Zhu Xian Chapter 81-90

Chapter 81 - Founders Ancestral Hall

There were two important places at the back of Qing Yun Hill, one of it was Qing Yun’s most revered sacred ‘Illusory Moon Cave’. A thousand years ago, the ingenious founder, Qing Ye, locked himself in right there and achieved enlightenment, and from then Qing Yun Sect dominated over the world, leading the heroes.

And after Qing Ye founder, Illusory Moon Cave became Qing Yun Sect’s most sacred ground, over the past thousand years, only the Sect Head was allowed to enter.

And the other place, was Founders Ancestral Hall.

As per its name, the Founders Ancestral Hall was naturally a place to enshrine Qing Yun Sect’s successive generations of forefathers, from the initiator of Qing Yun Sect, Qing YunZi, until Qing Ye founder, and again until the successive generations of forefathers, all had a memorial tablet in that room. Incense was burned continuously everyday. And on each important occasions, Qing Yun Sect would always, led by their Sect Head, solemnly offer their prayers to their ancestors there, it was also considered one of the important places in Qing Yun Sect.

But, other than the occasions for commemorating their ancestors, the place was usually cold and lifeless. When Lin JingYu drew the four Evil Faction disciples away to this place, what he saw was a huge empty ground, a majestic grand temple with four upturned eaves towered aloft on it, with glazed roof tile, antique sign and red columns. As if within this tranquility, it was telling its past history.

Whiffs of translucent smoke, from the dense and slightly dim temple, floated out from time to time. Looking in from the outside, blobs of candlelight were seen, an altar lamp wavering slightly, hanging in the mid-air. However, other than a elderly, wearing dull plain-coloured clothes, silently sweeping in front of the temple, not a single person was seen.

Just then, sounds of hurried footsteps were heard, that elderly slowly raised his head and looked over.

Lin JingYu felt a pang of regret, he only first thought of drawing the Evil Faction men away from Illusory Moon Cave, instead he misled them to Founders Ancestral Hall. Here, enshrined the generations of forefathers, if this place was to be destroyed by the Evil Faction men, even if he were to die ten thousand times, he would not be able to absolve himself from the blame!

Once he had this thought, Lin JingYu immediately stopped in his track, lifting the Dragon Slayer sword horizontally in front of his body, he turned to face the incoming fake ShangGuan Ce and the rest of them.

Just then, a bird suddenly flew out from the forest a distance away, followed by a tumult of noises.

Lin JingYu was startled, noticing that the noises came from where Zhang Xiao Fan was, he couldn’t help but felt worried. But because he knew he would be facing a deadly enemy soon, he forced his state of mind to calm down, focused his concentration and prepared his defence. In his mind, he decided that even if he was to lose his life this day, he would not allow those Evil Faction thieves to even put a foot into the Founders Ancestral Hall. The Dragon Slayer Sword seemed to have its own spiritual energy, bluish green light radiated, contrasting with its owner’s face, reflecting unswerving determination.

That elderly who was sweeping in front of Founders Ancestral Hall, saw the Dragon Slayer Sword in Lin JingYu’s hand, his body suddenly shook.

On the other side, the four Evil Faction men looked at each other and laughed out, these men’s positions in Evil Faction were obviously not low, one look and they knew that this place was one of Qing Yun Sect’s important location, seemed like this time they would definitely be duly rewarded.

The fake ShangGuan Ce laughed conceitedly and said, “Kid, I can see that your aptitude is not bad, now that Qing Yun Sect has nowhere to go, why don’t you join our sect, I will guarantee that you will progress rapidly in the future!”

“Pei!” Lin JingYu felt a surge of disgust, snorted and did not even bothered. The fake ShangGuan Ce, instead, did not felt angry, [Hehe] he coldly laughed and said, “Good, since you are looking for death, I will fulfill your wish!” After saying, he signalled with his eyes, the rest of the three black-attired men immediately attacked.

Lin JingYu gritted his teeth, the Dragon Slayer Sword’s bluish green light heaved and rippled, staying horizontally in front of his body. The magical weapons that the three black- attired men used, one was a yellow flying sword, another was a heavy powerful long beard and the last was the most odd and horrible, a sword made of several human white bones, its Yin energy extremely dense.

Lin JingYu, one against three, gritted his teeth and fought bitterly, the Dragon Slayer Sword’s green light swept vertically and horizontally, defending its original position, surprisingly it held its ground but it was still at a disadvantage.

Lin JingYu entered Qing Yun Sect in his youth, his aptitude was excellent, Taoist Cang Song extremely favoured him, not only he took great care to coach him, he even imparted the famous Dragon Slayer Sword to him. Not sure if it was because on this youth, he saw the image of that person he had once revered, on him.

And Lin JingYu too, did not let Taoist Cang Song’s painstaking efforts down, in a short span of a few years, based on his own exceptional aptitude, together with that deeply ingrained belief and hope to seek revenge for his parents, his Taoist skills excelled leaps and bounds, after several years he was already an outstanding talent in the young generation of disciples.

Just that even though how hard he worked, his skillset was still limited by time and impossible to improve that dramatically. Right now facing the three black-attired Evil Faction disciples, that long beard weapon smashing unceasingly directly in front of him, the flying sword slyly attacking from the side; and even more worrisome was that white bone sword, its Yin energy cold and dense, under that Evil Faction man’s manipulation, it would suddenly materialize and vanish. Each time he blocked it, the Yin energy would assail him and he couldn’t help but to take in a breath of the cold air, causing his body to shiver involuntarily. They fought like this for several rounds, even though Lin JingYu defended with all of his strength, the Dragon Slayer Sword’s bluish green light rays were gradually being suppressed down by the three black-attired men. It seemed like his defeat was inevitable and eventually he succumbed and took a step back.

The fake ShangGuan Ce, who was standing behind, gave a cold laugh.

Once he stepped back, he could not stop retreating, that boosted the three black-attired men’s morale and their three magical weapons attacked at the same time. Lin JingYu sweat profusely, he kept being pushed back and was unable to stand still as he wished to.

Suddenly, that mysterious white bone sword disappeared. Lin JingYu who, one moment was blocking the incoming long beard’s attack and another to parry the flying sword which was assailing from the side, suddenly felt pain in his lower legs and collapsed. That white bone sword, without knowing when, had bore into the ground and moved stealthily to slash out a huge wound on his right leg, fresh blood unceasingly dripping down. Lin JingYu howled loudly, the Dragon Slayer Sword chopped down from mid-air, this celestial divine weapon hit upon the white bone sword, a slight [Pipa] sound was heard, at once the white bone sword’s owner fell out and an hairline crack could be seen appearing faintly on that sword.

The Evil Faction man, who was using the white bone sword, felt a moment of heart pain, quickly took back the white bone sword to look at it carefully. But at this moment, the other two weapons had also arrived, piercingly cold wind sounds could be heard, Lin JingYu, trapped in a deathtrap, used his last burst of strength, steered the Dragon Slayer Sword horizontally to the top of his head.

[Rumble] A loud sound, strange lights were seen flicking crazily, sparks flying in all directions, nobody knew where the burst of energy came from and the Dragon Slayer Sword forcibly blocked off those two magical weapons but Lin JingYu saw only darkness.In this moment of lights and sparks, he was distracted and that fake ShangGuan Ce, who was standing at a distance just then, suddenly appeared in front of him, grinning hideously. Lin JingYu’s face blanched in terror but before he had the time to react, he felt a pain close to his heart, a stream of extremely sharp energy drilled in, in a flash, pierced through all of his body shields.


Lin JingYu cried out. His entire body flew out, fresh blood spewing from his mouth, he could not even hold on to his Dragon Slayer Sword, the sword spinned in mid-air and finally a sound of [Shua], pierced into the ground, just right before the elderly sweeper.

Bluish green light circulated around and gradually dimmed down.

Lin JingYu had always been stubborn, he lowered his head to look at his wound and saw instead a mass of blood and flesh, the actual wound was only the size of a fingertip. But right then a sharp stream of energy rushed straight into his internal body, like a thin needle without any restraint ravaging around, causing extreme agony on his vital channels. However, he wanted to push himself up to fight the enemy again, unexpectedly his legs gave way and he was unable to stand up!

He panted heavily, the group of fake ShangGuan Ce and the rest instead laughed loudly, looking extremely haughty.

“Kid, how is it? I have only used about 50 percent of my power and I can reduce you to this state, you better quickly surrender!”

Lin JingYu’s face muscles twitched, showing his agony but the adversity that was right in front of him made him extremely worried. Once his thoughts landed on the Ancestral Founder Hall behind him, without knowing himself where did the energy came from, he slowly struggled to stand up.

The Evil Faction and the rest did not stop him and continued to watch him like one was watching the fun from a monkey show.

That pain from his heart seemed like it was going to rush up into his head, Lin JingYu had not even stood properly when he felt another wave of dizziness, he turned his head around and panted noisily, staggered across to the Dragon Slayer Sword in front of the elderly sweeper, while panting he said, “Elderly, it is dangerous here, you should quickly, quickly, quickly go…”

That elderly appeared to be someone who had been maintaining the Founder Ancestral Hall daily, his face withered, the wrinkles on his face were like knife slashes. But strangely, when Lin JingYu was fighting with the Evil Faction, he was quietly standing and watching at the side, he did not run away and did not speak either.

Right now he looked at Lin JingYu’s chest and suddenly indifferently said, “Part from people Awl’! [Translator’s note: The name is really weird but I can't find any suitable translation for it] You are Evil Faction Chang Shen Hall’s assassin Zhou Yin right?”

That four Evil Faction men’s smiles stifled, the fake ShangGuan Ce’s countenance suddenly became cold and said, “I did not expect there are still experts here. You are right, I am Zhou Yin, who are you sire?” That withered elderly instead, did not reply him and muttered to himself, “Part from people Awl is a rare treasure of the Evil Faction, its might extremely strong, but in you, this kind of low being, hands, it instead become a weapon for attacking others on the sly, it really insulted this rare piece of treasure!”

Zhou Yin was enraged but for now, he could not figure out this mysterious elderly’s identity, although he looked faltering but the degree of his bolstering was startling, he could not help but felt unsettled, he angrily said, “Who exactly are you sire?”

That elderly sighed and said, “Who am I? Hehe even I myself have  forgotten  who  I  am…”   After  speaking,  he  looked extremely sorrowful, his tone extremely bleak, then he turned his head over, facing Lin JingYu who was staring blankly, “Child.”

Lin JingYu was startled, quickly replied, “Yes, Se, Senior.”

That elderly appraised him and seemed to let out a faint smile, said, “Which branch are you from?” Without knowing why, Lin JingYu felt an unspoken degree of respect for this elderly, lowered his voice and replied, “Disciple is under Taoist Cang Song Long Shou Valley branch...”

Speaking halfway, he suddenly thought of Taoist Cang Song, who had betrayed Qing Yun, at once an indescribable feeling rushed up to his heart, his heart ached and he was unable to continue.

That elderly nodded his head, spoke softly, “It’s Cang Song ah! He indeed has foresight in picking disciple, hehe.”

While speaking, he totteringly stretched his hand out, grabbed the Dragon Slayer Sword that was pierced into the ground in front of him.

Lin JingYu looked at his slow-moving action and suddenly felt tensed, deep inside him, it seemed as if he was anticipating something and unconsciously held his breath.

That pair of withered and aged palms, not knowing how many seasons of snowstorm it had weathered. When he again touched the hard and cold sword hilt, and then, he held it tight!

In Founders Ancestral Hall, a faint bell tolled suddenly.

[Qiang lang…..]

Unexpectedly, the Dragon Slayer Sword which had remained dim, abruptly shone with green light, the brilliant rays shone like the blazing sun in the horizon, dazzling and glaring! That elderly unhurriedly drew the Dragon Slayer Sword out, with every inch it was out, the Dragon Slayer Sword seemed to vibrate with agitation, dragons singing unceasingly. The sound that shook till the souls of everyone, reverberated among the nine heavens.

The elderly stood up straight, placed the Dragon Slayer Sword, which was glowing with magnificent greenish blue rays, in front of him, gently caressing it. That callus aged hand, was as gentle as if it was caressing its own beloved daughter. The Dragon Slayer Sword continued to whistle, even standing a distance away, Lin JingYu and the Evil Faction crowd, sensed that the Dragon Slayer Sword seemed to be alive with a soul of its own.

Lin JingYu stared blankly at that Dragon Slayer Sword, which he almost could not recognize, radiating unparalleled resplendent glow in that elderly’s hand. And that withered elderly’s appearance, after grabbing that sword hilt, also seemed to change, the unseen grandeur surged and spilled over, looking as if the legendary ancient sword deity had appeared.

“Child, watch carefully, Dragon Slayer Sword is not to be used  like  that!”   The  elderly,  standing  in  the  surging  and turbulent jade-green light waves, indifferently said.

He had just finished his words, when jade-green light burst forth in a split second, the entire ground was shrouded in that green light in an instant, the light covering the sky and earth. With a sharp whistling sound, the Dragon Slayer Sword, like a flash of electricity, shot out from the elderly’s hand. After witnessing the elderly’s imposing manner, the Evil Faction group was already prepared, immediately a sound of command was heard, they steered their magical weapons up to attack at the same time, only Zhou Yin stood at the back, frowning but did not make any attack.

The three of them seemed to use the same methods of attack on which they used on Lin JingYu, the long beard attacking directly, the flying sword flew up, the white bone sword attacking stealthily. Unexpectedly that elderly did not even bother about the yellow flying sword and white bone sword, the Dragon Slayer Sword turned into a enormous light beacon, charged over with the force of toppling the mountain and overturning the seas. The Evil Faction disciple, who was controlling the long beard weapon, turned pale and quickly steered the long beard to ward off the blows but to hear only a loud and clear sound, the Dragon Slayer Sword, like cutting an ice snow, had sliced the long beard into half, and without any moment of hesitation, chopped down from his head.


Under Lin JingYu’s dumbstruck stare, under everyone’s fearful stares, that Evil Faction person, from his head till toes, was sliced into half, blood sprayed everywhere like rain. And almost without stopping, in the blood-stained sky, the green rays, almost demon-looking, rolled back and charged towards the other two persons.

The flying sword and white bone sword, which were originally attacking the elderly, right now were frightened out of their wits and how would they have the courage to attack, immediately turned back to flee, at the same time recalled their weapons. However, the Dragon Slayer Sword’s powerful rays covered the sky, in an instant reached and right before everyone’s eyes, collided with them.

Almost without any cries of surprise, the green rays swallowed up the other two Evil Faction disciples, sounds of shattering suddenly exploded, who knew what had exactly happened to the two persons?

Lin JingYu was dripping cold sweat, his consciousness seemed to have been robbed!

Standing at the furthest away, Zhou Yin’s countenance changed greatly, he knew that the elderly was actually a fearful master and he was no match for him, immediately he turned and flew off.

Unexpectedly, the green rays were like the roar of a mountain and howling of the sea, mixed with dark red blood color, flashed past like electric rays, charged after.

Zhou Yin’s skills were indeed higher than the rest, all of a sudden his hands shook and a concealed black air flashed by, the green rays, which had filled up the sky, actually paused in front of him.

And the next moment, Zhou Yin suddenly turned pale, hoarsely exclaimed, “It’s you! You are Wan….”

He had not finished his words when the immeasurable green rays suppressed that struggling black air and struck down from the head, chopped onto Zhou Yin’s chest.

Zhou Yin cried out once miserably, his entire being flung out far away, by the looks of it, he would not be able to survive. In a short while, the four Evil Faction people who were strutting around just now, were all dead.

The immeasurable green jade rays, like a big whale sucking up water, were sucked back into the Dragon Slayer Sword, and flew back to the elderly’s hand.

Lin JingYu opened his mouth slightly but couldn’t speak a word.

That elderly shook his head slightly, seemed to be sighing to himself on something, after which he looked deeply at the Dragon Slayer Sword in his hand and tossed it to Lin JingYu.

Lin JingYu subconsciously caught it and heard that elderly turned back to walk into Founders Ancestral Hall, while muttering  in  his  breath,  “Dragon  Slayer  Sword,  casted  by collecting tens of thousands of green crystals from the extremely harsh Southern border, destroyed countless of the wicked and evil. When using this sword, you must march forward courageously, using attack as the main style, even if your skills are not enough, you too must have the determination to kill the whole lot of the formidable enemy, if not you will not be able to unleash the divine energy, you must remember!”

Lin JingYu was stunned but seeing that the elderly was about to enter the Founders Ancestral Hall, he suddenly woke up to reality,  and  urgently  said,  “Senior,  today  the  Evil  Faction attacked Qing Yun in forces, I earnestly request that you must give….”

That elderly’s body suddenly paused but he did not turn over, only indifferently said, “In Qing Yun Sect highly skilled experts are numerous, Head Sect DaoXuan Reverend is even more the world’s extraordinary rare talented master, with him, what is there to fear?”

Lin JingYu stepped forward, sorrowfully said, “But, but Sect Head Reverend has already been grievously hurt!”

That elderly was obviously shocked, abruptly turned his head over and said, “Who was it that could have hurt DaoXuan?” Lin JingYu suddenly became silent, of course he knew who the culprit was, but to say out Taoist Cang Song at this moment, without knowing why, he felt a wave of sadness, as if he was to say it out, it seemed like he would be severing something with that person, and for that moment he did not speak a single word!

That elderly continued on to ask, “What about DaoXuan!
How is he now?”

Lin  JingYu  said,  “Sect  Head  Reverend  sustained  serious injury, but without knowing what was it for, he entered into Illusory Moon Cave.”

“Illusory  Moon  Cave!”   That  elderly’s  expression  at  once calmed down, after a long while while facing Lin JingYu but at the same time, seemed to be facing himself, sighed slightly and said, “Qing Yun Sect is a thousand years enormous sect, what do you fear?”

After speaking, the elderly once more unhurriedly turned back. Lin JingYu turned pale and exclaimed, “Elderly senior, will you watch Qing Yun in danger and yet not save it?” That elderly smiled forlornly and said, “Young man, Qing Yun Sect was established and handed down for almost two thousand years long, the internal strength within, how can you know! You just don’t have to worry.”

Lin JingYu did not understand and was about to plead earnestly again when suddenly the Dragon Slayer Sword which had been staying quietly in his hand all this while, turned extremely warm, as if it had been stimulated, and the green rays again, shone out.

Lin JingYu stared at the Dragon Slayer Sword in his hand, seemed to sense something and turned his head to look towards the direction of the Illusory Moon Cave. In-between the valleys, a stream of grand light burst towards the sky, and the Dragon Slayer Sword in his hand, also seemed to be softly calling out in that direction.

“It has emerged, finally coming out into the world!”

Without knowing when that elderly had also turned to look towards that direction, his face was full of conflicting and confusing expression, whispered, “Child, your luck is good, very soon you will be able to see that legendary ancient sword ‘Zhu Xian’!”

Chapter 82 - Zhu Xian the Ancient Sword

That brilliant light shining from Illusory Moon Cave, became more and more dazzling and accompanying it, a faint low strange whistling.

The withered elderly standing in front of Founders Ancestral Hall, stared spellbound at that glorious dazzling brightness, until Lin JingYu who could not contain his astonishment, turned to ask him, “Elderly senior, is that our Qing Yun Sect’s most valuable treasure -- Zhu Xian the Ancient Sword?”

The elder silently nodded, suddenly looked away and appeared as if he did not wish to be concerned with anything, whispered, “Once Zhu Xian is out, in addition on this Qing Yun Hill and with DaoXuan’s attained skills, there is absolutely no one on earth who can defeat him. Go ba!”  saying which, his body had already half submerged into the shadows of the Founders Ancestral Hall.

Lin JingYu suddenly felt a sense of reluctance, called out, “Senior!” That elderly paused, seemed to have thought of something and suddenly said, “If someday you would want to, seek for DaoXuan privately and tell him that that servant in Founders Ancestral Hall have been bored for hundred over years and now will like you to visit regularly to chat, and see if he will

Lin JingYu was stunned for a moment, puzzledly asked, “What?”

But that elderly did not reply and vanished into the darkness.

Lin JingYu was dumbfounded for a while and after which, he turned around to look, just within this short time, that column of light seemed to become even more brighter and almost hard to look at. Also at the same time, he was worried about Zhang Xiao Fan and immediately ran out.

After running a few paces he arrived shortly at the place he was previously at. Lin JingYu looked towards the scene and immediately sucked in a breath of cold air. At that split road, 2 people were still standing there, Zhang Xiao Fan was still there but the other person was instead, Small Bamboo Valley Lu XueQi. But what made him took a deep breath was, the surrounding area around the empty ground, stains of blood were everywhere, even on the nearby trees’ leaves, were all sprayed with blood, as if it was in hell.

And that black-attired man who was confronting Zhang Xiao Fan awhile ago, not knowing since when had been dead on the ground, the corpse was pale and withered, as if all of his body fresh blood had been sucked out dry.

A bad premonition floated up into Lin JingYu’s heart, he immediately ran towards Zhang Xiao Fan, shouting loudly, “Xiao Fan, are you alright?”

From the moment that Lin JingYu appeared until now, Zhang Xiao Fan never turned to look at him, and instead continued to stand facing Lu XueQi but these two persons whose relationship had always been delicate, Lu XueQi suddenly instead drew out her TianYa celestial sword and focused all of her attention on Zhang Xiao Fan.

Lin JingYu had always regarded Zhang Xiao Fan as his own brother, now that Lu XueQi seemed to have the intention to harm Zhang Xiao Fan, he angrily shouted, “Lu Senior sister, what are you doing?”

And using his body to shield Zhang Xiao Fan, he stood in front of him and faced Lu XueQi.

Lu XueQi’s expression was originally looking complicated, with a mix of anger, surprise and unwillingness and her eyes conveyed her distress. And when Lin JingYu suddenly stood between them, she was taken aback and hoarsely said, “You…”

A bloody hand, also at the same time, touched on Lin JingYu’s shoulder, soaking a patch of red on his white robe. The fresh blood from that hand gave off a bloody scent and invaded Lin JingYu’s nose.

Lin JingYu was shocked, whipped his body around and exclaimed, “Xiao Fan, are you alright?”

Appearing in front of him, was a gaze with faint dark red light, glittered with a few traces of pain. Zhang Xiao Fan’s expression was wooden, his lips quivered and finally that red light weakened and he spoke softly, “I am alright.”

Only then Lin JingYu breathed a sigh of relief and said, “Hm, Sect Head Reverend can be coming out soon, we should get ready to escort him back to the fight!”

Zhang Xiao Fan nodded, remained silent and only tightened his grip around the firestick.

Lu XueQi, who was watching him from the side, only slowly sheathed TianYa after a long while without speaking a single word. Lin JingYu looked at her puzzledly and was about to ask what had actually happened but at this moment, from the direction of the Illusory Moon Cave, the faint whistle which had been reverberating, suddenly intensified and increased its pitch, moving the Heavens and Earth. That brilliant light became even more magnificent.

Within the light halo, a figure slowly rose up. Reverend DaoXuan bathed in the light rays, his right hand, from the palm to the shoulder, was surrounded by a mass of bright white hot light and no one could see exactly what he was holding.

And just awhile ago, his body which had received heavy injuries till the extent he was unable to make flight, now seemed not to be disabled. It seemed like once this Zhu Xian Ancient Sword was out, even his body’s essence was fully recharged.

Reverend DaoXuan’s long dark green robe, fluttered within the light beam, even his complexion, reflected paler by that white light in his hand. He did not even notice Lin JingYu, Zhang Xiao Fan and the rest below him and took off directly towards Crystal Hall.

Lin JingYu and the rest were bedazzled, this Zhu Xian Ancient Sword had not even been wielded, its might was already so overwhelming, if it was used, how powerful would it be?

After staring for a long time, the three of them came back to their senses and sprinted towards the front of the hill. After they had left a while, a slender figure unhurriedly walked out from deep inside the forest, gazing at that gradually distancing Zhang Xiao Fan’s back figure, a face full of complicated feelings, without saying a single word.

It was BiYao.

From the time that Reverend DaoXuan left until now, in the front part of Qing Yun Hill, the Good and Evil Faction big battle, with Crystal Hall as their base, had already turned devastating.

Recalling back hundred of years ago, also at the foot of Qing Yun Hill, at that time the Good Faction’s three great sects; Qing Yun Hill, Tian Yin Temple, FenXiang Valley at the same time fought against Evil Faction and had won in one fell swoop. But this day, there was no one from FenXiang Valley and Tian Yin Temple’s skilled masters including their in-charge Holy Monk PuHong, was instead injured by one of the Evil Faction disciples who had impersonated FenXiang Valley disciples and now other than PuKong, FaXiang and a few, almost the rest were Qing Yun Sect themselves holding up on their own. But then, Qing Yun Sect, passed down as a two-thousand years old famous great sect, finally revealed its deep heritage today. Tian BuYi, Shang ZhengLiang, Zeng ShuChang etc as the head branches, they needed not be mentioned but in the rest of the 7 branches, there were several white-haired elders
attacking together and on top of that with Tian Yin Temple PuKong, FaXiang, although the skilled experts from Evil Faction did their utmost to attack and also had the upper hand but still were unable to defeat them.

In this battle, almost several, considered as at present, top notch cultivated experts, were fighting here. In spite of the fact that Crystal Hall, which had been reinforced and built with celestial cultivated powers, eventually too was unable to withstand the countless flying everywhere, running unhindered collisions from the magical weapons and its enormous roof finally collapsed with a loud crash, a cloud of dust filling the air.

The crowd was shocked and one after another took to the air, continued their fight from the ground to the air and as the fighting space expanded, it instead became even better for them to flex their skills. But looking at the sky full of flashing lights, lights from several battling groups also lighting up the sky, sharp rays glittered and at times looking like meteor whizzing passed! The summit of Qing Yun mountain, looked as if it was submerged in numerous resplendent magical weapons’ rays.

The Evil Faction members’ numerous kinds of strange and odd magical weapons were all brought out and used but instead on Good Faction side, although most of the elders were using celestial swords but in these elders’ hands, whom had practised Tai Ji Xuan Qing Way until Shang Qing Realm, those streams of fine light weaved endlessly and transforming at will, if not for the fact that there were too many Evil Faction experts, they might not be at disadvantage.

Although Tian BuYi and the rest were still able to hold back the Evil Faction, those ordinary Qing Yun disciples at the foot of the hill were in imminent danger. This time that the Evil Faction attacked in huge forces, they had already made through preparations, especially Ghost King who had made specific arrangements and knew for sure that because Zhang Xiao Fan possessed a rare treasure and knew Tian Yin Temple unorthodoxly learnt True Way, Qing Yun Sect’s skilled masters would surely gathered at Crystal Hall. Therefore, when they decided to attack Qing Yun, using Taoist Cang Song’s information, had their experts infiltrated in and launched the attack in surprise. And as expected, it achieved great success, the Qing Yun disciples were all disoriented and numerous were dead or injured.

Just that Ghost King never expected one thing, that was Qing Yun Sect’s spiritual beast guardian, the Water Unicorn.

The Water Unicorn, ever since a thousand years ago after Qing Ye founder master had passed on, had always roamed carefree at Jade Pool and never really shown its might. Even for that Good and Evil Faction battle a hundred years ago at the foot of Qing Yun Hill, it did not went down to participate so this generation of Qing Yun Sect, including Taoist Cang Song, never knew how powerful the Water Unicorn could be?

But after being woken up by the battle between Evil Faction and Qing Yun disciples, the Water Unicorn as the resident spiritual beast of the mountain, naturally showed its rage. This sudden event almost changed the balance of the battle.

The Water Unicorn stood in the Jade Pool with its turbulent waves, the entire pool spinned and swirled around this great beast. A water column, with the width of several men forming a circle, conjured up beside the Water Unicorn. Within the column, countless trapped resentful souls that had been swallowed up by the Water Unicorn could be seen in it. Controlled by the spiritual beast’s power, it split in in four directions and attacked the Evil Faction disciples.

Initially the Evil Faction disciples did not regard this strange beast as a threat and started to besiege it. Unexpectedly the water column burst upon contact. The Water Unicorn’s might was really queer and unparalleled, in an instant seven or eight were crushed by that water column, another seven or eight were trapped and killed by the resentful spirits in the water. The Evil Faction disciples were frightened out of their wits and escaped in all directions. The Qing Yun disciples instead, felt their morale lifted.

After a while, the four great Evil Faction leaders, who were still in the Crystal Hall, were alerted to the situation. They first sent several experts down but in the end even SanMiao Fairy and God of Poison also followed down one after another. Only then the situation was stabilized and the Water Unicorn was gradually being contained. SanMiao Fairy and God of Poison were both the first grade leaders of the four great branches, their status were by no means insignificant and naturally their skills far exceeded the other highly skilled experts. After they both came down, SanMiao Fairy used a soft strange silk which was almost indiscernible to the naked eye and danced dainty as if she was weaving an invisible web. The Water Unicorn directed the water columns to attack several times, with ferocious and
unmatched might, but instead was blocked off by this delicate and almost invisible web, reduced into nothing.

As for God of Poison, after watching the intense fight between the Water Unicorn and SanMiao Fairy for a while, nodded his head and took out a half chi dagger with clear light circulating around it. Clutching it in his right hand, his left hand holding a jade bottle and he pulled out the stopper. Wondered what was the thing that was inside?

After a while, it seemed like the God of Poison had hasten the chant as that small dagger suddenly shone brilliantly, swallowing and spitting sharp rays out. The God of Poison gently waved and immediately, like cutting a tofu, sliced through a water column that was nearest to him. After which he swiftly raised his left hand and a blue-looking like powder was seen in the air which landed onto the place where the water column had rise. The Water Unicorn seemed to sense something amiss, turned back and roared. A loud sound was heard from the pool and an even more enormous water column sprang up from the same place,targeted towards the God of Poison. The God of Poison did not even flinched once and after a while as expected, the
Water Unicorn suddenly howled loudly. The water column that
was attacking God of Poison, dispersed with a loud bang and landed back at the pool. The surrounding pool of water had already turned into a deep dark blue color.

Just like that, the God of Poison, using one hand to cut and the other hand to scatter poison, extinguished almost half of the water column raised by the Water Unicorn in just a short while. And SanMiao Fairy stood on the other side expressionlessly, using HeHuan Sect’s secret technique ‘Lingering Silk’ to tightly trapped the water column sent by the Water Unicorn.

Right now whoever that was able to see, would right away knew that under the besieged attacks from these two big Evil Faction experts, the Water Unicorn had lost without question.

From high above, YuYang Zi and Ghost King stood side by side and looked down, after they saw that the situation had calmed down, Yu YangZi looking conceited, said, “With the two leaders combining their strength, no matter how powerful this beast will be, it will not matter!”

Ghost King smiled slightly and then looked up into the sky, observing that with their people besieging, even though Qing Yun Sect was still stubbornly resisting but one could not fight against the heavy odds and already it had became a strenuous effort. Smiling satisfactory, he said, “YuYang fellow brother, with the accomplishment made today, your reputation in the Holy Sect in the upcoming future will be matchless to none.”

YuYang Zi turned and took a look at him, his mood extremely elated, gave a Ha Ha big laugh.

Ghost King sneered in his heart but his smile still remained on his face, said, “As so, to prevent unforeseen trouble from long delay, why don’t we combine efforts and make all these Qing Yun fellows…”

YuYang Zi, in a high-spirited and vigorous mood, replied, “Good, I will attack together with you!” Ghost King nodded and smiled, said, “Fellow brother first!”

YuYang Zi He He laughed, leaped up and spreaded his arms, a silver light flashed passed and a strange mirror with white and black sides appeared in his hand.

Ghost King, behind him, suddenly turned solemn, deep down in his eyes a cold glint flashed, his body moved, as if he was about to do something but at this moment, a deep strange cry was heard from the distance horizon.

Suddenly, the entire Qing Yun mountain range, the huge peaks that had reached into the sky and towered for thousands years, seemed to vibrate slightly!

Suddenly, the celestial magical swords in everyone’s hand had also started to turn warm and hummed softly towards that magnificent grand light.

TongTian Peak, reaching through the clouds into the sky, and the sky which had always been clear and bright, gradually, darken. Only that beam of dazzling light in the horizon, like an unrestrained electric voltage that had thrown off its shackles, soared above the nine heavens and flew over.

Exploded in an instant!

The unparalleled magnificent glory shone upon the earth and the human figure immersed in the deep of that glory, held the sword towards the sky.

Everyone held their breath, staring at the sky dumbfoundedly and at this celestial moment, the Water Unicorn in the Jade Pool howled wildly but did not attack God of Poison and SanMiao Fairy again. On the contrary, all of the water columns combined together with a loud bang and became an unimaginable enormous water curtain, propping the Water Unicorn straight up to the sky, flying into the light!

In the Heaven above, a celestial beast’s shout reverberated unceasingly. Standing beside Ghost King and YuYang Zi and silently watching the battle scene, Taoist Cang Song, had turned pale after that beam of light appeared and now that he saw the Water Unicorn flying up to the sky after a loud bang, his body wavered and he hoarsely cried, “Zhu Xian!”

Ghost King and YuYang Zi turned pale at the same time, Ghost King exclaimed, “Didn’t you say that only those that had practised Tai Ji Xuan Qing Way until Tai Qing Realm level then will be able to control Zhu Xian the ancient sword, then will be able to use ‘Zhu Xian Sword Formation’?”

Taoist Cang Song laughed bitterly and said, “That’s right but I never imagine DaoXuan he….”

Right now, everyone had stopped fighting and Tian BuYi and the rest had came back to the ground. Everyone in Qing Yun Sect was visibly moved.

This legendary ancient sword, once in Qing Yun Sect Qing Ye founder’s hand, intimidated the world and unexpectedly today at Qing Yun Sect’s most dangerous moment, again appeared in the Sect Head Reverend DaoXuan’s hand. In the mid-air, the Water Unicorn flew until it was below DaoXuan’s body, roared softly and dipped its beast head slightly, as if it was also showing an unspoken fear and respect towards this ancient sword.

DaoXuan was immersed totally in the light and slowly landed onto the spiritual beast Water Unicorn’s crown.

Breathe, deeply!

Grasping the sword, towards the sky!

In the vault of heaven, in the flood of light rays, suddenly an echo of a strange incantation chant was heard, as if the celestial gods and buddhas were singing softly, as if the evil demons in the nine nether world were grinning hideously. An unknown fear drowned everyone at Qing Yun peak.

Suddenly, around the back of TongTian Peak, towards the direction of the Illusory Moon Cave direction, a stream of purple energy started billowing. It directly illuminated the Water Unicorn and DaoXuan who was on his head. After a while, from the far distances everywhere, six strange resplendent lights flew out from the unknown locations in the other Qing Yun Hill’s 6six mountain peaks. Classified as: Yellow, blue-green, red, green, orange and blue six colors shrouded together and the last seventh strange light, converged into the already dazzling ancient sword, Zhu Xian, in DaoXuan’s hand.

Heaven and Earth changed color, loud crack of thunder!

A loud thunder sound exploded in mid-air and a fierce gale blew, not a single person did not change expression. The sand and stones on TongTian Peak were blew away, dust flying everywhere and the seven strange lights continued to shine. On top of the resplendent dazzling ancient sword Zhu Xian, a radiating sword shape made of seven colors energy formed. It kept increasing in size and at the same time from this main sword, it constantly cloned out different energy colored swords. More and more and in an instant, covered the sky and turned the entire TongTian Peak into a moving multi-colored scene, the view was beyond spectacular.

Taoist Cang Song trembled slightly and in a low voice he moaned, “Zhu Xian Sword Formation, Zhu Xian Sword Formation…”

By then the God of Poison and SanMiao Fairy had flew back, Taoist Cang Song, with his pale face, said, “This formation was created by Qing Yun Sect creator, Qing YunZi, and enhanced using hundred of years of blood and sweat by that Qing Ye founder. Using Zhu Xian the Ancient Sword to stimulate it, you cannot imagine the might of it. We, we better retreat?”

Ghost King’s expression changed but YuYang Zi had already turn angry and said, “Nonsense, even how powerful is he, he is still one man and one sword, so what?”

Taoist Cang Song laughed bitterly and shook his head, urgently turned his head to talk to God of Poison, “Sect Leader, this Zhu Xian Sword Formation is activated using a mysterious incantation and it was originally already extremely powerful. In the beginning era when our Qing Yun Sect formed, we depended on this formation protection to just barely survive. Later on when Qing Ye founder entered our sect, with his gifted in-born talent, he combined Qing Yun Hill seven mountain peaks’ thousand years of unorthodox and complex spiritual energy and on top of it, used since ancient time the first rare Zhu Xian’s supreme sword spirit and cast it as the medium until it has an exceptional power to open up the Heaven and break the Earth, we absolutely must not use force to overcome it!”

God of Poison turned pale but to let go the ducks which were almost at hand just basing on this never-seen-before Zhu Xiang Sword Formation, no matter what, he could not make this decision immediately.

Needless to say, YuYang Zi standing by the side, had an expression of loath, only Ghost King stomped his feet and decided  there  and  then,  “This  formation’s  strength  is  too powerful, we cannot use force to win, let’s go!”

YuYang Zi, God of Poison and SanMiao Fairy were all shocked and were about to debate but

at this moment of hesitation, that dazzling Zhu Xian Sword Formation in the mid-air had already started to change.

That multi-colored energy sword on top of the ancient sword Zhu Xian, obviously it was now the main sword of this formation. Right now it had turned into an astronomical size, lying in the middle of the vaults of heaven, even the enormous beast, Water Unicorn, seemed incomparable to it. As for the single-colored energy swords that filled up the sky, they were packed tightly and densely, as if like clouds, sparking fear to
those that saw it.

This queer scene was rarely seen in eternity but instead there was nothing to make one excited, only impressions of harsh and coldness.

Reverend DaoXuan on top of the Water Unicorn, his body wavered slightly. At the same time he chanted the incantation, waved the ancient sword Zhu Xian in his right hand and his left hand finger made an incantation spell hand resembling a sword, pointed below and slashed down!


Above the ancient sword Zhu Xian, the lights flickered once and after a while, the numerous energy swords floating in the mid-air charged down with an extremely rapid force, towards the Evil Faction group of people. The swords fell like rain, the harsh Heaven and Earth!

Countless of Evil Faction disciples raised their weapons to defend but the energy swords were like unbeatable and stabbed down without mercy. The moment your strength weaken, you would be beaten severely into the earth, fresh blood sprayed everywhere.

On TongTian Peak, wails like ghost and howls like wolves were heard immediately, horrible shrieks unceasingly, numerous broken limbs and pieces of flesh splattered, blood and fleshes intersected each other in the air, the air were full of blood stench and rains full of blood, as if it was in hell. Looking at such scene, even Qing Yun Sect and Tian Yin Temple disciples’ expressions changed slightly, Tian Yin Temple FaXiang bend his head down slightly and chanted softly.

Evil Faction’s four great leaders’ expression changed greatly, in a blink of an eye the people around them, because of this unbelievable strange formation, almost everyone got injured. They look helplessly at this Zhu Xian Sword Formation which deployed swords out like rainfall and that multi-colored main sword in the sky continued to clone even more single-colored energy swords. The area occupied by the swords kept increasing, almost enveloping the entire TongTian Peak!

Ghost King waved to block off an energy sword that had rained down, only to feel a great shock to his body. The lethal spiritual energy contained in this energy sword seemed to be immense and it seemed to be what Taoist Cang Song had said, with Qing Yun Hill seven mountains peaks’ Heaven and Earth spiritual energy, it was really not what a human strength could fight. And furthermore, this was just one single-colored sword, if it was an attack from that fearful seven-colored main sword, everyone might be killed without a burial site.

Among the four great leaders, Ghost King had always been full of stratagems, now that danger was close at hand, Ghost King being quick-witted, suddenly noticed that Reverend DaoXuan’s body kept wavering in the mid air, evidently showing the strain it took on him, and quickly shouted, “Everyone, DaoXuan that old thief is badly hurt and lack the strength to fully control this formation, let us combine our strength immediately to attack one area!”

At first the Evil Faction people were in a chaos, almost all depended on their own ability to defend against this lives- consuming sword rain raining down from mid air. Unexpectedly hearing the cry from Ghost King, they did not even have to consider, with Ghost King as the lead, almost all of the Evil Faction highly skilled experts on TongTian Peak flew up and charged towards the less densely packed single-
coloured swords area on the eastern side.

On the way up, horrible shrieks continued, the energy swords were taking lives like evil demons grinning hideously in the mid air, sweeping up stalks of horrible and bright- colored beautiful blood flower in the vaults of heaven. Qing Yun Sect and Tian Yin Temple disciples were all staring blankly and had forgotten to stop the Evil Faction people. But even if they thought of it they could not rush to use force as in this shower of swords, if they move thoughtlessly, they might be the first to be hurt.

Finally, after throwing down nearly a hundred bodies, several Evil Faction experts dashed out from the east side including the four great leaders and Taoist Cang Song. Although everyone of them was wounded but they eventually still escaped. The sky full of sword rain, finally slowly weaken, slowly stopped.

Numerous scattered blood flowers, landed slowly and turned into a startling bloody scene, shrouding TongTian Peak into a sea of red.

The energy swords in the sky gradually disappeared, Reverend DaoXuan, following the Water Unicorn landed unhurriedly. Tian BuYi and the rest at that moment then realized and immediately went up to greet him but just when they received Reverend DaoXuan, without waiting for them to say a word, Reverend DaoXuan’s body tilted and fell into Tian BuYi’s bosom, losing conscious.

Chapter 83 - Past Sin

Everyone was thrown into a state of confusion and they quickly supported Reverend DaoXuan into the Crystal Hall. But right now inside the Crystal Hall, the place had already fell into disrepair, the original grand and proud architecture had collapsed by half, broken stones and woods were everywhere.

Tian BuYi and the rest waited while the younger disciples hastily cleared an area, dragged a chair from the side and let Reverend DaoXuan sat on it. The surrounding elder leaders, whatever magical elixir or special medicine that they had, they could not wait to take it all out and let DaoXuan had it all.

After a while, DaoXuan’s body moved, gave a long moan and slowly woke up.

Tian BuYi and the rest saw that Reverend DaoXuan’s complexion was so pale to the point where there was really no color and especially the wound in his abdomen, the blood which had clotted, without knowing when, had expanded several sizes bigger and almost dyed the entire lower front of his robe black. Everyone could not help but had worried expressions. Reverend DaoXuan obviously had severely injured his vitality, after gaining conscious, he could not even speak. Tian BuYi quickly gave him three of his painstaking-refined big yellow pill to him. After a while, the medication took effect and Reverend DaoXuan began to look slightly better.

By then, the senior disciples had also gathered over, Lin JingYu, Zhang Xiao Fan, Lu XueQi and the rest had also rushed over. When they saw that Sect Head Reverend’s injuries were so severe, their faces turned pale.

After a while, Song Daren, QiHao and the rest also rushed back.

Reverend DaoXuan recovered more of his strength, opened his eyes and saw that Tian BuYi and the rest were all looking at him with concerned and worried expressions, he forced a smile and said, “I can still hold on, don’t worry.”

Tian BuYi and the rest only then felt relieved, among them, someone recalled seeing the legendary ancient sword Zhu Xian but noticed that it was not in Reverend DaoXuan’s hands nor was it seen anywhere. And outside Crystal Hall, the spiritual beast Water Unicorn also did not return back to Jade Pool and instead lay there. The ancient sword Zhu Xian was also not seen anywhere near it.

Reverend DaoXuan unhurriedly looked around his surroundings, his countenance slightly changed when he noticed that the Qing Yun Sect disciples standing around him, almost more than half were not there, he exclaimed, “Just now after I left, here, here how was the casualties?”

Standing nearest to him, Tian BuYi, hesitated for a while and spoke quietly, “Sect Head senior brother, you better take care of your …”

DaoXuan cut him off, “Quickly say it!”

Tian BuYi paused a while, turned around to look at the surroundings, as if he needed to confirm again and then quietly informed DaoXuan on the casualties.

In this battle, Qing Yun Sect truly suffered heavy casualties. Under the Evil Faction besiege, among the twenty-five elders, fourteen were killed, four or five were heavily injured and for the seven branches leaders, other than Sect Head Reverend DaoXuan and the traitor Long Shou Valley Taoist Cang Song, Morning Sun Valley leader Shang ZhengLiang and Sunset Valley leader Taoist Tian Yun were killed, leaving Tian BuYi
and Return of the Wind Valley leader Zeng ShuChang, they were too, exhausted mentally and covered with wounds. Only Small Bamboo Valley Shui Yue Master, because she had to escort Tian Yin Temple PuHong and the rest, was quite unharmed.

Reverend DaoXuan’s body wavered, nearly unable to hold up again. The strength that Qing Yun Sect had been proud of in the past, in this battle, seemed to be nearly exhausted.

Tian BuYi, with grief and indignation on his face, spoke quietly, “Sect Head senior brother, such terrible blood debt, we must seek revenge, just that now your health is more important, you absolutely must not be too grieved.”

DaoXuan heaved a sigh, closed his eyes and said, “I, DaoXuan, have let down Qing Yun Sect generations of forefathers!” His voice bleak with an unspoken pain, the crowd which heard it was silent for a moment.

Just that, on top of the ruins beside them, a piece of wood suddenly dropped down with thump and a head stretched out from the corner of the ruins. Everyone was shocked and looking carefully, they were all stunned. The person was that Wang ErShu who had been mad for many years. Without knowing when he had ran into this Crystal Hall, and where he had hid during the earth-shaking big battle, right now he crawled out just like that. He was covered with dust which turned his hair grey and his face brown but his expression showed that he was not really afraid and grinning foolishly.

Zhang Xiao Fan and Lin JingYu who were standing beside, walked over at the same time. After all, they did not just have a simple relationship with Wang ErShu. Lin JingYu pulled him over and checked him, other than a few scratches on his body, he was unharmed. This spot of fortune was indeed better than the numerous Qing Yun disciples who had skills a hundred times higher than him.

Both of them breathed long sighs of relief and looked at each other, their eyes both conveyed a meaning of such fortune. Zhang Xiao Fan’s mood by now had slightly returned to normal, as if that wave of fierce evil current, with the departure of Taoist Cang Song and especially that close-quarter fight with the Evil Faction black-attired man at the back of the hill, had gradually cooled down.

Thinking about this, he seemed to have thought of something, and involuntarily he turned to look at the other side. Lu XueQi who had just witnessed his unusual savage appearance, right now her expression was as still as water, standing there quietly, not sure what was she thinking about?

The Evil Faction crowd risked their lives to create an escape route of blood, broke out of Reverend DaoXuan’s stimulated Zhu Xian Sword Formation and escaped down TongTian Peak.

At the foot of Qing Yun Hill, Ghost King was the first to calm down, repeatedly shouted and stopped the flustered crowd. The four great leaders did their headcounts on their people and after a while Ghost King, God of Poison, YuYang Zi and SanMiao Fairy came together and looked at each other without words. Qing Yun Sect suffered heavy losses, the Evil Faction did not have it better.

Ever since the great defeat that the Evil Faction suffered hundred years ago, these few years without exception, the Evil Faction disciples exerted themselves to make Evil Faction prosperous. Even to this day, the combined strength of the Evil Faction four great branches had already exceeded any of the Good Faction three great sects. Unexpectedly at the battle today, disregarding Reverend DaoXuan’s act of activating Zhu Xian Sword Formation in the later part, the initial part in Crystal Hall, there were already several who perished together with Qing Yun Sect elders and afterwards there were even a dozen or more who died under Zhu Xian Sword Formation. All four of the great sects lost many of their disciples and suffered heavy losses.

Right now Taoist Cang Song, because of his special status, had also came to stand with them.

YuYang Zi’s character was haughty and angried on the casualties suffered by his sect, coldly stared at him, turned and walked away, not giving him any face at all. Taoist Cang Song’s expression slightly changed but on the contrary, it was Ghost King who shrewd and deep with at least good self-cultivation, actually laughed and said, “Taoist Cang Song, your Qing Yun Sect might is indeed unfathomable. This Zhu Xian Sword Formation has even the ability that ghost and Gods will not be able to foresee, awesome, awesome!”

Taoist Cang Song shook his head and told Ghost King, “Ghost King sect leader, I’m afraid you still don’t know, just now that Zhu Xian Sword Formation, it only display half of its might.”

“What?” SanMiao Fairy standing beside exclaimed, Taoist Cang Song took a look at her and suddenly his mind was swept away. He saw only that beautiful girl’s frostlike skin, at that great battle before, he only saw her vicious attacks with expressionless face but right now looking at her, he suddenly discovered that under that frost expression, there was even more traces of feminine charms, seducing one’s soul, and for a moment he stood staring at her.

“Ke ke!” God of Poison standing beside, coughed twice. Taoist Cang Song after all had practised for many years, immediately he came to his senses and realized that this SanMiao Fairy as HeHuan Sect’s leader, would have bewitching skills without revealing any traces. She absolutely must not be compared to
ordinary gorgeous women.

He dared not looked at SanMiao Fairy longer than he should and only said, “Although I have never seen the full display of Zhu Xian Sword Formation but Qing Yun Sect ancient records had ever recorded that when Qing Ye founder was at his peak, with Evil Faction….em, with Holy Sect fight, he used Zhu Xian Sword Formation. Other than the enormous seven-colored main sword lying horizontally in the vaults of heaven, the other six-colored energy swords, each neatly positioned in according to the location of the six valley peaks and their perimeter extremely wide, surrounding the entire Qing Yun seven giant peaks and the swords that rained down were even more powerful. Not the ones that we barely could block off today!”

Ghost King remained silent for a while, heaved a long sigh and said, “This Qing Ye founder of yours, is really terrific!” God of Poison frowned and said, “So it can also be said, Zhu Xian Sword Formation’s might is so great, we are not able to break it even in this lifetime?”

Ghost King shook his head, a smile instead showed up on his face and said, “I don’t think so.”

God of Poison and the rest together turned to look at him, and said, “Why, Ghost King fellow brother, do you have any opinion?”

Ghost King indifferently said, “Looking at the battle today, on one hand although DaoXuan could control the Zhu Xian Ancient Sword and activated Zhu Xian Sword Formation but it was obvious that he was doing it with an effort and Zhu Xian Sword Formation’s power was reduced. Second, this Zhu Xian Sword Formation power is so great, it will consume a huge amount of vitality essence and spiritual powers, how can it be taken lightly? I’m certain DaoXuan right now, his old wounds will have a relapse and even if he is not dead, he is only half dead!” “That’s right!” This echo was instead not shouted by God of Poison and the rest but by YuYang Zi who had walked back, hearing those words he could not help but to speak out.

God of Poison glanced at Ghost King, his countenance suddenly changed and said, “Ghost King fellow brother, can it be that you are thinking…”

Ghost King interrupted and said, “That’s right, I am thinking of going back to Qing Yun! At this very moment, this is Qing Yun Sect’s, ever since from Qing Ye era, once in a thousand years, weakest moment. If we do not take this opportunity to get rid of our hearts’ worry then when can we? Beside, Qing Yun Sect will never expect that after we escaped from the death trap, we will dare to attack back, with this unexpectation, it will be a total victory!”

The surrounding Evil Faction people, suddenly became speechless and their expressions changed. Even God of Poison, this refuse-to-die fool who had been through countless of life scenarios, was also stunned by Ghost King’s words. Ghost King looked around and excitedly said, “Today is the excellent opportunity to wipe off our Holy Sect hundred years of galling shame, everyone has swore a solemn oath in front of Wisdom Queen and Wisdom King with me, why not put in all of our best effort and fight?”

The Evil Faction people all looked at each other. These people obviously were not cowardly and weak but just a few moments ago, they had just escaped with their lives from Qing Yun Hill and now in an instant they had to go up and fight again. This courage and resourcefulness from Ghost King or should it be said as simply disregarding life and death, was really hard for people to accept.

After a long while, unexpectedly nobody spoke up.

Ghost King’s expression gradually turned ugly, finally he shook his head, sighed and said, “Such a good opportunity, you all...ai!” after saying, he heaved a long sigh, looking extremely discouraged and slowly walked back to his own sect people.

Qing Long, YouJi and the rest came up to meet him, Qing Long was about to say something but Ghost King laughed slightly bitterly and spoke in a low voice, “Not qualified to discuss strategic planning with, not qualified to discuss strategic planning with! “

Saying which, he sighed and said, “Forget it, we talk about it next time. We will stop here today, let’s go back….em, where is BiYao?”

Once the words were out, Qing Long and YouJi both trembled. YouJi had her face covered with black veil, her expression could not be seen but hearing her voice, it was obvious she was shocked. She exclaimed, “When we were at the Crystal Hall, we were fighting with Qing Yun Sect and BiYao told us both that she would go first to find you, don’t tell me…”

Ghost King’s countenance greatly changed, he urgently said, “I did not see her ever since I went up.”

Qing Long exclaimed out, “Don’t tell me she is still at Qing Yun Hill?” On Ghost King’s forehead, beads of sweats instantly appeared. He immediately decided and said resolutely, “Yao er is my own flesh and blood, I will absolutely not abandon her and leave. I will go up to Qing Yun Hill now.”

Qing Long urgently said, “Leader, you absolutely must not, this, this, this really is…”

Ghost King’s eyes flashed, in an instant thousands of thoughts went through his mind. He suddenly turned around and said loudly to God of Poison and the rest of the Evil Faction members,  “Everyone,  I  have  already  made  up  my  mind.  In order to wipe off our Holy Sect’s hundred years of humiliation, I, Ghost King, will rather have my body smashed to pieces and my bones ground to powder and not let down Wisdom Queen and Wisdom King. Right now in Qing Yun Sect, most are either dead or injured and furthermore Sect Head DaoXuan old thief is severely injured and near to his death, he definitely will not be able to activate the Zhu Xian Sword Formation. I, Ghost King, will now charge up, if I can succeed, it will be the blessing of Wisdom Queen and Wisdom King; if I am outnumbered, then let me die at Qing Yun Peak, someday in the nether world, when I pay my respect to Wisdom Queen and Wisdom King, I have nothing to be ashamed of!” Saying which, Ghost King, without another look at the crowd, took the lead and soared up, and sure enough took off towards the direction of Qing Yun Hill. Qing Long and YouJi looked at each other and immediately followed closely behind. Following which, Ghost King Sect disciples even more without a word, followed after, leaving the dumbstruck God of Poison and the rest of the Evil Faction main crowd and troops, standing there looking as dumb as a wooden chicken.

After a long while, God of Poison and the rest regained their senses but they had not even spoke, clamour noises started to build up from the Evil Faction members behind them. God of Poison and the rest groaned inwardly in their hearts, turned their heads around and saw that across the different branches disciples, most already had indignation shown on their faces.

On Qing Yun TongTian Peak, at this moment it was shrouded under a heavy mood, a group people crowded around DaoXuan, quietly consoling something.

Lin JingYu and Zhang Xiao Fan stood aside and helped Wang ErShu to rearrange his attire and dusted off the dirt on his clothes. Wang ErShu seemed to have some recognition on the both of them and he stood there motionless and allowed them to do what they want, his eyes only looked at the Water Unicorn who was outside, hehe grinning foolishly.

Zhang Xiao Fan looked at him, his heart felt pained and could not help but to think back the past and gave a long sigh. Lin JingYu heard it, his his feelings were stirred too and he felt the same, he stretched his hand and patted Zhang Xiao Fan’s shoulder.

Both of them looked at each other, both could see the grief in each other's eyes, for a moment they did not speak.

Right then, PuHong Master and the rest who had been sent to safety by Shui Yue Master, were also fetched back by Shui Yue. Looking at PuHong Master’s complexion, he looked much better as compared to his pale face earlier on. Seemed like although Zhou Yin’s Part from people Awl was powerful but comparing to PuHong Master’s Great Braham Wisdom, it was much inferior.

During that period of time, PuHong Master had already progressively forced the strange vigour penetrating Part from people Awl out of his body by a big half. But even though it was so, PuHong Master still looked very weak, someone standing beside quickly pulled a chair over, with the support of FaXiang and PuKong, PuHong Master sat beside Reverend DaoXuan.

PuHong Master took a few gasp of breath and looked around at his surroundings. However when he only saw the rivers of blood, dead people and the battered hall, he gave a long sigh and put his palms together saying, “Amitabha!”

Reverend DaoXuan looked at PuHong Master and nodded his head slightly, gave a bitter laugh and said, “How are your wounds Master?”

PuHong Master shook his head and said, “This old monk still won’t die yet but instead Reverend DaoXuan should take good care of yourself!”

Reverend DaoXuan shook his head and sighed, looked far away and suddenly his glance landed on Zhang Xiao Fan who was standing outside. He seemed to think of something, turned and said to Tian BuYi, “Tian junior brother, ask that disciple of yours, Zhang Xiao Fan, to come over.” Tian BuYi’s expression changed but he did not dare to disobey and could only turned and said, “Lao Qi, you come over, Reverend DaoXuan have something to say to you.”

For a moment the crowd was shocked, especially the Big Bamboo disciples. Zhang Xiao Fan was even more shocked but it was hard to disobey a teacher’s command so he had to brace himself and walked over.

After a while, everyone cleared an area and Zhang Xiao Fan, by himself, stood in front of Reverend DaoXuan and spoke in a low voice, “Sect Head.”

Reverend DaoXuan looked at him for a long while and quietly said, “Until now, you are still not willing to divulge your secrets?”

Zhang Xiao Fan trembled and felt that in an instant, everyone’s stares had concentrated onto himself, there were concerned stares, disdain stares but instead even more stares of doubts! Reverend DaoXuan sighed again, unhurriedly said, “Zhang Xiao Fan, ever since you joined our Qing Yun Sect, have Qing Yun Sect ever mistreated you?”

Zhang Xiao Fan immediately shook his head, said, ”Reverend DaoXuan, no, there is no such matter. Teacher and Teacher’s wife treat me very well…”  when he spoke the words, Tian BuYi’s body obviously shook for a moment, his face showing an extremely complex expression.

“But, “ Zhang Xiao Fan’s face contorted in extreme agony, two different kinds of thoughts battering each other endlessly inside his head and said, “But, disciple really have my difficulties, I, I cannot…”


Suddenly a loud roar, like a thunder, shocked the entire place and shocked everyone. Zhang Xiao Fan unconsciously stepped back and when he took a look at the person, he was immediately frightened. Giving such a loud roar, this person was not from Qing Yun Sect but instead was one of the four great Holy Monks of Tian Yin Temple, PuKong. PuKong, among Tian Yin Temple four great Holy Monks, was the most junior but his character was the most intense. During his youth in subduing demons and evil spirits, just by his Buddhism rare treasure “Buddha Golden
Alms” in his hand, countless of evils were killed by it. Later on
as he got older and as his ability to comprehend the meaning of Buddhism gradually increased, he then started to live in seclusion within Tian Yin Temple.

Today Qing Yun blood battle, PuKong threw off his prohibitions against taking life and used his mysterious Buddhism attained skills to fight the bloody battle with the Evil Faction. Right now on his monk robe, with blood stains everywhere, he did not look like a Buddhist holy monk at all and instead he totally looked like an evil spirit from Hell, no wonder Zhang Xiao Fan and the rest had a scare.

Initially Tian Yin Temple Sect’s expedition to Qing Yun Hill had  the  punitive  intention.  The  “Great  Braham  Wisdom” which was never passed down to outsiders, was actually learnt by a little junior disciple of Qing Yun Hill, how could this be? And currently PuKong saw Zhang Xiao Fan heming and hawing in his speech, he was extremely incensed. On top of it, today he had broke his prohibition, he felt an indescribable feeling of distraught and could not help but made the Buddhism lion roar out!

Zhang Xiao Fan, after being shouted by his deafening thunder-like voice, froze for a while and still had not regained his sense. Standing together with Lin JingYu at the back, all the while grinning foolishly at the Water Unicorn, Wang ErShu, was startled instead and turned his head to look over.

A devil looking-like monk, with his body covered with blood, furiously staring at Zhang Xiao Fan and looking like an evil spirit that wanted to eat someone up!

In the Crystal Hall, in an instant it turned silent.

“Ah ”

Suddenly, a heart-wrenching miserable cry was heard, the scream coming from this battered Crystal Hall. Wang ErShu had no color on his face, his whole face was as white as a sheet and his whole body was trembling, he shakily pointed  at  PuKong,  shrieking,  “Ghost!  Ghost!  Ghost!  Ghost ah…”

The voice was so sad and shrill, although it was broad daylight now but in the great hall, everyone felt a chill in the air at the same time.

Even PuKong who was just in a rage, was instead shocked by Wang ErShu, became panic and with an unexplainable haste to try and defend himself, saying, “What, what did you say, why am I a ghost?”

But Wang ErShu behaved as if he was possessed, his whole body trembled violently, Lin JingYu who was beside, tried his best to calm him down but it did not seem to work. Wang ErShu then slowly shrank back and did not dare to look at PuKong again, his eyes closed tightly, obviously he was extremely terrified and he could not stop repeating, “Ghost! Ghost! it was he who killed somebody----don’t kill me, don’t kill me, me, me, ah! ahahahahahah….” Suddenly, a haze silently enveloped the whole place, Zhang Xiao Fan and Lin JingYu both froze at the same time, especially Zhang Xiao Fan, somewhere deep inside his eyes, again a red light seemed to indistinctly emerge.

Stared at by everyone, PuKong, utterly discomfited, angrily said, “I do not know this person at all, what are all of you looking at?”

Lin JingYu slowly relaxed the hand that had been grabbing Wang ErShu, walked to Zhang Xiao Fan, without even looking at him, one would know that Zhang Xiao Fan was now exactly like him, using every ounce of strength to control himself but that heavy panting had already revealed the agitation in their hearts!

“Why, did, he, say, it, was, you?” Lin JingYu, every single word, slowly asked. His expression looked as scary as Zhang Xiao Fan but the difference was although his eyes were full of hatred but at the same time it still carried a sense of clear- headed. PuKong furiously replied, “How will I know? He is only a mad man!”

Zhang Xiao Fan and Lin JingYu both changed countenance at the same time, most of the Qing Yun disciples casted sidelong glances and frowned their brows. But just at this moment, a Buddha name was heard, sitting behind PuKong, PuHong Master suddenly spoke, his voice carried grief and he quietly said, “Amitabha, the evil sin was sown, thus the evil fruit was bore. It’s a sin, it’s a sin!”

Once the words were spoken, instantly there absolute silence in the entire place, PuKong’s body was like wood, after a long while he then slowly turned to face PuHong Master, in a rough voice he asked, “Senior brother, what did you say?”

PuHong Master’s face was white, not knowing if it was due to his body’s injuries or because he was guilty, his eyes were both closed and after a long while, he spoke in a low voice, “FaXiang.”

Ever since Wang ErShu suddenly acted up, FaXiang had looked terrible and pale, his body shook and he said, “Disciple is here.”

PuHong Master unhurriedly said, “Don’t need to hide anymore, reveal to them ba! That year junior brother did wrong, today we must not again frame this Zhang patron.”

A loud crash went off in Zhang Xiao Fan’s head, indistinctly a voice was screaming and seemed to be grabbing and pulling at his heart.

FaXiang slowly walked up, looked at the countless dumbfounded faces and at Lin JingYu and Zhang Xiao Fan, finally he stopped at Zhang Xiao Fan.

“That year, the one that killed all of the Grasstemple villagers at the foot of Qing Yun Hill, it was indeed done by one of our Tian Yin Temple’s disciples!”

“What!” Instantly, numerous appalled, shocked, refused to believe, angry voices seemed to burst out, exploded inside Qing Yun Hill Crystal Hall, even Reverend DaoXuan, Tian BuYi these type of cultivated and enlightened masters, also could not help but to change countenance and Lin JingYu, had even drew out his Dragon Slayer Sword, rippling jade light.

Only Zhang Xiao Fan’s heart, suddenly started to sink for a very long period of time, so deep, so heavy, and after that, what surfaced was the ever familiar cold feeling, that heavily blood- scented vicious current, enveloped him!

Chapter 84 - Blood Curse

Infatuation = Forbidding Blood Curse

The accusing voices at last, gradually toned down. FaXiang did not even care about the others and not even a glance to the murderous-looking Dragon Slayer Sword in the livid Lin JingYu’s hand, his eyes only looked at Zhang Xiao Fan, concerned and at the same time, rue.

After waiting for everyone to quieten down, FaXiang then unhurriedly continued.

“That murderer, was my third Teacher uncle, ranked as one of the four great Holy Monks, PuZhi Master.”

Once the words were out, again another flurry of commotion, everyone was completely shocked.

Zhang Xiao Fan’s body, wavered once, and wavered again, he could not feel anything. It seemed like the entire sky had all crashed down, and himself, was only a very ridiculous very lamentable person ah…

That deeply engraved sadness on the recesses of his soul, right now it seemed to have evolved into an evil spirit, viciously biting on his heart!

After grief, what do you still have left?

The firestick slowly started to light up, green light drifted out slightly, mixed with pale golden light but all of these were unable to hide that layer of cold red blood light. The evil energy, never had it been such intense, as if the bloody scent which for the past thousand years had concentrated inside Blood-Sucking Orb and Soul-Absorbing, accompanied with that fury roar of despair from the countless resentful spirits and deceased souls, poured into his chest!

And in that chaos, FaXiang’s voice in front of him continued to speak on clearly, “That year PuZhi Teacher Uncle came to Qing Yun, met with Sect Head DaoXuan and tried to persuade him to combine and practise both houses of Buddhism true ways together, maybe it could contribute and break the mystery of immortality, unexpectedly it was politely rejected by Sect Head Reverend.”

DaoXuan was startled for a moment, then nodded his head and said, “That’s right, there was such thing.”

FaXiang continued on, “That day PuZhi Teacher Uncle left the mountain in disappointment and walked aimlessly into Grasstemple village. He saw that it was late and spent the night in one of the dilapidated temple inside the village. It was also that night…”

His voice suddenly paused, the great hall was silent and not a sound was heard, only Zhang Xiao Fan’s breathing which were becoming heavier was heard.

FaXiaong arranged his emotions, focused his state of mind but his stare was always on Zhang Xiao Fan, said, “It was that night, PuZhi Teacher Uncle suddenly discovered a black-attired man had intruded into Grasstemple village and was about to kidnap this Lin JingYu junior brother.“ Lin JingYu was startled, everyone turned to look at him at the same time, FaXiang continued to say, “PuZhi Teacher Uncle immediately came to his rescue but unexpectedly that black- attired man had ulterior motive, he appeared to have come to kidnap but in fact he wanted to deal with PuZhi Teacher Uncle,
intending to take the Evil Faction evil object Blood-Sucking Orb hidden on PuZhi Teacher Uncle!”

The crowd was in uproar.

FaXiang continued, “The Blood-Sucking Orb was accidentally discovered by PuZhi Teacher Uncle many years ago at a big marsh in the west. In order not to allow it to further harm the living, he used Buddhism true way to seal the orb and used Tian Yin Temple’s important treasure “Jade Rosary” to further suppress it. But nobody knew how the black-attired man came to know of it and he first hid the extremely poisonous seven- tailed centipede on Lin junior brother and caused it to bite PuZhi Teacher Uncle.”

Tian BuYi was astounded and said, “Seven-tailed centipede, don’t tell me it was Cang Song…” This time, it was Lin JingYu’s turn to turn even paler.

FaXiang  paused  and  then  continued,  “After  that  PuZhi Teacher Uncle, under the venom poisoning, fought life and death with that person and eventually suffered heavy injuries from that person’s display of Qing Yun Sect “Celestial Sword Drive Thunder True Formula”, and almost died: But he too in the end, used the “Great Brahman Wisdom”  to retaliate and injured him severely, causing the black-attired man to flee. And during this intense fight, Zhang Xiao Fan junior brother had also arrived at the temple.”

Qing Yun Sect disciples right now could not look more uncomfortable. FaXiang continued, “Then after, PuZhi Teacher Uncle knew he was going to die but his life ambition was still unfulfilled, so he could not take it down. Just at that moment, he suddenly conceived a, a … a wild fantasy idea, which was to pass down Tian Yin Temple supreme Great Brahman Wisdom true way to a disciple and let this very young youth entered into Qing Yun and learn Qing Yun true ways. The two houses of Buddhism true ways that was never linked before, could then be cultivated at the same time on a person and his life ambition could be achieved.” DaoXuan Reverend sneered and said, “PuZhi was indeed remarkable, great vision and far-sighted, but why did he not pass down to a better potential Lin JingYu and yet chose this Zhang Xiao Fan?”

FaXiang paused for a moment and said, “PuZhi Teacher Uncle thought that Lin JingYu’s aptitude was too good. If he entered Qing Yun Sect, he would definitely receive attention from both his teachers and seniors and was afraid he might be seen through easily, so…”

Qing Yun Sect members looked at each other, Tian BuYi shook his head and said, “Remarkable, remarkable…”

FaXiang said again, “As such, PuZhi Teacher Uncle was also sincerely fond of Zhang junior brother’s simple and honest heart, so he passed down what had never been passed to outsiders for a thousand years, the Great Brahman Wisdom to Zhang junior brother. After that he was afraid that if the Blood-Sucking Orb was still on his body and in case the black- attired man turned back, it might fall into evil hands and thus handed the orb to Zhang junior brother to let him find a desolate cliff and to throw down. But just that, “ When he spoke until here, FaXiang could not help but to sigh and said, “Unexpectedly Zhang junior brother was most likely nostalgic about the old ties and kept this evil orb with him.”

In the great hall, it was then everyone resolved one of their doubts, that the Blood-Sucking Orb’s origin was like this and how the Great Brahman Wisdom true way on Zhang Xiao Fan came like that.

By now, FaXiang’s face revealed a pained expression and he unhurriedly said, “If it was to remain that way, PuZhi Teacher Uncle was only acting recklessly. But nobody expected at that moment, something actually happened...Originally, PuZhi Teacher Uncle with his compassionate feeling for mankind, even if he were to suffer the torment of the Blood-Sucking Orb, he still wanted to use his own Buddhism cultivated skills to control this evil object. Unexpectedly after a long period of time, the evil energy of the Blood-Sucking Orb silently seeped deep into PuZhi Teacher Uncle’s soul. On normal days, PuZhi Teacher Uncle had his Buddhism power to protect his body so he was totally unaware but on that day when he was near to his death and had just left Zhang junior brother and the rest, walked into the village centre and suddenly thought, even though he had passed the Buddhism true way to Zhang junior brother but he might not be able to join Qing Yun successfully!” FaXiang’s face showed his agonizing pain, even his voice was trembling slightly, said, “That moment, PuZhi Teacher Uncle’s Buddhism power was greatly weaken and was invaded by the evil energy. As if he was possessed, he actually conceived, conceived the thought to kill all of the villagers in Grasstemple village so that Qing Yun Sect, considering their orphan status, would surely take on those two children, therefore, therefore…”

“Ah!”   Lin  JingYu  roared  hysterically,  finally  unable  to restrain himself, the Dragon Slayer Sword and his body chopped towards FaXiang, DaoXuan urgently said, “Quick, quick hold him back!”

Without waiting for his words to finish, Tian BuYi and the rest had already stopped him. Lin JingYu’s cheeks were streaming with tears, crying bitterly and even under Tian BuYi and the rest restraints, he was still struggling, hoarsely shouting, “I want to kill all of you, kill all of you …”

Tian Yin Temple PuHong, PuKong as head, all of the monks bent their heads, with expressions of shame, softly chanting unceasingly. DaoXuan was silent for like half a day, as if even he also needed a huge amount of mental effort in order to digest this unfathomable truth, after a while, he suddenly said to FaXiang, “Just now you said PuZhi was near his death, then this truth, how did you all know?”

FaXiang remained silent for a short while, said, “PuZhi Teacher Uncle once made an acquaintance with an extraordinary person and received a pill of strange medicine, ‘Three days must die pill’. After eating the pill, no matter how grave your injury was, within three days it could evoke your entire body’s potential energy and preserve your life but after three days, even if your injuries recovered, you still must die. PuZhi Teacher Uncle took this strange pill and finally reached Tian Yin Temple within three days and told the events’ details to my honorable teacher PuHong Master. I was serving my teacher at that time and heard the story. PuZhi Teacher Uncle by then had already turned clear-headed and deeply regretted the heinous evil sin that he had sown. He couldn’t wait to die a thousand times to compensate at least a very small percentage and eventually passed away crying in a seated posture!”

FaXiang looked deeply at Zhang Xiao Fan and slowly said, “This was what happened. All of these things, were our Tian Yin Temple PuZhi Teacher Uncle’s fault and had nothing to do with Zhang Xiao Fan junior brother. Requesting Qing Yun Sect Teacher Uncles, all of you absolutely must not blame him!”

Reverend DaoXuan sighed slightly, heaved a long breath and was about to say something when all of a sudden, in the quiet great hall, a quiet sound of sad laughter suddenly rang out.

“Blame? Who wants to blame me?”

This laughter was unfamiliar and cold, carrying with it an immeasurable hatred. Zhang Xiao Fan, who had kept his head down all these while with heavy breathings, slowly, slowly raised his head.

That pair of completely red eyes, looking-like blood and with it, a coldness that caused one’s hair to stand, stared at FaXiang.

FaXiang frowned tightly and spoke in a low voice, “Zhang junior brother, you, you must take care of your body, what had passed let it pass! The future days are still long…” “You! Go! Die!”

All of a sudden, Zhang Xiao Fan through his gritted teeth, spitted out these three words. Not one in the crowd did not turn pale, right now Zhang Xiao Fan seemed to have changed into a totally different person, his entire being emitting murderous aura and his face muscles were contorted, looking extremely savage.

From far, Wang ErShu suddenly exclaimed again, “Ghost!
Ghost! Another ghost came!”

And this time, his finger, was pointing at Zhang Xiao Fan.

Everyone turned pale, PuHong Master, disregarding his body’s injuries, stood up abruptly. The firestick in Zhang Xiao Fan’s right hand suddenly shone with brilliant light, the Blood- Sucking Orb looked-like it was being revived again, green light shone everywhere, mixed with Soul-Absorbing stick’s black energy, shrouded Zhang Xiao Fan within it. Even his face was gradually becoming blurred. FaXiang hoarsely exclaimed, “Zhang junior brother, quickly throw away that evil stick, you have already been invaded by that evil energy…”


Zhang Xiao Fan turned and laughed bitterly at the sky, his voice sad and shrill, “What correct path? What good justice? You all have been lying to me. For my whole life, I have struggle to persist, even if I was to be subjected to death, I wanted to keep his secret for him, but, what am I …”

He stretched opened both of his arms, facing the sky and uttered a long, mournful cry, “What am I ah ”

This miserable voice, reverberated between Heaven and Earth, captivating everyone and eliciting tears.

The people in the hall, not one did not change countenance, FaXiang flew up and urgently said, “Zhang junior brother, quickly give up this thing, if not you are going to sink into the Evil way and be lost forever…” Zhang Xiao Fan held his head high and faced the sky, as if he did not notice at all that FaXiang was charging over, everyone held their breath as FaXiang almost grab the firestick but unexpectedly in the mid-air a delicate sound was heard and a surprise attack by a stream of white light shot over
horizontally. FaXiang was unable to defend against this surprise attack, a muffled groan was heard in midair and he flew back.

Everyone was surprised and saw a green figure flashed. BiYao appeared in front of Zhang Xiao Fan, facing the numerous Good Faction skilled fighters but her expression was stern with no fear.

Her eyes were slightly red, evidently she had grieved for Zhang Xiao Fan. Not even caring about the rest, she turned and grabbed Zhang Xiao Fan’s hand, urgently said, “Xiao Fan, come with me, these people are beasts in human forms, they are all trying to harm you!”

Zhang Xiao Fan dazely acknowledged but when facing this girl, without knowing why, at this Heaven and Earth lonesome moment, the only place where he could trust, without conscious volition he grabbed tight of that warm hand and followed her!

But in this full of Good Faction experts hall, how could they allow them to be so impudent, especially after a while, many of them recognized BiYao as Evil Faction Ghost King Sect Leader’s only daughter, immediately the pot exploded.

Today Qing Yun Sect had numerous casualties and it was all due to the Evil Faction, creating a huge debt of blood with the Evil Faction, never to end until death. Right now there were people already blocking the exit and there were even people shouting and asking, starting to doubt if Zhang Xiao Fan really had relations with the Evil Faction?

Lu XueQi, QiHao and the rest turned pale, Tian LingEr and the rest tried their utmost to explain that Zhang Xiao Fan had just battled with the Evil Faction but this voice was so weak, in an instant it was drowned out by waves of raging voices.

After a while, the Good Faction in the great hall had surrounded both the young man and woman in the middle. Zhang Xiao Fan stared with blood-red eyes, his body trembling slightly, laughing bitterly nonstop. He only felt that the scenes showing repeatedly in his mind were all tragic bloody scenes but it also seemed to be just a blank space, his entire life’s belief, faith were all destroyed today.

BiYao was instead much calmer than him, grabbing tightly onto Zhang Xiao Fan’s hand and stood with him, whispered, “Xiao Fan, don’t be afraid, even if we are to die, I will be with you!”

Zhang Xiao Fan suddenly was shocked and his head seemed to clear for a moment.

But just at this moment a loud voice shouted over, “Who dares to harm my daughter?”

Shua a sound, Qing Long, YouJi and the rest of the Ghost King Sect members appeared one after another and surrounded both Zhang Xiao Fan and BiYao in the middle. Ghost King looked at his surroundings, right now with only Ghost King Sect’s branch strength, it was indeed a gap against Qing Yun Sect and Tian Yin Temple these two branches but he seemed unperturbed, clasped his hands behind his back, looked around complacently, turned and smiled to BiYao, “Yao er, take Xiao Fan and leave first.”

BiYao nodded and was able to leave but the action of ignoring the Good Faction members, how could they indulge and also right now Zhang Xiao Fan’s status was especially special, Qing Yun Sect, Tian Yin Temple these two great sects, would not let this person leave no matter what.

Reverend DaoXuan angrily commanded, “Stop them!”

Once his command was out, the Good Faction skilled experts who already could not tolerate immediately surrounded them, in an instant the fights started again in this battered Crystal Hall but the situation now was totally reversed, Good Faction had became the one besieging the Ghost King Sect.

Without much effort, Ghost King Sect was already losing ground, BiYao was still tightly holding onto Zhang Xiao Fan’s hand, looking around worriedly but Ghost King was instead, still smiling and looking at the situation with composed expression.

The pressure from the surrounding Good Faction men were getting stronger, the several members of Ghost King Sect had already been cornered into a small circle and the situation was looking precarious, unexpectedly at this moment, sharp whistlings were heard from outside the Crystal Hall, strange rays of light flashed and the next moment miserable cries were heard incessantly.

The Good Faction were shocked and after a while, they saw figures dancing in the air, it was God of Poison, YuYang Zi and SanMiao Fairy leading the rest of the Evil Faction three great sects over to support.

The Evil Faction skilled experts joined the battle one after another and the situation immediately reversed. God of Poison unhurriedly walked over and stood there, beside Ghost King who was looking at them with an expression of gratified, his eyes looking at the battle in front of him and with a smile on his face but his lips moved and he spoke quietly, “Old brother, you are indeed ruthless!” Ghost King smiled slightly and said, “Old senior, regardless of everything, is willing to risk great danger for our Holy Sect, someday your name will surely pass down through all ages, for Holy Sect future generations to eulogize.”

God of Poison gave a bitter laugh, threw him a stare and cursed quietly, “Utter rubbish!”

With this big group of Evil Faction forces arrival, Qing Yun Sect strength were originally greatly diminished, Tian BuYi and the rest although were holding up with difficulty but one could not fight against the odds and were immediately pushed back, the situation turning dangerous by the minute.

Reverend DaoXuan witnessed the whole scene, his eyes looked as if it was going to shoot out flames. Within one day, the Qing Yun Hill which were sacred and inviolable, were being abused by these Evil Faction by their killings, it was Qing Yun Sect ever since their founding, the greatest shame and humiliation.

But the important thing was instead the situation below and in this period of time, he had made some resolution again and raised his arm.

The Evil Faction leaders of the four great sects by now had not entered the battle, their sights were all centered onto Reverend DaoXuan, one look and they knew that this old thief wanted to risk his own life again and activated Zhu Xian Sword Formation, how could they let him do what he wanted to, immediately the four figures like an electric power shot out, they unanimously leapt over to Reverend DaoXuan.

And at this moment, as if it had received some commands, the spiritual beast Water Unicorn which had been lying outside the Crystal Hall, suddenly gave a terrifying roar and charged in, its demeanor extremely ferocious. This type of ancient huge beast, in fact would definitely not be under any cultivated master. The sound of the incoming attack was swift and fierce, it would not be a joking matter if one was to be hit, Ghost King and the rest were blocked by it and in a flash, the Water Unicorn had already rushed over to Reverend DaoXuan’s side.

It lay beside Reverend DaoXuan, opened its gigantic mouth and spitted out an object, Reverend DaoXuan stretched his hand over to take it. The Evil Faction crowd were greatly shocked, looked over and saw that it was really a long sword but right now there was no colour on it at all and seemed to be cast from some strange rare stone, the sword hilt and body were merged together and it looked like it was some ordinary-looking stone sword. And indistinctly on the sword body, veined patterns were everywhere and also seemed to be slightly worn-out, there was even a faint crack on the sword body.

So the Zhu Xian Ancient Sword looked like this and lying inside the Water Unicorn’s mouth, this was something nobody thought of.

After a while, when the ancient sword Zhu Xian was in Reverend DaoXuan’s hand, a strange thing suddenly happened, in an instant from the ancient sword’s body, an unimaginable blazing white light floated up, only within a short period of time it had completely enveloped the entire huge Crystal Hall, the crowd was appalled and one after another they stopped fighting.

But in that light, Reverend DaoXuan’s body was seen wavering a few times. Ghost King and the rest had already experienced it and without needing to say anything, they immediately pounced up. Tian BuYi and the rest shouted in anger but it was already too late to assist. Unexpectedly although Reverend DaoXuan’s body was weak, his left and right leaning onto the Water
Unicorn’s body, his right hand that was holding onto the ancient sword Zhu Xian slashed down in front of him and in an instant the white light was like an enormous wave, toppling the mountain and overturning the seas, gushed over. God of Poison and the rest retaliated with their power at the same
time, both powers collided and a loud boom was heard.

The Crystal Hall that was already broken by half, right now even the surviving crumbling walls also collapsed with an explosive sound, dust flew up everywhere. Ghost King and the rest unconsciously stepped back and their faces’ expressions changed. The power of the Zhu Xian ancient sword was really unimaginable.

But despite that, Reverend DaoXuan shrouded within the Zhu Xian light rays, Pu a sound spurted out a mouthful of fresh blood but he disregarded all else and forced himself to float up to the Water Unicorn’s body. The Water Unicorn gave a loud roar, bared its fangs and brandished its claws, and flew up towards the sky. In between Heaven and Earth, suddenly it was left with only that Zhu Xian brilliant light, glimmering with resplendent light rays, flourishing increasingly. Accompanied with waves of hym and incantation chants, that extremely magnificent seven- coloured energy sword, again appeared in the sky and incessantly cloning single-colored energy swords, the lights brilliant and colours vibrant.

Not one in the Evil Faction did not change countenance, God of Poison resolutely stamped his feet and impatiently said, “This formation might is really too powerful, we cannot use force to overcome the enemy, we will retreat first.”

Ghost King although he saw Reverend DaoXuan looking like he was on the verge of collapsing but he could not understand that even though this person was obviously severely injured, how could he still stimulated this kind of extremely essence- consuming earth-shocking formation? Just that once the formation had started, its might was no trivial matter and he after all, dared not used his Evil Faction disciples’ lives to gamble. He heaved a long sigh, flew up and signaled to his disciples to retreat. BiYao pulled Zhang Xiao Fan and was about to take flight when suddenly a figure flashed in front of her, it was Lu XueQi blocking in front of her and that TianYa celestial sword in her hand, blue lights were flashing. Lu XueQi coldly said, “Zhang junior brother is from our Qing Yun Sect, quickly release him!”

How could BiYao be willing to let go, she angrily replied, “Leave him here to be killed by all of you? Why don’t you all kill me first!”

After speaking, without speaking more, Heartbroken Rare Flower flew out and attacked.

Right now Zhu Xian Sword Formation had already enveloped TongTian Peak, the sky had gradually darkened. Someone from Ghost King Sect saw that BiYao was fighting with Lu XueQi and immediately returned to help, the Good Faction also started to join in and once again the battle started.

Inside, Zhang Xiao Fan felt agony and he felt a wave of brutal cold-blooded thought screaming and shouting violently in his head, a feeling of destruction that wanted to massacre countless of human lives which felt terrible but yet captivating at the same time, flooded his mind.

The firestick seemed to follow its master’s thoughts, red, green, gold three colored light rays took turns to flow but very obviously that red light was becoming stronger.

FaXiang was watching from the side and felt alarmed. Ever since he saw Zhang Xiao Fan at Kongsang Mountain, because of that secret, he had viewed Zhang Xiao Fan in a new light and right now whatever happened, he did not wish for Zhang Xiao Fan to sink into the Evil Faction, in a flash he leapt towards Zhang Xiao Fan to grab that firestick.

BiYao panicked but was tangled with Lu XueQi and the rest, she could only urgently cried out, “Xiao Fan, watch out!”

Unexpectedly Zhang Xiao Fan seemed not to have heard and allowed FaXiang to grab the firestick. FaXiang was delighted but in the next moment expression on his face changed greatly, he felt the firestick’s ferocious vicious current gushed over like tidewater and Zhang Xiao Fan, who had always been simple and honest, in front of him, he suddenly revealed a hideous grin, like an evil spirit grinning hideously.

“Ah!”  FaXiang cried out loudly, he was hit heavily on his chest with a blow from Zhang Xiao Fan using his firestick, sprayed out a mouthful of fresh blood and was thrown back.

Zhang Xiao Fan let out a long howl towards the sky, his eyes bright red. He jumped into the battle and made his way to BiYao. The firestick glowed brilliantly with red light, it seemed to be rejoicing, together with its owner laughing wildly and diving towards death and fresh blood.

Lu XueQi and the rest, one after another, tried to avoid, no matter what, they could not use their full strength against Zhang Xiao Fan. But the Zhang Xiao Fan right now seemed to have already sank into craziness, his eyes filled with immeasurable hatred, every stroke of his was fatal, in a short while he had already forced the crowd back.

BiYao was extremely delighted, she pulled Zhang Xiao Fan and said, “Let’s go!” Their bodies soared up and flew towards the exit.

And at that time in the horizon, the number of energy swords were like mountains and seas and Zhu Xian Sword Formation had already started attacking the Evil Faction. And this time, Reverend DaoXuan seemed to give all out, not only the rain of swords fell down sharply, that enormous seven- colored main sword in the sky was also manipulated by that invisible incantation, carrying with it the power to split the Heaven and break the Earth, charged down rumbling.

This sword formation main sword’s might, how could it be taken lightly, one sword attacked down, in an instant within an area of several zhang, blood and fleshes flew everywhere, close to ten people were killed without even the time to scream and even the extent of the remnant force, YuYang Zi was unable to avoid in time and his left hand was cut off. Immediately he cried out miserably, like a bolt of electricity, his figure escaped in a flash.

And at the same time, Reverend DaoXuan who was in the air, was also spent. His body tilted and almost fell from the Water Unicorn, after much difficulty he managed to hold on. He looked down, in just a short period time, almost half of the Evil Faction people had fled but there were still a few at TongTian Peak and the last person in it was Zhang Xiao Fan, BiYao was pulling him and leaving in a haste.

When DaoXuan was in the mid-air, he had already seen Zhang Xiao Fan sank into the evil way, when he was fighting with FaXiang, Lu XueQi and the rest, his attacks were ruthless and heartless, moreover his demeanour right now was deranged, clearly he absolutely could not be reason with.

But in this person, both Qing Yun Sect and Tian Yin Temple two great true ways skills were in him, and furthermore in his hand, an extraordinary evil object. If they let a tiger return to the mountain, he might in the future, turned into a deadly evil, far surpassing an ordinary Evil Faction person.

DaoXuan sighed quietly in his heart but he had made up his mind in that short moment. Even if in the future he would be talked about by all the people in the world, he still would not leave this exceptional time-bomb behind.

There and then Reverend DaoXuan gathered his remaining spiritual power, instantly all of the coloured energy swords in the sky shone brilliantly at the same time, especially that seven-coloured sword formation main sword, expanded suddenly by a big half. With a loud sound, it shook the Heaven and Earth, like an ancient God mad with rage from afar charging down, directly towards Zhang Xiao Fan!

“Ah!” Not to mention the people in Evil Faction turning pale, even the Good Faction, Tian Yin Temple and Qing Yun Sect members, not one did not change countenance, Tian BuYi and SuRu’s faces were white, Tian LingEr cried out in fear and fainted.

And at one side, Lu XueQi clutched her TianYa celestial sword tightly, her face white, even the TianYa sword in her hand was trembling slightly.

That shocking enormous sword struck down from the top, it had not even reached the ground where ge ge deafening sounds were heard. The ground of one zhang circumference around Zhang Xiao Fan cracked completely, violent winds screamed and shrouded him within, it was already an inevitable death scene. Zhang Xiao Fan with his red eyes wide opened, his body trapped by that invisible sword energy and unable to escape. Unable to hold back the grief, indignation and bitterness in his heart, he could only look on helplessly at that terrible huge sword in the sky, rapidly descending with immeasurable murderous intent, opened his mouth and bellowed crazily.

“Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah….”

The cry shook the surrounding open grounds , Heaven and Earth changed colour, only that Zhu Xian strange sword, like a cold-blooded object used to exterminate the entire Heaven’s deities and buddhas, still coming straight at him mercilessly. It looked like Zhang Xiao Fan would soon become a deceased soul under the sword, with his body smashed to pieces and bones grounded to powder.

Suddenly, the world seemed to quiet down, even that Zhu Xian Sword Formation’s earth-shocking force stopped breathing for that moment……

That once familiar gentle, fair and clear hand over the years appeared beside Zhang Xiao Fan, with faint, clear bell sounds, pushed him aside.

As if it had slept deeply for a millennium, ten thousand years, at that moment a voice quietly spoke, for one’s beloved lover, softly sang:

Spirits of the nine nether worlds, various celestial deities and demons, with my blood and body, offer as sacrifice……

She stood in the raging storm, her slightly red eyes looking at Zhang Xiao Fan but instead on her fair and clear face, there seemed to be a faint smile.

That wind blew her light green dress, fluttering and dancing, like the world’s most poignant scene.

Zhang Xiao Fan’s heart sank down.

Suddenly, he opened his mouth and roared madly but was forced back by the violent storm; he leapt up and pounced towards BiYao like he was mad but was flicked back by that mysterious energy, red-coloured tears flowed out of the blood- red eyes, dripped past his cheeks.

That woman in the storm, spread opened both of her arms, facing the sky full of pouring swords, facing the enormous sword that had ravished the entire Heaven and Earth’s might.

…...Three lives seven generations, forever in hell, only for love, never regret even in death……

The violent winds suddenly changed direction and became an immerse vortex encircling BiYao, that graceful and beautiful girl was pushed up by that violent winds up into mid-air, to face that seven-colours rotating enormous sword.

She at that moment, was the only illumination between Heaven and Earth!

After a moment…… Countless blood-coloured vapours in a flash exploded out from her body, congealed into sparkling, crystal-like red jade and forming a blood wall in front of her body, at the same time above the fair and clear face, nine streams of indiscernible faint mist floated out and merged into that blood wall.

That blood wall instantly bubbled, like a passionate infatuation fire blazing ceaselessly and carrying with it all of its passion and despair to burn, exploded out incomparable magnificent radiance glory, going up against the sky!

Against that Zhu Xian main sword, collided with a loud bang!

The magnificent glory was so dazzling, nobody could open their eyes.

Indescribable deafening sound shook the entire horizon vault of heavens, the unstoppable Zhu Xian sword was thrown back and the numerous energy swords in the sky were thrown into disorder. And at TongTian Peak, the peak quaked violently, stones flew up everywhere and on the mountain, numerous enormous cracks appeared as if it was being cut, like the end of the world had arrived. Indistinctly, a slender melancholy figure slowly fell down from mid-air.

Between Heaven and Earth, suddenly it turned silent, only a voice, heart-wrenchingly screaming crazily.

“No ……”

Endless darkness shrouded the entire world, he was shivering in the darkness, not daring to move, not daring to face, not daring to wake up!

But, eventually he still woke up!

Trembling hand, slowly tightening and releasing again, slowly, opened his eyes, as if like this, also needed all of his courage.

A ordinary stone room simply furnished and plain. He got off the bed slowly, not daring to think of anything, even the firestick beside his hand, he did not look at it again. As if receiving some guidance, he walked towards the door and slowly walked out.

A long passageway outside the room, quite a number of people quietly shuttling back and forth but regardless who it was, once the person saw him, would immediately stepped aside and lowered his head.

He vacantly walked, as if a voice was calling out to him. Very soon he walked to a corner, there was a big stone room over there and the door was unlatched. At the other end of the corner, a familiar sound was heard, like the tone of a person in his memory called Qing Long.

“Mr Ghost, you are the world’s number one remarkable person, I beg you on behalf of Wisdom Queen and Wisdom King, save……”

Following it was a sigh, a low voice spoke in the darkness, “I am indebted to Ghost King Sect, it's not that I did not do my best but what Miss BiYao used was our Holy Sect most tragic ‘Forbidding Blood Curse’, it was also the infatuation curse handed down since ancient time. This cruel curse will use all of the person’s essence, blood and flesh to activate it and then absorb the body’s three immortal souls and seven mortal forms for smelting. Only with such blatant disregard for everything else then it can have the power to go against Heaven. But the person that is using this curse will surely have his soul scattered and unable to reincarnate forever. I too, really do not have any solution!”

Qing Long’s rough voice said, “Mr Ghost, but……”

That voice interrupted, “I understand what you are saying. That’s right, the rare treasure, ‘He Huan Bell’ on Miss BiYao, did at that moment, forcefully absorbed remnants of one soul from the three souls and seven mortal forms that was forced out from her and kept it inside the bell. That is why the body of Miss was not destroyed. But, but this art of calling back the soul skill, had already been lost for thousands of years. Only thousand years ago in the foul place at the southern border, a short-lived black shaman tribe was heard of having this rare skill but had since been extinct. This, this pardon me that I am really powerless!” Qing Long was silent, after a long while he then said, “But, but sect leader he, not eating and drinking for several days, now already again…… Mr Ghost, he has always respected you, you try to advise him ba!”

That voice slowly said, “Ghost King sect leader is extremely grief-stricken, after some time, he will naturally get better……”

Qing Long was about to say something when suddenly his body shook, as if he had discovered something and turned his head to look over. He saw that weak and pale figure, walking step by step to the entrance and then as if summoning his greatest courage, finally walked in.

Again silence.

Qing Long lowered his head and kept quiet, in the darkness, a deep sigh seemed to be heard.

In the stone room, on top of the white jade stone platform, a beautiful girl lay quietly there, as if sleeping quietly in a deep sleep. Her father, sat beside her holding her hand, staring foolishly at his daughter.

Zhang Xiao Fan stared dazely, his tears silently dripping down, both of his legs weaken and he finally was unable to hold up anymore, collapsed and sat beside BiYao.

That gentle and peaceful face, since then in his life memories, became an unerasable memory!

In the still stone room, an indistinctly sound of weeping in grief, a soft voice choked with sobs:

“Why are you so silly…...I still have not told you, in that ancient well, the person that I saw was you……”

Qing Yun Hill.

Small Bamboo Valley. Late in the night.

Lu XueQi stood silently at the peak gazing faraway but the night was icy cold, the night sky full of stars twinkling, as if ridiculing the common people struggling in the world of mortals.

Footsteps sounded, the familiar and respected sound of her teacher was heard behind her, “Qi er, why are you standing here again?”

Lu XueQi did not speak.

ShuiYue looked at her, suddenly sighed, walked beside her and quietly said, “You are thinking of that person again?”

Lu XueQi remained silent, agony suddenly appeared on her face and she said, “Teacher, it was not supposed to be like this, it was not supposed to turn out like this now!” ShuiYue also seemed to become silent, after a long while she gently said, “This is all destiny Qi er. When you meet him again in the future, both of you will be the foes who cannot exist under the same sky, you yourself must remember this clearly.”

After saying, she sighed, turned and left.

Leaving only Lu XueQi standing at the same spot, the mountain breeze blew over, she could only feel a sudden coldness over her body. Silently gazing afar, using only the voice that she could hear, she quietly said, “When I see him again……”

The night as cold as water, shinning on her lonely figure.

Chapter 85 - Ten Years

Black dark clouds hovered in the night sky, the gloomy canopy in the sky seemed to be pressing towards the ground, drifting down from the vaults of heaven in the piercingly screaming cold wind, the drizzling rain rolled over the vast earth.

Within the wilderness, no villages could be seen ahead and the ground could not be seen at the back, lush growth everywhere. Only an ancient path extended over from far away, and again all alone by itself extended out to a distant place.

Within the dark clouds in the night sky, a deep low thunder sound rumbled, the rain between Heaven and Earth gradually became heavier.

The earth solemn and quiet, other than the sounds from the wind and rain, everywhere was pitch black. Only on the ancient road, a lonely lamp burned, revealing a little light. This is a little house in the wilderness, the owner’s surname was Ho, a forty-something middle-age man who was born in a town called Xiao Chi Town, which would take a day of travel from here. At this desolate place beside the ancient road, he built up a simple and crude house with his own hands and provided a place for the travellers travelling from South to North to have a place to rest and have tea, thus making a few hard-earned money.

Right now shopkeeper Ho was sitting behind the counter at his own shop, concentrating to hear the wailing storm outside his house. His brows frowned slightly and he softly sighed, this kind of bad weather, most unlikely there would not be any more customers coming in.

This small house of his was built between Xiao Chi Town and a big Kongsang Mountain, the ancient road in front of his door, ever since ancient times it had always been a road for merchants and travellers and it also led to a big city at in the further East area, a must go-through route to East ChangHe City, therefore there would be travellers travelling at any one time. Right now in this stormy night, in this wilderness small shop, there was unexpectedly a few customers who were silently sitting in the gloomy, dim small house, avoiding the wailing wind and weeping rain.

“Pi pa.”

The lampwick in the oil lamp in front of shopkeeper Ho made some light cracking sounds and roused this honest middle-aged man from his drowsiness. The sound of the storm outside his house pressed in in waves, [Wu wu] like it was choked. It seemed like tonight those customers would not be able to leave.

As he was thinking, he raised his head to look towards the customers in his shop. The simple and crude small house had only five tables and three of the tables were seated with customers. The table at the extreme corner sat one single man and that area was one of the dim areas where the lamp’s light could not reach properly. That man sat there solitary, even his face was indistinct. And the two tables nearby, one table was seated by an old man with an uncommon bearing and a young lady. Beside the old man’s hand, a bamboo pole was leaning against the table with a cloth banner at the side, written on it “Immortal Guide” four words. Seemed like he was a Jianghu fortune-teller.

As for the last table, it was the table with the most number of people, merchants travellers who were travelling the same way, a total of four people. The corner behind them was stacked full of goods and right now it seemed that there was a young man among them who was softly berating the awful weather.

“Alright, don’t say it anymore.”  An old who looked oldest among the four people commanded him, turned his head over and smiled at shopkeeper Ho, with a slight apologetic tone he said, “Shopkeeper Ho, this rain is so heavy and the winds are so strong, we still make you accompany us throughout the night.”

Shopkeeper smiled and shook his head, this group of merchants frequently traveled via this ancient road and stopped over at his small shop frequently so they were also considered regular customers. He immediately said, “It is alright, it is a common affair for me to stay up throughout the night but today, ever since from daytime, dark clouds have been hanging over the sky, why did Sir you still hurry on with your journey?”

The elderly was stunned with what he heard and he and his companions looked at each other, he bitterly laughed and said, “Actually how could we not know that the weather is bad today but being away from home, we really have our difficulties.”

Shopkeeper Ho made an “Ah” sound.

The elderly raised the cup in front of him and drank it down in one gulp, he said, “Shopkeeper Ho, the ways of the world nowadays are tough!”

Shopkeeper was shocked and said, “What happened?”

That elderly gave a bitter laugh and said, “Since ten years ago, the Evil Faction that had disappeared for a long time suddenly appeared again, I heard that they even had a big fight with those celestials from the Good Faction at Qing Yun Hill. After that for these ten years, not only was the Evil Faction not destroyed by the Good Faction, it instead flourished as the days goes by and everywhere we go we heard they are fighting and contending with the Good Faction.”

Shopkeeper Ho silently agreed, that elderly sighed and continued, “They fight their own fights and we commoners are unable to intervene too but just that with these fights, the whole world is in chaos, nowadays robbers and bandits run amuck and those that robs and plunders the houses are numerous. We who make our living travelling, are on tenterhook everyday, fearing that we will run into bandits which is why we are travelling in haste, unexpectedly we are obstructed here by the storm, troubling shopkeeper Ho.”

Shopkeeper Ho shook his head and said, “It doesn’t matter, you don’t have to be troubled by it……”

While he was still speaking, suddenly a voice was heard from across that far corner, indifferently speaking, “So since you said it this way, this gentleman without a doubt, believe that all of the great disorders presently happening under the sky, robbers and bandits running amuck, are all caused by the Evil Faction as mentioned in your speech?” That elderly was shocked, without having the chance to speak, the fortune-teller and the young lady sitting at the table in front, also turned to look at them. That young lady’s gaze was bright, her appearance beautiful and with light dimples at the corners of her mouth, looking lovable.

She suddenly smiled lightly and spoke to the elderly merchant, “This Sir!”

That  elderly  looked  at  her  and  said,  “What’s  the  matter, miss?”

That young lady softly said, “Sir, your face is thin with many wrinkles but the shape of your face is unbroken, destined that although there will be many twists and turns in your life but your life will still be considered safe and sound. Just that six points away from the middle of your forehead, there is a small scar, horizontal in the middle of your face. It obstruct your life line, wealth line and foretell that during your old age, there might be a big calamity. Looking at your age now, why not speak less as it will also reduce the sources of disaster.” The group of merchants changed their countenance together, that elderly even stood up and stared closely at this elderly and youth but both of them instead did not have any reaction, looking perfectly composed. After a long while that elderly’s expression was undecided, looked around at his surroundings and finally sat back down, cupped his hand towards the young lady and said, “Thank you Miss for your guidance.”

Once he sat back down, the small shop immediately became quiet. That mysterious guy at the corner also seemed to quieten down and did not speak anymore.

Just that this night was long and endless, it was really difficult to bear and after a long while, the merchants began to chat, but all they could chat was again that Good and Evil great battle ten years ago at Qing Yun Hill.

These merchants were just ordinary commoners, naturally they would not be at the actual scene but hearsay was created because of this. In addition, those Good Faction cultivated masters had always been very secretive so it was the best topic for these commoners to gossip about. As they chat along, a few of those young guys’ voices became louder, the rest of them heard it and began to pay attention to it.

“......anyway,  at  that  time  Qing  Yun  Sect’s  situation  was already in imminent danger, luckily DaoXuan the old immortal used his powers to create and lightly dabbed with his fingers, immediately a chi long lightning with thunder crash came down from the sky. I heard that loud deafening sound was heard within the vicinity of hundred of miles, this then made the Evil Faction retreated!”

“Nonsense!”  Suddenly a soft shout was heard but it came from that unordinary bearing old man who was seated together with the young lady, everyone was surprised and looked at him, the old man was heard saying, “If DaoXuan was really that powerful, how could it be that the Qing Yun Hill battle, so many people from Qing Yun Sect died and even two of the seven branches leaders also perished. Numerous senior and elder disciples were injured or dead, you think those devils in Evil Faction eat nothing but plain cooked rice?”

Everyone was speechless, the young lady beside him frowned deeply and quietly said, “Grandfather, I had just ask them not to talk too much, how come you are speaking so much?”

That old man Hehe laughed, the face with divine demeanour suddenly displayed slight arrogance, he softly replied, “Xiao Huan, don’t scare me. I have allowed you to read my life fortune long ago and although my whole life I will roam around but I will have luck when I am old and destined to be safe and sound with my family to send me off on my funeral, hehe, doesn’t matter, doesn’t matter!”

The young lady had just sipped her tea and almost choked on his words, she coughed a few times and stared angrily at that old man, that old man instead was immensely pleased with himself and was not worried at all.

This old man and young lady were indeed the Jianghu fortune-teller, Zhou YiXian and his granddaughter, Xiao Huan, who travelled around the world. It had been ten years since the Good and Evil big battle at Qing Yun Hill and Xiao Huan had already passed her puberty and grown up, blossomed into a beautiful girl but just that she still followed Zhou YiXian to roam the ends of the earth. Right now Zhou YiXian as if his addiction was stimulated, disregarding that this was the first time he had met those people, he pulled his stool and actually sat among those merchants and started to talk loudly and arrogantly regarding that battle at Qing Yun. Xiao Huan who was beside felt depressed due to his actions but could do nothing to stop him.

Zhou YiXian was an excellent talker, also he depended on his glib tongue to travel around the world. His description was vivid and lifelike, far exceeding those young men earlier on and even shopkeeper Ho could not bear it after a while and walked over. The crowd gathered around, listening to Zhou YiXian haughty described in-depth, laughing and recollecting about the past……


While listening to the exciting parts, the few young men exclaimed out at the same time, one of them could not help but asked, “Sir, couldn’t it be that you were at the scene too, how did you come to know the details so well?” Zhou YiXian was stunned, following which he lightly patted his clothes, shook his head and sighed, “All these fightings and killings, already all along I do not wish to be involved, simply let those Qing Yun Sect juniors to handle it!”

Everyone was shocked and immediately filled with a deep veneration, unexpectedly at this moment, a sound of “Pu” was heard from beside, it was Xiao Huan who had spitted out the mouthful of tea she had just drank, coughing non-stopped.

Zhou YiXian gave her a stare and turned his head back, Hehe laughed slightly. At this time, a young guy sitting beside said, “Sir, then in the end that disciple surnamed Zhang in Qing Yun Sect, what happened eventually, was he really kicked out of Qing Yun Sect?”

Zhou YiXian frowned his brows, was silent for a while then shook his head and said, “I am not sure about this, the situation was chaotic at that moment, it seemed like that Zhang Xiao Fan had also fainted and eventually was snatched by the Evil Faction people. Since then there was no traces of him.” The crowd around him sighed, actually Zhang Xiao Fan’s existence was a secret and was an important big secret to Qing Yun Sect and TianYin Temple which absolutely would not be told to outsiders but on the day that the secret was revealed, there were considerable number of people present, especially the Evil Faction members were at the scene too, therefore as time passed by the rumours actually started to spread around. Just that what Zhou YiXian was describing now, was as if he
had personally saw everything at TongTian Peak in Qing Yun Hill.

Shopkeeper  Ho  sighed  and  said,  “Wondered  how  is  that young man now?”

“How is he now……” suddenly, again that mysterious guy who was sitting at the corner spoke, carrying with it an indistinct shift.

Zhou YiXian turned his head over and looked at that man sitting in the dim shadows, he said, “Why, this brother, could it be that you know?” That man was silent for a while and unhurriedly said, “Of course I know but just that even if you are someone who once saw him, now most probably you might not be able to recognize him already……”

Xiao Huan frowned her brows and said, “ What happened to him?”

But that man did not speak anymore, only made his own figure disappeared into the darkness.

The storm outside the house filled up the whole sky and covered the land, the melancholy seemed to have increased by a few degrees……


Kongsang Mountain, Thousand Bats Ancient Cave Eight hundred years ago, here was where Evil Faction senior Elder Blackheart started the period of Blood Forger Hall’s golden age, took over the command of the Evil Faction and intimidated the world. But as of now the later generations disciples were unworthy and the place became desolate and dilapidated, really pathetic.

And that Forsaken Abyss hidden in the depths of this Thousand Bats Ancient Cave, right now had been taken over by a large number of enemies that had appeared out of nowhere.

Using ancient seal character calligraphy strokes, like dragons flying  and  phoenixes  dancing,  “Forsaken  Abyss”   three  big words were engraved at the side of an enormous rock, Blood Forger Hall’s last generation of disciples were all gathered here, their backs against the enormous rock and if they were to retreat a few more steps, it would be that bottomless dark Forsaken Abyss.

And their numbers were left with only less than ten people, including Nian Leader, Liu Gao, Wild Dog Taoist etc, each of them with injuries and their faces exhausted and terrified. On the ground in front of them, several bodies lay disorderly, the black-attired men whose numbers were several times more than them surrounded them, each and every one of them had a human skull sewn on their chest.

Nian Leader breathed deeply, forced himself to calm down and was the first to spoke but suddenly discovered that without knowing when, his voice had already turned hoarse, “Various, various Ghost King Sect friends, we, Blood Forger Hall, are only a tiny small branch within the Holy Sect and have never dared to offend Ghost King Sect, don’t, don’t know Ghost King Senior why must he treat us like this?”

“Heng!”  a  sound  of  contemptuous  snort  was  heard  from among the numerous black-attired men, on his chest a golden human skull was sewn on it, completely different from the people around him, a black-attired man walked out. Looked to be the leader, he coldly said, “Nian Leader, the situation in Holy Sect today is already very obvious, Ghost King Sect Head had also sent out letters to you several times but you still are like the grass on top of a wall, today you deal with us and tomorrow pay obeisance to Chang Shen Hall, unless you do not regard Ghost King Sect Head in your heart at all?”

Nian Leader’s face turned pale, he knew that currently within the Holy Sect, with the internal fights for the top within the four big powerful branches turning more and more savage day by day, all of the small branches without exception attached themselves and often there would be rumours that they were exterminated by a mysterious person. And now that Ghost King Sect suddenly attacked in force, his years of painstaking effort and hard work to run and manage this Blood Forger Hall were almost extinguished in one stroke, plus the situation right now before his eyes was also quite obvious.

And really as expected that black-attired man sneered and said, “Nian Leader, I say it once more to you, Ghost King Sect Head today is a man of great talent and bold vision and the day that he will unify the Holy Sect is just around the corner. It is because our Sect Head think highly of you then that is why he decided to take in your Blood Forger Hall under his banner, you better not not know how to appreciate favors.”

Speaking at the last part, his voice was already filled with threats.

Nian Leader’s forehead was full of sweats, although the situation was clear and his tiny small Blood Forger Hall no matter what, would not be able to win over Ghost King Sect but could it be that the inheritance passed down by forefathers be ruined at his own hands?

The decision was really not easy to make!

The black-attired man saw the hesitation on Nian Leader’s face, his face immediately turned cold and he suddenly said, “Nian Leader, I give you one word of advice, the one you are facing now is me and you are considered lucky but do you know who is the one leading the attack on Kongsang Mountain?”

Nian Leader’s body shook, the black-attired man was already sneering and said, “I see that you have already guessed, that’s right, it is indeed our Ghost King Sect deputy Head Ghost Li (translator’s note: also have the meaning of strict or severe). If he comes, all of your outcome may……”

Halfway through his words someone beside him suddenly coughed lightly twice, this black-attired man’s face changed immediately and seemed to have thought of something, his face also turned pale, seemed like even to him, this name also conveyed a deep meaning of fear. And at this moment, a thick stench of bloody smell suddenly drifted in, without knowing from where did it come from, it suddenly filled up the entire big space. All of the black-attired men from Ghost King Sect immediately straighten and drew their bodies taut, the black-attired man that was leading also turned slightly pale, looking at him carefully, you could faintly see a slight twitch at the corner of his eye.

What kind of person, actually made him this afraid?

The sound of footsteps gradually rang out and seemed to be coming from the depth of this endless dark abyss, slowly walking out.

One step, one bloodstain!

All of the black-attired men suddenly like a flood of water, separated into two sides, creating a path.

Faint green light with a slight red color, lightly rippled in the darkness, unhurriedly moving forward. The Blood Forger Hall members’ faces all without exception paled, without any color at all.

Ten years ago, there was not Ghost Li this number one figure in Ghost King Sect but a rumour spread within the sect that after the Good Evil bloody battle ten years ago, Ghost King Sect Sect Head Ghost King took a Good Faction traitor into his sect, regarded him as his own child and even passed down the entire Holy Sect Classic <<Tian Shu>> second volume that was said to have fall into Ghost King’s hands.

And this Ghost Li other than his skills had improved by leaps and bounds, his character had changed even more drastically, his appetite for killing and devouring blood had reached the stage where it struck terror into the Evil Faction disciples.

In the recent years, the internal struggle within Evil Faction had became more and more severe as the days passed and Ghost Li, who originally was a honest and simple disciple from Qing Yun Sect, suddenly became the first ranked warrior in Ghost King Sect, leading the Ghost King Sect disciples marching unhindered in massacre, exterminating numerous sects. The “Devour Soul Stick” (this name was given by the Evil Faction disciples secretly) in his hand had devoured countless people’s fresh blood, in addition with Ghost King’s favourable treatment, he had very quickly became a, below one man and above a million, figure in Ghost King Sect.

And this man, ten years ago, these people in Blood Forger Hall had all saw him before.

In the crowd, Wild Dog Taoist looked over at him, the man who was slowly appearing from the darkness and carrying that strong bloody stench, as if it was diffusing out from the depths of his body.

Innumerable people stood in that area, yet not a single sound.

His face, still looked like as before, without much changes. The look of his brows was still vivid in his mind, just that Wild Dog’s heart was instead, pengpeng started thumping non- stopped, as if standing in front of him, was not a person but a cruel mad beast.

“All of you……” He unhurriedly spoke the first sentence, his tone calm and with a quiet sternness reverberated in the place, “surrender or not?”

Countless stood behind him yet nobody dared to stand near him.

The Blood Forger Hall members looked at each other, Nian Leader sweating profusely, even the wounds on his body did not seemed to hurt but just at this moment, suddenly a strange cry was heard, “Go and die!”

Everyone turned pale and only saw that in the next moment on the ground beside Ghost Li, a glint of dagger was suddenly exposed out and stabbed towards his lower abdomen. And the assassin with his hair dishevelled and his expression hysterical yet vacant, both of his legs were already chopped off by somebody, blood streaming down.

This person seemed to be a disciple under Blood Forger Hall, his body sustained heavy injuries and in his fear and pain he finally lost his mind, shouting crazily while stabbing towards Ghost Li. Just that after a short while, the mysterious green light mixed with bloody red light, sent out from Ghost Li’s right hand, enveloped this person.

The bloody stench in the air, again increased by a few degrees.

The withered corpse fell sideways lifelessly, the Blood Forger Hall members’ faces again turned pale by a few more degrees, a few young disciples’ bodies started to tremble, Ghost Li’s eyes instead were gradually suffused with light red glimmer, again he unhurriedly asked, “All of you, surrender or not?”

And that extremely ugly-looking black Devour Soul Stick in his hand (firestick ) slowly also started to light up.

Behind him, all of the black-attired men seemed to suck in a breath of air together and at the same time stepped forward.

Unparalleled, horrible odor swept over like blotting out the sky and covering the earth, drowning all of the Blood Forger Hall people. Suddenly, a loud cry exploded out among the Blood Forger Hall members, “No, don’t want, I, I, I surrender!”

Following this voice a young disciple ran out, leaving the Blood Forger Hall crowd and dashed towards the Ghost King Sect but subconsciously he stayed far away from where Ghost Li was.

This opening, immediately created a reaction, the Blood Forger Hall members you looked at me, I looked at you, time to time there would be people walking out, Nian Leader gave a long sigh, knowing that finally the situation was hopeless, laughed miserably and said, “Forget it, forget it!”

While speaking, he stepped forward from the crowd, the rest of them followed behind, he slowly walked towards Ghost Li and facing him, took out a palm-sized black plate from his bosom, engraved on the top was a black heart, presented it with both hands to Ghost Li, laughing miserably and said, “This is Blood Forger Hall ‘Black heart command’, Blood Forger Hall eight hundred years foundation finally this day considered the end……” “Rubbish!”

At this moment, suddenly a loud shout but that shout carried a slight quiver of fear, came from their back. Everyone was surprised and turned to look, in front of that enormous rock, there was still one man standing there and who did not follow them to walk forward together.

Wild Dog Taoist!

Wild Dog Taoist stared at Nian Leader breathing heavily but he still loudly said, “Boss, when you brought me into Blood Forger Hall, we, in front of Founder Blackheart idol, swore a heavy oath, this, this life to be unswerving, you, you how can you do this?”

Guilt flashed over Nian leader’s face, he lowered his head and quietly said, “Wild Dog, the circumstances forced us to do this, don’t seek your own death, quickly come over!”

Wild Dog Taoist, under the stares of numerous people, especially that indistinctly effusing horrible red light pair of eyes up front was like penetrating into his heart, raising the hairs on his body and even both of his legs could not stop slightly trembling due to the extreme fear.

But, even in his trembling state he slowly shook his head and said, “Can’t do, boss, can’t do, you can ask me to do anything but to betray Blood Forger Hall, can’t do!”

He faced the other party, looking vacantly and empty as if everything was destroyed, he softly said, “I have looked like a strange monster ever since from young and everyone despised me, even my own parents also threw me away. I was brought up by wild dogs, suffered extreme hardship and humiliation and only when I entered Blood Forger Hall, it was then my turn to bully others and I was able stand tall and proud. At that time I swore a heavy oath in front of our forefather, this life I am Blood Forger Hall’s, no regrets even in death……”

The crowd was stunned, Nian Leader noticed that Ghost Li’s expression was slowly darkening, his heart panicked, he had never expected that this wild dog who had always bully the weak and fear the strong, only cared for his life and feared death would now became like this. But surely he could not because of one person, Wild Dog, and disregard his own life, at that moment he hardened his heart and said, “Good, you are great, then you shall hold up Blood Forger Hall by yourself!”

Speaking, his hand swang and threw over the Black heart command in his hand, Wild Dog subconsciously caught it but following which his body started to tremble violently and panting heavily.

Nian Leader and the rest submerged into the group of Ghost King Sect black-attired members, leaving Wild Dog standing all alone under the enormous stone which was giving off light, facing the numerous black-attired men and standing not far from him, that devil who was said to have an appetite for killing and devouring blood!

A savage stare looming in the distance landed on Wild Dog’s face.

Wild Dog felt himself had seen an evil spirit, if not for the enormous stone supporting him behind, he don’t even know if he could even stand. Just that, in this extreme fear, he still quietly used his quivering voice to say, “Just kill me!”

While speaking he held the Black heart command tightly in his hand and closed his eyes, the cold metal plate seemed to infuse into his body, waiting together for the arrival of destruction and death!

Chapter 86 - Long Journey

The surroundings were quiet and still, as if the only sound resonating in his ear was his own intense heartbeat sound, the fear of not knowing when death would arrive was like the bottomless icy cold sea, drowning Wild Dog in it.

He shivered involuntarily……

Countless eyes watched this human figure, so very pitiful and lonely but unexpectedly he persisted, that trembling hand holding on to that Black Heart Command, still very tight, very tight.

That image suddenly felt a bit familiar, as if many years ago, that stubborn and persevering youth with an unknown persistence.

The red light in his eyes slowly faded, his arms silently waved in the darkness, immediately the numerous black-attired men like tidewater, gushed out and completely disappeared in an instant. The sound of Wild Dog’s panting slowly slowed down, in his heart he felt strange but still afraid, he slowly opened a narrow slit in his eyes but instead, without knowing when, he saw only two people were left in this place including himself.

The air that was filled with the bloody stench, also without knowing when, disappeared.

That person with his back facing him, stood at the edge of the Forsaken Abyss, silently gazing downwards, as if in that world’s deepest darkness, it had a memory of his past.

A wind slowly blew over, the human’s insignificant small body compared against this enormous Forsaken Abyss, looked so very fragile. A thought suddenly flashed across Wild Dog’s mind, now that nobody was around, if he pushed him down like this……

Once this thought was conceived, immediately like a fire burning it started to haunt him, burning until his whole body began to heat up and he could not resist not to try it. But just that although his mind was in a mess but his body, as if resisting his intention, stood unmoving. Until that person turned around and looked at him.

Wild Dog felt a pail of cold water had poured onto his head, drenching him from head to toe.

“Just  now  were  you  thinking  of  pushing  me  down  from here?” He indifferently asked, as if the matter was not related to him.


The Black Heart Command slipped from Wild Dog’s hand and landed onto the ground. Wild Dog hurriedly picked it up, his face also pale by a few degrees but following which he stiffened his body, as if to give himself a boost of courage, he loudly said, “Kill me if you want, I, I am not afraid of you!”

This man who was addressed by others as “Ghost Li”, coldly looked at him and said, “I will not kill you. If you die, Blood Forger Hall will really be extinct, I’m afraid Elder Blackheart under the ground would also die with everlasting regret.”  He walked forward, passing by Wild Dog and still speaking, “In the future, you will just follow me!”

Wild Dog was stunned for words, after which he loudly exclaimed, “You brought men to wipe out almost all of our Blood Forger Hall and you still want me to follow you?”

Ghost Li did not pay attention to him and continued to walk forward but his voice still travelled over clearly, “Your skills is too low and if it’s not for me now, for Ghost King Sect to kill you, it will be your that same sect comrades who had surrendered to us, like Nian Leader and the rest, who saw that you have persevere on Blood Forger Hall, wouldn’t it show that they are too shameless. They too will also want to kill you.”

Wild Dog was speechless, sweats appeared on his forehead but when he saw that that person’s figure was slowly submerging into the darkness, walking further and further away, he eventually with a stamp of his feet ran up with quick steps to follow up while loudly saying, “Humpf, I am not afraid of death but to revive Blood Forger Hall, I have to make myself put up with it……” In the darkness, footsteps echoed, one after another, walking in this Thousand Bats Ancient Cave. Out of a sudden, as if he had suddenly thought of something, the person behind spoke, “Hey, Zhang Xiao Fan, why did you treat me this way……”

His voice suddenly disappeared, in the dark depths, suddenly like a roar of an evil beast, a thick and heavy smell of blood immediately enveloped over. Wild Dog shuddered all over.

After a long while, that smell slowly dispersed and the person in front after being silent in the darkness for a long while,  only  then  indifferently  said,  “That  name,  I  have forgotten it for many years.”

Wild Dog let out a long breath but he really could not help but to speak again, “Then what shall I call you in the future?”

Without replying, that person walked forward again. Wild Dog grumbled a few words to himself, not knowing what was he cursing at but he still continue to follow.

In front of them, was still endless of darkness. xxx

Qing Yun Hill.

This mysterious and mystical celestial mountain in the mortal's’ eyes, after ten years, was still like a paradise on earth.

The damages brought by the Good and Evil battle had already been repaired but just that the wound deep inside the heart, had it ever healed?

The big battle ten years ago, Morning Sun Valley leader Shang ZhengLiang and Sunset Valley leader Taoist Tian Yun unfortunately passed away and Long Shou Valley leader Taoist Cang Song betrayed the sect, other than Sect Head Reverend DaoXuan, half of the six main leaders were gone, it could be said that they suffered a big loss.

Morning Sun Valley and Sunset Valley leader positions had already been replaced with their respective elders, only Long Shou Valley which was the second biggest branch next to Sect Head’s sect, because of Taoist Cang Song, were not able to raise their heads in Qing Yun Sect and after the internal discussion within the branch, they surprisingly recommended the younger generation disciple, QiHao, to take over the leader position.

And as if like a trend, among the various big branches in Qing Yun Sect, opportunities for the younger generation to show themselves increased, like Return of the Wind Valley Zeng ShuShu, Big Bamboo Valley Song Daren, Small Bamboo Valley WenMin, Lu XueQi, were already helping their teachers to do more and more stuffs.

However within the Sect Head branch, these past few years, Reverend DaoXuan had gradually distanced himself from the secular world and left the daily trivial matters to his favourite pupil, Xiao YiCai, to handle.


Behind TongTian Peak Mountain, Founders Ancestral Hall Warm sunlight shone on the majestic temple buildings, making it looked solemn yet mysterious. In the ancestral hall it was still gloomy, the faint lights from the eternal burning altar lamps, the candles and joss sticks were still holding a memorial for the countless Qing Yun Sect’s ancestors’ souls.

Lin JingYu, at the empty ground in front of the Founders Ancestral Hall, alone by himself, with his eyes closed and sitting cross-legged. The Dragon Slayer Sword which was emitting dark green light rays lightly floated at the top of his head, producing green halos which enveloped him, flashing mysterious strange light under the sunlight.

His face appearance, the look of the naivety had already disappeared, in addition perseverance and vicissitudes.

Behind him, deep inside the Founders Ancestral Hall dimness, a pair of eyes quietly looking at him. After a long while, a figure slowly walked out.

It was that mysterious old man with a face full of wrinkles, he unhurriedly walked out of the shadows and sat down at the Founders Ancestral Hall’s flight of steps, his gaze settling on Lin JingYu’s body. After a long time he indifferently said, “That is enough.”

The Dragon Slayer Sword dark green light rays responded and disappeared, Lin JingYu breathed deeply and opened both of his eyes, he stood up and turned his head to look at the old man, revealing a smile, saying, “Senior!”

The old man looked at his young face, a slight trace of smile emerging at the corner of his mouth and said, “Your aptitude is really good and also so hardworking, your improvement far exceeded what I have expected so much more.”

A look of gratefulness flashed over Lin JingYu’s face, he bowed deeply and quietly said, “Senior’s great kindness and favour, disciple will remember as long as I live.”

The old man gently waved his hand and turned but he sighed and said, “In a blink of an eye, it’s another ten years. I have nothing more to pass to you and you also have been here in Founders Ancestral Hall to accompany me for ten years, today you shall go back.” Lin JingYu’s body shook, revealing a stunned expression but that  old  man  disregard  it  and  only  said,  “The  things  that happened within Long Shou Valley branch, do you already know?”

Lin JingYu recovered his senses, nodded his head and said, “Yes, a few days ago, QiHao senior brother came to see me and told me a little.”

The old man nodded his head and said, “Today I heard that the new generation of outstanding disciples in Qing Yun Sect are all gathering at TongTian Peak, maybe there is something. Just now there is also word from Sect Head, you should also go over.”

The corner of Lin JingYu’s mouth moved, looking at the old man, he looked as if he could not bear to leave. That old man smiled, a faint sadness seemed to appear on his face too but immediately it disappeared, he waved his hands and said, “You are already a grown man, don’t have to do this, you shall go!”

Lin JingYu took a deep breath, prostrated himself and said, “Senior, your kindness in imparting your knowledge in these ten years is like a mountain, disciple will engraved it deeply in my heart, in the future I will use all that I have learnt to uphold justice and eliminate evil, to repay my alma mater and not to let down my life’s aspiration!”

The old man, with a smile on his face, said, “Good, now go.”

Lin JingYu bowed again, looked at his surrounding scenery and eventually, abruptly turned, straightened his body and walked forward in big strides, leaving this Founders Ancestral Hall.

The sun shone onto his back, it also seemed to be slightly dazzling.

The old man watched his figure, staring blankly, without knowing when behind him, another figure appeared.

“He left.” That figure indifferently said. The corner of the old man’s mouth twitched, he unhurriedly stood up, turned around and looked at this person, this supreme leader of Qing Yun Sect.

“Many thanks.” He suddenly said.

Reverend DaoXuan seemed to be slightly surprised, frowned and said, “What?”

The old man passed by him, walked towards the temple buildings  in  Founders  Ancestral  Hall,  continuing,  “Many thanks for allowing this young man to accompany me for ten years.”

Reverend DaoXuan was silent for a while, he too slowly walked into the Founders Ancestral Hall. In the center of the main hall, before the altar that enshrined numerous Qing Yun ancestors and elders’ spirit tablets, the lamps and candles flickered, causing the lights it had cast on a person’s face to be flickering in shadows too. That old man walked to the front of the altar, took a brand- new candle from the incense table in front of the altar and lighted it from another candle, replacing the almost-burned down candle.

Reverend DaoXuan quietly watched his unhurried yet practised actions, suddenly said, “That year when I took a big risk, hid the truth from various teachers and elders to save you but you did not even said a single thank you. Why is it for a young man today, you thanked me instead?”

That old man did not speak and took a step back, placed himself in the shadows, his hand was still holding on to that replaced candle remnant. He raised his head and looked up, the Qing Yun Sect generations of ancestors’ spirit tablets, towering dignifiedly in front of him, sacred and solemn, like a mountain’s imposing manner, looked as if it could easily flatten him this tiny insignificant human.

He remained silent, did not speak and only continued to gaze like that. Reverend DaoXuan behind him, could not see the old man’s expression at this moment but he could see that hot candle wax dripping from the candle remnant, drop by drop, it landed on that withered palm and then slowly coagulated.

That palm, also seemed to be trembling slightly.

In the depths of the shadows, far far away, a faint sigh seemed to be heard……


When Lin JingYu arrived at Crystal Hall TongTian Peak, there were already several men standing there. Among these men, there were some that he was familiar with, and some so unfamiliar that he had only saw their faces a few times, he just knew that they were all from the same sect.

But without exception everyone there knew, these young people standing here right now were all Qing Yun Sect’s outstanding young generation. And within the crowd, none more outstanding than these two people, one naturally cold, distinct and beautiful Lu XueQi and the other one, now dressed in a branch leader’s apparel and with an extraordinary bearing, QiHao. Speaking of which, the other branches’ leaders had not arrived, QiHao was also the only leader out of the six to arrive.

QiHao turned to look and happened to saw Lin JingYu walking in and was surprised for a moment. And then after which he walked up with a big smile, with one grab he hugged Lin JingYu, took a good look at him from top to bottom, laughed and said, “Lin junior brother, aren’t you at Founders Ancestral Hall keeping vigil, why did you come?”

In those ten years, Lin JingYu had always maintained the excuse of maintaining vigil at Founders Ancestral Hall to others and for that mysterious old man, he was someone from Qing Yun Sect past days of secrecy and hard times therefore most of the people would not know and right now naturally he would not say anything. He only smile and said, “Ten years have ended so I came out too, by chance someone told me to make a trip here, I didn’t expect QiHao senior brother you are also here.” QiHao smiled and said, “Sect Head Teacher Uncle gave notice for all of the branches’ outstanding disciples among the younger generation to come here and said there are important matters to discuss, I happened to be free so I came over to take a look.”

While the two fellow brothers were chatting, a man walked over, his build was tall and big, it was Big Bamboo Valley lead disciple, Song Daren. Not seen for ten years, his appearance however did not change much.

At that time Song Daren with QiHao and the rest were considered close so therefore he came over to exchange some greetings, after a while his gaze landed on Lin JingYu, smiling he said, “Have not seen Lin junior brother for several years, you have became even more handsome and tall, I guess your skills have again improved a lot right?”

Lin JingYu bend his head slightly, smiled and said, “Song senior brother you overpraise me.”

Song Daren was about to say more when a voice was heard from behind him, saying, “Ah, Qi senior brother, do you still recognize junior brother?”

QiHao looked towards the person who was speaking, smiled and said, “Zeng junior brother, even if I do forget someone, I will also not dare to forget you!”

The person who walked over was the most outstanding younger generation disciple of Return of the Wind Valley, Zeng ShuShu and walking beside him were the two beautiful ladies from Small Bamboo Valley, WenMin and Lu XueQi.

The majority of the people were all looking at that icy and cold Lu XueQi, only Song Daren looked towards WenMin. He [Hehe] with a laugh, WenMin with a smile on her face, gave him an angry stare.

QiHao and the rest had met WenMin and Lu XueQi before, Zeng ShuShu said, “Qi senior brother, that year when you took over the branch leader position, junior brother had committed a mistake and was being grounded by my father so was unable to come and offer my congratulations, please do not be offended!” QiHao gave a big laugh and said, “Zeng junior brother what are you saying, as long as I receive your well wishes, it is enough.”

Zeng ShuShu smiled and nodded, he looked around and said, “Qi senior brother, this time Sect Head Teacher Uncle called us all here, not sure if it is for any big matter?”

QiHao waved his hands and said, “I don’t know the specific details too but I heard something happened somewhere in the West, Sect Head Teacher Uncle intend to send out our outstanding younger generations disciples to let them gain experience.”

“Ah.” All of them uttered a cry, most were quite curious and excited, Zeng ShuShu was also originally full of smiles but suddenly his face froze, as if he had thought of something, QiHao noticed it and asked curiously, “Zeng junior brother, what happened?”

Zeng ShuShu laughed bitterly and said, “Younger generation, outstanding disciples to leave the mountain and gain experience?” He gently shook his head, sighed and said, “These words, why do I find it so familiar.”

He and QiHao looked at each other, suddenly they both understood each other’s meanings, the four people that year, right now……

They turned their head unanimously and looked at that beautiful lady. Lu XueQi stood there quietly, as if she had not heard anything but again as if she had hid everything deep inside her heart, that bright pair of eyes moved and looked over at Lin JingYu, as if it wanted to look for a certain figure but eventually, it still moved away.

Right at this moment, suddenly in the great hall the resonant tone of the bells started, everyone immediately straighten and after a while Sect Head Reverend DaoXuan, accompanied by Xiao YiCai, walked out. He looked at the crowd, smiled while greeting them and sat down at the main seat.

Everyone bowed, QiHao stood at the front, Reverend DaoXuan smiled and waved, saying, “Enough, enough, all of you sit.” But among the disciples, other than QiHao whose status had changed and sat at the right-hand side of Reverend DaoXuan, the rest of them remained standing.

Reverend DaoXuan looked at Xiao YiCai who was beside him and said, “YiCai, you shall brief them.”

Xiao YiCai nodded and reply, “Yes, Teacher.”

He walked out, looked around at the crowd and in a clear and loud voice he said, “Various fellow sect members, today we invited everyone here is because there is one thing that need our Qing Yun Sect most outstanding disciples to go and accomplish.”

When he spoke until here, there was immediately a stir among the crowd, Xiao YiCai smiled and continued, “Recently rumours were spreading everywhere, saying that recently inside the big marsh in the West, out of a sudden there were strange lights shining into the sky and ceaselessly for many days, most likely a sensational rare treasure will soon be born. By right if the Heaven send out spiritual beings, only the virtuous person can claim it and we are also not interested. But after this news was spread, it was heard that the Evil Faction evildoers moved out in big forces to the West, intending to get a share of the action.”


“Hateful!”  Qing Yun Sect young disciples immediately with fury written over their faces, one after another cried out.

Xiao YiCai waited till the clamour was reduced slightly, smiled and said, “If this news was false then it doesn’t matter but in case there is really such a rare treasure and lands into the Evil Faction’s hands, then aren't we playing jackal to the tiger. Qing Yun Sect have always lead as the world’s Good Faction leader therefore Sect Head Reverend had decided, to select the outstanding disciples from the younger generation of our sect and to go together to the West big marsh, to uphold justice and eliminate the demons.”

Speaking until here, he paused for a while and suddenly with a slight mysterious air, said, “Various junior brothers, on top of it there is another important matter, it was heard that today TianYin Temple and FenXiang Valley also sent out their disciples to the West big marsh. Ever since that big battle ten years ago, everyone should know in their hearts, these two sects openly are in harmony with us but in the dark have been eyeing the Good Faction leader position for a long time. Hope everyone will not cause our sect to lose face!”

A wave of uproar in the crowd, at once someone shouted, “Sect Head Reverend please do not worry, I and the rest will never cause Qing Yun Sect to lose face!”

“That’s right, this time we must show the Evil Faction and TianYin Temple, FenXiang Valley people our prowess!”

Reverend DaoXuan smiled and nodded, stood up and said, “This trip to the West, there may be perils, in addition the Evil Faction is dangerous and crafty, all of you must be on your guard at all times.”

Everyone responded at the same time, “Yes.”

Reverend  DaoXuan  spoke  to  Xiao  YiCai,  “Then  you  shall make arrangements, try to move out early.” After speaking, his gaze, with or without intention, looked at Lin JingYu who was standing among the crowd and then turned and walked into the inner chambers. The crowd respectfully sent him off, until his figure disappeared Xiao YiCai then turned around and divided the members.

On the other side, Lin JingYu spoke to QiHao, “How come, Qi senior brother, you are not going this time?”

QiHao laughed in spite of himself and said, “Lin junior brother, I can’t leave.”

Lin JingYu then realized, his face turned red and said, “Ah, senior brother is already our branch leader, I did not think of that.”

QiHao patted his shoulder, smiled and said, “This will be your first time venturing out to the world, it is indeed a good opportunity, I look forward for you to exhibit your martial prowess and make a name for yourself in one move!” Lin JingYu smiled and said, “Senior brother you must be joking.”

QiHao smiled but after which his face turned slightly solemn, he saw that nobody was around and spoke quietly to Lin JingYu, “Lin junior brother, to tell you the truth, ten years ago teacher...Taoist Cang Song betrayed Qing Yun and in the end caused our Long Shou Valley branch to hang our heads in shame. Especially Rising Sun Valley and Sunset Valley these two branches disciples, they looked at us like enemies. This senior brother of yours, I, in this position, have been really very difficult, therefore I am really looking forward to your trip this time, to help our Long Shou Valley gain some glory!”

Lin JingYu did not speak and after a while he nodded his head slightly and quietly said, “Qi senior brother, I understand, do not worry, I definitely will not make you disappointed.”

QiHao smiled, the tension on his face also lessened, he stretched out his hand to pat on Lin JingYu’s shoulder.

Just at this time, Song Daren walked over, looked at both of them, smiled and said,”Why, this time Long Shou Valley is sending Lin junior brother out?”

QiHao smiled and said, “That’s right, not sure who will be from Big Bamboo Valley?”

Song Daren [hehe] laughed and said, “Originally it was to be me, this good-for-nothing big senior brother, but later on my teacher’s wife find me stupid and so let my sixth junior brother, Du BiShu, to go.”

QiHao smiled and said, “Du junior brother has always been smart, with him in our Qing Yun Sect is like a tiger that has grown wings.”

Song Daren’s eloquence naturally was not as smooth and considerate as QiHao, after chatting for a while he was about to leave when he suddenly turned back and spoke to QiHao, “Oh right, Qi senior brother, my teacher’s wife recently missed my LingEr junior sister. After you return home, ask her to come back to Big Bamboo Valley and stay in a few days.” QiHao smiled and said, “Song senior brother, you still do not know, this early morning before I left Long Shou Valley to come here, LingEr had already returned to Big Bamboo Valley. She said she missed her mother. Seemed like mother-in-law and she are really mother and daughter kindred spirits.”

Song Daren was stunned for a while and then laughed loudly, loud and clear, reverberating in this Crystal Hall.

Chapter 87 - Old Places

Qing Yun Hill, Big Bamboo Valley.

Misty clouds between the mountains, like a gentle white silk sash, softly shifting. The early morning air with dew still in it, together with the fresh crisp breeze, passed through that stretch of green bamboo forest, brushing against the Big Bamboo Valley summit.

That area of architectures with Observed Silence Hall as its centre, quietly stood still in the dawn rays, everything appeared to be that tranquil……

Just that a sound of dog barking was heard suddenly, mixed with [Zi zi] cries, broke the silence. Da Huang, with its shiny fur, running over at a fast speed, Xiao Hui riding on its back, clutching tightly onto the fur on Da Huang’s neck to support itself, at the same time waving the other hand in the air, looking very excited.

Ten years ago, after Zhang Xiao Fan went to TongTian Peak from here, he had never came back. Initially, these two animals became depressed, especially Xiao Hui, who was usually active was melancholy for a long time. DaHuang too did not have it easy, it mopped around the whole day and not knowing if it was because he loved the food that Zhang Xiao Fan cooked, during that period of time whenever Du BiShu, who was replacing Zhang Xiao Fan to cook, placed out food for them, would definitely suffer Da Huang and Xiao Hui’s howls and roars and after they had their meals, would most likely be
looked upon with disdain and looking very unsatisfied. Poor Du BiShu also became depressed for some time because of this.

Just that time like water, leisurely passed, the memory of that moment also seemed to gradually fade. Without knowing from when, Xiao Hui and Da Huang again started to play at Big Bamboo Summit, having fun ceaselessly, just that even though it was so, in the deep nights whenever they were about to sleep, they always returned back to Zhang Xiao Fan’s room, as if awaiting something.

Although for so many years, this room had always been empty.

“Si!” Da Huang suddenly stopped in its track, the great inertia almost caused Xiao Hui to roll down from its back, luckily Xiao Hui’s hand was holding on tightly and it managed to stabilize its body. Da Huang barked loudly, suddenly turned its head back but instead it opened its mouth and rolled out its old long tongue, to chase its own tail, its body turning round and round at the same spot.

Xiao Hui sat securely at its back, grinned and loudly, [Zi zi] laughed, looking very excited and happy. This boring game done endless times by Da Huang but to them, it was as if it was the most interesting game.

The faint dawn lights shone on their bodies, the Big Bamboo Valley reverberated with the two animals’ sounds, the humans were still deep asleep, this excellent timing seemed to be only for them.

Far away, at the back of the hill that verdant bamboo forest, indistinctly the sound of bamboo leaves being brushed by the mountain breeze [Hua hua] leisurely reverberated, even wind that was blowing from that direction, also carried faint scent of the bamboo leaves and the smell of that bamboo forest. Suddenly!

Da Huang stopped chasing its own tail, Xiao Hui on its back also seemed to lift up its head at the same time, opened its mouth wide and looked towards that stretch of bamboo forest.

Green Hill, green bamboos, wind passing, like sea……

Rustle, rustle, rustle……

“Zi zi zi zi!” Xiao Hui suddenly shrieked, Da Huang’s reaction also seemed to be strange, just that its voice was much softer and barked a few times but after a while, the two animals seemed to know something, Xiao Hui grabbed tight of Da Huang and Da Huang immediately spread out its legs and swiftly ran towards that black bamboo forest at the back of the mountain.

The familiar small path at the back of the mountain, maybe it was because nobody came here to practised their homework for a long time, the trees and grasses had overgrown until the original small path was gradually fading but Da Huang as if it had natural intuitive, traversed through the forest, running faster and faster and very soon it had reached the front of that stretch of bamboo forest.

Inside the verdant bamboo forest, serene with a trace of mystery, Da Huang stopped outside the bamboo forest and softly called out [Wu wu] a few times, Xiao Hui jumped down from its back and squatted aside, looked at him and looked deep into the bamboo forest, at times using its hands to scratch its head, as if it had some hesitation.

But after a while eventually Xiao Hui made up its mind, it [Zi zi] called out twice to Da Huang and took the lead to walk into the forest. To say it actually walked also did not seemed to be correct too but Xiao Hui strangely did not climb up the bamboos and instead used its front limbs as support on the ground, leap by leap slowly went in, looking at Xiao Hui, it seemed to be careful but yet full of anticipation.

Da Huang [Wu wu] called out twice and also started to stride out, following behind it and walked into this bamboo forest. One monkey one dog, slowly traversing in this peaceful bamboo forest, very quickly their figures soon disappeared.

The morning rays were blocked by the thickly grown bamboo leaves but from in-between the slits, there were still streams of sunlight, channeling into light beams as big as fingers and shone down from the top of the bamboo forest, down onto the ground below.

Xiao Hui and Da Huang slowly walked along in the forest, walking along...unknowingly, they had reached a certain place in the deep of the bamboo forest, there was a small clearing which seemed familiar. Vaguely in the memory, it seemed to be the place that when Zhang Xiao Fan first came here, working hard to chop down the bamboos.

Xiao Hui stopped its steps, squatted at the clearing and using its hands to scratch its head, looked around.

In the deep and serene bamboo forest, everywhere was quiet.

As if there was an unknown scent, lingering here. Causing heartbeat to slowly increase……

“Pu!”  a light footstep sound, stepped into this deep forest silence.

Xiao Hui and Da Huang both turned at the same time, that person’s figure, behind a thick bamboo, slowly appeared.

The bamboo forest suddenly quieted down again but after a moment, suddenly there were sounds of cheers, Xiao Hui jumped up, its body changed into a grey streak of light and dashed over, jumped into the mid-air and leaped into that person’s embrace!

It grabbed that person’s clothes tightly, laughing heartily loudly, without any care releasing all of its delight, [Zi zi zi zi] laughing ceaselessly.

That person encircled his hands, the once cruel aura right now had disappeared, on his forehead a long time not seen gentleness and smile, embracing Xiao Hui in his bosom. After a while, suddenly he felt another feeling, bending his head to take a look, a smile emerged at the corner of his mouth. He stooped his body, gently caressing the now rubbing against his body Da Huang’s head, smiling and saying, “Da Huang, have you been well?”

DaHuang naturally could not speak and only [Wu wu] softly called out, its tail ceaselessly wagging, using its head to rub against his palm.

At the corner of his eyes, as if a place where nobody could see, indistinctly reflecting the lights, “Only all of you, still treat me as before!”

He softly sighed and breathed in deeply, in this bamboo forest, the once missed familiar smell.

“Hua hua!”

Suddenly, again a flurry of footsteps sounds, it was instead Wild Dog Taoist who scuttled out from behind but looking at his worn robes being torn in a few places by brambles, one would have guessed he had lost his way. Wild Dog Taoist’s entire face looked jinxed, he looked at the past Zhang Xiao Fan, the current Ghost Li and grumbled, “Hey, brat, are you mad, if you want to die also do not have to do this! Here is Qing Yun Sect, what if someone finds out, even if we have ten lives we will also surely be dead!”

Suddenly, Da Huang, who was extremely docile towards Ghost Li just only, turned its head, the furs on its neck were all bristling and it bared its teeth, showing its obvious extreme dislike towards Wild Dog Taoist. In a moment, Da Huang howled and actually pounced over.

Wild Dog Taoist was shocked but looking at this almost-the- height-of-half-a-man giant dog suddenly pouncing over, his heart first thumped and subconsciously he stretched his hand to grab hold of his own fang magical weapon.

Unexpectedly at this moment Ghost Li who was in front, indifferently said, “If you dare use magical weapon to hurt this dog, I will chop off all of your hands and legs. And then throw it in front of that Observed Silence Hall at the foot of the mountain.”
 Wild  Dog  was  stunned,  he  angrily  said,  “What  did  you say…..”

But he had not finished his words when Da Huang had already pounced over, the moment Wild Dog was distracted he was immediately pounced on by this giant dog. Immediately the sounds of dog barking and human’s angry cursing shouts were heard incessantly, human and dog somersaulted together, staggering and in complete disorder! Wild Dog Taoist and Da Huang both rolled to the back of a bramble far away, human and dog’s figures could not be seen but angry cries could be heard at times.

“Aiya!  Damned  dog,  you  still  bite….hey,  brat,  you  this bastard, still not calling this dog to let go, no, let go, ah…...damned dog, this is human thigh, not chicken thigh! quickly let go, don’t bite anymore        ah ah ah……”

Ghost Li turned a deaf ear to Wild Dog’s miserable cries, turned his head to look at Xiao Hui in his bosom, his face was all smiles. After checking carefully, after not seen for ten years, Xiao Hui seemed to have slightly grown again, the feeling of carrying it in his embrace also seemed to be heavier by quite a lot, even that scar in-between its eyes also seemed to have expanded much.

And Xiao Hui, after the initial excitement had passed, was still grinning and like in the past, climbed on to his shoulder and habitually stretched out its hand to play with his hair.

Ghost Li quietly stood there and slowly walked outside, till the fringe of the bamboo forest and gazed out far. The place that was in front of the mountain was covered by the clouds, it was once his warmest home.

Lost in his thoughts, gazing deeply.

Not knowing how much time had passed, Da Huang proudly ran out from the depth of the bamboo forest, looked very pleased with itself, its tail could not stop wagging. It leaped beside Ghost Li, [Wang wang wang] called out a few times.

Ghost Li smiled, stretched out his hand and patted its head. After a short while, Wild Dog Taoist staggered out from the black bamboo forest, his robe was again ripped in several more places and even a few more scratches also appeared on his dog face, as for the wounds on his legs, indistinctly it could be seen.

Right now he saw Da Huang lying beside Ghost Li, he felt a bit afraid and actually did not dare to go over, standing far away he angrily scolded, “Damned dog, don't think there is someone backing you, sooner or later one day I will butcher you!”

Da Huang suddenly turned its head over, dashed towards Wild Dog Taoist and howled, Wild Dog was scared out of his wits and immediately took a few steps back but Da Huang looked to be scaring him only and did not chase over, it instead turned its head. Wild Dog was then relieved but no matter what he did not dare to scold again.

Looking down at the foot of the mountain for half a day, the day’s first thread of sunlight had already quietly landed, covering this stretch of green mountain with a blanket of light golden cloth. Ghost Li closed his eyes and breathed deeply.

After a while, he turned around, stretched his hand to bring Xiao Hui down into his embrace, looked at Wild Dog and said, “Let’s go!”

Wild Dog could not wait to hear him say those words, quickly walked over while muttering, “Isn’t this asking for trouble! Just for one monkey, risking lives……”

Da Huang seemed to sense something, stood up and looked at Ghost Li, Ghost Li patted Da Huang’s head, smiled and waved his left hand, a black stick flashing strange green light appeared, it was indeed that “Firestick”, supporting his body, straight up to the sky.

Wild Dog was dumbfounded and complained, “Brat, where do you think this is! Has to be that arrogant even when leaving……”

He was grumbling to himself when suddenly Da Huang howled loudly, Wild Dog was shocked and quickly steered his magical weapon, following Ghost Li.

In front of the black bamboo forest, Da Huang’s solitude figure, barking loudly, unceasingly, unceasingly barking……

Its mad barking, reverberated within the mountain, barking incessantly until a fair white hand stroked its neck, gently asked, “Da Huang, what happened? Why did you run here today, and even keep on barking?”

Da Huang seemed to be slightly agitated and breathless, it turned around to look at Tian LingEr, who had already became a young married woman and turned its head back again, barked loudly towards the sky.

[Wang wang, wang wang, wang wang wang wang……]

Tian LingEr frowned, looked around at the surroundings and feeling a bit strange, said, “What happened, Da Huang? Oh right, where is Xiao Hui? How come it is not together with you?” Da Huang, not knowing if it understood her words but it still faced the sky, barking itself hoarse.

Tian LingEr looked towards the sky but saw only blue sky and white clouds, the blue sky stretched endlessly and vaguely there was a piece of cloud stroked out from the cloud layers, galloping through the firmament, such a magnificent sight. Not knowing why, her heart suddenly felt lost, for a moment she stared foolishly.

With Qing Yun Hill as south, several ten thousands miles away in a desolated place, there was a high mountain, its name was “Majestic Fox Mountain”, it was the Evil Faction Ghost King Sect headquarters location.

In these ten years, the Evil Faction’s power was flourishing day by day, highly skilled fighters were numerous but the internal fights within were also becoming severe as the days passed, it was even more intense than the fight with the Good Faction. The Ghost King Sect was originally one of the powerful branch among the Evil Faction four great branches, for the past ten years Ghost King leader had exerted himself to make his sect prosperous, using great skill and strategy and made Ghost King Sect grew in strength day by day, indistinctly it gave the impression that it would replace Wan Du Clan as the Evil Faction’s biggest branch.

The Ghost King Sect as of now, for the earlier generations of highly skilled fighters, other than the mysterious four holy envoys appearing, there was also a mysterious figure, “Mr Ghost” appearing beside Ghost King, usually only human voice was heard but nobody was seen. But the attention that was most placed on, was the younger generations of the Ghost King Sect, especially the one that was regarded much by Ghost King, Ghost Li, was the most outstanding among them, Ghost King even did not hesitate to make an exception by making him vice leader, regarding him as his own child. Now everyone under the sky knew, Ghost Li would definitely be the next leader of Ghost King Sect.

In the Evil Faction, the internal fights were not only intense but they would go to any lengths, so many people had tried to sow discord between Ghost King and his this number one beloved fighter but all had failed.

And only for those mere number of people who understood that period of past, in their hearts, towards these two people’s firm and almost unbreakable relationship, all instead felt sorrow.

The black veil gently covered her face, that mysterious black- attired lady-YouJi, right now quietly sitting in the most important room in Ghost King Sect. The room was not very big but very cold, the reason for it was because in the middle of the room, a crystal-clear sparkling white ice platform was placed, vapours of cold air floated up from the almost transparent ice platform.

A beautiful girl, wearing her favourite green robe, lying quietly on top, among the threads of white cold air that was floating out, her face looked to be slightly pale, almost like transparent, cold and beautiful! Both of her hands crossed and placed in front of her body, in her palm, as if already joined to her body, was a small gold bell, flashing with strange light rays, as if it was gazing at this world.

At this moment, a low deep rumble was heard from the back, this room’s thick and heavy stone door was pushed open by someone and shortly closed up again. Footsteps sound was heard, someone walked and stopped beside YouJi.

YouJi unhurriedly raised her head, to be able to enter this room, there would not be more than four people in the entire Ghost King Sect.

Ghost Li’s pale face appeared in front of her, her heart behind her black veil, slightly palpitated, vaguely she recalled, every time this man entered this room, his face would turn more and more pale.

Just that in this man’s eyes, YouJi totally did not exist, that beautiful girl lying there peacefully, right now, had already occupied all of his heart and body.

The stone room suddenly became very quiet, as quiet as death.

YouJi stood up lightly and retreated but her eyes still lingered on him. His figure appeared to be lonelier. As for the horrible bloody scent that frequently appeared around him in that outside world, it was totally undetected here.

Who knows, maybe this was the only place where he could have peace.

She took one last look at this man and walked out, taking care to close the stone door but then was shocked to see that Qing Long, wearing all white, was standing beside.

“What  is  it?”   After  being  silent  for  a  while,  YouJi, indifferently asked.

Qing Long looked towards that stone door and said, “He is back?”

YouJi’s black veil shifted, as if she was nodding slightly, said, “Yes, he is in there talking to BiYao.” Qing Long frowned and gently sighed. Actually all of them knew in their hearts, the so-called chat, was just Ghost Li talking quietly to himself, as for BiYao, whether or not she could hear, that was another matter. Just that this matter was too heartbreaking and none of them wished to talk about it.

YouJi stood quietly for a while and suddenly said, “Zhang Xiao Fan every time he comes back, the first moment he will come here……”

Qing Long’s countenance slightly changed and cut in, “Third sister, as of now he has already been bestowed the name Ghost Li by Sect Head Ghost King, I have told you many times not to use this name to call him.”

YouJi, behind the black veil, not knowing what her expression was but there was not a slightest change in the tone of her voice and continued to say, “......but Sect Head instead has not been here for a very long time.”

Qing Long looked at her and eventually gave a long sigh and said, “These ten years, the white hairs on Sect Head’s temples, how much has it increased, I guess you should at least seen it? It is not that he does not miss his only daughter, just that he hide the pain in his heart.”

YouJi remained silent for a while again, after which she seemed to recall something and raised her head, she said, “The matter of looking for the black shaman tribe, how is it going?”

Qing Long shook his head and said,”The black shaman tribe was only transitory a thousand years ago, now we don’t even have a single clue to where do we go to search.”

YouJi slowly turned around and walked out.

This stone room that BiYao was slumbering in, naturally was in a extremely secluded place within Ghost King Sect, on normal days rarely anyone would come and right now in the corridor outside the stone room, there were only the two of them.

Qing Long watched the back of YouJi’s leaving figure and suddenly spoke, “You better stay a distance away from Ghost Li.” YouJi’s body suddenly shook, immediately she stopped her steps, her whole body seemed to tighten but after which she slowly relaxed, turned around and stared at Qing Long through the black veil, word by word she spoke, “What do you mean?”

Qing Long instead did not look at her, turned his eyes to look that stone room’s door, indifferently said, “I know you feel guilty towards BiYao, feel that you did not protect her well but your unspoken concern towards that man seemed to have cross the line.”

YouJi did not speak but this corridor suddenly turned even more icy-cold than that stone room, unseen murderous aura seemed to emit ceaselessly from that black-attired lady.

“Are you saying, I actually have feelings towards this young man?” word by word she spitted out.

Qing Long seemed not to feel any of the murderous aura in front of him, his expression also never changed and only slowly said, “Third sister, I did not say that, I only wanted to remind you, because of BiYao, the relationship between Ghost King Sect Head and this man has always been delicate. I have followed Ghost King Sect Head for many years and know that even though he treats Ghost Li like his own child but at times when he is grieved that BiYao turned out this way, I’m afraid he also feels some bitterness.”

When he spoke until here, he turned his head back and looked deeply at YouJi, softly said, “Third sister, you better look out for yourself.”

YouJi from afar, coldly snorted and suddenly said, “I don’t know what you are talking about!” turned around and walked off.

Qing Long gave a bitter laugh, shook his head and sighed softly.

Inside the stone room.

Ghost Li sat beside BiYao, gazed at that beautiful yet slightly pale face and softly said, “I am back, BiYao.” ……

“During this trip, I helped your father eliminated another branch, it was that Blood Forger Hall that we met in the beginning, you should still remember right?”


“I don’t know why but when it was down to the last man, I suddenly thought of you, remembered that we met there and I could not do it. BiYao, will you blame me?”


“A few days ago, I sneaked past the sentry and secretly went up the Big Bamboo Valley summit, at the same time I brought Xiao Hui back. Have you seen Xiao Hui? It is that monkey that I raised since young……”

…… “I went to the Black Bamboo Forest, you guess what did I see?”


“Actually that piece of black bamboo that had fell onto the ground was still lying there. BiYao, do you still remember? That piece of bamboo that both of us sat together……”


“Actually, nothing has changed, BiYao.”


“BiYao……”  He softly chanted, in a voice that indistinctly choked with sobs, resounded in this stone room.

Chapter 88 - Big Wang Village

(Big Wang could also mean King)
White hairs growing on the temples, years flowed like water!

Ghost King turned his attention away from the mirror-like water surface, sighed slightly and turned his head around, smiled and said, “I have not look at a mirror for a long time, today I take a look and saw that my white hair has grown out quite a few.”

Standing behind him, Ghost Li, without expression, indifferently said, “You worry too much.”

At this moment, at a small lakeside in Majestic Fox Mountain, a stone pavilion was built in the heart of the lake and only an ancient wooden bridge connected it to the lake shore. Right now Ghost King and Ghost Li stood in the middle of this stone pavilion.

Ghost King clasped his hands behind his back and with a composed expression, said, “I heard about your recent trip to KongSang Mountain, although Blood Forger Hall was subdued but the remaining last person that refused to surrender, Wild Dog Taoist, you took him in instead, is there such thing?”

Ghost Li looked at Ghost King but saw that his face expression was calm and did not know what he was thinking in his heart, he immediately nodded slightly and said, “That’s right.”

Ghost King smiled, turned around to look at the lake surface that was as dark-green as jade, indifferently said, “In the past when you led men to attack, you have always leave almost no man standing, why did you instead grant mercy towards this person?”

Ghost Li was silent for a while and said, “The Blood Forger Hall today although is on the decline but eight hundred years ago it was the de facto ruling group for a period of time, far more than a small branch.”

Ghost King stood there and did not seem to have any reaction, and also did not show if he was satisfied or not satisfied with this explanation. After a long while, he suddenly spoke, “Speaking of which, the magical weapon in your hand, the Blood-Sucking Orb, it was originally Elder Blackheart’s relic, seems like there are some lineage relations between Blood Forger Hall and you.”

Ghost Li slowly raised his eyes and looked at Ghost King, Ghost King at this time, happened to turn around and also looked at him.

Both of their eyes, met in mid-air, Ghost Li’s eyes were sombre and Ghost King’s eyes, instead was calm and deep.

Ghost  King  suddenly  laughed  and  said,  “Recently  it  was heard that a rare treasure was born in the West death marsh, do you know?”

Ghost Li nodded and said, “Yes, heard of it.”

Ghost King leisurely said, “Heard that not only the Good Faction people are swarming over, even Wan Du Clan, HeHuan Sect highly skilled men are also intending to get into the action. As for Chang Shen Hall, as their headquarter is located near the death marsh, they definitely will not give it up.” He paused for a while, facing Ghost Li he asked, “What do you think?”

Ghost Li did not speak immediately and was silent for a long while, Ghost King seemed to be extremely patient with him and did not show any sign of frustration. After a long while, Ghost  Li  unhurriedly  said,  “Since  we  have  subdued  Blood Forger Hall, other than the four great branches in the sect, the last branch with some promising potential has also been dismembered.”

A smile emerged from the corner of Ghost King’s mouth, he nodded and said, “That’s right.”

Ghost Li said, “In the Evil Faction, it has always been a tripartite confrontation at the top, the four great branches have always wanted to take over each other. In the past because of the external threat from Good Faction, they then worked together to fight off the external enemy. Of course now is the not same as before, and presently the power alignment in the sect is slowly lining up, the next step will be the fierce battle between the four great sects, just that we don’t know who will the one to take the first step?” Ghost King smiled and clapped his hands, saying, “Good, good! Well said.”

Ghost Li took a look at him and indifferently said, “Over these ten years, you have not only passed on to me the second volume of Tian Shu, you have even imparted your life’s knowledge, strategies, decision-making, one after another, if I still cannot infer on this then wouldn’t I be unworthy of your painstaking efforts?”

Ghost King smiled and looked at this young man in front of him, like looking at a treasured perfect object that he had personally crafted, in his joy there was an indistinct pride, he was heard saying, “That is not entirely so, the things that I have imparted to you will also depends on your ability to comprehend. These few years you have progressed fast and really far exceeded my expectation, initially I thought that with your aptitude, you would need to practise at least thirty years and more, unexpectedly you have used only ten years and attained such a big achievement, rare indeed, rare indeed!”

Upon receiving such praise from Ghost King, Ghost Li’s face instead did not have any smile, as if to him, this was nothing to be happy about. But Ghost King also did not mind, these few years the person in front of him, from the initial Zhang Xiao Fan until the present Ghost Li, his past characteristics had all totally turned upside-down, other than his appearance which remained the same, almost the rest of him did not carry any resemblance of his past. He paused for a while and said, “So what do you think, in our holy sect, the war between the four great branches is inevitable, do you think that we should attack first! or quietly wait?”

But this time Ghost Li did not have any slightest hesitation, immediately he said, “Pre-emptive strike!”

Ghost King fixed his eyes on him and said, “Good! Then which branch do you think we should deal with first?”

Ghost Li said, “Chang Shen Hall!”

Ghost King frowned but there was already admiration in his eyes, he said, “Why is that so?” Ghost Li said, “Currently Ghost King Sect and Wan Du Clan’s strengths are the greatest, HeHuan Sect and Chang Shen Hall are second. HeHuan Sect has always been low-key but Chang Shen Hall Hall leader, YuYang Zi, although his skills is high but he is proud and conceited and has always considered himself the main leader of that Qing Yun Hill Good and Evil battle and thinks himself as the ultimate supremacy of the Evil Sect. Such a fool, if not to choose him then who?’

Ghost King smiled and said, “That’s right, well said. If you were to lead, how will you move?”

Ghost Li muttered slightly to himself and said, “Now is the good opportunity. With the birth of the rare treasure in the death marsh, YuYang Zi will definitely see it as easy as reaching for it from a bag and will not allow outsiders to dip their fingers in. But since the Good Faction is coming in forces, we can wait for Chang Shen Hall to clash with the Good Faction and after both parties sustain heavy injuries, we will join hands with Wan Du Clan, HeHuan Sect on the sly to make our moves, this kind of throwing-stones-in-after-a-man-has-fallen- into-a-well move, they will definitely not reject. As such this battle will surely succeed!” Ghost King looked at him and did not speak.

Ghost Li slowly raised his head, looked at Ghost King and lightly said, “What is it?”

Ghost King seemed to stare vacantly at him, after a while he regained his senses and slowly withdrew his stare, as if he had sighed deeply inside his heart, he indifferently said, “Nothing, what you have just said and what I have thought, are almost similar.”

Ghost Li did not speak anymore.

Ghost King smiled lightly and said, “You shall rest for another two days and then proceed to death marsh!”  After speaking, he took out a sealed letter from his bosom and passed it to Ghost Li and said, “I have already wrote the details in this letter. After reaching the death marsh, all matters and people under Ghost King Sect will follow your orders.”

Ghost Li slowly took the letter and kept it in his bosom, he remained quiet for a while and then nodded his head towards Ghost King, turned and left after that. But just when he had only took a few steps, he suddenly heard Ghost King said, “There is still one more thing……”

Ghost Li stopped.

Ghost King’s voice was heard saying, “Between us, why do you still address our holy sect as ‘Evil Sect’?”

Ghost Li remained silent for a long while and coldly replied, “I have joined the sect for ten years, in here everyday is a blood fight, everyone is trying to outwit one another, scheming and manipulation are even more common, how can it deserve a holy word?”

Ghost King laughed loudly and then said, “O! Then the Good Faction which you came from, how is it?”

Ghost Li’s body seemed to tremble slightly, after a while, he was heard saying, “The wicked things that the Good Faction did, are no better than the Evil Faction people!” Ghost King looked at him with interest and said, “This is not, that is also not, then in your heart what is it that you have define as ‘Good’?”

Ghost Li did not answer, remained silent for a long while and raised his head to look at the sky.

Blue sky, white clouds.

“I don’t know!” he quietly said, as if talking to himself.

After that figure whose back appeared to be somewhat lonely and melancholy gradually went further away, the smile on Ghost King’s face also slowly disappeared. In his obscure eyes, it seemed to blink with a mysterious light, twinkling ceaselessly, wondered what was he thinking in his heart?

At this moment, a voice was heard from the other side saying, “Sect head, I ……” Ghost King cut off his words and said, “Qing Long, come on up!”

“Yes.”  Qing Long walked over from the wooden bridge, his eyes followed the direction where Ghost King was looking at somewhere far away and said, “Deputy head was also here just now?”

Ghost King nodded and said, “What is the matter?”

Qing Long said, “Wan Du Clan that old freak secretly sent his men over again, asking when will Sect Head be sending men into the death marsh and for everybody to work together?”

Ghost King sneered and said, “Go and reply them, after three days, Ghost King Sect and Wan Du Clan, HeHuan Sect will be entering the marsh together.”

Qing Long nodded and replied, “Alright.” Ghost King muttered to himself for a while and then as if suddenly thought of something, turned his head facing Qing Long and asked, “Qing Long, what do you think about Ghost Li?”

Qing Long was surprised, raised his eyes to look at Ghost King but saw that Ghost King looked calm however his eyes were deep and bottomless, in his heart an unknown cold shudder passed through and for a moment he forgot to answer the question.

Ghost King smiled and said, “What is it?”

Qing Long returned to his senses but after which he pondered to himself and his expression showed some hesitation. Ghost King saw it, smiled and said, “Qing Long, we have known each other for many years, you can just speak your mind.”

Qing Long shook his head and laughed bitterly, he said, “I shall say it like this! When I was at his age, my skills were not as high, shrewdness not as deep……” Speaking until here, he suddenly stopped, Ghost King frowned and said, “What is it, is there more, just say it!”

Qing Long hesitated for a while, looked at Ghost King and said, “methods not as cruel!”

Ghost King looked at him but did not say anything, he unhurriedly turned around and looked at that mirror-like lake surface. Qing Long, behind him, slowly said, “These few years, especially the recent two years, Ghost Li’s methods are becoming more and more fierce and vicious, killing people at the slightest provocation and is even more ruthless in the power struggle. And among our Ghost King Sect’s younger generation, the more outstanding ones like kill-the-living monk, swallow-returns etc, majority of them are all under him.”

Ghost King indifferently asked, “You think that this is not good?”

Qing Long slowly shook his head and said, “Not that, just that in those days he…... how exactly did he turn out to be this way?” Ghost King was silent for a while and suddenly said, “Actually I too made a wrong judgement in the beginning.”

Qing Long was surprised and said, “Sect Head, what did you say?”

Ghost King said, “When I passed him the second volume of Tian Shu, I thought that with his aptitude, he would need at least twenty years to have achievement but in these ten years, especially the last five years, Ghost Li’s skills suddenly improved tremendously, it can be said moving a thousand miles in a day, just that he hides all his emotions, even I have never see through them!”

When he spoke until here, in the eyes which had been back- facing Qing Long all these while, a hidden cold gleam seemed to flash past but his voice did not have even a slightest change, “His   character   is   persistent   and   steadfast,   firm   and indomitable, to use it on his training is really beneficial but I still have suspicions that maybe there might be other reasons.”

Qing Long frowned, said, “Don’t tell me he still has other secrets?” Ghost king shook his head and said, “You should know he has Qing Yun Sect’s Taoism true way and Tian Yin Temple’s Great Brahman Wisdom?”

Qing Long nodded and said, “That’s right.”

Ghost King slowly said, “Based on my covert observations, he has not only achieve great progress on our holy sect’s Tian Shu True way, even in Qing Yun Sect’s Tai Chi Xuan Qing Way and Buddhism’s Great Brahman True Way, he has improved by leaps and bounds at the same time. These three sects’ true ways, don’t tell me subconsciously they complement one another and produce an extraordinary effect?”

He turned around, faced Qing Long, smiled and said, “With his current skills and in addition that rare magical weapon ‘Soul-Absorbing’ in his hand, even if you have the Ring of Universe Clear Light, I’m afraid you only have fifty percent of success.”

Qing Long smiled and said, “I’m old already, no longer able to compete against the young people.” Ghost King suddenly laughed loudly, stretched out his hand to pat his shoulder and said, “There is no such thing”. He smiled  while  speaking  unhurriedly,  “During  that  time  I foresaw that this youth would definitely not be a sedentary animal in the pool and today his achievement has even far exceeded my expectation. If Ghost King Sect was to be handed over to him, in the days to come the future will definitely be full of boundless prospects, just that ……”

Ghost King clasped his hands behind his back and suddenly stopped speaking, walked to the side of the pavilion and gazed out.

Qing Long quietly stood beside and looked at Ghost King, on that figure of great authority, suddenly an indistinct melancholy was revealed, silently conveying that unspoken words.


After three days, Ghost Li left Majestic Fox Mountain and headed for southwest, at the same time with him there was the monkey Xiao Hui and other than that, Wild Dog Taoist also came along. Initially Wild Dog Taoist did not wish to go to that dangerous death marsh place but Ghost Li only carelessly said, “After I leave, I guarantee that Majestic Fox Mountain will be a hundred times even more dangerous than that death marsh, do you believe?”

After he spoke these words, Wild Dog Taoist immediately turned pale, although his mouth was still stubbornly unyielding but his legs already followed behind.

The Divine land vast lands, boundless in length and breath and naturally the richest and most populous was the Central Plains and outside the Central Plains, the north was the original bitter icy cold north pole, uninhabited by humans; the east side was the boundless great sea; as for the south, outside the Central Plains there were the great mountains, towering at the frontier, the mountains ranges seemed to stretch forever, over there, barren hills and treacherous rapids with foul air and poisonous substances were uncountable, legends also said there were even strange and peculiar wild barbarian men, who devoured birds and beasts’ raw meats, extremely savage and cruel. And on the west side of the Divine vast lands, there were two terrible lands. In the Northwest direction, there was a desolated desert which stretched as far as the eye could see, the common people called it ‘The Wildlands’, in which there was no rain for more than a hundred years, the climate was extremely dry and occasionally there were a few oasis but mostly occupied by wild and ferocious beasts, naturally it would be death for those common people who went in. And in
the legends, in the deep of the Wildlands, there was one grand temple from where the Evil Faction originated from.

As for the Southwest, it was the enormous death marsh that the common people was talking about. The climate of this place was completely different from the northwest wildlands, within a year, every ten days there would be rain for seven, eight days, the different unusual floras were as many as the hairs on an ox, lush and flourishing. This type of gloomy and damp place had always been the habitat of the world’s huge and poisonous evil beasts and venomous worms and the highly toxic methane gas that was the specialty of this place, would rise from the marsh’s rotting mud everytime it rained, if humans were to breathe it in and if there was no appropriate medication, within a quarter of an hour, they would die from the poison to their hearts. Other than this, the rotting animals’ bodies, trees and plants that were soaked from the rain for thousand and hundreds of years, turned this into a perilous place, a slightest misstep and you would be suck into the bottomless marsh, forever unable to see the sun and die a miserable death.

Such perilous place, naturally usually no one would come. But not long ago, the rumours started to spread in the world, in the west death marsh, a sudden enormous huge golden beam of light shone out into the sky for a day and night. Even in the deep of the night, the sky was as bright as daytime. After three days, the golden light then gradually dispersed. From then on, in the death marsh there seemed to be always loud strange crying sounds indistinctly heard, causing those living at the death marsh borders to be constantly fearful.

Once this news spread it immediately shook the world. From the cultivators point of view, spiritual beast magical weapons had always have their own spiritual nature, looking at this volume of huge golden light, naturally it was the premonition of a rare treasure’s birth calling its predestined person over. And from the looks of this golden beam, this extraordinary treasure’s magic would definitely not be trivial, for a moment it shook the world and the Good and Evil highly skilled pugilists started to gather. And on the surface that flurry of activities, there was an unknown undercurrent, flowing turbulently.

About half a day journey from death marsh in the west, there was a desolated withering small village called ‘Big Wang Village’, the name was given because the villagers in the village believed in a certain mysterious deity called ‘Big Wang’. Just that this deity had always been ineffective, not only did it not bless the villagers to be promoted and gained wealth, it did not bless them with abundant harvest or with enough food or clothes.

Actually to think about it, to live at the border of this kind of death marsh, time and time again a strange beast would suddenly scuttle out from somewhere or a venomous worm would slither out, it was a small matter if they kill the domestic animal but the yearly number of people that died from this were also not insignificant. Those with some capabilities had already left this damned place for the Central Plains, those that were left here were most likely indolent people.

But for these few days, the Big Wang Village was suddenly bustling with excitement again, those people that were coming to and fro were all highly skilled cultivators. Although Big Wang Village was not the only entrance to the death marsh but it was one of the dwellings that was closest to the death marsh. Before going into the death marsh, majority of the people would come here to buy some water and food, in the following few days, these actually made the villagers of this Big Wang Village gained a small fortune and increased some vitality.

And at the same time because this was the nearest place to the death marsh, the golden beam and the strange cries from the death marsh were also first discovered by the villagers and the news spread from here, therefore quite a number of people also came here to find out more information.

Just that after the number of people increased, naturally there would be good and evil people too, in the days that followed, in this little small place of Big Wang village, fights had occurred countless times and some unlucky ones who had not even stepped into the death marsh and yet without rhyme or reason died here, it was really injustice.

Enough of this digression. This day, Ghost Li and Wild Dog Taoist also came to Big Wang village, they stood at the village entrance and saw people coming and going in the village and it was actually quite lively, completely different from the usual lifeless scene.

Walking into the village, Wild Dog Taoist glanced all around, frowning and muttering something.

The monkey, Xiao Hui, for the first time saw so many people after so many days, and was feeling excited, it leaned on Ghost Li’s shoulder and [Zi Zi] called out, Ghost Li patted Xiao Hui and looked at Wild Dog Taoist, he said, “What are you doing?”

Wild Dog Taoist rudely replied, “I am finding an inn, after walking for so long shouldn’t we find a good place to rest for a while? It is really a god-forsaken damned place, even an inn is also so hard to find!”

Ghost Li indifferently said, “So, you think this place will have an inn?”

Wild Dog Taoist was shocked and said, “What?” Ghost Li turned his eyes to look at the people walking up and down the street, saw that those people’s clothes were of vibrant colours, obviously they were not the hard-working people of Big Wang village and said, “Have you come here before?”

Wild Dog [Pei] a sound and said, “Who will have nothing better to do to come to this damn place!”

Ghost Li took a look at him and said, “That’s right, since this place does not have outsiders visiting and the villagers are all impoverished, what is the use of a inn?”

Wild Dog was speechless, his dog face turned a few more degrees of bitterness.

At this time, suddenly at the main street ahead of them a cry was heard, someone loudly shouted, “Foresee fifty years of future and be able to break three hundred years of horoscope, indisputable deity fortune-teller, brush pen to judge yin and yang, foretell the coming future, come and know your fortune!” Both Ghost Li and Wild Dog were surprised and turned to look at the source of the voice. At the side of the main street, a worn-out table and chair were placed, a bamboo pole was stuck beside and a banner hung from it, with words written, ‘Immortal Guide’ four words. Beside the bamboo pole, an old man with uncommon bearing was shouting in a clear loud voice, the shout earlier on came from him and beside him, a sleepy young lady, her looks was rather pretty and right now
leaning her body against the table, a helpless expression on her face.

Without saying, these two would be Zhou YiXian and Xiao Huan. Zhou YiXian brought Xiao Huan to roam the earth and although his ability was not high but he still persistently like to head towards places where it’s lively. Some time ago he heard about the death marsh rumours and immediately in spite of Xiao Huan’s objections, he dragged her to this Big Wang village.

Right now using Zhou YiXian’s words to say, travelling allowance had all ran out, the hero had came to a dead end, he had no choice but to tell fortune in the streets. However although he was crying his own wares but afterwards he changed little by little “......distinguished customers who are passing by, I, the immortal, who have receive the genuine skills from my forefathers, am able to control all of the world’s poisons. Today inside the death marsh, highly toxic and methane gas, as long as everyone carry this sachet which I am selling, you will definitely be immune to hundreds of poisons and have vajra body defending divine skill……”

Xiao Huan, sitting beside softly sighed, having sat there for a few hours and grandfather was enthusiastically shouting but in reality not even one sachet was sold. The local people believed it but could not afford it (Zhou YiXian asked for an exorbitant price), the outsiders unfortunately were all cultivators, everyone of them experienced and knowledgeable, the stares given by them were all saying “swindler”  two words. Luckily the Good Faction chivalrous heroes were all busy competing for the treasure and did not dispute with this fortune-teller, if not usually whichever master’s disciple suddenly burned with righteous indignation and wanted to help the common people to get rid of vermin, perhaps he would get more than what he had bargained for.

Seeing that Zhou YiXian was still calling out with great energy, Xiao Huan, feeling impatient, stood up and was about to call out to stop her grandfather when suddenly a flash of blur, without knowing when, a person had stood in front of the table, it was a young man wearing a light blue robe, his features delicate and pretty but just that without knowing why his face looked to be slightly pale. “Miss, I will like my fortune to be told.”  That young man with a slight smile at the corner of his mouth, calmly said.

Xiao Huan frowned and appraised him, at this time Zhou YiXian also discovered this situation and quickly came over, smiling broadly he said, “Customer, what do you wish to see, fortune or marriage? How will you like to be read, by face, palm or glyphomancy?”

That young man pondered for a short moment and said, “I want to enter this death marsh too, why don’t you help me read this fortune!”

Zhou YiXian [Hehe] laughed and said, “No problem no problem, come, customer please take a seat. Mhm, I will first make myself clear, we have receive genuine skills from from our founders, our fortune-telling is incomparable therefore each telling requires ten taels of silver……”

That young man was shocked and said, “That expensive?”

Zhou YiXian smiled and did not answer. That young man shifted his eyes around and looked at Xiao Huan again, smiled and said, “Alright! ten taels it shall be. Why not like this! you will first help me to read a word.”

Xiao Huan looked at him and took out a piece of white paper beside  her,  passed  him  a  thin  brush  and  said,  “Then  can customer please first write a word on ……”

Unexpectedly that young man took the brush but laughed instead, “Not necessary, I will write my name, you will help me to read and see how is my name’s fortune?”

Speaking, on this piece of white sheet, he wrote down three characters and passed to Xiao Huan.

Xiao Huan was stunned for a moment and took over the paper, looking at the piece of white sheet, she heard that young man smiled and said, “My name is Qin WuYan!”

Chapter 89 - Fortune telling

Xiao Huan frowned slightly but her pair of eyes slowly brightened, looking carefully at that piece of white paper with the three characters, Qin WuYan, written in neat and proper handwriting, the brush strokes were upright, smooth and round, the corners understated and smooth, considerably a beautiful piece of handwriting.

Xiao Huan blinked her eyes, suddenly smiled and said, “This customer, there is a ‘Yan’ in your name, it has double fire with the sun’s maximum power but with the suppression from the word ‘Wu’ in the middle, things have taken a new turn and instead became soft, feminine; in addition, ‘Qin’ word resides in the west, signifying that you will have great advantage towards the west cold and Yin (translator’s note: yin is the feminine and negative energy) place!”

She placed the paper gently on the table, looked at Qin WuYan and said, “The west death marsh is a place of dampness and yin energy, your luck will definitely not be bad in your journey there.” A trace of smile surfaced on Qin WuYan’s face, the young yet pale face appeared to have some color returned to his face, he nodded and said, “Thank you Miss, here is ten taels, please keep it well.” After speaking, he took out ten taels and placed it on the table.

Xiao Huan looked at it but did not take it. Zhou YiXian beside her, stretched out his hand to take it and kept it in his bosom, [he he] laughed and said, “Thank you customer.”

Qin WuYan smiled but did not show any intention to leave, instead he took out another ten taels from his bosom and placed it on the table. Zhou YiXian was surprised and said, “Customer, this……”

Qin WuYan calmly said, “I have another friend who is also going to that death marsh, I will like to trouble Miss to read his fortune also.”

Xiao Huan was surprised, Qin WuYan had already took over the pen and wrote down two characters on the paper, passed it over to Xiao Huan, smiled and said, “His name is Ghost Li!” The main street which was bustling with activities, the ambient sounds suddenly quietened down.

Some quietly retreated, some quietly came nearer, human figures indistinctly seen on the street corners and rooftops, although it was daylight now but it suddenly became rather chilly.

The ones there would naturally feel this inexplicable change, Zhou YiXian frowned slightly and looked around him, he had not said anything but Xiao Huan had already pushed the paper over,  nonchalantly  said,  “Sorry  customer,  fortune  telling requires the person to write it personally so that we can tell.”

Qin WuYan did not become angry, only smiled and said, “Really?”

Looking at him, he did not seem to be leaving or having any intention of giving up, he still stood in front of the table. Xiao Huan’s expression changed and just at this moment, a hand suddenly stretched out from beside and wrote ‘Ghost Li’ two characters on the paper, then someone indifferently said, “Miss, please look at my two characters.” Xiao Huan turned and looked at him.

Ten years of time seemed to pass in a flash!

Xiao Hui leaning on his shoulder, its quick-witted eyeballs turning round and round, and his face, nothing seemed to change, still looking the same as before.

On the main street, a deathly quiet, in the dark and in the open, surrounding these two young people, as if there were two forces, monitoring each other, confronting each other……

Xiao Huan, after staring blankly for a long while, took over that piece of paper.

“Ghost Li!”

She read aloud softly. These two words, a far cry from the beautiful characters written by Qin WuYan, the strokes were heavy, clumsy and not versed but every stroke and line was extremely clear, the strength used while writing seemed to desire restraining oneself but at every stroke ending, it appeared that it was unable to hold back and revealed a few abilities, a whiff of one’s pride assaulted over.

Xiao Huan’s eyes at this moment seemed to become brighter, after a while she placed the piece of white paper down, paused for a while then said, “This customer, what do you want to ask?”

Xiao Hui suddenly jumped down from Ghost Li’s shoulder and landed on the table, took that brush and curiously played with it.

Ghost Li took a look at Xiao Hui and said, “I want to go to this death marsh too, will Miss please take a look at my fortune?”

Xiao Huan looked at him, suddenly laughed and said, “All humans have souls, the souls that linger after death, most become Yin spirit ghosts dread by the common people. Since customer chose this kind of mournful name, obviously you do not believe in Gods and ghosts, why do you need to ask me?”

Ghost Li quietly looked at her and did not speak but Qin WuYan who was beside suddenly laughed and spoke, “Wrong, wrong, Miss you are wrong.”

Xiao Huan was shocked by his words and said, “Where was I wrong?”

A faint gleam appeared in Qin WuYan’s eyes, facing Xiao Huan but his gaze from the corner of his eyes seemed to sweep towards Ghost Li, he smiled and said, “In ancient times, Wisdom King split the heaven and earth apart, Wisdom Queen created all living things and humans, this is already an eternal truth, how can it not be believed?”

The Evil Sect had always revered two saints which were the Wisdom King and Wisdom Queen, the ordinary sect members had always been unparalleled in their faith, just that to the Good Faction, naturally it was immoral. Except that this Qin WuYan was asking emotionlessly and seemed to be questioning something.

Behind him the unseen pressure from the main street, following the turning of his head, suddenly rose.

Ghost Li unhurriedly turned, facing him, Qin WuYan at the same time turned around.

The two youths in this simple and crude street, coldly facing each other.

The surroundings were quiet, Zhou YiXian suddenly felt a buzz at the back of his head and a wave of dizziness, even his breathing unconsciously started to get tense. He secretly looked around, after a while he discovered many people that looked unrelated to this place, either listening attentively, or secretly looking, some simply stared directly over here and in their hands they were holding their magical weapons, holding stances that looked like they would make an attack anytime. Ghost Li’s nostrils slightly contracted, his voice also turned slightly deep and said, “Du gongzi (translator’s note: young master or son of official)?”

Right now the smile on Qin WuYan’s face also gradually disappeared, showing a solemn expression but his voice still remained calm, he said, “Xue gongzi!”


Suddenly, a muffled sound resounded in the scene, the two tensed forces which were secretly facing each other were unexpectedly frightened, like a sharp whistling in that soundless tightly strained situation, it nearly exploded.

Even the calm expressions maintained on Ghost Li and Qin WuYan’s faces, the corners of their eyes also seemed to twitch slightly.

A panic-stricken embarrassed voice rang out, “Not, nothing, I, I didn’t do it on purpose……” Everyone looked over, Zhou YiXian, in his moment of nervousness accidentally dropped the money that he had just accepted onto the floor, making a muffled sound. Sweat appeared on Xiao Huan’s forehead, she angrily stared at him, Zhou YiXian’s face turned red, too embarrassed to speak but in his heart, he was shaken.

In these ten years, the Evil Sect’s power had greatly flourished, the younger generation produced a number of young outstanding talents, the three most outstanding, those gossipmongers combined their names and called them ‘Three gongzi’, namely: Wan Du Sect Qin WuYan, known as ‘Du GongZi’; Ghost King Sect Ghost Li, called as ‘Xue GongZi’; and the last one was HeHuan Sect Jin PingEr, known as ‘Miao GongZi’. [translator’s note: Du - poison, Xue - blood and Miao - ingenious]

Among the four great branches of the Evil Faction, only in Chang Shen Hall’s younger generation, nobody was listed in it and no qualified successors to carry on.

For the past few years, in the Evil Sect, these three young men could be described as the ones who called the wind and summoned the rain, at this young age they were already in command of their branches’ supreme authority and in their trails from time to time there would be bloodshed, struggles and bloody battles were inevitable but they had never met each other before. Someone once said, the day that the three of them faced each other, perhaps it would also be the day that the real great battle between the four great branches of the Evil Sect would start.

And right now, the two most powerful branches in the Evil Sect, Wan Du sect and Ghost King sect, were in the stares of these two young men who were facing each other.

The atmosphere in the place was strangely quiet and strained, Zhou YiXian felt himself almost could not breathe and wanted to secretly pack up and take Xiao Huan away but right now no matter what he dared not moved, these two young men were renowned fiends and he definitely could not afford to offend them.

At this moment, Qin WuYan suddenly laughed and said, “Ghost Li brother, junior has long admire your big name, today I finally have the chance to meet you, it is really the blessing of three lifetimes!” With this laugh immediately the tensed atmosphere was greatly relieved, Zhou YiXian could almost immediately felt it, the constant invisible pressure pouring in from all around, with his laugh, started to retreat slowly.

Ghost Li although did not smile but his expression soften, maybe in both of their hearts, they both knew that now was not the time for them to fight.

“Qin brother is too kind.”

Qin WuYan, as if the earlier confrontation had never happened, smiled and said, “With Ghost Li brother your good self arrival here, most likely the rare treasure in the death marsh will definitely not be able to escape from brother’s hands.”

Ghost Li looked deeply at him and suddenly said, “The world is so big, Ghost Li is just an inferior person. If Senior God of Poison wish to have this object, senior needs only to speak out and definitely nobody will dare to take.” Qin WuYan’s face expression slightly changed and immediately said, “Our teacher no longer pay attention to the world’s affairs, what’s more if it is to belong to someone, it should be Chang Shen Hall YuYang Zi senior who run this place.”

Ghost Li looked at him, calmly nodded and said, “Qin brother’s words are right.”

Both of them looked at each other and suddenly laughed. Qin WuYan cupped his hands, turned and with his hands clasped behind his back, left. Looking at his natural and relaxed figure, if one did not know his identity, maybe one would have thought that he was an elegant gongzi from the secular world.

As his figure walked further away, the pedestrians who were walking along the bustling main street just only suddenly broke off and dispersed, in a short while almost half had disappeared.

Ghost Li unhurriedly turned his head around, his gaze landed upon Xiao Huan who was standing at a side, Xiao Huan’s bright pair of eyes instead did not show any slightest sign of fear and met his gaze.

Ghost Li looked at her for a long while and looked at Zhou YiXian and finally back to Xiao Huan, suddenly a trace of smile emerged on the corner of his lips and he quietly said, “You have grown up.”

That not-seen-for-ages smile suddenly appeared, as if a wisp of spring breeze had melted some ice but it was just a fleeting moment, when Xiao Huan regained her senses, Ghost Li had already carried the monkey Xiao Hui and headed towards the west. The surrounding people either followed from afar or followed near, gradually another half disappeared.

Without knowing why, Xiao Huan suddenly felt an inexplicable disappointment and silently looked at that young man’s back figure, she saw from far although there seemed to be a crowd clustering around him but no one dared to go near, other than the monkey on his shoulder.

Even that figure, also seemed to be somehow melancholy. She watched silently, engrossed.

"Hey, young lady!" Suddenly a loud shout rang out beside her.

Xiao Huan and Zhou YiXian, who was packing up ,were shocked. When they turned to look, they saw a Taoist man with strange facial features and the shape of his face was like a dog, standing in front of them, he said, "Young lady, seems like you can read fortunes very well, read the fortunes for your Uncle Wild Dog Taoist too!"

Xiao Huan looked at him and said, "O! What does customer wish to see, by face or by characters?"

Wild Dog was about to answer when suddenly a sound of [ZiZi] was heard from beside, everyone was surprised. Xiao Hui the monkey, without knowing why, had ran back and in two to three steps it had scurried to the fortune-telling stall side, a pair of eyes rolling to and fro at these three people.

Wild Dog stared at Xiao Hui and angrily said, "What are you hurrying, are you afraid your Taoist Uncle will eat up this young lady?"

After speaking he turned his head around and spoke to Xiao Huan, "I am illiterate, you will tell my fortune from my face."

Xiao Huan smiled and said, "Customer, what do you want to know?"

Wild Dog paused for a while, frowned while he thought about it and said, "I, I bear a huge responsibility, can you tell me if I will make it big in the future?"

Xiao Huan looked deeply at his features for a long while and said, "You have a strange appearance, unique among the thousands but definitely not the special look that will achieve great merit or undertaking. The three wrinkles on your forehead formed early and pushes the merit lines aside. Moreover it severed the merit lines in the middle, causing weakness in the lines at the back," She smiled and said, "If you do not have a benefactor to help you, it will be hard for you to succeed in this life." These words were spoken casually by Xiao Huan but Wild Dog Taoist turned ashen upon hearing it, his expression was extremely ghastly. Unfortunately at this very moment, Zhou YiXian joined in, stretched out his hand with a laugh [Hehe] and said, "Customer, ten taels thanks!"

Wild Dog Taoist dog's eyes opened widely and shouted furiously, "Pei! This woman is speaking rubbish! Your Wild Dog Taoist Uncle has always been fortunate and lucky, what hard to succeed, and still dare to ask me for money, you are looking for death!"

Zhou YiXian got a shock but Xiao Huan's expression instead never changed, Wild Dog was about to turn and renege on his payment when suddenly the monkey Xiao Hui who was squatting by the side, [Zizi] shouted twice and suddenly jumped up and leapt onto Wild Dog's body.

Wild Dog Taoist immediately got a shock and flailed his arms and legs wildly, he angrily said, "Damned monkey, what are you doing " He had not finished his words when Xiao Hui, taking advantage of his flustered state, jumped off again and this time, landing on the table in front of Xiao Huan, grinning while facing Xiao Huan, [Hehe] laughing.

Xiao Huan looked at the monkey and felt that it was extremely adorable, she could not help but smiled and said, "Little monkey, what are you doing?"

Xiao Hui's left hand stretched up to scratch its head, its eyeballs rolled one round, and it took out its right hand which was behind and spread it opened in front of Xiao Huan.

Xiao Hui took a look and was shocked, in the monkey's hand, an ingot of fine silver. Looking at the size, most likely it was worth more than thirty taels. At this moment, Wild Dog Taoist who was standing behind, was also shocked, he felt his chest and immediately was livid, "Bastard, dare to steal your Taoist Uncle's money, rebelling rebelling!"

A flash of grey light in his hand, the fang magical weapon appeared, his hand raised and about to hit on Xiao Hui's head. Xiao Huan's face expression changed, her left hand withdrew into her sleeve and was waiting to do something but Xiao Hui the monkey instead [ZiZi] called out at Wild Dog, jumped up and down on the table and making threatening gestures, looking at it, it seemed to be even more aggressive than Wild Dog Taoist.

Wild Dog Taoist's hand raised until mid-air, suddenly he seemed to recall something, rather unwilling but eventually lowered his magical weapon, harshly said, "Good, you win! One day you this bastard and that brat will come and beg me!"

After speaking, he turned away angrily and walked off.

Xiao Hui the monkey leapt up high, turned its head over to face Xiao Huan and [Hehe] laughed. The more Xiao Huan looked at the monkey, the more she liked it and stretched out her hand to pat Xiao Hui's head, she laughed lightly and said, "Thank you little monkey!"

Xiao Hui beamed with joy and could not stop using its monkey hands to feel its head, even its tail, at times it straightened out and swayed, at times it coiled up. Zhou YiXian kept the silver that was dropped onto the table carefully and was extremely happy, he walked over and stretched out his hand to try and pat Xiao Hui's head too, at the same time he said, "Hehe, good monkey, good monkey "

"Zi!" Unexpectedly Xiao Hui suddenly screeched and opened its mouth to bite, if not for Zhou YiXian withdrawing his hand in time, his hand would have been bitten. Zhou YiXian was stunned but saw that Xiao Huan was laughing heartily and patting Xiao Hui's head, one human and one monkey extremely harmonious but puzzled why was he treated that way, he felt embarrassed.

Xiao Huan felt Xiao Hui was becoming more and more adorable and hugged Xiao Hui in her bosom, teased and played with it. Zhou YiXian started to pack up but he was feeling extremely sour, shook his head sighed and said, "Ai! What are the ways of the world now, even a monkey is also so lecherous "

Xiao Huan's face turned red, gave her grandfather a stare and angrily said, "Grandfather, what did you say?" Zhou YiXian laughed awkwardly and dared not continue on but turned his head over and still with a troubled sage appearance, "Ai! Moral degeneration! Moral degeneration!"

Xiao Huan did not bother about him, turned around and thought for a while. She walked to the side and took out a small packet wrapped in paper from her own bundle, gently opened it, there were two sticks of glittering bright-coloured candied haws, a whiff of sweet-smelling fragrance wafted into the nose.

Xiao Huan took up one stick and passed it to Xiao Hui who was in her bosom, Xiao Hui took it but left Xiao Huan and jumped back to the table, its eyes rolling round and round looking at the candied haw in its hand and finally, carefully placed it into its mouth and licked it with its tongue.

Xiao Huan leaned on the side of the table, smiling broadly looking at it and said, "It's sweet isn’t it, it's really very delicious!"

Xiao Hui the monkey blinked its eyes and immediately nodded, holding the candied haw in its hand, it excitedly jumped here and there on the table and after a while, jumped off the table and using the hand that was holding the candied haw, waved at Xiao Huan and ran off from the main street, very soon it disappeared from view.

Xiao Huan looked at its figure gradually disappearing, laughed while shaking her head. In her heart she really liked this extremely intelligent monkey but too bad it was not hers and felt some regret. Turning her head around, she discovered Zhou YiXian was also looking at the same direction where Xiao Hui had headed, looking dazed and he seemed to be muttering something, she could not help but say, "Grandfather, it is only just a little monkey, you are already so old and still bear grudges, aren’t you afraid others may laugh at you!"

Zhou YiXian humphed and said, "What do you know, I suddenly thought of this, this monkey is so amazing and can actually steal the silvers from Wild Dog Taoist this kind of cultivated person without anyone knowing, if I were to keep this kind of monkey too, then if how much silver I wish to steal, I will have that much of silver "

Xiao Huan became gloomy and angrily cried, "Grandfather!" Zhou YiXian regained his senses, gave an embarrassed laugh and did not dare to continue, engrossed himself in packing.

Xiao Huan gave him a stare and turned over, she packed her bundle and also wrapped the remaining candied haw stick carefully, suddenly she heard a clear laughter from beside, someone said, "How is it that after three years not seen, you still like to eat candied haw that much?"

Xiao Huan was stunned and raised her head to look, she saw a young lady, wearing light yellow clothing, oval-shaped face and her features picturesque, the first look clear and attractive, the second look sultry and mesmerizing.

Xiao Huan was delighted, laughed and immediately put down the things in her hands and pulled that girl’s hand, she laughed and said, "Sister, how come it’s you?"

That girl obviously was familiar with Xiao Huan, pinched Xiao Huan's white face, smiled and said, "Three years not seen, sister you are becoming more and more beautiful, even I cannot help but be enthralled when I see you!" Xiao Huan's face reddened and she scolded her, "Be serious!
How come you are here?"

That girl smiled and did not answer, she instead faced the west, it was the same direction that Qin WuYan and Ghost Li headed, and gazed at it.

Xiao Huan was taken aback and said, "You are also going to the death marsh?"

That girl's eyes blinked, in a moment that captivating lovely face smiled and said, "Sister, do you want to go in and watch the fun?"

Xiao Huan frowned slightly and said, "But inside that place is really "

That girl laughed lightly and said, "What are you afraid of, I am here! Don't tell me I will allow others to bully you? Even if you don't mind, my heart will ache!" Xiao Huan gave her a look but could not bear it and laughed out, she said,"Alright, anyway we have not seen each other for a long time, I also want to spend more time with sister."

After speaking, she turned to Zhou YiXian and asked, "Grandfather, are you going?"

Zhou YiXian obviously knew this girl's identity, he expected that with this person around, it would be safe, immediately he laughed and said, "Go, of course I want to go."

That girl smiled and said to Xiao Huan, "Sister, let’s go!"

Speaking she put her arm around Xiao Huan's shoulder and whispered something in her ear, Xiao Huan giggled out and the two of them slowly walked off, leaving the entire stall stuffs for Zhou YiXian to pack.

Zhou YiXian stood dazed for a while, shook his head and sighed. As he packed, he bitterly lamented moral degeneration, people disrespected the elderly......

Chapter 90 - Death Marsh

The sky was overcast, giving an impression that it was hovering very low, gusts of chilling winds out of nowhere blew, causing a chill through the bodies it brushed past.

Within the stretch of overgrown grass beside the marsh, there was an obscured small path in the middle, leading into the marsh.

Zeng ShuShu and the rest of the Qing Yun Sect disciples stood at the entrance of the death marsh and peered in but they saw only vast expanse of lands, water and lush grass flourished everywhere and occasionally, a solitary tree stood erect in the midst. The air carried a faint stench of rotting smell and above the marsh, like a grey veil-like haze floated, allowing people to view only the areas around them, making it all the more mysterious.

Zeng ShuShu frowned and turned over, Qing Yun Sect with Xiao YiCai as the lead for the thirteen younger generation disciples, all had solemn expressions on their faces. Since ancient times, the death marsh was ominously known as ‘Once entered, difficult to leave’, nobody knew what kind of ferocious animals or matters were in it. This time that Qing Yun group came to the West, Xiao YiCai with his status and skills, implicitly was the leader of the group. Right now he looked deep into the death marsh for a long time, without any change  of  expression,  he  said  to  the  group,  “Yesterday FenXiang Valley Li Xun senior brother sent me a message, he politely said that he is with Qing Yun Sect, to eradicate the evildoers, so they have made a move first and already entered into the death marsh.”

A stir of movement passed through the group of people behind him, only Lu XueQi remained expressionless, standing beside her senior sister WenMin and facing the death marsh, silently staring. And at the other side, Lin JingYu who was travelling out for the first time, coldly humphed.

Xiao YiCai indifferently said, “Actually what FenXiang Valley meant, everyone should know it very well, if this time they get their hands first on that nameless rare treasure, their fame and influence will naturally be boosted greatly and regarding the future Good Faction leader position, I’m afraid someone will want to take a turn to sit on it.” Speaking till here, he paused for a while and a trace of smile appeared on his lips, he said, “But everyone do not have to worry, I presumed that even with the early unusual signs but until today no one has manage to obtain that rare treasure, this shows that the process is complicated and fraught with difficulties. They are impatient for success, let them go first, just that after we have entered the death marsh, everyone must be cautious. This death marsh’s bad reputation is well-known, perilous and unpredictable and there might even be Evil Faction sorcerers around. Once we entered, everyone must look after each other, bear in mind, bear in mind”

Zeng ShuShu said, “Xiao senior brother is right, it is getting late, why don’t we enter too.”

Xiao YiCai nodded and said, “Might as well. After entering, it is not advisable to wander far from each other, and do not land unnecessarily to prevent being bitten by the poisonous bugs or accidentally falling into the bottomless marsh.”

Everyone nodded, Xiao YiCai waved his right hand and wielded his ‘Seven-star celestial sword’, flew up and led the way in, after which Qing Yun Sect disciples also flew up, turning into different dazzling colours, following closely behind. In a short while, this group of Qing Yun Sect elite and young disappeared into the death marsh haze, the entrance to the death marsh suddenly sunk into a vast still silence, only within the water plants, an unknown water bubble floated up, the gurgle sound resounded far and wide.

[Pa], Zhou YiXian’s heavy slap landed on the right side of his own neck, immediately his neck reddened but the mosquito that bit him had already [weng weng weng] flew away and seemed to fly one round proudly in front of him and only then flew away perfectly contented.

Zhou YiXian’s expression was suffering, at any time, small bumps from the bugs’ bites could be seen on his face although it was not serious but he appeared a sorry figure. At this moment he was complaining loudly, “What god-damned place is this, why are there so many damned mosquitoes? This, this is only a day, and half of my blood have already been sucked!”

Xiao Huan who was walking in front turned, looking worried she said, “Grandfather, are you alright?”

Zhou YiXian angrily replied, “Nonsense, do I look alright?” Xiao Huan frowned and said, “Strange, these mosquitoes are really too, why did they only bite you, PingEr sister and I are all alright.”

Standing beside Xiao Huan that girl who was dressed in light- yellow clothing also stopped and turned back to look. She brought Xiao Huan and Zhou YiXian into this death marsh, Zhou YiXian was careful but more than often he still landed in mud or water and yet she seemed to go with the flow and not a single dirt landed on her.

Zhou YiXian felt frustrated, he happened to see a small tree near him and immediately went over carefully to try and as the ground below the tree was still considered firm, he sat down promptly and said loudly, “I’m tired, rest a while.”

Xiao Huan with an apologetic expression, looked at that dressed in light-yellow clothing beautiful girl, the girl who was addressed by her as PingEr sister laughed and said, “It’s alright, let’s rest a while.”

Xiao Huan looked at her gratefully and looked around at the surroundings but the place was boundless and slightly further away was the gradually thickening haze, looking foggy. Throughout the journey so far, if not for this PingEr sister leading the way, she really would not be able to walk in.

Right now she could not help but asked, “Sister, is it that grandfather and me are a burden to you, if you fly, wouldn’t it be faster?”

That girl smiled sweetly and said, “No worries, I am actually not rushing for time in this death marsh.”

Xiao Huan was surprised and said, “Sister, aren’t you sent here by your HeHuan Sect to obtain the rare treasure in this death marsh?”

So this delicate and beautiful girl dressed in light-yellow clothing was the Jin PingEr named together with Ghost Li and Qin WuYan. Nobody knew how Xiao Huan and Zhou YiXian came to know this famous highly skilled ace from the younger generation of the Evil Faction. But Jin PingEr obviously extremely favoured Xiao Huan and doted on her, she smiled at what she had heard and said, “Yes since this time so many people have come, let’s take it slow, no hurry.”

Xiao Huan felt strange but after thinking it carefully, she guessed it must be some secret within her HeHuan Sect and felt she should not probed further so she changed the topic and said, “Sister, we have been in this death marsh for one day already, on our way in, I saw that you are extremely familiar with the place, don’t tell me you already know the way?”

Jin PingEr shook her head and said, “I have never been here.”

Xiao Huan was shocked.

Jin PingEr looked at her and saw that Xiao Huan’s pair of bright eyes were full of curiosity, she smiled in spite of herself and said, “Have you heard of an ancient book’s remnants that recorded the world’s various strange and unusual matters, rare and strange beasts……” Xiao Huan thought for a while and said, “Don’t tell me it’s [Divine and Evil The strange]?”

Jin PingEr nodded and said, “Correct, this book was written by an extraordinary ancient person, it was said to have nine pages but many have since been lost. Other than [Demon beast. Spiritual beast chapter], [Goblins chapter] and also one remnant chapter [Mountains and rivers chapter] I got hold of it by accident, at the end of the chapter, there were some records of this death marsh.”

Xiao Huan then understood but before she give a reply, a loud and clear shout was heard from Zhou YiXian again, following which Zhou YiXian was heard cursing loudly, most likely he was bitten again by some unknown mosquitoes and had his blood sucked.

Xiao Huan after all was still his granddaughter, in her heart she was concerned and came to realize that although there were many mosquitoes along the way but not one touched her or Jin PingEr and yet only bit Zhou YiXian, surely there was something strange going on and since she naturally did not have this ability then it must be Jin PingEr. Immediately she turned her head and looked at Jin PingEr, Jin PingEr laughed and acted as if nothing had happened, she asked, “Sister, what is it?”

Xiao Huan gave a wry smile and said, “Sister, my grandfather he…...this, I know you have great skills, why don’t you help him!”

Jin PingEr looked at Zhou YiXian, disdain in her eyes but turning around and meeting Xiao Huan’s earnest gaze, she shrugged her shoulders and said, “Alright for your sake, let him have it easy.”

Speaking she took out a small white jade bottle from her bosom and passed it to Xiao Huan, she said, “There are some medicated liquid in this bottle, tell him to spread it on his body and the mosquitoes will naturally avoid him. “

Xiao Huan happily took it over, her face full of smiles and said, “Thank you sister.”  She quickly walked to Zhou YiXian and passed him the bottle. Zhou YiXian was taken aback for a while and suddenly jumped up, he yelled angrily, “You have this good stuff and yet you did not……” Jin PingEr’s face hardened and stared over, Zhou YiXian immediately became silent and looked as if he had done something wrong, lowered his head and took the bottle. He poured out some liquid and spread it on his body, after a moment he smelled a delicate fragrance and sure enough, immediately the buzzing sounds of the mosquitoes were gone and his body started to relax.

Xiao Huan slowly walked over and passed the bottle back to Jin PingEr, after hesitating for a while she quietly said, “Sister, do you still nurse a grudge against the mistake made by grandfather at that time?”

“Hng!”  Jin PingEr’s face turned slightly cold and she said, “Three years ago at East Ocean because of some nonsensical words he said, it caused me to be lost beyond redemption in a deathtrap. If not for the fact that you, sister, discovered it early and gave up one year of your life to perform the ‘Soul retrieval strange formation’ to get rid of the evil spirits on my body, right now my fate would have been worse than death. This type of ignorant person, if not for……”

Xiao Huan gently pulled Jin PingEr’s hand and quietly called out, ‘Sister.’ Jin PingEr looked at her, sighed slightly and a smile appeared on her face, her eyes too, full of tender affection, patted her hand and said, “Alright, alright, with such a good sister like you, I have already let go of the past matters long ago, just that sometimes when I look at this grandfather of yours, it is still an eyesore and can’t help but want him to suffer a little. He he, good sister, you won’t blame me right?”

Xiao Huan smiled and shook her head.

Jin PingEr smiled but suddenly her face turned cold, she abruptly turned around and shouted, “Who is there?”

Both Xiao Huan and Zhou YiXian got a shock and looked around but only saw thick haze surrounding them, luxuriant vegetation and water bodies and other than the occasional water bubbles arising out from the water surface, there was not a single movement.

But without knowing why, Jin PingEr’s usual relaxed face right now had suddenly turned solemn, cautious, totally different from the gentle and quiet self when she was chatting and laughing with Xiao Huan. Calm with traces of murderous intent, she seemed to change into another person and the other party seemed to be a formidable enemy with which she could not let her guard down.

After a moment, somewhere far off in the thick haze, suddenly a voice was heard indifferently saying, “Jin Fairy, we have agreed to meet at the ‘Black Water Trench’ yesterday to discuss the important matters, why did you not come?”

Jin PingEr by now seemed to already know who the person was, her expression relaxed slightly but the alertness in her eyes had never once subsided, the tone of her voice was not polite at all, she coldly said, “I do not know the way.”

The person in the haze seemed to hold back and for a while nobody spoke, after a long while the person then said, “What? Looks like from what Jin Fairy is saying, don’t tell me regarding the matter here, HeHuan Sect has lost interest?”

Jin PingEr humphed, facing the other party she said, “Three days before, four of our HeHuan Sect disciples were killed six miles northwest from Big Wang Village, they were poisoned with ‘Black Toad Powder’, was it done by you?” The person in the haze seemed to be stunned and said, “No.”

Jin PingEr coldly said, “Only Wan Du Sect have Black Toad Powder, how do you explain this?”

That person in the haze did not speak and remained silent for a long while. The person coolly replied, “Jin Fairy, if I were the one who did it, I don’t even need to use poison.”

Jin PingEr humphed again but did not retort, showing no objection on on this point.

That person said again, “But since it concern both of our sects and it also involve me, after this matter is settled, I will naturally give you an explanation, what do you think? This time this trip to the West, there are many strange things and I’m afraid there is something fishy about it, hope that Fairy you will consider it carefully and place the important matter as priority.”

Jin PingEr frowned slightly and hesitated for a short while, she turned over and spoke to Xiao Huan, “Xiao Huan sister, you and your grandfather will take a rest here for a while, I go up ahead to discuss some matters with others and will be back before dark.”  Pausing for a while, she lowered her voice and spoke, “The thing that I have given you, do you still have it?”

Xiao Huan nodded and patted her left hand.

Jin PingEr smiled and pulled her hand, she softly said, “There is danger everywhere in this death marsh, I will be somewhere near ahead, if you are in any trouble, I will come in an instant. Just that you must never wander off, especially far from here.”

Xiao Huan nodded and said, “Sister please don’t worry, I know.”

Jin PingEr smiled and let go of her hand and said, “Please be careful and call me if you need anything.”

After speaking, she looked around at the surroundings again and suddenly leapt up, a purple brilliance light appeared below her clothes, supporting her slender figure and flew ahead into the haze.

Xiao Huan looked at Jin PingEr’s figure disappearing into the haze and turned around, she walked over to Zhou YiXian who was now leaning against that small tree. Since he was relieved of the mosquitoes’ harassment, he was immediately freed up but his mouth was still complaining, “If I had known this place is going to be like this, even if you kill me I also will not come.”

Xiao Huan laughed and said, “Nobody force you to come and it was you who wanted to follow along.”

Zhou YiXian humphed and then facing Xiao Huan, he said, “I say, you better stay far away from that woman, did you not hear the rumours going around these few years saying that she killed numerous people and at the same time extremely dissolute, seducing countless of respectable young men……”

Xiao Huan [Pei] a sound, irritation appearing on her face, she said, “Grandfather, how can you say it like that!” Zhou YiXian stuck out his tongue but did not carry on.

And so the two of them waited there, the gloomy sky gradually darken but Jin PingEr had not returned. Xiao Huan began to feel worried and wanted to go take a look but considering Jin PingEr’s instructions, in addition she herself did not have any confidence so eventually she dared not leave.

After waiting for another while, Xiao Huan could not help but felt anxious, she looked up at the sky and saw that the dark clouds had increased and from the look of it, not only it was getting dark, it seemed like it was going to rain too.

Xiao Huan exclaimed softly, she recalled that because she came out in a hurry, although she remembered to bring everything but she forgotten to bring the rain gear. If it rained at this time, it would be terrible. She quickly turned and asked Zhou YiXian, “Grandfather, did you bring umbrella?”

Zhou YiXian stunned for a moment, said, “Umbrella?” After a while he immediately comprehended and raised his head to look at the sky, for a moment he was speechless and stuttered, “I, I thought you brought it.” Xiao Huan anxiously said, “Ah! This is bad, if it rains, what shall we do?”

Zhou YiXian raised his head and looked around, there was only this small tree all around them, the rest were all ponds and vegetation and not a single place for them to hide from the rain, he lamented, “We are done this time, why don’t we find a place to avoid the rain?”

Xiao Huan shook her head immediately, “Can’t, PingEr sister has said already, we cannot wander off if not there will be danger.”

Zhou YiXian rudely replied, “Can’t leave? If we stay and wait for the rain, I’m afraid we will only have the danger of getting tuberculosis!”

Xiao Huan right now was also frowning tightly and fretting when suddenly a light sound was heard up ahead, it was a footstep sound. Xiao Huan was relieved and almost said “PingEr sister” but suddenly shut her mouth. A figure was seen walking quickly out of the haze and a small figure seemed to follow behind, at the same time a familiar-like grumbling voice was heard.

“Following you this stinky brat, it is really me this Taoist Uncle’s eight generations of great ill-luck, not to mention being on constant tenterhooks everyday and now I still have to be in this damn place and be bitten and sucked by these mosquitoes, why don’t you ask him to just suck my blood dry to end this!”

“Zi zi, Zi zi! …”

Xiao Huan was surprised, it was that Wild Dog Taoist who she had met before at Da Wang village and leaping behind him was that monkey Xiao Hui. However Ghost Li was not seen.

Wild Dog Taoist walked and walked and when he focused, he saw Xiao Huan and Zhou YiXian standing in front, looking at himself with strange stares, he got a shock and said, “Yi? Aren’t you both the fortune-tellers, why are you all here?”

Xiao Huan had not even answered when the sharp-eyed Xiao Hui who was behind Wild Dog immediately recognized that the lady in front was someone familiar, [Zi Zi] called out twice and at once leapt to Xiao Huan’s side.

Xiao Huan immediately smiled when she saw Xiao Hui and bent over to carry it up, in spite of the filth gathered from the road on its hands and feet, laughed and said, “How come you are here?”

Xiao Hui seemed to understand, grinned and pointed behind with its monkey paw, gesturing non-stop to Xiao Huan, making [Zi Zi Zi Zi] sounds ceaselessly.

Xiao Huan obviously did not understand what it meant but seemed to guess correctly that Xiao Hui meant to say Ghost Li was just ahead, her heart palpitated for a moment and thought to herself if PingEr sister could be meeting Ghost Li?

And at this moment of doubt, an explosion of thunder was suddenly heard in the sky, rumbling loudly and shortly [Wa wa], big drops of rain fell down. Xiao Huan shrieked and using her hand to cover her head, subconsciously carried Xiao Hui together and ran to Zhou YiXian, “Grandfather, what shall we do?”

Zhou YiXian could only forced a smile and simply flipped his clothes over his head and said, “No choice, we can’t leave and there is no place to hide, then just get drench!”

Xiao Huan was speechless but looking at the sky, everywhere was grey and gloomy, the rain was gradually getting heavier, in a short while half of her shoulders were already wet, indistinctly revealing a snow-white skin, glistening and eye- catching. Xiao Hui the monkey at this moment was also quite well-behaved, it had rolled into a ball and huddled in Xiao Huan’s embrace.

“He he!”

Suddenly, mocking laughter sounds were heard, Xiao Huan turned to look and saw Wild Dog Taoist calmly taking an umbrella out from the bundle at his back and opened it, looking extremely conceited.
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