Peerless Chapter 1-10

Chapter 1

The north wind swirled and swept across the land. Spring was nowhere near.

It was almost March, but the weather remained bleak at the border.

The sky was blue just a moment ago, but in the blink of eye, it had changed without warning. A chilly wind surged forth. Dark clouds gathered into a dense black above people’s heads, like an insoluble shadow bearing down on their hearts.

Yuchi Jinwu could feel the obvious slowing down of his fleet as they advanced. He lifted the curtain and craned his neck to look outside.

Wind whistled in and brought with it some grit. His beloved concubine next to him cried out in alarm and hurriedly clung to his arm.

“Master, can we make it to the city before it’s dark?”

The sweet and suave voice eased a bit of Yuchi Jinwu’s anxiety. He casually patted her a few times on the thigh. Through the thin material came the elastic texture of what was underneath. He could almost imagine the fine and smooth sensation he would feel after he removed that annoying piece of cloth, but he was not in the mood to flirt with her now.

“I think so.” Yuchi Jinwu frowned and said with some uncertainty. He was a member of Khotan’s royal family. This time, he was ordered by the King of Khotan to visit the Central Plains to pay tribute.

Around this time in the Central Plains, the Great Sui had just replaced the Zhou and established itself as the new rising Northern Dynasty.

The Emperor of Sui, Yang Jian, was an ambitious man who exerted himself to make the country prosperous. Because of that, the spirit of this new dynasty shone like a rising sun, radiating boundless splendour. Even the Chen Dynasty in the south had sent over envoys with congratulations.

The Kingdom of Khotan was only a tiny state located at a small corner outside of the Great Wall, but the frequent assaults from the Turks had pestered them beyond endurance. The King of Khotan heard that the Sui Dynasty was moving into its new capital this year with an order of general amnesty. Taking advantage of this opportunity, he hurriedly sent an official mission led by Yuchi Jinwu. They brought with them precious gifts and set off to have an audience with the Sui Emperor in Daxing City. On one hand, it was to establish friendly relations with Sui. On the other hand, it was also to appeal at the Sui Dynasty to dispatch troops to protect Khotan.

However, the trip did not go well.

After they left Khotan, the horses in the fleet suddenly started to vomit and have diarrhea as they were passing through Qiemo. It took them several days to recover, and right after they resumed the journey, they ran into this horrible weather. Anxiety and fret stirred in Yuchi Jinwu’s mind. He wished he could grow a pair of wings and immediately fly to Daxing City.

He couldn’t stop himself from casting another glance at the corner of the carriage.

Two trunks were stacked up together over there, containing Yuchi Jinwu’s clothes and personal belongings inside. Due to the fact that the carriage was spacious and the trunks weren’t that big, he especially ordered people to move them into his own carriage, having no need to place them at the back. His beloved concubine also took notice of his continuous intense stare. She smiled sweetly and giggled, “Master, pray tell. Is there a beauty hidden in those trunks?”

Yuchi Jinwu’s taut mood slightly relaxed at the sound of this playful jest.
“What will become of you if there really is one?”

His beautiful concubine feigned anger coquettishly, “Then I would have no choice but to move aside, give up my place, and surrender Master to her!”

Yuchi Jinwu gave a hearty laugh before embracing her in his arms. Their bodies pressed tightly against each other as things became intimate between them. This small episode did help to disperse a greater part of the dark clouds which loomed over his heart.

“You mustn’t tell others if I share. At the very least, you musn’t raise this to anyone before we arrive at Daxing City.“

The more solemn he sounded, the more curious the concubine became. She pulled Yuchi Jinwu’s sleeves, expending all her effort into a coquettish act before insisting again.

Only then did Yuchi Jinwu gradually say, “A tribute lies inside that trunk.”

“Aren’t all the tributes placed in the carriage behind us?” asked the concubine in puzzlement.

To which Yuchi Jinwu replied, “Those were just common items. Gold and jewelry as they are, how could an emperor of power like the Sui Emperor take such things into consideration?”

The concubine was all the more surprised by his words. “Our Khotan is only a small state. Just what kind of rare object do we have that would make even the Sui Emperor yearn for it? Unless it’s a rare fine jade?” Yuchi Jinwu pinched her delicate face. “Clever. Indeed, it has something to do with jade, but not an ordinary one. It’s the Tianchi Jade.”

The concubine cried out in shock. “It’s the legendary Jade that grants people immortality?!”

Before she could finish, Yuchi had already covered her mouth. The concubine came back to her senses upon noticing the stern gaze directed at her, so she lowered her voice to a whisper at once. “I’ve lost myself. This treasure is the most precious object of Khotan, and the King is willing to give it away?”

Yuchi Jinwu answered grudgingly. “What else could we do even if he’s not? The King wished to form an alliance with the Sui Dynasty, so he had no choice but to give up something worthy as an utmost display of his sincerity.”

Despite being named the Tianchi Jade, it was not found near the actual Tianchi Lake but was discovered by a Khotan woodcutter by accident. While he was cutting wood in the mountain, the man unexpectedly came across a cave and found this piece of jade, which resembled the crystallization of the mountain’s essence, deep inside. Legends said that it was as clear and glittery as morning dew with an icy blue core in the center, like the Tianchi Lake surrounded by snowy mountains. That was how it got its name.

The woodcutter presented it to the last King of Khotan. According to rumors, the King’s mother had been suffering from a strange long-term sickness at that time. The King cut a slice off the Jade, ground it into powder and added it to her medicine. Not only was his mother completely cured, even her skin was rejuvenated and her face regained its brilliance. It was said that this Queen Dowager lived for more than ninety years and passed away just a few years ago.

Because of that, the name of the Tianchi Jade spread like wildfire. In many people’s eyes, not only could it restore them to their age of youth, it was also the elixir to all illnesses and the remedy that helped martial artists cleanse their meridians and marrows. Such a treasure would surely attract the greed of many, but Khotan saw it as their national treasure. No one knew where the King had kept it. In fact, the Jade must have been part of the reason that the Turks had been keeping a covetous eye on a small state like the Khotan.

The King of Khotan was no fool. He was aware of the crimes that came with the possession of a gem. A piece of jade was not all that important when weighed against the peace and welfare of his country and its people. Therefore, to present it to the Sui Emperor in exchange for protection was certainly a wiser choice than to leave it for the Turks to seize.

The whys and wherefores of the whole story took the beautiful concubine’s breath away. She asked, “But Master, would it really be alright to escort such a precious treasure all the way to Sui with only the few people we have?”

Yuchi Jinwu laughed, “Don’t underestimate those men outside. They are all top martial artists serving by the King’s side. The King sent nearly all of them with us this time. The less attention they draw, the better.”

He thought for a moment and warned her again, “Keep it between you and me. There must not be a third person to know it.”

His concubine nodded repeatedly, “I know better. If the news is leaked, our lives would be in danger. So the fewer people who know, the better.”

Yuchi Jinwu ran his fingers through her long black hair as he expressed his satisfaction, “You’ve been with me for almost five years. I always knew that you’re the most sensible one. There’s no need to worry too much. Once we get to the city, the Emperor of Sui will definitely send people to escort us to the capital. We’ll be rest assured by then.”

While they were whispering into each other’s ears, the wind grew stronger, bringing even more grit and snow with it. Even the firm carriage started to shake slightly. Its wooden frames creaked against the wind.

Yuchi Jinwu was no longer in the mood for conversation. He pursed his lips and fell silent. His beloved concubine clutched tightly at his clothes. She huddled herself up in his arms and dared not even budge.

In the ceaseless howling of wind, Yuchi Jinwu seemed to hear the clatter of many horses’ hooves as they approached from afar.

Since travelling merchants cherished their goods and lives a lot, they were unlikely to continue speeding forward in such a weather. It might be the messengers that the Emperor of Sui had sent to meet them.

Yuchi Jinwu was refreshed by the thought of it. He said to his concubine,
“I’ll go take a look outside…”

The curtain was lifted. A guard popped his head in from outside and said in a hurry, “Master, it’s too windy and dusty out here. Why don’t we stop at the shelter in front——”

And things changed within an instant.

It only took so long for Yuchi Jinwu to change his state from being annoyed by his guard’s interruption to widening his eyes in shock.

He stared blankly at the light and blood splashed before him. The guard’s head flew up and hit the top of the carriage. Then it fell back down, banged and rolled a few times on the white woolen felt, staining the spotless piece with bright red, before it finally hit Yuchi Jinwu’s boots.

His concubine screamed next to his ear, but it sounded so far away at this moment. He felt like his ears were wrapped in a thin layer of gauze. Everything became so muffled and blurred.

A chill hit him in the face and he shivered. A voice snarling anxiously in his head urged him to dodge, but his body had long been corrupted by comfort and luxury. He was unable to keep up with his brain until he felt a sharp, bone-chilling pain in his chest.

A blood-red expanse covered all that Yuchi Jinwu could see. So this is how quickly death comes. And that was the last thought that flashed across his mind before he fell.

A heavy snowfall could cover up all the filth on earth.

However, it was only temporary. When the snow stopped and the sky cleared up, the foul would be exposed once again.

There were some vile deeds that even the thickest snow with the greatest flakes could not conceal.

The dried blood turned black and hid itself among the snow chunks. At first glance, it looked like a stone popping out of the snow.

The long dead horses collapsed on the ground, the carriage overturned on its side. A few heads were half buried in the snow, and they seemed to have stopped breathing some time ago.

The clattering of the horses’ hooves came closer and closer.

Several majestic riders approached on horseback, galloping through the snow. The icy mist kicked up by their horses mingled and fluttered about with the snowflakes into a dense, hazy smoke.

The man in the front was wrapped tightly in a sable cloak with a hood over his head. Only his robe was blown about by the wind and rustled behind him.

Those following after him bundled themselves up even tighter. They even bound the openings of their sleeves. No one wished to expose their skin to this irritating snowstorm.

They seemed to have already foreseen that this incident would occur. None of them showed any surprise or fear. In fact, everyone walked up after they had dismounted, and stooped down to exam the scene.

A dead body was lying face down on the snow. Most of his back was covered in white, leaving only a section of his neck the color of which had already blended into the snow and ice surrounding it. A deep gash extended from his throat to his nape, skin and flesh torn and bone gaping. It almost cut through half of his neck, a clear indication of how much strength the murderer had put forth into killing him.

A hand appeared from underneath the the sable coat.

It was a fair and slender hand. The bones enveloped by the thin layer of skin appeared neither too gaunt nor too swollen. The fingers looked just perfect, like slim and graceful stalks of jade bamboo. People’s eyes were drawn to them without the need for any fancy movement. A pair of hands like that could only come from a family at the highest pinnacle of prosperity.

However, the owner of the hand did not shy away from the filth and grasped the ice and snow stained by blood. He played and crumbled them in his hand for a little, then loosened his grip. The remaining snow fell through his fingers, but they soon caught hold of the fur at the hem of his clothes in a lingering fashion, unwilling to part.

The man looked down and slightly knit his brows.

The constable to the side had just been worrying about having no opportunity to curry favor with this important individual from the capital. Upon seeing this, he immediately took out a clean handkerchief and stepped up, his face wreathed in smiles.

“I’ve got a handkerchief right here, sir. If it pleases you——”

Before he even finished, the man already took off the cloak and threw it right behind him!

While the constable and the clerks were staring at it woodenly with their jaws dropped, the cloak was caught by the young man behind him.

Pei Jingzhe gave a slightly bitter smile, “Master…” “Take it.” The man said quietly. Without the shelter of the coat, his clothes were exposed directly to the wind and snow. He was dressed in white with a jade headpiece, and the large sleeves of his robe stirred madly in the storm.

The mere sight of it made people’s teeth chatter in coldness, but the man’s face was as impassive as before. He crouched and lowered his head as he continued to examine the dead body.

Chapter 2

In such weather, it is undoubtedly very difficult to investigate the case that has happened overnight.

This place is very close to Liugong City. The envoy of the Yu country came to the Da Sui tribute and was killed halfway. The news spread back to the city. The county magistrate was not scared, and he was afraid of being involved.

Just at this time, the capital came again, and the other party came to pick up the messenger by the order of the Son of Heaven. Who knew it had not been received, but caught up with such a murder.

Liugong County was trembling with fear and arrogance. He only wanted to send hot potato. To his surprise, this distinguished guest from a distant place in Beijing seemed difficult to get along with, but said nothing. When he took the case, he took it immediately. People came out of the city to see.

County lieutenant Liu Lin looked up and watched the wind stop, and the snow stopped, he couldn't help but breathe out.

As the county captain of Liugong County, the messenger Yu Yu died outside the city, and the court will hold him accountable. He must be able to blame him. I do n’t know where the thieves are so bold, even the messengers of other countries dare to rob kill. However, after all, I have not heard of any particularly arrogant bandits near Liugong City in recent years. Those little thieves are afraid to suffer outside the city ...

As he thought about it, he looked over at the body behind him.

The captives scrambled to clear away most of the surrounding snow, and the corpse was gradually exposed, most of them were killed like a deceased just now.

Only the man in the carriage in the carriage died with a sharp blade running through his chest.

Liu Lin picked up the long knife half-plugged in the snow and looked at it, suddenly exclaiming: "Turkish sword!"

"There is also a Turkic sword here!" Shouted another captive.

The blade rolled up and the residual blood remained. This was a knife that had killed many people.

Was it really the Turks? !! Liu Lin was shocked.

The more he thought about it, the more likely it was.

Everyone knows that the fighting between Turkic and Da Sui is about to break out, and the border often stays idle, daring to relax, and the Turkic people have been dissatisfied with the small Sui country's intention to take refuge in the Sui Dynasty. Sui thus provoked relations between the two countries.

Liu Lin's ideas represent the ideas of most people.

So far, the case can be almost qualitative, but Liu Lin can't help but have a headache for the next aftermath: Turks are here and maybe sneak into the city. Recently, Linlang Pavilion will be held once a year in Liugongcheng semicolon. The auction, the world ’s wealthy idlers, rivers, lakes, three religions, and nine streams, all came together here at this time, at this time there was another murder involving the messenger ...

He can almost foresee his next situation. As long as a black pot that allows Turkic people to sneak in and kill the messenger is detained, he will be able to walk around.

Thinking that he might soon lose the position of county captain, Liu Lin felt dark and softened his hands and feet.

Under the nobleman's hand, the young man named Pei was just getting out of the overturned carriage and holding a small treasure cabinet in his arms.

This eight treasure cabinet is a style that has been popular in Beijing in recent years. It has three small and exquisite layers, and there are eight compartments inside. It can be placed in rouge gouache and various kinds of preserves. It is very convenient to put in the compartment. So loved by women. Some women's family members of noble people, the eight treasure cabinet is extremely luxurious, not only decorative onyx, but also inlaid with precious stones and jade beads, has changed from a practical appliance to a precious display of comparison and display.

The eight treasure cabinets held in Pei Jingxu's arms, although not as glamorous as those in Beijing, are also carved out of good wood. Looking closely, the woman in the costume of Qiang is dancing, full of exotic charm.

The three drawers were pulled apart one by one.

The first layer contains preserves such as dried peaches and apricots, and the second layer contains head and face jewelry. When the third layer was opened, Huang Chengcheng looked at first glance. Liu Lin took a closer look and found that it was some women's flowers for veneering. Yellow, star moon fish insects, cut with gold leaf.

Say this is a gorgeous dividing line-

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Say --- this is a gorgeous dividing line ---

It seems that there are female dependents in this team, Liu Lin thought.

This is also normal. It is said that the ambassador Yu is an aristocrat of the 阗, who will not send a few beautiful 妾 婢 出 to other countries when he is sent to other countries. But unfortunately, they had to see the prosperity of Daxingcheng in the future, and they were already halfway there.

"Look for any women's bodies present." At the same time, the man spoke.

As soon as he spoke, everyone naturally obeyed, and they all dismounted to search.

The original worthy dad, which was worn on a man, was thrown in the snow alone, and Liu Lin gave a distressed glance, secretly muttered a few words, barely raised the spirit and followed the search.

This convoy, in addition to the accompanying guards on horseback, has a total of four carriages, one for the messenger, one for the convoy supply, one for the tributes to be presented to Emperor Sui, and a small car. It should be The messenger's maid was seated, because everyone was right next to the car, and two female corpses buried under the snow were found, and their necks were also killed with a knife.

The two maids were quite attractive, and Liu Lin speculated that they should be the maid of Yu's messenger and the man in the room.

But when the man suddenly bent over and got closer, the tip of his nose was close to one of the dead maids, and he was almost going to kiss him. The beautiful side was snow-colored, and there was a dead man's face with blue and black, Liu Lin only looked It was creepy.

The man didn't care, the thin lips still lingered on the cheek of the corpse, all the way down, and even reached out to unlock the blood-stained collar of the other person. It looked like a light-hearted assassin, even the original calm young People, can't help but slightly change color, lost his voice: "Lang Jun!"

"Noisy." The man shouted, walked next to another female corpse, squatted down, bowed his head, sniffed for a long time at the neck where the corpse had been cut open for more than half of his throat, and finally spoke again. . "

Who else is there? Liu Lin stunned.

The man said impatiently: "The residual aroma in the carriage is not the same as that of these two women. There is also a woman, find out!"

Everyone heard the words and hurriedly searched, but in the end only 21 corpses were found. There were no female corpses except the two maids.

The man told Liu Lin: "Leave a team of people to clean up the scene and take the bodies back."

Is this done?

Yu Yan's ambassador died here. King Yu Yan must be held accountable. When the body was removed, and there was no evidence until Xuerong sunrise, they could not investigate the case?

Liu Lin was so confused, he wanted to ask but didn't dare to ask, so he had to look at Pei frequently, winking at him and begging silently.

Pei sighed in sigh, picked up the big **** who had just been put on the ground, and confessed to be the scolded person: "Lang Jun, shall we go now, both the carriage and the horse?"

The man asked, "You tell me, what else can you do here?"

Liu Linqi Ai Ai interjected: "Are the weapons and carriages brought back together as evidence? In the future, Yu Xuan questioned, so we have evidence."

The man said, "You don't need to worry about the carriage, just bring a weapon back."

He didn't give much explanation, saying that the meteor stepped on the horse, turned his head, and the white and gray horse galloped away. The rest of them looked at each other and were at a loss.

After all, the capture of the border town is not as well trained as Beijing, let alone compared with Xiejian Mansion. Pei Jingzhe had to stay and explain to Liu Lin that the scene was handled properly, and a team of people was sent back to the city to carry the body and the weapon. Ride back to the city's autumn mountain courtyard.

Qiushan Beacon House is located in the southeast of Liugong City. It is surrounded by mountains and rivers, and it is quiet. Zhao County makes his wife's house be a wealthy local family. Stay for a few days. This time the Beijing messenger had not yet arrived, he had already packed the other house, and as soon as the VIP arrived, he would welcome people here. If the other person is comfortable, maybe they are

Say-this is a gorgeous dividing line ---

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Say --- this is a gorgeous dividing line-

Can be less guilty.

Pei Jingzhen really likes it here, especially now that Dongxue is not melting, the branches are fresh and green, and the courtyard is a little more elegant than Beijing. Every time you walk in, you will feel better.

But he knew that the current mood of the lord of Fengerfu would not be too good.

The copper bell swayed under the cornice, and the man sitting on the porch leaned back next to the porch looked lazy, but his fingers deftly rolled the letterhead into a small bamboo tube with the thickness of his thumb.

Pei Jingxi couldn't help walking lightly, but the other man's eyelashes flickered slightly, and his eyelids were slightly tilted, and he was aware of his arrival.

"Send someone and check, who is this messenger with?" Feng Xiao passed the bamboo tube to Pei Jingxi, said.

In the end, it was a city located between Xun and Liugong City, which belonged to Da Sui in name, but the court was busy dealing with Turkic and Southern Dynasties, and did not put much thought into this place for the time being.

From the Central Plains to the Western Regions, and the end city is a must-pass place. Over time, it became a buffer zone. Passing merchants from all corners of the world gathered to rest, and Jiejian Mansion had established a stronghold there to facilitate the collection and transmission of information.

Pei Jingxi took the bamboo tube in response and couldn't help asking: "Are you clueful in this case?"

Feng Xiao picked up a paper from the side and threw it to him.

Pei Jingxian grabbed it, opened it, and found out that it was written by King Yu Xun and was going to be presented to the Emperor Yang Jian by the messenger.

The above clearly stated the identity of the messenger. The other name was Yu Chijinwu, the nephew of King Yu. King Yu expressed his desire for heaven in the letter. I hope the two countries will form an alliance and exchange each other. Help each other and fight against Turks together.

To put it plainly, King Wang Yu hoped that Da Sui could help him deal with the Turkic people, but also afraid that the Sui Dynasty would take the opportunity to annex him.

The Jinshu Guoshu was originally presented to Emperor Sui, but now the messenger Yu is dead. In order to solve the case, the Guoshu has become one of the clues. Naturally, they must pass their hands first.

Yu Chi Jinwu and his party were killed, but the other party did not rob wealth or property, and even Guoshu was still in the carriage.

After Pei Jingyi browsed, closed the golden book, and said to Feng Xiao: "Lang Jun, Yu Yan died in Da Sui territory. One can destroy the power of the Da Sui, and the second caused Yu Yang to live in a gap with the Da Sui. This is indeed like It's something Turkic people can do. "

Feng Xiao raised her eyebrows and asked, "Why did they use the Turkic sword when they entered the country to kill people? If they used the Central Plains weapon, wouldn't it be more deadly without evidence or traces?"

Pei Jingzhuo scratched his chin: "Turks have always acted rudely, so it is not surprising that they are so arrogant, and now that Turks and the Central Plains are sharpening their swords, they can get it, and if we know, why can't they?"

Feng Xiao: "You haven't noticed that there is one less important thing in the carriage?"

Pei Jingzhe pondered and thought, the most important books of the Golden Book are all there, what is missing? The ambassador Yu Yu entered the tribute, and the tribute he brought with him was not small ...

With a flash of light, he blurted out: "The gift list! I couldn't find the gift list just now!"

Feng Xiao snorted from his throat, and seemed to think he was not hopeless.

Pei Jingzheng has long been used to the temper of the two government chiefs. When he sees the other party ’s approval, he is flattered, and he keeps working hard: "The murderer took away the gift slip, did he want to steal the tributary without wanting to let us know? But we just have to trust Yulian Wang, can you also understand? "

Feng Xiao said: "Every time you go, the wasted time is enough for the other party to do a lot of things. You bring that eight treasure cabinet."

Pei Jingxuan walked away and took Babao's small cabinet in a while, and pulled out the three drawers inside.

Feng Xiao: "A few things are missing."

Pei was shocked and glanced into the drawer again.

Say --- this is a gorgeous dividing line-

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Say-this is a gorgeous division-

He didn't notice anything missing.

But these words blurted out, and he would definitely be scolded again, so Pei Jingxie honestly said: "The villain is dull, and I still ask Lang Jun for advice."

Feng Xiao didn't sell Guanzi anymore: "Rouge gouache."

After being able to follow the owner of the second house of Xiejian Mansion, Pei Jingzhe was not a fool after all, and he connected it with a little thought.

"There is also a yellow flower in the small cabinet, which shows that there must be a rouge gouache for makeup, but the residual aroma in the carriage is different from that of the two maids, indicating that there is another woman on this trip, which is likely to be Yu Chijinwu's pet Alas, she was taken away by the murderer? No, no, the drawer has not been turned upside down, the things are neatly arranged, and the other party should take it easy when they take it ... "

Speaking of which, he was agitated and said suddenly: "Is the murderer the missing woman ?!"

Feng Xiao folded her sleeves. "She may not be the murderer, but it must be related to the murderer. Although the opponent uses a Turkic knife, she may not be a Turkic. Check it out and give me news within three days."

Pei Jingxi bowed slightly, "Yes."


Three days is not long, and short is not short. Every day, I feel lazy, and I feel long and hard, but if there is something to do, I blink.

Pei Jingkun knows Feng Xiao's temperament, saying that three days will be three days, and he will never give another hour, so after Feng Xiao ordered, he sent a pigeon and sent people to jump to the base of Xiejian City, Qiemo City to understand the situation However, the pigeons met the sand in the middle of the road, and there was no return. Fortunately, he prepared with two hands. In the evening of the third day, the people sent out finally had a reply.

"Talk about it." Feng Xiao half-eyed his eyes and didn't go to see the stationery he had brought with his hands.

Pei Jingxi said in 1510: "Wei Chi Jinwu came to Central Plains a few years ago and met a good-natured woman named Qin in Liugong City. He was shocked at the moment. After several pursuits, he finally accepted it as a concubine. She took it back to Yu. The Qin family was said to have been very favored by his side. Even this time he came to the Central Plains tributary, Yu Chi Jinwu took her with her. After the convoy was destroyed, the only missing woman should be this Qin It's gone. "

Feng Xiao: "That's it?"

Pei Jinghuan: "Qin's whereabouts of Li Qin's whereabouts have been sent to investigate, but after all, the distance is far away and there is no answer for a while, but her subordinate found out that her parents died and lived in her aunt's house and followed Wei Chi Jinwu. Later, her aunt's family also moved away. According to Qin's original neighbor, Youshe, she believed in Buddhism and was very religious. Before marrying, the most frequent places were the Jade Buddha Temple and Zixia View in the city, almost On the fifteenth day of every month, I will go to incense in person. "

Feng Xiao finally opened her eyes and hummed softly: "After a long day of nonsense, this last sentence is only a bit useful!"

Pei Jingxi aggrieved, "The subordinate must also finish the previous description before they can pick up the next one! The two places of the Jade Buddha Temple and Zixiaguan have been searched by others, and the Jade Buddha Temple was originally an incense in the city The most prosperous temple, but Zixia Guan is a little strange. This Taoist temple has been abandoned for a long time. Usually, few people go at all. Qin wants to go to Xiangxiang. Why not find a more lively Taoist temple? "

Seeing Feng Xiao silent, he continued: "There are even more strange things. Just two months ago, Zixia Guan suddenly came to the town with a new Guanzhu, and immediately brought the incense from Taoguan, everyone It is said that Zi Xia Guan's medical skills are brilliant, Dao Changzhai's heart is kind, and even the gods enshrined in the concept are responsive and often manifest. "

Feng Xiao: "Who is the name of Xinguanzhu and what is it?"

Pei Jinghuan: "The surname is Cui, telling Cui not to go. It is said that it was a Yunyou Taoist priest. Others have not been found yet."

Cui does not go.

Where not to go, why not.

Where is the world?

The name rolled around Feng Xiao's tongue, bringing a slight arc of the corner of his lips.


Chapter 3

Facing the northwest corner of Liugong City in Qiushan Beyond Temple, there is a Taoist temple called Zixia Taoist Temple.

This Taoist temple was built in the former dynasty. After the death of Lao Guanzhu, all the Taoist priests ran out. As the year went on, the incense fell. The Taoist temple became more and more unpopular. The younger people in this city may not have heard of purple. Xia Guan's name.

All failures ended with the arrival of the new Guanzhu.

On the third day of March, Xuantian God ’s birthday.

On this day, Zixiaguan was almost surrounded by water, and almost half of the people in Liugong City came here. Inside, there are three incense sticks in the hands, and outside, the well-informed vendors have set up fresh fruits here for those who come to the incense.

For two months ago, no one would have thought that this near-desolate Taoist temple can still die in spring and welcome so many pilgrims and devotees. It is clear that Taoist temple is still that Taoist temple, and I have not seen how to repair it. Replace the roof of the leaking roof with a new one, and then pull out the grass inside the view, but in the eyes of the local people, the incense is rising, and the sandalwood diffused purple view is a little more sacred than before. .

The mountain is not high, the name is immortal, the water is not deep, and the dragon is spirit. It is probably due to the new master in Taoist temple.

Zhang's hand was holding the incense just on the spot of the oil lamp stone, struggling in the crowd, in order to insert his incense in the large incense burner in the center of the courtyard, praying for the peace of his family this year.

With so many people, she didn't even think about retreating. Instead, she felt that she was getting up late. Maybe the gods would be upset. She said that she would ask for a sign when the meeting was over. It was better to let the little priest talk. Feelings, please see the Lord personally to solve the problem.

After spending half an hour, she finally inserted the incense, prayed to the gods, and presented the tribute. At this time, the sun had been hung in the sky, and the fat powder on Zhang's face was smoked by the heat, and it was slightly sticky and shedding. There was still a lot of enthusiasm in the surrounding area, and then he shouldered his shoulders. Many people, like Zhang, did not intend to disperse at all, but were elated, feeling that they had completed an important and sacred task.

Zhang ’s family lived in the east of the city. Her husband opened two cloth shops in the city. The family is quite solid, and the couple ’s relationship is also good. However, they have always been unsatisfactory on the daughter-in-law. It is easy to have a middle-aged child. After two months of learning, the young child suddenly suffered a serious illness and almost returned to Xitian. The two did not know how many doctors they had found, how much incense they had burned at the famous Jade Buddha Temple in the city, and ultimately they were of no avail. Gaoming's new conception master, along with the incense of Zixiaguan, also became effective. Zhang's disease was rushed into medical treatment, and he couldn't manage so much. He rushed to the door and accidentally hit his son. The illness of his son was healed. Since then, Zhang ’s monthly sesame oil for the Jade Buddha Temple has all been transferred here,

Liugong City said it was not big. The news of the Zhang's younger son's recovery soon spread, and more people came in admiration. Zixiaguan became famous overnight, and soon stood side by side with the Jade Buddha Temple, becoming the first place in Liugong City. One Avenue View.

Zhang took out the papa to wipe the sweat on his forehead, and he managed to squeeze into the side hall. However, he was told that the Guanzhu did not solve the sign today, but he preached in the atrium. Zhang was blind, but he was planning to blindly trust Cui Guanzhu. Go and listen.

When she first arrived in the atrium, she was startled.

The yard was almost full, and there were still many people standing outside, surrounding the third floor and the third floor, but there was no major movement. Occasionally, several people whispered and kept their voices as low as possible.

Zhang Shiyao saw the Cui Guanzhu.

The other sat cross-legged on the steps under the eaves, his eyes narrowed slightly as he looked towards the courtyard. Zhang's heart moved, and he suddenly remembered the gods in the main hall, so he narrowed his eyes and compassionately watched the sadness and joy on earth appearance.

Cui Guanzhu's face seemed paler than the last time he met, but it may also be because he was outdoors and was exposed to the sun.

Zhang often came to the incense, and faintly heard Guan Zhongtong mentioned that Cui Guanzhu's body was not very good. As for why it's not good, no one can say it. Zhang's women are not good enough.

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inquire about.

Although it is a little far away, no one is talking around, and Cui Guanzhu's voice can also be heard in most people's ears.

Not ill or slow, gentle.

Like a cup of tea that is neither hot nor cold, it can just be held in your hand.

This person is everywhere, as if the deities are everywhere.

"What we are talking about today is cause and effect." Zhang's heard the Cui Guanzhu saying so.

Someone snorted softly at the scene, and his face was in doubt.

Cui Guanzhu smiled and continued: "Many people may think that causality is only taught by Buddhism. In fact, Taoism also talks about causality. In the" Taiwan Induction ", it is said that there is no way for good or fortune, but people call themselves. What it means is that no matter whether disaster or blessing, it is never doomed. It is related to my own behavior. This is related to the good causes and good results of the Buddhism.

Zhang's not talking about literacy, he hasn't even touched the books. On weekdays, at most, he went to the tea shop and heard that Mr. Shu tells stories about the rivers and lakes. The biggest headache is to hear those endless avenues.

But at this moment, I don't know if it was because so many people were listening together, or because Master Cui Guan spoke so profoundly and profoundly. She not only understood but didn't feel annoyed, but she had a clear-hearted feeling.

"Take Zhang's lady, for example."

His last name was unpredictably cold. Zhang was surprised and thought that someone had the same last name, but looking up, Cui Guanzhu was approaching himself, even with other people, looking up along his line of sight.

She banged, her ears turned red, and for the first time in her life she was exposed to many gazes, she didn't even know where to put her hands and feet.

"Some time ago, the child of Zhang's family was seriously ill and almost died. At this time, everyone must have heard of it. If she had not done more good things on a weekday, Zhang family ancestors would have accumulated great morals.

Zhang Shi never expected that Cui Guanzhu would be so complacent. At the moment, he was both excited and ashamed. He couldn't even say what he said. He shivered and said, "Hey, with my husband, I always do things with my heart, Where deserves the praise of Guanzhu! Healing of children depends on the mastery of Guanzhu's medical skills, and the Zhang family is grateful! "

Cui Guanzhu smiled even deeper: "It ’s easy to speak with one's heart, how easy is it to say, how many people in this world can do it? I will come to Zixia Guan at the right time, and if I look at it carefully, it ’s not a myriad ancestor. Guidelines? "

Everyone felt right when they heard it, and looking at Zhang's eyes, they also changed from doubt to envy.

Zhang's cheeks are flushed and her heart is irritated. For most of her life, she still listens to others for the first time to praise her for her good deeds. The boasting person is still the famous Taoist conception in the city. Fortunately for three lives, she hopes that she will immediately Go back and share it with your husband, Zhang has even thought about it. Come next month to make incense and be sure to give more sesame oil.

Just as God was thinking far away, Zhang suddenly felt a sting in his sight, as if something of gold and silver was reflecting in the sunlight.

She closed her eyes subconsciously, but with it came the sound of a burst of air in her ears, like a bird spreading its wings quickly.

Zhang couldn't help but opened his eyes again. As a result, he saw a gray figure pounced on the steps, where Cui Guanzhuo was standing. The sword in his hand was shining, fierce and swift, unstoppable. He wanted to kill Cui Guanzhu with a sword!

Jian Feng blinked half an inch into his forehead, and no matter how fast the Taoist boy next to him could save him, let alone a sudden incident, no one could react at all.

Cui Guanzhu was attacked by the sword wind and couldn't help but lean back slightly, but his action was of no help to the assassin. With just a blink of an eye, the sword would pierce his eyebrow and turn the living person into a dead person.

Zhang couldn't see any hope of the other's survival, and his heart was so terrified that he couldn't help screaming!

Chapter 4

The assassin was determined to get the assassination.

The moment the sword tip almost touched the opponent's eyebrow, he had already imagined the stabbing of the sword into the opponent's skull.

This sword can destroy gold and jade, no matter how hard the skull is, it's harder than the sword and the indomitable destroyer.

The assassin was disdainful to take his own shot to deal with the sick sick ghost in front of him, but the death order was issued above. If the sick sick ghost did not die, it was him who died.

If there is no accident, the next moment, this person will have an extra sword in his bones. Then blood will flow down the wound, and a blood line will hang over his nose. The corpse and blood complement each other, which will be more pleasing to the eye.

Assassin thought cheerfully, because of such a scene, he had seen too much, and it was only because of the good looks of the surname Cui that he had some expectations for the next.

But his aspirations were won, but he was completely disrupted by one hand.

The assassin opened his eyes slightly, looking at the hand that did not know where to stretch out.

This is a slender and strong hand. The nails are neatly trimmed, the bones are intact, and the flesh is even. For weekdays, the assassin probably chops down the hand, saves it with a special recipe, and appreciates it for the last three or five days before discarding it.

But now, he has no feeling of appreciation at all, because this hand has become a life-saving Yan Luo, with two fingers, if he lifts a flower and lifts a pen, if he lifts the weight lightly, hesitate, the sword is slightly swaying, and the sword can be cut into gold and jade. , It has been broken into two!

The assassin showed incredible eyes, but he responded very quickly. Those who wandered around the edge of life and death for a long time have already trained their keen sense of smell to perceive the danger. Now life and life move away, avoiding the ensuing palm.

But this is just the beginning. The other person is in a white suit tumbling and chasing after each other. With only one hand, he actually beats the assassin's hand to interrupt the sword. The two figures are intertwined, and it is almost impossible to see the moves. But the whole body was so angry that many people were scraped to the ground and exclaimed.

The courtyard, which was originally crowded with water, ran out of people almost instantaneously, and the remaining Daotongs were hiding behind the pillars. Cui Guanzhu seemed frightened and still sat motionless on the pu pad.

As soon as he met, the assassin knew that he was definitely not his opponent.

The thought flashed through his mind, and the assassin gritted his teeth and made the next decision.

He threw the broken sword at the opponent, and with ten successes, at least he could hold the opponent's breath for a few moments to gain time for himself.

It was too late to let himself escape, so the assassin chose to turn around and pounce on the man on the bedding.

He died very quickly, almost turning into a dark shadow, and was about to arrive.

Master Cui Guan opened his eyes slightly, holding his hands on the ground, and seemed to think of getting up, but he braced for a moment, because his body was too afraid to hide away, and the assassin's palm wind had come to him!

"You traitor, you must die today!"

I don't know if I was shocked by the wind of the palm, or I was frightened by this eloquent remark. Cui Guanzhu's face turned white again, and he coughed.

Seeing that he was about to stand on the spot, the assassin's figure was alive, the whole person was still, his face was distorted.

The assassin slowly lowered his head and looked at a truncated sword on his chest when he didn't know when it would come out.

With a slight kick, the assassin's body was lifted to the side aisle, but Feng Xiao looked at the residual blood on the ground, and eventually bypassed it and came to the frightened Cui Guanzhu.

"You just won't go?"

He stood high, standing backlit, looking at each other, looking at the prisoner.

Dao Tong finally reacted and ran out.

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Cui didn't cough a few times, and stood up by Dao Tong's uncle, straightened his robe and looked up at the other side.

"It's Cui who doesn't go down. Thank you for your help. How dare you ask your surname?"

Feng Xiao took a few steps forward and went up the steps to escape from the sunshade over her head.

Cui didn't go around the world. He may have seen more people than he had eaten, but Feng Xiao still made him feel a little lost for a moment.

But the other person's eyes were sharp and almost turned into substance. Two holes were burned in him. Cui didn't go and was not dead.

"Dare to ask your Excellency, is there any rudeness in Cui's speech? If so, I also hope that Haihan can save his life, and Cui is really grateful."

Feng Xiao: "Why did he kill you?"

Cui didn't shake his head: "I don't know him."

Feng Xiao: "But before he died, he said you were a traitor."

Cui did not go: "I did not meet him, and I don't know why he said that. Maybe he recognized the wrong person."

Feng Xiao Weiyi said: "Six Gongcheng is not only a Taoist temple but also a Taoist priest. Why doesn't he admit that he mistakes you?"

Cui's face also faded: "Then the Lord should ask him, how does Cui know?"

Feng Xiao said coldly: "The dead can't ask, they can only ask the living, come!"

He uttered a whistle, and immediately rushed into the field with seven or eight people, surrounding the yard.

Two of them stepped forward and took Cui Buqi and Daotong in the courtyard.

There is no struggle, no effort.

Cui did not go angry, "What kind of people are you? If you don't want to catch people indiscriminately, wouldn't Da Sui have a king!"

"You're right, you can catch whoever I think is suspicious. Don't you want to know who I am?"

Feng Xiao stepped forward, pinching Cui's chin, and raised his face.

"I'll just say it once, you better remember, my name is Feng Xiao, and it's from Jiejian Mansion."


After Emperor Yang Jian of the Sui Dynasty ascended the throne, he set up three divisions and three public officials, set up six provinces in three provinces, established laws, and pardoned the world.

In addition, he felt that the war between the Central Plains and Turkic and Goguryeo was igniting. For the purpose of plotting secrets, he set up the Xiejian Mansion, stood side by side with six, and directly obeyed the emperor. Although the responsibilities are hidden and few people know it, the power of Xie Jianfu is very great. The status of the three governors is also equal to that of the six Shangshus.

The Xiejian Mansion is located in Xiejian Mansion, which was set by the Emperor Sui himself. People who entered the house had no official rank, high or low status, and even the prince was not allowed to wear a sword.

The ambassador Yu's tribute to the Central Plains this time is of extraordinary significance. The court was afraid that someone would make a stalk from it, and the Jiejian Fu specially came to **** the ambassador to Beijing. Feng Xiao went out himself, but he did not expect to come one step later. He was killed outside the Gongcheng city, along with him missing a woman and a gift list.

The robber took the gift list, and presumably took something from the gift list.

Yu Yan is more beautiful than jade. Most of the treasures are also related to jade. Feng Xiao is in Jiejian Mansion and is familiar with the wonders of the world. He also heard about the treasures of the town and his country. He guessed that the missing treasure should be Legend of Tianchi Yudan.

But as a result, the case becomes more confusing.

The murderer has been planning for a long time, and it may have been done by the Turks, but it may also be confused by the hands of the Turks.

The person sent to Yu Yan has not heard back for a while, Feng Xiao set his sights on Liugong City and raised his reputation in two months.

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Say --- this is a gorgeous dividing line-

Cui Guanzhu.

"Excuse me, what sect of Xiejian Mansion is on the rivers and lakes? I have no power and power, and I don't deal with rivers and lakes on weekdays. When did you offend?"

Cui did not go and was taken back to the Qiushan Abbey. The other party did not torture him or lock him—of course, there was no need to lock him. Cui did not go and was an ordinary person who could not do martial arts at all.

He and Feng Xiao were sitting face to face with a pot of steaming tea in front of them. This old friend's old-fashioned atmosphere was completely different from the sword-strikes just now, and Cui did not even go a little stingy, as if the assassination had just been killed. Rescue, questioning and arresting people are just dreams.

Feng Xiao lazily said, "As a disciple of Abbot Chau Liuli Palace, would you not know what Xiejian Mansion is?"

He found a small, exquisite, two knuckle-sized jade card from his sleeve and threw it to Cui Buqu.

"I found it from under your pillow. I don't think Master Cui Guan will pretend to be stupid again?"

The Abbot Chau Liuli Palace is an isolated and independent martial art. This disciple does not participate in the grievances of the rivers and lakes. He is famous for his narrative records of the martial arts rumors. It is said that many people who have not been able to gain a foothold in the Central Plains have been exiled. The most important thing is that Liuli Palace disciples are familiar with the world's major events. Since Cui does not go, since Liuli Palace people, the existence of Xiejian Mansion is no longer hidden, he may not have never heard of it.

Cui didn't sigh: "It's true. I did hear about Jiejian Mansion, but I do n’t have to deal with the government as soon as I get a commoner, so I can pretend to be less confused. And, you misunderstand, I am not a disciple of Liuligong. I have an elder, a guest of Qingli Palace, who studied under the Chunqiu family and taught me for years. In order to make it easier for me to visit, the elder gave me this jade card. "

Feng Xiao raised an eyebrow: "So you are a disciple? You a priest, go to learn some eloquence, don't you feel sorry for your grandfather?"

Cui did not look calmly, "What can I do? Taoist priests also have to eat. If I don't have a good tongue, how can Zixia Guan have today?"

Feng Xiao: "Who are you Qin Miaoyu?"

Cui did not go somehow: "Who is that?"

Feng Xiao: "The messenger Yu Ji was robbed and his love, Qin's wonderful words were missing. Before Qin was married, he was from Liugongcheng. He loved the Jade Buddha Temple and Zixia Guan. He came suddenly two months ago. Zixia Guan, support it in one hand. With your ability, there is no problem going to any Avenue View. Why did you choose Zixia Guan? "

He was aggressive, his body leaned forward with the words, and leaned close to Cui Buqi, his breath slamming his face, so that Cui did not frown slightly, and wanted to step back, but was held down by his shoulders.

"Plum blossoms are fragrant." Feng Xiao whispered near the neck of the other side. "The aroma is the same as in Wei Chijin's wagon. What is your relationship with his sister-in-law, or do you dress as a man and kill him? "

Cui did not laugh angrily: "Even if I look like a woman, I'm afraid nobody will believe it? It's better to wear beautiful women's clothes to make you look attractive! As for the plum scent you said, there are many pilgrims today, I don't know How many people have talked face to face, and why is it so strange to have some aroma? "

Feng Xiao stared at him.

Although the other party tried to clarify the relationship, pretending to be innocent, Feng Xiao could not find any evidence for the time being, but Cui didn't react too calmly, which was the biggest doubt in itself.

What Cui did not do before he came to Zixiaguan, where he came from, and why he had a relationship with Abbot Chau Liuli Palace, all of them were blurry and elusive.

"It seems that Cui Guanzhu insists on refusing to confess?"

Feng Xiao shoved him away, letting the other party catch off guard and crook backwards.

He himself got up and clapped his hands, as if he was afraid that the dust from Cui would not dirty himself.

"Do you know why I brought you to this room?"

Chapter 5

At first glance, this room is not much different from other rooms.

At most, the window paper is thicker, the roof beams are lower than elsewhere, and the light is dim, so the candlelight is also lit in the house during the daytime, which feels a bit depressed.

In addition, the furnishings are readily available and look very new. Even the gap between the cabinet feet on the ground does not have the kind of burrs that have been rubbed out over the years.

Cui didn't go and glanced slightly, and said, "Isn't there anyone here?"

Feng Xiao smiled slightly: "The dweller is dweller, but it was the side where the slave lived. I let people re-arrange it for the time being as the execution room of Xiejian Mansion."

Faced with such a threat of nakedness, Cui did not go: "Your Excellency, are you going to punish me?"

Feng Xiao squatted down halfway to the body, looking up at him: "Look, your reaction is nothing like an innocent ordinary person. How can I not doubt you?"

Cui didn't go helpless and said, "Have you been reasonable, do you shout injustice now, and you will let me go? Even if Qin has anything to do with Zixia Guan, that is also the former Zixia Guan, I do n’t even Know the woman! You must have searched Zixiaguan up and down. Did you find anything suspicious? "

Feng Xiao said: "This city has a more incense-like view of Baiyun, why don't you go there?"

Cui does not go: "It ’s better to be a chicken than to be a tail of a tail. If Zi Xia ’s view is to be abandoned, I will be the last person to do it. It ’s better than letting people down. I do n’t need to say more. Right? "

Feng Xiao shook her head: "It's not reasonable. Two months ago, Linlang Pavilion just released the news that this year's auction will be held in Liugongcheng semi-colon, so sooner or later, you just came at this time, so it happened. Life is doubtful. The messenger Yu Yu died, Qin's disappeared with the treasure, maybe the treasure lingered outside, and it will appear in Liugong City. What did you come for? Qin? Or treasure? What is hidden in the end? Where? Zixiaguan or Linlange's auction? "

Cui did not go: "The words of Your Excellency make me even more incomprehensible."

Feng Xiao: "It's okay, think about it here. Tell me when you figure it out."

Cui didn't go: "I've never been healthy, I'm afraid I can't stand any severe torture."

Feng Xiao said profoundly: "Do you think the physical pain is the hardest thing in the world?"

He said, without waiting for Cui to answer, he got up and went out.

Pei Jingyi looked at Cui without taking a look, followed closely.

For a moment, everyone in the room was evacuated.

A few candles went out, and the door closed, and the room became dim immediately.

Immediately, the windows that had been erected outside were also pulled down, I don't know what Feng Xiao ordered, and each window was sealed with a few layers of black gauze on the outside to completely isolate the only light.

At this moment, the room was completely out of reach with five fingers, not to mention footsteps outside, not even a bark of songbirds could be heard.

Jing Ye draws thoughts, and there are many scholars, but it is the quietness accompanied by the pine wind and bright moon. Once the silence reaches the extreme, it becomes a terrible thing.

The moment Cui did not go when the door was closed, her face became cold, and she no longer felt helpless and angry just now.

When he was covered with black veil outside the window, he even whispered.

Cui does not know what the other party wants to do.

The five senses are lost, and in the extremely quiet and boring, it is easy for people to think wildly and become confused.

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Say --- this is a gorgeous dividing line ---


No one speaks, even if you yell, what you hear is only your own answer. I do n’t know if it ’s day or night outside. It ’s okay for two days a day. On the fourth and fifth days, and even ten and a half months later, You will forget the passage of time, and in the end you will not know if you are alive or dead, in the sun or hell.

Ren Renqiang's man, under such silent torture, was afraid to cry for mercy in the end.

Cui had never seen it before, a well-known river and lake person who was good at double swords and was well-known in Jiangdong Wulin was forced to stay in this room for half a month. After he came out, he was covered with scars, all of which he had drawn out. The wound, he can only feel that he is a living person through the pain of self-harm.

No blood was found when killing people, and this method was mostly used in Xiejian Mansion.

Now, this method is used on Cui Buqu.

Presumably Feng Xiao has long been determined, no matter how strange it is for Cui not to go, staying in this room for half a month, it is absolutely impossible to endure it, when the natural questions and answers, it is true and false at a glance.

Cui did not pick up the padded cushion, groped in the room, found a pillar, and sat down with his legs crossed.

He doesn't know how to do martial arts, but he has also learned some health exercises for breathing and closing. He closes his eyes and starts to practice repeatedly. His mind is empty and all thoughts are discarded.

Although some monks can easily enter a fixed number of days or even a dozen days, but after all, they are cultivators from the four major children, and they are often unparalleled, not to mention ordinary people who are rolling in the soft red.

How long Cui can endure, even he himself does not know, but he knows that Feng Xiao will certainly not let himself go so easily.

Xie Jianfu, this will not be the only means.


"Lang Jun, three days." Pei Jingxuan put down a pile of new tea, said.

"Well, what are the three days?" Feng Xiao was looking down at the news from Qi Mocheng, carelessly.

"The Lord Cui Guan has been in that room for three days. He won't do martial arts, so I'm afraid that something will happen," Pei Jingxi reminded.

"You haven't lost a lot of life on your own. Why suddenly pity a Taoist?" Feng Xiao glanced up at him.

Pei Jingyi said innocently: "Isn't this your subordinate afraid of breaking your business? If this person is suspicious, if he died, wouldn't he have broken an important clue?"

Feng Xiao didn't answer him, and passed the stationery in his hand.

Pei Jingxu took it, and after reading it carefully, he said, "It really is Tianchi Yudan! In order to please His Majesty, he sent soldiers to help him against the Turkic people. This time, King Yu's blood was counted!"

Feng Xiao: "Yu Chijinwu is dead. King Yu Xi will send a messenger over again, but the case must be checked and Yudan must be found."

Pei Jingxi laughed: "If this case is broken, I'm afraid you can't avoid Princess Xianguo completely. This is your original intention to leave Beijing ..."

Before he finished speaking, he was swept away by Fengxiao's eyes, almost biting his tongue, and quickly converged and laughing. He said positively: "Subordinate's judgment, Qin's disappearance is related to jade gallbladder. If you find her, you should be able to find jade. Courage. "

Yudan disappeared outside the city. The murderer carried Yudan and could only go to two places. He either entered Liugong City or went directly to Qiemo City.

But at the end of the road, it ’s like going back to the other side. It ’s impossible for the other party to hide in the wild with treasures all the time. The most likely thing is to dodge in Liugong City and use the auction of Linlang Pavilion to disguise it a bit. , Cross the Ming Road and take it out.

Pei Jinghuan: "Now it's related to Qin's. There are three clues. Jade

Say-this is a gorgeous dividing line ---

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Say --- this is a gorgeous dividing line-

No strange places have been found in the Buddhist temple for the time being. It is likely that it was only used by the Qin family to confuse the audiovisual. On the other side of Zixiaguan, the subordinates searched it several times without any doubt. Only the aunt ’s house where Qin Miaoyu had previously hosted, It has been found that her aunt's family moved to Jincheng to live there. Half a month ago, Jincheng caught fire. According to investigations, it was autumn and irritability, and children accidentally played with fire. Her aunt's family of six people, all of whom died in the fire. Coincidentally, when their family died, it was about the same time that Wei Chi Jinwu set out from Yuxi and came to the Central Plains. "

After a pause, seeing that Feng Xiao didn't interrupt, he continued: "So the subordinate doubted that the identity of Qin Miaoyu should be false from beginning to end. She was deliberately thinking, but to win the attention of Yu Chijinwu, and He went to Yuyu together, approaching Tianchi Yudan. "

Feng Xiao said: "She had served Wei Chi Jinwu for four or five years as a mortuary. How could it be expected that four or five years ago, King Yu must send Yu Chijinwu to the Central Plains this time?"

Pei was shocked, and then realized that he had made a mistake in his thinking: "Will that be the real Qin Miaoyu, after Wei Chi's confirmation, has it been replaced?"

If the death of the messenger is to marry Da Sui, the best option is to let Yu Chi Jinwu die in the post hall prepared by the Sui Dynasty and steal the jade by the way, in order to maximize the instigation between Da Sui and Yu Fu Relationship.

But in this way, Qin's favorite room for Wei Chijinwu will inevitably enter the city and deal with relatives and friends in Liugong City. Her identity is most likely to be revealed, but it is her past that is most likely to be exposed. His aunt ’s family, so Qin ’s aunt had to die.

Perhaps the plan changed, which led to Qin's having to take action outside the city. Maybe he was not the same person as Qin's. This case is so confusing that even they will not be able to clear the mist for a while.

Pei Jingxi said: "Subordinates have allowed Zhao County Order to limit the number of people who can enter and leave the city gates daily according to your instructions. They will personally take people there to search carefully and never allow them to be easily carried around. However, at Linlang Pavilion, A little trouble. "

Feng Xiao frowned slightly: "What trouble?"

Pei Jingxi smiled bitterly: "Behind Linlang Pavilion, there are members of the Li Family of Longxi and Boling Cui, and Princess Leping's support. His Majesty has always felt guilty and privative to Princess Leping. You also know that I am afraid that the murderer will take advantage of this The jade gall was mixed into this auction and then brought out of the city with great vigor. "

Feng Xiao stood up and said, "What about Princess Leping? I still have to submit to my father and brother, and follow the flow. When will the auction of Linlang Pavilion begin?"

Pei Jinghuan: "Tomorrow, his subordinates have been ordered to stare at them secretly, and once there is anything suspicious at the auction, they will be immediately detained."

Feng Xiao: "Wei Chijinwu and his party died outside the city. In such a major event, they can't have heard of it. They will only be extra careful, you ..."

Before he finished speaking, there were servants from Xiejian Mansion hurried in.

"Lang Jun, Ruyi Inn has a fight and it's dead! Zhao Xian ordered someone to come over, please come and see first."

In the ordinary case of homicide, it is not necessary to alarm the Xiejian Mansion. Zhao Xianling will come to it. It can only show that he cannot afford to offend the identity of the two sides of the murder case. He wants to invite Feng Xiao, a big Buddha, to sit in town.

Feng Xiao said, "I'll go."

Pei Jingxi asked quickly: "Lang Jun is slow, that Lord Cui Guan, if he still refuses to be soft, what should he do?"

Feng Xiao said, "Give him some fragrance."

Pei Jingxiu showed hesitation and hesitation: "In case he can't survive ..."

Feng Xiao: "It doesn't matter if the person is gone, just take a breath."

His face was faint, and the meaning of coolness was absent.

Chapter 6

Linlang Pavilion ’s semicolons are located in the north and south, and the annual auctions are even more important. Although the locations of the auctions of Linlang Pavilion are different each year, sometimes in Jiangnan and sometimes in Haibei, today it is moved to Liugong City, but it is extremely valuable. As far as the people and the people are concerned, there will be people who come far away to participate.

Others do n’t know the truth, only if there are bound to be many rare treasures in this auction. In fact, although there are rare treasures, in fact there are few rare treasures, and more are precious medicinal materials that are difficult to buy on weekdays. For people who don't want to collect the spices and gems from the Western Regions, such an auction is like a large market, which is naturally very welcome.

Because of its deep background, Linlang Pavilion is not small. Although the family has a great career, even the people of rivers and lakes dare not easily provoke it. Small storms occasionally occur, but major changes have never happened, and the auctions are smooth every year.

But this year is doomed to be exceptional.

When Linlang Pavilion set the auction location in Liugong City, many people muttered, because Liugong City is not a prosperous place in the south of the Yangtze River, nor is it a famous city in the world like Daxing City. Although this place is connected to things, it is necessary for merchants to enter and exit the Western Region. Passing by, but after all, it is also close to Turk, and it is remote, the sand is diffuse, and the noble people who are used to it are easily reluctant to come over. Therefore, the number of people participating in the auction this year is slightly less than in previous years. Most of them are from rivers and lakes. There are many western businessmen with high noses and deep eyes. They came with camels, carrying cargo.

The accident happened at the entrance of Linlangge Liugong City Semicolon. As soon as a group of people walked out, one of the people passing by came out, and the young man led by the sword stabbed. The two immediately fought. The assassin died, and a woman suddenly emerged next to her, crying at the deceased, accusing him of killing his brother.

In the eyes of everyone, the killer and the killed were surrounded by the crowd and could not leave. The arrested rushed quickly and found that the identity of the killer was difficult. They quickly sought Zhao Xianling, and Zhao Xianling invited Feng Xiao to come forward. .

When Feng Xiao arrived, the body had not been removed, the girl was crying on the body, and saw a pair of black boots approaching, stopped in sight, could not help raising her head, a pair of eyes with tears were moving, eyes full of sorrow, No falsification.

But Feng Xiao's gaze paused for a moment before she moved away from her and fell on the killer.

"You killed someone?" He asked the other.

The young man's expression was slightly stagnant. Obviously, he was not willing to answer Feng Xiao's question, but he was forced by it and struggled for a while.

Seeing this, Zhao Xianling said busyly: "This Fenglang Jun came from Beijing and was ordered to—"

He glanced at Feng Xiao, who wanted to explain the sword house, but did not know if the other party was willing to reveal his identity. He changed his tone and changed his word: "I was ordered to investigate the case of the messenger and came here to help."

He also introduced the identity of the two sides of the murder to Feng Xiao: "This is the cool and cool shopkeeper of Linlang Pavilion. The surname of the deceased should be called No Response, Guanzhong, and the woman is his sister."

With this in mind, Wen Liang took the initiative to go forward and arched his hand: "It is Wen Liang underneath, and it ’s good to teach the two to know. Only then did I and my shopkeeper come out from the inside, this person suddenly appeared, intending to harm me, but fortunately I learned martial arts in my early years He was barely able to defend himself, and was fortunate not to be injured, but he somehow fell down on the spot, not by me. "

The girl said angrily: "Broad daylight, everyone saw it. You fought with my elder brother. My elder brother was killed by the palms of your hands. The killer paid his life! What do you say!"

Compared with the girl's excitement, Wen Liang seemed much calmer: "This man murdered me first. I just beat him back, and the few palms I hit him were not fatal. "

Girl: "If you didn't kill our father, how would your elder brother fight hard to kill you ?!"

Wen Liang chuckled: "When my blood spurted, when did I kill your father? Don't recognize the wrong person, a joke in the end!"

The girl stared at him, full of resentment: "Warm and cool, even if it turns to ashes, I recognize you!"

Obviously, this case had no inside information. Feng Xiao had no intention of interrogating here, and waved his hand, so that people would bring all the people involved, etc., back to the county council first.

The girl was unwilling to leave. She was pulled around by arrest. She could not help but stare at Wenliang frequently. Her eyes were red and she described resentment. If there is a ghost in the world, she is afraid that she will touch the pillar immediately.

Say this is a gorgeous dividing line-

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Say --- this is a gorgeous dividing line ---

Perish, turned into a ghost to find warm and cold life.

Wen Liang did not look at her, took a few steps towards Feng Xiao, saluting: "Feng Langjun, can you take a step to speak?"

Feng Xiao: "Say."

Wen Liang only said: "In the past few years, Lin Langge has been gaining popularity, and it is inevitable that some villains will have bad intentions. Under the influence of my master, my family will be jealous and assume the position of treasurer. It will be easier to provoke right and wrong. "

Feng Xiao: "This incident happened in Liugong County. It is handled by your own county order. You can talk to him instead of me."

At this point the body had also been lifted away, leaving blood on the ground and gradually drying up.

Feng Xiao looked to the ground, and suddenly felt the breeze passing by his ears. The reaction of the martial arts man made him dodge sideways at the same time. When Yu Guang skimmed, he saw a needle passing by the tip of his nose and flying towards him A few steps of warmth and coolness!

Wen Liang was completely unaware that his skill might be able to cope with requests, but he could not cope with such sneak attacks.

The thoughts turned, Feng Xiao rolled up his sleeves and dropped the needle to the ground.

Wen Liang saw Feng Xiao raise his sleeves and patted at himself, thinking he wanted to hit himself, took a few steps back subconsciously, and said, "You!"

Feng Xiao: "There are needles on the ground."

Wen Liang calmed himself and looked to the ground. If he saw a needle, faintly blue, he must be poisonous, and he couldn't help but be frightened. When he looked up, he saw Feng Xiao looking at himself with inspection eyes.

"I don't know who hates me so much, I will put me to death!" Wen Liang smiled bitterly.

Feng Xiao ordered to Zhao County: "You take him back to the county to detain, and I will try it myself."

Wen Liang frowned: "I'm not a prisoner ..."

Feng Xiao interrupted coldly: "Everything involved in the case is suspicious, whether it is innocent, I will say it after I have tried it."

Wen Liang calmly said: "Tomorrow's auction, you have to sit down!"

Feng Xiao said: "Without you, there will be no one under you? If so, it might as well be closed as soon as possible!"

He was arrogant and could not be rebutted. His cool face was dark and he was about to speak. Someone beside him couldn't hold it back and snatched his head. He sneered, "Is it great to come from Beijing, I won't let you catch someone, you What about it! "

Feng Xiao slowly turned her head and looked at the other side. Her face was bright and bright under the blue sky, but her eyes were sharp like an eagle, and she nailed the person in place, and she couldn't give birth to half of her. "Which corner did you come from?"

He seemed to notice the other side at this time, and his slow attitude made his nose almost crooked.

"I am Princess Leping's family. Don't say that you haven't even heard of Princess Leping! I have your official name on the newspaper. When I return to Beijing, I will ask the princess to come forward and talk to her Majesty!"

The family members are servants. In the past year, dogs have to be watched by their masters. If they are ordinary masters, this Princess Leping is not only her eldest daughter Yang Lihua, but also the former queen and queen queen. Yang Jian changed the dynasty, and in the Sui Dynasty, he robbed his daughter-in-law's family of Jiangshan, and renamed the eldest daughter who became the queen of another person as a princess.

Yang Lihua adhered to humility and dissatisfaction with his father's behavior of usurping the DPRK. However, she was the daughter's house after all. There was no way she could be dissatisfied. In order to make up for the eldest daughter, the Yang Jians had more affection for her than their sons. To be more tolerant of what Princess Leping wants to do, as long as it is not rebellion and rebellion, the empress will have nothing to say. In the face of the princess's family, sometimes it is more useful than the six books.

Princess Leping took Linlang Pavilion's dividends and naturally became its protective umbrella. If anyone wants to move Lin Lang Pavilion and hear Princess Leping ’s name, she will retreat by three points, not to mention the family behind.

However, Feng Xiao heard the other party say the word “Leping Princess”. Instead of showing the sincerity, sincerity, and fear, she raised her eyebrows slightly, and her eyes shone slightly. “My name is Feng Xiao, from Xiejian Mansion. Is this name good? "

The family of the Princess Mansion heard the words Xie Jianfu Fengxiao, and his face changed suddenly. The elation just disappeared, and he replaced it with a ghost-like expression. Wings fly away.

Chapter 7

At the foot of the capital, nobles ran all over the place. Little officials were not as good as dogs. Some dynasties were flooded with princes and grandchildren, and even they were not necessarily valuable.

But today's empress is an exception.

When the Emperor Sui was a former court official, his wife, Du Gu, followed her all the time. Unlike an ordinary woman, she would only hide behind her husband to seek asylum. Yang Jian's frustration several times depended on Du Gu's escaping danger. After Yang Jian ascended the throne, Dugu became a solitary queen when he became a queen. With the support of her husband, he continued to participate in the political affairs of the people.

Many people have also seen that between this queen, there is not only a relationship between husband and wife, but also the support of the same kind of support. No one is inseparable from anyone. It is the status of a lone queen, more than any queen in the previous dynasty. They all came steadily, not to mention that the two were "sons who have no strangers to life," and the princess and prince of the dynasty were both lonely queens.

In this way, the status of the eldest daughter Princess Leping is particularly special. She is not only the birth of the queen, but also the eldest daughter. Due to the special experience of her early years, the empress and the two loved each other and almost responded. The family of Princess Leping was walking outside. Everyone respects three points.

But it was such a master who was smashing his head in front of a roadblock in Jiejianfu.

Princess Leping once gave birth to a daughter named Yu Wen'e, who was the emperor of the former dynasty, Yu Wen'e. Although she lost her father, she was cared for by her mother. She also loved her grandparents and Wuwu, and loved her even more. The nursing mother who had breast-fed her naturally followed the chickens and dogs. Half a year ago, the mother-in-law's son was detained by Xiejian Mansion because of her involvement in the case. The mother-in-law pleaded with Yu Wen'e Ying, and Yu Wen'e Ying asked her mother, Princess Le Ping.

The princess had only this one daughter, so naturally she could not bear to be wronged, and now she took the princess's house general to Jiejian Mansion and let the other party let go.

There are three housekeepers in Xiejian Mansion, and the big house owner is also the post of Shang Shushu. Generally speaking, regardless of the matter, it is the two house owner Feng Xiao.

Not many people were present that day. According to a later version, it was said that the princess was aggressive and brought people to the door. The family would rely on the princess' presence and refused to dissolve the sword. The princess also tacitly condoned. The two parties clashed in words. Feng Xiao In a word, in front of Princess Leping's mother and daughter, she twisted the sword of the family into three pieces and threw it out.

At that time, the family only felt the blast blowing at the head, and had not yet recovered. The person had been nailed to the sword stone, and the sword was broken three times, just nailed to each other's shoulders and the clothing under the **** | Easy not to move.

Everyone was stunned, and Princess Leping couldn't believe it. There were people in this world who dared to humiliate themselves in front of her. They immediately sued to Tianzi. Who knew the bad luck was not Jiejianfu, not Feng Xiao, Emperor Yang Jian laughed with a smile, Dao Feng Erzhen was straight-hearted, assigned the family to Beijing, and appeased the princess, and the matter was gone.

After this incident, not to mention Princess Leping, even others can see that Xie Jian Mansion is very important in the emperor's heart, and Feng Xiao is even more valued. Since Princess Leping can't shake, other people need not say.

Feng Xiao's fierce name was even circulated in a small area of Beijing. Others did not say that people who came out of Princess Mansion knew absolutely.

Therefore, when this person heard that Feng Xiaofu of Xie Jianfu was approaching, his face changed suddenly, and he could not turn around without leaving his arrogance.

"This may be some of the misunderstandings. Since Jiejianfu is handling the case, I will not interfere, please!" The man smiled a little ugly, and his momentum softened a lot.

The lord of Feng'erfu was not so easy to send. He waved his hand and ordered Zhao Xian: "These people are involved in the case, and they are brought back for questioning."

Zhao Xianling was indifferent: "This ..."

Feng Xiao didn't wait for him to finish his tangling, and he directly called to understand the Jingqi of Jianfu, and took away the people who had just walked with Wen Liang.

Although the family of the Princess Mansion was reluctant, he did not dare to utter bad words any more.

Even in the capital, Princess Leping went out of her way, but Feng Er couldn't help it, not to mention that the Emperor was far away from here, and even if Feng Er killed him, he would retreat.

Feng Xiao did not personally interrogate Wen Liang, but handed the case over to Zhao Xianling.

Over the past month, the incidents in Liugong City have become one after another, which has caused Zhao County's scorching heads to burn. He has no way to start. He is tired of coping, and he is afraid of Fengxiao's blame. He can only raise twelve. Divided by spirit, he did not dare to over-trial Princess Leping's people, but he had no scruples about Wenliang, and confirmed each other from the deceased sister's mouth, but he soon found out the case.

Ten years ago, there were two families in Guanzhong, one with the family name Ying and the other with the family name Wen, who has been in business for generations and has a good friendship. Ying and Wen's families were not much different. They were only moderately wealthy. However, the male master of the Wen family had a good business and soon expanded his contacts and strengthened his career. On the other hand, Ying's family has never been better. Ying's greed started, colluding with the green forest bandits, while the Wen master took his eldest son out of business, he killed the two, and took over their business while the Wen family only had old and weak women and children, thereby getting richer step by step.

The young son of the Wen family was clever but sick and sick, and was recuperated at the grandfather's house where he was practicing medicine.

Say this is a gorgeous dividing line-

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Say --- this is a gorgeous dividing line ---

Suspicious, they began investigating secretly, and finally found the bandits. Knowing that the Wen family was incapable of competing with Ying at the time, Wen Liang quietly left home and ventured out. Because of the fate, he would get to know the nobles and enter Linlang Pavilion to work and slowly find out the cause of his father and brother's death.

At that time, a new parent officer was changed in Guanzhong area, and the other party asked for advancement. Wenliang spotted this. He took the evidence of secret collusion between Ying's family and the Green Forest bandit and came to the scene. He was overjoyed, and immediately ordered the investigation of Ying's family. Ying Father was also exiled and died on the road.

At that time, brothers and sisters Ying escaped from the calamity because of their young age, and fortunately survived. They naturally hated Wen Liang, but they also knew that with Wen Liang's status today, they could not kill each other, so they Come up with a solution to the problem: You should take the poisonous edible grass first without asking, and then come to the door and fight with Wenliang, let Wenliang hurt yourself. At this time, you should die without asking for poison, and Wenliang can't escape the killing. Relationship.

The inside story of this case is complicated, but Zhao Xianling saw Feng Xiao's attitude towards the family of the Princess Mansion, fearing that his little **** would be abandoned at any time, and he was forcing the people under his hands to keep on working day and night. I made an autopsy, and finally found that there should be no poisonous grass left in the body, which proved that the cool and innocent.

The Ying family first dealt with the Wen family, and Wen Liang returned his teeth. He previously told Feng Xiao that he didn't know Brother Ying and Sister, and apparently opened his eyes to talk nonsense, but the two grudges were entangled. He also groaned.

However, Feng Xiao was not very interested in this, and his focus fell on Wen Liang himself.

"Is the Wen family dead, except Wen Liang?" He asked.

Zhao Xianling shook his head: "Wen Liang has a mother who has been sick for many years. His mother is filial and his mother believes in Buddhism, making him incapable of killing him. That's why he only dealt with the master of the family and let the brothers and sisters Ying. He was sent to inquire about his mother. It was true, and the doctor also said that Wen's mother was weak and her medicine had no effect. I am afraid there is not much time left. "

He had the intention to be close to Feng Xiao, but the latter looked pale, and he did not intend to say more. Zhao Xianling had to quit, thinking about asking the people around Feng Xiao in private, and doing what he wanted, giving him a gift. The mighty Feng Erfu master said a word or two in front of the emperor, and his future will be immense.

As soon as Zhao Xianling stepped forward, Pei Jingxi said, "Lang Jun, there is something wrong with this warm and cool!"

Feng Xiao didn't say anything, just a hum from her nose, and the tone was slightly raised, which made people involuntarily sway, irrelevant, but at best it was the mortal heart's inability to control beauty.

Some beauties are in the skin and some are in the bones. Feng Xiao is obviously the rarest in the world.

However, he has a sharp edge, and has an astonishing momentum. He is full of strength, and such a beauty can't bear the obscenity, only obsessed with worship and bows his head to surrender.

Pei Jingxuan walked away for a moment, wondering if Feng Xiao's parents had expected his son to be so good in the future after he was born, so he gave him such an extraordinary name, and heard Feng Xiao stunned impatiently, quickly Piaoyuan thought pulled back forcibly.

"That day Yu Yudan, it is said that it is youthful and immortal, and it has the effect of resurrecting death. Wen Liang's mother has been sick for a long time, and he is so filial to his mother. For his mother's words, he is willing to let the brothers and sisters of Ying's life. He has the opportunity to retaliate again, so he has the motive for stealing the jade for his mother. "

Feng Xiao: "Continue."

Pei Jinghuan: "Today outside Linlang Pavilion, if it weren't for you, Wen Liang would have died badly. Maybe it was because he was exposed. The life in collusion with him was afraid that he would confess his accomplice and rush to kill."

"Also, this place of Liugong City was originally not an important semicolon of Linlang Pavilion. In the past, auctions have never looked for such a remote place. This year, I chose this place. Isn't it warm and cool, for the sake of convenience, it is concealed and specially chosen. The place?"

"Combined with several clues, his subordinates speculated that, in all likelihood, Wen Liang was related to the killing of the messenger Yu Yu and the robbing of Yudan."

Feng Xiao listened, but said, "Don't you think it's too coincidental?"

Pei was surprised. "what do you mean?"

Feng Xiao: "We want to check Lin Langge, and Wen Liang will bring it to my door. It's as if I was dozed off and someone sent a pillow. It happened that I couldn't help but doubt that this was someone who deliberately confused us."

Pei Jingxian blinked, and he felt that Feng Xiao was a little suspicious.

"The subordinate will stare at Wen Liang, trying to pry the truth out of him."

Feng Xiao's words turned sharply, and suddenly asked Cui not to go there: "Has He Xiang used it? What is the effect?"

Pei Jingyan heard the words, and his face immediately showed a strange look.

"Use it, but ..."

But he didn't let the other party know everything.

For the first time, Pei Jinghuai found that there are hard bones in this world that can't help it.

Chapter 8

Thinking about Jun Xi can't be changed, Jun doesn't know what he can do.

Nai Hexiang, this name seems to turn into a thousand sadness at first, the fragrance is like the early summer, the beautiful and beautiful pavilion, but in fact it is extremely domineering, and the color is toxic.

Its toxicity is not to kill people instantly, but to invade the body with aroma, eat bone and **** the bones, and let the poisoned person gradually indulge in it. Nai He Xiang, if the flesh and meridians are stabbed with a sharp knife, it is unbearable. If he does not smell Nai He Xiang for five days, he can only die, and go to Nai Heqiao to get a bowl of Mengpo soup.

Therefore, Nai He Xiang's Nai He is not the long and short sigh of the Wen population, but Huang Quan's forgetfulness.

Cui did not go to this dark room for five days.

The other party had the right timing, and he would always send food and drink when he couldn't get tired and half awake. When Cui didn't regain consciousness, he could touch the water and food beside him.

Water and food are only a little bit, barely keeping alive, but the hardest part is not the hunger, but the boundless silence, and the torture of this day and night.

After darkness, it is still dark. The end of silence is always silence.

Cui could only use his four fingers and twelve knuckles to calculate the hours, stretch his body as much as possible, recite the books in meditation, from Confucian to Taoist, and from Fa to Buddhist, to eliminate distractions and have no mind.

His eyesight gradually decreased, but his hearing became extremely sharp. At this time, even the movement of snake worms and ants, even the sound of dripping water, could make him a treasure, but he did not know what method Feng Xiao used, this room As if completely forgotten by the world, if it hadn't been forever, Cui did not almost doubt that they really forgot themselves.

This kind of silent torture regardless of day and night, ordinary people are still unable to support, let alone ten days and a half months, three or five days can go crazy, let alone Cui does not go to such a body, every season can be sick one season, arrived On the third day, he apparently felt a sorrow and annoyance in his heart, hunger in his abdomen, his hands and feet began to weaken, his head became chaotic, and his body became slightly cold. On the contrary, his forehead became hot. He knew that It is the precursor of an imminent illness, simply breaking the jar, and not recitation of the classics, leaving the consciousness gradually blurred.

Just then he smelled an aroma.

If there is nothing, it seems like the aroma he smelled in the Jinghe Garden of Beijing last year. It is light, sweet, windy, and smells of lotus seeds.

After a while, the capital city will start to warm up, and the dignitaries ’home will entertain the guests. The favorite place is to boil the lotus seed Tremella simmered in the lotus root and sink it in the well for half a day. After the guests come, take it out, and drink a cup of heat The lotus drink, warming the stomach and clearing the fire, put on a bowl of lotus seeds, keep the fragrant cheeks, relax from the throat to the stomach, and clear the summer heat.

He has experienced this kind of hospitality many times.

Cui opened her eyes without squinting.

The darkness of purpose brought him back to reality immediately.

The aroma is still there, not an illusion.

He raised his eyebrows slightly in the darkness and then sneered silently.

Nai Hexiang.

Although this poison | drug is overbearing and terrible, it is also difficult to find and valuable. It is hard for Feng Xiao to use it against himself, which is a luxury and waste.

In this room, you can't go out, you can't cut off your breath, you can only inhale such an addictive aroma.

If a person with great martial arts is here, they may be able to use internal force to resist for a period of time, but for Cui Buqian, Nai Hexiang will only accelerate the destruction of his body, making him unable to survive, but not death.

The other party may not have taken his life, but just wanted to use Naixiang to force him to spit out the truth, and used it on Cui Buqu's body.

However, the people of Xiejianfu would not have expected it anyway. He had smelled this fragrance many years ago, and had boiled it for ten days. In the end, although almost half of his life was removed, he could still maintain the basic Sober, without being led by his nose, even his teacher Fan Yun was amazed, saying that if it were not for his physical fitness for martial arts, and with the strength of his mind, I was afraid that no martial art in the world could not be overcome. .

But Hui Ji will be jealous of the sky, Fan Yun

Say this is a gorgeous dividing line-

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Say --- this is a gorgeous dividing line ---

It is also known that even if Cui does not go martial arts, it is enough to overtake most people in the world.

Some people are destined to be extraordinary.

All the pain, as far as he was concerned, was just grinding.

Blow the mad sand before reaching Jin.

Cui didn't close his eyes slowly again.

Lin Langge auction soon, he did not believe, Feng Xiao can wait for ten days before coming to him.


"What the **** is it?" Feng Xiao frowned slightly, watching Pei Jingyan's restless expression.

The auction of Linlang Pavilion started four days ago for a period of six days. Tomorrow is the last day. Most of the previous days were medicinal herbs, the last day was the most popular treasure.

Although these days are also very lively, and the transaction volume is much more, many people return with a full load, but many people set their sights on the auction on the last day. Even if they ca n’t afford it, they can open their eyes and do n’t look away. This trip.

But Feng Xiao was dissatisfied.

Because the progress in these past few days has not been smooth, Wen Liang and others are still in custody in the county. Although they do n’t dare to do anything, there are not many people coming to court every day to plead. Feng Xiao is all gone. He will Cui did not throw it to Pei Jingzhen to cook, but he went to the auction to stare in person, but Qin's appearance has never been seen, as if it had been hidden in the vast crowds, Tianchi Yudan was even missing.

Feng Xiao knew that Yudan, even in this world, must be at the auction on the last day, but he thought about it, always felt that he had missed something, and he was inevitably agitated.

Since he took charge of Xiejian Mansion, he has been sailing smoothly, even if there is some obstacles. He has not encountered such an indecisive and indescribable sense of hesitation for a long time, as if there is only an invisible thing His hand was playing chess, and he was standing by the chessboard, but he was unknowingly dragged into the fog, and he would soon become one of the chess pieces ...

Feng Xiao's heart shook, and she seemed to catch something suddenly.

Pei Jingxi said: "Last time you asked me to use that person for five days. I was afraid that the person could not stand the body and didn't dare to use it much. Before he went in to check, he was already unconscious. He woke up and took the opportunity to interrogate. He still insisted that he had no relationship with Qin, so his subordinates thought that this Cui should really be innocent. "

If this person is not innocent, it is the iron bones and bronze heart that has reached the point where it is impossible to have nothing but incense.

But is it possible?

Not to mention such a sick ghost, a master of martial arts, Pei Jingxun has never seen anyone who can survive a few days under the power of Nai Hexiang without asking for mercy.

Feng Xiao said: "What about people?"

Pei Jingyan: "Lying in the East Chamber."

Feng Xiao frowned: "Release it?"

Pei Jingxi smiled bitterly: "My langjun, as everyone like you, can you live for a few days under the fragrance of He Hexiang without ruining your mind? He is very hot now, let alone speak, can he survive this time? ,Do not know at all."

Feng Xiao snorted: "This person is still useful. He has to sigh with medication if he can't get over it."

When Pei Jingyi heard this, she would have to torture someone, and said busyly: "The doctor said that he now consumes nothing and can not afford any frustration!"

Feng Xiao did not answer this question.

He followed Pei Jingyu to the East Chamber, and he saw that Cui did not fall asleep. Compared to the previous few days, his cheeks were significantly thinner and his color became paler. The back of the hand exposed outside the quilt, the blue meridian faintly emerged, more He seemed to be dying and his body was fragmented.

Feng Xiao stood on the edge of the bed and stared at the other person's sleeping face for a long time. The patient seemed to sense this scorching gaze in her sleep, her eyebrows frowned slightly, and she could not sleep well.

Pei Jingxi whispered, "Lang Jun, can you detoxify the scent of poison on him? Otherwise, I'm afraid it will be better."

Feng Xiao shook her head and touched her chin to stare at Cui not to see the other party struggling in the nightmare, as if it was quite interesting.

After a while, he suddenly came up with a sentence: "You said, would he be the one in Zuo Yueju?"

Chapter 9

The word Zuo Yue is taken from the right part of the Sui word. As the name suggests, it is naturally related to the Sui Dynasty.

After Yang Jian ascended the throne, he took the homophonic homonym he had once sealed as the country name, and set the year as the emperor. In the second year of Kaihuang, just half a year after the establishment of Xiejian Mansion, a place called Zuo Yue Bureau also quietly appeared.

Like Jiejian Mansion, it is independent of the three provinces and six tribes, but it is not subject to the emperor's jurisdiction, but directly to the queen.

The lone queen who contributed to the community and shared the world with the emperor. The solitary queen, whose grace is all in one, did an unprecedented job, and set up a special agency to work for herself.

At that time, the empress was called the two saints. It was not a flattery. The solitary queen's power had indeed surpassed any queen in the previous dynasty, including Empress Lv. Even unlike Lv Hou, Yang Jian feared that The queen is respectful, loving and afraid.

Therefore, since the day of the establishment of Zuo Yue Bureau, it has no less power than Jiejian Mansion. Its role is also to acquire confidential information, and to travel from north to south, without restrictions, but the empress and the two are loving husbands and wives after all. The queen is also not good at grabbing the emperor's limelight completely, and giving no face at all, she sets the scope of duties for the Zuo Yue Bureau to let them mainly deal with disputes related to Wulin Jianghu.

The Zuoyue Bureau has one ambassador, two deputy envoys, several eagle riders, relatively thin staff, low-key and mysterious behavior, and basically does not show up in front of people. Even the high-ranking ministers who have won the trust of the emperor know that there is a Zuoyue bureau. Who is there and what is going on?

However, due to similar powers, conflicts will inevitably occur in the actual affairs. Although there is no deep hatred between Jiejianfu and Zuoyue Bureau, and they are under the control of the empress, it is inevitable that they will partake of each other and want to have an upper hand.

Previously, because of several cases, Pei Jingzhe had dealt with the people in Zuo Yueju and knew that they were indifferent.

Pei Jingxun was in Xiejian Mansion and knew more about Zuoyue Bureau than others. He had never seen Zuoyue Zhengshi, but he had seen two deputies. One was elegant, such as Boudoir Qianjin, and one was taciturn. Ascetic monks, although Xiejian Mansion and Zuo Yueju were originally hidden dragons and crouching tigers, and strange people are born in numerous places, it is rare to be as strange as two Zuoyue assistants.

There is even the left-handed zhengyue who is not at the end of the dragon, Pei Jingxun has never seen it with his own eyes, but in any case, he can't make a place that is more mysterious than Jiejian Mansion, and the sickness in front of him. Ghosts are linked.

A weak woman may be a master of martial arts, and a dumb person may be deadly, but this Cui Guanzhu who ca n’t pick and raise the shoulders may also be the eyeliner of Zuoyue Bureau? Is it because of poor health and the cover of a Taoist priest that it is more convenient to remain anonymous?

Pei Jingzheng thought for a while and said, "Do you think that Lin Langge auctioned here, people from rivers and lakes gathered, and the people in Zuoyue Bureau might also be under surveillance under this cloth? But if he is really in Zuoyue Bureau, we know we are the solution. Why do n’t people in Jianfu identify? ”

Feng Xiao: "The former Zixia Guan may be linked to Qin Miaoyu, but this person only came to Zixia Guan two months ago, and left Liugong City with the Qin family. I have been separated for four or five years. I have been I don't think he has anything to do with the case, but about two months ago, the court was determined to take action on Turk. "

Pei Jingran suddenly said: "So you just want to test his origins from beginning to end? But if he is really the one in Zuo Yue Bureau, shouldn't we have enemies against them instead?"

Although the two have always been at odds, after all, they are both court officials, and the floods rushed to the Dragon King Temple.

Feng Xiao didn't care: "If you hate, you hate me. There are many people who hate me. There aren't many people who hate me. Do you think this time something happened to the messenger, and they don't want to step in and take advantage of it?"

Although they are on the sidelines, they have their own special channels and keep getting news from Beijing.

A few days ago, Tianzi Baiguan officially moved to Daxing City, Xindu. Before that, the residents had already moved into the city. The old capital has gone through several generations. It was narrow and aggressive. In rainy weather, it was blocked by mud and sewage. After Yang Jian ascended the throne, Just ordered the construction of a new capital next to the old capital. It took less than two years for the new capital to be established. Emperor Sui ordered amnesty and, at the request of his subordinates, purchased books that had been scattered by the war and filled the national treasury, so as not to lose the books. , For future generations missed to see.

All kinds of morals and politics show a new dynasty weather, Ming Jun acted. Under these circumstances, Yang Jian decided to use Turks to completely calm the northern nuisance. No one would doubt the determination of Tianzi. The monthly bureau also has its own lead and strategy, and who can play a key role in this matter is no one who can make a big contribution. Zuo Yue bureau has always wanted to suppress the sword house, and naturally it will not let go of this great opportunity.

Cui didn't go upset in her dream, and coughed a few times.

Pei looked at him in surprise. He didn't know that he might be in the middle of the left month.

Say this is a gorgeous dividing line-

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Say --- this is a gorgeous dividing line ---

I didn't think so, and now I look at it, I can't help feeling a little more sympathetic.

"So, the subordinates first detoxified his perfume?"

Feng Xiao's face is a fool's expression: "Why do you want to solve it? Since he didn't admit it, he just let me use the poison to pinch him. Even if he is Chen, you are sure to be fake, don't be led by the nose. In Liugong City, I naturally have the final say. "

Pei Jing's mouth twitched.

He should have known that his own Langjun was not a good-hearted person.


When Feng Xiao and Pei Jingxi were in front of Cui Bugo, and they talked about him with impunity, the people in the midst of the sickness and nightmare were completely unaware.

Cui Buqi is walking on a long road, this road has no end, but from time to time, thorns grow on both sides, from the ankle up, wrapped his legs tightly, he wants to continue to go forward, you have to use The thorns were plucked out by the hand, for which the hands had already had blood flow, but instead of becoming less, the thorns became more and more.

The thorns of the thorns pierced into the flesh and deepened the wound as a result of the movements, and his head was tingling with pain, but Cui did not look expressionless, as if there was no pain, and still insisted on grasping those thorns.

From an early age, what he wants to do, he must do it, no matter how much he pays, no matter how difficult the road ahead, he ca n’t stop him. Now he has to go forward, to the end of the road, look at there have what.

Those thorns could not bear him at last, and they were defeated, and disappeared into ashes. Cui did not go to see his **** hands, because a house suddenly appeared in front of his eyes.

This is an old mansion with a history of hundreds of years.

Prior to the founding of the Great Sui Dynasty, the north was turbulent, and after several changes of ownership, the owner of the house stayed upright. The family branched out and flourished, and it became a branch that the people of the world can't be underestimated.

Cui didn't go and finally stopped.

The door of the house was closed, but there were two people standing on the steps, one with white hair and solemnity, and the other with a short hair and a lot of young men standing close to each other, holding a puppet in his arms and talking to the old man.

"Dad, give him a name!" Said the young man.

The old man said coldly, "Just call him Ada A2, just stop."

The young man pleaded, "For the sake of his parents' death, can't you open your eyes!"

The old man: "He's so cowardly, I'm afraid he'll be gone after only a few years. What's the use of his name?"

Young man: "... Even if this is the case, will you not think about it in the future?"

The old man hummed, "Since both parents have died, who else will miss him in this world?"

Young man: "I will."

The two were deadlocked for a long time, and the old man finally said, "I have a stone staircase at my feet, so call him the name staircase. Tens of thousands of stone staircases step on it, and the cheap name is good to feed."

"That genealogy--"

"He's not worth it."

He doesn't deserve it.

These three characters passed through the overlapping clouds of obscurity and went straight into Cui Buqu's ear.

The voice is full of vicissitudes of life, but still carries unquestionable authority. Like the rotten wood in this old house, the staleness is almost corrupt, but it is unwilling to retreat, and still wants to occupy a place and control the destiny of others.

Tens of thousands of people step on the stone steps, and their low names are good to feed.

Cui didn't go and suddenly smiled coldly.

The laughter alarmed the old and young. They turned their heads to follow each other, but they were instantly shrouded in fog and swept away.

Everything goes to darkness.

The abyss is hidden behind the calm and never left, but over the years, he has gradually stepped to a more dangerous place than the abyss, enough to overlook the existence of contempt.

There was a severe pain in his chest, and **** gas poured into his throat.

People followed with soberness.

The eyelids were sour and swollen, and even a little light could make the eyes shed tears.

A handsome face suddenly replaced the bed account and jumped into view.

"You are awake." Feng Xiao looked down at him. "how are you feeling?"

Cui didn't bother to answer, and closed his eyes again, closing his eyes.

Feng Xiao thought to herself: "The fragrance of your body has been delayed

Say-this is a gorgeous dividing line ---

Tips for novel netizens: Please pay attention to the rest of your eyes when reading for a long time.

Say --- this is a gorgeous dividing line-

The onset was slow, but it was not completely solved, and it will happen again in two days. If you are willing to obey me, I can naturally consider detoxifying you. how is it? "

Cui didn't open his eyes slowly, and said dumbly, "Do I have any room to refuse?"

Feng Xiao: "No."

What else did he ask? Cui did not roll his eyes.

As if Feng Xiao hadn't seen his eyes, he asked again: "How?"

Cui does not go: "I can't do martial arts and can't help you."

Feng Xiao groaned with a smile: "Aren't you from Abbot Chau Liuli Palace? I heard that people from that place are familiar with martial arts allusions and celebrities. In Linlange Auction, I just need someone to help me identify people from all walks of life. "

Cui didn't go silent for a moment: "Yes, but I have a condition."

Feng Xiao: "Detoxification will not work."

Cui didn't cough up: "... I want to drink water for dinner. Your mother doesn't even let me drink water, and wants me to do something?"

He stared at the white porridge and a plate of pickled vegetables in front of him, almost unable to maintain the expression on his face.

Feng Xiao also said, "Love," "Eat, why not?"

Cui didn't go slowly: "Although the poor road is now a prisoner and you are allowed to squash it, but after all, you still have to let me do things. I'm not sick today, so you let me eat this?"

Feng Xiao oddly said, "What's so bad about eating this? You also know that you can't make up for it. It's too good. I'm afraid you can't digest it and won't be able to get up tomorrow."

Cui didn't go: "I don't want mountain and sea food, a bowl of fresh vegetables, always have it?"

Feng Xiao: "I'm sorry, my family is poor, but I really don't."

Cui does not go: ...

He really wanted to buckle the bowl of porridge directly on the other's head, and then paste the dish of pickled vegetables on that stubborn face.

Feng Xiao didn't know what Cui wasn't thinking, but it would definitely not be a good idea. He was neither anxious nor willing to leave, and even thought that the other side's reluctant reaction was very interesting. For fear that the other side would not get angry, walk beside Walk around, look at the flowers by the window, flip through the books on the shelf, and wait for Cui not to shoot the table when he goes, loudly indicating his identity from Zuo Yue Bureau.

But wait and wait, the other side did not have an attack, but silently held up the bowl, pickled pickles to send porridge entrance.

Feng Xiao felt that he could not read it wrong. This Cui Guanzhu's temper was not good. When he first met, he proved himself innocent, and could not conceal the impatience of the skin, but he did not expect that the other person's sick body was actually a pair. Copper skin and iron bone, he could not help him.

These characters, even if they can't martial arts, must have a place in the Zuo Yue Bureau.

Feng Xiaoyue started an interest.

Taoist Cui chewed slowly and swallowed. After eating a bowl of porridge for half an hour, Feng Xiao didn't urge him, waiting until the other party put down the chopsticks.

"Dare you ask your help?"

Feng Xiao said: "Why is it so strange? I have already told you my name. I'm in line 2 at home. You can call me Feng Er or Erlang."

Cui didn't go and ignored his words and said, "I spent two months in Liugong City, and I heard a lot of things. The auction of Linlang Pavilion was imminent. At this time, the case of the murder of the messenger happened again. You have to I'll help, and I'll have to tell you everything. "

Feng Xiao smiled: "This is nature."

After receiving the approval of Feng Xiao, Pei Jingxuan would die outside the city on the night of the messenger's wind and snow, was found by passing merchants, and hurriedly returned to the city newspaper officer. Their discovery on the body, the ins and outs, were explained in detail.

Cui didn't listen very carefully. When Pei Jingxi finished speaking, she asked, "The plum blossom in the carriage is cold and fragrant. Did you check it later?"

"Check it out." Pei Jingxi couldn't help but look at Feng Xiao, and found that the thinking of the two was really exactly the same. At the time, Feng Xiao also thought that plum blossom cold fragrance was one of the key clues. Unfortunately, they were disappointed.

"We asked all the perfume shops in the city, and we also checked their incense recipes one by one, without the aroma we smelled in the carriage. That aroma ..." Pei Jingxu thought about how to describe it more appropriately, blurted out. "It's a bit like Nai Hexiang, that is, if you smell it, you will never mistake it."

After speaking, he felt that something was wrong, and Cui Buqu had just been tortured by Nai Hexiang. If he said so, wouldn't he sprinkle salt on his knife?

But Cui didn't look any different, just nodded, coughed twice, and didn't ask any more.

Chapter 10

Although relying on people's mentality to survive, Nai Hexiang still caused damage to the body after all, especially Cui was bad before he went. This is even worse. He touched his forehead when he got up the next day, and knew that he was hot again.

Breathing a scorching breath slowly, Cui did not get used to this feeling, but does not mean he would like or enjoy.

No one wants to be in pain and torture forever, but since they cannot get rid of it, they can only get used to it.

There was a set of clean clothes on the bedside, and a thick dad, which should be taken by Pei Jingzheng. Feng Xiao could not ask such a trivial matter. Cui did not change it, and wrapped himself tightly. Strictly, Shi Ran walked out of the bedroom after washing with the water already prepared in the compartment.

Feng Xiao waited impatiently outside, and let Pei Jingxi come in to urge.

Pei Jingxuan also thought that Cui didn't go too far, but when he saw the other person's face was even paler than yesterday, he felt a little embarrassed when he fisted his cough against his lips, and his voice was kind of kind.

"Cui Guanzhu, is your clothes suitable?"

"Just right, thank you."

Pei Jingxi smiled: "I will not have breakfast today, Lang Jun said, please let us eat outside."

Cui didn't go: "It's not easy. I wake up and finally look forward to a rich meal."

Pei surprised with an awkward smile: "You just woke up yesterday and you can't eat more oily things."

Cui didn't take a look and knew that this man had a half-faced city.

He nodded quietly, no longer embarrassed.

Feng Xiao saw the two finally came out, and couldn't help but snorted: "Put on clothes and wear a sedan chair with the little lady!"

The fever of the others was red, but Cui didn't go but turned white, wrapped in a large white cormorant, standing in the snow, almost indifferent.

Cui didn't go lightly: "The host family is mean, and he hasn't given any food after he has been poisoned. What can I do?"

Feng Xiao seemed to be in a good mood, and smiled and said, "Then you have a mouthful today. There is a new restaurant in the city. You are invited by Mrs. Hong. You have lived in Liugong City for two months and you will not have heard of it. She's famous. "

Cui does not go: "Mrs. Hong's Scones?"

Feng Xiao: "Exactly."

This Hong's scone was originally a well-known scone stall in the city. It was run by Hong's father and daughter. Rarely, the father and daughter worked hard. The hung pancake signboard was made. The first-hand good food is well-known in the city, and it is said that even the merchants from the end of the city have made a special trip to try new food.

Cui did not eat it once. The taste is really good. The noodle soup is made of bone-made broth. The noodles are as thin as silver wire. After being removed from the water, the broth is added, and a spoonful of Hong's special braised pork is poured. Marinade, sprinkle with a layer of chopped green onions, a bowl of silver silk braised meat under the belly, even after a few days of cold, but also full of body comfort, not inferior to the chefs in Beijing.

However, some time ago, Hong ’s father died, and the rest of Hong ’s wife was alone, and others were talking about it. The Taoist women were so fragile that they could n’t afford it. I ’m afraid that Hong ’s scones wo n’t go on. Since then, it has been difficult to taste this delicious food.

But to everyone's surprise, Madam Hung changed her face and was not invited to be a chef when she didn't go to the days when the meal came to her mouth.

Due to the auction of Linlang Pavilion, people from the rivers and lakes with swords and swords can be seen everywhere on the street. Ordinary people are afraid to avoid it. Walk around.

Xia is banned by martial arts, but anyone who has the ability is often a little arrogant. These people are no exception. After all, there are very few high-minded people who come out and walk. Most of them are young people with high arrogance.

Some of these people are in groups of three or five. Although there is no uniform costume, the jade on the waist is the same as the scabbard on the back, and it is usually sent by a famous door. Some people are alone, indifferent, or face. With suffocation, this general temper will not be very good; there are also men and women traveling, talking and laughing, women's faces are cheerful and confident, light-footed, this is generally a junior family from a certain family.

Cui Buqian's eyes glanced at them without any trace. With only one glance, the origin and general temperament of each other can be basically judged.

"Don't forget what I brought you out for, Cui Guanzhu, let me see your ability."

Hearing Feng Xiao's words, Cui couldn't help but wanted to roll his eyes. "The poor breakfast has not been eaten, and I have no strength to speak."

Feng Xiao chuckled: "You cooperate well, I will solve the case earlier, you can also get rid of it one day earlier, it is interesting to fight with me now."

Cui didn't go coldly: "If I remember correctly, what you said yesterday was that if I was willing to cooperate, I would consider detoxifying me, not necessarily helping me detoxify. I was suffering from fragrant poison yesterday and could not refute it. If you are so ambiguous, do you want me to cooperate? "

Feng Xiao found a two-finger porcelain bottle from his sleeve and handed it to him.

"Give you a chance. One of the two bottles is empty and the other contains antidote. It will allow you to stay within three days without being trapped by Hexiang. You can choose between right and wrong, but don't say I stay. You are bad. "

Cui didn't go now and felt her heart burning, as if someone had lighted a fire, it would be unburned, painful, and even the bone marrow was affected. If there are tens of thousands of invisible hands scratching, It was both numb and itchy. He knew in his heart that Yu Du was raging. Although Yu Du was uncomfortable without poison, it was enough to be restless.

But he didn't pick the two bottles, didn't even look at them, only tightened his lips, and continued to move forward.

Feng Xiao said aloud, "Why is this person so embarrassed? Good intentions have been treated as donkeys and lungs!"

Cui didn't sneer.

If it is not completely detoxified, the temporary relief is only to drink thirst to quench thirst. Where is Feng Xiao's good intentions, he clearly wants to wait for his poison to become uncomfortable.

When Feng Xiao refused to be fooled, she shrugged and put the bottle back.

A new restaurant was not far away, and Wangzi wrote the word "Five Flavors". The crowd in front of the door seemed quite lively.

Pei Jingxian booked a place early, and when he went, reported his name, and there was no need to line up like everyone else, and there was a guy to welcome them into the inner seat.

I did n’t see much here, but there was no hole in it. Pei Jingzheng and they followed the guy through the corridor, only to find that the restaurant bought the surrounding houses and opened it. It was divided into the lobby and elegant rooms. In the elegant room, there is always a lot of quiet, surrounded by flowers and trees, don't be interesting.

"This restaurant's owner is not a small one. It cost a lot of money here. Is it Boling Cui or Longxi Li?" Pei was surprised.

Liugong City is a small border town. It is nowhere near as prosperous as the capital city. Most of the businessmen stay for a few days, exchange materials, turn around and go their separate ways. If it weren't for this year's Linlange auction, it must have not been so lively. Open here For large restaurants, in Bae's opinion, 80% of them are losing money.

The man heard the sound and smiled back: "Then you can guess wrong, not Li or Cui. Our family is a local, and we are busy for most of our lives. We have a bite to eat all our lives. We specially invited Hong's lady In charge, you guys have a mouth-watering meal today. I heard that Mrs. Hong has tried a lot of new dishes! "

He introduced three people into the elegant room, where there were four tables in a living room, one of which was already a pair of well-dressed young men and women sitting behind them, each with their own maids and domestic servants.

Although it was not possible to monopolize the hall, the four tables were not close to each other, leaving ample space between each other, and it was not too aggressive.

Feng Xiao ordered the dishes, but for a while, the dishes were brought up one after another. Although there must be more than one young lady in the kitchen, her sharp style can be seen.

"Silver silk marinated noodles, hoof soup, hibiscus fresh vegetables, Hong's scones, you can choose what you can eat, don't say I mean you, this time I'm good enough for you, right?" He Order the dishes with chopsticks, and three bowls of lotus seeds.

Now it is not the season for lotus seeds, and Liugong City is not the place where lotus seeds are produced. These lotus seeds are transported from the south for thousands of miles, and dried for a whole winter. The value of these three bowls of lotus seeds is more than this. All meals are expensive together.

For the sake of this bowl of lotus seeds, Cui Bugo finally said: "The girl's surname is Lu, who is from a wealthy local family. It is said that the ancestor had some relatives with Fan Yang Lu's family, but has long since lost contact. Lu's father's name is Lu Ti, whose main business is antique pawnshops. The semicolon is said to have opened in Jiangnan and is the richest man in Liugong City.

His voice was not high or low, so that Feng Xiao and Pei Jingxi could both hear it, but could not pass it there.

Feng Xiao was very satisfied with his knowledge. Rarely, the two did not raise their bars sharply, but spoke calmly.

"Where is the man, and also the Lu family?"

Cui did not shake his head: "The man's surname Su, with a single name, is a cousin of Lu's family. His parents died a few years ago, his family fell into love, and he came to join his cousin's family. Lu Ti sponsored him to study. For fear, if there is no accident, the two should be married in the past two years. Lu Ti has no children under his knee. He who inherits the family business in the future will be awake. "

Feng Xiao: "Then Wuwei opened this restaurant?"

Cui didn't go lightly: "It's not clear, after all, I have been locked up for several days, and I may have missed many news during this period."

He took a chance and stabbed the other person. The latter pretended not to smell it. He picked up a scone, took a small piece with his hand, and sent it to the mouth. He said, "This cake tastes really good, but it has enough teeth. Well, generally, when the serious illness is healed, the poisoned person ca n’t eat it if he wants to eat it. Do n’t go, try a piece? ”

Cui does not go: ...

Pei Jingxi almost laughed and quickly set his head aside.

Then he saw the young man next to the table, picked up a vegetarian goose, put it in the girl's bowl next to him, and said softly, "Well, don't you like this dish, come and eat more."

"Thank my cousin." The girl's voice did not hide her joy.

At present, the folk customs are quite open, especially in the north. If unmarried men and women are accompanied by their family members, they are under the general public. They are described as intimate, and there is nothing wrong with it. Don't speak loudly.

"Go, don't you like this dish, come, eat more!"

Pei was so surprised that she could swallow the scone in the future and almost spit it out.

But even more uncomfortable than him is that Cui does not go. The latter just held up his chopsticks and prepared to pick the vegetables. The corners of his mouth twisted and twitched, and his pale face was stunned for a while.

The youth at the next table naturally heard that Feng Xiao was intentionally imitating himself, and anger appeared on his face.

"You and I don't know each other. Why is your Excellency provocative?"
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