My Master Disconnected Yet Again Chapter 91-100

Chapter 91: Supreme Unhappiness

After what happened with the Immortal Ascension Pagoda, the Yu Family was completely defeated.

After the pagoda broke open, Yin Qi continually flowed out, frightening everyone. Nobody thought an Immortal Pagoda which linked directly to the Immortal World would be filled with so much Yin Qi. The entire Huayuan City was affected as a result - the Yin Qi did not dissipate even after several months and the spirit Qi remained scarce. The cultivators left the city in groups. Nobody dared to even come near Huayuan City unnecessarily. Far from being the important central town, Huayuan City was just a dead town now.

After the remaining three aristocratic family masters escaped from the pagoda, they announced that they would cut ties with the Yu Family. They also told everybody the truth behind the pagoda. It was not an Immortal Ascension Pagoda - it was a fiendish pagoda that specialised in sucking the power, cultivation and primordial spirit of all cultivators. If it had not been for Invincible Sect's Supremacy Yi Qing, who fought to break the pagoda with all his might, all the Soul Formation cultivators in the Upper Azure World would still be trapped in the pagoda. The Upper Azure World was shaken by the news. The malevolence of the pagoda was much worse than that of fiendish cultivators. Ordinary cultivators could regenerate their bodies or re-train their cultivation, but as soon as they lost their primordial spirit, they would disappear forever. There would not even be a chance for reincarnation.

At once, all the sects and families became enemies of the Yu Family. As much as they held the Yu Family in high esteem earlier, they now hated the Yu Family. While it was originally one of four aristocratic families, it had now fallen from glory. All its disciples either left or changed their names. Within half a month, they became worse off than a small sect.

The Invincible Sect, on the other hand, rose to fame in the Upper Azure World. Yi Qing, who had sacrificed himself to save the Upper Azure World, similarly became recognised as the top Sword Cultivator.

"From tomorrow onwards, I may have to lock myself up for a while."

"Huh?" Shen Ying finally ate a full meal for the first time in a long time. She turned to glance at the Chef beside her, who had a look of determination. "You haven't recovered?"

"Don't worry, Master, I am more or less recovered," Yi Qing frowned. He placed a new dish on the table and continued, "It's just that after that battle in the pagoda, I've been feeling like my cultivation has deteriorated. I want to lock myself up to assess my situation and work on my cultivation."

"Holy shit, you're not going to have another epiphany, aren't you?" Lonemoon's eyes widened, and he stood up. You're going to go off the charts!

"I have better insights on sword intent," Yi Qing shook his head. "It doesn't count as an epiphany."

Lonemoon scanned him and started to say something, but he changed his mind and sat down. He continued to eat.

"Oh, how long are you going to lock yourself up for?" Shen Ying asked. "If I'm quick, I'll take one or two months. If I'm slow, I could take about six months to a year," Yi Qing answered.

"That's really long…"

"Don't worry, Master, I will try to be as quick as possible."


"What's more, my sword intent has already taken shape. I'm only locking myself up to firm up my cultivation, so I'll definitely be alright."

"Oh, I have a small problem."

"Master, please tell me."

"While you're in lock-up… can you come out to cook?" "…"

A while later…

"Your disciple failed to consider the circumstances properly. How about if I prepare more food and use sorcery to store them?"

"Yes, Chef, let's start with that!"

"Yes Master, no problem Master!"

Lonemoon: "…" Motherf*cker.

He lost his appetite looking at the two people in front of him revert to their stupid antics. "I'm full!"

He put down his chopsticks and turned to leave without saying another word. "Supremacy Niu… seems a bit different from before," Yi Qing frowned.

"Yeah," Shen Ying's gaze followed Lonemoon as he walked out of the rear hall. He hasn't blown up today!"


Once Father Niu left the rear hall, he seemed to have disappeared. He did not even have dinner with them. Without him around to bicker with Shen Ying, the place felt unusually quiet. Shen Ying glanced at the pastries on the table and sighed.
She picked up a plate of pastries and left

the rear hall.

She made several rounds around the top of the mountain before she found the hillside which the other sisters had guided her to. At the hillside sat Lonemoon, who was staring blankly at the radish field. "Do you want some?" she offered Lonemoon some pastries.

He turned to glance at her, rolled his eyes, and turned back to the radish field.

"No matter how unhappy you are, you have to eat," she set the pastries down beside him and patted his shoulder. "Talk, Father Niu. Which family do you want to bankrupt?"

Lonemoon hesitated, "Why would I want to bankrupt anyone?"

"Isn't it customary for you CEOs to attempt to bankrupt others?" she joked.

"Get lost!" Lonemoon glared at Shen Ying, "What do you even think about all day? Stop bothering me."

"Oh," she picked up the plate of pastries and prepared to leave. "Come back!" Lonemoon's mouth twitched, "You weren't so obedient before. Now, you're really leaving after I tell you to. Is this how you comfort people? "

"I thought you don't want it."

"Shut up! Leave the pastries here," he tutted and turned away from Shen Ying, completely ignoring her.

Shen Ying sighed. She had no choice but to walk back to where Lonemoon was. She sat down beside him and stared at the radish field together with him. One by one, she gobbled up the pastries.

Neither of them said a word. The silence was a little strange.
The only sound came from Shen Ying chewing her pastries.

Ten minutes passed…

Twenty minutes passed… Thirty minutes…

An hour…

The sun set and the moon rose in its place.

Lonemoon felt as if a vein in his head just burst. "Would it kill you to say something?" What the hell are you doing here, anyway?

"Er…" Didn't you ask me to shut up?

"Can't you freaking comfort me? Why would you sit there and eat and yet not say a word? Why don't you at least ask why I'm unhappy?"

"Oh, why are you unhappy?" I'll satisfy you.

Lonemoon hesitated and frowned once more. He opened his mouth to say something, then closed it again. He hesitated for a long while. Then, he explained, "That disciple of yours… After he comes out of the lock-up, he will at least be a mid-stage Soul Formation cultivator."

"Maybe?" She didn't know about these things.

Lonemoon sighed loudly, "How long have we known each other?"

Shen Ying thought for a while, "Four… five years?"

"That's right, four or five years…" his eyes glazed over. "In a mere four or five years, he rose from a Golden Core cultivator to a Soul Formation. He went through two epiphanies in a row. If you told anyone in the Upper Azure World about this, nobody would believe you."

"…" Is it that unbelievable?

"Every Soul Formation cultivator got to where they are after four to five hundred years of training. I took 300 years to get to this stage, and that's because I have high comprehension abilities." His frown deepened, "Yet, to him, I'm a joke."

Shen Ying's hand paused midway toward the pastries.

"Shen Ying, you tell me… we're old neighbours after all. Just a few sentences from you can trigger an epiphany in him. Why don't you help me out?" He stared at her almost pleadingly.

"You don't know what I was talking about before?"

"I knew what you were talking about, that's why I don't understand." Lonemoon was utterly confused. "Tell me honestly: you were just bluffing, weren't you?"


"But he could use your bluff to improve his cultivation level." Lonemoon's expression became even more troubled, "I have been training for hundreds of years, but my training can't compare to him being bluffed once."

"Whether we're talking about Yi Qing or other cultivators, everyone seems to be improving, yet I… I'm the only one who is stagnant. If you were in my shoes, wouldn't you be upset!"

"Is my perception really that bad? I can't even perceive anything."

"What exactly did I transmigrate into this world for? What's the meaning behind all of this!"

"When I was trapped with my mental demons the other day, I returned to the modern age. It has been 300 years. I thought I already forgot what that world was like. I didn't realise that I still remembered everything so clearly. Perhaps I just don't belong to… Wu… Wu…"

Before he could finish speaking, Shen Ying stuffed a pastry into his mouth. He turned to glare at the person beside him, but she knocked his forehead. "Idiot."


"Do you know what you look like?" Shen Ying asked seriously.

"What?" He responded.

She suddenly leaned in and looked him in the eyes. She only had two words for him: "A brat!"


Chapter 92: An Invitation from the Yi Family

"Chef advances fast because of his high standard in cultivation practice." Shen Ying looked at him in exasperation. Rolling her eyes at him she said, "His sword techniques are self-created, his cultivation is built up through self-practice and his epiphanies is also a result of his self-discovery. Yes, you provide for his needs… But even if that's the case, what business is it of yours, why are you comparing yourself with him?"


"But what! Yi Qing is Yi Qing, you are you. You are from different worlds, there is basically no karmic tie between the two of you. Why must you make yourself unhappy by always thinking of keeping up with others?" Clucking her tongue she admonished, "Father Niu, should you be acting up at your age?"

"This is different."

"What's different about it? When you were in modern times, weren't you constantly losing sleep over the fact that Bill Gates was richer than you?"

"…" Lonemoon could find no words to rebut her.


"Everyone is different, their personalities are different, their circumstances are different, and their fates will naturally be different." She continued, "If you insist on comparing,  why don't you pick someone from your hometown, like me?"

"…" Who wants to be compared with a cheat like you!


"Everyone has their own strengths, don't just focus on your cultivation, when it comes to making money, which one of us is your match? Didn't you con Feng Ying into handing over a two- third share of Soul Chasing Tower just two days ago?" "I did not con him!" Lonemoon glared at her. "I'm the middleman of the three Azure Worlds, providing him with news from both the lower and middle worlds. Taking a two third cut is only fair."

Snorting in disgust, Shen Ying retorted, "Isn't the news supplied by rabbit? You do nothing, yet you demanded a lion's share. You cooked up this scheme so you could reap all the benefits without investing a single cent! Besides, nobody in the Upper Azure World bothers about the news in the lower worlds. "

"He voluntarily signed the contract, can't blame me." Smiling his fake businessman's smile, Lonemoon defended himself. Then, casting a glance at her, he said, "Isn't it all for your sakes that I'm working my butt off, generating income for the sect?! I'm doing all this to feed you foodies!"

"Yes, yes, yes! Father Niu V5[1], you are the greatest!"

"Hmmph!" That goes without saying. "Anyway… Don't doubt yourself because other people are better than you." Still munching on her pastry, she said, "Aren't you cultivators always saying there are three thousand paths leading to the Great Dao? Since everyone follows a different path, what's the point of comparing?"

"…" Lonemoon fell silent. Indeed, there were many paths to the Great Dao. Yi Qing and he were separate entities. The cultivation of Dao actually means cultivating one's own Dao, it does not concern other people. Yi Qing's breakthroughs were his karma. The fact that he, Lonemoon could transmigrate to this world, was also his karma. So why bother himself with trivialities.

Instantly, a brightness lit up his entire soul, and the self-pity that had been eating away at him vanished. He could feel something in his body stirring; it was as if the wall that been preventing his breakthrough was showing signs of crumbling.

"Thanks, I get it now." Thanking her with a smile, Lonemoon grabbed the plate from Shen Ying and stuffed the last three pastries into his mouth.

"…" Σ(°△°|||)

"Didn't you bring these for me?" said Lonemoon, raising his brows tauntingly. "Go, go, go, bring me a few more plates of pastries."

"…" Damnit, if not because Chef was going into seclusion, she would not have bothered with this spoiled brat!

"Don't think I don't know what's on your mind?" said Lonemoon, glaring at her. "Isn't it because now that Chef is going into seclusion, you're hoping that I'll give you more allowance so you can

dine at the restaurants in the city?"

"Er…" Had Father Niu implanted a listening device in her head? That's really scary!

(⊙_⊙) "Here!" Lonemoon passed a few bags of spirit stones to her, saying, "For you. I'm in a happy mood today."

Shen Ying could not believe her eyes when she saw the number of gleaming spirit stones in the bags.

"Father Niu, you… you are not sick, are you?" Shen Ying reached her hand out to touch his forehead.

"Scram!" Slapping her hand away, he warned, "If you don't leave I'm going to take it back."

"Yes Father, no problem Father!"

Shen Ying got up and walked towards the summit. After just a few steps, she heard Lonemoon's voice calling out after her.

"Oh, I almost forgot. I don't know how long it takes to wake up from my epiphany, so those are two months living expenses for Invincible Sect." As soon as Lonemoon finished speaking, a white aura suddenly swept through the entire sect.

The Spirit Qi in his entire body surged up and he was completely immersed in his epiphany.

Holding on to her bags, Shen Ying mumbled "What the hell!"


Father Niu's epiphany lasted over two months. His cultivation level rose from early stage Soul Formation to its late stage. This was the first time he experienced a jump  in  cultivation  level, and boy, was it great! Suddenly, he felt a tinge of regret at not have gone earlier to Shen Ying for a heart-to-heart talk. Her words contained a beneficial Buff. [2. Slang. of-buff-and-nerf-as-used-in-video-game-slang]. If he had done so earlier, his cultivation would have progressed faster.

"The beef is overcooked, there's not enough pepper in the chicken, the fish is too mushy, the soup is not thick enough. Father Niu, you don't have enough respect for these little animals… why not let Little Hong do it?"

"Shut up!" Lonemoon's mouth twitched. To hell with her! After just five minutes with her, his blood pressure was already rising. "Either eat up or scram!"

"…" I'm not even allowed to criticize bad cooking. Sad.


"By the way, are you close to Yi Feng?" asked Lonemoon. Having finished cooking, Lonemoon placed the last dish on the table.

"Who?" asked Shen Ying. The name did not ring a bell. She picked up a piece of meat, put it into her mouth and immediately grimaced.

"Yi Feng is the Yi Family Patriarch," explained Lonemoon. Then he added, "At the sect competition- he was the one with the spirit beast who sat on your right."

A picture of a huge trembling cat flashed across Shen Ying's mind and she exclaimed, "Oh! You mean the cat slave."

"…" What do you mean cat slave. "That's just his spirit beast."

"We met twice. I don't know him well," replied Shen Ying, her hand stealthily pushing the piece of meat over the table.

Glaring at her, Lonemoon picked up another pair of chopsticks on the table and rapped her on the knuckles with it. "Don't throw it away, finish it! You know you can only dine at a restaurant every three days. You make sure you finish up your food. Don't waste it."

You beast!

Shen Ying's mouth twitched. How she missed the chef who was now in seclusion. She was so used to the chef's fine dining cooking that having to eat food cooked by Father Niu was pure torture.

"That's weird. Why did he suddenly send you an invitation?" Lonemoon pulled out a red invitation card and passed it to her. "I received it this morning. It says you are invited to Yi Family for a discussion on beast control. It's addressed to you and not the sect master of Invincible Sect."

Shen Ying looked at the invitation card. After a moment, she said, "Oh, I think I promised him I would accompany him to hunt for rare animals when I was free."

"No wonder…" Lonemoon nodded. "The last time he was in the Immortal Ascension Pagoda, his Lion Roaring Beast, Silver Snow, was injured critically. I believe the purpose of his invitation, besides building a good relationship with our sect, is to look for a new spirit beast."

A thought struck Shen Ying and eyes brightening, she asked, "Is the Yi Family residence very far from here?"

"The Yi Family is situated at the northernmost part of the Upper Azure World, close to the Mirage Sea Shore. It is indeed very far, about four to five days' journey if we go by transportation array."

"Then why don't we leave now…"

"Finish your food before leaving!" Lonemoon pointed at the chopsticks she had discarded on the table.


Chef, if you don't come out of seclusion soon, I'm going to lose my sense of taste.

[1] V5 implies one's awesomeness because in certain games, V5 tends to be ones with the best powers.

Chapter 93: The Yi Family’s Journey

The Yi Family.

"Sect Master Shen, Supremacy Lonemoon." Yi Feng greeted from afar, smiling earnestly, "Sorry for not being able to welcome you, the trip must have been tiring."

"Hello!" Shen Ying waved her hand too.

"Why don't I see Supremacy Yi Qing?" Yi Feng looked behind them and asked inquisitively.

"He is in seclusion." Lonemoon replied.

"So that's what happened." Yi Feng nodded, "I have not thanked the two Supremacies for saving my life previously at the Immortal Ascension Pagoda."

"Family Master, you are too kind." Lonemoon smiled more politely, "We are righteous and established sects. We ought to help one another in times of need."

Both praised each other politely for a while before Yi Feng stepped to the side and brought them to the entrance of the mountainous area. Unlike the other three aristocratic families, the Yi Family's main house was not in the Immortal City. Instead, the Yi Family resembled the average sects in this respect. Their sect was formed with several floating peaks. The moment they entered the mountainous area, they heard the sound of many different beasts."

Yi Feng led the two toward the main peak. All the disciples that he met on the way were surrounded by one or two unique spirit beasts. Umm… I wonder how they taste?

After they arrived at the main peak's hall, a few disciples served them tea and spirit fruits. Shen Ying's eyes finally brightened up as she concentrated on eating her fruits. After a few months of having pig's feed, even fruits seemed like a delicacy.

"Sect Master Shen, please!" Yi Feng  suddenly  stood  up  and said. "Ah?" She faltered then continued eating in  concentration, not listening to what they were saying.

"Sect Master Shen also has expertise in spirit beasts. Might I suggest that one of my disciples show you around?" Yi Feng asked.

"Oh, sure, thank you." So he wants me to look around. Shen Ying obligingly stood up and followed him out the door. Someone tugged at her from behind.

"Wait," Lonemoon warned in a low voice. "Let me attend to some business matters with their in-charge. Don't do anything rash. You can look around, but don't stir any trouble. And don't eat anything!"

"Yes, Father Niu! Am I the type who only cares about eating?" After all, she doesn't eat raw food.

Lonemoon answered incredulously, "Yes!" "…" Where was the basic trust between father and daughter?

Yi Feng led Shen Ying out toward the back of the main peak, and around a huge temple. Once they exited from a rear hall, her eyes fell upon a huge mountain. It was several times bigger than the main peak.

"This is the Yi Family's Myriad Beast Peak," Yi Feng said proudly. "There are countless spirit beasts on that peak, and they are all different from the spirit beasts you come across outside.

Each of them have stayed here for a long time, so they are familiar with cultivators and will not attack you. Once the disciples of the Yi Family are mature enough, they will come to this peak and seek a spirit beast to form a spirit contract with."

As he explained, he led her through a transportation array into the Myriad Beast Peak. Indeed, there were all types of spirit beasts on the peak. Some of them were flying in the air, others were running on land, and yet others were swimming in the waters. It seemed like every type of beast imaginable existed on the peak. Shen Ying suddenly felt as if she was in a free-range zoo. As Yi Feng said, the spirit beasts were nonchalant toward the pair of intruders. They did not even seem to notice them. The beasts continued about their business - licking their own fur and rolling around on the ground.

"The beasts at the bottom of this peak are all second-stage and third-stage spirit beasts. They're kept  there  for  disciples  who join us recently." Seeing that Shen Ying was  losing  interest  in him, Yi Feng pointed toward the top of the  peak and said, "But atop this Myriad Beast Peak live four tenth-stage beasts from Steadfast Mountain. Sect Master Shen, are you interested in viewing them?"

"Sure," Shen Ying answered while nodding.

Yi Feng led her into yet another transportation array and the pair found themselves at the top of the Myriad Beast Peak. In front of them was a huge cave. A baleful Qi flowed out of the cave.

Yi Feng conjured a seal with his hands. The entrance to the cave was immediately covered with what looked like a spider web as an array deployed. "The Wind Lightning Beast in this cave is a rare double- elemental mutated beast. It has both wind-elemental and thunder-elemental powers."

They heard footsteps in the cave. A few moments later, a bolt of lightning shot out of the cave, followed closely by a raging wind. A huge figure walked out of the cave. It had a formidable aura. Its footsteps were getting quicker and with each footstep, Shen Ying felt the ground vibrate. Shen Ying watched  as  a figure covered in static rushed out of the cave. It looked furious as it surveyed the two people on the ground in front of it.

Suddenly, its eyes widened, and it ran toward them. It tripped and fell onto the ground in front of the two people, trembling.

"Eh?" Yi Feng paused. This Wind Lightning Beast is usually so aggressive and fierce. Why is it acting this way all of a sudden?

"It's so big!" Shen Ying scanned the huge beast in front of her, which was still shooting out lightning bolts from its body. She turned around with eyes twinkling and asked Yi Feng, "Director, can this… be eaten?"

"Huh?" What director?

Before he could clarify her question, the Wind Lightning Beast suddenly whined and half-rolled, half-crawled back into the hole, burying its head into a corner. It turned its back on the pair of them so quickly as if it was being hunted. With its head buried in the corner, it continued to let out an occasional whine.


What's going on? Yi Feng thought.

He was utterly confused. All he could do was lead Shen Ying onward to view other spirit beasts. But later on, he found out that each and every beast from the Steadfast Mountain reacted in the same way.

"This is the Water-Splitting Beast. It is water-elemental and it can control the water currents. Its blood has useful healing properties."

"Oh, can it be eaten?"

With a whine, the spirit beast ran away…


This is the Red Smokey Green. It's red, but it turns into green smoke when it is attacked - without form or figure."

"Oh, how is the texture of its flesh?"

With a whine, the spirit beast curled up into a ball…

"This is the Three-Horned Cloud Leaping Beast. It moves extremely quickly. Average cultivators would not be able to sense its presence. This is truly a rare beast." "Oh, it has a lot of fur. Would it be easy to pluck them all out?"

With a whine, the spirit beast passed out…

It's so scary… that person's body was filled with the bloodstains of high-level spirit beasts. They can really be eaten!


"…" Yi Feng remained silent at the side.

Why were the beasts from Steadfast Mountain acting so weirdly today? Were they all sick at the same time? The beasts at the bottom of the peak were fine, but the high-level beasts were…

Wait a moment!

He glanced at the lazy woman standing beside him. The high- level beasts were more sensitive to cultivators' auras. He recalled hearing Patriarch Xuan Yuan explain that Sect Master Shen's cultivation was deep and… frightening! Could it be that the beasts are able to sense her cultivation level? But the beasts were so formidable; even if they cannot win her, they did not have to react in such a manner, did they? Besides, all four of the beasts from the Steadfast Mountain had been with the Yi Family for hundreds of years. They have seen countless other high-level cultivators.

Yi Feng got more and more confused, but he took comfort in the spirit beasts' reactions.

After all, this would mean that she would be useful when they went to the Mirage Sea to hunt the next day.

"Sect Master Shen, you…" He was just about to ask her something when a disciple from his sect came running toward them anxiously.

"Patriarch, a disciple from the inner sect met with some trouble while trying to form a spirit contract at the edge of this mountain. Second Elder is asking you to go over to take a look." "What?" Yi Feng frowned. "How can he meet with trouble while forming a spirit contract?"

"It seems like the spirit beast was not willing. The disciple tried to form the contract by force, so…"

"Nonsense! How can he try to form it by force?" Yi Feng was furious, but he could not discipline the disciple from the inner sect. He gave Shen Ying an apologetic glance and said, "Sect Master Shen, I have some urgent matters to attend to and must leave you for a while. Please…"

"Don't worry, go ahead!" Shen Ying smiled, unperturbed. He's a big parent after all, he must be busy.

"Then I will go ahead." He pointed toward the bottom of the mountain and said, "I will have to trouble Sect Master Shen to go down the mountain through the transportation array. A disciple

will fetch you to the front hall to rest." "Alright!" Shen Ying nodded. Yi Feng bowed and walked away more at ease.

Shen Ying  turned  around  and  scanned  her  surroundings.
Then, she realised a problem.

Where… is the transportation array?

Chapter 94: A White Ball of Fur

Shen Ying made several rounds around the Myriad Beast Peak until the beast regained consciousness, yet she still couldn't find the transportation array. She hesitated and considered jumping off the peak. That was how she got off peaks in Invincible Sect, anyway.

Suddenly, she spotted a flash of light from inside the dense forest to her right. She recalled that the transportation array also emitted white light, rejoicing in her heart, she walked toward the dense forest. She brushed aside the leaves in front of her. Then, her eyes widened.

So much… money!


A cave loomed in front of her. The walls of the cave were made out of spirit stones which continuously emitted white light. As she approached the cave, she sensed a strong gust of spirit Qi rush toward her. Shen Ying touched the walls of the cave. The Yi Family was truly a local tyrant. She suddenly felt an urge to call Father Niu. Shen Ying gave in to her desire to explore the cave. The inside of the cave was huge, and it looked just like a spirit stone mine. The floor and walls were all covered in superior-grade spirit stones The floor felt smooth and there was nothing else in the cave, save for a huge… white ball of fur in the center?

Shen Ying didn't remember many beasts aside from the ones that could be eaten. She did not remember seeing a beast so white that even the spirit stones on the ground could not compare with its fur. Its forehead was long and clear as a crystal horn.

She subconsciously reached out toward the beast which slept soundly. Suddenly, the beast's eyes burst open. It was enraged by the intruder. Its white fur stood, looking as tough and sharp as needles. It looked at Shen Ying with extreme caution as it began to growl.

"Hey, you're awake!" The beast's fur bunched up, making it like a huge furball.

The furball's eyes grew even wider as it glared at Shen Ying's hand. Its growl became louder. Shen Ying once again happily reached out toward the beast and patted its head. Then, she combed the fur on the beast's head, following the flow of its fur from the top of its head to its


The furball hesitated. It looked frightened for a second as it continued to stare at Shen Ying. Then, it looked down at her hand. It did not respond.

She… can feel it?

Shen Ying loved the feel of the beast's fur. She placed her other hand on the beast, combing through its fur with both hands. "Mm, it feels so good. It's going to be so delicious."

The furball lost all of its earlier defensiveness. It obediently walked toward Shen Ying and intentionally - or unintentionally
- leaned in toward her palm. It's quite self-conscious, Shen Ying caressed it more joyfully. She combed its fur from its head to its tail, feeling up its muscles. "Mm, its body is huge. It can definitely last me a long time. I don't know if it's expensive? Would Father Niu agree to buy it? Eh… why is it a different colour?"

As she patted the beast, the pure white fur at the beast's nose tip became red, as if somebody came  and  dyed  its  fur  right under her nose. Slowly, its entire body turned red.

Shen Ying's heart skipped a beat. Does it have some skin disease?"

"Who is this, who dares to invade…" Just as Shen Ying tried to figure out what was happening to the beast, a familiar voice sounded from the door. Yi Feng, who had already descended the peak earlier, suddenly charged into the cave with his disciples following behind him. He hesitated when he recognised Shen Ying.

"Sect Master Shen? How are you…" He turned to look at the furball beside her. His eyes widened. Pointing to her hand resting atop the furball, he said, "You… you can touch it?" "I can't touch it?" Shen Ying hesitated. She quickly retracted her hand. "I'm sorry, I didn't realize."

The furball looked up at her and pressed its head into her palm once again, without hesitation.

"Sect Master Shen, how did you get here?" Yi Feng asked, walking toward Shen Ying. He studied the beast as several emotions flashed past his face.

"Oh, I couldn't find the transportation array so I walked around and ended up here," Shen Ying answered honestly. "That's right, what beast is this? It looks really delicious. Are you selling it?"

Yi Feng stiffened as a look of panic flashed past his face. He awkwardly smiled and replied, "Haha, Sect Master Shen, you're hilarious. The Myriad Beast Peak can get a little confusing. It is my family's fault for not hosting you well. I should have asked my disciples to fetch you from the peak. It's been such a long time, you must be tired." Yi Feng turned to his disciples behind him and instructed, "Yi Cheng, quickly bring Sect Master Shen to her room to rest." "Yes!" The disciple quickly responded. Yet, he stayed where he was, as if under some kind of spell.

"Supremacy Lonemoon is already waiting for you. Sect Master Shen, please!" Yi Feng politely raised his hand, pointing in the direction that she was supposed to walk. "We will set out for the Mirage Sea tomorrow morning. Sect Master Shen, please rest well tonight."

"Alright," Shen Ying turned to frown at the spirit beast. As she followed the disciple out of the cave, she wondered if she will be lucky enough to meet another beast tomorrow.

Only after Shen Ying was long gone did Yi Feng dare to heave a sigh of relief. Flustered, he turned to the beast to bow and said, "Please forgive me, Spirit Master! Sect Master Shen is here to visit us for the first time. It does not know your true form. She's also quite… frank. She doesn't mean Spirit Master any harm."

The beast fell silent and thought for a moment. Then, it let out a soft grunt of acknowledgement. "Spirit Master, your disciple promises that Sect Master Shen is not a bad person," Yi Feng explained. "Her disciple, Supremacy Yi Qing, is the one who broke the Immortal Ascension Pagoda and rescued all the cultivators from the various sects. Had it not been for him, your disciple and the various elders of the Yi Family would probably have died inside the pagoda. She's here this time to help me find the Contract Spirit in the Mirage Sea."

"What…" the beast suddenly interrupted him. It sounded surprisingly calm as it asked, "is her name again?"

"Huh?" Yi Feng hesitated. He did not expect the beast to ask this question. After a moment, he answered, "I think it's… Shen… Shen…" Shen what? Yang? Yin? Yan? Or was it Yun?

What was it?

"Find out… and report back to me," the beast instructed. It turned away and returned to the centre of the cave. Then, it curled itself up into a ball and lay back down without looking at him again. Its head was buried between its two claws. Yi Feng could only see a hint of red hair. "Huh? Ah… Oh, yes!" Yi Feng looked confused. So… is Spirit Master angry or not?

He was getting more and more confused by the world of beasts.


There were many beasts at the Mirage Sea.

The Mirage Sea was a sea located at the boundaries of the Upper Azure World. Many said it is broad and boundless. Nobody knew exactly how wide the sea was. There were many islands in the sea's middle. Since these islands were inaccessible to people, many animals inhabited them. The islands became filled with all kinds of powerful beasts. Even the Yi Family had not heard of some of the beasts on the islands and some high- level cultivators were no match for the beasts.

Yi Feng was the Family Master of the Yi Family - a Soul Formation cultivator. It was difficult to find a beast suitable for him in the Upper Azure World, so he had no choice but to risk a trip to the Mirage Sea for one. At first, he invited Shen Ying along just to form good relations with the Invincible Sect. He did not think he would need Shen Ying's help, or that Shen Ying would agree to come along.

He did not have much knowledge about Sect Master Shen. All he knew was that the Family Master of the Xuan Yuan Family was extremely respectful toward her. After the competition among the sects, even the Master of the Yin Family began to hold this Sect Master Shen in high esteem. Although not sure of what was going on, Yi Feng guessed that Shen Ying is no ordinary cultivator. What's more, she is Supremacy Yi Qing's master.

He finally saw how good Shen Ying was with spirit beasts the day before. Yi Feng now felt confident about having her on the trip.

The Mirage Sea is dangerous, and it is not convenient for people to travel in large groups. This time, Yi Feng would only bring Sect Master Shen along. Supremacy Lonemoon had no intention of joining them since he still had matters to attend. Supremacy Lonemoon pulled Yi Feng aside before they set off and left some strange instructions. "If Shen Ying asks if you know how to roast meat, you have to tell her you don't."

"Huh?" What does he mean?

Lonemoon patted his shoulder with a knowing look. "Just listen to me. You will understand in future."

"…" Yi Feng's expression stiffened…

Are Invincible Sect's members all so… mysterious?

Chapter 95: Toward Mirage Sea

Yi Feng brought Shen Ying and flew straight to the Mirage Sea. Although he had no idea why she wanted to stand on his sword, he knew she was a guest no matter what and he had no choice but to give in to her requests. He introduced Shen Ying to the Mirage Sea.

"Sect Master Shen, this is the Mirage Sea," he pointed toward a sea which seemed to extend into infinity. "Thanks to my Yi Family, there aren't many beasts on the shore along the Mirage Sea. We'll see more beasts once we get to Qianqun Island."

Shen Ying nodded. Indeed, after a moment, they saw many islands in the middle of the Mirage Sea. The islands themselves were small - some resembled stone peaks that were only a few square metres long. Yi Feng had no intention to stop at any of the islands. He described some of them briefly and continued to fly past them. After an hour, such islands  became  sparser  but each of them were much larger than the ones they saw before.

Just as he said, there were many spirit beasts on the islands. Some were traveling in groups of three to five while others were traveling in groups of hundreds. Most of them were on the land but occasionally they spotted a beast or two in the waters. All the beasts were huge - they could be spotted from afar.

"I found my Lion Roaring Beast on that island," Yi Feng gestured to a huge island to his right.

"That cat?" Shen Ying turned to look at him.

Yi Feng hesitated. He figured that she regarded the Lion Roaring Beast as a small beast and explained, "The Lion Roaring Beast is a tenth-stage spirit beast. It can mutate. Sect Master Shen, the form you saw the other day was not its true form. In actual fact, it is about sixty to ninety times larger than it appeared."

"Oh," she nodded.

A tinge of sadness enveloped Yi Feng as he thought about his Contract Beast, so he did not explain any further. He took one final glance at the island and flew past it. After another hour, they stopped at an island that contained a dense forest. "Let's start our search from here," he descended toward the island and pointed at the dense forest. "There is thick spirit Qi on this island. We should be able to find spirit beasts in their tenth-stage at minimum."

"Alright," Shen Ying said. She had no preference.

Yi Feng retrieved a stack of array flags and dharmic talismans and said, "I have a gold-elemental spirit root, so I am after spirit beasts that have spirit roots of other elements. Sect Master Shen, are you looking for any kind of spirit beast in particular?"

"Yes!" She nodded.

"What kind of spirit beast?"

A huge ball of fur surfaced in Shen Ying's imagination. "I want a big, white one." A delicious one.

"White?" Yi Feng hesitated and glanced at her. Then, he understood. Sect Master Shen is a lady after all. Naturally, she was looking for spirit beasts with good appearances. This is understandable.

"I've prepared all the arrays, talismans, dharma artifacts and equipment I need. Sect Master Shen, what is your strategy?"

"Huh?" What does he mean?

"The spirit beasts here are very dangerous. We need to be prepared," Yi Feng raised the equipment in his hands and continued, "These can aid us. What kind of beast control techniques are you most familiar with, Sect Master Shen?"

"Are there… many types?" Don't I just have to grab them?

"Naturally." This is Yi Feng's expertise. He recited the techniques from memory, "Every stage of beast control - from the pursuit, the observation and the movement, to the battle, the domination, the sealing and the contract - is equally important." "Er…" Is it that complicated? All she had to do with the rabbit was beat it into submission. Demons were so different from beasts.

"The spirit beast in my sect was very drawn to Sect Master Shen's aura. My guess is you're proficient in pursuit and observation?"

"Er… not really."

"Then are you good at abboting or array formations?"


"Are you good at dominating the spirit beast or sealing them?"

"I've never learned that before."

"How about concluding a contract…" "Concluding a what?"

Yi Feng: "…"

What exactly do you know? Are you really here to help out?


Suddenly, he began to doubt the validity of her decision to catch spirit beasts.


As they were talking, they heard a loud roar from behind them. It sounded as loud as thunder. Yi Feng immediately snapped out of his stupor.

"This sounds like… Cloud-Bearing Beast!" His eyes widened and his face went pale. He hurriedly turned to look at Shen Ying, "Don't just stand there, this ground we're standing on may be…"

Before he could finish, the ground, along with the entire island, shook violently. His body suddenly felt much heavier as the whole ground rose upwards, into the sky. All around them, trees were falling to the floor and rocks were rolling around. Their legs began to split apart as the ground beneath them cracked open.

"Jump ahead toward the left," Yi Feng shouted to Shen Ying as he forcefully got on his sword.

Shen Ying looked at the rocks and mountains falling apart in front of her. Then, she glanced down at her feet. She jumped in the direction Yi Feng instructed her to and landed toward the southeast side of the land. Yi Feng landed beside her shortly after.

Turning back, the two of them saw the entire dense forest collapse. Two-thirds of the land hovered in the air. Four huge pillars appeared under the floating island. They heard another roar and saw a great, black head stretch out of the floating island. It opened its mouth to reveal a row of sharp teeth. A row of spikes grew out of what had originally been the ground.

Shen Ying raised her head and saw the beast's entire form.

What a huge… turtle!

She had been standing on the turtle's shell!

"It really is a Cloud-Bearing Beast!" Yi Feng stared in amazement. He did not think the first beast he would come across would be a Cloud-Bearing Beast. It was incredible.

The Cloud-Bearing Beast was one of the biggest spirit beasts in the Upper Azure World. A mature Cloud-Bearing Beast could cover a huge part of the sky,. This beast was temperamental and sensitive but extremely quiet. It tended to go berserk when annoyed, so it is not suitable as a Contract Spirit Beast. When they landed on the island, they accidentally awakened it.

What made matters worse was that the Cloud-Bearing Beast is a thirteenth-stage spirit beast. It is as powerful as a late-stage Soul Formation cultivator. Spirit beasts were also much more powerful than human cultivators in the same realm.

Yi Feng felt like he would vomit. If this had happened ten minutes ago, he would think Sect Master Shen and he together could tackle the Cloud-Bearing Beast. But now… he knew Sect Master Shen had no knowledge about beast control! What am I to do? Is it too late to run?


The Cloud-Bearing Beast roared once again. Great waves formed in the seawater around them, threatening to swallow the entire island.

Sh*t! It is too late to run.

Yi Feng quickly summoned a seal and set up an array formation. He summoned his spirit sword and instructed, "Sect Master Shen, we cannot contract this beast. I'm going to try to force it into a deep sleep. Please maintain this array formation for me." "Oh, okay!" She nodded. "All the best!"

He flew out toward the beast and began to form a sea with both of his hands. Suddenly, a vine as thick and sturdy as a man flew toward the Cloud-Bearing Beast's body.

Shen Ying glanced at the light-emitting array formation beneath her feet. Maintaining the array formation means… not letting the turtle touch it right?

( ̄△̄;)

Just as she started figuring Yi Feng's instructions, a loud snapping sound came from in front of her. Yi Feng's vine was not sturdy enough to control the great Cloud-Bearing Beast. The vine that circled the beast's mouth snapped as the beast opened its mouth to bite at the air behind it.

As the beast turned around, the four pillars moved along with the beast's body. The pillars headed straight for the array formation. Shen Ying frowned and raised her hand, smacking the turtle's legs. He said don't touch it!

Chapter 96: Spirit Master Bai Ze

With a loud clap, Shen Ying's palm landed on the great beast's leg. The beast lost its balance and fell to the ground with a loud crash.

Yi Feng celebrated as he could not see Shen Ying. Although he was unsure of how the beast collapsed, but this was his chance!

He immediately conjured a seal and used his remaining arrays. A huge array chart appeared in the air and words from his golden dharmic talisman flowed in the chart. The entire chart slowly descended toward the beast.

The beast which had been roaring angrily, slowly became quieter and weaker. Its eyelids closed over its red eyes. The array inched closer to the beast as the eyes of the beast closed completely. The array landed on its eyes.

Suddenly, the beast opened its mouth and bit at the array. There was a loud tearing sound as the array got torn to shreds and disappeared. The Cloud-Bearing Beast opened its eyes once again, looking even angrier than before. it shot needles from its mouth at Yi Feng. Yi Feng had no choice but to retreat and avoid the toxic needles that were headed in his direction. Just as he was preparing his next attack, the Cloud-Bearing Beast turned away from him, with no intention to continue attacking him. It faced the southeast direction, roared, and bit at the ground.

"Sect Master Shen!" Yi Feng was shocked to find her still standing in the middle of the array formation shouting, "Get away!" He flew toward her but it was too late. He watched as the beast's head extended toward her.

Suddenly, a flash of lightning struck the Cloud-Bearing Beast's head.


The beast roared tragically and retracted its head. Its forehead split open and blood flowed out of its wound.

A white figure appeared in the sky. He was in hanging in mid- air, dressed in a white robe. He descended toward Shen Ying as his body seemed to emit a faint light. This light was especially obvious against the dark seas.

Yi Feng, who had finally made it to Shen Ying's side, could not believe his eyes. "Spirit Master!"

The other party didn't respond. He only glared coldly at the Cloud-Bearing Beast on the ground with piercing eyes.

The beast which was extremely violent a moment ago, shrunk back into its shell as if it met its natural enemy. Trembling, the beast retreated until it stepped off the island. The beast hid under the water and raised only half of its head above the surface, just so it can catch a glimpse of the person who just appeared. It looked like it could not decide whether to escape or not.

"How… did you get here?" Yi Feng quickly walked toward his spirit master. I thought he never left Myriad Beast Peak? Did he come here because he sensed that I was in danger?

The other person did not respond. He acted as if he did not even hear the question. He turned toward Shen Ying, who still stood rooted within the array.

Shen Ying felt uncomfortable under his gaze. She scanned herself, expecting to find a dirty spot somewhere on her body. Yet, she found nothing. The man continued to stare at her. She had no choice but to greet him politely, "Hi, how are you? I'm Shen Ying."

The man hesitated and clenched his fist. His mouth twitched. Shen Ying expected him to say something, but he suddenly turned around.

He turned his back toward her. "…" What's that supposed to mean?

Am I… being despised?

Shen Ying's mouth twitched. She hadn't noticed that the black hair on one side of the other party's head had turned slowly turned pink. "Sect… Master Shen," Yi Feng suddenly recalled that there were other people present. He quickly explained, "Spirit… He doesn't speak much."

"Oh," Shen Ying nodded unhappily. "Is he from your family?"

"Er…" Was he going to say yes or no?

Shen Ying did not care. She continued to ask, "What's his surname?"

"Well…" Yi Feng glanced at the man's back. He hesitated to speak.

"Bai Ze!" The man suddenly turned around and looked at Shen Ying. "That's my name."

After a moment, he turned back around. Shen Ying: "…" Do I look very scary?

Yi Feng panicked. Since when did the Spirit Master tell people his name? Why did he tell her his real identity? He shot a worried glance at Shen Ying and saw she was still calm as if nothing special had happened. She did not seem to realise there was anything wrong with the name. He relaxed visibly.

Yi Feng laughed awkwardly, "Heh heh… Sect Master Shen, please don't mind him. Spirit… he doesn't usually interact with other people, so…"

"Does he have social phobia?"

"Huh? Ah!" What the heck is a social phobia? "I guess… so?" Yi Feng nodded so that Shen Ying would stop questioning him further.

"Oh," so that's the reason. She nodded and stopped asking questions. She turned to study the mess in front of them and changed the topic, "Boss Yi, where are we headed next?" "Well…" Yi Feng subconsciously glanced at the white figure beside him and quickly looked away. He had no choice but to try talking to the man. "Thank you, Spirit Master, for your help earlier. The two of us have to continue exploring the Mirage Sea to search for spirit beasts. I wonder if…"

He waited for a moment, then a cold voice said, "Go."

"Eh? Spirit Master, do you mean… you will come with us?"

"… Yes."

"But… but…" Yi Feng could not believe his ears. "We would not dare to trouble you with such a small matter, Spirit Master. The Mirage Sea may be dangerous, but we rarely come across such high-level beasts like the Cloud-Bearing Beast. Don't worry, Spirit Master. Moreover, it won't be convenient to reveal your identity. Why not…."

Before Yi Feng finished speaking, the white figure flew forward. Yi Feng only heard, "Follow!" "…" Has Spirit Master always been this passionate?

Everything felt strangely surreal to Yi Feng. He quickly drew his flying sword and almost forgot about Shen Ying. "Sect Master Shen, do you want to come along?"

"Alright, thanks," Shen Ying climbed atop the sword.

The group of three flew out of the island, with Yi Feng following about five feet behind Bai Ze, hardly able to contain his excitement. With his Spirit Master around, they would not have to worry about even higher level beasts like the Cloud- Bearing Beasts. Suddenly, he could not wait to find the remaining spirit beasts.

A while later…

"Boss Yi, what is a Spirit Master?" Shen Ying suddenly asked.

Yi Feng lost his footing on the sword and nearly fell off of it. His heart stopped as he turned around stiffly. Damn it, she heard.

"Spirit… Masters are… a special greeting used by people from my Yi Family," Yi Feng forced a smile.

"Oh," Shen Ying nodded. "What identity does he have  to hide?"

Yi Feng lost his footing once again and his bottom really slipped off the sword this time. He caught himself after a while and turned to Shen Ying in disbelief, "How… how did you know?"


"Didn't you say it yourself earlier?" Shen Ying asked candidly.

"…" What did I say? "Could it be…" Shen Ying scratched her head as if she thought of something, "Were you trying to whisper?"


"Hmm, your mouth didn't move…"


"Is it too late to act like I didn't hear anything?"

"…" Yi Feng wished he could die at that moment.

How exactly did you hear messages sent through voice transmission?


Chapter 97: The Flood Dragon of the Mirage Sea

Yi Feng became wary. It is fortunate that Sect Master Shen was not someone who questioned things incessantly. She really acted as if she had not heard overheard the Spirit Master matter and did not ask about it again. Yi Feng thought the Sect Master of the Invincible Sect is easy to get along with. It was no wonder that the Xuan Yuan Family and Yin Family were on such good terms with her.

Even more important is that his Spirit Master's first time out of the Myriad Beast Peak was on a spirit beast hunt with him at the Mirage Sea. Yi Feng could ensure that none of the elders from his family would believe it even if he told them. The more he thought about it, the more excited he felt. Given his Spirit Master's skills, not only would the thirteenth-level Cloud- Bearing Beast not be his match - even the higher level beasts would submit to him. He could already imagine how the other aristocratic families and sects would envy him after he gets his own high-level spirit beast.

A moment later, his smile dropped off his face completely.

His Spirit Master had great ability in locating spirit beasts. He can sense their exact location from hundreds of miles away. Yet… why was his first instinct to hand high-level spirit beasts over to Shen Ying?

"For me?" Shen Ying glanced at the animal trembling before her and hesitated.

Bai Ze kept silent. His eyes sparkled as he looked at her. His intentions were clear.

"Thank you!" she thanked him and studied the beast. It was so afraid that it appeared about to pass out. She picked it up by its hoof and glanced at Yi Feng, "Director, do you know how to roast meat?"

"Huh?" Yi Feng was shocked. He was about to ask what she meant, but then he remembered Supremacy Lonemoon's instructions. He shook his head, "Nope!"

"Oh!" She released the animal's hoof and let it fall to the ground. The Spirit Master did not get angry. He turned around and looked for another high-level spirit beast to offer to her.

This time, she did not receive it. She turned around to Yi Feng once again, "Director, do you know how to pan-fry steaks?"

"… No."

"Oh, I don't want it."

A third one.

"Director, do you know how to saute meat?"

"… No."

"Oh, I don't want it." A fourth one.

"Director, do you know how to boil meat?"

"… No."

"Oh, I don't want it."

A fifth one… sixth.. seventh…

Each time Shen Ying asked him if he knew how to cook meat, he said no and the Spirit Master would release the beast.

Yi Feng: "…"

Why was she asking these questions? Why did she keep asking him if he knew these different cooking techniques? Why did the Spirit Master continue to look for spirit beasts for her each time she rejects him? Why didn't the Spirit Master ask him if he wanted the spirit beasts? Why didn't he leave a single one for him?

Wasn't he the one who needed spirit beasts?


"Don't you…" Shen Ying nudged Yi Feng, "think it's a little dark here?"

"It's all right." It's darker in my heart - it feels like death inside.

"Be careful!" Bai Ze, who had been quiet, suddenly warned.

Yi Feng had no time to react before his Spirit Master suddenly turned and ran toward them. In seconds, he appeared beside them. Then…

He put his arm around Shen Ying and flew into the sky.

The next moment, a black wind blade with a fast dissipating aura flew toward Yi Feng's head. Yi Feng flew backward on impact, turning several rounds in the air like a fallen leaf. He quickly mounted his flying sword and summoned a defensive array. If not for his quick reaction, he would still have been attacked by the black wind blade.

A big bruise formed on his forehead. He turned around and saw his Spirit Master still holding onto Shen Ying, who remained unharmed. Both were floating in the air about fifty feet from Yi Feng.

Yi Feng "…" His heart felt bitter.

They agreed to come here to look for spirit beasts for him. If his Spirit Master could hang on that tightly to Shen Ying why couldn't he pull Yi Feng along as well? Bai Ze's calm expression suddenly fell. He glanced down at the island which was fast filling up with black wind blades.

This aura was…

He floated forward and carefully sat Shen Ying down on Yi Feng's sword. He instructed, "Protect her!"

Yi Feng hesitated, shocked to witness such a stern expression on his Spirit Master's face. He nodded subconsciously.

Bai Ze glanced at Shen Ying and opened his mouth as if wanting to say something. He suddenly flushed red and closed his mouth again, turning around to fly toward the island.

"Spirit Master…" Before Yi Feng could ask a question, his Spirit Master disappeared which left him staring at the black wind blades. His divine perception was unable to see through the wind blades no matter how hard he tried. He had never heard of any spirit beast that were able to summon this kind of black wind blades. He had also never sensed such an aura before. It was frighteningly… cold. "What exactly is in there?" "It's a person," Shen Ying responded.

"A person?" Yi Feng was shocked. "Who? Where?"

"I've never seen him before. I don't know him," Shen Ying shook her head and pointed at the upper righthand corner of the island. "There! He's in black."

Yi Feng looked in the direction that Shen Ying pointed, yet there was no one."There's no one there. When did you see him?"

"When we came onto the island."

"When we came…" Why didn't you say anything then?

"I thought he was here to catch small animals as well," she explained, as if she could read his mind. "Didn't you see him?"

Yi Feng: "…" His heart stilled. He was just about to ask more questions when a loud crash came from the island. They saw a bright flash. The black wind blades which filled the island seconds ago were gone.

Although the wind blades were gone, a patch of darkness still covered the island. Even the sky above them filled with dark clouds and the waves in the sea grew bigger. Bai Ze retreated out of the island and appeared in the sky not far away from them.

He glanced somberly at the island beneath him. A moment later, another loud crash sounded. A big and long figure flew out of the island. It had the body of a snake, the tail of a fish, and black horns on its head. It made a loud, piercing noise and flew straight into the sky.

"Oh, it's become long," Shen Ying's eyes widened.

"This… this is…" Yi Feng stared at the figure in panic. "A flood dragon! This is a flood dragon!" He did not think the Mirage Sea of the Upper Azure World would also contain this legendary beast. Looking at its aura… "A dragon?" Shen Ying hesitated. "Isn't a dragon supposed to have two horns?" That was how all the stories described dragons.

"Flood dragons do not really belong to the dragon family," Yi Feng explained nervously. "They're just wyrms that are turning into dragons. We call them divine beasts but this is really…" No matter which angle Yi Feng took, the flood dragon did not resemble a divine beast.

The flood dragon turned several rounds in the sky, carrying a thick black Qi with it. Suddenly, it rushed down toward them. Within moments, a strong suppressive force gushed toward the group. A sharp pain assaulted his chest as Yi Feng tasted something sweet in his mouth.The aura in his body suddenly dissipated and his legs gave way. He fell from the sky.

Shen Ying reacted quickly and supported him, "What's wrong?" Why is he kneeling?

"Sect Master Shen, you… are alright?" Yi Feng could not believe his eyes. A formidable power had just hit them. "Why wouldn't I be?" Shen Ying appeared confused.


Chapter 98: For The Alliance

Yi Feng was just about to ask Shen Ying about it when suddenly a brilliant light lit up the sky. Bai Ze's body emitted a blinding light, which like the rays of a blazing sun, immediately dispelled the surrounding darkness. Yi Feng's chest relaxed as the pressure from the aura pressing him vanished.

The light from Bai Ze's body grew increasingly brighter until suddenly he underwent a startling transformation. His body, which had been clad in snow-white robes turned into that of a huge beast. Its fur was of the purest white and it had a shiny horn on his head. It crouched forwards on its limbs and leaped straight at the black wyrm in the sky.

"Oh, it's that white furball!" exclaimed Shen Ying as she gawked at the great white beast in the sky.

"…" Yi Feng's mouth twitched. What the hell was a furball? Seeing no way to conceal the matter any longer, he explained, "This divine beast is Spirit Master Bai Ze. He has been living in my Yi Family's Myriad Beast Peak for ten thousand years, defending the three Azure worlds from invasion by Mirage Sea beasts." "Oh," Shen Ying nodded. With an innocent look, she asked, "Are there any others?"

"Huh! Huh?" Yi Feng was confused. What others?

"Hmmm… Others that are suitable for eating."

Yi Feng: "…"

What she means is suitable for beast control, right? Yes, I'm sure that's what she means!

Yi Feng gave her a friendly warning, "Divine beasts aren't easily controlled by humans."

"I don't mean…" She did not want to control beasts, she just wanted to eat them.

Shen Ying was about to explain what she meant when the beast and wyrm that had been locked in combat finally descended from the clouds. Standing at opposite ends of the sky, both had changed back to their human forms; just that the wyrm still retained characteristics of its animal body— he was clad in a black robe and had a horn on his head. His face was covered in black stripes and his body emitted a black Q similar to that enveloping that windbag from the pagoda.

"Demonic aura!" Yi Feng exclaimed, looking with disbelieving eyes at the black figure in the sky. "He's a Demonic Wyrm… He's not a spirit beast, he's a demon beast!"

"Demon beast?" Shen Ying was confused. Was this a tribe or an alliance?

"Bai Ze!" Before she could ask, the Wyrm Demon suddenly spoke. Glancing at Bai Ze with a menacing expression, he sneered, "I didn't expect you to enter the Mirage Sea."

Bai Ze frowned and his face darkened. After a while, he acknowledged the other coolly, "Demonic Wyrm." "So you still remember me," The Wyrm Demon laughed coldly as the murderous intent in his eyes intensified." In our previous encounters, you were on land, so I couldn't defeat you. Now by coming here, you deliver yourself to your enemy. Just as well, I can pay you back for the injuries you caused me ten thousand years ago."

"You're not my match," Bai Ze said while still wearing that cold look.

"We'll see!" Snorting coldly, he suddenly waved his hand. The sea water beneath his feet bubbled and seethed, and suddenly, huge black figures broke through the water surface.

Now they could see clearly that these creatures were all high level spirit beasts, and all of them were floating on the sea behind the Wyrm Demon, like a huge army of spirit beasts.

"Marines," said Bai Ze, frowning.

"Beast Tide!" Yi Feng was also shocked when he saw the whole sea packed with spirit beasts. He had not expected the Demonic Wyrm to summon such a huge beast tide army, and that all of them were Marines.

Cultivators usually sought to contract spirit beasts that lived on land. Marines, which had more restrictions, were deemed unsuitable for contracting. Moreover, they made poor warriors on land. But it was a different story when they were in the sea; the Mirage Sea is obviously their natural battle ground.

"Hahaha…" The Wyrm Demon laughed arrogantly." Bai Ze, even if you're a Divine Beast, there's no way you can overcome my marine race army. Besides…" He paused for a moment, sweeping his gaze over to Shen Ying and Yi Feng. "Weren't you always protective of humans, refusing to let the beast tribes come close to land? I wonder if you can still protect these two cultivators when we start our battle?"

Bai Ze frowned. Then with a wave of his hands, he conjured up thousands of lightning bolts, which he directed towards his opponent.

"Hmmph!" The Wyrm Demon snorted coldly. Demonic aura immediately emanated from his body, warding off the lightning bolts. Glancing down at the Marines, he ordered with a wave of his hand, "Kill them!"

Boom! A gigantic surf rolled up from the sea until it covered half the sky. Waves upon waves of marine race spirit beasts charged towards the two.

Bai Ze's face changed. He transformed once again back to his original form. His body emanated a dazzling white light. He emitted a suppression aura in a bid to prevent the Beast Tide from advancing. However, that proved useless. This army of Marines, who were clearly under the influence of the Wyrm Demon's demonic aura, forged on regardless.

"Shen Ying…" Bai Ze wanted to fly over to her side but the Demonic Wyrm once again blocked his way.

Today was not his lucky day! Yi Feng's face turned pale, and he quickly summoned his spirit sword and gripped it tightly in his hand. Then he turned to face the dense waves of spirit beasts that were advancing towards them.

The Beast Tide was about to wash over them. Their ears were filled with the maniacal laughter of the Wyrm Demon, "Hahaha, I'm going to cut you into a thousand pieces…"

"Director, please lend me your sword." Before the Wyrm Demon completed his sentence, Shen Ying suddenly reached out and took the spirit sword from Yi Feng.

"Huh?" Before Yi Feng could react, he felt his collar tighten, then his feet left the ground, and he found himself suddenly behind the sword. At the same time, Shen Ying stood in front of the sword.

"Sect Master Shen…"

As Yi Feng opened his mouth to speak, Shen Ying shouted at the top of her voice, "For the alliance!"

With that, she thrust the sword out and a long beam of light shot out at great speed towards the Beast Tide. Earth and sky seemed to be cleaved in two by the beam. Then came an ear- splitting, cracking sound. The entire army of ferocious spirit beasts were collectively severed at their waists. The bisected torsos fell into the sea like dumplings into a pot, creating huge waves that dyed the entire sea red.

In the blink of an eye, the entire Beast Tide was eradicated!


Yi Feng: "…"

The Demonic Wyrm: "…"

Bai Ze: "…"

Was this… Sword Qi?!

With her usual calmness, Shen Ying twirled the sword in her hand and pointed it toward the wyrm in the sky. Cocking her head at him, she asked, "How many pieces did you say?" "…"


Demonic Wyrm: Mama, I want to go home!


Two minutes later…

The sea was a bed of calm.

"It's afternoon already, time for our meal." Shen Ying nudged a certain someone still in a

Daze." Director, don't you provide food on your tours?"

"Huh? Huh!" Yi Feng turned to glance at her but his eyes were still unfocused. The look on his face seemed to say: Who am I? Where am I?

"Hai, forget it!" Shen Ying felt shortchanged; she thought she would get to eat good meals on this trip. Apparently Yi Feng was not as savvy as the masochist's father. As she sighed, her eyes alighted on the severed animal body parts on the shore that had been washed up by the tide.

Suddenly a bell rang in her head.


"So much… seafood!"

Chapter 99: A Contract between Master and Servant

Shen Ying's eyes sparkled. She walked toward the shore and picked up the fish tail, which was as long as half a human's body. Out of habit, she turned and asked, "Director, do you know to… Nevermind," she swallowed her words. "I can eat seafood raw."

She raised the sword she received from Yi Feng and sliced the fish's tail into sashimi.

Yi Feng's were already wide, but at that moment they widened further. What is she doing? Is she really going to eat it?

Holy shit!

She's really going to eat it!

"Come, join me," Shen Ying waved at him. "…" I'm not going to eat that with you! So you were really thinking of eating the beasts when you asked if they could be eaten earlier?

Wait a moment!

Spirit Master, what are you doing? Where did that plate come from?

Why are you plating the sashimi for her? Don't forget that you're a beast yourself!


Yi Feng had regained his composure after much difficulty, but he lost it once again.

Everything that happened in the last minute was a dream. Yes! This must be a dream! No cultivator would treat spirit beasts as food. Even if they did, they would not come all the way to Mirage Sea to look for them! "Thank you, Furball," Shen Ying patted the man in front of her, who was plating her sashimi and arranging them nicely so they looked more appetizing.

Bai Ze hesitated. Out of habit, he turned his back toward her, but did not brush her hand away. He lowered his head and allowed the redness of his face to spread to the roots of his hair.

Shen Ying was full. She turned and scanned the seafood on the shore, then exclaimed, "It's such a waste to leave all of this here. Director, do you have those bags that can store many things and keep food fresh?"

Yi Feng stared back at her blankly. He forced himself to think.
What bag? A storage bag?

You're not just going to eat the beast - you want to keep the flesh for later?

ლ(゚Д゚ლ) "There's so much seafood. It'll be great if I can bring some back so that Chef can cook for me," she muttered to herself.

As soon as she finished speaking, a blue bag appeared before her eyes.

Shen Ying's eyes sparkled once again. She grabbed the bag and faced the man who had his head lowered, "Thanks, Furball."

She walked toward the seafood and grabbed handfuls of meat, chucking them into the storage bag. What a catch!

Bai Ze stood still with his head lowered.

A moment later, a low voice drifted toward her.

"You're… welcome."

Shen Ying thought the storage bag was the world's greatest invention. It had so much space and it could keep food fresh. Anything she put in would still be in its original state when she took it out later. It was a must-have for family vacations. She must have stuffed hundreds of handfuls of seafood into the bag before it became full. She patted the bag contently and turned to make her way back. She made a mental note to ask for a similar storage bag from Father Niu.

By the time she had finished packing her seafood, Yi Feng had been sitting on a rock, staring blankly into space for over an hour. He glanced at her and subconsciously took a step back.

"Sect… Sect Master Shen," he suddenly understood the fear that the Xuan Yuan Family and Yin Family felt when they saw her. Now, his legs were jelly as well. That move was… too scary!

"Director, thank you for your sword," Shen Ying handed the sword in her hands back to Yi Feng.

Yi Feng's heart pounded, "Don't… don't mention it." The sword suddenly felt extremely heavy. If it weren't his intrinsic dharmic artifact, he would throw it out. "Where should we go next?" Shen Ying asked.

Yi Feng paused, "It's getting dark. Should we… head back?"

Shen Ying tilted her head. She had enough food. "But you haven't found a pet."

A… pet?

"Sect… Sect Master Shen, thank you for your consideration. I'm… in no hurry." She killed hundreds of thousands of water beasts with just a wave of her sword. If they carried on, there would be no more beasts left in the Mirage Sea.

"Well…" Shen Yin fell silent. She felt bad. Suddenly, her eyes widened as if she thought of something brilliant, "Wait for a while."

She turned around and ran into the forest. After a few seconds, they heard sounds of slashing coming from inside the forest. The trees bent outward, opening a lane on which Shen Ying walked out. She was holding something in her hand.

She gave it a shake and threw a black, strong beast onto the floor in front of Yi Feng.

"Is this okay?" she asked seriously.

"Demonic… Demonic Wyrm!" Yi Feng grimaced as he studied the writhing wyrm. "Sect… Sect Master Shen, flood  dragons may be comparable to immortal beasts, but… they're demonic after all. I'm training in the Immortal Dao. It's not appropriate for me to adopt a demonic beast as my pet."

"Oh…" Shen Ying nodded. She looked at the demonic wyrm, "So demonic beasts are useless?" They can't even be adopted as pets.

The group: "…"

"Forget it, let's eat it!" "Er…"

"No, Great Immortal!" The wyrm which had been  playing dead suddenly bounced off the floor and contracted its tail. Tears flowed from its eyes, "I… I haven't become a full demon. Look at my right eye - half of it is still black."

It turned its head to show Shen Ying its right eye. Indeed, while half of its eye was red, the other half was still black.

"Great Immortal, please show me mercy. I will not train to be a demon anymore… no more!" It shook its head furiously as tears continued to flow. With no response from Shen Ying, the demonic wyrm turned to Yi Feng and pleaded, "I will not do bad things again. I'm willing to… willing to enter a master-servant contract with you to become your pet, Fellow Daoist. I will be a very, very obedient pet!"

Yi Feng: "…" I want to contract a spirit beast, not a pet.

"Are you willing to get rid of your demonic bones and dissipate all your demonic Qi?" Bai Ze suddenly asked in a low voice.

"I am, I am, I am," the wyrm nodded. It did not want to be eaten. Human cultivators were so scary; it dared not go to the Azure World to feed on humans again.

"Good," Bai Ze lowered his gaze and slammed his palm into the wyrm's head. Flashes of red and white light shot out of his palm and into the wyrm's heart.

The demonic wyrm let out a piercing scream and writhed around on the sand. The black demonic Qi around its body dissipated and its skin split and flaked, revealing fresh blood underneath it, as if it were shedding. It greatly reduced in size, but new skin grew atop its exposed flash. Green scales formed all over its body.

Within two minutes, the wyrm had gotten rid of all of its demonic bones and had become a little green wyrm. It no longer had the black horn on its head. Its cultivation level also dropped nearly by half - it was now a thirteenth-level beast, just like the Cloud-Bearing Beast. "Form your contract!" Bai Ze instructed.

"Huh?" Yi Feng hesitated. "Oh."

He quickly used both of his hands to conjure the contract seal while he recited a long curse under his breath. A golden contract array appeared on the green wyrm's body as a flash of gold light spread throughout the wyrm's body. The wyrm stayed motionless, not daring to resist.

The gold light covered the wyrm's body entirely and disappeared into it, leaving  behind  a  golden  contract  mark  on its forehead.

The contract was formed!

The entire process had taken Yi Feng less than ten minutes. This was the fastest, smoothest and simplest contract-formation process Yi Feng had been through. What was more amazing was that he had contracted with a thirteenth-level spirit beast which had the potential to turn into a dragon in the future. And the contract was a… master-servant one. He subconsciously felt his warm forehead. A master-servant contract: If the master dies, the servant follows; the master's injuries would be borne by the servant. It was a destructive contract that even low-level spirit beasts were unwilling to enter, much less high-level ones like the green wyrm.

Yi Feng formed a spirit contract with a flood dragon!


Was he… dreaming?

Chapter 100: A Mutual Exchange of Visits

"Thank you, Patriarch Yi, for your hospitality. The Yi Family is truly a great aristocratic family. I've benefited a lot from this visit." A beaming Lonemoon saluted Yi Feng with cupped fists.

"Supremacy Lonemoon is too kind," said Yi Feng returning the salute. "Sect Master Shen and you are the ones who have honored our Yi Family with your visit." Yi Feng heart warmed towards her as he thought about the contract wyrm he gotten for free. Turning to Shen Ying, he said sincerely, "I won't forget Sect Master Shen's help."

Although the method used terrified him a little, the rewards more than made up for it.

"You're welcome," said Shen Ying blithely. "We'll come again."

Yi Feng: "…" Come again!

(=@ @=) "Then we'll take our leave." Lonemoon nodded in acknowledgement and even turned to smile at Yi Feng's housekeeper.

But the housekeeper's expression darkened, as if recalling something unpleasant.

Only then did Lonemoon summon his flying sword and left with Shen Ying.

Yi Feng and his house manager heaved a collective sigh of relief. They finally sent these two off. It was just three days, but they felt that their life span had shortened by ten years.


Wait a moment!

"Spirit Master, where are you going?" We're just sending them off, why are you flying off with them! ——————

"Fellow Daoist, do you have any other matters?" Lonemoon asked Bai Ze. They stopped at the transportation array and Lonemoon turned to glance at this oddball who had been following them. At first Lonemoon thought he was a disciple sent by the Yi Family to send them off but this seemed unlikely given the distance they covered. Moreover, he was unable to detect this man's cultivation level.

"Furball?" Shen Ying turned her head and asked, "You have other matters to discuss with us?"

Bai Ze looked nonplussed. He seemed to have only just realized that he was outside the boundary of the Yi Family estate. He opened his mouth as if he wanted to say something, but after glancing at her for a while, he blushed and turned his back to her.

Shen Ying: "…" Not this move again?

"Who's he?" Lonemoon nudged her and whispered, "You know him?"

"He's the furball reared by the Director. He said he has had it for thousands of years." Shen Ying added as an afterthought, "It was originally a white-furred animal. We even went on the trip to the Mirage Sea together."

"Spirit Beast?" asked Lonemoon, a little surprised. To be able to manifest, Spirit Beasts had to be at least at the eleventh level. "So why is he following us?"

"How would I know?" said Shen Ying shaking her head. "He has social phobia, doesn't like to talk. Don't tell me… he has a thing for seafood too?" She thought of the hoard of seafood in her bag.

"What seafood?"

"Father Niu." Shen Ying did not answer his question. As if recalling something, she gave him a push and said, "Lend me your storage bag." "What for?"

"To store something."

Lonemoon looked at her questioningly but nevertheless took out a storage bag beside him. After giving it some thought, he dug out a brand new green storage bag and passed it to her, saying,

"Here. Take.".

Taking the bag from Lonemoon, Shen Ying in turn opened the blue bag that Bai Ze had given her, and fishing out a fish head that was even taller than a man, transferred it to the new storage bag. Whereupon she reached her hand into the blue bag again and fished out…

Shen Ying retrieved sections after sections of dead beast corpses from her bag. All the beasts had been bisected in two and came from a wide variety of species that were more comprehensive than could be found in any spirit beast encyclopedia. Lonemoon: "…"

He had just taken his eyes off her for one day and look what she had done! Where did she get all these creatures?


They were supposed to hunt for beasts but it seemed that she had been filling the sea with these creatures instead.  Did  she think she was Jing Wei[1]?

Shen Ying kept at it for half an hour before finally stopping.

She passed the bag with half its original contents to Bai Ze and said, "Sorry, I forgot to divide the spoils."


When Bai Ze showed no signs of taking the bag, she directly stuffed it into his hands and said, "You worked hard today. Take it! Don't bother sending me off. Come visit Invincible Sect when you are free. Bye!"

With that, she pulled Father Niu with her into the transportation array.

Bai Ze, who had the bag of seafood forcibly stuffed at him: "…" He had not asked for this?


"By the way, Shen Ying, what's this spirit beast called?" asked Lonemoon casually.

"I think he was called Bai… Bai…" Bai something or other. "I can't remember. Anyway, he was white, had a long horn and looked like a tasty animal."

"Oh." "And the Director called him Spirit Master."

"Spirit… Master?" Lonemoon paused for a moment. Suddenly a thought struck him and he

almost fell off from his sword.

"Divine Beast Bai Ze!"

Holy shit. It can't be, it's way too soon!


Yi Family, Myriad Beast Peak.

"Spirit Master," Yi Feng bowed and saluted the man in front of him. "May I know what is it you have summoned me for?" "Where's the Invincible Sect?" Before Yi Feng could straighten up, he heard the familiar cool voice ask.

"Invincible Sect?" Surprised by his question, Yi Feng paused for a moment before answering, "I heard it's… in the Demon Realm."

"Lead the way."

"Huh? Huh!" Lead where?

"She invited me for a visit," Bai Ze answered gravely.

Yi Feng's mouth twitched. He could not believe his ears. "Spirit Master… Didn't they just leave?" It had only been an hour since they left. Even if they invited him, wasn't this a little too soon?!

"We'll leave in five minutes." Not bothering to reply, Bai Ze turned and walked back to his cave. "…"

What did he just hear? The Spirit Master actually wanted to visit the frightening Sect Master Shen. Was it because he was disturbed by the way she had defeated the beasts and wanted to win his pride back?

Yes, that could be it. Spirit Beasts were the most arrogant of species.

Hey, wait.

"Spirit Master, why are you carrying the Black Spirit Blossom? Didn't you say that nobody was allowed to touch this holy artifact of your divine race?"

"It's a gift!" Naturally I have to bring her a gift on my first visit.

"…" You must be kidding me!


It took Shen Ying and Lonemoon five days of non-stop traveling before they finally arrived at Invincible Sect. Once at the palace, Shen Ying flopped herself down on a chair, utterly exhausted.

She had stayed at the Yi Family for two days but been on the road for half a month.

Shen Ying suddenly realized why everyone could fly in this world; it was because this world was really too big. She used up a few years of her exercise quota just on this one trip. And the key issue was… she had not had a good meal!

"Sect Master, Elder Lonemoon." As Shen Ying was thinking of a way to get Father Niu to take her to the city for a meal, Yu Hong walked in with a red card in her hand. With a queer look on her face, she said, "This is… the Yi Family's visiting card." Visiting card?

"A visiting card so soon? They  are  really  in  a  hurry." Lonemoon was a little taken aback. They had just arrived back to their sect. Thinking it  was  just  the  usual  exchange  of  visits, he took the card from her but did not read it, his mind being preoccupied with the deal he concluded earlier. He instructed, "Write them a reply, say that our Invincible Sect is always ready to receive them."

"No… No." With an odd expression on her face, Yu Hong explained, "This card was not sent over by sorcery."

"You mean the someone from the Yi Family actually came here with the message?" asked Lonemoon in surprise. This was quite an expression of sincerity. "They're really courteous. Then tell him that they can pick a date and we'll be happy to receive them."

"No…" Yu Hong's mouth twitched. "The Yi Family Patriarch is… already here." "They're already on their way?" Lonemoon was even more surprised. "Did they have to be in such a hurry? In that case, inform Rabbit King to let them in when they arrive."

"No, Elder Lonemoon." Yu Hong hurriedly stepped forwards and pointed outside. "I mean they're… already at the foot of the mountain."

Lonemoon: "…"

Shen Ying: "…"

What the hell?!


Two pairs of accusing eyes immediately locked on a certain person… "What are you looking at me for?" Lonemoon glared indignantly at them in return. "It was a legitimate business deal. I didn't cheat them!"

"Oh…" *2


Oh, my foot! Stop giving me that accusing look!

[1] Jing Wei, a mythical bird trying to fill the sea with pebbles.
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