Peerless Chapter 21-30

Chapter 21

In the blink of an eye, Cui fell into the hands of the man in white without going, and the opponent seemed to easily rest his hands on his shoulders. However, if the weight was so heavy, Cui didn't just feel that his shoulders were removed, and he felt half numb instantly.

His throat was more itchy, like a feather scratching there, making him cough again, and the cough hurt his shoulder, and the pain spread all over his limbs.

Seeing his face pale and sweating coldly, the man in white stretched out his other hand and helped him.

"Are you okay?" The other party's voice was soft and concerned. For example, the words spoken to the long-time old friend were heartbroken. "Looking at your footsteps, your eyebrows are blue and green. It doesn't look like this just now. , Alas, if you drag such a sick body, but also help Jiefu Mansion to recover jade gallbladder, is it worth it? Rather than follow me, I will help you detoxify and set you free, and it will save you from being caught in the middle bitter."

Cui kept his head up, and his sharp eyes penetrated the power-blocking cover and the night cover, and locked the other person's eyes straight. The person in white didn't shy away from looking at him, frankly, as if with a smile on his lips, compassion and gentleness.

Feng Xiao said alas: "Which one was scratched at the same time as my hoe? Let me save first? This is deliberately embarrassing me!"

Buddha's offense was not slowed down because of his speech, and he continued to do one move after another. His whole body was surging and enveloping Feng Xiao, which did not give him a chance to get away. He jumped from the ground. A slap in the air towards Feng Xiao.

This palm is like a stormy river, and it is like the wind and the rain, and it is domineering. It is inevitable and retreat. It is like being in a perilous situation surrounded by treacherous sides. There is an abyss in front and a cliff in the back. They are in danger, and they can fall into danger at any time.

This set of palms was the first one created by Foer after he was a teacher. It was also his most proud one. He named it Qiluo, which means invincible, and has defeated many masters of the Central Plains. Today's palm, he is determined to win, vowing to stand Feng Xiao under his palm.

"It seems that Fenglangjun will not care about you for a while." The man in white laughed, holding on to Cui's arm, and raised his hand. Cui did not feel a sudden pain in his upper body, and the whole person followed the flight. Up.

When Gao Ning saw this, he could not help humming, and grasped Pei startled away.

However, when the wind of the Buddha's ears was worthy of the opponent's heavenly spirit cover, Feng Xiao rolled a long sleeve, and the guqin flew up in the air. He actually held the palm of his ears, the strings were rattling, and the body was violent. The tremor was still not broken, but the sound of the piano slightly delayed the movement of the ear. Feng Xiao came first, and when the guqin fell, he took it into his arms, and the man had reached the ear. Take the opportunity to shoot the piano again!

The Buddha ear was shocked, and he pulled back quickly, but the harp was like a huge wave, and it turned into an instant. The powerful inside turned into sound waves. With the chanting of the harp, it hit the seven organs, collided with the five internal organs, washed up, washed and washed, and the ears of the ears were sweet and bloody. It flows from the corner of the mouth.

He wiped the blood away and stared coldly at his opponent.

Feng Xiao seemed unscathed, but not only that, he didn't take a glance in the direction that Cui Bugo and Pei Jinghuan disappeared, still stood against his hands, and looked at the Buddha ears leisurely.

"Your martial arts are very good. I have already glanced at the Master's path, but unfortunately met me." Feng Xiao smiled and groaned. "If everyone is destined to have an enemy, then I must have been sent by God to temper you. Although you are a Talents, but I can only admit to planting when I meet the talents of the sky. Go back to your grassland and practice for another three or five years. Maybe you can fight me evenly? "

Buddha ear gasped slightly, but the opponent's counterattack made him suffer internal injuries. At this time, his chest was still slightly painful. He knew that Feng Xiao was also injured, but at most it was the skin trauma that was swept up by his own anger. By comparison, I have already lost.

He must not be able to kill Feng Xiao tonight.

Originally, people from all walks of life arrived tonight. If there were other people disrupting the game, he would easily achieve his goal. Those who wanted Tianchi Yudan would either watch with cold eyes and walk away when they were in a bad situation, or they would catch Fengxiao's people. Ken himself fought with Feng Xiao so much that he failed.

But in the end, it's not as good as others.

"A warrior must have no mind to pursue a higher realm, but you are obviously absent-minded tonight. I am disdainful of such an opponent." Foer said coldly, saying that he turned around and walked away. Although his martial arts are extremely hegemonic and light, But he took a deft route, in a blink of an eye, people had left a few feet away, and soon disappeared into the night.

When the other party said these words, it was nothing more than finding a step for himself. It can be seen that the first master under the Turkic Khan seat was really a face-saving man.

Feng Xiao didn't catch up.

He watched the other person's figure disappear into sight, grabbed the casual frivolity on his face, turned and walked towards the room.

It's no surprise that at the turn of the night, the houses around Qiushan Beyond were turned upside down. It was a mess, and the servants hid from each other and did not dare to speak. When they saw Feng Xiao coming back, they shivered from the table and shivered. He cried.

"Lang Jun, just now you were outside. Two people broke in. They broke it up without a word. We don't know what they were looking for, but when they left, their hands were empty and they didn't seem to find it!"

Feng Xiao said with a sigh, the other party just thought that the jade that had just been destroyed was a fake, and wanted to find out the real Tianchi jade.

As for the real Tianchi Yudan ...

Feng Xiao's mouth angled down, revealing an almost ironic smile.

However, any expression on a beautiful woman's face must be a little more unique than others. The dreadful servant was crying and looking up, and looked up for a moment.


The person in white took Cui not to go, but did not go too fast. Cui did not go to follow him blindly. If it was not a severe pain in his shoulder and the onset of old illness, he almost thought that the other party was just looking for a walk with someone.

There was a louder voice, and several lights flickered distantly, and the night was dewy. To add chill, Cui did not wear a lot, but still felt cold, and he shivered involuntarily.

"You're not from the rivers and lakes." Cui didn't cough twice, his voice was a little hoarse.

He estimated that he should be cold and a little bit feverish, and now he was sore all over, hoping he couldn't find a bed and lie down.

But the world is impermanent, but he is still here to play a mystery with a person who is a lifeless person.

The man in white laughed: "I am not, are you?"

Cui didn't seem to hear him, and asked himself, "You came here tonight to make fun, but you must have come to Yudan, but you are not a Jianghu, Yudan those legends about improving martial arts, you certainly haven't Interest. People like you seem easy-going, but they are extremely arrogant, and they are not willing to give in easily, but they can let you go out and show that you are following a very high-profile person. So, you I want to get Jade Gall and dedicate it to that noble person. "

People in white: "Did anyone tell you that being too smart would be short-lived."

Cui did not go lightly: "In fact, you don't need to say so much nonsense, just summarize me in four words, God is jealous."

The people in white couldn't help but grin: "Cui Dao, you are so funny. If it weren't for you and I didn't know each other well, I think I would take you to tea-seeing scenery."

Cui did not go: "Then I should not be able to drink tea, I can't see the scenery."

If the white man was unheard of, he suddenly said, "Are you hungry? Is there anything to eat in the city at this hour? Take me to find it, it is better to come with a bowl of hot soup."

Cui didn't go: "I have a sore shoulder and I'm not hungry."

The man in white laughed: "If you don't take me, your shoulders will hurt more."

He spoke with a touch of gentleness, without any fireworks, but he hated it more than anyone else.

Cui doesn't go: "I won't take you there, someone will take you there."

The man in white asked with a smile: "Who?"


As the words sounded, a person walked slowly from the front, long in shape, stopped a few steps away from them, and stood backlit.

"Feng Langjun moves really fast, so you are the first master of Turk to be sent away by you?" The white man was surprised.

Feng Xiao: "No, then you grabbed my hoe, can I be a little bit faster?"

Chapter 22

The man in white was a little surprised.

In his opinion, with the martial arts skill and killing intention of Buddha's ears, even if Feng Xiao cannot be killed tonight, at least he can trap him. Who knows that Turk's first master is so deceptive that even an hour is not up, Feng Xiao will be able to Get out and catch up.

"Feng Langjun's martial arts level is still beyond my expectations."

Feng Xiao said, "It's because you didn't want to go far at all. Among these people who came tonight, counting your origin is a mystery. Don't you want to introduce yourself, so come and go without a name?"

People in white: "The name is nothing but a title. After a hundred years, everything will return to dust and soil to earth. Why should Feng Langjun be persistent?"

Feng Xiao shouted: "The more people who say such things, the more they care about their reputation. You are white and dust-free, and you must be a picky person inside. It ’s the same for people and yourself. Are you free and easy? "

The man in white laughed: "I'm not interested in how Feng Langjun evaluates me. What I'm interested in is that you have poisoned Cui Daochang and held him by his side, so it's better to die, why he still hopes you to save him Is there anyone in this world who likes to be abused? "

Cui didn't go coldly: "I don't like being abused, but I know it's better to fall in his hands than in yours."

The man in white was surprised: "Except that I used some means when I took you away, why not treat me with courtesy?"

Cui doesn't go: "He works, he has his purpose and dedication, but you don't take anyone's life into account."

"Go, it's rare to hear you boast me in front of outsiders. I'm really flattered in my heart—"

When the word was received, Feng Xiao shook her body and floated towards them.

The people in white reacted very quickly. At the moment, he grabbed Cui Buqi and retreated. He even pushed Cui Buqi forward, and planned to use him at any time to block Feng Xiao's offensive.

No one knew that Feng Xiao wouldn't hit him at all, but instead stretched his hands toward the power on his head.

The people in white were shocked, it was too late to catch the power, and their heads were empty, and the cold wind filled them, lingering coldly.

Cui didn't cough twice, and didn't hide her surprise.

Feng Xiao laughed even more: "It turned out that the monk was also so dishonest these days that he was not good at knocking on wooden fish in the temple and came to grab the jade. Who is your abbot? Wait for me to talk to him!"

The moonlight was slightly reflective on the smooth and bright head of Baiyiren. Feng Xiao couldn't help thinking of the egg, or the kind of peeled shell.

It happened that Cui didn't go and coughed again. Feng Xiao took a wrong look, and the other side seemed to be hiding his smile by coughing. I couldn't help but feel that the sick ghost had a tacit understanding with himself.

The moment the white man was unveiled, his face flashed with anger, but he calmed down quickly.

"The little monk has no place to stay. He is free in the clouds, but his name is not good enough."

Feng Xiao said aloud: "It turned out to be a monk, so you can't claim to be a monk. Who knows if you have escaped from the **** as a monk, it seems that this seat must take you back to question!"

When he said he stopped, he reached out to catch the white man, who was very vigilant, and when he just spoke, he had already stepped back and retreated ten steps.

Feng Xiao was chasing after her, and leaped up, and there was a lot of unstoppable posture.

The man in white frowned slightly. He didn't hesitate to fight with Feng Xiao, but he didn't want to waste time, let alone expose martial arts, let the other party see his origin, and push Cui not to go forward when the other party attacked, directly Pushing towards Feng Xiao, he turned around and leaped, intending to leave.

No one knew a dark shadow descended from the sky, the long sword screamed, cut through the sky, and came towards him.

Tonight, the moon is bright, and the stars are thin, enough for people in white to see each other's faces clearly.

It was Pei Jing who was abducted by Gao Ning and returned.

A Fengxiao is difficult to deal with, and a Pei Jingyan, even if the latter is not afraid of martial arts, but the buzzing around the ears is annoying enough. People in white know that tonight is doomed. After returning, I no longer loved the stack, immediately turned around to avoid Jianguang, and directly stepped on a tree branch by force, and drifted obliquely towards the roof. Pei Jingxu was going to chase again, the other party had already gone.

"Don't chase it," Feng Xiao said.

Pei Jingxuan fell from the tree, ashamed and said, "The subordinates were weak and failed to capture Gao Ning."

Feng Xiao: "His martial arts are far better than you. You can escape from him. It has saved me time to save you. I have to thank you for that."

For a moment, Pei Jinghui couldn't figure out whether Lang Jun's words were derogatory or praised. After thinking about it for a while, he carefully said: "Thank you very much for Lang Jun's praise. How dare you be subordinate?"

Cui does not go: "He is mocking you, do you think he is bragging about you?"

Pei Jingyan: ...

Feng Xiao: "Sorry, this kid is a little silly, and it makes you laugh."

Cui didn't go: "I'm used to it."

Pei Jingyan could easily hold back the convulsions in his mouth and asked, "Lang Jun, the monk who was just now, may I need to check his identity?"

Feng Xiao looked at Cui and said, "Cui Dao should know."

Cui did not go: "I did guess someone, but I don't know if it was."

Feng Xiao: "Talk about it."

Cui does not go: "Yu Xiu monk."

Who is that?

Pei Jingzheng was a little dazed, and searched in his head, but did not find out when the figure appeared on the rivers and lakes.

Cui did not go: "This teacher inherits the Zen Master of the Rooftop Sect, and rarely walks on the rivers and lakes. Therefore, he is not a man in the rivers and lakes. He usually stays with the nobles and retreats behind the scenes to make suggestions."

Hearing the word "noble", Pei Jingyan faintly noticed, but it was difficult to ask.

Feng Xiao has said: "Jin King."

Not doubt, but affirmation.

Cui does not go: "Yes."

Jin Wang Yang Guang, the second son of today's son, and Prince Yang Yong, both of the lone queen, were more lively and outgoing than the Prince. Crying children have sugar to eat. Compared to the eldest son who would not be spoiled, it is natural that Yang Guang is more pleasing to his parents. This is no secret in North Korea.

Pei Jingxian even heard the wind. Tian Zizhi was cutting Chen, unifying the north and the south, and was looking for the commander-in-chief. The queen intentionally made Jin Wang the deputy commander and follow the commander. Dare to say that King Jin was just a stubborn child who was loved by the emperor since he was a child? I'm afraid that King Jin's credit will be even greater than His Royal Highness.

As such a noble counselor, the monk Yuxiu naturally has a bright future, mixed with rivers and lakes, it would be better to be a national teacher in the future.

Pei stunned and took a breath.

Naturally, he was not afraid of Yu Xiu, but he was afraid of the people behind Yu Xiu.

"Jin King, doesn't he know Jiejian Mansion? Why did he come to hiss?

Feng Xiao: "That's because he also wants jade gallbladder."

Pei Jinghuan: "For Jin ... for his master?"

Feng Xiao said, "This time the jade was stolen, the Jiejianfu mission failed, and the misconduct was first. Whoever can find the jade first is the hero in the eyes of the empress. It is not surprising that King Jin wanted to step in. Can't help even the left month game behind Choi Daochang? "

Cui didn't go: "I don't understand."

Feng Xiao: "You are too perfunctory to act stupid."

Cui does not go: "Then I will be more serious next time."

Speaking, he showed a slightly startled expression: "What are you talking about? I don't understand what the left month is."

Feng Xiao nodded: "Poor tone, expression is in place."

Pei Jingyan: ...

A grunt interrupted the awkward silence.

Cui did not calmly said, "I'm hungry."

Chapter 23

Liugong City does not implement a curfew. It just closes the gates at night and does not allow random access. However, the small county of Bianbei is not like the night city of Beijing. It is such a deep night and such a cold day. Ren San was still swaying in the street in the middle of the night, not to mention looking for food.

The three walked for a long time, and finally touched the back chef of a restaurant, and entered from behind. Pei Jingxuan put down the vigil's maid servant, and found a firewood stove, turned out the noodles and eggs from the cabinet, laid down Three bowls of egg noodles-naturally not because Feng Xiao suddenly changed her mind for Cui, but because he was hungry.

Cui is not polite, he never knows how to write the word polite, not to mention that in the face of someone who has poisoned himself, see Pei Jingxuan bring the noodles up, take the most full bowl directly, and bury his head in his hands eat.

Feng Xiaoyi said, "Acui, have you read Kong Rong's story about pears?"

Cui didn't look up or look up: "Are you my brother?"

But he soon became dissatisfied, and chewed a few noodles in his mouth, swallowed easily, and frowned.

"Why is it so light? Didn't you put salt? Why is the noodle so hard? Do you just pick it up when you leave it?"

Pei Jingyan was aggrieved: "This is my first time cooking."

The implication is that it is good to be able to enter.

Feng Xiao gloated: "Otherwise why do you think I picked the most soup and the least noodle bowl? It would be good if he could cook the chicken eggs, and I'll just eat it!"

The monk Fang Caiyu Xiu did not pick up Cui, it seems that the journey is unpleasant, but he is already away from the southeast and the northwest of Qiushan Belonging, just diagonally. With three talents walking around in the neighborhood, I found food for most of the day.

Pei was so full of doubts that he couldn't even eat the eggs, so he couldn't help asking: "Lang Jun, is the jade really broken?"

Feng Xiao: "Broken, didn't you see it with your own eyes?"

Pei Jinghuan: "But, what if the jade is true?"

Feng Xiao lowered her bowl and said slowly: "People who rob jade are likely to have two sets."

Pei Jingyi said for a moment: "How do you know?"

Cui did not go coldly: "Your head is just as difficult to say as your cooking. Yu Yu was killed, and the murderer had no choice but to abscond into the city and ambush. If you want to do this, you must have a response in the city. help."

Pei Jingzheng was said this way, instead of helping him, Feng Xiao showed approval: "If there is any help in the city, if we want to find the real jade, it will be even harder. I thought the murderer and Linlang Pavilion collusion, want to repair the plank road, secretly Chencang, but Wenliang was arrested, jade suspected of jade is still being put up for auction, visible to the people behind, may want to draw our attention with fake, and then take the opportunity It will really be transported away, but after the auction today, the eagle riding of the sword guards in various parts of the city left behind did not find the trace of the jade gall, so there is only another possibility. "

"What's the possibility?" Pei Jingdi thought down, thinking unconsciously.

Cui didn't eat the bowl of noodles, and even the eggs in the bowl, he also scoffed with disdain, just picking up Feng Xiao's words.

"The two people who killed and robbed the jade gallbladder are likely to be out of business. One of them was taken away, and the other wanted to use the fake jade gallbladder to lead the other side out and steal the real jade gallbladder."

Pei was perplexed: "How can those who have taken Yudan be fooled?"

Cui did not go: "I heard that during the Han Dynasty, there were many small western countries that brought their treasures to the Central Plains. In order to prevent the theft of genuine products, sometimes a similar fake was prepared and sent together."

Pei Jingxue understood that Cui did n’t mean that the jade gallbladder sent by King Yu may have two, one true and one false. Although the fake is a fake, it must be also a beautiful jade, otherwise it is impossible to confuse the truth. Yu Chijinwu only knew which was true and which was false. As soon as Wei Chi died, the murderer took Yudan, and two people each one. Naturally, he suspected that his hands were fake, and the other party took what was true.

This guess is a bit complicated, but Pei Jingzhe thinks about it carefully and feels unable to refute it. After three or five days, the new messenger of Yu Wang arrived, and they would naturally be able to know whether the truth was as guessed by Feng Xiao and Cui Buqu. Like that.

But right now, you have to find Yudan first.

With this in mind, Pei Jingxi said, "Chao Daochang means that no matter what the possibility, since the jade that is suspected of jade has already appeared in Linlange, the other party will definitely send someone to see how the follow-up results will be?"

Cui didn't nod and thought he wasn't stupid yet.

"Of the people who are present tonight, there must be people who are related to the killer. Maybe it is one of the killers."

Pei Jingxuan began to recall: "If I remember correctly, there were a total of six people who came to grab jade tonight, and the killer on the 13th floor of Yunhai left at the beginning, which can be ignored. In addition to the monk, there is a Turk master Buddha ear , Goguryeo, Gao Ning, the woman in yellow, and one ... "

For the last person, the impression that Cui did not go was very vague. I only remembered that the other party was wearing black clothes and was half-hidden in the dark. Even males and females could not be identified. Vaguely remembered that when the Buddha's ears started, the other party was gone. Trace.

Feng Xiao took out the six chopsticks used by the three and put them together, one by one.

"Buddha's intention is to kill me, not for the sake of the jade. Although I don't know why he wants to kill me for the time being, he can let him go for a while."

"Gao Ning and Yu Xiu both came for the jade gallbladder. There is no temptation, and neither should be them."

"As for the woman named Bingxian ..."

Feng Xiao looked towards Cui not to go.

Cui did not know the origin of the other party. He said, "There is a martial art on the rivers and lakes called Hehuanzong. In the past, Shuangxiu was used as a method to improve his skills. Will take over the mantle of the lord. "

He noticed that when Feng Xiao heard the name of Acacia, his face changed a little, although it was very subtle, but Cui did not catch it.

"It seems that the source of Feng Erfu has some relationship with Acacia?"

"To tell you the truth, my cousin's aunt's cousin's aunt's aunt is also an acacia disciple. When I heard the name of this martial art, it was kind to me." Feng Xiao groaned with a smile.

Cui didn't go blankly: "It turns out that your aunt's cousin's aunt's cousin's aunt likes to use men to increase her skills?"

Feng Xiao: "No, it is said that a woman is like a wolf in her thirties, and a tiger in her forties is like a tiger. She entered the Acacia sect, maybe it was just like a fish."

Pei Jing twitched at the corners of her mouth and didn't want to listen to them talking anymore, so she pulled the topic back.

"So, the suspect of Bingxian and another mysterious person should be the biggest?"

Cui did not go: "Although Yudan is useful to the people of the rivers and lakes, and Bingxian also has enough motivation, but if she is one of the murderers, come to confirm the authenticity of Yudan, there is no need to show up and report her name. It can be hidden. In the dark, there is no trace. "

Pei Jingzheng makes sense when he thinks about it. When he sees Feng Xiao chopping out the penultimate chopsticks, leaving the last one, he knows that Feng Xiao also fully agrees with Cui's analysis.

The only thing that was most suspicious was the man in black who could not distinguish between men and women.

Feng Xiao stood up and said, "When the man left, I had ordered Eagle Rider to follow him. When we returned to the other hospital, we should be able to get news."

Pei Jingxun knew that Feng Xiao had retained such a hand.

But suddenly he remembered something more important.

"But Lang Jun, the jade gallbladder has been broken. If that jade gallbladder is real, wouldn't we ..."

Wouldn't it be a busy life, and you can't go back to return to Tianzi?

Feng Xiao glanced at him and said nothing.

Cui didn't go: "I suggest you bring a smart one when you come back next time, so you don't have to talk a lot."

Feng Xiao laughed and said, "Where I am a smart person, is n’t a smart person like the glow of fire?"

Cui does not go: "In this case, Feng Langjun wants me to do something, so let me be free."

Feng Xiao: "That's not okay. Although you are not as dazzling as the sun and the moon like me, but you are immersed by me, at least it is also brilliant. Atui, if you are willing to come to the sword house, don't say four Owner of the house, even if you really like me, if you want me to warm my bed, this seat will do everything. "

He even grabbed Cui's hand, expressing his affection.

Cui didn't go nauseated by his nausea. The hairs erected immediately from the back of his hand to his arm, and he flung away as if he was dirty.

"Whether the broken jade gallbladder is true or not, the jade gallbladder recovered will be true!"

Hearing this sentence, Pei Jingxi flashed a dim light and suddenly understood.

He could not help but secretly say that the old fox is the old fox. Those who can be seen by Feng Xiao must have some ordinary people's ability that is hard to reach.

The three returned to Akiyama Bekkan, and the eagle ride that followed the man in black came back.

"His subordinates were incompetent. At the halfway point, they seemed to be found by the other party and had to return first, but the subordinates should see the direction of his disappearance, which should lead to Lu Zhai's backyard."

There are many people in this city with a family name of Lu, but the famous one can be called the house, which is the wealthy family, the Lu family, who is said to have a distant relationship with the Fan family.

Coincidentally, Feng Xiao and Cui didn't go to them early this morning, and they encountered Lu Jia girl and his cousin in the restaurant.

When they heard the report from Eagle Riding, they both looked at each other.

Feng Xiao: "Acui, her cousin, who is the last name?"

Cui does not go: "Wake up."

Feng Xiao: "From the figure of the other side, it looks more like Lu's. Go and see."

It was cold in the middle of the night, and he said that he had to get up and search Lu's house.

Cui didn't go coldly: "Feng Langjun, I just ate the half-baked egg noodles made by your subordinates. Now I have some abdominal pain and I want to vomit blood again. Can you do well, pity me?"

Some words of begging for mercy were born by him with a tone of thousands of swords, and Pei Jingxu only felt Leng Jian face to face, couldn't help taking a step back, and didn't want to be involved in the battlefield.

Feng Xiao didn't think so: "How can you be so coquettish, you have even come to Nai Hexiang, not to mention the egg noodles? Amazed, go to the kitchen to take a look, get two snacks, and give Cui Daochang a stomach, then we go Lu Zhai. "

Cui didn't go coldly: "I'm going to vomit blood."

Feng Xiao just talked nonsense, and then turned back and teased: "Then you vomit one and see."

Who knew Cui would open his mouth and spit at him.

The two were close, Feng Xiao could avoid this, but the smell of smelly smell came, and Cui didn't vomit was actually not blood, but the egg noodles just ate.

This is even more unpleasant than the blood of the owner of Feng Erfu who loves to clean.

Immediately he became pale and calm.

Chapter 24

This is a humble home hidden in the city, no one cares.

Its door is closed all year round. Occasionally, only an old woman with a bad ear goes out to buy vegetables and meat. She asks her neighbors that she is seriously ill and cannot go out for years. Everyone sympathizes and can't help worrying about this. Whether the disease will also spread to people, over time no one will be curious to come to ask, and the owner of the house will be cleaned up and undisturbed.

Now the night is deep, and the surroundings are utterly silent. Everyone goes out to bed and goes to bed with candles out. The house in the middle has no sound from the beginning to the end. Qiao Xian and his grandson Bodhi exchanged a look behind the corner. .

Changsun asked silently: Are you sure here?

Qiao Xian impatiently told him more, he jumped into the roof directly.

The grandson shook his head behind, and had to follow closely behind.

The two fell silently on the roof, Qiao Xian bent over to lift a tile, but his hand was held down by the grandson.

The latter refers to the bright moon in the sky, Qiao Xian suddenly felt stunned and immediately stopped.

Tonight the moon stars are thin. If there is no candlelight in the house, there is darkness, and a little moonlight leaks from the top of the head, ordinary people will stop, and the martial art master will be immediately shocked.

Although Qiao Xian didn't think there was anyone in the room, it was natural to be careful.

The elder Bodhi looked around, jumped off the roof, walked outside, and suddenly jumped up again. Qiao Xian didn't know what he wanted to do, and saw the other person bend over and jumped out, a gold hook upside down, his feet hanging directly on the roof Up, there was no sound at all.

Looking down, Qiao Xian discovered that there was a window just below the opening, and a pillar beside it, which could obscure the figure of the grandson and allowed him to see the scene inside the house.

anyone there?

Qiao Xian hides under the tree and gestures to him.

Grandson silently observed for a moment, but unexpectedly gave her an unexpected answer: someone.

Qiao Xian was shocked.

Separated by a wall, the other party can make them unaware of their existence outside, indicating that they must be a master at home with a good voice.

Not easy to deal with.

Is the other party already aware of their arrival and is well prepared?

Just then, a noise came from behind the house.

Very subtle, but they couldn't hide Qiao Xian's ears.

Naturally, they can't hide from the people in the house.

"Everyone is here, what are they doing?"

The woman in the room hummed quietly. Although she did not hide her wrath, the ending was still charming and charming, which made people think of the opposite.

Qiao Xian and his long grandson looked at each other, and concealed their figures in the dark again, and decided to let the third person with the stuffing come to cook.

"Come out!" The woman in the room couldn't wait for an echo, and drank softly, her voice condensing like a sharp arrow.

There was a slight noise behind the room, a dark shadow leaped out, smashing through the window, and fighting against the woman inside.

Qiao Xian raised her ears and listened carefully. The distance was a little far away. She could only faintly hear that the woman in the room was using a weapon such as a whip, and the other was a sword. The sword was screaming and full of murderousness. At the death, although the woman would not have the upper hand at one and a half, she often managed to save herself from danger.

However, this situation should not last long. If there is no accident, the woman's patience is exhausted, and the skill is diminished, it is when the other party enters the imagination and kills.

Of course Qiao Xian and his grandson couldn't let the wonderful lady die. After all, they still had to ask for clues about the case from the other side, and now they no longer hesitate to shoot at the same time and rush into the house.

At this time, the woman and the masked black man were fighting for life and death. Qiao Xian found that the former was not holding a whip in his hand, but his own belt. The white belt was not made of any material. It was soft and full. Tough, even the sword can't be broken. The man in black practiced killing techniques, and he opened his empty door wide, regardless of life and death, only to take the life of the other party. If it wasn't for the benefit of the weapon, the woman might not be able to fight it now. .

When Qiao Xian and the grandson rushed in, the woman's complexion changed slightly. Only when two enemies came again, a gap appeared in her mind, and she was immediately forced into the eyebrow by the sword of the man in black. In his hand, the eldest son pinched a jewel to the black man's temple, while Qiao Xian drew his sword to the black man's wrist.

Who knew that the other side ignored the danger of his own name, and the offensive went on, only to kill the wonderful lady.

When this smash hits, Miao Lady folds her waist backwards, lifts her toes, and swings away from the place in an almost impossible posture, avoiding half an inch of vitality, causing the black man's sword to pass across her chin.

Wherever Qi Qi went, there was a lot of blue silk, and Miao Niang only felt the scalp stinging, reached out her hand, and couldn't help but feel shocked.

It was because of the sword that cut off her entire hair, and she even stabbed her scalp and bleed. If she relied on two people to help herself, she would not have struggled. It is estimated that now Even the body was cold.

The man in black couldn't make a hit. When he saw two more people blocking the scene, he couldn't help showing resentment. One move was more powerful than the other. , Let the other party advance and retreat can not be closer to the body of Miao Niang.

Qiao Xiansheng was afraid that Ms. Miao would take the opportunity to run away, leaving the eldest grandson alone to deal with the man in black, but she grabbed Ms. Miao and wanted to capture her.

At this moment Miao lady spoke a word, her tone was quite severe.

But Qiao Xian didn't understand and didn't stop.

The mysterious lady was surprised and turned into Mandarin: "Who are you!"

Qiao Xian: "People who can save you, if you don't want to die, just come back with us."

Miao Miao sneered: "Many people want me to die, but I still live to this day!"

During the conversation, Changsun didn't want to grind with each other anymore. He reached out and touched a short pestle. His wrist moved, and the one-inch short pestle stretched to more than two feet long. He went towards the man in black and stabbed him. I don't want the horizontal sword to go forward. Who knows that the thorn of the eldest son contains deep internal force and is irresistible. Instead of stopping, his sword broke into two parts, and his body was severely hit.

The Boss Boss wanted to catch a living, to see who was trying to take the life of this wonderful lady. Who knew that the masked killer saw the mission failed tonight, and he would directly bite the mouth poisoning | medicine without being blocked by the Boss, and immediately died.

Qiao Xian said to Miao Niang: "What is the skill of this person, you have also seen, the 13th floor of the sea of clouds, there is not only this master, without this, there will be a second, but we can save your life."

Miao Lady's eyes blinked: "Who are you? Why should I believe?"

Qiao Xian: "Just that."

She drew a token from her sleeve, and Miao Lady looked carefully, and found that there were four words written on it.

Tokens are like gold but not gold. They are valuable at first glance.

Qiao Xian: "I am a member of the Zuo Yue Bureau under Tian Sui Tianzi's administration. I am the same as the six officials. No matter what danger you are in, as long as you are in the Zuo Yue Bureau, you will always be safe."

Miao Niuzi said suspiciously: "I only heard that when the son of Xiejian Fu came to investigate today, Zuo Yue's situation was unheard of."

Qiao Xian: "The Jiejian Mansion is set by Tianzi, and the Zuoyue Bureau is set by Tianhou. Now, the two sages of North Korea and China stand side by side. Have you heard this?"

Seeing her patiently persuading her, Miao Niang knew that the other person was not a killer, and all of a sudden she relaxed, her fingers wrapped around her hair, and she smiled easily: "But I can offend people, you can't bother you."

Qiao Xian: "Zuo Yueban is making a position with the Ministry of Punishment, and now he is also in the Liugong City. If you will cooperate with us and find the whereabouts of Tianchi Yudan, even if you kill the messenger, we can guarantee that You have no worries, and you have gone soaring. From my point of view, it is better for you to choose to believe in us than to continue to be hunted down.

Wonder woman blinked, although the blood on her half of the scalp had stopped, the wound still looked emaciated, but she was so beautiful that she could ignore such flaws and not feel out of harmony.

"So you already know my relationship with Yu Chi?"

Wei Chi? Yu Chi Jinwu? The dead messenger?

Qiao Xian and his grandson Bodhi glanced at each other, and their thoughts moved quickly, but their faces remained calm.

"Yes, we've found it."

Miao Niang: "Well then, I tell you that the murderer who killed the messenger is actually the same person who robbed Yudan, who is now in this city."

Qiao Xian: "Who is his last name and where is he now?"

Wonder Woman: "His name is--"

The words didn't fall, and things turned abrupt!

Chapter 25

Because of her open mouth, Qiao Xian and the eldest son approached naturally, but the wonderful lady suddenly raised her two sleeves, two small sleeve arrows shot from the sleeves, and the arrows were black and blue, no doubt quenching the poison.

The two were startled, avoiding each other, and the grandson responded very quickly. A bead popped up in his hand, intended to stop the wonderful lady for a moment, but the latter was faster than he thought. The body suddenly disappeared and disappeared from its place. The blink of an eye has fallen a few feet away.

"Stop her!" Qiao Xian was anxious.

It is not necessary for her to say that Bodhi the eldest son has also hurriedly chased after him. He shot it with one palm, almost exhausting all his strength, and the wonderful lady is swiping forward with his back, and the back door is wide open. There is no defense. The palm wind that contained ten successful forces did not fall to the ground, but just shook it, and then swept forward again.

The grandson couldn't make a hit, and then he had to lift his breath to chase him. He had already lost the opportunity, and the other party soon lost his figure.

"What's going on!" Qiao Xian came quickly.

All this happened, but between the two, the two did not expect that the ducks already cooked would actually fly away.

"She just concealed her strength just now," said Shen Chang, who had already thought of the reason when the other party took him by his hand.

"Impossible!" Qiao Xian thought and didn't want to say, "If so, why can't she beat the assassin?"

"There are two reasons. One is that she knows where we are and wants to test out who we are. She knows that we are here to save her. It is even more fearless. We can talk about the conditions between the two and show that she is not a murderer. She has more strength to fight. We were caught off guard. "

Chang Sun rarely has much to say, but Qiao Xianning would rather he be quiet, at least not to watch an important clue run away.

As soon as this wonderful lady ran and wanted to find it, it became more difficult.

"The only thing you can do now is to show your respect." Qiao Xian said.

Grandson is silent, because he has no better way.

He said, "She just got a blow from me. Although she escaped, she must have been seriously injured."

Qiao Xian would understand: "Even if you want to disguise yourself out of the city, I am afraid it is not easy, but if you want to mobilize the city guards to search and search, you will definitely have to identify yourself and shock the people of Jiejianfu, affecting the layout of the envoys."

The elder Bodhi said, "No."

Qiao Xian frowned: "Why?"

Bodhi the eldest son: "I heard that the first master Buddha ear under the sand bowl has arrived, and it must be for the envoy."

Naturally, they didn't know that, just tonight, Foer had a fight with Feng Xiao just once.

Qiao Xian said for a moment: "Then we must protect the envoy!"

Bodhi the eldest son: "No, there is the Xiejian Mansion, the envoy should be unaffected, but the Buddha's ears should come, and the people on the side of Abo should also be here. The business matters, and we have no time to disturb the Jiejian Mansion."

Qiao Xian groaned, "You mean--"

Xiejian Mansion and Zuoyue Bureau have always performed their respective roles. This time, too, Cui did not go to Liugong City with the people in Zuo Yue Bureau. Naturally, it was not to add a hindrance to Xiejian Mansion. Important things, but I heard that after the messenger was killed and Tianchi Yudan was stolen, Cui did not go and changed his mind. He decided to take a trip to Fengxiao to investigate the case. If this can make Zuo Yueju find the jade faster, Dare, that naturally adds another credit.

But now, the emergence of the Buddha's ears indicates that the situation has changed. The first thing to do is to let go of the jealousy. Although the wonderful lady has run away, this is also a clue. Instead of letting the people in Jiejianfu headlessly fly Turning around, Cui would definitely choose to exchange conditions and cooperate with Feng Xiao to a limited extent.

The meaning of Changsun Bodhi's words, with the cleverness that Cui did not go, the Zuo Yue Bureau will certainly not suffer.

Qiao Xian nodded: "Then I'll let the messenger deliver the message."

The grandson Bodhi lifted his head, and just saw a dark cloud floating over, covering the bright full moon.

All of a sudden, their heads were dark.

The two had a tacit understanding, so they didn't need to talk nonsense, they parted ways and left in opposite directions.


There are not many people who can hurt Fengxiao in this world. As an ordinary person who does not know how to martial arts and does not necessarily have the power to bind chickens, Cui has completed such a difficult task.

Feng Xiao can care whether Cui does not go hungry or not, but he can't bear himself to carry a foul substance to investigate the case, so in the end, Pei Jingxuan can only go one step ahead and go to the Lu family to investigate, and he takes Cui not to return Changing clothes in Akiyama Bekkan.

On this way, Feng Xiao's foot Cheng Rufei used almost his whole life to rush back. It is estimated that he had never worked so hard with Foer just now.

The player who played the game only felt the black shadow rushing forward, but he could not see clearly yet. The wind had brushed his cheeks and spread away, causing him to be astonished, thinking that the night walk was more horrible.

Cui didn't feel good about where to go. He was held hostage by the monk Yuxiu, numb his shoulders first, and now he was rushed away by the other arm, and the other half of his shoulders were almost unconscious.

But compared to such a situation, being able to disgust to Feng Xiao, Cui does not think it is worth it.

"Cui Daochang seems to be very proud?" Feng Xiaopi's voice was not smiling.

Cui did not gather the radian of the lips rising slightly: "I'm just happy for the Lord of the Phoenix, and the case has added new clues. Maybe it will soon come out and the truth will be out."

Feng Xiao snorted slightly and was too lazy to talk to him again.

But Cui didn't hear this hum, which had several meanings.

One is to wait for my change of clothes before I settle accounts with you.

The second is that you are now in my hands and dare to jump on the q, you are almost full.

The third is that I need to make you alive, cry my father and cry, and regret coming to the world.

But what about that?

Cui didn't raise her eyebrows slightly, showing no fear.

When he arrived at Qiushan Beyond, Feng Xiao threw him away, and he couldn't care more about it, so he hurried to bathe and change clothes.

Cui didn't go without martial arts, dragged a stubble, and couldn't run far if he wanted to run, not to mention that there was an eagle riding in the Xiejian Mansion in the courtyard. Feng Xiao had no worries that he would escape by himself—Cui Of course, if he didn't go, he wouldn't run. He returned to his room, washed up, and asked the maid for some snacks.

Right now the stove is off and it takes a lot of time to re-cook the rice, but the dim sum is ready-made. The maid was handy and handy, and he quickly came over and incidentally told him a message.

"That clue you gave, Mrs. Qiao, they lost someone. Let me ask you what to do next."

The maid was named Tang Li, whose name was changed by the housekeeper after entering the other hospital. The original name was Tao Niang, with a common face, and there was nothing to remember.

After Beijing Central ordered Feng Xiao to come to **** the messenger, Cui didn't go and guessed that Zhao Xianling would inevitably take out this private house to entertain Feng Xiao, and Tang Li was logically sold to the government because of the poverty in his home.

She didn't originally serve Cui not to go. It was because the maid who took care of Cui did not go yesterday. She had occasional abdominal pain yesterday. She had vomiting and diarrhea and could not afford to fall ill. The steward was afraid of delay.

It doesn't matter if she is safe and secure, or if she wants the housekeeper to see her safe and secure.

Feng Xiao and Pei Jingxian were busy investigating the case, and hardly noticed the small details of such personnel changes, so Tang Li successfully sent Qiao Xian the news they had received in the past two days.

Cui didn't go to his face for contemplation, and the cold moonlight reflected on his side, but there was a sense of transparency.

Tang Li looked down and lowered his head.

Although the guests of this courtyard are unparalleled in appearance, she feels that Cui Zun makes such people look more comfortable and comfortable than the gorgeousness of the birds and phoenixes.

It was just too ugly.

"Are you injured? Let's get some medicine?" Tang Li asked.

Cui didn't go: "Do you understand massage? I have a loose shoulder on both sides."

Tang Li: "Try it."

When she walked behind Cui Buqi, she tried to press the other acupuncture point, and then heard the other hissed slightly.

"You should have a muscle strain. It will not hurt your bones. Your subordinates will give you some pain when pushing you."

"As long as you do it, I have always done it with pain." Cui didn't laugh at himself, his tone relaxed.

Tang Li no longer hesitated when he saw this situation, and began to reach out for Cui not to squeeze his shoulders while continuing to report to him.

When she said that the wonderful lady said something strange to Qiao Xian, and found that Qiao Xian's eldest grandson couldn't understand, and immediately changed to Mandarin, Cui did not stop.

"What does that say, did she teach you?"

"Teached it." Tang Li nodded. The people who could enter the Zuo Yue Bureau were not ordinary, and the people who could be sent here were even more ordinary. She immediately imitated the words of Miao Niang, although the gap Qiao Xian, but actually there are eight | nine points similar.

Cui didn't go to sit upright abruptly, and even Tang Li missed the pain caused by the loss of gravity.


"This is Goguryeo." Cui did not go. "The Qin Miaoyu is a Goguryeo, and Tianchi Yudan must be on her."

Why do you think so?

Tang Li was puzzled, but she didn't ask it anymore, because Cui didn't speculate that there was always a reason, and things that shouldn't have been asked, she never asked.

Sure enough, Cui didn't go and didn't continue to talk. Feng Xiao had already bathed and changed and sent someone to urge him. Cui didn't eat a few snacks and his shoulders were loosened a lot. Now he got up and went to Feng Xiao's side. .

Feng Xiao's face did not change for the sake of changing her clothes.

He had a stationery and a token in his hand. There were few words in the letter, only that Pei Jingzhe had been hijacked and let Feng Xiao go to Hu Yanglin outside the city, and the token was the token of Xie Jianfu. Pei Jingxu had always carried it with him, and now the token was lost, proving that the other party was not a vernacular.

Obviously, Xiangzhuang Wujian is intended for Pei Gong, and the other party's purpose is not Pei Jinghuan, but Feng Xiao, more likely to be Tianchi Yudan.

"It's really not enough, more than defeat!" Feng Xiao couldn't help but curse.

"Buddha?" Cui didn't try to guess.

"Maybe." He rubbed his fingers, and the letter instantly turned into powder, scattered with the wind.

Cui does not go: "Are you going?"

Feng Xiao: "Otherwise?"

Cui did not go surprised: "The lord of Fengfu is not like a person with such a heavy heart, he cares about the life of a subordinate!"

Feng Xiao: "His father saved me."

Cui didn't shake his head: "It's not like you."

Feng Xiao: "In your opinion, what should I do?"

Cui didn't go: "Respond to a letter, kill if you love."

Chapter 26

Feng Xiao naturally did not reply to a letter. Although Pei Jingzheng was ineffective, he was always a Jiejianfu man, and it was not his turn to deal with it. Therefore, Feng Xiao let his eagles ride around Lu's house to keep them under surveillance On his own, he took Cui Bu to the poplar Hu Yanglin.

Cui didn't go somehow: "You're going to save Pei Jingzhe, what do you take with me?"

Feng Xiao leisurely said: "They have hostages in their hands, and they have no fear. In such cases, I must be burned within five feet, helpless, and resourceful Cui Dao is here. Maybe they can help me come up with an idea."

Cui didn't go to see his unpredictable appearance, and he couldn't see a little helplessness.

Sure enough, the next sentence of the other party is: "In case of any danger, I am at ease with you."

Cui didn't go coldly and revealed: "Want to pull me to block the knife?"

Feng Xiao: "Smart."

His footwork is like the wind, and his meritorious service has reached the level of clouds and water. In order to prevent Cui from dragging on, Feng Xiao simply supports the opponent's waist and directly takes people away.

Cui didn't just feel that his feet were almost floating, and he didn't have any effort at all, and he had already reached his destination.

The moon came out from behind the dark clouds, and brought light to the world again. Hu Yanglin decorated with moonlight, swaying branches and leaves covered with hazy silver, showing a peace and tranquility that was not available during the day.

But this tranquility is just an illusion. Cui doesn't go and may not notice it, but Feng Xiao has smelled an unusual breath from it.

He stopped.

"Why did you hide your head when you asked me to come here?"

The grass on the ground was not dense, and some sparsely grew on the sand, but Cui did not hear the other party's movement at all, and he had already seen one person appear under a tree not far away.

That Goguryeo master, Gao Ning.

Although Gao Ning was crowned with the surname of Goguryeo and was a first-rate master in Central Plains, Gao Ning's clothes were extremely rustic and almost shabby.

A gray coat ran for thousands of miles, and he became more and more dusty, but he didn't care, and since he appeared, he has been staring at Feng Xiao, not even looking at Cui beside him.

This is naturally not because Feng Xiao was born to look good and fascinated him, but because he regards Feng Xiao as the enemy of his life and wants to defeat him.

Feng Xiao: "Where did you catch?"

Gao Ning said briefly: "No."

He is not fluent in Mandarin and has a stiff tone, which is more windy than the cold night wind.

Feng Xiaoyong laughed: "I feel that Pei is not so stupid. You ca n’t run away after you take the token. Let ’s say, who else is your partner? The first master of Goguryeo will only wait for the trick It seems that the Goguryeo people are also full of roaring dogs and ghosts! "

Gao Ning showed an angry face, and then pressed his hand on the sword, but there was a person speaking beside him.

"The radical method, don't bother."

Another stepped out from behind the stone. The other side just converged and remained motionless, even Feng Xiao didn't realize he was there.

Those who can have such a realm of realm, but also in Liugong City, are hostile to Feng Xiao, and do not want to be a second person.

"Isn't this the first Turkist to return and return? Did something fall, and I'll let you find it for you?" Feng Xiao mocked in surprise.

Fo Er said: "You are not attentive when you fight with me tonight, I hope to fight you again."

Cui did not go: "I still saw the bashing so fresh and vulgar for the first time. You are not the Central Plains, presumably you don't know the shamelessness, the shamelessness, the shamelessness, and the insidious and deceitful word.

His tone was light, and he continued to finish his speech, becoming more and more ironic.

Judging from the pale and white complexion of Fo Er and Gao Ning, they should still be able to understand.

Feng Xiao cheerfully said, "Go, I have never thought of you as cute and affectionate as I am now."

Cui does not go: "Feng Langjun, don't make yourself affectionate, you still call me Cui Daochang, don't shout to my heart}."

"Central Plains, huh!" Gao Ning sneered, interrupting them "only babbling!"

He said to give up the sword first, and rush to Feng Xiao.

Its sword light is cold and fast, just like Hongguang runs through the sun, and it is a little faster than when holding Pei Jingxu.

At the same time, Foer also shot from the other side, and the two attacked Feng Xiao from left to right. It seems that tonight he is bound to hold him under his palm.

Feng Xiao was not afraid, and did not move. Until the two were close at hand, he stepped lightly under his feet, and the person rose straight on the ground, avoiding the combined attack of the two.

Guqin was rolled up and thrown from his hands. The man had fallen and dived down. The palm wind and the sound of the piano struck the two. Under the siege of Foer and Gao Ning, he was quite capable and did not fall behind.

Although Cui does not go against Feng Xiao, at this moment, they become a person on the boat instead. Of course, if Feng Xiao loses, he will certainly not be pleased.

Although Fo Er and Gao Ning's two masters are powerful, Feng Xiao is not a vegetarian. The trio will never win at 1:30. Even if Feng Xiao can get on time, he may not be able to defeat them.

So Cui didn't go to watch for a while, then relaxed, he walked towards the big stone not far away, ready to sit down and watch the battle slowly.

But at this moment, he suddenly felt that the hair on the back of the neck suddenly stood up, as if someone was blowing on his back!

In fact, it is not really that someone is blowing air, it is just a reaction of the body when people perceive danger. Cui does not go to martial arts, but it may be because of the illness all the year round. The body is infected with various drugs. High acuity, the hair is straight up at the moment, do not want to fall forward.

The moment he fluttered, a few sounds passed overhead, and the next moment, Cui didn't find a few long needles not far in front of him, and fell neatly into the sand next to the grass.

There is no doubt that these needles must have been soaked in poison.

Cui didn't just feel that he was pounding hard this time, his knee hurt, and he had no strength to run again, and the deadly threat turned into the back of his head in a blink of an eye.

When he turned over, he saw the two men in black rushing forward one by one, each with their swords in their hands. He might have escaped once, but he couldn't escape the second time.

With the oleander essence of the flowering branch, nothing really happened!

Cui didn't go to great lengths, nor did he expect that he was not killed by the enemy, nor died of illness or illness, but was killed by Feng Xiao. At the moment, due to a serious attack, he could not open his mouth to scold, but in his heart he had gone back and forth. I would like to greet Feng Xiao's ancestors up to several generations and even those of the Xia, Shang and Zhou Dynasties.

His face was closed, his fate indifferent.

I wonder if his crazy scolding in his heart played a role, the two sword winds did not fall on the body, and the body did not send the unexpected pain, but the ears heard the movement of the fighting, Cui did not open When I opened my eyes, I saw Feng Xiao rushing in time and stopped the two from trying to kill themselves.

At this moment, there were two more enemies, and they immediately became one enemy and four.

Feng Xiao didn't even have the time to laugh at Cui, so it was obvious that she was beginning to feel struggling.

As soon as he was out of danger, Cui said, "These two men are the killers on the 13th floor of Yunhai. They still have poisonous needles in their hands!"

The person on the 13th floor of the Yunhai appeared tonight. At that time, the other party was smashed by the woman in the yellow clothes Bingxian, and when she saw that there was something to be done, she turned around and left. I didn't expect to join hands with the Buddhas here.

Feng Xiao: "Why don't I know that the 13th floor of Yunhai is now looting in addition to the killing business?"

Of course, the two men in black would not answer him, and shot at Fengxiao wholeheartedly. They did not look at Cui Bugo who had just escaped. It can be seen that their goal was Fengxiao from beginning to end.

The wind rises in the night, and the sand is gradually increasing. Here is the highland again. Several people are erratic. From east to west, they unknowingly reach the edge of the highland, and then they go down. Although they are not countless abyss, they are also steep and steep. Ordinary people will lose their lives if they fall.

A blast of sand poured into his nose, Cui didn't almost cough, but he kept it back. He knew that the master couldn't afford to lose anything. If Feng Xiao was defeated because of distraction, it would be very bad to wait for himself.

He moved slowly, retreating to a dead corner that was not noticed by others, hiding his body by the tall stones, and the wind and sand howling, several people were busy besieging Fengxiao, but did not notice that Cui was gone.

In fact, when the two people on the 13th floor of Yunhai joined, the situation had already tilted. Four first-class masters shot at the same time. Even if Feng Xiao was the first in the world, they might not be able to retreat. And these four people, two One is not the Central Plains, the other two are killers. There is no need to have the moral burden of martial arts. There are no obstacles to playing more and less. Both light and dark come together. There are several waves of light and shadow. After two shots, his shot was gradually delayed, Foer saw the timing, and shot him off Gaopo with one palm, while Gao Ning kicked his piano and fell to the other direction.

Feng Xiao fell from the high slope, and soon lost his trace. The killer on the 13th floor of the Yunhai was doing all he could but jumped down if he didn't want to. At this time, the wild sand was flying, and it was mixed with rain and snow. Can't help, Gao Ning and Foer didn't know each other. In order to deal with Feng Xiao, they only temporarily formed an alliance. At this moment, when the opponents got rid of each other, they took precautions against each other. Looking at the bad weather, they weren't as desperate as the killer. They turned around immediately. Leaving, one east and one west, quickly fell into the snow.

Cui did not wait for a while, feeling that the two people should have gone far, and then slowly moved to the side of Gaopo and looked down.

He has good eyesight, but no matter how good he is, he sees limited in this vast night.

Even if you want to come to Fengxiao, if you fall fortunately and not die, you will have to return to the west by the two killers.

Cui didn't go and whispered in his heart, not only a bit sorry that such a peerless appearance turned from dead bones, but also fortunate that Feng Xiao was gone, Jie Jianfu was bound to languish for a while, and it was the opportunity for Zuoyue Bureau to rise.

As I was thinking, a very subtle voice came from my ear.

"Pull me up."

Cui looked at the sound without a trace, and then reached out and groped downward.

Touched a few times, and really touched a hand!

The hand immediately grabbed him, and almost dragged Cui not to the whole body, the latter only managed to prevent the downward trend.

"Pull me up!"

Feng Xiao's voice was faint, and she could hear not only that she was afraid of hearing it, but also because she was not hurt lightly.

"You are so fatal!" Cui couldn't help but sigh.

Feng Xiao sneered: "It looks like I'm such a person with unparalleled looks, and I have the blessing from heaven. How can those young people get hurt?"

Cui does not go: "But you need me now to save you."

Feng Xiao: "I will let you go free when you go back, and let you come and go."

Cui didn't go to his heart, I wanted to leave, and I couldn't help you.

"It's nothing, you promise me to do one thing, and I'll pull you up."

Feng Xiao was impatient: "I promise everything, you pull me up first!"

He also had to suppress his voice so as not to be heard by people on the 13th floor of the Yunhai.

Cui does not go: "Call the three-sound father, I'll pull you."

Feng Xiao: ...

Chapter 27

Face is important or life is important. Some people may die to face and suffer, but that is not Feng Xiao's style, so he chose the latter without hesitation.

Feng Xiao: "Daddy ..."

The sound is very low, weak, and transmitted into the ear through the snow, at first glance it seems to be moaning.

Cui didn't go: "I can't hear you."

Feng Xiao: "You pull me up first, I have no energy."

Cui didn't sneer: "You don't have the strength to say so many words, can't you even shout out?"

Tuo Fangcai Tangli helped him rub his shoulders. Cui didn't go to his two arms to restore a little strength. Feng Xiao himself should also step on the stone under his head. Otherwise, it might be true that his arm was almost unloaded at night. Can't hold people.

Feng Xiao: "Daddy ~~~~~ Daddy ~~~~"

This daddy, the former raised the tone and the latter decreased the tone. It was not the effect of shouting the Jiuqu ileum in the noisy wind and snow, it seemed to be full of infinite grievances.

If a slender woman shouts like this, it may be pity, but Fengxiao yells with her throat, only to make Cui not go to stand up with cold hairs, and she almost pulls off and makes people fall.

It was just at this moment that Feng Xiao grabbed his hand and suddenly fell. Cui didn't go off guard. The whole person was dragged down. Just a gust of wind came and the sand lost his eyes. He didn't even have time to hold the stone on it. It was completely dragged down by Feng Xiao.

There are many situations in this world that are also unpredictable. For example, at that moment, he did not expect Feng Xiao to persist.

Feng Xiao martial arts is on the body, and it may not be frustrating to fall down, but that height is undoubtedly fatal for ordinary people like Cui Buqu. In the moment he was dragged down, Cui Buqu had almost given his fate. Already.

But he soon discovered that Feng Xiao was not actually falling, but quickly stood on his heels, and dragged him into a concave cave.

The atmosphere of the two was uneven, and their eyes were wide and small in the dark. The snow and wind were outside, and Yeyue had been shielded from light for a long time.

With the sound of the wind outside, Cui did not gasp, "So you ..."

As soon as three words were spoken, his mouth was covered, and the opponent's body came over, pressing him against the corner of the cave.

The cave here is at Banpo. It looks like it has been weathered for a long time. The inner space is small, and it is even more crowded when two people are squeezed together.

But Cui didn't know that Feng Xiao was making such a meaningless move at this time, certainly not to make fun of him, so he didn't move and didn't struggle.

Sure enough, after a while, the snow stopped, and a dark shadow passed by.

Cui did not go to the tip of his eyes and recognized that it should be one of the killers who went down to find Feng Xiao just now.

Based on Feng Xiao's current situation, one enemy and two are bound to be less likely to win. If they still want to hang from the same as before, they may have been discovered long ago.

The figure suddenly paused, his feet hanging upside down on the raised stones, hanging down to look inside.

The hole was narrow and dark, and there was nothing to see inside.

There is no need for Feng Xiao to say that Cui didn't go and was holding his breath, but he did not slow down his heartbeat.

The man hesitated, and seemed to be thinking about whether to continue to search inside. Cui didn't feel Feng Xiao's body moving slightly. He could only listen to it. Something seemed to explode from the top of his head.

The searcher was frightened, but he never expected that a large group of bats would be thrown out of it, and he took a palm but attracted more squinting bats and rushed towards him, caught his face and caught him. A few words, can no longer maintain the balance, rolled straight down.

Cui did not expect that there were still such hibernating bats in the small hole. When a large group of bats fell from their heads and threw out, he felt no better than facing the threat of death, let alone Feng Xiao. For those who love to clean, the bathing and dressing before going out at night can be regarded as a white wash. After returning, this person may have to rub off a layer of skin. It is pleasant to think about it, and it is not so sad to be in danger.

Feng Xiao finally moved his hand away from his face.

Before waiting for Cui to breathe a sigh of relief, he heard the other side said, "There is one more."

The words fell squarely, and a shadow flew in from the outside.

Feng Xiao's piano has long disappeared. He raised his sleeves, patted it, and faced the other side. When the sword tip almost pierced his shoulder, he turned a little sideways, and let the sword cut away the flesh from his shoulder. Center the other person's neck.

Cui didn't hear a snap, as if the neck was broken, the man had already flew out.

"Go?" Cui didn't go.

Now is naturally the best time to escape. Gao Ning and Foer have long gone. It is unlikely that they will return. Two killers on the 13th floor of Yunhai, one was killed by Feng Xiao, and the other fell down the hillside. Half dead is not alive, and it is estimated that it will be a coma for a while.

"I can't move," Feng Xiao shouted.

Cui does not go: "This cave is not high from above, I can go up and go back to help you report."

Feng Xiao said, "Go ahead."

Cui didn't go to the corner of his mouth and twitched: "... you release me."

The other was still clutching his wrist.

Feng Xiao said innocently: "I really want to release it, but my hand is not obedient, and I can't help it."

This person was obviously worried that Cui wouldn't go here, he wouldn't come back at all. Even if Pei Jingzhe could find this place, it would have to be at least after dawn, and the night was long enough to cause many changes.

Cui did not go: "We can cooperate."

Feng Xiao: "You said."

Cui does not go: "The case you are investigating now, I know a clue that will help you solve the case. I can tell you the clue."

Feng Xiao: "Why didn't you say it earlier?"

Cui does not go: "I just learned about it."

Feng Xiao: "Sure enough, you're carrying a secret tune with others behind me, and I will accept it personally."

Cui didn't go unmoved: "Do you want to know?"

Feng Xiao knew that he would not be able to leave here at half past one. He simply forgot the environment here, broke the can, broke his body completely, leaned back on the rock to rest, but still refused to let go of Cui Bugo ’s hand: "Why am I I believe you?"

Cui did not go: "Don't you guess my identity long ago?"

Feng Xiao raised her voice, "Oh? Choi Daochang will finally admit it?"

Cui does not go: "Yes, Zuoyue Bureau and Jiejian Mansion, although there has always been nothing to do, but since they are both in the court and now in Liugong City, we are the people on the same boat. Even if you are dissatisfied with me , We must first deal with foreign enemies, and then talk about the other. "

Feng Xiao: "Why did you come here? Tianchi Yudan?"

Cui didn't go silent for a moment: "No, I was already in Liugong City two months ago, how could I expect Yudan to be stolen at that time? Zuo Yueju had another matter."

Feng Xiao sighed: "It's really hard for me to believe that you still don't want to see each other frankly."

Cui did not roll his eyes: "The sand bowl is about to move, intending to offend the Central Plains, but there are many leaders of various tribes in Turki. The sand bowl may be powerful, but it is by no means a cover for the sky. I came here to deal with the Turks. For the most part, this was originally a top secret and no one should wait to be questioned. At the very least, I will tell you here. It is not difficult to guess the truth with your intellect, so I don't need to say more.

Feng Xiao groaned silently, and Cui couldn't see his expression in the dark, only he felt like he was thinking how credible his words were.

Who knew the other person's words turned sharply and suddenly asked, "So, Liang Liang is also a fake clue that you intentionally threw out?"

Cui didn't go silent.

But the silence was equivalent to the default. Feng Xiao had such an idea, and soon struck the cause and effect together, and found that in this case, Cui Bugo had stayed beside him, and even got sick by the incense. It looks like, but unknowingly, holding their noses around a large circle, they can't help itching their fingers, and want to pinch the opponent's head down and kick it.

On the other hand, the winning coupons are in the hands and high above them, but for the first time, they have been turned around.

It was so easy to restrain this urge. Feng Xiaopi smiled and said, "Can you trouble Cui Daochang to understand something? When we went to catch Wenliang, the person who accused him suddenly appeared on the street, and it was you. It ’s deliberately misleading, right? ”

Chapter 28

Since the Wei and Zhou dynasties, the north has been shrouded in the shadow of Turks. Several generations of emperors have maintained peace in the north through tenderness and tenderness, and avoided several conflicts with the Turks. However, the wolf is always a wolf and will not be fed for a while. When you are full, you forget the wild nature of hunting. Once you do n’t feed in time, you will be fierce and open your teeth to bite people.

In the previous generation of the Northern Zhou Dynasty, Qianqian Princess married a little bowl of Khan to maintain the relationship between the Central Plains and Turkic. The two sides were originally at peace, but after Yang Jian stood up for Zhou, the Qianjin Princess hated Yang Jian for seizing power and killing her family parents. Bian Sha Sha slightly went south to invade the Central Plains. Sha Sha was naturally not a timid person. He was ambitious. From the situation where several forces surrounded the Sui Dynasty, he saw the opportunity of Turkic dominance and expansion. After his wife's request, he sent troops to Sui.

Since the beginning of the previous year, the war has been on and off for more than a year. The Shaku slightly Khan joined forces with the surrounding tribes of Abo Khan and others to launch hundreds of thousands of troops, split over the Great Wall, and go south from Mayi, Kolo, and other places. Sui Although the army stood up and won or lost, it was generally at a disadvantage. Yang Jian wanted to conserve his strength and prevent the assault of Nanchen and Goguryeo, and he would inevitably be unable to do his best to fight against Turk. The Chen Dynasty, taking advantage of the contradictions among the Turkic tribes, intends to separate them.

Cui did not go to the border town under such circumstances.

In accordance with the order of the emperor, General Sun Sheng and his elder servant Yuan Hui split up and went to Huanglong Road and Yiwu Road, to deal with Luo Shao and Datou Khan who have a slight relationship with the sand bowl and conflicts of interest. On the other hand, Cui Bu Qu is responsible for connecting with Aberkhan's messenger, persuading him to no longer ally with the sand bowl, so as to achieve the purpose of differentiating the interior of the alienated Turks.

It is just that the sand pot has a huge force, and Rao is Abo Khan's intention to contact the Sui Dynasty, and he did not dare to act boldly. He had to send a messenger to Liugong City in private.

More than a month ago, shortly after Cui Buqu had just arrived in Liugong City, Abo Khan had sent a messenger to come, but when the man passed by and stayed at the end of the night, he vomited and diarrhea due to eating inappropriate food. Qiao Xian and his long-grandson Bodhi followed Cui not to secretly lurk in Liugong City. He was ordered to investigate and found that the messenger had no suspicious circumstances, but it was because of this that it was more preventive.

The news came again and again, and it took a lot of time, until a while ago, a messenger was secretly sent over by Abo Khan. This time the trip was more secretive. After arriving at the end of the city, it was sent by the agent of the left month bureau. The news, calculated by distance, should be available within three to five days.

Cui did not go to the original task, and the errand of Xiejian Mansion did not commit river water, but the messenger Yu was killed and the jade was stolen. Since he was in Liugong City, he happened to meet him and did nothing. It's not like he's a man Cui doesn't go.

So he asked for clues from Feng Xiao, and found the key to the plum fragrant fragrance, and passed the message to Qiao Xian and the eldest grandson Bodhi, let them check the clue specifically, trying to find the jade gallbladder first, and attributed this credit to the left month. Under the name of the bureau, even if Feng Xiao kept Cui in his side, he would never think of it. The newly opened Wuweifang they visited was actually a hidden pile of Zuoyue Bureau in Liugong City.

On the other hand, Cui didn't deliberately mislead Feng Xiao and let the eldest grandson hide in the crowd, secretly warm and cool, and just let Feng Xiao find out, so that they thought Feng Liang was indeed a key figure.

Due to the need for cooperation, Cui did not go to the future to briefly mention it, but naturally it is impossible to tell the truth without details, just to pick some content he thinks necessary.

Feng Xiao listened and sighed: "Cui Daochang is clearly by my side, he must stay alive for a while, and he can mislead me to investigate the case, it is really amazing!"

Sitting in this small, dark cave with an unpleasant smell, Cui did not go but was in a good mood, and even raised his mouth slightly.

"Don't you also guess that Wenliang is just a cover?"

Feng Xiao sighed: "If I didn't guess wrong, the Buddha's ears are not for me, but for you."

Abo Khan intends to move closer to the court, even if it is not for refuge, there will be cooperation, and the Turkic tribes will guard against each other and communicate with each other. There is no way that the wind in the sandy Khan can't be heard. The first master under the sand bowl slightly came to Liugong City at this time, the purpose was very intriguing.

He had no interest in Yudan, but he wanted to put Feng Xiao to death. There was only one explanation, that was, he had mistakenly thought that Feng Xiao had come here to negotiate with the messenger of Abo Khan on behalf of the court, and he wanted to block this secret talk. Naturally want to kill Feng Xiao. As long as Feng Xiao's death, it can naturally deter the Sui Dynasty and other tribes of Turkic, and show them the strength of the khan in the sand bowl. It is also daunting and dare not act lightly.

It was just that he didn't expect that it was not Feng Xiao who was going to talk to the messenger of Abo Khan, but Cui Bugo.

The main character of Feng Erfu was high profile and publicity, but was regarded as a target.

Cui did not go: "Since they are both working for the imperial court, what is the difference between coming to you and coming to me? Really speaking, the lord of Feng'erfu also gave me a fragrant fragrance that caused me torture. This account I How do you count? "

Feng Xiao innocently spread his hand: "How can you be tortured if you show your identity early?"

Cui does not go: "If I show in the morning, you will only be more prepared for me, and you will be constrained everywhere. How can I help you find that key clue?"

Both eyes were wide and small.

After a while, Feng Xiao finally said, "How do you want to cooperate?"

Cui does not go: "In the next few days, the messenger sent by Apo will arrive at Liugong City, and you will help me to keep the Buddha ears and other people with ulterior motives, and don't let them break this talk."

Feng Xiao: "Yes. What about the clue you said?"

Cui didn't go about describing Qiao Xian and others following the clue to find Qin's, and finally said: "Qin Miaoyu is probably a Goguryeo, and Yudan is on her."

Feng Xiao: "How do I know?"

Cui did not go: "If she had martial arts at the beginning, she might have escaped as early as the killing. There is no need to continue to lurk in the city. My two men joined forces and still let her run away, but she can only say In a short period of time, he has made great progress, and he is brave enough to survive. "

Feng Xiao: "Tianchi Yudan."

Cui did not nod his head: "Only Yudan has the legend to increase the effectiveness of martial arts in just ten days. She is injured now and it is impossible to leave the city overnight. After you go back tomorrow, you will mobilize the whole city to hunt. It should not be difficult to find people. "

Feng Xiao groaned: "With her skills a few days ago, it is absolutely impossible to kill Yu Chijinwu and his party alone."

Cui did not go: "But she fled with Jade Gall alone, indicating that her companion may also be looking for her whereabouts. The Jade Gall auctioned by Linlang Pavilion is more likely to be released by her companion. The purpose is not to get us fooled, but to elicit Qin Miaoyu. "

Feng Xiao replied: "However, Qin Miaoyu has discovered the secret of improving his skills from Yudan, and naturally knows that he is true in his hands, so he will not be fooled again."

One after another, the two restored the original situation to seven hundred and seventy-eight.

Therefore, it was not enough to find Qin Miaoyu, and her accomplices had to be exhausted in order to completely eliminate the trouble.

Feng Xiao: "Where is that Gao Ning?"

Cui does not go: "This person may have nothing to do with this case, maybe someone is uneasy about Qin Miaoyu and her associates, and a third person sent over. If you are interested, you may wish to investigate in secret."

"Hmm." Feng Xiao turned sharply: "Go, let ’s be ordered to talk to the messenger of Apo, presumably not in a low position in the Zuo Yue Bureau, do you already know my identity, and should I be honest with me, after all We are no longer outsiders. "

Who is not outsider with you? Cui couldn't help but secretly sneered and was amazed at Feng Er's face.

But on his face, he was still calm and thought for a moment: "To this day, I might as well tell the truth, in fact, I am not a surname Cui, and I can't stop it."

"Oh?" Feng Xiao's tone rose slightly.

Cui did not go: "I have the last name of grandson and the name of Bodhi, and I am the deputy of Zuoyue Bureau."

Somewhere in the city, Bodhi the eldest son couldn't help sneezing.

Chapter 29

Feng Xiao listened, her eyes fluttered, she smiled.

"Unfortunately, Vice President Zuo Yue has happened to meet me, one man and one woman, don't say you are one of them."

The tone is full of "you continue editing, see how you edit".

Cui does not go: "How do you know that the grandson Bodhi you saw is the real grandson Bodhi?"

Feng Xiao: "Oh?"

Cui didn't change his face, but changed his face casually: "The cunning rabbit still has three caves, not to mention the Zuoyue Bureau. I wait for the court. I often need to keep track of my identity. It is also normal to use one or two substitutes. After all, I rely on my brain. It ’s not like martial arts masters like Feng Fuzhu, who can do whatever they want. ”

Feng Xiao suspected that he was sarcastic about his simple-minded limbs, but Cui's tone was plain and ordinary, making it impossible to fault.

"So, who are you, and who is your last name?"

"I've never seen this person before. He didn't show his face in front of people. Every time he talked to us behind the screen of the dark cabin. His voice is a bit old. It should be old." Cui came without opening his mouth and said It has to look like real.

Feng Xiao frowned and thought. Was it Zheng Chengshi, the trusted side of the queen?

"Can the voice be soft?"

Cui does not go: "Nothing special except the old."

Feng Xiao sighed: "Cui Dao is a talented man with ingenuity, but unfortunately still weighs on his head. The eldest husband must not be powerless for a day. People are constrained everywhere. After all, it is better to be a master than you!"

In such an environment, the two did not forget to exchange views with each other.

Cui did not go: "Isn't it, just like Feng Langjun, there is also a book of punishment on the Ministry of Justice."

Feng Xiao laughed: "The Book of Punishment still exists. In the final analysis, my Jiejian Mansion is different from Zuo Yue Bureau. After all, the queen and Heavenly Son are also called the two saints, but in the final analysis, this world is still a person. You are in that person's hand. Underneath, under the man's wife, in the end, it is different. In my opinion, your deputy is not proper, it is better to come to Jiejian Mansion, I will give you the title of the Four Mansion and grant you the privilege of killing and killing , Where the Zuo Yue Bureau can give you, Jie Jianfu can give you, and if Zuo Yue Bureau cannot give you, Jie Jianfu can also give you. "

Cui did not go to wonder: "Since I am Zuo Yue's deputy, I will also be under you in Jiejian Mansion. What can you give me? Is it different from Zuo Yue Bureau?"

Feng Xiao: "That's naturally different. A bad old man is standing in front of you. How can I be as handsome as I am?"

Cui does not go: ...

Feng Xiao: "When you look at me every day, your mood will become better. As you feel better, your body will naturally heal without medicine. Isn't this a big benefit?"

Cui didn't go silent for a moment, and suddenly said, "Fuji Erfu Lord, you are indeed the best-looking person I have ever met."

Feng Xiao raised an eyebrow: "That's natural, do you realize it now?"

Cui did not sincerely say, "But you are also the most brazen person I have ever met."

Feng Xiao laughed: "Anyone who can do great things in the world is as thin as a paper? The so-called face can only be a cocoon to bind yourself, making it difficult for you to move. Just looking at the Buddha ear, you can't beat me, but you have to say that I don't Concentrate and give yourself a step, which shows that this person cares too much about his reputation. It is difficult to reach the peak in martial arts or in pursuit of rich power. If there are only such people under the sand bowl, I am afraid it will not be a major event. "

Cui does not go: "As far as I know, although Fu Er is said to be the first Turk master, in recent years, Turk masters have spawned, and the dead Fox Deer is not mentioned for the time being. Former Turk's Chu Luohou himself is a master who is not born. There is also a man named Yelouhe under the seat of Abo Khan, who looks like a woman but has extremely fierce martial arts, and the number of ways is unusual. These people are not to be underestimated ... "

Feng Xiao was listening seriously, and before he heard the enemy words, the other party was coughing.

Although Cui didn't cover his mouth, the coughing sound still flowed from the fingers, and soon he couldn't hold back, and it became more and more severe. If it weren't for the two people on the 13th floor of Yunhai, they would have been taken down by Feng Xiao. Found whereabouts.

Along with the cough, the painful phlegmatic pain began to spread away from a certain point in the body, and soon spread to all parts of the body, from the fingertips to the internal organs and even the temples. The symptoms of the disease were aggravated by the weakness of his body, so that each time he had a poisonous hair, he had to endure several times more pain than ordinary people.

But even so, Cui didn't even make a groan or grunt other than a cough.

Xie Jian Mansion has not used Nai Hexiang for people. Feng Xiao once saw a man with high martial arts crying under the torment of Nai Hexiang. He must answer any questions, and his mind will completely collapse. Even if he finally detoxifies his mind, It has also consumed most of it, and the body is slowly being worn down. It is not a waste, it is better than a waste.

However, Cui who did not have any martial arts did not go. He was poisoned, but he was able to follow him through more than half of Liugong City.

In the final analysis, the other party is a Zuo Yueban person, not an enemy that is incompatible with each other. Is it a little too difficult to use Naixiang to deal with him?

For the first time in his life, the owner of Feng Xiaofeng's second house reflected on his breath.

But he quickly overturned this useless emotion, and thought that he was also poisoned and injured, and then he would sympathize with the disease.

"I still have Nai Hexiang." He said to Cui.

"... No need." Cui didn't shrink his body into a ball to reduce the cold, so as to gain more warmth.

Nai He Xiang has no antidote, the only antidote is to endure the endless long pain, let the toxicity disappear by itself, and excrete from the body. People who practice martial arts can use internal force to temporarily suppress the toxicity. Another way to alleviate is to attack the poison with poison. Suppressing the toxicity with Nai He Xiang, although after the suppression, the next episode will inevitably cause more intense pain, but those who are poisoned will often drink to quench their thirst, and would rather pursue the immediate tranquility and selectively ignore the longer-term harm.

Feng Xiao didn't take it for granted: "The cave is cold and humid, and you are already exhausted. It will be more intense than before. The person who knows the current situation is Junjie. You can stay in the warm and fragrant place next time. Much more comfortable. "

Cui didn't just feel that his forehead was getting hotter, his consciousness began to fall into chaos, and the voice of the other party seemed to be separated by a layer, which was not very clear.

"As long as you take the first step, there will be a second step. If you want to solve it completely, the best way is not to step out even the first step." His eyes were closed, his brows were wrinkled, and the endless pain As a countermeasure, he still laughed at himself. "I've had more pain than this. It's ... nothing."

Feng Xiao raised her eyebrows slightly, and was about to ask, but heard the whimpering outside, the wind that had already turned smaller suddenly suddenly became louder, and poured into the rain and snow from outside the cave. There was a icy bite, and one mouth was one A large mouthful of cold wind poured in, and he immediately coughed with the poisonous wound on his shoulder.

At the beginning of the cough, it seemed that it couldn't stop anymore. The long night was long, and each of them occupied a place. The cough sounded one after another.

Hu Luo Pingyang was bullied by the dog, but he just whispered outside.

This idea just started, as if to respond to him, Feng Xiao really heard the wolverine looming from the cliff in the snow.

He drew his lips and looked at Cui Bu, who was close by.

Feng Xiao: "Hey."

Cui's only soberness in the whole body was used on the poisonous saw, and he didn't even care about him.

Feng Xiao coughed twice: "I'm injured too, otherwise you can come a little bit, we'll be closer together and still be warm."

Cui didn't open his eyes reluctantly, frowned for a moment, then dumbly transmitted his words into his brain.

"Come over," he said.

Feng Xiao :? ? ?

When he saw Cui couldn't move, he thought that the other party was really weak, so he had to move his body and take the other side into his arms. He thought sadly in his heart: how could this **** mother be? Fallen into this situation?

Saying ten thousand and ten thousand is all because of one person.

Pei, shocked, stunned.


Pei Jingzhe stood at the door of Lu Zhai and sneezed three times.

He didn't have time to think whether he was cold and cold, or someone was thinking about him, because he also encountered an accident.

Chapter 30

But he said that Pei was so surprised. He came out of Lu's house, but he was in trouble for a while.

On his own, I ca n’t monitor the entire Lu's house. Even if he sneaks into it, if the other party is familiar with the terrain, he can easily hide himself, unless he shows his identity to the owner of the Lu's house, and then transfers to Yingqi to send him Surrounded, not even letting out a male fly.

But in that case, I am bound to fight the grass and scare the snake, I completely broke the clue.

Pei Jingxuan was in a dilemma.

He has always felt that he is not smart enough to solve the problem easily as the two-lord master talked and laughed. Even if the martial arts masters are as strong as the three-lord master, he is no longer standing here and doing nothing, at least when the person leaves Akiyama. At the other court, he had already shot it.

Just as Pei Jingxu was planning to dive in, suddenly a scream came out of Lu Lu's house, breaking through the silent night sky.

After this sound, Lu Lu's house went up and down, the lanterns lit for the second time, and the voice of the humming gradually rose. Behind a door, Pei Jing can also feel the hustle and bustle behind.

There must be no way to sneak in now, and Pei frowned.

The sound of the horse's hoof sounded behind him. From far to near, he looked back and found that it was six eagles riding a sword.

Pei Jinghuan: "Aren't you supposed to stay at the Akiyama Beginning?"

The person headed by Yingqi clenched his fist: "By the order of the Lord of the Second House, come and help Pei Langjun!"

Pei Jingxian immediately reacted. Feng Xiao had expected that he would be hesitant. Sending an eagle ride made him make a decision indirectly.

He said: "You must surround Lu's house separately. Without my order, you must not let one person go!"

The eagle rode away.

Although Lu Zhai is very big, the hawks are all from Jiejianfu, and they have been trained for six people.

Pei Jingxi stepped forward and was about to knock on the door. Suddenly the wind rushed behind him. He felt a **** in his head, dodging his head subconsciously, and saw a white light flashing in the corner of his eyes, and he actually penetrated the wooden door in front of him!

The opponent was so fierce, Pei Jingxu was even more afraid to take it lightly, turned around to draw a sword, and he fought with the other party.

As soon as the two sides met, he found that the other side was elegant in white clothes, and his temperament was cold and dusty, just like the moon palace fairy.

Pei Jinghuan: "Who is your Excellency!"

Qiao Xian sneered: "You detained our people and asked who we are, and handed over Cui!"

Pei was startled, "You ?!"

When the words came out, he saw another person coming from not far away, with a Tsing Yi bucket and a Buddhist bead on his hand, which was extremely eye-catching.

"Vice-grandson Sun?"

Qiao Xian did not answer the question, and the offensive in his hand became more and more fierce: "People!"

Pei Jinghua calmed down: "I don't know what you are talking about!"

Although Lu's house was in a mess, the Lu family was not deaf. The entrance was not small, and they naturally heard it. Someone hurried to open the door at the moment, but they saw Pei Jingxiu and Qiao Xian at the door. As a group, I couldn't help but be furious: "Hurry up, who are you! Dare to fight at the door of Lu's house, hurry up, find someone!"

Xie Jianfu, not far from here, heard the news, and surrounded the eldest grandson and Qiao Xiantuan with a bigger crisis.

Pei Jing's head was as big as a bucket, and she had to yell, "Stop it for me!"

He stopped first and stepped back to show concession. Seeing that the other party was no longer aggressive, he followed with a sigh of relief.

The Lu family looked at this weird scene and did not know how to react for a moment.

Pei Jingzhe took the lead in breaking the deadlock: "Vice-grandson Sun is in Liugong City. I don't know what to do?"

It is impossible for Xie Jianfu and Zuo Yueju to completely miss each other. At least Pei Jingxu has seen the two deputies of Zuo Yueju. Although it is not appropriate to tell the old at this moment, it is impossible for him to pretend to not know the grandson.

The grandson Bodhi said: "Find someone."

Pei Jingxi laughed: "I have another errand now, and when I'm done, I will set up a banquet to clean the wind for two people. How can I help you find someone?"

Qiao Xian coldly said, "Give people up."

Pei Jingxu knew something, but she was still pretending to be surprised: "Who is it?"

Qiao Xian: "Cui won't go!"

Pei gave a cough, holding back a guilty conscience: "Sorry, I have never heard of this person."

Qiao Xian showed anger and stepped forward to sell again, but was stopped by his grandson Bodhi.

"Pass in, otherwise no one wants to leave today."

Pei Jingyan laughed without anger: "Vice-grandson Sun makes a big tone. No matter how hard you are, you can't beat seven of us!"

Grandson Bodhi: "Try it."

After he finished speaking the last word, his body moved slightly, and he was so thunderous that he rushed to Pei Jingyan!

The six riders surrounding them had not even reacted, and the grandson had bullied him and grabbed each other's shoulders.

Pei Jingxuan avoided the offensive of the opponent. The sword was only halfway out of the scabbard, and was pressed back by the grandson's wind.

Unsheathed three times, all three times!

Pei Jingyan blushed.

He knew about martial arts, and he was certainly not the opponent of Zuo Yue's deputy, but he didn't expect to be so ashamed that he couldn't even scabbard from beginning to end.

This is a huge shame for the warrior.

And really speaking, the elder Bodhi still had mercy on his men, otherwise, for a moment, even if there was an eagle riding, he could easily kill Pei Jingzhe.

"People!" Changsun Bodhi patted him with his palm.

Pei Jinghuan was unavoidable, and could only close his eyes subconsciously: "Akiyama Beacon!"

In the ear there was an exclaimed hawk ride. Several of them rushed up, but it was too late.

The palm wind screamed, but it suddenly disappeared. Pei Jingyan opened his eyes and saw that the other party had closed his palm and stood.

After walking around the gate of the ghost gate for a while, he was shocked, but Bodhi, the grandson of the grandson, had already put on his sleeves and pushed to the sides, pushing each side of the Jiejianfu Eagle Riding involuntarily.

The two eagle riders who just hurried over just now have the best sword-sword house and put them on the rivers and lakes. At least they are also first-rate masters, but they were pushed away by the grandson without any effort.

By this hand alone, Pei Jingzhe could see that even if the martial arts of Changsun Bodhi had a little gap with Fengxiao, it wouldn't be farther away. He had just fought against him just now.

Qiao Xian looked at him coldly: "Don't you say you haven't heard of this person yet?"

Pei Jingxi smiled bitterly: "I don't know where you are coming from, so it's not overwhelming to keep an eye on it?"

Qiao Xian: "You know that Cui doesn't go to our Zuoyue Bureau, and you have to hold him down to torture. This account, we wrote down the Zuoyue Bureau, we will take care of it later. . "

Pei Jingxuan had a headache and said, "Although Director Cui Dao was with us, he didn't have any trouble. My family Lang Jun brought him in and out ..."

He was guilty of saying this, but he couldn't always tell them that your people were attacked by the scent of a horror, and they broke out every three minutes. This morning, before being sick, we were dragged by Langjun to recognize people?

At first glance, Qiao Xian saw that he was out of breath, and took a step forward to grab his placket: "How are you doing with him!"

Pei Jingxu didn't expect that this fairy-like figure actually said to do it, and his neck was almost not cut off.

"He's really fine. I don't believe I'll take you to see it, but wait for me to take care of things here ..."

"Who are you, why are you rude at my Lu's door and you can't retreat quickly!" An angry voice interjected, interrupting Pei's words.

The male master of the Lu family stood at the door with his servant's nursing home aggressively. His eyes were flushed and his eyes were stretched. It wasn't like the anger disturbed by a fight at his door late at night. It seemed to be a sudden major change.

Considering the scream that I heard just now, Pei Jingxuan had to set aside his grandson for the time being, and first instructed the hawk: "Surround Lu's house, don't let one person go!"

He also said to the host: "I am the servant of Xiejian Mansion. I was ordered to investigate the case of the death of the Herald. Someone reported the suspect in your government. I also asked Lu Weng to cooperate and let us search."

Lu Ti coincided with the great changes and was physically and mentally wounded. He heard Pei Jingxuan say this, and the tight string in his brain suddenly broke completely.

"This is the Lu family, not where you can enter if you want to enter it! My Lu family is diligent and frugal, and never violates conscience when doing business as a person. What about Jiefu Mansion, can you be overbearing here? Those who want to catch are also caught, but today I am Luti, will never let you step in here! "

He was like a wounded and angry lion, snarling and defending his territory to prevent foreign enemies from entering. Pei Jingxuan could naturally lead people to break through, but Lu Zhai must jump with a chicken flying dog, which will make it easier for the person to escape.

"Everyone, our Lang Jun has been tortured tonight. My little lady is drowning unfortunately. Now the doctor is still saving people. Please take a look at our Lang Jun's desperate situation now, and come back in a few days!"

The speaker stood beside Lu Ti, with the same sad face, looking like a steward.

Pei Jingxi moved.

As soon as they followed, something happened to the Lu family, which was a coincidence.

Now he doesn't need to go in, and Lu Zhai's interior must have been in a mess.

But this way, he is even less likely to leave.

He made a hard effort, and the elder Bodhi next to Gu Ji didn't dare to do anything. Qiao Xian gave him a cold look and finally let go of his hand.

With a sigh of relief, Pei said with relief to Lu Ti from the Jiejianfu and Zuoyue Bureau: "Lu Weng, I have regrets about the love, but today we just discovered the murder and the love turned into an instant. This may not be unrelated, but let's check it out! "

Luti: "No! We only want one quiet now!"

Pei Jingxuan stopped paying attention to him, and turned around and instructed Yingqi to immediately go to Zhao County Magistrate, and let him transfer more arrests to surround Lu's house, and he must not let him alone.

Lu Ti was furious when she heard her words: "It seems that you are trying to live with me today!"

Pei Jinghuan: "It was Lu Weng who deliberately couldn't get along with me. Jiejian Mansion was not good enough, and idle people must not obstruct and take him down!"

As soon as he waved, Yingqi rushed forward from left to right, and everyone in Lufu couldn't stop him, and saw that his own Langjun had been taken.

Seeing that Lu Jia's servants were going to grab people with the Eagle Rider, the scene was further chaotic. Pei Jingxi had to scream: "Whoever dares to act again, I will kill Lu Ti!"

This drink really drank Lu's family, and everyone looked at each other, dare not act lightly.

Lu Ti's old face was blue and angry, and he could not say: "You are absolutely lawless! Don't you know my relationship with Fan Yang Lu's? I want to tell you to despise the family!"

Qiao Xian sneered coldly: "Mr. You said that the number of generations between the Lu Family and the Fan Family in the Six Gongcheng City is distant relatives. Even if the Fan Family is in the family, the" Emperor Law "does not despise the family crime . There is no king of earth in the world, don't take yourself too seriously, otherwise you won't even know how to die! "

Pei Jingzhe did not expect that Qiao Xian would help him speak, and she could not help but look at her in surprise.

Lu Ti was so angry that she rolled her eyes and couldn't say a word.

But tonight is destined to be an eventful night, with ups and downs.

The accident happened again when Pei Jingzhe was preparing to let people search Lu's house.

"Pei Xiaolangjun! Why are you here! Not good!"

One person ran from a distance, out of breath, and Pei Jingxi recognized the other party as a servant of Akiyama Beppu.

When Zhao Xianling gave Feng Xiao the Ambition House to Feng Xiao, by the way, he also dispatched a group of servants to serve the distinguished guests there. Those people were very handy, and they should never ask more than they should, nor should they say too much. Many fussy Feng Xiao can't be fussy.

But now, the other person panted, ran over with panic, and was surprised at Pei: "Feng Langjun received a letter saying that you were hijacked. The other party asked him to meet Hu Yanglin outside the city. He asked the villain to explain. Yingqi searched for Zhao Xianling and continued to surround Lu's house. He must not let a person wait for him to come back and dispose of it! But how are you and you here? Could Feng Langjun be cheated ?! "

Pei was terrified: "He went alone?"

The minion gasped and shook his head: "I'm still carrying and taking Cui Daochang!"

At this moment, even Qiao Xian and the eldest grandson Bodhi, all changed dramatically.

Pei Jingyan: "How long have they been!"

The servant said: "Jomo has to have half an hour since the villain went out!"

"Just send it to death by yourself, and it will also weigh on our people. If he has three strengths and two weaknesses, I will never end with you!" Qiao Xian and his eldest son Bodhi rushed out of the city and immediately rushed out of the city.撂 The next threat.

Pei Jingxuan was so anxious that she really tasted Lu Ti ’s mood just now. Fortunately, Zhao Xianling did n’t delay. When she received the news, she rushed over immediately. She did n’t even get her hair crowned, so she was in no hurry to praise him. After just explaining to him, he quickly took two hawks and hurried to Hu Yanglin outside the city.


The snow was getting weaker, but the cave was cold for a long time.

Feng Xiao expelled most of the poison with internal force, but still had some residual toxicity in the body. She felt numbness in her limbs, and her body became cold.

Contrary to him, Cui's body was a bit scary and held in his arms like a soldering iron. Although it was just for heating, Feng Xiao really doubted it would burn like this. Without waiting for rescuers to help, the other party would whine and mourn. , Return to the West.

A confidant is hard to meet, an opponent is hard to meet, and the latter is often rarer than the former. Feng Xiao naturally does not want Cui to die. He can almost imagine that with this person's ability to toss, he will certainly die and live in peace. He will stay. A lot of troubles and traps, waiting for Feng Xiao to step on.

Therefore, Feng Xiao also felt that he could not let Cui die if he didn't go.

"Hey, say something." He patted the other's cheek, not too lightly, but Cui did not open his eyes.

"Don't sleep, you won't wake up after sleeping," Feng Xiao said, pinching his wrist and injecting a hint of internal force.

Maybe it was this internal force that played a role. After a while, Cui didn't move a little, and her brows frowned.

But a response is a good thing, Feng Xiao said, "Go, how do you think I look?"

Cui didn't move her lips and moved without making a sound.

Feng Xiao: "I know that there is nothing unique in the world. You don't have to boast. I'm tired of such praises. It seems that you are not very different from other vulgar people, but what I want to tell you today is a My childhood story. "

Cui didn't close her eyes and sighed softly, as if responding.

"I went to the southwest when I was young and heard a story. The male family was a famous celebrity, and the female was Xiaojiabiyu from a poor family. But the man loved the little lady at first sight and ruled out all the difficulties. He had to marry her. The young lady didn't believe his true heart at all. She just wanted to marry a person who was the right person in the house. She was a dull life. Later, she was gradually moved by the man. Seeing that he had done a lot of things for herself, she also convinced the elders of the tribe to eliminate all obstacles and gradually Attention. "Feng Xiao said more and more," I happened to get to know the little lady, and the little lady saw that my looks were unparalleled in the world, so she begged me to do something for her, what do you guess? "

Cui didn't go drowsy, and frowned, and finally opened his eyes.

Feng Xiao felt that he moved in his arms and wanted to break free, and laughed: "You are also very curious, might as well guess what she asked me for, if you guessed right, I will allow you to stay with me In the next few days, there is another precious opportunity to appreciate my style. "

Cui does not go: ...

The dead had to lie to the corpse when he heard this, not to mention he was not dead.

"Can you……"


His breath was weak, Rao was so close, and Feng Xiao had to lower his head to get closer, in order to hear what he was talking about.

Cui didn't go weak: "Shut your dog!"

He was consciously stunned and just wanted to fall asleep without asking foreign affairs. Who knew that someone had been aggressive in his ears like a fly humming around his ears? Go, fight and not fly, let Cui not go, just want to unscrew the head of the "fly" and throw it out of Jiuxiaoyun, let him reincarnate and become a dumb fly.

Feng Xiao raised an eyebrow: "You are wrong to say this. How can my mouth be called a dog mouth? It must be called Yuzui. The words spoken are Jinkouyuyan. Others want to listen to me but ca n’t. It is a blessing to be repaired in the arms like this, and we should cherish it. "

Cui does not go: ...

He admits that Feng Xiao's face is indeed enough to upset sentient beings, regardless of gender, bewildered by it, but only if you don't speak.

It seemed that the other party would not stop after listening to that story. Cui did not sigh, and opened his eyes barely. The eyes were full of boundless darkness. He felt only endless drowsiness, and he could only support it. Rejuvenate against this tiredness.

"... She wants you to try her lover, and whether you can be indifferent to facing such a beautiful face as you."

Feng Xiao laughed: "It's not the person I fancy, then you must have guessed that result."

Cui didn't look pale: "With your looks, posing as a woman, it must be wonderful, all over the country, and the world can be unmoved, very few. The other party is just a mortal, how can you face your instigation? Unmoved? In the end, it was nothing but the woman who wanted to test the heart and shot herself in the foot. "

"What about you? Are you tempted?" Feng Xiao lowered her head and breathed on Cui Buqi's face.

In the past, Cui would definitely reach out and push away or avoid on his own, but at this moment he has no energy, let alone raise his hand, and it is difficult to even turn his face away.

"Attentive, doesn't mean emotional." Cui did not whisper softly, "Feng Er, your face, any one person, will be tempted, but not everyone's heart will be played by you."

Feng Xiao said innocently: "I am clearly entrusted and loyal. The man himself can't stand the temptation, how can he blame me? The human heart cannot stand the temptation. If it can stand the temptation, then Not enough, lover couples, parents and children, all this. The woman ca n’t recognize this, ca n’t bear the consequences, and also delusions that she is the exception, should n’t she laugh? ”

Cui does not go: "What happened to that woman?"

Feng Xiao: "Guess."

Cui does not go: "The man's temporary change of hexagrams and empathy for others, the woman must be unbelievable and unbearable, either go away or die, in addition to this world, women will not be given a third choice."

Feng Xiao: "Clever, that little girl did jump to death. The man was sad for a while. After two years, he married a newcomer and started to play. He was so mellow and affectionate. You tell this story, is it fun?"

Cui didn't go silent.

Feng Xiao was a little surprised: "I didn't expect that a person as exquisite as Cui Daochang would believe that there is still affection in the world."

Cui did not go coldly: "There is no affection in the world, it has nothing to do with me, I just want to know when you can shut up and let me sleep well."

Feng Xiao: "You haven't been able to sleep tonight, because I will tell you a new story."

Cui does not go: ...

Feng Xiao spoke for most of the night, and after that, even if he shouted loudly, Cui could not wake up.

The latter was completely stunned by Nai Hexiang's attack, but the temperature on his body dropped slightly, and finally he did not have the astonishing hotness.

Feng Xiao was just capable, and at this moment she was already dry, she didn't want to move.

The snow outside has completely stopped, and the sky is white. Looking from the inside of the cave, the clouds are plated with Phnom Penh, and it must be a sunny day again.

Feng Xiao sighed and said to herself: "One night passed, and Pei Jingxuan reduced the number of months in the next three years by half."

He slowly got up, dragged Cui Buqi to half-tugged and half-hugged, and he just woke people up.

"I want to take you up. You move it yourself, at least don't fall on my back."

Cui did not stumble, obeying Feng Xiao's instructions, climbing his hands to his neck, the whole person lay on his back, obedient and obedient throughout.

This also shows that people are almost unconscious.

Feng Xiao sighed again. In fact, he still prefers Cui not to go when he is awake, even if he has countless bad ideas at the moment of his brain, it is much more interesting than now.

More importantly, he had to climb up on such a person.

Thinking of this, Feng Xiao once again said to himself: "Pei Jingzheng completely deducted the Yuezhang in the next three years, which saved Jiejian Fu another expense."

The author has something to say:

Feng Xiao: The wind is blowing, and Pei Jingyue's Yue Yue is reduced by 10%.

Pei Jingyan :? ?

Feng Xiao: It's raining, and Pei Jingyue's month is reduced by 20%.

Pei Jingyan :? ? ? ? ?

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