Zhu Xian Chapter 61-70

Chapter 61: Storm

The in the dark color of the night, moon and stars can not be seen. There was no light in the night sky.

Shaw Danon had been kneeled at the entrance of the cave for almost six hours. The disciples from other factions were most asleep already. Even the last light, the last fire inside the cave of the Bamboo Peak putted out among thousands of reluctance.

Inside the cave, Tian Bolis said something, then Hidi immediately cried out: "Dad!"

No sound, nothing follow it. Shaw Danon did not know what happened. But soon, Xavion came out.

Shaw Danon lifted his head, looked at his Da Shixiong. Though Xavion could not bear to say it, but he still said: "Xiao Shidi, master said you are bothering him if you kneel here, and told you to kneel farther." Shaw Danon's heart sunk. His face suddenly felt something cold and freezing. In this pitch-dark night, rain fell.

He did not speak, quietly rose up and walked to farther away, to the border of the thick woods, kneeled down under an ancient tree.

Xavion looked at him for a moment, the figure of this Xiao Shidi's had became blurry in the night rain. He sighed softly, shook his head and returned.

"Boom", a thunder came from the sky. The white lighting bareing its teeth and showing its claws across the sky. Moment later, large drops of rain came down like small stones, hit on the rocks making popping sound. Then, heavy rain pouring down.

Just in a blank of an eye the world had turned blurry. Shaw Danon's entire body had got all wet. The clothes sticked to his body, with an undescrible coldness. He raised his head. In the originally pitch-dark night, plus the heavy rain, he could not see details of the cave. Between heaven and earth, it seemed like leaving only he to be here suffering.

He lowered his head, not moving.

This heavy rain was like the punishment the heaven gives him. It was non-stop. The rain did not get weaker. The lighting and thunder howling wildly!

The water dripped off from his wet hair, slipped on his cheek. Shaw Danon's eyes almost could not open. But at this moment, in this raining time when there is no one here, he suddenly saw a figure appeared before him, a pair of feet stepped in front of him.

He managed to lift his head. Lighting flashed across the sky, thunder banged, with the weak light, Shaw Danon saw a poignantly beautiful lady stood before him.

Shaw Danon was stunned. Anan was also wet all over. As the light of the lighting passed away, her figure also turned into a blurry dark shape in the darkness. But Shaw Danon could feel it clearly that she is standing in front of him.

The night of raging storm, this gentle figure softly crouched down in front of him.

The rain became more rapid, the wind became more fierce!

In the deep of the forest, it was like there are devils howling.

An icy cold hand, with slightly shaking, went across Shaw Danon's hair. With a dreamy voice, in this stormy night, she said: "Don't be scared, it will be over soon!"


"I will stay here with you!" "......"

"Boom" A thunder was like shattered the sky, shattered the soul. Within the fierce lighting, within the howl of the wind, the time when freezing rain dance like devils, that gentle face, that pair of gentle eyes, like the sweetest figure in a dream, is staying next to him.

She whispered to herself in the rain, to Shaw Danon, but also to her heart, softly, softly said: "You saved me and protected me without caring your own life. I will do the same for you.

"The pain in your heart, the heaven knows it and I know it. I can not help you to reduce your pain, but I can bear it together with you. Wish there will be finally a day, you can be with the person you love, happily together "

The voice became softer and softer, and gone. The storm became more fierce. That figure is so weak, like an injured small grass in the wind, wavering. Shaw Danon was absentminded, it was like dream and illusion. The dark night was heavy, the sky was speechless!

The storm had raged for long time, then it slightly weakened. Shaw Danon was freezing all over. The chill invaded his body. His arms and legs were already frozen. If this continue, he will be severely ill. But no matter what, he did not want to rise up and avoid the rain.

In this freezing coldness, a faint warmth came from his right arm, spread slowly in his body and balanced out much of the coldness in his body. It seemed coming from the Inferno Mirror that tied on his right arm.

Shaw Danon suddenly remembered the ghostly lady. He thought that was Anan, but right now, he could not find her figure, did she left, or she never appeared before.

Thinking of that, he smiled bitterly, shook his head and the water splashed everywhere. But then, he clearly heard a voice: "Silly boy!" Shaw Danon turned around and almost called "Lu Shijie". But then, a girl slowly came out from the deep woods, with an umbrella in her hand sheltering against the storm, she looked at him with smile. It was a person he could never expect he will meet here -- Felkin girl Bilu.

In the night screen, although the rain got a little weaker, it was still heavy. He could not see it clearly from afar. First Shaw Danon thought his eyes were playing trick, but it was really Bilu. She walked to him with a smile on her face.

She was still in her green dress, her hand was still holding a green umbrella. But the storm was too strong, several places got wet on the edge of her ethereal dress. She arrived before him, her figure became clear. The places where it got wet softly sticked to her skin.

Shaw Danon lowered his head, not looking at her.

Bilu startled, crouched down before him, looked at him and smiled: "You are really weird. In this heavy rain, you choose this place to kneel, is this a practice in your Jadeon cultivation?" Shaw Danon was annoyed and glared her, but Bilu's face was unexpectedly gentle in the night, he was startled.

"Boom!" The thunder striked from the dark clouds. Then at this moment, a large light flashed across the sky, cut it in half, then faded away. Following by this lighting and thunder, the rain was getting heavier again.

Bilu frowned, she leaned forward. Shaw Danon discovered the rain that hit on him became less. He was suddenly released from the heavy pressure, able to relax.

He raised his head and found it was Bilu shifted half of the umbrella, sheltered the rain for him. But the rain was heavy, half of the Bilu's body has allowed a slip for the rain became wet while she took consider of Shaw Danon.

Shaw Danon's heart felt warm, he pushed the umbrella back, said quietly: "You were severely sick in Blooddrop Cave, be aware of catching cold."

Bilu seemed startled, she looked at Shaw Danon. Shaw Danon was bewildered by her strange look, said: "What?"

Bilu curled her lips smiled, seemed very delightful, said: "So you kid still know how to worry about my health?"

Shaw Danon blushed, but luckily in his night storm it was hard to see. He said shyly: "I am afraid you will blame on me if you get sick."

Bilu leaned on him. Now they were side by side closely. The difference is that Shaw Danon was kneeling on the ground, and Bilu was crouching next to him. At the same time, Bilu shifted the umbrella again, sheltered against the storm above their heads.

Shaw Danon felt there was a faint, gentle fragrance next to him in the storm. He turned and Bilu was also looking at him. Their eyes met and startled. After a while, Shaw Danon moved his eyes away. His heart was beginning to beat rapidly. The talkative Bilu was also quiet at this moment, crouching next to Shaw Danon, staying with him. Only when he was not noticing, she shifted the umbrella more to Shaw Danon, sheltered more rain for him.

"Ah!" Shaw Danon was silence and fixed with feeling, suddenly remembered something, and cried out. He immediately turned to Bilu, with anxiety on his face, he said hurriedly: "How can y-you come here?"

Bilu was not surprised by his reaction, she smiled, her voice was faint, in the sound of storm, she said with dreary sadness: "I come here to see you!"

Shaw Danon lowered his voice, but in his anxious voice there was gratefulness: "They are all our Righteous cultivators around here, not to mention the seniors of Skysong Temple and Incense Valley. Just any elders from Jadeon can cause you die without a place to bury. Why don't you hurried and leave?"

Bilu was indifferent, only watching Shaw Danon's anxious look with smile on her face, then she suddenly sighed: "You stinking brat, you has some conscience!" Shaw Danon couldn't say anything.

Bilu whispered: "Aren't you Righteous? Aren't you unable to coexist with the Evil? Why don't you call people to catch me?"

Shaw Danon was already anxious, now he was like being poured by cold water. His heart was shocked, he was sweating all over. In outsider's eyes he is not like Baye and his shijie Hidi who have outstanding potential and highly intelligent, but he is not an idiot. But these years in Bamboo Peak, no one ever valued him, so he was a bit low self-esteem.

But listen to Bilu's teasing, Shaw Danon immediately realized his situation is very improper. Not to mention he is now punished by his master, but his allies discovered him being with a Felkin girl so closely, he probably can't explain himself even if he has entire body covered with mouths.

Thinking of the consequence, a "hum" rang in Shaw Danon's mind, he did not want to continue this. His mind was in mess and was about to call for his allies, but the corner of his eyes caught that Bilu's shoulder was leaning against him. The storm was strong, but she sheltered most of the umbrella above his head while half of her body became all wet.

That dress sticked closely to her skin was reflected in his eyes. Even on her snow-white cheeks, there were rain drops formed into pearls and slipped down.

Shaw Danon could never let out this call.

"Why do y-you bother suffer like this?" Shaw Danon lowered his head, said quietly: "I can see that your father must be an important person, you must be a pampered mistress. Why bother to suffer, take such a risk for this little Jadeon disciple?"

The storm whistled, the heaven was cold, in the night rain, it was like only this place remained in the world, leaving only two of them.

Bilu felt a bit cold and leaned closer to Shaw Danon. This action was so intimate and familiar, like when they were at the edge of death that day in Blooddrop Cave. Her voice, with a bit drifting: "No, I do not suffer. You don't know, the true suffering of the world is in one's heart "

Her voice began to fade, the words could not be heard. Shaw Danon unexpectedly discovered she had quietly lay her head on his shoulder.

The sound of wind and rain whistled by, but Shaw Danon could only feel his brain was empty.

But the fragrance next to him was so real in this cold storm, surrounded him.

Morning, the clouds dispersed and the sun came out, rain stopped and the wind died down.

Tian Bolis came out from the cave alone, from afar he could see his young disciple was still kneeling on the edge of the thick woods, not moving. He frowned and walked to him. Shaw Danon heard the sound and lifted his head, saw it was his master Tian Bolis, he called out quietly: "Master."

Tian Bolis saw his clothes were all wet, water dropped down from his hair, face was pale, his seemed suffered from the heavy rain last night.

Thinking of that he frowned. Sound of the people became to rise from the caves behind him, the disciples of each factions had awoke. Tian Bolis snorted, then walked into the forest. When he went pass Shaw Danon, he said lightly: "Follow me!"

Shaw Danon quickly answered, then rose up, but he feet fell down when he rose to half way. His feet were numb and sore, probably caused by kneeling for the entire night.

Tian Bolis walked in the front, he paused, seemed hesitated, but still did not look back, and continued.

Shaw Danon gritted his teeth and massaged his legs. Luckily he is not a pampered person, the result of the Bamboo Peak bamboo cutting training has responsed, just a moment, his blood circulation returned a bit fluent, able to walk.

Shaw Danon stood up and found Tian Bolis' figure has almost disappeared in the woods, he immediately ran to catch up. Not long later, when the Righteous disciples came out from the cave, their two figures were already gone.

In the forest of the Billows Hill, there are all very tall ancient trees. The trees that were only require encircled by one person, here needed two or three people, and those large trees were very common here. Perhaps it is because this place is remote, used to be no one here.

Shaw Danon followed Tian Bolis, slowly walking. The morning light shined pass the trees, showered on the bushes.

In the woods after the rain, everything was washed, everywhere were green. Some nameless flowers bloomed in this lonely place, exuded with faint fragrance. Tian Bolis walked in the front, silent without word. He was squat, Shaw Danon was already half a head taller than him. But in Shaw Danon's eyes, this person's figure was as large as the god of the mountain. Moreover, the thing about Bilu was pressuring him like a small hill, causing his into chaos, what should he do?

Just when Shaw Danon's mind was frustrated, thinking should he tells his master about Bilu, Tian Bolis suddenly stopped and turned around. Shaw Danon's heart jumped, also stopped walking.

This place is deep in the forest, there was no one around. The woods were silent, beside the singing of the birds, there was no other sound.

Tian Bolis took a look at him, expressionlessly said: "You were showered in the rain last night, is your body okey?"

Shaw Danon shook his head, said quietly: "Disciple deserve it, it doesn't matter." Tian Bolis snorted: "You say it easy, but does your heart hates me?"

Shaw Danon was surprised, his pale face became even more white, he said hurriedly: "Master, I-I never will have such thought. I deserve all of these, will never blame it on master."

Tian Bolis looked at the disciple who he had neglect the most in the past years, seeing his undiscrible anxiety but he could feel it, his mouth moved, sighed, and his expression became more moderate.

"Okey! There is no one here, do you have anything to speak to me?"

Shaw Danon's heart was tightened, he thought can it be master already know about Bilu. The relationship between Shaw Danon and Bilu now is subtle. Last night Bilu came, he was afraid if this is discovered by the elders, can it be......

When he was thinking off the line, Tian Bolis was a bit impatient, seeing he did not reply, he said: "I am asking you, why did you suddenly do this to your Da Shixiong yesterday?"

Shaw Danon was startled for a moment, then relieved to find his master did not mean about Bilu.

But then he couldn't speak again. He con not say he lost his mind because he saw Hidi was with Kevern? Moreover, even he does not know about the sudden evil energy that took control of his emotion?

Tian Bolis waited for the day and Shaw Danon still could not say anything, he suddenly made a cold laugh: "You were resentful because you saw the intimate action of Ling'Er and Kevern?"

Shaw Danon was shocked, a loud bang in his brain, he was stunned on the ground.

His secret one-sided love on Hidi is one of his greatest secret, he had never told this to anyone. Now it was being said out coldly by his most respected master, this was even more soul shocking then the earth shocking thunder last night. At this instant, he couldn't make any movement, even without the ability to deny. He only looked at Tian Bolis with his mouth dropped, couldn't say a word.

Chapter 62: Person of the Past

The sunlight passed through the thick leaves, spilled on Tian Bolis and Shaw Danon. Shaw Danon stood in front of Tian Bolis, very ashamed, after a while he quietly called: "Master "

Tian Bolis there was a bit red on this little disciple's face, he snorted and turned away.

Shaw Danon did not know what to do or what to say, but his deepest secret was seen through by the person he fears the most, this panic feeling still did not subside.

Tian Bolis stood there with his hands behind the back, quiet for a long while. Shaw Danon stood behind him, did not dare to take a breath.

After a long time, Tian Bolis said slowly: "That being said, the one who secretly passed you the Pure Essence incantation is also Ling'Er?" Shaw Danon's heart jumped again. But since it was related to Hidi, his mind became clear, hurriedly said: "Master, it got nothing to do with shijie, it was me, I begged shijie to teach me "

Tian Bolis turned around and stared at Shaw Danon. Shaw Danon's voice immediately lowered, he knew no matter what he say, he can't conceal it from master.

In the woods, between the master and his disciple, it fell into silence.

Shaw Danon lowered his head, he was disconcerted. Then at this moment, he heard his master said: "Seventh."

Shaw Danon's heart jumped, raised his head answered: "Master."

Tian Bolis looked at him said: "You were adopted under my house, it is almost five years?" Shaw Danon said quietly: "Yes."

Tian Bolis said lightly: "When I adopted you, I actually did not think highly of your potential. Today you can have such achievement is really exceeded my expectation."

Shaw Danon moved a little, but in his heart, there was a bit of delightfulness.

Tian Bolis continued: "As for you secretly love Ling'Er "

Shaw Danon quickly said: "Master, it is my fault, I should not "

Tian Bolis glared at him, said: "Did I said it is your fault?"

Shaw Danon's mouth dropped, he was really surprised by his master this time. Tian Bolis snorted: "You are at young age, also not those Skysong Temple's monks, additionally you grew up with Ling'Er, what so weird if you like her? You think your master live in vain? Can't even understand such little thing?"

Shaw Danon head lowered, his eyes were heated. It was like, in his heart, all the kind words in this world can not compare with the cold words Tian Bolis just said.

Tian Bolis paused, then continued: "But now thing is different, I can also see that, Ling'Er probably truly love that Kevern. As for you? She probably on see you as her younger brother, you understand?"

Shaw Danon nodded, but his eyes were staring at his feet, said quietly: "Yes, master."

Tian Bolis said slowly: "I opposed Ling'Er to be with Kevern in the past, it is not because of Kevern himself, it is because......" Then he paused, frowned, and changed the topic: "To be real, although your advancement in cultivation is faster than I expected, but compare with Kevern, still great difference." Tian Bolis took a deep look at Shaw Danon, said slowly: "Do you understand what I mean?"

Shaw Danon bit his lip, then said after a long while: "Yes, I understand, master."

Tian Bolis nodded, letted out a long breath then walked to him, patted his shoulder, said: "The thing from the past, just let it go."

Shaw Danon felt his master's wide and warm hand on his shoulder, his heart warmed, and nodded heavily.

Tian Bolis looked at him for a while, said: "Then let's return."

Finished, he took the path of where they came.

Shaw Danon raised his head, to the above, he took a deep breath, letted go of his tightly held hands. Only, there was still a faintly discernible uncertainty hanging on his heart.

He gave a bitter smile, strengthened his spirit, then followed.

As they walked back to the caves, people from each factions were mostly awaken. Hidi and others were standing before the cave entrance, with anxiety on their faces. They kept looking around, appeared to be very worry.

Shaw Danon's heart was hurt when he saw that from afar, and lowered his head.

Seeing Tian Bolis and Shaw Danon returned, Hidi ran to them. Without saying anything, she first examined Shaw Danon to make sure he did not get "tortured" by Tian Bolis, then she whispered: "Xiao Fan, where did you go with dad at such early morning?"

Shaw Danon looked at her concerned face, seeing the pair of bright eyes were only looking at him, his heart was stabbed again; however, he forced a smile on his face, said: "Nothing, master took me for a walk, taught me a few things, now he already forgave me."

Tian Bolis was walking at the front, seemed to be hear what his young disciple said, he snorted, then slowly returned into the cave. Seeing his wife Surin was smiling at him at the entrance, he startled, then rolled his eyes on her, went inside without speaking.

Here, the little conflict, can be say it is over.

For the following days, Shaw Danon stayed with his shixiongs, that he had separated from him for long time, for days and nights. He grew up under the watch of each shixiongs, now he had returned, they were very kind to him. And Xavion open minded, and taking the rude action of Shaw Danon that day into his heart. Additionally, Surin also privately reminded him a few things, he understood it clearly and putted much more affection to for this xiao shidi.

Among the Righteous cultivators at Billows Hill, it was natural for the three major factions "Jadeon Clan", "Skysong Temple", and "Incense Valley" to be the leaders, but there were also many smaller Righteous factions.

Most were the factions Shaw Danon had never heard of, they were here most likely for righteous and justice, irreconcilable with the remaining Felkin.

And among the three major factions, except for Master Vasp Caelo and Tian Bolis of Jadeon, there was no one else came from the senior generation, so virtually everything is decided by the Jadeon.

For the next three days, Shaw Danon met several familiar people at Billows Hill.

Li Su and Yanon of Incense also arrived at Billows Hill at the next day; later, he saw Onara at near the place of Skysong monks. There was skinny and tiny old man standing next to him.

Shaw Danon greeted them joyfully. When Onara saw him, he was very excited and about to introduce his master "Herald of Valor", then he turned to the old man who is talking to Fazzan: "Master, this is brother Zhang of Jadeon that I have mentioned to you before."

The old man turned around. Shaw Danon startled when he saw his face. In his visualization, base on the faction where Onara at is called "Vajra", and his master is called "Herald of Valor", he thought it must be a powerful giant. However, he did not expect it was a tiny old man, he couldn't recover right away.

But Onara clearly didn't thought that much, he laughed said: "Brother Zhang, hurry and greet my master."

Shaw Danon realized and quickly saluted: "Old senior, disciple Shaw Danon, have long admired your name."

The old man snorted, said lightly: "Whatever." Then turned back and talked to Fazzan: "So that mean, your master Sage Puhan is in seclusion and hasn't come out yet?" Fazzan smiled: "Exactly. The director of the temple is still master, but it is always me assist Pukton Shishu on management affair. This time the restoration of the Felkin, Pukton Shishu was going to come, however it was too busy in the temple, so only young monk came, hoping to be able to assist."

Herald of Valor nodded: "With you here, that is enough. But before I came, I thought even if the two Divine Monks, your master Pufan and Pukton, did not come, but your fourth shishu Pufan must comes for his deep hatred on the Felkin, why "

Seeing the puzzled eyes of Herald of Valor, Fazzan sighed a little: "Senior not know about this, since third Shishu Puzhi passed away five years ago "

Shaw Danon's heart jumped.

And also at this moment, Fazzan glanced at him, then turned away, and continued: "Pufan Shishu's friendship with Puzhi Shishu is the deepest, since that time on, he began to seclusively reading Buddhist sutra, no longer came out." Herald of Valor exclaimed "Ah".

Fazzan smiled: "But this is not a bad thing."

Herald of Valor laughed: "Correct, correct, the Divine Monks must be focus on culminate their merit, unlike an old guy like me, have no relationship with Buddha, always running around all day."

Fazzan smiled: "Senior is kidding. You and our Skysong Temple have same origin, this was specially remined by master and Pukton Shishu. Come, please sit inside senior."

Herald of Valor modestly declined several times, then went inside with him.

Shaw Danon watched them entered the cave, then he suddenly felt something. He turned and found it was Onara pulled him, and whispered: "Did you saw that? It seemed like the young Fazzan is the leader of those Skysong monks!" Shaw Danon nodded, these days he met these Righteous cultivators daily and saw many Skysong masters. He discovered although Fazzan was young, but among the "Fa" generation of the Skysong monks at Billows Hill, Fazzan was superior than the rest, has the leadership. He is the one who mostly speak, as for the older monk, they did not say anything. It seemed like Fazzan is a talented disciple that Skysong had worked hard to train.

But at this moment, he was only thinking the sudden glance when Fazzan mentioned Puzhi, so he did not hear what Onara was mumbling, only heard what he said at the end: "......I don't think he is that great, his speech was wrong."

Shaw Danon startled, asked: "What did you say?"

Onara peeped around, then whispered: "I remember someone have told me before, if a Buddhist culminated his merit, peacefully ended, it is called "parinirvana". He said some rubbish passed away, sound really unpleasanting, making Divine Monk Puzhi a......eh, brother Zhang, why your face looks so bad all the sudden?" Shaw Danon was disconcerted, nodded to Onara with a forced smile, then returned to the Jadeon's place. Onara stood there and could not figure out what happened.

Just in a blink of an eye Shaw Danon already at Billows Hill for half a month. During that period, the Righteous cultivation and the Felkin heretics were still in confrontation. They often ran into each other at daytime, usually there will be battle. But what made the Righteous cultivator puzzled is that the Felkin heretics seemed not willing to fight, after several rounds in battle they escaped.

When they heard the Felkin were gathering in this desolate place, they thought it is most likely a discussion for a plan of how to harm the world, so the Righteous cultivators came to eliminate the evil. But now here, they don't seem like planning it.

If they are going to fight the Righteous, they should come out and engage in battle; if they have heard there are two heads from Jadeon among the Righteous, and fear their strength is not enough, they should have retreat. But the Felkin heretics did not fight or retreat. With the large geographic of Billow Hills, the aerial targets are visible, but if needed to go into the ground and search for the Felkin heretics' nest, it is really not easy. With this delay, the days spent on the island extended. The Righteous cultivators were wondering, what are the remaining Felkins planning to do on this remote island?

For these days, Shaw Danon followed his master and shixiongs to search for the Felkin heretics.

Personally, his was worry that what should he do if he run into Bilu?

But that was also weird, clearly Bilu has already arrived at Billows Hill, but since the storm that night, she did not appear again. However, other Felkins, including Nian Boss, Cynical Dialectian and others who Shaw Danon and Anan knew, appeared very frequently. It looked like they were searching for something.

Even with Master Vasp Caelo and Tian Bolis' hundreds years of cultivation, they found this was a bit troublesome. That day evening, they summoned the respresentatives of Skysong and Incense to discuss the matter.

The one represent Skysong of' course was Fazzan. As for the one from Incense, was also a familiar person, Li Su. They both seemed to be the most outstanding out of the young generation. But in front of Master Vasp Caelo and Tian Bolis, they were still being very respectful.

After greeting, Master Vasp Caelo said lightly: "Two shizhi, this time we Righteous factions came to eliminate the Felkins, there will be many area that will rely on your help, the poor Taoist thanked in advance."

Fazzan and Li Su both bowed and said: "No, if there is anything required, Vasp Caelo Shishu please instruct."

Tian Bolis waved his hand, let them sat down first, then said: "We don't need to talk any more rubbish. Until today, we already here at this desert island in East Sea for half a month. Although the remaining Felkins are alreally here, but their action is awkward, unable to figure out their intention. Don't know if two shizhi have any ideas?" Fazzan and Li Su looked at each other, then shook their heads.

Vasp Caelo said to Li Su: "Li Shizhi, this information was first released from your Incense Valley, may I ask does your honorable faction know Felkin's intention?"

In front of this well known senior Master Vasp Caelo, proud was no longer on Li Su's face, he said immediately: "Reply to Vasp Caelo Shishu, this information was discovered unintentionally by my faction. After the Felkin was rebuilt, many of the remainers headed East Sea Billows Hill. But as for the intention, we don't know."

Vasp Caelo and Tian Bolis exchanged a glance.

Fazzan suddenly spoke: "To two shishu, base on what the young monk absorbed, the Felkin heretics went across the mountains and carefully searched each hills, very possible that they are looking something important." Vasp Caelo pondered, said: "Correct, Tian Shidi and I both have the same idea. But what are they looking for that is so important?"

Tian Bolis frowned then said: "If that is the case, there is no way for us to figure it out. But the Felkin heretics are always dangerously vicious, once you return, you need to be vigilgant. Morning we will speed up the searching, until we find Felkin heretics' hide out, then eliminate them all at once, remove the harm for the world."

Fazzan and Li Su replied: "Yes."

After that, they discussed for a while, then Fazzan and Li Su left. Seeing them left, Vasp Caelo suddenly said: "Tian Shidi, the potential of these two young men is really not bad!"

Tian Bolis slowly nodded.

Master Vasp Caelo said: "Especially Fazzan of Skysong Temple, I noticed his eye pupils are pure black while there is soft gold light on the side, the eyes are warm and static, probably already having high achievement in Skysong incantation 'Fawin Wisdom'."

Tian Bolis laughed coldly: "Don't underestimate that Li Su. Although he remained humble in front of us, I heard my useless disciple said, his cultivation in Kongsang Mountain and Dark Drake Cave is not necessarily worse than Fazzan."

Vasp Caelo snorted: "For hundreds of years, Skysong Temple and Incense Valley desired to replace Jadeon as the leader of Righteous. Now they cultivated such talented disciples and sent them out, they are probably demonstrate to us."

Tian Bolis glanced at him, suddenly said: "Doesn't matter, with Vasp Caelo Shixiong's talented disciples, of' course there is no need to fear them."

Vasp Caelo's face changed, said coldly: "Tian Shidi, what do you mean by that?"

Tian Bolis stood up, said lightly: "What mean can I have by that? My house got a stupid disciple and he won several matches during Seven Peaks Tournament with luck, then he was able to follow your talented disciple to travel. But unfortunately in Felkin place, after the battle with the Felkin heretics, he was abandoned in that ancient cave. If not because weak people have strong life, I am afraid I can never see him again."

Anger flashed across Vasp Caelo's face, said: "Tian Shidi, you need to say thing correctly. What abandoned in the ancient cave? When Kevern returned, I carefully interrogated him, the situation really was because Anan of Bamboo Height was seriously injured; and there was no sign of your disciple after days of searching; also there are many nether spirits and yasho under Forsaken Abyss, so it was forced to give up. How does this become intentionally abandon?" Near the end of his words, his voice became louder.

Tian Bolis has no sign of stepping back, glanced at him then shouted: "Hmph, if your disciple was left there without knowing living or dead, won't you rage into heaven?"

Their voice became loud, and issued to the outside of the cave, caused the Jadeon disciples to pop their heads and look into the cave. Tian Bolis and Vasp Caelo were cultivated after all, they would not do anything rude in front of the younger generation. Tian Bolis snorted, then left without looking back.

After a moment, Kevern and Baye came in. They were Master Vasp Caelo most valued disciples, only they dared to go near Master Vasp Caelo when he is in a bad mood.

Kevern said carefully: "Master, how come argued with Tian Shishu again?"

Baye mumbled indignantly: "This person is very stringy, does not behave like a senior "

Vasp Caelo shouted: "Shut up!"

Baye was surprised, lowered his head, said: "Yes, master."

Vasp Caelo looked at him, then turned to Kevern, said: "He is still remembering that day you gave up searching Shaw Danon." Kevern was stunned.

Vasp Caelo snorted: "Don't just think that he seems like not really value that disciple, that is only when it is inside his house. At outside, he always protects the weak. Moreover, that Shaw Danon had earned honor for him at this Seven Peaks Tournament, he was very pleased by it." Then he paused, said to Kevern: "Do you know, this time Shaw Danon is able to survive through the disaster and return safely, it gives you benefit?"

Kevern did not understand immediately, he said: "What?"

Vasp Caelo coldly laughed: "Aren't you in relationship with his daughter Hidi?"

Kevern blushed.

Vasp Caelo said: "Although I asked Head Shixiong to talk for you, and he also reluctantly allows you two to be together. But base on his action today, he clearly still remember it. If not because Shaw Danon returned alive, you are going to have hardship in the future.

Kevern realized, nodded: "Thank you master for helping disciple."

Vasp Caelo waved, then slowly walked to the entrance, looked at the cave where Tian Bolis lived. There was no emotion on his and he was silent. But when Baye and Kevern looked at him, they could see his eyes were shining, pondering something.

Chapter 63: Felkin


A soft cry, Shaw Danon woke up from dream. He gasped quietly in the darkness, his entire body was wet with sweat.

Over these days, starting from the time when he heard Fazzan talked about Puzhi, Shaw Danon began to have the nightmare dream that he had when he was young; the scene of the village massacre that had carved into his heart has rose on him, swallowed him.

The fire stick was still laying by his side. On the body of the stick, there was a familiar coolness, everything was same as the past.

However, after that, Shaw Danon could feel, the strange esper that tied on his right arm was distributing warm energy into his body, that is opposite of the fire stick. He suddenly choked. In the darkness, the place where no one could see, he quietly curled up.

Who know, a person bearing too many secrets, can be so tiring?

In the darkness, other people were peacefully sleeping. There were disciples outside of the cave as night watch, so everyone were reassured. Listening to their calm and familiar sound of breathing, Shaw Danon was startled.

At far, there was a small, and even in the dream, it still contains her unique gentle sound. The darkness blocked the eyesight, but Shaw Danon felt he can see clearly, that beautiful girl was smiling, in this tranquil night, sweetly dreaming.

But, who is it in her dream?

He reached out his hand, softly holding the fire stick, placed it in front of his chest, tightly cuddled it. It was like only the fire stick can be with him, never abandon him. Faintly, he remembered the pair of peacefully died fox spirits.

If it was me, do I have the courage to die together with the loved one?

He thought quietly in the darkness.

The sun rose from the east, the wind blew from the sea. This day, the clouds were thin, a good sunny weather.

The people under the house of Bamboo Peak left their cave, then flight to the depth of the Billows Hill with their espers, hoping they can find the Felkin heretics.

Hidi was leading in the front with her "Phoenix Soul" sparking red light. Xavion and He Dazhi followed closely behind. Amandla and Shaw Danon flight at the rear.

In their house, save for Xavion who was still using sword "Ten Tigers", others were using silk, or blush, or even the strange and funny dices and fire stick, very noticeable among the Jadeon disciples that were using swords.

But this place is not Mount Jadeon after all, at Billows Hill, not to mention the Felkin, even among the Righteous, several people from other factions were using all kinds of esper.

But when some nosey people judged other people's espers when they are bored, an "expert" pointed out, among the the espers at Billows, the strangest esper is the gambling dice belong to one of the disciples in Jadeon house of Bamboo Peak, while the most rustic esper is the fire stick that also belong to one of the disciples in Jadeon house of Bamboo Peak. Clearly the leadership of Jadeon has brought many unique followers, not to be underestimated.

If Tian Bolis hear such comment, what will he think about it?

The Righteous disciples flew around in groups. Along with the wind of the Billows Hill, the colorful light shinging, very pretty. Shaw Danon took a glance around him, seeing the people of Righteous spread out in fan shape. Near him to the right, donzes yards away, there were a group of girls in plain clothes, they were the female disciples of Bamboo Height. Anan was also among them. With her clothes and hair fluttering in the wind, matching her cold and beautiful face, she was like a celestial.

Shaw Danon's heart was moved, he quickly turned his head away. On the other side, another dozens yards away, there were disciples of Dragon Head Peak, about six or seven people. Kevern and Baye were among them. Baye was also looking at him. He smiled and waved his hand.

Shaw Danon smiled in reply.

There was a group of people following the Dragon Head Peak disciples, seemed like they were the disciples of Sun Rise Peak.

Then at this moment, Hidi in the front suddenly issued a clear whistle. Shaw Danon looked forward and saw Hidi held her incantation mark while the Phoenix Soul flashed with red light. "Zoom", carrying her pretty figure, it rised into the sky, much faster than before.

Xavion was surprised. He knew this xiao shimei was energetic. The opportunity to come outside is rare, unlike the Mount Jadeon which has many restriction. Everytime when she came out, she often flew around freely. Surin was worrying about this and have talked to her daughter about this couple times already. Before they departed this morning, Surin also reminded Xavion to watch her.

But Hidi grew up under everyone's love. Xavion's word can't get into her ears, how can he watch her. Out of choice, Xavion could only increase his speed to catch up.

Shaw Danon, He Dazhi and others also drove their espers and followed closely behind. In a blank of an eye, they were distant away from the people of Dragon Head Peak and Bamboo Height.

Shaw Danon increased his speed and caught up to Hidi. He peered at her from one yard away. Hidi's face was filled with smile and excitement. She was in red clothes, matching her Phoenix Soul, it was very pretty.

Among the howl of the wind, there was a joyful laughter from Hidi. Shaw Danon's heart was heated as he heard it.

"Xiao Shidi!" Suddenly the voice of Xavion issued.

Shaw Danon quickly turned his head around, asked: "What's the matter, Da Shixiong?"

Xavion was driving his giant sword, smiling: "Xiao Shidi, can't imagine your cultivation improved so fast, reaching this degree in such a short time."

Shaw Danon was grateful: "Da Shixiong, it is because of your teaching."

Xavion shook his head, smiled: "I am not worthy to take this credit. Look at what just happened, you flew much faster than me, fourth, and sixth."

Shaw Danon now discovered, he had increased his speed to catch up to Hidi and did not notice he had flown past the three shixiongs. But Xavion and He Dazhi were calm, if they are really going to fly, they are not going to be worse than him.

Shaw Danon blushed, said: "Da Shixiong, I "

He was only half finish, Hidi had turned her head. Filled with smile, looking at Shaw Danon, happily shouted: "Xiao Fan, flying like this is comfortable right? Look, how high the sky is, how blue it is?"

Shaw Danon turned his head to toward her, took a deep breath, and smiled.

The sky was clear blue, allowing one to relax. But, how can this able to compare to a smile of a beloved girl? Hidi flew against the wind, her hair flew. Above them there was clear blue sky, below them there was green mountain, at far there was a boundless deep blue ocean. Seeing it from far, the sky and ocean became one.

This painting like landscape was very beautiful. Hidi was in a good mood. She smiled then moved closer to him. Seeing Hidi suddenly flew near him, Shaw Danon looked at her, said: "Shijie, what it is?"

Hidi smiled: "Xiao Fan, do you still remember the time when we caught Ashh?"

Shaw Danon was a little confused: "Yes, what it is?"

Hidi reached out her hand, grabbed his arm, smiled: "Let's go!"

Shaw Danon was puzzled, then Hidi's esper suddenly sunk, charged downward. Shaw Danon hurriedly decended his esper and followed her. Behind them, Xavion and others were quite far away and did not hear their conversation. They were unawared and with the speed of the espers, they went pass them.

The three of them immediately halted. Turned around, they saw the xiao shimei and xiao shidi flew into the mountain forest below them. They shook their heads and smiled bitterly, then quickly followed them. The order from the masters is to search for the Felkin remainers, searching in the forest is just the same. However, the distant between them and Shaw Danon and Hidi has increased.

Shaw Danon followed Hidi closely. Soon they reached the forest, Hidi laughed, turned her head said: "Xiao Fan, hurry!"

After that, Phoenix Soul spun around like a snake under her pretty figure. Flashed with red light and flew into the forest. Shaw Danon's blood boiled as he was watching the red figure before him. Throwing away other thought, he flew straight downward.

The forest on this hill is very much the same as others on Billows, ancient woods are everywhere, towering straight to the sky. On the ground, there are also a lot of bushes and brambles, difficult to a place to land.

Once the two of them entered the forest, the surrounding turned quiet immediately. There is no more screaming of the wind next to their ears. Fresh smile of the woods hit against their faces. With smile on her face, Hidi stood on Phoenix Soul, traveled swiftly among countless of woods in this ancient forest.

Shaw Danon watched the back of the beautiful red figure that flew swiftly between the thick leaves, accomanied by the sharp whistle of the wind, she was like the most beautiful fairy in the world, danced the most beautiful posture in this wonderland, ancient forest, the world filled with the joyful cheer of the leaves.

That figure, like lighting, like light, very close to the trunk of the giant tree. It seemed extremely dangerous, but with the gentle grace, it softly slide pass, without being touched.

That figure, like imagination, like dream, also like the youth time, the cheerful laughter spread across the green mountain and water.

He opened his arms with a grin. The fire stick was shining with green light, carrying him, chasing her, flying across this ancient and silent forest.

Just like, this moment, will stay like this, and never end......


The sky had became gloomy. The clouds got thicker.

Shaw Danon took back his eyes, thinking that the ocean is very different than the Central Plain, it was clear sunny day a moment ago, now it had turned cloudy.

He and Hidi had flew in the thick forest for long time, but still couldn't find the people of Felkin. Finally they arrived at a small mountain ridge. Hidi spotted a small stream below them, additionally they had flew for the entire morning, so she and Shaw Danon landed and now they were washing their faces with the stream water.

The stream meander through the ancient forest. The water was shallow and clear. There are many round cobblestones in the water, very pretty under the glow of the clear wave of water. On the sides of the stream there was sand and rocks, farther away was thick forest. Looking at it from here, the forest seemed endless.

"Xiao Fan." Hidi suddenly called. Shaw Danon turned to her, discovered that Hidi had found a very pretty stone in the water while she was washing her face. She showed it to Shaw Danon joyfully said: "Is this stone pretty?"

Shaw Danon took a glance at the stone. The stone was only about the size of a thumb, with three colors strips revolved neatly around it like ribbons, really is pretty. He smiled, lifted his head and looked at Hidi, was about to answer, but he couldn't say anything.

That familiar, beautiful, smiling face was looking at him. The water still had not wiped away from her face after the wash. A crystal drop of water slipped down from her white face with gentleness, and yearned not to leave from her soft lips. And finally with a touching gracefulness, softly fell off.

And at that pair of bright eyes, several water drops also formed on her long eye lashes, just like tears, and also similar to the white pear flower after rain, stunning and touching.

Hidi scolded: "Weren't I asking you?"

Shaw Danon awoke: "What?"

Hidi showed the stone in front of his eyes, said: "Pretty?"

Shaw Danon took a deep breath, quietly, but it was like the voice came from his deepest soul, said: "Very pretty!"

Hidi nodded with a smile, and took out a silk cloth, cleaned the water off from the face then carefully rubbed the stone, putted it into her clothes. After that, she turned to Shaw Danon with the most beautiful smile in his eyes, said: "When we return, I will give this stone to Brother Qi, he is going to be very glad!"

The sky of Billows Hill seemed darkened even more at this moment.

Shaw Danon stood there, frozen and static, his head was lowered.

Hidi walked for a few steps. then discovered there was no sound behind her. She turned around and saw Shaw Danon was still standing there, not moving, she said with a little astonishment: "Xiao Fan, hurry!"

Shaw Danon slowly lifted his head. His face slowly, slowly showed a smile, but strangely, his lips were trembling, said softly: "Shijie, we are going too fast, why don't we wait for Da Shixiong and others!"

Hidi snorted, said unconcernedly: "Don't bother with them, let's follow this stream! Going to the upstream directly, see if there are any Felkin theives, and-" She covered her mouth and laughed: "And see if there are more beautiful stones."

What is it, that is like the feeling of a body burning?

What is it, that has the impulsion like heaven howl?

So the nether flame of demon burning in the heart, burning down every single soul and spirit inside the body.

He lowered his head, with his voice became choked, he said quietly: "Okay."


Phoenix Soul tied around her waist, became every more beautiful combined with her red figure. The two of them had walked for half an hour along this small stream. On the way, Hidi was relaxed, looking at everywhere, while Shaw Danon quietly followed behind her.

This stream did not seem to be large, the length was not short. Walked for a long time, they still haven't find the head of the stream. In front of them it was another small mountain, the stream was coming from that mountain.

Walking for the entire day, Hidi was a little tired. She said to Shaw Danon: "Xiao Fan, it is not early. We will check the mountain stream, if still no discovery, we will return."

Shaw Danon nodded quietly.

Hidi took a look at this xiao shidi, she was a little puzzled, but she did not mind it and continued walking.

The two of them soon reached the turn of the stream. They were surprised. Behind the stone wall, it was an extremely large cave, reached the height of ten yards. The stream was came from this cave. Because the stone wall had blocked their view, not to mention flying in the air, they could not see the cave if they were just a little farther away. The cave was very secret.

Hidi frowned, said to Shaw Danon: "Do we need to go in there and check?"

Shaw Danon took a glance at the cave. Except for some light at the cave entrance, it was pitch dark inside, his heart was uneasy.

These days, especially after he left the mountain, he went into two caves. One was Cave of Fangs at Kangsong Mountain, another one was Dark Drake Cave outside the Laguna Collective, both did not give him good impression. Now seeing this cave, it was natural for him to hate it. Addition he was in a very bad mood, he said: "Shijie, I think it does not seem to be anyone living in here, why don't we return?"

Hidi nodded, said: "Okay! That's what I thought also, let's-"

When she was half finished, wind piercing sound suddenly came from above their heads. Just a moment, there were a lot of people flying to their direction.

Shaw Danon and Hidi immediately raised their heads, then their faces quickly turned pale. Base on the dressing of the people in the sky, they were the Felkin. As for the numbers, they were no less than couple dozens.

The two were terrified. Hidi knew there were many powerful people in the Felkin. If they escape through flying, it will be hard for them to get away. In this dangerous situation, they can only take a risky path. She pulled Shaw Danon's hand and went into the dark cave.

Darkness swallowed their figures.

Soon after, the Felkin heretics landed near the mountain stream. After that, one of them lightened up the torch. Everyone entered the cave.

Shaw Danon and Hidi who were hiding near the entrance could only went deeper into the cave. Both of their hearts were hanging in mid-air. The difference of strength between the two sides was too wide, if they are discovered, they have no power to offer resistance.

Fortunately the Felkin were in high number, and did not expect there could be anyone from the Righteous to be inside the cave, their footsteps and chatting have covered the two's sound of movement.

The empy ground in the center of the cave has brightened up.

Shaw Danon and Hidi stopped, hid in deeper place where the light could not reach, and held their breath.

Shaw Danon took a peer and saw the Felkin formed a semi- circle, each of them found themselves a large rock to sit on. Some rough people just sat on the ground.

The Felkin followers were very different than the Righteous. There were many with strange appearance. Cynical Dialectian who Shaw Danon has a very strong impression was also sitting among them. Next to him were Nian Boss, Liu Gao, Lin Feng and the unknown name woman.

Other than that, there was a unfamiliar young man standing behind them, Shaw Danon never saw him before.

Hidi suddenly whispered next to his ear: "Xiao Fan, look at the Felkin, seem like they have a lot of factions?"

Shaw Danon's ear itched, but did not think much about it. He nodded and took a look. Just like Hidi said, the Felkin roughly formed a semi-circle and faced the same direction, but they were sitting in groups. The difference of factions was very clear.

At this moment, a deep voice said: "Everyone, please quiet for a moment."

The Felkin quiet down, seemed like the owner of this voice has high authority. Shaw Danon was a bit far away, could not distingish who's voice is it. He reached out his neck, and looked at the scene. Then he felt movement next to him, Hidi was also poping her head out.

The torch quiet burning on the stone wall. Suddenly a dark skin tall man rose up, facing to that direction, said loudly: "Herald, this time 'Vim' gathered us at this desolated island, saying there is a rare beast 'Mindrot Menance' that appear every three-thousands years. But searching for it for so many days, there is no single cow hair, yet draw those annoying Righteous to here, bothering us. May I ask what should we do?"

Shaw Danon startled, asked Hidi quietly: "What is Mindro Menance?"

Hidi thought for a moment, then shook her head: "I don't know either."

The two looked at the open ground again. With a person started it, many people began to agree. Cynical Dialectian's cultivation was not high, but his temper was the worest, and had the loudest voice. "Correct, 'Master Vim', he senior highness, of' course no need to worry about such small matter. But asking us to suffer here without reason, why is that. At least need to give me an expanlation?"

Nian Boss noticed he was being rude and about to pull him to quiet him.

At this moment, when everyone was discussing, suddenly there was a sweet but yet cold woman voice: "Do you really want to know the reason?"

When this voice issued, Shaw Danon was shocked, and his body reached out a little. Under the shining of the torch, the place where the Felkins were facing, a girl in green dress slowly rose up.

It was Bilu.

Chapter 64: Master Vim

Put the surprise Shaw Danon had when he saw Bilu aside, the lousy Felkins immediately quiet down when Bilu spoke. Even the fearless Cynical Dialectian did not make any sound at this moment.

All the sudden, no one dare to speak to her. But after a moment, someone coughed, then said slowly: "Miss Bilu, I have a few words, don't know should I say it?"

Shaw Danon looked at that direction and saw the person who just spoke was the unfamiliar young man that stood behidn Nian Boss. Nian Boss and others were surprised, seemed they did not expect that young man would spoke.

Nian Boss frowned tightly, said quietly to that young man: "Xiao Zhou, is there a place for you to speak in here?"

Bilu took a glance at that young man, did not recongize him, and asked Nian Boss: "Who is he?" Nian Boss immediately made a smiling face: "He is a new recruit of our Bloodforger. Surname is Zhou, name is Cai."

Bilu snorted: "Doesn't matter, allow him to speak."

That Xiao Zhou young man showed no sign of frightened. He came out from the crowd, said calmly: "Miss Bilu, everyone here knows, you are 'Master Vim''s beloved daughter, so everyone respect you. Master Vim summoned us to here to find Mindrot Menance, we are bounden to come here. But-" He paused, a kind smile appeared on his face, but his tone became cold: "But the Mindrot Menance is not yet to be found, while the Righteous' number is increasing, even two out of the seven heads of Jadeon have came, we are not their opponent. At this situation, Vim still let us work blindly without expanlation, I am fear some of our friends may ask, are the Vim planning to use the Righteous to eliminate us?"

Everyone rose into discussion. Several people who were behind Bilu stood up, it is appeared they were the Vim disciples. Except for the Vim, the Felkin had no intention to criticize this young man after the surprise, but turned to Bilu with alert. The sound of discussion was rosing up. Shaw Danon couldn't help but felt worry for Bilu, at the same time he thought about what the young man said. They were all Felkin, but there were many factions, perhaps the Vim-

As he was thinking, Bilu said coldly: "Who are you, dare to sow discord here!"

Xiao Zhou smiled, facing this powerful, beautiful girl, he still had no sign of fear, said lightly: "I am only a unknown child, joined the holy faction out of admiration. Compare to Miss Bilu, it is the difference of sky and earth. But now the Righteous are waiting for a chance to kill us, while Vim is one of the four major factions, at this situation they are our leader. But if they leave us at this dangerous spot without concern, isn't it really unjustifiable?"

Even Shaw Danon could feel it. Although this Xiao Zhou spoke in a kind tone, each words are aimming at the Vim, meaning to stir up the tension is obvious, but his intention was remain in question. Seeing the surprised look of Nian Boss, it seemed he is not under the Bloodforgers' control. Other Felkins were even more agitated, their voice was getting louder, and their faces showed hostility to the Vims. Bilu frowned, then took a step backward, turned her head and quickly talked to the person behind her.

Shaw Danon looked at that direction. But the light of the torch was not so bright. A large man was next to Bilu, and behind the large man, it seemed there was a middle-aged man standing. However, the place he was standing was dark and covered by the large man, Shaw Danon could not see his face.

Bilu talked to that person, then turned her head and took a step forward, coldly glanced at the crowd.

Her beautiful face was as cold as ice and frost. Under the golden light of the burning torch, she had a sorrow and lonely beauty.

The talking quickly died down, everybody's eyes fixed on her.

"Everyone," Her voice resounded in the cave: "Vim is like everyone, we are all disciple of the holy faction, warship Nether Mother and Heaven Vidyaraja, no matter how strong we Vim are, we will never commit such act that against our faction. So please rest assure."

After this being announced, most of the Felkins were relaxed. Nian Boss let out a long breath, then quickly step forth and pulled Xiao Zhou, whispered: "Have you said enough already?"

Xiao Zhou smiled to him, then said loudly: "If that is so, we are more rested. But Miss Bilu, please explain about Mindrot Menance. If we really can't find Mindrot Menance, then better allow us leave soon. Otherwise even the Vim has no intention to harm us, we will die in the hand of the Righteous."

Bilu and other Vims glared at him. But Xiao Zhou was still smiling, did not know he was in great trouble. Other Felkins also shouted:


"Exactly, Miss Bilu please give us an explaination!" "......"

When the noise got quieted by a little, Bilu removed her eyes from Xiao Zhou. She knew this isn't the time for arguing. She said: "Everyone, even if he did not mention it, we Vim will still give you guys an explaination. Actually this time we came to Billow Hills is for--"


The entire cave was suddenly shaking. Shaw Danon and Hidi staggered. The Felkins were very surprised, some of thems shouted.

"What was that?"


But soon, they got their answer. The wind howled at the cave entrance. A powerful voice went into the cave like thunder roaring against their ears: "Felkin theives, hurry come out and receive your death!"

Everyone were terrified. Shaw Danon and Hidi exchanged a glance, they were glad that it was Head of Dragon Head Peak, Master Vasp Caelo's voice.

Shaw Danon's heart was filled with admiration. There was a great distance from the entrance to here, but Master Vasp Caelo's voice was very clear and wall shaking. This level of cultivation was far superior than his.

The Felkins looked at each other, soon someone screamed out: "This place is so well hidden, how can they find it?"

Then Xiao Zhou yelled: "Miss Bilu, this is a critical situation. We were here because the Vim gathered our allies to Billows Hills. Now we meet such great danger, what should we do?"

The people also said: "Correct, Miss Bilu say something!" Bilu took a deep breath, while the sound of piercing wind issued wave after wave at the outside of the cave. It appeared the people from Righteous were coming here after they heard the news. The color of Bilu's face darkened. She took a step forward, said: "Everyone, I do not know how the Righteous knows we are here. I, as Master Vim's only daughter, also traped here in this dangerous situation. Is anyone still suspect us?"

Most people quiet down. Then the tall man next to Bilu step forth, said in a deep voice: "Everyone, there is a great treat before us, why don't we work together as one and resist the enemy? With our strength combined, we may not lose to those hypocrite outside!"

Everyone nodded. Actually at this moment, there was no other choice. Although the cave is large, it is a dead end, no other exit. The Felkins got ready and encouraged themselve, then rushed out at once.

Soon, the sound of espers crushing and people cursing filled outside. The originally crowded cave only left with Bilu from Vim and the mysterious man who stood in the shadow. Shaw Danon was glad but at the same time worried for Bilu. He knew she is a heretic from Felkin, they can never be walked on the same path. However, they experienced life and death together for several times during the journey. He had develope a different feeling for this obstinate girl.

Bilu frowned tightly. When she was about to turn her head and talk to the man in the shadow, her eyes caught that there was still another person standing alone here and did not confront the enemy. It was Xiao Zhou. Reason why he was left behind was unknown.

Xiao Zhou had fanned the people to go against the Vim, surely Bilu would not have any good impression on him. Her face immediately darkened, smiled coldly: "You are not helping your allies but stay here, what are you planning?"

Xiao Zhou's face was still remaining calm, could not see the sign of fear when facing the threat of Righteous. He smiled: "I am just here to see, are the Vim really going to advance with the worthless pawn like us, or letting us to be the ashes under the cannon?" Bilu's face froze, was about to argue, the man in the shadow suddenly said: "You are not under our holy faction, who are you?"

Bilu was surprised. Xiao Zhou was also shocked. His eyes glanced at the shadow, his eyes shot out alert, and said in a deep tone: "Who is this person, how can you say thing like this? I am a disciple of the Bloodforger. Is it because I spoke out against you, you guys are going to slander me?"

Shaw Danon and Hidi were also surprised. They did not expect it will turn out like this. But there was another question in Shaw Danon's mind. The man in the shadow, his voice was familiar, but he could not remember where he heard it.

The man who stood in the shadow said lightly: "The Bloodforger was the leader of our holy faction eight hundreds years ago without doubt. But now they were already weakened. With your potential and cultivation, Nian Boss is far behind you, how can he adopt you as disciple? If he really has this ability, the Bloodforger will already come back again." Xiao Zhou snorted: "You haven't seen me fight, how do you know my level of cultivation?"

That person seemed smiled: "To know your level of cultivation, is there a need to see you fight? When the old Taoist Vasp Cealo used 'Pure Essence' to channel his voice into the rocks, shocking the vein of the mountain. His intention was to terrify us. The one that were less cultivated will have their souls shocked, and unable to stay steady, Nian Boss was also one of them. But you stood there like nothing happened, this level of cultivation was obvious, how hard is that to see through it?"

The color of Xiao Zhou's face changed. He looked at the man in the shadow for a while, then said: "Can't imagine Felkin really is hiding skilled people inside. Who are you, sir?"

Bilu shouted, flew in mid-air, said angrily: "Die!"

All in a suddenly, white light flashed with soft fragance in the dark cave. The white flowers danced in front of Bilu like flying snow. However, even with the brightness of the flowers, it could not shine at the man in the shadow. They still could not see his face.

Xiao Zhou did not react slowly. He took a step back and grabbed at the empty air. After a long "clang~~~~", he pulled out a glaring celestial sword. The most eye catching part was the seven brilliant stars that carved on the bright sword.

"Huh?" The man in the shadow mumbled: "'Nava Sword'!"

When he was speaking, Bilu and Xiao Zhou were already battling in mid-air. With the flower and sword flying across, the large cave seemed shrank.

Shaw Danon could guess the man named Xiao Zhou was probably from Righteous, he was a bit worry for him. But when he was watching the fight, his eyes always peered at Bilu. His heart was in contradiction. He only wished the fight could result as a drew quickly and allow Bilu to escape.

Hidi suddenly whispered: "That man Xiao Zhou is probably a disciple from Jadeon." Shaw Danon was surprised, said: "What, you know him?"

Hidi shook her head, took a glance at the fight, then said: "I heard mother mentioned about it before, Nava Sword is a famous divined sword in the main house Peak of Widows. Dayol Shen Shibo used it before. Later I heard it was given to-"

Before she finished, Bilu shouted. Heartending Flower spread out and filled the entire cave with shining white flowers. And like sharpened wall of light, it crushed at Xiao Zhou.

Shaw Danon had seen Bilu casted this magic before. He knew the power of it. He couldn't help but felt worry for Xiao Zhou.

Xiao Zhou frowned, and dashed a yard backward. His right hand held the incantation mark while his left hand held his right wrist. It was like holding thousand tons of energy, but also like tracing wild grass. The fingers created air piercing sound, and drew a Taichi just in a blink of an eye.

When Shaw Danon and Hidi saw it. There was no more question. Xiao Zhou is a Jadeon disciple. The magic he used was Jadeon's Pure Essence!

Instantly, the Nava Sword charged upward and shined brightly. It stood on the center of the Taichi. After a second, Nava Sword shot out while the Taichi's aura circled around it, increased its momentum.

Then, the two espers crushed on each others in mid-air.

"Boom "

The flare that caused by the crush of the two espers spread in the cave. The stone cave could not withstand the power hit, some rocks began to fall down.

Shaw Danon and Hidi could also feel the shaking of the surrounding. They almost fell on the ground. His heart was filled with admiration for Xiao Zhou's cultivation on Pure Essence, this level of cultivation is stronger than those Jadeon disciples he had met. Bilu's wall of white light dispelled. Her face was a bit pale, appeared to be in disadvantage. Shaw Danon knew her for a while. His heart felt terrible, and he knew Bilu will not stop so easily. Just as he thought, anger flashed on Bilu's face. She retreived Heartending Flower, while her hand reached to her waist, holding a pretty, golden bell.

Xiao Zhou frowned, facing it cautiously. The girl who stood before him was young, but her cultivation was far out of his expectation. He used most of his strength, but it could only hurt her a little. Base on what she is doing, it seemed like she had a even more powerful esper. And what he fear the most was the man that stood in silently in shadow, whom power was unpredictatable.

The clear bell rang in this cave that filled with killing, very inconsistent with the picture. Bilu lift into the air. Both hands waved softly. The golden bell slowly flew before her, sounding melodiously.

Shaw Danon looked at the beautiful girl who stood in mid- air. Her arms were soft as if there were no bones. The golden bell spinned slowly between her hands. "Ding, ding, ding"....

Xiao Zhou was surprised that he was spellbound by the ringing and forgot he was at the edge of life and death. If not becase of his many years of cultivation, his would already lost his mind. This small bell has the ability to attract one's soul.

At that moment of hesitation, an anger rose in his mind. He was surprised and would not listen to it any longer. He shouted: "Die devil!"

His shout shook the walls, covered the ringing of the bell, while Nava Sword shot out like lighting!

Bilu's paled face appeared to be a bit tired, but she did not retreat when she saw the Nava Sword was coming. Her right fingers flicked. The "Lupin Bell" sent forth and crushed with the Nava Sword.

Xiao Zhou's body was shocked. It was like the music of demon was sent from the Nava Sword and pierced through his ears. Shaw Danon and Hidi were surprised, and about to assist. But Xiao Zhou's face suddenly calmed. He shouted. The Nava Sword brightened again and counter attack. Bilu was extremely pale on the other hand. Her eyes were a bit dull, seemed lost her mind and lacked the ability to resist. She was about to be killed by Nava Sword.

Shaw Danon's mind became empty. Without much consideration, he came out, cried: "No-"

Before his word ended, a shadow passed by, after that a purple energy flashed then disappeared.

Xiao Zhou was being hit back. He fell on the ground, fresh blood immediately came out from his mouth. The Nava Sword flew back and stabbed into the solid rock.

Shaw Danon and Hidi were terrified. They dashed to Xiao Zhou. Hidi was about to raise up the Phoenix Soul. However, despite his injury, Xiao Zhou grabbed them, said in a husky voice: "Don't-don't, Zhang Shidi, Tian Shimei, that person's cultivation is too high. You are not his opponent!" Shaw Danon startled. Hidi already couldn't help but asked: "How do you know our names?"

Xiao Zhou paused, and looked to the front. The two also felt something, they turned and faced Bilu.

A middle-aged man stood in mid-air with his back facing Shaw Danon and others. He helped Bilu to come down, said kindly: "Yao'Er, this Lupin Bell is a divined artifact left by Lady Jinling. Your cultivation is not enough yet, very easy to get back fire by it. From now on, don't use it lightly!"

Bilu's face returned to normal at this point, she said quietly: "Yes, dad."

Shaw Danon and others were startled. Xiao Zhou seemed got better. He glared at that person's back, said in a low voice: "So you are the archlord of one of the four great Felkin factions- Master Vim?"

That middle-aged man turned around and smiled. They could finally see his face clearly. With his thin eye brows, square face, and scholarly eyes, he looked very different than those fierce and rough Felkin. But Shaw Danon was even more surprised, he said blankly: "You?"

The Master Vim with a middle-aged scholar looking, is the person who told him the secret of the fire stick, below the Kongsang Mountain in a tea stall--Wan Renwang

A Taoist sword that was used by Zhuge Liang during Battle of Chibi. Also a name for a well known sword, "Sword of Dragon Spring", during Zhou Dynasty.

Chapter 65: Worries

Shaw Danon stared at that middle-aged man, who is the greatest enemy of the Righteous. His mind was in chaos. For the past days, he often have a little doubt on his belief, and it was all came from the conversation in the tea stall under Kongsang Mountain that day.

And now, he met the person again. His feeling was very complicated, almost caused him to forget his current situation.

Although he had forgotten, others did not.

Xiao Zhou wiped away the blood from his mouth, managed to stand up, and whispered to Shaw Danon and Hidi: "This person's cultivation is too high. We can not face him directly. I will hold him, you two run!"

Then, he waved his hand. The "Nava Sword" that was inserted into the rock received the summon. It broke away from the stone ande returned to his hand. Master Vim took a look at Xiao Zhou, nodded with a thin smile, and said: "Base on your cultivation, it appears you are the top of the Jadeon disciples. Can't expect there is a talented person like you in Jadeon other than Shaw Danon. Not bad, not bad!"

Shaw Danon was surprised, but found his shijie Hidi and Xiao Zhou peered at him. His face flushed, don't know what to say for this moment.

Xiao Zhou took a deep breath, and took a step forward. The Nava Sword in his hand brightened. However, Master Vim made no move, he only stood there and smiled at them. Xiao Zhou knew this person is the toughest enemy he had met in his entire life. But there were shidi and shimei behind him. He could not run away from the battle. He could only hope he can hold him, allow his faction members to escape.

Unexpectedly, when he tried to channel his energy, the blood in his chest rose. He couldn't hold it anymore, and spew out a mouthful of blood. Shaw Danon and Hidi were surprised. They quickly supported him. Xiao Zhou face was pale. He knew the hit that Master Vim did to him had shocked his inter-organ, meridian was injuried, therefore he could no longer cast any spells. He was frightened. One is that he knew he is in a hopeless situation, two is that he was worrying about the high cultivation of Master Vim that was shocking, the harm that he may do to the Righteous is hard to predetermine.

Master Vim glanced at him, said: "You force yourself to continue fighting, is it that you want to hold me for a while and allow the other two to escape?"

Xiao Zhou snorted and did not answer. Hidi stood up and blocked before him, said angerly: "Evil heretic, don't think you can be complacent just because your cultivation is high, I am not fear you!"

Shawn Danon was surprised. Master Vim could injury Xiao Zhou severely with one move. Anyone could see his cultivation is extremely high. Three of them add together may not be his opponent. Seeing Hidi's fearless looking, he was a bit worried and grabbed her, signalled Hidi not to be rush. Before Hidi react, this action was already in Master Vim and Bilu's eyes. Bilu's face darkened, snorted, glanced at Hidi then Shaw Danon. She spoke: "Shaw Danon, is this she your shijie Hidi you kept talking about?"

Hidi and Xiao Zhou were both surprised. Xiao Zhou frowned, said: "Zhang Shidi, you know this pair of father and daughter?"

Shaw Danon was quiet for a while, then said: "Yes."

At this moment, Hidi suddenly cried out: "Ah! I recongize her. You are the devil who sneak into our place that night, then was chased you to an island. You were saying you are looking for a person name Xiaofan "

Then she stopped, her eyes glared at Shaw Danon.

Shaw Danon's heart was terrible. This situation is what he have been fear of. Now it really appeared, he did not know how to deal with it. Master Vim was standing there, watching Shaw Danon's complicated look. He still smiled and said: "Mister Zhang, after the talk below the Kongsang Mountain, how are you these days?"

Shaw Danon's mind was distracted, and ignored what he said. Xiao Zhou frowned, he was puzzled. Seeing the favor that Master Vim and Bilu have toward Zhang Shidi, their relationship is probably not simply. But Jadeon's rule is very strict, getting into any relationship with the Felkin is furthermore forbiddened. But he did not know what are their relationship, if it violated the rule, then it will be far from good.

But this is not the time for interrogation. The three of them were in a hopeless situation. Xiao Zhou managed to forcus his mind, and turned to Master Vim, about to speak. However, when Master Vim saw him, he spoke first: "You forced yourself to channel the vigor and injected the spirit into Nava Sword. Are you trying to use your remaining strength to hold me and allow your faction members to escape?"

Xiao Zhou was shocked. His face was dead as ashes. He did not expect Master Vim can be that sharp minded. With his cultivation, plus his awareness, Xiao Zhou and his friends will not survive.

But Master Vim smiled: "You don't need to feel hopeless, I have no intention to make it difficult for you."

"What?" Xiao Zhou and Hidi were confused. Shaw Danon also looked at him with surprise.

Master Vim looked at Bilu, then at Shaw Danon, he smiled: "Mister Zhang, that day in Kongsang Mountain's Forsaken Abyss, you showed true love to Yao'Er and experienced life and death together "

The color of Shaw Danon's face already changed. Xiao Zhou and Hidi were also looking at him with weird eyes. He was rushed and said: "You-you are lying "

At this moment, Shaw Danon felt the eyes of Bilu. But in her pair of bright eyes, it was hidden with sadness. He suddenly recalled the stormy night with the heaven and earth raging, and only she alone stayed with him. His heart softened and unable to continue.

Master Vim continued: "That day you unlocked Yao'Er, solved the knot between us. We owe you a gratitude." He smiled: "Today it will let three of you go as a respect to you. But when you return to Jadeon, you will be punished by those unreasoning old fools, why don't you join my Holy Faction. I will value you, and you can also be together with Yao'Er, isn't that-"

"Shut up!" It was a shout from Shaw Danon. He couldn't bear it anymore. He pointed at Master Vim and shouted: "Come kill me! Even if I am to die, I will never join your Felkin!"

Hidi was relieved, she clapped: "Nice one, Xiaofan."

But Xiao Zhou was only glanced at Shaw Danon lightly. His eyebrows were still locked.

Master Vim shook his head, smiled: "Anyway, just let you decide. Long time ahead of us, you can consider it slowly!" Finished, he took Bilu and flew out of the cave.

Bilu turned her head and looked at Shaw Danon before she left. Seeing her eyes, Shaw Danon's angry heart filled hazy confusion.

Xiao Zhou took noticed of Shaw Danon's reaction. His eyebrows frowned tighter.

Master Vim and his daughter soon vanished in the darkness of the cave. A moment later, the noise at outside rose suddenly. It seemed the Righteous have been assaulted.

After that, the wind whistled with air piercing sound, seemed like many people were flying into the sky.

Master Vasp Caelo's powerful voice shook the surround, said: "Who are you, sir. With the cultivation this high, why don't you dare to come down and fight this Taoist?" This is obviously saying to Master Vim. But with the wind howling and no bodying answering, Master Vim and Bilu were already long gone.

The cave was also quiet. Hidi noticed Xiao Zhou's face was pale, she asked concernly: "Zhou Shixiong, are you alright! Um, which house are you from?"

Shaw Danon saw Xiao Zhou was about to fall, he also came and supported him. Xiao Zhou glanced at him. Shaw Danon had an uncomfortable feeling and lowered his head.

Xiao Zhou sighed lightly, and smiled to them: "You don't need to call me Zhou Shixiong. That is the fake name that I used for mixing into the Felkin. My surname is not Zhou."

Hidi: "Ah, then you are "

Xiao Zhou smiled, but then eyebrows jumped, it seemed because of his wound. He immediately returned normal. He smiled: "I am disciple under the Jadeon house of Peak of Widows, Master Doyal Shen. Surname Xiao, name Yicai." "What, you are Enu, Xiao Shixiong?"

Xiao Zhou, who is also Enu, nodded with a smile.

Shaw Danon and Hidi looked at each others. They have been hearing this name for a long time.


The night was dark. Countless of bright stars were sparkling above the Billows Hill, shining the world.

In a well hidden place, Master Vim came out slowly. Bilu was standing lonely on the hill, staring at the east of Billows.

That place is where the Righteous stays.

Master Vim sighed, and went behind her, said: "Yao'Er, the night is cold, you need to be careful of your health." Bilu turned around quietly, forced a smile: "Yes, thank you, dad."

Master Vim asked: "You are thinking of that boy name Shaw Danon?"

Bilu blushed, but did not say anything.

Master Vim kindly patted his daughter's shoulder, took two steps forward, said: "Today when I saw him, I discovered that his cultivation have been improved after going into Dark Drake Cave with you."

Bilu startled, then said gladly: "Really?"

Master Vim nodded: "I guess it is because he has some understanding after reading the first volume of 'Libruis'." Then he paused and smiled: "By the way, the Libruis Volume One Summary that you gave me from Blooddrop Cave, it benefited me a lot in cultivation after reading it." Bilu said happily: "Really?"

Master Vim nodded: "Correct. Libruis has a total of four volumes. Legend said there is the fifth one, but no one have read it. Since ancient time, our Holy Faction has four volumes. Unfortunately, most were lost. We Vim can have the glory of today, it is thank to the previous Master Vim three hundreds years ago of obtaining the Libruis Second Volume."

He paused for a moment, then said: "But the writing of the Second Volume is mysterious and difficult even though it contains deep cultivation. It is because the crucial part of the incantation is following right after the Summary of the First Volume. That is why for several hundred years, we Vim can only share the world with Lupin, Longevity, and Venom. But from now on, heh heh "

Bilu smiled: "Then I have to congrat dad."

Vim smiled and nodded: "You have render us a great help. Sent you to Kongsang Mountain's Bloodforger is originally a training, but also see if there is any artifact left behind by senior Elder Blackheart. However I did not expect you will bring back the Libruis. This is much better than any espers."

Bilu smiled, but her face soon darkened.

Master Vim watch his daughter for a while, then laughed all the sudden.

Bilu blushed, scolded: "Dad "

Master Vim smiled and shook his head: "Why are you worrying."

Bilu bit her teeth, said: "Dad, you saw it today, too. How Shaw Danon, th-that bastard, to his shijie, I am on-only afraid "

Master Vim said: "Afraid what, afraid that he has no feeling for you?" Bilu lowered her head.

Master Vim said lightly: "My thought is different than yours."

Bilu was surprised, said: "Dad, what did you say?"

Master Vim said: "Base on what I have seen today, Shaw Danon really care about his shijie. But at the critical moment in the fight between you and Xiao Zhou, he couldn't control himself and came out shouted without considering his own safety. Just with that, and also experiencing life and death together with you during his journey, maybe himself not even know, your place in his heart is no less than his shijie."

Bilu blushed again. It was even more charming under the color of the night. There was a happiness in her eyes that unable to conceal.

Master Vim stroked through her hair, the love on his face was undoubtable, then he said: "However, don't get happy so early. First of all, the different of factions is the rift that he can not overcome; moreover, the elders in Jadeon will not allow him to have any feeling toward you. So today before I left, I proposely make the relation between you two to be a bit ambiguous. I see that Xiao Zhou's position in Jadeon is quite high. With him to bring the word back, the Jadeon must suspect Shaw Danon. Therefore, his chance of seeking refuge on us is higher."

Finished, he seemed he was very proud of what he done and laughed.

Bilu also smiled, but soon taken back and quietly lowered her head.

Master Vim frowned: "What is it?"

Bilu hesitated, then said softly: "I, I am worry that Xiaofan will need to suffer again!"

Master Vim snorted: "If it is not sharpened, how do you know the sword is sharp! If he can't withstand such little suffering, not to mention that I will be worry to hand you over to him, even if he join my faction, I won't be value him!" Bilu nodded slowly, but somehow, she was still a little worried. She looked toward the east, but only saw the sea of woods under the sky that blocked her view.

The sudden appearance of Enu raised a disturbance within the Jadeon. Master Vasp Caelo and Tian Bolis were both surprised and delightened. From Enu, they found out the Felkins were searching for a celestial beast called "Mindrot Menance", and also surprised to find out archlord of one of the four great Felkin factions, Master Vim, was also here.

Master Vasp Caelo nodded slowly, said dignifiedly: "So that person is the new Master Vim of the Felkin, really is cultivated highly."

Tian Bolis frowned, said: "Yicai, how did you get into the Felkin?"

Enu smiled: "That day I followed master's order to sneak into Kongsang Mountain to investigate the Felkin, and found the remainers of the Felkin's sect Bloodforger were having activity. But after many investigation, the remainers of the Bloodforger are not great enemies. They mentioned about their Holy Faction, it seemed the Felkin is about to make a big move. To seek the answer, I called myself Xiao Zhou. And because it was also the time they are recruitting, they saw me quite talented, I was easily got into the Felkin."

There, with a little apology, he said to Tian Bolis: "But Tian Shishu, that day when Zhang Shidi and Bamboo Height's Anan Lu Shimei fell into Forsaken Abyss, I was assigned to the group against Skysong's Fazzan Shixiong. I was unable to help, I am really sorry. But fortunately Zhang Shidi have a strong life, he is safe. My heart can be relieved."

Tian Bolis smiled: "Doesn't matter, it can't blame on you. You don't need to be worried."

Master Vasp Caelo snorted.

Tian Bolis ignored him.

Master Vasp Caelo said to Enu: "But Yicai Shizhi, this move is too dangerous. You know those Felkin theives are all dangerous and cunning. If something happens to you, we don't know what to report to Head Shixiong."

Tian Bolis also nodded: "Exactly, before we left, Head Shixiong was quite worrying about you since he lost track of you for several months. He asked us privately that we need to pay attention to your track!"

Enu's face darkened a little, shook his head, said: "Alas! It is my fault to cause master to worry."

Master Vasp Caelo smiled: "Don't think too much, this time you made a great achievement. After we clean up the Felkin's remainers, when we return, Head Shixiong will not punish you, or maybe he will even reward you?"

Enu blushed: "Vasp Caelo Shishu, you are kidding."

Tian Bolis said lightly: "This is no kidding. You have provided us a big help. But Yicai, don't do thing that dangerous again. Head Shixiong very value you. After he ascend, the position of the Faction Head is most likely pass on to you. You are burdened with important duty, so don't be reckless again."

Enu said solemnly: "Yes, thank you for the teaching from Vasp Caelo Shishu and Tian Shishu."

Master Vasp Caelo nodded: "Then that is it! I see that you are tired, you should rest early! Fortunately your wound did not harm your root of your meridian, otherwise it will be troubling."

Seeing Master Vasp Caelo and Tian Bolis got up, Enu was also about to get up. Tian Bolis stopped him and shook his head: "You are injuried and should rest. This is just common manner, and since we are not in Mount Jadeon, just ignore it!"

It was not proper for Enu to defy him, also his body really is tired, he leaned back to the stone wall again, said: "Thank you shishu, then forgive me not escorting you."

Master Vasp Caelo waved his hand, and walked to the outside with Tian Bolis. When they reached the entrance, Enu suddenly called: "Tian Shishu."

Tian Bolis startled, then turned around, asked: "What is it?"

Enu leaned on the wall, smiled: "Look how forgetfully I am. Last year when I went to Bamboo Peak to visit shishu, Surin Shushi mentioned that she want to get a 'Large Shell Pearl' from the south east sea coast. I found one when I came to the East Sea. Do you want to have a look?"

Tian Bolis pondered for a moment, then looked at Enu, he smiled: "If you didn't remind me, I would have already forgotten. It is lucky you remember, otherwise when I return to Bamboo Peak, I will be annoyed to death by your Su Shishu."

Then, he went back to Enu. Master Vasp Caelo paused for a moment, but of'course he won't ask about the pearl, so he left.

Only Tian Bolis and Enu were remain in the cave. Tian Bolis was smiling, however, the smile disappeared when he sat in front of Enu. He peered behind, then said lightly: "Your Su Shishu's personality is always calm in the outside and unpatient in the inside. She would already come to East Sea to find that Large Shell Pearl a hundred years ago. There is no one here now, what it is that you need to say?"

Enu nodded, said to Tian Bolis: "Tian Shishu have good insight. I keep shishu here is to talk about Shaw Danon Zhang Shidi who is under your house."

Tian Bolis frowned, slightly surprised, he asked: "What about him?"

Enu coughed, and lowered his voice. Tian Bolis leaned forward, listening.

The cave was silent, only the whispering voice softly sounding.

The word Xiao here is 萧 as a surname, in first tone, different than young which is ⼩, in third tone.

Chapter 66: The Past

The atmasphere had turned heavy. Tian Bolis slowly straightened his body, his face was unstable, unable to know what he is thinking.

Enu quiet for a moment, then said: "Tian Shishu, I have been hesitated for quite a while, but it is not good to conceal it from you "

Tian Bolis took a deep breath, nodded: "Xiao Shizhi, I know what you mean, thank you."

Enu nodded, then thought of something, said: "Tian Shishu, I think that although Zhang Shidi knows Master Vim and his daughter, he doesn't seem fall into the evil, yet. However, the Felkins are cunning, Zhang Shidi is also young, it will be dangerous most likely."

Tian Bolis snorted, his face was cold as frost, said: "That animal, let's wait and see how I punish him!" Enu glanced at him, said: "Tian Shishu, I have a word, but don't know should I say it "

Tian Bolis said: "Say it."

Enu said: "Yes, Tian Shishu, the reason why I talked to you privately about Zhang Shidi is that I hope you can solve this issue well before it gets serious. Vasp Caelo Shishu is in charge of punishment, his temper is also unyielding, if he find out, I am afraid Zhang Shidi--He is your disciple, and you must have spent much effort on him over the past years, if this becomes a huge issue, you and Vasp Caelo Shishu will not take any step back. So--" Then he lowered his voice, said: "If Zhang Shidi did not commit anything seriously wrong, just scold at him privately."

Tian Bolis lifted his head, looked at him deeply, said: "Xiao Shizhi, you really have great leadership, no wonder why Head Shixiong value you so. It seems the postition of the Head of the Faction is none other than you."

Enu slightly lowered his head, said: "Tian Shishu you over praised me." At this moment, Tian Bolis' face had already returned normal, smiled lightly: "Alright! You should rest early! We Bamboo Peak will remember your kindness."

Intentionally or not, his tone got heavier when he spoke the word "Bamboo Peak".

Enu was a little confused, smiled: "Shishu is too polite."

Tian Bolis nodded, rose up and left.

Tian Bolis stood alone at a quiet place in the forest, hands behind his back.

It was deep in night, the stars were shining and the moon was hanging in the sky. The bright moon light shined pass the thick forest leaves, sprayed on him. From the darkness, his eyebrows were frowned tightly, seemed like he was pondering something. At this moment, footstep sounded behind him.

Tian Bolis turned around and looked, startled, said: "You?"

It was his wife Surin. In this desolated night, silent forest, she walked quietly, it was like all attention have been drawn to her.

It was like, after many years, the time did not wipe away her beauty.

Surin went next to Tian Bolis, smiled: "You told Daren to call Xiaofan to here, but Xianfan is absent, I told him to go to Vajra's Herald of Vigor, he should be return soon."

Tian Bolis nodded, took a look at her, about to speak, but then stopped.

Surin said lightly: "Since when you saw Enu, your were frowning, what happened?" Tian Bolis let out a long sigh, face relaxed a little, said: "I know I can't conceal it from you." Then he told her about what Enu said about Shaw Danon.

Surin quietly listen to him until he finished, pondered for a moment, then she said: "Let's not talk about does Xiaofan knows Master Vim and his daughter, even if they know each other, using this to say Xiaofan have fallen into the Felkin, or he is even a spy in Jadeon sent by the Felkin, I will never believe it."

Tian Bolis snorted: "I know this already. Heh, I adopted six disciples before, from oldest for sixth, none caused so many troubles, giving me such headach!"

Surin glanced at him, smiled: "But from oldest to sixth, none gave you such honor at Seven Peaks Tournament!"

Tian Bolis paused, but still not admitting defeat, he rolled his eyes, said: "That is called honor? Being hit by thunder like a burned rock." Surin laughed: "Oh my! Tian Shixiong, I heard that three hundreds years ago when you participated in the Seven Peaks Tournament, you were also only in the top four!"

Tian Bolis was embarrassed by the old stuff that his wife took out, he said: "Isn't that because--That night before the contest I sneaked out with you to Peak of Widows' 'Rainbow Bridge' to watch stars and moon together, did not sleep for the entire night. I had no energy during the contest, how could I stand as Vanti Shixiong's opponent?"

"Boo!" Surin scolded, but her face blushed, very tender, like it was back to that night: "Vanti Shixiong is gifted by heaven, extremely intelligent, in the disciples among our generation, none can be compared to him in cultivation beside for Doyel Shen Head Shixiong. What are you? You already made your master very happy when you got into the top four, you still want to defeat Vanti Shixiong?"

Tian Bolis laughed, his mood got better, said: "Of'course Vanti Shixiong is much better than me. But you chose me instead of him, that means I have something that is better than him." Surin rolled her eyes on him, said: "I was blinded by ghost, that is why I followed you."

Tian Bolis did not get mad, but looking at his wife, his eyes were filled with laughter. Then, he reached out and held Surin's soft, boneless like hand.

Surin glared at him, whispered: "How old are you now, still doing such disgusting thing? When Xiaofan came, what will it be like if he see it!"

Tian Bolis laughed but did not speak. Surin lowered her head, but did not took her hand back.

The color of the night was soft as water, there was no one around. The cool wind passed back, shaking the branches in the night.

It was very quiet inside the forest. After a moment, Surin suddenly said: "Actually, I think that Shaw Danon is pretty similar to you back then." Then she raised her head, said to Tian Bolis: "Do you feel it?"

Tian Bolis startled, said: "How can it be?"

Surin smiled: "What is this face? Back then you were dumb looking, everyone think you can't be compared to your ambitious shixiongs. But in the end in Bamboo Peak, the highest achievement, highest cultivation turns out to be you. Then, your master passed you the Head of Bamboo Peak."

Tian Bolis snorted, said: "This is called restrained talent, not dumb."

Surin laughed, shook her head, said: "You! Age got older, skin also got thicker, really can't deal with you." Paused, then she said: "But about Xiaofan, I don't believe you can't see it. The performance of him during the past years is not as intelligent as Baye and Anan, but he is not dumb. I think he is above average. However, it was you treated him coldly, caused him to be low self-esteem, and making him seem like dull and coward." Then, she thought of something, pondered for a moment, finally said: "But what I can't understand is that, the most basic level one Pure Essence incantation, how come he used three times more time than a normal person?"

Tian Bolis shook his head, let out the breath from his chest, said lightly: "Don't think too much now, when seventh comes, I will ask him, what did he do? What did he do that we don't know?"

Surin glanced at him, said: "You make a fierious face when he is here, otherwise before he can speak, he is already scared by your look."

Tian Bolis snorted: "Don't know why, a gust of anger will come out from my heart when I see him."

Surin smiled: "You actually want your disciple with the most future to be better, not only in cultivation, but also in dealing daily affair, you want him to be like Kevern, Enu, successful at both ways, in future--" Then she sighed and stopped. Tian Bolis remained quiet for a moment, then said: "What is it?"

Surin looked at him, hesitated, then finally said: "Buyi, your temper, over so many years, you haven't become like Vanti Shixiong, so--"

Tian Bolis pondered for a moment, slowly nodded: "I understand what you mean, no need to say it."

Surin looked at him for a while, then laughed: "If Xiaofan know his master who always despise him has high expectation on him, I wonder how happy he will be like?"

Tian Bolis snorted, face filled with disdain, turned away, said: "With his dumb looking, I can have high expectation on him? Don't dream about it!"

Surin stood behind him, smiled at him. She could still feel the palm that is holding her hand, warm and large, it was like it haven't change over the past three hundreds years. Quietly, she also held his hand tightly.

Shaw Danon and Xavion left the place where Onara and his master Herald of Vigor lived. As they were returning, he could still hear Onara's thick laughter resounding against his ears. The night became deeper, except for the night guard disciples, everyone slowly returned to their sleeping place.

When they were about to arrive at the cave where Bamboo Peak lived, Xavion had a little worry in his heart, turned to Shaw Danon, said: "Xiaofan, do you remember what I told you?"

Shaw Danon said: "Yes, Da Shixiong."

Xavion nodded: "I don't know why Master is looking for you, but his eyebrows have been frowning since he came back visiting Enu, I am afraid it is something unpeasant."

Shaw Danon remain quiet. His heart was unrested, perhaps Enu told his master about Master Vim and Bilu. If it was really like that, he did not know how to answer his master if asked. Xavion saw Shaw Danon wasn't speaking, he thought he was scared, so he patted his shoulder, said: "Xiaofan, don't need to worry. Although Master is always strict, he truely loves us." Then he paused, lowered his voice: "But don't get impetous, if you go against Master, we can't plead you!"

Shaw Danon's heart was warmed. He gritted his teeth, looked at Xavion, and said quietly: "Xavion, I am really sorry about how I treated at the past few days, for-forgive me!"

Xavion laughed, then patted his head, said: "What are you saying this for? Hurry, don't let Master wait for too long. Today really is weird, the bright moon was hanging in the sky a moment ago, now the clouds have came. East Sea is different than our Central Plain after all."

Shaw Danon lifted his head and looked at the sky and saw it was darkened. The bright moon that was there a moment ago now covered by black clouds, weakened its brightness significantly, annoying to people.

While they were talking, they had returned to the cave. Xavion and Shaw Danon stopped their pace. They could hear the laughter that came out from Hidi and Amandla.

Shaw Danon was silent for a moment, then said to Xavion: "Da Shixiong, I will not go in then, and shall directly go into the forest to find Master."

Xavion took a glance at him, nodded: "That's fine, hurry! But now the forest is dark, you need to be careful while walking in the forest, understand?"

Shaw Danon showed a smile, nodded, then headed into the forest.

Xavion looked at his figure, suddenly felt the Xiao Shidi appeared to be a bit lonely. He sighed, shook his head, then went into the cave.

Once he stepped into the forest, darkness surrounded him aggressively. Shaw Danon paused for a moment, his heart was moved. After a moment, his eyes adapted the surrounding of the woods. The remnants of moonlight shined pass the thick leave, landed on the ground, leaving a bit of light.

Everything in the forest was quiet. No bird cries of the morning, no breathing of the beast, even the song of insects was also disappeared in tonight. Only the enormous tree that stood everywhere like a warrior in the darkness!

There were only the whistle of the wind!

The wind came from the far away sea blew pass the trees, creating rustle sound.

In this ghostly forest, a young man walked alone.

Shaw Danon's mind floated away in this ghostly forest, dead silent night. He suddenly recalled many, many things of the past: at dusk, when he was still a child, he cuddled in his mother's arms, facing the night color, there was a faint fear in his large eyes. But then, without feeling it happened, the time that had passed was already this far away.

He closed his eyes, took a deep breath, shook his head, then quickened his pace and continued forward.

However, he did not notice on the path where he was walking, a pair of bright, red eyes rose quietly from the darkness, burning with the flame of hatred.

Like a pair of angry eyes from a person!

Tian Bolis frowned, a bit unpatient, said: "What is wrong with him, still not here after long time?"

Surin glanced at him, said: "How can he be that fast? Daren ran to find him, then he need to return from Herald of Valor. Even with running, it will takes some time. You can't make him to fly around just for a tiny matter?" Tian Bolis snorted, raised his head and looked at the sky, said: "Strange, why the sky changes so fast at East Sea?"

Surin looked around, also frowned: "Yeah! It was just shiny a moment ago! Now it got covered by dark clouds." But she didn't keep this in her mind, and asked something else: "Buyi, there is still a thing that I don't understand since the beginning."

Tian Bolis looked at her, said: "What?"

Surin said: "If Xiaofan really knows Master Vim and his daughter like Enu have said, no matter what reason, he should tell Vasp Caelo Shixiong. He knows this clearly. But he spoke to you privately and concealed it from Vasp Caelo Shixiong, and he was not very close to our Bamboo Peak, I feel this is not right."

Tian Bolis was quiet for a moment, then said lightly: "This person's mind is not simple."

Surin's eyebrows frowned a little, said: "How?" Tian Bolis did not answer right away, instead he pondered for a moment, said: "From what I know, Head Shixiong have been focusing on cultivation for the past years and began to ignore faction matter. Most daily matter was taken care by Vasp Caelo and several elders." Then he paused, laughed coldly: "Now people are discussing privately that Vasp Caelo is already the Headmaster who live at Dragon Head Peak."

Surin was shocked, with a little worry, she pulled Tian Bolis' sleeve, whispered: "You must not say this outside."

Tian Bolis nodded: "I know, rest assure!"

Then he pondered for a moment, continued: "You know this too, we Jadeon for two thousands years, especially since Master Jade Leaf established Jadeon Seven Houses, the position of Headmaster was always succeed by the Peak of Widows disciple. But now-"

Surin smiled, continued for him: "But now, Vasp Caelo Shixiong was repected in the facton, and also strong in cultivation, reputation is only second to Dayel Shen Shixiong. Enu succeed as Headmaster seems unarguable, but now it becomes questionable."

Tian Bolis said lightly: "And for two hundreds years, Vasp Caelo was always in charge of Jadeon punishment enforcement, will not take anything other than his own will. Except for Doyel Shen Shixiong, he already looking down at everyone. Xiao Shizhi's worry is normal."

Surin lowered her head, then said after a while: "Buyi, this battle for the Headmaster will affacts quite wide, don't get too into it."

Tian Bolis shook his head: "How can I not know, but I am a head of a house, how can I avoid it. Today Enu gave me a gratitude, mostly is hoping I can give him support at future conflict. We can only take a step, watch a step."

Surin sighed, nodded: "We can only do that."

"Wooooo" A chill wind blew past from the deep of the forest. Shaw Danon could feel the chill on his neck, lifted his head and saw the sky was full of figures of the trees, dancing like devils. He frowned, the forest was much ghostly tonight, very different than before. And then he thought, he haven't seen anything unlucky for the past days in here, so they will appear if the sky get a bit dark?

Thinking of that, he laughed in his heart, then continued.

Suddenly, crying of the ghost bursted behind him. Shaw Danon was surprised, immediately turned around, then his face got pale even more. In the darkness, a skull slowly glowed in dark red light, spinning in the air.

In the crying the of ghost, the red skull stopped, it was facing Shaw Danon. Shaw Danon could see the ghostly fire inside of its eyesockets. He couldn't help but shivered.

A moment later, behind that ghostly object, two figure slowly rose up. With the red light of the skull, Shaw Danon could see one of them was a tall and skinny old man, horrible, dry face, almost only skin and bones, not very different than the red skull. His pair of eyes glared at Shaw Danon, burning in fury. An other person was in a very embarrassing situation, although he was quite big, he was hung in mid-air by the old man like a little chicken, face filled with helplessness.

Shaw Danon was surprised, let out a "huh?".

This person was very familiar, it was Cynical Dialectian who he met in Cave of Fangs at Kongsang Mountain, and also ran into several times at Billows Hill. His collar was held by the bony old man, crying. Quickly he noticed Shaw Danon, then it was like he saw a savior, immediately pointed at Shaw Danon, cried out: "Ah! It's him, it's him!"

Shaw Danon was surprised, not knowing what Cynical Dialectian meant. The old man glared at him, issued a sharp, hoarse voice at Cynical Dialectia: "This is the brat from Jadeon?"

Cynical nodded, said quickly: "Right, right, it's him, Senior Vampire. It's the bastard who killed your only heir, vampire Jiang Lao San!"

Chapter 67: Vampire Devil

The old man with a hideous face was an old devil of Felkin that had been hidden for many years, known as "Founder of Vampire". The Righteous, and many Felkin also, called him "Vampire Devil", and the main reason was the evil art he practiced "Art of Vampire" require draining human blood into the body to assist cultivation, very awkward and horrifing.

Although this hideous art is powerful, it has backfire effect on the cultivator. Anyone who practice the Art of Vampire will result in a terrifing face, unacceptable to the world. Even in the Felkin, there were many people not happy about it.

But this art can not to be taken lightly, a hundred years ago when he made his first appearance, he had caused a reign of terror, giving the Righteous a large headach. Later when the Felkin lost the upper hand, the Righteous began adding pressure. And to avoid the hunting from the powerful Righteous, the Vampire Devil also left the Central Plain with the Felkin, so therefore there was no more news of him.

This time the Felkin was restored again, Vampire Devil, who was originally part of the major four Felkin sects "Venom", was also invited. Before he parted, his only disciple Jiang Lao San, went to assist Cynical Dialectian and Liu Gao. To his surprise, his disciple was killed in Cave of Fangs.

Vampire Devil was extremely furious after learning his disciple's death. Because the Art of Vampire has a very bad reputation, and the process of cultivating is dangerous, one mistake may causes backfire by the art and bursts the blood vessel. So even among the Felkin, there is rarely anyone who is willing to practice to art. Jiang Lao San was a disciple he found years ago, and his attribute match the master's strange temper. Because of that, Vampire Devil really likes him. And now his disciple died without figured out the reason, how can he not be furious?

Recently, there was a big movement within the Felkin. With the Vim cut out an opening path into this desolated land Billow Hill of the East Sea, other three major sects also sent out reinforcement. Vampire Devil was among them. He arrived the Billows Hill just today. Coincidentally, he ran into Cynical Dialectian as well as other Bloodforger.

Nian Boss, Liu Gao, and many others were all cunning. Seeing Vampire Devil's face was clouded, and based upon their knowledge of this old man's strange, ruthless temper, they realized he must be still burned with hatred for his disciple's death, every one of them slipped away immediately.

As for Cynical Dialectian, discrible in a nicer way it would be striaght forward, more negative way would be slow react. He stepped forth and greeted Vampire Devil, saying: "Ah! Senior, haven't met for many years, is your body still well-"

Without needing it to be finished, Vampire Devil already felt this Cynical really death, mocking for not dying after caused my disciple's death? Under the anger, he grabbed Cynical Dialectian up in the air. Finally Cynical Dialectian realized something was not right and began begging for mercy.

The Vampire Devil was also not speaking any rubbish to him: "Now we will head to the Jadeon and search for the bastard who killed my disciple. If we find him, lucky for you. If not, I will first drink your blood to dry as a sacrifice for my disciple."

Cynical Dialectian's face turned dead pale immediately, but no one could hear his complain. Shaw Danon met Cynical Dialectian several times since he arrived at Billows Hill. But Cynical Dialectian was always fighting someone or escaping in the sky, he never noticed Shaw Danon. Even the time when they were in the cave, Shaw Danon was hiding in the dark corner. And when he came out, Cynical Dialectian already rushed out among other people, busying with the Righteous disciple.

Cynical Dialectian thought in his mind, who knows if that bastard had came to Billows Hill. If he did not come, himself will be dead innocently under the rage of the the Vampire Devil. He kept begging for mercy, but Vampire Devil's heart was hard as stone, ignored him and secretly flew to the Righteous' living place.

Then at this moment in the dark woods, he suddenly saw Shaw Danon's figure, Cynical Dialectian was very glad, much more happier than if he see his mom and dad, he immediately cried out: "That's him, can't be wrong, I can still recongize him even if he turns into ashes!"

Vampire Devil snorted, then tossed Cynical Dialectian away like some kind of trash. Shaw Danon heard a muffled bang, followed by a painful cry. Did he landed on the ground, or hit on a tree?

Vampire Devil examined Shaw Danon carefully with his eyes, did not make a move right after, but frowned. Although he was agressive, he was not out of his mind. That day when he saw Jiang Lao San's corpse that was carried by the bloodforger, aside from anger and sadness, he also discovered something strange. The way of Jiang Lao San's flesh dried death was so similar to his Art of Vampire. Are there people practice this "art" other than Jiang Lao San and himself?

Of'course he didn't know that in Shaw Danon's hand, on the fire stick, it was the "Sinister Orb" decended from Felkin's Elder Blackheart. But with his several hundreds of cultivation experience, he was determined that the "murderer", even if he was not using the Art of Vampire, he was using a similar magic that is similar to Art of Vampire. Additionally, that person cultivation power was no less than him. Now he was facing Shaw Danon, examining him carefully first, trying to seek an odd thing about him.

But he looked at every places of him, he frowned, but still couldn't make out anything. From head to feet, then from feet to head, this brat is still a common Jadeon disciple, without any unique place, not to mention he did not has any blood thirsty energy of the Art of Vampire.

Shaw Danon stood there, felt a creep for being watched by a ghostly old man. He did not know who he is, but seeing he was with Cynical Dialectian, must be a Felkin. And base on their conversation, it seemed they came for him.

The red glowing skull began spinning slowly again. Vampire Devil's voice came out coldly behind the red light: "Jadeon's brat, is it you who killed my disciple Jiang Lao San?"

Shaw Danon startled, asked: "Who is Jiang Lao San?"

Vampire Devil speechless and was furious, if it was usually, he would already send a magic and drain his dry first. But thinking of this Jadeon disciple can possibly having a certainly level of Art of Vampire cultivation, he must figures this out.

He forced to suppress down his anger, but his voice was already like ghost howling: "The one you killed with Art of Vampire in Kongsang Mountain's Cave of Fang!"

Shaw Danon was shocked. Hearing the word vampire again, he recalled the terrifying scene that floated in his mind. His heart tightened, his hand subconsiously reached to his fire stick.

The the fire stick peacefully lying at his waist, like a sleeping demon.

Vampire Devil saw he was quiet, which was very disrespectful to him at the extreme, ten times more "arrogant" than Righteous who hunted him.

His temper was always aggressive. If not because he had question in his mind, how could he hold it for this long. This anger triggered him, he roared: "Jadeon's brat, return my disciple to me!"

Shaw Danon was surprised and took a step back. Ghost cried and chill wind screamed, he could even feel the creep on the back of his neck. The hair of his entire body raised. The red skull suddenly opened its jaw in mid-air. Instantly, five beam of black lights came out and landed before Shaw Danon. After a moment later, they slowly rose up.

Shaw Danon gathered himself and prepared. Although knowing the Felkin heretic before him was awkward and evil, he still shivered when he saw what was before him. The five figures that were rosing up were five monsters with unique shape, but terrifying nevertheless. The large jaws, sharp fangs, and the stink, dirty breath against his nose.

Just a short period of time, the five monsters already grew to giants that were one and a half taller than Shaw Danon himself. Behind them, Vampire Devil's hands held into a strange mark, often tap, hit and shake the red skull. The monsters answered; they were controlled by this old devil.

At this moment, it was like because of the red light that let out from the skull, even Vampire Devil's eyes seemed a little red. He gave a cold laughter, then ten fingers tightened on the red skull. As if it reacted to his action, the five gigantic monsters' eyes brightened in red, letting out a vicious glance, at the same time they all howled to the sky.

"Wooooooo "

Shaw Danon's body was shocked, his mind was almost captured by it. The figures shined around him, the ghostly cry pierced through his ears, stabbed straight into his brain, causing unbearable pain.

The five monstered howled, then pounced on him. Among the screaming of the fierce wind, Shaw Danon used all his strength to dodge it with a slight gap. But before he can calm himself, the five monsters inserted their claws into the ground among the howling.

Shaw Danon was in mid-air. With the fire stick held in his hand, his heart is more rested. It was like the fire stick also felt something, it beginning to get brightened with green light. Without giving him a moment to think, the claws that were inserted into the earth by the five monsters pulled the entire piece of earth out. But more terrifying was under the ground, countless of nether spirits in all size came out, flying toward to Shaw Danon, completely surrounded him in a blink of an eye.

Vampire Devil smiled coldly, but then frowned. Because he was aware that this young man may beared with special ability, so he did not use his most capable skill Art of Vampire, instead he used a magic he cultivated during recent year--"Spirit Control". Using his own soul to cultivate into five "life ghosts" which are used as pulling force to capture all the wraiths within ten miles. After than, crafted them with magic and turned to to fierce, blood thirsty nether spirits, and ordered them to attack Shaw Danon.

This Jadeon disciple's cultivation was not low, he showed no sign of practiced Art of Vampire. Did he just missed it? Or was it because Cynical was trying to stay alive and found a random scapegoat for him?

As Vampire Devil was thinking, he suddenly felt something and his body shook. He lifted his head and found at the place where countless of white nether spirits were surrounding Shaw Danon so tightly that he could not be seen, among the heavy white light, there was a beam of green light, shined through countless of nether spirit.

A tearing noise, clear and loud.

The night of the Billow Hill got darker. Even the weakest moonlight can no longer be seen.

In this silent and lonely color of the night, there was a long whistle.

The tide at the far away sea got more aggressive.

There was a icy coldness passed through the heart.....

The fire stick suddenly glared. The originally black stick was like an awakened demon, opened its eyes. Instantly, a cold and vicious sense came out from Shaw Danon. The countless nether spirits were terrified, flew around in panic. Vampire Devil's eyebrows frowned tightly, his face got solemn, and mumbled quietly to himself: "Very heavy vicious energy "

The five enormous life ghosts howled together. Their figures flashed and lifted into the air, landed around Shaw Danon, surrounding him in the center. At the same time, their claws teared across the air, causing sharp sound.

The nether spirits that were in panic because of the mysterous vicious energy that came off from the fire stick, were suddenly froze in mid-air. Shaw Danon could see many of the painful look of those shapeshifted face had returned to fierce looking.


The screaming of the ghost pierced through the air. Countless of nether spirits pounced toward at the only flesh body. Shaw Danon took in a cold breath. Around him it was nothing but the ghostly white figures, rushing toward him, giving him no break. Few seconds later, the ghosts pressed him down to the ground like a thick cloud. Shaw Danon gritted his teeth, trying to hold out, but soon later he staggered, a sharp pain pierced into his legs, almost caused him to fall.

Shaw Danon was surprised, looked down and saw a pair of hands had reached out from the earth underneath, grabbed his legs tightly. The sharp claws almost sticked into his vein. Surrounding him, the five life ghosts that were there have only four of them remain.

The nether spirits cheered in the sky, swarming around him.
The greedy jaws were before his eyes.

Shaw Danon was pale, even his muscles were a bit twisted. Bearing the pain, his right hand formed an incantation mark and sliced arcoss the air before him. The fire stick rose and drew a wall of mystic green light, one after an other.

The first several nether spirits could not halt quick enough and crushed on the black stick, then evaporate into smoke without a scream.

At the same time, Shaw Danon's body shocked again. He took a peer and the claws had pierced through his skin like a sharp knife. Fresh blood bled, fell on black claws.

The fresh, sweet smell of blood! Spread out immediately in the air.

Shaw Danon startled.

The nether spirits in the crowded air were also startled.

The light on the fire stick shook softly. It was like excited by the smell of its own blood.

A moment later, countless of nether spirits charged downward at the sweet body of fresh. Even with the cruel wind screaming, that person roared proudly. The fire stick dropped and caught by Shaw Danon, without caring the nether spirits above him. His eyes glared, with a bit of red light flashing.

A stab!

Stabbed downward!

Passed through the claws, also passed through his own blood!

The red blood quietly sinked into the black stick. The red vein on the stick suddenly brightened.

"Poof!", there was a muffled noise came from the deep ground. The nether spirits from the above were all paused, terrified. It was like the legendary demon who forge spirits was before them.

In the darkness, only the fire stick was shining. At far, the red skull that was in Vampire Devil's hand suddenly made a quiet rattle. Then, on the right hand side, a piece fell off.

Vampire Devil's color changed greatly; he lifted his head with surprise on his face. That boy has defeated one of his life ghosts from his Spirit Control's array. On the scene, the four life ghosts clearly were not enough to control sa many spirits without one of their companions, some nether spirits began to flee.

The earth around Shaw Danon suddenly sank half a foot deep. The claws that grabbed his legs slowly released, melt into blood and absorbed by the earth.

But before giving him a moment to relieve, he heard the nether spirits were screaming in the sky. He was surprised and about to resist. However, the nether spirits were fleeing instead. The white lights dazzled, the ghost cry screamed, the nether spirits fluttered, a red light flashed--

Red light? Passing through coutless of white nether spirits, a red light shot toward him as fast as lighting; the sparkling skull was already arrived before him in a blink of an eye. Shaw Danon was about to make a jump, but it pulled the wound on his legs. His body staggered and was unable to dodge.

The red skull opened its jaw, baited toward him like an evil spirit. In fright, Shaw Danon summoned his fire stick to block in front of him. But at that instant, a withered hand reached out from the jaw, soon became three feet long. The five fingers formed into claws, grabbed heavily on his chest.

Shaw Danon's body was greatly shocked. The withered skin of that ghostly hand suddenly full with blood, while himself was dizzy in his head, felt that all the blood in his body were surging toward the injury on his chest.

It was of' course Vampire Devil's speciality Art of Vampire. See Shaw Danon is in his control, he couldn't help but laughed, shouted, and lifted Shaw Danon's body into mid-air: "Brat, give me my disciple's life!" Shaw Danon was grabbed by him, the blood of his body were going inverse, very painful. His consciousness was fading, and he could only use the last bit of his strenght to resist, hit that ghostly hand with the fire stick, but it was powerless like a feather.

The Vampire Devil ignored it. He snorted and thought: This young man is nothing, his cultivation is also average, but the esper is very weird. After finish draining his blood, the fire stick should be taken back and have a good look at it.

At this moment, the fire stick landed on the hand that was grabbing Shaw Danon's chest.

The mystic green orb sliced passed the skin that was drinking the blood savagely.

Was the blood beneth the skin summoning something?

The Vampire Devil suddenly screamed, let go of Shaw Danon and leap backward, looked at his arm. The healthy skin due to blood sucking withered almost at that same instant, worse than it was before.

And in front of him, Shaw Danon was tottoring, but the fire stick in hand, especially the orb on the top, was glowing strangely, shining on the blood vein, sparkling in red.

Vampire Devil made a cold laugh: "I was wondering about how Jiang Lao San died, so the secret is here. Heh heh, there can be such treasure in this world. Brat, hand it over to me along with your life!"

After that he rose into the air, hand formed into claws, this time he aimmed right at Shaw Danon's head. Pityful that Shaw Danon was strengthless all over his body, with no power to resist, about to see himself dead under Vampire Devil's hand.


A shout that filled with anger. A blazing wave of heat pierced through the air, like a tremendous wave, engulfed the entire forest. All trees within ten yards had withered. A brilliant light of fire came down from the sky, teared the dark clouds into pieces.

Vampire Devil was terrified. The person that was arriving had an innormally high cultivation. Where can he find the focus to harm Shaw Danon, his hands retrieved swiftly. Among the screaming, the red skull shined brightly, raised a blood red wall of light before him.

"Boom "

Like the sound of thunder hitting the ground, the fire light landed on the blood wall. The crushing heat wave turned into a shaking, red celestial sword. The enormous power pushed Shaw Danon several yards backward. The strength did not weaken, still pressing on him like mountain and sea.

Vampire Devil's face paled, shouted, and changed the incantation mark of his ten fingers. A pair of bloody beams shot out from the eye sockets of the red skull, passed through the blood wall and hit on the red sword. In the bang, the red sword flew backword while Vampire Devil shocked, steadied himself after backing up several steps.

"'Flame Spirit'!" Creepy chill rose in Vampire Devil's eyes, his face was cold as frost.

The blazing heat flashed then vanished, Tian Bolis appeared from where the fire was. A figure flashed behind him, it was Surin, holding Shaw Danon who is about to fall. Shaw Danon's heart was warmed as he saw his master and shi niang arrived.

Surin was worried, whispered to him: "Xiao Fan, are you alright?"

Shaw Danon forced a smile: "I am fine, shi niang-"

His word was only half finished, suddenly golden stars flashed before his eyes, then it was darkness. He fainted. Surin's brows frowned tightly. Tian Bolis ignored Vampire Devil to check Shaw Danon first.

After a while, Surin finished checking. She reached into her sleeve and took out a bottle, poured out a yellow pill and let Shaw Danon took it, after that she nodded at Tian Bolis, said quietly: "He won't die." Paused, looked at Vampire Devil from far away, eyes filled with resentment: "It was the Art of Vampire!"

Anger flashed on Tian Bolis face, turned around and met his eyes with Vampire Devil's.

"Vampire Devil, you are already a several hundreds years old figure, and you used such cruel method on a junior, what are you?"

"Posh!" Vampire Devil said aggressively: "So your disciple's life is a life, my disciple's life is not a life?"

Tian Bolis said coldly: "What does that has to do with your stupid disciple?" Vampire Devil's eyes froze, said: "He killed my disciple in Kongsang Mountain's Cave of Fangs, so I am here to kill him, how about this then?"

"Nice!" Tian Bolis suddenly shouted: "Nice killing!"

Vampire Devil startled.

Tian Bolis coldly laughed: "I used to despise this disciple, but today he appeared to be better than I had imagined, for he know how to rid of harm for the sake of the people!"

The anger was not minor for Vampire Devil, he said furiously: "Good, good, you *****-borned, hundred years ago you hunted me when I was in difficult situation. Today, allow me to taste the blade of your Flame Spirit again!"

Tian Bolis took a deep breath, right hand sliced across the air. As if the Flame Spirit answering to its master's will, it, too, shaking in excitment. "Hundred years ago I allowed you to barely escape with a bit of luck, today let me see how well you have trained your Art of Vampire that bold enough to harm my disciple?"

Chapter 68: Flame Spirit

Vampire Devil snorted, but he showed no fear, a fierce look appeared on his face: "Back then it was because you Righteous dominated with large numbers, do I really fear of you?"

After that, his hands shook. The red glowing skull pieced through the air, circling him rapidly. His eyes were becoming red.

Tian Bolis took a deep breath, prepared carefully. Hundred years ago, he was already a talented person in Jadeon. When he was hunting down the remainers of the Felkins, he was the part of the main force, and did fought with Vampire Devil. He knew this person can not be taken lightly, and the Art of Vampire was no small matter.

At this moment, the dark clouds gathered together again. The scar that caused by Tian Bolis heaven shaking strike disappeared. The color of the night darkened again.

Faintly, there was sound of wave from the ocean mixed with screaming of the wind, and becoming more aggressive. As if it was hiding in the depth of the sea, a long cry softly drifting in the color of the night, under the sky.

Shaw Danon slowly regain his consciousness. He felt an unconfortable feeling on his chest. Suddenly he heard a "huh" from someone, then a white hand reached out and softly massaged his chest.

After a moment, the energy that was trapped in his chest cleared out smoothly. He felt much better.

Shaw Danon raised his head and saw his shi niang Surin, who is holding him, smiling quietly.

Shaw Danon blushed, mumbled: "Thank you, shi niang."

Surin said gently: "Are you alright?"

Shaw Danon nodded: "Right now, it is the tireness, nothing else." Surin nodded with a smile, then suddenly chuckled: "That's good, now watch your master fight for you!"

Shaw Danon was surprised, then followed Surin's eyes, he was stunned.

Under the dark sky, among the overcasted black clouds, a blazing, brilliant ball of light brightened half of the sky, it was like embed a frame on the edge of the dark clouds.

Tian Bolis was like ancient God of Fire, standing on the clouds, turning the flame of his "Flame Spirit" into a fire dragon, tearing the dark clouds, charged into the sky.

As for the Vampire Devil, there was no sign of him. However, next to the clouds on the sky, there was an enormous skull, screaming wildly. The wind and clouds changed, the ghostly blood light rose into the sky, faught with the fire dragon.

The sky fulled of dark clouds were boiling, roaring. Watching from the ground, the two people were like deities of nine skies, fightly each other angrily. Shaw Danon's heart was moved, completely admiring his master. The roar of the dragon shocked the earth; it swam in the clouds with heaven shaking might, quite smiliar to the time when he was in Dark Drake Cave, three-tails fox spirit used Inferno Mirror to summon the fire dragon, but this time it was much more powerful.

Reminded of that, his body suddenly shook. A wave of heat rose from the Inferno Mirror on his right arm like it was excited by something. The heat spread across his entire body.

Surin felt it, turned to him, asked concernly: "Xiaofan, your body suddenly becomes this hot, are you having fever after the injury?"

Shaw Danon was surprised, did not expect his shi niang is so sensitive. He did not know how to reply, only murmuring: "Not-nothing "

Surin frowned, and was about to ask, she sensed something and turned around. Sound of footsteps issued from the forest, after a moment, no less than a hundred people came out. Skysong's Fazzan, Fashan, Incense Valley's Li Su, Yanon were also among them. The one who was walking in the front is Master Vasp Caelo.

Surin rose up, smiled: "Vasp Caelo Shixiong, you are here."

Vasp Caelo nodded, said lightly: "Tian Shidi is showing off here, shocking the heaven. We are not blind nor deaf, so we come and have a look."

Surin frowned, felt the sarcasm in his words. Before she said anything, the Bamboo Peak disciples already saw Shaw Danon, sitting on the ground languishly with blood all of him.

Hidi screamed and ran forth. Xavion, Amandla, and He Dazhi were also worried and followed behind her. But quickly after, a white figure flashed, rushed forward even faster than them. It was Baye.

Baye dashed to Shaw Danon's side, crouched down, grabbed his shoulders, with his face a bit paled, asked: "Xiaofan, are you alright?" Shaw Danon could feel the worry in his eyes, his heart was warmed. He nodded and smiled: "I am fine, nothing wrong."

Baye took a look at him, then glanced on the wound on his chest, finally relieved and let out a long breath, said: "Who hurted you?"

Shaw Danon pointed up, said: "That devil, I heard my master called him, something like 'Vampire Devil'?"

Baye's body was shocked, it appeared he knew that devil. He surprised: "That old guy also reappeared?"

At this moment Hidi and others arrived next to Shaw Danon, intrrogating him with questions. Shaw Danon felt Hidi's concerning eyes, instead he lowered his head, answering his shi xiongs' questions quietly, saying he is already recovered.

As the battle in the sky was getting exciting, Baye stood next to Shaw Danon, watched the above for a moment, then suddenly said: "Xiaofan, your master does not seem to be anything during normal days, can't imagin his cultivation is this high!"

Anger rose within Hidi upon hearing this. Since the time she lost to Baye right at her home's doorstep, she never like this kid. She snorted, said: "How can a kid from Dragon Head Peak like you able to see the deep level of my dad's cultivation?"

Baye frowned and turned around. But Hidi's eyes were glaring at him, not stepping back. It startled him, after that he suddenly smiled: "Tian Shimei, you are right."

Hidi was stunned, for she did not expect the arrogance young boy's attitude become this nice. Althoug Baye was smiling, he was looking at a different direction. She followed Baye's eyes and found he was smiling at Kevern who is standing next to Master Vasp Caelo.

With Hidi's quick wit, she immediately knew Baye felt inproper to argue with her in front of his respected Kevern. Although her heart was not embarrassed, it was still sweeted when her eyes met with Kevern's. Surin frowned; she heard what those youngester said. The speakers were careless, but the listener was paying attention. After a while, she turned her glance on Master Vasp Caelo. Master Vasp Caelo was raising his head, watching Tian Bolis emotionlessly, but his eyes were shining, what was it that thinking in his mind?

At this moment, in the howling of the fierce wind, the flame shot in all direction, the blood light pierced into the sky, at the decesive moment of the battle, Master Vasp Caelo suddenly said coldly: "Did not expect Vampire Devil would be so reckless to provoke here. Kevern!"

Kevern was next to him. He step forth, said: "Master, what is the command?"

Master Vasp Caelo took a glance at the sky, said: "Your Tian Shibo's victory is already certained, that old devil won't be able to last long. You bring other men to lay up a trap, we can't let this devil to escape again this time."

Kevern answered, then waved his hand, called Baye back. Then, he turned to gather other major faction disciples such as Fazzan and Li Su, discussed their plan.

Surin walked next to Master Vasp Caelo slowly, smiled: "Vasp Caelo Shixiong, how can you see Buyi is about to win?"

Master Vasp Caelo looked at Surin, a smile appeared on his emotionless face, said: "Su Shimei, are you making fun of me, who is a useless shixiong?"

Surin shook her head, smiled: "Give me ten guts and I still will not dare to make fun of you. I am sincerity asking for knowledge here!"

Master Vasp Caelo smiled, said: "Su Shimei, you are always wise, a far better potential than me, a useless shixiong, why be so modest. Although Vampire Devil's cultivation is not low, additionally having 'Blood Skull' with him, the blood light seemed sky breaking, matchlessly aggressive, I can see that even the momentum is fierce, the blood red light on the esper, three inches to the right, was unstable. The red skull seemed to be damaged at there. In normal situation it doesn't mean anything, with this devil's cultivation, just need to bring it back and repair it, then everything will be fine. But now in front of Tian Shidi, it is his greatest flaw."

Then, he paused, an icy coldness flashed in his eyes, but his voice remained calm, said: "Tian Shidi on the other hand, steadily using Jadeon incantation to drive Flame Spirit sword, conjured the 'True Dragon of Red Fire'. Although the Blood Skull's red light shined brightly, it shrinks back everytime it contracted with True Dragon of Red Fire. And Tian Shidi was determined to attack the Blood Skull's three inches to the right with every single one of his strike. Vampire Devil may seemed bold, but was already stranded, lose for certain. From Su Shimei's perspective, am I wrong?"

Surin smiled: "Shixiong is wise. I only know it after you said it."

Master Vasp Caelo smiled lightly, turned around and gazed at the sky, suddenly lowered his voice, but in a calm tone, said slowly: "Su Shimei."

Surin said: "What, Vasp Caelo Shixiong?" Master Vasp Caelo's eyes were still on the two people that were fighting in the sky, his voice was clear, said: "Since Tian Shidi broke through into Pure Essence's 'ShangQing Realm' a hundred years ago, his cultivation must be advancing rapidly over the past several years!"

Surin was shocked, but her face did not show, she smiled: "Vasp Caelo Shixiong you are overpraising. Buyi is no where as talented as Headmaster Shixiong and you--"

Master Vasp Caelo slowly shook his head, showed a smile on the corner of his lips, said: "Hundred years ago we Righteous crushed the Felkin, I, and Tian Shidi, Peak of Wind's Ceng Shidi, Sun Rise Peak's Shang Shidi, and the main house's Vanti-

Surin suddenly called quietly: "Vasp Caelo Shixiong."

Master Vasp Caelo was shocked, appeared to have remembered something. He nodded, then continued: "    We
hunted those Felkin devil deep into the Wildlands. At that time, Tian Shidi already broke through into ShangQing Realm. Vanti Shi--That man told us, Tian Shidi seemed dull, but intelligent in the inside, especially his unwavering attitude, a very rare quality. In path of cultivation, he will have an immeasurable furture."

Then, he smiled, said: "Su Shimei, that man, you know him. What he said, what he thought, you probably won't have question about it!"

Surin smiled lightly, did not say anything, only turned around, looked at the sky.

Vampire Devil stood in mid-air, very vicious appearance, but his heart was getting more and more scared. A hundred years ago, he faught against Tian Bolis already. At that time, that man's cultivation was not low, but with his Art of Vampire, he was certain of victory.

A hundred years after, when they faught again, that man's cultivation advanced unexpectedly fast. The fire dragon from Flame Spirit sword always crushed on the "Nether Blood Light" that was supported by his Art of Vampire. Not only the dragon was not in the lower-hand, it was getting more and more suppressing. The most head hurting things was not only that. When he was fighting Shaw Danon, he was careless because he saw he was only a young Jadeon, and got one of his life ghost from the "Spirit Control" array destroyed.

Couldn't blame Vampire Devil for not really understanding not happened. His Blood Skull was artifact of ghost, if it meets any legendary divine weapons, like Anan's "Aeolian Firmus", of' course there will be some counteracting, with his experience, he would be careful.

But Shaw Danon's fire stick esper was just too awkward. It had no sign of energy of a divine weapon. Because the vicious energy was too strong, it was more like an evil esper like Vampire Devil's, so he didn't put that into his heart.

The fire stick in Shaw Danon's hand, the Sinister Orb can only absorb blood from living thing, helpless when against the ghosts. An other half, however, was the "Dead Wand", a legendary evil artifact that refined with nether spirits over thousands years, the oldest of all artifacts of ghost. During the fight it was excited by Shaw Danon's blood, when it inserted into the body of the life ghost, it instantly cleansed the life ghost into nothingness, much more simplier than any divined weapons.

If it was usually, Vampire Devil would only be a little bit surprised, since Shaw Danon's cultivation was far worse than him after all. When Vampire Devil used this most powerful skill, Shaw Danon fell quickly. But now facing Tian Bolis who cultivation was not lower than him, instead slightly stronger, this small hiddened weakness was showed.

Spirits Control and Art of Vampire were both relied upon Blood Skull. One of the life ghosts was destroyed, the Blood Skull also received a minor damage. At this moment however, it became Vampire Devil's greatest danger.

Tian Bolis held the position of the Head of Bamboo Peak for nearly a hundred years, not only cultivation was far superior than Shaw Danon, knowledge and experience were also better than him hundred times. After a few rounds, he noticed a spot on the Blood Skull was unstable, therefore he used all his strength to attack there. At the beginning, it was nothing. But once time prolonged, Vampire Devil was very exhausted. The dragon roared in the sky, dancing with its claws. The large skull that conjured by Vampire Devil was getting dimmer. The blazing flame, on the other hand, almost dyed the entire sky into dark red.

Vampire Devil regretted for being too arrogant. He thought with his hundreds years of hard cultivation, except for the several tops in Righteous, none he should be feared. This time he came, he did asked secretly to ensure knowing that the several people he feared did not come, and his heart was rested. Unexpectedly, Tian Bolis' cultivation have been advanced rapidly over hundred years.

As he was worrying, he took a glance below unintentionally, then it was an other surprise. On the ground, many figures were moving, at least dozens of them. Base on their clothing, they were most likely to be the Righteous. There were several who he familiar with, especially Master Vasp Caelo in the front, he was one of the Jadeon who hunted him.

Vampire Devil's heart was really frozen, he immediately looked for a retreat. At the moment his mind was distracted, the fire dragon suddenly screamed, loud like thundred. Vampire Devil was surprised and lifted his head, what he saw terrified him. The fire dragon suddenly brightened with flame in mid-air, but for a while it did not attack, instead, it shrinked and returned to Tian Bolis' hand like a whale sucking in water. It returned to Flame Spirit sword. As for the fire light, it did not weaken, still shined the entire sky.

Tian Bolis' face was cold and solemn. Flame Spirit lay in front of his chest, left hand held the incantation, took seven steps of the position of the seven stars, then stabbed toward the sky with Flame Spirit sword, mumbled: "Rage of Nine Skies, turns to Divined Thunder. Might of Heaven, arrive at this sword!"

On the ground, especially the Jadeon, it was a wave of excitement. The Bamboo Peak disciples were all extremely excited. Even Master Vasp Caelo became a little pale.

The lowered dark clouds was like boiling water, the wind howled between sky and earth. A moment later, noise of blasting thunder came from the deep of the dark clouds, then exploded near the two people. At that instant, the world was shaking!

The entire Billows Hill was also shaking. Even the calm ocean water surrounded the island was now unbelievably boiling.

An ancient lighting flashed in the sky, pierced through the dark clouds, teared up the sky. Like a proud, mightly deity entered the realm of mortal, landed on the tip of the burning sword.

At that instant, the men in the sky could no longer be seen. That glaring and brilliant radiance covered this piece of sky and earth.

Wind, blew pass.

Fluttered, everyone's clothes--

The world suddenly became a deadly quiet! Suddenly, thunder roared again! In the exploding bang, the world changed its color. An enormous pillar of light shot out, pierced through all black clouds, brighter than summer-day sun, striked at Vampire Devil determinedly, unstoppably.

A moment later, Vampire Devil was completely covered by the radiance. Even the red light of his Blood Skull had completely disappeared instantly.

A figure was falling from the clouds.

Tian Bolis held Flame Spirit tightly, breathing heavily, face was a bit paled, but he stood on the clouds like a god.

After the shocking silence, an uproar bursted in the Righteous' crowd, many were filled with admiration. Every Bamboo Peak disciples were proud. Shaw Danon was stunned, completely filled with admiration. He forced his eyes to leave Tian Bolis and saw everyone were smiling, Hidi was laughing.

Other than happiness, Shaw Danon thought of something and looked at the Bamboo Height disciples. Anan was standing there quietly, staring at Tian Bolis' figure, lost in thought.

The same skill "Thunderblade", but in Tian Bolis' hand, the power was not just ten times stronger than Anan.

Vampire Devil's face was red as blood. His body fell without any control. Master Vasp Caelo snorted, then gave Kevern an eye signal. Kevern understood, waved his hand, then quickly six or seven disciples came out from the Righteous crowd with their espers out, and dashed toward to where Vampire Devil is about to land.

Vampire Devil's body shook, waving his hands in mid-air, like trying to resist. But quickly, red light flashed on his face, then spewed out mouth-full of blood. His face immediately turned ash grey.

Everyone laughed, they knew Vampire Devil was powerless to offer resistance and about to see Kevern captures him alive. Suddenly Surin shouted: "Careful!" Kevern, Baye and others were surprised. Suddenly their eyes were confused, purple light and black gas flashed, several great force striked out from the darkness. The two people who flew in the front, a Jadeon disciple and a Skysong monk, were badly beatened with blood coming from their mouth, and fell backward.

Kevern and others were surprised and forced their body to hold, but the great force was already arriving before them, falling on them overwhelmingly, like mountains and oceans. Kevern called loudly: "Retreat!"

At the same time, he gritted his teeth, the Frozen Ice sword in his hand flashed over and over again, instantly formed seven layers of ice wall, trying to create covers for his allies. But without giving them much time, the great force hit on the ice wall and broke through them like papers, rushed upon them.

Kevern was standing right in front of it, at this moment he almost stopped breathing. A green light appeared, it was Baye, who saw Kevern in a dangerous situation, recklessly summoned Dragon Slayer and charged forth. Kevern shouted: "Lin Shidi, run!"

But the speed of the overwhelming strength, it was already before them in a blink of an eye. The two people were like a small boat in a large storm, couldn't do anything but wait for death. Suddenly someone shouted from behind:


Wind blew, the strange force met their opponents. Sound of fighting rang for a while. The sound of wind howled, then suddenly stopped. Kevern and Baye's collars were grabbed by someone, then thrown several yards backward, saved their life at least.

The two putted themselves back together and saw the person who saved Kevern was Master Vasp Caelo, the person who pulled Baye back was Surin. And standing with them were from other factions, elders such as "Herald of Vigor", also including Tian Bolis who came down from the clouds. At far, the purle light and black gas caught Vampire Devil. Several people appeared, while countless of footsteps issued from the forest behind them. The darkness was filled heavily with shadows, could not see how many people were hiding in there. But base on those who appeared, they were most likely Felkin.

Shaw Danon was surprised and rose up, looked at the Felkin standing in the front. The one who caught Vampire Devil was Master Vim. There were three men next to him, a bald-head old man, a vicious looking but tiny midge, the last one was a white face scholar, cool and different, with a smile hanging on his face, cound not see a sign of evil.

Among the Righteous, Master Vasp Caelo exchanged a glance with Tian Bolis, the corner of his eye was twisting. He snorted, said coldly: "Good! Good! Now you old men finally appear."

Chapter 69: Qing Long (addition 1 & 2)


Tian BuYi = Xiao Fan’s teacher (*Tian Bolis in Mooy’s translation)

SuRu = TianBuYi’s wife (*Surin)

Tian LingEr = TianBuYi’s daughter (*Hidi)

Xiao Fan = TianBuYi’s disciple (*Shaw Danon)

XiaoYiCai = Head of Qing Yun Sect (TongTian Peak)’s disciple

Li Xun = FenXiang (the actual meaning of the Chinese words are burn incense) Valley's disciple

YanHong = FenXiang Valley disciple QiHao = (Long Shou Valley) Taoist Cang Song’s disciple, also Tian LingEr’s lover (*Kevern)

Fa Shan = Tian Yin Temple's disciple

Fa Xiang = Tian Yin Temple's disciple

"Pong" there was a loud sound and everyone was shocked and looked to the direction of the sound. It was Shi-To's Shatterer staff that had flown up to the sky, and landed only now.

There was a moment of silence, on the Good Fraction side, many were frowning, guarding with attention.

This time round, the Evil fraction revived with great strength contrary to expectations. Besides looking at this situation, there are still many and more profound power hidden and not shown. On the Evil Fraction side, each harbour evil intentions. Elder Duanmu is slightly better as he does not belong to any sect and is only siding with Blood Sucking Demon because he gets along only with him. But to Ghost King, Bai DuZi and Blood Sucking Demon are both Thousand Poison clan's important people, and at this moment silently looking at each other, is already a severe warning to him.

Only Ghost King and Qing Long are standing there looking calm. It seemed like Qing Long was saying something quietly to Ghost King, Ghost King smiled and shaked his head, appearing not to mind but glanced at the direction of Xiao Fan.

The night is deepening, with the sea breeze whistling, far away in the vast boundless sea, the strange short periods of long and mournful cry in the late night appears to be nearing, slowly becoming distinct.

Tian BuYi and Taoist Cang Song looked at each other, both sensed that each other had the intention to retreat. SuRu, who was standing at the side, coughed slightly and spoke softly to Taoist Cang Song,"Cang Song brother, the evil power is strong now, why don't we temporarily retreat and make plans again after discussion with Head of Sect, what do you think?" Cang Song pondered a while before nodding his head decidedly, "junior sister is right" and glanced at Tian BuYi, Tian BuYi slowly nodded his head. Cang Song just about to speak when he seemed to have thought of something, looked to the left, frown and spoke in a low voice, "where is XiaoYiCai? Why didn't we see him at all?”

QiHao, who was standing beside him, heard and stepped up and said,"Teacher, Xiao brother said he was not feeling well when we were coming out, so he did not follow". Taoist Cang Song's face darkened and snorted but as he could not make thoughtless remarks in front of his disciple, he could only turn his face and was about to speak to the other branch disciples like Fai Xiang, Li Xun etc when suddenly there was a miserable cry from behind the crowd.

The crowd stirred and there was a moment of confusion but they could only see that there were several young Good Fraction disciples severely injured and staggering in from the darkness, with blood on their body. They hissed loudly, "There are Evil Faction people behind!".

In the darkness, from the ancient forest, there seemed to be numerous wailing cries. Tian BuYi etc turned pale, ever since Ghost King and his men appeared, everyone was focusing their attention on these old monsters. They did not expect that the Evil Fraction would secretly outflank their retreat route, preventing them from escaping.

But at this moment, there were flashes of light in the forest, numerous magical weapons appeared, the Good Fraction, one after another took up their magical weapon to defend but because they were unprepared and the number of Evil Fraction disciples were more than expected, they were at a disadvantage.

Taoist Cang Song’s complexion was somber, he shouted loudly and soared into the sky. However, without waiting to see his actions, Bai DuZi and Elder Duanmu threw themselves forward.

Bai DuZi smiled and looked fiercely while crying out, “Dog Taoist, give me your life!”

Taoist Cang Song paused in mid-air as he did not dare to belittle these old monsters and had to turn around to receive their attacks. At the same time, there was a flash of red light below him, it was Tian BuYi, who had taken on Elder Duanmu’s attack.

SuRu stood on the ground, frowning deeply with signs of worrying on her pretty face. It was obviously to the Good Fraction’s disadvantage and there were still 2 enigmatic Ghost King and Qing Long, who have not showed their might. Also the number of Evil Fraction disciple hiding were still unknown, the situation was worrying.

Currently the situation is in a chaos, in the late night shadows, the Evil Fraction are everywhere, anytime and anywhere magical weapons are flying out to take lives. The Good Fraction fell into a bitter battle, muffled groans and miserable cries were heard.

Zhang Xiao Fan hold on to the fire stick but did not attack. Because Bamboo Peak’s Song Daren, Tian LingEr etc were worried about his injuries and form a circle around him so he was not hurt in the moment. But due to the grave situation, he was as nervous too. As the flashes of light from the Evil Fraction became more aggressive, the Good Fraction were slowly being cut down. The main issue was that in the night darkness, it was impossible to see the Evil Fraction disciples who were hiding. They really suffered a major loss.

Zhang Xiao Fan was still at his original position and saw that his surrounding seniors and Ling TianEr's stress were mounting, he felt anxious. He felt that even though his body was tired but still fine, he went up to join the battle.

At this moment, suddenly a soft whistling sound was heard, like celestial wind chimes resounding through the nine heavens, pleasing music to the ear. A splendid blue light suddenly rise up, Lu XueQi rise with the sword but that TianYa divine sword shone resplendently and it actually lighted up the areas around it.

Darkness, appears not to be able to touch her!

But she hurl towards the darkness. "Hu", a sharp whistling sound that shook the heaven, this beautiful girl, turned into a blue electric light, shot towards the darkness of the ancient forest.

A few moments later, only blue light radiating was seen, cries of alarm from the darkness were heard, the pressure from the crowd were lifted monetarily.

Also at the same time, waves of Buddhism chants were heard, Fa Xiang placed his palms together and rose. Tips of his fingertips were shinning with golden lights from the dignified and solemn "reincarnations pearls" and he was slowly turning. All of a sudden, he opened his eyes and the reincarnation pearls also flew to the other side of the darkness. A few moments later, a dazzling gold light raged in the darkness, just like daylight, numerous Evil Fraction disciples cried and flew out.

This immediately change the situation, like QiHao, Lin JingYu, LiXun, YanHong and even FaShan, ShiTo etc all of the outstanding younger generation of Good Fraction, they were only being caught unprepared beforehand and now started to attack one after another. And the Evil Fraction, who were slyly attacking from the surrounding, appeared not to have skilled masters,and not many could defend that well. The situation started to turn towards the Good Fraction.

Standing far way, Ghost King and Qing long, who were taking it in, frowned. Qing Long shaked his head slightly, sighed and said, "the Good Fraction young disciples' aptitude, everyone without exception, one in a million, compared to our juniors, they are much stronger"

Ghost King nodded and looked somewhere far away. He suddenly said, "The girl that attacked first, her magical weapon, did you see it clearly?"

Qing Long said indifferently,"is TianYa right?"

Ghost King turned his head and looked at him, Qing Long smiled, slowly and seemingly spoke in a soft and low voice,"TianYa divine sword, TianYa divine sword!"

Ghost King stood with his hands clasped behind, slowly said,"and that monk from TianYin Temple, he had reincarnation pearls in his hands, the white attired young guy from QingYun sect, his dark green like water celestial sword, should be "ZhanLong (Dragon Slayer) sword". The Good Fraction these few years really took pains to cultivate their young"

Chapter 70 - The Past

By this time, the late night forest has been lightened up almost like daylight from the numerous magical weapons’ lights. From the deep of the forest until the most intensive battled open-air area, it seemed like piercingly cold sharp lights were flying everywhere. Under the colorful rays of lights, fresh red blood was unceasingly splattered onto slightly trembling trees.

Coagulated into blood pearls, dripping silently.

Lu XueQi landed with a clear whistling sound. In a moment, the night turned azure like the sky, a halo as clear as water appeared from her TianYa divine sword and shot out in all directions. Like a beautiful girl’s glance brushing past this mundane world.

Countless lush leaves turning outwards, making a rustling sound.

The surrounding black attired Evil Faction disciples were making odd cries incessantly. Although there were ones who tried their best to resist but eventually were knocked down too. Ever since making it alive from the Forsaken Abyss till now, her skills actually seemed to have progressed a lot.

Zhang Xiao Fan observed from afar and sucked in a breath of cold air, surprised and also respectful. Surrounding him, Song Daren, Du BiShu etc were gradually buckling under the strain. Although there were not many Evil Faction disciples who were attacking the Bamboo Valley disciples but those were much skilled than the rest. Their clothes also carried a human skull symbol but not known if that was Ghost King Clan’s symbol.

Tian LingEr stood in front of Zhang Xiao Fan, her face was pale and little beads of perspiration also appeared on her forehead. Her actions of controlling the amber vermilion silk appeared slightly flustered.

Although among the Bamboo Valley disciples, except for Zhang XiaoFan, Tian LingEr was the youngest but her aptitude far exceeded the few senior brothers. Comparing skills, except for Song Daren, she was next. Not sure was it that she was a girl or due to other reason, the Evil Faction disciples mainly kept attacking her. Now, even Zhang Xiao Fan also felt that Tian LingEr was feeling the strain. The night wind quietly blew past the forest that has become a battlefield. In the depth of the darkness, countless eyes seemed to be also spying on them.

The shouts around them were getting urgent; Zhang Xiao Fan frowned and looked outside. Only in a short period of time, the situation changed again. The Evil Faction disciples retaliated and Lu XueQi, Fa Xiang, QiHao etc who were previously fighting like splitting a bamboo, were now surrounded and battling with masters. Although not at a disadvantage now but they were already unable to get away.

However for those somehow less skilled Good Faction disciples in the surroundings, more and more Evil Faction disciples were gathering around. Shrieks were heard and the situation has started to lean towards the Evil Faction again.

Zhang Xiao Fan gritted his teeth and took out his firestick. He was unwilling to continue to rest and wanted to at least give a helping hand to his seniors and Tian LingEr. However, he has just started to move when he heard Tian LingEr cried out. He stifled, as if tripped by something, in a moment there were three or four strange magical weapons’ lights charging over. Song Daren and the rest were shocked but were unable to give aid in time. Zhang Xiao Fan did not stop to think and rushed over but it seemed that he was also a step too late.

At that critical moment, Tian LingEr’s face was as white as paper. Both of her hands did not stop wielding, “Shua Shua Shua”  the  amber  vermilion  silk  danced  in  front  of  her  to defend but it was also too late. In an instant, there were 2 magical weapons, one black and one white, charging with the speed of light towards her.

Zhang Xiao Fan’s heart almost jumped out. He opened his mouth but was unable to make any sound. At that moment, there was a flash of white, a figure blocked in front of Tian LingEr, using both hands and immediately strike back at both weapons. In the far darkness, shouts of anger and cries of fear were heard right away.

Everybody sighed in relief and looked at the figure. It was Master’s wife, SuRu. SuRu quickly turned her head back and did a quick scan on Tian LingEr and said, “LingEr, are you alright?” Tian  LingEr  was  still  in  shocked,  nodded  and  said,  “Yes Mother, I am alright”

SuRu frowned, at this time the Evil Faction disciples were closing in again. SuRu quickly said, “All of you quickly go, we cannot stay here! All of you leave this island once you all have escape, we will rendezvous at East China Chang He City.”

Song Daren, Tian LingEr and the rest were shocked but they did not dare to speak upon looking at SuRu’s solemn face. Tian LingEr muttered a reply and the Bamboo Valley disciples started to walk towards the back.

At the moment, the situation was a mess and the battle was unusually intense. SuRu dodged to the left and swayed to the right, and went up to help whenever she saw the Good Faction disciples were in danger, thus allowing them to withdraw from the battle.

Her skills were considerably high and far exceeded the general Evil Faction disciples. Only her fluttering figure was seen in the dim light of the night, graceful and never revealed any traces of urgency. As long as there was a break, she raised her head and looked up. She could see only heavy dark clouds in the sky but a disarray of brilliant flashes was also seen. Battling in the mid- air would be Taoist Cang Song and Tian BuYi fighting with Evil Faction Bai DuZi and Elder Duanmu.

Her heart was rather worried but looking at Tian BuYi, who just had a fight with Blood Sucking Demon, and currently still not at a disadvantage with Elder Duanmu, she was then relieved.

Most of the Good Faction disciples had separately left after SuRu did a few attacks to rescue them. Those left in the battlefield were mainly a few higher skilled disciples like Lu XueQi etc. But over at the Evil Faction side, it seemed like many had also left to pursue so even though the Good Faction side was still at a disadvantage, there were no immediate danger at the moment.

However, SuRu felt more anxious. Because ahead of her, from the beginning till the end: Ghost King and Qing Long, the two most mysterious figures from the Evil Faction, ... had always been standing there, smiling and watching from the sidelines. Over at Evil Faction side, Ghost King and Qing Long were standing side by side and looking on while Good Faction disciples were unceasingly running away. Qing Long commented indifferently, “You are going to let these people go?”

Ghost  King  smiled  and  said,  “These  juniors  are  not important. Beside, this time we come to LiuBo hill, is not really to fight till our deaths with the Good Faction people!”

Qing Long nodded, raised his head and looked at mid-air saying, “These two were among the five-member team from Qing Yun Sect that brazenly encroached into our Wildlands and savaged us badly?”

Ghost King said, “You are right. Taoist Cang Song, Tian BuYi and Shang ZhengLiang, Ceng ShuChang, plus one more, Wan Jian Yi, it’s those five people”

Qing Long softly heaved a sigh and said, “A hundred years time passed by in a great haste. At that time, these people were only young ones resolute to kill and now unexpectedly are also leading and taking charge” Ghost King smiled lightly and said, “Long brother, you were not present at that time due to some affairs. If not, with the four of you holy envoys, during Qing Yun hill battle, even though our holy sect may not be able to pull out a victory but at least we would not be defeated that tragically!”

Qing Long shaked his head and said, “Impossible. The three main Good Faction sects were at their prime hundred years ago and those old fools were coming out of their retirement one after another. Even if you included us, we would not be able to defend as well. But, hehe, it is laughable that at the Holy Hall in Wildlands, thousands of our holy sect members flee at the mere sight of them….”

Ghost King was silenced for a moment and slowly said, “Right. I was not at Holy Hall at that time because I had to take care of the our predecessor Ghost King but I also heard that it was very embarrassing. It was a pity that our highly skilled disciples were sent out to Qing Yun big battle and had countless casualties, if not…”

Qing Long suddenly interrupted, “That time I was at Holy Hall” Ghost King’s body shook in surprise and said, “What? Long brother, you were at the Holy Hall at that time?”

Qing Long (also can be translated as Green Dragon) laughed bitterly and said, “That’s right. Actually not only that, except for that big slacker Black Warrior, White Tiger and Scarlet Bird were also at Holy Hall”

Ghost King’s face expression changed. He forced a smile and said, “Then how is it that Long brother you were unable to recognise these two people just now?”

Qing Long laughed bitterly again and said, “It could be said as an embarrassing matter. The attack by these five did not stop at Wildlands, they even invaded into our Holy Temple. The act shocked and terrified the whole Wildlands. Although both Wan Du (Thousand Poison) Clan and Chang Shen (Longevity) Hall were in charge of guarding the Holy Temple, and despite the fact we were never on good terms with these two factions, nevertheless the three of us - White Tiger, Scarlet Bird and myself - decided to lend a hand together with other branches' highly skilled fighters, in defending the Holy Hall” Ghost King took a look towards mid-air and said, “Why?
Their skills were already that powerful a hundred years ago?”

Qing Long shaked his head and said, “Actually it was not so. After the crisis was over, I thought over it carefully. Actually it was because after our great loss at Qing Yun hill, many of our highly skilled fighters were either dead or injured and there was a widespread panic. When these five people barged in and attacked, we thought for a moment that the Good Faction forces had already arrived and we lost our will to fight. But we did not imagine that there were only five people”

He paused a while and continued, “Among these five people, I had only met Wan Jian Yi which was why I did not recognise the other four. When they attacked Holy Hall, five of them went separate ways instead and each came in from different direction. At that time, we were unprepared and in a state of agitated confusion. Once we heard cries of attack coming from all directions, we just lost our minds. If we were to receive the attacks calmly and waited until the situation settled down, we would have won without question. A pity, ‘Ai’! Too bad they had someone like Wan Jian Yi…”

Ghost King frowned and said, “What about this person?” Qing Long briefly closed his eyes and was silent for a moment. He heaved a long sigh, shaked his head and said, “That person was a man of rare talent and outstanding ability. One that I rarely seen in my whole life. After the event, we discussed among ourselves and felt that even though the skills of the other four were good but compared to Wan Jian Yi, there was so much difference. It can be said that if they did not have him, these Qing Yun Sect guys absolutely would not be able to invade into our Wildlands, not to say our Holy Hall”

Looking at Qing Long’s expression, there was a look of wistfulness..it was as if he was reliving the memories, “That time, the four of them attacked from the sides, front and rear but we only concentrated our forces at Holy Hall main door. While we were hesitating and panic-stricken, Wan Jian Yi wielded his sword and carried on the attack alone”

Ghost King frowned and said, “Only him?”

Qing  Long  sighed  and  said,  “Yes,  only  him  alone.  I  still remembered his clothes were as white as snow, his sword were jade green like water….Ah! That’s right, it was that Dragon Slayer Sword! I almost could not recognise it after not seeing it for a hundred years” Ghost King was shocked. He looked at the direction of Qing Long’s left finger but it was pointing at the one who was still fighting in the battlefield, the jade green like autumn waters colored sword in Lin JingYu’s hand, the Dragon Slayer Sword.

“So that Dragon Slayer Sword was the one held by Wan Jian Yi orginally?”

Qing Long nodded and said, “That’s right, it was in his hand. At that time, I loudly questioned him but he only laughed incessantly and charged into the crowd. He was attacking like an unhindered and irresistible force. “Zeze, Zeze”  Ai! He was really a hero!”

*Tongue clicking sound
Ghost King looked on admiringly and nodded his head saying, “That person was really unbelievable and extremely audacious. What happened next?”

Qing Long said, “We were all taken aback and angry but were worried that beside him, there might be other Good Faction skilled fighters attacking in any moment. We were even more alarmed when the battle roars behind the Holy Temple were getting nearer. In a state of panic, he managed to enter the Main Hall where we worshiped our Wisdom Queen and Wisdom King.

Ghost King’s usually expressionless face suddenly turned pale. He asked hoarsely, “What?”

Qing Long laughed bitterly and said, “Even you have such a reaction. You could have imagined how infuriated we felt at that time. We did not care whether there were still any highly skilled fighters coming in, all of us were like madman and rushed towards him. Whatever magical weapons we had, we used. In a short while, his white dress was stained with blood. However, he did not even turn back and continued to charge into the Holy Temple. He swiftly flew up onto the altar where we placed our offerings for our Wisdom King and Queen idols. In-between the two idols, he physically engraved three big words into the white wall, [Wan Jian Yi]!

Ghost King was speechless.

Qing Long suddenly said, “You know that Scarlet Bird had always veiled her face, right?” Ghost King was surprised and said, “Yes, what happened?”

Qing Long said, “Among us, she was the only female but was also the most devoted one towards our two sacred idols. On that day, she was the first to attack without any hesitation. She sneaked an attack in the split seconds that Wan Jian Yi took to crave the wordings and slashed her sword. And that slash actually chopped off Wan Jian Yi’s left arm”

Ghost King was again shocked.

Qing Long heaved a sigh and said, “It gave you a shock too right! We were stunned too. It was because when Wan Jian Yi charged in, his mighty aura was overpowering. We never imagined that he would take on all of us alone and even how mighty he would be, he would eventually be spent, like an arrow at the end of its flight. But his countenance did not change and only his face looked pale even though his left arm was chopped off and blood was spurting like a fountain. Instead, he turned and went to Scarlet Bird, stretched out his hand and lifted off her veil. He looked at her, laughed and said, “A stunning beauty as expected!”. Saying which, he rode and steered his Dragon Slayer Sword and fought his way out again…” Ghost King shaked his head and said, “He was still able to fight his way out even like that?”

Qing  Long  sighed  and  said,  “Firstly,  he  was  much  too dauntless. His blood was all over the Holy Temple and despite losing his arm, his sword aura force seemed to surpass what we felt previously. Secondly, his other four Qing Yun Sect teammates started a fire in the Holy Temple. Thick black smoke billowed everywhere. We were worried that there might be more Good Faction enemies and we were also anxious to put out the fire. Unexpectedly in that panic state of mind, we let him escaped”

Ghost King heaved a long sigh and said, “Couldn’t imagine that within the Good Faction, there was still such a hero!”

Qing Long cooly said, “It was a pity even though he was a hero without a doubt, unparalleled in this world but he did not have a good ending. After we confirmed that there were actually only 5 member team from Qing Yun Sect that attacked us on that day, we were really incensed. But I could also see that despite the fact that those guys from Thousand Poison Clan and Longevity Hall were cursing fiercely but in their heart, all were in awe of Wan Jian Yi. Especially that junior sister of mine, Scarlet Bird….Ai!”

He seemed to have thought of something and did not continue his statement. Instead, he changed the topic and said, ”At that time, we all felt that among the Qing Yun Sect, he would definitely be the one to take over as the chief head of the sect. However, not long after the incident, we heard that it was his senior brother, Dao Xuan, who took over. And from that time onwards, we never heard anything more about this man with astonishing talents. It was only today then I know that he had actually passed away.”

He heaved a sigh after he finished, showing great regret over the matter.

Ghost King gave a smile and said, “That’s right. It was a pity that I could not have a showdown with this hero, it was really a regret of a lifetime”

Qing Long looked up, glance at mid-air and suddenly gave a sarcastic laugh and said, “Elder Duanmu and Bai DuZi these fellows escaped into Wildlands after losing at Qing Yin Hill. Eventually, they met Wan Jian Yi five-member team before reaching Holy Temple and fled after getting a beating. They did not even dare to return to Holy Temple. Now they dared to boldly ask for Wan Jian Yi. They were really shameless!”

Ghost  King  smiled  lightly  and  said,  “They  were  only Thousand Poison Clan that old freak’s lackeys. Long brother, why do you bother to get angry over them!”

Qing Long stretched his hand, lightly flicked his white dress and lightly said, “It was an unimaginable big insult when Wan Jian Yi encroached our Holy Temple. I painstakingly practised for a hundred years and also took great risk to find the Universe Pure Light Ring, only to prepare for that very one day where I could fight with him again. When I heard that he had passed away today, I only felt disappointment and regret. But I never expected these people to say shameless words like digging out his body from his grave. I felt ashamed to be associated with them!”

Ghost King shaked his head and smiled gently. He looked up to watch the battles but could only see that the flashes of lights in the mid air were getting intense and he almost could not make out those four people silhouette. And the dark clouds in the sky were as if being lighted up even more from the magical weapons’ lights.

Silence across the firmament, only in the distance vast sea, that series of long whistling sounds, gradually becoming mournful.

Ghost King suddenly frowned, turned and said to Qing Long, “Did you feel that, something strange was going on tonight?”

Qing Long looked up, remained silent for a moment, his countenance suddenly changed and said, “You mean…”

Ghost King nodded, said, “The legend stated that every time the strange beast was born, Heaven and Earth would surely change, accompanied with big storms. Therefore, in the ancient scroll, [Divine and Evil The strange], it was recorded that Thunder God mounted that beast”

Qing Long’s expression gradually turned solemn. He frowned and said, “Why was it such a untimely coincidence, tonight would be the night?” Ghost King pondered for a while and said, “It had been a few days since I arrived at this LiuBo Hill, but during the past few days at dusk, there had not been any such strange whistling sounds like tonight, I was only afraid if the Kui Niu was really coming out tonight, it seemed like we would have to do some early preparation”

Qing Long slowly nodded his head, said, ”That’s right. After all, Kui Niu matter would be more important, let us leave this place to Thousand Poison Clan people. Heihei , once we subdued Kui Niu, with another three supernatural beasts, our…”

Ghost King suddenly gave a cough, Qing Long was startled and immediately laughed in spite of himself while shaking his head and said, “The hundred years of bitter training, turned one into an idiot, keke, ZongZhu please don’t mind!”

Ghost King faintly smiled, turned and left, without another glance at the people fighting intensely in the battlefield.

Qing Long glanced at a distance, but from afar, he saw that the Good Faction disciples were leaving one after another, gradually fading into the forest, figures disappearing. Involuntarily his thoughts were again vaguely stirred up, he heaved a sigh, and turned to follow Ghost King.

Silent darkness, but countless ferocious eyes seemed to be watching menacingly, like a tiger eyeing its prey. When the crowd ran, a wail of misery was heard from somewhere, from far it drifted out, reverberated in the depths of the forest and accompanied the mysteriously long whistling sound in the distant vast sea.

That night, seemed especially forlorn!

Zhang Xiao Fan and Ling TianEr, Song Daren, He DaZhi and Du BiShu, a total of five people, drove their magical weapons and hastily flew forward into the forest.

Actually, with their current skill levels, directing their weapons to drive up in the sky would naturally be much faster, but just as they broke through the Evil Faction disciples’ encirclement and were about to take off, they noticed some distance away, a few juniors followed suit and flew up. Suddenly a few ominous lights shined through the dense forest below their feet, and literally beat them down.

Those wails of misery, it seemed they would not be able to make it alive.

Everyone’s countenance changed. The lush foliage forest before them, in addition the late night, and the numerous Evil Faction disciples surrounding them, if they were to be discovered while flying out, they would practically became live targets.

Song Daren as the eldest disciple, had seen more compared to the rest of his junior sister and brothers, made the decision on the spot and decided to fly rapidly in-between the forest. Although the forest was dark and hard to spot the Evil faction disciples, but the other party would not be able to take a good look at oneself too. As long as they kept going east, once out of the forest, they would leave the Evil Faction encirclement and be much safer.

Once the decision was made, the five of them flew off with all of their might towards east. Song Daren took the lead, Zhang Xiao Fan was the last. Everyone had their concentration on driving their weapons, flying back and forth in the middle of the forest.

At that moment, although Zhang Xiao Fan’s chest was still throbbing with pain, but the wound sustained from the fight with Blood Sucking Demon was not as serious as he had thought. And from the firestick that was tied to his right arm, it radiated warm Yang energy to him from time to time, circulating slowly in his body, and seemed to have special control over Blood Sucking Demon’s strange blood-sucking art skill.

But although that firestick stealthily controlled the evil power from the blood-sucking art skill, but at that moment when Zhang Xiao Fan was using his firestick to fly forward, a strange cold feeling passed on from the firestick and yet had some conflict with the Inferno Mirror. In his body, the two strange energy currents repelled once they encountered each other. However, since the Inferno Mirror was not energized by Zhang Xiao Fan’s spiritual energy, very soon it was oppressed by the cold energy from the firestick. Zhang Xiao Fan was concentrating all his energy on following his seniors brothers’ and sister’s flight paths, and naturally would not noticed these minor changes in his body. He only kept looking up while he was flying, but saw that dark clouds beyond the horizon, churning like boiling water, waves of light rays, lighting up the nine heavens directly, turned half of the horizon red.

Over there, obviously would be the battleground between his teacher, Tian BuYi, and ShiBo, Taoist Cang Song, with the Evil Faction demons, he wondered if the elders would be alright?

Thinking about that, Zhang Xiao Fan immediately shaked his head, musing that since his teacher’s skills were that powerful, naturally he would not have any mishap and he was probably worrying too much. After laughing at himself for having too much concerns, he bestirred himself, increased his speed so that he could follow well behind his Senior brothers and sister.

The darkness in front of them was like a boundless net, with long and unseen boundaries. The five of them gradually became far from the noisy fights, immersing into the darkness, even the surroundings were also gradually quieting down. In the night, there seemed to be only darkness in front of them, the approaching sea surface, that mysterious mournful long whistling sound, distinctly became clearer, distinctly became nearer.

夔⽜: Kui Niu - An old name for a wild ox or yak. It was also described in Baike as an legendary animal that sounded like thunder, one legged and it’s image was seen on bronze during Shang and Western Zhou Dynasty. It appears that Kui Niu and most of the other divine animals or demonic
beasts that follows in later chapters are drawn mainly from the ⼭海经, (Shan Hai Jing), Classics of Mountains and SeasKui Niu and most of the other divine animals or demonic beasts that follows in later chapters are drawn mainly from the ⼭海经, (Shan Hai Jing), Classics of Mountains and Seas.
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