Peerless Chapter 41-50

Chapter 41

The corporal scolds people, and I mean nothing but scolding each other for being cheap and shameless, and there is another kind, and I use woman and livestock as a metaphor, like "crying and crying like a woman", which is to laugh at the other person crying like a woman Yes, I can be seen as a woman, I am an insult to most people.

Feng Xiao sneered at these ordinary views, and when he and Cui did not go to such a status, the realm of cognition, the people of the world, the control of men and women, 他们 for them they are divided into two categories: friends or enemies, and useful People, stingy or useless people.

Knowing current affairs is like Qin Miaoyu. Because of his skill, I can also let Feng Xiao open her to the net, but she wo n’t have this treatment when she wakes up. She never thinks about the difference between men and women.

But now there was a small problem before him.

Is it important to clean clothes and hair, or is it important for men?

The eldest husband can bend and stretch, just like Cui doesn't hesitate to call father on the hillside, Feng Xiao chooses the former without hesitation.

So there were still four people in one line, but the combination changed slightly.

In order not to be cumbersome, except for the two drivers, one and the last city guide, he did not bring any servants—this is in line with the identity of Cui who did not want to pretend, this is Xiaojiaxiao Household background, there is nothing to say, if you bring a slave, it would be strange.

After leaving Liugong City, the three carriages traveled westward. In order to take care of Cui's body, the travel speed slowed down. Several people ate enough sand for ten days and a half months to finally get rid of the boundless yellow sand and see the city far away Outline.

"The front is the last?" Cui didn't cough twice, lifted the car curtain and looked out. The nose smelled even stronger.

It was the hot breath of the sand under the hot sun and the wind.

He couldn't help but choked again.

Put your other hand over and pull the curtain down again.

"Lang, you are weak, so don't eat sand outside. In case you get sick again, I will worry."

The owner of the voice didn't speak very fast, and his throat was a little low, but very soft, which made people want to take a closer look.

But not including Cui not going.

Not only did he not turn his head, he didn't even want to hear his voice, but his cough worsened.

"Oh, look at you, I can only say a few words to you, and get up again! After entering the city, let's hurry up and find an inn to help you vent the fire."

The voice saw him so, instead of stopping, he said more vigorously.

Cui didn't turn his head slowly, expressionless: "What is venting fire?"

"That is, that is, I do n’t know how inconvenient you are, I am so bored. When I get to the inn, I can serve you well!" The woman looked at him with a shame, and Feixia. I have to force me to speak so plainly, others have listened, for fear of misunderstanding that I am a **** | baby | sling | woman! "

Cui didn't go to feel his head hurt, and couldn't help but press his temples: "There are no outsiders here, can you speak well?"

The woman aggrieved, "I'm not talking about human words, is it a ghost? They said that after marrying a wife for three years, Diao Chan became a sow, and I knew that Lang Zhuding would do the same!"

She was so tall that when she sat cross-legged in the carriage, she seemed a little bit shy.

A dark and shiny hair pulled the most common woman now, and loosely fell behind her head, showing red braids in her hair, which made her complexion more white. Although the opposite side was not as gentle as the Jiangnan woman, she was beautiful. But it is not inferior, covering three ugliness in white, at least this is a beautiful woman who will be instantly dizzy at first sight and forget some flaws in her body.

But Cui could not appreciate it at all, and even wanted to drive people off the carriage.

Qiao Xian's Yi Rongzhi technique is very clear. Not only does she deepen Feng Xiao's facial features, making the other person look more like an alien woman, but also covering up Feng Xiao's throat knot, hiding many details that are easy to be found. past.

The women in the Western Regions had higher eyebrows and deeper skeletons than the Central Plains women. When others saw Feng Xiao, they would never think of men as women's clothing.

However, after Feng Xiao agreed to pretend to be a woman, he asked Cui not to pretend his husband, Ye Cui. Cui did not agree to see the joke, but he regretted it after leaving for a long time.

There is no regret medicine in the world, only to go all the way to the present.

Fortunately, and the end city is in sight, his ears should be able to clear for a moment.

Qiemo City is a major town connecting east and west, but it is far away from the Central Plains. The Sui Dynasty was not established for three years. At this moment, the court focused its attention on Turkic and Nanchen. At present, no energy has been devoted to manage this fuzzy territory. Small town, but the emperor ordered last year to set up a county in Qiemo, build a county magistrate, and set up county magistrates and soldiers to stay here, in order to show the prestige of the imperial court, it is actually showing to the parties that although Da Sui has not yet divided God's jurisdiction here does not mean giving up this place.

Thirty years ago, Shanshan was destroyed by the Western Wei Dynasty. King Shanshan led a crowd and settled in Qiemo City. Over the years, he has also established his own power in the city. One point that cannot be avoided is that there are many people resting here, over time, and the end city has formed a tripartite situation.

The first is the Qiong County Magistrate Gao Yi, who was stationed in the Sui Dynasty.

The second is Xingmao, the Queen of Shanshan.

The third is the giant dwelling in the western region.

The first two are easy to understand. After all, Gao Ye was sent to the garrison by the Sui Dynasty. Although the official post was a county magistrate, in fact he also brought soldiers over; the king of Shanshan had run for three generations. Xingmao today is the grandson of that Shanshan king. It is said that the old people of Shanshan still call him the king.

The last Duan Qiao was actually born of a horse thief and a bandit. He had run wild in the Western Regions in his early years. Wherever he went, he ransacked countlessly and was frightening. Businessmen who passed through the Western Regions encountered him. There were only two ways to go. He later washed his hands in Jinpen and settled in Qiemo City, but he remained in power for many years, and no one dared to underestimate the former Western Region thief. Duan Qiyu swims in black and white, and the forces in Qiemo City are more ingrained.

Compared with the other two people, and the end of the county magistrate Gao Yi, on the contrary became the weakest side.

After Cui did not go to them and entered the city, he saw this scene.

People of all ethnic groups live here, three religions and nine streams, and traffickers are all there. Together with the trilateral forces, the small one is at the end, which is even more lively than Liugong City.

"Brother, let's go to the inn to rest first. It's too late and it's not good to hurry. Let's rest for two days before leaving." After entering the city gate, Qiao Xian didn't go to Cui.

She now pretends to be Li Chong of Ye Jiashijiao, and takes his wife Alian to Guizi to do business.

Qiao Xian was originally tall and tall. When she was dressed as a woman, she was an invincible fairy. Now she has changed her face, and she does n’t know what to do. Her body is immediately fat, and her facial features have also changed significantly. Not only has a short beard under her jaw. , The skin is also as rough as that of an ordinary man. Even if she tells others that she is a woman, I am afraid nobody will believe it.

The real Yirong technique is not only a complete change of face, but also a change of tone of speech, a change of expression, and a change of accent, which have completely changed the individual. Such an ability, even if Cui does not go, Qiao Xian did. The accent she speaks today is completely native to Liugongcheng.

After Cui didn't agree, Qiao Xian asked the guide to recommend an inn.

"It doesn't need to be the biggest, but it must be the most comfortable. My brother is not in good health and needs more rest to become a success." Qiao Xian's voice was bold and he was completely cold. Rao is Feng Xiao's listening habits along the way. Still couldn't help but look at her more.

If it is the beautiful snow and ice beauty of Kao Ling, I am afraid that I will receive a lot of attention and harassment at present, but now Qiao Xian has no such trouble at all, because even if someone pays attention to them, it will not be Seeing that Qiao Xian, who had changed her head, or Ms. Jinlian's Golden Lotus, was white and tall Feng Xiao.

The guide quickly agreed and took them to the inn.

"I know that you are Han people, and you must not be accustomed to staying at the hotels opened by the Turtles or Shanshan people. This inn has been in this city for five or six years. I used to bring people here and live here! "

When Jin Lian last time from Turk to Liugong City, she also stayed here for a night, but there was a guard Zhang Luo at that time, without her having to worry too much, this time following Cui not to go out with them, naturally they would not ask about details. When I heard the guide say this, I didn't think much about it. I would go in after Qiao Xian.

But Cui didn't go but suddenly said, "Slow."

The others immediately stopped to watch him.

"What is this?" Cui did not point to the doorway of the inn, nailed to the wooden sign on the pillar.

The wooden sign is about the size of a baby's slap, with a meniscus engraved on it, and a starling perched on the hook.

Few people will deliberately see the wooden sign when they enter the door. Even if they see it, they will not care about it. It is only a sign unique to the inn. There are several hotels in the Central Plains that have opened several semicolons in various places. Use your own mark to show your own signboard.

The guide laughed: "Some of you are from Central China, don't you know, many inns will have their own marks."

Cui does not look pale: "What we want is a comfortable inn, isn't it an inn that will cause us trouble, do you take us to the inn opened by Duan Qiyu, do you accept the benefits of others?"

If foreign businessmen arrive at the beginning, they will inevitably be deceived several times during the meeting, and even encounter a lot of trouble, only because the situation in the end city is complicated, and even the guesthouses are also particular about it. There are also horse shops, donkey shops, restaurants, and so on. The rivers and lakes people who come and go are generally not afraid of things, and some good people, even desperate people, will choose to live in the inn opened by Duan Qiyu, because it can avoid the Sui Dynasty government office. Ears and eyes, wandering the edges of black and white, to get all the information you want.

However, those merchants and ordinary people who are safe and secure, would rather live in a more expensive inn than come here.

Of course, Cui is not afraid of things if they don't go, but the purpose of this trip is not to find anything. Naturally, the lower the key, the better. Moreover, their current status is good people, and of course they will not choose to live in Duan Qiyu.

The guide didn't expect that Cui would be quite knowledgeable if he didn't go, and he laughed, "Isn't this saving you money?"

Qiao Xian stepped forward and patted his shoulder: "Take us to a safe and secure inn."

This shot seemed to be an understatement, but the guide felt a sudden pain coming from her heart, and she couldn't help but want to scream when her face was distorted, but she found that she couldn't even make a sound. In the eyes, these people did not show up on the road, but they were not low-key and low-key, but they were not bully outsiders.

Qiao Xian: "If you don't understand, we will find someone else."

The guide dared to hesitate, and nodded like a pounding garlic, tears almost flew out.

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Chapter 42

It's natural to be feline here.

In addition, the end city gathered people from all corners of the world, and the Liguang Hotel opened a lot. There are a lot of hotels, and the problem of grabbing customers also happens from time to time. I guides take this seriously and often take the opportunity to lead the way for businessmen to bring them here, and the inn pays the guides remuneration. In hotels like Tianfu Inn, black and white forces are intertwined. It ’s common to lose something. People can go in and out safely. Many businessmen stay in and out of the house. In the mindset that more things are better than less things. It ’s better to spend less money for disaster relief. He won't go to the newspaper officer--even if he goes to the newspaper officer, Gaoxian County ordered Gao Gao to come to the Duan Qiu site, and he didn't want to cross the border.

Although Cui does not go to these few people, although they are not a large number of caravans, but from the perspective of their clothing, food, and transportation, at least they have a strong family and no shortage of money. In short, they are fat sheep, and they are not slaughter.

Maybe Cui didn't go to them too low-key, so he let the guide look away, and he just planted a big heel.

He was dragged into the corner of the dark lane where few people arrived. Hearing Cui didn't say so, and seeing Qiao Xian's expressionless face hidden in the shadow, as if he would kill someone at any time, he couldn't help panic.

"Lang Jun spares his life. The villain has no eyes on Taishan, but it is not easy to support his family. I was also coerced by them. Where can the villain fight them! Please give me another chance, and the villain will You're taken to a clean hotel, absolutely clean! "

Qiao Xian said coldly: "If you want to do business, it's not bad for us. If you find us to lie to us again ..."

There was a bright light in his sleeve, and he almost dazzled the guide's eyes. He recognized the reflection of the short dagger, and almost didn't cry.

"It's true that now that spring is beginning and the roads are thawing, there are more business travelers in the city than in the past. Most of the hotels are full. If you want to have room, you can only find this ..." The guide cried sadly.

Qiao Xian frowned slightly, looking towards Cui.

Those who can open hotels here must not be overbearing ground snakes. Zuoyue Bureau has set up a secret stronghold in the city to convey messages, but it is not a hotel, and naturally it is impossible for them to live.

At this moment, the guide flashed, as if suddenly remembering something, he said busyly: "I know there is an inn, and there may be a room now, but ..."

Qiao Xian impatient: "Stop talking!"

The guide wailed, "It's just a bit wicked there!"

Feng Xiao squeezed her throat, Jiao Didi said, "This Tianfu Inn is so coquettish, so many people come in and go out, when you look at it, the sweat smells bad, but you ca n’t live without it! Langzhu, you believe everything, but you do n’t believe it. Evil, should we go and see? "

Cui didn't give him a sideways glance, which meant you wanted to see it yourself, don't drag me into the water.

Feng Xiao smiled back.

To be honest, this smile is not stingy, and it is a little flattering to look at it carefully, but it is limited to people who have never met Feng Xiao's true face.

So Cui didn't go to Qiao Xian and Jin Lian. They only looked at each other and started the same thing.

The action is surprisingly neat and consistent.

A person like a guide who does n’t know the truth, actually looked at it for a while, and thought in his heart that Ye Family Man Yanfu is not too shallow, looking at the sick, a difficult look of a child, I did not expect to marry such a person beauty.

After such an outing, the guide naturally did not dare to make trouble again, and honestly led them through several streets to an insignificant hotel.

The words "Yang Kee House" came into view.

After all, the end city is remote, all ethnic groups are intertwined, and the city of Fang is not separated. This Yangji Inn is located on the edge of the residential area, and on the other side is a small shop lined with restaurants. In addition to the men and women dressed in Han Chinese, there is no shortage of aliens. The dressed-up merchants are always busy in the evening, and the restaurants are still lively, screaming, and the children are playing around in the residential area. Women call their children to go back to dinner, get water, go home, chat and say hello, each These breaths mixed together, making this Qiemo city a legend on the edge of the desert.

Those who are desperate like to run here, it is not difficult to understand-although there is no prosperous hinterland in the Central Plains here, but there should be basically, the sky is high, the emperor is far, and there is freedom to buy money, and even Killing people here does not necessarily require death, for those who do not have black and white boundaries in their hearts, it is the place they long for.

But for now, it is strange that although this Yangji Inn is located in such a lively neighborhood, it looks calm when looking in, and the lobby on the first floor is not full.

The inn buddy saw someone stopped at the door and greeted him long ago, enthusiastically leading them inside.

Qiao Xian dragged the guide's arm and dragged him in.

"Some ladies and gentlemen, please go inside. We have a few more rooms. How many do you need? It's still early in the day, and you're tired after coming all the way. Would you like to order some wine again?" Dude asked.

Qiao Xian nodded and turned to book a meal.

As the guide sat on the needle felt, as soon as he saw Qiao Xian who was holding himself away, he immediately turned around and wanted to slip away. As soon as he got up, he heard a poke around his ears. His pants were firmly nailed to the ground by a chopstick, and then left half Inch is his leg.

Looking up again, it turned out to be a golden lotus of Han women's costumes.

Jin Lian: "Where do you want to go?"

Guide: ...

He was suddenly scared of cold sweat, where even these women were so powerful that he wanted to get them.

Based on their ability, why not go to Tianfu Inn to harm others, but have to bother to leave?

"No, no where!" The guide pulled a smile that was uglier than crying. "The villain just feels a bit numb and wants to move!"

Cui did not go: "You said that the evil gate here, why?"

The guide wiped his sweat, and finally completely ran out of his mind, talking to them for a reason.

The evil gate of the inn is because of haunting.

To say that people come and go here, many people stay for a night or two, and it is good to have a rest in a place. It doesn't matter if they are haunted or not.

But now, it cannot be said that there are no guests, and the seats in the hall are 40-50%, but compared to other inns, even the Tianfu Inn they just went to, the kind of guest is like a cloud, and the guests are full. It's a little far behind.

Moreover, Cui did not look around, and found that most of the guests present were the same as them. The merchants who came back for the first time had curiosity on their faces.

The old churros, which often run business on this road over the years, would not choose to live here.

Really speaking, this inn is haunted, still a year ago.

For how long, the guide couldn't remember, just remembered that the first thing happened in a well behind the inn.

A man who stayed in the hotel stayed drunk that night and disappeared the next day. His companions could not be found everywhere. At that time, the court had not sent a county magistrate. They did not report to the officer, only when he was drunk and fell into the water. Nothing left.

Later, people staying here often hear faint cries for help in the middle of the night, and those who are daring for good things follow the sound and find that the cries for help come from under the dry well at the back of the inn. As a last resort, someone looked for someone to remove the stone from the dry well and let it go, and they really found the body of the missing person.

After that, rumors of haunting at the inn spread. Some people said he was thrown into the well by a companion after he lost his money, but he turned into an injustice for help, but this is just the beginning.

Half a month after the corpse was found, another guest stayed here and went for fun. As a result, the wind struck immediately and died on the prostitute's belly.

Another person was drowned alive just because he had eaten here and went back to the bathhouse for a bath.

The fourth short-lived ghost died of excessive drinking in an orchestra in the city.

After hearing this, Jin Lian couldn't help but said: "The first and the second are just fine, and the third and the fourth are too far-fetched!"

The guide **** said mysteriously, "It's not far-fetched at all! The drink of the fourth person was bought from here!"

Jin Lian was speechless.

The guide continued: "Although there are daily battles in this city, and there have been many lawsuits against human life, this inn is a real evil gate. It is said that when people pass by every night, people living here can hear someone in Shouting injustice, saying that he died terribly. And it is said that as long as he has lived here, even if nothing happens, he will lose money when he goes back to buy and sell.

He told his man that the room and wine were good, and Qiao Xian, who came back, heard the second half, and said, "How do you know if someone lost money? You saw it with your own eyes in the past?"

The guide took it for granted: "Everyone says that, is there any fake?"

Cui did not look at Feng Xiao and looked at each other. They all felt that the rumor was more in the rumor.

However, doing business is the most afraid of losing money, not to mention that Qianliyuan travels from the Central Plains West. Generally, the caravan travels back and forth for three or five months. It goes farther, and more than that. Not to mention losing the family, only to lose one. Smaller ones can be terribly distressed. It would be better to sleep for one night, or to lose a little money at Tianfu Inn.

When the guide saw that they didn't take it for granted, they stopped talking, anyway, it wasn't him who was embarrassed. He made up his mind not to eat and drink here, and was very vigilant even sitting down, always feeling uncomfortable.

Qiao Xian threw the silver money directly to him and informed him that the errand was completed and he could go.

The guide didn't stop, nodded and took over the money, and kept busy to leave.

While talking, the man came up with the appetizer.

Naturally, the dishes are not as delicate as those in Beijing. Even compared to Liugong City, they are slightly inferior, but fortunately, it is still steaming. Qiao Xian picked up a **** and prepared to get down. But she saw Feng Xiao looking at the bowl of porridge. Face disgusted.

"Is there no cleaner bowl here?"

Qiao Xian couldn't help but sarcastically said, "Do you want to be your leader when you go out?"

Feng Xiao ignores her, and pulls on the sleeve of Cui Bugo to begin to coquettishly: "Langzhu, I want a new bowl, did you buy it for me?"

Cui didn't go blank, took a bowl and took a sip: "No, love to drink or not."

Feng Xiao aggrieved, "I know that you are still mad at you for wanting to take care of things, but am I not thinking about your body? You say that you are so deceitful that I can't even be satisfied. I still want to Marry a young man, what would happen if he died young early? "

His voice was not big or small, and it just happened to be heard by the guests at the next table, which attracted the attention of the other side. Once again, they looked at the couple, one with a sick face and one with a peach blossom, and could not help but think that they had realized the truth.

It is said that a woman in her thirties is like a wolf, and forty is like a tiger. It turned out that the woman was only in her twenties and looked very hungry!

Qiao Xian's teeth were itchy, and he couldn't help pulling up his sleeves and wanted to slap him, but Cui didn't look at them, so he had to put them down silently.

The beating of the brother's wife in the general public is beyond explanation. They passed by and did not come to a high-profile event.

Because of this, Feng Xiao became more fearless.

He next to Cui did n’t go 蹭, pretending to whisper: “Langzhu, 妾 know that you want, but 癸 shui came over these two days, slow down for another two days, let you have enough. ? "


Cui did not replay the bowl on the table and said to Qiao Xian: "Go, buy him a new bowl."

Feng Xiao: "I also need a pair of chopsticks and a spoon. Go out and order at will, and ask for poplar or bamboo."

Qiao Xian: ...

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Chapter 43

Bought a new bowl, Wu Fengxiao finally stopped.

In order to prevent the other party from making trouble, Xi Qiaoxian not only bought chopsticks and spoons together, but also brought a bundle of twine.

She threw the twine at Feng Xiao's feet.

Feng Xiao lazily said, "What is it? Let me hang myself? Sorry, for a man like me who is unparalleled in the world, God will not allow me to die."

Qiao Xian said coldly: "Aren't you good and clean, the bedding of the inn does not change over the years, and whoever comes is sleeping, whoever comes, you don't have to sleep with Ye Ye. Just lie on the twine and sleep, the cricket is the cleanest. "

Since the four were traveling as husband and wife, Feng Xiao and Cui Bu went to the same room.

What Qiao Xian said was that he wanted Fengxiao to go to sleep on the twine, and he could have a clean feeling if he didn't go.

Cui did not bow his head and took a bite of mutton kebab, saying that Qiao Xian was still too young, thinking that this little trick could hold the surname Feng, and he would not be called Fengxiao if he didn't toss for a moment.

I don't know what spices are put in this lamb. The meat is tender and the meat taste is eliminated. The meat is sandwiched in the meat and the meat and meat are mixed. The noodles and the meat are mixed in the mouth. heart.

Sure enough, as soon as Feng Xiao heard Qiao Xian's words, she smiled and said, "You're right, I've asked before, I can change to a clean bedding if I add money to this inn."

Qiao Xian sneered: "You prodigal woman, not only won't save money for the landlord at home, but also wants to move the money out!"

Feng Xiao didn't have to fight with her. She turned and pinched Cui's clothing corner, lengthened the tone: "Lang, look at--"

"Plus, change." Cui didn't go straight and prevented his subsequent attacks.

Qiao Xian: ...

This round, Qiao Xian temporarily fell.

After the meal, the four returned to their rooms, and three coachmen were arranged in the room.

With the financial resources of Zuoyue Bureau or Xiejian Mansion, naturally it is not a lack of money, but just go out and keep a low profile in everything. If they arrange three coachmen to live in the house, they will come home if they are robbed tomorrow. .

The upper room here can't be compared with the capital city, but it is still quite spacious. The man took the money and quickly replaced it with a brand new quilt pillow. The new quilt must have been exposed during the day and the smell of sunlight remained. Cui fell asleep without touching it.

Cui ca n’t compare with the other three martial artists. He is not as good as a driver who often goes out to catch a car. He is not only ill, but sometimes he has to endure the pain of the onset of the journey. Such a long journey, like taking medicine along the way, At meals, he can't survive today.

This is so. Cui didn't get sick when he didn't go halfway. When he got on the car, he was basically groggy, but his thinking was agile and almost terrible. Even if he just woke up, as long as Qiao Xian asked, he would always be in the shortest time. The answer is given within.

Feng Xiao has always been angry with Cui, annoyed the other party, and watched the other party eat, but he never laughed at the other with illness, because Feng Xiao was very clear that for Cui Buqu, the disease was just attached to the body On the face, not his weakness.

On the contrary, in many times, Cui does not use his physical condition to reduce the vigilance of the enemy. Before in the Qiushan Bethel, Feng Xiao had given him the scent of incense, he really felt that this person was in control, unknowingly Just relaxed the alert. Of course, Feng Xiao knew it, but she would never admit it.

Cui did not go to sleep until he fell asleep, and he was unconscious. Until Qiao Xian knocked on the door a few times, no one answered. He pushed the door to wake him up, and then he opened his eyes, and his tired face remained.

"You only ate the cake, I'm afraid you're panicking and brought the hot soup over."

Cui didn't even smell it, and knew that it was a soup made of lamb bone. The oil foam on it had been removed, and it was clean and added a little green onion.

Qiao Xian looked around: "Where is Fengxiao?"

Cui didn't go slowly to drink the soup: "Zuoyue Bureau has a stronghold here, and Jiejian House naturally has it."

Feng Xiao is not like Cui Buqin, and Qiao Xian is traveling. Like this kind of contact with secret talks, he can only go out in person.

"What did you hear?" Cui didn't ask.

Qiao Xiandao said: "The reputation of this inn is really bad, but in my opinion, the deceased's involvement with this place is purely a piercing party of ignorance and foolish people, but there are more taboos in trading. That's why the guide refused to take us over at first because it was Xingmao's territory. Xingmao and Duan Qiao were always at odds with each other, so he deliberately alarmed. "

Cui does not go: "Is Xingmao's relationship with Duan Qiyu so high?"

Qiao Xian: "In the end, there were only two of them in the city. In order to fight for the site, the relationship was really bad, but after the county order Gao Ling came, it eased a lot."

Cui does not go: "Three feet stand up and balance each other."

Qiao Xian: "Yes, it is said that this year's Lantern Festival, Gao Ye hosted a banquet, and invited Duan Qiyu and Xing Mao to post. Both of them also went. The rumors of the two sides made peace under the mediation of Gao Ye. It was said to be a big deal, and the whole city was watching whether he would invite Duan Qiyu. "

Cui doesn't go: "When will you live?"

Qiao Xian: "Just five days later."

Between them, Feng Xiao returned.

At this time, the night came, and the hustle and bustle outside, the city did not have a curfew, just closed the gate after the night. On the side of the inn, people were blowing candles to rest, there was still someone eating and drinking at the restaurant.

Feng Xiao didn't think so, and tossed a wink at Cui: "Lang, come back, do you fall in love with each other?"

Cui didn't set down the bowl and said casually: "Yes, it burned within five, the chest hiccups, and the love of acacia is anxious to burst out."

Feng Xiao pretended to be surprised: "So serious?"

Cui does not go: "In short, it's about to spit out."

Feng Xiao laughed: "Go and talk to you is really interesting!"

Qiao Xian sneered.

But she didn't have to talk, Feng Xiao knew what she was scolding in her stomach, and when she didn't exist, Qiao Xian had nowhere to go, and refused to leave the room, so she sat staring at Feng Xiao.

In this world, with a thick face, even if Feng Xiao can't talk about the first place, he can certainly be in the top three. Would he put his eyes on the eyes and immediately open the paper bag he brought back from the outside, and roast chicken? The scent of perfume immediately permeated the room.

Cui didn't go because she was full. When she smelled the smell, she even caught the maggots and immediately politely reached out and tore off a chicken leg.

Feng Xiao laughed: "I saw an old man when I came back, who do you guess?"

Cui didn't go to the chicken leg slowly: "Yu Xiu."

Feng Xiao raised her eyebrows in surprise: "How did you guess?"

Cui does not go: "Why, do you think I am a **** operator? You will ask, the other party must be we all know, and we have just met shortly. Yuxiu has a strange origin and is also a King of Jin. He is not honest with Jin. As a conspirator, instead, he ran to Liugong City all the way. He would definitely not only be for a Tianchi Yudan, but there must be another errand in his hands. It is also necessary to travel to the west of Kanan. Naturally, he will come to Qiemo.

Feng Xiao: "Why don't you guess Gaoning or Buddha's ear?"

Cui does not go: "These two are your defeated men. If you weren't united last time, you must have been caught by your palm before you were unprepared. You mentioned them, it would not be this reaction."

Feng Xiao is obviously interested in Yuxiu.

"Where do you think he wants to go this time?"

Cui didn't go to groan for a while, then shook his head: "I can't guess for a moment."

Feng Xiao: "It's rare that you will also admit it."

Cui didn't sneer: "I'm not a fairy. Even if I'm smart, it's only the wisdom of mortals. But I know that he would not be looking for a sand bowl, otherwise, when the Buddha was in Liugong City, the two had already Met. "

Feng Xiao: "This time he changed his costume and even wore a wig. It was no longer the bald we saw last time. And he also lived in this inn, on our floor, across three rooms. "

Qiao Xian originally wanted to leave. When Feng Xiao said about Yuxiu, he stayed, and stopped here to help himself: "Will he come behind us secretly?"

All four of them changed their looks. Even if they met head-on, Yu Yuxiu could easily guess, but not afraid of 10,000, just in case.

Cui does not go: "No, if he had found us long ago, he would have avoided this place and lived elsewhere."

In other words, Yuxiu really wanted to go somewhere, meet someone, or do something.

Qiao Xian frowned: "Or is he on the same road with us, going to see Abo Khan?"

But that's not right.

There are several Turkic Khan. A Bo is not the most powerful of them. Yu Xiu is a conspirator of King Jin. There is no benefit to see A Bo.

Cui didn't go down and put the chicken leg that was so clean, and picked up another chicken wing.

"If you can't figure it out, you don't have to think about it. The boat is straight to the bridge. As long as he is on the same road with us, he will know his purpose sooner or later."

Feng Xiao laughed: "Don't forget to buy chicken when you eat chicken. Shouldn't Lang show that he ate something?"

Cui didn't go wondering: "How much did you spend on my journey? The new bowl of spoon and chopsticks, bought you a new bedding, eat more of your chicken wings, you will have to return? Give me the money first. "

Feng Xiao was choked for a moment, and smiled silently.

After eating the roast chicken, Qiao Xian got up and left. Cui did not wash his hands, and was ready to go to bed.

Feng Xiao looked at him inconceivably: "You have been sleeping on the carriage during the day, and then you lie down when I go out, and now I want to sleep again?"

He just had to be described by some kind of livestock.

Cui didn't take it for granted: "I'm not in good health, so I should take supplements after sleeping more."

Said that Fengxiao was left alone, covered with a quilt and turned over to fall asleep.

Although he seems to be sleeping every day on the carriage these days, in fact, the road is bumpy, and no matter how good the shock absorption function of the carriage is, it can not be comparable to the bed. Tiredness rushed up again, and soon went to meet Zhou Gong, leaving Fengxiao unattended at all.

There is only one bed in the room, Feng Xiao refuses to sleep with twine, so she can only go to bed with Cui. It does n’t matter how beautiful Feng Xiao ’s women ’s dress is, in essence, a man. It ’s cheaper, but Cui did n’t realize that he did n’t realize how long he just fell asleep, and he was pushed away.

With his eyes half open, he heard Feng Xiao say, "You sleep in a little, I have nowhere to sleep."

When Cui didn't go to think that the bed was really small, he moved inward, only to see Feng Xiao took two porcelain pillows and put them in the middle.

"You don't sleep well, don't cross the border."

Cui couldn't help but ridicule: "Are you sissy?"

Feng Xiao raised an eyebrow: "You have n’t bathed and changed your clothes since you came back, or you are going to boil water to bathe now, this seat can remove these two things."

Taking a bath this year is not an easy task. You have to let the inn open the stove and heat it, and then bring it up in buckets of hot water. Nowadays, most people have already fallen asleep. Who would get up to boil water in the middle of the night?

Cui didn't go to the heart and said that I could endure, and continued to lie down and face his back: "You can do whatever you want."

He thought that he could finally sleep peacefully this time, but after a while, he was woken up again.

Feng Xiao: "Don't burp, noisy me."

Cui did not grit his teeth: "I never snoring during sleep, but my blood is not good, my nose is blocked when I lie down, and my breathing sounds a little heavier. If you ca n’t sleep, go to the rooftop to see the moon! Lord of the Phoenix, whoever disturbs My good sleep, during the day I have to make him unable to survive, not to die. Are you sure you want to spend this road on fighting with me? "

Although he does not know how to martial arts, the murderous radiance from his eyes at this moment is no less than any martial arts master.

Feng Xiao never admits that she has a bit of teasing thoughts, showing innocently: "I sleep lightly, and I am easily awakened by the movements on the side, and you really disturb me. But I am so good that I won't talk to you Careful. "

Cui did not take a long breath and continued to fall asleep.

But tonight was destined to blame him.

Before long, he was woken up again.

Feng Xiao didn't wait for him to attack, and said to him, "It's water outside."

Cui didn't go and also smelled the burning wood. The fire outside the window was soaring into the sky. Feng Xiao walked up to set up the window and looked over from the third floor. You can see that the fire almost burned the whole room.

Gradually, the people who fell asleep were awakened. Many people carried water to fight the fire. This busy work was over in the middle of the night. Although Cui did not need to go to the fire, it was difficult to sleep again after being awakened one after another. OK, so when I woke up the next day, there was a pale circle of dark blue.

When Qiao Xian saw him, he was concerned: "Brother Ye did not sleep well?"

Feng Xiao had a shameful face: "I told the Lord, and I was out, and to be honest, the Lord was unwilling to listen, and tossed me to the middle of the night, which made Xie what to say!"

Qiao Xian: ...

She felt her hands start to itch again.

It is naturally impossible for ordinary women to talk outside, but the problem is that Feng Xiao is not only an ordinary woman, not even a woman. Naturally, she doesn't need to care about her reputation.

Qiao Xian can see it, the other party's daily pastime is to watch Cui not change his face, and take pleasure in it.

Yesterday Cui also said that he couldn't stand it, but he wasn't surprised at this time.

He sneered: "You were still staring at Zhang San who was washing the horse yesterday. Just now you went to Li Simei who was under the kitchen. How many green hats did I wear when I was in Liugong City? Seeing this here, you still don't want to stop, it is better to go and see which kiln in the city is still lacking, and you are happy every day! "

In just a few words, the guests at the table next to each other sketched out a big drama. Those people frequently paid attention to Feng Xiao, both curious and lustful. It is estimated that this lady could not bear the loneliness Maybe there is a dewy marriage tonight.

Qiao Xian twitched at the corners of his mouth, and felt that the two were really wayward. They said that they were low-key, wouldn't they be eye-catching? Which woman is constantly wearing hats for her husband when they go out? Which husband is still wearing a hat and carrying it out?

Jin Lian said to Qiao Xian: "Let's sit at another table."

"Yeah." Qiao Xian immediately agreed, and the two aspired to stand up together, preparing to stay away from the battlefield.

Just then, several captives came in from outside, looked around for a week, and said to the greeted man, "Is there a business man named Ye Yong here?"

Ye Yong is the pseudonym of Cui Buqu.

The man nodded his head, and said he was going to look it up. Cui did not go and said, "I am Ye Yong. I do n’t know what to do?"

The headed captive glanced at him and waved his hand: "Get down."

"And slow."

Feng Xiao stood up and blocked Cui Buqu intently or unintentionally. "There must be a reason to catch someone?"

The captive whispered coldly: "The reason was that the house caught fire last night. Cheng Cheng was burned to death inside. Someone reported that he had had a encounter with you during the day, saying that you were suspected of arson and murder!"

Cheng Cheng is the guide who brought them here from Liugong City.

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Chapter 44

Starting early in the morning, Gao Gao's eyelids kept jumping.

He has always been accustomed to taking a divination after getting up, but today he hasn't. He is suspicious of suspicion, and he is specifically asked to return to take his turtle shell and copper coins.

Gao Ling has an inexplicable obsession with divination. Even if someone comes to the door, he has to take a divination first.

His wife couldn't help him. He laughed at him. He might as well take which foot to go out first. He relied on divination to decide. He really thought about this suggestion. Unfortunately, he felt that it was too time-consuming.

Just as he made people go back to get the copper coins, the arrests where He was ordered to return also brought people back.

Qiao Xian originally wanted to come to the news alone. I was naturally unwilling to arrest the soldiers. I had to bring all four of them back. I almost started to do so.

But after Qiao Xianliang made a hand to knead the cup into powder, a few captives knew immediately that these people were not as harmless as they looked, and the dragons and snakes were mixed in the end, and there were many strange people and wonders. Although sealed by the imperial court, the power here is very limited, and the people underneath are naturally not so indifferent as to win the wrong, and now they are polite to invite the four back.

Not to mention the shackles and ropes, not even close, at first glance I thought it was Gao Ling who invited him back as a guest.

Although Gao Yong is obsessed with divination, he is not a fool. When he sees his posture, how can he not understand that these are hard stubble.

Qiao Xian grabbed people first: "Gao Mingfu, I don't know what to call me to come here."

The other party did not worship, and never saluted, Gao Yongda was displeased, but he observed carefully that these people were bland and fearless, and it didn't look simple.

He looked at the county coward next to him, who coughed and said, "Why are you waiting for someone to see the city's Mingfu?"

Qiao Xian said indifferently: "We are not polite, naturally there is a reason for being impolite, you say Cheng Cheng's death first."

Xianxian glanced at Gao Ling, and saw that he didn't seem to care about these four's rudeness, so he said, "Last night, there was a fire in the city and the two died. One of them was Li Fei, the second treasurer of the Rongxing pawnshop, and the other It was called Cheng Cheng, who lived as a short-term worker in the city. After the incident, some people claimed to have seen you arguing with Cheng Cheng in the daytime, and suspected that you had murdered because of resentment, so Mingfu specifically asked you to come and ask for an understanding. "

In addition to Gao Ling and Xian Jing, there was a person sitting on the side, the other was 30 or 40 years old, wearing a Chinese suit, although he didn't say a word, he was arrogant, presumably the official who came to report.

Qiao Xian said: "Yesterday Cheng Cheng intended to deceive us, and I found out that he had learned a lesson. Afterwards, he knew what was wrong and begged for mercy, and the matter was over. The two sides had a lot of money, and there was no complaint at all. Last night we never left the hotel. It is even more difficult to talk about setting fire and killing people, and please ask the Ming government for reference. "

Gao Ling has not spoken yet, but the middle-aged man in the Chinese service snorted humbly: "Such words and words, you naturally push it out, yes or no, you have to ask the Mingfu Jun to examine it carefully!"

Although Jin Lian is a small Ketun of Abo Khan, her status in Abo is also extraordinary. When she experienced such leisure, she immediately sneered, "If you didn't kill, you didn't kill. What else do you want to do? "

Although she spoke Mandarin very well, she was not from the Central Plains. After all, she naturally brought some accents, and immediately let Gao Ling listen.

"Who are you from?"

Middle-aged people in Huafu raised their voices: "No matter who they are, killing lives and repaying them is justified!"

Gao Ye said unhappyly: "Is it the case or are you trying the case? If you are so rude, you might as well go back and tell your host, let him go to court for trial!"

The middle-aged man in Huafu slightly converged, but still insisted: "The Lord's impartiality trusts the Ming government, only to come here to report to you!"

Gao Yan expressionless: "In this case, the first few people will be detained, and the people who will wait for Duan Qi will arrive, and they will be interrogated together."

As soon as the two came and went, they gave Cui Buzhi their whereabouts directly.

Qiao Xian was about to start, but Feng Xiao was one step ahead.

"Bold, you know who my landlord is!"

His tone was extremely arrogant, in no way inferior to that middle-aged man in Chinese service.

Cui couldn't help but give him a half step ahead of him, and couldn't help but give him a sideways glance.

Feng Xiao exclaimed: "My lord, my nephew, is the nephew of King Guiz. When I travel to Central Plains, I have a king's life to do. Now that my mission is completed, I return to Guiz, and you will be guilty for nothing. If we do not give us an account, we will not give up! "

When Gao Ling heard it, he felt a headache immediately. He thought that this must be because he had forgotten the divination in the morning. Otherwise, let alone the four people Qiao Xian today, he would not even see anyone sent by Xingmao.

He poses like he doesn't want to be troublesome, but the middle-aged man in Huafu refuses to let go. He doubts: "What credentials do you have?"

These four people have men and women, and the team is thin. Although Turtle is a small country, it is not a poor country. Middle-aged people are not fools and fools who have never seen the world. They naturally refuse to believe it.

But Cui didn't go and actually took out a golden seal, which showed the identity of the seal holder in two languages, namely, turtle and Chinese.

Guizou Zuo Wuhou Yin Shangjing.

People like Cui Buqin will definitely do everything when they do one thing. Yi Rongzhi is only the first step. He also prepared two sets of identities. If the journey is calm, they will go to Turtle to visit relatives. Ordinary people, if there is an accident like now, they are the incognito Guizou nobles.

Cui could not believe that Feng Xiao had certainly made a similar arrangement, but just now the other party shouted one step ahead of him, and he had no choice but to play it off.

Gao Yan turned over the heavy golden seal, and found no flaw.

The bold scammers are not without, but this year there are almost no golden seals to deceive people, and it is not good to pretend to be the nephew of King Guiz. They are very low-key at the end, if not summoned to this place. , It should not reveal its identity.

The middle-aged man still had doubts and wanted to bring the golden seal over for inspection, but Qiao Xian grabbed his wrist.

"Who are you? The official seal of King Guizi is also what you want to see? You slandered us today and don't want to leave easily!"

The middle-aged man said angrily: "I am a servant of the King of Goodness, how can I be wronged at will!"

Qiao Xian sneered: "Wan Shan has already lost his country, where is the King of Shan Shan?"

If he can have such a tone, he will certainly not be a common people. Gao Ling believed in the identity of the other party a bit.

He stopped the middle-aged people from continuing to talk, and said to Cui: "Mr. Li didn't intentionally make trouble. In fact, in addition to Cheng Cheng, the deceased still has a powerful army of Xinggong."

The Rongxing pawnshop is an industry under the name of Xingmao. Although Li Fei is the second treasurer, the big name is the youngest son of Xingmao. The other party never cares about it. The actual manager of the shop is Li Fei. This shop is Xingmao every year. Bringing a lot of dividends, Li Fei is also an old man who has followed Xingmao for many years. He has a special status. In his death, Xingmao was not easy. He also thought that someone had intentionally harmed Li Fei. .

Xingmao and Duan Qiyi have been in conflict for a long time. It is a well-known thing in the city. When Xingmao's people are in trouble, many people will subconsciously think that it is Duan Qi's hand. Cui not going to them is just an accidental factor that accidentally mixed in. .

Gao Yong didn't want to care about the dispute between these two. However, the power of this county order is very ordinary. However, these two have been operating in this city for many years. They are powerful. He receives the benefits of both parties every year. Do something.

Qiao Xian said: "I will rush back to Guizi, if the main road is ill and has a lot of vitality, it is impossible to stay here overnight."

Gao Yan carefully looked at Cui's lack of face, it was indeed that the patients with insufficient gas were heavy. At this point, they no longer doubted their identities. They stood up and arched their hands and said, "Life is a matter of life, and I am also a routine business. I won't let this happen, and I also ask Shang Langjun to forgive me. "

The middle-aged man in Huafu frowned: "Mingfu, if there is no result in this matter, I will not go back to the main bus for me. Could you please leave these few for a while, and I ’ll go back and ask the host?

Qiao Xian said: "You don't have to find Duan Qiao to settle the bill. What's the use of staring at us?"

Middle-aged people also have their own theories: "Everyone knows that Duan Qiyu is suspect. He wouldn't know it. It's better to start with a human face like you. After it's done, who knows? ? "

Qiao Xian smiled angrily: "If we were murderers, how could we deliberately challenge Cheng Cheng and make people doubt?"

During the talk, the people sent by Duan Qiao arrived.

The other person is also a middle-aged person. His face is thin and his face is scarred. It is exactly fat and thin as compared to Xingmao's fat Chinese suit.

When the enemies met, they were extremely jealous, and both sides knew each other. As soon as he met, he began to sneer and ridicule, and immediately turned Gao Ling here into a battlefield.

Gao Ling's face was impatient and impatient, and Cui didn't look coldly, seeing Gao Ling in this Qiemo city, although he was known as a three-legged stand, it was actually the weakest party.

"Since idle is idle, let's take a look at the bodies of the two deceased. If we can show some clues, it is better to clear the suspicion." Cui said before not going.

Gao Yan was really impatient and listened to them, and immediately heeded.

The fat man began to look for differences: "Will the nephew of King Guiz still work?"

Cui didn't change his face: "It's good to say that the father of the family's son was born by himself and has a family background. She also learned two hands. It just proved that it is useful and useless. Try it out."

Feng Xiao: ...

As soon as he had pitted Cui, he would immediately pit back.

An autopsy means getting started and touching the body, which means ...

Feng Xiao's face was slightly green.

It would have been better for him to be wronged if he had known it, and it would be okay to be King's niece.

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Chapter 45

The identity of King Guizi ’s nephew only slightly restrained the arrogance of the fat man, and the thin man still looked at Cui Bu from them from time to time.

After all, this is Qiemo City, and the emperor is far away, so let's not say that Gao Ling, a Da Sui official, is not seen by them, and King Guiz cannot send an army to pick up his nephew. Do n’t say that Cui does n’t go. It ’s just King Guiz ’s nephew. Even if he ’s King Guiz himself, Duan Qiao and Xing Mao also have a hundred ways to keep them here forever and do it seamlessly.

Both corpses stopped at Yizhuang at this time, and Gao Gao was disgusted. Of course, he would not go to Yizhuang to see the corpses, so he would be transported to the front yard by a scooter.

The weather was not hot, and the corpse's body was parked overnight. Temporarily there was not much odor, and both of them were burned to death. The corpse had been burnt black. From the appearance, it was difficult for him to see what was happening.

With the expression of "I'm going to see how you can perform an autopsy" on the fat man's face, Xun Cui didn't go around the two bodies, and beckoned to Feng Xiao: "A Feng, isn't this your strong point? Come and see! "

Feng Xiao: ...

A slight scorching smell drifted into the nose, and Feng Xiao twitched the corners of his mouth: "Langzhu, I have ten fingers, and nail polish I just put on yesterday. Can you tell me?"

Cui didn't smile a little, and surprisingly spoke: "Of course it can."

He didn't avoid foulness, he put his hand directly on the corpse, and began to examine a little bit.

Cui didn't fumble up from his chest. The clothes on the body were burned to pieces, and some of them were attached to it. It didn't feel good to touch them, but a few people looked terrified. Fat and thin people couldn't help it. Cover her mouth and nose with a handkerchief, and even Gao Yan retreated to the door later. Cui did not go but still looked as usual, as if he was touching. He was a beautiful woman with skin like jade, not a dead person who could not even recognize him. .

Feng Xiao's martial arts are world-famous, and he can be ranked among the first few in the world. He just doesn't know the autopsy, but Cui does not paint a family identity for him. He has to follow the show and see Cui not going to explore. The body asked, "What about the upper body?"

Cui did not go: "There are no scars on the chest, the back ..."

He turned up the body.

With a click, an arm fell to the ground.

Everyone: ...

Cui did not go innocently: "I don't use much force."

To Feng Xiao again: "A Feng, pick up your arm and give it to me."

Qiao Xian quickly left the beginning, so as not to let Gao Ling find the gloat in their eyes.

Feng Xiao held her forehead: "Ah, my head suddenly felt dizzy, Lord Lang, I remembered it, the doctor said, our baby is still young and can't touch the feminine, I still listen to the doctor, you Do n’t want your child to lose arms and legs after birth? ”

Cui does not go: ...

He stared at Feng Xiao's stomach for a moment, turned his head blankly, and continued to look at the body.

"The back bones are intact and there are no scars." Cui did not go over the body.

The fat man couldn't help but said, "Dare you look at it for a long time, but found nothing?"

Slim: "Isn't this delaying our time!"

Fatty: "Mingfu, I thought that Li Fei's death must have something strange. I also asked Mingfu to detain the four people and interrogate them carefully. In my opinion, it would be better to send someone to ask about turtles and see King turtles. If there is a nephew, if not, they must be the murderer, and they must kill Li Fei only under the guidance of someone! "

Slim was unwilling: "What is meant by intent? You say clearly, don't refer to Sanghuai if you have the ability!"

Fatty: "Did I say anyone!"

Seeing that the two of them were going to get up again, Gao Yong was already used to preparing and getting muddy. Not to mention that Cui did not go and took out the golden seal just now to prove his identity. Even if the other party was a fake river and lake liar, he was not interested in gossiping.

When I came here, I found out that Duan Qiyu and Xingmao had been divided up here, Gao Ling had slammed his heart and worked hard. After finishing these years, it doesn't matter if you get a Zhongping, as long as you can leave here, Even if you go to a lower county in the border, I am better than staying here. In the end, although he can get a lot of dividends from Duan Qiyu and Xingmao every year, the feeling of being in the middle of it is really uncomfortable.

There was a voice from Cui not going slowly: "Although there were no injuries on the front chest and back, they were murdered before they were burned to death."

The three of them stunned, and the fat and thin men couldn't care less about the quarrel.

"Don't open your mouth, alarmist!"

Cui did not go, "Look at his mouth."

He pried open one of the corpses' mouths, Gao Yan could not help but curiously approached to look at it, and the fat and thin men had to put up with disgust.

"If it is killed by fire, the soot and wood dust must be inhaled in the mouth and nose, but the two populations are clean and nothing can be seen. They are burned to death after death."

Gao Ye didn't want to be involved in this matter before. Hearing that the two were burned to death, he had no doubts about the true or false. He heard the words and asked, "How did they die? Can you tell?"

Cui didn't touch his hand to the back of the corpse's neck and paused: "A Feng, come and see."

"It's good if you tell me." Feng Xiao didn't even step forward when he intentionally pitted himself.

Cui didn't go back and smiled at him suddenly, tenderly and kindly: "Human lives are off, and the truth can be found for the deceased. A Feng, I know you have been sad since the child was gone, and always thought that the child It's still in your womb, so we have to accumulate more ethics for the dead child, don't you say? "

Feng Xiao's mouth twitched: ... you're fierce.

Cui does not raise an eyebrow: Who makes you tell a lie, and I'll help you lie? If I do n’t roll over, I will do even worse tricks.

The two eyes exchanged for a moment, and finally Feng Xiao reluctantly moved his steps, walked to the side of the corpse, put out his hand with nausea, and groped around the neck of the corpse.

After a while, he said: "There is a crack in the back of the neck and neck bones. The murderer's technique is very clear. He should have practiced his hands and the bones broke without displacement. Without careful exploration, it would be impossible to find."

Gao Ling called for inspection, and it was exactly the same as Cui Bufeng went to Feng Xiao.

The fat man stunned immediately: "I said there must have been a murder. Li Fei usually only manages business in the pawnshop, and rarely goes out. Who can he build such a deep hatred with? This is clearly someone who wants to cut off the wings of my host!"

Slender said angrily: "If you have the ability, you can name the surname, and there is less sand here!"

Fatty: "What about the name and the name? In this city, who doesn't know that Duan Qi's first-hand Vajra **** can break gold and jade?"

Skinny sneered: "If our protagonist wants to kill someone, why bother with it yourself, do you have a brain!"

Gao Yan was so dizzy and swollen that he couldn't help but scream, "Shut up for me!"

The fat man and the thin man did not dare to be too presumptuous, and they took a breath when they heard the words.

Gao Yan: "The truth of this case is unknown. You don't have to make unnecessary disputes here. I will send someone to examine it carefully. If there is any result, I will inform you."

It's easy to say, finally, they were sent away.

Looking at Gao Yongsong's expression, Cui not smiled and smiled: "Gao Mingfu should be the master of a city, so why look at others?"

Gao Yan also had a good temper. When he heard the words, instead of being angry, he said with a bitter smile: "I do n’t know yet. The city is under the control of Xingmao and Duan Qiao. It has been a long time since I was appointed by the court. "

Cui Buqiu: "My uncle King Guizi ordered me to travel to the Central Plains, and I went to Da Sui and Nan Chen. I found that the North is more prosperous than the South. I do n’t think it will be long before Da Sui can unify the North and South. Either Duan Qiyu or Xingmao, how could he be the opponent of the Great Sui Tiejun? Gaoming should be cheered up. "

Now that the court of Gao Yongxin was at a loss, even Turks were at a loss. Where can they take care of the little one and the end city? However, he was a Da Sui official. Naturally, he was not good at killing himself in front of outsiders, so he casually responded twice.

He never thought that it was not long before that it was the sick young man who professed to be the nephew of King Guiz, and his wife, who spoke strangely and acted like a hidden disease, calmed down and closed the city in one fell swoop. The forces formally put this place into the territory of Da Sui and accomplished what Gao Ling could not do.

At this time, Gao Ling naturally did not know how scary the true origins of the four people were. He heard Qiao Xian asked: "Duan Qi is a horse thief. Why can he be the best in Qiemo City and get so many people to follow?"

Gao Yan: "I'm not very clear. I heard that he would buy people's hearts very much. Even if he got a copper coin, he had to open a few petals to share it with his people. It naturally gained people's hearts. This person is a talented man, not a three-pointer in this city. He owns one of the sales and even martial arts, it is said that he can rank among the top masters. "

In comparison, although Xing Mao occupied the legacy left by the predecessor of Shanshan King, and the soldiers and horses had more grain and food than Duan Qiyu, they barely maintained a balanced situation. It can be seen that he was slightly inferior to Duan Qiyu.

The case has no head and no brain. It is difficult to trace other clues besides the scars on the back of the corpse neck. It will definitely have no results at one and a half. Gao Ling has no intention of investigating the case, and naturally he will not be troubled. Cui will not let them go, and let them Go back first, just let them stay away for the last few days, so that they can call for inquiries at any time.

Feng Xiao asked Gao Ye to come with a basin of water, and washed his hands at least ten times with pancreas. If he still felt a taste, he would go to a grease powder shop and buy a few sachets to rub his hands.

Qiao Xian could not help but ridicule: "I really treat myself as a woman!"

Feng Xiao: "Did you look down on yourself, or look down on Jin Lian?"

Qiao Xian rolled her eyes, and Jin Lian teased, "Although I am a girl, I am not as particular as you."

Feng Xiao: "I am happy, and I am happy with others. I chose the former myself."

Cui didn't think it was boring to stay at the inn, so he might as well walk outside, and let Qiao Xian and Jin Lian go first, and he followed Feng Xiao to buy a sachet.

In order to make a short cut, the two passed directly through an alley where only the two were side by side, so that they did not have to go around a large circle to reach their destination.

Who knew that this bad decision made Feng Xiao see an old acquaintance.

A white shadow hurried around the corner ahead.

Jin King conspirator, monk Yuxiu.

But this time he was not alone, and there was another person beside him.

Seeing that the four were about to meet soon, it was too late to retreat. With Yuxiu's ingenuity and eyesight, it was not necessarily impossible to see the doubts from their easy-to-read content.

Feng Xiao didn't stop doing it, he pulled his placket directly to both sides, and then forced Cui not to press on himself.

His mouth was still panting, "Lang Jun, don't be so anxious, so wide-bodied, how can you see someone when you let me out!"

Cui does not go: ...

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Chapter 46

At this time, Dan Fan Cui did not respond slightly slower, or 没有 did not respond at all, with Yuxiu's eyesight, it is not difficult to see that these two people are weird.

But Zuo Yuezheng is finally Zuo Yuezheng, no matter how many times he scolds Feng Xiao in his heart, when he just touched his hand and touched him, he already held Feng Xiao's hand and pressed it. When he got up, the other hand took the opportunity to pinch Feng Xiao's chin and kissed him in a rush.

Feng Xiao just felt like Han Mao was scrambling to come out in horror, not because of Cui's actions, but because of his hands.

With Cui's hand, Xun had only touched the body, and Xun even pried open the body's mouth, and Xun only washed it once with pancreas.

As long as Feng Xiao thought of her intimate contact with the corpses, with only Cui's hand in the middle, she could not help but feel uncomfortable.

Cui didn't seem to think it was enough. He held Feng Xiao's back with his other hand, and couldn't linger with his palm.

"Stop it." Feng Xiao popped out of his teeth.

"Why didn't you know that it was enough when you pitted me?" Cui did not smile slightly.

Feng Xiao muttered: "Yu Xiu is very smart, and he will be noticed if he is wrong."

Cui does not go: "So you hold back, don't show the stuffing."

Their bodies are almost together, their breaths are intertwined, their noses are opposite each other. In Yuxiu's inadvertent intrusion, it seems that this lively escape is a pair of dogs and men who are in search of excitement in the broad daylight, not only without taboos, but even I murmured, telling love.

It's rare to see such a slutty woman in Beijing. Is it true that the frontier atmosphere is more open?

Yuxiu frowned slightly, seeing the two bodies overlapping each other, and a look of disgust flashed on his face, and he walked without a step, leaving without looking back.

The two quickly went away.

Cui didn't go to release Feng Xiao immediately, but also took two steps back.

Feng Xiao: ...

Cui did not spread his hand: "In case you push me away first, the Lord of the Phoenix House, after all, I am a literati without the power of a chicken, and I can't stand you throwing me directly on the wall like last time."

Feng Xiao said impatiently: "Less nonsense, hurry up to follow them!"

There were many people in the day, and after Yuxiu left the dark alley, they walked the street with the most people.

Cui didn't go to be held by Feng Xiao and walked forward, only feeling the wind at his feet, and he didn't have much effort. People moved naturally, and they ran all the way without hitting passersby.

Far away, Yuxiu and they sat down by the side of the road.

People come and go without obstruction, but because of this, they are more likely to observe suspicious people and to speak more easily.

"Can't go any further." Feng Xiao said, and he found a tea dipper near him.

The two sides are separated by three or five stalls, and although the distance is safe enough, even if Feng Xiao's ear strength is good, it is impossible to hear what they are talking about.

"Yu Xiu's martial arts is higher than you?" Cui said without curiosity.

"It seems like a difference." Feng Xiao took out the tea cup and set it up, and then came another pot of tea, but instead of busy pouring the tea, he started to wash the cup, poured the tea into the cup, used to wash another cup, and then poured the water I dropped it, washed it again, and repeated it five times. "Now we are in the dark and Yuxiu is in the bright. This is an advantage. It is not necessary to let him know our existence before we understand the purpose of his coming here. Do n’t keep staring at him. The master's perception is very keen, he It is possible to detect. "

Cui didn't go back slowly and looked back: "I'm watching what they say."

Feng Xiao: "Look?"

Then he realized: "Lip?"

Cui does not go: "Huh."

Feng Xiao never admits that if Cui doesn't go, he can always surprise himself when he doesn't expect it. "Then what did they say?"

Cui did not go: "The other person turned his back on me and couldn't see it. There were too many people around. There were always people blocking it. I could only tell Yuxiu to say two sentences. The first sentence was: Will Duan Qiyu go to the banquet. Second The sentence is: Do what I let you do. "

Feng Xiao glanced in the direction of Yuxiu. The latter just got up and left, and soon drowned in the crowd.

"What do you think?" Feng Xiao asked.

Cui does not go: "One, Yuxiu and Duan Qiyu may know, but Duan Qiyi does not know that Yuxiu is here and at the end. Second, they may be detrimental to Duan Qiyu."

Feng Xiao groaned: "Yu Xiu is indeed mysterious enough, Jin King is even more unlikely to have a connection with a horse thief who is thousands of miles away."

Cui didn't know that he wanted to exchange information, and said: "Zuo Yueju only found that before he followed Jin King, he studied under the Tiantai Sect, and he was so young like him that he had such martial arts. After working hard for several years, Duan Qiao has been active in the border area and has never been to Jiangnan. It stands to reason that there should be no problem between the two. "

Feng Xiao said: "It is not necessary to stay in the martial arts with all your heart and soul. You see, as talented as me, you can accomplish what others have not achieved at a young age, and there are also in the world."

Cui did not suddenly make a slap, patted his body, and looked down again, as if something was missing.

"Have you seen it?" Cui didn't wonder.

Feng Xiao: "What is it?"

Cui does not go: "Your face, why are you missing?"

Feng Xiao: ...

After destroying his opponent, Cui did not go to relax, and continued: "Don't study the grudges between Yuxiu and Duan Qiao, the master ring around Duan Qiao, he is also a first-class master. Even if Yuxiu himself is out, he may not succeed. Not to mention others. So how can the person Yuxiu find have the opportunity to approach him? "

Feng Xiao touched her chin: "Poisoning? Beauty? It's not right. It would be so easy. Duan Qizhen has died countless times these years. There must be many people who hate him. If Yuxiu didn't do it himself, he would have to find one. The right opportunity is best when Duan Qiyu is not fortified or unable to fortify ... "

At this point, he seemed to think of something and looked up at Cui Bu.

The two of them stared at each other for a while, and they agreed: "Birthday feast!"

When the words were clear, only the person at the table with Yuxiu got up to check out and walked in the opposite direction.

Feng Xiao Cui didn't bother to say more, followed by dropping down to check the money, and went away.

"How is that person's martial arts?" Cui did not go and was still led away, but he found that the distance between Feng Xiao and the other side was significantly closer, not as cautious as Yu Xiu.

"Not bad, but not to the point where I can be found." Feng Xiao said.

The other party walked slowly and didn't seem to be in a hurry, even stopping at the side of the road, buying two okonomiyaki and a bunch of snacks before continuing.

The two followed for a while, and found that the place where the man was going was very common. The surroundings were all ordinary people's houses. The yard he entered, and two children were playing at the door. When he saw him, he greeted his father and called him. Eating food to the two children, holding them in one hand, talking and laughing.

Feng Xiao and Cui didn't go and didn't keep up. Instead, they went their separate ways and went to the strongholds of Xiejian Mansion and Zuoyue Bureau in the city, so that people could check the origin of this person. I have lived in the city for five or six years, and I know all the places in the city, especially those who are slightly famous in the end of the city. I only sent people out to find out, and I will return soon.

"Lang Jun, the man in that house is named Tong Yangshu, but the three stewards beside Xing Mao."

Cui asked calmly, "Xing Mao has many housekeepers."

The other party respectfully said: "Yes, Xingmao's family has a great career. In addition to his backyard family members, there are three housekeepers to help him manage the housework. The housekeeper helped with Xingmao's foreign affairs, and the three housekeepers were responsible for the chores in the front yard. "

After hearing the last sentence, Cui didn't shake his heart slightly, and seemed to find the answers to some of these questions.

"I heard that Xingmao's old mother is going to have a birthday in a few days. Then, the three stewards should be responsible for this birthday feast?"

Humanity: "If nothing unexpected happens, it is true."

There was a lot of excitement this time. Cui didn't go to the heart, he didn't intend to stay here more, and hurriedly returned to the inn.

Feng Xiao came back one step earlier than him. He was drinking tea and snacks in the room with a leisurely expression. When he saw the door coming in, he laughed, "It seems that what was found?"

Cui didn't doubt, "Why are you so happy? You have resentment with Duan Qiyu? Are you happy when he died?"

Feng Xiao: "I have no vengeance with Duan Qiyu, but some people are deliberately thinking that his death is real. I am glad that when I just want to doze off, someone will put a pillow."

He pulled out an invitation and placed it on the table, pushing it in the direction Cui didn't go.

Cui didn't go and picked it up, his face was surprised.

Feng Xiao smugly said, "Did you say I should be happy?"

Cui didn't nod his head: "It's really worth the pleasure."

His identity as the "nephew of the King of Turtles" has just been revealed, and Xing Mao's sixtieth birthday birthday invitation has arrived. It can be seen that Xing Mao responded quickly and his wrists were exquisite.

Feng Xiao must have found the identity of the person who had contacted Yuxiu: "The three stewards on Xingmao House, colluding with Jin Wang's concubine and disciples of Tiantai Sect, it's interesting! I was still thinking about how to get an invitation, it seems It's still King Guiz's face. "

Cui didn't go slowly. "Mrs. has just lost her child, and her body is very injured. She should be in bed to rest. Today, for the post-mortem examination, it is already hurting you. You don't have to go to the birthday party. I can bring Qiao Xian."

Feng Xiao: "A Feng is the master of the land, let alone a child, even if he goes to Tang Wuhuo. There will be variables in the birthday party. If I am not with you, how can I rest assured?"

In the end, I don't want to put aside my exclusive credit.

Cui didn't laugh, "If you marry a husband, if you can't learn how to be a wife, then I have to leave you alone."

Feng Xiao: "Even though there is no child, there is still the flesh of Langzhu in his stomach. Is Langzhu

Chapter 47

A few days passed by.

If before that, Cui Cui did not go with Feng Xiao and the two major forces in the end city did not have an intuitive understanding, on this day of Shouyan feast, I really let them see the influence of Xingmao in the city.

From the day they received the invitation, the city began to illuminate the lights and decorate the birthday party. In just a few days, the city was full of red lanterns and ribbons, even though the last city was not large, but Expenses must not be affordable for a wealthy home.

The great cause of the family may not be enough to describe Xingmao. As the descendant of King Shanshan, he originally destroyed the country. King Shanshan fled to the end of the city with more than 4,000 families and took root. He moved the treasury of the country together. After three generations of operation in the year, Xingmao's industries are spread all over and the end city is more than that. It is said that in Liugong City, even in the capitals of Dasui and Nancheng, there is also a shop semicolon.

With money, I naturally need more power to protect my belongings. I was told that the last King of Good Shan had begun from Xingmao when he was five years old. He invited a master of martial arts to teach his grandson, but unfortunately Xingmao was only average. However, there are a lot of bodyguards in his nursing home. Every time he travels, he will inevitably hug and hug each other.

When Feng Xiao and Cui did not go to the gate of Xingfu, there was already a lot of traffic and bustle here. The guards of Xingfu lined up from the door and surrounded the entire Xingfu into an iron bucket. The last one they saw The three staff members stood at the door to welcome the guests, and two guards stood behind them.

Cui didn't go and smiled: "This pomp is not worse than the Crown Prince and Jin King's tour. It is indeed a high emperor. Although Xingmao has no Shanshan country, he still considers himself a bully."

Feng Xiao touched his chin: "It is said that his subordinates and family members are indeed calling the king in front of him."

Several carriages were parked around. Many of them were gorgeous and exquisite in appearance. Only these two people walked from the inn and did not follow the guards behind them. They came to celebrate the life of Xingmao's mother. Most of them were people with heads and faces in the city. It is said that Among them, there are many people in the rivers and lakes who have a relationship with Xing Mao. In contrast, Cui and Feng are shabby, and even the gifts of birthday wishes must be carried by themselves.

Xing Mao asked for the grandson of King Guiz. If Jin Lian was present together, it would be impossible to act as a maid, and there was no suitable identity. In order to avoid Buddha's attack on her, Cui left Qiao Xian to protect her, but so After that, he and Feng Xiao himself became more and more plain and poor compared with the maids around them.

Ignoring the strange eyes cast from front to back and left to right, the thickness of their skin played an important role at this time. They ranked behind others contently, without any distress at all, but took the opportunity to observe others with interest.

Everyone else was a large bag of gifts, and some people carried a tree and a gold and silver money tree in order to display it, attracting countless surprises. Cui did not go but carried a box with a length of arms.

The three manager Xu was accustomed to all kinds of luxurious and exaggerated precious gifts. When he saw this box, which was like a gift from a small shop next to him, he gave it a firm hold.

Looking at the invitation again, he knew who the visitor was. Guizi Country is rich in ironware and has a wealthy family. It is not a small country with poor sourness, but Cui does not go with Feng Xiao's clothes. Although he is not poor, he is also a little far away from the Jin Yihua clothes imagined by San Guan Shi.

He still knew that he had a little convergence, but the contempt eyes of the little followers next to him, but he couldn't take it anymore.

"Slow!" Cui said unpleasantly, "Who let you take it this way?"

The Xingfu entourage who just took the box, looked at him inexplicably.

Cui did not go arrogantly: "A Feng, open the box and let them see what we sent."

In front of everyone's eyes, Feng Xiao was so obedient and obedient that he seized the servants of Xingfu, untied the silk ribbon outside, and took out a plain dagger.

"Come on," Feng Xiao said.

He pulled the short dagger out of the scabbard, and everyone saw the dagger blade frosting, as if entangled with snow and ice, and saw Feng Xiao raise his hand and cut it gently, the attendant holding the box had no feeling yet, and his upper body clothing was already The flutter turned into powder, and it was instantly smooth.

After hearing the woman's scream, the attendant returned to God, shy and flushed, and hurried back.

Cui didn't chuckle, and said arrogantly, "Xinggong is used to seeing rare and precious treasures. What are our identities, and how can we just send some gifts casually? What's the difference with the vulgar village husband and A Mao A Dog?"

Everyone saw the sharpness of the dagger, and lamented that the name of Guizi's post was well-declared, and they dared not underestimate Cui not to go to them.

The three managements returned to their minds, took the dagger with both hands, and carefully handed it to the attendant next to them, and smiled: "It is rude to subordinate, neglect Shang Langjun, and look forward to a large number of adults. For the sake of life of my master today, do not Don't worry, your two positions have already been arranged. The villain will lead the way, please, please, please! "

Everyone else was guided by the servants, except that Cui did not go to Feng Xiao and got a special treatment, and was introduced into the house by the three officials.

There is no need to repeat the nature of Xingfu. Due to the large number of guests going to the banquet this year, it is not possible to arrange all guests in one hall and one room. Xingfu had to divide the banquet into two parts, the interior hall and the outside. It is much wider, and the people sitting inside are all distinguished guests. There are many more seats in the outer yard. Compared with the inner hall, the importance is naturally inferior.

Cui did not go. Although they had three affairs to lead the way, they could not enter the inner hall, only in the yard closest to the inner hall.

This may already be considered a good seat. Cui did not know that the seat they were scheduled to be definitely behind was definitely behind, and just after the scene, the three managements were temporarily adjusted.

Looking at the interior hall, in addition to the first two master seats, there are four seats on the left and right, a total of eight distinguished guests, including Duan Qiao.

Cui did not show a very unpleasant look, and asked, "Why? In my capacity, can't I have a place in it?"

The smile of the three officials remained unchanged, and he arched his hand and said, "Lang Jun forgive me. The eight seats are all my family's best friends for many years. They are not judged by status. Among the VIPs in this courtyard, there are also the masters of Erhaimen and Guanzhong Wei. Children, the head of the Xianlin School, etc., their positions are all behind them! "

Cui waved his hands impatiently and impatiently: "Let ’s do it, the old man is 60 years old, and I do n’t want to care about you!"

San Guanshi laughed and said, "Lang Jun really is massive!"

He was still busy welcoming him, and left as soon as he pleaded guilty. Feng Xiao sat next to Cui not, took a grape from the table, threw it into his mouth, and began to look around.

The guests successively took their seats, and four seats in the eight halls were also seated. Feng Xiao didn't recognize any of them, and heard Cui Bugo saying, "One of the inner halls looks like Wei from the Wei family in Guanzhong. Or Fang, I don't recognize anyone else, it should not be in the middle of the river. "

Feng Xiaodao said: "Xing Mao will definitely place Duan Qiao's seat next to himself, to pay attention to it. We are still a little far away, and it is inconvenient to do something."

Cui didn't go: "We will respond to it at that time, but then again, where did you get such a sharpened dagger?"

Feng Xiao finished eating a bunch of grapes and poked a piece of honeydew with a silver sign into the mouth. When she heard the words, she laughed and said, "I poured the internal force on my head. Then. "

Cui didn't doubt, "But when the dagger was pulled out, didn't it linger in white air?"

Feng Xiao laughed: "Put this dagger in the ice and snow for three or four days, and then use the internal force to excite the frost above, but there is no trace of white air? This thing is when I came back last time, I hit the iron shop in Chengdong The three hundred dollars we bought here made us savory and delicious, and the money was not lost! "

Cui didn't go silent for a moment: "Jie Jian Fu is so poor that he can't even afford a decent gift?"

Feng Xiao was righteous: "Is Qianliyu coming to the border town investigating without money? The border town is windy and sandy. I do n’t need nourishment and nourishing oil. How can my face and hair maintain the same glory? Qiao Xian of your family is so terrible that she should give her I buy a nod of oil, it's like asking for her life. Can't I pay for it myself? "

Cui does not go: ...

If Feng Xiao tilted the orchid to point to the pussy, he could still make a few taunts. When the other party did not intentionally blame, it was completely domineering style. Think of Feng Xiao's golden sword sitting in the room with his legs wide open. While shaving, while applying oil to his head for maintenance, Cui felt that his skin could not help but twitch.

Feng Xiaoyu taught him intently: "You don't think that men need to repair their looks. This world is as amazing as this seat. If you don't take care of it, can you stand up to the love of heaven? Although you are far worse than this seat, you can be considered handsome, but you The body is ill, and it will age faster than others. If you don't take care of it, I am afraid that it will be another two years— "

He grinned.

Cui didn't know he had nothing good to say, but this time he didn't hold his breath. He answered: "How?"

Feng Xiao: "Then I can call you dad."

Cui did not stare at the fruit plate in front of him for a while, he was afraid that he could not hold it, and would press Feng Xiao's head into the fruit plate and rub it.

Just then, a voice interrupted his dangerous thoughts.

"Chen Chen, I don't know this lady, with Lang Jun, Gao Mingming?"

Cui didn't go and looked up.

The young man who asked Chen Yi to sit next to Feng Xiao was clearly speaking to Feng Xiao, and Cui did not go but was incidental.

"Oh, which one?" Feng Xiao's under-smiling smile before she and Cui didn't fight, he showed a shy and timid smile, and looked at Chen Yan intentionally or unintentionally. Fengyan's eyes fluttered, as if throwing Winking.

This expression is not useful for Cui not going, but it obviously has some effect on other men who do not know his identity.

At least Chen Yan was obviously moved, and his eyes looking at Feng Xiao brought some heat.

"It's raining, it's raining, it's sunny."

Chen Yi.

Cui did not go to associate the name with the characteristics of the character, and quickly came to the origin of the person in his mind.

Guanzhong Xianlin sent less head.

The Xianlin School is not one of the top gates in the Tiantai Sect of Xuandu Mountain, but it still has some fame on the rivers and lakes. Chen Qiong is martial arts and has an indomitable temperament. It is a bit like the second ancestor Lin Yong of the Yandang Mountain Villa. Maybe he was born and raised in Xiaojiao and has not experienced anything. Most of the wealthy children in the storm are inseparable.

Although his martial arts are not good, after all, there is a father who is in charge of the Xianlin faction. It is safe for Xingjia to arrange his seat beside Cui Bugo.

Looking at the interior hall, the host family and the guests have arrived.

Duan Qisong and Gao Yan sat at the bottom of Xingmao, and there was an old woman beside Xingmao, presumably the birthday star of today.

Cui Buqian was still trying to get close to Duan Qiyu, and now seeing Chen Yi, he immediately thought about it.

Feng Xiao seemed to know what he was thinking, glanced at him with a smile, and pushed the fruit plate on the table in the direction Cui could not go.

Cui didn't feel that the other party couldn't wait to see the lively mood, could not help but rolled his eyes in his heart, directly picked up the fruit plate and threw it on the ground.


Not only did the fruit plate fall into pieces, but the fruits and vegetables in the plate also rolled off.

The movement was hardly unnoticing, and the scene was quiet for a moment, even Xing Mao and others looked over.

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Chapter 48

The fall of the fruit plate was only the first step. Then Cui didn't go to get up immediately, and pointed at Chen Ye and cursed: "You know that I am the nephew of King Guiz, I dare to treat my wife so lightly! I have an invitation today to celebrate the birthday To the banquet, it was a sincere congratulations to Xing Weng, who knows how to run into such a rude and shameless villain! If you are in Guizi, you would have been dragged alive and killed by me! "

These words were made in one go, which made people totally unresponsive. Chen Ye was also scolded for a moment. He said that I just asked the name, and he hadn't moved his feet yet. How could it be frivolous?

He was not a bully person at first, but he was suddenly attacked by Cui Buqi, and he didn't expect a better word to refute for a moment.

Where does Xingmao let the two continue to quarrel at their banquet, I immediately took a look, and the big manager has come forward to fight the battle: "Two distinguished guests who are both my host today, why are you arguing, and please give me a host Thin face ... "

Cui did not interrupt him, sneer sneer: "My uncle used to say that although Xinggong is a resident guest, he is a generation of heroes. I did not expect that my uncle would have to look away. In my capacity as the king of turtles, I actually I can't enter the inner hall yet, I have to bask in the sun outside. This banquet will not participate, just leave! "

The chief manager rushed to stop him, and said with a good voice: "Lang Jun misunderstood. This is all a villain's arrangement. Because the interior hall is narrow and the position is limited, it can't sit ..."

Cui didn't go and ask him obliquely: "Isn't that just dividing people into three, six, nine, etc.? You won't break the wall, and the inside and outside of the hall become one?"

Easy to say, is the house still decent! When Cui did not deliberately get angry at him, his expression was so mean that he had the impulse to blast his dog's head, but he couldn't have the attack, so he had to stay with his smile.

"Lang Jun's lesson is that the villain is not thinking about it. He also invited Xianyu to sit in the inner hall. The villain will immediately prepare a seat for the two!"

He waved his hand, and someone immediately set the position. The manager asked Cui not to go with Feng Xiao, and Xingmao got up and walked to the center of the inner hall to welcome Cui not to go.

"A certain gift is not many, and I am here to apologize to the two, and please drink a few more glasses!"

The purpose of Cui not going was to mix in the interior hall, and when he heard the words, he looked to Duan Qiyu, and said loudly: "I heard that there are two big heroes in Qiemo, one is Xinggong, and the other is Duangong. Since he was lucky to enter Here, naturally I want to sit closer to Duan Gong, and I don't need to bother you to reschedule, just place my seat with Nei Zi behind Duan Gong! "

Duan Qiyi smiled and happily invited: "The rare Shang Langjun can look down on Duan. It's quite spacious next to me. Why not sit down with me?"

Cui didn't go overjoyed: "Surely wish!"

Nowadays, there is a table and a table for everyone. Only when they are close, will they be at the same table. Cui does not know what kind of politeness is. He leaves the big steward, strides over, and sits beside Duan Qiao.

Seeing that Xingmao had no opinion, the supervisor had to slap his belly and set up another table for Feng Xiao next to Cui Bugo.

In this way, Cui Buqu and Feng Xiao are not only close to Duan Qiyu, but also only a few steps away from Xingmao.

Only poor Chen Xun was attacked for no reason at all. When he came back, Cui did not quickly hug Duan Qiao's thigh. He could not lift the table anymore, and stared at him with an angry expression on the background. Naturally, the big manager will not let anyone have the opportunity to cause trouble on this occasion. When he saw this, he calmed Chen Ye and did not know what he said. Chen Ye soon became angry and happy, and no longer cares about Cui not going. And cheerfully regained seat.

A storm disappeared, and the chief manager secretly breathed a sigh of relief, complaining in his heart that the three managers who did not know where they were going. Today's birthday party was prepared by the three managers, and these errands should have come to him.

"I went to Guizi a few years ago. I was fortunate enough to have met His Majesty the King. I wonder if he is okay now?" Duan Qiyi greeted.

"My uncle eats and sleeps, he can bow and shoot on horses, and he can fight wolves with bare hands. His body has always been good, but recently Wang Sun died of two because of his illness. He was very sad for a while, and he did n’t even listen to his favorite music and dance. Yes, otherwise, it would not be my turn to be sent to the Central Plains. "

Cui didn't go. Since he faked King Guizi's nephew, he should have done his homework in advance, otherwise it would be okay to cheat Gao Ling. It is impossible to cheat old foxes such as Xing Mao and Duan Qiao.

King Guizi did have a nephew named Shang Jing. Because of his bad health, he moved to Beizhuang outside the city from an early age. Few people saw it. Of the ten sentences that Cui did not say, at least six or seven were true. Only in this way can we win the trust of others.

Duan Qixun nodded and sighed: "Please pass on the greetings on your behalf, and please pass on the King's Day."

The death of Wang Sun was also heard by Duan Qiao and Xing Mao. The two phases confirmed that they had no doubt about Cui's identity.

Xingmao clapped his hands. The dishes that had been prepared for a long time were immediately brought to the water, and the wine was also moved up. The mud seal was opened in front of everyone's face. Old wine is good. Rao is one of those who has seen many good wines in the world, and can't help secretly drooling.

The beautiful maids walked in the wine world, pour wine for the guests, and everyone toasted for the old lady's birthday. Xing Mao first drank the fine wine, paid homage to her mother, and thanked her for the nurturing grace.

Since Duan Qiao came here today, he would definitely not block Xingmao on the table. When he saw the maid bending over the glass, he also raised his glass and stood up and said a blessing like Ruhai Shoubi Nanshan.

But when Duan Qiao was going to raise his head to drink the wine, Cui didn't go but called him: "Duan Gong and slow!"

Cui did not laugh: "Why is Duan Gong's wine jar different from my wine jar? Is it because the Duan Gong has a high weight in Qimo City, and the treatment given by the host is different from others?"

If it is said that Cui did not get angry just because his wife was being teased, it is fair to say that now, there is nothing wrong with finding fault.

Cui doesn't go to the fullest to find the essence of looking for things, it is annoying.

The manager is now very annoyed with him and can't help but say loudly: "Shang Langjun misunderstood. The wine jars in our house are exquisite. They are divided into plum orchids, bamboo chrysanthemums, spring, summer, autumn and winter. Only the flavor is different, but it is equally precious. You can't find it outside. When you finish drinking, you can naturally taste another flavor. Why be so anxious! "

Cui Bing, who is looking for something, didn't seem to see the boredom under the smile of Da Guanshi. He pointed to the wine glass in Duan Qiao's hand and said, "I think the taste of Duan Gong's glass is definitely extraordinary. I want to exchange wine with Duan Gong now!"

Duan Qixi laughed abruptly, and handed the wine glass out: "It's so difficult, I'll give you this cup, and then someone will give me a cup!"

Xing Mao frowned slightly, unhappy, but after all said nothing.

Cui did not dare to have trouble repeatedly at his mother's birthday party. He had a hundred ways to make the other party regret it later.

But Cui didn't go to get Duan Qi's wine, but he refused to accept it. Instead, he handed it to the beautiful maid who had just poured wine for Duan Qi's.

"Come, you drunk!"

The maid waited a moment, and took two steps back, looking up to the big manager for help.

The chief manager was also fed up, and Cui did not go to this job hunter, and warned with a smile at the moment: "Shang Langjun, today is my host's birthday feast, and I ask you to converge as well!"

Cui does not raise an eyebrow: "Why did I find something? Everyone knows that Duan Gong and Xing Gong are not in harmony. It is difficult to guarantee that some villains want to stalk them and provoke alienation. Here they poison Duan Gong and plant you. I am not Plan ahead, help Xinggong clear the suspicions first? "

The big manager was intolerable, and he stepped forward to Cui Buqi: "Where are you, kid, here to come to the feast?

Being able to be the top confidant under Xingmao, the martial arts of the chief manager is still good. This hand is lightning fast, not to mention that Cui does not go for a little martial arts. Even if he can martial arts, he may not be able to hide.

But before the big manager grabbed Cui's shoulders and made this guy scream in pain, and then he didn't dare talk nonsense, his hand was pinched.

Only **** were used.

Da Guanshi turned back painfully, and saw Feng Xiao smile at him shyly.

The big manager laughed and stunned, and suddenly lost the power to fight back.

Cui didn't even care about the housekeeper, and still handed the cup to the waitress: "Drinking this glass of wine, I won't embarrass you, and I will never give birth to Xinggong."

The maid lowered her head and remained motionless.

Duan Qiao also saw something wrong.

Xing Mao's heart was already annoyed that Cui Bugo had not been able to find something, but what made him even more angry was that he lost his face in front of Duan Qiao, and the yard was still lively at the moment. Several guests in the hall had stopped drinking and all went here. Looking around, the atmosphere was frozen for a moment.

"Since Shang Langjun has a word, you drink this glass of wine!"

After listening to Xingmao's words, the maid finally took the wine from Cui Buqin.

But she seemed to be frightened by such a scene, her hands trembling, so she spilled a lot.

Cui didn't go to hold her wrist and sent it to the other person's mouth, and said softly, "Don't be afraid, just a glass of wine. How can you be scared like poison in the wine?"

Seeing that the wine was about to be delivered to the entrance, the maid suddenly broke away from Cui and turned towards Duan Qiyu.

A flash of light flashed, she actually hid a short dagger in her body, the dagger came out of the sheath, and the sharp end was directly aimed at Duan Qiyu's chest, but the two sides were within easy reach.

Duan Qizhen suddenly stood up, like Dapeng spreading his wings and flying in the sky, not only avoiding the deadly blow of the maid, but also hit her wrist fiercely when she fell, forcing the maid's dagger to make a turn. Alas, the body leaned forward involuntarily, tripping over the low table, and the dagger in his hand was inserted into his chest. There was no breath on the spot!

I don't know who called it first, the original lively banquet suddenly changed its taste, everyone's face was inexplicably inexplicable, and the guests in the lobby all got up and stepped back.

Xing Mao pointed out Cui Bugo and Feng Xiao angrily: "People come and take me down!"

Cui didn't sneer: "What's the use of catching me? I encountered a mischief in the street yesterday and conspiring with others was not good for Duan Qiao. If not, how can I have trouble at the feast? I expected! "

"Xing Mao, I came to the banquet with good intentions, but you treated me with a grand banquet!" Duan Qiyu sank his face. He had brought in two guards. At this time, he made a posture to guard him, as if he was afraid of Xing. Mao suddenly got into trouble.

"I don't know anything about today!" Xingmao was furious. If Duan Qiao was really dead here today, he would not be able to wash out after jumping into the Yellow River.

As soon as Duan Qiao died, others must have thought of him for the first time, but even if Xingmao wanted to kill someone, it would be better and simpler to send a woman to poison with a beauty, let alone his mother ’s birthday, and everyone in the world knows his mother. Zhixiao, how could you kill someone in the presence of your old mother?

But then again, since things have come to this point, no matter who wants to kill Duan Qiyu, if the other party is really dead, he can logically take over Duan's forces. Without Duan Qiyu, Duan's is like an eagle with broken wings. Don't stop doing nothing ...

Thinking of this, the haze in his eyes was a little deeper, as if a storm was brewing.

Xing Mao's three supervisors have followed him for many years. He has been familiar with the style of his master. The chief supervisor has been held by Feng Xiao. The second supervisor has been on standby for a long time. After seeing this situation, he has waved quietly. The hall was surrounded, and only when the host ordered it, he jumped up and killed Duan Qiyu. Duan Qi's martial arts is so high that the three of them alone cannot escape from the general siege of this iron bucket.

Duan Qi's secret scream is not good.

He dared to come to the banquet today, knowing that Xingmao could not take part in the birthday party, who knew that this incident would happen.

It ’s no longer important whether the poison just came from Xingmao, because like the second manager, he also saw the killing intention from Xingmao's face.

Is it here today that I am dead?

The boss finally couldn't help but screamed.

Feng Xiao laughed: "It seems to use a bit more force, but whoever makes you want to do something to my husband, just suffer!"

His words were straightforward, and the big manager fell to the ground and couldn't move. Feng Xiao's figure flickered slightly. The second manager only felt a strong wind coming forward, and his heart was frightened. The second officer couldn't hold the fishy rushing up the chest, a blood spewed out, and the whole person fell back.

Looking back at Feng Xiao, there was no slight injury, but fortunately, he said to Xingmao: "You saw it, even if your people are all around, I can retreat from my body. Not only that, but I can also add a section of perch."

Little one Qiemo city, when did such a peerless master come?

The man who claims to be King Nephew's nephew is obviously powerless. Who can think of his wife hiding such a skill?

Duan Qiao asked himself if martial arts were good, but compared to the person in front of him, he was still far behind. Even the Turk master No. 1 who knew what he knew was probably unable to beat each other.

Where does this couple come from?

Xing Mao was even more shocked and angry: "Who are you ?!"

"Natural is a beauty." Feng Xiao took out the parchment and wiped her hands, tilting the orchid to throw a semi-circular arc in the air.

The parchment fluttered but accurately covered the head of the boss.

Chief: ...

Cui did not lightly said: "Instead of caring about who we are, you should be more concerned about what kind of burglars in your home. As far as I know, Duan Qiyi has two sons at his knees. His eldest son is an adult. If he died here today, The eldest son will inherit everything from him, take revenge for his father, and openly stare at you. Even if you can win in the end, it will be a terrible victory. Think of the clams fighting, who would be the profitable fisherman? "

Obviously, Duan Qiyi also thought about this layer, so although he doubted Xingmao, he still had some reservations.

Xingmao's face was cloudy and uncertain. After a moment, he decisively told the chief manager: "Immediately find Peng Xiang! If he dares to resist, no matter what method he uses, he can speak as long as he is alive!"

Da Xiaoshi's wrist was just pinched off by Feng Xiao, but compared with the major incident in the house, his minor injury was nothing. At the moment, he stood up in pain and hurried to find the three affairs.

After a good birthday party, Xingmao took a deep breath and depressed his heart. First, he sent the old mother to rest, and then said to other guests: "Unfortunately today, this kind of accident happened. I was frightened. I waited for the murderer to apologize to you, and now I am still seated and eaten.

Everyone who can still eat something has to sit still and wait. Some people want to leave, but they can't. At this time, Xingjia will certainly not let a person alone.

Xing Mao was unwilling to believe in the betrayal of the three management affairs, but in reality he could not believe it. The birthday party was arranged by the three management affairs, and the other party could not escape responsibility.

But things often get trickier than expected.

After a while, the chief executive hurried back, and he ran a large circle, his face turned paler than before.

Xing Mao saw the panic on his face and knew that things were not good.

Sure enough, the manager said: "Peng Xiang himself, fear of sin and commit suicide!"

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Chapter 49

Peng Xiang died in the firewood room of Xingfu.

People usually go in and out of the place. He basically wants to use firewood to burn the fire. He usually doesn't have to lock the door. He just hides it. Only then does the manager bring people around to find him. He is in chaos. Someone pushes to open the house. As a result, I saw three things hanging on the beam.

The family ugliness should not be advertised, but the matter has become so big that Duan Qixun refused to give up, and he proposed to come over to see the corpses of the three affairs, but Xingmao couldn't help but have to lead someone in person.

This kind of occasion is naturally indispensable for Cui Buqu and Feng Xiao.

In addition, there were several guests who were watching the lively events, including Gao Ling, Ling, and Chen Ling, who wanted to play Feng Xiao just now, but was beaten by Cui Bu.

He estimated that he had never encountered such a scene, and his face was still full of lively novelty and excitement.

However, under the supervision of Peng Xiangquan, Peng Xiangquan knew that Xun would not be happy.

He still had a terrified expression on his face. He might be at the moment of death. He regretted it, but he couldn't break the rope, and finally he couldn't take it anymore.

But Cui didn't remember Feng Xiao's saying that the three directors would martial arts. Although martial arts are mediocre, if he really conspired to kill Duan Qiyu, and if he was worried that the matter would be revealed, he should choose to escape instead of hanging. Taking a step back 10,000 steps, even if he was going to commit suicide, wiping his neck directly with a knife was simpler and easier than hanging him, which made him more like a choice made by a martial arts practitioner.

Feng Xiao was watching as everyone looked down at the body.

But he was watching Cui not going.

When Cui didn't look down and raise her eyebrows, she had a kind of gentleness, which was different from usual.

The other party also seemed to notice Feng Xiao's eyes, turned his head and looked confused, as if asking him what was happening.

Feng Xiao sincerely said: "Every time you show this expression, I know you want to hang people again."

This sentence was sent to Cui Buqu's ears through a voice transmission. Others could only see him moving his lips and could not hear what he was saying.

Cui didn't sneer at him with eight teeth, and then lowered his head to look at the body.

"He seems to have something in his palm!" Someone cried.

The big manager immediately opened the palm of the three managers and wrote four words in blood.

eye for eye.

Naturally, others looked at his other palm.

There are also words, but also four.

Heavenly cycle.

"He has an injury on his arm!" When Sanshou's wrist was lifted, his sleeve slipped down, exposing a knife wound on his arm.

The big manager frowned, only to see that this knife wound was very shallow and not poisonous.

Could it be that the three managements cut themselves before death?

Because he had caused the niece to poison Duan Qixu, he felt ashamed after the defeat and simply committed suicide?

Duan Qiyi sneered: "A good way to prosper the public! Killing is impossible, but it is quick to die. If I die without proof, I can't do anything about it!"

Xingmao angered: "If I really want to kill you, why bother so much? I now give you an order to keep you out of this opportunity! Someone must provoke from this and try to make a profit for the fisherman!"

Gao Yan: ...

Duan Qiyu and Xingmao kill together, who can finally get the benefit?

Naturally, Gao Ling.

As long as Duan Qiyu and Xingmao's forces are completely leveled, and the end city is Gao Ye, the master.

Does Gao Yong want to be a real county magistrate and defend one side?

Of course I think, but he is the weakest of the three, and he can't do it at all.

"If Xinggong doesn't mind, I can send someone to look for an autopsy," Gao said.

"No need." Cui did not get up. "People didn't hang themselves. They were put on after strangulation. The wound on his arm should have been caused by the murderer after his death."

Duan Qizhen did not believe that King Guiz's nephew would still have an autopsy, but at this moment he could not care about the identity of the other party, and frowned and asked, "Why do you see that?"

"Look at his neck." Cui did not point to the neck of the three affairs, "Generally hanging the dead, the body fell down, so the marks on the neck, deep in the middle and shallow on both sides, and also knotted on the skin The bruises left, but the striations on his neck are now even, apparently strangled by a rope first, and then hanged. "

Everyone looked carefully, as Cui did not go.

Several people have believed eight | nine points, but then there are new problems.

If the trio is killed, who can kill him in Xingfu, and why should he kill him?

When Xing Mao saw everyone's eyes fall on him, he couldn't help but anger: "I also want to know who the murderer is!"

Cui didn't go lightly: "Xinggong doesn't need to be anxious, I also believe that this is not yours, because with your ability, there is no need to work so hard to do something unpleasant. The niece gave the brother Duan Poisoning is likely to be the cause of three things, but who can kill people in Xingfu is the key to the problem! "

Xingmao said subconsciously: "Xingfu has always been extremely guarded. My opponents know the bottom line and they cannot betray me!"

The words were straightforward, and he saw Duan Qi's ridiculous smile, and immediately knew that he was wrong.

Have you been betrayed because of three things?

Isn't this a thief already?

And there is likely to be more than one thief.

Xingmao remembered that he had also met Peng Xiang when he first started the banquet.

The other party walked through the crowd, and it wouldn't be more than an hour before they were killed.

Cui does not seem to perceive his thoughts, and said, "The Chai Fang is not far from the stove room. In order to prepare banquet dishes, there are always people in and out of the stove room. If the Chai Room makes too much noise, it will be known. But until the death of the third officer, no one was found. "

Feng Xiao: "It means that the opponent's martial arts must be much higher than three things."

Cui does not go: "Yes."

Xing Mao frowned deeply. Those who were able to kill three affairs in Xing's family, namely the chief management officer, the second management officer, and a few powerful guards, but at the time of the incident, the guards kept close to him. The second affairs is also there, unless the person who killed him sneaked in from the outside.

Cui did not go: "When I first came to the end, I heard that although Xingfu is big, it is as solid as gold soup. Everyone who comes in and out of here needs to verify their identity. The 30 guests who come today can also be Xinggong. Speak their names. "

Xing Mao nodded: "Although Peng Xiang presides over the birthday party, the guards in the house are not under his control. The guest list also requires me to look at him. He has no room to do anything."

He said, looking to the big manager.

The officer in charge jumped on his knees and said, "The master has learned that the villain will never collude with Peng Xiangna and other betrayers! When the guards were arranged in the house, Lu Jiu was also there. According to the old rules, all defenses are ours. They saw it together! "

Lu Jiu is the second manager.

Xing Mao also felt that the three stewards could not betray all of them.

He couldn't help looking at Cui and wanted to get more information from him.

Unconsciously, this young man who had just met recently took control of the situation with only a few words, and let everyone's thoughts follow him.

Cui did not ask, "Fetch the guest list. Also, no one is allowed to leave."

It is not necessary for him to say that the second manager had long closed the door and had not visited the lively guests. At this time, he could only sit down at the banquet and wait for Xingmao to let them go.

As Xingmao said, there were only 30 guests. Except Gao Kun, Duan Qiao, Cui Buqu, and Feng Xiao, the rest all had a relationship with Xing Mao for a long time. Even Chen Zhe was also because of his father and Xingmao had a good relationship. After receiving the invitation, he sent his son Chen Kun to make a special trip to celebrate his old wife.

The chief executive matched the people one by one, and soon discovered the problem.

One person is missing.

In other words, he obviously entered the house and gave a gift, but the person disappeared.

"It's Zhong Haomiao!" The chief executive cried.

Who is that? Cui does not go to see Xingmao.

Xingmao frowned: "He is a disciple of Qiyueguan. His mother often goes to Qiyue to watch the road, and is familiar with the master of the place there. This time, he also sent a post to Qiyueguan. He will send big disciples to Heshou. "

The big manager immediately sent someone to Qiyue to observe and understand.

Cui did not wait for others, but Xing Mao was arranged to rest in another side hall. The corpses of the three staff members were also moved over, so there was a strange situation in which a group of people sat around a corpse.

Gao Ling was a little restless.

Feng Xiao whispered next to him: "Is Ming Dynasty unwell?"

Gao Yan smiled bitterly, and whispered back, "I took a fierce hexagram before going out today. I shouldn't have gone to a banquet. This hexagram seems to be true!"

Feng Xiao: "What does this matter to you?"

Gao Yan: "It doesn't matter, of course, but will they misunderstand that I made trouble and intervened?"

Feng Xiao: ...

Why did the court send such a cricket to be an official?

Going all out by divination, timid as a mouse when things go wrong?

If this is changed, Cui will not come to be the Qiemo County Magistrate-Feng Xiao hardly even thinks about it, even if the other party is dying in three days and two heads, he can make the Qiemo city mutate, the chickens and dogs are restless, what Xingmao Duanxi It is estimated that they have to stand aside, and it is this person like Zhong Lingyuxiu who can suppress him.

Oh no, and Yuxiu.

This is also a very unstable existence.

Just as Feng Xiao thought about Yuxiu, the person in charge of the administration had already found Zhong Haomiao.

Zhong Haomiao's answer was also unexpected.

On the day before the birthday feast, a guest from Qiyueguan came to the other side. The other party had had a life-saving favor for the master of Qiyueguan. He was about the same age as Zhong Haomiao and was very talkative. The man heard that Xingmao's mother At the sixtieth birthday, he proposed that he was well-known for Xingmao and the last king. He wanted to come to see and see. Zhong Haomiao readily agreed to take him to the banquet, but it happened that Qiyueguan's main practice had a problem and someone needed to be by his side. To protect the law, Zhong Haomiao gave the gift to his master and asked him to come to the party with the guest.

However, according to the concierge and the supervisor, there was only one person who came with Qiyueguan's famous post.

Zhong Haomiao apologized: "I learned afterwards that the second division brother was playful and went away halfway and let my friend come alone, but he is a famous disciple, and it is impossible for him to kill innocent people!"

Gao Yan: "Who is your friend?"

Zhong Haomiao: "He is the largest student of Nanchen, a disciple of Linchuan Academy, Yan Xuexing."

Everyone is thinking whether they have heard Yan Xuexing's name, only Feng Xiao and Cui are not observing the changes of others' expression.

And just then, Duan Qiao's face changed slightly.

Although there was only a momentary change and they soon returned to normal, they would never think they were dazzled.

Feng Xiao poked at Cui's thigh, which meant that Duan Qiao had problems.

Cui does not go: ...

He moved his legs slightly.

Who knew that Feng Xiao didn't give up, and reached out to poke again.

Cui did not reach out and grabbed his hand impatiently, trying to cut off that finger, but when Feng Xiao's wrist was flipped, Cui's hand immediately turned into being held by the other side, unable to move.

"What are you doing?" This scene happened to be noticed by Chen Yi, who was not picked by Cui not long ago, and his heart was full of dissatisfaction, which just happened. "The deceased is big, and you can still be so frivolous, don't you put Xinggong in your eyes!"

"Sorry, the husband is also unable to help himself for a while, all blame the stunning beauty, all over the country!" At any time, Feng Xiao didn't know how to write the word "skin".

Faced with the reaction that everyone looked at him, "Dare to look at such a vain body, it turned out to be indulging in beauty every day." Cui did not go blankly and drew his hand back from Feng Xiao.

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Chapter 50

According to Zhong Haomiao, Xun Yanxue did n’t return to the moon view. He did n’t know where he went. Most disciples of disciples, unless Fengshan lived in seclusion, or else he would let them go out and travel around. Yan Xuexing It may be Nan Chen, or it may go to other places. In short, it is likely that it is no longer in Qimen City.

Zhong Haomiao was also very excited to say that Yan Yanxue was a well-known decent and saved his master ’s life. It is absolutely impossible for him to kill innocent people. There must be some reason for this. He may not be the one who came to the banquet. Yan Xue line.

But he said no matter how much, it is not important. At the moment, the most important thing is to find Yan Xuexing. I found him. At least most of the questions can be resolved.

A good birthday banquet died in the middle, and I still had a lot of troubles. Xing Mao also felt burned, and he sighed. He arched to Duan Qiyu and Gao Qiu: "The ugly family, let the two laugh, and I ’m tired today. My brother was shocked. I'm extremely sorry. When this happened, I'll apologize in person and look forward to two Haihan! "

Then he said to the big manager, "Open the storeroom and bring two treasures."

Xing Maozu is the master of a country. Although the scenery is no longer there, it is still a rich country. The treasures in the storehouse of Xingfu are not even owned by Duan Qiyu for three more lives.

But Duan Qiyi snorted coldly: "No need to bother, Duanmou will leave now, I hope Xinggong can give me an account as soon as possible!"

He turned around and walked away, unwilling to stay here for a while.

Although Duan Qiyi believed that Xing Mao didn't mean to kill him at first, otherwise he would not go to the banquet, but then his uncle's poison was revealed on the spot. At that moment, Duan Qiyi saw from Xing Mao's face that he had been relentless-- In the case of Duan Qiyu himself, he might make the same decision-if it wasn't for Feng Xiao's interruption in time, Duan Qiyu would probably be dead now.

With this in mind, Duan Qizheng Chao Xiao and Cui did not bow slightly to express their gratitude, but he was also skeptical of Cui Buqi's identity, because a prince and aristocrat of the Turtle Kingdom would not inspect the autopsy anyway.

It's not helpful at the moment, and Duan Qiao will definitely make a careful investigation afterwards.

But when he crossed the threshold, he was stopped.

"Duan Duan, please stay."

Cui did not go and said later.

Duan Qi did not return his head, and he did not hesitate to get on the carriage.

Then he realized again how strong Feng Xiao's martial arts were.

The other party seemed to be blowing in a breeze, and before the guards around Duan Qiyu had responded, he had already grasped Duan Qiyu's arm.

Duan Qiyi has a diamond fingering. He has defeated countless opponents in his early years. He is also a first-class master. He has been respected and superior in recent years, but he knows that there are many people who want to kill himself. Therefore, Wu Gong has not been let down. At this time, he reached out and blocked his hand. The wrist was sore and numb, the arm was already pulled, and the body turned around involuntarily, facing Cui.

Cui didn't go and ignored Feng Xiao's raised eyebrows, signaled "I'll give you a long face this time", directly to Duan Qi and said: "Do you know Yuxiu is going to kill you?"

"Who is Yuxiu?" Duan Qi'an frowned, in addition to dissatisfaction, and doubt.

Cui didn't go to the door and ask a question. He was supposed to catch him by surprise. No matter how ingenious he was, there would be some clues on his face.

But Duan Qiyu did not.

He really doesn't know Yuxiu.

This is weird.

He didn't know Yuxiu, but Yuxiu let three managers kill him.

Cui didn't go and changed another saying: "Brother Duan and Yan Xuexing have revenge?"

Duan Qiyi: "I have been living in the border area for decades. It is normal to say that the Tianshan faction is hostile to me. I do n’t know anyone in Linchuan Academy. Brother, thank you for your clearance today. But since it happened in Xingjia, you still have to ask Xingmao more! "

He said coldly, and turned around and got on the carriage. This time Feng Xiao stopped it, but instead went to see the carriage with Cui Bugo.

"If he doesn't know Yuxiu or Yan Xuexing, why did his face change just now?" Feng Xiao was interested. "Does he know who wants to kill him?"

Xingmao could not detain the guests at home. After Duan Qiyu left, Gao Ling and Cui did not go to them, and other guests also left one after another.

A lively birthday party ended just like this.

Xing Mao is very disturbing.

He wanted to coax the old mother to be happy by the excitement, and by the way consolidate his prestige, who knew that the purpose had not been achieved, but shame his face.

Within a short period of time, the death of Sanguan will spread throughout the city, and everyone will know that there is something wrong with his men, or pass on the rumors, thinking that he will start with Duan Qiyu and Gao Qi and ask the position of the first person in the end city.

If Xing Mao is really prepared to do so, the problem is that he had no plan to do so, but now he can't argue.

Duan Qiyi will surely also be worried about this, maybe he will stumbling in secret.

"Master, someone is coming to visit." The chief executive came forward to report and handed a name post.

His arm had just been broken by Feng Xiao, and now he was busy sending away the guests, only scratching a bit.

"Not seeing!" Xingmao waved his hands distractedly, without seeing the famous post.

The chief executive hesitated, "He said, you must meet him when you see the famous post."

Xing Mao copied the famous post from his hand, opened it, and his expression was stunned.

Chief: "Master?"

Xing Mao closed the famous post: "Please come in."

Guests were quickly introduced into the hall.

The other person's figure was so handsome, and after entering the house, in order to show respect for the host, he won the power to cover his face.

Xing Mao was actually not interested in what the other party looked like, but after seeing what the other party looked like, he still asked: "You are not a Turkic."

The other side was gentle and kind: "The looks below really do not look like Turks. But this is not important. Xinggong must be in a bad mood. I shouldn't have disturbed ..."

Xing Mao interrupted him impatiently: "Gossip less!"

The other laughed, and did n’t mind Xing Mao ’s rudeness. He was still very kind and unswervingly said, “Here I want to say that Xing Gong missed an excellent time. Now Duan Qiao has doubts about you, I ’m afraid If you don't start, he's going to shoot ahead of time. "

Xingmao said coldly: "Do you think you can stir up the old man with a few words? Daoxing is still a little shallow. I don't cooperate with Turkic people, nor do I need Turkic people to teach me what to do!"

The other laughed: "Xinggong has worked so hard for so many years, hasn't he really thought about restoring the glory of his ancestors? Xinggong thought that the Emperor Sui would let it go and the end city continued like this. Once he had the upper hand over Turk, the next step The recovery is over, and I am afraid that Xinggong will have to repeat the same mistakes that made his grandfather into a bereavement! "

Xingmao was furious: "You get out of me!"

As Xingmao's words sounded, the Xingjia guards rushed in and wanted to drag away the guests, but before their hands touched each other, they were lifted out by a strong wind.

The big manager was startled, and stretched out his uninjured hand and grabbed the man. The speed of the action was unclear.

But the visitor not only saw clearly, but also firmly and accurately pinched the wrist of the manager, using only the thumb and forefinger, two fingers, to break the wrist of the manager.

At this point, both hands of the chief executive have been temporarily abolished.

Xing Mao closed his mouth and didn't scold the visitor anymore, because he knew that the opponent's martial arts might be similar to Feng Xiao just now. The Xing family's owners might not be his opponents.

After seeing Xing Mao finally willing to listen to himself quietly, the guest sighed softly, revealing the ridicule of "I knew it was so important".

"Xinggong knows the origin of the couple who claimed to be the nephew of King Guiz."

Xingmao frowned: "The old man saw that their identities were suspicious! Why, is it Duan Qiyu?"

The visitor shook his head: "After Yang Jian ascended the throne, he settled for the enemy, explored the information, and set up the Jiefu Mansion. The Queen Dugu set up the Zuoyue Bureau. Although these are two different places, their functions are actually different. , Not only has great authority, it can be cut first and played later, but it is also dark and tricky. "

"These two people just lived in the second house of Xiejian Mansion and mastered the real power of Jianfu. The other was the principal of Zuoyue Bureau. You said that they appeared together in your house just to eat your birthday. ? "He slowly looked at Xing Mao, who was gradually surprised.

Xingmao did not speak for a long time.

He needs time to digest it.

"What do you mean, they were sent by Emperor Sui?"

The visitor smiled slightly: "The first step is to be strong, and the second step is to be beaten. Xinggong, can you sit down and talk now?"


While Xing Mao was talking with the mysterious visitor, Feng Xiao and Cui did not go, and they were sitting in the inn in the guest house and chatting.

The birthday party would last until the evening, and ended with songs and dances, but it is now halfway through. They returned only in the afternoon. The sun was fine, and there was a pot of light yellow unknown flowers on the windowsill, shaking slightly under the breeze.

It was just in front of them that there was a more complicated mystery, and neither of them had any intention to appreciate the flowers.

Cui did not write a string of names on the paper with a brush.

His hand is also very good, and it is a good word written in one hand.

Although Feng Xiao felt that his opponent's hands were not good-looking, he could enjoy different scenery occasionally, so he smiled and focused.

From the beginning, Cheng Cheng and Xingmao's two shopkeepers were burned to death, and Yuxiu talked with San Guan Shi on the street. Then Duan Qiao was dead and San Guan was hanged.

Cui didn't finish writing these names and circled Yuxiu first.

"Suppose Yuxiu had a vengeance against Duan Qiyu, and wanted to kill him through three affairs and get rid of it, but he didn't need to kill Cheng Cheng and Li Fei."

Feng Xiao agrees with him: "Although I only played against Yuxiu, I can see that he is a very proud person. Cheng Cheng and Li Fei are such unnamed pawns. He definitely dismisses them. Kill and kill, why do you have to spend so much time making the illusion of hanging, and what words are still written in your palm? It's just dragging water! "

Cui does not go: "Duan Qiyi said that he didn't know Yuxiu, it should be true, but why was he surprised when he heard Yan Xuexing's name? Did he know Yan Xuexing?"

Feng Xiao shook his head: "Go, do you know that smart people usually have a problem."

Cui did not go: "I would like to hear the details."

Feng Xiao: "Thinking too much, and being horny."

Cui does not go: "You are talking about two problems."

Feng Xiao pretended not to hear, and continued, "Have you ever thought about changing your direction? This may be two things? It is one thing for Yuxiu to collude with San Guan and murder Duan Qiyu; Cheng Cheng, Li Fei, San The death of the steward is another matter. "

Cui does not go: "It makes sense. But can you figure it out, does it mean that you are not a smart person?"

Feng Xiao showed him a brighter smile than that little yellow flower: "Then it shows that I am smarter than a smart man."

Shameless people have seen a lot, but Cui Bugo has not seen shameless people who dare to jump around in front of him all day.

He looked away, lest he really couldn't help itching his hands and doing things that didn't make sense.

"Now because of the death of the three officials, Duan Qiao's separation from Xingmao must be deeper. The two had a conflict. Now they only need a fire primer to burn it completely."

Feng Xiao: "Listening to you, I think you have to do something again."

Cui does not go: "Can you do it?"

Feng Xiao: "What benefits do I have?"

Cui didn't go straight and didn't hesitate, without blinking, "Daddy."

Since Feng Xiao shouted to Cui Buqun three times last time, he feels obsessed with this appellation. From time to time, he has to let Cui Buqun call out.

Feng Xiao: "... Your father is dead, I don't want to be your father."

Cui didn't wonder, slightly tilted his head: "Then you want to be my mother?"

Feng Xiao twitched at the corner of her mouth: "I'm not interested in being your mother either. You say what you want to do first?"

Cui didn't go to the corner of his mouth and raised his head: "Either don't do it, or just do a big thing. What do you think, let Qigecheng unify and return to the jurisdiction of the court?"

The author has something to say:

Feng Xiao: Trouble to judge, who is more shameless?

Crab everyone's message and nutrient solution, good night good dream!

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