Zhu Xian Chapter 31-40

Chapter 31: Path of Righteous

Big Yella lay on the floor, eyes half closed, its tail swing frequently. Ashh lay on the bed, the pair of bright eyes looked at Shaw Danon's anxious face. Shaw Danon glared at it, tirely said: "What you looking at?"

Of'course Ashh did not understand what Shaw Danon meant, so it "creak creak" twice. Its master was injured, but looked at this monkey's face, it got no sign of worry, but felt happy for Shaw Danon's suffer.

Shaw Danon said impatiently: "Go, go, go, get out!"

Shaw Danon heard foot step came from the door. He smiled, said: "Sixth Shixiong, why you send the meal so early today?"

His voice stopped all the sudden as he saw Tian Bolis' stout body came in from the door. Shaw Danon surprised. These days, Surin let him rest under quiet condition. All the Shixiongs include Hidi only visited him once. Only Amandla came and send him the three meals. He did not expect Tian Bolis will appear. He startled, then he realized and got off from the bed, about to salute. Tian Bolis' heart was depressed, volatile. He waved his hand, said: "No need."

Shaw Danon answered, then stood up at the side. Watching Tian Bolis sat next to the table, he held his breath.

Tian Bolis looked at this disciple's reaction. There was no way he looked like an outstanding, talented person, more like someone who is dumb, but why......

Tian Bolis shook his head, sighed, said: "Seventh, come sit here."

Shaw Danon surprised again. Normally Tian Bolis did not care about him. Today he was little kind to him. He could not believe his ears.

Tian Bolis waited for a moment, saw Shaw Danon was still staring at himself, seem like did not react. He became little angry, said: "Do I need to please you to sit down?" This scold filled with anger. Shaw Danon found back the normal feeling of his master. He immediately reacted and sat down.

Tian Bolis stopped. Then he smiled bitterly, shook his head, said: "How is your body?"

Shaw Danon respectfully said: "Reply to master. Since came back from Peak of Widows, thank to master, Shi niang's cure, and all Shixiongs' care, it almost recover."

Tian Bolis looked at him, said lightly: "Seven Peaks Tournament already passed for more than a month, look like you are almost recover. I have a few questions that I need you to answer them right now."

Shaw Danon's heart sinked. He felt the thing that he fear finally came. But he could only say: "Yes, master please say it."

Tian Bolis said slowly: "Your black stick, where did you get it?" Shaw Danon's heart beated, and looked at Tian Bolis. Tian Bolis was also staring at him. His face was still calm, but his eyes were aggressive.

Thousands of thought in his mind, but he couldn't make a sound. Tian Bolis' face darken, said: "Say it!"

Pressed by his master, sweat already appeared on Shaw Danon's forehead. Although he did not have much experience, but years ago in ancient valley, Sinister Orb accidentally combined with the weird black stick was too awkward. From what he had heard from his Shixiongs' daily conversation, the Path of Good never allow evil thing with ability to suck out blood. If he allow Tian Bolis to know what actually happened, the result will be unimaginable.

Other than that, in his heart, there was still one thing, a thing that he fear the most to tell, especially when he found out Pozhi was Four Divine Monks of Skysong and remembered the incanation he taught him.

At that moment, he determined not going tell anything, even a little, about Pozhi no matter what happened. Tian Bolis stared at him.

Shaw Danon left his chair and kneeled down.


Tian Bolis frowned, snorted, then coldly said: "Speak."

Shaw Danon lowered his head, said slowly: "This black stick, was found by chance, when Shijie and I went to back mountain's ancient valley."

Tian Bolis startled, then remember about that happened two years ago. Hidi was fainted for no reason in the ancient valley. Surin went there and check but could not find anything strange. He too went there later. This thing remained as a mystery. As time passed he forgot it. Now, it seem it was all because of this black stick. But how dangerous is an item that could knock out Hidi while no one control it? How could Shaw Danon able to drive it? The mystery became more confusing. Tian Bolis asked lowly: "How you get it?"

Shaw Danon did not dare to lift his head and fear to let Tian Bolis to see his expression. He was not a smart person. Especially the situation now was very anxious. He could not find a explantation within such hurry.

Tian Bolis saw him hesitated. He immediately shouted: "Speak."

Shaw Danon was surprised. The sweat raining down. His heart raced. He did not dare to hide anymore, so he told the story of that day, but he took away thing about Sinister Orb. He only said that day in ancient valley, he saw a black stick. He felt curious and picked it up. As the result, the black stick sucked out his blood (It suppose to be Sinister Orb). He felt sick then fainted. Before he fainted, he could see the black stick obsorbed his blood. He finished and still not raise his head and look at Tian Bolis. Tian Bolis frowned and pondered: This small disciple doesn't seem lieing. This type of special power of the esper is definitely not make up by him. But such weird esper was the first time he heard of. If there is something that is smilar to this black stick, it will be the wicked esper of Felkin thousands years ago, "Sinister Orb".

But it was obvious that the black stick does not look like Sinister Orb.

Tian Bolis stood up, hands behind his back. He walked across room, pondering, then turned back to Shaw Danon, said: "You get up first."

Shaw Danon answered, rose up, but his head was still looking down, and stood on the side.

"Even it's like that, that esper is blood bonded to you, its a blood smelted item." Shaw Danon was curious: "Master, what is blood smelted item?"

Tian Bolis startled, then said impatiently: "Doesn't matter if you don't know. Just listen to my question."

Shaw Danon immediately lowered his head again, said quietly: "Yes."

Tian Bolis looked at him, said: "Even this black stick is a precious esper that not known by the world, you must get to at least Pure Essence to level four in order to drive it."

Shaw Danon's face changed.

Tian Bolis said slowly: "That day on Peak of Widows I already asked you. Now I am going to ask you again. Who gave you the incanation for level four?" Shaw Danon shocked. He knew he was in great trouble for the mysterious black stick. If include him secretly practiced incanation, the punishment would be unimaginable.

Chapter 31 Path of Righteous B

At that moment, seem like Hidi's face had passed by in front of his eyes: go to mountain and chop down bamboo with him, the gentle face under the candle light in raining night, and running around in Bamboo Peak in the past, even the delicate fragrance of her was so clear in his memory.

Every drop of the memory, rose in his heart.

He knelt down, and heavily kowtowed, did not say a word.

He lay on the ground, did not move. The newly recovered body was skinny but strong, with a bit grieve. Tian Bolis looked at him deeply. After a while, he gave out a long sigh, said: "Stand up. Follow me to Peak of Widows. As for can you come back alive, it will depend on your preformance."


In deep of white clouds, it was peacefully quiet like the fairyland that people dreamed.

Mount Jadeon, Peak of Widows, Crystal Hall.

Jadeon's Heads of the Seven Peaks were all gathered there.
Their eyes were on the kneeled young men.

Master Doyal Shen watched Shaw Danon kneeling there. His brain remembered the two children's figures five years ago when they were saved. Time passed like in the blink of the eyes, they were already grown up. His heart sighed, his eyes left Shaw Danon, and turned to other masters, said: "Everyone, what Shaw Danon just said, what is your decision?"

They were quiet for a while, then, Master Vasp Caelo's voice suddenly rose, said with certainty: "This boy's word can not be trust."

Shaw Danon's body tremble, but did not lift his head.

Master Doyal Shen frowned: "Why Vasp Caelo Shidi so certain?"

Master Vasp Caelo peered at Shaw Danon, said: "Art of blood smelt is evil and vicious. If not because of Felkin heretic teaching him, how could he know the way to craft such esper. So this person must be Felkin spy, we can not let him live."

Master Vasp Caelo was in charge of Jadeon's punishment with high position and reputation. His voice was so certain. Shaw Danon immediately turned pale, almost couldn't breath. No one said anything, only Tian Bolis darken his face, said slowly: "If he is really deliberately planned to place him into Jadeon as a spy, then why he use it during Seven Peaks Tournament under the eyes of thousand people?"

Master Vasp Caelo snorted, said: "Felkin heretics are already difficult to understand. Doing such weird thing is not unusual."

Tian Bolis said angrily: "Isn't that too fetched, irrational?"

Master Vasp Caelo said coldly: "Me irrational? Excuse me Tian Shidi, is the art of blood smelt belong to the Good?"

Tian Bolis couldn't say anything. His face flushed. Anyone could see that Tian Bolis was stand on his disciple's side. At that embarrassing moment, a icy cold voice came, it was head of Bamboo Height Master Shui Yue:

"Then excuse me Vasp Caelo Shixiong, you said art of blood smelt is evil and vicious. Then may I ask, what make it evil, what make it vicious?" Master Vasp Caelo opened his mouth and about to speak, but stopped, and then said: "It's Felkin wizardry, what else do I need to say?"

Shui Yue said coldly: "Then that mean Vasp Caelo Shixiong knows nothing about the art of blood smelt. Then why say this is evil vicious, and want to kill this boy?"

Master Vasp Caelo looked at Master Shui Yue aggressively, said: "Oh, Shui Yue Shimei, what do you mean?"

Master Shui Yue said lightly: "Shixiongs, first I don't know much about the art of blood smelt. Although there are rumors but most are just guesses. If blood smelt can really happen by chance, aren't we killed the wrong person? Second this boy is just sixteen. His background is clear. Saying he is a Felkin follower, it is just too illogical."

Master Vasp Caelo squinted his eyes. His eyes were sharp, said: "Why Shui Yue Shimei is so abnormal today to help this boy, really hard to understand?" Anger flashed on Master Shui Yue's face, said: "I am just talking about fact. I will definitely not like someone who see other house has a talented person, and fear it will be danger to his position, so find some small matter to get rid of him, animal!"

No one here is as sharp as Master Shui Yue. Master Vasp Caelo was in rage and swiftly rose up.

Master Doyal Shen immediately interrupted: "Okay okay, why argue again. Sit down, sit down."

Master Vasp Caelo did not dare to disobey the Head's order, and sat down. Shui Yue's face was as nothing happened, sat quietly on her chair.

Master Doyal Shen shook his head, turned to other people, said: "Everyone, what do you think?"

Other heads quiet for a moment, then head of Peak of Wind Ceng Shu Chang said: "Head, I think Shui Yue Shimei is right. This boy's background is clean, and never left the mountain before. Maybe it is just really a coincidence to find this treasure. It is our Jadeon's fortune."

Master Doyal Shen nodded, turned to head of Sun Set Peak Master Tian Yun. Tian Yun looked at Vasp Caelo, said: "I agree with Vasp Caelo Shixiong's decision."

Master Vasp Caelo got an ally. He nodded to Master Tian Yun.

Only head of Sun Rise Peak Shang Zheng Liang was left. He looked at Tian Bolis, then Master Vasp Caelo and Master Tian Yun, and Master Doyal Shen at last. He pondered for a second then said: "I think Shui Yue Shimei is right."

Tian Bolis was relieved while Master Vasp Caelo snorted. Master Doyal Shen nodded, said: "Everyone already said it, then I should say my own." Then he said to Shaw Danon who was still kneeling: "Xiao Fan, stand up first."

Shaw Danon shocked, lifted his head and looked at all the masters. He slowly rose up. Master Doyal Shen looked at him, seem like he wanted to see him more clear. Then he said to other heads: "Everyone, actually I think Shaw Danon does not seem like a Felkin follower. Though there is savage power inside of the fire stick, but unlike the Felkin espers that shown its vicious, blood thirsty energy that we had seen before."

Master Vasp Caelo couldn't help but said: "Head Shixiong, Felkin heretics are dangerous and vicious. Rather to kill the wrong person than let him lose!"

Master Doyal Shen's look changed, looked at him, shouted: "Vasp Caelo Shidi, do you know what you just said?"

Vasp Caelo understood he said the wrong thing. He lowered his head, not saying anything.

Master Doyal Shen's face was serious, but his voice turned low, said slowly: "Vasp Caelo Shidi, you had in charge of Jadeon's punishment for two hundreds years already. I really respect your fairness. But these years your are getting more aggressive, filled with anger, I really worry. You understand?" Master Vasp Caelo said quietly: "Yes, Shixiong."

Master Doyal Shen said: "Rather to kill the wrong peron than let him lose is what a Felkin heretic will do. We Jadeon is follow the path of righteous, we rather to let lose than to kill the innocent, otherwise what is the different between us and Felkin heretics? Your cultivation is deep, but still need to study the meaning of cultivation."

Master Vasp Caelo held up his palm, said: "Thank for Shixiong's guidence. Vasp Caelo understood."

Master Doyal Shen relieved, said: "Its good that you know." Then he turned to others. They said: "Head Shixiong can decide."

Master Doyal Shen nodded, said to Shaw Danon: "You hear?"

Shaw Danon was thankful, quickly answered: "Yes, thank you, thank you Shibo, Shishu," Then he turned to Tian Bolis, with a little choked: "Thank you master." Tian Bolis waved his hand, did not say anything.

Master Doyal Shen picked up the black rod from the teapoy, tossed it to Shaw Danon, smiled: "This thing can only be used by you. Take it back."

Shaw Danon caught it, and immediately feel the familar coolness. It spread throughout his body. It seem also happy. He saluted to Master Doyal Shen, said: "Thank you Head Shibo."

Master Doyal Shen smiled, his hands clapped three times. A child came out from the rear hall. Master Doyal Shen instructed him a few things. The child nodded and went outside. A while later he lead three people came in. Shaw Danon looked at them. They were all the people he knew. Kevern and Issa walked in the front. When his father Ceng Shu Chang wasn't looking, Issa made a face to Shaw Danon. Walking behind them was the cold beauty Anan of Bamboo Height.

Three people plus Shaw Danon were the top four disciples of Jadeon's Seven Peaks Tournament.

Chapter 32: Leave Mountain

Kevern and Issa saw Shaw Danon, they smiled and greeted him. Only Anan's face was unconcerned, but her eyes peered at Shaw Danon, with some kind of mysterious emotion in her eyes, but then disappeared instantly.

Master Doyal Shen looked at the four people, smiled: "Today ask you four to come here is to let you to leave mountain to obtain some experience."

Kevern and others were excited.

Master Doyal Shen told them about Kongsang Mountain's "Cave of Fangs", then said: "This mission is very important. You four are my clan's elites, that's the reason why send you there investigate. But Felkin heretics are evil and vicious. You must be cautious."

They answered: "Yes." Master Doyal Shen nodded, said: "Also, beside the Jadeon Clan, Incense Valley and Skysong Temple also send their best disciples to investigate. You must not be rude and bring shame to Jadeon. Also, main house disciple Enu Xiao Shixiong already went there investigating this thing. If you can find him, discuss with him before doing anything."

The four people looked at each other, then answered.

Master Doyal Shen carefully looked at the four disciples, then his eyes landed on Kevern. He waved his hand, said: "Kevern, come."

Kevern startled, and stepped forth. Master Doyal Shen looked closely at him, then turned to Master Vasp Caelo and smiled: "Shidi, your Dragon Head Peak has a worthy successor!"

Master Vasp Caelo was in a bad mood, and now he finally smiled: "Shixiong is kidding." Master Doyal Shen smiled and took out an item from his clothes, then handed to Kevern, said: "Take it."

Kevern took and and saw it was a small mirror. It looked old. Bronze on the edge. A dragon was on the top while a tiger on the bottom. Bagua was carved around the mirrior. The glass did not seem like a normal bonze mirror. It was hazy and unclear.

Kevern still hadn't react, Master Vasp Caelo was very pleased and shouted: "Silly child, why startling, hurry kneel down and thank."

Kevern immediately realized it was most likely the eser "Union Mirror". He quickly knelt down, said: "Thank you Head Shibo."

Master Doyal Shen smiled: "No need, no need. Stand up." Then said to other people: "Go outside first."

The people knew he was going to teach Kevern the incantation for Union Mirror, so they went outside. Outside of the hall, Shaw Danon went to Tian Bolis. Tian Bolis looked at him, said lightly: "You are burden with heavy responsiblility now, can't return to Bamboo Peak. After a moment you will leave the mountain with them. I will tell the people of Bamboo Peak about it for you."

Shaw Danon surprised, then lowered his head, said quietly: "Yes, master."

Tian Bolis said: "While your were recovering your wound for the past month, I heard your Shi niang had taught you some basic blade incanation and mystic art. You memorized those?"

Shaw Danon nodded, said: "Yes, disciple had memorized it."

Tian Bolis turned away, said slowly: "That's good. Although your quality is not good, but you are still part of Bamboo Peak. Do not make me lose my face out there."

Shaw Danon immediately said: "Yes, master. Disciple will definitately not make you senior lose face." Tian Bolis snorted. With his back turned, Shaw Danon couldn't see Tian Bolis' face. But from his tone, he did not have any anger. After a while, Tian Bolis sighed. He turned back and looked at Shaw Danon, didn't say anything. He waved his hand, summoned his sword and left.

Shaw Danon startled watching his master figure turned into a red light, disappeared in the sky. Suddenly someone hitted his shoulder. He was surprised, turned around and found out it was Issa, grinning. He looked around and saw all heads were gone already. Only two of them and Anan, who was standing far away, were left.

Issa laughed: "You are lucky. I was afraid that you are not going to pass this trial."

Shaw Danon was relaxed when talking to Issa. He smiled: "Yeah, I was scared to half death."

Issa patted his shoulder, looked behind him, said quietly: "Why don't bring Ashh here?" Shaw Danon said bitterly: "Today master brought me here. I did not expect we are going to leave the mountain today. I brought nothing with me, how I suppose to remember Ashh?"

Issa smiled: "Doesn't matter. I can lend some clothes to you. Or we can just buy some in Sunstream City." Then he winked, whispered: "Ho ho, we get something nice this time anyway."

Shaw Danon was puzzled, said: "What?"

Issa raised his eyebrows, peered back, and chuckled: "A beauty is coming with us!"

Shaw Danon did not know should he rather laugh or mad. But he still looked at Anan. At the same time, Anan seem felt it, and looked at them. Shaw Danon could felt her coldness even from far away. He quickly turned his eyes away.

They chatted for a while. When Issa was talking about what to say to Anan on their way, Shaw Danon's smile suddenly froze, his eyes stared at behind Issa. Issa was puzzled. He turned and saw a men was walking down the steps. He seem around fourty years old. His clothes were clean enough. But his face was sluggish. His mouth speaking random illogic stuff.

"Its raining. The sky turned dark. Stupid mom. Immortal, immortal, heh heh, immortal."

Under the eyes of Issa and Anan, Shaw Danon walked slowly, very very slowly. It seem took a long time for him to get to that men.

Was like, get back to the past!

"Uncle Bozo, how are you?" He tried to control his excitement, said quietly.

But his men's eyes seem did not have Shaw Danon's existance. He kept murmuring, left Shaw Danon and walked away, disappeared behind the hall. "Who is he?" Issa got next to Shaw Danon and asked.

Shaw Danon stared at the spot where Uncle Bozo disappeared, he said sorrowly: "A mad men!"

Issa looked at him, understood and not to ask anymore. After a while, Kevern walked out from the hall happily, and greeted with the three people.

Shaw Danon absent-minded and followed Issa and gathered with others. After they discussed (Shaw Danon was lost in thought, did not say anything), they decide to get to Sunstream City first.

Issa smiled to Kevern: "Qi Shixiong, the Union Mirror that Head Shibo gave you is powerful?"

Kevern smiled: "Union Mirror is our Jadeon's treasure, of' course it's powerful. I only fear my cultivation is not enough to handle it! Ha ha, okay, this place is mountain peak, disciples can not fly here except for the seven heads. We walk to Cloud Sea then fly to Sunstream City." Anan was expressionless. Shaw Danon blinkly nodded. Only Issa was smiling. Seem like it's a happy thing for him to do to leave the mountain.


From Jadeon Clan to Sunstream City, on the way, the four "outstanding" disciples of Jadeon were flying. Other people were very relaxing, but Shaw Danon met some difficulty.

He had rested for a month, Surin predicted that his wouldn't get killed by Master Doyal Shen, so she passed him some Jadeon mystic art, also taught him how to fly by navigating esper. It was very easy. All you need was cultivated enough, esper isn't too crappy, using Jadeon incanation and the help of mind could achieve it. But Shaw Danon's cultivation wasn't deep. His esper surely wasn't bad, but it was very weird. He was unfamilar with this newly learned Jadeon art. It really troubled him when he used it.

Surin did not expected him to leave immediately right after he went to Peak of Widows, but still let him memorize the incanation first, and let him practice once he come back to Bamboo Peak. Other heads of the house of'course did not know that weird boy's cultivation background. From his performance in Seven Peaks Tournament, they assume he knew art of skyblade. They did not Shaw Danon had secretly practiced incanation, himself did not even know he reached "Navigate Object" stage. How could he had the ability to fly.

Seeing other people summon their sword, Kevern's was a white "Frozen Ice" sword; Anan's was a blue "Aeolian Firmus" sword; Issa's was a sword with purple gas--"Xuanyuan". Shaw Danon was nervous, managed to summon "fire stick", but it did not seem as comfortable as the time he was in Seven Peaks Tournament.

They spent half of the day of their journey on crossing clouds and mountains. The four people reached Sunstream City at sun set. Shaw Danon and others wanted to bring less attention, so they found a quiet place near Sunstream to land. Their bodies were all wet due to the clouds, and their faces were pale. This seem more tiring than contest.

On their way flying, Shaw Danon almost lost control of fire stick several times. If not because Kevern and others noticed something was not right, stay close to him and helped him, otherwise this new Jadeon "elite disciple" will fall from the sky and die, ashamed his faction before even make his master proud, and cause Jadeon Clan to lose face. Kevern and others landed outside of the city, although they did not want much attention, they also feared Shaw Danon will fall off under the eyes of thousands people in the market. The prestige of Jadeon Clan that built over two thousands years may destory instantly by him!

After a rest, for Shaw Danon to regain his breath, the four people entered the enormous Sunstream City under the glow of sunset. Shaw Danon walked in the end, felt the doubtful eyes often came from Kevern and Anan. Clearly they did not understand why a person who shined brightly in Seven Peaks Tounament did not know the art of skyblade. Issa happily walking with Shaw Danon, did not mention anything about what just happened. His mouth kept introducing Sunstream City to Shaw Danon:

"Within hundred miles radius, this is the largest, flourishing place. There are at least two or three hundreds thousands people live here. This place is also in a good location. Many merchants pass here." Shaw Danon really admired Issa's knowledge, said: "Shushu, how you know all these stuff?"

Issa said proudly: "Nothing unusal. It's natural to know it if you read more books." Then he gave a evil smile, whispered: "Actually I sneaked to here many times already."

Shaw Danon was surprised, said: "You, you-"

Issa curled his lips, said: "What kind of face is that? Not a big deal. When I practiced art of skyblade, of'course I need to practice flying around. Fly and fly and fly then I got to here, then I take a walk in the market when I got tire, not a big of a deal!"

Shaw Danon couldn't say anything.

As the two were murmured to each other in the back, Kevern smiled, said to Anan: "Lu Shimei, the sky is getting dark. We are going to spend a night at Sunstream tonight. Tomorrow continue." Anan's face was cold as ice, without any expression, she nodded.

Because they wanted to avoid trouble, they already changed their Jadeon outfit, so no one suspect anything. But Anan's stunning beauty had drew some attention. Shaw Danon peered at Anan, her face was remain cool, but anger flashed in her eyes. He couldn't help but worry about the passerby. If Aeolian Firmus unsheathed, this ancient city will be half destoried.

But Anan's virtue seem better than Shaw Danon's expectation. Anan still did not make a move as they walked into a tavern called "Shanhai Yuan". Kevern had the highest knowledge, so he was the leader within the four people. Checking into the tavern also done by him, then they were arranged to the finest rooms in the backyard.

Shanhai Yuan was quite large. There were four serperate garden in the backyard. The four were at west garden. Each person had a serperate room. After resting for a while, Kevern called everyone to go to the teahouse and eat dinner. Shanhai Yuan had a teahouse, located at the most busy street. But at the third floor special guest hall, it was quiet. Out of ten table, about only five of them had customers eating. Kevern summoned the Xiao Er, ordered couple of dishes. It seem like he was very familar with this place. Perhaps he came here a lot.

Shaw Danon's heart was thinking, he borned in a farmer family, never been to such luxury place like Shanhai Yuan. When he passed second floor, he saw the magnificent hall. But when he got to third floor, the wall was carved with dragon and phoenix. The beams were make out of red wood. It looked very like old style, completely different than second floor. Of'course he did not know if people became rich, they will want fame and reputation. Some people wanted to have luxury, but because they also wanted to think they were cultured, they would pretend to be one.

The four sat on a small table next to a window. Issa looked at the decoration of the hall, asked Kevern: "Qi Shixiong, the price here is not cheap right?"

Kevern smiled, said: "This is the best teahouse in Sunstream, of'course not cheap. But our Jadeon is quite famous in here, their boss earnestly wish us to come here. They won't charge us too much."

Issa exclaimed "Ah!" then nodded. After a while, the Xiao Er came and served several dishes. That last one was a fresh braised fish. The fish was long, round head, dark brown, and had a pair of whiskers. The most important was the smooth white flesh with delicious smell.

Shaw Danon alway interested in cooking, and he had never saw this type of fish before, he couldn't help but asked the Xiao Er: "Xiao Er, what is the name of this fish, and how do you cook it?"

The Xiao Er laughed, said: "Customer you really have a pair of good eyes. This 'Flesh Braised Mei Fish'. It is our Shanhai Yuan's famous dish. Fresh smell, smooth, and sweet. This dish is very well known within hundred miles of Sunstream."

Shaw Danon swallowed, picked up his chopsticks and took a piece of fish into his mouth, then he closed his eyes and nodded: "Ah, the flesh quality is great, but the way to cook it even better. A bit of sugar, and some ginger to get rid of the fishy smell. Um, taste of fried scallion, must be fresh small onion. Ah, there is also pepper, spices, er right, sesame oil used perfectly. Wow!"

Kevern and Issa were stunned. Even Anan was looking at him with a strange look on her face. But the Xiao Er was really admire, said loudly: "Customer is such expert, exactly correct!"

Shaw Danon noticed others were looking at him. He blushed and putted down the chopstick, but still asked: "May I ask Xiao Er, where do Mei Fishes come from?"

The Xiao Er hadn't replied, a female voice from the nearby large table already said: "Mei Fishes special local product of the Zhu Gou Mountain at the south, thousands miles away from here. How can they get here, isn't your inn lieing to us?"

They were surprised. They looked at that large table, eight people were sitting there. Six men were in yellow clothes. There were two females. One wore a long, light purple dress, with a soft vile covered her face; other was the girl who just spoke. Not very old, seem around sixteen or so. Entire dress was watery green. With a pair of large bright eyes, beautiful face and snowy white skin, she was not much worse than Anan.

Shaw Danon exclaimed: "ah" But after she finished speaking, her eyes landed on Anan, appeared to be also surprised by Anan's beauty. But then even the icy cold Anan couldn't help but looked back that that girl.

The Xiao Er smiled: "This customer is right. But you may not know, hundred years ago, Mei Fishes only live in Zhu Gou Mountain, but then one day Jadeon's Master Doyal Shen passed by, and brought the Mei Fishes here to Hong Chuan river, allow the fishes to flourish here. It is thank to the good deed of Jadeon's Doyal Shen the Celestial to have such nice food." Then he face shown extream admire.

Shaw Danon and others smiled. But that girl looked at the woman with vile, then snorted.

※※※ After that delicious dinner, Shaw Danon and others returned to the west garden. Kevern said to others at the entrance: "Tonight everyone rest here. Tomorrow morning we will head to Kongshan Mountain."

Shaw Danon and Issa answered, but Anan did not say anything, returned straight into her room and shutted the door. Kevern startled, then smiled bitterly: "Two Shidi, you should also rest."

Shaw Danon looked at Kevern's handsome face. Under the glow of sunset, Kevern was still as energetic as alway. Shaw Danon suddenly felt tire. He said bye to Issa, then ignored Kevern and returned to his room.

Issa laughed, and talked to Kevern for a moment, then they returned their own room.

That night was the first time he left Mount Jadeon in five years. He couldn't go to sleep. When he finally could go to sleep at mid-night, he dreamed himself was stained with blood, standing within the bloody scene with a savage face. His heart was thirst for blood. It was like the blood in front of him was sweet spring water, attracting him, luring him. He couldn't help but came up with an idea to took over everything by killing.


Shaw Danon woke up from dream. He sat up and gasped. His entire body was sweating. After long while his heart beat finally slowed down.

He sat in the dark for a while. He held out his hand and touched fire stick near his pillow. A coldness feeling surrounded him. This dream was very similar to the nightmare he had over these years. But this time was in different person point of view. This sinister person in the dream had caused him to fear.

Quiet, everywhere was dark.

He crossed his legs, straighten his back, took a deep breath, both palms held together in front of him. Darkness was like a gentle lady, softly surrounded him. A layer of faint gold light came out from his body. Solemn covered Shaw Danon face.

After a long time, the gold light disappeared. Shaw Danon opened his eyes in the dark. This heart was calm. Everytime, he would think of that amiable Pozhi monk.

He did not feel sleepy. He went outside of the room. Other rooms were dark, Kevern and others should have sleep by now. In Shanhai Yuan's backyard, there were four gardens in four directions. Shaw Danon left the west garden and went to the central garden.

The night was already dark. Stars filled the sky. A round moon heng on the sky. The night wind breezy, with faint fragrance. The narrow path was dark, lead to unknown place. On the side, there were bushes and flowers all over the ground.

Shaw Danon followed this narrow path walking. The soft wind hitted his face, brought him some chill. In that silence night, a young men walking alone in the garden, recalling the past memories.

On the side of the road, a small flower trembled in the night wind. A crystal dew was on the white petal. Shaw Danon stopped, and enchanted by that flower.

The soft fragrance came.

Suddenly a soft hand came out from the eternal darkness, with grieve beauty, marked with the light of moon and stars, the hand reached the flower.

And picked it!

A bang in Shaw Danon's brain. It was like the moon lost its color. The garden fell into darkness.

He turned and looked at her, with hate. A girl in green dress was standing there. It was like she had taken all the light from the sky, softly putted the flower in front of her nose, and smelled it.

Xuanyuan - The name of the first emperor, the yellow emperor, according to the legend. Xiao Er - traditional title for the waiter in teahouse of ancient China.
South Water five hundreds miles, name Zhu Gou Mountain, no grass or tree. A mountain, within hundreds miles, many Mei Fishes.

Chapter 33: Ten Thousands Bats

Shaw Danon startled, and regonized she was the young girl argued about mei fishes during dinner. She was in a watery green clothes. Under the moon light, she was just like a fairy.

The girl putted the flower under her nose and took a deep breath. She was like intoxicated, added a bit soul touching beauty. That flower seem brighter in front of her.

But Shaw Danon had a nameless anger in his heart. He frowned said: "The flower was fine there. Why you picked it?"

The green dress girl took a look at Shaw Danon, said lightly: "I picked this flower is good fortune; let me smelled its fragrance is the result of this flower's good deeds over three reincarnations. How can a uncultured person understand?"

Shaw Danon startled, it was the most ridiculous thing he ever heard of. He shook his head: "The flower was picked by you, it lost is life, how could it be happy?" The green dress girl peered at him: "You are not flower. How do you know it's not happy?"

Shaw Danon heard this girl's words were so unreasonable, he became mroe angry, said: "You are not flower either, how do you know it's happy? Perhaps it is suffering right now. Ah, look, there are water on the flower, it is crying because of the pain it is suffering."

The green dress girl stunned, then chuckled. She was as charming as the blooming flower. Also cause Shaw Danon to startle.

"Flower's tear? Ha ha, flower's tear. It is my first time hear a men say a dew is flower's tear. So funny-"

Shaw Danon blushed. He mumbled but couldn't say anything. But seeing that girl laughed so hard that she bended her back, he forced to say: "Then, then what about it?"

The girl laughed even harder. The laughter filled the quiet, dark garden, added a bit warmness. Shaw Danon did not know how to say. Seeing the girl's smile, he stamped his feet and walked away.

Suddenly the green dress girl held the laughter, but the tone still contain a bit laughter, said: "Hey, wait."

Shaw Danon was in a good mood while walking in the garden. But when he met this girl, his mood became really bad. Now she said it, his heart was impatient, he turned back and said: "My name is not hey, who are you talking to?"

The girl startled, the smile on her face disappeared. Her eyes became cold. It appeared not much people had ever talked to her like this. But then she thought of something, although the smile did not reappear on her face, her voice was gentle, said: "Oh, then what's your name?"

Shaw Danon said: "My name is-" Then he paused, and snorted: "Why I need to tell you?"

That girl's face became serious, seem like she got mad. But when she looked at Shaw Danon's face, like a little boy, she couldn't help but laughed again.

This laugh had removed the anger on her face, fused with the moonlight and fragrance. She knew it was not proper to laugh, but when she tried to hold it, she laughed again.

It was like the naive of long time ago had came alive tonight.

The moonlight was like water, shined on her face and shoulders, reflected the soul touching beauty.

Don't know when, Shaw Danon was enchanted.

After a while, the girl noticed Shaw Danon was staring at her. She did not blushed like most other ladies, but asked directly: "Do I look pretty?"

Shaw Danon was surprised, kind of like a thief that got caught. Under her soft eyes, he seem couldn't escape. He said: "I, you um, you are pretty!" Shaw Danon was startled after he said it. But the girl did not care. She had a light smile: "That's what I thought. Since I was young, no one said I am not pretty. Every men are like that."

Listen to her tone, it was like she had much experience of the world. Shaw Danon wanted to argue, but he realized her figure under the moonlight was a little familar. He remembered on Mount Jadeon, near the green pond, he saw his Shijie's beautiful figure with his own eyes. At that moment, he felt dispirited. He looked at the green dress girl once more, then sighed, turned and walked away.

"Hey." Then the green dress girl called again. Shaw Danon frowned and turned back, looked at her.

She squinted her eyes, her lips tighten, seem like thinking something. It was silent.

"What is your name?" She asked again, with Shaw Danon's figure reflected in her eyes. Shaw Danon suddenly shrink back. The anger were all disappeared. It seem like facing that figure he couldn't have slight of anger. He avoided that gentle eyes, with a bit coward, he said: "Shaw Danon."

Then he quickly walked back, kind of like running away.

He walked quickly with his head lowered. At the corner of the trail, a black figure suddenly appeared. It was difficult to see in this dark garden.

He almost couldn't stop. Lucky his body was still keen, stopped right in front of that figure. In the darkness, a pair of bright but quiet eyes appeared in front of him.

Their distance was too close. Shaw Danon was surprised and quickly stepped backward. Now he could see clearly. That person was the masked woman sitting next to the green dress girl during dinner. She still had her vile on, but had changed into a black silk dress. In the night, she was just like a spirit. Shaw Danon could smell a faint fragrance. Was it just the flowers' odor of the garden or could it be because of that woman.

Shaw Danon regreted coming out here tonight. He murmured: "Sorry." Then went passed that masked woman and heading to his room.

From the begining, that masked woman did not speak. She just quietly standing there, watching that young men. After Shaw Danon went passed her, she turned slowly and looked at his back.

After a while, her body almost fused with the darkness of the garden, she turned and walked into the garden. Soon, she saw the green dress girl was still standing at the same spot, playing with the flower.

The green dress girl lifted her head, did not surprised. She smiled: "Aunt Negar, you are back." The masked woman looked at the flower. Her vile moved a little, it seem like she nodded, she said: "The four people are from Jadeon." Her voice sounded in the garden. Although soft and gentle, but it was a little ghostly, "The leader is Dragon Head Peak's Kevern. Never saw the other three people before. They appeared to be the young generation disciples. Don't know what their names are."

The green dress girl smiled: "I know one. The one that just went. His name is Shaw Danon. A stupid name."

The masked woman looked at her, said lightly: "Bilu, long time haven't see you viewing flowers."

The green dress girl, also called Bilu, startled, then smile reappeared on her face at the next moment: "Yeah, Aunt Negar, a long time."

She held up the flower and took a careful look at it. The under the watch of the masked woman, the green dress girl had a smile on her face, her hand held tight, squeezed the flower into pieces. ※※※

The next day, the four people woke up. After they freshen themself, Kevern gathered them, discussed: "Kongsang Mountain located three thousands miles at the east, we better get going." The other three people had no comment, so they checked out.

The innkeeper of Shanhai Yuan was really admired Jadeon. He gave them a fifty percent discount. The expensive room price dropped to almost equivalent to normal room price. Shaw Danon peered around while Kevern was chatting with the innkeeper. But when he was leaving, he still couldn't find the green dress girl from last night.

The four fly for ten days to cover three thousands miles. Shaw Danon was certainly what slowed them down. But at the last few days, Shaw Danon began to get used to the art. He could fly decently. Everyday, flying in the sky had brought him the excitment.

That day they finally arrived at Kongsang Mountain. They landed and surprised by what they saw. Within a hundred miles around the mountain, there were only rocks and almost no plants. There were no sign of any people. Very desolate.

It was near sunset. The sun sinking at the west. The yellow glow of sunset shined at Kongshan Mountain, with a bit desolate, and a bit dreadful. They landed at the foot of the mountain, putted away their esper. Kevern looked at the sky, said: "I think we can't find any house here that can allow us to spend a night. How about we begin to go up to the mountain, search for 'Cave of Fangs' while look for anywhere that is decent enough to rest for the night."

Issa nodded, said: "Qi Shixiong is right. Let us go to the mountain." Shaw Danon saw Issa agreed, himself did not have any comment either. Anan looked at the sky, then without saying anything, she was the first headed to the mountain.

Although Kongsang Mountain was not as high as the Jadeon's Peak of Widows, it was not short neither. Plus the path was dangerous and risky, hard to find a way. When the four people reached mountain waist, the sky was already dark. When the four people arrived at a flat area, Kevern stopped others. He took out a small mirror. They immediately recongeized that was precious esper of Jadeon "Union Mirror". They startled, wondered what Kevern is going to do.

Kevern held the Union Mirror in his hand. He murmured several lines of incanation, then the dark Union Mirror reacted, brighten, and floated into the air, stopped at two feet above his head. A light yellow aura brighten the circle six feet around and protected the four people.

Kevern said: "Kongsang mountain was a gather place for Felkin Heretic eight hundred years ago. This mountain is so barren and strange. There could be many monsters hiding in here. Union Mirror can protect the owner, so we can be more prepared."

Shaw Danon looked at the Union Mirror floating in mid-air. That small mirror's appearance was not special, but the energy coming out from the mirror can not be underestimate. At that moment, they heard a loud sound, then some wings flapping sound. The sound was getting more and more intensive that they could not hear any break. Only this loud noise sounding at the wild mountain. With the help of the light of Union Mirror, they could see a large black cloud came out from the back of the mountain. It was wicked in the darkness. The loud noise was coming from that black cloud.

Their faces changed. Issa rolled his eyes, then suddenly cried out: "Union Mirror!"

They hadn't reacted yet, the large black cloud seem noticed something and turned to them. After a moment, a ear piercing scream came out from the black cloud. At that instant, the black cloud charged at that only light in the darkness.

The sky with stars became dark, it was like it was covered by something. They could smell the stink odor filled around them instantly. Shaw Danon and other were frightened. Only Kevern remain calm, but his face was already pale, he quickly said: "Don't move. Do not leave the Union Mirror's aura."

After a minute, the scream noise was already next to their ears. Under the light of Union Mirror, they could see clearly that the black cloud was made up by countless of black bat. Their bodies were more than two times larger of normal bats. Each opened their jaws. Within the black, the mouth was blood red, very scary.

The light yellow aura of Union Mirror was obviously effective. All the bats were blocked outside of the aura. No matter how hard they tried to crushed, the aura did not shake. Outside of the aura, the bats' bodies issued a buzzing sound when they touched the aura. The bats then fell on the ground, stuggled and died.

But there were just too many bats. The entire starry sky was covered by the bats. There were at least billions of bats here. The bats that were dead were not even one percent. The countless of bats hitted wave after wave. The four people were surrounded in the center. Although they were fine, but everywhere were the horrifing mouths. The stink odor was disgusting.

But the Union Mirror was still the precious esper. Under the attack of countless, vicious animals, it had no sign of weaken. The yellow aura looked thin, but it stood like mountain. Soon, the dead bodies of bats built higher and higher on the outside of the aura. Above the aura, many black bats also surrounded there. It was not three layers, it was three hundreds layers. (Three layers mean very thick in Chinese) But the attack on the aura seem slowed down. They seem realized it was useless but the bats were not willing leave until they got their relish foods.

Shaw Danon had never seen such savage animals before. He was still a bit nervous and scared. He looked at Anan and saw her face was also extreamly pale.

At the same time, Anan felt his eyes. She turned to Shaw Danon. Their eyes met.

Anan quickly turned away, her pale face was getting more white, and did not turned back.

Suddenly, all bats flight into the sky. Issa looked at them, relieved said: "Finally manage to-"

He couldn't continue. The black cloud, or the countless of bats, flight to high area then turned and striked at the Union Mirror's aura like hailstorm. They were shocked back by the Union Mirror's aura and created blood mist. Under the soft yellow light, they fell on the ground in pieces.

The blood flow on the ground. The smell of blood floated in air. Countless of horrifing blood dropped on the ground. The bats ignored the comrades that died and kept hitting the aura. The four Jadeon were all pale, watching the rare savage beasts.

Outside of light aura, soon, it built up a thick bat corpses that near half men height.

Shaw Danon suddenly discovered, the back of his clothes was wet by the sweat.

The scary scene last for long time, until the bat corpses outside of the aura had built to a men height, the bats finally stopped their vicious attack. That time, even the Union Mirror's aura had darkened, but still not falling under the darkness of night.

The black cloud was still surrounding the only light in the night, not willing to leave. The four people did not blink, their hand helding the espers, remain on guard.

The large crowd of bats seem ran out of ideas. They were only surrounding them, not making any attack.

That lasted until dawn.

The first beam of sunlight came. It was like a summon. All bats suddenly flight up, circled in sky for a moment, then headed back to the place where they came out last night. Not even awhile, the countless of bats were already gone.

The four Jadeon relieved. But waited for a while for Kevern to make sure the bats won't reappear, he unsummon Union Mirrior's aura.

The aura disappeared. The bats corpses surrounding them suddenly collapsed and fell into the center from all directions. The four people were flooded in this disgusting river. Shaw Danon's heart beated hard, and almost thought he had stopped breathing. At the same time, he heard a scream came near him. A hand held out and grabbed his arm.

The strength was so strong that even with clothes lay between it, the nails sinked into his skin.

The pain pierced into his heart. He turned and saw the frightened beautiful girl. Her pale face in dawn with a little panic, caused his heart to hurt without reason.

All the sudden, all the fear in his heart seem disappeared. Though there was still nervousness, but his attention was drew by Anan. It seem like standing in front of him, he could not flinch.

He stepped forth, blocked in front of her. Anan's breathing calmed down slowly. She slightly lifted her head. Lips moved. She looked deeply at Shaw Danon's face and let go of her hand.

Chapter 34: Ancient Cave

The four people managed to get out from the bat corpses. They already in a very embarrassing situation. Their bodies were covered by the dark red blood. The smell was also extreamly stink.

The four people were Jadeon, normally stay clean, especially Anan. In this situation, it was worse than cut her with a blade three times.

They quickly walked away, just to get as far as possible from those disgusting corpses. They arrived on a flat rock. The four hitted their clothes and tried to clean it up. But those blood mark and the stinky smell could not get rid of no matter how hard they tried.

The three men were still better, but Anan's cold face was more like snow and frost than usual. She rubbed her clothes aggressively, it was like she will not give up until those disgusting thing is gone. Those blood were very sticky. Really soon, Kevern, Issa, and Shaw Danon gave up. But Anan was still not giving up. The three men looked at each other, even Kevern was embarrassed, did not know what to say.

The four people were silent. When Anan was still frowned, and rubing her clothes, and whistle came from the sky. They looked up and saw four lights appeared in the sky. Two were yellow, one white and one green. A moment later they landed in front of them. After the lights were gone, four people appeared.

On the left were two monks. One of them was huge, thick eyebrows and large eyes. His body filled with muscles. If not because of the cassock, people may mistaken him as a bandit. The young monk standing in front was a head shorter. He was completely different. White skin, bright eyes. Covered with a white cassock. Though he may look thin, but could not be underestimate.

The two people stood on the right were two young male and female. They looked like a pair, just like the boy and girl servents of bodhisatta. The four people looked at the Jadeons. Seeing their bodies covered with blood, they frowned. The young monk said: "Amitabha, may I ask are four donors Jadeons?"

The four Jadeons looked at each other. Kevern stepped forth, bowed: "Correct. It is Kevern. You are "

The young monk smiled: "Young monk is Skysong Temple's Fazzan, this is Shidi Fashan. The two there are Incense Valley's distinguish disciples Li Su and Yanon."

The tall Fashan greeted them respectfully. But Li Su and Yanon were quite arrogant, they slightly nodded.

Kevern nodded and ignored the Incense, said to Fazzan: "Ah, I had admired Skysong Temple's Fazzan Shixiong name for long time, praise as the rare talent by the righteous cultivators. Today we meet, it's really true!"

Fazzan smiled, said: "Qi Shixiong mistaken. Young monk's potential is dumb. Its just because master Puhan did not desert me, and pass me the incanation, wish to do good deeds for the world. How could I able to mention along side with all the Shixiongs from Jadeon."

Kevern laughed, waved his hand: "Fazzan Shixiong is too modest. Come, I will introduce my Shidi and Shimei." Shaw Danon did not know why, when Kevern was introducing him, he felt Fazzan's eyes brightened, and paid more attention to him.

This time, Li Su who was being ignored was already not pleased. Wait until Kevern finished introducing, he suddenly spoke coldly: "Qi Shixiong, your Jadeon Clan is the leader of the Good. Taoist cultivation is the most supreme in this world. But why today we meet, everyone of you are in such embarrassment?"

The four Jadeons' faces changed. Shaw Danon dislike him more as he saw Li Su's arrogent. Anan stopped rubbing her clothes. Her eyes coldly looked at the two Incense, but more of glared at the beautiful girl called Yanon.

Although there was a little anger in Kevern, but he calmed down very fast, laughed: "Not to conceal any of you. Last night we were trying to search for Cave of Fangs, but unfortunately there were countless of bats "

Fazzan and others' looks changed. Fashan's eyes widen, said roughly: "Um, they are the animals from Cave of Fangs. Vicious and cruel. Very difficult to deal with."

Kevern noticed that the four people in front of him were arrived earilier few days earilier, and also met those painful creatures. Issa laughed, stepped forth, smiled to Fashan: "Fashan Shixiong, then that mean you guys also met those vampires?"

Fashan nodded, said: "Right. But the numbers are massive, so we can only return."

Issa exclaimed, then sighed: "Ah, not to conceal anyone, we also met those bats last night. We wanted to remove the harm from the people, so we killed for the entire day. But no matter how much effort we putted it, its not helping. We could only drive those evils back to the cave, and now we ended up body of filth. Alas, shameful, shameful!" He turned and looked at Kevern, smiled and said together: "Shameful! Shameful!"

Incense Valley's Li Su snorted with scorn. Yanon's face also written with disbelieve. Fazzan smiled and not say anything. Fashan shown admire on his face. Shaw Danon was startled.

After a moment, Fazzan smiled and said: "This quest to Kongsang mountain, the elders of three factions want us to come and train ourself. Now everyone are here, but Jadeon Shixiongs are tired by the journey, we shall rest for a day. Tomorrow morning we will go into Cave of Fangs and invesitgate. How does that sound?"

Li Su snorted, said: "Fazzan Shixiong is right. Otherwise someone will find an other excuse when they get into the cave."

Except for Shaw Danon, from Jadeon, Kevern, Issa, and Anan were doted by their master of their own house. Who did not have a bit of arrogent in their bones. Kevern snorted, said: "Li Su Shixiong is right. Otherwise we won't have the strength to rescuse you since we are all tire!" It was clear that Li Su did not expect people from Jadeon were also so arrogent. He came from Incense Valley, favored by his master since young. Not much disciples at his age could match his cultivation. He grew up to be arrogent, how could he take this. He stared at Kevern: "Then that mean Qi Shixiong's cultivation is far better than me. I would like to see it myself."

This was matter for clan's reputation. Just when Kevern was about to step forth, Anan came out from behind, said coldly: "No need Qi Shixiong to bother with this. Let me to test Incense Valley's magic."

Li Su suddenly startled. Although Anan was covered by bloodstain, her skin was whiter than ever in comparsion. Though the look was cold, but there was a celestial like beauty. He had never saw such peerless beauty before. He was stunned.

At the same time, Fazzan stepped forth, smiled: "Shixiongs, we come here to invesitgate the left over Felkin. Before you departed, your master must had already reminded you. If your master know we are handling thing here with violent, when we go back we will be punished. This is unnecessary, what about we all take a step back?" Li Su snorted, looked at the sky. Though he did not say anything, the meaning was obvious. Kevern remembered the reminder of Master Doyal Shen. He felt a little regret, and since this is the chance to get away, he said: "Lu Shimei, Fazzan Shixiong is right, harmony is important."

Anan looked at everyone, then snorted. She went back, and saw Shaw Danon was looking at herself. Her eyes sweeped around Shaw Danon's face, then stood alone at the side.

Shaw Danon could feel the chill rose from his heart after being looked by Anan.

Then Fazzan said: "We leave here first, and return tomorrow to invesitgate. ."

No one had comment. They followed Fazzan arrived at a small hill thirty miles away from Kongsang Mountain. There was clear spring. That was what the Jadeon needed. They washed and found a secluded place to change clothes. Then came out and met with Fazzan and others. Anan is a female. She picked the farthest place to change, so she was the last one came out. After washed, her beautiful face added some coquetry. Issa, Li Su ad others eyes brighten, even the quiet Yanon looked at her.

The eight "best" disciples of the three main Good factions were sitting in a circle on the ground. From Fazzan and others, Shaw Danon found out the bats from "Cave of Fangs" were tamed by the Felkin. They assisted Felkin heretic's task. Eight hundreds years ago when Felkin's hideout got wiped out, small number of bats survived. After a long time, their numbers grew into today's amount. They went out and hunted everyday, turned the place within five hundreds miles radius into barren.

But those bats seem afraid of sunlight, so they only active at night and rest inside the cave at day. Last night the Jadeon was happened to meet those bats, they would be fine if they went to the mountain during day.

Issa frowned, asked Fazzan: "Fazzan Shixiong, with those animals in the Cave of Fangs, how are we suppose to get inside?" Fazzan hesitated for a second, then said: "According to what young monk found out these days, those animals only hang up- side down on the cave wall in morning, not doing anything. Perhaps we can get inside."

Issa couldn't speak. Shaw Danon could not help himself, said: "Then that mean Fazzan Shixiong is unsure. If they attack us when we get inside, what are we going to do?"

Fazzan turned to him. There was like something shining in his eyes, but his manner was still soft: "Exactly. Young monk is not perfectly sure about it. But masters ordered us to do it, we have to do it. Go there and try, if that really happen, we can alway retreat. Today me, Shidi Fashan, and the two donor from Incense Valley were planning to enter the cave. Did not expect to meet you. That even better, more people more help."

"Hm" Li Su snorted again. The four Jadeon looked at him. Li Su did not fear, but his expression changed when Anan looked at him.

Kevern ignored him, turned to Fazzan: "There is still one thing that need to ask Fazzan Shixiong." Fazzan said: "Qi Shixiong say it."

Kevern said: "Three months ago, our Jadeon disciple, Enu Xiao Shxiong came here already. Not sure if you know where he is right now?"

Fazzan shook his head: "The two from Incense Valley and us arrived here together, never see Xiao Shixiong."

Kevern frowned, thinking.


The next day, at dawn, Shaw Danon and others arrived at Kongsang Mountain. The mountain was barren, sands all over the ground. There was not even a bird call. They probably became the bats' dessert or already moved out from the mountain. Fazzan and others had been here several days earilier, so they already discovered the location of Cave of Fangs. They followed him and carefully arrived at the entrance of Cave of Fangs.

It was a large cave, located at the back of the mountain. Slightly slide downward. Only the entrance had a bit of light. Inside was completely dark. Even standing sixty feet away, they could feel the freezing wind coming out from the cave. There was also some sound coming, like whisper, like ghost cry.

Kevern looked at the cave, turned back and forced a smile on his face, said: "Let us go in."

Fazzan nodded: "Right, but there are unexpectable danger inside the cave, we better prepare our esper first."

This was life and death matter, they quickly took out their esper. When Shaw Danon took out his fire stick, Li Su, Yonan, and two monks of Skysong were stunned. Shaw Danon blushed, quite embarrassed. Fortunately at that moment, Anan said coldly under the blue glow of Aeolian Firmus: "Go." Then being the first one went into the dark cave. Others followed. When he was about to enter, just when the wind from the cave became the coldest, Shaw Danon could feel Fazzan moved close to him intentionally. He smiled, Fazzan smiled as reply, said quietly: "Zhang Shidi, the road ahead is dangerous. You need to follow closely behind me."

Shaw Danon startled. But Fazzan already entered the darkness. He did not have time to think about additional stuff. He quickly followed.

After a few steps in the cave, Shaw Danon felt the ground under his feet turned soft, his entire body sinked. He was surprised. Fortunately it stopped at ankle height. They were already swallowed by darkness. But with the glow of espers, Shaw Danon looked down, his face turned bitter. He found out he was standing on extreamly thick layer of bat stool. Stink smell was enough, but with the feet sinked into it, it was as miserable as it can get. He saw other people's expressions were also the same. Especially the two females, Anan and Incense Valley's Yanon's eyebrows held tight. Their faces were pale.

Shaw Danon shook his head, forced his mind to settle down. After they got familar with the environment, they continued forward. At the same time, the whisper like sound was getting louder. It was at everywhere, near, far away, front or back, left of right.

They walked for an other fourty feet, then suddenly Kevern said quietly: "Halt!"

Everyone immediately stopped. Kevern's Frozen Ice sword slowly rose up, lightened cave ahead. Everyone held their breath.

It was a extreamly huge cave. The top was very far from the ground. Under the white light of Frozen Ice sword, they could see countless of bats were hanging up-side down on top of the cave. The bats were packed so densely that they couldn't see the rock of the cave. It seem like the ghost cry was created by those bats.

The bats felt uncomfortable when got shined by light. They moved, but did not fly. They climbed to the darkness. Some just climbed on their friends. The large jaws of these animals were fearsome. They held their breath. After a while, they noticed the bats did not make much movement, and wouldn't attack. Everyone were relieved. Fazzan said quietly: "Fortunately young monk's prediction is right. Everyone, let's continue."

They turned and continue to further inside the terrorifing cave, deeper into the darkness. As they advanced, the stools on the ground were getting thicker and thicker. Under the light of Frozen Ice sword, the bats in the cave were like endless. The bats' mumble around their ears. If not because all eight of them were cultivated, mind strengthen, normal people would have gone mad already.

They walked and walked. Shaw Danon walked in the middle. Fazzan alway walked in front of him. He saw there were also some dirt on the young monk's white cassock. Shaw Danon suddenly remembered Pozhi.

The person that lived inside of his memory, was he from the place same as the monk in front of him?

From the front, Kevern suddenly called: "Ah!" Before Shaw Danon realized, he felt his feet stepped on hard ground.

Chapter 35: Heretics

Fazzan quietly whispered a buddha word. Then, a orb glowed with solemn gold light rose from his palm. At first, the light was still staying with Fazzan, but under Fazzan's control, the orb brightened instantly. The gold light surged to all direction. The golden aura already passed Shaw Danon before he could hear the sound of it.

Everyone's faces were shined by the golden light. At the same time, their heart felt easy. The nervousness also eased. The dark cave instantly turned as bright as day. If not because of the bats, it may cause people to think this is the holy place of Buddhist.

Even the proud Li Su was surprised: "Orb of Luck!"

Fazzan looked at him, said: "Li Shixiong has a pair of sharp eyes."

Li Su mannar toward Fazzan became respectful, said: "No, it is Fazzan Shixiong who has high cultivation." With the light of "Orb of Luck", Shaw Danon could see they were on a clean ground. He lifted his head and found the bats were gone, but the strange sound was still next to his ears.

After few seconds, he realized behind him, countless of bats were hanging on the top of the cave. But above the hard, clean ground Shaw Danon and others were on, there was a red line cutted through the cave wall. It was like the blood vessel of the stones.

This red line acted as a border. Outside, there were countless of bats, but none went across the line. There were no more bat's stool on the ground.

Fazzan looked around, said lowly: "This place is very weird.
Be cautious everyone."

They finally able setted their feet on a clean, after they checked surrounding, their first action was to tidy up their clothes. Issa took off his shoes, poured out all the disgusting thing, whispered to Shaw Danon: "This is the first time in my life understand that walking on a clean ground is such comfortable thing!" Shaw Danon smiled, quickly tidy up the clothes. He felt better. After a while, Kevern saw everyone was ready, said: "Let go." Then walked deeper into cave.

Everyone followed. Soon, as they walking forward, the place behind them sinked into darkness again.

And in front, darkness was like a devil, opened his arms with a evil smile and welcome them.

The small light in the darkness, slowly walking.

They walked for long time. The ancient cave was like endless. It used to be very wide, but as they got deeper, the tunnel became narrow and twisting. They did not know which direction they were going except downward.

The sound of the bats were already gone. In the darkness, there were no sound except for their footstep. Shaw Danon could feel the moisture was getting heavier. He could not imagin how deep they were underground. "Orb of Luck" shined with golden buddhist light, shone at everyone. Kevern also summoned "Union Mirror" just in case anything happen. They walked. After a while, Kevern suddenly stopped, held out his arm, said: "Stop."

Everyone immediately stopped.

Around them was silent. Not a single sound.

"Orb of Luck" and "Union Mirror" got brighter. In front of them, the cave ahead, there was a fork. Both were dark, leading to unknown place, like a devil's mouth. Between the forked roads, there was a stone tablet that was about six men high, four characters were marked in red:

Heaven On My Side!

※※※ Li Su snorted, said angrily: "Felkin Heretic, dare to call the name of heaven!"

Fazzan frowned, looked at the monument again, said: "I heard my master Pohun said, eight hundred years ago Felkin did have a monument like this. But it was cutted in half by our Righteous ancestor. Why it remain in good condition today?"

Yanon suddenly spoke: "Look at the bottom of the stone, isn't that a crack?"

Her voice was soft, plus this was the first time Jadeons heard Yanon speak. They were a little surprised to hear her voice. They looked closely and saw a thin gap. It was right in the middle of the monument, splitted it in half. The stone at crack was dark red. If not look at it carefully, they will never see it.

Kevern nodded, said to Yanon: "Yan Shimei is careful."

Yanon smiled, lowered her head and remain quiet. Kevern looked at the monument again, then turned to others, said: "This monument was already repaired. It is clear the Felkin Heretics are here doing some shameful business. We are right to come here."

Fazzan said: "Qi Shixiong is right. There are danger hide everywhere in this cave. We now have a difficult question. This fork, which road should we take?"

Kevern slightly pondered, said: "Fazzan Shixiong, you have said your master Pohan Divine Monk had mentioned about this place. Did he senior said about this fork?"

Fazzan nodded, said: "Master did mentioned it. But he alway learned this from the master of previous generation. At the battle between Good and Evil, both forks end up with Felkin Heretics' lair. As for situation now, he does not know about it."

Everyone silence. After a while, Kevern looked at other three people from his faction, then turned to Fazzan, said: "What about this, we split in half. Us four from Jadeon will go to the left. Fazzan, Fashan Shixiong and the two Incense will go to the right. If meet Felkin Heretic, use a loud whistle to inform. How it is?"

Fazzan was quiet. Although he knew splitting is not a good thing, but the length of the dark road is unpredictable. If they go to the wrong path, it will waste couple of hours. They are all elite from each factions, they can save themself most likely. He turned and looked at Li Su and Yanon, seeing they did not have disagreement, so he said: "Then let do what Qi Shixiong said. Must be cautious everyone."

Then, he looked at Shaw Danon again.

Shaw Danon felt that Fazzan Shixiong paid a lot of attention to him, but he only smiled in reply.

Kevern nodded and saluted to Fazzan and others, then lead Shaw Danon and other two to the left path. The light behind them slowly disappeared, seem like Fazzan entered the right road. Kevern walked in the front, putted Union Mirror above his head and activated the spiritual power of it. Union Mirror's soft yellow aura covered the four people.

This road was getting more narrow. The rocks on the side were pointy. Shaw Danon almost got cutted. The only thing that remain the same was the eternal darkness. In here, it seem there were never brightness before.

The four Jadeons were not in a mood to talk. Especially Kevern, who was putting all his mind into preparing for unknown danger.

This walk, was also took a long time. Shaw Danon doubted even if they really meet some Felkin Heretic and let out a long whistle, can Fazzan Shixiong hear it is a problem.

At this moment, a sudden change happened. In the dead darkness, there were loud ghost cries. It was loud and shocking. The four people were surprised. Kevern was about to remind them, his body was shocked. Different glows brightened in the darkness surrounding them, and attacked on Union Mirror's aura at the same time.

The power was so strong that Union Mirror shook. Kevern's body was shocked, he couldn't speak. He quickly focus and support the aura.

The ghost cries were getting louder, causing them to feel dizzy. Issa, Anan, and Shaw Danon protected Kevern in the center. The countless of lights were hitted back by Union Mirror. They turned and striked again. In there darkness, unknown numbers of enemies were hiding, controlling the espers.

Kevern's face was pale. His hands held the incanation mark tight. Although under the attacking of espers, the Union Mirror settled. The aura got brighter. Just when the Jadeons were relieved, Shaw Danon suddenly felt the ground was shaking. He hadn't react to it, Issa already shouted: "Careful, below the feet there are-"

He hadn't finished, a huge bang covered all the sound. They felt the ground was shaking, then a powerful force came out from the earth. The ground was destoried and the Jadeons fell to different directions. Union Mirror could protect the surrounding, but could not protect below the feet. The aura disappeared. The mirror flight back to Kevern.

The whistles of the esper's lights were like elated laugh, charged at the four seperated people.

Shaw Danon was standing a little bit front, so he fell forward when the force from the ground pushed his feet. But his long time cultivation in Jadeon allowed him to immediately let go of fire stick. The familar coolness circulated through his body. "Fire stick" let out soft green light and faced the glows that were coming from behind.

A moment later, a dark red light was the first arrived. Shaw Danon could smell the blood stink. It was disgusting. He quickly held his breath and drive the fire stick. The green light brightened and stopped the dark red light. Under the glow of green light, the dark red light seem dimmed.

From unknown place in the darkness, there was suddenly an exclaim.

At the same time, one grey and one yellow light also striked at the fire stick. With the light, Shaw Danon could see the dark red light was a dark red trident, covered with blood stain. The yellow light was a three feet long sword. The grey light was a weird, giant beast fang!

Shaw Danon's body was still in mid-air, but basicly settled. But got hitted by three espers at once, though there was "fire stick" blocking them for him, the strong force pushed him back. He couldn't control his body and landed heavily on the wall. Half of the body fell into the wall. The rocks flight everywhere.

Shaw Danon could see stars in his eyes. The pain in the back striked into his heart. But he understood it was matter of life and death, he gritted his teeth and bared the pain. He fell onto the ground. The three deadly objects in the air turn around and striked at Shaw Danon again.

In the darkness, where were the people who are controlling the espers?

Shaw Danon held incanation mark, and the fire stick crushed with the yellow sword and beast fang. They bounded back. Shaw Danon quickly fell forward and dodged. The dark red trident hitted on the wall behind him, created a large hole on the stone wall.

The grey fang returned again. Striked him from above. The cold tooth point was very noticable in the darkness. Shaw Danon could not imagin the consequence if that weird esper hitted on him.

Shaw Danon gritted his teeth. His both hands drew a line in mid-air. The fire stick followed his mind, and blocked the fang. A line of crack appeared on the fang. From far away, there was a scream, seem like the owner of the esper was pained and surprised.

Shaw Danon had no time to taste that pityful enjoyment, for the yellow sword arrived in front of him just an instant. Shaw Danon could not react immediately. He shouted, floated up and fused into the green light of fire stick.

The yellow sword did not give him a break. It turned and attacked him from below his feet. Fang from above, sword from below. Shaw Danon slightly trembled. He curled himself and mumbled incanation. Fire stick's green light brighted and covered him.

The two loud bangs almost happened at the same time from above and below Shaw Danon. The two espers' of enemies returned to their owners. The fire stick shook in the air. Shaw Danon's heart almost stopped. He almost had the illusion thought that his fire stick was turned into pieces.

But fortunately, although his fire stick was ugly, the material of it was extreamly tough, it did not get a scratch. The sword and the fang on the other hand, their light dimmed, it seem like they were damaged. But fire stick received such hard hit, cause the light that protected Shaw Danon to disappear.

Just when Shaw Danon was about to retrieve back fire stick, suddenly a sharp pain from his shoulder. Half of his body weakened. His brain was empty. He lowered his head and saw a small trident stabbed through his shoulder. The blood kept coming out.

The dark red trident had sneak attacked him and injured him severely while Shaw Danon was off guard.

Shaw Danon saw the dark red color of the trident was bright, it was like the blood had awaken it. Shaw Danon groaned, he was originally planned to take out the trident. But as the blood stain got darker on the trident, a shadow rose from the trident, then attached tightly to Shaw Danon's back.

The owner of the trident lived inside of this esper.

Shaw Danon felt dizzy. He did not have the strength to shake off the heretic on his back. Beside pain, there was also paralyzing feeling from the wound. Trident was mostly poisonous. He could not see the heretic's face, but he could see the hands that grabbed his shoulders. They were dry, bony and stink.

From far, there was a wild laugh. And from behind him, a evil voice came: "Jadeon brat, you ask for it. Now give me your fresh blood!"

Shaw Danon did not have time to understand his word, but he could understand through his action. The heretic in the shadow opened his mouth and bitted on left side of Shaw Danon's neck, sucking the blood. At the same time, the dark red trident became brighter, it was seem also drinking blood.

Shaw Danon was extreamly terrified. All the blood were going toward to his throat. His body felt light. The strength of his body guadually disappeared. He could not even support the fire stick. The fire stick fell from mid-air.

This scene, it seem like he was back to previous time, that day in ancient valley. That nightmare!

Fire stick fell from above his head and landed in front of him. Let out soft green glow, like summoning something. Shaw Danon grabbed it, and felt the coolness inside of the fire stick was raging, like anger.

His blood was kept flowing out, and was drunk by the heretic. Shaw Danon could no longer hear any sound. He used all his remaining strength, like a cornered beast, he stabbed at the heretic with his fire stick.

The fire stick was no sharp, but it stabbed through flesh like they were tofu.

The heretic shook, and stop sucking blood. He looked at Shaw Danon with an unbelievable look. Shaw Danon also looked at him.

It was like the cold laugh from devil of hell, but it was also like the heart beats of someone in the darkness. Shaw Danon's hand that was holding the fire stick could feel wave and wave of heart beat. Like the movement of blood, and also like the cheer of devil.

The dark red trident had darkened. Behind them, endless darkness came.

At the instant the darkness swallowed Shaw Danon and that heretic, half concious, Shaw Danon saw the scene that he will never forget in his entire life.

The heretic's originally wrinkled, but healthy face, had mummified, the flesh dried, lay on the bones.

Next moment, darkness surrounded him.

The lost had regain. Endless energy came from the fire stick, entered Shaw Danon's body.

Shaw Danon regain concious, but he was startled. His shoulder was still hurt, but the unknown power had clotted the blood. But this young men did not noticed it. There was only one idea in his mind:

What did I do? What did do?

Chapter 36: Strange Eye

From behind, the sound of battle linger in one's ears. It was clear the three Jadeons were fighting the other heretics. But Shaw Danon here entered an awkward silent.

Shaw Danon was lost. But the owners of the yellow sword and grey fang saw this scene with their own eyes. They were shocked and not know what to do next.

"Cynical, did I see that correctly? Jiang Lao San was sucking blood, but it seem like his own blood got drained?"

Other person said in a rough voice in the darkness: "Damn, Jadeon has a person that practice 'Art of Vampire'. Can it be that he is our holy faction's disciple?"

The first person cursed, but he could not say anything for a while, then he said angrily: "No, that guy is strange. Must ask him clearly!" Two lights brightened in front of Shaw Danon, and two figures appeared. Shaw Danon was surprised, and threw away the distracting thought, prepared for the enemies.

In the light, the yellow sword and the grey fang returned to their owners. The one on the left caught the sword. He was a tall and skiny men. A hook nose and small, aggressive, black eyes; the one standing next to was very weird looking. Shaw Danon was surprised by his look. He was also tall, but the face was extreamly weird. Loosen eyelids, pointed nose, high ears, long tongue that often sticked out. He looked really like a dog. The grey fang returned to his hand. Shaw Danon immediately thought, is that a dog tooth?

The person named Cynical saw Shaw Danon was staring at him with surprise. He was mad and shouted: "Hey! Brat! Why staring at your Cynical Dialectian?"

"Cynical Dialectian?" Shaw Danon frowned, then realized the dog looking men was wearing a black Taoist robe. He seem like belong to the same religion as Jadeon. Perhaps they may have some relationship if trace back three thousands years ago. Cynical Dialectian saw Shaw Danon was clearly scornful, he became more angry: "Brat, the dialectian is asking you how did you killed vampire?"

Shaw Danon startled: "Vampire?"

The tall men said angrily: "The one that on your back!"

Shaw Danon remembered that there was a dead body on his back. He felt chill from his neck. He was surprised and jumped away, threw off the dead body. The mummified guy fell on the ground. Shaw Danon felt sick and turned his head away.

Cynical Dialectian and the tall men looked at the mummy, then exchanged a look with each other. They could find the surprisement in opposite's eyes. Art of Vampire is cruel and secret, although powerful, but it severely damage self. After practice, they do not look like human nor ghost. Though they were all Felkin and alway respect this magic, but they only know a little about it. The one that was dead on the floor was the Art of Vampire's only disciple, and he had all of his own blood drained out. Base on what they knew, this was far stronger than vampire Jiang Lao San, even the legendary Vampire Elder may not have such power. But no way this Jadeon kid in front of him had Vampire's strange look.

Cynical Dialectian looked at Shaw Danon, asked: "Are you Vampire Elder's disciple?"

Shaw Danon startled: "What Vampire Elder?"

Cynical Dialectian letted out his tongue and licked around his face. Shaw Danon recalled back the Big Yella on Jadeon's Bamboo Peak. Just when he was thinking, he heard a scream from behind. A men in the black fell out from the darkness, blood all over his face. He struggled for a moment, it seem like he could not live for long.

Shaw Danon immediately remembered his allies were fighting, but he was talking with those Felkin Heretics. It was foolish. He quickly rose and about to assist. Cynical Dialectian and the tall men saw Shaw Danon suddenly moved. They were surprised and thought he suddenly revolted. They quickly prepared. But right after Shaw Danon's body moved, he fell, half kneeling on the ground. He gasped, sweat came out from his forhead.

Shaw Danon was in a hurry and forgot the dark red trident was still stabbed at his shoulder. His body moved, then the heart piercing pain came. The clotted wound was teared by movement and the blood came out.

Seeing such great opportunity, how can Cynical Dialectian and the tall guy let it go. Their sword and fang were brighten up again.

At that moment, a clear howl came from behind. Among different color of lights in darkness, a dazzling blue light brigthened, immediately covered other lights. Within the blue light, Aeolian Firmus unsheathed. Behind the sword, Anan stood in mid-air. Her clothes fluttered with the wind.

While Cynical Dialectian and the tall guy were shocked, Aeolian Firmus's blue light turned into a giant blue sword, and striked at the darkness. Many lights were trying to resist, but they were vanished when they touched the blue light. Then several screams, five or six men fell out from the darkness. The blue light hitted the stone wall. The gravels flight wildly. Many people were wounded. At the same time, Kevern's Frozen Ice sword brightened, charged from the side and turned the Felkin followers into ice stick. Then Issa followed and crushed them with his sword.

Cynical Dialectian and the tall guy looked at each other. They gave up Shaw Danon and drove their yellow sword and grey fang to hold Kevern and Issa's attack.

It appeared two of them were stronger among the Felkin Heretics. They quickly stopped Kevern and others, but they suffered also.

Last night they saw the scene when Kevern and others were attacked by bats. So they putted up trap in the deep of the ancient cave, and suddenly destoried the invulnerable like "Union Mirror"'s protection aura, then isolated the four Jadeon disciples. This plan was successful, but the Jadeon disciples' cultivation was higher than they had expected, difficult to face. This ambush was lead by Cynical Dialectian, the tall men, and Vampire Jiang Lao San. They could see Shaw Danon was the weakest among the four, so they agreed to finish Shaw Danon together fast, then take out other three. But the event went weird, Shaw Danon was wounded, but Vampire Jiang Lao San was mysteriously got his blood drained and died.

They had held Kevern and Issa temporary, but there was still a blue sword beauiful lady. The brat behind them was injured, but he was extreamly weird. If both of them attack at once, the situation will not be good. After two rounds, Anan injured several other Felkin followers, just when she turned her attention to them, Cynical Dialectian shouted: "Run!"

The tall guy was thinking the same thing, and retrieved back the esper. Then, they turned into two light and escaped deeper into the cave. The Felkin followers saw this, they screamed and ran away in all direction.

Kevern decided quickly, shouted: "Chase that two people." Then he flight with his sword and chased after them. Issa immediately followed. Anan's blue light brighted, just when about to chase, she remembered something and turned back and saw Shaw Danon flight with his green light fire stick. Blood all over his shoulder, but the dark red trident was already pulled out.

Shaw Danon flight forward. Anan watched his figure, startled for a moment, then she followed.

The chase in the cave was a little similar to that day when Shaw Danon and Hidi chased after Ashh at Bamboo Peak's back hill. The road twisted around. Suddenly turned left, suddenly turned right, and suddenly rose, suddenly down. Then it was an other fork, but the four Jadeons did not worry about much. They were only chasing the yellow and grey light.

The cave's stones were extreamly sharp. He followed closely to his allies and focus on controlling the fire stick. Some places were so narrow that they only allow only one person to pass at one time. Shaw Danon did not got the time to worry. He passed it within a second. Six lights were racing in the darkness. The speed was surprising fast. Shaw Danon felt the the darkness and the fierce wind were tangling together.

This chase lasted for half hour. Cynical Dialectian and his friend gained advantage, for they were familar with the landscape. Though they could not get the four annoying guys off, but they at least did not let them get too close.

Suddenly, a beam of light appeared before them. Cynical Dialectian and the tall guy immediately used full power to fly toward to the light. Kevern and others were still chasing. Shaw Danon followed behind them. He could felt the pain on his shoulder slowly went away. He bared the pain and kept up with them, even himself was surprised. His shoulder was hurt, but there was endless energy within his channels inside of his body. When he recalled that scene, and remembered the word "vampire" Cynical Dialectian had said, his heart was colded, and frozen to the marrows.

The light was ahead. Getting closer and closer, brighter and brighter. The six people were like shooting arrows, rushed into the brightness.


The brightness was like the evil flower blossomed in the darkness, lightened their eyes. Shaw Danon follow others jumped into the light. What was in front of them surprised them.

The last place they were in was a wide and straight tunnel. At the outside of the tunnel, it was an amazingly large area. The top of the cave was about a thousand feet above their head while the ground was a hundred feet below their feet. Not far away on the ground ahead, there was large stone shined with strong light, brightened the entire place.

But the most surprising thing was not that stone, it was behind the stone. It was a huge abyss. The stone had brightened the top of the cave, but it could not light up the abyss for a little. Seeing it from mid-air, it was covered by darkness. Even the other side of the abyss could not be seen, only a dreadful, evil darkness.

There were three men standing in front of the large stone. One was a bearded huge men. Other one was a little beauiful young woman. The last one was a pale young men in white clothes. Cynical Dialectian and the tall guy landed beside them, stood before the large stone. Kevern saw everyone of their faces were weird. He did not dare to be careless. He instructed the disciples to land fifty feet away from the large stone.

Shaw Danon stood there and saw three large characters that were craved fancily on the large stone:

Forsaken Abyss!

The four Jadeons landed. The people in front of the large stone did not make a move. Only the breaded huge men frowned and said: "Cyncal, Liu Gao, you two are too suck. Faced some Jadeon children, and you two became embarrassing like this, and lead them to here!"

Cynical Dialectian flushed, was about to argue, the middle age woman who was standing behind the huge men looked at them, then screamed: "Where is Jiang Lao San?"

Cynical looked toward the Jadeon, said: "Died under their hands." "What?" The people were moved, seem like they did not expect the Jadeon people's cultivation can be strong enough to kill Jiang Lao San. The woman startled, shook her head, said: "We won't able to give him a good answer if Vampire Elder ask us about it!"

The bearded men pondered for a moment, then looked at the Jadeon, his mouth mumbled: "Then we capture those young Jadeon, and give them to Vampire Elder. That should work."

The others nodded. Kevern saw that they were so confident, he needed to be more careful. He whispered to the other three behind him: "It seem like those people are the bosses of Felkin. I am fear their cultivation are higher than the two we just fought. Everyone need to be careful."

Shaw Danon answered, then he turned and suddenly found that Anan's eyes had sweeped across the wound on his shoulder. He startled a little. Anan turned her eyes away.

The large men stepped forth, said to the Jadeons: "I recommand all of you surrender now and avoid the bone crushing pain you are going to suffer when we fight." Kevern snorted, before he said anything, Anan said coldly: "Felkin cowards, dare to be so savage, today is the date for you to die."

Kevern and Issa clapped their hands, said: "Nice one Lu Shimei, exactly!"

The large men face turned cold, said: "You ask for it!"

Then he glared at the four people. Shaw Danon was getting ready, and suddenly saw the right eye of the large men had enlarged, turned into red. The huge eye was horrifing and funny.

Just when he was curious, the large eyes of the men shot out a red beam. The Jadeons saw his weird look, they were already prepared. Kevern immediately summoned Frozen Ice and formed two layers of ice wall.

But the evil energy of the red beam hitted the ice wall and melted a hole and passed through just in a second. It dashed to them silently. Kevern was surprised, he immediately held up Frozen Ice and blocked in front of everyone. The red beam hitted on the Frozen Ice sword and disappeared within the white light of the sword. But Kevern's body was shivered. He peered at his Frozen Ice sword. The originally snowy white sword had a small dot of dark red.

The Frozen Ice sword was trembling, it seem like invaded by evil object. Kevern's heart was sad. As a cultivator, the esper was very important. But it did not allow Kevern to think too much. Just when the red beam was gone, the giant red eye shot out an other red beam. When hitted on the ice wall, it melted a hole, passed through silently and attacked the four people.

Kevern frowned. Frozen Ice sword blocked it again. The red beam disappeared but Frozen Ice sword had one more red mark.

The large men did not say anything. His giant red eye kept on shooting red beams like arrows in very fast speed. Kevern blocked them all, but the dark red mark was getting heavier. The white light of Frozen Ice also dimmed. The other three noticed it was not going good. Issa was the first rushed out, and summoned his esper "Xuanyuan" and wanted to attack from the side. But the men just slightly turned his head and shot out a red beam at him with the giant red eye. Issa did not dodge fast enough. He used Xuanyuan sword to block the strange red beam.

In mid-air, Xuanyuan sword glowed with soft purple light. The red beam immediately disappeared. But on the sword, there was a red mark. Xuanyuan sword immediately trembled.

Issa could feel the evil energy that was coming from the sword and trying to invade his body. But fortunately he was standing far away, the power was not too strong. The righteous energy of Xuanyuan sword rose and covered the evil energy.

But he could no longer get farther. The large men was standing there, relaxed and only need to turn his head to let his giant red eye to send out red beam to keep Issa and Kevern at their original place. And as there were red marks more red marks, the two people could feel the evil energy was getting heavier. It used the swords as medium and slowly invaded their bodies.

Chapter 37: Forsaken Abyss

Shaw Danon saw the two were in trouble and immediately ran forth. The large men noticed it. He turned his head, and shot out a beam of red light at Shaw Danon.

There was no turning back for Shaw Danon. Though he saw what happened to Kevern and Issa, but he had no other way than to bite the bullet and block it with his fire stick.

In mid-air, the red beam hitted on the fire stick glowed with soft green light. Shaw Danon could feel the strong force had shook his body, but that was it. He quickly looked at the fire stick. The black fire stick was like usual, no red mark.

Even though the fire stick was as ugly as usual, Shaw Danon was happy to notice that. He quickly took a step forward. The Felkins were surprised. The big men: "Huh?" then the giant red eye shot out an other red beam.

Fire stick blocked it. The green and red light crushed together in mid-air. After a moment, the red light disappeared. The fire stick trembled, but it was still fine. Shaw Danon was relieved. His mind thought that his fire stick was ugly, but the saying humble people have tough life, this esper was mostly the same. The two Shixiongs' swords were fine and noble, but they were not as tough as this humble fire stick.

Even with those disordered ideas in his mind, his feet did not stop, slowly getting closer the huge men. The relax (but because of the scary large eye, relax look disgusting) of the huge men was gone, he focus on the Shaw Danon who may look the weakest. He only shot one red beam at Kevern and Issa every while, to block their advance, while he shot rapidly at Shaw Danon.

It was obvious Shaw Danon was tired, but the black fire stick did not get harmed. The savage energy of the red beam seem ineffective to this young men. Under everyone's eyes, Shaw Danon was getting closer step by step.

The huge men already sweating on his forehead. In his heart, there was no way to figure out why the "Red Devil Eye" he had cultivated for three hundreds years was so well against Daoist's precious esper, why ineffective against a normal fire stick? But how could he know, Red Devil Eye's power is strong indeed, using its savage, vicious energy could penetrate Kevern and others' swords. Then use the sword as a path to slowly introduce the evil energy into their bodies, allow him to be victorious fromt he very begining. But Shaw Danon's ugly fire stick was blood smelted by Shaw Danon with Felkin's most evil object "Sinister Orb" and the unknown black stick from the ancient valley behind Bamboo Peak. Compare in evil spirit, just "Sinister Orb" alone is many times stronger than Red Devil Eye, not to mention the nameless black stick.

The two greatest evil objects fused together and balance each other, covered the evil energy inside. With Shaw Danon inside it, only Shaw Danon could drive it. And that is also why it could conceal the Jadeon's elders, allow Shaw Danon to come back out from the gate of hell.

However, the red beam of Red Devil Eye was surely useless to the fire stick. But Shaw Danon was still young and ignorance. He did not know he was having a valuable esper. If it was the old Felkin leader Blackheart Elder from thousand years ago, with a Sinister Orb, he just need to swing around few times, then the men will get all his blood drained and flesh dried, leaving a Red Devil Eye rolling on his dead body. But everyone here could never come up witht that unimaginable idea. The huge men focus on Shaw Danon but still couldn't stop him from getting closer. The evil looking young men stood next to him who was quiet suddenly laughed coldly: "Nian Boss, your Red Devil Eye seem useless, can't even defeat a few Jadeon students. It is a shame that you scolded at Cynical. I think you should pass me the position of archlord."

The huge men and the young woman's faces changed. The young woman frowned and said: "Comrade Lin Fang, we are facing great enemies here, how can you say such thing?"

Lin Fang peered at the Jadeons and Anan, then he laughed coldly: "If those brats are great enemies, how are we Blood Forger able to stand up in Holy Faction, and talk about to restore the past glory accomplished by Elder Blackheart?"

Nian Boss shot an other red beam at Shaw Danon, stopped him for a moment, then he turned back and shout angily: "Beside talk with exaggeration what else can you do, why don't you come up and try?" A evil smile rose on Lin Fang's pale face, said: "Okay, I will make you eat your word."

Then he took out a golden fan, and fanned at himself.

The Jadeons heard their conversation. They were all alerted to that evil looking young men. But after long while, all he did was calmly swinging the fan, standing there coolly and not doing anything. They were stunned.

Could it be that Lin Fang was only bragging?

Nian Boss was mad to half death by him, he said angily: "Lin Fang, if you don't have the skill then step aside. I can deal with those Jadeon youngsters. No need you to make sarcastic comments. Can't you look at yourself and see do you have any skill?"

Lin Fang snorted, said: "I originally don't want to team with you or else it will be an unhonorable victory. But seem like if I don't show some skill, you will think I am lying is it?" Then he tossed the golden fan into mid-air. The fan glowed with soft gold light, then it opened.

On the golden fan, there was a mountain, a river, and a condor drawings on the fan.

Wind blew, clouds surged, thunder howled, lighting flashed.

It was under the ground, inside of the ancient cave, there should never be such strange occurrences. But now in front of their eyes, these appeared. A loud bang, then the fan shook a little, after a moment, the mountain from the fan came out. It became a thousand feet high, almost completely filled the entire room. Then the mountain fell on the four Jadeons.

Shaw Danon was frighten and turned pale. But he had no power to resist such great object. He flight backward. The mountain was about to land on him, but half of his body was still under there. When he was about to be crushed in half, someone pulled him and dragged him out. Shaw Danon turned and found it was Kevern who saved him. His heart was bitter, but still he said quietly: "Thank you Qi Shixiong."

How could Kevern knew what Shaw Danon was thinking. He nodded solenmly. He was standing a bit back, so he got back faster. Then he saw Shaw Danon was next to him, so he pulled him.

The mountain was already made their head hurt. The mountain landed, the ground and wall shook at that instant, even the gravel from the top of the cave fell like rain. The power was shocking.

Issa also returned. His face filled with surprise, said: "Earthen Fan! This is Jieshi Mountain's Old Fengyue's esper. How did it get into this person's hand?"

They were surprised. Shaw Danon was ignorance, but Kevern got wide knowledge, he knew that Old Fengyue was a cultivator from the Jieshi Mountain of the east. He was deeply cultivated and quite famous. He normally does thing neutral between the Good and Evil. Never commited any bad thing. So both Good and Evil did not trouble this person. But they could not imagin Old Fengyue's esper was in the hand of the young men who was among those heretics.

When they were still in the state of shock, the mountain heartlessly rose up. There was no idea how strong the magic was needed to drive this large object.

Behind them it was stone wall. There was no escape. The stones were raining down. Lighting flashed and thunder roared. The Jadeons were anxious. Kevern gritted his teeth, was about to step forth and use Union Mirror to protect them and try to resist this mighty mountain, but then a blue figure flashed, Anan suddenly appeared before three of them. Suddenly blue light brightened, "Aeolian Firmus" unsheathed with the roar of dragon. The powerful energy rose.

The thunder was getting more hurry. The mountain fell with the invincible momentum, it was about to crush the four people into meat pie. Anan's face was cold, her hair danced in the fierce wind, she was like a fairy from nine skies! "Aeolian Firmus" shook a little, answered its owner's heart, then like an angry dragon, it rose, the blue light brightened the entire cave, and it striked at the mountain. "Clang!"

The sands blew, the wind screamed. Under the eyes of everyone, the large air current rushed at all direction. Anan in mid-air, her face turned pale. The whole body was bounced back and hitted heavily on the wall.

But the mountain was being hitted by the large blue light pillar, it stopped. Then shook in the mid-air for a few times. After a loud noise, it shrinked and disappeared among the dust storm, reappeared on Earthen Fan.

The evil looking Lin Fang looked at Earthen Fan. His eyebrows immediately frowned. On the drawing, the originally magnificent mountain had a large rift from the top to middle of the mountain. The fan was like having a broken face.

Aeolian Firmus flight back to the Jadeons, but Anan slided down from the wall. Her feet weakened, and almost fell on the ground. But fortunately other Jadeons already gathered there, Shaw Danon help supported her to stand up. Anan was gasping. She wanted to push away Shaw Danon. But when her hand held out, blood came out from the corner of her lips.

The red blood passed her skin, leaving red mark above her white skin, like a soul touching beauty.

Shaw Danon startled, then he heard Lin Fang shouted angily: "Stink woman, you dare to ruin my esper. You can't pay back even you die ten times!" The he rose into the air. The Earth Fan's gold light shined, completely not fit with his evil energy. But it still opened and closed in mid-air, coming toward them.

At far, Nian Boss already stopped shooting red beam. His "Red Devil Eye" returned normal. He stood still. The young woman stepped forth, looked at Jadeon Anan, she said quietly: "Did you see it?"

Nian Boss's face was solemn, said: "It's Aeolian Firmus!"

The young woman snorted: "Can't believe such divine item is in the hand of a child!" Nian Boss watched Lin Fang battle against the Jadeons, he said: "Aeolian Firmus is Nine Skies Weapon, our Bloodforger founder Elder Blackheart was defeated under this sword. Today we must take this sword no matter what!"

The young woman nodded: "That Lin Fang-"

Nian Boss laughed coldly: "This kid rely on the relative relationship with Old Fengyue and become so arrogent. If not because I am in need of men, I already don't let him stay. Now let him fight in the van. You and I will seek a chance to take that sword."

The young woman nodded, and focus on the field.

Everytime the Earth Fan fanned, storm would blew, and caused the small rocks to pierce Jadeons. But once they got near, Kevern and Issa would block them. When the mountain suddenly appeared, they were all surprised and did not know what to do. But now their outstanding cultivation was clearly shown. Kevern with his Frozen Ice sword blocked wave after wave of fierce wind. Issa also shown his strength. This purple "Xuanyuan", under the cover of Kevern, looked for a chance to strike and Lin Fang like a viper. Lin Fang almost injured by the purple light. The three people were draw. Difficult to get the result.

Shaw Danon stood behind them and supported Anan. His eyes stared at Kevern. The way he used the sword was cool and skilled. He knew himself could never match Kevern on the technique of esper. He couldn't help but felt admire of him. For long time, he only practiced the basic of Pure Essence. Until before he left the mountain, Surin hurried and passed him the actual useful incanation. Surely he could not compare to Kevern.

As he was attentively watching them, he suddenly felt his shoulder lightened. Anan had left his support after a while of rest.

Shaw Danon saw her jade white face had turned pale, he asked: "Are you alright, Shijie?" Anan looked at him, then wiped away the blood on the corner of her lips. She shook her head and did not say anything.

From the time he met this icy beauty, he knew how her way does, so he did not bother to continue asking. Plue he was a bit fear of her, he turned and looked at the field.

But just when he had turned, he suddenly hear Anan screamed. He was surprised and saw a black rope came out from the stone wall behind him and Anan. It swiftly tied Anan's hands at the side of her body. A moment later a person came out from the stone wall, it was the young woman who was standing at far away a minute ago.

She giggled: "Little girl, you born to be so pretty, really causing me to envy. This "Celestial Rope" is sister specially prepared for you the Daoist."

Shaw Danon saw suffering rose on Anan's face. The "Celestial Rope" was already getting deep into the skin. It was obvious how much pain was that. But before he could react, Nian Boss dashed in and reached out his hand for the "Aeolian Firmus" behind Anan.

Shaw Danon would not let him do whatever he wanted. "Fire stick" rose up and went straight at Nian Boss. Nian Boss saw the extreamly strange black stick again. His heart was a little afraid of this thing. He forced himself stopped and landed on the ground.

Kevern and Issa heard the noise. They turned and surprised. They were about to assist, but Lin Fang saw them, his mind thought: if I let you get away on your so easily, aren't I lose all of my face in front of Nian Boss. Then the Earth Fan summoned the wind and kept Kevern and Issa busy.

Shaw Danon temporary forced Nian Boss to stay back, then the fire stick striked at the young woman without hesitation. But the young woman just smiled, and swung the rope. Anan was involuntarily blocked in front for her.

Shaw Danon was surprised. He immediately stopped the fire stick. It stopped about three inches in front of Anan, and shined Anan's paled face to green. Not wait for Shaw Danon to regain his breath, two whistles came from behind. Shaw Danon fell forward and embarrassingly dodged it. Then he looked back and saw Cynical Dialectian and the tall guy Liu Gao attacked him while he was in trouble. And Nian Boss was also eagered at taking the sword. He too attacked him.

Shaw Danon one versed three. He immediately fell into difficult struggle. If not because Nian Boss was a little fear the fire stick, and Cynical and Liu Gao saw the scene that fire stick draining blood in the darkness, they were afraid and not attacking too aggressively, Shaw Donon would already lost.

Even like that, after few rounds, under the combined strength of three esper, Shaw Danon was already in very dangerous situation. There was still one more troubling thing. The young woman was like watching the fight, but everytime Shaw Danon tried to counter attack, she would toss Anan as a shield, then all Shaw Danon could do was to hold back. With all those problems, he was about to be injured by the three heretics.

Under Celestial Rope, no matter how hard Anan struggled was useless. The young woman smiled proudly behind her. Because Shaw Danon was fear to hurt herself and almost got killed, Anan became more pale and anxious. Then blood spewed out from her mouth, splitted on her dress.

Shaw Danon heard the sound and thought Anan was injured by the "Celestial Rope". Under the surprise, he did not think much. Black gas rose from the fire stick, in the speed of lighting, it shot toward the young woman.

The young woman did not expect Shaw Danon to give up his own safety and attack her, so she wasn't prepared. Seeing the fire stick was in front of her, she immediately rose into the sky to escape.

But at the same time Shaw Danon's back shown a great opening. The red beam from Nian Boss's Red Devil Eye, and the Cynical Dialectian's grey fang, Liu Gao yellow sword hitted on Shaw Danon's back together.

Shaw Danon's eyes blackened and almost fainted. After the sharp pain over his body, he felt numb. He fell forward. While in mid-air, the blood in his mouth spewed out like spring. Anan saw this. Her teeth bitted deeply into her lips. Then she suddenly felt the Celestial Rope was loosened. The young woman was distracted by Shaw Danon and forgot the control the Celestial Rope.

With some empty space, Anan's hands held together and formed orchid mark. "Aeolian Firmus" automatically came out from the sheathe. The blue light flited across the sky and widened the Celestial Rope. Under the godly edge of "Aeolian Firmus", though the "Celestial Rope" was uncommonly hard, but it was making weird sound.

The young woman feared the power of Aeolian Firmus, she immediately retrieved the Celestial Rope. Anan regained her freedom, even her body was still sorrowly painful, she rose into the air and caught Shaw Danon.

But, not waited for two of them to regain their breath, Nian Boss and others were already here.

Aeolian Firmus's blue light flashed, flight in front of Anan and protected its owner. But Anan's face was pale like paper, her body was faltering. At that instant, suddenly a whistle sounded, then a scream. Lin Fang said angrily: "Jadeon kids, you dare to hurt me, watch this!"

"Bang!" It sounded cleared at every corner of the cave!

When everyone was surprised, Nian Boss stopped the attack, cried: "Brother Lin, can not-"

Before he could finish, everyone felt the ground was shaking. Then they looked at the Earth Fan in Lin Fang's hand, the river disappeared.

Then follow a ear deafening bang, the flat ground cracked. a large water pillar gushed out from under ground. The strength was so strong that even the large stones were moved. Only the giant stone craved with the words "Forsaken Abyss" did not move.

The four Jadeons were washed to all direction. Anan's hand loosened. At that instant, she suddenly felt, her heart, was also sinked. The blood stained body of Shaw Danon was floating to farther away. In front of him was the dark and secret abyss!

She stood in mid-air, at that instant, the scenes of the past reappeared in her heart:

At Mount Jadeon Peak of Widows, the boy who blushed when he saw her during the sortition;

at that contest, the suddenly softened eyes in the lighting storm;

and just moment ago, because of her blood, the person who came recused her recklessly!

A large rock fell. Anan gritted her teeth, used her last strength, pulled against the large rock and changed the direction, flight toward to Shaw Danon. The rocks fell like rain. The water roared like dragon. But those are all seem to be a far away. "Aeolian Firmus" glowed with blue light and follow its owner.

After dodging several falling stones, Anan reached to Shaw Danon, caught his hand, wanted to pull him back. But she felt the last of her strength was gone.

"She comes to save me?" Shaw Danon blurrily saw Anan, and said this in his heart. Then he suddenly discovered, Anan and him were already passed the stone craved with the word "Forsaken Abyss", and arrived at above the abyss.

Then, they slowly fell.

Anan seem unconscious. Her eyes were close. Her body turned to the other side. At this moment, there was happiness on her pale face.

Before Shaw Danon fell into the endless abyss filled with eternal darkness, when the last beam of light was still there, he heard a Buddist saying, then golden light brightened. At the next moment, he fell intot the darkness.

In the endless darkness, was like eternity, he could not even see the girl who was so close to him.

But, at the moment before he fell unconscious, he still knew, that Anan and his hand, were still helding together, closely, closely.

He could even faintly feel that hand was so cold, so cool.

The endless darkness swallowed everything.

Chapter 38: Deep Abyss

In legend, the world was originally dark. After fourty-eight thousands years, Pangu seperated the sky and earth, turned into mountains and rivers; then after an other fourty-eight thousands years, Nuwa created men.

In the legend, the first beam of light of the world, was born from the deepest darkness.

Shaw Danon felt his body was freezing. This freezing chill was not only in his body, but also his heart. It felt like he was going to die.

But he did not afraid, without a slight of fear, he only felt the tireness that he had never felt before, not even have the strength to open his eyes. As his body was in extream exhaustion, his slowly regained his consciousness.

It was like, something surrounded him, very gentle, very careful, but also very cold, slowly absorbing his bodyheat, also brought him some special comfortable feeling and causing him to just wanted to fall asleep like this comfortably. If not because in his right hand, a familar coolness rose, like protecting its owner; If not because he suddenly felt in his left hand, he was still holding a cold, soft hand.

In the exhaustion, he opened his eyes with great difficulty.

It was a light in the eternal darkness!

In the boundless darkness, a light appeared only before of his eyes. It was a mysterious, white light, floating up and down in the darkness, twined around Shaw Danon like the most gentle girl embracing her beloved lover.

It was also like a white smoke, kind of empty and misty. It gradually transformed into a beautiful and grief face next to Shaw Danon, then it was going to kiss at that young men's lips.

At her lips, there was a little fragrant, a little excitement, and the rest are coldness! A coldness that could freeze one's heart!

Fire stick suddenly rose and the green light blocked in front of Shaw Danon. The beauty face of the white light appeared to fear the fire stick and floated backward. Shaw Danon got up, surprised, cried: "Nether spirit!"

From ancient folk, a person will born, age, and die, only the soul will not be disappear. The soul will leave the body then reincarnate. Life after life, the cycle continue. But in the world, there are evil spirit. Because of three poison: desire, resentment, fatuity, and three dread: timidity, aggression, fear, the spirits that looked back and loved the past, not willing to reincarnate were called "nether spirit".

Nether spirits are belong to Yin, so they naturally perfer moist places. Forsaken Abyss was dark and moist, not surprising to have such nether creatures. But Shaw Danon had never seen such thing before. When he was young he did heard the adult of Grasstemple Village talked about ghost, later he learned from Xavion at Bamboo Peak that they were called nether spirit. He was alway a little afraid of them. Now he saw it, the chill was all over his body. This call issued to far away in the darkness. In the darkness sounding him, his sound seem light. After long while, a faint echo issued back. Also because of this call, it seem surprised something. In the darkness sounding him, it silently brightened.

Shaw Danon could feel it was like his heart suddenly stopped beating. He held his breath, seeing the mysterious lights appeared in the darkness like that nether spirit.

Left, right, front, back were lightened, when he lifted his head, he could see even above his head, light appeared. Flashing the mysterious white light.

Countless of nether spirits were awaken from the long sleep. They felt the first appearance of human warmth for hundred years, and gathered here.

The white lights were like soft smoke, floating around. They transformed into different faces, males and females, old and young, pretty and ugly. And at that moment, there was only one feeling in Shaw Danon's eyes: Cold. As he imagined the countless of nether spirits rushed to him all at once, he shivered. But fortunately, after the surprise passed, he found that the nether spirits seem afraid of the fire stick that was in front of him. They did not dare to get close to the green light of the fire stick. But before Shaw Danon could relieve, some nether spirits discovered something and moved to Shaw Danon's left side.

Shaw Danon startled, then turned pale. The soft hand his left hand was holding had slowly turning cold. He quickly pulled Anan closer to him. With the light surrounding him, he could see Anan's face was completely pale, but her breathing was still normal. It seem like she did not got any outer injury. He relieved, looked around and checked the surrounding environment.

He and Anan were at a waterside. Because of darkness he could not see the size of the water. It could be a small pond, a large lake, or even a legendary underground sea. Shaw Danon did not know why he came up with this idea. In the water, he could feel the water was not quiet. Wave and wave of water gentlely went passed his body.

But, the water was really bone freezing! Shaw Danon diffculty rose up, and not plan to stay there. Even if they did not get killed by nether spirits, they probably would freeze to death in the water. He straightened up, but then his head turned dizzy, his body faltered.

When they were up there, his back was injured by Nian Boss, Cynical Dialectian and Liu Gao. This injury was not light. At the same time, fire stick's green light dimmed. And also at that moment, the countless of nether spirits' mysterious light brightened. Endless of desire appeared on their faces.

Shaw Danon was surprised and immediately focus. The fire stick's glow brightened again and held off the nether spirits. He dragged Anan to the land with difficulty. The short distance seem to be very long.

Finally, they arrived on a hard ground. Shaw Danon sat on the ground, panting.

Around them, countless of nether spirits were wandering around the fire stick's green aura. Sahw Danon stared at the wandering lights. He recalled the last memory before he was fainted. He remembered Anan came and grabbed his hand. He remembered they fell into endless dark abyss. He even faintly remembered, before he went unconscious, he heard a familar Buddist saying came from the platform.

Perhaps Fazzan Shixiong and others were arrived.

Shaw Danon thought in his mind. With the other four people's help, in addition to Kevern and Issa's cultivation, they shouldn't have any problem. If nothing happen to Qi Shixiong, then Ling'Er Shijie must not broken hearted right?

But, but, Shaw Danon also asked himself, if I die, will Ling'Er Shijie feel sad? Perhaps there may be a little grief. After all, they had lived together for years. He knew the tough, beautiful looking Shijie actually was also gentle and weak in the inside.

If she hear the childhood friend Shaw Danon Shidi unfortunately die, she must cry right? She will feel sad right? Even if they can't find his corpse, she will still makes a grave for him at Bamboo Peak right? But how many times she will comes visit the grave in the furture?

If it was like that, will he be like the nether spirits, remembering her, not going to reincarnate, only guarding his grave and wait for the figure from his memory?

The young men sighed quietly, unknowingly in the silent darkness!


She letted out a soft call, then slowly woke up, opened her eyes.

For thousands of years, there was a question from ancient time: If you wake up from a deep long sleep, the first person you want to see, who shall that be? But no one know did Anan ever heard of this silly question before. At that moment, reflected in her eyes was Shaw Danon concern eyes within the white light.

A only warmth in the darkness!

Shaw Danon was gladed, said: "You wake up, Lu Shijie."

Anan did not immediately reply. She seem a little lost in thought. But very quickly she returned to normal. From the original confuse back to her usual coldness. She looked around, couldn't help but changed again.

"Nether spirit!" Like Shaw Danon, Anan cried out.

Shaw Danon nodded, comforted her: "Yes, but don't need to afraid. They seem a bit fear of my fire, fire stick. Nothing should happen for now. Anan also discovered the countless of nether spirit did not attack them, they only wandered around. They appeared to be afraid of that black stick. She couldn't help but asked: "What is your esper called. How come it is so powerful?"

Shaw Danon blushed, said: "Call, call, I call it......fire stick.
Also, I don't know why it is so powerful."

Anan was bewildered: "Fire stick?"

Shaw Danon looked at the girl in front of him, under the mysterious white light, she was pale but even more beautiful. He lowered his head, said: "Yes, I am the one who usually cook at Bamboo Peak, so I use it as fire stick."

Anan couldn't say anything, and stared at the ugly black stick. After a while, she quietly said: "Fire stick! I have my master's teaching, experienced many hardships along cultivation, and also have Aeolian Firmus, but how I lose to a fire stick?" Shaw Danon's heart suddenly jumped. He felt Anan's face got whiter, almost unable to see any sanguinity, couldn't help said: "Shijie, but you won that time. I heard if not because you used too many vigor when battled me, you probably won't lose to Kevern Shixiong at final "

Then it became murmur, then from murmur became silent. It was because Anan was looking at him coldly, causing him unable to continue. The mysterious white light shined at two of them.

Anan lowered her head again, took a deep breath, then asked: "How did we manage to live?"

Shaw Danon startled, he was also puzzled, said: "I don't know." Then he remembered something and pointed to the waterside, said; "But when I woke up, we were laying at the waterside. Maybe we fortunately fell into the water, then the tide washed us to shore?"

Anan looked at the direction he was pointing at. Among the white light of nether spirit, she could see there was water far away. She could also heard the faint sound of the tide. But herself on the other hand, most part of her clothes were already dried, but some part was still wet. It was freezingly cold. It was obvious if not because Shaw Danon had dragged her to the shore, she would probably freeze to death before she could awake.

"Thank you." Anan suddenly said quietly.

Shaw Danon startled, waved his hand and smiled: "No problem, no "

Suddenly, both of them startled.

Between them, their hands, until now, they were still closely helding together.

It was like they were already part of the same body for many years, without any feeling. Like it suppose to be like that. Like they both had forgotten it. Anan slowly took back her hand. Shaw Danon embarrassingly smiled. He did not know where to put his hand.

After a while, Anan asked: "Before you fell, you were hitted heavily by felkin heretics. How are you feeling now?"

Hearing this icy lady did not blame him, Shaw Danon quickly said: "Not too bad."

Anan said: "Can you still fly?"

Shaw Danon channeled his energy, then the pain inside his body was hurt like needles. He shook his head and smiled bitterly.

Anan looked at him, said: "I also can't. We should get up and search is there any way out. Otherwise if we keep waiting here, surround by these nether spirit, we will be drained to death sooner or later." Shaw Danon gasped, nodded: "Right."

Anan stood up, checked around around and found no serious injury, only the inner energy was a little messy, body was weak, seem like the reaction force of Earthen Fan was too strong. Her most concern was the Aeolian Firmus which was now in the sheathe behind her back in fine condition.

She turned around and looked at Shaw Danon again. He rose up with diffiulty, not very agilie, appeared to be effected by the injuries. Additionally, dragging her out of the water used a lot of energy.

"What level are you in Pure Essence?" Anan suddenly asked.

Shaw Danon startled, did not say anything. Anan thought he purposely not answering. She turned away, said lightly: "It doesn't matter if you don't tell. But I heard my master said your cultivation was only at level four, it was all because of the power of that strange esper. I did not believe it. Today I saw it with my own eyes. If not because your cultivation is high and solid, you already fell under the hand of the heretics." Shaw Danon scratched his head, he couldn't think of a way to rely because he himself was also uncertain of his own cultivation. But how could Anan know, if just talking about Pure Essence, Shaw Danon actually at level four, also at the stage when he could first drive esper, but inside of Shaw Danon, there was other Fuwa's supreme incanation "Fawin Wisdom", and this was the key to the actual truth.

Fuwa incanation was more focus on understanding of self than Dago's. Shaw Danon had practiced Fawin Wisdom for five years, although it was still basic, his nerve control was solid. So practicing both Dagos and Fuwa's incanation days and nights, he was far stronger than the disciples at his level of practice. Also because of that, after he directly received the Felkin heretics' attack, Pure Essence and Fawin Wisdom each gave him one layer of protection, so he was luckily survived.

When they rose up, Shaw Danon recalled the fire stick back to his hand. The green light spead and surrounded them. Anan pondered for a moment, then she pointed to the opposite direction of the water. The two walked into the endless darkness. This walk was like endless. After long time, the two was still walking on the wide, clear ground. In Forsaken Abyss, beside the surprising large area, there was no sign of living creature.

The only thing there was the nether spirits floating around them quietly, desired for the taste of flesh blood.

Shaw Danon and Anan was getting more worry as they continued to walk. At the same time, the Yin energy was getting heavier. Shaw Danon felt the blood was boiling. A dizziness striked his head. Though his foundation was solid, but after all his cultivation was not high, in addition to the injuries done by Nian Boss, Cynical Dialectian, and Liu Gao, it severaly damaged his inner channels.

After a while, Anan discovered something was wrong with Shaw Danon, asked: "How are you?"

Shaw Danon forced a smile, said: "Nothing, let's continue."

Anan looked at him said: "What about we-" Before she could say the word "rest", Shaw Danon's body swayed and fell on the ground. The fire stick in his hand also dimmed as he fell.

Anan was surprised, quickly supported him, and found he was already passed out. At that instant, even the most calm person within the faction was also panic.

Then, she thought of a more terrifing question.

Fire stick was unable to do anything, what can defend the countless nether spirits?

Almost at the same time Anan thought of this question, the countless of nether spirits startled, then in front of them was two living bodies without slight of defense.

In the darkness, it was like countless of voices was laughing wildly, shouting madly. The countless of nether spirits froze in mid-air, then, like greedy beasts, they rushed to the two helpless people in the darkness.

Chapter 39: Meet Again


That was a clear and loud sound in the darkness!

Anan stood in front of Shaw Danon with her face cold, she drew out her sword.

Aeolian Firmus unsheathed!

Blue light rose, the pure and magnificent light had brighten the dark world.

The nether spirits' light was gone in front of the blue light. Even with that, the nether spirits had no sign of fear, coming in from all directions.

Anan gave a light shout. Sign of pain appeared on her pale face, but was soon replaced by the determination. Under its owner's control, Aeolian Firmus' blue light brightened, sliced across the charging nether spirits.

At the second the nether spirits touched the blue light, immediately there was "zizi" like popping sound. The first couples of nether spirits were dispersed

That sound echoed in the darkness. It was terrifying.

Aeolian Firmus was sure extreamly strong, but it could not intimidate the remaining nether spirits. At the moment when Anan made a move, several nether spirits came from behind and attacked at the unconscious Shaw Danon.

Anan saw it with the corner of her eyes. She quickly turned and used Aeolian Firmus sweeped above Shaw Danon's body, dispersed the nether spirits.

But there was too nether spirits. There was no different between killing and not killing them. With her body already injured, Anan became exhausted after several rounds while the spirits flight around and threatened them. The blue light of Aeolian Firmus became weaker. Anan gritted her teeth, but still fell and sat next to Shaw Danon.

Complacent ghost cries faintly came from the scream of the nether spirits. The ghosty light brightened. The Yin energy thickened. Anan turned and looked at Shaw Danon.

Though this young men was still unconscious, his face shown suffering. Is he thinking of some heart hurting past?

Anan mumbled: "Can't believe I will die with you together today!"

She straightened her body. Her face was colorless, but she still not give up. Her right hand formed orchid incanation mark. Aeolian Firmus stopped in mid-air, then pierced in the ground in front of Anan. The blue light appeared rose again. With the Aeolian Firmus as center, it formed a aura around Anan and Shaw Danon.

The surrounding nether spirits saw the tasty living bodies was right before their eyes, they went to them swiftly. But after a moment, the aura swelled and blue light rose. The blue light flashed and formed an arc above the two people's head, blocked the nether spirits.

But if smart people saw this, they could see the aura was too weak. There was no strength in it. Anan was just die trying.

Seeing the tasty food kept off from them again, the nether spirits was getting very angry. The cries of the ghost became louder. Countless of nether spirits strived to crush down the aura. Each time it hitted, Anan's body shook, her face became more pale, and the Aeolian Firmus' light dimmed a little. The originally two men high aura had downed to not even one man's size.

Anan's face was pale as paper, watching the hideous smile of the illusion face of nether spirits, watching they opened their ethereal mouths. Her whole body was like fallen into icehouse.

At that moment, she suddenly heard, inside the mouth of the unconscious Shaw Danon, a murmur came out. Anan quickly turned. There no word that can be describe her feeling. When fighting alone against the nether spirit, suddenly hear the voice of an ally. There was a happiness that she had never experienced before rose in her heart.

But before she could see Shaw Danon's face clearly, a strange thing happened. The ground below them was originally hard, but a large hole appeared at the place where Shaw Danon was laying. He fell in.

Anan was shocked. The hole was completely dark, unable to assume the depth of the hole. But deep in the darkness, there were a pair of large, horrifying red eyes flashed!

At the next moment, without any hesitation, Aeolian Firmus' aura dispelled. Among the screams of the nether spirits, Anan grabbed Aeolian Firmus and fell into the dark hole!

After that, all the nether spirits followed them into the hole.

A thud sounded in the cave. Moment later, among the scream of the nether spirits, there was suddenly a sharp roar. "Ooooink"

It sound like a raging roar of a wounded boar. Moment later, a large figure jumped out from the cave. Behind were countless of nether spirits, flight across the cave.

Under the ghostly light, Anan held Shaw Danon out from the ground with her left hand. Blood came out from the corner of her lip. Left side of her body was stained red, it was appeared she was injured.

Shaw Danon rely on Anan in order to stand, but his eyes were already opened. The fire stick had brightened again. Though weak, but it still glowed with green light like usual.

This young man and woman, in this world of darkness, supported each other, depended on each other.

Anan watched the nether spirits raged but not dare to came down. An indescribable gladness rose in her heart. Although they still did not escape from danger, it was good to have a person by her side. Then, their eyes landed on the giant figure in front of them. They could sense the extreamly strong rancid odor, then, with the ghostly light of the nether spirits, they saw the shape of that yasho.

It was a giant yasho that was about two men high; pig head and dog body; sharp fangs; body was dark black all over; the hairs were spiky like needles; the eyes were red in the darkness, sort of like Felkin Heretic Nian Boss's Red Devil Eye.

That yasho was laying on the ground, breathing heavily. Under the black, dirty fur, the left forelimb was cutted open, appeared to be done by Anan. Its eyes stared at the two humen who wounded it. Hatred shot out from its eyes, wanted to just swallow them right away!

Nether spirits dancing in the air, when they passed by the yasho, they did not attack. It seem like they alway mind their own business like water of well never come across with water of river.

Anan's body was hurt and tired, almost wanted to just fall and sleep, no longer need to think. But after few struggles, she still held out, whispered to Shaw Danon: "There are too many nether spirits and yasho here. We don't know what may come out after that. Let go away first."

Shaw Danon nodded and agreed. The two stepped back, but unfortunately, when they took a step, the nether spirits took a step, and the yasho also not let it go, it followed. Along the way of this walk, the nether spirits feared Shaw Danon's fire stick. The pid head yasho also feared the two, but not willing to give up.

Zhang and Lu were already wounded. In this dark and moist Forsaken Abyss, after several battles, they were already exhausted. If not because the nether spirits and the yasho was forcing them, the two would probably relaxed and fainted.

But at this moment they were facing the matter of life and death, unknown strength and courage came from their body, helped them to hold out to now.

This Forsaken Abyss was not known to the Path of Righteous. It was surprisingly large. They walked for long time, but it was still open ground. No shadow of wall. It was hard to imagin how they landed this far when they fell off?

There was no free time for them to think of this question. Everywhere in front of them were the hungry nether spirits and yasho. Life and death was only matter of a second. They could not do anything about it. Then suddenly, Shaw Danon felt his back hitted something hard.

They could not dare to lower their guard on the yasho and nether spirits, so they were walking backward. Shaw Danon was surprised they suddenly hitted something. He quickly turned and unexpected to find out it was a large tree, more than three men wide.

Shaw Danon was relieved, and told Anan who was behind him: "Nothing, it was just a tree--"

Before he could finish, Shaw Danon felt a rope like object had tangled around his neck, then his entire body was carried into the air by strong force. Anan surprised, turned around and screamed: "Tree spirit!"

A tree grew lonely in the open ground. All the quiet tree branches moved like man's arms. The object that grabbed Shaw Danon was one of the thick tree branches. In the darkness, the moving figure of the tree spirit was like the devil of nine nethers.

Shaw Danon felt the twig on his neck was getting tighter. He couldn't breath. Anan wanted to help, but a earth shocking roar came. The yasho used this opportunity. It jumped and hitted with its giant claws that flashed with green light, perhaps they were poisonous.

Anan left with no choice but to parry. With this obstacle, she tried several times to recuse Shaw Danon but unable, and got herself into danger.

Shaw Danon was caught by the tree spirit. His throat was extreamly painful. The tree spirit issued a terrifying hiss, most likely out of pleasure. The twig pulled him backward to the tree trunk. At the same time more blanches came and tied his body, leaving only the hands were able to move, other than that, he could not offer any resistance.

Shaw Danon was extreamly anxious. He looked at Anan and found herself was also in trouble. He turned back and it shocked him even more. On the tree trunk, a large mouth opened slowly. Sharp, fishy, stink smell gushed out from the mouth. The twig was taking him to tree spirit's mouth.

Shaw Danon was trembling. He had never think of one day he would become a fertilizer for a tree. This way of dying was disgusting.

But now the arrow was on the string, he was getting closer and closer to the mouth. The stinky smell was getting heavier. The sweat on Shaw Danon's forehead was like raining.

He almost arrived at the mouth. He used his strength that came out from nowhere, and used his feet pushed against the trunk. But unfortunately the strength of the tree spirit was uncommonly strong. The twigs pulled several times, then Shaw Danon collasped and arrived next to the mouth. The heavy smell hitted his face. Don't know how many life this tree spirit had killed. Shaw Danon at the last moment, struggling, swung his hand, using his only weapon the fire stick and stabbed at the tree spirit's mouth.

The fire stick, especially the orb, glowed with ghostly green light.

The originally dull fire stick was used by Shaw Danon and hitted the tree spirit. It pierced through tree spirit's hard trunk like a divine edge. The blanches of the tree spirit suddenly were all frozen.

Shaw Danon himself was also startled. At the same time, a fear emotion rose in his heart.

A familar, cool feeling circled throughout his body. Then a refreshing energy came from the fire stick and entered Shaw Danon's body. It was just like the moment Shaw Danon fought against Jiang Lao San in Cave of Fangs.

Shaw Danon was stunned in mid-air! He stared blankly at what happen in front of him. After the mighty, vicious tree spirit was stabbed by the ugly fire stick, the large body withered quickly. All the blanches and leave were like having their water drained. They dried, curled, and the leave fallen. After the last roar of its life, the entire tree collapsed. Then, lost its life.

Shaw Danon landed on the ground, staring blankly. He did not need to channel his energy and he still knew the benefit of the energy came from the fire stick. It helped nourish his damaged channel.

He looked at the fire stick in his hand, the green light circling, like it a person who finish eating, the fire stick letted out a satisfied light. Especially on the fire stick, the blood vessels had brightened with red like it just fed on blood.

"Dang" The horrifying fire stick sliped off from Shaw Danon's hand and landed on the gound. Bounced twice then it stopped.

After it left Shaw Danon's palm, the black stick lost its parasitifer, all the light immediately disappeared, returned back to the normal and ugly black stick. Shaw Danon breathed heavily, there was only one voice echo in his mind: What is this, what is this?

At this moment, Anan scream came. Shaw Danon was waken. He turned and said Anan was attacked by countless of nether spirits and the pig head yasho. She fell backward under the heavy hit, her clothes was stained red. This injury appeared to be severe.

Shaw Danon threw away the thoughts in his mind, picked up the fire stick and flight to Anan.

In mid-air, the fire stick seem smiling in his hand. The green light brighten up again, brigthen his face.

At the path where Shaw Danon passed, countless of nether spirits fled. In the blink of the eye, Shaw Danon had caught up to Anan. But the pid head yasho did not fear the fire stick, it roared and attacked.

Under the pressure, Shaw Danon was worried about Anan. He did not stepped back, and also roared. Channeled the art that Surin had taught him before he left. Fire stick left his hand and like a shooting arrow, it charged at the pig head yasho.

The pig head yasho saw it was a small black stick. Its large claw swung, wanted to push away this trouble thing and feasted on the two hateful but tasty humen.

But then as its palm swung, it felt something passed through its palm, then after a second, something passed its chest. The pig head yasho startled and looked down, saw there was a hole on its palm, and at the chest, there was a hole also. Its entire body was pierced through by the fire stick.


The pig head yasho gave a heart piercing wild roar, the body swayed, then like a falling pillar, it landed heavily on the ground, stirred up a cloud of dust. It struggled a few times on the ground, black blood came out from its mouth, and finally it stopped moving. Shaw Danon caught Anan and found her entire body was cold and already fainted. The fire stick had killed an other life, flashed with green light and returned back to Shaw Danon's hand.

Shaw Danon felt the spirit in his body had refilled, most of the injuries were already recovered. He checked Anan's breathing and found it was getting more rapid. He lowered his head and saw the skin on her left shoulder had turned black, clearly was poisoned.

Shaw Danon was anxious, even the two monsters were dead, there were still countless of nether spirits. But as he turned, he discovered those nether spirits were already gone and returned to the darkness. Shaw Danon was surpised, but this was a good thing. He did not think much about it, he quickly turned back and taken care of Anan.

But Shaw Danon actually did not know it was all thank to the "Sinister Orb" on his fire stick. Eight hundred years ago, Elder Blackheart expanded Felkin's "Bloodforger" blanch, shocked the world, and setted up a base for Bloodforger in Cave of Fangs' underground maze. Elder Blackheart was a cruel person. When he crafted this Sinister Orb he killed countless of life. Many of those spirits were gathered in Forsaken Abyss, unable to reincarnate.

They were all murdered by Sinister Orb. Even today, Sinister Orb had combined with a nameless stick, the shape was changed, the vicious energy had covered. But when Shaw Danon channeled magic, the vicious energy of Sinister Orb was shown. The nether spirits were scared away and thought Elder Blackheart had revived.

Shaw Danon slowly putted Anan back to the ground. Hesitated for a moment, looked at the wound that already turned back, he sighed.

It seem like the eternal darkness had became quiet, returned to the dead silence.

Shaw Danon felt a little dizzy, but looked at bound wound no long having black gas over Anan's face, he relieved.

He quietly sitting, protecting the unconscious girl. The ghostly green light of the fire stick covered them.

Everywhere was quiet!


There was not even sound of the insects. In Forsaken Abyss, beside nether spirits and yasho, there were no living creatures.

But, at that moment, Shaw Danon suddenly heard foot step coming.

The foot step in the darkness was soft and harmonious, but to Shaw Danon, it was like spring thunder. He stood up and turned to the direction where the foot step came from, and held his fire stick tight.

In the darkness, there was a light moving. Then, a girl appeared in the light. She wore green dress; pair of thin eyebrows and pretty eyes; jade white skin that was whiter than snow and frost. With the spirit like gorgeousness of the darkness, she had a soul touching, awkward beauty.

Shaw Danon opened his mouth wide, startled and could not say anything. That girl was the green dress young lady he met in Sunstream City's Shanhai Yuan.

"Shenmo Ziyi-Yasho" Red Eyes Pig Devil - pig head dog body, large size, black fur, hard spikes, red eyes, able to see in the dark. Perfer to eat rotten food, perfer live in dark moist place.
"Shenmo Ziyi-Spirit" Tree Spirit - Thousands years old tree, legend said it absorbed spirit from heaven and earth, and the strength of spirit from nether, so it became a spirit. Large tree shape, eat living creatures, rumor said they could walk freely.

Chapter 40: Abyssal Viper

That young lady also saw Shaw Danon and the unconsious Anan. She did not expect there would be living human down here, she was surprised, too.

Then, she recongized Shaw Danon. She startled, after amazement flashed on her face, she smiled.

"It is such a small world that we meet again!" She was like the bloomed lily in the darkness, gracefully walked to them.

Shaw Danon rose and stood in front of Anan. After all, a person who come to Forsaken Abyss where the nether spirits and yashos live is not a normal human.

The young lady got closer. Shaw Danon saw a white flower between her fingers of right hand. It glowed with faint white light, lighted the ground around her. It might be some rare species. But Shaw Danon had no spare time to care about the flower. Though he was alert to that strange girl, but however, seeing her in the lonely, dark Forsaken Abyss, he felt a little friendly.

"Hello." Shaw Danon wanted to say some greeting words, but only this word came out at the end.

The young girl looked at him, smiled: "Isn't that Jadeon's Shaw Danon Zhang adventurer? Why you come to his ghostly place? This is not the place that you guys should go."

Shaw Danon startled, said: "How do you know I am from Jadeon?"

That young girl smiled and not answer him.

Shaw Danon frowned, felt that girl was not usual. When he was pondering, that girl laughed softly: "May I ask Zhang adventurer, how long you have been here, find "Blooddrop Cave" yet?" Shaw Danon startled, said: "What Blooddrop Cave?"

The girl snorted, the smile on her face was gone, but her tone was still remain calm: "Zhang adventurer, you are pretend to be silly. Your so-called Good people, if not because of the item inside of Blooddrop Cave, why come to this dark, dirty place?"

Shaw Danon was puzzled. But he understood that there was a Blooddrop Cave, and probably important thing was in there. But he did not hear his Master and Head Shibo mentioned it. But what he was thinking was not this, it was he understood the meaning of this girl's words, he said in low tone: "You said our Path of Righteous is hypocrit, who are you?"

The girl flicked her green dress, then drew an arc in air with her flower. The white light lasted for a while in the darkness before it slowly dissipated.

"I, aren't your most hated felkin heretic?" She smiled evilly.

Shaw Danon's heart stinked, suddenly a feeling of disappointment. But that idea was only a flash, left no track in his heart. He snorted, then on guard.

When he entered Jadeon, he was taught by all his elders of how Felkin heretics trouble people, cruel and lawless. Jadeon's rule was forbidden them to have any relationship with Felkin. They were irreconcilable enemy.

But that girl seem did not hate them, had no meaning to fight. Her eyes peered behind Shaw Danon, then suddenly smiled: "Is that elder sister waking up?"

Shaw Danon turned and saw Anan moved a little. Her lips moved and her eyes slowly opened. Shaw Danon was glad, said: "You wake up!"

But anxiousness was on Anan's face, struggled to say: "Careful--"

Shaw Danon hadn't react, he already smelled fragrance surrounded him. White light flashed, a white flower appeared in front of his eyes. In the darkness, under Forsaken Abyss, where can you find a flower? Shaw Danon was surprised, stepped back. The flower floated in the air, like smiling and nodding to him. Just in that moment, the flower fell apart. The clean white petals glowed with ghostly green light and flight toward him.

Even did not know this girl has Felkin background, just by looking at the flower itself could sense something wrong. Shaw Danon was attacked unexpectedly. He was in a rush. He took few steps back, held up his fire stick and defend. Most petals were parried when they touched the green light of fire stick, but some flight pass through and almost wounded Shaw Danon.

Shaw Danon cursed the cunning of the Felkin heretic in his heart. The words of his Master, Shi niang, Shixiongs were right, without any mistake. But when he looked back, he saw the girl was flying toward to Anan.

Shaw Danon was surprised. After Anan was severely injured, she had no strength to fight back. And he himself the distance was farther away. He quickly waved his hand, drove the first stick, and charged at the green dress girl. Hearing the piercing of the wind, the green dress girl smiled, waved her right hand. Like lighting, all the petals flight back and gathered at the bud. The flower glowed with faint white light went forth. The white light touched the green light of fire stick. They locked in mid-air, after a while, seem like neither side win, they flight back to their owner.

In the darkness, there was suddenly a cry out of surprise.

With this opportunity, Shaw Danon caught the fire stick and quickly went to Anan's side, stood in front of her, not going to allow the Felkin heretic to use anymore trick.

But that "cunning" heretic suddenly stopped, not advancing, and let Shaw Danon went back to Anan's side. She looked at Shaw Danon with surprise in her eyes.

She was originally thinking that the "Heartending" Flower in her hand was enough to stop Shaw Danon. But unexpectedly, when "Heartending Flower" against the fire stick in mid-air, originally it could use the fire stick as a route to palazye Shaw Danon with its fragrance, but the fragrance was blocked, and backfire a little on her, caused her to surprise. Shaw Danon stood in front of Anan, helped her to rise up, he asked quietly: "You alright! Lu Shijie?"

Anan shook her head. Shaw Danon was relieved, he turned his head and said angrily: "Shameless heretic, only know how to sneak up on people!"

The surprise in that girl immediately gone and was replaced by anger. She snorted, said: "Fine, then I will let you see the power of the heretic!"

While she was speaking, she was preparing to make a move. Shaw Danon quickly be on guard. But Anan was leaning on him weakly, clearly she was heavily injured, most likely because of the poison. The Felkin heretic in front of him was unpredictable, if they fight, he will be hard to help Lu Shijie.

Unfortunately the events of this world can not alway occur like what people desire. When Shaw Danon's mind was racing, he suddenly discovered thing was getting worse. In the darkness, an other light appeared. But this light was different than the green dress girl's. Even though it is bright, the color was dark. Almost cause people to think it is a black light. Within the light, a ghostly figure walked toward them, stopped next to the green dress girl. She was a tall woman, dressed in black clothes, masked with soft veil. She was the one who travel together with that girl in Shanhai Yuan that

After that, in the surprised eyes of Shaw Danon, several lights brightened in the darkness. Five people in yellow clothes appeared. They were the attendents of that young girl in Shanhai Yuan. Now they were all here.

Shaw Danon felt his throat was dried. Under the eyes of so many people, his body could not help but shivered. At that moment, he suddenly heard the soft and weak voice of Anan: "You hurry get out of here. These people's cultivation is not below you and I, can not fight them!"

Shaw Danon turned his head and found that pale but beautiful face next to him had no sign of worry and fear, only speaking the most common sense. Shaw Danon startled, shook his head and bitted his lip, then turned his head back and faced the mysterious Felkin followers.

"Bilu, be careful." The masked woman looked at the two, then her eyes landed on the fire stick in Shaw Danon's hand, whispered: "This black stick is a little weird."

Bilu, also the green dress girl, said: "Aunt Negar, what did you find out?"

The masked woman, who is called Aunt Negar, did not show any expression through the mask, but there was puzzle in her words: "It seem like--it is so similar to that evil energy. But how a person from Path of Righteous has such object. They don't know how to control the orb. And that, that short stick, what is it?"

Bilu snorted, said: "I want to see how powerful that thing is!" Then she took a step forward. The men in yellow behind her also stepped forth. Shaw Danon saw it was not right. Though he wanted to fight, but he knew the gap of the strength was too wide. So he could only helped Anan walked backward. The masked woman was filled with heavily ghostly energy. Her body floated forward in the darkness, followed Bilu like a spirit. She spoke in the voice that only they could hear: "That boy's short stick has extreamly heavy evil power, do you feel it?"

Bilu looked at the nervous Shaw Danon, nodded.

The masked woman paused, then said: "Though it is like that, but I feel that the evil power of the short stick has not completely release, seem to be seal by something. From what I think, this short stick might has some relationship to our Holy Faction. This boy's identity is suspicious. You must think twice before you act."

Bilu frowned, said: "Aunt Negar, what do you want to do?"

The masked woman's tone returned to normal, said: "Capture them and bring them to your father. Archlord know everything of this world, he must know what that is!"

Bilu thought for a moment, then said: "That's fine." While they were talking, they kept on walking forward. Without their instruction, the yellow clothing people next to them would not attack. They walked for quite a distance as they talk.

Shaw Danon supported Anan, his heart was getting more and more nervous. Then the sound of water next to his ears. It appeared they returned to the shore of where they started.

Bilu startled, then turned to the masked woman, said: "Aunt Negar, is this 'Heartless Sea'?"

The masked woman pondered for a moment, then suddenly sighed, said: "Infatuation is only for heartless pain! Yes, this is the most mysterious 'Heartless Sea' of the five seas."

"Ah!" Perhaps she was still young, Bilu did not notice the masked woman's sorrow in her words. She was excited, said: "Since young, I heard father said, in the bottom of the Heartless Sea, it is the Sea of Nine Nethers. He said Blooddrop Cave is located near Heartless Sea under Forsaken Abyss. Seem like we finally find it after these three days. But the masked woman entered silent, did not reply to her.

Bilu was a little puzzled, but did not mind it. She turned her head and said: "Well, I will capture you first, then search for Blooddrop Cave."

She waved her hand. The five yellow clothing men stepped forth and ready to fight. Behind Shaw Danon was the dark and endless Heartless Sea. Before him was surrounded by the Felkin followers. There way no way forward and backward. He was in a dead end.

Anan could feel the chill wind came from the Heartless Sea behind her. Herself was powerless, also a little dizzy and disgust feeling, probably cause by poison.

No need to consider much, she knew if Shaw Danon stay here can take care of her, both of them will die.

She turned for head, looked at Shaw Danon. That young man was nervous, the muscle was tigthened, and the arm that use for supporting Anan was having too much force due to nervousness. Even in his eyes, there was a desire for live, and fear for death.

But, there was no sign of drawing back.

"Zhang Shidi." She softly called. Shaw Danon heard it, his shoulder also moved, like he was about to turned his head. But for some reason, he did not look at her.

"Lu Shijie, on the platform, even not long ago, you had saved me. I-I-am not leaving." Shaw Danon wanted to say some powerful words, but they were all gone when he spoke, and ended up with the "not leaving".

Anan did not say anything.

Shaw Danon suddenly felt a little uneasy: did my words offended her? But for some reason, since the first time he saw Anan, he was fear of his icy lady. The freezing wind of the Heartless Sea blew the silence lady's hairs, softly swept across his face.

The water of Heartless Sea suddenly became violent.

The darkness, was like a sigh of someone. The wind, was like the hideous smile of Heartless Sea, laughing at the world.

Bilu smiled, leading the five yellow clothes men surrounded them.

Shaw Danon took a step back, then he felt his foot stepped into the bone freezing water.

At that instant, the Heartless Sea slowly increase in violent, suddenly, a huge wave hitted. The sound of the wave was ear shocking. It was about a thirty feet high. No one on the land did not surprised, they barely able to stand. The masked woman who was standing in behind called quickly: "Bilu, retreat!"

Bilu was surprised. She knew Aunt Negar was experienced and knowledgeable, even her father respect her. She did not doubt and quickly went back.

Once she moved, the five yellow clothes men also followed her went back. Only Shaw Danon and Anan, who were standing closest to the sea, was unprepared and hitted by the large wave. Their bodies were wet and the bone freezing coldness was hard to bear.

After that, everyone looked at the changing Heartless Sea. Above the dark sea, two lanterns glowed with green light slowly brightened. But those lanterns were weird. They were not normal circle, but vertical and thin. Between them were two dark and thin opening, letting out the cold, vicious intention.

"It is this thing." The masked woman shook, said: "That animal still haven't die!" Bilu surprised, asked: "Animal? Aunt Negar, what is this thing?"

The masked woman looked at the two lights that was getting closer and closer to them above the raging Heartless Sea, there was fear in her voice: "It is 'Abyssal Viper'."

Bilu was shocked, almost unable to believe, asked: "Didn't that demon already slained by the holy beast Golden Bird of the west great swamp thousands years ago?"

The masked woman said in a hurry: "The rumor is like that, but today it appear here. I don't know, Bilu. That Abyssal Viper is ancient demon. Very deadly. Other than its natural enemy Gold Bird, nothing can kill it. We need to run."

Bilu went back several steps, then suddenly turned around said: "But that boy--"

The masked woman shook her head, said: "Can't worry about that much right now, hurry." Bilu was still in hesitation. But Shaw Danon and Anan, who were still standing next to the sea, after the blink of the eye, they held their breath.

They could see it clearly. The two lanterns that were almost two men high was a pair of large eyes. Since he entered Cave of Fangs, Shaw Danon kept seeing large and strange eyes. From Nian Boss's Red Devil Eye to the pig head yasho's eyes, but they couldn't compare to this pair of eyes in front of them. It was like a seed compare to the universe.

The wind of the sea was not salty, but an air covering smell of blood.

The large black snake slowly appeared before them. Its lower body was soak in the sea water. No one here was anywhere near half of this snake's body thickness. The upper body and the head was already more than thirty feet away from the ground. The snake eyes were glowed with green light. At this moment, it was looking at the humen that were like ants to it.

Shaw Danon never knew there could be such large creature in this world. He thought the Jadeon Peak of Widows' Master Spirit Water Kirin was already the largest in the world. But now compare to the Abyss Viper, Water Kirin's size was no different than a little puppy.

Not only him, also Anan, and the Felkin's Bilu and others had never see such giant beast. They were all shocked on the ground, unable to speak.

South of Black Water, has ancient snake, feed on deers. At Wu mountain, west has Golden Bird. Emperor's Elixir, eight fasts. Golden Bird at Wu mountain, enemy of this ancient snake. Abyss Snake: Giant snake. Black body, white stomach, green eyes, fourty feet wide, thousand feet long. Ate immortal pill and gain longevity. Ten thousands years old. Live at western great swamp, rumor said it also live in the sea.
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