Zhu Xian Chapter 71-80

Chapter 71 - Ambush

Cynical Dialectian=Wild Dog Taoist

Nian Boss=Nian Leader

Lin Fang=Lin Feng

Libruis=Tian Shu


Fawin Wisdom=Great Brahman Wisdom


I have also made a correction to Book 3, Chapter 70: The Past
- Part 1 to change Dead Spirit Deep Pool to Forsaken Abyss. The five of them, were all from Qing Yun Sect, so while using their magical weapons to fly at full speed, the speed was naturally unbelievably fast. Within a short time, all of them, using their magical weapon’s subtle lights, could already faintly viewed the boundaries of the forest, and even further away, the sea that was disappearing into the darkness of the night

A breeze blowing from the sea, accompanied by the intermittent long whistling, reverberated in the late night.

Everyone was delighted, their moods brightened and were intending to speed up and fly out of that dark forest. Suddenly, at that moment, a dark red stream of light shot out silently from the darkness, in a flash, hit He DaZhi who was in the middle of the group.

He DaZhi groaned, his body swayed, and fell from mid-air. Song Daren and the rest were shocked, but had already flew some distance in that span of seconds, quickly turned back. Zhang Xiao Fan, Tian LingEr who were following behind, also quickly flew towards He DaZhi. Among them, Zhu BiShu was nearest to He DaZhi, his reaction was also the fastest. Immediately he abruptly stopped his body physique and landed beside He DaZhi. He scanned the surrounding areas while urgently asking, “Fourth brother, are you alright?”

He DaZhi’s forehead was already covered with cold sweat within that short while, hoarsely said, “Be careful, that person’s demonic skills were quite powerful…”

He had not even completed the sentence, in the darkness, another stream of dark red light shot over. Du BiShu frowned, thrown himself sideways in front of He DaZhi, both of his hands moved to grab hold of his magical weapon, that three mysterious and strange dices immediately flew out, to receive that red light.

In the darkness, a sound “Yi” was heard from someone. That exclamation seemed to carry a feeling of odd surprise but it was directed at the outlook of the magical weapon. Whether Du BiShu’s skills were high or low, that stream of light did not hesitate and continue to attack. In that split second, both objects collided. Du BiShu’s body shook from the impact and when that light hit onto his dices, a feeling of dense evil energy spread onto his own weapon, and at the same time, using his weapon as a medium, he indistinctly felt that it was inclining to attack him.

Du BiShu was shocked. He had never seen that level of evil heretic skill before. While he was still lost on his next move, Song Daren, Ling TianEr and the rest had already arrived. Zhang Xiao Fan followed behind, and frowned. He felt that that red light was somehow familiar, seemed like Evil Faction Blood Forger Hall, Nian Leader’s [Red Devil Eye] encountered at Forsaken Abyss.

As expected, following a few long laughters, a number of people walked out from the darkness. It was really the group of people from Blood Forger Hall, headed by Nian Leader. Nian Leader stood at upfront, a big red eye on his face, looking extremely horrible. However, it was already slowly starting to return to normal. And behind him, that beautiful lady and Liu Gao, Wild Dog Taoist were also there, only the young Lin Feng was not seen. Zhang Xiao Fan had met these people many times, he recognized them at one glance, especially that Wild Dog Taoist. It was him who brought the Blood Sucking Demon over tonight and caused Zhang Xiao Fan to suffer so much hardship. But looking at him at that moment, Wild Dog’s face was full of
green and purple patches and riddled with scars. It was most
probably because he was carelessly flung by Blood Sucking Demon Demon a while ago but unfortunately he crashed into that thick wooded forest which made him disoriented, and a swollen face.

These people from Blood Forger Hall were weak and powerless. While the Evil Faction’s main sects battled intensely against the Good Faction, they were, however, assigned to that far away forest boundary, to wait for fishes that slipped through the net. Obviously, the Evil Faction looked down on them.

Nian Leader and the rest were angry but did not dare to speak out. They had been sulking but unexpectedly there were actually people who escaped out from the forest. It was a really good opportunity for them to gain favour, they only had to capture these people and in the days to come, Blood Forger Hall’s status in Evil Faction, would naturally levelled up. Wild Dog Taoist was, at first, extremely depressed tonight, when he turned and looked, he suddenly discovered that Qing Yun lad was actually also among the five people, and at that moment the lad was also looking back at him, his face expression appeared to have a smile but yet not a smile, presumably laughing at him.

This time, Wild dog’s anger was no trivial matter. Because Blood Sucking Demon’s skill attainments were too high and with his his savage and cruel characteristic, even with ten guts, Wild Dog also do would not have the courage to seek revenge. But at that moment he saw Zhang Xiao Fan, his immediate thought was that if not for that brat, he would not have suffered that kind of misery. Instantly, his anger rushed to his head, he cried Wa Wa twice, brandished his magical weapon, a long sharp fang, and attacked Zhang Xiao Fan.

Since the sneak attack was successful, Nian Leader was feeling arrogant himself and was about to say a few words like: [All of you better smarten up and you would suffer less.] those kind of arrogant sarcastic words. Unexpectedly, he had not even uttered the words when Wild Dog had already charged out. The words were on the verge of being said out, his mouth was half-opened and was about to speak, yet he had to forcibly swallow back those words. In that moment of agitation, he felt a pain in his chest and had to cough twice. He was extremely vexed!

Song Daren quickly flew to He DaZhi’s side, landed and did a check. He discovered that due to the sudden attack and his junior brother was unable to defend in time, that evil heterodox energy had already penetrated his body. It seemed like he would not be able to fight for a short period of time, but luckily there was no danger to his life.

While he was worrying over that, suddenly he heard two strange shouts behind him, and saw a sorcerer, whose face resembled a dog, charging over. Junior Zhang Xiao Fan wielded his magical weapon and received the blows, Ping Ping Pang Pang, an aggressive fight started.

From far, Nian Leader angrily glared at Wild Dog, but soon after, he started to frown. He recognised the one fighting with Wild Dog now, was the Qing Yun lad who had that strange firestick-like magical weapon. That day at Forsaken Abyss, his very own Red Devil Eye actually could do nothing to that person, and nearly suffered some damage from him, therefore he had a very deep impression. By then, Wild Dog Taoist and Zhang Xiao Fan had already fought for some time, the two figures flashed between the trees in the forest, and almost became two streams of light flitting by. But in Wild Dog Taoist’s heart, he was instead becoming more and more alarmed. Since their last encounter several months ago, Zhang Xiao Fan’s skill level actually progressed much more than that day at Forsaken Abyss, and especially that strangely-looking firestick in his hand, it had a ugly outlook but with glittering green light, flashing here and there in front of him.

Each time his fang magical weapon attacked, it was immediately defeated by that fire-stick, and as time passed by, that green black ordinary pearl at the head of the fire-stick, slowly began to radiate a noxious suction force, targeting him.

Wild Dog Taoist’s heart turned cold. He could not help but recalled that day that unlucky Jiang Lao San, was sucked dry by this lad without any rhyme or reason and died. He silently lamented that how was it possible that nowadays those little bastards from Good Faction, the magical weapons in their hands were actually tenfold more evil that your own Wild Dog grandfather! Nian Leader frowned tightly. Since many of the Holy Sect members were here tonight, he expected that it would be not long before someone made their way over, and if they saw that Blood Forger Sect currently could not even handle a few Qing Yun juniors, then in the future they would be too ashamed to face anyone. Immediately he turned and signalled to both beautiful lady and Liu Gao.

Both of them understood, they moved immediately and headed to the scene. But almost at the same time, Song Daren and Ling TianEr also went up to receive them.

The circumstances tonight were actually unfavourable to the Good Faction, initially everyone thought the gathering at this desolated land involved only the small group of Evil Faction remaining members, unexpectedly not only a huge number of people turned out, even those old evil heads living in seclusion for a hundred years also came.

Song Daren felt anxious. It seemed they were again entangled with the Evil Faction and he intended to go all out to dispose these evil demons in order to get away, unexpectedly when he had just made his move, sideways a stream of dark red light struck towards him. Song Daren quickly used his celestial sword to receive it, his heart filled with trepidation.

The evil toxic energy from the Red Devil Eye passed through the “Ten Tigers” celestial sword in an instant and continued to advance. Song Daren’s level of Taoism attainment was deep, naturally he was able to withstand it, but at the same time, he felt that this sorcerer’s skills were in fact not low, and might even surpassed himself.

At that moment, Tian LingEr had already started fighting with that beautiful lady. Du BiShu looked on from the side for a while, and already could tell that that big eye sorcerer’s demonic skills were powerful and big senior brother was having some difficulty, so he rushed up and join Song Daren to fight as two against one. Nian Leader never moved from his spot, the red stream of light filled with evil deadly energy continued to shoot out from his Red Devil Eye, even when it was two against one, he was still not at a disadvantage.

And at a distance away, Liu Gao instead went to assist Wild Dog, and attacked Zhang Xiao Fan together. But Zhang Xiao Fan, after all, was not that Nian Leader, who had trained for many years. After a short while, he immediately felt the pressure. Wild Dog now had a strong ally and it boosted his morale. He laughed loudly and said: [Stinky brat, today you are in my hands, watch how Wild Dog Grandpa take care of you!]

Zhang Xiao Fan was unable to speak out the difficulties in his heart and only felt the pressure was mounting. But he could only grit his teeth and hang on, hoping both his senior brothers and sister could quickly defeat the other sorcerers so that they could come over and help him. Actually, ever since he comprehended some parts of Tian Shu from the Black Stone Cave, his attainments had already progressed to the next level without his own awareness. It was just that firstly, the time he took to comprehend was too short, and he did not practice enough; Secondly, he was also unable to use the Buddhism’s [Great Brahman Wisdom] in front of everyone; Lastly, most importantly, tonight he was beaten by the Blood Sucking Demon. Although his injuries were not serious, but because at the moment, he was fighting intensively, as time goes by, his body was beginning not to heed his will.

And looking at the fight beside, Tian LingEr was almost equal to that beautiful lady. Both flew high and evaded low, their appearances were also equally beautiful and with their graceful figures, it was actually nice to watch. However, to come over and help, it would be hard to do so for a short period of time; and over at Song Daren, Du BiShu, at the moment, both were being tied down tightly by Nian Leader and were unable to get away. Although they saw that their junior brother’s situation was increasingly becoming dangerous but with round after round of unceasingly stream of dark red light attacking, even if it was urgent they were also unable to get away, and instead
because of the distraction, both were almost hit by the red light.

Zhang Xiao Fan was forced to move back by both Wild Dog and Liu Gao, beads of perspiration appeared on his forehead, his breathing became laboured, even some of his steps were also disordered. He DaZhi lie on the ground, his heart became anxious. He knew that if there were still no help given, in a period of three minutes, he was afraid his junior brother would be killed by these two sorcerers.

The Bamboo Valley Sect disciples had always been close. Towards this honest junior brother, Zhang Xiao Fan, they always had been fond of him. Right now, He DaZhi gritted his teeth, forced himself to stand up, took out his magical weapon and intended to give a helping hand to his junior brother. But he had not even summon the commands, the evil energy inside his body began to flow in reverse. His head spinned and saw stars, and [Po Tong] fell over again.

Zhang Xiao Fan heard the sound, turned around from the intensive battle, and immediately was shocked. He cried out, “Fourth Brother!”

Unexpectedly, at that moment when he was distracted, Wild Dog and Liu Gao’s weapons attacked at the same time. Zhang Xiao Fan could not react in time and barely managed to raise his fire-stick in front of him to defend. [Hong] a loud sound, Wild Dog and Liu Gao’s bodies shook violently but Zhang Xiao Fan’s body flew out from the impact and hit the ground hard.

Wild Dog gave a loud laugh, flew up together with Liu Gao, his fang and Liu Gao’s weapon raised up and struck down, about to take Zhang Xiao Fan’s life. At a distant, Tian LingEr, Song Daren and the rest cried out involuntarily, but was unable to come to his rescue in time, and could only watched helplessly as Zhang Xiao Fan was about to die there. He DaZhi had already turned his head over, he could not bear to watch anymore. Suddenly, a flash of blue light shot past in the forest, an aperture as blue as water waves, quickly rippled over, illuminating the whole place in an instant.

He DaZhi was overjoyed, he involuntarily called out: “Lu…..”

He had not completed his sentence, and saw that figure broke through the sky, like an arrow shot from a bow. Lu XueQi rode on her sword, her face as cold as frost, but in her pair of bright eyes, rays of blue light from the TianYa Sword in front of her reflected in it, as if it was emitting blazing flares, burning unceasingly.

Wild Dog and Liu Gao were greatly shocked, the blue light that was just seen a distant away, was now in front of them in an blink of an eye. And looking at it, it seemed to have the ability to split the sky and break a mountain, an eternal unparalleled grandeur. Comparing both matters, their own lives were naturally more important. Almost at the same time, both of them took back their weapons, and struck back together at the TianYa sword. [Rumble], sands flew and stones rolled, the trees in the forest nearby violently swayed, leaves fell one after another. Wild Dog and Liu Gao flew backwards, landed straight behind Nian Leader.

Lu XueQi’s figure slowly emerged from the sky full of falling leaves, stood beside Zhang Xiao Fan. It could be because of that violent impact just now, her face looked especially pale.

Zhang Xiao Fan turned to look at her, but in the dim light of the night, her appearance was still breathtakingly beautiful, like a proud lily that bloomed in the deepest darkness. And in that ice-cold elegant expression, he instead indistinctly saw, was a trace of faint gentleness.

“Thank you.” Zhang Xia Fan suppressed the sudden feeling of a jump in his heart and said in a low voice.

Lu XueQi shaked her head, quietly said, “When I encountered danger in that Forsaken Abyss, you too saved me like this, why bother to say these words?” Zhang Xiao Fan was stunned, for a moment he did not know what to say and silently nodded, Lu XueQi looked at him, and suddenly smiled lightly.

That was a smile in the sky full of falling leaves! Zhang XiaoFan saw it clearly, it was as if under the starlight, the frost melted only in front of him.

Zhang Xiao Fan suddenly swung his head, he dare not look at Lu XueQi again, he grabbed his fire-stick and ran towards his big senior brother who was dueling with Nian Leader. Lu XueQi stood behind him, watched his back figure, and was silent for a moment. She followed after him and went up to receive the attacks from Wild Dog and Liu Gao, who were coming to obstruct them.

With the addition of Lu XueQi, the situation immediately changed, her level of attainments was already high, and it progressed to another level after she escaped danger in Forsaken Abyss, besides she also had the divine weapon, TianYa, even as Liu Gao and Wild Dog attacked as two against one at the moment, both were actually still at a disadvantage. And for Nian Leader, once he saw Zhang Xiao Fan joining the fight, his heart jumped a beat. He was not afraid of this lad’s skills but was extremely fearful of the strange stick in his hands. As expected, when Zhang Xiao Fan came, he steered his fire-stick to block a few shots of red light, the expression in his face did not even change. The Red Devil Eye’s evil deadly energy that Song Daren and etc were exceptionally wary of, seemed to be completely useless on him.

With that, Song Daren and Du BiShu were able to free their hands, the celestial sword and dices immediately went forward to give their greetings on Nian Leader’s body, Nian Leader cried out indignantly repeatedly, but even how much he tried to hasten the efforts of the Red Devil Eye, Zhang Xiao Fan only felt a bit of strain while blocking the red energy light but was absolutely not affected in anyway by the deadly energy.

In a short while, Nian Leader was already pulling on the lapels and exposing the elbows (in short: unable to handle the situation), in the chaos he looked to the side, and saw that Liu Gao, Wild Dog, including that beautiful lady, also looked as if they were not able to gain an upper hand, he had no alternatives but to shout loudly, “Go!”. While he shouted, the Red Devil Eye suddenly behaved as if it had exploded, [Suo Suo Suo] seven or eight streams of red lights shot out simultaneously, Zhang Xiao Fan only managed to block five lights, but the rest of the lights already block off Song Daren and Du BiShu. Nian Leader took advantage of this
window, turned around and escape. And those further away Blood Forger Hall members, had also started to retreat.

Lu XueQi snorted, disregard Song Daren’s yell of “Do not pursue the beaten enemy”, the TianYa celestial sword streaked across the sky, and pursued straight ahead, Zhang Xiao Fan was taken aback, and quickly followed.

The blue light of TianYa was like electricity, it caught up instantly. Trailing at the end was Wild Dog, who only felt the cold air behind him whooshing, even the fine hairs at his back were standing up, unwillingly he gave an odd cry of “Help!”

Nian Leader and the rest were shocked and quickly turned back but at that time, behind the Blood Forger Hall members, from within the depths of the the dark forest, suddenly a ray of white light flashed by, and a white flower drifted out from it. Zhang Xiao Fan was standing behind, he stopped in his track, loss for words.

That strange white flower flashed and flashed again in the air, in a split second white light swept past the whole area, and seemed to conjure countless of white flower petals, turning into a rain of flowers, like a tranquil sea of flowers, it charged towards the blue light of Lu XueQi’s sword.

Lu XueQi’s TianYa celestial sword did not make any attempt to avoid and charged up straight. In an instant, the two extraordinary weapons with peculiar lights collided together.

Time, for that moment, seemed to suspend for one minute.

Suddenly, an invisible but strong wave of energy exploded from that collision, with the two magical weapons as the core, it exploded out in all directions. Fallen leaves fell like rain but instead were blown up towards the sky, and those people on the ground, a few actually moved back a few steps. After a long time, the howling of the wind began to slowly quiet down. Lu XueQi flew back and stood beside Zhang Xiao Fan. Zhang Xiao Fan looked at her, she appeared to look even paler, and it seemed like there was not even any color on her face.

Lu XueQi seemed to feel Zhang Xiao Fan’s concern, turned to look at him and nodded slightly, implying that she was alright. Zhang Xiao Fan turned his head away and looked ahead.

In the darkness, that strange white flower slowly spinned in mid-air, and after a short while, it started to descend. There was no sound but out of a sudden, a hand as white as snow, stretched out from the darkness and gently took that [Heartbroken Rare Flower].

Zhang Xiao Fan suddenly felt his heart jumped again.

BiYao quietly, very quietly, walked out from the darkness, the expressions on Nian Leader and the rest appeared to be respectful but BiYao did not even glance at them. A pair of eyes, only concentrated on Zhang Xiao Fan, and then shifted onto the person next to him, Lu XueQi, carefully assessing. Lu XueQi’s gaze did not have any intention to avoid, and also stared at the girl standing opposite her, whose elegance surpassed many others.

Nobody spoke a word, the atmosphere from the intense fight earlier on, quieten down all of a sudden, and also seemed to carry some awkwardness.

Zhang Xiao Fan looked at BiYao, and looked at Lu XueQi again, and felt that his mouth had turned dry. Unexpectedly at that moment, footsteps sound was heard, it was Tian LingEr who had walked over to him. She looked strangely at Lu XueQi and BiYao, who was staring at each other, and asked Zhang Xiao Fan, “Xiao Fan, what happened to them?”

Zhang Xiao Fan was startled but actually, he did not quite understand too. Deep down, he felt strange and embarrassed, and was caught unaware by Tian LingEr’s question. He stammered and replied that he did not know why.

But just that Tian LingEr this question, BiYao and Lu XueQi both suddenly turned and looked at her, that two pairs of calm, quiet eyes, brushed over Tian LingEr’s face. Tian LingEr was startled and unconsciously moved back a few steps, but she and Lu XueQi, after all, were from the same sect, therefore she went to ask Lu XueQi, “Lu Senior Sister, what happened?”

Lu XueQi was silent for a while, looked away and said quietly, “Nothing.”

At the same time, BiYao, who was standing in front, also looked away.

Zhang Xiao Fan stared blankly and shook himself suddenly, silently reprimanded himself for being absurd, now that everyone here was being exposed to danger which lurked everywhere, he himself instead was staring blankly, he should really be damned. Immediately he spoke to both Tian LingEr and Lu XueQi in a low voice, “Let’s quickly go! There are really too many Evil Faction disciples on the island.”

A cold snort sounded, with a hint of anger. It was, however, made by BiYao, who was standing in front. Zhang Xiao Fan did not dare to look at her, turned and went back. Lu XueQi glanced at BiYao again, following which she and Tian LingEr also went back together, Song Daren and the rest waited for them to come back, helped the injured He DaZhi up, said, “Let’s quickly go.”

Saying which he turned and prepared to head towards the direction of the sea. Behind them, Wild Dog was leaping with eagerness but was pulled down by Nian Leader, he said, “Miss BiYao is here, do not act recklessly, we will all listen to Miss’s commands.”

BiYao heard it, but remained indifferent and only watched the Qing Yun Sect members gradually retreated while being on the guard against them.

And her figure, remained motionless.

Far away, from the direction of the sea that Zhang Xiao Fan and the rest retreated towards, a long and mournful cry sounded suddenly, and this time, the sound of the cry was far from the cries heard earlier tonight, like dragons singing, it resounded through the nine heavens, and shook the surrounding lands.

Also faint thunder sounds were rumbling, but that cry, seemed to come from the depths of the sea.

BiYao stood where she was, lifted her head and felt coolness on her face. A drop of water, landed on her face.

The wind started to blow, it had begun to rain.

Chapter 72 - Kui Niu

Abyss Snake=ancient demon

Abyssal Viper=Black Water Mystical Viper

Peak of Widow=TongTian Peak

Mister Spirit=Venerated Spirit

Water Kirin=Water Unicorn

Ring of Empyrean Light=Ring of Universe Clear Light

Like all of a sudden, drizzle of rain fell from the gloomy sky, and from the depths of the distant sea, gusts of violent strong winds, like a wild animal breaking through it’s cage, howled towards that isolated small island in the middle of the boundless sea. The wind laden with rain, surged over like (literary) hiding the sky and covering the earth, in a blink of an eye, those people were caught in the storm.

Zhang Xiao Fan followed the rest, and stopped too. He raised his hands and barely managed to shield against the lashing wind and rain, those raindrops with the size of a soybean, hit onto his face, and already he started to feel some pain.

Ahead, the sea with large waves battering in the storm, in the night, it also looked like a huge beast who woke up from a deep sleep, it started to roar!

In front of Zhang Xiao Fan and the rest, was a long beach, and at the end of the beach, lay the fairly savage sea. In the endless dark night, the waves with increasing height, kept coming waves after waves, and crashed heavily onto the smooth beach. Each time it crashed, the earth seemed to shake with it too.

Wave, and again another wave! Resembling some ferocious gigantic beast, stepping onto the raging giant waves, slowly making it’s way over to them!

Silence all around, except for the incessantly sombre thunderclaps in the dark clouds.

Everyone’s expression changed. That was the might of heaven and earth!

Tian  LingEr  asked  Song  Daren  in  a  shocked  voice,  “Big Senior brother, what shall we do? What is this thing?”

Song Daren also felt frightened, he had never seen such scene before, a worried frown crossed his face and he agonized on what to do next. But for Zhang Xiao Fan, who was standing at the back, although he was also shocked but because previously at Forsaken Abyss’s Heartless Sea, he had witnessed the return of the ancient demon Black Water Mystical Viper, and instead was calmer. But when he recalled that day, the might of the Black Water Mystical Viper, was not what a mere human could handle, he felt a chill in his heart. At the same time, he felt his heart suddenly moved. Unconsciously, he turned and looked at Lu XueQi, and saw that beautiful girl silently standing beside him, the wind and rain soaked her clothes and hair, which clung onto her fair and white face. She only stared at the dark far-off places of the sea ahead of her, staring blankly.

“Yi?”, suddenly, Du BiShu, who was standing in front, yelped and pointed somewhere in front and urgently said, “All of you look in front, there seemed to be someone!”

Everyone was surprised and looked over. And really, several ten zhang (a unit of length) of the beach ahead, several people emerged suddenly from the darkness. Each and every one of them wore black and in the darkness of the night, it was hard to notice them if one did not pay attention. Presumably Du BiShu had always been sharp-eyed, unexpectedly they were being discovered by him.

But even though they were discovered, with the heavy downpour and night darkness, they simply could not see what those people were doing. They could only faintly saw that those people scattered themselves and were busy on the beach. Tian LingEr frowned tightly, turned around and asked,”Did all of you watch closely? Who are these people?

Du BiShu and Song Daren both shaked their heads at the same time, Lu XueQi, who was at the back, suddenly said, “These are the Evil Faction people!”

Tian LingEr was taken aback for a moment, and immediately understood. At the moment, the Good Faction members on LiuBo Hill were all fighting with the Evil Faction, where would it be possible to have those ten over people doing the strange things on the beach?

At the thought of this, she became more worried and could not help but turned to look behind. However, the Evil Faction disciples who were in the fight just now, not one of them had walked out of the forest.

“What shall we do? Senior big brother?”

Everyone looked at Song Daren, Song Daren hesitated for a while, in the end he still decided that they should avoid the Evil Faction for now and said, “The circumstances are not favourable to us, we should leave first and decide later.”

Saying that, he notified everyone, and was about to turn sideways, to go further and make a detour from the beach. However, they had only moved a few steps when they heard a long cry that sounded like a dragon, rumbling from the depths of the sea.

In a short while, the sound of wind, rain and thunder from the heaven and earth, the vault of heaven, sounded loudly together. A flash of lightning which ripped apart the vast sky, streaked across the horizon, followed by an explosive sound of thunder from above. From the sea, a rolling wave as high as a small hill, suddenly as if being torn apart, separated!

The foaming waves splashed and sprayed. In the raging storm, from the dark depths, almost like stepping on claps of thunder, a massive figure impressively leaped out from the depths of the sea, and after almost blending into the night, landed down heavily.

The whole of LiuBo Hill, at the same time also quaked! Zhang Xiao Fan and the rest of them held their breath, it was an extremely huge strange beast, it’s head was slightly bigger than Qing Yun Hill TongTian Peak’s Venerated Spirit Water Unicorn, the whole body shape resembled a cow, with dark green body, but there was no horn on it’s head.

But most unfathomable was, below the strange beast’s huge body, there was only one thick sturdy leg, right in the middle of it’s stomach. Looking at the beast, it seemed to be a type of monodrama that was popular among the common people, under that fierce tough exterior, there was actually a slight comical feel and cuteness.

Right then, those black attire men on the beach immediately retreated soundlessly into the darkness. But on the beach, every several zhang away, a strange object was stuck into the sand, faint red light glowed out. And just in front of the strange beast, it formed a large circle, in the dark of the night, even though separated by the wind and rain, it was still striking.

Over at Qing Yun sect side, everyone looked at each other, wondering what the Evil Faction people were up to? Looking at it, it seemed they were targeting the strange huge beast, but the trap looked too obvious, in the night, anyone would have seen that red circle of light. The only thing that they did not know was what actually was this strange beast?

As expected, after that strange beast emerged from the dark sea, it seemed to feel something, and kept standing in the turbulent waves. It did not come ashore and only used it’s large head to repeatedly stretch out and smell the air.

Du BiShu suddenly startled and exclaimed, “Oh no, this fellow may have bad eyesight!”

Everybody also reacted, right now that few red light spots were really obvious, but the beast only looked and did not notice the things in front of it, could it be because it had been living in the deep sea without using it’s eyes, therefore it’s eyesight had deteriorated?

Unknowingly, Qing Yin sect disciples instead, started to worry for the strange beast.

After a short period of time where they held their breath, lightning flashed and thunder boomed, whipping wind and heavy rain, there was no signs of it diminishing. But that strange beast seemed not to detect anything, nonchalantly shaking it’s head. And without seeing it using any force, suddenly there was another clap of thunder, that huge body launched up into the sky and leaped forward.

That unparalleled sturdy leg, landed onto LiuBo Hill’s beach, in the middle of those spots of red light, it left a deep footprint.

In the night, within the darkness, almost at the same time, a mysterious chant of incantation started.

The chant were like moans of the netherworld, low and distant, wafted through the night storm. Also at the same time, accompanying that mysterious incantation, the light spots which were emitting weak red light, suddenly lighted up at the same time. And the black attired men who had disappeared just now, also at the same time, returned to the mysterious objects which were stuck into the ground.

The strange beast, suddenly raised it’s head, after a short while, gave a tremendous shout! “An ao…..”

The deafening sound almost became a physical sound wave, the wind and rain, because of the roar that sounded like a thunder which had landed on earth, flew out sideways, projected out!

But at this time, all the black attired men placed their hand upon the mysterious objects on the beach.

In an instant, those objects on the ground threw out brilliant lights, crystal clear red light, the red light every several zhang away, suddenly shot out sideways, in a short while, became one and formed an enormous circle of red light.

Without waiting for anyone’s response, that red light circle, magnificently rise up again. Countless of red lights, at the same time, shot out and formed a spectacular wall of red light, trapping that strange beast in it. At the same time, the lights shot up directly towards the sky and finally converged in the higher altitude. It was as if the night had lifted off it’s veil, the darkness too slowly receded. A figure appeared in the air, slowly emerging.

Ghost King, standing proudly on top of a red ancient cauldron, which was floating in the high altitude. His expression was serious, both hands holding the inscription in front of him, reciting that mysterious incantation in a low voice.

And all of the red light, flowed continuously to converge in that ancient cauldron floating underneath his feet.

“An ao……”

Again, another bellow filled with fury. That strange beast surrounded by the red light circle, leaped up angrily and slammed against the light wall directly.

Ghost King, who was in the air, grimaced, and the voice that was reciting the incantation immediately quicken. And the Qing Yun sect members who were standing afar, right now were also dumbstruck. They had forgotten that that moment was actually their best chance to escape, and instead watched on without even blinking.

In the sky, almost like above Ghost King’s head, a clap of thunder suddenly exploded, that strange beast had slammed onto the light wall with all of it’s might!


The thunder rumbled and boomed, reverberated in the sky. In an instant, that impressive huge wall of red light shook like a leaf, thousands of tiny electrical currents that looked like lighting, raced up and down the light wall, producing a piercing sound. Even the black attired men, standing below the strange beast and separated by the light wall, could not stop shaking.

Ghost King’s face, in the mid air, seemed to pale immediately! But eventually, after the violent shaking, this red screen did not crack. On the other hand, it slowly calmed down and that ancient cauldron under the Ghost King’s feet, instead became more dazzling!

“An ao…..An ao….An ao……”

The infuriated huge beast almost went berserk, at the same time the claps of thunder were exploding incessantly in the sky, this strange beast’s body started to be suffused with green light. Again and again it slammed against that enormous light wall that was trapping it.

Between the earth and the sky, the wind and rain howled, almost as if in the nine heavens, the Thunder God was bellowing with rage too!

That successive peals of thunder, each time it seemed to quake LiuBo Hill, and shook the entire sea!

But even with this impressive Heaven and Earth’s might, that sheet of red light wall including the ancient cauldron in the sky, with no clue on its origin, unexpectedly was unwavering and instead gradually suppressed that strange beast’s might.

Time slipped by quietly, the poundings from the strange beast, had also became weaker and weaker, but looking at the Evil Faction side, it appeared that they did not have it easy too. Ghost King, who was standing on top of the ancient cauldron in the sky, was better off and only looked pale. Obviously, in order to cast spells to trap such an ancient beast, even though he had help from that unusual ancient cauldron, it was still not easy at all.

And those several black attired men, more than half were already lying on the ground, they were actually killed by the vibrations from the two enormous forces. Those remaining seemed disoriented, only a few of the disciples with high attainments were still able to secure the surroundings around the red screen.

The storm, also started to diminish, and seemed to forebode something. Eventually, after that strange beast’s last pounding was futile, it breathed heavily and cried out softly once, and stood at where it was, no longer moving.

The Qing Yun sect members collected their thoughts and looked at each other, unable to speak for the moment.

After what seemed like half a day, Du BiShu spoke to Song Daren, “Big Senior brother, what, what should we do?”

Zhang Xiao Fan also looked at Song Daren, earlier that electrifying contest, aroused him. However, without knowing why, he felt pity for that strange beast instead. Deep inside, he had a desire to lend a helping hand to it.

Actually to say, among those Qing Yun sect members, it could not be said that the same thought did not appear in their minds. They were enemies with the Evil Faction for thousands of years, and witnessed the great pains that the Evil Faction took to catch this beast, very likely it had a significant value. But Song Daren as the eldest senior brother, remained silent for a while and eventually still shook his head and said, “Lets not stir up any trouble, quickly go!”

Everyone looked at each other, nobody said a word. All of them knew that this was not the time to complicate the issue, thus everyone followed Song Daren, who was already walking ahead.

Zhang Xiao Fan, who was at the rear, walked a few steps and suddenly realized that Lu XueQi did not follow up. He got a shock and turned back but saw that Lu XueQi was standing where she was before, without making any step. He curiously asked, “Lu Senior sister, what happen to you?”

Lu XueQi gazed ahead at that strange beast who was trapped behind the wall of red light, the beast bowed his head down, as if it had already resigned to its fate, listlessly standing there. The sky full of gloomy clouds at this time, also looked like it was going to disperse. The power and might, which caused the Heaven and Earth’s winds and clouds to change countenance, displayed when it just emerged from the sea, to think it would not be seen anymore. As if, a sorrowful child who had came to the end of the road, disheartenedly standing there!

Somehow despairing, somewhat lonely…..

[Qiang Lang!]

Rays of blue light, like a meteor suddenly appearing in the night, illuminated the surrounding darkness.

TianYa celestial sword resolutely unsheathed, the clear blue light flashed, reflected on its master’s unrivaled beauty face, carrying a hint of indifference and silent gaze.

Lu XueQi unhurriedly turned her head over, looked at Zhang Xiao Fan, her expression was as cool as ice water, calmly said, “This  rare  beast  seemed  to  have  an  important  value,  you should quickly...you all should quickly go! I will go and be back soon!” Everyone was stunned, Zhang Xiao Fan opened his mouth slightly, said, “You…”

He had not completed his sentence, that beautiful figure, turned into this night’s resplendent radiance of a shooting star, pierced through the surrounding darkness, charged straight towards that enormous wall of red light.

Qing Yun sect members all turned pale with fright, Zhang Xiao Fan and Tian LingEr, Du BiShu almost at the same time, turned around and shouted towards Song Daren, “Big Senior bro….”

Song Daren’s forehead was dripping with sweat, if he decided to leave, he would not be able to convince everyone and he himself, would feel bad too, but to stay, it would most likely be disastrous, these few junior brothers and sister were young and ignorant, he had to think for their lives. For a moment, his mind was in a mess.

But Lu XueQi, the speed of her driving the sword was unbelievably fast, in an instant she already charged near to where the Evil Faction’s circle of light on the beach was, and the Evil Faction disciples also already realized something was amiss, immediately shouts rise from all directions.

Ghost King was still floating in the sky, his face was slowly regaining composure. Right then, he looked down and frowned, in a low voice he muttered one sentence, “TianYa celestial sword?”

The Evil Faction black attired men were all in a fluster from Lu XueQi’s sudden attack, and Ghost King, who was in the midair, also seemed not to be able to descend in time. Even the beast, who was trapped in the screen of light, also suddenly opened its eyes which had been closed all the while.

Out of a sudden, halfway across, a clear light crossed over and abruptly blocked Lu XueQi. TianYa celestial sword emitted a sharp sound and forced this ball of clear light back a little, but Lu XueQi’s own figure, was also immediately impeded from reaching that red light screen which was still several zhangs away.

Qing Long, still chic in a suit of white attire, but as if like a ghost, suddenly appeared in front of Lu XueQi. And at the same time, the right hand that wore the Ring of Universe Clear Light, again disappeared into his sleeve.

“This lady….” Qing Long smiled and seemed not to treat Lu XueQi as an enemy at all, said, “This Kui Niu was what we took a huge effort to trap it, also it did not cause any hindrance to your honourable sect, why must we start a dispute again?”

Lu XueQi took a deep breath, she knew that the person in front of her, his level of attainment were immeasurable and she might not be his match. But when she looked around, and her sight landed on that beast, and the beast was also looking squarely at her, its eyes bright and piercing, and was still howling softly. Who was to really know what it was thinking at this moment?

“Evildoer!”  she  exclaimed  suddenly.  Without  any  regards, the brilliant blue light of TianYa celestial sword, struck towards Qing Long.

Qing Long was startled. Facing this celestial weapon, TianYa, no matter how high his skills were, he did not dare to underestimate. He only frowned and concentrated all his attention for battle.

In the battlefield, the blue and clear lights immediately tussled together, but Qing Long after all was still higher skilled than Lu XueQi, and the Ring of Universe Clear Light did not appear to lose out to TianYa. After a short while, it gained advantage right away and the clear light gradually suppressed the blue light.

Zhang Xiao Fan saw it clearly, and was anxious in his heart. He turned around, Song Daren clenched his teeth and quickly said, “Little junior sister, you and junior brother immediately bring Fourth brother away, Du BiShu and I will go and assist. Once we have the chance to escape, we will come immediately.”

Tian LingEr anxiously said, “Big senior brother, I…”

Song Daren glared at her and angrily said, “I don’t have time to waste my breath with you, quickly go!”  saying which, he called over Du BiShu and immediately rushed towards the fight, leaving Zhang Xiao Fan and Tian LingEr standing there. Actually, if to go according to Song Daren’s intention, originally he indeed did not want to meddle in this affair, but Lu XueQi was from his own sect after all, he could not leave her alone. But right now, the situation was fraught with danger, the other side in addition, had Ghost King and Qing Long, these two great evil. Left with no choice, he had to take his junior brother and sister into consideration first, checked out things on his own, and escaped if an opportunity arises.

Tian LingEr after being scolded by Song Daren, instead was dazed for a while. Ever since from young, Song Daren doted on her and never scolded her, not even a word. Today, he actually scolded her a sentence, she was still unable to react from it.

But nevertheless, she was, after all, an outstanding disciple from Qing Yun sect, also since young, she was eager to do well in everything and was also pampered. She frowned and thought deeply for a while, turned to Zhang Xiao Fan and said, “Xiao Fan, you stay here and look after Fourth brother, I will go and help!”

Zhang Xiao Fan was greatly surprised, and had not even spoke when He DaZhi, who was injured and lying by the side, suddenly struggled and exclaimed, “Little junior sister, it is dangerous over there, you cannot go over!”

But Tian LingEr once made up her mind, how could it be that she would listen to him. Unless Tian BuYi was there at that moment, he could still keep her in check. He DaZhi’s words, instead was unheeded by her.

He DaZhi at once saw that Tian LingEr did not even pay attention to his words, turned and quickly spoke to Zhang Xiao Fan, “Little junior brother, quickly hold on to her!”

Zhang Xiao Fan roused with a start, hurriedly ran over and pulled on Tian LingEr’s sleeve, saying, “Senior sister, you don’t go over, you stay here, I will go help…”

The word [out] had not even been said out, Tian LingEr, who was feeling impatient, with a fling, she shook off Zhang Xiao Fan. Zhang Xiao Fan, in a moment of desperation, wanted to hold onto Tian LingEr again. Unexpectedly at this moment, Tian LingEr flung her hand and soared up at the same time, a very small circular item suddenly dropped from her sleeve. A beautiful and glossy stone, silently slided down in the dim light of the night.

Indistinctly, there seemed to be a girl smiling lightly and saying, “Later when we get back, I will give this stone to Qi big brother, he will surely like it!”

He was suddenly dumbfounded, the hand that had rise into the mid air, stopped where it was just like that, motionless.

Until He DaZhi who was behind, shouted loudly urgently, “Little junior brother, why didn’t you hold onto her!”

Zhang Xiao Fan’s body shook, he abruptly came to his senses, cold sweat broke out all over his body, and hastily looked over. Tian LingEr was already driving the amber vermilion silk, flying towards the scene. At that moment, he did not even consider and hastily drove his firestick to give chase.

Tian LingEr flew midway into the sky, and saw that Song Daren and Du BiShu, who were ahead, had already joined Lu XueQi and Qing Ling’s battle. But Qing Long, as one against three, was not even being disadvantage at the slightest, instead he looked calm and unhurried, battling with skill and ease.

Although Tian LingEr was impatient by nature but she was naturally gifted and clever. She could tell at once that Qing Long’s was too highly skilled, plus his magical weapon was too powerful, even if she joined in, she herself might not win over him. Looking around, she immediately had other ideas. She did not fly towards Lu XueQi and the rest, instead shifted her direction, and quietly flew towards the other side of that enormous red screen.

Zhang Xiao Fan, who was following behind, turned pale with fright, but he saw that the Evil Faction members’ attention were all concentrating on the battle of Qing Long as one against three, even the one who was highest above them and presiding over the spell, Ghost King, his gaze was also following Lu XueQi’s TianYa celestial sword and kept changing. For the moment, unexpectedly he also neglected to pay attention to where Tian LingEr went to.

In an instant Tian LingEr was near the other side of the light screen, the black attired men who were supposed to guard the area, were already laying disordered on the ground. Evidently they were quaked to death during the earlier intense fight by the trapped Kui Niu.

Tian LingEr scanned the area quickly, and suddenly noticed that all of the red lights were projected from some strange dark red iron awl-looking items implanted in the sands, which continuously projected the lights up and converged into that ancient cauldron in the mid air, under the Ghost King’s feet.

Clearly, the spell formation that was made up by these items, together with that ancient cauldron in the mid air, was the crux of what was trapping Kui Niu. Tian LingEr did not think twice, a stroke of her fair finger, the amber vermillion silk immediately flew out, sweeping directly at those things implanted in the sands

[Bong!] A loud sound sounded, the amber vermillion silk had struck onto one of the awl that was shrouded by the screen of red light.

Eastern Sea Kui Niu: In the Eastern Sea, seven thousand miles into the sea, there is LiuBo Hill. On it there is a beast, strong like ox, dark green body with no horns, one-legged, there will be surely wind and rain when it enters or leave the water, it’s brightness like the sun and moon, it’s voice like thunder, it’s name is called Kui. [Divine and Evil The strange. Spiritual beast chapter] Kui Niu:
Ancient times rare beast, its appearance is akin to a young calf, three-legged with no horns, roar like thunder. Resides for a long time in deep sea, only appeared/born after three thousand years, during birth/appearance there will be wind and rain, thunder and lightning, also known in the world as the Thunder God’s mount. Here it is written using Classics of Mountains and Seas version.

Chapter 73 - Impasse

A wave of vibrations immediately passed through the screen of red light. Ghost King, who was in the air, and the rest of the Evil Faction black attired men, including the trapped rare beast, Kui Niu, almost at the same time turned back to look.

Red light flashed, Tian LingEr was startled but saw that only the red lights surrounding that dark red awl shuddered and flickered, but the awl itself, instead was under the protection of the red light, and it did not even move a tiny bit.

Within a short while, everyone gathered their senses and the Evil Faction black attired men, one after another, charged over. Tian LingEr turned pale and slightly gasped for breath. While she was panicking, a flash of light suddenly appeared in front of her, a wave of both hands, the amber vermillion silk, all of a sudden bore into the ground.

In the mid-air, Ghost King’s expression changed right away. He stamped his feet in anger and said, “Little servant girl do not value her life, actually dare to mess up my plans!” A flash of his figure and another flash, with unfathomable speed and ferocious strength, he pounced down but also at the same time, from afar, sharp whistling sounds were heard one after another. Within a split second, numerous lights lighted up. The Good Faction disciples and the Evil Faction main forces had actually arrived at the place, the battles stopped and started, the most intensive ones were Taoist Cang Song with Bai DuZhi, Tian BuYi with Elder Duanmu. But at the same
time, SuRu was fighting as one against two, obstructing the injured Blood Sucking Demon and the highly skilled young guy from the Forsaken Abyss that day, Lin Feng.

As for the others, such as the monks from Tian Yin Temple and disciples from FenXiang Valley, including Herald of Vigor master and disciple, had all arrived here.

With so many people arriving at this place, and suddenly noticing that there was such an enormous sheet of light wall on this beach, and a grotesque huge strange beast was also trapped in it, for a while, their hands slowed down. Bai DuZhi and Elder Duanmu leaped away at the same time, abandoning Taoist Cang Song and Tian BuYi. Taoist Cang Song and Tian BuYi at that moment too, were unable to focus on the battle and allowed them to get away. Especially Tian BuYi, looking far ahead, he saw that his own daughter was heavily surrounded by the Evil Faction disciples, and could not help but turned pale. He was about to prepare himself to dive over there.

Bai DuZhi and Elder Duanmu stood together, at first they looked towards Qing Long’s battle and saw that Qing Long, as one against three, was still battling with ease and skill, their face expression became different, huffed, and looked up at the sky. Currently they saw that Ghost King had dashed down but that ancient cauldron was still slowly turning in the air, projecting red light in all four directions.

Bai DuZhi suddenly frowned, and said in a low voice, “ [Hidden Dragon Cauldron] ! ”

Elder Duanmu, who was beside, got a shock and quickly looked up into the sky, immediately he was also stunned for a while. Both of them were among the Evil Faction’s most senior disciples, their experiences and knowledge were incomparable to the average Evil Faction disciples. Viewing that ancient cauldron far away, it’s outlook primitive and crude, both rings on the cauldron’s sides were engraved with a relief sculpture of a dragon head, with the inclusion of the mysterious spell formation in front of them, it looked extremely like the Evil Faction’s legend, [Entrap Dragon WatchTower].

And for the mysterious Entrap Dragon WatchTower spell formation, all along, only with the Hidden Dragon Cauldron, then the sorcery could be performed. With the Hidden Dragon Cauldron spiritual power as the go-between, only then Heaven and Earth’s austere energy would be triggered. Even how high the skills were, once trapped in it, it was impossible to escape.

Speaking of which, if it was not for this kind of exceptional rare treasure, Ghost King and the rest who wanted to trap Kui Niu this type of ancient rare beast, it would be impossible to accomplish.

Coming back to the scene, at this time, the rest of them who were fighting, had almost already temporarily stopped their fights, their attentions were all already drawn over here. Ghost King, who was rapidly charging down from the sky, and Tian BuYi, concerned about his beloved daughter, although he was physically still far but still he drove his sword and dashed over. And nearby, Zhang Xiao Fan, because he was one of the earliest to follow, at the moment, he was the nearest person to Tian LingEr. But beside him, several black attired men had also already charged over.

It was an explosive situation, and the crucial point, was on Tian LingEr.

Zhang Xiao Fan saw that the black attired men were almost approaching, and felt very anxious. He leapt with his strength and flew near to Tian LingEr’s back. When he was in the air, the firestick was already brimming with with green light and it swept a sheet of green light wall in front of the black attired men.

Odd cries were heard one after another from those black attired men, in an instant, several magical weapons went over to attack. Zhang Xiao Fan’s body trembled greatly from the impact but eventually he managed to block off the attacks. Also at this imminent danger moment, Tian LingEr gave a shout of joy, the amber vermillion silk bore out from the ground, carrying with it, a metal awl head.

Suddenly, the red lights violent swayed, the entire Entrap Dragon WatchTower spell formation electrical rays flickered madly and was in disarray. Especially the screen in front of Tian LingEr, within a short while, a hole about as tall as a human, tore open abruptly.

Within the red light screen, the strange beast Kui Niu gave a long cry. Shaking the surrounding grounds with its cry, its single leg exerted force, and started to charge over here.

Tian LingEr’s face was full of joy and was about to call back the magical weapon amber vermillion silk when suddenly, she heard Zhang Xiao Fan cried out behind her, “Senior sister, watch out!”

She was startled and look up immediately. That enormous strange beast had already charged in front of her, a loud sound rumbled, that gigantic body slammed heavily against the light screen. By this time, the Entrap Dragon WatchTower spell formation was already in a mess. With the additional massive force, the human-size hole immediately split open. In an instant it had became several times bigger and almost allowed Kui Niu to escape. And at the same time, the red lights quivered tremendously, projecting waves in all four directions, unexpectedly it threw Ghost King, who was charging down, to the side.

Right now, Kui Niu opened its enormous pair of eyes, shooting ominous glare everywhere, and without any regards that it was Tian LingEr who disrupted this strange spell formation, with a roar [An ao], swinging its huge head, it tried to bite Tian LingEr.

Tian LingEr turned extremely pale with fright. She saw a huge predator mouth heading towards herself, the smell of raw fish overwhelming her. Momentarily she was dazed with shock and was unable to move.

At the moment, it seemed Kui Niu was about to break out of the entrapment, after witnessing its strength and might from being able to cause the death of several people when it was trapped in the Entrap Dragon WatchTower, all of the black attired men subconsciously moved back at the same time. Only Zhang Xiao Fan, although terrified, but still gritted his teeth and charged over. Green light flashing from the firestick, it hit towards Kui Niu’s head.

From far, Qing Long shook off Song Daren’s Ten Tigers celestial sword, unintentionally glanced towards Zhang Xiao Fan’s direction and happened to see that firestick heading towards Kiu Niu. Suddenly his body shook and he almost lost his focus. He involuntarily burst out, “This…”.

On scene, Kiu Niu was indeed an ancient rare beast. It felt the magical weapon coming, swung its huge head and actually used its head to take on the firestick. A sound of [bang] , the firestick flew back and Zhang Xiao Fan’s body shook greatly. He only felt a surge of huge energy, almost like blotting out the sky and covering the earth [translater’s note: an idiom meaning earth-shattering or overwhelming], gushing over, and was forced back a few steps.

With Zhang Xiao Fan’s attack, Tian LingEr already recovered her senses. Her face still pale, she was about to retreat. Unexpectedly tonight, that Kiu Niu was made a fool by these humans, even though it was not known how many several thousand years it had lived but presumably it had never met such situation, and was extremely angry now. It did not care the identity of the human in front of it, it only wanted to kill in order to vent its anger first.

Tian LingEr was seen to be only retreating half a step, slowly summoning amber vermillion silk and was planning to fly off but that horrible bloody mouth again tried to bite down on her.

Far off, the crowd cried out in surprise, SuRu looking pale and QiHao rushed out at the same time. Foremost was Tian BuYi, who was already flying like the speed of light, but the distance was too far. Separated by a distance of several zhang more, it was difficult to render help.

But Tian LingEr after all, was not those average disciples, and would not die helplessly. In a moment of desperation, both hands continued to gesture. The amber vermillion silk, like a red dragon flying in the sky, holding up at the top of her head and hoping to hold up this enormous beast in order to create a gap for her to escape. And standing nearest to her, Zhang Xiao Fan, again leaped over. And not sure if it was because the amber vermillon silk’s red light looked similar to that Entrap Dragon WatchTower’s red light, the rage in Kui Niu’s eyes was even more intense. [An ao, an ao….] it roared loudly and as if the weight of Mount Tai bearing down, it bit down.

As soon as contact was made, a battle of strength ensued. The amber vermillion silk was pushed down by Kui Niu’s huge mouth, Tian LingEr’s face became pale with fright, both of her knees weaken, and was forced to sit down by the massive force. Dust flew everywhere and at that moment, from the corner of her eye, she saw Zhang Xiao Fan had already arrived in front of her. She urgently said, “Xiao Fan, quickly leave!”.

How would Zhang Xiao Fan not know that this strange beast was too tyrannical to fight with and there was only death for those who go against it. Unexpectedly at this moment when the Heaven and Earth changed countenance, the sudden change of winds and clouds, in front of that ferocious enormous beast, the figure of that frail girl, instead anxiously calling out to him.

Quickly leave… The wind, blown onto his face,

as if deep inside his heart, something was surging and stirring!

That familiar figure and face since young, was just in front of you. The time spend over the past years, engraved in his heart, at that moment surged and rolled ceaselessly.

What was it that made you desperately in love, what is it that made you felt anguished?

When you thought of that heartbroken human skeleton in the Blooddrop Cave?

When you thought of the fox spirits in the Fire Dragon Cave leaping together into the lava?

He breathed deeply, panted heavily. Heaven, Earth and the world, peaceful.

Holding the firestick tightly, gritting his teeth, that youth’s figure, charged over.

Just like that he charged over. Without having any regards, he charged over. Charging in-between the enormous beast and Tian LingEr, he spreaded out both of his hands and roared loudly, like a soldier meeting his death, like a grieved hero. Becoming one with the firestick, it seemed as if eight hundred years of time appeared again!

For whom do you break your heart?

For whom do you go insane?

While Kui Niu bellowed with rage, he was also hollering, the firestick burned with a magnificent light that was never seen before, as if it was using its life as the firewood for the flame, burning furiously! [Rumble….]

From the horizon, a sudden clap of thunder, shook the firmament!

Zhang Xiao Fan’s both knees weaken, dark red blood flowed out from the seven apertures of his head, quietly slid down and dripped onto the firestick.

The shocked Tian LingEr suddenly felt her body was being lifted, and flew backwards. Tian BuYi had arrived and pulled her out. Even though he turned back immediately, he was shocked to see that Zhang Xiao Fan was already pressed down under Kui Niu’s body.

Kui Niu bellowed towards the sky, the entire huge body shot up into the air. The enormous single foot aimed directly onto Zhang Xiao Fan, the immense strength of this might, everyone at the scene without exception were all shocked, even Tian BuYi’s face turned pale. Zhang Xiao Fan was panting heavily, the bones in his body felt like it was breaking in pieces. He slowly raised his head, the scene that filled his eyes were all the darkness that was pressing down on him from the sky!


Do not know, whose hand had lost control and dropped the weapon?

And again who, crying out in despair within the darkness?

A stream of golden, solemn ray of light, quietly set off, followed by a stream of green ray of light.

The firestick that was held in the youth’s hand, numerous tiny red fine line that looked like blood vessels, suddenly shone together. Under the shadow, the fresh blood flowed as if it was burning up life! Golden and green light rays interweaved and suddenly burst forth from the firestick, reflected onto his face, gently in front of him. Above that green Sinister Orb on top of the firestick, a Buddhist symbol appeared.


Soon after that, as if coexisting with this symbol, underneath 卍, another Taiji image glimmering with green light faintly appeared.

Everyone, was stunned!

Except for Kui Niu!

That furious huge beast, already stepping down with unstoppable force, that youth who was unable to escape, that youth who was facing death, stretched out his both hands and blocked the attack from above. Time, seemed to stop for the moment.

Heaven and Earth rustled, heavy dark clouds gathered again.

Cold wind, blew over gently.

Fallen leaves, falling one after another.

A figure suddenly appeared in mid-air, and pounced down urgently, with speed like lightning. It was indeed Ghost King. He was seen charging to the ground in a blink of an eye, snatched up the red coloured awl that was forced out by Tian LingEr, and immediately stuck it onto the beach. At the same time, his right hand immediately stretched out, slashed his left wrist, and fresh blood at once spurted out and splashed onto the awl.

In a flash, red rays flashed, on top of the dark red mysterious awl, red light shot out in four directions. In an instant, before Kui Niu landed, the lights merged with the surrounding light screen in front of Zhang Xiao Fan, the Entrap Dragon WatchTower spell formation again restarted. In the mid-air, the Hidden Dragon Cauldron shone with brilliant lights, lighting up half of the horizon.


Amidst the deafening sound, Kui Niu had slammed against the red light screen. Ghost King’s body shook and was forced back several steps. But Kui Niu, also received a shock from the red light screen, and immediately charged furiously again. But amid the ceaseless deafening sounds, it had finally became too exhausted to escape.

Ghost King heaved a sigh of relief and slowly released the tension from his body. He turned over and saw that the youth was still maintaining the same position, preparing to ward off the attack. The firestick’s glow, gradually disappeared but looking at his face, with fresh blood dripping, carried a trace of desolation.

Ghost King stared at him, Zhang Xiao Fan opened his mouth slightly and also looked at him. The entire place had turned silent. “Great  Brahman  Wisdom!  This  is  the  Great  Brahman Wisdom!”

Suddenly, from a distance behind, the monks from Tian Yin Temple slowly emerged from the crowd, including Fa Shan, the monks were all appalled beyond words. Pointing at Zhang Xiao Fan and questioning loudly, “How did you practise our Tian Yin Temple’s Great Brahman Wisdom true way?”

Only that Fa Xiang, stood silently behind the agitated crowd and stared at Zhang Xiao Fan without uttering a word, a glint seemed to appear in his eyes.

Zhang Xiao Fan slowly, slowly turned over. It seemed that each movement, caused him a great amount of energy, until, he faced everyone.

Tian BuYi was livid with rage, he stood there motionless, the hand that was clutching Scarlet Flame celestial sword was bulging with veins. All of the Qing Yun sect disciples, looked as if they were seeing a monster for the first time, stared in consternation at this person, this youth who was covered with cuts and bruises. From the back, a sound like Ghost King’s deep sigh was heard.

Tian LingEr’s face was terribly pale, she walked forward a few steps and suddenly stopped. The short distance between Zhang Xiao Fan and her, suddenly became so distant and impassable!

“Xiao Fan…..”  She whispered, her voice seemed to convey that even she herself would not believe again, “These masters, said what was correct?”

Zhang Xiao Fan’s lips, started to tremble. Almost as if his deepest fear, from the depths of his heart, bit by bit, surfaced. He looked past Tian LingEr, looked at his teacher, looked at his fellow sect disciples standing afar, everyone’s expression, were all so distant.

He suddenly felt like screaming, but when he opened his mouth, not a word came out!

The night wind, blew and lifted his shirt, flapping gently. “That’s right, it is the Sinister Orb, it can’t be wrong!”

Suddenly, as if it was a never-ending nightmare, another exclamation, again cried out. Qing Long stood at the side, his expression was in fact shocked.

As soon as these words were said, everyone at the scene, regardless whether it was the Evil Faction or Good Faction, each and everyone’s expressions changed.

“That circular pearl looking object on top of the magical weapon in his hands, with blood streaks surrounding it. And earlier on against Kui Niu, it demonstrated the ability to devour. It must be Elder BlackHeart’s Sinister Orb from eight hundred years ago!”

The crowd was in an uproar, everyone’s was astounded. Only Zhang Xiao Fan, unable to hear anything anymore, not a single word anymore, he only felt that everyone around him, were all making raucous noises, numerous people shouted and questioned him, but he could not hear anything! He slowly turned his body. Ghost King, unknowingly had already disappeared behind him. In front of him, only that strange beast Kui Niu who was trapped in the Entrap Dragon WatchTower spell formation, was turning round and round disorientedly, but eventually it still resigned to its fate. It stood motionless and cried towards the sky with a sound of despair!

That sound, reverberated in the empty night sky, was particularly miserable.

Zhang Xiao Fan slowly lifted his head, and faced towards the sky.

Ah that bleak night light! Dark and endless, it seemed to make one breathless.

He suddenly laughed, laughed despairingly, laughing in silence, his body swayed and fell straight, heavily onto the ground.

In front of him, everything was in darkness, as if that endless dark night sky, stretched over and pressed on to him! And then, he fainted.

Chapter 74 - YouJi


Aunt Negar = Aunt You (her name is YouJi)

Just a few points, in Mooy's translations, Dark Drake Cave was used for the fox spirits fight. But I went back to check, there were 2 caves mentioned instead of one, so Dark Drake Cave was used for 2 different caves.

The cave that Zhang Xiao Fan went into, title of Mooy's Chapter 8 Dark Drake Cave, is Black Stone Cave.

The cave mentioned in Chapter 73 was referring to Fire Dragon Cave, where the two foxes were thrown into the lava.

Li Su = Li Xun

Tonni = Xiao Huan Tanis Ka = Zhou YiXian (Xian in his name also means celestial being)

Doyal Shen=DaoXuan

With this dream, a thousand years seemed to go pass.

He was walking alone in the dark, until he saw that village, a familiar place full of bright sunshine. He sprinted over, those familiar faces smiling and looking at him, laughing and joking.

The fresh air seemed to sweeten his heart, and allowed him to roll around freely and unrestrained on the grass patch beside the village, laughing to his heart content.

Surrounding him, a number of children appeared suddenly and leaped over. That JingYu, who was always candid, laughed loudly and said, “Do you yield or not, yield or not?”

Yield or not….. He muttered to himself, as though repeating the words said during that time.

Heaven and Earth suddenly became dark, dark clouds hung overhead, so low that it appeared that the sky had fallen. All of people surrounding him suddenly vanished, the warm village afar also suddenly disappeared. Darkness descended onto the Earth, only a faint ray of light, shone upon that frightened and helpless child…

He suddenly cried out, “I yielded, I yielded….”

He turned around and sat up, his back was soaked in sweat and unable to stop panting.

“Xiao Fan, what happened?” A familiar voice beside him, sounded like the person was shocked, grabbed hold of Zhang Xiao Fan’s shoulders and asked urgently.

While panting, Zhang Xiao Fan looked beside him. Lin JingYu sat in front of the bed, his face was anxious and slightly haggard, staring at himself. Zhang Xiao Fan was stunned for a while, and looked around. This was a very small inn room with simple furnishings. There was only an ordinary table, chairs and a big bed. He himself was lying on the bed now, covered with a quilt.

He lowered his head, steadied himself and said, “Nothing, I had a nightmare.”

Lin JingYu looked at him, the corner of his lips twitched, and slowly loosen both of his hands.

Zhang Xiao Fan was silent for a while, and said, “Where are we?”

Lin JingYu hesitated for a while and said, “We had already left LiuBo Hill, currently we have arrived at ChangHe City located along East Ocean. This is a small inn in ChangHe City.”

Zhang Xiao Fan remained silent. The room suddenly became very quiet, after a long time, Lin JingYu suddenly said, “Xiao Fan, don’t you have anything to tell me?”

Zhang Xiao Fan’s shoulder seemed to shake for a while. He looked up at him, this childhood companion, right now was looking deeply at himself, but that kind of gaze instead looked so distant.

He lowered his head again, slowly said, “Nothing, JingYu.”

Lin JingYu frowned, was about to say something but eventually held back.

Another period of silence, Zhang Xiao Fan spoke, “How did we come back?”

Lin JingYu sighed and said, “That day on LiuBo Hill, after you had fainted, everyone looked at you...your appearance, they looked at each other in blank dismay. Finally my teacher, Uncle teacher Tian and a few others discussed for a while and decided to bring you back first. There seemed to be some confusion within the Evil Faction sect too, and their attention seemed to be all on that strange beast so they did not try to further obstruct us, therefore we managed to return to this ChangHe City successfully.”

Zhang Xiao Fan was silent for a while and said, “How long was I like this?”

Lin JingYu said, “Already three days.”

Zhang Xiao Fan was silent again. Lin JingYu looked at him, felt a surge of agitation and couldn’t help but burst out, “Xiao Fan, what actually happened to you? How did you have …”

“JingYu!” Zhang Xiao Fan suddenly shouted out loud, interrupted Lin JingYu’s question.

Lin JingYu froze and looked at him. Zhang Xiao Fan’s voice had also became slightly hoarse, without looking at Lin JingYu’s expression, he only hung his head and spoke in a low voice, “Don’t ask, don’t ask anymore, all right?”

Lin JingYu gritted his teeth, stood up, looked at Zhang Xiao Fan for a long time and finally turned around and walked out. But just as he was nearing the door, he suddenly turned around, faced Zhang Xiao Fan and said, “Xiao Fan, don’t worry, regardless you are … whatever reasons, I believe you, I will definitely beg teacher to say a word for you!”

Zhang Xiao Fan sat on the bed, motionless, as if he had not heard the words. Lin JingYu looked at him again, turned around resolutely and walked out. Outside the door, it appeared that there were people standing there, Lin JingYu spoke a few words to them quietly, and then the sound of his footsteps gradually faded away.

Inside the room, it was really quiet.

Unaware of how much time had passed, Zhang Xiao Fan slowly lifted his head, lifted his quilt, and noticed that he was still wearing the same clothes as on LiuBo Hill, presumably nobody had changed it for him. He subconsciously reached and felt for the head of the bed, but suddenly his hand stopped in mid-air.

It was empty there.

The firestick which accompanied him for all these years, disappeared.

He sat there in a daze, lips slightly quivering.

Suddenly, he bolted out from the bed, headed straight for the room’s door and jerked open the door.

The two people standing outside the door, turned back in astonishment, it was Song Daren and Du BiShu.

Looking at Zhang Xiao Fan, both of their expression seemed a bit strange, only after a long while, Du BiShu gave a dry laugh and said, “Junior, Junior brother, you have woken up?”

A ray of sunlight, from the sky behind them, shone down and shone upon Zhang Xiao Fan’s face. Zhang Xiao Fan suddenly felt faint, and his body swayed.

Song Daren’s face expression changed, without thinking, he wanted to step forward and support but the minute his hands stretched out, it withdrawn suddenly.

Zhang Xiao Fan was stunned, looking at him, the big senior brother who had always doted on him since young, his face was as white as paper.

Song Daren’s corner of his mouth twitched, eventually he still slowly said, “Little Junior brother, you are still wounded, it will be better if you stay in your room to heal, don’t wander out and walk.”

Zhang Xiao Fan slowly withdraw his body back, was about to turn around, but as if he couldn’t help it and suddenly said, “Big Senior brother, my firestick?” Song Daren and Du BiShu’s expressions changed, after a while, Song Daren then said cooly, “Little Junior brother, your magical weapon has been kept by Teacher temporarily, you, you don’t have to worry.”

Zhang Xiao Fan did not speak further, turned around and lightly closed the door.

In another corner of the inn, inside a secluded room, Taoist Cang Song and Tian BuYi with Xiao YiCai, the three of them, sat there.

On the table that was in-between the three of them, a green- black firestick was quietly lying there.

Suddenly, a hand stretched over, and took the firestick. It was Taoist Cang Song. He placed that firestick in front of him, touching it lightly with his hand. When his hand touched the Sinister Orb at the extreme end, there was a glint of lustre sparkling faintly in his eyes, after a long while, he said, “So this is the Sinister Orb?” Tian BuYi gave a cold snort.

Xiao YiCai looked at Tian BuYi, and looked at Taoist Cang Song, and said, “Both Uncle Teachers, what shall we do now, will like to seek your advice?”

Taoist Cang Song glanced at Xiao YiCai and said indifferently, “Xiao Nephew, you have always been resourceful and decisive, why not you give your ideas?”

Xiao  YiCai  shook  his  head  and  said,  “This  matter  is  too serious, I too do not know what to say!”

Cang Song Taoist looked at Tian BuYi’s livid expression and said, “Currently the most complex issue is, those fellow practitioners from Tian Yin Temple. They kept coming after us to ask how did Zhang Xiao Fan practised the Great Brahman Wisdom true way, their attitudes were agitated and fierce. If not for their in-charge, Fa Xiang, who is still sensible and tried his best to contain it, I’m afraid they would have long ago demanded us to hand over him!” Tian BuYi coldly said, “They want to take our people? They still have to wait until we find out the truth. Beside, it is our sect’s disciple who got into trouble, it is not their business to meddle.”

Taoist Cang Song frowned, and wanted to say something but Xiao YiCai already spoken, “Speaking of this, Tian Uncle Teacher, this morning I met FenXiang Valley’s Li Senior brother, he too, he too asked us for him!”

Taoist Cang Song was stunned, Tian BuYi rolled his eyes and said angrily, “What has it to do with FenXiang Valley again?”

Xiao YiCai spoke in a low voice, “Tian Uncle Teacher, please don’t be angry, actually I also feel that FenXiang Valley was being unreasonable. Li Xun Li Senior brother said, he had entered the evil foxes den’s Black Stone Cave together with Zhang Junior brother to investigate and find one of their FenXiang Valley magical weapon. In the end, Zhang Junior brother reached first, and when the rest of them arrived, the evil fox was already dead but the magical weapon was gone without a trace, and Zhang Junior brother instead said he had never seen that magical weapon. At that time, they felt strange. It seemed now most probably Zhang Junior brother stole…” [Pong], a loud sound, it was Tian BuYi, who in a fit of fury, slapped the table with a heavy palm. [Ka ka] a few sounds were heard, the table swayed for a while and collapsed. The table legs had already been split by this blow.

Xiao YiCai looked slightly awkward, Taoist Cang Song frowned, gave a snort of contempt and said, “FenXiang Valley these people obviously do not carry a good intention, this matter does not have any concrete evidence, we do not have to bother about them.”

Xiao YiCai nodded and continued, “Actually regarding FenXiang Valley, we can evade it for a while and it will be alright. But this time, Zhang Junior brother in front of everyone….er, a lot of our fellow Faction had already one after another requested for our Qing Yun sect to step out and give an explanation, to explain why eight hundred years ago Evil Faction’s evil item, will be with our Qing Yun sect disciple?”

Tian BuYi clenched his hands, light sounds of pi pa could be heard from it, his expression was livid with rage. He scolded in a low voice, “This little bastard!” Taoist Cang Song slowly said, “Tian Junior brother, you don’t have to be so angry, nobody expect this too. Just that this time the matter is too serious, and it involved Tian Yin Temple and the Evil Faction sect, this is not a small matter, I think we better hasten back and seek advice from our sect leader before making the final decision!”

Tian BuYi let out a deep breath, but after all he had practised for many years, immediately he suppressed the rage in his heart, nodded his head and said, “Agreed. We shall set off now.” After saying, his gaze turned to fall upon the firestick in Taoist Cang Song’s hand.

Unexpectedly Taoist Cang Song smiled lightly, and instead placed the firestick into his bosom.

Tian BuYi’s expression changed, Xiao YiCao who was beside also frowned, and said, “Cang Song Uncle Teacher, the magical weapon…”

Taoist Cang Song waved his hand at him, turned and said to Tian BuYi, “Tian Junior brother, your branch’s disciple created such a big matter, which already caused us Qing Yun sect to lose face in front of all the Good Faction sects, and even offended Tian Yin Temple, I’m afraid you as the teacher have to bear some responsibility?”

Tian BuYi snorted, his nostrils flared and coldly said, “So what then?”

Taoist Cang Song indifferently said, “I am still in charge of the discipline in Qing Yun sect, this evidence will be placed with me, I guess Tian Junior brother won’t have any objections right?”

Tian BuYi stared at Cang Song Taoist for a long while, suddenly stamped his feet and walked out furiously.

On the streets of ChangHe City, it was bustling with activity and people travelled to and fro as per normal day.

Zhou YiXian and Xiao Huan, the two of them stood at a corner at the start of the street, looked at a small inn with a board inscribed with the words, East Ocean Inn, in front of them, frowning together. Xiao Huan licked the candied haws in her hand, giving out a satisfying [pen pen] sound, and casually said to Zhou YiXian, “Grandpa, are you sure the people from Qing Yun sect are staying here?”

Zhou YiXian nodded his head and said, “Don’t talk nonsense, did you not see that those people coming in and out of the door are all real cultivators of Tao?” After speaking, he muttered to himself,  “These  people,  after  they  left  for  LiuBo  Hill,  they stayed away for so long, not sure that this time they are back, what was the outcome?”

Xiao Huan gave him an angry stare and said, “I really can’t figure you out, let’s say you are from Qing Yun sect! You yourself do not dare to go forward and claim your connection: let’s say you are not! But why are you that concerned?”

Zhou YiXian stifled, angrily said, “Your Grandpa, I, although disdain acknowledging these Qing Yun sect juniors, that is because I have already looked past the worldly affairs, rather to be someone with scanty means, roaming freely all over the world, for the good of the common people, to do some…” Xiao Huan turned around and walked away.

Zhou YiXian’s remaining boastful words, were forcefully swallowed into his stomach, he snorted, gave a last look at the East Ocean Inn, turned around and walked away too.

Xiao Huan continued talking while walking, “You still have the cheek to say that, originally we also wanted to go to LiuBo Hill to take a look, in the end after asking around in East Ocean side for several days, we couldn’t even find a boatman to take us there.”

Zhou YiXian felt greatly embarrassed, gave a dry laugh and said, “That is because these boatmen are not knowledgeable, how can they even not know where is LiuBo Hill, all are good- for-nothing!”

Speaking at the same time, he thought if these matters were always brought up, inevitably he would lose all of his old face in front of his granddaughter. He then changed the topic and casually said, “I wonder if that fellow called Zhang Xiao Fan, this time will he die at LiuBo Hill?” Xiao Huan gave him a stare and said, ”Don’t talk nonsense, that day I read his palm, although this person has a unique horoscope, with a sign of chaos devil, but the expectancy of a life has no connection with one’s fortune, he is not a person with short life.”

Zhou YiXian [hehe] gave a laugh, and said to Xiao Huan, “Speaking of which, I became more and more curious to know, that day outside Black Stone Cave in that [Lunar Ancient Well], what did he actually see?”

Xiao Huan giggled and said, “Until now you still remember?”

Zhou  YiXian  nodded  and  said,  “That’s  right,  you  should know that someone with chaos devil sign is one in a million, I am now more and more curious about that fellow!”

Xiao Huan nodded her head in succession, laughed and said, “Actually me too…”

Both of them laughed and talked, for a moment they forgot to pay attention ahead, out of a sudden they discovered a figure appeared in front of them, both of them almost collided with it. They had a fright and quickly control their bodies, with difficulty they managed to stabilized themselves. Zhou YiXian flew up in a rage and said, “What are you all doing…”.

Unexpectedly he had not even completed his sentence half way, his voice immediately became mute. Xiao Huan was surprised, and looked up at the same time, immediately she was also shocked. Two people were standing before them, standing ahead was a delicate and beautiful young lady, attired in light green clothing, it was actually the person who made them suffered quite a lot of hardship, BiYao, and behind BiYao, there was another girl, but she was dressed in black, her face was also veiled in black veil, her facial features could not be clearly seen.

Zhou YiXian laughed dryly twice and said, “I was wrong, I was wrong…” while saying, he looked at Xiao Huan and gestured with his eyes. Xiao Huan, although young but was quick witted beyond her age, she understood immediately. Both of them was about to turn around and flee, unexpectedly their bodies felt light, they were each being lifted up by one lady, following which their vision swayed, a few streets figures tossed and turned, when they regained their conscious, they were already at a deserted mean alley.
 Zhou YiXian’s forehead was sweating, he knew that the lady in front of him was far more skilled than him, this time he did not know what hardship he had to go through, he could only give a bitter face and said, “This lady, I, that day it was all my fault. Ah! I give you back all of your silver! Please be magnanimous milady, let us go!”

BiYao frowned, ever since she came back from LiuBo Hill, looking at her face at the moment, she appeared rather wan and sallow. She gave Zhou YiXian a stare and said, “Who wants your silver, I will ask you a few questions, you honestly reply me.”

Zhou YiXian immediately said, “Miss please ask, I will reply all according to the facts. Not sure if you wanted to ask regarding your fortune or longevity, if not about marriage? All these are Zhou YiXian, Great Zhou Immortal’s specialty skills, come come come, let me divine for you…”

The more he talked, the more eloquent he became, unexpectedly beside him, he felt Xiao Huan constantly pulling his shirt. He turned back in surprise and asked, "What happened?" Xiao Huan was sweating, gave him a stare, and smiled obsequiously at BiYao and said, "This, um, beautiful big sister, what is it that you want to ask us?"

BiYao was silent for a while, said, "Just now what were you all looking at in front of East Ocean Inn?"

Zhou YiXian and Xiao Huan looked at each other and said, "Not, nothing, we just happened to pass by and saw a lot of cultivators there, so we stopped to look."

BiYao indifferently said, "So, it means Qing Yun sect, all of their members are staying there?"

Zhou YiXian nodded his head and said, "Seems to be"

BiYao was silent again, after a long while, she said, "Then did you all...did you all see that Qing Yun sect young disciple who once saved both of you?" Zhou YiXian was stunned momentarily but came to understand what she meant, said, "Miss you mean that youth called Zhang Xiao Fan?"

BiYao did not expect that they actually knew Zhang Xiao Fan's name, nodded her head, said, "Why? You all saw him?" At the same time, her face expression showed her concern.

Zhou YiXian and Xiao Huan both shook their heads at the same time.

BiYao immediately looked disappointed, she looked as if she wanted to say more but suddenly she seemed to lose all interest, waved her hand and said, "Both of you leave!"

The words were like heavenly music to Zhou YiXian and Xiao Huan, immediately they thanked her and quicken their steps to walk out of the small alley. Unexpectedly they had only walked a few steps, behind them BiYao suddenly said, "Wait….."

Zhou YiXian's heart went [thump] ..... BiYao slowly said, "Just now on the main street, you were all talking about a Lunar Ancient Well outside Black Stone Cave, what does that mean?"

After hearing that, Zhou YiXian then was able to put down the stone in his heart, he quickly told her about Lunar Ancient Well parable, and lastly said, "......um, that is all. Legend said that on a full moon night, one only has to gaze into the Lunar Ancient Well and he will be able to see the person he loves most!"

BiYao's face expression changed, did not speak anymore, and appeared to be in a daze, Zhou YiXian was still thinking whether this ever changing young girl still had any weird questions, suddenly he was pulled by Xiao Huan, and saw her kept using her eyes to signal to him, he then regained his wits, both of them slowly walked towards outside. However, BiYao and that mysterious black attired girl beside her, did not stop them.

After like half a day, inside the deserted alley, only BiYao and that mysterious black veiled girl remained. "Aunt You, who do you think he saw?" She had only just spoken the words, BiYao suddenly gave a bitter laugh, in her laughter there were some degree of sourness. "Do we still need to say, it must be his LingEr senior sister, if not, it will be that rare beauty, the one from Qing Yun sect who wield the TianYa celestial sword, what am I?"

The mysterious lady who was addressed as "Aunt You" by BiYao, said indifferently, "Don't be like this, these men, sometimes they do not know exactly their own heart!"

BiYao closed her eyes, opened after a long while, carrying with it a faint plea, and spoke to the black attired lady, "Aunt You, I want to go and see him."

The black attired lady immediately shaked her head, said, "No"

BiYao begged pitifully, "Aunt You, his condition now, is really rather be dead than alive. I, I, I really cannot let go of this thought in my heart!" The black attired lady gave a soft sigh, said, "Your father also knew you will be impulsive, that is why he ordered me to look after you. Now that most of the highly skilled Qing Yun members are inside the inn, if we go in rashly like this, we will surely be unable to avoid trouble." Speaking until here, her voice became more tender, softly said, "Yao'er, there are still chances, we will surely see him again."

BiYao stood there in a daze, spoke after a long interval, "But, but he had committed a big taboo in the Good Faction, will they just, just kill him like that "

The black attired lady frowned, shook her head said, "BiYao, come to your senses, usually you are not this muddled. Zhang Xiao Fan currently, other than because he has the Sinister Orb and is suspected to be in league with our Holy Sect, the most important is, he actually practised Tian Yin Temple's Great Brahman Wisdom, this is then the dire matter, if they are unable to get to the truth, firstly Tian Yin Temple will not let Qing Yun sect go off easily. I predict Qing Yun sect will have to bring Zhang Xiao Fan back to Qing Yun Hill, and let DaoXuan personally interrogate and make the decision himself, so as to give Tian Yin Temple a proper explanation, therefore he will be safe for now!" BiYao subconsciously bit her pale lower lip, after a long while, there was still no reaction from her.

The black attired lady watched it all, and also seemed to feel some heart pain, she gently smoothed her hair and spoke in a reassuring low voice, "It will be alright, don't worry, didn’t your father also said it before, he will not sit by and do nothing."

BiYao nodded, suddenly she lifted her head, grabbed the black attired lady's hand and urgently said, "Aunt You, I knew since long ago, you do not fight anymore, but I beg you, for my sake, please also help him!"

The black attired lady was silent for a while, gently shifted her gaze away, looked towards the outside of the small alley.

BiYao cried out again, "Aunt You!"

The black attired lady seemed to give a soft sigh and said, "Alright! If your father decide to save him, I will help you once." BiYao's face lit up with pleasure.

The black attired lady smiled, but nobody could see the smile that was hidden within the black veil, just like nobody could see deep inside her heart, the waves of ripples that were ruffled.

In that dark and harsh night, when the youth who disregarded his life charged towards that huge ferocious beast, she in the dark, was captivated.

From the vague memories, many years ago, that figure in white, clothing as white as snow.

Even the expressions on their faces, had some degree of similarities.

Chapter 75 - Conspiracy

Issa = Zeng ShuShu

Ashh = Xiao Hui (also means Little Grey)

Big Yella = Da Huang (also means Big Yellow)

To view Qing Yun again.

When Zhang Xiao Fan once again set his eyes upon Qing Yun Hill, since the time when he left the mountain together with Lu XueQi, QiHao, Zeng ShuShu, it had already been several months.

That still as before majestic towering peak, reaching directly into the clouds, the usual magical misty breath, solemn and sacred, but Zhang Xiao Fan’s situation, had totally changed. After Tian BuYi, Taoist Cang Song and Xiao YiCai’s discussion, Zhang Xiao Fan was brought back by Tian BuYi temporarily to Bamboo Peak, while Taoist Cang Song and Xiao YiCai went on to report the details to the Sect Head, Reverend DaoXuan, before making a decision.

And Zhang Xiao Fan, as he had lost the firestick, on this journey, he was unable to use his spell to fly, therefore it was big senior brother Song Daren, who flew him all the way back.

Bamboo Peak stood tall and erect, reaching into the clouds, with steep cliffs on all of it’s four sides, to Zhang Xiao Fan who had lost his firestick, it seemed like he was placed under house arrest.

Streaks of light flashed by in waves, the Bamboo Peak generations, finally returned to the long awaited Bamboo Peak.

Zhang Xiao Fan expressionlessly walked down from big senior brother’s Ten Tigers celestial sword, which had came to a stop, and silently stood aside, Tian BuYi even more so did not even cast a glance at him, with a stony expression, entered the “Observed Silence Hall” directly. Coming down to greet them, the ones who were left to guard Bamboo Peak, Wu DaYi etc were stunned momentarily, and looked at SuRu and Song Daren with confused gazes.

SuRu sighed softly, shook her head, and also did not feel like saying more. She turned her head to speak to Song Daren, “Daren, I leave here to you.”

Song Daren quickly acknowledged.

SuRu turned her head to look at Zhang Xiao Fan who was silently standing aside, his face was haggard and within the last several days he had already lost a lot of weight. Looking at him, she could not help herself and stepped forward but stopped almost immediately. She shook her head and sighed, turned around and left. Tian LingEr turned to glance at Zhang Xiao Fan, and immediately followed after her mother without saying a word.

Song Daren gave a dry laugh, with an odd expression on his face, spoke to Zhang Xiao Fan, “Little junior brother, since we have already come back, go back to your room and rest! But, you….you better not wander unnecessary.” Zhang Xiao Fan raised his head, nodded slightly, said, “Big senior brother, I understand.”

After speaking, he walked alone towards Bamboo Peak disciples’ residences, he had not gone far when he heard low voices whispering behind him. Obviously, Wu DaYi and the rest were filled with curiosity; they were now questioning Song Daren and Du BiShu, in earnest.

Although he did not see it, but those invisible stares behind him, were like needles, stabbing into his back.

Just when he had walked a short distance, suddenly two happy barks sounded in the Bamboo Peak, Zhang Xiao Fan was moved, he lifted his head to look ahead, and could not help but stared blankly for a moment. After not seeing each other for so long, the monkey, Xiao Hui, grinning and riding on the big dog, Da Huang,’s back, both hands clutching tightly onto Da Huang’s glossy fur. And Da Huang, with half of it’s tongue rolling out, barking loudly and excitedly all the way, dashing forward. Zhang Xiao Fan suddenly felt his eyes became warm, even his body was also slightly shaking.

Soon, Da Huang arrived in front of Zhang Xiao Fan, Xiao Hui [Zi Zi] gibbered constantly, a sound of [whoosh] and it had scurried up onto Zhang Xiao Fan’s shoulder, laughing merrily, both claws accustomedly started to grope everywhere on Zhang Xiao Fan’s head. As for Da Huang, it was also extremely affectionate towards Zhang Xiao Fan, a big dog’s head ceaselessly stroking Zhang Xiao Fan’s leg, rubbing here and there.

Was it because he was missing Zhang Xiao Fan’s meat bone again?

Zhang Xiao Fan felt a surge of emotion in his heart, squatted down, and used his hand to gently caress Da Huang’s head, Da Huang whined softly twice, both ears obediently drooped down, rubbed against Zhang Xiao Fan’s palm.

And Xiao Hui [Zi zi] laughed randomly, it’s tail swished here and there, wrapping tightly around Zhang Xiao Fan. Wu DaYi, who was standing afar, muttered a few words in a low voice, “These two bastards. I, your father, take such good care of them for these few months, and have never seen them that enthusiastic towards me before!”

After a while, under everyone’s attentive gazes, Zhang Xiao Fan stood up and walked towards his residence. Xiao Hui sat on his shoulder and Big Huang followed behind.

It seemed that only at this moment, the figure of Zhang Xiao Fan, did not appear to be that lonely.

Somewhere at a distance from the foot of Qing Yun Hill, BiYao and the mysterious black attired lady, YouJi, were standing side by side, looking at the mountain summit hidden beneath the white clouds.

BiYao’s face looked slightly pale, her brows frowning and she appeared to have lost some weight. She also seemed to be in a trance like daze. After staring blankly for about half a day, she spoke slowly, “I wonder how is he now?” YouJi’s black veil moved slightly, she turned and looked at this young lady beside her, who was tormented by love, and said softly, “Everything will be alright, BiYao, don’t think so much.”

BiYao bit her lips and suddenly asked, “Where is my dad?”

YouJi replied, “ZhongZhu is going to HeYang City today to meet up with that old monster from Wan Du Clan who has arrived recently.”

BiYao was surprised and said, “What, ‘God of Poison’  also came?”

YouJi smirked, said, “Not only him, according to what I had heard privately, these few days, even the section heads from Chang Shen Hall and He Huan Branch also have to come over.”

BiYao was even more shocked, and spoke only after a long while, “Why is it like this? I knew that dad had already secretly shifted the main forces from Ghost King sect to Qing Yun Hill surroundings, if these three section heads come, their sects’ skilled fighters will also surely come, then is it that our four big….no, basically our Holy Sect main strength are all concentrated here?”

After YouJi’s face was hidden behind her black veil, her face expression could not be seen, but from her voice, it was still as smooth and calm, and she gently said, “That’s right.”

BiYao suddenly lowered her head, after a while, slowly said, “So it means, the main purpose for dad to come here, is not to save Zhang Xiao Fan.”

YouJi  replied  drily,  “BiYao,  don’t  brood  so  much  on  it, ZhongZhu’s words are worth nine sacred tripods, and you are his only daughter, he will not lie to you. And this time our Holy Sect main branches are willing to meet together, it was all because of your dad who has spare no effort to advocate for it. To wipe away the great shame suffered hundred years ago, the section heads of the four branches stood together under the MingWang throne and swore an oath, to take the advantage when Qing Yun is unprepared and make a surprise attack on them.” BiYao was silent for a while, said, “If this battle is successful, dad’s reputation within the Holy Sect will naturally increase, and even if he failed, he will also gain a good reputation for trying to erase the seniors’ shame. But…” She suddenly raised her voice, her expression looked agitated and said, “But all these I do not care, and do not wish to care for, I only wish for Zhang Xiao Fan to be well, and not to….”

“BiYao!” YouJi suddenly shouted. BiYao was stunned, looked at her and eventually, kept quiet. She turned her head to look at the white clouds far away, staring blankly.

In a deserted big mansion inside HeYang City, Ghost King and Qing Long unhurriedly stepped in, with someone respectfully guiding them in along the way, straight into the inner parts of the mansion.

The mansion was naturally Wan Du Clan’s stronghold in HeYang City, and on this day too, Wan Du Clan’s Head, the God of Poison, who was the oldest qualified Head among the four main branches in the Evil Faction, had also arrived. Hundred years ago, in the big battle between Evil Faction and Good Faction on Qing Yun Hill, fierce fighting took place but the Evil Faction eventually still lost. After the fight, the Evil Faction suffered heavy losses and among the four main branches, three leaders were replaced, and it was also during this time, Ghost King took over the Head position of the Ghost King branch.

But among the branches, only the old monster, God of Poison, of Wan Du Clan, was fortunate to survive, only that in the recent few years, he was not his past style of being arrogant and obtruding, even within the Evil Faction, Wan Du Clan stayed surprisingly low keyed, not to say the ordinary disciples would not even have a chance to see this old monster.

Thinking of this, Qing Long could not help but frowned slightly. The title, God of Poison, had already resounded within the Evil Faction even before hundred years ago. When he was still following the previous Ghost King to conquer the world, this God of Poison was already a capable disciple within Wan Du Clan, and subsequently took over Wan Du Clan’s Head position. Within Evil Faction, he vied fiercely with Ghost King sect. Between them, who would know the number of hidden feuds still unsettled? Unexpectedly, things had changed with time, and now they would work together with this old monster.

Qing Long had also not seen the God of Poison almost near to a hundred years, he was indeed curious, after all these years, how had the God of Poison turned into? If according to the calculation of his age, this old monster would be nearing to almost five hundred years old already.

Thinking of which, he suddenly had a thought, looking at Ghost King who was walking half a body length ahead of him, a slight smile on his lips and his expression relaxed, but however he might, he was unable to guess, what was Ghost King thinking in his heart?

On the way in, they walked past the courtyard and entered the inner main room of the house. The surroundings were quiet and tranquil, and not a human in sight. For a person of high authority and position, it was surprisingly deserted.

Soon, they arrived at the door of an ordinary looking single story house, eight men wearing the same yellowish-brown uniform were standing outside it, and the person who was leading the way, led them to walk towards that house. It seemed like the God of Poison should be in this room.

When they were nearing, the eight men bowed to Ghost King together. It was obvious that Ghost King, as the Head of one of the four main branches in Evil Faction, his position was the highest. However, Ghost King did not carry any haughty or conceited air, he nodded slightly to the men, amiably smiled and entered with Qing Long.

Inside the room, the windows facing East to the West were all opened, the sunlight streamed in, it was bright inside the room. There was none of the sayings which claimed that people of the Evil Faction always stayed in the darkness.

As for the furnishings, it was even more simpler. In the middle of such a big house, there was only a table and a few chairs. There was a reclining chair beside the table, an old man with a head full of hair as white as snow, was lying on it, beside him, a fair face of age around twenty odd young man was sitting beside him, arranging the tea set on the table, the tea fragrance could be smelled from time to time. Looking at it, it looked like a tranquil picture of grandfather and grandson having a rest, where do you find a single trace of evil!

Ghost King smiled slightly, walked over, that old man heard footsteps, opened his eyes, and looked over at Ghost King, a smile immediately appeared on his face, he said, “ You came?”

Ghost King smiled and replied, “Senior, since we parted at the Holy Temple, we have not met for a long time, how is your health?”

This old man was obviously the renowned evil known throughout the world, God of Poison, his expression seemed to carry a bitter smile and said, “Old, and useless”

After which, he seemed not to want to talk about this anymore,  he  changed  the  topic  and  said,  “Ghost  King  old brother, now that you are already Head of the Ghost King branch, your status is the same as me, if you do not mind, you can call me elder brother, please do not call me titles like senior anymore, I am not worthy of it.” Ghost King laughed in spite of himself, his expression relaxed, sat down on the other side of the table and said to God of  Poison,  “Senior,  your  words  are  wrong,  who  would  not know that you are someone of noble character and high prestige, regarding the big matter this time, we are still counting on you to take charge of the overall situation!”

God of Poison looked stunned, and immediately shaked his head and said, “Won’t do, won’t do.”

Ghost King looked as if he wanted to say more, at this time, the young man at the other side of the table had already prepared two cups of tea, and brought it over, he said, “ZongZhu, Qing Long Holy Envoy, please have tea.”

Ghost King and Qing Long both stretched their hands to take the cups, Ghost King took a few more look at him, and saw that this young man’s features were delicate, only that his face looked slightly pale, but to be able to accompany the God of Poison, obviously his relationship with God of Poison would not be simple. Ghost King immediately turned and asked God of Poison, “ This is….”

Ghost King smiled and said, “He is my last disciple whom I have take in ten years ago, his name is Qin WuYan, at that time I noticed his aptitude is not bad, so I took him in. WuYan, quickly greet these two seniors, they are our Holy Sect renowned figures, if you could receive their care in the future, it is better than you painstakingly practised for another hundred years.”

Qin WuYan lowered his head slightly, nobody could tell if he was proud or shy from his face expression, even his voice did not change too, it was still calm and smooth, he softly said, “Greetings  to  ZongZhu,  Holy  Envoy,  I  did  not  know  my manners just now, I hope both of you do not mind.”

Ghost King [He he] laughed, shook his hand, Qing Long also smiled and said, “This young brother is able to learn from the God of Poison, he will have boundless prospects in the future!”

God of Poison [He he] laughed and said to both of them, “The child does not know his manners, please do not mind.” Ghost King shook his hand, smiled and said, “You are too formal”. He paused for a while and said again, “But Senior, today I really come to sincerely invite you to take charge of the situation. Our four main branches are joining hands together, to clean off that big failure at Qing Yun, where our Holy Sect was insulted and humiliated beyond words.”

God of Poison was silent for a while, his expression looked slightly bleak, after a long time he then said, “Old brother, I am already half handicapped, I am really not much use. This time, our four branches conspired together to attack Qing Yun, naturally I cannot be left behind, if not I will be letting both saints, Wisdom Queen and Wisdom King, down, and even more towards Holy Sect’s generation of founders. Just that the leader of this exercise! I think other than you, old brother, a man of great talent and courage, there is simply no one suitable at all!”

Ghost King frowned, shook his head and said, “Senior you overpraised me, among the four branches, my qualifications is the lowest, how can I take on the role? Let’s do it like this! We will wait for Chang Shen Hall’s ‘YuYang Zi’ and HeHuan Branch’s ‘Three seconds Fairy’ to arrive, then we discussed again ba!” God  of  Poison  was  silent  for  a  while  and  said,  “This suggestion is good too, they should be here in a few days time, we will gather again at that time, our Holy Sect’s hundred years of insult and deep humiliation, this time round we must get it back from Qing Yun Sect.”

Ghost King smiled, sat for a while and chatted a few words more, and after that, left with Qing Long. The God of Poison did not force them to stay on and ordered his men to send them off.

After leaving God of Poison’s mansion, Ghost King and Qing Long, the two of them, merged into HeYang City’s crowd.

Ghost King suddenly sneered and said, “This old monster, is really getting harder and harder to deal with.”

These words were said without rhyme or reason but Qing Long seemed to understand what he was referring to, nodded his head and said, “That’s right, three hundred years ago when our Ghost King clan with WanDu sect were fighting to death, the old monster was the most malicious and impulsive, he was always the first on the frontline, even hundred years ago, Qing Yun that big battle, it was also him as the Head of WanDu sect, who advocated it strongly. It seemed like that crushing defeat had tone down much of his drive.”

Ghost King shook his head and said, “This is not called tone down, this is called capabilities grown. After going through that battle, the old monster seemed to totally gain enlightenment. His temperament changed completely, concealing his strength and bidding his time. These hundred years, other than our Ghost King clan, WanDu sect was the fastest to recover back their strength. Just that he refused this position, it is indeed very troublesome!”

Saying which, Ghost King frowned and said drily, “Forget it, anyway we have to wait for the other two to arrive before we can discuss the important matter, let’s wait a few more days! Mhm, right, BiYao? It seems like I didn’t see her for the whole day.”

Qing Long replied, “I didn’t see her too, but YouJi has been accompanying her, shouldn’t have any problem, don’t worry” Ghost King shook his head, softly sighed and did not say anymore.

After watching Ghost King and Qing Long’s figures disappeared, God of Poison, whose expression all along had been gentle and even carried a bit of kindness, gradually darkened, but for half a day, he did not say anything.

As for the young man beside him, his character was even more odd, even if God of Poison did not speak to him, he took pleasure in what he was doing, patiently preparing the tea on the table, there was no hint of impatience on his expression.

After like ages, God of Poison suddenly heaved a deep sigh and said, “The new is constantly replacing the old!”

That young man called Qin WuYan turned his head over, took a look at God of Poison and said coolly, “O! Is that person’s skills powerful?”

God of Poison snorted and said, “His training and skills are naturally high, but even how high his skills will be, we do not fear him, just that this person is too shrewd, you must take precautions in the future!”

Qin WuYan smiled slightly, his tone still calm, and said, “Yes I know, Teacher”

God of Poison looked at him, and exclaimed suddenly, “If only your good-for-nothing senior brothers can have your aptitude, why would I need to wait bitterly for these many years?”

Even when Qin WuYan received praise from God of Poison, his face did not have any conceited expression, he coolly said, “The few senior brothers are all doing their best to work for you, Teacher”

God of Poison snorted, suddenly stretched his hand to pull off the woollen blanket off his lap, and actually stood up from the chair, his physique was in fact quite tall and big, his back straight. Where did it show that he was sick at all? It looked like all of the actions earlier, were all done to deceive Ghost King and Qing Long. God of Poison paced back and forth in the middle of the house, Qin WuYan instead was much more quieter than his teacher, the only sound heard was God of Poison’s footsteps.

At this time, suddenly, beside Qin WuYan, a strange sound sounded. It was similar to the ear-piercing sounds made by cicadas in the summer.

God of Poison’s expression changed, he turned to look.

Qin WuYan took out a yellow box from below his seat, one chi (translator’s note: a traditional unit of length) square, the strange sound came from this.

God of Poison walked over, stretched out his hand to gently open the cover, impressively in front of them, on top of the yellow soft silk cloth in the box, lay a magnificent coloured centipede, but the most unusual part was, the centipede’s tail was split into seven.

If Zhang Xiao Fan was to see this thing now, he would be shocked beyond description, because he had seen this thing when he was young, it was one of the world most extremely poisonous ‘Seven tailed centipede’.

Qin WuYan frowned and said, “Ever since we have arrived near Qing Yun Hill, XiaoQi seemed restless, as if it has been agitated.”

God of Poison looked closely at this seven tailed centipede, and took out a small light purple medicine pill from his bosom, placed it inside the box and closed the lid. Very soon, that strange sound that was emitting from the box, gradually lowered down and disappeared.

After Qin WuYan had carefully put away the box with seven tailed centipede in it, God of Poison calmly said, “This seven tailed centipede is one of the rare creatures in the world, there is only one pair left and they have always accompanied each other until death. If they are separated, but within a hundred miles, they can sense each other. These few days that XiaoQi was being restless, must be because of this.”

Qin WuYan looked at God of Poison, suddenly said, “So it means, now that that person, is at Qing Yun Hill?” God of Poison laughed and said, “That is right, the seven tailed centipede is one of its only kind in the whole world, it cannot be wrong.”

After speaking, he turned his head around, gazed deeply far away. In the far place, that lofty majestic Qing Yun Hill outside HeYang City, soaring through the clouds, its might and power almost unequaled in the world, white clouds swirling around it with the presence of heavenly aura.

“One  hundred  years  already,  turn  of  an  eye,  it’s  another hundred years!”  This old man, muttered to himself in a low voice.

Chapter 76 - Impasse

At Qing Yun Hill Big Bamboo Valley.

Zhang Xiao Fan dully sat in his own room, staring blankly.

It was a bright and sunny afternoon, gentle rays of light streamed in from the room’s window and shone upon the green stone floor. Maybe it was also because the air carried a sluggish feel, Da Huang and Xiao Hui in the room, also seemed to be listless.

DaHuang lay beside Zhang Xiao Fan’s feet, and buried its head between its two front paws. Its eyes were half closed, its ears were also drooping down and from its head to tail, only its glossy fur tail swung occasionally.

And even the usual energetic monkey, Xiao Hui, was also lying on Da Huang’s body at this moment. Using Da Huang’s stomach as pillow, its eyes were closed and in a deep sleep. And its body, following Da Huang’s stomach’s breathing, moved slightly up and down. This peaceful afternoon, seemed like everything were as before, exactly the same.

Zhang Xiao Fan’s eyes were fixed into a stare into the unknown, this was already the third day of his return to Qing Yun Hill.

Suddenly, as if it had sense something, Da Huang, who had been drowsing off, suddenly lifted its head up, both of its eyes opened and even its ears were standing straight up.

Zhang Xiao Fan frowned, and heard slow footsteps outside the door. Soon, a creaking sound was heard and the door was being pushed opened.

The sunlight streamed in and for a moment the lights were blinding. Zhang Xiao Fan only saw a figure standing outside the door, bathing in the sunlight.

Until after his eyes adjusted to the brightness, his face immediately turned pale. Tian BuYi’s face was solemn, standing at the door. In these three days, this is the first time Tian BuYi had came to see him And other than the one who delivered his meals to him, big Senior brother Song Daren, he was the first person. He guessed that the rest of them, due to the strict orders from Tian BuYi, were unable to visit.

By this time, Da Huang had already ran over, his tail wagging vigrously, rubbing itself here and there on Tian BuYi’s legs and appeared to be extremely delighted. But the other animal, Xiao Hui, did not seemed to feel the same, instead appeared to have been disrupted from a good dream and looked indigant. It [Zhi Zhi] screeched out twice, but after all it knew that Tian BuYi was not someone it could offend, so it did not dare to go forward and behaved impudently.

After screeching out a few times, Xiao Hui swaggered and leapt back to Zhang Xiao Fan’s bed, leaned against the blanket and fell asleep again.

Tian BuYi bended his body, looked at Da Huang who was beside his legs, stretched out his hand and smoothed its head. Da Huang barked softly twice and used its head to rub his palm. Tian BuYi patted Da Huang’s head, stood upright and looked at Zhang Xiao Fan.

Zhang Xiao Fan did not dare to look directly at him, and softly called out, “Teacher.”

Tian BuYi looked at him for a while, did not acknowledge and slowly walked nearer. Zhang Xiao Fan subconsciously moved back a step.

But Tian BuYi did not do anything, and only slowly sat down on the chair. Zhang Xiao Fan felt some apprehension, but even more than that, he was at a loss for words and at his wits' end. Actually ever since he had returned, he had expected to face such a situation, even to the extent that he would face interrogation from even more people, he was already mentally prepared.

But, on this warm and quiet afternoon, when the person whom he had been worshipping like God for all these years, Tian BuYi, silently sitting in front of him, he could only bowed his head low, his mind in a blank and unable to utter a single word. Without knowing how much time had passed before he heard Tian BuYi slowly said, “Lao Qi.”  [Translator’s note: It means number seven]

Zhang Xiao Fan’s body shivered, and almost like a conditional reflex, he replied, “Yes, Teacher.”

“Do you have any words, that you wish to say to me?”

Zhang Xiao Fan slowly lifted his head, looked at Tian BuYi, Tian BuYi expressionlessly looked back at him, he was unable to presume what he was thinking about.

After a long silence, Zhang Xiao Fan slowly shook his head.

Tian BuYi stared at this disciple, his hand which was huddled inside his sleeve slowly curled up into a fist.

“Just now, “ Tian BuYi slowly spoke, as if as only this way, he could hide the feelings in his heart, “This morning QiHao from Long Shou Valley, sent a message. Early tomorrow morning, our Sect Head, Reverend DaoXuan, wants to meet you at TongTian Peak, YuQing Hall.”

Zhang Xiao Fan’s body shook slightly. In the end, he still have to face it.

The cool mountain breeze, gently blew in from the door that was left opened. The wind seemed to carry with it the rustling sounds from the bamboo forest far away. But, the people in the room, instead did not feel anything.

Xiao Hui seemed to fall asleep again, Big Huang too lay down again and did not bother them. Only Tian BuYi, was still staring attentively at this disciple.

Staring deeply, deeply at him

"These few days, did those senior brothers of yours neglect you?" Zhang Xiao Fan shook his head and said, "No, all of the senior brothers treated...treated me well."

Tian BuYi did not speak anymore, the room became silent again.

After a long while, Tian BuYi suddenly heaved a long sigh, and looked as if he had made up his mind on something, flung his head back and stood up, without even turning his head, he walked towards the door without a word.

Zhang Xiao Fan stared at that familiar back figure, at a loss.

Just when Tian BuYi was about to step out of the room, he suddenly stopped, but he still did not turn his head. Zhang Xiao Fan as if in a trance, called out, "Teacher..."

"Lao Qi!" Tian BuYi's voice was still steady, but behind it instead, an indistinct flow of unusual emotions. "I will ask you for the last time, are you really the spy sent from other sects to pry on our Qing Yun secret skills?"

Zhang Xiao Fan bit his lips, slowly, slowly kneeled in front of him, "Teacher, I am not, I have not done anything to let you down!"

He spoke in a low voice to Tian BuYi, also as if at the same time speaking to the depths of his heart, speaking with resolution and finality.

In the sunlight, there seemed to be a sound of gentle soft sigh. When Zhang Xiao Fan lifted his head again, that familiar figure had already disappeared.

Zhang Xiao Fan stared blankly at the door, and after remaining that way for a long time, he then slowly stood up, walked back to his bed and sat down.

The monkey, Xiao Hui, was roused suddenly up by his actions, turned its head over, saw that it was Zhang Xiao Fan, split his lips and smiled. As if after the nap, it had regained its energy, and like energetic as usual, jumped onto him.

Zhang Xiao Fan subconsciously pulled his hand over and hugged Xiao Hui but his gaze still remained on outside the door. After a long while, then he, using only the voice that he himself, or maybe including Xiao Hui, could hear, spoke quietly, "You know right, I promised that person before, until death I will not say, until death I will not say..."

Not knowing whether Xiao Hui understood, but it obviously did not appear to mind, stretched out its hands and intimately scratched Zhang Xiao Fan's hair.

Zhang Xiao Fan did not move, and let Xiao Hui do what it wanted, he only slowly said, "Only you, Xiao Hui, now only you are by my side..."

Xiao Hui [zi zi] called out twice, hehe laughed, and not knowing whether it really understood. And at a distance away, Big Huang seemed to fall asleep again, in its dream, its tail curled up slightly, and withdrew back under its body. The sun as usual gently shone down, Du BiShu, who was standing outside the door, could not help but opened his mouth and yawned. But in an instant, the initial slight drowsiness felt disappeared. Tian BuYi was seen slowly walking out from Zhang Xiao Fan's residence.

"Teacher." Du BiShu called out, and at the same time, carefully watched Tian BuYi's expression, hoping to read something from it. However, Tian BuYi’s face was expressionless, only nodded his head slightly and walked past him like that, walking towards Observed Silence Hall.

Du BiShu respectfully stood aside, until Tian BuYi was far away, and looked at his departing figure. But in his heart instead, he was thinking about Zhang Xiao Fan, and cannot help but heaved a sigh. At big Bamboo Valley, nobody expected that such a thing would happened to this former ordinary little Junior Brother.

At this very moment, even the former usual energetic him, also could not help but felt listless, in his heart, he was even more worried about Zhang Xiao Fan. Lost in his thoughts, without knowing how much time had passed, until a voice was heard from behind, "Six Senior Brother."

Du BiShu was startled, turned his head over and was stunned, without knowing when, Zhang Xiao Fan had walked out from his room and stood behind him. The monkey, Xiao Hui, lay on his shoulder and was grinning at him. Only Da Huang did not follow them out, most likely it was still asleep.

"Er, little Junior Brother!" Du BiShu frowned and said, "Is anything the matter?"

Zhang Xiao Fan looked at him and slowly said, "Six Senior Brother, I will like to take a walk at the back of the hill."

Du BiShu heard what he said and was speechless, in his heart he felt awkward. Ever since they had returned to the mountain, although Tian BuYi did not expressly order them to supervise Zhang Xiao Fan, but Shiniang [Translator’s note: Teacher's wife) had already instructed the rest on the sly. Just that right now looking at his little Junior Brother, who had always been honest, with his haggard face, Du BiShu, in his heart he was somewhat unwilling. But in any case, he did not dare to disobey his teachers' intentions, after a long while he then hemmed and hawed and said, "Little Junior Brother, you, you know now…I, I..."

Zhang Xiao Fan silently hung his head, softly said, "Tomorrow Sect Head, Reverend DaoXuan Uncle, wants me to go to TongTian Peak, I just thought to go see the past places once more."

Du BiShu’s body shook and slightly opened his mouth, suddenly without knowing why, he felt his eyes became warm, right now the youth that was standing in front of him, seemed to turn into that ordinary boy who had just came up the hill many years ago, at the dinner table, the scene where he was betting with him on whom in Teacher’s family would first go into the kitchen.

But Teacher's command, whatever happens, he did not dare to disobey. Just when he was in this difficult situation, suddenly he heard footsteps, both of them turned their heads, it was instead Tian LingEr LingEr, whom had a mixed emotions expression on her face, walking over.

In these three days, this was Zhang Xiao Fan’s first time meeting Tian LingEr, her face was slightly pale, and seemed haggard. It must be that these few days she was also worried. Just that in this sunlight, she was still as beautiful.

Zhang Xiao Fan hung his head. first time saw Tian LingEr, her face was pale, and seemed a bit haggard, it must be these few days, she must have not felt secure, but in this sunlight, she still looked beautiful as ever.

Zhang Xiao Fan bowed his head.

Tian LingEr walked to where both of them were, and faced Du BiShu, but her sight from the corner of her eyes was always on Zhang Xiao Fan, said, “Six Senior Brother, my dad said already, Xiao Fan he will not do anything, let him go ba!”

Du BiShu was stunned, Zhang Xiao Fan’s body also seemed to receive a shock, slowly turned his body towards Observed Silence Hall’s direction to look, but he could only see that the Hall’s entrance was deep inside, no sign of Tian BuYi’s figure.

Zhang Xiao Fan slowly bowed once towards Observed Silence Hall’s direction, spoke in a low voice which seemed to be choked with sobs, said “Thank you Teacher.”

Tian LingEr stood aside, she seemed to wish to speak but eventually did not say anything, pressed her lips tightly, turned and walked back.

Looking at her until she was far away, Du BiShu suddenly said, “No wonder this morning little Junior Sister and Long Shou Valley QiHao had a big quarrel.”

Zhang Xiao Fan was startled, said, “What?”

Du BiShu said, “QiHao Senior Brother made a trip here in the morning, after speaking with Teacher and Shiniang, little Junior Sister pulled him aside. Unexpectedly not after, seemed like little Junior Sister said something which made QiHao Senior Brother in a difficult situation, then little Junior Sister flared up.“ Du BiShu paused for a while, glanced at Zhang Xiao Fan, and continued, “I guessed she must have want QiHao Senior Brother to go to CangSong Teacher Uncle and plea on your behalf, they must have quarrelled because of that.”

Zhang Xiao Fan gave a bitter laugh softly, and also did not know what to reply, shook his head and walked towards the back of the hill.

Du BiShu watched his figure from the back, but when he saw the monkey, Xiao Hui, crouching on his shoulder, playing and messing with his hair from time to time, the image looked rather amusing. Just that when he thought of Zhang Xiao Fan’s fate after tomorrow, he couldn't help but frowned and sighed deeply.

The forest trail that lead to the back of big Bamboo Valley, Zhang Xiao Fan had not walk on it for a very long time. On his way there, the roadsides were filled with greenery, the birds chirping far away could be heard from time to time.

The oncoming breeze from the valley, blew onto his face, bringing a touch of coolness. Following the crooked small path, it felt like he was back in the past again.

Nothing here had changed at all! Even the far away white clouds, floating in the middle of the big Bamboo Valley mountain, also seemed to look exactly the same as that year.

Monkey Xiao Hui looked extremely delighted, immediately jumped down from Zhang Xiao Fan’s shoulder, [Zhi zhi] calling out, burrowed into the grass at the side of the path, and suddenly climbed up a big tree, swinging here and there at the top.

Zhang Xiao Fan looked at it and could not help but broke out into a slight smile. As he recalled back the scene where where he had met Xiao Hui that year, it was as if the heavyweight in his heart had lifted slightly.

He walked and walked, Xiao Hui was just at the top of his head, scuttling excitedly here and there in the trees tops, but Zhang Xiao Fan’s gaze, gradually instead only looked ahead, that stretch of clear, green bamboo forest. How many memories, solidified here!

In front of the bamboo forest, he stopped his footsteps.

The valley breeze blew over, countless black bamboos danced to the wind, [Hua hua] sounds, as if they were too welcoming an old friend back.

Zhang Xiao Fan took a deep breath, the world at that moment, the air was made up of of fresh, sweet bamboo and freedom that only belonged there.

Then he walked in.

The green bamboo forest, was as dense as before. On the soil ground below those tall green bamboos, even more numerous bamboo shoots sprouted out from the ground, growing freely everywhere. Unknowingly, he had walked to the same place where he had practised chopping down the bamboos, just that those thin black bamboos, had became twice as thick now.

The shadows of the bamboos whirled, bamboos moved in waves, all seemed to cluster around him.

The past was like a surge of tide wave, gushed into his heart.

He stared blankly at everything around him, as if he had gone imbecile.

“Zhang Xiao Fan!”

Suddenly, a gentle and slightly surprised shout called out from the depths of the bamboo forest.

Zhang Xiao Fan’s body shook, the sound of the voice was so familiar, but he could never imagined that he would hear this voice at this place. He immediately turned and looked towards the direction of the voice, and his breath stopped. In the sea of bamboos, BiYao with her water green dress which blended seamlessly with the surrounding, dainty smiling and standing there, so very tenderly, so very infatuatedly, looking at himself.

“You, You how did you get here?”  After looking fixedly at each other for a very long time like two fools, Zhang Xiao Fan stammered and asked.

BiYao slowly walked over, even her eyes contained her gentle smiling expression, softly said, “I came to see you!”

Zhang Xiao Fan’s heart was agitated, subconsciously he bit his lower lips, after a while he then said, “But, what if you are seen by someone else, it is too dangerous for you!”

BiYao shook her head, “I don’t care, I only want to take a look at you.”

Zhang Xiao Fan’s body shook, this was in fact the first time he heard BiYao confessed her feelings this frankly. She seemed to notice Zhang Xiao Fan’s surprise, her face became red too, and quickly added, “Your QingYun Sect these hundred over years have always been secure and stable like a mountain, and since long ago have already relaxed your defenses, I came up the mountain secretly and didn’t seemed like anyone noticed.”

Zhang Xiao Fan silently nodded his head, but suddenly a thought just flashed by, now that there was no one in Good Faction who did not know that BiYao was Evil Faction Ghost King Sect Sect Head’s daughter, if right now he was to be discovered having a conversation with her again, then he did not even have to ask what would be the consequences.

BiYao was clever beyond description, she saw at once Zhang Xiao Fan appeared to be worried, her smiling expression gradually turned into dejection, softly said, “If you are worried, I shall leave then.”

Zhang Xiao Fan looked at her, although BiYao’s face expression contained her happiness but it could not hide those traces of haggardness. He guessed that it must have resulted from being worried about him these past few days. Suddenly, his heart became warm and unwittingly blurt out, “What can I be worried about, can I be even worse?” BiYao stunned for a moment and looked at him. Zhang Xiao Fan gave a bitter smile and said, “It is alright, nobody will come here now anyway, why don’t you accompany me to chat!”

BiYao’s facial expression turned radiant, she nodded her head and said, “Alright.”

But after saying this sentence, the two of them gazed at each other but did not know what to say. The ambience suddenly cooled down, with a touch of awkwardness.

After   a   long   while,   BiYao   scolded   him,   “Idiot,   say something!”

Zhang Xiao Fan scratched his head but his mind was in a blank, he really did not know what to say to this beautiful girl. It happened that from the corner of his eyes, he saw at not too far away, there was a section of black bamboos which were lying on the ground, most likely it had rot over the years and fell over. He walked over and stammered, “You should sit!” BiYao could not help but giggled, like a flower burst forth, her elegant and exquisiteness unparalleled.

She walked over and was about to sit down when Zhang Xiao Fan suddenly pulled her back and said, “Wait wait.”

BiYao was surprised and said, “What happened?”

Zhang Xiao Fan bent over, using his sleeve and wipe hard on the black bamboo, cleaning up an area. He got up, without looking at BiYao, lowered his head and said, “You can sit down now!”

BiYao’s smile expression disappeared, her lips trembled, a pair of bright eyes gazing only at Zhang Xiao Fan’s figure. After a while, she slowly sat down and at the same time, pulled Zhang Xiao Fan, saying, “You should sit too!”

Zhang Xiao Fan’s face turned red, said, “I, I can sit on the floor….” Unexpectedly BiYao gave a jerk and pulled him over to sit with her on the bamboo. She said with annoyance, “Ask you to sit, you should sit! Why would you want to sit on the floor?”

Zhang Xiao Fan laughed embarrassedly. He caught a whiff of fragrance beside him, faintly drifting over, from his nostrils it entered, and into the depths of his heart. Unable to bear, he turned and looked at her, and saw that BiYao was also looking at him, gazing at him deeply, with unspeakable tenderness.

Never had he noticed, even when they were trapped in Blooddrop Cave under Black Stone Cave, Zhang Xiao Fan had never felt this close to her before. After a long while, he suddenly said, “BiYao.”

BiYao smiled and said, “Yes?”

Zhang Xiao Fan gazed at her and asked, “Why are you being so good to me?”

BiYao was stunned for a while, slowly shifted her gaze to the ground in front of her, her face expression also seemed to be befuddled, and said, “Right! Why am I being so good to you?”

Over their heads, the bamboo leaves rustled gently in the valley breeze, it seemed to be gently saying something too.

“My family, and also the past matters, you should know right?” After a long silence, BiYao quietly said.

Zhang Xiao Fan lightly nodded, and said, “Yes.”

BiYao unhurriedly said, “Since young, my mother was not with me, father too was busy with the Holy Sect’s big matters, he seldom had time for me. Everyone around me, because of my father, always greeted me with smiling faces, and fawned upon me.”

Zhang Xiao Fan was silent for a while and said, “Your father is actually very concerned about you.” BiYao nodded her head, said, “Yes. But I did not understand it in the past, until I met you then I understand.”

She gazed at Zhang Xiao Fan, quietly said, “Xiao Fan, the days in Blooddrop Cave, I can never forget in this lifetime.”

Her voice, at this moment, seemed to be far away, “Unexpectedly in the darkness, even when I was about to die, I could also find someone to depend on.”

Zhang Xiao Fan’s heart was moved, but he did not know what to say.

A white and as smooth as jade hand stretched over, BiYao gently held his hand, from her soft skin, it emitted a faint gentleness.

She took a handkerchief from her bosom, gently wipe the stains on Zhang Xiao Fan’s sleeve, which was used to wipe the bamboo for her. “Ever  since  from  young  until  now,  countless  number  of people has tried to please me, sending me rare and priceless treasures, but…” She lifted her head, looked into Zhang Xiao Fan’s eyes, softly said, “Even if all of the rare treasures in the world are now placed in front of me, it is not even worthy of this sleeve which you had used to wipe the bamboo for me.”

At this moment, all of the sounds in the world, suddenly disappeared.

Only this beautiful girl’s gentle eyes, surrounded all of his vision.

How many years after, when you think back the past, do you still remember that year, somebody once, quietly confessed their heartfelt thoughts to you?

That because being young, with some innocent and fanatical words, do you still remember?

Just like being deeply engraved in your heart, an oath that is unwilling to die or give up! Did you spread open your arms, and hug that beloved into your embrace?

Without knowing when, in that sea of gentle tranquility, he opened his arms, together with that beautiful girl beside him, tightly embraced.

Chapter 77 - At a loss

Dubaku = ChangJian

Lady Jingling = Lady JinLing

Lupin Bell = He Huan Bell

Uncle Bozo = Wang ErShu

Shadows of bamboos danced, shards of sunlight shone down, landed upon the clearing in the bamboo forest.

Zhang Xiao Fan gazed far into the bamboo forest, quietly said, "Actually, sometimes I find myself so silly, my Senior Sister clearly liked QiHao Senior Brother, instead I still...but, at that time, when I saw her standing in front of Kui Niu, I didn't know what I was thinking, and just dashed up." BiYao leaned on his side, suddenly said, "If I encountered danger too, will you save me like that?"

Zhang Xiao Fan awkwardly laughed, scratched his head, after a while replied, "I, I also don't know, " but after pausing for a while and thinking carefully again, said, "Should be ba!"

BiYao smiled, gave him an annoyed stare, withdrew her stare, and looked afar, quietly said, "If instead, you were the one who had met with danger, even if I had to exchange my life for you, I would also gladly do it!"

Zhang Xiao Fan was shocked, turned and looked at her! BiYao looked solemn and did not seemed to be joking, he stammered and said, "What did you say?"

BiYao smiled, and looked as if something suddenly came to her mind, said to Zhang Xiao Fan, "Xiao Fan, come with me ba!"

Zhang Xiao Fan frowned and said, "To where?" BiYao said, "Anywhere, the world is so big, it doesn't matter where we go. You do not wish to enter into our Holy Sect and be an enemy to your sect, then we shall not enter, and travel together to the ends of the world. If not, should you continue to stay in QingYun sect and judging from those old antiques' temperaments, I only fear the worst for you."

Zhang Xiao Fan turned silent, BiYao worriedly looked at him, waiting.

Finally, Zhang Xiao Fan turned to look at her, BiYao was about to say something but saw Zhang Xiao Fan instead was slowly shaking his head.

"Can't, I will not leave QingYun, BiYao."

BiYao's expression immediately turned somber, and said, "Don't tell me you want to stay here and wait for death?"

Zhang Xiao Fan, after remaining silent for a while, said, "BiYao, you don't understand, QingYun is my home, I am raised up by my teacher, teacher's wife, I cannot abandon them." BiYao angrily said, "That teacher of yours scold and punish you every time, you still say they are good?"

Zhang Xiao Fan stood up straight, smiled lightly and said, "BiYao, I may looked somehow stupid to other people, but on these matters, I can still tell. Although my teacher has always been strict but he treats me really well, I know it, he treats me sincerely." He spoke quietly, "The recent incidents, actually it is all my fault. I was the one who lied to him, therefore whatever punishment that I receive, I deserve it, but I should never betray my sect."

BiYao was stunned for a moment, suddenly sighed and said, "Which part of you is stupid? You are very clever! No wonder my dad always told me, although you look simple and slow but you are actually very intelligent!"

Zhang Xiao Fan was surprised and his face turned red, said, "He, your dad he spoke of me like that?"

BiYao laughed and did not reply, walked up to him and said, "I know your character, and will not force you to leave, but now that you are holding our sect rare treasure, and are also involved with TianYin Temple, it is really very dangerous. Have you decided what to do?"

Zhang Xiao Fan gave a bitter laugh and said, "I will leave it to Heaven!"

BiYao stared at him, softly said, "You better be alright!"

Zhang Xiao Fan laughed, looked up to the sky, said, "You have been here for quite a long time, you better hurry back! Just in case should any incidents happen. We, we if we are fated in the future...then we shall meet again!" BiYao's body shook, Zhang Xiao Fan somehow also felt agonized in his heart. The journey to TongTian Peak tomorrow, he really did not have any confidence on what would be the outcome eventually.

He turned, and slowly walked towards the boundary of the bamboo forest.

Just when he had walked several zhangs away, he suddenly heard BiYao's voice from the back, "Xiao Fan, I ask you one thing." Zhang Xiao Fan turned around and asked in surprise, "What?"

BiYao also seemed a bit hesitant, but eventually still continued, "In that forest outside the lake town, you had once looked upon a well on a full moon night, I will like to know, what did you see inside the well?"

Zhang Xiao Fan was taken aback, curiously asked, "Why do you want to know this too?"

BiYao suddenly felt nervous, became annoyed and said, "Just say!"

Zhang Xiao Fan frowned and said, "Just what strange properties did the well have that all of you will be so interested?"

BiYao smiled and did not reply. Zhang Xiao Fan opened his mouth to speak, but without knowing what he had recalled, his face turned red again, and eventually did not say it. After a while he then said, "I, I until the next time we meet again, I will surely tell you."

BiYao looked surprised, and smiled, after all she had heard Zhang Xiao Fan's intention, that he was not that willing to be manipulated by his teachers, immediately smiled and said, "Alright! You must remember oh!"

Zhang Xiao Fan [He he] laughed, after talking his heart out together with BiYao, his mood had for the moment, brightened up a lot, and he felt much lighter. He stretched out his hand and waved to BiYao, turned and walked out of the bamboo forest.

After a short distance, the monkey Xiao Hui, without knowing which big bamboo top it had jumped down from, landed on Zhang Xiao Fan's shoulder, and even turned back to look at BiYao.

In the depth of the bamboo forest, BiYao, without moving, stared blankly after that gradually disappearing figure. The next day, Morning.

When the humid air in between the mountains were still drifting in the big Bamboo Valley, the big Bamboo Valley people were all already up and ready.

Tian BuYi was all prepared, walking slowly towards the empty ground in front of Observed Silence Hall with SuRu. Everyone was already waiting over there, Zhang XiaoFan stood last in in the crowd.

Tian BuYi indifferently said, “Daren, you will bring lao qi, the rest of them do not need to go.”

Song Daren nodded his head and acknowledged, disappointments were seen on the rest of the disciples’ faces, only Tian LingEr stood up and said to Tian BuYi, “Dad, I want to go too.”

Tian BuYi frowned and said, “Why do you want to go, you will only add to the mess!” Tian LingEr clenched her teeth and looked at SuRu with pleading eyes, called out, “Mum.”

SuRu sighed, and said to Tian BuYi, “Never mind, let her go ba!”

Tian BuYi frowned, eventually unwillingly nodded his head and looked away, took a look at Zhang XiaoFan who was standing afar, and said, “Let’s go!”

Speaking which, he flung his sleeve, steered his celestial sword, and led the flight. SuRu soon followed behind.

On the ground, the disciples crowded around, He DaZhi gave a  cough  and  spoke  to  Zhang  XiaoFan,  “Em,  little  Junior brother, you, you be careful.”

Zhang XiaoFan, in these few days, this was the first time he saw that his senior brothers had concern on their faces, he was touched and replied quietly, “Yes.” Song Daren sighed and said, “Little Junior brother, lets go!”

Zhang XiaoFan acknowledged, walked to Song Daren and couldn’t help but looked towards Tian LingEr, who was beside. But instead, she was also looking at him at the same time. Although her eyes were full of concern but she never spoke a word.

[Sha, sha] two sounds were heard, Zhang XiaoFan, once again stood behind Song Daren, soared up and straight into the clear sky.

Looking at the sky which was turning more blue, it seemed like everything was back to the start of the Seven Peaks Tournament, but, the feeling of excitement then was missing.

Passing the peaks, reaching into the clouds, towering and majestic, still as with celestial air swirling around, still as untainted of any mortal touch, it seemed to open its arms, welcoming their arrival. Song Daren, bringing Zhang XiaoFan, with Tian LingEr together landed at the Cloud Sea. Up upon the summit, the Crystal Hall, the distant bell chimes were still being heard.

The figures of Tian BuYi and SuRu had already disappeared, most likely they had went up first to Crystal Hall. Instead at Cloud Sea, large number of sect heads and their disciples had gathered, and at this moment, saw that Song Daren and the rest had arrived. Immediately, there was a wave of commotion, many of their stares, turned to the one standing behind, Zhang XiaoFan.

Numerous whispers and talks, on Cloud Sea, just like those floating clouds, drifted here and there.

Song Daren and Tian LingEr’s faces were tightly drawn, they acted as they did not notice the stares. After a while, one person from among the crowd, walked towards the three of them.

Zhang XiaoFan looked at him, and recognized the person. It was the main sect disciple, ChangJian, whom he had met when he came to TongTian Valley the previous time. He was also the one who had fought with Song Daren at Seven Peaks Tournament.

Song Daren too, recognized the person. When he saw that the person had walked over, he made a greeting gesture and said, “Chang Senior brother, how have you been?”

ChangJian quickly returned the gestures, but at the corner of his eyes, he still looked over Zhang XiaoFan a few times, and said,  “Song  Senior  brother,  Tian  BuYi  Teacher  Uncle  had already arrived here just now, and had specially instructed Junior brother, once you all have arrived, to let me lead all of you directly to Crystal Hall.”

Song  Daren  nodded  his  head  and  said,  “Then  we  shall trouble Chang Senior brother.”

ChangJian smiled coolly, moved sideways and said, “Then will the few of you please follow me!”

Speaking which, he took the lead, Song Daren, Tian LingEr and Zhang XiaoFan followed behind him, walked through the Cloud Sea, walked pass numerous Qing Yun disciples’ stares, arrived at the Rainbow Bridge and walked up.

At this time, the first ray of light finally shot out towards the mortal world, gently shone upon TongTian Valley, the clear water ripples on both sides of the bridge, and also in the layer upon layers of rippling waves, a beautiful rainbow emerged.

Zhang XiaoFan breathed deeply and looked far away. That infinite Heaven and Earth, the unfathomable enormous painting, and himself, in the end, he was only a tiny embellishment inside it.

They walked on, until after the Rainbow Bridge, arrived upon the sea green pond, and saw that wide flight of stairs leading straight to Crystal Hall. Just that they did not see the Qing Yun Hill Sect Peak’s Venerated Spirit Water Unicorn, guessing that it still should be inside the sea green pond!

[Clang! ]

The Crystal Hall at the peak, again sounded a clear chime. ChangJian looked at them and smiled, said, “We are almost there, let’s go!”

Song Daren acknowledged, but still couldn’t help and looked at Zhang XiaoFan. However, little Junior brother was staring blankly at the mountain top, expressionless.

Here was much quieter than Cloud Sea, on their way up, they almost didn't see any of the Qing Yun disciples. Only a few young disciples were doing their cleaning chores, whom greeted and made a vertical palm gesture when they saw ChangJian.

One step, one flight of stairs.

Zhang XiaoFan slowly walked up, the more he climbed, the higher he was. But without knowing why, he felt his heart became heavier and heavier. That place in front of him, with celestial-air swirling around, the nearer he went, it instead made his heart pounded even faster. The anxiety from nowhere wrapped around him tightly. And what would be, waiting for him?

In TongTian Valley Crystal Hall, another distant bell chimed, the chime lingered within the mountain valleys….

At the foot of Qing Yun Hill, in a deserted place, there were four people standing side by side, three men and a lady, quietly looking at Qing Yun Hill.

After a long while, the one who was the oldest, God of Poison, suddenly laughed, said, “I cannot believe that while I am still alive, I can actually come back here.”

Ghost King, who was standing beside him, smiled coolly and said, “With Senior you taking charge, we can do far more than just returning here, in a while, even if we reach the top of TongTian Valley, it is also not surprising.”

God of Poison immediately shook his head, smiled and said, “Ghost King old brother, haven’t we discussed already? This time this big matter, Chang Shen Hall YuYang Zi fellow brother will lead, we are just the footwork soldiers only.”

Speaking, he turned his head, and spoke to the man standing on the other side, “That is right right! YuYang Zi old brother, he he.”

Part of the Evil Faction four big branches, Chang Shen Hall Head YuYang Zi, with both eyebrows reaching into his temples, his face was extremely handsome, he looked to be in his early thirties, but in fact he was an Evil Faction scholar who had already practiced for several hundred years.

Within the Evil Faction, Chang Shen Hall was a special branch. Because all along, it had always been this group who was responsible for defending the Evil Faction’s most holy place in the Wildlands, the Holy Temple. And this branch’s main purpose, just like it’s name, was to achieve immortality. Just that they were ranked among the four main branches of the Evil Faction, whenever they performed their tasks, their methods were usually unscrupulous, completely different from Good Faction’s practice of achieving immortality. For that, we would talk about it later. This time the Evil Faction secretly came to Qing Yun Hill to mount a large-scale offensive, when YuYang Zi arrived, after a few secretive discussions, he was voted as the leader for this Evil Faction’s major operation. Inevitably, he felt somehow conceited, immediately laughed and said, “Qing Yun Hill these few hundred years have always bully and oppress our Holy Sect, today we must demand justice from them.”

Ghost King laughed and said, “Well said.”

After speaking, he turned his head and spoke to the lady who was standing beside, who was also the only female Sect Head among the four big branches, He Huan Branch SanMiao Fairy (Translator’s note: Which also mean Three wonderful/special skills), smiled and said, “Later on, we will also want to see Fairy your magical ingenious skills.”

SanMiao Fairy came from the most disordered Evil Faction He Huan Branch, her appearance was extremely beautiful, but looking at her, there was not a hint of lascivious air, her face was plain, without any makeup but instead there was an icy frost beauty, much similar to Qing Yun Hill that Little Bamboo Valley Lu XueQi. After hearing Ghost King’s words, SanMiao Fairy smiled indifferently, said, “Three fellow brothers are all important figures who had seen the world, far exceeding me this small small girl. Just that we all swore an oath in front of Wisdom Queen and Wisdom King, that we must work together in this mission, to wipe away the humiliation suffered by Holy Temple at that time. I still hope that three fellow brothers will put away the past grievances together and not to let down the promise made earlier.”

Three of them including Ghost King looked at each other, said together, “Fairy please do not worry, we do not have other ulterior motives.”

SanMiao Fairy smiled, and turned to speak to Ghost King, “Ghost King fellow brother, I have been here for several days, why didn’t I get to see brother’s daughter?”

Ghost King was stunned for a while, said, “You mean BiYao that girl, children love to play, I also do not know where she went, I wonder why Fairy is looking for her?” SanMiao Fairy said indifferently, “Not particularly anything, just that I recently heard, your precious daughter (Translator’s note: honorific terms for person’s daughter) gained a treasure, a rare He Huan Bell left by Lady JinLing, is there such matter?”

God of Poison and YuYang Zi both changed countenance slightly. Evidently the name, Lady JinLing, even to them, both who were such heavyweights in Evil Faction, they also could not treat it lightly.

Ghost King’s face countenance changed, a subtle gleam of light shone in his eyes, said, “I wonder from where did Fairy get this news?”

SanMiao Fairy stretched out her jade-like hand, lightly arranged her hair, expressionlessly replied, “Naturally I heard it. Ghost King fellow brother, eight hundred years ago Lady JinLing was our He Huan Branch’s elder founder. The He Huan Bell that she left behind, is even more of our He Huan Branch’s main treasure, this, I guess you should know also right?” Ghost King did not speak anymore but his hands were clasped behind his back, his bearing upright, absolutely showing no sign of him avoiding the topic. The harmonious atmosphere just now, seemed to become hostile in a flash.

YuYang Zi coughed once, glanced at God of Poison, unexpectedly God of Poison turned his head away and looked instead at the distant Qing Yun Hill peak, obviously refusing to meddle in this. YuYang Zi cursed in his heart, if this had happened in the past, he himself would also wish that these two rivals would fight till their deaths, but now that he was the leader of this operation, he could only walk up and said, “Both, why did you all turn angry while chatting? Both of you are also highly skilled masters, and right now we have an important matter, why not we leave this issue first, after we concluded our business, both of you could continue to settle it privately, how is it?”

SanMiao Fairy looked at him, nodded slightly and shifted her gaze away: Ghost King was expressionless but in his heart, he was sneering: this YuYang Zi was indeed not a decent person, in view of his own position he had to step in but subtly instigated both branches to fight after this event. But that He Huan Bell was not any treasure, it had always been classified with Ghost King Sect’s ‘Hidden Dragon Cauldron’, Blood Forger Hall’s ‘Sinister Orb’ and WanDu Sect’s ‘Thousand Poison Return to Clan Bag’ as Evil Faction’s four great rare treasures, what’s more, a rumor had always been heard in the Evil Faction, that the many strange magical spells in He Huan Sect, required this He Huan Bell as an intermediary for them to realize their full magical potential.

This kind of important treasure, even how stupid Ghost King would be, he would not be willing to give it up. After BiYao found this treasure from Blooddrop Cave in Black Stone Cave, he even specially instructed not to announce it but instead, he did not expect SanMiao Fairy to be that resourceful, that she could actually get hold of this news.

In this short while, Ghost King thought through all of the people around him but his expression still carried a slight smile, said, “What YuYang Zi fellow brother said was true, there is no harm to talk about this after the matter.”

YuYang Zi saw that these two people, who had always been arrogant and obstinate, actually listened to him, he could not help but felt complacent. At this moment, God of Poison suddenly cried out, “Ah! The sun is out.”

All of them heard what was said and looked towards Qing Yun Hill together, and true enough, the first sun rays shone brilliantly, slowly rising from the distant Qing Yun Hill peak, spilling sunlight into the world.

That pleasantly warm sunlight, also at the same time, shone upon these four people, pulling long long shadows behind them.

After completing the last flight of stairs, Zhang Xiao Fan finally arrived outside Crystal Hall again. This huge solemn palace building, towering in front of him, grand and imposing, when humans stood in front of it, they seemed like ants in comparison.

ChangJian said, “Let’s go in ba!”

Song Daren and Tian LingEr both nodded their heads, Zhang Xiao Fan was about to take a step out, suddenly his body shook, his eyes looked to the side, at the other corner of the stairs, someone was leaning against the railing and sitting on the ground. His clothes was considered clean but because he was sitting carelessly on the ground, the clothes hem were stained with dust, a pair of eyes looking at Zhang Xiao Fan dazedly, what was his mouth mumbling?

He was the Wang ErShu who had been crazy for many years.

Zhang Xiao Fan’s heart ached and was about to walk over but was held back by Song Daren, in a low voice he said, “Little Junior brother, we better go in first! Don’t let the various teachers wait too long. As for Wang ErShu, wait till you...wait till you come out and visit him again, it will still not be too late.”

Zhang Xiao Fan stopped his steps, his heart felt terrible, but in the end he knew that Song Daren’s words were true, he himself right now was a criminal, immediately he nodded, forced a smile to Song Daren. ChangJian, who was standing beside,  saw  it  all,  spoke  in  a  low  voice,  “Both,  if  there  is nothing else, let’s go in to greet the various seniors and teachers!” Song Daren acknowledged and walked forward with Zhang Xiao Fan, Tian LingEr instead frowned and said, “Senior and teachers? Chang Senior brother, don’t tell me other sects’ seniors also came?”

ChangJian hesitated for a while and replied, “Yes, a few of the holy monks from TianYin Temple have come, also FenXiang Valley seniors, all have come to us to enquire about Zhang...Zhang Junior brother’s situation.”

Tian LingEr lost color, her face turned white, Song Daren’s brows wrinkled tightly.

Zhang  Xiao  Fan  silently  walked  up,  said,  “Chang  Senior brother, let’s go in ba!”

Chang Jian took a look at him, nodded and said, “Alright, all of you follow me.”

After which, he walked in taking the lead, Zhang Xiao Fan took a deep breath, moved his somehow heavy feet and followed in. Behind him, Song Daren and Tian LingEr looked at each other, saw the anxiety and worry in each other’s eyes, but at the same time too, helplessness. They could only followed in.

Just when they had just entered into the Crystal Hall, Wang ErShu, who had been sitting at the corner all along, his eyes kept following Zhang Xiao Fan’s figure. When he saw Zhang Xiao Fan disappeared into Crystal Hall, without knowing why, he stood up unsteadily, he scratched his head like a child who was confused, and actually followed into the Crystal Hall.

These few years, Wang ErShu had been taken care of by Qing Yun Sect, he had also never gotten well from his madness, he roamed around TiongTian Peak the whole day, and even the Crystal Hall which was sacred to the general Qing Yun disciples, he went in regularly too.

But he had never caused any big trouble, over time, nobody bothered him too.

This time, he too, went in successfully, and disappeared into the Crystal Hall.

Chapter 78 - Interrogation

Baako = WenMin

Pozhi = PuZhi

Kongsang Mountain's Cave of Fangs = Thousand Bats Ancient Cave

Stepping over the door threshold, a sense of solemn and dignified energy hit them directly at once. The most sacred place in Qing Yun Hill, was still as grand and imposing, winning everyone’s admiration.

Inside the enormous main hall, a great number of people were standing, but without knowing why, Zhang Xiao Fan’s first glance was not those people, instead, in the deepest corner of the hall, looking so far away inside the shadows, the three Qing Buddha statues. In front of the big hall, the lighted incense burned silently, releasing translucent smoke continuously.

In the middle of the big hall, in the main seat, highly prestige and venerable, sage-like appearance, Reverend DaoXuan sat there, and beside him, there was a small tea table, and on top of that table, it was Zhang Xiao Fan’s magical weapon, the firestick.

And sitting in a line on his right hand side, Qing Yun Sect’s various branches’ Heads, including Tian BuYi, were all sitting there. And the senior disciples of the Qing Yun Sect various branches, sitting or standing, were all behind them. QiHao, Lin JingYu etc, the people they were familiar with, were all also there. And Lu XueQi at this moment, was also silently standing behind Master Shui Yue. Standing beside her was WenMin, the person that Song Daren admired, her pair of bright eyes staring at Zhang Xiao Fan’s figure.

And on Reverend DaoXuan’s right hand side, there were many that Zhang Xiao Fan had never seen before. There were kindly-looking monks and sombre-looking old men. Zhang Xiao Fan glanced over and saw a few familiar faces in the crowd, TianYin Temple’s FaXiang and FaShan were there, standing respectfully and cautiously behind an old monk, who was sitting right in front. It seemed like that kindly-looking senior monk was most likely TianYin Temple Holy Monk.

ChangJian brought Song Daren, Zhang Xiao Fan and Tian LingEr over, bowed to Reverend DaoXuan, and said, “Teacher, Big Bamboo Valley, Zhang Junior brother has arrived.”

There was a rouse of emotions among the crowd, immediately all of their attention were on them. Not only Zhang Xiao Fan, even Song Daren and Tian LingEr also felt uncomfortable.

Sitting beside Tian Buyi, SuRu frowned and said to them, “All of you stand over here.”

Song Daren and the rest heaved a sigh of relief, acknowledged and walked over. Just at this moment, sitting above Tian BuYi, Taoist Cang Song suddenly coughed.

Tian BuYi’s face muscle jerked and the corner of his eyes also slightly twitched but in the end, he still coldly said, “Lao Qi, you stand over there. Head Sect Reverend and the various seniors have something to say to you.”

Zhang Xiao Fan had just begun to stride off, but just like he had hit a wall, he suddenly stopped. After a while, he softly said, “Yes.”

Song Daren and Tian LingEr looked at each other, and looked at Zhang XiaoFan, their eyes were full of concern but eventually they knew that now was not the time, and could only follow the instructions to stand behind Tian BuYi.

Reverend DaoXuan was expressionless as he looked down, and saw that in-between the two crowds, a youth stood by himself there. In his eyes, there were nervousness and fear, even both of his hands were clasped tightly together into a fist.

Was he really the same orphan from the Grasstemple village who had only mediocre potential?

In the depths of his heart, he heaved a sigh. “Zhang Xiao Fan.” Reverend DaoXuan slowly called out.

Zhang Xiao Fan’s body seemed to tremble for a moment, slowly kneeled down and spoke in a low voice, “Disciple is here.”

Reverend  DaoXuan  looked  at  him,  said,  “These  seniors standing beside, are all Masters from my Good Faction, today all of them because of you. This is TianYin Temple in-charge, PuHong Holy Monk, sitting beside him is also TianYin Temple Holy Monk, PuKong, and also FenXiang ShangGuan...”

Reverend DaoXuan could not afford to be impolite so naturally he had to read out all of those highly well-known pugilists’ names in the back, but Zhang Xiao Fan did not have the heart to listen on. For a moment, his sight landed on the two kindly-looking old monks sitting right in front. That red Buddhism robe with gold threads ironed on it, snow-like eyebrows, who also at the same time, was looking at him.

PuHong Holy Monk ranked as the leader among TianYin Temple’s Four Great Holy Monks and had always with Qing Yun Sect Reverend DaoXuan and FenXiang Valley Valley Head classified as the Three Great Masters, his high status was incomparable to others. To the common Dao practitioners, to meet him was highly impossible, but unexpectedly this time, he broke the hundred years precedent, activated his magical weapon and rode the way here to Qing Yun Hill.

Not to say Zhang Xiao Fan was astonished, even Qing Yun Sect who had heard the news were also astounded, and it thus to show that to TianYin Temple, how important it was that this accidental appearance of “Great Brahman Wisdom”  true way being learnt unorthodoxy!

In the main hall, without knowing when, Reverend DaoXuan had stopped talking. The whole hall was silent and everyone’s attention was on the figure who was kneeling on the ground.

Zhang Xiao Fan slowly lowered his head, stared at the green brick in the ground in front of him, in the depths of his heart he had a faint thought: these monks, were they the same as that PuZhi?

Far away, the firestick which was quietly lying at Reverend DaoXuan’s tea table, seemed to feel it’s owner’s thoughts, a faint green light flashed over.

“Zhang Xiao Fan, “  Reverend DaoXuan slowly said, “Now I will ask you a few things, you must honestly answer.”

Zhang Xiao Fan softly said, “Yes.”

Reverend DaoXuan seemed to be considering his words, after a long while, unhurriedly said, This East Ocean LiuBo Hill’s expedition, a TianYin Temple fellow friend recognized that the skills you used while battling the rare beast, KuiNiu, was TianYin Temple’s “Great Brahman Wisdom”  true way which has never been divulge to an outsider, is there such thing?”

Zhang Xiao Fan did not speak, suddenly the atmosphere in Crystal Hall, seemed to become slightly tensed. Tian BuYi uncomfortably turned his head around but instead saw that everyone was silently staring at Zhang Xiao Fan.

In the air, there seemed to be an invisible object jumping lightly. After a long time, Zhang Xiao Fan’s voice slowly said, “Yes.”


Immediately, the main hall burst into an uproar, although everyone had expected such an answer but after hearing it directly from Zhang Xiao Fan, TianYin Temple monks were visibly agitated. Only those sitting in front, PuHong, PuKong, including those standing behind them, FaXiang, their expression were unchanged, and they remained silent.

And on Qing Yun side, Tian BuYi’s expression were getting uglier, Tian LingEr and the rest were extremely pale. In the midst of shocks, only Lu XueQi looked at that silent figure, and did not speak a word.

Reverend DaoXuan frowned, he glanced slightly at TianYin Temple PuHong Holy Monk, and saw that among the sect’s disciples’ agitated faces, PuHong venerable instead was slowly closing his eyes, stating clearly he would not speak for the time being. Reverend DaoXuan coldly snorted in his heart, turned to face Zhang Xiao Fan, raised his hands towards the commotion to signal silence.

He was after all someone important, so very quickly regardless whether was it Qing Yun Sect or other famed sects figures, all of them quieten down. Reverend DaoXuan could be heard unhurriedly asking, “Other than this, someone also said, this firestick in your hand, “saying which, he stretched out his hand to pick up that black stick, and continued to say, “on it there is the Evil Faction vile Sinister Orb, is this true?”

Another period of silence, Zhang Xiao Fan spoke in a very low voice, “Yes.”

This time, unexpectedly, the crowd remained silent. Sinister Orb, the word which reeked of blood and evil, would actually be on a Qing Yun disciple!

Reverend DaoXuan’s expression also gradually darkened, he said, “Do you have anything to say?” Despite already knowing that he would face such a situation today, at this moment, Zhang Xiao Fan’s mind was in a blank. And the thoughts on the unknowable punishments that he might receive, the fear of it made his body trembled slightly.

“I, I, I…”

As if like a small boat struggling with it’s might in the sea of despair, he muddling spoke some simple words but in fact he did not know what he wanted to say?

Reverend DaoXuan’s face was stern and he said, “How did this Sinister Orb come about?”

He suddenly raised his voice at the end, changing the pitch to a stern shout. Zhang Xiao Fan was startled by his shout, a [Weng] sound sounded in his head and there was a moment of confusion suddenly. And he finally opened his mouth to speak, once started, the rest of it followed: From being made fun of by the monkey XiaoHui since young, till chasing together with Tian LingEr to the deep and secluded valley at the back of the Hill a deep and secluded valley, the Sinister Orb and the black stick suddenly fought each other, in the end resulted in such an appearance….

In the main hall, everyone looked at each other speechlessly, even Reverend DaoXuan, PuHong, PuKong and including FenXiang that ShangGuan old man also raised his brows. the fact that Sinister Orb and Soul Absorbing stick smelted together using blood as intermediary, even to these enlightened scholars, it was the first time they had heard of it. It could be seen that in this big world, there was no lack of strange things indeed.

The number of people in the crowd that might doubts were not a few, but looking at Zhang Xiao Fan lifeless look and dejected expression, it did not look like he was lying.

Reverend DaoXuan muttered to himself for a short while, and after which he looked at Zhang Xiao Fan and said, “Alright, I will tentatively believe your accidental smelt theory, but before this, Sinister Orb was already on you. You, a small young child, how did you have this type of vile object? Also, Sinister Orb has always been sucking living things’ blood essence, and it had not yet been smelted with Soul Absorbing stick at that time, how can you still be unharmed?” Zhang Xiao Fan was speechless, the truth of the matter, naturally was because PuZhi used Buddhism Sect True Way to temporarily control Sinister Orb, and at that time, PuZhi instructed him to find a desolate and uninhabited clift to throw it away, but it was Zhang Xiao Fan himself who wanted to keep this orb as a keepsake.

And right now to speak of PuZhi, naturally he had to reveal everything, but, this was something deep down in Zhang Xiao Fan’s heart which he really did not wish to reveal.

That kind old monk, truth to be said, had only one night of fate with him. Only that on his last dying breath, he addressed him the one and only time as “Teacher”, but these few years, no matter how hard he tried, he could not forget that person.

In that instant, the stares from the surrounding people, voices, all became very distant, the scene in front of him seemed to go back to many years ago, he himself facing that old monk, the young youth stubbornly and firmly saying, “I know, even if I died, I will not say!”

Even if I died, I will not say! Even if I died, I will not say...Even if I died, I will not say...Even if I died, I will not say….


A loud shout, vibrated all around.It was Tian BuYi, frowning and angrily standing up, shocking everyone. His face was extremely grim but the worry in his eyes was getting serious, at this moment, what Zhang Xiao Fan had admitted, was that he had infringed Qing Yun Sect and Good Faction’s major taboo, if according to the normal procedure, he would have to die.

Tian BuYi was shocked and infuriated in his heart but looking at this young disciple who still did not know his life was in danger, especially TianYin Temple and FenXiang Valley members were also around, even if Qing Yun Sect had the intention to shield, they were also at their wits’ end. If this continued on, he was only afraid that it would be really impossible to protect Zhang Xiao Fan’s life!

Helplessly Zhang Xiao Fan right now looked as if he was being possessed, he slowly lowered his head down, without uttering a single word. Disregarding the rest, SuRu and the rest of the big Bamboo Valley who watched him grew up, all were without exception, speechless and pale. Zhang Xiao Fan had always been quiet and firm, at this critical moment, he seemed not to speak no matter what.

Tian BuYi abruptly stepped forward, but without waiting to see what he would say or do, TianYin Temple in-charge, PuHong Holy Monk, who had remained silent all this while, suddenly opened his eyes and said, “Patron Tian, let’s talk over things, let’s not get violent.”

Tian BuYi was stunned, he did not expect that PuHong Venerable would suddenly speak for Zhang Xiao Fan, but PuHong Holy Monk was an esteemed and respected figure, even he as one of Qing Yun Sect branch head, dared not not respected his opinion. He could only expressed [Hng], and sat back.

Reverend DaoXuan coolly took a look at PuHong, frown slightly, seemed to be having some thoughts, after which he said to Zhang Xiao Fan, “Also, the Great Brahman Wisdom True Way in you, exactly from where did you learn it?” The words once spoken, the crowd began to get nervous. The crux of this, indistinctly would affect the internal relations between the current two big Good Faction sects. This answer, must be earth-shattering!

But Zhang Xiao Fan, was still silently kneeling down, after a long while, did not speak a single word.

Reverend DaoXuan’s nostrils flared, coldly said, “You still do not reveal the truth?”

From the beginning till the end, FaXiang, who had been watching Zhang Xiao Fan, suddenly lowered his head and did not look at him again. PuHong and PuKong, who were sitting in front of him, at this moment also looked at each other, in their eyes, there was a faint gleam of light, wondered what were they thinking about?

The surrounding world, a blanket of silence, and instead became a boundaryless enormous invisible wall, trapping himself within, coldly squeezing. Zhang Xiao Fan slowly felt himself unable to breathe, but, until the end, he still did not speak.

Maybe, even himself, did not know what was he holding on for?


A loud sound, everyone was startled, Zhang Xiao Fan also raised his head to look. It was Reverend DaoXuan, who had slammed the firestick heavily onto the tea table, stood up suddenly, his brows tightly knitted together, obviously this time he was really infuriated, shouted, “Evil creature! Don’t think that just because you refused to speak, I can do nothing with you!”

Zhang Xiao Fan’s body trembled, the expression on his face was complicated, but in the end he still did not speak.

Reverend DaoXuan was even more enraged, but instead he began  to  laugh  and  said,  “Good,  good,  good,  you  this  evil creature, today I will let you…” “Sect Head please be appeased!”

Suddenly, a shout from within the Qing Yun Sect disciples was heard, at once there was a stir among the Qing Yun Sect, everyone was shocked. Reverend DaoXuan had commanded Qing Yun for nearly a hundred year, nobody had dared to go against him. Unexpectedly there was somebody today who dared to stop him, even Zhang Xiao Fan also turned his head to look.

Within the commotion, Lu XueQi was seen determinedly walking out from the crowd, into the centre, stood beside Zhang Xiao Fan and kneeled down.

Reverend DaoXuan was dumbfounded for a brief period of time, Master Shui Yue was also extremely shocked, stood up and urgently said, “Qi er, are you mad? Quickly come back!”

Lu XueQi looked slightly pale but she kneeled beside Zhang Xiao Fan and did not show any signs of retreating. On that unparalleled beauty face, snow-white teeth gently biting on her pale lower lips, quietly said, “Sect Head Teacher Uncle, Little Bamboo Valley Disciple Lu XueQi has something to say.” Shui Yue frowned and bellowed, “Qi er, Zhang Xiao Fan is big Bamboo Valley disciple, he has committed a serious offence. Sect Head will make his own final decision, you don’t need to speak your opinion, quick quickly come back!”

The corner of Lu XueQi’s lips seemed to quiver slightly, Zhang Xiao Fan who was beside her, at that moment clearly heard her sudden heavy breathing, obviously in front of the crowd, at this very moment kneeling beside him, that kind of pressure was definitely not trival.

Just that, in this solemn and impressive hall, under everyone’s unfamiliar stares, this beautiful girl never retreated once.

The mountain breeze outside the Crystal Hall, without knowing when, had blew in.

Brushed up a few strands of her hair, gently floating.

Zhang Xiao Fan gazed at this woman beside him, without saying any word. “Sect Head Teacher Uncle, please allow disciple to say a few words.”

Reverend DaoXuan took a glance at the people around him, saw that the other sects’ fellow friends, one after another, were all looking over, he could only coldly said, “Alright, say it.”

Lu XueQi nodded her head and spoke, “Thank you Sect Head. Sect Head Teacher Uncle, every Elder Teacher Uncle and Junior Teacher Uncle, I do not have deep relations with Zhang Xiao Fan Junior brother, but after the Seven Peaks Tournament, I also left the mountain with him. In Kongsang Mountain Thousand Bats Ancient Cave and East Ocean LiuBo Hill, I witnessed how Zhang Junior brother fought tooth and nail with the Evil Faction minions, he is definitely not an Evil Faction spy. Right now there are outsiders here, maybe Zhang Junior brother have some difficult reasons that he cannot speak, Sect Head Teacher Uncle please think thrice before acting, absolutely must not…”

“Wait!” Suddenly, a voice interrupted Lu XueQi’s words. Everyone looked over, it was that FenXiang Valley old man with compound surname, ShangGuan, who was sitting below the two Holy Monks. Earlier on, Zhang Xiao Fan’s attention was concentrated on the two Holy Monks from TianYin Temple and did not notice him. Now that he looked at him, his face was thin-looking, his figure was thin and long, even the words he said, also felt sharp.

“The  outsiders  that  this  lady  mentioned,  most  likely  is referring to me, and also PuHong fellow brother, PuKong fellow brother as well as fellow brothers in the crowd? Hehe, this kind of matter happened in Qing Yun Sect, you all still have the nerve to consider yourself as the world’s orthodox sect, don’t tell me that we can’t even be allowed to see an explanation?”

Reverend DaoXuan and the other branches leaders’ face expressions, immediately turned ugly, Taoist Cang Song who was sitting beside, coldly said, “ShangGuan Ce fellow brother, today our Sect Head had since made the decision to interrogate this person in front of all of you, so is to give all of you an explanation!” ShangGuan Ce [Hehe] coldly laughed twice, sinisterly said, “Taoist Cang Song, on your this Qing Yun Sect disciple Zhang Xiao Fan’s body, there are too many secretive things, other than having Evil Sect evil object, he even know TianYin Temple’s True Way which was untaught to outsiders, and most likely he is also involved with our FenXiang Valley’s supreme celestial weapon, Inferno Mirror.” Speaking until here, he stopped for a while, his gaze turned towards Reverend DaoXuan, and said, “I first state it here, Inferno Mirror is our FenXiang’s treasure, we must definitely find it back!”

Tian BuYi became more incensed as he listened, coldly laughed once and said, “ShangGuan fellow brother, since this treasure is so important, how can your FenXiang Valley not protect it well, anyhow threw it anywhere, and actually link it to my this disciple? So you are saying, those that were keeping watch over the treasure, I’m afraid are also useless then?”

ShangGuan Ce was infuriated, stood up immediately, Tian BuYi also did not back down, [Shua] and stood up too, the whole ambience suddenly changed to being tense and swords were ready to be drawn. Reverend DaoXuan roared, “Tian Junior brother, what are you doing? Sit down!.”

Tian BuYi glared at ShangGuan Ce, but in the end he did not dare to disobey his Sect Head in front of everyone and slowly sat down. Reverend DaoXuan turned to speak to ShangGuan Ce, “ShangGuan fellow brother, we will naturally give you an explanation, please be assured.”

ShangGuan Ce coldly laughed and also sat down.

Shui Yue who was beside, angrily said, “Qi er, you still don’t want to come back!”

Unexpectedly, as someone who had always followed her teacher’s words and extremely obedient, Lu XueQi, seemed a changed person today. She raised her head and spoke to Reverend DaoXuan, “Sect Head Teacher Uncle, no matter what wrong had Zhang Junior brother committed, I beg Sect Head Teacher Uncle to investigate thoroughly, but he is definitely not a spy infiltrated into our Qing Yun Sect!” She looked at the person in front of her, her expression solemn, as if she did not have a single fear facing the whole world and decidedly said, “Disciple Lu XueQi, is willing to use her life as guarantee!”

Everyone was stunned!

Even Zhang Xiao Fan himself also slightly opened his mouth, stared in shock at this lady kneeling with him, that snow-white skin, icy frost face, suddenly, seemed to also have a faint warmth.

“Disciple  Lin  JingYu,  is  also  willing  to  use  his  life  to guarantee for Zhang Xiao Fan!”

Almost at the same time when Lu XueQi finished her words, Lin JingYu could not bear it any longer, resolutely dashed out and kneeled at the great Hall, without looking at his teacher, Taoist Cang Song, who immediately turned into a color of a pig liver, as if ready to risk everything, loudly said, “Zhang Junior brother risked death for Qing Yun, is absolutely not a spy sent from outside, disciple grew up with him and knew better that there is no such thing, I request Sect head Teacher Uncle to think thrice!”

Reverend DaoXuan at this instant, his face couldn’t get any more uglier, but as they received some kind of stimulation, there was a stir among the Qing Yun disciples, in a short moment, FengHui Valley disciple, Long Shou Valley disciple as well as big Bamboo Valley disciple, all at the same time ran out, kneeled down together and said loudly, “Disciple is also willing to use my life to guarantee for Zhang Xiao Fan!”

Everyone turned pale and looked over, the three people were Zeng ShuShu, QiHao and Tian LingEr, other than Tian BuYi couple, Long Shou Valley Head Taoist Cang Song and FengHui Valley Head Zeng ShuChang, all stood up at the same time, extremely shocked.

At that moment in the Great Hall, the situation was chaotic, Reverend DaoXuan was livid in his heart, thinking that don’t tell me these disobedient disciples were all intending to rebel today? And happened that right now, many of the Good Faction fellow sects were all here, he could not threw a fit of anger. He, as this Qing Yun Sect Head, had really lost all of his face, immediately the anger rushed up to his chest, but with this sudden situation, what should he do?

Right at this moment, suddenly a light cough was heard from behind, it was his disciple, Su YiCai, who softly said, “Teacher, why don’t you go back to take a rest, and handle this later?”

Reverend DaoXuan immediately was enlightened, heavily [Heng] a sound, [Pong] and hit the table, instantly the chaotic Qing Yun disciples quieten down, and turned to look at him.

Reverend DaoXuan, without speaking a word, strided towards the inside of the Hall. Everyone looked at each other, only Su YiCai smiled and stood up, spoke to the crowd, “En, there was an urgent matter from the back of the Hill and needed my respected teacher to attend to. Would the various honorables please wait a moment.”

ShangGuan Ce’s face was full of mockery, said, “Su nephew,I already heard before that your Qing Yun Sect have many rules, now that I see it, it is in fact extraordinary!” A flash of anger appeared in Su YiCai’s eyes, but he immediately  smiled  and  said,  “Senior  is  joking.”    After speaking, he turned and softly coughed, and walked to Taoist Cang Song Taoist and the rest of the branches Head seats, softly said, “Various Teacher Uncles, why have you still not called them back?”

Zeng ShuCang and the rest then reacted and immediately called back their disciples, admonished them after pulling them aside. Tian LingEr was pulled back by SuRu, but was not scolded. Instead, she was full of grievances, tears swelling in her eyes, calling, “Mother…”

SuRu gave a long long sigh, shook her head, indicating not to speak. Tian LingEr looked towards Tian BuYi, but Tian BuYi’s face was ashen, his brows tightly knitted, did not speak a single word and sat disgruntled on the chair.

Lu XueQi was forcibly pulled out of Crystal Hall by WenMin Senior sister, the surrounding people stares were full of curiosity, until they walked to a deserted corner, WenMin complained in a low voice, Lu XueQi instead bent her head and did not speak. After a while, Master Shui Yue unhurriedly walked over.

WenMin, after all, loved and protected her junior sister, went to meet her teacher, softly spoke to Shui Yue and tried her best to explain, but Shui Yue’s face was imposing, and walked straight to Lu XueQi.

Lu XueQi did not dare to look at her, bent her head low and softly called out, “Teacher.”

Shui Yue stared at her, this was her most proudest and most beautiful disciple, after a long while without saying anything, she suddenly sighed, the sound carried a sense of helplessness and and an indistinct miserableness and sadness.

Both WenMin and Lu XueQi were shocked at the same time.

Shui Yue shifted her gaze from Lu XueQi, walked to the railings outside Crystal Hall. The heights of the peaks reached up into the sky, white clouds floating, the celestial air was awe- inspiring. “Qi er, you did something wrong today, you know?”

Lu XueQi lowered her head and softly said, “Yes, Teacher. I made it difficult for you, its all disciple’s fault. But that Zhang Xiao Fan, he definitely will not be...:”

Shui Yue suddenly turned her head and stared at her, “Why will you use your life to gurantee for him?”

Lu XueQi immediately turned pale, unable to speak a word.

Shui Yue looked at her for a long while, shook her head and sighed softly, “Injustice sin!”

Lu XueQi spoke in a low voice, “Teacher, I, I am not…”

Shui Yue suddenly cut her off, “Do you know when I said you made a mistake, it was not because you embarrassed me?” Lu XueQi and WenMin were both shocked, WenMin astonishingly said, “Teacher, what are you saying?”

Shui Yue gave a bitter laugh, her gaze once again looked away, it seemed she again slipped into a far away memory, “You these young people, do not know the limits of the Heaven and Earth, showing off only a moment of courage, but instead it will only push that Zhang Xiao Fan onto the death path!”

Lu XueQi’s face immediately lost color and cried out, “Teacher?”

Shui Yue’s voice gradually became solemn, as if again saw the past affairs buried deep in her memory, “It had been so many years, in a flash it is almost a hundred years over! There was once someone like him, made a big mistake, but we, we disregarded everything to plead for him, but in the end, still…”

She slowly turned her head around, looked into both Lu XueQi and WenMin’s eyes, softly said, “That person’s situation at that time, although was not the same as Zhang Xiao Fan today, but the circumstances were extremely similar. But that person, was your Sect Head Teacher Uncle’s most hated person!”

Shui Yue said with a deep, and even carried a trace of pain, voice. It was the first time in her life, in front of the disciples, she displayed her hurt feelings.

Chapter 79 - Screen Wall [Trouble from within]

In the hall, Reverend DaoXuan had not returned, but among the crowd, whisperings could be heard faintly.

When Shui Yue Master and disciples, the three of them, walked back in again, they saw that the crowd had separated into two groups at the sides, and Zhang Xiao Fan was still kneeling alone on the floor. Lu XueQi seemed to hesitate for a moment, but after Shui Yue swept her stern glare over to her, she silently walked where Shui Yue was and stood behind her.

After a short while, Reverend DaoXuan unhurriedly walked in from the back quarters, and went to his seat. The hall immediately quietened down.

Reverend DaoXuan did not immediately speak to Zhang XiaoFan, and instead with an apologetic expression, spoke to PuHong Holy Monk who was beside, “PuHong Senior brother, my disciple under my sect was disrespectful, making an embarrassment in front of Senior brother.” PuHong smiled slightly, pressed his palms together and said, “DaoXuan Senior brother what words are these!”

At this moment, Taoist Cang Song walked over, he was holding Zhang Xiao Fan’s that firestick in his hand, placed it at the tea table beside Reverend DaoXuan, DaoXuan frowned slightly, looked at him, his eyes seemed to carry a slight suspicion.

Taoist  Cang  Song  spoke  lowly,  “Senior  brother,  just  now when you were away, the situation was a bit chaotic, this object is of a big importance, just in case, I kept it away, and am now putting it back here.”

DaoXuan nodded and said, “Junior brother is considerate.”

After which Taoist Cang Song retreated back. Reverend DaoXuan’s attention, again returned back to Zhang XiaoFan. The crowd at once became nervous, knowing that whatever was coming, might be deciding this youth’s destiny. “Zhang Xiao Fan, I ask you for the last time, do you have anything to say?”

Beads of perspiration appeared on Zhang Xiao Fan’s forehead, the situation in front of him had already reached the climax. Just that he had been in Qing Yun for many years, and knew well the taboo of spying on other sects’ secret way of passing their true way in the Good Faction, if he really said the truth out, he did not know what would be his outcome. But PuZhi Monk, who had passed on for many years, he was afraid not only his reputation would be damaged, even his holy bones burial site, might have to be move out from TianYin Temple’s “Pure Land Rebirth Tower”.

And furthermore, PuZhi Monk was one of the Four Great Holy Monks of TianYin Temple, whether or not the crowd would believe him, is even more of a problem?

There he was battling with himself, for a moment he thought of PuZhi’s voice and face, the next moment he thought of his sect’s deep grace and kindness, but to ask him to betray PuZhi, it was like forcing him to die, in that short moment, it was clear that he was unable to come to a conclusion. But, all of the people in the great hall, would not be giving him any more time.

DaoXuan saw that Zhang Xiao Fan’s expression showed conflicts after listening to his words. Although sweat appeared on his forehead but he still in the end, did not speak a single word. And thinking back on how his disciples had pleaded for him just now, in the depths of his heart, suddenly an unknown fire which had been asleep for many years, raged and burned up.

It was like a hundred years ago, that white figure, was also kneeling like this in Crystal Hall, in front of the three Qing Buddha statues, in front of all the various teachers and elders, even when everyone in the same sect pleaded bitterly for him, still that arrogant, that considered himself unexcelled in the world, disdainfully looking at the world.

Sitting at the rear, Shui Yue, looking at Reverend DaoXuan’s expression from afar, her body trembled, a trace of sadness flashed over in her eyes, she slowly lowered her head.

[Pong!] A loud sound, everyone was shocked!

Reverend DaoXuan seemed to have lost his patience, abruptly stood up, pointed his finger at Zhang Xiao Fan and bellowed, “Evil creature! Years ago I took pity on you because of your circumstances then and took you into Qing Yun Sect. Unexpectedly it seems like I had nurtured a tiger to invite calamity!”

Zhang Xiao Fan’s body trembled, he raised his head and opened his mouth, as if he wanted to say something.

But Reverend DaoXuan’s face was as cold as ice, he frostily said, “If today we do not destroy you this evil creature, how can my Qing Yun Sect give an explanation to all of the Good Faction? All right, let me grant you this…”

The crowd paled, Tian BuYi abruptly stood up, those in the crowd, Lu XueQi, Tian LingEr, Lin JingYu etc had all turned deathly pale, even TianYin Temple PuHong Holy Monk, who was sitting beside, also seemed like he could not bear to, spoke quietly  to  DaoXuan,  “DaoXuan  Senior  brother,  maybe  this should be considered again…” DaoXuan [heng] a sound, coldly replied,”This evil creature had Evil Faction evil object, and also violated our Good Faction big taboo, his sins are too grave, “ while speaking, he picked up the firestick on top of the tea table, “Today I will let you die under your Evil Faction evil object…”

In Zhang Xiao Fan’s head, a sound of [Weng] was heard, his mind was like a blank sheet of paper, all colors seemed to disappeared in front of his eyes, he only vacantly saw DaoXuan raised his arm, Teacher Tian BuYi’s face was ashen, and looked like he was about to say something, and the Qing Yun disciples around them, were in a complete mess.

In the great hall, it seemed like someone’s blood would soon flow for 5 steps [Translator’s note: an idiom meaning blood will be spilled].


Suddenly, a loud shout, startled the whole hall, not one in the crowd did not turn pale. In the confusion, it turned out to be that DaoXuan’s body was shaking violently, he hollered, threw out the firestick, like his hand had been scalded. That firestick streak across the air like a shadow, dropped on to the floor, [Dang dang dang] rebounded a few times, and actually rolled till in front of Zhang Xiao Fan.

Also at this moment, everyone saw that on top of the firestick, a shadow flew up, and in a short while, paused in the mid air, making [Zhi zhi] sounds.

That was, as big as a palm, a strange centipede, magnificent coloured, with seven splits in its tail. Right now it vibrated and flew up, shaking its head and wagging its tail, looking extremely arrogant.

Zhang Xiao Fan was confounded, his whole body seemed to suddenly tremble slightly, his gaze was transfixed on to that strange animal in the mid air, that thing deeply branded into his memory: “Seven tailed centipede!”

In that instant, time seemed to flow back on a surge of raging current, brought him back to many years ago that black night, that PuZhi and mysterious black-attired man’s duel, and at the same time losing everything he had in that sanguinary night! His whole body shook, the smell of blood, wafted out from the depths of his heart, boundless, and encircled him all around. He stretched out his hand, and grabbed the firestick tightly in his hand in one go!

But at this moment, nobody noticed Zhang Xiao Fan’s strange look at all, everyone’s attention and gazes, were all on Reverend DaoXuan.

Qing Yun Sect various senior leaders, their knowledge and experience, were incomparable to ordinary people. In a flash, they surrounded Reverend DaoXuan, especially distancing themselves away from that seven tailed centipede. Until then, when everyone looked over to see Reverend DaoXuan, all had without exception, turned pale.

Reverend DaoXuan’s right hand was shaking, there was a wound in his middle finger, obviously wounded by that seven tailed centipede, and in that short time, the blood that was dripping out was already black. And even more alarming, from the wound in the finger, a ghastly black air, could be seen rapidly attacking up. Seven tailed centipede was known as the world’s most poisonous poison, and even like Reverend DaoXuan, a master who had superior attainments, was too trapped by it.

Reverend DaoXuan in a short while, felt faint with blurred vision and his chest felt suffocated, but his attainments was high beyond imagination, far surpassing that PuZhi Monk at that time, immediately he forced his state of mind to focus, his left hand pointing like a knife, tapped several places in succession on his already numbed left hand, drawing a talisman in the air and straight away suppressed that stream of black air from attacking up.

Right now Taoist Cang Song rushed up to him, supported his body tightly, once he saw Reverend DaoXuan’s wound, turned and roared at Zhang Xiao Fan, “Zhang Xiao Fan, you this evil creature, you actually dared to stab Head Sect in the back!”

The crowd was appalled, Zhang Xiao Fan hoarsely said, “No, not me…”

Reverend DaoXuan, who was clustered around by the crowd, looked better at this moment, but that seven tailed centipede was so venomous, even on his face, black air could be seen indistinctly, weak but it did not disperse. But even so, he was still fully conscious, after breathing deeply, he said, “Quickly capture this evil creature, interrogate him thoroughly.”

Taoist Cang Song turned his head and said, “Senior brother don’t worry, with me here.”

Reverend DaoXuan panted deeply but he was at least half relieved, nodded his head, turned to look at him and was saying, “Then….”

All of a sudden he stopped speaking, Taoist Cang Song’s face in front of him, suddenly from an anxious appearance, turned into an extremely malevolent expression. Also almost at the same time, Reverend DaoXuan felt a coldness in his abdomen, instantly a severe pain followed, his body trembled violently, originally his entire body’s vitality essence which was directed to suppress the venom, suddenly dispersed.

“Ah!” Reverend DaoXuan howled loudly, his left hand cut straight down, Taoist Cang Song’s left hand immediately went up to meet, both palms collided, Taoist Cang Song’s body shook greatly and flew out, landed in front of Crystal Hall’s entrance. After a short while, a trail of blood flowed down from the corner of his mouth, but all these while, he was still coldly smiling.

Above his right hand, horizontally holding a short sword, glittering crystal like water, one look and you would know it was not an ordinary item. And right now, on the sword, numerous blood trails, fresh red blood, from the tip of the sword, drip by drip slowly flowed down, dripping onto the green tiles in the great hall.

The crowd that was in chaos just, in an instant, quieten down, like a deathly silence.

Reverend DaoXuan’s dark green Taoist robe abdomen area, had instantly already turned into a dark color, his entire face expression had also turned extremely pale, however, the shocked expression on his face now, far surpassed the pain in his body. “You, what are you doing?”  His hoarse voice, directed to Taoist Cang Song who was standing outside the great hall entrance, speaking out everyone’s thoughts. Right now, even Long Shou Valley disciple, QiHao, Lin JingYu etc, also could not seemed to believe their own eyes, every one of them with jaws opened, looking at that person who once held the most authority on Qing Yun Hill.

“Me?”  Taoist  Cang  Song  seemed  to  change  into  another person suddenly, laughed savagely loudly, “I am assassinating you! Don’t tell me you can’t tell?” Speaking which, he signaled using his hands, the seven tailed centipede which was in mid air, immediately flew towards him, and vanished into his arm sleeve.

QiHao could not bear it any longer, his voice contained confusion and and fright, loudly said, “Teacher, you, are you mad?”

Taoist Cang Song took a look at him, after which his gaze also fell upon Lin JingYu who had the same expression, and also many more Long Shou Valley disciples, even the other Qing Yun Sect branches disciples, all used the same expression of looking at a mad man and disbelief to look at him. “Ha ha ha, mad? Yes! I have become mad a long time ago!” Taoist Cang Song looked up at the sky and laughed loudly, his behaviour also seemed to carry a bit of madness, “As early as one hundred years ago, also at this Crystal Hall, when I saw Wan Jian Yi, Wan Senior brother’s fate, I have already turned mad!”

“Teacher!” Long Shou Valley QiHao and Lin JingYu’s voices by now were already tearful, but behind them, Qing Yun Sect various elder leaders surrounding Reverend DaoXuan, their bodies instead suddenly stiffen!

Wan Jian Yi, as if this name carried nightmare, carrying a thick shadow, pressing onto Qing Yun Sect’s atmosphere.

The corner of Reverend DaoXuan’s eye twitched, in these hundred years, the name that nobody dared to mention in front of him, it seemed to agitate him strongly too. Xiao YiCai supported his body, but out of a sudden felt that Reverend DaoXuan’s injured body suddenly shook violently, even through that layer of clothes, he could felt that, the flame that burned suddenly in his reverend teacher’s body, was actually this scorching! Taoist Cang Song stood there with a madman demeanour, it was as if the resentment that was buried over all these years was finally released, in this short period of time, no one actually stepped forward to catch this assailant who had injured Qing Yun Sect most revered Sect Head.

He pointed at Reverend DaoXuan, and also pointed behind the crowd, that three Qing Buddha statues in the shadows, loudly said, “You, You all, “  he pointed towards Tian BuYi, ShuiYue, Zeng ShuChang, Shang ZhengLiang etc Qing Yun branch heads, “All of you upon your own consciences say, this sect head position, who should be the one sitting on it? Was it Wan Senior brother, or him?”

Nobody answered, the younger disciples were lost on what to do, but Tian BuYi etc were all ashen, saying nothing.

In the great hall, only Taoist Cang Song’s mad-like voice reverberated, “Why, you all are not speaking? Is it because you have a guilty conscience? Ha ha ha, yes! Yes! In fact who do not know exactly what should be done? But right now, who is the one sitting at this position?” ShuiYue’s face was pale, looked at Cang Song who had became a totally different person from his usual self, unhurriedly said, “Cang Song Senior brother, the things had already been over for a hundred over years, why do you still persist on it like this?”

“Pei!”  Taoist Cang Song right now totally disregarded his own status, viciously [pei] out a sound, a look of disdain on his face, sneered and replied, “Hundred over years? Yes! I have bear it for a hundred over years, until today then I had the opportunity to uphold the injustice for Wan Senior brother. That time in Qing Yun Sect, the barbarian ways, you, you, you!”

His finger pointed one by one, even pointed Tian BuYi, Zeng ShuChang, Shang ZhengLiang, sneered and said, “For these hundred years, all of you must have been comfortable sitting on the branch head position, do you still remember that time Wan Senior brother disregard everything to save our lives? Do you still remember who had selflessly shared with us on how to practice the heart of Tao in those times, allowing us to greatly improve in our Tao attainment? And also you!” He suddenly pointed at ShuiYue, coldly said, “Just now you actually said I am persistent? Hehe, hehe, who did not know at that time you had unrequited love for Wan Senior brother secretly, and later on he saved you loved you, didn’t expect that day you actually watched him die, and instead today you still ridicule me!”

ShuiYue’s face turned all white!

“And also you, Tian BuYi!” as if he was trying to vent all of his anger in his heart, Taoist Cang Song cackled and pointed at Tian BuYi, loudly said, “You say it yourself, how Wan Senior brother treated you, and how did you repay him?”

Tian BuYi’s face was ashen, both hands tightly balled up into fists, his wife SuRu, who was standing beside, her face was equally pale, but the two of them, never spoke a single word, allowing Taoist Cang Song to cackle loudly and accuse him.

“You at that time was just an ordinary wooden disciple under Big Bamboo Valley, even your teacher and senior brothers also looked down on you. But after Wan Senior brother met you, he had the foresight to notice that you had great potentials, devoted his attention to groom you, he not only told you his own methods of attainment, even did his utmost to recommend you into the Wildlands five-member journey, only from then on you were able to make it to Qing Yun’s influential figures, only then you are able to sit on this position today. What I have said, is it right?”

Tian BuYi breathed deeply, his expression mingled with a few degrees of agony, after a long while he unhurriedly said, “I have a great debt of gratitude towards Wan Senior brother, even if my body is smashed to pieces and my bones are grounded to powder, I still am unable to repay!”

Once those words were out, not only Big Bamboo Valley disciples, even the other branches including Tian Yin Temple, FenXiang Valley people, who were all alarmed at the internal commotion in Qing Yun, their expressions also changed. Obviously even Tian BuYi acknowledged like this, it could be seen that the Wan Senior brother mentioned by Taoist Cang Song, indeed had much secrets.

Taoist Cang Song [Hehe] sneered, said, “Good, good, good, you finally also admitted, luckily you still have a bit of conscience, and how did you repay him, say it!” Tian BuYi slowly lowered his head, clenched his teeth, even his body seemed to be trembling slightly.

Taoist Cang Song cackled and said, “Alright, you don’t want to say it, I say it for you. You this shameless person, to think Wan Senior brother valued you this much, that day after returning to Qing Yun Hill, you obviously knew Wan Senior brother liked Little Bamboo Valley SuRu, Su Junior sister, instead you stole his love away, was there such a thing?”

Tian BuYi abruptly raised his head, but once he met Taoist Cang Song ‘s almost crazy stare, that scorching flame also seemed to burn, but without knowing why, somewhere he felt that, there seemed to be a white figure standing behind Taoist Cang Song, suddenly he was unable to speak and slowly lowered his head down again.

He never spoke, SuRu who was beside him suddenly stepped out,  loudly  said,  “Cang  Song  Senior  brother,  if  you  have grievances, direct it to me! That time Wan Senior brother was indeed interested in me, but from the beginning till the end, I only had respect and admiration for him. His great kindness to us both husband and wife, was as weighty as a mountain, but to be together with BuYi, was my own intention, it cannot be said as snatching me away. And also at that time, Wan Senior brother, in front of us, had personally wished us both happiness.”

Taoist Cang Song scoffed and said, “Wan Senior brother’s character was an extremely proud one, after being betrayed by the two of you, how could he be like the common people, continued to pester around you? He had always rather he was the one hurt, and not let others see.”

Speaking till here, he seemed unwilling to continue, he looked towards the hurt and panting Reverend DaoXuan, his eyes full of ceaseless hatred, said, “Wan Senior brother was like a brother, a father to me, single handedly cultivated me, even in the Wildlands he disregarded his live to save me, my life, had long given up to him! I only regretted that hundred years ago, even after I tried my best, I was still unable to save him, from then onwards, I tell myself, no matter what, I must seek revenge for him!”

His words, until the last few sentences, he shouted himself hoarse, as if to his own heart, and as if also to that pair of eyes in the underworld. Su YiCai paled, but even more to his surprise, was the body that he was supporting, suddenly pushed him away.

Qing Yun Head Sect Reverend, supreme leader of the world’s Good Faction for a hundred years, Reverend DaoXuan’s wound was still bleeding and that black air seemed to thicken, by his own strength suddenly, he walked out slowly, step by step.

His grandeur, in a split second overwhelmed everyone, that dark green robe swirled and flew without the wind presence, both of his hands could be seen indistinctly, deeply clenched into fists, even the nails were embedded into his flesh.

He looked at the party in front of him, straightened his body, facing Taoist Cang Song, and even more as if he was facing that invisible white figure, spoke loudly and smiled, “Good good good, didn't expect that the court case at that time, actually made you this perturbed. You can come over and try, see if I, this senior brother, whether I am indeed fit to be this Sect Head!”

He looked over at Cang Song from the side of his eye, suddenly both hands unclenched and his palm stretched out, from his right hand’s wound, drops of black blood squirted and flowed out and the black air on his face, also gradually weakened. Just that he looked even more pale but his voice instead became piercing, with a look of disdain, “You think you are fit to?”

Taoist Cang Song suddenly gave a big laugh, said, “Yes, you are great, during those times in Qing Yun Sect, it had always been Wan Senior brother and you being the two peerless twins, I am not your match but someone will take care of you.”

Reverend DaoXuan’s expression was solemn, coldly asked, “Who is it?”

In the great hall, the crowd held their breath, Qing Yun Sect disciples looked at each other, and looking at the internal conflict from the sidelines, Tian Yin Temple, FenXiang Valley people etc, all looked awkward too.

Taoist Cang Song did not cease laughing, and at this moment, suddenly from a distant place outside Crystal Hall, a deep voice was heard, “DaoXuan old friend, a hundred years not seen, your demeanour is still the same as the past, congratulations!”

The voice was like thunder, rumbling over, in a short while, killing shouts were heard everywhere outside of TongTian Peak, chaos ensued in front of the mountain, in the midst of the commotion, someone actually shouted loudly from afar, “Sorcerers from Evil Faction are attacking up the mountain!”


Qing Yun Sect members, all without exception, turned pale, Reverend DaoXuan instead sucked in a breath of cool air, pointing at Taoist Cang Song, almost could not believe himself and said, “You, you actually dare to betray your sect, collude with Evil Faction!”

Taoist Cang Song cackled and said, “That’s right, I colluded with the Evil Faction, so what! From what I see, Qing Yun Sect hide dirt and conceal corruption, not even comparable to Evil Faction! For the sake of seeking revenge for Wan Senior brother, even if I have to go to hell I also do not care, what’s more colluding with Evil Faction?” SuRu’s face was white, softly said, “Madness, madness, he is really mad!”

Tian BuYi heard it, his face was grim, he knew that for the past few years, Taoist Cang Song’s power and authority was extremely powerful in Qing Yun, even the daily defence matters were also handled by him. And today Evil Faction attacked in force, it was until they almost reached Crystal Hall then they were discovered, the situation was really extremely bad.

He, in a blink of an eye, in the commotion instead, saw that his junior disciple Zhang Xiao Fan holding his firestick, still standing there. Taking advantage that nobody was paying attention, he pulled him to stand behind himself, but he noticed immediately, that there was something wrong with his own junior disciple.

Zhang Xiao Fan both eyes were faintly reddish and staring unwavering at Taoist Cang Song’s figure, his mouth seemed to be mumbling something, “It’s him, it’s him, it must be him…”

Chapter 80 - Scheme within scheme

“Who is there?”

At the same time, loud shouts from Qing Yun disciples outside Crystal Hall’s entrance were heard but after that, only a few sounds of [Shua] were heard. It seemed like someone highly skilled had flew in and soon after [Peng peng] sounds were heard, several Qing Yun disciples fell and tumbled in.

Outside the door, four shadows materialized in a flash, it was the Evil Faction’s four great sect leaders.

YuYang Zi and God of Poison stood in the middle, Ghost King and SanMiao Fairy flanked the both of them, the four of them took a look into this great hall and unhurriedly walked in.

The oldest, God of Poison, using his mouth, made sounds of [Ze ze], smiled and said, “Old friend DaoXuan, hundred of years not seen, are you still well?” Reverend DaoXuan’s body trembled, his nostrils shrank, and coldly said, “God of Poison!”

God of Poison gave a big laugh and said, “It is me this old fool. A hundred years ago I was defeated under your sword at the foot of Qing Yun Mountain, today again I see that your elegant demeanour is the same as before, it is a relief that I did not win!”

Reverend DaoXuan’s gaze looked over each of the four person, at the same time, several Evil Faction men walked in successively from the Crystal Hall’s entrance. Looking at those men’s bearing and stance, not one of them would be easy to deal with. Most likely the core of Evil Faction’s strength over these hundred years were all here. Among those that the crowd had seen, Ghost King Sect’s Qing Long, YouJi, Wan Du Clan’s Bai DuZhi etc were all there, and for the rest, very likely they were also the four great branches highly skilled men.

And at somewhere far, cries of battle were getting louder, howls of desperations were also heard from time to time. The used-to-be paradise-like on earth Qing Yun Mountain, right now were being enveloped by the smell of blood, as if it was in hell. Reverend DaoXuan took a deep breath, with much difficulty he managed to calm his state of mind. Today the trouble started from within, furthermore the external enemy came right into it, one would know without asking, that this was the most dangerous moment for the past hundred years in Qing Yun Sect. And as the Qing Yun thousand-years-old great sect’s reverend Head, he definitely would not allow this inheritance to be destroyed at his own hands.

At that moment, one of the Buddha’s name was suddenly heard, without knowing when, PuHong Master had came to stand beside Reverend DaoXuan, with a light smile in his face, he  said,  “DaoXuan  Senior  brother,  since  ancient  times  evil never triumphed over the virtuous, my Tian Yin Temple this vein, has always fought with Qing Yun Sect against the evil spirits and evil ways, if there is any assignment, please feel free to instruct.”

DaoXuan was delighted, also at the same time, those people from FenXiang Valley, with ShangGuan elder as their representative, stepped out and stood behind Reverend DaoXuan and PuHong Master. The four great leaders from Evil Faction countenance slightly changed, God of Poison looked at PuHong, in a deep voice asked, “Which Tian Yin Temple’s Holy Monk is this Master?”

PuHong smiled slightly and said, “This venerable patron is really forgetful, hundred years ago at Good and Evil Faction big battle, we too had the fate to face each other before, how can you instead forgot about this old monk, this old monk is Tian Yin Temple PuHong, beside me is my junior brother, PuKong.”

Tian Yin Temple Four Great Holy Monks were famous beyond words, with the two of them, it amounted to several high skilled fighters from Qing Yun Sect, what’s even more with FenXiang Valley highly skilled fighters beside?

God of Poison turned his head over, knitted his brow at the pale-faced Taoist Cang Song, said, “How did these people came to be here?”

Taoist Cang Song replied fiercely, “These bald donkeys and FenXiang Valley fellows all came suddenly to Qing Yun Mountain this morning, there was no advance notice, I was caught unaware and so was unable to notify.” PuHong met the glances of FenXiang Valley ShangGuan elder, and both laughed out aloud, FenXiang Valley ShangGuan Ce gave a big laugh and said, “This is what they say evil will not triumph over the virtuous, Heaven’s net has wide meshes, today definitely will let you these presumptuous evil demons, the whole lot of you to be executed on this Qing Yun Mountain!”

“Heihei” a cold sneer, standing beside God of Poison, the one whom was recommended by the majority of the Evil Sect to be the leader of this exercise, YuYang Zi, with an arrogant expression, sneered and said, “Hundred years ago, my Holy Sect seniors too used only our own sect’s strength and fought against your three big sects, how can it be that today we will fear all of you!”

“Well said!”  sounds of cheers immediately shouted, mostly came from the group of people standing behind the four great leaders, even Ghost King who was standing beside, also clapped and laughed.

“Today will let all of you see, whether we are the ones to be executed or is that you are the ones to suffer death!” This sentence, he said it with absolute savageness, looking disdainfully at everyone, not one of the Good Faction people did not change countenance, their expressions revealing abhorrence,  especially  the  last  word,  “death”,  Ghost  King specifically emphasized on it, with the intention of sarcasm.

Reverend DaoXuan coldly laughed, was about to say something, but Evil Faction’s YuYang Zi seemed to be the most impatient, waved his hand and at once, different colored streams of light floated out of all of the Evil Faction’s highly skilled fighters’ hands, obviously they were going to fight immediately.

In Good Faction, Qing Yun, Tian Yin Temple members immediately focused their defence, knowing that in front of them would be the most deathly Evil and Good Faction big battle for the past hundred year, PuHong chanted in a low voice, “Amitabha Buddha, Sadhu, Sad…”

Unexpectedly he had not finished his words, something unexpected happened, when everyone’s attention was on the Evil Faction in front of them, suddenly several streams of light floated out at the same time, in them there were even two with sharp beams, hitting directly onto PuHong’s defenceless back! [Boom]

In that instant, Good Faction was like a pot that had exploded, it was a complete mess, shrill cries and howls immediately cried out at the same time. PuHong Master saw darkness in front of him, he felt two great energy forcibly pounded onto his back, an immeasurable force smashed in, another instead turned into a sharp slim needle, stabbed straight through.

PuHong Master staggered, [Pu] spurted out a spray of blood. What kind of figure is he [Translator’s note: a rhetorical statement] , at once he knew that there were still traitors among the Good Faction, his entire divine “Great Brahman Wisdom True Way”, without hesitation travelled around his whole body, forcibly stopped that enormous assault, at the same time without turning his head, flung one of his sleeves backwards.

[Peng Peng] two muffled sounds were heard, two cries of surprise sounded from the people behind, obviously they suffered some harm, that great energy suddenly dispersed, but the other like-poisonous needle stream of energy, instead turned into something with form, eventually pierced through that unable-to-defend-in-time Great Brahman Wisdom body shield, and drilled into his body.

Within a short while, Qing Yun Tian BuYi and the rest already rushed over, one after another they attacked but once the assailants attacked, they immediately flew up and over to Evil Faction group of people.

Taking the lead, surprisingly was FenXiang Valley ShangGuan Ce, and the others that were assailing the rest, were all FenXiang Valley people.

In the Good Faction, including PuHong who was assailed, PuKong and the rest of the Tian Yin Temple members, were all dumbfounded. Reverend DaoXuan, after a long while, then tried to calm down his mind, pointing at ShangGuan Ce and said, “You, what are you doing? Don’t tell me FenXiang Valley have also sought refuge with Evil Faction?”

ShangGuan Ce stood beside Evil Faction four great leaders and Taoist Cang Song, his gaze met with theirs at the same time, suddenly [Haha] laughed out loud, their demeanor extremely savaged, filled with complacency. Ghost King laughed heartily and spoke to Reverend DaoXuan, “Who said they were FenXiang Valley people...”

Reverend DaoXuan was about to speak, suddenly lost his voice, slowly turned his head and stared at Taoist Cang Song, his  face  paled,  “Good,  good,  you  did  well,  it  was  indeed crossing the sea by a trick!” [Translator’s note: An idiom which means using deception to achieve one’s aim]

Taoist Cang Song [Hehe] a cold sneer, looking extremely pleased with himself, laughed and said, “This is all thanks to Ghost King Sect Head who is wise and full of stratagems, once he heard that today Tian Yin Temple bald donkeys suddenly came without invitation, and would ruin my big plans, he immediately thought of sending highly skilled fighters to disguise as FenXiang Valley disciples, picked a few that do not usually roam on earth and leave it to me to present them, Hehe, it was indeed success at one go!”

Reverend DaoXuan’s body swayed, glanced over, this sneak attack by Evil Faction, most of their targets were concentrated on Tian Yin Temple monks, nine out of ten were badly injured. Especially their Head, PuHong Master, his face as white as sheet, as of now, he could no longer stand. Under his disciple, FaXiang’s assistance, he slowly sat down, his back was badly mangled. As for the others, they themselves were no better, even within Qing Yun, five or six elders were also hurt.

Reverend DaoXuan’s inside seethed and churned, his heart also gradually sank down, smiled bitterly and said, “Excellent, excellent, to think I have lived in vain for these many years, I actually did not think that FenXiang Valley ShangGuan Ce fellow brother has always been guarding ‘Inferno Altar’ and never stepped out of FenXiang Valley, and actually did not suspect you!”

Ghost King looked at him, smiled and shook his head, said, “You didn’t not think of this, I guess you didn’t expect that your Taoist Cang Song junior brother betrayed you?”

Another bitter laugh from Reverend DaoXuan.

Crystal Hall, sank into silence. The Good Faction members looked at each other, at this moment, whoever could also see that Evil Faction had already gained a huge advantage. Although there were still not a few senior experts over at Qing Yun side, but there were even more at Evil Faction side. Among the Tian Yin Temple monks, looking over right now, those that could fight were estimated to be less than half, and only PuKong and FaXiang escaped being hurt because of their vigilance.

Especially PuKong, it seemed like he had changed into a totally different person right now. He held a golden alms bowl in his palm, emanating golden rays of lights everywhere, looking much like a fiend. In front of him, a bloody mess of flesh. One of the Evil Faction highly skilled fighter had tried to secretly attack him but was unsuccessful and instead was smashed into pulp by PuKong magical weapon ‘Buddha Golden Alms’.

But the most important thing was, the two masters who had been known as the world’s Good Faction Mount Tai and North Star - Reverend DaoXuan and PuHong Master, were seriously injured at the same time, looking at them right now, PuHong Master was as white as sheet, although Reverend DaoXuan was slightly better but no matter how one tried to see, it seemed like an arrow at the end of its flight.

Is it that the world’s Good Faction, really coming to its fated end? This question, equivalent to the heaviest stone, weighed heavily on the Good Faction minds.

On the contrary, not one of the Evil Faction was not jubilant, for hundred over years Evil Faction had been chased off from Central Plains and stranded in Wildlands, today they could let out all of their resentment in one shot, how not to be high- spirited?

YuYang Zi felt that this time round that he took charge, Holy sect was able to deal with the incomparable formidable Good Faction two massive schools in one fell swoop, in his future days within the Holy sect, his status would definitely be placed above the rest, maybe from today onwards, he would be able to bring up Chang Shen Hall to what eight hundred years ago Elder Blackheart’s Blood Forger Hall scale.

Once he thought of this, YuYang Zi became more conceited, smiling arrogantly and speaking to Reverend DaoXuan, “Dao Xuan old thief, quickly hand over your sect’s treasure ‘Zhu Xian Ancient Sword’ and submit to our Holy Sect, I will spare all of your lives! Hahaha…” Several highly skilled fighters standing behind him laughed together with him, it seemed like those hundred years of grievances, could only be released off today!

And at a distance away, the never-ending cries of Qing Yun disciples from fighting at close combat on TongTian Peak, seemed to cast a tragic foreshadow on the destiny that Qing Yun Sect would face today.

On Reverend DaoXuan’s face, a unwavering determination appeared on his pale expression, scoffing at YuYang Zi, he coldly replied, “Even if today my Qing Yun Sect is ruined by all of you, don’t expect us to bend our knees and submit.”

After which he retreated a few steps and returned to the Qing Yun Sect group. Tian BuYi, Shang ZhengLiang and the rest of the branches leaders at the same time surrounded him. His favourite disciple, Su YiCai, supported his body and spoke in an urgent low voice, “Teacher, your body…”

Reverend  DaoXuan  snorted,  impatiently  said,  “Right  now disaster is right before our eyes, Tian Junior brother, Zeng Junior brother, TianYun Junior brother, all of you stay here to defend for a while, ShuiYue Junior sister, you to lead a few of the 2nd generation disciples and take Tian Yin Temple fellow friends away first, they were injured because of us, we cannot let them suffer further injuries.”

The ones who were instructed immediately acknowledged, Tian BuYi said, “Sect Head Senior brother, leave this place to us, you are severely injured, quickly go, as long as the green hills last, another day again…”

He suddenly stopped and did not continue, but everyone knew the meaning of his words, Zeng ShuChang and the other leaders nodded their heads at the same time, but Reverend DaoXuan gave a miserable laugh, said, ”Our ancestor's work, don’t tell me you all actually asked me to give it up and disregard it? I, DaoXuan, would rather die than be a sinner forever!”

Tian BuYi and the rest kept quiet, DaoXuan took a look at the already restless Evil Faction people, and suddenly seemed to make up his mind on something, spoke lowly, “Since things have already reached this stage, I have to violate our founders’ commandment, and use that as the final kill!” The others, including most of the elders, were all stunned.

DaoXuan took a deep breath, said, “There is not much time, I will go and invite the Zhu Xian Ancient Sword, all of you…” he looked around then urgently said, “Regardless of how you all think of me, but with things now, all of you need to be very careful!”

Tian BuYi and the rest were visibly moved, and were about to speak when suddenly wild laughter was heard, lights from magical weapons flashed, the Evil Faction group had finally started.

In an instant inside the Crystal Hall which was originally solemn and dignified, magical weapons danced, strange lights swept everywhere, loud crashes and rumbles constantly erupted.

In the chaos, taking advantage of Qing Yun elders defending the wild attacks from Evil Faction skilled fighters, ShuiYue led the young disciples and brought the various Masters from Tian Yin Temple who were injured, into the back halls, Reverend DaoXuan too, walked to the back but his footsteps showed that he was staggering.

Tian BuYi saw that while he was battling, and felt anxious. Sweeping his gaze, he used his scarlet ablazed celestial sword to force the Evil Faction enemy in front of him to retreat, in a flash appeared beside the pale-faced QiHao, Lin JingYu, whom were fighting together with the other elders, and urgently said, “We don’t need you here, go and escort Sect Head Reverend now!”

QiHao, Lin JingYu’s bodies shook, but looking at Tian BuYi’s stern expression, they did not dare to disobey. Also, with the sudden betrayal of Long Shou Valley Head, Taoist Cang Song, to the Long Shou Valley disciples, it was a bolt from the blue, they had already lost their directions, right now they quickly acknowledged and followed after Reverend DaoXuan.

Looking at their back figures, SuRu who was battling at the side, frowned. After a while, she too found an opportunity to break away and sneaked up to Song Daren and Tian LingEr, quietly said, “Your Taoist Cang Song Teacher Uncle suddenly betrayed us, we do not know if the disciples under him can be trusted, you too should go after your Sect Head Reverend!” Song Daren and Tian LingEr were shocked, but after which they understood and immediately followed. SuRu was about to turn back when suddenly out of the corner of her eye, in this heaven and earth turning upside down big battle, Zhang Xiao Fan, the little disciple who was the center of everyone’s attention a while ago, right now was standing alone and being ignored, strangely staring ahead of the Evil Faction, not moving at all.

She frowned, actually her thoughts were the same as Tian BuYi, never did she believe that this little disciple would be a spy from Evil Faction, and concerned that Zhang Xiao Fan’s skill level was too low, immediately flashed over to his side and gently tapped on his shoulder.

Zhang Xiao Fan’s body shook, turned his head around to look, SuRu’s heart suddenly went cold, Zhang Xiao Fan’s eyes were all bloodshot, although he still looked alert but without knowing why, a strange demonic aura was felt.

But as the situation was too urgent now, SuRu was unable to deliberate much, spoke, “Xiao Fan, this place is too dangerous, you should too follow your big senior brother and LingEr senior sister.” Zhang Xiao Fan paused for a while, but under his Teacher wife’s gaze, who had always loved and protected him since young, finally nodded his head and ran into the back halls.

SuRu felt relieved and following which, she dived into the battle, joining the increasingly fierce fight!

Within the loud rumbles, the sounds of various magical weapons clashing fiercely, Zhang Xiao Fan ran into the back hall, and caught up to Song Daren and Tian LingEr, and soon caught up to QiHao and Lin JingYu, the few of them surrounded Reverend DaoXuan, Reverend DaoXuan took a look at them and nodded his head slightly, but when his gaze fell upon Zhang Xiao Fan, his gaze subconsciously stopped and moved away.

Not knowing what Zhang Xiao Fan was feeling but the firestick that he was holding in his hand, green light was seen faintly rippling through, his head felt dizzy from time to time, and waves of murderous energy like burst of fierce spirits, shot up into his head and he couldn’t help but to think of the smell of blood. Just that, right now, everyone had something weighing heavily on their minds, absolutely nobody noticed Zhang Xiao Fan’s strange look. After a while, Lu XueQi and WenMin from Little Bamboo Valley also appeared in front of the group.

Lu XueQi took a glance at Zhang Xiao Fan, and spoke to Reverend DaoXuan, “It was Teacher who instructed WenMin Senior sister and me to come over!”

Reverend DaoXuan sighed and shook his head slightly, but without saying anything, continued to move forward.

Without waiting for them to go far, they could hear booms and rumble sounds as loud as thunder behind them, a few streams of light as thick as a pillar broke through Crystal Hall’s roof and shot towards the sky, carrying a few cries, who would know who had lost their lives?

The group countenance changed, without asking, all of them knew how vicious had the fighting in Crystal Hall became and couldn’t help but worry for their respective branches seniors. Reverend DaoXuan stared deeply towards that direction, his expression tight, suddenly flung his robe and walked on. The young disciples followed behind him, looking at the figure of someone whom they had always revered like God, right now his posture was still as before, upright and tall, but on his dark green robe, that startling stain of fresh blood which had turned black, and even that sword thrust wound left behind by Cang Song’s assassination, were all clearly seen.

How could Reverend DaoXuan, after suffering these severe injuries, still be able to bear it?

The lot of them went past the hall, among the young disciples, none of them were the lead disciples, which meant none of them came here before. Following Reverend DaoXuan who passed the hall and the garden, slowly, the clamour noises from Crystal Hall started to disappear, after they had passed Crystal Hall’s back hall, they instead walked towards TongTian Peak rear hill.

Reverend DaoXuan took the lead, the rest of them followed closely behind, staying alert and observing the surroundings, although most of the Evil Faction members were all attacking the front of the hill, but who knows if there would be anyone led in by Taoist Cang Song to the rear of the hill. Zhang Xiao Fan walked behind the group, both of his eyes were faintly red, no expression on his face but in the depth of his heart, it was instead like terrifying waves, shocked by Qing Yun Sect’s calamity and at the same time, struggling with his past vengeance. In his memory, although he had not seen the killer who had massacred Grasstemple Village villagers, but whenever he recalled that scene, he would think of that vicious mysterious black-attired man.

And looking at it today, it was most likely Taoist Cang Song!

Although there were two orphans from Grasstemple Village, but only Zhang Xiao Fan had seen that black-attired man battling with PuZhi, and since he had confirmed it today, immediately the aged-long hatred surfaced, and that firestick in his hand, which was smelted with the world’s two most lethal weapons, Sinister Orb and Soul Absorbing stick, were triggered by his owner’s hatred and at once, the deeply buried evil currents surfaced, and instead influenced Zhang Xiao Fan more.

If this happened on normal days, even without Reverend DaoXuan’s skills, Tian BuYi would have long discovered something strange with Zhang Xiao Fan, but right now who would have the mind to care about him. Just that nobody knew, this little small disciple of Qing Yun, was actually in an extremely agitated state, the critical moment between the Heaven and man’s war. If he was not careful, he would be tainted by the evil ruthless energy of Sinister Orb and Soul Absorbing stick, lost and beyond redemption!

As expected, the truth proved Tian BuYi, ShuiYue and the rest’s concerns as valid. Although the small road at TongTian Peak rear hill was secluded, but within a short while of walking, several Evil Faction disciples suddenly rushed out from both sides, QiHao and the rest immediately went up to defend.

Revered DaoXuan only took a glance, disregarded the scene and walked straight ahead. The attack on Qing Yun, most indeed was Evil Faction’s elites, even the ones hiding here, were not lowly skilled too, QiHao, Lu XueQi and the rest were unable to subdue them in a hurry.

Song Daren and the others continued to protect Reverend DaoXuan, leaving QiHao and Lu XueQi to handle the enemies, right now there was actually a question in everyone’s mind -- why did Reverend DaoXue not use flight, could it be that his injuries were so severe until to that degree?

Just that right now nobody dared to ask him. After a short while, a crash was heard, several more Evil Faction disciples dashed out from both sides, Song Daren and WenMin, Tian LingEr blocked them, Zhang Xiao Fan and Lin JingYu also went forward.

Song Daren impatiently said, “Three of us is enough, quickly go protect Head Sect Reverend!”

Lin JingYu gritted his teeth, pulled Zhang Xiao Fan and ran forward, and caught up again with Reverend DaoXuan. This time round, surprisingly they did not encounter Evil Faction disciples, Reverend DaoXuan led them on a secluded small road in the rear hill for a distance, and stopped at a junction of three roads.

Lin JingYu and Zhang Xiao Fan also stopped, Zhang Xiao Fan did not speak a word while Lin JingYu raised his head and looked at Reverend DaoXuan. Reverend DaoXuan turned back to look, and suddenly froze, his face expression changed. It seemed to be destined, these two person, were the same two orphans from the Grasstemple Village at that time.

“After this, will be our Qing Yun Sect Holy ground, ‘Illusory Moon Cave’. I am going in, you all will wait here and do not let any of the Evil Faction get in! The other road leads to ‘Founders Ancestral Hall’, you all…”

Lin JingYu with a look of determination, nodded his head seriously, loudly replied, “Sect Head please don’t worry!”

Reverend DaoXuan looked at him but his gaze also fell upon the ‘Dragon Slayer Sword’ in his hand. The Dragon Slayer Sword’s Jade Green Ball was roaming around in this quiet and peaceful hill scenery, as if it was thirsting for something?

This young man, full of eagerness and determination, indistinctly...Reverend DaoXuan suddenly turned around, gazed towards the road that led to Founders Ancestral Hall, without saying another word, looked towards the other road and walked on. Lin JingYu watched until Reverend DaoXuan disappeared from the small road, then turned around, his eyebrows frowning deeply, he was unable to calm his state of mind, even his breathing became heavier. But it was understandable, Qing Yun had suddenly encountered a big calamity, and the one whom he had always regard as a father figure, Taoist Cang Song, suddenly betrayed them, how could it not caused him to feel that his world was spinning around.

Zhang Xiao Fan slowly raised his head, looking towards the foot of the hill, Crystal Hall’s direction, but he could only see the dense forest, even the corner of the Hall’s roof could not be seen; instead on the other road, leading to Founders Ancestral Hall, behind the forest, there was an indistinct house outline, bell tolls were also heard faintly.

From the extreme, tensed battle to this extremely secluded place, both of them could not adjust their feelings momentarily, Lin JingYu panted heavily, breathed deeply and slowly slowed down his own breathing.

Suddenly, ahead of them, a dragon’s fury filled cry was heard. Although the distance was great but the sound waves were like terrifying waves that crashed over, the earth seemed to shake. Both of them were startled, Lin JingYu was the first to recover, happily said, “Its Senior Spirit!”

Zhang Xiao Fan also recognised the cry, it was indeed Water Unicorn’s cries of fury, it was obvious that the thousand year spirit beast that had protected Qing Yun Hill, was finally awakened and attacked.

But it was indeed unimaginable, that Qing Yun intense battle situation could be rumbling to what extent!

Both of them had their own thoughts while waiting for Reverend DaoXuan, but their quiet moments were short-lived, footsteps were suddenly heard, both of them were alarmed, secretly wishing that it would be the rest of them arriving, if not…

Unexpectedly Heaven seemed to be against Qing Yun, after a short while, five Evil Faction disciples appeared, and their leader, was the one who had plotted against PuHong Master, the fake ShangGuan Ce. Looking at them here, he immediately started to grin hideously and dashed forward, and among the group, there were a few who looked behind them, looking around.

Lin Zhang both of them, lost countenance, with Lin JingYu quick reflexes, one look and he knew they were not mediocre fighters, not to say he himself could handle them but whether the five of them would combine their strengths to fight, was the issue. But the Illusory Moon Cave that Reverend DaoXuan went in, in whatever circumstances, they could not let them in. In the anxious moment, he hardened his heart and made a decision, spoke in a low voice to Zhang Xiao Fan, “Xiao Fan, I will lead them to the other side, you stay here and guard well!”

Zhang Xiao Fan was stunned, and had not recovered his senses when Lin JingYu had already dashed out, the Dragon Slayer Sword turned into a jade green ray, swept towards that five black-attired men, the momentum magnificently displayed.

The fake ShangGuan Ce and the rest were shocked, their expression immediately turned solemn, they did not expect that this small junior Qing Yun disciple’s skills were so high. They immediately surrounded him, leaving the fake ShangGuan Ce alone directing the fight, at the same time observing Zhang Xiao Fan’s movement.

Lin JingYu fought them together, it was indeed that these Evil Faction disciples’ skills were not mediocre, three among them were only slightly weaker than him, but only one of them, was well-matched in strength, right now the four of them surrounded and attacked him, he was immediately at a disadvantage.

Lin JingYu frowned deeply, he did not wish to continue fighting and immediately extricated himself and retreated towards the other path. That fake ShangGuan Ce hesitated for a slight moment but then soon led three of the fighters to chase after him, leaving only one black-attired man with Zhang Xiao Fan standing at the same spot.

That black-attired men sneered, looked at Zhang Xiao Fan, but this young man seemed to hear something and slowly looked up.

Appearing before him, was a pair full of unknown violent evil bloodshot eyes! Qing Yun’s tranquil forest, cries of startled birds were suddenly heard, a burst of commotion.

Far away, Water Unicorn’s cries of fury were heard faintly, reverberated within Heaven and Earth!
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