Zhu Xian Chapter 51-60

Chapter 51: Inferno Mirror

At far away, in the darkness of the woods, Tanis Ka and Tonni stealthly hid behind a large tree, watching the people in the scene.

Tonni frowned and whispered: "Grandpa, you do not escape, instead, why you come back to this dangerous place and see the show?"

Tanis Ka's eyes were still looking at the scene, whispered: "I have already heard there are most likely treasure in devil's cave. But I can't do anything about it in the past, now since so many people help open the path for us, why don't come here and have a look, maybe we can get something good."

Tonni's pink face said unpatiently: "What if we can't get something good but run into a monster?"

Tanis Ka turned around chuckled: "Does matter, your grandpa has the founder, Master Jadeon's secret art of Earth Sinking, Water Sinking, Mile Shrink matchless mystic art, definitely not going to have a problem " Tonni said quietly: "Boo, they are clearly use for escaping if the scamming fail, you call those matchless mystic art!"

Tanis Ka did not notice what his grand daughter said, he was still speaking proudly: "Didn't you read grandpa's fortunate before? You said grandpa's plump forhead, money mark between the eyebrows, thick wealth line, they are symbol of great fortunate. Ho ho, tonight it will becomes true. Tonni, grandpa is very confident with your divination skill!"

Tonni: " "

"Eh?" Tanis Ka was surprised as he turned and looked at the scene. At this moment, Shaw Danon was charging at the gentle lady with his fire stick glowing with black light.

"Pure Essence! This boy is a Jadeon."

"What?" Tonni immediately felt interested and also looked at the scene. Both sides battle restlessly with the loud sound of demons screaming. She asked Tanis Ka: "So he had the same ancestor as us, is he strong?" Tanis Ka was watching concentratedly, the greedy smile was gone. His face was calm, eyebrows were frowned, he said: "This boy's age is not old, but his power seem already reach 'Yu Qing Realm''s level five, that's odd?"

Tonni glanced at Tanis Ka. Though other people may not know, she knew Tanis Ka is greedy for money, but with his experience, his knowledge is unmatchable. She said: "Didn't notice he is such talent."

Tanis Ka silent for a moment then shook his head, said: "I think this boy's potential isn't bad, but at most above average, definitely not a genius like Master Jade Leaf. From basic reason, with his potential, he shouldn't able to advance that fast in cultivation!"

Tonni was stunned, couldn't say anything but to continue watching the scene.

Onara was shouting angrily on the ground with gold light shining, scaring off the monsters. Shaw Danon rose in the air, charged at the lovely lady with his fire stick glowing green and black light. The lady looked at him with her watery eyes. She shoot out her white sleeve and blocked the fire stick. They were charging at each other, just an instant, they became very close.

Shaw Danon was surprised. That lady's extremely lovely face was only a foot away from him. Faint fragrance came to him. And the soul touching eyes in the night were as beautiful as agate emerald, reflecting his figure. His heart couldn't help but moved.

"What, did you see, in the well?" Even at this crucial moment, that lady's voice was still gentle and lovely, softly entered his ears.

Shaw Danon's mind was almost taken, but suddenly a gold light flashed on his face and calmed him.

Three-tails fox spirit frowned. Shaw Danon shouted and flew several yards backward, landed next to Onara on the ground.

Onara glanced at him, said with a bit of worry: "This devil's hexing curse is quite strong, be careful." Shaw Danon's heart was still beating rapidly. He nodded. They looked at the sky, seeing the three-tails fox spirit was still standing in mid-air, her dress fluttered among the wind like a matchless beauty from a painting.

At far, Tanis Ka frowned, surprised said: "This boy's mental stablility is very strong! He can maintain his consciousness under three-tails fox spirit's five hundreds years practice of hexing curse!"

Tonni curled her lips: "So what, don't you see that big guy also the same?"

Tanis Ka said: "What do you know. That big guy's cultivation is related to Fuwa, and Fuwa is all about nirvana, they naturally have resistance to those enchanting hex curse.

"But Jadeon is Dagos, they are much weaker in this field. With this boy's cultivation, he can have such stability, really rare!" "Really?" Tonni thought for a moment, then turned back to the scene.

Three-tails fox spirit slowly landed from the air. Though her face was still smiling, her eyes were getting heavier. From the fierce battle she just had with them, she could see that they were not old, but their cultivation was also not low. And that big guy was from seemed came from a Fuwa branch, it was quite a pain.

Another young man's mind was unexpectedly stable. Even her most useful hexing curse was not having much use here.

Bilu was standing at the side, about to make a move. But seeing Shaw Danon had recovered, she stopped and watched them coldly.

The cold moonlight passed through the leaves and fell on that gentle lady's lonely figure.

With a bit of sorrow. She lowered her head, her long eyelashes were like covering her vulnerable heart, but also like they were listening to the sound of the forest of dark night. She said softly: "I did nothing to you, why you want to kill me?"

Onara stepped forth like a fierce tiger, shouted: "Devil, you harmed the people, causing unrest for Laguna Collective, aren't you suppose to die?"

She raised up her eyes, looked at them. Wind, softly came by, blew the edge of her clothes.

"You kill me, because I am a devil?" She looked at Shaw Danon, deeply: "What about you! What is your reason?"

Shaw Danon said without thinking: "You did many evil deeds. I am in the path of good, I shall get rid of harm from the people without hesitation!"

Three-tails fox spirit silent for a while, then she suddenly smiled lightly: "Young man, how old are you?" Shaw Danon startled, frowned: "Why do you ask?"

She held up her hand, combing the black hair on her temples with her finger.

"Those words, are told by your righteous master! The devils like us are often harmful to the people, we must be removed, right?"

Shaw Danon frowned, that was exactly what his master's teaching is about. Three-tails fox spirit continued: "But what if I say, those words are wrong. What will you think?"

Shaw Danon snorted, was about to make a move. But at that instant, the coversation between him and Wan Ren Wang flashed in his mind. He was like shocked by lighting.

Is it the thing I know must be right?

What is the true law, what is the true justice? "Careful!" Suddenly, Onara shouted. The sound of evil wind rose suddenly.

Three-tails fox spirit suddenly dashed at Shaw Danon when he was lost in thought. Her hand formed into claws. Onara roared, was about to make a move, but at that important moment, countless of demon's eyes sparkled in the darkness. The monsters attacked him, he couldn't spare anytime to worry about Shaw Danon.

Three-tails fox spirit realized Shaw Danon was the weakest among them, she decided to use the monsters to hold Onara while herself use her full strength to finish the other one.

The sharp claws was about to arrive at that boy, even from far away, they could hear a cry. But Shaw Danon raised his head, his eyes met with three-tails fox spirit's. Before she could think of anything, a black stick shining with green light appeared between Shaw Danon and herself.

At the next moment, her sharp claws hit on that stick. No one was able to describe such feeling. There was no earth shocking bang like they had expected. At that seemly frozen moment, that woman floated in mid-air, her claw like fingers grabbed that black fire stick.

Her snow white skin suddenly lost all its color, so pale that it was even transparent.

Before her, it was like a bottemless swirl of demon, circling under the color of the night, about to swallow her with a hideous smile.

She screamed mournfully to the sky, then charged up into the air, turned into a white figure and finally escaped from the demon like green glow. She landed at far.

Then, she quickly turned around with a surprise, fierce look, glared at that young man, and the fire stick that was circling in mid-air.

From a distant, Tonni gasped in. whispered: "Very powerful esper, what is this! Grandpa?" She asked twice, realized Tanis Ka did not answer. She turned to him, seeing Tanis Ka's eyebrows were frowned tightly, also surprised.

Tonni was surprised, pulled Tanis Ka, said: "Grandpa, what is up to you?"

Tanis Ka shivered, woke up from what just happened, his face was still shocked. He murmured: "Who is this boy, how come Jadeon will have such weird disciple?"

Tonni glanced at him, said: "What?"

Tanis Ka looked at the scene, said: "That boy's esper is very strange. When he summoned it, the evil energy is stronger than three-tails fox spirit's devil energy. Such evil item, how "

Tonni's mouth dropped, turned to the scene, suddenly she caught something with the corner of her eye. She whispered to Tanis Ka: "Grandpa, look at that woman." Tanis Ka startled, follow where Tonni was pointing at, he saw the watery green dress woman Bilu, silently standing at the side. Onara was in a heated battle with the monsters, but Bilu did not bother to look at him, her eyes were fixed on Shaw Danon.

Especially when Shaw Danon summoned the fire stick, her look was awkward, it was like glad, and also like worry, and seem like there is hesitation, too. It was hard to tell is it good or bad.

Tanis Ka said after few glance: "That woman like that fire stick, what are you yatou looking at!"

Tonni was curious: "What fire stick?"

Tanis Ka said: "That boy."

Tonni was not convinced: "Weird, why she like that boy, and I can't look at it?" Tanis Ka glared at her, was about to teach this disobedient, premature granddaughter a lesson. But then he heard something happened, he quickly turned back to the scene and ignored Tonni.

In the scene, Shaw Danon saw the fox spirit flinched, such opportunality can not let go. He advanced with his fire stick. Three-tails fox spirit frowned, her face was getting more pale.

Seeing Shaw Danon charging to her, the color of the night got heavier, the wind got faster, and on that lady's gentle face, the two light eyebrows locked together. She shouted softly, her white jade like fingers formed like a knife, slice down in air.


The sudden scream was like needle pierce into everyone's eardrum.

Countless of ghostly light came out from the dark black forest. Behind the woman, tides of wave of countless monster with hideous look rushed at Shaw Danon, screaming. In a blink of an eye, Shaw Danon was almost overwhelmed by those monsters.

Everyone were terrified, but at the next moment, Shaw Danon broke through the black crowd of monsters with his fire stick. When the fire stick's green light passed by, none of the monsters were willing to go forth with the exception of the larger size, stronger one still may resistance.

With this, everyone was more surprised. Shaw Danon was casting with his full strength, his heart said bitterly: this "Death Wand" was forged with burning spirit and soul, base on the reaction the monsters has, what Wan Ren Wang said is mostly right.

Three-tails fox spirit saw countless of monsters couldn't stop Shaw Danon, her face became more pale. At this moment, Onara roared in the solemn golden light shined. Like a demon taming vajra, his eyes wide open, he rose into the air, and stabbed the ground again with his Shatterer staff.

"Bang", golden light shot at all direction. This time the ground corrupt range was wider, reach almost three yards, the demon destroying gold light that shot out was brighter, like lighting and thunder.

In the whine of the monsters, many that were surrounding Onara had vanished, the most of the remaining were scared away.

Onara landed on the ground. Once his large body landed, he was taking heavy breath, clearly using such power art consume a lot of his energy. His body was strong after all, he soon recovered. Though he was still a bit out of breath, he immediately dashed to Shaw Danon's direction after a glance.

Three-tails fox spirit caught Onara was charging at her with her eyes, while Shaw Danon was not far away, she stamped on the ground, wanted to withdraw into the darkness behind her.

Expectedly, white light flashed in the darkness, suddenly a white wave of flying flowers flew out, fiercely pierce through the air. Three-tails fox spirit was surprised and held her step. It was the young woman in watery green dress who was standing on the side, now she had interupted the withdraw route. The snow like flying flower gradually contract, circling around her. Under the cool color of the moon, it formed into a pretty little flower, held between her fingers.

Footstep came from behind. Three-tails fox spirit turned around and found Shaw Danon and Onara had arrived. They formed a triangle, surrounded her in the center.

The little monsters were gone, leaving her alone. With loneliness, she silently stood and surrounded by the human beings.

She slightly opened her mouth, with a little regret, but she did not say anything. Even now, the gentle beauty on her lovely face had never faded

She looked at Bilu, then at Onara, and finally, her eyes, as gentle as water, landed on Shaw Danon's face.

Shaw Danon prepared. She did not make a move, instead, she softly asked again: "Young man, what you just saw in the well, can you tell me?"

Everybody startled. They had no idea why that devil was so interested at what Shaw Danon saw in the well. Shaw Danon hadn't speak, Onara already shouted: "Brother Zhang, don't fall into her trap!"

Shaw Danon nodded and agreed, remain silent. He raised his hand, ready to charge.

Three-tails fox spirit looked at him, sighed softly.

Shaw Danon was suddenly puzzled.

Water like moonlight softly shone.

That lady lowered her head. Her thin eyelashes covered her lovely eyes. The water like glance waved.

Then, she lifted her head, putted her hand into her clothes, slowly took an item out.

Everyone stared at it.

It was an item with half a palm size. Round shape. Outside was surrounded by clear, green jade ring, it was not a common item. The the center of the jade ring, it was a small mirror like, red thin slice thing, carved with strange fire totem at the center.

The jade ring took most of the space of that item. At both sides of the jade ring, each had a red sling tied to the ring.

Tanis Ka was stunned, truly stunned. Tonni could feel it. Her grandpa had never been like this before, stood there like a wood. She was a little feared and pulled Tanis Ka's sleeve, said: "Grandpa, what happened to you?"

"How can this be, how can this be?" Tanis Ka watched the scene blankly, stared at the strange esper that was in three-tails fox spirit's hand, his voice was like moan: "This is clearly 'Incense Valley''s most important treasure -- 'Inferno Mirror'! The most Yang and righteous item of the world, and the divine weapon that Incense Valley used to battle against the devils for thousands years. How, how can this be in the hand of that fox spirit?"

Tonni startled, couldn't help but took at glance at the Inferno Mirrior, said: "This that esper really that powerful?"

Tanis Ka letted out a long sigh, mumbled: "The world really changed. A righteous disciple using an eser with extremely strong evil energy; it is a divine tool in the hand of the devil!"

"Boo, I thought you were exclaimed for something interesting!" Tonni said with contempt. Tanis Ka said angily: "What did you say?"

Tonni said: "Such outdated words, you still able to say it out without blush. What era is it now, still care about good and evil different!"

Tanis Ka's tongue was tied, couldn't say anything.

Yatou - A disrespectful word to call a girl in some situation. Mostly used by old people to call young girl. It can also stand for female servent or slave.

Chapter 52: Dark Drake Cave

They frowned. The bewitching lady took out a strange esper when she was surrounded, she was probably going to have a fight to the death. Everyone remained causious, except for Onara, who shouted and charged forward with his Shatterer staff.

Before Shaw Danon got a chance to tell him "careful", three- tails fox spirit's gentle eyes glanced at Onara, and slowly lifted the jade ring with both red slings, putted it in front of her.

The jade ring slightly turning, reflecting her face.

The cold moonlight shone on Inferno Mirror. The ancient fire totem was like alive once again. It was lifelike as it was actually burning.

Onara rose into the air with his Shatterer staff, shouted: "Devil, die!" And at that moment, the center of the Inferno Mirror, where the fire totem was located, had turned instead into clear, bright, crimson red from its original dark red. Just in a blink of an eye, the fire totem had lighted up by the divine fire.

The fire totem had became a burning flame.

With the bewitching lady as the center, a invisible heat fiercely spread to all direction. Except for the ground where she was standing on, all plants within three yards turned brown. However, there was no spark or fire.

Shaw Danon and Bilu were terrified. They could have never expected three-tails fox spirit to have such powerful esper. Onara, who was at mid-air, also saw what happened. Although he was surprised by the power of the esper, but he was not fear. His right hand grabed the gold light shining Shatterer staff into his hand. He spinned, caused a whistle, and hit right toward three-tails fox spirit's head.

While the staff itself was still in the air, the dust already stirred up on the ground. Three-tails fox spirit's vulnerable body seemed like it was about to be blew away by the fierce wind. But she smiled coldly, her fingers from both hands hooked on the red slings, aimmed at Onara.

The burning Inferno Mirror reflected in her eyes like a pair of raging flame.


In the large bang, a fire dragon shot out fiercely from the totem at the center of the Inferno Mirror, shocking the sky with its truculence. The entire body was covered with flared with flame, brightened the forest like day.

Onara was surprised. The fire dragon enlarged rapidly. It was only just a flame when it came out from the Inferno, but now the dragon's head was already two men large. Especially the heat that came out, strong enough to cause one to doubt is it a forge.

Shaw Danon could see from down there that Onara, under the force of the large fire dragon, his hair from the temples had began turning yellow before they were even in combat. It was imaginable what situation Onara was facing.

But Onara was surprised but not cower. Under the enchantment of his power, the golden light of Shatterer staff became brighter, striked at the dragon's head.

The fire dragon roared in the air, the pair of large eyes shot out two raging flame. It opened its jaw, grabbed the large spike club.

The gold and crimson glow quickly spread out from the center, along with it was thunder like bang. Onara could feel the Shatterer staff in his hand was so hot that he could no longer hold it. Under the surprisement, he used all his strength and pulled out the Shatterer staff from the dragon's mouth.

The fire dragon danced in the sky, roared and opened its jaw, shot out a giant pillar of fire at Onara.

Onara roared, both of his hands held incanation mark, placed the Shatterer staff before him, raised up a wall of golden light and blocked the pillar of fire, but his body was being pushed back by the mighty force.

Shaw Danon saw Onara was in disadvantage and in danger, he quickly and quietly raised up the fire stick, shot at the fire dragon. But the fire dragon did not require to see in order to notice it. It turned its head, opened its jaw, another pillar of fire came out.

Shaw Danon was unprepared, there was no place to avoid the wave of blaze. He gritted his teeth, kept the magic channeled. The fire stick lighted up with green glow, blocked the pillar of flame.

At this moment, three-tails fox spirit letted out a long laugh. She rose into the air and dashed toward the two with the Inferno Mirror shining brightly in her hand. Shaw Danon and Onara were battling against the fire dragon, they were both surprised. Even Bilu, who was standing behind the three-tails fox spirit, was also quite surprised. Under the urgent situation, she shouted, rose into the air. Her fingers of her right hand twisted. Heartending Flower turned into countless petals, filled in the sky, and striked at three-tails fox spirit from behind. At the place where no one could see it, Bilu's left hand quietly placed at her waist, held the little golden bell in her hand.

Three-tails fox spirit seemed knew the power of Heartending Flower. She dodged and did not face it directly. And Bilu did not give chase, she dashed to Shaw Danon, stood next to him in mid-air.

Shaw Danon raised his head, glanced at her. And Bilu's eyes were also turned to him.

Shaw Danon, for some reason, turned his head away immediately.

Fire dragon was still showing off in the sky. However, without hesitation, after Bilu had attacked her, three-tails fox spirit waved her hand, called back Inferno Mirror, then, she turned into white light and disappeared into the dark forest.

Three of them couldn't help but startled. ※※※

At far, Tanis Ka letted out a long sigh: "Good, good. It is appear that the three-tails fox spirit's cultivation isn't enough, can not unlash the power of Inferno Mirror, but only to scare those young lads. With the true power of Inferno Mirror, those people are in danger."

Tonni said unhappily: "How do you know her cultivation isn't enough? I see that she is not in disadvantage even it is one against three."

Tanis Ka glared at her, said: "What do you know. Inferno Mirror is an item of ancient deity, very powerful. Legend said at its most powerful stage, it can summon Wasteland Dragon, burn down everything of the world. It is going to turn those arrogent young people into nothingness, not even ashes."

Tonni snorted, ignored him, turned her head back to the scene. She suddenly frowned, said: "Grandpa, it's look like they are going to give chase." Tanis Ka was surprised, he quickly turned around and found Shaw Danon and others went deeper into the forest, where three-tails fox spirit disappeared, after they had a discussion. Onara went first. Shaw Danon took a few steps and discovered Bilu did not move. He turned around facing Bilu, was about to say something, but he stopped. His face was a little red.

Bilu smiled, quietly scolded him, then moved. Shaw Danon startled, then shook his head and followed.

Tanis Ka was stunned, stamped his foot, said: "Those young lads, really don't know about death. That three-tails fox spirit has Inferno Mirror in her hand, and yet they still have the courage to chase."

Tonni bit on her lollipop (she has never threw it away), said calmly: "Didn't you senior just say something about three-tails fox spirit's cultivation isn't enough to unlash the full power of Inferno Mirror. If so, it is just like she does not have Inferno Mirror. What will those young lads fear?"

Tanis Ka was muted, like choked and couldn't say anything. After a while, he recalled something, quickly said: "Hurry, we need to go, too!"

This time it was Tonni who was surprised: "Go? Where?"

Tanis Ka walked in quick pace, said: "Of' course it is to slay the devil."

Tonni followed him with a cold smile on her face, said: "In the past, you ran into so many large devils, small devils, not large and not small devils, why I could only see you run, never saw you actually slay them?"

Tanis Ka blushed, said: "We wanderers' most important thing is the knowing our own limitation eh?"

His words was not finished when he stopped walking. His attention was drawn but something else. Follow his direction, Tonni found Tanis Ka was looking at a peaceful, motionless thing -- the ancient well. At this moment, Shaw Danon and others were already disappeared into the darkness. The countless number of monsters were also gone. There were only Tanis Ka and Tonni left in the forest. The cold moonlight shone on the ancient well, shining the moss and scars, with sadness and loneliness.

Tanis Ka took a deep breath, walked to it. Tonni followed behind him. She was a little nervous, said: "Grandpa, what do you want to do?"

Tanis Ka frowned, said: "I have to see what is special about the well. Why three-tails fox spirit always asking that boy about what did he see?"

Tonni stopped at about three steps away from the well. Her heart was a little scared. The surrounding was dead silent, but she could feel there was wind in the darkness and countless of eyes that were watching her from the dark.

Tanis Ka arrived next to the well. He raised his head, looked around and found nothing strange, he was about to look down into the well. Tonni suddenly nervously said: "Grandpa, careful!" Tanis Ka glanced at her, smiled: "There won't be anything happen." Then, he looked down, looked into the well.

Tonni stared at his face. A surprised expression shown on Tanis Ka's nervous and solemn face, then turned into happiness, but then transformed into puzzle. He lifted his head, pondering.

Tonni stepped forth, whispered: "Grandpa, what did you see?"

Tanis Ka frowned: "I saw enormous piles of gold."

Tonni: " "

Tanis Ka talked to himself: "The reflection of the well's water is not a human's figure, weird "

"Ah!" Suddenly, Tonni screamed. Tanis Ka was surprised, quickly turned to her. Tonni was also looking down at the well. She lifted her head.

Tanis Ka was stunned for a moment, then asked: "What did you see?"

Tonni shrugged, said: "Enormous piles of lollipop."

Tanis Ka fell on the ground.

After a while, as they were walking deeper into the forest, Tanis Ka whispered to Tonni: "I kept thinking. This well is probably the legendary 'Lunar Well". At full moon, if someone look down there, they will see their most beloved person or thing. But I still can't understand why three-tails fox spirit kept asking that boy about what he saw in the well? But now, I really want to know what did he saw "

※※※ The forest did not seem to be large from the outside, but when Shaw Danon and others were in there, under the vast color of the night, there was an illusion of endlessness. The three summoned their own espers, traveled in the darkness, closely chasing the white light before them. It was the trace of three-tails fox spirit's escape.

But expectedly the white light suddenly vanished into thin air. With their esper, Shaw Danon and others arrived at where the white light vanished. The woods were heavy, at the opening of the forest, there was a small hill. At the side of the hill, there was a cave entrance. The rocks around the cave were all black.

It was the Dark Drake Cave no doubt.

The three stood before the entrance. They looked at each others then turned to the cave. The entrance was not large, and it was completely black inside, giving them a feeling of endlessness. Burst of chill wind blew out from the cave, hit on their bodies with piercing bite. Bilu frowned, said: "This cave contains unpredictable danger, and the esper in that fox spirit's hand is extremely powerful. Maybe we should not take the risk."

Shaw Danon glanced at her, before he said anything, Onara already spoke loudly: "Brother Zhang, we need to finish this. If we give up that easily here today, that fox spirit will return later, causing more disaster."

Shaw Danon immediately nodded: "Brother Shi is right, let us go in."

Bilu was angered, but Shaw Danon turned around, whispered heartily: "It is really dangerous inside there. Brother Shi and I are the side of Good, it is our duty. You-you-" He paused, then turned away, but the voice still came out: "Your safety is important, don't put yourself at risk."

Although Bilu could not see Shaw Danon's face, she could hear the care came out from his true heart. A sweet feeling came to her heart, but she still said coldly: "I can go in if I want to, what can you do about it?" Shaw Danon startled, couldn't say anything.

Onara saw the two's weird expression, he shook his head, said: "Brother Zhang, let us go in."

Shaw Danon answered, couldn't help but peered at Bilu again. Bilu snorted, then moved before them and entered the Dark Drake Cave. Shaw Danon was surprised, and quickly followed her. The wind screamed next to his ears. Onara must be following him.

In the darkness, the Heartending Flower in Bilu's hand slowly brightened up. The soft white light covered the place five feet around her. The wall was filled with weird stones that were dark as ink, hard as steel, very cold.

The Dark Drake Cave was very much like the Cave of Fangs in Kongsang Mountain. The path lead straight down to the underground, and the slope was steeper than Cave of Fangs. Maybe it is because the villager's digging, or it is naturally like that. The three of them walked for a while and they were already deep under the ground, but there was no sound, not a sign of living, unlike in the Cave of Fangs where countless of terrifing vampire live. As Shaw Danon was walking, his heart went back to the memories when he was in the Cave of Fang, and remembered the days when he and Bilu were trapped inside Blooddrop Cave under Forsaken Abyss.

Then at this moment, Bilu suddenly stopped, letted out a soft cry. Shaw Danon thought it was something dangerous ahead. He quickly rushed to Bilu's side. Bilu startled, turned her eyes to him.

There was no more path.

A cliff laid before them. The cliff was pitch black. But looking at it from far, it appeared there were several ghost fire like objects sparkled in the deep darkness. Shaw Danon was shocked, and at that instant he thought he went back to Forsaken Abyss.

But this place was far from Forsaken Abyss. Just the size alone it was much smaller than Forsaken Abyss. Shaw Danon frowned, turned his head to Onara. Onara walked to the edge, took a glance, pondered for a moment then said: "Brother Zhang, seem like we need to go down there."

Shaw Danon nodded: "Brother Shi, you need to be careful."

Onara's face was solemn, said: "You too." Then he pointed his finger. The golden Shatterer staff rose in front of him. He jumped on it, took a deep breath, then slowly decend.

Shaw Danon turned around, looked at Bilu, but this time he didn't say anything (Probably it will be end up like last time if he speak). He summoned fire stick and followed Onara.

Bilu stood behind him, suddenly smile; the smile was filled with joy.

The gold, green and white light slowly decend from the cliff. Around them was still the black rocks. There was no sound still. The only thing unusal is that the further they decend, the temperature seem rising. Just like that, they decend for some distant. With the light from the three espers, Shaw Danon could begin to see their surrounding. There was no path at the other side of the cliff but strange dead wall. From the place where they were standing, it seemed like it was an ancient well that got enlarged thousands times. It kept decending.

Suddenly, Onara said in hurry: "Careful."

Shaw Danon and Bilu were surprised, immediately on guard. There was a small hole on the wall. A pair of glowing eyes were watching them from the hole.

Onara gave them a sign, then slowly got closer to it. Shaw Danon and Bilu held their breath.

As they got closer, at the dark place where it had not been brightened for a long time; when Onara's Shatterer staff's golden light shined on the hole, they saw a little mouse with a size of a palm, with this hole as its home, it opened its eyes watching the unwelcome visitors. Onara shook his head and returned. Shaw Danon and Bilu looked at each other. The three smiled bitterly, then continue decending.

And then, the following situation was something they could have never imagine.

One, two, three the bright or dim ghostly lights had slowly
rose from their side and around them. In the darkness, there was also countless of panting and roaring.

Even at the lifeless place in Dark Drake Cave, at below the cliff, so dark that it could never see the sun, there were countless of life unbelievably, unexpectedly living here.

In the darkness had took away its ancient veil, with a strange heart beat, starting from that little rat hole, as they continued decend, the caves in all different sizes appeared. For every few feet there was another cave. And in the cave, there were all kinds of animals resting in there. From rats, bats, to gibbon, leopard. Why did they hunt their daily food? Those are just the animals they knew. But as they decend even farther, they were stunned to see a water living crab with four claws living in the cave, then a cute raccoon with six legs, a pig like beast with tiger fur and two horns. The species were countless.

Countless of eyes formed a ghostly ocean, watching the three people in the light.

Shaw Danon became more surprised, he couldn't help but imagined if his old friend in Jadeon Issa is here, with his strange animals collecting personality, his mouth will probably got ripped due to laughter.

Chapter 53: Fire Dragon

At this moment, countless of eyes in the darkness were watching the three people in the light. Shaw Danon's heart felt the creep. He turned to Bilu and Onara, found that both of them do not look good either. Seem like none of them have been into such situation before.

But the countless of creatures around them did not make a move to attack the them. Except for some growls came out from the bad temper tigers, they basically had no movement, only quietly watching.

They continued to decend. After about four or five yards, Shaw Danon suddenly discovered the number of eyes were getting less, however, it felt like the eyes got larger.

He frowned, quietly got closer to the wall. Under the light of the fire stick, as he was expected, the number of caves on the wall were much less. However, the size of the caves were at least twice as large. Almost all caves were a man height. In correspond, the creatures that lived inside the caves are larger, much more aggressive. Sharp fangs and claws, hideous appearance, really creeped the people. A more aggressive bear head boar roared and swung its claw when Shaw Danon was near, almost hit him.

Shaw Danon was surprised. Quickly drove his esper backward for several feet. Bilu and Onara heard the sound, both turned to him. Shaw Danon whispered: "It seem like the beasts here are more aggressive. We need to be more careful."

Bilu and Onara nodded and taken precautious.

Beside that they will be attacked by the beast if they get near the wall, the three of them did not receive any harass. Although those beasts seem aggressive, but they do not have the ability to fly, therefor they can only stay in their cave. While Shaw Danon was focusing on controlling his flying, he thought, since those beasts can not fly, on the wall, how do they get their food?

Like this, three of them decended for several yards. From the Dark Drake Cave to here, they were at least hundreds yard below the ground. But from here, at this large ghostly black hole, except for the light came out from the eyes of the strange creatures around them, it was still appeared to be bottomless. And it was different than their past experience. In this deep abyss, they did not feel chill, but the opposite. The temperature here is much higher than the surface of Dark Drake Cave. Shaw Danon could felt he is sweating. And surround them was still darkness, without a sign of fire, very awkward.

Onara drove his esper, slowly decending, he suddenly cursed: "Ge Laozi (Note 1), that damn fox, it really can find such strange place as den."

Shaw Danon did not respond, but Bilu giggled out. The laughter was clear and pleasing. Although she had lowered her voice, but it could still be heard in this quiet place.

Shaw Danon looked at Bilu. In the soft white light of Heartending Flower, Bilu's smile was like flower, gentleness filled between her brows. She can also feel it and turned to Shaw Danon. Their eyes met. Shaw Danon's heart jumped and quickly turned his head away.

They continued decending, things began to change. The caves were still getting larger, the creatures inside there were also larger, and reached the size greater than normal man. But the three of them were surprised to find that most of the caves were empty. The fresh air had turned into a little bloody.

They looked at each other. Sign of vigilance in their eyes.
However, this did not slow them down.

In the boundless darkness under their feet, something, like star, or like spark, had glowed.


Above the abyss, Tanis Ka and Tonni finally arrived at the cliff with a torch and a nervous heart. Seeing there was no more path and a unmeasurably deep abyss, Tanis Ka's tongue was tied, couldn't say anything.

Although Tonni have been wander around the world with her grandpa since young, she is young after all, being in such dark and silence Dark Drake Cave, she was a bit scared. She glanced down at the abyss then immediately shrink back, whispered to Tanis Ka: "Grandpa, do you have any idea of how to get down there?" Tanis Ka rolled his eyes: "We don't know cultivation, and did not prepare rope, this is really bad."

Tonni was relieved, patted herself on the chest: "Good, good."

Tanis Ka glared at her: "Good for what, maybe there are mountains of gold, silver, agate, emerald waiting for us down there. This is re-re-really a great lost!" His tone was very sad.

Tonni snorted, bit on the lollipop in her right hand, said: "Mountains of gold and silver, I will say there are probably mountains of corpse and bones waiting for you! Good, now since we can't get down there, we better get out. If we run into a monster or two, you famous Master Jadeon's thirteenth generation disciple is going to make your ancestors to lose all their faces."

Tanis Ka said angrily: "Nonsense, how will I Tanis Ka lose my ancestors "

Before his words are done, suddenly wind screamed in the quiet cave in the darkness. Two beams of light flashed, in a blink of an eye, they arrived in front of them.

Tanis Ka screamed, his right hand pulled Tonni to him while his left hand held a yellow talisman, was about to escape. But two figures appeared from the light, they were fast as shadow, before Tanis Ka could start casting, an item already placed next to Tanis Ka's neck. He was terrified but couldn't complain.

A moment later he realized that his life was not taken, however the item at his neck did not removed. He raised up his courage and looked at the two people. They were one male and one female. The male was handsome and the female was beautiful.

They were one yard away from Tanis Ka, but that man already sent a pure, warm, jade ruler next to Tanis Ka's neck. The beautiful woman also controlling a green sword stopping Tonni. Poor Tonni was terrified. Her face was pale. Her right hand was holding the lollipop, her mouth was crying loudly: "Monster brother, monster sister, don't eat me. I am small and don't have much flesh, not delicious. If you want you can eat my grandpa." Tanis Ka almost fell on the ground, said fiercely: "Stupid yatou, I really raised you up for nothing. From normal days I can't see it, now at this critical moment, you are betraying your grandpa?"

Tonni said tearfully: "Grandpa, don't blame me. At least after you die, you still have me to bring you some lollipop "

Tanis Ka said angrily: "Rubbish, I hate those sweet sticky thing for my entire life. Things like beggar's chicken, or steamed mei fish will be better "

Tonni nodded: "Grandpa, I get it, you can rest assure."

Tanis Ka relieved: "Now that's better, I can be relieved when I leave......wait, wait!" Then he suddenly realized, eyebrows raised: "Stupid yatou, why I need to relieve, go where? Conscienceless, I "

Listening to Tanis Ka's annoying, continuous scold on Tonni, and seeing his endless speech, the celestial like male and female both frowned, looked at each other, then retrieved back their esper.

The female said: "Shixiong, I see they don't have devil's energy, they don't look like devil."

The male said: "Right." Then he turned to Tanis Ka, shouted (if not doing so he couldn't stop Tanis Ka's long speech): "Who are you?"

Tanis Ka startled, immediately returned to a calm expression, said: "Ho ho, old man and his granddaughter know there is devil rampaging here, so we come here to capture the devil for the sake of the people."

Tonni was stunned, she stared at her grandpa, Tanis Ka was calm and normal.

But that man took a look at them, smiled coldly: "I see your cultivation is just basic, probably not even an opponent for small devils. You really got the gut to come to here dangerous place, perhaps you should return while it is still early." Tanis Ka's old face blushed, said: "Yes, yes." Then took Tonni to outside.

After the old and the young were disappeared in the darkness, the man looked at the cliff ahead, said: "Shimei, seem like we need to go down there."

The beautiful woman said: "Yes, this time really is the heaven blessing us, letting us know the remaining fox spirit hidding in Dark Drake Cave. If we can get rid of the fox spirit, track back the Inferno Mirror, our lord will be very pleased."

The man smiled light heartedly: "This affair better not get delay, we should go now."

Then, light brightened, the man and woman went into the bottomless abyss like lighting.

But on the cliff, in the darkness, Tanis Ka and Tonni slowly came out. They did not went far. Tanis Ka's brows frowned tightly, pondered for a moment, he told Tonni: "Those two youngsters has very good potential, highly cultivated. I noticed their sleeves were sewed with a picture of fire. They are probably Incense disciples."

Tonni was surprised: "Incense?"

Tanis Ka nodded: "Incense Valley is very powerful. They stand along side with Jadeon and Skysong as the three leaders of Good. They have many strong people. I have heard they got two outstanding disciples recently, they are a male and a female. The male is Li Su, the female is Yanon. Base on their espers, probably it is them."

Tonni looked down at the cliff, said worriedly: "The three people who just went there "

Tanis Ka shrugged, pulled Tonni to the outside of the cave, murmured: "We can't help them. Tonight is overcrowded, we can't get anything good. Alas, such a pity."

Tonni laughed softly, did not speak and followed Tanis Ka. The cliff was pitch black, the figures of Li Su and Yanon were already gone.


Shaw Danon was in the darkness, except for the high temperature, and the staring of the strange beasts, he felt he have returned to Forsaken Abyss.

The caves around them were getting bigger. The caves were almost to two men in height. The beasts inside were also more aggressive, the size were larger. However, the number of empty caves was also more, and the bloody smell in the air was getting heavier.

Even more was that as he was decending, he could hear a soft chewing sound, like an unknown large beast swallowing its food, very creepy.

When everyone's mucles were tightened, almost could hear their own heartbeat, suddenly, Shaw Danon felt a wave of fiercely wind blew past under his feet in the darkness. It was like an action out of instinct, fire stick followed his will and swiftly moved three feet to the side when the wind touched him.


A loud slap, reflecting little bit of light, an incomparably large tentacle came out of the darkness, heavily hit on the wall next to Shaw Danon in the pitch dark darkness like a whip.

The wall was shocked; dust were raised; rocks were falling down. Moment later, a mournful cry came from the wall. Shaw Danon and others were surprised. They turned and found a demon like large tentacle went into one of the large caves in the wall, after several twitchs, it came out.

Shaw Danon gasped in cold breath. After a wave of wind filled with bloody smell past, a large five eyes saber tooth tiger was caught by the enormous tentacle, dragged out of the cave. Even though the five eyes saber tooth tiger tried to resist, compare to the unbelievably enormous tentacle, it was small like a baby. After the tentacle caught the tiger, it immediately shrink back into the darkness of the bottom, vanished in the blink of an eye, leaving only the mournful hopeless cry of the tiger behind.

All three of them were shocked, they turned pale, especially Bilu.

In the heavy, bottomless darkness, there can be many more horrifying things hiding.

After a moment, Onara coughed, was about to speak, but Bilu's sharp eyes spotted something, quickly shouted: "Down there, careful!"

Shaw Danon and Onara were surprised again, quickly looked down. In the darkness below them, fire flashed, just in a second the temperature of the surrounding space rose abruptly. The fire was getting larger, following the fierce wind and tide of heat, as it got closer, they could clearly see what that is. They were torrified. It was a fire dragon, screaming to the sky, charging up into the air with rage from the underground abyss. The appearance of the fire dragon was very much like the fire dragon that was summoned with Inferno Mirror by three-tails fox spirit. But the fire dragon at this moment was much superior than the previous fire dragon on the ground in term of size and power.

Although they have this question, this moment is not the time to ask. The hideous dragon and the heat wave was about to arrive in front of them, unstoppable. They hurriedly separated with their espers, and evaded the strike.

The espers' light glared, protect its owner. But the dragon was too powerful, it immediately suppressed the esper's aura. Shaw Danon and others were being pushed back by the giant wave of heat. A moment later, they hit on the wall.

The powerful caused by the dragon as it raised into the air was surprising. Shaw Danon's back hit on the solid wall, so painful that his eyes got blackened for a moment. But he was quite fortunate, after he regain his consciousness, he saw Onara's large body fell right into a cave. And very unfortunately, roar of the beast soon came out from the cave. Shaw Danon was surprised, and was about to rush forward to help. But Onara shouted, then several bangs in the cave, gold light flashed, then a large body was tossed out. It was another strange looking beast. From the look of it, it appeared even if it is still alive, it won't last long.

Shaw Danon was relieved. His mind thought that the name Onara is right, he is really harder than a rock! (Onara, Shi- tuo....forum being too sensitive , means rock in Chinese)

And at this moment, the rising dragon turned in a circle, then charged down like fierce storm.

This charge from high to low was even more powerful. Shaw Danon gritted his teeth, held the incantation. He quickly moved one yard to the side and evaded the hideous dragon. His right hand pointed, the fire stick shot at the dragon's neck.

The dragon moaned, its fire thowing eyes turned, and its large left forelimb raised, stopped the green light of the fire stick. Shaw Danon's face turned pale. He could feel waves of burning heat coming to him, but he could do now is struggling to hold out. A soft shout issued. In the abyss under the flaring light of the dragon, a watery green figure flashed. Bilu was floating in her watery green dress. Her Heartending Flower was glaring with white light. The rain of flowers filled the sky, landing on the head of the dragon.

"Roar......"In the raging flame, the dragon issued another moan. Its right claw swung, immediately the rain of white flowers was pushed back three feet. But Shaw Danon and Bilu combined their strength, quickly pushed down the fire dragon by one yard, and met Onara who just rushed out from the cave.

Onara saw Shaw Danon and Bilu were in a fierce fight with the enormous dragon. They were surrounded by flame, although they have the protection of their esper, their faces were flushed red.

Onara's eyes wide opened, jumped into the air and crossed his legs mid-air. Both of his hands held up Shatterer staff. Gold light brightened, the entire spiked club was almost transparent with the gold light. Onara himself was solemn, like a Buddhist monk. Onara's eyes suddenly opened, like a powerful, righteous vajra, he turned into swift gold light, pierced through the air. In a loud bang, the entire Shatterer staff inserted into the hard wall. Instantly, the originally steel hard rock corrupted in, the area was almost four yards.

Vein raised on Onara's face, almost to the degree of terrifying. Thin stain of blood came out from his mouth, but the Shatterer staff was shining with dazzling gold light. He shouted, the gold light contracted, formed into a large gold light, shot at the dragon's head.

The power of this strike was not small, it was the combine of all power in Onara's body. Even though the dragon was very fierce, but being hit on the head, and plus the combined attack of Shaw Danon and Bilu, the dragon letted out a long, earth shocking scream. At the end, it couldn't hold out and quickly fell into the darkness below.

After this successful hit, Onara's body swayed. His face flushed, almost fell off. Luckily Shaw Danon noticed Onara's unusual look, he immediately rushed to his side and grabbed him, Onara then was able to steady his body. Before they got a chance to catch their breath, Bilu screamed from the above. She rushed downward. Shaw Danon was horrified as he saw the demon like enormous tentacle has returned. This time it hit two of them from above their head.

The wind pierce against their face. Onara's breath haven't regain yet, Shaw Danon was unprepared, when they were about to die under that enormous tentacle, Bilu's figure appeared before Shaw Danon. The Heartending Flower in her hand turned into six flowers, circling the flower that located in the center. Each flowers were connect with pure white light, with the appearance of a white wheel. Shaw Danon recalled that Bilu used it when she defend herself against Abyssal Viper under Forsaken Abyss.

It was clear that the unknown creature in the darkness was fill with extraordinary might like Abyssal Viper. Although it was not as strong as the Abyssal Viper, the strike did not immediately destroyed the white wheel like Abyssal Viper that day, Bilu's body was shocked heavily, she was pushed down and was about to be swallowed by the endless darkness.

Buzz rang in Shaw Danon's brain, fire rose in his eyes. With the strength coming from unknown place, without thinking, he letted go of Onara, quickly flew downward. The green light of the fire stick brightened, quickly he caught up with the hideous large tentacle and Bilu.

Bilu was struggling, the pressure was as heavy as mountain. When she was about to lost control, she suddenly found Shaw Danon appeared next to her, she screamed with surprise: "Go away "

Before she could finish, Shaw Danon already charged forward with his fire stick, heavily hit on the large tentacle located abose Bilu. At the area where the fire stick hit the tentacle, it atrophy. The smooth skin turned dry instantly.

The tentacle immediately retreated due to pain. The pressure was gone from Bilu. She saw Shaw Danon came save her recklessly, she was glad, but also worry. However, before she could speak, her face turned pale again.

The large tentacle reappeared in the darkness. This time it silently went under Shaw Danon. Shaw Danon was unaware, he was caught by the giant tentacle, pulled into the darkness. Bilu and Onara were terrified. Without speaking, they gave chase.

Chapter 54: Strange Beast

Not long after Bilu and others left for the chase, the darkness place that just went through a fierce battle has returned peaceful. Then a scream from the wind sounded from the above, a white light and a green light were coming down, they paused, then a male and a female appeared from the lights. They were Li Su and Yanon from Incense.

Surprisement appeared on Li Su's handsome face. With the help of the esper's light, he looked around, told Yanon: "Shimei, can never expect in the den of the fox spirit there will be such wonder."

Yanon's face also showed amazement, nodded: "Yes, I have never see such place in the past. Many of the strange beasts here are probably never known to the world." Paused, then she said quietly: "Shixiong, this place is wicked. I am afraid the path ahead will be unusually dangerous. We need to be careful."

Li Su lightly smiled, proudly he said: "Just rest assure shimei, this fox spirit is only five hundreds years of cultivation. Have no need to worry about!" Yanon smiled: "Shixiong, with your superior talent and cultivation, of'course you don't fear that devil. But if that 'six- tails fox demon' is with the 'three-tails fox spirit', with its thousand years of cultivation, there might be a little difficulty."

Li Su glanced at Yanon, smiled, suddenly said: "Shimei, although you said it nicely, your heart is probably worry about this shixiong going forward recklessly right?"

Yanon's lip moved, said quietly: "Shixiong, you think too much."

Li Su looked around, said lightly: "Shimei, do you feel that the temperature in this abyss is a bit strange?"

Yanon nodded, said: "Right, it is really deep now, but the temperature seem hotter."

Li Su said: "It is not just hotter. It is much more hotter than normal. On my way flying down here, I carefully looked into the black stones in this abyss, determine that this is formed by magma that bursted out from thousands yards underground at ancient time. This abyss is probably a volcano crater!"

"Ah" Yanon exclaimed. She immediately realized: "You are saying "

Li Su continued: "Correct, it means that fox spirits intentionally pick this volcano crater as their den. Three hundreds years ago, the fox spirits were audacious, reckless, invaded our Incense forbidden place, stole our inferno item. But the guardian Shangguan Shishu immediately came after he heard about it, and showed off by capturing those fox spirits. The cunning six-tails fox demon however, had escaped."

He suddenly gave a cold laugh, then continued: "But with Shangguan Shishu's deep cultivation, and his esper 'Lunar Ice Stinger' is best of best in the world, very powerful. I have heard about this from our valley lord, although six-tails fox demon fortunately escaped, his pulse was stabbed by Shangguan Shishu's Lunar Ice Stinger, damaged its cultivation. For three hundreds years, he did not die, but must be suffered greatly, lost all its cultivation. With the ice poison damaging him day and night, it is better to be near the most Yang and hottest place to reduce the pain." Yanon smiled: "So that means the six-tails fox demon is most likely in this abyss. Shixiong you can think so much ahead, shimei is really admire."

Slight sign of pride reappeared on Li Su's face, he said: "We are Incense disciples, indebt to our faction's kindness, we can not let our faction to lose their face. This time we only wish the heaven will bless us, return the item to its owner, return the divine artfact, and the devils receive the justice."

Yanon smiled without saying anything. Li Su glanced at her, said: "Let's go."

Yanon nodded. The two figures turned into swift lights once again, quickly went downward into the deep darkness.


Shaw Danon was holding the fire stick with his right hand while his body was caught by that giant tentacle. He could almost hear the cracking sound of his bone. There was no place on his body that does not have pain. And being brought down to deep underground by the giant tentacle in high speed, his face was pierced by the wind, stars flying before his eyes, his brain was in chaos, horrible scenes kept flashing in his mind.

The length of the tentacle was surprising. After he was pulled down by five yards (one yard in China actually equal to ten feet, pretty long), with the weak light in the chaos, Shaw Danon saw he has reached the bottom of the abyss. There was no life around, only a large cave ahead. Ten yards high, seven or eight yards wide, it was pitch-dark, unable to see what is in there.

That large tentacle was from the monster inside that cave. Now it felt like the monster was even larger, before seeing what creature is that.

Shaw Danon was swung by the giant tentacle in air then watching himself being pulled into the cave. But at this moment, ghostly light flashed at the cave entrance, the long disappeared three-tails fox spirit reappeared with the Inferno Mirror. She raised her head, seeing Shaw Danon was caught tightly by the giant tentacle, without power to resist. Killing sense flashed pass her gentle face and was about to turn to the cave and speak. But then she thought of something, suddenly paused, turned around looked at Shaw Danon who was struggling but effectless. She sighed, said quietly: "Seeing your reaction when you looked into Lunar Well, you are also a person with love. Just let you live."

Then, she raised the Inferno Mirror in her hand, shined at the cave, and at the same time, she gave a strange howl like a wild fox.

After a moment, seemed like it received order, the large tentacle swiftly shrunk into the cave. Shaw Danon was pulled into the darkness. He could no longer see any light. He suddenly felt the smell of blood surrounded him. The surface of the tentacle that caught him was slippy, but it just captured him so tight that he couldn't move.

At the same time, three-tails fox spirit heard the wind whistled. She lifted her head and saw two beams of light, gold and white, were shooting down. She laughed coldly, then returned into the cave, shined the cave with Inferno Mirror again, and gave a similar howl.

The two beams of light were Onara and Bilu. They were glad that they caught up to the three-tails fox spirit. But seeing there is no sight of Shaw Danon, Bilu worried. Before they could steady themselves, as three-tails fox spirit made a move, fierce wind roared in the giant cave. It was another giant tentacle, striked upon them.


Shaw Danon was trapped in the darkness. He was pulled deeper by the tentacle. On his way, he kept hitting against the stone wall, plus some turning. Although he did not crushed his head, covered with dirt is unavoidable. But in such dark place, no one can see it anyway.

This continued for some while. The smell of blood in the air was getting heavier. But the surrounding was pitch black, without single beam of light, there was no way he could see the surrounding. But fortunately, although the giant tentacle still captured him tightly, three-tails fox spirit seemed gave the order not to harm Shaw Danon. The tentacle did not get tighter, allowed Shaw Danon to catch his breath.

Finally, the large tentacle stopped in a pitch dark place. No longer moving, but still holding Shaw Danon tightly.

Shaw Danon was taking heavy breath. He was still shocked.

The darkness before him seemed endless.

Shaw Danon suddenly felt there was a unbelievably large monster occupied the darkness before him. Thought of that, chill filled his entire body.

In this ancient cave, like there was never light enter here since ancient time, it was dark as lnk. But this unknown world, have brought human their most ancient, deepest fear.

The tentacle that tied around his body reminded him all the time that before him, there will be an unpredictable monster. The time, seemed frozen.

There was sound of combat coming from far away, faintly but familiar.

Suddenly, in the darkness, something uneasily throbbed. Some movement suddenly came from the darkness. Although Shaw Danon could not see it, ideas pass through his mind, he thought perhaps the monster's body was here, and it just letted out another arm to fight Bilu and Onara outside of the cave.

This thought did not last long, for Shaw Danon suddenly discovered the tentacle around him that no longer inputting additional strength, appeared it received some surprise, or maybe other reason, it began to tighten up again. Although the speed wasn't very fast, the pressure was like raging mountains and seas.

Shaw Danon's eyes blacked out. His entire body was in great pain. He shouted, desperately used all his cultivation of Pure Essence to hold out. But the tentacle's strength was unstoppable like demon, he could not hold out. The rib bones on his chest were making cracking noise. Shaw Danon could not care much longer, and channeled other half of his cultivation, "Fawin Wisdom" that divine monk Puzhi of Skysong have taught him. hoping it can help him last longer. It was fine before he channeled it, but now the Fuwa's supreme incantation and Jadeon's amazing art immediately exclude each other inside his body due the way to cultivate and channel is greatly different. His pulses were very painful like stabbed by needles.

And at the same moment, under the pressure from the giant tentacle at the outside. His bones were about to break. Shaw Danon was helpless in the darkness. As the pressure grew stronger, his consciousness also became blurry.

At this critical moment, lines of passage strangely appeared in his mind.

"......heaven has no judgement, principle has no name. So if achieve selfless, no perference, no desire, no karma, then it is righteous. Holding righteousness, inside is self nature, world is the center " These words sounded from the depth of his heart, echo in his mind. This is one of the passage from the summary of "Liburis". The passage that have once caused him to be confused of how to combine the totally opposite arts of Fuwa and Dagos into one.

But at this moment, in this hopeless situation, his body was about to be tear apart, very painful; some part of his mind became clear. Ignoring the piercing pain in his body, only echoing the passages in his mind:


So everything are within the world, watch by the world.

So there is no good or bad.

So world is always here, can not be created.

So matter can not last, then it can not fulfill the desire! ......."

The dimmed fire stick that was held in his hand all the time, slowly lighted up again.

The ghostly green light rose faintly.

The freezing chill feeling traveled in his body.

Shaw Danon could not see anything in the darkness, but his eyes wide opened, his entire brain only echoing one sentence: "So matter can not last, then it can not fulfill the desire!  So
matter can not last, then it can not fulfill the desire!    So
matter can not last, then it can not fulfill the desire!  "


He lifted his head, to the sky, screaming, his voice was already hoarsed. "So matter can not last, then it can not fulfill the desire!"

The two energies of Pure Essence and Fawin Wisdom that were in conflict suddenly surged out from his right arm like raging tide after a crush, and forced into the black fire stick.

After a moment, the fire shined brightly. Under the mystic green glow, the stick seemed stimulated by something. Every details became very clear. Even those veins were throbbing like receive fresh blood, flowing with dark red, wicked blood.

"Ge, ge, ge, ge, ge "

Following the strange event of the fire stick, there were strange sounds coming out from Shaw Danon's body, but they were not the sound of cracking bones, rather the sound of rapid heart beats, like boiling blood about to come out through the skin while his body has no abnormal sign!

Unwittingly, Shaw Danon regained his consciousness. He did not find out what happened to his body but found out he was still being captured by the giant tentacle. But the difference is, at the instant of enlightenment he has forced the art of Fuwa and Dagos into the fire stick. The fire stick now glowed a little different. Within the mystic green light, there was also faint beams of golden light, and also the hideous, horrifying, clear red light from the veins.

This aura reluctantly opened a small space from the tentacle, but then Shaw Danon realized the strength of the giant tentacle was too powerful. After it found out Shaw Danon's resistance became stronger, it putted in more strength to suppress him with at least hundred times stronger. Just a moment of work, the aura raised by the fire stick was about to fall and can't last long.

Shaw Danon is not dumb. He knew if this continue the end is death. He was determined, willing to take the risk, then he gritted his teeth, with all his power, the fire stick instantly brightened. Taking the last chance, Shaw Danon shouted, swiftly striked at the tentacle with his fire stick.

After a "puff" sound, the entire fire stick stabbed into the tentacle like godly blade. In the darkness, since the only light that came from the fire stick has went into that giant tentacle, the surrounding immediately dimmed, without a single beam of light. Feeling the life of darkness, feeling the dead slient of the surrounding, Shaw Danon held his breath at that instant.


A beam of light suddenly created a large hole on the tentacle and shot out with the strange light of the fire stick.


Another sound, and on the other size of the tentacle, another beam came out.

Followed by series of "tu, tu, tu!" sound. Shaw Danon's mouth opened slightly, watching the large tentacle that was trapping him being pierced through like thin paper. More and more light shot out from, shined on the ground and shined on himself. Soon, Shaw Danon felt the tentacle slipped off from him powerlessly. At this moment, the fire stick came out from the inside of the tentacle, flew back into his hand. With the light came out from the fire stick, Shaw Danon could see the giant tentacle lie on the ground with wounds and dryness all over, very different than the strong, slippy appearance just a moment ago.

He just escaped from the gate of death, he was still in shock. The monster before him was also weird. It received such severe injury, but it showed no sign of pain.

When Shaw Danon's breath just became stable, and he planned to find a way out, giant wind screamed before him in the darkness. With the help of the dim light, Shaw Danon's jaw dropped as he saw giant tentacles came out from the darkness, with the shadows dancing, there were many of them.

One tentacle almost took his life, the consequence of facing this situation is clear. Without thinking, Shaw Danon turned and immediately flew away with his fire stick. But after only one yard, "bang", he and his stick were crushed on a solid stone wall. The pain penetrated into his marrow. This crush was severe. He felt there was sticky stuff on his face, he is probably bleeding, but there is no time to care about this.

He was trapped in this pitch dark cave, like a blind man. And because he was very confused when he was grabbed by the tentacle into here, he could not remember the way in. He was like a headless fly, completely relied on his instinct and the sound of wind. Bumping around in the cave, often crushed on the wall if not careful, but a moment that he can evade from the tentacles is a moment.

The tentacles in the darkness is not only large, but also very agile. Shaw Danon tried to escape with his life, but the scream of the wind was close to his back. His heart was very terrified. He closed his eyes, shouted, recklessly charged forward with his fire stick, only wishing to get as far from the tentacles as possible.

However, under the pressure of wanting to escape, the speed of the fire stick raised greatly, but the wall on the other hand is not so nice. After three yards, "boom", he hitted on the wall again. But this time was a bit different. The wall seemed a little weak. Under the crush, he crushed through the wall. Some light came out, with heating wave rolling on him.

Shaw Danon was surprised. Before he could pull himself back together (Actually he can not pull himself back together, even if his head is harder, the protection of the esper is stronger, this crush is still going to make him dizzy all over), he landed on a narrow tunnel, and rolled downward.

This rolling lasted for period of time. On his way, under the obscure, Shaw Danon felt he was surrounded by bright red light, at the same time he could also feel the burning hot wave. Everywhere on the ground where he can touch is burning. He hitted his wound several times, so painful that stars were dancing before his eyes.

But in truth, Shaw Danon can hold out until now, he is probably more like a stone compare to Onara who is still fighting at the outside of the cave.

Finally, his rolling body stopped. His lip was bleeding, his face was covered with wounds, almost about to fall apart. He moaned and slowly lifted his head.

And then, he was stunned.

Before his eyes, it was a giant underground grotto. But the difference is, everywhere is heated bright red lava, formed a boiling lake, filled entire bottom of the cave. On the surface of the lake, heated bubble often rose, then pop. At the more fierce spot, the hot magma shot into mid-air like tide. The blazing flame of the lava has shone the large cave into a bright red world.

As for Shaw Danon himself, he is on a platform above the lava lake. Behind him is the path where he rolled from. Before him, at the end of the platform where it is so hot that can not be bear, there is an oval shape nest with a white fox quietly lying there.

A white, large fox!

Its eyes were closed, like sleeping peacefully. Its body curled quietly. Very, beautiful!

Shaw Danon slowly stood up, held his breath and slowly walking toward it.

Slowly, step by step, walking toward it.

The heat wave became hotter, burned Shaw Danon's face bright red. But he did not feel it. In his large, wide opened eyes, there is only the pretty, beautiful, gentle, quiet, fox, and the place behind it.

There, within the beautiful fur, its tails quietly curled.

Small and beautiful fur, at the place where it branched out but also harmony, there are total of six tails.

Chapter 55: Death of the Devil

The heated wave filled the burning underground cave, the bright red lava rolling under the platform, often letted out poping sound.

Shaw Danon increasingly felt his breathing became more difficult. The air that was inhaled into his lungs is burning. Any step he took is like walking on fire. However, the six-tails before him, still quietly lying there, seemed like quite enjoying it.

He stood still, watching. Hesitated for a moment, then went forward, and subconsiously holding his fire stick tightly at the same time.

The platform was long and narrow, extend deep above the lava lake. As Shaw Danon was walking closer, the surrounding temperature was hotter, almost to the degree that no one can bear it.

Maybe because of the blazing heat or other reason, Shaw Danon's throat was extremely dry. But he did not get distracted, the pair of eyes fixed on that fox.

He stopped when he was three steps away from the fox.

Since the distant is closer, he can see it clearly now. He realized it is indeed a beautiful fox. Pure white fur all over, especially in this burning hell place, it was white as snow. Not to mention about a single different fur, it does not even have any mark of burnt.

Only, its eyes were closer. They frowned as if there was a bit of pain hanging between its eyebrows.

Shaw Danon looking at it, countless of ideas passed through his brain like lighting. From Laguna Collective to now, all he heard of was the "three-tails fox spirit" being a threat. But the fox before him was clearly different than the three-tails fox spirit that he just battled earlier.

He could hazily remember, when he was young Xavion had told him, the world is so large that nothing there can not be. There are a lot of graceful mountains and rivers, and also many devils and monsters. There is a legend said, foxes are intelligent within the beasts. Many cultivated into devils. And within the race of fox, there is a branch that has the most spiritual power. And there is a special thing about them, the higher the cultivation, the more tails they get.

Seeing the six-tails fox before him, his heart was stunned.

Then at this moment, the six-tails fox before his eyes, it sudden awoke from deep sleep. Its tails and head moved.

After that, it opened its eyes.

In its dark and deep pupils, reflecting the figure of a nervous young man.

Shaw Danon was surprised and took a step back, putted the fire stick in front of his chest, prepared. But the six-tails white fox was only looking at him, his body still lay on that bluestone, have no intention to fight. A person and a fox, facing each other like this. There was no sound around them, only the boiling sound thousands years old lava if there is any sound, but it seemed really far away.

The air was still blazing, floating between the human and the fox.

"Youngster." Low, with some tireness sound, came out from the fox's mouth, breaking the silent: "What are you doing here?"

Shaw Danon could figure that the fox is suffering from illness, that's why its voice is so weak. But he did not let down his guard, he said: "You devils are harming the world. I, as a disciple of the side of good, am going to the rip of the harm for the sake of the people."

The six-tails white fox looked at him, its eyes were shining, did not get mad nor did it sneer. It only looked at him lightly, after a moment, it removed its sight, said calmly: "Good ambition!" Shaw Danon startled, then frowned and shouted: "Don't give me this, stand up, I "

"You are going to kill me?" The six-tails white fox suddenly cut in, calmly asked.

Shaw Danon did not expect it will ask him directly. He was startled, then immediately realized, said: "You fox spirits are harming the world, causing people to suffer. I kill you is only to bring the divine justice!"

The six-tails white fox turned its head to the side, with a bit of disdain, also a bit of desolation, it said: "Youngster, I see that you are less than twenty right?"

Shaw Danon snorted: "So what, I am still going to slay the devils."

The six-tails white fox lowered its head, suddenly with some exclamation, it said: "Yeah! You human beings are really gifted at cultivation. We fox's thousand years of hard working cultivation, the good potential human only require several hundreds years to surpass us, like that Shangguan old man......" Then he suddenly stopped, gave a bitter smile, looking at Shaw Danon, it said slowly: "Youngster, your age is so young, how do you know we fox race is harming the world, causing people to suffer?"

Shaw Danon laughed coldly: "Your companion three-tails fox spirit harrassed the residents of Laguna Collective all days. Not only robbing countless of livestocks, but also takes people's life. Isn't that harming the world, causing the people to suffer?"

Six-tails white fox pondered for a moment, said: "Correct, I heard about this from her. Indeed like you said, three days ago she went to Laguna Collective. That father and son dared to resist. My illness was bad that day, she was in a bad mood, so she killed the two reckless foolish human."

Shaw Danon said angrily: "Then what do you still want to say?"

The six-tails white fox said lightly: "You misunderstood. I am not arguing with you. If I was her that day, I will still kill them." Shaw Danon was furious, he pointed and said: "And you dare to say it is not harming the world, causing the people to suffer, die devil!" The green light of the fire stick brightened, was about to shoot through the air.

The six-tails white fox had no intention to move, still lying there. It said lightly: "The world you spoke of, what does that means?"

Shaw Danon was startled. His mind was racing. Suddenly, looking at the six-tails white fox, listening to its quiet words, he strangely recalled Wan Reng Wang.

Faintly, there was a sound calling from the depth of his heart.

The radiance of the fire stick was dimmed gradually. However, the voice of the six-tails white fox still continued: "In your eyes, the so-called world is the place where you human as the boss? Everything of this world is for you human to take. If there is any resistance, then that becomes harming the world, causing people to suffer; then that becomes unforgivable, deserve to die, right?" Shaw Danon looked at the fox. He pondered and not speaking. He did not know why, why the three-tails fox spirit and that six-tails white fox appeared to like to talk to him. What he did not understand even more is that, why such words that are challenging his belief have such great impact in his mind?

"But, do you know how other races feel? Those beasts that were killed, eaten by you human, how do they feel? But in the end, it is just because you human are strong, beasts have no ability to resist, only left with being killed." The white fox's voice continued calmly: "Since that is the case, we foxes are a bit stronger than you human, killed some of you, what's wrong with that? This world is the strong lives, and the weak dies anyway." It smiled, watched Shaw Danon, said: "What do you say?"

Shaw Danon glared at it, bit his lips, not saying anything.

"Also, even within the human, isn't it the same? You cultivators, still can't acheive immortality even now, but already fighting each others. The so-called Good and Evil, actually is just what you say makes it that way. It is nothing more than just winners are the right, losers are the wrong." Then it smiled again, watched Shaw Danon, repeated: "What do you say?"

Shaw Danon closed his eyes, lifted its head, and took a deep breath. The white fox did not speak, seemed like it got tired after saying that much.

Long while.

"What do you want me to say?" Shaw Danon suddenly said.

The white fox looked at him, found that he has already opened his eyes. The young man's complicated and yet bright eyes were looking at it.

"Every single one of you are telling me the same thing." Shaw Danon said coldly: "It is like it is wrong that I am in the Righteous, and you killing people causing chaos are right. You evil heretics, beside poisoning people's mind, what else can you do?" White fox suddenly frowned, eyes shining, it said: "What, there are other people telling you the similar thing?"

Shaw Danon did not answer, but the mystic light of the fire stick has brightened up again, shone on his face. His voice issued: "Devil, come!"

The ghostly green light covered the blazing red light, like a mountain falling upon it.

The six-tails white fox was watching the surpressing green light. In such blazing lava place, there was a bit of chill, caused it to shiver.

At this moment, Shaw Danon suddenly heard a quick whistle of wind coming from behind, the tunnel where he fell.

The sound was like roaring of the beast, also like hoof of thousands cavarlies, with great momentum before he could see what it is. Shaw Danon was surprised, but not dare to lower his guard at the six-tails white fox, he retrieved the fire stick, putted it in front of his chest, getting ready. And at the place a bit farther away, the six-tails white fox also frowned, looking at the tunnel.

Shortly after, Shaw Danon felt the blazing wave of heat coming from the tunnel. Beathing became even more difficult, giving him the feeling of being cooked in this lava cave.

As he was in the stat of confused and surprised, the noise was getting closer, the momentum was getting stronger. After a moment, the dark tunnel glared with radiance before his eyes. A giant fire dragon came out from the narrow tunnel. After it came out from the cave, the fire dragon roared, rose into the air, showing its fangs and claws. A white figure came down from the dragon's head. It was the bewitching three-tails fox spirit.

She landed before the six-tails white fox, there was worry on her face. There were several places that were teared and dirty on her clean clothes. Seemed like she suffered some disadvantage in the battle.

Shaw Danon was startled, rooted on the ground, did not go forward. His attention was attracted by giant fire dragon in the air. The fire dragon was covered with burning flame, even its eyes were two balls of fire.

The fire dragon's momentum became more fierce in this underground lava cave. After a dragon roar, the fire dragon charged down.

Shaw Danon was surprised, immediately stepped back, but the fire dragon only passed by him. Within the wave of heat, the fire dragon roared and drilled into the lava lake, disappeared. A moment later it came out, comfortably swimming in this hot terrifying lake.

The quiet voice of the three-tails fox spirit came: "Brother, are you all right?"

The six-tails white fox smiled, said lightly: "This young mister of the side of Good haven't do anything to this dying fox yet!"

Shaw Danon flushed, then frowned. From what the six-tails white fox said, seemed like it was about to die from illness. There was sadness on three-tails fox spirit's face, she said quietly: "Brother, beside the two people who came with that young man, there are also two from Incense Valley."

Six-tails white fox's body shivered, turned to her, said: "Is it the Shangguan old man?"

The three-tails fox spirit shook her head: "No, it is the disciples from the younger generation, but their cultivation is quite deep. I-I am not their opponent "

The six-tails white fox startled, sighed: "Alas! You are only three hundreds years of cultivation. Even with Inferno Mirror, how can you afford any resistance against the outstanding disciples of those famous factions. Let it be."

On the bewitching face of the three-tails fox spirit, two lines of tear slipped off: "But, brother, now this 'Dark Drake Cave' has no other way out. The path above has sealed off by four of them. Now leaving with 'Giant Black Leech' to manage to hold them off. But their espers are too powerful, I am afraid they will be here within a stick of incense of time. What should we- we do?" The six-tails white fox looked at her, lifted its forelimb with difficulty, trying to grab her. But when it raised into mid-air, it dropped. He gasped for air, then said: "Can't you see? Even if they did not come, I won't last for long."

The tear of the three-tails fox spirit dropped on the pure snow white fur of the white fox.

The white fox's voice was very calm: "For three hundreds years, I flee from place to place, always living in the life of shadow, fearing the people of Incense Valley will hunt me down, and also need to suffer the 'Lunar Ice Stinger''s ice poison. But now, I finally unable to escape."

Three-tails fox spirit said sadly: "Brother, don't say it. I am going to bring you out of here. We still have the Inferno Mirror. With your cultivation, we certainly can "

The white fox slowly shook its head, said quietly: "My cultivation foundation of thousand years has been damaged little by little by the ice poison of the Lunar Ice Stinger for this three thousands years. Now my body is completely frozen, chill within the marrow, I already can't." Three-tails fox spirit shivered, could not say anything.

The white fox lifted its head, hesitated for a moment, then said: "I really can't, but you can not die. You have the Inferno Mirror with you. When they come into the tunnel, summon the fire dragon and charge against them. They will be surprised and probably unable to stop you. You-you will "

It suddenly stopped talking. Three-tails fox spirit slowly stood up before it, putted her hand in her clothes and took out an esper with red threads on both sides. It was the Inferno Mirror.

In this burning lava cave, the Inferno Mirror shone with red. And the ancient fire totem at the center, was about to burn and surge out.

Three-tails fox spirit, the bewitching lady in Shaw Danon's eyes, was staring at the Inferno Mirror in her hands. Soon after, a drop of tear quietly fell on the Inferno Mirror. After a moment, it turned into white smoke, evaporated into the air. So, foxes also have tear?

So, devils also have love?

Shaw Danon was stunned and rooted.

"Three hundreds years, brother." She said quietly, sorrowly: "Total of three hundreds years. When I had a little achieve in cultivation and met you at 'Fox Hill', from that time on, I followed you. To the edge of the world, to the dry wasteland, living in a dark life, living in a life that need to worry about being hunted by people.

But, I have never regret "

Shaw Danon slowly took a few steps, stood behind them. Confusion strangely rose in his heart. When he heard of the term Fox Hill, his heart moved, it sounds familiar, but he could not recall what that is. The bewitching lady, her eyes was filled with tear: "But today, why-why are you telling me to leave?"

The white fox lowered its head. Shaw Danon noticed its body was trembling, maybe due to coldness, or its heart was moved.


The bewitching lady suddenly shouted. The sound was so sad and shrill. The white fox lifted its head. Shaw Danon was also surprised by her.

The weird looking Inferno Mirror was placed softly by her on her gentle undulating breast, glowing with soft light.

The white fox's entire body was trembling, with a sudden burst of unknown strength, it lifted half of its body up, screamed: "No "

"Bang!" A bang, just like hitting on Shaw Danon's heart. He stood behind that bewitching lady, watching light of the Inferno Mirror came out from her soft back.

A bit, a drop, formed into a blazing beam, tranfixed through her gentle body.

The surrounding world, all the sound, at that instant, has suddenly became far away.


All those rage, all those presistent, were slowly gone.

In that young man's eyes, there was only the bright red blood that came out from the gentle beautiful body, dropped on the ground, turned into a bright red flower, then slowly penerated into the stones.

The blood red ground, will never lose its color! She fell powerlessly, fell before the white fox. Hoarse cry came out from the white fox's mouth. Shaw Danon could not understand what it is trying to say. The white fox screamed, with its body trembling, it struggled to climb forward, climb to the weak, dying body not far away from it. But its body was so weak that it could only achieve a little after struggling for long time.

Shaw Danon suddenly rushed forward.

He rushed forward, at this moment, he forgot everything.

He carefully carried the seriously injured body of the bewitching lady, putted her in front of the white fox. Then he quietly stepped back, standing before them.

And at this moment, whistle came out again from the tunnel at far. After a loud noise, a thing fell out from the tunnel. Black and dry. Shaw Danon recongized it was part of the tentacle that trapped him.

Then he turned around, watching the two fox spirits. The white fox grabbed the bewitching lady, its body was shaking hard. Its once beautiful fur quickly withered in a noticable speed.

"You......" Its voice was hoarsed, seemed like saying every word is tearing its heart.

The bewitching lady, also the so-called three-tails fox spirit, her face was pale like paper, without single color of blood. However, it was still gentle, seemed like the fear of death, the pain of her chest could not interfere her.

Until now, she was still looking at the white fox gently.

"Brother, now, you can not tell me to go away!"

The white fox was choked that it could not speak.

She lifted her hand, tried to touch him. But when it dropped after extended half way. Her blood had dyed the white fox's chest.

"Brother, you and I, will be......together "

She closed her eyes, and will never be opened ever again.

The entire world has quiet down.

Chinese people often use relative timing term such as a stick of incense, a pot of tea, a cup of wine for telling the time. It means the time that takes one stick of incense to burn out, or a pot of tea, cup of wine to cool down.

Chapter 56: Die Together

The Inferno Mirror on her chest slowly settled down. All the glow began to disappear. Shaw Danon suddenly discovered, the giant fire dragon was also gone.

Really, he did not know how long the time have past......

He was rooted on the ground. Thousands of thoughts were shaking in his mind. But, he still felt his brain was empty.

The six-tails white fox silenced for a while, then slowly lifted its head, told Shaw Danon: "Youngster, come over here."

Shaw Danon walked slowly to him. Behind him, in the tunnel, the screaming of the wind was getting louder!

The six-tails white fox was still holding the unconscious body, his face however, has turned calm, even his voice was peaceful as water: "Can you do me a favor?" Shaw Danon was quiet for a moment, then asked: "What?"

The white fox looked at the lady in his arms, he said quietly: "Throw both of us into the lava below!"

Shaw Danon abruptly raised his head, took a step backward.

The white fox looked at him, did not say anything.

Shaw Danon's mouth opened, wanted to say something, but not a word was able to come out from his mouth. He felt his eyes suddenly felt like burning by fire. They were heated.

He nodded hard.

The white fox smiled, holding the lady in his arms tightly.

One step, two steps, Shaw Danon was slowly carrying the two embraced foxes to the end of the platform. The raging heated air was roaring under his feet.

Finally, he reached the end, standing on the edge between life and death.

The white fox's face suddenly had became better. He lifted his head, looked at Shaw Danon.

No one could see Shaw Danon's expression at this moment.

Then it suddenly smiled, seemed like all resentments are forgotten, like an aged senior looking at a young man.

"Young man, why being like this?"

Shaw Danon did not say anything.

The white fox lightly picked up the Inferno Mirror on the girl's chest, using its last strength, it pulled up Shaw Danon's right sleeve, tied the Inferno Mirror on his arm with the red threads.

"This is a divine artifact that was exchanged with countless of life from the fox race, now give to you as memento!" It smiled, its body was shaking hard again, black blood also came out from its mouth: "However, do not let anyone see it "

His voice, finally, also fell.

Shaw Danon bit his lip, took a deep breath, then letted go.

At far, following a huge boom, Bilu and Onara, and Li Su and Yanon of Incense Valley shot out from the tunnel in the form of light1 and landed on the platform. They arrived just in time and saw Shaw Danon dropped the two foxes into the magma.

Shaw Danon stood on the edge of the platform, did not notice anything behind him, only staring at the falling figures in the air. The wind came by and fluttered his lapel.

A soft light flashed, the graceful lady lost her human clothes, showed the true form as a beautiful three-tails fox.

The two lifeless but yet beautiful foxes, embraced together, fell in the air. Accompany with a low noise, they sunk into the lava, disappeared.

Bilu was a bit worried. She stepped forth and shouted: "Xiao Fan "

But that young man was like did not hear anything, but rooted on the ground.


They came out from the drake cave, then the black stones cave, finally returned above the earth. At this time, the sky already turned morning. Everyone letted out a long sigh, including Li Su and Yanon. Both of them also looked tired. It was understandable that the "Giant Black Leech" defeated by four of them was not easy.

Only Shaw Danon remained silent.

Bilu asked him softly, but Shaw Danon only shook his head.

Li Su came, said to Shaw Danon: "So Zhang Shidi was able to escape from the disaster under the Forsaken Abyss, this really worth celebrating."

Shaw Danon forced a smile, nodded in return: "Thank you Li Shixiong."

Yanon also came. Her face was more kind than Li Su's, she smiled: "Zhang Shixiong, you have deep bond with fortune, able survive such disaster is destined to have good fortune in furture." Then she suddenly smiled: "By the way, because they couldn't find you under Forsaken Abyss, those from your faction were really worry, especially your Lu Shijie " Shaw Danon's heart moved, lifted his head and looked at Yanon. But she glanced at Li Su with a weird smile.

Li Su felt the eyes from Yanon, he gave a rare smile, but there was a light flashed in his eyes, he nodded slowly: "Indeed, your faction mates were very worry about you, you better hurry return and report that you are safe!"

Shaw Danon was moved, he bowed: "Thank you two of you."

Yanon smiled in return, caught a glimpse of the green dress girl behind Shaw Danon. She was pretty, but there was a dark shadow on her face at this moment.

It immediately caught Yanon's attention. She took a few looks at Bilu, then asked Shaw Danon: "Zhang Shixiong, those two are "

Shaw Danon turned around, said: "Oh, this is Onara, disciple of the Herald of Valor from the righteous faction 'Vajra'." Then he said to Onara: "Brother Shi, these two are Li Su Shixiong and Yanon Shijie of Incense Valley."

Onara immedately turned solemn. In the cultivators' eyes, Incense's reputation is no where below the well known Jadeon. He immediately saluted: "Greeting to two of you."

Li Su and Yanon bowed in return. Yanon smiled: "Brother Shi's cultivation is very high!"

Onara blushed, but Onara was a straight forward person, pride showed on his face. He smiled: "You flattered me."

Yanon smiled and turned around, took a glance at Bilu, asked Shaw Danon: "And that lady is?"

Shaw Danon couldn't speak. Bilu's eyes turned cold.

Onara saw that they did not say anything, he smiled: "This is Miss Bilu, she is brother Zhang's friend, very deeply cultivated."

Li Su glanced at Bilu, seeing she has no intention to greet, he turned his head away. But Yanon seemed very concern about Bilu, she smiled: "Ah! So it is Miss Bilu, which faction you come from?"

Bilu took a glance at Shaw Danon, but he remained quiet, she suddenly gave a cold laugh: "I have no faction, born to be alone. I helped a person once, but was abandoned by him!"

Shaw Danon frowned. Yanon looked at her, smiling.

Then Li Su in front coughed, turned to Shaw Danon: "Zhang Shidi, I have a thing to ask you."

Shaw Danon did not delay, said: "Li Shixiong, please ask."

Li Su looked at him, said slowly: "Zhang Shidi is the first to enter the drake cave, did you saw a jade ring esper, with a fire totem in the center and red stings on both side, inside the cave or with the white fox?"

Shaw Danon's heart jumped. Onara already shouted out: "Yes! Yes! Last night when we were battling with three-tails fox spirit, she used that esper."

Hope arose on Li Su and Yanon's face. But Yanon's mind was more careful, after a thought, she asked Li Su: "But why last night when we went down there, the three-tails fox spirit did not summon Inferno Mirror?"

Li Su said lightly: "She used the Inferno Mirror to summon the fire dragon to resist us, then the Inferno Mirror must be with her."

Yanon pondered and nodded. Li Su turned to Shaw Danon, said: "Zhang Shidi, Inferno Mirror is an important treasure of my faction. Did you saw it?"

Everyone's eyes were on Shaw Danon. Shaw Danon took a deep breath, quiet for a moment, then said: "No." Li Su startled and frowned.

Yanon's eyes wandered around on Shaw Danon, pondered and asked: "What? When Zhang Shixiong battled with the 'three-tails fox spirit and that 'six-tails fox demon', they did not used Inferno Mirror?"

Shaw Danon quiet for another moment, said: "Last night I accidentally entered the drake cave and discovered that white fox, which is the six-tails fox demon you talked about, was already badly ill, about to die. Later when the three-tails fox spirit came in, probably because fighting with you four, her vigor was severely injuried. I did not use much power to de- defeat them."

Disappointment immediately appeared on Yanon and Li Su's face. Yanon turned to Li Su. Li Su said lightly: "Before we came out from the drake cave, I already carefully searched through the place, there was no sign of Inferno Mirror, I am afraid it got threw into the lava along with them."

Yanon sighed, then said: "Anyway, Li Shixiong, we eliminated the remaining fox spirits, at least we have something to report to our faction."

Li Su nodded, then turned around, folded his hands to Shaw Danon and others: "Since this is the case, shimei and I will need to return to Incense Valley to report, we shall leave first."

Shaw Danon and Onara quickly said: "Please."

Bilu's face was still dark, standing on the side, not moving.

Li Su nodded, said to Yanon: "Shimei, lets go!"

Yanon smiled and nodded, but suddenly recalled something, and told Shaw Danon: "Zhang Shixiong, recently there was movement of the Felkin, Jadeon has gathered other Righteous cultivators at East Sea's Billows Hill. I heard your master's house also went there, why don't you go there and reunion with them?" Shaw Danon was surprised, then cheer appeared on his face: "Really? They went to Billows Hill! I will immediately head there."

Yanon smiled and nodded: "That's good. Li Shixiong and I may also go there after we report to our faction, may we see each other again!"

Then she turned, and took a few steps with Li Su, but Yanon suddenly turned around again, this time she smiled to Bilu: "Miss Bilu, the golden bell on your waist is very pretty."

Bilu was surprised. The golden bell on her waist was the "Lupin Bell" left by Lady Jingling that she found while she was trapped inside the Blooddrop Cave with Shaw Danon.

It was suddenly mentioned by Yanon, she almost thought her identity was saw through by this gentle female disciple of Incense.

But Yanon only said this like it was nothing. She smiled then left together with Li Su. Bilu frowned, and was still surprised. Then she suddenly felt Shaw Danon was looking at her.

The three people left the forest surrounding the Dark Drake Cave. On their way, they came across the Lunar Well from last night. Bilu recalled the three-tails fox spirit had kept asking Shaw Danon about what did he saw in the well, she also asked him. Shaw Danon was first startled, but did not answer, only shook his head.

Anger rose in Bilu's heart, she did not ask him again, but she was very curious, so she walked to it. She took a look into the ancient well. The deep, clear water was reflecting her beautiful face. But there was nothing strange about it, she did not put it into her heart.

They came out from the forest, returned to Laguna Collective. The chief and other people were very anxious. Once they appeared, the people immediately surrounded them.

When they heard Onara announced that the devil was gone, from today on everyone could have a peaceful life, everyone cheered and clapped happily. Shaw Danon stood at the side, watching the cheering crowd. His mind was confused, the figures of the two foxes reappeared before his eyes.

When Li Su asked him about the Inferno Mirror, he knew the thing he was looking for is tied on his arm, but his brain recalled what the white fox said.

In truth, he only met the six-tails fox demon for one night, there was totally no friendship. But seeing the three-tails fox spirit commited suicide with a determined mind, and the six- tails fox demon carried her and fell into the magma together, the soul touching scene was still remained before his eyes.

In deep of his heart, he felt very friendly to that fox spirit, so he oddly said he did not know, concealed it from Li Su,

Onara managed to escape from the crowd and gave him a look. Shaw Danon and Bilu looked what was behind Onara. They were the smiling residents that were about to surround them. Onara turned and said to the crowd: "Everyone, listen to me. This thing is over, we also need to continue our cultivation practice. Today we will say farewell here. As for the gift like silvers, I and my two companions appreciate it. But money is just some item, it has no use. Everyone please return!"

Then he quicken his pace, pulled Shaw Danon, whispered: "Hurry."

The people saw the three of them turned into three lights, then disappeared. Uproar rose. They discussed for a while, then dispersed.

But after the crowd dispersed, an old and a young came out from the corner of the street, watching the place where the three people had disappeared. They were the fortune-teller Tanis Ka and his granddaughter Tonni.

Tanis Ka took a few glances at that direction, seeing there was no one nearby, he whispered to Tonni: "Can't imagine that even with the Inferno Mirror at hand, the three-tails fox spirit is still eliminated by them." Tonni was eating her newly bought lollipop, she said: "If that esper really is as powerful as you said, why it still happen to three-tails fox spirit? I think that Inferno Mirror is just a figure without actual power."

Tanis Ka frowned: "Inferno Mirror is ancient deity artifact, there is no doubt in its power. I think that it is most likely because the cultivation of the three-tails fox spirit is not enough to release the full strength of the Inferno Mirror. And with the two powerful people from Incense Valley last night, she is hard to escape her fate!"

Tonni glanced at him: "Who do you think that got the Inferno Mirror?"

Tanis Ka shrugged: "Most likely being retrieved by the two Incense disciples. Anyway, alas! I was hoping to go in there and see if there are anything good, didn't expect "

Tonni spit out a lollipop's nut, said: "Where are we going, grandpa?" Tanis Ka pondered for a moment, said: "I heard the Good and Evil are gathering at East Sea, don't know why. From the direction of where the three people are going to, it is east. Perhaps we should go there, too!"

Tonni laughed: "Let us go then! Things are all the same no matter where we go."


After Shaw Danon and others left, Laguna Collective returned to peace. In the Dark Drake Cave, there was no longer any devil come out and harm people. But the strange thing is, soon later, there are many weird beasts that they have never seen before in the forest outside of the Dark Drake Cave.

For the following days, if they accidentally enter the forest, nine out of ten will never come out. But those weird beasts have a special behavior. They will never leave the forest. After the residents of the Laguna Collective discovered this, no one ever entered the forest again. As the time past, this place became desolated. There was no one will ever remember what had happened inside the forest.

After Shaw Danon and others left, the residents of Laguna Collective built a temple at the east of the town, worshiping three deities. The center one was large and strong like a vajra. At the side there were a boy and a girl. The girl was pretty, but the boy was weird. He hand was holding a fire stick.


As the age past, the people of the later generation already forgot what happened today, but the temple of Laguna Collective was crowded by worshippers. Many people came investigate but could not tell which deities are they, so came up with the answer that they are the earth gods of the Laguna Collective despite they do not look like one.

Perhaps they absorbed many spiritual power from the incense, according to the people, the deities in this temple will always answer requests. After its reputation grow, people from nearby villages and towns also came worship. Some wish for money, some wish for job, even pregnanted women came here worship Onara and others for a male child.

If the three of them know about this, how will they feel?

《Shenmo Ziyi - Yasho》 --Giant Black Leech: Ancient beast, living in dark cave. Large body, ten yards high, has tentacles with several yards long, eat meat, eat everything nearby it, without bones left behind.

Chapter 57: Chang He

After Shaw Danon, Bilu and Onara left Laguna Collective, they flew to the east, and landed on the ground after flying for a distant.

Onara asked Shaw Danon: "Brother Zhang, where are you prepare to go?"

Shaw Danon pondered for a moment, said: "Since Yanon Shijie of Incense Valley said my master went to East Sea Billow Hill, I need to head there to see them. What about you?"

Onara thought for a moment, said: "Then I should also head there! Master told me to travel around the world, practice and leave good deed. This time the remaining Felkin is about to rise another wave of chaos, I should go there and help."

"Hmph!" Suddenly, there was a cold laughter. Bilu snorted, said coldly: "Good ambition, good righteousness, but by that time don't fail to defeat the Felkin and get yourself defeated by them instead." Onara was stunned, couldn't say anything and turned to Shaw Danon. Shaw Danon was embarrassed, turned to Bilu, he also couldn't say anything.

Bilu laughed coldly: "What are you looking me for?"

Shaw Danon and Onara exchanged a look. Shaw Danon was a bit better, he had been a while with Bilu and understood her temper. And he also knew Bilu's identity, so he didn't care about it.

But Onara is a straight forward man. He was being talked back by Bilu, but it was embarrassing to be mad at a pretty, young girl, so all he could do was helding the anger in his heart. His master had warned him before he left, it is a must to stay away from women since they are the most irrational thing in the world, especially the beautiful young girl. Today he came across this situation, he realized his master really is wise.

Shaw Danon glanced at Onara. Seeing he was dumbfounded, Shaw Danon felt a little sorry. How can he know that guy was actually admiring and praising his master's wisdom in his heart for the brilliant discussion of the women in this world, instead he thought Onara was angry at Bilu.

He turned around, looked at Bilu, seeing her face was still cold, he sighed: "Where are you planning to go?"

Bilu glanced at him, snorted: "Not your business!"

Shaw Danon was being talked back by her, he couldn't speak, but his heart wasn't mad about it. He knew he is heading to East Sea Billows Hill, that means he will become her enemy. It is normal that she is mad. Onara arrived behind Shaw Danon, his eyes were filled with passion, he patted softly on Shaw Danon's shoulders, with a "I understand how you feel" look.

Shaw Danon looked at him, opened his mouth but not a word was able to come out. The situation was embarrassing, he has reason but can not tell, this is depressing.

At the end of the day, Shaw Danon and Onara still couldn't get the answer of where she is going to go from Bilu. Actually they did not dare to ask. They just walked to the east, with Bilu walking in front of them.

On their way, her mood was still not well, kept on speaking cold words against their ears. Later, Shaw Danon and Onara were a bit scare of her. When two of them were talking cheerfully, Bilu turned and glared at them, immediately caused them to lower their voice or quiet for a while.

They walked like this for two days. The three of them walked to the east, arrived at a large city called "Chang He".

They went into the city, Onara and Shaw Danon spread up and asked the people. They found out Chang He was a city located most near the East Sea. From here, continue walking east for another four hundreds miles will be the Shore of East Sea.

The three walked into Chang He, seeing the clothing of the residents of the East Sea was not much different than the Central Plain. This place is a important of the East Sea region, many traveling merchants rest here. But these days, there are a lot of cultivators in the city. As they were talking on the street, they could see many people were wearing the clothing of different factions. Are they all heading to Billows Hill?

Shaw Danon and Onara discussed and decided they should find a small inn and rest for the night. Tomorrow morning, they will set out to Billow Hill. Both of them agreed, then they glanced at Bilu. When they were talking, they purposely raised their voice. They were thinking Bilu should able to hear them completely since she is standing next to them.

But Bilu did not seem to know anything. She stood there emotionlessly, her eyes were looking at the traveling people on the street. She did not respond to them. Frustrated, Shaw Danon walked to her and asked: "Miss Bilu, what do you think about it?"

Bilu shook, more like surprised. Her gaze moved away from the street.

Shaw Danon noticed she frowned and pondered, it did not seem she was purposely ignoring him, more like she saw something confusing. He was curious: "What is it?" Bilu's gaze turned to far away again. Shaw Danon followed her eyes, but only saw the traveling people, many were wearing weird clothing, they were probably cultivators. But he can not find out what was Bilu looking at.

Bilu quiet for a moment, turned back and said: "What were you asking?"

Shaw Danon carefully told her about spending a night in a small inn, Seeing Bilu did not answer, while Onara was standing at far, Shaw Danon lowered his voice: "What are y- you planning to do? There is no way I can bring you to see my master! There are a lot of righteous cultivators in Chang He, it will be dangerous if your identity got exposed!"

Bilu looked at him, asked: "You are worrying about my personally safety, or worrying that I will be your burden?"

Shaw Danon startled. He lifted his eyes and looked at Bilu, seeing her watery bright eyes were looking at him, his heart jumped. Bilu smiled and walked away. Onara came, glanced at Bilu, then asked Shaw Danon: "Brother Zhange, what did Miss Bilu say?"

Before Shaw Danon answered, Bilu already turned around, showed a rare smile, said: "Didn't you say we are going stay in an inn? Why not moving?"

Shaw Danon and Onara startled, looked at each other. Admiration appeared on Onara face, he gave Shaw Danon a thumb, said: "Brother Zhang, you really have the ability in you, with just a few words you are able to make our lady that happy!"

Shaw Danon was being praised by Onara for no reason. He was about to defend himself, but did not know where should he start, so he was only walking with Onara behind Bilu. But there was already a thought in his mind, is he getting too involve with this Felkin girl?

Base on Shaw Danon and Onara's idea, all they need is to find a small inn to rest for a night. But as they were walking, the two saw Bilu entered directly into a tavern name "Hai Yun Lou". This tavern is at least ten times larger than the "small inn" they had expected.

Shaw Danon and Onara exchanged a look. But since Bilu entered it, all they could do is to follow.

Shaw Danon whispered at Onara: "Brother Shi, do you have enough money? I only have four silvers "

Then Shaw Danon suddenly stopped he remembered the remaining four silvers were scammed by Tanis Ka the fortune- teller.

Onara didn't notice Shaw Danon's expression, he said bitterly: "I am a little better than you, only few silvers more than you." He paused, then whispered: "Base on the furnishings here, this place need at least thirty or fourty silvers "

At this moment, Bilu already arrived in front of counter of the manager. The manager lifted his head, smile piled up on his face, said: "Mistress, you need a stay?" "Ding", a small gold ingot was tossed on the counter before the manager. It worth at least a hundred silvers. The managers eyes were rounded from the smile, he said: "Mistress please rest assured. This is an experienced tavern, it will make sure you feel like home here, satisfy when you leave "

Bilu cut his word, said: "Give me a upper class room, need to be clean."

The manager laughed politely: "Of'course, of'course."

Bilu took a gaze at her back, said: "Then find another room for these two!"

The manager glanced at Shaw Danon and Onara, then turned to Bilu, smiled: "Are those two also "

Bilu snorted: "A storage room is good enough for them."

The manager was muted. Shaw Danon and Onara were also muted.

Finished, the manager called the workers and treated Bilu like a princess. As for Shaw Danon and Onara, the manager did not actually putted them in the storage house, he putted them in a normal room.

Shaw Danon and Onara did not mind about it. They are not spoiled and they understand Bilu's spoilt temper.

After three of them left, the tavern returned to quiet. People traveled on the busy street. The clouds changed in the sky. As dusk drew closer, an old and a young entered. The old was holding a cloth banner with the writing "Immortal Guidance". The young is a little girl, eating a lollipop.

They are Tanis Ka and his granddaughter Tonni.

Tanis Ka looked around, Tonni was also taking a look at the surrounding. Seeing the magnificent decoration, she gasped, whispered: "Grandpa, did you head to a wrong way?" Pride rose on Tanis Ka's face, he said: "You think your grandpa really is that useless over so many years?"

Tonni was curious: "So it is not?"

Tanis Ka glared at her, said: "Just wait."

Then, he turned and found the manager was doing calculation at his counter, he quickly took Tonni to the counter.

The manager noticed there is someone coming toward him, he raised his head, and was about to greet, but he was startled and surprised.

Tanis Ka smiled, his celestial manner was very similar to the high cultivators, he said: "Manager Wang, you still remember me?" The Manager Wang exclaimed, and ran to him from behind the counter. His face was filled with respect and delightful surprise. Tonni was stunned by his reaction. He said: "Ah! It is you the immortal senior! How come you are here? Alas! Th-th- this is thirty-years we haven't see each other! I always missed you!"

Tanis Ka smiled, with surpreme temperament he cleaned the dust off from his clothes, smiled lightly he said: "I am not a mortal. These years I traveled around the world, to many famous mountains and wonderlands, visit celestial beings, absorb the spirit of heaven and earth, when can I have time to come?"

Tonni fell on the ground.

But Manager Wang believed it without doubt, kept nodding: "Right, right, you immortal senior surely is different than mortal like me."

Then, he instructed Tanis Ka and Tonni to sit at a clean table, hurried summoned his worker to serve the best tea. Tanis Ka looked around, said: "Seeing the appearance here, your business must be going very well for the past years!"

Manager Wang respectfully said: "Yes, it is blessed by you."

Tanis Ka coughed: "This time I come here is to visit a cultivator friend at East Sea. I recalled that I have a destined cause with you that year, so I come and have a look. Tonight I will stay in your place!"

Manager Wang nodded: "Of'course, it is an honor to have you here. I also planned to bring my family to see you!"

Tanis Ka laughed, putted his hand into his clothes, said: "So how much is one night "

Manager Wang immediately shook his head: "I already wishing desperately for you to come here, how can I take your money?" Tanis Ka's hand was still in his clothes, he shook his head: "Alas! Manager Wang, I know I enlightened you that year. But you are doing business, it is not good for me to break the rule "

Manager Wang was a bit agitated, said: "Immortal senior, look at what you did for me. If not because you gave me the guidance, and allowed me to --" Then he suddenly looked around, lowered his voice, said: "If not because you allowed me to plant a tree of wealth at 'Dragon Cave of East Sea', how can I make a fortune for the past thirty-years. You come stay in this tavern, if I still take your money, I will be punished by thunder!"

Tanis Ka smiled and took his hand out, said: "If that is so, I shall not refuse it."

Manager Wang nodded and chatted for a moment. The worker came and informed them the upper class room is ready. Manager Wang rose up and lead Tanis Ka and Tonni to their room. At the rear hall, the building was weird. Three stories high, with hexagonal shape. At the center there was a large courtyard paved with bluestones. But the trace of time left the green grass in the gaps among the stones. At the most center place, a silver birch stood lonely, withered and emaciated.

Manager Wang lead them to a quiet room at third floor. Chatted with them for a moment then left. When he left, he said tonight he must invite the immortal senior to a feast.

Of'course the "immortal senior" tried all he can to refuse, saying he cultivated for many years, already not involve in mortal affair. But Manager Wang was very sincere, at the end, the immortal senior reluctantly accepted on the behalf of his granddaughter Tonni.

After Manager Wang left, Tonni closed the door, leaving only Tanis Ka and her in the room. Tanis Ka giggled: "How it is?"

Tonni asked him back: "Were you really going to give him the money? What if he really ask you for money?"

Tanis Ka said righteously: "Then what? I Tanis Ka is a cultivated celestial being. How will I care about such useless thing?"

Tonni snorted: "Don't give me this. You think I don't know?
You don't have money in your clothes!"

Tanis Ka was surprised: "What did you say?"

Tonni said: "Your money separated into three groups. One hide in your belt, one hide in your boot, another one hide inside of your 'Immortal Guidance' banner. You think I don't know? You don't have any silver in your clothes."

Tanis Ka startled, flushed, said: "Brat, how do you know about this?"

Tonni glared at him, said: "What did you lie to him thirty- years ago?"

Tanis Ka said angrily: "Nonsense, when did I lie to him?" Tonni snorted: "Don't give me this again. Dragon Cave of East Sea is the origin of ocean, a spiritual realm. It must be under deep ocean. How can it exist in mortal world? Your words can only lie to honest people like Manager Wang."

Tanis Ka smiled embarrassly, but then sighed, with a sorrow feeling.

Tonni frowned: "What is it?"

Tanis Ka quieted for a moment, said: "Actually, this got to do with your dad."

Tonni was surprised: "My dad? Didn't he die twenty years ago?"

Tanis Ka nodded: "Thirty years ago, when your dad was still young, he and I went to Chang He together. Although his age is young, he displayed incredible talent in divination like you. At that time Manager Wang was still a worker in a normal inn, but your dad said his face is quite good. Wide and flat, no pointed edge, large eyes with no hooked brows, destined to be peaceful, can make a fortune. So I  " He smiled: "So I found a
time and secretly guided him, told him he need to plant a silver birch at the Dragon Cave of East Sea, put up a "Fa" character, then he must make a fortune. So "

Tonni continued for him: "So he did what you told him and really made a fortune, started this large tavern, successful business, it is all rely on your guidance, right?"

Tanis Ka laughed.

Tonni glanced at him, said: "But I am really curious where is the Dragon Cave of East Sea you told him?"

Tanis Ka lifted his eyebrows, smiled: "Come." Then he pulled her to the window, pointed down, said: "That is it."

Tonni was surprised. What he is pointing at is the half-dead silver birch. She asked: "Right there? Why that tree look half- dead?" Tanis Ka said: "Rubbish. If your tree got planted on a bluestone floor, can it live well?"

Tonni couldn't say anything.

Tanis Ka looked at the sky, said: "The sky looks so dark today, it is probably going to rain tonight!"

The night began to get dark. The rain started at dusk, but until mid-night, it still has no sign of resting.

Bilu was at the upper class room at third floor. Shaw Danon and Onara were at the bottom floor. After it rain, the air became a little moist.

Shaw Danon rolled around, couldn't sleep, but the reason was obvious.

Onara was asleep, but his loud and thick snoring sound fitted his body body perfectly. If this is not heaven shocking, this is at least bed shaking.

Shaw Danon sighed, sat up and putted on his clothes. He sat in the darkness for a while, then opened the door and went outside.

In the dark night, the courtyard seemed to be bottomless.

But a weak light came from unknown place has allowed him to see the figure of the silver birch in the deep of the courtyard.

He lifted his head, to the sky.

Took a deep breath.

A cool and moist chill air entered his chest. Although he was standing at the corridor, the wind from outside caused the thin rain drop to hit on his face. He turned around and closed the door. Following the ring shape corridor, he walked slowly.

The night was dark, the wind was howling, the rain was falling.

The rain dropped from the sky, hitted on the bluestone floor in the courtyard, created a spray.

On the roof above the corridor, the rain water gathered together, falling down like a thin water fall. Walking here, it was like walking in a water cave in a quiet mountain.

And it was like, when it is, in this young man's memory, there has also been such a --


In an unknown place of the darkness, there was a low sigh! The wind blew by, whistled, the rain of the sky slanted.

Part of Shaw Danon's lapel was wet, but he did not notice it, he only stared forward.

In the rain, a person was holding an umbrella, quietly standing under the tree in the rain.

The watery eyes seemed caught something, seemed heard something, seemed felt something. That lady turned around.

The sky was quiet, the rain was quiet.

He and that lady quietly stared at each other.

The wind, was still blowing, the rain, was still falling......

Chapter 58: Set out to the Sea

The color of the night was dark with the wind hitting. The fallen leaves softly floating in the wind.

Under the light green umbrella, her dress was fluttering among the wind, several hairs were sticked on her snow white cheek.

Shaw Danon stood there, at that instant, there was a confusing idea passed by in his mind. In this weird night, a strange place, but there was a familiar rain......

He walked slowly into the rain.

Behind him, there were a pair of ghostly eyes watching him in the darkness.

As he got closer, the entire world seemed quiet down. Her eyes were just before him.

Very gentle.

"Why didn't you go to sleep?" Shaw Danon asked slowly.

Bilu did not answer, only watching him, with a pair of watery eyes reflecting his figure.

The rain wetted his clothes, between his hair, they formed into a crystal small rain drop, fell off from his hair, and slided down on his cheek.

"What about you?" She asked back: "Why didn't you go to sleep?"

Shaw Danon silenced for a moment, then said: "Onara's snoring is too noisy. I can't sleep." Bilu startled, then laughed out softly. The watery light surrounding her eyes seemed brightened.

In Shaw Danon's eyes, she was like a blooming lily in a raining night.

She smiled, held out her hand and pulled Shaw Danon to her. Shaw Danon couldn't help but stepped forward. In the rain, a small, green umbrella putted above his head.

Under the umbrella, it was her soft breathing.

Shaw Danon's heart jumped more rapid. He looked away, not to look at her. But soft fragrance from her body was surrounding him.

"Tomorrow, are you going to Billows Hill?" Bilu asked quietly. Shaw Danon's heart moved, said: "Yeah!" Then he lifted his head and glanced at her: "What about you?"

Bilu smiled: "Me too!"

Shaw Danon's face changed, he frowned and said: "Don't be silly like a child, there are a lot of people from the side of Good there. My master has bad temper, you will be in danger if you go there."

Bilu did not say anything, only staring at him silently. Shaw Danon had an uneasy feeling, but could not tell what it is. But he knew it is never good to stand with her like this in the rainy night, he said: "I will return first."

Bilu did not reply. So Shaw Danon left her and went back.

But when he was half way there, behind him, in the rain, her sound suddenly issued. "Xiao Fan!"

Shaw Danon was startled. It was the first time Bilu has ever called him in such friendly tone.

He slowly turned around. The rain lay between them. The distant seemed greater, as for Bilu's face was getting more blurry. But her voice, was still so clear.

"When I was standing lonely here, I was thinking, if we unable to escape and die in Blooddrop Cave, it is actually not bad."

Shaw Danon was shocked, then forced a smile: "Don't make joke mindlessly about it." Then he hurried walked away.

Bilu was watching his back, lowered her head, using the voice that only she could hear: "At least, I will not regret." Shaw Danon walked on the corridor, avoided the rain. His heart was relieved. For some reason, he always have a nervous feeling when he is facing Bilu the beautiful Felkin girl. Probably the pressure from her identity!

He sighed and looked back, seeing the girl was still standing in the rain. He shook his head and headed back to his room.

Not long after he left, behind her, the darkness suddenly moved. A woman covered with black clothes and black veil came out and walked next to her.

Bilu turned around, said lightly: "Aunt Negar."

The woman in black looked at Shaw Danon's direction, with a calm and feelingless voice: "Let's go! Your father is waiting for you at Billows Hill!"

Bilu slowly nodded. Dawn, Shaw Danon who finally could go to sleep was waken up by Onara's loud voice: "Brother Zhang, wake up."

Shaw Danon opened his eyes with great difficulty. Seeing Onara was filled with spirit and energy, clearly he was sleeping well last night!

He smiled bitterly, did not say anything. He climbed up and went to the basin to wash his face with his blurry eyes. Onara sat on his bed, smiled: "Brother Zhang, just saying, you are so young and also a cultivator, after one night you should be refleshed. Look at you, it is like you did not sleep last night!"

Shaw Danon mumbled in his mind: "With you here who can go to sleep?" But he just smiled bitterly and nodded.

After they finished washing, Onara took Shaw Danon to wake up Bilu. Shaw Danon was not willing to, but he did not feel right to tell Onara. Unexpectedly no one answer when they knocked on the door for long time. When they asked the manager, they found out Bilu left last night, also paid the money for their stay. Onara was startled, feeling odd. Shaw Danon stood on the side, calculating. Base on what Manager Wang said, she left shortly after he left her.

Originally Shaw Danon was troubled about what to do if Bilu is going to come with him to Billows Hill. But how she suddenly left without notice, he was puzzled.

As Onara planned to discuss with Shaw Danon, Manager Wang suddenly asked: "Excuse me, is the name Onara?"

Onara startled, said: "Correct, how do you know?"

Manager Wang was glad, he took a letter out under the counter, said: "This morning a customer entrusted it to me, say to give this to a burly young man name Onara. It must be you."

Onara took the letter, found it really has his name on name, he opened it and have a look. Shaw Danon also pulled himself together and looked at Onara. As Onara read, his brows frowned closer and closer together, he cried: "Master!" Shaw Danon was surprised: "What is it about your master?"

Onara shook his head: "Don't know, but this letter is wrote by my master, telling me to head to earth god temple at west immediately. Brother Zhang, seem like we need to separate for now."

Shaw Danon nodded: "Doesn't matter. It is fine that you go. I am also hurried to go to Billows Hill and see my master!"

Onara smiled: "When I see my master, after a talk he senior must also come to Billows Hill. We shall meet again by then."

Shaw Danon did not know him for long, but he felt very friendly toward him. He smiled: "Okay!"

Onara smiled, turned around and left.

Shaw Danon went with him until the tavern's entrance, watching his large body disappeared in the crowd. He stood there startled for a moment, then turned and headed to the east along.

When they were long gone, in the main hall of Hai Yun Luo, Tanis Ka and his granddaughter Tonni slowly came out.

Tonni said quietly: "That was close, almost run into an old enemy." Then she gave Tanis Ka a look, said: "Isn't it all because of you grandpa, no matter where, one step wrong and we will one into the people who got scammed by you. The most wronged person is this world is probably me."

Tanis Ka rolled his eyes at Tonni, then ignored her. Manager Wang saw the immortal senior came out, he came and greeted him, served tea and dishes, treated him with enthusiastic attitude. Tanis Ka was also not being polite, and sat down with Tonni pompously, chatted with Manager Wang.

Manager Wang said: "Immortal senior, do you know? Last night something serious happened outside of the wall of Chang He?" Tanis Ka startled: "What happened?"

Manager Wang said: "I am not sure about it. I heard the righteous cultivators that gathered here had came across with the Felkin last night at the west of the city. Two sides battled fiercely. People at the west of the city said it was so intense that the city wall was shaking!"

Tanis Ka asked: "Felkin and Righteous already began to fight?"

Manager Wang shrugged, said: "The news was spread this morning, probably not going to be fake!" Then with a concern tone he said: "Immortal senior, the Righteous are cultivators, and Felkin normally won't put their anger on us the normal people. But your cultivation is deep, if someone ask you to help punish the Felkin, you must be careful!"

"Puff", Tonni couldn't help but spew out the tea.

Tanis Ka glared at Tonni. Tonni forced herself to hold the laughter. Seeing the worry look came from Manager Wang, she tried to keep her normal tone and said: "Ah! Manager Wang, I-I am fine. Just, ho ho, got choked when drinking, ho ho, got choked "

East Sea Billows Hill is seven thousands miles into the sea, the farthest eastern place in the world. Beyond that it is the endless sea.

Such remote place has no human habitat. Unexpectedly several days after Shaw Danon and others went to Kongsang Mountain, Felkin cultivators suddenly rose in every places. Just in a few days dozens of factions were eliminated by the Felkin. It shocked the world instantly. The Felkin rose again after eight hundreds years with great momentum.

Within the Righteous, the Jadeon, Skysong, Incense and other factions immediately called a meeting.

Just at that time, news sent to Incense that large number of Felkin were gathering at remote East Sea Billows Hill. What are they planning? With righteousness above everything else, the people from the side of Good were angry. Soon, with the three major factions as the lead, they sent their elite disciples, with the lead of the highly cultivated elders, they set out to East Sea Billows Hill. On their way, many righteous cultivators joined in them, intend to clean up the heretics, create peace for the living.

Shaw Danon found out what happened from the people on his way. The blood boiled in his chest, his decision of going to East Sea became more stable.

At this farthest eastern location, the journey is also extremely long. The Felkin choose this place probably they knew the Central Plain is a rich resources place, but also the root of the three major factions, that's why they are will to come to this remote island. However, they did not expect the flourishing side of Good, with righteous above everything else, to come right away even though it is extremely far!

On his journey, Shaw Danon was in hurry, beside resting, he spent all of his time riding on his fire stick. After about two days, he was finally out at the sea. At the beginning he could still see some islands, after another ten days of traveling, he could only see the bright sea and blue clear sky. He flew for day and night non-stop. The clear blue of the sea, if not because of the wave, it is almost like a crystal clear, beautiful gemstone. However, there was still no sign of island.

Shaw Danon was dumbfounded in mid-air, the cool wind of the sea hit his face, but his heart was anxious.

Now, he had already out in the sea for ten days. This time he has not find an island to rest for one day and two nights. He couldn't believe he got lost in this endless sea.

But for past days, beside for sleeping outdoor and eating wild things, there is nothing else. His flying ability was greatly improved. No longer as nervous as before.

At this moment, he raised his head looked at the sky, the lowered to look at the blue sea. He smiled bitterly.

When he was out of idea, Shaw Danon suddenly heard a bird cry ahead of him. He lifted his head and saw a white seagull, flying above the sea.Chapter 4 Set Out to the Sea C Shaw Danon's mind thought, when he left the coast, he saw a lot of seagull, but when he flew far, the seagull could not reach here. Now at the deep of the sea, he could see a seagull, that means an island is nearby.

Thinking of that, Shaw Danon was excited. Without hesitation, he flew to the seagull's direction. The endless sea lies on the horizon, the color of the sky and sea are exactly the same, like poem and drawing.

Flying between heaven and earth, there is a feeling of immortal, like the body was combined with the nature into one.

He flew for another small half an hour, a small island appeared before him. Looking at it from the sky, the entirety of the island was covered with green plants. The sea water near the island was clear, like crystal blue jade.

Shaw Danon had flown for long time, his body was tired. He landed with his fire stick and rested on the island for a while. When finally set his feet on the ground, Shaw Danon looked around and found the scenery is much different and clear than when he looked from the air.

The clear water washed on the pure white sand beach wave after wave. Near the shore, there are type tree that Central Plain does not has. Tall trunk, no side branch, straight into the sky. At the tree top there are large leaves, under the leaves, there are fruits that are about size of a child's head.

Deeper into the island, beside the tall trees, the short bushes are also flourish. The woods are thick and there is no path. Seems like no one has ever walk here for thousands years.

Above the head, the seagulls crying in circle. The fresh, cool wind came from the sea. Shaw Danon took a deep breath. At this quiet place, tireness caught up to him. He looked around, seeing nothing strange, he found a clean place, lied down and fell asleep.

This sleep was quite sweet. The island was quiet, except for the tide and wind, there was no movement. And of'course no one will bother him. Shaw Danon slept until dusk, then woke up. Shaw Danon stood up and stretched, quickly walked to the sand beach. Gazing afar seeing the scenery of dusk, it was very different than morning. The sunset was red as blood, at the west of horizon, shined the clouds and sea red. The clouds were burning in different shape and appearance. The wind blew from the sea, Shaw Danon opened his arms, took a deep breath.

A relax feeling filled his body. At a place that is like a paradise, his entire body was relaxed.

At this moment, he couldn't help but think, if he could stay with Ling'Er Shijie in such peaceful place everyday, watching the beautiful sunset, his life will have no regret.

Thinking of Hidi, Shaw Danon's heart was excited. Since the time he left the mountain, it had already been a month. Since the time he entered Jadeon, he had never separated from shijie for such a long time. Now on this quiet island, thinking that his shijie can be on a island near here, excitement rose in Shaw Danon's heart and couldn't get settled. Standing there for a long time, his fluctuating feeling finally calmed. He heard a growling from his stomach. Shaw Danon smiled bitterly. Since the period he was trapped in the Kongsang Mountain Blooddrop Cave, he seemed getting hungry very easily. But it is fine, he still got enough food, only the water does not have much left.

Shaw Danon looked around, then his eyes landed on the fruits on the tall trees. He rose up and picked off several of them.

He did not expect the fruit shell is extremely hard, Shaw Danon finally crushed the shell after many hits on the rock, white juice came out. Shaw Danon quickly drank all. Though it was a bit bitter, but it taste sweet. It was a fine good.

With this natural delicacy, Shaw Danon had a satisfing meal. Seeing the sky darkened, he planned to continue the journey tomorrow.

The sky was getting darker. The wind from the sea blew on him was also getting colder. Shaw Danon frowned, walked toward to the woods, but hesitated for a moment, he did not went in. He found a place near him to avoid the wind and lied down and rested.

Had been slept for the entire afternoon, Shaw Danon couldn't go to sleep. He rolled around, his mind couldn't help but recalled words of Wan Ren Wang that day at the tea stall.

He picked up the fire stick from his waist. Reflecting the light from the stars, on the black fire stick, ghostly green light glowed. Especially the blood like red veins, they seemed came to life, they seemed having fresh blood flowing inside it.

Are those, like Wan Ren Wang said, my blood?

Shaw Danon murmured it in his heart, different feeling mixed together. He could remember clearly that day in ancient valley, when the Sinister Orb sucked out large amount of blood from his palm......

Shaw Danon shivered, shook his head hard, not willing to remember the past. Only, that esper still clearly in front of him, even that unique chill was still familiarly flowing in his body, like it is a part of his body.

That day, although he dignifiedly said those words to Wan Ren Wang, but when it comes to him, it still does not feel good.

Afterall, need a disciple who grew up in a famous faction like him to accept his esper is a Felkin evil artifact, it is not easy to do.

Thinking of that, he looked at the fire stick again, seeing the clear veins, he heart couldn't help but think: this esper, how many souls did it took?

In these blood, probably many wraith is hiding in it!

He shudded. But, he suddenly recalled, if what Wan Ren Wang said is true, then the "Ancient Sword Regenesis" in Mount Jadeon Peak of Widows's Moontop Hollow, what is it then?

The world's righteousness, evilness, is it just like what his master and shixiongs taught him, always is there, never change?

Suddenly, a thought appeared in his mind, a thought he never had before rose: Who said that we Righteous must be righteous?

Thinking of that, Shaw Danon abruptly jumped up, closed his eyes and "snap"!

He snapped his face heavily, shouted: "Bastard, damn, how can you have such betrayal idea!"

East Sea has Billows Hill, seven thousands miles into the sea. There is a beast, ox shape, dark body with no horn, one leg, when it appear there must be a storm, bright as morning, loud as thunder, name Mindrot Menace. Yellow emperor used its skin for drum, hit with the bone of thunder beast, spread to five hundreds miles away, shocking the world.

Chapter 59: Broken Heart A

After snapped his face, Shaw Danon stood there, a bit out of breath. After a long while, his emotion calmed, then shook his head smiled bitterly, told himself: "Shaw Danon Shaw Danon, what rank are you, only a disciple of Jadeon, you dare to doubt the righteousness of the ancestor, really don't know your limitation. Jadeon have been like this for two thousands years, the world admire them, of'course they are right, where you can doubt about."

Having thought of that, his mind relaxed. Though it was self comforting, it was very effective. No longer thinking this question, he peacefully lied down.

Before he could make himself comfortable, suddenly a sharp whistle in air broke the originally quiet sound of wave and wind on the island.

Shaw Danon immediately jumped up, raised his head, he saw in the night sky, a beam of white light was like a meteor, shot across the sky. Behind it, several beams of light followed, red, yellow and white. Shaw Danon realized they were cultivators battling in the sky. The person in the front was clearly escaping while the people from behind were chasing.

In this remote place, there should be no one here. Now there were people fighting, it must be a battle between the Righteous and the Felkin. Shaw Danon had been searching in the East Sea for several days. He was in hurry, now seeing one side must be from Righteous, he did not hesitate. He pointed, the fire stick rose into the air, charged into the sky.

Shaw Danon rode on the fire stick, making "zoom......" sound under the color of the night, swiftly charged into the sky. But the people in the sky appeared to be unaware there could be anyone on the island. The escaping person thought it was ambush, and the chasing people also thought it was a trap. Both sides shouted, the white light in front turned around, and the red, yellow and white light from behind also turned and striked at Shaw Danon.

Shaw Danon was surprised, and fell into a situation where he faces enemies from front and back. But the speed of those espers was fast, there was no time for him to explain. He stopped himself and dropped down like a rock. ※※※

The four people in the sky were skilled and have fast reaction, quickly realized what happened. Their espers paused, then followed downward, like a stinger on the back, not allow its prey to escape. But it seemed both sides were a bit confused as they discovered the opposite side also appeared trying to kill this unwelcome visitor.

Only the poor Shaw Danon became the wronged person. He was chased by four espers, one mistake can cause his body to turn into thousands pierces. Hearing the sound of wind from behind was getting closer, Shaw Danon gritted his teeth, he knew he could not escape. He flipped around, seeing the four beams of light arrived like lighting, he shouted, the fire stick brightened with green light, blocked this hit for him.

"Bang", a loud bang sounded above the quiet sea. The four lights were shocked back. Shaw Danon and the fire stick heavily fell into the water from the sky. "Splash", the water spattered really high. Large ripple poppled on the surface of the water. The four people in the sky, the escape did not escape, the chase did not chase, they only stayed there, feeling there is something strange.

After a while, a person slowly floated to the surface of the water, with arms and legs spread out, appeared to be unconscious. The four people in the sky decended, at the same time aware of each other. They got closer to the surface, under the star light, they could manage to see the face of the person in water.

"Xiao Fan!"

Two screams, came from both sides.


Soaking in the freeze sea water, this feeling caused Shaw Danon to think he was still in the Heartless Sea under Kongsang Mountain Forsaken Abyss, still under the ground. Only, why the sky has bright stars? He shook his head and regained consciousness. He found himself lying on the shore. At far on the sand beach, four people were standing there. One side was a girl in green dress. Other side were one girl and two men, base on their clothing, they were from Jadeon.

Shaw Danon looked toward the girl and two men. The two men were familiar, they were Da Shixiong Xavion and Sixth Shixiong Amandla. And the girl in red dress, her face was so familiar.

Instantly his blood was boiling, his mind was ringing, without any other thought, only stared at her, shouted: "Shijie!"

The girl in red heard the voice and turned around smiled. The lonely island, the sorrow color of night seemed brightened: "Stinky brat, I knew you will not die so easily!"

What word can describle such excitement? Shaw Danon has thousands words in his mind, endless thought, many bitterness. The thought of past days during the difficult time rushed into his brain. Seeing the sweetly smiling beautiful lady, his heart was sour, tears dropped.

Shijie, shijie, shijie! His heart had mentioned this word for countless, countless of time. Now she suddenly appeared before him, he could see nothing else.

Until, an angry shout issued: "Shaw Danon, you bastard, not even look at me?"

Shaw Danon was surprised. Not only him, Hidi and others were surprised also. Shaw Danon turned and this surprise was not easy.

The moon light, the star light, coldly shined on the sand beach of this lonely island. A girl in watery green dress, with anger on her face, her bright watery eyes stared at Shaw Danon savagely. Isn't that Bilu?

Shaw Danon was nervous when facing her. His tongue was tied, mumbled: "Why are y-you here?" Bilu glared at him, did not answer. Her eyes peered at Hidi's face, seeing that she was beautiful and charming, a fire rose in her heart.

That mid-night Bilu left with the woman in black at Chang He's Hai Yun Luo, she met her father outside of the city, then followed her father to East Sea Billows Hill and joined other people, prepare to do something important on Billows Hill. The Righteous cultivatords also arrived at the same time. Both sides had been confront each other for several days.

Calculated the days, Bilu predicted Shaw Danon should arrive already. After the near death experience together under Forsaken Abyss Blooddrop Cave, also met each others on the journey afterward, Bilu already had a strange feel toward this normal Jadeon disciple. Today, she couldn't help it anymore, she only wanted to see Shaw Danon again. So she sneaked out, found where the Jadeon live, but she did not find Shaw Danon and discovered by Hidi and others.

Actually Shaw Danon should already arrive at Billows Hill. But no one could expect Shaw Danon got lost in East Sea, delayed for several days while Bilu was several days earilier. Tonight she found Shaw Danon expectedly on this island, Bilu was very pleased, and she felt a bit sorry after she accidentally hurted him.

But when Shaw Danon woke up, before she could check if he is injure, she saw that stinking brat was enchanted by his shijie, with a look of not even know who himeself is. Bilu's anger rose, there is no longer sorry, she just wanted to grab that brat and beat him up!

Shaw Danon looked at Bilu's furious face, then turned to his shijie, finding Hidi and the two shixiongs' eyes were wide opened, they were all puzzled.

He was in the middle, he wanted to explain to his shixiongjie, but he did not know what to say. He turned to Bilu, seeing the sharp eyes of that Felkin girl, his heart was agitated, then something rose to his chest. He vomitted mouthful of blood.

"Ah!" Hidi and Bilu screamed. Shaw Danon has nothing serious. He was hit by the combined strike of four people, although he had the protection of the incantation and the fire to block most of the power, Xavion and others' cultivation were all higher than Shaw Danon's. Even though they found something strange and held back, the great force still hit him down. Fortunately below was the sea, if it was hard ground, it really got a lot for Shaw Danon
to suffer.

Shaw Danon's chest was already stuffed, now being stimulated by the embarrassing situation, his blood rose, and he vomitted a mouthful of blood. Those were only extravasted blood, although exaggerating, it was nothing serious.

But how could Hidi and others know about it. She was a close friend with this Xiao Shidi since young. Out of concern, she immediately ran to him. But once she made a move, the Felkin girl also ran to him with anxiety on her face.

Hidi is a girl so she knew what it is and paused, but Xavion and Amandla thought that Felkin heretic is trying to harm Xiao Shidi when he is injured. Xavion shouted, his "Ten Tigers" sword enlarged and striked at Bilu. Bilu was worrying about Shaw Danon, but was obstructed by that big fellow, she was angry, however the might of that sword could not underestimate. She twisted and turned into a green figure, just in an instant she passed through the light of Ten Tigers. Before she make even distant of one yard, white light flashed before her. A strange cube shape esper flew at her.

Bilu could not see it clearly so she did not take the hit, but paused her body. Her right hand waved in the wind, a pure white flower appeared between her fingers. It was her esper "Heartending Flower".

The Heartending Flower follow Bilu's finger, rose into the air and blocked the strange object. Bilu could see clearly what that is, her feeling was mixed with anger and laughter. It was a cube with six faces, each has dots as number, it was a dice. She could not imagine there can be such deviant esper, that is rare.

The white light of Heartending Flower forced Amandla's dice a yard back. It was appeared Amandla's cultivation was not enough compare to Bilu's. Though Amandla's cultivation is not as good as Xavion, he is a lot smarter. Seeing his cultivation was not enough, he summoned another two dices to annoy her. The three dices flew from above, from bottom, circle, left and right, although it could not invade into Heartending Flower's area, Bilu also couldn't go through, and was delayed for few moment. Xavion already rushed at her from behind.

Bilu had fought against Xavion, she knew that person's cultivation is quite deep. If need to fight him by herself, she may not be able to defeat him. Plus the furtive guy before him, and the "Ling'Er Shijie" that Shaw Danon mentioned about, she knew tonight she couldn't gain any advantage. She gazed at Shaw Danon, cursed in her heart: "Stinking brat!"

Xavion was rushing toward her, the heretic who was fighting against Amandla suddenly flew backward. The flower in her hand turned into thousand flowers, covering the sky. He was surprised and immediately turned his focus on defense. But it was only Bilu's trick, within the thousand flowers, Bilu's green figure rose into the sky and flew away.

Xavion was about to chase, Amandla and Hidi called: "Da Shixiong, no need to chase." Xavion realized, retrieved his sword, and together with others, they ran to Shaw Danon.


East Sea Billows Hill, the mountains on the island was magnificent and dangerous, taking large area. In compare of size, it is the number one among the islands of East Sea. But this place is very far away, no sign of human habitat, so in reputation, it is no match for other two famous mountains of East Sea -- "Mount Penglai" and "Island of Yama".

But this time at Billows Hill, it was the most crowded. For several days, the Felkin seemed searching for something among the mountains. Although the mountains range is large, but cultivators' flying speed is extremely fast, often ran into each others. Both sides has "strong hatred" at each other, always use their espers to crush each others once they recongize who is it, creating sky shocking bangs. Then their allies will come assist, and turn it into "ganging". Countless of dazzling or vicious espers flew in the sky of Billows Hill. For several days, both sides have many casualties. Countless of the small mountains and hills were destroyed.

That night after he reunited with Hidi and others, under their lead, Shaw Danon finally found the Billows Hill, and also saw his master Tian Bolis and shi niang Surin.

This time the Felkin rose in power in fierce momentum. Not only the hidden old evils had reappeared, but also many new faces, and their cultivation were not low. It can clearly be seen that the Felkin had planned this throughly over the past years.

The enemies were quite strong, and the Righteous did not delay. After the Head of Jadeon Master Doyal Shen discussed with Skysong and Incense, they sent out Dragon Head Peak, Sun Rise Peak, Bamboo Peak, and Bamboo Height's elite disciples, with Dragon Head Peak's Master Vasp Cealo and Bamboo Peak's Tian Bolis, and the assisstance of several elders, they lead dozens of Jadeon disciples to join the force of Skysong and Incense, plus other Righteous cultivators, together they arrived at Billows Hill. When Tian Bolis saw Shaw Danon, he first was startled, although he was happy, he held it. But his shi niang Surin did not care much about it, smiled filled her face, she pulled Shaw Danon to her side and asked him many questions.

Shaw Danon forced himself to hold the tear when he saw his shi niang, and summarized what happened. But he was still concerned about Bilu's identity, so he did not mention about Bilu and the Blooddrop Cave, only say he was trapped inside the mountain for several days, then fortunately he found a secret passage to escape.

Everyone exclamed as they heard the story of how he escaped from the death. Among the Bamboo Peak disciples, Xavion, He Dazhi, Amandla and Hidi came to Billows. According to them, Shaw Danon found out the eight people in the Cave of Fangs, Fazzan and Fashan of Skysong, and Li Su and Yanon of Incense were fine. Kevern and Issa were also out of danger.

The one in the most risk was Anan who fell into Forsaken Abyss with Shaw Danon. She was poisoned by the red eyes yasho, and was wounded by the nether spirits and tree spirit, then got washed away by the great wave caused by the ancient demon Abyssal Viper. She fell unconscious under the Forsaken Abyss. But with the protective aura of Aeolian Firmus, Kevern and others were able to find Anan who was surrounded by countless of nether spirits under Forsaken Abyss, and saved her from the hall of Yama.

At that time Anan woke up and told them Shaw Danon was still alive under the Forsaken Abyss. But they had searched for several days and still found no clue. Anan still had poison in her body, wound had not recover, but she still insisted to find Shaw Danon. After a few days, her body could not go on anymore. They gave up searching despite her strong objection, and brought Anan back to Mount Jadeon.

This time the Jadeon came to the east, all of the people Shaw Danon knew, beside Issa, had come.

Hidi giggled: "If Anan Lu Shijie knows you are alive, she must be really happy. Do you know, when she couldn't find you that day under Forsaken Abyss, how anxious her face is!"

Shaw Danon startled, Anan's face appeared in his mind. He remembered she had tried to save him many times under Forsaken Abyss, he was grateful: "Lu Shijie does it for same faction relationship, of'course I......" Then he paused, thought of something, he asked Hidi: "Shijie, you were not there, how do you know Lu Shijie was anxious?"

Hidi sticked out her tongue, made a face, smiled: "I heard that from Kevern Shixiong."

Shaw Danon startled, seeing Ling'Er Shijie's beautiful smile, his burning heart that started when he saw her, had cool down.


The next day, conflict rose again between the Good and the Evil.

At the conflict, the monks of Skysong sighed as they saw the trees and wild lifes being ruined, they recited the After Life Sutra. After it finished, they mumbled "Amitabha", then waved their fingers, the espers lauched a sky shocking strike, the Felkin escaped from it, then a huge bang, after that, another small hill wiped out, more lifes were ruined, they recited the After Life Sutra again.

"Bald head thief, stupid bald head, I dare you to shut up and come fight. Mumbling all those stupid incantation all day, I will be bothered to death if I do not get cursed to death!"

"Amitabha, donor Cynical, you're burden with heavy sin, if you don't turn back now, you will be fall into Avici!"

"Posh posh posh! Bald head thief, you are still a monk?
Cursed at me directly!"


Shaw Danon felt this voice was familiar. He took a look and saw it was the strange looking Cynical Dialectian he met that day in Kongsang Mountain Cave of Fangs. At this moment he was standing at the front of the Felkin, cursing at a Skysong monk angrily. Nian Boss, Lin Feng, Liu Gao, and that young woman was also standing among the Felkin. Shaw Danon was amazed that they were here, then suddenly some mumbled the word of Buddha behind him: "Amitabha, greeting Zhang Shidi!"

Shaw Danon turned around, it was Fazzan and Fashan of Skysong Temple. Among the eight people in Cave of Fangs, the two monks from Skysong were always friendly to him. Especially Fazzan, seemed treated him differently. From Hidi, Shaw Danon found out, although Fazzan made the decision of leaving Forsaken Abyss despite Anan's objection, the sadness on Fazzan's face could never be fake.

Shaw Danon was grateful when he heard that. Now he saw Fazzan and Fashan, he immediately saluted: "Greeting two shixiongs."

Fazzan took a careful look at him, let out a long breath, smiled: "Ancient people said: 'Good people will be blessed by heaven'. Now I believe it. Zhang Shidi can survive such disaster, worth congratuate, destined to be fortunate."

The huge Fashan stood behind his shixiong Fazzan, who is shorter than him, he said in his muffled voice: "Zhang Shidi is blessed!"

Shaw Danon was grateful: "Thank for the thought from two shixiongs."

Fazzan smiled and nodded, looked at the scene, Cynical Dialectian already began the battle with a Skysong monk, he patted his shoulder, said: "Let us chat later when we have time."

Shaw Danon quickly replied: "Yes."

Fazzan took two steps, then turned around smiled to Shaw Danon: "Zhang Shidi, you should go see Anan donor Lu of your faction, she is very worry about you!" With a mysterious look, he smiled at Fashan, then walked away.

Shaw Danon startled, then turned at looked at the Jadeon Bamboo Height. This time Head of Bamboo Height Master Shui Yue did not come. The female disciples, with their Da Shijie Baako as their lead, listen to Master Vasp Caelo and Tian Bolis' order. Anan was standing among them. Haven't see for a month, Anan seemed got thinner, perhaps brought by the injuries. But still, Shaw Danon could feel the natural gorgeousness, the peerless beauty of that lady. Even when she got thin, she was like a cold dew on a blooming lily, lonely and aloof, with elegant.

The female disciples of Bamboo Height were mostly beautiful ladies, attracted many eyes. Except for the old monks of Skysong Temple, the male disciples of Jadeon and Incense often peered at them and Anan attracted most of the eyes. But that time Anan had returned to her original coldness, when her eyes sweeped across and landed on Shaw Danon, she paused for a moment, then looked away emotionlessly.

Shaw Danon felt a little disappointment in his heart, but then he felt a bit happy. He was already has some fear toward this icy beauty, now she ignored him, he felt relax. Not a while later, all his attention was attracted by Hidi's giggling, and no longer able to take it away.

Chapter 60: Vicious Energy

The one who confront with Cynical Dialectian was a monk of Skysong Temple, highly cultivated. Using a shining gold wooden fish esper, like it came to life, and chased Cynical Dialectian. Cynical Dialectian was extremely embarrassed. The grey beast fang in his hand no longer shining, probably being broken by his opponent.

The beating of the wooden fish sounded, the gold wooden fish swinging its tail in the air, chasing Cynical Dialectian. Cynical Dialectian was breathing heavily, fleeing embarrassingly, very funny. The people from the Righteous were laughing, Hidi was also giggling. Shaw Danon stood next to her, peered at his shijie. Hidi's smile was as pretty as flower, and the dimples appeared on her snow-white cheeks were as adorable as they could be. His mind was charmed, only wish this moment can be eternity.

Suddenly a whisle, Shaw Danon saw Nian Boss came out from the crowd and gave assistance. His cultivation was far higher than Cynical Dialectian, and his Red Devil Eye's power is not weak. The Skysong monk took back his smile and careful handled him. After a few glances, Shaw Danon found a strange thing. Within the Felkin, when Cynical Dialectian was in trouble, except for Nian Boss, Liu Gao and others were having a bad look, other people were watching the scene, laughing at his misfortune. Later when Cynical Dialectian could hold out no longer, only Nian Boss helped him, others were just watching. Shaw Danon was puzzled, thinking the Felkin really couldn't be understood with common sense, are they having inter- conflict among the factions?

Shaw Danon's assumption is pretty correct. Nian Boss, Cynical and others are from the Bloodforger. This faction of'course was glorious, well known under the hand of Elder Blackheart eight hundreds years ago. But now it is weaken for long time, already being pushed out by the main factions of Felkin. Now seeing Cynical was ashamed, the high number Felkin people not only did not help him, but laughed at him like it was a joke.

Nian Boss is the leader of the faction, cultivation is not simple, he quickly stopped the advance of the Skysong monk.

Cynical Dialetian finally able to have a break, regained his breath, he cursed: "Bald head thief, you almost harmed your elder!" Then he turned and fought him two against one with Nian Boss.

People from Righteous cursed: "Felkin heretic, shameless to the extreme."

Within the shouting, Shaw Danon suddenly heard the sound of wind blew beside him and was surprised. Hidi was not willing to be bored and came out from the crowd. Phoenix Soul's amber light embraced her graceful figure, rose into the air.

"Shameless heretic, more against less, Fazhong master, I am here to help you!" Hidi shouted.

Shaw Danon now know the monk's name is Fazhong, base on the name it seemed he is in the same generation as Fazzan and Fashan, but he face looked a lot older.

When Fazhong saw Hidi jumped out, he issued a buddist word: "Thank you donor." Fazhong's right hand pointed, the gold wooden fish in the air immediately charged at Nian Boss, brought him to the side. Hidi took Cynical Dialetian. It was easy to see that Fazhong left him the badly cultivated Cynical Dialetian to her for her young age.

Shaw Danon saw Hidi fought Cynical Dialetian, he was anxious and about to come out and help, his shoulder was pulled by someone. He turned and saw it was his Da Shixiong Xavion. Xavion whispered to him with a solemn look: "Xiao Shidi, Felkin heretics are shameless and rely on more people to gain victory, but we will never do that."

Shaw Danon immediately realized, nodded and held back. He inadvertently saw Tian Bolis couple, they were calm. Then he remembered, with master and shi niang here, what can happen to Ling'Er Shijie? He really is worry for nothing.

Shaw Danon blushed. peered around, no one seemed noticed his misbehavior. Xavion also looked at battle in mid-air like there was nothing happened. He was relieved. At this moment, he suddenly felt a gaze landed on him. But when he turned around, he only saw the shijies from Bamboo Height, Anan was also among them, but no one looked at him. In the sky, Hidi could use the Phoenix Soul in any way she wish. Within thousands beams of amber light, Cynical Dialetian was dizzy, the silk surrounded himself in the center from all direction. He couldn't get out or break it. He would probably get wrapped into a dumpling by the silk after a while.

Tian Bolis saw his daughter showed her face out there, pride appeared on his face. The people of Righteous praised about her. Hidi was graceful, compare to Cynical Dialetian's dog like face, the distant was eighteen thousands miles. Not only the Righteous cultivators applauded, even the Felkin laughed.

Cynical was embarrassed to rage. Although his cultivation is not deep, his experience is too far for compare with that inexperienced little girl. His eyes rolled, peered at Hidi, he could see that girl is a novice, he immediately shouted: "Stinking yatou, I see that you are quite pretty, can't believe you have such improper relationship with that old monk!"

The people were quiet, then a moment later the people of Righteous cursed at him. The Felkin laughed into mess, some obscene people even shouted: "Correct, correct, really can't see that!" Hidi was angry and irritated, said angrily: "What did y-you say?"

Cynical pointed, with the word "righteous" written on his face, a looking of justice bringer: "Posh, if you are not in a good term with that old monk, why will you come out and help him?"

Even Fazhong was angered, he immediately mumbled "Amitabha". Hidi was angered to pale, she knew it was provoke plan of Cynical, but she is a eighteen years old girl, and suddenly receive such insult in front of the crowd, how could she not angry. She immediately shown a flaw in her esper.

Cynical saw it as a chance, he quickly escaped from the surround of the Phoenix Soul. Just when he fled, a bang, the sky full of red silk closed, if he was still in there, probably crushed into thousands pieces?

Cynical sticked out his long tongue, said: "Very ruthless yatou!" Hidi was extremely angry, the originally snow-white skin had turned red. Without extra word, like lighting, she charged at Cynical Dialetian again.

Under the surprise, Cynical fled away. The Felkin saw him returned, they boo, then suddenly, don't know who started it, the Felkin flew away one by one, no one help him.

Just in an instant, the only Felkin left was the Bloodforgers. Nian Boss's face was clouded, and his heart was angry, but he knew this place not for him to stay. The Red Devil Eye letted out several red beams in a row, forced Fazhong back a few yards, then rose up, waved his hand to his men and fled away.

Hidi was about to chase, his father Tian Bolis called: "Ling'Er, don't chase."

Hidi forced herself to stop, her face was still flush red, turned to Tian Bolis and said: "Dad, you heard that heretic nonsense " Tian Bolis smiled, Surin went forth and pulled her down, smiled: "Those Felkin heretics, they can do any evil thing. It is just rude word, we can just pretend we never hear it."

The people of Righteous agreed, said: "Correct, correct."

"Lady Tian don't put it in your heart."

Hidi came down. The people of Righteous saw the Felkin heretics were gone, they also dispersed. These days they often battle with the Felkin. Fight then leave, leave then fight.

Shaw Danon was about to go forth and talk to Ling'Er Shijie, suddenly someone hit his shoulder. He turned around and stunned, then became very pleased. Baye stood behind him, with a happy look. Haven't see for long time, he was in white clothes, with Dragon Slayer sword on his back, sharp brows and bright eyes, handsome and elegant, very outstanding.

Since mentioned it, it is the first time Shaw Danon see his childhood playmate after the Seven Peaks Tournment. These days he was wandering across the world, faced many near death moment, but Baye's figure never appeared in his mind.

Baye looked at him for a while, first it was delightful, then it was agitated, suddenly he embraced Shaw Danon in his arms, tightly and not let go, and relased after a long while. Shaw Danon's emotion was also agitated, he could see the shining tears in Baye's eyes.

"Xiao Fan!" Baye opened his mouth, his voice became choked, grabbed his shoulders, almost hurted Shaw Danon.

But Shaw Danon did not mind it. After seeing Baye, it seemed like all the terror and despair he faced at the edge of death can be only understood by this brother. He can truly relax himself only in front of this brother.

Baye grabbed him tightly, said quietly: "Xiao Fan, I-I-I thought I can never see you again......" Then at here, his emotion was over agitated, unable to go on. "M-me too." Shaw Danon also looked at him. Soon, they smiled and letted out a long breath.

"It is good to be back, we still need to eliminate the Felkin and avenge together!" Baye held Shaw Danon's shoulders, smiled.

"Right." Shaw Danon nodded heavily.

Baye's emotion slowly settled, his face was calmed, seeing Shaw Danon's face has sign of traveled, Baye's eyes darkened a little, said: "When I heard you left the mountain, I was happy for you, and also hate myself. I can't believe I disappointed the great expectation my master has toward me, my achievement is not as great as yours."

Shaw Danon was surprised, shook his head: "JingYu, you can't say that. Who doesn't know your potential is far superior than mine. If I face you in the contest, I must be defeated. I am only lucky." Baye letted out a breath, grinned: "That's right, I will practice much harder, I don't believe I can't beat you. But you can not relax either."

Shaw Danon laughed, and nodded hard.

They were talking the past here while Hidi was pouting and act spoiled to her mother. Surin smiled and comforted her.

Shaw Danon and Baye chatted for a while. He glanced at his master, then pulled Baye's hand, said: "Come, I will bring you to see my master and shixiongs."

Baye snorted, said quietly: "That short winter melon master, forget it."

Shaw Danon glared at him, said: "Don't say rubbish." Then began to pull him. Baye's face was frustrated, all he could do is to follow him. As they walked near, Shaw Danon was about to speak, suddenly saw there is an extra person next to where Hidi and Surin were talking, Cool and handsome, it is Kevern.

Kevern gently whispered few words to Hidi. Hidi immediately smiled, there was no longer any anger on her face. She smiled like a flower, then held Kevern's hand before everyone, took him to Tian Bolis.

Shaw Danon heard a loud "hum" in his head, everything turned empty, instantly there is nothing, leaving only his shijie holding Kevern's hand. He could still faintly hear Baye's joyful words, he said quietly: "Originally your short winter melon master insisted not allow Kevern Shixiong to be together with Tian Shijie. But Qi Shixiong went to beg master, master always value Qi Shixiong, so he told this to Head of the Faction. Your master only left with the choice to allow it. Heh heh, you see they already make it public "

Baye suddenly stopped, mouth slightly opened, watching Shaw Danon. It was like Shaw Danon had suddenly became a different person at this moment. He could only feel the raging fire in his heart, almost burning his body.

He felt he was burning alive by the nether fire. Before him, that man, and his most beloved lady, were holding hands walking toward him.

The fire stick that has hidden in his waist raised a familiar chill, spread through his body. But it did not has effect on lowering the temperature of the raging fire, but like putting fuel into fire. A vicious energy, a blood thirsty heat, had twisted Shaw Danon's face.

Everyone at there were stunned. The originally harmony atmosphere had frozen instantly. Then everyone saw the Xiao Shidi who used to be gentle and kind suddenly letted out the vicious, evil energy that even the Felkin do not have. The people surrounded him all took a step back, watching this vicious person, agressively took a step toward Kevern, also toward Hidi.

The blue sky of Billows Hill seemed darkened. Xavion was the first came out, stopped before Shaw Danon. He could immediately feel there was no more familiar figure in this Xiao Shidi who he watched him grew up.

Feeling someone standing before him, Shaw Danon raised his head slowly, glared at Xavion. Xavion saw his bloodshot eyes, heart was a bit terrified, he forced a smile: "Xiao Fan, what is it?"

Shaw Danon did not answer, with a lowered, hoarse voice said: "Move."

His tone extended very low and long, seemed used great amount of energy to say it, but in everyone's ears. it was terrifying.

Tian Bolis' face darkened, everyone were in astonishment.

Follow by, under the watch of everyone, Shaw Danon saw Xavion was still in front of him, the fire stick in his right hand glowed with cold green light, with a sense of killing that it never has before. This time Xavion was really surprised. It was not because of the heavy sense of killing, and it was also not because his cultivation had advanced rapidly after Shaw Danon left the mountain for a month, it was because the Xiao Shidi who respected him, loved him, now has the intention to kill him.

He could see it, of'course Tian Bolis' eyes could also see it. He took a step with his darkened face. Although he still believe Shaw Danon is not Xavion's opponent, but this young disciple's epser is extremely awkward. That day it had showed off on the stage in Seven Peaks Tournament, Xavion probably can't deal with it easily.

And at this moment, Hidi ran to him with surprised look, stood between Shaw Danon Xavion, asked in surprise to her most favorite Xiao Shidi: "Xiao Fan, what really is it?"

The face that had carved in his heart, that pair of bright eyes, that lady who he had missed so much, has stood before him, concernly, worriedly asking......

Shaw Danon was stunned, completely stunned, like have awakened from dream. The vicious energy inside him had receded like tide. But, but, he could feel the tearing pain, startling looking at his shijie, there is a desire of wanting to cry!

Do you kow, at the edge of death, the one that I missed the most, is you?

Do you know, dream to return to Jadeon, thousands of twisted thoughts, are only for you?

Do you know......

"Slap", a loud, clear and crisp sound. Shaw Danon's face was slapped by Tian Bolis who suddenly appeared next to him. His entire body flew backward, formed an arc in the air, then landed at far away.

Everyone was stunned. Shaw Danon fell on the ground. Stars flying before eyes. But the he who had awoke, was feeling very ashamed. How could he wanted to fight, even kill, his Da Shixiong who had always been taking care of him. It was really an unforgivable, heinous crime!

He managed to climb up, but before he straighten his body, his legs fell again. Half of his face was swollen, fresh red blood dropped from his mouth.

However, he could not feel any pain in his body, only his heart roared at himself with the fear that he never had, what is it, what is it, what is it into you, are you crazy?

He blankly raised his head, watching the people of his house. It was like everyone had become a stranger. As for them, their eyes, it was also looking at a stranger.

All of this, what really is it?

Shaw Danon managed to stood up. No one speak. Everyone looked at him, looking at his expression, but it appeared to be puzzled more than feared, like he did not even know what happened himself.

Xavion always being protective over Shaw Danon, he turned to Tian Bolis, said: "Master, Xiao Shidi, h-he does not have any disrespectful intention, he is on-only "

"Shut up!" Tian Bolis shouted. Xavion could not continue. The short, fat Tian Bolis was like an angry deity of heaven at this moment, walking toward to Shaw Danon step by step.

Shaw Danon's face showed a sign of terrified, he fear his master the most since young after all, he could not imagine what is he going face next?

Suddenly, a white figure, stood before Shaw Danon.

Everyone was surprised. Baye's face was pale, brows frowned, but facing this name shocking Jadeon's Head of Bamboo Peak, he had no sign of fear just like when he was young.

With his snow-white clothes, he stood there, like nailed to the ground, did not move an inch. Even there are perils in front of him, it could not move him.

"Clang", a dragon roar, the Dragon Slayer unsheathed. The bright green aura covered him and Shaw Danon -- the two people with the same background. Completely ignoring the eyes of his Da Shixiong Kevern was giving him, he said righteously, determinedly: "If you are going to touch Xiao Fan again, you will have to kill me first!"

Kevern gasped in a cold breath. He peered at Tian Bolis. Tian Bolis's face at this moment was as bad as it can be, almost to liver red. The degree of anger in his heart can be clearly seen.

But Kevern as the senior disciple of Dragon Head Peak, there is no reason for him to avoid. And Baye always favored by Master Vasp Caelo, there is no way for him to ignore no matter what. Kevern looked at Tian Bolis, he knew it is no use to comfort him. He swiftly ran and pulled Baye, whispered: "You are crazy, shidi, it is their Bamboo Peak inter matter, what are you meddling. Even if Master is here, thing won't go anywhere better, hurry and leave with me!"

But Baye today was very different than before, he snorted: "If I leave, Xiao Fan is going to get tortured by this person to unimaginable degree. He is an orphan like me, if I don't stand by his side, no one in this world will." Then his eyes shot straight at the Bamboo Peak, although he knew the difference in power is huge, his eyes told, for the brother behind him, he can discard his life.

Kevern couldn't say anything. Seeing Lin Shidi is being irritated, he was very anxious. Suddenly a hand putted on Baye's shoulder.

Baye was surprised and turned around. Shaw Danon stood behind him, half of the face was completely swollened. His eyes were already filled tears, his voice was choked: "Jing Yu, I understand y-your intention. I did the wrong thing, I will apologize to my master, you return with Qi Shixiong first!" Baye frowned, was about to speak, Kevern said hurriedly: "Lin Shidi, if you stay here, it will only get Tian Shishu even more mad, this will harm Zhang Shidi instead. Leave, hurry!"

Then he forcibly pulled Baye away. Baye struggled, but seeing Shaw Danon's eyes with a bit of plea, he hesitated for long while, then finally took away by Kevern. When he left, he looked back at Shaw Danon for every steps he took.

Tian Bolis's look was extremely bad. The people of Bamboo Peak looked at each others. No one dare to say anything.

Shaw Danon silently walked to him, kneeled down, putted his head on the ground, not moving.

Tian Bolis laughed coldly: "Ah! I am not worthly for it. Who is this! So high cultivation, so much sense of killing, do your eyes still have me as your master?"

Shaw Danon's body shook, kowtowed heavily three times.
His head was still on the ground. Xavion and others always love that Xiao Shidi, seeing his situation, they forgot what Shaw Danon looked like bfore, they all said to Tian Bolis: "Master, Xiao Shidi he "

Tian Bolis waved his hand, everyone's words were choked in their throats. Tian Bolis took a look at Shaw Danon, then snorted angrily, said coldly: "Can't imagine that for all these years, I have raised up a traitor!"

Then without looking back, he walked away and ignored Shaw Danon.

Surin sighed and followed. Everyone could not help but followed, leaving Shaw Danon kneeled on the ground lonely.

His head, still did not raise.

※※※ The sky grew dark, the Righteous cultivators returned to the mountain waist of Billows Hill at south. There were dozens natural caves, very convenient. That day when they arrived at the mountain, it was immediately choosen by the Righteous cultivators.

Jadeon with four houses, has occupied four caves. Bamboo Peak has the least people, they located at the most western cave, next to the thick forest. Follow by are Dragon Head Peak, Sun Rise Peak, and Bamboo Height. Then they are resided by Skysong, Incense and other Righteous cultivators.

This time Shaw Danon returned, Fazzan and Fashan of Skysong had came met him. Kevern also came greeted him. Anan stood among the Bamboo Height and did not come. He only did not see Li Su and Yanon of Incense.

But he did not have the mind to think about that at this moment. He followed everyone return, but did not enter the cave, instead he kneeled on the rock outside of the cave. From afternoon to dark, he had kneeled for more than four hours. Tian Bolis still showed no sign of heart softened. Many of the Jadeon disciples from the other houses, Skysong, and Incense disciples saw it. They gathered, pointing from afar, their sneer could be heard.

Shaw Danon was ashamed. But he still did not get up. But kneeling for such a long time, his knees was sour.

Suddenly in a neighboring cave, where the Dragon Head Peak's disciples live, loud noise came out. Shaw Danon did not lift his head, but still could hear Baye was angrily speaking. Seemed like he couldn't restrain himself anymore and about to come out, but grabbed by Kevern and other disciples.

When there were shoutings, suddenly a dense, powerful voice issued from the neighboring cave: "Jing Yu, come here, I have thing to talk to you."

Shaw Danon knew this is the voice of the Head of Dragon Head Peak, Vasp Caelo Shishu. The Dragon Head Peak disciples immediately quiet down. Soon, Baye did not dare to disobey his master's order and walked in, then never came out again. The darkness had returned quiet. the crowd that was watching the show had left. Leaving only Shaw Danon kneeling at the entrance of the cave.

And at this moment, voice of Xavion, He Dazhi, Amandla begging Tian Bolis came out from the Bamboo Peak's cave. After after Tian Bolis angrily scolded them, everyone stopped.

But the silence did not continue for a moment, Hidi's agitated voice issued: "Dad, what are you doing? Xiao Fan has been kneeled outside for almost five hours, what did he do wrong? Did he hurt Da Shixiong or kill him? He already apologized, you still not let him come in "

"Bang", stones blasted into the air. Tian Bolis's anger could not settled, his hit on a hard rock, crushed it to dust. Hidi still had things to say, but shi niang Surin whispered to her and took her away. Then there was no more sound.
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