Peerless Chapter 31-40

Chapter 31

This may be one of the few difficult times in Feng Xiao's lifetime.

He has been talented since childhood, and he has done more with less than reading books and studying martial arts. What ordinary people have learned all his life and cannot do without asking, he can get it without any effort, even in Jiejian Mansion. Even if he is in a difficult position, with his ingenuity, he is more than capable.

Only this time, he was too encouraging, and for a moment he was careless, so that he recruited people to conspiracy. Although he would not lose his life, he really caused the owner of Feng Erfu to suffer some crime.

Fortunately, it wasn't him who was the worst.

When a person is in a bad mood, and then finds that someone is worse than himself, he will naturally feel better.

So Feng Xiao looked at the coma and Cui didn't go. He even hummed a little song.

"If you don't wake up again, I will leave you here and go back to the city by myself."

"Actually, take a closer look at your face. Although it's not as good as mine, it's great in the crowd."

"Cui does n’t go, hesitates to go, hesitate not to go, it should not be your real name."

Feng Xiao was sitting on the edge of the rock, squinting to see the rising sun rising in the distance, the clouds were stained, and the whitening sky was instantly shrouded in gold and red. Especially when looking down from this height, the mountains were undulating and silent. Magnificent rivers and mountains for thousands of years.

He tapped gently with his toes and chopped Cui Bu to the side.

"It's a pity you didn't see such a beautiful scene?"

If Cui doesn't go, of course he won't answer.

If he still has consciousness, I'm afraid he can't wait to pick up a stone and put it in Feng Xiao's mouth to stop the other party from continuing to chatter.

But now he is just lying quietly beside Feng Xiao. If he wasn't exposed to the light of the sunrise and showed a frown and uncomfortable expression, he would be more like being unwilling to wake up in a dream.

Feng Xiao deprived Pei Jinglu of all the Lulus for the past five years, but no one appeared. He sighed lightly and began to consider the distribution of Pei Jinglu to the base of Xiejian Mansion in Qiemo City.

"Your face doesn't look good, I'll help you." Feng Xiao said, not knowing what to think, a sudden joy on his face, "there is the joy of thrush in ancient times, and today there is the interest of painting faces, but it also reflects each other. . "

Eyelashes flickered a little, and Cui didn't seem to open his eyes, but he couldn't help.

But he is not a person who gives up easily. How many times in the sky wants to take back his life, but eventually leaves him a weak vitality, but he has to struggle out of the gap, even if he lingers beside Huang Quan, the black and white impermanent lock The soul chain could not pull him back to the ghost gate.

He has never lost.

This time too.

He finally opened his eyes.

The entrance is a magnificent world with clear blue sky, no clouds, yellow sand and white snow.

And, a beautiful face.

"You're awake." Feng Xiao said, listening to the voice was quite happy, "How do you feel now?"

Cui didn't try to move his fingers and found that he was still weak, so he could only lie down as a corpse.

Maybe it's because of the sunrise, he doesn't feel cold now, the breeze in the morning is blowing from his face, he just feels peaceful inside, like never before.

It would be better if there was no disturbing presence next to it.

"Are you thirsty?" Feng Xiao asked.

Of course thirsty. Cui did not drink water day and night, and his throat was almost burning now.

But he knew that Feng Xiao would not easily fulfill his wish.

Sure enough, the other side groaned with a smile: "You're a three-sounding father, and I'll use internal force to melt snow to quench your thirst."

It's not that no time is up. Cui didn't open his mouth and shouted three daddy, it was extremely painful and simply.

The voice was hoarse and rough, but it did.

Feng Xiao picked up the snow on the ground, held it in her hand, and melted it with her internal force. The snow water quickly flowed from her fingers and dripped into Cui Buqi's open mouth.

Cui didn't go as much as Feng Xiao, so he would rather be thirsty than drink the snow water mixed with sand. He swallowed a few mouthfuls of snow water, and immediately felt his throat soothed.

"My father is dead." Cui did not go.

Feng Xiao: ...

For the sake of the other's half-deadness, Feng Xiao decided to be generous and disregarded.

After all, if Cui didn't go to death, it would be difficult to find someone as interesting as him at this time.

"Give me a few more sips." I can survive when I don't drink, but once I open my head, the body spontaneously wants more.

"It's so dirty, you can drink it." Feng Xiao pouted her lips, still holding a ball of snow, and feeding him again.

"I've been drinking water that is more dirty than this." Cui did not go lightly. "After the heavy rain, the puddle on the side of the road, have you ever seen it, people come and go, the mud from the shoes will splash into the puddle , That kind of water, I have also drunk it. "

In comparison, the snow water was really clean.

When a person reaches the limit of his body, let alone puddles, I'm afraid that he can still simmer with rice and water.

But Cui never thought that those experiences were the capital of showing off, because when speaking, it was light and gentle, and his tone was ordinary, just like what he ate today.

Feng Xiao suddenly said: "Cui Zhengshi."

Cui didn't go blinking subconsciously, but his face wasn't revealing.

But just this blink of an eye is enough for Feng Xiao to confirm his guess.

"The dignified Zuoyue Bureau is making a long wait for me. In order to obstruct the handling of the case, he does not hesitate to test the drug by himself. This is definitely a sight for this seat!"

Cui didn't go: "Zuo Yuezheng was in danger and was pulled here by you. Did you almost lose your life?"

Feng Xiao smiled and said, "Others may not, but you definitely will. People like you will never bow to any adversity, let alone surrender to others. With you in Zuoyue, there will be no other people. It can be crushed on your head. Mr. Cui Dao, you have been hiding me for so long.

Since he couldn't resist, Cui didn't make unnecessary excuses if he didn't go.

"Even the current family members of Xiejian Mansion can come to this desert border town. What am I to do if I am sick and sick?"

Feng Xiao laughed: "If I kill you here, I'm sure I don't even know it. Then I will throw the body down and let it be buried by the wind and sand. Even if your people find it, there will be no evidence. From From now on, Zuo Yueju will no longer be able to confront Xie Jianfu. What do you think? "

Cui does not go: "This is a good idea. But the best people in the world are not me. Without me, there will still be new people in Zuo Yueban. You kill me, it seems useless."

Feng Xiao: "But there are not many smart people like you, dragging a half-dead body, and can give me stumbling everywhere. Without you, I will definitely worry a lot."

After all, he reached out to Cui's neck.

Cui did not look indifferent to his face, looking at his eyes calmer than the sky, as if it had nothing to do with himself.


After Qiao Xian and his grandson learned that Cui would not be taken away by Feng Xiao, they rushed to Hu Yanglin nonstop, and Pei Jingzheng was naturally following him, but when the group went to Hu Yanglin, they had already gone to the building and searched carefully. Traces of the fight can be found.

To this day, everyone is on the same boat, and for the time being, they are no longer on board.

At that time, it was still a big snowstorm, and he might not be able to hear the shouting face to face. Although Qiao Xian and others had martial arts in their bodies, they were not gods with wings and wings. The longer they ran in the snowy night, the more they became focused. Cui did not use Fengxiao as a shield, but he had encountered it unexpectedly.

In the vast wilderness, the desert Gobi, looking at the end of the world, it seems that they will never see the way back. They found the sky and white from the night, until the wind stopped, and Qiao Xian finally found the trail of the two behind a rock covered with snow and ice.

Feng Xiao was okay, leaning on her seat, and she was a little bit relieved, but she was still sober, she glanced at them lazily, and it was no accident that Qiao Xian and her grandson appeared.

"You are here. One step back, your Cui Daochang is afraid that he will become an ice corpse."

Qiao Xian didn't look good, but in this regard, he was almost in love with a thunderstorm.

I saw that Cui didn't go to his forehead and cheeks, or even his neck.

The handwriting strokes are strong, and the horizontal and vertical strokes are famous, but this is not the point.

The focus is on content.

"I don't owe Feng Xiao for his life-saving grace. Later, when he saw him, he called his father. As evidence, if he didn't do it, Tian Dalei would spit and drink water, and run out of the house in a disaster."

Before Qiao Xian had time to erase those words, Pei Jinghui, who came from behind, had already spoken.

The corner of Changsun Bodhi's mouth twitched.

He bent down and tried to wipe the words on Cui Buqu's forehead with his sleeve, but found it difficult to wipe.

Feng Xiao said in a cool way: "Don't bother, this kind of mudstone can be seen everywhere. After rubbing it with water, it's hard to erase. I just tried it many times before writing it to him. If my life-saving grace was so easily eliminated, how could it be precious? "

Cui does not roll his eyes at this.

Qiao Xian said nothing, stabbed his sword directly, Pei Jingxian quickly reached out and stopped, and the two eagle riders came forward to protect Feng Xiao, and a fierce battle was about to erupt again.

"Take me back." Cui did not go. "Grandson, give me your bucket."

Changsun Bodhi took off the bucket that never left him on his head, silently gave Cui not to put it on, and carried him back.

Feng Xiao didn't stop, he waved at him: "Cui Dao, take care of your wounds, I will see you in two days, don't forget my life-saving grace."

Cui doesn't peel, smiles and smiles: "I can't forget it for eight lives!"

At this time, the beams that the two had formed over the past few days would be unclear.


Qiao Xian could feel that after seeing herself and her grandson, Cui didn't relax obviously. It might be difficult for outsiders to notice, but she hasn't been with Cui for so long, and she has some understanding of his dislikes, like Cui does not go It's hard to be relaxed for those with a strong mind. She and her grandson are fortunate to be two of them.

People who are too lazy to deal with Jie Jianfu are so embarrassed that Qiao Xian and his grandson Bodhi leave as soon as they receive them, and Feng Xiao doesn't let anyone stop them-he also needs time to recover his vitality.

So far, the murderer who killed the messenger has not yet been brought to justice, and Tianchi Yudan has not yet taken it back. For the Turkic who came from Cui, under his calculation, the goal turned to Feng Xiao, but he was taken by Feng Xiao. Taken out of the city, under the siege of the three parties, the horse almost lost its forefoot, and the entire army was annihilated. In the game of Zuoyue Bureau and Xie Jianfu, no one has won. Count again in the future.

On the way back, Cui fell asleep on the grandson's back without going.

Bodhi the eldest son has been walking steadily, his arms never twitched, and Cui was not allowed to get a little bump.

"Zun Shi seems to be poisoned," Qiao Xian whispered.

Long Sun snorted, he had already smelled that strange aroma. "It's Naixiang."

Qiao Xian was shocked, and then anger appeared. "It is Xiejian Mansion, how dare they!"

The grandson was silent.

Feng Xiao is a man who behaves in a perverse manner, righteous and evil, and has a long-standing reputation. He will use this method to deal with envoys. He is not surprised at all.

"You don't have to go ahead and wait until the prince wakes up, he must have something to do with it."

Cui didn't go to this drowsiness and slept for two days.

When he woke up, he felt his whole body soft and soft, and he was not tired everywhere.

Only when his brain was abnormally awake, perhaps because he had enough rest, he opened his eyes and was so energetic that he called Qiao Xian and his grandson.

"Anything happened in these two days? Are Abo's people here?"

The maid brought the chicken soup, and Cui didn't want to be fed, so she brought it over and drank slowly, while asking.

The two had cleared the news early, and they could report one by one when he woke up.

Qiao Xiandao said: "The messenger of Abo Khan arrived in the city secretly yesterday. We have settled the other party and will just meet you when you wake up."

Cui did not nod his head: "Where is the Jiejian Mansion, what's going on?"

Qiao Xian: "Feng Xiao asked Zhao Xianling to block the whole city and searched for the Goguryeo woman Qin Miaoyu who played with us that night; in addition, something happened to the Lu family, the night you and Feng Xiao went out of the city, Lu Ti ’s Daughter Lu Xiaoniang drowned and died. The body is still stored in the county hall. Feng Xiao was busy looking for Qin Piaoyu, so that people surrounded Lu's house, preventing them from taking a step. It is said that Lu Ti was so angry that she wrote to Fan Yang ’s distant relatives from Lu ’s side want them to help out and deal with Jiejianfu. ”

Having said that, she paused: "One more thing. I seemed to see Turk's No. 1 master in the city yesterday, but the other party seemed to have noticed that I was unable to follow."

Although the city is now blocked everywhere, it is not difficult for masters like Foer Gaoning to try to sneak into the city again.

Cui did not go: "He should have received the news of the messenger of Apo here, but also found that he was misled. You should bring the messenger of Apo here and stay with me, so as not to get Buddha's poisonous hands."

Qiao Xian should answer.

She had thought that Cui would not immediately ask to meet with the messenger of Abo Khan, who knew that the other party was more interested in Lu's affairs.

"What's wrong with Miss Lu? Tell me." Cui did not go.

Qiao Xian: "It's a long story."

Lu Ti has only one daughter under her knees. Naturally, she has a lot of pity and love. If she holds the pearl, she hates not giving her the best thing in the world, and she naturally refuses to remarry her daughter. She plans to recruit her when she is an adult. The karma is passed on to son-in-law and the next generation.

The little lady Lu has a cousin. It was the awakening that Feng Xiao and Cui did not meet at Wuweifang a few days ago. The other's parents died and they lived in the Lu family. Love. Although Lu Ti felt that her awakening was too hard and her father and mother were strong, her daughter liked it and the other was homeless, so she was suitable for the Lu family. She had planned to do marriage for them in two years.

Some time ago, due to business reasons, Lu Ti and Fan Yang Lu's branch, who had already broken the message, reconnected with each other and had contacts with each other. When the elder of the other party met Lu Xiaoniang, she liked it very much and offered to match her with her and married her to a younger son of the Wang family in Taiyuan.

Lu Ti learned that the other party was two years older than Mrs. Lu, a talented person, excellent academics, and an uncle and uncle in the family as officials. If there is no accident, he will also follow the elders in the future. It is a bright future. Limited.

In this way, the marriage object with noble character and excellent character is naturally a hundred times stronger than awakening. Lu Ti also inevitably moved her mind, but the little lady Lu was unwilling. After hearing the news, she always docile and quarreled with her father. The fight was awkward and something drowned that night.

In other words, that night, Xiejianfu Yingqi was chasing the suspicious man, watching him go to Lu Zhai's direction, and then the little lady Lu had an accident.

The author has something to say:

Well, Xiao Cui's second layer vest, Zuoyue Bureau's identity is revealed.

Cui does not go: it doesn't matter, I still have many vests, I'm not afraid of you to expose, I'm afraid you will be soft.

Feng Xiao: ...

Thank you for your overlord ticket and nutrition solution!

Thank you for your message, good night, good dream, see you tomorrow night!

Chapter 32

After hearing about the Lu family, Cui did not go to her face to groan.

As soon as Qiao Xian looked at his expression, he knew that he was very interested in this matter: "Have you ever thought about the Lu family?"

Cui did not go: "This is a good opportunity for Xie Jianfu to share the credit."

Qiao Xian didn't expect that he hadn't given up his involvement in the murder of the messenger, and he couldn't help but speak for a moment.

"But Fengxiao is not a good friend."

Cui does not go: "It is not necessary for me to take the initiative to ask. Of course, it is more important than Lu's side, Qin Miaoyu, a suspect who may have escaped with Tianchi Yudan. He is busy hunting Qin Miaoyu across the city, and I must have no time to take care of Lu family. Feng Xiao knows that Pei Jingxun's ability is not enough to solve the Lu family's affairs, and it will definitely make Pei Jingxuan come to your door. "

After saying this, he had a good appetite. He not only drank the chicken soup, but also ate a whole bowl of Yangchun Noodles.

Immediately after laying down the bowl, I heard the news of Pei Jingxuan's visit.

Qiao Xian could not help but admire: "The envoy is really nothing!"

"Feng Xiao is a man who can bend and stretch. He is a heroic figure. He is more important than the left-moon bureau to stump him. It is more important for him to investigate the case and find the jade." Don't go a little puzzled, "How did the taste just now be the same as what I ate in Zuo Yueban?"

Qiao Xian smiled suddenly: "Is that delicious, isn't it delicious?"

Outsiders saw her as frosty and difficult to get close to, so it was almost impossible to see her so gentle and kind.

Cui did not go: "Of course it is delicious. I only eat Yangchun noodles of Zuo Yueju."

Grandson: "Qiao Xian made it."

Cui didn't go to show a rare surprise: "When did you learn to cook?"

Qiao Xian: "I learned from the chef before I came out. I was afraid you would not be used to eating outside. Who knows you still ..."

Thinking of the crime that Cui did not go these days, she had an urge to kill Feng Xiao.

"I was voluntarily captured by him and stayed with him, and some crimes were already expected." Cui did not take it lightly.

He rarely explained his intentions to others, but just as Qiao Xian was loyal to him, he was always willing to explain two more words to Qiao Xian.

During the conversation, Pei Jingzhe had been drawn in.

He saw Qiao Xian glaring at him, and gave him a stern glance, somehow inexplicable.

"Cui Langjun is fine." Pei Jingxi arched, he naturally learned from Feng Xiao's identity that Cui could not go. Thinking of the other party's encounter in their hands these days, it is inevitable that there is also a hint of qi.

"What about gifts?" Cui didn't go and reach out to him.

"What?" Pei was surprised.

Cui didn't go lazily: "You have asked for someone to come to your door. Are you both empty-handed? This is the courtesy of your sword house?"

How do you know that I have something to ask for? When I got to my mouth, I swallowed it again, and Pei Jingxi smiled, "Look, you Langgu know that you are not well, and after such a toss, you must rest in bed, so let me come here today to visit, and present me It has been transferred to your servants. "

When Qiao Xian and his grandson came to Liugong City, they bought a small courtyard in the city and took two or three deaf people as their servants. They are different from Zixiaguan and Wuweifang. They are more hidden and quiet, and can be used as a retreat.

However, Cui did not go to Zuoyue Bureau after being guessed by Feng Xiao. With the ability of the other party, he could naturally guess that the house, together with the city's hot restaurant "Wuweifang", were the base of Zuoyue Bureau. one.

"I'm tired, drop off." Cui didn't bother to talk nonsense with him, lay down again, and turned his back to him.

Pei Jingzhang was about to come forward again, and his grandson, Bodhi, had long legs and stopped in front of him.

"There is indeed something to ask for." Pei Jingxuan stiffened his head, telling the truth.

Qiao Xian said coldly: "Are you asking for something, or Fengxiao asking for something?"

Pei Jinghuan: "Is there a difference?"

Qiao Xian: "The difference is big."

The implication is that Pei Jingzheng is nothing. If it weren't for Feng Xiao to let him come, he would be kicked out on the spot.

Pei Jingxie secretly exclaimed, he found himself as a sheep into the wolves, there is no way to fight it, no wonder that before he came here, Feng Xiao let him talk about it, do not conceal it, want to know that he is not these people Opponent.

Thinking of this, he was a little unconvinced and had to say, "It's true that Lang Jun asked me to come."

Cui didn't even turn around to see him, still lying on his side with his back to him, motionless.

Pei Jingzheng went on to say, "My family Langjun wants to ask Cui Langjun to investigate Lu's family and find out Qin Miaoyu's associates."

Cui does not go: "So, what about gifts?"

Pei was shocked, and then she knew what the gift meant.

If you ask for someone, you will naturally pay the price.

"My family's Lang Jun said that he would like to share this credit with you. He will be overwhelmed during this time, saying that this time relying on the help of the left-moon bureau to ask me for your favor."

Of course, Feng Xiao's original words were not so polite-then the owner of Feng Erfu leaned on Erlang's legs, and Dang Erlang said: Do I look like a person who will suffer? Give him credit for it now, and you will definitely find him in the next day. Just go. If he is a lion, I will ask him to pay it back several times.

This sounds like raising a bar, and Pei Jinghao had to touch up the words a little bit.

Cui didn't sneer: "He will never say such things, he will only tell you, see what conditions Cui does not want before he will shoot. If he is insatiable, I will ask him to pay back several times."

Pei Jing twitched at the corners of her mouth and said that you really knew each other.

Cui didn't go: "Help can, I have one more condition. I want Buddha's head."

Pei Jingyan: "This ..."

Cui does not go: "If you don't agree, cooperation will be avoided and you can go."

Pei Jingxi said busyly: "Cui Langjun is calm and impatient, I promised that on behalf of my family!"

The case of the Lu family is imminent, and not to mention that Lu Ti has written a letter to move the soldiers. It is not a long-term plan to siege Lu's house. To avoid night long dreams, naturally, the sooner this matter can be resolved, the better.

Cui didn't go here before turning over and sitting up, Shi Shiran stayed on and put on shoes.

"I promised earlier, why didn't I just lie in bed and accumulate food?"

Pei Jing twitched at the corner of her mouth: "It's all wrong!"

He took Cui not to wait for Lu Zhai, and along the way, Pei Jingzhe thought that he was not observing Qiao Xian without traces, but he attracted a cold eye from the latter, so he had to retract his eyes and change the obscure observation to the open inquiry.

"Cui Langjun, I wonder what this girl is called?"

Cui didn't seem to smile. "Are you interested, or do you help Feng Xiao?"

Pei Jingyun said, "What's the difference?"

Cui does not go: "If you are interested, ask her yourself, if Feng Xiao wants to know ..."

Pei Jingxuan is waiting for him to say the following.

"Then I won't even say it."

Pei Jingyan: ...

He was able to find out that this left month game was not friendly to him from top to bottom.

But who made his own Langjun fierce, and gave it to the people as soon as he came up, Pei Jingyuan thought that Zuoyue Bureau and Xie Jianfu were not outsiders. This cooperation will certainly do more with less, but now it seems that this Liangzi Once settled, it is difficult to untie.

The Lu family was shrouded in a thick cloud of sadness.

Lu Ti died of her baby daughter, and was originally heartbroken. The house was surrounded by people. This grief brought a little anger.

Feng Xiao's eagle ride was not enough, so he temporarily recruited staff from Zhao Xianling. He didn't know that Zhao Xianling also had trouble in his heart. He didn't want to offend Lu Ti. However, Feng Xiao's orders could not be disobeyed. The county lieutenant Liu Lin did it with his nose, and ordered Liu Lin to open it in private.

In order to handle the funeral of the little lady Lu, the Lu family must buy the funeral. Liu Lin was ordered to lead people around Lu's house, and was ordered by Zhao County Order. When the Lu family left from behind, they opened one eye and closed one. Now, who knows that this scene happened to be struck by Cui Buqi and Pei Jinghui and his party.

"Stop! Who told you to come out!" Pei was shocked and furious and stepped forward to stop them.

The head butler, Lu, resisted grief and begged: "My little lady is dead. We have to do a funeral. We can't let her have no place to stay. Please raise your hand!"

Pei Jingyan: "What do you want, I'll let Liu Lin send someone to buy it, but none of the Lu family will come out!"

Housekeeper Lu finally couldn't hold back, and was furious: "You are too bullying! The deceased is too big, and our little lady has suffered this disaster before she got married. The mother wants to do a little fun for the little lady, lest she walk lonely, should The items must be the best. Let outsiders buy them, how can you do your best! You are so maddened that you do n’t even let the dead go? ”

"It's not us who let the dead go, it's you." Cui didn't go coldly, pointing at the housekeeper who kept his head behind Lu butler. "The man dressed as a woman, take him down."

Pei Jingxu was still a moment, but Qiao Xian and his eldest grandson Bodhi executed it without hesitation. Almost Cui didn't say a word, and they took it out and directly held the tall maid.

The maid had to look up, and Pei Jingzhe was only familiar at first glance, and then immediately recognized that this man was the cousin of the little lady Lu, who might be recruited into the wake of the Lu family.

But then again, Wake-up had a beautiful appearance. This time, he was behind the butler of Lu, hidden among several tall family members. It wouldn't look very abrupt when he looked roughly. If Cui doesn't drink it, the other party is likely to be so confused.

Pei Jinghuan: "Wake up?"

Waking up was not panic when he was found. He said lightly: "I met my cousin, what she likes and hates, not even my aunt and uncle. I came out with the housekeeper and helped her buy some things she liked and let She's not too lonely underneath, isn't that OK? "

His eyes were flushed, his cheeks were thinned, blue scum appeared on his chin, and his face was calm after the pain. Anyone who saw such a face could not say that he was cold-blooded, but he would sigh that there was a fate between them. Yin and Yang are separated.

Pei Jingyan: "Why do you pretend to be a woman?"

Wake up: "Although I had an engagement with my cousin, but I haven't gotten married after all, if I went to buy something for her in the name of Lu's family, wouldn't it spread her reputation? My cousin was clean and clean. , You should go clean. "

Cui didn't go to see him for a moment, and said to the housekeeper Lu: "This matter may be conclusive today, and I will let people go and return you free. I and your house Lu can also be regarded as destined to let me in. Get a joss stick before your little lady spirit. "

Housekeeper Lu knew Cui would not go. At that time, Zixia's view of the incense was flourishing, and the master's medical skills spread throughout the city. The master's mother also benefited from it.

He sighed, stretched out his hand and drew back, "Please."

The three generations of the Lu family live in the same room. Lu Ti and an old mother are alive. They ordered people to lay the coffin and place it in the cellar for use after a hundred years. This is also a local custom. Up there, there was a little lady Lu lying inside.

Although the coffin is ready-made, both the spirit card and the candle baiji are lacking. This is why the butler Lu bought Liu Lin and wanted to sneak out to buy it.

Liu Lin saw Pei Jingxuan and they followed Lu's housekeeper. They couldn't help but look at him, for fear that Pei Jingzheng would hold him accountable.

But Pei Jinghui ignored him and asked the housekeeper Lu to take them to the Lingtang, asking Luti to come over.

The coffin has been closed. The hall used to entertain guests was temporarily converted into a hall of worship. The paper-burning pots were prepared but there was nothing inside. The mother of the Lu family, wearing a plain clothes, sat down in the hall and looked down. The coffin was dazed and turned a deaf ear to the consolation of the maids on the left and right. The Lu family, once a guest at the door, became more and more clear now.

Cui did not go across the threshold, took the incense from the maid, worshiped the coffin, walked over to incense himself, and then came to Li's.


Li's heart was already broken, his face was yellowish, and even the well-maintained face could not be taken care of.

After hearing this, she didn't respond, and the woman beside her had to pay tribute: "Thank you Mr. Cui."

Cui did not go: "I want to open a coffin for autopsy."

As soon as the words came out, they were shocked.

Not only was Lu's subordinates uproaring, but even Li, who had just stayed awkward, had raised his head to see him.

Housekeeper Lu was furious: "Aren't you here for incense!"

Cui didn't go: "I'm here to pay my respects, and I'm also investigating the case. I suspect that the death of your little lady is something else."

Housekeeper Lu: "Cui Dao, I respect your kindness to our mother-in-law, but you can't believe it and go to be the gangster of Xiejian Mansion!"

Pei Jingzhang swaggered and said that we could not recruit this Buddha in Xiejian Mansion.

As soon as Cui didn't wake up, his vitality hadn't recovered, and at this time he felt tired to walk, so he didn't wait for the host to say hello, and took the initiative to find an empty seat to sit down.

"Less nonsense, I'll just drive when I say it, do you want me to do it myself?" He was impatient with Pei Jingyan.

"Who dares to open the coffin, step on my body first!"

Lu Ti hurried to hear Cui Buqu's last sentence, and immediately became furious, anxious to help Cui not go to death for a while.

When Qiao Xian saw this, she pushed Lu Ti forward. She was a white-dressed fairy, who seemed to have no force. She actually pushed Lu Ti involuntarily and stepped back five or six steps. The wall was standing by the side.

Cui didn't bother to talk nonsense with them, and sang two words directly.

"Open the coffin!"

When Pei Jingxi came out from Feng Xiao, he had already been instructed. Feng Xiao told him that as long as Cui didn't promise to help, then he would have to do as the other said.

At this point, since the other party had a word, although this request sounded very unreliable, Jiejianfu and the Lu family were already arrogant enough, and they didn't care about this more. He walked to the coffin, reached for his internal force, and pushed the coffin lid straight away.

Seeing this, the couple could not help but utter a wailing.

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Chapter 33

At present, the weather is not hot. The little lady Lu lay in the coffin for two days, but she did not emit any unpleasant odor. But the yin and yang were separated, and the body weight was in the sky. The people of the Lu family couldn't help but take two steps back. Backing away, I walked closer to the coffin, staring at the people inside the coffin.

This move made Li's eyes red again.

Lu Ti couldn't help but regret it. If he didn't get confused for a while, then he would be a pair of Jiaer, why would he fall into such a situation.

His heart was painful and regretful, but this remorse and pain could not be vented to himself. He could only stare at the back of Pei Jinghui and Cui not going. He wanted to work hard, but he was easily held down.

Cui did not go to the side of the coffin, staring at the young girl with her eyes closed inside the coffin.

Her face had been wiped clean, and Rouge was replaced with rouge, and her clothes were naturally replaced with a new one. She could not see the wolf howling when she was taken out of the water.

In front of the eyes, Cui didn't reach out and touched Xiao Xiaolu's face for a while, and even untied her collar and turned the body over to look and touch.

Lu Ti's eyes were split, and if he was not restrained, he was afraid that he would have rushed up early, and used Cui not to fill his old punches.

Rao is so, he and everyone in the Lu family yelled loudly.

Cui didn't look up and didn't look up, said impatiently: "Except for Lu Ti and Awakening, everyone else blocked their mouths."

Lu Ti said angrily: "Don't think I will be grateful if you do this! The little girl is dead, do you want her not to stare after death! I won't let you go to Jiejianfu!"

Pei Jingxi couldn't help but coughed twice: "This Cui Langjun is in Zuo Yueban, not a member of Xiejian Mansion!"

Cui did not turn his back to him, and said casually: "I don't like to hear you. If Feng Xiao had asked you to come and invite me, why would I stand here? Old Lu, you put this account It's right to count it on Xiejian Mansion. "

Lu Ti: "Whether it's Jiejian Mansion or Zuoyue Bureau, all in all, today's shame, I am very impressed!"

Cui did not go: "Don't be too busy talking, even if you bring in Fan Yang Lu's people, I'm not afraid of you at Jiejianfu."

Qiao Xian and eldest son Bodhi: ...

Pei Jing twitched at the corners of his mouth, and dismissed Cui for not using the name of the investigation to "obscene" the body. He felt that he was just taking the opportunity to discredit Xiejian Mansion and was trying to stop it, but opened his eyes narrowly.

Cui did not bend down, and even reached out and opened the mouth of Miss Lu, and reached into the **** of the other person!


He shouted a word in silence, and saw that Cui did not go back and pulled his hand again. If nothing happened, he turned his head and asked him, "Are there any handkerchiefs?"

Pei Jingyi subconsciously found a piece of parchment from his sleeve and handed it over. This was the style he had seen in the street before, and he bought it and prepared to return it.

Cui didn't pick up the wipe and wiped it off.

Pei Jingxi saw that he rubbed the dirt on it, and could not help but feel a nausea.

Cui didn't go, but nothing happened, but said to Lu Ti: "Your daughter is not drowned, but killed."

Lu Ti's original expression of indignation froze. He couldn't tell the truth: "You don't have to keep talking!"

Cui didn't reach out his hand, there was some yellow sticky residue on the parcel.

"What did Lu eat before Lu's death?"

Lu Ti naturally did not know. He looked at his wife Li, who naturally did not know. Large families like them did not live with their children, except in the morning and evening provinces, they were always together.

Li immediately called her daughter's nurse and maid for questioning.

The nurse was forty years old and looked honest and loyal, while the maid was fifteen or sixteen years old. She was in a flowery age. She was in pink clothes. Although her face did not apply fat powder and she had no jewelry on her body, she was embroidered with a large palm. The lotus is enough to add a touch of bright color to this girl.

Cui refused to let them explain what Lu was doing that evening.

The nurse said that she was staring at a cup of rock candy bird's nest prepared for Lu Xiaonian at that time. The bird's nest was to be stewed for two hours. It was prepared to be presented to Lu Xiaonian before going to bed, so she did not meet him that night. I don't know what dessert Xiao Lu used.

The maid said, "That night, the auntie ate mung bean cake, which was brought by the sister-in-law."

Nowadays, the family members call their masters by rank. Lu is the only daughter and is naturally called the maid.

Cui does not go: "What's wrong with her?"

The maid looked at Lu Ti and hesitantly said, "In the daytime, the lord Lang called the maid, and when the maid came back, she was unhappy. Why did the sister-in-law ask, she refused to say that Su Gongzi would let the maid go out to see the flowers. She Don't go, just stay in the house alone. "

The nursing mother added: "The lotus mother spoke very well. Early that day, the eldest mother went to greet the landlord. It was longer than usual. About two hours later, I was still weird and sent someone to urge, but Lang People over the Lord said, Auntie has left. "

Lu Ti was just fainted by the anger. Now listening to the servants recalling the events of the day, she reluctantly suppressed her anger and tried hard to recall: "Yes, I did raise the marriage of Taiyuan Wang with my aunt that day. My aunt refused and said that she Awakening has long been in agreement, I ... Well, I knew today, how could I have been confused! "

Cui does not go: "How long have you talked to her?"

Lu Ti: "About half an hour, her mother came to persuade me, I will let her go back and think about it, who knows she would ..."

Cui didn't go and asked, "How long does it take to walk from you to her house?"

The answer was to Mrs. Lu's mother-in-law: "Let ’s start the tutorial fast, half a tea time will be able to arrive, the old lady walks slowly, probably a tea."

Cui did not go: "You talked for half an hour, plus a cup of tea you went back, and another hour. Where did she go?"

Everyone looked to the maid who was inseparable from Lu Xiaonian on weekdays, and the latter stuttered: "My mother said that if she wanted to relax, she walked slowly."

Cui didn't go back and asked, "Is that so? She won't go somewhere else, don't you dare to say it?"

He Niang called injustice: "How dare you lie!"

Cui did not go coldly: "Call out all the people in your house, and see if anyone has seen Lu that day, you will know if you have lied!"

Pei Jingxi didn't understand why Cui didn't go and suddenly jumped from the post-mortem to force her to ask Lu's niece, but he saw the maiden called Lotus Niang frowning and talking, presumably concealing something, so he didn't interrupt and continued to watch. Its changed.

The lotus mother really panicked, and then knelt down and said, "My mother is going to find Su Gongzi!"

Lu Ti's brow froze tightly. Before Cui didn't ask questions, she asked, "Why is she going to wake up? Why are you lying?"

Wake up: "Uncle, I was painting at the time, and my cousin suddenly came in, with a sad face, and told me that you would marry her to someone else, and I persuaded her to find a way to calm her down and let her go back, I thought Just wait for her to calm down. I didn't expect her to drill a horn, and ... "

He couldn't say any more, and the unfinished words turned into a deep sigh, and his expression was moving and moving.

Lu Ti's eyes circled red, and she almost burst into tears: "I can't help you ..."

"You lament slowly." Cui did not interrupt him. "He Niang, Awakening originally resided in Lu's house, and they also went out to play together. Lu's news of the bad news, went to Awakening, and it was normal. Why? Dare to tell the truth? "

The lotus mother shouted and awakened actively: "I told her to hide this paragraph, because my cousin was arguing with my uncle because of me. If my uncle knew that she came to me immediately afterwards, I'm afraid I would be bewildered to teach my cousin, I want to avoid suspicion. "

Pei Jingxi couldn't help but say, "She fights with your father for you, but you want to stay away from yourself and set yourself apart?"

Wake with a wry smile: "Are you afraid that you are not aware of the difficulties that come under the fence. I did agree with my cousin, but I did feel alone, homeless and homeless. Compared to me, the Wang family in Taiyuan was more suitable for my cousin's home, in exchange for my uncle. I also hope my daughter can marry a better person! "

Lu Ti was astonished and embarrassed.

Li even lowered his head and wiped his tears, crying.

Cui didn't go but remained unmoved.

"You said you were painting at the time, what kind of painting?"

Wake up: "Summer Map".

Cui does not go: "Bring the painting to me and see."

Wake frowning: "Cui Daochang, does this seem to have nothing to do with the death of my cousin?"

Pei Jingxuan also felt that Cui didn't go to all kinds of problems, and she was really too detached, but Cui did not go and still said, "Bring the painting in your room, along with the summer reflection."

Li couldn't help but said: "Cui Dao, little girl ..."

Cui does not go: "It has something to do with the death of your daughter."

Lu Ti was upset and waved his hand at Lu Steward, asking him to do the same.

The paintings were quickly moved over.

A full basket was made by the awakening weekdays. Cui didn't let Qiao Xian roll it up. Most of the paintings were lotus flowers, including new lotuses with buds to be planted, and dry flowers that were almost blooming.

Pei Jingyu has n’t studied much about painting, but he has n’t seen pork and he has seen pigs run. He thinks the level of awake paintings is average. In other words, this person may have some talents, but he does n’t have any talents, otherwise For so many years, they were just relatives staying in the Lu family, and it was time to break out of their own name.

With the coffin as the center, dozens of rolls of various lotus pictures spread out, and the little lady Lu was lying quietly in the coffin, which made people extremely boo.

"He Niang," Cui did not ask suddenly, "How is your elder lady treating you?"

The maid waited a moment and busily said, "My aunt is naturally very good to me."

Cui does not go: "Why then do you betray her and help Awaken conceal the murder?"

The words made everyone shocked.

Lu Ti even lost her voice: "Cui Dao, what do you say!"

Cui does not go: "Your mother-in-law is dead, even if there is no veggie in the house for a while, it is not a reason for you to wear a pink dress, not to mention that there are lotus flowers embroidered on this dress. You are also called a lotus. I also like painting lotus. You said, is there such a coincidence in this world? "

Wake coldly: "Cui Daochang said carefully! Lotus is like lotus because she is called lotus, what does it have to do with me!"

"Really?" Cui didn't go sneer, and asked the housekeeper Lu and Li, "The lotus mother was called the lotus mother as soon as she entered the house?"

Li shook her head, and she was still very fond of the maid next to her daughter: "She used to be called the tenth mother, because she was ranked tenth at home, her family was poor, her parents could n’t afford it, and she was bought at the age of six. , The aunt changed her name personally, so she was called lotus. "

Cui didn't look to wake up: "You should have been in this house two years ago."

Wake up: "What else can that tell?"

Cui did not go: "Why did you reach into Lu's mouth? She ate mung bean cake that night, and the residue was still in her mouth. If she drowned, water would leak into her mouth and nose before she died. Residue, but there is no sediment in the water, and food residue is still there, which means that she was sunk into the water after she died, so her mouth and nose are tightly closed and water cannot enter! "

Lu Ti was horrified and struggled violently. The grandson let go of Cui's gesture, and Lu Ti stumbled forward, and looked down at the coffin.

Cui did not look to wake up: "The night that Feng Xiao took the jade, the masters of Akiyama Besshou gathered, the one in black is you?"

Wake coldly: "Cui Daochang wants to plant me, and naturally all dirty water is splashed on my head!"

Cui did not go: "That piece of jade was sent to Linlang Pavilion. The purpose is to test the reactions of all parties and lead your associates, so you are not the same as others. You are not going to grab the jade, just hide and observe. Once Make sure your partner is n’t there, you ’re gone immediately, and you ’re not stopping for a moment. Do you know why I recognized you at a glance? Because that night, the person used his left hand to hold his right wrist in vain, exactly like yours now, his face can be disguised , The movements of the body can't fool people! "

Wake up and remain calm, still calm: "It's just that I usually paint more and write more, my wrist is exhausted, and occasionally it hurts. Most of the readers are like this. If you don't believe it, find another reader to see it!"

However, his words were unequivocal, and the grandson unexpectedly shot at him from the back. The wind was so strong that he used 80% of his strength to put the awakening to death.

Waking up subconsciously on the side of his head, but then he stood still, motionless, and allowed his grandson to get closer and closer, and finally retreated.

Awake knows that they are betting right, they just want to test themselves.

But Cui is not destined to let him go easily today: "No need to pretend, the move you just want to avoid has fully demonstrated that you are martial arts, and you are still a master."

Wake up sneer: "Nothing is wrong with the crime of adding! Why am I here to be slandered by you and say goodbye!"

He flew his sleeves and left. Qiao Xian's figure flickered, and Jian Guang was grappling towards his back, murderous, holding the invincible army.

This murderous demeanor is obvious. Unlike the temptation of the elder Bodhi just now, Awakening can no longer pretend to be deaf and mute, and has to choose to avoid it sideways.

This avoidance undoubtedly completely exposed the fact that he has martial arts!

After being exposed, he no longer hesitated. Immediately, he wiped his hands to the waist, a sword light appeared in his hands, awakened and turned towards Qiao Xian, but he folded in the middle and grabbed Luti on the side as a hostage. The soft sword rolled around Luti's neck.

"Don't come over, or I'll kill him!"

Cui didn't shake his head: "What's the use of holding on to him? What I want to solve at Sword House will never be compromised by anyone!"

Pei Jingyan: ...

Owner of the second house, this man took the feather feather arrow and buckled the black pot on the head of Xiejianfu. You asked him to help, because he was afraid that there were not enough enemies in Xiejianfu!

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Pei Jinghuan: Help.

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Chapter 34

Lu Ti was completely free from captivity, fear of life hanging on the front line, and more on his face was incredible shock and anger.

"Saburo, please let go of your uncle!" Lee cried.

"You beast! I and your aunt, I'm sorry for you, why did you kill the elder mother!" Luti trembled, and he could not even care about the sword tightening around his neck. Along the edge of the sword and the flesh dripping, Li's could not stand the stimulus, and immediately his eyes darkened, and his feet fell softly.

Wake up: "Sorry, even if you treat me well, I haven't forgotten my hometown family, I can't be a real wake up!"

Not only Lu Ti, but even Cui didn't go and wait for someone to hear the words, I couldn't help showing up.

Pei Jingyan: "You are not awake, who is that?"

Wake up and say nothing.

Lu Ti saddened: "Even if you are not awake, I stayed in the Lu family for several years, I have no children under my knees, I treat you as a child, and I am very affectionate to you. I have never wavered. This time with Taiyuan In the final analysis of Wang's marriage, I am a mysterious ghost, what do you do with your mother? Even if you are dissatisfied, why don't you come to me and kill your mother! You, do you still have a conscience! "

Su Xing sighed: "You misunderstood, I did not start with the aunt because of this matter. The death of the aunt, if you blame it, blame her for failing to live in time, only to cause this murder!"

Cui did not suddenly say: "She knew you were a Goguryeo, or did you know that you killed the messenger and took away Tianchi Yudan?"

Awake narrowed his eyes, looked at him for a moment, and suddenly said: "Jiejian Mansion really deserves its name. I thought God was unaware of the ghost, and could retreat from my own body. I never thought that killing a Lu Youniang caused so much trouble!"

Cui did not sneer: "Is Jiejianfu a resourceful person like me? I am from Zuoyue Bureau, remember, Zuo Eryue is Sui, do n’t recognize the wrong enemies. After death, he went to Yincaodifu and became a confused ghost! "

Pei Jingyan: ...

He can be seen that the name of Xie Jianfu is used to offend people to pull enemies, and Zuo Yueju is used to establish a name to intimidate the enemy.

But why should we be under the Jiefu Mansion? Why are you inferior to the left month?

A bunch of complaints brushed crazy in my heart. However, this situation was not suitable for the attack. Pei Jingzhe had to put up with it and waited to turn back and sue in front of Feng Xiao.

It is estimated that no one except Pei Jingxue can observe his complicated and intense psychological activities, because everyone is attracted by the dialogue between Awakening and Cui Bing.

Lu Ti was shocked: "You, you are a Goguryeo ?! Then the original wake up!"

"I was dead a long time ago." Awakening said lightly. "Six years ago, there was a plague in Awakening's hometown, and all five of his family died. At that time, I was passing by, pretending to be his escape, and came to the death. The Lu family took refuge. "

Lu Ti panted: "Why, why is the Lu family! Lu and Goguryeo have nothing to do with each other!"

Wake up: "Either the son-in-law of the Lu family, or wake up, but it is a shell, an identity, where they need me, where I am, who I am, who I am."

Pei Jingxi asked quickly: "Who are they!"

Wake didn't bother him, and Wu went on to say: "After I settled in the Lu family, no one has ever contacted me again. Originally, I also thought that it would be good to marry a nymph in this way, and to be a real wake up. Unfortunately, The news came that the Yu people were going to see Sui Emperor Sui, they still came to the door, so I could not stay out of the incident. "

Pei Jingyan: "What does that have to do with you killing Lu You Niang? She is a deep girl who can't beat your conspiracy at all!"

Lu Ti said sadly: "I want to know too! Awake, no matter if you call it awake or not, in the past few years, you have never suffered a little grievance in the Lu family. Your aunt was afraid that the descendants of the family would despise you and specifically ordered them to Treat you like You Niu, You Ni treat you, even more ... why, why! "

Cui didn't go coldly: "Do you still need to ask? Lu Youniang has nothing to do with her messenger, but she must have accidentally broken something, forcing her to wake up and kill her!"

Wake up: "That's right. Youni came out from her father that day and came directly to me. I happened to be absent. She used to be polite. That was the only time she broke into the study without my permission."

Cui does not go: "People like you must be careful and secure in doing things, otherwise they will not pretend for so many years and have not been found. Even if Lu Youniang entered the study, what should she see?"

"I have a book with marks on it. Following these marks, I can learn the messages I have with my companions. The book is inconspicuous. No one would read it on weekdays, but she was seen that day. , And just read from so many books on the shelf. "

Wake closed his eyes and closed his eyes. He could not say so much, but he didn't say a word. Cui didn't go. They may not be able to find out what Lu Youniang found to cause trouble, but he will come out in the future. In his heart, this ill-fated Lu Youniang is not without a sense of existence.

The Sri Lankan is dead, and he can only heal that guilt in his heart in this way.

"After I came back, I saw her expression panic, so I went to find the book, and it turned out that there was a trace of it by others. With her ice and snow cleverness, I could certainly see the clue. I hadn't got the jade. , Identity can not be exposed, so you can only die. "He sighed deeply.

Lu Ti had already burst into tears, but these tears, but the tears of anger, were the father's helpless tears in the face of killing his beloved daughter.

"You Niang is focused on you. She can even refuse the marriage of the Taiyuan Wang family. Even if she discovers anything, she won't betray you. Why can't you let her go!"

Wake up indifferently: "I can't afford this risk. If my identity is revealed and the mission fails, my loved one in Goguryeo will have no choice but to die. You can only repay me in the afterlife."

He looked to Cui Buqi and waited for others: "You should also know now that the real Tianchi Yudan is not in my hands. If I use Lu Ti's life and an important clue to exchange, would you like to let me go? "

Pei said with a stunned nose: "You say your accomplice? She has been seriously injured, we are hunting all over the city, and she will soon be arrested."

Awake shook his head: "Only I know where she is most likely to hide. If you didn't find me, you wouldn't find it for another three days and three nights. And don't forget, Yudan is in her hand, so Her ability must have discovered the key to improving the ability of jade gallbladder. It is not impossible to cure internal injuries by this way. It will be even more difficult for you to seize her after you have recovered from the injury. "

When he was talking, he kept watching Cui not going, so he also knows that Cui does not go is the one who is in charge.

Cui does not go: "Yes, if your news is true and correct, I can not hold you accountable for killing Lu You Niang. If you are not assured, you don't have to rush to let people wait until things are done."

Lu Ti hissed and snarled: "Impossible! Even if he doesn't hold you accountable, I won't let you go. I must kill you!"

Awakening didn't put him in his eyes at all, and directly put Luti's dumb acupuncture point, the latter was quiet.

"I need a reassurance." Su Xing said to Cui.

Cui didn't go to the elder Bodhi and said, "You go to Fengxiao to help, you don't have to come back first, I'll look for you if something happens."

The grandson nodded, without asking much, turned and walked away.

Awakening could not help but see the other person walking away.

He is a master of his own, and since he is present, he is afraid of one grandson Bodhi. When the grandson leaves, none of the others is his own opponent, and he is naturally no longer afraid of waking.

Cui didn't go and reached out to Pei Jingyan: "Bring it."

Pei Jingyan :? ? ?

Cui said impatiently: "The host of the second house of your family asked me to help. I will always give you a voucher or a letter. It should come in handy now, bring it!"

Pei Jingxun was unwilling and reluctant to say, "But you are not left ..."

Half of the words, he was stared at Cui Buyin's eyes, and Pei Jingxu was still alive. He couldn't say anything anymore. He couldn't help but reach out to his arms, took out a small letter, and threw it to Cui Bugo.

Cui didn't go and looked down, and threw the seal back to him.

"This is the seal of the two masters of the Xiejian Mansion. Any gate in the gate of Da Sui can be used without any obstacles. Although it is outside the border, you must have a lot of peace with this certificate. Right? "

He woke up with no secrets, and stayed at the Lu family for five or six years. He was so embarrassed that the babies he had seen were unknown, and he was able to grasp them. Immediately he could see that the other party did not deceive himself, so he took the seal into his arms and took Lu Ti as a step. Exit the door after stepping.

The Lu family were all close to the enemy, and they followed each other, but they did not focus on their awakening.

Somehow, although Cui did not go to martial arts, in his opinion, the threat was greater than that of Qiao Xian and Pei Jingxu who were martial arts.

This is an intuition of those who practice martial arts.

Unclear, unclear, but extremely accurate.

When he told Lu Ti that he had retreated far enough from Cui and they were able to leave calmly, he just said: "There are three places where Qin Miaoyu often goes in this city, one is Chunxiangfang, the other is Rong There is another place in Hezhai, which is the blue brick courtyard in the east of the city. The entrance will be covered with green willows and spring, and the new couplet will be red.

Qiao Xian, they found the whereabouts of Qin Miaoyu at Chunxiangfang, and at this hearing, they knew that Awakening did not lie.

As soon as she woke up, Luti jumped up onto the roof.

"I should say what I have said, I should go now." Wake smiled.

He wasn't particularly handsome, but as soon as he was out of danger, the calmness of his body came out. From this perspective, it was not unreasonable for Miss Lu to be devoted to him, but it was a pity that the innocent people trusted Missed Qingqing's life.

Cui does not go: "I have another question."

Wake up: "Cui Dao, you are too greedy, I will not answer."

Cui doesn't go: "Since you don't wake up, how should I call you?"

After a moment of awakening and silence, "Yin Zairong, gentleman is doing nothing."

"Is the gentleman in Germany?" Qiao Xian sneered suddenly, "Do you know? She was caught with us last time, and would rather escape and not say your whereabouts."

Of course, she is not referring to Lu Xiaonian, but Qin Miaoyu.

Awakened suddenly.

For a moment, the wind has struck behind.

He was too late to grab Luti to dodge, and had to push people away and use his strength to float to the side.

But the others seemed to be aware of his intentions first, and then followed them.

Afraid of being sieged by Qiao Xian and others, Su Xingsheng refused to take any action and fled forward.

Who knew that the other side had done a great job, but he rushed to him in front of him and patted him in the wind. Awake had to resist with a horizontal sword. In this face, he saw a handsome smiling face.

"So hurry, don't you return my letter to me first?" Feng Xiao laughed.

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Chapter 35

Waking up certainly didn't want to gossip with Feng Xiao, and I wasn't interested in competing with him. For him, the most important thing for him now is to get away first, and then talk about the others.

He had been lurking in the Lu family for many years. His martial arts not only did not fall. He came to a higher level than when he came out of Goguryeo. Now he knew that there was only a dead end to being caught. Therefore, he was desperate to fight for it. Push Feng Xiao back.

Pei Jingxuan threw the sword in his hand towards Fengxiao, and the latter easily caught it. He twisted the soft sword that he had awakened, and the internal force of the sword trembled. He awakened slightly, and his wrist was not consciously numb. When standing, he was swung open by the opponent's sword.

When he saw that the situation was not good, he immediately turned around and lifted his breath and fled. His body shape was like a feathered crane, and at first glance, he was full of chic and graceful. Qiao Rao was Qiao Xian and couldn't help but said, "He has a solid foundation of light work, not like Goguryeo." . "

"What is the way of Goguryo's light work?" Pei Jingxuan asked.

Qiao Xian's face frosted and he said nothing.

Pei Jingshou slaps his lips, and I feel a little bit aggrieved. He said that it wasn't me who poisoned your family, and it wasn't me who tied him up and ran around. They were all under the command of others. .

But Cui did not answer him: "The Goguryeo and the Fuso people approached each other, and their martial arts continued in the same vein. Their way was special and weird, either secretly lurking for a fatal blow, or fighting fast with an attack , Rarely take such a light way. Generally, this kind of light work is usually practiced by women. "

Pei Jing was surprised: "Did he teach him Qin Miaoyu? But he also sold Qin's!"

Qiao Xian sneered.

Rarely she didn't speak, and Pei Jingzhe could instantly understand the voice outside her string: He laughed at the men in the world, but they were just such uninteresting generations.

Pei Jingxi couldn't help but said: "The two of them were originally on the same boat. Qin Miaoyu put aside wakefulness and devoured the guts, but now she wakes up and betrays her, but the dog bites the dog!"

Qiao Xian said coldly: "The Qin Miaoyu is naturally not a good bird. Awakening can be the same for Lu Youniang. What is the point of selling a Qin Miaoyu?"

Mentioning Lu You Niang, Pei Jing subconsciously looked at the coffin and shut up.

With a few words of time, the wakeful figure rises and falls, it is about to jump out of Lu's house and go away.

He was surprised that there was no follow-up movement from behind, and he saw a flower in front of him, his shoulder hurt a lot, and people couldn't help falling down to the ground. Rao is the bright sword flower in his hand, which is still difficult to defeat.

At the moment of landing, the acupuncture point was followed by the master, soberly watching Feng Xiao stand in front of himself, closing his eyes in frustration.

"Kill and kill, just give me a good day!"

Feng Xiao: "Print the letter."

Pei Jingyun knew, and came out from the wake of the wake of the seal letter he had just taken away, and held it to Feng Xiao.

Feng Xiao: "Cui Daochang's words are equivalent to my words. If the place you give can help us find people, Xiejianfu will naturally keep its promise and treat you lightly."

Awake raised his head in disbelief. It seemed that Feng Xiao could actually talk, but Luti, despite his neck still bleeding, rushed to him and slapped him awake, his head turned to one side, his cheek. Swelling high.

"Return the life of You Niang!" Lu Ti gritted her teeth, and her face was awkward. "Don't stop me!"

"Let ’s take care of Lu's funeral first. This person has his own Jiejianfu cuisine." Pei Jingxuan said, slamming his palm on Lu Ti's neck, knocking him out, and letting his family members take him. go.

Although the matter is over, the case is not over yet.

"I have helped the Lord of the Phoenix Mansion to resolve the matter of the Lu family, and have helped you to catch your wake up. I wonder when the Lord of the Phoenix Mansion intends to fulfill your promise and bring the Buddha's head to me?" , Single-handedly asked.

Feng Xiao patted his forehead, as if just remembering: "I forgot to tell you that on the way I just came, I just saw Fo Er from afar. He seems to be leaving for your house. If I remember correctly, Abo Khan The messenger sent seems to live there, too? "

Qiao Xian's face changed: "Why didn't you just say!"

Feng Xiao said innocently: "You didn't ask again just now, am I not busy catching and waking up, and have no time to look around? At this moment, Fang remembered that you rushed over now, maybe it was too late!"

Cui didn't go to look at Qiao Xian, who would understand, and rushed away without a word.

"That's how the phoenix master fulfilled his promise?" Cui didn't sneer.

Feng Xiao groaned with a smile: "I said to help you kill the Buddha's ear, but did not say how many times to kill. Now killing is killing, and killing is killing later. No wonder you did n’t make it clear at the beginning. Now you want to add conditions, but you ca n’t talk again. pass?"

Cui does not go: "Your conditions."

Feng Xiao: "I'll share half of the effort in negotiating with the Angel of Apo."

Cui said without thinking, "No way!"

"That would be impossible." Feng Xiao sighed with regret. "You heard that too, Cui is not the one you are looking for. Don't make a mistake this time."

Cui does not go :? ? ?

Feng Xiao's words fell squarely, and a man appeared on the roof.

The other party jumped down, the sword was like the wind, the target pointed at Cui not going!

The two people around him, the eldest son Bodi took a step early. Qiao Xian also went after the buddha, but no one could protect him for a moment.

I could only hear Feng Xiao lingering in the side. "This man is a Buddhist priest, Song Ji, although martial arts skills are not high, but killing you is more than enough."

Speaking late, at that time, the blade wind came face to face, and it was about to be cut off. Pei Jingyan's face changed greatly. He didn't have the iron heart like Feng Xiao, but in his position, he wanted to rush over to save people. It is too late to save Cui, but there is only one Fengxiao.

At the close of the moment, Cui did not go out loud: "Half the power of negotiation!"

"Isn't it better if I do this?" Feng Xiao laughed, and the man moved with his voice. Cui did not go immediately.

With a wave of his robe sleeve, and before he did anything, Song Ji felt a surge of force, and people couldn't help falling down and was caught by Pei Jingxuan.

This man was a young disciple under the Buddha's seat. He started late and had the lowest martial arts skills, but he was most liked by the Buddha. This time, the Buddha came to Central Plains to kill the person who negotiated with the messenger of Apo. I wanted him to follow through to the Central Plains, and set him a long time ago. He was only allowed to follow the messenger of Apo. It did not make him easily involved in the danger. Master's order was buried in secret, but when he heard Feng Xiao and Cui not going to talk, he jumped out of breath, trying to hold Cui not going.

Who knows Fengxiao repeatedly, the previous moment still stood by and watched Cui not go to life or death, the next moment he rescued, Song Ji gritted his teeth, but he had lost the opportunity to appear immediately, and was directly taken away.

Feng Xiao didn't put Song Ji in her eyes, and she continued to laugh and laugh: "The gentleman said a word, quickly slashed the horse, go, you dignified Zuoyueju respect, it is best not to do anything wrong."

The implication is that if you do the first day, I do the fifteenth, everyone pits each other, and no one can take advantage of others.

Cui does not go: "I am not a gentleman, but the promised things will naturally be fulfilled, but help people to the end, send the Buddha to the West, Qiao Xian is not Fo Er's opponent, you have to go back with me and help me kill the Buddha ear."

Feng Xiao laughed and said, "I just hit you. I didn't see the Buddha ears on the road at all. If you want to know his whereabouts, you might as well ask his apprentice that he is in hand. Don't worry about his master not coming."

Cui does not go: ...

Feng Xiao: "You also pitted me a few times. Let's be equal, let's shake hands and make peace."

Cui didn't try to pull your mother's peace, but he nodded his face, agreeing: "Yes, it's even."

The two looked at each other, and both showed similar skin and smiled.

Pei Jing twitched at the corner of her mouth: ... this is enough!

Feng Xiao: "It's over here, let's find the whereabouts of Qin Miaoyu first. Can we go with you?"

Cui does not go: "Tonight I will negotiate with the messenger of Apo. If the Lord of the Phoenix House intends, he may come to watch."

Feng Xiao's hearing meant that she really wanted to cooperate and share her work, and she couldn't help but be surprised: "I thought you would count it and agree."

Cui didn't sneer: "Am I so dry or crisp?"

Feng Xiao arched a hand and smiled, "It's my heart to be gentleman's belly."

The truth about Lu Youniang's death is clear, but for the Luti couple, a Goguryeo who was posing as a loved one lurked around for several years, and also killed the baby daughter's life. They did not feel better than they thought that Lu Youniang committed suicide and drowned. Some, after waking up from the fainting, Li's chest was barefoot and he regretted it, but Lu Youniang was lying in the coffin, which was already irretrievable.

Under Lu Youniang's Jiuquan, I wonder if I would regret for seeing someone wrong.

The most painful thing in the world is that time cannot go backwards, it is difficult to break a mirror, and it is difficult to cover it with water.

The Lu family went up and down in sorrow and cloud, Feng Xiao and Cui didn't stop and didn't stop, they parted ways at the Lu family door.

Cui didn't go for a moment, and called Fengxiao: "I just remembered something that had something to do with you, I don't know what to say."

Feng Xiao saw that his face was full of difficulties, and an unknown premonition rose in his heart: "Then don't say it."

Cui did not go and still said, "I just looked at the body and pierced my hand into Lu Youniang's mouth. I got some mung bean cake that she had eaten during my lifetime, but later I forgot to wipe it, and I took your stamp from Pei Jingxuan. I remember You seem to be someone who loves cleanliness? It's really unsatisfactory. "

Feng Xiao: ...

Pei Jingxuan didn't see the slightest disappointment in Cui Buqi's face, but he saw Feng Xiao's face turned green.

Cui didn't go and wasn't stupid enough to stay in place and wait for someone to settle accounts. He disappeared as soon as he finished talking. He was agile and fast. There was absolutely no frailness and sickness after half a minute of coughing for a long time.

Pei Jingxuan looked at Feng Xiao's face, and said carefully: "Lang Jun, shall we go to Qin Miaoyu first, or ... go back to bath and change clothes first?"

"Look, man." The two words popped out of Feng Xiao's teeth.

Pei Jingzhe has no doubt that Qin Miaoyu may be in trouble.

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Feng Xiao: Say good or bad.

Cui does not go: OK, no problem.

The two turned away and fluttered, and both fell into the pit dug for themselves.

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Chapter 36

Qin Miaoyu is a native of Goguryeo, and she didn't even call it that name.

From the king to the upper nobles, Goguryeo was mostly proficient in the Central Plains culture. She was adopted from an early age. She was purposefully taught a variety of knowledge and martial arts, including techniques to seduce men. When she was twelve, she was told that she would have a mission. She went to complete it, that is, came to the Central Plains dynasty thousands of miles away, pretending to be a local, and lurking until she had a new mission.

At that time, Goguryeo and the Central Plains, since the Qin and Han Dynasties, have been vassals of the powerful dynasty of the Central Plains, and even accepted the canonization of several generations of emperors. Gaogouli is no longer willing to bow down to the people, and the contradiction began to breed. In this case, the Qin Qiaoyu was sent to Liugong City as a fine work, and she also knew that the Central Plains would also have a fine work lurking in Goguryeo. People like them may be obscured throughout their lives, or they may die at some point.

Although Liugong City is a small town on the border, it is connected to the western regions of the western region at the west end, and Turkic to the north, and the inner hinterland to the east. The location is sensitive and delicate. Goguryeo chose this place because of its uniqueness. The particularity is even more important than the prosperous places like Luoyang Yuhangna.

In her fourth year in Central Plains, she gradually became familiar with the life here. The family she lived in, the hostess surnamed Qin, believed in her carefully forged identity, and really loved her as a close niece. This family also has a son who is similar in age to Qin Miaoyu. Qin Miaoyu is called a cousin. The character of the other party is upright. He treats Qin Miaoyu very well. Aunt Qin even intends to match them, but Qin Miaoyu has always rejected it intentionally or unintentionally. She knew that after all, she couldn't be a blessed child like ordinary people.

At last, Yu Chi Jinwu, who was still the nephew of King Yu, came to Liugong City. Wake up and let Qin Miaoyu manage to marry Yu Chi Jinwu and accompany him back to Yu Yan, because Wake thinks that with the power of Yang Guo, who was with the country at the time, it will be in the future. It will seize power and claim the emperor. Once the new dynasty is established, Yang Jian is determined to forge ahead, which will inevitably lead to conflicts with neighboring countries. As a small country in the Western Region, Yu Zhen is an important elementary school and may be an important piece in the game of great powers.

Qin Miaoyu could not refute. At that time, she was alone in Liugong City, discussing martial arts and identity, and she was awake. She could only obey the other party's order to create an opportunity to "encounter" Yu Chiwu. The other party was shocked, and immediately offered to accept her as a concubine. The aunt ’s family strongly opposed, and thought that Yu Chijinwu was not a good match. Her “cousin” even drove away Wei Chijinwu, who was proposed by his family, but insisted on Qin Wuji ’s words. They could only think that she loved vanity and longed for glory. Helpless to let her get married.

Since then, she has never returned to Liugong City and saw the wonderful Qin family who treated her.

After all, Yu Chi Jinwu is the nephew of King Yu. How to say it is also the aristocracy of the king. Qin Miaoyu is that the days of He are naturally much better than in Liugong City. There is no shortage of Jinyi, food, and delicious food, but she often thinks of being far away. The family of Liugong City.

In any case, Qin Miaoyu knows that she can never go back. In private, she has never given up martial arts. Even though her martial arts are still very low, she can only rank among the top three masters in the Central Plains, but in this world of strength and respect This is the only way she can get rid of the shackles.

Yu Chi Jinwu has already married his wife, and there are several beautiful ones. However, due to Qin ’s wonderful language and fine arts, he has been favored. It has not faded for several years until Yu Chi Jinwu was appointed as a messenger by King Yu. Qin Miaoyu said softly, and immediately promised to take Aiyi with him, but he estimated that he would never think of it again, and his trip became his life.

The moment Wake cut through Wei Chi Jinwu's throat, blood sprayed on Qin Miaoyu's face. She couldn't help staring and exclaiming, but was impatiently stopped by Wake. The other person yelled, "Shut up, you want to lead Come more people! Go and fix the two maids! "

He said that he would leave Qin Miaoyu and solve the remaining followers of Yu Yan.

Those people are the guards of King Yu, because they are not idle generations in China. They can be placed in a place with abundant talents such as the Central Plains. It is not enough to see. Qin Miaoyu found that he has been practicing martial arts for several years, but he can only solve it. Those mediocre people in the team, if you want to play against awakening, I am afraid that ten moves will not go.

Aware of this fact, she cast aside the guilt of guilt to Wei Chi Jinwu in an instant, and gave birth to the desire to take Yudan as her own.

Wei Chijinwu loves her more and more, and once told her a secret: This time, the Tianchi Yudan, which was brought out by her aunt, is not one, but two.

Many people will believe in fake jade before they have seen it. In fact, fake jade is also a real beautiful jade, but it was found in a mountain not far from the real jade. Comparable and unique, the Amber King dedicates two jade galls to Emperor Sui in order to express his sincerity. Shortly before the assassination took place, Wei Chi Jinwu even told Qin Miaoyu where the two jade galls were placed separately. .

In the case of knowing more about such a message than Wake, Qin Miaoyu boldly concealed Wake and gave him fake jade gall. He hid the real jade gall himself, first pretended to go back to the city with Wake, then secretly turned back and got the real jade. Bold, go back to the city to hide again.

Qin Miaoyu did not forget the legend of Tianchi Yudan. It can cut the muscles and **** the bones. The temptation to increase her skills is too great. Even she couldn't help trying. After trying various methods, she finally found that on the full moon night , Exposing the Tianchi jade gallbladder to the moonlight, applying power to the palm, can sense the jade gallbladder, and get a trace of internal force to return and wash. If it was several times, Qin Miaoyu thoroughly understood the secret of Yudan. If she got the treasure, she would practice her internal skills day and night. At that time, Qiao Xian and the eldest grandson Bodhi followed the clue to find the door, and the killer on the 13th floor of the Yunhai was shot out of it. Wanting to take her life, Qin Miaoyu pretended to be defeated, and when the two Qiao Xian forced the killer back, they unexpectedly escaped from them.

At that time, she also wanted to try her martial arts progress, and the result was naturally surprising. A few days ago, she was only a third-rate player, but now the internal strength has seen a visible increase in the naked eye. It can be seen that the jade is indeed extraordinary. In time, she It must be able to absorb all the energy in the jade gallbladder and rank among the first-rate masters.

But Qin Miaoyu had not enough time. Although she escaped from Qiao Xian and her grandson, she was still seriously injured and had to hide in the city to nourish her. When Feng Xiao got her three hiding places from the awake mouth, She just came out of the back door of the house, which was supposed to be the most secret, except to wake up, and was about to venture to the city gate, posing as a widow in the city, and leaving with the caravan who had already been in contact.

Qin Miaoyu has already been decided. If she can successfully escape this time, the sea and the sky will not be a fine work of Goguryeo, and she will not be obedient to anyone. She wants to be upright and live brightly. As herself, call Qin Miaoyu. Just call another name. In short, I won't live for others anymore. With Yudan in hand, she can't even order her to wake up, and even the other way around, she can persuade her to get rid of everything now and follow her away.

But her plan was completely broken when she saw a man standing under a tree not far from the back door and laughing at her.

It was a very handsome man.

Qin Miaoyu said she had seen a lot of the market, but as handsome as she is, she saw her for the first time.

But the feeling this man brought to her was not the horror of the young girl Huaichun, but the fear and fear.

That is an intuition that can only be perceived when a martial arts practitioner faces a strong enemy.

Tianchi Yudan promoted her cultivation as well as her sense of danger.

The handsome man groaned with a smile: "Mrs. Qin, I have heard of her name for a long time, and I can see it today.

Qin Miaoyu settled down, but also revealed a smile: "I don't know your name?"

The man said, "Although your name sounds good, my name sounds better than you."

Qin Miaoyu was the first time that he encountered a man talking to her like this. The other person saw her eyes admiring, but it was not the kind of approval for beauty, as if he was just a slightly beautiful flower in front of him.

"My name is Feng Xiao." She heard the other person say.

Qin Miaoyu's heart stunned, and it wasn't the exclamation of the name, but the vigilance over his identity.

"It was originally Lang Jun of Xiejian Mansion." Qin Miaoyu was extremely wise, and before the other party said anything, she gathered her salute first, and said, "Presumably Lang Jun has found the awakening. It is the awakening that tells everything You, right? I do have Tianchi Yudan in my hands, and I can return it to Zhao, but I have no other choice but to ask Lang Jun for one thing. "

Feng Xiao stood with her hands down and leisurely said, "No one can talk to me about conditions."

Qin Miaoyu smiled bitterly: "Lang Jun misunderstood. The life of Miao Yu is now in your hands. How dare you make false promises? Miao Yu just wants to tell Lang Jun that the life of Yu Chijinwu and others was taken out of waking, I Only the two maids were killed. If I did n’t do anything, I would also kill them if I woke up. If I did n’t take Tianchi Yudan, that jade would have been sent to Goguryeo by wakening. ”

Feng Xiao looked at each other for the first time.

He found that the woman was very clever, neither asking for her own life nor letting her be free. Instead, she stated what had happened that day and wanted to move people reasonably and set aside relationships.

Presumably, she has already discovered that Feng Xiao is not a person bewildered by beauty, and she will not let her go easily.

Feng Xiao: "Why does Goguryeo want jade?"

Qin Miaoyu didn't hesitate to conceal it, and he didn't even want to say it: "I'm not very clear, but I heard Awake said that King Goguryeo is now ridiculously ill, and the medicine and the stone doctor are probably related to it."

Feng Xiao was very satisfied with her pain. Compared to awakening, this woman is indeed smarter and more knowledgeable about current affairs. If it was not fortunate that she was betrayed by her associates, maybe she has really let her out of town, like a fish into the sea.

"Where is Yudan?" Feng Xiao asked.

Qin Miaoyu took off his embroidery pouch from his waist, took out a piece of jade from it, and carefully handed it to Feng Xiao.

That jade is only the size of a slap, and the whole body is crystal clear. A touch of green is flowing slowly in the sun, such as life.

Before seeing it, Feng Xiao may think that the jade previously taken from Linlang Pavilion is also rare and beautiful jade, but after seeing this jade gallbladder, he can immediately distinguish the superiority.

This thing is the real Tianchi Yudan.

Feng Xiao: "Why is it so small?"

Qin Miaoyu gave him a careful look and considered: "I heard that this thing has the effect of practicing exercises, and tried it with it."

She may not say it, but Feng Xiao may not know it. Anyway, her life is pinched in the other's hands, it is better to let go completely and tell the truth.

Qin Miaoyu did not know her behavior and got a smart evaluation from Fengxiao. When she saw that the other party never came to pick up Yudan, she thought that the other person was afraid of what he did on the jade, and said busyly: "Feng Langjun, wonderful words Like the flesh of a sword, never dare to be clever. "

Feng Xiao twitched at the corner of her mouth, and finally took the jade with her hand.

The moment Yu Dan started, he felt a cold chill.

It was an indescribable feeling, just like the whole person suddenly went deep into the glacier without feeling the slightest discomfort, but the coldness infiltrated from the limbs and the bones into the heart.

But at that moment, Feng Xiao didn't think about how amazing this jade gall was, but anyway, this jade gall also had to be brought back to make a difference. Whoever loved to take the jade gall with mung bean cake in the mouth of the corpse, whoever took it He would never hit the second time anyway.

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Chapter 37

Qiao Xian rushed back to his residence, and realized that Fo Er hadn't followed him at all, and immediately realized that he had been played by Feng Xiao.

She thought that Cui would not go to Fengxiao, and she was in a hurry to rush back. Who knew that when she went out, she encountered Cui Buran who was back from Shi Shiran. Then she was followed by an eagle rider, and she carried a person in her arms.

"This is Buddha's apprentice, I was captured by Feng Xiao. You put it away first, and you can use it when you come back," Cui said.

The living creature was said by him like a thing, and Qi Qiaoxian actually responded as usual, and he let the Buer apprentice take away.

Song Ji had already prepared himself for torture and did not take it seriously. Who knew that the other party would not even ask, he would drag him away, he would panic, and yelled in unskilled Chinese: "Where are you taking me, my master will not let you go!"

Cui did not want to step into the footsteps and stopped, and turned to him.

"Do you have a way to contact your master?"

Song Ji kept silent, stubbornly stubborn.

Cui did not go to Qiao Xian and said, "Tell him about the torture in our left month bureau."

"Yes." Qiao Xian said with a blank expression, "The tulle penetrates the moon, Immediately soaked with a layer of paper and soaked in water on your face, making you unable to breathe, suffocating and dying in the end. And your hands and feet The muscles are all off, and they are all naked. Throw them naked into the water cellar, let a few hungry pythons eat your body, and you can watch your hands and feet slowly eaten alive until they eat up your meat. Until you bite your throat, it's called a hundred birds Chaofeng. There are also auspicious Ruyi and slick face, which one do you like, I can slowly explain to you. "

Song Ji's complexion was almost white, and he was shaking like a sieve.

His Mandarin Chinese is not very good, but it's okay to listen. At this moment, Song Ji felt that the Central Plains were really terrible. He could have given these inhumane punishments a beautiful name, what auspicious and pleasant All sides are exquisite, he doesn't need to listen and knows that it must be more cruel and horrible content.

"What the **** do you want!" Even his tone leaked his guts.

Qiao Xian: "You contact your master, ask him for help, and let him come over."

Song Ji stubbornly said, "You must kill him, I won't do it!"

Cui does not go: "We will not kill him, but since you refuse to say, we have other ways to let him know that you are here."

He told Qiao Xian: "Hang people up to the bamboo floor."

There is a bamboo building next to the house, and the roof is higher than the house next to it. It is enough to overlook more than half of Liugong City. If Songji is hung up, presumably Buddha's ear will know soon.

Qiao Xian should be, let people take Song Ji away, hesitantly asked Cui not to go: "After all, Buer is the first master of Turk ..."

She and her grandson Bodhi may not be able to win people down.

Cui doesn't go to the old god: "It doesn't matter, there will be someone to help you."

Qiao Xian: "Feng Xiao?"

Cui didn't bow his head and suddenly thought, "Where did you learn so many penalties?"

Zuoyue Bureau is a place for investigating and handling cases. It is not a prison of the Ministry of Justice. Don't say anything exquisite and auspicious, even if it is a prison of the Ministry of Criminal Affairs, there is no such thing.

Qiao Xian was a little embarrassed: "We just talked casually, just trying to scare him."

Cui didn't cough twice, and said with relief: "Very good, I can see people talking and seeing ghosts, they have my style. I was afraid that you were too dumb and didn't understand the changes, but you can only bully and bully Pei Jinghao. That kind of honest person would suffer from Feng Xiao. "

Qiao Xian was silent for a moment: "Are you still bored in your chest? It happened that your doctor invited the doctor, who is already waiting in the hall. Please take your pulse."

Cui didn't go because he walked in the direction of the front hall. Qiao Xian even heard him say to himself: "I can remember, I touched the body with this hand, but I did n’t wash it, so I have to hurry. Clear your hand. "

Qiao Xian: ...

She stepped forward and stopped Cui not to go, dragging people to the front hall.

"I'll send you the water and the saponine. You have been caught in He Hexiang before, and the poison is unclear and you spend the night in the wilderness. You have to show it to the doctor!"

Qiao Xian usually does not obey Cui to obey, but in this matter, he has his own insistence.

Because she had seen Cui not to be seriously ill, and coughed until she vomited blood. After that, the left and right rounds had formed a silent tacit understanding: with them, Cui would never let him go.

Cui did not go, but he was not a good-natured person, but at this time it was rare that he did not frown at his subordinates, and instead chose to shut up and let Qiao Xian drag himself to the front hall.

But Qiao Xian couldn't help but say, "Last year ... I don't want to see that again."

Cui didn't go silent for a moment, and said, "No."

Last year, Cui did not go seriously ill for some reason, and almost died, scaring everyone in Zuo Yue Bureau. Song Liangchen, one of the deputies, even forbids Cui not to stay, and asked the doctor to take turns to stay in front of the bed. In case he gets sick anytime.

Who knows that Cui's inability to be born is a nature that can't be spared. Once he gets better, he can't jump straight from Beijing to the ends of the earth. No, let ’s talk about the messenger with the messenger of Apo. Everyone in the Zuoyue game is face-to-face, but Cui does n’t go to his own euphoria. Instead, he sets up a meticulous, two-month chess game and counts Fengxiao in it. Not only did I almost count myself.

Thinking of this, Qiao Xian couldn't help sighing, and grasped Cui Bugou even stronger.

"If the doctor prescribes medicine, he must not drink it."

Cui didn't go to the corner of his mouth and twitched: "I'm really fine."

Qiao Xian: "Then you run around the osmanthus tree in front. If you don't cough, you don't need to take medicine."

Cui didn't sink his face: "Funny, how can you be so at your disposal!"

The two looked at each other, and Qiao Xian didn't let it go.

Cui does not go: ...

"Drink and drink!" He could not help rolling his eyes.

Qiao Xian's lips were raised.

The maids in this house are temporary hired workers. Although they are innocent, they are not Zuo Yueju people. They do n’t understand how Cui does not go with Qiao Xian. Seeing this scene, only when Qiao Xian is right Cui doesn't go to the girl Huaichun, and she has mutual affection, but she doesn't know that in Qiao Xian's heart, Cui doesn't go far more than that.

The other person is to her, like a teacher and a father, like a brother and a friend.

Many years ago, she was n’t what she is now. At that time, she suffered a change of life, was bruised all over, her left eye was almost blind, and she was lying dead in the snow, thinking that she would die like this. One less of her was that Cui didn't go by and took her back.

Of course, Qiao Xian knew that for Cui Buqu at that time, it was just a trouble to pick it up. The other party did not care about her at all, but if Cui did not go, there would not be her now.

After getting along for a long time, she found out that Cui Buqu's body was more than weak, and Jane was sick until the wind blew. She lay sick in bed with her two heads for three days, and she became seriously ill at every turn. Find the doctor in time, but now I am afraid that the grave grass is higher than people.

But this is also the way Cui did not go, never forgetting to look around, planning strategies, and knowing the story of the rivers and lakes, almost to the point where he can know the world without leaving the house.

She even remembers a sentence that Cui did not say: If even you feel that your existence is irrelevant, no one will take you seriously. I'm different from you. I'm me. Even if I'm dying seriously and my limbs are disabled, no one can replace me.

That kind of Cui doesn't go, even if his life may disappear at any time, but no one can ignore it.

There is no doubt that in the Zuo Yue Bureau, it is not Bositi, the longest grandson of martial arts, nor Song Liangchen, who is good at calculating, nor Qiao Xian, but Cui does not go. The martial arts of the grandson may be able to protect many people. But Cui doesn't go, it is the real reassuring existence.

There are many troubles solved by martial arts in this world, and many troubles that cannot be solved by martial arts, but when Cui does not go, these troubles will be solved one by one eventually.

Qiao Xian them, it seems that Cui does not protect them, but Cui does not protect them.

On the day when Cui did not go, Zuo Yue was in a rocky position, and they were all at ease.

However, although Cui did not go, although his heart was as hard as iron, there was one thing he hated the most in his life.

That's medicine.

Even if you drink too much, you are used to the bitter and weird taste. I am afraid that no one will fall in love with the medicine, let alone Cui will have to pour several bowls if he does not go for three or five days. Rather than holding the nose to drink these disgusting bitter medicines, he would rather let Feng Xiao take a few more times and then survive by willpower.

Of course, Qiao Xian would not let him go so easily, so when the messenger of Abo Khan saw the court messenger who was about to negotiate with her for the first time, he found that his face was not good-looking.

Throughout the ages, the exchanges between the two countries, the envoys are generally male, which is almost a convention.

In Turkic, Khan's wife, also known as Ketun, has certain powers in the military and political fields, but Turk is not a woman-respecting nation. This time, Apo sent a woman to negotiate. The response was to doubt the identity of the other party.

The lady ambassador came with two guards and lived here for two days. She has been staying here for a while. She never went out and played with curiosity. She did not offer to see Cui Bugo, but she just waited for Cui Bugo. Calling for the initiative, this patience alone, is unusual.

The other party had a dark red dress with strong Turkic characteristics. Even the hair ornaments and braids were full of exotic style. She looked slightly yellow, and her eyes were slightly vicissitudes that had been blown by the sand, but she had another strange beauty. .

This beauty is not the white and delicate complexion that the Central Plains admired, like a distant mountain, and eyes like autumn water, but it is full of vitality, unforgettable and memorable.

However, Cui did not go to drink a large bowl of bitter medicine, and did not want to admire the special appearance of the messenger. After the two of them sat down, they opened the door and said, "You are the envoy sent by Abo Khan?"

He has never been enthusiastic about treating others, but this bland attitude has made the other party mistakenly think that he looks down on his female identity.

"Exactly, my Chinese name is Jin Lian. I wonder if your name is Gao?"

"Cui doesn't go." Cui didn't go and raised an eyebrow slightly. "Your name, but the meaning of prairie nasturtium?"

When Jin Lian saw that he actually knew the origin of his name, he couldn't help showing surprise: "Yes, my Turkic name is the meaning of Golden Lotus, so the Chinese name was taken as the Golden Lotus."

Cui does not go: "Who are you Apokhhan and why can you come on his behalf? How can I believe that what you say is Apo's intention?"

Jin Lian said unhappyly: "I am Khon of Khan."

She paused and added: "Little Ketun."

Cui did not know about Abo Khan long ago. Naturally, he knew that Abo Khan had two Ketuns. The status of Little Ketun was actually equivalent to that of the Central Plains's wife. But Abo ’s Big Ketun was older. It was the little Ketun who could accompany him to deal with all matters, such as Jin Kelian. This time, Jin Lian came in person. On the other hand, she also expressed the importance that Abo Khan attached to the talks.

Of course, to be able to come in person, Jin Lian also has the courage and courage to keep his eyebrows.

No wonder she saw that the Central Plains dynasty sent Cui not to be such a sick messenger, and she felt neglected.

Seeing the obvious displeased expression on her face, Qiao Xian couldn't help but said, "We Lang Junnai is the ambassador of Zuo Yue Bureau, who is in the same six books. If you haven't heard of Zuo Yue Bureau, you should also have heard of Da Sui's Shang Department. This is the book of the former capital official. "

This year, Duguan has just changed its name to the Ministry of Criminal Affairs, and the news has not yet passed to Turk, but Jin Lian has heard of Duguan Shangshu. Among the Shangshu provinces, there are six Shangshu under the shooting of left and right servants. Cui Bu Going to be equal to Shang Shu, we can see that the official position is also very large.

After hearing this, Jin Lian finally put away her unhappiness, and said, "It was Cui Langjun, but I was ignorant."

Cui didn't nod his head slightly, and didn't want to circle her: "Here is Xiao Ke here, presumably Abo Khan has something to ask for?"

Jin Lian is obviously not a character who likes to fight around in front of him. After hearing the words, he quickly answered: "Yes, now the sand bowl is slightly ambitious, and it is intended to stir the world and disturb the soul. I am for the two countries. Came in peace. I wonder what the emperor of your country thinks about it? "

In fact, she said that she was so arrogant that because of the rapid expansion of the force of Shabaku, she was dissatisfied with the suppressed Abo Khan. After persuasion by Jin Lian, he realized that the enemy of the enemy was a friend, so he sent Jin Lian over. Want to seek cooperation with the Sui Dynasty.

Cui did not go: "Our Her Majesty naturally also hopes that the border will be long-lasting. However, the sand bowl will not let Da Sui rest peacefully, and we will of course only stop at it. If Abo Khan is willing to cooperate, after the incident, the sand bowl will be slightly Territory, you can set aside a portion for you, you only need to go to Daxing City every year to make good tribute. "

Jin Lian refused categorically: "We are not vassals of the Sui Dynasty!"

Cui didn't seem to smile, "Did Xiaoke Dun think about it again?"

Jin Lianwei: "I thought you were full of sincerity. I never thought that the Central Plains would always take advantage. Obviously it was we who helped you deal with the sandbox strategy. How did it turn out that we needed to show you our surrender!"

Cui did n’t go about it: “Because of our people, we have already split our troops and headed to the lobby, Luohou and Datou Khan. As far as I know, they have been slightly at odds with the sand bowl. Most of them will agree. If they agreed at that time, but Abo Khan refused, and you, the one in charge, would not be a sinner? "

Jin Lian's face changed slightly.

Cui did not smile but said: "Xiao Ketun, if you are here in China, if the mission is successfully completed and the chips in your hand are heavier, you can naturally take it to the next level. The favor of Khan, will your wish come true at that time? "

Jin Lian looked at the man in front of her.

At first, she didn't regard this face as too pale. Compared with the Turkic men, the Central Plains were not tall and strong at all. She even felt disdainful and dissatisfied that the Central Plains Emperor sent such a sick ghost.

But now, the other person ’s eyes were like sharp arrows, piercing her deep inside, all the hidden and unknown ** suddenly were immediately understood.

Jin Lian's back swelled with a dense layer of cold sweat.

"I don't know, what are you talking about." She calmed herself.

"It doesn't matter." Cui looked at her without mercy. "After tonight, maybe you won't have a chance to say it."

"What do you mean?" Jin Lian immediately became vigilant. "You want to kill me?"

She couldn't think of a reason why Cui would not do it.

Cui didn't shake his head: "Not me, but someone else."


As if in response to Jinlian's doubts, the sound of breaking down fell vertically from the direction of the roof. Jinlian just felt a heavy object falling from her head, and rolled it aside if she didn't want to. The table, all of a sudden, became powder.

The two Turks who followed Jin Lian sang loudly and rushed forward to play against each other.

But Jin Lian's face suddenly became very bad when she looked at the sudden enemy in front of her.

Cui didn't go to close his sleeves. He didn't seem to realize that the person wanted to kill not only Jin Lian, but also him. He also said to Jin Lian with interest: "Cao Cao, Cao Cao, Turk's first master Buddha, You must be no stranger. Tonight, the guests are overweight, and the crowd is full, so you have a pot of good wine! "

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It's late because the word count is fat!

Feng Xiao hid behind the pillar: Hurry up, I'm waiting to play!

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Chapter 38

The Buddha ear was ordered by the sand bowl, and He came to Liugong City for only one purpose. He was not for the jealousy, but for the destruction of the negotiations between Da Sui and Abo Khan.

Before Jin Lian came to Liugong City, killing the messenger of the Sui Dynasty was the most effective way, but after Jin Lian appeared, I killed Jin Lian directly, and the negotiations would stop abruptly, not to mention whether Abo Khan could find another one. The envoys who have the courage and willingness to come to the Central Plains alone, even if they can find it, I am afraid that because of the death of Jin Lian, I will be separated, and the alliance between the two sides that has not yet begun will break down.

So when Jin Lian and Cui didn't go together at the same time, the Buddha's ears did not hesitate to abandon Cui Bu go and take Jin Lian's life.

Jin Lian is a martial arts person. He kicks his horse and shoots arrows, and his horse is singled out. He is also a female hero in the Turkic people. But her martial arts is still a little different from the first master of Turkic. After ten strokes, she was beaten and beaten. Two The guards rushed to save people long ago, but one of them was shot in the chest, and he vomited blood on the spot and died, and one of his ribs was broken, and he was unable to fight again.

Qiao Xian and the elder grandson Bodhi, who had already rushed back, protected Cui Bu from left and right, but he did not step forward to save Jin Lian.

Jin Lian was so anxious that she couldn't help but shouted, "He's going to kill me. Will you die?"

Cui did not go to Xu Xu, "Jin Lian Ke Dun, your Khan is now slightly forced back by the sand bowl. We Da Sui have lost you, but there are allies like Luo Hou and Big Head Khan. You, in fact, the results are similar. My official position will not be furthered because of you, nor will you be dismissed because of you. You may wish to think about it. "

At the moment of life and death, Jin Lian faced a superb master like Buddha's ear. There was almost no way to fight it, but she held up at this moment with one breath. After the fifteen strokes, she stepped back and forth, her shoulders were swept by the wind, and the pain was extremely painful However, Buddha's ear still did not stop, he really planned to stand Jinlian under his palm.

Although the Turks did not behave like the Central Plains, but the upper class nobles were still engaged in intrigue, and its blood and rain were not milder than the struggle for rights elsewhere. Jin Lian married Abo Khan from her teens and was able to go step by step today, and also paid outsiders. With unimaginable efforts, she would never be willing to end her life in such a funny way here and now.

"Cui doesn't want to save you, I'll save it."

A chuckling sounded in Jinlian's ears, and then she suddenly felt the pressure of the mountains in front of her suddenly, and a figure was already standing in front of her, taking the palm of the Buddha's ear.

The enthusiasm formed by the two enthusiastic masters directly pushed Jin Lian out of the open.

Walking from the edge of life and death, Jin Lian couldn't bear the pain in her back, she felt her heart beating like a cymbal drum, and her temples were also beating, her feet were like walking on the clouds, her body was weak and weak. Those who escape there are no different.

While still scared, Jin Lian's eyes glanced over her two seriously injured or deceased men, and fell on the man who was fighting Foer.

The bodies of the two were like ghosts. With Jinlian's skill, they could not see their tricks for a while. They felt that they were far enough away from them, but still felt that the internal force was coming towards them, and they had to move away.

"Jin Lian Ke Dun, I don't know what's going on with you?" Cui did not carelessly said, "As far as I know, there is no shortage of masters around Sha Bo Lue. In addition to Buddha's ears, there are two others, martial arts high strength, almost to the Grand Master. Realm, if he sends a few more people, I'm afraid you won't even be able to return to Turkic. "

Jinlian gritted her teeth, and she knew very well that Cui didn't go to see death but just now, the purpose was here.

But she couldn't help but be soft, because the other party said she was in the middle of her weakness. She came to the Central Plains with an incognito name and a disguise. She also encountered several dangers on the road, all of which were saved by her. However, she may not have such good luck back, Jin Lian Originally thinking that after the two sides formed an alliance, Da Sui would send an army to **** her back. Who knows that now she is deadlocked, and if there is no result, she will naturally return without success.

"The number of good horses can be negotiated. The alliance between the two parties has already been set. There is no objection to sweating. I can finalize it. However, I ca n’t be the tribute. It is better for Cui Langjun to go to the king's account with me. Seeing the sweat in person would be more effective than I would go back alone. "

Cui did not hear the words, knowing that this is indeed the bottom line of Jin Lian, and no longer compelled him, nodded and said, "Please also send Jin Lian Ketun a handwritten letter, stamped as a testimony, and let me send it back to Beijing. . "

Jin Lian said happily: "No problem. I came out with a sweaty handwritten book. I just need to find someone who is proficient in Turkic languages."

Cui does not go: "I can."

This understatement could not help but make Jin Lian look at Cui.

The fight between Feng Xiao and Buddha's ear is far from over.

On martial arts, although the Buddha ears are slightly inferior to Feng Xiao, but in their realm, if they can't fight, it is not difficult to want to retreat from the whole body.

But here he is tonight, one is to kill, the other is to save people, both things have not been completed, naturally it is impossible to leave easily.

When Buddha's ears rose, the prestigious masters in the past either became a master or hidden in the mountains and were hard to find. It was impossible to find them easily. After entering the Central Plains, Buddha's ears have challenged many masters in succession. His own overbearing martial arts, and the circumstances of the next encounter with rivals, made him think that the Central Plains martial arts was nothing like this until he met Feng Xiao.

Feng Xiao is a rare adversary in his half-life. The opponent's martial arts are unpredictable, but the internal force is extremely deep. This should have been a state impossible to reach at a young age. Buddha has always suspected that there are experts behind him to point him, Feng Xiao was originally a master-level master who returned to the old age. Last time he was in Hu Yanglin, he finally retreated. Now he can't escape the situation.

Fengxiao alone is tricky, not to mention the eldest grandson and Qiao Xian next to them. Although they haven't started, they intentionally or unintentionally blocked his way, making Buddha's ears elbow left and right, and he has no skill to split.

In the corner of his eyes, Yu Guang glanced at Cui Bugo and stood far away in the corner, and there was a plan under his heart.

Between the electric light and fire, the shape of the Buddha's ear suddenly jumped up. Although he was tall, the jump was as light as a white crane, so light and almost silent.

Feng Xiao naturally chased after her, but after Foer broke through the roof, she didn't want to run away or save his apprentice, but patted the roof tiles directly under her feet.

Feng Xiao murmured in a secret way, saying that time and time were fast, and he had no time to shout to run down.

The entire roof collapsed, and the broken tiles and tall pillars all broke and fell under the shock of the internal force of the Buddha's ear, pressing against the people in the room.

In a blink of an eye, this place has been razed to the ground.

People with martial arts are okay, such as Jin Lian. Although she was caught off guard and had multiple injuries on her body, she escaped at the first chance, but her other guard who had already been seriously injured was not so lucky. The person was directly crushed. Under the rubble, life and death are unknown.

Feng Xiao's face was gloomy, and finally he put away the look on his face and turned to save people.

Pei Jingxi was almost pressed by a pillar. Although she escaped by chance, her face was scratched by fragments and her back was hurt by the pillar. She was in pain.

But he looked around, and suddenly his face changed, remembering Cui not going to martial arts: "Lang Jun, Cui ..."

Feng Xiao had taken a stride, and bent over and kicked at the post somewhere. It seemed that it was not hard, and the post flew to the side.

Under the pillar, one hand was half exposed.

Pei was startled, hurried to run over to help, and finally cleared the rubble on the other side, but found that it was not Cui that he thought not to go, but Qiao Xian.

Qiao Xian and his elder grandmother Bodhi protected Cui Bu under him. At this time, they pulled people out and they each suffered some trauma. Cui did not go unscathed.

"With the power of the Lord of the Phoenix Mansion, actually let the buddy run away?" Cui did not raise his eyebrows and questioned.

The answer to him was Feng Xiao's unwilling tone: "This is not to see you buried underneath. I'm so anxious that I just want to save you? Go, it's too mean for you to complain, come, you touch Touch my chest, and I'm still jumping! "

Pei Jingxi said that unless he was dead, whose chest was not fluttering?

However, he did not forget that he was from Feng Xiao's side, and he could not open his own house, so he refused to speak.

Obviously, Cui did not bother to argue with him here, and looked directly at Jin Lian: "Abo Khan's handwriting."

Jin Lian had an injured arm, and laboriously took out the paperwork from her arms. Qiao Xian took it, verified it was non-toxic, and then passed it to Cui Bu.

Cui didn't brush the dust off his body and turned down.

A head was so cold that Cui didn't prevent it, Cui didn't almost cover the other person's face.

"Yo, what's this written? Turkic? Cui Daochang is so extraordinary that he can read Turkic without any problems."

Feng Xiao ’s appellation for Cui not to go, from going to go, Acui, to Cui Daochang, is unpredictable, and it's all in the mood that Cui does n’t go is already numb.

Cui didn't go and read it at a glance. After confirming that it was Abo Khan's personal copy, he pushed the document into Feng Xiao's arms and said to Jin Lian: "We can go to Turk with you and meet Abo Khan in person."

Jin Lian rejoiced, reluctantly boosted the spirit and said, "That's great! I also asked Cui Langjun to set a date, we set off earlier, and now the Buddha fled, the sand bowl will definitely know the news soon, I am afraid it will be sent Kill us on the road. "

Cui's unwillingness to go back with her not only means that she was escorted on her return journey, but also meant to bring back the envoy of the Great Sui Dynasty. Jin Lian's credit will also be more stable.

"We still have to discuss this matter. It's getting late, but Ketun is frightened tonight. Please rest first. I will send someone to come and see you for injuries." Cui did not go.

Jin Lian nodded, and no longer insisted: "Thank you Cui Langjun, the two subordinates who came with me, and asked Cui Langjun to bury them thickly."

She left with the help of a maid.

When Feng Xiao saw Cui didn't turn around, he had to leave, and he dragged the person if he didn't want to, so Cui didn't take a breath.

He was just underneath. Although he was well protected by his elder grandson Qiao Xian, his arm was sprained in a hurry. Now Feng Xiao is pulled, and the aftermath is immediately revealed.

Qiao Xian stared angrily and attacked Feng Xiao, who took the opportunity to let go and took a step back.

"Slow, what do you mean by us?"

Cui does not raise his lips, "I, and you, call us."

Feng Xiao: ...

The author has something to say:

Feng Xiao: When did I say I would go with you? ? ?

Cui does not go: I am waiting for you in the wind and rain.

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Chapter 39

There are stars and moons, tea and wine.

Feng Xiao and Cui didn't go to meet each other, and the breeze was blowing outside the loft, and Hunchun was sprouting.

Ignoring that the next house had just collapsed and Foer had rescued his apprentice to flee, it was indeed a good night.

Feng Xiao looked at Cui Bugo, who was sitting not far from him.

The other party neither drank tea, nor drank, but instead picked up a medicine cup, hesitated, then closed his eyes with an expression of calmness and fearlessness, and raised his head into the medicine cup. Knowing he thought he was committing suicide.

Rao has drank a lot of bitter medicine. Cui doesn't go and still feels that the doctor who prescribed the medicine may have resentment against himself, because the taste of bitterness flowing through the tongue is enough to make him shudder involuntarily.

Returning to God again, he saw that Feng Xiao was looking at himself with interest.

"How about Qin Miaoyu?" Cui did not ask.

"The jade gallbladder has been retrieved." Feng Xiao replied briefly. What he didn't say is that the jade gallbladder was absorbed by Qin Miaoyu. He is only half the size of the original, and the chalcedony in the center of the jade heart is also lighter. It has nothing to do with Cui not going, looking for Yudan is originally an errand of Feng Xiao, naturally these follow-up troubles should be cleared up by himself.

Since then, the death of Yu Yan's messenger has been declared a crack. Although some of the circumstances are still unclear, but Awakening and Qin Miaoyu have been captured, Yudan has also been recovered. According to the agreement of the two, Feng Xiao needs to be in Find the credit of Yudan and the murderer, and add the one belonging to Zuo Yueju.

Cui did not go slightly surprised: "It seems Qiao Miaoyu is still alive? I'm curious, what secrets does she have that can make you save her life?"

Feng Xiao: "Is it true in your eyes that I am a killer? By your words, my heart is broken into pieces, and even if it is repaired, it will be difficult to heal."

Cui does not go: "Speak human."

Feng Xiao is as good as ever: "A woman who went to the Central Plains as a Goguryeo, and has been anonymous for so many years, shows that patience is extraordinary."

Wenxiange knows the elegance, and after hearing only a little, Cui doesn't go enough to understand Feng Xiao's next meaning.

Yu Chi's knees were empty, and Yu Chi Jinwu was his most important nephew. If he did not die, he would likely inherit the throne in the future. In Qin's wonderful language, and Yu Chi Jinwu's affection for her, it was not difficult for her to claim the throne of Princess Qi. Naturally, it is very likely that he will become a person who is in control of the Political Bureau.

The Goguryeo placed such a **** thousands of miles away, of course, not to let Qin Miaoyu be the princess of a small western country, but to want to stir the political situation in the Western Regions through Qin Miaoyu, link Sui Dynasty and Turkic, so as to gain benefits for Goguryeo From this point of view, the original layout of the people, can not be described as not far-sighted, it can be seen that although Goguryeo is a small country, it is not without superior people.

Unfortunately, the strange illness of King Goguryeo and the birth of Tianchi Yudan made Goguryeo unable to sit still, and had to enable Qin Miaoyu and wake up in advance, otherwise the two of them might never be found.

Thinking of this, Cui didn't go and asked, "Who sent Qin Wonder and Awakening to the original? Who else besides them?"

Smart people talk to smart people to save effort, and Feng Xiao pays him admiration.

Although the existence of Cui does not make Jie Jianfu a lot more trouble, but in life, opponents are hard to come by. If it is always peaceful, it is also boring.

Feng Xiao once speculated that with Cui's ability to go, even if he doesn't martial arts, it is enough to make people develop a sense of enthusiasm. People with clear goals like Cui Buqi and keen to build careers, as long as they are high, the other party will be tempted. However, no one knows what to do, and he actually pulls people to the head of Zuo Yueju.

Of course, it is impossible for Cui not to give up the position of Zuo Yuezheng, and come to condescend to be the four masters of Xiejian Mansion. Instead of not, it is likely that Feng Xiao will give Feng Xiaoji because of Feng Xiao's intention to attract people on his own site. Previous stroke.

The debt is not worrying, Feng Xiao said it doesn't matter.

"They were sent by Gao Ning's master, Gao Yun, who is the brother of King Goguryeo's soup stock, and is said to be the only master-level master in Goguryeo." Feng Xiao said.

According to the information he received, although Gao Yun had no official office, he had a great influence on Gaotang's administration. He also established Fuyumen in one hand. Its role is similar to that of Jiejian Mansion. He arranged to sneak into other countries and explore information secrets to obtain information To do what is good for your country.

There is no doubt that Wake and Qin Miaoyu are definitely Fuyumen.

"Qin Miaoyu's status in Fuyumen is not high. Gao Yunsu has never looked at women. He only used their beauty to make some low-level messages. Only Awakening can contact Fuyumen, but he doesn't know much. All I know is that the person who sent them over was called Mr. Yi. "

A woman like Qin Miaoyu may be scared when she is young, and dare not act rashly, but these years she married Yu Chijinwu as a small concubine. On the one hand, she will fight with his Yingying Yanyan, secure her status and beloved. On the one hand, it is necessary to inquire the news secretly, contact the awakening, seek more benefits for Goguryeo, and have experienced extraordinary experience long ago. How can a Fuyumen be limited? It is not surprising that a rebellious heart will be born.

"One? Easy?" Cui did not care about how Feng Xiao wanted to deal with Qin Miaoyu. He was more interested in "Mr. Yi" mentioned by Feng Xiao just now.

Feng Xiao dipped her finger in tea and made a horizontal stroke on the table.

is one.

One yuan is recurring, one nine is one.

First, it is the beginning of all things, but the starting point of all numbers can also be infinity.

Lao Tzu said, hug one for the world.

But the beginning of the Taishi Taoism stands on one, and it divides the heavens and the earth into everything.

People who use such a word as their nickname must not be ordinary people.

This one gentleman, not only awakened their contacts in the Central Plains, but also is likely to be not inferior in Fuyumen.

What's more, the other party has been hiding in the Central Plains for many years, and even Qin Wonder could almost become the princess Yu, where will the identity of that gentleman go?

Small faint in the wild, big faint in the city.

Cui didn't find it getting more and more interesting.

They broke a case and found a deeper rope.

If you follow the rope to find the past, what will you find in the end?

He believed that Feng Xiao had similar speculations and was equally interested. He might even have told him so much in order to pull him into the water.

But Cui didn't go to be a restless person. The more difficult the problem and the more difficult it was, the more interesting he felt.

Feng Xiao: "I have told you so much. Should you also reciprocate?"

Cui didn't laugh. "That's natural, so I don't invite the owner of Fengfu to go with me to meet Abo Khan in Turk?"

Feng Xiao couldn't help raising her eyebrows: "You're called Tao Tao Bao Li? Isn't it okay for me to find something?"

Cui does not go: "How can you think so? I ask you, have you promised me before to bring the head of the Buddha to meet?"

Feng Xiao: "I promised to help you kill the Buddha's ear, but I didn't say when it would kill today or tomorrow, but today, next year, isn't it okay?"

Cui did not smile a little: "Tonight I said to Jin Lian, you also heard. Although she is Apo's Ketun, in fact, there are few things that can be decided, but it is a trip for Apo's handwritten book. If you want to talk more and seek more benefits for Da Sui, I will definitely go to Turkic. The Buddha's ear fleeing from you will certainly ambush me and Jin Lian halfway, if we die, you can still get the credit. What? "

Feng Xiao: "According to you, must I go?"

Cui does not go: "Is there anything in the world that can be achieved without work? If the lord of Feng's house wants merit, he must go with me."

Feng Xiao groaned with a smile: "You're not afraid that I will kill you on my return trip, and dominate your credit?"

Cui didn't go and laughed: "If so, then I can only lament that my life is bad, but as soon as I die, the owner of Fengfu may miss a lot of news."

Feng Xiao: "For example?"

Cui did not go: "For example, I know who sent the two Yunhai 13th floor killers who wanted to kill you last time. I also know that Yuxiu came to Liu personally as the first conspirator beside King Jin. Gongcheng is not only to help Jin Wang get jade bile, but also for other purposes. After all, although there are not as many people in Xieyue Bureau, there are always some channels of information for themselves, otherwise how can they survive? "

Feng Xiao enthusiastically said, "Go, I'll just ask one more question. Why do you doubt that I don't want to go with you? Just looking at you every day, I can eat an extra bowl of rice!"

Cui did not go: "So, the Lord of the Phoenix House promised, then I will act as Jinlian Ketun, thank you very much."

The two looked at each other, and coincidentally, the skin smiled and the meat smiled.

As for what they are scolding, only they know it.

Feng Xiao: "Is it called Fengfu Zhu, did I not say it already? Call me Fenger. If you want, call me Erlang, it is even better."

Instead of coughing twice, Cui skipped all his meaningless words: "To the king's account of Abo Khan, we have to pass Qimo, Guizi, and the wind is far away. Please rest early."

He said he got up, gathered his cloak, and left with Qiao Xian's company.

Seeing their back disappear behind the door, the footsteps drifted away, Feng Xiao retracted his gaze, smiled, and murmured to himself, "Who wants to kill me, and don't come by myself, let the people on the 13th floor of Yunhai Come? It must be that I ca n’t martial arts, and I'm jealous of my magnificence. Hey, it ’s not my fault to look good without being jealous. What can I do? ”

Outside the door, Qiao Xian, who had turned back secretly, almost slipped, and spit out the overnight meal.

How could there be such a shameless person in the world? She was puzzled.

Cui did not overestimate his own body. After that torment that night, he started a low fever after returning, and the person lay groggy on the bed for several days. He did not improve until the third day, even that day. Jin Lian, who was injured at night, recovered faster than him.

Seeing that Cui didn't go to such a situation, Jin Lian couldn't help worrying, for fear that they hadn't arrived in Turkic, Cui didn't go and died in the middle of his life.

"Chun needn't worry." Cui did not go and was sitting on the bed because he had just poured a bowl of medicine soup and his face was not very good-looking. "Although I have broken bones, I still have the tone to Turkic, not to mention Qiao Xian will walk with us. She has a rough medical skills and has no worries on the road."

He said he beckoned and asked Qiao Xian to take a scroll and slowly open it in front of Jin Lian and Feng Xiao.

"This is ... the map?" Jin Lian looked at the dense markings on it, feeling familiar, and could not recognize it for a moment.

Cui does not go: "This is the map of West Turkic, from the south to the end, to San Mishan in the north, from Shule to the west, to Gaochang in the east. Although it is not complete, this map can be better than gold if it is dedicated to Abo Khan If so, there are countless livestock. But this trip is not worthless. "

Jin Lian was startled, and then she could n’t believe it: "This picture, you want to send it to me, let me go and borrow flowers to offer Buddha?"

It is difficult for her to be a Turkic, so proficient in Chinese, she can even say words like borrowing flowers and offering Buddha.

Cui did not go to the corners of his mouth slightly: "I know that Ketun strongly endorses the establishment of an alliance with my Great Sui, otherwise there will be no danger alone, and thousands of miles come here, but there must be many villains around Abo Khan. With this thing, wouldn't it be easier to do things in the future beside Abo Khan? "

Jin Lian couldn't hide her joy.

Unlike the short-sighted women, she knows that the maps of ancient times are secrets in the army, and it is certainly a hundred times more precious than any gold or silver jewelry.

Feng Xiao looked on coldly, but saw a deeper meaning. Cui Buqu was both attracting Jinlian and taking the opportunity to warn the Turks with dissatisfaction: Da Sui had already mastered the Western Turkic terrain and could ally with you. Of course, Can hit you.

This hand beats and pulls, both hard and soft, and is very clever.

He could not help but sigh again: Why isn't such a talented person from Jiejianfu?

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Feng Xiao: Call me, Erlang.

Cui does not go: hungry wolf.

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Chapter 40

It will be five days after Cui's body is raised.

In the past five days, the new messenger of the Yu King arrived, and he brought a generous gift—a piece of beautiful jade—although not a rare treasure like Tianchi Jade Gall, but Yu Yu has more beautiful jade. This generous gift is naturally also a jade. But it is a carved jade pendant, and it is said that wearing it has the effect of calming the soul, and it will also emit a strange fragrance like a scent bag.

Although Wei Chijinwu died outside Liugong City, it has nothing to do with Yu. But Wang Yu wants to repair with the Sui Dynasty. He has to show his sincerity. He is worried that Yudan will not find it. He sent someone to bring this again. A generous gift, He expressed his devotion and good heart.

Feng Xiao wrote a case study, and he explained the case from the beginning to the end. Together with the assistance of the Zuo Yue Bureau, he let the Xiejianfu Yingqi and Pei Jingyu escorted the messenger into Beijing, and escorted him to Beijing Xiejianfu for trial.

As for Qin Miaoyu, Xun was ignored by Feng Xiao intentionally or unintentionally.

This woman was like a vain shadow, a glimpse of Jinghong, like a dream, no trace, no trace left. Feng Xiao didn't say, Cui didn't go and didn't ask, Yu Yu's case was resolved, and Zuo Yueyue's credit was added to it. It was enough for him. He had more important things to do, and kept some of each other. Secret, if you ca n’t ask it so clearly, try not to speak, knowing too much is not a good thing.

After all, their identities are special.

After his head was no longer dizzy, Cui refused to continue to drink the medicine soup that was bitterer than Coptis chinensis to let Qiao Xian prepare for the westward journey.

However, on the candidate who accompanied Cui not to go, Qiao Xian and Changsun Bodhi had different opinions.

The grandson thinks he has higher martial arts, and it would be more reliable to stay with Cui if he doesn't go.

Qiao Xian believes that his ability to change is not inferior to his grandson, and his grandson is the deputy envoy of Zuo Yue. This time, he followed Cui not to go out. In the left month, there was only one deputy who could not martial arts. This is how Qiao Xian feels that his grandson must return to Beijing in advance. Why sit in town.

Seeing their stalemate, Feng Xiao laughed lazily: "I'm here, can my grandson go, what's the difference?"

Qiao Xian remembered that Feng Xiao was going.

Although the opponent's martial arts is high, she did not subconsciously regard Feng Xiao as her own person, but she was worried that Feng Xiao would cause a stumbling block along the way.

Cui didn't go but made a sound decision: "The eldest grandson returns to Beijing, and Qiao Xian will go with me."

Qiao Xian: "But ..."

Cui does not go: "If the owner of Fengfeng can't afford my safety, then the Jiefang government can find another owner."

"Go, you say that, I will be under a lot of pressure." Feng Xiao, sitting with her chin on her back, was crooked, but instead added a romantic mood, she could not see the pressure.

Since Cui did not speak, Changsun naturally had no objection.

Cui did n’t seem to smile: "Master Fengfu, you have to take care of my safety. Although the case of the messenger was broken this time, Yudan was eventually damaged. If Tianzi wants to investigate, I'm afraid you will not work hard. Only by walking with me and taking this credit will I not be here for you. "

Feng Xiao: "Is n’t it better if I wait for you to finish everything, kill you on your way home, and then devour your credit?"

When Qiao Xian heard it, he was immediately alert and glared at him.

Cui didn't go but didn't worry about it at all, and those who would do it would definitely not say it.

"One more problem. This time the four of us went together. We had to disguise ourselves. We have an identity."

What identity? Naturally, the identity of peers.

Otherwise, no matter how open the atmosphere is at this time, two men and two women run to the Western Regions, which is a bit strange after all.

Feng Xiao was still lazy: "How about walking with the caravan?"

Cui does not go: "It is not easy to find a reliable caravan. Most of them only go to Qiemo City, and then they will continue westward. Unlike us, we can pretend to be two couples. Not too far away, when someone asked, we said that we were visiting relatives who were married far away, and by the way made a small sale. "

Feng Xiao raised an eyebrow: "Couples? Who and who?"

Cui does not go: "Of course it is me and Qiao Xian, you and Jin Lian, and the two of us are close friends. We usually make a living by buying and selling cloth. There is a family named Ye in Liugong City, and my daughter married Guizi a few years ago. Shang Jia, who has a son in his family, is now ordered by his parents to take his wife to Guizi to visit his aunt. "

Feng Xiao did not expect that he had made full preparations, and really found such a family and matched his identity information. "How can anyone take his wife away?"

Cui did not smile: "Because it happened to be a coincidence, his wife happened to be a turtle, and he followed his father to Handi and married this Ye family. This time he not only visited his aunt, but also brought his wife to Ning. "

Feng Xiao: "Then I don't agree with the practice of posing as a husband and wife. Do you think someone like me who is so glorious and all over the country will marry an elderly woman?"

Cui does not go: "Anyway, Qiao Xian's easy-to-find technique. Your appearance is really too eye-catching. The inconsistency attracts horse thieves. It should be slightly modified and become ordinary."

Feng Xiao touched his face, Cui didn't think he was unwilling to let it go, but who knows the other party came up with a sentence: "Go, do you think my face is very eye-catching? Are you honest? Seeing me at first glance, you have a passion for love? "

Cui does not go: "Yeah."

Feng Xiao almost thought that this Cui was not fake in front of her. She couldn't help looking at it for a moment, wondering, "Why don't you refute it?"

Cui didn't go about it: "The appearance of the owner of Fengfu said that if there is no amazing person, it must be a hypocrite with a good appearance, but-"

Feng Xiao: "Okay, don't say anything, but it's definitely not a good thing later."

Cui did not smile: "It's just that any normal person should have a hard time regenerating after being with you for more than a day, right?"

Feng Xiao: ...

Cui didn't go to this sentence, and Feng Xiao pondered for a long time. On the way back, she couldn't help asking Pei Jingxuan: "Do you think he is bragging about me or hurting me?"

Pei Jing twitched: "In some ways, it can be considered exaggerated."

Feng Xiao said, "I also know that the words behind him are actually to cover up my temptations."

After that, he laughed again and again: "Zuo Yuezheng is making use of it, and a rare and wise man in the world, please do it for me. This fact makes everyone feel happy. For his sake, I would like to let him Condescend with him! "

Pei Jingxie would like to remind him whether you forgot the last half of the sentence. What people said is a premise, and the latter is the focus.

The implication is that normal people will not be interested in Feng Xiao.

However, Feng Xiao has directly forgotten the second half of the sentence together with Pei Jingxuan's response. He hummed the tune and walked towards his residence, thinking that he would have a good dream tonight.

Cui didn't know what Feng Xiao had dreamed, but only knew that the other day they met, the other side was still peach blossoming, his face was rosy, and his face seemed to be glowing. Jin Lian was not a person who had never seen the world before, but she had already beaten Feng Feng I passed the photo, but when I saw it in the broad daylight, there was still a feeling of suffocation from the face, like a bright and stunning flower that suddenly passed to her eyes, enough to make her memories of the rest of her life remember this moment .

Turks have deep senses and pursue strength. Some are only strong men. There is no such beautiful and handsome man as Feng Xiao. Rarely, Feng Xiao's beauty is not weak, and it may be enough to kill anyone. Human power.

Rao is an age like Jin Lian Ketun, and he can't help tempting.

Cui couldn't help but look at Feng Xiao.

Why did he think that the night passed, the oleander essence seemed to be a little more flamboyant, and he was seduced and brazen about it?

Feng Xiao noticed his eyes, looked back with a smile, and said with his heart that you admire me, and show you more.

Cui didn't go but felt inexplicably confused.

Feng Xiao was born with the arrogance of heaven, with a dazzling appearance on the outside, high-strength martial arts on the inside, and a rare intelligent person in the world. Naturally, his eyes are higher than the top. For more than 20 years, countless people like him. There are even many royal princesses, but none of them can be seen. He can be regarded as an opponent by him, and he is very few. Buddha is the first master of Turk. If he knows that he is only in Feng Xiao's eyes, If you call it half an opponent, you're afraid you will die.

But Cui does n’t go, but it ’s an exception. You and I have done several tricks on both sides. Although Feng Xiao did n’t eat a big loss, he did n’t get any big advantage, and now he has to go to Turk with the other side. This kind of effort is not flattering. The errand was originally not within Feng Xiao's plan, but his pursuit of perfect character was fully reflected in this matter, because at the beginning it was mixed with this matter, and now it is not his wish to give up halfway. Just look at the layout of Zuo Yue Bureau in the Western Regions, can it be used for its own use.

Over and over again, Cui does not make exceptions, but also illustrates the special nature of the opponent. In Feng Xiao's view, Cui does not go may not be friends, but he is enough to be his opponent.

In particular, the other party's hands are not bound by chickens, and they often die of illnesses, and perseverance is even more dazzling.

Feng Xiao admits that she is more and more interested in Cui not going, and she is still trying to find opportunities to do more with him.

This trip to the Western Regions is essential for fun.

Under the strong request of Cui Buqin, Qiao Xian still disguised Feng Xiao's face, but his eyes were born very good. No matter how he disguised, he did not cover his eyes, but only from other aspects. Work hard, such as darkening the skin color and changing to coarse clothes.

But Feng Xiao's face turned completely black when Qiao Xian wanted to add some dust to his hair.

"That's it." He flatly refused to Qiao Xian to wipe the grass ash from the dustpan onto his head, and darkening his skin was the biggest line he could accept.

Qiao Xian was dissatisfied: "Where can you get hair like yours from ordinary merchants? Who is busy with their livelihood and pays attention to appearance like you?"

Cui didn't go and changed his clothes. His face was too handsome and not like a businessman. Qiao Xian made some modifications on his face. Now it looks a lot more vulgar and tacky.

He knew that Feng Xiao's good-for-nothing quirk must have recurred, so he took a sip of tea slowly, saying, "I have a way to keep you from having to trample your own hair and darken your skin."

Feng Xiao raised his eyebrows and waited for the following, even if he knew that Cui would not come up with any good ideas.

Sure enough, the other party said: "Men dressed as women, turned into beautiful women."

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