Zhu Xian Chapter 211-220

Chapter 211 - Pursue

Right now Jin PingEr looked exhausted, as if she had just experienced a hard battle, but even if it was so, facing these Good Faction disciples, Jin PingEr still revealed a captivating smile, in the dark, she looked especially delicate and charming.

“Naturally  it’s  me,  this  FenXiang  Valley  GongZi,  why,  we have only met a few times and you are already thinking about me?”

LiXun’s face turned red, stepped back, retorted, “Who is reluctant to part with you, you this evil woman, you’ve caused trouble to my junior sister YanHong, now I want to make you pay for this blood debt.”

Speaking, LiXun waved his hand, his figure like lightning, already sweeping over to Jin PingEr. Zeng ShuShu frowned, wanted to speak but stopped, the disciples beside him hesitated for a moment, with a shout also went up.

Jin PingEr snorted, mocking expression flashed past her eyes, but with so many foes and she herself right now was exhausted, obviously she would not force her situation. On her gentle face, a trace of determination flashed past, as if she had made up her mind, at the same time with a light shout, purple light lighted up from her right hand, murderous energy surged.

LiXun had fought a few times with Jin PingEr, knew the powerfulness of this Evil Sect evil woman, immediately on the alert, at the same time soughing of the wind came from the back, many of his junior brothers gathered in, LiXun was taken aback, quickly shouted for them to stop, everyone was shocked, one by one they stopped. However, at this chaotic moment, purple light exploded ahead, like a ball of purple fire rolled over, LiXun gave a loud shout, blocked himself in front of the group, the celestial sword in his hand held out, met this purple light.

However this force which seemed powerful, after LiXun collided with it, frowned, was stunned, the expected force was instead like a piece of paper, scattering upon touch, and behind the purple light, Jin PingEr was nowhere to be seen, she had already disappeared into the darkness. LiXun turned livid, hatefully said, “Scheming evil woman, fell for her trick again, quickly pursue!”  After speaking, was the first to move off, the other disciples naturally took off after him, Zeng ShuShu opened his mouth was about to speak but saw them swiftly moving off, shook his head helplessly, sighed, carefully looked around and slowly followed along.

LiXun loathed Jin PingEr, while pursuing, did not slow down for even a moment. Actually with Jin PingEr’s skills, if this was on a usual day, whenever, wherever, even if LiXun was first, to slip away undetected like this, to her it was not anything difficult. However right now she was very unlucky, firstly there seemed to be only one path in this ancient cave, no place to hide; secondly she just fought with that mysterious lady who appeared suddenly, which was also Nine-tailed Celestial Fox Xiao Bai, although she was not injured and took advantage to flee when Xiao Bai was engaged with Ghost Li, but she exhausted much energy dealing with Xiao Bai’s strange spells.

One must know that Xiao Bai was still Demon Fox tribe’s ancestor, her Taoist cultivation most likely was more than a thousand year, the level of her cultivation, the powerfulness of her demonic skills, in the whole wide world, she was also considered one of the top few. Jin PingEr although was also an intelligent girl but she still lost out to Xiao Bai, actually this was considered nothing, firstly it was not a loss of face, secondly Jin PingEr was not injured, Xiao Bai also did not mean to hurt her, who knows at this vulnerable moment, she met LiXun and the rest.

LiXun pursued, did not let up even for a moment, FenXiang Valley was classified as Good Faction three great sects, and LiXun was also the valley master Yun YiLan’s favourite disciple, his skills were not insignificant, Jin PingEr tried to use trickery a few times or put in her best effort to run, but she still could not escape LiXun. After a period of time, Jin PingEr slowly felt tightness in her chest, even her breathing slowly turned erratic.

Jin PingEr became more and more anxious, ever since entering this cave, strange things had been happening one after another, first was that mysterious lady Xiao Bai, next Ghost Li disappeared with that mysterious lady at the same time, and not long ago, strange bellows and broiling heat waves came out from deep within the cave, as if all of these indicated someone had started fighting in the depths. Despite Jin PingEr contemplating it a few times, eventually she still did not wish to enter hastily, after all to her, she was not willing like Ghost Li to take a big risk, even though her relations with Ghost Sect was considered close but it was not to the extent where she would risk her life. Just that right now with someone hot on her heels, Jin PingEr had fled deeper into the cave. The depth of this ancient cave was really shocking, unable to tell at all from the outside and the path in did not seem to decline sharply, it was really a mystery where it really led to.

In the darkness, the sharp soughing of the wind beside the ears, not knowing when it had started, the gusts of Yin wind had ceased but LiXun’s voice was still pursuing her behind, never once ceasing.

And at this timing, in the darkness ahead, a blur figure flashed past, Jin PingEr with her sharp eyesight, instantly saw it was that lady which gave her a hard time, it was Nine-tailed celestial fox Xiao Bai.

Xiao Bai who was quietly standing in the dark, seemed to sense something, a white gentle glow surrounded her body, she slowly turned around.

“You again!” Xiao Bai frowned, spoke faintly. Blocking Jin PingEr’s path, she had no choice but to stop, having a taste of Xiao Bai’s skills earlier, she did not dare to act rashly, however right now with an obstacle ahead and pursuing troops behind, for the moment her countenance changed.

Xiao Bai seemed to be troubled, glancing at Jin PingEr, she did not looked like she intended to give way, was about to speak when she was surprised, turned to the path and looked, suddenly sneered, said, “Strange, there is really a lot of people coming here today!”

LiXun flashed out from the darkness with a whistle, after he saw that there was another exceptional unfamiliar beauty, he was clearly on the guard, did not immediately attack Jin PingEr, instead stopped.

Xiao Bai glanced at LiXun, her eyes suddenly turned cold, she seemed to have recognize him. The next moment, behind LiXun, human figures kept appearing, it was the rest of the FenXiang disciples, these people’s skills were not comparable to LiXun and so their speed were much slower than his. Xiao Bai’s gaze swept past the disciples’ faces and clothes, with a cold laugh said, “FenXiang Valley?”

Jin PingEr couldn’t help but glance at Xiao Bai, indistinctly she could hear Xiao Bai’s resentment, secretly rejoiced.

And LiXun for the moment was unsure of Xiao Bai but he was also unwilling to complicate matters, spoke in a clear and loud voice, “I am LiXun, FenXiang Valley Yun YiLan’s disciple, I wonder who is this lady? I and the rest have no intention to offend lady, only this woman, “ he pointed at Jin PingEr, said, “She commits many kinds of evil, steep in evil and deserve to come to judgement, we are about to eliminate her, if lady has no other matter, kindly step aside, we will be extremely grateful to you.”

Xiao Bai humphed but did not move, instead stepped two steps forward slowly, indifferently said, “I happened to have some matters and so unable to step away.”

LiXun’s countenance changed, few of the disciples behind him shouted out in anger. LiXun in a deep voice said, “This lady, by protecting this evil woman, you are going against FenXiang Valley, which is also going against the world’s Good Faction, do you know that?”

Xiao Bai burst out with a [ha], stretched out her white jade- like hand, gently smoothed the sides of her hair, coldly smiled and said, “Going against FenXiang Valley? Going against the world’s Good Faction? Ignorant juniors, all of these are what’s left after your grandaunt played a few thousand years ago.”

The FenXiang Valley disciples were in an uproar, anger flashed past LiXun’s face but his composure was after all better than these disciples, and he still had not figured out this mysterious lady’s origins, instead he held his disciples back, coldly said, “This lady sure talks big, may I know who are you?”

Xiao Bai did not answer him, instead she looked slightly dazed, after a long time, she mumbled to herself and suddenly [pu chi] a sound, she had without rhyme or reason laughed out, shook her head, quietly laughed and said, “Grandaunt...ai, it has been a long time since I speak like that, even I feel somehow apologetic on hearing it, really...ai, could it be that I’m really old?” The smile on her face slowly disappeared, staring blankly, looking at her expression, she seemed to be in a daze.

Jin PingEr was speechless beside her, for a moment did not know what this strange woman was thinking.

And no matter how good-tempered LiXun was, he was almost bursting with rage, angrily said, “I am advising you sincerely, if you still do not make way, then do not blame us for offending.” Speaking, he coldly laughed twice, said, “Just by your earlier words of challenging the world Good Faction, I can arrest you, you better not be ungrateful.”

Xiao Bai slowly lifted up her eyes, looked at LiXun, looked deeply at him, suddenly said, “That young lady!”

Jin PingEr initially didn’t react in time, until Xiao Bai shouted the second time, she then was startled, asked, “Are you calling me?”

Xiao Bai snorted, “Not you or me then who is it?” she waved her hand lightly, stepped forward, in-between LiXun and Jin PingEr, said, “You can go! I will block these people for you.”

LiXun and the rest immediately turned livid, Jin PingEr was over the moon, couldn’t believe for a moment,quickly said, “Many thanks...many thanks senior.”

After speaking, afraid that this strange lady might change her mind, quickly fled into the darkness ahead.

How could LiXun and the rest let this murderer once again escape, were about to pursue when white light flashed, a light curtain had already lit up, blocking before Xiao Bai, firmly obstructing the way, the next moment, Jin PingEr had disappeared.

LiXun was so infuriated that he clenched his teeth, bellowed to Xiao Bai, “Who exactly are you, why are you helping that evil woman?”

Xiao Bai smiled, as if LiXun’s anger made her even happier, leisurely said, “Me? What business is it of yours! As to why I am helping her, not for other reason but just because I don’t like the likes of you FenXiang Valley members.”

LiXun and the other disciples were nonplussed, couldn’t speak, LiXun could not help but ask, “This lady, don’t tell me we have met before or maybe we have once offended you?”

Xiao Bai shook her head, rolled her eyes briefly, her eyes glimmering, like water, a faint seducing smile on the corner of lips, said, “We have not met before, and all of you have never offended me, but me ah…” She smiled, as if she was very happy and said, “But I just find FenXiang Valley an eyesore, what can you do to me?”

LiXun and the rest were so infuriated that they clenched their teeths tightly, without for LiXun’s order, some of the disciples leapt up with angry shouts, LiXun did not stop them too, this lady insulted and provoked them like this, if they still don’t teach her a lesson, FenXiang Valley wouldn’t be able to face others in the future.

In the darkness, several figures were seen leaping out, heading towards the white light screen, and behind the screen, Xiao Bai was still smiling, however in her eyes, her sneer increased.

Wind, accompanying those swiftly moving bodies, turned into sharp whistlings beside the ear, without knowing how much distance, sped by under the feet. Lu XueQi flew in this ancient dark cave, heading towards that unknown mystery.

For some reason, she clearly still did not know, what waited her ahead, but in her heart, there was a feverish emotion, raging fiercely underneath her ice-frost like heart, like the most fiery fire.

And so she flew, without regards to consequences.

The people behind her had long disappeared, when she brushed past a place, she almost subconsciously sensed, there seemed to be figure concealed within, but this feeling vanished in a blink, in that flint-spark moment, the figure in the darkness seemed to be moving strangely and following which it discovered something and vanished down. Far behind her, the soughing of the wind, was there a light sigh?

Lu XueQi did not know,

She never for once concerned herself about it.

This kind of life, how many things will there be, or someone, that is worthwhile for you to disregard everything?

If there isn’t, then maybe it’s sad!

If there is, then just disregard everything!

TianYa Celestial sword in her hand, emanating stronger and stronger light, like resonating the most passionate surge of emotion. That blue figure, flew further and further, yet as if, coming nearer and nearer!

Wind, still soughing,

The road ahead, still dark,

Only, eventually there will still be someone, at the end of this road!

She flew, flew, flew…

That bunch of green light, slowly lit up ahead, Lu XueQi finally saw the first beam of light in the darkness, far ahead, in the darkness, like a lonely soul lightly pacing.

She suddenly stopped, in that instant, TianYa Celestial sword’s light vanished, like a girl afraid and hiding. The darkness swallowed up, concealing her. In the darkness, quietly watching that green light, behind that green light, what awaits her?

Was it disappointment, or was it him?

If it was him, what then?

She hesitated, and that feverish fire in her heart, continued to burn, never once disappeared, just that deep inside that fire, there was a few faint traces of grief.

She watched for very long, very long, slowly, moved and stepped back.

Was it fear, was it cowering?

This life, are there still people that you are unable to face?

Unable, or afraid? Slowly, a feeling of suffocation, darkness grinning hideously around her, who was ahead? Fate had never once smiled, who would challenge her like this so easily. Never once fear life and death, never once fear time, but who could, truly face the depths of your heart?

Darkness, a stretch of stillness.

She looked like she wanted to retreat again.

The face which could not be seen, what kind of pain was that?

Suddenly, the broiling heat wave suddenly was felt, behind the faint green light, a deafening rumble.

Red fire, like a savage murderer, grinning hideously savagely in this world, sounds of howls, rocked the world livings. The earth underneath and surrounding rock walls, again shook, most likely due to the near distance, the quake was more powerful, made one couldn’t imagine, deep inside the fire, what kind of scene was that. The firelight reflected from far, eyes suddenly lit up in the darkness.

Burning, most likely were eyes!

Faint blue light, flashed again, from the darkness shot out, in the waves of heat, that beautiful figure stood facing the wind, her hair dancing.


Deafening rumble and the earthquake like thunder deity, made mortals afraid, the entire cave seemed to be shaking, numerous stones fell like a drizzle, just that that figure, already disappeared.

She flew, in that doomsday-like scene, in the falling stones rain, she flew, heading towards deep inside the fire, the brightest place, flying towards there! No one knew, what was ahead.

But who would care too?

Chapter 212 - Horror

The solid ground, under the brunt of the broiling fire, even started to look like it was melting, the fiery flames, shot out incessantly from the Crimson Fire Beast, like a thirst to obliterate everything, turning this huge stone room, into a horrible sea of fire.

Ghost Li’s figure, from the start had disappeared into the firelight, and never appeared.

After spitting out a wave of fire as high as a mountain, the Crimson Fire Beast’s raging eyes glared at the sea of fire, as if searching for something, temporarily paused, the broiling flames was still burning on the ground, the surrounding air also seemed to be churning.

However, Ghost Li and the monkey on his shoulder, both disappeared at the same time.

Could it be they had already turned into ashes? The next moment, the answer appeared. In the air above the fire, Ghost Li figure hovered, in that instant, like an apparition, he shot to the space above the Crimson Fire Beast, totally avoiding that terrible fire. And right now, in his hand, the Soul-Devouring stick once again appeared glowing with dark- green light, in the sea of firelight, his expression was indifferent and calm.

Xiao Hui was on his shoulder, towards that huge devil beast, suddenly bared its teeth, screeched out, obviously towards this old foe, it was also slightly agitated, even though it was a monkey but after all these time with Ghost Li, in the blood fluids, most likely it too had some of the Sinister Orb’s predominant vicious energy!

The Crimson Fire Beast made a deafening roar, its sound reverberated far out, like the sound of thunder, following which, its huge body leapt up abruptly, instantly the surrounding air almost completely turned into vapours from the scorching flames, leaving only torrid heat. The huge body glimmering with fierce and vicious firelight, stopped.

This time, Ghost Li did not avoid, watching the ancient beast which was innumerable times bigger than himself, a strange glint in his eyes. And behind the beast, the strange eight ferocious deities like halos, followed along, slowly rotating, wavering between light and darkness, like a mysterious eye, coldly watching this battle.

Above the Soul-Devouring stick, the Sinister Orb’s dark red blood lines, one by one totally lighted up, facing the fire body which was pouncing over, Ghost Li did not step back, this time he actually faced it.

The Crimson Fire Beast looked as if it did not expected it, this insignificant human actually was facing it, its body paused slightly but the next moment it's flames turned stronger, roaring loudly, bit down.

The huge fire sparks like rain pelting down from the sky, fell, but when it reached three chi radius from Ghost Li, like an invisible shield, all of it bounced back. And at the same time, Ghost Li swept to where the beast was, that pair of huge burning eyes, was just before him.

Ghost Li surrounded by heavy broiling fire, beside, Xiao Hui screeched, the Soul-Devouring stick held in front, facing the beast’s head, stabbed over.

The dark-green light, instantly flared, like a brilliant lotus blooming in the firelight, and then, deep within the lotus, bright blood-like…

Fresh red!

The Sinister Orb in the scorching heat, seemed to shake slightly, pouring its energy, it had never been this powerful for so many years, the dark-green energy, swiftly rotating deep within the Sinister Orb body, as if howling with thirst for killing.

That clearly was a sea of fire but the surrounding temperature in that instant turned cold, icy cold air descended from the sky, covering the Crimson Fire Beast. For the first time, this ancient guardian in its shock could feel fear but its inherent strong instinct, spurred it to make an even more ferocious roar, again bit towards Ghost Li. The horizon where the huge head pounced down, fiery flames descended with a rumble, and at this moment, Ghost Li stabbed deeply into the beast’s opened mouth.

Its huge body, paused in the air, the surrounding air was still that hot but a wave of chill, as if from deep within one’s heart, emanated out. Xiao Hui was still at Ghost Li’s shoulder, its body did not change but in those three eyes, it seemed to be agitated, already turned red, looking extremely piercing.

And the Crimson Fire Beast after the blow from Ghost Li, its momentum declining could be seen in that instant, Xiao Hui’s looking savage, towards that beast, revealed its fangs, grinning hideously.

In a blink, the surrounding temperature continued to drop, the Crimson Fire Beast’s body temperature too drop, carrying an inexplicable fearful expression, the beast’s eyes actually revealed horror.

Ghost Li hovering in the air, slowly lifted his head, on the Soul-Devouring stick on his hand, red firelight filled the entire weapon, as if bit by bit, drop by drop heartlessly sucking the beast’s essence.

Ghost Li looked to be slightly in pain, a red-yellow light also appeared on his face but after flashing for three times, a golden light concealed it.

The Crimson Fire Beast could no longer support its huge body, fell from mid air, the exceptional monster a moment ago, right now had turned into this weak state, if one hadn’t seen it with their own eyes, it would have been impossible to believe. The fire in the stone chamber swiftly dissipated, and the temperature dropped rapidly, replacing it was the extreme coldness emitting from Ghost Li, carrying a trace of evil taste.

The Crimson Fire Beast fell to the ground, the blazing fire on his body by now were almost gone, looking from afar, this guardian beast seemed to have lost most of his power, looking hatefully at Ghost Li who was making his way down, the Crimson Fire Beast finally bellowed a roar and its giant body slowly dissipated into the air. However, although its body dissipated, the strange eight ferocious deities halos in mid-air did not disappear, in addition they did not seem to be affected by the fight just now, still oscillating between darkness and light, spun unhurriedly, and slowly retreated, finally it came to a stop in front of the figure which had reappeared, still sitting on the ground Beast Deity, above the ancient brazier.

In the brazier, the flames continued to burn quietly.

In the aftermath of Ghost Li’s Sinister Orb’s enveloping cold, this was the only heat and light left, It was as if it was completely unaffected by Ghost Li’s power.

Ghost Li descended onto the ground again, but on his face there was no joy of victory, looking at the burning flames, his pupils seemed to be still contracting.

That strange halo, slowly rotating, the eight ferocious deities images, again lit up, darkened and lit up again, as if mysteriously saying something. Under the halo, was the face of the Beast Deity’s exhausted but smiling face.

[Clap, clap, clap…]

Beast Deity clapped lightly, with a gentle smile, and said, “Awesome, awesome, I was not expecting that you have such a high skill level and with this kind of powerful weapon. Although I had anticipated that your skills are not trivial but I did not expect that you would come to this stage.”

He sighed quietly, and somewhat self-deprecatingly said, “I seem to be always wrong, don’t I?”

Ghost Li looked at him and said unhurriedly, “The Crimson Fire Beast that appeared this time, though it looked formidable, it did not have the level of power as the last time in FenXiang Valley Inferno altar.”

Beast Deity looked at Ghost Li, saying nothing, but his eyes slowly filled with approval and nodded his head. Ghost  Li  indifferently  said,  “This  Crimson  Fire  Beast,  is clearly the guardian spiritual beast for this Eight Savage Inferno Formation passed down from the Shaman tribe, therefore as long as this formation exist and still be activated, it would be able to summon beasts like these. However, the Crimson Fire Beast is still a spirit restrained within the formation, the stronger the Inferno Fire energy contained in this formation, the more powerful it will be.”

He glanced at the brazier in front of Beast Deity, and said, “This brazier, could it be the legendary ‘Gather Fire Brazier’ that could amass the fire essence of heaven and earth? ”

Beast  Deity  laughed  and  said,  “Yes,  it  is  the  Gather  Fire Brazier.”

Ghost Li nodded and said indifferently, “With this brazier around, you are able to use the energy within it to activate Inferno Fire and trigger the formation, summon the Crimson Fire Beast. But this magical weapon although mystical, it might not be comparable to the ground below FenXiang Valley Inferno Altar, the molten lava containing thousand years of ample fire energy, continuously supplying the formation, therefore the Crimson Fire Beast you summoned this time, although looked powerful but it was only an empty shell.”

“'Haha,  good,  good,”  the  Beast  Deity  laughed  loudly  and clapped, “What a good empty shell, well said, unfortunately, those that can say this, in this world other than you, I wonder who else?”

Ghost Li looked at him deeply and said, “At least, the man who caused your serious injuries, will be qualified to say that.”

The Beast Deity’s smiling expression vanished, his expression became heavy and his eyes turned cold, stared at Ghost Li. Ghost Li looked straight into his eyes calmly, even though he could feel the burst of terrifying power emitting from the weakly-looking body.

Beast Deity watched Ghost Li, slowly opened his mouth and said, “I heard, that the person who injured me, seems like he too had a few grudges with you?”

Ghost Li’s countenance changed immediately. The two men stared at each other, saying nothing more, but the temperature of the stone chamber seemed to have dropped to the freezing point.

At this time, suddenly, they both seemed to become aware of something. The Beast Deity looked up slightly, Ghost Li turned around instead and faced the entrance of the stone chamber.

In that gaze, like a startled swan flitting across in the dark, carving a scar across the heart…

The Crimson Fire Beast had already vanished, the huge stone chamber once again in darkness, only the brazier in front of Beast Deity had a ball of fire quietly burning, illuminating a little light and heat to the area nearby. Even the slow rotating eight ferocious deities like halos above the brazier had dimmed.

However, at that moment, in the depths of the darkness, a figure enveloped by gentle blue light stood quietly, a familiar face, reflecting in the eyes, a stunned moment, as if a millennium had passed. In a daze, staring at her.

Step by step, slowly approaching.

Lu XueQi’s hand, in the dim darkness, looked very pale, unsure if it was she was using too much strength to hold TianYa. However on her face, she seemed emotionless, as she had been when they first met, the lady that was as cold as ice and frost.

She walked closer, slowly.

Walked to his side, and stood there.

No words, no speech. In her eyes, at that moment only leaving the fire reflection. That moment, again how long has time passed?

The Beast Deity silently watched the strange actions between this man and woman, but said nothing and did nothing. In his deep perpetually unclear eyes, flickered with complicated emotions, but who else would be able to understand?

Standing side by side with him.

Lu XueQi’s eyes, ever since walking over, had not glanced at Ghost Li again.

After a long while, in the slightly odd atmosphere of silence, to hear her in the quiet, peacefully, as if in that peacefulness it had  an  inexplicable  feeling,  quietly  saying,  “So…  it’s  really you...”

Ghost Li did not speak, watched attentively at the graceful and beautiful women in front of him, after a long while, what he did, was only one thing.

He turned towards her, slowly---

smiling. Then, he stood beside her, shoulder by shoulder, breathing deeply, the fire that reverberated out from the depths of his heart, as if warming the entire heart.

Lu XueQi seemed to have felt something, and slowly, her pale face actually turned a faint red. However, she did not make any attempt to conceal, on her frost-like face, still watching ahead, towards that burning fire, the flames reflecting in her eyes, smiled.

Like that, warmly, smiling!

The two figures stood side by side, looking at Beast Deity, facing this unparalleled devil.

Beast Deity’s eyes, however, held pain, and he slowly lowered his head.

The flame continued to burn quietly, the stone chamber seemed to look somewhat hazy, and the three figures stood there for a long time. Until, the Beast Deity lifted his head once more, his gaze stopping on Lu XueQi for a moment, before on Ghost Li and said suddenly, “Promise me one thing, possible?”

Startled, Ghost Li never thought he would actually say something like that, did not know how to respond for a moment and could only ask, “What?”

The Beast Deity’s face carried a deep exhaustion, and said faintly, “No matter what motives the two of you have, since you have to fight me anyway, if you die by my hand, naturally there’s nothing to say. If I lose, I don’t blame you two either. I only wish that when you get out of this cave, do one thing for me.”

Ghost Li said, “Go ahead”

Beast Deity was silent for a moment, and said, “You remember that there is a stone statue in front of the cave right!” A strange look crossed Ghost Li’s face, he nodded slowly and said, “Yes.”

The Beast Deity’s voice became low, and quietly said, “If you have a chance to go out, pick a bundle of her favorite lily flowers for me and place it in front of her!”

“Lily ... got it.” Ghost Li nodded slowly, but his tone seemed to hold a somewhat peculiar emotion. Lu XueQi felt it, but did not speak, only silently looked at him.

The Beast Deity shook his head, seemingly mocking himself, smiled and faced Ghost Li, saying “What about you two! If you both had to remain here, never able to leave again, what would be your last wish?”

His gaze moved slowly from Ghost Li to Lu XueQi, with a slight smile and a strange glint in his eyes, said, ”What about you! Do you have any final wish you wish to say?”

Ghost Li was silent, and Lu XueQi did not speak. After a moment, Lu XueQi looked quietly at Ghost Li, saw the complicated expression on his face, with pain in his eyes.

She took a deep breath, and said suddenly, “I have no greater wish!”

This sentence, although spoken ordinarily, but was said resolutely and gave herself no room for turning back.

Perhaps, she really did not want to, never want to give herself any leeway.

Ghost Li jolted.

Then he looked at the woman beside him.

Stared deeply.

And said nothing. The Beast Deity looked at Lu XueQi, his eyes getting brighter. Abruptly, he clapped his hands. Although his body was still trembling slightly, he still stood up. Bright coloured silk cloth clothing swept over, TaoTie also stood up as well, softly making noises beside his master.

“Good, good, well said!”

The Beast Deity faced Lu XueQi, his eyes slowly emanating an inexplicable  intensity,  “Exactly,  exactly,  the  women  of  this world, indeed there is still someone like her.”

He looked up at the sky and laughed derangedly, and yet at the end of his laughter it seemed like anguished wailing with a little whimper. As his body swayed, an inexplicable atmosphere slowly rose, the originally quiet and rotating eight ferocious deities halos suddenly began rapidly spinning, the eight figures lit up together at the same time.

The ancient malevolent energy from primitive mythical age, completely different from the Crimson Fire Beast, instantly permeated, from that ancient fire brazier, stimulated by evil power, once again, slowly became big. This time, the ball of fire actually left the brazier, appearing to be embedded in that mysterious eight ferocious deities like halos, rose to mid-air all together, burning fiercely.

“You were right, the summons I made for Crimson Fire Beast was insufficient in power and not like Inferno Altar formation, “ behind the halo, a red flush appeared on the Beast Deity’s pale face, as if with this unparalleled evil power, he too seemed to have come back to life, “But the formation here, was laid personally by LingLong, far surpassed the Inferno Altar’s historical remains, the profound mystery of it, I will let you all see it!”

In his long mournful laughter, his whole body floated into mid-air and slowly merged into that growing blaze, and finally disappearing. On the ground, TaoTie roared.

The next moment, above the eight ferocious deities, suddenly, all the deities’ eyes like turning bloodshot and lit up in red, like a ferocious devil awaking again, in that instant, the deities in the air became howling, sharp howls covered the sky and earth, deafening. That ball of flames burned more and more intensely, deep within the fire thunder rumbles began incessantly, the heart of the flames gradually turned white, even at a distance, with Ghost Li and Lu XueQi’s skill levels, could feel the unbearable heat.

And in the sky full of howling, reverberating the strange incantations, the chants were obscure and long, primitive and abstruse, like the original ancient civilization, worshipping the gods, wholeheartedly believing in the spiritual power, summoning the gods in slumber.

Giant flames, burning!

The incantations like strong winds and swift rains, tearing apart the human heart.

The sounds, like pounding upon one’s heart, suddenly like a powerful tide force, surging out from that huge fire, the force was so huge, Ghost Li and Lu XueQu were unable to resist, forced to flew back out. What terrible curse was it, and what kind of terrible spiritual beast would it summon, to have such terrible force?

For a moment, Ghost Li and Lu XueQi both changed countenances, how would this be something a human could fight?

The raging fire, like a demon dancing in the mid-air, receiving the arrival of the horror within the fire. The hottest place, almost like pure-white, in the violent shaking, something, slowly breathed, opened its eyes.

Moments later, the surrounding ancient sturdy stone walls started to crack, numerous huge cracks appeared on the ground, and from the deep cracks, bright red light seeped out, as if below the feet, was the terrible lava of the volcano, about to erupt..

And in that breathing, like the song of dragon singing, in this space ...


Chapter 213 - Eight Wilderness Fire Dragon

Subdue Devil Ancient Cave, entrance.

Before Linglong Shaman Lady statue, Black Wood stood silently, and the ferocious spirit Black Tiger was also silent, stood behind him. Lu XueQi and the rest had long entered the cave, not to mention Ghost Li who went in earlier, and in this long period of time, nobody knew in that ancient cave, what exactly had happened?

Just that, the two brothers, did not appear to be concerned, in their eyes, there seemed to be only Linglong shaman lady statue.

Suddenly, in this silence, the ground below them started to quake, the indistinct rumbles, came from the cave. Black Wood’s body trembled, turned and looked at Black Tiger, but before they could comprehend, the bigger event, had already started. The dark heavy sky, the dark clouds shrouded above the burnt black summit, suddenly shot out a stream of golden light, like a sharp sword, descended from the sky and pierced through the layers of darkness. Closely following behind it, at the boundary of the thick dark clouds, golden lights started to shine, as if setting the dark clouds within a boundary of golden light.

Rumbling sounds of thunder, for ten thousand years, again rang out on this cursed summit, the clouds started to swirl crazily, as if there was some mystery power, constantly waking up, changing the countenance of the heaven and earth.

Black Wood and Black Tiger stared at this strange change blankly, suddenly, Black Wood turned, hesitated for a moment, his  voice  seemed  to  be  quivering,  quietly  said,  “The  Yin wind...also disappeared.”

The huge body of Black Tiger, stared intently deep into the cave, in the deep darkness, there wasn’t anymore cold chilling Yin wind, replacing it, was burning heat waves. “What  happened,  what  happened  inside?”   Black  Wood’s voice sounded agitated but covered by the black cover, his expression could not be seen, only staring intently at the cave.

Contrary to him, Black Tiger’s expression looked extremely complicated and strange, as if there was this inexplicable joy but that white misty face, also revealed a trace of grief.

“It’s  the  fire  dragon,  Eight  Wilderness  Fire  Dragon!”  He quietly, faintly said.


Black Wood turned around in disbelief, stared at Black Tiger, said, “What did you say, Eight Wilderness Fire Dragon, in this world other than lady, how can there be another person who could summon the Eight Wilderness Fire Dragon?”

Black Tiger’s eyes were indistinct, slowly turned to the statue, after a long time, said, “Actually there isn’t any, because the incantation to summon and ten thousand fire essences Inferno Mirror, are long lost, but, “ He smiled, then using a very strange expression to look at Black Wood, said, “But, there is still one person in this world who once comprehend the shaman lady’s entire shaman spell incantations, and the lady when she was alive, laid down her only Eight Savage Inferno Formation which can summon the Eight Wilderness Fire Dragon, happened to be here.”

Black Wood was stunned, did not speak, after a long time, dejectedly shook his head said, “So he...still has this move. But the Eight Wilderness Fire Dragon is a ferocious animal which could destroy thousands of livings, summoning this divine beast, couldn’t it be he has forgotten that it was this fire dragon that the lady used to burn him alive?”

Black Tiger coldly laughed, said, “Who knows, I only remembered when the lady was on the verge of dying, personally told me this.”

Black Wood was shocked, said, “What?”

Black Tiger’s face had a heavy bitterness expression, abruptly turned, saw that the strange changes were becoming more and more obvious, the cave which was quaking even more, sneered and said, “The lady instructed, in the future no matter how many years has passed, once the fire dragon is brought back to life here, it will be the end of this evil trouble!”

Black Wood muttered, "The end of the evil…” suddenly, his face changed, said, “Don’t tell me, the lady she had already predicted?”

Back Tiger did not reply him, to him, in this increasing heat waves, the horizon clouds in turbulence, golden lights in disarray, the chaos in heaven and earth, in his eyes, there was only the statue.

He slowly shifted to the statue, all of the expressions on his face disappeared, quietly said, “Lady, lady...I finally waited for this day, don’t be impatient, wait for another while, when everything ends, Black Tiger will come and find you, and will serve beside you forever.”

Black Wood woodenly looked at this former brother, then, he looked up at the sky. What the sky gave him, was instead a deafening thunder!


The winds and clouds turned even more urgent, the earthquakes turned stronger.

In the tunnel of the cave, Zeng ShuShu retreated half a step, avoided the white shining body that flashed over, at the same time groaned inwardly. Ever since Li Xun and the rest for some reason offended a lady in white, and this lady who looked even more beautiful Jin PingEr, her skills were inconceivably high, Li Xun and the rest of the disciples attacked together and yet were all blocked by her strange skills, and right now everyone was trapped by one of her spells.

That was the same spell which was used to trap Jin PingEr, the mysterious white light ball headed to the group, the FenXiang Valley disciples used their weapons to hit the ball away but more and more emerged, initially it was nothing but after a while, this cave was filled with white light. Even though there were many disciples but none were as quick as Jin PingEr, the white light almost in a blink produced numerous, each flew in a disarray in the air, causing the FenXiang Valley disciples who initially wanted to catch Xiao Bai and teach her a good lesson, to cry out incessantly from the beatings.

Looking as the disciples were in a difficulty, Zeng ShuShu couldn’t sit by and do nothing, he could only join in the fight. However the lady in white was too highly skilled, Zeng ShuShu was unable to pursue her, instead, soon was also surrounded by the white light balls. But Zeng ShuShu was after all quick- witted, after a few rounds, he immediately realized something was not right, quickly called the others not to cut those white balls, the group then comprehended.

Just that even if it was so, the white light bodies had already filled up the air, surrounding those Good Faction disciples tightly, attacking from left and right, everyone was in chaos.

Xiao Bai slowly descended from the air, landed on the ground, looking at the white lights flickering ahead, the disciples looked to be in a sorry plight, she coldly laughed, heaved a long sigh. Although she had received Tao for thousand of years but she was definitely not a merciful, open- hearted celestial figure, incarcerated for several hundred years at Inferno Altar, this grievance even though she let it go lightly at that time, and by not seeking trouble from FenXiang Valley, the FenXiang Valley disciples should instead offer sacrifices to their ancestor, now that they actually offered themselves, and happened that she was in a bad mood after her conversation with Ghost Li, it could be said they hit the gun muzzle.

And also at this moment, suddenly, Xiao Bai who was flushed with success felt a chill, a never felt before fear, abruptly erupted from the depths of her heart, her heart involuntarily pounded.

An ancient and savage force, ahead, in the depths of this ancient cave, slowly surfaced, as if in a slumber for thousands and thousands of years, finally for the first time awoke. However, this was only the beginning, and it already changed the countenance of heaven and earth.

Rumbling sounds of thunder, slowly rolled off from the depths of the earth, violent quakes, rolled over from far like waves, the great earth started to quake violently. This time, numerous huge stones started to fall, as if the stones could not bear the revival of this great force. Everyone, turned pale, in their panic, Zeng ShuShu used all of his strength, called Li Xun loudly, “Li senior brother, here is too dangerous, we better leave first!”

Li Xun was pale, with one stroke hit the white light ball that attacked over, the force he used was slightly harder due to the confusion, the light ball after being hit out for several chi, divided itself into two and again gathering strength in the air, looked like it was going to attack again. But ever since the strange event happened, Xiao Bai seemed occupied, her spell slowed down much, the light balls speed also decreased.

Li Xun who was cornered tightly, clenched his teeth tightly, loudly shouted, “All go out, I will bring up the rear.”

After speaking, he flew up, his sword shone brightly, blocked off all of the white light bodies. The disciples had always respected him, after hearing his words and looking at the situation, the group started to run towards the exit.

But Li Xun didn’t look like he was leaving, Zeng ShuShu flew over, blocked the white bodies’ attack, loudly said, “Li senior brother, why are you not leaving?” Li Xun’s face had a trace of hesitation, said, “But...Lu junior sister is still in there.”

Zeng ShuShu frowned, angrily said, “Lu junior sister is highly skilled, she might not be in trouble, you being this persistent, you will only hinder others and yourself!”

Li Xun’s face changed but he saw that the earthquakes were getting stronger, after a period of time, the falling stones did not lessen but instead increased, he heaved a long sigh and in the end flew towards the exit.

Zeng ShuShu glanced one more towards the interior of the cave, and then also left.

The conversations, were all heard by Xiao Bai, but to her, other than sneering, nothing moved her. The white light bodies in the cave moved slower and slower, after Li Xun and Zeng ShuShu swiftly disappeared, the white bodies paused in the air and then gathered and merged together, again forming into a white light ball, heading towards Xiao Bai. Xiao Bai slowly turned, stared deeply into the depths of the cave.

The ancient powerful force, kept increasing, Xiao Bai even could clearly sense, the force contained an unparalleled powerful force of destruction. The surrounding stone walls was still shaking with big and small stones pieces falling down, but three chi radius around her, not one stone hit her.

The white ball flew back to her, like a small spirit, danced and flew around her, as if trying to figure out its master’s intention.

And on its master’s blank face, there was only worry and a sense of loss.

In the deep darkness, at this moment, a roar bellowed, like a dragon roaring, singing towards the sky.

The mysterious ancient force, finally totally awake! The huge stone chamber, was totally enveloped by intense firelight, the darkness was totally driven out, there was not a hint of darkness. The brightness of the light, far exceeded any light on earth, and it even made one felt, the sunlight in the horizon, could not even exceed this.

The once unparalleled Crimson Fire Beast, compared to this, was really like a firefly.

In this terrifying power, the hottest place, without doubt was that spinning rapidly, the Eight ferocious deities halos flashing with strange light. Over there, the fire that the Beast Deity once merged into, turned white-hot, the incantations filled the air, turning more and more urgent.

The heart of the fire which kept expanding and shrinking slightly, was like a crimson fire egg incubating, breeding something terrible, and as the temperature kept increasing, where the ancient and mysterious was, drop by drop gathering the power lost for ten thousand years, again arriving into this world. Lu XueQi and Ghost Li, was already completely pressed onto the stone walls, the powerful force of the fire, was baking their bodies and hearts, squeezing every bit of water from their bodies.

There was no sweat, because every drop of sweat evaporates before it even sweated, the broiling flames, reflected their red faces.

Lu Xueqi suddenly sensed something, looked at Ghost Li, that man, not knowing since when, had grabbed her hand. She was not surprised or shocked, even at this hopeless sea of fire facing the unknown mysterious force.

In her hands, from the fingers, warmth travelled over.

It was once familiar! Ten years ago it was also like this!

The hand which once tightly held in the darkness! Ghost Li moved, leaving the wall, blocking before Lu Xueqi, the faint dark-green light, within it indistinct golden light flashed, from his hands, it formed a wall, blocking in front.

Immediately, much of the heat reduced, Ghost Li’s back trembled once, then, he inhaled deeply.

Suddenly, the hand he was holding, grabbed him tightly, from his back, faint blue light floated, initially, the light seemed to clash with the dark-green light, but soon, the two lights merged into one, forming a stronger light wall, blocking that terrible crimson firelight.

The man’s shoulder, the man’s back, quietly stood in front, Lu Xueqi held his hand tightly, the corner of her lips, in that firelight, a faint smile.

Suddenly, the incantations stopped, for a moment, everything seemed to freeze, all of the flames, the sky which was full of firelight, Ghost Li and Lu Xueqi using their strengths to resist, and the eight deities rotating unceasingly in the sky. Deep inside where it was the hottest, it started to crack, from a thin fissure, it enlarged, from the size of a human gap, it turned into several times bigger hole. In this dazzling firelight, from that gap, it seemed to be the deepest heaviest darkness unimaginable.

Then, as if something, from the gap, coldly, looked out.

A feeling of cruelty that made one almost despair in madness, instantly swept through every corner of this stone chamber.

The next moment, as if receiving the biggest agitation, all of the fire burst forth in the most intense light, dragon singing pitched higher and higher, like a celebration that never ends, deep inside the fire, dragon singing suddenly started, carrying terror, despair, the ancient divine spiritual thing, arrived from another world.

The huge head, slowly stretched out, as dazzling as the sun and unable to view it directly, that clearly was the ancient fire dragon which was bathed in fire, every part, was flames. The huge dragon head, had already occupied the entire space, Ghost Li and Lu Xueqi stared dumbfoundedly at this unparalleled, almost out of this world living thing, even forgetting to resist, just instinctively, the two weapons joined force to block the fire that swept over. Just that, the suffocating power, already seemed declared their fates.

The Eight Wilderness Fire Dragon!

In the southern border ancient shaman tribe legends, the terrible ferocious beast which could destroy the entire world’s living things, the final spiritual beast called forth from the Eight Savage Inferno Formation, finally after ten thousand years, again emerged into the mortal world.

The huge head, slowly turned within the flames, it did not immediately destroy anything, from the huge horn to the fangs in its mouth, displayed a mysterious rosy transparent colour that only appeared in extreme heat.

Each time the dragon breathed, it brought a violent quake to the stone chamber, as if this space, to this powerful thing, was only a narrow place, even its body until now, had not even revealed.

Behind the dragon head, the rotating eight deities halos, seemed to submerge into the dazzling firelight, indistinct, the huge halo also seemed to be slightly wavering.

Was it because of this fire dragon’s power that can make one feel despair?

Or was it the past memories that possessed this body?

Nobody knew.

And nobody would again think of that, because right now, as if slowly adjusting after awakening, the huge fire dragon, on its head, the rosy transparent huge eyes, the burning flames slowly rose, its dragon head also slowly turned over. The next moment, the terrible dragon head, facing in this stone chamber, the two human figures in the corner whom were resisting with their strength.


Immediately , deafening rumble resounded in the entire heaven and earth!

Chapter 214 - Doomsday

That roar, seemed to come from a very far place, because in the air full of roaring hot flames, the terrible Eight Wilderness Fire Dragon’s roar, sounded very far away. And what Ghost Li and Lu Xueqi were directly facing, was a huge fire racing over like an angry tide, and the ground which was once sturdy, right now had totally collapsed and turned into a lava hell, numerous enormous cracks, the red lava below their feet surged and groaned, like the sea foam from breaking waves spraying, hitting the remnants of the burnt rocks, continued to burn, emitting sizzling sounds.

Boiling flames, overwhelmingly, had already arrived before them.

In this despair situation, it seemed already hard to breathe.

The face which was flushed red, a green vein seemed to throb for a moment on Ghost Li’s forehead, before the enormous flood, both of his eyes glared widely, with a loud shout, the Soul-Devouring stick left his hand, floated before him. At the same time, both of Ghost Li’s hands formed into a symbol of Buddhism but what floated out from his hand was not the usual solemn golden light from Tian Yin Temple Buddhism true way, instead it was dark red light with a trace of unusual.

Activated by his spell, the Soul-Devouring abruptly erected upright, hovered in the air, on the tip the Sinister Orb, after Ghost Li’s hands formed the symbol, the Buddhism golden incantation words appeared. And the Soul-Devouring stick, seemed to twist in the air, forming a Taiji image.

And in this Taiji image, what was flickering was not Qing Yun sect Taoism true way clear light, instead it was mixed with the different images from Evil sect spells. The world’s greatest few cultivated sects true ways, finally for the first time, displayed out by a person well-versed in it.

In the red light, Lu Xueqi stood quietly behind Ghost Li, looking at this man who was sparing no effort, facing together with him, that terrible fire dragon! The faint blue from Tian Ya, emitted from behind Ghost Li.

Her hair, in the broiling angry breeze, floated! The next moment, the blazing fire collided.

In that instant, as if the entire world had turned into flames, like immersing into a great furnace, suffering an abyss of misery, infinite red flames howled beside their ears, as if numerous hands were pulling them from all directions, intending to smash their bodies into pieces!

Whole body trembling!

Then, in the turbulent sea of fire, there was still a strange light, after being swallowed, stubbornly, struggled to light up in the sea of fire.


Gold, dark-green, red, three colours light, emanated from the Soul-devouring at the same time, forming into an invisible wall, in this doomsday-like wild sea, protecting its master. Like a miracle, this blow by Eight Wilderness Fire Dragon which looked as if it could destroy everything, was blocked by Ghost Li, even Xiao Hui on his shoulder, flashed with angry red eyes, looking at that fire dragon, made an angry roar.

But Ghost Li clearly was not feeling good, his face flushed red with heat, in that instant turned pale, Lu Xueqi standing behind him for the first time could feel that Ghost Li was trembling, quickly supported him, but when she touched him, she was shocked.

Ghost Li’s entire body, was strangely hot, even Lu Xueqi with her cultivation, felt her hands burned, not to say Ghost Li himself. And what’s even more shocking, when Lu Xueqi assisted Ghost Li’s hands, immediately she could feel, although Ghost Li still maintained the hand symbol but his hands and arms, were involuntarily shaking.

This blow, was so terrible!

This blow came back empty-handed, the Eight Wilderness Fire Dragon’s head moved slightly, seemed surprised too, in this mountain of flames, the huge head slowly lowered, it did not make another attack again but instead glanced at these two insignificant humans.

In the dragon’s eyes, was that special ruby transparent fire!


Crisp clear cry of phoenix, blue light floated, TianYa shot out suddenly from Lu Xueqi’s hand, reflecting that figure, stepped forward, blocked in front of Ghost Li, inhaling deeply, facing that terrible existence resolutely.

Black hair, still dancing in the breeze.

A few strands, gently stirred in the heat, landed on Ghost Li’s face, even though this was a place like doomsday hell, the once familiar faint fragrance, still travelled to the heart.

When you were feeling hopelessness, was there someone who could accompany you? Even when there was no road left to walk, was there someone who never once abandon you?

The eyes in that instant swept past time, oblivious to the surrounding intense fires, saw during youth, the once past.

In the dark abyss of memories, exactly like today, like again returning, to that once innocent time.

So, this figure, really, never once changed?

The person who changed, who was it then?

After the Eight Wilderness Fire Dragon’s head, the spinning mysterious eight ferocious deities halos, started to flash, different strange symbols indistinctly displayed, under the halos, flickering incessantly.

The Eight Wilderness Fire Dragon’s head suddenly paused, as powerful as it, it seemed to receive some stimulation, again made an angry roar.

The dragon’s cry, like a tsunami, came crashing over, in that instant, all of the remnant rocks on the ground in the quake swiftly melted and became lava, and only a moment’s later, the ground below Ghost Li and Lu Xueqi, had completely turned into a stretch of molten lava. Accompanying the dragon’s cry, the sea of molten lava, from the original chaotic surges, as if receiving an enormous pull, all started to flow towards a direction at the same time.

The lava flood flows faster and faster, the hot steams rose up, turning this stone chamber into a real lava hell. Soon, the force which was too powerful, ripped out a huge vortex, the red flames on top of the lava burned fiercely destroying everything, like a dance in climax.

The vortex became larger and larger, sank down deeply, the cry pulled out by the wild torrent, from deep within this vortex, slowly emanated out, like the sound of thunder, getting louder and louder, and finally, it was already deafening, even covering the Eight Wilderness Fire Dragon’s cry in the air. When the turbulent lava rapids almost reached its climax, the huge vortex diameter reached several zhangs, from deep within the vortex, accompanying that deafening thunder.


In that instant, heaven and earth moved, a burning column shot out from the huge vortex, totally made up of lava, almost the diameter of ten men stretching their arms around, carrying an impossible momentum, charging towards the insignificantly-looking Lu Xueqi and Ghost Li.

Sweeping across everything, looking scornfully at the world!

As if this was the real unparalleled power!

The power of fire, the essence of fire!

Before the lava column reached, Lu Xueqi and Ghost Li felt a sense of emptiness, just a moment ago when they were still relying on the last stone wall in the corner, tormented by the wild power, it crumbled into stone pieces and scattered, and what revealed behind them, was not solid stone walls, it was fragmented rocks with cracks revealing red hot lava melting beneath it.

And above them, was the Eight Wilderness Fire Dragon eyeing its prey; everywhere, was a mad sea of broiling fire; underneath, was an unstoppable lava column!

In the firelight, in-between the pants of breath, what was trembling?

What was it, that made hands held each other, unwilling to let go, tightly linked!

That sword, like singing in the far horizon, carrying faint blue light, from ten years, hundred years, thousand years ago praised from mouth to mouth all the way, until today, for loved one, stabbed ahead.

Wind and fire whistled! She like a fairy diving into the fire, the white figure in the firelight abruptly burst forth, that brightly-coloured exceptional beauty, forgetting what the world had, only at the fringe of the hands, that never once forgotten warmth and solidity, accompanying beside.

What was there to be afraid of, what was there to fear?

That sword stroke!

Her figure, went ahead, facing the wind and dancing, a peerless grace.

Behind her, a low singing, the ordinary-looking firestick, the Soul-devouring now, from the back, flashing with dark-green light, pursued TianYa, flying together with the blue sword.

That figure, just beside, in this despair sea of fire, closely relying on each other. TianYa sword trembled slightly, the sword blade’s brilliance, pierced through the layers of heat wind and clouds, as if like responding to it, the Soul-devouring also made a strange cry, its light surged!

Dark-green, blue, two colours, in the surrounding sea of fire, from the sky descending, but without any intention of avoiding, instead heading towards that lava column charging into the sky, stabbed in from the top!

What was there to be afraid of?

What was there to fear?

The fire dragon in the air, suddenly roared, its cry long, rumbling unceasingly out. The surrounding flames, instantly rose, as if also dancing, looking at this doomsday revelry.

The two figures which seemed to merge into one, the dark- green blue that melted and tangled together, like a meteor crashing down, collided with the lava column. What kind of splendour it was, like a huge firework going off, the entire lava sea churned and sprayed, rushing up high towards the sky. The huge fire column seemed to rage crazily in this already cramped space, destroying everything it could destroy, just that, there was one stream of brilliance, instead shot directly within the column.

After the next moment, time seemed to pass for a long time, time froze, who could know?

The surging lava slowly came down, the rapid spinning molten lava slowed down, the huge vortex started to shrink, only that terrible fire column, still paused above the sea of lava, stopped for that very moment.

The dark-green blue lights, abruptly from one side of the fire column pierced a hole out, shot out, the next moment, accompanying a low groan, [tut tut] sounds, numerous tiny holes continued to appear, the dark-green blue lights shot out happily unceasingly. The next moment, a loud sound, the huge fire column dejectedly collapsed, turning into broiling lava, landed into the sea of lava below. In the air, Ghost Li and Lu Xueqi once again appeared.

Their clothes, had burnt marks everywhere, some parts of their skin even looked hurt. Their faces, showed untold exhaustion, Ghost Li’s chest, lips, was dyed red with blood.

Just that, they embraced each other, although weak, although clearly it was hopeless, but the weapons beside, TianYa and Soul-devouring, emanated never-seen-before splendour that could not be viewed directly.

Their hands, still holding together.

Their bodies, slowly rose.

Slowly rising to the air, once again, stood before the dragon.

The two insignificant humans, facing, quietly standing still. The dragon’s burning eyes, watching this couple, from the mysterious fire, there was no telling of the dragon’s thoughts, or maybe, tyrannical as it was, how would it care about humans.

The mysterious halos, dimmed down much, for some reason, behind this dragon, even the eight deities images, seemed to take much effort.

Or maybe, to control even more powerful force, the price to pay, would be even more!

This logic, since the ancient shaman tribe until now, but how many understood?

Flickering between light and darkness, the eight deities and the flashing symbols, slowly rotated. The dragon did not attack immediately, to it, it seemed to be waiting.

Ghost Li’s body, from forcefully holding out the pain, finally started to shake involuntarily, the blood stain on his chest, became bigger. Lu Xueqi quietly stretched her hand over, hugged his waist, pulled him over a few degrees, leaning onto herself.

The familiar breathing, gently resounded beside the ear, carrying a faint warmth, reverberating beside her pale face.

Felt ticklish!

She suddenly thought like this.

Then, gently turning, looked at him.

What she saw, was Ghost Li looking at her.

She slowly nodded, smiled gently.

Ghost Li watched her for a long time, on the corner of his lips, finally revealed that hint of smile, carrying faint blood. The eight deities which were constantly spinning, suddenly shone brightly, and this time, other than it, one of the fire of within the halos which the Beast Deity merged into, also became for the first time resplendent, gradually covering the surrounding deities images.

And the entire rotating halo, for the first time, left the dragon’s head back, slowly descended, the ball of fire, following the halo movements, descended onto the dragon’s head, slowly merging in.

The colossal dragon, suddenly made an angry roar, the entire sea of fire seemed to tremble, what was it, that could make this powerful thing feel pain?

That ball of fire slowly but unstoppable, sank into the dragon’s head.

Then, the eight deities with the mysterious symbols, as if their splendour were lost momentarily, again swiftly dimmed. The dragon stopped its roars, bowed down slightly, then its huge head slowly again lifted up, the feeling of destruction, again appeared, enveloped them.

And this time, for some reason, it wasn’t the same terrible scene as the previous two times, on the contrary, the surrounding temperature dropped quite a lot, the sea of lava was still burning but the lava current had also reduced, the entire lava hell, abruptly, the fire essence seemed to be swiftly extracted.

The dragon, finally once again stared at the two figures, this time, what was burning in its eyes was no longer that ruby transparent fire, instead it was a pair of complicated wild human emotions eyes.

The dragon lifted its head, opened its mouth towards the sky.

It seemed to be, breathing deeply!

Following that movement, all of the fire burning in the mid- air, seemed to lose their shine, but the pressure pressing onto Ghost Li and Lu Xueqi, made one so despair that one wanted to give up.

From the dragon’s mouth, suddenly, a stream of light flashed, it was not the flames firelight, it was the genuine pure fire.

Without any impurity, without any hubbub, the world’s most terrible and also the purest, the ‘Pure Fire’ that could destroy everything in the world!

Slowly jetting out!

Without any heat dissipating, only a perfectly circular fire column the size of a human, pure like jade, heading towards them.

TianYa in Lu Xueqi’s hand, slowly dropped down, the Soul- devouring beside TianYa, also floated back to Ghost Li. Dark- green, blue lights, slowly receded. There wasn’t any human force, that could block this unstoppable pure fire.

That fire, nearing bit by bit!

Lu Xueqi quietly looked up, no longer looking at that side, in her eyes, there was only one person, and that face.

She looked deeply, a faint smile on her lips, refusing to miss out even the slightest, as if intending to engrave into her heart, into her soul, until after thousand years ten thousand lives, unable to forget again.

That fire, was approaching!

Ghost Li’s sleeves, without any warning, turned into grey ashes, scattered, then it was his entire arm clothing.

And this hand, this body, how much time still left? Let it be like this! He faintly thought, to die like this?

Just that, his wish was still unfulfilled…

He bitterly laughed quietly, holding tightly, that warm and gently hand.

Suddenly, the light flashed out from the fire, like a meteor bursting, a ray of firelight, flashed past his mind, in that instant it was chaos.

Lu Xueqi immediately sensed the restlessness in Ghost Li, subconsciously pulled his hand, almost at the same time, the pure fire, was already beside them, looking to soon, enveloped their bodies.


Or life! Ghost Li in that instant suddenly shouted, pulling with force, pulled Lu Xueqi behind him, Lu Xueqi shouted in surprise, but had no intention to escape on her own, instead held Ghost Li’s hand tighter.

And in that flint-spark moment, Ghost Li’s hand, suddenly had a jade-but-not-like-jade object, encircled by jade, a primitive fire drawing in the middle, it was Inferno Mirror!

The next moment, the pure fire, hit on to the Inferno Mirror.

The eight deities images in the distance, shook suddenly, the powerful tyrannical dragon, its terrible head suddenly stifled, everything, seemed to pause.

Then, like a voice from the netherworld, gentle and soothing singing, leisurely reverberating, like ten thousand years ago, that gentle Linglong girl.

The Inferno Mirror lit up, the fire drawing, like being revived, under the pure fire flames, as if pouring in infinite vitality, greedy sucking in this world’s purest fire essence. “Ah!”

Suddenly, Ghost Li made a light cry, the Inferno Mirror was too hot for him to hold anymore. Leaving his hand but it did not drop, instead it rose into the air, under the eye of the dragon, started to flash.

The heat, emanated from the Inferno Mirror, carrying much illusory white mist, as if evaporating the surrounding air, gathering around the Inferno Mirror, was a huge mysterious force, slowly tearing away at the surrounding air, the white mist, slowly formed into a beautiful lady figure.

It was a lady wearing simple clothes, she was holding a staff in her hand, her face, was identical to that statue keeping vigil outside the cave.


Like a heart-wrenching shout, the dragon once again revealed anguish, then, a ball of fire emerged out from the dragon’s head, the firelight scattered, revealing the Beast Deity’s body, but looking at it now, the Beast Deity’s body was withered, as if reaching the end of his life.

Just that, that earnest pair of eyes, actually did not once change for ten thousand years, he had forgotten everything in the world, in his eyes there was only the misty lady.

He headed towards that illusion, flew over, his eye containing infinite satisfaction.

The Inferno Mirror quietly spun, the Linglong illusion seemed to be smiling too, opened her arms, embracing him.

Looking at it, they would soon embrace but behind the Beast Deity, an earth-shocking roar, unrestrained, the dragon, at once glance recognized its enemy, the body it once destroy, made it intuitively attacked.

Breathing deeply, the dragon’s breath long, Ghost Li and Lu Xueqi’s countenances changed but the Beast Deity seemed to have forgotten his surroundings, or maybe, even if he knew, would he still care? He leapt over, in that mist, it was actually not an illusion, he could actually hug, that body.



He quietly called, like a child, closed his eyes in satisfaction.
Linglong smiled, gently smoothed his hair.

The colossal dragon roared angrily, the enraged fire in that instant arrived, swallowing everything!

The two figures, in the sea of fire, slowly disappeared, but, there wasn’t any pain, instead what was slowly revealed, was happiness.

In the firelight, the Inferno Mirror suddenly appeared, dropped down from the air, right beside Ghost Li’s hand. Ghost Li in his shock, subconsciously stretched out to catch. And at the same time, where the dragon was, as if losing the support of some power, the huge gap started to shrink.

The dragon made another infuriated roar, full of unwillingness, but even it was unable to stop itself being swallowed once again into the mysterious space. However, at the last moment, full of hatred to destroy, towards this space, it poured out its final terrible fire.

Heaven collapsed and earth shattered!

In that instant, all of the lava exploded up, the stone chamber completely melted, the huge space like sands, started to collapse, at the same time, numerous chaotic lava flood flowed, charging in all directions.

Ghost Li and Lu Xueqi watched this doomsday scene, but they had no more strength to escape, however at this moment, the Inferno Mirror suddenly emitted a pure warm halo, surrounding the both of them, encasing them in this light, swiftly rising up. And below them, everything had turned into fire.

The entire boundless ten thousand great mountains and land, innumerable mountain ranges, as if in that very moment, heard that madness roar. The burnt mountain summit which had tower aloft for ten thousand years, in the raging molten lava, gradually collapsed, and the molten lava which had burst forth to the sky, headed straight to the horizon.

Under the fire doomsday, the cave entrance, Black Wood was dumbfounded, and Black Tiger instead was laughing like mad, loudly shouting, “It has come, it has come, this day has finally come!”

Black Wood glared, bellowed, “Are you mad?”

Black Tiger laughed madly, but suddenly froze, both of them were shocked at the same time, then, before them, the Linglong stone statue which had kept vigil for ten thousand years, collapsed in an instant, broken up into numerous small pieces, and then swallowed by the sweeping lava wave, vanished. Black Tiger howled to the sky, his demeanour like demented, “Lady, lady, wait for me, I am coming…”

And below, Black Wood’s breath was heavy and agitated, suddenly he shouted, “No, no, I cannot be like this, I still have unfinished matters!”

After speaking, Black Wood abruptly turned, flew out in a flash, left this soon-to-be-destroyed place.

Black Tiger did not care at about about Black Wood’s leaving, his huge body keeping vigil before the cave, laughing madly at the sky.

Soon, the innumerable broken rocks and turbulent lava floods, swallowed his figure.

The earth seemed to be quaking, countless ferocious beasts and birds were in a panic, this lofty mountain summit, in the deafening rumbles, in the dense black dust, collapsed with a rumble! The firmament in the horizon, started to rain.

Fire rain!

In the ten thousand great mountains, it rained for three days and three nights.

After ten thousand years, who would still remember this past event?

Chapter 215 - Embrace

FenXiang Valley.

At the majestic Mountain River Hall, right now there was only silence, other than Li Xun and the group of elite disciples who have entered the mysterious ten thousand great mountains, this time most of the valley disciples, either rostered to be patrolling the grounds, or studying in their own rooms, not many would come to this FenXiang Valley master’s hall. This place other than the late night, currently it was the quietest moment out of the entire day in the Mountain River Hall.

However, there were two figures, standing inside the entrance of the hall, in silence, gazing at the southern horizon.

In the far horizon, deep inside the mysterious and dangerous ten thousand great mountains, a colossal column of fire, was shooting up into the sky, bringing with it whistling red molten lava and clouds of black ashes, innumerable rock pieces were mixed in it, carried up high by the huge force and then like eruption, spraying in all directions. Even though separated by a long distance but they seemed to feel the deafening angry roar which reverberated between heaven and earth, even below their feet, they could faintly detect the earth was trembling. It was already like this at a distance of more than a thousand miles, the location where the eruption happened deep inside the ten thousand great mountains, what kind of an unimaginable scene would that be?

Nobody knew, at least, the two people standing inside the hall, did not know.

Yun YiLan looked indifferent, after a long time, he did not speak even a word, quietly watched the colossal fire column which after erupting for some time, yet still showed no signs of weakening. And the person standing behind him, was his junior brother ShangGuan Ce, who was also watching the fire column but his countenance was clearly much complicated, his expressions also oscillated between dark and light.

A long time. In the silence, darkness came quietly, the sky gradually darkened, a few disciples passed by this area but soon realized the abnormal atmosphere and swiftly retreated, until the end, following the disappearance of the last ray of dusk light, even if you looked over the distance, the strange occurrence in the horizon, gradually became indistinct.

Far away, at some corner of FenXiang Valley, a quiet insect cry started, it was irregular, seemed near and far, not knowing what it was calling but it complemented what was inside the huge Mountain River Hall, the deserted atmosphere like frost.

Yun YiLan’s figure in the shadows, moved and then slowly turned around.

ShangGuan Ce looked at him quietly, Yun YiLan’s gaze met his and then for some reason, turned away, slowly moved into the hall. ShangGuan Ce sighed in his heart, took a final look at the southern horizon and also moved in.

Quiet heavy steps, resounded in the still hall, yet seemed so loud! Heavy footsteps, not knowing who's heart it was stepping on?

Yun YiLan at the hall’s central seat, sat down, the sky had darkened but there was no light here, it was not that FenXiang Valley’s disciples were loafing but a night like this, was different from usual, they were smart enough not to visit here.

Yun YiLan sat in the darkness, his face, seemed blurred, after a long time, he suddenly spoke, “Didn’t expect, there is actually someone in this world who can destroy the Subdue Devil ancient cave, able to destroy that evildoer?”

ShangGuan Ce sat down below Yun YiLan, although he was his junior but his face, was much haggard than Yun YiLan, only his voice, seemed much normal than Yun YiLan, indifferently said, “Since Qing Yun sect DaoXuan is able to severely injured the Beast Deity, now that someone has thought of a way to kill the beast demon, this is not considered anything astonishing.”

Yun YiLan was silent for a long time, did not speak, but after a long period, a bitter laugh, he shook his head and said, “Predictions by human in the end still lose out to Heaven’s plans, hundred years of effort, down the drain just like this.” ShangGuan Ce hesitated for moment, as if secretly contemplating  the  appropriate  words,  slowly  said,  “Maybe, there are still other methods in ‘FenXiang Jade Volume’...”

Yun YiLan humphed, ShangGuan Ce immediately shut his mouth, the atmosphere turned slightly awkward but Yun YiLan obviously was still in a bad mood, did not have the slightest intention to ease the situation, only sat there quietly, not speaking a word.

ShangGuan Ce’s aged face, the wrinkles seemed to deepen in the shadows, his eyes reflected complicated glints, but not knowing what exactly he was thinking about.

After a long time, Yun YiLan suddenly called out, “ShangGuan junior brother.”

ShangGuan Ce was surprised, said, “What?”

Yun YiLan indifferently said, “Others don’t understand but the secret in my FenXiang Valley, only both of us know it clearly. The reason why our ancestors decided to set up the sect at this desolate southern border FenXiang Valley, you should know right?”

ShangGuan Ce sighed, a trace of tiredness in his voice, said, “It is because the founder found the ruins of the ancient southern border shaman tribe’s ‘Inferno Altar’, and from it discovered the secret powerful and strange shaman power.”

Yun YiLan nodded slowly, said, “That is right, it was because of that, FenXiang Valley sect then started lay its roots and grow in the southern border desolate grounds, established itself and flourish until today. The various ancient mysterious shaman spells, on top of the true way skills passed down by our generation of ancestors, created the status and reputation that our FenXiang Valley enjoys today.”

Speaking till here, Yun YiLan’s voice suddenly turned bleak, “But in the past several hundred years, despite our ancestors exhausted their efforts, in the southern border shaman tribe shaman spells, the strongest power, ‘Heaven Fire’, we only manage to grasp the tip of the iceberg.” His expression slowly turned into anger, coldly said, “When I took over as valley master, once swore before our ancestors, that I will definitely uncover the secret of the shaman tribe Heaven Fire, and lead our FenXiang Valley to dominate the world, to be the leader of the crowd. But I never expected, now that not only it is not so, instead even the only key to explore ‘Heaven Fire’, the Eight Savage Inferno Formation left behind by the shaman tribe, are all destroyed, and on top of that, even the utmost important Inferno Mirror, is also lost!”

In the darkness, ShangGuan Ce’s body suddenly trembled.

[Pa!] a crisp sound, was heard from Yun YiLan’s hand, in his anger, he had broke the chair’s arm.

In the hall, for a moment silence.

After a long time, Yun YiLan heaved a long breath out, slowly stood up, his tone desolate, said, “That day while trapped in a tight corner, coincidentally from the southern border ancient books, discovered that other than Inferno Altar, there is another formation in the Subdue Devil ancient cave, and so hatched a scheme with the tiger, the matter today, a pity...ai” He sighed a long breath, an inexplicable exhaustion on his face.

Outside the deserted hall, other than the cries of the insects, there was no other sounds, those disciples, most should be peacefully asleep! Who would know, in this night, two elders would be sitting quietly in the hall?

Yun YiLan seemed agitated today, the past composed demeanour was gone completely, revealing his turmoil mind, paced a few times and finally after heaving a sigh to the sky, laughed bitterly and shook his head, did not say anything then headed to the rear hall.

ShangGuan Ce sat there unmoving, watched as Yun YiLan was about to vanish into the dim dark rear hall, a glint suddenly in his eyes, as if hesitating, finally made a decision and stood up.

“Senior brother!” Yun YiLan’s figure paused, turned and indifferently said, “What is it?”

ShangGuan Ce slowly, as if every word was carefully thought out in his mind, said, “After thinking carefully, there is still hope for this matter.”

Yun YiLan raised his brows, said, “What did you say?”

ShangGuan Ce, as if his mouth had turned dry, moved his throat and slowly said, “Now that the world already knows there are two places that once had the formation, Inferno Altar and Subdue Devil Cave, are destroyed, to study the enigma ‘Heaven Fire’ from this formation, I’m afraid that is only a slim chance.”

Yun YiLan snorted, said, “That’s right, then what do you propose?”

ShangGuan Ce, silent for a moment, said, “I am thinking, the formation is a non-living thing, if this way is not possible, then maybe, we can get from this person.” Yun  Yilan  was  somehow  impatient,  said,  “What  person, would still know…”

Suddenly, his eyes grew large, his expression turned solemn, after silent for a moment, slowly said, “You mean after Subdue Devil cave collapsed, there is still someone from southern border shaman tribe who survived?”

ShangGuan Ce inhaled deeply, as if something heavy had been pressing onto his chest, but after the next moment, he continued, “I am not very confident but from my conjectures, after the cave was turned into ashes, those not-human-or- demon shaman tribe survivors, one of them, most likely would not be willing to perish with it together.”

He slowly lifted his head, his voice for some reason turned hoarse, said, “If I am not wrong, this person might have survived, if it’s so, this person would be in this world, the one who is the most knowledgeable about the ancient shaman tribe mysterious shaman spells, we can from this person, maybe get something, there might be a possibility.” Yun Yilan was silent but his face gradually turned brighter and focused, after a long time, he nodded, said, “That is right, junior brother you truly have keen insight, although the possibility is not big but it is better than being hopeless. Since it is so, then I will trouble you to make a trip to ten thousand great mountains, mainly to visit this matter and at the same time, take a look at how Xun’er and the rest are doing, this trip of his, encountering such a big change event, it is not what we could predicted, it is also hard on him.”

ShangGuan Ce sighed quietly in his heart, stood up, nodded and said, “Yes.”

Yun Yilan glanced at him, revealed a smile suddenly, said, “Junior brother, just now your brother me was not in the best mood, I could have said something not appropriate, you don’t take it to heart.”

ShangGuan Ce shook his head, said, “Senior brother you are too kind, I won’t.”

Yun Yilan smiled and nodded, then turned and walked into the rear hall, vanished in the shadows. In the vast hall, leaving only a solitary figure, standing silently.

The darkness quietly swept over, swallowing his figure.

Southern border, ten thousand great mountains.

The deafening rumble that reverberated between heaven and earth, the roaring volcano which made the earth quaked, finally after three days and three nights of eruption, gradually weakened.

The sky full of fire and rain like a scene from doomsday, not knowing when it would stop, just that the numerous mountain summits, the rivers, the lands, everywhere had traces of burn, looking from far, it was as if there were numerous volcanoes, burning in this miserable land.

Just that, the dark clouds in the horizon eventually scattered, the warm sunlight again shone onto this land. Even from afar, the air still contained traces of irritable sulphur burnt smell but at this moment, the light breeze blowing from in, most of it, were fresh smells.

Everything, eventually would need to end.

Day and night, shuttling back and forth; changes in the position of the stars, who could see through the world’s vicissitudes of life?

The cluster of stars twinkled, the initial rise of the bright moon.

Gentle breeze of the night breeze, trees moving in waves.

The peaceful night, quietly descended here.

A quiet low cry, like a baby asleep, subconsciously she stretched her hand out, what did she catch? Warm skin, steadily, just beside her, solid and never once left. Her lips, as if receiving much assurance in her dream, a faint smile.

In the night, under the stars, gentle breeze quietly blew.

Slightly messy hair, a few strands, moved gently in the breeze, landed on her jade-like face. She gently frowned, a child-like expression, that kind of beauty in disorder, in the peacefulness, seemed to permeate deep into the soul.

Ghost Li quietly watched this sleeping face, she was just at his side, as if never been so close before. She quietly slept, breathing in the fresh air of this southern border night breeze, the wind blew past, her chest gently rose, her lips smiling.

He suddenly looked up, that bright moon, had shifted right to the center, giving off gentle and warm light, illuminating the world.

The moonlight like water, spilled onto them. Clothes like snow, person like jade!

This was a clift somewhere on the lofty ten thousand great mountains, the solitary cliff jutted out from the summit about one zhang, because it was located further from the Subdue Devil cave, and so the huge volcano eruption did not impact much at this place, only when the fire and stone pieces from the falling rain and fire, started a few fires but the fires soon were extinguished.

And on the lofty clift, the aftermath of the catastrophe could still be seen, leaving only numerous ashes.

The two of them, escaped with the protection of the Inferno Mirror, due to over-exhaustion, soon both felt unconscious, and when Ghost Li woke up, he discovered he was already at this clift with Lu Xueqi.

After the chaos, was this kind of peaceful cool night.

Suddenly, a soft exclamation, he turned, that beautiful lady in slumber, after a faint smile, slowly opened her eyes. Clear, gently, eyes that reflected his figure…

Suddenly, as if the world had stopped, deep inside his soul, somewhere it cracked quietly.

Then, after staring deeply, she slightly, as if still having a few amounts of shyness, smiled.

That smile, in the deep night, in the darkness, like a bright and beautiful lily!

After a long time, but yet like in a short time, the light lost its meaning, but who would care?

Ghost Li smiled too, warmly, that smile, was like that youth.

She stretched out, wanted to hold his hand and never let go but discovered, their hands were already together, never once separated. Her face had a flush of red, slowly, sat up. Clothes quietly fell, it was Ghost Li’s outer clothes covering her, she glanced at Ghost Li, did not say anything, only the smile at her lips, deepened.

The night breeze blew gently, like a gentle hand brushing past, in the distance, the trees rustled, reverberated in this night.

Lu Xueqi looked around, not far from them, beside the cliff, TianYa sword was pierced into the rocks, the blade like the radius of autumn waters, erected in the wind, and beside TianYa, Ghost Li’s Soul-devouring was also lying quietly beside on the ground.

The two weapons, right now, seemed to be so quiet, who would know, what past did it had? The dark-green light on the stick glimmered, reflecting together with TianYa light blue, this pair of weapons which had once entangled with thousand years of enmity, right now, looked like they complemented and merged.

A quiet roar behind, both turned, a huge figure flashed past in the forest, it was the TaoTie, it seemed somehow irritated from its sounds but soon, a familiar [zhi zhi zhi zhi] rang out, as if consoling it. After a moment, the TaoTie became quiet and did not make any noise anymore.

Both turned over, looked at each other.

Ghost Li slightly hesitated, said, “That is TaoTie, I came for it. Tomorrow, I should…”

Then he did not continue, because at this moment, a fair gentle hand, lightly covered his mouth.

He instantly became quiet, his body seemed to tremble.

The night breeze blew, fluttering her hair. In her eyes, in this kind of night, seemed to be blurred.

But, that smile, never left. Lu Xueqi only smiled and looked deeply at him, this was the man she had searched countless of times in her dreams, after a long time, lightly, quietly said, “Don’t bother about tomorrow, alright?”

The night like frost, descended into the mortal world.

Ghost Li stared blankly at her, watched that unparalleled face and warm smile, watched that stubbornness and faint grief behind that smile, the night breeze was still blowing, her hair on her shoulder, gently danced, a faint fragrance, lingered in the air.

Her figure, was so thin, but, that kind of beauty, was something numerous vicissitude of life of the mortal world could ever erase.

Don’t bother about tomorrow,

Alright? The bright moon, dense stars.

The night was boundless.

He held her hand, held in his palm.

The boundless firmament, who would bother about this tiny happiness in this world?

The thin body, as if trembling in the wind, the emotions pulsing secretly, as if time had paced for thousands of hundred years in the river of time.

In the horizon, was there someone who was smiling and gazing afar?

Was it joy? Was it pain? Don’t bother, what is tomorrow, what will tomorrow be, why care?

Embrace into bosom!

Gently embrace you, into my bosom…

Chapter 216 - Return

Qing Yun Hill, Small Bamboo Valley.

Late deep night, the inky black firmament solidified, heavy dark clouds could be seen moving indistinctly in the sky, from the infinite darkness, silent rain fell. And even further in the horizon, distant rumbling thunders could be heard, not knowing if a more severe storm was coming.

Qing Yun sect disciples who left for southern border, have already returned for several days, Lu Xueqi who had met her teacher and elders, returned to Small Bamboo Valley, and never once appeared, even the undercurrents in Qing Yun sect regarding the disappearance of Reverend DaoXuan and Tian BuYi, she seemed not to have notice it at all.

Lofty beautiful Small Bamboo Valley, the same tranquility for the past thousand hundred years, the tall bamboos covering the entire mountain, in this storm night, as usual hummed with [sha sha] bamboo motions sounds, quietly watching the people on this summit. Small house oil lamp, the candlelight shining.

The doors were gently closed, half of the window was still opened, the storm quietly arrived between the mountains, the wind carrying the rain frequently blew into the hut, wetting the bamboo-made windowsill, slowly forming water beads which dripped quietly, leaving streams of water. The wind, causing the window to move slightly, in this still night, making light [zhi ya] sounds.

The candle on the table in the hut, wavered, flickering between light and darkness, a few times it looked as if it was about to be extinguished but always in its struggle, held on until the wind weakened, slowly regained light and again illuminated.

In the night, there was no other light, moving slightly away from this candle, would be shrouded by a blanket of shadow.

Lu Xueqi sat below the lamp, quietly watching this spot of candle. Green light, red colour, in this kind of night, the melancholy which could not seemed to coagulate, quietly inscribed into time, nobody knew, how much time, could be kept?

Outside the door, light footsteps were heard, Lu Xueqi’s head moved slightly. A gust of breeze blew in from the window, the candlelight on the table wavered and elongated, strands of her hair, also gently floated with the wind.

The door, making a heavy sound, pushed opened by someone. The storm outside the hut, suddenly turned loud, as if the wind had suddenly turned stronger, about to charge into the hut, fortunately, after that moment, the person had already entered into the hut and turned to close the door, blocking the storm out at the same time returning the peace in this hut.

Lu Xueqi stood up, bowed her head slightly, said, “Senior sister, why are you here?”

It was WenMin, she glanced at Lu Xueqi, walked to the table, sighed and said, “Ever since returning, I hardly seen you out of this door, if I still don’t pay you a visit, I’m afraid I won’t even know how you are doing now?” Lu Xueqi looked up at WenMin, saw the smile on her lips, her eyes gentle, clearly filled with concern.

She quietly laughed, said, “What could happen to me, many thanks for senior sister’s concern.”

WenMin looked at her for a long time, saw that other than her slightly pale face, her vitality was still as usual, was relieved, and then said, “Junior sister, I’m glad you are fine, but being your sister, looking at your state now, I am really heart-pained. And, ever since returning, you’ve only met teacher on that same day and then shut off yourself in this room, never once going to see her again, no matter what, you must not blame teacher in your heart, you must know, we are all brought up by her.”

Lu Xueqi shook her head, said, “Senior sister, what are you saying, I definitely would not dare to have a single thought of blaming teacher, I didn’t dare to go visit teacher is because I know I am unfilial, afraid I may caused teacher to get angry and affect her health.” WenMin was surprised, looked at Lu Xueqi, after a long time, her expression complicated, wanted to speak but stopped, in the end only sighed and stood up.

Right now in the horizon, a flash of lightning streaked past, followed by a shock of thunder, like the sound of silk tearing, as if right above their heads, the sounds reverberated for a long time.

The wind outside the room, seemed to tense up even more.

WenMin frowned, walked to the window, glanced outside, said, “Look at this weather, seems like the rain is going to get heavier.”

Lu Xueqi stood up, walked to the window slowly, stood beside WenMin, looking out, in the night, two slender figures, standing together, watching that heavy black night and boundless storm.

In the distance, the bamboos rustled making [sha sha] sounds, the sound of the rain hitting the bamboo leaves, were heard faintly. For a moment, not knowing if they were immersed in this tranquility, both were silent.

After a long time, WenMin inhaled deeply, smiled and said, “Speaking of which, we have not watch the rain together like this since a long time right?”

Lu Xueqi smiled said, “Yes, actually I also remembered, I came up when I was a child, in the beginning senior sister it was you who took care of me, at that time I was still young, everytime there was a storm in the night, when the thunder rumbled, I was especially afraid.”

She slowly turned over, her eyes full of tenderness, quietly said, “Each time it was you senior sister who brought me to sit by the window to watch the rain together, telling me not to be afraid.”

WenMin shook her head and laughed in spite of herself, gently caressed Lu Xueqi’s hair on her shoulder, sighed and said, “In a blink, you have already grown up.” Lu Xueqi felt WenMin’s hand, gently patting her shoulder, as if from there, warmth emanated.

After keeping silent for a while, Lu Xueqi looked at her senior sister, said, “Senior sister, if you have something to say, please say it!”

WenMin was surprised, made a bitter laugh and said, “I knew you have always been intelligent, nothing could be hidden from you…”

She paused for a while, said, “Junior sister, actually with your intelligence, you have far surpassed me this sister, but why is it that you just cannot look pass it, can’t comprehend, and for nothing suffered in your heart?”

Lu Xueqi’s smile slowly disappeared, replacing it was, a familiar indifference, just that, facing WenMin, she did not have that icy cold feeling.

“I am not suffering!” Lu Xueqi watched the night outside the window, quietly said it like that. WenMin was stunned, Lu Xueqi gazed far into the distance, not knowing where she was gazing at, but in her words and tone, it was clear beyond doubt, “I have never suffered senior sister. The reason our sect passes us Tao, is for us to be free from care, our minds to be free, to comprehend creation, to seek longevity, isn’t it?”

WenMin nodded, said, “That’s right, actually on the road to cultivation, our Taoism school is similar to Buddhism.”

Lu Xueqi gently placed a hand on the bamboo window handle, a gust of cold wind blew in, she seemed cold, her body shrank back slightly but she still stood there, her pale hand, soon had crystal water beads forming.

“But, what do I want longevity for?”

WenMin’s mouth slightly agape, her brows frowning.

“I know, Qing Yun sect for several thousand years, our ancestors passed down these teachings, definitely it would not be wrong, I and the rest of the mortals if we want to escape reincarnation, with this cultivation, maybe we can achieve longevity. In the past, I too had those thoughts and so trained wholeheartedly. Just that today…”  Lu Xueqi laughed quietly, like as if she was facing her own self, said, “If in my entire lifetime I can’t have love and emotions, I have to ascend to an immortal with my heart like a white paper, that kind of immortality, that kind of immortal, why would that be what I desire!”

WenMin stammered, said, “Junior sister, what, what are you talking about exactly?”

As if she never heard WenMin, Lu Xueqi continued on, “I know what you are thinking of, senior sister, you’ll most probably be reprimanding me for not knowing the ways of the world, not knowing the hardships and dangers of the world, what I desire in my heart, most likely would not have any outcome. Actually how would I not know that? If to say my heart is suffering, I have indeed suffered for this before. But now, I have accepted the situation, others said the world is harsh, hard to forgive and eventually I cannot be like him, betray the sect and leave. But even though it is so, I only hope that I can pine for someone in my heart, and I know too, he has me in his heart, with this, I am satisfied.” WenMin humphed, said, “Don’t tell me you don’t know, that both of you eventually cannot be together? Don’t tell me this you too are not concerned?”

On Lu Xueqi’s face, for the first time her expression changed, as if that deep dejection, quietly flashed past, after a long time, she quietly said, “Of cos I care, if there is a possibility, who wouldn’t wish to be together for their lives, who doesn’t want forever? Just that clearly knowing this is hard to achieve, and so I don’t think! Anyway whatever happen in the future, who knows, but I will still refuse to forget.”

WenMin looked at this beautiful lady, in the night, she was as beautiful and elegant as a lily, blooming in the loneliness.

She gently sighed and said, “Anyway I knew long ago that I can’t change your mind, tomorrow morning, you better go and visit teacher!”

Lu Xueqi was surprised, turned her head over and said, “Although it’s not that I don’t wish to see teacher, just that if I go, most probably I would cause her to be angry.” WenMin shook her head said, “It was teacher who privately allow me to come and summon you, it is for official business so don’t worry.”

Lu  Xueqi  hesitated,  said,  “The  southern  border  trip,  the Beast Deity has perished, the great woe of Good Faction is gone, what is there more?”

WenMin paused and said, “The resurgence of the Evil Sect.”

Lu Xueqi’s body shook, at the same time a complicated glint flashed past her eyes, said, “What?”

Watching it all, WenMin sighed in her heart but her tone was still as normal, said, “Recently the rumours are rife, The evil sect which had fallen in the demon beasts catastrophe, apparently there are still remnants of the evildoers, and having the intention to stage a comeback. Our Qing Yun sect right now is facing internal problems and external invasion, teacher she seemed to be weighed down with anxieties, you know that she has always think highly of you, most likely she is summoning you because of these.” Lu Xueqi was silent for a long time, nodded and said, “Yes, I will go visit teacher the first thing tomorrow morning.”

WenMin nodded and said, “Then you better rest early, I will leave now.”

Lu Xueqi did not ask her to stay longer, sent her to the door, WenMin suddenly stopped, turned and looked at Lu Xueqi, said, “Junior sister, in the future if you have any trouble, you must not keep it in your heart, if you can trust me as your sister, tell me about it, it is better than worrying it in your heart.”

Lu Xueqi slowly nodded and quietly said, “Yes senior sister, I know.”

WenMin looked at her, saw that although she agreed but with her character, most likely if there was any difficult matter, she wouldn’t speak out. And so with a bitter laugh, turned and left. Lu Xueqi leaned against the door, watched as WenMin walked off.

She slowly looked away, saw the night as dark as ink, wind and rain soughing and pitter-pattered, the silent heaven and earth, seemed to emanate a bleak atmosphere.

She seemed to be in a daze, a very very long time, as if waking up from a dream, she quietly turned and gently closed the door.

The storm, was closed out together at the same time.

And as what Qing Yun sect’s reported news, far thousand miles away in Fox Majestic Mountain, the once deserted mountain, suddenly became lively again. Large batches of Evil sect disciples, returned to Ghost King sect base, the once sealed up mechanism, one by one activated, the abandoned sentry post, under orderly directions, all started to resume.

On a fine and sunny day, the last Evil Sect branch, which also consisted of the most powerful strength of Ghost King sect, under Ghost King’s command, again returned to Central Plains.

Big and small baggages, an infinite line of troops, looking like a line of ants returning back to their hill, and in this troop, the most attention-grabbing point was, every several zhangs, there would be hundred over disciples escorting certain huge animals, the exteriors were covered with thick grey cloths, revealing shapes of enormous rectangles, and under the cloths, deep scary roars could be heard at times, the roars vicious and filled with anger, but for some reason, hearing it, the roars were weak, as if some strange animals which were extremely exhausted.

This huge mysterious object, soon was transported by the Evil sect disciples who were already familiar with the road to Fox Majestic Mountain huge mountain cave which Ghost King sect had operated from for generations, in the air, leaving and gradually distancing, the plaintive cry and roars of unknown strange animals which reverberated quietly, at the same time, for some reason in the wind, a strange stench of blood, diffused out from the surroundings, drifted in the wind. Ghost King with his hands clasped behind, stood at the side of the cave, watched as the last mysterious huge animal was transported deep into the cave, looking expressionless.

At a glance, he looked the same, other than the sides of his hair, which had turned grey for his daughter, seemed to have increased.

Behind him, two people stood, one was Youji, still covered by black veil, silent, the other covered entirely in black, was Mr Ghost.

When most of the disciples have entered into the cave, very quickly a number of people ran up to report to Ghost King, Ghost King did not say anything, only nodded, the disciples quickly dispersed, under the silent command, the cave entrance huge stone mechanism, slowly descended, blocking out the sunlight in the outer world.

Ghost King in the darkness, gently let out a breath. This familiar, cave smell. In the deep cave tunnel, lights slowly lit, that was a disciple, one by one, lit up the fire torch hanging above the tunnel, under the familiar yellow light, shadows started to appear and wavering.

Behind, Youji walked forward, softly said, “Sect head, do you want to go take a look at Ghost Li?”

Ghost King’s eyes glinted, said, “After I came back, I didn’t see him, where is he?”

Youji quietly said, “He is at Biyao all along.”

Ghost King was about to stride forward, paused, the next moment, said, “I will go over myself, you all don’t have to follow along.”

Youji acknowledged, watched Ghost King walked far off, until that figure disappeared. She turned over, and had a shock, that mysterious shadow beside her, had already disappeared. Under the black veil, Youji’s brows slowly frowned, a complicated look in her eyes.

Outside the icy-cold stone chamber deep inside the cave, was completely different from the bustling scene outside, there wasn’t any noise here, like the usual quietness, or maybe to some people, what this place had even more, should be loneliness!

Ghost King stood outside the room for a very long time, facing that stone door, for some reason, he never raised his hand to open, the thick stone door vertically before him but his eyes, seemed to stare past that sturdy stone.

Behind that door, where the chilly cold air was, was his daughter still peacefully lying there?

As strong as someone like him, would he have moments of weakness, unwilling to face his own daughter? Not knowing how much time had passed, time quietly slipped away, Ghost King’s body moved, slowly stretched out his hand, activating the mechanism, deep quiet rumbles, the stone door before him, slowly opened.

A burst of cold air, assaulted his face, tendrils of white fog, drifting in the room.

Ghost King strided in, the stone door behind him, again closed up.

Everything, was still the same. That body lying peacefully there, including that man which in his memory had always sat there.

Ghost Li did not turn to look, he was still watching Biyao, and Ghost King did not speak, quietly walked to the other side of the platform, watching his daughter.

Biyao was still lying peacefully with a faint smile on her lips, at where her hands crossed in front of her body, that mystical Evil sect treasure HeHuan Bell, was quietly lying in her hands. Faint, golden glow, seemed to shine out from the bell, radiating long and short rays. The extremely silent room, for some reason, always made one had the wrong impression, from somewhere quietly resounding, clear crisp sounds of bell, but listening carefully, always unable to find its trace, on that faint glow constantly glimmering on the bell, like a gentle and soft eyes, watching these two men in the room.

“Those days I am not here, is she still well?”  Ghost King asked faintly, his gaze, from the time he entered, was always on his daughter.

Ghost Li slowly lifted his head, looked at Ghost King, Ghost King’s eyes from Biyao’s figure, shifted to look at Ghost Li.

The two men’s eyes, met across mid-air, like a soundless wind and thunder.

Between them, Biyao’s hands, the glow from HeHuan Bell, gently rotated.

“She is well.” Ghost Li stood up, indifferently said. Ghost King nodded, said, “With you around, I am very assured.”

He paused for a while, said, “Your trip to southern border, did you manage to get any news of the Soul Return Unusual Art?”

A downcast look flashed past Ghost Li’s face, shook his head. Ghost King was silent, looked down at Biyao, gently sighed. Ghost Li’s trip to southern border this time, mainly obviously was to pursue the Beast Deity and on Ghost King’s secret command, catch the TaoTie beside the Beast Deity, but their conversations right now, seemed like they had long forgotten this matter.

In the room, again another period of silence.

At the end, Ghost King’s face turned solemn, indifferently said, “I still need to speak to you, but it’s not convenient here, we better go out!” Ghost Li nodded, did not speak, with one last glance at Biyao, for some reason, guilt flashed past his eyes and then turned and walked out. Ghost King behind him, walked out, the heavy door slowly closed up, again trapping the stillness, in the huge cold stone room, leaving only the rotating HeHuan Bell’s faint glow.

Two men, walked together in the spacious tunnel, along the way, disciples who met them made way for them, bowing their heads, their footsteps, lightly resounded.

Passing through a few corners, the two of them came to Ghost Li’s residence, Ghost King glanced at Ghost Li, seemed to sense something, Ghost Li frowning but did not look at Ghost King, after hesitating for a moment, opened the door.

Two of them walked in.

[Zhi zhi zhi, zhi zhi…]

[Hou…] The familiar shrieks from Xiao Hui, accompanied by a few strange roars, TaoTie which once followed the Beast Deity, right now was lying at Ghost Li’s room floor, only it looked dull, closing its huge eyes, unmoving on the floor.

Instead it was Xiao Hui which was as usual, jumping around TaoTie, touching it on the left, hitting it on the right, and next moment pulled its tail or patted its head, more than this, occasionally he even placed his hand inside TaoTie’s bloody mouth, pulling its mouth, curiously peering in.

Looking at Xiao Hui, it looked like it was cheering TaoTie, to play together but obviously it did have any effect on TaoTie.

Ghost Li and Ghost King walked in, TaoTie ignored them, continued to lie on the floor, Xiao Hui delightly cried out, leapt over to Ghost Li, crouched at his shoulder.

Ghost Li patted Xiao Hui’s head, indifferently said to Ghost King, “This is it.” Ghost King did not speak, watched the TaoTie on the ground. His lips, slowly revealed a smile, but his smile contained that trace of inscrutable meaning.

Chapter 217 - Demons in your heart

Ghost King walked towards TaoTie, steady and calm, Xiao Hui sitting at Ghost Li’s shoulder turned its head over, watched Ghost King’s back, [zhi zhi] called out twice and suddenly became quiet.

TaoTie which was lying on the ground seemed to sense something, its huge head tilted to the side, lifted and its huge eyes widened, fierce glare immediately swept over to Ghost King, a low roar was heard issuing out from its mouth.


The peaceful atmosphere in the room, instantly turned tense, the hard amour on TaoTie’s head and back, piece by piece tensed up, its huge mouth slowly opened, revealing scary and sharp teeth.

Ghost King facing this terrible beast, did not reveal any signs of fear, instead in his eyes, strange glints could be seen, his uncontainable ecstasy and thirst within it. Facing the TaoTie which seemed to be already infuriated, his footsteps never stopped. And behind him, Ghost Li watched his back, his brows slowly frowning.

TaoTie clearly was unable to bear such a challenge, its huge eyes already gradually turning red, its huge body stood up, making attack posture.

And Ghost King, seemed to be oblivious to this beast’s reaction, all of his attention was on the TaoTie’s body.

Finally, when Ghost King was near the TaoTie, one step into the distance of three chi between them, TaoTie finally unable to bear it, with a loud roar, indistinctly shaking the entire surrounding stone walls, its huge body suddenly leapt up, brandishing its claws, towards Ghost King.

The originally peaceful stone room, a strong wind started to blow, the room’s table and chairs instantly slashed, [pong pong pong] a few sounds, crashed onto the stone walls, broken into several pieces. In that moment, its huge body was already above Ghost King. In the distance, Xiao Hui made a few cries, [zhi zhi, zhi zhi…] but the cries did not sound worried, instead it seemed to be gloating, seemed like this spiritual intelligent monkey did not particularly like Ghost King, couldn’t wait for TaoTie to kill him with a blow.

But Ghost Li clearly was unlike Xiao Hui, his frowning brows, right now in his eyes after traces of hesitation, frowned even tighter, almost in his eyes, in that instant, saw something he did not expect.

TaoTie’s huge body accompanied by raging wind swept down but only that moment, as if some spirits and ghosts, Ghost King’s body suddenly disappeared. TaoTie’s extremely powerful pounce, only landed in an empty space.

The next moment, Ghost King’s grey figure suddenly appeared, behind the surprised TaoTie, with his hands, grabbed hold of TaoTie’s flesh on its neck, he seemed to intend to use his powers to grab the terrible TaoTie up like the household’s dogs and cats. This grab was not fast but TaoTie couldn’t avoid it in time, with a roar, its neck was already controlled but TaoTie was after all an unusual beast, with no intention to be subdued, it became even more enraged, roaring loudly a few times, its amour immediately tightened, looking like its body had expanded thirty percent more. Ghost King’s countenance changed, at the same time felt a sharp pain in his right hand, using Evil sect true way power to protect his palm, seemed like he was unable to withstand the beast’s strange power.

Ghost King did not hesitate, released his hand and retreated three steps.

Ghost Li and Xiao Hui stood aside, watching, saw TaoTie’s impenetrable armor, had five red marks on the back of its neck, and the marks looked deep, blood was already seeping out.

TaoTie roared loudly, already descending into enraged state, abruptly turned, faced Ghost King. And Xiao Hui, had also jumped up, both hands waving, pointing at Ghost King [zhi zhi] called out, its demeanour looking furious. Although nobody understood monkey language in the stone chamber, but without question, right now Xiao Hui was most probably cursing.

After scolding a few sentences, it still looked angry, was about to jump down and help its friend teach this hateful Ghost King a lesson. Just that it’s body had just leapt up, suddenly a hand stretched out from behind, grabbed it and dragged it back, it was Ghost Li.

Xiao Hui was surprised and angry, facing Ghost Li, [zhi zhi] incessantly, Ghost Li ignored it, only frowned and watched, Xiao Hui after a few times, suddenly turned and its attention was transfixed on something.

In the loud roars of TaoTie, sharp fangs pouncing towards Ghost King, and Ghost King this time, did not appear to be avoiding, only raised his hands.

A dark red glow, flashed past Ghost King’s sleeve, soundlessly a faint stench of blood, permeated the entire room. A deep strange roar, in this empty space, exploded out, without any tearing sound yet seemed to tear open the space in this room, even though it was a wild roar like TaoTie’s but was also stunned by it.

That dark red light, instantly surged, covering Ghost King entirely, glimmering, Ghost King’s figure was already indistinct, and TaoTie seemed to sense something, was shocked and showed fear, involuntarily stepped back.

A primitive and looking slightly broken ancient cauldron, slowly rose up from deep within the red light, with this cauldron appearance, the red light in the chamber shone like blood, not a single object was not bathed in red, and the stench of blood, was even stronger, making one nauseous.

The fear in TaoTie’s eyes deepened but with the stench of blood stimulating it, its inert animal character was also drawn out, after a few hesitation, it did not turn and ran, instead with a loud roar, again leapt towards the cauldron.

In the distance, Ghost Li frowned tightly, his body couldn’t help but move once and then forced himself to stop, a pair of eyes staring intently at that cauldron.

There was ever once, maybe about ten years ago, at East Ocean LiuBo Hill, he had seen this ancient weapon, didn’t expect to see it again today and yet it seemed to have transformed.

The TaoTie’s huge body headed towards the cauldron but three chi before it, suddenly, a sound was heard from the cauldron, like a low mysterious incantation was chanting out of the void, and a red beam shone down from above, enveloping TaoTie within it.

TaoTie’s body immediately trembled, its face showing extreme pain, it howled to the sky yet its energy seemed to have been sucked out, collapsed from the air. Ghost Li’s face changed, the power of this dragon cauldron was beyond his expectation, obviously it was not the same as before.

Actually the Hidden Dragon Cauldron’s power, in this ten years was already beyond recognition, Ghost King with the guidance of Mr Ghost, comprehended the inscription on the cauldron, collected the spiritual intelligence beasts’ divine powers to activate ‘Four Divinities Blood Formation’, in this cauldron, it already contained KuiNiu, Yellow Bird and Zhu Long three divine beast’s power, TaoTie already was a rare beast but compared to the other three divine beasts, it definitely was weaker, furthermore this cauldron was an ancient divine weapon, itself already had strange powers, the stronger the divine beasts’ powers, the more powerful the evil power from the Four Divinities Blood Formation. Fighting against a great enemy, TaoTie was immediately caught.

The red light flashed, looking solid, it tightly trapped TaoTie’s huge body, the entire TaoTie’s body shook, looking like it was in extreme pain but it couldn’t move at all, even its roars, swiftly turned weak, and leaving only sounds of panting.

In the stone room, the blood stench was even stronger, Ghost King looked at the immobilized TaoTie, glee flashed in his eyes, suddenly laughed loudly, his demeanour greatly different from the usual, like insane.

And at this moment, suddenly [zhi zhi zhi zhi] angry cries were heard, TaoTie also turned its head with difficulty over, it was Xiao Hui. It leapt out and jumped to TaoTie, stretched its hands and wanted to help but when it stretched its hand over, it shrieked and jumped away.

Xiao Hui bared its teeth, looking extremely angry, revealed its sharp teeth at Ghost King, making challenging gesture. Ghost King, in that flashing red light, both of his eyes were already blood-shot red. Right now he abruptly turned his head, immediately murderous air surged, without any words, a dark energy rose, straight out from the red light, hitting towards Xiao Hui.

Xiao Hui naturally was not unskilled or useless monkey, although it was infuriated, it could tell that the dark energy had malevolent rays in it, refused to meet it straight, jumped a few times to the side and avoided it.

Unable to hit it, Ghost King with a long howl, the dark energy doubled its speed, at the same time it seemed to be divided, streams of dark energy like lightning, from all directions struck down.

Xiao Hui using both its hands and legs, avoided left and right in split seconds, but its perilous situation was also revealed, almost a few times it was almost hit.

And Ghost King for some reason, towards this monkey, his attacks did not seem to go easy on it, in the dark energy, suddenly a low whistle, a storm gathered, forming a blood-red palm in the air, striking from the head, Xiao Hui was already forced into deep’s end by the black energy, right now had no path to retreat, looked like it was about to be hit by this palm.

And at this critical moment, suddenly a hand stretched over, passing through the sharp wind, murderous dark energy red light, caught hold of the monkey’s tail, pulled and Xiao Hui immediately flew out backwards, and those vicious dark energies behind it, for some reason, were dispersed.

Xiao Hui flew back without any harm, escaped out but Ghost King who was concealed within the red light, made a sound of angry roar, his vicious energy increased, the dark energy with red rays instantly formed, a huge red palm, struck down towards this arm, and behind the red light, the cauldron started to rotate slowly, strange rays ran inside the cauldron, incantation words indistinctly appeared, an aura of killing. Red light dazzling, flashing, Ghost Li whose face was grave, emerged, it was him who had saved Xiao Hui in that critical moment. At the same time, he had also turned to face the dragon cauldron’s strange evil power.

The sound of whistling, became more and more desolate, the red palm had indistinct strange runes similar to the ancient cauldron appearing within it, attacked over, Ghost Li frowning, but facing this exceptional evil power, he did not have any intention to retreat, both arms waved up, before the red palm arrived, drew a Taiji diagram.

Dark-green light lit up, like a clear stream pouring onto the deep soil, the entire murderous air, had a shock, clear air lingered around the Taiji diagram, it was the orthodox pure Qing Yun sect amazing skill, ‘Tai Ji Xuan Qing Way’.

Blood-red palm, arrived with a rumble the next moment, hit onto the Taiji diagram.

Surprisingly, there wasn’t any deafening clash or quake, on the contrary, like a mud cow entering the mud, there was not the slightest sound, only that red palm, stopped in mid-air, unable to move forward and on Ghost Li’s face, instantly turned red, almost dripping out blood.

Sharp glints flashed in Ghost Li’s eyes, looked deeply into the red light, with a cold snort, his feet moved backwards. Each step, that red palm moved forward one step. Almost at the same time, with each step, Ghost Li’s both hands did not rest, his fingers bent up, forming magical seals, the Taiji diagram between his hands shining with clear light, did not weaken the slightest.

When he retreated to the third step, his hands formed a seal of vase, the redness in his face had already eased, the Taiji diagram started to emit faint golden glow; and until the fifth step, his hands formed a gesture of holding flower, the golden and dark-green energies on the Taiji diagram mixed; and until the seventh step, Ghost Li was already against the stone wall, with no room for retreat but at this moment, his face had already resumed to his normal look, without any strange redness.

Both hands shook, Ghost Li had already made the Buddhism Vajra seal. In that instant, golden light surged, solemn power shot out in all directions, as if there were Buddhas around chanting, deep and pleasing, the Taiji diagram spun with speed, golden light resplendent, that red palm was gradually being swallowed by the diagram and soon disappeared.

Resplendent golden dark-green light filled the air, charged up, suppressing Ghost King’s blood light. And deep within the red light, an angry howl, clearly that person was already enraged, red light wavered, a few plaintive cries, TaoTie on the ground was sucked up by the red light, its huge body sucked into the cauldron, in a blink disappeared.

And Ghost King’s face, gradually emerged out from the red light, white hair disarray, both eyes red, full of murderous air, the usual calm demeanour was gone, like a maniac killer. And instead Ghost Li, showed no signs of fear, took a big step forward.

The cauldron spun unceasingly, the inscriptions on the cauldron kept flashing, red lights flashed, Ghost King held up his right hand, the huge cauldron was already above his right hand, looking like a devil on earth, extremely horrible. And Ghost Li with light enveloping him, clearly was already gathering all of his powers, intending to battle till death.

The two highly-skilled martial artists faced each other, murderous air heavy, this sudden fight, it seemed both have forgotten the reason, right now, like losing their rational suppressing them for so many years, using all of their effort to kill, the demons in their hearts creating havoc.

Ghost Li strided up, nearing Ghost King, and the vicious glint in Ghost King’s eyes, turned heavier, the cauldron slowly turned in the air, aiming right at Ghost Li.

It looked like a big battle, was about to explode.

Who could expect that, the two most important figures in Evil sect, would in such a secluded stone room, for no reason entered into a life and death battle.

[Rumble] ...A loud sound, was heard from the stone room.

Ghost King and Ghost Li, the two men, as if both saw each other eyes’ twitched but just when everything was hanging by a single thread, both did not moved.

The stone room’s door, slowly fell down, outside the door, a figure slowly appeared, a figure which looked to be trembling from head to toe.

“Stop it!”

That thin, with anger, bewilderment and some panic, Youji in black veil, at the same time, also Scarlet Bird in Evil Sect, stood at the door.

Unable to see her expression but her anger, gushed out.

“What...what are the both of you doing, are you both mad?” In the stone room, silence, both men facing each other, were silent too, did not speak, in the air, that murderous atmosphere, couldn’t be dispersed.

“Good,  good,  good!”  Youji  spitted  out  the  words  behind gritted teeth, she raised her hand, pointing to a certain direction, “Go ahead and kill, kill, all better off dead, peace and quiet after dead. Do you all still remember, there, there…”

Her voice became choked, “In that cold stone room, is there still someone lying on the stone platform? Have you all forgotten?”

“Who still remember ‘Biyao’ these two words!”

Red blood light, quietly scattered; dazzling dark-green golden light, gradually disappeared.

The murderous air and blood stench in the room, not knowing since when, retreated like the tide. Only silence, seemed to reside here, unwilling to leave.

Two men, watching each other, deep inside their eyes, inexplicable glints met.

Youji hatefully stomp her feet, turned and left, looking at the direction she left, should be to where Biyao was at. And the two men who were still in the room, was still facing each other, quietly prying on some secrets.

After a long time, Ghost King suddenly faintly snorted, swing his right hand, supported the cauldron in his hand, strided out. When he walked past Ghost Li, in his eyes, sharp glint seemed to pierce out.

And Ghost Li’s eyes, in that moment, did not notice Ghost King, instead was on that cauldron.

Primitive looking cauldron, damaged slightly in many places but on the dark black-green and purple cauldron, still could be clearly seen, many many twisting mysterious inscriptions, and behind the cauldron, in the center of those inscriptions, was a diagram, reflecting into Ghost Li’s eyes.

Fire burning fiercely, in the firelight a huge cauldron was broiling, surrounding the huge cauldron, there were bird-or- beast like four strange beasts howling to the sky, and above the cauldron, black clouds rolled, it was a hideous devil face, grinning hideously at the mortal world.

This diagram flashed past Ghost Li’s eyes but for some reason, it was already etched deeply into his mind, unable to forget. And in his memory, towards that devil’s face, it was so familiar, only in that moment, he was unable to recall, if he really had seen that face before.

Ghost King soon walked out, disappeared outside the door, the stone room regained its tranquility. Xiao Hui jumped out from the side, scurried up to Ghost Li’s shoulder and slowly sat down, but it did not have any look of happiness, frequently turned its head to the door, quietly making [zhi zhi, zhi zhi] sounds. Ghost Li was silent, gently smoothed Xiao Hui’s head, after a moment of silence, he sighed softly and then walked out.

The long tunnel headed in all directions, just like the paths in human life, nobody knew which direction to go, or maybe, even if you knew, that road in truth, where would it lead to, who would know?

After an hour, Ghost Li stopped, staring blankly, discovered where he had stopped, was actually outside the icy cold stone room.

The thick stone walls, lay across before him, but he suddenly felt afraid, even when facing Ghost King’s cauldron evil power he was never once afraid, right now he couldn’t help but feel afraid.

That stone door, just so quietly, stood before him.

Trembling hand, stretched over. The stone door, like numerous times before, emitted a deep rumble and opened.

In that first gap, indistinctly, he saw a slender figure, stood before the platform, in the air, a familiar clear and crisp bell.

He seemed to be in a daze.

Chapter 218 - Secret

White cold air rose like faint smoke, soundlessly drifted in the icy cold stone room, this day, the cold air in the stone room seemed to be much thicker than usual, looking over at it, it even gave a feeling of concealment, not like the usual clear- bottom clarity.

Deep rumble emanated from the stone door, it was slowly opening, just that that slender figure reflected in the eyes, but for some reason, seemed rather blur.

Should be Youji right?

Ghost Li thought, strided slowly in. In the cold stone room, the white mist scattered, tendrils swirling, like an illusion, shrouding his body. That woman’s figure, quietly back faced him, stood before the stone platform, and beside her, the cold air seemed especially heavy, the white mist condensed from the cold air, like snow and frost, creating an illusion-like feeling. In the air, that indistinct, resounding clear crisp bell, sounded like just beside him.

For some reason, Ghost Li subconsciously stopped, maybe it was because of the incident today, he found it hard to face Youji, especially when Youji berated loudly and mentioned Biyao. Recalling, Ghost Li although felt alarmed towards Ghost King’s strange behaviour today but he himself without thinking twice, retaliated with all of his effort, he could only remain silent.

Or maybe, in both of their hearts, already have hatred hidden deep inside?

But, there was still a Biyao in this world, and lying in this cold stone room.

Ghost Li glanced at that indistinct figure, concealed within the cold air, quietly lowered his head, after a long time said, “I fought with Ghost King just now, it is my fault, I don’t know why things turned out like this. Don’t be angry, I won’t do it the next time.” That figure’s shoulder, seemed to tremble once but did not speak, still maintaining silent, just that the surrounding cold air, seemed to swirl faster, and even this stone room, seemed to turn colder. Just that this cold stone room had always been chilly, Ghost Li did not notice it.

He sighed, stopped speaking, the relationship between Youji and Biyao, he naturally knew, after Biyao’s mother passed away, Ghost King was busy with Ghost King sect matters, Youji more or less took on the role of Biyao’s mother, this could be seen from the way Biyao had always addressed Youji as ‘Aunt You’. Now that facing her, especially still in this cold stone room, Ghost Li somehow felt as if he was really facing Biyao, he had deep guilt towards Biyao in his heart and in addition he fought with Ghost King today, almost a life and death fight, it was even harder to express in words.

After a long time, he heaved a long sigh, quietly said, “I know you are aching for Biyao, and do not wish to see conflicts between her father and me, actually I didn’t have the intention too, just that when…”

He frowned, Ghost King’s strange demeanour again flashed past his mind, shook his head, said, “Anyway I promise you, in the future for Biyao, I will always try to give in.”

That slender figure seemed to move again, but still did not turn over, however looking at her figure, she seemed to nod silently, indicating approval.

Ghost Li was silent, after a moment, heaved out a long breath, did not wish to add on anymore, slightly turned and wanted to head towards the platform, to take a good look at Biyao.

Just that he had just strided, suddenly, his entire body in that instant froze, like a flint spark, a thought flashed past his head, like a shock of thunder in his mind, rumbled and rang.

Youji had never took off her black veil, why was it that from the back of this figure, it couldn’t be seen? Almost at the same time, Ghost Li’s turbulent mind also recalled, the way this figure’s hair was done up from the back, was a young lady style, definitely different from Youji woman’s bun.

Like lightning he turned around, shouted, “Who are you?” The cold air in the stone room, instantly turned piercingly cold, the white mist shrouding around the figure, immediately started to spin rapidly. Ghost Li glared with his both eyes wide, there was actually an intruder in this stone room, it was something he definitely could not tolerate.

When Ghost Li was about to move, suddenly a deep rumble was heard from the back, Ghost Li in his moment of hesitation, turned to look, saw the stone door was opening again slowly, a figure appeared.

Slender and tall, black veil masking her face, if it was not Youji who would it be?

Youji opened the stone door, yet saw the strange expression on Ghost Li’s face, both eyes wide opened, his face muscles twisted, instead was shocked and involuntarily retreated a step.

But she was after all not an ordinary folk, calmed down the next moment, coldly said, “Humpf, you still has the check to come and see Biyao?” Ghost Li stared deeply at her, suddenly a shock flashed past his face, as if he had remembered something extremely important, quickly turned and looked, but this look, his entire body instead received a shock, like in a shock daze, stood dumbfoundedly at his spot, silent.

In the huge stone room, where he was currently at, suddenly, resumed what it was like, the unusual drifting white mist was gone, indistinct sounds of bell disappeared, as for that mysterious figure, also in that instant, vanished.

Everything, was like before, like a dream, an illusion, drifted past, dispersed…

Biyao quietly lay on the stone platform, she still had that faint smile on her lips, where both of her hands crossed, the light on HeHuan Bell glimmered incessantly, lightly rotating, as if watching Ghost Li.

Ghost Li stood where he was, his entire body tensed, he seemed to have lost all senses, unmoving. Youji walking slowly into the stone room, soon discovered something was wrong with Ghost Li, glanced and frowned said, “What are you doing?”

The corner of Ghost Li’s lips twitched but he did not speak, only looked up, assessed the cold stone room dumbly, other than that heavy stone door, the stone room was all sturdy stone walls, not even a gap, just that right now the cold stone walls seemed to be mocking him, coldly watching these rather ridiculous people.

The uncertain gaze, slowly looked away, back to the middle of the stone room, the person lying on the stone platform. In Ghost Li’s eyes, for some reason, was blurry, thousands of thoughts, like tide gushed over, that gaze, in the end quietly landed on Biyao’s hair.

“What  happened  to  you?”   Youji’s  voice,  sounded  rather impatient.

Ghost Li closed his eyes, after a long time opened it slowly, quietly said, “When you came in, did you noticed anything strange with this stone room?” Youji snorted, coldly said, “What is strange? Isn’t it the same as before, a platform, a person.”

Ghost Li’s eyes, seemed to twitch once.

Youji slowly sat down beside Biyao, her eyes revealing love and pity, after some time, she slowly said, “I know you don’t feel good too, just that I hope you will bear in mind, if Biyao knew you actually fought with her father, how would she feel?”

Ghost Li stared blankly and did not speak, after a moment, he suddenly shook his head, let out a long breath said, “You can be assured, I know what I should do.”

After speaking, he took a deep look at Biyao and then turned and strided out.

Looking at his back, Youji frowned slightly, her instinct told her that Ghost Li seemed different from usual, but then she sighed, he was not the only one who was different, now that the Ghost King sect head whom she had followed for so many years, wasn’t he becoming more and more incomprehensible?

She quietly lowered her head, lost in her thoughts, the stone room was quiet, only the HeHuan Bell, flowing lights glimmering colourfully, like clear eyes, glimmering unceasingly, watching this world.

Qing Yun Hill, Small Bamboo Valley.

Early in the morning, clear breeze blew past, the forest of bamboos swayed together, creating [sha sha] bamboo rustling sounds, like the sounds of the world, creating a peaceful feeling. The storm last night, like giving the heaven and earth a wash, clear fresh air brushed past, mountains and greenery, like painting.

The stone path below the feet was still wet, occasionally in the stone gaps, there was still rainwater collected, on the stone path and sides, many fallen bamboo leaves, most probably by the storm last night. As it was still early, nobody had came to sweep yet. White clothes like snow, Lu Xueqi walked on this small path in the bamboo forest. In the weak morning light and breeze, her soft hair lay around her shoulder, her delicate skin, had a faint pink in the whiteness, like a deep valley, quietly blooming flowers.

Both sides of the path, tall trimmed bamboos gently wavered, on the green leaves, there were still water beads, quietly slipping down, towards earth.

She stepped forward, never once turning back, her white clothes fluttered, walked deep into the forest.

The stone path twisted and turned, the morning light shone through the gaps of the dense forest, shadows wavered lightly, illuminating her figure.

Ahead a simple bamboo house, gradually emerged, it was where Small Bamboo Valley branch leader ShuiYue Master usually meditated. Lu Xueqi walked to the small house, stood outside the door, hesitated for a moment, gently knocked on the door.

“Teacher, disciple Xueqi pays a visit.”

“Come in!” ShuiYue Master’s voice was heard from the small house, neither joy nor sorrow, as if devoid of feeling, bland like water.

The door [zhi ya] pushed opened with a sound, Lu Xueqi walked in, saw her teacher sitting cross-legged on the bamboo bed, her eyes closed, her expression calm, couldn’t tell if there was any change of expression for her arrival.

Lu Xueqi quietly walked to her teacher, kneeled down, quietly said, “Teacher, disciple is here.”

She paused, and continued, “Xueqi knows she is unfilial, has let down teacher’s expectations and made teacher sad, please punish me!” ShuiYue Master slowly opened her eyes, her gaze on Lu Xueqi, watching for a long time, she sighed and said, “If I punish you, will you be willing to change your mind?”

Lu Xueqi quietly looked down, did not dare to look at her teacher, also did not speak, just by her expression, was there even a single remorse expression?

ShuiYue Master shook her head, with a bitter laugh said, “Since you have already made up your mind not to turn back, what is the use of me punishing you, forget it, forget it. You better get up!”

Lu Xueqi bit her lips, seemed quite agitated but still controlled herself, stood up.

ShuiYue Master gently patted the bed beside her, said, “You too sit!”

Lu Xueqi shook her head, said, “Disciple do not dare.” ShuiYue Master glanced at her, said, “There is only both of us here, what is there to mind, unless you are harbouring hatred towards me this teacher, and distancing from me?”

Lu Xueqi abruptly looked up, quickly shook her head and said, “Teacher, I…”

ShuiYue  Master  waved  her  hand  and  smiled,  “Alright, alright, you are raised up by me, your character, how would I still not know?”

She stretched out and caught hold of Lu Xueqi’s hand, gently pulled her over, carefully assessed Lu Xueqi’s beautiful and elegant face, sighed and said, “No matter what, I as your teacher, at the end of the day am doing what’s best for you, you must remember this.”

Lu Xueqi’s lips moved, quietly said, “Disciple understands, actually it is all disciple’s fault…”

ShuiYue Master shook her head and said, “Forget it, by now, let’s not again debate who is right or wrong, ask the world, what is love? Thousands of mountains covered with snow and ice...this thousands of mountains and torrents, yet who could really accompany for a lifetime?”

Speaking those words, it seemed to touch ShuiYue Master’s thoughts, for a moment she gazed off blankly.

Lu Xueqi didn’t dare to disturb her teacher, only felt her teacher’s hand on her, the warmth emanating, was a long familiar feeling.

After some time, ShuiYue Master suddenly shook awake, laughed bitterly, seemed to be ridiculing herself and then spoke to Lu Xueqi, “Ai, let’s talk about these later, last night I asked WenMin to call you over, the reason for it, has she told you?”

Lu Xueqi shook her head, said, “Senior sister didn’t say, only told me to come over early in the morning and as for what it is, said teacher you will tell me personally.”

ShuiYue Master nodded her head, said, “Also true, WenMin that lass although knows a little but after all not much, it is better if I’m the one to tell you!”

Lu Xueqi was surprised, saw her teacher’s expression turned solemn, as if her mind was going through some difficult thoughts,  couldn’t  help  but  said,  “Teacher,  if  there  is  any difficult matter, if you need disciple, just go ahead and instruct, disciple will do her best.”

ShuiYue Master nodded her head, smiled and said, “Of course I believe in you, just that it is indeed a big matter but it concerns our Qing Yun sect’s fate and yet it cannot be revealed to too many people, including our sect disciples, I thought and thought, among the disciples only you, your skills and your ability to handle matters are the best, therefore I summoned you over.”

Lu Xueqi’s brows jumped, with a slight shock she asked, “Teacher, don’t tell me something serious has happened to our sect?”

ShuiYue Master with a bitter laugh, said, “Who said there wasn’t?” Lu Xueqi said, “What happened teacher?”

ShuiYue Master after a moment of silence, as if she was also deliberating, and then slowly said, “Your sect head teacher uncle, and Big Bamboo Valley Tian Buyi Tian teacher uncle, disappeared few days ago.”

Lu Xueqi’s body shook, said, “They disappeared together?”

ShuiYue Master indifferently said, “One of the disciple saw Tian Buyi arriving at TongTian Peak and walked straight to the Founders Ancestral Hall, these few days, everyone knows sect head senior brother was almost always at Founders Ancestral Hall, and from that onwards, nobody saw them again.”

Lu Xueqi frowning tightly, clearly alarmed.

ShuiYue Master paused, and continued, “After this happened, because of its implication, Xiao Yicai who is managing TongTiang Peak matters did not dare to hide it but no matter what this cannot be let known to the world, and so secretly informed the various branch leaders. After that, I too went to Founders Ancestral Hall to investigate but to my surprise it was already…”

Lu Xueqi was shocked, said, “What happened to Founders Ancestral Hall?”

ShuiYue Master shook her head, said, “The hall was almost destroyed, one glance and we could tell it was destroyed by an intense fight using powers.”

“What?” Lu Xueqi exclaimed.

ShuiYue   Master   coldly   laughed,   said,   “The   Founders Ancestral Hall is the place where our sect worship our ancestors, the two of them actually dare to fight in that dignified realm, this is really lawless. And there is something more serious.”

Lu Xueqi was already shocked, with another shock, she really could not imagine what would be more serious than destroying the Founders Ancestral Hall, pressed her teacher, “What else?” “Yesterday, Xiao Yicai hurried over to my place, “  ShuiYue Master’s face turned grave, the worry in her eyes increased, slowly  said,  “According  to  him,  ever  since  DaoXuan  senior brother disappeared, all of his searches were unsuccessful and so wanted to check the things his teacher left behind and see if there were any clues, unexpectedly with this find, he discovered something serious.”

Lu Xueqi stared at her teacher.

ShuiYue Master closed her eyes, looking tired, said, “Xiao Yicai discovered, our sect’s Zhu Xian ancient sword, is also missing.”

Lu Xueqi was speechless.

ShuiYue Master opened her eyes, said, “I know you are an intelligent person, naturally know the implications and subtleness of this matter, although to say Zhu Xian sword is already damaged but this implication is too serious, and most of the people do not know about the sword being damaged, if this gets out, I’m afraid it will be big trouble; and furthermore there is actually a top secret in this Zhu Xian sword, the implication is even bigger, it has always been only our sect head and a selected few know about it, if this gets leaked out, I cannot imagine the consequences.”

Lu Xueqi asked in alarm, “Zhu Xian sword other than being our sect divine weapon, are there still other secrets?”

ShuiYue Master was silent, for a long time did not speak, Lu Xueqi did not dare to speak, her hands by her side and stood, after a long while quietly said, “Disciple is rude, misbehaved just now.”

ShuiYue Master shook her head, after a long time said, “Teacher is not blaming you, only that the implications of this matter are too serious, the origins and sequence of events are extremely complicated…”

Speaking till here, she paused again, as if quietly deliberating,  the  next  moment  said,  “This  matter  actually accordingly, even I as Small Bamboo Valley leader cannot know about this, it is because hundred years ago the scene was chaotic, the few of us unexpectedly came to know about it.” Lu Xueqi was surprised, “A few, don’t tell me this top secret, other than teacher, there are others who know?”

ShuiYue Master indifferently said, “That time in the chaotic scene, participating in that and afterwards, there were five, other than me, there was DaoXuan senior brother, Tian Buyi, Suru junior sister…”

Lu Xueqi was listening, suddenly ShuiYue Master stopped, she couldn’t help but asked, “Teacher, there is only four, who is the last person?”

ShuiYue Master sighed, a faint sadness brushed past her face, said, “It’s a teacher uncle of yours, his name is Wan Jianyi.”

Chapter 219 - Murder Teacher

“Hundred years ago, the Evil sect was rampant, powerful, Tao was vanishing and Evil was growing, the arrogant and conceited Evil sect with one fell swoop wiped out the Good Faction and invaded Qing Yun. After a round of terrible battle, in the end our seniors and ancestors did their best to fight, requested and activated Zhu Xian ancient sword at the foot of Qing Yun Hill, held ‘Zhu Xian sword formation’ and finally turned defeat to victory.”

ShuiYue Master’s tone was calm, Lu Xueqi instead turned slightly pale, just by that sentence, ‘terrible battle’ she could imagine that intense cruel battle scene.

However, ShuiYue Master seemed not to mind these, soon continued, “After that battle, although Evil sect was heavily wounded but our Qing Yun sect also suffered great losses, many of the highly skilled elders were either dead or injured, and none had the energy to pursue, just that at this moment, a senior brother stood out, with lofty sentiments offered to undertake the task to eradicate the evil, pursue and kill the remaining evildoers.” Lu Xueqi was moved, said, “This teacher uncle, was it Wan Jianyi teacher uncle?”

ShuiYue Master slowly closed her eyes, her tone started to sound faint, “It was him. Ai...the scene at that time, I still could see it clearly: That day in the vicious battle, he had already did great achievements, killed numerous enemies, his clothes of white was already dyed red. He stood before the various teachers, his demeanour inspiring, just that few words, just few words only...could make us these young junior brothers and sisters to be burning with righteous indignation. Other than Daoxuan senior brother as the oldest disciple to stay and guard Qing Yun, me, Suru junior sister, Tian Buyi, Zeng Shucang, Shang Zhengliang, Tian Yun, Cang song etc the various branch leaders of today, all followed him, from then marching unhindered under the sky, travelling far to the Wildlands, along the journey it was filled with blood and swords but never did we once fear or retreat.”

Her eyes were still closed, her expression so focused as if before her, was that memory of youth burning with righteous indignation, and her cheeks, flushed with faint red. In the small house, nobody spoke, but that mood, seemed restless, as if under peacefulness, dark turbulent currents swept past silently.

After a long time, ShuiYue Master suddenly made a bitter laugh,  shook  her  head,  her  voice  desolate,  said,  “Forget  it, these past matters have already passed. During that time, the group of us went through the calamity, did heavy damage to the remaining evildoers before returning to Qing Yun. However it was also at that time, we unwittingly were pulled into one of our sect’s secrets.”

“After returning to Qing Yun, Suru junior sister and Tian Buyi soon developed feelings for each other, yet I really did not like this person, on one late night, both of them again deceived your grandmaster Zhen Yu great master and ran out, after they were discovered by me, worrying that junior sister would be taken advantage of and unwilling to report them, else if your grandmaster becomes angry, Suru junior sister would have to suffer, and so followed them.”

Lu Xueqi was surprised upon hearing this but couldn’t help but find it funny, just that no matter what, she would not dare to show it out. Fortunately ShuiYue Master seemed to know it too, did not pause for too long and carried on, “Who knows that both of them young and daring, in order to avoid people, actually sneaked to TongTian Peak’s rear mountain, near to where the secluded Founders Ancestral Hall was.”

Lu Xueqi again was surprised, after a long time quietly looked down, before her Tian Buyi, leader of Big Bamboo Valley, image flashed before her, secretly thought the thousands of appearances on earth, it was indeed one could not be judged by the appearance.

ShuiYue Master’s face was unease, humphed and said, “I watched them, felt really angry and so came out, shouted at them. Suru junior sister and Tian Buyi was naturally shocked but after they saw that I was alone, Suru junior sister grinned cheekily and came over to pull me, Tian Buyi that fellow instead showed me a face, in my anger, I was about to…”

Lu Xueqi thought to herself, if Tian Buyi still looked well and smiling, then that would be strange. ShuiYue Master suddenly stopped, she couldn’t help but ask, “Then what happened?” ShuiYue Master was silent for a moment, said, “It was at this moment, suddenly from the dark silent Founders Ancestral Hall, a strange cry was heard, the sound was like a beast’s howl, full of pain, almost not like a human. Three of us shocked, hid within the forest’s shadows beside. Next moment, we saw that...secret.”

Lu Xueqi looked intently at ShuiYue Master, saw faint anguish on her face, guessed that this secret in her heart, must have tormented her for many years, even today, the edges did not look like they have been blunted.

ShuiYue Master’s deep voice, sounded hollow, just that every word, fell like thunder, slowly revealing the buried past.

“A human figure, stumbled out from the hall, the clothes were tattered, hair in disarray, covering the face, unable to see the face clearly and the demeanour looked as if mad, at the same time kept shouting, at times in pain but we could not hear clearly what he was saying. The three of us were shocked and afraid, at Founders Ancestral Hall such a sacred place, why would a mad person appear? But we couldn’t let him run amok. The three of us were about to go and stop this madman when suddenly, two figures ran out from the hall, landed before that madman, uniformly knelt down. That night the moon was clear and bright, the three of us clearly saw, those two persons, were whom we younger generation of disciples most revered senior brothers, DaoXuan senior brother and Wan Jianyi senior brother.”

Lu Xueqi exclaimed, “What?”

ShuiYue Teacher glanced at her, faintly said, “Even you are taken aback right? The three of us, our shock was not less than yours, were dumbfounded. What followed was even more inconceivable, DaoXuan and Wan senior brothers looked to be in anguish, kneeling down, one by each side, hugging that madman’s legs tightly, their cries earnestly begging, calling these two words, teacher…”

Lu Xueqi at this moment, was totally speechless.

ShuiYue Master looked as if she was completely immersed in the past, her voice low, said, “With that cry, we were beyond shock, we then discovered that that madman’s physique, was actually Qing Yun sect head Reverend, the two senior brothers’ mentor, not long ago demonstrating his martial prowess in the Good and Evil Faction great battle, Tian Chengzi teacher uncle.”

“What we saw was that this sect head teacher uncle had none of the usual dignified demeanour, speaking gibberish and seemed to be cursing something but we couldn’t hear clearly, both senior brothers looked extremely inconsolable, tears pouring, kept saying ‘Teacher please wake up, teacher please wake up’ but sect head teacher uncle for some reason, with his level of cultivation, was delirious, oblivious to his favourite disciples’ pleas, until the end, he instead turned his head and looked, fierce glints flashed in his eyes, staring at the two of them, with a loud roar, he actually made a fatal move towards the both of them.”

Lu Xueqi hearing that, felt as if she was at that scene, couldn’t help but shivered.

ShuiYue Master said, “At that time the three of us were watching secretly, were already at loss and then saw sect head teacher uncle suddenly turned hostile, we were even more perplexed. Who would know that when the two of them were about to lose their lives, DaoXuan senior brother abruptly turned while hugging sect head teacher uncle’s leg, with swift speed came to Tian Chengzi teacher uncle’s back, like lightning, held Tian Chengzi teacher uncle’s both arms, at the same time bright light flashed, confining Tian Chengzi teacher uncle tightly.”

“Wan senior brother didn’t expect DaoXuan senior brother would do that, was at a loss, unexpectedly Tian Chengzi teacher uncle in his insanity, still had his power, both arms although locked but he kicked out and Wan senior brother was kicked flying out almost two zhangs away, a mouthful of blood immediately spitting out.”

“By then the scene was changing fiercely, all three of us were like idiots, could only watch, completely at lost on what to do. DaoXuan senior brother shouted, ‘Wan junior brother, you still not retaliating?” Wan senior brother hearing this, clearly was shaking all over but he still did not move, both eyes staring at his teacher and senior brother.”

“Tian Chengzi teacher uncle was highly skilled and resisted with all of his strength, DaoXuan senior brother although was still confining his teacher’s body but it was only for a moment of time, his face turned red and almost spit out blood too, at the same time the light on his body swiftly turned dim, evidently at that time his skills was far from Tian Chengzi teacher uncle. And at that time, while DaoXuan senior brother looked as if he could not sustain anymore, suddenly a white figure flashed past, it was Wan senior brother...the three of us staring dumbly, Wan senior brother made a loud roar, from far
pounced over, after a sharp whistle, Dragon Slayer Sword appeared in his hand, pierced into Tian Chengzi’s chest!”

In the small house, a death-like silence, as if that dreary night, the silence after the tragic turn of situation, after the air of murderous intention gushed, the painful anguish, reverted to silence.

Lu Xueqi’s face was pale, after a long time, quietly said, “In the sect’s records, Tian Chengzi grand teacher uncle two hundred years ago...passed away in a seated pose before the Founders Ancestral Hall ancestral tablets and handed over his position to DaoXuan teacher uncle.”

ShuiYue Master with a sad laugh, shook her head, her voice deep and low, “Watching this tragic change in the sect, and the two persons who murdered their teacher, even though they are our most revered senior brothers, me, Suru junior sister and Tian Buyi, were already at our wits’ end, befuddled, and Suru junior sister in her moment of loss, accidentally made a small noise. But maybe it was because both of them had just murdered their teacher, their minds in a turmoil, did not notice us. And it was also them, after looking at each other for a long time, again slowly knelt before their teacher’s body, had
a conversation.”

“And it was from this conversation, the three of knew, the root of this tragic change, where it came from. Originally in the sect, from Qing Ye founder’s supreme divine weapon Zhu Xian ancient sword, there is actually a huge secret, that is although this divine weapon could exterminate the evil but maybe because of the amount of killing and the huge power, over the long periods of time, this sword actually has an evil character, once the person wielding the sword trigger its entire spiritual power, he would receive the sword evil spirit’s backlash, gradually taking over his mind, becoming cruel and bloodthirsty, even how highly skilled the person is, he would not be able to stop it.”

“From Qing Yu founder’s last instructions, Qing Yun sect generations of sect heads, all knew this secret, and so they tried not to use this sword, and Tian Chengzi teacher uncle, pressed by the Good and Evil sects great battle, had no choice but to use Zhu Xian sword formation, although he immediately sealed the sword after that and kept his mind on cultivation but in the end he could not avoid this fate.”

“While Tian Chengzi teacher uncle was still clear-minded, he secretly told this secret to two of his favourite disciples: DaoXuan senior brother and Wan Jianyi senior brother. Firstly he had always trusted them the most and secondly if he had only told one, in the event something happens, Tian Chengzi teacher uncle feared that one person might not be able to stop him due to his high skills. And so in the end, it turned out to be like this…”

Lu Xueqi hearing that, suddenly her heart pounded, whipped her  head  up,  said,  “Teacher,  then  now...now  DaoXuan  sect head teacher uncle he...don’t tell me he…”

ShuiYue Master heaved a long sigh, quietly nodded, Lu Xueqi was stunned.

ShuiYue Master was silent for a long time, faintly said, “Within ten years, DaoXuan senior brother used the Zhu Xian ancient sword two times, especially in this demon beast catastrophe, he opened all Qing Yun seven mountain summit celestial seals, pushing Zhu Xian sword formation might to the limit. With such backlash force, one could well imagine. Actually I have long thought of this, just that ten years ago, DaoXuan senior brother already used Zhu Xian sword once but still was unaffected by the evil spirit’s backlash, I was relieved
and thought with his skills level, he could avoid this calamity,
pity he...heaven’s will ah, heaven’s will!”

Lu Xueqi was silent, said, “Teacher, such a top-level secret, why are you telling disciple, unless there is something important that you want to instruct disciple with?”

ShuiYue Master’s face was solemn, looked at Lu Xueqi, said, “Yes.”

Lu Xueqi lowered her head slightly, said, “I am indebted to teacher, disciple unable to repay even dying nine times, whatever it is, teacher please instruct!”

ShuiYue Master looked deeply at Lu Xueqi, said, “Actually this secret, only Qing Yun sect head knows but these few days I observed Xiao Yicai, he clearly was unaware, as such, the people left in this world who know this secret, Tian Buyi has disappeared with DaoXuan senior brother mysteriously, Suru junior sister and Tian Buyi their love strong, right now most likely she is at a loss, and so if there is any matter, I will have to make decision.”

Lu Xueqi looked up at ShuiYue Master, hesitated and said, “Teacher, you mean?”

ShuiYue Master said, “Although DaoXuan senior brother and Tian Buyi are missing but nobody knows where exactly they are going, whether if they have left Qing Yun Hill, therefore I have to remain here, in case both of them appear, I am able to take control of the situation. But at the same time I have to send someone down to investigate, among my disciples, the one with steadfastness and highly skilled, nobody can be compared to you, this heavy responsibility, I have to pass it to you.”

Lu Xueqi’s face was grave, slowly knelt before her teacher, just that she was an extremely intelligent, the intricacies of this task, how could she not understand. She quietly said, “Teacher’s instruction, disciple will obey. Just that...just that disciple do not know, if disciple was to search for the two elders, teacher could have just instructed, why does teacher still reveal this secret to disciple?”

Speaking till the end, Lu Xueqi’s voice was trembling slightly.

ShuiYue Master’s face was ashen, her facial muscles seemed to be twitching, after a long time, she slowly said, “Tian Buyi took the initiative to visit DaoXuan senior teacher, obviously knowing this secret and could tell DaoXuan senior brother was already affected by the demon spirit, between the two of them, there must have been a big fight. After you travel down the mountain, use your best effort to look for them, in the event you are able to find them and at the same time, discovered they have indeed fought…”

ShuiYue Master’s hand, slowly tightened, into a fist, “You will find a chance, to that person who has been taken over by the demon spirit, with one sword stroke kill him!”

Lu Xueqi’s face was as pale as paper but eventually did not say anything, only lowered her head down. After a very long time, in the death-like silence of this small house, her almost inaudible voice said, “Yes.”

Chapter 220 - Blood Formation

Fox Majestic Mountain, Ghost King sect headquarters.

Ghost Li on his journey, felt his mind was in a blank, that mysterious obscure lady kept appearing before him, only that, he clearly knew, that it should be an illusion?

Wasn’t it?

In his perplexed state, he realized that he had already returned to the stone room that belonged to him, the stone door was opened, looking in, he could see that it was still a mess inside, it was the result of the fight he had with Ghost King.

He looked at that mess, was silent for a long time, slowly walked in, beside the broken table, found a chair which was still intact and sat down, staring blankly.

Xiao Hui ran out from the side, it looked to be still in low spirits, wordlessly clambered up Ghost Li’s shoulder, sat down and also in a daze.

Maybe it was still worrying about TaoTie!

One human and one monkey, sat like that for a long time, not making a single sound, the entire stone room appeared strangely still, after a long time, Ghost Li suddenly moved, stretched out his hand and pulled down Xiao Hui, held it before him.

Xiao Hui’s eyes blinked and looked at Ghost Li.

Ghost Li quietly said, “Xiao Hui, you say what should I do?”

Xiao Hui did not make a sound, only watched him.

Ghost Li also didn’t seemed to mind the silence, only continued to mutter, “This road, how should I go on exactly…” In the mountains days are unknown, time like water passed.

The deepest most mysterious part of the Fox Majestic mountain, in the huge blood pool, strong stench of blood permeated the air, this strange existence, quietly hid in a forgotten corner that the world knew, silently growing.

Naturally, other than these two persons, Ghost King and Mr Ghost.

In the huge blood pool, it was still full of bright red blood, numerous air bubbles rose up frequently from the blood pool, bounced and burst above the surface, making faint mist of blood spray.

What was the same as before was, huge beasts’ bodies, trapped in this blood pool, now other than Kui Niu, Yellow Bird, there were two other figures, on was TaoTie which was trying it best struggling but in the end still helpless, the other, was a colossal beast, the head looked like the dragons in the legends, its body almost one time bigger than Kui Niu, as half of it was immersed in the blood, its body shape was indistinct but from the few places where its body could be seen, most likely it would be the legendary Devil Beast ‘Zhu Long’.

Kui Niu and Yellow Bird were trapped for a long time, were long lifeless, Zhu Long also looked the same, without any vitality, only TaoTie, who was recently caught and full of energy, kept making roars of fury and waves of ripples around it, clearly it was extremely infuriated.

Just that in this blood pool, there seemed to be a strange energy, not only trapping the three beasts, even TaoTie could not struggle free, it could only roar in anger. Other than that, above the blood pool, a different image from before.

The ancient cauldron hovering about five zhangs above the pool, its four primitive legs below the cauldron, each shot out a faint purple-red light, shining down and straight on the four beasts, looking from afar, clearly from these beams of light it could be seen, indistinct abundant spiritual energy contained in it, sucking out from those beasts and into the cauldron.

And because it kept sucking the beasts’ energies, the cauldron original primitive deep uneven appearance, started to change, the entire cauldron, was enveloped by a rising propitious energy, the primitive color was also slowly eroding, replacing it, was a colour mild like jade and translucent.

At a glance, almost made one thought that this was the legendary celestial holy object, supermundane, incompatible with the blood pool and its strong stench.

Just that, underneath this celestial appearance, there was still a strange spot, which was the mysterious diagram above the cauldron inscription, four strange beasts at times clearly seen at times dark, symbolized the inscription on the cauldron, were also changing with color, only at the top of the diagram, that hideous deity face, was red like blood, as if greedily sucking in the energy, like about to be revived.

On the high platform leaving the blood pool the furthest, Ghost King and Mr Ghost stood side by side.

Mr Ghost in black, like being enveloped in darkness, even standing before him, one would not be able to see his body clearly. Right now speaking in low tones, he said, “That’s right, there is indeed such a thing within the cauldron’s inscription, the four spiritual beings gathering together and chaos starting, right now the ‘Four Divinities Blood Formation’ is complete, what remains is to wait for forty-nine days, after the cauldron absorbs all of the spiritual energies, the energy of chaos would be enough to open the sky and divide the earth, once again opening the Asura door, as such sect head you will be able to dominate the invincible supreme might of Heaven and Earth, never will there be another rival who will be your match.”

Ghost King’s face was red, his eyes glinting, staring intensely at that cauldron, his face unable to contain his excitement, suddenly lifted his head to the sky, started laughing loudly.

The laughter was loud and savage, containing arrogance, as if he had already controlled the world, but the laughter suddenly stopped, Ghost King’s brows frowned, pressed his heart lightly with his hand, the redness in his face receded, and turned pale.

But the next moment, a golden light flashed past his face and soon he was back to normal. Mr Ghost saw this change, with his sharp eyes, he was stunned for a moment, asked in surprised, “You have fought with someone, who is that person, to have such level of skills?

Ghost King took a deep breath, the expression on his face was completely back to normal, after closing his eyes and opening, icy cold glint flashed, he coldly said, “‘Great Brahman Wisdom’ and ‘Tai Ji Xuan Qing Way’...are really exceptional skills, although the sharpness are not as amazing as my Evil sect but the delayed effects are long and vigorous, it is really scary.”

Mr Ghost frowned, a strange glint in his eyes, said, “It was him? Why would you out of sudden fight with him…”

Speaking until here, he suddenly recalled something, said, “Don’t tell me it was because of TaoTie?”

Ghost King snorted but did not reply Mr Ghost, only indifferently said, “The speed of this person’s advancement is really unexpected, I’m afraid in the future...it would also be hard to tell if he will be the cause of ruin.” Mr Ghost looked at Ghost King deeply, then shifted his gaze away, slowly said, “The most important thing now, it’s still the Four Divinities Blood Formation, the rest, try to push back if possible!”

Ghost King nodded slightly, said, “That’s right, I know the priorities, you can be assured!”

Mr Ghost was silent for a moment, said, “But with Ghost Li’s current unfathomable level of skills, in addition as the Four Divinities Blood Formation turns stronger with the absorption of the spiritual energies, the blood stench would most definitely be hard to conceal, with him around, it might be unpredictable. To prevent incidents, you better find an excuse and send him out!”

Ghost King said, “You are right.” After speaking, he frowned slightly, turned, with his hands clasped behind, slowly walked out of this place.

Watching Ghost King’s figure leaving, Mr Ghost then slowly turned, walked to the side of the platform and looked down. TaoTie which was still struggling earlier on, seemed to gradually lose its resistance under the influence of the blood pool and the cauldron’s light, right now lay in the pool weakly, panting.

Watching this, Mr Ghost under his veil, made a cold and emotionless laugh.

“Hehe...Asura door?…”

Footsteps sounds were heard outside the stone door, it was rather hurried, obviously the approaching person was running and in a hurry. The next moment, a figure appeared before Ghost Li’s stone room door, half kneeling, spoke loudly, “Vice sect head, Ghost King sent a message, he wants you to go and meet him.”

The voice was rather loud, there was even echos heard from within the room, but there was no reply.

The messenger was surprised but did not look up immediately, Ghost Li had a reputation of being a killer within the Evil sect Ghost King sect, common disciples even if they have a chance they would not go near him too, not to say being disrespectful.

This one brought up his courage, again spoke loudly but there was no reply, he then looked up and peered into the room, saw the mess but where was Ghost Li and his monkey?

The person groaned, shook his head and ran off.

Right now, Ghost Li was walking along the long tunnel in the Ghost King sect, Xiao Hui sat quietly on his shoulder. Ghost Li’s eyes looked ahead, although he could not see the end of the path but he was clear, the end of this tunnel was where Ghost King’s residence was.

“No matter what, I cannot stay here and have nothing to do, right, Xiao Hui?”

He seemed to be muttering to himself, and Xiao Hui was also in a daze, did not pay attention to its master’s words. And Ghost Li also did not mind, only quietly laughed bitterly, said, “Many times I saw hope before me, in the end, all fell short of success for lack of a final effort, but as long as Biyao is lying in there, I must not despair, right? I know what you are worrying, don’t worry, wait till I found a way to treat Biyao, I will naturally ask him to give back your friend.”

Xiao Hui’s eyes suddenly perked up, then [zhi zhi] called out, Ghost Li smiled but his smile did not stay on his face for long.

He stood at the entrance of Ghost King’s room.

Outside the heavy door, the voice which had already became familiar sounded, Ghost King sat on the chair, his mind for some reason, had his daughter’s figure flashed past. A inexplicable emotion, floated in his heart.

The stone door opened, Ghost Li appeared.

“You are here.” Ghost King indifferently said. “Yes.” Ghost Li slowly nodded, his voice too indifferent.

The two men, became quiet, as if nothing had happened between them.

After a while, Ghost Li said, “There is something, I wish to speak to you about.”


Ghost Li indifferently said, “You have already led the disciples back here and I have also brought TaoTie for you, if there is no other matters, I will like to go out, see if I can find a way to save Biyao.”

Ghost King frowned, glanced at Ghost Li, at this moment, urgent footsteps were heard outside the door, the messenger ran in and was about to speak in a hurry when he saw Ghost Li and was stunned. Ghost King quietly waved at him, the messenger hesitated, bowed and quietly left. Ghost King’s eyes returned to Ghost Li, that young man was still standing there quietly, in the entire Evil sect, no matter who, would have fear and trepidation standing in front of Ghost King, only him, never seemed to be afraid.

This was the man that my daughter cherished and adored?

“You can go!” Ghost King’s voice, suddenly sounded tired.

Ghost Li silently nodded, the earlier fight, although both behaved as if it had never happened but it was clear, their not- close relations seemed to be even further strained.

He turned and walked out, just as he was about to step out, suddenly, his body paused. A strange smell, not knowing from where, as if he was suddenly immersed in an abyss of blood, unable to breathe, like a huge tide rolling over, the smell of blood drowning him, loud rumbles in his ears.

Ghost Li’s countenance changed! But this strange smell, like a dream, disappeared in a blink, the surroundings became quiet again.

Ghost King’s voice was heard from behind, calm and emotionless, “What is it?”

Ghost Li back facing him, stood still for a moment, indifferently said, “Nothing.”

After speaking, he slowly walked off.

The stone door closed up slowly behind him, when it was completely closed, Ghost Li suddenly whipped around, sharp glint in his eyes, he stared at that stone door, his eyes obscure, he seemed perplexed.

And Ghost King in the stone room, also emotionlessly stared at that stone door, he seemed to be contemplating something but eventually shook his head, turned and walked to the other end of the room, patted somewhere on the wall, the next moment, the stone wall started to shift and reveal a tunnel, and the thick stench of blood, drifted out from there. Ghost King expressionlessly walked in, the stone wall behind him, slowly closed up.

Somewhere in the Central Plains, thousand of miles away from the southern border, it was instead nearer to Qing Yun Hill.

Here it was desolate and wilderness, humans were rare, looking at the undulating mountains ranges, a long river running through it.

If considering the geography carefully, this nameless mountain range, belonged to the end of the vast incomparable Qing Yun Hill range, and that long river in between the lofty mountains, it could be considered as one of the upper streams of the river outside HeYang City. Just that it was a distance from where the Qing Yun mountain ranges spiritual energies were, only ferocious beasts roamed with monkeys screeching and tigers roaring, not a single trace of celestial energy.

And here at this forgotten place, its tranquility was broken today. Two figures streaked past the sky, one pursuing another, the person ahead was covered in black, the person behind flashed in grey light, both as fast as lightning. The person in black moved up or down in the sky, suddenly descending into the forest, twisting and turning, however the person behind him had unexpected powers, matched his every move, pursuing him tightly and never once lagged, looking like he would soon reach him.

Suddenly, the person in front as if knowing that he would not be able to lose the pursuer for the time being, suddenly braked, the black figure was seen shaking, like being nail onto the spot. And at the same time, he turned swiftly around, his right hand pointed five times in the air.

[Duo duo] sounds were heard, above this wild forest, under the daylight, five spots of yin fire appeared, in the fire hideous skeleton could be indistinctly seen, whistling winds started, pouncing towards the grey figure.

The grey figure was already there in a blink but he also stopped within a second, he was seen completely focused, like facing a great foe, clearly he did not dare to take his foe lightly. The next moment, a cold light circulated from the grey figure’s hand, a crystal clear two sharp heads tubular weapon appeared.

Once this weapon appeared, a white mist immediately covered the surrounding ground and forest, the temperature also dropped. The five yin fires arrived like the wind, the grey figure’s weapon turned once in the air, sucking all five of the fire into it.

Then, like fire encountering the ice, the five fires gradually dimmed and finally extinguished.

And the grey dark light, also gradually dispersed.

“Nine  cold  ice  freezing  thorn...it  is  really  an  amazing weapon!” Like a regret and also like a praise, but without any anger, that man in black quietly said.

And standing before him was the grey-clothed elder, he was also Southern border FenXiang Valley second ranked person, ShangGuan Ce, and the weapon in his hand, was naturally the Nine cold ice freezing thorn that even the Nine tailed celestial fox once feared.

ShangGuan Ce laughed twice, in a deep voice said, “To be able to have you this shaman demon’s compliment, it is really not easy!”

The man in black, was the shaman demon that had escaped from the southern border Subdue Devil ancient cave, just that not knowing for what reason he was actually pursued by ShangGuan Ce.

The shaman demon assessed ShangGuan Ce a few glances, suddenly sighed and said, “Old friend, you and I are not one or two days old acquaintance, why must you force me like this?”

ShangGuan Ce indifferently said, “I have long told you my purpose, there is no other intention, it is just that our FenXiang Valley master wish to meet you, there are some matters which need to have long talks and so invite you to go to FenXiang Valley, it’s that simple.” The shaman demon shook his head and laughed bitterly, said, “Your that master valley senior brother, is too scheming, although I am stupidly living in the world and immortal but I know I am incomparable to him. And to say I am still not clear about all of your intentions, simply it is for our shaman tribe those secrets?”

ShangGuan Ce snorted, said, “It is good that you know, now that southern border is in a disorder, the five tribes are in chaos, this is where they need FenXiang Valley to come out and take charge, furthermore we don’t have evil intentions, no matter what, we are at least better than those savage demon beasts right?”

The shaman demon looked at him deeply, said, “The secret of shaman tribe’s Heaven Fire, I really don’t know, old friend, looking at our years of friendship, just let me go!”

ShangGuan Ce shook his head, said, “I am also helpless.”

After speaking, the weapon in his hand slowly turned half a circle in the air, emitting cold icy energy, again facing the shaman demon. The shaman demon stood unmoving, not knowing if it was because he knew he would not be able to escape from ShangGuan Ce, he gave up fighting and only indifferently said, “Old friend, the world is so big, everything changes for no reason, I did not follow Lady and big brother down to the nether world, it is because I wanted to see the multi variant forms of this world when I still have time. Don’t tell me even this tiny request, you are not willing to give me the chance?”

ShangGuan Ce coldly sneered, ignored, obviously he did not believe a single word of it, right now he was already three chi before the shaman demon, but at this moment, his face suddenly changed, stared intently on the ground.

In the daylight, under the bright sun, the shaman demon’s body looked like it was fluttering but there was no shadow, and the figure moved slightly with the wind, like it was floating.

ShangGuan Ce moved, instantly was before the shaman demon, the weapon struck down from the head, a flash of cold light with invincible strength, split the shaman demon into half, but the two parts of the body immediately turned into black gases, dispersed in the air. ShangGuan Ce was so enraged that he turned pale, unknowingly he had again fell for the shaman demon’s diversionary tactic. Angrily stomping, he leapt up, in the mid air he looked down, saw a black figure escaping in the far distance, heading towards the north, without further words, he evolved into a grey light and pursued.
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