Peerless Chapter 71-80

Chapter 71

Cui did not look back blankly: "What is the prince talking about? How can I not understand?"

He turned to ask Jin Lian again, "Who is the Black Moon Witch?"

Jin Lian said: "That is the most prestigious and most respected wise man in our Turkic, and He is also the assistant of sweat."

Although she had already introduced this person to Cui Bu, she also muttered in her heart now, wondering if Feng Xiao would go to trouble with the Black Moon Witch, but in front of everyone, she still cooperated with Cui not to ask Upon answering, I made a shocked and inexplicable response, and in turn asked Ade: "Who dares to be so daring to disturb the Dark Moon Witch, I will sue and sweat!"

Ade Leng snorted: "I have sent someone to inform my father that sweat!"

The Grand Prince asked, "What the **** happened?"

The reply came from the obituary's attendant: "The fire broke out near the stone house just now, and I heard the noise of the hustle and bustle. I can see it here, now the fire is gone, but the arsonist hasn't caught it yet, but the big witch has been injured, the doctor has Rush to heal! "

The big prince busyly said, "I'll see him!"

The second prince stretched out his hand: "No need to go, there is a doctor over there! There was nothing here in the past, tomorrow is the Eighth League, as soon as outsiders come today, immediately, something will happen, I do n’t need to look around, thief It must be here! "

The great prince looked displeased: "They are all VIPs invited by Father Khan!"

The second prince has always been indifferent to his elder brother, and he ignored them in the presence of everyone: "Isn't anyone uninvited?"

He glanced at Cui Bu Qiao and Qiao Xian, and said in a negative test: "If you let me find out that this matter is related to you, wait for you!"

Jin Lian was a little annoyed when she heard that.

What is unsolicited? Cui didn't go by himself, and Ade's move apparently didn't take her seriously.

Although she came back this time and found that the situation had changed greatly, anyway, she was also Khan's concubine. Instead of being half respectful to her, Ade regarded her as a nail in the eye and always wanted to get rid of her.

She was thinking about how to deal with it more properly, and heard a bang, Cui did not go to the scene.

"Even if Da Khan and the Sui Dynasty have not yet formed an alliance, but Da Khan still regards us as a valuable guest, you will be accused of us without any evidence, so that Da Sui is ashamed, even if convicted, it must be personally done by Da Khan Come on! I want to see sweat! "

Ader sneered: "Even if you sweat a lot, it's the same thing!"

Cui didn't go rashly: "Can you represent sweating? Daylight sweating clearly acknowledges that we are VIPs. Now you don't mean sweating in your eyes!"

Ade also shot at the table and growled, "When did I say that!"

Cui did not go back and said louder: "Your father is not dead yet! He is the king of West Turkic, and you have a brother in front of you. It is not your turn to rule!"

Although it is reasonable not to speak loudly, but against people like Ade, it really can't fall behind in momentum.

Cui didn't go tall, although he was thinner, but his cold face didn't show any weakness. Instead, he turned Ade's face flushed with red ears, and he just stepped up his sleeves and went forward to punch people.

Of course Qiao Xian and Jin Lian wouldn't let him do this, they just stopped by.

Seeing this, the prince was somewhat envious.

Of course, I do n’t envy a woman to protect Cui from going, but I do not envy Cui not to go to an outsider. She also has the courage to dare to argue with her arrogant brother in the king's account, and she is not inferior to others.

But in the eyes of Prince Ade, the sick Sui Dynasty messenger with no blood on his face had nothing to fear. If he came on behalf of the Sui Dynasty, it could only be said that the Central Plains had been exhausted. The sick and the women sent a mission to a foreign land, and it was their turn to rise up powerfully.

As for the woman Cui did not go to, she stepped on her feet during the day and she did a good job, but when he resolved Cui not to go, this beautiful woman was not only able to hold her figure under her feet for mercy.

Thinking of this, he sneered and called the guard.

"The sweat is not here, I will take charge of it here! Come, grab these two Sui people first. They came three in total, and now one is absent. The person must have set fire to hurt someone!"


The big prince actually spoke before Jin Lian, and he said in a deep voice, "They are the guests of Father Khan. Anything must be decided when Father Khan comes!"

It wasn't long before the words came, Abo Khan's close attendant came over, saying that Khan was unwell tonight, and he had to take an early break. The banquet was hosted by the two princes. What's up for tomorrow's union? No later.

People who know the inside face look at each other, and what kind of physical discomfort is in the mind, it is clearly indulging in the beauty town and not willing to leave.

The great prince went back to God first: "In this case, wait until tomorrow's father sweats before making a decision!"

The second prince: "No! The black moon big witch has a special status in my tribe. Those who disturb him must be punished. Until tomorrow, the thief has already run away. The man was not pleased by the big witch. Now he is also injured and runs It ’s not too far. I ’ve sent someone to look for it, but he may still be hiding in the tent. If you search in each tent, you will definitely find it! ”

The prince said angrily: "The messengers of all ministries are noble guests, and they are not treated rudely!

The neighboring countries such as Guiz Gaochang and other neighboring countries actually subserved to West Turki. Although everyone was not satisfied with the decision made by the second prince, they could not say anything. On the contrary, the performance of the great prince tonight was very surprising. Unexpected.

You know, at this time, he always said nothing.

The second prince narrowed his eyes and stepped forward, forcing his brother with imposing and physical coercion.

"Father Khan is not here, it's up to me!"

Instead of retreating, the big prince refused to let it go: "You are not even Ye Huo, Father Khan has not given you any position at all, I am the elder brother, I should let this matter!"

The second prince smiled angrily: "You are ironclad and want to protect the Sui Dynasty people? Are you already colluding with Sui Dynasty people!"

"Stop!" A woman with a beaded crown walked in. "It doesn't matter if Yi Xun said it, then my words should be useful?"

Cui did not see her, but it is not difficult to guess her identity.

The big prince, who has never dared to argue with his younger brother, stubbornly stalemate with the second prince tonight. Da Ketun, who rarely shows up in politics, has also appeared tonight.

Turkic Ketun has a lot of power. When Khan is absent, she can even lead Khan on her behalf. The fact that Da Ketun has not used this power does not mean that she will not use it.

The two princes watched the mother and son who were not exposed on weekdays suddenly became angry, and there was a kind of provoked anger.

"The Black Moon Witch is frightened and intruded by foreigners. Who should be held responsible for this? Don't Koden want to be responsible! Can you bear the responsibility!"

Ke Dun said indifferently: "Without sweating, I have the right to make a decision, you will let go."

The second prince realized that the sudden emergence of Ke Dun was not as simple as supporting his son. If he gave up a step, he might lose his original power in the future, so he flatly said: "No!"

Cui didn't take a step forward and sternly said, "I have nothing to do with this. I can swear to heaven, to your wolf god. If there is any falsehood, let heaven fall into the thunder and let me out of this tent He was killed by the messenger of the wolf god, not the whole body! "

Everyone was shocked by his vicious oath, and even the second prince could not speak for a moment.

People here swear by swearing, and they don't joke about such things easily.

But Cui did not stop, he looked at the second prince, his eyes burning: "His second prince has been targeting us, as if we had long been identified as a murderer, do you dare to say that you have no selfishness? Sui Dynasty and your ministry are evil, right This is what Sha Sha slightly liked, is this the second prince helping Sha Sha?

The second prince was furious: "Nonsense!"

Cui didn't go aggressive: "Then you swear! Swear that what you have done is for the headquarters, there is absolutely no selfishness!"

In front of everyone's eyes, Cui didn't go against the guests. The second prince rode on a tiger. People who were close to him wanted to speak for him, but Jin Lian stepped forward.

"Yes, now that the messenger Cui has swear, if the second prince has a clear conscience, make a vow!"

At this moment, a Turkic servant rushed in, looking hurried, as if to say something, and seeing several people within the king's tent confronting each other, but holding them.

If the second prince was pardoned, someone would have wanted to divert his attention, and when he saw it he shouted, "What's the matter, come on!"

The attendant trembled on his knees: "The big witch is hurt too much, and has already seen God!"

Everyone was shocked.

I thought it was just a small accident.

Ke Tun's face changed greatly, the most obvious.

Cui does not frown with Jin Lian.

Even Qiao Xian secretly murmured, thinking that Feng Xiao had played too much this time.

The two princes were stunned, and then they suddenly attacked: "The big witch was killed by them. Whoever protects them, they are a band of thieves!"

"We are innocent and can be searched!" Cui did not go suddenly and stared at the second prince. "But I have a request. If the second prince cannot find our evidence related to this matter, we must apologize in public and send us to Treat your guests with respect! "

The second prince sneered: "If I find that your companion has killed the big witch, then I will cut off your heads, hang them on the wolf flag, and throw your bodies to the wolf to eat!"

With a wave of his hand, he instructed: "Go and search for me. Be sure to find the kid!"

He said that he turned around and brought people, and strode meteor to Cui Bu to go to their camp.

Qiao Xian approached Cui slightly and whispered, "This second prince is aiming at us from beginning to end. Will he even kill the big witch?"

Cui didn't go and whispered nothing.

Behind them, the Turkic guards came around intentionally or unintentionally, blocking their back roads and preventing them from having a chance to escape. This was obviously the second Prince's intention.

The other ministry ambassadors, as well as Ke Dun's mother and son, did not leave, and all passed together.

With such a big noise, Abo Khan didn't show up for a glance.

Cui didn't ask Jin Lian: "You Khan don't even care about the death of the Black Moon Witch?"

Jin Lian sneered: "In the daytime, I had people take me to see the turtle beauty, it is indeed a national beauty, and it is not surprising that sweat will fall in love!"

She looked at the aggressive back of the second prince and frowned, and whispered to Cui not to go: "This matter is really nothing to do with you?"

"Of course." Cui didn't look away or change his color, and returned pure and clear eyes. "I even vowed, you doubt me, it is better to doubt the second prince who dare not swear."

Jin Lian no longer doubted, but apologized, "I shouldn't worry about my husband."

When Qiao Xian heard the words, he twitched his lips, and made no noise.

She speaks Turkic fluently, but Cui does not go so fluently, but understands some words. Just now Cui did not swear, and clearly said "I", not "we", that is, Feng Xiao caused trouble and did not swear Inside.

But the Turkic people are not aware of this. In their eyes, Feng Xiao and Cui are not together.

If you don't talk to Cui, you will be pitted if you don't pay attention. Feng Xiao deeply understands this, but unfortunately he is not at this time and cannot remind Jin Lian.

The second prince quickly led a search in the tent where Cui did not go, and he did not find the trace of Feng Xiao, which made him more certain that Feng Xiao was the murderer who had set fire to the Dark Moon Witch, begging to kill Cui Don't go to them to convict.

Of course, Jin Lian refused to let it go. No one had found it. People were stolen and not to mention. If they were forced to impose crimes, it only showed that the second prince couldn't wait for Cui not to die.

On the contrary, Foer, the Turk's first master, has been sitting there from the start of the banquet until the moment he came out to watch it lively, but he didn't say a word from beginning to end, and he didn't make a downfall. Qiao Xian almost thought that he was transsexual. Already.

There were not only Ketun mother and son, Jin Lian, etc., but also messengers from various ministries. Rao was the second prince and then domineering. He also knew that he could not be convicted in such a simple and rude manner, otherwise others must have thoughts that would not be conducive to tomorrow's Eighth League. Consolidating the authority of the West Turkistan, so persuaded by his henchmen, he reluctantly patience, standing with his hips outside Cui Bugo's camp, waiting for people who searched everywhere to report.

"Prince Ade, that person has a high level of martial arts, no less than me." Foer finally spoke out, and sure enough, he did not turn around, but he was just looking for the most suitable opportunity to speak. "If he was not injured, he would have come out long ago. I can't find it everywhere now, but it only shows that he was also injured. He can't run far. He should find a place to hide. Those places in the warehouse stables are easy to hide. "

"Yes!" The second prince refreshed his spirit and directed humanity. "Go and look for those places, as well as the camp of Father Khan, and ask, so as not to let the thief sneak in!"

Qiao Xian knew about Feng Xiao's visit to the Black Moon Witch. For the moment, it is likely that Feng Xiao encountered some changes during the investigation. The big witch died and he was injured. Although Feng Xiao's martial arts are high in strength, it is unlikely that he will be held, but it is impossible for him to remain invisible. If he is exposed and found to be injured, he cannot escape the suspicion of killing the dark moon witch. The second prince and Fu Er now With great scrutiny, there is no way to let them go easily.

Thinking about it this way, Qiao Xian also felt that the situation was a little tricky. Looking at Cui again, he still looked calm, just like nothing.

In Qiao Xian's impression, it seems that nothing is going on and Cui can't panic.

She couldn't help but admire it, and whispered, "Did you have a solution?"

Cui did not shake his head slightly.

Why is it so calm? Qiao Xian wondered.

Cui did not write a few words in her palm: pretended.

Qiao Xian: ...

The second prince was already impatient, and the person who went to search finally came back and said that Feng Xiao had been found.

The second prince was overjoyed, and he couldn't help glancing at Cui. There was a stance of "what else do you want to say?" And he told the guard: "Where! Take me over!"

Who knows that the guards are so embarrassed that they are embarrassed.

The second prince said angrily: "Come on, do you want to be a companion of the Sui Dynasty!"

Well, people haven't found it yet, and their charges are being deducted.

When the news that Dafeng Xiao was found came, Cui didn't want to relax, and raised his corners of his mouth, smiling.

The second prince raised his whip to hit someone, the guard hurriedly dodging, and said loudly, "It's in your camp!"

"What a crap! How could you be with me!" The second prince was black.

Cui did not go leisurely, "It turned out that the second Prince was colluding with the Sui Dynasty people. Why didn't you say early, we really rushed to the Dragon King Temple!


The second prince resolutely retorted, rushing towards his tent, and under the guard of the left and right soldiers, he lifted the felt curtain fiercely!

His face, which was as black as the bottom of the pot, turned from black to green, from the neck to the ears, and even his hair turned green.

Chapter 72

Although the second prince's camp is not as spacious as the king's account, he is also very impressive. He ranges from porcelains in the south of the Yangtze River to wood carvings in the north, plus tapestries in the Western Regions. It was the mattress in the middle that was made of snowfox fur.

Because two people were lying on it.

One man and one woman, disheveled.

It is an individual. As long as my mind is normal, I can't help thinking about it when I see such a situation.

The second prince hadn't blocked the door just now, and it was time for him to come in. He wanted to drive someone out again. He was too late.

"What's going on?" Jin Lian was surprised.

She recognized the two men in the bed, the man was Feng Xiao, and the girl was the most beloved beauty by the second prince.

There was also a faint **** smell in the tent. He took a closer look at the two. He had blood stains of different sizes on his body. He left a dagger next to him. The ropes tied to the two were loose. He was still asleep .

Before waiting for the second prince to respond, Cui did not go and asked in a loud voice, "What the **** is going on? Why is my deputy in the prince's bed?"

The second prince just felt the heat rushing to his forehead, and flew towards Fengxiao without thinking, and he wanted to hold people up.

Before he rushed up, Feng Xiao finally woke up, rubbing his head with pain in his face, and when he saw the second prince's face close by, he suddenly screamed and turned the second prince directly with a punch.

The second prince usually bullies and slaves, but how can he be Feng Xiao's opponent? Even if the latter did not use internal force, with only a pair of fleshy palms and a few punches, the second prince was also stunned and mourned, and the close-up guards who were blocked by Cui Bu and they could not get in finally squeezed. Come in, step forward and pull them apart.

"Dare you dare me! I want you ..." The second prince scolded a long string of Turkic words in one breath.

He gave an order, and the Turkic guards rushed to win Feng Xiao, but this was simply beyond their control, and all of them were knocked to the ground, and the second prince came to an end.

When Cui did not go, Qiao Xian also ran to help

"Stop it for me!" Jin Lian yelled, crossing in the middle immediately, blocking the Turkic guards who would come again.

The second prince shouted, "He fell asleep on my woman, how dare you stop it! Have you even changed your heart by this group of Central Plains ?!"

Jin Lian certainly didn't believe that Feng Xiao would do such an indecent thing, but with so many eyes trapped in bed, she could only understand that Feng Xiao wanted to find the stubble of the second prince, so he deliberately took his woman to retaliate.

"Feng Langjun, you want a woman, I will help you find it, how much you want, why bother to provoke the second prince!"

Feng Xiao said indignantly: "Nonsense! With my appearance, how many women are there in the Central Plains? I do n’t know how many beautiful women want to be with me all night, I do n’t think so. It is clearly that the second prince and the man are all taking advantage of me Not prepared to take medicine on me, which caused me to be unconscious here. He also wanted to be a blessing! Have you ever seen my woman who stole him and also scratched myself? You first ask your second prince, is there any What a hobby we can't see! "

There were a lot of people who did n’t understand the Chinese. Jin Lian translated Feng Xiao ’s words. Everyone listened, looked at Feng Xiao, and looked at the woman on the bed. Yeah, the former is really handsome, so why do n’t you steal any woman? The second prince's woman? Looking at the second prince again, it is not surprising that he would have such a fame as his father on weekdays.

The second prince looked at everyone, even his own servants, and showed a clear expression, almost spitting out blood.

Heaven and earth conscience, he is beautiful, but he doesn't like men, and he has no strange habit of bleeding people in bed!

The prince yelled, "Ade, even if you do n’t like the Central Plains anymore, these are the noble guests recognized by Father Khan. You do n’t even let the guests go. What do you think of the Eight Tribes? Those messengers in the country, do you want to be pleasing to the eye? "

That being said, the messengers of the various ministries who saw the excitement thought that their looks were handsome, and they all took a slight step back in time.

Although they were attached to the Western Turks, they also knew that the Sui Dynasty was strong and could not be easily insulted. But since the Second Prince dared to start even the messengers of the Sui Dynasty, who could guarantee that he would put others in his eyes?

The second prince was buttoned down by his elder brother's hat, and he was about to roll his eyes and passed out.

He took a breath and scolded the prince: "You like men, don't think I'm the same as you! Didn't you know that you were the father of the sweat, he knew it already, so ..."

"Ade!" Turk Ketun was the one who stopped him this time. She had a kind of haze on her kind face, which seemed to be a bit harsh. "You have done this kind of ugly thing, and you want to quibble and shirk. People, go and invite the sweat! "

"Noisy, what the hell?"

After a long time here, the Lord finally arrived late.

Abo Khan was holding a young woman's hand when he came to this kind of place, and he refused to release it.

Cui did not glance. The woman wearing a beaded crown and turtle clothes is indeed very beautiful, and it is not inferior to Qiao Xian, but if Qiao Xian is invincible, the woman will be shaken. The soft and charming, even a slight smile at the corner of the mouth, seems to be blowing a gentle fragrance.

No wonder Abo Khan couldn't bear it, and even refused to show up at the night party.

Looking at Khan himself, his footsteps are floating, and his forehead is still sweating slightly. It seems that he has just experienced a fierce "battle", and indeed his father must have his son.

Abo Khan didn't pay attention to the ambiguous eyes of everyone, he looked around for a week and frowned: "Ade!"

"Father Khan, it's all this guy!"

The second prince pointed at Feng Xiao and scolded him, saying that he was really angry. Nine innings of the ten sentences were insulting and turned upside down, which made Abo Khan confused and impatient.

"The big witch is dead, you still have a woman who cares about you!" Khan cursed at the second prince's nose and cursed the big prince, "You still have time to watch the lively here! Where is the big witch's body? Look at his old man! "

Da Ketun said: "Big sweat, I have ordered people to properly place the witch's body in the past. Let me go with you."

"Big sweat!" Cui didn't go calmly, "I regret the death of the big witch, but the second prince had to accuse us of killing the big witch just now, but he did such a thing secretly. I need an account. ! "

"After I have dealt with the matter of the Big Witch, I will naturally give a few satisfactory answers." Abo Khan glanced, "I also hope that this matter will not affect the alliance of tomorrow and the friendship between our ministry and you."

Everyone naturally stated that they would not.

Abo Khan hurried away with his wife and children and a close minister.

"Father sweat!" The second prince shouted unwillingly.

But Khan didn't turn back, not even slowing down.

The second prince knew that the matter would certainly not be able to make a difference tonight, so he had to give Feng Xiao a stern glance and say a ruthless word, meaning that the two of us were not over, so he hurried to chase his father.

Seeing that everyone was gone, Cui did not go to the three of them, and the beautiful woman who was still unconscious on the bed. Feng Xiao said: "Qiao Xian, come and help this one."

Qiao Xian previously thought that these blood stains had been deliberately disgusted by the second prince, but when she approached Feng Xiao, she smelled a more **** smell, and her heart became suspicious.

Cui seemed to have seen something, and said in a timely manner: "Put people back first."

The three returned to the camp, and Feng Xiao sat down on the soft quilt and began to undress.

Without waiting for Qiao Xian to be angry, he had removed his coat and turned around, and a scapular scar was seen in the eyes of the two.

There were several fingerprints on the side, apparently still suffering internal injuries.

Cui didn't go to let Qiao Xian get the medicine for bandaging Feng Xiao.

Qiao Xian now understands: "You just made those small scars on the woman that you made on purpose?"

Feng Xiao let him take medicine, his body was slack, and there was no pain: "Naturally, otherwise how can I hide the **** smell?"

Cui does not go: "The second prince is irritable, but he is not stupid. He will react soon. Even if he can't remember, Foer will remind him."

With Feng Xiao's martial arts, even if the second prince used a hundred more methods, he couldn't subdue him, let alone make so many scars on him.

Feng Xiao didn't take it for granted: "Tonight, let's confuse it."

Cui does not frown: "Your martial arts, there are few rivals in the world, not to mention that this remote place, not many people can hurt you?"

Feng Xiao: "The other party seemed to have expected that I would pass by, and deliberately laid out a matrix around the stone house to seduce me into the battle, but his martial arts differed from me as if by virtue of location, and let me know the way."

Fortunately, at this time, he saw the second prince's descendants, followed him into the second prince's tent, stunned the beauty, took the opportunity to hit everyone by surprise, and incidentally turned the second prince into a daze.

Cui does not go: "So you killed the Black Moon Witch?"

Feng Xiao: "This is what I find strange. I also hurt that person and dare to make sure that his injuries are not too mild, but since the other party ’s martial arts are so high, they can never be killed by me. The fire was burned after I left. "

Qiao Xian speculated: "Will you have a more powerful person pass after you leave and kill the Black Moon Witch?"

Feng Xiao: "Looking at the entire West Turkistan now, only me can do this except me."

He looked towards Cui.

Cui didn't go but shook his head: "Since the night feast, Buddha ears have been in the table and have never left."

Feng Xiao: "That would be even stranger."

Cui does not go: "There is another possibility."

Feng Xiao and Qiao Xian both looked at him.

Cui didn't go slowly: "Black Moon Witch, maybe you are dead before you go."

Feng Xiao couldn't help sitting upright, but was involved in the wound, and took a sigh of coldness.

Cui didn't go: "The person who fights with you is likely to be the murderer who killed the Black Moon Witch. If it can kill or trap you, plus the body of the Black Moon Witch, it will just push everything to you Body. But you run away, the other party can only burn the body and destroy it. "

Feng Xiao groaned: "Then how can he expect me to go? It was my temporary intention to go there to investigate, even Jinlian didn't know."

Cui does not go: "He may not come towards you, but you just happened to run into it. I wonder, why did he kill the Black Moon Witch? Is this man from West Turkic or one of the messengers who came to join the League ? "

Feng Xiao: "Maybe there is a personal vengeance with Heiyue. When the alliance is in place and there are many outsiders, it is better to confuse the audiovisual."

People are not as good as the sky, even the smartest person will encounter unexpected situations.

As it is now, Cui doesn't go and feels very complicated, which is difficult to get started.

Qiao Xian seemed to feel his troubles and comforted by saying: "I thought the prince would hide behind him and didn't dare to say a word. I didn't expect him to argue with the second prince. correct."

Cui did not go: "The two brothers have long been in conflict, and the clay figurines have three points of temper. The prince has tolerated it for so long, and he can't help it. My words are at best only helping the situation. I can only say that the prince himself Somewhat furious. "

The prince's mother, Ke Dun, was usually sullen, but when he could stand up at a critical moment, it was obviously not the weak and incompetent figure in Jin Lian's mouth.

However, these are the internal contradictions of West Turkistan. They can make use of it to promote West Turki to move closer to the Sui Dynasty, but they have not helped the situation in the near future.

"Tomorrow, the Eighth League." Cui did not go. "We were supposed to need you to show publicity, but the second prince returned to God. Tomorrow will definitely try to make things difficult. Buddha's ears will take the opportunity to fall into the ground and set you to death. you……"

He looked at Feng Xiao and didn't say any more.

Feng Xiao looked back at him.

Zuo Yue, who has always been immovable, is making use of it. Rarely, hesitation is embarrassing, and she seems unwilling to let Feng Xiao take risks.

He stood silent, his eyes clear, but he had surpassed a thousand words.

For no apparent reason, Feng Xiao's stone-like heart opened such a seam and became softer.

He didn't go to Cui: "This hurts, it doesn't hurt. Let them let the horse come tomorrow."

Cui did not show a relieved expression, and smiled slightly: "Great, then there will be Brother Lao Feng."

Feng Xiao :? ? ?

This is too straightforward, even Xu and Wei snake pretend to be polite and make you lazy to talk about it, right?

Obviously what he said himself, why does he still have the feeling of being forced into a bad place?

Go to his mother's eyes are clear!

Chapter 73

The death of the Black Moon Witch is a major event for Western Turkistan, but it is impossible to prevent the Eighth League from proceeding as usual.

Early the next morning, Cui Cui didn't go. They had just changed clothes and washed up. Meng Ge, the maid next to Jin Lian, brought breakfast and waited for them to finish before taking them to the meeting.

"Mr. Cui, my host asks you, if you want to see Dawu's body, she can try to arrange it, but you can't stay too long." Mu Ge said.

Last night, the second prince deliberately targeted Feng Xiao, and then Feng Xiao appeared again in the second prince's tent. Jinlian was connected before and after. Jinlian was slow to respond, and she also realized that it was unusual at this time. Moreover, she had seen Fengxiao's martial arts with her own eyes. If Feng Xiao could be conspired by the second prince, it would undoubtedly be the sun hitting the west. She even suspected that the death of the Black Moon Witch was related to Feng Xiao, but Cui didn't deny it, and they really had no reason to do so.

However, the second prince, with his temper that is not afraid of heaven, is likely to do things like killing the big witch, marrying Cui, and not waiting for others.

In Qiemo City, Jin Lian had seen Cui's ability to not perform autopsy, and naturally hoped that he would go out again and find out the cause of the death of the big witch.

Cui did not go but shook his head: "The murderer directly killed someone and burned it in order to destroy the corpse, I'm afraid it has been determined to be foolproof, and now if I look at it, I can't find anything."

Mu Ge seemed to understand, but she would pass this on to Jin Lian.

Cui didn't go to have a delicious Turkic breakfast with Feng Xiao after eating, and followed Mu Ge to the green grass lake.

The lake is named after the green grass around it, which translates into a Chinese language called a green grass lake.

No sooner or later, but also surrounded by the servants, arrived almost the same as them.

He was out of breath last night, and glanced at Cui Buqu and Feng Xiao, and the corners of his mouth evoked a malicious arc. He must have come up with a bad idea to rectify them.

Buddha's eyes remained on Feng Xiao for a long time, and he thoughtfully moved away.

"He saw that I was injured." Feng Xiao said.

The reason why a master is a master is not only because of his high martial arts, but also his sharp eyesight and decisive judgment. Feng Xiao ranks among the top ten and even top five in the world, but his confidence comes from strength. , Not arrogance and blindness. Foer had dealt with him twice, and he was very clear about the strength of the other side, and he was only between Bozhong, that is to say, Foer could also rank among the top ten in the world.

If Feng Xiao was not injured, Fo Er had to weigh one or two if he wanted to do something to him, but after the farce last night, Fo Er was sure Feng Xiao was injured and the injury was not minor, otherwise it would not be necessary to cover the **** smell, Foer will certainly try to persecute Feng Xiao today.

The so-called League of Nations is not that everyone sits around and talks with each other. Turkic methods are simple and rude. First of all, they can use their martial arts to compete and win. I respect you for being a strong person. … If the messengers of the Sui Dynasty were so vulnerable, how could one make people believe that the Sui Dynasty was powerful and reliable?

Cui didn't go: "He will probably ask to play with you alone."

Feng Xiao: "Then killed me in front of the eyes."

Cui did not nod.

This can have the effect of killing the might and deterring the audience.

Feng Xiao laughed lazily: "Then I'm really scared."

The conversation between the two was interrupted because Abo Khan came.

The arrival of Khan means the beginning of the alliance. Everyone has good food and wine in front of them. Apo Khan raised his glass and got up. Thank you for coming from afar. In particular, the messenger of the Sui Dynasty and the messenger of Shahan slightly khan. Did not go to toast with Foer, and spoke a lot of scenes.

To Cui Buqu's point of view, when the Turk Khan was not addicted to beauty, his head was still sober.

The sand bowl was slightly aggressive and sent Buddha to come and coerce Abo Khan to make an alliance. For this reason, it is estimated that many benefits may be obtained. The Buddha arrived in San Mi Shan a few days before them, so it was only yesterday that Cui did not go to San Mi Shan. Difficult situation.

However, when Abo Khan saw that the Sui Dynasty was not easy to mess with, it was also a difficult hard bone. He immediately changed his position and treated them with courtesy. Even the death of the dark moon witch last night did not take the opportunity to cause trouble, but he calmed down and let Cui Bu Go to them for a peaceful night.

Just as Cui didn't go far away, Abo Khan still spoke to everyone with a hearty smile. It seemed that the death of the Dark Moon Witch last night did not affect his mood of newly acquired Turkic concubine.

When he clapped his hands, several Turkic warriors came forward, carrying scimitars, and started waving.

Different from last night's Guizi music dance, today is a completely masculine sword dance. This sword dance evolved from real swords and real guns on the battlefield is killing. Several warriors move in unison, from time to time. Show the simple wind, don't be wonderful.

But few people can really calm down and appreciate it. Many people pay more attention to the next test. The messengers of the small western countries are thinking about how to show the limelight. The surrounding Turkic tribes are thinking about how to avoid the fate of being annexed. The second prince is thinking about how to make Cui did n’t go to them. The big prince remembered that he had the courage to argue with his brother last night. He was agitated. He wanted to find another opportunity to suppress the arrogant brother. Abo Khan whispered the beauty and laughed cheerfully. Looking at the sword dance, they didn't take everyone's reaction to heart at all.

As for the ear--

He looked at Feng Xiao across the warrior, and after a moment, a meaningful smile appeared.

It seems to be saying: I know you have been injured, and the injury is not minor. In the past, we were evenly matched, but today, I must kill you.

The sword dance stopped, the warrior dispersed, and the second prince finally waited for the opportunity. He stood up, looked around at the crowd with a proud expression of satisfaction, and then said to Apo Khan: "Father Khan, in the past, he used to compete. Opening, but I think that since there are a few distinguished guests this year, the rules should also change, otherwise, they are too disrespectful. "

When Jin Lian heard it, he knew what he was thinking, and immediately opposed it: "Big sweat, the alliance contest is already a major event in San Mishan, and easy change is disrespect for guests."

Abo Khan raised her hand to stop her from going on, and was very interested in asking the second prince: "What a change?"

The two princes glanced at Jin Lian proudly and said, "In the past, we started with horseback shooting, horseback archery, and victory with the aim and distance, but Foer was the first master of East and West Turks. Then, it ’s better to ride on one person and hold fresh fruit. The archer must be a hundred miles away. The one who hits the fresh fruit wins. ”

The people present heard his words, mostly hissing, and took a breath.

Hundred steps to wear Yang is enough to be called a master, then what if that piece of Yang Ye is always running?

And it's not moving at a constant speed, it's being held in the hand and moving with the horses running up and down. It's okay to miss the shot accidentally. If it's just a little bit, hit the person holding the fresh fruit?

To put it plainly, it is to play with human targets.

The second prince made up his mind not to let Cui Buqu and Feng Xiao easily, and of course he would not let the archer casually find a slave to play with fresh fruit.

"Archers and target holders must have certain identities and cannot be replaced by slaves."

Buddha's ears clapped, "The second prince has a good idea. Let me draw a lottery!"

He didn't wait for Abo Khan or Choi to go against them, he asked the deputy accompanying him to take the apple to the horse, and then galloped forward.

The horse ran a few hundred steps and was turned back to gallop, and then Foer took the bow and arrow, pulled the bow full, perfused the internal force, and shot steadily!

Everyone narrowed their eyes to see the arrow straight forward.

At this distance, an ordinary marksman can never hit, because the range of the bow and arrow itself must be considered, and the bow in Buddha's hand can only be opened a hundred steps away, not more.

However, after perfusing internal force, the arrow reached a hundred steps or so, and still did not slow down. Instead, it continued to fly forward until it hit the apple of Turk's Deputy Envoy.

The cheering sound of the mountain tsunami sounded, almost everyone applauded, no matter what the sand bowl slightly had with them, whether it was an alliance, the Buddha's arrow was indeed amazing, and the strong one deserved awe.

Buddha ear calmly lowered his bow and arrow, looked at Feng Xiao, and smiled.

He has seen that among the three, Cui will not martial arts if he does not go, and it is impossible to shoot arrows with a bow. There will not be a special archer in China. Even if Qiao Xian has practiced archery, it is impossible for him to shoot at a distance of 100 meters, with such a small apple. Whenever they perform worse than themselves, they can be considered lost.

It seems nothing to lose an archery, but Cui does not lose them. Not only is the prestige face of the Sui Dynasty in the Western Regions, but it may also lose which side Abo Khan chose to rely on.

If they do n’t want to lose, they have to be played by Feng Xiao himself--

That would be better. Because Feng Xiao was injured, bow and archery would pull the wound and aggravate the injury. Even if they win the first game, they will definitely lose in the next second game.

Buddha's smile deepened.

How do you solve this game?

No matter how you solve it, you lose.

Cui didn't frown slightly, and seemed a bit worried, turning her head to say something to Feng Xiao.

The latter showed dissatisfaction, and the two seemed to have a slight dispute, but soon subsided.

In Foer's eyes, this is undoubtedly a division within the enemy.

Disagreements before the battle, people's hearts are different, and it is easier to lose.

He thought comfortably.

The second prince was still pouring oil on the fire: "Are you afraid of the messengers of the Sui Dynasty? No wonder, the first master of the Turks and Turks, you really are not as good as you, and you might as well give up your defeat on the spot, even if the alliance is up, my father Khan begged you to give me some cattle and sheep, so that you will not be too ugly when you return to the Central Plains. "

In fact, Foer and the second prince did not form an alliance. They were totally unrelated. Before that, Foer even felt that the second prince was very noisy and very irritable. It was far worse than the sand bowl. Khan had such an heir. West Turkistan will never be strong in the future, but now that the two have a common enemy, he does not need to speak by himself, and the second prince jumps in front of him endlessly. Buddha suddenly feels that the second prince is not so annoying.

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Chapter 74

Cui did not go and finally spoke: "Since this is the case, Qiao Xian will shoot arrows, and I will pick it up."

"No!" Said the second prince again. "The woman is your servant. I said just now. Archers and target holders must have a certain status. You cannot replace them with slaves. Can a woman represent you? North ?! "

Cui did not go lightly: "Qiao Xian is not a follower, she also has an official position in the Zuo Yue Bureau, in other words, she is also a court official."

"But just now East Turkic is firing arrows, and the deputy is holding the target!" The second prince spoke sharply, "If you change people, that woman's identity is not as good as that of East Turk's deputy. OK. "

He looked at Abo Khan: "Father Khan, what do you say?"

"This ..." Khan frowned, and hesitated, but he did not refute.

The second prince was even more proud, and he didn't go to Cui: "In this way, do you still insist on letting the woman play?"

Cui didn't frown, and looked at Fengxiao involuntarily.

The latter slowly got up and said, "I'm coming."

The radical law was successful.

The second prince was satisfied.

Fo Er also watched Feng Xiao take a bow and take an arrow for a moment, and pulled it full, aiming at Cui, who was galloping on the horse, and shot steadily.

The arrow hit the apple.

And Cui didn't go the distance with Feng Xiao, I was almost the same as Foer's scene.

Jin Lian was a little nervous, for fear that Abo Khan was biased.

This time Khan was fair: "The archery of the two noble guests is equally good and comparable."

The second prince hummed, but Cui didn't expect to compromise so soon.

The Buddha's ears were not visible, but his heart was very happy.

He dare to be sure that no matter where Feng Xiao was injured last night, the action of pulling the bow just now will definitely aggravate the injury.

Feng Xiao lowered her bow and arched her hand towards Abo Khan, then returned to the table with a chic movement without half a lag.

However, Fo Er found that his opponent's right shoulder was slightly stiff and turned a little unnatural when he turned around.

Others may not notice, but they can't hide the Buddha's ear that has been watching him.

Moreover, the day under San Mi Mountain is very hot, and many people are wearing light clothes, except that the white coat is exposed on the collar of Fengxiao, and the thick robes are outside. Foer knows that this is not Fengxiao's chills, but his shoulders. Gauze, so you have to wear a little thick, so that the left and right are uneven.

It turned out that the right shoulder was injured, and Buddha's ear smiled slightly.

Not surprisingly, the great popularity of Buddha's ears and Feng Xiao made the ambassadors of other small countries and tribe even applaud.

Although some people are unwilling, they still invite themselves to play, but they are either not as close to Feng Xiao as they are, or their arrows are too small, they missed, some directly missed, some shot on the horse, and almost made the target of the horseman. Followed by injuries.

The next person naturally did not dare to try again. The first round of trials ended with an unmatched victory.

Unable to make the Central Plains ugly in public, the second prince was reconciled and began to make trouble again.

"Father Khan, the first match today is too fast. This second match must not be ended rashly!"

Abo Khan nodded. "What's your idea?"

"Yesterday, the martial arts of the maid next to the messenger of the Sui Dynasty really impressed me." Speaking of the last four words, the second prince could not help but grit his teeth and smile slightly. Field, and ask for advice. "

Khan looked to Cui, "What do you think?"

Cui does not go: "Who is Namdo?"

The middle-aged Turkist who had been standing behind the second prince, taking a muffled step, took a step forward and performed a Turkic etiquette towards Cui Bu.

It's hard to stay by the side of a man like Er Wang, but without the treacherous spirit, there is no need for Feng Xiao to remind him, and Cui does not immediately see that this is a master.

Cui did not whisper to Qiao Xian: "Are you sure?"

Qiao Xian said: "I haven't seen him do anything yet. This person wasn't around the second prince yesterday, but his attitude is restrained and should not be bad. His subordinates are willing to try."

In other words, if he was there yesterday, Qiao Xian might not have been able to step on the head of the second prince as a ball.

Many people saw Qiao Xian stepping out, weak Liu Fufeng, all have an incredible expression.

Yesterday, some people who did not witness in the king's account how Qiao Xian toppled the second prince all felt that this young and beautiful woman would not be the opponent of Turkic warrior Namut.

Without waiting for everyone to think about it, Namut is already punching out!

His boxing power is great, and at a glance, he knows that the rough winds of opening and closing.

Qiao Xian is slender, and his footwork is extremely elegant and light. It is the opposite of Namutuo, but under the heavy and heavy boxing, he does not fall in the slightest.

I saw two people, one gray and one white. One was alive, one fist swung away like a landslide, and the sound of breaking broke out. One was animated, and Jianguang interspersed in the fist wind. There is a hint of murderousness in the weakness, and accidentally it will make people talk.

Facing an opponent like Qiao Xian, Namudu should have been despised, but he didn't, he still focused on playing with Qiao Xian, regardless of foreign affairs.

"How is his martial art better than Qiao Xian?" Cui did not ask.

"In time, you can become the second Buddha." Feng Xiao replied.

Cui couldn't help but frowned.

Martial arts requires hard work, but it also needs to pay attention to talents. Feng Xiao's talents are naturally the best in the world. Buddha's ears don't need to say that they have no talents and cannot become top masters or even grand masters.

Feng Xiao said that Namutuo can become the second Buddha's ear, which shows that he admits that he has good talents, and that Namutuo has no arrogance and pride in facing a woman from Qiao Xian, even better than Buddha's ears. Qiao Xian met him, it is difficult to have a victory.

There are many people in the world, there are mountains outside, there are people outside, and the size of Turks is also not only a master of Buddha's ears, but also an Namut comes out without paying attention.

Feng Xiao said: "Qiao Xian wants to win him, it is difficult."

Feng Xiao can see it, and Buddha's ear can see it too.

He watched as one man in the field fluttered in his clothes, and one was condensed like a mountain, with a smile on his face.

The second prince was a little anxious. His hands were only ordinary, and he could not see whether they were better or worse. Even like many laymen who watched the liveliness, he felt that Namu was stable and steady, not as fast as Qiao Xian's figure changes. .

"What are you laughing at?" Yu Guang, in the corner of the second prince's eyes, glanced at Buddha's ears and couldn't help getting annoyed.

Foer wasn't angry. He even had a good temper and replied calmly: "I'm happy for the second prince."

The second prince was angry: "What's so happy!"

Fo Er said: "Namdo's victory is near."

The second prince was surprised: "You mean Namut can win that woman?"

Foer chanted: "Although the Central Plains woman's light power is better, but her strength will be exhausted sooner or later. On the contrary, Namdo's internal strength is deeper than her, and the boxing skills are also simple and effective. According to the Central Plains people, this is called It's awkward. "

Not long after he finished talking, Namut hit the belly of Qiao Xian with a punch, and the latter had a stagnant shape. He took a few steps back and reluctantly held his shape. Namut naturally refused to let this opportunity go. Catching up, the body leaped, kicking the sword in Qiao Xian's hand, spinning in midair, sweeping Qiao Xian's waist.

Qiao Xian's face was white and shot with a single palm. Kankan pushed Namut back, but a bright red shed in the corner of her mouth was obviously injured internally.

"Stop!" Cui didn't go up, "We confessed, we don't have to fight again!"

The second prince was so pleased that he ordered Namut: "Hit, keep hitting me!"

Namdo didn't want to do anything, but replied seriously: "She has given up."

The second prince said angrily, "Who is your master! I want this woman to die!"

"Sweat!" Jin Lian couldn't stand it anymore, and stopped drinking.

"Ad, sit down!" Abo Khan started.

The second prince was dissatisfied: "Father Khan, the Central Plains sent a woman to serve as a messenger, which is obviously an insult to us. This woman also hurt me yesterday. I was in the match field and publicly killed her. Isn't it fair revenge! "

Khan said coldly, "Today is the Alliance, not your place of revenge. Let you sit down and sit down!"

Qiao Xian slowly walked back to Cui Buxi.

"How?" Cui didn't worry.

Qiao Xian shook his head and said he was fine.

She puts her martial arts on the rivers and lakes of the Central Plains, and can only be regarded as a second-rate master. It is normal to fail to win Namuda.

Before she came on, in fact Qiao Xian herself, Feng Xiao and Cui could not go, all had expected.

Cui did not show a slight anger and restrained anxiety. Looking at Buddha's eyes, he even watched his speculation on Feng Xiao.

He thought that Cui would not go to the trio, he had run out of water and had no way out. He had wanted to be in the limelight today.

But today, the blow to them must be far more than that, it's their turn.

With this in mind, Buddha's ears stood up calmly, staring at Feng Xiao from a distance, and said loudly, "I, I would like to ask Feng Langjun for advice."

He squinted at Feng Xiao.

You haven't been able to kill him twice since you fought. Today, the court is wide and upright, and I want to convince you to die.

Foer focused all his attention on Feng Xiao, so much that he ignored Cui not talking.

But Feng Xiao heard it.

What Cui didn't say was: "I asked Qiao Xian to take care of the situation for you, and asked the owner of Fengfu not to waste it."

Feng Xiao laughed: "Do you have the heart to treat an injured person like this?"

Cui didn't go and didn't speak again, but every eyebrow, eyelashes and sweat on his face was conveying a message: He was very patient.

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Fox Cui did not dig a pit. Tiger Fengxiao lay beside him as a prey. Rabbit Qiaoxian was responsible for going out to attract hunters.

The Buddha ear was then attracted.

Chapter 75

Cui didn't want to be as hard as a stone, Xi Fengxiao sighed softly, his face was helpless, and he walked towards the Buddha's ear.

He was slow, almost as slow as hesitation.

But Buddha's ear didn't urge him, but he waited patiently for him to reach a point in front of him.

"Master Fengfu, are you injured?" Foer asked with concern.

"No." Feng Xiao's calmness, in Foer's view, was completely pretentious and calm.

Buddha ear smiled slightly: "If the main force of Fengfu is not caught, I can let you do three things."

Feng Xiao: "Okay!"

Buddha's ear: ...

He didn't expect Feng Xiao to promise such a neatness, staring at him for a moment, and turning his back to a pure and innocent expression.

A high-powered Jiefufu master, a master-level master, shouldn't he be young and full of vigor?

But Feng Xiao not only refused with arrogance, but accepted it happily, not even struggling.

Buddha ear a little regret.

The words had been exported, and it was not easy for him to take it back, so I had to reach for a hand.

"Then please."

Feng Xiao was not polite. He stood up in the shape of his body, and if his black crane had bright wings, he was shocked by the swept water, and he slid to the ear of the Buddha with a thunderous potential, but silent.

Buddha's heart was stunned, and his subconscious was about to hit back. Suddenly, when he thought of "let's three moves", he had to change from attack to defensive and flashed aside.

But Feng Xiao followed him, sticking to him tightly, wherever the ears flickered, Feng Xiao followed, not only with the palm wind filled with deep internal force, but also with the figure.

Foer was compelled by what he had said in public, and he had to hold back his tricks, avoiding them twice in a row, but he soon discovered that Feng Xiao didn't actually need his tricks at all.

At this time, only two moves have been made, but the Buddha ear has a sense of old age. Anyway, he is not here today to learn from each other. Bystanders may not be able to see clearly how many moves he has made. If he wants to, he will switch directly. For the offensive, one palm shot towards Feng Xiao's right shoulder!

Feng Xiao sideways avoided, and her figure fluttered a foot taller, blocking the opponent's offensive.

"If you let me do three tricks, why can't I do two tricks?" He laughed.

"The lord of Fengfu is afraid of remembering it wrongly!" Said Fo Er, the offensive was not diminished.

His martial arts was originally a thick and heroic faction, but at this time he took a bit of tricky and erratic, constantly walking around Feng Xiao's body, waiting for the opportunity to find the opponent's weakness and then lethal blow, but Feng Xiao's figure is extremely fast, left Move right and turn your clothes, just don't allow Buddha's ears to ride.

When they reach this level of masters, they do n’t do it. When they start, they will not be like today. You hide from me. Feng Xiao ’s tricks are also very unkind to others, and they dare not confront the opponent. In Foer's view, this is evidence that he was wounded and did not dare to confront directly.

It takes energy to hide, and there is always a moment when the energy is exhausted.

The second prince was anxious.

The ugly appearance last night made him hate Feng Xiao and others. If this was done by the Han people on the grassland, the second prince would have cut off their heads to feed the wolves, but he could not beat Qiao Xian, let alone Starting with Feng Xiao, due to their identity, for the time being they couldn't figure out what to do with them.

Earlier, Fo Er and Feng Xiao drew a tie with the archery test, which did not satisfy the second prince. He even hoped that Fo Er could slap Feng Xiao to death with one palm. In this way, the messengers of the Sui Dynasty went to the second, leaving a sick ghost and a woman, no matter how worried, not to mention the surrounding countries' impressions of the Sui Dynasty fell, even Abo Khan would definitely lean on the spot on the spot. Slightly Khan, will no longer consider the issue of alliance with the Sui Dynasty, Jin Lian woman dare not jump. After these people lose power, they must kill and seduce, and they must all follow the second prince's mind.

He stared at the unpredictable bodies of the two in the field, his eyes almost burst into flames, and he wished that his thoughts would turn into a raging flame and burn the abominable Central Plains.

After the third palm fell, Buddha's ear frowned slightly.

In the past dozens of moves just now, Feng Xiao has been mostly dodging, rarely fights back, but is not impartial. He can always just go away or block every move of Buddha's ear.

Why not make a move?

The more he was like this, the more Buer wanted to force him to take a shot. If the wind blows into the mountains and the tsunami, the momentum is soaring, and the positive spirit of Feng Xiao breaks open, so he cannot hide, and has to deal with it directly.


The two palms touched each other, and the two angers collided together. For example, when the two mountains were forced against each other by the arched ground, a landslide broke out, the jade broken down, and the ears of the Buddha felt the sting coming from the palm , Suddenly realized one thing.

All his inferences are based on Feng Xiao's injuries. So, what if Feng Xiao is not injured?

He played with Feng Xiao twice, and naturally knew that he was slightly inferior, but Buddha was unwilling to admit it. He is the first master of Turkic Turks, and even in the eyes of the Central Plains, few people can match. If Feng Xiao was injured, there would be no better match between the two, but they would be evenly matched.

The weirdness of last night, and the unnaturalness of Feng Xiao's bow today, did not seem to be cheating. For such Feng Xiao, Fo Er was completely sure to take him down.

The two of them slammed into a single palm, separated from each other, and fell lightly from the air.

Buddha's ears drooped slightly, something slid out of his sleeve, and a small and exquisite Vajra pestle was added to his hand.

The reason why it is small and exquisite is that it was originally only the length of the fingers, the ear of the Buddha's ear was slightly shaken, and the King Kong pestle automatically became longer. In the end, it was about half the length of the arm. Fengxiao!

There are many strange weapons in the world. Most people like to use swords, but there are some exceptions. Feng Xiao likes to use the piano. The piano sound can hurt people, and the piano body can smash people. But he has no piano, not only piano, but There is no weapon in hand.

In the face of the meteor who usually falls to his own head, he has only two choices, to avoid its sharp edge or to face the enemy.

Foer expected that his opponent would definitely avoid it, so almost all Feng Xiao's ways were blocked in advance, so that the other party could hardly avoid it, and could only choose to give it a try.

Feng Xiao took a sigh of relief and raised it slightly, seemingly trying to pick up King Kong's pestle by hand.

But it didn't work.

Foer sneered silently, because his killing move was not in the King Kong pestle, but in--

He has the other hand!

As King Kong was picked up by Feng Xiao, Foer's palm wind also reached the other side of the chest.

This palm infused him with 10% of his skill. Even if Feng Xiao was not injured, he was distracted to pick up King Kong. It would be impossible for him to concentrate all his efforts to take him, not to mention Feng Xiao must be injured.

"Why are you so determined that I was hurt?"

The voice of Ruo Maomao floated to the ear of the Buddha.

At the next moment, Foer found that his Vajra was thrown out of the air, and that palm shot was like a cotton shot, and it was all absorbed.

"I've been waiting for you to do your best." Feng Xiao said again, "your patience is really better than when you were in Liugong City. But—"

Buddha's ears felt wrong at the time of his failure, and he hurriedly pulled back to retreat, but it was too late.

Because Feng Xiao landed beside him several times faster than just dodging, slap one hand on his shoulder, and the other hand pierced the vest with a sword.

The master tried too hard to let a flash of light, and Buddha's ear spit out blood, but he didn't hesitate, and people swept forward in an attempt to get rid of Feng Xiao's sword inserted in the main point of his back.

His strain was not unpleasant, but Feng Xiao seemed to foresee his intentions, turning his wrist a twist and twisting at a faster speed, and the sword stabbed deeper. The other hand loosened the shoulder of the Buddha's ear, but clicked on him Several large points on the neck and head.

Buddha ears widened his eyes, barely held his breath, twisted and grasped Feng Xiao, and seemed to want to pull him all together, but Feng Xiao succeeded, but he no longer loved the stack, and flinched away to avoid it. Side, directly on the palm of your heart.

Another spit of blood!

Buddha's ears finally lost all the resistance, and his body fell softly.

But his eyes were still open, staring at Feng Xiao, and his anger was still there.

Feng Xiao moved her arm and found that the price she paid just now when receiving the other's King Kong pestle was not only small. The arm was broken, it seemed to involve the bones and bones, and suffered some internal injuries.

But this injury is more cost-effective than Buddha's life.

"You're not wrong, I was injured." He squatted down and said to the Buddha's ear canal with the last breath. "But you may not know. There is a mindset called Fengmai, which can temporarily seal the injury. The meridians improve your ability. Although there will be some aftermath, but I can take your life, I think it's worth it. "

"And," Feng Xiao picked up King Kong at his feet and looked at it, throwing it back just like throwing garbage. "Do you think that only you are hiding weapons? There is more than one treacherous person in the world. When you arrive at the palace, tell the Lord Yan well, don't run into me in the next life, oh I forgot, you Turks do not have Lord Yan, then you should be Take your lonely ghost, Turk's No. 1 master. "

The last few words, don't forget to emphasize the tone.

Buddha's ears opened his mouth, and he seemed to want to say something. The blood rushed out of his mouth, and he couldn't say anything. His body was stiff, and he was finally killed by Feng Xiao.

There was silence all around.

The grand master of Turkic Turks ended his life in such a way of death, shocking everyone to speech.

Prior to Ayaka, almost everyone thought that someone who was ugly or even dead would be Feng Xiao.

The second prince maintained the posture of holding grapes, stunned, his hand stopped in the air without moving, like a sculpture.

At this moment, Feng Xiao turned her head and smiled at him.

Buddha's deputy sang loudly and rushed out towards Feng Xiao.

The next moment, blood splashed three feet high, accompanied by the body of the assistant, and finally fell on the grass together.

The two messengers sent by Shahan Khan, including a master close to the Grand Master, were killed?

The second prince shook his hands, and then looked at the immortal appearance of Buddha's ears. For the first time, there was an urge to hide behind Abo Khan.

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Chapter 76

The surrounding atmosphere stopped flowing at that moment.

Everyone, including Abo Khan, could only watch Feng Xiao use the cloth on the body of the Buddha's ears, and slowly wipe the blood on the sword, and then retracted the soft sword around his waist and stood up towards the second prince.

"Don't come over! I warn you, take a step forward, I'll kill you! Come on! Help!" He doesn't care if the other person understands it, it is a wild roar.

Seeing the other party approaching step by step, the second prince was really scared. He didn't care about the others. He really ran to the back of Abo Khan and stared at Feng Xiao with a look of alarm.

The Turkic guard stepped forward with a knife, and he signaled that Feng Xiao could no longer approach, and the latter was really obedient. He raised his hand and held a grape in his hand.

"I just want to return the grapes to you." Feng Xiao said innocently, "Since you don't want to, I'll dispose of it at will."

In other words, the index finger and thumb of the cricket were slightly closed, and the cricket made a crushing action, and the grape turned into a cricket powder, and then the cricket dispersed in the air with the wind.

The second prince shook even more.

Abo Khan slowly got up and looked dignified.

He brushed away the hand that the beauty of Guizzi put on his lap, and left the table full of wine and food, and walked towards Feng Xiao.

The second prince hiding behind him was accidentally exposed, and there was another panic. His eyes could not help searching around, and he suddenly collided with the great prince.

Today, the great prince is unusually calm. Compared with the second prince's ups and downs, he seems to be more of a leader.

The second prince realized that he was dysfunctional, he could not help biting his teeth secretly, and quickly returned to his seat, pretending that nothing had happened.

Everyone watched Abo Khan approaching Feng Xiao, but the scene of ZTE's interrogation was not expected.

When I saw Khan's complexion, he put on a smile and said to Feng Xiao: "I did not expect to see such a wonderful fight today. According to our Turkic people, you are a warrior from the wolf god. It is worth all Human respect! "

Feng Xiao couldn't understand the Turkic language, and Cui didn't go forward and slowly translated into Mandarin.

Abo Khan's smile was warm and enthusiastic, and even brought a little diligence, and he was separated from the previous indifferent.

All the people in the entire Wang Ting together did not have the high martial arts skills of Buddha's ears. Therefore, at the beginning, Abo Khan respected Buddha's ears respectfully.

Not only because he is behind the powerful East Turkistan, but also because the Buddha itself is Turk's first master, and the Turkic people fear the strong and are willing to surrender to the strong.

Now, Fo Er was killed by Feng Xiao.

In other words, Feng Xiao is stronger than Buddha's ear.

Such a simple inference, let alone Abo Khan, is understood by ordinary Turkic people.

It's no surprise that Abo Khan changed his attitude.

Not only is it not unusual, Ke Dun, the great prince, and even many Turkic subjects are taken for granted.

After all, Feng Xiao can easily kill even Buddha's ears. Who can guarantee that he will not kill anyone here?

Naturally, there are also people who worry that Xia Ling ’s side will be guilty of this, but for Abo Khan, it is the most important thing to pay a good messenger to the Sui Dynasty.

In the end, he had to choose to form an alliance, and now it seems that there is no need to struggle.

Feng Xiao smiled slightly, and the smile was dazzling and dazzling.

"Thank you for your praise. However, I was killed by the Turkic No. 1 master, and a competent man under the slightly seated sand bowl. You are not afraid that the sand bowl is guilty of blame, and led the army to annex Wang Ting?"

Abo Khan looked away from the Buddha's body, and then looked at Feng Xiao's smile, feeling a bit cold, he could not help but close his cloak, and laughed: "It is my honor to witness a duel between masters, Swords have no eyes on the battlefield, and Khan will understand a little bit! "

He quickly waved people to drag the body of the deaf and the deputy. The two Turkic servants lifted the body and left. The Turkic people did not pay attention to the fallen leaves, and the sand bowl Khan presumably did not return a dead body. Interested, the grand Turk masters, even the treatment after death is so clear, can not help but sigh.

However, those who would go booing obviously did not include Feng Xiao and Cui Bu.

To be soft on the enemy is to be cruel to yourself.

Abo Khan returned to the seat only when nothing happened, and the other messengers were naturally happy to act deaf. They praised Feng Xiao's martial arts strength, the world's unparalleled, and he is the best in the world. If you are good, just ask for no money. It seems like they are falling out, for fear of losing one sentence will be a big loss.

Although the contest is not over, no one is stupid enough to take the initiative to stand up and want to challenge Feng Xiao's martial arts again.

Abo Khan took advantage of the situation to let Feng Xiao rest for a long time, and then the two Turkic warriors came on to compete and wrestle.

The big prince came to toast in person, Abo Khan groaned and looked at it without stopping, and waved back the Turtle Beauty, let Jin Lian sit next to him, whispered with her, and listened carefully to her telling the hard way to the Central Plains.

The second prince timidly pulled his father's sleeves, and Khan sank his face, seeming to train a few words, the second prince immediately dismissed, as if looking back to reflect.

The situation suddenly changed.

Those who were optimistic about East Turkistan and did not dare to offend Buer and his party, at this time all got up to toast, and they could speak Chinese fluent words like pearls, but they could not speak Chinese, and flattered them in Turkic language.

They do n’t know how Feng Xiao ’s reputation in the Central Plains was. Even before that, Feng Xiao had never seen Feng Xiao at all, but the name of Buddha ’s ears rang through the Western Regions. No one knew it. For this reason, it was even more obvious to witness his death. Shocked.

Do not think that people outside the Central Plains will not see the wind to make the rudder. It is natural for people to benefit and avoid harm. The Sui Dynasty is unstoppable. Now Feng Xiao kills Buddha's ear on the spot, like the last feather on the hearts of everyone, instantly My heart pressure has also made a choice immediately.

Although Abo Khan said nothing, he reprimanded the second prince, and everyone saw it. Presumably, tonight, he would take the initiative to find Cui Bubu.

Although the overall situation has not been settled, but seven or eight points have been set, Cui can finally breathe a sigh of relief if he does not go.

"Director Cui Dao, this time I am extremely successful, do you have nothing to say?" Beside, Feng Xiao came with a leisurely voice.

"Ah?" Cui didn't show a blank expression, "Are we all working for the court and sharing our worries for the Son of Heaven?"

Qiao Xian had been sent back to the camp to heal him in advance, otherwise he would surely sneer now.

"Come less with me!"

Feng Xiao drew his lips, remembering that when he first saw this person at Zixiaguan, the other side was not sad and happy in the fragrant incense, and those believers could not think of Cui Guanzhu, who was kind and eye-catching in their hearts. It was such a shameless, unemotional person who had a thicker skin than the Great Wall.

"I just sealed the meridians of my wounds in order to kill Buddha ears. Now the blood is flowing backwards, the qi is reversed, not to mention the injury is getting worse, at least I have to rest for ten and a half months to recover. I have never used this method. I don't know if there will be future troubles. "Feng Xiao did not preach loudly, but whispered against Cui Bugo's ears." Without me, even if you have a three-inch tongue, you can't soften the barbarians, right? "

The two are very close, and the breath when talking will inevitably be sprayed on each other's ears. Cui doesn't move like a mountain, a look of "I will not be moved if you say the sky is down." Feng Xiao ’s Gaze fell on his ears naturally.

Very white.

It looks pretty soft.

I do n’t know how it feels to reach out

Thinking of this, he found that his hand was faster than his brain, and he had pinched each other's earlobe.

Cui didn't go to a spirit, he did not expect that he would come to this set, he would break free subconsciously.

Unexpectedly, the other party seemed to anticipate his behavior, holding his lumbar muscles by hand and cutting off his rear path.

"Release your hands!" Cui didn't go so cold that it could hail.

Feng Xiao rubbed it twice and found that the touch was as soft as she imagined, and then she was satisfied and let go.

It looks like osmanthus cake without osmanthus flavor.

However, the medicine on the other side can barely be regarded as a scent.

Cui didn't go and gave him an inexplicable glance, and said coldly: "If the Lord of the Phoenix House hasn't been accompanied by a beauty for too long, I can say to Khan, the beauty under the San Mi Mountain will be happy to be with you for a while.

Feng Xiao's bull head was wrong and said, "I want to eat Osmanthus cake."

Cui didn't doubt he was stupid by Buddha's ear just now: "Are you all right?"

Feng Xiao laughed and said nothing.

The two were in the same group. Even though they were close to each other, they didn't think much about it, but the great prince who wanted to be good with them and came over again toasting saw this scene and felt different.

He couldn't help but sigh: "I really envy the two, in a foreign country, I can do what I want to do!"

Cui didn't remember the words he had been talking nonsense to in order to win the prince's letter in the past, and he laughed and said nothing.

Feng Xiao seemed to find Cui Bing's weakness, thinking that she wouldn't make fun of her at this time, so she pinched Cui Bing's earlobe again.

He moved very fast, withdrew before the opponent had time to object, and then smiled at the big prince: "Thank you for your understanding."

The prince would understand: "I understand, I understand!"

Cui does not go: what do you understand? ?

He banged his elbow on Fengxiao's abdomen, knocked the other side down and took a breath, and got up to stop the great prince, but didn't know what to say.

Feng Xiao laughed: "The pit you dug, you have to jump down with tears!"


Jin Lian can feel that her status has changed again.

The most intuitive change is that Abo Khan treated her as kindly as before she went away. Everything seemed to have never happened. The beauty of the turtles was just a beautiful decoration. The person who occupied the position beside Khan was again. Replaced by her.

These changes all originated from the moment Feng Xiao killed Buer.

Jin Lian understood this very well. She didn't cross the river and dismantled the bridge. She ignored Cui and didn't go to them. Instead, she asked about the news from Abo Khan's side, and then went to Chui Bu and told them. Calling on Cui not to go, mentioning the alliance with the Sui Dynasty.

"We killed Buddha's ear. Doesn't he have any worries about Shaguai's blame?" Cui didn't ask.

On the other side of the camp, Feng Xiao and Qiao Xian were closing their eyes, Cui did not go to talks with Jin Lian, which could not affect them.

Jin Lian shook her head: "He should feel that the Sui Dynasty is strong, so he doesn't have to be afraid of Shabo slightly anymore, right?"

Cui didn't show the color of groaning.

Jin Lian wondered: "Do you think there is anything wrong with it? It is better to form an alliance with the Sui Dynasty than bowing down slightly to the sand bowl. The appetite of the latter is greater than that of the Sui Dynasty. Smart people should know how to choose. Now you Having helped him make his choice, he should no longer hesitate. "

Her words made sense, Cui didn't refute, and there was nothing wrong with it.

However, it was because I couldn't say that that made me uneasy.

Night fell.

A grander banquet than last night was held within the king's tent.

Khan was busy playing with beauties last night, but did not attend, but tonight is different. Khan not only appeared, but also dressed up, with the size of Ketun and the great prince, and a number of Turkic noble ministers, both formal and lively.

Only the second prince was late.

But this is also normal. During the day, he tried everything to help Cui not trip them, but the trip did not succeed, but he tripped himself. For him, he must be upset, late or even absent. It's all possible.

Abo Khan was not very happy and sent someone to urge the second prince.

After three rounds of drinking, everyone was a little shocked, the drink was up, and the atmosphere was more casual.

Feng Xiao was injured and did not drink. He drank a local fruit squeezed drink, which was very sour, but when eaten with roasted lamb, it had a unique flavor.

Everyone took turns toasting, and even Apo Khan himself came over with a glass of wine, but it was difficult to be kind. Although he replaced the wine with fruit tea, he inevitably drank a little more. Feng Xiao eventually felt a little unwell, so he told Cui not to say With a sound, he was ready to get up and go back to his wounds.

There was a cool breeze outside.

A soft and smooth hand touched from the dark, silently, touching his waist.

Chapter 77

When the hand was worthy of meeting him, Feng Xiao, who had never noticed, pinched the opponent's wrist like lightning.

Oops, the other side fell into his arms softly.

A weak, boneless hand, holding a tender body of nephrite and warm fragrance, a charming voice.

It is enough to make the hearts of most men in the world crisp.

But only the vast majority, not all.

The most beloved beauty of Abo Khan, Xu actually intended to seduce the messenger of the Sui Dynasty. If Xu passed out, the alliance would probably have another wave.

Feng Xiao let go of her hand and stepped back two steps. The beauty was caught off guard, and she fell directly to the ground, crying softly.

"Who asked you to come?" Feng Xiao squatted, pinching her chin.

Power is not strong, but I can't break free.

"Well ... admiring Langjun's style." The beauty of Guizi can speak Mandarin, but although it is not up to the standard of Mandarin, she has a little exotic taste.

"Aren't you afraid of being found out by your sweat and knocking your head off?" Feng Xiao was interested.

The beauty wanted to talk, but I found that my dumb hole was caught, and a tingling came from my jaw, and my eyes were so tearful, and I wanted to fall, but unfortunately it was dark and the lights were not shining. No one saw this. Fan Chuchu charm.

Feng Xiao: "Someone sent you here, I asked you to entangle me, and then I called out loudly to attract outsiders?"

The beauty could not speak, but shook her head desperately, tears falling down with the shaking.

She wanted to say that she really liked him, but the beauty did not even have the opportunity to speak, and Feng Xiao was not interested in listening to her explanation. Instead, she seized the beauty-like Ufa and dragged people directly to the king's account. , No sense of pity and fragrant jade.

As they stepped out of the darkness, Feng Xiao saw the direction of the other end of the king's tent suddenly clamoring.

The flames quickly gathered there, followed by a squealing scream.

Feng Xiao quickly recognized that the movement originated from the second prince's camp.

At the same time, many people rushed from the second prince's side to the king's tent, panic, something must have happened.

Feng Xiao reached out a little, and the beauty fell softly.


Within the king's tent, the original song and dance leveled up.

Jin Lian countered the solemn depression of the previous few days, with a rare and relaxed expression on her face. She traveled thousands of miles to the Central Plains and brought back the messengers of the Sui Dynasty after hardships. What she wanted was not only the benefits of a rise in status, but also the increase in the right to speak and prestige. It is difficult to shake her position. All she can do is to constantly make herself more important and to have more power so that she can get more in the future. Therefore, she will firmly hold the big ship of the Sui Dynasty and be determined If you don't cooperate with Cui, you won't change the boat easily.

Now that Buddha's ear is dead, it will take a certain time for the news to be sent back to Shabo slightly. Even if the other party reacts, the alliance will be settled. There will be little change, let alone the second prince. Before they left, they should not dare to cause anything more ...

At this moment, a Turkic guard rushed in directly from the outside, and even the newspapers were saved.

The crowd was too late to respond, and no one scolded him, only to see him sweaty and yelling, "Sweat! The second prince is dead!"

Jinlian's face changed.

Abo Kehan got up, without even knowing that the wine juice was spilled on his clothes. He pushed away the maid and strode out of the meteor.

The people were ignorant, and could only follow behind, all the way to the second prince's camp.

Wang Ting's doctor was also approached. The other party was a Turkic, and he knew a little about Central Plains medicine. He checked the motionless Second Prince for a long time and could only declare that he was powerless.

Abo Khan was furious: "How can a man die if he says he will die? Save him!"

No wonder he didn't believe his son was dead at all, nor could the Great Prince believe it, because during the day, the second prince jumped up and down to jump around for trouble.

The Turkic healer knelt down on the ground, trembling, "The second prince had no trauma on his body and no alcohol on his body. Maybe it was caused by some poison ..."

The Turkic court is not as exquisite as that in the Central Plains Palace, but poisonous things can certainly not easily get close to the body of the nobles. Now if the second prince is poisoned, it means that Abo Khan is also in danger.

Khan grieved his son's death while worrying about his life. He was so angry that he ordered the banquet to be suspended and no one was allowed to leave.

The crowd had not yet reacted in shock, and Khan's guards had fenced the camp here to prevent anyone from entering or leaving.

Under Abo Khan's fierce gaze, the doctor hardened his head and called the apprentice to continue examining the body of the second prince.

The servant girl who served the second prince personally began to report the whereabouts of the second prince before her death.

During the day, the second prince lost his face, and Buddha's ears died. Naturally, he was in a bad mood. He didn't want to go to the banquet at night, and he was not willing to be snatched by the big prince. Good and big-tempered, after beating people, they drove everyone out.

The waitress waited outside and waited. When the banquet started, she couldn't drag it on, so she had to risk being beaten and scolded again to enter.

The lights inside went out, and half of them were knocked out by the second prince when he lost his temper. Later, they stayed outside and heard the second prince scolding and slamming things inside. The crowd had to re-ignite the lights and saw the second prince lying on the ground. .

If it is exhausted to fall asleep, it is not impossible. The problem is that the second prince never has the quirk of sleeping with his eyes open. Everyone is not in the right mood.

Everyone heard the maid's stuttering report, thinking that the second prince seemed to be animated to death.

But then the apprentice's apprentice suddenly shouted, "Here! The second prince seems to have something!"

Abo Khan strode forward, watching the two men lift the second prince upright, pulling his hair away, exposing a needle underneath.

The iron needle penetrated very deeply and was directly embedded in the skull. No matter how hard it was to pull it out, it was obvious that this iron needle, inserted into Baihui Point, directly killed the second prince.

Ordinary people must not be able to do this. The second prince himself can also martial arts. Although his skill is not good, there are guards outside the camp, who can sneak into it without knowing the ghost, and when the second prince is silent Kill him and leave quietly, it must be a master among the masters.

Looking at the whole of Western Turkistan, someone may not be able to do this.

Jin Lian claimed good martial arts, but if she wanted to kill the second prince without alarming anyone, she couldn't do it.

However, one person can do it.

Suddenly she hit a shock, and a chill came from the bottom of her heart, straight into her chest, her throat closed, and her breath spread.

As if, the taste of conspiracy.

Naturally, not only did she think of this, a Turkic nobleman suddenly called out: "Sui Dynasty messenger! That high martial arts messenger of the Sui Dynasty is gone!"

Jin Lian suddenly looked in the direction where Cui could not go. The latter seemed to feel her gaze, looking up slightly to look at her.

With half of his face hidden in the shadows, Cui Buqian couldn't see his expression clearly.

Abo Khan didn't even see Cui not go, growling in an angry voice: "Find him out!"

"Find me?"

Feng Xiao crowded the crowd out of the crowd.

He was calm as usual, and did not seem to realize the many sights that fell on him.

Abo Khan's face was somber: "Where have you been?"

He finally remembered Feng Xiao's martial arts, and did not rashly order to arrest him.

Cui does not translate the words of Khan into Mandarin.

Feng Xiao said: "We just retired early and went back to rest. I didn't want to hear anything here, so I came to see it."

He didn't mention the Turtle Beauty, because it would only make Abo Khan more thunderous, and the Turtle Beauty would certainly not admit it. In this way, he would dig a pit and bury himself.

Abo Khan asked coldly, "Ade's death, how do you explain?"

Feng Xiao spread his hands: "I have no resentment against the second prince. He is dead. I am sorry. What else can I say?"

Abo Khan commanded his servant: "Go and call Liu Sigu."

Feng Xiao didn't know who Liu Sigu was, he was indifferent, and let the people around him consciously or unconsciously stay away from him, and surrounded him, replaced by a Turkic warrior.

Jin Lian tried to persuade: "Sweat, the Sui Dynasty is about to form an alliance with us, he really does not need to kill the second prince, there must be someone framed ..."

Khan raised her hand to stop her from continuing.

The Turkic named Liu Sigu was brought quickly, and Abo Khan asked Feng Xiao: "Do you know who he is?"

Feng Xiao shook his head.

Abo Khan: "He is a disciple of the Dark Moon Witch, and the night when the Witch died, he saw you sneak into the Stone House of the Witch!"

Abo Khan sneered: "The messenger of the Sui Dynasty, the big witch has a lot of suspicions. I have known about this for a long time, but I am willing to temporarily suppress it for the sake of peace between the two countries. No one has said it, and I am willing to believe you. The death of me has completely changed my views! You came here to destroy my West Turkies! You killed Buddha, so that we could not form an alliance with the sand bowl, completely broke our backstreet, and killed Dawu and Ade, next, are you going to kill me ?! "

The crowd was shocked, and even Jin Lian looked back and forth between Cui Bugo and Feng Xiao in amazement.

Cui's brow frowned slightly.

Feng Xiao was still very calm: "The death of the Big Witch and the Second Prince has nothing to do with me. I really want to destroy West Turkistan and kill you directly. Why go around and kill so many unrelated people?"

"Who knows! I said long ago that Han people can't believe it!"

I don't know who clamored first, and then came one after another.

"Yes, the Han people are so worried, they wanted us Turks to fight first!"

"They killed the big witch and killed the second prince. Maybe they had already dealt with the sweat for a long time, but they were lucky to escape!"

"Kill them!"

"Kill the Han!"

Under the rain, Jin Lian almost soaked the back of her clothes.

Abo Khan was gloomy and stared at Feng Xiao.

The prince's mouth was slightly open, and he hadn't fully figured out what was going on.

Not all the people present were pro-second princes, but the old forces raised their heads in this situation on a large scale, inciting Khan to anger and beheading two Sui Dynasty envoys.

Feng Xiao's martial arts is indeed very high, so high that it scares everyone.

But after all, he is only one person, with two fists in the palm of his hand. The land of Wang Ting and the masters are heavy. He may be able to retreat himself, and bring another Cui Bugo, and a Qiao Xian who was also injured during the day, but not big. May do it.

In this case, however, he seems to have no choice.

The Turkic warriors surrounded them step by step.

Just wait for Khan's order, there will be countless long swords at them on the spot.

But Cui does not go martial arts, no matter how clever he is, he is a burden to Feng Xiao.

The two looked at each other remotely.

Feng Xiao couldn't see Cui's expression.

Cui couldn't understand Feng Xiao's heart without going.

He didn't know how Feng Xiao would choose, but he knew how he would choose.

"Slow." Cui did not go.

The volume wasn't loud, but it was enough to suppress those noises.

Chapter 78

The second prince is dead, who can benefit?

Naturally the great prince.

Because of this, he has only one son left.

But those who are under the control of the Great Prince alone could never kill the Second Prince without alarming anyone.

Unless the great prince colluded with the messenger of the Sui Dynasty, please ask Feng Xiao to do it.

In any case, the Sui Dynasty people are the most suspicious.

After all, during the day, everyone saw how the second prince provoked the Sui dynasty people, and he wanted to put them to death.

Jin Lian's heart was gripped tightly by an invisible hand.

She had seen three-inch tongues that Cui did not go with her own eyes, and she also knew his ability.

Jin Lian can now only hope that Cui does not go and can suddenly think of a way to get away, or that this is a link he has long considered, only wait for him to speak, and all the problems will be solved.

Facing Jin Lian's expectant eyes, Qi Cui did not go and finally spoke.

"Since it is said that we did it, I have nothing to say."


Jin Lian suspected something was wrong with her ear.

She looked at Cui not in disbelief, and hated that she couldn't rush to cover his mouth.

Abo Khan sneered, "Okay, since you even say that to yourself ..."

"I mean, I don't have anything to say about the crime that Khan has to impose on us. But!" Cui did not raise his hand to interrupt him, "Everything must be evidenced, and who now sees us killing people on the spot Still seeing us in and out of the second prince's camp? There are so many people around the second prince who are watching, even if they can't beat Fengxiao, don't they even see it? "

Abo Khan's voice was even colder: "When Ade was killed just now, your deputy was also leaving the seat. Before the last time the big witch died, others also saw him go in and out of the big witch ’s stone house. There will be successive coincidences? When do you still want to resist! Come, catch them! "

Cui does not go: "Give me a day, I can find out the real killer!"

Abo Khan narrowed his eyes, "One day?"

Cui didn't go lightly: "Yes, it only takes one day. After one day, if no murderer can be found, if you want to kill or kill, you will let the sweat deal with it."

"No!" Khan flatly refused. "If you just ran away, where would I find someone after a day?"

Cui does not go: "We came by the order of the Heavenly Son. If we do n’t complete the task, we will go back without face. What can we do to save our lives? Moreover, this matter has nothing to do with us. The murderer is still hidden among you, and will shoot again at any time. His next target is likely to sweat you. "

A Turkic nobleman who kissed the second prince cried, "Don't think that this is nonsense, we will believe it!"

Cui didn't go and ignored him at all: "Sweat, kill us, aren't you afraid that the killer and others are still hiding in the dark and peeping at you? I don't need you to let us go, as long as this day."

Jin Lian interjected at the opportunity: "Sweat, the second prince is so obvious, the messenger they won't do such a stupid thing, the murderer must have others!"

Ke Dun also said, "Please give them a day of sweating to convince them to take it orally."

This big Ketun, last time has made Cui not to see her low-key and indisputable wisdom. Since she is not stupid, she can certainly think that many people think that the great prince mother and son colluded with the Sui Dynasty, kill the second prince first, and then kill Khan, fighting for the position of West Turkic Khan.

In order to show her innocence, she also had to speak out in a frank manner.

In the past, many people were close to the second prince, but now the second prince is dead. Regardless of the cause of death, the status of Mother and Child in Dakota will only be more stable. Many people are unwilling to offend them again. Seeing Dakota said this, there are many People agree.

Abo Khan couldn't ignore the opinions of these people, he groaned for a moment, doubting, "Just one day?"

Cui does not go: "Yes."

Abo Khan pointed to Feng Xiao and said, "He has too much martial arts. Give you one day and you will definitely run away."

Cui didn't go lightly: "But we always have to go out to find evidence clues, otherwise how can we trace the murderer and prove himself innocently? If the sweat is uneasy, you can leave one hostage."

When Cong Buqi went out and said he wanted a day, Feng Xiao smelled a familiar taste.

No one could smell the smell, only he could detect it.

Commonly known as the smell of jumping pits.

After a day, you must definitely find the killer in one day, but Abo Khan cannot leave them all outside, and will definitely need to hold the hostages, so Cui does n’t go for anything, it will make Feng Xiao stay Come down.

Feng Xiao touched her nose, only to feel the old suffering on her shoulders start to ache again.

Although it has been expected, people will always feel unhappy when they are led by their noses.

But the next moment, his hand on his nose stopped.

Because he heard Cui not go: "I stay, let Feng Xiao go to find the killer."

Feng Xiao froze and looked towards Cui.

Abo Khan frowned: "No, he has too much martial arts and will run away!"

Cui did not go: "He is only a deputy, and I am the official. Although I ca n’t do martial arts, but my life is more valuable than him. I volunteer to stay, to relieve the sweat, if you do n’t want to, we It's not impossible to fight a deadly net and kill a blood path from here? "

Abo Khan stepped back in two steps in shock, leaving the guard in front of himself, still vigilant.

Even Foer can say that people who kill and kill will naturally crush most people present.

Even if the Turkic captured him by many people, I don't know how much it would cost.

Abo Khan was very sad. Although he was saddened by the death of the second prince, he was absolutely unwilling to ask him to go down to find his son.

Jin Lian whispered in a timely manner and advised: "Profusely, when Buddha's ears die, our relationship with Shabo Lue is broken. Don't offend the Sui Dynasty any more."

Abo Khan looked at Cui and said suspiciously, "Can you really find the killer in one day?"

Cui did not go without vowing, and only said, "I will do my best."

Abo Khan: "After one day, no matter if you can find the killer, your deputy must return, otherwise I will kill you."

Feng Xiao laughed.

Khan was upset: "What are you laughing at!"

Feng Xiao stepped forward.

His steps were not fast, and there were countless people in front of him, but no one dared to stop.

Everyone consciously or unconsciously gave way, so he relaxed and walked in front of Cui Buqu.

"Sweat and rest assured, since he promised a day, within this day, I must do my best to find evidence, otherwise, if he let you kill, where would I go to find my lover?"

Jin Lian translated Feng Xiao's words for Abo Khan. When she translated the last word, she suddenly got stuck.

She claims that there have been enough worlds in her life, and that the storms and waves experienced by her have made her face any difficulties, but when she heard Feng Xiao's title, the expression on Jin Lian's face was still frozen.

Cui didn't go to know that Feng Xiao had said it on purpose, and he had said it in front of Abo Khan.

At least Abo Khan has misunderstood the relationship between the two, and he can be slightly less worried that Feng Xiao will not go back and want to start with Cui in advance.

So Cui didn't go and didn't move, let Feng Xiao embrace him, exaggeratedly lyrically: "Go, you must wait for me, I will catch the murderer and prove your innocence!"

Cui had to cooperate with him before he could barely reach out and hugged him.

Jin Lian was stunned.

Abo Khan was dubious.

And the eyes of the great prince still have a hint of envy?

"Are you sure?" He heard Feng Xiao whisper. "They can't stop them if they leave now."

Cui didn't go um, he wouldn't pass into the secret, could not say more on this occasion.

Feng Xiao immediately let go of him, turned and walked without turning his head. He was absolutely decisive, and the affectionate section of the talent was just two people.

Cui didn't pump his mouth and squeezed the porcelain bottle he had just got into his sleeve.

Chapter 79

Cui Buqu was held in the Second Prince’s tipi. Khan Apa has deployed almost a hundred guards to man its surrounding. So, let alone one person, even a fly would not have been able to sneak inside while avoid being detected.

Under such circumstances, even if Feng Xiao’s martial arts are par excellence, it would not be easy even for him to sneak in and save the one inside without sustaining any injuries.

Additionally, they have swore that they only needed one day.

From dusk to dawn the time of a single day would pass by in the blink of an eye, yet Khan Apa could afford the wait.

Feng Xiao returned to the tipi they previously lived in together.

Qiao Xian has already heard about what happened, so she struggled to sit up and leaped onto her feet fuming like thunder, “How can you let the Commander stay there alone!”

Feng Xiao waved a hand, a look of uncaring, “Your Commander asked to remain there himself, what can I do about it?”

Qiao Xian felt fury fill her, throwing away all her control to remain polite and calm, “I refuse to believe the Commander would say that!”

Feng Xiao, “Then you can ask him yourself.”

“Of course I will!” After she spoke, she left in a hurry. However, Feng Xiao did not get the opportunity to have some peace to himself. Once Qiao Xian left, almost immediately, Jin Lian walked in.

She was no less anxious than Qiao Xian, because now, they are people on the same side, sailing the same boat. It was no longer possible to abandon said boat. Jin Lian could only thicken her face and watch where this ‘broken boat’ is sailing to.

“Lord Feng, how do you plan to look for the murderer? If you need help, you only need to ask.”

Feng Xiao, “I have no ideas.”

Jin Lian become even more anxious, “We only have one day. The sky has begin to approach dawn, and just now I notice that Khan Apa really did have the intention to kill. Even if you want to procrastinate, we cannot procrastinate for too long. If the murderer is not found, then Master Cui’s life would be in danger!”

Feng Xiao, “There is something. I think you have also heard about it.” “Please enlighten me.” Jin Lian felt a bad feeling sinking in.
Feng Xiao, “Between Cui Buqu and I, we both each holds the position of Commander in the Zuoyue Bureau and the House of Blades. Kings refused to be ruled by kings. Perhaps it could be described as such. It is a little similar to the First Prince and the Second Prince, they both dislike each other. Both of them could not help but wished for the day that the other’s luck would run out. Do you understand now?”

Jin Lian, “……I do not understand.”

Feng Xiao clapped his hands, “I will be frank. Now that Cui Buqu is held under arrest, if I do not care for him, then the Zuoyue Bureau would lose its Commander, and I would lose myself a rival. However, for me, this is good news. What good reason is there for me to rescue him?” Jin Lian stared wide eyed, her tongue tangled into knots. “But… but this thing about your duty. Did you people not came here to form an alliance?”

“This was originally Cui Buqu’s duty, not mine. My reason I came along with him, was so I could contribute to the cause and earn myself some achievement.” Feng Xiao spoke as if was the way it should be, “If this succeeds, then I will prevail. Otherwise, if it fails, then I only need to return and push all the responsibility onto Cui Buqu, then I will have nothing blamed upon me. Don’t you think so?”

Jin Lian: ……

Feng Xiao smiled, “He loved to pit others. So this time it’s time he gets a taste of his own medicine. It is fine if you were wondering why I wasn’t clapping my hands in celebration, but do you really want me to rescue him from this pit?”

As he finished speaking, he cared not what expression Jin Lian showed, simply turning his body and headed outside.

He was talking to himself as he walked.

“Right now, he is definitely imprisoned by headaches. It is a pity I cannot see Master Taoist Cui scratching his ear as he could not think of a plan. Tomorrow, when the time comes, reminiscing on the sentiment that we were both subjects of the Crown, I will accompany him through his penalty.”

Jin Lian watched as Feng Xiao left and could not help but feel her head spinning.

She felt a strong urge to rush in front of Cui Buqu right now, to tell him, that he placed his trust on the wrong person. Feng Xiao never cared about his safety, and not only that, but he would even clap his hands happily as he watch him die. However, perhaps Cui Buqu really did have a plan to make this crumbling boat set sail once more?

If she spoke now, then she would have ruined his plans.

Jin Lian stood alone on her spot, feeling her heart tying itself into a knot.

Khan Apa did not limit Feng Xiao’s actions. He knew that no one would be Feng Xiao’s match, so he could only order people to follow him around and report his actions back to him.

Feng Xiao did not use the chance to escape, neither did he run around looking for the murderer. He was enjoying himself as he took a saunter in the grasslands, admiring the grasses and trees. Looking here and there, wandering here and there. Merchants from the Western Regions arrived, and they brought the most welcomed ceramic pots and silk. Feng Xiao also went over to their place, talked with a few of them, and even enjoyed a round of delicious roasted lamb meat.

Although there was no alliance between the courts of Turk and the Central Plains, but they would not reject or hinder the merchants. Because once those Turkish royalty got used to the silk and ceramic items, it was very difficult for them to reject them.

The taste of lamb meat mixed with bezoin, once entered the mouth, it would melt like butter. After that, added with a string of juicy grapes, this is indeed an excellent mixture that could not be found in his homeland. However, these two types of food were far more delicious than what could be found in the Central Plains.

The merchants came from very faraway hands. There were Han people among them, but there were also exotic races with high noses and deep eyes. It was difficult for the Han people to meet someone from their homeland, so they very welcomingly invited Feng Xiao to have a meal with them. Feng Xiao was not shy at all, so he indulged himself in the roasted lamb ribs as if it would be difficult for him to eat anything so delicious anymore in the future. When the host caught him putting the lamb ribs down after a while, he even thought that it was not suited to his taste, so he ordered his men to bring another dish of beef.

Feng Xiao said, “It has nothing to do with the meat, only that I could not help feeling the taste is a bit bland.”

The one roasting the meat felt a little strange, “I have put a lot of salt. If my Lord prefers heavier tastes, you may try adding even more salt.”

Feng Xiao shook his head. He himself also felt strange.
Logically speaking, now he is a free man without burdens. He only needed to pat his butt and return to the Central Plains, then he could see the Zuoyue Bureau now without a leader, turning into chaos inside. Never again would another person try to question the authority of the House of Blades, and in this world, the number of intelligent people would be decreased by one.

Yet, why is it that, he does not feel satisfied at all?

Feng Xiao stared at the tasteless lamb rib in front of him and sighed. “Without someone to bicker with me, it really does feel uncomfortable.” He left the banquet and followed the edge of the glass field as he walked. A white crane flew over and landed on a place not far from him.
White feathers that sprouted from its body fluttered, creating an illusional look of softness and gentleness. The radiant curve of the back of its neck reminded him of Cui Buqu’s lazy posture as he lied on his bed, refusing to get up.

Of course, its beak looked like Cui Buqu’s accused mouth the most, long and sharp, fully prepared to peck at anyone. Once Feng Xiao imagined Cui Buqu with a bird’s beak in his mind, a series of laughter could not help but burst from his mouth.

Jin Lian has been trying hard searching for him, so she rushed over, hoping to persuade him, and in that moment she heard his long, smooth, and natural laugh.

In her heart, she said: Cui Buqu really is unlucky. He is in such a situation, yet Feng Xiao is behaving so happily? It seems like he would be unwilling to help at all.

Jin Lian sighed. Since the matter has come to this, she would have no choice but to see Cui Buqu and see if he has a plan to turn the tides around.

However, at this moment, Feng Xiao turned around and asked in a strange tone, “Why are you here?”

Jin Lian did not wish to say more, so she said plainly, “Nothing. I am leaving. Lord Feng, please enjoy yourself.”

“Wait.” Feng Xiao called after her, “Is the HeiYue Shaman’s corpse still here?”

Jin Lian shook her head, “It was burnt beyond recognition. It was cremated on the spot. But all Shamans are cremated after death.”

Feng Xiao, “Then is that stone hut still there? Can you get both his disciples to talk to me? I have something to ask them.”

Jin Lian asked suspiciously, “Are you finally considering rescuring Master Cui?”

Feng Xiao smiled, “There is only one Cui Buqu in this world. If he died, then where can I go to find someone so interesting again?”


Qiao Xian did not rest. Her previous injuries were not light, so it was impossible for her to rescue Cui Buqu, and so was rushing into the place just to see him. Until the First Prince’s arrival, watching her lingering outside the tipi, only did he convince the guards to let her in out of philantrophy so she could see Cui Buqu.

It seemed that Cui Buqu did not receive any tortured. He was sitting on his knees in the center, closing his eyes as he rested, as if he wasn’t aware that this death is nigh.

“Commander!” Qian Xian walked up to him and fell onto her knees.

“I apologize for my incapability. I will definitely think of a way to rescue you out of this place, so you would be shamed further!”

Cui Buqu, “Where is Feng Xiao?”

Qiao Xian was furious, “Don’t place your hopes on him! He never had the intention to rescue you!”

Cui Buqu said in a low voice, “Please bring my words to him. Tell him this: tell him to go as far as possible, never to come for me, tell him to not even think of taking revenge on Khan Apa. There are countless martial artists by his side, with just the two of you, it is impossible to win against them.”

Qiao Xian was shocked.

If it wasn’t for Cui Buqu’s calmness, pale yet peaceful expression, she would definitely thought that the other was out of his mind.

Cui Buqu asked, “What time is it now?”

Qiao Xian, “It is half past six. The first light has come.”

Cui Buqu announced, “Let’s not delay any further. If you want to rescue me, then bring these words to him.”

Qian Xian thought left and right and she could not tell what was so special about these words. She feared that once Feng Xiao hears this, he would be even happier and leave without thinking twice. But she would obey Cui Buqu’s command, no matter what. Without hesitating, Qiao Xian rose to her feet and left.
Cui Buqu watched her leave, disappearing behind the curtains, before slowly taking out the ceramic bottle from his sleeve. He pulled the incense burner next to him before pouring everything inside.

Turkish royalties held love for products made in Han lands. There were false replicates of them everywhere, and these sort of incense burner and incense that would only be found in the houses of the wealthy were seen everywhere.

Cui Buqu stared as the incense burner emitted light smoke that very quickly dissipated into the air without a trace, carrying a light and clear sweet scent.

He stared at the incense burner for the longest time before suddenly shouting in Turkish, “I want to see Khan Apa! Tell him, if he refuses to see me, the terrible result would ensue is something beyond his imagination!”

Had he been just a normal prisoner, the guards would simply ignore him without a care. But Cui Buqu’s identity wasn’t just anyone, so when the guard heard him, they immediately reported to the Khan.

It was rare to see the Khan not indulging in his beauties, and not attending any meeting either. The guard entered as the other sat on his knees in the center of the tipi, both hands in a lotus grip. No matter how one looks, it definitely looked strange.

However, the guard refused to ask after him, he immediately conveyed to him Cui Buqu’s message.

Khan Apa did not show immense anger. Instead, he peacefully listened to the guard as he finished talking. A strange smile spread across a face that was corroded by beauty and age. “Cui Buqu.” For the first time this name was uttered by the Turkish Khan with the utmost accuracy, soft and slow, as if he could taste it on his tongue.

Until Khan Apa rose to his feet and walked towards Cui Buqu’s tipi, only did the guard pause for a moment, realizing that just now, the Khan was speaking in Han.

Chapter 80

“You want to see me?”

Khan Apa brought no few amount of guards as he entered. This was his lands, so no matter how many people he wanted to bring around, he need not seek the approval of anyone.

The crowd of people looked intimidating, a wave of hot energy washed over the tipi’s insides. The original clear and faint fragrance in the tipi was gone.

Cui Buqu nodded his head, “I wanted to see you.”

“Speak.” Khan Apa carried the air of one who has victory in his grasp, looking upon Cui Buqu from a high pedestal. The hardship of one who was from a nomic tribe has added a few touches to his face compared to one of the Central Plains. The gaze he used to look at Cui Buqu has lost the welcomeness and warmth he previously showed, and what replaced it was coldness and mockery, allowing one to feel that he really could kill Cui Buqu as simple as stepping on an ant.

Cui Buqu suddenly said, “The Second Prince has just passed away. Yet, from the looks of it, why does the Khan seem like he isn’t the least upset?”

Khan Apa said coldly, “As a Khan of Turk, my heart is to the people of the whole of Turk. I cannot allow the death of my son to consume me from my duties.” For such noble words, any citizen of Turk would have felt touched upon hearing it, just like now, the expression of those guards that stood next to the Khan changed immediately, for a moment they’ve forgotten all the misdeeds he did in the past. Had they been in the Central Plains, they would have immediately knelt down in respect.

But Cui Buqu laughed instead, as if he has heard some sort of joke. He laughed until those Turkish guards showed anger and practically wanted to rush forward to hit him.

“I wish to meet with the Khan in private.” He said, putting emphasize on the words ‘in private’, “Otherwise, if I said things that should not be said, you would regret it.”

Both of them stared at each other. It was difficult to tell whether Khan Apa was furious or happy, but he waved his hand and allowed the guards to leave, in the mean time, he allowed some people to lay a thick, comfortable carpet for him, absorbing all the sound that would leak to the outside.

Khan Apa, “What do you want to say?”

Cui Buqu remained silent.

Khan Apa laughed, and said relaxly, “No matter what you want to say, your death is coming.”

Cui Buqu coughed twice. His complexion looked even paler than when he first came to the grasslands, but there was no difference between pale and even paler. Other than people close to him, no one would ever notice it.

He reached out his sleeve to veil his coughs with long slender fingers. Through his glass skin, one can even see the curves of his bones, yet this didn’t make him look like he was prone to bully, instead, it was like a bamboo shoot, straight and tall and rigid, lifting a wide robe.

Cui Buqu, “But you still came. Because you are curious about what I wanted to say. Or perhaps, you were curious about how much I know.” Khan Apa said no more. He was waiting for Cui Buqu to speak first. He knew that the other would not be able to hold back showing off his intelligence, trying to test himself and delay the time.

He did not care, because he was well-prepared. No matter what Cui Buqu said, or how much he knew, the end result would not change.

Cui Buqu definitely surprised him, “I originally thought you were masqueraded by the HeiYue Shaman.”

Khan Apa raised an eyebrow, as if he was interested, “What made you felt later that I was not?”

Cui Buqu said plainly, “Because of the stone hut.”

Khan Apa, “Oh?”

Cui Buqu, “That night, when Feng Xiao sneaked into the stone hut, with the fact that his nose was even more sensitive than a dog’s, he could smell the scent of medical herbs, in fact he could even smell that there were ligusticum, ganquan, musk, and ginger.”

Feng Xiao was not here, so he cannot protest what Cui Buqu said about his nose being more sensitive than a dog’s, or protest about the fact that humans and dogs cannot be compared like that, so he could only let Cui Buqu say whatever he wanted about him.

“With a little of musk, half a Liang of ginger, one Liang of ganquan, and one Liang of ligusticum. Do you know what a prescription like this could do?” Cui Buqu did not wait for the other’s response, because he did not need it, “To make Bihui pellets. After the pellets are burned, it can neutralize the stench of a dead person.”

“Jin Lian said before that Khan Apa once fell ill, but he was healed by the HeiYue Shaman. This incident happened while we were not here, and only after Jin Lian has returned. Khan Apa originally supported her decision to seek the Central Plains for an alliance, but suddenly he changed his decisions, and not only did he refuse to treat the Sui Empire ambassadors that came from afar with politeness, even towards her, he was cold and distant unlike before.”

“Those items that were required to manufacture the pellet could not be found locally. Someone needs to purchase them from the Central Plains, so I ordered Jin Lian to investigate who bought those items from the merchants, and in the end, it was you, Khan.”

“Originally, I thought that the HeiYue Shaman killed the Khan, then took his form, but the existence of the Bihui pellets changed my thoughts. A Turk, even if they are the Shaman, cannot be so familiar with a prescription like this, so let alone using it on corpses. This does not seem like the methods of the Turks, and you, after taking the form of the Khan, everything you did does not seem like you are fighting for the benefit of Western Turk.”

Clap! Clap! Clap!

Khan Apa clapped his hands.

He was not in a hurry, instead he was very patiently listening to Cui Buqu as he finished speaking without a lick of shock or unexpectation, or anger. On the other hand, he even looked like he admired the other man.

“The name of the Zuoyue Bureau’s Commander is indeed not a lie. With only those scents and herbs, you can conclude so many things. A long time ago, someone told me that there are a few people in the Sui Empire who I cannot afford to offend. Among them, was Feng Xiao’s martial arts, and Cui Buqu’s schemes. I have seen Feng Xiao’s martial arts with my own two eyes that defeated even the number one fighter of Turk.”

These words, he spoke even more accurately in Han then any Nothern official from the Central Plains.

However, Cui Buqu long had his suspicions. His face was pale, showing no look of shock, “Should I thank the Khan–No, I should say, should I thank this brother who is masquerading as the Khan for praising me?” The other laughed, “When did you notice the inconsistencies?”

Cui Buqu, “From the beginning.”

The other did not even think before he said, “Impossible!”

Cui Buqu looked at him coldly, “You exposed yourself since the beginning. Khan Apa was a lustful man. On the day you first met Qiao Xian when I brought her into the King’s tipi, you did not even looked at her through the whole process. Can this be normal?”

The other thought deeply, then he even agreed.

Cui Buqu, “Moreover, on the night the HeiYue Shaman died. During the beginning of the banquet, every ambassador was present, logically, you, as Khan, should also be present. Yet you did not show up, and the rest of the people even said that ever since the Kucha beauty’s arrival, the Khan has been completely seduced by her beauty without care for your kingdom’s political matters, that you could procrastinate even for such a situation. However, to me, this is just the fact that proved everything. You must have known that Feng Xiao would definitely seek out the HeiYue Shaman, so you laid the trap earlier, fought with Feng Xiao, making him think that you are the Shaman himself, and after that, you burned the stone hut as well as the Shaman’s corpse, then pushed everything onto Feng Xiao!”

“There’s more. When you fought with Feng Xiao, although Feng Xiao himself was wounded, you were nowhere near well off. He slipped into the Second Prince’s tipi and created the scenario where the Second Prince possesses those queer habits, making use of it to conceal the heavy scent of blood on him. You followed in after with the Kucha beauty, and I managed to smell that the fragrant scent on her was far more intense than usual. I imagine you were the same, using that scent to veil the scent of blood.”

His body could not take it after speaking so much in one go, so he lowered his head to cough as he analysed the situation further. For one to lay such a huge scheme, masquerade as the Turkish Khan, and played everyone for a fool, including Fo Er himself. Even Cui Buqu himself was previously deceived. This whole thing could be said to be quite astounding to the eye.

However, the other party patiently listened to everything Cui Buqu said, certainly not because Cui Buqu’s voice was beautiful, but because, Cui Buqu wanted to delay the time, and so did he, to achieve a certain goal.

Cui Buqu now is equivalent to a sitting duck. The only reason he would wish to delay, was so he could invest all the time onto Feng Xiao.

As he thought, Cui Buqu coughed even more vigorously.

Right now he could only place his hopes onto Feng Xiao, and trust that he would get his intentions, to cooperate with him from the outside, otherwise even if he tried his best here, he would not succeed.

The fake Khan Apa looked concerned all over his face, yet his mouth said something that contradicts it, “Are you alright? Could it be that you are coughing yourself to death? I see how you are ill all the time, why couldn’t you just die?”

Cui Buqu coughed twice again, “Thank you for your concern, but I am afraid I would have to disappoint you, Zen Yu Xiu.”

The fake Khan squinted his eyes, his desire to kill peaked abruptly.

Cui Buqu behaved as if he did not notice it. He has coughed until he felt a little tired, so he leaned back against the pillar, using it to help him breathe properly. However, his hand was pressing on his chest, refusing to leave. There, a pain had begun to spread, even every inhale and exhale was affected. On normal times, when he behaved like this, Qiao Xian would have immediately pressed her hand onto his wrist and transfer her inner strength to him to help him sooth his pain. However, at this moment, Qian Xian was not present, so Cui Buqu could only force himself to breath lightly so to minimize the burden on his body. With such a huge killing intent rising at his back, added with physical pain, his back could not help but exudes cold sweat.

After a while, he heard the other said, “How did you know it was me?”

Cui Buqu closed his eyes, suppressing all his pain, only did he opened his mouth.

“In Qiemo, you purposely allowed someone who looked like yourself to mislead us. At first, we also thought that that was you, but now when I think about it, during that time, you have probably already arrived in Western Turk and begin your plan.”

“After all, Khan Apa is the Khan of Western Turk. Everyday, countless number of people would surround him. If you want to assassinate him, perhaps you could have succeeded, but to take his identity, that is definitely not easy. However, it was easy had it been the HeiYue Shaman. He lived away from the crowd, and his servants are not many in number, so you killed the Shaman first, took his ideneity, then used the opportunity of healing the Khan to kill him, then put the Khan’s corpse in the stone hut, using the Bihui pellets to neutralize the stench, and pretended that the Shaman was in secluded meditation. After that, you can proudly masquerade as the Khan under broad daylight.”

“You got close to the Kucha beauty, because she was only sent here after you stole the Khan’s identity. On one hand, she suited your identity’s persona of a pervert, and on the other hand, it would minimize your contact with other women belonging to the Khan to avoid exposing your identity. That was actually very brilliant.”

“In fact, everything you did after you stole Khan Apa’s identity, was aggressively picking on the relationship between Khan Ishbara and the Sui Empire. You even intended to let Western Turk fall into chaos, leading them into self-destruction. This manner of act is exactly the same as what you did with us before.”

“Actually, until just a moment ago, these were all simply theories. I dare not confirm whether all of these were true.” As he spoke until this point, a light smile appeared on Cui Buqu’s face,
“However, you yourself have just admitted it.”

The fake Khan, who is also Zen Yu Xiu, nodded his head simply. He was even no longer interested in faking the deep, hoarse voice of the Khan, resuming to use his original clear and smooth voice.

“I admitted. So what? Are you waiting for Feng Xiao to come to your rescue? Please have my apologizes for being frank, but I fear he was all the more happier to see you walk towards your death, even if he realized his guilt, it would be too late.”

Yu Xiu was originally a young and handsome monk, even when he wears an old and wrinkled disguise, it could not conceal his grace and elegance.

Author’s Notes:

P.S. 1: The precription of the Bihui pellet comes from the Song Dynasty’s Collected Cases of Injustice Rectified. Nothing is recorded about the earliest time when this prescription was founded.

P.S. 2: The thing that Cui Cui took out was mentioned before in previously. If anyone has forgotten about it, you can reread to take a look ~

Zen: Zen or Zen master is a somewhat vague English term that arose in the first half of the 20th century, sometimes used to refer to an individual who teaches Zen Buddhist meditation and practices, usually implying longtime study and subsequent authorization to teach and transmit the tradition themselves.
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