that these two shouldn’t be weak. He said calmly, “Today, I have invited the two of you over because I can’t be bothered to go enter some battle for them to watch. At the same time, I have no interest in killing you, ‘Ley’. Thus, it’s best for you to openly proclaim that you are giving up your challenge. Go back and keep training.”
Linley and Bebe were stunned.

“Hey…why  are  you  saying  this?”  Bebe  couldn’t  help  but speak out.

“Redcliff Lord, no need to say anything further. I am eager for the chance to battle you.” Linley said.

The Redcliff Lord frowned as he looked at Linley.

“Hmph.” The Redcliff Lord thrust his hand out.

“WHAP!”  It seemed as though a whip had viciously lashed the air, striking space itself. This simple swipe of the hand, where the fist just punched into empty space… “BOOM!” “BOOM!” “BOOM!” “BOOM!”
One hole in space after another exploded forth, repeatedly giving birth to more, like a series of rings, one ring after another. Dozens of holes exploded forth into space, creating a giant tear in space which was more than ten meters long. Only after some time did they fade away.

“What a terrifying punch.” Linley’s pupils suddenly contracted. “Throbbing Pulse of the World. Essence of the Earth. Profound Mysteries of Strength. Vitality…from this simple punch alone, I can sense at least four types of profound mysteries. I can’t be certain whether there weren’t actually five profound mysteries. Too powerful. No wonder he was able to easily shatter Highgod artifacts with a simple punch.” Linley had to admit, the level of understanding the Redcliff Lord had with regards to the Laws exceeded Linley’s.

“If you are confident in being able to withstand this punch of mine, then choose to continue challenging me.”  The Redcliff Lord said calmly. The nearby Ganmoly was chortling while watching this. He believed that Linley would definitely give up.

“Then Redcliff Lord, please tell me the time and the place for our battle.” Linley gave his response.

Chapter 8, The Storm Gathers

“Oh?” The Redcliff Lord suddenly turned, his sharp gaze shooting towards Linley.

“He…” Steward Ganmoly stared in surprise at Linley as well. Just now, the Redcliff Lord had revealed his extraordinary power. But this mysterious ‘Ley’ actually still had the courage to challenge him. Was this stupidity, or was this courage? Ganmoly took another, closer look at Linley.

“But of course, I can give up my challenge as well.”  Linley suddenly changed the direction of the conversation.

“Oh?” The Redcliff Lord looked at Linley.

“Boss…” Bebe said, rather frantic.

Linley   said   calmly,   “Redcliff   Lord,   the   reasons   I   am challenging you are twofold. First of all, I wish to reach the peak of perfection in training, and becoming a Lord of Tartarus can be considered a way of verifying my current abilities. The second reason, however, is so that I will be qualified to enter the Planar Battlefield! If you, Redcliff Lord, are willing to allow us two brothers to enter the Planar Battlefield, while at the same time follow us two in accordance with our wishes in roaming about the battlefield, then I can choose to forgo my challenge.”
Linley’s original desire was to enter the Planar Battlefield.

If this Redcliff Lord was willing to bring himself and Bebe within and also obey his orders, wouldn’t that be much less troublesome?

“Planar  Battlefield?”  The  Redcliff  Lord  swept  the  two  of them with his cold gaze. “The two of you would dare go to the Planar Battlefield, for the sake of the Sovereign’s Might? This courage alone makes you worthy of my admiration.” Linley, hearing this, understood that the treasures one could acquire in exchange for accumulating military merits weren’t just limited to Sovereign artifacts. Sovereign’s Might was also possible. “They are looking for death.” The nearby Ganmoly said in a low voice.

“Whether we are or aren’t, isn’t something for you to worry about.” Bebe snorted.

“There is no way I can agree to your request.”  The Redcliff Lord said calmly.

“Then  I  will  continue  my  challenge.”   Linley  said  very straightforwardly.

The Redcliff Lord’s violet pupils were locked onto Linley. In a low voice, he said, “Punk, you are looking for death!”
“Hey, you haven’t even fought yet. Nothing is certain.” Bebe raised his head proudly as he spoke, and Linley laughed calmly as well. “Redcliff Lord, you have the honored status of a Lord of Tartarus. I have trained for many years, and in my dreams, I too desire to one day become one of the Lords of Tartarus. I trust, your Lordship, you won’t be afraid of my challenge.” “Boss, as I see it, he is afraid.” Bebe immediately said.

The Redcliff Lord glanced at Bebe, but wasn’t angered in the slightest. He instructed calmly, “Ganmoly, send them away.”
“Yes, Lord.”  Ganmoly bowed, and then said to Linley and Bebe, “The two of you, please follow me.”
Linley and Bebe were both stunned, while at the same time, Linley noticed that the Redcliff Lord had actually turned and left. Linley immediately felt frantic. “What does this Redcliff Lord intend to do? Is he trying to avoid doing battle?” Today, when the Redcliff Lord had invited Linley over, Linley had a strange feeling about it.

“Your  Lordship,  you  can’t  possibly  be  afraid,  can  you?!” Linley’s voice rang out, but the Redcliff Lord’s figure had already disappeared from Linley’s field of vision. Just as Linley and Bebe were feeling puzzled and somewhat frantic, a cold, calm voice rang out. “One month from now, in the desolate wilderness east of the city. Since you seek death, I will give you what you desire.”
Hearing this voice, smiles immediately appeared on Linley and Bebe’s faces.

“Mr. Ley, you really…ugh.” Steward Ganmoly shook his head and sighed. “I admire your spirit and energy, but you have no hope in challenging his Lordship. Although your Gravitational Space is impressive, his Lordship is extremely skilled in the Laws of the Earth. You won’t be able to affect him. As I see it, he completely counters your strengths.”
Linley, hearing this, just laughed calmly.

Generally speaking, when two experts who trained in the same Laws fought, generally speaking, the person with a higher level of understanding would be able to counter the weaker one. However, there was one exception; if one side had an innate divine ability. 
Linley’s ‘Blackstone Space’ was, in reality, the innate divine ability of Reisgem. The Redcliff Lord didn’t understand it at all.

“Let’s go, the two of you.”
Ganmoly led the way while continuing to speak. “It was so rare for his Lordship to be in such a good mood as he was in today. He saw that you were talented. The reason he summoned you today, in truth, was that he wanted to accept you as his subordinate! When the time came, you would become the left and right arms of the Redcliff Lord. In the Redcliff Region, you would be subordinate to only the Redcliff Lord himself. But you…alas, why must you do this!”
Linley and Bebe exchanged glances. They couldn’t help but laugh.

“Boss, his Lordship wanted to recruit you as a subordinate.” Bebe laughed. Linley now began to understand the purpose behind the invitation. But clearly, his reaction had caused the Redcliff Lord to be extremely angry. He hadn’t even said anything about inviting Linley to be his subordinate; he just immediately left.

“I  truly  am  sorry  for  having  disappointed  his  Lordship.” Linley said, his lips pursed in a smirk.

Ganmoly, seeing Linley’s reaction, just shook his head.

As he saw it, Linley was the type of warrior that loved to do battle and pursued perfection. Ever since Linley stated that he wanted to enter the Planar Battlefield, Ganmoly had taken him to be that sort of madman. Without enough courage, without enough of a spirit for adventure, no one would dare enter the Planar Battlefield.

On the way back, Linley and Bebe chatted casually on the streets. Having recently become famous within the Redcliff Region, Linley noticed that as soon as he appeared, many people would stare at him. Linley had to change his appearance and also make his robe an earthen yellow one, allowing him to be relatively unmolested.

“Fortunately, we got things done rather quickly this time.” Linley laughed.

“Right. Based on what our intelligence reports said, generally speaking, a challenge might be extended for a few years, or even a few centuries or longer.” Bebe nodded as he spoke. This was just a month; it wasn’t that long.

But suddenly…
“Everyone!”   A  voice  suddenly  rang  out  from  behind. “Wonderful news, excellent news!!! Just now, word came from his Lordship’s estate. His Lordship and Lord Ley will, one month from now, engage in a formal duel in the eastern wilderness. This is the first time his Lordship has publicly battled in ten million years!”
Linley and Bebe both looked over. 
In the center of the street, there was a golden-robed man speaking loudly. Instantly, virtually everyone flooded forth, surrounding him.

“What? In just one month? The eastern wilderness outside the city? Are you sure?”
“In one month, his Lordship will battle Lord Ley?”
Countless voices rang out.

In Tartarus, every single Lord of Tartarus was a supreme figure. Every single public challenge between a Lord of Tartarus and a challenger would attract a frenzied crowd to gather, and virtually 90% of the entire population in a particular region would hurry over to watch the battle.

“Hey, if you don’t believe it, you can go to his Lordship’s estate. This news is carved onto a stone tablet placed outside, next to the estate.” The golden-robed man said hurriedly. 
“It’s true! I saw it as well.”
“Let’s all go to his Lordship’s residence to look.”
The vast majority of the people who had been strolling on the streets now surged towards the Redcliff Lord’s estate. As Deities who had virtually unlimited lifespans, the emergence of a victor of a hundred battles was already enough to excite them, but ten million years might pass without a single challenger to a Tartarus Lord’s position.

This was a major event for the entire region!

Within the restaurant.

The disguised Linley and Bebe were seated in a corner, drinking wine.

“Mad. They’ve all gone mad.” Bebe muttered. 
Linley glanced sideways at the other people in the restaurant. The other people in the restaurant were, without exception, discussing the upcoming battle between Linley and the Redcliff Lord. Quite a few were so excited that their faces were red, and others were discussing the previous accomplishments in battle of the Redcliff Lord.

“Boss, this speaks to your charisma and magnetism.”  Bebe snickered.

“They care about this battle, not because of me, but because of the Redcliff Lord.” Linley laughed. The two chatted in their corner with their Godrealms set up to block out the sound.

“The  Redcliff  Lord  has  a  high,  exalted  status.  His  open, public battles naturally will arouse everyone’s excitement. For example, back in the Yulan continent, the battles between Saints would cause the ordinary people to become frenzied.” Linley said with a calm laugh while continuing to listen to these Deities discuss the upcoming battle with the Redcliff Lord. He couldn’t think back to that year when he dueled Olivier or Haydson. That, too, had attracted the attention of countless experts.

“Right. If Grandpa was to publicly announce a duel with someone, I would excitedly go watch as well.” Bebe chortled.

“There  aren’t  many  who  would  dare  challenge  Beirut.” Linley said with a sigh.

If he himself could have Beirut’s level of power, he wouldn’t have needed to spend so much time to painstakingly select an opponent who he just happened to counter perfectly. For someone like Beirut…he could just casually choose any opponent and then easily achieve victory.

Time flowed on like water, passing by quickly.

In the blink of an eye, a month passed. The streets and restaurants of the entire Redcliff City were almost completely empty. Unless they had something extremely important to attend to today, virtually every denizen of the Redcliff Region hastened to the eastern wilderness outside the city, awaiting the earth-shaking battle that was about to occur.

The eastern wilderness.

This area lived up to its name; it was completely barren and desolate. There wasn’t even any grass. There was nothing on the ground aside from earth and stones. Normally, very few people would come here. Today, however, an ocean of people was present.

“Look. That’s the challenger, Lord Ley.”
“Forget about the Redcliff Lord for now; if one day, I was as powerful as Lord Ley, I would die a happy man.” A man and a woman chatted with each other, and a the youth dressed in a blue robe said, his eyes flashing with desire, “I, too, wish to one day be watched by countless Deities and duel one of the Lords of Tartarus! If I can achieve that, even if I die, I would have no regrets.”
“Stop dreaming.” The woman next to him said dismissively. 
There was an ocean of people present in the eastern wilderness, standing on the ground. In midair, there was only one person; Linley! None of these spectating Deities had flown into the air. They all watched from below on the ground, as a way of showing respect to Linley and the Redcliff Lord.

“There are quite a few people here.” Linley swept the ground below  with  his  gaze.  “There  are  people  in  an  area  with  a circumference of nearly a hundred kilometers! There has to at least a hundred million people present, or perhaps even more.”
“Boss.”  Bebe’s  voice  suddenly  rang  out  in  Linley’s  mind. “Today, those who have come to watch are not just the people of the Redcliff Region. Even the people of the surrounding regions who were able to make it in time have come. Boss… with so many people watching, you have to win beautifully.”
Linley couldn’t help but laugh.

Suddenly, Linley’s gaze swept to the east. A blurred yellow shadow flew over at high speed, so fast that even Linley couldn’t help but feel his heart clench.

“So fast! This flying speed is at least several times greater than mine…and this isn’t his absolute limit.”
The previously chattering spectators seemed to, in harmony, lower their voices. In just three seconds, the hundred-million plus Deities in the desolate wilderness turned completely silent. The only sound that could be heard was the constant howling of the wind. Everyone raised their heads to look towards the only two people in midair…
Linley and the Redcliff Lord!

“Swoosh!” The blurred yellow form suddenly came to a halt, revealing the Redcliff Lord’s body.

His figure was physically small, but inspired dread in all who beheld him. He stood there in midair, dressed in a form-fitting short-sleeved shirt and long trousers. His strange violet pupils stared coldly at Linley. With a snicker, he said, “You came quite
 early. Even if you want to die, you don’t need to be in such a rush.”
“It’s too early to say who will be the one to die.” Linley said with a calm laugh.

Just like that, with a hundred million Deities watching them, Linley and the Redcliff Lord casually chatted with each other.

The Redcliff Lord snorted coldly, his voice suddenly turning fierce and ringing out, “No need to waste any time. The battle starts now. I’ll give you one chance. Make your move!”  The Redcliff Lord clearly intentionally spoke these words very loudly. His voice travelled to a distance of many kilometers, and all of the Deities below within the area heard his words very clearly, especially given how acute their hearing was.

“The battle is beginning!” All of the Deities instantly held their breaths, staring at these two figures. Everyone was wondering…
Would this earth-shaking battle be like the other ones, with the challenger dying and the Redcliff Lord winning? Or… would a new Redcliff Lord appear!

Chapter 9, A Battle Between Supreme Experts of the Earth

“As you wish, then.”  Linley’s body suddenly emanated an earthen yellow aura, which instantly spread out to form a spherical space that was a thousand meters long, immediately enveloping the Redcliff Lord within. This time, Linley still didn’t use his Blackstone Space at full force; he only increased the Blackstone Space to half power!

But although it was only half power, it was still enough to startle the Redcliff Lord.

The Redcliff Lord’s body sunk downwards slightly, but then he maintained his position in midair. He gave Linley a surprised glance. “Gravitational Space. What a strange Gravitational Space!” But the Redcliff Lord still stood there in midair, not moving. He said calmly, “Your Gravitational Space is excellent. Whatever techniques you have available, show them all off! If you wait for me to attack, you won’t have the chance to.”
The Redcliff Lord was qualified to be arrogant. He didn’t fear soul attacks at all, and as for material attacks? As an expert of the Laws of the Earth, the Redcliff Lord was most confident in material attacks. His soul and material defenses were both powerful. This was the reason why the Redcliff Lord was qualified to be confident.

Linley smirked, saying to himself, “Just keep being smug. In a bit, you will be dead before you even have the chance to feel regret.”
The ‘black stone’ within Linley’s sea of consciousness instantly spread outwards, quickly surrounding the Redcliff Ruler.

Spiritual Chaos! “Hrm?” A hint of a smile appeared at the corners of the lips of the Redcliff Lord. He mused to himself, “So indeed, just as Ganmoly discovered, this powerful Gravitational Space is paired with a spiritual attack. It is indeed rather formidable. But against me…” Linley had first used his Gravitational Space and then his spiritual attack, which had indeed caused the Redcliff Lord to feel slightly numbed.

But right at this moment…
“Die.”  A killing intent surged from Linley’s mind, and he immediately moved.

It was as though space had exploded. Linley’s entire body shot towards the Redcliff Lord as fast as a bolt of lightning, and while shooting towards the Redcliff Lord’s, the robes covering Linley’s body exploded apart as azure-golden draconic scales instantly covered his entire body. Those savage spikes and that whip-like draconic tail all sprouted out as well. Instant Dragonform!

“What!” The Redcliff Lord was still in a state of shock, and his body suddenly sank downwards.

Blackstone Space – Supergravity!

The power of the gravitational pull of the Blackstone Space increased from half power to full power. This sudden increase in power did indeed throw the Redcliff Lord off-balance, especially combined with Linley’s Dragonform, which astonished him as well. No matter how foolish he might be, he now understood…that this Mr. ‘Ley’ in front of him had been hiding his true power this entire time! How laughable it was that he had wanted to recruit ‘Ley’ as a subordinate!

“He’s looking for death.” The Redcliff Lord howled angrily in his heart.

The Redcliff Lord’s entire body flickered. Like a crab, his shoulders suddenly expanded outwards, and the strange thing was, the space around him, with a ‘boom’, began to tremble as well. The gravitational power generated by Linley’s Blackstone Space, in the area next to the Redcliff Lord, actually began to distort and weaken. The Redcliff Lord stared at Linley with a cold face. Seeing Linley charge towards him, he just swung out with right fist, whip-fast…
The counteracting of the gravitational pull to the counter- attack happened instantaneously. The Redcliff Lord’s reaction time was extremely fast!

“Eh?” Right after the Redcliff Lord swung out with his fist, his face suddenly changed.

“Swish!” A giant tear in space suddenly appeared, as though space itself was only made of power. An invisible, shadowless sword instantly arrived at the Redcliff Lord’s forehead, between his eyebrows. The Redcliff Lord, frantic, opened his mouth and let out a furious howl as though he were a trapped beast. A clear earthen yellow aura spat out from his mouth, striking directly against the invisible sword. 
“Eh?” Linley was stunned. “This Redcliff Lord is indeed even more powerful than I was aware of.”
Linley had suddenly Dragonformed, suddenly increased his Blackstone Space to full power, and then in the final moment, suddenly revealed and attacked with his godspark sword, ‘Mirage’. Especially given that Mirage left behind no traces and was completely invisible…this sort of sudden, powerful attack would be undiscoverable unless someone was paying very close attention. But clearly, the Redcliff Lord was simply too strong.

Only when Mirage drew close to the Redcliff Lord did Linley realize that a strange, unique ‘Gravitational Space’ had formed around the Redcliff Lord’s body.

“This  Gravitational  Space  is  actually  centered  around  his forehead.”  Linley  was  completely  unable  to  understand  this technique. The vibrations which rippled out from the Redcliff Lord formed into a unique Gravitational Space that was like two loops of power with different strengths. This caused Linley’s sword to be affected. Despite that, however…
Linley had hidden his power too deeply; the explosive triple combination of his Dragonform, the Blackstone Space, and Mirage caused the Redcliff Lord to not have enough time to fully react.

When Mirage was struck, it changed directions slightly. Suddenly, the Redcliff Lord’s right arm slashed over, seeming to attract Linley’s sword towards it like a magnet. Linley just laughed coldly while exploding forth with his full power, and with a ‘slash’ sound, Mirage instantly pierced through the Redcliff Lord’s right side of the chest, penetrating straight through to the Redcliff Lord’s lungs.

The Redcliff Lord’s furious punched landed towards Linley. “Rumble…”   Space  instantly  exploded  forth  and  blasted towards Linley.

“Swoosh!” In Dragonform, Linley moved as fast as lightning, instantly scurrying into the distance. As for the Redcliff Lord, his eyes seemed to spit violet fire as he stared angrily at Linley. When he breathed, he was forced to cough, as his lungs had been slashed through. But of course…he quickly recovered.

“You…hid  your  powers  very  deeply!”   The  Redcliff  Lord stared at Linley.

“I’m just average. I trust, your Lordship, that you too have a supreme attack that you’ve hidden away.” Linley said calmly.

“Tell me your true name! Which Elder of the Azure Dragon clan are you? I’ve never heard of the Azure Dragon clan having an expert named ‘Ley’.” The Redcliff Lord said coldly. By now, after having seen Linley’s Dragonformed appearance, it would be strange indeed if he wasn’t be able to guess that Linley was a member of the Azure Dragon clan. Linley’s dark golden eyes stared into the Redcliff Lord’s violet ones.

“Let me re-introduce myself. I, an Elder of the Azure Dragon clan…am Linley!!!” Linley said in a cold voice.

Utter silence!

The hundred million Highgods watching this in the eastern wilderness were all stunned. Although in their heart, they knew that this sort of duel could result in the birth of a new Lord of Tartarus, they also knew that the possibility was very small. Almost everyone here believed…that this battle was just a performance for the Redcliff Lord!

Perhaps this Mr. Ley’s performance might bring some unexpected surprises for everyone, but virtually all the spectators had come for the sake of watching the Redcliff Lord. But as soon as the battle had begun, they had become stupefied. In midair, there was a man whose entire body was covered in draconic scales, with his knees, elbows, and spine all covered with sharp, savage spikes, and with a draconic tail waving behind him. The former ‘Mr. Ley’ now looked completely different, and their Redcliff Lord, after the first clash in the battle, now had a huge hole in his chest as well as blood flowing out.

In the very first exchange…
The Redcliff Lord had been injured!

“Lin…Linley?” Everyone stared, wide-eyed.

“Linley, Elder of the Four Divine Beasts clan! I’ve heard of him. He once killed five Seven Star Fiends by himself.”
“It’s him. I saw his scryer recording before.” Instantly, the entire eastern wilderness exploded with noise. Everyone became excited and agitated. They had all believed that this one be a one-sided show, but now, it seemed…this person was an amazing figure of legend, Elder Linley of the Azure Dragon clan of the Four Divine Beasts clan, and he was the one who would be engaging in this thrilling duel with their Redcliff Lord!

The cacophony suddenly faded away, as everyone once more focused their attention on the scene in midair.

Because…the Redcliff Lord had already revealed his weapon.

A completely pitch-black knife. The Redcliff Lord hefted the knife, staring coldly at Linley. “So it is Linley! I was wondering how such an expert would suddenly emerge in our Redcliff region. I must admit that based on our exchange just now, you are qualified to be my opponent. To show respect to you, I will attack with all my might.”
Linley just watched all of this coldly. “It seems as though beating this Redcliff Lord won’t be so easy.”  Linley’s  thoughts  spun  through  his  mind.  He  had  a tremendous advantage earlier; he had suddenly revealed his Dragonform, his true Blackstone Space, and Mirage; only then had he been able to wound his opponent. From this, one could tell how powerful this enemy was.

“What a bizarre Gravitational Space.”
The Redcliff Lord shook himself, as though seeming rather uncomfortable and needing to get accustomed to this Gravitational Space. But that simple movement suddenly…
“Hrm?” Linley was startled.

He could clearly sense how the strange Gravitational Space emanating from the Redcliff Lord’s forehead transformed as well. Although in terms of power, it was vastly inferior to Linley’s Blackstone Space, it was still able to ablate the influence of the Blackstone Space. It was as though the Redcliff Lord had been trapped in quicksand, but a protective layer of energy had suddenly surrounded him, allowing his movements to quicken. 
“Swoosh!” The Redcliff Lord suddenly flashed forward in an arc, pouncing towards Linley.

This strange arcing movement lanced at an incredibly high speed.

“He is indeed fast, but not as fast as me!”  Linley’s speed reached a limit as well. Clearly, Linley was almost twice as fast as the Redcliff Lord. The Blackstone Space was the supreme technique of Reisgem, after all. Linley had spent five hundred years entrapped before gaining insight into it, and after having acquired the Black Stone, the power of his technique was already comparable to Reisgem’s.

Although the Redcliff Lord adapted much more quickly than others to it, his speed was still dramatically lessened.

“Swish!” It moved as fast as a bolt of lightning. A tear in space suddenly appeared as the completely invisible ‘Mirage’ pierced directly towards the Redcliff Lord. The only thing the Redcliff Lord was able to sense was a terrifying power oncoming, a power that could easily rip apart the spatial walls of the
Netherworld. Faced with this attack, the Redcliff Lord’s body suddenly paused.

He threw out his arm, and his fist suddenly shot forward like a rock from a catapult. That faint, earthen yellow light was emanating from his fist, while also flowing with a black light.

The fist collided directly against the tip of the godspark sword, Mirage.

And just as the fist shot out, the Redcliff Lord actually borrowed the powerful surge of force, swiveling slightly as he stabbed with the black knife in his left hand towards Linley’s head. “Swish!” Where the black knife passed, space itself blew apart. This attack was so terrifying as to make a person’s face change color from fear.

But Linley seemed to instinctively strike back with his own left fist!

The clenched draconic claws pressed down like an entire mountain, as the terrifying divine earth power completely exploded forth – Firmament Splitter!

The black dagger and the fist collided, and space instantly blew apart.

“Swoosh!” “Swoosh!”
Linley and his opponent were both knocked backwards. “What a powerful fist.” Linley stared coldly at his opponent. The Redcliff Lord had actually dared to use his fist to fight against Linley’s godspark weapon.
“What a sharp sword.” The Redcliff Lord glanced at his right fist. The sword had pierced through the bones of his right fist. His fist was comparable to a Highgod artifact, but it had actually been wounded. Actually, he couldn’t be blamed; it was a godspark weapon which he faced, after all. The Redcliff Lord then glanced at Linley’s fist. “Your fist is pretty tough as well.”
Some of the draconic scales covering Linley’s fist had been shattered as well.

That short exchange of blows had caused both Linley and the Redcliff Lord to understand something; they couldn’t let the enemy hit them in their vital points. Linley had to rely on his fist executing an attack with his understanding of the Profound Mysteries in order to block that dagger. If the enemy managed to strike him in the head, the draconic scales would definitely not be able to block them.

And the opposite was true as well. 
If Linley’s sword was to stab into the enemy’s forehead, he would definitely pierce through and kill the enemy.

The countless people watching this duel in the eastern wilderness were completely breathless. Above them, two supreme experts were battling, and they were absolutely too powerful.

“That Elder Linley has an invisible weapon. His Lordship is incredibly powerful; he dared to use his fist to accept that blow.”
“Lord Linley is powerful as well. He too dared to use his fist to block his Lordship’s knife.”
The hundred million spectators were completely cowed by the might and strength of these two experts. All of them watched unblinkingly, wanting to see what would happen.

“Ahhhh, look, what’s going on?” “What’s going on? How is that possible?”
Many  people’s  faces  suddenly  changed  dramatically.  “His Lordship, his Lordship can transform as well?”
Linley’s face changed dramatically as well. He had never watched the Redcliff Lord transform in any of the scryer recordings he had seen.

“In the past, when I challenged the previous Redcliff Lord, he wasn’t able to force me to transform. Congratulations…you are the very first person I have encountered since becoming the Redcliff Lord capable of making me use my full power.”  The Redcliff Lord’s violet eyes stared at Linley. His entire body was undergoing a sudden change. His shoulders began to bulge, and his entire body began to emanate a black light…”

Chapter 10, The Final, Supreme Technique!

A black aura surrounded and swirled around the body of the Redcliff Lord. His shoulders began to bulge more and more extravagantly, until with a ‘crunch’ sound, two black, knife- like shoulder blades spread out like a pair of black wings that folded against each other. It was like a black cape was hanging from the Redcliff Lord’s back.

From the forehead of the Redcliff Lord emerged a pair of sharp black horns as well.

The Redcliff Lord’s entire body was now pitch black, and he stared at Linley with those violet pupils.

“Those  vertical  violet  pupils  looked  different  from  an ordinary person’s. I should’ve guessed long ago.” Linley, seeing the Redcliff Lord before him, mused to himself. This Redcliff Lord was actually able to transform. Naturally, his power had increased as well. Linley felt some pressure now as well. Would he be able to win this battle?

Linley wasn’t completely certain.

All he could do was to sigh to himself that not a single person capable of becoming a Lord of Tartarus could be underestimated.

“Linley!”  The Redcliff Lord stared at Linley with his violet eyes, smirking. “No matter what the results are, I will forever remember you!” As soon as the words fell, the Redcliff Lord’s knife-like blade wings suddenly trembled, and the surrounding area was instantly formed into a bizarre, double-ringed gravitational field.

Moving like a flying bird, the Redcliff Lord gracefully glided at high speed forward. “His speed did indeed increase slightly. However, it’s far from being enough.”  Linley didn’t back down in the slightest. He, too, transformed into an arcing blur, his translucent Mirage sword mercilessly piercing towards the Redcliff Lord’s skull. This stab caused a hole to be torn through space.

The Redcliff Lord thrust out his arm.

That black knife, flowing with an earthen yellow knife, collided with Linley’s ‘Mirage’.

The two were both knocked backwards by the collision once again but then the two instantly charged towards each other at high speed yet again. In terms of speed, Linley clearly held the advantage. The Redcliff Lord wouldn’t possibly be able to dodge every time. However, the strange gravitational field surrounding the Redcliff Lord caused it so that each time Linley’s sword drew near, it would be affected just slightly. 
But that slight affect was enough to change the outcome.

“Swish!” An incredibly fast sword blow.

The Redcliff Lord was, after all, slightly slower. However, once the Mirage fell into the strange dual looped gravitational field, it couldn’t help but change direction slightly. The Redcliff Lord’s wings once more trembled, as though he was going to block once again.

“Hmph!”  Linley  instantly  caused  the  divine  power  within Mirage to explode forth.

Mirage stabbed directly into the Redcliff Lord’s left shoulder, sending fresh blood flying everywhere. After having landed this blow, Linley didn’t hesitate; he immediately retreated. And as he did, Linley once more relied on his speed to launch an attack. Although…in terms of material attacks, it could be said that by relying on his godspark weapon, Linley was able to fight to a standstill, Linley wasn’t able to take the counter- blows head on.

He had to rely on Mirage and his speed to repeatedly leave wounds behind on his enemy’s body.

As for the Redcliff Lord, even though he had transformed, he was still much slower. He could just barely protect his vitals and ensure that his head wasn’t struck, but he was unable to protect the other places on his body.

There, in midair, within an enormous gravitational sphere formed of earthen yellow light, their two figures clashed repeatedly, as fast as lightning. Linley’s invisible Mirage sword occasionally left behind wounds on the Redcliff Lord’s body. The Redcliff Lord appeared to be in rather bad shape, but he didn’t look the slightest bit discouraged, continuing to go all out against Linley.

As soon as Linley backed off, he might immediately receive a strong counterattack. 
“This looks troublesome. It seems victory and defeat won’t be determined within in a short time frame.” Bebe said with a frown.

“It is a bit troublesome. Although the Redcliff Lord’s speed increased after transforming, Elder Linley clearly doesn’t dare to fight against him head on, and so not a single one of his attacks has landed on Elder Linley. But Elder Linley is able to wound him. Elder Linley clearly has the advantage.”  A burly, green-robed man by Bebe’s said spoke out. The entire eastern wilderness held more than a hundred million people. Because the battle above was simply too absorbing, discussions once more rang out from below. Linley currently had the slight advantage, as the Redcliff Lord’s body continued to shed blood every so often.

However, small wounds like these didn’t impact his strength much.

Who would win, and who would lose? For now, it was hard to say.

“If things continue like this, how long will it take?” Quite a few people were puzzled.

What these spectators like to see were those true, all out, frontal assaults. Those sorts of battles might only last an instant, but generally speaking, life and death would be determined within a few blows. Those battles would cause the spectators to feel nervous and to feel their blood pumping.

But now…
Linley and the Redcliff Lord clearly weren’t fighting in such a way.

“Hey, that’s weird. It seems as though the Redcliff Lord is getting a bit faster.” Someone suddenly said. “Right. He did speed up. It seems as though it no longer is so easy for Elder Linley to wound the Redcliff Lord.” Quite a few spectators slowly discovered this.

Bebe noticed this as well. He instantly grew nervous.

The spectators below were leisurely watching Linley and the Redcliff Lord battle, but they themselves didn’t dare to slacken off in the slightest. If they did, they might end up being killed in that instant.

“That sword is too bizarre.”  The Redcliff Lord’s mind was constantly in a state of tension. The godspark sword, ‘Mirage’, would constantly stab towards him. If it wasn’t for the fact that he could rely on using gravity to change its direction and block it, Mirage would’ve pierced through his head long ago. All he could do was hold on…”
“Keep waiting, just keep waiting…in a bit, it’ll be time for you to be in trouble.” The Redcliff Lord mused to himself.

Linley had a bad feeling as well. 
“His  speed  is  continuously  rising.  Or,  to  be  precise…the gravitational  field  around  his  body  is  transforming.”  Linley discovered that the Redcliff Lord’s wings were filled with divine power, and were trembling at high speed, creating two surges of unique vibrations. These two unique vibrational surges were influencing each other.

This was causing the gravitational field to transform as well.

As time went on, the constant transformations caused by the two vibrations caused the ability of the gravitational field to resist Linley’s ‘Blackstone Space’ more and more effectively.

A Gravitational Space was actually created by relying on divine power transformed into gravitational power. If an opponent was also skilled in it, the opponent would be able to ablate its effects. Although the Redcliff Lord didn’t understand this ‘Blackstone Space’, while within it, he could sense and slowly adjust his own gravitational field, continuously perfecting it in its ability to deal with Linley’s Blackstone Space. This made it so that as time went on, his speed became faster and faster!

“Linley, time for you to have a taste of what it feels like to be trampled!”   The  Redcliff  Lord  let  out  a  furious  howl.  He transformed into a ray of black light, shooting towards Linley at high speed. Although his speed was currently still slower than Linley’s, the gap was low enough now that he could rely on his attack techniques to make up for it. The difference wasn’t as great as it had been previously.

Linley let out a calm laugh. “It is indeed time for things to come to an end.”
Linley charged forward to welcome him.

“Whooooosh.”  The  black  knife  struck  directly  at  Linley’s head. Linley didn’t hesitate at all; Mirage pierced forward at high speed as well.

“Clang!” In the instant when the black knife and Mirage clashed.

“Swoosh!”   The  Redcliff  Lord’s  wings  trembled,  and  he suddenly increased in speed, and his right fist swung out towards Linley in a straight line. However, at the same instant of his attack, there was a bizarre, unique ripple.

A spatial whirlpool suddenly seemed to form, with that fist being at the center of the whirlpool.

In an instant…
The space around the fist seemed to have been trapped and activated, and even the direction of gravity was twisted. Linley felt his own body be impacted as well.

“Eh? This punch!” Linley’s face changed dramatically. 
The effect of this punch made Linley think of the ‘Abyssal Inn’. There, he had seen the Sovereign of Death use the Laws of Water to attack and achieve this effect. At that time, the Sovereign of Death had used a fishing line to distort space, capturing and binding that Seven Star Fiend level expert. And now, this punch of the Redcliff Lord had the same effect.

Linley wasn’t able to dodge in time at all!

“Whoosh!” Linley gritted his teeth, then swept out with his left arm, his draconic claw filling with divine earth power and smashing down like a mountain. Firmament Splitter!

Linley just felt a bone-piercing pain in his left hand before he was knocked flying backwards.

“What a powerful punch.” Linley lowered his head to look at his fist. The draconic scales atop his fist were almost completely shattered. Fresh blood was leaking out, and the bones of his hand were faintly visible. Even when using ‘Firmament Splitter’, he had still fallen into such a state.

“I can’t use my fist to take his head on.” Linley immediately came to this conclusion. “I have to use my godspark weapon against his fist.”
Wild laughter rang out. The Redcliff Lord stared at Linley with his violet eyes. His wings suddenly trembled, and he once more swooped forward. Linley’s ‘Mirage’ struck out as well, so fast as to cause even the Redcliff Lord’s laughter to come to a sudden halt. He immediately wanted to use his black knife to block it.

But Linley suddenly withdrew his sword.

“Rumble…” The Redcliff Lord laughed coldly. The black fist covered by that flowing earthen yellow light once more struck out, causing that spatial whirlpool to form once more, distorting the nearby space and gravity. Linley could sense the power of that fist.

Mirage came stabbing straight out.

“Hmph.” The Redcliff Lord was very confident. He didn’t dodge at all, allowing his right fist to smash straight against Mirage. But as Mirage drew close to the fist, it actually became uncontrollably affected by the spatial whirlpool and was attracted to it. The Redcliff Lord’s fist struck right against the flat of Mirage.

And then, it glided forwards, straight towards Linley’s head.

“BANG!” Suddenly…
The downwards gravitational direction of the Blackstone Space changed into…a repulsive force!

The originally downwards gravitational pull suddenly disappeared, causing the Redcliff Lord to uncontrollably surge upwards. Right at this moment, the repulsive force swept outwards, causing the Redcliff Lord’s body to uncontrollably be pushed backwards.

“Swoosh!” Linley seized the opportunity to charge forward, sending Mirage out in a straight stab.

The sudden change of the gravitational direction caused the ‘upwards’ gravitational field the Redcliff Lord had previously created to be ineffective, and his speed once more slowed greatly. This, followed by the sudden attack by Linley’s sword…by the time the Redcliff Lord reacted, the sword had already appeared in front of his eyes. “Not good!”  The Redcliff Lord’s face changed dramatically, and he hurriedly retreated.

When impacted by the repulsive force, his retreating speed was still very fast.

Linley smirked. “GET OVER HERE!”
The gravitational pull once more changed! The repulsive force transformed into an attractive force, centered towards Linley!

The Redcliff Lord’s body couldn’t help but sway.

“Slash!”   As  he  frantically  dodged,  Linley’s  sword  only managed to pierce through the Redcliff Lord’s chest.

“Impossible, impossible!!!” The Redcliff Lord frantically tried to resist the gravitational pull. He hurriedly retreated, staring towards Linley in disbelief. “Your Gravitational Space….how can it casually change directions? How can it…can it be?!” The Redcliff Lord suddenly thought of a person.

“Reisgem!” The Redcliff Lord stared at Linley in disbelief.

This sort of Gravitational Space which allowed for casual control of the direction of the gravity was the supreme technique of Reisgem. Even a supreme expert like the Redcliff Lord, when faced with this sort of constantly changing directional pull, would find it hard to control his movements perfectly.

Given this sort of situation, all he could do was struggle to preserve his own life.

“Swoosh!” Linley once more shot forward at high speed.

The Redcliff Lord immediately flew backwards, but the gravitational pull acting on his body once more changed directions, into an ‘upwards’ gravitational pull. Caught off- guard, the Redcliff Lord’s body couldn’t help but sway upwards.   “Bastard,   bastard…this   is   the   innate   supreme technique of Reisgem. How could someone else learn it? How?!” The Redcliff Lord still couldn’t believe it.

A strange, powerful ripple suddenly spread out.

“What?” The Redcliff Lord’s face suddenly changed.

Linley was currently staring at him, while an enormous Azure Dragon Phantom that was ten thousand meters long lay coiled behind Linley. The Azure Dragon Phantom was hovering behind Linley, staring emotionlessly at the Redcliff Lord. Suddenly, a unique sound began to echo in the Redcliff Lord’s mind…
Innate divine ability – Dragon Roar!

Linley’s final, supreme technique had finally been unleashed!

Chapter 11, Victory and Defeat

The Dragon Roar contained a spiritual attack component, but it wasn’t able to affect the Redcliff Lord at all.

The most monstrous property of the innate divine ability, ‘Dragon Roar’, was the impact it had on time. There was no type of Law or Edict that was able to change the rate of time. Only this sort of unearthly innate divine ability was capable of it. Innate divine abilities were things which surpassed the limits of the Laws! As for the Azure Dragon clan, their innate divine ability was able to change the speed of time. In the region where the Redcliff Lord’s soul was located, the speed of time began to change!

Linley, while executing his innate divine ability, ‘Dragon Roar’, also shot forward like a blur of light, the godspark sword Mirage mercilessly piercing straight towards the forehead of the Redcliff Lord. His most powerful blow… Firmament Splitter!

“BANG!” A hole appeared in the Redcliff Lord’s forehead, and Mirage passed straight through it, piercing against his soul!

Silence! Utter stillness!

The enormous Azure Dragon Phantom in the sky had yet to vanish. The hundred million-plus spectators on the ground, upon seeing the enormous Azure Dragon Phantom appear, felt shock and awe in their hearts. But when Linley’s ‘Mirage’ sword pierced straight through the Redcliff Lord’s forehead, everyone below was truly stunned.

“The Redcliff Lord…died?”
Although they couldn’t see Mirage, even the weakest of the spectators below was at the Demigod level. After having watched for so long, they were able to guess that Linley was wielding an invisible sword in his hand. Judging from Linley’s posture, they were able to guess that the invisible sword had stabbed into the Redcliff Lord’s forehead.

Caught in a patch of slow time, the Redcliff Lord only felt that before he even had a chance to react, Linley’s ‘Mirage’ had come stabbing straight into his forehead. The Redcliff Lord felt as though Linley’s attack speed had suddenly increased tenfold, perhaps even twentyfold. This sort of speed was something he couldn’t react to at all.

Mirage pierced into his sea of consciousness.

An invisible black barrier was currently protecting the Redcliff Lord’s soul. This was the soul-protecting Sovereign artifact which the Redcliff Lord possessed. By relying on this soul-protecting Sovereign artifact, the Redcliff Lord was able to stably sit on his throne as a Lord of Tartarus.

However, a soul-protecting Sovereign artifact only protected against soul attacks.

It was much like how… A soul attack could ignore the body and ignore all physical barriers, passing through to attack the soul, or be blocked by a soul-protecting artifact.

It was the same principle.

Material attacks would ignore soul-protecting artifacts. If someone used a soul attack to try and block a material attack, that would be an utter joke.

A soul-protecting Sovereign artifact was, by its very nature, formed to be used against soul attacks. Against an incoming material attack, it might as well not be there. Mirage pierced directly through the soul-protecting Sovereign artifact’s protection, and the artifact itself wasn’t damaged in the slightest.

They didn’t even touch. Although time had slowed, the Redcliff Lord still knew, at the moment that Linley’s sword came stabbing in, that the moment of his death had come. But his thinking speed was simply too slow; there was no way he could react in time. The only thing he could do was…
Deep within his sea of consciousness, within the hands of a divine clone…a drop of Death-type Sovereign’s Might exploded forth! A terrifying surge of Sovereign power spread out, according to the Laws of the Earth, forming into countless blades and swarming towards Linley’s ‘Mirage’, smashing against it! By now, the Redcliff Lord had almost gone insane.

All he knew was…
He had to block it!

Thus, he now used his most powerful attack while relying on Sovereign’s Might to block Mirage. 
As he stabbed down, Linley sensed a terrifyingly powerful force surge out from the Redcliff Lord’s sea of consciousness, and then surges of power slam against Mirage. In addition, the power of every single surge was tremendous. Linley couldn’t help but be shaken, and he flew backwards while staring at the Redcliff Lord in surprise.

“What’s going on?” Linley didn’t understand.

“Rumble…”  Powerful  Death-type  light  emanated  from  the Redcliff Lord, and the wounds on his body quickly repaired.

The Redcliff Lord’s eyes suddenly lit up as he stared angrily at Linley. “Linley!” With the might of Sovereign power filling his body, if he were to attack using the profound mysteries, he would clearly now be much stronger. The impact of Linley’s ‘Blackstone Space’ would be greatly lessened as well. “Bastard.” After having nearly been killed, the enraged Redcliff Lord prepared to charge forward. 
“Do we have to continue?”
Linley’s voice rang out.

“Eh?” The Redcliff Lord’s body trembled, and he came to a halt.

Although his body was brimming with black light, and although his power had indeed risen tremendously after using that Sovereign’s Might, to a level that was indeed enough to kill the current Linley….he wouldn’t be able to kill what Linley was about to become. Because currently, in Linley’s hand, there was floating a drop of earthen yellow liquid…earth-type Sovereign’s Might!

“Do we have to continue?” Linley’s voice still echoed in the air.

The Redcliff Lord stared at the drop of Sovereign’s Might hovering in Linley’s palm, his heart filled with resentment. 
But if this continued, the result was obvious!

When an expert of the Laws of the Earth used a drop of earth-type Sovereign’s Might, the power unleashed would be at a peak.

Without using his Sovereign’s Might, Linley, by relying on his Blackstone Space and his innate divine ability, these two supreme techniques, was already at a slight advantage.

If he were to use his Sovereign’s Might, even though the Redcliff Lord had used a drop of Death-type Sovereign’s Might, against Linley’s earth-type Sovereign’s Might, the result was obviously…that Linley’s advantage would rise dramatically. By then…the Redcliff Lord would definitely perish!

“AAAAAARGH!”  The Redcliff Lord suddenly bellowed, face towards the skies. A wild blast of Death-type Sovereign’s Might blasted out in every direction, and the surges of wild, powerful might caused multiple tears in space to appear around him. The aura was so powerful as to cause the countless spectators below to feel shocked. None of them knew what the results of the battle
were yet.

“I admit defeat!” A hoarse, growling voice rang out.

Linley laughed.

This was all as he had expected. If they were to continue to fight, Linley was completely certain that by relying on his earth-type Sovereign’s Might, he would be able to win and kill this opponent. But if he did that…although his opponent would be dead, he would have used up his only drop of earth- type Sovereign’s Might. It absolutely wasn’t worth it. And, perhaps the enemy might have a soul-protecting Sovereign artifact, true, but even if he acquired it, in the future, it’s Sovereign would come reclaim it.

Thus, Linley didn’t wish to continue this battle. He chose to preserve his one and only drop of Sovereign’s Might. 
This drop of earth-type Sovereign’s Might had been awarded to him after he had used up the previous drop in order to save Elder Garvey during the final battle between the Four Divine Beasts clan and the eight great clans. The clan had naturally replenished Linley with another drop, if for no other reason than to show gratitude for Beirut having helped the Four Divine Beasts clan.

“Linley.”  The Redcliff Lord stared at Linley. “To be honest, I’m very reluctant to admit defeat in this battle! In terms of profound mysteries, you are far inferior to me. As I see it, you have at most fused three or four different profound mysteries.” The Redcliff Lord, based on his astuteness, naturally was able to tell that how many profound mysteries each of Linley’s attacks held.

“I admit this.” Linley nodded.

“However, you have Reisgem’s innate divine ability, as well as your Azure Dragon clan’s innate divine ability. With those two matched up with your decent understanding of the Laws…” The Redcliff Lord let out a self-mocking chuckle. 
Linley was a single individual, but he actually possessed two powerful, supreme innate abilities.

“Reisgem’s supreme innate ability. In all the countless planes, he’s the only person I know capable of this.” The Redcliff Lord sighed. “This sort of supreme innate ability that allows him to constantly change the direction of a gravitational pull does indeed make others feel envious. This alone makes it so that virtually no one can surpass him in close-quarters combat.”
Linley nodded slightly.

“I lost. Having lost to two such supreme innate abilities, I have nothing to say.” The Redcliff Lord sighed.

Linley laughed calmly.

He could tell how reluctant to admit it the Redcliff Lord was. But so what if he was reluctant? Innate divine abilities were a part of a person’s power. For example, Bebe…he had fused no profound mysteries at all, but once he unleashed his innate divine ability, ‘Godeater’, how many could resist him?

There was nothing for it. This was an innate ability!

As for Linley, he had two powerful innate abilities. Because he had fused a low amount of profound mysteries, this made it so that…Linley’s potential was tremendous! But as for the Redcliff Lord, he had already tapped out all his potential.

“Redcliff Lord, let’s publicly announce the results.”  Linley laughed calmly.

Just now, the conversation between the two of them after the battle came to an end had intentionally been separated from the spectators through Godrealm, so that no one below could hear them.

“Fine.” The Redcliff Lord nodded. The Redcliff Lord looked down at the countless spectators, then said in an emotionless voice, “This duel is concluded. From today onwards, Linley is the next Lord of this region.” After speaking…he transformed into a black blur, streaking towards the west. Clearly, he was going to leave the Redcliff region.


The countless spectators below instantly fell silent…and then erupted into a cacophony of cheers and chatter. Actually, when they saw Linley’s sword stab through the Redcliff Lord’s forehead, they had already expected this. Now that the Redcliff Lord had openly announced it, the results became confirmed.

“Linley!” Someone cheered jubilantly.

“LINLEY!”   The  cheer  seemed  to  be  infectious,  and  the countless people below all began to cheer in celebration. They all knew…
Yet another miracle had occurred! 
Having defeated the previous Redcliff Lord, a new Redcliff Lord, Linley, was born!

“Swoosh!” Bebe flew into the skies.

He flew to Linley’s side, excitedly looking at Linley. “Boss, you succeeded! Haha! A Lord of Tartarus. That’s someone on the same level as a Purgatory Commander or a Lord Prefect of the Infernal Realm.”  Linley stared down at the scene of the countless thronging, celebrating masses. He couldn’t help but have a feeling as though he was apart from the rest of the world.

He still remembered how…
When he just entered the Infernal Realm, he had hidden within the Black Dragon tribe.

How nerve-wracking the Fiend trials had been. 
It seemed as though, in the blink of an eye, he had somehow become a Lord of Tartarus!

“Bebe, we are finally qualified to enter the Planar Battlefield.” Linley laughed.

“Right.” Bebe laughed happily as well.

Linley and Bebe, these two brothers, were currently high in midair chatting. They didn’t notice whatsoever that an old, familiar face was currently amongst the countless thronging masses below them.

A man dressed in a white robe, with long, unbound black hair, and a pair of scarlet eyebrows!

He was smiling as he looked at Linley and Bebe in the air. This person, amazingly, was the supreme expert who had provided guidance to Linley when Linley was young…Bluefire! 
“It seems Beirut was worried over nothing. Linley’s power is even greater than I had imagined. There’s no need for me to remain here…oh, and the Planar Wars are currently proceeding. I need to come up with a way to enter the Planar Battlefield and watch.” Bluefire immediately turned and left.

His body was very real, but when he walked away, it seemed to become like a mirage.

In the blink of an eye, he easily traversed the massive, dense crowd of a hundred million Deities. When exited the crowd, his body seemed to transform into a blurry, fiery illusion. Transforming into red flash of light later, he disappeared into the horizon.

In terms of speed alone…
He was, amazingly enough, even faster than the former ‘Redcliff Lord’, who had shocked Linley with his speed. From today onwards, the estate of the Redcliff Lord was now Linley’s estate.

“Your Lordship.”  Ganmoly said respectfully. Ganmoly now had the feeling as though there truly was no such thing as permanence in this world; not long ago, he was leading Linley to pay his respects to the former Redcliff Lord, but in the blink of an eye…Linley had become the current Redcliff Lord. But of course, he knew…that Linley was actually an Elder of the Azure Dragon clan.

Linley glanced at Ganmoly, then said, “Ganmoly, I wish to ask you something. If I wish to enter the Planar Battlefield, do I need to bring any proof of my status?”
“No need.”  Ganmoly laughed immediately. “Your Lordship, don’t worry. Once a person defeats the previous Lord and replaces him, the news will, within a single day, become known throughout the various estates of the Lords of Tartarus. At the same time, information regarding you will also spread to Flamebone Mountain.”
Linley nodded slightly. 
“All you need to go is head over there, your Lordship. They will naturally recognize you, your Lordship. At most…your Lordship, you might just simply reveal that legendary sword of yours, which can become invisible.” Ganmoly laughed.

“A single day?” Linley nodded slightly.

“Bebe.” Linley turned to look.

“Eh?” Bebe was currently seated on a distant chair, chomping on some of the fruit that was local to the Netherworld. “What is it, Boss?”
“In a day, Flamebone Mountain will have my information.
Tell me, when should we head out?” Linley laughed.

“A day?” Bebe immediately leapt to his feet. “Damn, flying over to Flamebone Mountain a long period of time as well. Boss, let’s hurry up and head out right away!” “Right away?” Linley was stunned, but then he laughed.

Ganmoly was rather surprised as well.

“Right.” Bebe suddenly turned to stare at Ganmoly, then instructed, “Ganmoly, these fruits aren’t bad. Prepare some extras and bring them over. I plan to eat them on the way.”
“Uh….yes!” Ganmoly acknowledged.

Chapter 12, Four Badge Colors

Flamebone Mountain. The entire mountain swirled with flame.

Two blurs streaked through the horizon, pausing in the air above Flamebone Mountain. It was Linley and Bebe.

“Crunch!” Bebe viciously bit into a fruit, lowering his head to stare down at the mountain peak below. “Boss, last time we came to this place, we were blocked by those guards. It was because we weren’t Lord Prefects or Lords of Tartarus. It’s only been two or three months, right? Boss, you are a Tartarus Lord now. I wonder what sort of looks those guards will have on their faces.”
As he spoke, he casually tossed the core of the already-eaten fruit off to one side.

“Let’s go.” Laughing calmly, Linley flew into the skies, with Bebe following behind. Atop the mountain peak, there was a completely pitch-black, ancient-looking castle. It, too, was wreathed in flames. There were still many guards patrolling outside, and at the front gate, there were more than ten people, divided into two lines, standing there. Upon seeing Linley and Bebe, one of the black- armored guards stepped forward slightly. “Eh? Them again?”
This black-armored guard, amazingly, was the guard who had received Linley last time.

It had only been a few months, after all. The guards here were very rarely changed.

“Hey, why did you two run over here again?”  The black- armored guard couldn’t help but frown as he spoke. “Last time, I told you two already. We can only open the interspatial gate to Lords of Tartarus or Lord Prefects.”
Linley and Bebe landed.

“Boss, these guards don’t to know your status.”  Bebe said, puzzled. “Didn’t that guy say that in one day, your information would spread to Flamebone Mountain? Why don’t these guards know? We spent quite a few days flying from Flamebone Mountain to this place. Boss, your information should have arrived here long ago.”
Linley glanced at the guards, then laughed calmly. “Information regarding me should have made its way to the high level members of Flamebone Mountain, but these ordinary soldiers haven’t gotten the word yet.”  Linley didn’t want to waste words with these ordinary guards, and so he immediately strode forward. His sudden movement forward naturally caused these guards to all feel surprised.

“Halt!” More than ten guards stared at Linley.

“The two of you, this is no ordinary place. You can’t just barge in. We aren’t able to stop you, but you don’t dare offend the Sovereign either, right?” The leader of the black-armored guards stared at Linley and Bebe with his blue eyes. Last time, they already learned of Linley and Bebe’s power, and so they didn’t dare to act too wildly.

“I am the Redcliff Lord.” Linley said calmly. 
The ten-plus black-armored guards were instantly stupefied.

“You  must  be  joking.”  The  black-armored  guard  couldn’t believe it. Laughing, he looked at Linley. “It’s only been a few months.”
First, a hundred victories in the arena. Then, the challenge to a Lord of Tartarus…resulting in victory! All in just a few months? This sort of speed was far too fast. The black-armored guards didn’t dare to believe it.

“Stop wasting words.” Bebe shouted impatiently. “If my Boss tells you that he is, then he is! Hurry up and find your leader. He will definitely know the news regarding the new Redcliff Lord, Linley.”
“Eh?” The black-armored guards looked at each other, then studied the looks on Linley and Bebe’s faces carefully.

“Captain,  they  seem  to  be  telling  the  truth.”  The  black- armored guards whispered to each other secretly through divine sense.

“But it’s only been a few months. This is too wild.”
Although the black-armored guards all felt it was crazy, the leading black-armored guard still said, “Fine, I’ll go make the inquiries. Please wait here, the two of you.” After speaking, the black-armored guard immediately flew into the depths of the castle, while Linley and Bebe waited patiently outside.

The remaining black-armored guards continued to stare at Linley and Bebe in surprise.

These black-armored guards clearly didn’t dare believe it. 
Quite a while later…
“Redcliff Lord, Redcliff Lord!” A deep voice rang out. Linley and Bebe turned to look, only to see a muscular, blue-armored man who was slightly taller than even Linley stride out with big steps. The black-armored guard behind him stared at Linley in amazement. The blue-armored man’s gaze fell directly upon Linley, and his eyes immediately lit up.

“Redcliff Lord, we just received word not long ago, and we weren’t in a hurry to pass it down. Who would have imagined that you would come here so quickly, Redcliff Lord?” The blue- armored  man  chortled  as  he  spoke.  “Oh,  let  me  introduce myself. I am Dilas [Ji’la’si]!”
“Linley.” Linley laughed in acknowledgment.

Hearing Linley report his name, the muscular, blue-armored man nodded and laughed, “Given that we received information regarding you already, we are certain of your status, especially upon seeing this youth by your side. However, your Lordship, please still provide some small bit of proof for us. You can either Dragonform or show off that invisible, godly sword you possess.”
Linley just stretched out his right hand.

Azure-golden scales instantly covered his hand.

“That’s  more  than  enough.”  The  muscular,  blue-armored man laughed. “Please pardon us. We do indeed need to be cautious. Let me lead the way, your Lordship. Please follow me.”
Linley and Bebe followed this muscular, blue-armored man inwards.

Bebe turned his head to glance sideways at the black-armored guards, intentionally letting out a sniff. “He really is a Lord of Tartarus!”  The leader of the black- armored guards rubbed his nose, sighing in disbelief. “How long has it been? Last time, we waved them off, but in the blink of an eye, he’s a Lord of Tartarus.”
“This Lord Linley is fairly good-tempered. If it was the likes of the Flamebone Lord, Captain, and you dared to be so disrespectful, you most likely would have been killed in a fit of anger.”    The   nearby   black-armored   guards   smirked   and laughed. Although…this castle belonged to the Sovereign, the normal affairs of the castle were carried out by a Sovereign’s Emissary.

The Sovereign’s Emissary was the one who arranged for these guards to be present. If a Lord of Tartarus killed a petty guard, would the Sovereign’s Emissary get into a dispute with a Lord of Tartarus, for the sake of the petty guard?

“When  I  think  about  it,  it  is  rather  frightening.  Still,  I continue to feel as though I’m in a dream.” The black-armored guard couldn’t help but look towards the direction in which Linley and Bebe had just walked, shaking his head and sighing. Linley and Bebe, under the guidance of the blue-armored Dilas, continued to advance down a wide corridor. This wide corridor actually slowly went deeper into the ground. Although it went downwards, it was still wide enough for more than ten people to traverse simultaneously, and was at least ten meters high.

Only, given that they were underground, it was rather dark.

“The  interspatial  gate  was  built  in  the  heart  of  the Flamebone  Mountain.”   The  muscular  ‘Dilas’   walked  while laughing and explaining. “The Planar Battlefield is connected to the Seven Divine Planes and the Four Higher Realms. In total, there are eleven interspatial gates. According to legend… this great work was completed by the four Overgods working in unison.”
“In unison?” Linley said, amazed.

Indeed, only the likes of an Overgod could construct interspatial gates of this level. However, Linley hadn’t imagined that the four Overgods actually joined forces for it. 
“Hehe,  your  Lordship,  that’s  just  what  I’ve  heard.”  Dilas chortled.

“Overgods…Overgods…they are so powerful, but I’ve never seen one.” Bebe muttered.

Dilas just said with a laugh, “Never seen one? The Overgods are always around you.”
“Oh?” Bebe stared.

“We are always surrounded by and live within the Laws and the Edicts. The four Overgods are the embodiment of the four great Edicts. Naturally, they are always by your side.” Dilas said with a smile, and then he glanced towards the front. “Oh, we’re almost there! The interspatial gate is just up ahead. His Lordship is there awaiting you two.”
Linley looked forward. He could faintly sense a unique aura from up ahead. 
At the end of the corridor was an extremely wide, heavily guarded chamber. In the center of the chamber, there was a black pool that was around ten meters in diameter. In the center of the pool, there was a ‘gate’ that was five meters long, ten meters high. This gate stood there in the center of the pool, emanating a black light. Linley could sense that the unique aura was coming from within it.

“Lord Linley.” A voice rang out.

Linley turned and saw that in the left side of the hall, there was a silver-haired elder as well as a group of blue-armored guards.

The silver-haired elder smiled as he walked over. “We just saw the news regarding you not long ago, Lord Linley. So you are a member of the Azure Dragon clan. I am old friends with Patriarch Gislason of your Azure Dragon clan. Oh, I forgot to introduce myself. I am Gallen [Gao’lun]!” “Mr.  Gallen.”  Linley  smiled.  “I  wish  to  enter  the  Planar Battlefield. I’m not sure what I need to do?”
“This is simple.” The silver-haired elder made a pair of palm- sized badges appear in his hand. These two badges emanated a black aura, but although both were covered with black light, they were made from different materials. One was made from a completely blood-red material, while the other was made from a completely black material. “Of the two badges, the blood-red one represents a ‘commander’, while this black one represents an ordinary soldier! At the same time…it also represents that you two belong to the side of ‘Darkness’ in this battle.”
As he spoke, he delivered the two badges, which flew to Linley and Bebe.

Linley accepted the blood-red badge, while Bebe accepted the black one.

“Please bind them and take them into your body.” The silver- haired elder laughed calmly as he spoke. “After you enter the Planar Battlefield, if you encounter someone on the same side, once you draw near, you’ll be able to sense each other’s badge’s aura.”
Linley laughed. This was the same concept as the badges of the Four Divine Beasts clan.

Linley and Bebe immediately bound the badges by blood and took them into their bodies.

“The  two  of  you,  the  stone  tablet  over  here  has  some information regarding military merits carved into it. Please take a look.” The silver-haired elder pointed to a nearby stone tablet that was erect against the wall, roughly one meter wide and three meters tall.

“Military merits?”
Linley and Bebe’s eyes lit up. This time, Linley had come especially for the sake of accumulating military merits. He immediately walked to the stone tablet, looking through it carefully. 
The information on the stone tablet was quite simple, but upon seeing it, Linley took a deep breath.

“How brutal.” Linley said to himself.

The rules of the Planar Wars…
Each war was divided into two sides. One side’s commanders would have red badges, with the soldiers having black badges. The other side’s commanders would have gold badges, with the soldiers having white badges. To become a commander, one had to be a Tartarus Lord, a Lord Prefect, an Asura, or someone on the same level. As for soldiers…they had to be Highgods.

For example, Linley and Bebe.

If they killed someone on their own side, they wouldn’t have rendered any military merits. 
Only by killing enemies and acquiring a hundred white badges would they acquire a single drop of Sovereign’s Might. Upon acquiring ten thousand white badges, they would be able to acquire a Sovereign artifact. But of course, if they gained ten gold badges, they could also trade for a Sovereign artifact.

However, there was one thing…gold badges couldn’t be traded for Sovereign’s Might! To trade for Sovereign’s Might, one had to acquire white badges.

This destroyed any chance of one being able to acquire a large amount of Sovereign’s Might.

In addition, if one managed to kill five enemy commanders during the Planar Wars, after the battle concluded, the military merits could be recorded. Once the next Planar Wars began, if one killed five more commanders, the total military merits rendered would be ten, and by then, one could still trade for a Sovereign artifact. “So it is cumulative?”  Linley sighed. “And one has to kill ordinary soldiers? Isn’t that…just butchery?”
“Although  it  seems  simple,  the  ordinary  soldiers  are  all gathered in one place. To kill a hundred of them? You’d most likely suffer the attacks of ten thousand soldiers. Most Six Star Fiends and Seven Star Fiends possess spiritual attacks that are a tenth the power of a Lord Prefect’s. But an attack from ten thousand…even a Lord of Tartarus would have to flee, and would be killed if he didn’t flee fast enough.” The silver-haired elder, Gallen, said with a calm laugh.

Linley couldn’t help but nod.

If a commander encountered ten or perhaps a few dozen soldiers, it wouldn’t be too hard to massacre them.

But if the commander encountered a thousand or more than ten thousand soldiers…attacking would be suicide.

“Every single commander is hard to kill. Everyone who dares to enter has their own ways of preserving their lives. Thus, that’s why military merits can be accumulated over time!” The silver-haired elder, Gallen, said with a calm laugh. “If you take part in several Planar Wars, you’ll be able to accumulate enough military merits. But of course, you also might lose your life in the Planar Wars, resulting in all your efforts being for naught.”
Linley nodded slightly.

“Mr. Gallen, we’ll head in, then.” Linley immediately said.

Chapter 13, Dangerous

“Then let me wish you, Mr. Linley, a successful venture and return for the two of you.” The silver-haired elder, Gellen, laughed calmly. Suddenly, he thought of something and said hurriedly, “Right, Lord Linley, I don’t know if you know or not, but once you participate in the Planar War, you will only be permitted to depart once this Planar War concludes.”
“Eh?” Linley turned to look at him.

“Lord Linley, so you really didn’t know.” The silver-haired elder, Gellen, laughed. “This is a rule. You can choose to enter at any time, but everyone who enters…must wait for the war to conclude before leaving. You are not permitted to leave in the middle, nor is it possible for you to leave in the middle.”
“I have to wait eight centuries?” Linley frowned.

His original plan had been for him and Bebe to seize every available moment to complete their mission early on, then hurry back. 
“I’m thinking too highly of myself. How could commanders be easily killed? Eight hundred years…I’ll have to just fight for eight hundred years within then.” Linley now understood why so many Lord Prefects, Tartarus Lords, and others weren’t willing to enter the Planar Wars.

Even if you rendered military merits, you would have to wait until everything concluded, and even if you didn’t attack others, others might attack you.

“Boss, let’s go on in.” Bebe was completely fearless.

Linley nodded, then flew with Bebe towards the interspatial gate.

Five meters wide, ten meters tall, and emanating with that black aura. Linley and Bebe flew through the interspatial gate, and as they did, it was like entering a pool of water. The two disappeared from the wide hall. “I  wonder  if  they’ll  return  alive.”  Gellen  shook  his  head slightly.

When Linley had been in the Yulan continent, he had passed through an interspatial gate to arrive at the Necropolis of the Gods plane.

But this time, the passage through the interspatial gate was a completely different experience.

“This  interspatial  door  is  actually  an  extremely  long corridor.” Linley was rather surprised, while Bebe also stared at their surroundings in surprise.

The five meter wide, ten meter high corridor had walls which were covered with flowing streaks of light. Everything seemed so beautiful and dazzling. Linley and Bebe followed the direction of the interspatial corridor, flying towards the front. Linley  was  stunned.  “This  corridor  seems  to  distort  space itself.”
While flying, Linley had the sense of space being distorted. 
“Boss, tell me, if I were to attack this corridor, would it collapse?” Bebe said.

Linley couldn’t help but feel his heart clench, and he gave Bebe a glare. “Bebe, don’t cause trouble. If this interspatial corridor really collapses, you and I will be trapped within a region  of  chaotic  space.  That  would  be  disastrous.”  Linley knew very well that even the most powerful of Highgods, upon entering a region of chaotic space, might be finished.

“I’m just saying.” Bebe mumbled.

Linley noticed that there was a faint glow coming from the front of the tunnel. “Eh? We made it?”
Linley and Bebe immediately exited the tunnel. “Welcome, milords.”  A voice that was neither humble nor loud rang out. Linley and Bebe turned to look towards the voice before even having a chance to inspect the battlefield. The ground in front of them was dark and gloomy, and standing atop the ground was a large group of people. Linley swept them with his gaze. “Hundreds!”
Only, Linley also noticed the aura from their badges as well now.

They were on his side!

Only now did Linley let out a sigh of relief. The person who had just spoken was a red-haired, grim-looking woman. She continued,  “Milords,  is  this  your  first  time  in  the  Planar Battlefield, or have you had previous experiences?”
Linley couldn’t help but frown.

“Milord, please don’t be upset.” The red-haired, grim-looking woman hurriedly smiled. “We are under orders to guard the interspatial gate that leads to the Planar Battlefield from the Netherworld. Our Lord has instructed us that if there is anyone who is new to the Planar Battlefield and isn’t familiar with it, that his Lordship can receive you and also provide you with some information, milords.”
Linley and Bebe exchanged glances.

“Boss, let’s go. What’s there to fear?” Bebe sent mentally.

Linley, too, felt that given how they were completely unfamiliar with this Planar Battlefield, it was best to get a better understanding of it.

“Fine, then. You lead the way.” Linley said.

“Please  follow  me.”   The  red-haired  woman  said,  then immediately led Linley outwards.

Linley and Bebe, when advancing, carefully applied his senses to his surroundings. When he did, he sighed in astonishment. “The gravity in this battlefield is actually even greater than that of the Netherworld and the Infernal Realm! This is the plane with the greatest gravity I have ever seen. In addition, divine sense is restricted to an incredibly extent as well.

Linley realized that his divine sense was now constrained to a range of just a hundred meters or so.

“My two Lords, according to the legends, this battlefield was created jointly by the four Overgods.”  The red-haired woman laughed as she spoke. “Even the Higher Realms, such as the Netherworld or the Celestial Realm, were created by the four Overgods separately. This battlefield, in terms of stability, is far more stable than even the Higher Realms. In this place, it is hard for even commanders to be able to tear open space.”
Linley couldn’t help but feel secretly surprised.

The more stable a plane was, the more powerful gravity generally was in it, as well as the restrictive, binding force. Linley glanced at the air.

In the air above this plane, there were no stars. Extremely high in the sky, there were some wild, chaotic, multi-colored regions of chaotic space. The entire plane was covered in darkness, and only those multi-colored patches of chaotic space were able to provide some illumination. This caused the battlefield to always seem dark and gloomy.

“Hey, what’s going on up there?” Bebe spoke out.

The red-haired woman laughed. “The space above the Planar Battlefield is very dangerous. As you fly upwards, once you reach a certain height, you will occasionally encounter spatial tears. If you go up even farther, the spatial tears will become more dense…until you enter the region of chaotic space. Thus, when battling, be careful not to let yourself fall into the chaotic space.

Linley and Bebe glanced at each other. It seemed as though the environment in this damnable place was quite vile as well.

“The battles of the Planar Wars have one proscription; one cannot fly too high, or too deep into the ground! The red- haired woman said with a calm laugh. “If you dig deep into the ground, if you go a bit too deep, you will very possibly encounter more spatial tears. The deeper you go, the more numerous the spatial tears will be.”
Linley nodded slightly.

“How troublesome.” Bebe mumbled.

While chatting, Linley noticed that the surrounding soldiers were growing more and more numerous. Clearly, they had arrived at a headquarters. The red-haired woman, in a very familiar manner, led Linley to an ordinary tent, then instructed Linley and Bebe, “My two Lords, please wait here for now.” Linley and Bebe were rather puzzled. They couldn’t even go close to the tent? But they didn’t ask.

The red-haired woman said respectfully towards the tent, “Your Lordship, just now, two Lords have arrived from the Netherworld. I brought them over.”
“Oh?” A figure strode over from within the tent.

This was a muscular bald youth, dressed in a thick black robe. His forehead had a red spot on it. He gave Linley and Bebe a glance, then said, rather puzzled, “I don’t seem to have met you two before.”
“My Boss is the new Redcliff Lord.” Bebe said directly.

“Oh.” The black-robed, bald youth glanced sideways at Linley, not fully convinced. He said calmly, “Since you have come over, it would appear that this is your first time. I have a map of this Planar Battlefield here, with descriptions of various areas. You can take a look.” As he spoke, he waved his hand, tossing a very thin piece of parchment with black seals atop it. 
Linley laughed calmly while accepting it. “Thank you!”
“Boss, this baldy seems to be on guard against us.” Bebe said. “In fact, he even maintains some distance from us and doesn’t invite us in. We just arrived from the Netherworld and are on his side. Why is he so guarded against us? I don’t get it”.

“He is indeed guarded, but let’s not worry about that. We’ll leave soon.”
Linley, as well, had noticed that this black-robed, bald youth was wary of the two of them. Although he didn’t understand why, he still said, “The two of us have some other matters to take care of. We won’t tarry here. We’re leaving now.”
“Then be careful on your journey.” Only now did the black- robed, bald youth reveal a hint of a smile on his face. “Neana [Ne’an’na], you represent me in escorting these two away.”
“Yes, your Lordship.” The red-haired woman bowed. 
And then, under her guidance, Linley and Bebe left the headquarters. At the borders of the headquarters, the red- haired woman bade farewell to Linley and Bebe. She watched as the two left. “How strange. His Lordship should have invited them over for the purpose of allying with them! But…his Lordship actually didn’t recognize them. What a pity, what a pity!”
For them to enter the Netherworld on their own meant that one of the two definitely had to be someone on the Tartarus Lord or Lord Prefect level.

The black-robed bald youth had wanted to show them some hospitality, but unfortunately, he didn’t know Linley at all, nor did he offer to work together.

Atop the vast earth, Linley and Bebe were currently seated shoulder-to-shoulder, in the valley of a mountain, flipping through some information which gave a basic introduction to the Planar Battlefield. “This Planar Battlefield really is small, with a circumference of just a million kilometers. However…it is separated by the ‘Stellar River’ and divided into two parts. Our Divine Darkness Plane is on this side of the Stellar River, while the Divine Light Plane’s armies are on the other side.”  Linley, after reading, learned many things.

Bebe sighed in amazement, “Boss, so the most dangerous places aren’t the skies; the most dangerous places are deep underground. And the Stellar River!”
“Right.” Linley nodded as well.

In midair, one could still fly to a certain height. Only after flying even higher than that safe height would one occasionally begin to encounter some spatial tears, with the higher regions growing increasingly dangerous. Because there was an orderly increase in the danger, everyone was prepared, and they would be careful not to exceed the safe height.

But the Stellar River was different. There were very few ‘safe zones’ in the Stellar River. The vast majority of it was extremely dangerous.

“This Planar Battlefield seems like two smaller planes that were joined together. This Stellear River is the line at which the juncture was made. Some ‘juncture points’ are safe, but the areas around most juncture points are wild, chaotic space.” Linley shook his head. The description given by this book seemed to be rather frightening. But Linley and Bebe had never before seen the place, and so weren’t able to tell for now how dangerous the Stellar River really was.

“We’re going to go kill commanders. It seems we have to go past the Stellar River.” Bebe murmured.

“No.”  Linley shook his head. “Just like us, there must be many commanders who have come to help out. Perhaps there are many who are moving independently as well. They want to kill our people, and so they too will cross the Stellar Side and arrive here on our side. There’s no need for us to go there for now. We’ll run into them here.”
Bebe, hearing this, couldn’t help but nod. 
“Boss, these Planar Wars have been going on for a hundred years now.” Bebe suddenly said.

“Right, thus, the enemy leaders have sent probably quite a few  who  have  come  to  this  place.”   Linley  looked  around himself vigilantly. “Now that we are in an unfamiliar place, we need to constantly be on guard. This is a battlefield, after all, not an arena for challenges. They won’t necessary act openly and honestly.”
“What is there to fear? I want to run into them.”  Bebe was completely confident.

“Then let’s head out for now.”
Linley and Bebe immediately stood up. There were no stars in this Planar Battlefield. If one wanted to differentiate between the directions, the only way was to use some tall mountains and rivers as landmarks. “Then let’s head that way.” Linley saw a squad mountain in the distance, and immediately spoke out.

Linley and Bebe both carefully made their way through the Planar Battlefield. Aside from some army camps which seemed quite active, the other places were all extremely quiet. What they didn’t know…was if that behind the quiet silence, there was a hidden expert commander or not. Or perhaps an expert on the level of Beirut.

“Eh?” Bebe suddenly turned his head and looked towards the distance. “Boss, there’s someone there!”
Linley stooped down, carefully relying on the grass to block his presence as he stared from afar. Roughly a thousand meters away, a blurred, black-light suddenly appeared and was advancing straight for them.

Chapter 14, Ambushed

They had only been flying in the Planar Battlefield for less than half a day, but ended up actually encountering a lone traveler. Linley knew that ordinary soldiers couldn’t possibly be travelling alone.

“Move closer!”
Linley said mentally. What Linley now had to do was… discover if this was someone on their side, or an enemy. Linley and Bebe quietly advanced through the grass, drawing closer, not daring to release even the slightest hint of energy, for fear of enemy discovery. Moments later, the distance between the two was reduced to two hundred meters.

“Eh? I can’t sense the badge aura from him.” Bebe sent.

Linley couldn’t help but feel excited. “An enemy!” People on the same side would be able to sense their allies’ badges. Being unable to sense the badge…meant it was an enemy!

“Haha,  I  didn’t  expect  that  as  soon  as  we  arrived  in  the Planar Battlefield, we’d encounter an enemy. It is probably a commander.” Bebe’s eyes lit up. “Boss, hand this one to me. I’ll get rid of him.”
“Right.” Linley suppressed his excitement.

“Swoosh!” Bebe suddenly flew into the air.

A blurry, enormous illusion of a Godeater Rat suddenly appeared behind Bebe. At this moment, Bebe, not hesitating at all, used his supreme technique – his innate divine ability, ‘Godeater’! But the strange thing was that the figure didn’t collapse; it turned to look towards Bebe.

“Boss, I can’t sense his divine spark or his soul!”  Bebe said frantically. “Right, there’s another person nearby. I can sense the aura from his badge. He’s not too far from us. He belongs to our side.”
Right at this moment, someone suddenly appeared in the distance. This person knew that he had been discovered.

“The two of you!”  The gray-robed figure said clearly. “Stop attacking that black-robed figure. That’s my Deathgod Golem.”
Bebe and Linley were stunned.

“So it was a golem. No wonder I couldn’t sense its aura. No wonder, when Bebe used his innate divine ability, he failed.” Linley didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry. The gray-robed man turned and was about to leave, but Bebe called out, “Hey, don’t leave in such a hurry!” As he spoke, he flew over. “Swoosh!”   The  Deathgod  Golem  immediately  flew  over, wanting to block Bebe while speaking in the human language, “What are you intending to do?”
“We are on the same side. Can’t I ask a few questions?” Bebe stared at the Deathgod Golem.

The gray-robed figure himself was already far away. The Deathgod Golem he left behind naturally wasn’t something he was worried for; even if he lost it, that just meant he had one less golem.

“The two of you…” The Deathgod Golem said calmly. “How do I know if you are on my side? Perhaps the two of you killed some ordinary soldiers of my side, and then bound the badges with blood and used them to disguise yourselves. Who can be certain as to whether or not you two are fakes?”
Linley and Bebe were stunned.

It was possible to be imposters? 
But when he thought about it carefully, it made sense. All they had to do was come up with a way to kill an ordinary soldier, then remove their own badge before binding an enemy badge. Thusly done, they would have a disguise. Once the Planar War ended, they could simply put their own badges back on. Linley and Bebe hadn’t thought of this yet.

“Even if you aren’t imposters, people on the same side can still kill each other!” The Deathgod Golem said, then left.

Linley and Bebe didn’t try to stop the Deathgod Golem.

“Boss,  I’m  starting  to  understand  why  that  allied  camp commander was so wary of us.”  Bebe said. “He was just like that previous person; afraid we would act against him.” Bebe also understand that it wasn’t that they were afraid of the two of them; rather, they couldn’t be bothered to kill people on the same side.

This was because even in success, there would be no military merits gained. 
But in failure, one’s life would be lost. Naturally, the gray- robed man had chosen to leave.

“He was afraid we’d kill him?” Linley said helplessly. “But I won’t  gain  any  military  merits  for  killing  him.  Oh,  wait!” Linley had a sudden thought, and he finally understood why it was possible for people on the same side to want to fight each other.

“Eh?” Bebe looked at Linley, puzzled.

“People on the same side…might kill each other as well.” Linley sighed emotionally.

“How can that be?” Bebe didn’t understand.

“It’s simple. Two people who are close friends. One enters the side of the Divine Darkness Plane, the other enters the side of the Divine Light Plane. For example, Bebe, you and I might be located in opposing camps. I’ll kill people on my side and obtain red badges, which are useless to me, but I can give them to you! And when you kill someone on your side and acquire a golden badge, you can give it to me to use.”  Linley smiled bitterly.

Bebe now understood as well.

The Lord Prefects, Tartarus Lords, and others who were supreme amongst Highgods had many friends at the same level. For example, Beirut; he might even have friends of the same level in the Celestial Realm. They absolutely could join different camps and use this strategy.

“Thus, we can’t trust people on our side, unless we know them well.” Linley said with resignation.

No wonder the black-robed, bald youth, upon realizing that he didn’t recognize Linley, immediately had Linley leave.

“It seems we need to be careful as well.” Bebe pursed his lips. “Even if we encounter allies, we can’t be too careless.” “Right.”   Linley,  too,  began  to  feel  how  dangerous  these Planar Wars were.

Aside from true friends, outsiders were not to be trusted.
And the status imparted by a badge might not be true!

“Just now, that fellow was quite clever to use a Deathgod Golem as bait.” Bebe said with a chortle. “Boss, we can do this also. Nobody, regardless of the side, will be able to sense the aura of a badge on a Deathgod Golem. They’ll take the golem to be an enemy and ambush it! We’ll hide nearby and counter- ambush them instead.”
Linley couldn’t help but laugh.

This was indeed a good method.

The Planar Battlefield was a million kilometers in diameter. If one flew at high speed, it wasn’t a very long distance, but in this sort of place, where attacks and battles occurred in secret…in such a large area, the few dozen or a few hundred commanders would be like drops of water in the sea. If they were hidden somewhere, it would be very hard to find them.

Within a mountain cavern. Linley and Bebe were within the cavern, while each of them also controlled a Deathgod Golem, flying not too far away from them.

“We encountered a person when we first entered the Planar Battlefield, but now it’s been another month, and we haven’t encountered anyone.” Bebe mumbled. “Based on what you said, Boss, we have to be careful even when just travelling around. This sort of slow, plodding pace…how long is it going to take for us to reach the Stellar River.”
“Don’t be impatient.”
Linley laughed as he spoke. He was very patient. “It is possible for battles to occur between commanders in any location here in the Planar Battlefield. We don’t need to run around wildly. Doing so would be very dangerous, and the chances of encountering someone isn’t that high either. If we occasionally set up an ambush, our chances might be higher. 
“But if everyone is waiting in ambush, then nobody will encounter anybody.” Bebe rebutted.

“That’s  why  we’ll  advance  a  little  bit  every  few  months, changing every so often.”  Linley said calmly. “We have eight centuries! Plenty of time!”
What was most critical in a place like this Planar Battlefield was patience. Whoever became impatient and revealed their traces would most likely be observed by others, which would make things dangerous. Linley knew how much power he had…a commander specialized in soul attacks would make things tough for him. And….most commander-level experts were skilled in soul attacks!!!

“If you aren’t able to keep waiting, you start training.” Linley said with a laugh.

“Got it.” Bebe pursed his lips. Linley, too, had his true body in a state of maximum vigilance, while his divine clones were focused on training.

Who amongst the commanders weren’t elites? In addition, quite a few of the commanders had been in the Planar Battlefield before. All of them had their own strategies.

Linley’s cautious, guarded approach produced no results in the first three months. Although they did encounter one person, that person was on their side as well, and so Linley and Bebe didn’t attack.

“Let’s change places! Most likely, there are very few enemy commanders who will pass through this place.”
“Boss, you should’ve made this decision long ago. As I see it, let’s go to the other side of the Stellar River. I imagine that the enemy camp must have quite a few enemy commanders!”
After having waited for three months, in the end, Linley still decided to leave this mountain cave. That very day…Linley and Bebe slept away, advancing forward towards the Stellar Sea. 
Within a squat but large mountain, there was actually a spacious room.

A violet-robed, black-haired man was currently seated in the meditative position, while three people were seated next to him. Suddenly, a figure emerged from the stairs below. Bowing, he said, “Milord, our people outside have discovered the forces of the Divine Plane of Darkness. One is a youth, while the other is a youngster! Master, these two people aren’t in the documents you provided.”
“Oh, strangers?” The violet-robed, black-haired man opened his eyes, a hint of violet light flashing through them.

“Yes, Master.” The figure bowed.

“Very good. It’s time to go hunting.” The violet-robed, black- haired man’s body swayed, then disappeared from the secret room. In the Planar Battlefield, Linley wanted to ambush others, but others wanted to ambush Linley as well. It all came down to whose detection skills were better, whose stealth skills were better, whose strategies were better! This was Linley and Bebe’s first time in the Planar Battlefield. They had too few experiences to rely upon, and so it really was quite hard for them to attempt to ambush others.

But now…
They had been locked onto by others!

“Boss, which place should we set up camp? How about let’s head directly to the side of the Stellar Sea, right over there… hmph, if someone comes over, we’ll go fight them.” Bebe sent mentally. He had no hesitation in his eyes; rather, he had a hint of excitement.

“If we just set up camp by the river, we’ll be treated by others as a punching back.”
Linley’s forehead suddenly creased. 
“What is it?” Bebe said, puzzled.

Linley suddenly turned his head, only to see a blurry, translucent white arrow instantly arrive in front of him.
Linley’s first reaction was…
“Rumble…” An earthen yellow light exploded forth from his body, instantly encapsulating a region of a thousand meters. This was Linley’s supreme technique…Blackstone Space!

The direction of the gravity was towards Linley!

“Crunch!” The translucent white arrow entered his body.

The speed was too fast. Linley wasn’t able to dodge at all. “Bebe, kill that assailant!” Linley only had the chance to give this single shout through divine sense, then whole-heartedly focused on defending against the soul attack.

The translucent arrow continued to inexorably strike towards Linley’s soul, but when it smashed against the translucent scaled membrane, it instantly shattered, transforming into white specks of light. These specks of light instantly discovered that the defensive power at the damaged hole was weaker, and immediately attacked there.

“Crackle…” Linley’s azure spiritual energy transformed into rays of invisible sword-ripples, repeatedly smashing against the white spots of light.

“Who is this? Reisgem? The appearance is completely off, but the gravity is so strong…fortunately, I started far away.”  The violet figure was originally within a few hundred meters of Linley when he launched his ambush. If he had been closer, Linley and Bebe would have discovered him. 
Although Linley’s Blackstone Space was set up to cover a large distance, the violet-robed figure was very fast. While resisting the power of the gravity, he managed to flee the Blackstone Space region. But as he fled from the region, Bebe reached a distance of just two or three hundred meters from him.

The enraged Bebe once more used his innate divine ability.

“Eh?” The violet-robed man, who had continuously paid attention to the space behind him, was terrified upon seeing the enormous phantom of a Godeater Rat. “Just now, that was Reisgem’s supreme technique, but this one is Beirut’s!”  The violet-robed man’s body suddenly exploded with white light. It was Sovereign’s Might!

His speed instantly increased to a new limit. “Rumble!” The strange ripples of Bebe’s innate divine ability flew towards him at high speed!

“Dammit, I let him get away!” Bebe said discontentedly.

His innate divine ability was executed through relying on his spiritual energy, and there was a process of waves, as well as a distance limit. Bebe had been two or three hundred meters away to begin with. Given that in this moment of crisis, the enemy had also used up a drop of Sovereign’s Might to flee at full speed, the enemy had managed to put enough distance between them.

“What is going on? Those two young strangers…one actually had Reisgem’s supreme technique, while the other had Beirut’s supreme technique. What incredibly bad luck. Today, I, Oona [Wu’a’na], very nearly died in their hands. I didn’t get anything, but ended up using a drop of Sovereign’s Might. Jeeze!” The violet-robed man felt extremely discontent as well. “Not good…as my Sovereign’s Might continues to leak outwards, it’ll definitely attract the attention of other commanders. Terrible, terrible!

Chapter 15, A Choice

Bebe was still staring unhappily towards the direction in which the violet-robed man had ran. Unfortunately, the violet- robed man’s speed was normally above his to begin with. After using Sovereign’s Might, he vastly outstripped Bebe. Bebe could do nothing besides just watch as the man fled. If it hadn’t been for the fact that he was slower, Bebe wouldn’t have used his innate divine ability at the earlier distance of two or three hundred meters.

“Just consider yourself lucky!”
Bebe glanced warily at the surrounding area, then turned and shot back towards Linley like an arrow.

“Boss, are you alright?” Bebe asked, worried.

Linley opened his eyes and glanced at the surrounding area. “The battle just now might have drawn the attention of others. Bebe, let’s move first and talk later!” Amongst the commanders of the Planar Battlefield, Linley could only be considered a low- level one, while Bebe at most would be a mid-level one. The two weren’t yet powerful enough to be able to openly welcome challenges from others!

“Swoosh!”  The  two  transformed  into  blurs,  disappearing from the skies.

Moments after they left, a black-robed figure suddenly appeared in midair. It paused here for a moment, glanced around, and then left.

In the Planar Battlefield, only high-ranking commanders would dare to fly in the air, as they were confident in being able to fight any opponent. After all, it was easy for people on the ground to see those of them in midair. For example, Linley and Bebe only moved about on the ground.

After hiding in a deep cave, Linley and Bebe let out sighs of relief.

“Bebe, you weren’t able to catch him?”  Linley said with a laugh. 
“Nope! That fellow was hidden really far away. Boss, when you spread out your Blackstone Space, he quickly escaped from it. I used my innate divine ability, but I wasn’t able to reach him with it in time.” Bebe said unhappily. “That fellow really is a bastard. He hid so far away when he attacked. He didn’t even
dare to draw too close!”
Linley shook his head. “This is the Planar Battlefield, not a dueling ground. Everyone’s strategies are different! In addition, there are more experts here than just those of the Divine Darkness Plane and Divine Light Plane. Even supreme experts from other planes have decided to come in support of one side. Thus…the experts here are from throughout the Four Higher Realms and the Seven Divine Planes. This is a terrifying battleground. It makes sense for everyone to be so cautious!”
Bebe felt the pressure now, as well.

Aside from the Planar Battlefield, what other place could possibly attract these supreme experts to all gather in one place and think of ways to kill each other? “I wonder how many commanders are here.” Bebe mumbled.

“As I see it, the Divine Darkness Plane and Divine Light Plane each have at most twenty or thirty commanders. The other planes, all combined, should have more! If ten come from each Higher Realm and from each Divine Plane, more than a hundred would be present.” Linley sighed. “In addition, that’s a conservative estimate. Aside from commanders, there are some other experts who previously were Lord Prefects or regional lords who might have retired long ago, but who have only grown in power. They might come as well!”
Bebe nodded.

Indeed…those people came in as ordinary soldiers.

For example, Linley and Bebe. Bebe was here as an ordinary soldier, but in terms of power, was Bebe weak? It was the same principle. In the Planar Battlefield, there were perhaps only a hundred or so true ‘commanders’, but there were more who held commander-level power. Over the course of countless years, quite a few supreme experts had given up their positions, possibly because they knew that they were weaker than their challengers. Some couldn’t be bothered to fight over power, and so gave up their positions. As for others…well, it wasn’t good to underestimate anyone.

“Only very few dare to act arrogantly in the Planar Wars.” Linley shook his head and laughed. Those who were arrogant without sufficient strength died early on. The only people who dared to be arrogant now were the likes of Dunnington. “Thus, that person who attacked me can be considered to have used an excellent method. If the first blow was unsuccessful, immediately flee.”
“Too diabolical.” Bebe muttered.

“It is diabolical, but it is also safe.” Linley took a deep breath. “Bebe, as I see it, we should use his method in seeking out targets! We’ll launch sneak attacks…and if we fail, immediately leave without any hesitation.” “Heh heh, it feels bad being ambushed by others, but pretty great ambushing them.” Bebe’s eyes lit up.

Linley laughed resignedly.

Who wanted to be ambushed? But there was nothing they could do. If they fought openly, they would die upon encountering more powerful experts.

“When ambushing, the two of us will work jointly.”  Linley had been planning this on the way back. He immediately said, “When we find a target, Bebe, use your innate divine ability, ‘Godeater’. I’ll immediately execute a material attack! There are very few people capable of blocking my Mirage sword!”
Linley was very confident.

Bebe’s ‘Godeater’ ability acted on a person’s soul and divine spark, while Linley used material attacks. “Bebe, against what sort of person would your ‘Godeater’ ability fail?” Linley asked.

He had to know the power of Bebe’s ‘Godeater’ ability in order to plan things out.

“Oh. Grandpa mentioned a few things before. Those who are at the Paragon level should be able to resist my innate divine ability.” Bebe said.

Linley nodded. “Anyone else?”
“Those who have soul-protecting Sovereign artifacts should be able to block as well.” Bebe said, then began to laugh. “But don’t worry. Very few people have Sovereign artifacts. Most likely only a portion of commanders have Sovereign artifacts, which are divided into three types. There are very few soul- protecting Sovereign artifacts, and also very few people in possession of them.”
Linley wasn’t too surprised by Bebe’s response. 
Soul-protecting Sovereign artifacts were made by Sovereigns to protect their own souls! It was natural that an artifact which a Sovereign used to protect his own soul would be effective against Bebe’s technique.

“Bebe, if the enemy uses Sovereign’s Might, would he be able to block it?” Linley asked. This was the real question which he cared about.

“Heh heh, someone who uses Sovereign’s Might…won’t be able to block me.”  Bebe said confidently. “My innate divine ability, ‘Godeater’, will go through any possible opening. Unless the soul protection is completely flawless, as soon as it encounters any opening, it will seep through, locking onto the soul and divine spark!”
Linley nodded slightly.

“It seems that it would be hard for me to block this technique as well.” Linley laughed. “Heh   heh.”    Bebe   nodded   smugly.   “Unless,   Boss,   you completely repair that soul-protecting Sovereign artifact!”
“Completely repairing it…how difficult a task it is!”  Linley laughed in response.

During the course of this conversation, Linley had come to understand how terrifying Bebe’s innate divine ability truly was. Any commander who was not a Paragon or who did not possess a soul-protecting Sovereign artifact, upon encountering this technique, would probably find it hard to escape! The only method was to do what that violet-robed man had done; immediately pull away.

Once one was attacked within the range of the technique, one would be finished.

“Amongst the commanders, only a portion of them possess Sovereign artifacts. Even fewer have soul-protecting Sovereign artifacts.”  Linley  was  filled  with  confidence.  “Bebe,  just  by relying on this technique, should be able to deal with the vast majority of commanders. No wonder Beirut said that by relying on this technique, Bebe’s attack power would be close to Beirut’s own.”
Linley was already filled with confidence regarding the Planar Battlefield.

After all…it wasn’t just Bebe who had a supreme technique. Linley’s ‘Blackstone Space’ and innate divine ability, ‘Dragon Roar’, when combined with his godly weapon ‘Mirage’…this was also a very frightening triple threat.

In the blink of an eye, two months passed.

Within the cave.

“Boss, it’s been two more months. We only found a single person, and it was someone on our side. This rate is really low.” Bebe was rather impatient. They wanted to hunt enemy commanders, but they hadn’t even found any targets. They had power stored up but nowhere to spend it.

Linley nodded. “Bebe, there should be enemies on this side of the Stellar River as well. But although they have come over, all of them are extremely careful. Finding them is very hard. As I see it…let’s go straight to their base!”
“Boss, are you saying…?” Bebe’s eyes lit up.

“Pass through the Stellar River and go to the other side!”
The Planar Battlefield didn’t have a sun, a moon, or stars. Upon raising one’s head, all one would see was the multicolored patches of chaotic space high in the skies. Although it was beautiful, it was also very dangerous. The only reason the battlefield had any light at all and wasn’t steeped in utter darkness was because of the chaotic space high up above.

The Stellar River! 
It divided the battlefield into two sides, and was one of the danger zones of the Planar Battlefield.

“Boss, so this is the Stellar River? How can you call this a river?”  Bebe and Linley were currently standing amidst the grass, staring towards the distant Stellar River.

The Stellar River was extremely long. According to the descriptions on the map, it divided the entire Planar Battlefield in two, and so naturally it was a million kilometers in length. There was no way one would be able to see to the end of it with the naked eye. And its width…
“It  must  be  a  thousand  kilometers  wide.”   Linley  looked towards it.

The Stellar River was a thousand kilometers wide. At a glance…it seemed incomparably brilliant and beautiful. But upon taking a closer look, they discovered…that the brilliance wasn’t generated from ‘river water’. Rather, it was from countless spatial flows. The Stellar River was filled with countless spatial tears, which could be seen everywhere.

The spatial tears were so common that they formed into a thick, dense ‘river’, a river completely formed from chaotic spatial tears!

“How are we supposed to go past this damn place?” Bebe said with a frown.

Linley looked carefully as well. The number of spatial tears that appeared and disappeared here were innumerable. But of course, given that it was a thousand kilometers wide, there were some safe zones as well. There were some meteors, mountains, and hills that floated throughout the Stellar River. They just hovered there. Clearly, the regions in which they resided had no spatial tears.

However, they were in the center of this ‘river’. Linley couldn’t just teleport there. “The  Stellar  River  has  two  wide  corridors!”  Linley  said. “Only, these two corridors both have army headquarters stationed at each end and are under guard. Our side isn’t so bad; our people guard it and won’t attack us. But if we pass through the wide corridor to reach the other end, we will
suffer enemy attacks!”
The two sides of the Planar Battlefield were actually connected to each other solely through those two corridors.

“Boss, are we really going to…?” Bebe raised an eyebrow.

“Right! All we can do is find a safe corridor through the regions  of  chaotic  space  and  spatial  tears.”   Linley  looked forward  carefully  as  he  spoke.  “Bebe,  some  places  have  no spatial tears. Let’s look carefully for them.”
“No other choices.” Bebe mumbled.

Linley and Bebe both focused their attention on the Stellar River. 
Linley quickly discovered that within the Stellar River, there were some places with neither spatial tears nor chaotic space. By connecting these safe spaces…a sinuous pathway could be traversed. What Linley had to do was to find a small pathway that would allow him to reach the other side.

“Boss, look over there. It seems that place is passable.” Bebe pointed and said. “However, I can only see to a distance of a few hundred kilometers. It gets blurry after that. The small spatial tears can’t be seen clearly past that distance.”
Linley gave it a look, then shook his head. “Doesn’t work. The path that I found is the same; there’s no way to be certain as to whether or not the latter half is passable. How about this, Bebe…let’s head to those floating boulders in the center. Once we reach those spaces, we’ll look for a path that reaches the opposite shores.”
“Alright.” Bebe had no options as well. “Then let’s follow that path. It just happens to lead to the millstone-like  boulder  over  there  in  the  center.”   Linley immediately decided.

Linley and Bebe, while paying attention to their surroundings, transformed into two rays of light, quickly advancing to the sides of the Stellar Sea. But upon reaching the sides of the Stellar Sea, Linley and Bebe felt pressure from what they were going to do. The ‘river path’ they had selected was filled with countless spatial tears above and below it, as well as regions of chaotic space.

“Let’s go.” Linley sent.

Linley and Bebe instantly passed through the Stellar River. The two agilely and nimbly threaded their way through, moving up, down, left, and right at high speed, avoiding one dangerous region after another.

At this moment, it was as though Linley and Bebe were dancing atop the blade of a knife. The situation was extremely dangerous. 
But at their level, their self-control was at a very high level as well. They didn’t make a single error in any of their movements. Sometimes, they all but pressed against those spatial tears as they moved past them, but they still managed to dodge one danger after another.

“Up ahead.” Linley said, delighted.

Up ahead, there was an enormous floating boulder that was tens of meters wide. It hovered there, and despite having been there for so long, there were no cracks on it. Clearly, this region didn’t have much danger.

“Swoosh!” “Swoosh!”
Linley and Bebe advanced, one up ahead, one behind. They landed on the surface of the millstone-like boulder.

“Whew.” Only now did Linley let out a sigh of relief. 
He looked at his surroundings. The surrounding area was filled with spatial tears and chaotic space. Linley couldn’t help but say with a laugh, “Bebe, this…I feel as though we are back in the Yulan continent, in the secret room below Dragonblood Castle. However, that secret room had that membrane which blocked out the spatial tears and the chaotic space. Now, however, we don’t have any protection.”
“Boss…”  Bebe suddenly said. “Do you think there might be commanders hidden within the central boulders of the Stellar Sea?”

Chapter 16, Murderous Blows!

In the center of the Stellar River. Atop the giant, millstone- like floating boulder. Linley and Bebe were standing there.

“If we were to be surrounded and attacked, it would be dangerous.” Bebe looked at their surroundings.
“Hiding around the central boulders of the Stellar River?” Linley couldn’t help but look at the surrounding areas, then laughed. “Bebe, stop imagining things. I think no commander would be willing to battle within the center of the Stellar Sea. If you aren’t careful, you’ll immediately fall into the spatial tears or the chaotic space, and be finished.”
“Oh. Makes sense.” Bebe couldn’t help but rub his nose and chortle.

“Enough. If we stay here in the center of the Stellar River, we’ll easily be discovered. Let’s hurry up and find a way out and arrive at the opposite side in a hurry.” Linley said quickly. “Right.” Bebe also began to immediately inspect the surrounding spatial tears and chaotic space.

If someone from the other side was paying attention to the center of the Stellar River, Linley and Bebe would be easily discovered.

“No, this route doesn’t work either.” Linley shook his head, negating another pathway he had just discovered. Sometimes, a pathway seemed promising, but after a hundred meters, spatial tears and chaotic space completely blocked it off, providing no chances for advancing.

Linley and Bebe continued to search rapidly.

“Boss, I found a path.” Bebe said in surprised delight.

“Oh? Which one?” Linley couldn’t help but feel delighted. “Right over here. Look, follow this line, then there…take a big  turn.  The  route  after  that  is  fairly  clear.”   Bebe  said excitedly.

Linley’s gaze quickly swept down and followed the route, all the way to the other end. He wanted to make sure this route was passable.

“Let’s go.” Linley immediately gave the order.

Tarrying too long in the center of the Stellar River would make it easy for those on the other side to find them. Generally speaking, the easiest time for others to discover and ambush you would be during the process of travelling from one shore to another.

“Whoosh!” “Whoosh!”
Two figures flashed through the Stellar Sea like bolts of lightning, occasionally curving and occasionally shooting forward, then curving again…in short, constantly dodging past one dangerous region after another. 
“Captain, look, over there! Two people.” On the other side of the shore, a group of soldiers had discovered Linley and Bebe, advancing at high speed.

“Just two of them?” The leader, a silver-haired, sharp-eared, callous looking youth looked over, then gave the instructions. “These two definitely are commanders, or perhaps just one of them is. Let’s immediately move out, while at the same time… Second Bro, you go make the report to the Lord Commander. Should we let them go, or should we attack?”
A figure left, flying at high speed.

Linley and Bebe had no idea that there was a camp located right at the part of the shore they had selected as their destination. Unfortunately, the camp was blocked by a small hill, and so Linley and Bebe didn’t discover it at all. Linley and Bebe’s attention was completely focused on the dangerous path they were traversing, and didn’t realize at all that people in the distance were staring at them.

“My brothers, all of you, step back. Don’t fight head on. The few dozen of us present won’t be able to stop them.” The silver- haired, sharp-eared youth instructed. “When the main army arrives or the Lord Commander arrives, then we’ll see.” They were nothing more than a small patrol of the camp, and were more than ten kilometers away from the headquarters.

They were no fools. The few dozen of them, go fight head on against a commander-level expert? That would be suicide.

If there were hundreds or a thousand of them present, then they might be confident.

“They’ve  almost  arrived.”   The  soldiers  stared.  They  had retreated long ago, drawing close to the tall grass close to the hill next to the headquarters.

“The commander orders them to be killed!” The order from the commander came. 
“Brothers,  let’s  go!”  The  silver-haired,  sharp-eared  youth immediately shouted. It wasn’t just them, now; a large number of people had arrived from the main camp as well.

The soldiers of the camp located in other areas had all come, and they too charged forward, attacking alongside the patrols. There were more than a thousand attacking soldiers.

“Swoosh!”  “Swoosh!”  Linley and Bebe landed on the shore, moving lightning-fast.

“Boss,  there  are  people  here!  Many!”  Bebe  said,  stunned. Linley now noticed as well that in the distant grassy area, a large number of figures had suddenly emerged and were moving towards them at high speed. At the same time, more than ten meters away, in the distance, there was a short tent, with other tents blocked by the hill. “Not good. This is an enemy camp. We need to hurry and leave.” Linley didn’t dare to hesitate, immediately fleeing alongside Bebe.

“Attack!” The order came. There was nothing they could do; in terms of speed, these soldiers couldn’t compete with Linley and Bebe. If this continued, the distance would only grow greater and greater. It was better to immediately attack. With that order, instantly…
All sorts of rays of light, translucent soul attacks, and other things shot forward at high speed, traversing the kilometers of distance and attacking Linley and Bebe.

But Linley and Bebe fled very quickly as well.

“Bang!” “Bang!” The various attacks rained down, covering Linley and Bebe.
Multiple attacks landed on Linley and Bebe’s bodies.

Within the exploding sounds, Linley and Bebe continued to flee quickly, soon disappearing from the field of vision of the pursuing soldiers.

“Commander!”  The thousand soldiers suddenly all turned and bowed towards a single person.

This person was a man with long golden hair as brilliant as the sun, a face that was as white and pure as a woman’s, and who was dressed in a long golden robe. He casually glanced at them. “You let them escape?”
“We didn’t catch up to them.” The military officer who gave the order to attack said.

“If you didn’t catch up to them, then forget it. We were already quite lucky to even encounter them, given the close distance to the Stellar Sea and how fast commanders move. If we were able to so easily kill one or two commanders, then my luck would have been too great. Enough, let’s return!”  The golden-haired commander laughed calmly as he gave his orders.

In a patch of grass, Linley and Bebe were hiding.

“What bad luck.” Bebe twisted his lips. “Boss, you alright?”
“I’m fine. Just four material attacks landed on me, along with one soul attack. There wasn’t much of an impact.” Linley felt they were unlucky as well. The Stellar River was a million kilometers long. They had randomly chosen a place to come over, but who would have imagined that the opposite side would have a camp?

Linley then laughed. “Still, we at least made it safely to the enemy side.”
“Right.” Bebe’s eyes lit up. “Boss, are we going to search for our target now?” “Let’s start to set up camp. I imagine on this side, things will be much better than at our side.”
Linley and Bebe set up the same camping strategy they had on the other side. They dug a fairly shallow hole into the ground, then calmly began to train in the hole. At the same time, they each controlled a Deathgod Golem, which began to sneak around, with the goal of attracting nearby commanders.

A muscular man dressed in short sleeves and long trousers who was three meters tall was currently stealthily moving forward. He had a head of golden, lion-like hair, an upwards hooked nose, and a large mouth. His golden eyes paid constant attention to the surrounding areas, searching for a target.

The golden-haired man’s eyes lit up. He saw that in the distance, there was a figure that was stealthily advancing. He couldn’t help but let a huge smile appear on his face. “I didn’t expect I’d actually encounter one. Right. No badge aura. An enemy!” The golden-haired man immediately shot forward as though he were a bolt of lightning.

Right at this moment, that figure just so happened to turn, spying the golden-haired man charging at him.

“Swoosh!” Not hesitating at all, the figure immediately fled.

“Fleeing? But your speed is inferior to mine!”  The golden- haired man’s eyes lit up.

In the underground cave, Linley and Bebe were quietly seated in the meditative posture.

“Boss,  we  have  a  target.  He’s  chasing  after  the  Deathgod Golem I am controlling.” Bebe suddenly opened his eyes.

Linley, excited, opened his eyes as well. “The encounter rate is much higher on the enemy side. This is only the seventh day, but we’ve found someone.” “Let’s hurry up and move out.”
Linley and Bebe didn’t hesitate at all, immediately moving out from underground. If the enemy discovered the ‘target’ was just a Deathgod Golem, he would definitely know that it was just bait, making the chances of their ambush being successful much lower.

Linley and Bebe had been controlling the Deathgod Golems at a close distance. Because they were keeping them close, that made it easier to control them, and it was currently fleeing towards the two of them.

Within the grass.

Linley and Bebe laid there in wait, staring at the two distant, running figures. The Deathgod Golem was a Highgod artifact level Deathgod Golem, and it was still quite fast. However, normally speaking, a commander level expert should be far faster than this Deathgod Golem. “This    golden-haired    fellow    isn’t    that    fast.”     Linley immediately came to this judgment.

“Boss, I don’t sense any aura from his badge. He should be an enemy.” Bebe said, delighted.

Linley’s eyes lit up as well.

Good heavens! They had lain in wait for half a year on their own side without anything to show for it, but after having waited here for just seven days, they had encountered an enemy. The efficiency rate here really was much higher.

“Bebe, prepare to act.” Linley sent mentally.

“Don’t worry, Boss.” Bebe grew excited as well.

Linley and Bebe just watched as the golden-haired man continued to chase after the Deathgod Golem. Finally…the golden-haired man caught up to it. The muscular man, his head wreathed in large amounts of golden hair, let out a large howl as he swept forward with his right palm. With that blow, space itself rippled as though spacetime was water.

“So powerful.”  The faces of Linley and Bebe changed. The stability of the Planar Battlefield was far greater than even the Higher Planes.

The Deathgod Golem struck back as well. Their fists met!

The Deathgod Golem’s right arm immediately transformed into shattered pieces, while the entire body then began to tremble before immediately collapsing.

This scene badly startled Linley and Bebe. To break through a Highgod artifact sword with a punch wasn’t frightening; however, when this golden-haired man had broken the Deathgod Golem’s arm, then somehow caused a powerful vibration that made the entire Deathgod Golem collapse. This sort of attack was simply too awe-inspiring. 
“Eh?” The golden-haired man stared. There was no divine spark on the ground, nor any badge.

“Not  good!”   The  golden-haired  man  suddenly  raised  his head.

HE saw that a hundred meters away, an enormous Godeater Rat phantom had suddenly appered in midair. A youth was staring at him coldly. “Rumble…”  A strange ripple instantly spread out. The golden-haired man wasn’t able to dodge at all, and was immediately struck by it. A strange energy pressed down on his mind…
Innate divine ability – Godeater!

“Rumble…”   An  earthen  yellow  light  instantly  vibrated outwards, pressing down on the golden-haired man.

“Swish!” An azure-golden blur shot forward as well. 
Based on Linley and Bebe’s plans, regardless of whether or not Bebe’s technique succeeded, Linley would still use his most powerful sword attack in that moment. Someone capable of blocking ‘Godeater’ wouldn’t necessarily be able to block Linley’s sword.

“Raaaaaaaaawr!”  The  golden-haired  man  let  out  an  angry roar.

“He’s  actually  still  alive.”  Bebe  couldn’t  help  but  curse  to himself. The enemy was either a Highgod Paragon or possessed a soul-protecting Sovereign artifact. The enemy camp they had encountered when they had just arrived had been a thorny problem, and now here came another one. What horrible luck.

The invisible godspark sword, Mirage, shot out…Firmament Splitter! This most powerful technique was executed through the invisible ‘Mirage’ sword, and the sword pierced straight towards the man’s forehead.

“Bastard!” The golden-haired man sensed the sharp aura and hurriedly moved his head aside to dodge.

Mirage stabbed directly into the right side of the golden- haired man’s face, but as it stabbed down, with a ‘crackle’ sound, Mirage just barely managed to cut through the golden- haired man’s face, and it was unable to go any further.

“What sort of defense is this!” Linley was stupefied.

Aside from Bebe and Beirut, Linley had never before encountered such powerful, terrifying defense. Most likely, even Patriarch Gislason of the Azure Dragon clan was far inferior. His most powerful sword attack was aimed at the enemy’s face, not the enemy’s fist. He had only been able to cut slightly into the skin of the face. This was too ridiculous. 
“Die!” The golden-haired man let out a bellow, smashing out at Linley with an angry fist.

Linley, terrified, retreated with explosive speed.

That attack just now had been launched from just half a meter away from Linley. However, just as Linley thought he had dodged it, a golden yellow light suddenly shot out from the golden-haired man’s fist. As it shot out, it actually caused space itself to tremble.

There was no way to dodge!

The golden light struck Linley on his chest, and with a ‘boom’ sound, it shot straight through Linley’s chest, creating a large, fist-sized hole within it.

Chapter 17, Hemmers

“His material attack is actually this powerful!”  Linley felt stunned in his heart. “Even the former Redcliff Lord’s material attack wasn’t as monstrous as this. An attack passing through empty space is actually able to penetrate my body.” Linley was very confident in the defense of his Dragonform, but today, this punch had stunned him!

That man’s eyes were filled with rage, and his messy golden hair began to tremble.

“You dare to injure me, Hemmers? Die!” A deep voice echoed in Linley’s mind, and the golden-haired man’s right leg lashed out…
That thick right leg was flowing with a golden yellow light. As it lashed out, it created ripples in space, as though it were moving through water. The power of this kick was so great that even before it reached Linley, Linley already had a bad feeling.  “Given  the  power  of  that  fist,  which  didn’t  even directly hit me, just passed through the air…if I’m hit by this kick…” Linley didn’t dare to hesitate.

“Blackstone Space – Repulsive Force!” Linley willed it, and a powerful repulsive force was applied to the terrifyingly powerful body of that ‘Hemmers’.

At the same time, with a ‘whap!’ sound, Linley’s whip-like draconic tail slapped the ground hard, borrowing the counterforce to retreat hurriedly!

“Bang!” This kick of Hemmers missed.

“BOOM!”  Although it missed, a surge of golden ripples still shot out from his leg, shooting towards Linley. This material attack was simply too fast! It wasn’t bound by the Blackstone Space, and its speed vastly outstripped Linley’s fleeing speed. However, live and learn; after having suffered last time, Linley was prepared this time. Linley’s godspark sword, ‘Mirage’, unhurriedly swung out to meet it.

It seemed to move slowly but was actually fast. The flat of Mirage struck directly against the golden yellow ripple.

“BANG!”    A   powerful   collision.   Mirage   was   knocked backwards, slapping against Linley’s body, while Linley’s sword-wielding right arm actually had its draconic scales shatter and blood leak through.

Linley once more borrowed the counterforce to retreat.

“What a monster!” Linley cursed in his heart. “The power of kick, when passing through a godspark weapon, is capable of shattering my draconic scales. So in the planes of the universe, there  is  someone  besides  Beirut  who  is  so  monstrous!” Previously, Linley had seen Beirut use his bare hands to stop a Sovereign artifact. 
One could imagine how much strength that took. But it seemed as though this golden-haired man was about the same.

The distant Bebe’s eyes instantly grew wide and round. Not hesitating at all, he transformed into a blur, shooting towards the golden-haired warrior while sending mentally in a frantic voice, “Boss, hurry and flee, I’ll block him!”
“Bebe, don’t waste time, let’s hurry up and leave! You won’t be able to block him.” Linley hurriedly sent back.

At the same time, Linley increased his fleeing speed. Bebe had no choice but to follow Linley in fleeing.

“You want to escape?!”
The golden-haired man stared furiously at the two fleeing figures,  then  violently  stomped  forward.  “BANG!”  “BANG!” Every single step was like a meteor striking the ground, and the golden-haired man’s speed thus reached his limit as he pursued and attacked towards the fleeing Linley and Bebe.

“Boss, that big fellow is in pursuit!” Bebe called out in alarm.

“He’s   actually   this   fast.”    Linley   glanced   backwards. Originally, when the golden-haired man had been in pursuit of the Deathgod Golem, he hadn’t been this fast. Clearly…this person called ‘Hemmers’ was utterly enraged now.

“It’s fine. Once he enters my Blackstone Space, he won’t be able to catch up to us.” Linley said with certainty.


As soon as the golden-haired man entered the ‘Blackstone Space’ region, he sensed a powerful repulsive force. Speed was never his forte to begin with, and although when going all out, he could compare to Linley and Bebe, as soon as he entered the Blackstone Space region, he became vastly inferior to Linley and Bebe. 
Linley and Bebe were fleeing in front, hurriedly pulling away.

This caused the golden-haired man to once more escape the ‘Blackstone Space’, and as soon as he did, his speed increased again, allowing him to close in on them once more.

In short…the two sides maintained a distance of roughly five hundred meters.

“Boss, that big fellow keeps chasing us. What should we do?” Bebe said frantically. “Can it be that we will have to use Sovereign’s Might?”
“Not for now.”
Linley didn’t want to waste a drop of Sovereign’s Might. The situation wasn’t critical yet. “Bebe, within a few hundred meters, this Hemmers is able to clearly see us. How about this. We will immediately enter the ground and tunnel downwards. He won’t be able to see us, and will probably find it hard to find us.”  Linley sent mentally. Unless the situation was life-threatening, Linley wouldn’t
easily use up his Sovereign’s Might.

“Enter the ground? Fine.” Bebe agreed.

“The two of you, don’t even think of escaping!”  The angry bellows continued to echo and shake the world.

“This  big  idiot.  Isn’t  he  afraid  of  attracting  attention,  by bellowing like this?” Bebe couldn’t help but sent angrily.

“Bebe, I imagine this Hemmers really isn’t afraid of others coming. He didn’t even fear your ‘Godeater’ ability. He should have a soul-protecting Sovereign artifact. And look at his material defense! This is absolutely an opponent who has no weaknesses. His only weakness, actually, is that he has no long distance attacks and no soul attacks. Enough, let’s go underground!” Linley and Bebe, in virtually the same instant, with a ‘swoosh’ dove underground.

“Hmph, fleeing underground?”  The yellow-haired man let out a cold laugh.

And then…
The yellow-haired man lifted up his thick leg, viciously stamping on the ground. With a thunderous sound, the ground trembled and a ray of golden light rippled out from his leg and entered the ground, spreading outwards in every direction.

“Over there!” The burly golden-haired man’s eyes lit up.

He moved towards the left in hot pursuit, then lifted his feet up once again and viciously stomped on the ground. That golden light once more entered the ground and rippled out. Although by fleeing underground, one couldn’t be seen, in terms of fleeing speed, the blocking dirt naturally made it slower than fleeing aboveground.

“What sort of weird technique is this?”  Bebe could clearly sense how the golden energy ripples were like ripples of water, with each ripple landing on himself and Linley. However, the energy of these ripples didn’t possess much power to harm.

A violent tremor came from above.

“This fellow knows where we are.”  Linley said frantically. “There’s no way to escape his pursuit from underground.”
“Boss, what should we do?” Bebe said frantically.

“There’s one final option! If this method doesn’t work, then we’ll just have to use up our Sovereign’s Might.” Right at this moment, a powerful golden ripple shot downwards, charging straight through the obstructing dirt.

“Not good.” Linley’s face changed.

“BANG!” Bebe viciously threw a punch straight towards it.

“Bebe, are you alright?” Linley was rather nervous.

“I’m fine. This attack was pretty strong though; my fist feels numb. But I’m not injured.”  Bebe sent back. Linley, hearing this, let out a sigh of relief, and then a sigh of praise; Bebe’s defense really was terrifying, comparable to or exceeding the hardness of a godspark weapon.

Bebe, upon reaching the Highgod level, had only been injured by the Abyssal Fruit Tree Sovereign. Others weren’t even able to scratch Bebe’s skin. Unfortunately, Bebe’s attack power was too weak, inferior to even Linley’s. It was only because of his innate divine ability that he was able to threaten commander-level experts.

“Bebe…let’s go aboveground together!” Linley said hurriedly.

That expert named Hemmers clearly had a method to determine where they were. If they were underground, they would be moving slowly and would be beaten around like punching bags. Linley and Bebe immediately transformed into rays of light, quickly emerging from underground.

“Haha, you finally came out.”
Loud laughter rang out, and the golden-haired man drew closer.

“So  close!”   Upon  leaving  the  ground,  Linley  and  Bebe discovered that this golden haired man was less than a hundred meters away now. Linley was so startled, he immediately set up his Blackstone Space, once more repulsing the golden-haired man. By relying on his speed, he was once more able to pull away.

“Bastard! This damn thing again. Just like Reisgem…how damn annoying!” The golden-haired man howled furiously.

He was currently filled with rage.

In the Blackstone Space, he wasn’t able to draw near Linley at all.

Right at this moment…
“Eh?” The golden-haired man stared.

Linley, while running at full speed, suddenly turned to stare at him. At the same time, an enormous, sinuous, coiled illusion of an Azure Dragon suddenly appeared behind Linley. The Azure Dragon Phantom’s golden eyes were staring coldly at the muscular ‘Hemmers’, while at the same time, the sound of a dragon’s roar began to ring out in Hemmers’ mind.

Innate divine ability – Dragon Roar!

Time drastically slowed down in the region Hemmers’ soul was in.

“Uh…” Hemmers was stunned. Within his field of vision, he watched as Linley and Bebe seemed to suddenly move tens of time faster, and with a ‘swish’ disappeared from his field of vision. But of course, it wasn’t that Linley and Bebe actually moved faster; it was that Hemmers himself had slowed down by tens of times.

The effect of the Dragon Roar had finally brought an end to this pursuit.

“Dragon Roar? The Dragon Roar of the Azure Dragon clan? What terrible luck.” Hemmers rubbed his big nose. “Still, I really am too slow. Given the repulsive force of the Gravitational Space of that kid of the Azure Dragon clan, even if I used Sovereign’s Might, I would only be able to barely maintain parity with him while under the effects of that repulsive force.”
Hemmers couldn’t help but shake his head.

In pure fleeing speed, Linley and Hemmers were roughly the same, and when going all out, Hemmers actually held the advantage.

But by relying on the Blackstone Space, Linley made it so that even if Hemmers used Sovereign’s Might, the two would still roughly be on par.

“Still, speed was never my forte. There’s nothing I can do!” Hemmers shook his head. “The best thing for me to do is to beg a Sovereign to create a long-distance Sovereign weapon for me. For example, something like a javelin…and by then, given my attack power, who would be able to block it? This is my third time participating in the Planar Wars. Altogether, I’m still missing three commander badges…I have to work hard and see, after the conclusion of this Planar War, if I’ll be able to come up with enough military merits.” Hemmers shook his head, leaving with large strides.

“HEY!”   Hemmers   shouted   towards   the   distance   while leaving. “You people, stop watching over there! If you have the ability to do so, come closer to me!”
“Hemmers, looks like you failed again, haha…”
A loud laugh rang out from afar, and then the laughter faded away.

“A group of cowards.” Hemmers snorted, then left.

In the distance, three people were together. Two male youths, along with a violet-haired, violet-robed girl. The violet- robed girl laughed softly. “Hey, did the two of you see that? There was someone who was so foolish and hotheaded as to go offend that fellow Hemmers. Don’t they know…that Hemmers is one of the top-ranked experts of the entire Divine Earth Plane?” “Most  likely,  those  two  aren’t  familiar  with  the  various commanders  yet.”  One  of  the  three,  a  black-horned,  silver- haired youth, laughed calmly.

“But those two aren’t weak either; they were able to battle Hemmers without dying. Unfortunately, we came too late and weren’t able to find out where the two ran off to.” The other male youth of the three, a person with dazzling golden hair and strange silver-white eyes, said. “Let’s go. Let’s leave this place. If Hemmers makes trouble for us, that will be a pain in the neck.”
The three immediately slipped away.

Amidst the grass, Linley and Bebe were lying down and resting.

“Boss, where did that freak come from? Your full-force sword blow was only able to barely pierce his skin. And his punches! They went straight through your body.” Bebe sent mentally. “And that’s because my body is very strong.” Linley said with a self-mocking laugh. “Bebe, you don’t know this, but when that punch pierced through my chest, a strange, rippling power seemed to shake my entire body. Fortunately…my Dragonformed body is far tougher than a Deathgod Golem. Otherwise, I would have ended up the same way, just like the Deathgod Golem; my entire body would have collapsed.”
When Linley had seen that, he had felt shocked.

“Alas. Boss, although there are quite a few commanders we can deal with here in the Planar Wars, there’s also a good number we can’t. We weren’t so bad off this time; this one was weak in speed. But if next time, we really slam into a metal wall, that would be terrible.” Bebe said with a frown.

Chapter 18, List of Names

“If  we  really  slam  into  a  metal  wall?”  Linley  was  rather worried now as well.

Amongst commanders, there were indeed a number of figures who could be described as being ‘invincible’. If they ran into such a figure, he and Bebe would be in true danger. This universe was capable of giving birth to a terrifying divine beast such as the Godeater Rat, as well as a divine beast capable of altering time such as the Azure Dragon. It could also give birth to other terrifying divine beasts. Beirut was only reputed to be the number one figure beneath the Bloodridge Sovereign. There were most likely some people who were comparable to him.

Linley didn’t dare to underestimate any commander.

“Forget  it.  In  the  Planar  Battlefield,  for  commanders  to slaughter each other is what happens anyhow.” Bebe mumbled. “It comes down to luck, I suppose.” “We are at a major disadvantage.”  Linley shook his head. “The commanders who have come to participate in the Planar Wars are all very familiar with the other commanders. We know too little…this will cause us to blindly attack enemies. For example, that Hemmers. If we knew who he was in advance, we could’ve just let him pass and not anger him.”
Linley was resigned.

After all, he had just barely reached the ‘Asura’ level.

“We are indeed at a disadvantage. We know too few people.” Bebe said helplessly.

Linley’s eyes suddenly lit up.

Linley slapped himself on the head, hard, then laughed at himself. “Bebe, look at me. My mind’s gone muddled. You and I don’t know them, but can’t we ask others?” “Eh?” Bebe was startled.

“My divine fire clone is at the Yulan continent. I can go ask your Grandpa Beirut.” Linley didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry.

Bebe  instantly  began  to  laugh  as  well.  “Right.  Grandpa definitely knows a great deal. Why didn’t I think of this?”
After having come to the Planar Wars, Linley and Bebe had completely focused on the dangerous, warlike environment. They had only been thinking of hunting and killing other commanders and so hadn’t thought about other things.

“Bebe, let’s not go out for now. First, let me get a clear picture of the various commanders of the other planes, and get a sense of who is hard to deal with, who is easy to deal with. Then we’ll make our choices.” Linley laughed. Bebe nodded as well. They did indeed have plenty of time, and weren’t in a rush.

The Yulan Plane. The Forest of Darkness. 
“Whoooosh.”   The  world  was  bathed  in  white.  Drifting plumes of snow fell down from the skies, while a fiery blur was currently passing through the air above the Forest of Darkness at high speed. At this moment, a fiery, red robed Linley with fiery red hair was flying at high speed towards Beirut’s metallic castle. This metallic castle was very familiar with Linley, and didn’t bar his way at all. As Linley landed, he directly entered into the metallic castle.

Within the front courtyard of the metallic castle.

A black-robed Beirut was standing there, holding a book and seated beneath a great tree formed from the metallic lifeform. The thick leaves completely blocked out the falling snow.

“Lord Beirut.” Linley bowed respectfully.

Beirut turned and laughed calmly while giving him a glance. “Oh, Linley, is there something you need? Did you encounter some  difficulties  in  the  Planar  Battlefield?”  After  speaking, Beirut once more lowered his head to flip through the book in his hands.

“Lord Beirut, Bebe and I are doing pretty poorly in the Planar Battlefield. We found a target, but who would have imagined… the target was so powerful that even Bebe and I combined weren’t a match for him. Fortunately, speed was not one of his strengths, nor was he skilled at long distance attacks, so we managed to escape with our lives.” Linley said ashamedly.

Beirut, surprised, closed his book.

“You and Bebe combined weren’t a match for him?” Beirut asked. “The two of you against one person; one uses an innate divine ability against the soul and divine spark, while the other uses a material attack. You two complement each other very well…there aren’t many commanders who can block that.”
“His name is Hemmers.” Linley reported the name.

“Him?” Beirut  couldn’t  help  but  start  to  laugh.  “Haha…you  two really are fearless. You even dare go irritate that big, boorish fellow! Others run as fast as they can when they see him. The material attack of ‘Hemmers’ can be ranked in the top ten of the entire universe. Even your Patriarch, Gislason, can’t withstand a punch from Hemmers.”
“I  only  learned  that  afterwards.”   Linley  said,  laughing bitterly.

“Lord Beirut, how can Hemmers’ punches be so powerful?” Linley was completely confused. “I, too, train in the Laws of the Earth, and saw the attacks of the Redcliff Lord. But I don’t understand why Hemmers’  punches and kicks could be so…” Linley shook his head, indicating his confusion.

The previous Redcliff Lord was skilled in material attacks as well, and he had fused five profound mysteries. His power was extremely great. When Linley and him had exchanged punches, Linley had been slightly inferior. “That’s his innate gift!” Beirut began to chortle.

“Innate gift?” Linley was startled.

“Do you know how many profound mysteries he has fused?” Beirut laughed.

“No idea.” Linley shook his head. “Is it high, or is it low?”
“He  has  fused  four.”   Beirut  laughed  calmly.  “This  is something I heard from the Sovereign when I was by his side.”
Linley was stunned. Fusing four profound mysteries put him at the Seven Star Fiend level, but the power which Hemmers had displayed was terrifyingly strong.

If one could be so breathtakingly strong after having fused just four profound mysteries, the strength of his innate gifts could be easily imagined! “This Hemmers was born and blessed with incomparably great strength, and his defense is tremendous as well! According to legend…when the Divine Earth Plane was first created, a small golden mountain was formed. After countless years of nurturing, it eventually transformed into a living creature. Hemmers.”  Beirut laughed. “Do you know? As soon as he transformed upon reaching the Demigod level, he became a Sovereign’s Emissary and was given a soul-protecting Sovereign artifact.”
“Uh…” Linley was speechless.

A Sovereign’s Emissary as a Demigod?

“His body is indestructible. Given that he also has a soul- protecting Sovereign artifact…to kill him is virtually impossible. Because his body was formed from that unique golden mountain that was formed alongside the plane itself, his power was extremely great from birth. Even without using any profound mysteries, a punch from him can shatter space. Now that he has fused four profound mysteries, there aren’t many people who can take a punch from him.” Beirut said in praise. Linley couldn’t help but feel speechless. Some innate divine abilities really were ridiculous.

“I, a Godeater Rat, refine divine sparks to strengthen my body. But Hemmers was born with such a powerful body.” Beirut laughed calmly. “However, purely in terms of physical toughness, Hemmers is still slightly inferior to us Godeater Rats.”
Linley understood this as well. The bodies of Godeater Rats were comparable to divine sparks, after all.

“Lord Beirut, we were at a huge disadvantage this time! Thus, I want to ask you, Lord Beirut, if you can give me some information regarding the Asura-level experts of the various major planes. Let me get an understanding of them. That way, we won’t rashly compete against some truly supreme experts again.” Linley said hurriedly.

Beirut nodded slightly. “I guessed that you would come find me.”  Beirut waved his hand, and a bluish-copper colored chest suddenly appeared in front of him. “This chest has a great deal of information within it, as well as scryer recordings. Take a close look and get a good understanding of the various supreme experts of the various planes.”
Linley couldn’t help but look excitedly towards the bluish- copper chest.

With this thing, he would be prepared to deal with the enemies.

“Read it here. If there are any questions, you can ask me.” Beirut laughed calmly.

“Thank you, Lord Beirut.” Linley immediately went over and opened the chest.

Inside were a large number of scryer recordings, as well as thick realms of documents. Linley immediately moved the chest to one side and then began to read carefully, right there in the courtyard.

“Magnus  [Ma’ge’nu’si],  Celestial  Realm.  A  supreme  expert who ranks in the top five. Trains in the Edicts of Fate. Seems to be a Highgod Paragon…” Linley began to truly read in earnest. The information regarding one supreme expert after another entered Linley’s mind, and Linley now truly began to understand…
So each of the eleven great planes had such a high number of experts hidden in reclusion.

It must be understood that the seven Laws and four Edicts alone had a total of seventy seven Sovereigns. How could the number of supreme Highgod experts be lacking?

In but a single day’s time, Linley finished reading all of the materials and viewed all of the scryer recordings.

Linley now truly had the feeling…that there were so many experts in the universe! 
“The eleven great planes…it seems as though there are less than thirty Highgod Paragons.”  Linley was secretly amazed. “In other words, each plane has, on average, just two or three Highgod Paragons. And these are only those who are suspected to be Paragons! As for the Sovereigns, the eleven planes each have seven Sovereigns.”  Linley finally realized how truly rare Highgod Paragons were!

As for commander-level experts? There were far more!

For example, in the Infernal Realm, there were 108 Lord Prefects and 108 Purgatory Commanders! The Infernal Realm alone held 216 commander-level experts, and that didn’t include many retired experts or supreme experts who never formally held the title of Lord Prefect. It was truly hard to calculate how many had retired, in fact.

The Infernal Realm alone had hundreds, perhaps nearly a thousand experts who were at the commander-level of power. And the other three Higher Realms and the other Seven Divine Planes?

“There  really  are  so  many!”   Linley  said  to  himself  in amazement. “Only, the vast majority of them won’t participate in the battles at all.”
This was because the eleven great planes had existed for too long. When Linley had been with the Azure Dragon clan and encountered some of the Elders of the clan, he realized that these Elders had lived for unknowably long periods of time already. From this, one could imagine…how long the histories of the various planes were.

It made sense that after countless years, many experts had arisen.

“Thud.” Linley shut the chest.

At this time, Beirut walked over from the courtyard. With a calm laugh, he said, “Oh, done reading?” “Yes.” Linley took a deep breath.

This list of names of powerful experts allowed Linley to truly understand the concept of ‘a heaven beyond heaven’. Although he had just barely crossed the threshold of an ‘Asura’, there were many Asura-level experts, after all. The Infernal Realm alone had 216, not even counting the retired or hidden experts.

“After learning these things, don’t be overconfident in the future.” Beirut said with a calm laugh. “The Planar Battlefield is a place of life and death! Thus, commanders who aren’t very confident generally won’t show their real faces to people.”
“Won’t show their real faces?”  Linley was stunned. “Then isn’t it pointless for me to read these things?”
After having viewed the materials and scryer recordings, Linley learned what these people looked like and what their supreme techniques were. But if they changed their appearances, how would he tell them apart? “Don’t worry too much. It is only the weak who change their appearances. As for the experts who are truly, completely confident in themselves, they can’t be bothered to change their appearances, because they fear no one.” Beirut said.

Linley couldn’t help but nod.

It was hard to judge superiority or inferiority amongst the truly high-level, supreme experts amongst the Asuras. For example, some Highgod Paragons could only be said to be in the top three or the top five of a particular plane; there was no way of saying if he was definitely the best. After all, after training to the very peak…even if there were slight differences in power, it would be hard for one of them to kill the other.

“Lord Beirut, in other words, as long as I encounter someone I don’t recognize, I should attack.” Linley laughed.

“Right.” Beirut laughed as well.

“Actually,  the  Planar  Wars  are  very  pointless.”   Beirut suddenly shook his head. “It’s simply a charnel house meant for reducing the number of supreme experts…but of course, it will also give birth to a few supreme experts.”
“Eh?” Linley was startled.

Charnel house?

“Lord Beirut, what are you saying?” Linley couldn’t help but speak out.

Beirut said with a calm laugh, “There are too many people and too many experts in the various planes! In addition, these planes have existed for countless years. Their long existences have resulted in countless experts! The Planar Wars are a tool meant to be used to reduce the number of experts. Every trillion years, every plane will undergo a Planar Wars, thus reducing the number of experts.”
“A single Planar War will continue for a thousand years! In the course of those thousand years, it is virtually only the commanders who will fight against and slaughter each other, while those who don’t wish to battle hide in their camps! At the very end of the Planar War, the armies of both sides will fight each other at the ‘bridges’ through the Stellar Sea and engage in a wild slaughter!” Beirut said with a chuckle. “To the vast majority of people, this is suicide. But to a few people, this is an excellent opportunity.”

Chapter 19, An Untended Willow Grows

Linley now understood!

When he originally entered the Planar Battlefield, Linley had discovered that many army camps were situated at each side of the Stellar River, and yet there were no signs of activity. Linley didn’t understand why. Only now did he understand…that at the final part, the two armies would begin to kill each other.

“That’s  too  vicious.  It’s  tantamount  to  suicide.”   Linley couldn’t help but say.

“Although it is vicious and cruel, it’s also a good chance to earn military merits.”  Beirut said with a calm laugh. “In that sort of chaotic battle between two great armies, even commanders might die. And if one is lucky, one might be able to instantly acquire a large number of soldier badges and even commander badges! That is the time when the rewards are greatest, but yes, also when the danger is greatest.”
In Linley’s mind instantly floated an image of countless Highgods launching attacks against each other, with commanders amongst them.

Indeed, that was a terrifying scene.

“It’d be best for you to acquire enough commander badges prior to this event.” Beirut laughed calmly.

Linley nodded. When the two armies battled chaotically, that was indeed a time of great reward, but also a time of tremendous danger.

“If,  within  a  thousand  years,  I  don’t  collect  enough commander badges, then I’ll have to go participate in the mass battle.”  Linley  said  to  himself  silently.  For  the  sake  of  his family and friends, Linley wouldn’t cower.

The Planar Battlefield, within a fairly black mountain. Linley and Bebe were together. This sort of lifeless black mountain could be seen everywhere throughout the Planar Battlefield. “Crunch.” Bebe was eating some fruit.

Linley, seated in the meditative posture, suddenly opened his eyes.

“Hey, Boss? Did you get the news from my grandfather?” Bebe’s eyes immediately lit up. Linley smiled and nodded. “Right.  I  now  have  an  understanding  of  most  of  the commander-level experts of the various planes. From today onwards…how about this. I’ll control the Deathgod Golem by myself to draw in commanders.”
They had enough time. Linley was in no rush.

“Right.” Bebe chortled, then nodded. “Alright. I was wanting to take more naps anyhow. When you find a target, Boss, call me.”  Bebe, even in the Planar Battlefield, always was in the mood for napping.”
“More than eight hundred, close to nine hundred, years are left before this Planar War concludes. We need to put this long period of time to good use. Perhaps during this period of time, I’ll fuse my fourth profound mystery of the Laws of the Earth.” Linley said with a sigh.

“Eh? Four? Right, Boss, didn’t you already combine the Throbbing Pulse of the World, the Profound Mysteries of Strength, the Essence of the Earth, and Gravitational Space? Finishing the fusion should be fairly quick.” Bebe mumbled.

“I’ve  combined  them,  but  what  I  now  need  to  do  is  to separately fuse the Profound Mysteries of Strength with the Essence of the Earth and Gravitational Space as well. Only after I complete this will all four have been completely fused. Most likely, in another century or so, the separate fusions will be finished.”  Linley said with a calm laugh. Actually, Linley had already improved significantly in the past sixty or seventy years he had spent here in the Netherworld.

After all, once the fusion had started, fusing up to the bottleneck was just a matter of time.

“Hey,  Boss,  once  you  fuse  four  profound  mysteries,  your attack power will rise greatly once again.” Bebe said excitedly. 
“Actually, I already have a direction in my mind.” Linley said with a calm laugh.

After having seen the attacks of the previous Redcliff Lord and of Hemmers, Linley had already gained some insights.

Bebe either napped or trained; in short, he was always just waiting. Linley’s divine clones focused on their training, while his original body controlled the Deathgod Golem outside. Time flowed on…and in the blink of an eye, two more months passed.

“It’s only been one month, but I’ve lost a Deathgod Golem already.” Linley shook his head helplessly as he spoke. “Half a year ago, when I saw that supreme expert of the Divine Light Realm, I wanted to control my Deathgod Golem to make it flee, but that person pursued and attacked, forcibly destroying my Deathgod Golem as well as the surrounding area. Fortunately, I hid deep enough…and his divine sense didn’t extend all the way down to me.” Bebe opened his eyes and laughed, “It is just a Deathgod Golem. It is cheap. It’s nothing.”
“If I knew, I would’ve brought some more here with me.” Linley said.

At this moment, Linley was controlling another Deathgod Golem, patrolling outside.

“In two months, we haven’t seen a single suitable opponent.” Bebe let out a sigh.

“Don’t sigh. If we hadn’t gone to your Grandpa Beirut and found out some information, most likely against that previous person, we would’ve gone to go fight against that supreme expert of Light. Fortunately, we avoided that disaster.”  Linley laughed. Just as Linley and Bebe were sighing, suddenly…
“BOOM!” The entire mountain trembled violently, and quite a few rocks smashed down atop Linley and Bebe.

“What’s  going  on?  What’s  happening?”  Bebe  said  with  a frown.

“Wait a moment. The Deathgod Golem that I’m controlling is thousands of meters away…oh, the Deathgod Golem sees it. Two experts are battling!” Linley said, surprised.

Next to the mountain where Linley and Bebe were residing, there were two figures clashing. One was a violet blur, while the other was a white blur. One violet saber flash after another flew out of the body of the violet blur, with one of them landing viciously against the nearby small mountain.

An explosive collision. The two were both knocked flying back by the collision. The violet blur was actually a green-eyed, violet-robed, vicious-looking youth, while the white blur was a handsome, silver-haired, blue-pupiled youth. The silver-haired youth’s face was filled with rage.

“Lancelot [Lang’si’luo]! Don’t go too far! You and I are on the same side. Why must you insist on killing me?”  The silver- haired youth roared.

“Hmph, so what if we are on the same side? You should have been prepared for death the moment you entered the Planar Battlefield.” The violet-robed youth let out a cold laugh. He said nothing else, immediately beginning to fill the surrounding area with violet bolts of electricity, and it seemed as though lightning bolts were beginning to fill the skies as well.

The silver-haired youth’s face changed.

In terms of speed, he couldn’t compete with the lightning- element Lancelot. He wouldn’t be able to flee! Battle was the only option!

He knew that he was weaker, but all he could do was fight it head on. With a low growl, he said, “Lancelot, if you don’t give me any chance, then I won’t let you have an easy time of it either!”  The silver-haired youth’s body began to glow with a white aura, and then, with a cold shot, a white spear suddenly appeared next to him, along with a translucent spear.

The material attack and the spiritual attack converged into one!

The two spears folded onto each other, and the illusory white spear shot straight towards the front.

“Die,   then.”    The   green-eyed,   violet-robed   youth   said emotionlessly.

“Rumble…” The lightning bolts in the skies suddenly crashed down in the form of an enormous lightning serpent. At the same time, a green bolt of lightning emerged from the body of the violet-robed youth, also in the form of an enormous serpent. These two enormous lightning serpents attacked from opposite directions, encircling the silver-haired youth. 
Right at this moment, the spear arrived before the violet- robed youth’s body.

“Hmph!” The violet-robed youth let out a cold sneer.

He stretched out his right hand, and between his fingers formed a ball of violet light, which he smashed directly onto the illusory spear.

That illusory white spear was a combination material attack and spiritual attack. And now, the illusory white spear completely shattered. The material attack…wasn’t even able to damage the violet-robed youth’s fingers. The spiritual attack was broken as well.

“Crackle…” The violet and green electric serpents swirled around the silver-robed youth, whose face changed. The two different electric serpents actually created an unusual spatial electric field, causing the space itself to become electrified. That unusual electric field rippled throughout the silver-haired man’s body.

“Ahhhhhh!” The white-robed, silver-haired youth raised his head, roaring angrily.

A powerful aura swept out from his body, and the white glow strengthened.

“At a time like this, you want to fight by using up Sovereign’s Might? You use yours, and I’ll use mine. Isn’t the result the same?” Lancelot laughed in his heart. His body also emanated forth a powerful aura, and the violet light began to fill his entire body as well.

As the two experts both began to use their Sovereign’s Might, Linley and Bebe also quietly slipped out of the mountain, moving underground until they arrived at a place with a large amount of random vegetation. The two hid there, staring at the experts battling in the distance.

“They are both so strong.” Bebe said in praise.

“The white-robed youth is a commander of the Divine Light Plane, Roland [You’lan’de]. That green-eyed, violet-robed youth is a commander of the Divine Lightning Plane, ‘Lancelot’. According to the information provided by your Grandpa Beirut, this Lancelot is an extremely hard to deal with commander.”  Linley said mentally. “Roland is specialized in spiritual attacks, while Lancelot is skilled in both spiritual and material attacks, and he is also extremely fast. In addition, he’s also fused a defensive Sovereign artifact into his body.”
Bebe couldn’t help but feel startled.

“Fused a defensive Sovereign artifact into his body? Isn’t that the same as the Grand Elder?”
Linley nodded slightly, continuing to watch the two battle in the distance. “That Lancelot should be unbeatable in terms of material defense, due to possessing a defensive Sovereign artifact, and he is also extremely skilled in soul defense. Thus, to break through his soul defense is also very hard. This person…is a very powerful commander.”
Lancelot was, indeed, virtually flawless.

He trained in the Laws of Lightning and was thus very fast. He was strong in every single aspect. Even amongst the many commanders of the universe, he was considered a high class one.

“However…”  Linley laughed. “Bebe, you perfectly counter him.”
To resist Bebe’s innate divine ability, ‘Godeater’, one had to

either be a Paragon or have a soul-protecting Sovereign
artifact. This Lancelot had met his black star! Normally,
Lancelot’s soul defense should be considered incredibly
powerful, but unfortunately…Bebe’s innate divine ability wasn’t something which a normal soul attack could compete with. 
“Haha, Boss, leave’m to me.” Bebe grew excited.

“The battle is about to end.” Linley sent mentally.

Indeed, the white-robed youth, ‘Roland’, was in a completely inferior position. The violet-robed Lancelot launched a final material attack, causing Roland’s entire body to blow apart.

“Haha…” Lancelot laughed as he walked over, snatching up a golden badge as well as an interspatial ring from the ground.

Right at this moment…
“Who!” Lancelot barked irritably while turning his head. He could already sense that there were movements nearby, but he didn’t care too much. There were very few, even amongst the commanders, capable of killing him.

“Eh?” What Lancelot saw stunned him. 
He saw a black blur flying towards him at high speed, while at the same time, in midair, the enormous illusion of a Godeater Rat appeared. The Godeater Rat illusion was staring coldly at him, and when Lancelot saw this, his face couldn’t help but change. “Beirut?! Ah!!! NO!!!”
Lancelot had gone completely mad.

He had almost no weaknesses, but that was only against the vast majority of commanders. It didn’t mean he was completely flawless. If he was completely perfect and flawless, why would he even need to come to the Planar Battlefield? Beirut’s innate divine ability, ‘Godeater’, was extremely famous, and it perfectly countered people like Lancelot. Against this technique, all would perish, save those who had soul-protecting Sovereign artifacts and Paragons.

This was how dominating innate divine abilities were!

Lancelot didn’t understand. The legendary Beirut had a body which was even tougher than divine sparks, could use his bare hands to clash against Sovereign weapons, and who had a soul- protecting Sovereign artifact. He was that sort of completely flawless supreme expert with no weaknesses. Someone like him…already stood at the very top of the universe.

Why did he have to come to the Planar Battlefield?

Lanacelot didn’t understand!

But…he wouldn’t have a chance to understand in the future either!

A unique rippling power spread across his soul, and in the face of this attack, his soul defense wasn’t able to do a single thing.

Lancelot stood there, stunned. That sinister look would never again flash past his green eyes. He seemed completely wooden…and then, with a ‘bang’ sound, he collapsed against the ground. A divine spark drifted out, along with a golden badge which emerged from his body, along with a dark golden armor. 
“A gold badge and a defensive Sovereign artifact.”  Linley’s eyes lit up.

Linley and Bebe transformed into two blurs, immediately collecting the golden badge, the defensive Sovereign artifact, and the interspatial rings.

“Let’s hurry and leave. We can’t tarry here.”
Linley and Bebe didn’t stay to do a thorough investigation, instead immediately leaving.

Chapter 20, A Tranquil Heart

A cold wind howled, and the grass swayed, bending down in supplication.

Lancelot and Roland’s corpses lay there on the ground, with no hint of life. Prior to this, they were both supreme experts of their respective planes, commander-level experts who imposed their will on their world! The reason they entered the Planar Battlefield was because they hoped to rise to yet another level; to accumulate enough military merits so as to trade for a Sovereign artifact, allowing them to become high-level experts even amongst commanders.

For some to succeed, others had to fail. One commander’s success represented the deaths of ten commanders, or a hundred thousand Highgod soldiers! This was the price of success! Unluckily, Lancelot and Roland had just become failures.

The wind arose, and then stopped!

Two figures appeared within the battlefield. These two were dressed in long green robes, and had long green hair. Even their faces and body shapes were similar. From the surface, the only difference between the two was that…one had golden eyebrows while the other had white eyebrows. Someone who didn’t recognize them, upon seeing them, would take the two to be a single person’s clones.

If Linley was here, he would recognize these two as being the legendary twin commanders of the Divine Wind Plane.

“Elder Brother, did you see that?”  The man with the white eyebrows said solemnly. 
The youth with the golden eyebrows took a look at the two corpses on the ground as well, nodding slightly. “I saw it. Although I’ve never personally seen the legendary innate divine ability of Beirut, based on the scryer recordings that I saw, I can affirm that just now, that illusion should’ve been one of a Godeater Rat!” Prior to this, when Bebe had used his innate divine ability, the illusion of a Godeater Rat had been a hundred meters tall, allowing others to see it from far away.

This was the reason why Linley and Bebe had immediately left.

The youth with the white eyebrows nodded. “Lancelot…even if we joined forces against him, it would be a hard fight. He was hard to deal with. Lancelot’s soul defense was exceedingly strong, and to kill him, a Highgod Paragon would be needed. But of course, there is also Beirut, who possessed such a terrifying innate divine ability. Beirut’s innate supreme technique ignores all ordinary soul defenses. The person who attacked just now…was most likely Beirut!”
Beirut had become famous just a bit more than ten thousand years ago! 
As for Bebe, too few people knew of him. Bebe hadn’t done anything particularly breathtaking yet after having become a Highgod. How could these experts of other planes know about him? Thus, they all believed that it had been Beirut who had attacked!

“Beirut…why has he come to the Planar Battlefield?”  The youth  with  the  white  eyebrows  said,  frowning.  “Given  his power, he doesn’t need to come to this place. His punches and kicks are already comparable to Sovereign weapons. The Planar Battlefield is already a chaotic enough place. With him joining the mix…this is absolutely unfair!”
“So what if it is unfair? Dare you go and have a grand battle against Beirut?” The youth with the golden eyebrows said with a laugh.

It was precisely because they had seen the illusion of a Godeater Rat that they had intentionally waited quite a while before returning. They were afraid they might run into Beirut. “Enough, Second Brother. Let’s go. Be careful. If we see that Beirut, let’s make sure we stay far away from him.” The youth with the golden eyebrows glanced at the two corpses on the ground, and then transformed into a blur and departed, with his younger brother following him. This empty area now only had those two lifeless corpses remaining.

Within that small black hill was an empty cave.

Linley and Bebe had emerged from underground and dug out this giant cave from within the hill.

“Haha, Boss, what great rewards, what great rewards!” Bebe excitedly called out, while tossing out one item after another; the violet armor, the interspatial rings, and everything else. Just as Bebe was about to excitedly say a few things, he suddenly froze.

“Boss!” Bebe looked at Linley, stunned.

Linley was currently staring at the golden badge in his hands.
His eyes were filled with excitement, and even tears. 
“Finally. I finally have a golden badge.”  Linley clenched his hand tightly around the golden badge, pressing it against his heart. In this moment, Linley felt as though this golden badge had transformed into his father, into George, into Yale. He couldn’t help but think of those precious memories from back when he was a toddler or when he was a youth.

The golden badge, to Linley…did it represent a Sovereign artifact?


This was something which would allow the father he had lost in his youth to return. To let his brothers who had died such unjust deaths to return.

“Father.  Boss  Yale.  George.”   Linley  shut  his  eyes  and murmured. “I…can save at least one of you now! My father, my brothers…you have to wait for me. Wait for me to emerge from the Planar Wars. You’ve already endured for nearly two thousand years. Just endure a little longer!” “Wait for me…”
Tears unconsciously began to seep out from the corners of his eyes.
Ever since he had entered the Netherworld, over the past few decades, Linley had been under great pressure. He felt as though a giant stone was constantly pressing against his heart! First, he had to go to the Abyssal Mountain to meet the Chief Sovereign of Death, from whom he just barely saw a glimmer of hope. He then went to Tartarus to challenge the Redcliff Lord, finally succeeding and becoming qualified to enter the Planar Battlefield.

But that had only been the beginning.

After entering the Planar Battlefield, Linley was under constant pressure, and he had a lost feeling in his heart. Deep in his heart, he even felt a hint of dread. This seemingly peaceful Planar Battlefield had too many powerful experts hiding within it! Linley was afraid that he could encounter a truly supreme expert who would kill himself and Bebe. He wasn’t afraid of dying himself, but if Bebe were to die, Linley would forever regret it. And…if that happened, he would never again be able to save his father and his brothers.

After having been in the Planar Battlefield for more than half a year, and after repeated failures, Linley had even begun to doubt himself.

Nervousness, restlessness! These emotions had constantly ensnarled Linley!

Although on the surface, it appeared as though Linley had lain in wait calmly, in his heart, Linley was frantic. This was because he hadn’t killed a single commander. He had begun to doubt if he would be able to acquire a single commander’s badge. This was the sort of nervous restlessness in which Linley had been living. But now…just now, such a huge battle had suddenly erupted.

And it had brought such an unexpected delight. 
“I finally succeeded. A gold badge.”  Linley said to himself. “Bebe and I, working together, will definitely succeed. It hasn’t even been a year, but I’ve already acquired a gold badge. In addition, there are nearly nine centuries left to this Planar War. I will definitely acquire enough gold badges.”
This success had allowed Linley’s heart to calm down greatly!

No matter how vicious and dangerous the future days would be, Linley would confidently face them!

“Right. There’s another gold badge.” Linley suddenly turned to look towards Bebe, saying hurriedly, “Bebe, that interspatial ring. Hurry up and open it and take a look. When Roland was killed, that gold badge was placed into the interspatial ring.” Linley was feeling rather excited.

Bebe had been paying attention to Linley’s facial expressions this entire time, and he immediately laughed. “Alright, I’ll open it up right away.” Bebe understood that the tears Linley had just shed were tears of joy. 
A single drop of blood flew out from Bebe’s skin, landing atop the interspatial ring.

“Eh?” Bebe stared.

Linley couldn’t help but frown.

The drop of blood actually splashed onto the interspatial ring, then rolled off and fell to the ground, striking it with a ‘whap’ sound.

“Damn! That Lancelot has a divine clone that is still alive!” Bebe said angrily.

“So  it  really  was  the  case!”   Linley  had  been  mentally prepared for this all along.

Generally speaking, the vast majority of commanders who entered the Planar Battlefield would leave a divine clone outside. After all, the chance of death in the Planar Battlefield was simply too high. As for Lancelot…clearly, he had left a divine clone outside as well, causing Linley to be completely unable to open this interspatial ring.

“Aaaargh!”   Bebe  immediately  called  out  furiously.  “The defensive Sovereign artifact! The defensive Sovereign artifact is also useless!”
If even the interspatial ring couldn’t be bound, then the same would naturally be true for the defensive Sovereign artifact.

Linley glanced at the dark golden armor, then laughed and said, “Bebe, don’t worry about that. You should know…this defensive Sovereign artifact was given to Lancelot by a Sovereign. Even though we killed him, the Sovereign will still take back the Sovereign artifact. At most, we’d be able to use it temporarily for a time.”
“I know this principle, but we should’ve at least been able to wear it for a time, right?” Bebe said helplessly. “For a time? Who knows when the Sovereign would come and take back the Sovereign artifact.” Linley said with a calm laugh.

Linley even suspected that Sovereigns were monitoring the Planar Wars at all times. The Sovereigns might immediately take back their artifact, or they might wait…wait for a bit of time to pass before taking it. But one thing was certain; a Sovereign artifact acquired through killing someone would definitely be taken away by the Sovereign in the end.

“To me, what I really feel is unfortunate is the loss of that badge.” Linley shook his head and sighed.

“Right.  We  can’t  take  the  badge  out  either.”   Bebe  said resignedly.

According to the rules of trading for military merits, once the Planar War concluded and the combatants exited through the interspatial gate, they would immediately receive military merits based on the number of badges acquired. Even if Linley found Lancelot’s clone in the future and forced him to withdraw the gold badge, it would be useless. 
“So some badges actually end up going to waste like this.” Linley said with a bitter laugh.

Perhaps an expert might kill seven or eight other commanders and acquire seven or eight badges. But if the expert was in turn killed, that person would only acquire a single badge. As for the seven or eight badges in the interspatial ring, there was no way to retrieve them. They had to go to waste.

“There must be many that go to waste. For example, during the final battle in the Stellar Sea corridors.”  Bebe said with a sigh. “That’s a place where you gamble with your life. Perhaps you’ll end up fighting all the way into the chaotic space regions of the Stellar Sea. Also, some badges will fall into the chaotic space regions or the spatial tears of the Stellar Sea.” Bebe said.

Linley nodded slightly.

“It seems as though relying on taking advantage of the work of others isn’t a simple thing. Unless the person has no divine clone outside, of course. But the number of people who would do that is too little.” Linley said, shaking his head.

Acquiring enough military merits wasn’t a simple task. It had to be done step by step.

“Boss, what should we do with the interspatial ring? Destroy it, or keep it?” Bebe said.

“Keeping  it  will  only  result  in  problems  and  no  benefits.
Destroy it.” Linley said with a calm laugh.

“Whap!”  Bebe exerted some force, completely crushing the interspatial ring in his fingers. The items within the interspatial ring all transformed into nothingness as well.

“This Sovereign artifact…leave it here for the Sovereign to collect.” Linley said with a calm laugh. “Haha, actually, even if we wanted to destroy it, we wouldn’t be able to.” Bebe said, then he gave the dark golden armor a few kicks. “Damn, it’s pretty hard. Hmph…my body hasn’t reached its limits yet. In the future, I definitely won’t be weaker than any Sovereign artifact.” Bebe harrumphed.

Although Bebe’s defensive power was great, each time he devoured a divine spark, he continued to use the essence of the divine spark to strengthen his body.

It was a process that took some time. The amount of time Bebe had spent at the Highgod level was a million years less than what Beirut had spent. There was still a difference between the two of them.

Linley calmly trained there in the cave, while his original body continued to control his Deathgod Golem as bait.

The Planar Battlefield was the same as it previously had been. On the surface, it was calm, but in the shadows, battles and massacres occasionally erupted. Although the Planar Battlefield was very dangerous, Linley, having succeeded once, was now confident in himself. He had acquired a gold badge in less than a year. If he could acquire one every ten years, much less every year, he would easily accomplish his goal.

He calmly waited. Waited for a big fish to bite on his bait.

“With my heart at peace…my training has increased in speed as well.” Linley laughed calmly, opening his eyes.

“Eh?” Bebe, as though sensing it, opened his eyes to look at Linley as well. “Boss, what is it?”
“Bebe,  make  your  preparations.  I’ve  already  discovered people nearby.” A hint of light flashed through Linley’s eyes.

“We have a target?” Bebe instantly grew excited, jumping to his feet. “Haha, it’s been less than half a month, but we have a new target. It’s time for me to show my skills off yet again. Haha!” Bebe was extremely energetic. “Don’t be impatient. Let’s see if they are enemies first. Let’s go!”
Linley and Bebe immediately, quietly slipped through the underground tunnels, leaving the mountain.

Chapter 21, Flee on Sight

A short, black-robed figure flew out, moving like dark smoke through the cold, clammy underground earth of the Planar Battlefield.

The figure suddenly came to a halt, staring stealthily into the distance. His eyes were as sharp as an eagle’s, but the strange thing was that he was bald, but a layer of dark black light was atop his bald head, like a thin layer of black metal. This dark black scalp also had a round rune atop it.

“Someone is actually here?” The bald youth stared into the distance. “An enemy!”
After ascertaining the enemy’s status, the bald youth didn’t hesitate  at  all.  “Swoosh!”   Very  suddenly,  the  bald  youth accelerated explosively, shooting out like a meteor towards the black-robed man. The black-robed man suddenly turned his head, clearly seeing him. Not hesitating at all, the black-robed man immediately fled with a ‘whoosh’.

“You won’t be able to escape!” The bald youth’s body flashed forward bizarrely.

The surrounding area saw the formation of a spherical, earthen yellow glow which completely ‘surrounded’ the black- robed man, who was trying to flee. Stuck within the earthen yellow light, the black-robed man’s speed dropped dramatically. The bald youth seized the chance to immediately charge forwards, mercilessly striking out with his right hand.

The bald youth was wearing a black glove on his right hand.

His hand stretched out like the claws of a divine dragon, and as the space it passed through rippled and trembled. His claws instantly landed on the black-robed figure’s shoulder. “F*ck off!”  The black-robed man growled, and then he struck back with his right leg, kicking towards the youth. “Crunch!”   A  very  clear  sound.  The  black-robed  man’s shoulder was completely ripped apart.

“How tough.”  The bald youth felt slightly startled, but he didn’t show any mercy.

As the right hand claw smashed down against the shoulder, it also then struck directly towards the black-robed man’s head. As the right claw struck out, it actually formed a bizarre, spherical ball of light, causing even the nearby space to be bound, making it impossible for the black-robed man’s head to dodge to any great degree.

“Slash!”  The  five  fingers  of  the  bald  youth’s  right  hand pierced directly into the black-robed man’s skull, and the man’s head immediately exploded. The bald youth was very confident. “This kick of yours won’t be able to land on me.” As the bald youth saw it, once the black-robed man died, he naturally wouldn’t be able to continue to attack.

“BANG!” The force of the black-robed man’s right kick didn’t lessen at all, crashing straight against the chest of the bald youth. 
The bald youth was knocked backwards, and he landed on the ground.

“Wait. That’s a Deathgod Golem!” The bald youth came to a shocked awareness. “This is a trap!”
“Bang!”   The  bald  youth  kicked  off  furiously  from  the ground, and as he did, that spherical glow emanated from his right foot, the foot which kicked downwards. Instantly, he rocketed away, moving at high speed. As he moved, he would occasionally kick off from the ground again, each time creating that spherical glow, causing his speed to rise to a terrifying level.

Moving as fast as lightning, in two or three leaps, he disappeared from the field of view.

“This fellow ran too fast!” By the time Linley and Bebe emerged from the ground, all they could see was the departing back of the bald youth. Linley and Bebe had no choice but to vent their anger on a nearby boulder. “As soon as the Deathgod Golem discovered him, he almost instantly discovered that it was a Deathgod Golem and that it was a trap! After discovering it was a Deathgod Golem, he  didn’t  even  pause  and  instead  immediately  fled.  Jeeze!” Linley couldn’t help but shake his head.

“Nothing to show for it.” Bebe pursed his lips and said, then turned to look at the distant, headless Deathgod Golem. “And we even lost a Deathgod Golem. Boss, who was that person?”
“Cloyd [Ke’luo’yi’de]! An extremely strong commander who belongs to the Divine Earth Plane. He likes to travel alone.” Linley said with a laugh. Through the Deathgod Golem, Linley saw Cloyd’s attack, and just by seeing Cloyd’s attack, Linley became completely certain of who Cloyd was. “However, Cloyd doesn’t have a single Sovereign artifact. We are completely capable of killing him.”
Linley felt rather regretful. It was an excellent opportunity. Unfortunately, Cloyd was too cautious. Upon discovering that it was a trap, he had immediately fled without hesitating at all.

“He doesn’t have a single Sovereign artifact, and yet he’s strong?” Bebe said with a frown.

“That’s what the intelligence reports your Grandpa Beirut provided to me said. Cloyd simply doesn’t wish to be restricted and so doesn’t wish to become a Sovereign’s Emissary, which is why he has no Sovereign artifacts. But despite that…killing him is extremely difficult.” Linley let out a sigh. “An expert of the Laws of the Earth! He must have fused at least five of the profound mysteries.”
The clawing blow he had delivered which had shattered the Deathgod Golem’s shoulder contained five profound mysteries.

The Deathgod Golem was torn through like mud.

Just as Linley and Bebe were chatting mentally, from the corner of his eyes, Linley saw a distant figure suddenly appear. He immediately turned to look…only to see that roughly two or three hundred meters away, a black figure was lying in hiding, seeming to inspect the Deathgod Golem that was lying on the ground.

Linley suddenly grew excited. “Bebe, we have a target. Three hundred meters to our left.”
“Target?” Bebe turned to look as well.

Just at this moment…
The distant black-robed figure, also vigilant, discovered that there were two figures not far away who were lying against the corner of a mountain boulder. Right at this moment…the gazes of Linley and the black-robed man met.

Linley was suddenly startled, and he immediately sent through divine sense to Bebe, “Bebe, this black-robed man…I can’t sense the badge aura on him. He is an enemy. Let’s attack!”  The closer one was, the more easily one could sense the badge aura. Linley and the enemy were less than three hundred meters away.

Logically speaking, even if he didn’t have a clear sense, he should still sense a bit of the badge’s aura.

But if he didn’t sense anything at all…
“Haha,  one  ran  away,  but  another  one  was  drawn  close.
Haha.” Bebe was extremely excited.

This black-robed person was indeed drawn here by the earlier actions of the bald youth. He had snuck over and watched quietly to the side. But Linley and Bebe were in a fairly hidden location, from which they just so happened to be able to clearly see the black-robed figure.

“Hmph.” The black-robed figure very calmly turned and fled.

“He’s running?” Linley’s first reaction was to unleash his Blackstone Field. An enormous earthen yellow aura instantly sprang out, with Linley at the center, expanding to a radius of five hundred meters. This Blackstone Space spread out far faster than the black-robed man ran; as soon as the man moved, he fell within the Blackstone Space.

The gravity pulling was towards Linley!

“Gravitational  Space?  What  a  powerful  gravity,  and  it  is pulling to the rear!”
The black-robed man was now shocked. He couldn’t help but turn to look, and the already Dragonformed Linley and Bebe had transformed into a pair of azure and black blurs, advancing towards him rapidly.

“Pursuing me?”  The black-robed man didn’t resist, instead choosing to flee. But attempting to flee while completely pulling against the gravitational force…how fast could he move?

“You want to run?” Linley stared fixedly at the black-robed man, pursuing at high speed. In Linley’s eyes, this black-robed man definitely had a gold badge. Every single gold badge represented that he would be able to save another one of his family or friends. While in hot pursuit, the distance between the two quickly shrank to less than a few dozen meters.

In the Blackstone Space, the black-robed man’s speed was reduced by simply too much.

The black-robed man was angry now!

“I don’t want to fight with you two. Let me leave.” A divine sense rang out, echoing in Linley and Bebe’s minds. “Otherwise, don’t blame me for being discourteous!”
“You want to leave? And be discourteous?” Linley laughed. “Bebe, you can act now. He won’t be able to escape at this distance.” Linley sent mentally.

“Don’t worry, Boss.” Bebe laughed delightedly.

Right at this moment…
“You are looking for death.” The black-robed man, who had been suppressing his temper, suddenly stabbed backwards with a dagger.

A black light suddenly shot out, shooting towards Linley, so fast…that Linley wasn’t able to dodge at all.

“So fast!” Frantically, Linley stabbed out powerfully with the godspark sword, ‘Mirage’, which was in his hands. “BANG!”
The tip of Mirage collided with the tip of the dagger.

Linley only felt a terrifying powerful force press towards him, going through Mirage and into his arms. “Crackle…” The draconic scales covering his right arm, which was gripping Mirage, instantly shattered. Blood began to flow out, and Linley was knocked backwards as well.

When Linley retreated, the Blackstone Field centered around him moved backwards as well, allowing the black-robed man to escape the perimeter of the Blackstone Field!

“A Sovereign artifact!” Linley was shocked.

The black-robed man had pulled away from Linley, but not with Bebe!

“Boss!” Bebe was instantly enraged. 
Immediately, a colossal phantom of a Godeater Rat once more appeared behind Bebe. The black-robed man turned to look, and what he saw terrified him so greatly, his face changed. “How…how can this be?! Beirut’s innate divine ability!!!”   Beirut’s  technique  was  famous  throughout  the universe. Even many people who had never seen Beirut use this technique in person had seen scryer recordings of Beirut using his supreme attack.

“No….!”  The black-robed man wanted to once more speak with his divine sense.

Unfortunately, the speed of an innate divine ability was comparable to the speed of using divine sense to communication.

As for Bebe, he used his innate divine ability first, and so the black-robed man didn’t even have a chance to plead his case!

“Rumble…” A strange ripple wrapped around the black-robed man’s head, and immediately, a divine spark floated out from it. As for the black-robed man, he lifelessly slumped downwards, while the black dagger that had been flying back towards him fell to the ground as well. At the same time, a white badge fell out of his body.

“Whoosh!” “Whoosh!”
Linley and Bebe landed before his body.

Linley was stupefied. “What? A white badge?” Linley stared at the white badge, not daring to believe it.

Of the two sides in this battle, the Divine Light Plane had gold badges for commanders and white badges for soldiers.

“It’s actually a soldier badge?” Linley couldn’t believe it.

A person who had a Sovereign artifact…was a soldier? 
“Boss, hurry up and leave. We can’t stay here any longer.” Bebe said hurriedly.

Only now did Linley come to his senses. Not hesitating any further, Linley and Bebe hurriedly collected the interspatial ring, Sovereign dagger, and white badge, then immediately flew away.

Within a cave that was inside a large mountain.

“All of these people have divine clones outside. Even though we killed them, we still aren’t able to bind their interspatial rings or Sovereign artifacts with blood.” Bebe said, angry and helpless. “The Sovereign artifact is one thing; the Sovereign will take it back eventually, after all. But the interspatial ring definitely has quite a few things inside. What a pity, what a pity.”
Linley just stared at the white badge. “He was actually a soldier!” “It really is very odd. A soldier who had a Sovereign artifact?” Bebe muttered.

Linley suddenly had a thought, and many things instantly made sense. He couldn’t help but shake his head resignedly and say, “Bebe, I understand now. We found the wrong target.”
“What is it?” Bebe said, puzzled.

Linley sighed. “Bebe, didn’t you notice? When the black- robed person discovered us, his first reaction was to flee. When we pursued him, his second reaction was to warn us that he didn’t want to fight us, and that if we kept on bothering him, he would attack. Why didn’t he want to fight? He had a Sovereign artifact, so why flee? I think…the reason was because he was on our side.”
“On our side?” Bebe was stunned.

“Right.” Linley said helplessly. “I think this person should be a commander on our side, but he removed his commander badge and instead bound with blood this enemy’s soldier badge and became an enemy ‘soldier’. He bound an enemy’s soldier badge by blood. Once he gets close to an enemy commander, he would sense their aura, and so find them easily. In addition, he would be able to launch an ambush attack. Two birds with one stone! The only flaw, however, is that he will be attacked by the people on his own side!”
Disguising one’s self as the enemy had benefits but also costs.

That poor, black-robed man. He fell to Linley and Bebe’s deadly hands.

Chapter 22, Sixty Years in the Planar Battlefield

“This fellow was pretending to be an enemy. I was happy for nothing.” Bebe waved his hand, withdrawing a red fruit which he viciously ‘crunched’ into with crisp chewing sounds. “Boss, all of these commanders are incredibly sly and careful. Finding a suitable target is tough. How infuriating.”
“If you feel irritated, calm down and train.”  Linley just sat down into the meditative position, beginning to train silently.

This sort of life would last for another eight centuries. Linley hoped to make yet another major improvement within these eight hundred years.

Atop the vast, desolate earth, three figures of different heights were staring into the distance, looks of shock on their faces. Bebe’s usage of his innate divine ability had created an illusion that was over a hundred meters tall, and so these three saw it from hundreds of kilometers away. Although the three knew that someone was present a few hundred kilometers away, they didn’t dare go over. 
“Hey, that Beirut really did come to the Planar Battlefield.” The shorter man raised an eyebrow, speaking with disbelief.

When Bebe had used his innate divine ability to kill Lancelot, other commanders had seen it, resulting in the rumor of Beirut having arrived in the Planar Battlefield. Although Bebe had also used his innate divine ability on the other side against a violet-robed figure and was seen doing so, that news had only circulated amongst the commanders on that side and hadn’t made it to the enemy side.

“Judging  from  that  illusion,  it  really  was  Beirut’s  innate divine ability. I thought that the rumor was fake, but it was real! Why has Beirut run over to the Planar Battlefield along with us? Does he want to fight over military merits with us? He has no need of it!” A white-haired, white-browed man with a single horn let out a sigh.

The third was a black-robed, black-haired woman. “What are you afraid of? We won’t go antagonize that Beirut. But…if we join forces, we don’t need to be afraid of him either.” The black-robed woman said in a gravelly voice.

“Anya  [An’ya]!  Don’t  be  too  self-confident.  According  to legend, Beirut is even harder to deal with than a Highgod Paragon.” The white-haired, white-browed man said seriously. “He doesn’t fear the attacks of Sovereign weapons at all, nor does he fear soul attacks…he is completely flawless. In addition, his material attacks and soul attacks are both incredibly powerful! If the three of us fought against him, he would defeat us one at a time.”
The black-robed woman gave the white-browed man a glance.

“Don’t doubt me.” The white-browed man said solemnly.

Beirut had been famous for too short a period of time. Although he had become a Highgod long ago, Beirut had been able to endure being by himself and had remained in the Yulan continent. It was only ten thousand years ago that he had sprang to sudden prominence. Over the course of that rise to fame, he had become known as an invincible figure.

“He has no flaws, and is strong in every aspect.” The shorter man said helplessly.

His innate divine ability, ‘Godeater’, could be described as the most powerful soul attack in existence.

Beirut’s material attacks were executed through a Sovereign weapon. Even the Patriarchs of the eight great clans who had Sovereign artifacts of their own were heavily injured by a single blow of Beirut’s staff. One could imagine how terrifying his material attacks were.

Who could possibly oppose someone like this?

“Let’s go. The three of us need to be careful during this Planar War.” The white-browed man said calmly. “If necessary, we can just acquire fewer military merits during this Planar War. We can participate in the next one! I imagine Beirut wouldn’t be so bored as to participate in the next one as well. And the next Planar War will arrive shortly!”
“Right.” The other two nodded in agreement as well.

The three immediately left.

Beirut. Highgod Paragons. They were at the very top of the world of Deities. Only Sovereigns were capable of easily dealing with them. The difference between them and normal Highgods was simply too vast.

In addition, the three-person squad of experts was in no hurry.

Although the Planar Wars were carried out only once every trillion years, there was more than one war in each session of the Planar Wars. 
It must be understood that there are Seven Divine Planes and Four Higher Realms. The ‘Life Realm’ did not participate in this sort of war, and so the other ten engaged in battles against each other, over the course of five sessions of the Planar Wars. The Divine Darkness Plane against the Divine Light Plane was just one, and after it concluded, a short period of time later, other Divine Planes would battle against each other, and even the Higher Realms would participate.

There would be five consecutive sessions of Planar Wars.

Generally speaking, if they were carried out quickly, the entire thing would be concluded in ten thousand years. Even if they were carried slowly, the Planar Wars would still conclude within a million years. After the five battles concluded…they would restart after a trillion years passed!

A trillion years was a very long period of time. If an expert had latent potential, a trillion years was more than enough time for him to completely bring his latent potential to the surface. If a person remained an ordinary Highgod after a trillion years, then even if you gave him ten times or a hundred times the amount of time, he still probably wouldn’t increase in power any further. In addition, during each Planar Wars, a large number of Highgods and commanders would die. This mechanism ensured that the number of supreme experts in the various planes didn’t rise to an excessively large figure.

But of course, it also made the strong even stronger!

Beirut had arrived at the Planar Battlefield!

This news quickly spread amongst the various commanders. The commanders all knew each other, and although many of them didn’t quite believe it the first time they heard it, when Bebe had once again used his innate divine ability to kill that black-robed man, others had witnessed it in addition to those three.

This news was now completely verified!

This caused an earthquake in the entire battlefield! 
Within a military camp.

A beardless, middle-aged man with silver hair and elegantly drooping eyebrows was seated facing a golden-haired youth. The two were drinking wine.

“Mr.  Magnus,  you  don’t  believe  me?”  The  golden-haired youth laughed.

“I believe you.” The silver-haired, middle-aged man raised a long eyebrow, then shook his head uncomprehendingly. “However, Beirut is someone who can be said is at the peak of Deities. He should care more about his status. Even if he decided to take a stroll about the Planar Battlefield, he should remain within one of the military camps and smile while watching the other commanders kill each other. He shouldn’t lower himself to go butcher those commanders.”
“Mr. Magnus, that’s just your own viewpoint.”  The golden- haired youth laughed. Magnus was also someone who stood at the very peak of the world of Deities! Although he stationed himself at a military camp, this was simply out of boredom. It was a game to him.

There was still a gap between ordinary commanders and Highgod Paragons or the likes of Beirut. For Beirut or Magnus to go attack those ordinary commanders really was an act of butchery.

“No. Although I’ve never met this Beirut, I’ve heard some stories of him. He’s the type of person who is extremely capable of enduring and hiding. He’s definitely not the sort of person who would be bored and lower himself to slaughtering ordinary commanders.”  Magnus shook his head. “I suspect… that perhaps it isn’t Beirut who used that technique.”
“Not him?” The golden-haired youth was startled.

“Right. Perhaps in the universe, there is another person who also  possesses  Beirut’s  supreme  technique  as  well.”  Magnus said meditatively. Bebe had only become a Highgod two centuries ago.

The members of the Four Divine Beasts clan only knew that Bebe was Beirut’s ‘grandson’; they didn’t know that Bebe was like Beirut, someone capable of the ‘Godeater’ innate divine ability…much like how the children and descendants of the Azure Dragon didn’t all necessarily have the Azure Dragon’s strength. They didn’t think that Bebe had that sort of power.

Bebe’s reputation had yet to spread.

The Planar Battlefield. At the top of a tall mountain peak.

A white-robed man with crimson eyebrows was currently leaning against the mountain. The wind rustled past his long black hair, but he simply leisurely held his cup of wine, lowering his head to take a sip. It was Bluefire, who had entered the Planar Battlefield not long ago.

In the Planar Battlefield, the various commanders all hid their tracks. Who dare to reveal himself, much less stand at the top of a mountain? 
At the top of the mountain peak, staring down at the endless world, Bluefire laughed and shook his head. “Innate divine ability, ‘Godeater’? Mm, it seems Bebe and Linley had arrived at this side of the Stellar Sea as well.”  Bluefire casually stood there at the top of the mountain, drinking his wine, but if someone were to stare at him from afar, they wouldn’t see anyone there.

The strange thing was…
The space surrounding Bluefire was distorted.

“The Planar Wars…ten commanders must die for someone to have enough military merits for a Sovereign artifact. In addition, quite a few commanders who are killed had badges in their interspatial rings, which go to waste! For each Sovereign artifact to be acquired, far more than ten commanders will die.” Bluefire let out a light sigh.

“Whoosh!” Bluefire slid down the mountain, moving like a comet and quickly disappearing from that space.

Time flowed on, and in the blink of an eye, sixty years passed.

Inside a mountain cave within the Planar Battlefield.

“We lost yet another Deathgod Golem.” Bebe mumbled.

Linley, who was training nearby, opened his eyes. “Nothing to show for it?”
“Nothing.” Bebe said resignedly.

Controlling the Deathgod Golems was originally meant to be Linley’s job, but Bebe was bored and so he would occasionally take over. Only, Linley hadn’t imagined…that ever since he had acquired that gold badge and that white badge, he had not acquired a single extra badge despite the passage of sixty years. In addition, Linley discovered that the commanders he did in fact find were ones whom he couldn’t take action against.

If they encountered solo experts, those experts were either too cautious or too strong.

The other possibility was a team of two or three experts, or sometimes even four. With them moving together, even if Linley and Bebe attacked and killed one of them, the others would make sure that Linley and Bebe wouldn’t be able to flee.

“How did this Deathgod Golem end up being destroyed?” Linley laughed.

“Boss, this time, we actually encountered Hemmers.”  Bebe said helplessly. “How could we end up running into that big idiot again?” Linley could only laugh bitterly.

“Be patient. The Planar Wars will go on for a thousand years. As it goes on, the survivors are increasingly those who have certain abilities to rely upon. It won’t be so easy to find someone to kill. What I hope for is that in the next eight hundred years, I’ll be able to fuse a fourth profound mystery. At that time, I won’t have much to fear.”
Linley knew very well that although he was fairly powerful, in reality, in terms of soul defense and soul attack power, he was inferior to other commanders. However, after he fused a fourth profound mystery, given his innate azure aura in his sea of consciousness, his soul defense would rise nearly tenfold, while his material attack would also increase nearly tenfold.

By then, aside from a few people like Beirut, others wouldn’t be capable of making Linley feel afraid.

“I need more time!” Linley closed his eyes, his original body and his divine earth clone focused on training. But after just three months…Linley broke through! But of course, the breakthrough wasn’t in the Laws of the Earth; Linley was still a long ways off from finishing his fourth fusion. This breakthrough was…in his divine wind clone!”
“Eh?” Bebe suddenly glanced at Linley.

An enormous surge of the natural laws descended upon Linley, and a large amount of wind-type elemental essence began to swirl above him. From within Linley’s body, yet another body flew out…one with long green hair and a green robe. His divine wind clone. Just then, Linley had finally, completely mastered a ninth profound mystery in the Laws of the Wind.

“Wow, Boss, you mastered the Laws of the Wind as well.” Bebe began to laugh.

“Yes, I’ve finished them.”  Linley’s original body flew to one side. His elemental affinity for earth and wind were both ‘exceptional’; only, over the course of his training, he had favored earth more. Who would have imagined that of the four elements, wind would actually end up being his third slowest, behind both earth and water?

However, he had finally become a Highgod!

Now, only ‘fire’ was missing.

“Not good!” Linley’s face suddenly changed.

“What is it, Boss?” Bebe was still feeling excited and happy at Linley’s breakthrough.

“The descent of the natural laws. Such a major, noticeable event will definitely attract quite a few people.”  Linley said hurriedly. Linley was instantly frantic; other commanders might come over while his divine wind clone’s divine spark was in the middle of the transformation process, which made him temporarily unable to move, albeit for just a short period of time… But that short period of time was enough to allow other experts to come over.

“What is there to fear!”  Bebe’s eyes actually lit up. “If one comes, we’ll kill one. If two come, we’ll kill two. If we can’t kill them…we’ll flee!”
Linley couldn’t help but feel helpless. Still, Linley immediately set up his ‘Blackstone Space’, which passed through the stones of the mountain, creating a hemisphere five hundred meters in size.

Chapter 23, Three Person Squad

“Hopefully, no one will come. However, given how savage the commanders are to each other, I imagine they won’t give up a chance like this.” Linley said quietly in his heart, while at the same time, his body became covered by those azure-golden draconic scales. He immediately Dragonformed! Mirage appeared in his hands as well. As for Bebe, he was by Linley’s side. The two were prepared for a fight.

The sudden descent of the natural Laws was simply too obvious. Virtually everyone in the entire plane noticed it.

“A breakthrough? There’s actually a God or Demigod level clone in the Planar Battlefield?”
“How bizarre. Can it be that someone actually brought his Demigod or God clone into the Planar Battlefield? To bring a weak divine clone in instead of leaving it outside…this person is just throwing his life away.”
“The  descent  of  the  natural  Laws  means  this  person’s position is exposed. Nine out of ten, that person will die.” The Planar Battlefield was filled with discussions regarding this. Everyone in the Planar Battlefield should be a Highgod. The descent of the natural Laws was a very bizarre occurrence here. However, because people were at varying distances from Linley, it was only the extremely close commanders who immediately flew at high speed towards the origin point of the descent of the Laws!

The cold, grim Planar Battlefield. A gray-robed figure was flying towards the mountain.

“This is a rare, superb opportunity. Perhaps I’ll be able to acquire a badge.” The gray figure flew at very high speed, but by the time he flew to the base of the mountain, he suddenly came to a halt. His form was revealed as that of a violet-eyed, gray-robed youth with long hair.

He was currently staring at a nearby white-clothed figure.

“Benfield [Ben’fei’er’de] of the Celestial Realm?”  Terrified, the  violet-eyed,  gray-robed  youth’s  face  changed.  “Benfield. That means his other two companions must be present as well. If they surround me, I’ll definitely die. Since those two have come, that idiot in the mountain who actually brought a God- level divine clone into the Planar Battlefield definitely won’t be able to survive!”  Not hesitating at all, the violet-eyed, gray- robed youth immediately retreated at high speed.

He flew over, saw the white-robed figure, then immediately retreated.

This process happened in an instant.

“Eh?” The white-robed figure seemed to have felt something. He suddenly turned his head and saw the gray-robed figure disappear. The white-robed man let out a calm laugh. “He ran fairly fast.” The white-robed figure had long, silver-white hair. His face was as beautiful as a woman’s, and his eyes seemed to contain the stars within them as he stared upwards into the sky.

“Swoosh!” The white-robed man flew into the sky, towards the midway point of the mountain.

“Boss, we are already halfway up the mountain, close to the point where the natural Law ripples descended.” A deep voice echoed out in the white-robed man’s mind.”
“Elder Brother, I arrived as well.”  A clear voice rang out in his mind as well.

Right at this moment, suddenly…
The natural Law ripples suddenly weakened at a fast pace. The transformation upon breaking through was a fairly fast process. Clearly, Linley’s divine wind clone’s divine spark transformation had already concluded.

“We didn’t make it in time for the best opportunity.”  The clear voice said discontentedly. “Third Brother, let’s do it.” The white-robed man gave the order.

“Haha, watch me!”  The white-robed man was less than a hundred meters away from a black-armored man, who was standing there in midair. This muscular, black-armored man was nearly three meters tall, and he had a pair of thick, curved horns on his forehead. His hammer-like fists were covered with a crimson pair of gloves.

The muscular man give a low growl, bending as he suddenly smashed downwards with his fists towards the mountain.

Soundlessly, the two giant crimson hammer-fists slammed against the mountain.

Space itself trembled, and instantly, at the location where the two fist blows landed, a deep round crevice that was a meter in diameter suddenly appeared. A large number of shattered stones fell out from this new ‘cave’, and the entire side of the mountain cracked as well, as one savage-looking crevice after another appeared.

The muscular man stared, then roared furiously, “Motherf*cker, break!!!”
This time, he swung down with open palms, like two giant fan-shaped objects, smashing down upon the cracked mountain. Instantly, the upper part of the mountain, with a ‘boom’, completely crumbled, and countless stones of various sizes fell down from high above.

The white-robed man, the black-armored man, and a red- robed, jade-haired woman stood there in midair.

Linley hadn’t imagined that the enemy would be so powerful. Almost as soon as he had collected his divine wind clone back into his body, such a terrifyingly powerful tremor had gone through the mountain, which actually shattered. Although it didn’t crumble, the insides of the mountain were already damaged. The first blow had damaged the insides.

The second blow seemed to have the power to shatter the heavens and the earth, causing the entire upper half of the mountain to completely collapse.

“What a powerful material attack.”  Bebe couldn’t help but sigh in astonishment. “I imagine this attacker has a Sovereign weapon.”   The  mountains  of  the  Planar  Battlefield  were exceedingly tough, on a higher level than even the mountains of the Netherworld and the Infernal Realm. To destroy half of a mountain was something which even most commanders would find difficult.

“However,  they  clearly  are  afraid  to  come  in.”    Bebe snickered.

Linley and Bebe didn’t care about the crumbling mountain per se.

“Not only are they strong, they are cautious as well. They will be hard to deal with.” Linley held Mirage in his hand as he watched the surrounding boulders come cascading down. As the mountain crumbled, Linley was able to see the outside world, and indistinctly, he was able to make out the figure of a muscular man who had two horns on his forehead.

“Bebe, let’s flee.”  Linley hurriedly shouted through divine sense.

“Right.” Bebe didn’t hesitate either.

Linley and Bebe flew directly towards the direction opposite from the muscular man, while at the same time Linley spread out his Blackstone Space. But just as they began to flee, Linley was  shocked  to  find…“There  are  two  people  on  this  side!” Linley’s Blackstone Space easily discovered…
That a white-robed man and a red-robed, jade-haired woman were standing on each side.

The white-robed man, the jade-haired woman, and the black- armored man were situated in a triangle. 
No matter where Linley and Bebe fled, the three would still be able to attack in unison.

“The two of you, don’t even think of running.”  The white- robed man swept them with a calm gaze. Although the Blackstone Space was applied to his body, the white-robed man just swayed slightly before counteracting the gravitational pull.

“Benfield!” Linley’s face was exceedingly ugly to behold right now.

Linley never would have imagined that the person who had to stop them was actually the legendary ‘Benfield’. He would rather encounter Hemmers than encounter this ‘Benfield’, because…Benfield was a supreme expert who was close to Beirut himself in power!

Beirut’s book had one bit of advice for someone who encountered Benfield; flee! Think of nothing else, just flee! “Bebe,  quick,  flee  towards  that  red-robed  woman.  Hurry, flee!” Linley immediately made his decision.

They had to break out from the direction of the red-robed woman, then escape.

“Got it, Boss. I didn’t expect it would be Benfield. What horrible luck!” Bebe recognized him as well. Over the past sixty years in the Planar Battlefield, Linley had already provided Bebe with all of the information regarding the supreme experts through their spiritual link.

“Swoosh!” “Swoosh!”
Linley and Bebe were like two bolts of lightning, shooting towards the jade-haired woman.

“Hmph, you want to flee?”  The white-robed man and the black-armored man flew towards the red-robed woman at virtually the same instant. Clearly, they wanted to join forces with her and to stop Linley and Bebe. 
Linley and Bebe changed directions, fleeing towards the original direction.

The black-armored man, white-robed man, and red-robed woman reacted very quickly, hurriedly attacking towards and chasing after Linley and Bebe. Unfortunately, Linley had already spread out the ‘Blackstone Space’ around himself. Upon entering the Blackstone Space, Benfield and the other two weren’t able to catch them at all.

“They actually aren’t willing to give up.” Bebe turned to give them a glance. He couldn’t help but feel frantic.

“This looks bad.” Linley had a hint of worry in his eyes.

This was because the white-robed man and the black- armored man had actually flown out of the Blackstone Space. They accelerated from the sides, seemingly planning to block Linley and Bebe from the front.

“Haha, Third Brother, Second Sister, watch how I’ll block them.”  The white-robed man let out a loud laugh. His body moved as fast as lightning from the side, speeding past Linley and Bebe. And then, he suddenly charged into the Blackstone Space region, his body having transformed into white spots of light.

Spots of light?

No. It was multiple extremely thin white lines. Countless extremely thin white lines exploded forth from Benfield’s body, appearing at first glance to be a dazzling radiance. Those countless thin white strands shot out from every direction, surrounding Linley and Bebe, giving them no way to flee.

Linley and Bebe’s faces instantly changed.

“Bebe, careful. A soul attack.” Linley hurriedly sent through divine sense. 
“Bastard!” Bebe bellowed, and suddenly he flew out from the side.

Behind Bebe, an enormous illusion of a Godeater Rat appeared. Bebe’s expression became cold and grim, and he stared unblinkingly at the black-armored warrior. At present, the black-armored warrior was less than two hundred meters away, and he was charging towards Linley and Bebe. He hadn’t imagined that Bebe had a supreme technique such as this.

“No…!” The black-armored warrior was badly shocked.

He recognized this. This was Beirut’s supreme technique!

“Not  good!  This  is  Beirut’s  innate  divine  technique!” Previously completely confident, Benfield’s face changed, and he   called   out   nervously,   “Second   Sister,   protect   Third Brother!” Bebe’s innate divine ability was simply too fast, and he wasn’t able to stop it. He knew…that right now, only his second sister was able to save his third brother. Unfortunately, the red-robed woman was currently a bit too far away. They were unable to communicate by divine sense, only by voice, but how could a vocal shout make it in time? However, clearly the red-robed woman needed no warning. She too knew that her third brother had encountered a dangerous situation. Not hesitating at all, the red-robed woman’s body suddenly transformed…
Suddenly, the red-robed woman’s body disappeared, and instead, an enormous crimson serpent that was more than a thousand meters long appeared. When it’s coiled body appeared, it naturally was located in front of the black- armored warrior. Its enormous serpentine body easily protected the black-armored warrior’s entire body.

Bebe’s spiritual energy surged towards the enormous serpentine body, but it was unable to reach the black-armored man. 
“Damnit,  yet  another  one  who  has  a  soul-protecting Sovereign artifact.” Bebe sent furiously through divine sense.

Linley, upon seeing this happen, had already guessed what the result would be. For the red-robed woman to dare act in such a way definitely meant that she was confident this would work against Bebe’s technique. Otherwise, wouldn’t it be as good as suicide?

“Bebe, quick, flee. Stop wasting time with them.” Linley sent frantically through their mental link. Using his Blackstone Space at full force, Linley hurriedly fled.

Fighting against Benfield was a no-win proposition.

“Swoosh!”  Bebe hurriedly followed Linley in fleeing at high speed.

Within the Blackstone Space, the three weren’t able to catch up to Linley and Bebe. 
“Damnit, I thought that it was only Benfield who would be formidable, but who would’ve imagined that the two he brought with him are so powerful as well? That horned fellow’s material attacks are very powerful, while that red- robed woman actually has a soul-protecting Sovereign artifact.”  Bebe sent mentally to Linley, complaining. “These three together, with the powerful Benfield leading them…Boss, how are we supposed to fight against them?”
“Don’t even think of fighting. Flee, and be thankful if we are able to.” Linley said hurriedly.

The two fled at high speed.

However, Benfield didn’t want to let the two of them off!

“You two!”  The white-robed Benfield was now truly angry. He cared deeply about his little sister and little brother. “BANG!”  Suddenly, a wild surge of energy blasted forth from his body, and an aura of light instantly appeared on his form. Benfield’s speed suddenly increased dramatically! 
After charging into the Blackstone Space, although Benfield’s speed dropped dramatically, he was actually still faster than Linley and Bebe.

Linley could clearly sense that this person was quickly catching up to them within the Blackstone Space; he was actually faster than them. Linley turned to look, and was badly startled. “Not good. This Benfield has gone crazy. For the sake of catching us, he’s actually used up a drop of Fate-type Sovereign’s Might!”

Chapter 24, A Dead End? A New Beginning!

Benfield’s speed was far faster than theirs to begin with!

Linley had the Blackstone Space, but Benfield had used Sovereign’s Might. Now, his speed was still faster than Linley’s! If they just let him chase like this, in just a few hundred meters, they would be caught!

“Hmph!” Linley willed…
…his Blackstone Space to suddenly change. The repulsive force transformed into an upwards gravity!

“Eh?” Benfield’s body couldn’t help but sway, and he actually shot upwards.

“My Blackstone Space isn’t as simple as that.” Linley thought to himself. At the same time, he began to frantically change the direction of the Blackstone Space’s gravity, from up to down to repulsive. It must be understood that the power of this gravity was tremendous to begin with, and this sort of constant changing caused even Benfield to be affected tremendously.

Benfield couldn’t help but feel furious.

“All of you, die!” Benfield’s voice was icy.

One translucent arrow after another shot out from Benfield’s body, shooting directly towards Linley and Bebe. Ten translucent arrows sliced through the air towards Linley and Bebe. The speed of this soul attack was extremely fast. Linley and Bebe were only able to dodge very slightly, and four translucent arrows still shot into Linley’s body.

As for Bebe, his body was struck by three arrows as well. Shocked, Linley’s face turned white. “Bebe, use Sovereign’s Might!”  Benfield’s soul attack was described in the materials which Beirut had provided. It was extremely terrifying. Now that Benfield was using Fate-type Sovereign’s Might to attack… one could imagine how mighty it was.

“Rumble…”   An  earthen-yellow  aura  instantly  spread  out from Linley’s body.

Without hesitating at all, Linley used his earth-type Sovereign’s Might!

Within Linley’s mind.

“BANG!”   “BANG!”   “BANG!”   “BANG!”   Four   translucent arrows struck viciously against the translucent membrane, but shattered like eggs striking against a rock. After shattering, however, they transformed into a large amount of translucent threads which spread out to surround the entire translucent membrane. And then, a large number of threads coiled about, attacking the flaw. Countless invisible ‘Voidwave Swords’ shot out, clashing against the translucent threads.

“I have a soul-protecting Sovereign artifact and used earth- type Sovereign’s Might, but the patch over the opening was still more than half-broken through.” Linley was stunned.

Linley had rebuilt and repaired the patch over the flaw in his soul-protecting Sovereign Artifact after leaving the Abyssal Mountain. Including the sixty years they had spent in the Planar Battlefield, it had been nearly a century. A hundred years of work was half-wrecked in an instant, and that was after Linley had used earth-type Sovereign’s Might. If he hadn’t used earth-type Sovereign’s Might, he wouldn’t have been able to resist at all.

“How terrifying. Without this soul-protecting Sovereign artifact, even if I used Sovereign’s Might, I probably wouldn’t be able to endure.” Linley’s face suddenly changed. “Bebe!”
Bebe had been struck as well. “Boss, I’m fine.” Bebe’s voice rang out in Linley’s mind.

Linley discovered, to his amazement, that Bebe hadn’t used his Sovereign’s Might. However, somehow, Bebe had still been able to endure the blow despite not using Sovereign’s Might. If he had only relied on a soul-protecting artifact, there was no way he should have been able to do this. “Can it be that what Bebe has isn’t a soul-protecting artifact, but a soul-protecting Sovereign artifact? Or perhaps…Bebe’s soul is very unusual and his soul defense is extremely powerful?”
This thought flashed through Linley’s mind.

Right now, however, he couldn’t ponder it in depth, because…things had gotten dangerous!

“Elder Brother!”
A deep voice rang out. The black-armored figure was currently standing atop the giant, coiling crimson snake, which was flying over at high speed. The giant crimson snake had already flown to the area in front of Linley and Bebe. 
“Boss, the situation looks bad.” Bebe said frantically.

“I know.” Of course Linley knew the situation was bad.

The front was blocked by the giant crimson snake and the black-armored warrior, while Benfield was behind them. They could neither go forward nor go back!

“How is it that Benfield has two allies such as them? And they aren’t even in the same alliance.” Linley cursed angrily. In the course of his flight, Linley had discovered that Benfield and the other two weren’t in the same alliance; Linley wasn’t able to sense Benfield’s badge’s aura. Clearly, he was an enemy!

But Linley could clearly sense the auras of the ‘red-robed woman’ who had transformed into a giant crimson snake, along with the black-armored man. Clearly, they were on Linley’s ‘side’.

People on different sides who had joined into a single squad. 
“Bebe, follow me to flee this way. Hurry!” Linley surrounded Bebe with his earth-type Sovereign power, flying at maximum speed. Linley and Bebe flew towards the side at high speed. By moving in this direction, Benfield wouldn’t be able to attack them easily.

The power of the Blackstone Space had increased nearly a hundredfold as well, and the terrifying gravitational power made it hard for Benfield to catch them.

“Swoosh!” Benfield flew out of the Blackstone Space. Within the Blackstone Space, he wasn’t able to catch up to Linley as well. “You two punks, listen up. Today, I, Benfield, will definitely kill you two. Definitely!”  His furious voiced echoed in the air.

As for Benfield, he flew virtually parallel to Linley and Bebe.

The two were separated solely by the Blackstone Space. The red-robed woman and the black-armored man were frantically trying to catch up as well.

“We can’t keep wasting time with this Benfield. Just now, he simultaneously attacked myself and Bebe, and I found it very hard to endure it. If he continues to entangle us and unleash powerful attacks, I won’t be able to hold.” Linley wasn’t worried about Bebe, because Bebe had been able to endure the attack without using Sovereign’s Might.

“Boss, we have to throw this guy off.” Bebe sent mentally.

“I know.” Linley suddenly turned to look at the nearby Benfield.
Behind him, an illusion of an enormous coiling Azure Dragon that was a thousand meters long suddenly appeared. The draconic head of the Azure Dragon hovered above Linley, staring at Benfield. In Linley’s mind, his earth-type Sovereign power fused with his innate azure light, shooting directly towards the nearby Benfield… Innate divine ability – Dragon Roar!

This innate divine ability, when used with earth-type Sovereign power, was extremely powerful!

“Eh?” Benfield couldn’t help but feel his body slightly stiffen.

“Quick,   flee!”    Linley   and   Bebe   hurriedly   seized   the opportunity to flee.

Benfield was a supreme expert who was particularly skilled in soul attacks, and he also had a soul-protecting Sovereign artifact and was protected by Sovereign’s Might. He quickly managed to throw off the restrictive bindings.

“You want to escape?” Benfield saw Linley and Bebe’s figures disappearing, and he hurriedly chased after them.

As Linley and Bebe flew away at high speed, Bebe cursed mentally, “Boss, that Benfield really is annoying. He has a soul- protecting Sovereign artifact and a defensive Sovereign artifact. There’s no flaw to attack, and he’s hard to kill, while his own soul attacks are so powerful. He really pisses me off!”
“I’m pissed too, but there’s nothing we can do.”
Linley had expected that the breakthrough of his divine wind clone would arouse some interest, but he didn’t imagine that it would attract the attention of someone as hard to deal with as Benfield. Benfield was definitely a perfect counter to Linley; he had two powerful Sovereign artifacts, giving Linley no way to fight back, and he was also skilled at soul attacks.

How could Linley deal with such a person?

Even by using his innate divine ability, ‘Dragon Roar’, the only thing Linley could do was buy himself a little time for fleeing!

“Damnit,  Boss,  he’s  chasing  after  us  again!”   Bebe  said furiously. 
Linley turned to look, and saw a blurry form fly over at high speed.

“This  bastard  really  moves  fast.”   Linley  was  extremely frantic right now, but since the two had both used Sovereign’s Might, there was no way he would be able to outspeed this person. “It seems the only thing I can do is use my innate natural ability, ‘Dragon Roar’, to stop him yet again.” Linley mused to himself, but right at this moment…
Linley suddenly discovered that two figures appeared in front of him. Only high class commanders would dare to hover in the air of the battlefield.

“This direction is closed off to you!” A calm voice rang out.

Linley and Bebe could sense the threat the person in front of them posed, and they came to a halt. Linley looked at the two of them and had the feeling…that these two were no less dangerous than Benfield. The two were very odd. One was nearly four meters tall, his entire body a bronze color, exceedingly muscular and with a solemn, granite face. On the shoulder of this enormous, four- meter tall fellow, an adorable bald youth sat, chewing on some fruit. This youth was a size smaller than even Bebe.

But this youth…made Linley’s heart tremble.

“The two of you, please help stop them. I, Benfield, will owe you two for it.” Benfield said hurriedly.

Favors were hard to repay!

Benfield’s words caused Linley and Bebe’s hearts to sink.

“Swoosh!” Linley and Bebe fled towards another direction.

“Whoosh!” A figure suddenly appeared in front of Linley and Bebe. It was the adorable bald fellow who was eating the violet fruit. 
“So fast.” Linley felt shocked in his heart.

“Why are you in such a hurry to run?” The bald youth cracked his lips into a grin. ‘Crunch’ ‘Crunch’. With two bites, he disposed of the fruit, then tossed the pit to one side.

“Elder  Brother.  The  red-robed  woman  and  black-armored man finally arrived as well.”
“The two of you, don’t even think of escaping.”  The red- robed woman stared angrily at Linley and Bebe. Linley and Bebe looked at each other, having a bad feeling in their heart. “Boss, three behind us, two ahead of us. If the five attack us together, there’s no way we’ll escape.”
Linley and Bebe didn’t dare to move for the moment.

Because…as soon as they moved, most likely the bald youth and the big fellow would attack. 
“Thank you, you two.” Benfield laughed.

Just now, the bald youth had blocked Linley and Bebe. Clearly, this made him feel as though he had been given face, but at the same time, Benfield also felt rather puzzled. “This youth and this big fellow…I’ve never seen them before. When did these two experts suddenly appear?” The movement speed the bald youth had displayed just now had caused Benfield to feel amazed.”
“Hey, Benfield, you got some problems with your brain.” The bald youth began to laugh.

Benfield’s face couldn’t help but change.

“Just  because  I  stopped  Linley  didn’t  mean  that  it  was because I’m helping you.” The bald youth mocked.

“Linley?” Benfield and the other two looked towards Linley.
Up till now, they hadn’t known who Linley was. 
“You know me?” Linley stared in astonishment towards the bald youth.

The bald youth began to roar with laughter. “Alas, it’s only been a few years, but you no longer recognize me, your teacher.” The bald youth let out an emotional sigh.

“Teacher?” Linley and Bebe were both stunned.

Suddenly, a violet light sprang out from the bald youth’s body, instantly stretching to thousand meters, encompassing Linley and Benfield both. This powerful, yet familiar gravitational force caused a look of shock to appear on Linley’s face. “Can it be that you are…” In Linley’s mind, that adorable juvenile amethyst beast suddenly sprang to mind. That little juvenile beast who had called out in a high-pitched voice while pointing at and commanding countless amethyst beasts.

And Linley himself had, under the ‘torment’ of the juvenile amethyst beast, gained insight into the basics of the ‘Blackstone Space’. 
Benfield frowned. “Reisgem!”
“Harhar…yes,  it  is  me.”   The  bald  youth  laughed  loudly. “What, are none of you able to recognize me when I’m in human form? Oh, it makes sense…my control over my soul is too powerful. I can completely hide my soul’s aura, and you aren’t able to sense it at all. It is understandable that you don’t recognize me. It is understandable.”
The bald youth waved his hand. “Benfield, you turtle, hurry up and leave. Otherwise…I wouldn’t mind playing a bit with you.”
Benfield stared at Linley and Bebe, then clenched his teeth.

“Let’s go.” Benfield had no choice but to swallow his anger as he led his two companions to fly away. 
Linley and Bebe both let out sighs of relief.

Reisgem rubbed his bald head, glancing sideways at Linley. Shaking his head, he said, “You are so useless! You learned my supreme technique, but were forced into such a sorry state. You really lost the face of myself, your teacher!”
“Teacher?” Linley didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry.

“And you two really are stupid. If your power is weak, then in the Planar Battlefield, you need to join forces. Didn’t you see how so many people are in groups of three or four?” Reisgem said casually. “Mm…how about this. The two of you, join my hunting squad. We’ll join forces and roam about the Planar Battlefield. What do you say?”
“Join your squad?”  Linley couldn’t help but look towards Reisgem, as well as the big, towering fellow behind him. “If you join us, in the future, we’ll evenly divide the military merits we gain into fourths. We men should be straightforward and keep things simple!”  Reisgem puffed his chest out as he spoke, as though he wanted to show what a man he was.

Linley couldn’t help but laugh. Linley and Bebe exchanged glances, nodding slightly.

“We will join!” Linley said.

And so, Reisgem’s hunting squad was expanded from two to four. Their strength had increased tremendously now!

Chapter 25, Innate Divine Ability

Over the course of the past sixty one years in the Planar Battlefield, Linley had already gained a deep appreciation for the dangers it contained. If he wanted to simply rely on his own power to both acquire sufficient military merits as well as protect his life, it would be incredibly difficult! Now that Linley had joined Reisgem’s hunting squad, Linley actually felt relieved.

“That’s nice and straightforward! Let’s go. We’re preparing to find a place to rest, first.” Reisgem said with a laugh.

As for that tower-like figure next to Reisgem, he didn’t say a single word, just following behind.

“Reisgem became a Purgatory Commander long ago, and was able  to  frighten  off  Benfield!”   Linley  felt  very  certain  of Reisgem’s strength “In addition, according to the descriptions of Reisgem in Beirut’s book, Reisgem is a supreme expert who ranks in the top five of Purgatory Commanders.”
Reisgem’s reputation was quite extravagant. 
Not only was he himself powerful, his mother was the Redbud Sovereign!

“Boss, in the future, things will be much simpler for us. We’ll probably be able to easily acquire military merits.” Bebe began to laugh, and with a flip of his hand, he retrieved another red fruit, biting into it viciously. The nearby Reisgem sniffed the air, then turned to look at Bebe and immediately laughed. “Bebe, right? This fruit seems pretty appetizing. Give me one?”
“Take  it.”  Bebe,  very  magnanimously,  pulled  out  another fruit and tossed it to Reisgem.

Reisgem’s eyes lit up. Accepting it, he immediately began to eat, then nodded in praise. “Crispy and flavorful. Eating it is a pleasure. Thanks, bro.” As he spoke, Reisgem stretched his hand out, and a violet fruit appeared. “This is something I like to eat. It only exists in the Life Realm. Have a taste.”
Bebe and Reisgem, two people who both had childlike hearts, quickly began to grow close to each other. 
Linley just smiled calmly while following them, as the tower- like big fellow just followed silently.

“Hey,  Reisgem,  I’m  not  just  boasting.  My  innate  divine ability, hmph, hmph.” Bebe actually started to brag in front of Reisgem.

“Yours  is  pretty  powerful,  but  mine  isn’t  weak  either.” Reisgem said very confidently. “But Bebe, I have to warn you, no matter what, you can’t use that innate divine ability of yours against me…I heard from my mother that the innate divine ability of you Godeater Rats is absolutely supernatural. Only someone with a soul-protecting Sovereign artifact or who is a Highgod Paragon can resist it; otherwise, there is no way.”
“Don’t worry.” Bebe snickered. “We’re on the same team.”
Hearing this, Linley had a thought; it seemed as though Reisgem was rather afraid of Bebe’s innate divine ability. Reisgem  took  a  bite  of  the  fruit,  then  said  helplessly,  “I, Reisgem, am skilled in soul attacks! I don’t even fear the soul attacks of Highgod Paragons, but that ‘Godeater’ ability of yours, Bebe…there’s nothing I can do against it. That technique of yours is definitely the most powerful soul attack which a Highgod is capable of!”
Linley laughed as well. Reisgem’s words were very reasonable.

Bebe’s technique devoured the divine spark and destroyed the soul. It was indeed the most powerful of soul attacks.

“According  to  what  my  mother  said,  the  innate  divine abilities of divine beasts, in terms of fearsomeness…Bebe, you Godeater Rats are considered one of the top! As for the departed Azure Dragon, Vermillion Bird, and the rest of the Four Divine Beasts, their innate divine abilities were very terrifying as well! That Tree of Life from the Life Realm is also a monster…and the Abyssal Fruit Tree of the Netherworld, and…well, most of those extremely monstrous divine beasts all ended up becoming Sovereigns.” Reisgem said with a praising sigh. Divine beasts were divided into tiers of power as well.

Godeater Rats stood at the very peak of divine beasts, but so too did the Abyssal Fruit Tree. These divine beasts and their innate abilities were absolutely unnatural in their power.

“Hey, what is so powerful about those other divine beasts?
Tell me about them.” Bebe said excitedly.

Linley was intrigued as well.

Although they were walking on the surface of the battlefield, the four were very much at ease. Linley and the tower-like figure kept a constant watch on their surroundings, but clearly, there weren’t many people who would be so ignorant as to try to attack their group of four.

“In terms of pure attack power, the ‘White Tiger’ of the Four Divine Beasts had an innate divine ability that was even more powerful than your ‘Godeater’  ability.”  Reisgem said with a sigh. “My mother said that when the Four Divine Beasts joined forces and combined their four innate divine abilities, it was utterly monstrous! They were an extremely powerful force amongst the Sovereigns, but unfortunately, they have now all fallen. What a pity.”
Linley was stunned.

The innate divine ability of the ‘White Tiger’ of the Four Divine Beasts was even more powerful than the ‘Godeater’ ability? Unfortunately, he would never have the chance to see it. After all, not a single one of the successors to the Four Divine Beasts was an actual divine beast; they just carried the bloodlines of the divine beasts. Their innate divine abilities were only unleashed after undergoing Ancestral Baptisms, and despite that, were incomparable to those of their original ancestors.

“Even  more  powerful  than  we  Godeater  Rats?”    Bebe muttered, clearly not willing to accept it.

Reisgem chortled. “There are 77 Sovereigns, and a number of them are divine beasts! In addition, these divine beasts are almost all unique ones. You’ll never see them fight, but even if you do, there is no need for them to use their innate divine abilities. Of course you have no idea as to how terrifyingly powerful their innate divine abilities are. But of course…the combination of the four great innate divine abilities of the Four Divine Beasts is the most powerful divine ability of all. There is no question at all regarding this.”
While chatting casually, they arrived at a squat dwarf mountain.

“Hey, Hom, make a cave for us.” Reisgem said.

“Yes.” The big fellow finally spoke.

Linley couldn’t help but look over. He watched as the big, taciturn giant walked forward to the face of that small mountain, hundreds of meters high. The big fellow placed his giant, fan-sized hands atop the surface of the mountain, and instantly, the stone of the mountain seemed to turn to liquid, slowly flowing outwards.

In the blink of an eye… A square cave had appeared, and the walls of the cave even had some patterned carvings.

“What  sort  of  technique  is  this?”  Linley  and  Bebe  were stupefied.

“Don’t be so shocked.”  Reisgem laughed delightedly, then strode inwards, with the big fellow following Reisgem into the cave.

“This big fellow is both mysterious and powerful.”  Linley sighed mentally in praise. In addition, Linley had never seen anything in Beirut’s book regarding this big fellow.


Shortly after they entered the cave, a stone board actually slammed down at the entrance, completely sealing it off from the outside world. 
The insides of the cave had actually been divided into several rooms, as well as a large living room.

“What do you think? Stunned by the technique of Hom, eh?” Reisgem laughed as he sat down on a stone bench within the living room. “Let me make the formal introductions. Hom’s full name is Reihom Stonebreaker [Lei’hong]. He’s my good friend, and a trusted Emissary of my mother. Don’t be fooled by his silence; he’s quite clear-minded about things.”
A rare hint of a smile appeared on the face of the big, tower- like fellow.

Reihom Stonebreaker?

Linley  glanced  at  him,  then  laughed  and  said,  “Linley Baruch.”
“Hello, Linley.”  Reihom’s voice thundered out, seeming to thrum and reverberate in that giant chest. 
“Haha, from today forward, the power of our hunting squad will have increased dramatically.”  Reisgem excitedly slapped the  table.  “Bebe,  your  innate  divine  ability,  ‘Godeater’,  is definitely the sharpest attack our squad possesses! Linley, how about your own innate divine ability? What percentage of the power of the Azure Dragon’s original innate divine ability does it possess?”
Linley said with a calm laugh, “I can’t give you percentages. All my innate divine ability can do is to make time move tens of times slower for the enemy.”
“Good. Haha, wonderful!” Reisgem excitedly rose to his feet, his eyes glowing with violet light.

“Formidable.” The big, towering fellow rumbled in praise as well.

“Linley, with this technique of yours, our hunting squad is going to be much more powerful.” Reisgem was very excited. Reisgem then grumbled unhappily, “This really pisses me off, actually. Over the years, Reihom and I encountered quite a few commanders, but they weren’t able to beat us and so they immediately ran away. Even when I use my Amethyst Space, if they wholeheartedly focus on fleeing, I’m unable to stop them. But if, at the critical moment, you were to use your innate divine ability on them, and then Reihom attacks, then we’ll definitely be able to kill the target.”
Linley couldn’t help but laugh.

He and Bebe both had extremely powerful innate divine abilities. Their only weakness was…their own, personal level of strength was rather lacking. Their attack power and defense power was insufficient. But after joining this squad, each made up for what the other lacked.

“Haha…with the two of you! Our hunting squad will be able to dominate this Planar Battlefield! If anyone dares gets close to us, into the range of that innate divine ability of yours, Linley, they  will  be  finished.”   Reisgem  was  very  happy.  Actually, originally, he cared more about Bebe’s innate divine ability; it was that, combined with the fact that he had a pre-existing relationship with Linley, that made him extend the invitation. 
But now, he discovered that Linley’s innate divine ability was definitely the most superlative of supreme support abilities here on the Planar Battlefield.

The Planar War would go on for nearly a thousand years. Linley’s group was in no rush. They stayed in the cave for three days before heading out, and during these three days, Linley also learned from Reisgem a few things regarding the commanders of the Planar Battlefield.

“How many commanders would possibly dare to roam about the Planar Battlefield as they please? Only those with enough power would dare do a thing; otherwise, it would be lunacy.”
“As for the weaker commanders, all of them are incredibly crafty. Many of them hide, not daring to reveal themselves, and rely on Deathgod Golems to scout. Upon encountering weak opponents, they’ll fight; upon encountering strong ones, they won’t come out.” “But of course, most form small squads of perhaps two, three, or even four or five. The most important thing in a squad is…mutual trust. Otherwise, if the squadmates begins to fight amongst themselves, that would be disastrous.”
“Linley,  Bebe,  our  target  here  in  the  Planar  Battlefield  is other squads! As for lone travelers? Heh heh. We won’t be able to kill the powerful ones, while the weak ones will be hiding and not dare reveal themselves. It will be very hard to kill one of them. It is best we engage in group battles against other squads. That will be more exciting, and also make it easier for us to gain badges.”
Reisgem and Linley discussed quite a few things, and Linley now understood that their earlier strategy of hiding and ambushing was a very low efficiency strategy. This was because virtually everyone who dared to travel about alone was exceedingly powerful. Fortunately, Bebe had been able to use his innate divine ability to kill Lancelot! Otherwise, Linley wouldn’t have even a single badge.

Linley, Bebe, Reisgem, and the silent Reihom continued to move forward. “Haha, there are very few people who know what the four of us look like. This will make it easier for us to catch some big fish.”  Reisgem  chortled.  “Linley,  once  the  enemy  reaches  a certain distance from us, your sole mission…will be to use your innate divine ability and make it impossible for him to flee for a period of time. The killing part? Leave that to us.”
“Understood.” Linley let out a calm laugh.

Linley had to admit, his soul attack, amongst commander- level experts, could only be considered ordinary. When Linley was fighting alongside Bebe, they used a similar strategy.

“It’s  hard  to  find  people  though.”   Bebe  stared  at  the surroundings and muttered.

The Planar Battlefield was always so dark and cold. Raising his head, Linley looked at the multicolored spatial tears in the sky. That cold, howling wind swept through the battlefield as the four of them stealthily advanced. They didn’t hide, nor did they use Deathgod Golems; they just walked straight across. Linley frowned.

“Reisgem,  I  think  we’d  best  split  up  and  maintain  some distance from each other. Otherwise, if the four of us are always together, most likely the other commanders will not dare approach us and stay far away.” Linley said.

“Split up? Then how would we coordinate?” Reisgem asked.

Linley laughed. “How about this. The two of us will divide into two squads. Bebe and I will separate, but the two of us have connected souls and will be able to sense each other’s presences. Even if we can’t see each other, we will still be able to find each other.”
“Good idea.” Reisgem nodded repeatedly.

“Then…right, Linley, you follow me. Reihom, you go with Bebe. Our two squads will maintain a distance of three kilometers. If battle begins, we’ll be able to quickly cross this short distance.”  Reisgem made the arrangements, and Linley and Bebe had no objections. They immediately split up. 
Linley and Bebe were able to sense each other’s locations, and thus, they were both able to sense the direction the other was headed.

Less than half a day after they separated…
“Boss, we found a target.”  Bebe’s surprised, delighted voice rang out in Linley’s mind.

Chapter 26, The First Battle

Linley’s eyes instantly lit up.

“Reisgem, they found a target!”  Linley sent through divine sense, while transforming into a blur that flew at high speed towards Bebe’s location. “A target?” Reisgem was startled and delighted as well. His speed also increased, and he was actually a level faster than Linley. The distance of three kilometers was crossed in the twinkling of an eye.

But by the time Linley and Reisgem arrived, they discovered that Bebe and Reihom were just standing there.

“Bebe, what’s going on? The target?” Linley had a guess as to what happened.

“That  person  was  too  crafty.  As  soon  as  I  saw  him,  he immediately turned tail and fled instead of fighting back!” Bebe said helplessly, a bitter look on his face, while the nearby Reihom  said  in  a  deep  voice,  “The  young  master  and  I encountered this person not too long ago. As soon as this person saw me, he was so frightened he instantly fled.” “We  encountered  him  before?”  Reisgem  shook  his  head. “Forget it. He can just consider himself lucky.”
“As I see it, Reihom, you should slightly change your body. Your appearance is simply too easily distinguishable.”  Linley said with a laugh. The big fellow nodded slightly, then with a sound of acknowledgment, began to shrink from being a giant of four meters in height to an ordinary person two meters tall.

Reisgem winked and laughed, “Hey, Hom, in this shape, it’s going to be quite hard to sit on your shoulders.

Linley immediately thought back to how, when he had first seen Reisgem, Reisgem had been sitting on the giant’s shoulders.

“Reisgem,  let’s  continue  to  head  out.”  Linley  said  with  a laugh. “Right.”  Reisgem  nodded,  then  gritted  his  teeth.  “Hmph. Hom and I have been in the Planar Battlefield for many years now, but we only have a single gold badge. This time, we have to get some more.” Reisgem and Reihom had both come from the Infernal Realm, and so belonged to the side of the Divine Darkness Plane.

They, too, had crossed the Stellar River and arrived on this side.

“You guys only have one as well?”  Bebe couldn’t help but laugh.

“Hmph, if I had your innate divine ability, I would’ve killed quite a few commanders already.”  Reisgem said with a sniff. “Enough, let’s head out. Linley, the two of us will go this way!” Their forces separated once again. Because the geography of the Planar Battlefield was varied, with tall grass and hills everywhere, at a distance of three kilometers, it was generally not possible to see someone else.

“Whoooosh.” A cold wind howled drearily, and two figures advanced, one in front, one in the back. The leader was a white-robed man with long jade hair that drooped all the way to his waist. He had an astonishingly, breathtakingly beautiful face, and his skin was almost crystalline and translucent, as though he were a jade statue. In addition, in the center of his forehead, there was the seal of a crescent moon.

He quietly walked, casually glancing at his surroundings, as though this Planar Battlefield was his garden.

Behind him was a female warrior dressed in armor.

“Milord, should we be looking for a place to rest? All of those commanders have hidden themselves deeply. When they see you come, milord, all of them are so terrified they all scamper away.” The brown-haired female warrior said with a laugh.

The jade-haired, white-robed handsome youth strolled forward and said, “Fine, then let’s just look for a place up ahead to rest. Mm? It seems as though we don’t need to be in a hurry to rest. We have some prey.”  The white-robed youth’s lips crooked upwards, and the crescent moon in his forehead began to glow with green light.

Linley’s group had been traveling for half a month now. Although they had encountered a few targets, when they took a close look, they found that the targets were just Deathgod Golems. They ran into five Deathgod Golems, but not a single person who had dared to reveal himself. But Linley’s group wasn’t discouraged at all.

After all, there were only so many commanders to begin with. Some were in the army camps, while others were in hiding. There weren’t many who dared to roam around outside.

“Those  supreme  experts…all  of  them  are  indeed  almost flawless.”  Linley chatted with Reisgem quite often over the course of their journey.

Only now did Linley realize…that Reisgem actually only had a single Sovereign artifact; a Sovereign weapon! Only, Reisgem naturally possessed an extremely powerful body and powerful soul. Although his body was inferior to Bebe’s, his soul was far, far more powerful!

Reisgem’s true body had 108 spikes atop it, and the Amethyst Mountains, which contained vast quantities of amethysts, also had 108 caves.

Linley’s   guess   was…“The   Redbud   Sovereign   and   the Amethyst Mountains definitely have a unique connection to each other. Reisgem is pretty much the same! I can understand why his soul is so powerful. After all, the Amethyst Mountains are  a  place  where  countless  amethysts  are  generated.”  The Amethyst Mountains also had a large number of amethyst beasts, whose bodies were exceedingly tough. Naturally, Reisgem’s body was also tough.

On the whole, Reisgem was very balanced!

Even if he didn’t have a Sovereign artifact, he would still be very powerful. Combined with a Sovereign artifact, he was able to dominate the Planar Battlefield. “Those   Sovereign’s   Emissaries   who   acquire   Sovereign artifacts use them to cover up their flaws.” Linley understood this principle.

While Linley and Reisgem made their way through the Planar Battlefield, staring at their surroundings and looking for a target, Linley suddenly stared towards the front…up ahead, two figures had appeared, one in front, the other behind. The two had discovered Linley and Reisgem as well, and they simply stood there fearlessly, staring at them.

“Oh, them?” Reisgem laughed.

“Occluar  [Ao’ke’lu’wei’er]  of  the  Life  Realm?”  Linley  was startled.

Occluar was the genius of the ‘Divine Moon Elves’, and one of the highly ranked supreme experts of the Life Realm. He trained in the Edicts of Life, and was skilled in soul attacks. He could be considered a perfect counter for Linley! “Bebe, we have our target. Hurry over.” Linley hurriedly send through the soul bond.

Linley and Bebe were able to communicate at a very great distance.

Even here in the Planar Battlefield, where divine sense would only stretch for a hundred meters, he was still able to easily chat with Bebe at a distance of many kilometers. It must be understood that when Linley was not even a Saint yet and was trapped within the Radiant Temple of the Radiant Church, he was still able to communicate spiritually with Bebe. At that time, Linley wasn’t even capable of making his spiritual sense leave his body. This was one of the benefits of a spirit bond.

The Planar Battlefield. Atop the desolate earth.

Linley and Reisgem on one side, Occluar and his companion on the other. The two stared at each other. They paused slightly, but in the next instant, the two sides attacked without hesitation! “Linley, use your innate divine ability against that woman!” Reisgem sent out excitedly, while at the same time, without hesitating at all, Reisgem transformed into a streak of violet light, shooting towards the front.

Linley hurried forward as well, flying towards the enemies at top speed.

“Hmph. They are looking for death.” Occluar, seeing the two charge towards him, couldn’t help but let out a cold laugh. He just stood there, waiting for them to come. He had planned to attack them, only because he was afraid they would flee. But seeing Linley and Reisgem attack, he naturally was more than happy to just wait. Wouldn’t it be excellent to just sit here and wait for them to come and be killed instead?

Reisgem was in front, Linley was behind.

When Linley was at a distance of 150 meters from the enemies, Linley’s eyes suddenly flashed with azure-golden light, while at the same time, an enormous coiling Azure Dragon Phantom that was a thousand meters long appeared behind Linley. That Azure Dragon head hovered above Linley, staring at its target…
The brown-haired woman!

“Eh?” The white-robed elfin youth, Occluar, was startled. “Azure Dragon clan?”  He now realized that Linley was using this technique against his servant.

However, he still disdainfully stood there. “The innate divine ability of the Azure Dragon clan can at most impact the passage of time. I simply need to make it so that they won’t be able to draw close for a short period of time. They can forget about harming my subordinates.”  The white-robed elfin man’s body blurred, and he came attacking towards Reisgem!

Reisgem cracked his lips into a grin.

“Down!” “BANG!”   A  violet  light  exploded  forth  from  Reisgem, creating an enormous sphere of hundreds of meters across. A terrifyingly powerful gravity instantly took effect on the body of the elfin man, Occluar. Occluar suddenly felt as though his body had become countless times heavier, and he couldn’t help but sink downwards.

As for Reisgem, he waved his hand out…
A blurry light shot out, striking towards the brown-haired female warrior. The brown-haired female warrior seemed to have just recovered from the field of slow time. Faced with this attack, she wasn’t able to resist at all, and the blurry light shot directly into her body. The brown-haired female warrior’s body trembled slightly, and then collapsed to the ground.

“Whap!” A white badge floated out from her body. “So she was this weak.” Reisgem shook his head disdainfully.

“Reisgem!” The elfin man, Occluar, stood there staring coldly at Reisgem, his eyes seemingly filled with rage. “You killed my servant…what, do you think you are able to overcome me?”
“No, no, I don’t think I can.”
Reisgem chortled and just stood there, facing the elfin man. Reisgem knew how strong Occluar was. If Linley and Bebe weren’t with him, there was no way he would be able to kill Occluar. At their respective levels…they wouldn’t be able to really do anything to each other.

Occluar was only certain of who Reisgem was after Reisgem spread out his Amethyst Space.

Otherwise, if he had known in advance, Occluar would’ve retreated long ago. “Although I don’t think I can beat you, today, I really want that gold badge of yours, so…sorry.” Reisgem chortled.

Occluar’s face sank, but then he snickered as well. “Oh, so you want to kill me and get my gold badge? By relying on who? That Azure Dragon punk behind you?” Occluar didn’t care at all about the death of his servant; after all, he had only brought the servant to the Planar Battlefield to attend to him. For battle, he himself was sufficient.

Occluar looked carefully at Linley, as though wanting to tell how strong Linley was. After all, it seemed as though no one within the Azure Dragon clan had ever been able to threaten his life.

“No, I don’t have that power.” Linley said with a calm laugh.

Linley knew as well that this Occluar was far more powerful than that elfin Elder of the eight great clans who had nearly killed Delia when he had sent her into that coma. In addition, Occluar had a defensive Sovereign artifact. “Boss, we’re here.” Bebe sent mentally.

“Wait for your chance, then make your move.” Linley sent.

“Reisgem,  I  don’t  have  the  time  to  waste  with  you.  I’m leaving now.” Occluar let out a cold snort, then turned to leave.

“Swoosh!” “Swoosh!”
Two figures landed on the path behind him, one tall figure and one short figure. It was Reihom and Bebe.

Occluar’s eyes narrowed. As he saw it, there were far too few people capable of killing him. He didn’t believe the four of them were capable of it. He couldn’t help but grow rather angry as he let out a low snort. “Reisgem, there’s no point in us battling. Your behavior, however, makes me very angry. Today, let’s have a little fight. Let’s see if your soul attack is stronger, or if mine is.” Linley’s face changed.

He was able to see quite clearly how suddenly, two translucent wings suddenly appeared from Occluar’s back, while at the same time, a dazzling green light shot out from the center of his forehead, instantly transforming into sixteen green crescent moons. In a place as dark as this Planar Battlefield, the light of these green crescent moons was quite dazzling to behold.

The sixteen green crescent moons shot out in a devilishly arcing line, striking towards Reisgem. Clearly, Occluar only considered Reisgem to be a threat, and didn’t care about the other three at all. This wasn’t his fault; he didn’t fear any material attacks, and as for soul attacks…
That was his specialty. What was there to fear? Over the course of countless years, he had never suffered in a competition in the soul.

“Hey, elf punk, are you looking down at me?” Occluar didn’t even look at Bebe, but suddenly, from the corner of his eyes, he saw an enormous illusion appear. He couldn’t help but turn to look, and as he did, the formerly completely confident Occluar had his face instantly turn white and his eyes become full of terror. “How…how can this be? That’s…”
The enormous illusion of a Godeater Rat had appeared behind Bebe.

Innate divine ability – Godeater!

“Heh  heh,  even  I  can’t  block  it.  You?  Block  it?  Go  die.” Reisgem, seeing this, laughed. He felt all the more certain that having Linley and Bebe join forces with him was an extremely wise decision.

With the Godeater technique having emerged, Occluar instantly slumped to the ground.

“Clink!” A gold badge fell out of his body, and a beautiful set of green armor also emerged, falling out of Occluar. 
The first battle of their hunting squad…was a complete success!

Chapter 27, A Change

Occluar’s corpse just lay there on the desolate earth.

“He died!” Linley sighed in his heart. “Occluar was an expert on the level of Reisgem. Even Highgod Paragons would find it hard to kill him. Aside from a Sovereign acting against him, generally speaking, it would take a group of experts to kill an expert like him. But Bebe’s innate divine ability, ‘Godeater’…” Linley couldn’t help but look towards Bebe.

At this moment, Bebe was by the side of the corpse of the elfin Occluar. He let out a snort. “You actually ignored me!”
“Haha,  Bebe,  you  really  are  the  perfect  counter  to  soul specialists  who  aren’t  at  the  Paragon  level  yet!”   Reisgem laughed while walking over, slapping his arm around Bebe’s shoulders. “It seems we are a perfect match! Your soul attacks are number one, and while my material attacks aren’t number one, they are still at the very top. With us joining forces, who can stop us?” Reisgem glanced sideways at the corpse on the ground, then snickered. “Hey, experts, experts…this is what happens. Now that his most powerful body is dead, even if he has divine clones remaining, how much value could they possibly hold?”
Right at this moment…
“Hmph!”  A cold snort rang out. Reisgem suddenly moved, transforming into a violet blur which streaked across the skies.

“What’s going on?” Linley hurriedly turned to look as well, only to see Reisgem chasing towards a certain direction, with a black blur fleeing from him. Linley couldn’t help but feel shocked. “There was someone else nearby? It seems just now, I was so focused on Occluar that I didn’t even notice that someone was snooping nearby.”
Linley carefully watched Reisgem pursue and attack the fleeing person.

Mid-pursuit, Reisgem suddenly emanated a violet light from his body, which formed into his Amethyst Space. The fleeing black figure immediately began to move much slower, after having been caught by it.

A violet light shot out from Reisgem’s hand, shooting forward like a meteor, so fast that the black blur wasn’t able to dodge at all. “Crackle…”  The violet light instantly traversed the less than hundred meters of distance that separated Reisgem and the black blur. The nearby space began to ripple like water, and some faint spatial cracks could be seen as well. With a ‘bang’ sound, the violet light drove into the black blur’s body, and it immediately exploded, sending fragments shooting out in every direction, while that violet light finally solidified.

This was a fairly short, 1.5 meter long cavalry lance that was completely covered with a dark violet color.

But of course, it could also be used as a javelin, or for close quarters combat. “A  Sovereign  weapon!”   Linley  understand  that  this  was Reisgem’s one and only Sovereign weapon. “When Reisgem throws this as a javelin, the power is as terrifying as this! It created spatial fractures!”
Linley clearly remembered how very minute fractures in space had appeared upon the lance being thrown.

This was the first time Linley had ever seen someone capable of causing spatial cracks appear, here in the Planar Battlefield! “This  Reisgem  trains  in  the  Edicts  of  Destruction,  and  his understanding in its profound mysteries is formidable to begin with. He is also very strong as well. Matching that with a Sovereign weapon…it truly is as he said; his material attacks, amongst commanders, might not be the best, but it is at the very top.”
Linley now completely understood how powerful Reisgem was.

Soul attacks and material attacks; he approached perfection in both. If one had to point out a weakness…most likely, it was that he was a bit afraid of Bebe. Bebe’s ‘Godeater’ technique was the perfect counter to him, unless Reisgem went and acquired a soul-protecting Sovereign artifact. Unfortunately, although his mother was a Sovereign, she couldn’t just give him another one; he needed to acquire more military merits.

“Motherf*cking…it’s a Deathgod Golem!” Reisgem burst into a torrent of curses as he walked over.

“It is indeed a Deathgod Golem. No point in being angry.” Linley said. “Who knows where the person behind it is hiding. After realizing how powerful you are, he probably fled long ago.”
“Each time I see a ‘target’, kill it, and find out afterwards that it was a Deathgod Golem, I feel pissed.”
Reisgem pointed towards the gold badge on the ground with one finger. “There’s only a single gold badge, while there are four of us. How should we divide it, everyone?”
Linley and Bebe couldn’t help but look at each other. 
A commander badge!

To Linley, every single commander badge represented that he would be able to save another one of his family or friends! Linley deeply desired to acquire this commander badge, but Linley also understood that since the four of them had set up this four person hunting squad, they had to abide by the rules of it. He couldn’t demand that others give up their spoils of war to him as well.

“Linley, what do you two think?” Reisgem looked over.

As Reisgem saw it, there was no need for him to divide between himself and Reihom, as the two were very close to each other. Although Bebe and Linley had just joined the hunting squad, although they were acquaintances, they actually didn’t have a very deep relationship yet, and so he couldn’t just make a casual decision.

“Let’s do as we said originally.” Linley said with a laugh. “The four of us will divide any rewards equally. However, clearly, we only have a single gold badge here right now. How about this? Reisgem, you and Reihom will each have one share, while Bebe and I will have one share. I imagine you two won’t have any objections to this, right?”
“Of course not.” Reisgem laughed as well.

Reisgem and Reihom wouldn’t quibble over military merits, much like how Linley and Bebe wouldn’t either.

“As for this commander badge, either of our two sides can take it. If you take it this time, then we’ll take the next one. If we take it this time, then next time, you’ll take it.” Linley said with a calm laugh.

“Fine  then.”   Reisgem  very  straightforwardly  reached  out with his arm, snatched up the commander badge, then tossed it to Linley. “You two just joined our squad, so we’ll let you take the first one. The next commander badge we get is ours though.” Linley accepted it, not standing on ceremony, and laughed while nodding. “Fine. Next one is yours.”
Linley clenched the gold badge. He couldn’t help but feel excited in his heart. “Yet another one!” Linley wanted to rescue his father, Yale, George, and Dixie, who had also died an unjust death. Dixie was Delia’s one and only elder brother, after all. As for those who had died normal deaths, who had died deaths with no regrets, Linley didn’t see the need to make them regain their memories.

After all, the likes of Uncle Hillman had lived for centuries, with a full house of children and grandchildren. They had lived carefree lives, then died of old age.

Since they had died with no regrets, why disturb them in their rest?

But as for Yale, George, and his own father ‘Hogg’, they had all died miserable, unjust deaths. “Linley, it’s just a commander badge. Is it really worth you having such a look on your face?” The nearby Reisgem couldn’t help but smirk while speaking.

“Uh.” Linley awoke from his trance. He immediately laughed, then collected the gold badge. “I was just thinking about a few things.”
The  nearby  Bebe  sighed  emotionally  as  well,  “Reisgem, you’ve come here to get enough badges so as to trade for a Sovereign artifact, but although the Boss and I also have come to acquire enough badges, our purpose is different. You don’t understand how important these badges are to my Boss.”
“Oh?”   Reisgem  immediately  grew  surprised.  “What’s  so important?”
Bebe immediately began to chat in secret with Reisgem, while Linley just shook his head and laughed.

“Reisgem, what should we do with this Sovereign artifact?” Linley said. 
“What should we do? Just toss it there.” Reisgem said.

Linley and Bebe were both stunned.

“Toss it?” Bebe said, startled.

Reisgem gave it a casual kick, then snorted. “Of course. What, do you think we should take it with us? The Sovereign will come to reclaim it eventually, anyways. There’s no point to taking it with us. In addition, Occluar clearly had other divine clones outside, so there’s no way for us to use the Sovereign artifact either. There’s no point to bringing it.”
Linley and Bebe, upon hearing this, couldn’t help but trade glances. Still, they had to admit that Reisgem’s words were reasonable.

“Let’s go. Keep moving.”  Reisgem said with a laugh. “Given the power of our hunting squad, haha…what have we to fear, here in the Planar Battlefield? Haha.” Linley couldn’t help but to laugh as well. Their four man hunting squad once more headed out, dividing once again into two squads, traveling at a distance of three kilometers or so.

Next to a short hill within the Planar Battlefield.

A golden-haired, black-robed man had a look of astonishment on his face. “Who would have imagined that the news which has been circulating amongst the commanders about Beirut having come is false! The person who used that innate divine ability isn’t Beirut; it is someone else. Aside from Beirut, there’s actually someone else capable of that technique! This is terrible. And, by the look of it, that youngster with the straw hat is completely unrestrained and has no taboos, unlike Beirut who cares greatly about his status.”
The person who had used the Deathgod Golem and had seen Bebe kill Occluar was this man.

“I have to tell my friends about this news!” The golden-haired man gritted his teeth, immediately fleeing.

Most of the commanders in the Planar Battlefield, especially those who were within the same alliance, had some degree of pre-existing relationships with each other. They would all share some important news with each other. For example, when Bebe and Linley had arrived in the Planar Battlefield, that commander in the headquarters had planned to join forces with Linley and Bebe, and also provide them with some news. Only, because he didn’t recognize the two of them, he didn’t do it.

The news that the person who used the innate divine ability ‘Godeater’ was a youngster who wore a straw hat rather than Beirut quickly spread through the commanders at an astonishing speed.

At the sides of the Stellar Sea, within an alliance base. Within an estate formed from elemental essence, a man dressed in sky blue robes was walking forward with large strides towards the gates. “Milord.”
The guards at the gates immediately opened it. They all knew…that this person was a commander-level expert and a good friend of their own lord.

“Bray  [Bu’lei],  why  did  you  return?”  A  red-robed  woman within the courtyard was drinking some wine. She smiled as she glanced at the blue-robed man who had walked in. “Didn’t you go out to kill a few commanders, so as to acquire a few extra badges?”
“Not anymore. I didn’t expect that yet another variable came into play.” The blue-robed man let out a snort, then sat down. Grabbing a bottle of wine, he raised his head and chugged it down.

“Variable?” The red-robed woman was puzzled.

The blue-robed man grumbled unhappily, “Wasn’t there a rumor prior to this that Beirut had come? If it really was Beirut who had come, I wouldn’t be afraid; Beirut and I have met before, and we can be considered to have something of a relationship. If I encounter him, he wouldn’t act against me. In addition, someone as proud and arrogant as Beirut generally wouldn’t lower himself to kill ordinary commanders, so long as they didn’t offend him.
“It’s precisely because I was under this impression that I went roaming about the Planar Battlefield! But who would have imagined that just now, a good friend of mine sent me the news that the person who used the ‘Godeater’ innate divine ability wasn’t Beirut. It was a youngster wearing a straw hat!”  The blue-robed man shook his head. “Forget it. I don’t have a soul- protecting Sovereign artifact. It’s best if I don’t run around outside wildly. If I encounter that youngster, I’ll die a damnably unfair death!”
Hearing this, the red-robed woman understood.

“There’s a second divine beast, ‘Godeater Rat’?”  The red- robed woman also understand how grave this news was.

Amongst Highgods, there were many people who understood how important it was to gain a high degree of insight into the soul, and there were many who were extremely skilled in soul attacks and defenses. Additionally, even amongst Sovereign artifacts, soul-protecting Sovereign artifacts were the hardest to forge. Generally speaking, even if a Sovereign was to give an Emissary an artifact, it would only very rarely be a soul- protecting Sovereign artifact.

Thus, soul-protecting Sovereign artifacts were exceedingly rare.

Additionally, many commanders were extremely confident in their soul defense abilities. For example, the likes of Reisgem and Occluar would still be able to hold on, if just barely, against the soul attack of even a Highgod Paragon. As they saw it, there was no point to acquiring a soul-protecting Sovereign artifact. It was thus better to acquire a different type of Sovereign artifact.

But after Beirut suddenly rose to prominence, many people learned…that the most terrifying soul attack amongst Highgods wasn’t that of a Highgod Paragon; rather, it was Beirut’s innate divine ability. But given the status which Beirut possessed, he would rarely lower himself to go massacre ordinary commanders.

Thus, no one was worried about him.

But now, yet another person had emerged who was capable of the ‘Godeater’ ability, a person no one knew. Those experts who were neither Highgod Paragons nor had soul-protecting Sovereign artifacts…they now began to worry.

They no longer dared to confidently wander outside as they previously had. Those who did go outside hid, using Deathgod Golems to scout for them.

“Haha…the appearance of this youngster…”  The red-robed woman  began  to  laugh.  “There  weren’t  many  commanders who dared to freely wander the Planar Battlefield to begin with. Now, with people like you bowing out as well…most likely, the only people wandering the Planar Battlefield will either belong to extremely powerful squads or be truly invincible, unbeatable figures.” “Forget it. Wait for the final battle. I’ll acquire the military merits during the final battle. If push comes to shove, I can even wait for the next Planar War to finish acquiring enough military merits. Where on earth did this youngster come from? After leaving the Planar Battlefield, I’ll need to make some investigations.” The blue-robed man said with a sigh.

Chapter 28, Five Hundred Years

In the desolate wilderness, Linley and Reisgem, one tall, the other short, were advancing side by side.

“What’s going on? There’s almost no one around.”  Reisgem couldn’t help but grumble and curse, his eyes filled with anger as  he  looked  around.  “It’s  one  thing  for  those  weaker commanders to be hiding, but those fairly powerful ones… when Reihom and I were together, we ran into quite a few of them. But now, all of them are missing.”
The nearby Linley was silent.

Linley was beginning to feel frantic as well. He couldn’t help but look about at the battlefield, but there was nothing to see, not  a  single  person.  “The  Planar  Battlefield  seems  to  have suddenly grown much more barren. There’s not many people visible now. When Bebe and I used Deathgod Golems to lure people in, we still discovered a few people.”  Linley couldn’t understand either what was going on either. It had been three years since they had killed that elven male, ‘Occluar’. It had been three full years, but Linley’s group hadn’t acquired another gold badge!

It wasn’t that Linley’s group had grown soft-hearted; they didn’t find any targets they could attack at all!

During these three years, Linley’s had encountered quite a few ‘people’, but all of them were either Deathgod Golems or truly supreme experts whom the four wouldn’t be able to handle at all. But of course, there was also one time when they ran into another squad. That time, Linley’s group had prepared to attack, because there were only two of them.

But just as they were about to attack and to call Bebe to come over, they discovered…that three more helpers rushed over to join the enemy squad.

This squad was actually a five person squad! And, in terms of power, two were on the same level as Reisgem. Once the battle began, perhaps they might be able to kill one or two of them, but their own side would also lose one or two people. It wasn’t worth it. 
“Linley.” Reisgem suddenly said amusedly. “Hypothetically, if we were to be unable to acquire any commander badges during the remainder of the duration of this Planar War, then Reihom and I really would have suffered a loss! After all, we gave you the first commander badge.”
Linley was stunned. All he could do was let out an awkward laugh.

“I’m kidding.” Reisgem pulled out a violet fruit, then began to eat it. “How could we not acquire any more commander badges? Hmph…if push comes to shove, we can wait for the final battle of the Planar War. The four of us will join forces to kill a few more enemy commanders. Given our power, it won’t be too hard if we join forces during the chaos of that battle and take  advantage  of  some  people.”  Reisgem  was  clearly  quite confident.

Linley nodded slightly as well. Although he now had two commander badges, he was still some ways off from his target.

“Boss, we have a target!”  Bebe’s voice suddenly echoed in Linley’s mind. Linley’s eyes lit up, and he grew excited.

“Reisgem,  we  have  a  target.”   Linley  immediately  flew towards Bebe’s direction.

“Oh!” Reisgem hurriedly flew after him as well.

But by the time Linley and Reisgem got there, they discovered that Bebe and Reihom were standing in front of a black-robed figure, whose arms were already torn off, revealing a metallic color beneath his shattered shoulder blades. Bebe, seeing Linley and Reisgem arrive, turned and said resignedly, “Boss, it is a Deathgod Golem.”
Linley and Reisgem were rather disappointed, but they had already been prepared for this. After all, the number of times this had occurred over the past three years was far too many.

“This Deathgod Golem actually isn’t fleeing.” Linley began to laugh.

“Why flee? It won’t be able to escape anyhow. It’s just a Deathgod Golem, after all. I have plenty of these toys. In addition, I’m quite curious about the second Godeater Rat to appear in the countless planes of the universe.”  The metallic golem spoke out, and then looked towards Bebe with curiosity. “Might I ask, what is your relationship with Beirut?”
Linley was startled.

How did others know that Bebe was a Godeater Rat?

“How did you know?” Bebe said, surprised. The Deathgod Golem said, “Of course I know. You used your innate divine ability several times, causing that Godeater Rat illusion to appear. Quite a few people have seen it already. At first, everyone thought it was Beirut, but afterwards, they learned that it was a youngster who wore a straw hat. When I saw you wearing a straw hat, I naturally recognized you.”
“Ah.” Bebe was rather stupefied. So it was his straw hat which had betrayed him.

“Now I get it! No wonder they all went into hiding and didn’t dare to show themselves.” Reisgem said angrily.

“Of course nobody dares to show themselves. Everyone knows what Beirut’s temperament is like; even if he came in, we wouldn’t be too worried. But this youngster who no one knows is also capable of that technique…nobody wants to treat their own life and future like a joke.” The Deathgod Golem said casually.

Once one was hit by that technique, one would be finished. Even if they had divine clones in the outside world, they would still topple down from their honored position at the peak of the world of Deities.

“Hurry up and f*ck off. I won’t wreck your Deathgod Golem.”  Reisgem said irritably. “This really pisses me off. It’s hard for me to locate these people, but I didn’t expect all of them would hide away. They really are cowards!”
It wasn’t cowardice, though; it was caution.

The various commanders had all expended countless amounts of effort to reach their current levels of power. Even if they didn’t acquire any military merits in this Planar War, they could still go participate in the next one. After all, it occurred every trillion years, with five battles each time. To them, military merits were secondary concerns; their lives were the most important!

Once their most powerful clones died, they would be finished. “What should we do now?”  The normally taciturn Reihom knew that the situation looked bad as well.

“What can we do?” Reisgem chewed on his lips. “It was such a rare stroke of fortune for me to get Bebe’s assistance. I really wanted to dominate those people, but all of them went into hiding. Hmph…fine, then. Let’s all find a place to rest as well. After we are finished resting, when the final battle occurs, we’ll all emerge and slaughter them viciously! We’ll acquire more military merits then.”
“That’s all we can do.” Bebe said resignedly.

Linley frowned slightly. Although other commanders might not care too much about how many military merits they acquired, as they could acquire more in the next Planar War, Linley had no time to waste. Linley had to acquire sufficient military merits during this Planar War.

But, with so many people in hiding, what could he do? “As I see it, let’s go find a place to rest while at the same time, use our Deathgod Golems to lure people close. If we can lure in one or two commanders, that’d be good.” Linley said.

“Right, makes sense. There are another eight centuries from now till the end of this Planar War. It really is possible for us to attract some people over the next eight centuries.”  Reisgem nodded in approval.

“Alright, enough thinking about it then. Let’s go find a place to rest.” Bebe was the first to move forward.

Linley’s group casually selected a tall mountain. By relying on Reihom’s supreme technique, they set up a cave estate. Linley’s group of four thus began to live here peacefully. As for controlling the Deathgod Golem to attract people, this mission was handed over to Bebe and Reihom, while Reisgem completely focused on training.

As for Linley, naturally, he was more than happy to seize the opportunity to train hard. The Planar Battlefield fell into a period of strange tranquility. Aside from a few rare squads of extremely powerful experts, virtually all of the other solitary commanders went into hiding. Most were waiting for the final battle! Some were waiting to leave after the final battle, while others were waiting to participate. Although the final battle would be dangerous, if the commanders were cautious, they would have a survival rate much higher than that of ordinary soldiers.

Five hundred years silently slipped away peacefully!

The tall, desolate mountain. Within the quiet cave estate.

Reisgem, Bebe, and Reihom were seated next to each other, drinking wine, eating fruit, and chatting casually.

“Linley really is too hard-working in his training.”  Reisgem couldn’t help but glance outside towards a distant courtyard, where Linley was currently seated in the meditative position. “It’s good to be hard working, but you have to take a rest.” As Reisgem spoke, he took a huge bite of the fruit. “My Boss? Of course he is hard-working when training. Naturally, his training speed will be fast as well.”  Bebe said smugly.

The habitually taciturn Reihom gave a rare nod and said, “This Linley’s training speed really is astonishing.”
“It really is. Nearly four centuries ago, when Linley woke up, he said that he had already begun to completely fuse four profound mysteries of the Laws of the Earth. And how many years has this kid been training for? Just two thousand years. How many years have I been training for? I’ve only fused five profound mysteries, myself.” Reisgem said with a smirk.

Bebe just rubbed his nose, not saying a single thing.

In their four-person hunting squad, he was the only one who had no right to say a single thing when the topic of conversation was fusing profound mysteries.

Reisgem and Reihom had both fused five profound mysteries; naturally, though, this was related to the fact that they had been training for far too long a period of time. Linley had trained for just two thousand years, but had nearly fused four profound mysteries as well.

But him?

He hadn’t fused a single thing!

“Hmph. Hmph. My innate divine ability is powerful though.” This was how Bebe mentally consoled himself.

Right at this moment…
A terrifyingly powerful divine sense swept past their cave estate. Reisgem, Reihom and Bebe’s faces changed. Even the training Linley opened his eyes, staring towards the outside in amazement.

“Whoosh!”  Reisgem and the other two immediately flew to the outside courtyard. 
“Someone  was  able  to  use  his  divine  sense  to  investigate inside. How terrifying.” Reisgem said in a low voice.

“It is either a Soul Mutate expert or a Highgod Paragon.” Reihom said.

Linley was stunned as well. It must be understood that this cave estate was in the heart of this tall mountain. Even the corridor which led from the cave to the outside was a hundred meters long. For someone to sweep the cave estate with divine sense meant that the divine sense stretched to hundreds of meters. Linley had refined countless amethysts, but his divine sense only stretched to a hundred meters.

At such a great distance…
There were only two possibilities. A Soul Mutate or a Highgod Paragon. Of course, a Sovereign could also use his own sense, but Linley’s group wouldn’t be able to sense it at all if that had happened. “Right!” Linley’s group of four emerged from the estate and looked towards the corridor that led to the outside world.

In the vast, empty corridor, there was a single figure who was walking in towards them. This person was dressed in a long white robe, had white hair, and white brows. His white brows were nearly vertical, and his eyes were extremely long and slanted, and seemed to shoot out a freezing light. Just by walking forward, this white-robed, white-browed man made others feel an unconscious veneration towards him.

“Him!” Linley’s face turned ugly.

This person had once roamed the Infernal Realm, and had been known as the ‘Bloodwind’ Fiend. The meaning of this nickname was that when the wind arose, blood would fly into the air, and people would die.

“Bayer [Bei’e]! What are you doing here?” Reisgem frowned, and a violet light emerged from his body. “Oh, Reisgem.” The white-robed, white-browed man let out a calm chuckle.

Although Bayer had adventured through the Infernal Realm in the past, the many experts of the universe all believed that Bayer had come from the Divine Plane of Wind, and that he was one of the supreme, king-like figures of that plane. Because…this person had already reached the ‘Paragon’ level!

“What has a Highgod Paragon come for?” Linley felt rather nervous.

Highgod Paragons were truly frightening.

“I didn’t expect you’d come to the Planar Battlefield as well, Bayer.” Reisgem said with a calm laugh.

“Originally, I had no plans to come here. The Planar Wars hold no meaning for me. However…I owed Occluar a favor.” This  Bayer  said  calmly.  “Occluar’s  most  powerful  Life-type divine clone was killed by you, so he asked me to help him get revenge!” Bayer said calmly, “I don’t like owing favors! And so…I came to the Planar Battlefield!”
The faces of Linley and the other three changed greatly.

So Bayer had actually come at the request of Occluar!

“You actually owed him a favor?” Reisgem frowned. Highgod Paragons had already reached the peak of the universe. It was very rare for them to owe someone a favor, but once they did, they would definitely repay it.

“The  three  of  you  don’t  matter.  I  only  need  to  kill  one person.”   Bayer  calmly  stretched  out  his  right  hand,  his crystalline finger pointing towards Bebe. “Him! He was the one who killed Occluar. I will only kill him.”
Linley instantly grew frantic. Reisgem just laughed calmly. “Bayer, do you know what sort of relationship he has to Beirut?”
“Beirut?”  Bayer said calmly. “Although he is hard to deal with…even if I do kill his grandson, what will he, Beirut, be able to do to me?”

Chapter 29, Four Against One

In terms of fame, Bayer’s fame had shaken the various realms countless years before Beirut had appeared. As a Highgod Paragon, he was someone whom even the Sovereigns would fight over to make an Emissary. After having been at the very peak of power for so many years, how could he possibly fear Beirut?

More importantly, deep in his heart…Bayer actually somewhat looked down upon Beirut.

Beirut hadn’t reached the Highgod Paragon level, but because his body was simply too powerful and his innate divine ability was too monstrous, even if he encountered Paragons such as Bayer, Beirut wouldn’t be any weaker. Many commanders, in fact, feared Beirut even more than Bayer.

“He just relies on his innate divine ability.” That’s what Bayer believed.

Within the mountain cave estate. 
Bayer was there by himself, against Reisgem, Linley, and the other two. The atmosphere, however, clearly seemed to indicate that Bayer held the advantage.

“This is trouble.” Linley was extremely panicked.

“Boss, if we can’t beat him, then run! Perhaps we’ll be able to throw him off.” Bebe sent mentally. “But Boss, this Paragon is very terrifying. Don’t try to hold on if you can’t; what matters is preserving your own life.”
Linley gave Bebe a glance. When Linley had been eight years old, Bebe had begun to follow him. Even if he had to die, Linley wouldn’t abandon Bebe.

Linley stared at Bayer, feeling resentment in his heart. If he had the power that Beirut had, then today, he wouldn’t be so helpless. 
“What the hell is Occluar doing? He was killed in the Planar Battlefield, and then asked someone to get revenge for him? He really motherf*cking…!” Reisgem cursed, his violet pupils still staring fixedly at Bayer. He called out in a shrill voice, “Bayer, listen up. The person you want to kill belongs to my squad. It
was my squad which worked together to kill Occluar. If you want to kill, then you’ll have to kill all four of us!”
Bayer’s forehead creased slightly. Those two forceful white brows seemed as sharp as knives, and a baleful aura began to gather between them.

“Reisgem, don’t get involved!” Bayer said coldly.

To kill an entire squad? Kill all four of them?

No matter what, Bayer wouldn’t have the courage to kill Reisgem. That was the only child of the Redbud Sovereign. If the enraged Redbud Sovereign truly wished to kill him, although he, Bayer, as a Highgod Paragon, had the ability to stay alive and flee, his only option would be to flee into a material plane. He didn’t want to have to forever hide within a material plane.

“Occluar was killed by this Godeater Rat. Today, I am only killing him as well. The three of you, off to one side.” Bayer’s voice was fierce, and his narrow eyes seemed like the savage, sinister eyes of a lone wolf.

“Crackle…”   Linley’s  body  suddenly  became  covered  with azure-golden draconic scales, while at the same time, his body moved slightly to stand in front of Bebe. Linley just stood there, staring at Bayer fixedly.

“Boss!” Bebe actually laughed.

He wanted to make Linley leave, but Linley’s reaction was exactly what Bebe had thought it would be; over the course of countless years, during each life-and-death crisis, neither the two brothers had had ever fled and left the other behind.

Reisgem and Reihom moved slightly as well to block in front of Bebe. 
“Thank you.” Bebe laughed.

“For what? We’re bros. You and me, together, form a powerful team. We can’t possibly do without you.” Reisgem chortled. Bayer couldn’t help but frown. The three in front of him had clearly already made their decisions. They clearly weren’t willing to just think of their own good!

“I always hear people talk about how incredible Paragons on, but I’ve never given one a try.” Reisgem snickered.

The other three were prepared to fight at any moment as well.

“Very  well!”  Bayer  said  calmly.  His  lips  were  very  thin, making him look very mean and sinister.

Linley was staring at Bayer the entire time, but suddenly, Linley felt his vision grow blurry. The white-robed man that had been tens of meters away suddenly turned into a blur. Linley, Reisgem, and Reihom weren’t able to react before the white-robed man’s figure charged into their midst.

His speed was incredible! He was definitely the most terrifyingly fast person Linley had ever seen!

The wind element specialized in speed to begin with. One could only imagine how fast a Paragon of Wind was!

“Too fast. I couldn’t see his body clearly at all.” Linley’s face changed. He couldn’t even see the enemy movements; how, then, was he supposed to fight back or to block?

“Blackstone Space!”  Linley had no other choice. The only thing he could do was to execute his Blackstone Space, and a blurry earthen yellow light instantly filled the courtyard. Not just him; actually, Reisgem was also badly startled by Bayer’s speed, and had also hurriedly set up an Amethyst Space.

The two spaces intersected, but the gravitational power didn’t multiply; rather, the stronger Amethyst Space held sway. 
Bayer’s terrifying speed suddenly slowed down.

Currently, Bayer had already reached Bebe’s side. Because of the Amethyst Space and Blackstone Space, Bebe was now able to clearly see that Bayer had already reached him. Bayer himself couldn’t help but frown slightly as his speed slowed drastically, but he still struck out with the edge of his right palm like a blade, casually chopping down towards Bebe!

“Bebe!” Linley, Reisgem, and Reihom weren’t able to rescue him at all at this moment!

It seemed like a very ordinary palm blow. That crystalline, almost jadelike palm landed towards Bebe, but the strange thing was, space didn’t even ripple. It seemed as though the air itself had calmed down. Bebe was so terrified, his face changed dramatically. “Boss, I can’t move! What a powerful restrictive force!” Bebe’s body was unable to make any large movements; he was just barely able to raise that godspark dagger, but the powerful restrictive force made it so that he wouldn’t be able to block with it, even though it was in his hand.

Bebe’s voice rang out in Linley’s mind. “What? Can’t move?” Linley wasn’t able to react in time.

Watching the palm blow descend, Bebe only had one option; using his supreme technique, his innate divine technique. An enormous illusion of a Godeater Rat appeared behind Bebe, and the effects of his innate divine ability, ‘Godeater’, immediately took effect on Bayer. “Even though I won’t be able to kill you with it, at least I’ll make you suffer a bit.” This was what Bebe thought.

At the same instant he used his technique, Bayer’s palm blow landed as well!

“CHOP!” That jade-like palm chopped down at the center of Bebe’s chest. With a tremendous ‘BANG!’ sound, a very low sound rumbled. Like a bubble being popped, when the palm blow descended, the formerly stilled space suddenly tore apart, and right in front of the palm, a terrifying spatial rip that was multiple meters long suddenly appeared!

This was the Planar Battlefield!

And yet, such an enormous spatial tear had been created!

“BANG!”   Without  being  able  to  resist  at  all,  Bebe  was knocked flying backwards, smashing into the rocky mountainside. With a ‘boom’ sound, the rocky mountain terrace suddenly had a meter-wide crevice appear, and the entire side of the mountain cracked as large amounts of rubble flew out.

As for Bebe, the force of this palm blow had knocked him completely out of the hundred-plus meters thick mountain.

“Hurry up, let’s go!” Reisgem hurriedly sent mentally. 
“Swoosh!”    “Swoosh!”    “Swoosh!”    Linley,   Reihom,   and Reisgem flew out through the ‘tunnel’ at almost the same instant towards the outside.

Bayer didn’t stop them. He just laughed calmly, and then his body swayed before he too disappeared from the courtyard.

As Linley’s group of three flew out, then saw the distant Bebe. The clothes Bebe wore, formed out of energy to begin with, had all blown apart, and a terrifying, clearly visible white scar was on Bebe’s chest. Linley, seeing the situation, couldn’t help  but  feel  relieved.  “Bebe’s  material  defense  truly  is formidable. Bayer, although powerful, isn’t as powerful as the Sovereign had been.”
A casual blow from one of the branches of the Abyssal Fruit Tree had caused Bebe’s skin to split and his flesh to tear.

Clearly, Bayer was a bit weaker. However, that palm blow of his had actually caused Bebe to be bound and unable to move, and had even created such an enormous rift in space. One could imagine how terrifying the attack power had been. Fortunately, the recipient of that palm- edge blow was Bebe; if it had been someone else, that person probably wouldn’t have been able to take a single blow.

“That freak. We aren’t able to hold him off. Let’s hurry and flee.” Reisgem hurriedly sent through divine sense.

In the past, they had heard talk of how formidable Highgod Paragons were, but hadn’t personally seen one in action. That simple blow, however, had caused Reisgem to no longer have any confidence to fight. His material defense wasn’t as monstrous as Bebe’s.

“The material defense of Godeater Rats really lives up to its name.” A calm voice rang out.

Linley and the other three were stunned. They realized that Bayer’s white-robed figure had appeared in midair. Linley’s heart sank. “It makes sense. Given the power which Bayer displayed, even if we use Sovereign’s Might, we would at most be able to fight on par with him. There’s no way we would be able to escape his attacks.”
Bayer’s speed was a source of tremendous pressure for the others.

“My material attacks in the wind-style and the Destruction- style  can  both  be  considered  to  be  at  the  pinnacle.”  Bayer calmly swept the four with his gaze. “I didn’t expect that blow of mine wouldn’t be able to break through the defense of a Godeater Rat. Very well, then…Godeater Rat kid, I rarely use my Sovereign weapon. Today, I will use my Sovereign weapon to send you on your way. I refuse to believe that your defense will be able to withstand my most powerful sword attack!”
Linley, Bebe, Reishom, and Reisgem were all stunned.

Bayer waved his hand, and within it, a longsword that was as thin as the wings of a cicada appeared, glowing with green light. Linley’s heart clenched. Bayer wasn’t a divine beast; his body was ordinary. But by relying on his understanding of the profound mysteries as a Paragon, Bayer’s casual palm blows had already reached such a terrifying level. If he then used a Sovereign artifact to use his most powerful attack…would Bebe’s defense still be able to withstand it? Linley didn’t have any confidence in that at all!

“Sovereign weapon?”
Reisgem’s eyes instantly turned as round as the moon, and then he shouted explosively through divine sense, “Flee, quick, flee!!!”   Reisgem’s  body  once  more  emanated  his  Amethyst Space, covering Linley, Bebe, and Reihom. Immediately, their four-person squad, ignoring all else, frantically fled towards the Stellar River.

Bayer let out a disdainful laugh. Flee by relying on speed?
That was impossible. “Whoosh!”   Bayer’s  body  flickered,  and  he  immediately moved to pursue.

A dazzling Amethyst Space spread out. Linley, Reisgem, and the other two were at the center of the Amethyst Space and continue to flee into the distance. Reisgem also helped Bebe increase his speed.

“Reisgem, we are just going to flee, like this?”  Linley sent frantically through divine sense.

“The only method now is to flee to the Stellar River. And then, we’ll find a safe path through the Stellar River to the center, then hide in one of the giant floating boulders. At that time, when Bayer comes over, we’ll knock him directly into one of the spatial tears. We won’t be able to kill him, but we’ll be able to make him disappear forever within the spatial tear.” Reisgem sent mentally. “However…I don’t know if we’ll make it to the Stellar River.”
Linley had no other ideas either. Reisgem’s method was indeed their only option. 
“Haha…Reisgem, using your Gravitational Space against me is useless.” Wild, confident laughter rang out in Linley’s mind.

Right at this moment…
Linley and the other three, who were keeping a close watch on Bayer at all times, realized that he had flown in front of him. A wild burst of energy blasted forth from Bayer, instantly causing an area within a thousand meters to instantly begin to spatially distort as the wild energy waves lashed about.

Linley’s group of four could feel the effects of this technique as space itself seemed to constrict them.

“How is this possible!” Linley also trained in the Laws of the Wind, and knew that of the nine great profound mysteries, there were the Profound Mysteries of Spatial Wind, but that sort of restrictive power was negligible for Highgods. But who would have imagined…that when a Highgod Paragon used this technique, even Reisgem would be affected. Their speed slowed dramatically!

“Swoosh!”   Bayer  flew  directly  into  the  Amethyst  Space. Although his speed dropped, he was still much faster than Linley’s group of four now was while under the spatial binding.

Bayer flew at high speed towards Bebe, but he lowered his head to look down at the Sovereign artifact in his hand, as though it was a dear lover of his. Bayer very casually swung out with his Sovereign weapon, and instantly, the already distorted space tore apart like a piece of rotten cloth!

A terrifying spatial tear that was a hundred meters long suddenly appeared. This hundred meter long spatial tear was a rip in space that was a finger thick. Following the movements of the Sovereign weapon, it landed directly on the body of Bebe, who had been unable to dodge. At the same time, the Sovereign weapon shot out in every direction with arrow-like rays of energy, each of which caused minute spatial fractures.

“Slash!” A thin fracture slashed past Linley, who wasn’t able to dodge. 
It very easily tore through Linley’s draconic scaled defense. A large chunk of flesh and bone was directly torn from Linley’s arm.

But Linley’s attention was completely focused on Bebe. His face changed dramatically. “Bebe!”  Linley was only hit by the side effects of the attack, but Bebe was hit by the Sovereign weapon head on!

Chapter 30, Canteen?

“What a terrifying fellow!”
Bebe was utterly frightened as well. That palm-edge blow from earlier had already made him feel great danger. Bebe himself knew that this full-force sword blow from a Sovereign weapon was something which Beirut might be able to deal with bare-handed, were he here, due to his insights into the profound mysteries. But Bebe was no Beirut! He definitely wouldn’t be able to take it head on so easily.

“My insights into the Laws are far too inferior to Grandpa’s! I’d best not try to push it.” Bebe didn’t hesitate at all. As that sword chopped down, within his sea of consciousness, an adorable little Godeater Rat instantly activated a drop of Destruction-type Sovereign’s Might. Bebe had two bodies as well…
One was his divine darkness clone, while the other was his Saint-level original body. Only, the Saint-level original body remained in the shape of a Godeater Rat; it was much like how Beirut’s three sons all had original bodies that were in the form of rats. Normally, the original bodies were merged into the divine clones. Bebe understood that if his divine darkness clone died, his original body would unquestionably die as well.

A black light emerged, covering Bebe’s entire body as he was once more knocked away at high speed, smashing viciously into the ground. With a “BANG” sound, a deep crevice appeared in the earth. But his body wasn’t damaged at all.

“Thank goodness.” Linley let out a sigh of relief.

Reisgem, Reihom, and Linley all flew towards Bebe at high speed.

“Bebe.” Linley hurriedly helped Bebe up.

“Heh heh, Boss, I’m fine. He wasn’t even able to scratch me.” Bebe chortled. However, Linley, Reisgem, and Reihom didn’t relax their vigilance; Bebe had used up a drop of Sovereign’s Might in order to escape the earlier tribulation. Linley couldn’t help but to look back towards Bayer, who stood there not moving.

Bayer was looking at Bebe with curiosity.

“Sovereign’s Might?”  Bayer wasn’t angry at all. “Godeater Rats really are an incredible type of divine beasts. One worthy of me using a drop of Sovereign’s Might as well!”
A faint green light suddenly erupted forth like flames from Bayer’s body, but then retracted back into it. Not a single hint of it was dissipating! Clearly, as a Highgod Paragon, he could perfectly control Sovereign’s Might. This scene caused Linley and the other three to feel terror in their hearts.

“He is using Sovereign’s Might as well!”  Linley called out mentally in alarm. “Not just a Sovereign weapon, but also using Sovereign’s Might!” Reisgem was so angry, he wanted to curse. For Bayer to do this was absolutely too abusive!

Bayer actually had a hint of a smile on his lips. He looked at Bebe. “To let me use both a Sovereign weapon and Sovereign’s Might…even in death, you should feel proud.” After speaking, his body once more flickered forward. Although Reisgem’s Amethyst Space was always active, Bayer’s speed was still so fast…that Linley and the other two weren’t able to block at all.

Although no aura of Sovereign power emanated from Bayer’s body, he clearly had already used it.

“He used Sovereign’s Might. Bebe won’t be able to hold on.” Linley worried mentally.

Immediately, an enormous coiling Azure Dragon Phantom appeared in the air behind Linley. At this critical moment, not hesitating at all, Linley used his own innate divine ability… Dragon Roar! Bayer’s soul heard the roar of the dragon as well.

Unconsciously, Bayer’s body paused for a moment, but afterwards, Bayer’s speed returned to normal. That bit of influence was negligible for him. Linley felt sourness as well. “Bebe’s innate divine ability isn’t capable of doing anything to a Highgod Paragon, and it seems this technique of mine is also negligible for him.”
Linley had a certain feeling…
That when he used this technique against Bayer, it was like he was an ant trying to shake a tree. Perhaps this was a very special ant, but the only result was that the leaves of the tree trembled slightly.

“BEBE!!!!”  Linley felt agonized at his helplessness, and his soul howled in misery.

“SHKREEEEEEEE!”  An  exceedingly  ear-piercing  howl  rang out, carrying a certain wild savagery. 
Space twisted and coiled about, and then multiple spatial tears appeared. Bebe was once again knocked backwards, blood flying everywhere. Seeing the brilliant blood, Linley’s face instantly turned white. Before this, he had still held some hope…but Linley didn’t actually despair yet either.

Because he could still feel Bebe’s existence!

“Haha, you want to kill me!? Grandpa’s words really were correct! We Godeater Rats have the number one defensive strength in all the planes of the universe! If I don’t use Sovereign’s Might, my body is like a divine spark. After using Sovereign’s Might…there is no Highgod capable of killing me!” Bebe called out, seeming to be rather crazed.

Linley discovered, to his astonishment, that although Bebe’s chest did indeed have a wound carved into it, with fresh blood flowing…the wound wasn’t too deep. “How can that be?” Bayer stared at Bebe in astonishment.

His full strength sword blow still wasn’t able to kill him?

“Hmph. My muscles and my skin are equally tough, but the hardest part of my body is my bones! The bones throughout my body are infused with a large amount of divine spark essence! Haha…just now, I was afraid, because in the past, when that Sovereign badly injured me with one blow, my bones were broken. I thought that after using Sovereign’s Might and with a Sovereign weapon, your attack would be comparable to that Sovereign’s attack.” Bebe boasted.

Although Beirut had previously told Bebe how terrifyingly great the defensive power of a Godeater Rat was, and although Bebe had always been very self-confident…
At the Abyssal Mountain, his defenses were easily shattered by the Abyssal Fruit Tree, and even his bones had been broken. This caused Bebe to begin to doubt himself.

As he saw it… A Highgod Paragon, using a Sovereign weapon with Sovereign’s Might, should be comparable to a casual blow from a Sovereign. But now, it seemed, that although the attack power of a Highgod Paragon was indeed terrifying, compared to a Sovereign, he was still vastly inferior.

“Haha…formidable,  formidable!”  Reisgem  began  to  laugh delightedly as well. “Bebe, you thought just because he used Sovereign’s Might and a Sovereign weapon that he would be comparable to a Sovereign? Then you are ridiculously mistaken. Highgods, compared to Sovereigns, are far, far too weak. Bebe, what makes Sovereigns so powerful isn’t their Sovereign artifacts or their Sovereign power; rather, it is their Will! An attack that contains a Sovereign’s Will is a truly terrifying attack.”
Linley and Bebe were both stunned. A Sovereign’s Will?

Will was something that was incorporeal; how could it be powerful? “Aside from Highgod Paragons, if a Sovereign wishes to kill a Highgod, there’s no need to even lift a finger. The Sovereign only  needs  to  wish  it.  That’s  what  a  Sovereign’s  Will  is!” Reisgem laughed loudly. “A Highgod that uses Sovereign’s Might and a Sovereign using Sovereign’s Might…the difference in power is more ten thousand times, because of the Will of the
Linley now understood.

He had heard long ago that a Sovereign could kill a Highgod with but a thought, and that only Highgod Paragons could slightly resist. At that time, Linley hadn’t understood…how could a Highgod be killed by a mere thought? Why?

So it seemed…that there was something known as the ‘Sovereign’s Will’ which existed.

“The  Will  of  a  Sovereign  is  this  powerful?”  Linley  didn’t understand why.

But Linley didn’t have time to ask Reisgem. 
Because at this moment, Bayer’s face finally grew solemn. He stared  coldly  at  Bebe.  “Godeater  Rats  refine  divine  spark essences to strengthen their own body. As far as material defenses go, amongst all the varied divine beasts, you Godeater Rats truly can be ranked number one. I admit that I won’t be able to injure you with material attacks. Then…listen to a song of mine!”
As soon as his words fell…
Linley, Reisgem, Bebe, and Reihom began to hear a certain melody in their minds. That song constantly echoed throughout their mind, carrying with it a strange, magical power. When he first heard it, Linley was able to resist for a second or two, but after that, he became entranced by the music and entered a dazed state.

And…as soon as he heard that song…
Linley’s divine clone had immediately, unstintingly, used up a drop of water-type Sovereign’s Might! Linley’s earth-type Sovereign’s Might had been used up long ago, and he only had two drops of water-type Sovereign’s Might. By using up a drop now, he would only have one more remaining.

Of the group of four, only a single person immediately regained his faculties after being momentarily dazed.

That was Reisgem!

His accomplishments in the soul were exceedingly great. Linley, Reihom, and Bebe had all entered a dazed state, but fortunately enough for Linley and Reihom, Bayer didn’t want to kill them, just make them dazed. As for Bebe…just as his soul entered a dazed state, he also began to suffer a strange soul attack.

Logically speaking…
In a dazed state, one wouldn’t know to use Sovereign’s Might to resist. Generally speaking, when faced with the soul attack of a Highgod Paragon, the result would be death. 
“Bayer, enough.”  Reisgem growled, launching a soul attack towards Bayer as well.

“How can this be!” Bayer paused his attack as well.

Linley, Bebe, and Reihom regained their mental clarity, and Linley felt cold sweat drip down his back. “Even after using Sovereign’s Might, I wasn’t able to resist. However, I didn’t die. It seems he didn’t attack.” Linley understood that without him actively controlling his damaged soul-protecting Sovereign artifact, it definitely wouldn’t be hard for this person to kill him.

But he hadn’t died. Clearly, Bayer didn’t want to kill him.

“How can this be? You…you have a soul-protecting Sovereign artifact?!” Bayer looked at Bebe. 
“Uhh….” Bebe shook his head. “I just have a soul-protecting artifact.”
“Impossible! A soul-protecting artifact capable of blocking my ‘Soul Nirvana’ melody? You…you definitely have a soul- protecting Sovereign artifact!” Bayer wasn’t willing to believe it. Bayer now had finally lost his earlier confidence. He stared at Bebe. “How can you have a soul-protecting Sovereign artifact? You are a Sovereign’s Emissary?”
Bebe shook his head.

“Soul-protecting Sovereign artifact? Grandpa told me that it was a soul-protecting artifact.” Bebe didn’t understand it.

Linley finally relaxed. Whether it was a soul-protecting artifact or a soul-protecting Sovereign artifact…clearly, Bayer wasn’t able to do anything to Bebe. Although Bayer was terrifying, and most likely would be able to easily kill Linley, Reisgem, or Reihom… He wasn’t able to kill Bebe!

Bebe’s material defense and soul defense had both reached monstrous levels.

“According to legends, the Bloodridge Sovereign bestowed a soul-protecting Sovereign artifact to Beirut. I didn’t expect that he would actually transfer it to you.” Bayer laughed coldly. Everyone knew that Beirut had a soul-protecting Sovereign artifact, but Bayer now believed that Beirut had actually transferred the soul-protecting Sovereign artifact to Bebe.

“Hey, what else are you going to die? You aren’t able to kill Bebe. Aren’t you going to leave?” Reisgem snorted.

Bayer took a deep breath, regaining his calm.

“If I’m not able to kill him, then I…will push him into a region of chaotic space!” Bayer said coldly, while stretching out his hands. He was standing in midair, and suddenly, with him at the center, multiple strands of faint green energy ribbons sprang out from his hands. Those hundred-plus hundred- meter energy ribbons all coiled towards Bebe.

“Push him into chaotic space?” Linley was stunned as well.

Reisgem suddenly let out an absolutely enraged growl, and behind Reisgem, the illusion of an enormous monster that was over a hundred meters tall suddenly appeared. This monster had 108 spikes on its back, and was a monster that Linley was very familiar with; it looked just like the ‘juvenile amethyst beast’ Linley had previously seen.

Instantly, 108 rays of violet light exploded forth from Reisgem’s body, each filled with black-colored Sovereign power.

With Reisgem at the center, those rays of violet light completely covered and surrounded Linley, Bebe, and Reihom, actually forming a black, spherical cocoon which was covered with violet light. 
“Amethyst Rampart!” Bayer frowned.

The Amethyst Space was actually just an innate supreme technique of Reisgem’s; in truth, it couldn’t be considered a ‘divine ability’. Divine abilities consumed a tremendous amount of spiritual energy! This ‘Amethyst Rampart’ was Reisgem’s true, innate divine ability! Once this technique appeared, there was no way for Bayer to break through the Amethyst Rampart for now as well.

Moments later…
The Amethyst Rampart disappeared. The Amethyst Rampart couldn’t actually be sustained for very long.

“Reisgem, it seems you insist on protecting this Godeater Rat.”  Bayer  said  coldly.  “Fine,  then.  I  admit  that  with  this Godeater Rat having used Sovereign’s Might, I’m unable to kill him. However…once his Sovereign’s Might dissipates, I refuse to believe that he’ll be able to escape my sword again. Given the speed of my sword, I trust that you won’t be able to block at all.”
Linley frowned.

Bayer’s words were reasonable. Although Bebe had used a drop of Sovereign’s Might, it was constantly dissipating. Soon, it would be completely gone.

Bebe’s material defense was indeed strong, but when he used Sovereign’s Might, his defense was still breached. He had to rely on his bones to take the blow head on.

But if Bebe didn’t have any Sovereign’s Might left, while Bayer was still able to perfectly control his own Sovereign’s Might without wasting it…given that Bayer would be able to use it for a very long time, when Bebe’s ran out, would Bebe be able to block?

“Boss! I’ve been eating divine sparks for many years, but the number that I’ve eaten isn’t enough yet. My bones aren’t as tough as Grandpa’s yet. If I don’t use Sovereign’s Might, while that Bayer uses both a Sovereign weapon and Sovereign power, my skull probably wouldn’t be able to resist that sword of his.” Bebe sent frantically.

Linley began to feel nervous as well.

Bebe’s Sovereign power was constantly dissipating. But Bayer? Not a hint of it was leaking out. How were they supposed to compete against him?

Reisgem stared. “What…you want to compete with ME in seeing who has more Sovereign’s Might?”
Bayer was startled.

Reisgem turned towards Linley and Bebe and laughed, “Linley,  Bebe,  I  forgot  to  tell  you  something  after  you  two joined my hunting squad. Since you two are members of my squad now, I, as the captain, should treat you without holding anything back.” As he spoke, Reisgem made a tossing motion, and two rays of violet light flew towards Linley and Bebe.

Linley and Bebe immediately stretched their hands out to receive it.

Linley lowered his head to look at it. It was a ‘canteen’ that was completely made out of carved amethysts. This sort of canteen, although quite intricately designed, was familiar to Linley. When he had been in the Yulan continent, ordinary soldiers would always carry these types of canteens with them.

“Is this a water canteen?” Linley was puzzled.

Linley reached out with his divine sense, passing through the obstruction of the amethysts, to inspect the insides of the canteen. And when he did…he was badly shocked.

“Gaaah!   Destruction-type   Sovereign’s   Might?!   This…an entire canteen?!” Bebe called out in shock as well. 
Linley was similarly stunned.

He, too, realized that this canteen was actually filled with liquefied Sovereign’s Might. An entire canteen full of it!

“Take  it.  The  young  master  gave  me  a  canteen  as  well.” Reihom said.

Linley and Bebe stared towards Reisgem, stunned.

Reisgem snickered, then waved his hand. “Just take it. It’s just Destruction-type Sovereign’s Might. My mother has plenty of it. She has an entire lake filled with it, so I filled a few canteens with it. I have plenty. You keep it. Those Redbud Army soldiers have a salary. You guys are my squadmates, and this can be considered your salary.” To Reisgem, the only son of a Sovereign, of course this was something that didn’t matter much. Sovereigns agreed amongst themselves to only give a single Sovereign artifact to Deities, but there was no limit to the amount of Sovereign’s Might they could bestow.

“A…canteen?” Linley felt his head grow dizzy.

Sovereign’s Might was normally measured out by the ‘drop’.

“A canteen of Sovereign’s Might? How many drops is that?” Linley couldn’t even imagine it.

Bayer felt a headache as well. Good heavens. He was a Highgod Paragon, true, but although a Sovereign might give him some Sovereign’s Might, the Sovereign naturally wouldn’t treat him as she might treat their her own son, filling an entire lake with Sovereign’s Might and letting her son take as much of it  as  he  wanted.  “Compete  with  the  son  of  a  Sovereign  in Sovereign’s Might?” Bayer felt resigned.

Reisgem  rubbed  his  nose.  “Bayer,  my  divine  clone  had already informed my mother of what is going on here. Although my mother won’t be able to make it here immediately, she can arrange for some people to come. I imagine that as time goes on, my mother will personally come to the Planar Battlefield.”
Sovereigns generally wouldn’t interfere in the matters of Highgods.

But it was only natural for a Sovereign to interfere when her own son was in danger.

And not all Sovereigns were the same; generally speaking, if an ordinary person became a Sovereign, that person might have countless children and so wouldn’t care too much about them. But the Redbud Sovereign was like a divine beast, an exceedingly rare, unique individual. She had only a single son.

“Whew.” Bayer shook his head and laughed bitterly.

“This Godeater Rat’s defense is indeed powerful. Although I’m not able to kill him, I don’t consider is as being a loss of face. As least I tried. There’s nothing Occluar will be able to say to me.” Bayer gave Reisgem’s group a final glance, and then his body flickered and disappeared as he left.

Linley and Bebe each held a canteen, staring as Bayer departed.

“Ah,  he  finally  left.”   Reisgem  let  out  a  long  breath.  “A Highgod Paragon. I was afraid that this fellow would go crazy. Fortunately, I managed to scare him off.” Reisgem was frightened as well. If Bayer really did go crazy and decide to kill them all, Reisgem wouldn’t even have time to cry. At worst, Bayer would just have to hide in a material plane and to never go to the Divine Planes or the Higher Realms again.”

Chapter 31, The Number One Clan

After Bayer left, Linley let out a sigh of relief as well.

“Compared to a Highgod Paragon, I most likely would only be able to preserve my life if I had a defensive Sovereign artifact and a soul-protecting Sovereign artifact.”  Linley had been rendered speechless by Bayer’s attack power, and the constrictive power of it had been able to cause space itself to twist and distort. The disruptive power exceeded even Reisgem’s ‘Amethyst Space’.

Upon encountering a Paragon, only someone like Bebe whose material defense and soul defense were both at the very peak would be capable of staying alive.

“Wait.  Even  if  my  defenses  are  powerful,  Bayer  would probably still be able to throw me into a field of spatial chaos.” When Linley thought of this, he felt all the more terrified by the might of a Paragon. Previously, Linley had seen quite a few experts who had fused five profound mysteries. Linley had thought a Paragon would be powerful, but not ridiculously so. But upon encountering one, Linley realized…
Paragons, just by waving their hands, could easily cause space to twist and distort, and tear the world apart. Between fusing five profound mysteries and becoming a Paragon, there was a massive, qualitative rise in power.

“Bayer won’t come again, will he?” A low voice rang out.

Linley turned his head to look. The speaker was the big fellow, ‘Reihom’. Bebe, some dirt and dust on his face, said quickly, “Of course not! He is a Paragon, after all; since he left, how could he come back? Even if he came back, I’m not afraid of him.” Bebe’s words caused Linley, Reisgem, and Reihom to all look at him.

“You aren’t afraid?”  Reisgem had a rather disbelieving tone to his voice.

Actually, Reisgem himself was afraid. If Bayer truly went insane, he could kill Reisgem, Reihom, and Linley, then drag Bebe into a region of chaotic space. The price would just be that he would face the pursuit and attack of the Redbud Sovereign, and would have to forever hide within a material plane.

Reisgem was afraid, and Linley and Reihom felt the same way. In front of Bayer, they weren’t able to resist at all.


Stared at by the other three, Bebe let out an awkward laugh. “Fine, to be honest, of course I’m a bit scared. In front of that Bayer, I feel as though all I can do is stand there and be beaten. I’m not able to resist at all. That strange song of his made me lose consciousness. Enough, he’s left, so this is at an end. I hope in the future, I won’t run into that Bayer again. Unless I’m at Grandpa’s level of power…”
Linley, hearing this, couldn’t help but laugh. He then looked towards Reisgem. This time, they truly had to thank Reisgem.

“Fortunately, Reisgem, you used the Sovereign to threaten him.” Linley laughed with a sigh. 
“Hmph. That was all talk. By the time my mother actually made it here, Bayer would’ve fled long ago.” Reisgem pursed his lips. “Fortunately, Bayer wasn’t willing to go all out for the sake of Occluar.”
Linley nodded slightly as well.

If Occluar and Bayer had a relationship that was as close as Linley and Bebe’s, most likely, Bayer really would’ve ignored all else to kill them. Fortunately, the two didn’t have a relationship at that level yet.

“Reisgem, this Sovereign’s Might…” Linley only now thought of the canteen of Sovereign’s Might in his hand.

Good heavens…a full canteen! What a terrifying fortune this was!

“Reisgem, just now, you just wanted to shock Bayer and let him know that there was no way he would be able to kill Bebe, which is why you brought out this canteen of Sovereign’s Might. Now that this is at an end, you can take it back.” Linley immediately handed the amethyst canteen back to Reisgem.

It wasn’t that Linley didn’t want the Sovereign’s Might. If it had only been one or two drops, Linley would’ve accepted it.

But this was an entire canteen…
This was too precious, something Linley felt was too hot to hold. While working together with Reisgem, Linley hadn’t made any great contributions, so how could he receive a canteen of Sovereign’s Might? As the saying goes, if no merits were rendered, none should be recorded. To receive a treasure without having accomplished anything? Linley felt uneasy.

“Eh?” Bebe was startled.

“Here you go.” Bebe did the same thing. “HEY!” Reisgem stared at Linley and Bebe, then said angrily, “Linley, Bebe, what are you two doing? Hmph, if you are going to be so insincere, we might as well just split up the squad. You go your way, and Reihom and I will go ours. You two don’t treat me as bros anyhow. As for the canteen of Sovereign’s Might? I, Reisgem, have never taken back something I gifted out. If you don’t want it, then toss it!”
Linley felt speechless and resigned.

“Haha, Boss, Reisgem isn’t the stingy sort.”  Bebe snickered, slapping his arm around Reisgem’s shoulders. “Just take it.” Bebe was rather unwilling to part with it to begin with; only, having seen Linley give it up, he had to do the same.

“Hear that?”  Reisgem delightedly raised an eyebrow. “Why don’t you just toss this Sovereign’s Might and go your own way, while the three of us go ours. Or…just keep it.”
Linley wasn’t the overly polite sort to begin with; only, this canteen of Sovereign’s Might was simply too valuable, and so he wasn’t able to accept it right away, which is why he had acted in such a manner. But now that Reisgem had responded in such a way, what else could Linley do? All he could do was, with a flip of his hand, store the canteen of Sovereign’s Might into his interspatial ring.

“That’s  more  like  it.”   Reisgem  chortled  merrily.  “To  be honest, earlier on, when I just reached the Highgod level and hadn’t fused that many of the profound mysteries, I probably wouldn’t have been willing to be generous, even if you asked me to.”
“Eh? What’s that about?” Bebe said.

Linley just laughed while listening. With Bebe and Reisgem standing together, it was like a pair of youths. Their eyes were both so lively and agile; they looked like two siblings.

The four of them chatted while walking forward.

“What my mother said is that I needed to be tempered!” Reisgem laughed. “Without me having reached a certain level of power, if she were to give me a large amount of Sovereign’s Might, I would never feel as though I were in any danger, which would make it harder for me to make any breakthroughs. Thus, only after I fused five profound mysteries did my mother stop restricting me in terms of how much Sovereign’s Might I could have.”
Linley nodded slightly.

Without a sense of danger, it would be fairly hard to rise in power. Linley could completely understand the actions of the Redbud Sovereign.

“Oh…you have so much Sovereign’s Might. Boss’s Four Divine Beasts clan rarely hands out even a single drop of Sovereign’s Might.” Bebe said with a sigh.

Reisgem laughed loudly. “The Four Divine Beasts clan? How can they compare to me? An enormous clan like that has millions of people, scattered throughout the four great planes. The four great Sovereigns did indeed bestow a huge amount of Sovereign’s Might to them! But did the people of the Four Divine Beasts clan learn to treasure it? They did not! Those four clan leaders probably never imagined that their four Sovereigns would perish. When the four Sovereigns died…the time came that they no longer had access to unlimited amounts of Sovereign’s Might! They were completely dumbfounded.”
“Once the four Sovereigns died, they no longer had a source for Sovereign’s Might. It would be hard for them to acquire any more. Of course they would hand it out sparingly, one drop at a time.”
Linley, hearing this, nodded to himself.

The deaths of the four ancestors did indeed strike a heavy blow against the clan.

“An enormous clan like that, whose fame shook the various planes, fell just like that.”  Linley let out a sigh. Originally, when Linley had entered the Azure Dragon clan, Linley had sighed at how much Sovereign’s Might the clan had. But now, he understood that giving each Elder a single drop was a way of being thrifty in using it.

When the four Sovereigns were still alive, most likely the manner in which the Azure Dragon clan divided up Sovereign’s Might was completely different.

“The  Four  Divine  Beasts  clan  originally  was  very  strong. However, in the countless planes of the universe, they still cannot be considered the number one clan.” Reisgem said.

“Eh? There was a clan even more powerful than the Four Divine Beasts clan clan?” Linley was rather surprised.

“The number one clan is the Augusta [Ao’gu’si’ta] clan of the Divine Light Plane.” Reisgem said with a calm laugh.

Linley knew a few things about the Infernal Realm and the Netherworld, but very little about the other planes.

“The Augusta clan?” Three names drifted into Linley’s mind. These three names came from Beirut’s intelligence reports on commanders. All three were commanders, and the three of them…all shared the surname ‘Augusta’. Clearly, they were of the Augusta clan.
 Back then, Linley hadn’t paid much attention. After all, there were quite a few siblings who were commanders. For three to share one surname wasn’t too surprising.

“The first generation member of the Augusta clan is the Chief Sovereign of Light.” Reisgem said, pursing his lips.

Linley now understood. “No wonder the clan is so powerful. They are the descendants of the Chief Sovereign of Light.” As a Chief Sovereign, one could imagine how exalted a status and how great the power the Chief Sovereign of Light possessed.

“The Chief Sovereign of Light has many descendants. The second generation of the clan has 182 members.” Reisgem said with a sigh.

Linley and Bebe were both stupefied.

“Reisgem, are the second generation members all the sons and daughters of the Chief Sovereign of Light?” Linley didn’t dare believe it. In the Four Divine Beasts clan, the Azure Dragon only had a son and a daughter, while the Vermilion Bird had only a single child. The White Tiger had one child, while the Black Tortoise had two.

But this Augusta clan’s second generation had 182 members?

“Right.” Reisgem nodded. “The Chief Sovereign of Light was originally a member of an ordinary race before he became a Chief Sovereign. Thus, unlike the divine beasts who have few children, he had 182. However, these 182 children are not all on the same level. Still, because the population of the Augusta clan expanded very rapidly, and because they had sufficient resources, they naturally produced quite a few experts. However, the Augusta clan has only expanded in the Divine Light Plane. They aren’t like your Four Divine Beasts clan, which scattered throughout the planes.”
“The  Augusta  clansmen  are  very  arrogant.”   The  always taciturn Reihom suddenly spoke out.

“Eh?” Linley looked towards Reihom. He could feel the anger within Reihom’s words. Reisgem sighed and said, “One of my mother’s Emissary’s, Reihom’s good friend ‘Bosley’ [Bu’si’li], was killed by the forces of the Augusta clan. Bosley now only has a weak clone remaining. I imagine this time, the Augusta clan’s people came to the Planar Battlefield as well. If we encounter two of them, we have to kill some of them to vent our anger. Hmph. Forget it. Enough about that clan of bastards. They ruin the mood.”
As Linley’s group of four left the battlefield, they didn’t run, just casually walked forward. In the Planar Battlefield, aside from Paragons like Bayer, their hunting squad feared no one.

But that battle had, indeed, attracted quite a few people.

On the desolate earth, five figures emerged. The leader was a youth who was dressed in a beautiful silver robe, and who had long, dazzling hair.

“Oh, the Amethyst Rampart. Hey, that’s Bayer!” The golden- haired youth’s eyes lit up. He saw, in the distance, Bayer standing in the sky like a celestial divinity. With Bayer present, the five hadn’t dared to go near. But after watching from far away for a time, they saw that Bayer actually left. 
“Young   master   Montelo   [Meng’te’lo],   this   is   a   good opportunity.” Next to him was a callous, short silver-haired man who was dressed in a golden robe.

The golden-haired youth’s eyes lit up.

Right at this moment, the golden-haired youth suddenly turned his head to look nearby. There were actually two people, a man and a woman, walking over. “Montelo, long time no see.”  The leader, a black-haired, silver-robed woman said with a light smile.

“Ranessa [La’na’sha]!” Montelo laughed as well.

“You saw that battle just now, right? Bayer went to act against Reisgem’s group. I wonder what the results of that battle were.”  The silver-robed woman, Ranessa, said with a laugh. “But I’m certain that Reisgem remains alive.” “I’m certain about this as well.”  Montelo said with a calm laugh, and then his eyes lit up. “Ranessa, how about we join forces and go teach that Reisgem a lesson?”
“Teach him a lesson?” Ranessa frowned slightly. “I know that a grudge exists between your clan and Reisgem, but…” Ranessa also knew Montelo’s status. Montelo was a third generation member of the Augusta clan. The second generation had 182 members, and the third generation had more than a thousand.”
Montelo relied on his innate talent and his ability to have a fairly high status within his clan. But compared to Reisgem, his status was far inferior. After all, the Chief Sovereign of Light had too many children. Montelo was just a grandchild, while the Redbud Sovereign only had a single son.

There weren’t many who would dare to kill Reisgem.

“Don’t worry, we won’t kill Reisgem.”  Montelo said with a light laugh. “I’ll be responsible for entangling Reisgem, while the other three of you, along with my other four, seven in total, will act against Reisgem’s comrades. If you can kill one, do so. It’s best if you kill them all! Hmph, if we can’t kill Reisgem, we can still kill his comrades.”  Montelo’s eyes flashed with cold light.

Ranessa turned to discuss this with the two youths by her side, then laughed.

The Sovereigns were lofty individuals. As long as one didn’t commit any forbidden acts, there wouldn’t be any problems. Even if they badly injured Reisgem, there wouldn’t be a problem. The Sovereigns actually hoped that their children would suffer setbacks while growing up. As long as they didn’t kill Reisgem, it was fine. As for Reisgem’s comrades and their lives, the Sovereign didn’t have the time to bother with them, nor would the Sovereign lower her status to bother with them.

The world of Deities had its own rules. Sovereigns generally wouldn’t casually interfere.

“Fine. However, the badges we get from killing them are mine.” Ranessa said. “Fine.” Montello immediately agreed.

“Let’s go, then. Reisgem and the others have most likely gone far away by now.” Ranessa said.

Immediately, the two forces merged and the eight of them stealthily slipped forward at high speed.

Chapter 32, What’s This?

The Planar Battlefield was as quiet and icy as ever.

The wind blew and sand flew everywhere.

Linley, Bebe, Reisgem, and Reishom walked forward casually, preparing to find a good place to rest.

“Eh?” Reisgem suddenly turned his head to look behind.

“What is it?” Bebe said, puzzled. Linley, seeing the situation, turned his head to look behind them as well, but behind them, the scene was still one of desolate, wild grass. There wasn’t a single person present.

But Reisgem furrowed his brows. “It seems someone is present.” As soon as Reisgem spoke, Linley sensed how from behind, the aura of two badges from their alliance could be sensed. Those two auras were flying forward towards them at high speed. Linley gave a suspicious look, and amidst the wild grassy growth, eight figures suddenly appeared, flying straight for Linley’s group.

Two belonged to the Divine Darkness Plane’s side, while six belonged to the Divine Light Plane’s side.

However, for the purposes of this battle, they were on the same side.

“Montelo!” Reihom’s voice boomed out.

“Montelo!” Reisgem’s face changed. “BANG!” A wild surge of black energy emerged from his body. He had immediately used his Sovereign’s Might, while at the same time, that longspear appeared in his hands. Not hesitating in the slightest, Reisgem bent back, like a powerful longbow that was being pulled, and then threw out the Sovereign longspear in his hands forward. Crackle…
Filled with Sovereign power, the weapon blasted forth explosively. That amethyst longspear flowed with black light. Moving at high speed, it transformed into a black blur, creating cracks in space as it flew forward.

The Sovereign longspear was aimed at a solitary, arrogant- looking middle-aged man by Montelo’s side.

“Hmph!”  By the arrogant fellow’s side, a petite little green- haired lady suddenly exploded with white light. She moved like a gust of wind to receive the blow in front of the arrogant fellow. Her right fist, covered by a black glove, actually came smashing against the Sovereign spear’s tip.

The fist and the speartip collided. “Rumble…” That petite green-haired lady was knocked back explosively by the collision, and several cracks in space appeared as well. As for the amethyst Sovereign longspear, it flew back towards Reisgem at high speed.

“Reisgem,  you  killed  the  members  of  my  Augusta  clan. Today, we’ll punish you a bit for it.” Montelo laughed loudly, while at the same time, his body began to blaze with white light as he flew towards Reisgem like a giant bird. While flying through the air, his entire body actually began to shoot out with strands of white ‘silk’, which wound their way towards Reisgem.

Reisgem was furious as well, and he called out through divine sense, “Go all out and kill them! Use your Sovereign’s Might, kill!”
“BANG!” Reihom suddenly stomped on the ground viciously.

“Rumble…”   The  earth  beneath  the  feet  of  the  enemies suddenly rose upwards as the land instantly rose up, then pressed down towards the seven, blocking their line of vision as well. 
“Kill.” Reihom’s eyes were filled with a murderous intent as well, and he too charged forward.

Right at this moment, seven enemy figures were shooting towards them as well. “What terrible luck. One is the Augusta clan, while the other is Reisgem. They immediately used Sovereign’s Might as soon as the battle started. They have no idea of what the concept of being ‘thrifty’ is.” The silver-robed woman, Ranessa, muttered in her heart. Still, her body glowed with a blue light as well.

The battle had instantly exploded!

Linley instantly Dragonformed as well, and Mirage appeared in his hands. He immediately activated a drop of Destruction- type Sovereign’s Might! Linley sighed mentally with praise, “Having an entire canteen of Sovereign’s Might really does change things!” If he only had two or three drops, how could he use it so wantonly as he just did, at the very start of battle? Linley now understood why the Four Divine Beasts clan could be spread throughout so many planes but still be so powerful. Most likely, the Four Divine Beasts clan of then was much like he was now; they had no reservations about using Sovereign’s Might.

“Oman [Wu’man], you go deal with that Azure Dragon clan fellow! You just so happen to counter the Azure Dragon clan.” Montelo gave the order while shooting forward towards Reisgem.

Actually, there was no need to give the order. Because Reisgem’s side only had four people in total, and because Montelo was dealing with Reisgem, the other seven were more than enough to deal with Linley and the other two.

“Don’t worry!”
That arrogant-looking silver-haired, gold-robed man launched himself off from the ground, instantly arriving by Linley’s side. Actually, it wasn’t just Oman who attacked Linley. As the saying goes, there were many monks, but only so many alms to go around! Before Oman arrived, a whip wielding youth who belonged to Ranessa’s side attacked Linley. When that long whip struck out, it actually transformed and elongated, coiling towards Linley like a giant serpent slashing out with its tail.

Linley’s form retreated at high speed.

Mirage blocked the whip. Linley’s body instantly radiated a black aura, forming an enormous ‘Blackstone Space’. Although the power of this technique when fueled by Destruction-type Sovereign’s power wasn’t as great as when it was fueled by earth-type Sovereign’s power, the strength of the gravitational power still vastly exceeded that of Highgod power.

Right after Linley blocked the whip, the golden-robed man descended from the heavens. “Eh?” Linley saw, to his astonishment, that a three-meter long mace suddenly appeared within the golden-robed man’s hands. The golden-robed man smashed directly towards Linley with the mace.

As the spikes of the mace tore through the air, it actually caused spatial fractures to appear.

“Not good.”  Linley hurriedly controlled the direction of his gravity. Previously, it was downwards, which made this golden- robed man move even faster. “Repulsive force!”
However, although he was slowed by the gravity, it was too late, because the golden-robed man had already arrived!

That spiked mace was already in front of him. Linley could even sense a powerful gravitational field. “This golden-robed man trains in the Laws of the Earth.”  Linley felt a powerful threat from him, and Mirage flipped outwards, filled with Destruction-type Sovereign power, exploding forth. 
The tip of Mirage was smashed head-on by the spiked mace.

Linley only felt a terrifying force surge from Mirage to the center of his palm. “Rumble…” That terrifying force caused the draconic scales in the center of Linley’s palm to shatter, and blood oozed out. Mirage was smashed towards Linley’s shoulders, while the spiked mace continued to descend.

Pressing down with Mirage, it smashed heavily against Linley’s shoulder.

And this was after Linley had frantically used Mirage to block; otherwise, the mace would have smashed into his head.

“A Sovereign weapon!”  Linley was completely certain that the spiked mace was a Sovereign weapon! “BANG!”
Draconic scales shattered, bones splintered, and blood flew in the air. Linley’s left arm was broken off, while Linley himself smashed towards the ground like a meteor at high speed. With a ‘swoosh’ sound, he entered the ground, leaving behind just a large tunnel. As for the golden-robed man with the spiked mace, he didn’t hesitate at all, immediately following into the tunnel.

“BOSS!” Bebe, seeing this, stared with a changed look on his face.

Linley’s power had reached the commander level, but he was considered one of the weakest commanders. Against a powerful commander who had a Sovereign weapon and who was extremely strong in the Laws of the Earth, Linley was going to be trampled to death.

“Bang!” Bebe was knocked flying as well. But Bebe was completely injured, and he couldn’t be bothered to use his innate divine ability to take revenge on his attacker. Bebe’s first reaction was to dive into the tunnel which Linley was smashed through. “Boss, no matter what, you can’t die!” Bebe hurriedly flew underground.

Actually, from the start of the battle till now, Montelo’s side had no idea that Bebe was the Godeater Rat! After all, during that moment of crisis when Bebe used his innate divine ability earlier, he had been within the mountain. No one outside could see it. In addition, Bebe’s ‘signature’, his straw hat, had been destroyed during the battle with Bayer.

Although Bebe could use divine energy to form another one, Bebe had just finished a life-and-death battle and wasn’t in the mood to make another one yet.

Without having a straw hat, Montelo and the others weren’t able to recognize him.

If they knew that Bebe was a Godeater Rat, perhaps Montelo would have changed the plan. After all, they had people with soul-protecting Sovereign artifacts. But unfortunately, they didn’t know who Bebe was.

“BOOM!” That enormous spiked mace came smashing down once more.

Linley’s Mirage sword once more blocked.

“BANG!”  Linley was once more smashed downwards, but fortunately, during the past five centuries of training, Linley had made some improvements with regards to the Laws of the Earth. He had reached a bottleneck in fusing the four profound mysteries, and although he had yet to make a breakthrough, his power had already increased significantly. Thus, faced with the attack of such a powerful expert, he didn’t immediately die.

Instead, he was able to just barely rely on Mirage to preserve his own life.

Unfortunately… In terms of weapons, his was slightly inferior.

Both he and the enemy used Sovereign’s Might.

As for the Laws, clearly the enemy surpassed him! Although within the Blackstone Space, the enemy was simply too close. Linley was continuously descending, while the enemy continuously smashed downwards with his spiked mace from above.

Yet another smash.

Linley just barely blocked, but he was once more smashed downwards, his body blasting through the earth and the rocks, continuing to go deeper.

“I can’t go any deeper! If I go any deeper, I’ll encounter spatial tears.” Linley knew very well that the underground of the Planar Battlefield was very dangerous. Once one reached a certain depth, one would encounter spatial tears. The deeper one went, the more spatial tears there would be, until one finally fell into chaotic space.

“Haha, your ability to resist isn’t bad! If I can’t kill you, then I’ll send you into chaotic space.”  A savage voice rang out in Linley’s mind.

Yet another mace blow smashed downwards!

Linley was barely able to block, but his palm was already covered with blood, and his body was covered by it as well. Although this was slow to describe, in truth, from the moment Linley’s began fell into the ground until now, only a moment had passed. After all, the golden-haired man was constantly smashing down with his mace, giving Linley no chance to rest at all. At this dangerous moment… Around Linley’s body suddenly appeared an enormous Azure Dragon Phantom. The golden eyes of the Azure Dragon stared towards this golden-robed man, Oman.

Innate divine ability – Dragon Roar.

But just as he used his innate divine ability, that Oman launched yet another vicious mace blow downwards. “BANG!” Linley’s body once more sank downwards. Given Linley’s current level of power, all he could do was ensure that he wouldn’t be smashed to death. There was no way he could prevent himself from being knocked downwards.

A long spatial tear that was tens of meters long and half a meter wide slashed past Linley’s body. Quite a bit of earth disappeared before the tear vanished.

Linley couldn’t help but feel cold. “Not good. I’m almost at the limit.” Linley instantly understood that if he went down any further, the spatial tears would become even more common. In addition, with each vicious downwards blow of the spiked mace, Linley would be smashed at least a few dozen meters or even a hundred meters. He was already at the limits; if he sank another few dozen meters or a hundred meters, he probably would have truly been pushed into chaotic space.

“You really are able to resist. But…down you go.”
The golden-robed man, who had already escaped the temporal impact, once more sank downwards, the spiked mace in his hand once more mercilessly smashing down towards Linley.

“Rumble…”   A  strange  energy  instantly  surrounded  the golden-robed man.

Innate divine ability – Godeater! “Motherf*cker, die!”  An enraged bellow rang out. Bebe, at this critical moment, had finally arrived. At the same time, he gave a vicious kick towards the golden-robed man, who launched a backhand blow. With a ‘bang’ sound, Bebe was smashed through the nearby earth.

“Bebe.” Linley hurriedly flew towards Bebe.

“What sort of attack was that?” The golden-robed man was disdainful. “How come I didn’t feel a thing?” The golden-robed man had been staring at the below Linley when Bebe had used his innate divine ability. He didn’t see the illusion of a Godeater Rat, so he naturally didn’t know how powerful this attack was.

As for the ‘Godeater’, in the face of the soul-protecting Sovereign artifact of the golden-robed man, it was like an egg smashing into a rock. It was useless.

The golden-robed man didn’t understand how powerful that attack had been. He thought it was an ordinary strike.

“Swoosh.” Linley already arrived by Bebe’s side. 
“Boss, this person isn’t affected by my innate divine ability.” Bebe sent mentally.

“Haha, the two of you, die together.” That sound rang out in Linley and Bebe’s mind, while his figure arrived in front of them.

“Rumble!”  Out  of  nowhere,  a  ten  meter  long,  one  meter wide, terrifying spatial fracture appeared between Linley, Bebe, and the golden-robed man. Terrified, the golden-robed man didn’t dare to draw any closer. If he were to charge into the spatial fracture, then he really would enter chaotic space.

But the strange thing was…
A tiny black shadow actually flew out from the spatial fracture, moving as fast as lightning. This black shadow flew out of the spatial fracture towards the direction of Linley and Bebe.

Linley’s first reaction was to stretch his hand out and grab it.

After grasping this black blur, Linley felt a surge of unusual energy enter his body. As for the nearby Bebe, he clearly saw what this black blur was; this was a seemingly ordinary, but very beautiful crown. Only, the crown had lost its luster long ago, and the sunken cavities for the jewel settings of the crown were all empty. Clearly, the jewels were long gone, and the crown had lost its beauty.

Chapter 33, A Battle

If this tattered crown had been lying on the ground, Linley wouldn’t even have given it a glance.

It was incredibly tattered, and the gemstone settings of the crown were all empty. It had no particular aura either. At first glance, it looked like nothing more than an ordinary crown made in a material plane. Deity artifacts or Sovereign artifacts…all artifacts that had been nurtured by power would generally have some unique auras.

Even cheap items such as inkstones and netherstones had unique auras.

But this crown was as ordinary as a material item.

But when Linley took the crown into his hands, a unique energy was transmitted into Linley’s body. This energy was very unusual; it was like spring rain falling over Linley’s wounds. Instantly, Linley’s shattered arm as well as many of his upper body wounds began to heal and close at an astonishing rate. 
In an instant!

Aside from a small wound which remained on his chest, the other parts of Linley’s body, including his shattered arm, were all completely healed.

“How can that be?” Bebe was shocked as well. He too felt that this was inconceivable.

The stronger a body was, the harder it was to repair it. Linley’s Dragonformed body, although inferior to Bebe’s, far surpassed the power of most Highgod artifacts. How could it be so easily healed?

“Boss, what’s going on? How did your wounds suddenly heal so quickly? Also, that small wound on your chest, why didn’t it heal?”   Bebe  hurriedly  sent  through  divine  sense.  “Is  it connected to that weird, tattered crown?”
Linley was feeling stunned as well. 
“Bebe, I’m not sure either. Within this tattered crown, there was a strange energy which entered my body. Indeed, in an instant, it healed my wounds. But it seemed as though there was only a little bit of energy; it was all used up before fully repairing  the  damage  done  to  my  chest.”  Linley  sent  back through divine sense.

After having finished transmitting energy, the tattered crown no longer had any more energy remaining.

Resting in Linley’s hand, this tattered crown once more appeared completely unremarkable. But Linley still clearly remembered that feeling when the tattered crown had transferred energy to him. “This tattered crown flew out from that spatial tear. Clearly, it flew out from chaotic space. For something to be able to remain within chaotic space without shattering…this tattered crown should be made from a material that is stronger than Highgod artifacts.”
Linley knew how dangerous chaotic space was. Spatial tears abounded, and that sort of tearing power would destroy Highgod artifacts, transforming them into dust. 
But the tattered crown hadn’t been destroyed.

This alone was proof that it was unusual.

“What’s that?” The golden-robed Oman stared at the crown in Linley’s hand, then let out a loud, cold laugh. “Haha…your luck isn’t bad. This crown actually passed through a spatial tear and arrived here. It should be a Sovereign artifact. I imagine that in the past, when commanders battled here, a commander died in a spatial rift and the Sovereign artifact was lost within. But from the looks of it…this Sovereign artifact is damaged.”
With a flip of his hand, Linley stored the tattered crown into his interspatial ring.

This wasn’t the time to analyze the tattered crown.

“Bebe, seize the opportunity. Let’s hurry up and flee. Don’t waste time with this fellow.”  Linley once more controlled his Blackstone Space, filling it with Destruction-type Sovereign power and generating a powerful repulsive force that was applied  to  the  body  of  that  golden-robed  Oman.  “This  big, golden-robed fellow isn’t even phased by my innate divine ability. He really is hard to deal with.”
Bebe didn’t want to tussle with this big fellow either.

Linley and Bebe hurriedly flew into the air, while at the same time changing the direction towards which they were flying.

The repulsive force changed to be an upwards force!

Oman couldn’t help but moved, although he quickly became accustomed to this gravity.

“You want to escape?” Oman stared at the enormous spatial rift in front of him. He first flew upwards, wanting to fly up and over the spatial rift. In the Planar Battlefield, especially at such a depth, even an expert such as Oman had to be careful. Otherwise, if he slipped and fell into a spatial rift, that would be terrifying. 
But just as he flew up towards the space above the spatial rift…
The upwards gravitational force suddenly transformed into a downwards force!

“Die!”  Linley, who had been preparing for this the entire time, howled furiously in his mind.

One can imagine how powerful the gravity of this Blackstone Space that was formed from Sovereign power was. Although Oman was one of the powerful Emissaries of the Chief Sovereign of Light, he had originally been resisting the upwards gravitational pull; naturally, the energy in his body was pointed downwards, so as to cancel out that force.

But the gravity suddenly changed from upwards to downwards! Instantly, his own internal downwards energy joined forces with the downwards gravity! Oman had held the upper hand this entire time. Although he was careful, this sort of sudden, contrasting change caused Oman’s body to suddenly sink as well!

What was below him? An enormous spatial rift!

“Uh!” The golden-robed Oman was caught off guard. His face couldn’t help but change. He, too, could sense the astonishing attractive power of that spatial rift. Instantly, a white light exploded  forth  from  his  body.  “BANG!”   The  spiked  mace trembled violently, causing the nearby space to distort.

By relying on the counterforce, Oman was able to escape the spatial rift.

“Those two bastards.” Although Oman had escaped in a short period of time, Linley and Bebe had already fled more than two or three hundred meters away.

“I swear I’ll kill you two.” Oman bellowed furiously, then chased in pursuit. 
Linley and Bebe had, for now, escaped one tribulation, but on the earth above them, Reisgem and Reihom were in absolutely dire straits.

Montelo’s loud laughter echoed in the air, while at the same time, thousands of tough strands of silk snaked outwards from him, entangling Reisgem. The greatest problem wasn’t just that these strands were tough; they were fast! Every single strand was as fast as a ray of light when it shot out.

They constantly entangled towards Reisgem.

“Montelo, if you have any ability, fight me head on. All you can do is rely on this sort of detestable technique. How can that be considered proof of ability?” Reisgem’s longspear also danced about in a blur, constantly shattered and breaking many of the strands. Unfortunately, although he might destroy a thousand strands, ten thousand more would emerge from Montelo’s body.

As long as Montelo’s Sovereign power wasn’t used up, he was in no danger of running out of strands. Although Montelo didn’t have as much Sovereign’s Might as Reisgem did, an inexhaustible supply, he was still a member of the Augusta clan, and as a talented expert of the clan, he naturally was treated very well and had quite a bit of Sovereign’s Might.
“I don’t have the ability to kill you.” Montelo hovered there in midair, smirking as he sent mentally. “On my side, in one- on-one combat, only Oman poses a major threat to you. But we aren’t prepared to kill you. Our mission is to kill your three comrades. Haha…I imagine that those two comrades of yours who went underground are already dead.”
Reisgem’s face turned rather white.

He understood how powerful these experts of the Augusta clan were. The Augusta clan’s experts were divided into the actual members of the Augusta clan, as well as the Emissaries of the Chief Sovereign of Light. These Emissaries would assist the Augusta clan as well. As for Oman, he was himself an Emissary of the Chief Sovereign of Light, and an exceedingly strong one at that.

A furious bellow rang out.

“BOOM!”   Suddenly,  the  entire  earth  trembled  and  rose upwards, as large amounts of boulders emerged from the ground, shooting everywhere.

“Reihom.” Reisgem’s face changed.

Oman went to pursue Linley and Bebe, while Montelo was tying up Reisgem. Then…there were six people against Reihom! Although the six were not commanders, they clearly had the power of commanders. Even Reisgem would find it hard to endure the combined assault of those six. “Hey,  that  fellow  of  yours  is  quite  powerful.”   Montelo smirked.

“It  won’t  be  so  easy  for  you  to  kill  Reihom.”   Although Reisgem was worried, he still held hope in his heart, because Reihom was the most powerful Emissary in service to his mother. Although Reihom was always quite taciturn, his strength…was extraordinarily frightening.

And right now, Reihom had entered a berserk state!

“GRAAAAAWR!”   Yet  another  growl,  and  Reihom’s  body suddenly expanded dramatically.

Standing on the ground, Reihom had actually transformed into a tower-like brute that was ten meters tall. His fists were like two meteors, wildly smashing in every direction. Every single fist carried exceedingly terrifying power, and even the six attacking him didn’t dare to casually block those fists.

Space twisted as every single punch caused explosive tears in space to appear. 
The power was so great as to make one’s face change.

Reihom’s entire body was glowing with a bizarre, golden yellow tattooed glow. Someone close to Reihom would realize that these golden tattoos actually formed into a strange shape that looked like a fist. Upon seeing this, the six attackers couldn’t help but frown, and their hearts sank as well.

The countless planes had given birth to some truly strange lifeforms.

For example, metallic lifeforms or plant lifeforms. In turn, Volcano Titans and World Titans were exceedingly rare; they were all extremely strong races. As for Reihom, he was one of the extremely rare ‘kings’ of the World Titan race. Generally speaking, the creatures known as ‘World Tyrants’ were born with the ability to control the earth and to control stones, and were able to absorb all sorts of mineral essences to strengthen their body. “So there was an expert like him present!” The six only now grew cautious.

Reihom was a person who never revealed himself. Ever since his friend, ‘Bosley’, had been killed, he had begun to accompany Reisgem in the Planar Battlefield. Neither Linley nor anyone else knew much about this Reihom.

“All of you, die.”
Reihom’s eyes glowed with yellow light, and his enormous fists smashed heavily towards his foes, each fist containing the power to tear space apart and cause it to shatter. He had been born with limitless brute strength, and he had fused five of the profound mysteries of the Laws of the Earth. He also had a soul-protecting Sovereign artifact; he truly was very powerful.

“Haha, everyone, let’s see who is the first to kill him.” That silver-robed woman, ‘Ranessa’, laughed loudly.

Although Reihom was mighty, the six enemies weren’t weak either. And, there were six of them! All supreme experts. 
“Hmph!”    A   green-haired   maiden   suddenly   moved   at exceedingly fast speed, dodging the heavy blows of the ‘titanic’ Reihom, but just after she dodged Reihom’s fist, Reihom’s right arm suddenly twisted, and his elbow smashed heavily towards the green-haired woman. This attack was so fast that the green-haired maiden only had enough time to use her own fist to block.

Her dainty little fist, covered with a black glove, collided with the hammer-like elbow!

“BANG!”   The  green-haired  maiden’s  body  was  smashed underground, creating a deep hole.

As for Reihom, a large tear suddenly appeared in his elbow as well. It looked terrifying, but it didn’t shed a drop of blood, and in the blink of an eye, it was repaired.

“Swoosh.”    The   green-haired   woman   flew   out   from underground. “This fellow’s body is too tough. My Sovereign weapon is only able to wound him. Everyone, be careful.”  The green- haired maiden sent mentally. Instantly, the other five began to launch attacks wildly. Although multiple wounds and holes began to appear on Reihom’s body, Reihom instantly healed
them all.

It wasn’t just material attacks; the six launched soul attacks as well!

“It’s useless. This big fellow probably has a soul-protecting Sovereign artifact.” A white-robed man sent mentally.

For the moment, no one knew what to do.

“Everyone, I’ll tie up this big fellow momentarily. I’ll leave the part of killing him up to you five.” Ranessa sent mentally, a hint of a cold smile on her face. Ranessa’s formerly beautiful maiden’s figure suddenly became surrounded by the blurry illusion of an enormous octopus.

Suddenly, her innate divine ability descended. 
“Ah….” Reihom felt as though his entire body was suddenly constricted by an incomparably sturdy rope. Space twisted and distorted, pressing down upon him. Reihom howled angrily, and his steel-like muscles bulged violently, seeking to break free from his restraints.

“Swish!” “Swish!”
Two figures struck virtually simultaneously towards Reihom’s head; these two were the green-haired maiden and a cyan-robed youth. The green-haired maiden used her fists, while the cyan-robed youth used a broad warblade.

The green-haired maiden’s fist struck out with full power….

“Crackle…”   The  broad  warblade  glowed  with  water-type Sovereign power, easily tearing through space and chopping towards Reihom’s head.

“GRAAAAAAWR!” Reihom roared furiously. 
The fist and the warblade landed on Reihom’s head. With a ‘boom’ sound, Reihom’s head was struck head on by two mighty Sovereign artifacts, and it finally blew apart, sending shattered fragments everywhere. But strangely enough, no divine spark fell out.

“Careful!” A panicked cry rang out in the minds of the two.

Reihom’s two terrifying fists were already swinging at them!

Chapter 34, A Battle of Attrition?

The green-haired maiden and the cyan-robed youth weren’t able to dodge in time. Their first reaction was to use their Sovereign artifacts to block. The two massive fists slammed over, pressing down like two small mountains.

Two weighty smacking sounds. The green-haired maiden and the cyan-robed youth were both smashed underground, but immediately afterwards, the two flew out from underground, hovering in midair close to their four companions.

“We were wrong.”  Ranessa somberly sent mentally to the other five. “This big fellow is a World Tyrant, not a human! If he was in human form, then his head would indeed be his weak point, where his soul would be. But he is currently in World Tyrant form, and his weak point is his ‘core’! The soul is within his core, and his divine spark is within it as well!” It was just like the Flame Tyrant which Linley had originally encountered in the Necropolis of the Gods in the past. Even though the Flame Tyrant’s entire body had been shattered, he still didn’t die. The Flame Tyrant’s weak spot was that translucent stone; that was the core!

This sort of metal or rock-based lifeform all had an important ‘core’ component.

The soul was contained within it, and after becoming a Deity, their divine spark would be added to it as well! As long as the core was destroyed, they could be killed!

“Haha, so that’s the case.”  The cyan-robed youth began to laugh loudly. “Since we know where his weakness is, killing him will be easy now.”
“I’ll use my innate divine ability one more time. The rest will be up to you.” Ranessa sent mentally to the other five. Actually, even if Ranessa didn’t use her innate divine ability, the six would still be able to kill Reihom; after all, Reihom only had two fists, and wouldn’t be able to block six people at once. Those six were entirely capable of smashing a giant hole into his chest, then charging in and destroying the core!

However, using the innate divine ability to bind Reihom, then kill him would be much easier.

“That comrade of yours is quite powerful. A World Tyrant. For this sort of monstrous lifeform to reach such a level in profound mysteries is quite rare.”  Montelo clearly was quite amused. He was completely confident that his side would be able to easily kill Reihom; they just miscalculated earlier, that was all.

“Not good!” Reisgem felt that the situation was bad as well.

Last time, they had smashed apart Reihom’s head; the next time, the six would definitely attack Reihom’s core.

“GRAAAAAAAWR!”  Reisgem  couldn’t  help  but  release  an enraged roar, and behind him, the illusion of an enormous amethyst beast suddenly appeared behind him. 
Innate divine ability – Amethyst Rampart!

Rays of amethyst light filed with black Sovereign power spread out, forming a black cocoon. However, this giant black cocoon wrapped itself around Montelo. Actually, the shape of the Amethyst Rampart, as well as the target it wrapped around, was completely up to Reisgem. Just like that, for a moment, Montelo became trapped within the Amethyst Rampart and unable to break out.

Reisgem regained his freedom!

“Reihom, quick, flee!” Reisgem sent through divine sense.

At the same time, Reisgem shot out like an arrow, and as he did so, that amethyst longspear once again appeared in his hands. His right arm swung out in an arc, throwing the longspear forward. The amethyst light flashed forward at an astonishing, terrifying speed, striking towards that silver- robed woman, ‘Ranessa’. Ranessa had no choice but to swing back with her two arms.

“Clang!”  The violet light smashed against Ranessa’s arms, and Ranessa was knocked flying into the air.

Ranessa dared to block like this, because she had something to rely on; she had a single Sovereign artifact, a defensive Sovereign artifact.

Although Ranessa wasn’t killed, since she was knocked aside, her innate divine ability was disrupted midway through.

“Reihom, quick, let’s go!” Reisgem said frantically.

“Out of the way!” A keening howl. The green-robed maiden’s body flashed forward, and she appeared before Reisgem. She seized the opportunity to attack Reisgem, while Reisgem’s Sovereign weapon was still flying back towards him. He could only let out a low growl as he stretched his hand out, viciously smashing forward… Reisgem’s crystalline palm was covered with black light. It looked like a casual blow, but it swept forward towards that tender little fist like a tornado.

“BANG!”   A  low,  echoing  sound.  Reisgem  was  knocked backwards, while at the same time, with a ‘crunch’ sound, bones snapping could be heard.

“Crackle….” Reihom’s body quickly shrank.

A blurry black light shot out from Reisgem’s body, forming an Amethyst Space that was a thousand meters across, and a powerful gravitational force was generated, causing the seven enemies to unconsciously tremble.

“Don’t let himi escape. Kill him!” Ranessa shouted mentally.

“Let’s hurry and leave.”  Reisgem couldn’t be bothered with anything else, immediately fleeing with Reihom frantically. “WHAP!”  A long whip snaked out, striking onto Reihom’s body; the others were already in pursuit.

“Don’t even think of escaping!” By now, Montelo had broken out of the Amethyst Rampart, and countless white strands of light once more shot towards Reisgem.

Reisgem turned his head and let out a furious roar. Instantly, a large amount of Destruction-type Sovereign power spread out, forming an enormous web. This was, once again, his innate divine ability, ‘Amethyst Rampart’. This enormous Amethyst Rampart spread out towards the seven pursuers, but unfortunately, the seven maintained some distance from each other, and so it couldn’t completely envelop them. It only surrounded four of them, while three fled, one of whom was Montelo.

“Swoosh!” “Swoosh!”
Reisgem and Reihom fled at high speed. 
“Chase!” Montelo shouted.

Reisgem knew that the situation was bad, but he knew…“Linley  and  Bebe  are  underground  and  are  being attacked by Oman. Although Oman is very powerful, Bebe’s defense is strong as well. He definitely won’t die.” As Reisgem fled, he also raised his head and howled loudly, “Linley! The two of you, hurry and flee for your lives! If we have the chance, we’ll meet again!”
That furious roar shook the heavens!

Underground, Linley and Bebe were fleeing in sorry shape as well. Oman clearly was an expert who trained in the Laws of the Earth, and his underground senses were quite accurate. Although by relying on the Blackstone Space, Linley and Bebe were able to maintain a distance of a few hundred meters, Oman was still able to easily locate where the two of them were.

Oman was fixed on Linley and Bebe, unwilling to let them go. 
“Linley! The two of you, hurry and flee for your lives! If we have  the  chance,  we’ll  meet  again!”  This  thunderous  roar echoed even underground, and both Linley and Bebe heard it.

“Boss, it seems like Reisgem isn’t doing that well either.” Bebe sent mentally.

“There’s  only  a  single  person  chasing  after  us.  There  are seven others after them! Perhaps the seven don’t dare kill Reisgem, but they’ll dare to kill Reihom. Let’s go. Let’s not just stay in this region.” Although Linley was currently fleeing, he was consistently running around in circles. He had been hoping to be able to escape alongside Reisgem and Reihom.

But now, it seemed, the situation was already terrible and that there was no choice but to have everyone split up.

Whoosh… Linley and Bebe didn’t care which direction they had to flee towards; they selected one and accelerated, flying outwards in a straight line.

“Swoosh!”  “Swoosh!”  The two suddenly emerged from the ground.

“The two of you, don’t even think of escaping.” Oman surged out from underground at almost the same instance.

Linley and Bebe turned to look. Oman was actually following from just a few hundred meters behind. That distance could be traversed by commanders, given their speed, in just the blink of an eye. Linley and Bebe were unable to escape Oman’s field of vision; now that they were aboveground, Oman could track them with his eyes.

Underground, Oman was able to rely on his senses and attunement to the earth to locate where Linley and Bebe were.

Bebe bellowed, “Hey, Oman, aren’t you tired, chasing us like this?” “I’m bored to death here in the Planar Battlefield anyhow. I’m in no rush. Even if I have to chase for two more days, I’ll catch up to you two.” Oman seemed to be quite relaxed, and snickered, “In terms of speed, you two are much slower than me! If it weren’t for the fact that you are able to rely on something similar to Reisgem’s Amethyst Space, how would you be able to shake me off?” As he spoke, Oman drew parallel to Linley and Bebe; only, the two maintained a distance of a
few hundred meters.

Oman’s natural speed was indeed faster than Linley and Bebe’s.

But in the Blackstone Space, there was no way Oman was able to draw close to Linley.

“If you just chase like this, you’ll never be able to catch us.” Bebe said loudly.

“Once you run out of Sovereign power, even if you have this gravitational  space,  it  won’t  be  able  to  stop  me.”   Oman snickered.

Indeed. Without Sovereign power behind it, the power of the Blackstone Space would drop dramatically. Oman, by relying on his own Sovereign power, was completely capable of resisting the Blackstone Space to draw closer to Linley and Bebe.

“Haha…you want to use up our Sovereign power?”  Linley couldn’t help but laugh loudly. “Mr. Oman, just keep chasing.”
Linley was in no rush either. He continued to flee in a straight line, moving farther and farther away from the original site.

Moments later…
Linley’s Sovereign power finally was used up, and the black aura emanating from Linley’s body vanished. “Haha!” Oman laughed loudly, moving lightning-fast into the Blackstone Space’s zone. Indeed, the power of the gravity of the Blackstone Space was now much weaker, and although Oman was slowed down, he was still a good deal faster than Linley and Bebe. “Prepare to die.”  Oman was currently in an excellent mood. He was finally going to kill these two hard-to- deal-with punks.

But right then…
“BANG!” Linley’s body once more radiated a black glow, and instantly, the power of the Blackstone Space increased yet again. Linley and Bebe both increased in speed as well.

“More Sovereign’s Might.” Oman was stunned, and his speed lessened.

“Oman, you want to compete with us in Sovereign power attrition?” Bebe snickered. “Go for it. We’re happy to oblige.”
At the same time, the scope of the Blackstone Space shrank, down from five hundred meters to one hundred meters. This scope was enough to guarantee their safety; although the size was less, the rate at which it used up Sovereign power was slower as well.

“It seems you have quite a bit of Sovereign’s Might.” Oman was rather hesitant now.

“Of course. My bro Reisgem is the son of the Redbud Sovereign.”  Bebe snickered. “Come, I want to see how much Sovereign’s Might the Chief Sovereign of Light gave you.”
Oman was stunned.

He knew how much Sovereign’s Might Reisgem possessed. As Sovereigns saw it, if an Emissary died, they could find another one; they didn’t care at all, unless it was someone who was a Paragon or at Beirut’s level. Thus, they couldn’t possibly give their Emissary’s that much Sovereign’s Might. To give a few dozen drops at once was a sign of great favor already.

But for the Sovereign’s children? 
Oman knew that the second and third generation members of the Augusta clan each had large amounts of Sovereign’s Might, and that was despite the fact that there were more than a thousand members in the second and third generation. As for Reisgem, there was just him; how much Sovereign’s Might did he have, then? As many commanders saw it, Reisgem was an absolute tycoon. They envied him! But Reisgem was no fool; aside from his friends and brothers, he would never hand out Sovereign’s Might to others.

“Can it be that Reisgem gave a large amount of his Sovereign’s Might to these two?” Oman wondered.
Prior to this, he hadn’t considered this possibility, because in his heart, he always viewed Sovereign’s Might as being precious. He had considered things from his own viewpoint; he wouldn’t be willing to give it to his friends. He had forgotten, however…that from Reisgem’s viewpoint, the situation was different.

“Continuing after these two is nothing more than a waste of Sovereign’s Might.” Oman frowned. “I’m not going to compete with   them!”   Oman   didn’t   say   a   single   word;   he   very straightforwardly turned and left. In virtually the blink of an eye, he disappeared into the horizons of the battlefield.

Only now did Linley and Bebe come to a halt.

“He left?” Bebe began to laugh.

“He wasn’t willing to use up his Sovereign’s Might.”  Linley sighed. It really was different, having so much Sovereign’s Might. In the past, he was extremely careful in how he used it; unless it was a life-or-death situation, he wouldn’t use it.

“We’ve used two or three drops, but the canteen is virtually unchanged.” Linley sighed to himself.

Two or three drops, to a canteen, was like a single hair on the skin of an ox.

“Boss, we’ve split up with Reisgem and Reihom.”  Bebe said with a frown. 
Linley stared at his surroundings; it was silent and desolate.

“It’s up to luck. We’ll see if we encounter them again.” Linley said with a frown. “Right now, we need to find a pace to rest. I haven’t had a chance to carefully inspect that crown yet. Let’s go!”

Chapter 35, A Rock

Two black blurs were moving forward at high speed, while right behind them were seven other blurs, chasing and attacking. Only, the seven behind the two were some distance apart from each other.

“This Reisgem’s speed is too fast. Only you, young master, are just barely able to keep up. The others aren’t able to keep up. What should we do?” A silver-haired elder followed Montelo while sending frantically. The two of them both trained in the Laws of Light, and were specialized in speed. As for the others, they trained in water and Fate, and they weren’t skilled in speed.

Montelo stared fixedly at the two forms up ahead.

“Rumble…” Suddenly, the earth rose up, and a large number of boulders shot up out of the ground. Every single boulder flowed with black light; clearly, every single boulder contained Destruction-type Sovereign power. 
Montelo and his people didn’t care about the boulders, but they didn’t dare to underestimate the power of Destruction- type Sovereign power.

“Bang!” “Bang!”
Montelo and the rest of the seven either dodged aside or smashed the boulders apart. These weren’t too much of a threat to them, but it did slow them down.

“They pulled away yet again!”  Montelo narrowed his eyes, anger roiling within his chest. “This Reisgem actually has a helper like him, and is willing to use up a large amount of Sovereign power to use these techniques…” Suddenly, Montelo noticed that the Sovereign power in his body had already slowly dried up. He couldn’t help but sigh to himself. “Forget it. It is enough that we were able to put Reisgem in such a bad situation, this time.”
“Halt!” Montelo barked. After he halted, the other six halted as well.

Although Montelo had used up a drop of Sovereign’s Might, the other six hadn’t used it all up yet. After all, Montelo had immediately used those countless white strands to entangle Reisgem from the very beginning, and had been constantly using up his Sovereign power. Previously, he had used up too much, and so it was only natural that he was the first to exhaust it.

“Stop chasing. This is just a waste of Sovereign’s Might. I don’t have enough Sovereign’s Might to just throw it away on Reisgem.” Montelo snickered. “Reisgem, that punk. He’s always so arrogant, but this time, we made him flee in such a sorry shape. That’s enough.”
The silver-robed Ranessa snorted. “It’s enough for you, but we three don’t even have a single badge to show for it.”
Montelo glanced at Ranessa, then chortled, “Ranessa, there will be more chances in the future. Right, in a bit, Oman will return. He definitely must have killed those two people. If he acquired any badges, we’ll give them to you. What say you?” “I’ll take you at your word.” Ranessa finally revealed a hint of a smile.

Right at this moment…
“Montelo,  I,  Reisgem,  will  remember  this!”    Reisgem’s bellowing voice could be heard from far away.

Hearing the resentment and anger in that bellow, Montelo wasn’t frightened at all; instead, he began to laugh loudly. He said to the other six, “Haha, everyone, hear that? Reisgem is utterly furious! Last time, we killed that Bosley, but he wasn’t able to do anything to us either. This time, we gave him yet another lesson. Even if I stood right in front of him, he wouldn’t be able to do anything to me.”
“Young master, you have a defensive Sovereign artifact. At most, Reisgem will be able to just rant. What can he actually do? Can it be that the Sovereign will interfere for a minor matter like this?” The green-haired maiden laughed. Montelo and Reisgem weren’t able to do anything to each other.

However, Montelo clearly had more assistants than Reisgem did. Thus, it was normal for Reisgem to suffer more losses.

“Mm, Oman’s returning.” Montelo suddenly turned to look.

Montelo’s side currently had six people emanating the aura of Sovereign’s Might. Six auras of Sovereign’s Might was as brilliant a beacon as the sun, here in the Planar Battlefield. Who wouldn’t be able to sense it? Oman was easily able to follow the aura to arrive at high speed to this place.

“Montelo, remember your promise.” Ranessa laughed lightly.

“Of course.” Montelo nodded very confidently.

“Oman.”  Montelo  smiled  as  he  welcomed  him.  Although Oman followed him, he was the Sovereign’s Emissary, a wielder of two Sovereign artifacts. He was exceedingly powerful.

Oman landed. “Young master.”
“Right. Earlier, Ms. Ranessa and I agreed that after killing Reisgem’s people, the badges we acquired would go to Ms. Ranessa. Hand over those two badges to me.”  Montelo said with a laugh.

Oman shook his head. “I didn’t acquire the badges.”
Hearing these words, Montelo’s face went blank, while the face of the nearby Ranessa turned cold. With a snicker, she said, “Oh. We all know very well how powerful Mr. Oman is; can it be that you weren’t able to kill those two kids? I imagine you killed them and took their badges, but aren’t willing to hand them over.”
Two commander badges were indeed items of great preciousness. 
“Hm?” Oman let out a cold snort, turning his head to stare hard at Ranessa. “What did you say? Did you call me, Oman, a liar?”
Ranessa  raised  an  eyebrow,  then  chuckled,  “What,  Mr.
Oman, are you trying to use your power to suppress us?”
“If I say I didn’t acquire them, then I didn’t acquire them! Don’t go too far!” Oman snorted coldly. There was no way he could prove something like this.

But clearly, as far as Ranessa was concerned, Oman was an extremely formidable commander, while Linley and Bebe were people who Ranessa had never seen before; they shouldn’t be too powerful. Thus, she was certain that Oman must have killed them.

“Haha…”  Ranessa let out a calm laugh. “Since that’s what you say, Mr. Oman, then of course I will believe your words. Let’s leave!” Ranessa clearly knew that there was nothing here for her; how could she be willing to stay?

The other two youths immediately flew away with Ranessa as well.

“They left.” Montelo turned to look at Oman, then laughed, “Oman, now you can tell me; did you kill those two or not?” Montelo believed that Oman had lied earlier as well.

“I really did not.” Oman shook his head. “Those two weren’t weak either. That Azure Dragon clan youth was able to take several of my blows head on without dying. As for that other youngster, his body took a blow head on with my Sovereign weapon, but he didn’t die either. Afterwards, I chased them, but the youth of the Azure Dragon clan had a Gravitational Space ability that was similar to Reisgem’s; I wasn’t able to catch them, so I had to give up.

Montelo frowned. “That youngster took a blow head on with his body? It seems he must have a defensive Sovereign artifact. That youth of the Azure Dragon clan is also capable of the Amethyst Space technique? His relationship with Reisgem must be quite deep. Forget it. Let’s find a place to rest, first.” Montelo immediately led his group of five in departing from this place.

In the desolate wilderness, Linley and Bebe were stealthily advancing. Currently, their Sovereign power was already depleted. Earlier, when Linley was radiating Sovereign power, others would easily find them, and so Linley naturally had flown forward quickly. Now that the Sovereign power was exhausted, Linley chose to carefully advance.

“Boss, what should we do in the future?” Bebe sent.

“There are two or three more centuries before the final battle of this Planar War. I hope that before that, I’ll make a breakthrough  and  fuse  a  fourth  profound  mystery.”  Linley knew that every single person who dared to roam across the Planar Battlefield was a top-tier commander. “After I fuse my fourth profound mystery, I’ll go out roaming again. By then, I’ll be strong enough to do so.” A person’s power was dependent on their base strength, their profound mysteries, and their weapons.

For example, Hemmers, whose original form was that of a golden mountain which had been nurtured for countless years by the Divine Earth Plane itself, then birthed. His body’s strength was enormously great, and even without fusing any profound mysteries, he surpassed most Seven Star Fiends and was close to the power of an Asura. This was a reason why he was made a Sovereign’s Emissary immediately upon being born.

After having fused four mysteries, Linley didn’t dare to block his fists at all.

Even an empty-air punch was capable of penetrating Linley’s chest. The terrifying power of his strikes were already comparable to Highgod Paragons. His base level of strength was simply too great.

Linley’s own base power naturally couldn’t compare to Hemmers. Still, he was still vastly superior to ordinary Highgods. 
“Once  I  increase  in  strength  tenfold,  I  won’t  fear  those people any longer.”
Linley and Bebe were looking for a place to rest. They didn’t pay attention to or notice that a piece of rubble that was less than a hundred meters away in the desolate wilderness. The ground had too many of these pieces of stone; who would pay attention to one in particular?

“Someone is finally coming this way. From the looks of it, the youth is the leader. I’ll first ambush and kill him, the strong one, then dispose of the weak one.”
Very suddenly…
“Swoosh!” The rock shot towards Linley at high speed.

Linley, while walking forward, found to his amazement that a  rock  had  suddenly  shot  towards  him.  “Someone’s  here!” Linley immediately grew cautious. He instantly Dragonformed, while at the same time spread out his Blackstone Space, spreading it to a distance of five hundred meters. Instantly, the rock that had entered the Blackstone Space sank down, but it was already very close to Linley.

The rock suddenly disappeared, transforming into a person.

“Another  expert  of  the  Laws  of  the  Earth.”   Linley  was startled as well.

Originally, Linley had thought that someone had shot the rock out towards him…but the rock was actually a transformed expert of the Laws of the Earth. Linley had to sigh in praise at the ability of his ambusher in concealing his aura; it was already on nearly the same level as Reisgem.

A ray of blinding saber-light slashed out, traversing the distance of less than ten meters. In an instant, Linley’s field of vision became filled with nothing but that dazzling saber light. 
When that saber chopped out, space itself twisted!

This dominating, unstoppable blade suddenly emitted a bizarre clanging sound, and its strength weakened as well.

“Eh?” The assassin was stunned. “An invisible sword?” Prior to this, he hadn’t noticed it, but now, with his divine sense spread out, he realized that Linley was holding a sword in his hand, a sword that couldn’t be seen with the naked eye!

“Swoosh!”  That assassin, having failed with his first saber- chop, immediately turned to flee.

“Lupe [Luo’pu], you are going to flee after failing on the first attack?” Linley’s loud, clear laughter rang out. “Better for you to stay here!” After having seen that saber attack, Linley, who had gone through Beirut’s documents, already knew who it was. This was an expert of the Laws of the Earth, Lupe. At the same time, Linley felt a surge of fear; if it hadn’t been for the fact that his Blackstone Space had caused Lupe to reveal his true form a bit earlier and slowed him down, that earlier attack most likely would have put Linley in grave danger.

As soon as Linley’s words came out, the Blackstone Space changed the direction of gravity!

The downwards gravity transformed to pull towards Linley!

“Eh?” The figure’s speed immediately lessened greatly.

Linley knew what this Lupe’s abilities were; Lupe specialized in subterfuge and stealth! He was also extremely fast! However, now that he was trapped within Linley’s ‘Blackstone Space’, Lupe had met his perfect counter; his speed and his stealth abilities could no longer save him.

“Eh?” Feeling the changing direction of the gravitational pull, Lupe was instantly shocked. “Not  good!”  Lupe  had  already  begun  to  feel  regret  after seeing Linley’s transformation; he was certain that as a member of the Azure Dragon clan, Linley was definitely capable of the clan’s innate divine ability. “I wouldn’t necessarily be able to defeat this expert of the Azure Dragon clan, and he has a subordinate with him. If we really start to fight…not good!”
He didn’t hesitate any further at all.

“Bang!”  Gritting his teeth, Lupe used up his precious, sole drop of Sovereign’s Might. Instantly, a strong earthen yellow glow emerged from his body.

Seeing the situation, Linley didn’t hesitate at all; his body, as well, exploded forth with a black aura. Lupe, amongst commanders, was considered below average in strength; only, he was fairly famous for his stealth abilities, and also extremely fast.

“What? He is using up Sovereign’s Might as well? This Azure Dragon  clan  punk  is  really  willing…”   Lupe,  seeing  the situation, felt his heart shake. 
“This  sort  of  opponent  is  perfect  for  practicing  against!” Linley sent to Bebe. “Bebe, don’t interfere. This Lupe’s attack power is comparable to mine, but he’s fused more profound mysteries of the Laws of the Earth than I have! He’s perfect for training against. I might even gain an insight.”
Bebe  snickered  back,  “Fine,  Boss.  I’ll  just  watch.”   Bebe intentionally retreated to a distance of a hundred meters, giving Linley and Lupe more than enough space to fight.

Knowing that it was Lupe, Bebe was no longer worried.

“Hmph.” Lupe, seeing the situation, felt rage in his heart. He could tell that the opponents didn’t feel him as being worthy of concern. “If it wasn’t for this Gravitational Space, you wouldn’t even be able to touch me.” Lupe felt the power of the Gravitational Space increase greatly as well; he wouldn’t be able to escape. Since he wouldn’t be able to escape, his only option was to fight!

Chapter 36, Blood Binding, Crown

Lupe trained in the Laws of the Earth, and had fused five of them.

Of the six profound mysteries of the Laws of the Earth, the only one he had not been able to fuse with the others was ‘Gravitational Space’. He had completely fused the other five. After having fused ‘Vitality’, ‘Worldwalking’, ‘Throbbing Pulse of the World’, ‘Strength’, and ‘Essence of the Earth’, he created an extremely powerful Worldwalking technique, while devising a way so that his spiritual energy would form a continuous loop within his mind, not letting a single hint of his aura leak out.

He had reached an exceedingly high level in stealth and fleeing.

However, whenever there is a gain, there is a loss; his saber attacks contained only four fused profound mysteries. As for ‘Worldwalking’, there was no way for him to fuse that into his saber. “Whoosh!” Lupe moved through the ‘Blackstone Space’ like a slippery fish, constantly moving about at high speed.

But Linley easily moved to follow him, always blocking in front of him.

“It’s uncertain who will be the one to die.”  Lupe growled mentally, and the warblade in his hand silently sliced through the air, chopping towards Linley’s skull. In the instant that Linley’s ‘Mirage’ godspark sword collided with the warblade, with a ‘bang!’, the saber’s energy exploded outwards.

One saber, one sword!

Linley’s body trembled slightly as he retreated. “Haha, excellent!” Linley laughed loudly, then charged forward again, but unfortunately for Lupe, his weapon was slightly inferior to Linley’s godspark sword. “He’s relying on his weapon.” Lupe also realized that Linley’s weapon was extraordinary. Feeling resentment, Lupe’s eyes turned cold, and suddenly, his index finger and middle finger of his left hand suddenly struck out, and a translucent sword- finger ray shot towards Linley, at a speed so fast that it directly
entered Linley’s mind.

This was a soul attack!

“Haha…Lupe, it’s best if you don’t show off that bit of soul attack  prowess  you  have.”  Linley  didn’t  even  care  about  it. Experts of the Laws of the Earth were never skilled in soul attacks to begin with, and Lupe himself didn’t specialize in soul attacks either. How powerful could his attacks be? Linley, just by relying on his spiritual energy alone, was able to defeat the attack.

Lupe had only attacked in such a way due to having no other options.

“Is that so?”  Lupe laughed coldly, his attacks becoming all the wilder. Linley was more than happy to accompany him in the fight. 
Linley and Lupe’s forms constantly exchanged blows, but clearly, the two were on par. As Linley saw it, Lupe’s power amongst commanders really was towards the lower end as well. “He doesn’t even have a single Sovereign artifact; indeed, his only option is to rely on ambushes. However, it is worth my time to learn his sort of stealth techniques.”
Linley could guess that Lupe had definitely fused ‘Worldwalking’ amongst his profound mysteries.

In addition, that saber blow which held the power in abeyance, then made it all explode forth at once.

“This saber blow can be said to have mastered and executed the Profound Mysteries of Strength to a perfect level.”  Linley continued to exchange blows with Lupe, with the intentions of training his swordplay. As for Lupe, his goal was to seize any opportunity to kill Linley and thus get a chance of escaping this battle. 
Linley’s sword shot out.

Lupe actually delivered a backhanded blow with his saber, sliding his saber against the flat of Linley’s sword and pressing down with a blow towards Linley’s body.

“Oh? He’s really going all out.” At this critical moment, only a ‘swish’ was heard and an azure-golden blur seen as Linley’s draconic tail, carrying a terrifying surge of force, smashed viciously against the warblade. In terms of toughness, Linley’s draconic tail wasn’t weaker than Highgod artifacts at all.

The warblade was knocked off-balance. “Slash!” It originally would have struck Linley on his head, but now, it slashed Linley on the chest. After having been struck by the draconic tail, the blow of this saber was now weaker; it just barely broke through the scales, drawing forth a hint of blood. “Slash!”
Linley’s Mirage sliced through Lupe’s head, severing it from his body.

Once one’s head was separated from one’s body, that was virtually a guarantee of death! After all, even though the spirit might be present, the body could no longer be controlled to fight back; it was as good as defeat.

“You were pretty vicious, but the end result was your death.” Linley looked at the flying head.

“If I had a Sovereign artifact, the result would definitely be different.” Lupe’s head bellowed. He knew that he had to die.

“Swish!” Linley’s Mirage flashed with light, and Lupe’s voice came to a halt, and a thin red line appeared through his head. At this moment, Lupe’s Highgod artifacts, interspatial ring, and a gold badge all fell out.

“If you had a Sovereign artifact, the results would be different?” Bebe flew over, chuckling. “Everyone can say that. If my Boss had a Sovereign-level soul protecting artifact, defensive artifact, and weapon, aside from Paragons, who would he fear?”
Linley shook his head and sighed to himself.

This world was a world where the strong devoured the weak. Strength was exalted. People had to rely on their own abilities to acquire Sovereign weapons as well!
Only the strong would be valued and be made Emissaries, and be bestowed a Sovereign artifact. Only the strong would acquire sufficient military merits and be able to trade for a Sovereign artifact. Everything depended on individual effort. As for the children of Sovereigns, they did indeed have a great advantage, but sometimes luck, too, was part of one’s power. “This Lupe’s ambushing abilities weren’t bad. Unfortunately, once the battle really begins, he’s definitely one of the weakest commanders. It makes sense that a Sovereign wouldn’t select him as an Emissary.” Linley shook his head and sighed. “Thus, as far as the profound mysteries go, even amongst those who
have fused five profound mysteries, there are still differences in power.”
There were six profound mysteries of the Laws of the Earth. Upon fusing five of them, there were six possible fusion results, with the different fusions resulting in different specialty areas.

“This commander badge was fairly easy to acquire.”  Linley collected the gold badge, feeling joy in his heart. “I now have three badges. I’m only lacking for one more.”
“Bebe, let’s go.”
Linley and Bebe moved at high speed, leaving the scene of the battle. A place like the Planar Battlefield was a place where the experts who entered had to be mentally prepared for death. Some experts had to die in order for others to live.

Deep within the heart of an ordinary, large mountain in the Planar Battlefield. Linley and Bebe had carved out a cave for them to temporarily live in. This cave was separated from the outside world by hundreds of meters of mountain rocks; generally speaking, commanders wouldn’t be able to use their divine sense to scan inside here.

But of course, there were three exceptions.

One was if they used Sovereign power to do the scanning.

The second was a Highgod Paragon. They had very large scanning ranges as well.

As for the third, that was Highgod Soul Mutates. Soul Mutates had very special souls, and their souls were generally far stronger than the souls of ordinary Highgods. But of course, there were differences amongst Soul Mutates as well. The chances of a successful soul mutation with two different types of divine power was decent; the vast majority of soul mutates were in possession of two types of divine power, with Olivier being on this level as well. But virtually all individuals who had three types of divine power and yet underwent a soul mutation would die. In the entire Infernal Realm, there was only a single person who successfully underwent and survived a soul mutation with three types of divine power. And as for the soul power of three-power Soul Mutates, it was extraordinarily great!

As for those who underwent a soul mutation while having access to four types of divine power, in the countless planes of the universe, over the countless years, there had never been a single successful case. No one had any idea what the result would be, if a person with four types of divine power underwent a soul mutation.

Within the cave.

Linley was hefting that tattered crown, staring carefully at it an inspecting it. The crown didn’t have a hint of luster to it; if he tossed it into a rubbish pile, even if a Deity noticed it, they wouldn’t pay it any attention. 
The nearby Bebe stared at it as well. After a long time, he mumbled, “Boss, is there something special about this tattered crown? Why can’t I see anything special about it? It makes me feel as though it is just an ordinary item.”
“It isn’t.”
Linley shook his head. “Still, I can’t see anything special about it either.”
When Linley had received that surge of unusual energy from the crown, it had healed his wounds. In addition, this thing had flown out from chaotic space; Linley naturally was certain that it was extraordinary.

“I know it’s not ordinary; anything that can survive in and fly out of chaotic space is either a godspark weapon or a Sovereign artifact.” Bebe stared carefully at the crown. “But for it to be in the shape of a crown…as I see it, it should be a soul- protecting Sovereign artifact.” This was Bebe’s judgment. “If it really is a soul-protecting Sovereign artifact, given how tattered it is, it should be a damaged Sovereign artifact.” Linley laughed.

If the master of a soul-protecting Sovereign artifact was still alive, there was no way that the Sovereign artifact could be damaged! A damaged soul-protecting Sovereign artifact meant that the defenses of the artifact had been breached, and the master had died!

“There’s only one option right now.”  Linley nodded slightly as he spoke.

“Boss, quick, give it a try.” Beb urged.

The only option was…to bind it with blood!

Linley stretched out his index finger. With but a thought, a drop of fresh blood oozed out of his skin, then dripped down onto the crown. “Eh?” Bebe stared.

“Eh?” Linley frowned.

The drop of blood hit the crown…and it then it splattered and rolled down onto the ground.

“It wasn’t absorbed?” Linley was puzzled.

“What’s going on? This thing has an owner?” Bebe frowned.

Linley pondered for a moment, then nodded. “There’s one possibility. The owner of the crown might have been fighting in the Planar Battlefield, and then died, with the Sovereign artifact falling into chaotic space. However, the owner of the crown still has a divine clone outside, and so there is no way to bind it with blood.”
“Makes  sense!  Ah,  wait!  Boss.”  Bebe  suddenly  said.  “This crown is damaged, but there is no way for chaotic space to damage a Sovereign artifact, right? There is no way for Highgods to damage Sovereign artifacts either.”
Linley was stunned. He couldn’t help but nod slightly.

When Highgods did battle, generally speaking, after one died, the Sovereign artifact would be completely undamaged. There was no way for the power of a Highgod to damage a Sovereign artifact.

“Can it be that the owner of this crown was a Sovereign?” This was Linley’s guess. “This crown was then damaged in a battle between Sovereigns, just like my Coiling Dragon ring?”
“If it was a Sovereign, then, the Sovereign definitely must have  fallen.”   Bebe  said.  “If  the  Sovereign  fell,  the  other Sovereign who killed him definitely wouldn’t have spared his clones; he definitely would have pulled up the grass by the roots. This crown should then be an ownerless item. It should be bindable by blood.”
Linley didn’t understand either. 
He was able to bind the Coiling Dragon ring with blood, but not this crown.

Still, for now, this was all speculation.

“Forget it.” Linley shook his head. “Bebe, if we can’t figure it out, let’s not worry about it. Long story short, there’s no way to bind it with blood. Perhaps…this crown isn’t a Sovereign artifact at all.”
“What else, besides a Sovereign artifact, can survive in chaotic space?” Bebe mumbled.
Linley and Bebe couldn’t understand it. Based on the knowledge available to them, the only thing that could survive in chaotic space, aside from Sovereign artifacts and godspark weapons, was perhaps divine sparks! As for ordinary materials made of ores or metals, there was no way they would be able to survive in chaotic space. Unable to get a clear understanding of the crown, Linley had to give up for now. He stored it back into his interspatial ring, and then, based on his earlier line of thoughts, began to train. Only three hundred years remained from now until the final battle of the Planar War. Linley wanted to make a
breakthrough in advance.

“That blade blow of Lupe’s…”
Completely storing up all the power, and then letting it all explode forth with amazing force.

“The fists of Hemmers…”
That utterly unblockable punch…it continued to swirl about Linley’s consciousness.

“That spiked mace of the golden-robed man…” Linley carefully pondered the attacks of that spiked mace as well.

Over the past few years, he had encountered many experts of the Laws of the Earth, such as the Redcliff Lord or Bailey…
Every single one of those experts of the Laws of the Earth had analyzed and developed a supreme technique that belonged to them. But those were their techniques, not his! Still, Linley wanted to discover some of the secrets behind those supreme techniques, hoping to find something which would help him suddenly break through the bottleneck he was face. And just like that, Linley began to tirelessly analyze them.

Bebe, utterly bored, just rested there within the cave, his eyes half-lidded as he occasionally munched on fruit. He was currently controlling a Deathgod Golem outside. “It has been three years, but we only encountered a single person. And that person wasn’t someone that was easy to deal with. The weaker people have all hidden away, as cowardly as rats. Uh…wait. I’m a rat as well.”
Bebe suddenly turned to look at Linley. 
“Huh?” Bebe’s eyebrows rose slightly.

A large amount of earth elemental essence suddenly appeared around Linley’s body. Slowly, with Linley at the center, it formed into an earthen yellow sphere.

“What’s going on with the Boss?” Bebe didn’t understand.

Very strangely, the earthen yellow aura suddenly contracted, from a size of three meters to just a tiny dot. This sort of high- speed contraction actually caused a spatial tremor, and the ripples from this tremor caused the stones nearby which were within the cave to instantly transform into dust. The entire cave had just transformed into a giant sphere.

At this moment, Linley opened his eyes, a hint of a smile on his face. 
“Boss? You…broke through?” Bebe guessed.

Linley looked at Bebe. He nodded slightly.

Chapter 37, Supreme Technique

Bebe was stunned…and then, he was wildly overjoyed. He tossed the half-eaten fruit in his hands to one side. “Haha, Boss, I knew you would definitely make a breakthrough within three centuries. I was right, wasn’t I? It’s only been three years,  but  you  broke  through  the  bottleneck!”   In  fusing profound mysteries, the farther one went along, the harder it was.

Once one broke through, it represented that one’s power would rise exponentially!

“I did indeed break through. I broke through before the final battle.” Linley felt very excited, from the bottom of his heart. The rise in difficulty from fusing three types of profound mysteries to four types was simply too hard. Now, in the Planar Battlefield, he finally was no longer a bottom-level commander. If he encountered some formidable commanders, he’d be able to give them a fight.

A commander who truly feared no challengers had to be completely flawless. In the past, Linley’s soul defense was weak, but now, in terms of soul defense, he was no longer a weakling, having fused four profound mysteries and also having the support of his innate azure soul glow, as well as that damaged soul-protecting Sovereign artifact. In fact, Linley no longer even feared the soul attacks of experts on the level of Reisgem and Montelo.

But of course…if he ran into any Highgod Paragons, Linley would still have to run. Not just Linley; even if Reisgem encountered a Highgod Paragon, he wouldn’t be able to fight back.

“I wanted to go out and have a wild battle long ago. Now that you made a breakthrough, Boss, let’s head out.” Bebe was absolutely delighted. “We’ve been in this damn place for nearly six centuries. It’s time for we two bros to show our might.” Bebe was utterly brimming with confidence.

Linley just laughed, then shook his head. “Don’t be impatient.”
“How can I not be impatient? I’m impatient!”  Bebe pursed his lips intentionally. “You’ve increased your power. Do we still have to hide here?” “No. Although I’ve successfully fused four profound mysteries, I haven’t developed an attack which suits me yet.” Linley laughed.

Fusing different types of profound mysteries would result in different types of powerful attacks.

Some were skilled in support techniques, while others were skilled in soul attacks or material attacks or stealth and subterfuge…in short, after fusing profound mysteries, they would develop techniques suited to them.

In the past, Linley’s primary skills were the ‘Blackstone Space’ and the ‘Firmament Splitter’.

However, Linley had risen in power. His supreme techniques would naturally have to change as well.

“Oh, develop a supreme technique?” Bebe chortled, then sat down by the side of the cave. “Boss, develop as much as you want. I’ll just watch here without saying a thing! Right…it won’t take you too long to develop a technique, will it?”
“I already have some ideas. It should be fairly fast.”  Linley said with a laugh.

And then, Linley began to develop his supreme technique. Days passed in constant testing. Linley, for fear of damaging the cave, created a miniature Blackstone Prison, constantly testing within it. Even if energy leaked out from him, it would be kept within the Blackstone Prison.

Utter darkness. Not a hint of light could be seen from the Blackstone Jail.

Linley stood there, his mind flickering through one image after another.

“This  material  defense  should  begin  with  my  former ‘Pulseguard Armor’, then modify it…” Linley, in the past, didn’t care too much about material defense, because his Dragonformed body was already powerful enough. However, now that he had fused four profound mysteries, once he used that and Sovereign’s Might to reinforce his supreme defensive technique, the defensive power would be comparable to his Dragonformed body. Naturally, Linley wouldn’t mind adding an extra layer of defense.

Within the dark, lightless Blackstone Prison, Linley continuously analyzed.

Divine earth power continued to flow out from Linley’s body. In Linley’s mind, one mechanism after another for using power sprang to mind, and the divine earth power surrounding his body continued to change methods nonstop.

His original body and his divine earth clone joined together in training. After spending eleven days, Linley finally developed a supreme defensive technique that he was satisfied with. “This armor, if formed from divine earth power, is inferior in strength to my Dragonform. However, when relying on Sovereign power, the power exceeds that of Dragonform. Right. This armor formed from divine earth power…I’ll just call it my ‘earth armor’.” Linley couldn’t be bothered to think too much about it, so he casually picked a name, then continued to analyze his soul defense techniques.

Linley cared deeply about his soul defense.

After all, a person’s soul was his foundation. In Linley’s sea of consciousness, a large amount of spiritual power roiled about, and one sort of technique for using energy after another was being tested by him.

The Laws of the Earth were extremely deep and profound. They were divided into six profound mysteries, and mastering each of them individually was nothing more than gaining a basic understanding of the Laws of the Earth. Only by fusing them…could one truly gain a deeper understanding of the Laws. For example, the ‘Throbbing Pulse of the World’ started with increasing to a total of 256 layers, and then was constantly fused and simplified down into a single wave. It was the same principle…the more one fused the mysteries of the Laws of the Earth, the more thoroughly one understood them. Linley had fused four of them, and this resulted in a major increase in power for him, in both soul defense and material defense.

“A constant, unbroken cycle, advancing on one side, continuing on the other…this sort of soul defense is enough.”
After spending nine days, Linley’s soul defense reached a limit as well. Unless Linley was able to gain an even greater understanding of the profound mysteries, his methods for using the Laws had reached a limit.

“In twenty days, I’ve mastered a way for soul defense and for material defense. Now…I need to focus on the most important of all. A material attack.”
Linley knew very well that as the mysteries he had fused were the ‘Throbbing Pulse of the World’, ‘Essence of the Earth’, ‘Strength’, and ‘Gravitational Space (Geomagnetism)’, the fusion of these were suited most for material attacks. In addition, in Dragonform, his body was incredibly strong; to not use it for material attacks was a huge waste.

Linley immediately began to focus on developing a supreme attacking technique.

Analyzing supreme techniques was quite complicated.

For example, soul defense; it had nothing to do with any part of the ‘Essence of the Earth’. As for material defense, it had nothing to do with ‘Gravitational Space’. Thus, it was much easier to develop techniques.

But supreme attack techniques were different. This would involve all four mysteries.

Time flowed on like water, moving past silently. In the blink of an eye, Linley had spent two full months working in the Blackstone Prison. Within the cave.

“Hmph!”  Bebe wrinkled his nose, glancing sideways at the still-present  Blackstone  Prison.  “The  Boss  said  it  would  be ‘very fast’, but it’s been sixty three days, and he’s still not done.”
Silently, noiselessly, the Blackstone Prison dissipated, the energy returning to the world and leaving behind a Linley who was dressed in a blue robe and whose eyes were closed. He stood there, still holding Mirage in his hand. Clearly, Linley hadn’t filled it with his divine power, as one could still clearly see Mirage in his hand.

“Haha!” Bebe immediately hopped over.

Linley opened his eyes and glanced over, his face filled with smiles. “Boss, you succeeded?” Bebe chortled.

“Right. I succeeded.” Linley laughed and nodded.

“How strong is it?” Bebe said with anticipation.

“Much stronger than before, of course.”  Linley said with a calm laugh. “That ‘Firmament Splitter’ of mine only fused two profound mysteries; the ‘Throbbing Pulse of the World’ and ‘Strength’. This was because there was no way for me to add the ‘Essence of the Earth’ into it. But…now that I fused ‘Gravitational Space’, I am able to add the ‘Essence of the Earth’ into my attack as well. It now has four types of profound mysteries. The power of this sword is tens of times more powerful than in the past!”
Linley was extremely confident. In the past, his sword had relied primarily on the strength of his Dragonform, which was why he was able to threaten other commanders.

But now, just by relying on his mastery of the profound mysteries, Linley was able to be on roughly the same level as other commanders. With the added strength of his Dragonform as well as Mirage, Linley was now qualified to be confident.

“Hoho,  Boss,  give  it  a  try,  give  it  a  try.”  Bebe  called  out excitedly, staring at Linley.

Linley smiled and nodded.

“When battling, I will first set up my Blackstone Space, then use this sword blow.” Linley laughed as he spread out his Blackstone Space and a powerful gravitational. Just as Linley was about to execute his sword blow, upon seeing the earthen yellow aura that was glowing due to his ‘Blackstone Space’, Linley suddenly came to a halt, standing there stupidly.

Bebe was startled, immediately asking, “Hey, Boss, what are you doing?”
But Linley seemed to not have heard him. “What’s the Boss doing? Didn’t he say he was going to show it off for me?” Bebe didn’t understand.

Linley suddenly began to laugh loudly.

“Boss, what is it, what is it?” Bebe said frantically.

“So I can do it as well. So I can do it as well! I’m too foolish, too foolish!” Linley’s face was filled with wild joy.

“Boss?” Bebe hurriedly called.

Only now did Linley think of Bebe. Turning his head, he laughed. “Bebe, just now, I suddenly thought of something, which is why I was rather excited.”
“Thought of something?” Bebe frowned. 
“Right!”  Linley  nodded  and  laughed.  “Do  you  remember how, when we encountered that Highgod Paragon, ‘Bayer’, his attack against you locked your movements, right?”
“Right.”  Bebe thought back to that scene and felt helpless once more. “That attack of his…when it came, I felt as though space itself was squeezing me. My speed dropped dramatically. Actually, I was able to move; only, my speed dropped so much, tens of times slower than normal. At such a slow speed, in a real fight, it meant I would be slaughtered.”
Linley  chortled.  “Just  now,  when  I  saw  my  ‘Blackstone Space’, I suddenly thought that person, I too can make the enemy feel as though space is compressing him, and make him feel like a fish who was trapped in mud, his speed lowered greatly.”
“Eh?” Bebe didn’t understand. “Boss, your Blackstone Space; the gravity of it faces one direction. How can you compress someone?” Indeed; the power of the Blackstone Space’s gravity would be upwards, downwards, repulsive, or attractive towards Linley.

There was only a single possible direction!

For example, a downwards gravity that trapped the enemy would result in an enemy who, when facing Linley’s sword, would find it hard to fly upwards but easily be able to dive underground. Even if he was unable to go underground, his movements forward, backwards, and sideways wouldn’t be impeded much.

But the spatial compression was different.

It made one feel as though one was being compressed from all directions. No matter how you moved, the restrictive power was still astonishingly great, just like being caught in a net.

“Haha…”  Linley suddenly started to laugh. “Bebe, I had a taste of that restrictive power back in the Amethyst Mountains.” Linley still clearly remembered how, when he had used Worldwalking in the Amethyst Mountains, he had encountered Reisgem inside the mountain. Afterwards, Reisgem trapped Linley within the Amethyst Space, causing powerful gravity to press down upon and squeeze Linley. Even his bones began to uniformly splinter, and blood flowed outwards. This was a pressure that came from all directions!

“My current sword blow is just like those of other experts of the Laws of the Earth, containing some basic gravitational pull to it. What I need to do is to make it so that the Blackstone Space no longer treats me as its core, and for it to merge into the sword itself.” Linley knew that this would be very hard.

If Linley didn’t understand the principles of ‘Amethyst Space’, and was only able to operate on the basis of his ‘black stone’ in executing the ‘Blackstone Space’, there was no way at all that he would be able to infuse this ability of the Amethyst Space into it.

After all, the ‘black stone’ was within Linley’s body, which guaranteed that if Linley relied on the black stone, the Gravitational Space would only be centered around Linley. 
But Linley had a degree of understanding regarding the Blackstone Space.

When he had spent five centuries in the Amethyst Mountain, Linley had already gained some degree of understanding regarding how to use the 108 rays of divine power. Although the power of him using those rays of power wasn’t as powerful as the ‘black stone’ itself, the difference wasn’t too extravagant.

“Bebe, keep waiting. Wait for me to come up with my next technique! When battle starts, once my sword gets close to someone, it will cause that person to feel as though they are being pressed down upon from all sides! Even if I’m still inferior to Bayer, I wouldn’t be that far off.” Linley was eagerly anticipating his new technique.

Linley immediately once more created his ‘Blackstone Space’, then entered it and resumed his studies. This technique….would trap any enemies in a certain way and compress them.

Once Linley once again used up the Blackstone Prison to analyze this technique, he immediately began to inspect it closely.

This was because his technique used the enemy as the target for compression; thus, there was no way he could rely on the ‘black stone’ to execute this technique. He had to rely on himself!

In addition…
This technique was a perfect match for Linley’s swordcraft.

This developmental cycle was very long. Bebe heard the walls within the ‘Blackstone Prison’ constantly tremble, but fortunately, Linley had blocked off all sound. Within the Blackstone Prison.

Linley, absorbed in his training, had lost all sense of time.

Linley stabbed out with a simple sword thrust, but Mirage emanated an earthen yellow glow. Immediately, at the location the sword was pointing towards, a three-meter long earthen yellow sphere formed. As Mirage stabbed out, the earthen yellow globe began to, amazingly enough, shrink at high speed.

An explosion of destruction!

Chapter 38, An Inch of Land, A Foot of Sky

“This space which compresses the enemy can change to be greater or smaller as needed. I finally mastered this technique.” Linley felt a surge of wild joy in his heart.

The piercing power of this sword was comparable to his original one, but the difference was a sort of binding, restrictive power! This would bind the movements of the enemy, and possibly make it so that they weren’t able to block Linley’s sword at all.

The Blackstone Prison vanished. Bebe immediately turned and ran over with surprised delight. “Boss, you spent nearly half a year coming up with this technique. Give it a try and see how powerful it is?”
“Fine. Let’s give it a test, then.”  Linley was rather eager as well. “Don’t hold back. My defense doesn’t even fear Highgod Paragons. Hit me hard.” Bebe raised his head and puffed out his chest as he stood there, even giving Linley a wink.

Linley knew how astonishing Bebe’s defense was. Nodding, he said, “Fine. However, there’s no need for me to Dragonform for now. Give it a try and see if you can use your weapon to block this sword of mine.”  As Linley spoke, Mirage appeared within his hands, while that dagger appeared within Bebe’s.

“Come.”   Bebe’s  eyes  were  gleaming,  and  he  focused  his attention on Linley’s Mirage, staring at it.

Mirage suddenly became translucent and leisurely stabbed outwards. Bebe raised an eyebrow. He could clearly see 108 rays of earthen yellow divine power emerge from Linley’s godspark sword, Mirage. It was like 108 howling dragons that were engulfing him; before he even had a chance to react, the elemental energy of the world began to coalesce at high speed. 108 rays of divine power instantly merged into the surrounding earth elemental essence, forming a sphere that was five meters in diameter that had him trapped within.

“The  constrictive  power  is  quite  great.”   Bebe  felt  the tremendous pressure as well.

This was a gravitational force that most Seven Star Fiends would find hard to endure; it pressed down from all sides. Even Bebe felt uncomfortable.

Mirage was formless and invisible.

But the spatial ripples that it created impacted Bebe.

“Eh?” Bebe could clearly sense that Mirage was striking towards him. He immediately wanted to move his arm to use his  dagger  to  block  it.  “This  restrictive  power  really  is troublesome.” Bebe felt as though he had a rope tied around his arm, making his speed much slower.” “Slash!”
A sword blow landed straight across Bebe’s chest, and Bebe’s body trembled violently.

“How is it, Bebe?” Linley laughed, then retracted his sword.

“The restrictive power really is pretty large.”  Bebe nodded and sighed in praise. “Although it isn’t as terrifying as Bayer’s, it’s far more powerful than a single-direction gravitational force.”
Linley discovered as well that Bebe actually hadn’t been able to use his godspark dagger to block his own blow.

When experts exchanged blows, they generally used a weapon to strike against or block the other weapon. To use one’s own body to take the blow? Aside from a minority of people, most commanders weren’t capable of it. “But the power isn’t strong enough. It just makes me itchy.” Bebe snickered. Linley didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry. “Bebe, I’m not in Dragonform! After I Dragonform, my power increases dramatically, and the power of this attack will increase dramatically as well! But of course…despite that, I still
won’t be able to injure you.” Linley knew his own limits.

Bebe chortled. “I’m kiddin’, Boss. What’s the name of this technique of yours?”
“To compress the person within a small world, like an inch of land and a foot of sky…making him unable to dodge and thus be forced to receive my blow…right. Let’s call it ‘Microcosm’.”  Linley selected a name for his most powerful sword blow.


Linley believed that in Dragonform, the power of this sword blow of his should be considered above average amongst commanders. Combined with the ‘restrictive’ force, this technique should be considered a high-class technique amongst commanders. Perhaps in raw attack pure, it couldn’t compare to the Sovereign weapons of others, but this technique of Linley’s…made it hard for the enemy to block.
For example, Oman. When he smashed down with his spiked mace, the power was great, true! But by relying on his godspark weapon, Linley was still able to block and just barely hang on. If Oman was capable of Linley’s technique, and to create a powerful restrictive force to make it impossible for Linley to block, he probably would have killed Linley with a single blow.

“Bebe, it’s time for us to go out and take a look.” Linley said with a calm laugh.

The Planar Battlefield was as calm and quiet as ever.

This was a place where there was never any sunlight. No warmth. There was only the endless, cold howling wind. Linley and Bebe quietly moved about the Planar Battlefield. However, after advancing for seven full days, they didn’t see a single figure. Clearly, the number of people roaming the Planar Battlefield had grown less and less. 
“Boss,  look.  There  seems  to  be  someone  up  ahead.”  Bebe suddenly said.

Linley carefully looked forward. That figure was still a few kilometers away from them, and the luxurious wild grass between them that was being blown about by the wind made it hard for Linley to see that person.

Moments later…
“Him!” Linley didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry.

“It’s  actually  Hemmers.”  Bebe  stared  as  well.  They  both clearly remembered that freak who had such terrifying defense and attack power, as well as a soul-protecting Sovereign artifact. Hemmers…he was someone who had become a Sovereign’s Emissary as a Demigod!

“Haha, you two. Don’t run.” Loud laughter rang out. 
Linley and Bebe just stood there, not moving at all.

“Bebe, later, just stay over there. Let me spar a bit with this big fellow.”  Linley’s gaze was heated, and his battle-hungry blood began to boil. “Although this Hemmers is powerful, his speed is average, and he doesn’t know any distance attacks. He’s perfect for a spar and for me to test out my own might.”
“Fine.” Bebe chortled. “Boss, don’t lose face by fleeing after being unable to take more than a few blows.”
Linley and Bebe had both sparred with Hemmers before. If they wanted to flee, they would be able to.
Three meters tall. A body like that of a tower of steel. Wild gold hair. A towering nose. A tiger-like mouth! A pair of golden eyes which stared at Linley and Bebe. This was Hemmers. Hemmers  frowned  and  snorted,  “The  two  of  you  are  quite bold. Last time, I let you two run off. This time, you actually dare to stay here upon seeing me?” “Hemmers, I’ve made some slight improvements this time, and want to ask you to provide me with a few pointers.” Linley said with a smile.

“Provide  you  with  a  few  pointers?”  Hemmers  rubbed  his towering nose, grinning and revealing a mouth filled with golden teeth. “Letting me give you two a few pointers will cost you your lives.”
“Not  us  two.  Just  me.”   Linley  said  with  a  calm  laugh. “Hemmers, if you truly do want my life, then come at me.”
Hemmers furrowed his forehead, musing to himself, “Can it be that this kid wants to die? Screw it. If he wants to die, it isn’t my fault.” Hemmers didn’t waste any more words. He violently stomped the ground with his right leg, causing it to tremble. A golden glow sprang out from Hemmers’ entire body, and like a towering golden god of war, he charged towards Linley.

With a ‘bang!’, Linley instantly Dragonformed. He, too, kicked off powerfully from the ground, dodging at high speed. 
“He’s  increased  in  speed?”   Hemmers  instantly  noticed Linley’s transformation. His increased insights into the profound mysteries had caused his speed to naturally increase as well.

“Still, he hasn’t increased enough!” Hemmers let out a growl, his legs suddenly flashing with an eye-piercing golden glow.

“Bang!”   “Bang!”   Hemmers  stomped  viciously  against  the ground, which cracked from his stomps. But because the terrifying power of this stomp resulted in a powerful counterforce, Hemmers increased in speed once more…but welcoming him was an earthen yellow aura that spread outwards. Blackstone Space!

Hemmers’ speed lessened dramatically.

Linley knew quite well that he wouldn’t be able to kill Hemmers; this battle between them was only meant for him to familiarize himself with his new supreme technique. “Hemmers, taste this sword blow of mine.”  Linley’s voice echoed out in Hemmers’ mind, and Mirage pierced out…
Hemmers turned to look. He saw 108 rays of earthen yellow light suddenly appear out of nowhere, surging towards him simultaneously. Hemmers just snickered. “Your sword is pretty special. It can actually go invisible.”  Hemmers, through his divine sense, was clearly able to sense that Mirage was stabbing towards him at high speed.

But as Hemmers wanted to use his fist to smash it, he suddenly felt a powerful, uniform restrictive force. A semi- transparent earthen yellow sphere that was five meters long had suddenly enveloped him.

“What a powerful restrictive force.” Hemmers furrowed his brows.

Hemmers still swung his fist, slamming it towards Mirage. It had to be said that Hemmers’ innate gifts were inordinately powerful. His strength was truly endless. Even under such incredible pressure, his fists didn’t slow down too much. In the last instant, his fist, covered with golden light, smashed against Linley’s ‘Mirage’.

“BANG!”  The full power of Linley’s blow finally exploded forth from the sword.

Linley’s most powerful sword attack…Microcosm!

“BANG!” A tear in space appeared.

Linley was knocked backwards, while Hemmers’ body trembled as well. And then, he lowered his head to look at his fist in astonishment. The metal-like skin atop his fist had already split apart, and a hint of blood was leaking out. However, it immediately healed.

Linley stood not too far away, his heart filled with joy.

Last time, when that golden light had shot out from Hemmers’ fist and struck against Mirage, Linley’s hand had been shaken so badly that his draconic scales had split open, while Mirage had been knocked back to chop against Linley’s own body.

“That time, it was just a golden ball of light. This time, it was with his actual fist! My power increased dramatically, but I only feel as though my hand is going numb. If I were to encounter that Oman again, I wouldn’t be in such a sorry state when I block his spiked mace.” Linley’s confidence surged.

“In addition, my full-force sword attacks are capable of causing the spatial walls of the Planar Battlefield to tear open now.” Linley rejoiced.

Hemmers raised his head to look at Linley solemnly. “You have indeed risen dramatically in power. You are capable of injuring me.” Hemmers knew very well that his fists had been utilizing the profound mysteries, and how much power they held. If even the skin on his fists had been broken open…if Linley’s sword had hit another part of his body, he would indeed have been injured.” “But you aren’t truly wounded, right?” Linley’s eyes lit up. “Just now, you were actually able to block my sword. Again!”
Linley’s body suddenly disappeared, and a blur charged towards Hemmers.

“Bang!” “Bang!”
The two clashed repeatedly, and each time they exchanged blows, Linley’s blur-like form continuously moved to retreat, then advance! As for Hemmers, he just stood there; whenever Linley attacked, he used his fists and his two legs to block. Each time they exchanged blows, Linley was knocked flying backwards.

Neither Linley nor Hemmers used Sovereign’s Might.

“Boss, keep it up!” Bebe called loudly from the side. But as for Linley, he became all the more aware of how terrifying Hemmers was. “Hemmers is absolutely too strong. It’s fair to describe him as possessing endless, inexhaustible might! Even with my restrictive force pressing down on him, he’s actually still able to just barely block my sword.” And in a situation like this, with each blow, the counterforce caused Linley’s hand to go numb.

The strength in those fists were indeed frightening.

“It’s not very likely that I’ll be able to kill this Azure Dragon clan kid.” Hemmers pondered to himself. “I don’t have a Sovereign weapon! Else, I would’ve disposed of him long ago.”
Hemmers suddenly shouted angrily, “Kid, if you are so tough, then use that sword of yours to take one of my punches head  on!  Stop  using  that  restrictive  power  to  affect  me.” Hemmers felt very uncomfortable; while constantly under that powerful pressure, there was no way he was capable of fully releasing his power in his punches. If he were to release a punch under optimal conditions… How could Linley be able to block so easily?

“I’m not that stupid.” Linley said with a loud laugh.

“As I see it, you two should just come to a halt!” A clear voice rang out, while at the same time, a fierce, powerful ripple shot towards them at high speed, striking simultaneously against Hemmers’ fist and Linley’s Mirage. This powerful force knocked both Linley and Hemmers back by a few dozen meters.

Linley and Hemmers both turned to look.

They saw that, not too far away, a white-robed man was currently strolling over. His crimson eyebrows drooped downwards, and his gaze was fathomlessly deep. He currently gave Linley and Hemmers each a glance.

“Where  did  someone  so  powerful  suddenly  come  from? There’s nobody who is like him amongst the various supreme experts of the planes of the universe!” Hemmers’ face changed dramatically. He was very confident in his own power, but just now, he had actually been knocked backwards by the collision force.

“Mr. Leylin!” Linley couldn’t help but call out in delight.

“Bluefire?!”  Bebe stared in disbelief, his eyebrows jumping upwards.

This person was indeed, Leylin ‘Bluefire’.

Chapter 39, Bluefire

“Mr. Leylin?” Although surprised and delighted, Linley was puzzled as well. Although in the past, Bluefire had given him some guidance, and he had viewed Bluefire as being very powerful, that was because when Linley was young, he had been too weak. “I’m above average even amongst commanders now! Ordinary commanders aren’t able to do anything to me. But that attack from Mr. Leylin just now…? What level of power has he reached, exactly?”
Linley didn’t know if that attack was a casual attack, or a full- power attack from Bluefire!

“Linley.  Bebe.  Long  time  no  see.”   Bluefire  smiled  as  he strolled over.

“Haha.”   The  nearby  Hemmers  suddenly  let  out  a  loud, carefree laugh. His laughter echoed like thunder, and he stared at Bluefire with those golden eyes and a scorching gaze. Two rays of golden light that could be seen by the naked eye shot out from Hemmers’ gaze. “What an expert! Here in the Planar Battlefield, when everyone sees me, Hemmers, they all slink away and hide in the distance. It is so rare for me to meet an expert like you. Fighting with this Azure Dragon clan kid is no fun; I feel like my arms and legs are tied. It’s not pleasurable! Your power seems to be decent. Come, let’s have a contest!”
Linley and Bebe were both stunned.

“Is Hemmers crazy?” Linley blinked twice.

What he didn’t know was that Hemmers was the sort of person with a straightforward disposition who loved battle.

As soon as Hemmers finished speaking, he made his move! His steel-hard leg, flashing with golden light, slammed hard against the ground. “BANG!” The ground instantly split apart, with hundreds of cracks appearing. Hemmers transformed into a golden flash of lightning, charging straight towards Bluefire!

“What a boorish man.”  Bluefire raised a crimson eyebrow, saying with a soft laugh. His robes were as white as snow. Bluefire just stood there, not dodging at all.

“BANG!”  Hemmers’  right  leg,  flashing  with  golden  light, struck out towards Bluefire like a meteor. This kick caused the world to tremble, space to distort, and dozens of twisted spatial cracks to appear.

“What a terrifying kick.” Linley’s face changed.

“Boss  ,just  now,  when  he  fought  you,  he  wasn’t  this powerful.” Bebe said.

Linley knew this all too well. He had relied on his gravitational compression to make it so that Hemmers was unable to bring his full force to bear. Otherwise, given how monstrous Hemmers’ innate strength was, how could Linley have exchanged so many blows? “Bebe, carefully watch and see how Mr. Leylin receives the attack.” Linley stared at the battle, not daring to be distracted at all.

Bebe stared as well. 
“Not bad.” Bluefire just stood there, but very strangely, that golden leg-blur actually moved through Bluefire’s body.

Bluefire’s body vanished, reappearing three meters away.

“Teleportation?”     Linley’s    face    changed.    “No…speed! Astonishing speed, speed comparable to Bayer’s! For him to dare to dodge only at the last moment against Hemmers’ kick, his speed is absolutely…” This was the second time Linley had seen such terrifying speed.

Hemmers had missed with his kick, but he let out an explosive shout. “Good!” At the same time, Hemmers suddenly twisted his thick torso!

He spun about like a tornado, and his golden leg instantly began to spin about as well. With almost no pause, he continuously kicked out towards Bluefire, who still had that calm smile on his face with not a hint of fear or concern. “Swoosh!” “Swoosh!”
In Linley, Bebe, and Hemmers’ eyes, Bluefire’s body seemed to teleport about, consecutively creating multiple after-images, then appearing a hundred meters away, standing there calmly.

“Boss,  this  Bluefire…what  sort  of  speed  is  this?  What profound mysteries is he using?” Bebe didn’t understand.

Linley trained in the Elemental Laws of Fire, so he had some ideas. “Fire is different from wind. Bayer’s body became agile and illusory; although his speed was very fast, he was also as formless and invisible as the wind. Mr. Leylin is different though; watch, he’s just like the fire. Flames erupt violently and with energy! There’s nothing illusory about Mr. Bluefire’s speed; he explodes with it! His speed instantly explodes forth to a limit, making it so that even you and I feel as though he is teleporting.”
Linley couldn’t stop sighing in amazement. For a person to reach such a level in speed…this alone would make Bluefire a high class commander.

“What’s  going  on  with  you?”  Hemmers  bellowed  angrily. “You keep dodging! This is no fun at all. I, Hemmers, had a favorable impression of you, which is why I wanted to fight you. If you have any ability, fight against me, Hemmers, head on!” Hemmers howled unhappily to one side, clearly knowing that his speed was far inferior to this person.

Actually, Hemmers was very angry. His attacks were very powerful, and his defenses were also very powerful. Unfortunately, he was too slow and he wasn’t skilled in distance attacks.

Thus, when many experts encountered Hemmers, they would immediately flee. This was same for the first two people he had encountered; it was also the same for the next few hundred he had encountered. This, Hemmers absolutely detested people who relied on speed to dodge.”
“You are an amusing fellow.” Bluefire still had a smile on his face. 
“Amusing my ass!”  Hemmers raised his head and shouted. “Shorty, if you have any skill, come fight me, Hemmers, head on!”   As  he  spoke,  Hemmers  viciously  smashed  his  two sandbag-sized fists against each other. With a ‘BANG’ sound, it was as though a mountain had just collapsed. The terrifying collision caused spatial cracks to appear even between his fists.

“Shorty, do you dare?” Hemmers raised his head proudly.

Bluefire’s height was quite normal, but given that Hemmers was three meters tall, it wasn’t unfair for him to describe Bluefire as being ‘short’.

Bluefire couldn’t help but start to laugh. “I’ve been in the Planar Battlefield for so long, but I haven’t actually fought a single time. Fine, then. Today, I’ll exercise a bit…come!” After Bluefire finished speaking, with a ‘bang!’ sound, Bluefire’s entire body began to swirl with flame. Those eyes beneath his crimson eyebrows began to burst forth with fiery light. 
He was like a fiery divinity of war!

“Good!”  Hemmers  laughed  loudly,  and  after  speaking,  he charged towards Bluefire, the earth trembling with each step he took.

Linley and Bebe continued to watch, focusing their attention on this scene. “Boss, who will win? I mean, if they fight head on, who will win?” Bebe asked mentally, while Linley shook his head. “I’m not too sure. According to your grandfather’s intelligence reports, Hemmers has an innate, massive strength, and his attack power is comparable to that of Highgod Paragons! If Mr. Leylin chooses to fight with him head on… hard to say.”
Bluefire, his entire body swathed in flames, watched calmly as Hemmers charged over.

“HAAARGH!” His face savage, Hemmers gave a low growl, and his right fist, carrying an inexhaustible, massive force and flowing with the profound mysteries of the Laws of the Earth, smashed directly towards Bluefire. With a ‘rumble’ sound, spatial began to tremble everywhere the fist went past.

In an instant, the fist arrived before Bluefire.

“Good!” An explosive shout.

Bluefire, who had been calm this entire time, lifted his eyebrows. His right hand, formerly hanging down by his side, suddenly shot out lightning-fast. Linley and Bebe only sensed an eye-piercingly brilliant, fiery red light shoot out. This ray of fiery light slammed directly against Hemmers’ fist, a head on collision…fist against fist!

There was no trick to it at all; it was a complete, head-on collision!

“CRACK!” When their fists intersected, space shattered apart like glass, as dozens of spatial rips appeared! 
Hemmers and Bluefire both trembled slightly. Hemmers took three steps back, while Bluefire took one step back as well.

“Uh?” Linley and Bebe, stunned, stared with completely round eyes.

“How terrifying. Bluefire didn’t use a Sovereign artifact or Deity artifact at all.” Linley had been focused on Bluefire’s fist; that was a fist that was as white and pristine as white jade. “Hemmers was birthed from the Divine Earth Plane itself; he was a golden mountain who, after countless years of being nurtured by the plane, gained sentience, which is why his body has such incredible strength. But Bluefire…”
Linley was stunned.

“Superb! Hemmers, you really live up to your reputation!” Bluefire laughed calmly, letting out a praising sigh. Hemmers stared at Bluefire, stunned, then at his own fist. He didn’t dare believe it. “How is that possible? How is that possible? He fought with me head on, but he actually had a slight advantage?” Hemmers knew very well that just now, in that instant when his fist collided with the fist of the man before him, a sharp, boring force had surged towards him.

That sharp, boring force was like the explosion of a volcano; it had charged forward fiercely!

In the face of that explosive power, Hemmers felt his undefeatable fist…tremble.

“Who are you?” Hemmers said in a low voice.

“Me? You can address me as…Bluefire!” Bluefire said with a calm laugh.

Hemmers narrowed his ox-like eyes, then nodded slightly and said in sonorously, “Fine, Bluefire. I’ll remember you! Even in the past, when I encountered that Highgod Paragon of water, Borhaus [Bo’er’hao’si], when we exchanged punches against each other, I still wasn’t at a disadvantage. You…are very   powerful!”    After   speaking,   Hemmers   turned   and immediately walked away.

Bluefire laughed softly as he watched Hemmers leave. He couldn’t help but let out a sigh of praise. “He really lives up to the reputation of being an expert who was chosen to be a Sovereign’s Emissary, even as a Demigod.”
“Mr. Leylin.” Only now did Linley walk over.

“Leylin, you are so powerful!” Bebe’s eyes were shining, and he hurriedly ran over. “How did you become so powerful? How is it that Odin, one of the other five Kings of the Gebados Planar Prison, was so much weaker than you? Right…is your increase in strength related to your entry into the Necropolis of the Gods?”
Bluefire’s true name, after all, was ‘Zacharias Leylin.’ Bluefire was just a moniker. It was enough for outsiders to know his nickname, but of course people he knew would address him by his name. 
“Necropolis of the Gods?” Bluefire let out a chuckle. “It had a bit to do with it, but it wasn’t all because of that place.”
And then, Bluefire turned to look towards Linley, laughing. “Linley, long time no see. I didn’t imagine that you would have already fused four profound mysteries of the Laws of the Earth. When I first met you, I had the impression that your comprehension ability was excellent…but I didn’t expect that in just two thousand years, you would have reached such a level, and be standing at the peak amongst Highgods.”
Of course commanders would all be considered as being peak Highgods.

But of course, only figures at the level of Highgod Paragons could truly be considered the ‘peak’.

“If it hadn’t been for your guidance in the past, Mr. Leylin, I probably wouldn’t have been so fast in my training.”  Linley said modestly. “Alright, it’s been so long since we’ve met. Let’s sit down and drink some wine and have a good chat.” Leylin said with a soft laugh.

Of course Linley wouldn’t refuse. It would be another three centuries before this Planar War would conclude. He had more than enough time, and he was happy to accompany Bluefire. At the same time, Linley was rather stunned by Bluefire’s power, as well as puzzled. “He was able to fight Hemmers head on with his bare hands, and have a slight advantage? Can it be…that Bluefire has become a Paragon?”
Linley knew exactly how rare Paragons were!

There were many material planes, but over the course of countless years, the number of Highgod Paragons, or to be precise, the number of people suspected of being Highgod Paragons, was less than thirty. “Can it be that my Yulan Plane has produced one as well?” Linley felt quite eager.

Bluefire used a punch to create a cave, and then withdrew from his interspatial ring a table, wine, and food. The wine and food had all been kept chilled, but of course, Bluefire quickly defrosted them. Linley, Bebe, and Bluefire all sat down, eating and drinking and chatting casually.

“I  didn’t  expect  you  to  come  as  well,  Mr.  Leylin.”  Bebe grabbed a haunch of Demon Dragon meat and began to chew on it. “I imagine you must have killed quite a few commanders over the past few years in the Planar Battlefield, Mr. Leylin. How many?”
Bluefire held a cup of wine. He took a sip, then laughed and shook his head. “Not a single one.”
“What? Not even one?” Bebe stared. “Mr. Leylin, everything else aside, the speed you showed off as well as that terrifying attack strength of yours, comparable to Hemmers…these two things alone make it so that you can kill many commanders! When those commanders encounter you, they won’t even be able to run!”
Given how fast Bluefire was, how would anyone be able to escape him? “Do I have to kill people just because I came to the Planar Battlefield?” Bluefire shook his head and laughed. “I came here for two reasons. First, I’ve never taken part in a Planar War, and wanted to come in for a look. As for the second…you don’t need to ask.”
Bebe, knowing that Bluefire didn’t wish to discuss it, asked no more.

Linley, unable to repress his curiosity, asked, “Mr. Bluefire, just now, that speed of yours…as far as I can tell, only that Highgod Paragon, ‘Bayer’, is comparable to you. And your attack power is comparable to Hemmers’. I want to ask you, Mr. Leylin…have you reached the Paragon level in fusing the profound mysteries?”
Bluefire was startled.

“If you can’t tell me, then don’t.” Linley said hurriedly. Linley, too, knew that many Highgod Paragons hid their power and didn’t publicize it. This was why many people were only ‘suspected of being Highgod Paragons’. 
“There’s  no  need  for  me  to  keep  any  secrets  from  you.” Bluefire  nodded  slightly.  “Indeed.  A  thousand  years  ago,  I reached the level of Paragon.”

Chapter 40, Will

“You really are a Paragon!”  Linley, despite being mentally prepared, couldn’t help but suck in a breath.
What did it mean for someone to be a Paragon? It meant that one had completely, thoroughly mastered one of the Laws. The number of people who were able to become Paragons was even fewer than the number who were able to become Sovereigns. From this, one could tell that without exception, every single person who reached this level was a glorious figure who possessed astonishing innate abilities, comprehension, luck, and who was hard-working!

One couldn’t be lacking in any of these aspects. Only in perfect could a Paragon be born.

Bebe’s eyes turned round. He stared at Bluefire for a long time, unable to say anything.

“What’s with those looks on your faces? There’s no need to be like this.” Bluefire said with a laugh. 
“What do you mean, no need to be like this? Paragon!!!” Bebe called out in shock. “Mr. Leylin, including you, the planes of the universe only have, all combined, less than thirty Paragons! The material planes are numerous beyond count, but in the course of countless years, how many Paragons have been birthed from them? Most likely, our Yulan Plane only has you!”
Bluefire began to laugh. Although his heart was as calm as water, when he thought of these things, he couldn’t help but feel slightly proud as well.

Upon reaching the level of Paragon, it was true that a person could be proud for the rest of his life.

“Mr. Leylin, admirable, truly, admirable.” Linley felt a surge of heat in his heart as well. How long would it be before he would reach the same level?

Bluefire couldn’t help but laugh, while Bebe suddenly said, “Boss,  didn’t  Grandpa  say  that  once  you  reach  Mr.  Leylin’s level, you can go to the Necropolis of the Gods? Uh…he’s a Paragon, Boss. When will you become a Paragon? Doesn’t that mean that entering the Necropolis of the Gods is something for the distant future?”
“That’s what Beirut said?” Bluefire was startled.

“Right. He did say that.” Linley said, resigned.

Previously, Linley still had some hope, but now that he knew Bluefire was a Paragon…“Can it be that I am going to have to reach the Paragon level before entering the Necropolis of the Gods? How long will that take?”  Linley knew his own limits. The further along one went in fusion, the more time it took. Linley even suspected that even if he spent countless years, he still might not be able to become a Paragon.

After all, there were many people who initially trained very quickly, but upon reaching a certain level, could no longer rise. They had reached their limit.

“Haha…”  Bluefire  shook  his  head  and  laughed.  “When  I entered the Necropolis of the Gods, I had only fused five profound mysteries. I imagine what Beirut meant was that when you, Linley, are at the level I was back then, with five mysteries fused, you’ll be allowed to enter! There’s no way he is requiring that you be a Paragon. That’s too stringent.”
Linley, hearing this, couldn’t help but nod. Right. When Bluefire had entered, he hadn’t become a Paragon yet.

Bebe  mumbled,  “Even  fusing  five  profound  mysteries  will take very, very long. The farther along one goes, the harder it is.”
“What’s the rush?”  Linley said with a calm laugh. “Bebe, given my current power, I already am able to stay alive against other commanders. Once this Planar War concludes, we will return to the Infernal Realm! When we no longer have any important business to attend to, we can slowly spend a few billion years in training.”
Bluefire smiled and said approvingly, “Not bad. You aren’t arrogant and you aren’t impetuous. Only then can you allow things to reach their natural conclusion. The more impatient you are, the harder success will be.” “There’s  no  need  to  over-think  matters  regarding  the Necropolis of the Gods.” Linley said with a laugh.

Right now, Linley didn’t really have any burdens; after having spent all these years in the Planar Battlefield, he had acquired three badges, and lacked only one more. Given that his power had increased greatly, Linley was confident that if he and Bebe joined forces, it wouldn’t be hard for them to acquire one more. After accomplishing this matter, he would truly be relieved, and would be able to calmly continue his pursuit of perfection.

“Mr. Leylin.” Linley looked at Bluefire and said solemnly, “I have a question in my heart.”
“Speak.”  Bluefire sipped some wine and said with a calm laugh.

“I am very confused regarding Highgod Paragons.”  Linley said with a frown. “There are quite a few commanders who are exceptionally, innately talented, such as Reisgem or Reihom. They were born with tremendous power. In addition, they have fused five of the profound mysteries of their Laws! Logically speaking, given how powerful their bodies are and the fact that they have fused five profound mysteries, I feel that they should be on par with Highgod Paragons. But previously, when they fought Bayer, I discovered…the difference was tremendous. They were toyed with.”
“Right. That Bayer was too powerful. He was easily able to compress  space.  That  restrictive  power  was  too  terrifying.” Bebe said hurriedly.

“In addition, soul attacks. Wind is suited for material attacks, and not for soul attacks. Although it has ‘Music’ and ‘Sound Waves’, the power isn’t extraordinary. But why is it that when Bayer executed a soul attack, I fell into a dazed state without being able to resist at all?” Linley didn’t understand at all.

Even Paragons had differences amongst themselves.

Wind-element Paragons were extremely strong in material attacks. Water-element Paragons had exceptional material defenses. Previously, Hemmers said that a water-element Highgod Paragon was slightly weaker than him in a frontal clash.

But Bayer was a Highgod Paragon of wind. Why was it that his soul attack was so terrifying?

Linley truly didn’t understand!

“Haha…” Bluefire began to laugh.

“What’s  so  funny?”   Bebe  muttered.  “Paragons  truly  are monstrously powerful. It seems as though they are mighty in every   aspect.”    Different   Highgod   Paragons   of   different elements would have different specialties, but although they might be weaker in one aspect, they still far surpassed commanders in might.

For example, although that Highgod Paragon of water was weaker in material attacks, he was still close to being on par with Hemmers. 
“Highgod Paragons have no weaknesses.” Bluefire said with a calm laugh.

Linley and Bebe immediately perked up and began to listen carefully. Naturally, when a Highgod Paragon spoke on this subject, they spoke with authority.

“Highgod Paragons are extremely powerful in every aspect! Different Laws and Edicts only result in Paragons being stronger in certain aspects; for example, I am strongest in soul attacks! Actually, Highgod Paragons are powerful in all aspects…because of a certain secret.” Bluefire said.

“Secret?” Linley and Bebe were stunned.

“Right.” Bluefire sighed in praise. “Linley, I can tell you two this, but…the secret about me being a Paragon, as well as this secret? You can’t tell anyone else.”
“Of course.” Linley and Bebe both nodded. 
Bluefire nodded slightly, then said, “That year, when I was fusing the six profound mysteries of the Laws of Fire, I reached a bottleneck! I was only one step away from becoming a Paragon. I was already extremely powerful by that point in time. However, once I took that final step and became a Paragon, do you know…how great the difference in power was?”
Linley shook his head. “I’m not sure. However, breaking through bottlenecks, generally speaking, wouldn’t result in too ridiculous an increase in power.”
“When  I  took  that  final  step,  I  felt  myself  transformed!” Bluefire sighed. “A qualitative transformation. The difference between heaven and earth!”
“Heaven and earth?” Linley and Bebe were startled.

“I trust you know that generally speaking, any Highgod, even a very powerful one, who hasn’t reach the Paragon level, upon annoying a Sovereign, can be destroyed by the Sovereign with a thought. There is one type of Highgod which is an exception; Paragons! A Sovereign’s Will cannot kill a Highgod Paragon!” Bluefire laughed.

Linley nodded slightly. He knew this.

“Why?” Bluefire said with a laugh. “This has to do with the secret of Paragons! Upon becoming a Paragon, in an instant, one is transformed.”
Linley and Bebe listened carefully.

“In that instant of transformation upon becoming a Paragon!” Bluefire seemed to be reminiscing about that feeling he had. “A very unique sort of natural Law surrounded my soul! My soul underwent a sort of qualitative transformation. After the transformation completed, I understood how powerful Paragons were.” Bluefire began to laugh.

A qualitative transformation of the soul? Linley was stunned. From Demigod to God to Highgod, the soul rose in power each time. But he hadn’t imagined that upon reaching the Paragon level, the soul would rise again.

“This sort of soul transformation caused the natural Laws to bestow upon me a sort of authority which Paragons have!” Bluefire smiled. “An authority which included the Will of the natural Laws of the world! A Paragon’s Will!”
Linley was stunned.

Everyone had a will, but the will of ordinary Highgods was an insubstantial thing, containing no attack power. “The Will of a Paragon…contains the Laws of the world?” Linley couldn’t refrain from asking.

“Right!”  Bluefire laughed. “Actually, the increase in power from fusing the profound mysteries, in and of itself, is limited. But even an ordinary attack from us, upon being infused with our Will, will cause the power to rise to a terrifying level! This is a sort of authority! An authority bestowed by the universe itself! And this is what we rely upon to resist the Will of a Sovereign!” Linley and Bebe began to understand.

They, too, had heard that a Sovereign’s Will was inviolable. Sovereign power wasn’t that special; however, Sovereign power infused with a Sovereign’s Will was terrifyingly, ridiculously powerful. The most terrifying thing about a Sovereign was their Will.

“It is like an Emperor! He doesn’t have to act himself; an order from him can cause countless people to lose their heads. To  an  ordinary  person,  an  Emperor’s  will  is  inviolable!” Bluefire laughed calmly. “This is a sort of power. The force of his will! The will of ordinary Highgods cannot be used to attack, but for Highgod Paragons, they have this sort of authority, bestowed upon them by the universe itself!”
Linley and Bebe now understood.

Good heavens! So this was the situation. Will? Amongst the countless Highgods, Highgod Paragons were like ‘Emperors’ who were far above the others. The Will of Highgod Paragons contained the natural Laws, and so even an ordinary attack by a Highgod Paragon contained terrifyingly powerful force!

“No wonder! A casual movement by Bayer caused the four of us to feel such tremendous restrictions.” Bebe sighed in praise. “An empty-handed attack was comparable to a Sovereign weapon attack.”
“What about the Will of a Sovereign?”  Bebe said hurriedly. “How much stronger is it than a Paragon’s Will?”
“Much stronger!” Bluefire laughed. “It is the same principle! Sovereigns have a Sovereign spark, and they too have been bestowed by the natural laws of the universe with tremendous authority! This causes their Will to possess even greater power. Sovereigns, from trillions of kilometers away, can use their Will alone to control their Sovereign power to attack us. We Highgod Paragons can just barely hold them off and preserve our lives. However, if a Sovereign was to come in person to attack us, there’s no way we would be able to resist.” Linley and Bebe now completely understood.

The Will of a Sovereign was bestowed by the natural Laws of the universe with far more authority than the Will of Highgod Paragons.

If they were trillions of kilometers away, a Sovereign wouldn’t be able to kill a Paragon. But if they were close by, the Paragon would still die. But of course…amongst Highgods, Paragons were already invincible figures.

“A Will which possesses tangible power and might.” Linley sighed.

Bluefire stayed with Linley and Bebe for three days. During these three days, the three of them chatted and drank. Linley told him some of the stories about the attacks they had suffered here on the Planar Battlefield, and Bluefire had sighed when listening. Still, after three days, Bluefire still parted from Linley. After all, Bluefire had come to the Planar Battlefield for a purpose that was different from Linley’s; Bluefire disdained from killing people.

Currently, they were outside the cave. Standing on the desolate earth, Bluefire was bidding Linley and Bebe farewell.

“Haha, Linley, let me wish you luck in acquiring your fourth commander  badge,  then.”  Bluefire  said  with  a  calm  laugh. “Right. Tell me. Before this, you stayed with Reisgem for a time. Half a month before I met you, I discovered Reisgem and that Reihom you described in a cave.

“Oh?” Linley and Bebe were instantly overjoyed.

“Where are they?” Linley immediately asked. Linley still felt very grateful towards Reisgem.

Bluefire looked around, then pointed towards a direction. “Go straight in that direction. Roughly a hundred and ten thousand kilometers away, you’ll discover a mountain with two peaks, like a ram’s horn. The two of them are staying there at the base of the mountain, in a cave. But of course…I can’t be sure if they are still there.”
“Thank you, Mr. Leylin.” Linley was overjoyed.

Generally speaking, they would stay in one place for many years. As Bluefire had seen them there recently, Reisgem should still be there.

“It seems as though you want to reunite with them as well.
Then we’ll each part ways now.” Bluefire laughed.

Linley and Bebe immediately bade Bluefire farewell, then, without returning to their cave, flew towards the direction Bluefire had pointed towards at high speed. Actually, upon hearing the description of a ram’s horn shaped mountain, Linley already had an idea. He had a map of the Planar Battlefield. Naturally he knew where the mountain was located.

Bluefire watched as the two disappeared into the desolate wilderness, then couldn’t help but laugh. He then sighed, “Beirut really spared no expense and no effort! However, now that Linley has fused four profound mysteries, it can be said that Beirut has accomplished his goal. As for the fusion of the fifth profound mystery, that’s quite far off. It seems, for now, there’s nothing more for me to do here! Mm, I’ve never seen a Planar War. I can’t miss the final battle that will happen in three hundred years.” Bluefire gracefully departed.

Chapter 41, High Spirits

The cold wind howled, stabbing like knives as it swept across the vast, desolate earth. Sand and pebbles flew about wildly, and two blurry forms continued to advance.

Not too far away from them, up ahead, there was a large, twin-peaked mountain. The mountain was thousands of meters high, and the peak of the mountain was split, all the way from the top to the halfway point. From a distance, it looked just like the horns of a ram. In the maps of the Planar Battlefield, this mountain, the ‘Ramhorn Mountain’, was something of a landmark.

“Here we are!” Linley, dressed in a deep green robe, glanced about, his eyes flashing like lightning as he stared at every ‘suspicious’ looking part of Ramhorn Mountain.

“It seems there’s no cave here.” Bebe mumbled.

“Even if Reisgem is here, how could he allow others to tell just by looking? Let’s do a good investigation of the entire Ramhorn   Mountain.”    After   speaking,   Linley   and   Bebe transformed into two blurs, flying at high speed towards Ramhorn Mountain.

With Reihom present, even the most desolate of mountains could be transformed into a luxurious cave estate.

Within that estate inside Ramhorn Mountain, there was a large estate hall that seemed to have been formed by nature. Reihom, that big fellow, was currently seated in the meditative position in the corner of the hall, quietly training. The slow passage of time, to these supreme experts, was generally spent in training. As for Reisgem, he was seated on a chair, his legs resting atop a table which was covered with all sorts of fruits and foods.

“Montelo, that bastard.”  Reisgem grabbed a haunch of leg meat from an unknown beast, giving it a savage bite. “He’s so cocky. All he has is strength in numbers.”
Reisgem, when thinking back to what happened three years ago, still was quite angry and discontent. Reisgem turned to look at the meditating Reihom. He couldn’t help but call out, “Hey, Reihom, stop training like an idiot. There’s no need to train so frantically. It’s not so easy to reach the level of Paragon. Come over here and drink and chat with me.”

The towering, wargod-like Reihom opened his eyes, and it was as though corporeal light emanated forth.

“Yes.” Reihom rose to his feet, then moved to sit down across from Reisgem.

“I asked you to chat with me, so why aren’t you saying anything?”  Reisgem  couldn’t  help  but  feel  resigned.  Seeing how Reihom was acting, though, all he could say was, “Alright. Ugh. If I’d known it’d be like this, I would’ve brought a few more people as well. Even if they aren’t able to help out in a fight, they’d help me relieve my boredom. Speaking of fighting…if I become a Paragon, I will definitely make it so that that Montelo would suffer so much that he would beg for dear.”
“He…needs killing.” Reihom growled as well. 
Reisgem immediately laughed. “Right. Needs killing!”
“Reisgem!”  A  clear  voice  rang  out  from  the  corridor  up ahead. “Hey, Reisgem, we’re here!” A joyful sound echoed forth from the cave tunnel-corridor. And then, with a ‘bang’ sound, clearly the mountainous slab of rock that covered the tunnel was broken through.

Reisgem   and   Reihom   reacted   by   instinct.   “Swoosh!” “Swoosh!” They hurriedly rose to their feet and glanced at each other, their eyes filled with surprise, delight, and laughter.

“Linley and Bebe came.” Reihom said.

“Haha…let’s go welcome them, quick.” Reisgem was the first to fly out, with Reihom close behind. Once the two arrived at their front courtyard, they saw that the gates to the courtyard had already been broken through. Linley, dressed in a deep green robe, and a black-robed Bebe were smiling, walking over shoulder-to-shoulder. “Reisgem.” Bebe called out jubilantly.

“Ohoh, Bebe!” Reisgem excitedly charged over, grabbing Bebe into a bearhug. “We’re finally reunited again.”
“Linley.” Reihom revealed a hint of a smile towards Linley as well, and Linley laughed and nodded.

Reihom was currently transformed into a size of just two meters in height, comparable to Linley. As for Bebe and Reisgem, their heights were similar as well…the four members of this hunting squad, standing together, made for quite an interesting scene.

“His mommy!”  Reisgem turned his head to look at Linley, then punched Linley on the chest and snorted, “Linley, kid, you worried me to death! When you were being attacked and chased by Oman, I wasn’t worried about Bebe; I was only worried about you! Oman wouldn’t be able to do anything to Bebe, but you were a different story. You are my one and only disciple, y’know? If you die, I’ll be very sad.” Linley let out an awkward laugh.


“Hey, Reisgem, we’re bros!”  Bebe slapped his arm around Reisgem’s shoulders and cocked his head. “We’re on the same level, so how can you consider yourself my Boss’ ‘master’?”
“Uh…” Reisgem was startled.

“Fine then.” Reisgem gave Linley a sideways look. “It was you who comprehended the profound secrets of my Amethyst Space on your own, and it was my mother who asked me to do what I did! You can be considered my mother’s disciple, then, which means you and I are on the same level as well.”  As Reisgem spoke, he began to snicker. Hearing this, Linley couldn’t help but have a thought. “Hm? So Reisgem did what he did, teaching me while claiming to ‘punish’ me, was at the behest of the Sovereign. But why did the Sovereign make that decision? I’ve never before met the Redbud Sovereign.” Bebe said, puzzled, “Hey, Reisgem, that was all arranged by your mother, the Sovereign?”
“Right.  My  mother  even  gave  an  important  Soulstone  to Linley.”  Reisgem mumbled. “I really didn’t want to part with it.”
“Soulstone? You mean the black stone?”  Linley hurriedly asked.

“Right.”  Reisgem  nodded  very  confidently.  “I  feel  sick  at heart just talking about it. That Soulstone…my mother has never given it to any outsider before. You were the first! Do you know? Even Sovereigns have asked for a Soulstone from my mother, but my mother wasn’t willing to give it to them.”
“Sovereigns wanted it?” Linley said, puzzled. “This is useful for Sovereigns?”
“It isn’t very useful for a Sovereign.” Reisgem shook his head. “But if it was given to a Highgod, it would be very useful!” Bebe  said  in  surprise,  “Reisgem,  if  we  compare  this ‘Soulstone’ to the ‘Abyssal Fruit’ of the Netherworld, which one is better?”
“Abyssal Fruit?”  Reisgem chortled. “The Abyssal Fruit truly is a treasure as well, but even ten Abyssal Fruits aren’t as valuable as a single Soulstone. Perhaps it has limited impact on Sovereigns, but…for Highgods, a Soulstone is a true treasure. Linley, don’t look at me that way. In the future, you’ll know how valuable that Soulstone is! Although in the countless planes of the universe, there are only two Amethyst Godbeasts, myself and my mother, my mother is the only person capable of giving someone a Soulstone.”
Linley and Bebe looked at each other.

From the sounds of it, this ‘Soulstone’ really was quite remarkable. Indeed, in battle, it was remarkably useful, but Linley didn’t yet see how it could be as amazing as Reisgem was claiming it to be. “My mother probably gave one to you out of guilt. Otherwise, how could she possibly give it to you?” Reisgem said with a sigh.

“Guilt?” Linley asked hurriedly.

“Uh…” Reisgem covered his mouth, looked around, then hurriedly shook his head and said, “Don’t ask, just pretend I didn’t say anything. Don’t ask!”
Linley and Bebe were both rather astonished, but then Reisgem hurriedly changed the topic. He started to laugh. “Haha, Linley, Bebe, now that you are back, our chance for revenge has come! In the past three years, I’ve always wanted to find Montelo and gain revenge, but myself and Reihom, without anyone else, are far from being enough. If we went, we’d just be taken advantage of by them. But now that you are here, things are different.”
“What do you mean?” Bebe raised an eyebrow. “We’re going to find Montelo and get revenge?” “Of course!” Reisgem said, rather angrily. “I’ve been thinking about revenge every moment of the past three years. Now that my chance has come, how can we not go?”
“Right. Let’s go kill Montelo and the others.” Reihom’s gaze was cold, containing powerful hatred.

Linley  frowned,  worried  about  one  thing.  “Reisgem,  last time, we exchanged blows with them. There were eight of them and only four of us. In addition, that Oman who fought with me was particularly strong. Even Bebe, using his innate divine ability, wasn’t able to do anything to him. We’re going to get revenge?”
“Right. Oman is really hard to deal with.” Bebe said.

“Haha…” Reisgem began to laugh smugly. “If there are eight, there are eight. What’s to fear? Only two of the eight have soul- protecting Sovereign artifacts. One is Oman, while the other is Chauswey [Xia’si’wei]. Although five of the other six have Sovereign artifacts, they don’t have soul-protecting Sovereign artifacts! Last time, we were attacked and caught off guard. This time, as long as we prepare, Bebe, you use your innate divine ability and deal with two of them from the start! Once your innate divine ability recovers, we’ll continue to exterminate them…hmph, it won’t be hard for us to deal with eight of them!”
“It’s a bit tough to deal with eight people.” Linley said with a frown.

“Unfortunately, I can’t use my innate divine ability nonstop.” Bebe said resignedly.

Linley nodded slightly. The same was true for him. Using an innate divine ability and a soul attack were different concepts!

Soul attacks only took up spiritual energy; even if you used it all up, you could use Golden Soul-Pearls to quickly replenish it. Or, by relying on Sovereign power, one could use the attack repeatedly without worrying that one’s own spiritual energy would be used up.

But innate divine abilities, aside from using up spiritual energy, also used up their innate energy. 
For example, Linley’s usage of ‘Dragon Roar’ used up that ‘azure light’ which was his innate energy. Although the innate azure light replenished very quickly, it still needed time! Bebe was able to execute two ‘Godeater’ innate divine ability attacks in succession, but for the third time, he had to wait for a while. Only after his innate energy replenished to a certain degree was he able to use it again.

“Eight people. We have two dispose of two of them at the very start.”  Reisgem immediately began to plan it out. “Bebe, once we encounter them, first deal with that silver-robed woman, Ranessa! Afterwards, then deal with Montelo! Once we deal with those two supreme experts, there are only two people capable of threatening us.”
Although the enemy side had eight experts, they only had four truly supreme experts, with the other four being slightly weaker, below-average commanders.

“Linley, Bebe, are the two of you tired? Should we rest for a bit, or head out right away?” Resigem asked. “Let’s head out now.” Linley said with a laugh. He and Bebe had parted from Bluefire not too long ago, and they had been resting previously as well. They weren’t the slightest bit tired; on the contrary, they looked forward to this battle. “If this battle goes as smoothly as predicted, I’ll have enough commander badges by the end.”
According to Linley’s calculations, only one was needed.

“Fine, then. Let’s head out.” Reisgem’s eyes were shining, and he snorted. “That Montelo. I’ll teach him to be so smug. And so cocky! Hmph, he has no idea that we have a trump card like Bebe.”
Montelo, as far as the soul went, was on the same level as Reisgem. Even Highgod Paragons would have to work hard to kill them through the soul. But…upon encountering Bebe’s innate divine ability, he would definitely die.

“Let’s go.”  Reihom, who whole-heartedly wanted to avenge his brother, and Linley, who wanted to acquire enough commander badges, as well as Bebe and Reisgem directly left the cave. 
Upon leaving the cave, they were in extraordinarily high spirits. But three days later, Reisgem became rather depressed and resigned.

The desolate wilderness. A wild wind howled drearily.

Four figures were striding side by side. Reisgem said helplessly, “I thought that the Planar Battlefield wasn’t that large, but now, it seems, it’s huge. Finding Montelo within it is too  hard.”  The  Planar  Battlefield  had  a  circumference  of  a million kilometers, and the restrictive power of it was a level higher than the Infernal Realm and Netherworld’s.

Even for Linley, to travel a million kilometers would take a day or two, and that was if they were walking in a straight line. They weren’t doing that; they were searching one place after another for Montelo.

“Even if we used Sovereign’s Might to search, it would take a few dozen years or even upwards of a hundred years to find Montelo.” Linley shook his head and sighed. 
To find someone in the Planar Battlefield, one would have to rely on Sovereign’s Might and use it in the form of divine sense. By doing so, the range would be much greater.

“Right. There’s one other way.” Bebe mumbled.

“What way?” Reisgem said, startled. “What’s another way for us to find Montelo?”
“Actually, we don’t have to find them. They can find us; that’s fine  as  well.”  Bebe  said  with  a  snicker.  “We  want  to  take revenge on Montelo, but he wants to make trouble for you as well. Reisgem, all you need to do is start a battle which causes a bit of a ruckus, and even use that innate divine ability of yours! Make it so that people ten thousand kilometers away will know that the person causing this ruckus was you, Reisgem! As long as Montelo isn’t too far away, he’ll soon hurry here to deal with you.

Reisgem’s eyes immediately lit up. “That’s  so  simple!  Why  didn’t  I  think  of  it?!”   Reisgem immediately began to laugh. “This time, I’m going to make it so that Montelo throws himself into my net!

Chapter 42, A Nightmare Descends

“What we need to consider is where we should fight, so as to draw them here.” Bebe said with a frown. “After all, the Planar Battlefield is too large. Even on just this side of the Planar Battlefield, the region has a circumference of a million kilometers. If we don’t pick the right place and are too far away from Montelo, wouldn’t that make it hard for them to find us?”
Reisgem nodded slightly. “So where exactly is Montelo?”
If they knew the answer to that, there would be no need for all these complicated maneuvers.

“I  think,”   Linley  said  reflectively,  “That  after  Montelo’s group of eight failed to kill us, they probably found a place to rest as well. And the place they chose to rest shouldn’t be too far away from the scene of the last battle.”
“I’ve already searched the area within a circumference of ten thousand kilometers around that place.”  Reisgem shook his head. 
Before this, they had spent three times and completely searched the area within ten thousand kilometers, and had even used Sovereign’s Might. One could imagine how hard it was to find them.

“I expect that their resting place is within a hundred thousand kilometers of the previous battle.”  Linley guessed. “How about this. Let’s make this place right here the scene of the battle. It is within hundred thousand kilometers of the last battle scene. Let’s make some noise! If we use Sovereign’s Might, they might just find us.”
Reisgem hesitated momentarily, then nodded slightly. “Fine. That’s what we’ll do, then! If we don’t succeed, we can try two or three more places that are a few tens of thousands of kilometers away.”
“Given Montelo’s temperament, once he discovers us, he’ll definitely come.” Reisgem revealed a smile on his face. “Reihom, you’ll put on the play with us.”  Reisgem laughed while looking at Reihom.

Roughly twenty thousand kilometers away from this location, within the base of a squad mountain that was less than a thousand meters high, a cavern had been dug. Montelo’s group of five was there.

Within the cave.

The muscular golden-robed man, Oman, was seated silently in the meditative stance to one side of the cave, his eyes closed. That arrogant-looking middle-aged man was nearby quietly training as well. As for Montelo and the green-haired maiden, they were seated facing each other, chatting and laughing. “Young master, last time, we gained quite a bit. If we can be this lucky during the final battle, young master, you might end up having enough military merits.”
Montelo laughed softly. “How about….Lowe [Lu’yi], you give me your military merits. That way, I won’t have to worry about coming up with enough.” “How can we do that?” The green-haired maiden’s laughter was as clear as a bell. “Young master, if you give me some of your military merits, I might be able to come up with enough as well.”
“Jeeze.” Montelo shook his head and laughed.

Montelo knew very well that although everyone addressed him as ‘young master’, in reality, in this group of five, only the silver-haired elder who stood by his side was his old servant. This silver-haired elder was the weakest of the five, without any Sovereign artifacts. He came to attend to Montelo’s needs.

As for the other three, each of them, be it Oman, Chauswey, or Lowe, although they gave him face by addressing him as young master, the military merits they gained were divided in accordance with their earlier agreement.

“Rumble…”  An  extremely  weak  ripple  of  energy  made  it towards them. Montelo, Lowe, and the silver-haired Elderway immediately turned to look towards the tunnel. Even the meditating Oman and Chauswey opened their eyes to look outwards.

The Planar Battlefield wasn’t that large to begin with. Given that battles were normally rare, the occasional major battle attracted quite a bit of attention.

“Energy ripples! It is Sovereign power.” Montelo was the first to fly out.

“Perhaps we’ll acquire some more commander badges.” The green-haired maiden laughed enchantingly as she flew out as well, immediately followed by the silver-haired elder, the golden-robed ‘Oman’, and the arrogant middle-aged ‘Chauswey’. The three transformed into three blurs and flew outwards.

Upon flying out from the tunnel, Montelo and the other four immediately flew at high speed towards the origin of the energy ripples. Because the Planar Battlefield was flat, as long as there were no mountains blocking one’s line of vision, commander-level experts would be able to see things from ten thousand kilometers away, despite the distance. But of course…the larger something was, the more clearly it would be visible.

“Whoooosh.”  The wind howled drearily as the five of them flew at high speed.

Moments later, Montelo’s group of five clearly saw a black, heaven-encompassing web-like rampart hanging high in the skies. The black rampart was hundreds of meters in size, and covered with a layer of flowing violet light. A black rampart that was hundreds of meters in size…for commanders, it would be bizarre if they weren’t able to locate it.

The silver-haired elder said in surprise, “Amethyst Rampart?
Reisgem’s Amethyst Rampart?”
A look of surprise and delight appeared on Montelo’s face. He couldn’t help but begin to laugh loudly. “It really is Reisgem’s innate divine ability. Last time, he fled. I didn’t expect that I’d encounter him yet again. Everyone, hurry up to the location of the fight. Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity.”
“The distance is too great!”  Oman said, stone-faced. “Given the great distance, by the time we fly over, the battle might have concluded and Reisgem might have left.”
Montelo understood this as well. A distance of twenty thousand kilometers…if they flew over at maximum speed, it would still take some time.

“We can’t let this opportunity to go waste! Everyone, use your Sovereign’s Might!”  Montelo immediately sent mentally. “A drop of Sovereign’s Might is enough for us to make it in time. In addition, if we are lucky, perhaps we’ll be able to kill Reisgem’s comrades. I wonder if Reisgem has one person with him or is in a group of three.”
Montelo  turned  to  look  at  Oman.  “Oman,  last  time,  you didn’t kill those two. This time, don’t miss again.”
“Don’t worry.” Oman said confidently. 
“Let’s go!”
Montelo, with a ‘bang’, set his Sovereign’s Might ablaze. Immediately, the other four also set their own Sovereign’s Might ablaze. An ordinary commander might cherish their Sovereign’s Might more, but Montelo came from the ‘Augusta’ clan, and was one of the clan’s strongest experts. Although the amount of Sovereign’s Might he was allotted wasn’t as ridiculous as the amount Reisgem had access to, it was still quite a bit.

Montelo was still capable of wasting a few drops liberally as needed.

After having used their Sovereign’s Might, the five figures instantly rose in speed by an extravagant amount.

They were like five blurs, instantly piercing through the skies and moving towards the location of Reisgem’s battle. Reisgem and Reihom were currently battling nonstop. Thunderous booms could be heard unceasingly, and the earth had shattered. Wild bursts of Sovereign power constantly emanated forth.

“Five surges of Sovereign power are headed towards us at high speed.” Linley noticed.

“Light-type Sovereign power.” Bebe said.

Linley revealed a hint of a smile on his face. “Not eight. Five. Still, for them to be coming so arrogantly and brazenly…it should  be  Montelo’s  group.”   Linley  knew  very  well  that ordinary commanders who were going to attack someone would never cause such a huge stir. Only Montelo, who knew exactly how strong Reisgem’s team was, would dare to hurry over in such a manner at high speed.

“I didn’t think that just after battling for a short while, they would arrive.” Reisgem and Reihom stopped fighting. “They are probably afraid that you will stop fighting and they won’t be able to make it.” Linley said with a laugh.

And just like that, Linley, Reihom, Bebe, and Reisgem just stood there, shoulder-to-shoulder, looking towards the direction of Montelo’s group of five, quietly awaiting their arrival.

“Rumble…” With Sovereign power blazing forth from them, their high speed movements did indeed cause quite a commotion.

With Montelo at the lead, the group of five, covered in foamy white light, appeared within the dark environment of the Planar Battlefield like stars flashing across the sky. The five quickly arrived at the scene of the earlier ‘battle’. The five of them looked forward, only to see the already-prepared Linley and his group.

“Montelo, it really is you.” Reisgem snickered. “There’s only five!” Linley felt relaxed as well. He had thought there would be eight of them, which would be rather pressuring, but now that there were only five, they were completely confident in their chances.”
“Heeeey.”  Montelo, seeing the situation, felt puzzled. “The four of them aren’t fleeing?”
Last time, during their fight, Montelo came to believe that this four-person’s squad was only so-so. The five of them were completely capable of overcoming these four. However, Montelo didn’t know…that he had miscalculated Bebe’s strength. Bebe only had one powerful technique; his innate divine ability. Although Bebe’s technique couldn’t do anything to Oman, it could easily deal with the others.

Montelo didn’t know. Oman didn’t know either! When Bebe had attacked him from behind, Oman, in possession of a soul- protecting Sovereign artifact, thought that it had only been an ordinary soul attack. “Oman, last time, you didn’t kill those two. This time, let’s see how you do.” Montelo said with a soft laugh.

“Don’t worry.” Oman swept Linley and Bebe with a cold gaze.

Linley looked straight at Oman as well. Suddenly, he began to laugh loudly. “Oman, last time, I didn’t enjoy the fight. This time, let’s have a good tussle.”
Oman, to this, just responded with a snicker.

“You asked for this.” Montelo was absolutely delighted. Only by knowing one’s friends and enemies would one be guaranteed of victory. Montelo felt that he clearly knew what his enemies were like.

“Haha, let’s fight!” Reisgem just laughed loudly.

“Attack.” Montelo barked as well. Montelo gave the order, and instantly, those five blurs shot forward, with the nimblest being the green-haired maiden with the Sovereign glove.

But when Reisgem gave the order, the four of them didn’t move. Suddenly, behind Bebe appeared the enormous illusion of a Godeater Rat. The black Godeater Rat hovered there in midair, and instantly, the five figures charging towards them were so terrified that their faces changed.

“Beirut?” Oman said, shocked. “That’s not right!”
“Godeater  Rat?  Impossible!”  Montelo,  who  had  given  the order, said, his face instantly turning ashen. Since he had given the order, he naturally was in the rear, and now he was the first to flee. “Everyone, flee!” He hurriedly sent frantically.

If they didn’t flee now, when?

Faced with the supreme technique of the Godeater Rat, anyone who wasn’t a Paragon or had a soul-protecting Sovereign artifact would definitely die. 
“Reisgem  asked  me  to  kill  that  woman,  ‘Ranessa’,  and Montelo. Montelo is a bit farther away though. I’ll kill this green-haired maiden, then.” Bebe, wanting to be certain of his kill, made his target the green-haired maiden. She had charged to the very front, and was at the rear of the pack while fleeing.

“No…” The green-haired maiden’s eyes no longer held any luster or slyness, only terror.

However, it was too late!

The unique energy ripples of the innate divine ability instantly swept through her, locking onto the green-haired maiden’s soul and divine spark!

Innate divine ability – Godeater!

Immediately, a divine spark flew out from within her body, and the eyes of the green-haired maiden instantly became lifeless. She collapsed from the skies, and her glove and a gold badge fell out onto the ground.

A commander-level expert had just died in an instant!

The supreme technique of Godeater Rats…the nightmare of many commanders!

“Flee, flee!”  Montelo was completely scared stupid by now. He only knew that he had to run. He knew very well that if today, he moved one step too slow, he would be finished! Although he was confident in his soul’s prowess, upon encountering the innate divine ability, ‘Godeater’, he would still be finished.

“That youth…how can he be a Godeater Rat. How?!” Montelo didn’t dare believe it.

“How did it end up being like this?”  Oman was completely mystified. He wasn’t afraid of this technique, but he also knew…“The other three of our five-person squad, in the face of that Godeater Rat, will definitely perish. Chauswey and I, against them four, will only barely be able to flee and stay alive.”  Oman understood that Reisgem was more than strong enough to tie him down.

As for Reihom, Linley, and Bebe, it would easy for them to kill Chauswey. After killing Chauswey, Linley and the other two could join forces with Reisgem to kill Oman, which would also be simple.

In the same instant that Montelo’s group of four began to flee…
“Boom!” “Boom!” “Boom!” “Boom!”
Destruction-type Sovereign power began to blaze forth from the bodies of Linley and the rest of the four. At the same time, a blurry black light instantly spread out, surrounding and enclosing the four who wanted to flee. Montelo’s group’s speed drastically lowered, and Montelo himself was so terrified that his face turned white. “Amethyst Space!” Black light had completely surrounded Linley’s group of four, and white light surrounded Montelo’s group of four.

Four pursued four!

“Flee separately!” Montelo shouted mentally.

“Haha…” Reisgem’s wild laughter rang out, and at the same time, behind him, an enormous illusion of an Amethyst Godbeast that had 108 spikes on its back appeared. At the same time, 108 rays of violet light, carrying Destruction-type Sovereign power, shot out, instantly sweeping towards the four fleeing figures.

Innate divine ability – Amethyst Rampart!

With the descent of the Amethyst Rampart, the escape paths for Montelo’s group of four was blocked.

“Bebe.” Reisgem sent smugly. 
“Got it. Just watch me!”  Bebe, seeing the opportunity, once more executed his innate divine ability!

Chapter 43, Attacked and Killed

“Flee,  flee!”  Montelo  had  no  intentions  of  trying  to  fight back. After realizing that Bebe was a Godeater Rat, he only knew one thing: He had to flee! “Flee separately. Make them pursue us separately, and we might have a chance.”  Just as Montelo felt as though he had a hint of hope, the Amethyst Rampart suddenly descended from the heavens!

It was like an enormous, sky-covering net that swept towards them!

“No…” Montelo’s face instantly turned ashen.

The Amethyst Rampart swept towards them, hundreds of meters long, enveloping Montelo, Oman, and the other four within it, and also wanting to seal them within a closed cocoon.

“Break,  break!”   Oman  frantically  brandished  his  spiked mace, viciously smashing against the Amethyst Rampart. Unfortunately, the Amethyst Rampart just rippled a few times like water, completely undamaged. This was the innate divine ability of the Amethyst Godbeasts; how could it be so easily broken? Oman and Chauswey still had at least a bit of confidence; they weren’t afraid of the ‘Godeater’ ability.

But as for Montelo and the silver-haired elder, they were afraid. They didn’t dare to waste a single moment.

“The road ahead is blocked. All we can do is turn and charge backwards. Perhaps we’ll still have a chance!” Montelo and the silver-haired elder turned their heads to discover that the Amethyst Rampart had already ‘closed’, forming into a sealed ‘cocoon’.

There was nowhere to run!

“Haha…” Reisgem was utterly delighted as he stared at Montelo.

As for Bebe, the divine beast’s illusion had already taken form behind him. An enormous phantom of a Godeater Rat was right behind Bebe, staring at Montelo with a pair of cold eyes. Bebe cracked his lips open in a grin, chortling as that unique energy ripple surged forth.

Innate divine ability – Godeater!

“We’re  finished.”  Montelo  and  the  silver-haired  elder  felt utterly powerless.

“No!”  Montelo suddenly growled, and then from his body, thousands of strands of white silk appeared, shooting out like spiderwebs towards the nearby silver-haired elder, instantly wrapping him up and giving him a strong pull! It pulled the nearby silver-haired elder to Montelo’s side, just as the energy of the ‘Godeater’ arrived!

The silver-haired elder, unable to react in time, was struck head on.

The thousands of white strands of silk disintegrated, while the silver-haired elder dropped down from the skies. From his body, out rolled a white badge as well as a Highgod artifact, an interspatial ring, and a divine spark which flew out of his head towards Bebe.

“This…” Bebe was stunned.

The nearby Linley, Reisgem and Reihom had been certain that Montelo was going to die, but the scene just now had caused them to be stunned. “He used his own ally as a shield?” Linley was rather puzzled as to whether or not that silver- haired elder had surviving clones in the outside world, and if he would feel hatred for Montelo because of this and go make trouble for him.

What Linley didn’t know was…
The silver-haired elder’s status amongst the five was the lowest; he was an old servant of Montelo’s. The silver-haired elder might feel resentment in his heart for Montelo’s actions, but he wouldn’t dare take revenge.

“Boss, I can only use my innate divine ability twice in a row. We have to wait for a good while before I can use it again.” Bebe sent helplessly to Linley.

“Montelo  really  is  lucky.”  Linley  couldn’t  help  but  laugh bitterly.

Reisgem, knowing that Bebe wouldn’t be able to use his innate divine ability for now, just began to laugh loudly as he pointed towards Montelo. “Haha, Montelo, you really are decisive, ruthless, and vicious. You sacrificed your own partner. I really admire you. But unfortunately, today, you will still die.”
Oman and Chauswey couldn’t help but give Montelo a sidelong glance as well.

Using one of them as a shield. This sort of action did indeed make others feel repulsed and angered. However, as the silver- haired elder was Montelo’s old servant, Oman and Chauswey couldn’t really say anything.

“Haha, an innate divine ability can only be used twice in a row.” Montelo began to laugh loudly. “It seems you won’t be able to kill me.”
As soon as Montelo’s words finished, the ‘Amethyst Rampart’ suddenly dissipated, its energy returning to the universe. The innate divine ability was only able to persist for a limited time.

“Haha…Oman, let’s go.” Montelo sent.

“You  want  to  run?”  Reisgem  said  with  a  snicker.  “We’ll chase!”
He had spread out his Amethyst Space to a circumference of nearly a thousand kilometers long ago, and a powerful gravitational force caused Montelo, Oman, and Chauswey to move much slower. Reisgem, Linley, Bebe, and Reihom transformed into four black blurs, chasing after them at high speed. And of course, they also scooped up the white badge of that silver-haired elder.

“In this battle, we only acquired a single gold badge. Last time, Reisgem gave us the gold badge, so this time, we’ll definitely   have   to   give   the   badge   to   Reisgem.”    Linley understood that if they only gained a single gold badge this time, it would go to Reisgem, and his goal would not be accomplished.

“I have to kill one!”
Linley stared fixedly at Montelo. “Given Montelo’s status, he has to be a commander.”
“Of the three of them, Oman is the hardest to deal with. Let me handle Oman!”  Reisgem sent mentally towards the other three. “Reihom…you go deal with that Chauswey. Given your strength, you should be completely certain of success. As for Montelo, Linley, you said your power increased greatly. You should be able to tie him down. If you can kill Montelo, kill him; if you can’t, tie him down. We just need to wait a while, and Bebe will be able to use his innate divine ability a third time, and we’ll kill Montelo!”
“Don’t worry. Leave Montelo to me.” Linley sent mentally. Having made a breakthrough not too long ago, Linley felt extremely confident.

At this moment in time, the three enemies up ahead who were trapped and slowed down within the Amethyst Space were feeling uneasy as well. “Oman, Chauswey, we definitely won’t be able to escape like this. The three of us need to flee in three directions. They don’t have three Amethyst Spaces!”
Oman and Chauswey both acknowledged, and each of the three began to fly in a different direction at high speed; one continued to flight straight forward, while the other two began to fly to the left and to the right, respectively.

“Attack them separately!” Reisgem gave the order. Linley’s group of four, long prepared, didn’t hesitate at all. Linley and Bebe charged straight towards Montelo, while Reisgem chased after Oman and Reihom chased after Chauswey.

“I hope that Godeater Rat won’t chase after me.” Montelo felt hope in his heart. He fled at high speed, and soon escaped the Amethyst Space. “I finally flew out of the Amethyst Space. Now,  it’s  time  for  me  to  flee.”   Just  as  he  was  rejoicing, however, a white light suddenly descended once more from the heavens.

A powerful gravitational force instantly wrapped around him, the power of it comparable to that of the Amethyst Space.

Blackstone Space!

“What’s  going  on?”   Montelo  turned,  only  to  see  the Dragonformed Linley and Bebe in pursuit. “How could I have forgotten about them? That brat of the Azure Dragon clan is also  skilled  in  the  Amethyst  Space.”   He  had  heard  Oman mention this before. “And that’s the Godeater Rat. Terrible!” Montelo feared the Godeater Rat the most! At his level, it would be very hard to kill him, but unfortunately, the innate divine ability of Godeater Rats was simply too terrifying. If it failed, that was one thing, but if it succeeded, the opponent would definitely die.

“Whoooosh.” Space itself seemed to emit a keening screech.

Linley and Bebe continued to draw closer and closer to Montelo.

“This  kid  is  going  to  die,  no  questions.”   Linley  was completely confident.

“Boss, don’t worry. Once my innate divine ability’s energy replenishes to a certain degree, I’ll be able to kill him with ease.” Bebe sent with a chortle.

Still flying up ahead, Montelo felt panic in his heart. “If this continues, I’ll only be getting closer and closer to them. I definitely won’t be able to escape! Even if I’m able to delay for a time, once the Godeater Rat recovers, he’ll still be able to easily annihilate me.” Montelo understood that there was no way for him to run.

Montelo suddenly halted.

Linley and Bebe halted as well, and Linley looked with amusement at Montelo. Laughing softly, he said, “Oh, no longer running?”
Montelo cursed mentally, “Within the Amethyst Space, how can I flee? The more time I spend, the slimmer my chances for survival.” Linley and Bebe weren’t in any hurry to attack; they were happy to drag this out. Once Bebe recovered, he would easily defeat Montelo.

“The  two  of  you….why  must  you  kill  me?”  Montelo  said hurriedly. “As long as you two don’t kill me, I will be willing to satisfy any requirements that you two desire.” “No need.” Linley snickered.

“I have Sovereign’s Might. A large amount of Sovereign’s Might.” Montelo said hurriedly.

Bebe said mockingly, “We don’t lack for Sovereign’s Might.’
“Oh, right. My commander badge. I will give you my commander badge.” Montelo said hurriedly.
“According to the rules of the Planar Battlefield, when leaving the Planar Battlefield, one must be holding a commander badge. Someone who is still alive who doesn’t have a commander badge will have violated the laws of the Planar Battlefield,  and  will  be  executed  by  the  Sovereigns.”  Linley snickered.

This rule of the Planar Battlefield was made to ensure that people wouldn’t just swap badges with others. 
For example, if two commanders entered two separate camps, and then just handed their badges to each other as military merits! This was a sort of cheating. Thus, upon the conclusion of the Planar War, if someone alive didn’t have their commander badge, they would be executed. Executed by a

After all, that was the time for military merits to be rewarded, or for military merits to be exchanged for a Sovereign artifact. The Sovereigns would create energy-clones.

Those who violated the rules would die.

“I’m willing to do this. Don’t worry. As long as you spare me.”  Montelo said frantically. “I will immediately give it to you. As for the commander badge, in the future, I’ll kill someone of my own alliance.”
“Boss, just wait a bit. My innate divine ability’s energy is almost replenished. I just need a little more time.” Bebe sent. “Sparing you…isn’t necessarily out of the question.”  Linley suddenly changed his tone.

But Montelo said frantically, “If you agree, then agree. If you refuse, then refuse. The two of you, hurry up.” He too knew very well that Bebe’s innate divine ability energy was replenishing.

“About that…!” Bebe drawled.

“Die, then!” Montelo suddenly exploded forth, and the white energy aura around Montelo instantly bounded towards Bebe like lightning. “These two are clearly just wasting time. I have only one option right now! That’s to kill this Godeater Rat. If I kill him, I still have a chance to live!”
Montelo knew what the situation was; if they wanted to let him leave, why would they hesitate? Hesitation was to waste time; wasting time was to kill him!

“His reaction is quite quick.” Linley hurriedly went forward to welcome him. 
“Swoosh!”  A white, semi-translucent arrow shot out from Montelo’s body, shooting towards Bebe.

The speed was so quick that Bebe wasn’t able to dodge at all.
It directly entered his body.

“The material defense of Godeater Rats is too strong. I’ll have to try soul attacks.”  Montelo knew this point very well, but before he even had a chance to see whether or not Bebe had died, Linley’s attack arrived.

Montelo only saw 108 rays of black shadows surge towards him like dragons. Montelo’s divine sense instantly noticed one thing. “A divine sword? An invisible, divine sword?”  While still in a state of amazement, those 108 black blurs solidified into a hole, forming into a sphere that completely enveloped him, and a powerful compressive force instantly affected his entire body. Pressure, compression!

As fast as lightning, as a ray of light, a sword split through the heavens, piercing towards Montelo’s head.

However, above Montelo’s head, a strange protective layer appeared. With a ‘clang!’ sound, the attack had to withdraw without any results.

“Defensive Sovereign artifacts truly are incredible.”  Linley sighed in mental praise. Linley knew that it would be hard for him to kill this person, but he was still able to tie him down for a  time.  “However,  the  power  of  ‘Microcosm’   when  using Sovereign’s Might is truly tremendous. Even Montelo isn’t able to react to my sword.”
Linley retreated at high speed. “He  isn’t  dead?”   Montelo  turned  to  look  at  Bebe,  then immediately turned to flee.

“Haha, don’t be in such a rush.”
Linley’s body once more swept forward, and the invisible ‘Mirage’ once more struck out. That blurry black sphere once more surrounded Montelo, and the enraged Montelo’s body once more exploded forth with large amounts of white silk.

When the sword struck out, the nearer white strands of silk were all shattered.

“Boss, I’m ready.” Bebe sent mentally.

Linley’s sky-shattering sword thrust landed on Montelo’s body, knocking him backwards slightly. At this moment, Montelo noticed that behind Bebe had appeared the enormous illusion of a Godeater Rat.

“NO!!!” Montelo stared, wide-eyed.

“This time, there’s no one present to be your shield.” Linley watched this scene.

The innate divine ability’s unique energy swept outwards towards Montelo. Montelo wasn’t able to resist at all. He collapsed to the ground, dead!

“Clink!” A gold badge fell out from his body.

Chapter 44, Results

Montelo’s corpse lay there on the ground. This area was utterly silent and still, with only the constant howling of the cold wind.

Linley collected the gold badge, a smile on his face. “This is the  second  gold  badge  we  acquired  in  this  battle!”  In  this moment, the only thing Linley could see was this gold badge. As for Montelo’s defensive Sovereign artifact, Linley’s glance swept directly past it. This defensive Sovereign artifact would be reclaimed by the Sovereign later.

Bebe  ran  over,  saying  excitedly,  “Boss,  the  second  one! Earlier, when that green-haired woman died, the badge was Reisgem’s. This one is ours. Now, we have a total of four commander badges!”
“Right, four! My father, Boss Yale, George, and Delia’s older brother. We have enough already!” Linley let out a long sigh of relief.

Bebe grinned as well. 
“Boss, do you think Grandpa Doehring can be brought back to life?” Bebe suddenly said.

Linley was stunned.

“Grandpa Doehring?” Within Linley’s mind, the events from two thousand years ago suddenly reappeared. At that time, he was just an ordinary child, a youth whom Grandpa Doehring gave guidance to, helping him to steadily grow.

In Linley’s life, Grandpa Doehring and Bebe held extremely important places. Whether thousands of years, ten thousand years, or even more time passed, Linley would never forget Grandpa Doehring. The death of Grandpa Doehring was a scar embedded deep within Linley’s heart, an eternal regret.

“Grandpa  Doehring’s  soul  dissipated.”  Linley  said  with  a sigh. “If a person’s soul dissipates, does that mean they can’t come back to life again?” Bebe was rather unwilling to accept this.

“Only when the soul remains alive can one reform into an undead.” Linley shook his head. “Bebe, enough of this. Let’s go find Reihom and Reisgem.”
Grandpa Doehring’s death…each time this scab was picked at, Linley felt agonized and miserable.

“Alright.” Bebe stopped discussing this, immediately following Linley towards the direction of a powerful surge of Sovereign power.

Next to a desolate mountain, Reihom and Chauswey were undergoing a major battle.

Reihom had already transformed into a ten meter tall giant, his entire body like steel. A king amongst the race of World Titans! Reihom’s fierce, sharp gaze stared towards the little fellow before him. His two arms were like meteors, crashing down again and again. Or he stomped down, or kicked, or stepped… simple motions, but each one caused space to tremble and fracture. The earth itself was constantly rising up and sinking down, obeying Reihom’s wishes.

“Whooosh.” Chauswey continuously dodged, flashing about.

“This big fellow’s attacks are too strong, in particular after he transformed. My speed is inferior to his.”  Chauswey was extremely panicked, and the white light around his body continuously flowed out, like strands of silk, protecting him perfectly. “I’ll only have one chance. I have to succeed.”
Six white ribbons of light shot straight towards Reihom’s chest. Reihom’s giant hand suddenly slapped over in a dance, and of the six ribbons of white light, five of them coiled around Reihom’s right elbow, while the one remaining white ribbon transformed from being as soft as lace to as sharp as a the tip of a sword. It shot towards Reihom’s chest! 
The enormous Reihom suddenly let out an enraged bellow, his howl causing space itself to visibly ripple. The ‘fist’ on his body suddenly became filled with all sorts of golden magical runes which suddenly lit up. A brilliant golden light spread out from every single magical rune, and Reihom suddenly swung his fist over, smashing through this white ribbons.

Chauswey’s face instantly changed. “How is that possible?”
“Clang!”  The white ribbon piercing towards Reihom’s chest only went in slightly, but at a certain depth, it was unable to penetrate any further.

“RAAAAWR!”  The furiously roaring Reihom slammed both his arms together in a pincer strike against Chauswey.

Still stunned, Chauswey retreated frantically. Just as he was about to escape Reihom’s attack range, suddenly, Reihom’s two giant palms suddenly shot out with pillars of white light. These two pillars of white light had flecks of golden light on their surfaces, and shot at high speed towards the distant, retreating Chauswey.

“No!” Chauswey instantly generated a large number of white ribbons from his body, forming into layers of protection.

The two pillars of gold-flecked white light struck directly onto Chauwey’s body. The many layers of protective ribbons surrounding Chauswey’s body were shattered inch by inch, then the two pillars of light flashed forward as Chauswey watched in terror, entering his body. With a terrifying, thunderous sound, Chauswey was transformed into dust.

Reihom’s body shrank.

“Whew. Whew!” Reihom’s chest heaved like a bellow, letting out a few heavy pants, his face ashen. The supreme technique he had used just now was something that he wouldn’t use save at a critical moment. Once he used it, for a short period of time, his power would drop dramatically, and it would be quite some time before he recovered.

“I didn’t expect that this Chauswey would be so hard to deal with.” Reihom had to rest for quite a while before he recovered. “Fortunately, we got another commander badge.”
Reihom, from the corner of his eyes, saw a commander badge lying on the ground. As for the two rings, Reihom didn’t even look at them. He knew that one was an interspatial ring, while the other was a soul-protecting Sovereign artifact.

“Swoosh!” “Swoosh!”
Two auras were moving close rapidly.

“Eh?” Reihom turned his head to look, then let out a sigh of relief. The newcomers were Linley and Bebe. “Reihom, you killed Chauswey?” Linley, seeing the rubble on the ground, couldn’t help but laugh.

“I had to spend quite a bit of effort to kill him.” Reihom had a rare smile on his face. “That Chauswey trained in the Laws of Water and was skilled in defense. Despite my attack power, I nonetheless actually had to use a forbidden technique to kill him.  Right,  did  you  kill  Montelo?”  Reihom  had  a  hint  of anticipation in his eyes. Originally, it was his dear friend who had been killed by Montelo.

“Killed’m.”   Linley  flipped  his  hand  over.  “This  is  his commander badge.”
Reihom couldn’t help but feel wildly overjoyed.

Right at this moment, another aura drew close at high speed. Linley’s group of three turned to look. The newcomer was Reisgem. Reisgem glanced at the commander badge in Linley’s hands, and he couldn’t help but start to laugh. “Haha, Montelo, that bastard. He finally died! That fellow has pissed me off for the last time. I want to see how he’ll continue to be so boastful in the future. Reihom, you killed Chauswey?”
“Yes.” Reihom took out a commander badge as well.

“Hey, Reisgem, what about you?”  Bebe chortled, and Linley also laughed as he looked towards Reisgem. Everyone was in a very good mood.

“Me?” Reisgem couldn’t help but let out an awkward laugh. “Well, uh…this is a bit embarrassing. Although I was able to surpass him in speed, Oman really is hard to deal with. He was able to block my attacks, and then the two of us went underground into a major battle. That fellow actually ran deep into the underground region, to the place where spatial rifts randomly appear…that place is too dangerous. In the end, I had to give up.”
Battling deep underground was indeed very dangerous. “For Oman to have been forced by you to do that is already pretty catastrophic for him.” Linley understood that unless he had no other options, Oman wouldn’t have made that choice.

Although Oman’s strength was excellent, when trapped in the Amethyst Field, he was indeed at a disadvantage. Given Reisgem’s Sovereign weapon, Oman would be able to block, but as time went on, if he slipped a single time, it would be the end. For him to dive deep underground meant that Oman was desperately trying to find a hope of life in a sea of death.

“Haha, most importantly of all, we killed Montelo. No matter what, we’ve had a major victory.” Reisgem began to laugh. “This time, we got a total of three commander badges. Linley, last time, we gave you a badge. This time, of the three badges, two should be mine and one yours. No objections, right?”
“No objections.” Linley said with a laugh.

One badge was enough. “But next time, if there are any more commander badges, they’ll be ours.” Bebe chortled.

“Of course.” Reisgem raised his eyebrows and laughed. “Our four-person squad is all but invincible. Uh, but of course, we’d best  not  encounter  any  more  Highgod  Paragons.”   Linley’s group felt nervous when they thought of Bayer. Highgod Paragons really were overly powerful.

The Divine Light Plane. Deep within the Godsgaol Sea, within the Aumight Island.

Aumight Island was the headquarters of the number one clan of the universe, the Augusta clan. The Augusta clan was extremely large, because the Chief Sovereign of Light was himself just of an ordinary race. Naturally, his reproductive abilities were great, and his progeny were numerous. This caused the Augusta clan to vastly outstrip the Four Divine Beasts clan in number.

Aumight Island had nearly a million people. And this was just the place where the elites of the Augusta clan lived! 
The Augusta clan’s true population was spread out throughout the eighty one islands nearby Aumight Island. They numbered in the hundreds of millions. Although numerous, many were only of ordinary talent…but of course, with such a large base, a few geniuses would occasionally appear.

Many of the members of the Augusta clan desired to join Aumight Island.

“Rustle…” The waters of the sea slapped against the shores of Aumight Island.

Atop Aumight Island, the elites of the clan were separated from each other. Most of them were rather solitary and arrogant. As the elites of the number one clan of the universe, they naturally had much to be proud about. However, once they looked towards the center of Aumight Island, to that towering white temple completely made out of marble which was more than ten thousand meters tall, they had envy in their eyes. Within the Temple of Augusta.

A figure strode forward through a corridor, which had paintings hanging on each sides of it. The guards standing at the sides of the corridor all immediately bowed.

“Your Highness!” “Your Highness!”
The figure just strode forward past them.

“What’s wrong with his Highness? Why does he have such an ugly  look  on  his  face?”   Two  Emissaries  discussed  softly amongst themselves.

Before a ten-meter tall, unadorned violet gate. The figure came to a halt here and said in a low voice, “Send the message that I wish to see the Patriarch.”
“Yes, your Highness. Your Highness, please wait a moment.” The two violet-robed guards said, and one of them bowed, then retreated into the corridor.

“How did this happen! Reisgem…and that Azure Dragon clan punk. And that Godeater Rat!”  This ‘Highness’  was Montelo. However, now that Montelo had lost his most powerful clone, he was no longer one of the most powerful, towering figures of the Augusta clan. But of course, the people in the clan didn’t know it yet.

Moments later, the violet-robed guard came out.

“Your Highness, please enter. The Patriarch is within, waiting for you.” The violet-robed guard said respectfully.

Montelo directly entered.

This was the residence of the Patriarch. It had a dining hall, a meeting hall, beautifully adorned rooms, and more. Montelo saw the figure standing atop a balcony, and upon seeing it, even someone as arrogant as Montelo had to lower his head. “Patriarch, my most powerful divine clone died!” “Hm?” The white-robed figure couldn’t help but turn. He had a pair of sharp, sword-shaped eyebrows, and a fiery red dot in his forehead.

This person was the Patriarch of the Augusta clan, and the most successful of the 182 children of the Chief Sovereign of Light. He was the strongest of them all. Although the Chief Sovereign of Light couldn’t give him too many Sovereign artifacts, by making his other Emissaries work together, he was able to ensure that the Patriarch acquired sufficient Sovereign artifacts.

The Augusta Patriarch had three Sovereign artifacts! Given that he was extremely powerful to begin with, even a Highgod Paragon would at most be able to push him into chaotic space.

But even if he was pushed into chaotic space, the Chief Sovereign of Light would probably be able to save him.

“What happened?” The Augusta Patriarch said in a low voice, and the fiery red spot in his forehead expanded slightly. 
Montelo lowered his head, his words filled with resentment. “Patriarch, it was Reisgem! I wasn’t afraid of him, but who would have imagined that he brought a youth. That youth was actually a Godeater Rat!”
“Godeater Rat?” The Augusta Patriarch instantly understood.

It was very hard to kill this nephew of his. But a Godeater Rat could indeed accomplish it.

“Patriarch, the ones who killed me were a youth of the Azure Dragon clan and that Godeater Rat. They are currently with Reisgem?” Montelo said with pain.
“Reisgem?”  The Augusta Patriarch shook his head. “That’s the only child of the Redbud Sovereign. I definitely will not agree  to  Reisgem  being  killed.”  The  Augusta  Patriarch  was quite decisive about this. He knew that even his father, the Chief Sovereign of Light, wouldn’t easily fight with the Redbud Sovereign. Yes, the Chief Sovereign of Light was strong enough to deal with the Redbud Sovereign. Unfortunately, the Redbud Sovereign belonged to the seven great Sovereigns of Destruction. Their leader, the ‘Chief Sovereign of Destruction’, surpassed the Chief Sovereign of Light.

More importantly, the Chief Sovereign of Light couldn’t possibly go deal with another Sovereign for the sake of a grandchild.

“Patriarch, it will most likely be very hard for me to regain my former power. I know this puts you in a difficult position, but I hope you will consider the contributions I have rendered to  the  clan  over  all  these  years  and  get  revenge  for  me.” Montelo’s face was filled with indignation, and he said in a low voice, “I didn’t plan to kill Reisgem. I only hope, Patriarch, that we can kill that Azure Dragon clan’s brat, and that Godeater Rat!”
Montelo deeply hated Linley and Bebe. If it hadn’t been for Linley entangling him, he would have fled long ago. After all, Bebe didn’t have the ability to stop him. The Augusta Patriarch was silent.

Montelo said hurriedly, “Patriarch, our clan has suffered major losses this time. Lowe and Chauswey both died. Actually, my personal grudge is a small matter, but we lost four experts. Can it be that the Augusta clan isn’t going to respond at all? What about our clan’s face? If our clan doesn’t respond, others will secretly laugh at us.”
“Hm?” The Augusta Patriarch lifted an eyebrow. Clearly, he was moved by these words.

Chapter 45, Arrangements

The Augusta Patriarch was frowning. He stood there on the balcony, actually turning to stare into the distant Godsgaol Sea. He was silent.

“Patriarch.”    Montelo   said   hurriedly.   But   the   Augusta Patriarch didn’t agree. Montelo knew…that the Patriarch would definitely consider things carefully, and so he no longer rushed him. In his heart though, he felt frantic. “Given the Patriarch’s temper, it’s quite possible that the Patriarch won’t get involved in this matter. If that’s the case, who can I ask to kill the Godeater Rat and the other one?”
“No. I have to kill those two.” Montelo continuously pondered what he should do.

Although Montelo was an important member of the Augusta clan, he didn’t have any important relationships with Highgod Paragons.

It was very difficult to gain revenge after being killed in the Planar Battlefield. After all, commanders capable of killing other commanders in the Planar Battlefield were all powerful. Only Paragons would be completely certain of success in killing them.

There were only a few Highgod Paragons, and they were scattered across the planes. Some Highgod Paragons lay hidden within material planes, while others lived in seclusion in other places. To invite a Paragon was a very difficult task.

Not everyone was like the elven expert, ‘Occluar’, who had a Paragon in his debt.

Forget about Montelo; even the Augusta Patriarch, the Patriarch of the number one clan, was not completely certain he would be able to invite a Paragon.

“Describe  the  power  of  Reisgem’s  squad  in  detail.”   The Augusta Patriarch continued to stare towards the Godsgaol Sea as he spoke calmly.

“Yes.” Montelo was overjoyed. He hurriedly said, “Their squad has four people. Reisgem, an expert close to Reihom in power, a youth of the Azure Dragon clan, and that Godeater Rat! Of the four of them, Reisgem is the strongest. But of course, the Godeater Rat is terrifying as well. That innate divine ability is too formidable.”
“Oh…” The Augusta Patriarch suddenly turned, staring at him with awl-like eyes. “That expert close to Oman in power; there’s nothing special about him?”
“Oman  is  enough  to  deal  with  him.”  Montelo  said  with certainty.

If Oman were to fight Reihom, indeed, as Oman had a Sovereign weapon, he was a counter to Reihom…although the fight would be a tough one, Oman would still be able to kill Reihom.

“To kill that Azure Dragon youth and that Godeater Rat will not be easy.”  The Augusta Patriarch shook his head slightly. Actually, he was rather hesitant on whether or not to send out any forces. In truth, Lowe and Chauswey didn’t belong to the Augusta clan. Although they died, the clan’s power hadn’t been impacted much.

If a Sovereign’s Emissary was lost, the Sovereign could accept another one.

Montelo was frantic. He hurriedly said, “If they just killed me, that’s one thing. But this time, they killed four of our people. And, Patriarch, you know what Reisgem is like. He’s the sort that loves to cause trouble. He’s had problems with our clan for a long time now. Now that he’s gained a victory, he’ll definitely go bragging to everyone about it. If our clan doesn’t react at all, then…”
The Augusta Patriarch frowned, that fiery dot in his forehead seeming to emit a flaming light.

The Augusta Patriarch immediately gave the order. “Montelo, go ask Oman to come. At the same time, please ask someone to invite Chegwin [Qie’ge’wen] as well.” Although Oman’s most powerful divine clone was in the Planar Battlefield, he still had a clone that remained within the clan. As for ‘Chegwin’, he also lived in the Godsgaol Sea. He was also an Emissary of the Chief Sovereign of Light, and was fairly close to the Augusta clan.

“Yes.” Montelo couldn’t help but feel overjoyed.

“It seems there is hope.” Montelo was incomparably excited. Although he didn’t know what arrangements the Patriarch would make, since he already had inquired about Reisgem’s squad’s strength, Montelo believed that the Patriarch would send out a squad that would definitely be successful.

Not attacking was one thing, but if they were to attack, they must be successful.

The Planar Battlefield was as desolate as ever. “Whoooosh.”  The wind howled, and sand flew everywhere. The cold wind blew, and two figures were walking shoulder-to- shoulder within it. At a closer distance, it could be seen that one was a short silver-haired, golden robed, hard-faced man. This was the single survivor of the earlier battle, Oman.

Next to Oman was a tall, skinny man in a green robe. There was a closed third eye in his forehead. This person was Chegwin.

“The Patriarch really dotes on Montelo. He actually intends to get revenge for this matter.” Oman snickered. “And he even invited the two of us to work together.”
Chegwin let out a calm laugh which seemed quite eerie. “Oman, the Patriarch is the most beloved son of the Chief Sovereign. The Patriarch personally asked me to come; how could I not give him face? But Oman…for Reisgem’s group of four to slaughter you to such a degree means they definitely are quite strong.”
“I told you, the only one hard to deal with is that Godeater Rat.” Oman said self-deprecatingly. 
If the results of that battle were to be spread out, it would affect Oman’s reputation as well.

“But this time, we are completely certain of victory.” Oman smiled.

“Not necessarily, unless that person agrees.” Chegwin shook his head. “He won’t necessarily agree.”
“If he doesn’t agree, then just the two of us alone will find it rather hard.” Oman looked towards the front.

While chatting, the two of them had already arrived at a military camp. The guards of the camp immediately stared at them vigilantly. Generally speaking, only supreme experts would dare to roam the Planar Battlefield like this. Oman immediately said, “Go report to your commander. Say that I, Oman, have come to pay my respects to him.” “Milords, please wait a moment.” One of the soldiers bowed slightly, then retreated inside to report.

Moments later…
“The two of you, the Lord Commander has invited you in.” The soldier returned.

Oman and Chegwin smiled as they walked in, shoulder-to- shoulder. They quickly arrived at an ancient, unadorned courtyard. Currently, at the gates of the courtyard, there was a handsome, golden-haired youth. The golden-haired youth looked at Oman and Chegwin, then immediately began to laugh. “Oman, ah, I didn’t expect that Mr. Chegwin would come as well. It’s quite rare for the two of you to come visit me. Please, come in, come in!”
Oman  stepped  forward,  saying  in  a  soft  voice,  “Ramson [La’mu’seng], is Mr. Magnus here?”
“Him.” The golden-haired youth was stunned. “You came to see him?” “Right.” Oman nodded slightly.

Right at this moment, a calm voice rang out from within. “Oman, Chegwin, since the two of you have come to see me, just come in. It’s been quite some time since I’ve seen you two as well.”
Oman and Chegwin didn’t hesitate any further, immediately following the golden-haired youth inside.

Within the courtyard, there was a stone table and a pitch- black chair, atop which was a man who was casually flipping through a finger-thick book. This man had silver-colored, straight, flowing hair that fell to his waist. It was hanging loose, seeming quite relaxed. The man’s skin was crystalline, and his face was completely clean, without any stubble.

The only facial hair was two silver eyebrows which drooped downwards to his ears. “Mr. Magnus.” Oman and Chegwin bowed slightly.

Magnus placed the book on the table, then laughed calmly as he gave them a sidelong glance. “Sit.”
Oman and Chegwin both sat down. They unconsciously glanced at each other, both feeling a hint of pressure. This ‘Magnus’ who was in front of them was a true ultimate expert of the Celestial Realm. The outside world was rife with rumors that Magnus was supposedly a Highgod Paragon, but Oman and Chegwin actually knew for certain…
That Magnus was indeed a Paragon.

As a Highgod Paragon who trained in the Edicts of Fate, it could be said that Magnus’ expertise in the soul could be described as the highest amongst Highgods.

“It seems as though the two of you have something you want to discuss, but find hard to.” Magnus laughed calmly. Chegwin took a deep breath. “Mr. Magnus, let me first describe this matter for you. Not long ago, Reisgem led a small squad, which in the Planar Battlefield exterminated the squad Montelo was leading. Four members died, leaving only Oman as the sole survivor.”
“That  formidable?”    Magnus  was  rather  surprised.  He couldn’t help but look at Oman.

Oman said, awkwardly, “Their squad has a Godeater Rat.”
Magnus now understood, and the nearby golden-haired youth laughed. “I heard of this Godeater Rat long ago. So he belongs to Reisgem’s squad. Montelo’s squad lost four people; only Oman escaped? So Montelo himself died as well?”
“Right.” Oman nodded.

“It was Patriarch Goldman who invited you to come, yes?” Magnus laughed calmly. Oman laughed helplessly, “Mr. Magnus, you’ve guessed everything. We’ll be straightforward. Indeed, the Patriarch asked us to invite you to assist us. After all…there aren’t many people in the Planar Battlefield who would listen to the Augusta clan, and even fewer who can deal with Reisgem.”
“Does Goldman have mental issues? He wants to act against Reisgem?” Magnus couldn’t help but frown.

There weren’t many who would dare say that Goldman had mental issues. Magnus was one of them. In addition, Magnus and Goldman had a rather deep relationship between the two of them; in the past, when the two of them were weak, they had roamed the Divine Light Plane together. To invite a Paragon to help, relying on the backing of a Sovereign was useless. The only thing you could rely on was friendship and debts.

“No,  no.”  Oman  chortled.  “Don’t  worry  about  that.  The Patriarch doesn’t intend to act against Reisgem. The Patriarch wants to deal with the other three.”
“I can’t kill the Godeater Rat.” Magnus shook his head. 
“Right. Mr. Magnus, you are worried about Beirut?”  Oman said.

The nearby golden-haired youth, ‘Ramson’, laughed. “Mr. Magnus doesn’t worry about that, of course. Only, can it be that you don’t know that some time ago, Mr. Bayer personally went to go kill that Godeater Rat? He wasn’t able to. Mr. Bayer even stayed here for a few months to discuss this.”
“Bayer?” Oman and Chegwin looked at each other.

“The Godeater Rat’s defense is incredibly strong, and he has a soul-protecting Sovereign artifact. The only method is to push him into a spatial rift; otherwise, there is no way to kill him.” Magnus shook his head. “Even in chaotic space, given his material defense, he will probably be able to survive. At most, he’ll be lost. If Beirut asks for his Sovereign to help find him in chaotic space, it’s very possible the Sovereign will.”
Oman and Chegwin only now understood how hard Godeater Rats were to deal with. 
“If you want to attack, you can only kill the youth of the Azure Dragon clan and that other person.” Magnus said with a calm laugh.

“Mr. Magnus, if you personally get involved, there definitely won’t be any problems.” Oman said hurriedly. Chegwin looked expectantly towards Magnus as well.

Magnus let out a chuckled. “What did that kid Goldman say to you?” Magnus looked at Oman.

“He said that if you help him out this time, Mr. Magnus, he will give you, sir, a mutated cloudstone.”  Oman said rather uncomprehendingly. He didn’t have any idea what the Patriarch’s words meant; although mutated cloudstones were fairly rare in the Divine Light Plane, they weren’t that valuable either, less than a Highgod artifact.

Was a mutated cloudstone enough to ask Magnus to intervene? How could that be made to happen so cheaply? “That kid, Goldman….he’s always so sly.”  Magnus laughed and rose to his feet. “Then I’ll accompany you on this trip.”
Oman and Chegwin couldn’t help but feel surprised. They hadn’t expected that this offer would successfully result in Magnus helping out.

“However, I’ll only be responsible for holding off Reisgem. You can kill the other two. As for the Godeater Rat…you can just ignore him.” Magnus laughed calmly. This ‘Chegwin’ who the Augusta Patriarch had asked to come was also a supreme expert who didn’t fear the ‘Godeater’ ability.

The three of them, together, would be able to easily deal with Reisgem’s group. In truth, Magnus by himself was more than enough.

“Ramson,  I’ll  make  a  trip  for  now.”  Magnus  said  with  a laugh.

“I’ll wait for your victorious return, sir.” The golden-haired youth laughed. 
Magnus immediately led Oman and Chegwin to leave the military camp. Watching the three depart, the golden-haired youth let out a sigh. “I hadn’t imagined that the Augusta Patriarch would actually be able to invite Mr. Magnus. It seems as though there are no doubts at all about how this battle will end up.”

Chapter 46, The Unfinished Battle

The desolate landscape. Three figures were striding across it, shoulder-to-shoulder.

“Mr. Magnus, right here.” Oman said.

Magnus   looked   about,   then   nodded   slightly.   “When Reisgem’s group of four chased after you three, they separated and attacked separately. Then with this place at the center, let’s start searching out in a circular area.”  Magnus believed that Reisgem’s group shouldn’t have gone too far; they should have found a nearby place to rest.

“Sorry to trouble you, Mr. Magnus.” Chegwin laughed.

“I’ll just consider it as going out for a walk.” Magnus said with a calm laugh. “But if we are going to do this, you’ll have to make your preparations. It might take a very, very long time.” If things were fast, it might just take a day or two, but if Reisgem was resting more than a few hundred thousand kilometers away, they’d probably have to spend more than a century.

“Mr. Magnus, if you have the patience to wait, how can the two of us be impatient when accompanying you?” Chegwin and Oman immediately followed Magnus, carefully inspecting their surroundings. Generally speaking, the radius of a commander’s divine sense was fairly small, but for the likes of Soul Mutates and Paragons or those who used Sovereign’s Might, the radius would be much larger.

After all, Highgod Paragons had evolved souls as well.

The three began from this point and spread out in an ever- increasing circle. This was really quite boring, but Magnus wasn’t impatient in the slightest, leisurely carrying out his stated plans, as though he was on a walking tour of the Planar Battlefield.

Time moved on silently, and in the blink of an eye, three months passed. 
During their journey, each time Magnus encountered a mountain or a hill, he would go deep in for a search. Today, they arrived at Ramhorn Mountain!
“Ramhorn Mountain is fairly large. I’ll need to spend a bit of time to do a detailed inspection.” Magnus instructed them, and then he flew closer to Ramhorn Mountain. He first stood at the base of Ramhorn Mountain, giving it a careful inspection, but moments later, his voice entered Oman and Chegwin’s minds. “Haha, the two of you, come over. I found them.”
After having searched for three months, even Magnus felt happy at having found the target.

“Found them?”
Oman and Chegwin revealed looks of delight and laughter on their faces as they immediately flew over. “The two of you, don’t make any moves.” Magnus instructed mentally.

As a Highgod Paragon, his soul had evolved once more. Unless a Highgod Paragon intentionally wanted to reveal his soul aura, as long as he was careful, commanders wouldn’t be able to sense him at all. Originally, when Bayer had located Linley and them, he had used the same method.

Only after Bayer had voluntarily revealed his aura did Linley and the others realize he was present. By then, Bayer had already entered the corridor.

“The four of them are gathered together in one place and chatting. Reisgem and the other four really know how to enjoy themselves. They actually built a quite impressive estate for themselves inside.”  Magnus laughed mentally towards them. Moments later, Magnus said in an understanding tone, “Oh, so the Godeater Rat is ‘Bebe’. The two others are called Linley and Reihom.”
Clearly, he had learned their names from their conversation. 
“Linley, Bebe, Reihom?” Chegwin and Oman memorized the names. Prior to this, they didn’t know the names of the enemies.

“Prepare to act.”  Magnus said with a calm laugh. “Do as I instruct…”  Magnus gave missions to Oman and Chegwin for them to carry out.

In the estate within Ramhorn Mountain.

After the complete victory they had won, Linley’s group had once more returned to the cave estate within Ramhorn Mountain. Linley’s group of four was extremely happy here. Linley’s other divine clones were focused on training, while his main body accompanied Bebe and Reisgem in idle chatter.

“Come, cheers.” Reisgem chortled as he raised a cup.

Linley, Bebe, and Reihom all laughed and raised their cups as well, downing it together. 
“Bebe, as your elder bro, I don’t want to put you down.” Reisgem slapped Bebe on the shoulders, then laughed, “But look at me. Over the past three months, I’ve still spent most of my time training, while occasionally having some fun with everyone. But you? As soon as you train for a day or two, you lose the patience to train any further. How long will it take for you to make a breakthrough in fusing like this?”
“Fusing?” Bebe rubbed his nose, then chortled, “Forget it. I had better just eat more divine sparks and strengthen my body to the limit first. Based on what Grandpa said, I’m still quite far off from the limit. It’s still hard for me to even start to forge godspark  weapons.”  As  he  spoke,  Bebe  grabbed  a  Highgod spark, then tossed it into his mouth.

Bebe had acquired many Highgod sparks from Beirut. Highgod sparks, to Beirut, were nothing at all. After all, normally speaking, divine sparks were indestructible. Aside from Godeater Rats, who were able to destroy them, others weren’t able to do it at all. Thus, the number of divine sparks in the Netherworld, Infernal Realm, and other places was constantly growing. But of course, Sovereigns collected divine sparks as well, so as to reduce the number of divine sparks in the various places. Otherwise, if there were too many divine sparks, they would become worthless. What the Sovereigns did was to collect large amounts of divine sparks, and at a certain number, the Overgods would come collect them.

If Beirut wanted divine sparks, he naturally was able to easily acquire a large number of divine sparks from the Sovereign for Bebe to eat.

“Eating divine sparks. How badass is that.” Reisgem sighed in praise. “I want to do it as well, but I can’t.”
Bebe was startled, then lowered his head to look at the divine spark he was holding. He immediately began to laugh. “Reisgem, I didn’t notice it before you said anything, but now that you say it, I really do feel…as though eating divine sparks is a unique trait that no one else but me possesses. Uh, and my grandfather as well.” As he spoke, Bebe intentionally tossed a divine spark into the air, and as it descended, it just so happened to fall into his mouth. After eating, Bebe smugly raised an eyebrow towards Linley and Reisgem.

Linley, seeing this, couldn’t help but laugh.

Prior to this, Linley had always carried many great burdens, but now, Linley’s life was quite simple. After all, he had already acquired four commander badges. “Now, what we need to do is to slowly wait, until the conclusion of the final battle.” Linley wasn’t preparing to participate in the final battle at all.

Having already acquired enough commander badges, Linley would at most watch the final battle to its conclusion. Linley didn’t believe that he would be able to acquire ten more commander badges and trade for a Sovereign artifact.

Right at this moment…
“Eh? Divine sense?” Linley’s group of four rose to their feet, stunned. They sensed a powerful divine sense sweep towards them. What Linley’s group had no idea was that…this was the divine sense which Magnus had only intentionally revealed after watching for a long period of time and after having finished his combat preparations.

“Either  a  Paragon  or  a  Soul  Mutate  Highgod.”   Linley instantly came to this conclusion.

“BANG!” An explosive sound blasted forth.

“Reisgem!”  A gentle voice rang out. Linley’s group of four looked through the courtyard gate. They were able to clearly see three figures flying in, instantly arriving within the front courtyard. Linley’s group looked closely at the group. The leader was a pale-faced, beardless man with drooping silver eyebrows. Upon seeing this person, Linley’s group of four was terrified.

“We meet again.” Oman laughed coldly.

“It’s  actually  the  three  of  them.”  Linley  knew  something about the supreme experts. “The leader is Magnus, a suspected Highgod Paragon. Judging from the divine sense he sent out just now, he probably really is a Paragon. Next to him is Oman and Chegwin. Chegwin’s true body is that of a divine beast, the ‘Suanni Lion’. Terrible!”
Chegwin was even harder to deal with than Oman! As for Magnus, he was undefeatable.

The arrival of these three figures utterly terrified Linley’s group of four.

“Hey,  what  are  you  doing?!”  Reisgem  strode  forward  and shouted loudly, while hurriedly sending via divine sense to Linley and the others, “The situation is bad. That Magnus is a Highgod Paragon. Chegwin has a soul-protecting Sovereign artifact, and Bebe won’t be of any use. If we fight against them, we have no chance at all. The only method is to flee! Immediately, we’ll scatter in all directions. The more of us who escape, the better.”
“What are we doing?” Magnus let out a calm laugh.

“BANG!” The flat gray marble floor of the courtyard suddenly rippled like in a tempest, sweeping towards Magnus and the other two, blocking their vision.

“Flee!” Reisgem called out frantically.

Linley, Bebe, and Reihom didn’t even think of fighting; not hesitating at all, they turned and fled, boring through the nearby stone walls.

“Boss, quick, flee. Right now, you and Reihom are in great danger.”  Bebe sent frantically. Bebe also understood…that of the four, he had the most monstrous defensive and others wouldn’t be able to kill him. As for Reisgem, others wouldn’t dare to kill him. Thus, Linley and Reihom were in the worst situation.”
Linley’s body merged directly into the stone wall, and then passed through it at high speed, fleeing.

Worldwalking! “None of you will escape!”  A calm voice barked out. At the same time, in a circumference of hundreds of meters, the mountain stones began to rumble, then collapse into dust. Very bizarrely, a part of the entire Ramhorn Mountain disappeared, and quite a few stones fell into the opening. The fleeing figures of Linley and the others were revealed.

“What power is this?” Linley was stunned.

This was a sort of restrictive power, a power that made it hard for others to resist. Linley’s face changed. “The Edicts of Fate!” Linley knew that amongst the four Edicts, the Edicts of Fate were the strangest, most terrifying of Edicts. The Edicts of Fate were also exceedingly hard to train in. ‘Oracular Magic’ was nothing more than a simplified version of employing the Edicts of Fate; it couldn’t even be considered a basic form of it.

A Highgod Paragon that trained in the Edicts of Fate was even harder to deal with than other Highgod Paragons.

Two figures flew over at high speed. “Swoosh!”  “Swoosh!” These two charged to the edges, staring coldly at Linley and the others. 
“You won’t be able to escape. I told you already.” Magnus said calmly.

“Magnus, what are you going to do.”  Reisgem said angrily. Someone who trained in the Edicts of Fate was very hard to deal with. Magnus was far harder to deal with than Bayer!

“Don’t worry. I’ve only come to deal with these two…” Magnus pointed with a calm laugh towards Linley and Reihom. “Linley and Reihom. Once we kill those two, this matter will be over. Reisgem, you other two can continue to remain here in the Planar Battlefield.”
“In  your  dreams!”  Bebe  stood  next  to  Linley  and  howled angrily.

Linley stared cautiously at Oman, then at the nearby Magnus. Linley also knew that this time, things were truly grim! Magnus was a Highgod Paragon, while Oman and Chegwin were also very powerful. To leave alive…would be too hard. “If Mr. Leylin was here, there would still be hope. But even if Mr. Leylin knew that I was in danger, he wouldn’t be able to cross that great distance and arrive in time.” Linley knew very well that even Sovereigns were incapable of teleportation, much less Paragons.

This time, it was very dangerous.

“Magnus, you…” Reisgem was just about to speak.

Magnus just barked, “Reisgem, you’d best not interfere. Give my accomplishments in the soul, it wouldn’t be too hard to kill you. Just stand and watch.”
Reisgem’s response to Magnus was a flashing violet spear that flew towards him.

“How boring.” Magnus waved his hand, and a long silver whip appeared. The long whip coiled through the air, wrapping around the spear, and then it coiled further down the spear towards Reisgem, so fast that just as Reisgem was about to use his innate divine ability, he was bound by the long silver whip.

Instantly, Reisgem was tightly bound by the long silver whip.

“You are no match for me.” Magnus said calmly.

“Do it.” Magnus said to Oman and Chegwin.

Linley and Reihom didn’t flee, because they knew…that in front of Magnus, they wouldn’t be able to escape. In terms of both techniques and speed, they were vastly outstripped. When they fled from Bayer’s attack, they were able to do so only because Bayer’s sole target was Bebe; he didn’t want to kill the others.

But this time, it was the opposite; Magnus didn’t want to kill Bebe or Reisgem, just Linley and Reihom.

Linley and Oman stared at each other. 
“He wants to kill me. Even if I die, I’ll take this Oman down with  me.”  The  Dragonformed  Linley,  with  a  ‘bang’,  caused black Destruction-type Sovereign’s Might to suddenly blaze about him.

Oman’s body also blazed with light-type Sovereign’s Might. Oman laughed coldly at Linley. “So you are Linley. Last time, I let you escape. This time, you won’t be able to.”
“Our last battle wasn’t finished. This time, let’s continue.” Linley stared coldly at Oman. Prior to this, Linley was far from being Oman’s match, but now that Linley had fused four profound mysteries, what would the results to this battle be?

Chapter 47, Suicidal?

Within the ruins of the cave, Reisgem’s side was clearly at a disadvantage.

“Bastard,  bastard!!!”  Reisgem  bellowed,  struggling  wildly, but that long silver whip was coiled tightly around him like a python. Reisgem even wanted to transform his body into energy to escape, but the divine power of the long silver whip completely sealed the area around Reisgem. Even if Reisgem transformed into energy, he wouldn’t be able to escape.

“Magnus, I will make you regret this!” Reisgem howled.

Magnus glanced sideways at Reisgem, then laughed calmly. “Reisgem,  save  your  strength.”   After  speaking,  he  glanced sideways towards Linley and Oman. The two appeared to be about to start fighting.

That thick spiked mace, flashing with cold light, appeared in Oman’s hands. He grinned savagely. “Linley, I will use this to smash your head in and make your soul dissipate. You should feel proud to die by my hands, and by my Sovereign weapon.” “Bebe.” Linley growled.

“Boss.” Bebe hurriedly moved to Linley’s side.

“What, you want to ask a helper?”  Oman laughed. Oman knew exactly how strong Bebe was. Although his innate divine ability was indeed frightening, aside from it, Bebe’s attack power truly wasn’t capable of threatening him. “The two of you can join forces. I don’t mind at all.”
In actual combat, he could completely ignore Bebe.

Linley stretched his hand out, handing the four commander badges to Bebe, then sent mentally, “Bebe, remember, even if I die, you need to go find the Chief Sovereign of Death.”
“Boss.”  Bebe looked worriedly towards Linley, while at the same time he stored the commander badges into his interspatial ring. 
After completing this action, Linley let out a sigh of relief. If his death resulted in even these four badges being lost, that would be horrible.

“Boss, don’t do anything stupid. Don’t fight with this Oman to the death.” Bebe sent, trying to persuade him. “In a bit, try and come up with a way to flee. I’ll go tie down that Magnus! That Magnus won’t be able to kill me, at most push me into chaotic space. Others might die in it, but my body is comparable to a defensive Sovereign artifact, and I won’t die in chaotic space. Boss, our souls are connected. So long as you survive, afterwards, you can find Grandpa Beirut and, through our soul link, you’ll bring me out one day.”
Right at this moment, explosive sounds could be heard from nearby.

Reihom had already begun to fight against Chegwin.

“Linley,  you  really  are  long-winded.”  Oman  let  out  a  low snort, then came charging over like a mountain. 
“Whoosh…”  That  spiked  mace  smashed  through  the  air, slamming down towards Linley’s head. Suddenly, a hundred meter diameter sphere of black light appeared, and a powerful gravity was applied to Oman’s body.

Blackstone Space!

“Hmph.” Linley’s dark golden eyes stared at his opponent, and his draconic scale covered legs launched off the ground, shooting him upwards.

Mirage easily slashed a long tear through space. This sword contained Linley’s most powerful attack, but for now, he didn’t use the spatial compression part of it. Seeing this, the nervous Bebe couldn’t help but frown. “Boss isn’t using Microcosm; he’s giving up the spatial compression part of the attack. The enemy is completely capable of blocking this attack.”
This attack, aside from lacking the spatial compression aspect, was as powerful as the normal ‘Microcosm’ attack. “Clang!”
Mirage struck head on against the spiked mace, and Linley couldn’t help but move backwards.

“Eh?” Oman looked in astonishment at this. In the past, when Linley had exchanged blows with him, he was able to injure Linley with each smashing blow, to the point of knocking Mirage back onto Linley’s body. The advantage was quite obvious. But now, his attack was only able to hold a slight advantage.

Linley grinned coldly. “You’re just so-so, it seems.”
“It’s  too  early  to  start  talking!”   Oman’s  body  moved, transforming into an illusory blur as he charged once more towards Linley.

Reisgem was bound, and he worriedly watched the two sides battle. Linley against Oman wasn’t so bad; by relying on his ‘Blackstone Space’, he was able to just barely hold on. But as for Chegwin against Reihom, the situation was much more dangerous. Reihom had already transformed into a ten meter giant.

“Rumble…”    The   mountains   trembled   and   the   earth shattered.

Linley and Oman’s battle was fierce and vicious, but the amount of ruckus caused wasn’t that great. As for Chegwin and Reihom, those two were like a pair of bizarre beasts, one huge, one small. The two only used material attacks against each other. Each of Reihom’s punches and kicks carried mountain- splitting force, but Chegwin was even more terrifying; each punch and each kick was as sharp as a knife, leaving deep wounds on Reihom’s body.

“BANG!” Reihom’s giant body was smashed backwards, hard, flying like a meteor. The side of the mountain shattered and stones were sent flying everywhere.

Reihom’s chest was caved in. “The situation looks bad.” Reisgem said frantically. “Reihom specializes in material attacks, but this Chegwin is infamously hard to deal with. He has a defensive Sovereign artifact as well as a soul-protecting Sovereign artifact. Others aren’t able to injure him at all! Reihom is being treated by him as a punching bag. If this continues…”
Reihom had indeed becoming a punching bag.

Reihom himself had already sensed this. He wanted to move closer to Linley, hoping to enter the range of the Blackstone Space. “If I’m in the Amethyst Space, I’ll have a major speed advantage.” But the pace of the battle was being controlled by Chegwin, and Chegwin had already beaten him out of the cave to the outside wilderness, where the duel continued.

“Reihom is going to die if this continues!”  Reisgem stared fixedly at Magnus, his eyes red. He said savagely, “Magnus, you bastard! Let me tell you, if a single one of my friends die, I swear to you, I will never forgive you, never!!! Make Chegwin stop right now, RIGHT NOW!!!”
Magnus just laughed calmly. 
“Reisgem,  just  rest  for  a  while.”  Magnus  didn’t  pay  any attention to Reisgem’s threats at all.

Sovereigns and Deities were on completely different levels.

Unless a Sovereign had a truly necessary reason, there was no way a Sovereign would lower himself or herself to act against a Deity. This was a custom formed over countless years.

“Linley,  hurry  up  and  flee.  Think  of  a  way  to  escape!” Reisgem was frantic, and he sent mentally, “Bebe and I are fine. You need to hurry and run!”
But Linley didn’t respond. His battle against Oman only became even fiercer, and explosive sounds continued nonstop. The stones at the base of Ramhorn Mountain were all blasted into smithereens. Linley clearly was at a disadvantage, as his body was already covered with many wounds. Over the course of their battle, they had left the cave as well. “What is the Boss thinking? Why hasn’t he used his supreme technique?”  Bebe didn’t understand. He hurriedly flew out as well.

“Let’s go out to take a look.” Magnus also lifted up his long whip and carried Reisgem towards the outside.

In the wilderness, a few thousand meters apart, two savage battles were underway.

Unless the difference in power was too great, to kill an enemy would be quite hard.

For example, Paragons generally weren’t able to kill each other. For Reihom and Chegwin, Reihom’s transformation was simply too powerful, and although Chegwin was at an advantage and was able to kill him, it wasn’t something he could accomplish right away.

“This Linley’s fairly strong. He won’t be able to hold on for too long.” Magnus laughed while giving his evaluation. “That Reihom will most likely die before Linley does.” “Hmph.” Bebe gave a sideways glance at Magnus. In his heart,  he  still  felt  some  hope  for  Linley.  “The  Boss  will definitely have a way. Up till now, the Boss still has not used his supreme technique. At a critical moment, I’ll definitely have to help the Boss.” Bebe made his preparations to assist in blocking Magnus.

In the desolate wilderness.

A white-robed, black-haired, crimson-eyebrowed figure. It was Bluefire. Bluefire was currently moving at high speed, so fast it was as though he was teleporting. With each movement, he crossed multiple kilometers. In the blink of an eye, he disappeared from one’s field of vision.

“Magnus! Linley, you have to hold on.”
Bluefire’s movements were at an extremely high speed as he hastened towards Linley. Given Bluefire’s strength, he was able to perfectly control Sovereign power. Originally, Bluefire would often use his Sovereign power to investigate Linley’s situation, but after Linley made his breakthrough, he relaxed slightly.

He would just do an occasional investigation.

Just now, he saw that Linley was in grave danger, and he immediately hurried over. But…a battle between commanders was simply too fast. Would Bluefire make it in time?
Linley and Oman. One was completely wreathed in an aura of black light, while the other was covered with a blazing white aura. They wildly battled each other. Oman, exploding forth with full power, was clearly holding an advantage over Linley. “Haha, Linley, your power did indeed rise slightly. But compared to me, you are still quite a bit inferior!”
The spiked mace clashed once more with Linley’s ‘Mirage’. “Swish!”   “Swish!”   The  dozens  of  spikes  on  the  mace suddenly shot outwards. Linley strove to dodge, as well as using his left arm and draconic tail to bat aside some of the spikes, preventing them from stabbing into his head. The power of these spikes wasn’t too great, but with so many spikes shooting over, Linley’s body was still riddled in bloody holes.

Linley’s entire body was covered in blood. Faced with this attack, each time Linley was struck by some.

Wounds were slowly accumulating. Linley’s body was covered with holes, and blood poured out nonstop.

Although his body was powerful, its repair speed was slow. Given that new injuries were constantly being inflicted, Linley wasn’t able to heal in time.

“A Sovereign was actually willing to forge a Sovereign weapon like this.” Linley cursed mentally. When they had first started fighting and when Oman had discovered that Linley had grown strong, he had begun to use this technique. However, the shooting of the spikes relied on brute Sovereign power as well as the fact that the spikes were part of a Sovereign weapon; they contained no profound mysteries.

Attacks that didn’t contain any profound mysteries, compared to each smash of the mace, were very weak. But although they were very weak, they were still enough to cause Linley’s body to be riddled with bloody holes.

“We’re at a sufficient distance now.” Linley glanced out of the corner of his eyes at Magnus.

“Linley, your body’s defensive power is really quite strong. For most commanders, their bodies aren’t able to take my spikes when they shoot out, and they’ll die. However, with so many wounds on your body, even each block of yours is increasingly weaker. You won’t be able to hold.” Oman sent with a snicker.

A battle needed to be carried out by the body.

It would be a strange thing if a person’s body wasn’t weaker with hundreds of holes on it. 
“Rumble…” Oman smashed down violently.

This strike with the spiked mace was seemingly quite powerful, and as it danced out, it caused multiple cracks in space to appear.

“This is the moment!” Linley once more struck out with his sword.

Oman’s face changed. He clearly saw 108 rays of black Destruction-type Sovereign power sweep towards him, instantly enveloping him. A powerful gravitational surge suddenly pressed down from all directions upon his body, and the powerful, compressive power caused him to feel quite miserable.

And right at this critical moment, Linley’s sword arrived!

“Ah!”  Terror  flashed  through  Oman’s  eyes.  “No…”  Under such heavy compression, his spiked mace wasn’t able to block in time.”Swish!” “Swish!” “Swish!”
A large quantity of spikes suddenly shot out from the mace. At the critical instant, they struck Mirage and caused it to move slightly off-center, slicing straight towards Oman’s ear.

“Clang!” And that momentary off-balance strike allowed the spiked mace to clash against Mirage.

“This is the moment!”
Linley’s gaze was sharp, and he retracted his sword as his body instantly went into the earth.

“I was nearly finished. This Linley actually held such a technique  in  reserve.”   Oman  was  so  terrified,  cold  sweat matted his back. The sword had slashed past his ear, and he clearly felt it as it did so. But he quickly then recovered. “Linley…he fled?” “Fled?”
Magnus had been watching the battle. The look on his face changed, and he paid Reisgem no more attention. Retracting his long silver whip, his body transformed into a ray of azure smoke as he instantly swept forward into the distance. Just as Reisgem realized what had happened, Magnus had already flown into the distance, but Bebe was now barring his path.

“Don’t even think of catching my Boss.” Bebe howled angrily in his heart as he threw himself towards Magnus. He had been waiting for Magnus in Linley’s direction all this time.

“F*ck off!”
Magnus didn’t even dodge, knocking Bebe flying with a single whip lash.

“Eh?” Magnus, who wanted to pursue at high speed, discovered that Bebe actually seized the long whip, clutching it tightly. Bebe was like a madman, staring at Magnus. 
“Do you want to die?” Magnus’ face turned cold.

The whip trembled violently. No matter how tightly Bebe clutched it, he was still knocked flying. Still, Bebe had managed to buy Linley some time.

“He fled from my pursuit? He actually escaped the range of my divine sense.” Magnus said with a calm laugh. “It seems I’ll have to use Sovereign power.”

Chapter 48, The Death of Linley

Magnus was a Highgod Paragon. The range of his divine sense was quite wide, far surpassing that of ordinary commanders. But in terms of distance, it was still incomparable to that of a person using Sovereign’s Might! In particular, when a Highgod Paragon used Sovereign’s Might, the reach was astonishingly great.

“So there he is!”  Magnus revealed a hint of a smile on his face.

“Swoosh!” Magnus drilled into the ground.

Bebe, who saw this from far away, clenched his fists tightly, his eyes red. He knelt on the desolate ground, powerless, as he said in a low voice, “Boss, Boss! You have to live! You swore that you would reach the pinnacle of training. Don’t die just like this!”
Reisgem, freed from his bonds, discovered that Reihom was already  near  the  brink  of  death.  “Reihom!”  With  a  furious howl, Reisgem’s body completely arched backwards, and then he shot the violet spear in his hands forward with full power.

“Swish!”  Space tore apart as the violet blur, covered with black light, shot towards Chegwin.

“Eh?” Chegwin had to relinquish giving Reihom a final deathblow and instead hurriedly block the spear.

Chegwin’s body was knocked backwards, but he was completely uninjured.

“Don’t even think of killing Reihom.” Reisgem hurried over, staring furiously at Chegwin. Chegwin just leisurely smirked at Reisgem. “Reisgem, you want to protect this Reihom? Yes, if you protect him, I really am not able to kill him. However, it’s pointless. You aren’t able to protect someone whom Mr. Magnus plans to kill.” Reisgem knew this all too well; once Magnus returned, Reihom would be finished.

“Reihom,  hurry  and  run.”   Reisgem  sent  mentally.  “The farther, the better. It’d be best if you fled across the river, to the other side of the Planar Battlefield.”
“Alright.” Reihom didn’t mince words. His body immediately shrank, and he flew at high speed towards the Stellar River.

“Hm?” Chegwin wanted to block him, but Reisgem stood in front of him.

“Hmph.”  He  won’t  be  able  to  escape.”  Chegwin  laughed calmly. Oman was by Chegwin’s side as well. Oman and Chegwin, together, feared neither Reisgem nor Bebe.

The Planar Battlefield. Deep underground.

Linley was burrowing underground at high speed. 
“I ran so far. He shouldn’t be able to catch me. However, using Sovereign power to sense is quite troublesome.”  Linley said to himself. “Still…why are there two people using Sovereign  power  to  track  me?”   Linley  didn’t  understand. Given that he himself was using Sovereign power, Linley
naturally could easily detect that others were using Sovereign power to search for him.

“Linley, you won’t be able to escape.”  A voice rang out in Linley’s mind.

Linley’s face changed. “Magnus!”
Linley, who had used Sovereign’s Might, could sense Magnus searching for him.

“One of the auras of Sovereign power belongs to Magnus.
Then the other one?” Linley murmured to himself. But at this moment, another voice echoed in Linley’s mind. “Hurry up and turn left. Move in a straight line towards the left.”  Linley was startled. This voice was actually Bluefire’s! Clearly, Bluefire had also used Sovereign power to send him a message through divine sense. Hearing Bluefire’s voice, the hope in Linley’s heart swelled.

“Don’t drop your guard. That Highgod Paragon is fairly close to you. I’m quite a distance away. Hurry and turn left!” Bluefire sent frantically.

Linley didn’t hesitate any further, immediately moving at high speed to the left.

As for Bluefire and Magnus, the two both began to chat through divine sense fueled by Sovereign power.

“Halt, Magnus. Why don’t you release Linley.” Bluefire said.

“Impossible!”  Magnus  didn’t  hesitate  at  all,  continuing  to pursue after Linley at high speed. His speed was far faster than Linley’s. Bluefire could clearly sense that Magnus was constantly drawing closer to Linley, making Bluefire even more frantic. He worried that he wasn’t going to make it in time.

“If I want to kill someone, no one can stop me.”  Magnus didn’t give Bluefire any face at all.

Highgod Paragons didn’t fear other Highgod Paragons. Although they were all powerful, they also weren’t able to do anything to each other. As for Sovereign’s…unless it was absolutely necessary, they wouldn’t get involved in the affairs of Highgods.

With but a thought, Linley made his Sovereign power become translucent, drifting outwards like spiritual energy. The scope of this spiritual energy was very great, and it easily detected the location of Magnus. “Not good. He’s actually just three kilometers away from me. Bluefire?”  He expanded the scope to fifty kilometers, but still didn’t discover Bluefire.

Linley was frantic. Although Linley was prepared to die, he wouldn’t so easily die.

“Two kilometers.”  Linley could clearly sense how the other was continuously drawing closer at astonishing speed. “One kilometer!”
Five hundred meters. Given Magnus’ speed, even if he was trapped within the Blackstone Space, he would still be able to catch up to Linley. Linley gritted his teeth. “No other options. This is my only option!” Bluefire was clearly too far away and was still on the way. Linley could only grit his teeth and suddenly dive downwards.

“Oh, suicidal, aren’t we?” Magnus laughed calmly, his speed not slowing at all.

The deeper one went into the underground of the Planar Battlefield, the more dangerous it was. At a certain death, spatial rifts would appear. These places were places which even Highgod Paragons were rather leery of. Once one broke through into a spatial rift which transported you into ‘chaotic’ space, one would be lost within. That was a terrifying thing indeed.

Linley making this arrangement was akin to diving into death in search of life!

“Three hundred meters, two hundred meters, one hundred meters…”  Linley  could  clearly  sense  how  Magnus  was  still drawing closer to him, even within the Blackstone Space.

“Whoosh!” Linley’s body continued to dive underground.

“Whoosh!” Suddenly, a spatial tear that was multiple meters long appeared, slicing past his body, causing a patch of earth and rock to disappearing.

“Here we are.” Linley understood that he was already at the borders, while at the same time, Linley also discovered through his divine sense that a hundred meters below, there were many spatial rifts. “If you are able to do so, keep going down.” A disdainful sound rang out.

Linley used his divine sense to scan. He clearly sensed that Magnus was just twenty meters above him. But suddenly, Linley became overjoyed. “Bluefire!” Bluefire was less than ten kilometers away. Earlier, when Linley fled and Magnus pursued, they were moving in the same direction. Magnus naturally had to waste quite a bit of time while chasing him.

But as for Linley and Bluefire, they were moving in opposite directions towards each other.

“He’s quite fast.” Magnus noticed Bluefire’s astonishing speed as  well.  “He  seems  to  be  a  level  faster  than  me.”  Magnus instantly understood that the newcomer possessed a terrifying level of power.

“Still, he won’t make it in time.”
Magnus gave the below Linley a cold look. 
“Linley,  there’s  actually  someone  who  appears  to  be  a Paragon who has come to save you. However, he won’t make it. To show my respect for him, I will let you die under my most powerful attack.” Magnus’ voice rang out, while at the same time, a translucent globe of light appeared in his hand. This fist-sized globe of light actually had a lotus petal hovering within it.

Linley didn’t dare go down any further. He just frantically flew forward, wanting to pull away from Magnus.

“Stay your hand!” Bluefire thundered.

“Hmph.” Magnus just let out a cold sneer.

The translucent globe of light shot out like lightning, tens of times faster than even Magnus himself. Linley was only able to move half a meter before that translucent globe of light entered Linley’s body, at a speed which made Linley completely unable to dodge. The translucent globe of light directly entered Linley’s mind.

“Break!”    Linley,   through   his   Sovereign   power,   wildly attacked that translucent globe of light.

This translucent globe of light violently expanded, encompassing the entirety of Linley’s damaged soul-protecting Sovereign artifact. And then, like pushing through rotting garbage, it broke through the bandage, and the lotus petal charged directly into Linley’s sea of consciousness.

It was like a meteor smashing into water.

Linley’s spiritual energy was completely unable to block it.

This translucent lotus petal slowly swiveled, emitting blinding light, like a small sun illuminating Linley’s sea of consciousness. It rapidly shot towards Linley’s soul, as well as the souls of Linley’s three divine clones! Linley frantically used his Sovereign power to clash against it, but it was like an egg smashing into a stone; he wasn’t able to do anything to it at all.

The swiveling translucent lotus petal emanated thousands of rays of light, which stretched out to the four souls in Linley’s body!

“Father. Boss Yale. Second Bro George…and Delia, your elder brother. They will all return. I didn’t disappoint you!” This was Linley’s final thought, and at this moment, the corner of Linley’s lips curved upwards slightly, revealing a hint of a smile. And then, his consciousness was completely exterminated.

Highgod Paragons…even a Highgod Paragon of wind like Bayer who used a soul attack was able to make Linley dazed and unable to respond. When a Highgod Paragon of Fate like Magnus made his move using Sovereign power to execute his supreme attack?

If Linley was able to resist an attack such as this, then Highgod Paragons really wouldn’t live to their reputations. 
“You thought you’d go deep underground and find life from death?” Magnus glanced into the distance, where Linley’s body lay there in the earth, with no hint of life at all as Sovereign power  leaked  from  him.  “This  sort  of  method  is  effective against experts who specialize in material attacks, but useless against experts who specialize in soul attacks.”
Soul attacks could be executed at long range.

Deep in the Planar Battlefield, there would be no place to run!

“Eh?” Magnus suddenly turned to stare in the distance.

“Crackle…” The surrounding earth was instantly burned into nothingness, and Linley’s body lifted into the air. A white- robed figure descended from the skies. Upon arriving by Linley’s body, he stretched his hand out, gently resting it on Linley. “Eh?” Bluefire’s forehead creased slightly.

“Yet another Paragon has appeared in the universe?” Magnus lifted an eyebrow, looking towards Bluefire.

Bluefire just let out a cold snort. His body rose upwards, and the earth that blocked him all transformed into nothingness. “Interesting.” Magnus rose into the skies as well.

Reisgem and Bebe both cared about Linley; they, too, hurried towards this direction. Oman and Chegwin also hurried over. The four of them all used Sovereign power; naturally, they discovered Bluefire’s presence.

“Bluefire, Bluefire.” Bebe held a hint of hope in his heart.

But moments later, when Linley suffered the soul attack, Bebe clearly sensed that Linley’s soul began to weaken at an astonishing speed.