Sect Master and Psycho Chapter 11-20

Chapter 11

The surroundings suddenly became quiet. Even the two sons of bitches suddenly turned mute.
For me to utter such an abrupt request, Xiao Zhongnan had indeed seen the world and was not surprised.
“You, come with me.” I heard him say this to me.

I raised my head to look up at him. His eyes contained no anger at all, only total indifference.
I pursed my lips. “This rope…”

I hadn’t finished talking yet when I saw his left hand rise slightly, and using wind as a blade, all the ropes that were binding me were cut in a few strokes.
I sighed inwardly. Psycho was cured, and his use of martial arts has also become more and more refined.
Without the shackles of the rope, I can now move my hands and feet. When I did so, however, I felt a sudden burst of pain all over my body, especially where I was slapped on the chest by that dogshit shishu’s palm. My breathing turned stagnant.
“You suffered an internal injury?” Xiao Zhongnan saw me covering my chest and gasping, so he reached for my pulse. I flinched the moment he made contact with my skin but still stayed still. “It’s quite serious.” He looked at the disciples of Hidden Sword Gate meaningfully.
The two disciples had yet to recover from the twist on the mountain peak1a sudden turn of events, and now seeing Xiao Zhongnan staring at them coldly, they were immediately frightened into speaking up about me.
“This… his internal injury has nothing to do with us. It was like this when he was found; it’s not from our beatings!”

Xiao Mobei caught the key point of the conversation and raised an eyebrow. “Isn’t he the little thief you met on your way? What happened when you found him and where did you find him?”
The two sons of bitches looked at each other for a moment and then said nothing.
Xiao Mobe turned to me with inquiry in his eyes. “Who the hell are you?”
I know that this master would not be so easily dismissed, unlike the straw bags of Hidden Sword Gate, so I have to summon the spirit of 120,000 to give out a response.
“Replying to Second Castle Master, this little one used to be a disciple of HanYiJiao.”
The other side narrowed his eyes. “HanYiJiao?”

I put on a sorrowful appearance. “Because I was poor since young, I joined the demon sect when I was young and ignorant. Later, the righteous cultivators besieged Partridge Mountain, and many brothers of the sect died. To be honest, the demon sect wasn’t that important for the disciples at the bottom. We just help the demon sect do things to get by and scrape a living, but it was too much to also put our lives on the line, so I started to have the idea of apostasy.” I observed the expressions of everyone present before continuing, “But the demon sect will never let their disciple leave the sect  so easily. My intention was discovered by a teacher of the sect, and he said that I was a traitor and wanted to kill me to set an example. Fortunately, I escaped death through sheer desperation. During my escape, I was accidentally captured by the disciples of Hidden Sword Gate. I told them about my situation, but I didn’t expect them to say that I would be handed over to the Wulin Alliance Leader…”
Hearing this, Xiao Mobei sneered. “When did the Alliance Leader become so idle that even a little demon sect bastard can pay a visit to the old man whenever he wants?”
The sons of bitches blushed at these words. Xiao Zhongnan glanced lightly at his younger brother, successfully stopping the other side’s unscrupulous sarcasm with his eyes. Then he turned back to the disciples of Hidden Sword Gate and said, “Tell your sect master that I will take away this person tonight for now. I will take care of the rest and go to him tomorrow to make it clear to him.”
He is the Castle Master of Black Hawk Castle; even the Wulin
Alliance leader would have to give him face to some degree, and there’s basically no need for negotiation with two small characters like this. No matter how stupid a person is, they will not stop him, not to mention these sons of bitches were not that stupid.
The older Hidden Sword Gate disciple immediately gave a hand salute2where a person covers their fist in front of their chest. “Yes… yes! I will inform Master of things  as soon as possible tonight. Take care, Castle Master.”
Thus, I escaped from the imprisonment of Hidden Sword Gate just
like that. Suddenly, I am sleeping in a comfortable bed, eating clean food, and washing in a hot bath; it really feels like a dream.
In fact, I have thought about whether to run away or not at night, but I haven’t completely recovered from my internal injuries yet. There are so many prominent figures of the righteous path here, and it would be miserable if any discerning eyes noticed me. After mulling it over, again and again, I still decided to follow Black Hawk Castle until my internal injuries were almost all recovered and the Wulin Assembly was over. Afterwards, I’ll find an excuse to part ways with them on the road.
As soon as I finished washing and was ready to sleep, I heard a knock on the door. I went to open the door and saw a Black Hawk Castle disciple standing outside the door, about thirteen or fourteen years old, carefully holding a bowl of black medicine in his hand. “Big brother, I’m here to give you  medicine.” He grinned as soon as he saw me, showing his white teeth.
I did not let him in immediately, but asked alertly, “What medicine?”
The kid responded to the question, “The Castle Master asked me to give you medicine to treat your internal injuries.”
As soon as I heard that it was Psycho who let him come, I didn’t worry anymore. I took the medicine from his hand and smelled it, then swallowed it with a frown.
“Why is this medicine so bitter?” “There’s probably extra coptis added.”
I looked at him for a while, thinking to myself, then with a tone like I was coaxing a child I said, “Little brother, come in, let me ask you something okay?”
I consider myself as someone not ugly and repulsive but unexpectedly, the other party’s face changed greatly after hearing this.
“No, I don’t know anything!” He turned and tried to flee .

I grabbed him by the hand and dragged him into the room without any further ado. “What are you running away for? I won’t let you do anything against your conscience!”
“You’re from the demon sect; you’ll definitely be able to do some demon arts! I won’t do anything that  betrays  Black Hawk Castle or betrays the Castle Master!”
The kid’s strength is still quite considerable, so I dragged him to the side of the bed to hold him down. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.
“Which of your ears heard that I want you to betray your Castle Master? I only want to ask you something about your Castle Master. I just feel that, with me being a newcomer, I have no idea what his preferences and taboos are, otherwise what would he do if I offended him by saying or doing the wrong thing?”
The kid stopped struggling after hearing these words, and I slowly let him go.
He sat up with messy clothes, and looked at me. “You’re not going to use demon arts?”
Ai, I won’t use demon arts to treat you, what a shame, right?

The corners of my mouth twitched. “Little brother, it’s not good to say something like this. Even if I do know how to use demon arts, I still won’t use it on you. At your level, what can you do?”
He stared at me, stunned. He probably didn’t expect me to tell the truth, so he didn’t know how to respond for a while.
I continued to fool him. “Along the way, I happen to hear people talking about the disappearance of your Castle Master, saying he went crazy or something, but I only heard about it sporadically. You know that I was from the demon sect, right? News is blocked in the demon sect. I don’t know anything about these things, so just do it and tell me!” I said while massaging the kid’s shoulder. “No need for thanks, just do me this favor!”
Perhaps feeling that what I said made sense, he pondered for a moment before slapping his thigh.
“Well then, I’ll tell you, I’ll tell you.” The kid changed his previous resistance. He took his shoes off and sat cross-legged on the bed, a posture of someone who’s going to tell a long story.
I also climbed onto the bed and sat cross-legged, a serious listener opposite his posture of someone who’s going to tell a long story.
After thinking for a long while, his first sentence was. “Our Castle Master is the obsessive type!”
My heart was stirred. I asked, “In what obsessive type  of way?”
The kid started talking. Because one of the protagonists is Xiao Zhongnan, this story was actually not uncommon. Not to mention the bit of a poignant charm in it, everyone will have fun using it as a topic for a chat during leisure time after tea and dinner.
Castle Master Xiao had a cousin who was also his childhood sweetheart. The two fell in love with each other and so became husband and wife after they grew up, but the good times did not last long. Mrs. Xiao had been unable to conceive due to her weak body, and the doctor even asserted that it would be difficult for her to give birth if she ever got pregnant. This bad news broke Mrs. Xiao’s heart, but Castle Master Xiao loved his wife and didn’t want her to risk her life. He always let his wife take contraceptive medicine. He also comforted her by saying he would let her adopt one of his brother’s children so that she wouldn’t be too sad. “This is a good deed.” I said when I heard the story up to this point.
The kid looked proud. “Who said it’s not? Our Castle Master’s affection for his wife is as apparent as the sun and moon!”
After hearing this, something left a bad taste in my heart. During those days at the bottom of the valley, Psycho’s affection for me was also as apparent as the sun and moon. Did he possibly mistake me for Mrs. Xiao?
“And then?”

“And then, hah…” the kid sighed a sigh of an elderly, “Probably still wanting to give birth to someone of the Castle Master’s blood, Madam secretly conceived the child without telling anyone. She lived in seclusion and seldom came out, so no one noticed for a long time. Castle Master was doing business in the north at that time. After hearing news of Madam’s labor, he rushed back overnight but still wasn’t able to see her one last time.”
I opened my mouth. “That… what about the child?” “It was a stillbirth.”
These four words hit my heart heavily, suddenly putting me in a trance.
“Castle Master has always blamed himself. He felt that he had harmed his wife and child, and then after that, it was a bit…”
“A bit what?”

“I would say not good, because afterwards he became obsessed with martial arts all day long and became stranger and stranger… Then, one day, the main residence of the Castle Master suddenly caught fire. When everyone managed to extinguish the fire, Castle Master could not be found anywhere. Someone saw…” He suddenly stopped, as if hesitating to continue.
I frowned and complained, “You kid, don’t mumble and stumble, you understand!”
“Wouldn’t this count as making me betray? You still want to hear or not!” The kid gave me a blank look.
I rubbed his shoulders more diligently. “Hear hear hear!”

He cleared his throat. “Someone witnessed the Castle master set the fire himself. They said his hair was disheveled and his feet were bare, he was laughing at the burning house as if he had gone mad. Afterwards, Castle Master  disappeared.  No one had seen him for five years, and it was unknown how many people had been sent by Second Castle Master to find him. No one could find him, until just over a month ago when Castle Master suddenly came back by himself as if nothing had gone wrong!”
He stayed at the bottom of the valley for five years, alone… The
moment I heard this information, my heart hurt and swelled, as if stung by a bee.
I asked for more detail, “Did he say where he had been in those five years?”
The kid shook his head. “I don’t know about this. You can say that it’s because my status is not high enough.”
As soon as I heard this, I slowly took back my hand that had been kneading his shoulder. “Alright.” After kicking the kid off the bed without giving him any time to respond, I said to him intimidatingly, “Then you can roll now.” The teenager was completely stunned at the fact that a demon sect practitioner like me would completely disregard morals after exploiting him.
He was still lying somewhat stupidly on the ground, looking at me with a face full of grievances. “How come you’re so fast to turn your face and not recognize people ah!”
“You’re not going to leave?” I gave him a meaningful glance, “If you’re still not going to leave, then be careful when I eat you with my demon arts!” After I finished, I made an expression that bared my fangs as I smirked. The kid was so scared that he picked up his shoes and frantically began to escape as he bolted out of the room.

Chapter 12

When I was the only one left in the room, I stared at the flickering candlelight and started to fall into a daze.
It turns out, Psycho really had a wife. Although his wife died, she had existed, and even almost gave birth to a son.
I finally figured out why he kept urging me to give birth to a child for him and kept calling me “NanNan”. He clearly had mistaken me for Mrs. Xiao.
His NanNan was never me at all.

I fell asleep carrying a burden on my mind, so it was surprising that I slept until dawn.
It was breakfast, and I was sharing a table with Black Hawk Castle. Behind me were the undisguised, malicious gazes of Hidden Sword Gate. If their eyes could send out knives instead of merely malice, I’m afraid I would already be a porcupine.
“How about the Castle Master?” I didn’t see Psycho, so I asked Xiao Mobei who was sitting next to me.
Probably since I possess a Black Hawk jade pendant and am considered a distinguished guest of Black Hawk Castle, the treatment I receive is very different and I can eat at the same table as the Castle Masters.
Xiao Mobei glanced at me while holding his rice porridge with both hands. “Went to talk about your matters with the Hidden Sword Gate sect master.”

“Castle Master went through a lot of trouble.” I smiled.

He used his chopsticks to eat from his bowl. “Are you truly a person from the demon sect?”
“Former disciple of the demon sect.” I emphasized the pronunciation of the word “former.”
“The selection of the demon sect’s disciples is getting less and less picky.”
What do you mean by this? Ai, if you have the guts to say something, then say it clearly! Isn’t my face still a little swollen from
being beaten by those two sons of bitches yesterday? Wait until the swelling is reduced; by that time, your Ge will specially treat my face like a treasure!

I glared at him as I held my bowl with one hand and a peeled hard- boiled egg in the other. Suddenly, a shadow passed over my head and sat down beside me. I noticed it was Psycho.
He looked indifferently at me and then at my half-raised egg. I didn’t know what kind of crazy idea my head came up with, but I handed the shining-white egg to him. “Giving you this for you to eat.”
As soon as this remark came out, a cough was heard from Xiao Mobei who choked on the side.
Xiao Zhongnan was calm and composed as he raised his hand and took the egg from my hand, and said, “Thank you.”
“You’re welcome, no problem!” You even gave your urine to Lao Tzu, feeding you an egg is really nothing.
The table was very quiet as the three of us ate our own food. Having become accustomed to the appearance of Psycho gobbling meat, it was a bit strange to see Xiao Zhongnan’s refined eating style.
Possibly feeling my gaze pausing on him from time to time, Xiao Zhongnan put down his tableware and looked at me. “Just say something.”
I was taken aback. “Uh… what did the old master say?” “You can follow us; he has no complaints.”
If he has no complaints, then there can only be craftiness. It can be seen at a glance that the old master is in this deal for the benefits. It was fine for him to not present a meritorious service in front of the Alliance Leader and get some money from the big gold lord who is currently in front of him instead.

I smiled and said, “That’s great. By the way, Castle Master can call me A-Qing, the Qing in painting1Painting: 丹青(dānqīng).”

Xiao Zhongnan nodded at me without asking further.

Actually, I know he didn’t take me seriously at all, otherwise he wouldn’t have waited for me to inform him of my name. For him, I am simply a little vagabond who happened to pick his jade pendant. It’s already a great privilege to have him take care of me on behalf of the
other sects; I can’t ask for more.
“Will the Castle Master return to Black Hawk Castle immediately once the Wulin Assembly is over?”
“Yes. Are you going back with us, or shall I send you to where you want to go?”
I actually don’t have a place to go to, but I can’t always rely on others, so I said, “Castle Master only needs to send me halfway through.”

“Hmn.” His answer was as concise as before.

The so-called Wulin Assembly is nothing more than a decision made by the Wulin Alliance Leader to gather every sect together to hold a meeting and talk about significant matters. One day is usually enough for the Wulin Assembly to discuss so we can go our way on the second day.
I wasn’t able to know what the current Wulin Assembly was for. I didn’t go because I was afraid to see familiar faces, but I heard from the innkeeper that it has something to do with the demon sect.
If HanYiJiao wasn’t obliterated one of these days, then the Wulin Alliance will not be able to obtain even one day of peace.
One year ago, they also used a slogan like this to encircle me, but I clearly remember that I had done my best to restrain my men from harming Wulin during my tenure. I don’t know on what basis they label this ‘rightful peace’ and why they can’t obtain it.
“The Wulin Alliance Leader specifically wrote an invitation for my Castle Master to make him attend this time, and I must say, it’s not anything good!” Cheng Xiaoyu analyzed with us2 him, cheng xiaoyu and innkeeper while cracking melon seeds.
The kid was frightened by me that day, but to think he would still show up shamelessly and brazenly in front of my door the next day to give me medicine. I thought he was amusing so I exchanged names with him afterwards.
He said that his name was Cheng Xiaoyu, and he was the youngest son of the butler of Black Hawk Castle. No wonder he doesn’t look like an ordinary disciple.
I asked him, “Why is it not anything good to call on your family’s Castle Master?” The kid pursed his lips. “Because our Castle Master has money, and everyone asks him to lend them money. If it’s not borrowing money, then it’s borrowing horses or borrowing eagles. And I have never seen them pay him back in the past.”
Huo, it seems that Alliance Leader laorenjia3literally old person of the household. A polite term for older man or woman wants to play it big this time! Who knows if my bastard of a shishu will be able handle it.
I chatted with him until everyone returned to the inn and Xiao Mobei saw us. He told us that we’re setting off early tomorrow morning and we need to tidy up tonight.
I came and went stark naked, but there was nothing for me to clean up, and so I took a hot bath early in the evening and went to bed.
Halfway through my sleep, my stomach suddenly felt uncomfortable. I got up and groped about in the darkness as I made my way to the latrine.
When I finished solving the major wonders of life and was groping about in the dark again to go back to my room, I passed by a room and heard some strange noises inside.
Since I was using the wall as a guide, the movements I heard coming from behind the door were very clear.
It seemed to be some kind of painful groans accompanied by pants and low crashing sounds.
This room… I raised my head to determine my surroundings and found out that it was Psycho’s room.

I knocked on the door. “Castle Master, are you okay?” The groans disappeared for a moment. Could it be a nightmare? I was hesitating between staying or leaving when the door suddenly opened, and I was dragged inside.
I was held tightly around my waist as the man put his lips against my neck and rubbed it.
I automatically struggled to get away. “Castle Master Xiao, what are you doing?”
The other party responded with a hoarse murmur that completely fixed me in place.

With such a familiar tone and form of address, I lost the strength to struggle, and my whole body turned soft.
When he saw that I was not struggling anymore, he lifted me up in his arms and put me on the bed, his whole body pressing down on me from above.
“NanNan… NanNan…”

My lips were kissed, my chest was kissed, and my belly button was kissed, just like before.
I put my hand on his head, and hesitantly said, “Psy… cho?”

He did not respond to me, and instead impatiently tore my clothes apart.
No, he’s not Psycho. He is Xiao Zhongnan, better yet a Xiao Zhongnan in a terrible condition.
“No, you, wait wait… Castle Master, you… you’re not in a right state… Castle Master …” I started to flail about, and the other party became rough as well in order to restrain me until he finally pushed into my body in one stroke, without any form of lubrication.
My eyes widened, and my entire upper body jerked up the bed with my mouth open, yet no sound came out.
It was too painful, even more painful than the first time I was fucked by Psycho.
The man who was galloping rapidly on top of me was like a beast, without awareness of what restraint or gentleness are. He pried my buttocks open with his hands so that he could enter me deeper.
“Ah… it hurts…” I was in so much pain that my vision turned black. I blinked, and the corners of my eyes became uncontrollably moist.
What the hell is this… Is Lao Tzu really unable to escape his fate of
being fucked to the point of hovering between life and death by this psycho?
Xiao Zhongnan didn’t know what was going on. Like a person drugged by an aphrodisiac, he seemed to have endless desires, and the way he vented these desires was simply rough and scary.
He vigorously propped himself up with one hand and pushed my leg up with the other, before wordlessly biting me, not the kind of bite that was playing around but a genuine bite. This harsh bite made me feel like I was about to lose some flesh from my legs, so I quickly tried to pull my legs away, however his hands were clamped onto me tightly, restraining my every movement.
I was scared and begged him, “Don’t… ah… Castle Master, stop!”
Who knows if my plea moved him, but he let go of my leg. However, before I could even rejoice, he leaned over and sucked on my left nipple. I instantly let out a painful gasp, my rear followed and contracted involuntarily, causing him to utter a muffled groan to express his comfort and start to bite all over my body with increasing effort.
I was tossed and turned by him all night until I unwittingly passed out in the end.
The next day, when I woke up feeling sore all over, Xiao Zhongnan was already awake and looking at me with a slight frown.
He scanned my whole body, his eyes stopping for a long time when they passed by those teeth marks.
“I… did this?” he asked with some difficulty.

Chapter 13

Turns out this Castle Master Xiao is also a human being, asking me such a silly question.
“No, I bit it myself.” I lifted a bit of the quilt and gasped. I pointed to him, “I bit myself here, here, and here.”
His brows furrowed deeper. “That’s not what I meant.” He raised his right hand to his forehead, pressed his thumb and middle finger on his temple, and closed his eyes. “I can’t remember what happened last night.”
In fact, I already had a hunch that there was something wrong with him last night, and I didn’t assume that he was going to shirk responsibility, however, hearing him say it like this still inevitably made my heart feel somewhat depressed.
“It really doesn’t matter. Plus, we’re both men; you can just treat it like a wet dream. I won’t tell anyone. Castle Master can rest assured.” I feigned a casual smile.
He stared at me for a long time and didn’t say anything. I saw that he wasn’t moving so I wanted to prop myself to sit up and talk with him carefully, but I didn’t expect to feel a piercing pain when I moved my butt. My hand gave out, and I fell back once again.
He immediately stopped my movements. “Don’t move about. I’ll find some medicine for you.” After he spoke, he lifted the quilt and jumped out of bed. He was naked, flaunting his wide shoulders, narrow waist, and plump buttocks. This body, packed with sinewed muscles, looks nothing like the daytime appearance of the solemn and steady Castle Master, however, it does remind me of Psycho.

Presumably feeling my gaze, he angled himself sideways a little. From the corner of my eye, I caught sight of a heavy sleeping python below his crotch. My face twitched and I quickly averted my eyes, feeling the glaring aching of my ass.
He came back after a while, already wearing a pair of trousers and holding a porcelain bottle in his hand.
“You…” He held back for a long time. “Will you apply it yourself, or should I do it for you?”
Who could have imagined that there would come a day where Black Hawk Castle’s Castle Master, who is able to move unhindered under the heavens, would have a day where he would falter with his words and not know what to say?
I silently took the medicine in his hand and sighed. “Castle Master, can I ask you to send me a basin of water first?”
I have to say that if I were to be fucked by both, I would be more willing to be fucked by Psycho. At least he was more proficient at serving people afterwards compared to Castle Master Xiao.
Viewing in another light, they’re obviously the same person, so how come the gap in treatment is so big?
He stilled, his gaze turning to me, then his brows lightly unfold as he realized what I meant. He picked up his outer garment from the ground and put it on, then he opened the door and walked out, probably to ask the attendant for water.
After a while, there was a knock on the door. Thinking it was Xiao Zhongnan who came back, I thought that he was pretty fast. Yet the voice of the Xiao family’s second brother came from outside the door. “Ge, are you up yet?”

The house leaks when it rains at night, the boat is late and the wind blows1“The house leaks and it rains for endless nights,
the boat is late but the wind still blows.” – it means that the
situation is already unlucky enough but it just so happens that a bigger blow came and added fuel to the fire.; the tiger fell into Pinyang and was bullied by the dogs, the dragon swam in shallow
waters and was played by a shrimp2 “The tiger fell into Pinyang
and was bullied by dogs; The dragon swam in shallow waters and was played by a shrimp” –  means a person being bullied by
a weak person after losing power. As to why the tiger fell specifically in Pinyang, there’s actually has a really sad story behind this, can be
found here if curious…
How fun is this!

My mind went blank, hoping that he might walk away if no one in the room answered. I covered my mouth and was so nervous I did not dare breathe. However, Xiao Zhongnan previously walked out the
door and forgot to lock it; as a result, it was easily pushed open by
the Second Castle Master Xiao!

“Why is the door not locked… Ge, you there?”  As Xiao Mobei3 the author put this as Xiao Zhongnan, but I think it was supposed to be Xiao Mobei approached the bed step by step, my heart was hanging in my throat. This feeling is like being caught in an affair by my wife on our bed, nothing more than that!
In a dying struggle, I pulled the quilt up to my face.

Xiao Mobei’s voice was almost within reach. “Ge, why are you covering yourself with the quilt like this? Don’t you feel stuffy…” There was another movement outside the door, and his words came to an abrupt end. I could sense him taking back the hand that was closing in on the quilt. “…Huh, Ge?”
Soon after, I heard Xiao Zhongnan’s low voice coming from the doorway. He said, “Get out.”

The sound of the footsteps hurriedly moved a few steps away from the side of the bed toward the door. Second Castle Master Xiao was obviously shocked, and he was as tongue-tied as his brother earlier.
“Brother, you… the one on the bed… not you…” As Xiao Mobei talked with his brother incoherently, I could imagine the wonderful and varied expressions on his face at this moment.
“Go out first. This is a long story; I’ll explain it to you later.” He paused. “Ask someone to buy a carriage. We might use it on the road later.”
I guessed that there was a ninety-percent chance that the carriage would be prepared for me. After all, with the situation my ass is in right now, even just lying down hurts, let alone riding a horse.
It took a long time for Xiao Mobei to regain his ability to speak normally. “…Okay, I see.”
After the footsteps had gone away, I moved my head out of the quilt and saw Xiao Zhongnan holding a wooden basin in hand, closing the door with his feet and walking towards me.
“How about you just leave me here?” I asked him.

He brought the wooden basin beside the bed and put it down. He was taken aback when he heard my words. “Aren’t you going with me?”
I explained to him, “If I get on the carriage later, Second Castle Master would be  suspicious.  Letting  other  people know about what happened between you and me  might damage Castle Master’s reputation, so instead of that, it’s better to just leave me here.”
Xiao Zhongnan wrung out the long towel very naturally and lifted open the corner of the quilt to wipe my body. “Mobei is not other people.”
“… That’s not so good either.”

He suddenly looked at me. “Do you feel ashamed to let others know that you were done by a man like me?”
This time I was stunned. Where do I start? This was not the main point!
Xiao Zhongnan asked again, “If I leave you here, do you have a place to go to?”
“…No,” I answered honestly.

“Entanglements?” “There are also… none.”
Originally, I wanted to ask him for some money before leaving, but now it’s a bit embarrassing for me to ask for money with this “relationship” with him.
He nodded and then said, “Since you have nowhere to go, you can follow me back to Black Hawk Castle.”
“Back to Black Hawk Castle?” My voice suddenly rose a little. Xiao Zhongnan’s expression remained unchanged. “Yes.”
Back to Black Hawk Castle? Back to… Psycho’s home?
He wants to take me home?!

Seeing that my expression was too complicated, he said lightly, “We can still afford to raise one more person at Black Hawk Castle.” Since he said that, I considered it for a while. I’m penniless, injured, have nowhere to go, and Lin Yue still may be sending people everywhere to chase me down. I wouldn’t be able to find a better shelter than Black Hawk Castle. It is better to wait until my injuries are healed before finding another place to live.
So I nodded. “Thank you Castle Master for taking me in.” I hesitated, but chose to ask my question anyway, “Castle Master, why were you like that yesterday?”
Xiao Zhongnan’s motion of wiping me slowed down, and a moment later, he said, “I used to practice my skills in the past when I accidentally fell into qi deviation. Later, despite getting better, I still suffer from headaches. This condition happens from time to time, but last night’s situation has never happened before.”
“Every time you get sick, you lose your memory?”

He nodded. “More or less.”

This is not good at all! It’s a terrible thing to fall into qi deviation,
how can it be anything good? This headache may turn into a stubborn illness; you can’t be careless!
All of a sudden I felt cold below, causing me to recover from my thoughts. Only then did I find out that Xiao Zhongnan was already reaching out for my lower parts.
“Ah, I’ll do it myself!” I hurriedly grabbed the long towel in his hand.
Xiao Zhongnan dodged: “Don’t move!”
It’s you who needs to stay still, don’t move!

I struggled more vigorously. “I can certainly do this by myself!” His hand came to a stop and he stared at me without saying a word. I suddenly felt a bit cold all over my body and goosebumps started to rise up, but his hand was still pressing against me, and I couldn’t cover myself with the quilt.
“One, lie down on your own or two, I will tap your acupoints and turn you over.”
I would rather stare at him unyieldingly. “I’m not lying down!”

Xiao Zhongnan pursed his lips and looked at me indifferently. He stretched out two fingers and quickly tapped my acupoints, turning my whole body over like he said he would, and separated my legs to wipe and clean the spot behind my body.
This is an extremely strange and subtle feeling. I know he is Psycho, and it’s not the first time that he wiped me clean like this, but when I think that he is Psycho who has recovered his sanity and is clear-headed, I still feel uncontrollably ashamed.
“I’m sorry.” He probably apologized to me in a low voice because he saw the tragedy behind me. He even gave me medicine after wiping.
“I was fucked alright… Why do you mention it so much?”
My voice was all muffled by the bedding.

After taking the medicine, I feel more refreshed. I was exhausted last night, and now I feel a little sleepy.
He unlocked my acupoints, and when he saw that I looked sleepy, he said to me, “Go to sleep.”
Hearing what he said, I finally couldn’t help closing my eyes and falling asleep. Subconsciously, I seemed to feel a hand on my head. I touched it gently, and it felt very warm. When I woke up again, I was wrapped inside a quilt and was being held in Xiao Zhongnan’s arms as we rode a carriage. I was leaning on his chest, my long hair uncombed, and half of my face covered, but even this was enough for Xiao Mobei to identify who I was.
He was staring at me in disbelief, his mouth slightly open in surprise, so wide it could fit an egg inside.
Second Castle Master, I am innocent, don’t look at me like that!

After getting into the carriage, I slept lazily. I couldn’t help but flip over inside the car while wrapped in the quilt before going to sleep again.
In fact, I know that Xiao Zhongnan will want to take me back to Black Hawk Castle not because he likes me, but because of his sense of responsibility. These kinds of famous heroes and upright gentlemen, they simply can’t do things like short-lived relationships and one-night stands. Although I am a man, he will inevitably feel guilty and would want to take me back, probably just to compensate me in other ways.
I only wonder what kind of expression he would make if I told him that he had pressed me down on more than one occasion?
It’s also good to be a male pet. I need not worry about being killed all the time, and there are no mutual deceptions. No matter how bad, it’s fine to act as the little brother of Psycho. It’s better to follow the Black Hawk Castle’s well-regarded Castle Master and be able to eat good things and drink alcohol than wander alone destitute in Jianghu.

Chapter 14

The convoy traveled for around a month before returning to Black Hawk Castle in the northern grasslands. It was the first time I saw such vast grassland, and I was so excited that I was reluctant to lower the carriage’s curtain.
But no matter how beautiful the scenery is, it can’t stop the endless chattering behind me.
“Let me remind you that Black Hawk Castle is not like your demon sect. Don’t bring those intrigues into the castle, or else Castle Master will definitely rectify you!”
I rolled my eyes when I heard these words. I lowered the curtain and turned around to slap Cheng Xiaoyu on the head.
“Are you sick, have you taken your medicine?”

The kid clutched his head and wailed, “You hit me again!”

I didn’t bother paying attention to him and turned around to lift the curtain again.
They probably feared that I would be bored alone, and due to the friendship we developed while he was delivering my medicine, Cheng Xiaoyu was sent to accompany me inside the carriage since the second day we departed. It was pretty good at first, there was another person to talk with, but after some time, I felt that the kid was bothersome and especially noisy. He was annoying to death.
Psycho is still better; he talks less, works diligently. The sky outside the carriage window was so blue, the grass so green, and the horses beside the carriage beautiful in color and with slender limbs. These, together with the lofty man riding the horse, complemented one another well, forming a pleasing landscape.
The man noticed that I was looking at him. He slightly moved his gaze and gestured with his eyes in my direction, wondering if there was something wrong.
I hurriedly said, “It’s okay, I’m just taking a breath of fresh air.”
Xiao Zhongnan nodded, and said casually, “Don’t take too long, it’s cold outside.” Then he urged his horse up to the front of the procession.
I watched his back as he left. I sighed and then losing my mood to look at the scenery, I retracted my head into the carriage.
Cheng Xiaoyu saw that I was back and seated; maybe he still
wasn’t afraid after I gave him that smack, but he opened his mouth and asked, “Does your demon sect really have demon arts?”
I lifted my eyelids and looked at him with a hand supporting my head as I lay on my side. “Why did you ask this?”
“If not, then why would the Castle Master take a fancy to you?”
Xiao Zhongnan had been so caring to me during this journey, and so many eyes witnessed when he carried me into the carriage that day, so I‘m afraid the entire procession already knows of my relationship with him. It’s just that other people are under Xiao Mobei’s control, and it’s not like Cheng Xiaoyu would dare to ask anything without guarding the door.
“Why can’t he fancy me? It’s his blessing that I am willing to follow him.” I smiled a smile that was not quite a smile. My eyes couldn’t match it because of my weariness.

Cheng Xiaoyu’s gaze snapped to me instantly and he snorted,

I closed my eyes to take a nap before lazily warning him for his words, “Beware of me beating you up, little brat.”
He had been straightened out by me during this month, so knowing that I did what I said I would, he shut his mouth obediently.
When the carriage slowly came to a halt, we had already reached the front gates of Black Hawk Castle.
The place where I lived the longest in my life was in Partridge Mountain, where the demon sect was located, and then in the cave at the bottom of the valley which changed my life. The demon sect has little money and their dwellings were not stylish, while the broken cave is not even worth mentioning. So, when I saw the magnificent Black Hawk Castle standing firm on the vast plain, the shock in my heart was simply beyond words.
Psycho is really a wealthy local landlord! No wonder even the Wulin Alliance Leader asked to borrow money from him.
There was a group of people waiting at the gates, all dressed as disciples and servants of Black Hawk Castle. The bearded middle- aged man in front looked very capable and efficient. When Cheng Xiaoyu saw him, his eyes lit up and he whispered, “Father.” I realized that this must be the famous “Iron Calculator,” Cheng Ming of Black Hawk Castle.
I said he was famous, but in fact, it was mostly bragging I heard from Cheng Xiaoyu on the road. However, it is said that in the five years that Psycho was missing, if it were not for the assistance of the Iron Calculator in regards to finances, Xiao Mobei alone would probably not have been able to support their huge family business. “Uncle Cheng, we’re back!” Xiao Mobei greeted him with a big smile.
I snorted in a low voice when I saw this. This guy was giving me this look on his face all the way here and didn’t bother talking to me, but now he was smiling.
“Uncle Cheng, is everything in the castle well?” Xiao Zhongnan’s first sentence when he saw him was this.
Cheng Ming smiled and stroked his beard. “Fine, it’s just fine. A hawk brought your message, so I already knew that you were coming back. I have asked the kitchen to prepare lunch. You can have a meal after a short rest.”
Xiao Zhongnan nodded. “I’ve troubled Uncle Cheng.”

The rest of them greeted Cheng Ming one by one, and when it was Cheng Xiaoyu’s turn, the kid swooped into his father’s arms, causing his father to nearly fall flat on his bottom.
When it was my turn, the atmosphere turned awkward for a moment, and I touched my nose. “Nice to meet you, Butler Cheng. My name is Ah Qing. The Castle master saved me on the road…”
I wanted to make up an identity indiscriminately, so I wanted to say I was a person being persecuted by the demon sect who Xiao Zhongnan rescued on the road, which is half true and not entirely wrong, but I didn’t expect that Castle Master Xiao would speak out and amaze the world with a single brilliant feat before I could finish.
“He’s my sworn brother.”
I was stunned; everyone was stunned. He was the only one whose face didn’t change.

This month, the way Xiao Zhongnan treated me was nothing special. Although I ate at the same dining table as him, we stayed in different beds and different rooms, and there was also no intimacy in our words. I was still wondering if I was a male pet or a younger brother, but he directly gave me a push and bestowed me an incredible identity.
The sworn brother of the Black Hawk Castle’s Castle Master… well, it sounds much better than a male pet.

Cheng Ming was stunned for a short moment, and then he put away his stunned expression, and said with a smile, “It turned out to be Young Master Qing. You can call me Uncle Cheng in the future. What big butler, little butler, it doesn’t make a difference.”

As soon as he smiled, I remembered those righteous wily old foxes’ big smiles containing hidden intentions. They can see everything clearly in front of their eyes, and they would entertain you perfunctorily. It is very tiring to deal with. But in any case, it was good to have a place to stay for a time.
Although this place isn’t perfect, it’s the best for stability and safety, and I can live with peace of mind.
I don’t know if, later on, Cheng Ming learned about the ambiguous relationship between me and my “sworn brother” from his youngest son, but he arranged my courtyard to be next to Xiao Zhongnan’s courtyard. The distance between the two places was quite small. Sometimes when I go out for a walk, I would meet him several times, which was truly somewhat awkward.
Xiao Zhongnan was probably afraid that the servants would see him right when his illness would start to act up, so there would no longer be servants left to wait on him after nightfall. On the other hand, I have never been used to strangers wandering around, so I kept one of the servants sent by Cheng Ming but often asked him to go to his room early to rest. As a result, on the fifth night since settling in Black Hawk Castle, I was suddenly pressed down and hugged by a familiar body halfway through my sleep. Aside from shock, I also felt that “it’s finally here”. Somehow, I just had the feeling that this kind of thing could not happen only once!

But this time, he didn’t fuck me on the bed without any explanation; instead, he was hugging me while shaking.
“What’s wrong with you?” I worriedly touched his forehead, and when I felt that there was no fever, I went to check other parts of his body. “You have to speak, what’s wrong with you?”
His head was near the crook of my neck as he held me tightly. As he repeatedly knocked his head against the headboard, he groaned in pain, just like that night at the inn.
“NanNan…head…urgh, my head really hurts!”


I was alarmed and felt the need to push him away, “You’re ill, I will call a physician for you!”

Qi deviation can’t be taken lightly, if it hurts and it turns him into a dumb psycho… who knows if he can get lucky once more and be able to change back again.

“Don’t go!” He saw that I was about to leave, so he held on tighter, causing our bodies to seamlessly press together.
I couldn’t move. I didn’t know what to do, and I was very worried. Suddenly, inspiration flashed in my mind. I injected my newly recovered internal force into my fingertips to massage the acupoints on his head, hoping to relieve his pain. I don’t know if I accidentally found a way to soothe it, but after a while, Xiao Zhongnan’s body wasn’t trembling as badly as before. I asked him in a low voice, “Better?”

He didn’t answer me, but the breaths he was puffing onto my neck was moist and warm, making me feel a palpitating tingling. I had no choice but to brace myself and continue to massage him until the internal strength in my dantian was exhausted.
“Xiao Zhongnan?” I pushed the heavy body on top of me.

The response I got was a soft snore. The other party actually fell asleep under my massage! I could hardly breathe underneath his crushing body. I was forced to turn him over to the side, but he whispered “NanNan” as if being awakened, and then he used his powerful arms to confine me in his embrace, unable to move a single step.
I haven’t healed from my internal injury yet, and I just used up my internal strength for him. At this time, my body has no more energy, and I was too tired to fix our inconvenient sleeping position, so I fell deep asleep.
The next day, compared to the time at the inn, I opened my eyes first. I did not move or try to leave Psycho’s sleeping embrace. I looked up at the sleeping man.
Xiao Zhongnan is one hundred percent, a great husband in both figure and appearance, the kind that women especially love. Mrs.
Xiao was quite blessed to have such a husband. Maybe Mrs. Xiao was also an unparalleled beauty in her generation; otherwise, it wouldn’t have made Castle Master Xiao like this, still unable to forget.

Last night, I only relieved his headache with a temporary solution, alleviating the symptoms but not the root cause. If I can sneak into the demon sect’s hidden chamber, maybe I can find a cure.
There are bizarre books and strange things that have been plundered by the sect masters of the successive generations in the
demon sect’s hidden chamber. I remember once when I was free to browse through it; I chanced upon a rare book that specialized in teaching people how to treat symptoms of qi deviation caused by
carelessness that leads to obstructed qi and blood. I didn’t read it carefully because I didn’t need it at that time, and now I really regret it.

I was thinking about this when Xiao Zhongnan’s eyes suddenly opened. Except for the faint redness, there was nothing to tell that he had just been asleep.
When he saw me, he was stunned at first, but soon after, he released me from his confinement and sat up.
He wiped his face, his voice thick and hoarse as he just woke up,
“Did I hurt you last night?”
Hurt? There was no hurting at all, but the fright was real. Immediately afterward, I sat up and smiled as I said, “Last night,
the two of us indeed slept together, but aside from holding each other, we didn’t do anything else. Castle Master can rest assured.”
He sighed, seemingly too exhausted. “Don’t say anything about this. I don’t want Mobei and the others to worry.”
I knitted my brows. “But you can’t always do it like this. Why don’t you ask a famous physician for  treatment?  Maybe there’s a way to cure you.”
“Do you think I haven’t looked for it before?” His brows also creased as they rose. “I know my own body, so you don’t need to worry about it.”
I was shocked by his clear detached way of speaking. I felt bitter, my lips pursed together, and I couldn’t speak for a while. Probably realizing that his tone was too harsh, he calmed down.
“You can go back to sleep. I’ll get up first.”

After he left, I stared at the door for a long time before I grabbed the pillow on the bed and hurled it over, feeling awfully depressed.
“Unable to tell good from bad1mostly refers to not being able to understand the kindness of others!” I said fiercely.
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Chapter 15

Xiao Zhongnan’s feelings for me were probably only a little bit more than his feelings towards strangers. Considering the passion we shared that night in the inn, he naturally wouldn’t be too happy if he came to find me as soon as his illness acted up. To curb this phenomenon, the only way is to restrain him and take away his freedom.
He had no one else to entrust himself to, so in the end, I was the one who had to tie him to the bed with a rope every night before going to bed. Also, because of the looming fear of one day being fucked to death by him, I had to agree.
“Is this all right?” I adjusted the tightness of the rope and asked him.
He tested it and said, “Tighten it a bit more.”

I nodded and tightened the rope a bit more.

Although he and I were not that intimate before, after that unpleasant early morning, we seemed even less intimate. We simply had become estranged.
After I tied him up, I clapped my hands and prepared to leave.
“Okay, then I’ll take my leave, Castle Master Xiao.”
His limbs were tied to the bedpost in a “大” shape. After hearing what I said, he turned his head and looked at me for a while, as if he
was hesitant to speak. I saw that he still has something to say, so I didn’t move. Ultimately, he said stiffly, “Thank you.”

I pursed my lips and smiled perfunctorily. “The Castle Master is polite.” After saying this, I turned around and left without looking back.
Since Xiao Zhongnan doesn’t want me to take care of him, then I won’t do anything unnecessary and let him manage himself. I’m not his person anyway, what does it have to do with me whether he’s dead or alive?
However, even if I thought about it like this, I would still unconsciously prick my ears up and listen attentively to the room next door in the quiet of every night to see if his illness was acting up again.
I felt so helpless for myself like this; it was just too disappointing!
Xiao Zhongnan was quiet. His courtyard was located in the most secluded corner of Black Hawk Castle, and there were usually not many people in mine. On weekdays, I peacefully stayed in my own small courtyard. When I would get really bored, I would walk around the area, and my days quickly passed. This peace wasn’t easy for me to obtain, so I cherished it even more.
Three months went by like this, and I lived in harmony with everyone in Black Hawk Castle. Sometimes Cheng Xiaoyu would come find me. He’s a son of a butler, very young and different from ordinary servants and disciples and he was always sincere and a bit innocent and unaffected. I always say that I would beat him if he bothers me, but honestly speaking, I actually like him coming to find me.
“There’s a library in the southern section, have you been there?” He asked me as he chewed on cucumbers.
The early spring weather was pleasant without the winter cold, so I moved the bamboo chaise lounge out to the patio. I was lying on the chaise lounge with my eyes closed, feeling the warm sunlight shining on my body. It was comfortable, and I was getting drowsy.
I was going to fall asleep, but when I heard that there was a library, I became interested. I opened my eyes to look at the other person. “Are there a lot of books?”
He exaggeratedly gestured a big circle. “Lots and lots, enough to bury me entirely!”
I thought about it. “Then, when shall I go and see?”

I ate and slept here all day. Although this life was what I had dreamed of before, it was sometimes boring. It would be good to find a few books to pass the time, and maybe I can find a few medical
books too… Realizing what I was thinking, I frowned and even
slapped myself a few times.

What am I thinking of, looking for medical books? Will anyone appreciate it? He told me not to care about his business anymore, what am I doing trying to shower affection on an uninterested party?
I don’t understand. I am a former sect master of the demon sect, where could so much kindness come from?
“Did you fall out of favor?” The kid stared at me and suddenly said something astonishing.
I didn’t hear him clearly. “What did you say?”

He bit the cucumber and said in a vague tone, “The Castle Master never takes you to inspect the paddock, and usually, you two don’t show how intimate you are to each other. If you’re still in favor, he should be inseparable from you at all times. So I guessed that you fell out of favor. Only those who fell out of favor are thrown into the cold palace1The cold palace is where concubines/mistresses of the emperor are thrown after they “fell out of favor”/not pleasing to the emperor anymore (or maybe they offended the empress XD)..”
Hearing what he said, I scoffed disdainfully. “What do you know about your Castle Master? If the love lasts for a long time, how can both be at the same place from dawn until dusk? We’ll be together every day in the future, so why stick together all the time? Besides, we’re all big men; we don’t need to be like those youthful lovers.”
He nodded; it seemed that he didn’t quite understand.
I don’t know why I wanted to speak nonsense and delude him, but I’ve always felt that as long as I told him the truth, I will once again be pitiful to some degree, and I don’t like being pitied by others.
After I drove the kid away, I took a nap on the patio until the sun gradually went down and I felt a little chilly, then I languidly got up.
I told my servant to go shopping outside and return for dinner. He was used to going out alone, so I didn’t follow.
I walked slowly to the southern area, looking for the library that Cheng Xiaoyu talked about, but then I got lost while heading there, perhaps because Black Hawk Castle is too big.
Although Black Hawk Castle is controlled by a big family involved in valuable businesses, honestly speaking, there aren’t many servants. Apart from their regular patrols, the guards in the Castle don’t move around at will. As a result, there was no one I could find to ask for directions.
Who knows if my servant will wait for me at dinner, or if he will report my absence to the butler so he can send someone to find me instead.
I wandered around, trying to identify where I was at. After passing through a small bamboo forest, a beautiful small building suddenly appeared in front of me. It really was like seeing a light at the end of the tunnel.
I thought this was the library I was looking for, so I walked over quickly.
The small building was very cold and quiet, having no sign of life. At this time, the sky was gradually darkening, and the place appeared increasingly eerie and ghostly.
As I slowly climbed the steps up the small building, the stairs made harsh noises. There were several rooms on the second floor. I chose one of them and opened the door.

This looks like a study. The four treasures of the study2 文房四士The four treasures of the study: the essentials of calligraphy and scholarship namely 笔pen, 墨ink, 纸paper, 砚inkstone were available
on the desk, and there were many books neatly arranged on the shelves. There were also several calligraphies and paintings hanging on the wall.
My gaze swept across the calligraphies and paintings one by one. When I came across one of the paintings, I came to a halt. It was of a
very beautiful woman wearing a lotus-colored ruqun3I don’t know what part of the lotus exactly; leaf, flower, root? Or what type of ruqun, there’s a lot of different types of ruqun. But I’ll stick with this cuz I think it’s beautiful (and slightly fits the description ;). with a graceful smile, looking straight at the viewer as if depicting endless

It was not the painting that made me pay attention, however, but the painting’s inscription.

On the inscription of this painting is Xiao Zhongnan’s seal, then this person… could it be Mrs. Xiao?
I walked a few steps closer to take a better look, but I kicked something near my foot. I bent over to pick it up and found out that it was a woman’s beaded accessory made in the shape of a flower.
The flower must have fallen from the table beside it. Two pearls I found next to it must have also fallen off with the flower. I picked them up, planning to put them back on the table again.
This small building must’ve been cleaned frequently by servants because although it was dreary, it was not dilapidated, and there was no dust on the furniture. Thinking of this, I took a pause. I took the flower bead again to look at it when a thought flashed through my mind.
Could it be that this was the residence of Psycho and his wife before, and then after Mrs. Xiao died, he moved out because he was afraid of the scene evoking mixed feelings?
The more I thought about it, the more I realized it was possible. When I looked at the painting again, I murmured, “The hero and the beauty, it should be this way…”
I was about to put the flower bead away when at this moment, the door of the room was slammed open. My complexion suddenly changed, and I abruptly retreated a few steps. When I recognized whose palm it was, I couldn’t help exclaiming.
“Xiao Zhongnan?”

He stared at me with a face that sunk like water, and his eyes widened when he caught sight of the beaded flower in my hand. His infuriated breathing was fanning his sleeves, as if he was going to lose his mind in the next moment.
He yelled at me, “Who let you in?! Who gave you permission to touch things here?!”
“I…” I was taken aback by his questions. I was originally a little guilty, but the pit at the bottom of my stomach seemed to have been blocked by the way he spoke and now, I really want to vomit it out[], “It was not written on the door that this is a forbidden place, and I came in only because I got lost. This thing was already broken when I found it and I was not the one who broke it, so why are you so aggressive towards me?” I threw the beads in my hand onto the table. The scattered pearls uncontrollably rolled over the table until they finally dropped and broke completely.
Xiao Zhongnan’s expression suddenly became extremely hideous. Before I could react, he was already in front of me, holding my lapel with one hand, and the other hand held up high in the air. Internal force was accumulating deep within his palm, as if he wanted me to slap to death.
I stared at him with my eyes wide open, somewhat in disbelief.
“You want to kill me?”

The blue veins on his forehead were pulsating, and his expression was completely terrifying. Still maintaining his posture, he neither admitted nor denied my accusation.
I used to have unrealistic fantasies. I always kept in mind that he was Psycho. Psycho would not hurt me, and so neither would he. But I never expected that today, he would want to take my life for the sake of a beaded flower.
I suddenly realized that compared to the most important person in his mind, my life might be worse than the other’s flower bead. He was so good to me in the cave, was it also because he mistook me for that person?
Is my life that comparatively cheap and lowly? But isn’t it my life?

Suddenly, endless resentment surged from the bottom of my heart, and my voice was trembling, “Then kill, hit me to death with a single blow and treat it as if I have paid back your life- saving grace!” I said this not so much to him but, instead, to Psycho through him, acting a bit rashly due to my anger.
Full of rage, and with an unwavering gaze, he finally brought his palm down, but instead of slashing my body, he slashed the table at the side, slicing through a corner of the table as if it was tofu.
“Get out!!” He roared, eyes filled with red silk, looking like a man- eating devil.
My outer robe was loose, but my heart was still in tangles.

“Just go away!” I bit my lip and took a deep look at him. I flicked my sleeves and proceeded to rush away in a rage.
I searched for half an hour before I found my way back to the courtyard where I lived. I was so angry that I couldn’t eat dinner, so I just lay down on the bed and went to sleep.
Xiao Zhongnan and I quarreled, so naturally, it was impossible for me to restrain him with rope that night. I thought there would also be nothing wrong this time, but what I didn’t expect was that I would be paying a painful price the same night.

Chapter 16

In fact, there was something amiss about Psycho’s state during the day, but at that time, I didn’t care much due to my rage and the accusations. When night came, he became completely ill because of what happened with the beaded flower.
I was sleeping when a loud noise woke me up, and before I could react, a figure had already rushed onto the bed and entangled me.
This familiar body temperature and scorching hot pants; everything revealed the identity of the person who came.

Three months ago, I could only let him do it as my internal injury was not yet healed. But now, how can I let him succeed so easily? I immediately used all my strength to fight and struggle against him.
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“Fuck off!” I swung my palm towards him, gnashing my teeth with hatred.
Wanting to kill me during the day and wanting to humiliate me at night, he simply doesn’t treat me as a human being! I was so angry I could not think straight. I just wanted to fight him with all my might. However, even if Xiao Zhongnan had fallen into qi deviation, he was still a renowned master. He effortlessly avoided my hand and firmly restrained my wrist above my head. I immediately bent my knee and attacked him, but his legs suppressed it, preventing me from being able to land a single hit on him.
With only one arm and one leg left, my moves became more and more erratic. No matter how sinister I came at him, he was impenetrable, not letting me touch him. In the beginning, he was still confronting me with ease, but after a long time, he became impatient, and his attacks gradually became heavier.
Although there was no candlelight in the room, I could still see his bloodshot eyes through the moonlight coming in from the window. He was like a beast that has been starving for a long time, mad with desire.
He probably lost all his patience with me. He snarled angrily and tore my inner shirt apart. Before I could continue to struggle, he yanked my arm and skillfully dislocated it, dragging it from my joints.
“Ahh—!” The severe pain swept through my entire body. I couldn’t help but release a miserable screech and raise my leg to send a kick towards Xiao Zhongnan.
Immediately, my leg was held firmly in his grasp. There was no trace of warmth in his moonlit eyes, only fiery ruthlessness.
“Stop! Don’t… Ahhh!!” A wave of dread hit my heart. I tried my utmost to withdraw my leg, but it was too late. With a cold face, he pulled, and my leg was dislocated.
I clenched my jaw, not letting myself let out even a soft groan. My useless leg was limply leaning aside in a strange position, and my arms couldn’t be used at all. Their joints were incessantly swollen and painful, and a fine layer of sweat soon appeared on my forehead.
I was lying on the bed, protecting the dislocated arm with my other hand and staring at Xiao Zhongnan in front of me with vigilance and weakness.
He stroked my intact leg expressionlessly, slowly spreading it over to one side while his eyes were staring straight at me without blinking. He didn’t say anything, but his frigid eyes made me tremble in fear. I obediently let him move me and stopped resisting. I knew that if I continued to irritate him, he would dislocate my remaining unharmed arm and leg from their joints without the slightest hesitation. He only has desire in his heart right now. It would not be impossible for him to kill me first before the rape.
When he charged into my body in only a split second, the pain was utterly negligible compared to the aches I was feeling from the other injured parts of my body. He focused on me from start to finish,
staring at me attentively while thrusting his hips fiercely; other than
this, there were no superfluous expressions.

My body hurts, but what hurts even more is a certain part of my heart, the meticulous pricks making me unable to look at him any longer.
I raised the arm that was still able to move and used it to cover my eyes.
“Bastard… ah… beast… wu…” I cursed intermittently, tears uncontrollably gathering in my eyes before sliding down because of the pain.

Scenes of getting along with Psycho day and night when we were at the bottom of the valley unconsciously appeared in my mind; he was so kind to me and was never willing to hurt me. He carefully took
care of me, not only feeding me and helping me drink, but also wiping me and bathing me.

How could Psycho be Xiao Zhongnan? He is such a bastard, not at all similar to Psycho…
Psycho, where did you go? I miss you so much.

“Psycho…” After thinking about it, I felt sorrowful. “Save me… Psycho…” The warm liquid wet my arm, and I pressed it down tighter as if this way, the tears that represented my pain and grievance could be blocked and they would return to my eyes.
I felt him suddenly grab my wrist. I didn’t dare resist, letting him yank it away from my face.
Xiao Zhongnan lowered his eyes and approached me. I was so
afraid of his viciousness and mercilessness and dared not move. His breath sprayed out on my eyelids; I closed my eyes. After a while, I felt a heat touch the corner of my eyes. He actually licked me there
with his tongue.

I opened my eyes and stared at him, not daring to speak. Without any better options, I turned my head to the side. With this new position, his moist tongue licked my earlobe.
He held it in his mouth and proceeded to nibble and suck at it, while down below, he continued to slide in and out, alternating his thrusts over and over again as if he wanted to pierce through me.
I was fucked so hard by him that every time my body swayed, it would cause a burst of pain. However, even so, desire still continuously rose within me until it finally surpassed the pain.
I bit Psycho’s shoulder the moment my yang essence was released. To vent my anger, I used my good arm to sink my fingers into his back as I pulled myself up, leaving five deep scratches on his back.
After that, I was tossed about by Xiao Zhongnan for the entire night, and in the end, black spots enveloped my eyes and I fainted completely.
I couldn’t sleep peacefully due to the pain. The agony I felt all over my body was probably only slightly better than when I fell off the cliff.
A few times I woke up in a daze, my eyes fluttering open. The room was very bright, even a little dazzling, and I could vaguely hear voices.
“Even if you don’t like him… don’t… treat him like this…” “No… I can’t control… the illness…”
“… what?”

“I… qi deviation… never said… headache… go crazy… tie up…”

The first time it happened, I heard Xiao Zhongnan and Xiao Mobei. The two seemed to be arguing. I couldn’t resist the tiredness and fell back asleep after listening for a while.
The second time it was Cheng Xiaoyu. He was too noisy and directly woke me up.
“How evil! Big brother, why do you have  to  suffer  like this!” The child wept exaggeratedly as if he was mourning.
Fortunately, he was kicked out after a few wails. He didn’t forget to add a few lines, sobbing as he left, “Castle Master, if you don’t want to pamper him, just let him be a servant. This way, I can cover for him somehow.”
I was conscious at this time, but because I didn’t want to see the kid, I kept my eyes closed and pretended to remain asleep.
“What nonsense, go back quickly, otherwise, when Uncle Cheng can’t find you, he will scold you again.” This low voice, I immediately recognized that it was Xiao Zhongnan’s.
When the kid was gone, he walked slowly towards me and sat down by the bed.
I could feel him staring at me. After a while, he spoke, “If you don’t want to see me, I will let Xiaoyu come back to feed you your meals and help you drink medicine.”
When I heard this equally terrible option, I immediately opened my eyes. I don’t know if it was my imagination, but I actually felt that, even though the Xiao Zhongnan in front of me was still handsome, he was a lot thinner and pallid.
He seemed to see through my thoughts and said, “You have been asleep for two days.”

I was extremely shocked, but at the same time, felt it inconceivable— I was fucked in such a crazy way that I lay unconscious in bed for a full two days?!

“It’s been two days?” I spoke in complete astonishment, my voice cracking like a broken gong.
Xiao Zhongnan reacted quickly in the next second. He walked a few steps towards the table, poured a glass of water for me, and then helped me sit up and take a few sips using his hand.
At this time, my body is no longer sticky, and medicine seems to have been applied to that place behind me. The joints of my dislocated arm and leg have been repaired. Although there’s still some swelling, it shouldn’t be a big problem.
To be honest, I didn’t want to see Xiao Zhongnan because I feel uncomfortable seeing him.
“I asked the kitchen to cook some minced meat porridge. You can only eat light food for a few days…” He picked up a porcelain bowl from the small bedside table and said cautiously, “You should be hungry after sleeping  for two days. Let me feed you.”
I looked at the spoon he had brought to my mouth with a complex expression, somewhat at a loss as to whether I should uphold my moral backbone or eat my fill.

After struggling for a while, my moral backbone was defeated by a series of rumbles in my stomach. I fiercely opened my mouth and readily swallowed the porridge he fed me.
After the bowl of porridge was finished, he wiped my mouth and sat there with a solemn face before saying, “I committed such a sin, I’m simply worse than a pig. You can beat me, curse me, even if you want to stab me a few times, I absolutely will not dodge.”
I looked at him in silence and saw his unswerving determination. I couldn’t help asking, “Did you really want to kill me that day?”
It was baffling that I cared more about his attitude during that day than his bestial behavior last night.
He was taken aback. He shook his head with a somewhat awful expression, and said, “No, I don’t know what happened  that day. Suddenly, my rationality was gone and I went insane.” His dense brows and black eyes were filled with shame. “I didn’t sincerely want to kill you, nor did I really want to hurt you. When you get better, I’ll have Uncle Cheng arrange another place for you to live in. It’s better for you to stay far away from me.”
I said without thinking, “Then who will tie you with rope at night?”
His face was still cold and firm, but I don’t know if it was just my misconception, or I actually saw a flash of a smile in his eyes.
He let me lie down and tucked the quilt in for me. “I told Mobei about my situation earlier, and he will come to tie me up in the future.”
My body hasn’t recovered yet, and I’m a little sleepy after eating. I nodded when I heard his words. “You should let him know everything so he can find some famous physicians to come look at you in a few days. If you can be cured, then your issue needs to be treated quickly.”
I may have been muddled and on the verge of falling asleep, but I think it wasn’t just in his eyes, even the corners of his mouth had a wisp of something that resembled a faint smile.
“It’s not that easy.” He touched the top of my head. “You go to sleep; I’ll stay here.”
When I heard him say that, I couldn’t resist anymore, and eventually, with my mind at ease, I closed my eyes.
He was ill and didn’t treat me sincerely. If Psycho was still there, he definitely wouldn’t hurt me even one tiny bit.
I obtained his life-saving grace many times, so it should be okay to forgive him this time, right?
Ai, when he bullied me, I couldn’t wait for him to die and dared to curse everything. Now that he’s good to me, I feel softhearted. I immediately forgot all the bad things he did, and involuntarily gave him all kinds of excuses.
… Perhaps, I’m also ill?

Chapter 18

Xiao Zhongnan is a taciturn man. He doesn’t use words to appease my sudden temper, nor does he ask questions about it. This behavior is quite contrary to Psycho.
I am lying in front of the window with my chin in one hand, staring at the grass in the courtyard, preoccupied.
I know that Psycho is Xiao Zhongnan, they are one and the same, but I always treat them as two separate individuals without realizing it.

If, someday, Xiao Zhongnan’s memories from being Psycho come back, I think he will still treat me no different from the present. After all, the few months I spent with him in the cave were only a small part of his five years of lost memory. Moreover, those memories were not that beautiful. I left him alone in that cave.
As I was absorbed in my own thoughts, voices sounded from outside the courtyard, and I saw several people walk in carrying a tree as thick as an adult man’s thigh.
“Hey, careful. This tree is what the Castle Master ordered to find and brought back with great difficulty, don’t harm it!” Cheng Xiaoyu came in along with them, twittering continuously.
I got up to open the door and went out. “What’s this? What are you lifting?”
When Cheng Xiaoyu saw me, he took a few steps forward and whispered mysteriously in my ear, “You have regained the sacred favor, la! This is a wisteria tree specially dug up for you by the Castle Master. He said if you plant it in your courtyard now, it will bloom next year.”

I slapped him on the head. “What ‘regained the sacred favor’? You’ve read too many dramas, haven’t you?” After a pause, I widened my eyes at him and incredulously repeated, “Wisteria dug up for me by the Castle Master?!”
I recalled what I said to him that day, and I indeed mention a beautiful wisteria located outside of the sect master’s residence. But I didn’t expect him to remember it and actually go as far as to find one for me!
I’ve only seen this type of wisteria growing in the south. It must have taken a lot of effort to find such a thick and sturdy wisteria here in the northern grasslands.
He actually seems very considerate of me?

Cheng Xiaoyu was looking forward to the blooms as he confidently replied, “Yes ah, the Castle Master also said that when the flowers
bloom next year, the kitchen will make ziluo1紫萝饼 ziluo bing: this is
the most appetizing I could find.

cakes. I can already feel my saliva trickling down. Big brother, have you tried ziluo cakes before? Are they tasty?”
I had no intention of answering him, leaving only a sentence. “I’m going to find him!” I left in a hurry.
In fact, I don’t know why on earth I am so happy. Didn’t Xiao Zhongnan only give me a fine steed, followed by a wisteria? Am I that easy to please? How can my requirements be so low? Even though no one has sent me anything before? But these things might even be completely insignificant to Xiao Zhongnan, why am I stupidly feeling
happy? I’m so foolish…
By the time I was outside Xiao Zhongnan’s courtyard, the arch at the corners of my mouth could no longer be smoothed down. I could only try to take a few deep breaths and restrain my smile before knocking on the door of his study. I know he usually stays in his study during this time of day.
“Come in.” His voice came from inside the door.

I pushed open the door and walked inside. I took a quick glance and saw him standing by the table. There was a goshawk on the table, and he was apparently unfolding a letter that had just been removed from the goshawk’s leg.
“Am I bothering you?”

“No.” He looked down at the table before looking up at me,
“What’s the matter?”

I turned away and did not dare to look into his eyes. “I’m here to thank you for the wisteria. Brother Xiao is considerate, I like it very much.”
More than just liking it, from now on, I’m afraid I will sit in front of the window every day, hoping it will take root, climb, and bloom early. By the time it blooms, it will surely be a hundred times more beautiful than the wisteria in HanYiJiao.
“Is there anything else you like? I will find it  for  you. There’s no need to be so polite between you and me.” He picked up a brush and wrote a few words on the paper, then re-rolled it and tied it back onto the goshawk’s leg. He gestured to the window and said to me, “Help me open the window.”
“Oh, okay!” I rushed over and opened the window, and just as I turned around, I felt a breeze from the flap of the feathered wings passing by me. When I looked up at the sky, the goshawk had already spread its wings and was soaring high, turning into a small dot in a blink of an eye.
“What a beautiful hawk!” I praised. “That is the goshawk of the Wulin Alliance Leader. It was given to him by Black Hawk Castle many years ago.” Xiao Zhongnan said, “If you like it, I can also give you one.”
Why is he so fond of giving me things nowadays?

I waved my hand quickly, not daring to accept another gift from him again. “No need, no need, I don’t like it that much!”
He heard what I said and didn’t insist further. “In a few days, I’ll be taking a trip and when I will return is uncertain. If you have any demands, you can directly talk to Mobei or Uncle Cheng. You can let Xiaoyu accompany you to play if you get bored, alright?”
Instead of nodding, I asked him, “Where are you going?” After I asked, I felt that I had committed an indiscretion.
Han Qingyan, Han Qingyan, is your tail raised up to the heavens now? Asking what you shouldn’t be asking, who do you think you are!
I was mentally criticizing myself when Xiao Zhongnan unexpectedly answered my question without hesitation.
“During the previous Wulin Assembly, the Alliance Leader decided to dispatch another expedition against the demon sect, saying that they must be pulled out from the roots this time. The letter from just now was asking me to go down south to lend him a hand.”
A huge shock reverberated in my heart. It was clear that I was already a “dead man” in the Jianghu, but when I heard him say this, it seemed as if I was the one who was going to be crusaded against.
“But what about your illness?”

His expression remained unchanged. He said, “I will bring extra people and let them tie me at night.” I frowned. “It’s not as safe outside as it is here in the Castle.
If you encounter an ambush from the demon sect halfway, wouldn’t that be tying yourself into a zongzi2粽子 zongzi: glutinous  rice  and  choice  of  filling  wrapped  in  leaves  and
boiled. and throwing yourself straight into their net?”

He asked me, “Then what do you suggest?”

I rolled my eyes and said very naturally, “Take me there, my martial arts is better than that of your guards! Plus, I am familiar with the demon sects’ behavior and style. I will definitely not let you come in contact with them!”
“No.” He refused me without a thought.


“It’s too dangerous.”

“Too dangerous…” Why is there a slight feeling of joy in my heart? I took a step back. “Am I a man who is afraid of some danger? In that case, I won’t go up the mountain and will only wait at the foot of the mountain until you come back?”
“Do you really want to go with me?” “Yes,” I said firmly.
He pondered for a moment. “Since you insist on joining, we’ll leave in two days, and you can pack  your  luggage  within these few days.”
“Alright!” I was so happy. I was about to leave perfectly satisfied, but before I left, I remembered something. I turned around, not neglecting to tell him, “Prepare a horse for me. I don’t want to sit in a carriage this time.”
He smiled slightly when he heard my words. “Naturally.” Aiyou, hey, this cold Castle Master Xiao looks very fine when he
smiles. Although Psycho always smiled a lot before, he smiled stupidly, unlike Xiao Zhongnan, whose smile had a special hint of… ice and snow melting for the first time!

I must follow him, but not because I’m afraid he will be ambushed by the demon sect. If the demon sect was that capable, they wouldn’t be in the sort of plight they are in right now.
Xiao Zhongnan gave up on his illness, but I still want to try again. I must find a way to steal the rare book from HanYiJiao’s secret chamber amidst the chaos. Fortunately, I know of a winding, narrow path that goes from the back mountain into the center of the sect. With the righteous cultivators attacking the front of the mountain, HanYiJiao probably won’t have many people guarding their rear, and this will be a good opportunity for me to sneak in!
When a person treats me well, I also must treat him well in turn.

Xiao Zhongnan is treating me very well now, so I should treat him better and cure his terrible ailment.
I have thought it over. After his illness is cured, and if one day he finds his unique and unrivaled person, at that time the demon sect should’ve already been destroyed, and I will be able to leave Black Hawk Castle and travel around the world with peace of mind.

Chapter 19

Xiao Zhongnan went on the journey south this time with six people, not too many, but all of them were elites in the Castle.

Although the physicians couldn’t cure his illness, they prescribed a lot of medicines for calming his nerves and helping him sleep. After taking one pill, he would not wake up all night. Therefore, throughout the journey, either when eating in the wind and sleeping in the dew or staying overnight in an inn, I stayed close to him. I was afraid that someone who didn’t have eyes1 would really attack him in the middle of the night.

In fact, when we first stayed at an inn, he originally wanted to have a separate room from me, but I stopped it in time and insisted on sleeping with him. In the end, he had no choice but to agree. The innkeeper’s eyes changed, and he gave both of us a meaningful glance.

When it was time to sleep that night, I said, “I’ll just sit in a chair for the night and keep watch for you.”

As a result, he didn’t agree. “You sleep in the bed too, this bed is big enough and can accommodate the two of us.”

I felt a little awkward because I hadn’t slept with him on a bed while he was clear-headed. I waved my hand. “There’s no need; I’ll just sleep on the chair…”

He coldly ordered, “Come here.”

Whether it was Psycho or Xiao Zhongnan, a child putting on a stubborn face can only get intimidated and cry.

I didn’t dare to irritate him, so without any better options, I walked over and lay down. “Then you sleep; I’ll keep guard.”

“You sleep as well, you don’t have to guard me. There are our people around for that, what are you afraid of?”

I’m afraid that someone will secretly attack you?

“Alright, okay, fine. I’ll sleep, I’ll sleep.” I dealt with him and made up my mind not to fall asleep.

Xiao Zhongnan took a pill before going to bed. At this moment, it’s possible that the medicine hasn’t taken effect yet, and there’s still room for him to speak.

He said, “Ah’Qing… there’s a question I’ve been meaning to ask you.” 

I could hear his hesitation, and I was surprised. “Ask, ba.”

It took a while before I heard him speak.

“Do you hate me?”

I frowned into the darkness. “What do you mean?”

“You’re a man, but I treated you like that— don’t you hate me at all?”

This question aimed for the bottom of my heart. I can hate him once or twice, blame him for three or four, five, six times or even more than that, but where is there so much time for me to hate him, to blame him? I’m already numb.

But of course, this cannot be said to the other party, so I pretended to play the profound thinker and say, “I hate you, ah, why not? When you forced me, I was hateful, and I thought you were a bastard. But after you returned to normal, you really couldn’t be considered bad; I just can’t keep hating you.”

He sighed and said, “You’re too soft-hearted.”

When I heard this, I smiled. “So you mean you want me to hate you? That’s fine too… you don’t know how painful it is, being penetrated repeatedly like that. If you let me penetrate you once, I won’t hold a grudge.” That’s what I said, but inside I shuddered at the thought of Xiao Zhongnan, such a tall man, lying under me. It made all my hair stand on end, and I quickly rest my case, “Forget it, even if you let me penetrate you, I won’t get hard.”

No sound came from Xiao Zhongnan, and just when I thought he was already asleep, his voice suddenly rang beside my ear.

“I don’t want you to hate me, but there’s nothing in it for you. Next time, if I fall ill again, you can stab me to death with a knife if you want, I deserve it.”

He would go that far because there’s nothing in it for me? My heart thumped violently and almost jumped out of my chest.

I turned my back to him, closed my eyes, and reprimanded, “What nonsense— you can leave when you’re old, just die of old age!”

Thinking carefully about Castle Master Xiao, when it comes to looks, he has them. Status? He has that too. He’s also an expert among many masters. Getting close to such a person amidst dragons and phoenixes, it really is difficult to say who’s taking advantage of who. It would’ve been much better if this person could be more careful, gentle, considerate, and not so rough when he falls ill.

After that, he was completely quiet; I think it was because of the pill’s effect that he fell asleep.

Our party sped up the pace and arrived at the foot of Partridge Mountain after half a month.

By the time we arrived, many cultivators had already surrounded the mountain. When they saw Xiao Zhongnan’s arrival, their eyes lit up, and they came to say their greetings one after another.

I stepped aside, my eyes fluttering everywhere. I was afraid to be seen by someone familiar with my appearance who could expose my identity and think I was a spy sent by the demon sect. If that happens, I really won’t be able to explain; I can only knock off my teeth and swallow my blood.

Fortunately, there were not many people who met me in the past, and I also especially changed the way I dressed. Now I look like an average Black Hawk Castle disciple, and no one should be able to recognize me.

Numerous Wulin people camped at the foot of the mountain, just waiting for an order from the Alliance Leader to attack the mountain.

Xiao Zhongnan asked me to stay at the foot of the mountain and wait for him. He also left behind a disciple to protect me, and I didn’t have intentions of refusing it. I have to act alone afterwards anyway so what’s the matter with another baggage2? 

After the sun went down, several leaders, sect masters, and the like came over and said that they wanted to go to the Alliance Leader to discuss tomorrow’s countermeasures. I asked Xiao Zhongnan if he wanted to go together, but Xiao Zhongnan told me to take care and followed them out. He didn’t come back until midnight.

He sat down beside me near the large bonfire our party had spread around, showing no intentions of sleeping.

“You’re not sleeping?” I asked him.

He nodded. “It’s too risky to lose consciousness here; I’d better keep my eyes open until dawn.”

I thought so as well. If Lin Yue sent someone to ambush us in the middle of the night, Xiao Zhongnan would be unable to wake up and that would be too outrageous.

Might as well not sleep. I got up and sat next to him and asked him, “When did the Alliance Leader decide you will attack the mountain?”

“While the sky is not yet bright, once we hear the first birdsong.”

I counted down the hours and realized that there wasn’t much time left.

“This time, do you want to capture the demon sect master alive or behead him on the spot?”

“If he resists, he will be killed. If he doesn’t resist, he will be captured alive.” Xiao Zhongnan’s face was cold and solemn. “I still hope that he’ll resist. Such people must be justly killed.”

My body unconsciously shuddered, and my hairs stood upright, causing the other person to look at me.

“Cold?” He asked in surprise.

It was almost summer, and although we’re near the mountains, it wasn’t cold enough to make me shiver, but I couldn’t tell him I was scared by him, could I?

I chuckled. “It was a bit chilly just now, but I’m all right now.”

He took a branch and poked at the fire to make the blaze a little bit stronger.

“I’m afraid this fierce battle may not be over within a short time. You must always be careful even when you’re here at the foot of the mountain. There may be fish that slip through the net and escape all the way to your direction. If you happen to encounter them, you can go hide in the distance and let other people handle them.”

When I heard this, I nodded seriously. “Un!”

I chatted with him idly all night until the bonfire went out, the sky became slightly white, and we heard the sound of the first birds chirping. He stood up, and many people stood up like him one after another.

“I’m leaving.” He motioned to the others to go first, and he remained to say his goodbyes to me.

“Be careful in everything,” I told him with full earnestness.

He smiled slightly. I didn’t know what it was I said that pleased him.

“So should you.” He stroked my head and then sprinted towards the mountain with light, quick steps.

I saw that they were gone and not even their shadows remained. I glanced left and right and saw that it was all clear; no one was paying attention to me.

I slowly retreated to the edge of the camp, and soon blended into the woods. After I could no longer see those Wulin people, I turned around and started to run away.

The narrow bypath wasn’t far from the camp, and because I was quite familiar with Partridge Mountain, I was quickly able to find it.

I went all the way up the bypath and walked for no less than a shichen3 before finally reaching the back mountain entrance of HanYiJiao. As I expected, there were only a few disciples in the back of the sect. I easily snuck past and flipped over the courtyard wall.

After that, I used my light footwork to quickly head towards the outside of the sect master’s residence. The huge wisteria tree in the courtyard was already blooming with flowers, but I had no time to appreciate it.

I lay on the wall for a while, and only when I saw that there was no one left behind did I stand up to enter. Lin Yue was not a legitimate successor, so he doesn’t know of the existence of the hidden chamber or its location.

I jumped in through the study’s window and deftly rolled onto the ground. I stood up and looked around before walking over to the bookshelf and carefully twisting a pen holder placed on top. Soon, the entire bookshelf moved to one side, revealing a hidden tunnel only wide enough for one person to pass through at a time.

I took out the torch I was carrying and lit it before slowly walking forward.

The passage is not long; I walked until the time it takes to brew a cup of tea had passed4 and reached a stone gate at the end. I used the method given to me by the old sect master to unlock the mechanism on the stone gate, and the stone gate rumbled as it opened wide for me.

This hidden chamber isn’t large. Most of what’s inside consisted of all kinds of classic works filling up three walls, and there are also rare books on martial arts, long-lost music scores, and even many authentic works from known scholars.

I don’t know why this secret room exists. I only know that it has what I want.

I randomly flipped through the books on the shelf, and when I see that they were not what I was looking for, I would throw them on the floor out of convenience. I swept through the neatly arranged classics until they were all scattered on the ground, not at all feeling sorry.

Fortunately, I remembered the approximate location, so I found it after a short while.

“The 《Secret Ritual of the Hidden Flower》, I finally found it!” I was overjoyed, and immediately held the rare book in my arms, and then planned to return the same way.

I just didn’t expect that when I entered the study after coming out of the hidden tunnel, the moment I took one step across, I would run into my arch enemy.

I took a step back in shock, never expecting Lin Yue would come back at this time.

“Han Qingyan, you’re actually not dead!” Lin Yue glowered at me, and suddenly said grimly, “Did you draw those righteous cultivators here? You took refuge in them!”

At this moment, another person walked out from behind him and stared at me in shock. “Sect Master?”

The visitor has a clean face with no beard and a gentle appearance. He is a guardian of HanYiJiao, named Yang Chengqi.

He can be regarded as one of the few people in the demon sect who was loyal to me. I wasn’t sure if he knew what Lin Yue did to me, but I never dared to look for him. I don’t know what his expression looks like right now, but unfortunately now is not the time to relive the past.

Seeing the red-eyed Lin Yue about to attack me, I sprang out through the window to escape and began to run desperately.

Doesn’t know what’s good for them. Overestimating themselves.
the original translation was dragging an oil bottle which means dragging a child from the previous marriage
时辰 Shichen: one of the two hour periods of the day. So it basically took him less than 2 hrs.

4 to 5+ minutes for herbal tea and black tea and 3 to 4 minutes for white tea and green tea

Want to be a cat but is actually a sloth. ping-able on discord. Luvs fluff, strikethrough, (I hate footnotes now, they always pit me), and your comments. My babies: It's Over, the Major General is Bent!, A Filthy Rich Hamster in the Apocalypse, Sect Master and Psycho, Bite Your Fingertips

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Chapter 19
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Chapter 20

I performed my footwork to the extreme as I escaped. Lin Yue chased me from behind like a mad dog, unwilling to either overlook or spare me.

I deliberately lured him into the woods. The terrain there is complicated, and I would surely be able to shake him off there.

Lin Yue chased me and cursed, “Han Qingyan, you little bastard, see if I won’t hack you a thousand times!”

Having heard what he said, I ran faster, as if there was wind on the soles of my feet. Why is this old beast so unreasonable? Obviously, he was the one who usurped my position, so why is he still madly coming after me!

At first, no one could be seen and it was very quiet. I purposely ran toward the mountain, and it didn’t take long for me to find several righteous sect disciples who were fighting with the demon sect disciples.

Seeing them was like seeing my savior. I hurried in their direction at once. When I got closer, a familiar figure that was previously obstructed behind trees appeared before my eyes.

I immediately let out a sigh of relief. I decided to run toward the figure while shouting at the same time, “Brother Xiao, help me!”

I have the best understanding of Lin Yue’s martial arts. His skills are more than enough to beat me, but he can’t do anything against a real master.

Xiao Zhongnan had just killed a demon sect disciple when he heard my voice, making him turn around right then, just in time for him to catch my exhausted self who had been flying over.

He frowned and asked me in a deep voice, “Why are you here? Didn’t I tell you to stay at the foot of the mountain and not come up?”

I was panting, my expression containing a bit of pretend panic. “I’ll explain this to you later. I accidentally ran into the demon sect’s sect master. He thought that I was the one who drew you here. He was so furious that he said he would hack me a thousand times. Brother Xiao, you must save me!”

At this time, Lin Yue had already caught up and could reach us in just a few more breaths.

After hearing what I said, Xiao Zhongnan looked behind me. He squinted his eyes and stretched out his hand to shield me. 

“Stay back.”

I listened and obediently stepped aside. Xiao Zhongnan resembled frigid ice, but his movements were fiery and overbearing when it comes to his martial arts. Before Lin Yue could even step forward, he leaped up to meet him, and they instantly fought against each other.

I felt a little more at ease. I was just about to heave a sigh of relief, but I didn’t expect that there would still be someone else following behind Lin Yue.

Yang Chengqi shifted his eyes after his shock from seeing Lin Yue fighting vigorously with Xiao Zhongnan subsided. When his line of sight swept over me, there was a trace of hesitation in his eyes.

I naturally knew what suspicions he was harboring, so I faced him and sent him a sign, asking him to follow me. He glanced at Lin Yue’s direction again, hesitated for a moment, and still chose to believe in me in the end.

I executed my light footwork and took him a few jumps and landings away from Xiao Zhongnan and the righteous sect’s battle area. On the surface, it appeared as if Yang Chengqi was chasing after me.

After finding a safe place where there was no one around, I stopped circulating my internal force and dropped to the ground.

“Sect Master, what is going on? It’s been a whole year; why are you back only now? We all thought you were dead.” Yang Chengqi couldn’t wait to ask me as soon as he stopped.

I knew he would have many questions he wanted to ask me, but our time is running out, and I can only try to shorten the long story.

“That day, I was besieged by the righteous cultivators and sustained an injury. I accidentally fell off a cliff while running away. Fortunately, my fate was still favorable, and I didn’t die from the fall…” I didn’t tell him about Psycho. Instead, I told him that it was a hunter in the mountain who rescued me. “By the time my body had recovered, and I was able to return to the demon sect, Lin Yue was already the newly appointed sect master, and he became intent on killing me once he saw me. I was hit by his palm attack and had to flee down the mountain. I didn’t expect to only make it halfway before encountering disciples from Hidden Sword Gate who were scouting for information…” After that, I told him all about how I was captured and then saved by Xiao Zhongnan, only hiding the complicated relationship between us.

Yang Chengqi’s eyes widened when he heard the entire thing, and his expression was full of disbelief.

“That Lin Yue was actually so audacious, daring to commit insubordination?!” He said, enraged.

I sighed lightly. “Both the old and the new inside the sect have already been his people for a long time. When I was the sect master, it was in name only, and I was just his puppet in reality. It makes no difference whether he committed insubordination or not.”

Like me, Yang Chengqi grew up in HanYiJiao, but unlike me, he was thoroughly brainwashed by his master and was very loyal to HanYiJiao.

As soon as he heard my “puppet view,” he immediately looked angry, and both his hands were clenched into fists. “Lin Yue, that bastard is actually so damned wretched! If it weren’t for him arbitrarily insisting at that time that you, the Sect Master, was dead, how could we have let him succeed so easily! Sect Master, since you’re back now, I, Yang Chengqi, will only recognize you as the sect master. Everything else is bullshit!”

However, he recognizes me, but I dare not recognize him.

I looked at him and waved my hand, persuading him, “Now that the righteous cultivators are being led by the Wulin Alliance Leader to attack us, it is only a matter of time before HanYiJiao will be destroyed. This is the Will of the Heavens, and neither Lin Yue nor I can reverse this losing battle. Quickly take the people who are willing to go with you, and don’t just throw away your life here.”

His face was pale, and it looks like the shock he received wasn’t small. “Is it really hopeless?”

I advised him once again, “There is hope as long as a person is alive. If others die, then that’s it, they’re dead.”

Hearing this, the other party’s eyes lit up, and he hurriedly nodded. “In other words, you, Sect Master, being alive is hope, and HanYiJiao will be able to make a comeback in the future!”

Me: “…”

What kind of interpretation—? That was not what I meant ah! Who wants to make a comeback?! What on earth are you saying? Isn’t it miserable enough to be beaten once by those chivalrous righteous cultivators?!

I didn’t want to argue with him anymore. My mind was tired and I absent-mindedly agreed with him. He wasn’t hesitating anymore and I permitted him to quickly go.

“Wait!” He was about to leave when I called out to stop him, “Hit me with your palm or stab me with your sword. I need an injury to use as an excuse; otherwise, someone may be suspicious.”

When Yang Chengqi heard the first half of the sentence, his face was full of shock, but all that remained of his expression was complete reverence when I was finished.

“To think Sect Master was this thoughtful!”

I don’t know why, I obviously didn’t have any intentions to further mix with the righteous cultivators, but at that moment, he made me feel very guilty, which was contradicting.

If someone who could expose my true identity ran into me at this very moment, even jumping into the Huang He River and bathing there wouldn’t clean me1.

In the end, my left shoulder was stabbed with a sword by Yang Chengqi. Bright red blood instantly soaked the inner and outer layers of my clothing. It looks very scary, but it didn’t truly injure my vital parts.

“Alright, hurry up and go!” I clutched at the wound and lifted my chin toward him.

Yang Chengqi’s eyes were slightly red as he cupped his fist in his other hand. “Then, Sect Master, take care of yourself!” After saying that, he turned around and left.

When I saw that he was gone, I glanced at the bloody wound on my shoulder and stretched out two fingers to tap at the acupoints and stop the bleeding. Soon after, I used my footwork to find the way back.

When I finally returned to Xiao Zhongnan and Lin Yue, based on the traces left by their fight, they had fought with great difficulty, and there was already a clear winner between the two.

Xiao Zhongnan was dressed entirely in black, standing upright inside the woods with a long sword in his hand. The sharp, silver sword’s tip was still dripping blood as a dead body lay under his feet. It was my Lin-shishu.

Needless to say, Lin Yue must have resisted desperately without admitting defeat and ultimately got his wish, meeting a violent death under the great Castle Master Xiao’s sword.

I stopped ten steps away from Xiao Zhongnan, somewhat intimidated by the aura of death that covered him. His posture of ‘if the gods block his path, he would kill gods, and if Buddhas block his path, he would kill Buddhas’ almost made me think he was ill again.

“… Brother Xiao?” I tried to call him softly.

His gaze, like a sudden thunderclap, was accurately cast on me in an instant. It slammed into my heart fiercely, making me feel a little suffocated.

I can’t put my feelings into words, but the expression in his eyes at that split second was very strange, so much so that… it was mixed with killing intent. But the feeling only existed in that short period of time, and it soon disappeared as if it were just my imagination.

He pointed his sword to the ground and walked slowly towards me, with absolutely no expression on his face. I gulped, not wanting to admit that I felt frightened.

Does he know something? Was it Lin Yue who told him? What did Lin Yue say to him?

No, why am I panicking? I didn’t do anything that requires me to apologize to him. Why the heck am I so scared?

Thinking of this, I straightened my back and met his line of sight, no longer avoiding his gaze.

“You are hurt.” He walked up to me and looked at my wound.

I rubbed the bloodstains between my fingers and forced a smile. “I was stabbed by Lin Yue’s subordinate just now, but it was not a loss on my part, his injuries are no less than mine.”

He remained silent for a while, and then the hand holding the sword suddenly brandished it as if tracing the shape of a flower in order to fling off bloodstains from the tip of the sword, and then inserted the sword into its sheath.

“Lin Yue is gone, and the demon sect’s big influence is already removed. You should go back down the mountain first and wait; I’ll come find you after cleaning up the aftermath with the others.”

I keep feeling that he was a bit weird, but his words and actions were the same as usual, so I had to press down the uneasiness in my heart and promise him, “Okay, then I’m leaving. Be careful.”

He nodded and watched me leave.

After a short period of time, I turned my head back to take a quick glance at him and found out that he was still standing in the same place, gazing in my direction from a distance. Although I couldn’t see his expression clearly, I can still feel his eyes following me.
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