Zhu Xian Chapter 201-210

Chapter 201 - Mystery

Qing Yun Hill Founders Ancestral Hall, was still shrouded among the evergreen pines and cypresses, the huge figure indistinct, just that in this stillness, soon it was broken by a flurry of footsteps, a large of Qing Yun people, rushing with quick steps to this sacred ground which had worshipped generations of Qing Yun ancestors.

Looking from the outside, everything seemed still as usual but when they reached before the Founders Ancestral Hall, whether it was the bewildered TongTian Peak disciples or the anxious SuRu, all stopped shock in their tracks.

The hall surrounded by evergreen pines and cypresses, on the solemn majestic ancestral sacred ground, broken wood debris scattered everywhere, a total mess.

Outside the huge ancestral hall entrance, the original red lacquer door was totally bashed, it was even hard to tell it was the door, before the group, there was a bigger and glaring savage hole. On the outer wall of the ancestral hall, almost all of the windows had fell off, numerous large or small holes were seen on the wall, the solemn ancestral hall was already riddled with holes, a miserable sight, only the dimness deep inside the hall, was still ignoring the faint light coming from the ruined windows and numerous holes, gently permeated the hall.


SuRu was the first to react, couldn’t be concerned on the reason why the hall was like that, rushed in, hoping to see the person she wanted to see. Master ShuiYue and Yang elder, Fan elder and the rest also rushed in.

In the ancestral hall, it looked the same as outside, too received a huge impact, the once forbidding atmosphere was all destroyed, the levelled stone slabs were all cracked, the huge glass bottles were broken. Even when the crowd went to the most sacred area, the altar table that was split into two, the place where countless of Qing Yun sect generations of ancestors’ memorial tablets were hosted, scattered all over the floor, at a glance, couldn’t tell how many tablets were broken into two or more by the mysterious great force. But, other than this, not a single person was seen.

SuRu looked pale, her the body wavering, Master ShuiYue’s brows wrinkled, stepped up, wrapped her in her arms, whispered a few comforting words, then turned and spoke to Xiao YiCai who was behind the crowd, said, "What is going on here, and, where is DaoXuan senior brother?”

Xiao YiCai with a distressed look, until now his shock had not wear off, said, "Reporting to teacher uncle, disciple just came here and what I saw was all of these. As for teacher, for this month, he retreats almost to this hall daily, disciple really could not imagine, other than here, where could he go?"

The worry in Master ShuiYue’s eyes turned deeper and deeper, wanted to speak but stopped, and at this moment, a light sound was heard beside, everyone there was all highly- skilled and almost immediately heard the sound.

"There is someone." Yang elder quickly assessed that the sound was coming from behind that huge altar table. SuRu who was feeling week, suddenly surprised, her eyes flashed with a hint of joy, stood straight and cried, "BuYi, is it you?”

Some of the disciples had already ran over, pushed the table over together, the altar table was passed down from some ancestor, huge and thick, extremely heavy, although those disciples had some cultivation but still needed a few of them to put their strengths together and struggled to flip the table.

After flipping it, and sure enough in the rubble under the debris, showed a figure who uttered a low moan at the same time.

Everyone overjoyed, crowded around but was surprised after a moment, the person was neither Tian BuYi or Qing Yun sect sect head Reverend DaoXuan, instead it was that Long Shou Valley disciple Lin JingYu who had been keeping vigil in the hall.

Half of his body clothes were bloodstained red, clearly also injured, and the injuries quite heavy, his face was also very pale, seemed to be still unconscious, didn’t show any reaction to the people who was kneeling beside him and calling him.

SuRu’s joy slowly faded, replaced by a bigger worry and anxiety, Master ShuiYue stood beside her, gently comforting. Yang elder’s face was ashen, looking around, Qing Yun sect Founders Ancestral Hall was the few most important sacred places, almost comparable to Illusory Moon Cave. Right now reduced to such a sight, it was really unheard of in a thousand years, and more importantly, the two most important people in Qing Yun sect, seemed to vanish with it.

"Xiao teacher nephew," Yang elder turned to look at Xiao YiCai, said, "Are you sure sect head senior brother was here?”

Xiao YiCai looked at the unconscious Lin JingYu, his expression slowly composed, pondered for a moment, said, "Yes, for this period of time, teacher really was only in this ancestral shrine, usually whenever disciple has to seek teacher for guidance or report to him, are all done here."

Yang elder obviously was feeling terribly upset, for a moment at lost. Xiao YiCai coughed twice, slowly approached Yang elder, softly said, "Yang teacher uncle, it is not good to drag this matter, with so many junior brothers gathering here and witnessing the holy hall damaged, it does more harm than good. And from what SuRu Su teacher uncle said, teacher and Big Bamboo Valley Tian BuYi seemed to have some private matters, I'm afraid it has something to do with here, why not first let them leave, and we will decide one at a time, what do
you think?"

Yang elder came to realize it, nodded again and again, then said, "I am not good at these things, sect head has always trusted you, and usually you are the one handling the affairs, now you shall make the decisions as the situation demands!" After speaking, he shook his head and sighed, walked to the side, and stood beside the white bearded Fan elder and discuss in whispers.

Xiao YiCai nodded to Yang elder, considered to have received the order, then turned and said loudly, "Various teacher uncles, various junior brothers, recently Founders Ancestral Hall here suddenly met with catastrophe, I am afraid there might be invasion from outsiders. As what is said, to mend the pen after the sheeps are lost, all of us cannot sit here and wait for death." Having said that, he raised his brows, spoke to TongTian Peak disciples, “Tai junior brother, bring ten men and immediately surround Founders Ancestral Hall, do not let anyone in, in case there is still enemy concealed here, quickly come to alert me."

A tall disciple walked out, cupped his hands together and solemnly said, “Yes.” After that, he turned and called out once, pointed to several people and immediately walked out.

At the moment the ancestral hall was all quiet, only Xiao YiCai was standing in the middle, although a few higher ranked elders were standing beside, right now it seemed that he was then the main backbone of Qing Yun sect.

Xiao YiCai called out again, “Chang junior brother!"

"Here." A person walked out, with unswerving determination on his face, it was ChangJian who brought Zhang XiaoFan and the rest up the mountain to the martial competition, once battled with Big Bamboo Valley eldest disciple Song Daren.

Xiao YiCai nodded his head and said, "Chang junior brother, now the important thing is to find teacher, with him around to preside over the overall situation, then we have nothing to fear. Although something serious seemed to have happened here, but teacher his skills surpass divinity, he is invincible, the common evildoers will definitely not be able to hurt him. You bring eighty men...no, the more the better, bring hundred and fifty men, at TongTian Peak from top to bottom search, front and rear mountain too, must not miss the slightest clue.”

ChangJian looked deeply worried, obviously he knew although Xiao YiCai made the first half of the words sounded nice, but the most important part was the last sentence, without hesitation, he replied with a deep voice, quickly gathered the crowd, and went out. Seemed like the number of people was clearly not enough, most likely he would still need to go to the front of the mountain to deploy troops.

With this large group of people leaving, the ancestral temple immediately appeared empty, roughly only a few elders and Xiao YiCai, as well as WenMin behind Master ShuiYue and finally Lin JingYu who was still unconscious.

Xiao YiCai sighed, turned to the elders and bowed, quietly said, "Various teacher uncles, today a major event happened in Qing Yun sect again, disciple made the decisions on the go, if there is any inappropriate area, various teacher uncles please reprimand."

SuRu and Master ShuiYue did not speak, Yang elder nodded and said, "Xiao teacher nephew, you do not have to be modest, you have done well just now, now what we these elders still need to do, you just go ahead and instruct, don’t have to stand on ceremony."

Xiao YiCai pondered a moment, said, "Now the situation is unknown, we still need to be careful, various teacher uncles please return to your summits, if there is any incident, each branch will at least be prepared. Just that unfortunately Lin junior brother is still unconscious, otherwise we could ask him, and we will know everything, after all, he is the only person present."

Everyone frowned, all were preoccupied, SuRu at the moment with Master ShuiYue’s comfort, also slowly calmed down, after all Tian BuYi was not around, although worried but she was still hopeful, and so was not that nervous. Listening to Xiao YiCai managing the situation, her mind was in a mess, she only hoped Tian BuYi was safe. At this time, she looked over at Lin JingYu who was lying on the ground, suddenly frowned, softly exclaimed, "Yi!"

Master ShuiYue standing beside her, slightly taken aback said, “What is it?"

SuRu pointed a finger to Lin JingYu, said, "He seems to have something in his hand?”

Everyone was surprised, Xiao YiCai walked quickly to Lin JingYu, his body gently turned over, and indeed in his right hand under his body, he was tightly clutching a piece of rectangular black wood. Xiao YiCai stretched out to get but after pulling, the wood did not even moved, even though Lin JingYu was still unconscious, but for some reason, he was holding on tightly, did not loosened the slightest.

Everyone saw, all felt bewildered.

Fan elder walked over, turned around, suddenly said, "This board seems like a memorial tablet!” Master ShuiYue looked carefully, nodded and said, "That’s right, it is a memorial tablet."

Xiao YiCai after spending a long time, was then able to slowly pull apart Lin JingYu’s grasping tight fingers, took out the tablet which seemed very important to him. Everyone came around, as the witness of this event, Lin JingYu valued this tablet so much, evidently it had much relation. Unexpectedly after taking a look, everyone was nonplussed, all looked at each other.

Although this piece of tablet was the same size as the rest, too painted black, but on the tablet surface which was considered finished, it was empty with no words.

This was actually a wordless tablet!

Placing it in this solemn ancestral shrine, worshipping this tablet, who was it?

And who was it that placed it together with all of the ancestors, and since put it up, why wasn’t there a name? Lin JingYu clutching this piece of wood so tightly, even when he was seriously injured and in a coma he refused to let go, what did it all mean?

All kinds of doubts, thousand of thoughts, seemed to be lingering in everyone’s head.

Southern Border, ten thousand great mountains, Subdue Devil Ancient Cave.

Legend is a very strange thing, first of all, legend itself implied it might not be true, just that some things seemed to have a reason for passing it down, people thus passed it by word of mouth, or it could be a scholar writing it down, passing it down. Then, as the longer the legend was passed down, often the legend Itself, would gradually change, the people and things at that time, gradually became faceless, modified by countless of people and going through the mill of time, who would still remember the truth that time?

And who else still cared? So the legend had finally became a legend, like the beautiful and gentle lady who was beautiful enough to cause the fall of a city, slowly her appearance changed in time.

Thousands and ten thousands years later, could you still recognize?

In the darkness, the Yin wind seemed to be still, savage and unbridled, it seemed to only belong to the world outside the ancient cave, and in this dark world, everything was quiet.

This was the deepest part of the cave, when Black Wood took the southern border five tribes holy vessels, the place where he resurrected the Beast Deity’s body, was here. Just that now, the once surging evil energy had disappeared without a trace, leaving only quietness, and that occasionally low breathing.

That breathing, seemed to come from the deepest darkness, a little evil dark red, and brightened up in this dark and somehow empty space. A low roar, suddenly in the depths of darkness, in the place where the breathing was coming from, rang out, like a wild beast in his ferocity carried a deep unease, and even maybe could hear its fear, growling, angrily facing that spot of red light.

The low panting paused, it seemed something had appeased the beast in the darkness, the roars gradually getting softer, finally disappeared, silence again resumed in the cave, only that strange dark red fire, still twinkling, blinking unceasingly.

Suddenly, a woman's voice, sweet yet without any emotions, lightly echoed in the cave, “You TaoTie, seemed perpetually not to have any good feelings towards me!"

The space in this darkness, seemed really big, the woman's voice sounded like very far, drifting around, the empty spaces, only could tell that the source, was coming from behind that dark red fire.

In response to the voice, was a tranquil laughter, "You don’t have to mind, it has never believed in humans.” The woman grunted, said, "Why, so it has finally viewed me as human?"

[Hou], a low roar, passed by instantly through, ahead where the red light was, a ball of fire suddenly lit, it was actually a primitive brazier, three legs supporting it, rusty spots, a thing that nobody knew how long ago it was, just that that fire burning in this brazier, the fire was still so bright, like the clothes on fire.

Bright, silk clothes.

Beast Deity!

He sat on the ground between the shadows of the flames and darkness, reclining on the walls of a stone platform shadows, the fire flames flickering, reflecting his face between darkness and light, he looked as usual with an inexplicable seduction feeling, but what was different this time, his face was extremely pale, it would not be enough to say he looked like dead. Under the firelight, with him tightly together, snuggling beside him, was that strange-looking hideous evil beast TaoTie. At the moment its giant eyes wide opened, slightly grinning, showing its terrible fangs, continuously panting from the mouth, ferociously through the firelight, stared at where that red light was, which was no longer that glaring.

The Beast Deity even though he looked terrible, but he was very calm, even his mouth was still carrying a faint smile, said, "You have cultivated for a thousand year, isn’t it to become human, when I say that, you should be happy."

The woman turned silent, did not speak, but that dark red light, suddenly brightened.

TaoTie immediately alerted, growling, staring at the dark red light.

The light slowly moved, going towards where the Beast Deity was, TaoTie turned even more ferocious, and slowly stood up. Suddenly, a hand stretched over, gently patted TaoTie’s head, it then quietened down. The Beast Deity removed his hand, looked back, that point of light had slowly flew before him, like an eye, not far ahead of him stopped, and stared at him.

Beast Deity looked at the dark red fire for a long while, suddenly laughed, "Our friendship is no less than a thousand years, although we cannot be considered sworn friends but we are at least old friends right! Besides I am seriously injured right now, why are you still so wary against me?"

That dark red fire pulsed a few times, suddenly issued a sharp whistle, retreated back extremely fast, when it passed by that brazier, even the flames was momentarily suppressed, darkness enveloped for a moment before they returned to normal, and at this moment, the dark red light had already disappeared in the darkness.

The cold voice of the woman rang at the same time and said, "I do not believe you, just like your TaoTie do not believe me.”

The Beast Deity looked ahead at that darkness, suddenly laughed out loud, "Good, good, good, well said. But I just do not understand, since we have no mutual trust, why did you want to help me?"

The woman 's voice lightly said, "Because the thing that I want, now only you can give me.”

The Beast Deity smiled and said, "Just because of this, these ugly drawings carved on the stone walls and floor?”

He waved his hand, although his smile remained but the tiredness on his face seemed to deepened.

The fire in the brazier, suddenly surged, issued a crackling sound, out of thin air it was bigger than the original several times, for a moment the light flared brightly, and the surrounding temperature, swiftly turned unbearably hot. But whether it was the Beast Deity or TaoTie, or that mysterious person concealed in the darkness, did not show the slightest reaction to these.

The fire burning, slowly expanded in the darkness, like gradually having a life, even the shape of the flames, began to slowly change, from a ball to an indistinct dragon shape.

In the dark, staring at the shape of the dragon gradually formed, the woman slowly said, "What I remembered was these ugly drawings, only these could incarcerate you for countless of years?"

The Beast Deity smiled, in the fire, no longer could tell if he was bitterly smiling, mocking, or maybe sneering…

Because the moment he was smiling, the dragon in the brazier was completted, brandishing its claws in the flame, suddenly looked up into the darkness, issued a silent roar.

Blazing heat waves almost at the same time like floodtide gushed, instantly poured from all directions, destroying everything blocking in front of it. After the sea of flames, in the blazing fire, the ground around the brazier, one by one the four drawings lit up, rugged lines, blood red color, the drawings were four different ferocious savage deities. After a moment, the left and right stone walls above the brazier, four drawings also lit up, with almost similar content. These eight stone carvings, were identical to what Ghost Li had seen in FenXiang Valley Inferno Altar.

The Eight Savage Inferno Formation!

Chapter 202 - Heartache

The strange breathing, following the heat waves, wave by wave reverberating in this empty space. That fire dragon bared its fangs and brandished its claws, its expression savage but it did not continue to grow, almost as if this was already at its limits. Even though it was so, under that intense heat, even the sturdy floor also started to show cracks, instead that fire brazier which looked decrepit and primitive, looked fine.

The firelight raging, reflecting in the Beast Deity’s eyes, as if his eyes were also burning.

That lady’s voice however faintly laughed once, said, “Is your power really lacking or are you pretending? Although this formation is not activated by Inferno Mirror, and has been damaged once when you were resurrected but its power is definitely not just this bit.”

The Beast Deity’s dashing face did not change, he calmly said, “Since you are so wary of me, I am puzzled, why did you have to save me?” The lady snorted, said, “Didn’t I tell you earlier, first I am doing it for this enigma formation passed down by the ancient shaman tribe, another is because I find that Yun old man who is putting an act, an eyesore.”

The Beast Deity smiled, seemed not to mind the lady’s words, said, “Yun YiLan although went back on his words but to tell the truth I have never once believed him, that day if I had won at Qing Yun Hill, he would definitely don’t dare to do this. Hitting a person when he is down, isn’t it what most people would do?”

That lady said, “Just that pity he still do not know, you are different from me, unkillable.”

The Beast Deity’s gaze deepened, slowly watched that darkness behind that fire, the flames burning fiercely but it did not seemed to reach that place.

“How did you know, I am unkillable? If I tell you now, I can be killed, what will you think?” He stared at the darkness, a faint smile seemed to be at his lips, with some provocation, and also seemed to be enticing, slowly said.

That lady suddenly did not speak, in the entire mountain cave, only the sound of fire burning but for some reason, compared to previously where there was nothing, the silence seemed even more dead.

And for an unknown length of time, Beast Deity suddenly said, “How many years has it been that we have known each other until today?”

After a long time, that lady faintly said, “Can't remember, at that time I have just attained my cultivation and entered here by mistake, speaking of which, why did you treat me differently at that time?”

The Beast Deity smiled, slowly lowered his head, the tiredness on his face seemed to increase, said, “Although I was not a human at that time but I also could not stand loneliness.” The lady was silent again, she seemed surprised, after a long time said, “Why is it that you really looked somehow different today? You will never say such words in the past.”

The Beast Deity’s shoulders shook once, made two intense coughing sounds but his face still had a faint smile, almost in his eyes, he did not care about anything anymore, “Have you seen a dying man, still remains the same as usual?”

The lady almost immediately replied, “But you are not human!”

“How do you know I am not?”

The fire in the brazier, suddenly rose, like a silent roar from the fire dragon, it then slowly descended, the surrounding eight mysterious drawings also darkened, gradually lost in the darkness. The fire dragon slowly merged into the fire, turned into an ordinary fire, the surroundings slowly turned dark, only light remained around the fire brazier. “What have you done to yourself?”  After a long time, that lady softly asked.

The Beast Deity did not reply, and did not speak, he looked to be getting more tired, slowly raised his hand. In the fire, on his right wrist, the skin seemed to have lost its lustre and seemed murky grey, indistinctly, a dark red vein was concealed within the wrist.

The Beast Deity looked at that vein for a moment, shook his head, gently used his hand to brush past his wrist, the next moment, a wound slowly appeared and then slowly spilled a drop of blood.

Fresh blood!

Fresh red blood!

“How could…” The lady in the darkness seemed too shocked to continue, after a long time, she seemed to recover, asked in shock, “You...you actually became human!” The Beast Deity did not speak, only smiled, that heavy smile, nobody knew, whether it was bitter or gratified.

“No wonder, I kept mulling over, you are created from Heaven and Earth vicious energies, by right you are immortal, how would you at Qing Yun Hill under Zhu Xian Sword, received such heavy injuries. So you actually at some point in time, turned into the human species that you have always loathe? Hahaha, hahahahaha…”

That lady actually laughed out, not knowing whether because it was too ludicrous or unable to contain herself.

The Beast Deity’s gaze, stared at that red blood on his own wrist, yet his eyes had an inexplicable complicated expression, like joy, like sorrow.

“I  have  never,  loathe  humans…”  He  tiredly  smiled,  “My existence in this world, with consciousness and enlightenment, isn’t it all due to humans?”

That lady was stunned, said, “What did you say?” The Beast Deity slowly lifted his head, gazed at the fire, his voice, in this place where darkness and light flickered back and forth, seemed to return to the distant past.

“When I first gained consciousness, what I saw was her, at that time I did not have a body yet, in my confused state, that girl seemed to be watching me. With the passing of time, I gradually gained form, and finally also knew that she was a human, a shaman lady of the shaman tribe, her name was LingLong.”

TaoTie beside him, softly growled.

The Beast Deity patted it a few times on its head, the TaoTie quietened down. That lady did not make a single sound, she seemed to sense that a certain seal of an ancient secret, was about to be opened.

In the Beast Deity’s eyes, tenderness slowly completely took over, his eyes, also looking at the distant darkness, far in the cave, there, maybe there was once a spirit, quietly listening. “It was LingLong with her shaman mysterious power, absorbed southern border Heaven and Earth vicious energies, extracted the essences, and created me.”

The Beast Deity indifferently continued, the secret that once mystified for ten thousands of years, nobody knew his origins, “Those so-called heros of the shaman tribe, followed LingLong and were determined to exterminate me, if they knew I was actually personally created out of their revered lady’s hands, I wonder how they would feel!”

He laughed, the past murderous and vicious demeanour, seemed never once existed on him, right now what he had, was only memories.

“I had asked LingLong many times, why did she create me, but she refused to say. But in the end I finally understand, actually it was only for two words.”

The lady couldn't help but asked, “What?”

The Beast Deity indifferently said, “Immortality!” The lady’s voice sounded surprised, “Immortality?”

The  Beast  Deity  nodded,  said,  “That’s  right,  you  find  it ridiculous too right? But that day, she did it for that goal. The LingLong at that time, her shaman power attainments had already exceeded the forefathers, across the world, she almost had no rivals, in the shaman tribe, everyone revered her like deity. She, out of boredom, what she did, was to give herself another goal. These seemed almost similar to those Central Plains Taoism pugilists but the mystery of immortality, is originally the heaven laws, although she was an exceptionally intelligent girl but eventually she could not decipher it. Finally one day, she thought of an inhuman way.”


“The  human  lifespan,  each  and  every  has  a  limit,  even though attained enlightenment, it is only at most extended for a few hundred years. But inhuman objects, usually have longer lifespans, and Heaven and Earth Creations, Yin and Yang vicious currents etc, since all are the creations of Heaven and Earth, everlasting and permanent. Ever since she thought of this, she devoted herself into studying it, finally in these lifeless forms, she created me..” “She was really a remarkable…” that lady softly said.

“Hehe.”  The Beast Deity smiled faintly, said, “Yes! She was really a remarkable lady. When I came upon this world, when I woke up, the first one I saw was her. Then for an unknown length of time, my world was only her. Slowly, I started to take shape, and because my core was formed out of Heaven and Earth vicious currents, and since I have consciousness, naturally I began to absorb the surrounding vicious energies, gradually became stronger.”

“Just that, she instead seemed uneasy, her eyes looking at me, gradually was not that intimate anymore, when my power finally was able to match hers, from that day onwards, she never smiled at me anymore.”

“I was perplexed at that time, not knowing what was the reason, actually I did not know why too, why my power increased so fast, but to me, what meaning did power meant to me! I only wanted...wanted to be with her only.”

“You can tell her, then she would know isn’t it?” That lady couldn’t help but said. “I said it, said it many times, now thinking of it, I guessed it was more like a child whining to his mother!”  A faint smile revealed on the Beast Deity’s lips, but it disappeared again, “But, she never once believed it!”

That lady was silent, did not speak for a long time, the Beast Deity was also silent, as if he was deep within his memories.

The fire, still burning, gently wavered, as if it was also breathing.

Time seemed to stop in this darkness, listening attentively!

The past was memories frozen in ice, drop by drop melted, and then slowly disappeared.

Who could reverse it?

Was it you or me? Or were we all actually, humans running while panting in time, yet eventually still lost out to time, gradually turning old, disappearing in that shadow…

“Finally, there was one day, I did not wish to keep staying in that house which only had her, I wanted to go out and look. That day, she did not return after a long while, I broke through her prohibitions, opened the door and walked out.”

“There were many, many, many people...but everyone who saw me, all cried out in fear, fled. For some reason, I started to panic and then got angry, finally, I felt a burst of vicious energy charging out from my heart. It was also at this moment, several warriors who heard of the commotion and rushed over, started to attack me, I retreated while warding off the blows, I did not wish to fight with them, I regretted it very much, I only wanted to be with my LingLong, I only wanted to come out and take a look…”

“I spoke with all of my might, explained with all of my strength, but nobody listened, until I mistakenly killed the first person…”

A long pause. “That young warrior hung backwards on my hand, slowly his head drooped, red blood flowed out of his body. I was stunned, the others too, then they turned even more vicious, in their shouts, I clearly heard crying sounds in the distant, it must be that warrior’s family! I didn’t know but when I first saw the blood, my body had already started to change, that murderous trance pestered me like crazy, I did not want to kill but I could not control, and so I attacked, I killed.”

“I  killed  many,  many,  many  people…”   The  Beast  Deity lowered his head but he still continued.

“I stood in the blood pool, for a long time, slowly became clear-headed, then, I saw in the distance, clustered by numerous people, LingLong returning. She looked at me, stared unblinkingly at me, her face extremely pale. For some reason, I was very afraid, I felt as if I was really wrong, but I did not know, I really did not know what I had done wrong…”

“Then,  LingLong  attacked,  she  attacked  me  personally.  I refused to retaliate, I hoped to explain to her, I wanted to tell her, I dared not come out again, I only wanted to stay in that house, and from then on to accompany her only and I would be perfectly contented. These words, I said it numerous times, but, she did not listen to it even once.”

“Her skills were incomparable to those ordinary warriors, soon my body was riddled with holes, but, each time those wounds, would absorb the surrounding energies and recovered by itself, even I could also feel that, each time LingLong hit me, my power instead increased faster. Finally, LingLong also discovered this, her face ashen, as if she had given up all hope.”

The Beast Deity was still smiling, recalling, but on his face, in the end there was anguish, “I slowly began to sense, LingLong really hated me, as if she had gone crazy she started to use all different kinds of shaman power on me, my body although was immortal but my heart was really in pain, so in the end, I ran away by myself. And while escaping, everyone who saw me was really scared, until the end I then knew, my appearance at that time, in those ordinary humans, was really terrifying.”

He gently patted the TaoTie beside him, said, “My appearance at that time, was much more uglier than it.” “After leaving LingLong, I escaped into the ten thousands great mountains, not long after, I discovered this cave and so temporarily stayed here. But I wanted to return, I sincerely, only wanted to be with LingLong. And finally in the end, I still went back, but what greeted me, was this formation.”

The fire in the brazier, made crackling sounds, almost like responding to the Beast Deity.

“I never expected, that the world could have such terrible power, LingLong used the Inferno Mirror power, laid down the Eight Savage Inferno Formation, summoned the eight wild fire dragons, under the flames which incinerated all living things, even though I was immortal but I was badly injured, my form destroyed completely.”

“I tried hard to tell LingLong, I did not want to do anything, I only wanted to be with her but she seemed not to listen to a single word, and only wanted to burn me to death. In the end, I was defeated and fled, escaped back to this cave. I did not know why, LingLong had to treat me like that, but I was unwilling to give up, I really wanted to be with her.” “After   returning   here,   using   the   ten   thousand   great mountains unique Heaven and Earth vicious currents, I recovered quickly, and just when I was planning to quietly go and find her again, she had already pursued over. She brought seven so-called warriors, pursued to this ancient cave, personally came in and found me.”

“I wasn’t surprised, because I was created by her, if there was anyone who could deal with me, understand me, who would it be other than her? But I really did not understand, why she had to treat me like that, I said so much to her, why did she not listen to a single word! But this time, LingLong actually replied, she said, actually everything was her fault, creating a monster like me, was even her greater mistake. Because I was created from Heaven and Earth vicious currents, the impulse to kill was innate in me, if she allowed me to remain in this world, then the world’s common people would encounter a catastrophe.”

“I tried hard to explain to her, saying I would not, I only wanted to be with her, I did not want anything else. But she only laughed bitterly, said she believed me, and actually she too wanted to be with me, but, but...what if after she dies?” In the ancient cave, in the distant, someone seemed to sigh in the darkness, for that scene ten thousand years ago, not knowing the tears that flowed at that time, was there still anyone who remembered?

“I was stunned, my mind in a blank, I knew I was immortal but I never once thought, LingLong would die. I can still remembered it vividly, LingLong with her pale smile, tears flowing down. Then, she activated the Eight Savage Inferno Formation again, trapped me within, burned my form again, but the vicious currents essences that I evolved from, she eventually could not destroy.”

“After the formation, she was also greatly wounded, but I was created by her, in the flames, I was still asking her, why did she have to treat me like this…”

“This time, she did not say anything.”

“She laid the formation in this cave, trapping me, day and night it burned, each time my power slightly recovered, the fire would destroy that. Finally, she stared at me in a daze, suddenly asked if I have any wish?” The  Beast  Deity  quietly  laughed,  said,  “Wish,  what  wish could I have? My entire wish was only just to be with her. And so I asked her, why couldn’t I be with her? LingLong she lowered her head, slowly said, because I was not human, and not even a living being, destinated that we could not be together.”

“And so in that raging fire, to her, I loudly said: Then you, let me be human!”

His voice suddenly raised, abruptly lifted his head, towards the ceiling of the cave, loudly shouted.

“Let me be human!...”

[Rumble], the four walls trembled together, rocks tumbled down, the sound was like a drum, deafening.

In the dust, the Beast Deity slowly lowered his head. “Then, what happened?” That lady asked from the darkness.

“...She seemed stunned, after a long while, she did not move. I bore the intense burning pain, abandoned myself to despair. But, she suddenly stood up, stopped the formation, walked to me. I looked at her woodenly, not knowing what she wanted to do.”

“She quietly, said to me, that she had let me down. Then, she…”   The  Beast  Deity’s  voice  for  some  reason,  suddenly started to tremble slightly, “She started to chant a lengthy shaman incantation, took out her knife and then started...stroke by stroke cut herself…”

“What?” The lady in the darkness cried out.

“I was taken aback, no, terrified, really terrified, not knowing what she was doing exactly. Slowly, LingLong using her own flesh, even her bones, built a body structure out. Then, she placed me in this structure, as her chanting turned more urgent, I gradually merged into this body, even my consciousness, also slowly turned hazy.” “I heard her voice became softer, but she was still speaking to me, that this was the last thing she could do for me, in the future as long as someone gathered the five holy weapons, placed it in this body, I could be resurrected but after resurrected, although I would still have my evil powers but my body would be human, and since I am human, I would no longer be immortal.”

“She  said  she  singly  devotedly  to  pursuing  immortality, violated the heavenly laws, created a monster like me, and furthermore developed an improper relationship, that was even more wrong; and because of me, she caused the deaths of numerous people, making the common people suffered one catastrophe one after another. And she hurt me by her own hands, it was again...speaking until here, she did not continue, my consciousness slowly disappeared, in my trance, I only heard her final words: I will always be here with you…”

Those words, I had never understood.

Until after I, ten thousand years later, resurrected, again stood at the cave entrance. That human statue, weather-beaten by wind, storm and snow, sun-scorched daily and suffering months of coldness, yet still staring deep into the cave.

I hugged her.

I understood.

Chapter 203 - Black Bat

In the dark cave, light footsteps sounded, a faint dark-green light, glimmered from ahead. After the light, Ghost Li and Jin PingEr’s silhouettes appeared.

The two of them, had already reached deep inside the Subdue Devil Ancient Cave, however this strange cave seemed never-ending, the dark damp path twisted and turned, like stretching ahead infinitely. The Soul-Devouring stick’s light, could only illuminate a maximum distance of six chi ahead, and even further ahead, were all silent deep darkness.

Within that, there seemed to be a mysterious pair of eyes, watching the two intruders.

Jin PingEr was not far from Ghost Li, for some reason, she gradually discovered herself getting nervous. The end of this path, nobody knew where exactly it was, and what would be waiting for them at the end of it.

Even though if she were to see the ferocious evil beast right now, her mind would not be wavered, but then, this empty darkness, instead started to make her feel frustrated.

Ghost Li’s footsteps, suddenly stopped.

Jin PingEr’s heart leapt, almost knocked into him, quickly stopped herself, at the same time prepared herself and scanned the surroundings, suppressing her voice, said, “What, did you discovered something?”

Ghost Li turned around and looked at her, under the faint dark-green light, Jin PingEr’s skin looked especially bewitching beautiful, he remained quiet for a moment, said, “Your breathing sounds hurried.”

Jin PingEr was stunned for a moment, her brows frowned and then she slowly straightened her body, and snorted.

Ghost Li looked at her, did not say anything more, again turned and continued slowly walking ahead. After a few steps, he heard the lady behind him breathed deeply and then continued to follow, and her body, breathing, had all resumed normality. Looking from the back, that man’s back figure reflected in Jin PingEr’s eyes, thick, steady, for some reason, Jin PingEr discovered herself feeling safe. On his shoulder, that monkey right now shrank his head, looking low-spirited, only that long-tail hanging down, shaking in rhythm with Ghost Li’s footsteps.

The dark-green light from Ghost Li’s Soul-devouring stick, in the darkness, seemed especially gentle, the malevolent evil power that Sinister Orb once had, right now all seemed to vanish.

The light brushed past the stone walls, after illuminated, it again resumed darkness, Jin PingEr quietly looked at the surroundings, after entering the Subdue Devil Cave, the area’s Yin wind seemed especially chilly, almost could freeze one’s blood into ice. But after they went deeper into the cave, the Yin wind instead became weaker.

And right now where they were, almost could not feel the existence of the wind, just that without the sound of the wind, the surrounding was even quieter, watching the surroundings which were illuminated by the light, Jin PingEr’s brows frowned even tighter. When they just entered the cave, Jin PingEr did not notice the stone walls, but after entering, Jin PingEr discovered, deep inside this legendary Subdue Devil Cave, there were more and more signs of human-made walls. Although it had been ages but it was clear the walls were man-made, even the path they were on, although twisting but there was less bumps, walking along, there was none of the expected difficulties.

And in this cave, there was none of that evil demons’ bloody smell, there was also none of the horrible human bones on the ground, in this Subdue Devil Cave, it seemed to be a clean and quiet place, did not seem like the world’s number one Evil’s resting place.

Like that, they made another turn.

The darkness suddenly turned heavier, like an invisible wall, instantly before them, the light from the Soul-devouring stick, at the moment when they made the turn, rebounded from the invisible wall. Almost at the same time, Ghost Li and Jin PingEr stopped and then swiftly floated backwards.

[Rumble] A muffled sound, the place where they were at, two holes exploded, broken rocks flew everywhere, hit the stone walls with [beng beng] sounds.

The darkness seemed to have an angry roar, like toppling the mountains and overturning the seas brushing past the corner, assaulting face-on. Ghost Li and Jin PingEr still could not what kind of strange evil beast was it, Jin PingEr’s face turned slightly pale, her body moved slightly, already moved more than one zhang away.

In that strong wind, suddenly dark-green light surged, Ghost Li enveloped entirely by the light, stood below the infinite darkness, coldly watching that black wall. Even Xiao Hui on his shoulder, the three eyes lighted up at the same time too, flashed faint golden light.

Under the darkness cover, the sound of the wind strong, even the scattered rocks which had just fallen onto the ground, flew out again due to the pressure, but in this darkness, Ghost Li’s figure was still towering unmoving, the dark green light turned brighter, burst out strongly from his right hand, in that instant, his palm already stretched out, inserted into the darkness. The bright light which hovered around Ghost Li’s right hand, when his hand inserted into the darkness, suddenly disappeared, like being concealed by some thing but the next moment, he heard a loud rumble, [duo duo] sound suddenly emitted from the black screen, seven holes tore out, revealing dazzling dark-green light from within.

“Roar…”  A  painful  howl,  immediately  erupted,  the  huge black screen suddenly dissipated, although it was still darkness, but deep inside the darkness, two huge red eyes revealed.

The Soul-devouring stick in Ghost Li’s hand emitted stronger and stronger light, using this light, Jin PingEr who was standing behind Ghost Li saw it all clearly, guarding this place, was an extremely large black bat, the entire body black, only its two eyes showing red. Most probably its colossal body and its wings blocked its eyes, which made it hard to tell the shape of it, but the usual attack of this type of evil beast most likely was so, a sudden attack in the darkness, it really caught one unaware, at lost at how to deal with it.

Right now on the bat’s wings, seven holes were tore by Ghost Li, strange faint blue blood spilled on its body, evidently its injuries were substantial. But this type of evil beast was not a coward, it instead went into a frenzy, opening its huge mouth and angrily roared, its wings opened, although slightly unstable, but the darkness again enveloped, sweeping over.

The cold light in Ghost Li’s eyes flashed, the Sinister Orb’s light again lighted up, looking as the evil bat was about to reach him, an exclamation was suddenly heard from Ghost Li’s shoulder, a grey shoulder flashed, Xiao Hui had jumped down from its shoulder, heading right to that colossal evil beast.

Ghost Li’s frowned, even Jin PingEr was also taken aback, looking over, the two animals sizes differences across the mid- air were really too obvious.

Unexpectedly, while Jin PingEr was still thinking of that, and was even slightly worried for that monkey, but saw within the light, Xiao Hui’s body unexpectedly kept increasing in size, in a short period, from a small grey monkey about three chi, turned into one that almost filled up the entire cave, angrily shrieking, three red eyes spiritual monkey.

The two huge beasts in the mid air, collided with a bang. The surrounding stone walls looked as if the impact was too much, started to tremble violently, Jin PingEr even felt the ground quaking. But Ghost Li who was standing not far from the two beasts, his expression slowly regained composure, a faint smile on his lips, disregarded completely the raining rocks and the raging murderous atmosphere.

The enormous black evil bat clearly was also taken aback by this huge ape sudden appearance, but still pounced fiercely over, the grey huge figure flashed past, Xiao Hui agilely avoided the bat’s claws, two huge palms grabbed forward, caught the bottom of the bat’s wings.

The evil bat made a sharp shriek, as if for the first time it felt fear but the three red eyes before it was even more horrible than it, sharp fangs flashed past in the darkness, followed by a long howl to the sky.

That howl was like a huge wave, with a loud sound in this cave, it’s might rolled forward relentlessly, as if facing the living things in this world, provoking obstinately! Under the glimmering darkness and dark-green light, between savage and anger, in the huge ape’s roar, the huge arm waving, like an evil beast laughing in glee and dancing!


Blue fluid splattered everywhere, the huge black bat, tore into half by the three-eyed ape, flung far away.

In the distance, the long howl reverberated, still resounding in waves, unceasing.

The power of rage, until the last moment!

The huge ape slowly turned around, looked down, that man was still standing there, looking at it.

The red glow in its eyes slowly disappeared, suddenly, it stretched its hand and scratched its head, grinned, its body swiftly shrank, soon it resumed its original size, turned back to Xiao Hui.

It crouched on the ground, turned its head, looked at its master, its right hand kept feeling its head, its long tail swishing gently around.

Ghost Li looked at Xiao Hui, warmth and smile slowly appeared in the eyes, only while looking at this monkey, he could smile wholeheartedly!

He smiled, stretched out his hand.

Xiao Hui [zhi zhi zhi zhi] called out, leapt with both feet, in two or three movements scurried up to Ghost Li’s shoulder, grinning incessantly, looking really happy.

Ghost Li pondered, again took Xiao Hui, both hands holding it, held it before himself, carefully looking at it from top to bottom, the grey monkey’s three eyes blinked at the same time, not knowing what Ghost Li wanted. Jin PingEr had also came up slowly, stood aside, watched Ghost Li, she looked to be in thought, not knowing what she was thinking.

Ghost Li looked at Xiao Hui for a moment, nodded, placed it back at his shoulder then smoothed its head, suddenly smiled and said, “I will buy you wine after leaving this place!”

Jin PingEr was still contemplating, unexpectedly hearing those words, for a moment couldn’t react in time, stared dumbfoundedly with her mouth opened, her mind in a blank. On the contrary, the monkey after stunned for a moment, jumped for joy, [zhi zhi zhi zhi] laughing non-stopped, jumping here and there on Ghost Li’s shoulder, the next moment, as if it suddenly realized, took down that big wine bag which it had been carrying on its shoulder for a long time, without even looking at it, threw it down hard, [pa] a sound, dust flew up high.

Ghost Li smiled, walked on, gradually merged into the darkness but the dark-green light, revealed his silhouette clearly in the darkness, and that delighted grey monkey figure, harmoniously together, like being one, unable to be separated. Jin PingEr slowly walked a few steps, looking at the man and monkey silhouettes, could not help but felt a certain kind of chill. Just that without realizing, the surrounding gradually lost its illumination from Ghost Li Soul-devouring stick, turned dark, Jin PingEr stretched her right hand, purple light glowed, again illuminated the surroundings.

She focused herself, was about to quicken her steps and catch up to Ghost Li, suddenly a dark figure wavered from the darkness, scurried towards her.

Jin PingEr was shocked, quickly prepared herself, unexpectedly when that figure scurried near, under the purple light, it was actually Xiao Hui.

Jin PingEr frowned, but still heaved a sigh of relief in her heart, wondered why did this strange and yet extremely powerful like its master monkey came back suddenly.

Xiao Hui leapt to Jin PingEr, peered around, suddenly its face turned angry, shrieking loudly at Jin PingEr. Jin PingEr was stunned, holding her hands out, asked in shock, “What are you doing?”

Xiao Hui’s three-eyes stared at Jin PingEr, Jin PingEr was an exceptional beauty but apparently this beauty had no effect on the monkey, Xiao Hui looking fed up, suddenly pointed to its feet. Jin PingEr looked down, made an [ah] sound, stepped back, she had stepped onto the big wine bag that Xiao Hui had thrown away just now.

Xiao Hui looking indignant, picked up that wine bag again, dusted off the dust, and again hung it over its back.

Jin PingEr, finding it ridiculous and funny, rebuked it, “Hey, stupid monkey, you threw it away yourself, why are you so fierce to me for?”

Xiao Hui made [zhi zhi] sounds at Jin PingEr, showing its teeth and made a funny face and then [suo] scurried back, disappeared into the darkness, clearly going after Ghost Li. Jin PingEr was stunned, in the end made a wry smile and shook her head, followed along.

Deep inside the Subdue Devil Cave, the fire was still burning by itself in the brazier. The dust-laden past was still reverberating in this silent cave, the Beast Deity and that mysterious lady did not speak, both of them quiet, as if they were still immersed in that painful memories. Even TaoTie beside them, lay sleepily on the ground, looking like it was asleep.

But in this silence, suddenly, TaoTie was awoken by something, abruptly lifted its head from between its claws, huge bell-eyes stared out far, made a piercing cry from its mouth, looking uneasy.

The Beast Deity slowly opened his eyes, frowning slightly, in the darkness, that lady seemed to make an exclamation.

In that indistinct howl, although already turned soft but like a savage wild beast charging over from afar, recklessly broke the silence. “Someone is here.” The Beast Deity indifferently said.

That lady in the darkness was silent for a moment, suddenly coldly said, “Didn’t expect someone to actually find this place, most likely must be that old man Yun YiLan sent someone over to their death, at the same time investigate your situation!”

The Beast Deity still looked that tired, still not concerned about anything, said, “Whatever, I can’t be bothered, but these people actually manage to enter so deep into the cave? Hearing the sounds, seemed to pass through where the black bat is at. But to be able to enter this cave, most likely they could also handle the black bat, but there is still a Black Tiger savage spirit, they can actually enter without any commotion, the Black Tiger also did not take any action, it is really not simple.”

The lady suddenly said, “Since you are already mortal, then with your current injuries, can you still handle these unknown enemies?”

The Beast Diety smiled, said, “I don’t know, but I am not worried.” That lady asked, “Why?”

The Beast Deity smiled and said, “With you around, what do I need to fear?”

That lady paused for a moment, sneered and said, “What is it to me whether you are dead or not, don’t assume I have helped you once, I will definitely help you this time. With your level of evil power, although we know each other but it is hard to tell when we will fall out, it is better if you die earlier!”

The Beast Deity coughed twice, his face still showing some pain but the smile on his face still remained, he looked at the darkness, said, “I will die sooner or later, just be rest assured. But before that, did you still want to study this Eight Savage Inferno Formation left by the shaman tribe? If I die, wouldn’t it all be in vain?”

The lady snorted, said, “The formation is here, what do I need to fear you would do?” The  Beast  Deity  smiled,  “Right  now  what  Eight  Savage Inferno Formation is left in the world, is only here and FenXiang Valley Inferno Altar. FenXiang Valley formation is already destroyed, leaving only this. You have not comprehend the formation’s enigma and only I can activate this formation and study it with you, if you have the Inferno Mirror, naturally you can activate this formation but pity you don’t have it!”

He paused, a faint melancholy flashed past its face, said, “You know it too, this formation was set up by LingLong to control me, if I die, this formation will also be gone too, as such, wouldn’t you get nothing in the end?”

That lady turned silent, after a long time said, “You win!
Fine, I will deal with these people.”

The Beast Deity slowly shook his head, said, “Not that I am cruel, it is because you yourself have concerns and therefore under other’s control. But…” He slowly looked up, looked into the darkness, said, “Can you tell me, who exactly it is for, that you must take the risk to be with me and study this formation?” There was no answer, silence all around, as if in that moment, that mysterious lady had already gone far.

The fire was still burning in the brazier, reflecting in the Beast Deity eyes.

The TaoTie slowly stood up, growling incessantly, looking extremely restless.

The Beast Deity watched the darkness ahead quietly…

Chapter 204 - Strange Man

Central Plains, outside HeYang City twenty miles.

The sky was gradually darkening, the pedestrians on the ancient path were gradually disappearing, the troubled times had arrived, the demons and devils on a rampage, although they were at the foot of the Good Faction giant Qing Yun Hill sect, but who knew what demon or evildoers they would meet.

Everyone only had one life, even if they were ordinary citizens, they would also treasure their lives, moreover the demon catastrophe had just passed, the people who survived, naturally would even more cherish their own lives.

Just that, there would still be a few, walking conspicuously on the road, the one leading was an elder, with immortal-like demeanour, holding a bamboo pole in his hand, an old cloth hung from it, ‘Immortal Guide’ four words written on it. Behind, a man and a woman, the man’s face was covered with a cloth, the woman delicate and adorable, although it was dark already but she was still concentrating on the black wordless cover book in her hand. They were obviously Zhou YiXian, Xiao Huan and Wild Dog Taoist.

On the road, they procrastinated, Zhou YiXian frequently pulled passersby aside, with dancing eyebrows, radiant face and all the majesty of an emperor, made up stories, Xiao Huan and Wild Dog Taoist naturally could not stand by and watch but those that were dragged off by him for fortune-telling, as what Zhou YiXian said previously, each one boosted in morale after the telling, as if finding the will to live again, left happily.

Until the end, Zhou YiXian’s money bag was full, Xiao Huan no longer bothered to care, only read her book. For these past days, Xiao Huan became more and more fascinated with the strange book left by Mr Ghost, not only reading it frequently while at rest, even when she was travelling, the book never left her hand. Right now the sky had turned dark, she did not seemed to notice at all, still fully absorbed with the book.

Wild Dog Taoist called out Zhou YiXian, said, “Senior, seems like we can’t reach HeYang City by today again, if we don’t find a place to stay, I’m afraid we will have to sleep outside.” Zhou YiXian looked at the sky, nodded, looked around but only saw darkness, not to say not any household around, even a dilapidated temple or house was seen.

Zhou YiXian coughed once, saw Wild Dog Taoist looking at him, his granddaughter instead did not make a single reaction, still behind Wild Dog Taoist, reading that black ghost book. Zhou YiXian had all along felt that it was not appropriate for his granddaughter to read this Ghost Way book but each time whenever he tried to speak badly of Ghost Way, how cruel and immoral it was, Xiao Huan would always beat him down with a single sentence.

“This evil sect skill has many more methods to save people, stronger than your physiognomy!”

Each time Zhou YiXian heard this, turned speechless, just that he was thick-skinned enough, refused to admit defeat but he couldn’t continue to persuade Xiao Huan abandon the Ghost Way.

Regardless what it was, Zhou YiXian felt it was an eyesore watching Xiao Huan reading that book, and so feeling slightly angry, said, “Xiao Huan, what time it is already, why are you still reading that Ghost book?”

Xiao Huan then lifted her head out of the book, glanced at Zhou YiXian, impatiently said, “Grandpa, the reason why we are travelling so slowly, it is not because that I am reading a book, it is because of you reading fortunes and scamming people.”

Zhou YiXian was non-plussed, his face turned slightly red, coughed twice, turned, with a dry laugh said, “Forget it, forget it, let’s not talk about this, I say, we don’t have a place to stay, we still have to think of a way!”

Wild Dog Taoist shook his head, said, “We can’t find any household to stay the night here, senior, you are more familiar with this area than us, try to think if there is any dilapidated temple or something similar around here, so we can deal with a night.”

Zhou YiXian snorted, sneered and said, “How did you know I am more familiar with this area, although I grew up in HeYang City but I have always roamed the earth, when was I familiar with this place...eh!”

He suddenly recalled something, even his words also paused halfway.

Xiao Huan and Wild Dog Taoist felt bewildered, Xiao Huan said, “Grandpa, what are you trying to say?”

Zhou YiXian frowning, as if he had thought of something but was unsure, slowly he turned and looked ahead, like he was trying hard to recall something.

“That...seems like I can still really remember, there is a split road not far ahead, going in from that small path, although a slight distance but there is indeed a house there.”

Xiao Huan and Wild Dog Taoist were both delighted, Xiao Huan smiling, said, “Really! Then what are we waiting for, let’s go quickly!” Zhou YiXian for some reason, appeared hesitated, still frowning, trying hard to recall something, said, “But something is amiss, it has been too long, I could only indistinctly recalled that there is indeed a house in this direction outside HeYang City, but that house doesn’t seem to be a good place. However, what exactly it is, I can’t recall again…”

Xiao Huan rolled her eyes at him, was the first to ignore him, saying, “Alright, let’s quickly go, at least there is a house, it doesn’t even matter how run-down it is, at least much better than without a roof!”

Xiao Huan was the first to go, Wild Dog Taoist naturally followed along.

Zhou YiXian was the last, couldn’t help but follow along, however he kept using his hand to gently hit his head, frowning and mumbling, “Just what kind of house is it? Why can’t I recall anything!”

After walking some distance, the sky had totally turned dark but with the assistance of a few faint stars, the three of them discovered a small path that had almost disappeared, heading deep towards the wilderness.

Xiao Huan and Wild Dog Taoist both nodded, headed towards the small path, Wild Dog Taoist even quickened his steps, while walking ahead of Xiao Huan, he scanned the surroundings with an alert eye. Only Zhou YiXian at the back, kept mumbling and looking disgruntled, seemed like he still couldn’t recall.

Just what was the background of that house in his memory and what was it for?

The small path turned out to be very long, the three of them after walking for an hour, still did not see any signs of the house, Xiao Huan became suspicious, turned and asked Zhou YiXian, “Grandpa, are you sure you didn’t recall incorrectly?”

Zhou YiXian being stared at by Xiao Huan, couldn’t help but feel guilty, with a dry laugh said, “This...this...you know that turning old, sometimes inevidently we will remember a little stuff incorrectly, but I really remember there is a house on this path, just that what was the purpose of that house, I can’t recall at the moment. And to say, it has been so many years, it is also possible that the house has been torn down, even if not, throughout the weathers, it might even have collapsed!”

Xiao Huan had nothing to say, shook her head and turned back.

Suddenly Wild Dog Taoist straightened his body and then loudly called out, “Quickly come over, the house is here.”

Both of them stunned, Zhou YiXian then turned pleased, laughed loudly said, “Ah ha, I told you! With my intelligence, how can I not remember this house here, how can I remember it wrongly!”

Xiao Huan ignored him, with quick steps she went over to Wild Dog Taoist, looked ahead, at the end of the small path, there was indeed a house, it occupied quite an area, just that looking from a distance, the yard unkept, the building in ruins, obviously abandoned for many years. Zhou YiXian slowly walked over, wagging his head, making clicking sounds with his mouth, he seemed to be still singing his own praises.

Xiao Huan rolled her eyes, angrily said, “Let’s go quickly!

After speaking, the three of them headed for the house, the night breeze blew over, it was rather chilly in the countryside, three of them shrank their necks.

Nearer, they could see it more clearly, this was really a derelict house, the fence walls had either collapsed or broken, even the courtyard’s entrance was left with only the door frame. As for the courtyard, there was only a house, the rooftop looked to have left only half of it, even the beams were exposed. There was still a door, unlatched, the entire house seemed to be built from wooden planks, exposed to the weather for a long time, a mouldy smell wafted over with the breeze.

Xiao Huan frowned but Zhou YiXian was rather happy, slowly entered the courtyard, peered around and saw other than overgrown weeds, there was nothing strange, although he still could not recall what kind of house it was, but at least there was no danger.

He turned to call Xiao Huan and Wild Dog Taoist in.

Xiao Huan walked over, hesitated, suddenly turned and spoke to Wild Dog Taoist, “Priest, did you notice, the layout of this house, we seemed to have seen it somewhere?”

Wild Dog Taoist was surprised, looked around, after a long time still failed to understand, shook his head and indicated that he did not know.

Zhou YiXian impatiently said, “What did you recall again, it has been such a long time, even your grandpa me don’t even remember this house, don’t tell me you have seen it?”

Xiao Huan shrugged, said, “You are right, forget it, let’s go in and take a look!” Zhou YiXian [hehe] laughed, waved his hand, said, “Let’s go.” After speaking, he led both of them up the stone steps to the house, [zhi ya] a groan the door was pushed opened.

While Zhou YiXian was standing at the entrance and peering into the dark house, Xiao Huan kicked onto something, looked down, it was a black sign, it seemed to have some words on it. Feeling curious, she crouched down, pulled it out from the ruins, brushed out the debris, looked carefully.

The next moment, Xiao Huan suddenly trembled, stepped back a few steps, even her face turned pale, with some anger, she loudly cried, “Grandpa, take a look at what this place is?”

Zhou YiXian turned around in shock, clearly he was unable to see anything from the darkness, said, “What! Xiao Huan?”

Xiao Huan pointed to his feet, angrily said, “Take a look yourself”

Zhou YiXian looked down, carefully looked at the wooden sign, suddenly stiffened, shook his head, using his hands to rub his eyes, looked again, suddenly with a loud cry, jumped down from the stairs, his body agile, nothing like an old man.

On that black sign, although the words had turned somehow indistinct but it still be recognized as ‘Morgue’ two words.

Xiao Huan feeling angry and afraid, angrily said to Zhou YiXian, “You...what kind of direction are you leading, again bring us to this type of ghostly place. The other time in HeYang City, you also did it once.”

Zhou YiXian turned red then white, extremely embarrassed, said, “This, this, didn’t I say it, I really only remember there is a house but I really can’t remember what it was used for, so, so it…”

Xiao Huan [pei] a sound, cut off his words, said, “You always have a lot to say, what’s more to say, let’s quickly go!”

Zhou YiXian hastily said, “Yes, yes, let’s go quickly, every time we encounter...this kind of place, we are always unlucky...eh!” He hurriedly turned around, while speaking he suddenly stopped, Xiao Huan and Wild Dog Taoist behind him almost crashed into him.

Xiao Huan poked her head out from the back, angrily said, “Grandpa, what are you doing again…”

Her voice, also suddenly stopped.

Right now, on this moonless windy night, under a few stars, before the deserted ghost house, the three of them stood speechless, before them, a human figure had just entered the courtyard.

The person was rather tall, his clothes looked rather high quality, just that from top to bottom he was very dirty, even his clothes was tore in a few places, barely could tell that it was originally dark-green colour, looking at the style, it seemed to be a Taoist’s robe.

For some reason, that person’s face seemed to be in the shadow, the three of them could not tell his features, but this person soundlessly appeared before them, like an apparition, a cold air rose up from their backs.

For a long time, the person like a rock, stood there unmoving, what was even more frightening to the three of them was that, from that person, they could not detect a single trace of living breath.

“Who...who exactly are you?” a quivering voice, Xiao Huan finally opened her mouth and asked.

The person did not react, not to say respond, but the next moment, the shadow that shrouded his face, suddenly like ghost fire, two faint dark red light lighted up, like a pair of strange eyes, staring deeply at them.


Suddenly, Zhou YiXian cried out, Xiao Huan and Wild Dog Taoist were shocked, turned and looked, Zhou YiXian was not looking at the person’s face, instead, he was looking at the person’s arm, saying, “That, that is Qing Yun sect’s symbol…” Ten thousand great mountains, Subdue Devil ancient cave.

The darkness seemed to be endless, blocking before Ghost Li and Jin PingEr. They had walked for a very long time but the path seemed endless. However, strangely, in this ancient cave, there seemed to be only one path, there was no other bifurcation, saving them the effort from getting lost.

Ever since after the Black Bat, after every certain distance, there would be one or a few powerful evil animals guarding, some of them even made Jin PingEr changed countenance. However Ghost Li, displayed skills never seen before, like splitting a bamboo, charged straight ahead, almost none of the evil animals were his match. Even the three-eyed monkey on his shoulder, its ferocity was appalling, the terrible end of the Black Bat, also happened on the other tyrannical beasts.

Jin PingEr did not make any attack at all but throughout, her countenance turned uglier and uglier. Ghost Li’s level of skills, the tremendous advancement, far surpassed her imagination, even at the end, she ruminated, within the Evil Sect, was there still anyone who could still exceed him? The man of great talent and bold vision Ghost King? Or that enigmatic Mr Ghost?

Right now, Ghost Li before Jin PingEr, hit out an extremely savage two-headed demon leopard, the huge body crashed heavily onto the sturdy stone walls, looked like it was more or less gone.

Without another look at the leopard, Ghost Li’s countenance did not change, continued to walk ahead, Xiao Hui on his shoulder instead seemed to be full of energy, looking all around. Jin PingEr behind them, passed by that leopard, turned to look, the huge body had entirely shrivelled up, all of its body essence seemed to be sucked out, this was naturally done by that Sinister Orb.

Just that this kind of demonic beast, it was an extremely intrepid animal, even though Ghost Li had the Soul-devouring stick with him but within a moment killing such a colossal demonic beast, this level of cultivation, it was not excelling, instead it was terrible. This man, exactly since when, his skills had improved such tremendously!

Jin PingEr felt more and more alarmed, her gaze watching Ghost Li’s back turned more and more complicated, right now, suddenly Ghost Li stopped, his face revealing him on high alert.

Jin PingEr was taken aback, along the way although there were many demon guardians but she had never seen Ghost Li so solemn, immediately focused and on guard, and indeed detected something was amiss.

After the death of the leopard, silence again descended, but right now in that shapeless darkness, a deep and faint song was heard: Little SongGang, the moon like frost, human like a floating sad cotton flower. More than ten years, three thousand years, let’s hope we do not forget each other after parting…

[Translator’s note: Little SongGang (⼩松岗), I am not sure if this refers to a person or a pine mound] That song was mournful, although faint but somehow every word was heard clearly. The voice initially was dreary but then they started to feel grief, as if in the unseen, mystical world, they followed the singer back three thousand years, again relived that unknown yet poignant gentleness.

Time like a knife heartless, what was warming your heart, was it only a pair of faintly smiling eyes?

Have you forgotten?

After many years, maybe another circle of vicissitudes of life?

What was it again that you remembered?

That empty void like memory, staring blankly at the darkness, far ahead.

Once, what did I once embrace? With you.

Xiao Hui suddenly [zhi zhi] called out, like extremely delighted, suddenly jumped down from Ghost Li’s shoulder, scurried with a [suo] into the darkness.

Chapter 205 - Heaven

Xiao Hui’s figure disappeared in a flash into the darkness, Ghost Li seemed taken aback by Xiao Hui’s action but he did not pursue, instead slowly looked up, listening to that faint singing from the darkness.

The voice seemed familiar, seemed to have heard it somewhere before?

The years, like this song, passed by in a hurry.

Jin PingEr walked up, carefully observed the surroundings, whispered, “What is it?”

Ghost Li did not answer, a complicated look was on his face instead. Xiao Hui’s voice could still be heard from the distance, after that [zhi zhi] cry, there seemed to be a slightly surprised [yi] cry. But soon, there was no sound from Xiao Hui, and that lingering song with resentment, also slowly ceased. In the dark cave, everywhere was a strange silence, as if there was something in the darkness watching them, Ghost Li’s eyes slowly became sharper, watching the darkness ahead. Jin PingEr seemed restless, the song just now, made her very uncomfortable, and the mysterious uncanny darkness, instinctively she felt an intense dislike.

Subconsciously she stepped closer to Ghost Li, she was about to speak when suddenly, a glint flashed from deep within the darkness, almost at the same time, Ghost Li and Jin PingEr’s countenances changed, what was different was, Ghost Li was stunned but Jin PingEr seemed to let out a long breath.

The long stream of white light, flashed from the darkness, extremely fast flew out, heading straight to where they were, Ghost Li stood where he was, and the white light as expected, flew past him and headed straight for Jin PingEr.

Jin PingEr sneered slightly, to her, she seemed to disregard this sudden attack, what she minded was, that unknown silence just now. The white light in a flash was before her, Jin PingEr’s face turned cold, a light shout, her right hand flipped, purple light surged, in Ghost Li’s Soul-devouring dark-green halo, brushed past an illusion-like green-purple light, struck down from the air, with extreme accuracy hit onto the white light.


The white light was actually cut into half, dispersed both sides, but not more than six chi, the two streams of white light again brightened, the shrunken forms, abruptly resumed its original sizes, and now two strange white halos with a whistle, turned and flew back, the momentum was two times swifter than previously.

Jin PingEr’s relaxed expression changed, snorted, the purple light again illuminated, this time two streams of purple lights lighted up, again cut the two white objects into half, became four and flew back out weakly.

However, the white lights were like demonic souls, again lighted up and swiftly resumed its original sizes, became four white objects, once again attacked Jin PingEr, the forces even faster.

Jin PingEr’s expression finally turned solemn, revealed her concentration, stepped back but in this deep cave, how much space would it have, soon she was surrounded by those strange white lights. She berated in a clear voice, the purple light flashed, those white lights were swiftly shot down or hit back by her but those little things were really strange, almost the next moment again resumed its energy, once again heartlessly attacked at Jin PingEr, those white lights being cut down by Jin PingEr slowly increased in numbers, and soon enveloped Jin PingEr.

Looking from afar, the white lights danced and hovered, slowly forming into a light cocoon, trapping Jin PingEr within.

Ghost Li watched as Jin PingEr fought harder and harder against those white lights but he did not lend a hand. However one could imagine, the mysterious person had not revealed himself, with this skill he could already trapped Jin PingEr, the person’s evil power strength could be seen, it was really not simple, most likely it would be that mysterious evildoer that the ferocious Black Tiger spirit mentioned. Watching as Jin PingEr’s situation was turning critical, but for some reason, although the white lights kept increasing but Jin PingEr could still hold on. The white lights’ increased their attacks speed, the sharp whistling sounds became louder, in the huge cave, the white light had already overwhelmed the original dark-green light. Watching as Jin PingEr was gradually overwhelmed and yet still could hold her fort, but nobody knew how long she could sustain.

Ghost Li suddenly moved, but it was not to Jin PingEr, instead he entered the darkness. Almost at the same time when he moved, the dark-green light which had protected him, ceased, the next moment, he vanished into the darkness.

Distantly, someone snorted.

The familiar darkness, the cold air energies flowed from all directions, in the distance, sounds of the white lights attacking could still be heard, but in the surroundings, it was strangely quiet.

Suddenly, the ground started to quake violently, even the walls also trembled, a loud sound was heard from the rooftop, several small stones and sand started to trickle down, everything became hazy.

In the deafening sound and chaos, the darkness seemed to deepen, and at this moment, the falling stones suddenly ceased, and for a moment, time seemed to pause, all were silent. The next moment, sharp whistles suddenly picked up, all of the stones and sand converged to form a huge tide, rushing towards some point in the darkness ahead.

The tide flood momentum was shocking, nothing could stop it, looking as it was about to reach the end of the darkness, suddenly, in the darkness, a fair and slender palm stretched out.

The fingers on that palm, the last finger erected, the fourth finger half bended, the thumb and middle finger lightly interlocked, forming a Buddhist-like seal but had none of the solemn and dignified aura, instead it had an inexplicable seduction and ghostly power.

The invisible energy, instantly froze upon that hand seal, in that instant, that palm seemed to expand several times in size, like an enormous palm, blocked before that tide, and the next moment, watching carefully, that palm or the slender fingers, nothing had changed. However the surging flood, was blocked in mid air with a deafening sound, the innumerable huge rocks lost their impetus, fell loudly, dust and sands flew everywhere.

Ghost Li who had disappeared, suddenly flashed out from the swirling stones and sand, like lightning leapt towards that hand.

The fair hand’s sign changed, four fingers half erected, the thumb from the middle horizontally clasped out, pressed down, almost at the same time, Jin PingEr’s shouted, the purple light which had been suppressed by the white light suddenly exploded, purple halo burst out, for a moment purple light illuminated brightly.

But although it looked as if Jin PingEr had broke through the white light’s control, on the contrary, her countenance looked terrible. The numerous scattered white lights again converged, forming into an enormous white light wall, in an instant, like a burning wall, with speed of a fury wave swiftly heading towards Ghost Li. Before the wall reached Ghost Li, Ghost Li already felt suffocated, his body in the mid-air wavered, the power of that light wave was so strong, if he were to collide with it, there was a possibility of his bones smashing into pieces.

However his countenance did not change, as if he did not regard the danger behind him, increased in speed towards that white palm. Just that although he was fast, the light wave was really like a lightning, from far to near, it was already at his back, looking soon to swallow his figure.

Jin PingEr from far, couldn’t help but softly cried out.

In the darkness, that white hand, seemed to tremble slightly.

And at this moment, Ghost Li’s left hand suddenly stretched to the back, the thumb clasped inwards tightly into the palm, the middle finger half bent, three fingers straight as mountains, forming into an authentic Buddhist Vajra seal. Looking at the power pushing out with his hand, the Buddhist aura solemn and dignified, giving one a heavy feeling like a mountain. This push, was the supernatural power that Sakyamuni with his immense benevolence used to move mountains!

Soundless yet there was thunder!

In darkness illuminating brightly!

Instantly, golden light lit brightly from his palm, Buddhist incantation flashed past, that wave of fury stopped abruptly, crashed into this Buddhist seal.


Like a meteor crashing onto earth, rumbling far off, unceasingly, the strange light within this cave burst out, brilliant and dazzling, like innumerable colourful eyes opening at the same time, twinkling with lights, mesmerizing.

The white light wall dispersed, showering like meteor rain. Only darkness ahead, like always!

Ghost Li had already reached that hand.

He stretched out his hand, right hand, and grabbed that hand.

The fair hand flipped up, did not retreat, the five fingers like claws, met up in mid-air, Ghost Li’s right hand past it instantly, avoiding the nails which turned as sharp as knives, grabbed towards the wrist.

The mysterious figure’s hand turned, actually avoided, his fingers like knife, cut towards Ghost Li’s right hand wrist. Immediately, both hands in mid-air moved swiftly like lightning, each stroke harshly towards the other party, yet each time the other party avoided it, returning the attack with even more vicious strokes.

Just that in this intense moment, there was no sound, this level of fight, life and death was already in a moment of breath, but both palms, never once met. Until, the meteor rain finally ceased, darkness regained, shrouded all of the light.

Deep in the darkness, suddenly a light sound.


The sound was clear yet muffled, without any malevolent aura, yet it was like during childhood, when both hands gently slapped together.

Then, silence resumed.

Grabbed, that hand.

Held, that hand.

Felt, no murderous aura, no evil power, yet only, gentleness and warmth. Like suddenly, Heaven and Earth rotated, traversing thousands of mountains and rivers, green sea blue sky, all within embrace. Those each and every gentle and soft figures, were all beside, never once left.

Just like that, a lifetime of happiness, happy for a lifetime, living through free and unfettered…

Wasn’t this paradise, could this be life?

Just be drunk from now, not going to be sober, would it be better?

The darkness, could it be it was also bewitching someone?

Just that, when he abruptly opened his eyes in the darkness, both eyes like blood, lifted his head and howled long!

That hand trembled violently suddenly, shrank back, Ghost Li’s dark green light exploded, the Soul-devouring stick appeared on his hand instantly, Sinister Orb’s dark red light completely it up, evil power leaping up, towards the deepest corner of the darkness, stabbed in.


That space suddenly froze, the entire darkness froze hard like rock, but the Soul-devouring stick was blunt and without cutting edge, for some reason, the realm formed by the strong evil power, was helpless against it, stabbed by the Soul- devouring stick like smashing bamboo.

Finally, someone angrily snorted lightly, the darkness instantly dispersed, a figure flew out one zhang, avoiding the Soul-devouring evil unstoppable power.

Just that in that instant, Ghost Li’s figure like shadow attached over, that mysterious figure was shrouded in darkness, without panicking, again stretched out a hand, this time five fingers joined together, forming a delicate fist, hit over at Ghost Li. Ghost Li’s countenance instead changed slightly, his figure paused, frowning, the redness in his eyes immediately dispersed, even Soul-devouring stick disappeared from his hand.

Just that he opened his arms, both arms raised up, meeting this seemed-ordinary delicate fist, slowly drawing down in the air, dignified as a mountain, light yet like flowing water, the next moment, gentle clear light floated, between his arms, in mid air, a TaiJi pattern slowly appeared.

Tai Ji Xuan Qing Way.

That fist hit over, landed right in the middle, it actually slowly sank in, making a pit down in the image.

Ghost Li turned pale slightly, almost in that instant, his breathing also stopped. But next moment, that TaiJi diagram slowly rotated, and that fist within it although taut but did not break, instead, with the increasing speed of the rotation, the enormous evil power within that silence, by this Taoist supreme true way’s flexible power, bit by bit dissolved. The diagram spinned faster and faster, even the hand started to tremble, the mysterious figure again snorted, but this time it carried some pain, evidently the Tai Ji Xuan Qing Way’s power, was not trivial.


A low howl, the diagram dispersed, and that fair hand also returned to the darkness, as if it had been peaceful.

Suddenly Ghost Li leapt up, the deep darkness seemed unable to stop him at all, as if even though it was darkness, he had a pair of eyes concealed within his heart, slowly clearly looking at the road.

That mysterious man in the darkness was retreating, his figure flying fast, Ghost Li was pursuing relentlessly. The two people in this ancient cave, in that deepest darkness, instead flew faster and faster, transforming into two swift lightnings in the darkness, flashing past the deepest corner of the cave. This flight, seemed endless, the darkness like a ferocious beast brandished its claws and bared its fangs and then in an instant fell behind, and even further away, numerous unknown darkness waited. The swift wind assaulted the face like knives, in that flint-spark moment, who would you think of?

The pursue was like life, never ending, just that until much later, not knowing if you are lost, or forgotten your original intention!

Without knowing how much time had passed, without knowing how long the journey was, only knowing the road slowly headed down, as if it had already reached deep into the earth, and silence behind, Jin PingEr had long been shaken off, not knowing where.

The mysterious figure suddenly stopped, turned, facing the direction they had came, Ghost Li immediately realized this, also paused.

In the darkness, both of them facing each other, did not speak. After a moment, Ghost Li’s dark-green light again lit, illuminating the surroundings, just that the darkness ahead, the light seemed unable to reach it.

The mysterious figure suddenly said, “Remarkable powers!”

The voice was gentle and pleasing, although brief words but for some reason, made one felt a strange feeling of being moved.

Ghost Li watched that darkness, his face calm, his voice was too, did not looked as if he had experienced a shocking battle with that person, said, “You flatter.”

The lady’s voice coldly laughed, said, “The battle skills just now, you in an instant moment, used Evil sect true way, Tian Yin Temple Great Brahman Wisdom Buddhist power and Qing Yun sect Tai Ji Xuan Qing Way Taoist true way, three sects supreme powers as according to situations, changing them without a moment’s hesitation, it can be seen you have achieve mastery through a comprehensive studies. And the three sects’ cultivations are not meager, just that Tai Ji Xuan Qing Way cultivation, is so powerful, I’m afraid other that DaoXuan old man, in Qing Yun sect, nobody can match you.” She slowly paused, then drawled on every word, “Your cultivation, why did it improve so tremendously?”

Ghost Li did not speak, looking at that ball of darkness, suddenly  laughed,  slowly  said,  “Why,  my  training  is  so successful, you find it very strange?”

In the darkness shadow, suddenly a familiar [zhi zhi] cries, the next moment, a figure scurried out, looking at it carefully, grey fur, long tail, it was Xiao Hui. It grinned, scratched its head, jumped a few times on the ground, returned back to Ghost Li, again scurried up his shoulder, and sat down, its tail still swinging behind it.

The lady in the darkness did not speak, turned silent.

Ghost Li watched that darkness, feelings slowly appeared in his eyes, his voice seemed to turn gentle, smiled and said, “It’s you right? I really never expected, to meet you here.”

That concealed figure lady suddenly [pei] a sound, said, “You still remember me, don’t you already have a bewitchingly charming lady beside you?”

Ghost Li was surprised, felt somehow embarrassed, laughed bitterly, said, “What nonsense are you saying?”

That lady evidently was feeling annoyed, coldly said, “Doing so, aren’t you afraid of letting down that person who is still lying on that ice-cold bed?”

Ghost Li shook his head said, “You misunderstood, I do not know this place, it is Ghost King sect head who ordered her to lead the way.” He paused, faintly said, “What kind of man I am, it is not as if you don’t know.”

The lady snorted but she seemed not to be that angry anymore, said, “How would I know what kind of person you are, I only know there is never a good man!”

Ghost Li frowned, shook his head slightly, laughed bitterly and did not reply. The darkness slowly scattered, under the illumination of Ghost Li’s dark-green light, a figure slowly emerged. Xiao Hui [zhi zhi zhi zhi] grinned at that figure, looking very intimate.

In the faint light, that lady was movingly beautiful, extremely lovable, if she wasn’t the Nine-tailed celestial fox Xiao Bai who had been missing for a long time, who would it be?

Chapter 206 - Mysterious Person

Central Plains, outside HeYang City, derelict morgue.

In the wilds, at a glance, the topography looked rather levelled, other than from a vantage point towards the north, lofty towering Qing Yun mountain ranges in the far distance, it was rare to see undulating hills in the other directions. All around trees grew densely and unorderly, big and small scattered everywhere on this countryside, and around the morgue, a few trees sparsely stood.

When the sky was at its darkest, in addition with the thick clouds in the horizon, concealed the moon, only a few stars emitting weak light at the border, illuminating this deserted ground. Tonight the wind blew, not especially strong but when it brushed past the treetops, the branches swayed, black shadows flashed, making [sha sha] sounds, hearing it when the wind blew, felt especially chilly.

Zhou YiXian and Xiao Huan, Wild Dog Taoist the three of them stared intently at that mysterious figure in front of them. Ever since Zhou YiXian discovered that person, it had been a while, but that person was like a zombie, stood there unmoving, just that he was blocking the entrance, the three of them was unable to leave.

Xiao Huan composed herself, suppressed her voice and whispered  to  Zhou  YiXian,  “Grandpa,  did  you  really  see carefully, he is wearing Qing Yun sect robe?”

Wild Dog Taoist also turned his head over, listening attentively.

Zhou YiXian glanced at that still figure, then nodded his head firmly, said, “I won’t be wrong, look at that symbol of sword on his sleeve, it is definitely Qing Yun sect.”

Xiao Huan whispered, “Isn’t Qing Yun sect a proper Good Faction sect, how can it be that they will come here to frighten people in the middle of the night?”

Wild Dog Taoist also nodded, clearly even though he had never liked the Good Faction, also did not really believe Qing Yun sect disciples would do such things. Zhou YiXian rolled his eyes at them, coughed once, no matter what, although it was a shock when they first discovered that person but after sometime, even though that person was still strangely mysterious but he did not made any move to attack them or looked hostile, Zhou YiXian couldn’t help but feel braver.

He  slowly  walked  up,  laughed  dryly  twice,  said,  “This person...this thing...sir, please forgive us for intruding, we did not know that this is your residence…”

“Grandpa!” Xiao Huan called out from behind, interrupting Zhou YiXian, her tone slightly infuriated. And that person in front suddenly moved slightly, as if reacting to Zhou YiXian’s words.

Zhou YiXian frowned but immediately recovered, this was a mortuary, to say this was the person’s residence, wouldn’t it be like scolding the person was a dead living ghost…

Zhou YiXian felt a chill down his back, quickly with a perfunctory  smile,  said,  “This,  this...what  I  am  saying,  the three of us were taking a stroll in the middle of the night, came here by mistake, we do not have any other intention, Sir please do not mind. We did not see anything, did not see anything, we will leave now, leaving now.”

After speaking, he turned and signalled with his eyes at them, the three of them bit the bullet, slowly headed towards the side, thinking to walk past this person. Unexpectedly after a few steps, a flash before them, that black figure was blocking in front of them, and the distance this time was nearer, Xiao Huan even could smell the indistinct blood stench on this person.

Above them a dark and windy night, in front of them a dark suppressing figure swept over, Zhou YiXian and the rest turned pale, Xiao Huan even exclaimed out, jumped back a few steps, couldn’t wait to stay as far as possible from the black figure.

Xiao Huan’s cry, although was subconscious and as a girl, would naturally felt repulsed by such things, but to the others, it was a different matter. Zhou YiXian and Wild Dog Taoist jumped, Zhou YiXian quickly turned around and Wild Dog Taoist, for some reason, had courage from somewhere, with a roar..erm, more like a dog bark, jumped out, blocked in front of Xiao Huan and Zhou YiXian, at the same time a halo shimmered in his hand, he had already wielded his fang magical weapon.

In the dark night, that faint yellow halo although was faint but it looked in fact warm.

Xiao Huan from Wild Dog reaction, was stunned too, did not understand why. And at that moment, the figure whose face was shrouded in the shadow suddenly moved.

That person stretched out his hand straight, a strange energy immediately surfaced, however it was definitely not Qing Yun sect orthodox power. Wild Dog Taoist knew this person was unfathomable but with a girl standing behind him, no matter what he could not back down, with an angry roar, the fang weapon glowed brightly, hit towards that person.

In the morgue, darkness in that instant was driven away by Wild Dog Taoist, on his face, for that moment, he saw that the person had no intention of defending, looked slightly stunned and a few degrees of delight. The next moment, the fang weapon hit squarely onto that figure’s chest, the person who looked extremely mysterious, extremely powerful, actually did not avoid the heavy blow from Wild Dog Taoist.

Wild Dog Taoist could not believe it himself, Zhou YiXian and Xiao Huan were also stunned, the fang weapon shone brightly with yellow light, a strong air of victory, just that the next moment, three of them sensed something amissed.

That person whom was hit by Wild Dog Taoist, did not even wavered, although Wild Dog Taoist’s skills were far from Ghost Li that kind of level but he was after all a Evil sect disciple who had practised for many years, this hit was also not light, normal people would have felt their blood and energies in a turmoil, either dead or half-dead.

And yet this strange person, seemed to have no feeling, following closely, the next moment, that person quietly snorted, Wild Dog Taoist suddenly with a surprise cry, without seeing how that person moved, the hand which was stretched out was back before him, caught hold of Wild Dog Taoist’s weapon. His own weapon caught by other, this was an extremely dangerous move to cultivated martial artists, how could Wild Dog Taoist not be angry and agitated, with a shout, he exerted all power to summon his weapon back. Unexpectedly that fang remained in that person’s hand, he did not seemed to use any force but that weapon had no reaction to its master’s power.

That person’s head looked down, looked at the object in his hand and then for the first time spoke, his voice hoarse, almost inaudible but carrying an obvious disdain tone, coldly said, “Insignificant   demons   and   evil   spirits,   dare   to   display unbridled behaviour here!”

Wild Dog Taoist felt anger and shock, was about to wield his weapon again, suddenly heard Zhou YiXian urgently said, “Back away, quickly back away…”

Wild Dog Taoist was shocked, reflectively backed a few steps, about to ask Zhou YiXian when that person’s hand suddenly tightened, the fang emitted [ka ka] piercing sounds like broken bones, Wild Dog Taoist was taken aback and saw yellow light burst out and then dispersed immediately, in the [ka ka] sounds, like a beast final roar, struggled in pain. With a loud sound, Wild Dog Taoist’s weapon, was crushed into pieces by that person’s bare hand, the broken pieces like knives, shot out, [tut tut] sounds unceasingly, all hit out at where Wild Dog Taoist was standing before.

Wild Dog Taoist felt horrified and anguish, for a moment speechless. That strange person’s face was still shrouded by a mysterious shadow, the three of them unable to see his face, only heard his low hoarse voice, slowly looking up at the sky but the black shadow was still shrouding his face, an inexplicable strangeness. After destroying the fang, he seemed to have vent his feelings, slowly started laughing coldly, hearing it, together with this strange morgue and howling wind, Zhou YiXian and the rest all had goosebumps.

Zhou YiXian felt uneasy, suddenly he looked intently at that strange person’s arm, on the arm that had crushed the fang, a faint dark-green light surfaced, and that light was completely different from the person’s aura, pure and warm, it was the supreme essence and pureness of Taoist true way realm.

Zhou YiXian lifted up his head in shock, stepped forward, for a moment cast away his worries, ignoring Xiao Huan and Wild Dog Taoist’s surprise tugs, said, “Who exactly are you Sir? Wearing Qing Yun sect robes, and practising not lower than Shang Qing Realm Tai Ji Xuan Qing Way, which Qing Yun sect’s great master are you, actually doing such ridiculous thing at this time?”

The dark-green light flashed and disappeared, the person slowly turned to Zhou YiXian, from his mysterious strange dark shadow, Zhou YiXian felt a chill down his entire body.

The person hoarsely and coldly said, “You sure know quite a lot!”

Zhou YiXian snorted, his face solemn, kept assessing that person, the bemused expression on his face became heavier, in a  deep  voice  said,  “Sir  is  really  from  Qing  Yun  sect,  and definitely not an ordinary disciple but who exactly are you, and for what reason, making trouble here?”

That person sneered but did not answer, Zhou YiXian suddenly sensed, turning back, it was Xiao Huan who was lightly tugging his sleeve, whispered, “Grandpa, this person’s ghostly aura, I can feel, there is not a single roaming spirit around this morgue, most likely scared off by this person. If not, I would know something is not right here. A person like that, how can it be from Qing Yun sect?”

Zhou YiXian looked uncertain, his expression complicated, clearly his thoughts were also in a mess, facing this mysterious person yet had deep connections with Qing Yun sect, he did not look as terrified as he was usually, instead looked to be in thoughts.

That strange person’s attention slowly focused on Zhou YiXian, assessed him from top to bottom, suddenly coldly laughed, a cold voice said, “Who cares who you are, whoever dares to go against me, all have to die!”

Once he spoke, his hand raised up, Zhou YiXian saw dark- green light in his hand, paled and couldn’t even speak, suddenly both hands waved together, raised up to his chest. Between his right and left first and middle fingers, yellow talisman papers appeared, twisting strange incantations drawn on it, slightly wavering in the wind.

The light in the mysterious hand gradually became brighter, facing straight at Zhou YiXian and the rest, Zhou YiXian without hesitation, suddenly chanted, did not retreat instead advance, stepped forward, in his stride, following his chants, the two yellow talisman started to burn, two balls of small fire, suddenly appeared in the darkness, seemed especially bright.

This strange behaviour seemed to make the mysterious man hesitated, or maybe it triggered some memory, made his movement slightly paused, heard him made a surprised [yi] sound.

The talisman burned, Zhou YiXian’s white beard fluttered, suddenly with a loud shout, both hands flung, the balls of fires floated out from his fingers, hovered in the air. Following which a loud bang, two small balls of fires increased suddenly, became a raging ball of several chi wide fire, blocked in front of Zhou YiXian and the mysterious person.

[Roar], in the fire, a white huge tiger, vigorous and powerful, opened its huge mouth and made a mighty roar, leapt up and pounced towards that person.

The mysterious man snorted, did not make any move to retreat, the dark-green light in his right hand flashed, struck down, no matter how ferocious that huge tiger was, this strike hit directly onto the tiger’s forehead. In that instant the dark- green light attacked over, the white tiger looked like it still wanted to struggle, brandishing its claws but after a moment, after making a final reluctant angry roar, the entire body suddenly infused with dark-green light and following a wave of trembling, the huge body suddenly exploded, a few dying flames remained, glimmered in the air and disappeared.

Almost at the same time the tiger disappeared, in that huge ball of flames, a lion with red mane appeared, while emitting a loud roar, it again pounced over to the mysterious man. However that man evidently was highly skilled, almost not even looking at it, again struck down, that lion ending was the same as the white tiger.

Just that this skill displayed by Zhou YiXian was really unusual, although the illusions could not withstand a blow from the enemy but in that ball of fire, there were infinite number of ferocious beasts illusions. After the tiger and lion, more and more illusions conjured out from the fire, and with increasing speed, different ferocious beasts like: Wild boar, leopard, hippopotamus, giant elephant, spiritual deer, bobcats etc, emerging endlessly and each majestic, all unusual and extremely ferocious. However this time the mysterious man, seemed to really have unfathomable divine power, facing this endless stream of strange beasts, he did not even pant, only casually waved his arm, after each strike, even how ferocious the beasts were, would also be eliminated.

In the intense fight, that mysterious man suddenly humphed, suddenly his strikes changed into a swept, immediately dark- green light surged, a round bright light directly rolled over, with imposing momentum, invincible. That ball of burning fire encountering this beam of dark-green light, defended for a short while and eventually stabbed straight through by the light.

In the air, immediately thousands of beasts’ roars sounded but after which the sounds ceased, the fire disappeared, leaving only two yellow fireballs of talisman about to be incinerated completely, slowly drifted down.

In the morgue, peace temporarily resumed, and on the other side of the courtyard, the three of them whom had just sneaked to the walls and intended to escape, clearly did not expect that their enemy could broke through Zhou YiXian’s spell so quickly. Without the illusions obstructing, to turn and run would obviously be a foolish thought, the three of them paused then slowly turned back. And that mysterious person slowly walked over, the heavy aura of death, in the morgue, a stifling atmosphere.

Zhou YiXian frowning tightly, obviously was contemplating something but as the black figure came nearer, he only felt that life and death was only a breath away.

Xiao Huan’s expression changed, about to go forward but before she did, Zhou YiXian already pulled her back, he quietly said, “Nonsense, this person is not simple, it is not something you this child can handle.”

Xiao Huan was surprised, looked at Zhou YiXian stunned, she seemed never once seen her grandfather so tense and grave.

Then, the approaching figure paused, a hoarse voice coldly said, “The illusion spell that you conjured just now, is it…” The mysterious man spoke halfway, Zhou YiXian suddenly disregarded everything, both arms raised up, appearing in his palms were more than eight pieces of yellow talismans.

The night breeze blew, the eight talisman burned at the same time, the fires, seemed to dance in his palms, illuminating his eyes.

“Dai!  Five  ding  ghosts,  underworld  quickly  return;  void shadow form conceal, so your lives I summon!”

In his shout, in the morgue, strong wind suddenly blew, sand and stones swept up, from all directions blew in. That mysterious man paused, seemed surprised also, paid attention to the surroundings, Zhou YiXian’s incantation once spoke, in the air [hong hong hong hong hong] five muffled sounds rang out beside, the three of them wavered slightly and then quietened down again.

The wild winds howled, rolling up the yellow sands, gusting towards that mysterious man, his clothes flapped. But in the wind, the dark shadow surrounding his face did not change, he instead sneered. That man abandoned the three of them, suddenly stepped back six steps, a light shout, his left hand stabbed down, dark- green light instantly pierced in, the solid earth immediately exploded, for some reason, while the dark-green light was flickering, the three figures suddenly started to shake violently and under the ground, a cry of pain was heard.

“Ai ya!”

The dark-green light vanished, in the morgue, the force of the wind reduced drastically, the sands and stones also gradually settled. The next moment, where the three of them stood, a sound of explosion was heard, and then a large hole appeared, the three figures were actually an illusion.

And in the hole, with cries of exclamation and pain, [pu tong pu tong] three figures staggered out, who else other than Zhou YiXian and the rest. The three were covered with dirt, Zhou YiXian even had bruises, obviously suffered an attack but it seemed like before he could be concerned about these, he looked towards that mysterious man, a shocked expression. The mysterious man stood coldly afar, watching them, he humphed and said, “Didn’t expect that you actually even know ‘Five Ding Golden Jia’, ‘Small Ghost Transport’ these long-lost spells, and could even display these two spells with ‘Earth Escape’, I almost look down on you, just these spells, I’m afraid in the world no one can surpass you.”

Zhou YiXian looked solemn, although he looked comical but this moment he instead said in a deep voice, “How did you see through it?”

That man indifferently said, “Didn’t you said I am from Qing Yun sect, these Jianghu small skills, were Qing Yun sect founder’s special skills, even if I don’t know the skills, shouldn’t I at least able to tell it?”

Zhou YiXian slowly stood up, his mind instead was thinking, this time facing this mysterious man, he really felt that he could not handle him, not to mention his high skills, most likely in the world, it would be hard to find someone who could match him. And what was even more mystifying, this person was from Qing Yun sect and his skills seemed even higher than Tai Ji Xuan Qing Way, a rare occurrence but yet this person had strong vicious energy, this was never seen before, how could there be such a person and why would he appear in this derelict morgue in the middle of the night?

Chapter 207 - Reunited

Qing Yun Hill, Big Bamboo Valley.

Outside Observed Silence Hall, the Big Bamboo Valley disciples, from Song Daren to Du BiShu, standing in line outside the door, all had anxiety on their face, kept glancing into Observed Silence Hall.

After a while, footsteps sounded from inside the hall, a lady walked out, it was Small Bamboo Valley WenMin.

Song Daren and the rest of the disciples crowded over, Song Daren was acquainted with WenMin, noticing WenMin coming out alone, quietly asked, “How is our teacher’s wife?”

WenMin nodded her head, softly said, “Su teacher uncle is fine now, she suddenly felt dizzy during her return, my teacher said it could be because she worries too much, right now my teacher is accompanying her, she is already conscious.” Song Daren and the rest heaved a sigh of relief at the same time but none of them looked happy.

Du BiShu made a face, said, “This is really a bolt from the blue! There is no news from teacher and now even teacher’s wife nearly met with a mishap…”

“Shut up!”  Song Daren shouted while frowning, Du BiShu forced a smile, shook his head and kept quiet.

Song Daren turned to WenMin, said, “Did our teacher’s wife ask you to relay any messages to us?”

WenMin shook his head, said, “No, Su teacher uncle only spoke in whispers to my teacher, after a exchanging a few words, teacher asked me to leave the room too, seems like there are some things she did not want me to know.”

Song Daren had a troubled look, said, “This...this…” WenMin saw his anxiousness, felt reluctant, comforted him and said, “Song senior brother, don’t be too worried, anyway no matter how serious the things are, isn't there still Su teacher uncle and my teacher! Now that things have changed, Su teacher uncle also look physically and mentally exhausted, the affairs here you will have to take on more responsibilities.”

Song Daren sighed, nodded and said, “You are right.”

He was silent for a moment, turned and spoke to other disciples, “Alright, alright, since we know that teacher’s wife is fine, I say let’s not all stand here anymore, if not if teacher’s wife knows about this, it will make her more troubled. Let’s all go back to our own rooms, we still need to do the homeworks that we should be doing, I will be here to stay guard first.”

Wu DaYi, He DaZhi and Du BiShu and the rest looked at each other, after a moment of silence, the second, Wu DaYi nodded and said, “This is also good, let’s listen to big senior brother.” After speaking, he turned to Song Daren and said, “Big senior brother, let me take over you in a while!” Song Daren was about to decline, He DaZhi patted his shoulder, said, “Big senior brother, you instruct us to rest well, you yourself should not treat it lightly too, teacher’s wife will not like you this way.”

Song Daren made a bitter laugh, nodded. Everyone dispersed, only Song Daren and WenMin remained outside the hall, silent.

Both of them looked at each other, WenMin suddenly blushed, slowly looked down, Song Daren coughed once, felt his heart palpitating, quickly composed himself, after two dry laughs, said, “Wen...junior sister, didn’t you recently travel to southern border with your Small Bamboo Valley Lu XueQi, why did you come back so fast?”

WenMin shook her head, said, “I did travel to southern border, originally didn’t intend on coming back so early but something strange came up over there, after discussing with Lu junior sister, we felt that that is something not trivial and so I came back first to report to teacher and the various elders, Lu junior sister remains there and will act according to circumstances.” Song  Daren  was  stunned,  said,  “What  is  it,  that  is  so important?”

WenMin hesitated, glanced around and went near Song Daren, whispered a few words in his ears, before she finished, Song Daren’s countenance had already changed.

After WenMin finished and stepped back, standing before him and looking at him, quietly sighed and said, “Now you know the reason for my urgent return!”

Song Daren’s expression was uncertain, after a long time, he spoke in a daze, “This...is really troubled times!”

WenMin was silent for a long time, quietly said, “Who doesn’t agree! I also feel that it is really one trouble after another, in addition after I return, our sect again happened this...sigh!”

With her sigh, she did not continue on, Song Daren stood with her, suddenly felt that this lady beside him looked thinner, felt even more delicate, couldn’t help but slowly stood nearer.

WenMin was pondering with her head low, seemed did not detect it but her lips twitched slightly, did not say anything, only quietly stood.

The two figures, standing like that quietly outside the hall.

From far, the big bamboo valley bamboos swayed in waves, warm sunlight shone down, the blue and clear sky, it was an awesome day, clear skies for a thousand miles, a beautiful sight, warmly watching the mortal world.

In the courtyard of Observed Silence Hall, in the secluded room, the two ladies facing each other.

ShuiYue Master was silent for a long while, said, “Junior sister, why don’t you go to the bed and lie down for a while!” SuRu slowly shook her head, although she looked tired but she was still determined and quietly said, “I won’t go, even if I lie down I won’t be able to sleep.”

ShuiYue Master sighed, said, “Junior sister, don’t have to worry too much, like what I have just told you, no matter what, Tian BuYi disappeared at the same time as sect head senior brother, you did not actually see that he met with...any misfortune, and so don’t imagine things. And furthermore, although DaoXuan senior brother is somehow strange recently but his cultivation is almost supernatural, far above us, his determination is also so, Tian BuYi is his many years of junior brother, he definitely will not act recklessly.”

SuRu was silent, her eyes started to turn slightly red again.

ShuiYue Master shook her head, stood up, paced in the room and obviously also looked troubled. Right now the mess in Qing Yun sect, even ordinary disciples also could tell, not to say them who already knew some inside news.

SuRu forced a smile, changed the topic, said, “Senior sister, why did you come to TongTian Peak suddenly today?” ShuiYue Master annoying said, “Isn’t it for that FenXiang Valley Yun YiLan’s annoying thing, actually wanted to discuss with sect head senior brother, didn’t expect something big like this would happen, until the end even the dignified sect head is also missing.”

SuRu frowning, asked,”FenXiang Valley master Yun YiLan?
What matter does he have that is related to our Qing Yun?”

ShuiYue Master sneered said, “My branch disciple Lu XueQi and WenMin are sent to southern border to trace the location of the evildoer, you know right?”

SuRu nodded and said, “I know! I was just wondering! Why did WenMin return so early and is with you, that Lu XueQi is also back?”

ShuiYue Master shook her head, said, “XueQi is not back yet, this is after both of them discussed and decided to have WenMin return first to report to me.”

SuRu asked, “What happened?” ShuiYue Master said, “When they were paying a visit to that Yun YiLan at southern border, Yun YiLan suddenly asked them, whether is it true that our Qing Yun sect Zhu Xian ancient sword is damaged!”

SuRu’s expression changed greatly, asked in shock, “What?”

ShuiYue Master coldly laughed, said, “Even you are also in shock right! When I heard it, I was really taken aback, Yun YiLan being thousands of miles away, how did he know such a big secret? That day DaoXuan senior brother warned us those who were present at the scene as if he was guarding against thieves, is because he is afraid this will be leaked, do you still remember?”

SuRu was silent for a long while, the worry in her eyes increased, sighed and said, “This is really bad things travel thousand miles.”

ShuiYue Master paced, said, “And did you wonder, why did Yun YiLan say those words to those few juniors?” SuRu slowly nodded, said, “I am also thinking about this, if to say he did it because we are all fellow Good Faction, he should not bring it up in public, instead he should hide it for us; if it is not, he is harbouring bad intentions but he should be instead keeping it a secret, waiting for the correct opportunity, this is what he this kind of people should do.”

“That’s right!”  ShuiYue Master loudly snorted, said, “The problem is this, Yun YiLan this old man looked as if he has done a foolish thing that only a fool would do, both aspects do not gain favour yet we all know that this person is not a fool, and instead is a cunning sly person, but what did he exactly intended to do, it is really bewildering.”

SuRu thought for a long while, suddenly massaged her forehead, her face revealing pain.

ShuiYue Master was shocked, quickly walked over and supported her, reproaching herself, “Look at me, you are troubled enough and I am still telling you all these, alright, not saying anymore, not saying anymore…” SuRu smiled bitterly, said, “Sigh...if it was in the past, with sect head senior brother presiding over the situation, we need not even be worried about these, but now that Qing Yun sect itself is in a mess, the situation outside is also very chaotic, not knowing how many enemies are glaring us like a tiger eyeing its prey, really don’t know what to do…”

ShuiYue Master frowned and then gently said, “Junior sister, don’t say anymore, look at how tired you are. Didn’t I tell you, sect head senior brother although behave eccentrically these days but his cultivation is remarkable, his will steadfast, we don’t have to fear anything at all.”

SuRu  shook  her  head  and  said,  “Senior  sister,  you  don’t understand, sect head senior brother although is highly skilled but Zhu Xian ancient sword vicious energies backlash will get stronger and stronger, his cultivation although is high, only afraid he will sink in even deeper…”

ShuiYue Master was taken aback, said, “What did you say?”

SuRu was suprised, then realized the words had slipped off her tongue, was about to cover it up, ShuiYue Master frowning tightly, walked before her, solemnly said, “Junior sister, just what secrets does the Zhu Xian ancient sword still has, since you know, quickly tell me.”

SuRu was silent for a long while, sighed a long breath, said, “Forget it, since it has already come to this, sooner or later it cannot be hide anymore, senior sister, I will tell you!”

Southern border ten thousand great mountains, deep inside Subdue Devil ancient cave.

Reunited after a long time, when the initial words were said and done, Xiao Bai and Ghost Li both had an inexplicable feeling, only Xiao Hui on Ghost Li’s shoulder, seemed very happy to see Xiao Bai again, kept grinning broadly.

Ghost Li suddenly froze, as if he had recalled something, turned and looked back, but it was only darkness, involuntarily frowned, spoke to Xiao Bai, “That lady who came with me, what did you do to her?” Xiao Bai humphed, indifferently said, “What can I do to her?
You sure have a lot of things to trouble over!”

Ghost Li was silent for a moment, shook his head, did not want to harp on this matter, said, “Right, why are you here? That day after you left, I didn’t have any of your news all these while, this time my trip to southern border, I have also secretly inquired but still couldn’t find you.”

Xiao Bai smiled, her body seemed to waver in the dark-green faint light, when she moved, it was moving and full of charm, said, “Didn’t I tell you when I was leaving, I want to find that ‘Eight Savage Inferno Formation’ and give it to you.”

Ghost Li said, “I remember, so I have also been to FenXiang Valley Inferno Altar but I didn’t find anything. Oh right, you still have not said why are you here at this Subdue Devil ancient cave?”

Xiao Bai shrugged her shoulders, said, “I come here, naturally is for that formation, and at the same time visit an old friend.” Ghost Li looked at her, pondered for a moment, said, “Don’t tell me you mean here…”

Xiao Bai nodded said, “That’s right, after FenXiang Valley Inferno Altar’s formation was destroyed, in the world only this cave has the Eight Savage Inferno Formation perfectly intact. Other than that, my old friend also happens to be here!”

Ghost Li’s countenance changed, slowly said, “The old friend that you said, don’t tell me is…”

Xiao Bai smiled, said, “It is that king of evil beasts that you all are saying, the Beast Deity.”

Ghost Li although expected but when he heard Xiao Bai personally saying it, was still taken aback, for a moment speechless.

After a long while, Ghost Li slowly said, “How did you know him?” Xiao Bai looked at him, her face still having that captivating smile but her eyes were as clear as water, yet also carried some ridicule, said, “Don’t you know, I am an old evil spirit, with my age, naturally the things I know are many, the number of monsters known also increase!”

Ghost Li was silent, Xiao Bai glanced at him, said, “Than you! What are you doing here? Just now you said that Ghost King ordered that lady to bring you here, what is he trying to do?”

Ghost Li shook his head, said, “Ghost King sect head ordered me here, is not really to pursue and kill that Beast Deity.”

Xiao Bai was surprised, said, “Not to kill him, then why did you travel ten thousand miles to come here for?”

Ghost Li said, “He wants me to subdue a strange beast TaoTie which follows the Beast Deity, and bring back to him.”

“TaoTie?” Xiao Bai was surprised again, frowned and pondered, mumbled  to  herself,  “Strange,  when  did  he  developed  an interest in TaoTie?”

Ghost Li indifferently said, “This I do not know, anyway this is what he ordered, I am just following.”

Xiao Bai snorted, said, “That TaoTie is a spiritual beast that is never away from the Beast Deity, if you want to subdue it, you must pass through the Beast Deity, don’t tell me you are confident of defeating the Beast Deity? Or even you too, after he is injured, want to hit a person when he is down?”

Ghost Li did not speak, looked at Xiao Bai, then suddenly smiled, instead it was to stride, walked past Xiao Bai, towards the darker darkness.

Xiao Bai’s expression changed, followed beside him, said, “What do you mean?”

Xiao Hui saw Xiao Bai beside, [suo] a sound jumped down and landed on Xiao Bai. Xiao Bai caught hold of the monkey and hugged it in front of her, patted its head, her eyes showing tenderness and then turned to look at Ghost Li.

Ghost Li slowly said, “You know it, the things that sect head instructed me, as long as it is not excessive demands, I will do it for him.”

Xiao Bai humphed, said, “Did you ever think, you doing it like this, maybe you will feel better in your heart but the things that you did all these years, most probably it might not be what BiYao would like you to do it!”

Ghost Li suddenly stopped, his entire person came to a standstill. Xiao Bai frowning, also stopped but did not go to look at Ghost Li, instead looked down at the monkey, gently smoothed its fur. Xiao Hui’s three eyes blinked, seemed puzzled, looked at Xiao Bai then at its master.

Ghost Li was silent for a long while, before quietly saying, “Since you know doing this will make me feel better slightly, why do you still have to say it like this?” Xiao Bai sighed, did not speak.

Ghost Li’s figure seemed suddenly lonely, but he stood in the dark-green faint light, did not turn his head back, like he was long used to it, never looking back, he was silent for a long while, finally said, “Those atrocious acts, I have never done it!”

After speaking, he did not speak anymore and continued onwards.

Looking at that figure, Xiao Bai also turned silent, after a long while, she looked at Xiao Hui, saw the three eyes were looking at herself.

Xiao Bai forced a laugh, said, “That owner of yours! These ten over years actually did not go crazy, it is really very strange!”

The two figures, walked for a long time in the cave, Ghost Li was not in a hurry, Xiao Bai seemed to be in heavy thoughts, although she did not stop Ghost Li from searching for the Beast Deity but she also did not point out the way, only following behind him, looking to be in thoughts.

Suddenly, Ghost Li stopped, before him, in the darkness ahead, a faint green light was lit, glimmering non-stopped, about several zhangs high twinkling.

And the surrounding, silence, not even breathing, even the blood stench of those ferocious beasts were also gone.

This moment, Xiao Bai sighed, said, “We have reached, there is a door below that green light, after that door is a large stone room, the person and spiritual beast that you are looking for, are both inside.”

Ghost Li did not speak, but Xiao Hui glanced at Xiao Bai, suddenly jumped up and again back to Ghost Li, then turned back to Xiao Bao and grinned, scratching its head.

Xiao Bai smiled to Xiao Hui and then spoke to Ghost Li, “Listen to me, my relationship with the Beast Deity is not shallow so for me to help you, it is not possible. His cultivation is supernatural, I guess although you have not fought him before but more or less you should know! Although he is heavily injured by Zhu Xian sword but it is not what ordinary cultivated martial artist can handle, therefore…” She looked at him, slowly speaking, “Really, give up now, it is still not too late!”

Ghost Li was silent, facing Xiao Bai, shook his head slowly and then inhaled deeply, composed himself, and walked towards that green light. Looking at his figure, Xiao Bai did not continue to follow, in her eyes, a faint bitterness and tenderness flickered.

Suddenly, she raised her voice, said, “Are you still carrying that Inferno Mirror with you?”

Ghost Li was stunned, stopped and turned around, said, “Yes, what is it?”

Xiao Bai looked like she had no choice, slowly shook her head and said, “Remember: first, the Beast Deity he can be defeated; second, at the critical moment, you can try to use Inferno Mirror.” Ghost Li nodded, although he did not really understand but he  did  not  wish  to  ask  more,  said,  “Many  thanks.”  After speaking, he turned and continued on.

In the distance, Xiao Hui’s [zhi zhi] could be heard faintly.

Xiao Bai looked at that darkness, stood where she was, silent, as if she was already in daze but as if she was waiting for something.

Under the faint green light, there was really a stone door, but the door was long gone, the green light which could be seen clearly now, was actually a gigantic green gem, set above the stone door wall.

Ghost Li did not pause, walked in, immediately brightness before him, a fire brazier burning, solitary placed far on the ground, around the fire, again darkness, there was no telling how big the room was. But behind the fire, he saw a man, a man wearing brightly coloured silk clothes, lying against a small stone platform, smiling at him. That man’s face, was once he was familiar with, and beside that man, the ferocious beast TaoTie slowly stood up, growling with hostility.

The guy which looked bewitching, actually looked tired but in his eyes, was faint smile, smiling at Ghost Li, said, “We meet again!”

Chapter 208 - Broken Sword

Central Plains, outside HeYang City, derelict morgue.

This mysterious person with one blow broke Zhou YiXian’s spell, using unfathomable, absolutely overwhelming cultivation power shocked the entire place, even Zhou YiXian’s infamous escape skill was also seen through by him. And in his words, he did not deny his mysterious relationship with Qing Yun sect, in addition with his inconceivable Tai Ji Xuan Qing Way training, this mysterious man’s origins, was really unimaginable.

However, following this dark man’s approaching, the sinister energy on his body enveloping over, Zhou YiXian, Xiao Huan and Wild Dog Taoist did not have time to spend their thoughts on this matter. After breaking Zhou YiXian’s spell, that man’s hidden figure in the shadows seemed to receive some kind of stimulation, started to breathe fast, his breathings slowly turned heavy.

Zhou YiXian frowned deeply, stared at that figure, surprisingly his eyes did not hold much fear, instead the suspicion increased. With that level of cultivation displayed by that person, naturally would not be panting after a few attacks, evidently, this person had some hidden sickness, or maybe some strange illness, even a highly skilled person like him also couldn’t control himself.

However, even it was so, from his appearance, that person not only did not reveal any weakness, on the contrary, with the sinister energy increasing, Tai Ji Xuan Qing Way that pure warm energy sank down, the enveloping malevolent energy and suspension was nothing less than it. At this moment, whoever that was facing that black energy which was gradually illuminating, flashing with fierce dark red eyes, would all understand what that mysterious man was planning to do next!

Zhou YiXian gritted his teeth, seemed to make up his mind, suddenly pulled, pulling Wild Dog Taoist and Xiao Huan behind himself, where his hands stretched, Wild Dog Taoist was pulled over but over at Xiao Huan, it was a blank.

Zhou YiXian was shocked, before he could turn around, a figure flashed past, Xiao Huan was already standing before him, facing that mysterious man. Zhou YiXian was nonplussed, heard Xiao Huan said, “Grandpa, both of you quickly go, I will block him.”

Zhou YiXian angrily said, “What do you know, this person’s cultivation is not trivial, quickly…”

Before he could say, ‘come back’, Xiao Huan had already made her move.

Facing that mysterious man, this young lady who looked delicate and innocent, suddenly raised up both of her hands, a book with black wordless cover indistinctly flashed from her hands, the next moment, the seven pieces of Blood Jade Bone Piece which Mr Ghost gave her, appeared in her hand.

A dark energy, formless yet with substance, suddenly dispersed out from the air, descended upon this derelict courtyard. Zhou YiXian stepped forward in shock, even the mysterious person who was pressing in, also softly exclaimed out, stopped. Different from that malevolent energy on that mysterious man but containing the same strange dark eerie energy, gushed over from all directions. This was originally a mortuary, the Yin energy especially heavy, the strange Ghost Way skill that Xiao Huan used, immediately ghost wails started incessantly, the Yin wind miserable, like thousand of ghosts wailing, really made one’s heart straight into panic.

The seven Blood Jade Bone Piece, slowly floated up from Xiao Huan’s hand, like an invisible hand controlling it, before Xiao Huan it formed a three triangle shape in the air, those blood- stain like areas on every piece, started to light up with dark red light, like seven eyes slowly opening, stared at that mysterious figure.

In the yard full of Yin wind, that mysterious person’s clothes flapped loudly but he seemed not bothered at all by the ghastly spirits, the eyes concealed within the shadows slightly squinted, with a cold voice abruptly said, “Ghost Way skill!”

Xiao Huan was frowning tightly, the beautiful face right now looked slightly pale, for some reason not knowing if it was because she was unfamiliar with using the spell for the first time, or was it that girls naturally felt revolted and fear towards these ghastly spirits. But whatever it was, this Ghost Way spell which was displayed by her for the first time, activated by Ghost Way treasure, ‘Blood Jade Bone Piece’, was already formed, slowly gathering a layer of dark black energy around her, and in-between when her arms flipped, completely formed, it was a huge black skull which was incompatible with her image, looking extremely strange.

And the seven Blood Jade Bone Piece right now also slowly raised up, inserting into that black energy formed skull’s eyes. Instantly, the skull appeared alive, both eyes illuminated with bright red lights, opening its mouth, the Yin wind turned into gusts, like thunder leapt out far, a dark energy like lightning shot out, towards that mysterious man.

The piercing sound, like the sharp whistle of an arrow, instantly arrived before that man. The man moved, it looked slow but in that instant avoided the ghost arrow, the arrow pierced through the air, the impact sound was as if it was nearby.

But before he could breathe, that skull ahead shot out arrows in succession, sounds of piercing whistling were heard incessantly, directly towards that mysterious man, and the directions were all different, up down left right, almost never leaving any chance.

Zhou YiXian and Wild Dog Taoist standing behind her were pale, the difference was, Wild Dog Taoist was both surprised and delighted, didn’t imagine that Xiao Huan’s skills was so proficient; And Zhou YiXian instead had conflicting expressions, his face did not have much delight, mostly worry and doubts.

And at this moment, Zhou YiXian’s expression suddenly changed, stepped back and looked at the other corner of this courtyard. That place was not where Xiao Huan and the mysterious man were fighting, instead, where nobody noticed, the place where they had just explored - the abandoned house of the mortuary.

The place was dark and eerie, but compared to the current ghastly air in the courtyard, there seemed much better. When Zhou YiXian and Wild Dog Taoist were peering around at the entrance, obviously everything had been abandoned inside, there was nothing, only ruins and a few unpleasing coffins. However, it was that, which suddenly drew Zhou YiXian’s attention over, even Xiao Huan who was battling did not notice it.

In that abandoned house, what creature appeared again?

Zhou YiXian stared unblinkingly at that place.

In the courtyard, Xiao Huan’s Ghost Way spell was dominating, for the moment suppressing completely that mysterious man, looking as the summoned skull released arrows without stopping, one by one flying over, although none hit the man, but it forced him to keep dodging, this eerie strange Ghost Way power, even that highly skilled person was also unwilling to face it directly.

Just that after a long while, although the dark skull around Xiao Huan was still enveloping her and the pair of eyes were still as bright but the mysterious man had a change, he seemed to see through something, with a sneer, suddenly in the air full of ghost arrows, leapt up, and headed directly to Xiao Huan. All of the ghost arrows suddenly lost it target, slipped past him, [tut tut] sharp sounds unceasing, but it all flew off to the sides. The rest of them turned pale, looking as that black figure was soon reaching them, she suddenly put her hands together, before her, immediately, the black skull with a whistle, shrank about half its size, at the same time, blocked before Xiao Huan. The seven glimmering pieces swiftly rotated, in the black skull’s eyes, red screen immediately surfaced, blocking the mysterious man’s path.

The mysterious man snorted, as if even with his level of skills, he was also wary of this red screen, he stopped his body abruptly.

Instead Xiao Huan, although she for the moment avoided the danger but for some reason, her body shook, as if out of sudden she suffered a heavy blow, a dark colour flashed past her face. The next moment, that black skull in front of her and her spell, all started to quiver.

Even the ghost arrows that she was controlling, instantly were affected, from the sharp and powerful momentum, turned into weak and powerless, and the red light screen, eventually under Xiao Huan’s struggling expression, trembled and finally dispersed.

Surprisingly, that mysterious man after seeing Xiao Huan weakening, did not attack again, instead stood straight, looking at the gradually weakening girl, a cold glint in his eyes.

Wild Dog Taoist was alarmed, did not know why Xiao Huan who was gaining advantage a moment before, suddenly lost her strength and lost, he quickly went up to support Xiao Huan. When he touched her, he immediately got a shock, Xiao Huan’s body was extremely cold, the chill had an inexplicable ghostly evil energy, tendrils of it emanating out, like it was looking for a human to devour.

Luckily, this feeling very soon dispersed following Xiao Huan collapse sitting to the ground, Wild Dog Taoist did not dare to delay, helped Xiao Huan to sit. Zhou YiXian quietly walked over to Xiao Huan, carefully looked at her, shook his head and sighed, did not speak.

Xiao Huan right now looked extremely fatigued, she couldn’t even speak. The black skull in the air slowly faded and disappeared too, leaving only the seven Blood Jade Bone Piece which looked ordinary now, pausing slightly in the sky and started falling down, landing on the stone floor in front of Xiao Huan, creating a few crisp sounds.

That mysterious man glanced at Xiao Huan, suddenly asked, “This ‘Blood Soul’ spell, how long has she trained?”

Zhou YiXian slowly walked before Xiao Huan, blocked the line of vision from the mysterious man, the mysterious man looked at him, Zhou YiXian indifferently said, “Only just a month.”

The man was silent for a moment, the two red glows in his eyes for some reason, faded much, following the red glows weakening, he seemed much human, the murderous energy in him also reduced by a lot.

Zhou YiXian frowned, he had travelled from the south to the north, his experience and knowledge, in the whole world, not many could be compared to him, naturally he also detected the strange points on this mysterious man, his eyes slowly revealed his pondering, and then he seemed to recall something, suddenly turned to that abandoned house, took a look.

In the cold night breeze, that house that was abandoned for many years stood lonely, dilapidated and desolate, there was really nothing strange about it, just that Zhou YiXian looked at it, felt it was really abnormal, indistinctly had some expectation.

That mysterious man was silent for a while, his voice was still as composed but his gaze looking behind Zhou YiXian, surprisingly  had  some  admiration,  said,  “What  a  good aptitude! Pity that it is used on Ghost Way trivial skills.”

Zhou YiXian turned and looked at him, said, “This sir, we did not mean to offend you, tonight we mistakenly trespass here, we did not have any other intention, and moreover did not wish to have any conflict with you. If there is no other matter, will Sir please let the three of us go!”

The mysterious man slowly looked back, glanced at Zhou YiXian, coldly laughed and said, “Mistakenly trespass, you said it easily, who knows if you are all not…” Speaking halfway, suddenly, that person trembled, cutting off the words. Zhou YiXian was surprised, then carefully saw, on the face shrouded by the blackness, the two red spots, again lit up.

The murderous energy again increased, invisibly enveloping over, suppressing down everything, it was comparable to the energy previously.

Zhou YiXian’s countenance changed, abruptly stepped back, pulled Xiao Huan up and urgently said to Wild Dog Taoist, “Quick, quick split up and run, whoever can escape at least…”

Wild Dog Taoist seemed to comprehend but before he could speak, darkness suddenly froze, Yin wind started to gust, a huge shadow abruptly directly enveloped down from the sky, trapping them with it, there was no other way to escape.

Wild Dog Taoist bellowed, pounced over, covered Xiao Huan under him and used his body to block the shadow. Zhou YiXian was stunned, complicated expressions changed on his old face but in that instant, the powerful and suppressing darkness blanket descended down, the heaviness of it was unavoidable, like ten thousand zhang of Mount Tai pressing down, the three of them looked like they were about to be crushed to pieces.

At this critical juncture, life and death moment, a bright red light suddenly flashed from the abandoned house, there seemed to be someone making an angry roar, the light in an instant exploded, as if the long suppressed anger, instantly pierced through the darkness, turning into an extremely brilliant huge light beam, burst forth from the abandoned house.

What followed, was a rumble like thunder, the entire abandoned house fell apart by a powerful force, innumerable broken rubble were thrown up to the sky by the impact, the scarlet light brilliant, like fire raging. A human figure transformed into a huge dragon, streaked past the darkness and empty sky, as powerful as a thunderbolt, shooting towards the mysterious man.

The strange shadow which looked like it was soon about to crush the three of them, suddenly like a whale sucking in the water, was withdrawn, the huge pressing force suddenly disappeared, Zhou YiXian and the three of them felt the earth spinning incessantly in their heads. And in the distance, facing the lighted person figure which was streaking over, this mysterious person looked extremely infuriated, the redness in his eyes increased, both of his hands shot out, blocking before him, a black shadow wall instantly formed.

Both forces collided fiercely, where the red light and black shadow met, the light and shadow actually turned white-hot, producing [si si] strange sounds incessantly, looking from far, the surrounding things also started to vapourize, waves of heat started to roll out, bit by bit started to drift towards the sky.

And right now, the two mysterious figures were already indistinct.

Such a peaceful night like this, a derelict mortuary like this, there was actually such powerful martial artists, having life and death battle here!

Suddenly, at the deepest part of the light, a deafening sound burst out, like a shock of thunder exploding in the horizon, in that instant, a gust of strong wind blew over, sands and dust rolled everywhere, everything was pushed out, even Zhou YiXian and them could not help but tumbled out.

In that rumble, a voice bellowed, like a thunderclap, “You are still unrepentable!”

Replying that voice, was a cold laugh, containing infinite disdain and arrogance.

Light and shadow shook, eventually dimmed, dispersed, a huge pit, appeared in the ground. In the middle, two people stood facing each other, one was someone Zhou YiXian and the rest did not recognize, he was short and fat, an angry face, his hand was holding a red celestial sword, stern and impressive, just that not knowing if he was hurt or not, at the corner of the person’s lips, there was blood stains; And the other looked dressed, it was the mysterious man who fought with them earlier, but the layer of dark shadow concealing him had already dispersed, not sure if it was due to the intense battle earlier that he was unable to maintain.

Looking from afar, this mysterious man wearing Qing Yun sect robes, his face clean and emaciated, long beards and hair, giving one the first impression, was a highly cultivated Taoist, eminent and extraordinary, however right now cold glints flashed in his eyes, red light glimmered, adding a few degree of eeriness.

The short and fat man glanced at Zhou YiXian and company, saw that they were unharmed, revealed a little sign of relief, and then his eyes turned stern, stared at that Taoist.

After a long time, the fat man sneered and coldly said, “You thought just with this ‘Punishment Heart Lock’ spell, you could trap me?”

The Taoist’s eyes red glow glimmered, the murderous energy around his body was extremely strong, almost like an substance material, kept flicking its tongue out, darkly said, “I forgot, this skill was created by your branch ancestor, but using it on you, it didn’t feel good right!”

“[Pei],” That fat guy shouted, “You degenerated into the Evil way, still dare to talk tactlessly. Punishment Heart Lock is long forbidden by generations of forefathers, now that you are defying the instructions of the forefathers, would you still regard Qing Yun sect ancestors?”

The Taoist sneered, said, “When you fought with me, the damage to Founders Ancestral Hall, was not all of my credit, do you still regard Qing Yun sect ancestors?”

The fat man stiffened but became even more enraged, just that for a moment was speechless, only stared hatefully at that man.

The Taoist assessed the fat man, suddenly coldly said, “I think you better not push yourself! Although your skills are even profound than my expectation, and able to break through Punishment Heart Lock trap, but in order to save the three people, consumed your cultivation and forced your way out, right now your blood is flowing backwards, your entire body energy channels jolting, at most you are left with only sixty percent of your usual cultivation. Hehe…”

He sneered and laughed, said, “That day when you were at your full strength, you are still not my match, caught by me and trapped in this abandoned coffin, now you still dare to fight with me?”

The fat man did not have the slightest intention of retreating, said, “When you and Wan senior brother were in your prime and peerless, eliminating the demons and evil spirits, after I followed you all, even if I were to die for you all, I would not have the slightest regret; but today you are no longer that person, and what I am doing, is what you and Wan senior brother, even if it means dying multiple times but would never regret, were doing at that time.”

With a long howl, with resolute and steadfast expression, also some deep grief, shouted, “Receive sword!”

His figure like lightning, instantly merged into the raging scarlet light, like an enormous dragon leaping into the sky, pounced over. The Taoist’s eyes surged with red light, his pupils slightly shrank, looking at the red light beam powerful force, piercing through the long sky, shattering Heaven and Earth, almost unstoppable, leaving only the route of perishing together. He suddenly sneered, his right hand waved, suddenly a cold light surfaced, it did not shine brightly but headed towards the scarlet light beam.

And when the lights collided, a sudden brilliant illumination, without sharpness and hesitation, it actually cut in, a stream of brilliant light flickered and shook.

The fat man suddenly gave an angry roar and followed by a sound of pain, immediately broke backwards and retreated, abruptly scattered, the fat man was hit flying back staggering, could not even stand properly when he fell on the ground, staggered backwards and spitting out blood, clearly he was heavily injured, even his clothes was stained a huge patch of blood.

And that Taoist, the cold light was withdrawn, looking carefully, he was holding a plain ancient sword, that sword was unadorned, the material was even stranger, like stone but not like stone, the weirdest part was, this ancient sword was actually a broken sword, two chi at the tip, was actually broken. The fat man with blood streaming out his mouth, glared at that Taoist, hoarsely said, “You...you dare to bring Zhu Xian sword down Qing Yun Hill?”

That Taoist laughed at the sky, his demeanour extremely savage. And in the distance, the three of them were becoming more and more shocked as they listened, until the end, their minds in a blank!

Zhu Xian Ancient Sword!

The broken sword in the Taoist’s hand, was actually the number one celestial sword that shook the world - Zhu Xian sword?

Then these two terribly highly skilled people, who would they be?

Chapter 209 - Scheming

Southern border, Ten thousands great mountains.

Icy cold Yin wind gradually made one felt the chillness, the overcast dark clouds and the gradually emerging dim dark cave, all made that devil cave looked to be nearer. Lu XueQi and the rest stood several zhangs away from the Subdue Devil Cave, gazed towards the cave direction.

In the distance, a stone statue backfacing them, stood solitary before the cave entrance, other than that, there was no other things.

Li Xun looked at that cave, seemed strangely tense, quietly said, “It is here.”

The Yin wind howled, seemed to suddenly increase in pitch, made one shivered in fright. Lu XueQi, Zeng ShuShu, Li Xun etc were highly skilled, naturally did not fear the Yin energy emanating from this Yin wind, and several FenXiang Valley disciples who came with them, were also personally chosen experts, mostly did not looked uncomfortable. Zeng ShuShu turned back and said, “The demon energy here is as expected extremely heavy, but we have been watching for a long time, not a single demon beast appear, this is somewhat strange.”

Lu XueQi nodded but her cold clear gaze never changed, indifferently said, “Since we are here, let’s go over, whatever demon or evil, we can deal with it earlier.”  After speaking, without waiting for Li Xun and the rest to reply, walked straight over.

Li Xun and Zeng ShuShu looked at each other, Zeng ShuShu made a dry laugh, shrugged his shoulders, followed along. Li Xun looked at that beautiful girl’s figure from the back, sighed, to him, that figure had appeared countless times in his dreams but when he really had a chance to be together, they seemed to be even further apart.

He was silent for a moment, waved his hand, summoned his junior brothers behind and also followed along.

In the distance, near that mysterious stone figure outside the cave, suddenly a black figure flashed into the cave, it was Black Wood.

Almost as if following Black Wood’s figure, a low howl was heard suddenly from deep inside the cave, it was that ferocious spirit Black Tiger’s voice, the illusory mist started to form, the ferocious spirit looked to be appearing soon.

And at this time, Black Wood who was concealing behind his black clothes, suddenly spoke out, “Big brother, don’t come out first, listen to me.”

The ferocious spirit’s voice coldly laughed, but the white mist was still gathering, clearly ignoring Black Wood’s voice, said, “Bastard, you still dare to come back?”

Black Wood standing in the shadow at a corner of the cave, said, “After you materialize, you will alert the people who are coming over, today the number of people coming to Subdue Devil Cave is unceasing, the reason for it, don’t tell me you still don’t know?” The white mist suddenly stiffened in the air, did not continue to increase but did not look like it was dispersing.

After a moment, Black Tiger’s voice coldly said, “What do you mean?”

Black Wood coldly said, “They are here, obviously is to deal with that person inside the cave, no matter what, isn’t this what you are hoping for? Moreover you have already let some in earlier, now allowing more to go in, why not?”

Outside the cave, footsteps were heard distantly, the group of people were nearing this ancient cave.

White mist suddenly dispersed, the strong Yin wind gusting out from the cave, in an instant disappeared, almost at the same time, Black Wood’s figure also submerged into the darkness.

Lu XueQi, Zeng ShuShu, LiXun and the rest, reached the Subdue Devil Cave. Zeng ShuShu carefully peered into the cave, frowned, clearly towards this unfathomable and heavy with demon energy place, felt uneasy.

And standing beside him LiXun, similar to him, also frowning but his expression, indistinct surprise and astonishment revealed in his eyes, walked slowly around the cave but nothing happened, there was no other sounds other than the chilling strong wind.

This seemed to make LiXun bewildered, he stared at the cave, was silent, seemed to be contemplating.

Different from the two guys, before this cave, Lu XueQi very quickly focused her attention from the cave quiet darkness to the lonely female statue, she slowly walked to it, watching carefully.

The stone statue after experiencing countless of weather, from top to bottom eroded signs were clearly seen but as if she felt something, Lu XueQi instead clearly saw, the statue expression was still that lifelike, her face was slightly grieved, carrying a trace of sadness, also in her eyes, looked lost, quietly watching this mysterious ancient cave, as if expecting something, but also seemed to be pouring out her heart?

Just that in these ten thousand years, who have heard her heartfelt words?

“Lu junior sister, Lu junior sister!”

Suddenly, a few surprised calls were heard, Lu XueQi got a shock, involuntarily stepped back, came out of her inexplicable trance, looked to the side.

Zeng ShuShu looked bewildered, and concerned, said, “Lu junior sister, I called you a few times, why is it that you seem not to have heard it at all?”

Lu XueQi’s face turned slightly pale, slowly tightened her hands but did not know since when, her palms were actually full of cold sweat. She inhaled deeply, calmed down, indifferently said, “Nothing, did you all discover something?”

Zeng ShuShu shook his head, said, “No, other than the gusts of Yin wind, not even a trace of a demon beast.” Speaking, he turned to LiXun, said, “Li senior brother, what did you discover?”

LiXun was silent for a moment, shook his head too, said, “Nothing, but there is something really strange here…”

Zeng ShuShu asked curiously, “Strange, what strange?”

LiXun was surprised, quickly with a dry laugh, said, “Nothing, I only feel that since this is the demon beast lair, how is it that there is not a single demon beast, and so felt strange.”

Zeng ShuShu laughed, said, “You are right, I am also feeling bewildered! What do you say Lu junior sister?” Lu XueQi did not answer immediately, a glint flashed past her clear eyes, again glanced at LiXun.

LiXun for some reason, suddenly coughed once, turned and looked at other disciples, said, “The few of you come over, don’t stay too far away.”

Lu XueQi was silent for a moment, turned back again to glance at the statue, said, “Regardless, we are already here, so there wouldn’t be giving up halfway, let’s go in!”

Zeng  ShuShu  nodded,  said,  “That’s  right.”  He  turned  to LiXun said, “Li senior brother, what do you think?”

LiXun was still frowning, he seemed to be worrying about something but the next moment, he still said, “Lu junior sister is right, we better still go on in!”

Zeng ShuShu turned and said, “Since it is so, let’s go in! But this place is after all unusual, we better be more careful. Why not like this, I will first lead the way, Lu junior sister you will be in the centre, Li senior brother you will take the rear, the other disciples will be in the middle, ok?”

LiXun nodded, was about to reply when Lu XueQi indifferently said, “This is not good, better change!”

Zeng ShuShu and LiXun was surprised, Zeng ShuShu said, “Lu junior sister, what do you mean?”

Lu XueQi said, “I will walk in front, Zeng senior brother will be at the rear, the rest and Li senior brother in the middle! Li senior brother and the rest are all FenXiang Valley disciples, in case something happens, there will be someone who can direct.”

LiXun’s countenance changed, looked like he wanted to speak but Zeng ShuShu already smiled and said, “Ah! You are right too, why didn’t I think of this, Lu junior sister words are logical too, let’s do it then.”

LiXun frowned but eventually kept quiet, did not speak and considered accepting it. Lu XueQi looked at him, turned and speak to Zeng ShuShu, “Zeng senior brother, you will walk the last, your view is better and can see the whole situation, devise strategy on your own will.”

Zeng ShuShu smiled, at an angle where LiXun and the rest were unable to see, backfacing them, winked at Lu XueQi and then smiled and said, “Lu junior sister don’t worry, with me at the back, don’t have to fear any trouble, ha ha ha…”

Lu XueQi looked deeply at Zeng ShuShu, a faint trace of smile also revealed at the corner of her lips but immediately disappeared. Even though so, this moment of elegance, had already caused some of the FenXiang Valley young disciples who sneaked glances at her frequently, their hearts to be in a turmoil, some even couldn’t help but sighed.

LiXun snorted, his face stern, immediately all of the strange sounds disappeared.

Lu XueQu’s expression again turned cold, glanced around, said, “We are going in.” After speaking, walked in first. Zeng ShuShu turned and said to LiXun, “Li senior brother, let’s go too!”

LiXun nodded, gestured to the other disciples and followed.

LiXun and the rest followed into the cave, Zeng ShuShu seemed unhurried, gazed for a while at the scenery and seemed to be contemplating something. The next moment, he mysteriously smiled and slowly walked in.

The deep muffled footsteps reverberated in the darkness, the cave again descended into silence. As the footsteps became quieter, and further, finally disappearing, a figure suddenly appeared in the darkness, Black Wood slowly walked out, towards the stone statue, silently watching.

Behind Black Wood, the illusory white mist slowly drifted, gathered, Black Tiger’s huge figure appeared.

Black Tiger did not immediately speak to Black Wood, watched the darkness in the cave for a long time, suddenly coldly laughed, said, “These Central Plains men, incessantly jockeying for power, even when they are here, they are still contending.”

Black  Wood  turned  over  and  indifferently  said,  “Human hearts have always been like this, not to say them, even you and I, even the Lady at that time, aren’t we all too?”

“What?” Black Tiger huge body suddenly turned around, due to the speed, a muffled sound was similar to a wild beast roar was heard, when his face was seen again, he was full of fury, extremely savage, he was heard bellowing, “What did you say, you dare to despise Lady, and just right in front of her?”

Before the terrible spirit, Black Wood looked especially small but for some reason, though his face was obscure, but from his calm voice, he did not seem to fear the slightest, there was more instead which sounded like deep tiredness.

“Big brother, if Lady did not scheme at that time, for so many years, what do you think could cause an eternal demon to be sealed up in this ancient cave?” The spirit Black Tiger looked nonplussed but obviously he did  not  wish  to  acknowledge  this  point,  hollered,  “What nonsense are you talking about, that was because at that time Lady…”

“Enough!”  Suddenly,  Black  Wood  acting  out  of  character, actually shouted out, broke Black Tiger’s words, “Don’t keep saying Lady, Lady, the amount of respect for Lady, mine will not lose out to you.”

Black Tiger’s huge body froze, a stunned look revealed on his face, after a long time, he did not get angry, he instead looked to have calmed down, appraised this former kin from top to bottom.

He suddenly laughed, then faintly said, “What happened to you, in the past you would never talk to me like that?”

Black Wood seemed to make a mocking laugh at himself, slowly looked at that lady statue, said, “Yes! I will never speak like that in the past, but why is it that I am like this now? I too do not know, and who can tell me?” Black Tiger coldly said, “That is your own affair, I am not interested and do not wish to know, you only need to tell me something.”

Black Wood stared blankly at LingLong stone statue, asked, “What is it?”

Black  Tiger  said,  “Initially  it  was  you  who  betrayed  the instructions left behind by Lady, committing treason, secretly assisted that evildoer to retrieve southern border five tribes five sacred weapons, resurrected him. But today why do ask me to allow humans into the cave, with intention to do him harm?”

Black Wood’s gaze never left LingLong’s statue, after a long time, his deep voice with anguish, said, “When Lady sealed up the Beast Deity, she was wrong; We followed Lady, sought that immortality spell and so created this kind of monster, we were also wrong; I thought the Beast Deity didn’t deserve the blame, but I never expected that he vented his anger on the common people, and to the extent of creating this catastrophe calamity, I am also wrong.” He laughed miserably, suddenly turned, opened his arms, his voice desolate, hollered to the sky.

“Wrong!...Wrong!...Wrong!...So we are all wrong…”

That shout reverberated far, the mountains resonated, just that the Heaven and Earth were cold and detached, as if nothing had ever changed, coldly watching this mortal world.

Black Tiger’s huge body stood aside, watching Black Wood’s sudden agonized figure, also became quiet, did not speak, only quietly stood beside him, in his eyes, the complicated gaze glimmered faintly, just that, there was not a trace of tears.

Whether it was him or Black Wood, in this desolate world, for ten thousands of years, had already lost the right to cry!

Lu XueQi walking within the cave, suddenly seemed to sense something, stopped, turned and glance, but there was only darkness behind, other than silent, there was no other sound. Just that that sudden palpitation, surged and tossed in her heart, for a long time it never calmed.

LiXun who was not far behind, said, “Lu junior sister, what is it, did you discover something?”

Lu XueQu in the darkness, slowly turned, looked ahead, over there, was another stretch of darkness.

She was silent for a moment in the darkness, then quietly said, “Nothing, let’s continue!”

She breathed deeply, bestirred herself, held her head high and walked, the darkness in front of her quietly scattered, because from her hand, TianYa Celestial Sword slowly lit up, warm faint blue light softly enveloped her, looking like an illusion.

Behind her, not knowing how many held their breaths in that moment. However, that beautiful figure, walked decidedly towards the darkness, looked somehow lonely but without any trace of hesitation.

This stretch of path, this kind of life, how should it be passed?

She did not turn around.

Deep within the cave.

The fire quietly burned within the ancient brazier, if looked carefully, one would discovered the firelight under the brazier, there was no firewood or oil-like flammable things, this unceasing fire, was actually a fire with no source.

The fire flickered in the air, its tongue licking, illuminating the Beast Deity’s face, also reflecting out that gradually approaching man’s figure. Ghost Li walked to the other side of the firelight, his face in the light, slowly emerged, at the same time he saw that familiar face in front.

Beast Deity who was still sitting on that small stone platform smiled, assessed Ghost Li, said, “I know sooner or later someone will come but didn’t expect that you’ll the first, “He paused  for  a  moment,  smiled  and  said,  “Looking  at  your expression when you see me, you don’t seemed to be surprised, is it that when we met previously, you already knew my identity?”

Ghost Li slowly shook his head, facing this man who looked young and gentle, it was really hard to link him to that demon beast which brought the calamity to the world, just that, it was instead the truth.

“I guessed it after that.” He indifferently replied.

Beast Deity looked at him, gently said, “Oh, I am instead very intrigue, how did you guess it, from the rumours my appearance, or my clothes, or from my actions you guessed my identity?” “All are wrong.” Ghost Li said.

Beast Deity seemed piqued, said, “Oh, then what is it?”

Ghost Li glanced beside him, said, “It’s that.”

Beast Deity slowly nodded, said, “That is right, this is instead the best way, definitely will not go wrong.”

Beside him, the ferocious beast TaoTie growled.

Beast Deity stretched out his hand, from far, Ghost Li could even see that that hand was strangely fair, almost not a human hand, that hand was so withered that it seemed like the Great Shaman’s hand whom he saw in the Seven Miles Cave.

Just that, the hand which seemed feeble, after gently patted a few times, TaoTie seemed to be reassured, quietened down, slowly lay on the ground. And at the same time, Xiao Hui which had been staying at Ghost Li’s shoulder slowly slipped down, scratched its head, looked at Ghost Li and the Beast Deity, seemed like it could sense that there wasn’t the expected animosity between the two people.

It thought for a while, then slowly, slowly inched towards TaoTie. TaoTie clearly also noticed this, turned its head around, watched that grey three-eyed monkey approaching. Soon, Xiao Hui came near the TaoTie, grinned and spread out its hands, its tail behind also swayed, following which, it slowly stretched out its hand, reaching towards TaoTie’s head.

Ghost Li and the Beast Deity, both for the moment watching Xiao Hui, but both of them did not speak, only quietly watched.

Watching Xiao Hui, Ghost Li’s heart suddenly moved, many years ago, when he was still that ordinary Zhang Xiao Fan, at Big Bamboo Valley, Xiao Hui also approached Big Huang who was reared by Tian BuYi.

TaoTie slowly stretched its body but did not stand up, to it, it seemed to be somehow perplexed. It turned to look at its master, the Beast Deity seemed absent-minded, couldn’t tell if he had any unpleased expression and so it turned back, Xiao Hui’s hand seemed to be reaching its head.

From TaoTie’s nose, it suddenly blew out snort, as if a warning. Xiao Hui jumped, took back its hands but then realized TaoTie did not show signs of attacking, only watching it warily.

Xiao Hui [he he] laughed, jumped up and down a few times on the ground, suddenly leapt forward, jumped to where TaoTie was. TaoTie was shocked, shrank back but Xiao Hui had already slowly patted its head. To Xiao Hui, TaoTie that savage ferocious beast’s head seemed to be an intimate place.

TaoTie’s bloody mouth made a low groan, seemed to be grumbling but the next moment, it slowly again lazily lay on the ground, using its arm to support its head, looked sleepy. And Xiao Hui also lay on its body, at times making [zhi zhi zhi zhi] light laughter, slowly patting TaoTie’s head.

Between the two spiritual beasts, there seemed to be no more misunderstandings. Ghost Li and the Beast Deity’s gazes, slowly looked away, for a moment silent.

For unknown length of time, Beast Deity suddenly smiled and said, “Actually, they are instead happier than us, isn’t it?”

Ghost Li did not speak.

Chapter 210 - Devil Beast

“Alright,  “   The  Beast  Deity  smiled  faintly,  turned,  the tiredness on his face seemed to deepen, said, “Why are you here, is it to kill me?”

Ghost Li shook his head.

The Beast Deity was instead stunned and then couldn’t help but laugh, “Never expect that there is actually someone who didn’t want to kill me, I really didn’t expect that. These few months, quoting the humans, I plunged the people into suffering, brought calamity to the world, by right should die ten thousand times, why is it that you did not want to kill me instead?”

Ghost Li was silent, watched the Beast Deity, the Beast Deity also looked at him, between the two men, that fire pit was silently burning, at the same time reflecting in their eyes.

“I should be trying to kill you?” “Shouldn’t you?”

Silence for a long time, very long…

“Maybe!”    On  Ghost  Li’s  face,  complicated  expressions suddenly appeared, a few degrees of recollection, a few anguish and a few indistinct perplexion. Facing the world’s most fiendish devil evildoer, he instead seemed to be totally opened, not a single trace of indifference and detachment seen in front of others.

“If this was ten years ago, I would definitely wholeheartedly get rid of the evil for the world, even though I knew it would be beyond my power but however I would not retreat a single step. But now…”

Beast Deity stared at him, pressed him, “But?”

The perplexion on Ghost Li’s face deepened, slowly he said, “I suddenly just feel, this world, what concern is it to me? My lifetime wish, was only to live an ordinary life, I do not want to learn Taoism, do not want to cultivate to celestial, not even immortality.”

Beast Deity’s expression, suddenly changed too, the indistinct mocking smile in his eyes turned solemn, in them a few traces of perplexion similar to Ghost Li, as if something, touched some place deep inside his heart.

He suddenly asked, “Then what do you want exactly?”

Ghost Li indifferently smiled, slowly looked up to the sky, just that there was only darkness in this ancient cave, without a trace of light, he said, “I do not know, sometimes I too think of it, maybe if I could return to ten years ago, those days in Big Bamboo Valley? Or maybe, a wishful thinking to might as well return to when I was a kid, when I didn’t know anything, just that, “  he made a quiet bitter laugh, said, “In-between those rights and wrongs, debts and gratitudes, how can I cut it off and abandon?”

Beast Deity was silent for a moment, asked, “Do you regret?” Ghost Li did not answer immediately, after a while, he again looked at Beast Deity, looking at the pair of eyes behind the firelight, shook his head.

Beast Deity coldly laughed, said, “According to you, you have half-a-lifetime of hardships, quite a lot of grieved past but when I asked you, you instead did not regret, how do you explain this?”

Ghost Li said, “Half of my life is full of ups and downs but many were beyond my control. I long to live my live ordinarily but was pulled into Buddhism and Taoism conflict; I long to cultivate peacefully but become part of Evil sect; I wished to wholeheartedly care about someone but instead sowed the roots of my feelings at the wrong place, when I understood who wholeheartedly cared about me…”

His face, a mournful expression slowly emerged, eventually he did not continue, after a long time, he quietly said, “Regret? How can I regret, what is the use if I regretted…”

Beast Deity quietly looked at that man standing there, ten years of time, did not carve out much traces of vicissitudes of life on his face, just that the figure standing there, appeared so exhausted. The Beast Deity couldn’t help but start to imagine, the young man ten years ago, what kind of life it was.

Between the two men, silence descended, as if both unknowingly sank into their pasts.

Everyone’s life, the past events, how many were worth for us to look back?

Ten years? Hundred years? Thousand years…

Or eventually they would still have to be worn down by time, quietly die off?

Beast Deity quietly pondered, the tiredness on his face increased, his eyes, slowly shifted to the direction of the cave entrance, separated by infinite darkness, at a very far place, there should still be a figure solitary standing there right? This kind of life, but what kind of life was it?

He  suddenly  asked  Ghost  Li,  “Say,  what’s  the  point  of living?”

“What is the point of living?...”  Ghost Li quietly repeated once, silent for a long time, lifted his head and said, “I do not know, this life of mine, seems to be always living for others.”

Beast Deity was stunned, muttered to himself, “Living for others, then what about me! Who do I live for?”

Ghost Li was exceptionally astonished, he clearly did not expect Beast Deity would say such words, following which, he frowned, obviously recalled his words, felt surprised, that he would say such words.

After focusing himself, Ghost Li’s face again resumed composure, as if that instant of weakness, had disappeared, never once existed on him. He looked deeply at Beast Deity, said, “I came here today, is not to kill you.” Beast Deity seemed somehow distracted, pondering about something, indifferently replied, “Oh, then what are you here for?”

Ghost Li pointed to the TaoTie beside him, said, “I came for it.”

Beast Deity frowned, a trace of surprise in his eyes, TaoTie instead reacted, glared with its bell-like huge eyes, opened its predator mouth and howled at Ghost Li, slowly stood up, full of murderous air. And the monkey seemed bewildered, slowly left TaoTie, ran back to Ghost Li’s feet, looked up at Ghost Li, as if could not understand its master’s words, but the next moment, it still went back to Ghost Li’s shoulder, just that its eyes kept glancing over to TaoTie.

Beast Deity snorted, said, “This is really strange, you are not here to kill me and instead for this TaoTie? What do you want with it?”

Ghost Li indifferently said, “It’s not me, there is someone who wants it, and that person’s instruction, if it’s reasonable, I have to help him.” Beast Deity looked at him, suddenly laughed, said, “You owe the person a debt, right?”

Ghost Li was silent, said, “I indeed owe, many many, too many that I am unable to return in a lifetime, but this is none of your business.” He looked up, solemn, and stepped forward.

As his figure approached, the Beast Deity’s nostrils slightly shrank.

The fire reflected on Ghost Li’s face, the dancing shadows trembled, he calmly said, “I have no intention to be your foe, but looks like this is unavoidable.”

Beast Deity made a cold laugh [ha] to the sky, said, “You think with your level of cultivation, you can win over me?”

Ghost Li did not speak.

Also did not stop. The muffled footsteps reverberated in the spacious space, there was no wind, but for some reason, the fire in this huge stone room started to move, the light gradually turned stronger.

The darkness like the nether world, silent and unfathomable, not knowing how many ferocious demons and evil spirits in there, watching the humans in this light.

Ghost Li walked towards the Beast Deity in the firelight.

Suddenly, the ball of fire rose, releasing dazzling light, the entire size of the fire was several times bigger than when it was burning peacefully. In the raging fire, a dragon-singing-like- sound was heard, reverberating far.

Following this sound, the entire stone room shook, the dragon-singing sound rose from low to high, from deep darkness it reverberated and never lost its momentum, instead the pitch went higher and higher, almost becoming a sharp whistle, until the end, it was already deafening like mountain shouting sea howling. Ghost Li stopped, because that ball of raging fire was blocking in front of him, and in that fire, indistinctly, a pair of savage eyes was watching him.

The Beast Deity figure had already disappeared behind the firelight but his calm voice was clearly heard from the fire, said, “This is an age-old southern border formation passed down, named ‘Eight Savage Inferno Formation’, if you can break through it and survive, what you wish to do, I will let you.”

He had just finished speaking, almost at the same time, an angry roar erupted from the most dazzling part of the fire, the flames violently trembled and changed, the earth five chi around was completely burned, one could imagine the degree of heat around this fire.

Violent hot wind blew from ahead, Ghost Li’s clothes flapped in the wind but his expression seemed not to be affected at all, even Xiao Hui on his shoulder, only watched this fire without fear or pain. Just that, their expressions were solemn, anyone would know, this was just the beginning. The first blood-red colour ferocious deity drawing, slowly appeared above the fire, that savage face and strange posture, was really identical to the drawing seen at FenXiang Valley Inferno Altar. Ghost Li stared at that drawing, complicated expression slowly revealed on his face.

One drawing followed by another, successively lit up, blood- red colour light around the raging fire gradually joined together, forming a round shape, circling that raging fireball.

The last blood-red light, when it merged under the fire, suddenly, the entire red halo shone brightly, red light exploded, even the fire within it was suppressed, closely following, a gust of extremely cruel vicious current, from thin air descended into this space. Deep within the ball of fire, that indistinct eyes, enlarged in that instant too.


An angry roar shocking the sky, in that instant the entire stone room wavered, intense fire like evil spirits danced incessantly, moved wildly. Deep inside the fire, a ferocious huge beast with a clock of intense fire, roared and looked scornfully at the world, appeared.

Crimson Fire Beast!

Once guarding the FenXiang Valley Inferno Altar, this Devil Beast from the Eight Savage Inferno Formation passed down from the ancient shaman tribe, again appeared, and facing Ghost Li and Xiao Hui the second time, it involuntarily changed countenance. Xiao Hui bared its teeth, crouched at Ghost Li’s shoulder, facing that beast, it screeched in anger.

The Crimson Fire Beast huge body continued to emerge from the huge halo, first its huge head, then its shoulders, front paws, slowly, its body and hind legs. Following its appearance, the entire stone room’s temperature rose alarmingly, Ghost Li’s clothes even started to show signs of burn.

Finally, when the last part of the beast body appeared, the Crimson Fire Beast was completely shrouded in flames, standing before Ghost Li and Xiao Hui, Ghost Li was only half of the beast’s legs high. And behind this beast, the halo formed by the eight drawings, at times shone brightly, at times flashed, following behind the Crimson Fire Beast.

As if a ferocious devil, laughing hideously!

The smell of vicious currents, gushed over from all directions, the familiar feeling once again turbulent in the blood, Ghost Li even vaguely remembered, the last time at Inferno Altar, that intense fight.

Ghost Li did not move, only stared intently at that unparalleled Devil Beast.

The Crimson Fire Beast baring its fangs and brandishing its claws slowly turned its head over, a burst of heat wave was felt, the eyes which seemed to be burning, looked at Ghost Li, and the monkey on his shoulder.

The Crimson Fire Beast’s huge head paused, the next moment, it suddenly made an earthshaking deafening roar! In that roar, it was full of anger, hatred and intense wish for revenge!

The raging flames, instantly like bursting, from red almost turned pure white, numerous fire sparks rose, forming into burning fireballs, spinning with high speed, its horrible head, abruptly opened its huge mouth, in its roar, bit down.

Before its head touched the ground, the surrounding ground was already cracked totally, innumerable flames like burning suns descending onto the mortal world, whistling madly pouncing, swallowing Ghost Li’s figure in an instant.

The flames raging up in that instant, like the climax after revelry, in full bloom!

And behind the fire, in the pair of tired eyes, was instead indifferent and not a single feeling of life’s grief and joy could be seen.

The darkness in the surroundings, silence all around, Lu XueQi and the rest had walked for a very long time in this ancient cave, although they were highly alert but after walking for so long, there was not a single attack or trouble.

In the darkness, the beautiful figure enveloped by gentle blue light, looking at Lu XueQi’s cold face from the darkness, it looked even more elegant and indescribable, against the darkness, it had an additional trace of mystery and cold.

As if, the legendary black lily quietly blooming in the darkness, growing for thousand years, only blooming for a moment.

The gazes behind her frequently glanced over, only Lu XueQi was already indifferent to all these. Her clear eyes, was only watching ahead, although there was only infinite darkness but in the darkness, it was as if there was something she wished to see.

She walked forward, never once turning back.

The darkness ahead of her quietly receded, then slowly merged in behind her, that kind of gentle figure, seemed especially conspicuous in the darkness, it even concealed the lights of those people behind her, looking at it, as if she was walking alone.

Suddenly, she stopped.

The people behind also stopped, LiXun vigilantly glanced around, walked up, was about to ask but suddenly was nonplussed, Lu XueQi’s face had complicated expressions, among it was extreme alertness.

And at that moment, the darkness which had been still, suddenly had a change, an indistinct gentle agitation, suddenly appeared from the darkness, then started to surge, became bigger, stronger…

In the darkness, something seemed to be slowly gathering, like howling, like bellowing but it was silent.

Then the next moment, it was coming, coming… From somewhere ahead, a strong quake, following a muffled cry, rumbling from far to here, and swiftly turning big, from the depths of the cave, there was an unparalleled spiritual beast, howling to the sky!

The silent darkness, like being lit, started to be turbulent, deep inside the darkness, innumerable cries gushed over from all directions, for a moment everyone’s countenances changed.

LiXun retreated, quickly shouted, “Form a circle, defend carefully.”

FenXiang Valley people were all seasoned fighters, although shocked but were organized, gathered around and vigilantly watched ahead.

The surrounding stone walls started to tremble, as if some unknown huge forces started to emanate out, even the ground below started to quake. The darkness ahead, the strange stirrings became even stronger, as if responding to something, howling at something. And at this earthshaking change of situation, Lu XueQi for some reason, did not step back, away from her companions who were forming a formation, she stood alone ahead in the darkness, as if ahead of the faint blue light, the darkness savagely looking at her, waiting to engulf her anytime.

Without any sign, a burst of heat wave, gushed out from the darkness, like a tsunami in this ancient cave, Lu XueQi’s body and hair floated up at the same time, just that her body, never once wavered.

The feeling of the heat wave, carried a few insanity, and even more unimaginable, deep inside this cave, the source of this force, what kind of scenario it was. Lu XueQi did not speak, only in this wild storm, watched the darkness savagely danced.

The raging heat wave!

She suddenly lifted her head.

The wind blew her frost-like face, in the eyes, there seemed to be an even blazing gaze burning deep inside the heart. Deep within the darkness, far inside the darkness…

She suddenly whistled, her figure in this earthshaking, wild heat wave, going up against the wind, shooting into the darkness.

LiXun, Zeng ShuShu and the rest turned pale, confounded. LiXun was about to shout but that faint blue light, like an arrow leaving the bow, without any hesitation, disappeared in an instant.

He soundlessly stopped, after a long time did not speak.

Zeng ShuShu slowly walked to LiXun, patted his shoulder, LiXun did not look back at him.

The heat waves slowly weakened, the quakes gradually ceased, everything resumed back, if it was not for the rubbles in the surroundings, almost made one had the false impression that this was just an illusion in the darkness. Just that, that beautiful figure which had already disappeared, clearly and correctly said, in this strange cave, dangers were all around.

LiXun silent for a moment, composed himself, was about to speak, suddenly a young FenXiang Valley disciple called out, “There is someone, who is there?”

The rest were shocked, looked ahead quickly, there was instead a flash of human figure, someone really walked out, the figure slender, walking coquettishly, it was a beautiful lady.

The group was nonplussed, for a moment they thought it was Lu XueQi returning.

LiXun was about to call out happily but suddenly, his smile froze, slowly turned livid, his eyes even had enmity, at the same time with a sneer, said, “It’s actually you…”

The lady heard human voices, seemed surprised, looked up and her countenance changed. This woman’s face was elegant and beautiful, extremely coquettish, it was Jin PingEr.
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