Coiling Dragon Book 13 – Gebados

Book 13 – Gebados

Chapter 1, Planar Prison

Caused an utter catastrophe!!!

Linley, Olivier, and Desri had just exhausted themselves to kill Beaumont, and immediately afterwards, a locust swarm of experts had appeared from beneath the Great Botha Levee. The auras of many of these experts had caused their hearts to quiver.

And immediately afterwards, Beirut had appeared.

With but a single palm, he sealed off that hole which was releasing countless experts.

From the ashen look on Beirut’s face, Linley and the others felt a sense of confusion and panic.

“What…what happened?” The sequence of events had caused Linley and the others to feel panicked. “I’ll deal with you later.” Beirut sneered at them coldly, and then immediately flew downwards. The waters of the Yulan River split apart, making way for him. Only now did Linley and the others discover that beneath the Great Botha Levee, there was a dimensional doorway.

The dimensional doorway was currently completely sealed off by a black energy.

“Beneath  the  Great  Botha  Levee  is  a  corridor  to  another dimension.” Linley and the others immediately understood.

Desri said mentally, “Olivier, that sword of yours just now should have disrupted some sort of enormous magic formation. Look, there’s still damaged remnants of that magic formation  that  can  be  seen  in  the  nearby  area.”   Indeed, beneath the Great Botha Levee was an extremely complicated magic formation.

Because of this enormous, complicated magic formation, the dimensional doorway was completely sealed off. Beirut’s body began to emit a black aura, and the complicated magic formation below once more began to slowly take form. This magic formation was thousands of times more complicated than any which Linley had ever seen. Even the magic formation centered around Bloodviolet in the Foggy Valley of the Mountain Range of Magical Beasts was far inferior to this complicated magic formation.

“This magic formation…”
Linley stared at the visible holes that had been chopped into the magic formation. It had an ancient aura, and mysterious, complicated lines and runes. Linley could just barely understand ordinary magic formations of the seventh and eighth ranks, but this magic formation…Linley couldn’t understand it at all.


Mysterious! After nearly an hour, Beirut finally, completely restored that damaged magic formation.

“Crackle…”  Beirut stretched out both hands, and instantly, the shattered black stones of the Great Botha Levee, as though melted by a fire, began to liquefy, then re-fused into a whole, forming the Great Botha Levee once more. The new Great Botha Levee, in front of Beirut, began to slowly descend, once more completely covering that enormous magic formation.

The Great Botha Levee sank into the bottom of the river, while at the same time, the water once more rushed against the Great Botha Levee, then diverted around it, flowing as it always had.

“Olivier’s sword just then must have cut through the Great Botha Levee and damaged that enormous magic formation, which was why the many experts on the other side of that space were able to charge out.” Linley naturally came to this conclusion. 
At the same time, Linley begin to sigh in amazement in his heart. “This magic formation’s power truly is incredible. It was actually able to seal away so many experts.”
The art of setting up magic formations was an extremely profound and immeasurably deep one.

Unfortunately, Linley had never studied it, nor did he have the energy or time to go study it.

Beirut glanced into the distance. This sudden disturbance had attracted the attention of many of the distant spectators as well.

“You three. Come with me.”  Beirut looked coldly at Linley, Olivier, and Desri, then flew straight north. Linley, Olivier, and Desri didn’t dare to make a single sound, obediently following behind Beirut. On the way over, Desri secretly mentally spoke to the others, “Linley, Olivier, how many experts did we accidentally release just now?”
Olivier didn’t make a sound.

After all, Olivier had been the one to accidentally overturn this basket.

“Although  the  timeframe  was  short,  I  think…”   Linley thought back to that terrifying scene of countless, locust-like experts charging out. “In that short period of time, there should have been more than a thousand experts who had charged out.” Linley wasn’t certain either as to exactly how many had entered the Yulan continent.

“I caused this mess. I’ll shoulder the responsibility.” Olivier’s voice rang out in the minds of Linley and Desri.

“Hmph! Shoulder it? How will you shoulder it?” Beirut’s icy voice rang out, while at the same time, his rapidly flying body came to a sudden halt. 
Beneath them was a line of mountain ranges. Linley, Olivier, and Desri all hurriedly came to a halt, respectfully standing before Beirut. Only, in their hearts, they were extremely shocked…just then, Olivier had been mentally communicating with Desri and Linley.

However, Beirut had heard it.

“Olivier, do you know how great a disaster you have caused?” Beirut sneered coldly.

Olivier ground his teeth, forcing himself to raise his head to look up at Beirut. “Lord Beirut, I will work hard to shoulder all of the consequences.”
“Shoulder them? You aren’t even capable of repairing that great sealing formation, one which an Overgod set up. And you think you will ‘shoulder the responsibility’?” Beirut said with a cold sneer. An Overgod set up?

Linley and the others were utterly stunned, their mouths gaping. Overgods were far too distant a concept for them. They were part of the Laws of the multiverse itself!

“This time…it seems we really screwed up.”  Linley had the sense that this time, they really had caused a disaster.

“Just repairing that great sealing formation requires one to have the power of a Highgod. Olivier, are you able to repair that formation?” Beirut glanced at him coldly. Even Olivier, at this point, no longer dared to make a sound. He, too, knew that this time, the situation really was severe.

But Linley suddenly had a thought.

“Beirut should be a Highgod.” Linley came to this conclusion. 
“Lord Beirut.” Linley spoke as he looked at Beirut.

“Speak.” Beirut nodded faintly.

“Lord Beirut, I wonder what plane that dimensional gateway leads to?” Linley asked with curiosity. “Why is it that so many Deities came out of it, and also…all these years, why have so many outsider experts appeared?”
Linley and the other two had their hearts filled with questions.

Beirut glanced at them. “Actually, this isn’t a big secret. The Deities who came a few years ago and the ones released just now all came from the Gebados Planar Prison.”
Gebados Planar Prison? Linley had heard this name come up several times. Dylin had come from this place as well.

“Might I ask what sort of a place the Gebados Planar Prison is? Why are there so many experts there, who would come to our Yulan Plane?” Linley asked. Meanwhile, Olivier and Desri didn’t dare to make a sound.

Desri’s heart quivered whenever he so much as looked at Beirut, while Olivier knew that this time, he was the one who had caused this disaster. Thus, of the three of them, only Linley dared to speak at this time.

“This Gebados Planar Prison, as a matter of fact…”  Beirut shook his head with a smile. “In truth, it is part of the Yulan Plane.”
“Part of?” Linley and the others were astonished.

Beirut stared into the distance. He seemed to be speaking to himself, “Within this boundless, infinite multiverse, there are countless common planes. Every single one of those common planes has an interconnected Planar Prison. The material plane and the planar prison, combined, form two sides of a whole.

Linley, Desri, and Olivier could hardly believe it.

They had originally believed that the Gebados Planar Prison had to be a planar prison located somewhere in the multiverse that was used for the purpose of imprisoning experts. But from the sound of it, every single material plane had a planar prison. They were two sides of the same entity.

“Linley, do the three of you have any idea how long the Yulan Plane has existed for?” Beirut looked towards Linley and the others.

Linley, Olivier, and Desri looked at each other, somewhat lost.

How could any of them know how long the Yulan Plane had existed for? Even ancient, incomplete historical records went back as far as hundreds of thousands of years.

“I’ll tell you. I myself have lived in the Yulan Plane for millions of years.”  Beirut said. “As for how long the Yulan Plane has existed for, that figure is unimaginable to you.”
“A hundred million years?”  Linley stated a number he felt was very large.

A hundred million years truly was a long time.

“A   hundred   million   years?”    Beirut   shook   his   head disdainfully. “Let me tell you. This Yulan Material Plane has experienced countless troubles. Long, long ago, this world was actually 90% land.”
90% land? But by now, the ocean areas by themselves made up more than 90%. How had the world changed into a sea world?

“This land has gone through countless eras. The eras which I know about include the ‘Beastmen Era’, the ‘Savage Era’…one era after another. Although humans appeared a very, very long time ago, in truth, humans only became the dominant species on the Yulan continent less than a hundred million years ago!”
Linley and the others all listened quietly, not daring to speak.

“Let me tell you. This material plane was formed by nature. It wasn’t formed by a Sovereign or the Overgods. The countless material planes which nature formed have existed for even longer than even the Seven Divine Plane and the Four Higher Planes.” Beirut said solemnly.

Linley secretly nodded.

If it had been naturally formed, then of course it would have been formed long ago, in the beginning of the multiverse. 
“The exact number, I can’t be sure about. But I know for sure that this Yulan Plane has existed for at least a hundred million hundred million years [ten quadrillion]!!!” Beirut couldn’t help but feel excited as he spoke.

Linley and the others were utterly stunned.

Ten quadrillion years?

So easy to say. It was just a number. But in reality, it was unbelievable.

To be precise, even if the Yulan continent produced only a single Deity every ten thousand years (which wasn’t actually the case)…in ten quadrillion years, the number of Deities which the Yulan continent had produced should have exceeded one trillion.

And this was just the Yulan continent. 
“Ten quadrillion years is just based on what I know. If you want to know the exact number of years, you would most likely have to go ask one of the Overgods.” Beirut was certain of this. After all, even Sovereigns only slowly appeared afterwards. As for the Four Overgods, they were personifications of four major rules of the universe. When the universe had formed, the Overgods had appeared as well.

Only they would know exactly how long the material planes had existed for.

Linley forced himself to take a deep breath and calm down his beating heart. Desri and Olivier were doing the same thing.

They were all heroic figures of this era, but in the face of the countless experts which had appeared over as time had flowed on over the past ten quadrillion years, they were most likely just ordinary figures.

“Astonished?”   Beirut  laughed  coldly.  “For  every  material plane, there is a Planar Prison. The Gebados Planar Prison is the matching plane for our Yulan Plane. In the history of our Yulan Plane, if any Saints or Deities angered the Planar Overseer, the Planar Overseer would imprison them into the Planar Prison.”
“The Planar Overseer?” Linley couldn’t help but think of that ‘Hodan’.

Beirut said calmly, “But of course, sometimes there are special circumstances. The Planar Overseer of the Yulan Plane is Hodan. But this is my homeland. Naturally, the matters of the Yulan Plane are for me to control. They aren’t up to that Hodan to decide.”
“Intentionally or unintentionally, the experts who offended the Planar Overseers were all imprisoned there. Although it doesn’t happen frequently, they will slowly accumulate to a frightening number.”
Beirut sighed. “Just the number of experts I personally threw into the Gebados Planar Prison during these past ten thousand years, when I have been in charge of the Yulan Plane, add up to over a thousand. But of course, there are some special circumstances and reasons for that. Normally speaking, only a few will be imprisoned every ten thousand years.”
“Those who are imprisoned are all Saints at the very least. They won’t starve to death. Even if they don’t break through, they  have  limitless  lives.”  Beirut  looked  at  Linley  and  the others.  “Linley,  think  about  it.  Even  if  only  three  are imprisoned every ten thousand years, over ten quadrillion years, how many will have been imprisoned there?”
Linley and the others did the quick mental calculations.
Instantly, they were stunned.

This number was simply too astonishing.

Chapter 2, Departure

Beirut continued, “In the Gebados Planar Prison, 99% of experts will die from either the environment or be killed by others. But despite that, the number of experts in the Gebados Planar Prison is still astonishing. All of these experts share a common desire!”
“To leave the Planar Prison!”
“In the material planes, upon reaching the Saint level, one is qualified to leave the material plane and head to the Divine Planes and Higher Planes. However, in the Planar Prisons, even if one becomes a Highgod, one isn’t qualified to leave.” Beirut sighed.

Linley, Desri, and Olivier thought back once more to that scene when the Great Botha Levee had been broken open.

“Back!” “We are back!!!”
Those crazed, overjoyed calls still reverberated in their ears. From those voices, Linley could completely sense the excitement and joy of those experts who had just fled from the Planar Prison.

“So if one is imprisoned, one will never be able to leave, ever?” Linley asked.

“Of  course  not.”   Beirut  shook  his  head.  “After  being imprisoned into the Gebados Planar Prison, there are three methods by which one can escape. In addition, according to the rules, once one has escaped, even the Planar Overseer isn’t qualified to imprison them into it again.”
“Three methods?” Linley was rather surprised.

So it was not only possible to escape, there were three methods for doing so! “The first method is to reach the level of Highgod, and then chop a dimensional hole in the Planar Prison, then enter the realm of chaotic space between planes. It is a matter of luck. Highgods can remain alive for a fairly long period of time within the chaotic space. If they are lucky, they might be able
to flee to another plane. If they are unlucky, they will die within the chaotic space.

Linley’s heart shook.

After training to the Highgod level, one could go try their luck in chaotic space?

Chaotic space was the most dangerous place of all. Going there was nothing short of throwing one’s life away.

“But of course, although this method is the simplest, there aren’t many who dare to try it.” Beirut continued. “The second method. Because the Yulan Plane and the Planar Prison are two sides of the same whole, aside from the dimensional gates that link them up, there are quite a few places where the two planes touch.” “The places where these two planes touch are known as areas where the walls of reality are thin!”
Beirut chuckled. “Much like two pieces of paper that are folded between each other. If an expert is in the Planar Prison and is able to tear a hole, he’ll be able to escape through that temporary hole. They’ll instantly charge through that hole, which will instantly repair itself afterwards.”
“That Dylin, Beaumont, and those other experts who came to the Yulan Plane a few years ago all used this method to come to the Yulan Plane.”
Linley now understood.

“Actually, every single area where the planar walls are weak has been sealed off. They won’t be easily broken through.” Beirut sighed. “The Gebados Planar Prison and our Yulan Plane have, in total, nine places where the planar walls are weak. All nine of those places had been sealed. But Linley…” Beirut looked at Linley. “When you were young and entered the Mountain Range of Magical Beasts, didn’t you draw out a sword?”
Linley immediately thought back to the scene of his trip to the Foggy Valley. In that place, he had awoken the Dragonblood in his veins, and also had discovered Bloodviolet. At that time, when Grandpa Doehring had seen the enormous magical formation which Bloodviolet had been stuck into, he had been shocked as well.

That formation was even more powerful than Saint-level magic formations.

“Lord  Beirut,  are  you  saying…?”  Linley,  utterly  shocked, stared with round eyes.

Beirut nodded. “Right. When you drew that sword out, the magical formation which surrounded Bloodviolet naturally was damaged. There are many people in the Planar Prison, and naturally there were people in the area near the weak planar walls. Dylin was there as well. He was the only Deity located close to it. Naturally, he was the first to discover it, and thus he arrived in the Yulan continent.

“It was me. It was actually me!!!”
Linley’s mind was in a state of utter chaos.

So the reason for the Apocalypse Day has been his pulling out of Bloodviolet. The descent of so many outsider experts also had to do with him as well.

He now began to understand why it was that Dylin’s three children, the Six-Eyed Golden Ni-Lions, had thanked him.

“These areas with thin planar walls are very hard to find. Thus, only later on, people slowly began to flee into the Yulan Plane.” Beirut sighed. “At that time, I was in no hurry to close it off. I felt that those people who had been imprisoned in the Gebados Planar Prison were quite pitiable. It was fine if a few of them could occasionally escape.” It was lonely at the top.

In a place like the Yulan Plane, who could possibly be a match for him? After discovering that Linley had accidentally damaged that great sealing formation, Beirut had actually treated it as watching an amusing game. He wanted to see how many could escape.

“The first method is throwing one’s life away. The second method is luck.” Linley and the others felt sad on behalf of those people locked into the Planar Prison.

“The third method?” Linley asked.

Beirut glanced at Olivier. “The third method is, when the population of the Planar Prison has reached too high of a level, then sometimes, the sealing magic formation will be temporarily disrupted, opening the dimensional gateway for a brief moment and allowing a few people out before sealing the dimensional gateway once again, then repairing the sealing magic formation, like what I did just now. But something like this happens only once every hundreds of millions of years.” Linley, Olivier, and Desri all felt relaxed.

Since the high level people would also occasionally open the dimensional gateway, it seemed that Olivier hadn’t committed too grave a sin.

This was just a premature opening, right?

“Those people who fled need to thank you.” Beirut sneered as he looked at Olivier.

Olivier remained silent.

“If I had voluntarily opened the gateway, I would have surrounded that gateway. At least I would have known the details of every single person who came out, and none of them would  have  been  able  to  escape.”  Beirut  glanced  at  Olivier. “Demigods and Gods aren’t an issue. I can find them with my divine sense. That isn’t a problem. But if there are some astonishingly powerful Highgods who lie in hiding, preventing me from finding them with my divine sense, then things will become problematic.”
Beirut didn’t worry about Demigods and Gods making trouble.

What he worried about was Highgods causing trouble!

“In such a short period of time, perhaps there didn’t happen to be any Highgods present at that dimensional gateway. It shouldn’t be that coincidental, right?” Linley said.

“Whatever.  I  can’t  be  bothered  about  it.”  Beirut  sneered coldly. “When O’Brien, Catherine, and the others return, I’ll see how they deal with this mess. The three of you, you better listen up. You are only Demigods. These days, in the continent, there are now quite a few people capable of killing you!”
Linley and the others could do nothing but listen. “Go back.” Beirut’s body flickered, then disappeared.

Only Linley, Desri, and Olivier were left, standing there in mid-air.

“Olivier, that sword blow of yours really was powerful. You released so many experts in an instant with it.” Desri pursed his lips in a smile. He didn’t feel too much pressure. He was hidden away within a small mountain village. As long as he didn’t offend others, he probably would be fine.

Olivier’s face was very gloomy. “Linley. Sorry.”
Linley laughed bitterly.

Of the three of them, he was the worst off. Olivier had released so many Deities, some of whom most likely would want to enjoy worldly power. How many problems would his enormous Baruch Empire face? Linley didn’t even dare to think about it.

“All I can do is deal with it one step at a time.” LInely said. “Gentlemen, I’m returning to Dragonblood Castle.”
“I’ll  go  as  well.”  Olivier  said.  “I  caused  this  problem.  If anything happens in the Baruch Empire, I can’t just pretend it has nothing to do with me.”
“If the three of us are together, we’ll pose a bit more of a threat to others.” Desri said with a laugh.

Linley didn’t decline. Currently, in the Yulan continent, the three of them were now just a small force. There were many people more powerful than them. Only if they stayed together as a group would they be able to have a bit of a footing. The three flew directly towards Dragonblood Castle.

……………. Dragonblood Castle. A group of people were there, Delia included, all of them worrying. Delia was blaming herself as well. “I’ve been fusing with this divine spark for over ten years, but I still haven’t succeeded. Whenever something like this happens, it’s always Linley who has to go deal with it by himself.”
Delia wanted to help Linley as well!

“I hope Linley is fine.” Delia prayed.

“Lord Linley is back.” Gates was the first to shout out. Delia’s eyes instantly lit up. Wharton, Taylor, and the others all went to welcome him. Linley, Desri, and Olivier landed in the castle.

“Linley, you succeeded?”  Delia immediately called out, and the people all fell silent.

Linley nodded with a smile. “Haha,  I  knew  Father  would  definitely  succeed.”   Taylor shouted excitedly.

“But…” Linley’s voice rang out again.

“Father,  you  have  more  good  news?”   Taylor’s  face  was covered in smiles, but Linley said solemnly, “On this trip, although we killed Beaumont, shortly afterwards…many experts descended upon the Yulan continent. Amongst them are many Deities who could probably kill Beaumont with a single finger.”
Utter silence!

Taylor, Delia, and the others had a look of shock on their faces. No matter how ‘weak’ Beaumont was, he was still a Deity. Kill Beaumont with a single finger?

“For now, it’s best if no one goes out. Everyone stay here, within the castle.” Linley instructed. “Yes.”
The people of Dragonblood Castle now also sensed that the current Yulan continent had just sank into a tempest of wind and rain. It would be very hard for them to just be able to protect themselves.


The Arctic Icecap.

A white-haired old man dressed in a sky-blue robe was hovering at the peak of an iceberg. It was the Planar Overseer, Hodan.

“Haha, so many experts came at once?”  Hodan’s face was covered in smiles.

“Saints  and  Deities,  I  am  Hodan,  the  Planar  Overseer. Everyone who wishes to depart for the Four Higher Planes or the Seven Divine Planes, quickly come to the Arctic Icecap!” Hodan’s voice rang out in the minds of every single Saint and Deity in the Yulan continent.

Many of those who had fled to the Yulan Plane from the Gebados Planar Prison wanted to head to the Higher Planes.

They had been trapped in that detestable prison for far, far too long.


“Second brother, you really are going to leave?” Two golden- haired experts were hovering in mid-air. The slightly thinner one was a little bit frantic. “Second brother, although we were trapped in that Planar Prison for a hundred million years and you want to go to other planes, haven’t you heard? Ten thousand years ago, a major event occurred in our homeland. That Necropolis of the Gods holds many treasures within it, including divine artifacts, and even divine sparks! If we go to another plane, we’ll have no connections, and even if there are treasures there, we won’t have a chance to get them.” The muscular, golden-haired expert shook his head. “Third brother, we are very lucky to have escaped Gebados. And you want to go to the Necropolis of the Gods? Its treasures aren’t so easily acquired. Enough, third brother. I am preparing to go to the Infernal Realm. Whenever you are done with your matters, if you want to look for me, come find me in the Infernal Realm.”
The gold haired expert said nothing else. He directly flew towards the north.

The skinnier golden haired man watched his second brother leave. He murmured, “Second brother, just wait and see. By the next time we meet, I will definitely be a Highgod.”

One figure after another flew in the air above the North Sea. They included full Gods and Demigods, but most of course were Saints. “How are there so many?” Amongst the crowd of experts, there was a golden-haired, middle-aged man with a solemn face and a long robe. From his appearance, he clearly came from a noble lineage. He had actually only trained for a hundred years, and had just reached the Saint-level not long

“Our Yulan continent has this many experts?” This middle- aged man’s heart was quivering.

The number of experts he had personally seen had already been over two hundred. In the distance, even more figures could be seen. In addition, the auras emanating from those experts that flew past him in the blink of an eye made his heart shake.

“This speed…” The middle-aged man was stunned.

Many experts flashed past him, disappearing into the northern horizons, almost all of them more than ten times faster than him, if not more. Many of them were Deities. The middle-aged man was only able to hazily sense their forms pass by. 
“Haha, it’s been a million years. I finally am going to the Higher Planes.”
“How many years has it been? Haha, I’m finally achieving my heart’s desire.”

The skies were occasionally filled with excited voices and conversations.

“A  million  years?”  This  middle-aged  man  who  had  only trained for a hundred years and had just become a Saint swallowed. Staring at those figures that were over ten times faster than him, he thought, “I…I…I’d best stay here at the Yulan continent and continue training. The Four Higher Planes and the Divine Planes are simply too terrifying.”
This middle-aged man was so frightened, he immediately turned back and flew towards his homeland. 
Not too long ago, this middle-aged man had just bid his family and friends farewell, and instructed his successors to work hard.

Chapter 3, The World Changed

O’Brien Empire. War God Mountain.

Fain was still at the Prime Saint level, unable to break through to the Deity level. Fain didn’t know the details of what had recently happened at the Great Botha Levee either, but when those many experts had charged out, Fain could sense their aura, even from as far away as War God Mountain.

“What a terrifying aura.”  Fain stared towards the south in shock. “The south. What just happened there?”
“Ugh.” Fain secretly cursed.

The Yulan continent was becoming more and more chaotic. Even Fain was beginning to feel tired from trying to maintain this enormous Empire alone.

“Master, come back soon…” The War God wouldn’t be back from the Necropolis of the Gods for another three months.

A long while later.

“Whoosh!” A human figure flashed over from far away.

“Eldest apprentice brother.”  It was Castro. Castro landed in front of Fain, saying respectfully, “Eldest apprentice brother, I have news. Linley, Olivier, and a middle-aged man were fighting with a bald man at the Great Botha Levee.”
The O’Brien Empire’s intelligence gatherers recognized Linley and Olivier, but they didn’t recognize Desri. This intelligence report had quickly made its way out.

“Three against one?” Fain was shocked.

Fain knew that Linley had become a Deity. “No wonder there was such an astonishingly powerful aura not long from the south.”
“But according to the report, the Great Botha Levee was damaged, and then a large number of people appeared out of nowhere. These human figures appeared densely in the air, and then suddenly disappeared…and the Great Botha Levee reformed.” Castro said. He felt this was bizarre as well.

But that was indeed how the report had described it.

“A large number of people who had instantly disappeared?” Fain understood. The flying speeds of certain experts were so fast as to be invisible to ordinary people. “Judging from the sound of it, it seems as though many Saints appeared in the area  of  the  Great  Botha  Levee!”   Fain  didn’t  even  dare  to imagine that many of the people in that group were Deities.

After all, reaching the Deity level was simply too hard.

“The situation is getting more and more complicated.”  Fain was irritated. “However, I won’t get involved in any of these affairs. I’ll wait for Master to return.” In the air above the O’Brien Empire’s imperial capital, a dense mass of people suddenly appeared.

There were nearly a thousand people flying in mid air!

“Those…those are…”  Many of the citizens of the imperial capital raised their heads, staring in disbelief. Based on what they knew, aside from wind-style magi, people capable of flight were generally all Saints. But now, such a huge number of people had appeared in mid-air.

“They can’t all be Saints. How can there be so many?”
Many of the citizens of the imperial capital shook their head in disbelief. They believed it had to be wind-style magi.

In mid-air, flying amongst the group of experts, the leader was a handsome young man, dressed in a dazzling long robe that shone with golden light. Behind him, there was a row of three experts, while behind those three, there was a large number of experts arranged into a specific order. Behind them, at the very back, there were hundreds of experts. Those were the weakest of the group; Prime Saints.

“This is the largest Empire of the current Yulan continent?” The handsome young man laughed wickedly. “And they worship someone called O’Brien?”
“Yes,  Lord  Adkins  [A’de’jin’si]!”   A  silver-haired  old  man behind  him  said  respectfully.  “This  O’Brien  should  have trained for just five thousand years, according to our estimates. His power should be that of a Demigod.” The tone of the silver- haired old man’s voice was filled with disdain for O’Brien.

“Then, it should be War God Mountain up ahead of us.” The handsome young man looked at the nearby War God Mountain, which had many people at the base of it staring up at them. The handsome youth shook his head. “A Demigod dares to style himself as ‘War God’. He really is quite boastful. I don’t like the look of this War God Mountain either.”
“O mighty Lord Adkins, permit your subordinate to destroy this unsightly little mountain.”  Behind the handsome young man appeared a youngster with short silver hair. The silver haired youngster, seeing that his Lord didn’t instruct him otherwise, suddenly swept out with his arm…
Instantly, countless amounts of elemental essence began to gather, and above the massive War God Mountain, a rumbling sound could be heard.

“What’s that?” Many of the honorary and personal disciples of the War God’s College felt the awesome transformation of the surrounding elemental essences.

“Hrmph.” The silver-haired youngster laughed coldly, then waved his hand. “Boom!”
In the air above War God Mountain, an astonishing, endless amount of wind blades appeared, formingly directly into the forbidden-level magic spell, ‘Annihilating Tempest’. But, more precisely speaking…compared to the ‘Annihilating Tempest’ spell, every single wind blade’s power was a hundred or a thousand times more powerful. Every single wind blade faintly flashed with golden light, and the countless wind blades chopped downwards. 
“Flee, quickly!!!”  A fierce shout rang out from within War God Mountain.

But these wind blades were simply too fast. Even Saints didn’t have the chance to dodge beyond the wind blades before being scraped by these countless, all-encompassing wind blades.

“Rumble…” The enormous War God Mountain, its boulders, trees, vegetation, and the mountain itself…under the attack of those countless wind blades which flashed with gold light, was directly chopped into pieces of rubble. Even the likes of Saints such as Castro and Blumer…
They were only able to hold on for one or two seconds.

“Aaaaah!”   A  fierce,  agonized  scream.  The  Saints  were chopped into mincemeat.

Only a few seconds had passed. 
War God Mountain, chopped apart by those countless wind blades, had completely vanished. In the place where War God Mountain had once stood was an immeasurably, terrifyingly deep crater.

“Mm,  not  bad.”  The  handsome  young  man’s  face  had  a satisfied smile on it.

The silver-haired youngster’s eyes instantly had a look of joy flash past them. He respectfully bowed, then retreated back into line.

“Huh?” The handsome young man suddenly frowned. With his power, he could clearly see that within that deep crater, Fain had arduously survived the baptism of those wind blades. He had managed to protect his head, and the rest of his body was currently repairing at high speed.

At the same time, the terrified Fain was currently flying east beneath the ground at high speed. A dissatisfied look flashed past the silver haired youth’s eyes. With a flash, he started to fly downwards, but the handsome young man glanced at him coldly. “Return.” The silver-haired youngster’s body seemed to have suddenly been controlled, as it just hovered there in mid-air. He was no longer able to fly downwards.

“I, Adkins, am in a good mood today. Since that little fellow was able to survive, then I will grant him his life today.” The handsome young man laughed.

“Yes, yes.” The silver-haired youth flew back in terror.

“Little fellow, in the future, when you meet that O’Brien fellow, tell him that I, Adkins, have taken over his O’Brien Empire. Also let him know that he had best not call himself the ‘War God’ in the future. I feel quite uncomfortable when I hear that title.”  The handsome young man’s voice directly echoed into the mind of Fain, who was still fleeing underground.

Deep underground, Fain’s body had already regenerated to his waist. 
“It’s over. It’s all over.” Fain’s mind was in a state of chaos.

When he thought back to that scene just then, Fain’s heart trembled. Those countless wind blades had resulted in even a Prime Saint like him being only able to survive it by using his divine artifact to protect his head. The only reason he was able to protect his head and just his head was because this was a wide-scale area attack.

If the opponent had paid even the slightest bit of extra attention to Fain, Fain would have died.

If Fain hadn’t had a Pearl of Life, he also would have died.

“How terrifying.”  Fain couldn’t breathe. “Adkins? And he wants me to carry a message to Master?”
Fain’s suddenly had the feeling… That the experts who had suddenly appeared were far more powerful than his master, the War God O’Brien.

“All I can do is go find Linley.”  Fain felt bitterness in his heart. The enormous War God Mountain and its honorary and personal disciples had all been destroyed. Aside from him, Fain, only two personal disciples of the War God Mountain were still alive.

Those two were currently within the Holy Alliance, and were responsible for conducting the war.

“Even Blumer died. If Olivier were to find out…alas…” Fain felt a massive headache.

In the air above War God Mountain.

“Tell me the details of Beirut. Since when did this ‘Beirut’ take  over  the  Yulan  Plane?”   The  handsome  young  man frowned as he spoke unhappily. The silver-haired old man behind him immediately said respectfully, “Lord Adkins, in the past, your subordinate, myself, was in the Yulan continent. At that time, I learned of Beirut. This Beirut himself is a divine beast. When he reached adulthood, he naturally become a Demigod. However, Beirut himself naturally possessed terrifying power, and ordinary Demigods weren’t his match at all. Afterwards, I was imprisoned into the Gebados Planar Prison. As for what happened to Beirut afterwards, I’m not certain.”
“Oh. Your era? It seems that this Beirut has only lived for a few hundred thousand years, then.” The handsome young man was rather disdainful.

“Lord Adkins, this Beirut is a Highgod.” The silver-haired old man said hurriedly. “Although I’m not clear on the details of what happened afterwards, in our Planar Prison, I heard some news. During the Apocalypse War of ten thousand years ago, he was even able to kill Highgods.”
“Hmph.” The handsome young man sneered coldly. “Kill Highgods? The question is, what sort of Highgod did he kill! A Highgod who became one through refining a divine spark and one who became a Highgod through one’s own insights; are they comparable? What’s more…in the Gebados Planar Prison, there are quite a few Highgods as well. Why, then, does the Gebados Planar Prison have five Kings? Despite the passage of so many years, no one has ever been able to budge their positions. Those Highgods who only know the Laws but have no idea as to how the Laws should be used effectively to attack…any one of the five Kings could easily kill ten such Highgods by themselves!”
“Although I’m not one of the Kings, it wouldn’t be too hard for  me  to  kill  several  ordinary  Highgods  at  once.”   The handsome young man was very confident.

The silver haired old man understood his Lord’s intentions.
Clearly, this Adkins wanted to annihilate Beirut.

“Lord Adkins. Don’t be too careless. Supposedly, this Beirut is an Emissary of a Sovereign! He is the one who is in control of the  Necropolis  of  the  Gods!”   The  silver  haired  old  man hurriedly persuaded. 
“A  Sovereign’s  Emissary?”   Adkins’   handsome  eyebrows twitched.

“Right. It is very likely that he possesses a Sovereign artifact which the Sovereign gifted to him.” The silver-haired old man intentionally made up some lies. No one had any clue as to whether or not Beirut had a Sovereign artifact. However, the silver-haired old man didn’t wish his Lord, who had just escaped, to immediately fight an expert of the same level in a life-and-death battle.

It would be good if he won, but if he lost?

“Hmph. Fine. For now, I won’t go deal with that Beirut.” Adkins immediately turned and stared at the continent, as though thinking back to countless years in the past and his activities in the Yulan continent.

“A pity. In the past, the Qingya continent was thousands of times greater than this continent. Even after the Qingya continent shattered into five continents due to a great war, it was still far larger than this one. But now, the other four continents have all been destroyed, with the only one remaining behind this one, known as ‘Yulan’.”
Dragonblood Castle. Today was an especially bustling day.

Fain had tunneled underground all the way from the O’Brien Empire. Only after leaving its borders did he exit to the surface, and then he flew at high speed before finally arriving at Dragonblood Castle.

“Linley!”    Fain   flew   straight   into   the   main   hall   of Dragonblood Castle.

“Father.   Lord   Fain   is   here.”    At   the   doorway,   Taylor immediately shouted out, and instantly, a large group of people walked out from the main hall. In the very front was Linley, Delia, Desri, and Olivier. Behind them were many Saints.

“Fain, why are in such bad shape? What happened?” Linley immediately asked. 
Although Fain had already changed into a fresh set of clothes as he arrived, his face was still covered with dirt and dust, and his mind was currently in a state of panic. It was quite impressive that he even remembered to change his clothes. How could he possibly remember to look after his appearance?

“It’s  finished.  War  God  Mountain.  Finished.  The  O’Brien Empire…no longer belongs to Master either.”  Fain shook his head and said bitterly.

Fain had been at the top of the mountain and had witnessed the enemy’s strength. He could tell that the enemy’s forces numbered nearly a thousand experts.

“Your War God Mountain was destroyed?” At this moment, a voice rang out from behind Linley. It was Dixie, along with several Grand Magus Saints.

“Why are you…” Fain was somewhat surprised. Dixie, after having trained for dozens of years, had reached the Grand Magus Saint level as well. Dixie’s face was filled with a bitter smile. “We were slightly better off than you. However, the enemy destroyed the imperial palace of the Yulan Empire as well, with but a single blow. Two of my fellow apprentices who were stationed in the imperial palace immediately died. The rest of us immediately fled here. Our Yulan Empire is about to go to a new master as well!”
“Fain.  Why  are  you  here  by  yourself?  Where’s  my  little brother?” Olivier suddenly asked.


Fain was stunned. He didn’t know what to say.

“Not good!” Linley’s face changed, and he stared towards the north. “I’m worried that the same thing will happen in the imperial capital of our Baruch Empire!”
“Big bro, then Cena…” Wharton immediately grew nervous as well. 
“Wait  here.  I’ll  make  a  trip.”  Linley  didn’t  have  time  to waste; he immediately raised his speed to the limit and instantly disappeared into the boundless northern horizon.

Even the O’Brien Empire and the Yulan Empire had fallen to such a state. Linley couldn’t help but fear that his own Baruch Empire had suffered the same sort of attack.

Chapter 4, Ferocious

“Rumble…”   Black  clouds  covered  the  skies,  and  rolling thunder shuddered forth.

A blurry human figure was slashing through the air, piercing through the thick, dark clouds while flying at high speed to the north. It was the frantic Linley. Both the Yulan Empire and the O’Brien Empire had suffered attacks. Linley naturally was worrying about his Baruch Empire as well.

“I hope, I hope Cena is fine.” Linley murmured.

The Baruch Empire’s imperial palace was the place where Emperor Cena, the Empress, and the others lived. Of course, the imperial palace of an Empire was protected by Saints, and the Saint on guard there was the second of the five Barker brothers, Ankh.

Linley’s fast-moving body suddenly halted, his gaze focused on two indistinct figures on the northern horizon. One of them was tall and massive, while the other was also much larger than most people.

“Not good.”  Linley could instantly recognize them. These two people were the transformed Supreme Warriors, Ankh and Cena. Cena was now a peak warrior of the ninth rank. After transforming, he was a Saint. As for Ankh, he had long ago reached the Saint level.

“Lord  Linley!”   Ankh  and  Cena,  fleeing  in  a  sad  state, immediately called out upon seeing Linley.

Linley could tell that many of the scales of the transformed Dragonblood Warrior Cena had been ripped apart, with blood leaking everywhere. As for the transformed Undying Warrior Saint, Ankh, although he hadn’t been injured too badly, he clearly was in a sad state as well.

“Uncle!”  As soon as Cena saw Linley, his tears immediately began to flow.

Linley felt extremely nervous. 
Cena was an extremely stable person. For him to cry, the situation must be very severe.

The badly injured Cena calmed down slightly, now that he saw Linley. He returned to his human form. His trousers were ripped and torn, and his body was covered in blood and wounds. Linley immediately reached out and pressed his hand against Cena’s shoulder, allowing the Pearl of Life’s energy to fill Cena’s body.

Cena’s wounds quickly recovered.

“All dead. They are all dead.” Cena sobbed so hard his entire body shook. “Uncle, everyone in the entire imperial palace, aside from me and Uncle Ankh, they are all dead. My wives, my son, all dead!!!”
“All dead?” Linley couldn’t help but feel a surge of fury. He had expected that the situation was grim, but it was even worse than he had feared.

“Those Deities, why did they massacre commoners? Can it be that they can only show off their power by massacring commoners? Cena’s son was named Kass [Ka’sa]…” Linley still remembered the scene from ten days ago.

It was the Yulan Festival. Cena had brought his wife and child to Dragonblood Castle to celebrate the holiday together.

Kass had only been seven years old at the time. Linley had been planning to wait when Kass grew a bit older, then take him and Arnold to activate the Dragonblood Warrior lineage in their veins. But…who would have imagined that Kass’s future would have ended before it even began.

“Bastards!!!” Linley couldn’t help but curse quietly.

Cena ground his teeth as well. “I really want to kill those people.” Dragonblood Warriors had very low fertility rates.

For example, Linley only had Taylor and Sasha, the two twins. Wharton only had one child, Cena. Cena himself only had a single son. Although as the Emperor of an Empire, he had quite a few women, he only had this single son.”
“Uncle, you absolutely must help me get revenge. You must!” Cena’s face was covered in tears.

Linley nodded heavily.

“Ankh, what was the situation? Tell me in detail.”  Linley looked solemnly at Ankh.

Ankh nodded and spoke. “Lord Linley. Not long ago, I was still in the imperial palace. But suddenly, I sensed a terrifying aura coming from above the imperial palace, so I immediately rushed out of the room. When I looked upwards, I saw… roughly a hundred experts flying in mid-air.” “Nearly a hundred?” Linley’s heart shook slightly.

Originally, when Olivier had chopped open the Great Botha Levee with his sword, he had released thousands of experts, many of whom were far more powerful than Linley. Of course, most of the experts were Saints, but there were Demigods and Gods amongst their number, and even Highgods.

Hearing that nearly a hundred people had appeared in the air above the imperial palace of the imperial capital of the Baruch Empire, he knew that the leader of this gathering must at least be a Demigod, and perhaps even a full God!

“At that time, before I even had a chance to say a word, the leader, smiling, turned his gaze towards me. He immediately spoke to me using his divine sense. He said…‘Little fellow, go back and tell that Linley that from today onwards, this Baruch Empire now belongs to me, Ojwin [Ao’jia’wen].’” Ankh came to a pause.

Linley’s face sank. 
“Ojwin?”  Linley had never heard of this name before, but Linley could tell that this person clearly knew a great deal about him.

“And then?” Linley asked.

Ankh’s eyes held a hint of terror in them as he spoke. “And then, Ojwin just smiled. His entire body radiated out brilliant white light. It was like the holy light of the Radiant Church. The places of the imperial palace which were touched by that holy light were instantly vaporized. Many palace maids, attendants, and guards were turned directly to ash by that light. I immediately transformed, while Cena transformed as well. Under the power of that light, my defense managed to hold, but Cena was badly injured.”
Linley couldn’t help but feel his heart weighing heavily.

“The light which his body emanated was enough to badly injure Cena, who was at the Saint-level when Dragonformed?” Linley was very certain that ordinary Demigods definitely didn’t have this sort of power.

For a Demigod to kill a Saint, he would generally first have to utilize his Godrealm, or rely on his other abilities. That he was able to radiate light that covered the entire palace, yet still had such great power…most likely, the opponent was a full God. Even if he was a Demigod, he was definitely a peak Demigod.”
“Let’s go back for now.” Linley frowned.

Cena and Ankh nodded slightly, flying behind Linley as they returned towards Dragonblood Castle.

Dragonblood Castle.

Linley, Cena, and Ankh landed in the gate to Dragonblood Castle. Right now, there were quite a few people in the main hall. Everyone was chatting in soft voices. Dixie, Fain, and the others all felt extremely miserable…but the person with the most terrible look on his face was Olivier. 
Olivier had learned from Fain that his little brother, Blumer, had died!

His little brother!

Their parents had died early on. He, Olivier, had personally brought up his little brother. His one and only family member! When Blumer entered the War God’s College, Olivier finally stopped worrying and began wholeheartedly devoting himself to his training. Who would have imagined…that such terrible news would come today!

Blumer was to Olivier what Wharton was to Linley!

His little brother had died. How could he not be furious?

“Linley,  what’s  the  situation?”  Delia  immediately  went  to welcome them. Upon seeing Linley, Cena, and Ankh, everyone all went to welcome them as well. 
Linley’s face was terrible to behold. He just shook his head.

“Cena,  what  happened?”   Wharton’s  face  was  filled  with worry, and he immediately shouted the question.

Cena immediately knelt down in front of Wharton, sobbing, “Father, everyone in the imperial palace, aside from myself and Uncle Ankh, are all dead. My wives died. Even little Kass died! They all died!” Cena deeply loved his son.

His only son!

“Little Kass died as well?”  Wharton seemed to have been struck by a bolt of lightning. His face turned ashen. Nina, by Wharton’s side, also couldn’t believe it. The youngest generation of the Baruch clan was just composed of Arnold and Kass, those two kids. Both Linley and Wharton deeply adored these little treasures. Arnold usually was with his father, Taylor, in Dragonblood Castle. As for Kass, he normally lived with his father and mother in the imperial palace.

“Big bro, we must get revenge.” Wharton looked at Linley.

But Linley was silent.

“Father, Uncle.” Cena was slowly beginning to recover from the grips of his rage and hate, returning to his normal clarity of thought.  “The  enemy  who  suddenly  appeared…there  were nearly a hundred of them flying in the air. The leader, ‘Ojwin’, is astonishingly powerful. We don’t have a good chance right now. For now, we must endure.”

Linley couldn’t help but glance at Cena. After getting a vague sense of Ojwin’s power, Linley had no longer dared to easily engage in a battle against him.

After all…
Who knew how powerful these experts who fled from the Gebados Planar Prison were? It wouldn’t be so bad if they were Demigods, but if they were Gods…given his current level of power, if he went to fight, it would most likely be nothing more than certain death. He had already lost a child. But the living still had other family members!

Looking at Delia by his side, Linley then looked towards his own son, Taylor, as well as the distant family of Hillman, the children of the five Barker brothers, and more…in the entire main hall, there were many people present. All of them were Linley’s family and friends.

“I can’t take any risks.” Linley said to himself.

Fain, seated nearby, rose to his feet as well. He said seriously, “Too many experts suddenly appeared out of nowhere. Nearly a thousand people attacked our War God Mountain. But only one of them truly attacked; with a flip of his hand, he turned War God Mountain into rubble and ash! The difference in power between us is simply too great! Linley, you have to be cautious.”
“Linley.” Olivier looked at Linley as well. “Endure!”
Linley nodded slightly.

Right now, Olivier was enduring as well. He wanted to get revenge for Blumer. Perhaps to the others, Blumer wasn’t much, but to Olivier, Blumer was his only family in the world. But from Fain’s description, Olivier understood…
He wasn’t able to get revenge. At least, he currently wasn’t.

“In the coming days, everyone needs to stay at Dragonblood Castle. You are not to go out of it.” Linley looked at everyone as he gave his orders. “In another few months, when the War God and the others return, we will discuss things in detail.” They had no other options. They had to endure.

Thousands of experts had fled from the Gebados Planar Prison, and only a small part of the thousands of experts had headed to the Arctic Icecap and left the Yulan Plane for the Four Higher Planes and the Seven Divine Planes. Many of the others had taken up residence in the Yulan continent.

The homeland of virtually all of the experts in the Gebados Planar Prison was the Yulan Plane.

Of course, long ago in the distant past of the Yulan Plane, there were Elemental lifeforms, Beastmen, etc…after all, only in relatively ‘recent’ days did the Yulan Plane become as it currently was. Now that these many experts had finally returned to their homeland, all of them had their own choies to make.

The weaker parties would perhaps take over a small area and become a local lord. The powerful ones would directly annihilate the pre-existing imperial clans, and with their power backing them up, directly take over an Empire.

To the experts who had fled from the Gebados Planar Prison, the original ‘experts’ of the Yulan continent were nothing. They couldn’t fight back at all. The difference in power was simply too vast. Even the most powerful people on their side, Linley and Olivier, were forced to choose to endure, much less ordinary Saints.

The Eighteen Northern Duchies.

Dozens of experts were flying in the air above the Eighteen Northern Duchies. The leader of the group was a pair of twin brothers. Although they were twins, there were some slight differences; one of them had slightly darker skin, while the other had slightly lighter skin.

“Big brother, the Yulan Empire and the Baruch Empire have already been taken. Even someone as mighty as Lord Adkins was only able to take over that Empire known as O’Brien. It seems we two brothers will have to find another place to roost. This ‘Eighteen Northern Duchies’ area is a bit far off, but at least it’ll be a place for us two brothers to settle down.” The youngster with the whiter skin said.

His big brother nodded. “Let’s learn from Lord Adkins. First we’ll destroy that Frost Goddess Shrine. Afterwards, won’t all these Duchies obey us meekly?”
“If they don’t, we’ll kill them.” The younger brother said.

The two brothers exchanged glances, then burst out in laughter.

“The Eighteen Northern Duchies is our territory!”  A violet- gold shadow suddenly flew over, transforming into a Violet- Gold Rat King. “And you even want to destroy the Frost Goddess Shrine to frighten others?” This Violet-Gold Rat King stared at the group of experts with its beady little black eyes.

The two brothers were startled. The group of experts behind them all began to laugh. 
A Saint-level magical beast had come to block them?

“How amusing. Die.” The older brother said with a disdainful laugh. With a sweep of his arm…
In the air above those dozens of experts, a seemingly illusory giant black palm suddenly appeared. This enormous black palm covered the entire area, and those dozens of experts weren’t able to move at all. Those dozens of experts raised their head, staring in terror at that enormous black palm.

But that enormous black palm continued to descend upon them with no mercy.

“BOOM!” It was like striking tofu. The dozens of experts, including those two brothers that had reached the Demigod level, were smashed into mincemeat without being able to resist at all.

“Saints and Deities who have chosen to remain in the Yulan continent, all of you, listen closely. If anyone causes trouble or commits slaughter in the area of the Eighteen Northern Duchies or the Forest of Darkness, I will definitely shatter their souls and disperse their spirits! Hmph. All of you had better know what’s best for you.”
An icy divine sense message instantly spread across the entire Yulan continent and echoed in the minds of all the Saints and Deities.

Many Deities who had been in the grips of wild exultation suddenly lost their smiles.

The gazes of virtually all the experts of the Yulan continent turned towards the direction of the Eighteen Northern Duchies.

Chapter 5, Sound

O’Brien Empire. The imperial palace.

That handsome young man, Adkins, who had been seated in a resting room, chatting and laughing, suddenly stopped smiling. He stared coldly towards the north, letting out an icy snort. “This Beirut really does have the power of a Highgod. However, he’s a bit too ferocious.”
“Lord Adkins.”  That silver-haired old man behind him said respectfully, “This Beirut acts ferociously, but he has the ability to back it up.”
“He just relies on the Sovereign behind him to back him up.” Adkins’ slender eyebrows narrowed. His eyes were as sharp as dagger.

But Adkins knew very well that although Highgods had completely mastered their Law, in front of a Sovereign…a single thought from the Sovereign could kill the Highgod. Sovereigns were far above them, inviolable presences that could only be gazed upon in awe. 
“If…if I could…” Adkins’ had a desire in his heart.

In the Gebados Planar Prison, he too had heard of what the Necropolis of the Gods contained. Even someone as him, who had the exalted position of Highgod, was filled with desire towards the treasure hidden on the eighteenth floor of the Necropolis of the Gods. But Adkins knew…
The Necropolis of the Gods was a game designed by a Sovereign.

If he wanted to enter the Necropolis of the Gods, he had to obey the rules which the Sovereign had set. To disobey the rules…was to disobey the will of the Sovereign. To disobey the will of the Sovereign…the results of that didn’t need to be questioned.

“Barnas  [Ba’na’si],  have  you  finished  the  investigation?” Adkins asked coldly. The silver-haired old man behind him said respectfully, “Lord Adkins, your subordinate has already completed the investigation. Those Deities O’Brien and Catherine went to the Necropolis of the Gods nine years ago. In two more months, the ten years will be up, and they should return.”
Adkins revealed a rare hint of a smile on his face. “I will endure for two more months.”
“No  one  is  permitted  to  compete  against  me!”   Adkins murmured to himself, then he grabbed that cup of wine and gulped it all down!

Dragonblood Castle.

Linley had already informed Desri and Olivier of the existence of the pocket dimension training room. At this point in time, Linley hoped that Desri and Olivier would also be able to rapidly improve. Olivier, Desri, and Linley’s original body were all there training. 
As for Delia, she was in her normal room.

After all, it didn’t make much of a difference if she was fusing a divine spark in the pocket dimension or in an ordinary place. Linley’s original body was in the pocket dimension, whole-heartedly focusing on training the ‘Profound Truths of the Earth’. As for the divine wind clone, it was in Dragonblood Castle, quietly meditating on the Profound Truths of Velocity as well as Bloodviolet.

In the western gardens of Dragonblood Castle, there were a few dwarf trees. It was a very quiet place.

Dressed in a light green robe, Linley was completely absorbed in meditating on the Profound Truths of the Wind and Bloodviolet.

“According to what Muba said, divine artifacts are divided into three levels. The high level divine artifacts can be described as Highgod artifacts. Above those are Sovereign artifacts. My Bloodviolet…should be a Highgod artifact.” Linley was using his spiritual energy to nurture Bloodviolet. He was able to sense Bloodviolet’s spirit.

By now, Linley had seen many divine artifacts.

But none of those divine artifacts could come close to being comparable with Bloodviolet.

“A Deity’s power is partially based on his understanding of the Laws and their applications. The other part is how well he utilizes his divine artifacts. Although I am a Demigod, if I am able to bring forth all of the power of Bloodviolet…”  Linley thought back to the attack he had developed, the ‘Hymn of the Wind’.

The Hymn of the Wind combined a spiritual attack, Bloodviolet’s special properties, and the Profound Truths of Wind.

There was no need to spend much time describing its power; for him to be able to kill Beaumont with a single sword was something which Linley felt very satisfied about. 
“This Hymn of the Wind, it seems…” Linley was frowning.

In Linley’s mind, he was constantly visualizing the usage of the Hymn of the Wind. His spiritual energy and Bloodviolet, mated together along with the Profound Truths of Velocity…
Although Linley was capable of utilizing the Hymn of the Wind, in truth, he didn’t fully understand the principles behind it.

“Originally, Delia had said that Bloodviolet’s sound alone was causing her soul to shake and her entire body to feel weak. Even that Beaumont…when I utilized ‘Hymn of the Wind’, Beaumont was unable to control his spiritual energy to block it.

Linley had discovered…the power of sound!

“Sound!” Linley remembered that Snowy Panda-Cat he had met in the Necropolis of the Gods. That Snowy Panda-Cat had been wielding a flute while threatening him.

“Sound can influence, mystify, and attack the soul!”  Linley came to this conclusion. “As for my Elemental Laws of the Wind, they seem to contain the Profound Mysteries of Sound.”
Linley didn’t actually understand the Profound Mysteries of Sound.

When he had originally developed the ‘Hymn of the Wind’, it was because Bloodviolet contained this sort of aspect to it already. Linley just utilized the Profound Truths of the Wind to slightly activate the sword song of Bloodviolet, resulting in that special effect. But now, Linley wanted to focus on researching this Profound Mysteries of Sound.

Linley’s divine power filled Bloodviolet, and Bloodviolet began to tremble, emitting that humming sword song. 
“Where’s Lord Linley? Inside?”  Gates walked into the west garden of Dragonblood Castle.

The serving maid said with a laugh, “Lord Gates, Lord Linley said that he needs to focus on his training. No matter who it is, without his permission, nobody is to be permitted to enter the west garden. Right now, the only person in the west garden is Lord Linley himself.”
“No  person  is  permitted  to  enter?”  Gates  was  somewhat surprised.

So what if someone went in while he was training?

However, how could they know that Linley was currently researching the Profound Mysteries of Sound, of the Elemental Laws of the Wind? The sound attacks he created wouldn’t harm himself, of course, but if someone else entered, it would easily harm them. As for Linley, he wasn’t slowly researching this Profound Mysteries of Sound in a prescribed order. He was only starting off from what he knew of Bloodviolet as his base to heighten the power of Bloodviolet.

If one wanted to advance in a short period of time, one had to focus on the weapon.

“Everyone is meditating and training. The atmosphere of Dragonblood  Castle  has  changed.”   Gates  turned  and  left. During this period of time, Linley, Desri, and Olivier, the three Deities, were all training nonstop, hoping to raise their power yet again.

As for Barker, Zassler, Delia, and Haeru, they were all fusing their divine sparks.

But who would have imagined that Linley continued training in the west garden without stopping. Over the course of an entire month, Linley didn’t leave the west garden a single time. As for the other people of Dragonblood Castle, they didn’t dare to disobey Linley’s orders. They had to wait. Wharton, Gates, Ankh, Boone, and the others were walking side by side as they left the training grounds.

“That  simple,  single  sword  attack  of  Olivier’s  released  a group of experts. This really is a huge headache.” Gates said.

Wharton nodded as well.

Olivier’s single sword blow had utterly turned the Yulan continent on its head.

“When the War God and the High Priest come back, they will most likely be stupefied.” Gates smirked.

“You  know,  that’s  so  true.  Both  their  Empires  are  gone.” Hazer laughed as well.

“When they are back, they’ll need to have a conference with my big brother on how to deal with this disaster.”  Wharton said with some anticipation. 
The more people they had, the easier to accomplish some things. Although the War God and the High Priest were also Demigods, they had reached that level a long time ago. In addition, Dylin was himself a divine beast. If their group of Demigods joined forces, they could still manage to find some stable footing.

“All we can do is wait. In another month, the War God and the others will be back.” Wharton said.

“I hope the War God and the others were able to make breakthroughs  in  the  Necropolis  of  the  Gods.”   Ankh  said seriously. “If they didn’t break through, even if the War God and the others return, it’ll be hard to say if they will be able to defeat that Ojwin.”
The group suddenly paused in their chatting.

In front of them was a middle-aged man, dressed in simple long robes. A hint of a smile was on this man’s face. “Who are you?” Ankh shouted the question.

“Muba?”   Wharton  frowned.  Last  time,  when  Muba  had come, Wharton had seen him.

“He’s that Deity, Muba?”  Ankh and the others were a bit surprised as well. That day, when Muba had arrived, Ankh and the others hadn’t seen them. Afterwards, when they had heard of Muba, all they knew was that Muba was a Deity-level expert.”
“Wharton.” Muba’s face still had that faint smile on it. “I’m here to see Linley.”
“My big bro is currently training. Only…” Wharton shook his head. “My big bro gave the order that without his permission, nobody is permitted to go in and disturb him. You came at an unfortunate time.”
“Oh?” Muba immediately spread out his divine sense. Instantly, he located Linley in the west garden. When their divine senses touched, Linley discovered Muba as well. “Oh, it’s Muba. If there’s something to discuss, come over.”
Muba’s body flashed towards the west garden.

“This Muba.” Wharton was rather angry. “My big bro forbade anyone from going in to disturb him, but he’s still going in.” Wharton immediately ran towards the west garden. Wharton didn’t know that Linley had spoken to Muba through their divine senses. Soon, Wharton arrived at the gate to the west garden.

The maid stationed outside the west garden’s gate was currently running away from it.

“Why are you running around?” Wharton barked at them.

“Lord Wharton.”  The maid curtsied. “Lord Linley ordered me to go prepare some fine wine and delicacies for his guest.” Within the west garden of Dragonblood Castle.

“Mr. Linley, I am in admiration. In such a short period of time, the three of you, joining forces, actually managed to kill Beaumont.”  Muba sighed in praise. “That Beaumont was an extremely powerful Demigod. He was very strong in both spiritual and regular attacks.”
Linley laughed as he glanced at Muba.

“Mr. Muba, I’m not sure why you have made this trip. Please tell me.” Linley said directly.

Muba smiled. “I’ve come to help you, Linley.”
“Help  me?”   Linley  couldn’t  help  but  look  at  Muba  in surprise.

In truth, he and Muba didn’t have a deep relationship between them. Last time, Muba had told him some information about divine artifacts. As a result, Linley focused on attuning with Bloodviolet and meditating on combining Bloodviolet, his spiritual energy, and the Profound Truths of the Wind, eventually developing the Hymn of the Wind.

One could say that without Muba’s information, he wouldn’t have been able to develop the Hymn of the Wind.

“My situation right now really is quite terrible. Can it be that you, Mr. Muba, have come to help my side fight my enemies?” Linley asked.

“I don’t have that sort of ability.” Muba laughed. “I’ve come to give you some information on those Deities that have appeared in that Yulan continent, Linley.”
Linley couldn’t help but feel wild joy in his heart.

Linley still had no idea how powerful that Ojwin who destroyed his imperial palace was, which was why he hadn’t dared to take any action. 
“Then let me thank you in advance, Mr. Muba. Mr. Muba, please tell me the detailed information. I will be endlessly grateful.” Linley said seriously.

Muba laughed. “Mr. Linley, no need to be so grateful. I’m doing this to make friends with you, Mr. Linley. As long as you consider myself your friend, Linley, then everything I’ve done will have been worth it.” Muba’s smile was very sincere.

Linley didn’t spend any time thinking about what Muba’s aims were. At least he was willing to help out.

“Mr. Muba, you are my friend, of course. Muba, please speak, especially regarding that Ojwin.” Linley said.

Muba nodded as he spoke. “Before that, Linley, let me first tell you that there is a city within the Gebados Planar Prison known as ‘Bluefire City’. Within Bluefire City, Ojwin is a rather famous expert, and his power in Bluefire City is fairly high as well. He has reached the God level.”  Hearing Muba’s words, Linley couldn’t help but grit his teeth. 
A full God!

For now at least, he couldn’t act against Ojwin.

Chapter 6, A Legend

“Muba, please continue.” Linley was listening carefully.

Muba said with a smile, “The master of Bluefire City is Lord ‘Bluefire’, one of the five great Kings! Lord Bluefire is a very mysterious person. His power is unquestionably massive, and he virtually never shows himself. In fact, no one can even be certain if he is still within Bluefire City. In the city of Bluefire, the person whose status and power is only lower than Lord Bluefire is Lord Adkins, a mighty Highgod!”
Linley’s heart trembled. He couldn’t help but sigh secretly. “Olivier, you wanted to get revenge for your little brother, but it’s just become very difficult.”
The experts who destroyed War God mountain were led by this Adkins. Olivier, kill Adkins? How?

“Linley,  there  are  differences  amongst  Highgods  as  well. There is a major difference in power between someone who became a Highgod through fusing a divine spark and who knows the laws but not how to use them, and someone who became a Highgod through personal efforts. In the Gebados Planar Prison, the weakest of any particular level will be destroyed.”
Muba said, “Lord Adkins has been famous for ten billion years. Even in the Gebados Planar Prison, he is an exceedingly powerful Highgod.”
“I understand. We do not dare to go irritate that Adkins.” Linley said self-mockingly.

Knowing how powerful the enemy was, Linley now knew how he should act towards them.

“What else? The Yulan continent can’t possibly just have those few experts.” Linley asked. 
Muba nodded. “The Rohault Empire, after having suffered that calamity, lost a hundred million people, and most of the remaining citizens left. There’s virtually no one left in the Empire now. Naturally, it doesn’t count. At present, the Rhine, Yulan, and Baruch Empires have all been taken over by full Gods, while the O’Brien Empire is occupied by Lord Adkins.”
“All Gods?” Linley felt sourness in his heart.

Olivier really had released quite a few experts with that sword blow of his. There were even multiple Gods amongst them.

“I know the God who is in control of the Yulan Empire. His name is Oerph [Ao’er’pu]. As for the person who is in control of the Rhine Empire, I’m not too sure. As for the Holy Union and the Dark Alliance, I’m not too familiar with that area, so I’m not sure either.” Muba said.

Linley nodded slightly. Regardless of what was going on in the two alliances west of the Mountain Range of Magical Beasts, all of the four Empires east of the Mountain Range of Magical Beasts had been taken over.

“Muba.” Linley suddenly had a surprising thought.

“What?” Muba, seeing the look on Linley’s face, couldn’t help but feel puzzled.

Linley hurriedly asked, “You said that the master of Bluefire City is ‘Bluefire’, one of the five Kings of the Gebados Planar Prison. When the interdimensional gate opened this time, do you think this Lord Bluefire also managed to flee into the Yulan Plane?”
Muba was stunned.

“This…I  don’t  know.”   Muba  sighed  in  praise.  “If  Lord Bluefire arrived in the Yulan Plane, then that would be absolutely incredible. Most likely even the likes of Lord Beirut, an Emissary of a Sovereign, wouldn’t necessarily be able to overcome Lord Bluefire.”
Knowing the history of the Gebados Planar Prison, Linley secretly nodded as well.

“The Five Kings…”
Linley felt a hint of amazement in his heart.


This Gebados Planar Prison was formed when the universe itself was formed. The number of experts who had been imprisoned within was a staggeringly high figure. For someone to be able to reach the peak of power amongst those countless experts and become one of the five Kings of the entire Planar Prison…someone like this would definitely be one of the most powerful types of Highgods. “But Lord Bluefire rarely even shows himself within Bluefire City. It’s possible that he wasn’t even in Bluefire City at the time.” Muba said.

“Muba, I’m very confused about something.” Linley frowned.

“Please, speak.” Muba’s attitude was very friendly.

Linley nodded slightly. “I’ve always been wondering. I can understand why Demigods and Gods are remaining in the Yulan continent. After all, they want to acquire divine sparks in the Necropolis of the Gods. But…that Lord Adkins is a Highgod. Why is he remaining in the Yulan Plane as well? He’s already a Highgod. Could it be that the Necropolis of the Gods actually has a Sovereign spark?” Linley said jokingly.

Linley knew very well that the number of Sovereigns was fixed. Earth, fire, water, wind, lightning, light, darkness. The seven elemental styles, each of which only had seven Sovereigns. In the countless planes, the number of Deities who had arisen over the course of endless years was truly an astronomical figure. 
Just look at the Gebados Planar Prison. And that was just one plane.

Countless planes added together?

Especially the Four Higher Planes and the Seven Divine Planes…the number was astonishing, far more than one could even imagine.

But Sovereigns?

The earth-style only had seven of them! Only when one of them fell would another Highgod be able to obtain a Sovereign spark and take on the position of Sovereign. But how could someone as powerful as a Sovereign die easily? What’s more, the Necropolis of the Gods was nothing more than a game for Sovereigns.

Would a Sovereign place a Sovereign’s spark inside? 
Even if a Sovereign wanted to, the Sovereign would have to acquire a Sovereign’s spark first.

Muba shook his head. “Linley, you don’t know this, but the Necropolis of the Gods has Sovereign artifacts within it.”
“Sovereign artifacts?” Linley was somewhat surprised. “Even a Sovereign as to wholeheartedly nurture a divine artifact for countless years before being able to produce a Sovereign artifact. Can it be that the Sovereign who created the Necropolis of the Gods is willing to place a Sovereign artifact within?”
“Not just Sovereign artifacts…”
Muba  said  mysteriously.  “According  to  legend,  on  the eighteen floor of the Necropolis of the Gods, there are Sovereign sparks!” “What a joke. What an utter joke.” Linley laughed loudly.

“Not  necessarily.”  Muba  said  solemnly.  “Linley,  you  don’t know this, but most of the people imprisoned into the Gebados Planar Prison are experts from throughout the history of the Yulan Plane. But ten thousand years ago and five thousand years ago, most of those newly imprisoned were outsider experts. What caused so many experts from other planes to come here?”
“The Necropolis of the Gods?” Linley asked.

Muba laughed and said, “More importantly, it wasn’t just ordinary Deities who descended to the Yulan Plane. There were Highgods as well! Extremely powerful Highgods, such as that legendary figure of the Infernal Realm, the Bloodviolet Fiend. And that time, the Bloodviolet Fiend wasn’t the only Highgod to descend.”
Linley’s heart shuddered. He thought of his own Bloodviolet sword.

“Tell me, why did those extremely powerful Highgods come? Just for ordinary divine artifacts and divine sparks? Think about it. It’s impossible.” Muba laughed. “That’s why I’m sure that the Necropolis of the Gods definitely has Sovereign artifacts within it. As to whether or not it has Sovereign sparks, I’m not sure. However, in the Gebados Planar Prison, there are constantly rumors of Sovereign sparks being in the Necropolis of the Gods.”
Linley sighed unceasingly.

No wonder that Adkins was remaining in the Yulan Plane.

Linley and Muba chatted for a long time, then after they had lunch together, Muba left. As for Linley, he naturally once more returned to his training. Time passed, and in the blink of an eye, yet another month had passed. It was only a few days before the War God and the High Priest were going to return.

The Baruch Empire. Within a magnificent manor. 
An elegant, white-robed, middle-aged man was seated within a pavilion, drinking wine while enjoying the scenery of the garden. It was the God who had destroyed the imperial palace; Ojwin.

“Father.” A golden-haired youth walked over.

“Hrm?” Ojwin glanced at the youth. In the past, when he had been imprisoned into the Gebados Planar Prison, he was just a Prime Saint, while his son had just reached the Saint level.

During the countless years of imprisonment within the Gebados Planar Prison, Ojwin had worked hard to protect his son. After bitter years of training, he had reached the God level, while his son had become a Demigod.

Finally, the two of them, father and son, had escaped from the Gebados Planar Prison. “Father,  although  the  Baruch  Empire’s  various  provinces were easily pacified, the citizens of the Empire all have faith towards  that  ‘Linley’.  It  is  rather  vexing.”  The  gold-haired youth frowned. “Changing one’s faith isn’t an easy thing.”
Kill those citizens? That was an idiot’s action.

Ojwin’s homeland was the Yulan Plane as well. He wouldn’t act that rashly.

“That, is easy.” Ojwin had a hint of a smile at the corner of his lips.

“Oh?” The gold-haired man looked curiously at his father.

“They worship Linley, right? I’ve heard that Dragonblood Castle is the most sacred location in the entire Baruch Empire. Then…tomorrow, let’s head out and directly raze the Dragonblood Castle to the ground, while at the same time we can kill that Linley. When the time comes, we’ll hang Linley’s corpse up on the city walls of the imperial capital.” “At the same time, we’ll make up a slightly altered story.”
Ojwin  looked  at  his  son.  “This  sort  of  affair  is  easily managed. All we need to do is make him look bad, then kill him, while afterwards creating some miracles of our own. Soon, the commoners will change their faith.”
Within Dragonblood Castle.

“Big sis, in the next few days, Lord Dylin and the others will return. By then, the situation will be much better.”  Rebecca and her sister, Leena, were walking in the rear garden, their heads raised. “I really hope the War God and the High Priest could arrive right now.”
Leena laughed. “Don’t be in such a rush. It’ll be soon.”
“Aren’t you in a rush as well?” Rebecca suddenly stared wide. “Hey, someone’s flying over! Could it be the War God and the others? Hey…why are they coming from the north?” Leena raised her head as well.

The northern horizon had multiple people flying towards their direction. But soon, they could tell that it wasn’t multiple people; it was a large group of people! There were at least fifty or sixty experts present.

“Not good.” Leena’s face instantly changed.

There was only a single side from the north that could send out so many human experts!

“Quick, quickly inform Lord Linley.”
Leena and Rebecca immediately ran towards the location where Linley was training.

Before they arrived however, Linley himself noticed the many human figures in the air. His face couldn’t help but change, and he immediately sent out his divine sense. “Wharton, quick. Take Arnold and the others and all enter the pocket dimension immediately.”
Although the ‘door’ to the pocket dimension would attack others, as long as Saints guarded others with their protective aura, they would still be able to block the attacks for a short time. In addition…Linley’s main body was in the pocket dimension as well.

“Understood, bro.” Wharton, seeing the northern skies filled with people, also knew that the situation was dire.

“Quick, Nina, don’t worry about anything else.”  Wharton picked up Arnold and immediately rushed towards the pocket dimension.

They didn’t have any time to flee. They had to immediately flee into the pocket dimension. Even if the others destroyed Dragonblood Castle the way War God Mountain and the imperial palace had been destroyed, at least Wharton, Delia, and the others wouldn’t be harmed. 
Linley’s original body immediately called out to Olivier and Desri,  awakening  them.  “Quick,  Ojwin’s  men  have  come!” Olivier and Desri were greatly shocked. They immediately rushed out of the pocket dimension, hurrying to the ground level.

“Linley, come out!!!”
A thick, deep voice shook the entire Dragonblood Castle.

“He really has come for me.” Linley raised his head, staring at the large group of people who had come to a halt in mid-air. There were nearly sixty of them, with the leader being a middle-aged man dressed in an utterly immaculate long blue robe. His golden hair shone under the light, appearing quite dazzling.

Linley, Olivier, and Desri glanced at each other, then flew into mid-air together. “Haha, you really have courage.”  The leading middle-aged man laughed, and then he swept his gaze towards Linley’s group. “Which of you is Linley?”
“Ojwin, you don’t know me, but you’ve come looking for me?” Linley said with a calm laugh as he looked at him.

“Oh, you know my name. Not bad.”  The middle-aged man looked at him and nodded slightly. “I’ve heard quite a bit about you. You are indeed quite a talent. I didn’t want to kill you, but your citizens all worship you. The best way to change a population’s faith is to destroy the god they worship.”
“You should know what my purpose in coming is by now, right?”  Ojwin smiled as he looked at Linley, speaking with great courtesy.

Before killing someone, he was grinning merrily and saying to that person, ‘I’m going to kill you!’
This really was quite a detestable habit. 
“Of course, the other two, I don’t have to kill. I just have to kill you, Linley.” Ojwin looked at Desri and Olivier. “The two of you can leave.”

Chapter 7, Willingly Surrender

This Ojwin really was diabolical. With but a simple phrase, he caused a hint of a crack to appear within Linley’s three-man alliance. Ojwin grinned merrily as he looked at Olivier and Desri, waiting for their response.

Staring at the distant Ojwin, Linley was actually worrying more about his family.

“This Ojwin is a full God. His power is far beyond that of myself, Desri, and Olivier. In addition, Ojwin has a group of subordinates. Those four experts behind him should all be Deities. It most likely will be very hard for me to flee.”
The situation had reached an extremely grave point.

His life, compared to the lives of his family and friends…if he could protect his family and friends, Linley wouldn’t mind dying. “If Ojwin destroys Dragonblood Castle then immediately leaves, that’s fine. But if he were to find that pocket dimension, then…”  Linley was afraid of Delia, Wharton, and the others being killed as well. Linley was also certain of one thing.

Once Ojwin saw Delia and the others, he would definitely act.

Because Ojwin would definitely realize that Delia, Barker, and Zassler all had divine sparks in their bodies.

“What to do?” Linley was somewhat panicked.

“Hey? Just now, when I arrived, I noticed quite a few people in Dragonblood Castle, as well as a good number of Saints. Where did they all disappear to?” Ojwin mumbled to himself in a ‘puzzled’ manner, staring at Linley.

Linley’s heart shook. When Wharton and Delia had hidden themselves, Ojwin probably had been using his divine sense to inspect the entire Dragonblood Castle.

“My divine sense only noticed them entering an underground area, and then their auras vanished.” Ojwin had a hint of laughter at the corner of his lips. He stared at Linley as he slowly spoke. “Could it be that there is some sort of unique magic formation underground Dragonblood Castle that can hide auras? After dealing with you, I’ll definitely go take a look for myself.”
Linley’s forehead immediately became covered in sweat.

The nearby Desri was also somewhat nervous now.

The Desri in the outside world was just his divine light clone. Desri’s original body was still within that pocket dimension. After all, his original body didn’t have a divine spark. It wouldn’t be very effective to use his original body to attack. “Linley, what should we do?” Desri used his divine sense to speak to Linley.

Linley was frantic as well.

Linley wouldn’t care too much if this divine wind clone was destroyed. But if…that pocket dimension was to be discovered by Ojwin, then, none of the people within would be able to survive.

“Bebe!”   No  longer  thinking  about  anything  else,  Linley directly spoke with his soul to the distant Bebe, within the Forest of Darkness.

“Boss!”  Bebe  immediately  replied.  “You  finally  thought  of me! I’ve missed you so much, Boss! When are you coming over?”
Forest of Darkness. The metallic castle. Bebe was within the castle, sprawling lazily on the floor, enjoying the sunshine. But upon hearing Linley’s soul- communication, he immediately jumped up in excitement.

“Bebe, I need to ask you for something. There’s a full God known as ‘Ojwin’ who has already arrived at Dragonblood Castle, prepared for battle. I don’t know what the result will be. But Bebe, no matter what, you have to ask Lord Beirut to protect the group of people who are currently hiding in the pocket dimension.”
At this point, Linley could only entrust his hopes to Bebe.

“What? Boss, flee!”  Bebe instantly grew nervous. A God… Bebe knew the difference between a Demigod and a God.

Linley’s heart felt sour.

Flee? Aside from the question of whether or not fleeing would be successful, right now, he simply couldn’t flee. Once he tried to flee, the battle would immediately begin, and naturally it would end very quickly. At that time, Ojwin would definitely find that ‘door’ to the pocket dimension, which would be disastrous.

“Bebe,  my  original  body  is  within  the  pocket  dimension. Don’t worry. Even if my divine clone is destroyed, I won’t die.” This was how Linley explained it.

But once his divine clone was destroyed, then…Linley would forever lose the ability to train the Elemental Laws of the Wind. This price couldn’t be described as a small one. But compared to the lives of his family, Linley couldn’t be bothered by it.

“Boss,  don’t  worry,  I,  I’ll  come  immediately.”   Bebe  was frantic.

“Bebe, remember, go find Lord Beirut.” Linley instructed. The Forest of Darkness. The metallic castle.

“Grandpa Beirut, he isn’t here. He went to the Necropolis of the Gods. What to do. What to do. But Boss is in such a bad situation. The enemy is a God, while I, I, I’m not even at the Deity level yet.” Bebe was frantic, not knowing what to do.

“Boss, Boss, if you die…” Bebe’s eyes were beginning to turn red.

“Shkreeeeeeeeee!”   Frantic  to  the  point  of  insanity,  Bebe raised his head and let out an ear-piercing, desolate screech.

“Bebe, what is it?”  Soon, from within the metallic castle, three Violet-Gold Rat Kings flew out. It was Harry and his brothers.

Bebe said frantically, “A God has arrived at Dragonblood Castle to do battle, but Grandpa Beirut went to the Necropolis of the Gods. What should I do? What should I do now? If I waste any more time, then most likely…” Bebe’s eyes had tears in them. 
The three Violet-Gold Rat Kings looked at each other, a hint of concern in their eyes as well.

Although this took time to describe, in truth, Linley and Bebe’s soul-communication took but an instant. The communication between a magical beast companion and his master, in particular, didn’t require Linley to use his divine sense at all…that Ojwin naturally couldn’t discover it. Ojwin was still staring at Desri and Olivier.

“Desri,  Olivier,  you  two  leave  for  now.”  Linley  mentally communicated to them.

Leave now?

Olivier and Desri did not choose to leave.

“Linley, let those people in the pocket dimension scatter in every direction.” Desri said mentally. 
“Won’t work. Didn’t you see that behind Ojwin, there are Demigods as well as fifty-plus Prime Saints? Once Wharton and the others flee, they will definitely be doomed.”  Linley knew very well that against the three of them, the full God, Ojwin, would be more than enough.

“Oh, how loyal of you.” Ojwin smirked as he stared at the three people who stood side-by-side in midair together.

“However, the price of loyalty is death.”
At this point in time, there was a difference of a hundred meters between the two sides. To Deities, at a very short distance, if one side was to suddenly attack, the other side probably wouldn’t even have a chance to react. A hundred meters…given the reaction time and speed of Deities, that was still enough to react and counter-attack.

“Boom!” Within a thousand meters, space was suddenly frozen. Or, more precisely speaking, through a God’s divine spark, the ‘light elemental essences’ within a thousand meters were all placed under completely control, and began to constrict Linley’s side. The higher level a divine spark was, the more powerful the control was.


A full God level Godrealm!

Linley and the others immediately used their own Godrealm to resist. Although they could just barely manage to control the elements of their own style, they still had the feeling as though they had sunken into a pit of mud.

“Not good.” Linley could tell that given the situation, with their speed having dropped drastically, while the opponent was a full God who definitely had a much more powerful understanding of the Laws and attacks…the result of this battle was predetermined, even before it had begun. “Mr. Ojwin.” Linley suddenly boomed out.

“What is it?” Ojwin looked at Linley.

Linley ground his teeth, then said solemnly, “If I surrender willingly to you and return with you to the imperial capital, would you be willing to spare the people of Dragonblood City, as well as Desri and Olivier? I trust that my voluntary surrender would be much more effective to you than placing my corpse in the imperial capital.”
“When the commoners see my corpse, most likely many of them will think you intentionally found someone who looked just like me to fool them. They won’t believe that I died.”
“But if I personally go, it’ll be different.”  Linley looked at Ojwin. “Your goal is their faith energy, right?”
Ojwin’s eyes lit up. Laughing, he said, “An excellent method!” “Linley…”     Desri    and    Olivier    stared    at    Linley    in astonishment.

Surrender willingly?

Linley’s heart was trembling. So what if he surrendered willingly? So what if his divine clone was destroyed? At worst, he would never again be able to train in the Elemental Laws of the Wind. But he only had one Delia. One little brother, Wharton. One Taylor, Sasha…
Linley didn’t want for them to die.

They were what Linley truly had to protect in this world.

Linley stared at Ojwin, waiting for Ojwin’s reply. Ojwin’s smile became even more brilliant, while at the same time, Linley’s side could sense the restrictive power of the Godrealm grow much weaker. Linley’s mind instantly calmed down. The weakening of the Godrealm was a clear sign of how Ojwin felt.

“An excellent proposal. But, I don’t want to let you live.” Ojwin said with a calm laugh.

Linley’s face instantly changed. “Ojwin, you…”
“Whoosh!” The four Deities behind Ojwin instantly flew out, surrounding Linley, Desri, and Olivier.

“From you, I can sense a hint of a threat.” Ojwin laughed self- mockingly. “You’ve trained for less than a hundred years, but were able to kill a peak Demigod, Beaumont. To have a ‘genius’ like you for an enemy…it’s better to strangle this threat in the cradle.”
Ojwin had been training in the Gebados Planar Prison for countless years. How could he not know what was important and what wasn’t? Since he was going to be enemies with Linley, he was going to kill Linley immediately.

“Milord, against these, there’s no need for you to personally act. We are more than enough.”  A black-robed middle-aged man said respectfully.

“Make it fast.” Ojwin said with a calm laugh. “Two of you, go deal with Linley.” Ojwin had a total of four Demigods under his control. Two against Linley, while the other two would go deal with Desri and Olivier.

After all, according to Ojwin’s information, Linley’s strength far surpassed that of Olivier.

Even though he felt completely confident, Olivier still kept his divine sense spread out.

He was prepared to act at any moment’s notice to deal with any sudden changes in the situation. But Linley’s primary attention was focused on Ojwin. He was worried that Ojwin would suddenly attack. Seeing how the four Demigods quickly divided themselves up, Linley felt a hint of resentment in his heart. “Desri, Olivier, whether we live or die is up to Heaven’s will now!!!”
“Kill.” Olivier’s eyes were filled with a fierce look as well.

Desri silently raised that slender sword of his.

“I hope Lord Beirut will be able to make it in time.”  Linley murmured to himself silently.

At this moment, the only thing he could do was hope.

But how could Linley know that actually, since these two days were the days of the Necropolis of the Gods’ re-opening, Beirut had headed off to the Necropolis of the Gods. It was hard to say if he would make it back in time. “The  two  of  us  against  him?”  The  two  black-robed  men glanced at each other, laughing.

The four Demigods on Ojwin’s side had all had abundant experience in the Gebados Planar Prison. They definitely weren’t like those weak, early Demigods. Two of them joining forces against Linley; how could Linley hold them off?”
Warblades suddenly appeared in the hands of the two black- robed. They transformed into two black blurs, like two leaves gently descending as they streaked and charged towards Linley Wielding Bloodviolet, Linley’s body moved, transforming into a gust of wind.

Countless flashes of devilish violet light filled the skies, like countless violet vipers snapping in every direction.

Rippling Wind – Dimensional Decapitator! The sound of countless collisions could be heard, and space itself was destroyed.

“Boom.” Linley’s body retreated at high speed. He spat out a mouthful of bright red blood, which splattered into the air.

Not far from Linley, Olivier had also been sent flying by a sword.

“Ah!!!” Desri emitted a desolate, miserable cry.

From the corner of his eyes, Linley discovered, to his astonishment, that half of Desri’s body had been chopped off by an illusion-like saber. Desri only had his upper half of his body remaining, and a single hand. Even his right hand, which had been wielding his divine artifact, went tumbling down along with the rest of his body.

In but the first engagement, Linley’s side had been badly injured. “Hurry up.” The person who was in control of the scene, Ojwin, actually frowned in dissatisfaction.

Chapter 8, Downfall

The four Demigods under Ojwin’s leadership included Ojwin’s son. Having undergone so many training experiences in the Gebados Planar Prison for so long, each of them had power on par with Beaumont. How could Linley’s three-man alliance block the attacks of all four of them?

“The two of them are working together, while my ‘Hymn of the Wind’ is only capable of attacking one person at a time. The other person could take the opportunity to attack me.”
Linley understood this.

If he went all out, he might be able to kill one, but…
If he did so, the end result would instantly become disastrous.

“The most important thing right now is time. The later that Ojwin discovers the existence of the pocket dimension, the better. I hope Lord Beirut will make it in time. For now, what I need to do is delay as much as I can.” Linley immediately raised his speed to the utmost.


Linley, who relied upon the Profound Truths of Velocity to become a Deity, was far superior to the other two in terms of speed.

Linley was like the formless wind, constantly changing locations, dodging past the attacks of those two Deities time and time again. Those two black-robed men were both growing a bit impatient. They were skilled in attacking, but in terms of speed, they were far inferior to Linley.

“He’s rather fast.” Ojwin said with a calm laugh.

Linley instantly felt the restrictive power of the space around him grow in strength. Ojwin was clearly using his full-power Godrealm to bind Linley. Although Linley was skilled in speed, right now…he was restricted by the Godrealm. All he could do was rely on his own Godrealm, but even so, his speed was a hint lower than those two black-robed men.

“Haha, I want to see how you can keep dodging!!!” The sound rang out in Linley’s mind. It came from one of those two black- robed men. Just then, they had naturally been enraged by Linley taking advantage of his greater speed. Right now, Linley was being restricted by the Godrealm, but they were not.

Their speed was now faster than Linley’s.

Two blurs pincer-attacked Linley.

“Lord Beirut, why haven’t you arrived yet!!!”  Linley’s heart was filled with grief and fury, but then Linley noticed something which astonished him.

The heavily wounded divine body of Desri was rapidly healing, but the power of that silver-robed man with the long blade was far superior to his, able to take even Desri’s spiritual attack head on. In terms of speed, he was actually slightly superior to Desri. 
A miserable scream. Desri had just been hit by three successive blades.

The first blade chop had split Desri in half. The second blade, Desri had managed to take without dying. But this third blade…
“Clang!” That cold, dark long blade chopped directly through Desri’s brain, smashing against Desri’s divine spark, which was flickering with white light. The power of that long blade landing against the divine spark was so great that the divine spark shuddered…and Desri’s soul was shattered.

His soul was shattered, his spirit dispersed!

“Dead!” Both Linley and Olivier felt a surge of grief in their hearts.

Although Desri’s original body was still within the pocket dimension, the death of his divine clone meant…that Desri would never again be able to train in the Elemental Laws of Light. At the same time, Desri’s five thousand years of hard work had just been destroyed.

If he wanted to become a Deity on his own again, he would have to begin training in a different Elemental Law.

“Will this scene be my end as well?”  Linley felt grief in his heart. Desri’s miserable scream continued to reverberate in his ears.

From Linley’s lips exploded forth an uncompromising, fierce, enraged howl. The devilish Bloodviolet filled the world with a humming sword song, and within Linley’s eyes, a hint of wildness appeared. At this moment, he didn’t care about anything else. Even if he was to die, he would kill one or two of them as well.

The Hymn of the Wind was unleashed!

“DIE!!!” Olivier also emitted a similar howl from the depths of his heart.

In that moment, both Linley and Olivier had gone mad.


In the same moment, within the pocket dimension.

There were many people present, including the five Barker brothers and their family, Delia, Wharton, Hillman, and dozens of others. Linley’s original body and Desri’s original body were present as well. The face of Desri original body turned utterly pale, and his eyes became filled with utter sorrow.

“Haha…” Desri let out a low laugh.

Five thousand years of painstaking training. But in this instant, it was now guaranteed that he would never again be able to become a Deity through the Elemental Laws of Light.

“Everyone,  quickly.”   The  sky-blue  robed  Linley  shouted towards everyone. “Quick, everyone, split up. Everyone go flee in a different direction. That Ojwin can’t be using his divine sense to pay attention to the underground at every single instant.” Linley was out of choices.

Beirut hadn’t arrived.

Linley couldn’t place all of his hopes on Beirut’s shoulders. “Desri, as long as your original body remains, at least you’ll be  able  to  train  in  other  Elemental  Laws.  Quick,  let’s  go.” Linley charged to the doorway of the pocket dimension and used his divine power to block the attacking energy flows at the dimensional gateway.

The dozens of people who had squeezed into the pocket dimension all felt nervous.

“Linley.” Delia said hurriedly.

“Leave,  quickly.  Don’t  hesitate.”   Linley  directly  grabbed Gates’ son, pulling him out of the pocket dimension. Everyone, knowing how grave the situation had become, quickly fled from the pocket dimension, and then began to tunnel through the ground in every which way.


Bloodviolet shuddered, emitting that humming sword sound, as gentle and soft as a flute’s song. The flute song, under Linley’s control, directly emanated towards the two black- robed men, as well as that golden-haired youth who was battling Olivier.

Both the golden haired youth and the two black-robed men, in this moment, felt as though the entire world had gone silent, aside from that soft, gentle flute song. It was so pleasing to the ear.

A blood-red illusionary sword shot out from Bloodviolet, shooting directly into the mind of one of those two black-robed me. The black robed man’s spiritual energy was in a state of relaxation, and only when the illusory blood-red sword shot into his spiritual energy did he suddenly come to his sense.

However, it was too late.

The blood-red sword image pierced directly into his divine spark, the stabbing blow shattering his soul and dispersing his spirit. 
Profound Truths of the Wind – Hymn of the Wind!

Although slow to describe, the Hymn of the Wind technique was executed in but an instant. But to Ojwin, that instant was an instant of disaster.

“NO!!!!” Ojwin’s eyes suddenly turned around.

Linley had exploded forth with his full power, while Olivier had done the same! Linley had utilized his ‘Hymn of the Wind’, while Olivier, despite badly injuring himself, had once again released that black and white sword-flash that had shattered the Great Botha Levee. For the gold-haired youth, the worst part of it was…
Just before Olivier’s attack, he had been affected by Bloodviolet’s humming sword song.

“BOOM!” The mystic icesword’s full-strength blow chopped down onto the golden-haired youth’s warblade. The power of this attack of Olivier’s was simply too incredible. It actually caused the warblade to smash back down upon the golden-haired youth, while at the same time, that black and white sword-flash also chopped down, descending towards the golden-haired youth’s head.

“Aaaah!” A fierce, miserable cry rang out.

His head was split in half, and that divine spark was chopped directly onto by the black and white sword-flash. The soul within the divine spark trembled, then shattered.

“No, Kingsley [Jin’si’li], no!”  The black-robed man’s death, Ojwin didn’t care about. But this golden-haired youngster, Kingsley, was Ojwin’s one and only son. Generally, when training his son, Ojwin would let his son engage in some true life and death battles. Only through this sort of training was his son truly be able to grow and develop. In this battle, his son was only dealing with someone who had just reached the Deity-level. Ojwin didn’t know how powerful Olivier was. He was only worried about Linley, but hadn’t paid Olivier any mind.

Ojwin hadn’t paid him any mind, but who would have thought…
Ojwin’s most dearly beloved, only son, whom he had loved as much as life itself for countless years. He had died, just like that!

“Die!!!!”  No matter how calm and unflappable he normally was, at this moment, even Ojwin had gone utterly mad. The fierce-faced Ojwin’s body surged with divine power. The strength of his Godrealm suddenly raised to the maximum, like countless surging waves, surrounding everyone present.

At the same time, Ojwin transformed into a ray of white light, charging straight towards Olivier, a greatsword appearing in his hands. The already badly-injured Olivier wasn’t able to resist at all.

Olivier instantly split apart into his two divine bodies, the divine light clone and the divine darkness clone, but both divine clones were heavily wounded. Olivier didn’t have the chance to escape at all.

“Aaaaaaargh!”    Ojwin   howled   savagely,   his   greatsword chopping down with a power that contained untold profundities!

A devilish violet light flashed…
Linley’s badly injured body was smashed flying back, but then he was once again frozen in mid-air by the restriction of the Godrealm. Just then, he had killed a black-robed man, but had his arm chopped off by the other, furious black-robed man. Realizing what danger Olivier was in, Linley had hurried over frantically, helping Olivier to receive that blow. A massive wound had appeared in his chest, however, and fresh blood splattered everywhere. Linley immediately summoned the divine power in his body to heal himself.

“Thank  you.”  Olivier’s  two  divine  clones  both  looked  at Linley.

“Why thank me? All I did was delay our deaths by a moment.”  Linley and Olivier’s eyes were filled with the same bitter laugh and grief.

They couldn’t resist any longer!

In the face of that enraged, maddened Ojwin, both Linley and Olivier had somewhat given in to despair.

That sword blow just now had included a spiritual attack element. Linley, relying upon his damaged Sovereign artifact as well as his spiritual Pulseguard Defense, had just barely managed to withstand that blow. But despite that…Linley’s spiritual energy had just become all but used up.

He wouldn’t even be able to use the Hymn of the Wind a single extra time.

“I will destroy and shatter your souls!” Ojwin, filled with the utmost of grief, roared in fury as he swept out with that greatsword in his hands.

A furious, earth-shaking roar suddenly rang out, and an invisible ripple shot out like a bullet towards Ojwin. Ojwin, greatly shocked, could sense the power of this sudden attack. “Where did this attack come from?!” At the same time, Ojwin hurriedly wielded his sword to counter-attack.

“BOOM!”   Ojwin’s  body  was  knocked  backwards,  and  he continued to retreat. 
In mid-air, there was an enormous rainbow-colored, lion-like creature hovering there. In the middle of the lion’s forehead, there was a third eye. The enormous lion transformed, reforming into a devilish young man who wore a long, golden robe.

It was Dylin!

“Dylin!”  Linley and Olivier’s eyes were filled with a look of surprise and joy.

Ojwin, having suffered that spiritual energy attack, had his Godrealm disrupted. The two Olivier’s fused with each other once more, and Linley and Olivier both flew straight towards Dylin at high speed.

“Don’t  think  of  escaping.”   Ojwin’s  gaze  was  completely focused on Olivier right now. His eyes were filled with boundless killing intent, while at the same time, he charged towards Olivier, ignoring everything else. Dylin’s face turned slightly colder, and that third eye of his opened… An invisible ripple once more surged forth.

Ojwin let out a low growl, allowing the invisible ripple to strike against his body. He only paused for a moment, before his speed picked up once again.

Dylin had broken through and reached the God level, but… Dylin was only an early stage God. Compared to Ojwin, there was still some difference between the two in power. If it weren’t for him relying on his innate gifts, Dylin’s earlier attack would have found it quite difficult to force Ojwin to retreat.

“Huh?” Ojwin turned to look towards another side in astonishment.

Dozens of rays of black light had shot out towards Ojwin from that far away in that direction. This time, Ojwin didn’t dare to take it head on, immediately trying to dodge at high speed. However, those dozens of rays of black light curved after him, and so Ojwin had to use his greatsword to block every single one of those rays of black light.

A human figured appeared next to Dylin.

It was a devilish youngster with long green hair.

“Dylin, you ‘Heaven Devouring Beast’, you really live up to the title of being a ‘divine beast’. In your true form, your speed truly is astonishing. Even I couldn’t catch up to you.” The green haired youngster laughed.

“Tarosse,  enough  chitchat.  This  fellow’s  power  is  rather high. We’ll rely on your power now.” Dylin said with a cold face. “Don’t end up being beaten and losing face.”
“How could I?” Tarosse looked at Ojwin.

Ojwin was staring coldly at the two of them. “Gentlemen, I just want to kill that kid with black and white hair. As for Linley, I can spare him. Gentlemen…don’t interfere.”  Ojwin had sensed the threat which these two experts posed.

Chapter 9, Timely

Hearing Ojwin mention himself, Linley couldn’t help but sneer to himself.

Just then, when he wanted to kill them, Ojwin hadn’t shown any mercy. Even Desri’s divine clone had been destroyed! But now, he said that he didn’t want to kill Linley, just Olivier? Clearly, he was somewhat afraid of Tarosse and Dylin.

“You  want  to  kill  Olivier  but  not  kill  Linley?”   Dylin deliberately paused for a moment.

Towards Olivier, Dylin didn’t feel too much affection. But Linley was different. Originally, his escape with the three Six- Eyed Golden Ni-Lions to the Yulan Plane was partially due to Linley. In the Necropolis of the Gods, Linley had saved his son yet again. Most importantly, Linley had given him a divine spark without asking for anything in return.

Dylin naturally had to protect Linley. “This Olivier doesn’t have anything to do with me.” Tarosse laughed merrily as he looked at Ojwin.

Ojwin relaxed.

“But what does that have to do with my decision as to whether I want to interfere or not?” Tarosse said with a wicked laugh. “You ask me not to interfere, and thus I won’t interfere? If others heard this story, they’d think that I, Tarosse, was afraid of you. If you know what’s good for you, you’d best hurry up and f*ck off. I can spare your life this once. Otherwise, well…”
Tarosse stretched out a single hand. Within it, a long, green whip appeared. This long green whip looked just like a green snake, and it naturally emitted a frigid aura. Even the air around it seemed to have been somewhat frozen. Tarosse casually snapped the long whip, emitting a clear cracking sound.

“Are you going to leave? Or do you want me to make you leave?” Tarosse didn’t view Ojwin with any respect at all. 
Ojwin swept Tarosse and Dylin with his gaze, before staring at Olivier. His eyes seemed to want to devour Olivier alive.

Ojwin paused a moment.

“Fine. Since that’s the case, I’ll give you two face. I…” Ojwin said, but suddenly, the fingers of his right hand swept towards Olivier, and a white beam of light suddenly split the air, causing space to begin to fold. The white light shot directly towards the nearby Olivier.

“Crackle…”   Wherever  the  light  from  his  fingers  passed through, space began to emit a rumbling, crackling sound.

The speed of this light was extremely fast.

“Hrmph.” Tarosse narrowed his eyes, letting out a cold, disdainful snort. “Whap!”  That  long  green  whip  struck  out  like  a  serpent, while at the same time elongating from the original length of three or four meters to thirty to forty meters. The thickness of the whip was like that of the tail of a giant python, and it struck directly against that ray of light. Faintly emitting a
green light, it circled around that white light, dispersing it.

“Lord Tarosse, thank you.” Olivier said in a low voice. Olivier knew when to be grateful to someone.

However, Olivier also knew that he didn’t have much of a relationship with Tarosse and Dylin. The reason why they were willing to help was for Linley’s sake.

Olivier looked at the nearby Linley.

Linley grinned at him. “Olivier, since Lord Tarosse is willing to act, we won’t have any more problems today.”
“But of course. I’m Lord Tarosse, you know.” Lord Tarosse laughed loudly and delightedly, while at the same time, he continued to snap his long green whip out. His body was floating and flashing about like a shadow, casually engaging in blows and counter-blows with Ojwin.

Ojwin, after a short testing period, became certain that this Tarosse was a powerful combatant even amongst Gods.

Given Ojwin’s cautious nature of never engaging in something he wasn’t confident in achieving, he normally would never engage in a fight with Tarosse like this. However… his son had died. Throughout these countless years, aside from his goal of reaching the peak of training and increasing his strength, his highest priority was raising his son.

Ojwin’s son was the reason for his existence.

“Tarosse, you are forcing me to do this!!!” Ojwin’s face slowly grew ferocious.

“What is it? If you have some powerful techniques, bring’m out!” Tarosse flew high into the air, while Ojwin chased after him. Once these two Gods really went all out, the shockwaves from their attacks would reach and harm Linley and the others. It might be enough to cause Linley to be badly injured, or even die.

Ojwin’s subordinates.

“You can go for now.” Ojwin’s voice rang out in the minds of those two lucky survivors. Four Demigods. Ojwin’s son and the black-robed man had both died, thanks to Linley and Olivier. Only two remained.

“The situation is bad. Let’s leave, quickly.”  The two lucky Demigod survivors glanced at each other, then immediately fled at high speed per Ojwin’s orders.

Linley, Olivier, and Dylin were still paying close attention to the battle between those two Gods in mid-air.

“Hey, they fled.” Dylin was the first to notice. “Where’d they go?”  Only now did Linley realize that those two Demigods had disappeared into the horizon.

Linley’s face was extremely ugly to behold. He said frantically, “Desri’s divine spark! Desri’s divine spark is being held by that silver-robed man.” Once the divine clone was destroyed, the original body wouldn’t be able to be gifted by heaven with yet another light-style divine spark.

The original body could still fuse with that light-style divine spark yet again.

The original body would be able to fuse it extremely quickly, allowing him to soon return to his full level of strength. But…if he did this, Desri would never be able to train in any other Laws again.

“Oh? No rush.”  Dylin suddenly moved, intending to charge after that silver-robed man. 
In mid-air, a fiery red human figure suddenly came out from Ojwin’s body. This fiery red body was actually wielding a fiery red lance, and it stabbed directly at Dylin. Dylin immediately became entangled by the fiery red figure, and wasn’t able to shake him off right away.

“This Ojwin has two bodies!” Linley was greatly astonished.

Linley and Olivier exchanged glances, their eyes filled with shock. Ojwin didn’t just have a divine light clone; he also had a divine fire clone. The two divine clones battled against Dylin and Tarosse, and for now they fought to a standstill.

Ojwin’s strength truly was astonishing.

Although Linley wanted to chase after that silver-robed man, after having executed the ‘Hymn of the Wind’, then helped Olivier block Ojwin’s killing strike, Linley’s spiritual energy had been almost completely used up. Even his soul had been shaken.

Actually, Linley had enough spiritual energy to utilize the ‘Hymn of the Wind’ twice, with some energy left over.

But the thing was, Olivier had killed Ojwin’s son, and Ojwin had naturally gone crazy.

That attack of his had truly been too vicious. Fortunately, Linley had that damaged Sovereign artifact, which allowed him to just barely take the blow without dying.

“Desri’s  divine  spark.”  Linley  felt  helpless.  He  wanted  to chase, but he didn’t have any confidence in being able to overcome that silver-robed man.

Linley still clearly remembered the scene of that silver-robed man killing Desri. That illusionary blade blow…it was too powerful. Linley had the feeling that the silver-robed man was most likely the most powerful of the four experts Ojwin originally commanded. 
“With Tarosse and Dylin joining forces, it shouldn’t be too much of a problem for them to deal with Ojwin.”
In terms of spiritual strength, Linley’s divine clone was far inferior to his original body’s. After all, his original body had fused twenty million soul essences.

Linley’s original body had already stopped fleeing.

Linley’s original body stretched out his divine sense. During this short period of time, even Saints had only flown less than a thousand kilometers. Linley’s divine sense instantly located every single fleeing family member and friend. “Everyone. The danger has passed. Everyone, come back to Dragonblood Castle.”
The members of Dragonblood Castle who had been fleeing, mentally agonized, instantly felt great joy upon hearing Linley’s divine sense message. All of them hurriedly returned.

In the air above Dragonblood Castle. Tarosse and Ojwin had begun to go all out.

“Just this little bit of power you have, haha…” Tarosse’s loud laughter rang out.

“Whooooosh.”  Tarosse’  long green whip coiled about like a serpent, while at the same time, the temperature of the surrounding area dropped dramatically, and one blue crystal after another appeared out of nowhere. They hovered in mid- air in an area of several square kilometers. Under the light of the sun, they seemed so beautiful.

Within an area of several square kilometers, the surrounding water elemental essences had come under Tarosse’s control.

Ojwin’s face changed. Instantly, his entire body began to emit a dazzling, holy light, and the greatsword in his hands, covered by that holy light, began to tremble slightly.

In the area around the greatsword, tiny, thread-like fractures in space could be seen.

“Hrmph.” Tarosse sneered coldly. An invisible ripple surged forth from his head and was directly absorbed by each of those blue ice crystals.

“Crackle…”  Every single hovering blue ice crystal began to emit a blue light. The rays of blue light emanating from those blue ice crystals connected with each other, and each time the rays of light intersected, the power grew greater, until finally… they all came together at one point.

“Shatter!”  Ojwin could tell that the situation was dire. He immediately chopped down with his sword towards one of the ice crystals. “Bang!” The ice crystal shattered. But then, in the blink of an eye, yet another ice crystal formed. This amazing formation wasn’t impacted whatsoever.

“Crunch!”  At the center of the intersecting energy streams, one of the blue ice crystals suddenly emitted a ray of black light.

The target was Ojwin.

Ojwin let out a low growl from his throat. A white horn began to slowly emerge from his forehead, while at the same time, Ojwin delivered a full-strength sword chop towards the ray of black light shooting towards him. The greatsword and the ray of black light collided head-on.

The ray of black light shattered.

“Bang!” Ojwin vomited out a mouthful of fresh blood. With a ‘crunch’, even the bones in his arms shattered. Ojwin stared viciously at Tarosse, then immediately transformed into a ray of light, streaking towards the western horizon. Even the fiery red form which had been entangling Dylin fused back into Ojwin, who instantly disappeared into the western horizon.

“Olivier.  I,  Ojwin,  swear  that  I  will  definitely  kill  you!!!” Ojwin’s angry roar shook the air above Dragonblood Castle.

Seeing Ojwin retreat, Linley and Olivier both let out a sigh of relief.

Tarosse and Dylin flew over.

“Where  does  this  Ojwin  come  from?  He  really  is  quite powerful. If he were to fight against me alone using all his strength, I probably would at most be able to fight him to a draw.” Tarosse sighed in approval. Tarosse had also realized that this Ojwin actually had a second divine God clone.

Dylin nodded slightly as well. 
“But that divine fire clone clearly isn’t as strong as his divine light  clone.”  Dylin  sighed.  “When  fighting  against  me,  that divine fire clone was only able to entangle me. A pity. I just reached the God level. I am not yet capable of utilizing God- level Laws to maximum effectiveness.”
Upon reaching a certain level of enlightenment, one would become a God.

But more insights alone didn’t represent that one had become better at using them.

“Two divine clones, both at the God level. This Ojwin is very hard to deal against.” Linley felt that this was a rather thorny problem as well.

“Two divine clones being at the God level isn’t all that special.” Tarosse shook his head disdainfully. “Upon becoming a Deity through one’s own power, the first divine clone can naturally reach the God level. As for the original body…it can go find a divine spark and just go fuse it. This Ojwin should have been in the Gebados Planar Prison for a long time. First, he would let his original body reach the Demigod level. Most likely, he was lucky and was able to acquire a divine God spark. That gives him two divine God clones, as easy as that.”
While they chatted, multiple figures suddenly flew over. It was the cold and grim War God ‘O’Brien’, the High Priest ‘Catherine’, and Cesar.

“Linley, congratulations.” The War God’s serious, rocky face squeezed out a smile.

Seeing the War God, Linley sighed in his heart.

“War God. Do you already know about what happened in your O’Brien Empire?” Linley asked.

“I know a bit. I don’t know the specifics yet.” The War God shook his head. “I didn’t expect that as soon as I left the Necropolis of the Gods, I would have received such terrible news.” “Oh, right. I didn’t have the chance to ask yet. How did so many experts suddenly escape from the Gebados Planar Prison?” Dylin asked puzzledly. “Even that area I fled from in the Mountain Range of Magical Beasts was just a weak spot in the walls of reality. It was very hard to find.”
“It was me.”
Olivier spoke up. “I did it accidentally. I opened that interdimensional gateway by accident.”
“You opened the interdimensional gateway?” Dylin, the War God, and the rest were all greatly shocked.

The weak spot in the walls of the reality was just a long, large crack which occasionally would release a few drops of water. But opening the interdimensional gateway was akin to a massive landslide that would release a flood of water, releasing an astonishingly high number of experts. “Hey?” Linley looked at Dylin in confusion. “Lord Dylin, how did you know that we were in danger?”
Linley could tell that Dylin had transformed into his true form to hurry over here. Even Tarosse had been slightly slower than Dylin, while the Demigods like the War God, the High Priest, and Cesar had been much slower. They had only arrived after the battle was over.

Chapter 10, Foundation

“It was Lord Beirut who informed us.” Dylin replied.

The  War  God  also  spoke.  “When  we  returned  from  the Necropolis of the Gods to the Yulan Plane, soon after we entered the Yulan continent, Lord Beirut suddenly said…that you, Linley were in danger. He said that if Dylin and Tarosse hurried over, they might be able to rescue you in time.”
Dylin and Tarosse both nodded slightly.

“If you had been just a bit slower, Dylin, things really would have gotten quite dangerous.” Tarosse sighed.

Dylin laughed, “Dangerous, how? I expect that Lord Beirut arrived here long before we did. Most likely, at the most critical, dangerous moment, if we hadn’t arrived yet, Lord Beirut would have helped rescue Linley.” “Lord Beirut?”  Tarosse frowned. “Most likely, Lord Beirut wouldn’t even care if every single human on the Yulan continent died. Would he necessarily save Linley? I find it quite surprising that he even warned us.”
Tarosse had a very clear memory of Beirut’s ruthless viciousness.

“Not necessarily so.” Dylin didn’t share the same opinion.

“So that’s how it all went down.” Linley secretly sighed. No wonder after he had mentally reached out to Bebe, Bebe hadn’t told him if Beirut would be able to come…so Beirut had gone to the Necropolis of the Gods and wasn’t even in the Forest of Darkness.

Nobody noticed…
A few kilometers away from Dragonblood Castle, a translucent human figure was hovering in mid-air, absorbing all the sunlight which shone down on him. When something absorbed all light, then it naturally would become invisible. 
“That kid, Tarosse.”
The invisible man snorted self-mockingly. “It seems the actions that I took during the Apocalypse Wars all those years ago had truly terrified him. He really thinks I’m as ruthless and as vicious as that?” And then, the translucent person disappeared.

At the borders of the Forest of Darkness.

“Bebe,  don’t  go.  You  won’t  be  of  any  use  at  Dragonblood Castle. Can you beat a full God?” The three Violet-Gold Rat Kings were persuading Bebe, but Bebe had made up his mind. He hurriedly flew towards the south, his heart filled with panic.

But just at this moment.

“Bebe, I’m fine.” Linley’s voice rang out in Bebe’s mind. 
“Boss.” Bebe instantly halted, overjoyed.

The three nearby Violet-Gold Rat Kings were extremely mystified as Bebe halted in mid-air and spoke spiritually with Linley. Only after a long while did the conversation end. “Boss, I’m heading to your place right now.” Bebe truly wanted to see Linley right now. Nobody could stop him.

“Bebe…” A gravelly voice rang out.

Bebe raised his head, his beady little eyes instantly filling with a hint of unhappiness. “Grandpa Beirut, you only came back now.”
“Lord Father.” The three Violet-Gold Rat Kings behaved very properly.

Beirut smiled as he reached out, wanting to hug Bebe. “Bebe, come here.” But Bebe dodged aside. “Hmph. Grandpa Beirut, I learned from the Boss that you knew that the Boss was in trouble. Why didn’t you personally intervene? If you personally intervened, that Ojwin bastard would have died, no question about it.”
Bebe was extremely dissatisfied.

Ojwin had nearly killed Linley.

In Bebe’s mind, although Beirut made him feel extremely proud and he truly liked his Grandpa Beirut very much, to Bebe, nobody was more important than Linley, who had grown up along with him since they were children. In much the same way, in Linley’s heart, Bebe was also extremely important.

How many years had Linley and Bebe travelled alone, just the two of them?

A human youth with no parents, and a magical beast with no parents. They had joked with each other, adventured together, and slowly grown up together. The bond between them was tough and unbreakable. 
“Bebe. Me, personally kill that Ojwin?” Beirut laughed with resignation. “I can’t personally get involved in everything, right? As for killing Ojwin and getting revenge, it’s best to let Linley handle that. It’s enough for me to save his life.”
“It was Tarosse and Dylin who saved my Boss’  life.”  Bebe turned his head around unhappily, ignoring Beirut.

Staring at Bebe, Beirut didn’t know what to say.

He, Beirut, was an extremely famous person, even amongst the high-level figures of the countless planes of the multiverse. His ruthless and viciousness was the stuff of legend. Even towards his own children, Beirut could be ruthless. But… towards Bebe, Beirut’s heart was filled with doting love.

It was much like how parents could be stern with their children, but would be indulgent towards their grandchildren. Beirut was exceedingly strict with his children, but meeting this descendant of his Beirut clan, Bebe, the second Godeater Rat to ever exist in the countless planes of the multiverse, he simply couldn’t be strict.

“Tarosse and Dylin?” Beirut shook his head. “Bebe, actually, I already arrived at Dragonblood Castle long before they did, traveling at high speed. If they hadn’t been able to make it in time, I would have intervened.” Beirut coaxed Bebe, as though he were coaxing a little child.

Bebe looked somewhat suspiciously at Beirut. “Truly?”
“Of course it’s true. Since when has Grandpa ever lied to you?” Beirut’s smile was so very benevolent.

Bebe immediately began to grin.

“Right, Grandpa Beirut, I want to pay a visit to Dragonblood Castle.” Bebe immediately said. “Fine.” Beirut beamed at him. “You should go take a look, but Bebe, you need to remember that you are very close to your final transformation and reaching adulthood. After making a visit, come back quickly.” Beirut instructed him solemnly.

“Got it, Grandpa Beirut.” Bebe replied.

“Harry, go alongside Bebe.” Beirut instructed, not entirely at ease.

“Yes, Lord Father.” The Violet-Gold Rat King, Harry, said.

“Grandpa Beirut, Harry doesn’t have to come, right. If I meet with any Deities that come to act against me, Harry won’t be able to protect me.” This is what Bebe said, because as Bebe saw it, the Violet-Gold Rat King, Harry, was nothing more than a Saint-level magical beast.

Hearing this, Harry couldn’t help but exchange glances with his two brothers, the other two Violet-Gold Rat Kings, Hart and Harvey. 
“Harry, go with him.” Beirut couldn’t be bothered to say much more.

And then, Bebe and Harry headed off towards Dragonblood Castle together.
To the War God and the High Priest, the sudden descent of so many experts into the Yulan continent was an extremely disastrous piece of news. Still, they were forced to accept it. Linley, Olivier, Dylin, Tarosse, Cesar, the War God, the High Priest…this group of people were clustered together in the main hall of Dragonblood Castle.

Just as they were chatting amongst each other…
“Whoosh!” A human figure suddenly flew over at high speed.
It was Fain.

Just now, because of Ojwin’s arrival, Linley had ordered his family and friends to immediately flee in every direction. Now, they were slowly making their way back. The first one to arrive was Fain. When Fain landed in the main hall, he saw the War God, O’Brien, and was instantly stunned.

“Bang!” Fain’s knees crashed to the ground.

“Master!”  Fain’s  eyes  were  already  filled  with  tears.  “My fellow disciples are all dead, and the honorary disciples are dead as well. The entire War God Mountain has been destroyed! Your disciple has failed Master’s trust!” Fain sobbed bitterly. The pain he felt in his heart, upon seeing his master, the War God, completely burst out.

The War God hurriedly moved towards him, personally raising his first disciple to his feet.

“Fain, this has nothing to do with you. Nothing to do with you.” The War God let out a single sigh.

War God Mountain had held all of his life’s work, but with so many Deities having descended, he understood…that his disciple, Fain, merely a Prime Saint, didn’t have any chance to defend at all.

“Master!!!”  From  mid-air,  multiple  human  figures  flashed forward. It was Dixie and the others.

Dixie and the others also directly knelt down before the High Priest.

“Rise,  all  of  you.”  The  High  Priest  said  with  a  sigh.  Her situation was actually much better than the War God’s, because the people who had taken over the Yulan Empire had attacked the imperial palace. In addition, the disciples of the High Priest weren’t centered on any particular location, and so only the two who were in the imperial palace had died.

Most of the High Priest’s disciples were still alive.

However…the Yulan Empire which the High Priest had guarded for ten thousand years had been taken over. Many people hurried over, one after the other, including Linley’s original body, which directly merged into his divine clone.

“Linley.”  As soon as she came back, Delia embraced Linley, feeling  worried  for  him.  “You  are  okay.  That’s  wonderful.” Delia’s eyes were filled with unshed tears. When Ojwin had arrived, all of them had been forced to hide in that pocket dimension.

Afterwards, they had fled in every direction.

Linley’s original body was worried that the enemy would focus on his aura and focus on seizing him, so he hadn’t permitted any others to flee with him in the same direction.

At that time, everyone’s heart was filled with terror. But now, everyone could set their minds at ease.

“Everything is fine now.”  Linley felt somewhat relaxed as well. 
Before this, an enormous weight had been crushing down upon Linley, who had been the only one to bear it. But now, Dylin and Tarosse had come. With the two of them….unless that Lord Adkins personally acted against them, Linley’s side was now more than capable of protecting themselves, at least.

“Linley, do you know who it was that destroyed my War God Mountain?” The War God looked at Linley.

The War God’s eyes held a trace of an unwillingness to accept this.

Linley sighed as he spoke. “War God, forget it. The people who destroyed your War God Mountain and took over the O’Brien Empire are an extremely powerful force. Their leader is a Highgod. His name is ‘Adkins’.”  Ever since learning that Adkins was a Highgod, he had never again entertained the notion of the War God seizing back the O’Brien Empire.

“Adkins!!!” Dylin let out a shocked cry. Having stayed in the Gebados Planar Prison, Dylin knew how terrifying Adkins was.

“Highgod?” Tarosse, Cesar, the War God, the High Priest, and the others all had changed looks on their faces. It was already very hard to go from being a Demigod to a full God, but the difficult level of advancing from God to Highgod was even more ridiculous. To them, a Highgod was invincible.

After all…
Sovereigns wouldn’t pay attention to ordinary Deities. Sovereigns couldn’t be bothered to act against them, and so Highgods naturally became the top of the mountain.

“So Adkins made it out as well. That makes sense. He belongs to Bluefire City.” Dylin let out an emotional sigh. “Who knows if Lord Bluefire was able to flee out as well.” Dylin also knew of the terrifying power of ‘Bluefire’, one of the five great Kings.

A King amongst the most powerful of Highgods! 
Although Adkins was powerful, in front of Bluefire, he had to lower his noble head and submit to him.

“Haha…” The War God laughed self-mockingly. “So a Highgod is actually interested in occupying my O’Brien Empire.”  The War God’s laughed contained helplessness in it. Although the War God had made improvements in the Necropolis of the Gods, he was still just a Demigod.

“Linley, do you know who took over my Yulan Empire?” The High Priest’s gentle voice rang out.

Linley still remembered what Muba had told him. He immediately replied, “High Priest, the person who destroyed the imperial palace of the Yulan Empire and took it over was a full God named Oerph.”
“A full God?” The High Priest frowned. Everyone present had improved over the course of this trip to the Necropolis of the Gods, and Dylin had broken through from peak Demigod level and entered the God level. The High Priest had been lucky enough to acquire a single ‘God-level divine spark’. As for Cesar and the War God, although they hadn’t acquired divine sparks, they had acquired divine artifacts.

“A God who was able to survive in the Gebados Planar Prison is no ordinary God.” Dylin said with a frown. “I imagine that for now, it’s best for us to not make too many enemies. For now, let’s make this Baruch Empire our base. Together, at least we’ll be able to protect our foundation, the Baruch Empire.”
The War God and the High Priest hesitated for a moment, then nodded as well.

Chapter 11, Desri’s Divine Spark

Linley and the others understood one point; if one wanted to occupy a large territory, one had to have an equivalent amount of power!

The side occupying the Yulan Empire was led by a full God, Oerph. However, how many Gods did Oerph’s side have? Was it just Oerph? For now, they couldn’t be sure.

It must be known that the Yulan Empire, in size and population, vastly exceeded that of the Baruch Empire.

The Yulan Empire and O’Brien Empire remained the two largest empires of the Yulan continent.

Oerph’s side definitely was not weaker than Ojwin’s, for them to dare take over the Yulan Empire. Even Ojwin had two divine God clones and was able to fight Tarosse to a standstill. How could Linley’s side dare to go irritate that Oerph? “Catherine, for now, hurry up and fuse that God-level divine spark.”  Tarosse instructed. “Dylin, you need to train hard as well and gain insights on how to apply the Laws in your attacks, so as to raise your combat ability in a short period of time.”
The High Priest and Dylin both nodded.

“Lord Beirut just opened the Necropolis of the Gods. He shouldn’t open it again in the near future, therefore…the current situation with many Deities causing chaos will continue here in the Yulan continent for a fairly long period of time.” Tarosse said. “As for us, what we need to do is to quietly train. If others don’t bother us, we won’t bother them. If others do want to deal with us though, then we don’t need to be merciful to them either.”
Tarosse’s eyes had a cold look flash past them.

“Enough. I’m going to pay a visit to the imperial capital of the Baruch Empire. If Ojwin is there, I’ll kick him out.” Tarosse said. Actually, during their battle just now, Tarosse hadn’t used his full force. 
After all, for Tarosse to be capable of becoming the controller of the lower eleven floors of the Necropolis of the Gods meant that Tarosse had extraordinary abilities of his own.

“Lord Tarosse, I’m worried about one thing.” Linley spoke out.

“Speak.” Tarosse laughed as he looked at Linley.

Linley frowned. “Will that Adkins charge over to kill us at this place?”  After having experienced Ojwin’s attack, Linley began to worry. Originally, he thought that Ojwin, having taken over his Empire, wouldn’t attack Dragonblood Castle.

After all, Linley had never attacked him.

Who would have imagined that Ojwin had indeed attacked. This caused Linley to worry that one day, if Adkins had the desire, he too would come to deal with them. That would be terrible. 
“Don’t worry.”  Dylin laughed. “Linley, Highgods have their own pride. If you don’t go irritate a Highgod, a Highgod generally won’t lower themselves to deal with you. Generally speaking, even full Gods won’t lower themselves to deal with you, much less Highgods.”
In the world of Deities, there was this custom; only Deities of the same level and status would fight each other.

For example, as long as a Demigod wasn’t so hotheaded as to go irritate a God, the God wouldn’t go kill him. But of course, if one violated the God’s will or irritated him somehow, the God wouldn’t show mercy either.

For example, Beirut had given the order that Deities and Saints were not permitted to engage in slaughter or cause destruction in the Eighteen Northern Duchies. If Deities came over despite that, then Beirut would naturally reveal some of his power, like how he directly killed those Demigods with one palm slap! Highgods were definitely capable of killing Demigods with a single palm slap.

After all, the difference in power was enormous.

“That’s good.” Linley felt relieved as well.

At the same time, he thought back to the scene of how, when Ojwin had arrived, Ojwin hadn’t actively attacked him either. Clearly, he disdained from doing so, and instead had his subordinates attack…this was the situation in places where experts were common. For example, if two sides were engaging in warfare, the leaders would fight the leaders, while the soldiers would fight the soldiers.

“Tarosse,  be  careful  when  dealing  with  Ojwin.”   Dylin smirked. “Don’t end up getting beaten by Ojwin instead.”
“What a joke!” Tarosse immediately snickered. “What do you take me for? A new  God  like  you  who  is  easily  bullied?”   After  speaking, Tarosse gave Dylin no face at all, immediately flying out of Dragonblood Castle’s main hall and towards the imperial capital at high speed.

“Jerk.” Dylin cursed softly.

Linley looked at the experts nearby, a smile hovering on his face. Now that everyone was fine and that Dragonblood Castle returned to its normal tranquility, Linley felt a sense of contentment in his heart. He raised his head towards the sky, staring at it through main hall’s door. “Bebe is about to arrive!”

“Boss, how about, you come live with me in the Forest of Darkness?”   Bebe  suggested.  “Don’t  worry,  Grandpa  Beirut definitely won’t stop me from bringing you all over. When the time comes…you, me, and Taylor and the others will all live in the Forest of Darkness. I don’t think anyone would dare go to the Forest of Darkness.” This was Bebe’s idea!

After Ojwin’s attack, Bebe was beginning to worry as well.

“Don’t  worry.  There  are  no  longer  any  problems.”  Linley laughed. “Tarosse and Dylin have already arrived, and they are all full Gods. With them present…at least Gods aren’t able to threaten us now. As for that Adkins, as I see it, he has no reason to come deal with me, a Demigod.”
Bebe thought about it, then agreed that Linley made sense.

If Adkins wanted to kill Linley, even if Linley decided to live in the Forest of Darkness, Adkins could wait for when Beirut wasn’t present, then head over…in addition, would he, a Highgod, lower himself to deal with a Demigod?

“But I have to say, this time things really did get quite dangerous. It was an extremely close one.” Linley sighed with feeling. 
If it hadn’t been for Dylin acting at just the critical moment, himself and Olivier probably would have been finished.

“What was the danger?”  Bebe rebutted. “Actually, Grandpa Beirut arrived at Dragonblood Castle before they did. Only, my Grandpa Beirut couldn’t be bothered to act if not necessary. If Dylin and the others hadn’t made it in time, though, Grandpa Beirut definitely would have intervened.”
Linley couldn’t help but feel surprised.

“If Grandpa had not intervened at the critical moment, even in death I would no longer recognize him as my grandpa.” Bebe said somewhat angrily.

“Your Grandpa Beirut is also a Highgod after all, and I’ve heard that he is a Sovereign’s Emissary. Given his status…how could he so casually intervene?”  Linley spoke out on Beirut’s behalf. Bebe let out two sniffs, then no longer spoke. After all, Bebe still liked Grandpa Beirut very much. He could feel Beirut’s love for him.

But Bebe, having never met his parents, naturally was closest to Linley.

Linley secretly said to himself, “So Lord Beirut really did arrive early on. Only, he didn’t intervene…it seems that Lord Beirut simply watched as Desri’s divine clone perished.” Linley was beginning to understand.

Beirut was a very proud person.

Desri’s life and death, Olivier’s life and death, Beirut probably wouldn’t care about at all.

It was only because of Bebe that Beirut was somewhat willing to take care of Linley.

Within the Forest of Darkness. “I’ve told you to work hard on training in the Elemental Laws of the Earth, the Elemental Laws of Fire, and the Elemental Laws of Water, these three Laws. But you…if you keep acting like this, even after a hundred million years, you still won’t be able to become Highgods!”  Beirut stared at the two Violet-Gold Rat Kings in front of him.

The two Violet-Gold Rat Kings didn’t dare to make a sound.

“Alas. I suppose I can’t blame you.” Beirut shook his head and sighed. “You are more proficient in the Elemental Laws of the Wind and the Elemental Laws of Darkness. Training in the other three types of Laws, you are indeed too slow, too slow!”
“Father.”  One  of  the  two  Violet-Gold  Rat  Kings,  Harvey, spoke out. “I’ve trained for over a million years, but…I haven’t reached the Deity level in the earth, fire, or water elements. Honestly, I feel so tired when I train in them. It is completely different from when I train in the Laws of Darkness or the Elemental Laws of the Wind. It feels so relaxing when I train in those.”
“Forget it. Do what you want.” Beirut shook his head. “Actually, I already have many things.
I shouldn’t be so greedy.”
“That child, Bebe.” A hint of a resigned smile was on Beirut’s face. “In his heart, I’m not as important to him as that Linley. Hehe…he doesn’t realize that even if he didn’t ask me for help, just based on how Linley had taken care of him for so long, I wouldn’t just stand there and watch as Linley died. However, I have limits as to how much I can help him.”
Even someone as powerful as a Highgod wasn’t capable of teleportation.

For example, Beirut. Although his divine sense might tell him that tens of thousands of kilometers away, someone was trying to kill Linley, at such a distance, despite being fast, it would take him some time to get there. If he, Beirut, wasn’t able to make it in time…he would be helpless to act as Linley was killed. “Hart, Harvey, the two of you, as well as your older brother, Harry. I don’t want to say anything else. You can choose your own path. If you truly are unable to take the path that I have arranged for you, then you can do as you please. Only, don’t regret it in the future.”
“Yes, Father.”
Hart and Harvey exchanged glances, a hint of delight in their eyes.

Seeing this, Beirut couldn’t help but let out a sigh.

Sometimes, the road which the elders had arranged clearly was the correct one, but if the children such as Hart and Harvey didn’t like it, what could he do?

Dragonblood Castle. A human figure flew through the air at high speed, landing within Dragonblood Castle. Soon, under the guidance of a maid, the person was led to Linley’s training area.

“Oh, Miller. Come in.” Linley’s voice rang out from within the western gardens.

A few days ago, Tarosse had already forced Ojwin to retreat. Leading his subordinates, Ojwin had fled away from the borders of the Baruch Empire.

Tarosse, Dylin, the War God, and the others all lived in the east gardens. Dragonblood Castle was an extremely large place, and there was no problem at all finding places for people to live. With so many experts all in one place, even Ojwin didn’t dare come again. And although Olivier was very self-confident, he knew when to advance and when to retreat.

Now that Ojwin had sworn to kill him, Olivier naturally remained in Dragonblood Castle.

However… Desri did not. The day of the battle, Desri’s original body had fled with the others. Linley had also mentally spoken to him to return, but who would have imagined that although the others had returned, Desri hadn’t come back to Dragonblood Castle. He returned to his secret mountain village instead.

“Lord  Linley.”   Miller  immediately  bowed  upon  entering, then said urgently, “Lord Linley, please make a trip with me. Right now, Lord Desri is in very bad shape.”
“What’s wrong?” Linley frowned.

Miller laughed bitterly. “Ever since a few days ago, Lord Desri returned, then shut himself into his study and refused to allow anyone to disturb him. At the time, we all felt the look on Lord Desri’s face was off. Madame Pennslyn went to speak with him as well, but she was cursed out and force to leave by Lord Desri.”
“Cursed?” Linley was shocked. “Right. Lord Desri has a very good temper. He has never cursed the Madame before. In addition, the Madame also sensed that Lord Desri seems to be in very bad shape and is very frustrated.” Miller said hurriedly.

“Let’s go. I’ll make a trip with you.” Linley didn’t hesitate.

Linley hadn’t imagined that this setback would change Desri so much.

From his own perspective, if Linley had lost his divine wind clone, Linley wouldn’t be so explosive and despondent. He would just grit his teeth, then begin training in another Elemental Law. After all, at least he would have been alive.

Within the mountains. The mountain residence. Linley and Miller were walking together.

“Third Bro, you came.”  Seeing Linley, Reynolds revealed a hint of a smile. Reynolds was much more mature than he had been in the past as well. However, at present, Reynolds was still only an Arch Magus of the ninth rank. He hadn’t been able to make it into the Saint level yet.

“Linley, go take a look. Desri isn’t willing to see anyone right now. From the looks of it, he doesn’t seem to be training either. I don’t know what he’s thinking about.” Pennslyn walked over, a bitter smile on her face.

Linley nodded slightly.

Linley understood something. “It seems Desri hasn’t told his friends and family about the destruction of his divine clone yet.”  Under Pennsyln’s guidance, Linley immediately headed off, arriving in front of a closed study. The door to the study opened with a push. Seeing Desri seated cross-legged there, Linley was very shocked.

Was this the same graceful, refined Desri he had known?

Chapter 12, Desri’s Decision

Of gentle temperament, with a smile ever-present on his face. This was the image of Desri which Linley had in his mind. But right now, Desri’s hair was disheveled, and his entire body emanated a brutal aura. Even when Desri noticed Linley’s arrival, he hadn’t changed his aura at all.

“You came.” Desri said calmly.

Linley secretly sighed.

The destruction of his divine clone had apparently truly been a major blow to Desri’s psyche.

“Desri, it’s useless to feel regret over the destruction of your divine clone. Right now, what you can do is work hard and think about your future path. The way you are right now, so frustrated that you aren’t even talking to family and friends, keeping everything bottled up inside, will make your family and friends feel worried about you.” Linley urged. Desri was silent for a moment.

“When I came back, my mind was in a state of chaos. I didn’t want to speak with them.” Desri spoke.

Linley nodded slightly.

Desri and Linley were different. After all, Desri had worked hard for over five thousand years to become a Deity. The results of his five thousand years of effort had disappeared in one day. Nobody would at first be able to accept something like that with perfect calm.

“Desri, what’s your decision?” Linley sighed as he asked. “Are you going to train in other Elemental Laws to become a Deity on your own, or find a divine Demigod spark and fuse with it to become a Deity?” By this point, Desri had no other options.

Desri let out a self-mocking laugh. “Train in other Elemental Laws?”  Desri looked at Linley. “Linley, I was most skilled at the Elemental Laws of Light, but even so, it took me a very long period of time to become a Deity. If I were to change to other Elemental Laws, it would take me over ten thousand years. Tell me, how can I possibly become a Deity on my own again?”
Linley was silent for a moment.

Linley understood that every person had their own strong points and specialties. For example, if Linley were forced to train in the Elemental Laws of Darkness, which he knew nothing about, even if he spent ten times or a hundred times the amount of effort, his achievements in the Elemental Laws of Darkness still wouldn’t reach the level of his Elemental Laws of the Wind.

Half the effort for twice the results; double the effort for half the results. There was a huge difference between the two.

“Desri,  I  know  that  you  have  the  most  aptitude  for  the Elemental Laws of Light…” Linley said solemnly. “That divine spark of yours was seized by that silver-robed man serving Ojwin. Don’t worry. I will definitely come up with a way to seize that divine spark back for you.”
If Desri’s original body were to fuse with his own divine spark, then he would be able to succeed in a very short period of time.

But Linley also understood that it was hard to say as to whether or not that silver-robed man would show himself again.

“If I’m not able to find your divine spark, then I will come up with a way to find another light-style divine spark.”  Linley said.

As Linley saw it…originally, when Ojwin had attacked, Desri had given him great face by not immediately retreating, which resulted in his divine clone being destroyed. Desri originally had a future in the light-style Laws, but now, his only choice was to choose fusing with a divine spark to become a Deity again. He, Linley, had to help him.

“No need.” Desri said with unwavering determination.

Linley couldn’t help but feel startled.

What did this Desri want? Could it be that he himself, relying on his power as a Prime Saint, would go seize a divine spark?

“I don’t want to train in the Elemental Laws of Light any longer.”   Desri  looked  at  Linley  and  sighed.  “Linley,  after multiple battles, I’ve discovered that training in spiritual attacks is quite disadvantageous in battles. I want to train in mysterious truths that are of use in close combat.”
“Close combat?” Linley was somewhat surprised.

He hadn’t expected that Desri would actually decide to change his path of training. But it made sense. After becoming a Deity, Desri had engaged in two major battles, the first time against Beaumont, the second time against the silver-robed man who Ojwin commanded. Desri had realized…that solely relying on spiritual attacks was greatly disadvantageous in battle.

Although the soul was extremely important, close quarters, physical attacks were more effective.

“If that’s the case?” Linley came to a decision. With the flip of his hand, Linley retrieved a black divine spark out of nowhere, which was currently emanating a deathly aura.

Desri couldn’t help but look at the divine spark. “Linley, what is this?” But Desri could tell what it was as well.

Linley nodded slightly. “Right. This is the divine spark which I got when we killed Beaumont. This divine spark’s nature is of the Edicts of Death. In training, aside from the Seven Elemental Laws, there are also the Four Edicts. The Edicts of Death include both strong spiritual attacks as well strong close combat abilities. Fuse with it, research it, and break through. You should be able to have some accomplishments.” Desri hesitated slightly.

Actually, right now, Desri very much wanted this divine spark. Only, divine sparks were simply too precious.

Linley had been the one to kill Beaumont, and so the divine spark naturally went to him.

“Take it.”  Linley was naturally able to tell what Desri was thinking. He tossed the divine spark directly to Desri, who unconsciously caught it. As his hand clasped around the divine spark, Desri’s eyes began to shine.

Now that he had a divine spark, becoming a Deity again was nothing more than a matter of time.

“Thank you.” Desri only said these two words to Linley. Linley smiled. “Desri, as I see it, it’s best if you come to Dragonblood Castle to train. Currently, Tarosse and Dylin are both there. It is fairly safe there…as for this place, I’m worried that Deities might discover that you are fusing with a divine spark. They might come and steal it from you.”
Desri nodded in agreement.

In the current Yulan continent, there were many Deities present.

Even though he was training within the mountain, Desri wouldn’t be able to avoid the divine sense of a Deity. Most likely, the vast majority of Deities would be willing to kill Desri, a mere Prime Saint, for the sake of acquiring a divine spark.

When Desri came out, Pennslyn, Reynolds, and the others all let out a sigh of relief. This time, Desri clearly explained what happened to Pennslyn. Only now did Pennslyn know…that her husband had actually lost his divine spark. No wonder he had been like that.

For the sake of safety, Pennslyn and the others all decided to go with Desri to Dragonblood Castle as well.

Dragonblood Castle’s interior was extremely spacious. It wouldn’t even be a problem if thousands of people came. Linley was very happy as well…because this meant that Reynolds would also be living at Dragonblood Castle. The two bros would once again be able to often drink and chat together.

Meanwhile, after Ojwin’s forces had been pushed out of the Baruch Empire, the other Deities who lay hidden in the Yulan continent, seeing that even the full God, Ojwin, had been sent fleeing, didn’t dare to dream of taking over the Baruch Empire for themselves.

The Baruch Empire slowly returned to normal.

Linley’s side remained in Dragonblood Castle, training contentedly, but Ojwin’s forces, who had been sent fleeing, couldn’t be so relaxed. 
In a small town near the borders of the O’Brien Empire, the exalted God, Ojwin, was hiding here for now. Currently, the O’Brien Empire was Lord Adkins’ territory. No matter how daring Ojwin was, he wouldn’t dare try to take Adkins’ territory from him.

“Recently, his lordship has been in an unstable mood.”
“Kingsley died. No wonder his lordship is acting like this.”
A silver-robed man was chatting with a black-robed man. In recent days, almost no one dared to go disturb Ojwin. They would wait for Ojwin to give them orders, and then they would carry them out.

Ojwin was currently seated in front of his desk, drinking one cup of wine after another, his gaze unsettled. Clearly, he was thinking about something.

“Olivier…” The more Ojwin thought about it, the more his body naturally emitted that baleful aura. He truly wanted to kill Olivier!

“If I don’t kill Olivier, I’ll never be at ease.” Ojwin’s fiery rage continued to smolder. “But that Tarosse’s strength is simply too astonishing. Even if I were to fight against him at full strength, I would probably still be at a disadvantage. With both him and Dylin both remaining in Dragonblood Castle, how will I kill Olivier?”
Ojwin was a man of great ambition.

He was able to endure, while at the same time, wasn’t willing to subordinate himself to others.

Through the countless years he had spent in the Gebados Planar Prison, Ojwin had only two goals he had pursued; to reach the greatest heights of power and authority, and to protect his son. He didn’t casually decide to offend others. In the Planar Prison, he had known quite a few experts, most of whom he was on good terms with. He was able to gain quite a bit of fame in Bluefire City, while at the same time, Ojwin continually pursued the goal of becoming a Highgod!

A Highgod was simply far more powerful than a God could ever be.

Now that his son was dead, Ojwin wanted to seek revenge. At the same time, he still had the goal of becoming a Highgod.

“First, revenge.”  Ojwin stared towards the southwest. “But by myself, it is impossible for me to go to Dragonblood Castle and kill Olivier when he is being protected by Tarosse and Dylin. It seems, I’ll have to make this choice…”
Ojwin didn’t like subordinating himself to others.

But now, he decided to do so. “Oerph has something of a grudge against me. If I go serve Lord Adkins, at least that Hanbritt [Han’bu’li’te] who serves him is on good terms with me. In that place, I’ll be able to quickly establish myself. It shouldn’t be too hard for me to gain revenge by relying on Lord Adkins’ power.”
Ojwin’s gaze turned as cold and as sharp as a knife.

“Olivier. I will definitely kill him! I will destroy his soul and scatter his spirit!!!” Ojwin ground his teeth.

The imperial capital of the O’Brien Empire. The imperial palace.

The imperial clan who had been in the imperial palace had been exterminated long ago. This was now the place where Lord Adkins lived. Adkins had a few hobbies. He liked wearing extravagant clothes, he likes to sample some precious, rare foods, and he liked to watch beautiful women dance…
He held a wine cup in his right hand, as jade-white as that of a woman’s. He took a gentle sip of the wine, smiling calmly as he watched the many women dancing within the flowers in front of him.

Right now, in the rear flower gardens, the youth with short silver hair was currently leading the way for Ojwin.

“Don’t be hasty. Lord Adkins is currently enjoying himself. At a time like this, Lord Adkins hates it when others disturb him.” The youth with short silver hair explained.

Ojwin nodded and laughed, “I’ve heard as well that when Lord Adkins was in Bluefire City, he liked to enjoy himself. Only someone as exalted as Lord Adkins was capable of enjoying himself like that in a place like the Gebados Planar Prison.”
The silver-haired youth laughed as well.

Others had been tormented in the Planar Prison, but someone as mighty as Adkins enjoyed his time there. “Come in.” A voice rang out in their minds.

The silver-haired youth immediately led Ojwin into the rear flower gardens. Upon arriving in front of Adkins, Ojwin immediately knelt on one knee with respect. “I pay my respects to the exalted, mighty Lord Adkins!” Ojwin lowered his head.

Adkins, seated on his chair, glanced sideways at him.

“Ojwin? Right, I heard that a while ago, you were in the Baruch Empire.” Adkins said with a smile.

“My strength was inferior to another’s, and so I had to depart the Baruch Empire.” Ojwin still didn’t dare to lift his head.

Although he was now joining Adkins’ side, Ojwin didn’t dare to ask Adkins for help. He knew…that to a Highgod, whether or not he accepted another God in his entourage didn’t make much of a difference at all. “You can rise.”  Adkins said calmly. “From today onwards, you can stay in this imperial palace as well. If there’s anything I need, I’ll send you orders.”
“Yes, Lord Adkins.”
Ojwin felt relieved.

He knew…that now that he was serving Adkins, at least Adkins would protect him.

“Ojwin, you can go for now.” Adkins said.

“Yes, Lord.” Ojwin left respectfully.

Adkins glanced at the nearby silver-haired youth. “Hanbritt, from what I know, when those people who had gone to the Necropolis of the Gods came back, that Beirut should have returned to the Forest of Darkness. How about this…you send a subordinate to make a trip to the Forest of Darkness. You don’t need me to tell you what the purpose is, right?”
“Yes, Lord.” The silver-haired youth, ‘Hanbritt’, said respectfully.

Adkins stared towards the northeast, and then he laughed.
He drained the remaining wine in his cup in one gulp.

Chapter 13, The Millennial Cycle

The massive trees rose high into the skies, and brambles and vines could be seen everywhere. Some particularly enormous rattans hung from large tree branches, and vicious, brutal magical beasts were hidden everywhere within this primal forest. The Forest of Darkness had existed for simply too long. The ground was covered with an extremely thick layer of leaves.

A man who had resplendent golden hair was walking atop the leaves, making ‘crunch’ sounds with each step.

The gold-haired man’s chest heaved as he let out a long sigh.

“This  mission…jeeze…”   The  gold-haired  man  felt  very resigned. He had received Hanbritt’s orders to go to this place, the Forest of Darkness, to pay a visit to Lord Beirut. From Hanbritt, he had also learned…
This Beirut was a Highgod!

“I’m a Demigod. Lord Beirut could kill me with a flip of his hand.”  The  gold-haired  man  felt  somewhat  worried  in  his heart. “I don’t know if that Lord Beirut has any enmities with Lord Adkins. Even if he does, I pray that he won’t vent his spleen on a minor figure like myself.”
He exited the dense forest, arriving at a wide, empty grassy area.

In the center of this grassy area was a metallic castle.

“Kuchai [Ku’chai] comes to pay his respects to Lord Beirut!” The golden-haired man said loudly, standing in front of the metallic castle while bowing respectfully. “Is there something you need?”  A gravelly voice rang out directly into the golden-haired youth’s mind.

Kuchai immediately raised his head, but he didn’t see anyone nearby, only that cold, metallic castle in front of him. Kuchai understood that Lord Beirut disdained to meet him, and so had only reached out with divine sense. Kuchai hurriedly bowed and said, “Lord Beirut, I was lucky enough to escape from the Gebados Planar Prison, and I have heard of the Necropolis of the Gods. I don’t know if I can enter the Necropolis of the Gods?”

What Adkins had ordered him to do was for him, a Demigod, to investigate what Beirut’s attitude towards opening the Necropolis of the Gods again was.

“Enter the Necropolis of the Gods? Yes, you can!”  Beirut’s gravelly voice rang out. The golden-haired youngster’s eyes were instantly filled with delight.

“Only,  the  Necropolis  of  the  Gods  is  only  opened  once  a millennium. If you want to enter it, come again after waiting a thousand   years.”    Beirut’s   reply   instantly   made   Kuchai somewhat flabbergasted.

“Enough. You can leave now.” Beirut said calmly.

“Lord  Beirut,  can’t  you  open  it  earlier?”   Kuchai  said respectfully.

“I told you to leave!” Beirut’s voice rang out once more.

Kucha’s heart shivered. He knew that the consequences of irritating a Highgod were extremely grave. No longer daring to say anything else, he immediately paid his respects, “Thank you,  Lord  Beirut.”   And  then,  Kuchai  immediately  left  the metallic castle. Within the metallic castle.

Beirut stroked his black beard, letting out a snicker. “This Adkins. He actually sent a Demigod to investigate. Could it be that he thinks that coming personally is too much trouble? Hmph. Fine, then, Adkins. I’ll toy with you a bit.” Beirut’s eyes had a hint of ridicule within them.

And then, Beirut broadcast out his divine sense in all directions like a wave.

“The Deities who are still here at the Yulan continent, the Necropolis of the Gods is opened only once every millennium, and it has just been opened not too long ago. Those of you who wish to enter the Necropolis of the Gods must wait a thousand years…also, there is a limit to the number of people who will be granted entry. Only the strong will be allowed in.”
A hint of a mocking smile on his face, Beirut sent this message to every single Deity within the Yulan continent. “It seems the coming days will be amusing, now.” Beirut’s smile was very bright.

Beirut’s message rang out in Adkins’ mind, along with the others. Adkins, who had been within a side hall of the imperial palace, teasing and cavorting with a bewitching beauty, suddenly  came  to  a  halt.  “Baby,  you  can  go  back  for  now. Tonight, I’ll come looking for you again.”
“Yes,  milord.”    The  golden-haired  beauty  smiled,  then retreated.

Adkins began to consider Beirut’s divine sense message.

“Lord Adkins.”  The silver-haired elder entered the side hall as well.

“Barnas, you came.” Adkins smiled and nodded. “You should have heard the message just now from Beirut as well.” Originally, Adkins had three Gods under his control. Now, of course, with Ojwin on his side, he had four. But the person whom Adkins trusted was this man in front of him, Barnas. The likes of that silver-haired youngster, Hanbritt, was very nervous in front of Adkins.

But when Barnas and Adkins chatted, it was as though they were just friends.

“According to what Beirut said, and based on what we know, this once-per-millennium rule should be true. To us, a thousand years is nothing much…Lord Adkins, let’s just wait a thousand years. After a thousand years, we’ll enter the Necropolis of the Gods.” The silver-haired old man said.

Adkins frowned, his elegant, slender nose wrinkling. “A thousand years…”
“If I have to wait, I’ll wait. I’m enjoying myself in the mortal world  right  now  anyhow.”  Adkins  said  with  a  calm  smile. “Only, that fellow Beirut really is quite cocky. He relies on the power of the Sovereign backing him up, and even goes as far as to say the number of slots is limited for entering the Necropolis of the Gods. Jeeze. Hmph!”
Adkins let out a cold, disdainful snort.

He had a very bad view of Beirut, but Adkins wasn’t completely confident in his ability to kill Beirut. After all, Beirut might have a Sovereign artifact.

“Haha…” The silver-haired old man laughed. “Lord Adkins, the powerful will enter, right? As long as he lets people in, who in the entire Yulan continent is more qualified than you, milord? The limited list has no impact on you whatsoever, milord.”
Adkins laughed and nodded.

He was a Highgod. Beirut was the caretaker of the Necropolis of the Gods, and naturally wouldn’t go inside it himself. Aside from Beirut, who in the entire Yulan continent was as powerful as him, Adkins?

Within the imperial palace of the Yulan Empire, within an enormous hot tub that was dozens of meters long.

A tall, thin, brown-haired youth was lying naked in the hot tub. This sort of hot tub was something which only the most highly ranked nobles could enjoy. On the other side of the hot tub, there were many people constantly adding firewood to the fire below it, maintaining its temperature.

The hot air simmered.

The brown-haired youth was like a spirit within the mists.

“A thousand years? Then I’ll wait. The environment of the Yulan continent is not bad at all. It’s much better than the Gebados Planar Prison, at least, where one would never know when a life-threatening problem would occur.” The brown- haired youngster let out a sigh. 
Within the Yulan continent, the likes of Highgods such as Adkins, the Gods who had taken over the various alliances and others Empires, the Gods who had hidden themselves elsewhere, and the Demigods who served those Gods, were willing to remain in the Yulan continent due to their desire for the treasures held within it.

Within Dragonblood Castle.

Linley continued to live a quiet life of training. Generally, Linley would rest for one day out of every seven, and he would spend some time with little Arnold, or go chat with Reynolds, Dylin, and the others. But of course, the rest of the time, Linley was hard at work training.

His divine clone lived within Dragonblood Castle, while Linley’s original body remained within the pocket dimension, focusing on training in the ‘Throbbing Pulse of the World’.

In truth, it didn’t make a difference which one was where.
After all, the soul of the two were the same. 
Within the pocket dimension.

“The most important thing is to strengthen the soul of the original body. As for that divine clone, all it really needs is to refine that Golden Soul-Pearl.”  The Golden Soul-Pearl which Linley had acquired from the Grand Warlock was actually formed from twenty million soul essences.

Linley had allowed his divine clone to absorb those twenty million soul essences.

Within Beaumont’s ring, there had been millions of already successfully refined soul essences, as well as nearly a hundred million unrefined soul essences. Linley was planning to utilize the Coiling Dragon ring to absorb them all with his original body. Beaumont originally had intended for Chiquita to help him refine those souls. Although Chiquita was innately capable of refining souls, his strength was far lower than that of the Grand Warlock’s. No matter how innately gifted he was, his speed in refining these souls was only on par with the Grand Warlock’s at most.

In just a few short months, Chiquita had only been able to refine a few million souls.

Beaumont normally would just give Chiquita a portion of the souls. After Chiquita finished refining them, he would give him another portion. The vast majority of the souls were all stored within Beaumont’s interspatial ring.

The Coiling Dragon ring swallowed all of the soul into itself at one ago, including the soul essences. Instantly…
Countless soul essences were now floating around within the Coiling Dragon ring, and those countless golden threads were being absorbed into Linley’s soul. Linley’s original body’s soul was currently growing at an astonishing rate. The more powerful the soul grew, the faster it absorbed as well. 
Towards the later stages, Linley’s soul improvement speed was simply astonishing.

Only, the amount of soul essences he was consuming was also astonishing.

Nearly a hundred million soul essences!

“Those twenty million soul essences had allowed my soul to grow more than ten times as powerful as it had been previously. A hundred million soul essences…” Linley couldn’t help but sigh in amazement. Actually, Linley could tell how much more powerful his soul had become, just based on his visualization speed for the Throbbing Pulse of the World.

Originally, when he had become a Deity, the natural laws of the universe had descended.

Linley’s soul had been bathed within the natural Laws of the world, and there was an instant…where Linley’s soul had suddenly changed. This was actually a benefit every single person who became a Deity on their own would experience.

That transformation caused Linley’s visualization ability to increase more than ten times. After having drained those twenty million soul essences, his visualization speed had increased yet again. The two complimentary boosts had increased his speed a hundredfold, allowing him to, in three short months, advance from the 64 Fused Waves to the 32 Fused Waves level.

From the 32 Fused Waves to the 16 Fused Waves, he had taken one year and three months.

Over the course of Linley’s absorption of those hundred million souls, his visualization speed had been constantly increasing.

“My visualization ability has increased dramatically. The amount of time I will need to break through to the Eight Fused Waves level should be much less now, as well.” Linley’s original body’s soul was clearly many times more powerful than the soul of his divine clone, even after the divine clone had also absorbed a Golden Soul-Pearl. Actually…a reason for this was because Linley wanted to complete his insights on the ‘Throbbing Pulse of the World’ as quickly as possible. And the second reason was that his original body, upon once more reaching the Deity level, would have its soul split in two yet again.

Thus, the stronger his original body’s soul was, the better.

Within the garden of Dragonblood Castle.

Linley, Dylin, Tarosse, the War God, and the others were all gathered together. Not long ago, they too had heard Beirut’s instructions.

“A thousand years?” Tarosse sighed. “Even Adkins is staying in the Yulan continent. Clearly, his target is the Necropolis of the Gods. There will definitely be many experts taking part in that next opening in a thousand years. Everyone, are you planning to go in a thousand years later as well?” “Of course.” The War God was the first to speak.

On this trip to the Necropolis of the Gods, the War God had not acquired a divine God spark. This caused the War God to feel rather disgruntled. After all, his old foe, the High Priest, Catherine, had successfully acquired a divine God spark.

“Linley,  Olivier,  what  about  you  two?”  Tarosse  looked  at Olivier and Linley.

“A thousand years later?” Linley laughed, not replying.

“Might go in. Might not.” This was Olivier’s reply.

Tarosse  stared.  “Olivier,  what  sort  of  an  answer  is  this? ‘Might go in, might not’. Those were the only two options to begin with. You might as well have given no answer at all.” “What  I  meant  was…”   Olivier  said  seriously.  “If  in  a thousand years, I am still in the Yulan Plane, I’ll go to the Necropolis of the Gods. If by then, I have already gone to other planes, then naturally I won’t be able to enter the Necropolis of the Gods again.”
“Go to other planes?” The War God was rather puzzled. “In other planes, you’ll be nothing more than a Demigod with no background. Do you think you’ll be able to make a good life for yourself in the Higher Planes or the Divine Planes?”
The countless material planes and Higher Planes had all been in existence for far too long.

The Higher Planes had powerful forces, clans, and even some Empires. Without any connections or background there, it was better to stay in the Yulan continent. For example, the Yulan continent had the Necropolis of the Gods, something which many experts desired to enter.

“Linley, why don’t you say whether or not you’ll go in?” Dylin looked at Linley. 
“What’s the point of discussing it now? A thousand years is too far off into the distance…” Linley let out a sigh. He hadn’t been training for even a century yet. A thousand years? That was indeed too long.

Dylin, Tarosse, and the War God were instantly speechless.

Only now did they remember that Linley had only spent a few decades before reaching the Demigod level. Comparatively speaking…a thousand years later, who knew what Linley would be like?

Chapter 14, Two Powers Join Forces

The O’Brien Empire. Within a manor.

This was the place where Ojwin currently resided. Today, Ojwin had ordered for an exceedingly sumptuous banquet to be prepared, especially for the sake of his old friend, Hanbritt. Ojwin and Hanbritt sat down opposite of each other, eating while chatting.

“Ojwin, I have the feeling that today, there’s something on your mind. Speak plainly, what is it?” Hanbritt grinned as he spoke.

Ojwin chuckled as well.

“I can never fool you, old friend.” Ojwin let out a sigh as he spoke, a hint of grief in his eyes. “Hanbritt, you should know that my son is dead. I’ve never been able to forget about this.” Ojwin let out a bitter laugh. “Honestly speaking, this sort of psychological torture, I…I’m going crazy.”
Hanbritt knew how deep the bonds were between Ojwin and his son.

“That’s right. I haven’t had a chance to ask you. How did your son, Kingsley, die?” Hanbritt asked curiously. “Did he die at the hands of that expert who forced you out of the Baruch Empire?”
Ojwin shook his head. “If he had died in the hands of that expert named Tarosse, I would be able to hold on to my temper. After all, I’m only slightly weaker than him. I’d still be able to make myself calm down and keep on training until the day comes when my power is greater than Tarosse’s, allowing me to get revenge.”
“But, the person who killed my son is a Demigod!” “Demigod?” Hanbritt was very surprised.

Ojwin couldn’t refrain from cursing and nodding, “Right! Nothing but a Demigod. It really f*cking drives me insane. Just a Demigod who I could kill with the flip of my hand, but I don’t have a chance to kill him right now.”
“Ojwin, are you saying that you want me…”  Hanbritt was able to guess what came next.

Ojwin looked sincerely at Hanbritt. “Hanbritt, we’ve been friends for a very long time now. I definitely have to avenge my son’s death. But the opponent is a bit too strong for me. I imagine…if you were to assist me, and if the two of us were to join forces, even though he is being protected by Tarosse, we will definitely be able to easily kill that Olivier.”
Hanbritt couldn’t help but hesitate. “How  many  Gods  does  the  enemy  side  have?”   Hanbritt asked.

“Two. One of them is that Tarosse. The other…seems to be called Dylin or something. But it seems he is just an early God. His power is good deal lower than yours.” Ojwin explained.

Hanbritt nodded slightly.

But Hanbritt had the feeling that since Ojwin was weaker than Tarosse, while Dylin was weaker than himself, Hanbritt, the two sides…should roughly be on par with each other.

“Are you unable to go ask Barnas or Gatenby [Gai’teng’bi] to assist?”  Hanbritt suggested. “If you can get one of them to come, with the three of us working together, victory will be assured, and very easy at that.”
Adkins originally had three Gods under his control; his most trusted Barnas, the silent, taciturn Gatenby, and Hanbritt. In terms of power, Hanbritt was actually the weakest, while Barnas and Gatenby possessed astonishing power. 
“Barnas holds me in absolute contempt.” Ojwin said angrily. “As for Gatenby, who knows how long it would take in order to convince that block of wood.”
Hanbritt understood those two people very well. He nodded.

“Hanbritt, don’t worry. I’m not asking you to go and fight that Tarosse to the death. The purpose is to go to kill that Demigod, Olivier…how about this. When we get there, I’ll immediately use my two bodies to tie up Dylin and Tarosse, while your mission will be to, in that short period of time, kill Olivier. What do you say?” Ojwin suggested.

Hanbritt, listening to this suggestion, felt that this indeed didn’t pose much of a risk.

“Ojwin, although your proposal is easily made, in reality, carrying it out will still be quite difficult. Regarding this…I still have to consider whether or not it is worth it for me.” Hanbritt said intentionally. Ojwin laughed coldly in his heart.

He understood that if he didn’t pay a price, Hanbritt definitely wouldn’t help.

And indeed…
Once he took out a good divine artifact, Hanbritt agreed to help out. Ojwin and Hanbritt came to an agreement. That night, they directly headed to Dragonblood Castle, preparing to immediately kill Olivier in the shortest time possible.

Dragonblood Castle.

Sundown. It was already growing dusk.

Linley, Dylin, and Tarosse were walking side by side towards the main hall, while at the same time, chatting about their training. “Linley,  I  believe  your  training  method  is  somewhat erroneous.” Dylin said with a frown.

“Erroneous?” Linley was somewhat puzzled.

This was how Linley had previously trained in order to develop the ‘Hymn of the Wind’.

“I can tell that you are pondering how to utilize the ‘Profound Mysteries of Sound’ of the Elemental Laws of the Wind along with your Bloodviolet sword, so as to generate a more powerful attack, right?” Dylin said, and Linley nodded.

Dylin continued, “By doing this, it is true that you can raise your attack power in a short amount of time. But from a training standpoint, you are wasting time.”
“But by doing so, you are just focusing on minor points. You are focusing on Bloodviolet, and the purpose of understanding the Profound Mysteries of Sound is to use it alongside Bloodviolet. Once you don’t have Bloodviolet, you won’t be able to use your insights with any other weapons. That’s no good. Also, by doing this, it will be very hard for you to truly master and perfect your understanding of the ‘Profound Mysteries of Sound’.”  Dylin said seriously. “I urge you to start from the basics.”
“Training in the Elemental Laws, we must start from the basics, then slowly go deeper…go one step at a time. That way, no matter what weapon you use, you’ll be able to utilize a powerful attack based on the Profound Mysteries of the Sound.”
Linley was startled, then he laughed.

“Lord Dylin, I understand.”  Linley sighed. “Only, not too long ago, with so many experts descending onto the Yulan continent, I felt a tremendous amount of pressure, which is why I began to train in this sort of short-term power- enhancing method. All of you are back now, but I didn’t take that into consideration and continued to train in that manner.”
“It seems that I really do need to change to start from the basics, and start to gain my insights one step at a time.” Linley nodded.

“It is good that you understand.” Dylin laughed as well, and as they spoke, they entered the main hall.

“Hey?” Linley glanced into the main hall. “Olivier still isn’t here. Lord Dylin, Lord Tarosse, wait here. I’ll go call Olivier to come over. Tonight, let’s have a get together.”
As Linley spoke, he entered the east gardens, heading towards a secluded manor.

The sky was quite dark. Two human figures slashed through it, hurrying towards Dragonblood Castle. It was Ojwin and Hanbritt. Ojwin’s heart was filled with a murderous intent. He truly wanted to kill Olivier as soon as he got there. He couldn’t help but get excited.

“Hanbritt, I’ve already described that Olivier’s appearance to you. When the time comes, we’ll both use our divine sense to cover the entire Dragonblood Castle. As soon as we discover Olivier, you’ll immediately attack, while I’ll fly over alongside with you, in case that Tarosse blocks us.” Ojwin said with his divine sense.

Hanbritt nodded, a hidden hint of killing intent in his eyes. “Don’t worry. He’s just a Demigod. This time, I will definitely use a full force attack. I’ll definitely be able to instantly kill that person named Olivier.”
“We’re here. Dragonblood Castle is just up ahead.”  Ojwin’s breathing grew ragged.

“Later, when I give the order, we’ll simultaneously spread out our divine sense and also simultaneously charge down. We have to make it fast.” Ojwin said.

Hanbritt didn’t argue.

He definitely wanted to kill Olivier in as short a time as possible. The shorter the timeframe, the less of a chance they would have to do battle with Tarosse. 
Within the manor.

Olivier had just now stopped his training.

“Let’s go. Everyone’s waiting for you.”  Linley said with a laugh.

The two were walking shoulder-to-shoulder as they spoke.

“I don’t know why, but for some reason, I’ve been in an unsettled mood today. Even when I was training, I had to spend a lot of time before I could calm down and absorb myself in  training.”  Olivier  frowned  while  sighing.  “I  really  don’t understand why I feel so nervous.”
Linley let out a laugh. “Stop thinking wild thoughts. If you really are nervous, then just come into my pocket training dimension.” “It’s already crowded enough in there. I won’t add to it.” Olivier laughed.

The two were walking on the path within the east garden. Just at this moment, two divine senses suddenly encapsulated the entire Dragonblood Castle. This was the divine sense of full Gods. Linley and Olivier couldn’t sense it at all, and they continued to talk and laugh while walking.

In the same instant the divine senses swept out…
Two figures descended from the sky, charging at high speed towards their target, Olivier!

“Not good!!!” Tarosse and Dylin were both Gods. They sensed the opponent’s divine senses. Naturally, they spread out their own divine sense, and realized that from mid-air, there were two Gods charging straight towards Linley and Olivier.

Two Gods! Tarosse and Dylin both felt great shock.

“Swish!” “Swish!”
Tarosse and Dylin both raised their speeds to their limit, hurrying towards Linley and Olivier while at the same time, using their divine sense to contact the two. “Quick, come to the main hall, quick!!! That Ojwin is coming for you!” Their voices rang out in Linley and Olivier’s minds.

Linley and Olivier both reacted very fast, simultaneously charging towards the main hall.

Ojwin and Hanbritt were just a thousand meters away in the air, and they were charging down at a very high speed. Dragonblood Castle was quite large as well; from the main hall to the east gardens, the distance was also nearly a thousand meters. “They came to kill Olivier.” While flying at high speed, Linley could guess what was going on.

In terms of speed, Linley was quite a bit faster than Olivier.

“BOOM!”   Suddenly,  from  behind  Linley,  an  ear-splitting rumble could be heard. The strength of the rumbling vibrations alone caused the nearby earth to shatter, and even the nearby walls were instantly shaken into tiny pieces. Fortunately, there were no serving women or any other ordinary people on the pathways.

“Olivier!” Linley turned to look.

A terrifying roar rang out, and Linley felt as though the entire world had suddenly began to faintly tremble.

“Dylin…” Linley saw that Dylin had opened his mouth. Ojwin and that other expert were actually being drawn towards him by an extremely powerful devouring force. “Ojwin, this is that so-called ‘weakling’  early-stage God you were talking about?” Hanbritt used his divine sense to angrily curse at Ojwin.

“I had no idea either!”  Ojwin felt miserable in his heart as well.

He had never imagined that Dylin was this terrifying. Just then, when the two had charged down, Ojwin’s plan was…even if Tarosse and Dylin came to block them, he himself would split into his two divine clones and be able to tie them up for a short while.

But just as they were about to kill Olivier, that terrifying devouring force had suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

Even himself and Hanbritt combined were somewhat unable to resist that devouring force of Dylin’s.

Ojwin instantly transformed into two people; his divine light clone, and his divine fire clone. Ojwin’s two divine bodies, along with Hanbritt, made for three Deities. Their combined forces were able to just barely stalemate against that devouring force of Dylin’s.

“He really lives up to the name of Heaven Devouring Beast!” Linley mentally sighed in praise.

Divine beasts were extremely powerful. As soon as they reached adulthood, they would naturally become Demigods. One could imagine how strong their innate gifts were.

For him to dare to refer to himself as a ‘Heaven Devouring Beast’, Dylin’s devouring power was hundreds of times more powerful than those three sons of his. He was now a full God. Generally speaking, any Gods that were swallowed by him would die a certain death.

“I was saved by them yet again.”  Olivier arrived by Linley’s side, still feeling some terror, while at the same time he looked at Dylin with an amazed sigh. “Linley, this Dylin’s power is perhaps a little too terrifying. What sort of ability is this? What Elemental Law does it belong to?” Linley didn’t know what to say either.

What sort of Elemental Law did it belong to? Who knew?

“Bebe  is  a  divine  beast  as  well.  For  him  to  be  named  a ‘Godeater  Rat’,  then…what  would  his  natural  ability  be?” Linley felt curious.

Chapter 15, Unwilling to Admit Defeat

The exploding sound, along with Dylin’s roar, shook Dragonblood Castle.

“What’s going on?” The War God, High Priest, Cesar, Delia, Wharton, Gates, and the others all hastened over. They saw Dylin, Ojwin, and Hanbritt facing off. Instantly, they all moved carefully to stand near Linley.

Delia warmly gripped Linley’s hand, saying in a soft voice, “Linley, that Ojwin came again?” Delia was a little worried.

Last time, when Ojwin had attacked, Linley had ordered Delia, Wharton, and the others to hide in the pocket dimension. Thus, Delia and the others had never seen Ojwin. But, as Delia viewed it, the attacking Gods had to be from Ojwin’s side.

“It is him. He brought a helper as well. However, Lord Dylin and Lord Tarosse are more than enough to deal with them.” Linley comforted softly. 
Delia nodded.

The two raised their heads to watch.

“Haha…” Tarosse flew over, laughing loudly. “Ojwin, I didn’t expect you’d have the courage to come yet again. It seems you didn’t take the words I said to you last time in the imperial capital to heart.”
That green whip appeared in Tarosse’s hands.

“Crackle crackle.” That whip emanated a freezing aura.

Ojwin’s two divine clones, along with Hanbritt, both felt terror in their hearts.

“Ojwin!!!”   Hanbritt  roared  furiously  through  his  divine sense. Hanbritt was truly angered now. This situation had developed in a way that was completely different from Ojwin’s predictions.

Ojwin also had a bad feeling.

The two of them were just barely able to resist Dylin’s devouring power. Only by joining forces, along with Ojwin using both his divine clones, were the two able to just barely resist. They were completely unable to move right now. If this situation continued…if Tarosse were to attack, the two of them would be sitting targets!

“Haha, eat a few hundred whip strikes first.” Tarosse laughed loudly as he began to whirl his whip.

A few hundred whips?

The faces of Ojwin and Hanbritt, who were working hard to resist the devouring power, changed dramatically. How could they possibly be able to take the attack of this God head on? “Whooosh.”
The long green whip danced out like a massive serpent, transforming into brilliant green shadows. The temperature of the nearby area lowered to the freezing point, and a layer of frost appeared on the ground. The long green whip danced like a serpent’s tail, striking viciously towards Ojwin and Hanbritt.

Ojwin and Hanbritt simultaneously gritted their teeth, exploding forth the energy within their bodies, risking injury to themselves as they forcibly broke through from the area of Dylin’s devouring force.

“Boom!”  An  explosion  occurred  in  mid-air,  and  a  sudden tempest arose out of nowhere. Even some of the decorative plants and trees of Dragonblood Castle were destroyed. Ojwin’s two divine clones, along with Hanbritt, stood there in the air above Dragonblood Castle, their faces ashen. Dylin let out a soft curse. “Hrmph. If it wasn’t for the fact that my divine power isn’t pure and powerful enough yet, how could the two of you have escaped?”
In the air above Dragonblood Castle. Ojwin’s two clones and Hanbritt hovered in mid-air.

“The  two  of  you  better  f*ck  off  and  stay  the  hell  away. Otherwise,  I  won’t  show  any  mercy  this  time.”   Tarosse continued to chortle as he raised his head to stare at those two sorry figures in mid-air.

Hanbritt looked back at Ojwin. He transmitted with his divine sense, “Ojwin, that Dylin, is the ‘weakling’ you spoke of? Hmph. I think we better go.” Hanbritt, having accepted a divine artifact from Ojwin, didn’t feel comfortable just leaving by himself.

Ojwin stared coldly down below, his heart filled with raging fury. As he stared down at Olivier, who stood next to Linley, Ojwin’s rage caused his entire body to shake. With his divine sense, he said, “Hanbritt, this was my mistake. I didn’t clearly investigate the opponent’s strength. But…I absolutely must kill this Olivier. If I don’t, even in death, I won’t be satisfied.”
“Have you gone mad?” Hanbritt stared towards Ojwin rather unhappily.

Ojwin’s gaze was still fixed towards the ground below. He replied through his divine sense, “Hanbritt, don’t worry…that Dylin’s devouring force can only be aimed in one direction. How about this. The two of us will simultaneously attack from different directions. This time, I’ll tie up Dylin and Tarosse, while you go kill Olivier. Hanbritt, I’m begging you.”
After speaking, Ojwin looked seriously at Hanbritt.

Hanbritt hesitated a moment, and then let out a sigh.

“Fine. I’ll agree.” Hanbritt continued, “But if I encounter any danger, I will be the first to flee. Don’t blame me then.” “Of course I won’t blame you.” Ojwin looked gratefully at Hanbritt. “Thank you.”
“Get ready.” Hanbritt said.

Ojwin’s divine light clone and divine fire clone simultaneously demonstrated their might. A brilliant holy light swept down, shooting towards Linley’s general area. This sort of holy light was actually a purifying light. Generally speaking, even any Saints hit by this light would be injured.

This was the same technique which Ojwin had used to destroy the imperial palace of the Baruch Empire.

This attack had caused virtually all the people in the palace to die, leaving behind only Ankh and Cena as the lucky survivors, with Cena being badly wounded.

“Not good.” Seeing this, Linley didn’t hesitate at all. He immediately smashed his fists into the ground, and a strange energy force suddenly spread appeared in the air above the dozens of people present. It was like a translucent barrier, immediately covering Linley, Wharton, and the others in its protective embrace.

Forbidden-level earth-style magic – Pulsating Guard!

The Pulsating Guard spell was a large-scale protective magic spell. It generally could be used to protect an entire city. For example, if the opponent used ‘Heavenly Meteor’s Descent’ to create countless boulders to smash down towards a city, one could use the ‘Pulsating Guard’ to protect against it.

Upon reaching the Deity-level, forbidden-level magic spells could be cast in an instant.

And in terms of power, these spells were now much more powerful than the ones Saints could cast. Linley’s ‘Pulsating Guard’ defense was controlled within just a few dozen meters. The holy light was thus successfully defended against by the ‘Pulsating Guard’. “Swoosh!” “Swoosh!” One white, one red. Two rays of light streaked downwards. Ojwin had never planned on using that holy light to kill anyone; that was just something he was using to create chaos. His two divine clones shot down at what seemed like the speed of light…
And at the same time, Hanbritt moved in an angular way, charging towards Linley’s direction.

“I’ll go block him! Tarosse, I’ll let you handle Ojwin’s two divine clones. Don’t let him get through.” Dylin immediately used his divine sense to speak to Tarosse.

“No worries.” Tarosse continued to laugh gaily.

Dylin raised his speed to the limit, transforming into a blur as he went to stop Hanbritt. At the same time, a ray of red light, carrying a destructive aura, wildly attacked Dylin, and the lance Ojwin was wielding also shot out like a devouring fire dragon. Dylin  instantly  was  greatly  shocked.  “Has  Ojwin  gone crazy?”
Dylin could tell that this divine fire clone of Ojwin’s was using his divine power wildly, without any care at all. It must be understood…a Deity’s divine power accumulated very slowly. Generally speaking, in battle, they wouldn’t be willing to so wildly utilize it like this. If they did so, they wouldn’t be able to maintain the expenditure for long before their divine power was all used up, at which point, the enemy would be able to easily devastate them.

“Swish!”  Dylin’s  third  eye  instantly  shot  out  an  invisible ripple.

Ojwin’s divine fire clone, in terms of power, was inferior to his divine light clone. Upon being struck by that invisible ripple, Ojwin’s divine fire clone immediately came to a halt. Dylin then immediately formed his two hands into claws. Those divine artifact gloves atop his hands, he clawed straight towards Ojwin’s head.

“Clang!” Dylin and the divine fire clone collided viciously.

Dylin was tied up by the divine fire clone, and so that Hanbritt naturally charged towards Olivier. Olivier didn’t have any chance to flee. His speed was far inferior to Hanbritt’s.

“Haha…” Hanbritt’s eyes had a hint of excitement flash through them as he flew down.

“Too early to be so happy.” A lazy voice rang out in Hanbritt’s mind, and suddenly, a black-robed man appeared in front of Hanbritt. This black-robed man was wielding a long, thin, blood-red saber, and directly chopped towards him.

Wherever that long saber passed by, space disintegrated.

“Bang!”   Hanbritt’s  right  hand,  flashing  with  blue  light, slammed against the edge of that saber. Instantly, he was knocked flying away. Hanbritt’s hand was also covered by a divine artifact. He, too, used his hands as his weapons. 
Hanbritt  was  greatly  shocked.  “This  Tarosse  also  has  a Destruction-style divine clone!”
Currently, the green-robed Tarosse wielding the whip was still busy with Ojwin. However, this Tarosse with the long, narrow blade was able to force Hanbritt to retreat in one blow.

“Ojwin, let’s go, quick!”  Hanbritt let out a nervous divine sense message to Ojwin, and then immediately fled towards the northern skies, no longer doing battle.

Ojwin’s divine light clone and divine fire clone both had fierce looks on their faces. They both let out howls of anger and unwillingness to accept this result. They truly weren’t willing to admit defeat. Ojwin had his divine fire clone go deal with Dylin, and had already accepted that he might lose one of his divine clones. Even at the price of losing one of his divine clones, he still wanted to kill Olivier! This was because…he wished to avenge his son’s death!

But this Tarosse had divine clones as well. And in terms of power…the situation was different from Ojwin’s. The divine Destruction clone which Tarosse had hidden, in terms of power, was actually not one whit inferior to Tarosse’s divine water clone.

Letting out a furious howl of unwillingness, Ojwin’s two divine clones transformed into two rays of red and white light, simultaneously fleeing into the northern horizons.

“It’s finally over.” The vast majority of people in Dragonblood Castle let out sighs of relief.

The guards and maids, who had been hiding, were terrified by this battle. Battles on this level…ordinary people like themselves could be killed just as collateral damage, and even their souls would be destroyed. “Tarosse, why do you keep hiding your real power? At a time like this, you didn’t at least force one of them to stay behind?” Dylin said somewhat unhappily. “Don’t tell me that you don’t have that ability. You definitely have more abilities that I am unaware of!”
Dylin and Tarosse had lived together on the Yulan continent ten thousand years ago. They were once good friends.

Dylin’s innate abilities. Tarosse’s innate abilities. They each knew about the other’s.

“Haha,   don’t   blame   me.”   Tarosse’s   two   divine   clones combined into one again, and he laughed as he looked at Dylin. “Dylin, why did you only use your ‘Devour’ power a single time? If you used ‘Devour’ a second time, you probably would have devoured Ojwin’s divine fire clone.”
Dylin glanced at Tarosse. “Use it again? Easy for you to say. If I used it again, my divine power would be completely exhausted! What a motherf*cking shame. Just then, when I used it the first time, I didn’t succeed. I was originally hoping to kill both of them at the same time just then.” This innate ability was simply too terrifying and monstrous.

At the same time, though, the amount of energy it consumed was simply astonishing. The number of times it could be used didn’t have too much of a correlation to how powerful one was.

For even the weak, it could be used two or three times. Only, each time, the power would be fairly weak as well. For the strong, it still could only be used two or three times, but each time, the power would be astonishing.

“You are always so greedy. If it weren’t for the fact that five thousand years ago, you got greedy and used your Devour ability to try and get some Demigod-level divine sparks for your children…you wouldn’t have angered Lord Beirut, resulting in him throwing you into the Planar Prison.” Tarosse said with a laugh.

Dylin snorted coldly, no longer saying anything else. He naturally felt uncomfortable when thinking back to five thousand years ago.

As Dylin and Tarosse chatted, they walked towards Linley and the others. Linley, the War God, and the others, from this battle, had an even greater appreciation for the difference in power between them and Gods. Given their current level of power, if they were to face any Gods by themselves, they would be doomed.

“Lord  Tarosse,  Lord  Dylin,  thank  you!”   Olivier  walked forward and said solemnly.

“It’s fine. But you little rascal, in the future, stop causing so many problems.” Tarosse said with a calm laugh.

Chapter 16, Turned Back

Since Ojwin and Hanbritt had been repulsed, the people within Dragonblood Castle became much more relieved. Linley, Dylin, and Tarosse all went to the main hall, chatting and laughing while enjoying the sumptuous dinner feast.

Linley’s group were all in a fine mood.

But, Ojwin was in a terrible mood!

In the gray, clouded skies.

Ojwin and Hanbritt were flying shoulder to shoulder back towards the O’Brien Empire.

Hanbritt glanced at Ojwin. “Ojwin, don’t be so unhappy. Both Tarosse and Dylin were both more powerful than you had predicted. Just the two of us, go and kill Olivier under their watch? It is virtually impossible.” Ojwin was silent.

“To kill Olivier, the only options are to do so when he leaves Dragonblood Castle, or…when Tarosse and Dylin leave Dragonblood Castle.” Hanbritt recommended. “Ojwin, for now, just give it up. When the time comes, if we can ask Lord Adkins to act, or perhaps Barnas or Gatenby to help us, we will have complete assurance of victory.”
Whether it was Lord Adkins who acted, or the alliance of Barnas, Gatenby, Hanbritt, and Ojwin, either scenario would result in an easy storming of Dragonblood Castle and the slaying of Olivier.

However…to convince Lord Adkins to act?

“What sort of a person is Lord Adkins? I’m afraid to even speak in front of him.” Ojwin laughed mockingly at himself. “As for Barnas and Gatenby, the two are very hard to make friends with. Unless I spend sufficient time and energy on them, it’s virtually impossible to get them to help.” “It’s good that you understand this. Thus, for now, endure.” Hanbritt said.

Ojwin was silent.


How could he endure and ignore this enmity with the person who had killed his son? Ojwin constantly thought of killing that Olivier.

Hanbritt glanced at Ojwin. He couldn’t help but sigh in his heart,  “This  Ojwin  seems  to  be  possessed.  It  is  best  that  I destroy  any  hope  or  fantasies  he  might  be  entertaining.” Hanbritt spoke. “Ojwin, to kill that Olivier, we have to locate his position, and thus must use our divine sense to find him. But at the same time that we do so, we will be discovered. It is impossible for us to kill Olivier under the gazes of Tarosse and Dylin. Thus, you should give up.”
“What  did  you  just  say!!!”  Ojwin’s  eyes  widened,  and  he stared at Hanbritt in shock and joy. 
Hanbritt started. “I…I didn’t say anything?”
“What you said just now. Using divine sense to search…” Ojwin was so excited his eyes were shining.

Hanbritt was utterly confused. “Right. If we use divine sense to search for Olivier, Dylin and Tarosse will definitely discover us. Our ambush will thus be unsuccessful. What about it?” Hanbritt didn’t understand why Ojwin had become so delighted.

Ojwin laughed loudly.

“Huh?” Hanbritt was somewhat confused.

Ojwin took a deep breath, his eyes revealing the excitement he was suppressing. “Hanbritt, when we use our divine sense to search for Olivier, Tarosse will be able to locate us. Then… what if we don’t use our divine sense? Haha, I actually didn’t even think of this. I’m too stupid. Haha…”
Ojwin laughed loudly in excitement.

Hanbritt began to understand somewhat. “Ojwin, if we don’t use our divine sense, there’s no way we’ll be able to find Olivier in a short period of time.”
“Don’t worry.” Ojwin’s eyes revealed a hint of coldness. “It is very simple. I just need to infiltrate Dragonblood Castle. Dylin and Tarosse can’t always be spreading their divine sense out, right? Within Dragonblood Castle, as long as I spend a little bit of time, I’ll be able to find Olivier!”
Ojwin was incomparably confident.

“Be careful. Don’t end up running into Tarosse and Dylin before finding Olivier!” Hanbritt said with a laugh. “Don’t   worry.   My   luck   can’t   be   that   awful.”    Ojwin immediately said.

The only danger of his infiltrating Dragonblood Castle alone was that he might run into Dylin or Tarosse before finding Olivier. If that happened, there would be no way he could kill Olivier.

“This method of yours does indeed have a chance at success, and the chance is rather high.”  Hanbritt nodded. “Only, this method is dangerous as well. Ojwin, all I can do is wait here and hope for your success. I won’t be able to accompany you.”
“No need.”  Ojwin understood the practicalities involved. “I alone will be enough.”
After speaking, Ojwin smiled towards Hanbritt, then immediately turned and flew back towards Dragonblood Castle.

Watching Ojwin’s disappearing back, Hanbritt sighed in his heart. “Ojwin’s only weakness is that he cared too much about that son of his.” Both Hanbritt and Ojwin were incomparably vicious. For example, Hanbritt had been the one to destroy War God Mountain.

Ojwin, in turn, had destroyed the Baruch Empire’s imperial palace.

Dragonblood Castle. Linley and Delia’s residence.

Linley and Delia were enjoying their own private little world. Linley was lying in bed, with Delia in his arms, her ear pressed against Linley’s chest, listening to Linley’s heartbeat.

Linley stroked Delia’s fragrant hair. Smelling the scent of her hair, he felt his heart at peace.

“Linley.” Delia suddenly said.

“Hrm?” Linley replied. Delia said, “Linley, recently, every day I’ve been afraid of a battle erupting. This sort of life…”  Delia raised her head to look at Linley. “When will this end?”
Actually, Linley could also sense that many people in Dragonblood Castle were very nervous.

“What are you worried about?”  Linley sighed. “In the past, when we were young, you were just an ordinary magus, and I wasn’t a Saint yet. Didn’t we still successfully pass through those days? A road filled with struggles and battles. And now, I have reached the Deity level, while you, Delia, in a few years, will have completely absorbed your divine spark as well and also become a Deity. We weren’t afraid back then. What have we to fear now?”
Delia thought back to those days of the past, when she was all by herself. At that time, Linley and Alice had been together, and then he had disappeared for nearly ten years.

And then Delia thought about how she and Linley were together now. 
Delia laughed. Right. What did she have to worry about?

She already enjoyed this sort of quiet life very much. Linley and Delia, although both had to train, would often make the time to be together by themselves, and enjoy this sort of warmth.

“Linley, have you gone to see Alice?” Delia suddenly asked.

“Did you just say Alice?” Linley didn’t feel too agitated when the subject of Alice was raised. He only had a feeling in his heart, a feeling that so much had changed, that ‘the blue seas had transformed into mulberry fields’. “I haven’t seen Alice. What, have you?” Decades had passed since Linley had last seen Alice, prior to her wedding.

“I saw her.”  Delia said. “And it was right in the imperial capital, Baruch City.” “The  imperial  capital?  Alice  is  at  the  imperial  capital?” Linley was somewhat surprised.

Delia nodded. “Right. We now have a Proulx Gallery in the imperial capital, and Alice is the manager of that Proulx Gallery. But of course, she’s just a branch manager. Alice hasn’t changed very much compared to the past, you know. She’s still quite beautiful.” Delia looked at Linley teasingly.

Linley only laughed.

He still remembered how, during the Apocalypse Day event, he had given Alice and Rowling into the care of managing director Maia.

“In addition, Alice still hasn’t gotten married.”  Delia stared at Linley, carefully looking for any changes in his expression.

“What?” Linley was rather surprised. It had been decades, after all. The puppy love they had shared in the past was insubstantial, like a dream. And on Apocalypse Day, that Kalan had died as well. Linley had thought that Alice would have married long ago.

“What, do you have any special thoughts?” Delia’s laugh was very evil.

“Not  really.  Only,  I  feel  a  bit  moved.”  Linley  said  with  a laugh.

Delia no longer teased Linley. Nodding, she said, “Honestly, it was Jenne who told me that Alice had arrived in the imperial capital. Jenne used to spend a lot of time in the imperial capital, right? She’s quite a famous figure in the circle of nobles within the imperial capital these days. Naturally, she would encounter Alice during some of the banquets there.”
Just as Linley and Delia were engaged in private conversation between the two of them, husband and wife, a figure suddenly emerged from the earth beneath the rear gardens of Dragonblood Castle. It was Ojwin, who had snuck in. 
“It is about time.” Ojwin said to himself.

Actually, Ojwin had been waiting a few hundred kilometers away from Dragonblood Castle. After three or four hours, he had come over. According to Ojwin’s calculations…it should have been dinnertime after the battle just now. He expected it should now be about midnight.

“By now, everyone should be back in their own rooms. Only a few   roving   patrols   are   around.”    Ojwin   suppressed   the excitement in his heart.

He began to stealthily move about within Dragonblood Castle.

Dragonblood Castle was extremely large, comparable to a small city. There were thousands of commoners living here, and each night, there were quite a few roving patrols. But of course, for a God of Ojwin’s power, he was naturally able to easily avoid those roving patrols. “Hey, bros, you guys go on up ahead. We’re going to take a rest.”
The nighttime guards were about to change shifts. One of the units headed towards their own residences, chatting amongst each other. When they reached the northern gardens where the guards and the serving maids resided, they naturally went their separate ways and headed towards their own rooms.

Suddenly, one of the guards who was heading towards his own residence felt his head grow dizzy and his consciousness grow dim. A human figure appeared behind him. It was Ojwin.

“Tell me, where is Olivier.” Ojwin spoke out.

Although Ojwin wasn’t very proficient at techniques for controlling others, just by relying on his spiritual energy as a God, he was able to easily control an ordinary commoner.

“Don’t know.” The guard said woodenly. Ojwin couldn’t help but frown. “Then what about Tarosse and Dylin?”
“Don’t know.” The guard still said.

Ojwin couldn’t help but feel some anger, but then he quickly understood. “It seems the ordinary people in Dragonblood Castle aren’t familiar with these Deities at all. Only those personal servants will know them.”  Ojwin pondered his next steps.

“Let me ask you this. Have you ever seen a seemingly young man with white and black hair? He is often together with Linley.” Ojwin said.

“Yes I have.” The guard said mechanically.

“Do you know where he lives?”  Ojwin felt joy in his heart, and he hurriedly followed up on this line of questioning. “East gardens. When on our patrols, I have seen that lord. He lives with several other lords in the east gardens. Lord Linley is often together with him.” The guard said. Ojwin’s heart was filled with wild joy. “It seems Olivier, Tarosse, and Dylin are all in the eastern gardens.”
“Lead me there.” Ojwin said.

“Yes.” The guard didn’t resist in the slightest.

The guard immediately led Ojwin out of the northern gardens towards the east gardens.

“Hey, Will [Wei’er], aren’t you going back to get some rest? What are you doing here in the east gardens?” Several roving patrolmen walked over from the east garden. Clearly, they recognized this guard, and they immediately asked him.

Ojwin was currently hidden nearby. “Tell them that when you were on patrol, you lost something in the east garden, so you came to search for it.” Ojwin immediately said.

The guard said, “When I was on patrol, I lost something in the east gardens. I’m coming to look for it.”
The other guards all began to laugh. “Will, you sure are negligent. It is very dark now. Search carefully. If you can’t find it, come back and search again when it is day.” After speaking, these guards left and went back on patrol.

Although they had the feeling that Will’s manner of speech was somewhat different from the past, they didn’t harbor any suspicions.

After all, they could tell at a glance that this was indeed their old friend, Will.

“Continue.” Ojwin gave the order, and the guard immediately headed deeper towards the east garden of Dragonblood Castle…

Chapter 17, Mental Message

The guard led Ojwin forward. After walking for a while, the guard suddenly halted.

“Why did you stop?” Ojwin immediately barked. Right now, Ojwin was using a small-scale Godrealm, causing no sound to transmit outside their bubble.

The guard replied woodenly, “I only know that those lords live in the rooms within. Normally, I am not permitted to enter. I don’t know which lord lives in which room.” The guard’s reply caused Ojwin to be surprised.

However, he understood why this was the case.

The rooms where the likes of Olivier lived was normally off limits to the guards.

“One of the rooms inside…” Ojwin could tell that there were six or seven little buildings within, each building having a courtyard. “That makes this complicated. I don’t know which one Olivier is in.” Ojwin frowned, considering.

War God, High Priest, Tarosse, Dylin, Cesar, Olivier. They all lived there. Within the two-floor building where Cesar lived, Cesar was currently seated in the meditative position, his eyes shut.

The Elemental Laws of Darkness which Cesar trained in was a type of profound mystery having to do with stealth.

To Cesar, the darkness was as comfortable to him as a mother’s embrace. Cesar could completely and easily fuse with the darkness, causing others to be completely unable to detect him. At the same time…Cesar could sense anything which was not part of that darkness.

For example, Cesar could sense that in the building next to his, there was a blazing hot aura.

It was obvious to him as a blazing comet within the darkness. 
“Hrm?” Cesar frowned. “Why has someone drawn near so late at night?”
As the ‘King of Killers’, Cesar, a master of subterfuge, was the first to sense that someone was nearing their residences. In addition, Cesar could sense that there was more than one person present. “Such a weak aura. But unfortunately for you, you can’t escape my detection.”
Cesar didn’t use his divine sense either.

To Cesar, using divine sense was an utterly foolish sort of behavior. When you used divine sense, you allowed others to be able to find you as well.

Cesar disappeared into thin air. If a Deity-level was carefully inspecting the area, he might be able to just barely notice that the darkness within the room had changed slightly. Hidden within the darkness, Cesar quickly left his room and headed outside.
 Right at this moment…Ojwin and that guard were standing not too far away.

“Him!” From a distance of just a hundred or so meters, Cesar could instantly tell who this person was.

Cesar was shocked, but then he laughed coldly to himself. “This Ojwin really is bold. He actually dares to come here late at night.” It must be said that Cesar’s stealth abilities truly were astounding. He was hidden just a hundred meters away from Ojwin, but Ojwin was completely unable to locate Cesar’s presence.

Cesar instantly used his divine sense, casting it towards the direction of Tarosse’s residence.

Tarosse didn’t have any ability to hide his presence, and so Cesar easily located him. “Lord Tarosse, Ojwin came. He’s right outside.”
Tarosse was greatly shocked, but then his mind became filled with rage. “This Ojwin. Two times in a row, I stayed my hand and didn’t go all out against him. Does he really think I’m afraid to kill him?” Tarosse immediately flew outside his residence.

Tarosse’s hiding skills were clearly inferior to Cesar’s. Only, Tarosse was extremely fast! His residence was only a hundred meters or so away from Ojwin. At such a close distance, as soon as Tarosse flew out of his room, he immediately saw Ojwin and thus shot towards him at high speed.

“Right now, all I can do is find one of the servants who specially  serves  these  Deities,  then  continue  to  investigate.” Ojwin was planning to go find another servant to interrogate.

“Huh?” Ojwin turned his head in shock.

A figure was shooting towards him at high speed. Ojwin’s face changed dramatically, and in his heart, he cursed angrily, “Bastard, him again!!!” Seeing Tarosse come, Ojwin knew that he had failed yet again. Although he was unwilling to admit defeat, he couldn’t do anything else now except immediately rocket into the air at high speed. 
“Motherf*cker, you want to flee?!” Tarosse’s bellowing voice shook the entire Dragonblood Castle.

Instantly, many people in Dragonblood Castle were shocked into wakefulness.

“Hisss….”  An ear-piercing hiss seemed to shake the entire world. This sound was louder than the sound of the world exploding, and was far more ear-piercing as well.

“What is that?!”
Wharton, Gates, and the others all came out of their rooms upon hearing the bellow. They were all stunned by what they saw. In the air above Dragonblood Castle, an astonishing, enormous coiled green snake that was ten thousand meters long had appeared. The girth of its body, at least several houses thick, truly caused the hearts of the viewers to turn cold. The massive green serpent coiled there in mid-air. Raising its head, it emitted that ear-piercing cry.

“No!” A human figure had been completely locked in, in mid- air. The person cried out in desperation and hopelessness.

That enormous serpent’s maw was open, and the space of what felt like the entire world began to tremble. That human figure was only able to resist for a brief instant before he was no longer able to endure that devouring force. Instantly, he was drawn into that enormous serpentine mouth and swallowed into its belly.

The ten-thousand meter long enormous green serpent then transformed into a human figure. It was the green-haired Tarosse.

Tarosse flew down while cursing, “That Ojwin actually interpreted me being good-natured as being me being afraid to kill him. Hmph. Ever since I left the Necropolis of the Gods, I haven’t killed anyone. This fellow didn’t pay any attention to what I said.”
 A group of people were gathered below. Even Linley and Delia had hurried over.

“Was that Ojwin just now?” Linley hadn’t seen it clearly just now. He only vaguely saw a human figure be swallowed into Tarosse’s stomach.

Linley had once seen Tarosse’s true form on the third floor of the Necropolis of the Gods.

“It was Ojwin.” Cesar laughed. “That Ojwin actually snuck into Dragonblood Castle. He thought we wouldn’t notice him. However…before he even drew near me, I noticed his presence.” How could Ojwin possibly hide himself from Cesar, so skilled in the arts of stealth?

What a silly dream.

Although one was a God and the other was a Demigod, this was Cesar’s specialty, after all. 
“Haha, Tarosse, you’ve shown off your ‘Devour’ ability as well.” Dylin laughed.
Dylin’s true form was that of the Suanni Lion, also known as the ‘Heaven Devouring Beast’. He naturally had a vast amount of space in his stomach. As for Tarosse, as a Deity-class beast, the ‘Ba-Serpent’, he also had the innate ability of ‘Ocean Devouring’. The Ba-Serpent had a space in his stomach to begin with, and what’s more, the Ba-Serpent’s body was naturally enormous.

In fact, his devouring ability, compared to Dylin’s, was actually slightly more powerful.

Given that Tarosse’s spiritual energy, in terms of pureness and quantity, was superior to that of Dylin’s, his ‘Devour’ ability was naturally far stronger as well.

“This Ojwin actually came again.”  Olivier laughed ruefully.
He truly had been frightened just now. Linley laughed, “Olivier, you can relax now. That Ojwin is now dead. In the future, he won’t be able to come make trouble for you.” Ojwin’s death caused Linley to feel relieved as well. Actually, many people within Dragonblood Castle would be celebrating tonight.

“Don’t be happy so soon.”
Tarosse snorted coldly as he spoke. Opening his mouth, a divine spark that faintly glowed with red light floated out. “Ojwin died inside my body. This is his divine God spark.”
“A fire-style one?” Linley was shocked. Ojwin didn’t have just one body. If the Ojwin that had been devoured was the ‘combined’ Ojwin, there should be two divine sparks present.

“Right. Only the fire-style one.” Tarosse said. “You all know that he has two bodies. And just now, the one which I devoured and killed was only his fire-element divine clone. His divine light clone never came to this place!”
Linley sighed in his heart. 
It was much like how, during Ojwin’s first attack, Linley and Desri had kept their original bodies within the pocket dimension. They were guarding against the chance of their divine clones being destroyed, in which case they would be finished.

“It seems that Ojwin was also worried about being killed, so he had also made preparations.” Linley couldn’t help but look at Olivier. The look of concern once more appeared between Olivier’s forehead. If Ojwin didn’t die, then Olivier wouldn’t be able to be relaxed.

“Olivier.” Linley looked at Olivier.

Olivier couldn’t help but look at Linley with a rueful smile. Linley said, “Olivier, right now, none of us know what that Ojwin is capable of doing. How about this. Come to the pocket dimension for your training. In that place, even if Ojwin used his divine sense, he definitely wouldn’t be able to locate you.” To be honest, there were quite a few people currently present in that pocket dimension now.

“Then, fine.” Olivier didn’t refuse this time.

The pocket dimension alone was the safest haven within Dragonblood Castle.

“Everyone, don’t worry.”  Linley turned to look at Wharton and the others. “This time, Ojwin lost a divine spark, which means he lost one of his lives. He only has his divine light clone remaining. He dared to risk it this time, but in the future, he won’t dare. He has no other divine clones.”
Everyone began to laugh.

Only, the War God, O’Brien, stared at the divine spark in Tarosse’s hands, his eyes gleaming. That was a full God’s divine fire spark. He, O’Brien, trained in the Elemental Laws of Fire. A God-level divine fire spark was something which he, O’Brien, desperately needed. Only, the divine God spark was simply too valuable. He didn’t dare to ask for it directly.

Deep in the night, standing above the vast ground, Ojwin furiously smashed his fists into the earth, releasing an unrelenting, furious howl from his lips.

“BANG!” “BANG!” ……
The earth split apart, but Ojwin still couldn’t vent the unrelenting anger in his heart.

“First time. Second time. All failures! My divine clone…the Elemental Laws of Fire?” Ojwin was filled with boundless rage. He knew that he would never again be able to train in the Elemental Laws of Fire. He only had one body left now; his divine light clone. 
From now on, he could only train in the Elemental Laws of Light.

“That Tarosse and that Dylin, what ability was that?” Ojwin couldn’t help but feel his heart shake as he thought back to that terrifying scene.

When Tarosse had began to devour him, it had been a completely different sensation from when Dylin had used the ability. Tarosse had transformed into his true form, that of the Ba-Serpent. When he had used the ‘Devour’ ability, Ojwin had felt as though he had become completely separated from all other space, and that an irresistible force had surrounded him.

And then, he was immediately swallowed into the Ba- Serpent’s stomach.

At first, Ojwin had thought that upon entering the Ba- Serpent’s stomach, he could rip through the internal organs to flee. But who would have thought…that the stomach wasn’t an material dimension at all. And thus, entirely powerless, he had been killed.

This was the sort of innate ability only a divine beast possessed! Even most people who trained to the Highgod level couldn’t possibly create such an immaterial dimension within their stomach.

This was why the likes of the Heaven Devouring Beast and the Ba-Serpent were reputed to be able to swallow mountains and swallow oceans.

“There will, there will come a day!” Ojwin ground his teeth. “There will come a day when I definitely will kill Olivier, and there will come a day when I become a Highgod and will come kill that Tarosse!” Ojwin’s heart was filled with extreme hatred towards Tarosse.

But until reaching the Highgod level, Ojwin wouldn’t dare to irritate Tarosse again. And then, Ojwin transformed into a ray of light, streaking into the western skies.

Ojwin’s divine fire clone had been destroyed. Indeed, he now no longer dared to cause trouble. Dragonblood Castle once more returned to its normal calm, and Linley began to train quietly as well. After many months had passed, when winter was starting, Linley received a bit of good news.

On this day, Linley was currently absorbed in attuning with the Elemental Laws of the Wind.

Suddenly, a sound rang out in his mind. “Linley, I need to entrust you with something.”
“Lord Beirut?” Linley immediately halted his training.

“Bebe has already reached the stage of transforming into a Deity. This final transformational stage is extremely critical. Remember, starting today, no matter what, don’t reach out mentally to Bebe. Don’t disturb him.” Beirut mentally transmitted to Linley. 
Beirut was capable of preventing others from engaging in using their divine sense to speak, but even Beirut was incapable of blocking Linley and Bebe from communicating, due to their connected souls. Thus, he had to deliver a message.

“Transforming into a Deity? Alright, I understand. In this period of time, I definitely won’t send a mental message to and disturb Bebe.” Linley felt delighted for Bebe as well.

Chapter 18, Bebe Becomes a Deity

Yulan calendar, year 10045. The entire Yulan continent was fairly calm this year.
Linley’s original body remained within the pocket dimension, focusing on training in the Throbbing Pulse of the World. His divine clone remained within Dragonblood Castle, spending most of its time on training in the Profound Truths of Velocity, while occasionally analyzing the Profound Mysteries of Sound.

With respect to the Profound Truths of Velocity, Linley was very, very far off from the level of mastery.

Yulan calendar, year 10045, summer. The scorching sun baked the earth, and by the side of a pool of water in the east gardens of Dragonblood Castle, Linley and Cesar were currently seated in a pavilion, enjoying the weather.

“I have to say that the War God really has excellent luck.” Cesar let out a sigh. 
“Are  you  referring  to  the  divine  spark?”  Linley  instantly understood what Cesar’s sigh was in reference to. Last year, when Ojwin had attacked late at night, he had been killed by Tarosse, who had acquired a divine God spark. In the end, the War God still went to ask Tarosse for that divine God spark.

The result had been…Tarosse had actually agreed.

“A divine God spark! If someone has a God-level divine darkness spark, can I get it, please?”  Cesar sighed, his eyes filled with a hint of jealousy. “If I just continue training like this by myself, who knows how long it will take before I can reach the God level.”
The longer one trained, the harder it became towards the end.

“I heard that the War God paid a price in order to acquire this divine God spark.” Linley said. “You call that a price?” Cesar looked at Linley.

Linley nodded. “How is it not a price? Tarosse said that after this ‘Descent of the Gods’ event is over and resolved, the War God will need to go with him to the Infernal Realm and be under his command for the next hundred thousand years. Only after a hundred thousand years will he regain his liberty.”
“Hmph.”   Cesar  let  out  a  disdainful  laugh.  “Linley,  after hearing Tarosse’s request, O’Brien didn’t think about it for a few days, did he?”
Linley was certain about this. “The War God was quite direct.
He agreed right away.”
“I’d agree to this sort of request as well.” Cesar wrinkled his nose. “First of all, to advance from Demigod to God, given O’Brien’s level of talent, it’s hard to say if he could accomplish it in a hundred thousand years. You must understand, O’Brien became a Deity through fusing with a divine spark!” Linley nodded in agreement.

He had indeed fused with a divine spark to become a Deity. But those divine sparks were formed by the universe when others became Deities, and wouldn’t completely be fused with O’Brien’s soul. There were impediments when training as well. To reach the God level, the amount of time it would take would also be far longer than the amount of time experts who became Deities on their own would take.

“So first of all, it will be very hard for him to become a God on his own power. In addition, aside from the Necropolis of the Gods, where else could he, a Demigod, procure a God-level divine spark?” Cesar continued. “For the sake of a divine God spark, all he has to do is listen to someone else’s orders for a hundred thousand years.”
“More importantly…”
Cesar’s eyes held a hint of anticipation. “He is heading to the ‘Infernal Realm’. All he has to do is listen to Tarosse’s orders in the ‘Infernal Realm’. When a person newly enters the Infernal Realm, he would be unfamiliar with the place. Only under the guidance of an expert would one have a good shot at survival, and be capable to quickly adapt to this Higher Plane, the Infernal Realm! Others who want to find such a leader will find it hard to do so, and yet O’Brien, immediately upon entering the Infernal Realm, will have Tarosse’s protection. That is a huge advantage for him.”
Linley couldn’t help but feel startled. Hearing Cesar’s words, he felt they made sense.

“Going to the Infernal Realm means leaving behind his homeland.” Linley sighed.

The current Linley still had quite a bit of affection towards the Yulan continent.

“Hmph.” Cesar said. “What a joke. Only an exciting life is interesting. At the Deity-level, staying in these ordinary material planes no longer have much of a point for us. Actually, ever since returning from the Necropolis of the Gods, I’ve been planning to go to the Higher Planes.” “You are leaving?” Linley was somewhat surprised.

“This time, when I returned, I found out that many Deities had descended.” Cesar laughed. “It seemed as though life here would be quite interesting, so naturally, I decided to stay a bit longer. If it weren’t for these Deities, I would have left to the Higher Planes long ago.”
“After all, standing at the top is a very lonely thing. Linley, life is only meaningful when it is colorful and interesting.” Cesar sighed. “Linley, you haven’t lived for very long yet. If you live for another century, you’ll start to have this sort of feeling as well. Think about it, Linley. If in the Yulan continent, you are so powerful as to be invincible, wouldn’t you eventually grow tired of that quiet life?”
Linley thought about it for a moment, and his heart trembled.

Standing alone at the top of the Yulan continent, living a tranquil life…just thinking about it made Linley feel some revulsion. In his mind, he quickly began thinking about everything he had experienced.

“An interesting, colorful life with ups and downs. Only that is meaningful.” Linley had to admit this was true.

He himself wasn’t willing to live an ordinary, common life. Although he knew that the Four Higher Planes and the Seven Divine Planes had countless experts there, if as a result he decided to live an ordinary life and remain hiding on the Yulan Plane and be like a frog in a well, this would be too laughable.

“After this affair concludes, I will leave and go to the Infernal Realm. Linley, come with me.”  Cesar urged. “In the Infernal Realm, there are experts from countless planes. All sorts of races, and also, the Four Supreme Warrior clans have all gone to the Infernal Realm. Don’t you want to go visit your ancestors?”
The Four Supreme Warrior clans? His ancestors? The very first Dragonblood Warrior of the Baruch clan, Baruch! And the second, the third…all of his ancestors who had already gone to the Infernal Realm.

Linley couldn’t help but feel a sense of anticipation as they discussed this, but then he immediately said with a laugh, “Cesar, stop enticing me. I’m in no rush. I’ll stay here with Delia for a while. When the time comes that we, husband and wife, feel bored, perhaps we’ll make a tourist trip to the Infernal Realm.”
“Tourism trip?”  Cesar didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry. “What do you take the Infernal Realm for?”
Yulan calendar, year 10045. Early winter. Snow flew everywhere.

Within the pocket dimension.

The pocket dimension was divided into two layers. The lower layer had Olivier and Desri there in training, while the upper layer had Barker, Haeru, and two of the Six-Eyed Golden Ni- Lions. Linley himself was also seated in the meditative position on the bed on the upper layer, training in the Throbbing Pulse of the World.

The profound mysteries of the Laws were all interconnected, from the simple to the profound.

Precisely because this was the case, Linley utilized this sort of visualization technique to train. But of course, Linley wasn’t visualizing wildly, but was doing so in accordance with his insights into the ‘Elemental Laws’ themselves. Occasionally, he would have a new spark of insight, causing him to make a breakthrough via his visualization.

Linley’s original body had already completely finished absorbing those hundred million soul essences.

Last time, when he had absorbed twenty million soul essences, Linley’s visualization speed had dramatically increased. From the 32 Fused Waves to the 16 Fused Waves, he had only taken one year and three months. After absorbing a hundred million additional soul essences, his visualization speed increased several times over. 
The amount of time that he needed thus also shrank by several times.

In addition, Linley had already been training in fusing the 16 Fused Waves to the 8 Fused Waves for two years at the time of Beaumont’s death.

Now, yet another year had passed.

Three years time.

Seated in the meditative position on the stone bed within the pocket dimension, Linley’s eyes opened, a hint of a smile on his face. “The Throbbing Pulse of the World truly is extremely complicated. At last, I have broken through to the 8 Fused Waves level.” Linley was currently feeling extremely pleased.

“Only, why is it that I feel as though even prior to the level of complete mastery, the Throbbing Pulse of the World is hundreds of times more complex and vast than the insights I have gained into the ‘Profound Truths of Velocity’?”  Linley couldn’t understand it.

Based on what Linley knew.

Training any of the profound mysteries of the Elemental Laws to the level of complete mastery would result in one becoming a Demigod.

As for the Profound Truths of Velocity, actually, the Profound Truths of Velocity wasn’t just a simple profound mystery; it was the result of the fusion of the ‘Fast’ and ‘Slow’ mysteries. Reaching complete mastery in the Profound Truths of Velocity was equivalent to reaching mastery in both the ‘Fast’ and the ‘Slow’ mysteries. Naturally, it would be different from reaching the level of mastery in a single mystery.

“I won’t over-think it.” Linley immediately closed his eyes and continued training.

But this time, ten days later, before he had a chance to train for long… “Boss,  Boss!”  A  familiar  voice  rang  out  in  Linley’s  mind. Linley instantly stopped his training, and sent back a spiritual message in surprise and delight. “Bebe, you, you succeeded?”
“Right,  I  succeeded.  Boss,  I’m  already  a  Deity!”   Bebe’s delighted voice rang out in Linley’s mind.

Linley felt a surge of excitement and joy in his heart. Bebe, who had grown up by his side, had already become a Deity as well.

“Wonderful.” Linley didn’t know what he should say.

“Boss,  I’m  immediately  heading  out  from  the  Forest  of Darkness. Wait for me.” Bebe had finally reached the adulthood phase as a Godeater Rat. Having become a Deity, Bebe immediately, excitedly, flew straight out from the metallic castle within the Forest of Darkness towards Dragonblood Castle. Beneath the setting sun, Dragonblood Castle seemed to be covered with a dusky red layer of sunlight.
Within the rear gardens of Dragonblood Castle, the War God and the High Priest were seated opposite to each other with a stone table between them. The War God and the High Priest were both fusing with divine sparks, only…neither the War God nor the High Priest would spend all of their time fusing with divine sparks.

“After this Descent of the Gods event is completed, I will accompany Lord Tarosse to the Infernal Realm. And you?” The War God asked.

The High Priest felt rather moved.

She and the War God had actually struggled for many years. Not long ago, she had succeeded in the Necropolis of the Gods and acquired a divine God spark. Now, the War God had acquired one as well.” “You can go. As for myself…” The High Priest laughed. “The Necropolis of the Gods is more and more dangerous as the levels progress. It had been extremely dangerous for me acquire even this God-level divine spark. If I want to acquire a Highgod spark, who knows how long it would take. A hundred
thousand years? A million years?”
The High Priest sighed. “After this event is concluded, most likely the many Deities will all leave the Yulan continent. I don’t want to be here by myself. When the time comes, I will choose to go to the Life Realm.”
The Four Higher Planes were the Infernal Realm, the Celestial Realm, the Netherworld, and the Life Realm.

The Infernal Realm was made by the Overgod of Destruction. The Celestial Realm was made by the Overgod of Fate. The Netherworld was made by the Overgod of Death. As for the Life Realm, it was naturally created by the Overgod of Life.

“You’ll go to the Life Realm?”  The War God was somewhat astonished. He then let out a laughter filled with mixed emotions. “If that’s the case, then who knows how long it will be before we meet again.”
“If we have the chance, we’ll meet again.” The High Priest, Catherine, said calmly. Her face hidden behind that mask, it was hard to say what the expression on the High Priest’s face was.

These two Deities who had been opponents for thousands of years were now both silent.

“Wow, O’Brien, Catherine, what are you two doing here? Ah, secretly dating?” A voice suddenly rang out in the rear gardens. Instantly, both the silent War God and the High Priest were greatly startled.

Especially because these words made them feel very awkward.

A seemingly skinny youth, with inch-long hair and a sleeveless shirt had suddenly appeared. This youth had sparkling, crystalline skin that was very bright, and a pair of eyes that were black and lively. Those eyes seemed capable of speech, and they were intentionally staring at the War God and the High Priest in a meaningful manner.

The youth instantly pointed at the High Priest, a delighted, surprised look on his face. “Ha, Catherine, you’re blushing!”
The High Priest didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry. She was wearing a mask. Nobody could possibly see her facial expressions. Since nobody could see her facial expressions, it was of course possible that her face was indeed red.

“Bebe, stop making trouble.” Linley immediately walked into the rear garden.

“Wow, Boss!” Bebe immediately ran over excitedly.

Chapter 19, Profound Mysteries, High and Low

“Uhh…..” Bebe suddenly halted, staring at Linley’s shoulder in confusion.

Linley began to laugh as well. “You still want to stand on my shoulders?” In the past, Bebe often stood on Linley’s shoulders. But now Bebe was in human form, although, at 1.7 meters, he wasn’t that tall.

Despite being short, he still couldn’t stand on Linley’s shoulders like before.

Linley stared carefully at the human formed Bebe. Bebe looked very slender and delicate. Only, his eyes were as lively and roguish as ever. Bebe chortle, and then rubbed his inch- long hair, raising his head and saying, “Boss, how’s my hair style? I spent a lot of time thinking about it before becoming a Deity.”
Linley didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry. 
“While flying over from the Forest of Darkness, I actually made  a  little  something.”   Bebe  said  in  an  intentionally mysterious manner.

“Oh?” Linley looked at Bebe. With a flip of his hand, Bebe retrieved a tattered straw hat out of nowhere and then, with a very practiced manner, flipped it onto his head before grinning delightedly. “Boss, this straw hat really suits me, right?”
Seeing how Bebe currently looked, Linley began to laugh. “Suits you, suits you!”
Bebe   looked   solemnly   at   Linley.   “Boss,   let’s   go   chat somewhere else. Let’s not disturb them.”
“Not disturb them?” Linley was somewhat startled, but then he immediately understood. Turning his head, Linley looked at the nearby War God and High Priest. The two clearly didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry. They wanted to curse Bebe, but seeing how he was acting, they didn’t know what to say. “Sorry.” Linley hurriedly waved at them.

“Quickly take that little fellow away.” The High Priest was trapped between laughter and curses.

“Alright,  let’s  go.”  Linley  said  hurriedly.  “Then…you  guys continue.”  While  speaking,  Linley  led  Bebe  out  of  the  rear garden, but while following Linley, Bebe turned to stare at the High Priest and the War God, letting out a loud shout, “My Boss says, you guys continue!”
Linley could only glance helplessly at Bebe.

The two walked shoulder-to-shoulder into Dragonblood Castle.

“Boss,  now  that  I’m  also  a  Deity,  you  are  no  longer necessarily my match.” Bebe said self-delightedly. Linley laughed, “Bebe, the more powerful you are, the better. If you are more powerful than me, that’s naturally a wonderful thing.” Linley suddenly thought about the innate abilities of divine  beasts.  He  asked,  “Bebe,  you  are  only  the  second Godeater Rat in the countless planes of the multiverse. Then… what is your innate ability?”
“If others asked me, I definitely wouldn’t tell them.”  Bebe said. “But since it is you, Boss, who is asking me, I’ll give you a hint. Focus on the words, ‘God Eater’.”
After saying these words, Bebe no longer said anything.

“God Eater?”  Linley was puzzled. Could it be that he could devour and swallow Deities? It shouldn’t be that simple.

“Oh, right. Boss, Grandpa Beirut, Harry, and his brothers are going to be arriving soon. I was just a bit impatient so I hurried over here first.”  Bebe said. Linley was somewhat surprised. “Lord Beirut and the Harry brothers are coming as well?” Indeed, that night, Beirut led his three children to Dragonblood Castle.

Within the study.

“Bebe, you, Harry, and the other two can leave for now.” Beirut said with a calm smile. Bebe and the others all obediently left, leaving behind only Beirut and Linley in the study. Linley looked at Beirut, feeling rather puzzled. “What does Beirut wish to discuss with me in private?”
Although puzzled, Linley’s attitude was still very meek.

“Sit first.” Beirut sat down, pointing at a nearby chair. Linley sat down as ordered.

Stroking his beard, Beirut chuckled while sighing, “Bebe has finally become a Deity. I can finally relax a bit. Linley, Bebe really is attached to you. I asked him to stay with me, but he refused. In the future, I hope you can take good care of him.” “Of course.” Linley nodded.

Even without Beirut’s prompting, Linley would wholeheartedly take care of Bebe. Linley would never forget how Bebe had blocked that deathblow of the Armored Razorback Wyrm in the Foggy Valley. Bebe had saved him multiple times. Linley would never forget these events.

“Linley, you have reached the Deity level, but you must have many  questions  regarding  the  world  of  Deities.”   Beirut laughed. “Even O’Brien and Catherine…how many Deities have they fought against?”
Linley was delighted in his heart.

He knew far too little about the world of Deities. He didn’t even know much regarding battles and training methods. He felt like a blind man without any guidance, utterly helpless.

“I know that you train in the Elemental Laws of the Wind and the Laws of the Earth.” Beirut laughed calmly. “So, I’ll begin giving you a primer based on your training. First of all, you should know that each type of Elemental Law contains many different types of profound mysteries.”
This was common knowledge. Of course Linley knew this.

“However,   the   profound   mysteries   inherent   in   each Elemental Law are not equal in terms of power.” Beirut sighed. “The  Elemental  Laws  contain  low-level  mysteries,  mid-level mysteries, and high level mysteries! However, all the mysteries, high or low, can allow one to become a Deity!”
Linley nodded.

“Linley, the Elemental Laws of the Earth which you train in should belong to the ‘Throbbing Pulse of the World’ type of profound mysteries, correct?” Beirut looked at Linley.

“Yes.”  Linley wasn’t surprised at all. If Beirut didn’t even know this, that would be bizarre. Beirut laughed and said, “Normally speaking, a person would only gain insight into higher level profound mysteries upon reaching the God level, or perhaps the Highgod level. Many earth-style Gods have yet to gain insights into the Throbbing Pulse of the World, but you, a Demigod, have already done so.”
Linley frowned.

Beirut said with a laugh, “Let me explain it to you like this. Let’s say the Elemental Laws of the Earth include nine different types of profound mysteries. Of course, that’s just a hypothetical; I don’t train in the Laws of the Earth, after all.”
“Nine types?” Linley was rather surprised.

Based on what he knew, the Elemental Laws were virtually boundless. There should be many different types of profound mysteries contained within them…but Beirut was using ‘nine types’ as a hypothetical example. Since that was the case, then clearly, the actual number of profound mysteries shouldn’t be too far off from nine. “Don’t think that nine profound mysteries is a small number.”
Beirut noticed Linley’s confusion. Laughing, he said, “Every person’s growth, ability, and experiences will determine what they are skilled at. For example, you, Linley. In the Laws of the Earth, you are very sensitive to the Throbbing Pulse of the World and can sense it clearly.”
“Thus, the Throbbing Pulse of the World is the first type of profound mystery of the Laws of the Earth that you train in, and you are very fast in training in it as well. However, if I were to ask you to train on the ‘Gravitational Field’ profound mystery of the Laws of the Earth, would you be able to do so?”
Linley was utterly lost.

Gravitational Field? When he was attuning to the Laws of the Earth, he had never even sensed such a thing. How could he possibly train in it? “This is a question of effectiveness. It will be very easy for you to train in one type of the Laws of the Earth, but the successive profound mysteries within it will not be so easily learnt. For example, of our nine profound mysteries, perhaps you only need a thousand years to master the first. The second, you would probably need a hundred thousand years. As for the third, you might need a million or ten million years…and thus, as you keep compiling them, it will be extremely hard for you to master all nine profound mysteries. Otherwise, Highgods wouldn’t be so rare.”
Linley now understood.

It was much like how, in the mortal world, a person might be an expert at finance, but terrible at human relations. To let a person skilled at human relations to go learn finance would be very hard.

Linley had found it fairly easy in training in the ‘Throbbing Pulse of the World’.

However, the other profound mysteries within the Laws of the Earth wouldn’t be so easily understood by Linley. It was much like how in the past, Haydson, with a simple step, could move dozens of meters, as though he teleported.

Linley knew that it couldn’t possibly be teleportation.

However, to this very day, Linley still had no idea how Haydson had accomplished that feat of moving dozens of meters in a step.

“Haydson was able to understand it, but I have yet to. I was able to understand the Throbbing Pulse of the World, but he was not.” Linley understood Beirut’s meaning. Understanding the Laws was partly reliant on talent, partly on life experiences, and also on sparks of insight.

Many variables determined one’s direction.

“As for the laws of becoming a Deity…” Beirut laughed. “I’ll use your training in the Elemental Laws of the Wind for my next example. Let’s say the Laws of the Wind also have nine types of profound mysteries. If you were able to reach the level of mastery in one of them, then you would become a Demigod.” Linley knew this part.

“But to become a God? For example, Linley, the ‘Fast’ and ‘Slow’ mysteries which you trained in, if you were able to reach mastery in both of them, you still wouldn’t become a full God. At this point, you would have two ways to become a God.”
“The  first  method  is  to  train  in  yet  another  profound mystery. In other words, if you reach the point of mastery in three of the profound mysteries, you would become a God.”
“The second method is for you to fuse the ‘Fast’ and ‘Slow’ mysteries into one. Upon succeeding, you would then become a God.” Beirut explained. At this point, Beirut came to a halt, knowing that Linley wouldn’t be able to understand it.

“The Laws of the universe determine whether or not you fulfill the requirements for becoming a God. They care about whether or not you have reached a certain level of insight into the Elemental Laws.”
Beirut sighed. “Actually, let’s say that you have gained full insights into all nine Elemental Laws. Would that be considered complete mastery?”
“If I gain insights into all nine, I should be a Highgod, right?” Linley said.

“Right. It’s true that you would be a Highgod.” Beirut nodded. “However, you wouldn’t be at the level of complete mastery. Forget it, there’s no need to discuss this for now. It’s far too early.”
Linley laughed and nodded.

“When Deities do battle, there’s great differences between Deities of different levels. Generally speaking, Gods are able to kill  Demigods.  But  of  course,  there  are  always  exceptions.” Hearing Beirut say this, Linley’s eyes lit up. 
Beirut  explained,  “The  divine  sparks  of  Gods  are  able  to summon a ‘Godrealm’ that can suppress a Demigod’s. Under his Godrealm, your speed will slow drastically. In addition, the divine power of a divine God spark is more pure. Just based on these two things alone, the outcome of any battle is virtually preordained.”
Linley nodded.

Within Ojwin’s Godrealm, he had sensed his speed lower measurably. Originally, Linley’s speed had been much faster than those two black-robed men, but within the Godrealm, he was actually slower than them.

“Thus, when a Demigod is to battle a God,” Beirut explained with a laugh, “The first option is to ambush. To use the most powerful attack you have before the enemy has utilized the Godrealm and to kill him.”
“Kill by ambush?” Linley said, puzzled. “Full Gods shouldn’t be so easy to kill.” “Right.”  Beirut said. “Even via ambush, in the instant you draw near to him, he will definitely react. If you want to be able to kill him in a situation like that, then you must have…a profound mystery which is much more powerful than his!”
“Because, your divine power isn’t as pure as his. Thus, you have to overcome him via a better weapon and the Laws!” Beirut explained.

Linley understood.

So what if one was a God?

A God might have, for example, mastered three profound mysteries, but if those three profound mysteries were low level, then the God wouldn’t excessively powerful when using any one of those three profound mysteries. Thus, those types of Gods had to rely on their Godrealm and their pure divine power to kill Demigods. “But of course, even if that God trained in low level profound mysteries, once they fuse those low-level mysteries they have gained, then you would have no chance.”  Beirut sighed. “The fusion of two low-level mysteries is definitely not one bit weaker than a high level mystery!”
Linley nodded.

For example, the ‘Fast’ and ‘Slow’ mysteries which had fused into the Profound Truths of Velocity was not one whit inferior to the ‘Throbbing Pulse of the World’.

“In other words, only the most outstanding of Demigods are capable  of  defeating  weak  Gods!”  Beirut  concluded.  “But  of course, if one has an exceedingly outstanding divine artifact, or if there are some special factors in play, victory might be possible.”

Chapter 20, The Invincible Highgods

“Victory might be possible?” Linley was stirred.

After speaking, Beirut just sat there, looking at Linley with a hint of a smile tugging at his lips. When Linley noticed the expression on Beirut’s face, Linley suddenly understood. He laughed self-mockingly, “Lord Beirut, are you trying to tell me that I should try to avoid battling Deities of a higher level than myself?”
Beirut stroked his beard, starting to laugh. “Right.”
Linley felt a sense of resignation.

Was he an outstanding Demigod? Linley didn’t feel confident in saying that.

Was his opponent a weak God? That was also hard to determine. Thus, although in theory, a Demigod was capable of killing a God, in reality, the chance of success was very low. Unless that God was already badly injured and on the brink of death, a God in normal circumstances would virtually never be beaten by a Demigod.

Beirut stood up, walking to the door of the study.

“Creaaak!”  The  study  door  opened  by  itself,  allowing  the night wind to blow in, rustling against Beirut’s black robes.

Beirut hesitated a moment, then turned to look at Linley. “Linley, there are some things that I originally wanted to tell you after you grew more powerful. However, it is hard to say if you and Bebe will remain on the Yulan continent or not in the future. Thus, I’ll tell you it all today. Although this might come as discouraging to you, at least this way, you won’t go on any wrong paths.”
Linley immediately stood up. Mental blow? Go on any wrong paths? He had never been afraid of taking difficult paths. Ever since he was an ordinary youth, up til this very day, since when had he feared any discouragement?

“Beirut, please speak.” Linley said respectfully.

Beirut smiled and nodded. “You should know the requirements for becoming a Highgod.”
“Yes. Gain insights into all of the profound mysteries of a Law.” Linley nodded while responding.

Beirut sighed, “Yes, when you gain full insights into all of the profound mysteries, you will become a Highgod. However, each Elemental Law is a complete whole, much like how your ‘Fast’ and ‘Slow’ mysteries can fuse into one. If an Elemental Law has nine profound mysteries in it, then…”
Beirut’s eyes began to shine as he stared at Linley. “Any two of those nine profound mysteries can fuse together. Any three can fuse together…and in fact, all nine of the profound mysteries can be fused into one!”
Linley was flabbergasted.

All of them could be fused?

“It is very hard for one to be able to simply gain insights into all nine profound mysteries. To fuse any two or any three of them into one becomes even harder.”
Beirut  sighed.  “Linley,  the  true  path  of  training  isn’t necessarily ‘the more the better’ when it comes to gaining insights into the Laws. It is ‘fusing the more profound mysteries the better’. For example, the ‘Fast’ and ‘Slow’ mysteries are all low-level mysteries, but when the two are fused into the ‘Profound Truths of Velocity’, it is comparable with high level mysteries. If you were able to fuse three low level mysteries into one, the power would far surpass that of high level mysteries.”
Linley’s eyes were shining. 
“If you are able to fuse all nine profound mysteries into one, that would represent that you have truly understood an Elemental Law! That is the highest level of attainment for a Highgod!”   When  saying  this,  Beirut’s  entire  attitude  was different.

In his heart, Linley sighed unceasingly.

Gain insights into nine profound mysteries and become a Highgod? That accomplishment was far from the actual peak. To merge all nine mysteries into a whole; that was a true peak.

“Nine types of profound mysteries into one?” Linley’s voice couldn’t help but turn into a whisper. “Lord Beirut, how many experts of this level do the planes of the multiverse have?”
“How many?”
Beirut laughed as he looked at Linley. 
“In ten trillion Deities, only one will become a Highgod! But the invincible Highgods who are capable of fusing all of the profound mysteries in an Elemental Law into one…even I don’t know how many Highgods would be needed to be produce a single such Paragon.” It was hard for even Beirut to say. “All I can tell you is that even in the infinite multiverse, the number of experts on this level can be counted by hand!”
“Counted by hand?”
Linley’s heart shook.

The universe had existed for an extremely long period of time, resulting in the number of Deities each material plane produced to be an astonishingly high figure. In the countless planes and especially in the Higher Planes, it was hard to calculate how many Deities there were. But even in the Higher Planes, the number of truly peak, perfect Highgods was actually countable by hand! “Lord Beirut, within the Gebados Planar Prison, are there any experts who have fused all of the profound mysteries of a Law?” Linley said with curiosity. “I heard that there are five powerful Kings there.”
Beirut snorted. “There are not. Definitely not! Even the five Kings of the Gebados Planar Prison have fused only a few profound mysteries of the laws. To fuse all of the laws and become a Paragon? Who can calculate how low the chance is of a material plane to produce one?”
“Lord Beirut, you are that certain?”  Linley was somewhat surprised.

Not even the five Kings had reached the state of perfection. Linley wasn’t surprised about that. What he was surprised about was how certain Beirut was. Could it be that Beirut could investigate the strength of others?

“Of course I’m sure.”  Beirut nodded and laughed. “This is because, upon a Highgod capable of fusing all of the profound mysteries in an Elemental Law appears, even the Sovereigns… will fight over the chance to invite that sort of genius to work for them.” Beirut sighed in praise.

“After  all,  only  people  like  them  are  at  the  peak  of Deityhood…only they are the true peak Highgods! Experts like them, even if a hundred or a thousand Highgods come to fight against them, those Highgods would all die.”
Linley’s heart was somewhat shaking.

Standing at the very stop of the pyramid of Highgods.
Invincible presences!

“Invited by Sovereigns?” Linley said in surprise. “Why would Sovereigns invite them? Can it be that their strength is capable of threatening even Sovereigns?”
Beirut  laughed,  “Linley,  you  don’t  understand.  Sovereigns are indeed powerful, far beyond Highgods in power. However…Linley, you must understand, in the boundless multiverse, the vast majority of planes are material ones. For example, our Yulan continent is in a material plane.” Linley nodded.

Material planes were the foundation of the multiverse.

“Sovereigns,  on  the  other  hand,  cannot  casually  enter  a material plane. Sovereigns possess an enormous divine presence, enough to cause a material plane to collapse!” Beirut said solemnly.

Linley’s heart shook. Sovereigns were indeed far too powerful.

“Linley, the material planes were created by the Laws of the universe. They are not permitted to be destroyed.” Beirut said solemnly. “The Four Overgods have issued a strict order. If any causes a material plane to collapse, then the culprit, even if a Sovereign, would be turned into ash!”
Linley was secretly astonished. 
“Thus, Sovereigns do not dare to enter material planes, nor can they enter material planes!” Beirut said.

Linley nodded.

“Thus…these Highgods who have fused all of the profound mysteries in a Law can be described as invincible against anyone below the Sovereign level! If they were to flee to a material plane, even the Sovereigns wouldn’t be able to do anything to them. If a Sovereign was to recruit them, they would be able to accomplish many things for Sovereigns, things which the Sovereigns couldn’t do for themselves.”
Linley nodded, beginning to understand.

Highgods could enter material planes, but Sovereigns could not!

“But of course, that’s extremely far off in the future for you.” Beirut laughed. 
Linley laughed as well.

“I’m telling you this because I hope that you, Linley, when training, will begin to sense the similarities and capacity for fusion of any two profound mysteries. After fusing two of them, fuse the third…only by training in such a manner will you have hope. Otherwise, if you were to completely finish gaining insights into all of the profound mysteries, then try to merge all nine into one at once, it will be far too difficult.” Beirut said seriously.

To boil a frog alive, all you had to do was slowly increase the temperature.

Linley nodded, sighing in his heart in praise. “Just the ‘Fast’ and ‘Slow’ mysteries fusing into the Profound Truths of Velocity required me to be able to sense that they had similarities early on. It was so hard to fuse even two profound mysteries. To fuse three or four…” Linley’s heart shook just thinking about it. Fuse all of the mysteries in an Elemental Law?

Indeed, this was harder than rising to heaven.

“Genius   figures   such   as   this   are   quite   attractive   to Sovereigns.” Beirut sighed. “Only, these figures are simply too rare, while Sovereigns…there are seven of every type. There are 49 in the Seven Elemental Laws. For the sake of acquiring the services of a Highgod Paragon, they have even struggled against each other.”
Beirut, as a Sovereign’s Emissary, naturally knew many secrets.

Linley stared, speechless.

Even Sovereigns would struggle and compete for the sake of such geniuses. “If one could reach such a level, one could truly feel proud of one’s self.”  Linley felt some envy of those experts. Only they were truly peak level experts.

“Beginning to sense the fusibility from the beginning. Only then  will  your  future  accomplishments  be  great.”   Beirut laughed self-mockingly. “For example, myself. In the past, I didn’t know these things. By the time I reached the Highgod level and wanted to fuse them, it was too late. Fuse several mysteries of the Laws into one at the same time? It is too hard.”
Linley couldn’t help but feel grateful towards Beirut.

Although Beirut had only given him slight guidance, to him, this was as good as pointing out a brand new path for him.

Two paths. If one embarked on the wrong path from the beginning, at the end, the difference between the two paths would be immeasurably great. Most likely, after reaching the Highgod level, he would become like Beirut, completely unable to fuse anything.

“Enough. I’m leaving now. Your future path, you’ll have to walk yourself.” Beirut laughed.

“Thank you, Lord Beirut.” Linley bowed gratefully.

Watching Beirut leave, Linley’s heart began to blaze. It was much like how, when he was young, the War God was the peak, invincible figure in Linley’s mind. But now…the peak in Linley’s heart had become those invincible Highgods who had completely fused the mysteries in an Elemental Law into one!

This was Linley’s new goal!

Time passed quickly and stealthily. In the blink of an eye, year 10046 of the Yulan calendar arrived. This year was a very fulfilling year for Linley. Having a new goal, he began to train in earnest. The entire Dragonblood Castle was in a constant state of energy, with the various Deities constantly gathering together. Lord Beirut had returned to the Forest of Darkness long ago.

The elder of the three Violet-Gold Rat Kings, Harry, had returned to the Forest of Darkness as well. As for the second and third brothers, Hart and Harvey, they remained at Dragonblood Castle.

According to what Hart and Harry had said, they liked noisy, active places. Linley thus naturally had warmly welcomed the two brothers.

Late autumn in year 10046 of the Yulan calendar.

The O’Brien Empire’s imperial palace took up an extremely spacious area. Aside from Adkins’ palace, even his four Gods had residences within the imperial palace. But of course, Ojwin and the others had their own private estates as well. The number one God under Adkins command, Barnas, was extremely powerful and also had Adkins’ trust.

Within the imperial palace. Barnas’ residence. Barnas was currently painting atop a long sheet of paper, while Ojwin, Hanbritt, and a golden-haired man were standing by his side, their attitudes quite meek.

After all, Barnas was simply too powerful, and Barnas had a Highgod-level divine artifact! Adkins had personally bequeathed it unto Barnas. Most likely, even when joining forces, Ojwin and the other two wouldn’t be able to beat Barnas.

“Speak. What is it?” Barnas continued to paint, not glancing at the other three men at all.

Hanbritt and Ojwin didn’t dare to make a sound. It was the golden-haired man who spoke instead. “Mr. Barnas, Ojwin dearly loved his son, who was killed. In addition, Ojwin’s divine clone was destroyed by enemies as well. It is hard for Ojwin to accept this sort of humiliation. Only, he didn’t want to make trouble for Lord Adkins, which is why he has never dared to mention it to Lord Adkins. During the past period of time, I’ve come to the decision that brother Ojwin is a friend worth making. Tomorrow, I will make a trip with him to help him gain revenge.”
“Gatenby…”  Barnas  put  down  his  brush,  glancing  at  the golden-haired man and sighing.

Barnas actually somewhat valued Gatenby. As for Hanbritt, he looked down upon him. As for Ojwin…Barnas felt that Ojwin was too scheming, and thus had never liked him.

“Ojwin.” Barnas looked at Ojwin.

“Mr. Barnas.” Ojwin’s attitude was extremely humble. For the sake of Gatenby’s assistance, during the past two years, he had spent quite a bit of effort before finally getting Gatenby to agree to help.

Barnas laughed calmly. “I’m quite aware of your affairs. If all three of you go and yet still lose, you will have lost face for Lord Adkins. How about this. I’ll go alongside you, and we’ll tear out Dragonblood Castle by its roots.”
Ojwin instantly was wildly overjoyed.

Barnas’ power was definitely incomparably great. Even though Ojwin had gotten a taste of Tarosse’s power, he felt certain that Barnas was not any weaker than Tarosse. After all, Barnas had a Highgod artifact.

Barnas said calmly, “I, too, want to test for myself how powerful that God named Tarosse is.”

Chapter 21, Four Mighty Gods

In the air above the O’Brien Empire.

A terrifying sonic boom could be heard, and energy blasted in every direction. Four indistinct human figures were flying at high speed towards the east, shoulder to shoulder. The four figures had reached a terrifying level of speed, and they weren’t trying to hide themselves. Sonic booms exploded forth while at the same time, a terrifying, wild aura exploded from their bodies.

In the ground below, there lived countless civilians as well as hidden experts.

One middle-aged man who had been laughing while giving some pointers to some youngsters raised his head to stare at the skies in shock, his face changing. “This is…four Gods? Could it be from Adkins’ side?” “Master, Master.”
Those youths were calling out in confusion.

“All of you, keep training.” The middle aged man instructed casually, then left. While walking away, he felt a hint of confusion. “Four Gods heading out together, and not trying to hide their movements at all. It seems they are about to undertake something major.”  The middle-aged man couldn’t help but feel curious.

With a flicker, he disappeared from the road.

Barnas, Gatenby, Hanbritt, and Ojwin flew shoulder-to- shoulder in a straight line. Their long robes fluttered as their sonic booms reverberated in the air. As Barnas had put it, “When acting, we have to have an imposing manner. There’s no need to act as though we are about to sneak attack them. This will cause our Lord Adkins to lose face.”
How could Ojwin and the others refute Barnas, now that he had spoken? 
Naturally, the four heroically flew towards Dragonblood Castle. Wherever they passed, hidden Saints and Deities all noticed them, who quickly used their divine sense to contact their friends, causing many experts to quietly follow.

Fortunately, Barnas and the other three were actively emanating a tyrannical aura. Otherwise, there would be no way for these Deities and Saints to follow them.

Within Dragonblood Castle.

In the empty area of the western gardens, a violet sword shadow fluttered about like a dream. Linley’s body swayed at high speed along with his sword, and occasionally, a humming sword song could be heard. Wherever Bloodviolet crossed, spatial folds would be seen, followed by occasional spatial collapse. Other times, the only thing left behind would be tiny cracks in space.

As he continued to train, Linley’s understanding of ‘Profound Truths of Velocity’ grew deeper and deeper, while Bloodviolet’s power was slowly brought out as well.

Linley had discovered that Bloodviolet’s humming sword song was actually secondary. Bloodviolet’s true power still lay in its fierce sharpness. As Linley and Bloodviolet became more attuned, even though Linley’s understanding hadn’t increased much, the power of his Dimensional Decapitoator clearly increased significantly.

Linley, who had been absorbed in his training, suddenly came to a halt staring towards the north in surprise. “What a terrifying aura, and no attempt to hide it at all.” Linley could clearly sense that in the north, a powerful aura was moving at high speed towards Dragonblood Castle.”
Not just Linley.

Even the War God and the High Priest, who were absorbed in fusing with their divine God sparks, and Tarosse, Dylin, Cesar, Bebe…all Deity-level experts present sensed it. 
“Mr. Barnas. Dragonblood Castle is up ahead.”  Ojwin felt extremely excited right now.

He finally had the chance to get revenge.

“For this day, I have waited two years.”  Ojwin’s face was somewhat red, and his eyes stared towards Dragonblood Castle like sharp knives.

The silver-haired Barnas stared calmly at the distant Dragonblood Castle. “Oh, that’s Dragonblood Castle? On the way over, the four of us actively emanated our auras. There’s quite a few people behind us.” Barnas was quite certain about this.

Ojwin, Hanbritt, and Gatenby were all awaiting Barnas’ command.

“We definitely cannot cause Lord Adkins to lose face. This time, we have to deal with them in a beautiful fashion, Hanbritt.” Barnas said calmly.

“Mr. Barnas.” Hanbritt respectfully awaited the order.

“You act directly to destroy Dragonblood Castle. Those ordinary people aren’t qualified to take part in battle.” Barnas gave out the cruel order, and Hanbritt’s eyes lit up. He immediately flew in front, and with a cold smile on his face, extended his two hands.

“Rumble…” In an instant, the world began to shake.

A wild surge of wind elemental essence came roaring towards Dragonblood Castle from every direction, creating an enormous, millstone-like green vortex in the air above Dragonblood Castle. This enormous green vortex was filled with faint golden wind blades, blocking out the light of the sun.

The entire Dragonblood Castle was covered by that ice cold green light. 
“Swoosh!”  “Swoosh!”  In the air above Dragonblood Castle, many human figures suddenly appeared. It was Tarosse, Dylin, Linley, the War God, the High Priest, Bebe, and the rest of the Deities. The actions of the enemy were on simply too grand of a scale. Everyone in Dragonblood Castle could sense this aura.

Linley, the War God, and the others all raised their heads, staring at the sky.

In the air, the enormous green vortex was clearly filled with incredible power. If this power were to shoot down, even Supreme Warrior Saints would most likely die. Only Deities would be able to survive.

“They plan to destroy Dragonblood Castle and kill all the ordinary people in it.” Linley’s face was ashen.

Dragonblood Castle, below them, held too many of his family and friends. Linley definitely wouldn’t allow this to occur. “Ojwin again. And this time, he brought two more people.” Tarosse sneered as he looked at those four figures, and Dylin let out a disdainful laugh as well. “Tarosse, it seems last time, Ojwin didn’t mind the pain he suffered last time at all. He still dares to come.”
“Then let’s just destroy his remaining body as well and be done with it.” Tarosse laughed calmly.

Right now, perhaps only Tarosse and Dylin were still capable of laughing so calmly.

Within Dragonblood Castle, Wharton, Taylor, Gates, Delia, and the others all raised their heads, staring at those four figures, their hearts shaking. In their eyes, those four full Gods that were emanating that heart-palpitating aura were like four invincible demons.

Powerful, irresistible!

“Let the ash fly.”  Hanbritt smiled, then pressed downwards with his right hand! 
The massive green vortex that had been above Dragonblood Castle suddenly began to sink downwards, while at the same time, the countless faint golden wind knives began to descend downwards like locusts. In the field of vision of Linley and the others, nothing could be seen besides those infinite faint gold wind knives.

“Clang!” “Clang!” “Clang!” ……
Metallic collision sounds could be heard. In the surface of Dragonblood Castle, a green-white semi-translucent barrier appeared. The countless faint golden wind blades slashed down against the semi-translucent barrier, but the barrier wasn’t damaged at all.

“Good   heavens.”     The   thousands   of   people   within Dragonblood Castle stared up at the enormous barrier that covered the entire sky.

They could all clearly see those countless faint golden wind blades shoot down upon the semi-translucent barrier. Many of the guards and serving women in Dragonblood Castle began to sweat. Deity-level combatants were reputedly capable of instantly destroying the heavens and the earth. This indeed wasn’t just a myth.

“Haha, Lord Adkins is a revered Highgod. Can it be that you think killing these ordinary people will gain face for your Lord Adkins?”    Tarosse’s   voice   rang   out   loudly,   shaking   the surrounding area of several dozen square kilometers.

The countless wind blades came to a halt.

Hanbritt, his face ashen, retreated to Barnas’ side. He had summoned his strength for a long time, but Tarosse had in but a few moments created that semi-translucent barrier to resist him. His power was clearly inferior to Tarosse’s.

Barnas stared at Tarosse. “Tarosse? Your power isn’t bad. I’ll give you a chance. You can leave now, and I can spare your life.”
Tarosse and Dylin were both startled. 
“You silver-haired old man, have you gone silly?” Tarosse let out a laughter born from the utmost of rage.

Barnas laughed calmly, then with a flip of the hand, retrieved an ancient, unadorned spear. This spear was bronze colored, and had some bloody runes carved atop it. But this spear, in Barnas’ hand, seemed to suddenly transformed that smiling, silver-haired old man into an invincible divine spirit!


“Rumble…”  That spear alone emanated an aura that ripped through the surrounding space.

“Highgod artifact.” Tarosse and Dylin’s faces both changed.

“Since  you  don’t  intend  to  accept  my  good  intentions, then…”   Barnas  looked  calmly  at  Tarosse.  “Accept  death.” Barnas suddenly moved, his body transforming into a blur, slashing through the sky in a moment. That ancient spear in his hands pierced directly towards Tarosse.

Space seemed to freeze, with only that spear remaining!

Irresistible power!

Tarosse’s face changed dramatically. Gritting his teeth, he instantly divided into two bodies. The green-robed Tarosse and the black-robed Tarosse simultaneously went to block this attack. A devilish green whip wrapped around towards the spear like a serpent, while an icy cold black, long narrow blade carried a destructive aura as it chopped towards the spear.

Barnas’ body shuddered slightly, but the green-robed Tarosse and the black-robed Tarosse fell down towards the ground. The terrifying collision force created clearly visible ripples which blasted in every direction.

Linley, the War God, the High Priest, Bebe, and Cesar, the Demigods, could clearly sense the power emanating from this ripple, which pressed their bodies down towards the ground. Linley’s face changed dramatically. “Not good!”  If this ripple were to strike Dragonblood Castle, Dragonblood Castle would definitely be transformed into rubble, and many people would die.

“Hmph!” With a flip of his hands, Dylin struck out with two palms, sending out a surge of destructive energy which dissipated the oncoming ripples.

“Swoosh!”  Tarosse’s two bodies once more flew up into the air, standing shoulder to shoulder with Dylin.

The black-robed Tarosse messaged mentally, “Dylin, this old fellow is too powerful. His personal strength is on par with mine, but he has that Highgod artifact. Not just him. He has three Gods behind him as well. This time, we’re going to have some trouble!” Dylin’s face was ugly to behold as well. “All we can do is go all out.”
Linley and the others landed on the ground. Wharton, Delia, and the others all immediately ran over. Wharton said in concern, “Big bro, the situation seems grim.”
Linley felt worried as well. All he could do was whisper, “Don’t worry. Lord Tarosse and the others should still have some methods.” Bebe was next to Linley, unable to do anything either. After all, Bebe was only a new Demigod. There was nothing he could do in a battle like this.

“Linley, quick, lead everyone to flee for now.” Tarosse’s voice rang out in Linley’s mind.

Linley’s heart shook.

“This time, the enemy is too powerful!”  Tarosse didn’t feel any confidence at all either. 
“Boss, the situation isn’t good.” Bebe was worrying as well.

“Today!”  A sonorous voice rang out from above, as Barnas stared down at the people in Dragonblood Castle. “Not a one of you will be able to escape. Prepare to accept the punishment of the ‘Spear of Cortez’  [Ge’te’si]!”  Countless spear images filled the air. Barnas, wielding the spear in his hand, stared down at the people in Dragonblood Castle like an invincible fiend.

“Rumble!” Countless spear shadows fell down like the rain.

Barnas actually separated into two figures, while Ojwin, Gatenby, and Hanbritt only had one body. The five figures shot down at high speed from mid-air. Ojwin, n particular, laughed with loud, wild glee, “All of you will die!!!”
Everyone in Dragonblood Castle felt despair.

“Flee!”  Linley’s  face  was  ferocious.  He  ‘shouted’  with  his divine sense to everyone! 
Instantly, the War God, the High Priest, Linley, Delia, Bebe… everyone began to flee in every which way. They all wanted to flee the battlefield in the shortest time possible. Only by doing so might some of them be able to live for a while.

“Haha…why  are  you  all  fleeing?  No  rush!”  A  loud  laugh could be heard.

Suddenly, four blurs appeared, shooting out from Dragonblood Castle into mid-air. The formerly frightened Dylin and Tarosse were overjoyed, and they instantly charged over alongside those four figures.

Barnas’ side had: Barnas’ two divine clones, Gatenby, Ojwin, and Hanbritt, the latter three who only had one body.

Dragonblood Castle’s side had: The four figures who had suddenly appeared, Tarosse, Dylin. The six figures attacked the five figures, with three of them attacking Barnas’ two clones…the battle started in an instant, then ended in an instant. Linley and the others, who had been fleeing in despair, now raised their head in confusion to stare at the sky…and by then, the battle was already over.

Barnas, Gatenby, Hanbritt, and Ojwin. The four of them were covered in blood.

“Highgod  artifacts,  four  of  them…all  Highgod  artifacts!” Barnas’ face was utterly pale, but his eyes were filled with amazement as he stared at those four who had appeared out of nowhere. Judging from their appearances, those four clones belonged to two different people. Of the four figures, two wore violet robes, while two wore golden robes. Their facial features were extremely similar.

Just then, it had been six against five. Those two violet-robed figures had combined to attack one of Barnas’ clones, destroying it and seizing the divine God spark.

“Barnas, today, we destroyed one of your clones. You can f*ck off now.” One of the violet-robed figures flipped the divine spark in his hand while laughing calmly.

“This…no….” Ojwin, seeing this, was totally stunned.

Just then, victory had been within his grasp. Not even Tarosse had been a match for Barnas, but who would have thought that the battle would have suddenly changed. These four clones that had suddenly appeared out of nowhere actually all had Highgod artifacts!

“Dragonblood   Castle   is   a   place   under   Lord   Beirut’s protection. Go tell Adkins that he had best not permit people to come here in the future. Otherwise, next time, it won’t be as simple a punishment as destroying one of your clones.”  The violet-robed youth laughed calmly as he spoke.

Ojwin, Hanbritt, and Gatenby immediately looked at Barnas.

Barnas’ face was ashen. Staring at the four figures wielding Highgod artifacts, his heart grew cold, and then with a low growl, he said, “Let’s return.” Ojwin, although unwilling, could only stare at the four mysterious youths before following Barnas and departing.

“They came just to give us a divine spark.” The four figures turned.

Tarosse, Dylin, Linley, the War God, and the others all went to welcome them.

They could instantly tell that the four figures were the divine clones of two separate people, because two pairs of the four were identical in appearance.

“Bebe,  you  decide  how  to  handle  this  divine  spark.”  The violet-robed youth tossed the God-level divine spark in his hands to Bebe. Bebe accepted it, while at the same time, staring in shock at those four figures.

He could feel their aura, and it was too familiar. Bebe stared, slack-jawed. “You are Hart and Harvey?” “Oh, right.”
The four figures merged into two youths, while at the same time, two violet-gold figures flew over towards them, fusing into the bodies of the two youths.

“But…you  guys…you  guys…?”   Bebe  stuttered,  unable  to speak.

“Those  are  our  original  bodies.  Our  original  bodies  are naturally  still  at  the  Saint  level.”   The  violet-robed  youth, ‘Hart’, said. “Our Lord Father was worried about you, so naturally, he had us stay here.”
Linley, the War God, the High Priest, and the others all felt their minds in a state of chaos.

What the?

Those two Violet-Gold Rat Kings were actually full Gods.

Chapter 22, Intimidation

As Barnas and the others retreated, the clouds parted and the sun once more shone down on Dragonblood Castle.

The group of people in Dragonblood Castle all stared disbelievingly at these two youths. Just then, that Barnas who had held down Tarosse and wanted to kill everyone, instead instantly had one of his clones destroyed by those two youths. What was most astonishing was…
The two youths in front of them were the two Violet-Gold Rat Kings!

“Hart, Harvey?” Linley said rather hesitatingly.

“Haha..” Loud laughter could be heard. It came from the nearby Tarosse, who laughed while walking over. “I’ve never understood how the three sons of someone as almighty as Lord Beirut, who were no younger than me and have lived for millions of years, could be at the Saint level the entire time. I’ve always suspected that you three brothers were hiding your true power. Now it seems that is indeed the case! 
Hart and Harvey, the two brothers, both chuckled.

Linley, upon hearing this, instantly understood. In the past, he didn’t know how long Hart and Harvey had been alive for.

Now, from the sound of it, they had actually been living for millions of years. With such a long life, and with their father being Beirut, a Highgod and a Sovereign’s Emissary…if Harry, Hart, and Harvey truly had remained at the Saint level, that would indeed be bizarre.

“I truly feel envious.”  Dylin sighed. “Hart, the two divine clones of you two brothers are both in possession of Highgod artifacts.”
“Yep.” The violet-robed Hart nodded.

“Our Lord Father gifted these two to us when we brothers originally became Deities.” A gold-robed Harvey said. 
Tarosse, Dylin, the War God, High Priest, Cesar, and the others all sighed and thought the same thing; there was just no way to compare with them!

To them, getting a Highgod artifact was like a dream.

But Hart and Harvey not only had Highgod artifacts, they had Highgod artifacts for each of their two clones.

“Custodial theft!” Linley suddenly thought of this phrase.

As Linley saw it, Lord Beirut definitely had used his authority to procure Highgod artifacts for his children. It made sense; Lord Beirut was the manager of the Necropolis of the Gods. It wouldn’t be too hard to procure a few Highgod artifacts on behalf of his children.

“No wonder my Bloodviolet was used to help set up that magic sealing formation.” Linley understood now. 
To Lord Beirut, a Highgod artifact was no big deal.

No wonder, on the day of his wedding, Beirut had gifted them with a divine spark.

Delia laughed, “Everyone, don’t just stand there like a fool. Since Hart and Harvey have joined forces, they’ve already intimidate the enemy and scared them off. As I see it, from today onwards, Dragonblood Castle will be able to enjoy a peaceful period. This is a wonderful affair. We need to have a good celebration!”
Housekeeper Hiri chortled, “I’ll immediately give the orders for a feast to be prepared!”
Everyone in Dragonblood Castle was in an excellent mood. Everyone understood that for the sake of protecting Bebe, Lord Beirut definitely wouldn’t let anything threaten Dragonblood Castle. This time, just through Hart and Harvey making their moves… The opponent’s forces had been intimidated!

There was no question about this at all.

Barnas’ side had heroically come, broadcasting their aura everywhere as they attacked Dragonblood Castle, attracting many experts along the way. Those experts even used their divine sense to summon their friends, so that when the battle occurred, there were many Deities and Saints hidden far away from Dragonblood Castle, watching the battle.

Naturally, these experts clearly saw what happened during this battle.

The manner in which Hanbritt’s attack had caused the world itself to change colors caused the many experts to exhale in shock.

Tarosse’s easy blocking of Hanbritt’s attack also made them secretly say to themselves that this God’s power truly was formidable. 
In particular, when Barnas attacked, all of the experts were shocked. Even the two Gods who had hidden themselves nearby were utterly amazed. Their hearts were shaken by the power of the Highgod artifact in Barnas’ hands. Only…who would have imagined that Hart and Harvey suddenly would

All of the experts present had been flabbergasted!

In the blink of an eye, Barnas’ side had been badly wounded, while Barnas lost one of his divine clones!

Hart and Harvey’s power caused everyone present to be astonished.

In particular, those words that they uttered; “Dragonblood Castle is a place under Lord Beirut’s protection. Go tell Adkins that he had best not permit people to come here in the future. Otherwise, next time, it won’t be as simple a punishment as destroying one of your clones.” At that time, the violet-robed youth, Hart, had intentionally spread his voice to an exceedingly great distance.

Those experts instantly understood that Dragonblood Castle was now under Lord Beirut’s protection, and Lord Beirut clearly didn’t even care about someone as powerful as the Highgod, Adkins. How then would those ordinary Demigods and Gods possibly dare to antagonize Dragonblood Castle?

These experts all spread this news widely.

Many of the experts hidden within the Yulan continent quickly learned that Dragonblood Castle not only had many Gods protecting it, it was also under guardianship of Lord Beirut. Without question…no one below the rank of Highgod would dare to irritate Lord Beirut!

Dragonblood Castle’s reputation, as well as information regarding its master, Linley, quickly became known to many experts.

O’Brien Empire. The imperial palace. 
A cold wind howled, fluttering past the long robes of Barnas and the others.

Barnas, Gatenby, Ojwin, and Hanbritt were all standing together in a line respectfully to one side of Adkins. Adkins’ face was gloomy. Right his right hand, he was holding a goblet of blood-red wine. He swept the four with a knife-like gaze.

“Barnas, your clone was destroyed?” Adkins could instantly tell that Barnas was badly injured.

“Yes.” Barnas nodded slightly.

“Bastard!” Adkins let out a furious howl, smashing the goblet in  his  hand  to  the  ground.  “WHAP!”   The  wine  goblet shattered. That crystalline sound seemed to have struck Barnas, Ojwin, and the others on their heart. The handsome, suave Adkins now looked like a fierce, enraged panther.

“Come with me!” Adkins’  face was ferocious and fierce. “We are immediately heading to Dragonblood Castle. We will destroy them all!!!”
Barnas, Ojwin, Gatenby, and Hanbritt were greatly shocked. Only Ojwin had a hint of surprise and delight in his eyes. If Adkins personally attacked, then he would have a chance to avenge his son.

“Lord  Adkins!”  Barnas  hurriedly  said.  “Lord  Adkins,  you cannot!”
Adkins angrily spun around to stare at him, saying furiously, “Grandpa Barnas, your clone was destroyed. That means you lost a life. How can we not avenge this enmity?”
The nearby Hanbritt and Ojwin were both stunned.

Grandpa Barnas? The nearby Gatenby, however, wasn’t surprised at all. He had followed Lord Adkins for a fairly long period of time. He knew the relationship between Barnas and Adkins.

Before Adkins and Barnas had reached the Deity-level, the relationship between the two had been that of a young master and his housekeeper.
Barnas had always looked after Adkins. In fact, to be precise, Barnas had been the first to reach the Deity-level, and after having done so, he had always looked after Adkins. Adkins had a rather violent temper. Although he was extremely talented in training, because he had caused trouble and angered the Planar Overseer of the Yulan Plane of his era, Barnas and Adkins had both been locked into the Gebados Planar Prison.

In the Gebados Planar Prison, Barnas had taken care of Adkins the entire time. In the end, Adkins’ power had overtaken that of Barnas and he had reached the Highgod level.

However, in his heart, Barnas was still the closest, most trusted person Adkins knew. 
Barnas  had  a  bitter  look  on  his  face.  “Adkins,  don’t  be hotheaded!”
Hotheaded? If anyone else had said this to Adkins, Adkins would have killed him by now. But the person who said the words was Barnas.

“Lord Adkins, you didn’t let me finish. My clone was indeed destroyed, but it was destroyed by the forces of Beirut. Dragonblood Castle is under Beirut’s protection. If we go over there, that means we are openly becoming enemies of Beirut.”
“Hmph, a young fellow who has only trained a few million years!”  Adkins’  eyes emitted a cold light. “So what if he is a Sovereign’s Emissary? I refuse to believe I cannot kill him!”
Adkins could be considered a genius. Even in the Gebados Planar Prison, where experts were as common as the clouds, the only ones who could truly make him submit were those five Kings. As for this Beirut, just based on the fact that Beirut had only trained for a few million years, Adkins felt disdainful towards him.

Only Beirut’s status as a Sovereign’s Emissary made Adkins hesitate slightly.

Barnas urged solemnly, “Lord Adkins, do you know what those four figures wielded as their weapons?”
“What?” Adkins laughed coldly.

“All of them were Highgod artifacts!” Barnas said solemnly.

Adkins couldn’t help but start. Highgod artifacts. That was something which a Highgod created only after whole-heartedly cultivating an artifact for countless years. Generally speaking, experts who had only recently reached the Highgod level didn’t have Highgod artifacts. Although he, Adkins, was very powerful, despite the passage of many years, he only had three Highgod artifacts in total, one of which he had given Barnas. He himself kept two.

But these four people had a total of four Highgod artifacts!

“Hmph.  Nothing  more  than  gifts  from  the  Sovereign.” Adkins sneered.

Barnas bitterly urged, “Lord Adkins, that isn’t Beirut himself, just his subordinates. Those four figures were actually two people, each of which had two clones. Even those two people each have two Highgod artifacts. Lord Adkins, think about it. What about Beirut himself, then?”
Adkins, in his heart, began to hesitate now.

“All he can do is rely on the Sovereign behind him.” Adkins’ heart was filled with inconsolable fury. What he feared was…
Beirut might be in possession of many precious Highgod artifacts, perhaps even soul-protecting Highgod artifacts. Or, if Beirut were to be in possession of a Sovereign artifact…even an ordinary Highgod who possessed a true Sovereign artifact would have terrifyingly powerful force when using it.

“Since Lord Beirut dares to act in such a way, clearly he has complete confidence in himself.” Barnas looked at him. “Lord Adkins, I’ve only lost a single clone. I’m not dead, after all. Lord Adkins, what really matter is you being able to acquire the treasures within the Necropolis of the Gods. That’s what matters. Right now, it’s best not to make an enemy out of Beirut.”
Adkins was silent for a moment.

“Fine. I will endure for this thousand years.” Adkins ground his teeth. “After I acquire what I need from the Necropolis of the Gods…at that time, I will make Beirut regret the ignorance and arrogance he put on display today!” Barnas let out a relieved sigh in his heart.

He knew that Adkins was too arrogant and incapable of enduring. However, Adkins would still listen to Barnas’ advice.

Thus, Adkins did not go to Dragonblood Castle to seek revenge. He maintained his silence. Adkins’ silence caused many of the thousands of experts who had come to the Yulan continent from the Gebados Planar Prison to believe…
Adkins feared Beirut!

The Forest of Darkness. The metallic castle.

“This Adkins actually managed to resist and endure.” Lying on a recliner, drinking a cup of tea, Beirut had a hint of a smile on his face. “It seems the Yulan Plane is going to be quiet for a period of time. Only…Hodan in the north doesn’t want to be lonely.” Beirut turned his head, staring northwards.

His gaze seemed to pierce through the veil of reality, seeing the Planar Overseer, Hodan, in the Arctic Icecap.

“Can it be that those experts all think that the Necropolis of the Gods is a treasure room where they can acquire divine Highgod sparks, Highgod artifacts, and even Sovereign artifacts as they please? Haha…what a pity, the guardian of the Necropolis of the Gods is myself!”
Beirut was grinning like a fox, but his eyes held a hint of anticipation.

After all, having been in the Yulan Plane for so long, Beirut would also feel bored.

To occasionally be entertained was a good thing.

Chapter 23, Sadista

The Yulan Plane. The Arctic Icecap. Deep within an iceberg that stretched into the clouds. This was the residence of the Planar Overseer, Hodan.

This iceberg peak had a total of eleven complicated hexa-star magic formations surrounding it.

As Beirut in the Forest of Darkness looked this way, Hodan was currently seated in front of a magic formation. The complex magic formation was glowing with light which rose into the skies, making the center of it seem illusory and dreamlike.

Hodan’s face held irrepressible excitement on it as well.

“Coming.” Hodan’s eyes lit up. From within the center of the magic formation, an indistinct group of human figures could be seen. Slowly, the glow of the magic formation faded away, revealing a few dozen people within the magic formation. The aura these few dozen people emanated were enough to make one’s heart shudder. 
All of them were Deities!

The leader was dressed in a gaudy black robe with gold trim, looking like a gentleman heading to a banquet. The leader was the first to see Hodan, and he immediately smiled. “Hodan, it’s been thousands of years. You’ve been working hard.”
Hodan immediately bowed in respect. “Lord Sadista [Sa’di’si’ta], it is my honor to be able to work on behalf of the clan!”
Sadista folded his arms over his chest, gently rubbing a ring on his finger that occasionally glimmered with red light. With a  calm  laugh,  he  said,  “Hodan,  you  gave  only  a  very  brief summary to the clan. Explain clearly the current situation in the Yulan continent.”
“Yes.” In front of this Sadista, Hodan was acting as if he were a meek servant. “Lord Sadista, not long ago, there were some problems which occurred in the tunnels between the Yulan Plane and the Planar Prison, causing quite a few experts to flee out. Although Lord Beirut went to seal off the tunnel, many Deities still escaped.”
“Aside from a minority who left for the Higher Planes and the Divine Planes, most have remained in the Yulan continent. I fear that they are most likely intending to enter the Necropolis of the Gods!”
Sadista nodded slightly.

“Hodan, are there any Highgod level experts?” Sadista asked.

“There is, one! His name is ‘Adkins’. Lord Adkins is currently living in the O’Brien Empire. This Lord Adkins clearly wishes to go to the Necropolis of the Gods.” Hodan said respectfully.

“Adkins?” Sadista frowned. He didn’t care about any of the other experts, but since Adkins was a Highgod, Sadista had to be careful about him. Although Sadista had engaged in many battles within the Infernal Realm of the Higher Planes, Sadista knew that someone who was able to survive in a Planar Prison and even train to the level of Highgod meant that Adkins definitely wasn’t someone who could be matched by those members of powerful alliances and clans in the Infernal Realm who were given Highgod sparks but were not experienced in using them.

One of Sadista’s followers immediately said, “Lord Sadista, don’t worry. That Adkins definitely isn’t a match for you, milord.”
“Shut your mouth.” Sadista frowned.

His follower instantly didn’t dare to make another sound.

Hodan said respectfully, “Lord Sadista, not long ago, four Gods under Adkins’ command and the forces of the Baruch Empire’s Dragonblood Castle engaged in a battle.” “Oh?” Sadista looked at Hodan curiously.

He didn’t understand why Hodan would mention Gods. However, Sadista understood that Hodan wouldn’t raise this for no purpose.

“However,   Adkins’     forces   were   defeated   badly   and retreated!”  Hodan  laughed.  He  could  tell  that  Sadista  was somewhat  surprised,  and  he  continued,  “That  Dragonblood Castle also has full Gods, and more importantly, it is a place under Lord Beirut’s protection!”
“This time, Adkins’  side suffered a huge loss, but Adkins didn’t dare to go make trouble for Lord Beirut.” Hodan said.

Sadista nodded slightly. “This Adkins can be considered to be intelligent, as he didn’t go irritate Beirut. Only, now that makes things a bit tricky for us. If Adkins truly had been so arrogant as to go irritate Beirut, it would have been excellent if Beirut had disposed of him for us. Only now, things are troublesome.” “Uncle,  is  Beirut  definitely  capable  of  killing  Adkins?”  A youth behind Sadista said.

Sadista knew exactly how powerful Beirut was. Laughing calmly, he said, “Beirut’s power is far greater than you can imagine. Do you know that ten thousand years ago, during the Apocalypse Wars of the Yulan continent, even the likes of the Bloodviolet Fiend who dominated the entire Infernal Realm as well as Twelve-Winged Angels of the Divine Plane of Light had participated…those individuals could all be considered amongst the most powerful of Highgods in existence.”
“The Bloodviolet Fiend?”  The youngster let out a shocked breath.

In the Higher Plane of the Infernal Realm, the Bloodviolet Fiend was already a figure of legend. In fact, many experts of the Infernal Realm all believed that the Bloodviolet Fiend was already powerful enough to be given the title of ‘Asura’.

Asura! This was a title of extremely great reverence within the Infernal Realm. Only the most powerful of Highgods would be awarded such a title.

“The  results  of  those  battles  were,  all  of  those  powerful Highgods fell! Not a single one of them survived. The only one who survived out of all of them was Beirut!” Sadista let out an emotional  breath.  “Although  I’m  not  too  certain  about  the specifics of that battle, just based on that alone, it means that Beirut should be even more fearsome than the Bloodviolet Fiend! Tell me, do you think there is any chance that someone as powerful as him wouldn’t be able to kill this Adkins?”
Sadista’s words caused everyone behind him to let out shocked breaths.

They were all only Gods and Demigods. In the clan, they weren’t qualified to learn of the many secrets and hidden facts of the universe.

“Right. Hodan, this Yulan Plane should be one of the planes where  the  Four  Divine  Beast  clans  have  a  branch,  right?” Sadista suddenly asked. “Are there any descendants of the Four Divine Beast clans in the Yulan Plane?”
“There are, and quite a few.” Hodan replied.

Sadista’s face changed.

“Hmph, so there still are some left!” Sadista’s face instantly turned fierce, and his face seemed to instantly be covered with a layer of frost. “However many they are, kill them all! Not one is to be left alive!”
Hodan shook his head. “Lord Sadista, just now, I spoke of Dragonblood Castle. This is currently the main headquarters of the Four Divine Beast clans. Many Undying Warriors and Dragonblood Warriors are gathered there. In particular, there is one known as Linley. He has an extraordinary relationship with Lord Beirut.”
“Linley?” Sadista frowned. “Linley is a descendant of the Dragonblood Warrior clan, but he has a magical beast companion. The important thing is… that magical beast is a legendary ‘Godeater Rat’. Aside from Lord Beirut, the one and only Godeater Rat in the countless planes of the multiverse! Lord Beirut is filled with love and affection towards that Godeater Rat. If you were to act against Linley, milord, then you would be openly making enemies of Lord  Beirut.”   Hodan  said  hurriedly.  “Milord,  we  need  to consider the bigger picture here.”
Sadista’s face was cold and gloomy.

Hodan knew very well that Sadista deeply desired to kill the descendants of the Four Divine Beast clans.

“Milord, it is nothing more than a branch. It has no impact on the big picture. The most important thing is the Necropolis of the Gods.” Hodan said hurriedly.

Sadista knew, of course, what really mattered. Sadista also knew a little bit regarding Beirut’s background and history. If he were to make an enemy out of Beirut…that was something he didn’t wish to do. Sadista let out a long breath. “Then for now, we won’t act against those people. Linley actually managed to become friends with this Godeater Rat. What a stroke of luck for him.”
Sadista looked at Hodan, then said, “How long will it be before the next opening of the Necropolis of the Gods?”
“Roughly a thousand years.” Hodan replied.

“Fine.”  Sadista nodded. “Hodan, stay here. Everyone else, come with me.” As he spoke, Sadista transformed into a blur, flying south and away from the iceberg. The dozens of experts behind him all closely followed Sadista.

Sadista led the group of experts out of the North Sea and to the Yulan Continent.

Although Sadista had brought a group of experts to the Yulan continent, he hadn’t caused any disruption at all. The Yulan continent remained as peaceful and tranquil as it ever had. In this sort of tranquility, time slowly flowed by like water, one year after another… Dragonblood Castle.

It had been twenty full years since Barnas and the others had attacked. In the past twenty years, Linley’s original body had continued to train in the Throbbing Pulse of the World. After spending six full years, Linley had finally transformed the ‘Eight Fused Waves’ into the ‘Four Fused Waves’ of the Throbbing Pulse of the World.

After another twelve years, he had managed to transform the ‘Four Fused Waves’ into the ‘Two Fused Waves’.

But afterwards, Linley hadn’t been able to make any improvements at all. It must be understood that to reach the ‘all becomes one’ step, the previous insights, proofs, and visualization techniques which Linley had used had all become ineffective. This was the final barrier.

In other words, it was a bottleneck. From the Two Fused Waves to the One Wave, one could either make the breakthrough in an instant, or take thousands or tens of thousands of years without making any progress. Linley was very confident in himself, and he was in no rush. Instead, he relaxed and began to spend more time with his wife, Delia.

Aside from advancing in the Throbbing Pulse of the World, Linley’s progress in the ‘Profound Truths of Velocity’ had been considerable as well.

What made Linley the happiest, however, wasn’t his improvement. Rather, it was the breakthroughs which his family and friends had made.

“Delia was the first to reach the Deity-level, and next was Barker, then Desri, then Zassler…Haeru was the slowest one.” Linley looked at the black-haired youngster in front of him, laughing, “Haeru, congratulations.”
Right. Haeru had finally become a Deity. Several people in Dragonblood Castle had successively become Deities. In addition, the War God and the High Priest had finished fusing with the God-level divine sparks and become Gods. Everyone’s power had improved. Naturally, everyone was delighted.

“It was all thanks to your benevolence, Master.”  In human form, Haeru remained as respectful as ever.

Linley laughed, “Haeru, no need to be so reserved around me. You can now go wherever you like.” Next to Linley, Delia laughed. “I think Haeru will definitely go show off to those three dragons. Haeru, am I right?”
Haeru could only laugh honestly.

Whenever Haeru thought about the future, he couldn’t help but feel delighted. Who would have imagined that he, a Blackcloud Panther, a magical beast of the ninth rank, would become a Deity. After Haeru left, Linley paused for a moment, then said to Delia, “Delia, I’m planning to leave Dragonblood Castle for a time.”
“Hrm?” Delia was somewhat surprised.

Linley explained, “I’ve already reached a bottleneck in the Throbbing Pulse of the World. I want to go out for a while and experience the world for a bit. Perhaps that way, I will more easily reach a sudden insight and thus break through.”  This Throbbing Pulse of the World was a fairly high level profound mystery of the Laws of the Earth.

To break through truly was very hard.

“Then I’ll go with you.” Delia didn’t want to part from him.

“Haha, I’m not going to other planes, just for a stroll around the Yulan continent. I can engage in communication via divine sense with you at any time.” Linley laughed. Delia laughed as well. Now that Delia was also a Deity, given that the Yulan continent was only so large, Delia’s divine sense was enough to search for and find Linley.

“Alright.”   Delia  nodded  and  laughed.  “When  are  you planning to head out?”
“Tomorrow.” Linley said.

“What about Bebe?” Delia asked.

“He’ll come with me.” Linley laughed. “In the past, Bebe and I had spent three years together in the Mountain Range of Magical Beasts. That was the place where I first sensed the Throbbing Pulse of the World.”
The next morning, at dawn, just as the sun rose.

Linley didn’t tell anyone else about this trip. Only Delia knew about it. After bidding Delia farewell, Linley and Bebe secretly flew out of Dragonblood Castle, beginning a life of tourism and roving about in the Yulan continent.

“Boss, where shall we go?”  Raising his head towards the wind, Bebe asked.

“I’ve never paid a visit to the great plains of the far east. Let’s go there first.” Linley said with a laugh.

Linley and Bebe both transformed into streaks of rainbow light, disappearing into the southeastern horizon.

Chapter 24, The Mountain Range of Death

Linley and Bebe secretly left Dragonblood Castle. Nobody knew they were gone. At first, Wharton, Taylor, and the others didn’t feel strange upon discovering that Linley wasn’t in Dragonblood Castle. They thought that Linley was training within the pocket dimension.

Only after half a month did they discover from Delia that Linley and Bebe had already left.

As for the ordinary guards and maids of Dragonblood Castle, they only found out about this a long time afterwards.

Although after the ‘dead cities’ events, the population of the Rohault Empire had collapsed and it could no longer be termed an Empire, there were still quite a number of people living within its borders. Especially in the past twenty years, the population of the Rohault Empire had increased significantly again. The Rohault Empire. Within a quiet little town. In the center of the town was an exceedingly large manor, which had guards within standing ramrod straight. Even the maids didn’t dare to giggle and joke around.

A gaudily dressed, cruel-looking, middle-aged man walked into the manor.

“Lord  Anras  [An’la’si]!”  The  guards  called  out  with  great respect.

Anras nodded slightly, continuing forward. Soon, he arrived in front of a quiet little courtyard. There was a man dressed in a gold-threaded robe there sitting on a chair, holding a five- centimeter thick book in his hands.

“Lord Sadista!” Anras bowed respectfully.

The man reading the book was Sadista. Sadista had spent the past twenty years in the Yulan Plane in this quiet little town. However, nothing which occurred within the Yulan continent could escape the notice of Sadista. As for Anras, he was one of the three Gods under Sadista’s control.

“Anras, what is it?”  Sadista continued to read as he said calmly.

Anras said respectfully, “Lord Sadista, according to the news we received from Dragonblood Castle, Linley left Dragonblood Castle long ago.”  Sadista hadn’t found it too hard to insert some people into Dragonblood Castle.

Sadista cared most about two locations; the imperial palace of the O’Brien Empire and Dragonblood Castle.

He inserted people into the O’Brien Empire’s imperial palace to monitor Adkins’ activities. After all, in the entire Yulan continent, Sadista was concerned about only two persons. One was Adkins, while the other was Beirut. But Beirut’s ‘metallic castle’ didn’t permit entry to others at all.

Thus, Sadista was unable to insert any spies. All he could do was take a step back and insert people into Dragonblood Castle instead.

Inserting people into Dragonblood Castle was partially because of Beirut, while partially because of the Dragonblood Warriors and the Undying Warriors.

“Whap!”  He suddenly closed the book, raising his head to look  at  Anras.  “Linley  left  Dragonblood  Castle.  Just  by himself?”
“No. That Godeater Rat known as Bebe went with him.” Anras said respectfully.

“Hmph.”  Sadista let out an unhappy snort. “This Linley is always with that Godeater Rat. Killing him will be rather difficult.” Sadista had never planned to truly give up on killing those descendants of the Four Divine Beast clans.

“This Linley is less than a century old, and yet he is already at such a level. Even in the Four Divine Beast clans, he would be considered a top tier talent. In addition, this is before he’s gone back to the ancestral halls of the Four Divine Beasts and undergone their baptism. If he undergoes the baptism within their ancestral hall, in a short period of time, a talent such as him will definitely become a major force for the Indigo Prefecture, and another major foe for our clan.” Sadista’s face was solemn.

Sadista knew about the legends of the Four Divine Beast clans.

“Linley is already so powerful despite not having returned to the ancestral hall of the Four Divine Beasts. When he does return, it will indeed be troublesome.” Anras nodded as well.

“If the Indigo Prefecture learns that the Four Divine Beast clans have a talent such as him in the Yulan Plane, they will definitely  spare  no  expense  to  bring  Linley  back  to  them.” Sadista said coldly. “Those other people in the Dragonblood Castle, that Wharton and Barker and whatever, they are secondary. Even if they return to the Four Divine Beast clans, they will just increase the total population slightly. They won’t result in anything amazing. But that Linley…”
Anras secretly nodded. 
Generally speaking, only after undergoing the ancestral baptism rites would the scions of the Four Divine Beast clans make rapid improvements. For Linley to be so powerful before undergoing the ancestral baptism rights meant that once he did undergo those rights, his future ability…would definitely be enough to cause Sadista worry.

After all, he had become a Deity within a hundred years on his own. This already spoke to Linley’s potential.

“However,  our  number  one  priority  this  time  is  still  the Necropolis of the Gods.” Sadista said with a frown.

If they wanted to enter the Necropolis of the Gods, then they couldn’t offend Beirut.

If they killed Linley when he was with Bebe, Bebe would definitely memorize the aura of those who had killed Linley. When the time came…he would definitely be able to find out that it was Sadista’s group. “No matter what, we can’t kill that Godeater Rat known as Bebe.”  Sadista knew very well that this was the only one of Beirut’s progeny who had become a Godeater Rat. Beirut had even sent his two sons to Dragonblood Castle to protect Bebe.

From this, one could tell how much Beirut valued Bebe.

If they killed Bebe, then…
Beirut’s rage was something which he, Sadista, couldn’t withstand.

“In addition, Beirut’s backer is no ordinary person. If we truly were to wreck our relations with Beirut, then most likely even our entire clan would suffer a huge calamity.” Sadista was dimly aware of how terrifyingly powerful Beirut’s background was.

“To kill Linley, we have to find the moment when Linley and that Godeater Rat, Bebe, are separated and not together. At that time, we would change our appearances, then seize the opportunity to kill Linley!” Sadista’s eyes revealed a cold light. “Hmph. Even if that Linley and Bebe are spiritually connected, at most he’ll be able to send a mental message of the appearance of his attackers. There’s no way to send a person’s aura.”
Sadista wasn’t worried at all of being discovered by Beirut given that situation.

Even as someone as mighty as a Sovereign couldn’t find out what had happened in the past or what would happen in the future. As long as Beirut was unable to find the murderer, what would he, Sadista, have to be afraid of?

“I want to see where that Linley is!”  Sadista spread out his divine sense, instantly covering the entire Yulan continent. But of course, he intentionally used his divine sense to avoid the Forest of Darkness and the O’Brien Empire’s imperial capital.

“The great plains of the far east!” Sadista let out a cold laugh, and then turned towards Anras. “Anras.” Anras immediately bowed.

“Anras, immediately go to the great plains of the far east.” Sadista instructed.

“Yes, Lord Sadista.” Anras replied.

Sadista nodded calmly. “When going to the great plains of the far east, don’t intentionally go searching for Linley. I will occasionally search for Linley’s position. Once I notice that him and Bebe are separated, I will immediately tell you through my divine sense and instruct you to kill Linley. Remember, change your appearance first.”
“Yes.” Anras immediately changed his appearance slightly.

Someone as powerful as a Deity could use divine power to repair their body. Naturally, they could also use it to change their appearance. 
“This  Linley  actually  went  running  out  of  Dragonblood Castle for no reason. He’s asking to be killed. I was worried about him spending this entire time in Dragonblood Castle and not having a chance to deal with him.” Sadista sneered coldly to himself.

Linley and Bebe had already been in the great plains of the far east for three full months. During these three months, Linley and Bebe had only relied on their legs to travel, all the way from the Baruch Empire through the border with the great plains of the far east. They had travelled south the entire time, passing through mountains, rivers, and plains.

Three months later, Linley had already encountered many locals. Linley completely acted as though he was an ordinary person and lived an ordinary life.

In the southern parts of the great plains of the far east, they were quite close to the Burning Desert. There were some mountains nearby as well. Linley and Bebe were currently within the middle of one of those desolate mountain ranges. “So this is the legendary ‘Mountain Range of Death’  which those locals spoke about.”  Linley stared at his surroundings and let out a breath. “However, I haven’t discovered any reason for this place to be called the ‘Mountain Range of Death’.” Linley was dressed in a sleeveless shirt, and his powerful muscles made the shirt bulge out as well.

After three months of travel and tourism, Linley had once again found that sense of excitement he had in the past.

He liked this sort of interesting, unique experience.

Bebe was wearing his straw hat, chewing on a piece of a straw. Staring at his surroundings, he said, “Boss, this ordinary people call it the Mountain Range of Death, but to us, of course it has no danger whatsoever.”
“It isn’t any danger to us, but at least, it should have something  special.”   Linley  began  walking  forward  again. “Come, let’s go further into the mountain and take a closer look.” Leaping a few dozen meters with one stride, Bebe immediately caught up to Linley. 
The two walked forward, side by side.

The Mountain Range of Death, according to local legend, was an exceedingly dangerous place. This Mountain Range of Death, especially in the southern region of the great plains of the far east, the ‘Casale’ [Ka’sha’er] region, was very famous. Many people didn’t dare to enter this mountain range at all.

“Child!” “Child!” …..

A faint, desolate cry could be heard deep within the mountains.

“Oh?” Linley and Bebe exchanged a glance. Not hesitating at all, they immediately moved forward quickly, like two gusts of smoke towards the distant source of sound. They easily passed through any gorges or boulders which would have blocked their way. Soon, Linley and Bebe arrived in front of the person who had emitted those cries.

“Someone dares to enter the Mountain Range of Death?” Linley and Bebe were both very surprised.

The person who cried out was a plainsman. Right now, the man was currently crying out desolately. His clothes were torn apart, and he appeared in terrible straits. Linley and Bebe, hearing his desolate cries, could both sense the pain and franticness of this man.

“Hey, what’s wrong?”  Bebe hopped right in front of that plainsman.

The plainsman, upon seeing Bebe suddenly appear, was greatly startled. But then, he said frantically, “Child, what are you doing in the Mountain Range of Death? Quick, leave. This place is very dangerous.”  The plainsman, seeing Bebe, clearly took him to be a youngster. “Boom.” With a flick of Bebe’s slender arm, a nearby, enormous tree with a girth which would require two men to encircle it with their arms, instantly shattered. With another pat on the shattered tree trunk, Bebe transformed it into a straight line, sending it flying hundreds of meters away into another, unknown part of the mountain.

“And you are worried about me?”
The plainsman was scared silly. That enormous tree was incredibly heavy. Even the experts he knew, or even his clan’s leader, couldn’t possibly send such a heavy, enormous tree flying until it disappeared into the distance with a palm slap.

“Might I ask, what happened? Why are you in the Mountain Range of Death? Aren’t you afraid?”  Linley walked over as well.

The plainsman looked at Linley, then looked at the youngster in front of him wearing a straw hat. He somewhat understood that he had met with true experts. The man, with a ‘thud’, sank to his knees. “Milords, I’m begging you, please save my child.” “Speak, what happened?” Linley asked.

“My son disappeared in the mountain here.” The plainsman said hurriedly.

“If you knew it was dangerous, why did you bring your son in?” Bebe said unhappily.

The  plainsman  hurriedly  explained,  “Milords,  you  don’t understand. Although others believe the Mountain Range of Death to be deadly, in truth, it isn’t that scary. There’s only a single area within the Mountain Range of Death which is dangerous. The other areas are very safe. Those of us who live here all know about it, and so when we go into the mountains to cut trees for wood, we will all go into the mountains. As long as we don’t go near that dangerous area, it’s fine. In the past, when I went woodcutting, I would have my son by my side. But this time, when I turned to look, my son had disappeared. I don’t know where he ran off to.” “I beg of you, milords, help me find my son.” The plainsman sobbed.

Linley nodded.

“Is your son a seven or eight year old child dressed in red cotton clothes?” Bebe asked.

“You…how do you know?” The plains man stared, shocked.

Linley and Bebe glanced at each other, laughing. Their divine sense had spread across the entire mountain in an instant. Naturally, they were able to find that child.

Chapter 25, The Profound Mysteries of Death?

Linley laughed and said, “Your child is currently about three or so kilometers south of us.”
“Three  or  so  kilometers  south?”   The  plainsman’s  face changed dramatically. “Is that place Twin Horn Peak?”
“Twin Horn Peak?” Linley was a bit puzzled, but his divine sense did indeed discover that in a place located very close to the child, there was a mountain peak which was very strange. The top of the mountain peak was split apart, perhaps by the wind over the years, and had a lonely aura to it. These two mountain peaks did indeed seem like the two horns of a mountain goat.

Bebe said, “Yes, not too far from the child, there is indeed a mountain peak that seems like two goat horns.”
The plainsman immediately kowtowed, pressing his head against the ground. “Milords, please save my child. That Twin Horn Peak is the dangerous area of the Mountain Range of Death.” This father clearly was too worried about his son. He kowtowed until the skin on his forehead split open, staining the rocky earth with his blood.

The divine power around Linley’s body reached out, causing the plainsman to no longer be able to kowtow.

“We will save your child.”  Linley rested his hand on the plainsman’s shoulder, and a surge of life energy from the Pearl of Life transmitted to the plainsman, instantly healing that minor wound on his forehead.

The plainsman realized that the wound on his forehead was cured, and become all the more certain was that these two people in front of him were incredible experts. They might even be those legendary Saints. The plainsman looked towards Linley and Bebe, his eyes filled with hope.

“Wait  a  moment.”   Linley  said,  and  then  he  and  Bebe simultaneously moved, disappearing from the plainsman’s vision. 
The plainsman held his arms around his chest, his eyes filled with tears. “My child will definitely be rescued. Definitely.”
Mountain Range of Death. Twin Horn Peak.

“The  wind  here  at  Twin  Horn  Peak  is  so  strong  and  so weird.” Bebe let out a breath.

Linley nodded slightly. Although it wasn’t strange for mountain wind to be so strong, the mountain wind here was extraordinarily great. The wild wind howled, filling Twin Horn Peak, but after entering the area, it no longer produced any sound. It was as though Twin Horn Peak was capable of devouring the wind.

Fortunately, the child was still a good distance away from Twin Horn Peak.

“His father is going frantic with worry searching for him, but the child is just taking a nap here.” Bebe and Linley stood next to the child wearing a red coat. This plainsman child’s face was ruddy, and he wore a felt hat, his little face streaked with tears.

It seemed as though after getting lost, the child had been terrified and had gone searching for his father.

But in the mountainous terrain, it was hard to tell directions. Even grown men who weren’t familiar with this place would easily get lost, much less a child.

“Hey.” Bebe gently tweaked the child on his nose.

“Um, umm…” The sleeping child wrinkled his nose. Because his breathing was interrupted, he woke up. At this time, Bebe naturally let go. Upon seeing Linley and Bebe, the child’s eyes were instantly filled with a look of delight.

“Big brothers, help me find Father, I can’t find him.”  The child instantly began to cry. “You little rascal. In the future, will you still run around wildly?” Bebe snickered.

“I was just chasing after a wild hare. I remembered the road. Only, afterwards, for some reason, I couldn’t find Father any more, no matter how I tried. I searched everywhere, but then it got dark. I searched for so long, and the night was really dark, and my tummy was really hungry, so I fell asleep.”  The child stared at Bebe with his big round black eyes while sobbing.

“Come,  your  big  brother  here  will  take  you  to  look  for father.” Bebe took the child into his arms.

Linley and Bebe flew into the air. Although there was a distance of three kilometers by air from here to the child’s father, if they were to actually walk, given the winding mountain paths, they would at least walk ten kilometers before reaching the child’s father.

“I wonder how much suffering this child endured just now.” Linley sighed in his heart. “Wow…” The child’s eyes turned round.

The child was in Bebe’s arms and flying in mid-air. Clearly, this little fellow had never flown in mid-air before. Right now, he was uncontrollably excited and forgot about how pitiable he had been just now. “I’m flying. Wow. Big brother, you are so awesome.”
Bebe grinned so widely, his eyes turned into merry little slits.

“Father, I see Father.”  The child immediately pointed down at a below figure. Clearly, the plainsman below had seen Linley, Bebe, and his child as well. That plainsman immediately waved at them with gratitude.

Linley and Bebe landed down.

“Go to your father.” Bebe released the child to the ground.

“Father.” The child immediately ran over. 
The plainsman instantly began to cry from relief and joy. Hugging his son, he said, “Child, you scared your father to death. I told you not to run around, but you still ran around wildly.” As he spoke, the plainsman continued to cry. For the sake of his child, he had been searching from yesterday until today, spending an entire night and half a day.

“I won’t run around again.” The child immediately said.

“Quick,  go  over  there  and  thank  those  two  lords.”   The plainsman had heard that Saints were capable of flight. Those two in front of him were both capable of flight. Most likely, they were Saints. The plainsman immediately tugged his child over, kneeling down with gratitude as he spoke.

“Thank you, big brothers.” The child immediately said.

Linley and Bebe both laughed. Actually, on this journey, they had helped quite a few people. “In the future, just listen to your father and everything will be fine.” Linley laughed. “Alright, we should go as well.”
The child hurriedly said, “Two big brothers, my name is Walsh [Wo’er’shi]. In the future, I will definitely look for you guys. I’ll come flying and look for you guys.” Linley and Bebe both began to laugh, and then, after bidding the two farewell, Linley and Bebe left.

Linley and Bebe headed towards that Twin Horn Peak. Twin Horn Peak clearly had some sort of secret in it. Linley and Bebe naturally would go investigate.

“That child just now was so adorable.” Bebe said, and Linley sighed, “Seeing that father and son makes me think of Cena.”
“Cena?” Bebe was somewhat surprised.

Linley nodded and said, “When the Great Botha Levee was broken open, Ojwin had arrived in the Yulan continent and destroyed the imperial palace of our Baruch Empire. At that time, the only two survivors of the entire imperial palace were Cena and Ankh. Everyone else died. Cena’s child, little Kass, died as well. Despite so much time passing, Cena still feels great pain in his heart due to this.”
Dragonblood Warriors had very few descendants. Although twenty years ago, Cena had taken a new wife, he still had no children.

In his heart, Cena continued to harbor hatred towards Ojwin.

Originally, when Ojwin had attacked and the Violet-Gold Rat King brothers had countered, the two of them actually had the chance to kill Ojwin. However, at that time Linley and Cena were both shocked by the appearances of those mysterious experts.

How could they have dared to try and ask those experts to kill Ojwin?

After Ojwin’s group left, Ojwin had remained in hiding within the imperial capital of the O’Brien Empire, giving Linley’s side no chance for revenge.

“That enmity must be avenged.” Bebe nodded. “In the future, when we have the chance, we definitely cannot let that Ojwin off the hook.”
Linley nodded slightly.

Only, for now, he didn’t have enough power to kill Ojwin.

“Here we are. Twin Horn Peak.” Bebe said.

There was a gorge beneath Twin Horn Peak. The wild wind blew like the roaring of a wild beast, but upon entering the gorge, very bizarrely, no sound could be heard from the powerful mountain wind.

Linley and Bebe, being experts, feared nothing. They headed directly into the gorge, the wild wind not budging them in the slightest. 
“There’s quite a few skeletons in this gorge.” Bebe said with a frown.

Linley nodded slightly. The gorge walls of this place weren’t very flat. They occasionally protruded out and occasionally had crevices…the entire gorge was extremely bizarre, and the sound of a wild howling wind could be heard at the entrance to it. However, when Linley and Bebe entered deeper into the gorge, they couldn’t hear any sound at all.

“Weird. Really weird.” Bebe pursed his lips.

Linley’s forehead was furrowed, and he was currently walking forward carefully and cautiously.

“So many corpses. Who knows how many people died here.” Linley stared at the corpses within ten meters of him. Clearly, they had been here for a long time. “Huh?” Linley suddenly felt his heart viciously contract, and even his head went dizzy.

“Someone  is  ambushing  us?”   Linley  instantly  recovered. Greatly shocked, he immediately spread his divine power into his body.”
“Bebe, careful.” Linley immediately warned.

He was currently walking about with his original body. Ever since his original body had absorbed the golden blood drop, the power of his original body was actually greater than that of his divine body. Despite having such a powerful body, Linley just now had felt his heart clench and his head go dizzy. This was definitely an external attack.

Bebe looked around carefully as well. “Boss, nobody’s here.” Bebe transmitted mentally.

“I was attacked just now.” Linley was very certain. “It was an invisible attack.” “How come I wasn’t attacked?”  Bebe grew worried as well.
This sort of invisible attack was extremely bizarre.

Linley and Bebe were on high alert for a long while, but didn’t discover anything.

“Hrm? That’s not right.” Linley experimentally retracted his divine power from his organs. Indeed, that feeling once more appeared, causing his heart to clench and his head grow slightly dizzy. However, Linley was able to maintain his clear- headedness. Linley spread out his spiritual energy, carefully searching.

Only now did Linley clearly sense…
After the wild, howling wind entered the gorge, because of the unique, bizarre shape of the gorge, the wind transformed. The wind elemental essences in this area were clashing against each other, creating a very strange sonic vibration. This sort of inaudible vibration was constantly broadcasting everywhere. Linley could sense his heart clench and his body feel uncomfortable. Even his head had grown dizzy. All of this was due to this sound entering his body.

When Linley normally trained in the Profound Truths of Velocity, he would occasionally analyze the Profound Mysteries of Sound. After twenty years, although he hadn’t made any major gains, he at least had a general idea of these profound mysteries. Linley was certain…that sound was actually nothing more than sound waves which entered a person’s ears, which naturally allowed them to hear it.

But the strange sound waves of this valley were inaudible, yet could cause harm to the body.

Even a body as powerful as Linley’s had been impacted. If an ordinary person had entered this place, naturally they would have died.

“Hrm? This is…”
A light suddenly flashed in Linley’s mind. 
“So  sound  waves  actually  have  a  profound  mystery  like this…” Linley felt great joy in his heart.

“Bebe, I’m about to immediately begin training for a time.” Linley mentally spoke to Bebe, and then ignoring all else, his divine clone flew directly out of his original body, sitting down within the gorge in the meditative position, beginning to attune with this strange ‘sound wave’.

Not just his divine clone; even Linley’s original body sat down at the same time, analyzing and sensing the profound mysteries contained within this sound wave.

Bebe was somewhat astonished. “What did the Boss just gain an insight into?”
“The more insights the Boss gains, the better.” Bebe was still rather happy. He then sat down as well. While Linley trained, Bebe decided to stay here and protect Linley. Linley’s sudden flash of insight and decision to train was something that was out of Sadista’s expectations. Sadista had looked forward to Linley and Bebe separating, giving him the chance to order his subordinate to kill Linley. But at things turned out…he didn’t have any chance at all.

In his training, Linley lost all track of time.

His divine clone and his original body simultaneously attuned to the sound waves, both beginning to train and visualize. As for divine clone, it focused on the audible sounds, while the original body focused on the inaudible sounds, then the two cross-compared…Linley’s insights into sound rapidly began to rise at an astonishing rate.

Time flowed on within the gorge. Quickly, Linley’s two bodies became covered with a layer of dust and dirt.

Bebe quietly trained as well.

In the blink of an eye, two years passed. 
Nobody dared to come to Twin Horn Peak. Linley’s two bodies as well as Bebe remained there in the meditative posture, and within Twin Horn Peak, those invisible sound waves continuously broadcasted out.

“Haha…” The dust covering his body flew away.

Linley’s two bodies merged into one. A smile was on his face. “Haha, I was wrong. I was wrong. In the Elemental Laws of the Wind, sound should be divided into two aspects; the first is the ‘Profound Mysteries of Sound Waves’, while the other is the ‘Profound Mysteries of Music’. Only when the Profound Mysteries of Music and the Profound Mysteries of Sound Waves fuse into one can they be considered the Profound Truths of Sound!”

Chapter 26, Homeland

“Rumble…”  The dust flew away from Bebe’s body as well. The dirt and dust were controlled by an invisible force, then was compressed into a stone.

Bebe pressed down on the brim of his straw hat, excitedly looking  at  Linley.  “Boss,  just  then,  you  talked  about  the Profound Mysteries of Music, and also something about a Profound Mysteries of Sound Waves, and how fusing them would result in the Profound Truths of Sound? What are these things?” Bebe was very confused.

Linley smiled slightly.

Although he had only trained for two years, Linley’s spiritual visualization and hypothesizing abilities were hundreds of times faster than before he became a Deity. During this period of time, he had both of his souls simultaneously attuning and cross-referencing. The two years of training he had undergone could definitely compare to two hundred years of training in his pre-Deity time. With regards to the Profound Mysteries of Music and Sound Waves, Linley already reached a certain level of skill.

But of course, he was still very far away from true mastery.

“Bebe, when sound is created, it is actually just a form of sound wave.” Linley explained. “Since sound is actually a form of a wave, it naturally has its own vibrations. Every single second, it vibrates many times in a defined range, allowing our ears to hear it.”
This was something which Linley had came to understand regarding sound while back in Dragonblood Castle.

Bebe nodded.

“But the sounds that we cannot hear will create a curious effect.”   Linley  immediately  controlled  the  wind  elemental essence, then began to agitate it. The different elemental essence particles collided against each other, forming sound waves. Instantly, sounds began to ring out. 
The beautiful sounds were like the murmurs of a lover, causing a person to unconsciously sink into them.

Bebe was faintly beginning to be affected as well.

“This is the Profound Mysteries of Music!” Linley laughed. “I just controlled elemental essences to utilize it. If I were to use divine power, the strength would be much greater. Even Deities would be affected somewhat by it. For example, my ‘Hymn of the Wind’ emits a sound that is capable of bewitching an enemy’s soul, causing them to temporarily lose their guard, allowing me to kill them.”
Bebe  nodded  repeatedly.  “Wow,  so  powerful.  Then  what about the Profound Mysteries of Sound Waves?”
“I just said that sound waves, being waves, are vibrational in nature. If they vibrate a certain number of times within a certain range each second, we will be able to hear it. But…once the vibrations exceed that range, it is different.” Linley sighed. “In the past, I didn’t understand this. But upon seeing those sound waves that were formed by this gorge, I understood.”
“Oh?” Bebe was somewhat surprised.

“Watch.”  Linley’s powerful spiritual energy once more took control over the local wind elemental essence.

The unique sound waves once more appeared, this time transmitting directly towards the nearby mountain walls. Suddenly…the mountain walls of the gorge seemed to begin to vibrate like a living creature. With a rumbling sound, shattered bits of rocks began to fall down from the wall.

“Hey?” Bebe was very surprised.

Linley strengthened his spiritual energy, and instantly the vibrations of the wind elemental essences grew stronger as well. “Dang!”   “Dang!”   The  entire  gorge  began  to  shake  as  a knocking sound could be heard. And then, with a ‘boom’ sound, countless boulders at each side of the gorge exploded, transforming into countless pieces of pebbles.

“Wow.” Bebe’s eyes were wide.

Originally, because of this gorge’s unique structure, the wild wind would blow in and create those wind waves.

But now, with Linley’s display of force, the structure of the gorge changed dramatically. It could no longer create those sound waves. Instantly, the howling wind could once more be heard, and countless bits of rocks flew about everywhere, the air instantly being filled with dust. Only a long time later did the air return to its normal calm.

Only, this gorge was now filled with the howl of the wind.

“The Mountain Range of Death will never be the Mountain Range of Death again.” Linley let out an emotional breath. 
“Boss, this sort of attack is so powerful.”  Bebe exhaled in amazement.

Linley laughed calmly, “It’s fairly ordinary. I’ve only gained a little bit of skill in the Profound Mysteries of Sound Waves. Right now, based on what I have learned, the Profound Mysteries of Sound Waves can only be used for material attacks, while the Profound Mysteries of Music can only be used to affect the soul. However, if the enemy doesn’t understand it, then even a Deity-level expert will probably suffer a bit of a disadvantage.”
Sound waves, music. These were two different aspects of sound.

One attacked the body, the other affected the soul.

“I’m not certain about its true power either. After all, I’ve only gained a bit of skill.” Linley still had a smile on his face. This was why he loved to train.

Linley felt as though each insight was a new understanding for him with regards to the universe. Gaining insights and meditation represented that one day, without moving at all, he would be able to cause the heavens to shatter. Only, who knew how long it would be before that day came.

“Bebe, what profound mysteries did you gain insight into upon becoming a Deity?” Linley asked curiously.

Bebe pursed his lips. With resignation, he said, “Nothing as powerful as yours, Boss. It is only usable for preserving my life. It is very similar to that of that ‘King of Killers’, Cesar. If I were to fight with someone, I’d still have to rely on using my natural ability.”
Linley somewhat understood.

Suddenly… “Rumble!”  The  world  shook  slightly.  This  faint  vibration transmitted throughout the Yulan Plane, and the eyes of countless Deities turned towards the west. Bebe and Linley naturally stared towards the north.

“Someone else became a Deity?” Bebe said in surprise.

The descent of the natural Laws was proof of someone becoming a Deity through their own efforts. After all, fusing with a spark wouldn’t cause the natural Laws to descend.

“This isn’t the first time either. It seems a few years ago, someone in the west became a Deity on their own as well.” Linley stared below in confusion, stretching out with his divine power. “It should be in the area of the Holy Union. What’s going on? In the past few years, two people became Deities on their own?”
To become a Deity through one’s own efforts was very difficult. Precisely because it was difficult, it was very precious. A few years ago, a person had become a Deity on his own, causing Linley and the others to sigh in surprise. But now, yet another had become a Deity independently. This clearly was a bit too much of a coincidence.

“Boss, let’s go over and take a look.” Bebe said hurriedly.

“The  Holy  Union?”   Linley  started  slightly,  as  though thinking of something. “Might as well. Time to go back and take a look. I haven’t gone back to my homeland in a long time.”
Linley and Bebe flew together in a straight line towards the west.

The descent of the natural Laws upon this person becoming a Deity naturally attracted the attention of Sadista, who when spreading out his divine sense discovered Linley as well. “Hey, this Linley actually woke up. Oh, he is flying somewhere?” Linley and Bebe were flying very fast. A while later, after Sadista once again searched for and found Linley and Bebe, they had already reached their target destination.”
“They  actually  went  to  the  Holy  Union.  Anras!”  Sadista immediately sent his divine sense out to Anras, still awaiting his chance in the great plains of the far east.

Anras was seated meditatively in a quiet mountain gorge, his body covered with dust. At first glance, one would take him for a human-shaped statue.

To him, waiting for two years was nothing at all. Hearing Sadista’s divine sense calling to him, Anras immediately opened his eyes, and the dust on his body instantly vanished into nothingness. Sadista’s order came. “Anras, Linley and the Godeater Rat went to the Holy Union. Head there for now.”
“Yes, Lord Sadista.” Anras said respectfully.

And then, “Boom!”  The entire gorge suddenly erupted into flames which rose to the sky. Anras’ entire body was surrounded by flames, and like a god of fire, he quickly slashed through the sky, flying directly west and quickly disappearing into the western horizons.

Wushan Township. Linley’s homeland.

“Wushan Township…” Linley stood in the center of Wushan Township, staring at the surrounding area. He couldn’t help but let out a breath.

The Mt. Wushan next to Wushan Township hadn’t changed much compared to his youth, but the township had changed too much. The large Wushan Township had become utterly desolate. This was no longer a place where people lived. It was a lair for magical beasts. For example, Linley’s former ancestral home was now a den for Windwolves.

“Those  little  friends  and  those  aunties  and  uncles  of  the past…” Linley’s mind drifted back to the festive, rowdy scenes of Wushan Township. Early every morning, the children and youths would line up in the empty field near Wushan Township and begin training, while the grownups would start their work. 
But now…
None of this would happen again. The vast majority of people had died.

“Wushan Township has become nothing more than history.” Linley sighed. After having experienced the Apocalypse Day, the former Kingdom of Fenlai’s entire demesnes had become a playground for magical beasts.

With a frown, Linley immediately controlled his divine spark within his body to emit a powerful divine presence.

Although Linley was using his original body, his divine spark was still in his spiritual ocean. Linley was completely capable of utilizing the divine spark within his divine clone. The powerful divine presence swept through the entire Wushan Township like a tidal wave. Instantly, the hundred or so magical beasts living around Wushan Township all knelt down, shivering.

“All of you, f*ck off.” Linley’s divine sense rang out in the minds of each of these magical beasts.

Not a single magical beast resisted. Letting out low whines and growls, the hundreds of magical beasts quickly left this extremely dangerous ‘Wushan Township’, fleeing at high speed.

“Bebe, let’s go pay a visit to my ancestral home.” Linley said.

“It is my home too,” Bebe said.

In the past, Bebe had been born there, and had met with Linley in that ancestral home. Afterwards, the two of them, man and magical beast, had become lifelong companions. Linley and Bebe quietly stepped into that dust-covered, decayed ancestral residence.
 Hess City.

Doehring Cowart had died here, all those years ago. This city was not, however, conquered by magical beasts. To the contrary, Hess City was now more developed and busy than it had been in the past.

Within a fairly graceful restaurant in Hess City, Linley and Bebe had found a quiet little corner. They sat down facing each other, ordering some wine and food.

“The flavor’s not bad.” Bebe praised.

Linley laughed and nodded. “That’s why they have so many customers  here.”   There  were  quite  a  few  people  in  this restaurant.

“Huh?” Linley suddenly turned his head, staring at the door with some surprise. A beautiful young lady with long violet hair walked in. The beautiful young lady’s face had a few faint freckles on it, but they only made her look all the more adorable. 
“Belita [Bei’li’ta]!”
“Belita, you came back. Your father is drinking with us, but he stared at the door several times now.”
As the young lady entered the restaurant, many calls of welcome rang out. Clearly, this beautiful young lady had quite a few friends.”
“Who is this girl?”  There was another pair of men seated behind Linley. One of them, a youngster, asked curiously. The man  facing  him  laughed,  “This  is  the  daughter  of  the restaurant owner. To be more precise, this restaurant was constructed in accordance with Miss Belita’s personal designs.”
“Oh?” The youngster was quite surprised.

“Belita’s clan was originally a noble clan. Only, it afterwards decayed. Belita’s father is that big-nosed boss over there. He feels rather strongly about face. Even though his clan’s fallen, he still wants to live in a beautiful mansion. He even arranges for servants to clean up every part of the estate. Belita’s clan mansion is very large. To maintain such a large residence costs an enormous amount of money. Belita’s father spent lots of money but didn’t make any. Naturally, he quickly ran out of money. In the end, it was Belita who actively redeveloped the front part of the residence into this restaurant. Look, that’s the rear part. If you enter from the rear, that’s Belita’s home. Belita’s home is extremely large, and Belita is in charge of the entire place.”
“In addition, Belita is a powerful magus. Supposedly, she is already of the fifth rank.”
Hearing this explanation, Linley also glanced at the violet- haired beautiful girl with some surprise.

“Boss, this Belita is really quite impressive.”
Linley also felt that the design and decoration of the restaurant was not bad. Both the interior and the exterior were excellent, which was why Linley and Bebe had chosen this restaurant. He hadn’t expected that it was all designed by a young lady. And, from the looks of it, although this young lady was young, she managed her entire clan.

“Father, I’m not feeling very well. I’ll go back and get some rest.” Belita said to her father, who was drinking wine.

“If you aren’t feeling well, then quickly go get some rest.” The big-nosed middle-aged man said hurriedly.

Belita, after speaking, walked into a rear door, entering her family’s residence.

“Hrm?” At this moment, Linley suddenly frowned slightly.

Chapter 27, The Lord of Mount Copper Gong

“Boss,  it  looks  like  a  figure  with  some  background  has arrived.” Bebe laughed as he looked at Linley.

Linley nodded slightly as well. “A very ordinary youth who actually has two experts of the ninth rank as escorts. An ordinary clan isn’t capable of this.”
“Belita!”   A  somewhat  angered  voice  rang  out  from  the doorway of the restaurant, and a youth with golden curly hair entered the restaurant. The youth with curly golden hair was followed by two grim middle-aged men. The gold-haired youth stared at the violet-haired beauty. “Belita, you are going to act as though nothing happened?”
“Ah, young master Hubert [Ha’bo’te].” The big-nosed middle- aged man stood up, immediately speaking warmly. “Please sit and discuss matters slowly with Belita.” “Hmph.” The gold-haired youth stared coldly at the middle- aged man. “F*ck off.”
The big-nosed man let out an awkward smile, no longer daring to speak.

Belita frowned. Turning, she looked at the gold-haired youth and she said seriously, “Hubert, I admit that my actions didn’t give you face. However, I don’t like you. It is as simple as that. I hope, young master Hubert, that in the future, you will spend your efforts on other women.”
Hubert was silent for a moment, and then hatred flashed in his eyes. “Fine. Fine. Belita…”
“I, Hubert, have never been so courteous to anyone before, but to you, I’ve given gifts time and time again, thinking of any and all ways to make you like me. But it seems as though everything  is  useless.”   Hubert’s  face  turned  cold.  “Hmph. Then, Belita, don’t blame me for what I am going to do.” Belita was capable of sustaining her family at such a young age. Naturally, she could guess what Hubert was about to do.

“Hubert, given your conditions, you can get any woman you want. Why waste your time on myself, a girl from a fallen noble clan?” Belita spoke in a very delicate manner.

“There is nothing that I like which I cannot get!”
As he spoke, Hubert’s jaw quivered, and his eyes were filled with absolute indifference. “Uncles, take her back.”  Hubert’s words caused Belita’s face to instantly turn ashen, without a hint of color. She knew exactly how monstrously powerful Hubert’s family was.

Precisely so, she had never dared to offend Hubert to much.
Only, on this issue, she had to maintain her bottom line.

“Yes, young master.” The two grim middle-aged men behind Hubert bowed, responding to the order. “Wait, wait.” The big-nosed man hurriedly walked in front of Belita, repeatedly begging, “Young master Hubert, please spare my daughter. I’ll do anything you want. Even if you want me to give you this ancestral estate, I’d be willing to do so. I beg of you, spare my daughter.”
Belita stared at her father in shock.

Was this her father, who dearly loved face and spent all his time drinking and making trouble? Belita, in her heart, had always somewhat looked down on her father, but at this moment…she discovered that her father wasn’t what she had thought him to be.

“Hmph,  who  wants  your  sh*tty  house?”    Hubert  said disdainfully. “Take Belita back. If that fellow blocks, kill him.”
“Yes.” The two grim men let out cold laughs as they walked over.

The big-nosed man hurriedly moved to block in front of his daughter, as though wanting to protect her. 
“Father, step away.” Belita hurriedly pushed at her father, but at this moment, her alcoholic of a father seemed to have tremendous strength, standing unmoving right in front of her.

“F*ck  off.”   One  of  the  callous  middle-aged  men  let  a remorseless kick towards the big-nosed man.

Nobody in the restaurant dared to make a sound. Those drinkers all knew the power which Hubert held within Hess City. No one dared to stop him!

All of them looked towards Belita and her father, their eyes filled with sympathy.

As they saw it, Belita and her father’s fate had already been set.

But the strange thing was, halfway through his kick, that callous man’s leg suddenly went limp, and then he slid to the floor like a heap of mud. His nose, eyes, mouth, and ears all had blood flowing out of them.


Everyone was stunned. Even that arrogantly shouting Hubert was stupefied. The expert of the ninth rank next to him immediately went down to one knee, supporting his comrade. “Big brother, big brother, what happened?” This expert of the ninth rank couldn’t believe it.

His big brother, who had reached the ninth rank, suddenly died.

“Who  was  it?  Come  out!”  That  expert  of  the  ninth  rank shouted coldly, his eyes filled with a hint of rage.

Nobody dared to make a sound. This expert of the ninth rank let out a cold sneer. “Whoever killed my big brother, you’d best show yourself. Otherwise…everyone in this restaurant will die. It can be considered to be caused by you.” This expert swept his gaze at the surrounding people. 
The entire restaurant full of guests all felt a cold aura sweep through them.

“Take your young master and f*ck off.” A sound rang out.

The expert of the ninth rank immediately turned to look, focusing his gaze on the speaker. Even Belita and her father turned to look. They saw a young man with long hair, who was sitting faced to a handsome youth wearing a straw hat.

Hubert took two steps forward, shouting icily, “Who are you?
How dare you interfere in my affairs?”
Ever since he was born, nobody had ever dared to violate his commands. Whatever he wanted to do, he had done, especially within Hess City. Even the words of the king of the kingdom weren’t as effective as Hubert’s. Having been a little tyrant since youth, Hubert had never feared anyone. “So annoying!” Bebe unhappily splashed the wine in his cup over, drenching Hubert’s face with it. “F*ck off.”
Hubert was stunned. He wiped the wine off his face, his eyes instantly turning red.


Hubert had never suffered any sort of mistreatment since he was young. When Belita refused him, she had done so in a very graceful, indirect manner. But Hubert still felt that he had lost face, causing him to be extremely angry! But what Bebe had just done was the greatest insult he had ever suffered from birth until now!

“Kill,  kill  him  for  me!!!”   Hubert’s  voice  screeched  out, pointing at Bebe as he bellowed.

Bebe raised his head, grinning at him. “Swish!”  Bebe suddenly disappeared. With a clear ‘WHAP’ palm slap sound, Hubert was sent flying upwards, before smashing down on a nearby chair. Hubert’s head was at a strange angle on the floor, staining it with blood.

Instantly, the face of that expert of the ninth rank changed, and with a flash, he hurried over.

“WHAP!” Yet another palm slap.

The expert of the ninth rank was sent flying as well. He spat out a mouthful of blood from the blow, but he didn’t die.

“You,  you  are  dead  meat.”  The  expert  of  the  ninth  rank forced himself to rise to his feet. Seeing the odd angle at which Hubert’s head was at, he saw clearly that Hubert was dead.

“Dead  meat?”   Bebe’s  handsome,  slender  face  revealed  a wicked grin. He intentionally combed his hair a few times, put on his straw hat again, then beamed at the expert. “We’ll wait right now. I want to see how you are going to let us die!” Linley just watched from the side, not trying to stop him.

The expert stared hatefully at Linley and Bebe, then raised his head and let out an angry howl. The howl was extremely ear-piercing, instantly spreading out from the restaurant.

“Hurry, leave.”  Belita ran over, hurriedly urging Linley and Bebe. “That Hubert’s father is an extremely powerful expert. Nobody dares to offend him. Quick, leave.” Belita didn’t want the two people in front of her to be harmed due to her.

Linley and Bebe exchanged a glance.

Actually, the reason Bebe didn’t kill that expert of the ninth rank was to draw out that expert behind him. Only by doing so would they guarantee that this girl wouldn’t suffer any following calamities.

“BOOM!” A terrifying sonic boom sounded out from afar. 
Instantly, a figure appeared within the restaurant. The expert of the ninth rank fell to one knee. “Lord Reger [Lei’ge], your subordinate was useless. The young master was already killed by those two men.”  While speaking, the expert’s body was trembling.

The person who had come was powerfully built, had a bearded face, and fierce eyes.

But when the powerful man saw Hubert, lying on the floor with his head at a crooked angle, he was stunned for a long moment. Then, he looked at the expert of the ninth rank. “The young master is dead. Why aren’t you dead?” The expert of the ninth rank instantly realized what was about to happen, but before he had a chance to react…
A blade light flashed, and the expert’s head went flying.

“Aaaah!  Many  of  the  people  in  the  restaurant  were  so terrified that their eyes went round. Belita and her father stood together, not daring to make a sound. Belita looked towards Linley and Bebe, her eyes filled with worry.

“It was you who killed my son!”  Reger stared at Linley and Bebe.

“Yep.” Bebe looked disdainfully at Reger out of the corner of his eyes, his delicate face covered with disdain.

Linley still sat there, not paying any attention to Reger. Linley’s divine sense had informed him long ago that this ‘Lord Reger’ was actually just a Saint. From the blade blow just now, at most he was a Prime Saint. He posed no threat to Bebe at all.

“Reger, what’s wrong?” The wind arose, and another figure appeared outside the doorway. It was a middle-aged man with long silver hair.

“We’ll go see Teacher in a bit. First, I’m going to kill these two bastards.” Reger’s eyes were completely bloodshot, and he ground his teeth. 
“See Teacher?” Linley frowned slightly.

The silver-haired man looked with surprise at Hubert, who lay dead on the ground. He knew very well what position Hubert had in Reger’s heart. Reger and him had both escaped from the Gebados Planar Prison. The two of them were both Prime Saints.

Prime Saints, in the Gebados Planar Prison, were nothing more than the bottom tier.

Even experts needed women.

In the Gebados Planar Prison, Prime Saints, being of the bottom tier, couldn’t get women at all. Once they escaped from the Gebados Planar Prison, they naturally would have to enjoy women. As for Reger, he naturally ended up with a son.

Reger had been imprisoned within the Gebados Planar Prison ten thousand years ago. Back then, he had children of his own. But after so many years had passed, who could tell if Reger’s lineage had carried down or not?

When an old man had a son, he naturally would spoil him greatly.

Reger was over ten thousand years old. He only had a single son. Naturally, he could be considered an ‘old man who had a son’.

The amount of pampering he gave was indescribable. He even assigned two experts of the ninth rank to be bodyguards for his son. Anything his son wanted, Reger would scheme to acquire for him! His son was a priceless treasure in his heart. But now, his son was dead.

Reger, as well, sensed the threat emanating from Bebe. He began to store up power.

But Bebe was very carefree, waiting for Reger to attack. Suddenly, Reger let out an enraged howl, and a utterly white light erupted, followed by a saber-light arriving in front of Bebe. Everyone in the restaurant was so terrified that their faces turned ashen.

They were all beginning to worry for this delicate youngster.

“That’s all you got?” The saber came to a halt.

Bebe had caught it between two fingers, preventing the saber from moving forward another inch.

“Formidable.” Linley’s eyes lit up. Divine bodies were strong, but relying on two fingers to trap the saber of a Prime Saint was something which even Linley couldn’t do in a manner as casual as Bebe had just done. “Bebe was always powerful. Now that he is a Deity, he seems to still be very powerful.”  Linley sighed internally in praise.

Everyone in the restaurant was stupefied. Two fingers having trapped his weapon. Reger was stunned as well. He finally knew that the person he was facing was most likely a Deity-level expert.

Although he was furious, Reger hurriedly released the warblade in his hand. He finally came to his senses. His son was dead, but he could have more. Although he had raised his son for many years and felt pain over the loss, compared to his own life, he naturally viewed his own life as more important.

Reger hurriedly said respectfully, “Since it was you two lords who disciplined my son, then forget about it. My teacher is the Lord of Mount Copper Gong. Milords, I hope that for the sake of my teacher, you can spare me.”
Belita and everyone else felt that these developments had been simply too bizarre.

A black light flashed, and a hole suddenly appeared in Reger’s head. Reger’s eyes widened as though he couldn’t believe it, and then he collapsed.

Bebe buffed his nails. “Lord of Mount Copper Gong? Never heard of’m!”
Linley frowned. He stared at the silver-haired man who was in a state of shock and fear. “You. Get over here!”

Chapter 28, Mount Copper Gong

Within that restaurant in Hess City, everyone was in a state of shock.

The mighty Lord ‘Reger’, in front of that youngster with the straw hat, had seemed like an infant, unable to resist at all. He had been killed directly. And, from the looks of it, the youngster with the straw hat listened to the orders of the seated young man. That meant the seated young man’s power was even greater!

“They?” Belita drew near to her father, staring at Linley and Bebe in astonishment.

Linley was frowning.

“Milord,  you  called?”   The  silver-haired  man  was  in  a completely nervous state right now. He understood that if Linley and Bebe wanted to kill him, he would definitely die.

“My Boss told you to get over here.” Bebe stared at him while barking. The silver-haired man’s body trembled slightly, and then he immediately walked over to the table, respectfully awaiting Linley’s words.

“My name is Sati [Sa’di]!”  The silver-haired man honestly offered his name.

“You come from the Gebados Planar Prison?”  Linley said calmly. While asking, Linley utilized his Godrealm, causing the ordinary people in the restaurant to be unable to hear their words.

“Yes, milord.” Sati was quite obedient.

After all, Reger’s body lay there on the ground. Sati understood that if either of these two fiends in front of him were unhappy, they could kill him at any moment. Right now, all he could do was to meekly accede to whatever they wanted and make them satisfied. Only in such a way would he be able to preserve his life.

Linley’s eyes grew sharp. He stared at Sati, growling, “I ask you, who is this Lord of Mount Copper Gong?”
The Lord of Mount Copper Gong!

This was someone who made Linley feel concern. Just then, before dying, Reger had said that his teacher was the Lord of Mount Copper Gong. Someone capable of being the teacher of a Prime Saint should be an extraordinary figure. Since they killed Reger, Linley had to get a clear understanding of who this Lord of Mount Copper Gong was.

“Teacher?” Sati was slightly astonished.

Linley nodded slightly. “We don’t know Teacher’s name either. Because he lives at Mount Copper Gong, we all call him as the Lord of Mount Copper Gong.”  When mentioning the ‘Lord of Mount Copper Gong’, his eyes were filled with worship. “Teacher is the most powerful expert we have ever seen.”
“Oh?” Linley’s eyes narrowed into slits.

Sati  continued,  “Although  only  twenty  years  have  passed since we fled from the Gebados Planar Prison back to the Yulan continent, in this period of time, two of the Prime Saints whom Teacher instructed were able to break through and become Deities on their own.” Sati’s eyes were filled with respect.  “Someone  who  can  help  us  break  through  our bottlenecks…how can we not venerate a mighty expert such as him?”
No matter how calm he was, Linley’s face couldn’t help but change. Even the nearby Bebe couldn’t believe it. “Did you just say that those two people who recently became Deities did so due to having received instruction from your Teacher?”
Bottlenecks, being bottlenecks, were hard to break through.

Even someone as powerful as Lord Beirut, knowing that Desri and the others were at a bottleneck, only told them to have more faith in themselves. He didn’t say anything else… someone capable of instructing a Prime Saint in how to break through a bottleneck was definitely an expert who had a terrifying mastery of the Laws.

“What level expert is this Lord of Mount Copper Gong?” Linley immediately asked.

“I don’t know.” Sati shook his head. “However, Teacher’s two brothers should be Gods.”
Linley and Bebe exchanged glances. His brothers were Gods? Then the Lord of Mount Copper Gong should at least be a God as well.

“I’ve created trouble.”  Bebe hung his head as he looked at Linley.

He had killed the disciple of such a powerful expert. No matter how brash Bebe could be, he understood the magnitude of the trouble he had caused.

Linley laughed consolingly. “Bebe, it seems our journey will have to be cut short.”  After having offended such a powerful foe, they had to hurry back to Dragonblood Castle.

“Right.” Bebe nodded.

“Milord, no need to worry.” Hearing Linley and Bebe’s words, Sati understood what Bebe was thinking. He hurriedly said, “Milords, please don’t worry. You killed Reger, but nobody will come make trouble for you.” Linley and Bebe were somewhat startled.

“Oh?” Linley looked at him, waiting for him to explain.

Bebe also said, “Sati, can it be that your Teacher won’t show his face for his disciples?”
Sati hurriedly said, “Milords, what sort of status does the Lord of Mount Copper Gong have? Reger and I are only Prime Saints. How can we become his disciples?”
“But you refer to him as Teacher?” Bebe was puzzled.

Sati laughed self-mockingly, “Milords, although we refer to the Lord of Mount Copper Gong as ‘Teacher’, that’s just how we address him. The Lord of Copper Mountain has never acknowledged us as his disciples.”
Linley frowned. “Explain in detail.” Sati explained, “Milords, we all fled from the Planar Prison. And then, we came to live here. Only, afterwards, we heard that an ultimate expert lived in Mount Copper Gong who would occasionally give guidance to those trainees who came to him for advice. There are many experts who go pay their respects to the Lord of Mount Copper Gong. Reger and I are just two of the many. Only, because we received some tutelage from the Lord of Mount Copper Gong, we respectfully address
him as Teacher. Only, the Lord of Mount Copper Gong himself has never acknowledged us as his disciples.”
“If we truly had a Teacher such as him, in the Planar Prison, we wouldn’t have been in such bad straits.”
Linley and Bebe instantly understood.

“You really are shameless.” Bebe snickered.

Sati laughed awkwardly.

“This Lord of Mount Copper Gong really is a miraculous figure.”  Linley  sighed  in  praise.  An  expert  like  this  would actually give tutelage to those who came to him for instruction. At the very least, he wasn’t the selfish, self-centered type.

“Just now, you said that those two who had become Deities on their own recently did so thanks to the tutelage of the Lord of  Mount  Copper  Gong?”   Linley  still  felt  that  this  was unbelievable.

“Right.” Sati sighed. “This is absolutely certain. One of them is someone I know.”
“How can we possibly not pay a visit to a miracle worker like this? Bebe, what do you think?” Linley looked at Bebe, who nodded in agreement. At the same time he turned to look at Sati. “Hey, where is Mount Copper Gong?”
“Mount Copper Gong is in the southern regions of the Holy Union. It is an area which has been taken over by many magical beasts. Teacher lives within a large mountain there.” Sati  explained.  “The  distance  from  here  is  roughly  two thousand kilometers. Milords, if you want to go, I can guide you there. It isn’t just Prime Saints who beg Teacher for guidance. There are Deities as well.” Linley felt all the more amazed in his heart.

This Lord of Mount Copper Gong definitely was an extraordinary figure. Linley all the more wanted to see him now.

“Only, if milords go, milords need to be mentally prepared. Teacher only provides guidance if he feels like it.” Sati explained. “On our trip to Mount Copper Gong, we might have to wait a long time before being lucky enough to see Teacher.”
“If we can meet him, we shall. If we can’t, then it’ll just be an excursion.” Linley laughed calmly.

“Let’s go. Let’s go now.” Bebe was somewhat impatient.

Sati said meekly, “It is my honor to be able to lead the way for you two, milords.”  Immediately, Sati led the way out of the restaurant, while Linley and Bebe followed. Linley released the Godrealm which had prevented others in the restaurant from hearing their conversation.

“The  two  of  you…”   Belita  hurriedly  chased  afterwards, wanting to express things, but she was blocked by Linley’s Godrealm.

Three shadows blurred through the air, quickly disappearing into the southern horizons.

“Who were those three experts? Even a Prime Saint like Lord Reger was killed in one blow.” Only now did the people in the restaurant dare to speak, while at the same time, they raised their head, staring skywards in a vain attempt to catch a vestigial glimpse of Linley and the others.”
“That youngster was too powerful. He was able to seize a Saint’s blade with his two fingers.” “I think that young man was even more powerful…”
Everyone in the bar began to excitedly chat, while Belita stared towards the horizon, towards where Linley’s group had vanished. She, Belita, could do nothing but remember this kindness in her heart.

Mount Copper Gong was actually not too far away from Linley’s hometown of Wushan Township. It was also considered within the domain of the magical beasts.

Only, with the experts present in this location, the magical beasts did not dare to draw near.

“This is Mount Copper Gong!” In mid-air, his robes fluttering in the wind, Sati pointed down towards a mountain.

Next to him was Linley and Bebe. “It seems there isn’t that many people present?” Linley was rather surprised. Logically speaking, based on what he understood, if many experts came to pay visits to the Lord of Mount Copper Gong, there should be many people here. However, Linley, staring down into the manor, didn’t see many people at all.

Sati explained, “Teacher’s two brothers have informed us that after receiving tutelage from Teacher, we cannot come disturb Teacher again for the next ten years.”
“Oh.” Linley understood.

After all, there were only so many experts in the Yulan continent. Not too many knew of the existence of the Lord of Mount Copper Gong. Given they weren’t to disturb him again for ten years after being given tutelage, no wonder there weren’t many people here.

“Let’s head down.” Linley was the first to fly down. The residence of the Lord of Mount Copper Gong was a secluded, quiet manor. Linley and the others, upon arriving in front of the manor, couldn’t help but sigh in amazement.

“This   residence…”    Linley   sensed   that   this   residence emanated a powerful earth elemental essence aura.

Sati revealed a hint of worship in his eyes as well. “This residence was created from earth elemental essence, formed into a solid hole. If you look at the walls, you won’t see a single crack or seam. To be able to easily control earth elemental essence to create such a manor is truly incredible.”
“You don’t understand.” Linley’s face was very solemn.

“Oh?” Sati stared towards Linley in astonishment.

Linley stared solemnly at the residence in front of him. Sati was only a Prime Saint, and he didn’t train in the Laws of the Earth. Naturally, he didn’t understand how truly incredible this residence formed from earth elemental essence was. Linley, however, did. 
“Be it the Sacred Earthguard Armor or the forbidden-level spell which uses earth elemental essence to create the ‘World Protector’, there is a limit to how long the creations will last for.” Linley could hardly believe it.

He believed that since someone had created this manor, they couldn’t possibly go to the trouble of recreating it every hour.

“In addition, the color of the material the earth elemental essence has formed into…” Linley stared at the ancient- looking, plain black material of the residence. “It is the color of adamantine!” Linley knew that upon reaching the Deity-level, once a person used the Sacred Earthguard Armor, it would be at the ‘adamantine’ level.

An adamantine-level Sacred Earthguard Armor couldn’t be maintained for too long.

And yet, this person used it to create an entire manor? “Someone came again?” The gate to the manor creaked open, and a bald, muscular man glanced outwards.

That Sati immediately bowed respectfully. “I pay my respects to Lord Burgess [Bo’ji’se].”
“You again?” The bald man frowned. “Oh, that’s right. Last time was ten years ago.” After finishing, the bald man looked at Linley and Bebe, his eyes carrying a hint of curiosity as he weighed Linley and Bebe for a long while.

Linley and Bebe both bowed modestly as well.

“My third brother is inviting you two in. As for you, go rest somewhere else.” The bald man said.

“Congratulations to the two of you.” Sati wasn’t angry at all.
Instead, he congratulated Linley and Bebe. Not just anyone who came to visit the Lord of Mount Copper Gong would be received. Sati immediately bowed, then left by himself.

“Mr. Burgess?” Linley spoke.

“I really don’t know what’s going on, but my third brother wishes to meet you two. Your luck is excellent.” The bald man pursed his lips while bringing Linley and Bebe into the manor. “Listen up. When you see my third brother, you need to be a bit more respectful.”
Linley and Bebe exchanged a glance, then laughed as they glanced around at their surroundings.

This manor, completely formed from earth elemental essence, gave a very comfortable to live in aura. In addition, in the inner courtyard of this manor, there were two seemingly mild-mannered middle-aged men engaging in chatter and laughter. “I wonder which one of the two is the Lord of Mount Copper Gong?” Linley’s gaze rested upon these two people.

Chapter 29, Elemental Training

Of the three people in the manor, aside from that bald man, Burgess, the other two appeared rather amiable. Only, the young man in the middle was rather eye-catching. He had a head of long black hair, but his eyebrows were crimson red.

“Third Brother, those two you want to meet are here.” The bald man said as he walked in. That man with the crimson eyebrows looked towards Linley and Bebe. His gaze paused momentarily on Bebe, and then he said with a laugh, “The two of you, take a seat first.”
As he spoke, he pointed at the nearby seats in front of him.

“Thank you, milord.” Linley and Bebe both said courteously, and then they sat down on the chairs in front of the man with the crimson eyebrows.

“Big Brother, Second Brother, you two can go about your business. I’ll have a private chat with these two young fellows.” The man with the crimson eyebrows said. 
The bald man and the other middle-aged man clearly were very obedient towards their third brother. They both nodded then departed. The man with the crimson eyebrows looked towards Linley and Bebe. Laughing, he said, “You can address me as Mr. Leylin. If you have come to my residence because there’s something the two of you need from me, go ahead and tell me.”
Mr. Leylin?

Linley and Bebe were both rather surprised. “Hey, doesn’t this Lord of Mount Copper Gong normally not divulge his name to people?”
“Mr. Leylin?” Bebe called out in surprise.

“What?” Leylin looked at Bebe, puzzled.

“My, my Boss is named Linley.” Bebe was quite amazed. 
“Linley?” Mr. Leylin was amazed for a moment as well before recovering.

Prior to this, Linley hadn’t noticed this point himself. But now, he realized. ‘Linley’ and ‘Leylin’, weren’t they just the same thing, except swapped around?

“You really are named Linley?”  This Lord ‘Leylin’  was very surprised. Linley nodded and laughed, “Yes, Mr. Leylin. My full name is Linley Baruch.”
This Mr. Leylin calmed down as well, laughing loudly, “Haha…what a coincidence. I’m the opposite of you. Leylin is my clan name. My full name is Zacharias [Jia’ke’li’ya’si] Leylin. It seems we really do have a bit in common.”
“Indeed.”  Linley felt that this was quite the coincidence as well. After this discovery, Linley was no longer reticent in front of this Lord Leylin.

“Mr. Leylin, I have come due to an issue regarding training.” Linley said.

“Virtually  everyone  who  comes  looking  for  me  does  so because of training issues.” Leylin pursed his lips and laughed. “Only, let me give you advance warning. All I can do is give you some guidance. In addition, I am only skilled in the Elemental Laws of Fire and the Elemental Laws of Earth. I would most likely only be able to say a few words regarding the other Elemental Laws.”
Linley laughed.

The Laws of the Earth?

Actually, just from looking at this manor, Linley knew that this Lord of Mount Copper Gong definitely trained in the Laws of the Earth. 
“Speak.” Leylin laughed.

Linley explained his frustrations and concerns regarding his bottleneck. “Mr. Leylin, I am currently training in the ‘Throbbing Pulse of the World’ of the Laws of the Earth. Only, I have already reached the level of Two Fused Waves of the Throbbing Pulse of the World, but no matter what I try, I am unable to reach the final step of fusing everything into one.”
“You train in the ‘Throbbing Pulse of the World’?” The Lord of Mount Copper Gong, Leylin, raised his eyebrows. “It seems your talent is quite excellent.”
“However, if you have reached a bottleneck, there’s nothing I can do to help you break through.” Leylin said with a laugh.

Linley couldn’t help but feel astonished. Didn’t this Lord of Mount Copper Gong help two experts break through and become Deities through his guidance? “You aren’t able to help?” Bebe said. “Didn’t you help others though?”
Leylin  laughed,  “Rumors  grow  more  and  more  ridiculous with each telling. Nobody can help someone break through a bottleneck. At most, I can just give you one or two pointers.” Linley’s eyes couldn’t help but light up. If Leylin was willing to give him some pointers and allow him to gain some insights, that would be enough.

“Linley, you want to train in the ‘Throbbing Pulse of the World’. For now, let’s stop discussing that. Instead, let’s talk about the six types of profound mysteries inherent to the Laws of the Earth.” Leylin said with a calm laugh.

“Six  types  of  profound  mysteries?”  Linley  was  somewhat surprised.

From Beirut, Linley had heard the hypothetical number of profound mysteries within an Elemental Law as being nine. “Right. The Laws of the Earth contain in total six different profound mysteries.”  Leylin laughed. “I’m not sure about the other Laws, but for the earth, fire, water, and wind Laws, these four Elemental Laws, the Laws of the Earth, Fire, and Water all contain six profound mysteries each, while the Elemental Laws of the Wind have a bit more, containing nine.”
Leylin spoke leisurely but with complete certainty, causing others to unconsciously believe him.

Linley nodded slightly.

“The Laws of the Earth contain six profound mysteries. The most basic is the profound mystery of the ‘Essence of the Earth’.” Leylin said.

“The  Profound  Mysteries  of  the  ‘Essence  of  the  Earth’?” Linley frowned.

Elemental essence was present everywhere. It should be very common. The Laws were Elemental Laws. So how could one of the profound mysteries be the profound mysteries of the ‘Essence of the Earth’?

“Linley.” Leylin spoke. Whenever he spoke Linley’s name, he couldn’t help but laugh. “You should be aware that ordinary magic spells include the ‘Earth Puppet’, ‘World Protector’, and ‘Sacred Earthguard Armor’ type spells, right?”
Linley nodded.

Previously, when Linley was young, in the air above Wushan Township, he had watched those two Saints do battle. That Grand Magus Saint had utilized the forbidden-level spell, ‘World Protector’.

“Regardless  of  whether  it  is  the  ‘World  Protector’  or  the ‘Sacred Earthguard Armor’, they all are considered a very basic way of using the Profound Mysteries of the Essence of the Earth.”
Leylin  explained  slowly,  “The  Essence  of  the  Earth  can transform into countless shapes. You can use it to create a human figure, a magical beast figure, or even a set of armor. The ‘Essence of the Earth’, in the late stages of mastery, represents a deep level of proficiency in utilizing elemental essences. For example…my manor!”
Leylin pointed at his manor. “Linley, look at this manor. In terms of toughness, it is comparable to adamantine. In addition, it will exist in perpetuity! Tell me, how did I accomplish this?”
“This?” Linley was very puzzled about this to begin with.

But now, Linley somewhat understood that this manor in front of him was most likely formed after reaching the level of complete mastery in the ‘Essence of the Earth’.

“Linley, experts of the Laws of the Earth should have the most powerful defenses.” Leylin’s eyes, beneath those crimson eyebrows, were shining. “Amongst them, the most powerful physical defenses rely on the ‘Essence of the Earth’, while the most powerful spiritual defenses rely on the ‘Throbbing Pulse of the World’.” Linley nodded in agreement.

He himself used spiritual energy to form a spiritual ‘Pulseguard Defense’.

“The Laws of the Earth have six profound mysteries. If you want to master any of them, your best option is to start with the basics. Finish mastering the ‘Essence of the Earth’. It is the foundation!”
Leylin advised, “The Profound Mysteries of the Essence of the Earth is the best way one can gain a deeper understanding into the elemental essences. Once your understanding of the elemental essences reaches a certain level of depth, then it will become much easier for you to gain insights into the other profound mysteries of the Laws.”
Linley somewhat understood now. “The final, Omega Wave of the Throbbing Pulse of the World is extremely hard to achieve. I’m not able to provide any direct advice, but I imagine that if you can focus and meditate on the Profound Mysteries of the Essence of the Earth, perhaps it will be of benefit to you in breaking through with regards to the Throbbing Pulse of the World.” Leylin laughed.

“Thank  you,  Mr.  Leylin.”   Linley’s  heart  was  filled  with gratitude.

“Everything relies on you yourself.”  Leylin laughed. “Then, how about this. Linley, take a close look.”
Leylin looked into the air. Suddenly, in the air above, earth elemental essence began to gather.

Linley raised his head to watch as well.

An explosive surge of earth elemental essence was rapidly condensing, and even began to emit a faint rumbling sound. An enormous earthen cloud appeared in the sky above Mount Copper Gong, and then this cloud of earth transformed into an earth-colored python that was a hundred meters long.

“Hissssss.”   The  python  seemed  to  be  real,  occasionally revealing its fangs.

This enormous python which had appeared in mid-air truly did cause Linley to feel shock in his heart.

“Is this the result of mastery in the Essence of the Earth?” Linley secretly wondered.

“Now, take a close look.” Leylin said in a low shout.

Linley immediately focused his attention while at the same time, spreading out his divine sense to carefully study every single movement of this enormous python. This hundred- meter long coiling python suddenly whipped out its tail in a fury, its thick, long serpentine tail lashing out like the crack of a whip. “Rumble…”
The whipping tail attack of the python actually created spatial ripples that were visible to the naked eye.

The spatial ripples were simply too great. Every single ripple caused space to crack. Instantly…in the air above Mount Copper Gong, the rippled, cracked space began to reveal itself, appearing then disappearing. Only, as the spatial ripples continued to spread outwards, the strength naturally began to decrease.

Despite that, however, the nearby trees that were impacted by these spatial ripples were instantly transformed into dust.

“This? Is this the Throbbing Pulse of the World?” Linley was astonished.

“This  is  the  ‘Throbbing  Pulse  of  the  World’  at  mastery.” Leylin laughed as he looked at Linley. “The ‘Throbbing Pulse of the World’ can be utilized through creatures formed from elemental essence?”  Linley was very surprised.

“Why not?” Leylin laughed calmly as he spoke. “And this is just the ‘Throbbing Pulse of the World’ and the ‘Essence of the Earth’ used separately. If I were to fuse the two of them and then use them…most likely this Mount Copper Gong would no longer exist.”
Linley’s heart was filled with amazement.

He knew that the profound mysteries of the Elemental Laws could fuse with each other.

“So powerful.”  The nearby Bebe let out a sigh of praise as well, then he looked at Leylin in confusion. “Mr. Leylin, just now, you said that of the earth, fire, water, and wind Elemental Laws, only the Elemental Laws of the Wind have nine profound mysteries. The other three only have six profound mysteries. Then doesn’t that mean…that it will be very hard to train in the Elemental Laws of the Wind?” “No.”
Leylin let out a sigh. “The numbers might be different, but the total difficulty level is roughly the same. For example, the ‘Throbbing Pulse of the World’ and the ‘Gravitational Field’ profound mysteries of the Laws of the Earth are all extremely hard to learn. In order to reach mastery in either of the two, one must spend tremendous effort, have some good luck, and also occasional flashes of insight.”
“Linley, first train in the ‘Essence of the Earth’. Perhaps it will bring you some unexpected surprises.” Leylin laughed.

Linley nodded slightly.

Linley knew that the ‘Essence of the Earth’ was fairly easy to pick up. After all, in the past, most of his magic was based off of controlling elemental essences. “Mr. Leylin, might I ask if in the future, I can come again to ask for your aid?” Linley asked.

“Of course you can. So long as I remain here at Mount Copper Gong, you can come find me.” Leylin said.

Linley could hear Leylin’s unspoken meaning. “Mr. Leylin, can it be that you are going to leave?”
Leylin nodded and sighed. “Indeed. In the not too distant future, I will indeed leave this place.”  After speaking, Leylin seemed to have thought of something. Letting out a sigh, he no longer spoke.

And then, Linley and Bebe thus settled down within Mount Copper Gong while sending a message via divine sense to the people in Dragonblood Castle. Normally, they quietly trained here at Mount Copper Gong. While training in the Profound Mysteries of the Essence of the Earth, Linley slowly began to discover the benefits to training in the Essence of the Earth.

Within a quiet courtyard. 
Sadista once more spread out his divine sense to search for Linley. He couldn’t help but frown, his eyes containing a hint of anger. “This Linley is still together with that Godeater Rat. Hmph. And this mountain actually has two other Gods?”
Given Sadista’s power, he could easily discover those two Gods.

“Just Gods.”  Sadista didn’t care about them at all. “But it seems we still need to wait for the right chance.”
Sadista was extremely patient. Without complete certainty, he wouldn’t send Anras to attack. After all, his number one priority was still the treasures within the Necropolis of the Gods.

But it was very strange…
That Lord of Mount Copper Gong, ‘Leylin’, lived on the mountain with his two brothers. However, Sadista was only able to discover those two Gods. He didn’t discover the presence of that third person, ‘Leylin’.

Chapter 30, A So-Called Spar

The environment of Mount Copper Gong was very beautiful. Within the quiet, deep valley, there was a waterfall and a pool of water beneath it. Linley and Bebe had built two stone houses and were living there. Linley didn’t want to go disturb that Lord of Mount Copper Gong. It was already enough for him to have given Linley pointers.

The waterfall cascaded down like countless white pearls, smashing down into the deep pool below.
“Splash!” The water in the pool flowed out in small streams. Linley sat in the meditative stance by the side of the pool in a patch of grass. His original body had begun to calm down and focus on attuning with the Profound Mysteries of the Essence of the Earth. As for his divine clone, it continued analyzing the Elemental Laws of the Wind.

“I have never paid such close attention to the elemental essences as I currently am.” Linley sent out all of his spiritual energy, infusing it into every single earth elemental essence particle.
Earth elemental essence particles were extremely small. There was no way one could see them with the naked eye, but these elemental essence particles filled the entire world. Each earth elemental essence particle hovered throughout the nearby area, moving in a chaotic, random pattern. And then they would collide into each other, then separate.

The earth essence particles attracted each other, then repelled each other.

“How strange. Is this the elemental world?”
Linley sighed inwardly in praise.

And then, as Linley infused his spiritual energy into the earth: “These solidified elemental essence particles are far too close to each other.” Indeed, this was the case. Rocks and dirt were actually all formed from earth elemental essences, except the elemental density was extremely high.

“Although the boundless earth and the stones of the mountain are all formed from earth elemental essences, they don’t give off a strong elemental aura. Ah!” Linley’s heart was filled with shock. “According to the way the earth elemental particles in the air are behaving, when elemental particles reach a very close distance from each other, they will repel each other. Then why is it…that those extremely densely packed particles in the rocks don’t repel each other?”
Linley himself was capable of controlling earth elemental essence to form mounds of dirt or rocks or metal, but when he did so, it emanated a strong elemental aura.

“Why is it that stones and dirt don’t give off a strong elemental aura?” Linley had never discovered this before. So it seemed the ordinary, unassuming pieces of rocks and dirt actually contained unique profound mysteries of their own.

Linley’s mind couldn’t understand it. 
All sorts of contradictions vexed his comprehension.

Training like this, Linley became completely absorbed into this world of the miraculous ‘Essence of the Earth’.

During the past two months, Mount Copper Gong would occasionally have angry roars and bellows emanate from within it. This was because while training, Linley would control elemental essence to create all sorts of magical beasts, which would occasionally let out angry howls. Based on his insights into the nature of elemental essences, one contradiction after another was resolved.

Only now did Linley understand that applying spiritual energy to forcibly control elemental essences to form a solid was a foolish technique! “Between  each  elemental  essence  particle  and  each  other particle, there is a mysterious, amazing relationship. All I have to do is just to use a little bit of extra spiritual energy, and I can cause countless elemental essence particles to become one.” Linley opened his eyes, looking at the angrily howling Savage Worldbear in mid-air.

This Savage Worldbear’s entire body was faintly surrounded by a yellow light. It was currently roaring in anger while beating its chest.

This Savage Worldbear was created from elemental essences.

“Two months ago, if I were to utilize a forbidden-level magic spell to summon this ‘Savage Worldbear’, I would have used up ten times as much spiritual energy, or perhaps even more!” Linley couldn’t help but sigh. “And this is with me only understanding a little bit of the ‘Essence of the Earth’.”
If he had completely mastered the Profound Mysteries of the Essence of the Earth, the difference would be far greater. “If you take two people with the same amount of spiritual energy, one of whom has trained in the ‘Essence of the Earth’ while the other has not, the difference in power of the ‘Sacred Earthguard Armor’ they created over their bodies would be as great as the difference between the heavens and the earth.”
“Elemental essences are indeed marvelous.” Linley felt some gratitude towards the Lord of Mount Copper Gong, Leylin.

Leylin’s words were correct. The Profound Mysteries of the Essence of the Earth was just the basics. The entire Laws of the Earth were actually nothing more than the many profound mysteries which were created from the countless earth elemental essences. Understanding the ‘Essence of the Earth’ would be of great benefit to understanding the other profound mysteries.

Mount Copper Gong. Leylin’s residence.

Within that elemental manor, Leylin was with his two brothers. Leylin’s crimson eyebrows rose. Sighing in praise, he said, “This Linley’s innate talent really is quite good. In two short months, he has already reached such heights in his insights into the ‘Essence of the Earth’. Given his current speed…with the ‘Essence of the Earth’ being a simple type of profound
mystery, most likely in just two or three years, he would have completely mastered it.”
“Linley has innate talent, but can it compare to yours, Third Brother?” That bald man, Burgess, laughed.

The white-robed man also said, “Third Brother, you are the only true, most powerful genius in the history of our Yulan Plane.”
The white-robed man and Burgess both looked at Leylin with a hint of admiration in their eyes.

“You can’t say that.” Leylin gazed towards the southeast, as though he were capable of piercing through the walls of reality with his gaze and seeing that distant Linley, training within the mountain gorge. Laughing calmly, he said, “This Linley is only a Demigod. He has only just started on the road to training. Who can predict what his future accomplishments will be like?”
“At least given his current speed, he’s only slightly slower than I was in the past. As for his future accomplishments, that is hard to say.”
The bald man and the white-robed man both nodded slightly.

“That Beirut has also informed me that in other planes, there are absolute geniuses who were able to reach the Demigod stage in ten years, the God stage in a hundred years, and the Highgod stage in a thousand years. But to stupid, foolish people, they might be stuck at a bottleneck for ten million years without being able to break through to the Demigod stage.” Leylin laughed calmly.

“That is what insight and perception means.”
Leylin  sighed,  “This  Linley  is  a  very  insightful  and  very perceptive person.” “Become  a  Highgod  in  a  thousand  years.  This  is  simply inconceivable.” Burgess and the white-robed man both sighed.

Leylin laughed calmly. “This has to do with each person’s destiny and life experiences. Those ultimate geniuses aren’t worth envying either!”
Leylin clearly felt rather disdainful towards those geniuses.

“Those geniuses desperately desired to reach the Highgod level as soon as possible. But how could they know that if one doesn’t begin trying to fuse the various profound mysteries from early on, if they only begin attempting to fuse them upon reaching the Highgod stage, it will be too late!”
“The profound mysteries of the Laws must be fused early on. The  earlier,  the  easier  it  will  be.”  Leylin  sighed.  “If  I  had understood this when I was a Demigod, most likely I would have been able to fuse the six profound mysteries and have become a Paragon.” “Fuse all of the profound mysteries? Third Brother, in all the countless planes, how many people have accomplished this?” The white-robed man said.

Leylin chuckled, no longer continuing on this subject.

“Big Brother.” Leylin looked towards that bald man. “It can be considered that Linley helped contribute to our successful flight from the Gebados Planar Prison. You are also someone who trains in the Laws of the Earth. Go have a spar with him.”
“Fine.” The bald man, Burgess, nodded straightforwardly.

Leylin looked at the white-robed man. “Second Brother, I have received great kindness from that Beirut. You go help take care of that Godeater Rat, and spar a bit with him as well.”
“And here I was, just feeling a bit bored.”  The white-robed man laughed as he spoke. ………

The water gurgled forward in the creeks.

Linley was completely absorbed in attuning with the elemental essences. One drop of wisdom after another filled his mind, causing Linley to unconsciously reveal a hint of a smile on his face. While Linley was training, Bebe had also calmed down and begun to train.

Suddenly, a man appeared here.

“This Linley.” The bald man, Burgess, saw the hint of a smile on Linley’s face. “He actually smiles while he is training. This really makes one jealous!”
Only a few experts were able to treat training as a source of pleasure. If you liked to do something, then once you became absorbed in it, your effectiveness would be extremely high. If, on the other hand, you didn’t like to do something and instead forced yourself to do it, the effectiveness would be very low.

The vast majority of experts forced themselves to train because they didn’t want to be inferior to others, didn’t want to be killed by others, or for other reasons.

How could they, who forced themselves to train, possibly compare to someone who liked training?

These countless experts all understood this reasoning, and they wanted to try and make themselves enjoy training and make training a source of pleasure, thus allowing themselves to train faster, gain insights more easily, and break through.

But whether or not you liked something was something determined by your nature and soul.

You couldn’t just choose to like something. For example, if you saw an extremely ugly woman, no matter how hard you tried to make yourself ‘like’ her, you wouldn’t be able to do it. The choices of your innate nature were unchangeable.

“Mr. Burgess, why have you come?” Bebe called out loudly.

Linley now opened his eyes and immediately rose up. With a laugh, he said, “Mr. Burgess.”
The bald man, Burgess, laughed loudly. “Linley, I know that you train in the Laws of the Earth. By coincidence, I too train in the Laws of the Earth. Let’s have a spar between you and me. What say you?”
“This…this  is  wonderful,  of  course.”   Linley  was  very surprised and pleased.

Sparring with an expert who trained in the same Laws, especially someone much more powerful, was an extremely rare opportunity. After all, this meant the stronger person had to lower themselves to train with you. Although it was described as ‘sparring’, in reality the other was helping him and guiding him!

“Haha…I’m rather stupid. I’ve only trained in two of the profound mysteries of the Laws of the Earth. One is the Profound Mysteries of the ‘Essence of the Earth’, while the other is the Profound Mysteries of Strength.

Linley’s heart leapt.

He now knew of yet another profound mystery of the Laws of the Earth; the Profound Mysteries of Strength.

“Rumble…”   A  large  amount  of  earth  elemental  essence solidified, and the body of the bald man, Burgess, became covered with a sparkling earthen armor.

“Not   the   color   of   adamantine?”    Linley   was   secretly surprised. “Linley, against you, there’s no need for me to utilize the Profound Mysteries of Strength. I’ll directly utilize the Profound  Mysteries  of  the  Essence  of  the  Earth.  Careful!” Burgess laughed loudly, and as he spoke, he kicked off the ground powerful, charging forward while smashing towards Linley with his fist.

The sun reflected off of his sparkling earthen armor in a dazzling manner. Burgess’ right fist actually transformed into the head of a vicious wolf which opened its mouth and bit downwards.

“Hoooooowl!”  The vicious wolf actually let out a howling sound.

Linley’s face changed. He wanted to retreat, but Burgess had actually utilized his Godrealm. As a God, Burgess’ Godrealm had caused Linley’s speed to drop dramatically.

“Clang!” Bloodviolet clashed against that vicious wolf’s head fist. Linley was sent blasting backwards like a sandbag. With a ‘boom’, he smashed viciously into the deep pool of water like a meteorite, sending water spraying everywhere. Under the light of the sun, the water drops spraying everywhere seemed like sparkling jewels.

“Hey, that’s way too weak.” Burgess shook his head.

“Boom!”  Linley erupted out from the surface of the water, then landed on the ground. Staring at Burgess, he immediately asked, “Mr. Burgess, how is it that the vicious wolf’s head which your fist had transformed into could have such power? How could its hardness be on a level with a divine artifact?” Linley felt utterly mystified by what had just happened.

Burgess quirked his lips. “Think about it for yourself.”
Linley’s smile froze.

“Alright. Let’s do it again.” Linley gritted his teeth. From this day onwards, each day, Linley would be defeated by Burgess three times. Burgess never gave him any guidance. Any questions Linley had, he would tell Linley to go think about it for himself. Actually…even if Burgess had explained it, he wouldn’t be able to truly explain it clearly.

After all, in order to understand the profound mysteries of the ‘Essence of the Earth’, Burgess had spent over a thousand years.

Linley sparred with Burgess, while Bebe sparred with that white-robed man.

With this sort of continued ‘sparring’, Linley’s rate of improvement in understanding the ‘Essence of the Earth’ increased greatly.

Once again, Linley was sent flying. As he fell down onto the ground, a smile actually appeared on his face.

“I was wrong, wrong!” Linley began to laugh loudly. “It isn’t dead. It isn’t dead.”
“I never understood what the power behind the throbbing pulse everywhere in the boundless earth was all about. Now, I understand. I understand. The Throbbing Pulse of the World. Haha. So this is the Throbbing Pulse of the World!”  Linley seemed to have gone mad, as he raised his head and laughed wildly. And just as Linley began to laugh loudly…
An enormous, unique, irresistible surge of force descended. The space around Linley became distorted. In the face of this unique presence which was like the Laws, any creature, no matter how powerful, was like nothing but an ant.

Even Burgess couldn’t help but tremble.

The bald Burgess, who had just defeated Linley yet again and was preparing to delightedly lecture him, was stupefied. “This Linley, he…he broke through, just like that. This is too monstrous?”    Burgess   finally   understood   the   difference between himself and a genius.

Chapter 31, The Throbbing Pulse of the World

The natural Laws descended.

Even Bebe and the white-robed man, who had been sparring, had their attention drawn and came over. Bebe moved like a flash of lightning through the mountain forests and arrived within the gorge. He saw Linley hovering there, and his eyes became filled with delight. “Boss, you’ve finally mastered the Throbbing Pulse of the World?”
“Big Brother, what’s going on? He…he broke through, just like that?” The white-robed man flew over, also very surprised.

The bald man, Burgess, said in a state of some confusion, “Just then, I knocked him down. I don’t know what caused him to gain a sudden insight, but he actually broke through. Look, isn’t this…this is so discouraging to me.”
“No wonder Third Brother praised him.” The white-robed man looked towards Linley as well. 
As though through teleportation, yet another person appeared in the ground of the gorge. It was the crimson- eyebrowed Leylin. Bebe glanced at Leylin, somewhat surprised. “This  Lord  of  Mount  Copper  Mountain  is  too  powerful. However, Grandpa had said before that no expert, no matter
how powerful, is capable of teleportation. I don’t know what techniques this Leylin used.”
Leylin smiled, hovering in mid-air as he watched Linley. He nodded as though in satisfaction.

Space blurred and distorted.

“Rumble…”  Countless amounts of earth elemental essence surged towards the air above Linley, and that unique force surrounded Linley’s soul, seeming to be able to see completely through his soul and understand everything within it. In the air above Linley, the earth elemental essence continued to gather at an even more rapid rate.

Suddenly… “BOOM!” The earth elemental essences dissipated, and in the area where they previously had been, there was a black jewel- like object that glimmered faintly with earthen yellow light.

The divine spark’s nature was of course connected to Linley’s soul.

“Earth-style divine spark.”  Linley felt a surge of joy in his heart. Linley had already had experience and been prepared for this long ago.

“Finally, I have become a Deity in both the earth-style and the wind-style.” Linley couldn’t help but feel excited. But at the same time, within Linley’s mind, he couldn’t help but think of Leylin. “I truly must thank this Lord of Mount Copper Gong, for me to be able to break through the bottleneck so quickly this time.”
“Should I form another divine clone?” Linley could sense the information which the natural Laws were transmitting to him. Without hesitating at all, Linley controlled the earth-style divine spark to hover next to him, outside his body. A hint of a smile was on Linley’s lips. “Once again, my spirit will split in two. From today onwards, I’ll have yet another body, while at the same time, I can train in still more Laws. Only, this pain of the soul being split…”
“Aaaaah!”  Linley’s  muscles  throughout  his  body  began  to convulse. The pain of his soul being split in half caused Linley’s face to instantly turn pale and utterly bloodless.

“It seems this Linley still wishes to train in other Laws.” Leylin  exhaled  in  appreciation.  “He  actually  chose  to  once again split his soul in half.” Leylin knew full well how agonizing it was for the soul to be split in half. When one’s soul was forcefully ripped in half, even the most powerful of experts wouldn’t be able to refrain from screaming.

Fortunately, in that moment of becoming a Deity, one’s soul would be protected by the natural Laws.

Right now, the soul tearing wouldn’t cause any problems. Under normal circumstances, however, a simple vibration that was powerful enough could cause the soul to truly collapse and the spirit to shatter, to say nothing of the soul being broken in half.

A sword-shaped soul flew out from Linley’s body, fusing with that earth-style divine spark hovering in mid-air.

“Sword-shaped soul?” Leylin’s eyes lit up. “He has potential to train in the Laws of Destruction.”
For now, Linley once more found himself within that boundless, infinite, unique plane – the Elemental Sea.

That indistinct, hazy area was filled with the boundless Elemental Sea. Waves rose and fell, and the earthen yellow waves were filled with liquefied earth essence. Deeper within it was more and more pure earth-style divine power. Linley worked hard to delve deeper into the depths in search of that divine power.

Divine earth power surrounded his earth-style divine spark, forming an earth-style divine clone which looked identical to Linley.

“Bodies formed from the natural Laws are always created naked.”  Linley  immediately  used  his  divine  earth  power  to create an earthen yellow robe for his divine earth clone. With but a thought, his divine wind clone also appeared from within his original body.

Divine earth clone, divine wind clone. His two mighty divine clones circled around his original body.

And then, the two divine clones both fused into his original body.

Within Linley’s sea of consciousness, the yellow-robed Linley and the green-robed Linley sat in the meditative position within the sea of consciousness, while in the air above the two divine clones, there hovered a rainbow-colored sword-shaped soul. Only, the size of it was much smaller than before.

Within Mount Copper Gong. Landing on the ground, Linley opened his eyes and as he did, he saw Leylin, Leylin’s friends, and Bebe.

“Boss.”  Bebe’s eyes were filled with delight, and he grinned widely. At the same time, he gave Linley a big thumbs up. “In but half a year here at Mount Copper Gong, you managed to become a Deity through the Elemental Laws of the Earth as well. Oh, right. Boss. Was it through the Profound Mysteries of the Essence of the Earth, or the Profound Mysteries of the Throbbing Pulse of the World?”
“The  Throbbing  Pulse  of  the  World!”  Linley  said  with  a laugh.

“Linley, congratulations.” The Lord of Mount Copper Gong, Leylin, said with a calm smile.

Linley looked towards Leylin, immediately growing somber. And then, he bowed in a very formal manner, saying with gratitude, “Mr. Leylin, I am truly grateful for the assistance the three of you provided. If it wasn’t for you, I don’t know how long it would have taken me to break through this bottleneck.” “No need to thank me. If there are thanks to be given, we three brothers should be thanking you.” Leylin said.

“Huh?” Linley was startled.

Leylin, thank him? Why thank him?

The bald man, Burgess, laughed loudly, “Haha. Linley, if it wasn’t for you and those other two Demigods, we three brothers would most likely still be within the Gebados Planar Prison.”
Linley and Bebe instantly understood.

“So it seems this Leylin truly did escape from the Gebados Planar Prison as well.” Linley secretly said to himself.

“Boss. It seems Olivier’s sword strike actually did something good.” Bebe laughed. Leylin looked at Linley. With a calm smile, he said, “Linley, right now, you have only reached the Demigod stage in the Laws of the Earth. Although you have gained mastery over the Throbbing Pulse of the World, to an expert, insights are only one factor; knowing how to apply them is what is most
Linley, also having this feeling, nodded.

Indeed, after becoming a Demigod through the Laws of the Wind, he still had to research for quite some time before developing the ‘Hymn of the Wind’.

“Bebe, it’s best if you don’t disturb Linley for now and allow him to quietly focus on sensing the ‘Throbbing Pulse of the World’. When he is able to better utilize the ‘Throbbing Pulse of the World’, he will be able to produce more powerful attacks.” Leylin looked towards Bebe and said.

“I know.” Bebe nodded repeatedly. After someone had gained an insight into the Laws, he needed to go think about how to apply them as soon as possible.

“Linley, keep training. In a while, you should be on a level comparable with my big brother.” Leylin said.

“How can that be the case?”  Linley laughed self-mockingly. “I’m only a Demigod, after all.”
“But you have two divine clones.” Leylin said with a laugh.

“This…so what if I have two?” Linley was somewhat puzzled. “The restrictive power of the Godrealm of a full God is too powerful. I can only just barely counteract part of it.”
Leylin said with a laugh, “You don’t even know this?”
“Huh?” Linley didn’t understand. “Linley, your two divine clones are currently merged within your original body. Each divine spark is capable of creating a Godrealm. Your two divine sparks are both capable of creating Godrealms. With the two Godrealms layered atop each other, the restrictive power you will be under will be much weaker.” Leylin explained.

Linley started.

Originally, when Beirut had said a Demigod was inferior to a God, that was just in one-on-one combat.

In reality, for someone like Linley, it was as though he had two divine clones that were joining forces.

“The Godrealm of two divine clones layered atop each other might not be able to completely counteract the Godrealm of a full God, but the restrictive power will be much less. At that point, you can rely on your techniques and your profound mysteries to reach a level of parity with my big brother.” Leylin said. Linley now felt a surge of excitement in his heart.

So having additional divine clones had this benefit as well.

Since Linley had to quietly train on utilizing the ‘Throbbing Pulse of the World’ for attacking techniques, he naturally would no longer spar with the bald man, Burgess. Bebe didn’t disturb Linley’s meditations either. Normally, he would spar with the white-robed man in a place that was fairly far away.

Within the mountain gorge. Linley was by himself.

“The  forbidden-level  spell,  ‘Pulsating  Guard’,  controls  the ‘pulsating  power’   which  the  earth  contains.”   Once  that forbidden-level spell was cast, it would create a seemingly translucent barrier. This was formed from the ‘pulsating power’ which the earth naturally contained.

In the past, Linley didn’t understand how this ‘pulsating power’ was created. “In the past, I believed this pulsating power isn’t the same as ordinary elemental essence, and was a new type of force. But now   it   seems…it   just   needs   to   be   transformed.”    After completely understanding the ‘Throbbing Pulse of the World’, Linley saw many things clearly. “In using the Throbbing Pulse
of the World, aside from using vibrations to attack, I should be able to use this pulsating power to attack.”
Linley stood atop the earth, the divine power in his body surging.

That strange pulsating power passed through Linley’s feet into the earth, then broadcast outwards towards the deep pool in front of him.

“BOOM!” Water erupted forth from the pool.

“This sort of attack is silent and gives no warning.”  Linley had a hint of a smile at the corner of his mouth. “If I were to train for a while longer, it should become even more powerful.” Rohault Empire. Within that secluded manor.

“Linley is actually training by himself?”  Sadista had spread his divine sense out towards Mount Copper Gong once again. Naturally, he discovered that Linley was training alone. “This Linley truly is formidable. He has reached the Demigod stage in the Laws of the Earth as well.”
Sadista’s eyes revealed a cold light.

The greater Linley’s potential was, the more Sadista wanted to kill him.

“I definitely cannot permit Linley to go to the Infernal Realm and return to the Indigo Prefecture.”  Sadista was certain on this point. “There are only two Gods at Mount Copper Gong. If Anras moves fast enough, he should be able to kill Linley in a short amount of time.”
Sadista was still fairly confident in Anras. This was because Anras trained in the Elemental Laws of Fire, famed for attack power.

“Anras…”  Sadista immediately reached out with his divine sense towards Anras.

Tonight was a dark and cloudy night. The wind was very strong.

A human figure was flying in mid-air at high speed. It was the red-robed Anras. Anras stared towards the south. “After waiting for so long, the opportunity has finally come.”  Just now, Sadista had provided him with Linley’s location and a map through his divine sense.

Anras knew exactly where Linley was.

A faint red light began to glow in the eyes of Anras. Soon, Mount Copper Gong appeared within Anras’ field of vision. Anras’ face grew still colder. He was very familiar with Mount Copper Gong’s layout. He easily sped downwards, passing through the mountain forests and drawing near the location where Linley was training in the gorge.

Within that manor formed from earth elemental essence.

“That arrogant fellow. He had been spreading his divine sense over to investigate time and time again. So he really did have nefarious intentions.” Leylin let out a calm laugh. Sadista had thought that no one would notice his repeated divine sense investigations in the area, but what he didn’t know was that Leylin had been fully aware of him.

“The person who came this time should be a subordinate.” Leylin wasn’t worried at all.

“A God. This is a chance to see how Linley’s strength has advanced. I wonder if he’ll be able to resist.” In the end, Leylin still disappeared from within his courtyard. In truth, Anras was much closer to Linley’s gorge than he had been. 
And yet…
Leylin arrived first.

In the gorge where Linley was training. Linley was absorbed in his meditations. But suddenly, he felt the ground vibrate slightly.

“Huh?” Confused, Linley stopped his training.

“What’s going on?”  Linley didn’t understand what problem had just appeared.

Only, Linley didn’t know that at the corner of the gorge, a rock had suddenly appeared. This rock was emanating a faint earthen aura. “Best to watch from here. Otherwise, if Linley were to die, then things would really get a bit tricky. Oh. That God has arrived.”

Chapter 32, Earth and Wind

Linley didn’t discover that Anras had come. Rather, he was focusing on pondering the Throbbing Pulse of the World.

“Mr. Leylin’s words were correct. The ‘Essence of the Earth’ is the profound mystery of the Laws of the Earth with great defense against material attack, while the ‘Throbbing Pulse of the World’ defends against spiritual attacks. At the same time… it not only can defend against spiritual attacks, it can also engage in spiritual attacks.”
Linley was currently pondering how to rely upon the Throbbing Pulse of the World to execute a spiritual attack.

Within that quiet, gloomy gorge, atop a distant tree, there was a human figure. It was Anras.

Anras was looking at Linley, training within the gorge. “Killing him will only require a single blow!” Although Anras knew Linley was a Demigod, Anras still decided to engage in a sneak attack, so as to kill Linley in a short amount of time. This was the order of Sadista. 
It was very quiet within the valley.

“Swish!”  Very  suddenly,  a  streak  of  red,  fiery  light  split through the air, piercing towards Linley.

Linley was shocked.

“Not good.” Linley could feel that he had already become restricted by a Godrealm.

Other Demigods, if suddenly ambushed by the Godrealm of a God and this full-strength attack, definitely wouldn’t be able to react in time.

But Linley had often sparred with Burgess, a full God. Now, in the face of Anras’ sneak attack, Linley reacted almost naturally… First of all, relying on the two divine clones within his body, he immediately created two Godrealms of his own.

At the same time, Bloodviolet instantly appeared within Linley’s hands, and in a very practiced manner, it danced out. Countless sword shadows transformed into a long violet chain, which intersected with that fiery red light. Linley himself relied on the backlash from those colliding blows to rapidly retreat.

“Bang!”   Linley  was  sent  smashing  far  away  into  the mountain walls behind the waterfall. The mountain walls cracked open, and stones came tumbling down.

“Hrm?”  Anras’  face changed. “Linley was able to block my sneak attack, just like that?”
Anras was very surprised.

“Swish!”  Anras slashed downwards in a line, moving like a bird of prey as he charged towards the hole in the mountain wall which Linley had just created. But with a ‘BOOM’ sound, at another part of the mountain wall, Linley suddenly exploded out like a bolt of lightning, landing on the empty ground of the gorge.

Azure-gold draconic scales covered Linley’s entire body, and his iron-whip-like draconic tail flashed with icy cold light as it gently swayed about. Linley’s icy, dark golden eyes stared coldly towards the mountain wall.

“Who are you?” Linley barked.

After having transformed into the Dragonblood Warrior form, Linley’s speed had risen dramatically. Even though he used his two Godrealms together, the opponent’s God-level Godrealm still put him at a disadvantage. However, by relying on the Profound Truths of Velocity and his Dragonblood Warrior form, he was still able to maintain parity with the opponent’s speed.

Linley’s loud shout didn’t just shock Anras.

At the same time… In a different part of Mount Copper Gong, where Bebe and the white-robed man were sparring, the two of them as well as the spectating Burgess were all shocked.

“Boss.” Bebe’s face changed. He immediately charged towards the gorge alongside those two Gods.

“Not good.” Anras knew that the situation was dire. “If I wait until those two Gods get here, I won’t have any chance at all!” Anras’ body was wrapped in flames, and he slashed through the skies like an arrow, charging towards Linley.

That icy, flame-wrapped spear in his hands pierced directly towards Linley.

“My most powerful attack!” Anras’ eyes glittered coldly as he stared at Linley.

Linley stood there, staring at him with those dark golden eyes, not dodging at all. 
“He’s asking to be killed.”  Anras, seeing that the opponent wasn’t dodging, couldn’t help but sneer in his heart.
Actually, when Linley came out from the mountain walls and shouted loudly, he had already controlled the divine power in his body to be transformed by the Throbbing Pulse of the World into surges of pulsating power which were spreading out from Linley’s feet. With Linley at the center, an area of a hundred meters had become the domain of that pulsating power.

“Right at this moment!” Linley’s eyes suddenly lit up!

At the same instant, dozens of surges of pulsating power emerged from within the ground, rising up from below to surround Anras at high speed. It was as though…’hands’ had suddenly appeared from the ground, snatching at Anras’ legs and covering his entire body.

Anras’ face changed dramatically. “Die!” Right at this moment, the Dragonformed Linley swept out with Bloodviolet and his adamantine heavy sword in his hands as he charged at Anras.

“BOOM!” The divine power in his body bursting forth, Anras hurriedly broke free of the restraining power of the large amount of pulsating power. However, at the same moment he broke free of that power, the distance between himself and Linley had been decreased to less than ten meters. A distance of less than ten meters, to Anras and Linley, was simply too close.

Because their speed was too fast!

How could Anras retreat? After all, Bebe and those two Gods were flying over at high speed as well.

A dazzling, cold light flashed out from his spear as he thrust it towards Linley, the tip of the spear carrying a dim surge of faint red light.

This was Anras’ most powerful attack; ‘Soul Destroyer’! 
A devilish violet light flashed, while at the same time, a pleasant flute melody could be heard. Upon hearing this melody, even Anras was slightly affected. After having trained for twenty years, Linley’s ‘Hymn of the Wind’ technique was now much more powerful than it had been in the past.

More importantly, this ‘Hymn of the Wind’ wasn’t just a flute melody; it also contained an invisible ‘sound wave attack’.

Bloodviolet clashed head on with the spear.

Those illusory sword shadows and those illusory faint red spear shadows collided at the same time.

“BOOM!”  The illusory sword shadows held on for only an instant before shattering. The faint red spear shadow had only dimmed slightly, continuing to pierce towards Linley. 
“Not good.” Linley’s face changed dramatically.

But this spiritual attack was simply too fast. There was no time!

“Terrible!”  Leylin, hidden within a distant rock nearby the gorge, was greatly shocked. Although he was fast, he wasn’t as fast as a spiritual attack.

“Die!”   Linley  bellowed  as  his  adamantine  heavy  sword landed on Anras’ body.

Although it took a while to describe, in truth, Linley had executed simultaneous attacks with Bloodviolet and the adamantine heavy sword. Anras had chosen to not dodge, but he only had a single weapon. Between Bloodviolet and the adamantine heavy sword, Anras had clearly sensed that Bloodviolet posed a higher threat. He had blocked Bloodviolet, and so naturally, the adamantine heavy sword landed on his body.

At the same moment that the dim red spear shadow pierced into Linley’s body…
A queer sort of spiritual energy that had been transformed into vibrational waves passed through the adamantine heavy sword and entered Anras’ body.

The scale-shaped, semi-translucent barrier covered Linley’s entire sea of consciousness, revealing only that single gap. The dim red spear shadow smashed against that translucent scaled barrier, then shattered immediately. Only a small amount of the dispersed red energy struck against that flaw in the barrier, attempting to break through.

However, Linley’s spiritual energy had formed into a Pulseguard Defense. 
If it had been the dim red spear shadow, perhaps Linley’s spiritual Pulseguard Defense wouldn’t have been able to hold. However, this was nothing more than the scattered remnants of that attack.

An illusory, translucent sword-shape pierced directly into Anras’ sea of consciousness.

If one magnified this illusory sword shadow ten thousand times, one might discover that this was actually countless, dense spiritual waves that formed a complete sword shape. Linley’s previously quite ordinary spiritual energy, after being transformed by the Throbbing Pulse of the World, had become extremely terrifying.

The illusory sword shadow pierced into Anras’ sea of consciousness. Anras’ spiritual energy immediately rose up, creating a defensive, blocking wall. Only, this sort of ordinary defensive wall, in the face of that illusory sword shadow formed from those countless ripples of spiritual energy, quickly collapsed. The illusory sword shadow smashed viciously against the divine spark.

“BANG!” The divine spark trembled, and in the end, the soul contained within it was dispersed.

The Omega Wave of the Throbbing Pulse of the World – Voidpulse Sword!

“Success?” Linley was overjoyed.

Originally, Linley had only utilized the Throbbing Pulse of the World to create vibrations to attack the enemy’s internal organs. Based on what he had learned from the ‘Hymn of the Wind’ and the results of months of study, Linley had already begun to understand how the Throbbing Pulse of the World could be used to execute spiritual attacks. Actually, this Voidpulse Sword of Linley’s wasn’t perfect yet. Sometimes he was successful in utilizing it, but sometimes he would fail.

Unexpectedly, this time he had succeeded. 
“Whoosh!” Suddenly, another figure suddenly appeared from within the corpse of Anras. This figure grabbed that divine spark and then quickly charged into the skies.

“This Anras had another body!” Linley’s face changed.

Linley immediately pursued.

“My God body was actually destroyed. I, an exalted God, was actually defeated by a Demigod?” Anras’ heart was filled with rage. He had two bodies, one a God-level divine fire clone, while the other was a Demigod-level divine wind clone. Anras naturally cared the most about his God-level body.

“I  definitely,  definitely  will  get  revenge!”   Anras  howled angrily in his heart, but at the same time, Anras frantically tried to flee. 
“Whooooosh.”   His  divine  sense  frantically  surged  out, blasting towards the Rohault Empire.

“Lord Sadista!”
Sadista was awaiting the good news from Anras. “Oh, Anras, you succeeded?”
“Lord Sadista, save me, save me!” Anras stuttered out. This instantly caused Sadista to be stunned. Sadista immediately spread out his own divine sense, encapsulating the entire Mount Copper Gong area with it, allowing him to clearly know the situation within.

“What?” Sadista’s face changed dramatically.

Although this took time to describe, in reality, from the moment when Linley and Anras first fought until now, there had only been two exchanges; the first was the sneak attack, while the second was the full-strength attack of both sides. These two exchanges went by very quickly. Bebe and those two Gods had yet to reach the gorge.

Anras was unlucky enough to have met with Linley, who was in possession of a damaged soul-protecting Sovereign artifact.

No matter how badly damaged a Sovereign artifact was, it was still a Sovereign artifact! Unfortunately for Anras, Linley’s Bloodviolet as well as adamantine heavy sword both contained terrifying spiritual attacks.

“Flee,  flee!”  Anras  frantically  tried  to  flee.  His  remaining body, being a wind-type Demigod body, was indeed very fast.

An enraged screech filled the air, and an enormous, illusory Godeater Rat suddenly appeared in mid-air. The Godeater Rat opened its mouth, and a bizarre force suddenly enveloped Anras, freezing him in mid-air, preventing him from moving at all. 
“Bebe?” Linley came to a halt as well, staring at the distant Bebe in astonishment.

Bebe had already transformed into the Godeater Rat form, with a length of half a meter. Only, behind Bebe’s body, there was an enormous illusory Godeater Rat that was over a hundred meters tall.

“Ahhh, noooo!” Anras felt a sense of hopelessness.

A wind-style divine spark directly emerged from within Anras’ body, transforming into a ray of light as it streaked straight towards Bebe’s mouth. Like eating a bean, Bebe swallowed the wind-style divine spark into his stomach.

Anras’ body slumped powerlessly to the ground.

Bebe scrurried over, grabbing Anras’ interspatial ring as well as that fire-style divine God spark. “Hmph, you dare act against my Boss, and you still want to flee? In your dreams!” Bebe gave Anras’ corpse two or three good kicks as well, clearly quite angry.

The bald man, Burgess, as well as the white-robed man and Linley all stared in astonishment, mouths gaping.

“This…this is the divine ability of a Godeater Rat?” Linley’s heart trembled.

Devouring someone’s divine spark?

No wonder they dared style themselves as ‘Godeater Rats’.
This was too monstrous.

“Boss.” Bebe flew over, tossing the fire-style divine God spark in his hands to Linley. “I’m not able to digest this God-level divine spark. All yours.”
“Oh.” Linley accepted the God-level divine spark. “Wait, what did you say?” Linley looked towards Bebe. “Did you just say, digest?”
Divine sparks were so hard as to be indestructible. Even divine artifacts wouldn’t be able to leave the slightest mark on them. This was why when Deities died, they would leave behind a divine spark. Not even the full-strength attack of a Highgod could shatter a divine spark. But Bebe had…
“Right. I’m only a Demigod, so I’m only able to digest Demigod-level divine sparks.” This was Bebe’s explanation.

Linley looked at Bebe, truly not knowing what to say.

Chapter 33, An Implacable Rage

“Digest a divine spark?” The bald man and the white-robed man, two full Gods, descended from the air. The bald man, Burgess, stared with eyes as round as an ox’s towards Bebe. “Divine sparks are known to be indestructibly tough, and are ten thousand times tougher than even divine artifacts!”
In the Gebados Planar Prison, when experts engaged in battle, no matter what level the battle was at, divine sparks were never destroyed. In terms of toughness, most likely even Linley’s Bloodviolet couldn’t compare to a divine spark.

“In theory, divine sparks should be utterly indestructible.” The white-robed man nodded as well.

“Yeah, divine sparks really are tough. Even though my teeth are really sharp, I’m still not able to chew through and grind them up.” Bebe rubbed his nose in resignation.

“You want to grind them up?” Even Linley, upon hearing these words, wanted to curse at Bebe. However, Bebe’s gaze held a hint of slyness within them, causing Linley to not know whether to laugh or to cry. “Bebe, you little rascal, you are growing more and more sly. I wonder where you are learning this from.”
Bebe intentionally let out a long sigh. “I’m not able to chew and grind them up with my teeth, so, all I can do is just swallow them into my tummy and digest them.”
“Digest it.”  Burgess and the other two all felt this was too inconceivable.

“Why not? I’m a divine beast, you know.” Bebe intentionally raised his head high. “In the countless planes of the multiverse, I’m only the second Godeater Rat to ever exist. There’s quite a few ‘Ba-Serpents’ and ‘Heaven Devouring Beasts’ in the other countless planes of the multiverse, you know. They aren’t nearly as rare and precious as we Godeater Rats.”
Linley laughed in his heart, “Bebe most likely heard from Lord Beirut that other planes have ‘Ba-Serpents’ and ‘Heaven Devouring Beasts’.” The Suanni Lion [Heaven Devouring Beast] and the Ba- Serpent, these two types of divine beasts, were the only ones of their kind in the Yulan Plane.

But there were far too many material planes. Dylin and Tarosse, however, had never gone to other planes. Naturally, they didn’t know anything about how many divine beasts the other planes possessed.

“Linley, Bebe, let’s go. Go to our place for a while. Third Brother is waiting for you.” The white-robed man smiled.

“Mr. Leylin?”
Since that mysterious Mr. Leylin had invited him, Linley and Bebe wouldn’t decline, of course. They immediately followed Burgess and the white-robed man and flew back to the earth elemental manor.

In the gorge where Linley had been training. 
That rock in the corner of the gorge suddenly disappeared, transforming into Leylin, dressed in a dark red robe. Leylin looked towards the east, his eyes seeming to pierce through the walls of reality, a smile at the corner of his lips. “Hmph. It seems that Highgod hasn’t gone crazy yet. He didn’t immediately come to get revenge.”
“But Linley’s rate of improvement has still exceeded my expectations.”   Leylin  let  out  a  praising  sigh.  “That  violet longsword of his should be a Highgod artifact. The baleful aura it contains is so strong. Who knows how many experts have died beneath that sword.”
“However, it’s still best to not be overconfident.”
Leylin frowned. “If that Highgod were to suddenly attack… the difference between Linley and a Highgod is simply too great. Even if I wanted to rescue him, I wouldn’t have the time to. It’s best to make preparations early!” Leylin was capable of easily detecting Anras’ arrival to Mount Copper Gong.

But if it was Sadista, especially if Sadista hid his aura, unless Leylin were to actively utilize his divine sense to search, or to search using some other abilities, he wouldn’t be able to quickly detect Sadista’s presence.

“It seems we need to be careful for a while.” Leylin chuckled, and then, as the earth elemental essence around him shuddered slightly, Leylin disappeared into thin air.

As Linley and the others flew towards this manor which was completely formed from earth elemental essence, Leylin had already arrived within it.

By the time Linley and the others landed in the manor, they saw Leylin seated while leisurely sipping wine.

“Third Brother, Linley and Bebe have come. What do you need them for?” The bald man, Burgess, said loudly. 
Leylin put down his cup of wine, smiling as he looked at Linley and Bebe. “The two of you, sit.”
Linley’s heart was filled with questions. “What does Leylin want with us?”
“In the upcoming period of time, it’s best for you to live within this manor. If you need to train, Linley, then you can train  within  the  courtyard.”  Leylin  bluntly  proclaimed  his intentions.

Linley and Bebe couldn’t help but feel somewhat astonished.

“Mr.  Leylin,  live  at  your  place?”   Linley  was  somewhat puzzled.

Leylin  laughed  loudly.  “What?  Can  it  be  that  there’s something wrong with my place? Or is it that you are afraid that you will damage my residence? Don’t worry. The walls of my residence aren’t that flimsy. Even if you cause some damage to it, I can easily repair it.”
“That’s not what I meant.” Linley hurriedly said. “But since you have asked us to stay, Mr. Leylin, then Bebe and I will bother you with our presence for a time.”
Towards this Lord of Mount Copper Gong, Leylin, Linley and Bebe both felt some reverence. First of all, the person was powerful. Second of all, he truly had treated the two of them quite well.

After all, based on what that Sati said, normally, whenever Leylin gave someone advice, they wouldn’t give that person advice a second time within ten years.

“Linley, I watched quite clearly as you did battle with that God just now. For you to be able to develop a spiritual attack with the ‘Throbbing Pulse of the World’ in such a short period of time truly is quite impressive.” Leylin said in praise. “Actually, I haven’t fully mastered this attack yet.” Linley felt he was very lucky as well. “At that dangerous moment, I was out of options, and thus I simultaneously used Bloodviolet and the adamantine heavy sword. Luckily for me, the attack of my adamantine heavy sword succeeded. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have been able to kill that God.”
Leylin  nodded,  and  then  said  seriously,  “Linley,  there  is something I must warn you about.”
“Mr. Leylin, pray tell.” Linley immediately focused.

Leylin  nodded.  “Linley,  to  be  honest,  when  you  use Bloodviolet in a spiritual attack, the power is too low. All you are doing is applying spiritual energy in a simple manner, passing it through Bloodviolet and using it to attack the opponent’s soul. The only good aspect to this attack is that you included the Profound Mysteries of Music into it.”
“I urge you, at a critical moment when dealing with a powerful foe, don’t use this sort of attack. In terms of spiritual attack power, this attack is far inferior to you using that attack of the ‘Throbbing Pulse of the World’. The difference is too great.”
“The strength is rather low.” Linley knew this very well.

The Hymn of the Wind, although a spiritual attack, was in truth not connected to any deep understanding of any Laws. It just filled Bloodviolet with spiritual energy and utilized Bloodviolet to release that attack.

That was it.

When the ‘Hymn of the Wind’ technique struck the ‘Soul Destroyer’ technique, the illusory Bloodviolet shadows created by the ‘Hymn of the Wind’ were instantly eradicated. Its strength was far inferior.

When Linley had developed the Throbbing Pulse of the World – Voidwave Sword, he discovered that a spiritual attack which contained profound mysteries within it could reach an astonishingly terrifying height. 
It can be said that the ‘Hymn of the Wind’ was nothing but a ‘hammer’ created from spiritual energy that pierced through the opponent’s soul.

However, the Throbbing Pulse of the World – Voidwave Sword caused his spiritual energy to pass through the ‘Throbbing Pulse of the World’ principles and instantly release millions of surges of spiritual ripples. The countless spiritual ripples miraculously then formed in an organized manner into a comprehensive whole, that illusory sword shadow! The illusory sword shadow, upon striking the soul, would release those countless surges of sword ripples. Reinforcing each other, the power of those countless sword ripples would suddenly layer atop each other, reaching an extreme!

It was much like ordinary white paper. Even you folded it up into a stick, if you used a lot of force, you would still break it. However, if you were to chop the paper into hundreds of strips, and then braid those strips into a cohesive whole, then its endurance would be a hundred times greater and would be able to sustain a weight of even hundreds of kilograms. The effectiveness of the ‘braiding’ of the Profound Mysteries of the Throbbing Pulse of the World was hundreds of times greater than simple braiding.

“The Hymn of the Wind spiritual attack is a rather low level one. Only after fusing with the profound mysteries of the Laws will one’s attack power increase.” Linley understood this.

Leylin laughed, “If you had used your adamantine heavy sword to strike that God’s spear, then your spiritual attacks would most likely have cancelled out! His spiritual attack’s power is on par with yours.”
Leylin, given his experience and judgment, was easily able to make this determination.

“Oh?” Linley thought back to that faint red spear shadow as well. That spear shadow was indeed quite powerful. “If I didn’t have that damaged soul-protecting Sovereign artifact, I most likely wouldn’t have been able to take a soul attack on that level.” “Linley, there’s something I’m mystified about.”
Leylin  frowned  as  he  looked  at  Linley.  “That  dying  blow spiritual attack the God released…the soul of even most Gods wouldn’t have been able to take it, much less yours. How is it that you seem to be completely unaffected?”
This question had stumped Leylin for quite a while.

“This…” Linley didn’t know what to say.

Could it be that he would tell Leylin that he had a damaged soul-protecting Sovereign artifact? A Sovereign artifact, even a damaged one, was more than enough to cause a Highgod to become red-eyed with desire.

“Haha, I’m being rude.”  Leylin laughed loudly. “I shouldn’t ask a question like this. Linley, just live nearby for now. If you have any training questions, you can ask me.” “Alright.” Linley nodded.

“You need to master the spiritual attack aspects of the Throbbing  Pulse  of  the  World  as  soon  as  possible,”  Leylin laughed.

Linley and Bebe thus began living within the manor and quietly training within. Occasionally, when puzzled, Leylin would use some examples to help explain to Linley. Sometimes, Linley would suddenly understand. If he didn’t understand, then Leylin would have Linley to slowly think about it on his own.

All Leylin could do with regards to training was occasionally give some guidance.

Linley’s training days were very happy and peaceful, but in the Rohault Empire, that Highgod, Sadista, had been in a terrible mood in recent days.

Within the courtyard, Sadista was currently dining with his two Gods. Only, Sadista’s face was very gloomy, and the two Gods didn’t dare to make any sound.

Sadista slammed the crystal wineglass onto the table, then rose and walked out of the living room. Because Sadista had used a little too much force, the crystal wineglass actually shattered.

The two Gods glanced at each other.

“Danny  [Dan’ni],  ever  since  Anras  died,  during  this  past month, Lord Sadista has been in a terrible mood. How should we resolve this?” The middle-aged man with short silver hair said.

They were frustrated as well.

If Sadista was always in such a gloomy, dark mood, their lives wouldn’t be comfortable either. They would be in the Yulan Plane for nearly a thousand years, after all. If they had to spend a thousand years in nervousness, that would indeed be quite miserable.

“Right. This has to be resolved. I’ll go discuss this matter with Uncle.” That youngster, Danny, said. Danny was Sadista’s nephew. Thus, it fell upon him to deal with this.

Sadista was wearing a noble, lavish violet robe. Standing in the beautiful flower gardens, he was in a very bad mood, despite how beautiful the flowers were.

“This Linley is a mere Demigod. In order to kill him, Anras died! And right now, I still can’t go act against him!” Sadista’s heart was filled with repressed anger.

He was indeed capable of killing Linley, and perhaps Beirut wouldn’t find out.

But if Beirut did find out, then he, Sadista, wouldn’t be able to enter the Necropolis of the Gods. 
“The Necropolis of the Gods matters more!” Sadista kept on reminding himself. For the sake of the Necropolis of the Gods, he had to choose to remain in hiding and not go deal with Linley. But he still felt angry and resentful. After all, Linley was only a Demigod. How could Sadista not vent this anger in his heart?

Smoldering rage!

“Uncle.” A sound rang out.

Sadista glanced over. Calmly, he said, “Oh, Danny. What is it?”
“Uncle, in the past month, I’ve seen that you are always in a bad mood. Anras is dead and gone. In addition, he was only a God. There’s no need to care so much about it.” Danny said.

Sadista snorted but didn’t say anything. 
He didn’t care about a God. What made him miserable was that he had suffered a setback, but could only endure instead of venting his anger. If he had been angered by an expert, that was one thing. But in this case, he had been angered by a Demigod.

How could he calm down?

He wanted to go kill him, but what if Beirut found out? What then?

Smoldering, suppressed rage!

Chapter 34, Darkness and Flame

Danny, seeing Sadista snort without saying anything, intentionally  asked  in  a  mystified  manner,  “Uncle,  there’s something I don’t understand. You told us that Anras failed in his attempt to kill Linley and died. But how did Anras die? I refuse to believe that Linley was able to kill Anras.”
Sadista started slightly.

Who killed Anras?

Sadista himself wasn’t certain. After all, Sadista couldn’t constantly be checking with his divine sense and watching everything. He had only found out about Anras’ failure when Anras notified him using his Demigod-level divine clone. Sadista didn’t know the details of Anras’ death when he was with Linley.

“Anras had two bodies. The wind-style Demigod body was killed by that Godeater Rat.” Sadista said. He was very certain about this. “As for his divine God clone…” “Could it be that Linley killed him?” Danny asked.

“Of course not.” Sadista snorted as he spoke. “Although Linley managed to reach the Deity level in the earth-style recently, he is still just a Demigod. Even if his two divine clones joined forces and were able to greatly reduce the binding effect of the Godrealm, you, Danny, should know that Anras was a powerful God!”
Danny nodded. “Even I can’t take Anras’ spiritual attack.”
“Of the six profound mysteries of the Elemental Laws of Fire, the profound mysteries involving spiritual attacks are amongst the  most  powerful.”   Sadista  said  solemnly.  “Once  Anras utilized his spiritual attack, Linley would definitely die.”
However, no matter how formidable Sadista was, there was no way he could have suspected… That Linley would actually be in possession of a damaged soul-protecting Sovereign artifact.

“Thus, it should have been those two Gods in that manor who  acted.”   Sadista,  although  not  certain  of  the  exact circumstances, was certain about this determination. “This is the only explanation for why Linley didn’t die.”
Danny said in a puzzled manner. “Did any of those two Deities in the mountain range die?”  As Danny saw it, given Anras’ spiritual attack power, even if those two Gods attacked him in unison, Anras should have been able to take one of them with him in death!

“Not a single one died.”  Sadista laughed coldly. “Those two Gods should be very powerful. My divine sense located a manor formed from earth elemental essence within that mountain. Just from looking at the manor, I can tell that this God should have fused two types of profound mysteries together.” Even after reaching the level of complete mastery in the Profound Mysteries of the Essence of the Earth, it was impossible to create an eternal manor like this one.

“No wonder they were able to kill Anras without either of them dying.” Danny sighed.

But then, Danny had a thought and he said to Sadista, “Uncle, I know that you are in a bad mood. Since that’s the case, why don’t you go kill those two Gods? You’ll be able to get revenge for Anras, but more importantly, you’ll be able to vent your anger.”
Sadista was intrigued.

The repressed anger in his heart did indeed need to be vented. “But that Linley and Bebe are both there.” Sadista frowned.

“Uncle, what are you worried about? As long as you don’t act against Linley, then you have nothing to worry about! Uncle, since you aren’t acting against Linley, I trust Lord Beirut won’t blame you either. There would be no excuse for him to cause trouble for you.” Danny explained.

“Not act against Linley?” Sadista frowned. Deep in his heart, he truly wanted to kill Linley.

Danny laughed, “Uncle, I also am aware that once Linley returns to the ‘Indigo Prefecture’ in the Infernal Realm, he will most likely become a great threat to our clan. But Uncle, we don’t necessarily have to kill Linley in the Yulan Plane! Once Linley reaches the Infernal Realm, we can make our move then. The Infernal Realm is so vast and enormous, while Linley is completely unfamiliar with that area. Wouldn’t it be extremely simple for us to deal with him then?”
“Ha, haha…” Sadista began to laugh. Sadista laughed as he looked at Danny. “Danny, I was pushing myself into a corner just now. Right. The Infernal Realm is limitless and vast. Linley won’t find it so easy to make his way to the Indigo Prefecture. We are completely capable of acting against him in the Infernal Realm.” Staring towards the west, Sadista felt a surge of joy.

“Let’s go kill those two Gods!” Sadista deeply detested those two Gods.

“Uncle, when you see Linley, you can even greet him in a warm, friendly manner.” Danny laughed. “After all, you aren’t going to kill him here in the Yulan Plane, so what have you to fear? As for killing him in the Infernal Realm, how could that Beirut know about everything which is happening in the Infernal Realm? Not even a Sovereign could do that!”
Sadista’s smile became even more brilliant.

“Haha,   well   spoken.”    Sadista   slapped   Danny   on   the shoulders. “In the Yulan Plane, I can even make friends with Linley. After all, I can wait until we are in the Infernal Realm before making my move!” “I’ve  been  suppressing  my  anger  for  over  a  month  now.” Sadista stared towards the west. “Hmph. I’m going to go kill those two detestable fellows right now. On the way, I’ll go make friends with Linley.”  As he spoke, Sadista immediately flew into the air.

“I’m going to go make friends with Linley and Bebe.” Sadista felt unspeakably amused.

Sadista’s body transformed into emptiness, and his body completely disappeared from the area.

“Supposedly,   Uncle   has   already   fused   three   profound mysteries of the Laws of Darkness. I wonder how long it will be before I reach that stage.” Standing there in the garden, Danny let out a long sigh. It was hard to fuse even two profound mysteries of a Law.

As for fusing three, the difficulty was dozens of times greater. There were very few Highgods who were at that stage.

The mountain range of Mount Copper Gong. Within the elemental manor.

“Linley,  although  the  aura  of  your  Bloodviolet  sword  can affect an opponent, there’s no need for you to force yourself to use it for soul attacks.”  Leylin explained to Linley. “A truly powerful attack brings forth the profound mysteries of the Laws through the divine artifacts being wielded.”
“You are completely capable of utilizing the Profound Truths of Velocity, the Profound Mysteries of Music, and the Profound Mysteries of Sound Waves through your Bloodviolet.”  Leylin laughed. “Although these are physical attacks, there isn’t much of a difference between physical attacks and soul attacks. When your sword physically chops down through the opponent’s skull, it will still slam onto their divine spark and kill them, right?”
Linley nodded as though he had gained some insight. “Remember.  Use  the  profound  mysteries  that  you  have learned as the basis for your attacks. That’s all you need to do. There’s no need to be influenced too much by your choice of weapons!”   Leylin  said.  “Look.  Although  your  adamantine heavy sword is just a low-level divine artifact, the power of
your ‘Voidwave Sword’ was far greater than that of Bloodviolet’s.”
Linley laughed.

“Leylin…”  Just as Linley was about to speak, he saw that Leylin was frowning. “I didn’t expect he would actually come.”
Leylin’s body moved, disappearing from within the Elemental Manner.

“What just happened?” Linley didn’t understand.

Actually, ever since Anras had launched his sneak attack, Leylin had covered the entire Mount Copper Gong area with a spiderweb-like web of ‘Gravitational Fields’. ‘Gravitational Field’ was also one of the extremely miraculous profound mysteries of the Laws of the Earth, and was a very high level one as well.

Within his ‘Gravitational Field’, Leylin could instantly increase the strength of the local gravity by ten thousand times.

But Leylin didn’t do this. All he had done was to cover the entire Mount Copper Gong with his ‘Gravitational Field’, not actually changing the strength of the gravity. Because the boundless earth contained gravity to begin with, although Leylin set up his Gravitational Field, Sadista didn’t notice it when flying over, thinking that the gravity here was just the natural gravity of the earth.

But as soon as Sadista entered the range of Mount Copper Gong, Leylin naturally discovered his presence.

Right now, halfway up the quiet mountainside of Mount Copper Gong, the white-robed man was currently sparring with Bebe. Their two shadows flashed continuously, striking against each other, each time creating a metallic ‘clang’ sound as they did. 
The bald man, Burgess, watched and laughed from the side. “Second Brother, you are a full God, and yet you actually have spent this much time without being able to defeat Bebe. You really are making yourself look bad, you know.”
“I’m only using a single profound mystery, ‘Lightspeed’. If I were to use two profound mysteries, I would have won long ago. In addition, that dagger of Bebe’s really is quite bizarre. Not even my body dares to take it head on.” The white-robed man cried out in protest at Burgess’ words during the sparring match, but Bebe was indeed very powerful.

Especially that dagger-shaped weapon of his.

“You  are  a  full  God.  Stop  looking  for  excuses.”   Burgess laughed loudly.

“Bang!” Bebe was sent flying. “Again,” Bebe said, gritting his teeth and saying in an insubordinate manner. But then, Bebe’s face suddenly changed slightly, and the smiles on the faces of Burgess and his friend changed as well.

Quite bizarrely, the sunlight here at the halfway point up the mountain had suddenly disappeared. Other areas still had sunlight, but in the area Bebe was in, the entire area was cast into a bizarre darkness.

A violet form suddenly appeared from within the darkness. It was Sadista.

“Who are you?” Burgess barked.

Sadista’s gaze rested on Bebe’s body. Smiling, he said, “Oh, it’s Bebe. Bebe, I have a bit of a relationship with your Grandpa Beirut, but I have a bit of a grudge against these two. You can stand off to one side for now.” Sadista’s attitude was quite pleasant. Bebe couldn’t help but be stunned. “Who is this guy?” Bebe didn’t know Sadista at all.

Sadista turned to stare at Burgess and his friend. Laughing coldly, he said, “The two of you, prepare to die.” As he spoke, Sadista raised up a single hand….

“You want to kill my brothers? You really are quite bold.” A clear, cold voice rang out, and Leylin, dressed in a dark red robe, walked out, a hint of anger evident in his eyes, beneath those crimson eyebrows.

Seeing this person, Sadista couldn’t help but feel greatly shocked. “How could there be someone else here?”  Based on what his divine sense had told him, Mount Copper Gong only had four people present; Linley, Bebe, and these two Gods. This person in front of him shouldn’t be here.

Leylin looked coldly at Sadista.

“Step back for now.” Leylin said calmly. 
Bebe and the other two immediately flew to one side. At this time, Linley flew over here from afar as well, staring in surprise at the scene. He only was able to see Leylin and Sadista. Every other place was a sea of dark nothingness.

“Who is this person?” Linley asked, puzzled.

“No idea.”  Burgess said. “Only, he wants to kill us. He also said that he has a bit of a relationship with Lord Beirut.”
Linley looked towards Bebe, who shook his head. “I don’t recognize this person.”
From halfway up the mountain came Leylin’s angry laugh. “Haha, you want to leave after just saying, ‘perhaps this was a case of mistaken identity’? How laughable. If I hadn’t arrived just now, wouldn’t my brothers have been killed by you? Nobody who wants to kill my brothers has ever survived!” Sadista’s angry voice rang out as well. “I gave you face, but you are still so arrogant. Haha…fine. Since that’s the case, then today, I’m not only going to kill your brothers, I’m going to kill you as well. Let’s see what you are going to do about that!”
“Boom!” With Sadista at the center, the nearby space began to distort, with the distortions expanding in each direction. The entire nearby mountain peak actually was transformed into fine powder, with the surrounding trees, grass, and even the sunlight being devoured by the distorted space surrounding Sadista. Because the light was being devoured, this distorted space appeared to be completely black.

The space was rapidly expanding.

Sadista stood there at the center of this distorted space.

Linley felt astonished. “What power is this?” Burgess and the white-robed man were similarly astonished.

“You are asking to be killed.” Sadista stared coldly at Leylin. 
Leylin let out a cold chuckle. “I didn’t expect you to have some skill after all.”
“Hrmph!” Sadista let out a cold snort. That ‘black distorted space’ that was already hundreds of meters wide suddenly condensed at high speed, transforming into an enormous black wolf that was seven or eight meters tall which completely surrounded Sadista’s body.

“Groooooooowl.” Sadista’s body suddenly disappeared, merging into one with that black wolf.

The black wolf, bellowing, instantly reached Leylin. It opened its maw wide, as though wanting to devour Leylin within it. In the space in front of this bloody maw, space was constantly collapsing then reforming.

“Crackle…” Suddenly, a terrifying heat arose out of nowhere. Leylin disintegrated, transforming into a ray of flaming light. This ray of flaming light ‘swished’ straight through the body of the black wolf, and then once more reformed into a human shape with Leylin’s appearance.

As for the black wolf, its entire body began to shake with ripples…
The wolf’s body broke apart, transforming into two bodies.
Sadista’s two bodies both fell down from mid-air.

“Darkness and wind. What am I supposed to do with these two  Highgod  sparks?”   Leylin  glanced  at  the  two  Highgod sparks in his hands. In but an instant, Leylin had destroyed both of Sadista’s divine clones. Their power simply wasn’t even close to being on the same level.

Linley and Bebe both stared in astonishment, slack-jawed. “That  guy…died?” Linley  could  hardly  believe  it.  That powerful Highgod had instantly been destroyed?

Chapter 35, Paying Respect

“An arrogant fellow who had no idea of how high the heavens are, or how vast the earth is!”
Leylin lowered his head to glance at Sadista’s two corpses. With a flip of his hand, two beautiful tongues of flame licked out like flower petals, gently drifting downwards. Once they touched those two corpses, the corpses absorbed the flame like a sponge absorbing water.

“Crackle…”    In   mere   seconds,   the   two   bodies   were transformed into dust, while the interspatial ring flew into Leylin’s hands.

“This comes from the Infernal Realm. It should have some nice surprises within it for me.’ Leylin stored away the interspatial ring.

Leylin knew very well that the Infernal Realm was one of the Four Higher Realms. Countless Deities were clustered together within the Infernal Realm. This was one of the Four Higher Planes, the four most bustling, populated of the countless planes of the multiverse. The Gebados Planar Prison, in comparison, was like an impoverished desert wasteland.

Although he, Leylin, was more powerful than Sadista, in terms of treasures and wealth, he most likely couldn’t compare to Sadista, who came from the Infernal Realm.

The treasures of the Necropolis of the Gods was enough to make countless experts turn red-eyed with greed, and was enough to cause some of the powerful clans in even a Higher Plane like the Infernal Realm to scheme.

Sadista had been sent by his clan to the Yulan Plane to fight for treasures. From this, one could imagine that Sadista was a well-respected figure within his clan, and even amongst Highgods was fairly powerful.

He had two mighty Highgod clones of darkness and wind! In addition, in the Laws of Darkness, he had fused three profound mysteries. 
Such power could only be described as mighty.

But in front of the Lord of Mount Copper Gong, Leylin, Sadista’s two mighty divine clones were instantly killed in a single exchange of blows. Thus had he fallen, forever disappearing from the world.

Only, when Sadista executed his ultimate attack, causing the nearby space to distort and collapse, he had done so because he had sensed that this ‘Leylin’ was no ordinary opponent. Thus, he had used his full strength without hiding anything, and by doing so, attracted attention and fear from the many experts throughout the entire Yulan continent.

“What a powerful aura!”
Many Gods hidden throughout the Yulan continent felt their hearts shudder as they sensed the energy waves coming from the west. “Who is it?” Within the imperial palace of the Yulan Empire, the face of the graceful, elegant brown-haired youth changed slightly as he looked towards the west. “Such a powerful aura and such vibrations in space. These energy waves are too powerful. It should be a Highgod-level expert.”
This brown-haired youth was the God who had taken over the Yulan Empire, Oerph.

Oerph was a fairly powerful figure amongst the Gods of the Gebados Planar Prison.

“Could it be that Highgods are engaging in a battle?” Oerph was rather puzzled. “But in the Yulan Plane, aside from Lord Beirut, the only Highgod present is Lord Adkins. Lord Adkins wouldn’t be foolish enough to go engage in a great battle against Lord Beirut, would he?”
Up till now, Oerph had no idea of the presence of ‘Sadista’ and ‘Leylin’. Oerph’s eyes narrowed and his heart grew nervous. “It seems that the Highgods within the Yulan continent aren’t just Lord Beirut and Lord Adkins. There are others as well.” Oerph was now rather hesitant and uncertain.

There were now several Highgods within the Yulan continent.

Even if he, Oerph, was able to enter the Necropolis of the Gods, how many treasures would he be able to get?

Within the O’Brien Empire. Adkins had been enjoying watching the dance of the palace ladies. His face suddenly changed slightly as he looked towards the west.

“Highgod!” Not hesitating at all, Adkins immediately sent out his divine sense surging out like a wave towards the west, instantly covering the entire area west of the Mountain Range of Magical Beasts, including Mount Copper Gong. Adkins’ investigation caused him to let out a shocked breath. “How could there not be a single Highgod present?”
But Adkins did discover that demolished mountain peak and the grass and trees.

“Devoured? A Highgod who trains in the Laws of Darkness!” Just from the aura of that battlefield, Adkins could come to this conclusion.

“That energy wave just now should have come from two Highgods doing battle. Otherwise, how could a Highgod be so bored as to so wildly blast out his power? Or, perhaps, this has to do with that Highgod in the Rohault Empire.”  Adkins felt puzzled.

This event couldn’t help but make him think of Sadista. After Sadista had arrived at the Yulan Plane, Adkins discovered his existence one day when spreading out his divine sense. From that day afterwards, he paid rather close attention to Sadista.

In terms of power, Adkins wasn’t any weaker than Sadista.

Adkins immediately spread out his divine sense further, also covering  the  Rohault  Empire  with  it.  “The  aura  of  that Highgod in the Rohault Empire has vanished?” Adkins spread his divine across the entire Yulan continent, but aside from Beirut’s metallic castle, “Nothing. He isn’t in the Yulan continent.”
“What just happened, exactly?” Adkins frowned.

“Can it be that the Highgod of the Rohault Empire died?” Adkins heart shuddered. Although Adkins wasn’t afraid of Sadista, Adkins still had the feeling that Sadista wasn’t someone to be taken lightly. An expert such as him had actually vanished. “Mount Copper Gong only has four people present. One is Linley and the Godeater Rat, while the other two are Gods. Those two Gods…should be people who resided within the Ruler’s Estate of Bluefire City. I remember them.” Adkins began to ponder the question.

Adkins wasn’t surprised upon discovering Leylin’s two brothers.

After all, as soon as that tunnel had opened, everyone had frantically scurried towards it. It was normal for even people who had belonged to the Ruler’s Estate to flee to the Yulan Plane.

“I keep on having this feeling that something’s not right.” Adkins frowned.

“Lord Adkins.” The nearby Barnas said softly.

Adkins turned to look at Barnas. Coming to a decision, he said “Barnas, come make a trip with me to the west.” “To the west?” Barnas was somewhat surprised.

“Just  come.”  Adkins  rose  from  his  seat,  then  said  to  the group of palace ladies dancing gracefully in front of him, “All of you can go for now.” Adkins said calmly, and then he and Barnas transformed into an illusory streak which shot towards the western horizons.

Mount Copper Gong. Everyone was flying towards the elemental manor.

“Mr. Leylin, was that expert actually a God?” Bebe looked towards Leylin in astonishment.

Leylin, dressed in that dark golden robe, his long hair flowing freely, showed a hint of amusement in the eyes beneath his crimson eyebrows. “No, that was a Highgod.” Leylin looked at Bebe in surprise. “Bebe, didn’t I say just now that these two divine sparks were both divine Highgod sparks?” “Yes, you did, but if that person had two Highgod clones, why is it that he died in just a flash?” Bebe didn’t dare believe it.

“Haha, although it might be incredible for others to accomplish this, it isn’t strange at all for Third Brother to have been able to accomplish this.” The bald man, Burgess, said with a loud laugh.

The white robed man also said, “Not only was that man a Highgod, he was a fairly powerful Highgod. Unfortunately, he actually wanted to fight against Third Brother.”
“Enough.” Listening to his two brothers brag, Leylin couldn’t help but stop them.

Linley gave this ‘Leylin’ a serious glance. Just now, when Sadista had caused the surrounding space to distort and devoured everything around him, Linley had the feeling that Sadista was completely undefeatable. He was certain…that if this Sadista had wanted to attacked him, he probably would have been able to easily draw Linley into that distorted space. 
He was too powerful.

He was ten times, no, a hundred times more powerful than the likes of Gods like Anras! But an expert as powerful as Sadista had died, just in an instant.

“The power of this Leylin should belong to the very topmost tier, even amongst Highgods.”  Linley murmured to himself. “Perhaps he is an expert on the same level as Lord Beirut.” In his heart, Linley had already unconsciously put Leylin and Beirut on the same tier.

“Linley.” Leylin suddenly looked towards him.”
“Mr. Leylin.” Linley listened carefully.

Leylin laughed, “Actually, this Highgod has a bit of a connection to you, Linley.” “What?” Linley was somewhat surprised. “Has a connection to me? But I don’t know him at all.”
Leyln shook his head and said, “Linley, last time, didn’t that God come to Mount Copper Gong and attack you? Based on what I know, that God was this person’s subordinate.”  Leylin was fully aware of many things regarding Sadista.

“He’s the one who wanted to kill my Boss?”  Bebe was both angry and surprised.

He still remembered the friendly greeting Sadista had given him.

“I’m certain.” Leylin nodded seriously. “And this person isn’t from the Gebados Planar Prison. He is from the Infernal Realm, one of the Higher Planes.”
“He came from the Infernal Realm? Then why did he want to kill me?” Linley couldn’t understand. “I have no enmity with him.” Leylin laughed loudly. “I’m not certain about why he wants to kill you. If you have some time, go ask Beirut. Perhaps Beirut would know. But of course, if he doesn’t know, you’ll have to go investigate for yourself.”
Linley nodded slightly.

“Came from the Infernal Realm? Wants to kill me? But the only people connected to me in the Infernal Realm are my ancestors.” Linley suddenly had a hint of an idea. “Could it be that it has to do with the ancestors of my Dragonblood Warrior clan?” Although he had this thought, Linley wasn’t very familiar with the ‘Infernal Realm’ of the Higher Planes, after all.

“Oh, guests are coming.” Leylin raised his head and glanced towards the northeast skies.

Dressed in a gaudy golden robe, a handsome youth descended upon Mount Copper Gong, a silver-haired old man by his side. Adkins stood on the earlier battlefield, a large chunk of the surrounding space here having vanished. The nearby Barnas said, “Lord Adkins, I sense an extremely powerful darkness aura here.”
“Not just darkness aura. There’s also an extremely faint aura of fire.” Adkins’ face was extremely grave. “If my prediction is correct, that Highgod of the Rohault Empire is already dead, and the person who killed him trains in the Elemental Laws of Fire!”

“Fire?” Barnas was suddenly shocked.

“Right, fire!” Adkins’ face was extremely grave.

The two exchange glances, knowing what the other was thinking. Shaking his head, Adkins said, “Let’s go pay a visit. No matter who it is, we at least have to get a clear understanding as to his identity.”  As Adkins spoke, he flew straight towards the elemental manor. Adkins and Barnas didn’t fly directly into the manor. They landed outside of it, and then, quite politely, knocked on the door.

“I hope it isn’t him.” Adkins murmured in his heart.

“Creaaaak.” The door swung open, revealing the bald man’s figure.

The bald man, Burgess, saw Adkins. A smile immediately covered his face. “So it is Mr. Adkins. Long time no see. Please, come in.” Adkins smiled slightly, and then led Barnas into the elemental mansion.

Within the elemental mansion.

Linley and the others were all seated. When Adkins and Barnas entered the courtyard, Linley and Bebe were greatly shocked. “Why is he here?” Linley, upon seeing Barnas, was instantly shocked.

When Ojwin and the others had attacked Dragonblood Castle, they had been under the leadership of Barnas. Afterwards, Hart and Harvey, the two brothers, had joined forces, destroying one of Barnas’ clones and forcing them to flee.

“In front of Barnas, even Ojwin and the others were behaving respectfully. But he is now standing respectfully behind this youth. Can it be that this seemingly handsome youth  is  the  legendary  Highgod,  Adkins?”   Linley  secretly guessed.

As soon as the handsome youngster stepped into the courtyard, his gaze first swept past Linley and Bebe, then landed upon the Lord of Mount Copper Gong, Leylin. Instantly, the handsome youth’s eyes became filled with shock. He immediately knelt down on one knee and said with great courtesy while bowing, “Adkins pays his respects to the Lord of the City!”

Chapter 36, Secret

Linley’s heart shook as he remembered what Muba had originally told him…
“Linley, the Lord of Bluefire City is one of the five Kings, Lord Bluefire! Lord Bluefire is very secretive. Not only is he extremely powerful, he almost never shows himself. It’s uncertain as to whether or not he is even residing within Bluefire City. Within Bluefire City, the person whose fame and authority is only second to Lord Bluefire would be Lord Adkins.”
Linley looked towards the nearby Leylin.

“He…he  is  actually  one  of  the  five  Kings  of  the  Gebados Planar Prison, Bluefire?”
It was hard to say exactly how long the Gebados Planar Prison had existed for. Within it, the number of Deities was absolutely numberless. However, there were five people who stood at its peak and were acclaimed respectfully as its ‘Kings’. To be titled a ‘King’ in a planar prison…anyone with a hint of common sense would understand how powerful such a person must be.

“Adkins, rise. We have both left Gebados, and I am no longer the Lord of Bluefire City. There’s no need for you to refer to me as Lord of the City anymore.” Leylin said with a calm laugh.

Adkins  rose  respectfully,  and  said,  “Yes,  but  the  respect which Adkins feels for you, Lord Bluefire, will never change.” Meanwhile, Barnas just stood off to one side respectfully. The fame of ‘Bluefire’ was simply too astonishing and overawing.

The five Kings were invincible individuals!

“You…you   are   Bluefire?”    Bebe   looked   at   Leylin   in astonishment.

“What, do I not look the part?” Leylin’s crimson eyebrows lifted up, and he laughed towards Bebe. Bebe muttered, “That’s not it. Only, I heard the Boss say that Bluefire is one of the five Kings of the Gebados Planar Prison. Since he’s so powerful, I figured his subordinates should be Highgods. Also…I thought that Bluefire was his name.”
Leylin began to laugh heartily. “Why would I, Bluefire, necessarily have to have Highgods for my subordinates? Is that the only way I would be able to demonstrate my status?”
Adkins, off to the side, laughed as well and said respectfully, “Why would Lord Bluefire need any subordinates? Even if a group of Highgods came, in front of Lord Bluefire, they wouldn’t be much.” This was no joking matter. All five of the Kings of the Gebados Planar Prison had won that title through proving their strength in slaughter.

Amongst the five Kings, Lord Bluefire had actually trained for the shortest period of time.

He was also the most dazzling, eye-catching figure! 
Bluefire, also known as ‘Zacharias Leylin’, rose to sudden prominence within the Planar Prison, winning every battle he fought. Even powerful Highgods, before Bluefire, had to bow and submit themselves. To this day, there has been no one capable of withstanding Lord Bluefire’s attack.

“Bluefire is nothing more than a nickname.” Leylin laughed calmly.

But Adkins said, “The name ‘Bluefire’ is a name which, due to the countless slaughters his lordship engaged in, the countless experts of the entire Gebados Planar Prison acknowledge and submit to. Who in Gebados hasn’t heard of that battle by the Blue River?”
Leylin simply chuckled.

No matter how arrogant Adkins was, in the face of Leylin, he had to abase himself. This was nothing more than reality! Adkins, facing Leylin, didn’t have even the slightest thought of ‘struggling’ against him. Because Adkins knew that he couldn’t take so much as a single blow from Bluefire!

The battle at the Blue River was what gave rise to the name, ‘Bluefire’.

It also scared countless people silly. Many people even came to believe that Bluefire was the most powerful of the five Kings. But of course, this was never proven because Gebados was simply too vast, and the five Kings were all separated in their own regions. In addition, they intentionally avoided making enemies out of each other. After all, there were no treasures in Gebados worth them fighting each other over.

“This is a true, ultimate expert!”  Linley’s heart was filled with even greater veneration for this ‘Leylin’, while at the same time, a surge of heat filled his heart.

Even Adkins was so apprehensive and respectful in front of Leylin, who had been able to reach the top tier of Gebados. “Adkins, stop standing there. Come, sit down. You can sit right next to Linley.” Leylin pointed as he spoke.

Naturally, Adkins wouldn’t dare to disobey Leylin’s orders. He immediately bowed respectfully. “Thank you, Lord Bluefire.”  And then, he sat down next to Linley, while even offering Linley a friendly smile.

Linley could only smile back as well.

“Hmph.” Bebe, next to Linley, let out a cold sneer.

Adkins’ eyebrows instantly rose up. He glanced at Bebe, and then  immediately  laughed.  “This  must  be  Bebe.”  Bebe  just grunted in reply, but Adkins wasn’t angry. Laughing, he said, “Bebe, I know you are a bit unhappy. What happened in the past was the fault of my people.”
Linley and Bebe glanced at Adkins, somewhat surprised. “What happened, Adkins?” Leylin spoke out.

Adkins smiled and said, “Lord Bluefire, this is actually just a minor issue. My subordinate, a God named Ojwin, had a bit of a small grudge against my friend Linley over here. Afterwards, Ojwin invited several of the Gods under my command go to Linley’s residence to get revenge. However, in the end, it was my side that suffered losses.”
“Oh?” Hearing this, Leylin was mildly intrigued as well.

Linley and Bebe glanced at each other.

“Boss, it seems this Adkins wants to apologize?”  Bebe said mentally to Linley.

“I’m not sure either.” Linley was also puzzled.

Adkins was a Highgod after all. Was he about to apologize? “Barnas, come over here.” Adkins said. “Although you lost a divine body during that battle, it was, after all, you and your people who picked that fight. If we think about it, it was your group’s fault. Go ahead and offer Linley and Bebe an apology.”
Linley and Bebe started.

Barnas actually came over. Filled with an apologetic air, he said, “Mr. Linley, Mr. Bebe, I truly am sorry for what happened that year.”
“Mr. Barnas, no need to be like this. This matter was primarily instigated by that Ojwin.” Linley spoke out. “Mr. Barnas, I imagine that you were just deceived by him.” Since he had been given face, Linley would of course give face back as well.

Adkins nodded. “Linley, don’t worry. From today onwards, I guarantee to you that Ojwin will definitely not make any more trouble for you in the future.”
Linley couldn’t help but laugh in his heart. 
It seemed as though Olivier wouldn’t have to hide within that pocket dimension any longer.

When Adkins had brought Barnas to pay a visit to Mount Copper Gong to meet with ‘Bluefire’ Leylin, Ojwin was still back in the distant O’Brien Empire. Him, Hanbritt, and Gatenby were all together drinking wine and chatting. Over the past twenty years, the relationship between the three of them had become quite good.

Barnas had a special status, after all, and he was thus rather distant from them.

“That astonishing energy wave from the west most likely was produced by a Highgod.” Gatenby rumbled.

“Right. But it doesn’t have anything to do with us.”  Ojwin laughed. “Since it involves Highgods, let’s just peaceably drink our wine here.” Hanbritt   shook   his   head.   “Highgods?   They   are   very powerful. If one day, I were to obtain a divine Highgod spark, wouldn’t I also become a Highgod? Only, it is unfortunate that I don’t know how long it will be before the day I acquire a divine Highgod spark.”
“A divine Highgod spark is something I dream about.” Ojwin let out a sigh as well.

Hanbritt suddenly put down his wine cup. Slightly tipsy, he grinned at Ojwin. “Ojwin, I’m going to tell you a secret!”
“I know what you are going to say!”  That Gatenby laughed loudly as well. “Secret my ass. Barnas and I both know it.”
Hanbritt rolled his eyes, then said, “You know, I know, but… Ojwin doesn’t know.” These words caused Ojwin’s heart to be filled with a hint of curiosity, and he hurriedly looked towards Hanbritt.

Hanbritt grinned merrily, “Ojwin, I’ll tell you something, Lord Adkins, in his interspatial ring, has a divine Highgod spark!”
“What?!” Ojwin’s heart shook.

A divine Highgod spark?!

Ojwin dreamed about one day acquiring a Highgod spark, but currently, Ojwin only had his divine light clone.

Who knew if that divine Highgod spark was light-style?

Gatenby nodded and said, “He does have a divine Highgod spark, only, we aren’t sure what element it belongs to. But I am certain that it is neither lightning-style nor earth-style.”
“Why are you so certain?” Ojwin hurriedly asked.

Gatenby laughed, “Lord Adkins himself doesn’t need it, of course. You know what the relationship between Lord Adkins and Barnas is like. If Barnas was able to use it, Lord Adkins definitely would give it to Barnas. Barnas originally had two bodies. At Dragonblood Castle, it was his divine earth clone which was destroyed. Right now, his body is a lightning clone. Since Barnas isn’t able to use it, then it definitely isn’t earth element, nor is it lightning element.”
“Right.” Ojwin nodded slightly.

“Can it be that the two of you, my friends, also aren’t able to use that divine Highgod spark?” Ojwin asked.

Hanbritt let out a sneer, “In the heart of his lordship, the three of us are far inferior to Barnas. We’re just his henchmen. How could his lordship be willing to waste a divine Highgod spark on us?”
“Whenever I think of it, I feel uncomfortable. Come, let’s drink.” Gatenby said hurriedly.

“Drink, drink.” Ojwin hurriedly raised his cup, only in his heart, Ojwin began to scheme… The wild wind howled. A silver-haired elder flew respectfully behind a handsome youth as they flew through the air.

When he was at Mount Copper Gong, Adkins had been all smiles. In front of ‘Bluefire’ Leylin, Adkins had been exceedingly polite, and he had also been very warm and friendly to Linley and Bebe. But now that they had flown out of Mount Copper Gong, Adkins couldn’t help but frown, his heart filled with frustration.

“Lord Bluefire has hidden himself within the Yulan continent as well. Nine out of ten, he is doing it for the treasures of the Necropolis of the Gods as well.”
Adkins’ mind was in a state of chaos when he thought of this.

He truly wanted to acquire the treasures within the Necropolis of the Gods. “Me, compete against Lord Bluefire?” As soon as he thought of this, Adkins felt a surge of helplessness. He knew very well that in front of Bluefire, he didn’t even have the ability to fight back.

The awesome fame of the King ‘Bluefire’ didn’t just come from public acclaim; it was won by Leylin through repeated slaughters and countless rivers of blood. There was no need to harbor any suspicions about the amount of power which ‘Bluefire’ Leylin possessed!

“Milord? Are you preparing to give up?” Barnas asked through his divine sense.

Adkins took a deep breath, then sent a response back with his own divine sense. “Give up? Impossible!”
Barnas was startled.

Adkins said to himself, “At worst, I die. But if I succeed, I’ll hopefully be able to suppress Bluefire in power. I can’t possibly fight Bluefire head on. For now, I have only a single path forward…” Adkins made up his mind, and his gaze sharpened and firmed.

“We reached the imperial capital.”
Barnas and Adkins immediately charged downwards, flying directly into the imperial palace.

Returning to the imperial palace, the first thing which Adkins did was to summon Ojwin into the palace. Ojwin, who was currently drinking and chatting with Hanbritt and Gatenby, immediately entered the palace upon receiving the order, ignoring everything else.

“Milord.” Ojwin knelt down respectfully on one knee.

Adkins turned and stared at him coldly. “Ojwin, there is something I must warn you about. I know that your son was killed. But remember this…starting forward, forget about getting revenge. No matter what, do not cause any trouble for a single person of Dragonblood Castle!” Ojwin started.

Forget about revenge?

Although in the past twenty years, Ojwin had calmed down, that didn’t mean he had given up his desire for revenge. The goal of vengeance for the death of his son had been engraved into Ojwin’s heart.

“Hmph!” Adkins let out a cold snort. “What, didn’t you hear me?”
The nearby Barnas said seriously as well, “Ojwin, this has to do with an important affair of his lordship. If because of your small affairs, his lordship’s major affairs are ruined, then… even death wouldn’t expiate your crimes.”
Ojwin immediately prostrated himself and said hurriedly, “Lord Adkins, don’t worry. From today onwards, I, Ojwin, definitely won’t go make trouble for anyone in Dragonblood Castle. This affair of getting revenge, I, Ojwin, will definitely never consider again!”  But in his heart, Ojwin was howling with fury, “Revenge? No, even if I die, I won’t give it up. All I will do is temporarily restrain myself. After…after I get that divine Highgod spark…”
Ojwin greatly desired to acquire that Highgod spark!

“You can leave now.” Adkins said calmly.

“Yes.” Ojwin bowed, then left.

Chapter 37, For the Clan

The death of Highgod Sadista didn’t cause much of a stir in the Yulan Plane. The ordinary people continued living their quiet lives. Only the Deities who stood at the top of the plane had learned something from that terrifying energy wave which had come from the west….

Something major was happening within the Yulan continent.

Anras died. Sadista headed towards the west and didn’t return either.

Within the Rohault Empire, Sadista’s group of Deities now naturally became led by Sadista’s nephew Danny, as well as the other God, ‘Nieff’ [Ne’fu]. Danny and Nieff, however, couldn’t be completely certain of Sadista’s death.

Today, they felt very frantic. Within the Rohault Empire. That quiet, secluded manor. The blazing summer sun shone down upon the entire manor. Within Danny’s residence, a man with short silver hair, a sunken, skinny body, and a short-sleeved black shirt strode forward. “Danny, come out!”
The door swung open and Danny walked out. “Nieff, what is it?”
“How can you be in a mood to rest?”  Nieff was somewhat angry.

“Tell me, what can I do?” Danny was extremely frustrated as well. It was he who had advised Sadista to go kill those two Gods to go vent his anger. After all, if Sadista spent all his time brooding, Danny would have felt miserable and stifled as well.

But who would have imagined that his uncle, Sadista, would leave and never return.

“Three days ago, there was that astonishing energy wave from the west. You sensed it as well.” Nieff said seriously. 
Danny nodded. “Yes. I sensed it. That was indeed Uncle’s aura. But Nieff, what can that prove?”
“What   can   that   prove?”    Nieff   laughed.   “Danny,   quit dreaming. The situation is clear. That powerful energy wave is something which I trust Lord Sadista would not have released for no reason. He must have engaged in a major battle.”
Nieff continued, “That day, you told me that Lord Sadista went to the west to kill those two Gods. Are those two Gods dead yet?”
Danny  started.  Hesitating  a  moment,  he  said,  “I,  I  don’t know.”
“You don’t know? It’s simple. Spread out your divine aura to cover that mountain range. I trust you will easily be able to judge for yourself if those two Gods are dead or not.” Nieff said coldly. “Danny. Stop playing the role of a fool.” Danny’s face changed.

“I’ve  checked  with  my  divine  sense.”   Nieff  took  a  deep breath. “Those two Gods didn’t die. Danny. Lord Sadista went to kill those two Gods. Such a major event occurred over there, but those two Gods didn’t die. Lord Sadista has been gone for three days without coming back. Can it be that the result isn’t clear?”
“Perhaps…Uncle had some important business to attend to so he had to go somewhere.” Danny said in an pained manner.

Danny didn’t want to believe that his uncle had died.

Their clan was an enormous one which existed for ten trillion years. Naturally, it was divided into the main clan and the branch clans. In Danny’s branch, Sadista was the pillar and foundation of the entire branch clan. If Sadista truly had died, Danny could imagine what dire straits his clan would be in.

Nieff understood what Danny was thinking as well. 
“Danny, no matter what, we have to face reality.” Nieff said seriously. “This is the Yulan continent, not the Infernal Realm. In the Yulan continent, even if Lord Sadista met with something important and can’t spare any attention to anything else, he would have contacted us with his divine sense. A divine sense communication only takes an instant, after all.”
“However,    he    hasn’t.    We    haven’t    received    any communication from Lord Sadista.”
Nieff’s face was grave. “I don’t want to admit it, but I have to say this. The plans of the clan have failed. The Necropolis of the Gods…at least our group has no hope for it. Without the power of a Highgod, we simply won’t be able to obtain the treasures which the clan needs.”
Danny nodded as well.

How could he not understand this point? “Uncle…perhaps truly has died.” Danny nodded bitterly, but then he stared at Nieff. “But Nieff, so what if Uncle has died? Can it be that you…”
Nieff’s aura grew fierce. “Danny, the status which the clan has is a result of countless elders who risked their lives over the past ten trillion years. You and I are not very talented. Why is it then that we were able to receive divine sparks and easily reach the rank of Gods as descendants of the clan? It was the clan who gave us everything!”
Danny was silent.

“The  Indigo  Prefecture  is  our  greatest  foe!  They  are  too powerful. The Four Divine Beast clans of the Indigo Prefecture are extremely powerful. That Linley…you should know as well that in less than a century, he has trained to the level of having two divine clones!” Nieff laughed coldly. “I have never heard of such a talented genius amongst the Four Divine Beast clans, who could reach this sort of level without engaging in their baptism. And Danny, that Linley trains in earth and wind, not water! Do you understand what that means?”
Danny nodded.

“As soon as he undergoes the Ancestral Baptism of the Four Divine Beasts, I believe that ten thousand years later, the Indigo Prefecture will definitely have yet another Highgod of unsurpassed power. When that happens, I don’t even dare imagine how many members of our clan will die by his hands.” Nieff’s gaze was sharp. “But right now, he is only a Demigod who has yet to undergo the Ancestral Baptism of the Four Divine Beasts!”
“If we don’t kill him now, when will we kill him?”
Nieff’s gaze was cold and fierce. “I know that in the Yulan continent, Linley has some supporters and connections, but so what if he does? I would rather let myself die if it means killing him.” Nieff had relied on using a divine spark to become a God. He knew…
Although he was currently more powerful than Linley, in terms of potential, he was far inferior to Linley.

“Nieff!”  Danny  took  a  deep  breath,  shaking  his  head.  “I recommend you not go and attempt to kill Linley right now.”
“What did you say?!” Nieff exploded with rage.

Danny sighed and said, “Don’t be hasty. There really is no need for us to kill him here in the Yulan Plane. Once he goes to the Infernal Realm, we can kill him then.”
“What a joke!” Nieff said. “First of all, when will Linley go to the Infernal Realm? What if he stays in the Yulan Plane until he reaches the level of Highgod, and then acquires a Sovereign artifact in the Necropolis of the Gods, and only then goes to the Infernal Realm. If we want to kill him then, would we be able to?” Danny was stunned.

“Also. Once Linley reaches the Infernal Realm, there’s no way for us to be certain which transit location he will be sent to. Our clan is only influential in that area where we have power over. Do you really believe…we can pursue him across the entire Infernal Realm? Do you know how vast the Infernal Realm is?” Nieff stared at Danny.

There was nothing Danny could say.

Previously, Sadista’s primary goal was the Necropolis of the Gods, which was why he temporarily put aside killing Linley. In truth, killing Linley in the Infernal Realm wasn’t very practical. As one of the Higher Planes, the Infernal Realm’s size vastly outstretched the Yulan Plane by countless times.

Within the Infernal Realm, there also quite a few forces which were more powerful than both their clan as well as the Indigo Prefecture! “Danny, can it be that you have forgotten those countless major battles we have had against the Indigo Prefecture? The figures of those elders who died, one after the other?”  Nieff stared at Danny. “Enough. I’m immediately heading off for the Mountain Range of Magical Beasts. I know that this time even if I am able to kill Linley, I might be killed by his supporters in revenge.”
“But if I can kill Linley, I will die content. Danny, I leave everything here in your hands. I’m leaving.” Nieff turned and left.

Since they couldn’t acquire the treasures of the Necropolis of the Gods, if they could at least kill Linley, this trip would not have been completely in vain.

“Nieff…”  Danny didn’t want to watch Nieff go die. If he killed Linley…Nieff would be killed in revenge by those forces who supported Linley.

“For Reinales [Lei’nei’er’si]!” Nieff sent back with his mental message, and then Nieff himself flew into midair, streaking towards the western horizons, transforming into a black dot. 
Danny was stunned, but then his gaze grew hard and resolved. In a soft voice, he said, “For Reinales!”
“Attend me!” Danny shouted towards the outside, and soon, a Demigod came over. Danny gave him a long list of instructions, and then said, “Remember, you must provide this information to Lord Hodan. You can go now.”
“Yes, milord.”
The Demigod immediately flew out of this residence, heading directly towards the Arctic Icecap.”
Within the Mountain Range of Magical Beasts, in a half- shattered canyon where wild grass grew abundantly and where spring water flowed, the figures of Thunderwing Pegasi, magical beasts of the seventh rank, could be seen everywhere. The Thunderwing Pegasi all displayed leisurely elegance, occasionally flying into the air and then landing by the side of the springs, lowering their heads to drink water. Suddenly, a human figure appeared here, causing the many Thunderwing Pegasi to be so terrified, they didn’t dare to move.

“Time to do what must be done.”
The short silver haired Nieff looked around, then sent his divine sense into the minds of every Thunderwing Pegasus before he then sat down in the meditative stance. At the same time, he spread out his divine sense. Nieff restrained the area of his divine sense to just the Mountain Range of Magical Beasts.

The height of his divine sense was limited to just ten or so kilometers.

This sort of scale represented less than 0.1% of the Yulan continent’s total size. The amount of spiritual energy it consumed to keep a divine sense active in this region, to a God like Nieff, was completely sustainable. At the very least, he was able to replenish whatever he used up. “Linley is still there. If he returns to Dragonblood Castle, he will have to fly through the Mountain Range of Magical Beasts. Once he does, I will discover him.” Nieff didn’t think any longer, and just waited here for the hare to step into the trap.

Nieff didn’t dare to directly attack Mount Copper Gong. After all, Anras and Sadista had both failed. He waited here in ambush, and would thus have a much higher chance.

Linley quietly trained at Mount Copper Gong. Receiving guidance from one of the five Kings, ‘Bluefire’ Leylin, was a rare opportunity. In addition, Linley also knew…that ‘Bluefire’ Leylin wouldn’t stay too long here at Mount Copper Gong. He would eventually leave.

“Linley, the Profound Mysteries of the Essence of the Earth is a simple type of mystery. If you focus on training in it, you will succeed within one or two years.” Leylin laughed calmly. “But, if you wait until completely mastering the Profound Mysteries of the Essence of the Earth before attempting to fuse it with the ‘Throbbing Pulse of the World’, you will most likely spent thousands or ten thousand years without being successful.” “Fusing is far more difficult than simply understanding a profound mystery.” Leylin said solemnly.

Linley nodded slightly.

“Thus, the best method is…to begin attempting to fuse your insights regarding the ‘Essence of the Earth’ right away into your other insights. Don’t try to completely master the entire ‘Essence of the Earth’ as soon as possible. What matters more is the degree to which you are able to fuse it, and to make the degree of your insights match with your degree of fusion.”
Leylin laughed, “Perhaps in such a way, it will takes decades or a century for you to master the ‘Essence of the Earth’. But by doing so, as soon as you achieve mastery in the ‘Essence of the Earth’, you will also have completed your fusion of the ‘Essence of the Earth’ and the ‘Throbbing Pulse of the World’.”
“I understand this principle.”
Linley had, after all, the prior experience of fusing the ‘Fast’ and ‘Slow’ aspects of the Elemental Laws of the Wind. To fuse while gaining insights was actually much simpler.

But if one had reached mastery in both profound mysteries and then attempt to fuse them, it would be very hard.

If he waited until all of his profound mysteries had become mastered before attempting to fuse them, the insights he had gained into the various profound mysteries would clash with each other, causing the fusion difficulty to be even greater.

Linley’s training in Mount Copper Gong lasted for another three years. Within these three years, although his level of attainment in the ‘Essence of the Earth’ remained at the level he had reached three years ago, Linley had finally started the first step towards fusing the ‘Throbbing Pulse of the World’ and the ‘Essence of the Earth’.

Many people weren’t even capable of taking the first step towards fusing these two profound mysteries. The first step was the key, the most important part.

With a beginning, there would be chance for success. 
“The power level after fusing truly is formidable.”
Although Linley had only fused just a little bit, he discovered that his Voidwave Sword had increased in power by 50% despite only using the same amount of spiritual energy as before. “And this is just the beginning. I can’t imagine how much more powerful my Voidwave Sword will become after I completely master these two profound mysteries.”

Chapter 38, Attacked On the Way Back

Seated in the meditative stance on the ground, Linley could easily sense how the vast, boundless world was filled with earth elemental essence. Every single particle of it was so friendly and familiar to him. With Linley at the center, a surge of pulsating power was throbbing out towards every direction.

“Doooong.” “Dooooong.’” …..

Each surge of pulsating power which emanated outwards was filled with natural earth elemental essence. They rolled out like waves, interacting with each other while fusing with pulsating power.

Throbbing Pulse of the World. Essence of the Earth.

Linley was focusing on slowly fusing these two profound mysteries. “Linley!”   Linley,  who  had  been  in  the  middle  of  his meditations, was suddenly interrupted by a divine sense. Linley instantly knew that it was Delia who had contacted him. An unconscious smile appeared on Linley’s face. “Delia, what is it? Do you miss me?”
“Hmph, who misses you?” Delia let out a cute ‘hmph’. “Linley, I want to ask you, how long do you plan to train there on Mount Copper Gong?”
Linley couldn’t help but be startled.

Delia’s voice contained a hint of displeasure. Naturally, Linley could detect it. Only now did Linley realize that he had gone a bit too far. “I left Dragonblood Castle in year 10066, but this is now year 10072. Uh, it’s been almost six years. I haven’t gone back a single time!”
When he was training, he truly didn’t notice how fast the time went by. It felt like those years had passed in an instant. “Six years. I can’t blame Delia for being unhappy.” Linley felt that he was in the wrong here.

“Linley, aren’t you training? You can train in Dragonblood Castle as well.” Delia now persuaded using gentler words.

“Um…alright. Delia, I’ll come back tomorrow.” Linley said immediately, and then added an apologetic message, “Delia, I’m sorry.”
“I’m not angry. Oh, did you say tomorrow?” Delia was both surprised and delighted. “I’ll immediately order the servants to prepare a banquet for tomorrow. Right, Linley, when will you arrive at Dragonblood Castle? Around noon, or at night?”
“I’ll arrive before noon.” Linley was certain of this.

Actually, ever since he had started fusing the ‘Essence of the Earth’ with the ‘Throbbing Pulse of the World’, Lord Bluefire, ie ‘Leylin’, no longer needed to give Linley any more pointers. Thus, staying on Mount Copper Gong was no longer of much benefit to Linley anyways. 
Within the elemental mansion in Mount Copper Gong.

“Whoooooosh.”  The wild mountain wind howled, and the grass and flowers in front of the door to the mansion swayed. However, the wind wasn’t able to budge those several large trees there. The Lord of Mount Copper Gong, a King of the Gebados Planar Prison, Lord Bluefire, was currently there with his two brothers, sending Linley and Bebe off.

“Linley, even if you didn’t go back, very soon, I would be sending you off.” ‘Bluefire’ Leylin said amusedly. “Haha, the main issue is that very soon, I will go with my elder brother and second brother. We will depart from Mount Copper Gong, and also leave the Yulan continent.”
Linley knew long ago that Leylin was going to leave.

“Mr. Leylin, where are you going?” Bebe asked with curiosity. “I’m not sure for right now.” Leylin let out a long sigh. “Perhaps I will pay a visit to the South Seas. That place used to be my homeland. Unfortunately, the passage of countless years has resulted in the continent where my homeland was located to sink into the endless seas long ago.”
That battle of ten thousand years ago had caused the other four continents to all be shattered and collapse.

“Mr. Leylin, if you have the time, you can pay a visit to my Dragonblood Castle. I will welcome you whenever you come.” Linley and Bebe had said their words of thanks long ago. After bidding farewell to Leylin and the other two, Linley and Bebe immediately left Mount Copper Gong and flew towards Dragonblood Castle.

After not having returned for six years, Linley now had a deep desire to return.

The Mountain Range of Magical Beasts. In the gorge beneath the shattered cliffs. A place where there were few traces of civilization. 
In the past, this was a paradise for magical beasts, but ever since three years ago, no magical beasts dared to go near this place. By the side of the spring waters, within a patch of wild grass, there was a faint human figure that could be seen. It was the God from the Infernal Realm, Nieff.

Despite waiting for three years, Nieff had never relaxed his vigilance.

His divine sense was eternally activated, covering this region as he waited quietly for Linley.

“This Linley will definitely go back to Dragonblood Castle eventually. As long as he passes through the Mountain Range of Magical Beasts enroute to the Dragonblood Castle, he definitely will not escape!”  Nieff arose, a black spotted spear appearing in his hands as he began to roam about the valley.

After all, having not encountered Linley despite three years of waiting, Nieff also couldn’t be certain as to when Linley would appear. He couldn’t waste all of his time waiting foolishly.

Only, Nieff didn’t realize that someone else was hidden deep within this gorge.

“This Nieff’s divine sense is very average amongst Gods. But he trains in the Elemental Laws of the Wind. In terms of speed, he is even faster than Linley. If Linley really does encounter him,  it  would  most  likely  really  be  a  bit  dangerous.”  The indistinct figure stared at the distant Nieff. Nieff was currently transformed into a gust of wind, and his spear blurred as it silently pierced through the empty air time and time again.

“However, danger is good.”
The blurred figure disappeared silently without a trace.

Nieff had come to a halt in his training, continuing to sit in the meditative position. But suddenly, he opened his eyes, staring towards mid-air with a dagger-like gaze. 
“It is him. Linley!”
Nieff’s eyes were filled with a hint of wild joy. He couldn’t help but begin to laugh loudly and excitedly. “After waiting three  years,  he’s  finally  come!”   In  truth,  Nieff  was  still hundreds of kilometers away from Linley. Naturally, despite how loudly Nieff had cried out, Linley wasn’t able to hear him.

“For Reinales, if I die, it will be worth it!” Nieff said in a low voice, his eyes filled with unmatched ardor.

Silently, Nieff transformed into a puff of smoke, transforming into the formless wind. This surge of wind flew at astonishing speed in pursuit of Linley. His speed was so great that it was much faster than Linley’s current absolute limit!

Nieff was a full God. After fusing with the divine spark, he had gained insight into three of the Elemental Laws within it. He was particularly proficient in fast movements. “I didn’t expect he would be so fast. It seems I need to focus!”
Seconds after Nieff had flown out, a ray of light flashed out of the gorge as well, following Nieff in pursuit. In terms of speed, this ray of light surpassed Nieff.

Linley and Bebe were currently chatting and laughing enroute to Dragonblood Castle, not sensing at all the God-level divine sense which had encompassed them. If they knew that a God was in pursuit of them, perhaps Linley and Bebe would have raised their speed to the utmost limit to return to Dragonblood Castle. But unfortunately, they didn’t know.

“Boss,  do  you  think  Leylin  and  the  others  will  go  to  the Infernal Realm?”
“Who knows. However, given Mr. Leylin’s power, no matter which plane he goes to, he will be an ultimate expert.”  Ever since Linley had witnessed ‘Bluefire’ Leylin killing the seemingly powerful Sadista in a single blow, Linley had been certain that Bluefire was one of the ultimate experts amongst Highgods. 
“Huh?” Bebe suddenly frowned.

“What is it?” Linley asked, puzzled.

“I feel something is off.” Bebe trained in the Laws of Darkness. He was only a Demigod, but he trained in the exact same stealth skills which Cesar trained in. He was extremely sensitive to the auras of others. Bebe suddenly turned his head, then said in shock, “Boss, quick, run!”
Linley turned his head.

Within a realm of distorted space, a blurry human figure had appeared within his field of vision, staring at him with a pair of cold eyes. It was the God, Nieff!

“You want to flee!”  Nieff let out a cold laugh, immediately executing his Godrealm. Just like last time when Anras had attacked him, Linley felt as though he had sunken into a quagmire. Not hesitating at all, Linley hurriedly creates both of his  Demigod-level  Godrealms.  “Boom!”   The  sky-blue  robes covering his body exploded, and azure-golden scales covered Linley’s entire body. From his forehead and spine, one sharp spike after another emerged. Linley’s speed once again rose. Transforming into a ray of light, he flew at high speed towards
Dragonblood Castle, fleeing.

Since he was unable to discover this person, this person was at least a God.

“Not good!” As he attempted to flee, Linley discovered that in terms of speed, the person behind him was far faster than ‘Anras’ had been. Actually, Anras’ God-level divine clone was of fire-type. His wind-style divine clone was of the Demigod level.

That was why he didn’t have an advantage in speed. But Nieff was different.

“Linley.” A human figure appeared in front of Linley. It was Nieff. Linley immediately came to a halt, and Nieff laughed coldly. “You aren’t able to flee.”  The strange thing was, these words came from every direction. 
Linley turned!

Currently, surrounding Linley and Bebe, there were twelve figures, all of them that of ‘Nieff’.

The twelve Nieffs had completely surrounded Linley and Bebe.

“What…what is this?” Linley was shocked. “These definitely aren’t divine clones. There are seven types of Elemental Laws; even if you include the Four Edicts, that’s only eleven. Even if a person mastered all eleven, he would at most have eleven divine clones. But these twelve people before me have the exact same aura!”
“Boss, one of them definitely is the real body.”  Bebe looked around frantically as well.

Linley understood this as well, but he couldn’t tell anything different about these twelve figures. 
The twelve Nieffs surrounded Linley and Bebe.

“Die!” The twelve Nieffs revealed a hint of madness in their eyes, and instantly, they swept towards the two from every direction. The strange thing was…the twelve figures completely ignored Bebe. Their target was…

From all eight directions, and from above and below. There was no place for Linley to flee!

“Which is the real one?”  Linley thought frantically, but he still had a hint of confidence. This confidence came from his Throbbing Pulse of the World – Voidwave Sword, as well as his damaged Sovereign artifact. With the defense of his damaged Sovereign artifact, his chances of survival would be very high.

The twelve all attacked together. 
A strange violet flash lit up, and countless sword shadows shot out in every direction like the petals of a flower unfolding. It was the Profound Truths of Velocity – Rippling Wind! Although there were many sword shadows, the power of each sword wasn’t that great. With a series of collision sounds
ringing out, none of the twelve Nieffs seemed to be harmed at all. Linley’s face instantly changed.

He had thought that the eleven fake bodies amongst the twelve would be damaged. But who would have imagined that the twelve bodies were all so powerful?

Twelve sets of cold eyes stared at Linley, as though staring at a dead man.

Twelve shadows slashed through the sky like warblades, attacking Linley. “Only choice is to go all out.” Linley didn’t have any time to care about anything else. The adamantine heavy sword in his hand began to dance. If he wasn’t certain which one was the real body, then his only option was to randomly attack one.

“Boss!”  Bebe,  frantic,  also  stopped  caring  about  anything else. He raised his head and let out a shrill screech. “Shkreeeeeeeeeeee!”  The ear-piercing screech split the skies, while at the same time, Bebe transformed into his ‘Godeater Rat’ form, and behind him, an illusory Godeater Rat that was hundreds of meters tall appeared.

Innate Divine Ability – Godeater!

With one breath, Bebe locked all twelve bodies, trying to devour all twelve of them. However, Bebe’s current Godeater ability was only effective against Demigods. Nieff, a God, could not be devoured by Bebe at all.

The twelve bodies all halted briefly, but an instantly later, they became no longer influenced. If the devour failed, there would be a counter-force!

“Boom!” A large mouthful of blood was spat out from Bebe’s mouth, while at the same time, wildly overjoyed, he messaged mentally to Linley, “Boss, the real body is that one!”  In that instant, Bebe utilized his spiritual connection with Linley to point out the real location of Nieff’s body to Linley.

Bebe had used his innate divine ability just now not for the sake of killing Nieff, but to locate the divine spark.

His divine ability involved the devouring of divine sparks, after all. Once Bebe utilized it, he was able to sense which of the twelve bodies had a divine spark within it. Only the body with the divine spark was the real one. The others were all false.

“Him!”   Linley,  wielding  his  adamantine  heavy  sword, transformed into a straight moving blur, chopping down directly towards the ‘Nieff’ on his left. This was Nieff’s true body!

Chapter 39, Drawing Legs on a Snake

Nieff’s twelve bodies were originally using their legs to attack, and hadn’t used any divine artifacts, because Nieff didn’t want to reveal his true body to Linley. However, as Linley smashed down towards his true body with his adamantine heavy sword, Nieff’s true body retrieved that spotted black spear with a flip of his hand.

“Slash!” Space distorted.

The adamantine heavy sword and the spotted black spear collided, and a surge of gray-colored, illusory, sword-shaped power ignored Nieff’s defense and entered Nieff’s body. This was the vastly improved ‘Voidwave Sword’ which Linley had developed after fusing the ‘Essence of the Earth’ and the ‘Throbbing Pulse of the World’.

“Die!” At the same time Nieff controlled his spiritual energy to block the Voidwave Sword, he wildly used his other bodies to attack Linley. 
Even if he were to die, he would kill Linley!

In addition, Nieff didn’t care too much about this attack of Linley’s. As Nieff saw it…how powerful could Linley’s spiritual attack possibly be? Most likely he just controlled and shaped a surge of spiritual energy to form this attack. However, Nieff was wrong!

Countless dense pulses of spiritual energy, thrumming in accordance with the Throbbing Pulse of the World, formed into a whole.

The Voidwave Sword’s countless pulses of spiritual energy smashed directly against his spiritual defense, breaking through it as though it were nothing but rotten wood. It directly entered Nieff’s sea of consciousness, violently smashing upon that divine spark which was emitting a green light. Nieff only sensed a sudden, massive vibration from his soul, and then Nieff lost all consciousness. 
Right at this moment…
Countless rays of white light suddenly appeared from everywhere, and Nieff’s twelve bodies were completely bound by the rays of light, completely unable to move at all. Naturally, he was also no longer able to attack Linley at all.

“Haha, Linley.” Gentle laughter rang out. A handsome youth appeared before Linley and Bebe.

“Lord  Adkins.”  Linley  was  somewhat  surprised.  Why  had this Adkins suddenly appeared? However, Linley still said gratefully, “Thank you for your assistance, Lord Adkins.”
Adkins felt a hint of delight in his heart.

Ever since that day when he had spread out his divine sense to sweep through the Rohault Empire and accidentally stumbled upon Danny speaking with a subordinate and discussing the plot for Nieff to kill Linley, Adkins had been prepared. He had even intentionally hidden himself within the gorge by Nieff’s side.

The reason he did this was primarily to intentionally have the chance to save Linley, so as to make Linley and Bebe feel grateful towards him!

Making friends with Bebe was a very important task, in Adkins’ mind. Since Lord Bluefire had arrived at the Yulan continent, if he, Adkins, still wanted to obtain any of the treasures of the Necropolis of the Gods, his only chance was to ally with Beirut.

“I was just passing by, but I discovered…”  Adkins was all smiles, but halfway through his words, Lord Adkins’ voice suddenly came to a halt.

He had discovered that eleven of the twelve bodies of this God, ‘Nieff’, had already crumbled and dissipated, transforming into wind elemental essence and dispersing. As for Nieff’s true body, he lay there limply, not resisting his binding at all. The muscles on Adkins’ face began to twitch. 
He now clearly discovered that Nieff’s soul in his original body had already dissipated. Only a divine spark was left.

Adkins chuckled awkwardly towards Linley. “Linley, I really didn’t expect that you had already killed this Nieff. Whether or not  I  acted  really  didn’t  make  any  difference.”   Linley’s Voidwave Sword had killed Nieff with one blow. Nieff’s soul had dissipated, and so his other bodies had naturally dispersed as well.

His original body wouldn’t attack either, of course. Linley hadn’t been in any danger at all!

But Adkins’ original plan had been to save him at the most critical moment, so as to make Linley feel all the more grateful towards him. But now he discovered that doing so was like drawing legs onto a painting of a snake, a completely pointless, superfluous action! Even if he hadn’t acted, Linley wouldn’t have had any problems. “I still have to thank you, Lord Adkins.”  Linley said with a smile. As he spoke, Linley turned to look at Bebe. This time, the person who had truly saved him was Bebe. If Bebe hadn’t utilized his innate divine ability and determined which of the twelve bodies was the true one, then Linley wouldn’t have been able to hit the true body at all, given his original plan of randomly attacking one. If he hadn’t been able to hit the true body…then in the face of the wild attack from this God, Linley’s body probably would have been explosively destroyed.

“Boss.” Bebe’s face revealed a smile as well.

Linley and Bebe didn’t need to say anything to each other. A single glance was enough for them to understand what the other was thinking. This sort of dangerous event was something which Linley and Bebe had already experienced many times.

“You killed this person. Everything goes to you.” Adkins directly used his power to control Nieff’s divine God spark, his interdimensional ring, and his divine artifact, sending them floating towards Linley. Linley wasn’t overly polite either; he immediately absorbed it all into his own interspatial ring. Adkins had a very sour feeling in his heart.

Ever since he had learned that Nieff was planning to kill Linley, he had made preparations for this day for a long time! Just now, he had intentionally waited for the most dangerous moment before making his move!

Who would have imagined that he had done all that for nothing?

“Lord Adkins, I’d like to ask, just now, what sort of profound mystery did that man use? Why did he have so many clones? And there was no way to separate them by aura either.” Linley asked.

Adkins had the intention of improving his relationship with Linley and Bebe, so naturally, he replied with great friendliness, “Oh, this person used a ‘doppelganger technique’ belonging to the Elemental Laws of the Wind. His divine power was rather low, and his soul wasn’t very strong either. His application of this doppelganger technique wasn’t very impressive; the Highgods that I know are capable of instantly creating a thousand doppelgangers!” “A thousand doppelgangers?” Linley was utterly stunned.

“That’s an extreme, of course. Generally speaking, experts are capable of creating a few dozen. He had only eleven. That really is rather low.”  Adkins said disdainfully. “As I see it, he most likely fused with a divine spark to become a Deity. His understanding of the Laws of the Wind is quite low as well. The power of his clones wasn’t strong either; they are only capable of physical attacks. They are useful against some low level people, but against experts of the same level, they are useless.”
Adkins suddenly chuckled. “Although, it is still a good method for fleeing.”
Linley’s eyes couldn’t help but light up.

The doppelgangers and the main body were identical. Others truly wouldn’t be able to tell them apart. After all, there weren’t many people like Bebe, capable of discerning which body had a divine spark within it. Even Bebe had paid a heavy price for doing so.

“Linley, I recognize this God.” Adkins said voluntarily.

“Who is he? Why does he want to kill me?” Linley hurriedly asked. Bebe listened carefully as well. Over the past few years, Linley had repeated assassination attempts on his life.

Adkins said, “Do you remember last time, that Highgod which Lord Bluefire killed? That Highgod was named Sadista. This person is Sadista’s subordinate.”  Adkins had learned the name ‘Sadista’ through using his divine sense to scan Sadista’s manor, where he heard Danny and others chat with each other.

“That Highgod? Sadista?” Linley frowned.

Linley had heard ‘Bluefire’ Leylin also tell him that the people who wanted to assassinate him came from the Infernal Realm. “Well, Linley, I still have matters to attend to. I’ll leave now.” Adkins said with a smile. “If in the future, when you have any free time, I would welcome you to visit my place at your leisure.”   Adkins’   attitude  was  extremely  friendly.  He  then transformed into a ray of light, disappearing into the horizon.

Linley and Bebe exchanged a glance.

“That Adkins’ attitude is a bit too good, isn’t it.” Bebe rubbed his eyes. “I have a weird feeling about it.”
Linley looked towards the O’Brien Empire’s direction.

Ojwin and Linley were enemies, but Ojwin’s ‘leader’, Adkins, treated Linley in such a friendly manner.

“Who cares why he is acting strangely. At least I can be certain that this Adkins has the intention of building a good relationship with us. Let’s go. Time to go back.” Linley, thinking about the God spark he had just acquired, thought to himself, “It seems I have a gift to give Delia now!”  Nieff had died and left behind a wind-style divine God spark, which was perfectly suited for giving to Delia.

After all, Delia had become a Deity through fusing with a divine spark. In the future, she would also have to continue relying upon fusing divine sparks. Just by relying on her own power, Delia would find it very hard to break through.
The battle between Nieff and Linley, especially the collapse of Nieff’s eleven doppelgangers, caused a large explosive wave of wind elemental essence to spread out, actually causing a tremor in the elemental essence of the world. This naturally attracted the attention of quite a few experts of the Yulan continent, and at this moment, quite a few divine senses were covering this area.

Within the Rohault Empire.

“Nieff died…”
Danny let out a long sigh. His divine sense had already located Linley and Bebe’s figures. “Nieff failed as well.”  And then, Danny’s face changed.

“Last time, Anras attacked. This time, Nieff attacked. Is it possible that Linley knows that Nieff belonged to our side? If he goes to ask those Gods of his residence to gain revenge upon us, or asks for Lord Beirut to act, then…” Danny’s heart grew nervous.

“There’s  no  point  to  staying  here  at  the  Yulan  Plane  any longer anyhow.”
Danny was certain about this. First of all, it was impossible for them to acquire the treasures of the Necropolis of the Gods. Secondly, it was also impossible to kill Linley.

“Best to immediately head back to the Infernal Realm.”
“Everyone,   assemble   at   the   front   courtyard!”    Danny immediately sent out this message. Only a few moments later, dozens of figures flew out of the Rohault Empire, heading towards the Arctic Icecap of the far north. They headed out in the morning. After flying for several hours, at roughly noontime, they arrived at the Arctic Icecap.

Their speed was indeed quite fast.

The Arctic Icecap. The peak of that iceberg. The wind howled.

Hodan came out from within that icy residence of his.

“Hrm? Danny?” Hodan saw Danny, then shook his head and sighed. “You are heading back?”
Danny nodded slightly. In a bitter voice, he said, “Our mission this time in the Yulan continent was a failure.”
“Did Nieff succeed in killing Linley?”  Hodan asked. Three years ago, Danny had already sent someone to tell Hodan of this affair. “Failed. Nieff died as well.” Danny shook his head helplessly as he spoke. “If this Linley goes to the Indigo Prefecture, he will definitely pose a great threat to our Reinales Clan. But even if I go back and explain this to the clan, I’m afraid it won’t be viewed with much importance by the clan.”
Danny’s position in the clan was fairly low. Anyone who fused with divine sparks to become a Deity, aside from Highgods, would all have fairly low status.

“I’m not able to get involved with the matters of the clan.” Hodan sighed. “Otherwise, a boring job like this wouldn’t have fallen to me. Alright, I’ll send you back now.”
The group of Deities led by Danny stood in that same six- sided star-shaped magic formation. Hodan activated the magic formation, and rays of light shot towards the heavens. The space within the magic formation began to distort like an illusion. In but a short while, the dozens of figures disappeared, no longer visible.

Danny and the rest of the group had immediately fled the Yulan Plane and returned to the Infernal Realm. As for Dragonblood Castle in the Yulan continent, it was filled with laughter and joy. Not just Tarosse and Dylin were there; the War God, the High Priest, and everyone else all participated in this banquet.

This was Linley’s first return in six years, after all.

In particular, after hearing about what Linley had experienced over the past few years, Tarosse, Dylin, and the others were all greatly surprised. In particular the story of how Leylin had killed that Highgod, Sadista, with but a single blow caused all of the experts present to stare slack-jawed.

“Did you just say that ‘Leylin’, the Lord of Mount Copper Gong, was Lord Bluefire? One of the five Kings, Lord Bluefire?” Dylin said in astonishment.

Dylin had stayed in Gebados for a time. He knew how terrifying ‘Bluefire’ was.

Bebe, chewing on food as he spoke, said, “Even Adkins, upon seeing Mr. Leylin at Mount Copper Gong, immediately fell down to one knee and called out to him as ‘Lord of the City’.”
“Adkins?” Wharton, seated next to Linley, frowned.

Wharton hated Adkins deeply, because his grandson through Cena, little ‘Kass’, had been killed by Ojwin, while Ojwin was now Adkins’ subordinate.

“Speaking of Adkins, I just thought of something.”  Linley looked at the nearby Olivier. “Olivier, that Adkins has already guaranteed to me that Ojwin will never ever make trouble for you again.”
Olivier’s eyes instantly lit up.

All these years, he had remained inside Dragonblood Castle, not daring to go outside, precisely because he was afraid of being attacked by Ojwin.

“Linley, thank you.” Olivier felt some gratitude in his heart. 
“If you are going to thank someone, you should thank Mr. Leylin.”  Linley  said.  Olivier  then  immediately  said,  “Linley, since Ojwin won’t pursue and attack me any further, then… tomorrow, I will prepare to head towards the Arctic Icecap. I really can’t take it any longer.”
“Tomorrow? Why are you going to the Arctic Icecap?”
Olivier smiled, his eyes holding a hint of anticipation. “Tomorrow, I am preparing to head to the Higher Plane of the Infernal Realm!”

Chapter 40, Creek, Ocean?

Go to the Infernal Realm?

Olivier’s words caused everyone in the hall to look towards him. Linley was somewhat surprised. He said, “Olivier, you are going to the Infernal Realm tomorrow? Why the rush? You can go to the Infernal Realm any time you want. In addition, the Yulan Plane is going to have another opening of the Necropolis of the Gods in a thousand years.”
Most of the experts remaining on the Yulan continent were doing so because of the Necropolis of the Gods.

“Necropolis of the Gods?”
Olivier   laughed   self-mockingly.   “What’s   the   point   of remaining in the Yulan continent. Linley, can it be that you think that I, Olivier, will be able to compete against Adkins or against Lord Bluefire? I’m just a Demigod. All I can do is watch, even if I stay behind. I might as well go to the Infernal Realm early.” “The Infernal Realm!” Olivier’s gaze drifted away, as though he  was  staring  into  the  Infernal  Realm  right  now.  “The legendary ‘Infernal Realm’ of the Higher Planes, the place where countless top tier experts of countless material planes are clustered together. A place with more experts and which is more diverse than even the Planar Prison by trillions of times!”
Everyone present, including Linley, Bebe, Delia, Tarosse, Dylin, and the War God all felt their hearts swayed.

They all knew how many experts were in the Planar Prison.

But compared to the Infernal Realm of the Higher Planes, the Gebados Planar Prison was nothing more than a tiny spot. After all, the ‘Infernal Realm’ had attracted countless experts from the myriad material planes. After so many years, it was perhaps already impossible to calculate how many experts were there.

“Right now, it feels like the Yulan continent has quite a few experts. However, the Yulan continent is nothing more than a small creek, while the Infernal Realm is an ocean filled with countless dangers. Although dangerous, it also contains boundless opportunities and challenges!”
Olivier’s eyes were shining. “The Infernal Realm. I dream of going there! That is my stage!”
Nobody tried to dissuade Olivier again.

Olivier’s words caused even Linley, Tarosse, and the other experts to feel rather itchy in their hearts. Indeed, the Planar Prison would generally only have a few people locked within it every ten thousand years. The vast majority of experts, by contrast, travelled to the Higher Planes. And these were experts from the countless planes of the multiverse.

It could be said… That most likely all of the experts in the various ‘Planar Prisons’ in the countless planes of the world, all combined, wouldn’t be as many as the number of experts within the ‘Infernal Realm’.

“Creek, ocean?” This echoed in Linley’s mind.

The Yulan continent was like a leisurely, clear creek. After Adkins, Leylin and the others left, Linley definitely would be one of the most powerful creatures living within this ‘creek’. But if Linley were to go to the Infernal Realm and enter that ‘endless sea’ filled with danger, the number of experts more powerful than Linley would be uncountable. That place had many people who had been training for far longer than Linley, or perhaps were even more talented than Linley, or perhaps had clans that were more terrifyingly powerful than Linley’s.

However, the vast Infernal Realm caused Linley’s heart to begin to boil with heated blood.

A life of challenges was what was needed for a person to be excited! 
Deep at night. Within the bedroom, Linley and Delia were lying on the bed.

“Linley, what are you thinking about?” Delia said softly.

“Me?”  Linley recovered from his reverie. He had just been thinking about the ‘Infernal Realm’ of the Higher Planes. He had never gone there, so all he could do was imagine what it was like. “Thinking about the ‘Infernal Realm’. I wonder what it is like there, and what the Infernal Realm has.”
Delia’s forehead creased slightly. She understood that Linley somewhat wanted to go to the Infernal Realm.

Delia, in her heart, didn’t wish for Linley to go. In Delia’s heart, she didn’t want for Linley to experience danger time and time again. That sort of feeling of worry and fear would cause her to feel like she was on the verge of collapse. But Delia didn’t say anything…because she understood. Liking Linley meant that she couldn’t restrict him too tightly.

She respected Linley’s decisions.

Linley sighed inwardly. He knew what Delia felt as well, but precisely because of this, Linley felt all the more grateful towards Delia. Delia had always quietly supported him. Linley suddenly remembered the wind-style divine spark he had acquired.

“Delia, take a look. What is this?”  With a flip of his hand, Linley revealed a black divine spark glimmering with green light which floated in front of Delia’s eyes.

Delia, seeing it, couldn’t help but have her eyes light up. “Wind-style  divine  spark?  This…this  is  that  Nieff’s  divine spark?”  Linley  had  long  ago  told  the  details  of  what  had happened to Delia. Delia also knew that Linley had a total of three divine sparks on him right now. They were respectively, the earth-style divine God spark which had fallen into Linley’s hands from when Barnas’ divine clone had been killed, the fire-style divine God spark from Anras’ failed assassination attempt, and then the wind-style divine God spark from Nieff.

“Go take it and fuse with it.” Linley laughed.

Looking at Linley, Delia finally accepted it. Delia knew… given her level of talent, especially after having fused with a divine spark to become a Deity, relying on herself to gain insights and make breakthroughs would most likely require tens of thousands of years before she could break through.

Delia dripped blood onto the divine spark, taking it into her body. And then she rested her head against Linley’s chest. In a gentle voice, she said, “This divine spark was obtained through the hard work of my husband.”
Linley couldn’t help but laugh. “Delia,  I’ve  heard  that  some  of  the  clans  in  the  Infernal Realm will use divine sparks to bring their descendants directly to the Highgod level.” Linley sighed in praise, “Three divine sparks in a row, and they become a Highgod. This sort of speed really is astonishing.”
Fusing divine sparks was a symbol of low talent.

Experts generally wouldn’t fuse with divine sparks. Even if one completely fused with a divine spark, the spark and one’s own soul wouldn’t be 100% compatible. To fuse with the profound mysteries within, the difficulty level would be hundreds of times greater than those who became Deities on their own.

“I will definitely work hard to learn how to use the profound mysteries of the Laws within.” Delia said.

Next morning at dawn. Although a hint of sunlight was already shining, it was still quite cold. However, a large group of people had already gathered at the training fields of Dragonblood Castle, because everyone was sending Olivier off. 
This time, Olivier was going by himself to the Infernal Realm.

Dylin, Tarosse, Cesar, the War God, and the others all had matters to resolve in the Yulan continent first.

“Olivier, kid, be careful in the Infernal Realm. Don’t end up getting offed shortly after getting there. Haha…” Dylin laughed as he clapped Olivier on the shoulders. Olivier’s eyes had a fierce light flash through them. “Get offed by someone? Killing me won’t be so easy.”
Linley and the others all laughed and said a few final words to Olivier.

“If we’re lucky, perhaps in the Infernal Realm, I’ll meet with everyone again.” Olivier said with a smile. “There’s no need to say much more. I’ll leave now.” As he spoke, Olivier gave Linley a profound glance. Linley could sense the hidden meaning within Olivier’s gaze.

Olivier stared at Linley and said, “Linley, I will wait for you in the Infernal Realm. Don’t remain hiding in this little creek forever.”   After  speaking,  Olivier  flew  straight  towards  the north.

Linley couldn’t help but be slightly stunned.

Delia and Wharton couldn’t help but look towards Linley as well.

“Creek?” Linley’s mind was very complicated right now.

“Linley!”  A voice rang out directly in Linley’s mind. Linley was startled. This voice belonged to Lord Beirut. “Linley, you just came back from Mount Copper Gong not too long ago, right? These next two days, head over to my place and bring Bebe with you.” “Bring Bebe?” Linley was somewhat puzzled. What did Beirut want Bebe to go there for?

“When you and Bebe get here, I’ll tell you. Remember. Hurry up. Don’t waste too much time.” Beirut laughed.

“I’ll head over immediately.” Linley replied.

“No rush. This time, when Bebe comes, he’ll most likely stay with me for quite a long period of time. You and him probably won’t meet for a long time.” Beirut said.

“Hrm?” Linley was somewhat surprised, but Beirut didn’t explain in detail, instead withdrawing his divine sense.

The next afternoon, the sky was very blue, like a washed azure porcelain plate, with an occasional white cloud floating in the horizons. Two figures were flying shoulder to shoulder through the skies. It was Linley and Bebe. The two had left Dragonblood Castle together, heading straight for the Forest of Darkness and the metallic castle within. Bebe was puzzled as well. He didn’t know why Beirut was looking for him.

And from the sound of it, he would need to be separated from Linley for a long time.

In the vast Forest of Darkness, thousands of kilometers across, even kilometers in the air, one would still sense how vast and boundless this forest was. Upon seeing that metallic castle, Linley and Bebe descended downwards, and as they did, they sensed that ancient aura of the Forest of Darkness race towards them.

“Come in.” Beirut’s voice rang out in Linley’s mind.

Linley and Bebe immediately flew into the metallic castle.

“Come to think of it, I’ve never gone inside this metallic castle  before.”   Linley  laughed  towards  Bebe,  who  laughed widely, “Boss, this metallic castle is quite special. It is very unique, and also very interesting.”
Linley was intrigued by Bebe’s words.

He couldn’t help but take a closer look at this metallic castle. The inside of it was arranged extremely neatly, and every part of the metallic castle had a fluctuating metallic color. For example, the floor was a violet red metallic color which reflected light.

Some of the metal even formed small mountains, and within the garden, there were all sorts of flowers.

“These flowers can’t all be made from the metallic castle, right?” Linley said to Bebe.

“These aren’t, no.” Bebe shook his head. “However, all of the metallic items here are made from the metallic castle itself. Boss, this metallic castle is very marvelous. Whatever you want it to transform into, it will.” Linley and Bebe spoke as they entered the living room.

Beirut was currently reading an extremely thick book. Not even lifting up his head, he said, “Enter.”
Linley entered the living room, glancing at the cover the book. “Hey? These characters don’t seem to be the same as the characters of our Yulan continent.” Linley was puzzled.
“Puzzled  by  these  characters?”  Beirut  raised  his  head  to glance at Linley, then laughed, “This came from an extremely long time ago. Even I don’t know how many hundreds of millions of years old it is. At that time, the Yulan continent didn’t even have humans. This was the time of the earth elemental civilizations, and this was the language of the time.”
“However,  the  language  which  we  currently  speak  in  the Yulan continent was intentionally passed down by the Planar Overseer of that time, shortly after humans appeared. It is the same language which is spoken in the Infernal Realm, the Celestial Realm, the Netherworld, and the Life Realm.” Beirut said.

Linley nodded.

“Grandpa Beirut, you told me to come back yet again. What is this about?” Bebe asked directly.

“Of course there’s a reason.”  Beirut began to laugh. “The profound mysteries of the Laws you have gained insight into after becoming a Deity are the profound mysteries which we Godeater Rats will naturally gain upon reaching maturity. As a matter of fact, you yourself haven’t actively gained insights into any profound mysteries. This time, I…”
Halfway through his words, Beirut suddenly looked towards the south in amazement. “Huh? This guy…”
“Rumble…” Suddenly, the elemental essence of the entire Yulan Plane, including not just the Yulan continent, but also the North Sea, the Arctic Icecap, and even the boundless South Seas, began to tremble. In particular, the elemental essence of the South Sea became to form into terrifying waves.

Fortunately, the South Seas were extremely vast. When this terrifying wave of elemental essence which came forth from it reached the Yulan continent, it was nothing more than an elemental ripple. But this elemental ripple was enough to cause any experts capable of sensing it to feel astonishment in their hearts.

“This? What is this?”
Linley immediately spread out his divine sense, instantly covering the entire Yulan continent with it. “This elemental ripple covers an enormous area. And the origin of it seems to be even further south.” Linley’s spiritual energy, despite being powerful, couldn’t reach the end, to the source of where this elemental ripple came from. 
“What scale! What tremendous scale!” Beirut began to laugh.

Chapter 41, An Abrupt Change

These astonishing elemental tremors were something which even the youngest students at magus academies were able to clearly sense. From Deities to magus academy initiates, countless people felt astonished at the massive scale of these elemental tremors. Even a hundred forbidden spells being fired off at the same time wouldn’t create such astonishing elemental vibrations.

“Grandpa Beirut, what is going on?” Bebe asked curiously.

Linley looked towards Beirut as well, who chortled, “The King of the Gebados Planar Prison, Bluefire. You know him, right? This is all his doing. His former homeland, that shattered continent…he is preparing to create it anew.”
“What?” Linley and Bebe were shocked.

Create a continent? “This  Bluefire  is  an  absolute  madman.”   Beirut  exhaled. “Although he is a Highgod, the amount of divine power and spiritual energy he has to expend in order to create a continent is an astonishing figure. This is an entire, massive continent, not just an ordinary little island.”
“You can create a continent?” Bebe didn’t dare believe it.

Beirut nodded. “That Bluefire has two divine Highgod clones, and he has reached an extremely frightening level of attainment in the profound mysteries of the Laws. Given his power, creating a continent in a material plane isn’t impossible. However, I still feel that this fellow is a bit too crazy.”
“Crazy?” Linley couldn’t help but look towards the south.

The creation of a continent was an astonishing spectacle. Perhaps only an expert on the level of Lord Bluefire was capable of such a thing. In the South Seas region, at the place most distant from the Yulan continent, the boundless waters of the ocean seemed to be boiling. “Hissssss.” The seabed was emitting a hot aura. In this massive area spanning ten thousand kilometers, one could clearly see boiling hot magma rising upwards from the seabed.

In the air above the underwater fountain of lava, a wild, explosive concentration of fire elemental essence was causing space to distort. Within that distortion, a human figure could be seen.

This figure, dressed in a long, dark red robe, hovered in mid- air like a celestial divinity. It was indeed ‘Bluefire’ Leylin.
Dozens of kilometers away from Leylin was the bald man, Burgess, and the white-robed man. They looked at each other, and the white robed man let out a breath. “Big Brother, Third Brother truly is quite mad. With that volcano as the center, he has in one breath summoned so much lava from the depths of the earth beneath the seabed. He is insane.”
“Fortunately, Third Brother is nearly a Paragon with regards to his understanding of the Elemental Laws of Fire. Otherwise, he definitely wouldn’t have been able to accomplish this so easily.”
The reason why Leylin was famous was because of his mastery of the Elemental Laws of Fire. The name ‘Bluefire’ was a testament to the level of attainment he had reached in the Elemental Laws of Fire. The strength of his fire-style Highgod clone was far greater than that of his earth-style Highgod clone.

It wasn’t that he was weak in earth; it was that his strength in fire was simply too great!

Countless amounts of magma continued to rise from beneath the ocean depths. Occasionally, they would even erupt over the surface of the water. But the amount of lava which erupted from above the surface of the ocean wasn’t even a millionth of the total amount of lava being created.

The vast majority of the lava which had exploded forth from the seabed had solidified into rocks within the sea. The area of the lava which Leylin had brought forth from beneath the seabed stretched out for hundreds of thousands of kilometers. Only, relying on his control over the lava, he caused the majority of it to solidify and focus within the area of ten thousand kilometers. Afterwards, when they solidified due
to the cold from the waters of the sea and formed rocks, the
amount of sea water within this ten thousand kilometer area would lessen as well.

In some places, rocks were already emerging from the surface of the sea, and most places only had a sea depth of a few hundred meters.

This was something that was inconceivable, so deep within the South Sea. But Bluefire had accomplished it.
“The next part is going to be tricky for Third Brother.” The bald man, Burgess, stared at the distant figure of Leylin. “To control such a vast amount of earth elemental essence and form a continent…Third Brother’s mastery of the Elemental Laws of Earth isn’t as powerful as his mastery of the Elemental Laws of Fire.” The white-robed man nodded as well. The two continued to stare at Leylin in the distance.

Leylin let out a long breath, then stretched out his two hands…
“Rumble…”  The boundless earth elemental essence of the world came under his control. Within an area of hundreds of thousands of kilometers, the rocks and dirt all came under his control, and began rushing towards that area of ten thousand kilometers formed from solidified lava.

The amount of earth elemental essence that had been summoned was too vast, creating a vacuum in earth elemental essence for hundreds of thousands of kilometers in the area around.

“BOOM!”  Earth elemental essence from other areas wildly rushed in, causing space itself to tremble and distort. The countless amounts of earth elemental essence particles rushing in also created an elemental wave. The massive vibrations within hundreds of thousands of kilometers caused countless ocean creatures to suffer an untold calamity. Actually, the explosion of lava alone had already caused many creatures to be boiled to death.

“Too slow!”
At this sort of speed, the amount of time it would take to create a continent would most likely be ten days or half a month.

Leylin frowned, his scarlet eyebrows seeming to touch. “It seems it won’t be as easy as I thought!” Leylin’s body suddenly split into two. One of the two bodies, a divine clone wearing a golden robe, suddenly disintegrated soundlessly, disappearing from the world. Instantly, within the area of hundreds of thousands of kilometers, the rocks and earth began to move at a pace several times faster.

“The divine power which my divine earth clone has built up over the countless year will most likely be completely used up.” The fire-style divine clone of Leylin, wearing a dark red robe, murmured to himself. 
This time, when Leylin returned to the Yulan continent, he had a sour feeling in his heart. After all, his homeland had been completely destroyed, and even the very continent itself had been shattered and sunk into the seas. Thus, Leylin chose to go to the previous location of his former homeland and summon an explosive river of lava. The sea depth here wasn’t
that great, and so the level of difficulty would be somewhat
lower as well.

Creating an entire continent and creating an elemental manor…these were two completely separate concepts.

O’Brien Empire. The imperial palace.

Adkins was looking towards the south, his forehead furrowed. The nearby Barnas stood there respectfully as well.

“Lord Bluefire truly is daring.” Adkins spoke. Barnas  said  in  a  quiet  voice,  “Creating  a  continent  is something which will consume an astonishing amount of divine power and spiritual energy.”
A chuckle escaped Adkins. “The amount of divine power and spiritual energy which is consumed is indeed astonishing, but the creation of a continent is primarily the doing of his divine earth clone. In other words, that powerful divine fire clone of his won’t be weakened by much.”
“Bluefire is too powerful!”
Adkins lowered his head, silent for a long time.

Barnas stood at the side, sighing in his heart. “Young master is too stubborn and competitive. He doesn’t like being inferior to others. Only, in the Gebados Planar Prison, young master is far inferior to those five Kings. If he went to the Higher Planes where even more experts exist, most likely he wouldn’t be at the peak of the field. The treasures of the Necropolis of the Gods….they are young master’s only hope.” Barnas knew very well that Adkins definitely wouldn’t give up.

Adkins suddenly turned. “Barnas, I don’t want to wait any longer.”
“Lord Adkins? You…” Barnas was shocked. He knew what Adkins was thinking.

Adkins’  gaze was as sharp as a knife. “This is an excellent opportunity. Bluefire is completely focused on creating that continent. He has no energy to pay attention to us. Right now, immediately go and summon Ojwin and the other two.”
“Yes!”   Barnas  took  a  deep  breath  as  well,  immediately spreading out his divine sense towards Ojwin and the others.

Adkins face was tranquil, but his heart was filled with great excitement. “The  day  that  determines  destiny!”  Adkins  murmured  to himself.

Soon, Ojwin, Hanbritt, and Gatenby all arrived. The three immediately fell to one knee in respect. “Lord Adkins.”
“All of you, make a trip with me to the Forest of Darkness.” Adkins said.

Ojwin and the other two exchanged glances, all very puzzled. They had all felt the astonishing elemental tremors. Now, they had been ordered to go immediately to the Forest of Darkness with no explanation. The three could only suppress their curiosity and then follow Adkins and Barnas towards the Forest of Darkness.

The Forest of Darkness. The metallic castle.

Linley and Beirut were still together. “You are planning to have Bebe gain insights into the profound mysteries of the Laws?”  Linley looked at Beirut in astonishment. Just then, Beirut had said that he wanted Bebe to stay in the metallic castle to attune with the profound mysteries of the Laws. After completely mastering one of them, he would allow Bebe to leave the metallic castle.”
Bebe immediately had a sour look on his face as well and said, “Grandpa Beirut, let’s take it slow with regards to training in the profound mysteries of the Laws. Why do you insist on me staying in the metallic castle? Who knows how long it will take me to succeed.”
“Don’t worry. I only want you to master the simplest Profound Mystery of the Essence of Darkness. In addition, in order to help you gain insights, I have prepared a treasure to assist you. Grandpa paid an extremely great price to obtain this treasure.” Beirut said.

Linley couldn’t help but feel astonished.

From the sound of it, it seemed as though this was a treasure which could help a person in training in the Elemental Laws? 
“Treasure? How precious is it?” Bebe’s eyes lit up.

“Stop asking so many questions.” Beirut said seriously. “Just stay here and don’t make Grandpa disappointed.”
Linley consoled and urged Bebe as well. Bebe himself was very curious towards that treasure, and so he finally agreed. After all, Bebe also knew…his Grandpa was extremely wealthy. For even Beirut to say that the price he had paid was great meant that this treasure was definitely not an ordinary one.

“Hrm?” Beirut frowned slightly.

“Harry!”  Beirut shouted. Soon, a human figure appeared in the living room. It was one of the three Violet-Gold Rat Kings, Harry. Beirut instructed, “Harry, you take care of Bebe. Don’t let him run amok. I’m going out for now.”
“Yes, Father.” Harry said respectfully. 
“Linley,  you  come  with  me  as  well.”  Beirut  laughed,  and Linley nodded.

After bidding Bebe farewell, Linley and Beirut flew directly out of the metallic castle. Flying by Beirut’s side, Linley felt somewhat mystified. “Lord Beirut suddenly said that we were heading out. What is this about. Hey, they are…?”
Linley had already seen several figures flying over from far away, with the leader being the awe-inspiring Adkins!

“Ojwin!” Linley saw Ojwin behind Adkins as well. “Hmph. If I have the chance, I will definitely kill him.” Linley continued to feel hatred towards Ojwin. In the past, Cena’s son and wives, as well as the entire palace, had all been killed by this man.

He had never had a chance to avenge this enmity.

“Ah, Mr. Beirut.” A smile immediately drifted to Adkins’ face. “Oh, Linley, you are here as well.” Adkis’ smile was very bright. 
“Linley, you can go back for now.” Beirut said.

Linley bowed, and then also bowed slightly towards Adkins, flying towards the south by himself. Only, in mid-flight, Linley couldn’t help but turn his head and look back. “Lord Beirut suddenly came out, most likely because he knew that Adkins and the others had arrived. What is going on?”
In the air above the Forest of Darkness, a black-robed Beirut and a gold-robed Adkins were standing in mid-air, facing each other. Adkins seemed like a youngster, while Beirut seemed like an elder. Old and young, standing there facing each other. It was quite intriguing.

“Mr. Beirut, let’s go to your place to chat.” Adkins said.

“No need. Here is fine.” Beirut said with a calm laugh.

Adkins  was  all  smiles.  “Fine,  then.”  Adkins  immediately spread out his Godrealm, preventing Ojwin and the others from listening to their conversation. “Mr. Beirut, last time, you said that we have to wait a thousand years before opening the Necropolis of the Gods, yes?”
“That was indeed the case.” Beirut had a hint of a laugh in his eyes.

Adkins laughed warmly. “I also know that previously, Mr. Beirut, you opened the Necropolis of the Gods twice in succession, once to let Saints in, once to let Deities in. There should only have been a gap of a month or so in between. I imagine that the opening of the Necropolis of the Gods is determined by yourself, Mr. Beirut?”
“Right. The almighty Sovereign hasn’t set a specific schedule for the opening and closing. I alone am responsible for determining when it will be opened.” Beirut said.

Adkins   smile   became   absolutely   incandescent.   “That’s absolutely wonderful. Mr. Beirut, I wonder, would it be possible for us to open the Necropolis of the Gods in advance?” “In advance?” Beirut stared at Adkins in astonishment.

“Right, for example…tomorrow! I don’t know if you would consider  it,  Mr.  Beirut?”  Adkins  looked  at  Beirut,  his  eyes carrying a hint of anticipation.

“Oh, well now…” Beirut pondered for a moment. Adkins could only wait, absolutely frantic. Finally, Beirut nodded slightly.  “That’s  not  impossible.  Opening  it  tomorrow  is doable.”

Chapter 42, Beirut’s Power

Having received a positive response, Adkins breathing couldn’t help but grow ragged. His mind instantly became filled with all sorts of dreams. “If I can acquire a Sovereign artifact within the Necropolis of the Gods, or perhaps one of the legendary Sovereign sparks and become an incomparably mighty Sovereign, then I, Adkins…”
Just thinking about it made Adkins’ blood boil in anticipation.

But suddenly, Beirut frowned and he said hurriedly, “Wait, we can’t open it tomorrow.”
“What? Why not?” Adkins was frantic.

Beirut explained, “Adkins, I forgot about something. Bluefire is currently rebuilding his homeland. His divine earth clone is wholeheartedly focused on rebuilding the continent, while his divine fire clone is standing guard. He can’t divide his attention right now. Given his building speed, I imagine he still needs a few more days. How about this. Let’s wait ten days, then enter together.”
Adkins felt a surge of franticness in his heart. He secretly said to himself, “That’s exactly the issue; I don’t want Bluefire to enter. If Bluefire enters, then how will I possibly compete against him?”
Adkins knew exactly how powerful Bluefire was.

“Lord Beirut.” Adkins said sincerely. Just from the fact that he was now addressing Beirut as ‘Lord’ was proof of how much importance he placed on the treasures of the Necropolis of the Gods. “I think…there’s no need to allow that Bluefire to enter the Necropolis of the Gods. How about just the two of us enter. What do you think?”
Adkins finally got to the point.

Just him and Beirut. When the time came, only he, Adkins, would enter the Necropolis of the Gods. Given that, who would be able to compete against him?” “Oh?” Beirut stared at Adkins, as if he suddenly understood. A hint of a smile was on his lips. “So Adkins, this is what you desire?”
Adkins continued to look at Beirut.

“Adkins, your fantasy is a bit too perfect.” Beirut smirked. “If I let you go in by yourself, you might be able to acquire the treasures within. But there is no benefit to me at all. In addition, I would run the risk of offending Bluefire. Do you think that I, Beirut, am so old that my vision has gone bad, that I wouldn’t know who is more important between you and Bluefire?”
Adkins laughed ingratiatingly and said hurriedly, “Lord Beirut, your words aren’t correct. True, Bluefire is more powerful than me, and if he goes in, he would at least be able to acquire a Sovereign artifact. However, Lord Beirut, think about it. Given Bluefire’s temper, if he were to obtain a Sovereign spark, how could he possibly submit to you? I think, Lord Beirut, that you don’t have any confidence in defeating a Bluefire who wields a Sovereign artifact, right?” Beirut just laughed.

Adkins urged yet again, “But I’m different. Lord Beirut. If you have any requests, just go ahead and state them!”
“Oh?” Beirut’s eyes lit up.

“This  Necropolis  of  the  Gods  does  indeed  have  Sovereign artifacts.”   Beirut  said.  Adkins  eyes  instantly  lit  up.  Beirut continued, “Adkins, I want you to swear an oath to the Overgod of Fate that the first Sovereign artifact you acquire, you have to give to me.”
Adkins started slightly. “How many Sovereign artifacts are within?”
“Not just one.” Beirut said. “Fine. No matter if I acquire one or two of them, the first Sovereign artifact I will definitely give to you, Lord Beirut.” Adkins gritted his teeth.

“Don’t rush. No point in saying it now. Later, you can make an oath to the Overgod of Fate.” Beirut said with a calm laugh.

An oath sworn to the Overgod of Fate definitely could not be violated. The Overgod of Fate was in actuality the ‘Edicts of Fate’, one of the edicts which governed the functioning of the vast multiverse. If you were to violate such an oath, the Edicts of Fate would naturally cause you to suffer endlessly.

“This is the first matter. There are still two other matters.” Beirut said.

“This Beirut really is black-hearted.” Adkins secretly cursed, but he didn’t have any other options. He had to force himself to squeeze out a smile. “Lord Beirut, pray tell.”
Beirut said with a calm laugh, “The second matter is, after leaving the Necropolis of the Gods, you have to serve me for a million years.”
Adkins stared.

Serve? Even in the Gebados Planar Prison, he, Adkins, had never served anyone as a vassal.
“What, you don’t accept? If you don’t accept, that’s fine. We can forget about this Necropolis of the Gods matter.” As Beirut spoke, he seemed about to turn. Adkins gritted his teeth. “I accept. After I return from the Necropolis of the Gods, I, Adkins, will definitely serve you, Lord Beirut, for a million years.”
Beirut smiled and nodded.

“Lord Beirut, now you can let me go to the Necropolis of the Gods alone, right?” Adkins had a hint of anger in his heart now. “Don’t rush. There’s the third requirement as well.”  Beirut was still all smiles.

No matter how good-tempered a person was, hearing this, they would still be irritated. What’s more, Adkins was an explosive, brutally tempered person to begin with. He couldn’t help but say, “Lord Beirut, how many requirements do you have?”
“This is the final one.”  Beirut laughed calmly. “If you don’t agree, then forget about entering the Necropolis of the Gods.”
Adkins suppressed his rage and growled, “Speak.”
“My third request is very simple. I don’t want to have problems  in  the  future.  So,  please  go  kill  Bluefire.”  Beirut continued to smile faintly. “Alas, I don’t want Bluefire to come get revenge on me in the future. Thus, I’ll have to trouble you to kill him.”
Adkins was instantly stupefied. 
Kill Bluefire?

“If I, Adkins, had the ability to kill Bluefire, why would I be here speaking with you at such length!” Adkins said furiously.

“Oh. Then there’s nothing I can do about that.” Beirut’s face sank. “Then Adkins, please go back.”
Adkins instantly understood. He was so angry, his face turned white. Pointing at Beirut in a fury, he said, “Beirut, you…you played me for a fool!!!” The three requirements that Beirut required were completely unattainable. The first two requirements were already excessive, but this third one was impossible.

Beirut began to laugh, and he looked at Adkins as he laughed. “Adkins, you just now realize it? Haha, I did indeed play you for a fool. I was originally planning to wait a thousand years, at which point I would just bring Bluefire into the Necropolis of the Gods. I didn’t expect that you would come here so quickly. But that’s for the better. It let me see how you look when utterly furious, haha…”
Adkins’ face changed. “You never planned to let me enter the Necropolis of the Gods?”
Beirut smirked. “I never had the intention of letting you enter. I only planned to let Bluefire enter.”
Adkins’ entire body was shaking slightly.

By nature, he was arrogant and never willing to be subordinate to others. Adkins had always dreamed of one day reaching the heights of power and exceed Bluefire and the other five Kings. But he understood that given his talent, his only hope was to acquire a Sovereign artifact, or perhaps a Sovereign spark, something he dreamed about. 
His hopes had been dashed.

In the air above the Forest of Darkness, Adkins and Beirut stood there, looking at each other. Their conversation was separated from the outside world by the Godrealm. The distant Barnas, Ojwin, and others couldn’t hear their conversation at all. They only saw that Adkins’ expression had clearly become furious.

With Adkins at the center, a black and white light suddenly shot out in every direction. The area covered by the black light caused space to distort, and the nearby trees began to be devoured. Wherever the white light shone upon, matter evaporated like snow in the face of the sun.

Adkins had two mighty divine clones; darkness and light! 
Cocooned by darkness and light, Adkins was absolutely enraged.

Adkins pointed furiously at Beirut, bellowing in anger, “Beirut, you are a despicable, base person who relies on having a Sovereign at his back! Today, I lowered myself to beg you and gave you face time and time again. I didn’t expect that you would insult me like this. Fine. Fine. You, Beirut, abuse the weak while fearing the strong. You are afraid of offending Bluefire, but you come insult me. You are garbage!!!”
These words weren’t restricted by the Godrealm. They spread out in every direction, with Barnas and the others hearing them clearly.

Barnas was greatly shocked. “Lord Adkins, no!”
“Not good.” Hanbritt, Gatenby, and Ojwin’s faces all changed as well. Hundreds of kilometers away from Adkins and Beirut, Linley couldn’t help but turn his head to stare in astonishment as well.

“What a powerful aura of darkness and light energy.” Linley was inwardly shocked. The explosive release of energy from Adkins had naturally attracted Linley’s attention. “Such powerful energy…can it be that Adkins and Lord Beirut are coming to blows?”
Linley was mystified.

And then, Linley immediately headed back.

Beirut’s face turned cold, as though covered with a layer of frost. “Abuse the weak while fearing the strong? Garbage?”
“You’ve trained for just a million years. Even if you have a Sovereign artifact, do you even know how to use it properly?” A semi-translucent long blade, seemingly made out of ice, appeared in Adkins’ hand. He looked disdainfully at Beirut. “If you don’t have a Sovereign artifact, then die. If you do, good. It is time for the Sovereign artifact to have a new master.”
Adkins had never held Beirut in any regard.

As he saw it, Beirut who had trained for just a million years was nothing more than an upstart junior. How many Elemental Laws could he have fused?”
“Have a new master?”
With a flip of his hand, Beirut revealed a pitch black staff. This staff emanated a terrifying aura, and Adkins’ eyelids twitched, staring in astonishment at the staff in Beirut’s hands. With an insulting smirk, Beirut said, “The Sovereign artifact is here. If you have the ability, come and take it.”
This was a perfect, undamaged Sovereign artifact, not like Linley’s. The black staff in Beirut’s hands emitted an aura so powerful that even the distant Barnas, Ojwin, and the others had their faces turn white.

Adkins’ eyes couldn’t help but narrow. He secretly said, “This Beirut actually really does have a Sovereign artifact. All the better. At worst, today, I’ll lose a divine clone! I have to kill him and seize that Sovereign artifact.” Adkins had made up his mind, and now he acted straightforwardly.

Barnas was frantic, but this time, he was no longer able to stop this battle!

Ojwin, Barnas, and the others all watched the two Highgods face off from afar. Suddenly, the dark and light energy exploded forth, causing space to shudder. Even Barnas the other three immediately utilized their Godrealm to defend.

Adkins divided his body into two, his divine light clone and his divine darkness clone! The divine light clone wielded that long blade, while his divine dark clone was hidden within the darkness, disappearing within. Adkins’ divine light clone instantly charged towards Beirut, his face ferocious as he roared, “Die!” At the same instant he roared, his blade stabbed out, as eye- piercingly bright as the sun.

At the same moment…
The divine dark clone hidden within the darkness appeared as well, as a black dagger silently stabbed towards Beirut.

“Haha…” Beirut laughed loudly and gaily, sweeping out with his black staff.

The black staff seemed to have turned into a blur, smashing directly down upon that brilliant blade which shone like the sun.    “BANG!”     The    Highgod    artifact    blade    instantly disintegrated, but the black staff didn’t slow down at all, smashing directly down upon the head of Adkins’ divine light clone. “BOOM!” The head completely exploded, leaving behind only a brilliant divine spark hovering in midair.

Adkins’ divine darkness clone laughed insidiously. “He didn’t even move. He is asking for death!”  In the same instant his divine light clone was destroyed, Adkins’ black dagger stabbed directly towards Beirut’s head.

The black dagger stabbed onto Beirut’s head, but there was only a metallic ringing sound.

“How is that possible?!” Adkins stared in astonishment, his eyes wide. His full-power attack with his Highgod artifact hadn’t been able to even break through Beirut’s skin? Beirut’s head was actually comparable in toughness to a Highgod artifact? This was utterly impossible.

But…it had happened. Beirut turned his head to glance at the boggled Adkins. “What, are you disappointed?”
“Flee!”    Adkins’    face   changed   dramatically.   He   finally understood that this Beirut was utterly terrifying. Even the five Kings of the Gebados Planar Prison wouldn’t dare to use their heads to take a full power attack of a Highgod.

The black staff, moving at a speed that was seemingly dozens of times faster than when it had destroyed the divine light clone, instantly passed through Adkins’ head. Adkins’ head soundless disintegrated, leaving behind only a darkness-style divine spark floating next to Beirut.

And then, both of the divine sparks entered Beirut’s hands.

The two headless corpses fell from the sky. Beirut lowered his head to glance at them, murmuring, “Too weak, too weak. Compared to the former era’s Bloodviolet Fiend and the Twelve Winged Highgod Angel, he was far too weak.”  Beirut, with just two casual sweeps of his staff, had killed Adkins.

Chapter 43, Extreme Joy Turns to Grief

Barnas, Ojwin, Hanbritt, and Gatenby all stared, slack-jawed and eyes round.

They had watched the battle which had occurred just now. In front of Beirut, Adkins was like an infant, completely incapable of resistance. The most monstrous part of it was…Adkins had delivered a full power attack against Beirut’s head, but Beirut hadn’t been hurt at all.

“Funny. So funny.”
Beirut shook his head, let out a sigh, then flew at high speed towards his metallic castle in the north. Actually, Beirut had been prepared for this battle long ago. If he hadn’t, he wouldn’t have left the metallic castle to prepare for battle with Adkins in mid-air.

“Whew…” Ojwin and everyone else let out a long breath. Fortunately, Beirut had completely ignored them when he had left. Otherwise, all four of them combined wouldn’t be able to withstand a single blow from Beirut’s staff.

“How terrifying.” Hanbritt let out a sigh.

Barnas stared at the two headless corpses below. Utterly agonized,  he  said,  “Young  master!”   Barnas  directly  flew downwards. He and Adkins had an extremely close relationship. The two had been together for a very long time, and now that Adkins was dead, Barnas was filled with agony as well.

Ojwin’s eyes lit up.

“The interspatial ring!”  Ojwin saw that on the two corpses below, the divine light corpse was still wearing an interspatial ring on one of its fingers. “Adkins’ interspatial ring has a divine Highgod spark in it.” Ojwin’s heart began to tremble.

Even in his dreams, Ojwin fantasized about becoming a Highgod! 
And now, the chance had come!

“Perhaps that interspatial ring has a light-style spark.” Ojwin secretly said to himself. Ojwin immediately sneaked a peek at the nearby Gatenby and Hanbritt, but unexpectedly, Hanbritt and Gatenby were also glancing at him and each other.

The three of them exchanged glances, then all grinned.

They all knew what the others were thinking. Of the four subordinates of Adkins, most likely only Barnas wasn’t interested in that divine Highgod spark. After all, it wasn’t suited for him to fuse with. All three of them had the same idea.

“Hanbritt, Gatenby, you also want that divine Highgod spark in the interspatial ring, right?” Ojwin directly sent a message via his divine sense.

Hanbritt and Gatenby’s eyes contained a hint of amusement. 
Gatenby replied with his divine sense, “However, we have to deal with Barnas first. He is very powerful. If we don’t kill him, there’s no way we will be able to get that interspatial ring.”
“Alright. All of us will join forces and pool our power to kill Barnas. As for the divine spark, after we acquire it, let’s see what element it is. Whoever it suits, that’s who will get it!” Hanbritt said, and Ojwin and Gatenby both expressed assent.

The three exchanged a glance, and then flew downwards as if by prior agreement.

“Lord Adkins!”  Gatenby spoke out in a somewhat agonized manner.

“Mr. Barnas, don’t be too heartbroken.” Hanbritt flew over as well.

Barnas was currently lost in his agony. The scene of him being together with Adkins over the course of all these years flashed through his mind, and tears couldn’t help but begin to trickle down Barnas’ face. He didn’t have any idea as to what Ojwin and the other two were planning.

“Let’s do it!” Ojwin shouted through his divine sense to the others.

Ojwin, Gatenby, and Hanbritt simultaneously had their weapons appear in their hands, and in the next instant, simultaneously charged towards the nearby Barnas. The three Gods revealed a murderous look in their eyes, not holding back at all.

“Not good.” Barnas suddenly sensed this terrifying aura and immediately transformed into a ray of lightning, flying away and fleeing.

Unfortunately, no matter how fast an expert was, fleeing still had a short wind up phase. In that instant, his speed wasn’t very fast, while Ojwin, Gatenby, and Hanbritt had already reached the limits of their speed as they pincer-attacked him. “What are you doing?!” Barnas’ divine sense swept into the minds of the three with a furious howl.

Barnas had already turned and was facing Ojwin and the other two while he continued to retreat at high speed.

A green sword flash, a holy light flash, and a warblade that carried within it a destructive aura. The three Gods struck out at full strength, and the ancient trees nearby that had existed for innumerable years were transformed into dust, with the earth itself sinking down as well.

“Bastards!”  Barnas  was  a  smart  man.  He  instantly  could guess what the goal of these three was.

He didn’t have any chance to flee right now. Grinding his teeth, Barnas transformed into a human-shaped bolt of lightning. The Highgod artifact in his hand, the ‘Spear of Cortez’, directly pierced towards Gatenby, as Barnas hoped to make a breakthrough at this point and flee with his live. 
But how could Ojwin and the other two let him flee?

Three on one!

The earth seemed to have transformed into a rippling pond. Within a thousand meters, the nearby boulders, trees, and magical beasts all transformed into powder. Dust flew everywhere, but the battle had already concluded. Barnas’ eyes had already grown dim, and he had collapsed, following in Adkins’ footsteps.

“Bang!” Gatenby, a hole having been created in his chest, also collapsed at the same instant.

The Spear of Cortez didn’t just possess a material attack; it also possessed a spiritual attack. That Barnas had taken the combined strikes of those three Gods, but although he died, even in death, he had pulled down the most powerful of the three, Gatenby, into death with him.

This Barnas really had been the most powerful of those four Gods.

“Whew.”  Ojwin  and  Hanbritt  were  both  shaking  in  their hearts. The dust slowly settled. The two exchanged a glance, feeling that they were lucky. If Barnas had aimed his dying blow at either one of them, they wouldn’t have been able to dodge either.

“Hanbritt, whoever matches up with the element of this divine spark in the interspatial ring is the person who will get it.” Ojwin said with a laugh.

“Of course.”  Hanbritt laughed. “However, the person who doesn’t get the divine spark will get the Spear of Cortez. What do you say?”
“Haha, of course I agree.” Ojwin laughed. 
Right now, the ground had four corpses. The two headless corpses of Adkins, the corpse of Gatenby, and the corpse of Barnas. Meanwhile, Ojwin and Hanbritt were happily discussing how to divide up the rewards.

“Who will bind the interspatial ring with blood and withdraw the divine spark within?” Ojwin looked at Hanbritt.

Hanbritt said, “Ojwin, how could I distrust you? You can go ahead and activate the interspatial ring.” Ojwin nodded and laughed as he walked over to Adkins’ divine light corpse. But as he walked past Hanbritt…
Hanbritt’s eyes had a cold light flash past them. He secretly said to himself, “Prepare to die. The Highgod spark and the Highgod artifact will both be mine.”
Hanbritt suddenly moved, delivering his most powerful attack towards Ojwin. The strange thing was, at the same instant Hanbritt made his move, Ojwin’s body suddenly flashed backwards in a straight line, chopping out with that greatsword in his hands.


The two both started slightly, astonished that the other was thinking the same thing they had been.

“The  Highgod  artifact  and  spark  are  both  mine!”  Ojwin howled angrily.

The longsword that was wrapped by that green light and the greatsword that was emitting that holy light simultaneously pierced towards each other. Ojwin and Hanbritt’s gazes met for an instant, and they each saw the murderous intent in the eyes of the other. If you didn’t die, then I will perish!

Kill the other, obtain all the treasures! “Clang!”
The green-light sword collided with the holy-light greatsword in a strange manner. The blue light shook, and it was as though space had suddenly been torn apart. An interspatial crack suddenly flashed towards Ojwin’s body. Ojwin retreated rapidly, but his body actually exploded. Only his head flew off into the distance.

“Haha…” Ojwin, only having his head left, still laughed delightedly and loudly.

“Boom!”  Hanbritt’s  body  slumped  to  the  ground.  He  was dead!

Hanbritt trained in the Elemental Laws of the Wind. He didn’t understand much about profound mysteries involving spiritual attacks. His most powerful attacks were of the Dimensional variety. Although he had badly injured Ojwin, that sword blow from Ojwin had contained a spiritual attack which had destroyed his soul. Of the four mighty Gods, only Ojwin remained!

“I finally succeeded.” Ojwin was so excited that his face was shaking. His head immediately floated over to Adkins’ corpse.

At the same time, his body below his neck quickly began to regrow. Ojwin simply couldn’t wait. He immediately controlled a drop of blood and sent it onto the interspatial ring, which absorbed it like a sponge. By this point, Ojwin’s arm had already grown out.

“It  must  be  light-style.  It  must  be  light-style!”   Ojwin murmured in his heart.

Ojwin was extremely nervous. Grabbing the interspatial ring, he gritted his teeth and immediately retrieved the divine spark within.

“This…” Ojwin stared wide-eyed at the divine spark in front of him. The black divine spark which was emanating a white light. 
“Light-style  divine  spark!  It  is  light-style!”  Ojwin  was  so excited, his body shook.

“Haha, it is light-style, it is light-style!!!” Ojwin was so happy he began to sob. “Adkins? Haha, I’ve endured servitude for you for so long, all for the sake of this day. It really is light-style. Soon, I will be a Highgod. I will be a Highgod!!!”
Ojwin’s heart was shaking.

“When I become a Highgod, Kingsley, my son, Father will definitely get revenge for you. Definitely!” Ojwin’s eyes blazed. His body had already grown to his waist.

Ojwin immediately looked at the divine Highgod spark in his hands. He couldn’t help but reveal an excited and satisfied smile on his face. In the Planar Prison, he had longed for this day. After countless years, he had finally acquired a Highgod spark. “I, Ojwin, am finally going to become a Highgod.”
Dripping a drop of blood onto the divine Highgod spark, the spark immediately fused into his body. Ojwin’s face was covered with anticipation for the future, but right at that moment…
Ojwin’s face changed. He couldn’t help but turn to look…
A cold pair of dark golden eyes was staring at him.

The devilish Bloodviolet sword. The adamantine heavy sword emanating that dark blue glow.

“Linley!” Ojwin’s face changed. He had just undergone two life-and-death battles. His spiritual energy was 90% used up, and the Highgod spark hadn’t been fused yet. He would need dozens of years to fuse with it. The worst thing was…Linley was too close to him. With his not yet fully repaired body, his speed wasn’t as fast as it could be.

There was no time to flee!

“Die.”  Linley  charged  down  from  above,  the  adamantine heavy sword and Bloodviolet chopping down simultaneously.

“Hrmph, you are asking for death!” Ojwin laughed coldly in his heart.

He couldn’t flee? Flee? Why did he have to flee?

Linley was nothing more than a Demigod! The greatsword in Ojwin’s hands, shining with that holy light, carried a spiritual power with it as he unhesitatingly swung it towards Linley’s Bloodviolet sword. The choice he made was the same one which Anras had made. Given his experience, he could clearly tell that Bloodviolet was an extraordinary weapon.

“Clang!” In that same instant when Bloodviolet collided with that greatsword shining with a holy light, Ojwin flew backwards, wanting to avoid the attack of that adamantine heavy sword.

From the adamantine heavy sword, a faint, yellow, illusory sword flew out like a bolt of lightning and entered Ojwin’s body. This was the attack which Linley had been building up power for, his most powerful attack….

The most powerful attack, developed from the fusion of the Throbbing Pulse of the World and the Essence of the Earth… Voidwave Sword!

Ojwin’s eyes instantly turned round. He didn’t have any chance to feel regret or grief. He immediately toppled to the ground. Ojwin had a chance to become a Highgod and then he would live life as he pleased. Even in the Infernal Realm, he would have been considered a skilled expert. But unfortunately…
“In terms of spiritual attacks, you aren’t even as strong as that God who tried to assassinate me at Mount Copper Gong.” Linley looked at Ojwin’s corpse.

“Fighting  over  a  Highgod  spark?”   Linley  glanced  at  the nearby God corpses, then began to collect the divine artifacts, divine sparks, and interspatial rings.

Only, Ojwin’s eyes remained open and round. In the instant he had died, his eyes had been filled with disbelief and despair! Just now, he had been so excited that he was shaking as he imagined how beautiful the future would be. But all of this had been destroyed.

He, Ojwin, died with his eyes open and uncomprehending!

Chapter 44, Only One Person

Within the Forest of Darkness, upon that empty terrain where the battle had just occurred, Linley was currently reaping the spoils of war. His face couldn’t help but reveal a grin. “So many treasures. Killing Deities and taking their wealth really is a rather attractive proposition. All I did was kill Ojwin, but I received so many treasures. Most likely, in the Infernal Realm, there are many people who are willing to engage in this sort of business which involves no sunken costs.”
Soon, the treasures were all collected.

“Two Highgod artifacts, one Highgod spark, and four God sparks as well as five interspatial rings.”  Linley couldn’t help but feel excited.

Four God sparks!

Adding those to the two God sparks he had already acquired meant Linley would have six God sparks now. “These  two  Highgod  artifacts…”  Linley  weighed  the  two divine artifacts with his eyes. One was the Spear of Cortez, while the other was a black dagger.

When Beirut had killed Adkins, he had only taken the two divine sparks as he left.

Adkins had two Highgod artifacts, one of which was destroyed. The other was this black dagger, which was sent flying far away. Linley naturally collected it.

Linley put the Highgod artifact and the divine spark into his interspatial ring. Only five rings remained in his hand.

“I wonder what these interspatial rings of the four Gods contain. Once I return to Dragonblood Castle, I’ll take a closer look. Also, Adkins’ interspatial ring. Aside from divine sparks, perhaps there are some other treasures within.” Linley secretly thought to himself.

“Fortunately,  I  sensed  the  energy  wave  and  immediately returned. Otherwise, a wonderful opportunity would have slipped away.” Linley secretly celebrated.

This time, not only had he gained revenge for little Kass, he had also acquired quite a few divine sparks and divine artifacts. Linley wouldn’t disdain having more treasures such as things; the more the better.

“I was right at the Forest of Darkness, so of course I was able to hurry over. Any Deities outside the Forest of Darkness who wanted to fly over would probably still take nearly an hour to get here.”  Linley was certain that nobody would be able to make it in time. After all, the battle just now had only taken a little bit of time.

Linley glanced at the area. “However, it’s still best to leave immediately!”
Linley immediately took to the air, wanting to fly towards the south. 
“Linley, don’t be in an urge to leave.”  A sound rang out in Linley’s mind, while at the same time, a black shadow appeared in front of Linley. Black hair, black whiskers. It was Lord Beirut, who had killed Adkins so easily just now!

“Lord Beirut.” Linley felt relaxed.

Beirut looked at Linley, a hint of amusement in his eyes. “Linley, you have gotten quite a nice haul of things today.”
“I was lucky. I sensed that powerful energy wave, so I hurried back to see what was happening. Only, my flying speed wasn’t fast enough. By the time I made it here, that Adkins had already died. All I could do was watch as the four of them fought and killed each other.” Linley said honestly.

Beirut nodded. As far as Beirut was concerned, he didn’t care at all about these items which Linley had acquired. “Linley,  there’s  something  I  must  tell  you.”   Beirut  went straight to the point.

“Oh?” Linley was somewhat surprised.

Beirut laughed calmly, “In the past, didn’t I inform all of the Deities of the Yulan continent via mental message that the Necropolis of the Gods will open a thousand years from now?”
“Yes.” Linley was somewhat puzzled. “Lord Beirut, have you changed your plans?”  Linley could sense that Beirut’s words had a hidden meaning within them. He couldn’t help but make this guess. If Beirut had this intention, that would be normal.

Currently, in the Yulan continent, aside from Beirut himself, now that Sadista and Adkins were dead, the only Highgod remaining was ‘Bluefire’ Leylin.

“No.” Beirut shook his head. “A thousand years from now, I will still open the Necropolis of the Gods. However, I have already discussed this with Bluefire. Half a month from now, I will permit Bluefire to enter the Necropolis of the Gods by himself.”
“Just him alone?” Linley was very surprised.

Beirut nodded.

“Lord Beirut, there are other Deities present in the Yulan continent.” Linley said hurriedly. Linley felt that for Beirut to act in such a way seemed to be rather unfair to the other Deities. After all, everyone else was present at the Yulan continent as well. They should at least be given a chance.

Beirut shook his head. “No need. The greatest treasure of the Necropolis of the Gods can only be acquired by the most powerful of Highgods. Your ordinary Demigods and Gods will at most be able to acquire a divine spark within.”
Linley’s heart was stirred. “This ‘greatest treasure’  is most likely a Sovereign artifact.” Beirut continued, “Thus, Linley, help me inform Tarosse and the others about this affair. Whether they stay or leave is up to them.” Beirut had a bit of a relationship to Tarosse, after all.

Tarosse had, after all, served as the manager of the lower eleven floors of the Necropolis of the Gods.

“I will definitely convey your words.” Linley said.

And then, Linley and Beirut separated. Linley flew at high speed back to Dragonblood Castle.

Upon returning to Dragonblood Castle, Linley first bound the five interspatial rings with blood, giving the contents of the ring a good inspection. While inspecting the rings, he found some excellent items within. Ojwin’s interspatial ring had a fire-style Demigod spark, Gatenby’s had a earth-style Demigod spark, and there were several divine artifacts as well.

Now, Linley had a total of six God sparks and two Demigod sparks. He had multiple Demigod artifacts and God artifacts, as well as two Highgod artifacts. 
As soon as he had returned, Linley had begun to sort through and put these things on display, frightening the nearby Delia. Afterwards, Linley described what had happened in detail. Only then did Delia let out a sigh of relief.

Within the room where Linley and Delia stayed. Linley was drinking a cup of cool fruit wine.

“That Ojwin finally died.” Delia let out a long breath.

“He’s dead. When Cena hears the news, he should feel a bit better.” In his heart, Linley had always felt that it was still the fault of Olivier, Desri, and himself that so many experts had descended from the Gebados Planar Prison and caused trouble.

Delia could sense the pressure Linley felt from these words. Changing the topic, she said, “Linley, in the past, the Yulan continent didn’t have many Deities, and divine sparks were rare. I didn’t imagine that you would be able to obtain so many divine sparks.” “So many divine sparks?” Linley knew well that every single divine spark had been obtained through slaughter. If it wasn’t others trying to kill him, it was him killing others.

“Divine sparks aren’t so easily acquired.” Linley sighed.

Hearing this, Delia understood what Linley was thinking.

“I suddenly understand a little.” Delia’s eyes had a light flash through them. “In the past, there were very few Deities in the Yulan continent. You could count them on one hand. Naturally, divine sparks would be hard to acquire. However, these days, Deities are everywhere. Only the powerful can obtain divine sparks. The weak will be killed. It is much like how the rich will accumulate more wealth, while the poor will be robbed of even what little they have.”
For someone as mighty as Beirut or Bluefire, if they wanted divine sparks, they could acquire them easily. Even most Highgods would easily be killed by them. As for Linley, he had originally belonged to the group who would be ‘robbed’.

Only, he had that damaged soul-protecting Sovereign artifact. The damaged Sovereign artifact had caused Linley’s status to change. It gave him a stable footing to at least avoid being robbed. Occasionally, he could plunder others!

“Right, Linley. Right now, since you have two Demigod sparks of earth and fire, as well as God sparks, doesn’t that mean  you  can  let  two  people  become  full  Gods?”   Delia suddenly asked.

Linley had a thought. “Fire element?”
When Anras had died, Linley had acquired a fire God spark. Ojwin, in his interspatial ring, had a fire element Demigod spark.

“Wharton!”    Linley   suddenly   sent   his   divine   sense   to Wharton. “Wharton, come to my courtyard.” Wharton liked training in the Elemental Laws of Fire. Unfortunately, Wharton’s talent was very average. Given his training speed, he would most likely have to train for thousands of years or even longer before reaching the Deity level.

“Big bro.” Wharton pushed open the door to the courtyard, laughing as he walked in. “Big bro, you called?”
Linley laughed as he looked at his little brother. “Wharton, how are you doing in terms of analyzing the Elemental Laws of Fire?”
As Linley mentioned this, Wharton’s face turned sour. He said with resignation, “Big bro, you know what my training speed is like. Right now, I have only made a little bit of progress. Given this sort of speed, who knows how long it will be before I reach the Prime Saint level, much less breaking through the Prime Saint bottleneck and reaching the Deity level.” Linley laughed.

“Wharton, take a look at this.” With a flip of his hand, Linley placed the two fire divine sparks on the stone table.

Wharton, seeing the black sparks emanating a red light, stared with round eyes. He then looked at Linley in astonishment, stuttering, “Big bro, you, what are you…?”
“These are two fire-style divine sparks. One is a Demigod spark, while the other is a God spark. First fuse with that spark, and afterwards, go fuse with the God spark. After completely fusing with the two, you will be a full God.” Linley said with assurance and confidence.

Wharton was somewhat numb. He had just been chatting casually with his wife just now, but all of a sudden, Linley had called him over and was now telling him…‘I have two sparks. Fuse with them and you will be a God.’
“G-, God-level Deity?” Wharton felt his mind enter a state of disorder. All he could think of were those three words ‘God- level Deity’.

Linley and Delia looked at each other and laughed.

“Whoah!”  Wharton let out a long breath. His brain finally started to function again. He looked at Linley. “Big bro, you really make me speechless. All these years, I’ve been dreaming about becoming a Deity one day. But I wouldn’t have expected that in the blink of an eye, you are suddenly about to make me become a God. This…this is really! Big bro, you can’t make others feel so bad about themselves like this. I am about to be scared silly.”
“You little punk.”
Linley laughed while berating him, “Remember, first fuse with the Demigod spark.”
“I’m going to start fusing now!”  Wharton couldn’t repress his excitement. He immediately bound the Demigod spark and took it into his body, then stored the God spark into his interspatial ring. Wharton intentionally sighed, “Alas, big bro, you still aren’t THAT awesome. If you were able to acquire a fire-style Highgod spark for me to fuse…then in the future, I’d be a Highgod, right?”
Looking at the chortling Wharton, Linley understood that Wharton was in an extremely good mood.

“You want a Highgod spark? Hurry up and go have people prepare a banquet for tonight. Tonight, I have something important to declare.”
Wharton immediately replied loudly, “No problem at all!”
In Dragonblood Castle, the Deities only occasionally gathered together to eat. Tonight, Linley actively invited Tarosse, Dylin, and the others. Linley still remembered Beirut’s instructions to him.

That night, at the banquet, everyone was laughing calmly while eating and drinking. “Everyone.”  Linley suddenly raised his voice. Instantly, the entire hall became quiet.

Tarosse, Dylin, the War God, and the High Priest all looked puzzledly at Linley.

“There’s something I must tell everyone. Lord Beirut, in the coming days, will take Lord Bluefire into the Necropolis of the Gods.” Linley said.

“He  is  going  to  open  the  Necropolis  of  the  Gods  early?” Tarosse said in surprise and excitement.

Linley shook his head. “Not exactly, because this time, he will only let Lord Bluefire enter by himself.”
Tarosse and Dylin were both stunned. They were both remaining at the Yulan continent primarily because they wanted to have a chance to see what the greatest treasure of the Necropolis of the Gods was. They just wanted to watch and be amused, in truth. 
“We  won’t  be  allowed  in?  We  won’t  even  know  if  Lord Bluefire will obtain the treasure or not.” Tarosse shook his head and sighed, then glanced sideways at Dylin. “Dylin, what do you think? I feel rather bored now. That Adkins is also dead, and only Lord Bluefire will be allowed into the Necropolis of
the Gods. As I see it, the Yulan continent is now rather boring. I’m planning to leave the Yulan Plane in the next few days and go to the Infernal Realm. What about you?”
Dylin hesitated for a moment, then said, “Then, I’ll go with you to the Infernal Realm.”

Chapter 45, Indigo Prefecture

The nearby Cesar drained the wine in his cup at one gulp, then said, “Go to the Infernal Realm? Adkins and his Gods are all dead, while Lord Beirut is only permitting Lord Bluefire to enter the Necropolis of the Gods. Then, I’ll go with you as well.”
The War God and the High Priest didn’t say anything, but everyone knew that the War God would follow Tarosse.

“Linley,  how  about  you?”  Cesar  looked  at  Linley.  “Come along with us. In the Yulan continent, there’s nothing interesting left.”
“Me?”  Linley  glanced  at  the  nearby  Delia,  then  laughed towards Cesar, “I’m in no rush. All of you have trained for thousands of years, while I haven’t trained for even a hundred years. In addition, Bebe is still in the Forest of Darkness.”
“What a pity.” Cesar let out a sigh. Tarosse, Dylin, the War God, and Cesar began to chat with each other about the affairs of the Infernal Realm.

Watching them, Linley had to admit that in his heart, he envied them.

“The Infernal Realm…”
Linley was filled with all sorts of imaginings regarding the Infernal Realm.

Tonight, the third day after the banquet, Tarosse and the others left the Yulan Plane. A large group of people congregated at Dragonblood Castle, with Fain and Dixie amongst them. All of them had come to send off their teachers.

“Dylin, you are even taking your two sons with you?” Cesar laughed as he spoke. Dylin nodded, as though this was only natural. “Of course!” Dylin’s two children were Six-Eyed Golden Ni-Lions. Before entering the Necropolis of the Gods, Dylin had asked for a Demigod spark for one of his sons. Afterwards, when Dylin had left the Necropolis of the Gods, he had already become a God.

When those Deities of the Gebados Planar Prison had descended, Dylin had killed a Demigod and seized a divine spark for his son.

“Teacher.” Dixie and the others were somewhat reluctant to part from the High Priest, Catherine.

“Train well.”  The High Priest said gently. “You are already Saints now. Once you reach the Deity level, if you don’t want to stay in the Yulan Plane any longer, go to the Higher Planes. That is the place where Deities should truly stay.”
“Teacher, where are you going?” Dixie asked hurriedly.

“I…I’m different from them. I am planning to go to the Life Realm.” The High Priest said calmly. 
“Alright, let’s all head out.” Tarosse glanced around and said.

And then, under the gazes of Linley and the others, this group of experts flew out of Dragonblood Castle at high speed towards the Arctic Icecap, quickly disappearing beyond the horizon.

“Cesar and Dylin have left as well.” Linley said softly. Delia, by his side, glanced at him.

The news that Bluefire was going by himself into the Necropolis of the Gods quickly spread across the entire Yulan continent. Spreading this news through Linley was the intention of Beirut. In addition, Adkins and his four Gods had all died. This had a major impact on the Gods of the Yulan continent.

Aside from a few Deities, the vast majority of Deities all chose to leave the Necropolis of the Gods and head towards the Higher Planes. Roughly sixteen years after Adkins’ death, Wharton finally finished fusing with his Demigod spark. He was now a Demigod as well. As for Delia, nineteen years after Adkins’ death, she finally completely fused the God-level wind-style spark and became a God.

Yulan calendar, year 10092. Late autumn. Sallow yellow leaves were slowly falling.

“Rumble…” The entire world seemed to tremble gently, and a unique ripple spread out. Linley was very familiar with this rippling sensation.

Standing beneath the tree, Linley suddenly turned to stare towards the north. Frowning, he said, “Hrm? Yet another person became a Deity on their own power?”  That was the ripple created by the descent of the natural Laws. Only when a person became a Deity on their own would the natural Laws descend.

“Linley, come to my place.” Beirut’s voice rang out in Linley’s mind. 
Linley was puzzled, but he immediately flew out of Dragonblood Castle towards the Forest of Darkness.

Just as Linley entered the metallic castle, he heard a voice ring out. “Boss!” Bebe’s voice was very loud. Linley raised his head to look, and he couldn’t help but feel some shock. “Bebe, you…” He found out, to his amazement, that he couldn’t sense Bebe’s aura at all.

Thinking about the descent of the Laws and the ripples just now, Linley instantly understood. “Bebe, was that you, just now?”
“Right.” Bebe delightedly bowed. “Boss, I spent twenty years and finally mastered the Profound Mysteries of the ‘Essence of Darkness’. I have already mastered two types of profound mysteries, and so I have become a God.”
“Oh, that’s rather impressive.” Linley snickered. Amongst the Deities, the Elemental Laws of the Wind had nine profound mysteries, and so one had to master three of them before a God. Or perhaps by mastering the fusion of two profound mysteries, one could also become a God. Earth, fire, water, and darkness only had six types of profound mysteries.
If one mastered two of them, one would become a God.

“Linley, come in.”  A voice rang out from the nearby living room.

Linley and Bebe immediately entered the living room. Stroking his beard, Beirut laughed as he looked at Bebe. “I gave you so many advantages and superior conditions, and I even had you only learn the most basic ‘Essence of Darkness’, but you still took twenty years. If I had done the same for Linley, most likely just a single year would have been enough. And you are proud about it?”
“He’s my Boss. Of course my Boss has to be more powerful than me.” Bebe didn’t mind at all.

Beirut could only shake his head and laugh, then looked towards Linley. “Linley, take a seat first.”  Linley sat down to one side as commanded.

Beirut  let  out  a  breath.  “Linley,  how  is  your  training proceeding? When will you become a God?”
“I’m not certain either. However, I am halfway through the fusion of two profound mysteries, the ‘Throbbing Pulse of the World’ and the ‘Essence of the Earth’. Most likely, in a few more decades, I should be able to completely fuse these types of profound mysteries.” Linley didn’t try to hide anything.

Beirut couldn’t help but sigh in praise. “Gaining insights while fusing? You are quite intelligent, to not blindly and greedily advance rashly.”
“I am doing this at the guidance of Mr. Leylin.” Linley said.

“Right.” Beirut let out a long sigh. “It is now time for me to tell you a few things. Linley, in the past, weren’t you puzzled about why the Four Supreme Warrior clans disappeared all of a sudden?” Linley’s eyes lit up.

“The  answer  is  simple.  The  Four  Supreme  Warrior  clans were taken by the experts of the Infernal Realm into the Infernal  Realm.”  Beirut  said  with  a  laugh.  “More  precisely speaking, your Four Supreme Warrior clans should belong to the Four Divine Beast clans of the Infernal Realm.”
Linley’s heart shook. He said in astonishment, “Four Divine Beast clans?”
“The  Four  Divine  Beast  clans  is  the  root  of  your  Four Supreme Warrior clans!” Beirut sighed. “Every single disciple, if they want to be purified and transformed, needs to return to the Four Divine Beast clans and undergo the Ancestral Baptism.”
“Purified and transformed? Ancestral Baptism?”  Linley was even more puzzled now. Beirut nodded. “Linley, haven’t you discovered that generally speaking, you descendants of the Four Supreme Warrior clans have a very low level of attunement to the Laws? For example, your ancestors were barely able to even sense the Laws. When they did gain some insights, they would progress very slowly.”
Linley nodded hurriedly.

His own little brother Wharton was very slow in gaining insights.

“The rate of attuning to the Laws is so low that it is even inferior to many powerful humans. How, then, could your clansmen be acclaimed as the Four Divine Beast clans? The reason for slow training is because these people have never undergone   the   Ancestral   Baptism.”    Beirut   sighed.   “The Ancestral Baptism of the Four Divine Beast clans is very mysterious. It isn’t as simple as I once thought it was. The Ancestral Baptism of the Four Divine Beast clans is extremely famous in the Infernal Realm.”

Beirut glanced at Linley. As Beirut saw it… Linley already had such astonishing training speed. Once he underwent the Ancestral Baptism, then he would definitely become a terrifying talent!

“Linley, do you want to return to the Four Divine Beast clans and meet with the ancestors of your clan?” A hint of amusement was in Beirut’s eyes.

Linley hesitated, not knowing what to say.

After all, if he were to leave the Yulan Plane, it would be very hard for him to return. In addition, Linley wanted to respect Delia’s opinion.

“Men  shouldn’t  be  so  indecisive.”  Beirut  barked.  “What’s more, this is just a Yulan continent. How can a talent like you stay within a single material plane? That boundless Infernal Realm where experts are as common as clouds is the place which truly suits you!” Linley’s heart shook.

“Boss, the Infernal Realm is really interesting. For example, Grandpa’s metallic castle was purchased in the Infernal Realm.” Bebe said hurriedly. Bebe, ever-curious, was very eager to visit the Higher Plane of the Infernal Realm as well.

“The  Four  Divine  Beast  clans  resides  within  the  Indigo Prefecture of the Bloodridge Continent of the Infernal Realm.” Beirut said. “Whether you go or not is up to you.”
Linley immediately bowed. “Yes, Lord Beirut.”
“Bebe, let’s go.” Linley looked at Bebe.

“Oh.” Bebe nodded.

Looking at Bebe’s expression, Linley let out a secret sigh. Bebe had grown up with him. The two shared the same ardent blood and love for challenges and danger. Linley knew that Bebe deeply desired to go to the Infernal Realm. But if Linley was to go to the Infernal Realm, he had to persuade Delia!

Within Dragonblood Castle.

Delia glanced at the nearby Linley. She knew what Linley was thinking. In the past three days in particular, Linley would occasionally reveal a hint of desire and a hint of confusion in his eyes.

“Linley.”  Delia  suddenly  gritted  her  teeth  and  made  her decision.

“Huh?” Linley glanced at Delia by his side, puzzled.

Delia looked at him and intentionally let out a low sigh. “Linley, don’t you feel as though life in the Yulan continent is no longer exciting?” “Right.”  Linley’s  eyes  instantly  lit  up.  “Delia,  I  have  that feeling also. Do you think we should…”  Halfway through his words, Linley came to a halt. He saw the hint of laughter appear on Delia’s face. “Delia, thank you.”
Linley already understood what Delia meant.

Delia was about to give him what he wanted!

“Actually, I’m already very satisfied with the twenty years of quiet life that we’ve had.” Delia said softly.

Delia said with a sigh, “Linley, the ‘Linley’  that I know is a person who constantly struggles and is filled with willpower. I like this you. In the Yulan continent, where nothing is a challenge to you, your willpower will slowly be ground flat. In addition, deep in my heart, I also want to live a slightly more exciting life as well.”
“Also, I’ve already become a God.” Delia looked at Linley. “At the very least, I have excellent fleeing abilities. I won’t become a burden to you!” Linley laughed as he pulled Delia into his embrace. “Delia, then let’s roam the Infernal Realm together.”
“Roam the Infernal Realm together!” Delia also said softly.

“And me! I’m going with you!”  Bebe immediately hurried over and shouted loudly, “I’m going to the Infernal Realm too, I’m going too!!!”
Linley and Delia exchanged a glance, then both began to laugh.

Three days later, one freezing, cold early morning in late autumn. Many people of Dragonblood Castle were gathered here in this training area. They had come to send Linley, Delia, and Bebe off.

Linley looked at the people in front of him. They included Uncle Hillman, who had guided him since he was young, as well as his family members such as Wharton, Taylor, Sasha, Arnold…the five Barker brothers who had fought by his side, Zassler, Jenne, Rebecca and Leena, and his magical beast ‘Haeru’…as well as his friend Desri.

Everyone was gathered here.

“Big bro!” Wharton’s eyes were filled with an unwillingness to part from him.

“Wharton, I entrust everything here to you.” Linley slapped Wharton on the shoulders. “I trust that you can do it. If you encounter any problems, you can go to the Forest of Darkness and beg Lord Beirut for help. He will help you.”
“I know.” Wharton hurriedly nodded.

Linley had also given that earth-style Demigod spark to Wharton. In the future, it would be up to Wharton to decide who to give the divine spark to. At the same time, Linley had also given the earth-style God spark to Barker, who was already an earth-style Demigod. After Hanbritt’s death, Linley had acquired a wind-style God spark, which he gave to Haeru. 
“Master.”  Haeru  looked  longingly  at  Linley.  He  was  filled with gratitude towards Linley.

It was Linley who had allowed him to become a Demigod. And now, Linley was giving him a wind-style divine God spark.

“Father!” Taylor and Sasha both looked at Linley as well.

Linley lovingly rubbed the heads of his son and daughter.

“Haha, perhaps one year in the future, I will return.” Linley forced out a smile, then turned. “Let’s go.”  Linley, Delia, and Bebe flew out, disappearing into the northern skies.

Wharton, Haeru, Barker, and the others all couldn’t help but reveal a hint of tears in their eyes.

With this departure of Linley’s from the Yulan continent, how long would it be before he would be able to return? 
“Big  bro!”  Wharton  felt  grateful  towards  his  big  brother from the bottom of his heart. It was Linley who had singlehandedly raised the Dragonblood Warrior clan to a flourishing level again. And now, Linley was leaving while allowing Wharton, Haeru, and Barker to become full Gods, and asking Beirut to take care of them as well. The Baruch family’s foundation was now unshakably firm.

Yulan calendar, year 10092. Late autumn. Linley led his wife, Delia, as well as Bebe out of the Yulan continent. They were headed to a Higher Plane: The Infernal Realm.
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