Peerless Chapter 61-70

Chapter 61

"His is Mr. Song Xue?"

The other laughed: "Don't dare to be Mr., my brother Xiutai directly called my name, and Song Songxue was just another nickname for joking among friends.

Zuo Yue Bureau is well-informed. Cui does not know more about the various characters in the world, but he is not a god. After all, He ca n’t just hear a person ’s name. He knows his background, but Xiao Lu is an exception. .

He is from the Southern Dynasty, and he was an official in the Southern Dynasty. His eunuchs were also very low. He was the lowest-ranking official in the East Palace. In fact, he didn't need to be. He didn't need him to go to the dynasty. He was a mixed mess in his career. Extreme. On the other hand, he was born in the side branch of the Xiao family of Nanliang. Since childhood, he studied under the famous calligraphy master Gu Yewang and Zhiyong monk. He learned both calligraphy and cursive calligraphy. He also introduced calligraphy into the sword. .

However, when many people talk about Xiao Lu, I always put these words together in addition to the word pity.

It is a pity that Tian is jealous of talents, otherwise, Xiao Xun's talents will not stop him in the South Chen Chaotang.

Unknown enemies and friends, in this situation, Cui could not go on and on, and could only ask the most important questions.

"Xiao Gongzi was not an official in the Southern Dynasty. Why did he come here?"

"I've resigned and come here to save people." Xiao Lu answered very simply, without turning around to make unnecessary nonsense. "What is your name?"

"My surname is Cui." Cui did not go. "Do you know how to go out?"

Xiao Lu: "I just came in, I'm looking."

Cui didn't go more than sure that there was more than one entrance here, but Duan Qiyi made such an underground secret room just to find a way out at a critical moment, so why bother?

The two stopped talking, and Cui didn't cough a few times, forbearing back pain, and started to break up with Xiao Lu to find a way out.

"Before you came down, I probably checked it," Xiao Lu said. "There is no mechanism on the ground. Theoretically, the tunnel cannot be dug down further. If there is a way out, it should be on four walls."

Cui did not whisper, and his palm just touched a groove.

There was a loose head inside, and he tried to push back, and surely he heard a rumbling sound, and the light leaked from behind him.

The stone door slowly opened, accompanied by the woman's weak moaning |

Where's the woman in this place?

Questions rose simultaneously in the hearts of the two, and when Shimen was fully opened, the scene inside appeared in front of them. Even if Tai Shan collapsed in front of Cui Bufang, he couldn't help but stunned.

Compared with the darkness they are in, there is more than just a light behind the door, it is simply a paradise.

The red veil of curtains, the satin of silk, and the faint aroma smelt out, like sandalwood, apricot, sweet and full of joy.

And those groaning | groaning came from behind the gauze.

Cui did not go and approached Shimen with Xiao Lu, and felt that the warm fragrance had a kind of sensational effect. One frowned and took a few steps back. One adjusted his luck and turned his wrist. The sword wind swept the warm fragrance. open.

By the light behind the door, Cui did not go to see the beast that had attacked them. In fact, it was a tiger. There were two people lying on the ground with a sword injury in his abdomen. It should have been Xiao Lu before he came down. Killed.

Apart from these two people and one tiger, there are no traps in the imagination of the organization. There are several beds in the stone room, and several are wrapped in tulle. Even if they are not invisible, they are lying on the bed with a woman who is no different from Chi | His face was flushed and his eyes blurred, rubbing his body, unconsciously showing a seductive gesture.

A thin iron chain was tied to their ankles and the other end was attached to the bedpost, preventing them from getting to bed.

But even without this iron chain, in the state of being drugged and trapped in this stone room, there are beasts guarding outside, it is difficult to escape.

Xiao Lu turned pale and suddenly strode toward one of the beds.


The woman whose name was called by him returned with tears and blurs, unheard of.

Xiao Lufei quickly reached out, squeezed her wrist to enter a ray of qi, and kneaded again and again in her face door and a few acupoints above her head.

The woman's body shook and her expression slowly changed from confusion to sobriety.

When she saw Xiao Lu in front of her, she was dull, and when Xiao Lu called her again, her body jumped up suddenly, almost trying to jump up, her face turned from white to green, and big tears fell quickly.

"Seven brother ?!"

Cui didn't understand.

Duan Qiyi not only regards this place as his refuge and last resort, but also uses it as a **** for pleasure. The women he imprisoned here are probably good women. At first, Duan Qiyi must have come by means of clever use of looting. For these people, it is easy to see the light on the ground, and there is too much trouble. Secondly, the sky is not seen here, and it is secretly closed. These women are unable to resist, and they just let Duan Qiyu do whatever he wants to satisfy some of the twisting fun that is unknown to outsiders.

Since entering the Zuo Yue Bureau, Cui has not been used to many dark and dirty worlds. It is not too surprising, but he did not expect that even Xiao Lu's relatives would be involved.

He walked to the corners of the room and kicked out several incense burners placed there, and the aroma that could stir prostitutes suddenly disappeared.

The Mei Niang hugged Xiao Luying and cried, as if she wanted to cry all her grievances, and the other women have not recovered from the medicinal effects. Even the cry did not make them sober.

Cui does not frown slightly: "Gong Xiao ..."

Xiao Lu smiled bitterly, expressing that he understood what he meant, reaching out to stun the woman in her arms, putting people down, and walking towards other people, ready to release their shackles.

"Gong Xiao is slow," Cui said. "These people have been tortured for a long time, and they may suddenly be awake like your sister. When we take so many people out together, we might as well cut off their chains and wait. After we found a way out, we went back to find someone to save them. "

Xiao Lu nodded: "Brother Cui still thoughtfully."

He surely cut off the iron chains of these women one by one, according to Cui Buqu, but they have been immersed in this **** for a long time, and they will not be able to recover slowly in a short while, without the iron chains. I won't suddenly wake up, crying and running around, still lying on the bed with my bedding on my face, with an unbearable face and a sturdy figure, but my body is blue and purple, and the old and the new are interlaced. It is not difficult to imagine how tortured.

No matter how many sighs, this time will not help.

Cui Buqu is not a softhearted person, and Xiao Lu obviously does not have those lamentable compassion. The two began to find a way out in Shihyang.

After a while, Cui did not hear the other person sighed softly.

The sigh did not hide the anxiety and anger, but he still suppressed this emotion and let reason dominate his behavior.

Cui doesn't go to appreciate such people.

Take care of the big picture and never do bad things.

"Brother Xiao don't have to worry. I heard that there are still a few doctors with good medical skills. Looking back, I can take Lingmei to recuperate first." He was rescued by Xiao Lu just now. If he didn't care, it would be too much. It's cold.

Xiao Lu smiled bitterly: "She is not my sister. She is a daughter of a world uncle. When the warlock said that she had been killed and killed, she had to leave the house for a few years to repair it before returning. The family sent her to Huangshan Pie. Xuewu, I have n’t seen them for more than ten years. When I was two years old, the elders of her family suddenly asked me to come here, saying that she disappeared on the way home from the teacher ’s door, and did n’t leave a word. I ’m afraid to ask for help. All kinds of clues came here, I didn't expect ... "

For women, encountering such things may be more uncomfortable than death, even in the more open north.

The two searched in the stone room for a long time, but they didn't find the so-called exit. They could only return to the place where they came in originally.

The corpse of the tiger and the dead were still lying there. The **** smell combined with the residual aroma intertwined into a subtle and subtle taste. Without the effect of provoking **, it made people nauseous.

Xiao Lu looked around, couldn't find any organs, and his face was slightly anxious. Naturally, he didn't care. There was still a victimized Mei Niang in it. The longer she stayed here, the more she would definitely unfavorable.

"Here, there seems to be a recessed masonry." Cui did not go suddenly.

Xiao Lu was agitated. He reached out and touched the hand according to the position said by the opponent. Sure enough, there was a brick on the floor near the corner with a different depth than the one on the side. He slowly pressed down on it.

"Moved!" He said joyfully.

But then, a flood of water pours over the heads, pouring the two faces together.

"Well!" Cui didn't suddenly realize that the two gatekeepers were here, which meant that the government probably had two and needed two people to start at the same time. As a result, it only moved Xiao Lu's side. Naturally, he couldn't open the way of life.

Not only that, the water above them didn't tend to stop at all, and the inexhaustible water generally poured from above, as if they opened a passage leading to a lake.

The water level quickly rose from the feet, and soon reached the calf. Follow this trend, let alone save people to go out. Both of them will probably drown here first.

Almost at the same time, Cui did not look at Xiao Lu and looked at a remedy to repair the dead sheep.

Needless to say, Cui did not go quickly to find another recessed masonry in the stone room, and pressed with Xiao Lu at the same time.

Along with the rumbling noise, the water outlet was closed slowly, replaced by another masonry bulge on the wall.

Xiao Lu couldn't help smiling: "Duan Qiyu wants to build an underground palace?"

Cui does not go: "I'm afraid he can't do it alone. I think the structure here is more like an ancient tomb. Duan Qiyu evacuated it and turned the stone chamber of the institution into his own."

Xiao Lu pressed the masonry, and finally a stone door opened.

After Shimen, the stairs go up one by one.

This should be the real exit.

Both were relieved, Cui did not take the initiative to walk in front, Xiao Lu took Mei Niang on his back and walked behind.

As for the other women, they are powerless at the moment and have to make plans after getting out of danger.

The stone staircase was not long, and Mo took a short while to arrive.

The light is in sight. In addition, there is also the scream of Duan Qiao.

Cui did not take the initiative to jump down the secret road, and chased after him with great pains, in order to prevent Yan Xuexing from killing Duan Qiyu.

Even if he wanted to kill, at least he had to wait for himself to ask about the 13th floor of the Yunhai from him.

It was not enough to have a Yuheng. The two confessions confirmed each other before they knew the truth.

As a result, he just saw the sky, and just saw Yan Xue walking his sword into Duan Qi's abdomen.

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Chapter 62

Duan Qiyu had more than one breath, and he was cut off from all four limbs. He only had his head and torso. After that scream, his eyes were opened, and only the strength of humming was left.

Yan Xuexing stood next to him, and He did not stop the bleeding. After he was tortured, he swept his sword into his abdomen.

When Duan Qizhen only cares about fleeing himself, and regardless of the Duan family who was left behind, Yanyan Xuexing knew that it would not work to threaten Duan's family. He was selfish, and he would only consider himself at the moment of life and death, and he wanted to let him Pain is nothing but physical torture.

Based on what Duan Qixun has done over the years, Xun Yanxue let alone cut his limbs, and even if he digs his eyes and nose again, Xun Cui will never have any kind of woman, but Duan Qixu only has one breath now It is obviously impossible to say any more clues about the 13th floor of Yunhai.

Yan Xuexing saw them, and smiled mockingly: "You want to kill him too? Sorry, I was the first to board."

He bent down and ordered Duan Qi's several acupoints to help the other side stop bleeding. He injected Duan Qi's internal force a little bit, but instead of suddenly being soft-hearted and trying to save someone, he let Duan Qi's die more slowly so that he could torture for a while.

Seeing Yan Xuexing bring up Duan Qiao's back collar, he would take the person away. Cui did n’t go to the hard work here, but he would run for nothing, and said, "Hello, stay!"

Yan Xuexing turned a deaf ear and went on.

Xiao Lu stepped aside, Jian Guang rushed towards the other side.

His sword was extremely powerful. Yan Xuexing was not at all serious at this time, but at this time found that he had been blocked by Jian Guang, and had to drop Duan Qiao and fight with all his strength.

In Jianguang aspect, the two sides fought several moves and separated sternly.

Yan Xuexing's indifferent face finally showed a hint of surprise: "Who are you?"

Xiao Lu fell from the treetop, his robe sleeves fluttered, and the long hair that was erected behind him also fluttered, except that his black hair was full of white hair. If there was frost and snow, he was not like many people. That right-handed sword was n’t born with a left-hander, because—

Cui didn't think of others' evaluation of him, and glanced over Xiao Lu's right sleeve.

The wide sleeves covered his hands, but the spring breeze blew and still could see a corner of the secret.

It was a shrunken hand, or it could no longer be called a hand, more like a branch.

"Branches" should have grown on trees, but now they grow on people. Xiao Lu's face is handsome. Compared with Feng Xiao's publicity, it is another kind of elegant elegance, but with one hand disabled, perfect. Become a defect.

He was fair-skinned, and seemed to have a light sheen in the sun, and even his sword-holding hand was slender and good-looking, but the more so, the more ugly the other bare hand was.

Although there are so-called examinations for the selection of officials in the Southern Dynasties, in the final analysis, first look at the family history, then the appearance of character, and then finally learn, the former imperial clan like Xiao Lu, the body is also very incomplete, even if only eight high, It is also difficult to move on the official journey, not to mention that the Southern Dynasty emperor today does not have the eclectic hobby of talent.

Therefore, when many people talk about Xiao Lu, no matter how many praises, they always add a pity behind.

It's a pity that the heavens are jealous and talented, and Bai Yan has a slight flaw.

It is not surprising that Cui did not know Xiao Lu's identity in the dark room.

But when Yan Xuexing saw Xiao Lu for the first time, she was unavoidably surprised.

Xiao Lu seems to have been used to this kind of gaze, calmly said: "Duan Qiyu also has enmity with me, it is enough for Xiongtai to torture it to this point, I have something to ask him, and I have some personal complaints to resolve. Please also ask me to hand him over to me. "

Yan Xuexing sneered: "You can beat me to say!"

He said that he leaped to the other side, the sword moved with him, and the light flowed like a star for a long time, especially his sword was just used to torture Duan Qiao, blood was full of blood, murderous, the blood of the evil spirit overflowed, and it became more and more cold.

However, Xiao Lu did not retreat, and instead went up against the current. His left hand twitched lightly, and Jian Guang was transformed into tens of thousands of words. His shape was completely immersed in Jian Guang. Cui did not go and watch from the side, he could not tell at all. Among the two figures in Jianguang, who has the upper hand.

Cui didn't go to Duan Qiyu.

The other side had no limbs, and was lying motionless there, except that his chest was undulating, showing that he was not dead.

A man from a horse thief followed the cottage to burn and plunder the accumulated wealth, then washed white, and turned into a giant in the end of the city. In a sense, it can also be called self-made.

Even the 13th floor of the Yunhai fancy his forces and attracted him to join the gang, but unfortunately Duan Qiyu did not want to follow them against the strong enemy of the Sui Dynasty. If he now agreed to the 13th floor of the Yunhai, Cui would not want to deal with him, Maybe it's not that easy yet.

When he noticed someone approaching, Duan Qiao moved reflexively, opened his swollen eyes, and shed fear and fright.

The generation of magpies has come to such a point, it can be said that they blame themselves.

Cui did not want to ask anything, but found that the other party was motionless, his eyes remained half-open, and he was frightened to death.

It is estimated that the other party just thought Cui didn't go as Yan Xuexing.

I didn't ask anything, and I ran for nothing. Cui did not go. There was a kind of miscalculation depression. Holding the mind of no search and no search, he searched Duan Qiao's body and found a wrinkled one. letter.

Duan Qiyu became a blood man, and this letter was naturally stained with blood, but Cui didn't go without Feng Xiao's cleanliness, so he crammed it into his arms.

The two men at the end of the fight suddenly separated, Yan Xuexing glanced coldly at this side, seeing that Duan Qiao was dead, and turned away without saying a word.

Xiao Lu came over and saw Duan Qi's death. She couldn't help sighing: "Poor Mei Niang and other innocent women were ruined like this. Even if the thief died a hundred times, they could not make up for their wounds."

Cui does not go: "Brother Xiao's sister is both from Huangshan and in the Jiangnan region, how could she be taken to a border town thousands of miles away?"

Xiao Lu smiled bitterly: "The rivers and lakes were full of crises. Mei Niang grew up in a martial art since she was a child. She has never been exposed to the evil outside. In this world, there are many gangsters who are slaves. Going home, I thought that my martial arts was enough to protect myself, and I was naturally caught in the eye. I looked for her and found that she had turned northward after being taken away from Jiangnan, and had gone to Daxing before going west. , I do n’t know how much has been done, and her family ... ”

He sighed and didn't say any more.

Cui didn't know his unfinished words. After the story of Mei Niang, if anyone in the family had some prestige in the local area, I was afraid that Mei Niang would damage her face. Not only Mei Niang, the women in the stone room, even if they were rescued, waiting for them I am afraid there is an unpredictable fate.

Xiao Lu said: "I have to **** Mei Niang back. I don't know if Cui Xiandi can tell her name. If she has a fate in the future, she can meet each other."

Cui didn't go: "I can't go by name."

Xiao Lu: "Is there a character or name?"

Cui does not go: "No."

Nowadays, it is rude to call names by name, such as Xiao Luhao Songxue. Many people respectfully call Mr. Songxue, and if they get closer, they can also be called in his home.

Xiao Lu: "Then there is a home ranking?"

Cui did not go: "My parents died at an early age, there was no teacher, no father, no brothers and sisters, and they were all alone, so they had no other name than to not go."

Xiao Lugong apologized and said, "I took the liberty."

When he arched his hands, the bare hand on his right was inevitably exposed outside his sleeve.

"It shocked you." Seeing Cui not going to look, Xiao Luruo just put his right hand down.

Cui didn't go lightly: "I have a physical illness. I have seen my doctor. Some say I can't live to be six years old, some say I can't live to be nine years old. But I have to linger to this day. Many things happen in the sky and people do things. Many people always see the first sentence, forget the second sentence, and want to come to Brother Xiao and me. They are all unbelievers. "

Xiao Lu laughed with a smile, and said with a chic expression: "This words won my heart!"

"Lao Tzu is busy in front of him, but Mr. Cui Dao is busy making friends here. Sure enough, when there is a new one, he forgets the old one!"

Along with two jokes, a figure appeared outside the two.

Xiao Lu was a little surprised, and found that another master of martial arts had come.

Chapter 63

Feng Xiao's appearance is always so compelling.

He didn't get out of the tunnel like Cui Bugo and Xiao Lufang just like that, but he came down from the other side, with his robes raised up, and he looked like a crane, and he used to always fascinate others. , Smiled slightly towards the two.

Fairy figure, ice snow Yushu.

Qiao Xianzhi's easy-to-contain technique, not only changed the face of Feng Xiao, but also retained his original spirit | character style, making it difficult for old people to recognize, I still have some original charm. men and women.

Rao is accustomed to seeing Cui not to go, and he couldn't help but lose sight, let alone see Xiao Lu for the first time.

"But this lady is what Fangren called Orchid Fairy?"

"No, Tong Fangyuan may be more soft and three-pointer, but not as domineering as your lord." Waiting for Feng Xiao to answer, Xiao Xiao Lu shook his head again and looked at Feng Xiao for a moment. "You, are you a man dressed as a woman?"

Feng Xiao said nothing: "My surname Feng, and the phoenix phoenix, just call me phoenix. Cui Dao's eyes are very high. Ordinary friends can't get in his eyes. He can talk to you very well, presumably the lord is also human. Zhonglongfeng. "

Regarding Feng Xiao's behavior of clearly raising Cui, but actually damaging his eyes above the top, Cui did not go coldly: "Brother Xiao saved my life, and I am naturally polite to save my benefactor, Otherwise, what you are talking to Brother Feng now is a lone soul and a ghost. "

Feng Xiao groaned with a smile: "Acui, are you blaming me for not coming in time? I'm really sorry, will I let you breathe out?"

Cui didn't go to soak the water in the dark room for more than half a day, and he was all over. He was blown by the wind, sneezing for a few times, and looking at the unstained phoenix.

"This brother Xiao, Mr. Song Xue, who entered the book with his sword, has a martial arts talent. He is a must in the world. I am afraid that he is not under you. The world is so big. The two rarely meet each other. Huh? "

There is no need for Cui not to challenge, Feng Xiao also sees that Xiao Lu's martial arts are very good, and he immediately took a shot towards Xiao Lu.

"Then I'll ask Brother Xiao for advice!"

Xiao Lu took a slap with him. The two sides were surging, forming a circle of air around them, and Cui Bu went back for several steps.

With only a slamming sound, the two separated from the air, flew backwards, and floated lightly on two branches.

Xiao Lu smiled: "Brother Fenggong's martial art is extraordinary, I am not an opponent, I admire it!"

He also said to Cui: "Mei Niang's parents have been waiting for news at home, and her teacher has sent many people to find her. I have to send her back first. The bitter women here are bothered to report to Cui Xiandi. Now. "

Cui didn't bow his head, arching his hand, "Here is Lu Yao, Brother Xiao takes care."

Xiao Lu lost Mei Niang on her back: "I have the opportunity to come to Chendu, please drink good plum wine. I made it myself."

The two watched Xiao Luyuan go, and Cui didn't go until he remembered that there was another person who didn't come out.

"Where is the ice string?"

Feng Xiao sighed: "Send off one and one more, Mr. Cui Dao, there was a girl Bingxian willing to exchange Duan Qiyu's wealth for your safety, and Xiao Lu later saved you from water and fire. Fortunately, you are not a woman, or within a day, Shall we not return many times in our physical appearance? "

"I'm also glad that you are not a woman, or you're afraid you'll be taken off every time you marry a husband, and become the abandoned woman who has been taken off the most times since ancient times."

Feng Xiao: "What?"

Cui did not go: "Let me put on my coat."

Feng Xiao oddly said: "Why should I borrow you? In the broad daylight, let me undress and undress, do you still say that you are not my beauty?"

Cui didn't go blankly: "If I get a cold wind here, I have to lie down for a few days when I go back, how long can I get to San Mishan? If you don't care, I won't worry."

Feng Xiao: ...

He had to take off his coat unwillingly and threw it to Cui Bugo.

The coat was wrapped around the body to block the cold wind, and Cui didn't cough twice before feeling better.

"How is it over there?"

Feng Xiao kicked Duan Qi's body: "It was all won, Qiao Xian and Gao Xun deal with it afterwards. Didn't you ask him anything?"

Speaking of this, Cui was angry when he didn't go: "When I came out, he had been cut into an adult stick by Yan Xuexing, and he couldn't ask anything. Now he can only count on Yuheng."

Feng Xiao murmured: "This is difficult."

Cui did not frown, "Yuheng will never die, right?"

Feng Xiao said: "That's not true, but the existence of the 13th floor of Yunhai is so secretive that there must be measures to prevent each other from being exposed. Before we came out of Duan Qiao's mouth, nothing was asked. If there is no accident, jade Heng should only know the person in front of him, namely Mr. Shi on the 13th floor. "

"Actually, it's not a complete harvest." Cui didn't go and took out a letter. "This is what I found from Duan Qiao."

As soon as Feng Xiao saw the blood on it, she refused to take another step forward.

"You talk about what's written in it."

Cui did not go slowly and said, "Front to the east to see the sea."

Feng Xiao: "Cao Cao's poem."

Cui does not go: "When life returns, return to death, when the death is Sauvignon Blanc."

Feng Xiao's face was weird: "Do not connect back and forth, guess the riddle?"

Cui didn't go and ignored him and continued: "The third sentence is that it is good to be young. The fourth sentence is that He Han is clear and shallow."

Feng Xiao: ... What **** isn't there?

Cui didn't go: "I've got some clues. Thinking back, I have to bother you."

Feng Xiao: "When Cui Daochang spoke so politely, I knew there was nothing good, and I refused."

Cui did not sneeze: "I'm going to faint."

His words were straightforward, and he straightly turned towards Feng Xiao.

Feng Xiao had originally reached out to help him subconsciously, touching his blood-stained clothes and retracting his hands.

Cui didn't lose his dependence, and he fell to the ground with a sigh.

Feng Xiao coughed, looked around, and seemed to want to find an injustice.

Just then, a female voice rang: "Chao Daochang?"

Feng Xiao dragged Cui Bu on the ground behind her without thinking, so as not to be eaten by the goblin.

"Boblin" Yingying appeared, but it was Bingxian who had not been seen.

She was also soaked half-length, exposing the exquisite curves under her clothes, but she looked relaxed and without a trace of embarrassment.

"Cui Dao is all right?" Bingxian saw Cui not go to the ground, surprised, and seemed to step forward to help.

"He just fainted from the cold, and it was okay to take a few pills." Feng Xiao simply carried a person on his back.

If Cui doesn't "catch away" from the nymphs, then the alliance with Abo Khan may be a mess.

Admittedly, with the presence of Jinlian, they will surely be able to reach West Turkistan. They want to persuade Abo Khan to invest in the Sui Dynasty. It is not just by the use of force or douche, Feng Xiao believes that Cui will surely hold himself in his hands. Unknown information and advantages,

Thinking of this, Feng Xiao sighed and carried the person back.

Bing Xian: "I know a little bit about Qihuang, so why don't you let me see it for Cui Daochang?"

Feng Xiao: "No need, there will be someone around him who will heal."

In the face of his unceremonious rejection, Bingxian did not feel embarrassed, and smiled slightly: "It's not too early, and I should leave, I wonder if Feng Langjun had seen Yan Gongzi go before?"

Feng Xiao casually pointed in a direction: "There."

"Thank you, please give my regards to Cui Daochang and say that I will go to find Yan Yanzi first, and see you in the future, and then say hello to him." Bingxian floated away.

Feng Xiao: "Go and go."

Seeing trouble walking away one by one, Feng Xiao picked up Cui not to go back.

As I walked, I said to myself, "Cui don't go, Cui don't go, you see, I took you away from the cannibal goblin, and regardless of the **** smell on you, go back to you, this kind of affection, you Do n’t know now, it ’s okay. When you wake up, I remind you every day that I have to let you back! ”


While Cui was not lethargic, the end city changed dramatically.

To be precise, the power game of the three forces is overthrown.

Almost everyone, even Gao Yan himself, did not expect that the weakest "foot" in the tripartite standings changed, and became the final winner.

As soon as Duan Qin died, the Duan clan's forces fell down and Xingmao was captured. Xing's generations of business have been ingrained, but they cannot be killed. They must be questioned slowly to receive their influence.

In any case, Cui did not go with Feng Xiao. This time, it was a well-deserved effort to win back a city in the Sui Dynasty.

Even Feng Xiao himself was a bit surprised, because when he heard Cui's plan not to be bold, the first reaction was that the man was crazy.

However, it turns out that Cui does not go without madness. Even if he does n’t martial arts, ca n’t ride and shoot the enemy, he has n’t settled high in the temple, but he did n’t cost an inch, he provoked the contradictions between Duan Xing and let them mutually. Killed, and finally took advantage of fishing.

However, there were also coincidence factors. Yan Xuexing wanted revenge, and the 13th floor of Yunhai wanted to kill Duan Qiyu. Cui Buqu and Feng Xiao were only guided by the situation and helped the situation. In the final analysis, they used the greed and suspicion in the heart.

Those who are quickly sent to Beijing to return the news may not have arrived in the capital. The imperial court cannot respond to this matter too quickly, and the reward and punishment will have to pass some time. The flowers in Gaocheng were bright and cooked overnight. You are both happy and helpless. You have to ask Feng Xiao for each order, but you have to make seven or eight trips a day. It makes Feng Xiao annoying to see his face.

When Cui didn't wake up, she saw Feng Xiao shaking a fan, and Yu Youyou sat by the window, looking at the file in her hand.

This time, it was too big, and the identity of the two could not be covered for a long time. I knew everything I knew. So many people have seen them. If Foer was in Qiemo City, he would have heard the news already, and Feng Xiao would not bother. Pretending to be a woman, she simply restored her original appearance.

He was born so well, not to mention shaking the fan, even squatting to eat, it is also very pleasing to the eye-if you ignore the stove in the room, the plum blossoms are still open.

Cui did not know long ago that he would not let go of any opportunity to show himself when and where.

Like an oleander plant, hidden in the green leaves, it also desperately needs to bloom gorgeous flowers.

"My Cui Dao, you finally woke up." Feng Xiao held out two fingers. "There is good news, bad news, which one do you want to hear first?"

Cui did not go coldly: "I want to drink water to eat first."

The author has something to say:

Cui · Do not give face · Do not go!

Friendship is recommended for Nanzhida's romance, Nanzhida's style is delicate and soft. Don't miss it if you like this style ~

Chapter 64

Qiao Xian had prepared the meals long ago, and waited for Cui to wake up and use them.

She cares for Cui not to go through the years. She has become better at cooking. If she can go out without the help of others, she will cook and cook soup.

A sip of jade bamboo soup reminisces Yugan in his throat, and Cui drank Qiao Xian's technique immediately.

"Before listening to the good and bad news, I want to ask the Lord of the Phoenix House first." Cui did not finish the soup, and I set the bowl down.

Feng Xiao stood up: "It's late, just now this seat wants to say, you don't want to say, now you want to say, this seat doesn't want to say, leave."

Cui did not go: "Dare to ask why I woke up with soreness, especially with my right shoulder, and I seemed to have fallen hard."

Feng Xiao said innocently, "You ask me, who do I ask? How long can I not be hurt if I have been in the back room for so long?"

Cui didn't cover his head, and he looked awkward. "Why is there a bag on my head?"

Feng Xiaoxuan said twice: "After you fainted, there was another bad guy who came out and wanted to run you away. He sent her away, and it took the boss's strength to carry you back. You searched Duan Qiao's body before, and made a mess You have water and blood on your body, and I do n’t want to lose it because you do n’t want to be grateful, even if you do n’t want to be grateful, you even question me? ”

Cui didn't wonder, "What bad guy?"

The forces of Duan and Xing should be almost cleaned up by them.

Feng Xiao: "Ice strings."

Cui does not go: ...

Feng Xiao laughed: "Why, is Cui Daochang coveted the beauty of others?"

Cui did not go coldly: "Yeah, can the owner of Fengfu help me recover people?"

Feng Xiao shook her fan: "It would be difficult to do. Yan Xue is good at martial arts, and people are doing well. You're afraid that you can't compete with others. It's better, just a moment, I will introduce you to the fat maid next to Gao You Now. "

"Gossiping less, what was the result of interrogating Yuheng?" Cui did not rub the bag on his head, and it took at least two or three days for the heart to completely swell, and whether it was Feng Xiao who had hit him. It's not wrong to count the other person's head on a pen account.

Feng Xiao held out a finger.

"Bad news first, Yuheng died by himself."

Cui does not go: ...

It was a waking sunny thunderbolt.

The corners of his eyes twitched, squeezing the air of fire: "Is it the first time that the owner of Fengfu is doing a bad job? We managed to catch such a character. The other party is also the key figure on the 13th floor of Yunhai. It is right to ask him on the 13th floor of Yunhai. Things, wouldn't you take him seriously? "

Feng Xiao spread his hands: "I also know his importance, but do n’t forget, this is Qiemo City, not Jiejian Mansion, nor your left-moon bureau. We only had four people on this trip, except I closed him. Can you stay in twelve hours a day in prison? "

Cui didn't know what the other party said was the fact. Zuo Yueju also has the authority to detain prisoners. Although not as long as the Ministry of Criminal Affairs wants to be detained for as long as he can, it sometimes takes a few days to handle a case. Without knowing the ghost, a person dies without flaws, and there are countless ways.

He was silent for a moment and said, "Since he did not commit suicide when he was arrested at the time, he would not even do it later, so he must not have committed suicide."

Feng Xiao: "Yes, but in jail, there are so many opportunities to do our hands and feet. We can prevent the first day, but we can't prevent the fifteen. In the end, the dragons and snakes in the city are mixed, and the defense is lax. I was in charge, but there was still a person who pretended to be a friend of Yuheng and wanted to go in to visit. The jailer received a heavy bribe and really put the person in. As soon as the man left, they discovered that Yuheng was dead. "

Cui did not go: "The person visiting the prison must not find any trace."

Feng Xiao: "Yes, I fled for a long time. Gao Yansheng was afraid of my blame. He has made people draw portraits, posted the whole city, and offered rewards and arrests according to the description of the jailer, but presumably there will be no results."

Cui didn't go to feel a headache, holding her forehead and said, "I just woke up, can't you give me some good news?"

Feng Xiao grinned: "Did I just say that, there is good news."

Cui didn't go, he said nothing, but didn't ask again.

Feng Xiao: "Why don't you ask?"

Cui did not go: "If I asked at this time, the Lord of the Phoenix Mansion would certainly not be willing to inform you, maybe he would have to exchange conditions with me."

Just because the incident at the end of the city came to an end, although the 13th floor of the sea of clouds behind Yuheng was ambitious, it had nothing to do with this case. If you want to investigate, you can only count as another thing. So when Yu Heng died, with Feng Xiao's nature, it would certainly be impossible to tell Cui not to tell the matter in vain.

Feng Xiao groaned with a smile: "Cui Daochang is really smart, so what do you want to exchange?"

Cui didn't go slowly or slowly: "I heard that the owner of Fengfu has been searching for famous pianos, presumably the piano you are using is not very satisfactory, otherwise this trip to the end of the city would have been brought Right? "

There are very few people on the rivers and lakes who use the piano as a weapon. Feng Xiao is one, and his piano is not only confusing people with sound waves. It is also used to smash people at critical moments. When Cui did not go last time, he saw that he smashed the enemy with the piano. At that time, infuriatingly pierced it, and smashed the piano directly into a crack.

Ordinary pianos must not be able to withstand such frustrations. Only pianos with special materials can be used as weapons.

Feng Xiao arrogantly said, "I don't need a piano, so I can give my opponents a chance."

Cui didn't go: "I know the whereabouts of the beam."

Feng Xiao: "You said, but in the spring and autumn?"

Cui does not go: "Yes."

The beam around is a legendary piece of the famous piano. It is said that it was dedicated to the king of Chuzhuang in the spring and autumn. The king of Chu was indulged in the music of the beam and refused to go upward for seven days. Then I smashed the piano with iron.

From then on, the sound of Liangliang is unknown to the world, and later generations can only describe its magnificent beauty in imagination when talking about Liangliang.

Feng Xiao: "After the beam, there is no beam around the world."

Cui did not go: "Yes, this piano is a twin piano, a name after the sound, a name around the beam. Hua Yuan will dedicate the beam to the King of Chu. The beam has passed away, but the remnant is still there, and it has been collected till now. Its whereabouts , I know. Liangliang can make King Chu addictive, presumably its tone is different. If the martial arts people use it, it must do more with less. And as far as I know, Liangliang and Yuyin are made of heavenly stones, even if you want to use them later You do n’t have to worry about smashing people if you smash people. "

Feng Xiao: "Where?"

Cui does not go: "Cooperation."

Feng Xiao drew a corner of her mouth: "Yes."

Cui didn't make an inviting gesture and motioned him to speak first.

Feng Xiao: "Before Yu Heng's death, he had already known everything, and said it was nothing more than seventy-eight. There is not much difference between what the general and Duan Qiao said before. They only know the two main affairs before and after themselves, and I don't know of the existence of others. Feng Xiaoli XIII, Duan Qiyi 12, Yuheng 11 and the position in front of Yuheng is empty. "

Cui did not frown: "No one?"

Feng Xiao bowed his head: "According to Yu Heng, the 13th floor of the Sea of Clouds secretly sought out the world ’s talents, recruited them to the first floor, and ranked seniors according to their own abilities. After the person who was six was out, the thought of fighting for **** was eliminated. "

Cui does not go: "Who?"

Feng Xiao: "Far away in Goguryeo, Fuyumen, Gao Yun."

It was this Gao Yun that sent Wake and Qin Miaoyu to the Central Plains for a few years, and made them inquire about the information and seek opportunities to disturb the Central Plains, and Wake also said that it was a man named Mr. Yi who helped them connect in the Central Plains.

Several clues have been contacted.

Cui does not go: "Even Gao Yun can only rank sixth, and those who are before Gao Yun are afraid of even more."

Feng Xiao nodded with a smile.

Cui did not go and asked, "Since the 13th floor of Yunhai is so secretive, how are they connected to each other?"

Feng Xiao: "There is a messenger responsible for the middle contact, but Yuheng does not know the identity of the other party. Even the messenger who comes each time has a different gender appearance and voice."

Cui didn't frown: "No. All the people on the 13th floor of Yunhai want dragons and phoenixes. Yuheng is good in martial arts, but there is nothing to say about the forces, not to mention the old-fashioned slyness. Why is he still in front of Duan Qiyu?"

Feng Xiao: "Because he said that he was originally a nameless junk of Jiankang City. Someone fancy him, taught him martial arts, adjusted his words and deeds, and made him a monk at Ronghua Temple in Nanchen. , Step by step to the host, he joined the 13th floor of the Yunhai, which is also the meaning of this person. "

Cui didn't look, and immediately thought of a person: "Yu Xiu?"

Feng Xiao shook her head: "If you ca n’t ask, if it ’s Yuxiu, with the other party ’s carefulness and care, it ’s really impossible for Yuheng to know.”

This person, Yuxiu, has an unpredictable history, and his identity is even more misty. He has the trust of King Jin. If he is really Mr. Twelfth on the 13th floor of the sea of clouds, he can imagine how many storms will arise in the future.

Cui didn't groan, and frowned.

On the other hand, Feng Xiao, but it is a casual and safe, shaking Erlang legs.

"Atri, I always have a question."

Cui didn't look up and didn't lift his head, and Wu thought for himself: "Say."

Feng Xiao: "Your health is not good, and you are so exhausted that you will find yourself moving your hairline backwards every morning when you comb your hair?"

Cui didn't interrupt his thoughts, and was impatient: "I didn't find out, I'm not the phoenix master of Gu Ying's self-pity. If you find that you have lost a hair, you must cry for a long while holding your hair. Has the hair been buried under the tree? "

Feng Xiao laughed abruptly: "You are so mean and so cute!"

Cui did not look at him coldly.

Feng Xiao laughed enough and said, "Then you can tell me now, where is Yu Yinqin?"

Cui does not go: "Anping, Cui's."

Anping was called Boling in the ancient times, and those who can store such guqin as Yuyin, let alone a second person.

Feng Xiao raised her eyebrows as soon as she heard: "Bo Ling Cui?"

Cui does not go: "Yes."

How clever Feng Xiao was, she immediately shook her fan and inferred: "You are also surnamed Cui, wouldn't you be a member of the Cui family in Boling?"

Cui didn't go lightly: "I have no father, no mother, no words, no numbers, and even the backbone of an unknown family child, do you look like me?"

Feng Xiao nodded in agreement: "That's right."

He didn't wait for Cui to say anything, and his words turned sharply: "In my opinion, Boling Cui's and other ordinary people can't raise such a capable person as you."

Chapter 65

Many people like Cui not going, and more hate him.

Although Zuo Yueju is not famous, he has a lone queen who fully supports him. He has a lot of power. The number of people who fall in his hands is unknown. He is insulted by numerous people in his back. He is as hard as iron. He is never wrong. Well, now that Feng Xiao praises him, naturally he will not be overjoyed.

"Master Fengfu, every time I hear you praise me, I think of a word."

Feng Xiao: "Heroes in the world, only Jun and Cao?"

Cui does not go: "Weasel gives the chicken a New Year."

Feng Xiao laughed: "I'm a weasel, then you're a chicken? In my opinion, Cui Daochang doesn't look like a chicken slaughtered by anyone."

The fox who is so cunning and unwilling to suffer is still about the same.

Cui didn't go: "Is that so? I think Fengfuzhu looks like a weasel."

Flowering Weasel.

Feng Xiao has a good manner, and Xi Chengri did not turn over his face. Instead, he brought Jun's face together. He kissed and enthusiastically said: "We cooperated in the Liugong City to solve the case of the messenger, and here we resolved Duan Qiyu and Xing Mao Well, even if you ca n’t talk about life and death, how can you say that you are in distress? Why are you so far away from others? Bo Ling Cui, you really are your family? ”

Cui didn't get the pen and paper, wrote on it, and raised his head without saying: "What's the matter, how about it?"

Feng Xiao: "Looking at you like this, even if it's your own family, it must have failed, otherwise how can you say that you have no father, no mother, no word and no number?"

Cui didn't raise his eyebrows, and smiled: "It turned out that when I was talking to Xiao Lu yesterday, you were already lurking on the sidelines, and the master of the sword-making house, didn't you think that this was unkind?"

Feng Xiao's mouth angled up: "Cui Daochang doesn't want to pit me all the time. I don't have to guard against it. I'm afraid I've been pitted so long that I don't have any pants left."

He looked down at the paper that Cui did not move over, and it was written on the letter that was retrieved from Duan Qiyu's body that day.

Feng Xiao nodded: "It's not bad."

Cui does not go: "What about that letter?"

Feng Xiao: "Lost."

Cui didn't look at him coldly.

Feng Xiao was righteous and confident: "Don't you feel dirty with the blood of the dead?"

Cui did not sigh.

He felt that there was a clear benefit to working with Feng Xiao. Smart people get along with smart people without having to say a word, and they have tacit understanding. Moreover, Feng Xiao's martial arts are extremely high, and even Turk's No. 1 master, Fu Er, can't help him. But the disadvantages are also obvious. Feng Xiao is not his subordinate. It is impossible to obey everything. The position of Xie Jianfu is not under the Zuo Yue Bureau. With Feng Xiao's temperament, the Emperor Lao Zi may not be in his eyes, let alone a Zuo Yue Bureau. He acted casually and arbitrarily. He also pitted people from time to time. Not only did Cui not go to do business, he also had to spend time with Feng Xiao to fight wit. Beware of falling pits, one mind was split into two. No wonder he hadn't committed it in two years. Recently, the wheezing disorder has gradually relapsed.

Feng Xiao groaned with a smile: "Do n’t sigh and be heard by Qiao Xian, and think that I have bullied you again. I believe I have seen it. There is no mystery in it. If it is, it is also a poem on the letter. You were not Say you have a clue? Come and listen. "

Cui did not go: "The owner of Fengfu is so smart that he should be able to solve it."

Feng Xiao: "Let ’s do this. Let ’s write the clues we guessed on paper and exchange each other. Is it fair?"

Cui does not go: "Yes."

The two took paper and pencil, each with its own seat.

After a while, both parties took out what they had written.

Cui did not go: "The first sentence, facing the Shijie in the east, to see the sea. In my opinion, it should be a place."

Feng Xiao: "When Cao manipulated this poem, it was in a place called Beishi in Peiping County, but if it is so easy to guess, I'm afraid it will be easily seen, so I guess it is another place. Take the first word With the last word, Tokai-gun. "

Cui did not nod his head: "This letter is so obscure, it should be related to the 13th floor of Yunhai. I thought before that although the 13th floor of Yunhai is well-organized, they would not easily disclose their identities with each other. But in the long run, it is also easy to make a difference in life. For example, Duan Qiyu, if he knew that Yuheng and others other than Feng Xiaoli, he might even risk a fight. A monk and a woman really made him worry. Don't dare to be put up. "

Feng Xiao: "Yes, the founder of the 13th floor of Yunhai must have thought of this, so I will definitely find an opportunity for everyone to meet up, so as to reassure people like Duan Qiao. Unfortunately, Duan Qiao has not yet made a trip. Is already dead. "

Cui does not go: "The third sentence is a poem of thank you. You are not tired of your youth, you have already seen Zhu Mingyi. Qi Qi sighs, the stars are white-haired. He was derogated from Yongjia when he boarded Nanting."

Feng Xiao raised an eyebrow: "There are more to dig here, Yongjia, Nanting, and even Xie Lingyun's ancestral home may be the answer."

Cui does not go: "Neither. It is Zhu Ming."

Feng Xiao: "Why?"

Cui did not smile a little: "Because the next sentence, He Han is clear and shallow, this is an ancient poem in the Ming Dynasty prince Zhaoming collection, lyrical from Xinghe. 迢迢 Altair star, Jiao Jiao Han Han women. Slim and fluffy hands, Zaza get tricky. All day long, no tears like rain; He Han is clear and shallow, so it ’s quite a bit different. Yingying a river, there is no pulse. Look at the last sentence, never tired of youth, I have seen Zhu Ming shift. Zhu Ming is summer, gold It is autumn, and the combination of up and down is the time when the Cowherd and Weaver Girls meet on July 7. "

Cui did not go with Feng Xiao on weekdays, mostly sneer, ridiculed and laughed at the skin and smiled, and rarely showed such a comfortable smile without any irony. For a moment, even the eyebrows brought spring breeze, Feng Xiao suddenly found that Cui It ’s not bad not to be born. Although my face is sick, my eyes are shallow, but my eyes seem to have a ray of light in them. When I look at people, I am brilliant. When I look cold, I am full of momentum. When I laugh, I am full of flowers. Trees bloom, no wonder the ice strings will attract them.

Feng Xiao laughed: "Cui Dao, you really should smile a lot. Maybe my heart is weak and I can't bear to live with you?"

Cui does not go: "Then you can continue to live with me, Fengfeng will obey me, and maybe I will doubt you will have a plot."

Feng Xiao sighed, "It's a good intention to be treated as a donkey!"

Cui didn't bother to talk with him, and said impatiently: "Less gossip, what is the opinion of the Lord of the Phoenix?"

Look, the eyebrows are born well, but unfortunately, the temper is not easy, so it's no wonder that the disease can't be cured all the time. If anyone looks after the disease, the ghost will be run away within three days.

Feng Xiao's belly was defamatory, but she smiled softly and kindly on the face: "I totally agree with your reasoning."

Cui didn't frown: "You have nothing to say?"

Feng Xiao: "The time has come, but the place is still open. I guess this second sentence, life and death come back, death and lovesickness should also be related to the place. Is it in the area of Shexian County, Donghai County? The answer was found in one sentence, but right now, I have no clue. "

Cui did not look down, his eyebrows tightened and tightened: "Such a secret poem, Duan Qiyi could not think of an answer if he wanted to break his head. There must be a unique decryption method inside the 13th floor of the sea of clouds. Unfortunately, we were unable to get Go to another letter, otherwise I can definitely figure it out.

Feng Xiao and Cui don't go different. Cui doesn't like to solve puzzles. Feng Xiao never embarrassed himself. What he couldn't solve for a while, he chose to set it aside. The boat was straight to the bridge. The 13th floor of the sea of clouds was there. Can not run away, sooner or later will show up.

When he saw Cui not going, he was still immersed in his thoughts. I went out and turned around, and got up and went out. Cui didn't squeak, and thought for himself with his forehead.

Feng Xiao met Jin Lian outside.

The little Ketun of Abo Khan, since they came to Qimen City, has kept herself in a low-key and semi-hidden state. She was not a docile man, but she knew that Feng Xiao and Cui would be busy if they did n’t go. She may not be able to protect her from time to time to avoid encounters with the Buddha. In the past ten days and a half, she has hardly stepped out of the door and only let the niece bought from Liugong City to inquire about the news.

On the other hand, she also had the indifference to watch what Cui and Feng could do.

It is expected that these two people can turn the sky with only one hand, and the two giants in Qiemo City will be killed and defeated in a mess. Xing Mao is ultimately smarter than Duan Qiao. After seeing the situation, he gave up all his belongings very simply. Just for the death of the whole family, it is said that Emperor Sui was magnanimous, and had already designated Xingmao to be a Shanshan Hou. He was given a residence in Beijing and allowed him to go to Beijing and meet with his family.

Jinlian was surprised and secretly fortunate. She chose to cooperate with them in the early morning. With the ability of these two people, since even the end city was so disturbed, it should not be difficult to persuade Abo Khan to turn to the Sui Dynasty. A little more confidence.

"Feng Lang Jun An is fine." Jin Lian saluted to Feng Xiao.

When she was out, she was dressed as a Central Plains woman with a slightly stiff accent, but she had learned eighty percent of her salute.

From the perspective of Feng Xiao, Jin Lian is also a wise person. When most Turkic people only knew about nomadic plunder, she had put her eyes on the Central Plains.

Seek a stronger Sui dynasty as an ally, rather than choose to be ruled by the sand.

"Is there something wrong with Lady Jin?" Feng Xiao called out her pseudonym outside.

Jin Lian said: "I don't know how Mr. Cui's body is? Seeing that there will be eight alliances in San Mishan, if we open the door a few days later, I'm afraid we won't be able to catch up."

Feng Xiao: "You can start tomorrow."

Jin Lian said, "That's great. I have been away from home for many days, and I can't wait to see the familiar grassland. Two of you will go back with me, and I must be very happy to sweat."

Jin Duan ’s attitude towards them has also changed noticeably since the Duan Qisong incident. If she used to be alienated and polite, then she is now intentionally close, but Feng Xiao did n’t break it, he smiled: “We still have a copy The generous gift was given to Khan, and this time to San Mishan, the lady Jin will not be disappointed. "

Jin Lian understood the meaning in his words, and there seemed to be a lot of off-strings. She was busy saying she had to pack her bags, so she quit Feng Xiao and went back to taste it carefully.

Feng Xiao turned back to the house, thinking that Cui could not be smart, maybe he could let him fully penetrate the mystery of the poem, thinking about using a method to get out from the other person, who knew that he pushed in the door, and saw a person lying on his back. The table was already asleep.

Cui's body, when Feng Xiao didn't know his identity, when he gave him He Xiang, he had already passed the pulse for him, the pulse was like qi and blood deficiency, congenital deficiency, acquired loss, let alone Xinglin famous doctor, Feng Xiao, can also Make a short-lived image.

These days, Cui does not go to work hard to think hard, but also tossed down the secret road, the body has been unable to eat, and now wakes up and starts to worry, can you be too tired to pass out?

The sun outside is just right.

The warmth radiates a bit of spring light, reflected in Cui Bugo's side and neck, and shines with a radiance.

Feng Xiao looked and looked, couldn't help but reach out to his face.

Slender fingers crossed his cheeks, without stopping for half a minute, directly pinching Cui's nose.

Cui didn't go to sleep very well this time, and this action didn't wake him up, but he couldn't breathe, and couldn't help raising his brows in his sleep, and opened his mouth slightly to breathe.


Feng Xiao grinned, and squeezed his mouth with the other hand.

How do you pant this time?

"What are you doing!" Qiao Xian's rage came from the door.

It was discovered so soon, Feng Xiao took a moment to regret and let go.

Cui did not wake up without being awakened by Feng Xiao, but was awakened by Qiao Xian's shout.

He rubbed his eyes, propped up his upper body, and on the other side there was a red mark on his arm. For a while, he would lose the majesty of Zuo Yueju.

Although this person does not have half the martial arts skills, his decisive means of decisiveness are not the least. Coupled with that exquisite thought, it is almost unfavorable. Although the other two were well aware of this, they never dared to be coveted, but met It was inevitable that his mind was soft for a moment when he woke up at first.

Feng Xiao squinted a glance, Qiao Xian was already stepping forward, and the old hen guarded the cub between the Cui Bugo and him, as if Feng Xiao could eat people.

The surname of Qiao is really annoying, should you find a way to pit her?

Feng Xiao shook her fan and thought with a smile.

The author has something to say: It is full of getting along with daily life, this chapter is enough for sugar.

Chapter 66

In the early morning of the next day, Xun Fengxiao and Cui did not go to the four men from Qiemo City, and went to the San Mishan King's Court where Abo Khan was located.

When Gao Xun heard the news, he wanted to leave the city in person, but Xun was rejected by Cui. They still had only four people on this trip, and they had heavy responsibilities.

After all, the trouble in the end city, they turned from darkness to light, not only the enemy of the 13th floor of the sea of clouds, but the matter of Buddha was not resolved, so I went to the mountains and roads far away, and I wanted to protect Jinlian safely to the Turkic court, and Not an easy task.

But unexpectedly, when they left and ended, he arrived at Guizi, and he took a few days off in Guizi, heading for San Mishan, until he reached the foot of San Mishan, and he entered the range of Wangting. All are safe and sound.

Even Jin Lian felt that it was too smooth, and I couldn't help asking Cui not to go: "Did Foer have given up killing me?"

Cui did not go: "Before seeing Abo Khan, it is too early to make any conclusions. Tell me first, what kind of person is Abo Khan?"

Zuoyue Bureau naturally has its own channel for collecting news, but no amount of news can compare with Jin Lian, Abo's pillow person. She is one of the people who knows Abo Khan best in the world.

Jin Lian was silent for a moment: "He is actually a bit of a joke."

Cui does not raise an eyebrow.

About Abo Khan, Zuoyue Bureau heard many sayings, most of them came from people around Abo Khan. The most common one is A Bo Khan who is suspicious and jealous. He is also exiled because of war and has died of nine lives. The people who fled back to the Han Dynasty used the devil to describe him as an addictive and aggressive man.

Jin Lian kept silent about Abo Khan along the way, until then only finally did not talk to Cui.

"Turks have many tribes and many Khan. Just like the Spring and Autumn and Warring States Periods in the Central Plains, each country is scattered. Stars are scattered, and tribal and tribal killings are common. Today you are Khan, and tomorrow I am the leader. It is not uncommon. Since the rise of the sand bowl slightly, it has been revealed that it wants to annex the surrounding tribes and unify Turki. Abo Dahan is not unaware that sometimes there are many other ways to die besides war, so everyone around Dahan Change batches at intervals. "

Cui didn't nod his head. He also heard about this.

Having said that, Jin Lian sighed: "And the sweat is a bit whimsical. Before I left Wang Ting to Central Plains, he specifically asked me to train a group of female guards to be with me, saying that women are more loyal and reliable than men, and can Protect him. "

Feng Xiao's face was weird: "Your family is sweating, how is it about beauty?"

Jin Lian said frankly: "Everyone has the heart of beauty, from the prince to the civilian, to the civilian, how can sweat be exceptional?"

Although the charm of Jinlian Ketun is still there, after all, she is also suffering from wind and frost. Although she is insightful and often assists Abo Khan, she is highly valued, but in the final analysis, it is still the other person ’s chamber, so naturally Worrying about your own love. Maybe there is also Jin Lian's idea in this matter. She personally took the horse to draw the Sui Dynasty for Abo Khan, and she was afraid that she would suffer the enemy from the back. Training female guards can be used to fix her pets, and she can also be her own eyes and eyes.

Hearing here, Cui didn't go to understand.

This Abo Khan is a man of ordinary talent, passion for beauty and suspicion.

There are many East and West Turkic tribes, and each side is separate. After the sand pot was slightly stronger, Abo did not think about how to surpass it, but swayed between the sand pot and the Sui Dynasty. It can be seen that his ambition was insufficient, and his ambitions had already been years. Smoothed.

Such a person would not have difficulty persuading him to turn to the Sui Dynasty, as long as he was completely deterred and surrendered, and he did not dare to bet on both sides.

After a few days, the Eight Tripartite League can make good use of it.

Between thoughts, a few horses came on their way and stopped them.

The headed Turkic soldier saw Jin Lian, surprised, and quickly dismounted to salute her.

Jin Lian nodded slightly, Gao Ling immediately, arrogant attitude, no closeness and kindness along with Cui and Feng along the way.

The two sides exchanged a few words, and Jin Lian suddenly appeared angry and questioned loudly. Although the Turkic soldiers saluted, they still came forward and asked Cui not to come over them and hold a long knife. In any case, it was not the way to welcome the guests.

Feng Xiao and Qiao Xian did not understand the Turkic language, and Cui did not quickly translate for them: "They are going to take us down, Jin Lian said that we are a VIP from the Central Plains she invited, and told them to sue and sweat, but they said that Fate, recently, no Central Plains can enter the Wang Ting. "

Jin Lian's face was ugly, and the messenger of the Sui Dynasty, whom she had brought back with a lot of hardships, had turned her back on hatred and turned her back on enemies. Then she would run away without saying a word, which would also mean she was out of power.

What's more, she knows that Cui and Feng are not good characters. In case anyone offends them, it is entirely possible that they will stir the wind and rain here and do something big. Now, Jin Lian dare not find his own way anyway.

Thinking of this, she turned back to Cui Bugo and Feng Xiao: "Two people, I'm really sorry, I don't know if Khan would suddenly give such an order, it is to fight for my life, and you must not be humiliated. Please also wait a moment here, wait for me to meet the sweat, talk one or two, and then come out to meet the two in person! "

Cui did not go: "Before Ke Dun left, was Khan's attitude of guarding the Central Plains the same way?"

Jin Lian shook her head: "I went to the Central Plains and agreed with sweat. You saw the handwritten book, and there was no falsification."

Cui does not go: "So, after you leave, something must have happened in Wang Ting that changed Khan's mind. Ke Tun's sincerity, I will wait and see, we are here for you."

Jin Lian saw that he did not provoke the blame, so he breathed a sigh of relief, sang a few words to the soldiers, and was embarrassed, and looked at Cui not to go to them, and nodded his promises, so he left. Under them, they crowded Jin Lian toward Wang Ting.

Cui didn't go. They waited for about half an hour, and saw a group of people galloping, strange to the other side. They were no longer the same people, and there was no Jinlian among them.

Feng Xiao said: "Did they have mutiny, old Khan died, new Khan ascended the throne, the covenant was abolished, and Jin Lian lost power?"

Cui did not go: "Xie Jianfu took the Quartet's information. Does the owner of Fengfu still need to ask me?"

Feng Xiao spread his hand: "Every day I send the files of Xiejianfu, there are not hundreds or tens of them. I don't look like Cui Daochang, and how can I cover everything? Not to mention I originally thought about solving the case of the messenger. Beijing, where would you think of being abducted by you again? "

In words and in words, the responsibility has become like Cui does not go.

Cui does not go: "Abo has two sons, the eldest son Yixun, born of Yuan Kedong, the second son Ade, the birth mother is unknown, should be of low birth, and died long ago. Turks are strong and respectful. It is not uncommon to usurp the father and brother, and Abo Khan has a strong sense of defense. As far as I know, the two sons had little power. You can see that he reuses Jinlian, but Jinlian has no children under his knees. "

Feng Xiao: "So, are there no threats to his two sons?"

Cui did not go: "It is not necessary. I heard that Abo loves his youngest son and despise the eldest son. He feels that the firstborn son is too weak and has no Turkic wolfness."

The topic came to an abrupt halt, because the Turks had already rushed over, split into two, and surrounded Cui not going to them.

The headed man yelled loudly, fierce and murderous.

Instead, Cui didn't go but looked calm and talked to them.

After a while, Feng Xiao heard Cui not go and whispered quickly: "You put these people down, but don't kill them, hold down the leader, we rush into the king's court!"

Feng Xiao: "Three of us? Doesn't that mean the sheep get into the wolves?"

Cui did not go coldly: "Where are there the Fengfu masters, how can anyone deserve to be called a wolf?"

Feng Xiao laughed, "I like to hear this!"

The words were all right. His people had already reached the Turkic soldiers. When the other party was shocked, they had to pull the reins and let the horse step on him. But how could Feng Xiao give the other party a chance, and the soldier flashed a scream. Already fallen off.

Seeing Feng Xiao's shot, Qiao Xian also followed suit, not because she was afraid of death, but she also wanted to protect Cui from going.

These people just looted and plundered ordinary people in Central Plains. How could they be Feng and Qiao's opponents, and soon they could not afford to land. The head of the people was taken by Feng Xiao in his hand, just like a chick.

"Let's go, let's go to trouble!" The host of Fengfu was full of interest, lest the world would not be chaotic.

With the hostages in hand, everything went smoothly.

The hostage status is not low, he is actually a Ye Hu. It is said that in Turk, like the prime minister or general, Feng Xiao asked him to see Khan. The Turkic people along the way were shocked and angry, but there was no way to take him. Can only hurry to report.

So after half an hour, they finally stood in the king's tent and saw the famous Abo Khan.

The other is about 40 or 50 years old, with black and white hair and a beard. People like to narrow their eyes.

I don't know if it's because of the old age.

Honestly, Jin Lian next to him is 100 times stronger than him.

If she came to be the Western Turkic Khan, maybe Cui would not have so much trouble without going there.

But nowadays, men are respected, and no matter how ideal Golden Lotus is, it can only be achieved through Abo.

"Central Plains, why do you hold my minister?" Abo Khan looked at them in a bad tone.

The king's tent was extremely spacious. Except for Jinlian, all the king ministers with Turkic faces were sitting there, looking at each other with tigers in their eyes.

Cui did not go with Feng Xiao and even found their old acquaintances.

Buddha's head was under Abo Khan, and he was sitting critically, looking at them expressionlessly.

Women with Han faces like them, can only pour alcohol for the nobles in their tents, lowering their eyebrows and pleasing their eyes, not even raising their heads.


In this tense atmosphere, a cry of pain suddenly sounded, and a female slave flew out of her abdomen.

She fell to the ground and groaned for a moment, and then climbed up reluctantly, trembling on the ground, for fear of angering the noble again.

"Humble Central Plains, I pinch you as you pinch an ant!" Said the young Turk aristocrat who knocked her down fiercely, and then glanced at Cui before giving a malicious smile.

Jin Lian was not arrested as they had thought before. She seemed to have changed a set of clothes and dressed grandly. It was no different from the past, but when she looked at them, she was faintly anxious. Occasionally, we cannot speak.

This situation, really, is everywhere.

Cui didn't think about it.

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Chapter 67

"If you don't do this, how can you make Dahan willing to see us?" Cui didn't go slowly, "Dahan sent Jinlian to go to the Central Plains, and now we are coming on behalf of Da Sui, but Dahan is so hospitable. It's chilling. "

Abo Khan said, "When did I make such an order? It's all Jinlian's self-assertion. If it weren't for the guests from all directions, I would definitely punish her today!"

During his speech, if his eyes seemed to drift away from the Buddha's ears, the latter, if he didn't notice it, looked down and ate tea.

It fell into Cui Buqi's eyes, and everything was explained.

Presumably it was what happened before they arrived. 佛 Perhaps Buddha ears arrived first. 波 Intimidated Apokh Khan. He was afraid of being softened and did not dare to offend Turk ’s first master. Let ’s wait for Cui Buqu to wait. I have a high point in my heart.

Cui didn't go coldly: "The big sweat is afraid to offend Sha Shalue, isn't he afraid to offend the Sui Dynasty?"

There was a smirk next to him: "Just by the three of you, you can also represent the Sui Dynasty? If the Central Plains are so weak, it is not terrible. I don't think I'm afraid you were fooled by you, who knows you are It wasn't with beauty that she would promise you to come ... "

The person who spoke was the young Turkic noble who just spoke well.

At his age, he can sit in this big account, and his identity is certainly not ordinary, maybe it is Apokhhan's son or close niece. It can also be seen from the behavior that he just fell down a female slave without being scolded. His status, and intention to kill chickens and tamarins.

Unfortunately, Cui doesn't go, it's not a monkey.

Feng Xiao is not.

So when his voice didn't end, Feng Xiao's body moved, and people were rushing towards the other side.

Buddha ears always watched their actions, naturally refused to sit and watch, immediately rushed over, inserted between the Turkic nobles and Feng Xiao, and stopped Feng Xiao's blow.

The two actually started to work within the big tent. They were so swollen that the cups and plates around them were overturned. Others were frightened and avoided each other. Abo Khan didn't say anything. Watch them compete to decide which side they prefer.

Feng Xiao's sleeves flew up, and a table flew up next to the Turkic nobleman, who wanted to dodge, but was too panicked, stepped on his robe with his heels, and sat on the ground with his buttocks. The table slammed his head, Buddha's eyelids didn't lift, and his head didn't return. A qi was shot with the palm wind. The table was torn apart in the middle of the air, which saved the Turkic aristocracy from bleeding.

Although Bu Er failed to kill Feng Xiao in Liugong City, it does not mean that his martial arts is not high. Even if he is slightly inferior to Feng Xiao, the two should be in the middle of the middle, but there were other forces at the time, he was afraid Too much, and finally missed the opportunity. At this time, exerting all his strength, deep internal force and overbearing wild martial arts, for a time, Feng Xiao could not be distracted to watch.

The Turkic nobleman saw that he was out of danger, and Feng Xiao couldn't care less about himself. He saw Cui Bugo standing beside him, with a sneer, waving his hand to let Cui Bugo go and Qiao Xian.

He obviously hasn't been to the Central Plains, and naturally doesn't know that there are unwritten rules circulating on the rivers and lakes in the Central Plains. Women who dare to walk on the rivers and lakes are more beautiful and more provocative.

To underestimate Qiao Xian's end is that the guards who rushed to Cui Buyuan all lay on the ground and rolled. Qiao Xian followed the principle of Cui did not teach. The principle of capturing the thief first captures the king and shakes away towards the Turk nobility. The latter only felt a flower in front of his eyes, a pain in his arm, and the sky turned, and the person has been stepped on the ground.

His face was trampled by a slender foot, such as slenderer feet than ordinary Turkic women, and it was caught by the Turkic nobleman for a long time, but now he was afraid of embarrassment. Because of the strange strength of that foot, he struggled and couldn't get rid of it. Instead, his head was stepped on harder. The face on the ground was rubbed **** the carpet, and his tears flew out in pain. , Talking nonsense in his mouth, but unfortunately there was no threat.

Qiao Xian couldn't understand, but he could hear his cursing tone. He bent down at the moment and took off his other two arms. The Turk nobleman had a distorted face, and shouted Abo Khan for help.

Before half an hour, this man still showed contempt there, saying that the Central Plains were humble.

Now, he lay on the ground like the female slave just now, mourning, even worse than that female slave.

"Stop!" Abo Khan finally exclaimed.

The Turkic guards armed with swords rushed in and surrounded the king's account, but they were afraid to approach because Feng Xiao and Buer were still engaged.

Abo Khan said angrily, "You said you were going to be a guest. Is this the courtesy of the guests ?!"

Cui didn't go lightly: "Don't you Turkic people like to say that the strong is the king? We go to the countryside to follow the rules and come according to your rules. When do you think we can talk about it well, we can calm down and sit down and talk."

Next to it are two masters duel. Except that there are arch guards around Apo Khan who is a little far away, and Jin Lian is slightly calm, the rest of the people are scared to hide from the king's account, or shrink to a corner to avoid being affected.

Only Cui did not go to the knee and did not bend his spine, and he was not half-powered because of his sickness. It seemed that the pine was standing in the ground.

Abo Khan was furious and was hesitant whether people would take him down. Cui did not go as if he had already seen his thoughts. He said, "Before they catch me, my hands can sweat the neck of my sweat. Holding it in your hands, do you think your person is faster or my person is faster? Do you want to use your life to bet on my life? "

Of course, Abo Khan didn't want to use his precious life to gamble. He weighed for a moment and found that he did not have a chance to win. Then he said loudly: "The two please stop, you are all the guests I invited. I don't want any of you to happen here. Conflict, the Eighth League of Tomorrow will have a test session. It is not too late for the two nobles to make a decision! "

With his words, the two men who had fought each other suddenly separated, Feng Xiao and Buddha's ears were on each side, their eyes were opposite each other, expressionless.

Buddha's ear wasn't as calm as it seemed on the surface. His heart and blood were surging, it took a while to calm down, and his arm's clothes were cut, hurting the flesh.

Feng Xiao's sleeve was a corner, calm and restless, except for a little wrinkled clothes, nothing unusual.

It seemed that Feng Xiao had the upper hand again this time.

"The son of Dahan just said that we are a humble Central Plains man. Why is it that he has become a distinguished guest in a blink of an eye? I carry with me the documents written by Da Sui Tianzi in order to bring peace between the two countries. Khan didn't immediately rectify our name, and let your son apologize to us, please forgive us! "Cui didn't make a sound, and refused to walk down the steps of Abo Khan, but had to step in and demand that he was being trampled on the ground Unable to apologize for the Turkic nobility.

As for the Turkic nobleman, when he called for help just now, Cui knew that the other party must have been mentioned by Jin Lian, Abo Khan's younger son Ade.

Abo Khan showed annoyance, but he couldn't ignore his son. If only the high-strength martial arts of these three people were able to walk out of Wang Ting, let's not say that if they really want to initiate it, they will definitely fail.

"Ade, just apologize to these VIPs, you are indeed wrong."

"I don't ... ah!" Prince Ade just wanted to stiffen his eyes, and his face became more pig-like.

This person is usually arrogant, and sometimes even Jinlian doesn't pay attention to her. Although Jinlian doesn't say a word from beginning to end, she can't help but gloat when she sees this scene.

The situation was stronger than others. Prince Ade had to be wronged and apologized reluctantly. After Qiao Xiansong's hand, he climbed up with the help of the guards, only feeling dull, and could not help but beat Cui fiercely. Leave them without a glance.

Apo Khan reluctantly laughed: "This time the Eighth League, the Shule Department did not send anyone, but there were noble guests from the Central Plains. It was also a lively place. You ca n’t sit down here. Banquet, please come here. "

At this moment, a slave entered and whispered to him, and Abo Khan was embarrassed and looked at the Buddha's ear.

"I didn't expect the Central Plains VIPs to come this time. There are not many places where I can clean up. The residential space of the Central Plains VIPs can only be arranged next to Mr. Foer. Do you have any opinion?"

Foer said lightly: "Since it is a sweaty arrangement, I can only accept it."

Cui didn't go to the tent they were led to. The interior was set up and used by the nobles. He did not intentionally cut off the disgusting people. He wanted to come through the shock of the previous meal. Abo Khan didn't dare to do anything like this. The moth is gone.

Qiao Xian was anxious, always afraid that the Turkic people would turn their heads into hatred in the middle of the night and ambush the other side. The other party was in a lot of power. Even if she tried hard, she might not be able to protect Cui from being thorough.

Feng Xiao didn't care, and just asked Qiao Xian to find out if there was no room for them except Wang Er in Wang Ting.

As a result, Qiao Xian returned with a plate of fruits. It is said that the prince sent it. The prince also gave a talk, saying that he also has a place to live. If several guests feel that this place is not comfortable, they can move to it. Go over there.

Turks are naturally not as wealthy as the Central Plains, but they do not affect the enjoyment of the upper class aristocrats. Although this tent is not as spacious as the king's tent, it is also quite considerable. The paintings are colorful, and the copper pot cups are inlaid with gold and turquoise. At a glance, they are things from the Western Regions. I do n’t know whether they were bought or snatched back.

Feng Xiao leaned on the soft seat and sat down comfortably. "Then don't have to worry."

Qiao Xian didn't understand why the big prince said so, so don't worry.

Feng Xiao didn't sigh to Cui: "You also said that Pei was shocked and stupid, and I don't think your people are clever."

Cui didn't go lightly: "The lord of Fengfu didn't heal his wounds quickly, and he still had free time. Do he feel invincible?"

Feng Xiao smiled: "It seems that you are always following me, but you have discovered it."

Qiao Xian found that Feng Xiao's face was a little disgusting.

Fengxiao undressed, and her shoulders were exposed. There was a crimson mark there, presumably it was left by the ear.

People who practice martial arts have a true body protection. Generally speaking, this kind of injury without a wound but leaving traces is internal injury.

Qiao Xian was a bit surprised: "Are you hurt by the buddha?"

She also felt that Foer ’s martial arts seemed to be higher this time, but after all, she had not played in person, and she felt inaccurate. Now it looks like Feng Xiao ’s situation is actually true.

Feng Xiao didn't think so: "Don't look at him like he's okay. In fact, he must have swallowed the blood. If you want to pretend to be okay, you will make the internal injury more serious. I must be busy treating the injury now!"

After that, he stopped talking and closed his eyes to recover his injuries.

Cui did not go: "If Wang Ting has other suitable accommodations, A Bo has arranged us next to Buddha's ears, indicating that he wants to sit in the mountains and watch tigers fight, or that he hasn't figured out which side to rely on. I want to wait for us to make a decision with Buddha. "

Qiao Xian angrily said: "It's a repeated villain. Previously, Jin Lian ... and Jin Lian were not allowed to speak for us on the occasion just now, and these Turkic people were really unreliable!"

Cui did not go: "There is still a chance. Tomorrow's Eighth League, we must not keep a low profile. We must show our momentum. We must not only overwhelm the Buddha's ears, but also let other people in the tribe know that the Central Plains are not easy to mess with. The more powerful The more respectful they are. "

Soon, the "unreliable" Turkic Jinlian came to the door.

Her first words were: "You are in trouble!"

Chapter 68

Qiao Xian heard this sentence, and even when Dang Dang's face sank, "How can this be said?"

Jin Lian also realized that she was guilty of blundering. She pressed down the chaotic mood and lowered her body and said, "I'm too anxious, please ask some of you not to blame."

Said that he also saluted them like the Central Plains woman and apologized.

Cui did not wave his hand: "You and I are in the same boat now, and you are all damaged. You do n’t have to be so polite. Let ’s talk about why your Khan suddenly changed his attitude. Is it just the arrival of a Buddha ear? Make him scare like that? "

"It's a long story. Didn't I talk to two people before, did Kuang Dahan let me train a group of women to serve as guards? Those women's martial arts are average, but the victory is more careful and careful than men. After a dangerous situation, after sweating heavily, I trusted them very much. Who knows that during my stay in the Central Plains, some of these female guards actually stabbed and sweated, which almost hurt the sweat. It is said that the assassin explained that her father was Han, and her mother was Turkic people, my father was killed by his sweaty men, and he hated Turkic people so much that he joined the ranks of female guards to wait for opportunities.

Jin Lin paused and continued with a bitter smile: "In the fury of the sweat, all the female guards were killed. After this incident, he was also dissatisfied with me, so this time I came back, people were detained. It was because Da Ketun pleaded for me, and Khan did not heal me. It was because of this that I failed to return to meet you in person. "

Qiao Xian said coldly: "Even so, what does it have to do with us?"

Although there were only three of them, they represented the Sui Dynasty. If Abo Khan's mind was normal, even if he was angry with Jin Lian because of the female guard, he should not be angry with the messenger of the Sui Dynasty.

Jin Lian sighed: "Some of them also saw that Da Khan had two sons, but neither of them was born to me. The eldest son was born in Da Ketun, and his relationship with me was okay. The second one. I tend to cooperate with the Sui Dynasty, but Ade feels that the Han people are not credible, and he often sings against me on weekdays, and walks closer to the old nobles in the tribe. Presumably he was with me while I was away. Khan has spoken a lot of bad words to me, in the words of your Han Chinese, the crowd is spitting money and destroying bones. Once or twice, Khan may not believe it, but if he talks too much, I am not in front of it, and Khan naturally listens to it After his remarks, this time when I came back, I obviously felt that sweating had alienated me a lot. "

Cui didn't frown: "Kutun don't tell me, you've been fighting alone all the time. Haven't you even had an ally or an underling who helped you speak in front of sweat?"

"I have a good relationship with Da Ketun mother and son. Thanks to her pleading this time, Khan temporarily relieved me of my sins. As for my people, there were also some people who held various positions around the king's tent and around Khan, but I came back this time and found that they were all eliminated for all kinds of crimes, and none was left. "

Jin Lian's face was so heavy that she didn't want to expose her old soles, but she also understood that if she didn't say it at this time, she would only centrifuge with Cui without going to them, and she completely lost her chance of turning over.

"In the past, although Khan spoiled Prince Ade, he would not listen to me. I did not expect that Ade could suddenly be so prodigious that he could deceive the sweat and obey everything. In addition, Buddha's ear came before you. Presumably, it also represents the sand bowl strategy, what benefits have been given to the sweat. The sweat has now begun to fall to the sand bowl strategy. "

Cui did not groan: "But only before Feng Xiao took the initiative to suppress the Buddha's ears, Qiao Xian also taught Ade a lesson. If Abo Khan is not confused, he should know the trade-offs again."

Jin Lian said: "Today, Khan has regarded me as the great prince and standing by your side. If I speak for you, I will only annoy him even more, but I will secretly order people to make it as convenient as possible for the two."

Cui does not go: "Can you help us contact Da Ketun mother and son?"

Jin Lian knew: "Mr. Cui wants to ally with them? This method won't work."

Cui does not go: "Why?"

Jin Lian: "I tried it early. Although Da Ketun helped me talk, all day long I only knew how to knit her wool felt, and refused to care about the outside. The great prince Yi Xun was weak and was similar to his mother. Hey, they They are not like Turks, they are like the Southerners of the Central Plains. "

Immediately after she came out, she realized her fate. Although the separation between the North and the South was so derogatory, it was obviously inappropriate to speak in front of the three Central Plains. Jin Lian was busy: "I shouldn't like this."

Cui didn't feel relieved if he didn't go.

Jin Lian was originally a calm and rational person. When she said such a vent of anger and was not helpful in solving the problem, it was obvious that she was desperate and upset.

Cui does not go: "Do you mean, things are not turning for the moment?"

Jin Lian: "It's not necessarily that, as Mr. said, just before you disrupted the scene and made you sweat more and more angry, but he also saw the strength of the two and did not dare to make a decision easily. I heard that you left Later, Foer wanted to see him, but he was stopped outside. Tomorrow's Eighth League, in addition to meeting with the national tribes of the West Turkic, there will be riding and shooting competitions. Xiwen, if Feng Langjun is capable of overpowering the heroes, and I try to persuade sweating, he may change his mind. "

Cui does not go: "Don't you think that the assassination of the female guard by Khan is suspicious? The assassination occurred when you left Turkic. Before you returned, everyone was dead again. Without them, you would not be in Khan The ears and eyes around him also lost Khan's trust. "

Jin Lian: "I know what you mean. I also suspect that Ade did it, but there is no evidence and people are dead. I can't trace it."

Cui did not go: "Apart from West Turkistan, except for Da Ketun mother and child, are there no other nobles who do not participate in the battle, but who are detached and can speak in front of Khan? For example, Khan's mother, Or other elders. "

Jin Lian: "Yes! But it is not a member of Khan's family. It is a great black witch."

Turks also have their own beliefs and gods. For the Central Plains, they are more like primitive and backward heretics, but they are very religious. Since there is a **** belief, there are big witches in the tribe who communicate with the gods. Khan also does not want to find someone to share his power, so these big witches usually do not participate in determining things in the tribe, unless Khan needs to consult with him, Turk large and small tribes have similar existence.

The Black Moon Witch is very old, and it is not easy to see it, but Cui does not suggest that Jin Lian meet with the Black Moon Witch, even if he can't win people over, let him help him in front of Abo Khan A few words, as for the gift, Jin Lian brought back many treasures from the Central Plains this time. They were all bought in Linlang Pavilion. Not much, but precious enough.

Time was running out and it was going to be dark at first sight. Jin Lian immediately got up and went to find the Black Moon Witch.

She had just left her forefoot, and someone was visiting outside her back. She claimed to be the servant of the great prince, and came over to ask if the guest was used to living.

Cui did not let the attendant wait outside, and quickly said to Feng Xiao: "Tear off my clothes, press on me, and insult me."

Feng Xiao :? ? ?

He almost thought that Cui was not going crazy.

But Cui's expression was calm, but it was like his own words.

Without waiting for Xiao Xiao to speak, Cui didn't get impatient anymore, he started directly, messed up his robes, broke his hair, and lay down on the ground.

It wasn't over yet, and he nudged it directly around his neck.

"Have you become popular?" Cui did not whisper.

Feng Xiao: ...

He seemed to understand what the other person wanted to do.

Although the situation here is dangerous and the crisis is heavy, instead of feeling nervous, Feng Xiao finds it very interesting.

Especially not to go with Cui, it is even more interesting.

He pressed on the other party as he heard it, and heard Cui not to cry.

"No, don't ... don't be here, ah!"

The turn of origin and origin, with a three-point respite in Yin Ren, the level is uneven, which is enough to cause misunderstanding.

Feng Xiao's mouth twitched and watched him enter the show.

The man outside heard the movement, and sure enough he couldn't help but open the cloth felt and rushed in, not surprisingly, he looked at Cui and Feng with dull faces.

Cui didn't make an expression of shame and anger, pushed Feng Xiao away with one hand, stood up, and pointed at the great prince's servant in Turkic: "You, you go out for me!"

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Chapter 69

The attendant of the great prince was told to come and preach. He never expected to see this scene. He immediately took root under his feet and remained stunned for a long time, only to be touched by Cui's finger.

He stammered: "Prince Yixun asked me to come and deliver some fruits and fruits, and I asked the two VIPs by the way, what do I need?"

Feng Xiao didn't look back, waved his hand to catch the flies and motioned for him to leave.

"No, put things down, hey you can go."

When he said that, he grabbed Cui's clothes, and smiled at him: "This road hurt me for a long time. You can't run away today!"

Cui did not suspect that Feng Xiao was taking revenge or revenge while taking advantage of the opportunity, because she didn't see how hard the other party was, but her two arms were already sore that she was about to be removed.

He gritted his teeth and whispered quickly: "That man doesn't understand Chinese!"

Feng Xiao said, "Hurry up and say no in Turkic!"

Cui does not go: ...

He made a gesture toward Feng Xiao's lower body, but his legs were easily suppressed by the other side, and he separated to the sides, and the upper bodies of the two were close together, which made him even more ambiguous.

Feng Xiao blinked: "How, is it realistic enough?"

It's almost inferior to others.

Cui didn't go sullen for a moment, and suddenly he flushed a little flush on the pale sickness, and said to the attendant with a calm and calm voice, "Please, please go back and tell the great prince, today I'll be there tonight to thank myself. "

The attendant didn't know if he heard it. He responded a few times in a panic and turned and ran away.

As soon as people left, Cui pushed Feng Xiao away.


Feng Xiao: "You did wrong."

Cui did not raise an eyebrow for doubt.

Feng Xiao: "Between you and me, on appearance and on martial arts, if I want to do something to you, there must be a hundred ways that you can't move instantly and let me do it. Only when you look at my beauty, I half push half It's so entangled when you want to meet and refuse, so next time you should press me underneath, I will shout no.

Cui didn't go blankly and said, "There is no next time, and the attendant will see this scene, and he will definitely confess it to the great prince."

Feng Xiao: "You want him to misunderstand that we are good at Longyang, why?"

Cui didn't go word by word: "Because of that big prince, he has a tendency to break his sleeves."

"Oh?" Feng Xiao looked surprised.

There are many people in the account of Feng Cai, and most of Feng Xiao's attention is on the Buddha's ears and other martial arts present. In his opinion, in addition to Buddha, there are at least two people who can be called first-class masters.

But Cui's focus is completely different from him. He is watching everyone's expressions. Due to his unforgettable ability, many people's subtle actions may not be noticed by themselves, but Cui does not look into it. Eyes.

"The great prince was startled by your looks at first, almost watching you from beginning to end, but the attendant behind him was the one who just came in, but his eyes moved between you and the great prince, and his expression was sloppy. . "

The attendant just now, although he is also a Turkic, can be regarded as a handsome Turkic, and the great prince, in his early thirties, has been stained with wind and frost, his beard is even older, and his face is written with unfavorable gloom and premature aging.

This is not a man and a woman, but two men with very different ages. If it weren't for Cui not to point out, Feng Xiao would never think of that.

However, it is normal to want to come. Since ancient times, people who have **** have good women and naturally have men. There are even noble men who use this as a pastime. There are a lot of people in the North and South of the Central Plains. Turks are also people, and they have a broken sleeve. The big prince of ecstasy is not surprising.

Cui did not go: "When he retired, the prince walked first. The attendant was behind and followed closely two steps. Thinking that no one found it, he secretly pulled the hand of the prince. The prince did not break away. I found that by looking at them more, it was more certain. "

Feng Xiao: "It is not surprising that the trait of broken sleeves, but Turk turned into a foreign country, advocating superior military forces rather than literary scholars, not to mention the introverted and gloomy temperament of the great prince, and his ability to govern the country is not strong. Force is not as good as younger brother. If it is found that he likes men again, this great prince will probably be the end. "

Cui didn't go: "Yes. Maybe it's because of this, Abo Khan really dislikes this son."

Feng Xiao was clear: "You mean, this is the only time that the attendant will tell the prince that he wants to increase his affection for us?"

Cui did not go: "Although he is a Turkic man, he has a status under one person, but with such a hidden habit, he cannot be compared with people with a similar status, just like the aliens mixed in the wolf pack, but his heart is bound to suffer. When he found out that not only was he a stranger here, but also two people like him, what do you think he thought? "

Feng Xiao laughed: "Naturally, I was overjoyed and thought I was a confidant."

Cui didn't go and smiled slightly: "With this, we should be closer to the great prince. Tonight I will look for a chance to meet with him alone, and then make up a few words, it will make him trust us, although Yi Xun is not good , But he can also provide a lot of convenience, one enemy is better than one enemy. "

Soon, Qiao Xian, who was sent to inquire about the news, returned with Jinlian's maid.

Jin Lian came back this time with a shaky status. In order to avoid suspicion, she often sent her own confidant maid to speak, the dark-skinned Turkic woman named Mu Ge.

But Muge came with some bad news.

The Black Moon Witch is closing its doors and the date of its exit is uncertain.

The big witch is a person who communicates with the gods. When he receives the instructions from the gods, he will retreat and meditate.

However, it means that Jinlian will not be able to see anyone for a while.

Jin Lian also inquired about another thing, and Tomug passed it on his behalf.

It is said that Abo Khan was assassinated by a female guard and almost died. He was seriously ill. At that time, the Black Moon Witch brought the Khan to him for treatment. The Black Moon Witch healed A Bo Khan, but he was seriously ill. One, so I announced the retreat, I do n’t know when it will be cured.

The ancient witch doctors are not separated from each other. Later, the Central Plains medical technique was prosperous, and the famous doctors came to the fore, gradually separating the witch from the doctor. Witchcraft was even regarded as a means of inaccessibility and murder. The best medical person in the tribe.

Feng Xiaowei: "How so clever?"

Jin Lian lost power overnight, and Abo Khan's attitude changed greatly. People who wanted to see him could not see him. This trip to Turkic was like heaven refused to stand on the side of the Sui Dynasty. Therefore, various obstacles were set up to make it difficult for them.

"You asked her to draw a map from here to the residence of the Black Moon Witch." Feng Xiao said to Cui.

Cui didn't wonder: "You don't speak Turkic, and even if you come to the door, you can't talk to him. Instead, you will fight against the snake."

Feng Xiao: "I'll see if he is really healed or a false retreat. If he tends to oppose us, it is better to kill him early."

He had his own plans. Cui didn't nod his head and didn't interfere much before he talked too much. At this moment, he was a little thirsty. He picked up a piece of melon sent by the prince to eat.

Melons are like honey and hands are like jade.

No one does not like to see the beauty, even if it is Feng Xiao, who is the best in the world, his eyes stay for a while in Cui Bugo's hand. Before the other party notices, he moves to Mu Ge, inadvertently: "May I have a dress in front of her so that we can have a real relationship?"

Cui didn't go and glanced at him, inexplicably: "what would be the benefit of her mistakenly, Jin Lian is not a broken sleeve."

Feng Xiao shook her fan with a smile: "Then I will be assured, lest Cui Daochang betray my beauty, and I will come back again if I am cold."

Cui does not go: ...

Although Qiao Xian couldn't understand, but her heart had gone to the sky, she felt that Feng Xiao must be bullying Cui Buqu again, and if you take a closer look, Cui Buqu ’s clothes have a messy hair, and there are some around her neck. Suspicious traces, she immediately became furious.

"His Excellency, hasn't this done anything to you!"

Feng Xiao was funny: "What can I do to him? Obviously what did your **** do to me?"

Qiao Xian dismissed: "Respect the gods and immortals, the world is unparalleled. There are only people in the world who he doesn't despise. How can there be people whom he doesn't like ... but how do you look at me?"

Feng Xiao went up and down to look back at her for a long time, and wondered: "This good girl, why are your eyes blind? How do you know what I have done to him? It is clearly his misconception and violence against me This is what it looks like. "

Seeing that Qiao Xian sneered, and was about to quarrel again, Cui did not interrupt in time: "Someone is here again."

It was from Abo Khan.

The other party was ordered to come and inform Cui not to go. Dao Ye Ban is about to begin. Please ask Cui not to go to the feast.

Qiao Xian is not only familiar with medicine, but also an expert in drug testing. With her in hand, he can prevent the secret way of Buddha's ears. In the large public, it is expected that Buddha's ears did not dare to know what to do with Cui, so Cui did not take Qiao Xian went to the banquet and took the opportunity to be close to the great prince, while Feng Xiao took advantage of the night to go to the place where the black moon witch was alone.

Bright moon, stars.

The distant mountains are undulating, and the grass is endless.

On the hillside where the water is sparkling, a stone house stands alone, wrapped in a gentle moonlight, but it becomes more lonely.

The Black Moon Witch has a transcendental status in Western Turkistan, so his residence can overlook the entire tribe, living higher than Abo Khan, because he wants to communicate with the gods, so the closer to the gods, the better.

Fire and laughter were all left behind.

Feng Xiao made a few leap and came to the stone house without any effort.

But he did not come any closer, but stood far away and observed not far or close.

Wang Ting is right next to the water source, so it is different from the Huangsha Barry after exiting the customs. The flourishing vegetation here is truly a riverside wonderland.

Although the Turkic people did not build pavilions to live like the Central Plains, the daylight grass trees were bathed in the sun, and they had a primitive sense of beauty connected to the landscape camp.

Feng Xiao was impatient.

So he stood for a long time, and after he was sure there was no danger, he walked slowly to the stone house.

Heiyue Dawu lived in isolation. It is said that there were only two waiters around, but Feng Xiao did not see them.

Maybe it was the Dawu retreat, they just took the opportunity to be lazy, or it may be the banquet tonight, they couldn't hold back and went to watch the fun, after all, they were still children.

In other words, in that room, there was now only Black Moon Witch.

Feng Xiao walked slowly.

He was in the induction room.

When he is a master in this realm, he is very sensitive to danger. If there is a master in ambush in the room now, then he will definitely find it and stop there, waiting for the other person to come out.

But no, the stone house was calm, there seemed to be a slight snoring sound, intermittent, showing that an old man who was not in good health was sleeping.

The wooden door was closed, Feng Xiao pushed her hand gently, and the door opened.

Inside it was a piece of black paint, where the moon and the moon went, reflecting the outlines of bottles and cans.

And where the moonlight couldn't shine, a curtain draped down, and there seemed to be a person sleeping sideways.

The faint aroma came, Feng Xiao sniffed and smelled of herbs, including Chuanxiong, musk and Asarum.

Chapter 70

The laughter was old and hoarse, and He brought infinite vicissitudes. He also spoke Mandarin, so He could understand.

As a big witch in the tribe, Nian Gaoden was well-informed. He could speak Mandarin, and it was not surprising.

After all, there is a golden lotus in West Turkic who can use words, and her Chinese is even more fluent than the ordinary people in the Central Plains.

The sound came from all directions, but Feng Xiao didn't move.

He is listening to identify the position.

But after a while, he found that he couldn't hear the specific position of the other party at all.

Unless the other person is more than one person, hey, and he speaks from all directions at the same time.

Does the Dark Moon Witch have associates?

At this time, it seemed that something had climbed up to his shoe upper, and quickly climbed up.

Feng Xiao didn't look down. He directly lifted his internal forces and flew those things out, but those things kept flowing. He rushed forward one after another. He caught his feet firmly for a while, and he couldn't move.

At the same time, the front and back of his head blew a strong wind at the same time, and the killings flooded in!

"Black Moon Witch! I have been friends and enemies here, and we can sit down and talk!"

Feng Xiao said that his men did not stop, his legs were not moving, and his upper body was tilted to one side, so that the two strong winds before and after him were blown away, and he slammed his hands on the ground!

Wherever the palm winds went, those unknown reptiles stood on the spot, and the corpses flew up, some of them still bouncing on Fengxiao's clothes.

This made Feng Xiao, the good and clean, couldn't help but pinch his lips and counted this account on the Black Moon Witch.

Heiyue Dawu has not answered, and the laughter has stopped. If he didn't say a word at the beginning, Feng Xiao would think he was dumb.

This also shows that the other party has no willingness to cooperate at all.

Is the Dark Moon Witch standing on the side of Prince Ade long ago, unwilling to cooperate with the Sui Dynasty?

As the reptiles on the ground were destroyed and her feet returned to their freedom, Feng Xiao soon found that she seemed to have entered another mire.

I don't know when the light of Xingyue disappeared outside, and there were no fingers in the house.

There was silence all around, like just an illusion just now.

A glimmer of light appeared in his sight, trembling slightly in the air, blue and green, like ghost fire.

He knew it was trying to seduce him.

But Feng Xiao had no choice. This room was the site of the Dark Moon Witch, and he could lay countless organs to conceal Feng Xiao.

Rather than go out, maybe you can find a breakthrough.

From the house to Youguang, there were only a dozen big steps away, but Feng Xiao walked for a long time.

The gloom is still not far away.

And there was a layer of fog around him, and he could not see whether it was inside or outside the house.

Feng Xiao got it. From the moment he climbed the hillside and saw the stone house, I'm afraid he has already entered the opponent's formation.

The vastness and depth of the formation method lies in the marching of soldiers on the battlefield and defending the enemy for thousands of miles. It lies in using all things in the world to confuse the enemy and disturb people's minds. , Can be used by those who are good at arraying.

Some people will also supplement the sound and smell to enhance the effect. Just as the other party first spoke, he deliberately let Feng Xiao distract himself to identify his position and step into the trap.

Feng Xiao was calm and even laughed.

"It seems that the Black Moon Witch had expected me to come tonight and prepared this feast for me. I do n’t know what price they offer you, so you ca n’t wait to hear what I can bring to you. Want to put me to death? "

No voice answered.

The gloom swayed in the fog, shyly and timidly tempted those who longed for the bright, but if it passed, there was always a death crisis.

There was a sound on the ground, something seemed to emerge from the ground. The next moment, Feng Xiao's ankle was tightly grasped.

He looked down, and could vaguely see that it was a bone-handed.

Feng Xiao lifted the other foot without changing her face, and crushed the hand under it.

One ghost after another came out of the ground, just like the evil spirit returning from Huang Quan, shouting that he wanted to pull a living person down to his back, and stretched out from under his feet. Tens of boneless hands were desperately grasping upwards. Wherever Feng Xiao went, those bones were shattered by internal forces, turning into a sad and helpless cry.

Suddenly, the sobbing devil sobbed into a scream, slamming back at him!

When he turned around and patted it, he emptied it again.

Immediately afterwards, the cry of ghosts rang from all directions, and they made howling that was unbearable in ordinary people's ears, and all rushed into Feng Xiao's ears.

Feng Xiao frowned, unable to stop.

He was hesitant to reach out and cover his ears so that he would no longer hear this tortured voice.

But it was this momentary moment, ghosts floating in the fog, from far to near, silent, Xu Xi came behind Feng Xiao, his palms spread out flat and erected, printed on his back heart dead point!

Feng Xiao, who was trapped by the sound, remained motionless and did not notice the movement behind him.


There was a song and dance in the king's account.

This is the place where Khan usually convenes the Prince Minister to hold important meetings, to receive foreign guests and to hold banquets. It is also here. The mess in the day has been cleaned up, a bonfire is piled up in the middle, and a fat lamb is on fire Roasted, the lamb is covered with various spices, and gradually emits a tempting aroma as the temperature rises. The lamb also emits a high-temperature-resistant squeak sound, as if it can already make people imagine a bite.

A woman in a turtleneck dress, accompanied by mullions and pipa musicians, danced around the campfire, fluttered with ribbons, fluttered with tulle, rippling, and fascinated.

Cui didn't glance at it. Most of the guests had already arrived, or enjoyed singing and dancing, or whispered, the atmosphere was strong and the wine was already smelling.

Foer was sitting opposite Cui Bu, and next to him was the second prince Ade. The two talked very well and didn't look at him.

In such a relaxed situation, even the silent prince Yi Xun opened the box and took the initiative to chat with Cui.

"Does Mr. Cui dislike the messenger of the slightly khan?"

Cui does not go: "We are the messengers of the Sui Dynasty. He wants to kill us, and then causes Khan to throw in the sand bowl. Does the big prince think I should like him?"

The big prince laughed, and he seemed to feel that his opening selection was not good, and he changed another topic.

"Your deputy, why didn't you come together?"

Cui didn't go, "He is unwell and is resting."

After he finished speaking, he saw the ambiguous expression of the great prince.

The other party got closer and whispered, "You guys, is that really the relationship?"

Cui didn't pretend to understand: "I don't quite understand what you mean. I have a temperament, go out and take care of each other."

The big prince knew it, his heart saying "Well, you don't need to say it, I understand it" was unclear.

"He's such a great figure, it really makes people like it, but I heard the bones say that he seems very proud, you have a hard time driving him, and he is almost on it during the day ..."

Misunderstanding the other party helps to get closer to each other. Cui doesn't go to the center and don't correct him, just smiles bitterly and says, "Thank you for your concern, it's just us ..."

He didn't say any more, but just shook his head and sighed. Paradoxically, the lingering words were enough to remind the great prince of a complicated and entangled relationship.

The big prince really sympathized: "I don't think you're in good health, I'm afraid he can't satisfy him. I have some cheering medicine, and I will let you all the bones after the banquet."

Cui didn't go to the corner of his mouth and twitched, coughing twice, holding back without breaking his power, and arching his hand gratefully: "Then I thank the prince first."

The great prince was weak by nature and had such a "hidden disease". He had few friends in Western Turkistan. Cui did not go outside, but because of this, he didn't have to worry about spreading things around. He was disadvantaged, not to mention the two had the same "distress", and the prince suddenly felt that he was not close to Cui.

The two chatted a few words, and Cui didn't go to see that the sweat position was still empty, and asked, "Is sweating not tonight?"

The prince embarrassed: "It should come later, just a little later. Father Khan has recently added a concubine."

There was a cold hum, but Jin Lian sat down beside Cui Buqu and heard the words of the great prince.

"No wonder I have never seen such a beautiful tortoise dancer before, presumably the new concubine brought it?" Jin Lian asked in a bad voice.

The prince said: "A short time after you left, Ade sweated several turtles for his father. One of them was more beautiful than this dancing. Immediately, he was regarded by his father as a new concubine. With her almost everywhere, Ade is even more favored. "

Jin Lian frowned: "When I came back, why didn't anyone tell me this?"

The big prince smiled bitterly: "You know what's the use, do you still go to find her trouble? The new concubine has been living in the king's tent until he was seriously ill, and then he opened another account for the new concubine. However, I still meet every night, and I am very fond. "

But when the newcomer laughs, the old guy is crying. Jin Lian was also beautiful when she was young. Although she does not rely on her appearance to make Abo Khan trust at all now, when she hears such things, she will inevitably remember her old days and have a complex and indistinguishable taste.

Different from her sadness, Cui did not think about how to turn the topic to the Black Moon Witch, asked the Prince, and saw someone rushing in, whispering to Prince Ade, and the two started to fight. Cheeky.

"Someone is going to make trouble with the Black Moon Witch!"

He looked around for a week and said in a deep voice: "The great black moon is a wise man of my tribe. Whoever dares to disturb him is the enemy of Turki! If you do this, now stand up and admit that I can still be in the father's sweat Plea for you in front of me. If you do n’t say it now, if you catch it, do n’t blame me for using the harshest torture against you! ”

The joy and excitement were gone, and everyone looked at each other in amazement.

Prince Ade's eyes fell on Cui Buqi.

"Sui Dynasty messenger, what do you say?"
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