Peerless Chapter 11-20

Chapter 11

"You are so strange. This is not your home, nor is it the pronunciation of the characters. You are in the audience. Can I say nothing? Is there a king in this world?"

Feng Xiao didn't even return her head. Instead of putting the piece of meat on the chopsticks into Cui not going to the bowl, Cui didn't reach out and remove the bowl, but the chopsticks seemed to have eyes and were unbiased, just following him The direction of removal fell into the bowl.

Cui didn't stare at the piece of meat in the bowl, as if he saw the drool on Fengxiao's chopsticks stick on it, and he didn't even want to touch the bowl.

This is not over, Feng Xiao moved a plate of fried green beans over the table.

"Don't you like amaranth, it doesn't matter, there are beans here, come, I'll peel the bean skin for you, tender and tender, quickly eat one, do you want me to feed you?"

Cui does not go: ...

His hands were good-looking, and the peeled beans were also stunned, and in a blink of an eye, Cui didn't go in front of him, and there were a bunch of unskinned beans, lined up one by one, neatly.

Pei Jingyan: ...

Feng Xiao: "Eat."

Cui didn't know if he had done it on purpose, or could not help but drew his mouth, turned his head and looked out the window, only when no one was around.

Others were provoked.


His face flushed with anger, and he thought of standing up with him, but was pulled by his sleeves.

"Cousin, forget it!" The girl whispered, her expression embarrassed. "I know that Cui Guanzhu, his friend must be next to him."

"It was he who deceived people too much, and I must have a good theory with them!"

Su Weng's face was still angry, and rushed to Feng Xiao, "You are also good-looking, how can you speak like a reckless man without rudeness!"

The girl asked Cui not to be blessed, "Cui Guan is good."

Obviously, Cui did not recognize the other party: "Blessed Life is infinite, Mrs. Lu, are you safe?"

The young girl smiled: "Thanks to the prescription prescribed by Cui Guan, my mother's old heart disease has been relieved a lot."

Cui did not nod his head: "The poor way can only be alleviated for a while. The Lu family still looks for some good doctors for Lingtang."

The girl should be soft.

At this time, Wake also said, "The person who helped the aunt last time to see a doctor was Cui Dao. My aunt's body has really improved recently. Thank you so much."

He refused to bow and salute to Cui, and then the words turned, and said, "But IMHO, the friend Taoist is extremely impolite, and the Taoist leader has a good reputation and should not be associated with such people."

Cui did not go lightly: "You misunderstood. He is not my friend and I don't know him."

Awakely looked at Feng Xiao suspiciously, his face clearly showing unbelief.

Feng Xiao laughed and said, "Why do you always look at me? Although my looks are unparalleled in the world, and my style is rare in the world, that's not something you can afford."

Cui does not go: ...

Wake's face was blue and white, and white and blue, just like the table dish just made him eat his stomach.

When Cui didn't go with Lu's, Awakening didn't have a chance to get through with Feng Xiao, so he had to walk away.

Feng Xiao watched the two leave, and his face was against the frivolity just now, revealing a thoughtful look.

"This awakening is a bit weird, so you introduced them specifically to me?"

Cui did not go: "Lu Ti has no sons at his knees. After wake up and went to Lu's family, Lu Ti cultivated him as a half son. Although Awake likes to read books, he has a natural talent for reading. Instead, he does business with Lu Ti. With some patience, Luti is very happy, and has given him two shops to take care of him. "

"No, it's really strange." Feng Xiao said, "Since he manages business, he should be smooth and considerate in dealings with people. How could he be furious because I learned him to talk?"

Cui did not sneer: "Maybe Feng Langjun wrote on his face that anyone who saw it would come to the fire, and it would not be flattering wherever he went."

Feng Xiao laughed and said, "How is that possible? Lu's look at me just now was clear with admiration and admiration."

A narcissistic person, Cui has never seen it before, but a person who is narcissistic to this extent, he still sees for the first time, seeing Feng Xiao's expression with a slight incredible.

"Feng Langjun always takes photos of himself like this, does Gu Ying pity himself?"

Not often, it has always been. Pei Jingxi added silently in his heart.

Feng Xiao raised an eyebrow: "Isn't this true?"

Cui didn't sneer, and was too lazy to argue with him again. Then he said, "The only possibility is that he is very different in front of Lu."

"Lu liked his disposition. He was very different in front of Lu. Luti liked smart people. He was a savvy and savvy junior in front of Luti. Somewhat interesting!"

Feng Xiao turned a word and suddenly said: "Go, you have been in the city for two months, you have basically found out all the people in the city, even the family members of the Lu family have not let go, knowing that you are a Taoist, no You know what you think you want to do! "

Cui didn't go and hesitated twice, and smirked, "Well, don't I fall into the claws of Fengfu Langlang who knows Jianfu?"

Feng Xiao: "That's not right. Xiejian Mansion was established by the Order of Heaven, and the power and the Ministry of Penalty. Do you say that, aren't you sarcastic about your Majesty today? I will avenge it."

Rest assured, I have more revenge than you. Cui didn't go to her heart and coughed twice to save her energy.

After having dinner, the three went to the Langlang Pavilion semi-colon.

What Feng Xiao and Pei Jingxi didn't know was that they hadn't walked long before their forefoot, and there was a man and a woman on the second floor.

"I only saw Zun's face is not very good, I wonder if it is sick again!"

The voice of the woman who speaks is like ice and snow, but she is extremely beautiful. The two contradictory traits are integrated in her, such as Jinghong Youlan, which is enough to reflect the world without the need of visitors.

The man didn't answer. He walked to the table where Cui didn't go to their dinner just now, looked down for a while, and suddenly pulled the beans off the table.

"What did the envoy leave?" The woman came over.

"Plum blossoms are fragrant," the man said softly.

Woman frowns.

"Zun Shi wants us to find the fragrance of plum blossoms?"

The man said concisely: "Yu, murder."

He cherishes words like gold, but he can save provinces. Thanks to the woman who has worked with him for many years, he can hear a clue from the four words.

"The plum blossom cold fragrance is related to the murder case of Yu Yan's messenger, but if it is easy to check, Jiejian Mansion should have been detected long ago, and the envoy should not intentionally leave us. In any case, we still go to the spice shop to ask.

Chapter 12

Along the wooden table, four places where Cui hadn't sat before were scratched out with nails.

The woman stared at those four words, a worry appeared between her brows.

"Zun Shi's ability to write is weaker than he was last time. I'm afraid he was hurt."

Men have always been less talkative, but at this time they can't help but remind her: "Qiao Xian, respect for the ambassador has its own opinions."

Qiao Xian was not angry: "You have been with Zun Shi for so long and you haven't understood him yet. He's a measure of things, and he's never a measure of his body!"

The grandson Bodhi did not speak, and looked at her with "What can you do?"

Qiao Xian was a bit discouraged, she really couldn't do anything about it.

Cui doesn't go and never fails to achieve his goal. Unless they run to Feng Xiao to show that Cui does not go and bring people back, they can only follow the instructions to proceed. But if the great event of the envoy is broken because of this, she probably doesn't have to stay in the left month.

Thinking of this, Qiao Xian sighed silently.

"It's early, go to the incense shop," Changsun Bodhi reminded.

"Let's go." Qiao Xianshun swipes his hand, and Sianxian swipes his right hand across the edge of the table, and the faint line disappears immediately.

There are many incense shops in Liugong City.

Because here is the main point of coming and going, there are often many spices unique to the Western Regions in the fragrant shops, and the variety is even more and more mixed than the capital. Who knows they asked all morning for almost all the incense shops in the city, and finally bought only three kinds of incense recipes related to plum blossoms.

"It's a coincidence. Before you, there was also a Langjun who asked about the plum blossom fragrant, tall and thin, and very young and handsome." The owner of the shop gave a gesture.

Qiao Xian and Changsun Bodhi glanced at each other and guessed that what the other person said was Pei Jingxuan beside Feng Xiao.

But this clue, since the people of Xiejian Mansion have already checked it once, and it is logically impossible to find out, why should the envoy tell them specifically?

Cui would never do anything meaningless if they didn't go. They both felt that there should be some details they didn't expect.

"I dare not say anything else, but in Liugong City, Xiangfang will definitely count me the most here. There are three kinds of plum blossoms you are looking for. One of them is a recipe. I saved one a few years ago. The merchant from the Western Region, he gave it to me. "

The owner of the shop said, while letting the man get three incense cards.

The martial arts person has a keen sense of smell and a fragrance on his body, which makes it easy for the enemy to find out when he escapes or hides. Qiao Xian has a special identity and never has incense on his body. The aroma is more sensitive, and almost every taste can be discerned.

"This is, plum blossom and apricot blossom?" Qiao Xian sniffed the incense card in his hand and handed it to the grandson Bodhi.

The owner of the shop nodded: "Yes, this kind of incense is called March Yuexue. It is the most popular in Beijing now. Young girls like it, especially the female members of high-end families. They wear fresh clothes in the spring and smoke again. Get on it, fairies like you, step down the threshold of your house if you keep a bunch of loved ones! "

He has a brilliant tongue, and even if he is facing the customers who come to ask, he has to persuade them to buy things.

"This kind of incense is called Jingshui Liushen. It has sandalwood and plum incense. It is the most suitable for calming down and calming down evil spirits." The owner of the shop said, picking up another piece.

The elder Bodhi sniffed and shook his head.

Qiao Xian also said: "This is not the plum scent we want."

The owner of the shop gave them the third piece of incense: "The pure plum fragrance, only this one."

In the hands of the elder grandmother Bodhi, he felt the plum blossom scent was strong and scented, but the plum blossom itself was missing, but it was as fragrant as the peony.

When Qiao Xian saw his grandson shaking his head, he brought the incense card and it really felt like him.

"Dongjia, you are very knowledgeable. This plum blossom is fragrant, is it really so difficult to match?"

The master said: "The fragrance of ordinary incense is the richer the aroma, the better. This cold fragrance is covered with cold words. Naturally, it is different from the others. When I first heard it, I saw a faint ice and snow. After half an hour, the plum fragrance gradually came out. But I only heard about it, but I did n’t see the richness. It lasted for a few days. ”

Qiao Xian thought that one night after the murder, Feng Xiao went to the scene and could still smell the smell of the aroma. After getting this clue, he nodded in agreement.

"In other words, must anyone use this kind of fragrance be an ordinary person?"

The master said: "Lengxiang also has different flavors, such as Zhi Lengxiang, Qingzhu Lengxiang, etc., but because the plum blossoms are on ice and snow, and bring the ice and snow, this cold word is particularly suitable. This kind of fragrance is rare. A few years ago I got a fragrant cold incense myself, and I was reluctant to sell it. I was going to leave it to my daughter as a dowry. This plum scent is even less. Who can make this incense, it must be treasured and not easily shown. , Things are rare, otherwise everyone is smoked on the street, where is it rare? "

Qiao Xian said: "Do you know anyone who can make plum blossoms?"

The owner of the shop said with a bitter smile: "If I knew that I would have hired him back for a long time, why would I say so much to you? Qixiang can never be met. I have been dealing with Xiang for the rest of my life. If you find him, you still Please let me know. "

He said that he paused for a moment and patted his head: "Yes, last month, the young lady of Chunxiangfang won the top prize with a dance and was stunning for more than half of Liugong City. I heard she used different incense every day, but again I have never sent someone to buy it from me, and there must be other experts around you, you may wish to ask! "

Both Qiao Xian and the eldest grandson Bodhi were in sight.

"When Langjun came to ask you before, did you tell him about it?" Qiao Xian asked.

The shop owner shook his head: "I couldn't remember it at the time, naturally I forgot."

Qiao Xian: "But Chunxiangfang is Lefang?"

The owner of the shop immediately showed an ambiguous smile that all men knew.

Qiao Xian immediately understood that she thought she had asked this question stupidly.

Spices are often also medicinal materials. The aroma and medicine are the same. Since Cui is not familiar with medicine, it is not surprising that he has an understanding of incense recipes. He can infer the rareness of such incense recipes from the four words of plum fragrant. Pass it out. Qiao Xian and the elder Bodhi have long been blamed for their ambassador's ability. The world is superficial. When they see that Cui does not go sick, and his hands are not tied to chickens, they often despise him, but if such a person can Occupying a place in the change must have the ability that ordinary people can't, and the left month will be up and down. Even if Cui does not lie on the bed for eight days in ten days, no one dares to belittle him.

"If the people in Xiejian Mansion knew that the Wuwei Pavilion was the base of our Zuoyue Bureau, would they be vomiting blood?" Qiao Xian saw a glimmer of hope to solve the case, and his mood was much better than before, although still cold. Face, but the tone has become relaxed.

Changsun Bodhi did not answer the question: "Chunxiangfang, you go to me?"

Qiao Xian: "Of course I go, you go there with this face, people will only treat you as debt collection, and never think you want to have fun."

The elder Bodhi turned the bead in his hand and stopped silent.

Because of Qiao Xian's words, he could not refute.


Lin Lang Court.

Today is the last day of the auction. There are more people than the previous few days, but the threshold for admission is much higher than before. In addition to invitations, guests must also pay a deposit before entering the door. For the things you love, the deposit will be refunded and replenished. If nothing fancy, Linlang Pavilion will return the deposit before leaving.

In this way, many people with ulterior motives or could not buy at all, just want to come in to see the lively people.

Feng Xiao had just taken Cui not to go, Pei Jingyu entered, someone snorted behind him, "Isn't this Fengji?"

The man quickly caught up with them and looked at Feng Xiao with surprise and joy: "Feng Er, haven't seen you for a long time, are you here?"

The other party was twenty-six and sixty, with a high crown and red clothes, and a handsome and elegant family style, but Cui did not look so sharp, and immediately saw that this person treated Feng Xiao's distinctive attitude.

Ordinary old friends meet again, not so enthusiastic, but also brought a little diligence.

But I want to say that this person wants to tie up the sky, and looks different.

Cui didn't go to think for a while, Feng Xiao already raised her eyebrow and smiled: "Lord Lin Shao, I haven't seen you in a long time."

These four words come out one by one, and depending on the age of the other party, when Cui does not go to his mind, the other party's history emerges.

Yandang Shanzhuang, a family of rivers and lakes, is mainly a family business, with wealth and wealth, family-owned Yandang sword 13 styles, the owner of the forest Lin, after years of confusion, got Aizi Lin Yong, nature is in every direction and everything. Even his ridiculous hobbies, tacit consent to not block, is famous for the Yandang Villa in the rivers and lakes, not because the Lin family has money, nor because of the Yandang sword of the Lin family, but because of Lin Yong.

But when Lin Yong was happy, he came forward to shake Feng Xiao's hand, but the latter avoided the trace by a few inches, and turned his hand to Cui's shoulder. Before the other party had time to respond, he had already Cui didn't go to grab him, and the two shoulders were severely beaten.

Feng Xiao: "Come and tell you, this is my close friend, surname Cui, not name. Go and go, this is the young owner of Lindang Villa, Lin Yong."

He specifically added weight to the word confidant, with an unexplained smile on the corner of his lips, and he felt ambiguous even listening to it.

Cui does not go :? ? ?

Chapter 13

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Updates are undecidable these days. As an apology, this chapter will randomly send 100 red envelopes. See you tomorrow night! As soon as a close friend came out, Lin Yong's gaze that Cui couldn't go immediately became bad.

Cui Buqun Since he heard Lin Yong ’s rumors, where would he not understand why? He wanted to shake Feng Xiao ’s hand if he did n’t want to, but who knows that the other ’s hand is firmly stuck to himself, and how to dial not open.

Lin Yong's eyes flickered and he laughed: "Cui Langjun must be distinguished if he can be Feng's close friend. I don't know that Cui Langjun is the Cui of Boling Cui or the Cui of Qinghe?"

Cui did not look pale: "Mountain Cui is neither Boling nor Qinghe. He is in white, and his name is not enough."

The more he said that, the more Lin Yong felt puzzled.

Cui didn't go futile, his face was cold and white, his eyebrows were tired, obviously he could not martial arts, and he was ill with such illness. Such a person can get Feng Erqing eyes, which is puzzling.

Lin Yong encountered Feng Er a few years ago and was helped by the other side to get rid of a little trouble.

At that time, Feng Er fell from the sky, which surprised him at first sight, and since then no one else can see. However, He Fengji did not have any interest in him at all, combined with high martial arts strength, Lin Yong had no chance if he wanted to overpower the bow, and he could not even protect his small life, so he had to save his mind and be attentive to Feng Xiao Beizhi, expecting the other party to change his mind, but Feng Er's whereabouts are erratic, and Lin Yong does not fully understand his background and identity. He can't find anyone if he wants to find someone. This is a pleasant surprise.

Lin Yong admits that the **** of abundance is like a jade, but Feng Er is not as good as a sick miser, and naturally feels a little unhappy.

What else did he want to say, but Feng Xiao didn't give him the opportunity, smiled a little, said "Let's go one step ahead", and took Cui not to enter.

Cui Buqi was almost half pushed and pulled in by Feng Xiao. Feng Xiao's action seemed intimate, but there was no room for resistance.

There are two floors in Linlang Pavilion, which looks like a patio. In the middle is the auction venue. Around are guest seats. Looking down from the railing on the second floor, you can see the middle scene. Feng Xiao and Cui can't go. The seat is just right. On the second floor of the south side, there are tea and snacks on the short table, and the folks are not as loud as ordinary wine kiosks and restaurants. They walk silently. As a result, most of the guests have talked lightly. The sound, the lute of the pipa came from a long distance, reflecting a bit of charm, unlike Lin Langge doing business, but like entering a music workshop.

Cui did not take a quick look, and found that the first floor was mostly wealthy merchants and people from the rivers and lakes, and the second floor was mostly a family member. Compared with the cleanliness of the second floor, naturally the first floor was more noisy. Lin Langge specifically separated the two. It also avoids many unnecessary hassles.

They just walked up the corner of the stairs, turned behind the screen, and completely got rid of Lin Yong ’s eyes that followed the shadows. Feng Xiao released her hands almost at the same time, and could not wait to push Cui Bu to the side, as if she might get caught later. What a dirty thing.

Cui does not go: ...

He silently made another entry in the account book, and found a place to sit down without expression.

Feng Xiao seemed to be unaware and asked with a smile: "Look at your expression, you should know Lin Yong's addiction?"

Cui does not go upset: "This is why you pushed me to fool him? It seems that you did not include this in your cooperation?"

Feng Xiao was innocent: "Well, I took you to see the world today. In return, what does it matter if you pay a little bit? He won't hurt you if I'm here."

Cui did not go lightly: "Although Lin Yong is absurd, he is not a fool. You might as well use Pei Jing as an excuse to be more credible."

Pei Jingxi, who was drinking tea in silence, suddenly coughed.

Feng Xiao laughed and said, "No, he doesn't look good on you."

When the words fell, Lin Yong's figure appeared behind the screen.

"The downstairs is so noisy and unsettling. I wonder if Fujiro doesn't mind me coming to disturb?"

Feng Xiao and Cui Buqu were originally separated by more than a foot, but just as Lin Yongsheng sounded, Feng Xiao held Cui Buqu's wrist with a thunderous thunder, and his upper body leaned in with a sweet smile. "Go, there's ash on your nose. Come, I'll wipe it off for you."

Cui does not go: ...

Lin Yong's eyes staring at Cui Bugou became hotter and more intense. Cui did not clearly see the flash of killing intently, but the other party quickly resumed the chic and romantic style, as if it was just an illusion.

Looking at the rivers and lakes, although Yandang Villa is only a middle-class martial arts family, due to Lin Fu's generous and hospitable face, others are still giving face when dealing with Lin Yong, but here at Feng Xiao, it is completely impossible.

"Sorry, I'm afraid I can't sit anymore." Feng Xiao smiled on the face, but refused completely.

Lin Yong didn't give up, and wanted to say something, Pei Jingxuan stopped in time: "Lin Shao, owner, please."

"Then we will reschedule it later." Lin Yong had to say.

Feng Xiao nodded slightly.

He showed little respect for Lin Yong, but Lin Yong did not show half discomfort. For Lin Yong, Feng Xiao was like a stunned shadow, and he couldn't find out the origin of his name. Wu Ying goes without a trace, but just relying on this style is enough to make Lin Yong fall, otherwise he won't forget it till now.

Before leaving, Lin Yong couldn't help but glanced at Cui again, the latter's wrist was being caught and played by Feng Xiao in his hands, his eyes were lowered and he could not see his expression.

He was a little stunned, and the secret road was just a plaything, and he threw away his sleeves.

When Feng Xiao's fingers moved away from her wrist, Cui didn't go without any discomfort, but thoughtfully.

As the master of the Xiejian Mansion, Feng Xiao didn't need to take Lin Yong's feelings into consideration, let alone Choi not go to serve as a shield, but Lin Yong was entangled several times. He actually hadn't fallen out with Lin Yong and stayed. There was a leeway for which there must be other reasons.

"What are you thinking? Do you need my help?" Feng Xiao's voice sounded in his ear.

Cui did not suddenly think of a possibility: "Is Jie Jianfu secretly investigating Lin Yong?"

Feng Xiao's eyes flickered slightly: "How do you think so?"

Cui didn't go silent, thinking in his mind: Is Lin Yong related to the case of the messenger Yu? No, it shouldn't. Yandang Villa is ten thousand miles away from Liugong City. On weekdays, there is no business relationship with Yu Yi and Linlang Pavilion. Lin Yong will appear here. It should really be a lively visit. However, in the sale of the Lin family, there is a silk urn called Tianjingsha, which is produced in the south. Its color is like sky light and its cloth is ice-like. It is loved by noble officials and is listed as a tribute. It is supplied by the Lin family to the palace every year. The reason for the Lin family to start is precisely from this sale, I heard that they recently wanted to use this to board the Prince's boat.

Feng Xiao allowed him to think there, so he took the time to say: "Go, with your ability, just be an obscure piece of work in Zuo Yue Bureau, it is too wronged. Now the three housekeepers of Xiejianfu, if you intend to trust , I can show you upwards, and I will set up the position of Lord of Four Provinces for you. "

Pei Jingyan opened her eyes slightly, trying to say something, but held back again.

Xie Jian Mansion is better than six. The main mansion is also the Ministry of Criminal Affairs. Shu Xiao also has the right to cut first and play later. It can be seen that the authority is great. Although Cui Buqu is probably a person in Zuo Yue Bureau, his identity has not yet been completely determined. His family Langjun promised him the title of the Four Houses. It was not solemn. Pei Jingxu could not tell for a moment whether Feng Xiao really wanted to recruit talents, or he was deliberately testing Cui not to go.

Cui didn't look dumb, and slowly looked up: "What is the left moon game, how can I not understand?"

Feng Xiao shook his hand: "You have a bad health, but you still have to run around in this city, tired and tired, and no one can see it. I'm really sorry for you. Xie Jian Fu now has fewer think tanks like you If you would nod your head, on the left side of the moon, let me come forward and say that keeping your head offends your boss, what do you think? "

He stared intently at Cui, with a smile on his face, sincere and sincere, which could make the iron tree blossom and the stones cry.

Cui did not go back for the first time and found that someone in this world can really deceive others with a face, and forgot about it. Although Cui did not confess that he was not deceived, it did not prevent him from admiring the beauty of Canruchunhua.

"Feng Langjun, although your words are very exciting, but I don't know what Zuoyue Bureau is, and I just want to be a Taoist in peace, and I hope you are here, keep your promise and let me be free."

Seduction | Failure of temptation, Feng Xiao nodded slightly, let go of his hand, leaned back, and the original shape was revealed.

"When did I promise to let you go? What I said was thinking about letting you go. As for whether you can move me, it depends on your performance."

Although he showed a rogue appearance and was very moving, Cui couldn't help but cursed shamelessly.

In the contest between the two of you and me, a crisp bell rang, and a middle-aged person walked downstairs to the middle of the patio.

Everyone was attracted by sight and looked around.

The drama started.

Chapter 14

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PS: It must be noted that in the background era of this article, during the Southern and Northern Dynasties and the Sui Dynasty, Yinliang was not the main currency in circulation. At that time, copper and silk were mainly used to buy things. It is in line with history, but in order to comply with reading habits, it is more pleasing to use silver. This is a semi-overhead text, so you don't have to be too discerning.

Since Linlang Pavilion became famous, many **** shops and silver buildings have followed suit, and a lot of auction gimmicks have been set up. Unfortunately, the wealth and wealth are not as good as Linlang Pavilion. As long as Linlang Pavilion Invitations must be hard to find, and many people regard this as a status symbol, and are proud of getting the invitation here.

Feng Xiao wanted an invitation card, and she could capture it without having to show her identity, but it was not so easy for others. Today, she went to the meeting for the first time. When she saw this middle-aged person, she suddenly became quiet.

"Today is the last day of the singing sale. Thank you for taking the time to come to your busy schedule. Linlang Pavilion is honored to go up and down, not to mention gossip. You must have been waiting for it. This is the first lot. Hold on. "

The middle-aged person did not yell with a throat, and the voice naturally spread to every place. In addition to the patio design unique here, this person should be a master at home. However, after all, Lin Langge's great career will naturally attract a lot of people's eyes, and it is not surprising to hire experts from all walks of life.

The other side said, the beautiful maid stood on the tray, two young waiters left and right, uncovering the items covered by gold silk, and a bronze wine baron appeared in the sight of everyone.

"This is the wine vessel used by the Qi Gong in the Spring and Autumn Period. There is a three-letter inscription on the Lord, which can prove his identity. This object was identified by our Mr. Yang Yang of the Lang Langge as a genuine product.

The maid pulled the middle rope, the bell rang, and immediately it was humane: "Eleven!"



After the bidding started, the scene was lively again, and soon someone called the thirty-high price.

These people may not be much interested in this bronze drunk, mainly the treasures circulated from Linlang Pavilion, which can generally double the value. Even if they do n’t keep it, they will be given gifts. Mr. Identified that the person who received the gift naturally looked at him.

"Who is out of the thirty?" Feng Xiao asked Cui not to go.

He didn't participate in the bidding. Compared to the wine bartender, Feng Xiao was more interested in the bidder. He knew that Cui would definitely know if he didn't go.

Sure enough, Cui did not go: "The other party's name is Lengdu, the righteous son of the chief helm of Nine Dragons. Recently, the chief helm Ning She gave me a beauty to Emperor Chen Shubao of the Southern Dynasty. Yes, Chen Shubao may have a Long Yan Dayue, and he will share a cup of southern water for Ning She. I took this wine vessel coldly and it should be given as a gift, but Chen Shubao ’s grandeur, despise this, this gift It may be given to the housekeeper next to Chen Shubao. If there is no accident, he will definitely get this thing, and others will not fight with him on the first thing. "

The Nine Gangs of Yunyun is not a gang, but a combination of nine gangs. They feed on water and feed on water. They are a force that cannot be underestimated in the southern martial arts. Among the nine gangs, the Golden Ring gang has the largest power, so Golden Ring To help the master Ningshe, I was elected as the chief helm master.

Ning She is indeed a heroic man. Under his management, the Jiuyun Jiugang quickly rose, from a non-medium-sized alliance, to the top of the martial arts in the south of the river.

Although Xie Jianfu wants to check who is easy, it ’s easier to bring Cui without going around. In the end, Wu Linzhang ’s characters are already in his heart. He can tell the other party ’s origins at will, background purpose, this Even Pei Jinghuai sighed as if he was secretly talented.

When Cui doesn't finish talking, the three benefits have been sung, and the Bronze Jue was finally bought by the cold, fully in line with Cui's expectations.

This man was pale and sickly. A big cricket covered almost half of his face. Sitting there crooked can make people feel tired, but when he spoke, he clearly had a plan. To be sure, it is involuntarily convinced.

Feng Xiao clapped her hands and praised, "Acui is very good, and you are full of good friends. Only you have three points."

Cui didn't shut his mouth tightly, but he didn't answer him.

Feng Xiao refused to give up: "You don't ask me where the other seven points are?"

Cui didn't go coldly: "I don't need to ask."

Feng Xiao laughed: "It seems that you also think so. The heroes see the same thing. The world is romantic. I have seven points. The remaining three points will be given to you!"

Cui did not roll his eyes in response.

Pei Jingxi curiously said, "Can I have a parent-child in Ningsha?"

Cui did not shake his head: "Ning She and my wife have been married for nineteen years. Nothing came out of my knees. I just accepted a cold son, as if I was out. Unexpectedly, the position of the Golden Ring Gang should be passed on to the Cold City, but the Cold City is young and unable to overcome the internal situation of the Golden Ring Gang, so it remains to be seen how it will work. "

Pei Jingzheng only listened to Yi Jing of the market and laughed, because he felt that the grievances in the rivers and lakes were far away in the south, and it was a trivial matter within the gang, which had nothing to do with the north and even Da Sui.

Cui did not seem to see his thoughts, and said lightly: "If the Heavenly Son intends to cut Chen, he will have to cross Henan, and transport will become very important. If it can be transformed from the internal part, it will make it chaotic. The 9th Gang of Yun Yun will assist the Southern Dynasty to deal with the Sui Dynasty. "

Feng Xiao laughed and said nothing, he had already thought of this layer.

Pei Jingxu may not have this insight. When he heard the words, he arched and said, "Teached."

At first, when seeing Cui not going to say two words, he coughed a few times. Pei Jingzhang didn't say anything in his mouth, and he inevitably felt a little contempt. After all, Jiejianfu and Zuoyue Bureau are different from the six departments in the three provinces. Walking on the border of light and shadow, it is necessary to reach the height of the court and the distance of the rivers and lakes. Martial arts are not necessary, but there are no three or two. It is almost impossible to walk in the martial arts with the strongest respect, but Cui does not go. Unexpectedly, this man was born in the Liuli Palace and knew all the people in the rivers and lakes, but he didn't know anything about martial arts. At this time, although he was controlled by Feng Xiao, he didn't lose the slightest advantage between words and deeds.

Pei Jingzheng thinks that these characters are not bad even if they don't have martial arts. If they can win His Majesty Lang Jun, then the Jiefu Mansion is even more powerful.

Next are two antique singing and selling, one is Guqin Luqi, and the other is the famous sword Baihong.

The piano is a famous piano, and the sword is also a good sword. Naturally, it attracted numerous people to bid for it. Feng Xiao seemed to be interested in Lu Qi and participated in several auctions. In the end, someone came to three thousand and two silver and set the piano. Feng Xiao didn't have to think about it and gave up halfway.

Cui didn't go to see him clearly wanted the instrument, but abandoned it halfway, and could not help but look at him a few more times.

Feng Xiao noticed immediately and smiled at him: "I don't want Luqi, because I have bigger and better babies. Would you like to see them?"

Cui does not go: ...

Cui Buqian is not a man of words. If he wants to, he can talk to the other person's face in a shameless and shameless manner. He used to be savage with Fengxiao before. He didn't need to speak, and someone around him would naturally clean him up. Now that Pingyang was in a tiger, he was trapped for a while, and he had to fight in front of him, facing each other's eyes.

But then again, Cui didn't go and wasn't a big girl. Naturally, he didn't need to expect him to have a confused or blushing reaction when he heard the words. On the contrary, he just asked for a moment and calmly asked: "Let's wait and see. "

Feng Xiaoxuan said twice: "Ah, you are too frivolous. How can you use one word for everything?"

Cui did not go: "I was afraid that your baby would hold it up and shrink to the thickness of the knuckles in a little while, then I was disappointed."

Feng Xiao was surprised: "I'm talking about the piano, aren't you talking about it?"

Cui didn't sneer: "I'm talking about Qin, how do you know I'm not talking?"

Pei Jingyan: ...

He could not bear to listen to the conversation between the two, and could only conceal the twitching of his mouth by raising a glass of tea.

Feng Xiao watched Cui not go with an expression of "Just make it up": "Then you can talk about what kind of piano in the world can be reduced and enlarged?"

Cui did not go: "Li Xuanyu, Tiangonglou, recently made a stack of pianos. When folded, they were not as large as a slap, and unfolded like a pipa. Feng Langjun came from Xiejian Mansion. He should have heard of the world, but even this matter Don't know? "

Feng Xiao laughed: "Of course, Li Xuanchi is a godsend, but my piano must be better than him and better than Lu Qi, but Lu Qi is a famous piano after all. It ’s rare to see it in the world. Day, that would be better. "

Cui did not go: "The person who photographed Lu Qi was called Cui Hao, the grandson of the second room of the Cui family in Boling. On the eighth day of next month, it is the birthday of his ancestor Cui Yong. Cui Yong loves the piano and always loves it. Cui Hao. "

The implication is that this piano was bought by Cui Hao for his grandfather.

A few more treasures were held out and were quickly auctioned off one by one.

People who can come to Linlang Pavilion will naturally not be short of money. Sometimes buying something in public can better show their status and give people a sense of vanity. So even if the value is expensive, some people are rushing to buy it, but the buyer ’s Identity, Feng Xiao and Pei Jingxian may not know each other, but Cui can talk freely without going. From his introduction, Feng Xiao can roughly judge whether these people are related to the case.

Near noon, the auction was over halfway, and Linlangge successively delivered hot dishes and snacks to the tables. With these things to fill the stomach, everyone did not feel hungry, but they were looking forward to the next treasure.

Pei Jingzhe couldn't sit still. He suspected that Tianchi Yudan wouldn't appear here at all, but seeing Feng Xiao and Cui still going, they were still so calm.

At this moment, he heard the middle-aged humane: "The next piece is jade, which has no origin and no name. It was just sent to Linlang Pavilion yesterday. It has not been identified by Mr. Dong Yang and cannot be judged true or false. .If any customer repents after buying such an item, we will not be responsible for it, and we hope to know and forgive it. "

This rule has been said by middle-aged people before, and now it is emphasized again. Many people who are not willing will listen to it and stop.

When the objects contained in the carved lacquer box were taken out, and when the sunlight and Chinese training put in outside the window circulated, everyone took a sigh of relief.

Pei Jingxu couldn't sit still anymore, straightened up and stared at the maid's hand.

Tianchi Yudan!

Chapter 15

While Feng Xiao and Cui Buqi were waiting for Tianchi Yudan to appear in Linlang Pavilion, Chunxiangfang in Liugong City welcomed a strange guest.

It is strange because the other person shaved his head and held the bead in his hand, saying that he was a monk, obviously wearing a uniform, saying that he was not a monk, and his face was ancient, and it was not like entertaining and entertaining. .

The hostess, Mrs. Xue, has been sent for so many years. It was also the first time I saw such a strange guest. I heard that the other party broke into the door and had to break in. She had to gather a bun at will, yawning, and accompanied her in the nursing home Go out.

On both sides of the face to face each other, Mrs. Xue froze a bit, and the anger was suppressed for a few minutes, and replaced with a smile.

"This Langjun, our Chunxiangfang is not hospitable in the daytime. If you are interested, you may come back after a long time."

The eldest son of Bodhi said, "I heard that Yun Yun's little girl danced halfway around the city. I came here to see her."

Mrs. Xue covered her mouth and smiled: "Yunyun, I'm afraid I'm too lazy to draw an eyebrow at this moment!"

If Chunxiangfang's regulars are here, I see that the always hot Mrs. Xue is so kind to a person who does n’t understand the rules, just to scare her chin, but for Mrs. Xue, even if she reads countless people, her grandson Bodhi ’s She was handsome enough to get out of bed and put on a smile to welcome her.

Changsun Bodhi frowned slightly: "But I just passed Liugong City, and I'm leaving at night. Can't you let me see her?"

He took out a brocade bag and handed it to Mrs. Xue.

Mrs. Xue took it and opened it.

The bag was full of golden pearls from the South China Sea, which were shining in the sun.

The grandson Bodhi ’s handsome face with this bag of gold beads, let alone a young lady to accompany her, even if it is to ask Mrs. Xue to take part in the battle, she will not say anything.

"Lang Jun please come inside, I'll call Yun Yun!"

The elder Bodhi nodded slightly, glanced across the front room without trace, a light figure flickered by, and soon disappeared into sight.

If you want to hide your eyes, of course, it is best to come at night. At that time, people from Chunxiangfang came and went.

But night is also the time when the other party is most likely to lie dormant. After discussing with Qiao Xian and his grandson, they all think that when they come over during the day and go the other way, it is easiest to hit the other party by surprise, or they can lead the snake out of the hole.

Chunxiangfang's pavilions are heavy, and the corridors are winding, the faint fragrance is faint. It really feels like a deep boudoir, and the eldest grandson walks behind Mrs. Xue, but it is such a terrain that is easy to hide. It is the master of Wugong who comes to find someone, as long as the other party Hold your breath silently, cover by the movement of flowers, birds, fish and insects around you, you may not be able to find it.

"This is Yun Yun's place of residence. Go up by yourself. She may not be up yet." Xue Niangzi laughed.

Although this little girl is both a show and a body, she doesn't want to get it, but her grandson is really generous. She shot a bag of gold beads. Not to mention one thing, even ten things are enough.

Mrs. Xue said, turning around and leaving, her grandson knocked twice, and the door was quickly opened. A young girl saw him standing at the door.

The grandson Bodhi said, "I'm looking for Yunyun."

The girl was furious: "You guys don't understand the rules. The lady doesn't treat guests in the day, so leave quickly, otherwise I will be called."

Grandson: "Mrs. Xue brought me here."

The young girl froze, and the anger soon turned into sorrow, but it passed away, and she calmly said, "Nang Langjun, please come in, and trouble you to sit in the front hall for a while, but Yunyun hasn't got up yet, so I'll wake her up . "

The grandson nodded: "There is work."

Here must have spent a lot of time dressing up. The grandson looked around and saw a plum in front of the window. He was thinking about where the plum blossoms came from in the spring. When he looked forward, he knew that it was silk flowers, but it was very good. The color is uniform, the depth is deep, and the real is false.

"Does it look good?" The woman's voice came from behind, listening gently.

"Good-looking." Changsun Bodhi turned back. "You made it yourself?"

Yunyun laughed without saying a word, a piece of blue silk just picked up at will, wearing a dress outside the single clothes, loose, do not have a lazy style.

"It's good-looking, why bother with provenance? Why did Lang Jun break in during the day, and Lady Xue didn't stop it?"

The elder Bodhi said briefly: "A bag of gold beads."

Yun Yun heard it all at once, and she smiled with regret: "No wonder Xue is willing to make an exception for you."

She said she took the initiative to hold the grandson's hand and snuggled up.

Regardless of the popularity of this young lady's dancing, many people who spend a lot of money, in the final analysis, are still for her, nephrite Wenxiang is easily available elsewhere, but the essence of everyone's enthusiasm must be that Exclusive vanity.

Yun Yun also understands this very well, and has not acted in the same manner as other musicians.

But the grandson Bodhi pushed her hand away.

"I want to watch you dance."

Yun Yun smiled: "Is Lang Jun shy and wants to enjoy dancing first? Yeah, but there is no music accompaniment at this moment, so my maid can only play the lute."

The grandson Bodhi said: "I am not shy, nor am I pretending to be pure, but I just want to see you dance."

He was bland and had no smile, but what he said was more credible.

"Do you still remember this golden mule?" The grandson took out a mule from his sleeve and handed it to him.

Yunyun first appeared to be confused, and then her expression slowly changed, as if she remembered something.

"Are you, the guy on the east side ..."

The grandson nodded: "Eight years ago, a young boy was living on the streets, starving and cold, and almost died. You gave him a golden urn, let him go to pawns, and get through the difficulties. Later, when he got the money, he took this one. Jin Hui came back and redeemed him all the time. He returned today and returned you a good start. "

Yunyun stared at Jin Mao for a while, tears gradually spread into his eyes, and finally fell on the palm of the grandson Bodhi.

"Eight years, you're a man of ingenuity, but I'm old."

The grandson said, "If you want, I can redeem you."

Yunyun wiped away her tears and shook her head and smiled, "I like the days like this, everyone is watching, paper drunk gold fans, you don't have to worry about me, this golden cymbal is also for you to think about, what dance you want to watch, I give You jump. "

After this episode, Yunyun's attitude towards the grandson Bodhi finally became a little closer, and she was no longer as distant and polite as she was at the beginning.

The grandson took a deep look at her and put Jin Mao back in his sleeve.

"Then jump a drunk Dongfeng."


In the Linlang Pavilion, almost everyone couldn't sit still. The quiet scene boiled for a while, and many people stretched their necks and looked at the crystal-clear and colorful jade in the maid's hands.

There is no need for someone from Lin Langge to introduce, even people who have no research on jade can know that this is a treasure.

"Tianchi Yudan, is this the case?" Pei Jingxi couldn't help but say a word.

They have all speculated that Tianchi Yudan is likely to appear in the auction of Linlang Pavilion, but no one has thought that it would be so bright and upright. If Jiejianfu came to take the jade away at this time, the other party would make every effort to plan Does everything fail?

"Can it be fake?" He thought of the possibility again.

Now that Lin Langge has taken this thing out, it is obviously too late to ask them to take it back. Regardless of whether it is true or false, you must get it before you can identify it.

"Because the origin of this item is unknown, Linlange is afraid to make a conclusion, so the starting price is slightly lower than other treasures, and it is tentatively set as Wuguan. Those who intend to benefit from the price should also increase their own prices."

In the middle-aged people's words, some people shouted the price of Liuguan, and the prices were superimposed layer by layer. After a while, the price has been increased to fifty, but the scene is still in full swing. Even Lin Yong, who had been standing still, joined the auction and directly shouted the price of 100 yuan, but then someone raised the price.

"Lang Jun, then we—" Pei Jingxi couldn't help asking Feng Xiao.

Such a piece of precious jade, even if it is not Tianchi Yudan, should attract countless people to snatch, not to mention the news of Tianchi Yudan's theft has long been secretly spread, many well-informed people naturally got the wind, only to make this piece of precious jade Far more eye-catching than anything before.

Feng Xiao said: "Wait a minute."

In this case, when the price shouted at 2,000 silver, the people who saw the increase were still eager to move. Pei Jingzheng called out 5,000 silver, plus the price of ten Nanhai gold beads. .

The scene suddenly calmed down.

Many people followed the sound of surprise and looked at Pei.

Cui didn't go to gather his aunt to his chin, sitting slightly on his side, avoiding many unnecessary sights.

Feng Xiao also deliberately came over: "It's not a little lady, why are you so shy that you can't even look at it?"

Cui didn't go coldly: "You are so showy. I'm afraid to stay with you. I don't even know my head when I sleep at night."

Feng Xiao laughed, stretched his arms around his waist, and said vaguely: "Then you can sleep with me in the same bed, I guarantee you peace of mind!"

The clinker Cui didn't go up suddenly and took Fengxiao a big ear scraper with a thunderbolt. His speed was so fast that even a master of martial arts like Fengxiao didn't respond. Avoid it backwards.

"You shameless apprentice, even if you take over my sister, you do n’t even let me go. You have to hide in the Liugong City, and you still ca n’t hide from you. Is there no king in this world? ?! "

In front of everyone's eyes, Cui didn't go all out, she was inviolable, and her face was white with anger, which made people think of the bamboo in the snow.

Feng Xiao: ...

He did not expect that Cui could not bear it all the way, but he was waiting for himself here, and with all the attention, everyone's eyes changed to Feng Xiao.

Feng Xiao thought to himself, this is really a capsized boat in the gutter.

Chapter 16

Cui didn't say anything, she coughed while covering her mouth.

The cough was heard one after another, and it became more and more severe. He had to bend down, and his back coughed slightly, just like frost bamboo struggling in the wind.

Zixiaguan's reputation in Liugong City has risen in the past two months. Although not all of them present today are locals, but there are also people who know Cui not to go. Now he said loudly: "Cui Guanzhu, what is wrong with you, but you need help?"

"There are still such filthy things in the broad daylight, Master Cui Guan, come downstairs quickly, we will go to the officer!" Someone should also reconcile.

Cui didn't cough a few times and smiled bitterly: "This is the Fenglangjun from Xiejian Mansion. He was ordered to investigate the case of the Herald. He said that I was related to the case and forced me to detain me. You are going. It's useless to find a county magistrate. Thank you for your kindness. We are just ... it's intolerable! "

He had a bad cough just now, and his eyes burst into physiological tears, but no one cared about the reason, everyone only saw Cui not going to look weak, and his tears were pitiful.

Even Lin Yong, who had a good opinion of Feng Xiao, couldn't help doubting it: Does Feng Xiao have a high-level look on the surface, and his actual addictions are different.

Thinking about it this way, Feng Xiao turned a blind eye to himself, and seemed to understand.

Lin Yong began to seriously consider whether he also put on a Xizi heart in front of Feng Xiao, but then Cui didn't tell Feng Xiao's origin, but he was shocked. The Lin family and the palace got online, and Lin Yong's news was far better than ordinary people in the rivers and lakes. What the three words of Jiejianfu meant was also heard. I didn't know Feng Xiao's identity before, but he even thought of him indiscriminately. In retrospect, it is inevitable that there is some sense of uncontrollable ridicule.

The auction of Linlang Pavilion was forced to be interrupted. Rao was a middle-aged man and machine that became unparalleled, and for a moment he was a little stunned. I didn't know how to react until Fengxiao laughed.

"Everyone said that you can't have both fish and bear's paw, but I want to have the best of both worlds, to make my sister Yu Xue cute, and you're so smart, how about you all taking it? To understand the position of Sword House in front of Tianzi, trivial matters, but It's not worth getting involved in Wang Fa! Atelier, your sister has been tuned by me | Teached it, and now you are left. If you are willing to keep it with me and keep it from now on, let you eat and drink hot and spicy, you will never be wronged! "

He smiled at Cui Bugo, as if Cui did not go. There was such a girl, Feng Xiao had been included in the room, and he was put in prison.

You have Zhang Liangji, I have a wall ladder, isn't it just a broken pot and a broken one, who is afraid of who? Cui didn't sneer: "But do you like people seriously? My sister said to me, when she is with you, you always have some unspeakable hobbies, not only do you like to get rid of her and whip you with a whip, but also The more pain you can do, the better. If she doesn't do it enough, you will torture her to death. I'm afraid you won't let outsiders know about these things! "

There was an uproar.

Pei Jingyan: ...

He was completely numb, looking blankly at the two men who slandered each other and ruined each other's reputation.

Lin Yong even opened his mouth wide, surprised.

He thought, never thinking about Fengxiao's grandeur, but he had such a hobby in private. Looking at himself, although the habit of broken sleeves is not humane, at least it is normal in other aspects ...

Feng Xiao's mouth twitched.

He felt that he had reacted fast enough and was cruel to himself. He did not expect that there would be mountains outside the mountain, and there would be someone outside of him, who would even come up with a Cui not to go, even more fierce than him.

The two looked at each other with big eyes and small eyes. After a while, Feng Xiao decided to temporarily cease the truce and take care of the business.

He shrugged his sleeves and said to the middle-aged humane: "This is a private matter of Feng. You don't need to pay attention to it. If you have any doubts, you can go to Jiejian Mansion yourself. Today's auction is not over yet, can't it be so hasty?

The middle-aged person woke up like a dream at first, and busyly said, "Yes, no one knows the beauty of this beautiful jade flower, please take your seats!"

Cui didn't go to sit down again, his expression was calm and calm. He now fell into Feng Xiao's hands. Although it was an accident, it was also a round he laid. Since he is also a chess piece in the round, it is impossible to get out in advance, but he can disgusted Feng. Xiao Ye.

The crowd was disturbed by the just episode, and it seemed that they were still a bit lost. No one in the jade gallon subsequently increased the price, and naturally fell into the hands of Feng Xiao. After that, there were several treasures coming out, and they were also competing for the price. Feng Xiao No more participation, only after the auction was over, with Pei Jingyun and Cui not going, they left Linlang Pavilion and returned to Qiushan Belonging.

"Cui Guanzhu's mouth is really powerful, and a few words ruined our reputation!" Pei Jingxiu recalled the scene just now. He was still a little hesitant, and his tongue was not as good as Feng Xiaoling. At that time, naturally, he couldn't think of anything more powerful. Let's refute that if Cui does not go to the public in public, it will actually implement Cui not go.

"I still have your incense sticking out of my body. It's not a big deal to say two words and get angry. We haven't vomited blood in public to show that what we said is true. It's already giving you face."

Cui didn't look dull, without the eloquence that he had deliberately made just now, he sat there with all the momentum, calm like the mountains and the clouds.

Pei Jingxi was unhappy: "Then you spit it out and show me!"

The words were square, and I saw that Cui didn't go to open her mouth and cough, her lips were bright red, and there were many spots on her clothes.

Pei Jingyan :? !! !!

He was frightened, and immediately jumped three feet high, and almost rushed to see if there was any problem with Choi's absence.

Feng Xiao's fluttering voice came: "Fool, that's mulberry juice."

He looked intently, and the red was indeed not the dark red of human blood, but the purple in the red.

Pei Jingyan: ...

Cui didn't lift his sleeves, and calmly wiped the juice from his lips. There was no embarrassment to be exposed.

"Just accidentally."

Pei Jingji twitched at the corner of his eyes. He remembered that before, the maid sent a few fruit drinks in Linlang Pavilion. Cui didn't go and asked for mulberry juice. Spitting it out is not easy.

Feng Xiao laughed and said, "Go, the more I look at you, the more pleasing to the eye, do you really not think about Jie Jianfu? The four masters are waiting for you, my gentleman said, it's hard to chase."

Cui does not go: "A gentleman said, are you a gentleman?"

Feng Xiao: "Well, even if I'm not a gentleman, a villain can at least stand up to two horses, right? Or is your status in Zuo Yue Bureau far higher than I expected? "

Cui does not go: "I have already said that I have never heard of Zuo Yueban."

Feng Xiao: "Then let's talk about this jade."

He asked Pei Jingxuan to put the jade that was photographed on the table.

Under the sun, the jade is shining and shining, and they can almost see their reflection from the jade color reflection.

"Just bidding. Six people including me. Do you know their identity?"

Cui Buqun said, "Yantang Mountain Villa, Lin Yong. Yu Yan Fushang, Zhou Pei. Boling Cui, Cui Hao. Goguryeo, Gao Ning. Anlu Zhangjia, Zhang Yingshui."

He seemed to have expected that Feng Xiao would have asked this question, without having to think about it, he would report the name of the person in one breath.

Feng Xiao: "Who do you think is the most suspicious?"

Pei Jingxu thought that Cui would answer "How do I know" and so on. Who would have expected him to cooperate this time?

"Zhou Pei, his father is a Turkic, it is said that he is cousin with the first master Foer, who is slightly khan in the sand bowl. And, the Goguryeo warrior, Gao Ning."

Chapter 17

Bodhi the eldest son is not a person who enjoys pleasure.

His temperament seems to be a little bit self-sufficient to others. In the month of the left month, tea making and chanting in his spare time was even more boring than a serious monk, but he didn't think it was bitter, but was content with it.

At this moment, sitting in the fragrant woman of the city's men, and watching her dancing gracefully, her white ankle swirled, the golden ring bells rang out, but the eldest grandson did not have a restful mood, he sat like a pine, hands clasped, bead With your palms in your hands, your concentration is as if you are not watching a dance, but watching a set of martial arts.

It's hard for Yun Yun to see a lot of scenes in Chunxiangfang. Under such scorching gaze, she can still dance a dance freely.

"Does it look good?" She asked, smiling, as she took the papa from the maid and wiped her sweat from her forehead.

"Good-looking." Changsun only said two words, but in his ears, it was far more believable than many people's long-speaking words.

"Then you tonight ..." Yunyun said only four words and did not continue.

It wasn't the first time she had stayed as a guest, but somehow it was a bit difficult to talk about this time, perhaps because the grandson's expression was too serious and not so serious as to come over as a prostitute.

Although the little girl was blown out of the house by a small dance outside, she could n’t get enough money, but she knew very well that in the final analysis, she was just a piece of duckweed that followed the flow, and her fate had no choice but to do something in vain in the fishing net. Struggling.

Suddenly the other party approached her, the calmness of Yun Yun's pretense was shattered and exhausted, and the heat instantly moved from the neck to the cheeks, but the body became unwilling to retreat and wanted to retreat, only to let the other person's breath wrap around him.

"The aroma on your body is unique." Changsun said.

Yunyun red ear fever: "Yes, it is the smell of citrus, and a touch of grass and wood."

Grandson Bodhi: "It smells good."

At that time, the two were almost together, and Yun Yun's little girl was clasped with a strong arm, and she couldn't move halfway, but her heartbeat was faster.

This man is more handsome and full of power than any she has ever seen, not to mention that there is still a fate between them.

Bodhi the eldest son: "Did you make this incense yourself?"

In the mood of confusion, Yun Yun's little lady lost almost any precaution: "No, someone helped me adjust it."

Grandson Bodhi: "You also asked her to help me make one."

"Okay ..." Yunyun murmured, and suddenly found the other side to let go of herself, and she looked puzzled.

The grandson said: "It's not dark yet."

She blushed blatantly, and it was not very appropriate to prostitute in the day, even if they were different here, but in front of the grandson, she seemed to try her best to make a good impression on the other party.

"So, what does Jun Jun want to do? I'll dance for you again?" She pinched her hair together, Zhu lips slightly opened.

"I want to make a picture for you," said the grandson Bodhi.

Yun Yun froze.

The grandson Bodhi said: "I have seen court music and dance, and your dance is no worse than them. I want to draw you and let you see it yourself."

If a **** utters these words, she will only smile. The man who talks has a very focused look and a serious expression, which convinces her subconsciously.

No one ever said that she would draw a picture for her.

Yun Yun drew her head for a moment, and when she looked up again, she smiled brightly: "Okay."

Outside the room, Red Candle came to the door with the wine, and saw that the door was closed, and there was no sound inside.

She stopped, walking with a touch of excitement, and quietly opened a door slit with her shoulders, peering through the curtain, but found that the inside was not performing a live spring palace as she had imagined, Yun Yun was standing motionless with her back to her. Posing.

Let's look at the uninvited guest who had just thrown in a thousand dollars to get in. At this moment, instead of kissing the beauty, he stood in front of the book and painted.

Red Candle looked at the hazy outline of the eldest son of Bodhi and looked for a while, but he didn't hide envy and jealousy, but the two in the room did their best and didn't seem to notice the maid watching the door.

In the end, she was bored, she turned her back, and turned quietly away, holding the wine and preparing to return to the room for her own enjoyment, unaware that there was a white figure behind her.

Qiao Xian originally wanted to stop her and ask questions, but after seeing the other party's actions, she changed her mind.

Everyone has weaknesses. Don't be afraid that they have too many weaknesses, and that they will not find their weaknesses.

The weakness of the red candle is already obvious enough.

Asking another question, the effect may be better.


In the Akiyama Bespoke House, Cui did not look at the jade that was suspected of Tianchi's jade, and slowly said, "Today, Goguryeo is the twenty-fifth generation king, and the king of the plains is in the throne. Little is known about Central Plains, but in Goguryeo, he has a good reputation. It is said that he has been fascinated by Kendo. Within ten days, he defeated twelve top masters of Goguryeo, Baekje and Silla in a row. For his name, Xu Qi was glorious for riding a sword in the palace. "

Pei Jingzheng was just teased by Cui Bing. At this moment, he was dissatisfied and couldn't help but said: "Goguryeo is a small country in Northeast China. Faby. "

Cui did not go, but nodded in agreement: "Yes. But Gao Ning is most likely at the medicinal effect of Tianchi Yudan itself. Without a warrior, he doesn't want to go to the next level. Many people get stuck for life There must be no bottleneck at the bottleneck. If there is help from the gall, maybe there will be a shortcut to heaven. "

Pei Jinghuan: "But that's just hearsay, no one has verified the authenticity."

"It's enough, but if there is a little hope, there is always someone who is in danger." Feng Xiao knocked at the table. "Speaking back to the topic, you feel that if you want to steal something, it will make it appear in full view. Was it noticed by everyone? "

Pei Jingxi said: "I will make it one of the lots through the relationship of Linlang Pavilion and silently take it away from others. With this layer of Linlang Pavilion relationship, it is also difficult to search when leaving the city. The big shopkeeper here is cool and cool, and we can do it. Will it be that Wen Liang is caught by us, and their plan fails, will Yudan be sold like this now? "

Feng Xiao shook his head. He felt that things were not so simple, and there must be some links that he had missed.

This case seemed simple, it was just a murder and robbery, but the inner layers were peeled apart, and they found intricate and complicated, one wrapped around one, and found a clue clearly, but was disturbed by the disturbance in a blink of an eye.

Feng Xiao could feel that there were several hands invisible to disrupt the chessboard. Some hands were for covering their own purposes, while others were deliberately trying to confuse the audiovisual.

Thinking of this, he could not help looking at Cui.

The latter sensed his gaze, and greeted him voluntarily.

The two looked at each other, and with the same skin smiled at each other, and both smiled in the next moment.

Dead fox. Feng Xiao shouted in his heart.

Swaying oleander essence. Cui didn't sneer secretly.

Oleander, bright and poisonous, is perfect for Feng Xiao.

Pei Jingxuan did not pay attention to the turbulent tide between the two. He pondered for a long time and hesitated, "Will there be two Tianchi Yudan, now this is fake, and there is one true?"

Chapter 18

One of these precious treasures is rare, where can I find the second one?

Cui didn't reach out his hand and covered it with jade, and the coldness came from the palm of his hand.

None of the three had seen the real Tianchi Yudan, and naturally could not be identified.

Feng Xiao: "What do you think of Linlang Pavilion?"

Pei Jingxi said: "I have asked the people in Linlang Pavilion. They said that the treasures of this auction are all handled by Wen Liang, the big shopkeeper. I went to interrogate Wen Liang. He said that this thing was a gray coat yesterday. The old servant sent it, packed in a plain wooden box, claiming to be a heirloom. Because of the fall of the family road, he came to the **** at the command of the master, and specified that it was a death pawn. This was originally an unknown thing. Lin Langge refused to accept it because it might be stolen by someone who stole it from a servant, which easily damaged Lin Langge's reputation, but because it happened to catch up with the annual auction, Wen Liang thought repeatedly and thought that even thief stolen , And put it out for auction, if the owner of the object is in the presence of the object, it is also convenient for the owner to return to the original owner, so the clapper will take the master and take out this piece of jade. "

Cui does not go: "If the item is not auctioned, what will happen to it?"

Pei Jinghuan: "According to the rules of Linlang Pavilion, it will be placed for one year. If no owner is found, it will also be auctioned. Now it is only one year in advance."

Cui does not go: "Will someone send you over there?"

Pei Jingxuan looked at Feng Xiao, and nodded at him, and said to Cui: "Yes, the new messenger of the King Yu has already been on the road. We will send someone to meet at the end, but it will take three to five days to reach Liugong city."

In other words, in these three or five days, no one can prove that the jade in front of them is the real Tianchi jade.

Cui did not go to caper the jade and slowly said, "When you took this jade today, at least ten people stared at you for a long time. Three of them showed dissatisfaction, and two had murderous eyes."

Did you notice that? Pei was a little surprised and couldn't help asking: "Who is there?"

Cui really said it before he went: "The three people who frowned were the golden ring to help the young and the cold; the Yu Pei and the merchant Zhou Pei; the An Lu Zhang family's Zhang Yingshui; A Turk in black, another twenty-six years old, in a gray coat and wearing a hooded hat, is of ordinary appearance. I have never seen these two people, nor have I seen their shots. I ca n’t determine their identity for the time being. "

"Turkish people?" Pei Jingyan became sensitive all of a sudden.

Feng Xiao showed an interesting look: "Whether Tianchi Yudan is true or not, if I succeed, there will be many people coming to my door."

Cui does not go: "Yes."

Pei was startled: "Did they dare to fight against Jie Jianfu?"

Cui did not ridicule and laughed: "Jiejian Mansion relies on the authority of Heavenly Sons, so that the courts give three points of face, and what status does it have on the rivers and lakes? If this jade bile really has the effect of reinvigorating the muscles, it will make people come to life. Is it worth them to grab? "

Pei Jingyan opened his mouth and tried to refute, but couldn't think of a word for a moment.

Feng Xiao suddenly chuckled.

"Tianhan is dewy, so long after listening outside, why not just come in for a cup of hot tea?"

Someone outside?

Pei Jingyan raised his ears, and he was good, but from now until now, he hasn't noticed any movement outside.

However, the next moment, a soft, shallow, female voice sounded like spring water.

"The slaves were afraid that there would be too many people in the house and they would not be able to sit down."

Someone really!

Pei stood up in shock.

Feng Xiao picked up the box with jade on the table and threw it towards the door.

He certainly wasn't trying to punch the door through the hole and throw the box outside, but when the box hit the door, it immediately popped open in the opposite direction, and the door was automatically opened because of this force. , Non-Martial arts masters can not do it.

The wind rushed in along the door of the hole, and a yellow woman was also in sight of the three. The other was sitting on the eaves of the house directly opposite them, and their feet were swaying in the air.

She is ordinary in appearance and has nothing amazing. Compared with Feng Xiao who is present, she is more like a cloud and mud, but as long as she speaks, it will not be mistaken.

"I was disturbed late at night, and the slave family was very unhappy. If Feng Langjun was willing to lend me the jade, I would leave after reading it, and never stay."

Pei Jingxi followed Feng Xiao and stepped out of the door, and immediately found that there were more than one woman in yellow clothes outside. There were three people standing on the left and right roofs and under the tree on the right.

A mysterious man in **** and white clothes, from head to toe, invisible to men and women.

A tall man with slightly yellow hair and a stranger at first glance.

And a man with a cold face, tight lips, a deep mark on his eyebrows, and a sword on his waist.

What does it mean that so many masters are standing outside but they have never noticed it?

It means that if there is a conflict, he can't help Feng Xiao at all.

Pei Jingyan exploded all over her hair.

The woman in yellow seemed to see his nervousness and chuckled: "Xiaolangjun don't have to be afraid. The slaves come alone, and they are not with them."

Instead of coughing, Cui slowly walked outside.

In contrast, the clothes of a few people outside the house are like being in the middle of summer. Cui does not go to tightly wrap the clothes, and his face is almost as white as the snow. At first glance, it is a chronic illness, and he looks alive in a few days. Regardless of footwork, there is no martial art.

Everyone glanced around him, and turned away inadvertently, never minding again.

Feng Xiao stood with his hands in his hands and walked in the courtroom without any tension. Instead, it seemed like long-awaited tonight.

"There are two more, so it's better to come out."

Everyone present did not speak, as if waiting for the two people in his mouth to appear.

After such a quiet and stagnant atmosphere, a figure slowly emerged from the shadows of the corner. Judging from the figure, it should be a tall woman, but the other half of the body was still hidden in the darkness that could not be illuminated by the moon. As if it was her home.

Pei Jingchen said in a deep voice: "Who else, what is the skill to hide your head!"

The woman in yellow dispelled him: "The man has left. If I didn't guess wrong, it should be the killer on the 13th floor of Yunhai."

Hearing the name of the 13th floor of Yunhai, Feng Xiao and Cui didn't go, they all agreed, and looked slightly.

The 13th floor of the sea of clouds is a newly emerging secret sect on the rivers and lakes. The main business is hiring and killing people. The existence of some people in the world has hindered others, but the other party is inconvenient to start in person or has no ability to do it themselves. The 13th floor of the sea of clouds came into being.

It is said that the business on the 13th floor of Yunhai is very good, but their courage is getting bigger and bigger, and even the court officials dare to start. Last month, an officer of the Ministry of Criminal Affairs violently investigated and secretly investigated Xiejian Mansion and found that the other party's cause of death was strange or related to the murder. The 13th floor of Yunhai appeared on the desk file of the owner of Xiejian Mansion.

After all, the killer did not see the light. The other party saw Feng Xiao as a stubble. Tonight, there are so many masters. I am afraid I can't take advantage of it, so I leave in advance, which is also common sense.

Only one left, and five more.

Cui looked around for a week without a trace, coughed twice, and hid a smile of glee.

I do n’t know how to cope with the oleander essence this evening.

Chapter 19

Qiao Xian sat in the tea cup and watched the amber slightly rippling in the bowl, reflecting the faint tea soup in the evening glow.

Gradually, the sunset disappeared, the stall owner lighted the candle and came over to ask Qiao Xian if he wanted a hot bowl of noodle soup.

Qiao Xian refused.

She is not used to drinking salty tea soup, and everyone knows that the most favorite drink of Qiao Xian is Sour Plum Soup.

But in this stubborn place, the season of chill never found the shadow of sour plum soup.

Qiao Xian raised his tea bowl for the fifth time, took a sip of tea soup, and frowned, and finally waited for the appearance of the grandson Bodhi.

Distantly, the other party came out of Chunxiangfang, and the other party seemed to have agreed with Qiao Xian long ago, and it was just right to walk towards Chacha.

"You are half an hour late." Qiao Xian said when the grandson sat down.

Grandson: "You are early."

Qiao Xian: "What did you hear?"

Long Sun hesitated for a moment before he said: "The incense on her body is made by a woman named Miao Niang. The other person is familiar with various incense recipes, and can always bring out unique incense. The reason why Yunyun can stand out in Chunxiangfang, It is also indispensable for the incense. "

If Cui does not go or Feng Xiao is here, when she hears Miao Niang, she will immediately think of the missing Qin Clan's Whisper, but they are not here, and the two grandsons and Qiao Xian have no way of knowing the inside story of the case.

But even so, Changsun and Qiao Xian could probably guess Cui's intention to let them follow the plum blossom fragrance.

"This wonderful lady should be related to the person the envoy is looking for." Qiao Xiandao said, "but you have been tortured with her for half a day, so you can find such a clue?"

The grandson Bodhi looked at her and said nothing, which meant "what else did you find yourself?"

Qiao Xiandao said, "I wanted to follow her maid, who knew that the maid showed dissatisfaction and jealousy to your wicked little lady outside, so I counted it, pretending to be injured, the Jianghu people who had mistakenly entered Chunxiangfang. Poorly let her put down her worries, just talk. "

There is a beauty of coldness and dustiness on her body. If you change the body of the man, coldness and dustiness will become high-cold abstinence, which will also make women crazy, and after looking for a long time, you will find that Qiao Xian seems a little male and female.

For the first time, the elder Bodhi's gaze stayed on her face for a moment, revealing a puzzled expression.

"You, are you male or female?"

Qiao Xian said indifferently: "You have been practicing Buddhism for so long. Isn't it true that you are ignorant of color and everything is false?"

Changsun Moran turned the beads in his hand and whispered Amitabha.

"You're right, it's me. The Dharma hasn't been completed yet."

Qiao Xian was surprised: "You and that little girl, did nothing happen?"

Changsun was flat and calm: "I asked a question and held her halo, and left."

When she wakes up, she may remember the grandson Bodhi, but she wo n’t remember how she fell asleep, only once when she was asleep, and her spring dreams are no trace.

Since then, each side will never meet again.

The grandson Bodhi shook his head slightly, and was quickly pulled back by the touch of the beads.

"What did you find?" He asked infrequently.

Qiao Xian: "I asked the whereabouts of Miao Niang from that maid's mouth. She said that Yun Yun had secretly bought a private house outside, originally to prepare to live after her redemption. Miao Niang helped Yun Yun gain a foothold in Chunxiangfang, and she also Please give me your favor, and ask the wonderful lady to temporarily live in the private house. I also want to see where the wonderful lady is sacred. "

The elder grandmother Bodhi asked with an expression: It's getting dark, why not leave?

Qiao Xian didn't answer, he called to the store and asked him to serve two bowls of soup noodles.

"It's still early, and it's not too late to eat the noodle soup."

The grandson Bodhi nodded.

He is actually not good at rhetoric. If he chooses, he would rather carry a sword to fight against the enemy. Although the little lady is very cooperative, when she walks out of Chunxiangfang, the tight lips of Changsun Bodhi still leak. It made him nervous.

Until now, he was only slightly relaxed.

Qiao Xian looked at him for a moment, and suddenly said, "The number of people in Zuo Yueju is still less than that in Jiejianfu."

If the ambassador can have a wise and courageous character, it may not be necessary for the ambassador to personally set up a horse this time.

"Instead of watching Zun Shiying lying sick in bed for ten days and a half months, I would rather he run more, but the disease is less." Chang Sun rarely said a long sentence.

Qiao Xian frowned: "But he must be upset under Feng Xiao."

While talking, the noodles had been delivered, and the two stopped talking, eating noodles and soup in silence.

The noodle soup is very ordinary. The flour is not as good as that of Jingcheng. The soup base is naturally white water boiled in well water. It is sprinkled with wild vegetables and green onions and no fishy smell is seen. This is a meal for everyone in the city.

This kind of noodles has a much worse natural taste than what Changsun and Qiao Xian have eaten in the past, but the hunger and cold weather, and a bowl of hot soup, are enough to make the stomach warm, and the warmth is enough to spread the whole body. Fatigue swept away.

Qiao Xian and his grandson thought of one thing at a time.

If only the envoy was here, I wonder if he could drink a bowl of hot noodle soup now?


Cui didn't go to drink hot noodle soup naturally, but not only, he had to stand outside to withstand the cold wind and suppress the coughing **.

But he was in a good mood.

Because Feng Xiao in front of him is in a one-to-five deadlock.

"Bring the jade in the house." He heard Feng Xiao stunned at Pei.

Pei was shocked. I didn't know what Feng Xiao wanted to do, but turned around and quickly got the jade.

Tonight, the moonlight is good. The jade is brighter and brighter in Pei Jingzheng's hands. In the crystal clear jade heart, you can see the green flowing.

Whether it is Tianchi Yudan or not, there is no doubt that this is a beautiful jade with good texture.

The people present looked at the jade, their eyes glowed.

Feng Xiao stood around her chest, so she said, "You all came for jade?"

Of the five uninvited guests, except for the woman in yellow who just wanted to borrow a view from Chen Shi, the other four were silent and did not indicate their identity.

In the embarrassing silence, no one would speak first, it seemed to be more patient than anyone else.

Feng Xiao wasn't in a hurry, Cui didn't go any more, and only a little anxious was Pei Jingyan.

He knew that he had not cultivated enough, and refused to humiliate Feng Xiao, taking a deep breath silently, trying to save his heart from restlessness.

The woman in yellow again broke the silence first: "The slave family first appeared and did not want to be the enemy of Jiejian Mansion. I was a weak woman who blew in the cold wind for most of the night, and asked Feng Langjun to pity me, to borrow me Take a look, I might as well go back and have an account. "

She smiled eagerly, but her unimpressive face because of her flat looks, but because of her beautiful voice, the people present could not help but glance at her.

Cui couldn't go without a trace and found that there were only two people in the scene who did not look at the woman in yellow clothes. The first was the white-clad man wearing a power-lined, indistinguishable man and woman. The other was the Turkic.

From the beginning to the end, the Turkic people's attention was on Feng Xiao.

Only masters with no guts will not be disturbed by any external factors.

As for the man in black whose body is hidden in the shadows ...

The other side was standing sideways, standing far away, holding the right wrist in the left hand, stroking it once or twice.

Cui Buqi's eyes narrowed slightly.

Feng Xiao didn't go to observe the others. His eyes kept looking at the woman in yellow, as if there was only a visitor in this hospital.

When he saw the other person smiling, he followed with a smile: "I'll lend you the jade so politely at you, but I don't even know your name and address. In case you take it and run, I will go later Where to find you? "

The woman in yellow blessed her body and said, "Slaves."

Feng Xiao raised an eyebrow: "Last name? This last name is rare."

Bingxian: "The surname is the first name, but it's just a name that you put on the outside. For example, Fenglangjun, you don't call this name. It's the same style, it's unparalleled, isn't it?"

Feng Xiao laughed with a smile: "Compared to those rude people, it is my heart that you speak the best! You are so understanding, you might as well come to Jiejian Mansion, I keep the pity and love the jade, and never let you sit in the middle of the night Cold wind on the roof! "

Bingxian smiled, just wanting to say something, and saw Feng Xiao suddenly copy the jade bile in Pei Jingyu's hand and threw it at her.

"Since it looks most pleasing to you, Jade will lend it to you first!"

Bingxian was startled, never thinking that Feng Xiao would throw it, and now he didn't even want to think about it. He was a bit tiptoe, and if his body was too light and empty, he rushed to jade!

But she is fast, and there are others faster than her.

The man in white wearing Dai Lili and the man in gray with deep marks on his eyebrows also grasped his hands at jade at the same time.

The Turks did not look at the jade, but the sword was scabbard in their hands, and the sword was surging like a landslide and tsunami.

The sword was full of energy, and even Cui, who was standing behind him, only felt that the hurricane had hit him, and his body could not help but recede. He would hit the wall heavily, and his placket was violently ripped. It was found that Feng Xiao had been held in his arms.

However, the Turkic figure had arrived, and the sword qi swept from the top of his head. Cui did not feel that her hair was loose and her hair fell down.

A master in the realm like Fengxiao must know that the Turkic man made a pre-emptive strike at least, and at least he would destroy the jade bundles he had bundled. In order to keep his hair style in order, he temporarily brought Cui to stop.

Cui didn't need to take a mirror, and he knew that he was now like a lunatic with his hair on his head. He was so angry that he yelled: "You, his mother-in-law, **** Wang Bazi!"

The next moment, he discovered that the Turks had indirectly avenged him, because Feng Xiao had already fought with each other, and had no time to take care of Cui not to fight.

The jade had just been touched by the man in gray clothing, and he was so glad that he was one step ahead of others, and he found that the jade was suddenly torn apart in his hands, and turned into powder to dissipate in the air.

The three who robbed jade were completely dumbfounded.

Chapter 20

The man in gray swears that he has absolutely nothing to do with this jade, let alone destroy it.

But why the jade was broken into powder in his hands, he couldn't explain it.

When the other two stopped, they tacitly cascaded and blocked him.

Bingxian laughed: "His temperament is so big that what you can't get will be completely destroyed, so that others can't get it."

The man in white wearing Dai Mili did not speak, but his actions have silently stated that he would not easily let the man in grey.

"I didn't do anything with it, it was broken by itself." The gray-clad man replied coldly.

"Both of us have witnessed four pairs of eyes, can we still read wrong?" Bingxian raised an eyebrow.

Cui did n’t go and leaned against the door and coughed. As soon as the gray-clad man shot, he saw that the other party had come from, but at this time it was not a good thing to show publicity. Here, he will never take the initiative to put himself in danger.

Not to mention that these people may not be able to see the origins of the gray-clad people.

Sure enough, the man in white wearing Dai Mili suddenly said: "Your sword is similar to the sword, much like the Suo genre circulated on the Tatar side, but it has changed. I heard that Goguryeo has a rising star named Gao Ning , Cheng Chengren, and innovation, should be your Excellency. "

He talked loudly, don't have a gentle taste, if it is placed on weekdays, it will certainly be like a spring breeze, at this moment of murderousness, it seems a bit out of place.

Bingxian couldn't help but glance at the people in white.

She felt that the other person could say the origins of the ashes, and it was definitely not a general generation, but after thinking about it, she couldn't match any figure on the rivers and lakes.

Isn't the other person in the river?

Bingxian frowned slightly. Although she came to the jade gallbladder tonight, she didn't have the heart to win, because she knew that Jiejian Mansion was not an easy one, and she certainly couldn't succeed easily.

Not to mention there are many experts here tonight, the Turkic person alone is enough to cause headaches.

With this in mind, Bingxian smiled slightly and shattered her hair.

"There are too many VIPs here in Feng Langjun. Presumably, I have no time to say hello to the slaves. The slaves will leave first, and they will come to trouble later."

After all, she did not wait for Feng Xiao to respond, so she jumped up, light and feathery, jumped on the roof, and disappeared into the darkness a few times.

Turks, who were considered the number one enemy by Bingxian, were shocked.

There is no reason for it. Feng Xiao's appearance does not match his skill at all. If he is underestimated because he is too handsome, he will be surprised by his outstanding martial arts.

Although the Turkic people have never set foot in the Central Plains, they have a considerable degree of self-confidence. Even if their martial arts are placed in the Central Plains Martial Arts, they have few rivals, which is enough to rank among the superb masters.

Since entering the Central Plains, Turkic men have also played against several people, many of whom are in charge and the masters of a group of masters, and as he expected, there are few rivals who can be called rivals.

Until encountering Feng Xiao.

Feng Xiao's martial arts path is not as open and close as Buddha's ears, but more sloppy and light-hearted, waving his sleeves and showing off his clothes, shaking his clothes and shaking the snow. In the eyes of others, he laughs like walking around, walking around, each The movements are full of beauty.

But for Turkic men, all of these aesthetics conceal their murderous powers, and they are all ambushing.

He had stolen the initial indifference, and treated his evenly matched opponents cautiously, even if the jade was crushed, he could not distract him.

The battle between two peerless masters is definitely a rare sight. Even the people in white and Gao Ning, Gao Ning, have temporarily suspended their troops and watched with concentration.

Cui didn't cough twice, and suddenly whispered, "This man didn't come for Yudan. He wants to kill Fengxiao."

Of course, this was said to Pei Jingxuan beside him.

Pei Jingyan was surprised: "Why can you see?"

Cui didn't go and shouted, "Did you not notice? Since the beginning of his appearance, he has only stared at Feng Xiao, did not look at jade, and has not participated in the competition?"

Pei Jingyan: "Do you know who this person is?"

Cui does not go: "I have never met him, but if I haven't guessed wrong, this person should be Buddha's ear, the first master in the sand bowl slightly Khan. He has been taught by an expert, and the directors of Wugongji , Since entering the Central Plains, he has never failed, and he can be called a master master. "

Pei Jingyan took a sigh of relief, never expecting that this bland night would attract such a master.

"Who is stronger between him and Lang Jun?"

Cui does not go: "I won't martial arts, you ask me?"

Pei Jingyan: ...

He watched it for a while, but saw the two flew in mid-air, and the figure flickered, because the speed was so fast that even Pei Jinghuan could not see who had the upper hand.

Pei Jingxi was anxious and couldn't help turning around and running into the room.

After a while, he reappeared with something in his arms, and Chao Fengxiao exclaimed: "Lang Jun, your piano!"


Feng Xiao's voice came, and the breeze was clear, not ill, and could not hear half frustration. Pei Jingyan opened her eyes and threw the things in her hand into the air.

I could only hear a gurgling sound, like a gold horse, a million male soldiers arrived, and the air around it was somber and stagnant.

There are many weapons in the rivers and lakes, with swords, swords and halberds, but for the first time, Buddha ears saw someone holding the piano as a weapon, but the carved black xylophone that looked very heavy seemed to have no weight in Feng Xiao's hands. , Obedient and obedient gadgets, you can enter the enemy, retreat to protect yourself, the sound of the piano, disturbing.

"Good piano!" People in white couldn't help cheering.

Gao Ning had no other side's leisure. He frowned and stopped looking at the battle between Feng Xiao and Buddha's ears, instead he looked at Pei Jingyu and Cui who watched the battle.

As soon as he was in shape, he suddenly rushed towards Pei Jingdi and Cui Buhui, and the blade turned into a sea of gas, sweeping towards the other two. When Pei Jingdi pulled Cui not back, he suddenly changed his tricks, the other one With his fingers bent into his claws, he grabbed Pei and startled them.

Pei Jingxu thought that the other party wanted to catch Cui not to take the hostage, and quickly pushed Cui not to go back and draw a sword to fight the other party to kill. Who knew that Gao Ning was not drunk because Cui did not go. He returned to the sword and cut it on Pei Jingying's sword. Behind his internal strength, the sword was fierce. Pei Jingying felt only slight numbness on his wrist, and his mouth hurt a lot. The sword almost came out of his hands. on.

"Give the jade out, otherwise you will be killed!" Gao Ning said in a deep voice.

"Yudan just was ruined by you!" Pei Jing exasperated.

Gao Ning sneered: "Fool me less, it's obviously fake!"

He yelled to Feng Xiao again: "If the jade gallbladder is true, how can you hand it over so easily, if you don't give me the real jade gallbladder, I will kill him!"

Although there are more important things at the moment of life and death, Pei Jingzhe can't help but ask, "Why am I?"

According to common sense, isn't Cui not good at martial arts more suitable as a hostage?

Gao Ning replied coldly: "I don't think I know. He is a Fengxiao bun and can follow him out of the rivers and lakes. He must have one or two lives to protect him. On the other hand, you are inferior, you have nothing to do, and you are not arrested. Who else can you catch? "

Pei Jingyan :? ? ?

His self-esteem was seriously injured by Gao Ning's sentence, and what hurt him even more was that his family Lang Jun chuckled in the air.

"Since you know if he's optional, what's the use of catching him? It's better to grab my hoe, maybe I'll compromise!"

The words were frank, and the white man who stood by and looked at him suddenly smiled, "Is that so? I'll try."

As soon as he was in shape, Cui did not go.

Cui didn't just feel a severe pain in his shoulder, and he couldn't move.
DONASI VIA TRAKTEER Bagi para cianpwe yang mau donasi untuk biaya operasional Cerita Silat IndoMandarin dipersilahkan klik tombol hati merah disamping :)

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