Peerless Chapter 81-90

Chapter 81

In the empty and forlorn stone hut, everywhere were traces of being burnt.

Here, there were bed and cabinets made of wood, and other furniture were made of either cloth or ceramic. After a wild fire, nearly nothing was left. Even the ceramic items were burnt into something pitch black, its smell refusing to leave and spread everywhere.

The Shaman’s corpse was long moved to somewhere else to be taken care of, and no clues would be left in this place. As Jin Lian brought Feng Xiao into the hut and turned one round, her heart was also burning like fire, her anxiety gradually rising.

“What can you find?” She could not help but asked.

Feng Xiao knelt on the ground, looking over it for practically half a day, before rising to his feet and clapped his hands free of dust. “Ask someone to bring a pail of water.”

Jin Lian’s heartbeat quickened, “Why? Did you find something?”

Feng Xiao, “No. I just want to wash my hands.”

Jin Lian: ……

She really wanted to pick up the ceramic container on the ground and clasp it on top of Feng Xiao’s head.

But she dared not. Jin Lian inhaled deeply before exhaling, but she could not exhale out all the burnt smell.

“Lord Feng, this is a matter of life and death. The Khan has been angered for real. If we do not find the murderer in time, then he really might cast the death penalty upon Master Cui.”

Feng Xiao casually nodded his head, “En. With me here, even if luck is not on our side, I will just simply grab the man and bring him away.”

Jin Lian had always been afraid of people like him, just because his martial arts are par excellence, he would not put anything or anyone in his eyes. All they would do was sweep their butts and leave. But the problem lied in the fact that she cannot leave and pretend nothing happened, since this time such a big matter has been provoked. Chances of an alliance are silm, and Jin Lian could only pray that Khan Apa would not cast a penalty upon her, yet can that be achieved easily?

Since she cannot force it, she can only reason her way through it.

Jin Lian laughed bitterly, “Young Master Feng, your martial arts are enough to pierce the skies, a rarity beneath the Heavens, naturally you hold no fear. But you should also think about Master Cui. This time he came here on orders of the Imperial Court, if he cannot finish what he came here for, how can he explain the matter once he returned? I fear that removing him from his post would only be the lightest sentence?”

Feng Xiao gave her a strange glance, “Why should I think for him? He already owed me a deed for saving his life. As for the Emperor, I would trade anything for him to suspend the Zuoyue Bureau. Wouldn’t the House of Blade lose one rival from it?”

Jin Lian almost wanted to pull her hair out. She has never met someone as difficult as Feng Xiao. Cui Buqu was also one of them, but Feng Xiao was even more stubborn and difficult. Right now, Cui Buqu was under house arrest, even if he was the smartest man on the continent, it would be difficult for him to do anything. That would make Feng Xiao’s role unavoidably more important, but he refused to obey the usual protocols and did not even show any traces of being anxious.

Why don’t she try begging the big Kedun and the First Prince? Their impression of the Sui Empire’s ambassadors aren’t bad, and the First Prince seemed to be quite friendly with Cui Buqu, perhaps they would agree to beg for mercy on their behalf.

As Jin Lian thought of this, she turned away.

Feng Xiao saw through her intention and said, “Even if you go looking for the First Prince, it would not be much use. Although they support the alliance with the Sui Empire, but now, if the First Prince begged for mercy on behalf of the Sui Empire’s ambassadors, then the suspicion of the Second Prince’s murder and scheming with the Sui Empire would fall upon him. His mother would never allow that to happen.”

Jin Lian’s footsteps stopped. It wasn’t because she did not understand, but because she was desperate, yet left with no options.

“Master Cui gave himself up, in exchange for Young Master Feng’s freedom. I fear, he would never thought that Young Master Feng you would look back, isn’t it?”

Towards her sarcasm, Feng Xiao replied in a calm tone, “I was just waiting.”

Jin Lian asked suspiciously, “What are you waiting for?”

Feng Xiao, “Waiting for Cui Buqu. When he chose to remain behind, he had said and told me nothing. I suppose there are things he have not figured out yet, so once he figures it out, naturally he will send word to me.”

Once his words dissipated, from outside, word really did came.

Feng Xiao and Jin Lian both exited the stone hut to see Qiao Xian’s figure bouncing up and down as she very quickly made her way to them from afar.

Dressed in white robes like elegant silk flowing in the wind, it made her befitting of the meaning of her name that meant ‘fairy’.

However, Qiao Xian’s expression was not as elegant as her qinggong.

“The Commander ordered me to bring word to you,” Qiao Xian said in a rush, “He said: tell him to go as far as possible, never to come for me, tell him to not even think of taking revenge on Khan Apa. There are countless martial artists by his side, with just the two of you, it is impossible to win against them.”

“Did Master Cui really said that?” Jin Lian became anxious once she heard of it, and thought to herself that, Feng Xiao originally didn’t even want to rescue him, now that he said this, isn’t it just giving Feng Xiao even more reason to leave?

Qiao Xian sighed, “Yes! Commander said if I wanted to rescue him, then I must bring these words to Commander Feng.”

She has been pondering over this before she came here, but she could not find what was so special about these words, so she could only place all her hope on Feng Xiao.

Feng Xiao sighed, “Look at yourself. He told you to tell me this, yet he did not allow you to ponder over this, because he knew you cannot figure out what these words meant. In the end, your hopes still depend on me.”

Qiao Xian could no longer hold back, “So, what is the meaning of these words?”

Feng Xiao snorted out a laugh, “Do you feel that, with the personality your Commander holds, that he would be the type to sacrifice himself for others?”

Qiao Xian said impatiently, “I do not understand! Can you please be more frank, and explain it more straightforwardly?” Feng Xiao spoke with a deep and profound voice, “Of course he is not. He is the type of person who digs the type of pit that other people would fall into at least three times. Even if he jumps into it himself, that sly fox would drag others down with him. You have been his subordinate for so long, how can you not understand anything about him?”

A popping vein appeared on Qiao Xian’s head, as if she was going to explode any moment.

Feng Xiao, “So the true message of these words, is in the opposite meaning of them.”

Jin Lian immediately asked, “How?”

Feng Xiao, “To ask us to go as far as possible, never to come for him, meant that he wants us to go to him; to ask us to not seek Khan Apa for revenge, meant that the solution is most likely the Khan himself.”

The more Jin Lian listened to it, the more she was confused, “He mean to beg for mercy on his behalf from the Khan?”

Feng Xiao, “No. It is very likely that he has already figured it out. The Khan himself is the problem. I will look for the Khan, you guys look for Cui Buqu, remember to stay by his side at all times and never leave him alone.”

As he spoke, his expression switched, and he bent down to pick up a stone before turning his body sideways to toss it into the distance.

Jin Lian and Qiao Xian watched a person appeared from the forest behind the stone hut at the speed of lightning, before charging himself towards Feng Xiao.

Feng Xiao expected this, so his stance did not change. He has already took a few steps back and avoided the other’s attack that struck down like a clap of thunder. Instead, he returned the attack, not allowing the other party the chance to respond to it. Qiao Xian and Jin Lian watched as both of them fought in a ferocious battle, their strikes and moves like shooting stars and lightining. Never mind going forward to support him, they could not even find a way to join the battle themselves. Both of them were confused, because Fo Er is dead, so who else is there whose martial arts were as powerful as Fo Er?

Not only did the other party showed up in time, but even his martial arts technique were incredibly strange. There was no need for swords and knives, once his hand was raised, it reached into his sleeve to take out something that reflected the light. When one inspected closely, it was a chain that looked it was made by neither gold nor silver, and it was as if the chain had a life of its own, avoding Feng Xiao’s attacks and curled itself around his arm.

Feng Xiao only smiled as he flipped his hands slightly and the chain released him. However, the latter did not falter, it resumed to attack all the vital meridians on Feng Xiao on its master’s behalf.

People who used these sort of weapons are aplenty, but they are not huge in numbers. If Cui Buqu was here, he would have known the other’s identity.

It was a pity that Cui Buqu wasn’t here, so Feng Xiao could only depend on himself.

The other party was deadly and precise, his techniques are malicious. With every move and step he took, he left no mercy or escape for the other. It was as if he was already determined to kill Feng Xiao on the spot.

Although Feng Xiao’s martial arts were par excellence, but because of the injuries he sustained when he fought with the mysterious man in the stone hut and when he fought with Fo Er, it would only worsen his wounds, not heal them. Had it been the number one fighter of the world, even they would not have been able to keep fighting one battle after the last.

Even if now, his performance are not bad, the man who fought with him believed that Feng Xiao was already near his limit and would die here today. The other laughed, long hating him in his heart, and his attacks became even more merciless and fatal.

On the other hand, Qiao Xian and Jin Lian could not even escape themselves and depart the venue. A few people in black came from afar and barricaded their path.

Thse people in black seemed as if they appeared out of thin air. They have never seen them before, and they all looked as if they came from the same sect, or that they were taught and raised by the same person. However, why would such a group of people appear in Western Turk?

Could it be that they were the ones who murdered the HeiYue Shaman and the Second Prince?

Jin Lian received a sword to her waist, and stomached her pain as she thought about this.


“Commander Feng would never make it in time. Let me warn you to not invest your hopes on that.” Yu Xiu smiled lightly before repeated his words once more.

When he saw Cui Buqu’s coughing became worse, it was as if he felt a little pity for him, so he reached out to smooth the other’s back a few times.

Cui Buqu did not care enough to avoid him, neither did he have the strength to. The spot between his eyebrows curled, yet he mustered all his strength to keep his eyes open, refusing to close them.

“To you, I have always had a question. No matter how much I think about it, I can never figure it out.” Once the coughing ceased, Cui Buqu said slowly.

Yu Xiu smiled faintly, “Do you wish to ask that, why, as a strategist of Prince Jin who received his utmost respect and trust would want to go against you both? Even if it wasn’t comparable to the authorities both of you possess, but my future is still bright, especially when I come from a prestigious sect, even if I chose to roam Jianghu, I could have still built quite a name for myself, yet I chose to be both of your enemy?”

Cui Buqu’s brow knitted, “That is right. Do you have enmity with Prince Jin, so you chose to remain by his side, using your position to scheme for him, but in truth you were simply using all kinds of ways to lead the Sui Empire to annihilation, then pull Prince Jin down with you?”

Yu Xiu shook his head, “Prince Jin and I, have neither enmity in the past, nor the present.”

Cui Buqu, “Then, was it because Prince Jin is ambitious, so he created the Yunhai Thirteen Stories in secret, and ordered you to gather all the talented people to overthrow the Crown Prince and change the era of the Sui Empire?”

Yu Xiu laughed, “You really are…… I would hate to kill you since the beginning. Had it not been you going against me all the time, how would you succumb to such a situation?”

Cui Buqu closed his eyes and talked to himself, “The Yunhai Thirteen Stories had Thirteen Lord at their lead. Each of them bear a name. Fong Xiaolian ranked the last, Duan Qigu filled number Twelve, Yu Heng filled number Eleven, with your abilities, you would not be just around this range. Could you be the Master One they spoke of?”

Yu Xiu shook his head, “I am not.”

Once he saw Cui Buqu’s expression, he laughed, “I know you do not believe me, but I really am not.”

At the present, Yu Xiu’s expressions and actions were all relaxed and laid back, because he was positively confident that everything was in his hands, and he did not fear that Cui Buqu would unleash any sort of tricks—only if Feng Xiao remained delayed, even with Cui Buqu’s intelligence, he would not be able to try anything. However, his smile froze on his face.

Yu Xiu rose to his feet, and the entire atmosphere sank into a deep state. Lastly, he found an incense burner hidden in a dark corner behind the cabinet.

He took the incense burner and smelled it, before his face changed quickly. He tossed the incense burner onto the ground cruelly and pulled a cloth to cover his face. Then he walked up front and used a hand to squeeze Cui Buqu’s throat, pressing him against the ground and watched the other’s face turned green. He said angrily, “What did you mix into the incense?!”

Cui Buqu forced those words out of his mouth, soundlessly, one by one,
“Nai, he, xiang.”

With these three words, Yu Xiu’s killing intent peaked, as if they materialized, and with his other hand on Cui Buqu’s throat, they became his catalyst to the afterlife.

Fresh blood leaked from the corner of Cui Buqu’s mouth.

Chapter 82

Yu Xiu has heard, before, of the horror of the Naihe Xiang drug.

Not only has he heard about it, he even knew that it was a bottled up secret within the House of Blades, was used upon those incredibly tight- mouthed suspects who refused to cooperate with them.

Although the legend goes that Shen Nong has savoured a hundred medical herbs, and that he has been granted many merits for this humble sacrifice, Yu Xiu has never intended to be Shen Nong himself, so he would not have used himself as a test subject for the Naihe Xiang drug.

His fury was more conspicuously shown through his mask of Khan Apa’s face. Yu Xiu gritted his teeth, as if he really wanted to strangle Cui Buqu to death.

However, his damned sense of logic stopped him.

“Where is the antidode?!”

There was never any antidode for the Naihe Xiang drug, but at that moment, it was impossible for Cui Buqu to tell the other man the truth.

Blood smeared from the corner of his lips, rendering his speech practically inaudible.

“Even if you stopped breathing, there would be no use……because, the moment you came, i-it has already infused into your skin, reaching to your blood veins and spreading throughout you entire system. The more you resist it, the more it will escalate… cough cough!” Yu Xiu pressed him against the ground, lowering his head, nose against nose, and the lower his growl became, the more intense killing aura radiated from him.

“What about you?! You have also inhaled the Naihe Xiang drug. Do you want to die with me?”

Cui Buqu smiled, “Your life is considered worthy. For me to die along with you, I am not at loss.”

The hand that strangled his neck made him unable to breath, Cui Buqu could not help but to raise his head. Gentle light shone through the transluscent curtains above his head, drawing the lines of his fair figure. There was something beautiful about this.

Yu Xiu loved admiring all the beautiful things in the world, whether they were dead or alive.

Had it been a normal day, he would definitely strangle him steadily, so that he would have to raise his head even higher, then he would be able to admire the sight more.

But now, he instead released him, allowing the other to cough violently as his body curled up into a ball, panting and inhaling violently.

Cui Buqu himself was also poisoned, and it couldn’t be possible for one to be apathetic to his own life, surely?

Yu Xiu watched him with cold eyes. He could not care about the rest of things, and sat down to regulate the blood stream within his own body.

Very quickly he realized that Cui Buqu did not lie. As he tried to use his inner strength to regulate the blood in his body, the more the sensation of prickling needles hurt; and very quickly, Yu Xiu could feel his chest ached like a thousand needles pricking him at the same time. His skin and every part of him felt the same, even the clothes he wore seemed to be hurting him. For Cui Buqu who knew no martial arts at all, how could be enduring this torture?

Yu Xiu was well-trained in martial arts as he was raised. So when, has he ever found himself in a situation like this? He bit his teeth and searched Cui Buqu’s body but he could only find a silk pouch with a few pellets inside that smelled of medicine.

“What is this?!” Yu Xiu suspected that it was the antitode, yet he dared not believe his judgement, so he took two pellets in his hand and forced Cui Buqu to swallow them.

As Cui Buqu was forced to swallow the medicine, he laughed.

“What are you laughing at?!” Yu Xiu felt rage surged through his body. He has long lost his composure and grace. He raised his leg and aimed a kick at Cui Buqu.

“This is the medicine that nursed my rhochi disease. You thought it was the antitode, yet you dare not believe it?” Cui Buqu coughed twice, “Even if you have many schemes up your sleeves, it would be no use. Since I’ve deciced to pit you, how would I carry the antitode on myself?”

When Yu Xiu saw that he looked fine after he ate the pellets, he suspected that it was the antitode, so he swallowed two pellets himself. After a while, the pain on his chest did not cease, therefore he knew that Cui Buqu did not lie to him.

“Where is the antidode?! Surrender it, or I will kill you!”

“With Feng Xiao.” Cui Buqu spoke in uncompleted sentences, yet he laughed, “Didn’t you ordered men to stop him? If he dies, and with the kind of person he is, he would definitely destroy the antitode so that we will follow him into the afterlife together.”

Yu Xiu raised his leg, and he wanted to stomp on Cui Buqu’s body again. But when he saw how he had difficulties breathing, he looked like one more kick would really send him into his grave. Since the antidote was not in his hands yet, he would definitely not let Cui Buqu die first. Yu Xiu stomached his pain as he sat down and closed his eyes to regulate his blood once more, trying to find a catch so he could heal himself.

Yet Cui Buqu refused to remain silent. He refused to let Yu Xiu be at peace as well, “You said you are not Master One, but you are definitely one among the Yunhai Thirteen Stories. Even if you are not the leader, you might be the second, or the third.”

Yu Xiu said nothing, refusing to pay him any attention.

Cui Buqu also did not need a reply from the other. He simply analysed the situation by himself, “You are from the Tiantai Sect, and you are also Prince Jin’s men, so you are a man with a bright future, yet you chose to join the Yunhai Thirteen Stories to play a hand and send the world into chaos. This mean that since the moment you chose to pursue Prince Jin, you already have a goal. Time and time again you went against the Sui Empire, and then you caused Western Turk its unrest. It is impossible that the Yunhai Thirteen Stories think they could rule the world with just a few people lurking in the dark, as for you—“

His rhochi disease riled up, and added with the Naihe Xiang poison, even if he’s taken two pellets of medicine to sooth his breathing, it only helped temporarily. When he spoke, it still hurt.

“Zen Yu Xiu, do you remember Luhua village?”

Yu Xiu’s eyes suddenly flicked open.

Cui Buqu smiled, “It seems like I did not guess wrongly. Before you entered the Tiantai Sect, you have always lived in Luhua village. Due to bearing the blood of the Hu tribe, you were mocked and looked down upon by all. All until a company of royalty stopped by one day, and took you with them.”

Yu Xiu looked at Cui Buqu and said slowly, “Cui Buqu, did no one tell you if you mouth opened at the wrong moment, it would bring you to your death?”

Cui Buqu, “Between you, Master Zen, and Feng Xiao, you are both indeed two halves of a full hero. Since both of you have been fighting for a while, why not allow me to be the middle person, so that both of you can be adopted brothers after we burned the yellow paper and drank chicken blood?”

“Once Feng Xiao’s corpse is brought here, then it shall be your death. You should enjoy every minute now while you still live, otherwise, I might accidentally be provoked and strangle you to death.” Yu Xiu said in a polite, calm, and gentlemanly manner. At this moment, he has completely calmed himself down. He knew that he was poisoned with the Naihe Xiang, and no matter how angry he is or how much he scolded, it would not change the result. So instead, he chose to save his strength and try to pry from Cui Buqu’s mouth about the antitode’s whereabouts.

Cui Buqu, “I have not managed to find out who that royalty was, but to cross check the time and your background, I think that royalty should be the one whom Emperor Wu of Nothern Zhou (Yuwen Yong) sent to an arranged marriage, Princess Qianjin.”

The gaze Yu Xiu used to look at him was as if he was looking at a dead man. However, Cui Buqu was not bothered at all. Whatever he wanted to say, he would pour all those words out like water only would he stop.

“Princess Qianjin took pity on you, who has no sire nor mother, who was alone, so she brought you back to Turk. She taught you how to read, and allowed others to teach you how to fight. After a few years, you left Turk and wandered the Central Plains. After you became a monk, you joined the Tiantai Sect as a disciple. However, for such a skilled man like yourself, no matter where you go, you would not be neglected, so very quickly you emerged as an outstanding disciple of the Tiantai Sect, even to the point that you were almost chosen as the Sect Leader as well.”

“However, you voluntarily declined, saying that your experiences are insufficient and that you wished to go down the mountains to gather experience. Since the Sect Leader thought of you as someone matured with a stable heart, he gave you the position of the Chieftan of Shangli Hall, so that all the resources and manpower of Tiantai Sect could be used by you, to ease your journey as you travelled. However, the first thing you did after you descended the mountains, was return to Luhua village, committed a masscare, before burning everything down.”

As he reached here, Cui Buqu had to stop talking. His rhochi disease was just nused quite a bit by those two pellet of medicine, but the Naihe Xiang drug was not neutralized by an antidote. Yu Xiu knew martial arts, so he wasn’t as terrible looking as himself, however, Cui Buqu could only depend on the pillar at his back to support his body, only could be manage to brave it through and continue talking.

Yu Xiu replied plainly, “It is not easy for you to investigate all the way to Luhua village. However, I felt it strange. Everyone in that village was murdered by me, so from where did you get the knowledge of all of these?”

Cui Buqu said, “The new wife of the Zhou family was married to Luhua village not long ago. Those few days she was away at her homeland visiting her relatives and friends, so she managed to escape the masscare. Naturally, you would not remember her, but through her mouth, I was able to discover your existence.”

Yu Xiu coughed, “So it was a fish that escaped! But what use is there for you to know everything?”

Cui Buqu, “Naturally, there are benefits in knowing. At the very least I know that your plans, and the plans of the Yunhai Thirteen Stories, are all somehow related to Princess Qianjin. If the reason you stood in our way all these time, wanting the Jade of Heaven’s Lake, even masquerading as the Khan to ruin the relationship between the Sui Empire and Western Turk, even Fo Er was not spared. There would be an explaination to all of this, and that is because Princess Qianjin holds a deep grudge against the current Emperor for usurping the Yunwen Imperial Family!” Yu Xiu laughed and mocked him, “You are wrong. The princess has nothing to do with the Yunhai Thirteen Stories. She carried a heavy duty on herself to marry the Turkish Khan. She would be imprisoned in Turk for the rest of her life, so how can she overturn clouds and rain in the Central Plains to establish the Yunhai Thirteen Stories? However, she would not need to achieve what she wanted with her own two hands. I will achieve it for her. The Yunhai Thirteen Stories’ goal is aligned to mine, so why shouldn’t I borrow their strength?”

“Cui Buqu ah, Cui Buqu, you are far more intelligent than any human, but why couldn’t you use your abilities on the people, hm? Day by day all you know was to bicker with Feng Xiao and scheme and strategize for the Emperor, allowing a woman to marry off into the wild alone , forcing her to endure the suffering that should rightfully belong to you people!”

Yu Xiu’s face was filled with incredible hatred, as if he was an overlapping of all Cui Buqu’s enemies. He reached out with a hand and grabbed the other’s collar, before immediately shoving Cui Buqu in front of him. With his other hand, he held Cui Buqu’s neck, before his fingers squeezed themselves tightly!

Originally, Cui Buqu wanted to ask who was behind all of this, to gather more knowledge regarding the Yunhai Thirteen Stories’ secrets. However, he could not have thought that he had accidentally dug up Yu Xiu’s gravest and darkest secret.

This man who wore Khan Apa’s skin right in front of him now, this handsome and beautiful monk, is a sentimental and loyal man in love.

And the one whom he was in love with, was the princess from the former Empire, Princess Qianjin.

After Princess Qianji was married, the Northern Zhou changed its Dynasty, and turned into the Sui Empire. The one who sat upon the throne, Yang Jian, was not just anyone, but the very father-in-law of the Emperor of Nothern Zhou. Making use of his own powers and influences, he put on the yellow Emperor’s robes and annihilated all Princess Qianjin’s family. In a war fighting for power, there was never any sentiment or warmth, even if they shared the same blood. But for a princess who lost both her country and her family, how can she not hold hatred in her heart?

The reason she cultivated Yu Xiu could very possibly be just to use him, it could also be that she had fallen in love herself. However, because of her, Yu Xiu was willing to spilt mountains and leap into fire, to treat the whole world like a game of chess, to make use of the hearts of so many people.

If the Tiantai Sect had known all of these, he would have definitely be expelled, his name would crumble, and even Prince Jin would never use him him again. All these years that he used to build his name and plans would all vanish within the blink of an eye.

Even the Yunhai Thirteen Stories……

If Yu Xiu wasn’t Master One, then who is the one behind this whole thing?

Was it Princess Qianjin, or someone else?

Many theories flashed in his sea of memories, the more Cui Buqu was emgrossed in his thoughts.

From the corner of his ear, he heard Yu Xiu’s cold laugh, “Let me guess, that there never was any antitode for the Naihe Xiang drug. Or perhaps, the antotide was never with either you or Feng Xiao. So you have tried so hard to delay the time. You are waiting for Feng Xiao to come to your rescue, aren’t you?”

Cui Buqu closed his eyes.

With Yu Xiu’s cleverness, the fact that he could delay so long was already quite a good result. Sooner or later he would have found out.

Once again his neck was being squeezed, but then the other released a little, as if Yu Xiu knew for sure that Feng Xiao would never come, so he was determined to let Cui Buqu die a slow and painful death, not allowing him a quick one.

To Yu Xiu, Cui Buqu was a very complicated existence.

Although he enjoyed his battles of wites with Cui Buqu, he admired that the other’s intelligence was practically on par with him, yet he also hated how the other ruined his plans time and time again. This time, he thought his masquerade of the Khan was flawless, yet the other stil managed to expose him.

Thankfully, he had long been well-prepared, to ensure that nothing would go wrong.

“I would hate to kill you. However, you cannot be allowed to live.” Yu Xiu said, then stomached the poison taking effect in him as he channelled all his energy to his palm, preparing to snap Cui Buqu’s neck in half.

Yet at this moment, from the outside, there were noises of loud shouting and clashing of swords.

Almost immediately, Yu Xiu snickered, before releasing his neck.

Author’s Notes: Yesterday, I wanted to finish writing the whole thought process. Right now, it’s good, the tension is over. However, I did not manage to write about Feng-Er, so let’s continue in the next chapter!

Shen Nong has savoured a hundred medical herbs, and that he has been granted many merits for the this poisonous sacrifice: Shennong (which can be variously translated as “Divine Farmer” or “Divine Peasant”, “Agriculture God”) is a mythological Chinese deity in Chinese folk religion and venerated as a mythical sage ruler of prehistoric China. He is one of the Three Soverigns and Five Emperors. Once, when half of the population fell ill, Shen Nong used himself as a test subject to test medical herbs to form a cure, this was inclusive of many herbs that are poison.

Yellow paper and drank chicken blood: The ceremony when two not blood related people wanted to be bloodbond brothers. 

Chapter 83

The time was turned back to an hour before.

Feng Xiao, Qiao Xian, Jin Lian, were three people in total.

One man in blue, bringing along twelve man in black, who were all top martial artists. The one in blue was perhaps the strongest among all of them.

This was not the most difficult, and neither was it the toughest battle that Feng Xiao has never encountered in his life.

That year when he had just descended from the mountains, he has once fought, alone, against three top martial artists from the Demonic Sects upon the peak of Snow Mountain. He has never fallen behind back then, even when he fought with the zither as his weapon upon the shores of the Wei River, braving through all the traps and ambush laid by his own sect. Therefore, these people now are not the worse scenario he has found himself in, but their determination to keep him here was to prevent him from meeting Cui Buqu. The more he was delayed here fighting, the more Cui Buqu’s life would be in danger.

Qian Xian was aware of this, so she gave all she can to escape from being heavily surrounded. However, her old wounds has not yet healed, so she could not push her strength to its full potential, and after ten rounds or more of fighting, she had begun to pant heavily, expanded down to the last of her stamina.

Those men in black complimented each other’s moves perfectly, acting like they were one. Their effectiveness also increased by a few times. Jin Lian and Qiao Xian were trapped among these people, taking turns to cross hands with them. They were exhausted to the bone, so let alone having the remaining strength to lend a hand to Feng Xiao.

A flattering of clothes, Feng Xiao used his inner strength to shake off the other’s metal chains, but in the blink of an eye, a few hundreds came at him again from different directions. Feng Xiao changed the stance of his body to the side, remaining where he stood as his foot stomped on one of them, lending its strength to heave himself up into the air!

The other party was well prepared, so he leaped into the air as well as he pursued him, refusing to relent. Both men fought in the air for over ten moves, creating a whirlpool of wind like rolling waves around them with the strength of their palms. Both of them were soon lifted by the wind, their moves getting faster and faster alongside the speed of the currents, to the point that any watchers could not differentiate them from each other.

The other party had long knew before that Feng Xiao’s skills were not one of the ordinary, but he was confident in himself and knew that his skills were not bad. Even if they were on different levels, the difference would not be huge. Additionally, Yu Xiu even told him that Feng Xiao carried wounds on himself, so it boosted the blue-clothed man’s confidence even more. Yet, who could have guessed that once they fought, he realized that he had underestimated Feng Xiao’s abilities, for the latter had already achieved an unfathomable level.

The other had counted: it was already shocking with the amount of strength Feng Xiao infused in each of his attacks. The other’s impression of Feng Xiao overturned from before, he couldn’t help hating himself for losing the chance.

The he looked again at the way Feng Xiao was dressed in ethereal white clothing, his handsome complexion with added elegance and grace, a look of laid back relaxation on his face. He did not look like someone who was fighting to the death, so how could he look like he was someone who was wounded? Two strips of metal chain flew out from his sleeves like shooting stars, spreading out to Feng Xiao’s left and right with the intention of attacking. It was silent like drizzling rain, for only when it hit its target will it be discovered.

Ever since he stepped into Jianghu, from the Northern Kingdom to the Central Plains, this technique has never disappointed him. Those metal chains were flexible and narrow, and the bodies who died under it could not even be counted by both hands.

This time, he knew that it would not disappoint him either.

The man in blue absolutely believed in himself. He infused a hundred percent of his strength into the chains, and his weapon became like broken bamboo, if it clashed with a palm made of flesh, the latter would surely experience shattering of bones as it cut into his flesh.

Feng Xiao has two choices: to take it head-on, or avoid it.

The man in blue knew that he would pick the second choice, so he took the initiation to seal up all Feng Xiao’s escape routes. Unless Feng Xiao flew into the air and left the ground, otherwise it was impossible for him to escape. He could only chose to sacrifice his hand to survive this attack.

As long as he was willing to receive the attack, the moment his hands are wounded, it would also be the moment the man in blue would deliver his next attack.

“I remembered.” Feng Xiao suddenly said.

Then his figure vanished right in front of the man in blue. Those chains were met with thin air.
The man in blue was shocked, as he found it difficult to believe. How could this be?
All of a sudden, his plans were in a mess. Behind his neck, suddenly, a huge killing intent swept over him. Not good!
Feng Xiao was not a supernatural being, so naturally it was impossible for him to disappear. The method that he used, had been illusion. However, it was merely just the most commonly used illusion technique from the Higashi Ninjutsu to deceive others. It made use of the human’s natural vision and the ambit of how far the eye can see, to create a deception.

Although it was not strangr once the secret was laid out, but the man in blue really did fell for it for one spilt of a second, and the attack which he had poured all his efforts and strength into had gone to waste.

His reflexes were quick, as he scraped against the ground with his feet and turned around, he thrust his long chains out!

However, when top martial artists crossed swords, every second counted, for the tides would change, and in the blink of an eye, strength and opportunities would go to waste. He had lost his chance so he was expectant that he had also stimutaneously gave his opponent a chance.

Feng Xiao’s palm collided with his back.

The man in blue spat out a mouthful of blood, lending the strength of the attack, he flew forward to avoid the subsequent attack that the other would give.

“Without Cui Buqu to remind me, in the beginning, I really could not guess who you were.” Feng Xiao did not continue to attack mercilessly and continuously, he instead paused, and walked with a grace as if he was sauntering a large manor’s garden. Feng Xiao beckoned the man in blue to come closer to him with the back of his hand.

With every step he took, it looked completely normal, yet it brought a sense of mysteriousness and foreboding. In the blink of an eye, he has moved a great distance, and with how the man in blue ran forward previously, the distance of both men were neither near nor far from each other.

“Although your weapon was special, but it was obvious your moves were similar to Qin Miaoyu and Su Xing, only that they have not learned to utlize them the way you do, and their inner strength are not as strong as yours that you could fight a draw with me. I suppose, you are the nephew of the Sect Leader of Fuyu Sect, are you not?”

The man in blue did not admit to that, yet he did not deny it either. He knew that it was even more difficult for him to kill Feng Xiao now, but that was his only goal today, so if he was unable to take Feng Xiao’s life, then it was not considered an achievement.

As he plotted in his heart, his figure leaped from the tree in front of him, using the momentum to spin his body across the air, his chains spinning wildly around him as they wrapped themselves around Feng Xiao’s wrist and his leg aimed a kick to Feng Xiao’s knee.

Jin Lian’s gaze swept across the scene, and she saw the shoe of the man in blue divulge something sharp, so she yelled in a loud voice, “Becareful of his shoes!”

As those words came out, it was already too late. That hidden knife in his boot, which was most certainly dipped with poison, has already stained Feng Xiao’s robes. It would pierce into his flesh. There was no need for Jin Lian to think more, she knew that once the poison came into contact with blood, it would spread to its victim’s heart and caused him heart failure.

But at that moment, a few men in black came with a huge killing intent, holding a few long swords as they flew towards her. Jin Lian reluctantly has to avoid it before turning back to look in Feng Xiao’s direction.

When she looked back again, her heart stopped for a moment!

She only saw Feng Xiao’s body fell backwards, as if he was put down by the poisoned knife. Jin Lian let out a frustrated cry. She stopped caring for the men in black behind her, lunging herself in Feng Xiao’s direction without a second thought.

Because she knew that if Feng Xiao died, then everything would be over. There would be no hope in saving Cui Buqu or reclaim their name and honour. And all three of them would also die here.

Qiao Xian’s thoughts reached the same conclusion as hers, so both of them flew towards Feng Xiao’s direction together, yet they watched as the one whose body should be on the ground down suddnely picked himself back up and pulled a soft sword from his waist. It was soft like waves, yet tough like metal, shoving through the man in blue’s chest!

He killed him with a single strike!

The Sect Leader of the Fuyu Sect, Gao Yun, would never have thought that this mission, where he was absolutely confident that victory was in his grasp, would have become the very mission that claimed his life.

His eyes were widen open, yielding a look of disbelief, before he stopped moving, pinning his deadly gaze on Feng Xiao.

The sword pierced his body and even pierced through a tree trunk not far off.

Qiao Xian’s reflexes were quick, she immediately pulled out the soft sword before casting it back to Feng Xiao. The latter did not turn his back, his arm raised and caught it with a perfect motion, before he lunged himself at the group of people in black that were in chaos, and like a wolf pouncing onto its prey, in the blink of an eye he has cut down the heads of a few of them.

Those men in black were all doomed soldiers. Once they saw that the tides have turned, they have no choice but to die here as well. However, there are some who valued their lives and tried to escape, but they were all taken down by Jin Lian and Qiao Xian.
 “Leave a few of them alive, gag them!” Feng Xiao walked freely among the men in black as if there was no one in the venue.

He managed to say it in time, and Qiao Xian also managed to act in time. She immediately gaged the mouth of two men to prevent them from swallowing the poisoned pill in their teeth.

“We will take care of everything here. Go save the Commander quickly!” Qiao Xian said urgently.

She was able to recall who the Sect Leader of the Fuyu Sect was. Even someone like him would come all the way here on his own, then whoever had the caliber to order him, would naturally be someone who held a higher degree of authority and power. In that case, Cui Buqu’s situation would have been even more dangerous.

Feng Xiao laughed a good-natured laugh, “Are you not afraid that I would bully your Commander? At this moment you would usually ravish the chance to rescue him instead. How am I your match?”

Qiao Xian gritted her teeth, she would give everything in the world to bite down Feng Xiao’s head in that moment.

“I beg Commander Feng to save my Commander. I am willing to do anything to repay you!”

“There is no need. I have no interest in seeing someone’s stepmother sulking in front of me everyday. Think about it, at this moment your Commander is probably being tortured, he might have even be already half dead. At this time, the most he needed is for others to rescue him at the deepest, darkest moment of his life, only can the deed be effective. Don’t you think so?”

Qiao Xian was so mad that she practically burst in anger. In the end, this person was simply trying to get attention, refusing to act unless there was enough benefits for himself. She knew that the House of Blades and the Zuoyue Bureau were never allies, so how could she have depended on Feng Xiao? She should have convinced Cui Buqu to brought Zhangsun Bodhi along with them instead!

She stomped on her fury, not willing to say anything more, before rushing into the direction of Cui Buqu’s tipi on her own. However, she hadn’t taken much steps before feeling something brimming in her chest, because her inner strength was flowing unevenly in her body, so she immediately fell to the ground, blood flowing down the corner of her lips, and was temporarily unable to move.

Feng Xiao smiled, “In the end, I am still the one to act. Cui Buqu ah Cui Buqu, you owe me your life once again, what are you going to give me in return?”

Qiao Xian spoke hatefully in her heart: You damned dreamer!

Feng Xiao laughed a good-natured laugh as he rose from among the men in black robes and leaped into the air, heading into the direction of the King’s tipi. After a few leaps into the distance, his figure gradually dimished into a black dot.

Qiao Xian forced herself to sit up, looking towards the same direction, and saw two figures tore open the tipi as they rose up into the air.

One of them was naturally Feng Xiao.

As for the other……

“Khan?!” Jin Lian shouted.Under broad daylight, before everyone’s eyes, they have all seen themselves that the aging, old Khan Apa, was fighting with a qinggong that has achieved an unfathomable level, a level that could leap into the stars and pluck the moon from the sky.

Chapter 84

The Turks are people who grew up on horseback. When Khan Apa was young, naturally, he was also a renounced archer within his clan. It was only due to growing age that he descended into wine and the beauty of women, that his skills regressed and gradually he turned into an old Khan with a face full of wrinkles. However, even when at the peak of his stamina and strength, he would not have been able to leap as high as one zhang in one smooth motion, and even fought with Feng Xiao in the middle of the air, neither losing nor winning at this moment, and when one looked at his movements that were flexible and smooth, how does he look like someone who was regressing from old age?

Jin Lian was like everyone, staring at the scene in a trance, before coming back to reality only after a while. The level of that person’s martial arts, was one that was rarely seen, so it was impossible this is Khan Apa!

Qiao Xian’s reflexes were quicker than hers, so she shouted loudly in that moment, “That saboteur is the one who murdered the Khan, then stole his identity, and used it to create a disturbance in Turk!”

After some hustles, Feng Xiao and Yu Xiu have already crossed over ten moves.

Both of them have fought one another before, but at that time, Yu Xiu was only there for the sake of testing waters, he had never intenteded to fight with them to the death. However, this time, it was different, Yu Xiu’s plotting of this entire scheme was to sow disruption and chaos. As his scheme progressed, Fo Er was expended by the hands of Feng Xiao, and enemies were formed of Western Turk and the Sui Empire. All that’s left was the last step, then he could provoke fire and wars between Western Turk and the Sui Empire. Yet, this was ruined by Cui Buqu and Feng Xiao. Yu Xiu even had the heart to crush their bones and destroy their ashes.

Since his identity was exposed now, Yu Xiu would not hold himself back any longer. Each move he made was brutal, brimming with the intention to kill his enemies on the spot.

“I see. It is Zen Yu Xiu!” As both of them fought, Feng Xiao immediately recognized the other’s identity.

“Let me tell you a good news. Your accomplice, Gao Yun, is already dead!” Even though this enemy was multiple times more difficult to deal with than Gao Yun, but Feng Xiao did not forget to provoke his enemy. He was only afraid that Yu Xiu refused to be provoked.

“I anticipated this!” Yu Xiu laughed coldly, “That is because his skills are weak against others. However, at the very least, Gao Yun did something right!”

Gao Yun was the number one fighter of Goguryeo. However, talented people are everywhere in the Central Plains, and although Gao Yun was arguably not number one, his martial arts were still considered to be quite top notch. Although Feng Xiao has killed him, it was impossible that he did it completely unharmed.

Yu Xiu was not careless, compared to Gao Yun who underestimated his enemy, he knew Feng Xiao’s abilities clearer. Now, since his plan has failed, he could just leave. Presently, the only one who could thwart him, was Feng Xiao. Yu Xiu would rather spend more strength and brainpower to kill Feng Xiao before leaving this place.

He held a knife in his hand. That was the same knife in the tipi that the Second Prince often brought along with him. The blade shone with a blackened light, so naturally it was not made from ordinary material. Yu Xiu never used knives, but it was required of top martial artists to be a jack of all trades. In his hand, the knive was like a finger that bend at his will. It followed the flowing of qi energy, emitting an aura like sea breeze, before whirling towards the direction of his enemies.

In the midst of the knive’s brighteness, the glare of Feng Xiao’s sword looked thinner and weaker, practically overcome by the knife’s brightness.

In Jin Lian’s eyes, this was even more nervous and shocking to look at.

Yet Qiao Xian could not care much for others, she panted as she ran into the tipi and saw Cui Buqu who has fallen onto the ground.

Cui Buqu’s face was pale like paper, his breathe was faint and weak.
When Qiao Xian pressed onto the other’s meridians, her face changed.

“Wake up!” She was as agigated as fire, stimultaneously infusing energy into Cui Buqu as she yelled his name.

After a while, Cui Buqu moved a little, but all he did was coughing twice, before he spat out a mouthful of blood.

“Commander!” Qiao Xian lost all her sense of direction.

“Don’t give me any more energy.” Cui Buqu said weakly, his voice was not even louder than the sound of a mosquito singing, “Did you not smell the Naihe Xiang…..”

The Naihe Xiang drug is limited. At that moment, the ceiling of the tipi was completely destroyed by Feng Xiao and Yu Xiu, so the smell had dissipated more or less. After Qiao Xian was reminded by him, her expression fell even more.

With energy flowing in one’s body, the Naihe Xiang would only escalate. This was why Yu Xiu fell into this trap so easily, because there was fear in his heart. To put in other words, Cui Buqu’s body was weak now, but not only would Qiao Xian’s energy fail to sooth his pain, it would prompt the Naihe Xiang drug to take effect even more quicker.

When they were delayed, Cui Buqu was facing an enemy that was nefarious and sly like Yu Xiu. Yu Xiu knew that the other was similiarly sly and crafty, but Cui Buqu did not know martial arts, and it difficult for Yu Xiu to not let down his guard. Cui Buqu had made use of exactly just that, added with a bit of Naihe Xiang, he turned the tides against Yu Xiu himself.

To kill a thousand enemies, and suffer a loss of eight hundred. A method like this, was only doable by Cui Buqu.

Yu Xiu had underestimated him in the end, and if not for the fact that he had to cross hands with Feng Xiao now, he would have already skinned Cui Buqu alive.

But Qian Xian can only feel heartache.

Cui Buqu has been tortured, it was difficult for him to avoid injuries.
Qiao Xian never wanted to see him hurt.

“Then let me carry you out to take a seat.” Qiao Xian spoke tremblingly.

Cui Buqu, “No. You need to find Jin Lian, tell her to contact the First Prince, tell him to stabilize the situation. During the period Yu Xiu masqueraded as the Khan, he would have definitely managed to pull some people to his side, to pick at their relationship through small actions……”

He begun coughing, unable to continue speaking.

But Qiao Xian had followed him for a long time, so very quickly she understood what he meant.

Although Yu Xiu was exposed, but he had buried some nails, that would definitely prick others when they were stepped on. Now that the Second Prince was gone, the First Prince is the rightful successor. However, those old generals would use the chance to ravish the power for themselves. Because Turk is not a place where the son inherited the father. To the Sui Empire, the First Prince would be considered to be quite a friendly ally. With him as the new Khan, it would be beneficial to the alliance. “Then you……” She was in a predicament, yet she dared not touch Cui Buqu, afraid that he would suffer more from the poison.

“I won’t die yet. Go!” Cui Buqu said.

Qiao Xian bit down on her teeth and rose to her feet before leaving.

Cui Buqu listened to her footsteps as she left, and the sound of fighting outside with Feng Xiao and Yu Xiu, as he slowly closed his eyes.


Yu Xiu enjoyed playing games.

Especially when his opponent and him had practically the same strength.

When there was great disparity between himself and his opponent, it was like a bowl of plain and tasteless water.

On the other hand, someone who had the same strength as him, was like wine made from the old days, delicious and memorable.

To speak about the nature of his heart, he did not hated Feng Xiao and Cui Buqu.

Among these two, Yu Xiu looked up to Cui Buqu, a pity that he was born sickly and weak, not having the chance to learn martial arts, but he also admired his gift for strategy and schemes, emerging from a situation of despair.

Perhaps, in another place, with another identity, both of them could have had a friendly spar.

But now, in the midst of the shadows of knives, there can only be one victor.

Both of them have already fought past one hundred moves. One was poisoned with the Naihe Xiang drug, the other carried wounds on himself. Both of them were unable to utilize their strength to its full potential. When Yu Xiu attacked, he could only feel his energy freeze in him, his left and right limbs numb, and he could not help but hated Cui Buqu even more.

Like how he usually wouldn’t use knives. Feng Xiao did not either. A soft sword, to him, was not comparable to a zither.

However, when his swordsmanship and footsteps became one, he retained to be ethereal and godly, a martial artist peerless beneathe the Heavens.

Even Yu Xiu felt that he was a little difficult to deal with.

The glare of his sword was like rising mountains overlapping one another, like sturdy hills and pouring water, not at all resembling the gentleness of falling petals. Feng Xiao’s inner strength was endless, enough to spur him to seal up all Yu Xiu’s many routes. Although Yu Xiu did not fall behind, but he knew that, this time, it might no longer be possible for him to kill Feng Xiao.

Not only that he would be unable to kill Feng Xiao, but Cui Buqu might even live.

As his heart squeezed, the knife in his hands rose and thurst itself in front of Feng Xiao.

Naturally, Feng Xiao avoided it, yet he saw Yu Xiu knelt over, and the knife spurred out of his hand, turning into a river of rainbow light, and its target was Cui Buqu who was inside the tipi.

As Yu Xiu made this attack, he lunged himself at Feng Xiao. If the latter wished to rescue Cui Buqu, naturally he would need to expose his weak points, and if he did not wish to rescue Cui Buqu, then Cui Buqu was doomed. No matter what, he would not be at a disadvantage. As he thought of this, Yu Xiu’s lips formed a cruel smile, thrusting a palm at Feng Xiao’s chest.

Then his smile froze at the corner of his lips.

The glare of the sword was too quick, turning into a blindingly golden light, spreading to every inch of a person’s vision. Yu Xiu felt his eyes seared with pain, so he closed them.

But as soon as he did, he could feel pain radiated from his forehead, spreading all the way to his left eye!

Yu Xiu suppressed a groan, and did not think twice before he withdrew himself and retreated his steps. From the corner of his ear rang a loud, brittle ding!

The soft sword did not use the chance to claim his life, but it instead blocked the long knife’s path, cutting it into two. The knife’s edge had practically scratched Cui Buqu’s throat, cutting through his skin and leaving a small bleeding wound behind. If the soft sword had came a little bit later, then there would be no longer Cui Buqu in this world.

However, due to this, Feng Xiao had expended all his strength, and he could only watch as Yu Xiu’s figure to leap onto the flag pole, gathering more strength, and leaped into the distance. After a while, he was lost in sight.

At that moment, everyone came to their senses. Yu Xiu’s identity was special. Jin Lian brought a few Turkish soldiers to pursue him, but Feng Xiao knew that those people would definitely not succeed. Even if they managed to catch him on the road, there was no way that they could stop him.

Feng Xiao leaped down from the flag pole and walked towards Cui Buqu.

“Dead?” He patted Cui Buqu’s shoulder lightly. Cui Buqu did not move at all.

Feng Xiao sighed, “Did I came too late?”

Then he knuckled Cui Buqu’s forehead. He felt his hand touching something cold.
Feng Xiao, “Even the corpse was turned cold? This is great. Once I return to the capital, I suppose I can just ask his Majesty to disband the Zuoyue Bureau.”

Cui Buqu’s eyes flickered open, and in his heart, he said: If you’ve been lying on the ground for so long, it would be strange if a motherfucker like you didn’t turn cold.

However, he no longer has the strength to speak. Even towards Feng Xiao’s threat of disbanding the Zuoyue Bureau, he could not move a muscle to retort it.

Qiao Xian rushed over, bringing a few Turks maidservants and a carriage, trying to help Cui Buqu onto it.

Because she was afraid of hurting Cui Buqu again, her movements were careful, yet this made Cui Buqu furrowed his eyebrows instead.

Feng Xiao spoke curiously, “You would still furrow your brows at this? Haven’t you warmed up? Bah, so be it. They do say that one should help until the end, so I will deign myself just this once!”

As he finished speaking, immediately, he took Cui Buqu from Qiao Xian and carried him on his back, before walking towards the tipi that they lived in together before.

Feng Xiao, “Master Taoist Cui, I want to discuss something with you.”

Cui Buqu closed his eyes, lying on his side on Feng Xiao’s shoulder, as if he was in a deep sleep. Feng Xiao, “ time, before you decide to put your life at stake, you better tell me before that, otherwise you can pick a place where I cannot see, then we wouldn’t have to organize a funeral for you. The House of Blades do not have much money left, so I beg your understanding.”

Cui Buqu still remained silent, as if he had already fallen into a coma.

But when Feng Xiao carried him on his back, he recalled seeing the other’s eyelids moving.

“Don’t fake it. I know you are awake. Let me tell you something: the deed you owe me this time, even if you gave yourself to me thirty times, it would not be enough to repay it.”

Cui Buqu sighed lightly, finally managed to pry his eyes open.

“……How about forty times then?”

Feng Xiao snorted a laugh, “I’m afraid you’ll die on my bed. Enough nonsense, after you can walk again, let us go get the zither, Yu Yin!”

Cui Buqu, “The zither Yu Yin is one of the family treasures of the Boling Cui Sect. How can I get it just because I wanted to?”

Feng Xiao, “Don’t forget what you promised me. If you refused to keep your part of the deal, I would have a hundred ways of my own of not keeping mine.”

Cui Buqu, “If I promised, then I would keep it. Once we leave this place, let us go to Han Ping.”

Han Ping is where Boling Cui Sect was situated.

Although he got his promise, but Feng Xiao still felt that something was wrong. Although Cui Buqu has mentioned the zither Yu Yin once, but that time he never thought that Yu Xiu was such a difficult case that costed him such a big price, and in the end, all he earned was a zither. No matter how he thought about it, he couldn’t help feeling that he was conned. Feng Xiao said slowly, “Since you know the whereabouts of the zither Yu Yin, then the other zithers, Hao Zhong and Jiao Wei—“

Before he could finish speaking, Cui Buqu vomited a mouthful of blood on his shoulder.

“Perhaps I cannot live long after all.” Cui Buqu said peacefully, then immediately faked death.

Feng Xiao: ……

Translator’s Notes: So this arc is mostly done. The next few chapters will just be FengCui nonsense as they returned to the capital before the beginning of Book 4. =) !

Chapter 85

Cui Buqu suspected that when he passed out, someone moved him from the grasslands of the outskirts to somewhere he did not recall.

Otherwise, why would there be a beautiful woman next to his bedside?

There were a lot of beauties in the world—those that were beautiful and attractive, those that were gentle and proper, and those that were small and cute—Cui Buqu has seen aplenty. He even had a specific beauty who followed him around everyday.

Qiao Xian was considered a cherry blossom that was untouched by the filths of this world.

Yet the beauty before his eyes now was different. She was like a stream of water on the grasslands, so clear that it touched people’s hearts, a glistening beauty for the sight, different from the ice-cold charm Qiao Xian had, yet her gentleness was like one of lotus swaying in the wind, prompting anyone to hold an intense love for her.

So let alone the fact that she was looking at him dreamily by his bedside, her eyes glowing when she saw Cui Buqu waking up, she said gently, “My Lord, are you thirsty? I can fetch you some water.”

Cui Buqu watched as she raised a pot of water from the table to fill him a cup, before raising it carefully before him with both her hands.

“My Lord, please drink.”

Cui Buqu did not move. As she was watched by him through his gaze, the beauty felt a little uncomfortable.

“My Lord, I do not hold any ill intentions towards you. Lady Qiao is boiling you a dose of medicine at this moment, so she could not come here herself. Therefore, I came over to help. You can ask me to do anything you want, just please don’t ask me to leave!”

“Anything……is possible?” Cui Buqu’s throat was dry, his voice low and hoarse, but the beauty was sitting near him enough, that she could hear him.

“Naturally, everything is possible!” Her eyes twinkled, and she edged closer to him, the scent of orchid on her body filling the air.

Cui Buqu thought and thought, “Then you can climb onto the table and perform a dance.”

The beauty, “What does my Lord wish to see?”

Cui Buqu, “Anything.”

Compared to dancing, the beauty wanted to chat with him heart to heart, but since Cui Buqu was not interested in that and insisted on watching a dance after he had just woken up, the beauty could only put down the teacup and step onto the table. The people of Kucha were skilled in dances. The beauty bent her waist and kicked up her feet, clapped her hands, in accordance with the music of the bells on her legs.

Her dress fluttered in a beautiful sight, divulging her fair and attractive legs underneath them. The only thing that was lacking was music to accompany her dance, as if something was missing from the picture.

As Cui Buqu watched, he closed his eyes. However, with each time the beauty thought he had fallen asleep and she wanted to stop and take a rest, he would open his eyes again, and she had no choice but to continue dancing. After a few times like this, the beauty finally could not help but said timidly, “My Lord, I am a little tired, can I stop dancing?”

Cui Buqu yawned, “Then let’s not dance. We can do other things.”

The beauty offered, “What does my Lord wished to eat?”

Cui Buqu, “You do not need to move. Just stand on the table, and do a handstand.”

The beauty: ……

“My Lord, I am wearing a dress, I fear it would be inappropriate for me to do a handstand.” The beauty said timidly. She could reason with the fact that Cui Buqu was wounded and injured, so when he woke up, he had the heart to ‘do it’ but not the strength to. However, in the past even when the old Khan was in a similar situation, he would still allowed her to serve him at his side, even if she only fed him water and food, it was also another sort of romance.

Yet why did her seduction techniques failed when she used them on these two men who came from the Central Plains?

Had it not been for whose merchants from the Central Plains staring at her when they were stunned by her beauty, she almost thought that beautiful women from the Central Plains were born with three eyes and two noses.

Cui Buqu replied, “O. Now you can perform a monkey picking a peach.”

The beauty: ……

Cui Buqu, “A golden chicken standing on one leg?”

Tears began brimming from the beauty’s face.

He even said that they could do anything, but isn’t this doing nothing but dancing?” Cui Buqu suddenly look contented, and coughed as he said, “Go out.
Call Qiao Xian inside.”

From the beam on top of the room, a light little laugh sounded.

The beauty was shocked, as she watched a man in ethereal white clothes landing before her.

“A word of advice, it would be easier if you try your techniques on the First Prince.”

The beauty bit her lip as she stared at Feng Xiao, tears practically squeezing themselves out of her eyes. Yet the other did not even look at her for a second more, he simply walked to the dressing table and leaned down, looking at the shadow of a flowerpot left and right as he exclaimed in satisfaction.

“Beauty lies in your bones not your skin. With such a pearl before him, how would Master Taoist Cui’s heart be moved by you? Master Taoist Cui, am I right or not?”

Cui Buqu closed his eyes: I have a headache, and I want to vomit, it’s a pity my stomach is empty, so there’s nothing to vomit out, so I am feeling like death.

From the way the beauty saw it, these two people, the first one is narcisstic to the point that he’d admire his own shadow, putting no one in his eyes but himself. As for a second one, even when a beauty fell into his arms voluntarily, not only wasn’t his heart moved, but he had even thought of ways to pit her. Both of them were crazy.

After the beauty waited for a while and no one asked her to stay, she felt incredibly upset and could only leave them alone.

Feng Xiao, “That woman was sent here to serve the Khan of Turk. Since she was able to live by Turkish royalty, then she already has the chance to live the life of high society, although it was not comparable to the luxuries of the Central Plains. Now, since the Khan is dead, and Western Turk has descended into a mess, she knew not where she would go, so instead of serving the new Khan, she would rather follow us back into the Central Plains. It was a pity that she chose to seduce me first, and now she wanted to get close to you, but both attempts have failed. If that silly rascal Pei Jingzhe was here, she might have gotten what she wanted.”

A moment before, Cui Buqu was also suspecting that she held ulterior motives, but now that he realized that she simply wanted to find a wealthy house to support herself, then he was too lazy to care about the matter anymore. Once he heard Feng Xiao’s words, he could confirm his theories further.

He opened his mouth and spoke, “I am thirsty.”

Feng Xiao asked curiously, “That’s your business, what does it have to do with me? I saved your life, you have not even knelt to me in gratitude, but still demand me to feed you water?”

Cui Buqu stared at him tiredly, pinning his gaze onto Feng Xiao without saying a thing.

Feng Xiao picked up the teapot, “One question, one mouthful of water.”

This was very fair. Cui Buqu agreed.

Feng Xiao poured the water into the teacup and passed it to Cui Buqu. The latter stared into the cup and watched the level of the water. It really was the exact volume of one mouthful.

“When you were with Yu Xiu, how many things did you manage to find out?” Feng Xiao asked.

Cui Buqu, “Not much.”

Feng Xiao’s lips twitched, “Just like that, and you want another mouthful of water?” Cui Buqu, “He should be from the Yunhai Thirteen Stories, in fact, his ranking isn’t low.”

Feng Xiao, “Master One?”

Cui Buqu, “Water.”

Feng Xiao replied lazily, “This is still the first question. Don’t even think of playing tricks. Delay more, and I will stuff your mouth and tie you on the roof to blow the Northwest breeze, then let us see how long it would take for Qiao Xian to find you.”

Cui Buqu thought about it seriously and felt that Feng Xiao might actually do it, so he said, “He said he is not. In that kind of situation, he should not be lying.”

Feng Xiao was very satisfied with his performance, so he fed him water personally before asking again, “I want to know all your theories.”

Cui Buqu, “He was found, taught, and raised by Princess Qianjin. He was grateful to the princess. The Princess hated the Sui Empire, so he wanted to fulfil her wishes in her stead to usurp the Sui Empire, conveniently using Prince Jin’s identity for his schemes, as well as making it convenient for himself.”

Feng Xiao touched his chin and said in deep thought, “He wants to overturn the world and send it into chaos. The Thirteen Stories themselves are ambitious, therefore both of them are working together. However, for people like Fong Xiaolian and Gao Yun, they would not have been just been satisfied to create a mess of the world and leave it like that.”

Yu Xiu could only be doing this just to avenge the princess, but he could also be lying, but these were not important. However, the Yunhai Thirteen Stories were not simply just anybody, so they would not fool themselves along with Yu Xiu. The other must have already had a well-rounded perfect plan and this was just executing it step by step. It also meant that, in a place where their could not see or reach, it was very likely that there was a great conspiracy going on, that was currently brewing beneath the surface of the water, and it was unknown when or where it would surface.

So, regarding the poem they found on Duan Qigu last time that did not make sense, it was most probably a very special kind of lead.

Feng Xiao felt that Cui Buqu has definitely spent a lot of time trying to crack the poem in secret, and those few things that did not make sense last time has probably already been figured out by him.

But before he could open his mouth to ask, he saw Cui Buqu has already closed his eyes and pulled the blankets up to his chin, falling asleep abruptly, practically writing the words ‘Don’t ask me’ on his face.

Author’s Note: Pei Jingzhe sneezed: Who? Even the readers have forgotten about me. Yet someone is talking bad behind my back?

Chapter 86

After Yu Xiu’s escape, almost everyone knew that Khan Apa has already been killed. Even the ‘Shaman’s’ body was once again mentioned by others. Everyone could not even tell whether that was the HeiYue Shaman, or was it the body of Khan Apa that Yu Xiu burned after he killed him. It was a pity that the body was ruined by fire, then burned to ash. Unless the Khan himself came back to life, no one could really provide an answer.

Although Khan Apa has worsen with age, but all these years he has maintained a stable balance. So his death had similarly astounded many people, numbing their hearts and rendering them lost. Both ambassadors from the Sui Empire spiralled from being suspects of the Second Prince’s murderer to the saviours of Western Turk that everybody wanted to get along with.

The Kucha beauty’s initiation to please Cui Buqu proved her intelligence. A few days after she paid him a visit, many royalties and nobles from Western Turk came forth to pay Cui Buqu and Feng Xiao a visit as well. They practically tore their tipi apart, and the gifts they brought piled up to a small mountain. There were even poultry meat among them.

When Feng Xiao came over, he saw Qiao Xian ordered the servants sent by the First Prince to help them organize their luggages. Cui Buqu was seated by the side, leaning on his back, and a cup of milktea in his hands, looking like he was devoid of moods, looking even paler than he was yesterday.

“I see that Master Taoist Cui could not even sleep just because he missed the opportunity with the Kucha beauty yesterday?” He never treated himself like a guest. Before the host could invite him, he had already sat down next to Cui Buqu and took the teapot in front of him to pour himself a cup.

The milk mixed with it was milked from cows. The tea was tea leaves brought by merchants from the Central Plains. During that time, people from the Central Plains liked adding star anise and salt to their tea, and this sort of drinking was quite different, for inside was sugar extracted from sugarcane, complimented with the thick taste of milk and the sweet taste of tea leaves. It would make one feel full and improve their appetite.

Cui Buqu did not slept well. Under both his eyes were deep, dark circles, and between his brows were wrinkles so deep it looked permanent on his face. A dark and dense cloud was encircling him, refusing to leave.

Although he refused all the people who sent him gifts, but there were still some of them who could not resist shouting and exclaiming loudly outside his door. That, added with the fact that the poison in his body has not yet been neutralized, these few days were hard to weather through, even at this moment, he did not even have the strength to bicker with Feng Xiao. He spoke blandly instead, “Once this matter is done, let us return to the Central Plains by the next two days. What do you think of it?”

Feng Xiao had no opinions, “You are the Commander, you make the decisions. I am only here to claim a part of the contribution, I would not cross your authority.”

As he brandished his hand to spread his fan so he could fan himself, he caught sight of the man wrapped tightly in fox pelt sitting next to him, his hand paused, turning instead to use the tip of his fan to raise the other’s chin. “If you keep getting thinner, before we arrive back in the capital, you would have already set out on your journey to the West.”

Cui Buqu slapped his fan away, “If I order them to harass you, let’s see if you can sleep at all or not! You only get to sleep because I was acting as your shield in the frontlines. What rubbish are you talking about!” Although Master Taoist Cui’s attitude had always been foul, he was still able to fake a look of gentleness and peace on the outside during usual days. Right now, however, his temper exploded and it would only mean that his body has already reached a limit he could no longer control.

Feng Xiao kept his fan and took the other’s wrist, pressing his fingers onto his veins to check his pulse. Even if he was prepared for this, he still could not help exclaiming, “Your pulse is in a mess again, yet you could still throw a temper and scold others, this is truly one of the wonders of the world.”

“In the past two decades and more, my pulse has always been like this. It’s only that sometimes it’s better, sometimes its worse. That’s all there is to it.” Cui Buqu impatiently took back his hand and pulled the fox pelt even tighter around himself. As the weather grew hotter by day, not only did Feng Xiao changed into light clothes, but even the Turk people outside also took off their animal pelts. It was even hotter inside the tipi, and if Feng Xiao didn’t have martial arts on him, he would have sweat non-stop by now. “Don’t you be in a hurry to leave first. Today is the day the big Kedun and her son would pay a visit and formally request an alliance. You are the Vice Commander, you should also listen to this.”

Had it not been for his words, Feng Xiao would have already forget their goal to come here in the first place. They were not supposed to fight a battle of wits with Yu Xiu, nor did they came to expose the true identity of the fake Khan, They had came here to form an alliance with Western Turk to face the same formidable enemy Khan Ishbara who was ruling the other half of Turk.

Just as he was mentioned, a messenger really did arrive and said that the First Prince and his mother came to pay the Sui Empire’s ambassadors a visit.

This is the land of the Turks, so they could have just came in without any prior inform, but they have learned the mannerisms of people from the Central Plains, thus they have waited outside until they were called inside. The other was even the new Khan, and in such a situation, it was difficult for Qian Xiao not not give him his way. After obtaining Cui Buqu’s approval, only did the First Prince, the big Kedun, and Jin Lian entered the tipi.

The First Prince even balled his fist and placed it against his heart, before bowing towards Cui Buqu and Feng Xiao.

“Had it not been for both of you, I fear that now we are still being treated like fools by that culprit, and we dare not think what a mess Turk would gravitate towards. I represent the whole of Western Turk to thank you for your help. This vast and generous deed, there is no way to repay. Therefore, if both of you need not fear to ask for anything you want, if it is within my abilities, I will definitely make sure it is done.”

Cui Buqu, “Your Highness, there is no need to be so formal.”

Feng Xiao snorted, “When we just arrived and make the intitiation to offer an alliance, everyone either tried to come out with excuses, hid themselves and refuse to see us, or glared at us with cold gazes. If we didn’t manage to expose Yu Xiu in time, I fear that we would have already been executed.”

Jin Lian translated Feng Xiao’s words, and the First Prince grew awkward as he listened to it. Although he did not approve of his ‘father’ seeking to please both Khan Ishbara and the Sui Empire before, but when Feng Xiao and his company were in trouble, it was not a lie that he had not stood out to help them, so now that Feng Xiao exposed them, it was unavoidable for him to feel that his face was a little pricky, as if it was falling off his bones.

The big Kedun said gently, “I heard from Jin Lian that the people of the Central Plains have a saying: that although the fence is broken, if one were to mend it in time, it can prevent more sheeps from escaping in the future. It was true that we were not in the right before, so today we came forth to apologize to both ambassadors. Please forgive us with your generousity, for we are willing to offer our utmost sincerity to form a blissful relationship with the Sui Empire, never to betray you.” There was nothing in this world that would never change. Even if the First Prince’s heart was completely loyal to the Sui Empire at this moment, in the future, change would still be possible. However, these things had nothing to do with Cui Buqu. All he needed was to guarantee that the First Prince was sincere towards the alliance this time, and that they would assist the Sui Empire in the impending war, and that would be enough.

Fo Er is dead, and Yu Xiu was carrying a severe wound as he fled. If the First Prince wished to stabilize his position as the new Khan, he would only have one pillar of power to back him up. At a glance, other than the Sui Empire, there was no more choices left for him.

Without waiting for Cui Buqu’s response, the First Prince allowed someone to bring an edict, and before them, he read out the edict that he had written himself word by word, then proceeded to drip the wax onto the edict, before untying the gemstone he wore at all times and pressed a seal onto the wax.

Jin Lian spoke from the side, “This is an item of the Khan. It can only be used during events of importance. This time, the First Prince is indeed sincere, doing everything by his own hands. Master Cui, it would not be too late for you to read this edict before making your decision.”

Cui Buqu received it, he really did only read it only for a while, before passing it to Feng Xiao.

The First Prince thought that Cui Buqu was still mad at them, so he did not care to read it carefully and was a little upset by it, so he couldn’t help but said, “From me, to every new Khan after me, shall all gladly receive titles from the Sui Empire. Does Lord Cui feels this was not enough?”

Cui Buqu thought, this First Prince was definitely a lot smarter than his father. These two days, he had been learning a lot from Jin Lian, and that he knew about the offering of titles was simply just granting a name. It was impossible for the Sui Empire to actually send soldiers to them, so all the authority and power would still belong to himself. However, if he willingly received the title, it was enough to convey his sincerity, and enough to keep conducting business with the Sui Empire’s merchants. At the present, it was not a secret that Turkish royalty can no longer live without ceramic and silk from the Central Plains, so the better their relationship is with the Sui Empire, the more tributes they would get from the Sui Empire and the First Prince could use them to pull people to his side.

However, since long, many countries have practiced this kind of thing. The First Prince was not considered greedy among them, according to Cui Buqu’s understanding of the Imperial Court, the Emperor would allow it ten out of ten.

Cui Buqu said, “I have read it. You said you wanted to accompany me back to the Sui Empire to see the Emperor yourself, to prove your sincerity. If the Emperor knew of this, he would be very glad. Allow me to write another letter of my own to have it sent back to the Emperor’s abode and announce this to him, so that they may make preparations in advance to welcome the new Khan.”

As he finished speaking, he recited the edict from the beginning to the end, with not a word missing.

Only then did the First Prince knew that it wasn’t that the other did not read it properly, but that he had a photographic memory.

He was suspicious at first, but now that all his suspicions were answered, he bowed towards them again.

“Then, everything will be entrusted to Lord Cui.”

Even if his martial arts are not comparable to others, yet in the whole of Turk, they would not be able to find someone as intelligent as Cui Buqu, so what more can they say to this?

They can only admire in silence.

With the help of the big Kedun and Jin Lian, the First Prince very quickly succeeded in silencing all the voices of protests in court and received his cornonation as the new Khan. Cui Buqu and his company were incredibly welcomed as if they were one of their own. Since they were already guests of honour of the new Khan, everyone treated them like gods and dared not disrespect them. Compared to when they first arrived, it was like heaven and earth.

After the coronation, the knew Khan brought Jin Lian and proceeded towards the Central Plains along with Cui Buqu and his company.

The new Khan’s mother remained to take care of matters.

This trip back home was different from when Cui Buqu and his company came. Not only did they had a Turkish Khan with them, but they have also brought along a group of men and horses, including Turkish guards and all kinds of gifts. As they often said: The louder and stronger the aura, the smoother the journey. So it was impossible for them to encounter any dangers on the way.

To prove his sincerity towards the alliance, under Cui Buqu’s request, the new Khan even released most of the Han people that were kidnapped to Turk. These people were also among the group that travelled back. However, they refused to go to the capital, so Cui Buqu was prepared to let them settle down in the City of Six Crafts.

The magistrate of the City of Six Crafts received the news in advance, so he came himself to welcome them, bringing the Emperor’s edict with him.

Last time when Cui Buqu and Feng Xiao took down Qiemo, this news has already spread to the capital, and according to words, the Emperor was very satisfied. This time, the fact that they brought back good news from Western Turk, as well as brought the new Khan back to the capital, naturally, was another conquest to be included. However, since the news was still on its way back, the rewards from the Emperor was not yet determined. The edict in the magistrate’s hand were rewards from their previous conquest, offering them gold and the title of Marquis.

“Both Lords must have weathered through a tedious journey, and this time you have achieved yet another conquest. After the news make its way back to the capital, surely the Emperor would deliver another round of rewards. It’s a pity that I have duties that bound me, so I cannot escort both of you to the capital. I can only prepare some wine and food and help all of you wash yourselves. So please, make yourself at home in the city!”

The smile on Magistrate Zhao’s face was even more brilliant than the fullest bloomed carnations one had ever seen. He would give anything to throw all the beautiful praises and words he’d learned in the last ten years on Cui Buqu and Feng Xiao, so much that he had forgotten the time when he watched them travel alone to Qiemo and said, ‘these two sillies would definitely not return’.

Although this city was not even comparable to the beauty in the capital, but once they entered the City of Six Crafts, it was stepping into real territory that belonged to the Sui Empire.

Although Qiemo is one of cities belonging to the Sui Empire, but it has been a long time since anyone took care of that place, so it was still like a run down city, dull and lacking of colour.

Feng Xiao could feel that once they entered the City of Six Crafts, Cui Buqu seemed to have appeared a lot more relaxed, as if a huge burden has been lifted off of him.

On the journey here, to prevent Yu Xiu from ambushing them, Cui Buqu has always been on alert. After they entered the City of Six Crafts, before proceeding further, they would be escorted by armies from the Sui Empire, so there was no longer the need for him to worry, therefore, in the days that followed, he fell ill again that he did not even show up for the banquet organized by Magistrate Zhao that night.

Journey to the West: ‘Journeying to the West’ usually means dying. Translator’s Note:
Cui Buqu: Someone shut that peacock up already……. Feng Xiao:  

Chapter 87

Magistrate Zhao regretted it, so much that his intestines had turned green.

When Feng Xiao and Cui Buqu came to the City of Six Crafts, the first had presented his identity, and the latter had used the identity of the Taoist Master of the Zixia Taoist Temple, not making himself obvious at all. Magistrate Zhao had been too busy trying to gain favours from Feng Xiao that he had neglected Cui Buqu. Later on, he got to know that his background was no more inferior than the House of Blades.

Although his post as an officer wasn’t high, but he knew very well that it was dangerous to play favouritism between two other officers who held the same power and rank, and that he had breached this rule.

According to the legends, the Zuoyue Bureau was the same as the House of Blades, that they can both execute sentences first without seeking approval.

According to the legends, the Zuoyue Bureau was established single- handedly by the Empress Dugu herself, and she was their support from behind.

According to the legends, the Commander of the Zuoyue Bureau was a mysterious person who has never showed up in court, and that not many people has seen him at all. It was even a rumour that he was a guard who stood by the Empress’ side.

According to the legends…… Magistrate Zhao has never heard of the Zuoyue Bureau, but after he read the many letters sent by his friends from the capital and heard of these rumours that might be truth or false, he could not help being shocked.

He felt that he had offended someone with monstrous authority without knowing it.

It did not matter whether the rumours were true or not, even if only one out of ten of them were true, Magistrate Zhao knew one fact from the attitude the Second Commander of the House of Blades towards Cui Buqu
—at least he knew that Cui Buqu’s ranking wasn’t low, otherwise it was impossible for him to sit on the same table as Feng Xiao, so when Cui Buqu did not show up during his banquet that night, Magistrate Zhao dared not be mad, instead he spent a huge deal thinking over how to make up for it.

He heard that Cui Buqu’s body was not good, and that he was also injured while he was in Turk, so he immediately sent a bunch of expensive herbs and supplements to the posthouse, but they were all rejected by Qiao Xian who stood outside. Her reasoning was that Cui Buqu was too weak to consume too many supplements, so other than soup, congee, and some vegetables, he was forbidden to eat everything else.

Originally, Magistrate Zhao wanted to invite some famed physicians, but once he heard that Lady Qiao was a skilled physician herself, he immediately abandoned that idea. If he called the physicians over, then he would have offended one more additional person.

As he thought here and there, Magistrate Zhao could not find anything useful, and he was so troubled that his hair practically fell off, suffering insomnia even in the night and was practically kicked down his bed by his wife.

Since he knew that Cui Buqu and his company would not remain in the City of Six Crafts for too long, and that they would be heading back to the capital in the next few days, Magistrate Zhao could only try to ask some tips from Feng Xiao. Compared to Cui Buqu who seemed to be sealed up in a fortress, it was easier to speak to the Commander of the House of Blades.

At the very least, when Magistrate Zhao sent gifts over to him, the other party did not even reject one of them and took everything.

Because of this, when Magistrate Zhao paid Feng Xiao a visit, he had more confidence in developing a closer relationship with the other.

However, that was only until he saw that the beautiful maidservant he’s given to Feng Xiao was currently wiping a window with a piece of cloth.

Magistrate Zhao almost thought that he was blind, and for a long time, he couldn’t come back to his senses.

The beautiful maid noticed that Magistrate Zhao had came, her face was plastered with pity yet she dared not speak. Both her eyes were watery, making her look extremely pitiful.

As for Feng Xiao, he was sitting on the window sill as he read a book, as if there was a goddess in his book that looked even more beautiful than the beautiful maidservant.

Because when someone else gave him this maidservant that was as beautiful as a flower, Magistrate Zhao could not bring himself to use her. Naturally, this was also because of the fierce tigeress in his own house, but Magistrate Zhao dared to swear with his head, that one cannot find another girl as beautiful as her in the whole of the City of Six Crafts. Even if Feng Xiao, a master with high standards who has lived for a long time in the capital, it was impossible for his heart to not be moved by a beauty like her.

Yet how could he let such a beautiful women do such chores! This is just abusing the resources of mother nature!

As this scene played out before his eyes, Magistrate Zhao couldn’t help feeling a thought forming in his heart: Could it be, that Feng Xiao did not like women, because he likes…… “Magistrate Zhao, are you regretting your choice of giving me this beauty? If that is the case, you can take her back.” Feng Xiao did not raise his head as he flipped a page.

“No, no, of course not!” Magistrate Zhao immediately denied it, he waved a hand to send the beauty out of the room, before smiling and said in a low voice, “May I ask instead, my Lord, that if this maidservant was not serving you well and has displeased you?”

Feng Xiao, “Of course not. Wasn’t she making my window shine?”

But the reason he choose a beauty among thousand of others wasn’t so Feng Xiao could ask her to wipe his window! Magistrate Zhao did not know whether to laugh or cry, “But I heard that yesterday, you did not ask her to accompany you in bed, so she stood outside for an entire night.”

Feng Xiao, “Oh, so she was meant to accompany me in bed? I thought she was here to be a maid. I was even going to ask her scrub the ground.”

Magistrate Zhao said in a quiet voice, “Maiden Qi’s looks are already the best around. If you do not favour her, I can find someone else. Or, do you prefer the company of men?”

Feng Xiao sighed and pointed to his own face, “Look at my face, what do you think?”

Magistrate Zhao immediately said, “Naturally, you have the look of a dragon and the grace of a phoenix, like an otherworldly being!”

Feng Xiao, “Would you fall for someone uglier than youself?”

Magistrate Zhao: ……Good point. I cannot deny it.

He pulled a long face and said, “But my Lord, you are learned and elegant, and that woman is soft and gentle to the bone. Both of you cannot be compared, additionally, there are certainly only a handful at most of people in this world whose looks can be compared to you!” Feng Xiao snorted, “Then stop doing these sort of trivial matters, and put more focus on your actual duties!”

Magistrate Zhao only knew then, that Feng Xiao did not even put the beauty in his eyes, and thought: Why don’t I give you a mirror instead?

His thoughts remained in his thoughts, and he dared not say such things at all. On the lips, he only gave the other a smile, “Can I still ask you something? Since you and Lord Cui are such good friends, you must know what he likes?”

“Good friends?” Feng Xiao gave him a strange and curious look, “Us?”

Magistrate Zhao said anxiously, “Was it not?”

Feng Xiao beamed a smile all of a sudden, “Not at all. We are. So you also wanted to send him gifts? Why don’t you just do the same thing: send him a beauty, wouldn’t that settle it all?”

Magistrate Zhao laughed bitterly, “You must be kidding. Lord Cui is lying on his bed now, I fear he has the heart, but not the stamina. As for money and supplements, I have sent them once, but it was rejected by that maidservant of his outside his door. It was all on me, that I delayed Lord Cui once, so now I simply wanted to make up for it, yet I do not know how or where, so I can only come here with a thick face and ask for your advice.”

Feng Xiao smiled a long smile, “Ah, then you’ve asked the right person. Cui Buqu showed everyone a forlorn, distant face, but in truth, I once saw him—“

His voice has suddenly became very soft, as he whispered into Magistrate Zhao’s ear.

Magistrate Zhao opened his eyes wide, “Are you sure?”

Feng Xiao, “Every person with capabilities would have queer habits that others do not know of.” Once Magistrate Zhao recalled his theory regarding Feng Xiao and his disinterest in beautiful women, then he immediately nodded and agreed, “That makes sense! I will go now and patrol, thank you Lord Feng!”

After he just left, Feng Xiao waved for the maidservant.

“You, come here.”

When Maiden Qi saw him, she thought that he finally noticed her beauty, and she was happy in her heart for a moment and quickly walked into the room before bowing, “My Lord, what would you have me do?”

Feng Xiao, “Go check if Cui Buqu has woken up.”

Maiden Qi: … Just like that?

Feng Xiao, “Why are you still looking at me like that?”

Maiden Qi’s heart suddenly felt grievance, so she stuttered, “I have a stomachache.”

Feng Xiao, “Then you can go after you’ve gone to the restroom.”

The handsome Lord did not even looked at her at all! She was incredibly mad, but she could only turn and leave.

Feng Xiao stretched his back and decided to go out to take a stroll.

Although she had scolded Feng Xiao more than a dozen times in her heart, and cussed at him, Maiden Qi dared not disobey his orders. When Feng Xiao returned, she reported back to him that Cui Buqu has woken up and a bunch of people were waiting to see him, even Magistrate Zhao has gone there.

ly, Feng Xiao was very stubborn in his actions when he was investigating a case. He acted on his own orders and ignored everyone else, offending even the Linlang Guild who had a huge support behind their backs. So he had left a deep impression of himself on everyone. That time, there were a lot of people who tried to fawn over him, going to his manor and offering him gifts. It was a pity that Feng Xiao refused them, simply waving his hand to send everyone away. Since they had learned their lesson last time, this time not many people dared to repeat their idiocy.

As for Cui Buqu, that day when he was the master of the Zixia Taoist Temple, but he had fallen from grace within a single night, then suddenly went missing. The people even said that the Master Taoist had already ascended and became one with the gods, and some of them said that he was a con man from Jianghu, and once he had enough money, he left. Yet now they all watch him suddenly appearing as an officer of the Crown who even travelled with Feng Xiao as they went to Turk together, received the title of Marquis together, shaking the earth with the news. People who went to Cui Buqu’s place grow even more in numbers, and not only did they sent him gifts, some of them even went there to join the crowd, and there were some who received his kindness in the past, they went to pay him a visit as his patients.

It was a pity that before those people could enter the posthouse, they were all held back by Qiao Xian. Other than Magistrate Zhao, there were not many who managed to see him.

Feng Xiao touched his chin and decided to join the crowd.

He was living in the same posthouse as Cui Buqu, only that one lived in the west, and one was living in the east. If they did not visit each on purpose, they could really avoid seeing each other from day to night.

Obviously Cui Buqu did not miss this ‘companion’ of his who had been through so much with him. Watching Feng Xiao came in himself uninvited, not only did he refused to show gladness, he even sulked and pursed his lips.

Feng Xiao smirked at the corner of his lips, “I see Master Taoist Cui wasn’t very happy to see me.”

Cui Buqu was hugging the blanket on top of the bed, not having even a trace of welcoming him, “If I say I didn’t welcome you, would you actually leave?” Feng Xiao, “Of course not.”

He looked left and right and asked, “I heard that Magistrate Zhao gave you some strange gifts. Can I have a look at them?”

Cui Buqu pointed to a box in the corner of the room, “He said he sent me some paintings, you can unwrap them yourself.”

Feng Xiao opened the box and really did see more than ten painting rolled up neatly in them. He was also curious if Magistrate Zhao actually understood what he said, so he unfurled those scrolls.

Cui Buqu raised the bowl of medicine Qiao Xian had left for him, and was pondering over whether he should just pour them under his bed, before he recalled that Qiao Xian’s nose was almost as sharp as Feng Xiao’s dog nose. He sighed and pinched his nose, pouring them down his throat, his eyebrows furrowing until it could squeeze mosquitoes to death.

Good medicine are bitter to the tongue, but after drinking them, the bitter taste in his mouth could not be neutralized by anything sweet at all. Cui Buqu spent half a day only did he managed to swallow that difficult, bitter taste down his throat. However, the moment he raised his head, he saw Feng Xiao’s mischevious smile.

“What did he give?” Cui Buqu asked curiously.

Feng Xiao turned the drawing around and a fully coloured painting of ‘Spring Palace’s Mysterious Game’ filled Cui Buqu’s sights.

In the painting, it was divided into the outside and inside of the room. A group of men and women in all kinds of positions. At that time, these erotic arts were trending, if it was enlarged, it could even make the most traditional thinking men go beet red.

But Cui Buqu only rolled his eyes.

Let alone having his face turned beet red, even his nose did not turn red. Feng Xiao originally thought that although the other was sick for a long time and had a powerful authority, these people were usually more innocent, even if he wasn’t shy, he would have felt surprised, not knowing what to do. Who could have guessed that it wasn’t like how he thought it would be. Master Taoist Cui’s numb and expressionless face made Feng Xiao felt like his fun was gone.

“Are you a man or not?”

Cui Buqu said slowly, “If you are, then I am.”

Feng Xiao, “So if I’m not? Then are you not one as well?”

Cui Buqu: ……

He thought for a little while, then he knew for certain that this culprit was definitely the one who gave Magistrate Zhao those ideas to send him these.

Cui Buqu knitted his brows together, “The great Commander of the House of Blades, Sect Leader of Fajing Sect, can you not act a little bit proper?”

Feng Xiao’s fan paused for a moment.

Fajing Sect, heralded by the Jianghu province as one of the three Demonic Sects. In the past, they were at the head of their generation, and according to the rumours, many people would turn around if they saw them, and they dared not say anything to offend them. The former Sect Leader, Guang Lingsan, was also one of the top ten martial artists beneath the Heavens.

There were never many people in the Jianghu province who used the zither as their weapon, added with the capabilities of the Zuoyue Bureau, Feng Xiao was not at all surprised that Cui Buqu managed to find his identity.

He himself never had the intention to hide it from him either. However, this identity was usually unrelated to their cases and it wasn’t awkward to go with Feng Xiao’s identity as an officer. The reason Cui Buqu never mentioned it in the past until now was only because his patience had ran out for Feng Xiao’s ridiculousness.

After all, like they say, the more incredible someone’s martial arts are, the more ridiculous they are?

Feng Xiao did not feel nervous at all, “Since you mentioned my origin and mother sect, then I should urge for my new weapon as well. This time when we go to the capital, don’t dare you procrastinate for half a month, then forget about our deal with the zither Yu Yin.”

“To invite the new Khan into the city, naturally the Emperor would have to hold a banquet, to hear about the journey to Turk, as well as the forming of the alliance with Western Turk. The Emperor would inquire most of them. So, half a month would pass after that. However,” It was as if Cui Buqu suddenly recalled that Feng Xiao had saved him more than once, so he felt guilt if he mocked Feng Xiao, therefore, he said instead, “I just obtained a lead that the Canal Transport Jiu Bang group’s Ning Shewo secretly travelled up North a few days ago, by now he would have arrived in Huai Zhou.”

The Canal Transport Jiu Bang group who monopolized more than half of the canal transports in the South. It’s leader, Ning Shewo, was considered to be quite well-known. That time, in the City of Six Crafts, in the auction event of the Linlang Guild, Ning Shewo’s adopted son Leng Dou had auctioned for one item.

Feng Xiao gave a strange look, “Did he not announced that he was going to retire next year? Was this simply going on a vacation with his wife in advance?”

Cui Buqu, “This is where it was strange. This time, he travalled in secret using a different name and brought only a few loyal bodyguards with him. He announced to outsiders that he was ill on his bed and could not leave his manor. Thus everyone still thought that he was still in Jiangnan.” Feng Xiao was soused deep in thought for a while, then he understood what Cui Buqu had meant, “You suspect that Ning Shewo was related to the Yunhai Thirteen Stories?”

Cui Buqu, “From Fong Xiaolian, Duan Qigu, Yu Xiu these people, it could be observed that the Yunhai Thirteen Stories’ people are not restricted to just the Nothern Dynasty or the Southern Dynasty. At the present, among thirteen people, other than the false Master Ten, we know Master Eleven to Master Thirteen. So, if the numbers started counting down, these people’s ranks and abilities would only be higher, not lower.”

Feng Xiao, “That makes sense. I completely agree with your analysis. That also meant that Ning Shewo would very likely be the one to participate the gathering during Qixi.”

Cui Buqu, “That’s right. That letter on Duan Qigu was most likely received by the others as well. At that time, we can go to Boling to receive the zither Yu Yin, then go to the gathering. We might even take down the whole Yunhai Thirteen Stories all at once! Annihilating their organization!”

Feng Xiao clapped his hands loudly, “Good, very good! I support it!
Just as well, I also have a lead that is related to this matter.”

Cui Buqu waited for a while, but nothing came, so he asked, “What lead?”

Feng Xiao, “Not telling you.”

Cui Buqu: ……

He glared at Feng Xiao, but the other did not feel guilty at all, “You use your news to exchange for my understanding that I will delay our trip to Boling for a while, then for this news of mine, you have nothing to exchange for, then I shouldn’t need to tell you, right?”

As he finished, Feng Xiao rose to his feet, patted Cui Buqu’s shoulder for a while and laughed, “With the Zuoyue Bureau’s capabilities, and Master Taoist Cui’s intelligence, you could even find out my background and origins, then other things are no longer secrets. Take your time thinking about them, I shall leave first.”

He did not wait for Cui Buqu to speak, humming a tune as he left. Cui Buqu had a bad habit.
When there is a lead on a shirt, he would definitely pull the string out, even if it would tear the shirt apart.

So, he was someone with a very heavy sense of curiousity.

Since Feng Xiao gave him this little bit of suspense, then he would definitely get to the end of it.

He shouted for Qiao Xian to come and ordered her to investigate it, before the hardworking and thoughtful Commander Cui was willing to lie down and closed his eyes to sleep.

One little Feng Xiao’s head, two little Feng Xiao’s head, three little…… Cui Buqu opened his eyes, looking at the curtain above him.
He. Could not sleep.

He really wanted to wrench down Feng Xiao’s head.

Spring Palace’s Mysterious Game: One of the earliest drown porn of China in history.

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Chapter 88

The fifth day of May, the Dragon Boat Festival.

This is the new capital of the Sui Dynasty. It was just completed early next year, but the road is new. Even many houses have a breath that has just been built. Even ordinary people, as if moving into this Daxing city, have a brand new look. The weather is like a thriving new dynasty with rising sun.

If someone looks down from the Guanyintai or the tower in the city, I can find this Daxing City, which was expanded from the Chang'an City in Han Dynasty, and its scale and style are completely different from those of the previous dynasty. The spirit is even more magnificent, and the city is dotted with stars, and the 街坊 集市 市 orderly, like the poetry of posterity: Bai Qianjia is like a Go board, 12 Street is like a vegetable 畦. Recognizing slightly into the fire, he walked across a star and five gates west.

The dusk is almost sunset, and the city is still lively. Kushiro is hurrying on the pedestrians. Although there are people who rush to work to rush home for dinner, there are also people wearing light and new clothes. Traveling back and forth on the avenue, the wind moved the incense curtain, exposing the high-necked jade robes of the Jinyi jade robes below, 辚 辚 辘辘, invariably all going to the southeast.

To the southeast, there is Qujiang, which was completed almost at the same time as the new city. The Qushuifenghe is used to dig water to dig the pit. It is located outside the city and is planted with numerous new lotuses. The water terraces in the garden are wrapped in lotus incense. In. It is said that today, when the son of Qu Jiang thought that the word "曲" was ominous, Shang Shu left servant shot Gao Yingjin and renamed Qu Jiang to Furong Garden. The emperor readily accepted it, and it became a scene of a new capital. Rao is an ordinary citizen who has not been allowed to enter the garden.

However, these noble people riding a carriage today are not going to Furong Garden, but Qingli Garden not far from Furong Garden and close to Qujiang.

When today's eldest daughter, Princess Leping, her most beloved daughter, the owner of Yuwen County, will celebrate the birthday party today, and will meet in all directions.

Regarding the origin of Princess Leping, there is almost no one in Beijing. As a former queen and queen queen, she became a princess after her father Yang Jian took the throne. Her half-life experience is not legendary. In contrast, she and the former emperor Yu Wenyu The daughter Yu Wen'eying was born a bit embarrassed.

In terms of blood relationship, Yu Wen'e Ying was Yang Jian's granddaughter, but her father's Zhou Dynasty was also captured by Yang Jian. As soon as Yang Jian saw her, she would inevitably think of everything she owed to Yu Wen's family, and she would be a little closer to this granddaughter.

However, in the face of her mother, Princess Leping, the queen did not treat Yu Wen'eying with respect, and the rewards in the weekday palace are not too small. Although Yu Wen'eying has no name of the county master, she has the truth of the county master, and everyone also They are all called Yuwen County.

Today Yuwen Eying ’s 14th birthday coincides with her move to Xindu. Princess Leping decides to do something for her. She chooses Qingli Garden beside the Qujiang River. For a time, she will be rewarded by the emperor in the palace, and then down to Beijing. The children of the public secretary, the young nobles, went to the banquet to congratulate the carriage, which surrounded Qingli Garden.

When Gao Ying and his friend Yan Yun got off the carriage, they saw the traffic at the entrance of Qingli Garden. The inside was filled with enthusiasm. The two walked into the garden with their servants and found that the branches, corridors, and rockery in the garden were hung with lanterns and lights. It looks like a lotus flower, and shakes it, as if thousands of lamps are hanging high, although the sky is not completely dark, it is shocking enough.

Two little girls, one is the daughter of Shang Shu's left servant shooting Gao Ying, and the other's father is also a nobleman of high school and senior officials. They are not people who have never seen the world, but they still look a little dazed, and even slow their pace. .

Yan Yun said eloquently, "How many lamps do you need to use to make this a sea of lights?"

The servants leading the way heard the words with a smile: "My county's master ordered a total of 889 lights to be filled all over the garden, and said that a thousand-lamp banquet was to be held, so that the guests would forget to return and stay overnight. Dadan has a feast. "

Gao Ying could not help but said, "I just heard the pipa music when I first started. Now that I have walked into the garden, the pipa sound is still clear, and it is still the same piece of music. It is reasonable to say that the sound of the music should not reach so far. Yes."

The servant's tone brought a hint of pride: "You don't know, these geishas are specially trained. They are distributed all over the place. They will start from the banquet and play until the feast. Every time you play a song, it will stop. I can count the beats so that even though they are far apart, they can also synchronize the sounds, no matter where the guests go, they can hear them. "

Gao Ying was surprised when he heard the words: "How long does it take to learn so much?"

Natural servants couldn't answer, just laughed.

Gao Ying and Yan Yun looked at each other face to face, and they all felt that this size was a bit too luxurious.

However, the grandson of the heavens, the daughter of the princess, couldn't make it to them.

The evening banquet is about to open, and the seats are almost full. This kind of banquet is singing and dancing, and the men and women are sitting together. It is not too particular. Compared to the state banquet and the main banquet held in the palace, it is much more casual. Young men and women love to play. Great place for new friends.

At a glance, Gao Ying and Yan Yun saw the King Jin sitting in the seat. Although King Jin was the prince, he was still a few years younger than his nephew Yu Wen'eying. At this time, he was sitting cross-legged, talking happily with people, without any clue. .

What caught their attention was the person talking to the King of Jin.

The other party's black clothes were dazzling, their faces were beautiful, and even a pair of peach eyes were shining in the evening glow, smiling and smiling.

颓 Tang Ruoyushan is about to fall, Lang Lang is like the sun and the moon, Yan Yun always thought that such descriptions were not exaggerated, and to see with his own eyes, I realized that there are really such outstanding men in the world.

Jin Wangyuan was also regarded as a young and handsome talent, but beside him, he suddenly overshadowed a lot.

"This is ... who?"

Yan Yunzheng looked at it for a while, and Gao Ying's sleeve was gently ripped off before she returned to her senses.

Gao Ying whispered softly: "I don't know if you've heard the name of Xiejian Mansion, this person is the second man of Xiejian Mansion, Feng Xiao."

Yan Yun took a sigh of relief, and also learned Gao Ying's light voice: "It's him!"

The capital city is noble, unlike the ordinary men and women, and even these girls have heard about Jiejianfu and Zuoyue Bureau, but these two institutions are directly responsible to the emperor and queen, and their duties also seem mysterious to outsiders. No one is near.

Feng Xiao is not as absurd as Cui Buqin. He has also attended the banquet of the minister, but the Yan Yun family just returned to Beijing from a foreign place and never saw Feng Xiao himself.

Gao Ying laughed: "Feng Lang's demeanor is outstanding. I don't blame you for being out of style. When I first saw him, I was not much better than you, but even though Jun had no wife, she was already a beauty. I heard that Princess Lanling had treated Feng Lang Jun is jealous and wants to ask his son to marry him. "

Yan Yun's young girl, Huaichun, did give birth to a little thought, but as soon as she heard the name of Princess Lanling, she immediately rested her thoughts.

"Does this matter seriously?"

"I heard that too ..."

The two girls whispered, Jin Jin and Feng Xiao were talking about completely different topics.

After all, Jin Wang's heart is not a young girl in the boudoir. It is impossible to be jealous because Feng Xiao is more handsome than him. On the contrary, he is quite polite to this emperor.

"This time, not only do you have the wisdom and the last city, but you have also dealt with Turkic Turk, brought back Turkic Khan, with great credit, and Your Majesty, are preparing to raise your title and food ranks a little higher, presumably not There will be a will on the day, and here I congratulate Fenghou first. "

"Thank you Jin Wang Jiyan. When we were in Liugong City that day, we met a monk named Yuxiu, and later learned ..."

Feng Xiao whispered softly, telling the story of Yu Xiu's identity, how to disguise herself, and deceive everyone in an attempt to disturb the West Turkistan.

At this time, it was more than half a month before Cui did n’t go to Fengxiao and they returned to Kyoto from the Western Region.

Turkic Khan has also been escorted back by Emperor Tianzi after being treated with gracious hospitality.

Yuxiu's affairs had already been made clear when he and Cui did not go to see each other. In theory, he did not have to explain to the King of Jin at all.

However, Feng Xiao still said a few words in person, King Jin listened very carefully, did not show any patience, and did not show his resentment and moved Feng Xiao into anger.

After he finished speaking, King Jin also apologized and said, "In the past, I only knew that Yuxiu was a famous sect, and was well versed in Buddhism. He was clever and intelligent, so he left him for consultation. I did not expect that he would still follow Yunhai Shi. There is a relationship in the third floor and other places. Hey! I have made my own mistakes to my father and mother. Thanks to you and Cui Hou for turning the tide, otherwise, Yuxiu would not know how much trouble it would cause! "

He has a sincere tone and a sincere expression to show that he will never hold a grudge.

Feng Xiaoyuan wanted to test whether he knew the details of Yuxiu long ago, and when he saw this, he knew that his temptation had failed.

Regardless of whether Jin Jin really didn't know, or didn't report, he has now left everything behind.

Feng Xiao shook her fan and said arbitrarily, "Jin Wang is broad-minded and Feng admits."

King Jin laughed: "Feng Hou understands, I'm relieved. In fact, you shouldn't talk to me here. There is another person who is waiting for you with all your heart."

Feng Xiao was surprised: "Yuwen County Master? I've met the County Master and never spoke."

When King Jin saw him pretending to be confused, he no longer said more. He nodded his finger and said with a smile: "Your Majesty wants to match you, and the five sisters are very willing, but you don't want to. This is your own business, I Don't get involved. "

Feng Xiao's mouth raised, trying to say something, Yu Guang glanced at him, but turned his voice forward, and his tone was a bit light and funny.

"Today is truly so talented that even an acquaintance rarely seen here has come!"

When Feng Xiao said this, Gao Ying and Yan Yun, who were not far away, saw the new guest under the servant's guidance.

In the early summer season, everyone put on a thin shirt and Luo skirt, but this person, a high-necked cloak, such as home cold autumn.

Chapter 89

Cui didn't go to the banquets rarely, no matter whether he was a noble prince, aunt or a celebrity celebrity, or even a state banquet hosted by the court, he rarely appeared.

Compared with Feng Xiao's high-profile, he is more like a shadow between the trees under the lamp. When you do n’t need it, you can completely hide your body, and you do n’t feel it.

So let alone Yan Yun, even Gao Ying has never seen him.

He doesn't have the kind of handsome handsome that Feng Xiao has in front of him, and he is not a fairy figure floating in the air, but he is sick and looks pale.

But the sight of the two little girls was still firmly attracted.

Non-critical appearance.

Not only Gao Ying and Yan Yun, I also have a lot of eyes, I fell on Cui Buqi.

He turned a blind eye and walked towards the table.

The cloak brought a gust of wind at the pace, and a faint scent of medicine drifted into Yan Yun's nose, and she couldn't help but have the courage to speak out.

"Lang Jun, there's still room here ..."

Waiting for her to finish, the Jin king on the other side got up first, and he invited people over.

There are many people who are not interested in Cui. Many people do n’t know his identity. He saw Jin King, who was proud and favored, and he politely arched at each other. The two seemed familiar, and his curiosity burned. It's more prosperous.

Yan Yun couldn't help asking Gao Ying: "Who is he?"

Gao Ying shook her head and hesitated, "I haven't seen it yet, maybe it's a clan?"

"He is the official of Zuo Yue Bureau, named Cui Bu Qu." Someone on the side answered her question.

The two looked back, and got up to salute.

"Have met the owner of Yuwen County!"

Yuwen Eying is only 13 or 14 years old this year. It is the most beautiful cardamom time. Although she has some twists and turns, she grew up under the love and protection of her mother. Her hatred seems to be very far away from her, like a real one. The clan woman was able to grow carefree, and could not hide a little bit of the city's thoughts on her face.

However, it is also this young girl that will not pose any threat to the Yang Sui Dynasty. The emperor is also willing to obey his daughter's wishes and often rewards this granddaughter.

"No courtesy!"

Yuwen Eying became more familiar with Gao Ying, reached out and helped her, and smiled at the two of them: "I just talked to Fang Niang, why didn't you go? It's strange that they said they couldn't find you everywhere. It turned out to be peeking handsome Where is Lang Jun! "

Gao Ying said with a grin: "How can we call it a peek? By the time of wishing the county master a longevity, we naturally want to look squarely!"

Yuwen Eying blinked: "Who do you like? But don't say it is Feng Xiao, he has been picked by my aunt five, I can't help you, if my second uncle ... he already has a princess, so Your doorstep is not to be a cricket, otherwise, maybe I can help. "

She speaks boldly, and even Gao Ying can't stand it. She said, "None, don't guess at it. There are people who love beauty. We just look at it at random. There are many rising stars here except Feng Langjun. Maybe it will allow me to find another Jun Langjun who is a fruit-throwing car! "

Yan Yun whispered, "Dare to ask the county master, where did the Lang Jun who was talking to King Jin come from?"

Yu Wen'e looked, and said, "That's Cui, Cui Hou."

Yan Yun was waiting for her to introduce her. Unexpectedly, Yu Wen'eying said a lot of words just now, but she got stuck here.

The three eyes were wide and small.

Gao Yingqi said: "Cui Hou? Is that the envoy who escorted Turk Khan into the DPRK some time ago?"

Yu Wen'eying: "Exactly, because of his merit, he now leads the Zuo Yue Bureau and is in the same six books."

When they were talking, Yan Yun couldn't help but turned her eyes to Cui Bu not far away.

The other side was backlit, and thousands of lotus lights gathered in the garden, depicting a soft outline on him.

But the straight back was inexplicably cold and lonely.

At a young age, he was in a high position, and his body did not seem to be very good.

Yan Yun thought for a few times in her heart, silently remembering the three words of Cui Buqu.

Cui doesn't care how many people are looking at himself, or the good and evil in these eyes. Jin Wang just said a few words, and he coughed softly while covering his mouth.

"It's windy here, sir, let's sit and talk!" King Jin invited someone to take a seat and raised his glass to pay respect to both of them. "It's rare today that the owner of Fengfu is also here. I happen to borrow flowers from the Buddha and thank my sister's wine. The two people helped me to see through the true face of Yuxiu, and it was a terrible disaster to avoid bringing wolves into the room. "

Having said that, don't forget to say, "Mr. Cui is unwell and should not drink alcohol. I've dried this cup and you're good."

He drank the wine, and Cui didn't go. He just lifted the glass and put it on his lips.

"Jin Wang talked heavily."

King Jin laughed: "I have borrowed Hibiscus Garden from my Majesty, and I plan to host a Hibiscus banquet in another ten days. I wonder if the two of them will be available for glory?"

The five princes today are all from the queen. The most favored is not the boss, nor the oldest, but the second-ranked Jin king. He has been admirable from childhood to childhood, almost never adversity, up to Few parents, down to the ministers, rarely refused his request.

Of course, the King of Jin rarely voluntarily invited such people.

When I meet someone, I may be too busy to accept it, but Cui does not go but said lightly: "Thank Jin Wang for his good intentions, I am afraid that there will be no leisure then."

The servants who followed Jin King all sweated for Cui Bu, but King Jin did not change his face, and nodded when he heard the words: "Mr. Noble is busy with work, I naturally understand that thanks to your mainstays, Jiangshan Society can be as stable as Taishan . "

"Erlang!" Princess Leping and a number of noble ladies came and beckoned to King Jin not far away.

King Jin got up, "The two talk first, so I won't bother."

He arched his hands towards Feng Cui, turned around and walked towards Princess Leping. A man emerged halfway and saluted to King Jin. King Jin recognized that the other party seemed to be a small official who had faced him before, and nodded.

The other party took a few points to please, and said, "I heard that His Royal Highness is going to host a hibiscus banquet. There are some poetic talents under it. I wonder if I can get an invitation from His Royal Highness?"

King Jin said indifferently: "let's talk."

He stepped forward without looking at him.

Feng Xiao took a panoramic view of the scene and turned around and asked Cui not to go: "What kind of medicine did you give to King Jin, and why is his attitude towards you so different from others?"

"What's the difference?" Cui didn't take it for granted, picked up an orange and slowly peeled it off.

Feng Xiao took the fan and nodded the little official who was thrown behind by King Jin: "Seeing it, that's the normal King Jin. He is kind to me, though he is also kind, but he is not like you-careful, lest You're half-happy. "

Cui does not go: "So?"

Feng Xiao: "So, King Jin is unrequited to you, but can't you?"

Cui did not sneer: "I haven't seen it in half a month, and the head of Fengfu's head has been filled with straw?"

Feng Xiaoha laughed: "You don't have to say anything. Since I'm talking, I want to ask a question, why have you been hiding from me everywhere in the last half month?"

Cui didn't go quietly: "When did I avoid you?"

Feng Xiao took one hand and started counting: "Since I came back, every time I sent someone to Zuo Yueju, I didn't mean that you were sick in bed, or that you went out. Later, I went out to visit the horse in person. Avoid, why? Cui Daochang is so kind, our husband and wife have done it, and hugged and hugged, but you want to cross the river without breaking the bridge? "

Cui did not sneer: "So you go to Zuoyue Bureau to harass at three to five o'clock. The day before yesterday, the tea was too bitter and too salty, the snack was too unpleasant, and the maid was too ugly. The day before yesterday, you smashed the flowerpot in the front hall of Zuoyue Bureau. Then, I put a few wild cats in to make trouble, and I had a fight with my grandson yesterday. Will I have to gang up again at the gate of Zuoyue Bureau tomorrow? "

Feng Xiao slammed the fan: "Good idea! Let's come out‘ Cui does n’t go out of love and be indifferent, how about a woman who is in Beijing to find a husband with Rokko ’?”

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Chapter 90

Feng Xiao is undoubtedly a good partner, but at the same time it is also an uneasy potential opponent.

Although the two have gone through life and death, but that is because they have the same purpose, and they are sitting in the same boat, they are all glorious and all are damaged. He is now returning to the capital and he is threatening to be lifted, and the relationship between the two is restored as before.

Although the queen is affectionate, there is no less competition between each other. Xie Jiejian Mansion is related to the Zuoyue Bureau. It is even more impossible for him to love each other all the time. Just as Feng Xiao is interested in exploring Cui not to go to this person, Cui does not often feel Understand what the other person is thinking.

They are like enemies and friends, and they are neither enemies nor friends. They constantly try to cross the border. When they find out that the bottom line of the opponent is not just this time, they go one step further, especially Feng Xiao, who is very playful and happy.

Moreover, the location of Zuo Yueju is hidden, and I don't want to be known. Feng Xiao really called for a group of people to go to the door to touch the porcelain every 30 minutes, which really brought a lot of trouble.

Feng Xiao shook her fan with a smile, and when she saw Cui not going to get a headache, she got closer and whispered: "You never attend such banquets, even King Jin invited you, you won't go, let alone the owner of Yuwen County. It ’s a birthday feast, let ’s be honest, why are you here, and are you thinking about any bad ideas? ”

Cui did not sneer: "No matter how bad I am, in front of your thicker skin than the wall of the Great Wall, it's just as stunned!"

Feng Xiao reached out and embraced his shoulders, ignoring each other's struggles with absolute repression, a good expression of the two brothers, and kindly said, "Look, we have been in the frontier, the sand has also been eaten, and the haunted inn "Same life and death together. Nine deaths and one life. How can you say it's a fatal relationship? You are hiding this little thing from me, are you?"

Cui didn't go but felt that there was a buzzing buzzing in his ears all the time. He couldn't help frowning, and looked at Feng Xiao. The man in his heart thought that the skin was good. The flaw was that he could talk. If he could one day sew his mouth Up, just admiring that face is perfect.

"I'll catch someone." He looked pale and finally revealed a little wind.

Cui's elbows were propped on the table, and he sat at the table with his knees crossed. His body was slightly sideways. Half of the face was under the light, and half of it was in the shadow of the trees. The night was both covering and softening him, but this sentence As soon as the words came out, the softness turned into murderous.

Non-face appearance, but because of charm.

Feng Xiao didn't know what the two little girls thought in the past, but at this time she was so savvy, and automatically filled out this sentence.

"Catch who?" Feng Xiao asked.

Cui didn't go and glanced at him. "Zuoyue Bureau and Xie Jianfu each performed their duties. The well water did not violate the river water, and the owner of Feng Feng asked too much."

Feng Xiao shouted: "When it is useful, I ca n’t wait to hold people Qingqing me and me. When I ’m useless, I cross the river to tear down the bridge, turn my face and do n’t recognize people.

Yan Yun summoned courage and pulled Gao Ying over to say hello. Just when she heard Feng Xiao's words, she couldn't help but hold her back.

Gao Ying coughed gently: "The two Langjuns are fine."

Cui doesn't bow his head.

Feng Xiao raised her eyebrows and remained calm.

He has seen many women who care for her, and wherever she went, many girls took the initiative to be diligent. If Feng Xiao did not catch up with them, they would not be able to perform the allusions of fruit-carrying cars.

Even if she goes to a banquet for communication, Feng Xiao often encounters young ladies who come to say hello. It is still a little fresh once or twice, and she becomes numb once more.

He was waiting for the two to say something unexpected, but the other party was slow to speak, Feng Xiao was slightly impatient and knocked on the table with a fan.

"I and my old friend talk about the past. Is there something wrong with the two?"

Yan Yun was pushed by Gao Ying, two steps forward, shameless, and said to Cui, "Cui Langjun, can you take a step to speak?"

Feng Xiao was a little surprised, but she smiled rather than smiled: "The beautiful scenery, the beautiful women meet, why not Brother Cui?"

Even if the little girl looked at her sparkling eyes, Feng Xiao helped the scene beside him. Cui did not move and remained motionless, only said lightly: "Inconvenient."

Yan Yun: ...

In a nutshell, the three words crushed a young girl's heart picked by Ren Jun into powder.

The principal of Yuwen County, standing behind them, couldn't help but wanted to come forward and say two good words for her, but stopped when Cui didn't lift his eyes.

With four eyes facing each other, Cui's eyes were a bit cooler than the wind after night.

He suddenly smiled at Yu Wen'eying and picked up the peeled orange.

"Master, do you eat oranges?"

The owner of Yuwen County did not answer, and even took a step back.

Feng Xiao smelled something unusual.

Yuwen Eying didn't go with Cui, she probably didn't know each other, and they didn't show the slightest familiarity and old knowledge between them. Although Cui did not go, he did not need to do anything to such a little girl, not to mention Yu Wen'e's identity will not have anything to do with the other party.

However, her performance is really intriguing.

The deliberate closeness to the King of Fencai seems to have the same purpose.

Feng Xiao was very interested.

He felt that Cui did not go like a huge mystery, peeled off layer by layer, but always found that there was still a secret hidden below.

Without waiting for him to delve deeper, the maid next to Princess Lanling searched for people all the way. When she saw Feng Xiao, she finally lighted up and ran over.

"Feng Langjun, my princess please!"

Feng Xiao smiled, "Sorry, I have a good talk with my old friend, I'm afraid I have no time to pass."

The magnificent Princess Lanling, the coquettish daughter of the heavens, and the sorrowful nature of the heart, asked a man to stay still.

This year, the atmosphere of Beijing has changed. Instead of advocating gentle and elegant sons, the popular Lang is iron-like?

For a moment, Yan Yun forgot about her loss, and looked at Feng Xiao in surprise when she refused to invite the princess.

After changing others so ignorantly, the maid had already become furious, but when she faced Fengxiao's face, she was only furious: "Feng Langjun, my princess is unwell, can you go and see? ? "

"Then please tell your princess on my behalf and let her—" Feng Xiao groaned. "Drink plenty of hot water and take care."


She gave Feng Xiao a scornful glance and turned and ran away.

The owner of Yuwen County could n’t help but said, “The Lord of the Phoenix Mansion, although the five aunts are heavenly daughters, they have no sense of arrogance. It is a great glory! "

Feng Xiao didn't bother to argue with the little girl. When Cui didn't peel off an orange on the table, she politely reached out and halved it in half.

Cui did not frown, took the remaining half of his hand, and handed it to the owner of Yuwen County.

"Master, do you eat oranges? Very sweet."

The owner of Yuwen County looked at the half of the orange in Cui's hand, and reluctantly smiled, "No need."

He stopped and turned away.

Gao Ying and Yan Yun looked at each other, only to feel weird and embarrassed, and they both left.

Feng Xiao: "Well, it's another one. King Jin pleases you. It can be explained that he wants to recruit talents and use Zuo Yue's game for his own purposes. What about the owner of Yuwen County? She is terrified of three points and unwilling to take three points." And four quarters of fear, why? "

Cui does not go: "Guess."

Feng Xiao laughed: "I guess, are you a **** of Princess Leping?"

Cui didn't go with the expression "Are you stupid?" "If I was a **** of Princess Leping, why would I have to deal with Lin Langge at first, just say a word, wouldn't it?"

Feng Xiao closed the fan and patted her palm, "Yes, yes, so you are the **** of the lone queen?"

Cui didn't get angry: "Why don't you just say that I have an affair with the emperor?"

Feng Xiao was serious: "That would not be possible. If the emperor loves masculinity, rumors have long been heard."

Cui did not peel off the oranges, and played on the table, casually echoing Feng Xiao's nonsense: "Maybe, I am an illegitimate son of the emperor?"

Feng Xiaoha said: "The Queen's method did not wait for you to grow up, and I was reborn again!"

When the two talked nonsense, all the guests came together and gathered together. Princess Leping accompanied the princes, King Jin, King Qin, Princess Lanling and other brothers and sisters, and they were seated happily.

A birthday banquet for the niece, the queen's knees, and a few uncles and aunts all arrived, which can not be said to be a big face.

Presumably it is Princess Leping, the elder sister, who came to invite her to make faces for her daughter.

She treats her daughter like a bead like a treasure. Even though her daughter is embarrassed, she tries hard to earn face for her, and pity her parents.

Many senior ladies and princes took the opportunity to look at the age-appropriate objects for their children. Young men and women are rare to be so close together, or to sit next to each other, to have a happy conversation, or to share similar interests, and to intertwine.

The pipa music came faintly, but Wu Ji did not have a fixed venue. She wore ribbons and jumped from one end to the other. It was free and easy, graceful and like a heavenly girl, adding a touch of bright color to the crowd.

Many people secretly said that Princess Leping had spent all her energy on her daughter's birthday. After today, Zhu Yu is ahead, and no one wants to host a banquet again. With the contrast of thousands of lanterns tonight, it is difficult to surpass.

Among them, many people want to take the opportunity to make a splash in the presence of the Prince and others, and proposed to ask each other a quiz. The owner of Yuwen County also came to the fun and pulled out his own jade, saying that if there is a woman who can take the lead, It was given as a gift from jade, and if it was a man, it was given as a bead sword treasured at home.

The Prince smiled: "If so, let me come up with this first question."

As soon as everyone heard it, they naturally started to play, and they were all gearing up to prepare for the move.

But, at this time, someone had to speak unknowingly.

"Dare to ask the county master, the pearl sword in your mouth is the former imperial palace? The former emperor Xuan Xuan used it as a sabre, but when the new dynasty was established, your majesty ordered the personal possession of the palace. Omissions, I was also present at the time, I looked at the list, there was no famous sword on it, it was seen that it was lost at that time, there was no record of the former court palace, and there was no sword-giving, but now it appears in the master of Yuwen County, I do not know the princess How to explain? "

Cui didn't sit and didn't move, her tone was light, but it was particularly hateful, especially the princess Leping and the mother and daughter of Yuwen County, their faces changed greatly.

Silence, silence.

Without a few words, Cui stirred up Princess Leping's heart pain, pointing to the past she did not want to mention-she was taught to be loyal to the patriotism from an early age, but in the end was forced to be a chariot thief. The usurper was her father. What an irony.

No one dares to answer.

Everyone looked at each other, and they all felt that Cui was not going crazy, or he had a deep hatred with Princess Leping. Otherwise, how could they take advantage of someone's banquet?

Princess Leping soon angered: "What do you mean, do I still steal the sword for private possession? This sword was left in the early years, but was later found out, what a problem!"

Cui does not go: "Of course there is no problem, but who is the sword-sending person, can you please tell the princess?"

Princess Leping: "Cui doesn't go, don't think you are leading Zuo Yueban, and you have a little face in front of your mother, and I'll knock you out! This sword comes from, so I will go back to the palace to the emperor Chen Ming, you bad my banquet, It must never be good! Come, drag him down! "

Last time Cui didn't go to trouble in Linlang Pavilion, Liugong City, it had already passed to Princess Leping's ears. She hated that Cui didn't go without giving face, but she couldn't help him for the time being, so she had to write down the account first. Even dare to openly make trouble at the banquet, it is unbearable!

The prince was also very angry: "Cui Hou, your return from the ambassador is a tribute to the country, but it does not mean that you can do whatever you want, the princess night banquet, everyone is happy, but you are not bad at speaking, and you are not hungry!"

King Jin coughed gently: "Brother, maybe there is something hidden in Cui Hou, let's listen to him."

Who knew Cui wouldn't shake his head and said, "I have no hidden feelings. I just asked with curiosity and disturbed Princess Yaxing, sorry."

Everyone was speechless, and they said that you really did it on purpose.

He sat still, and people didn't dare to pull.

Princess Leping looked at his dead pig without fear of boiling hot water, and was almost half dead.

King Jin laughed and laughed: "Since it's all a misunderstanding, let's continue, come, drink, my nephew girl is so slim, and my eyes are so big, I don't know who will be lucky enough to marry her in the future!"

The owner of Yuwen County was a little embarrassed and was busy returning respect.

With his opening, the atmosphere was warmed up again. Princess Leping was guilty of interrogation, but did not want to ruin her daughter's banquet. She had to put up with this tone for a while, and prepare to wait for the banquet and deal with it together.

The riddle resumed, but there were already a few young Junjie who were in the heart of Muxian County, and he was unhappy about Cui not going, and he was ready to make trouble for him.

Only Feng Xiao sat aside and saw Cui not go and put a word on the table with oranges.


Sure enough, he did not come to the banquet.

He said that the surname Cui Chengri was even more shy than everyone's girlfriends. The door wasn't out, and the second door wasn't stepped. Why was it so good? Suddenly I remembered that I was going to participate in a birthday party for the county master.

Feng Xiao was shaking her fan to watch a good show, and her mood suddenly improved.

He can't be pitted by himself. Is this rain dew so bad?

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